Stand Against Calls for Political Correctness


The war against Islamic terror has been split into two, opposing ideologies. There is the original one that says America and the West must do everything possible to defeat this radicalism using any means necessary. Then there is the new ideology, which is espoused by the current administration. It is one that says, sure we should do what we can, but it’s more important that we avoid offending peaceful Muslims.

And that second ideology is gaining a frightening amount of ground.

According to this ideology’s adherents, we must begin dropping the word “Islamic” from our descriptions of terrorists. They aren’t Muslim. They are crazy zealots who are killing for the thrill of it. It’s puzzling why the U.S. would make Islamic concessions to the prisoners in Gitmo if they aren’t Muslim to begin with, but that’s just one of the many mysteries behind this strange ideology.

Not only must we resist calling Islamic terrorism by its name, but we must also curtail any criticism of the religion. According to the Progressive Pope, religion is off limits to mockery. “You cannot insult the faith of others,” said Francis in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. “You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”

Can you not? Some have taken Francis’s appeal to mean that you shouldn’t insult the faith of others as a matter of being a good human being. And that’s fine. That’s a sentiment that deserves consideration. But to come out and say that in the wake of the disgusting murders that drew millions out in support of free speech was ill-timed, to say the least. Comparing actual murder to cartoons is like comparing the throwing of a rock to the nuclear annihilation of a country. It would be laughable if it weren’t so damn serious.

The editors of Charlie Hebdo may not be everyone’s idea of grand heroism. Using people’s faith as a means to make fun of them and deride them is usually not the best course of action. That said, their bravery in the face of violent threat has to be admired. The American news media basically declared a blackout on the cartoons, hiding behind fake moral convictions. These outlets have no problem mocking Christ. They have no problem mocking Scientology. Do they extend special protection to Islam because they have a greater admiration for the faith? Of course not. They are scared, plain and simple.

And why are they scared? Because out of all the world’s major religions, Islam is the only one that believes itself above mockery. And it will resort to violence when that line is crossed. Liberals inevitably draw terrorists like Timothy McVeigh into the conversation when this debate comes up, but McVeigh didn’t blow up the Oklahoma federal building in the name of Christianity. He didn’t kill hundreds because he thought Jesus was being made fun of. His religious faith had nothing to do with the attack.

When we start saying, well, maybe the terrorists have a point, we’ve lost everything we stand for. If you want to live your life as the kind of person who refrains from disparaging another’s religious beliefs, that’s great. No one can fault you for that. But when you say that others must do the same, you might as well pick up a rifle and join those psychos in Iraq and Syria. Because you’re helping them out, unwittingly or not.