States Cracking Down Hard on Sanctuary City Policies


President Trump was recently handed another suspicious legal defeat when a federal court blocked his executive order calling on the Justice Department to yank grant money from sanctuary cities, but an overview of recent state-level legislative activity shows that merely by putting these jurisdictions under the spotlight, Trump is rapidly changing the lay of the land.

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a complete ban on sanctuary cities, and at least 32 other states have similar legislation in the works. Mississippi, Georgia, and Indiana have already passed laws that will, in theory, punish any cities or public institutions for harboring illegal immigrants.

There is no legal definition for what constitutes a “sanctuary city,” but the term is generally applied to cities that refuse to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities. In specific context, this usually means local jail officials are forbidden from notifying ICE about an undocumented prisoner and barred from detaining such a prisoner, even if federal authorities issue a request.

As a candidate, Trump used the tragedy of Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman murdered by an oft-deported illegal immigrant, to highlight the dangers these policies pose to the general public.

In a major speech on immigration in September, he said, “We will block funding for sanctuary cities. We will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities.”

In the wake of the president’s efforts, the number of states cracking down on sanctuary cities has skyrocketed. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 18 states considered anti-sanctuary laws in 2016 while only four states proposed them the year prior.

The efforts have met significant pushback, but it’s quickly becoming clear that the defenders of these policies do not have the facts on their side. In an op-ed written to oppose the new Texas law, four sheriffs – including Sally Hernandez of Travis County – wrote: “Immigrants who are here are significantly less likely to commit crimes. In fact, FBI crime statistics have found that labeled ‘sanctuary’ cities experience lower rates of all crime types, including homicides.”

That would be a powerful argument.

PolitiFact, however, concluded: “There’s no such FBI report.”

    1. Jimmy King says

      Well, 20% of it does

      1. ernldo says

        Maybe check last November’s vote counts? Poor snowflake, get used to losing….

        1. Jimmy King says

          Vote counts?? Last time I checked Trump lost by 3.5 million votes

          1. Jimmy King says

            Yeah another Trump talking point with nothing to back it up. No Proof Fake news. I bet you think the crowd at his inaugaration was larger too

          2. borecrazy says

            It matters not what you think, Trump is still the legally elected President of the United States. And your judgement will always be questioned, not only because you nominated Hillary Clinton to run for President, but because even after you learned all the reasons she didn’t deserve the office you still backed her! Totally irresponsible!

          3. golferbug says

            You are either naive, deplorable or downright evil for America.
            The trouble with liberal. open minded people like yourself is that
            you are so open minded that your Brains Have Fallen Out!

          4. Bill says

            ONE OF THE WORST?! No. THE WORST, period. Second, LBJ. Third, Carter.

          5. Sol_of_Texas says

            My opinion of five worst Presidents of the 20th and 21st centuries (from worst to slightly not as bad) are:
            1. Obama
            2. Carter
            3. LBJ
            4. FDR
            5. Wilson

          6. Bill says

            The only reason I place LBJ ahead of Carter is that, while Carter was extremely hapless and phony, LBJ was much more malignant. He put the IRS First Amendment muzzle on churches as a senator in 1954, and as President he designed the Welfare State (his “Great Society”), drained the Social Security trust fund to finance its launch, understood completely the Democrat dependency plantation that he was forming by doing this, got us deeply stuck in Viet Nam with no intention of actually accomplishing anything there, and behind his public image he was an extremely crude and corrupt individual. He had much similarity to Obama in his calculated undermining of America, although his motive was to ensure perpetual Democrat votes. Obama had that motive plus a desire to weaken America as much as possible for Marxist and globalist purposes. Outside of these details, I completely agree with your list!

          7. Sol_of_Texas says

            I can’t disagree with your assessment of LBJ. My top 5 worst list is like an Olympic swimming final where the competitors are separated by tenths or hundredths of a second. ;^)

          8. golferbug says

            At the end of LBJ’s biography he states that he wanted to put in more social programs than Roosevelt did, and he succeeded. On his death bed he admitted that he had MADE A MISTAKE!!

          9. Bill says

            I’m all for a sinner reviewing an awful life on his deathbed, and then sincerely repenting. Of course, at that point, one might forgive them, if there has been difficulty doing that earlier. But blame is a pretty useless exercise, and forgiveness is basically a decision not to waste time with blame. What makes a difference is keeping people from causing yet more damage, if that is a risk, either by trying to change their mind or by preventing their bad actions. After they do their damage and can’t or won’t do any more, unfortunately, any remorse on their part is a nice vibration, but it doesn’t clean up the mess. So, all my best to a repentant LBJ, but he sure left a mess, and by the time he noticed, he was in no position to fix anything or even advocate for reform. The whole country was by then stuck with it, and still is, half a century later.

          10. golferbug says

            Everyone you mentioned happens to be a DEMOCRAT. What a coincidence!
            Just read a terrible story from Kissinger’s book about JFK and the President of South Viet-nam. Maybe Russia isn’t any worse than some of our Democratic Presidents! If this book is accurate then possibly we have been worse than Russia in the past. It is a swamp out there. Be careful voters.

          11. Rodney Steward says

            And 3 million came from California, with the rest from NYC, both full of illegals!

          12. ernldo says

            See, it proves your stupidity….Trump is president, no?
            Hahahahahaha, eat some, loser!!!

          13. Jimmy King says

            You said “Vote counts” MORON

          14. Sol_of_Texas says

            Electoral votes ARE votes.

          15. Ann Davis says

            The ones that actually count! NOT the dead people, illegals and bought votes in several different polls.

          16. Phil says

            You apparently have been sleeping since the election. That argument haslong been kicked to the curb, even by the Dems. Your attempt to steal an another election has failed and you are in trouble. America now knows what can happen when we stand together against we godless fools. “We the People” are going to drain the swamp in 2018 and you will have no representation. Can you say no more gay marriage, no more state supported abortions, no more assault on our Christian ethics by our courts. I knew you could. Let’s get this country back on a Godly path.

          17. Jimmy King says

            Speak about sleeping. Gay marriage has been deemed a right. If you think you’re taking it away, you’re even dumber than I first thought. In fact you must be a complete moron if you think you are going to end “state supported abortions” Do yourself a favor idiot. Google the “Hyde Amendment” Its been against the law for tax payer dollars to fund abortions for years. Pull your head out of your ass and look around You idiots who spout talking points and have no idea of what reality is are really scary

          18. Dan says

            You King are a moron. Just because your last name is king doesn’t make you one but rather a court jester.

          19. Knowledge Transfer says

            There is no such thing as REDUNDANT SEX marriage. REDUNDANT SEX
            marriage is an oxymoronic convolution like saying electrical extension cords with plugs or receptacles on both ends are electrical extension cords. A worthless and wicked 1.6% of the general population had better start looking for closets to hide in. Sodomy is the homosexual monogamy. Sodomy is to normal natural and healthy sex what anorexia is to normal, natural and healthy diets. Sodomy is hate not love because it is always fruitless and often fatal and because it’s also foul, filthy and fecal akin to paying and eating from unflushed toilets.

          20. Jimmy King says

            Marriage is a legal contract without the limitations you choose to place on it. I am a heterosexual male, married to the same woman for 23 years. If 2 men want to marry, or 2 women want to marry, it does not degrade my union in the least. I am not afraid of it, nor am I closed minded enough to share your hateful feelings. Best of luck to your hatefilled soul

          21. Knowledge Transfer says

            Is redundancy the same as complimentary? Only the inhumane and dehumanized would say so. Worst of luck to your soullessness.

          22. Mary Brumley says

            I really wonder why folk like you call any opinion “hateful” just because it comes from a person that thinks differently than you!
            Considering what sexual activity goes on behind closed doors, I personally don’t care so long as both adults are consenting. That is none of my business.
            But, I do care that our nation’s very young school children are being taught that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and acceptable. If one looks at statistics, one would learn that there are more health issues, more psychological problems and a shorter life expectancy. I would certainly accept a decision made by another to choose that life, but would be concerned whether that other would have a happy and long life.

          23. SNL SUCKS says

            This is why people cannot leave all teaching up to these indoctrination centers. You MUST teach your children the difference between what YOU consider to be right and wrong. What is acceptable and what isn’t in the society you want to live in.

            When you ignore your childrens’ education, you end up with snowflakes and violent offenders just like the ones you see on your tv rioting, pillaging what doesn’t belong to them, vandalizing private property, assaulting people, etc If you neglect to teach your children right from wrong, be sure there will be a political activist out there of some kind more than happy to teach them some BS you won’t believe.

          24. Jimmy King says

            There are more psychological problems, because the world is filled with bigots, who do nothing but spew hate at them and tell them that they are sick and wrong and deviant. The psychological problems are a result of the policies of the far right

          25. Combatvet52 says

            Blah Blah more BS I have a very good right but the left stinks.

          26. Jimmy King says

            Typical tool

          27. Al Clarke says

            California’s proposition 8 was remanded by the Supreme Court back to the state of California on the grounds that the citizens group that brought the case to appeal when the state of California would not, was determined by the Supreme Court not to have this standing needed to argue the case before The Supreme Court. This is a dangerous precedent as it puts every non-governmental organization on Shaky Ground with regard to pursuing legal Appeals that the States involved do not pursue.. Everybody knew that the government of California under Jerry Brown was not going to pursue that any further. Gay marriage was not hot held but rather Proposition 8 was struck down on a technicality regarding its appeal non-governmental agency without the cooperation of the state involved. That’s hardly an affirmation of gay marriage. Furthermore, at the same time, the DOMA legislation was struck down as discriminatory in the distribution of federal benefits two employees. These two defeats in combination with a push by all the federal Regulatory Agencies essentially changed the law in the United States. Why don’t we just abolish Congress and save a whole pile of money. Just put the president in charge. Oh, wait! It’s not Obama anymore! Oh s***!

          28. john says

            Dah King of de jungle !

          29. borecrazy says

            It may have been legally decided it is a right, but most of America doesn’t think it IS right! And we are SOOOO sick and tired of hearing it thrown in our faces in a desperate attempt to convince us it is! Just go about your gay lives and leave us alone. It is also OUR right not to think it is okay!

          30. Jimmy King says

            Actually the majority of Americans agree with it. And it is a constitutionally protect right. Its funny how you clowns claim to swear by the constitution , yet you don’t really know what that means. And you’re correct. It’s your right to be as backward and ignorant as you want to be. Thats fine. I’m just tired of having my tax dollars pay for you sucking off the governemnt tit

          31. borecrazy says

            Hmmm-you just got everything in that post wrong! Since you are obviously stupid and have no incite to speak of, and as previously pointed out are either not a Republican or are at best a rino, I don’t think I want to hear what you have to say anymore…….

          32. Pam Dunn says

            More brain fart bullshyte

          33. ernldo says

            Block the dolt, probably a Soros paid troll….

          34. sweetolbob says

            OK, Y’all ! I want the pure and innocent word back !
            The word “GAY” has been kidnapped by groups of people seeking to make their practices sound more acceptable to society in general.
            The word “GAY” calls for a mental picture of little children running through fields of wild flowers and butterflys, or laughing at a birthday party.
            It was never intended to call for the mental picture of “Barry and Harry” or “Janet and Elena” wallowing together for whatever pleasure they can get !
            I suggest the word “FEY”, which according to the Urban Dictionary, means
            enchanted, quaintly unconventional, whimsical, or possessing “fairy-like”
            (no bad pun intended) qualities.
            Try it on ! At least give song writers a break !

          35. Pam Dunn says

            A “right” based on nothing more than liberal brain farts; There is nothing in the COnstitution granting those “rights” NOR the “right” to healthcare.

          36. Tim says

            KING yep your a king alright KING OF STUPIDITY!! That’s one thing you just proved what reality is. And what’s scary is you seem to be proud of it. Hey look what an proud idiot I am everyone. Only a sissy faggot would deem gay marriage being right. No matter what the law says. when a man wants another man to be his lover/partner/wife your looking at two twisted minded perverted mental health people who are freaks of the worst nature as to offer. KING SICKO

          37. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHAH I love the bigots who come on here and rant and spew their hate filled words. It shows you for who you truly are. It’s even better when you do it in the name of jesus

          38. Tim says

            jesus will destroy all faggots. just as he will all twisted perverts like yourself

          39. Jimmy King says

            jesus loves all Thats why when he was here he hung out with theives and hookers

          40. Jimmy King says

            WOW, Tim get a hold of that self hatred. You’ll feel better about yourself when you come out of the closet

          41. SNL SUCKS says

            I have changed my mind about abortion thanks to you liberals. Now I think all liberal women who wish to have abortions SHOULD be allowed to kill your children and at record rate hopefully. That will mean your numbers will decrease.

            Also, since blacks kill their children at a rate of 7 to 1 compared to whites, I think abortions for them should be free. Knock out two birds with one stone. That is the way Margaret Sanger intended and I concur. I’m getting pretty disgusted with both demographics therefore anything we can do to hasten their departure from this mortal coil I’m more than okay with.

          42. KKmoderate says

            No, actually, he won by 77 electoral votes (304 ✓ Trump (R) 227 Clinton (D)). Just in case you missed US history class more than once; the popular vote doesn’t get you the White House. Our forefathers planned brilliantly to craft our system so that we could have representative elections for all. Check again Jimmy, because that 3.5 million number is also in dispute and until we get election roles cleaned up from the unholy mess they are in that will continue to be a problem.

          43. Jimmy King says

            He statement was vote count.

          44. golferbug says

            ???????????????????? What do you mean?????????????He statement????????????

          45. Pam Dunn says

            Your statement is liberal idiocy

          46. glock 19 fan says

            We were founded as a Constitutional Republic with safeguards to protect minorities from a “tyranny of the majority” and the 2016 election is a textbook example of why we need the Electoral College. Without the Electoral College a few mwga-cities would pick the president and everybody else may as well stay home; with the EC all states have a voice in choosing a president. Without the EC, New York and California and, perhaps, Illinois would do the selection.

          47. Skippy says

            Yep you’re another Constitutional illiterate. Last time I checked which which was a few minutes ago. According to The Constitution the president doesn’t win by the popular vote.

          48. Bill says

            The funny part is, Jimmy seems to have no idea why Hillary isn’t sitting in the Oval Office. (Part of it, I think, is because she already served her two terms while her husband was out playing with Monica.)

          49. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Jimmy please bratha you delusional and Liberal You lost the election we KOED your ignorant liberal low energy ass!!!!!!!!! We Real America would destroy these liberal thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          50. golferbug says

            Did you not read that 22,000 names were eliminated from the Voters’ Registration in West Virginia because of fraud? Many of them were 120 years old. That is only one small state. Be prepared when the other states do the same and the number of fraudulent voters will be in the millions and you still believe that Hillary won the popular vote, honestly” Wake up Jimmy King and read how the Shadow Party infiltrated your so called Democratic Party. The originator of the Shadow Party is George Soros. Soros also lost 20 million dollars on Hillary’s unsuccessful attempt. The Shadow Party ideology is to divide a country in order to make it fall. You do not need guns, just division. After reading about the Shadow Party (aka democratic party) you could not vote Democratic again, not if you are a true American. Of course, if you are a Socialist, etc. then of course you will continue to vote that way and help destroy America.

          51. mrpoohead says

            There are no socialists in America – Democrats conservative, Republicans Conservative. That’s it! Flawed democracy – plutocracy!

          52. Pam Dunn says

            NOT if you discount the votes of ILLEGALS in Commiefornia that OBAMA told to go vote (What an UNAMERICAN THING TO SAY)

          53. sosmartru says

            And then..Dems started the “recount ” which they hurriedly dropped when yet more votes showed up for Trump, and Killary lost a bunch…
            THEN…WE asked if we should do voter verification in non-voter I.D. states…and no Dem wanted THAT to happen! Gee…wonder why, lmao.

          54. Don says


          55. MBounce says

            Trump did NOT lose. The so called “popular vote” means absolutely NOTHING! Trump won in a landslide. Hopefully, we will get the illegal voter situation cleared up before the mid-term elections–certainly by the next presidential election. Only then, will we know what the true vote is.

          56. Jimmy King says

            Funny every voter id law, that has been passed has been struck down by the courts. Why? Because there is NO evidence whatsoever of any voter fraud. Its all in trumps little brain. Just like he imagined YOOOOG crowds at his inaugaration If there is proof of voter fraud, present it in a court of law. Funny, 3-5 million illegal votes and NO PROOF

          57. MBounce says

            No one is looking. I bet that if a $1000 bounty was offered for every illegal vote cast, that we would find a horde of them. Dead voters, illegal aliens, felons, senile nursing home patients, duplicate voters, and every other nasty scheme that the democrats have been able to use over the last 50 years. Remember that LBJ’s first election in Duval County, TX was stolen by the democrats and no one did a thing. With proper voter ID, one of the most horrible presidents that the US has ever had could have been stopped cold.

          58. Jimmy King says

            So nobody has found ANY evidence of voter fraud and you have to go back to 1950 Stupid

          59. InternetCensorsREvil says

            Nationwide popular vote is Irrelevant. It is the states who elect the president.

            This is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

          60. Combatvet52 says

            That’s why he’s in the WH………just remove California’s vote for Hildabeast.
            Funny thing Trump took the majority of the states.

          61. Jimmy King says

            And the vast majority of the uneducated

          62. Combatvet52 says

            You must be talking about Jimmy King

        2. k9maiden says

          Just like Comey, all these leftist are “feigning disdain” yet, they were furious with him, and that includes Bernie Sanders, Botox Barbie, Maxine Waters, and many other Democratic Socialist members who wanted him fired. The list goes on and on, but the hypocrisy from the left is so transparent, and these idiots actually believe they are smart and people listen! LOL

          1. Jan says

            all of these elected official that are so afraid of President Trump needs to be investigated they are afraid of him for some reason they do not want caught doing their crap of selling out the USA. Why be afraid of him if they have done nothing wrong and are above reproach, I had a senator yrs ago tell me you can go in clean but they all come out dirty, I want to see their tax returns, I want to see how rich they have gotten off the American people.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Yes all these liberal elected official are afraid of Trump, they know if he gets all the dirt on them they will be out in a heartbeat, that’s why this other moron that made his statement last night to impeach Trump Ha Ha not gonna happen.

        3. sweetolbob says

          I always write “PRESIDENT TRUMP” because I love the grinding noise you can hear from liberal teeth. HEH !

          1. ernldo says

            In most cases its “liberal tooth”….

      2. k9maiden says

        Oh, trust me, you listen to the Marxist media, the majority of Americans are darn happy he is POTUS and we booted the Commies to the curb!

        1. Jimmy King says

          Well enjoy it while it lasts

          1. james gould says

            You bet, 4-8 more years!

          2. Mary Brumley says

            Then, Pence, four to eight years!

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          4. golferbug says

            Will you enjoy it when America goes DOWN because of people just like yourself?? Learn about the Shadow Party before you vote again.

          5. mrpoohead says

            I guess when you’re old fantasy is all there is. America went down in 2008 – no way back!

        2. James Langham says

          Actually you helped them determine who the president is.

        3. Linda Shelton says


      3. KKmoderate says

        Gee that must be how he won the White House with 20% of the vote. Are you numerically challenged?

      4. Knowledge Transfer says

        87% of the counties do!

        1. Jimmy King says

          Especially the ones that are heavily uneducated

          1. Knowledge Transfer says

            Wow! Yet another Marxist myrmidon who is academically anemic; intellectually insolvent; and historically deprived liberally wallowing in and soothed by the drug addictions of being impervious to reason; lacking in a functioning conscience; and celebrating the chosen moronic madness of being invulnerable to regret.

          2. Sol_of_Texas says

            That is a very elitist thing to suggest.

      5. john says

        Da Kingfish !

      6. Pam Dunn says

        AND we get another fart sniffing Obama-Hillary brainless moron spewing its load out of stupidity for all the world to see.

  1. Janet says

    Amazing that I live in a State where they are working to declare it a Sanctuary State, a County that has decided that it is a Sanctuary County, and 2 Cities have declared themselves Sanctuary Cities. Those 2 cities have major crime (murder, drive by shootings, stabbings, drugs, etc.) that primarily are committed by Hispanics and gangs like MS-16. In a neighboring county there is a city that has declared itself a Sanctuary City and there is at least one murder or attempted murder daily and they also have a lot of gang activity. I am totally opposed to this illegal sanctuary status and hope that there is some way to force the states, counties, cities, and towns to enforce immigration laws or at least cooperate with ICE. If we were allowed to vote on the issue, I doubt very much that such legislation would pass. Law enforcement on all levels needs to cooperate and enforce the laws of this nation regardless of whether some idiots that made a decision on sanctuary status or not. Illegal is illegal and the word is not hard to understand nor is the meaning of it unless you are a Liberal it seems.

    1. greenlantern1 says

      Ever hear of fellow Amerians Ray Kot, Sunnil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
      They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
      Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
      They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
      Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!

      1. KB says

        what a stretch and your definition of Gang is a bit broad and ludicrous.

        1. greenlantern1 says

          So said Al Capone’s mouthpiece!!

          1. cabowabo78727 says

            Whatever, my dimmest.

      2. Ronnie says

        You sound like an ass kissing Liberal!

        1. greenlantern1 says

          I USED to be a conservative Republican!
          I learned my lesson!!

          1. cabowabo78727 says

            according to who???

          2. ernldo says

            Just the greenvagina trolling….

          3. SD of AZ says

            Can NOT fix stupid, right ernido? Evidently greenvagina and AK are the same he/she/it ilk. Nothing better to do than troll and argue the same old worn out crapola!

          4. chief1937 says

            Not very well I see maybe you should practice what you claim to be.

          5. jaybird says

            So you turned into a stupid Demorat, that whole party is corrupt. Hard to change the whole party.

            There are “some” Rino’s that are out for themselves in the Republican party and “we the people” are trying to get rid of them.

          6. SD of AZ says

            Problem with libturds is you can NOT fix stupid and you can NOT reason with stupid!

        2. ernldo says

          She is, just block her….

      3. ward says

        NOPE ! Your definitions of truth, SUCK with bo’s abuse of power ! Ever heard that ?

      4. jaybird says

        Whose fault was it that these people were murdered?? It was the manager of the casino – period.

        The Miller’s were told to leave Cliven Bundy’s ranch, they were not wanted by the ones helping the Bundies to protect their rights. The Miller’s were radical’s not the Patriot’s helping the Bundy’s.

        Get your facts straight because there are some of us that really know what is going on!

    2. Larry Baker says

      Janet, California is a lost cause with too many years of being run by clueless democrats and hollywood elites that have no clue how working americans view our country and constitution. I suspect there are a lot of good people in California that are Patriots. But they have allowed Waters, Pelosi and others to destroy this once great state. Texas welcomes Patriots. North East Texas is a great place to live or retire. California may be lost!

      1. Ibcamn says

        the good people in California should pull up stakes and move,like you said try Texas,i know i moved from So. Cal. to Wisconsin,best thing i ever did.and if people would wake up,its the fact that the minority of the people seem to be the ones dictating what is done,when it should in fact be the majority of its people dictating whats being done in this country …so now we have him,we have Trump.

        1. DollyT says

          Nice thought however I am 82 years old and living on a fixed income. Have any other suggestions?

          1. worn out 123 says

            File for bankruptcy? Gotta fight back somehow.

          2. Ibcamn says

            search for assistance and dig into what is availible to the elderly for relocation,you might be surprised,my uncle moved from Tenn. to Wisconsin and he is 78…..its not impossible…

          3. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Dolly, I am living on a limited income also, and have been trying for years to leave Commiefornia. I am almost out of here. Where there is a will, there’s a way. And in many places, your income will go a lot further than it will in CA. IF you really want out, keep looking for every opportunity. You might have to make sacrifices, but it will be worth it to live freely again. Somewhere the Constitution and law is respected and upheld.

        2. ward says

          IF they were “good” people, they would take their state back from the libtards !

          1. jaybird says

            They need to get involved with groups to fight local government, size matters.

          2. chief1937 says

            Sometimes that is easier said than done. I am sure there are some good people in California just as there are some everywhere.

          3. Ibcamn says

            sounds good,but in that state,it is over run,it has been allowed to be that way.
            most southerners are heading north in california now,some even to washington state….corruption is so rampant and ingrained in the system there,its a really tough call…

          4. Karen says

            If ya’ll wouldn’t have let all those ILLEGAL ALIENS in to start with!! Now you are letting them take over and they are holding public office positions and making laws to suit them! They have NO respect for our constitution and will continue to take over our country if we, as true Americans don’t do something to stop this before it is too late!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

          5. Ibcamn says

            unlawful law[s],that what most of the local appointed assholes like to do,they make city orinences and think they are laws,nope,but you are right that some are making laws,elected senetors,they write up a bill then pass it to congress
            and yes,they have no respect for the constitution what so ever.but right now a lot of them are falling off and most are worried…….its coming.

          6. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Unfortunately, it isn’t the conservatives that are leaving CA. Oregon and Washington state have also been overrun with CA Liberals, and now there political​ bent is just as bad as CA itself. Witness the self-righteous and self-service Governor of Washington state filing that infamous lawsuit against president Trump’s immigration ban. He did that to serve only the well-to-do (Bill Gates and his ilk), not because the majority of the people of WA. wanted it. Or because it was “good for the state”, as he claimed. That’s Californication in it’s most visible form.

          7. Ibcamn says

            don’t let liberal left detour you from doing what you want,they are in the process of doubling down on Trump,they are pulling out all stops,their plan is to keep making false acusations against him for the next 4 years,as to make it appear the man has something bad about him,that there is contraversy that there is a connection to some country with nuke power,the left isn’t going to stop for the next 4 years,why you think they went ape shit about the fake news bill and all that……in washington,that douche will get whats coming to him just as the assclowns in california will.

          8. PHOENIX_RISING says

            The “good” people are outnumbered by the lawless, and that includes the ones in our state government and judicial body. And the Late, Great State of California, is too far gone to be revived.

        3. Larry Baker says

          The ones with the biggest say in any government should be the ones supporting it. Not the ones bleeding it dry! People who truly need help are not getting it because the left has allowed the entitlements to get out of hand for VOTES!

          1. SD of AZ says

            And for illegal alien welfare sucking hordes!

        4. k9maiden says

          I have met plenty, including my own son, who moved from CA to Iowa and they LOVE it, best kept secret, Des Moines, and fastest growing city in the Midwest. My son was offered 5 positions when he finished his residency in Loma Linda, one was to stay at the hospital, one in San Diego, CO, Oregon and Iowa. Iowa is #4 best state for Doctors. Andrew was raised in the Denver area, went to University of CO at Bolder, and he loves it here. I talked to a couple of other people from CA that moved here and they said they would never go back to CA, they will stay here. We also have a Republican Governor. I have lived all over, including Washington D.C. and couldn’t wait to get out of that God awful place. I moved here from Denver area where I lived for 18years, plus lived in Kansas City and Minnesota as well as other states. I am here to stay, love the low crime rates, and the low cost of living, in a city that has everything the big cities do, except the crime and over population.

          1. Ibcamn says

            yup,i will never move back to california either…

          2. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Colorado is a beautiful state. I wanted to move there. My aunt is there, and she said that it is becoming CA East. It has become very liberal due to the influx of Californians. It has also been made a sanctuary state. Very sad. I will hate to see what it’s like there in a few years. . TX and ID are now my top two last best hopes.

        5. Mustafa Curtess says

          No, No, Please not Texas! Have you noticed what happens to states that Californian “refugees” flock into? (Like Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, etc.?)
          Human nature to mean well – but bring just a leeeeetle bit of the sickness with them.
          Officially: It’s known as “Californication”. (And: “There goes the neighborhood”.)
          I don’t want to sound mean – but those folks need to be quarantined, somehow. Maybe a mandatory “orientation” course for the entire family – about what it means to be a “Texan” (or even an American!) Please! Anywhere but here!

      2. Ronnie says

        God bless Texas and their leader with Texas sized ball!

        1. Jimmy King says

          He only has one ball ?

          1. ernldo says

            Maybe more than the one bouncing on your chin…

          2. Larry Brule says


          3. SD of AZ says

            Evidently you do not pay attention to ernido’s posts. He is great and hit your idiotology right on the head and with some sutlety. Me, I believe in being blunt with those of the idiotology you purport. Dem wit, follower of the BO NWO agenda or the Soros paid to follow useful tools or the just never Trumpers of the rino herds! And as usual you seem to be the losers these days. Better luck would be had if you dumped the leaders of your party. What is smart about Pelosi, Waters, schmucky? Just their followers who let them lead em year after year after year. And all listed including some rinos like McCain and Graham are the poster boys and girls for the argument to limit terms in congress! And I mean IDIOT-OLOGY because it is no ideology, too stupid to qualify!

      3. cabowabo78727 says

        IMHO, Texas does NOT need people from Californication who have allowed their state to become a cesspool by not voting or organizing common-sense American values. If these losers move to Texas, Florida and other RED states, they will turn it over to the Blue whackos.

        1. k9maiden says

          Well, not the Conservatives. They are just as upset that Texas turned into an extension of Mexico by a far left liberal loon Senators and Congress people as we are. Like many, they are not able to move, but I would sure make an effort if I lived in that state.

        2. PHOENIX_RISING says

          Aww, come on! We’re not all liberal idiots! What do you do when you’re outnumbered by the insane? Lock the doors and flee the asylum!

        3. Phil says

          Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. My experience has been that no
          matter how anti-liberal people from California think they are, that
          cesspool out there has still had an adverse affect on their thinking.
          Maybe if they go through some type of deprogramming process. I have a
          relative from there that has moved here (North Carolina) and he thinks
          he really fits in here and always talks negatively about the liberal
          agenda but when it comes down to actually putting teeth into what he
          says it becomes very obvious that he is unable to see things from a down
          to earth conservative, common sense manner. He wants, and thinks, he
          does but that environment has corrupted his reality and, like all
          liberals, he shows signs that he has no problem trying to force his
          views/opinions on everyone. He has already been told to go back to where
          he came from by a couple people. We don’t want Californians here until we can be sure they will not try to shove that evil crap down our throat also (that will not happen here. Good-Ole-Boys are well armed with weapons and backbone). It’s like vetting illegal immigrants from the middle east isn’t it.

      4. DollyT says

        We haven’t allowed anything we are out numbered by Democrats and Illegal voters.

        everything I vote against gets passed.

        1. Herb1949 says

          That is why I left.

          1. DollyT says

            I am happy for you.

          2. SD of AZ says

            And why I do not go there even though it is my birth place. I discourage anyone from traveling there and in any way funding Hollyweed and the sanctuary dem wit crowd!

          3. PHOENIX_RISING says


          4. borecrazy says

            Yeah, I’ve known several that have-they move some where and tell the locals how bad California is while leaving the fight up to us!

          5. Herb1949 says

            Mexifornia is a lost cause, until the state actually goes broke, nothing will change. I spent 25 years fighting for what is right… finally gave up.

        2. Jimmy King says

          That’s because you’re old and think like a dinosaur. Time has passed you by, and your thoughts and ideas are antiquated

          1. DollyT says

            Your are a narrow minded progressive and I don’t waste my time with your ilk.

          2. Scott Ezell says

            And he (Jimmy King) is probably some young, naive kid whos been brainwhased by the liberals.

          3. k9maiden says

            Of course he is, or a very stupid, entitlement adult who lives off the government.

          4. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHA I An neither a young kid, nor do I live off the government. I am a 50 yr old white republican male. I own 2 businesses that employ over 50 people.I have a graduate degree and I live in a State that send FAR more tax dollars back to the federal government than it recieves in benefits. Yet you morons who come from states with poor education and high welfare rates are the idiots who voted for this orange clown

          5. borecrazy says

            You just described what California has become, and they were for Hillary! And I’m sure k9maiden just meant you sound like a very stupid, entitlement adult! In fact, why don’t you defect to the liberal camp, conservatives don’t want to be associated with you!

          6. Ann Davis says

            Who did you vote for?

          7. Phil says

            He claims to have been married for 23 years so maybe he’s not young, just a fool.

          8. Scott Ezell says

            Then he must have kids and/or relatives who are being brainwhashed/indoctrinated in school by the liberals.

          9. ernldo says

            Give your brain cell a rest, you aren’t funny, actually very stupid….

          10. k9maiden says

            No, he sounds like a carbon copy of all liberals I have ever had the displeasure of trolling basically Conservative sites. Does this man realize how stupid he sounds, he hasn’t a brain that is functioning, he can’t debate, he can only insult typical of liberals.

          11. SUZANNE M. says

            WHAT BRAIN CELLS????????

          12. Phil says

            Yeah, it took jimmy that entire brain cell to come up with the word antiquated. It’s now spent.

          13. mac12sam12 says

            What time is passing by is the democrat party. In the past 8 years obama has lost a thousand seats for you guys and you’re down to 18 governors. Talk about going the way of the dinosaur.

          14. Jimmy King says

            And that’s all about to change

          15. SD of AZ says

            Really? In your dreams only libturd!

          16. Jimmy King says

            SD of ASS how someone read a newpaper to you. Its happening

          17. PHOENIX_RISING says

            And I’m guessing that you read those Paragons of Truth such as NY Slimes, HuffMo, and WashYo. That pretty much tells everyone here all we need to know about you, troll.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            It’s going to be tough for the democrats to run against a good economy, RIP.

          19. Jimmy King says


          20. mac12sam12 says

            Did you hear about the trade deal that Trump made with China? China’s now buying our natural gas, coal and beef and that will create jobs. Can you imagine the community organizer pulling that one off? Me neither.

          21. SUZANNE M. says


          22. Jimmy King says

            Suzanne, its funny that you would spend that much time and engery calling me names and not having anything substantive in your post

          23. SUZANNE M. says


          24. Jimmy King says

            Suzanne, as always you have nothing of substance to add to the discussion. Thanlk you for confirming the obvious

          25. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Oh look, everyone! The Irrational’s head is exploding!

          26. Phil says

            You’re right jimmy boy. In 2018 we will drain the cesspool even further.

          27. Phil says

            You stated in an earlier post to k9maiden that you were a white republican male. You don’t make any sense unless you think the demos will actually recover. You seem to talk out of both sides of your mouth. Sounds like a liberal to me.

            Walks like a duck…quacks like a duck… got a duck.

          28. k9maiden says

            Sorry Jimmy Boy, no one except brainwashed, senseless goons would prefer a Socialist society over Capitalism and freedom and a Republic. Want that? Go to Cuba, Russia, or North Korea. Bet you will come back as a strong Conservative, that is, if you make it back.

          29. Scott Ezell says

            No Russia, North Korea, Cuba. Thats history. That is something Jimmy King knows very little, if anything about. At least not true history.

          30. SUZANNE M. says


          31. PHOENIX_RISING says

            What are you, ten? How would you know how old anyone on this board is? Only a child would make a statement like that. Or a child actor.

          32. Jimmy King says

            Hey Einstein She has a picture from her AARP card on her profile

          33. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Thank you for comparing me to one of the most brilliant minds of our time. I don’t spend time perusing profiles. They aren’t always true. Just like avatars don’t always represent the person who uses them.

          34. Bill says

            Yes, in the hands of people like you, freedom is an expired idea. Meanwhile, the tyranny that you seek is the most ancient malignancy of all. If you get your way, I hope that you will be able to recall what liberty was like, the little that we still enjoy, so that you can feel deeply what you chose to throw away. Bravo, regurgitator of tried and failed ideas, thinking that you have found something new and great.

          35. john says

            Da Kingfish speak !

          36. borecrazy says

            Really? As I see it, the “old” got you here and life was good, but in a relatively short time look what the “new” has done to our present and future?

          37. Jimmy King says

            What is the “new” you speak of

        3. Larry Baker says

          They are getting voted in by supporting entitlements and illegal immigration. Its sad that we have so many years of Obama that corrupted the system. Liberal judges that make decisions based on personal preference rather than the constitution. It will take a while to get them out. Illegal is Illegal no matter how you spin it.

          1. DollyT says

            You have got that right 100%.

          2. jaybird says

            It started before Obummer and it only got worse under him.

          3. SD of AZ says

            Yup, this has been going on for decades. The rinos, the dem wits and the NWO crowd have been steering the country for some time. Glad the legal population finally is engaged. It is never too late. The enemy within is known now and we can thank BO for putting their agenda on steroids and shocking the silent majority into finally seeing the damage these morons have been doing. Vote em out. In the case of CA, time to remove the judges that the NWO installed. First step is breaking up that 9th Circuit group of libturd judges! Go Trump!

            History left us a warning. I love this quote by a Roman who was killed by their enemy within and it is so appropriate for these times dealing with the NWO and their ilk:

            Marcus Tullius Cicero > Quotes > Quotable Quote

            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

            ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

            Consider the illegal aliens, the unvetted refugees, the dem wit libturds, the rinos, the BO minions, the NWO elites your enemies within today!

          4. jaybird says

            You got it right!

          5. Bill says

            Tully was a very wise man who loved his “res publica” (republic). Mark Anthony hated him, had Cicero quietly murdered, and actively worked to transform the Roman republic into the long dictatorship of caesars that we recall so well. So, of course, you won’t hear very much from Cicero taught in school these days. Mark Anthony is back at work in many individuals today, and half the people are still asleep, thinking that nothing can hurt America, and those who think otherwise are merely paranoid conspiracy theorists. Fact is, if what has been happening recently weren’t so perfectly true, it would make for a really good conspiracy theory.

          6. john says

            Politically incorrect and unpopular to say : The Jew!

          7. borecrazy says

            Maybe to some degree, but I see Obama’s reign as the real turning point. What he did to this country and the World’s view of America has his stain of “community organizer” all over it! He taught people they could do whatever they wanted to get their way, regardless if it was lawless, classless, immoral, unscrupulous, or good for America. As long as they got THEIR way. Because we grew up on honor, duty, being of good character, and a pride in being on the right side of life is why America was great. Obama empowered the bad side of people, causing chaos and division which makes us weak and vulnerable. Good thing the majority of Americans still have the spark within…….

          8. jaybird says

            and we are teaching our grand children that spark so they can teach our great grandchildren!

        4. chief1937 says

          Know the feeling. I sometimes wonder where the peoples brain is.

          1. k9maiden says

            Up their ass, and turned to shite! They lack all sense of reality, and they are easily brainwashed.

        5. Phil says

          Time to get out of California. America would have been better off if San Andreas cracked that entire state off and sunk it into the Pacific with every politician, celebrity that lives there, and illegal. The ratio of sane to insane in that state has now made it dispensable. California has become a road block to Americas progress and needs to be dealt with. They live in a different country there anyway so maybe a forced succession would be in order.

        6. PHOENIX_RISING says

          So true! And if you vote FOR something and it passes, and a bunch of snowflakes don’t like it, they file a lawsuit against it!

        7. Sol_of_Texas says

          Sorry about that. I know some sane Californians and they are highly frustrated with the politics of the state.

        8. Bob Morton says

          Trump passed the voter fraud system just recently. Not only is it supposed to stop further voter fraud, it’s supposed to bring to light the voter fraud of the past like illegal aliens, dead voters and multiple voting by one person in more than one state. I bet the popular vote for Hillary will be changed drastically. Only dead people and illegal aliens that don’t speak English would have voted for her (along with fraudulent voters that voted in more than one state). That also includes any bills that were pushed through by the libs. that were exaggerated voter approval due to voter fraud. I hope this new bill will be like neon lights around the voter fraud that we know happened but has not been proven and it will also be brought to light the crooks that we know were behind it! It’s taking a long time to prove and it’s a long time coming to show how corrupt the Dems. have been, but the proof is around the corner. As much as the Dems. are trying to nail Pres. Trump, they are going to put the final nails in their own coffins. This is Bob’s wife.

          1. DollyT says

            You are correct and the Democrats are destroying their own Party.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Good the sooner the better they are all slime balls.

          3. Bob Morton says

            I get so angry about the Dems. and their stupid Russian collusion theory. It’s been 10 months now (it started before Trump had actually won the election) and there’s no there there. How much more tax payers’ money do we have to pay for the Dems. to not find any more there there. This is imbecilic and now they want to have a special prosecutor! More taxpayer money. Also there is no ‘end’ – this could go on for years and they can’t be fired. From what I’ve heard, there has to be an actual crime and not just wishful thinking to justify appointing a special prosecutor. Now they’re saying that Pres. Trump leaked information to the Russians convoy when he met with them. This is such total B.S. There were only a few of Trump’s team that was there – there is either no there there again or someone in that very small group leaked to the media or the room was bugged (not sure what room). McMaster and Tillerson have stated that nothing was leaked. I think that the Dems. are using this Russian collusion BULL as a coverup for the unmasking and leaking scandal that is coming to a head. That will be the biggest political scandal of all time and hopefully the end of the Democratic Party! Do you notice how the MSM does not report on that? There’s a bombshell coming soon! This is Bob’s wife.

      5. ward says

        The damned governor is the #1 deceit for CA’s sanctuary city support & is the 1st illegal criminal to indict & prosecute for collusion against the U.S. Constitution then all judges that are destroying U.S. Patriotic Citizens National Security just like bo’s crime !

        1. worn out 123 says

          You are spot on. Lock him up.

        2. Jimmy King says

          HAHAHAHA I love the morons that have no clue about the constitution who then run their mouths with “lock em up”

          1. ernldo says

            Not as funny as the demotards demanding impeachment of president Trump, eh skippy? Constitution scholar?

          2. Jimmy King says

            Actually yes

          3. SD of AZ says

            Then you are a product of the low level education system. Jimmy King the dem wit libturd has shown his lack of education quite succinctly! Dah!

          4. SUZANNE M. says


          5. k9maiden says

            I guess you are talking about yourself. If you believed in the Constitution, as you try to pretend you do, you would never have voted or supported BO because he did NOT fulfill the requirements for president. HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, his father was NEVER an American citizen, born and raised in Africa in an area that was under British rule at the time, that later became Kenya. Yeah, you are really bright, I can tell you know the Constitution, like all loons on the left, you follow it only if it suits your agenda. HOWEVER, “right to protest” is another area you loons seem to spin your way. Yes, you have a right to protest, you do NOT have a right to destroy other’s properties, burn cars, break windows, block exit and entries from the interstate so that even ambulances carrying critical patients to the hospital are unable to get through, out yelling and screaming anyone who disagrees with you. Yeah Jimmy, you really follow the Constitution, LOL, you are nothing but a joke, we are too smart to buy your hypocritical comments.

          6. Rodney Steward says

            Yes, they have the right to protest, but don’t get in front of my truck blocking the road!! 🙂 Good comment!

          7. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Nor mine! They want to play matador, I’ll give the horns of my Dodge RAM!

          8. Rodney Steward says

            Absolutely friend, time for these crazy games to end and take America back!

          9. Jimmy King says

            DogLady, You reveal yourself to be a loon from the far right fringe in your first sentence. Because only the far right fringe who lives in echo chambers like this one still believe Obama wasn’t eligible to be president. The republicans voter 119 times to overturn Obamacare, if there was a thread of evidence that he wasn’t eligible to be president, we would have seen thousands of lawsuits. The dozen or so suits that were filed were all tossed out of court. WAKE UP you dumbass.

          10. Rodney Steward says

            WRONG, he had the one thing no one wanted to start a fuss over, he had that big FAT RACE CARD in his pocket that allowed him to do most anything, legal or not when he should have been shot for Treason!

          11. PHOENIX_RISING says

            Nice Shot! You hit that target dead center!

          12. SUZANNE M. says


          13. PHOENIX_RISING says

            He is a childish, irrational troll with the typical lack of decorum, respect and civility. plus he lies like a BIG rug! Block the poor misguided troll, unless you just like toying with it. 🙂

          14. SUZANNE M. says


        3. Lisa Meyer says

          Actually, it is the president of the Senate Pro Tempore, Kevin DeLeon (a Dimocrat, not surprisingly) who is authoring the bill to make CA. A sanctuary state. In February, DeLeon stood before a committee of his peers, and publicly stated that half of his relatives are illegals! That goes against the oath of office he took when he was elected! He should have been removed from office right then, but neither Brown not anyone else in the government of Sacriminalento made a sound about it. Brown, DeLeon, and probably a host of others should ALL be locked up! The people of this state are tired of the stupidity and lawlessness emanating from our capitol swamp.

      6. ward says

        The only fix for CA if the decent people can’t repair all the libtard dem damage is the “hope” for an earth quake that drops CA into the ocean & “change” from bo’s crimes !

      7. Ron C says

        I never could find anyone who actually voted for senator Cranston…??? But the old buzzard always won re-election…??? I’ll bet if California was every investigated for voter fraud, they would be the worst offender by far…hands down!

        1. SD of AZ says

          Yup, illegal aliens, dead folks, duplicate voting registration, machine fixing, and how ever else you can rig the votes! Like hackers, I am sure they have plenty of in roads to rig the vote and I suspect the same happened in AZ with McCain, our resident moron senile rino!

          1. Phil says

            Hey, you folks in Arizona need to stand up strong and send Songbird McCain packing. The rest of the country will work on getting the liberals out of congress in 2018 but you have to get McCain out and make sure that a conservative replaces him. You keep sending a liberal to Washington in McCain so my question is, is this intentional or are you people just so gullible that you believe McCains crap? If his mouth is moving, he is lying. Lindsay Graham has got to go also.

      8. Larry Brule says


      9. Elizabeth Davis says

        Why nnot just let CA seceed. the only thing I would be sorry for are the ones that does not go along with their politicians. Woonder how long CA could last with out Fed Government help they are already imposing another 12 cent tax on gasoline and are almost a trillion dollars in debt

      10. Bill says

        Weird fact: Los Angeles County is the largest contributing county of GOP votes in the nation. However, Dems outnumber them 3 to 1! Like Dolly says, no one else has a voice. When shiftless parasites outnumber responsible wage earners in this nation, it will be pretty much over. Of course, that was Obama’s goal with his racial and illegal immigration agitation, to try to overwhelm the whole country with Democrat dependents, just like you see so absolutely in California. But remember, these lock-step, Marxist, globalist, anti-free speech, anti-freedom, lying and cheating, anti-American partisans claim to be “anti-fascists.” A “fasces,” for clarity, is a bundle of sticks tightly bound together for united strength. Time for real Americans to unite similarly, but for freedom and respect of people, unlike these “liberal” phonies.

        1. Larry Baker says

          Amen brother! They are destroying our country and Constitution.

      11. john says

        I unfortunately, live in Mexlifornia. Used to be a nice clean state and uncrowded.Mexico has inhabited two of San Diego’s largest cities. Complete take over….everything. I understand it is that way in Los Angeles too..”The Third World State”

        1. Chi Sam says

          San Diego is multiple cities…who knew. Do you perhaps mean ‘suburbs’, but simply forgot the word because you’re a bit stupid?

      12. borecrazy says

        It is grossly incorrect to say Californians “allowed” the Democrats to ruin the state! I get emails all the time to contact my representatives and urge them to vote no on this bill & that bill-you know who my representatives are? Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris! Feinstein authored many of the incorrect and unconstitutional assault weapon bills, and as a past Attorney General for California Harris ushered many anti-2nd amendment bills through the state legislature! You think you are going to listen to anything Republicans say? The same things happen if you dispute illegal immigration, giving illegals drivers licenses, and saying no to the $61 billion bullet train from LA to Las Vegas! With as horrible as Jerry Brown was as Governor the first time around, do you THINK we WANTED him again?

    3. SUZANNE M. says


      1. pineapple says

        If you treat a rattle snake “lovingly” will it not bite you?

        1. Ibcamn says

          somewhere along the way,it will bite you…..

          1. Franie says


          2. ward says

            The serpent is the representation of satan & should be CA’s logo after 8 years of kissing ass with bo’s whims from hell ! CA libtards are satan’s disciples …. !

          3. SD of AZ says

            Can not argue that logic but the libturds reside else where and are doing harm where ever they live. Time to teach them we are fed up. Vote em out and I am so glad Trump is looking seriously at the voting systems. It is time to stop the fraud.

        2. Ronnie says

          Ask Adam and Eve!

      2. ward says

        That’s CA’s problem with too many ignorant libtard dems & lots of grass pipe dreams !

        1. k9maiden says

          Botox Barbie is dumb as a box of rocks, typical of many Demoncraps in Congress, remember the Democratic Congressman from Georgia who actually thought Guam would tip over if they added more people to the military base? I thought it was a joke, but the man actually believed islands just floated along! This is who the liberals elect to Congress!

      3. k9maiden says

        Yet they have no problem killing babies. SMH

        1. SUZANNE M. says


    4. Ibcamn says

      MS-13 you mean…………problem is,the minority has been dictating what is being done while the majority is being ignored..that is why your city is the way it is.

      1. ward says

        Majority of Patriotic U.S. Citizens haven’t rebelled, YET ! Waiting for enforced laws !

      2. Phil says

        Wrong, the majority sit on their hands and allowed themselves to be ignored. It has come time to decide what you believe in and what you are willing to stand for, and die for if necessary. America is worth the cost.

    5. cabowabo78727 says

      Amazing? WTF? Grow a pair and MOVE!

    6. Ronnie says

      I live in the filthy Seattle area I fully understand where you are coming from, Seattle has become a big toilet!

      1. k9maiden says

        That’s what I’ve heard. One of my dearest friends lived out there for years and taught in the school system. He hates the fact that he has Washington plates, (he is retired and travels around the country with his trailer). He is a strong Conservative and said he will never go back to Washington, it has been taken over by loons as well as Oregon.

    7. jaybird says

      We have MS-13 on the East Coast and they are scary, recruiting children as young as 5th grade and killing them if they don’t join.

      1. chief1937 says

        And just think they are fighting president Trump’s efforts to protect this nation and states,cities,and counties are allowed to be complacent in not enforcing the law. There has to be consequences for their actions. If not stopped liberals will turn this nation into something we all will regret.

        1. jaybird says

          Maybe not enough Liberals in these communities have not had run-in’s with illegals! I do not understand their reasoning – it costs them more money to protect and provide for theses illegals.

    8. KKmoderate says

      Part of my family lives in California and by 9:30 AM on election day 2016 my son-in-law knew how their state would go! So sad that it’s so predictable because it discourages the vote. Don’t give up though eventually the mud slide that is California will have to wake up to the peril they are in. Peril of their own making.

    9. Sol_of_Texas says

      The founding fathers were liberals. The term liberal is misused. Liberal derives from the Latin “libre” meaning “free”. It is synonymous with “free to choose”. “Liberal”, as so often misused since the “free press'” edified FDR, actually refers to Progressive-Totalitarians. Once people accept the idea that words actually mean something, maybe the country can begin a trip on the road to the restoration of liberty.

  2. pmbalele says

    We know 4 Americans died in Libya. But why should we continue reminding their sons, daughters and relatives of their loved ones gone. Bill O’rielly was good at that; buy he is now gone. Bill O’rielly is the one who continued to bring back Benghazi problems. That has cost Bill O and Comey jobs. Let’s give peace to those who died for us and their relatives by not mentioning Benghazi. How would you like people to remind you of your dead father? Stop it now.

    1. runningbear says

      You would have them think that they died in vain? Our flag is a reminder, least we forget that freedom can only be won by fighting for it. Totolalaryism would love for you to just fall asleep. People were derelict in their duties, causing those deaths. Those responsible are elitist, who show disdain for the military, the rule of law and the “deplorables”. One set of laws for them and the rest of us can “eat cake”.

    2. IgnoreTheFools says

      We will never forgive nor forget that those brave Americans died in a horrible way at the hands of Animals and the lack of help from the liberal scum in the White House. To forget is a lack of respect

      1. pmbalele says

        Did you forget the 3000 people who perished in NY on 911? You’re a hypocrite and racist. The 3000 people perished during Bush II. We are told FBI briefed Bush of impending attack using jets to blow us up. But you are glued to Benghazi because the president then was a Black man. I have encouraged the relatives of 4 Americans to sue whoever reminds them of death of the 4 Americans.

        1. degaroke says

          Your race card must be about worn out by now isn’t it? It’s over use in fact causes division and tags blacks as racist. You are enabling the minority of blacks that use race as an excuse to commit crimes.

        2. IgnoreTheFools says

          I havent forgotten anything, and I m a better man on my worst day than You can dream being. So Screw You.

          1. Skippy says

            These brainless wonders can’t make up their minds. It’s ether Bush ordered our military to covertly do this attack so he could take us to war, or it’s he knew about it and let it happen. Their nothing but a bunch of pathetic morons.
            I appreciate your first comment, I’m with you we will never forget.

          2. gotabgood says
        3. Skippy says

          Where’s your proof ya moron that Bush new that was going to happen. Another mindless liberal drone talking out their you know what. The thing I was in the military, the only one that can give a stand down order like that is the president. Your hero Obama went to sleep when American citizens were being killed. Thank God for those men that disobeyed that stand down order, to save more lives. Those hero’s paid the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live. They did that while your idol Obama slept. Obama, and Hillary let those people die. They should got to prison for that at least.

          1. pmbalele says

            I know some people, like you, are blinded by color of their skin. That is why for 8 years racists had stomach cramps why we had Blacks in the WH. I am fighting some here in both state and federal courts. They cannot understand why Blacks are as smart as they are. They have lost one case already – will pay millions. Now I am after another group. I will keep you posted. Get out that bubble you were raised in – that Blacks are inferior to you. Wake up and think like a regular person.

          2. Skippy says

            How dare you call me a racist you pathetic excuse for a human. I spoke the truth about what Obama did, and you can’t handle the truth ya brainless wonder. All mindless liberal drones can do is play the race card when someone disagrees with them politically. The fact is Obama let Americans die and went to sleep. I served this Great Country to protect despicable people like you, but that’s your right under The Constitution.
            I would love to have Allen West as the president of The United States. If I was able to serve under him I would have gone to hell and back with that man. Now there is a true leader. You couldn’t even be compared to that man. You could learn alot from him, but you’re to blinded by ideology. You’d probably just defame him. Go crawl back under that rock you crawled out from ya pathetic moron!!!

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            She pmbalele is a ignorant Democrackhead Racist thug what u expect from ignoranct low life shes a militant thug!

          4. SUZANNE M. says


          5. firehawk69 says

            I’ll bet you never served your country and you’ve never been out of the country or you would know this is the best country bar none..! Just remember this inconvenient truth. Back in the day it was blacks and muslims who sold blacks into slavery. The shipping owners just took advantage of money making opportunity. If the slaves had been purple it wouldn’t have mattered.

          6. SUZANNE M. says


          7. pineapple says

            Actually, Obama is more white than black, since his father was not all black.

          8. Tim says

            Maybe you’ll understand it better in plain english There never was any blacks in the white house. Blacks may be inferior to your weak ass but not this white man. The truth about who was in the white house the last 8 years was a black nigger muslim with his nigger faggot sissy he had for a wife! That racists enough for you bitch? What you need is a fist to removed the teeth from your stupid ass mouth. You pathetic piece of stinking dog shit.

          9. pmbalele says

            Thanks. That tell me who you’re – an angry White male. Too bad Blacks have caught on you intellectually and physically.

          10. Tim says

            Just because you love them and laying with them and feel they are smart just goes to show just how weak of a man you really are. You’re probably a sissy to one of them truth be told. sicko

          11. pineapple says

            “Obama went to sleep when American citizens were being killed.”

            Obama also saddled American soldiers with rules of engagement which prevented them from protecting themselves.

        4. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          The Only Racist thug is you!!! You liberal racist Moron!!!!!!!!!!

          You are ignorant and low energy get some common sense you Moron! You call everyone who disagree’s with you a racist you the the racist pig!!! OBAMA IS A FOOL LIKE YOU!

          1. cabowabo78727 says

            Don’t forget…FAKE NEWS!

        5. gotabgood says

          Don’t forget Bush and Cheney holding hands going behind closed doors to testify. Not being sworn in, No reporters. No recording device.
          Can you imagine the righties if Obama and Hillary would have gone behind closed doors to testify under those same conditions????

          1. SUZANNE M. says


          2. gotabgood says

            They were chatting about grandchildren and your ass??? makes no sense to me….

          3. SUZANNE M. says


          4. gotabgood says

            I can and will agree with you that all politicians are liars… but one you start singling one party worse than the other… I will give you examples why I think Republicans win the crown.

          5. Nick Rose says

            As Senate Majority leader Harry Reid LIED about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes.
            Your turn. (I got a million more) ?

          6. gotabgood says

            You have ONE! Not a million…. here is what a 176 lies look like..

          7. Combatvet52 says

            (I would love to see Olbermann go over the countless lies,) of Hildabeast oh yes she’s innocent of all charges tell it to the the family’s of the 4 dead Americans………that’s not going away she has to live with it.

          8. gotabgood says

            I am sure he did talk to the families… but you are talking about the wrong person/people…. talk to the ones REALLY responsible…


          9. Combatvet52 says

            Hildabeast is responsible………PERIOD

          10. gotabgood says

            YOU’RE WRONG!!…… period.

          11. Combatvet52 says

            Sure next you will tell me it was BUSHES fault.

          12. gotabgood says

            No, it was congresses fault, they cut the budget and expected the same results.. that is rightwing math for you….. just like cutting healthcare by a trillion dollars and expect more coverage, less money out of your pocket and everyone covered…. if it wasn’t such a sick way to run a government, it would be funny.

          13. Combatvet52 says
          14. Nick Rose says

            Lol Keith Olberman?

            Don’t like President Donald J Trump, then blame Harry Reid.?

            It was his abusing his position as Senate Majority leader by LYING about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes in ten years that got idiot racist cop hating LIAR Barack Obama reelected.

            President Mitt Romney would be in his second term now.

            Lol@Keith Olberman.?
            Ya can’t make this stuff up folks.
            No wonder everything has to be dumbed down for you dumbbastards. ????
            Keith Olberman ?????

          15. Combatvet52 says

            Nice post Nick.

          16. Combatvet52 says

            Olberman is full of horse chit…aways was and always will be.

          17. gotabgood says

            I see you are one that accepts the truth is like a two edged sword….

          18. Combatvet52 says

            He doesn’t know what the truth is………

          19. gotabgood says


          20. Combatvet52 says

            Olberman that’s who

          21. Mathew Molk says

            They did. Have you been on another planet?

          22. gotabgood says

            No they didn’t…… not even in your alternative facts land…. not even from your lie lie land….. this is nothing more than a made up matty story..

        6. Roy Thomas says

          Don’t blame Bush – the “inclusiveness” of the Clinton years led to these type of people being allowed into the country, something promulgated by that total failure Obama and still promoted by the democraps and other assorted liberals.

          1. KJHanover says

            and it is hard to believe, amazingly nuts in fact, that New York has so many liberals who voted for Clinton,–when 9/11 happened there!

        7. SUZANNE M. says


        8. pineapple says

          Bill Clinton was offered custody of bin Laden by the government of Sudan, after bin Laden orchestrated attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa, where hundreds were killed.

          Clinton refused to take custody of bin Laden who then orchestrated the 9/11 attacks which occurred on Bush’s watch.

          So, if you want to blame someone for the 9/11 attacks, blame Clinton.

          “But you are glued to Benghazi because the president then was a Black man.”

          Actually, the cause of Benghazi was due to the actions a white woman, Hillary Clinton.

      2. gotabgood says

        While you are doing all the remembering… I hope you remember who is REALLY at fault… here is a reminder….

      3. Kathy Davis Roginski says

        I still want to know who made the decision to leave our people to hang out to dry.

      4. lll% says

        Amen, to forget is to justify, Never Forget.

      5. SUZANNE M. says


      1. SUZANNE M. says

        YES….YES…AND YES…..

      1. SUZANNE M. says

        NO SHIT!

    3. greenlantern1 says

      The case against Ahmed Abu Khattala has not YET come to court!
      The charges?
      The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!

    4. EMIRCITNA says

      ONLY WHEN…..Justice Is Served upon the guilty, and NOT until then!!!!

    5. reasoning with facts says

      How would liked to have been lied to about your relative being murdered while Hag Hillary and Hussein Obama watched and did nothing ? Also , and have your government shoot you a line of bull shit a mile long ? Why Benghazi matters !!!

    6. SUZANNE M. says


    7. Tim says

      them family’s will never have peace until justice prevails and the ones responsible for there deaths are behind bars. Bill O’Reilly is doing the right thing, & his departure from fox had nothing to do with Benghazi. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a dumb thing. If someone murdered your kid you would be quite and the hell with justice for them huh? you say stop it now just shows how heartless and uneducated of a person you are. I hope Hillary clinton dies a slow death to go along with the agony of defeat she lives with everyday & no one deserves it more. IT should be talked about everyday until justice is served !

      1. pmbalele says

        Why can’t leave FBA and CIA do their job – find the killers instead of you mouthing about nothing you can do about. Leave Trump to arrest the killers.

  3. runningbear says

    New world order needs anarchy first by making America ungovernable. By polarization and deep devision of the rule of law. The haves and the have-nots, Allowing the rise of the need for strong economic-socialization and communism, which has always failed.The vacume and dithering about decision making allows the Islamic-colonzation to gain traction. So can communism coexist with Islamic-koran culture?

    1. greenlantern1 says

      Attorney-General John Mitchell OBEYED the law?
      Is THAT why he was put behind bars?

  4. Murphmeister says

    Oh, it will work itself out once the Progressives get the needle out of their arms.

    1. Retired says

      Once the Brain is fried there is no return . Hillary proved that .

  5. Skippy says

    I’m glad to see that these sanctuary cities’ are finally are going to pay the price fo breaking the law.

    1. Retired says

      Start by NOT giving them federal grants and if that is not enough cut federal funding .

      1. cabowabo78727 says

        START by throwing them in jail and prosecuting them for any and all crimes committed by their collective negligence!

      2. greenlantern1 says

        START with South Carolina!!

      3. ward says

        START; by indicting & prosecuting the illegal supporters that are the worst criminals !

        1. Retired says

          Where will you find Lawyers and Judges to do that ,which needs to be done ????

        2. Retired says

          How do you break the ACLU ???

    2. cabowabo78727 says

      Yeah, but this new sheriff in San Fransicko is probably as bad as the one that just got fired, after-all, she is endorsed by the Mayor who is a sanctuary city dipsh*t.

    3. greenlantern1 says

      Breaking the law?

  6. Justin Seine says

    Sanctuary Cites – Making it legal to harbor foreign fugitives! Rule of Law! Phooey! Either select pockets are being stuffed or dead brain syndrome is taking over our cities!

    1. Retired says

      Some of both . Democrats will stoop low for money .

      1. bill14729 . says

        It’s about Votes.

        1. Arizona Don says

          And extends to power and control. Which is exactly what obama’s promised fundamental transformation was. And the progressive communistic so called democrats cheered that wildly.

        2. Retired says

          Sounds just like the teachers Unions asking for a raise , but it is for the Children ????

      2. pineapple says

        “Democrats will stoop low for money”

        To see how low, look at the Clinton crime machine.

        Hillary Clinton keeps promising to help the help the middle class and
        poor while making the rich do their “fair share.” We know that the
        “rich” are doing more than their fare share, and now, thanks to a
        report by the Observer, we also know that hypocritically, the Clinton
        campaign is fleecing their lower-income donors

        The Observer reports
        that the Clinton’s campaign is “purposefully and repeatedly
        overcharging” their lower income donors by taking tiny
        one-shot donations and turning them into scheduled repeat donations.
        They are doing this to lower income donors to the website so they have
        the people’s credit card/debit card numbers to keep recharging.

        The overcharges are occurring so often that the fraud
        department at one of the nation’s biggest banks receives up to 100 phone
        calls a day from Clinton’s small donors asking for refunds for
        unauthorized charges to their bankcards made by Clinton’s campaign. One
        elderly Clinton donor, who has been a victim of this fraud scheme, has
        filed a complaint with her state’s attorney general and a representative
        from the office told her that they had forwarded her case to the
        Federal Election Commission.

        “We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income
        supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source,
        who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells
        Fargo fraud department told the Observer. The source claims that the
        Clinton campaign has been pulling this stunt since Spring of this year.
        The Hillary for America campaign will overcharge small donors by
        repeatedly charging small amounts such as $20 to the bankcards of donors
        who made a one-time donation. However, the Clinton campaign
        strategically doesn’t overcharge these donors $100 or more because the
        bank would then be obligated to investigate the fraud.

        Actually there’s one good thing about this story for Hillary. If you
        remember at the beginning of her term as Secretary of State, Clinton
        presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a button she
        thought said “reset” in Russian, but it actually said “overcharged.” Now
        she can say that it wasn’t a mistranslation she though that Lavrov was a
        donor to her campaign.

        The Observer even published a picture of a bank statement of one
        victim (below). The three charges highlighted were all unauthorized. In
        total for April 2016 Hillary for America processed a total of $94 of
        unauthorized charges to Carol A. Mahre’s US Bank account (the picture
        below is the 3rd page of the statement). Notice the first two charges on
        this page were for $25 (as was the one charge on a previous page). The
        third charge below was for $19, making the total charge for the month
        $94. Anything at $100 or more may trigger a closer inspection from the
        bank. This also indicates that the repeated charging was a purposeful
        act, as making the 4th donation only $19 to keep the charges below $100
        didn’t happen by accident.

        “We don’t investigate fraudulent charges unless they are
        over $100,” the fraud specialist explained. “The Clinton campaign knows
        this, that’s why we don’t see any charges over the $100 amount, they’ll
        stop the charges just below $100. We’ll see her campaign overcharge
        donors by $20, $40 or $60 but never more than $100.” The source, who has
        worked for Wells Fargo for over 10 years, said that the total amount
        they refund customers on a daily basis who have been overcharged by
        Clinton’s campaign “varies” but the bank usually issues refunds that
        total between $700 and $1200 per day.

        The fraud specialist said that Clinton donors who call in will
        attempt to resolve the issue with the campaign first but they never get
        anywhere. “They will call the Clinton campaign to get their refund and
        the issue never gets resolved. So they call us and we just issue the
        refund. The Clinton campaign knows these charges are small potatoes and
        that we’ll just refund the money back.”

        There’s more to the report however the bottom line is that like her
        progressive policies, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is bent on taking as
        much as they can from the people who are least able to give.

      3. cabowabo78727 says

        They like to bend over!

    2. greenlantern1 says

      Be PATRIOTIC!!

      1. ward says

        You were there …. RIGHT … ?

  7. gotabgood says

    While you worry about the brown and black skins of how to keep them in jail and slavery…. listen to the world…..
    Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump
    The US President isn’t motivated by protecting liberal democracy or freedom, his sole ideology is Trumpism: corporate autocracy with a populist facade. And he surrounds himself with white nationalists even more hostile to liberal democracy than he is.

    1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

      Angel;a Markel is a Globalist atheist Liberal moron like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Great point. Mayne they should read some Descartes.

    2. Jim Wagenmann says

      Typical bigot. Shit for brains. Imbecilic. Spreads lies and hate. Anti American. Will sell out principles for any amount of money. Afraid to show their face.

      1. pineapple says

        That’s why I blocked the bastard.

      2. gotabgood says

        What did you say of any value? You just spoke about what is on your little mind… At least if you copy and paste what I put in bold print… it will take you to a website so you can read for yourself…. If I were to copy and paste….. say…. Shit for brains…ahhhh yes, definition = jimmy wagenmann..

    3. Kathy Davis Roginski says

      Merkel may have been the leader of the world during Obama years but certain ly not now. It’s been 8 long years since we had leadership in the White House and now that we have it the world is taking notice.

      1. gotabgood says

        Well now it is Putin… Trump has been kissing ass of all Putin’s officials.. even wants to meet with Un….most likely to run his hands through his hair..

    4. Joseph Carrilho says

      Merkel is the leader of RAPEfugees and destruction.
      You need an enema because you are full O shit.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I think the Krouts will get a belly full before long and turn on her like a RINO during a congressional vote.

      2. gotabgood says

        I see high IQ’s bring you back home to the cesspool…. just can’t compete so you throw BS around like the best manure spreader..

    5. Mathew Molk says

      You talk numba hukin teein too. Didi domammy

    1. Ronnie says

      The he/she was not even that smart LOL….

      1. Phil says

        Please don’t insult Alfred E Neuman like that.

        1. Sue Boclair says


      2. Camille Gilliam says


      3. Stealth Fighter says

        LMAO!! GREAT PIC!

      4. Ron Alford says

        Amen, all the way.

    2. geneww1938 says

      Even looks like Obama

      1. Ed Stahl says

        Pretty good “print shop” job in “Alfred E. Newman”. For those too young to be familiar with “Mad Magazine”! And his famous statement— “What – Me be worried”!

        1. figmo says

          Was it Mad Magazine that had the cartoon showing a VW beetle floating on a pond over the caption “If Ted Kennedy had driven a volkswagon he’d be president today”? The kennedys used some muscle on Volkswagon in Europe and VW threatened to sue the magazine if it wasn’t recalled immediately. It was. The magazine should be a collector’s item.

          1. Chi Sam says

            No, dummy…it wasn’t. Nonetheless, that fact does not seem to slow you one bit.

          2. figmo says

            It was National Lampoon. You appear to be the self appointed asshole du jour. A useful idiot to the criminal liberal establishment.

          3. Chi Sam says

            Why are you telling me that it was National Lampoon that ran the fake ad, stupid? I’m not the idiot that wrote an entire paragraph about suing Mad Magazine.

            You’re an idiot and a coward that refuses to own up to even a simple error.

        2. BT says

          I was a reader of Mad back in the 60’s. The phrase was “What, me worry?”

        3. Chi Sam says

          Yeah…so ‘famous’ you got it wrong. What a dope you must be.

          1. sweetolbob says

            If your screen name means that you are from Chicago, please stay there.
            From the gross stupidity of your childish, insulting, democRAT, comments,
            you and Chicago deserve each olther !

          2. Chi Sam says

            Defend stupid people all you like, zealot.

        4. Chi Sam says

          Yeah…so ‘famous’ you got it wrong.

        5. ernldo says

          “What?, Me worry?”

      2. Frederick King says

        If he had a son.

        1. dux nobis28 says

          OBozo can’t have a son as he is married to a man!

          1. Richard Pope says

            . . . . We need to nib this lie in the bud right now or we are no better than the lying communists, I.E. liberals-democrats-leftist. barrackie the muslim’s wife is not a man. She is is ugly but she is a she. They had two daughters together.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          2. Don says


          3. Richard Pope says

            Don, Nobis,
            . . . . I have done some research and I am afraid that Burton Michael Robinson who has played Professional Football is an entirely different person and he did not decide to go against GOD and become a freak. The thing that decided to become the freak is named Michael LaVaughn Robinson.
            . . . . I found this on The thing about this site is that these people have been completely discredited. I have caught them on several occasions publishing things that just were not true. I no longer believe anything that they have to say.

            . . . . I don’t remember where I came across that barrackie the muslim’s wife is a woman and that their two daughters were conceived by them. Yes she is ugly and so are the daughters. You can see the family resemblance between the obamies and the girls. They are just as ugly as their mother. So until there is absolute proof one way or another we should not be doing what the msm is doing and spreading lies. It is called gossip and it is horrible to do so.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          4. Michael Paul says

            You may be right or wrong but my question is “why is there so much hidden information about Obama from before his Presidency?” His grades, his birth certificate which took 2 years to get, how he got into Occidental and who paid for it, his associations, his wife’s family, etc. All we seem to know about him is what he put in his books. The media never vetted him. WHY?????

          5. Combatvet52 says

            ASK SOROS…………

          6. ernldo says

            Here’s a tidbit….
            Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated
            to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN
            042-68-4425 (President Obama’s current SSN) rec’d on
            or about March 1977.

            Mr. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut .
            Because of that, his SSN begins with the digits 042, which
            are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut

            Barack H. Obama never lived or worked in that state!
            Therefore, there is no reason on earth for his SSN to start
            with the digits 042.

            None whatsoever!

            Now comes the best part! J. P. Ludwig spent the final months
            of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama
            ‘s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham,worked part-time in
            the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and
            therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

            The Social Security Administration was never informed of
            Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social
            Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and
            therefore, no questions were ever raised.

            The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her
            grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born
            in Kenya, or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption
            by Lolo Soetoro, simply scoured the probate records, until
            she found someone, who died who was not receiving Social
            Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwig’s Connecticut
            SSN for her grandson Barry Obama.

          7. Jan says

            you sound pretty smart. also the hospital on his birth certificate in Hawaii did not exist when he was born it was renamed a few yrs later, also back in the 60’s for race they were referred to as negro, not African American, whoever forged his certificate did not do their research very well.

          8. ernldo says

            Yup, he was a known fraud and the media swept it under the rug. They are complicit in the treason and I hope to see them ALL burn for it!

          9. Combatvet52 says

            It’s gonna be a big fire.

          10. Combatvet52 says

            You got that right, Ovomit and his partner Michael and the two girls are a made up family by Soros…..very strange no records of any kind only the forgery….

          11. ernldo says

            ” on several occasions publishing things that just were not true. “… our loveable lame stream media?

          12. Ken says says

            Rich – when did they unseal all of the Obama’s records? Not like me to miss it.

          13. Harold Horwich says

            You don’t know if they are his????????? or rentals ??????

          14. ernldo says

            Rentals, for certain

          15. dux nobis28 says

            Rich time to do a little research Mivhelle aka Micheal Robinson is a man played collllage footbal for Oregon State the children are mores an and adopted probably Moroccan no birth certificates like everything else about them even thier identity and gender is a lie!

          16. Chi Sam says

            I’ll bet the lying Communists, that don’t even speak English, know the word is ‘nip’.

          17. sweetolbob says

            Why are the birth certificates of those two Obama girls hidden ?

          18. Sue Boclair says

            Read some where they’re not Obama’s and the beast’s.

          19. Combatvet52 says

            Because Ovomit, Michael, and the two girls do not exist, there are no records on any of them, it’s a FAKE made up family all planned by Soros.

          20. lou says

            they were born in space

          21. Louise Mitchell says

            Your sure about that?

          22. ernldo says

            You fell for it, the girls are borrowed….

          23. ernldo says

            You don’t find it odd that the future first “lady” hasn’t a single picture of his/her early years? No record of his/her birth? Nobody from his/her high school graduation or reunions remembers him/her? The daughters as well, no birth records? The ONLY thing we’ve found out is when Barry was “given” his US Senator seat, the Mooch was awarded a job at a Chicongo hospital, paying 165 large annually, and held this position until the tribe moved to the White House in 2009. His/her job was eliminated after he/she departed and NOBODY there EVER remembers seeing him/her on the job! Jeebus, THINK!

          24. Combatvet52 says

            Did you see any birth records Mr Pope ???? it’s a made up family by Mr Soros.

          25. dux nobis28 says

            Onoxo is a Moslem homosexual married to a mN I

          26. Linda says

            You are ignorant God Really Help Us! His wife is Michael Robinson, previously a football player (figures!) who complained he was a female locked in a male body. Even Barry called her/he Michael! Barack Obama Calls His “Wife” Michelle “Michael” Twice – YouTube

          27. Linda says

            Well as you expect PODESTA right there!

          28. Brenda Sinclair says

            not true those were not their daqughters or even adopted there are no birth records of those two girls being a robison or obama, michelle aka michael lavaughn robison. do not believe find those girls birth records

          29. HadEnough says

            Yes, It’s a good thing that o’bonehead can’t have a son, he would probably be just like his father.

          30. Frederick King says

            A Sasquatch. She would be good on the jerky commercials.

          31. Brenda Sinclair says

            so true he was married to a male trannie about the ugliest face i ever seen in my life i swear it looked like the backend of a b

      3. Dennis Anderson says

        Yes – yes – yes indeed Obama is now the official poster boy for Opiate stool softeners.
        Theres only one thing wrong about Obama replacing Alfred E Newman in this photo op?
        He always brings his own flies with him.

      4. Combatvet52 says

        With the ears ready for take off……..

    3. Frederick King says

      Find a good pic of hillaroid. I’ll post this at the dog park, on the dog pooh trash bin. The ultra-liberals there will have a tizzy. thank you for the funny pic.

        1. Frederick King says

          Perfect. thank you. I’ll post these on the pooh bag stations today. Thank you again. I’ve always been in the middle, but the ultra liberals have gotten out of control. Thank you again.

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
    4. SILENTHAMMER says

      Maybe you could merge a Carter-Obarrassment image??

        1. Frederick King says

          I’ve already put this, and the hillary taking a dump up at the dog park. The libs haven’t noticed them yet. They are on the canopy, over their heads at the table they sit and plot at. Funny. It’s like the pictures in the back ground in north korea behind the speaker’s back during a rally.

      1. cal3301 says

        When Reagan ran against Carter, I was asked to make a political poster with the slogan, “Don’t be fooled by the new look on the old a**.” In making it I decided to make the donkey look like Carter. In the end, I found it easier to make an a** out of Carter than a Carter out of an a**.

    5. robert sanders says


    6. rdells says

      Doesn’t even look like the blood-sucking orange shit-eating unstable, ignorant, madman, dumbass parasite dRumpf!!

      1. Pam Dunn says

        Had your donkey turd filled head up your anus long? Too bad no brain cells exist anywhere between your donkey ears.

      2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

        Its Obama the jive talkin dumbest retard President eva!!!!!!!!!!!! Ignorant, low energy Liberal racist loser,,,,you dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. sweetolbob says

          America supports:
          You forgot fake Social Security number. The little, pencil necked, muslim, squat doesn’t have one thing that isn’t phony !

          1. ernldo says

            I’ll expand on that……Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated
            to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN
            042-68-4425 (President Obama’s current SSN) rec’d on
            or about March 1977.

            Mr. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut .
            Because of that, his SSN begins with the digits 042, which
            are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut

            Barack H. Obama never lived or worked in that state!
            Therefore, there is no reason on earth for his SSN to start
            with the digits 042.

            None whatsoever!

            Now comes the best part! J. P. Ludwig spent the final months
            of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama
            ‘s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham,worked part-time in
            the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and
            therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

            The Social Security Administration was never informed of
            Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social
            Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and
            therefore, no questions were ever raised.

            The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her
            grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born
            in Kenya, or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption
            by Lolo Soetoro, simply scoured the probate records, until
            she found someone, who died who was not receiving Social
            Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwig’s Connecticut
            SSN for her grandson Barry Obama.

    7. EE says

      Trouble is, his purpose was dumb, since as a muslim his goal is to destroy the USA and make it an islamic country as Dearborn Michigan has become using sharia law instead of the Constitution or Michigan Law. He is smart to have fooled many but he is a deadly enemy! An illegal POTUS who should be in jail!

    8. Brenda Sinclair says

      i so agree with you add the most corrupt nasty criminal in the world was our president a gay with a gay trannie male dressed up in heels to be our woman first lady in fact a male so dishonored america, obama the muslim stole from us taxpayers to fund isis and terrorists groups

    9. Kat says

      This is an improvement on his real looks. He has quite a few legacies to leave behind, the ugliest president is just one. Shouldn’t fool with mother nature, salt and pepper don’t mix.

  8. jim jones says

    The lay of the land hasn’t changed around here, Phila. PA is infested with illegal wet backs and they are as happy as pigs in shit. When does the making America Great Again start???

    1. dranalog says

      As soon as we get rid of stupid liberal Judges.

      1. greenlantern1 says

        Was JUDGE JOHN J. SIRICA a “liberal”?

        1. ward says

          Wasn’t a U.S. Patriot with his abuse of power twist of laws ; was he a libtard ? YES , without any doubt he is not upholding U.S. National Security or LAWS when evading illegal invasions on all U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom & Rights !

    2. psychosally says

      when you locals get involved with your local government and assist trump

      1. greenlantern1 says


    3. Ibcamn says

      right around the corner…yep,here in wisconsin their are illegal migrants everywhere,my niece was raped and beaten for a whole weekend by 4 of them,ICE did nothing,deported them,and they are still coming back every season,they see me they wave and smile……it takes time,shit doesn’t happen overnight… this tiny town of 3K people,obama set sights on it for one of his relocation points for the rapists,i mean refugees,200 of them with more supposedly to follow…the school here,is now half empty…………

    4. greenlantern1 says

      Isn’t GETTYSBURG located in Pennsylvania?

    5. Joseph Carrilho says

      “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – have patience, friend.

    6. ward says

      Only been 4 months … ! You answer the question & help make the U.S. Great Again …. !

    7. Dana says

      As soon as obstructionist federal judges are impeached and removed.

  9. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Not hard enough or severe enough!

  10. NovelDog says

    The only sanctuary is Christ. Democrats and other criminal want sanctuary cities so they can defy the law of the land!

  11. tCotUS says

    ARREST SANCTUARY CITY OFFICIALS, Strip them of their citizenship…. End of Problem…

    1. pappy450 says

      THAT is an excellent idea. Chop off the head of the snake (“officials”) and the rest of the “body” will eventually DIE. When other “officials” see what is happening to their fellow “elites”, I believe they will “smarten up” and start to follow the LAW before THEY end up with the same fate.
      Just make sure they end up in a prison cell with the general population. (NO “special treatment”)

    2. Ibcamn says

      right on man…but all you would have to do is fire them and take all their pension and benny’s and any 401 and investments…they will fold.
      but i like your idea better………

    3. Mathew Molk says

      We can arrest them under 8 – section 1324 and put them away for 5 or 10 years, but it is not possible to strip them of their citizenship.

    4. ward says

      YES; and all the libtard crap is in every part of U.S. government that has to be eliminated to “Make the U.S. Great Again” ! In 8 years dem libtards have proven to be the #1 U.S. enemy !

  12. TexRancher says

    Liberals never let the truth stand in their way! Officials of “sanctuary cities/counties” should be held accountable for the crimes committed by those they enable!

  13. greenlantern1 says

    Ever hear of the MONTAGNARDS of Vietnam?
    Their papers are not in order.
    They EARNED their American citizenship, by fighting alongside, our GREEN BERETS!
    In many cases; there birth certificates were forged by the CIA!
    Should they, now, be turned over to Trump’s ICE??

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      The Montagnard people lived in better harmony with nature than any other
      people had at the beginning of the war in Viet Nam.
      They lived in the Central Highlands where other people stayed away from
      because it is a very difficult place to live.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I was there with the Yards. They were 100% on our side back in the late 60s, but what in the hell does that have to do with arresting the heads of the Sanctuary cities and their minions?

        BTW,,,,”Vietnam” is one word. xin loi Joe. You talk numba hukin teein

    2. pineapple says

      “Should they, now, be turned over to Trump’s ICE??”

      Answer: No, because, as you said, they “EARNED their American citizenship.”

  14. desert fox says

    Start first by getting rid of the Sanctuary Judges. Withhold all monies from these cities. My city in California has just declared itself a sanctuary city and they are raising our taxes to support their cause. People, it is time to make our voices heard.

  15. Sheilia Smith says

    My place of business is next to a Sanctuary Restaurant. I know by there own words what they are capable of ..The Cook is a Meth Addict and has been deported 2 times and has to serve a 10 year Jail Sentence before being Deported for life and the Brother of the Owner ids a Drug Dealer and many are driving without Drivers License and many of the Brazilians that drink everyday on there Patio drive Drunk without a License.. Criminal Minds from there Homeland .. Go President Trump..

    1. Mathew Molk says

      A quick phone call to ICE or the Federal Marshals?

      The number is in the book.

      Believe it or not, it is against the law to not report a felony crime and you are technically subject to arrest and are also technically in violation of US code 8, Section 1342 no matter what city you live in.

  16. Richard Daugherty says

    The reason for sanctuary cities is government officials are running drugs thru these gangs.People do not understand that most of our government are criminal.

  17. Bev Schewanick says

    Cut off all financial aid to illegals and they will self deort. No food stamps, no welfare, no WIC, no Section 8 housing, no schooling, no more free medical.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      They would probably stay here for the jobs. All you mentioned is just the cherry on top.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        And hiring them is also a violation of the misdemeanor section of US 8-1324. Anybody who hires an illegal also is subject to forfeit of any vehicles and/or property (like a factory) used in the commission of the crime and can also be sued for triple damages by competitors who lost business due to competition from the cheep labor.

        2-or 3 arrests and nobody would dare hire a loyal US citizen with a Spanish Accent.

        No welfare, No Section 8 housing, No driver’s licenses, No jobs = No wet backs. . – And the snowflakes said we could not deport 14 million of them. We would have to build new roads to Mexico.

      2. Bev Schewanick says

        Under E-Verify they won’t be hired. The US taxpayers pay $113 billion a YEAR to take care of them financially. Enough is enough. I am personally sick of having to pay for them.

  18. Gerry Costa says

    President Trump and the Justice Dept. really need to tell these libtard Mickey Mouse petty judges to take their moronic ruling and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. It has already been proven that the president has the power ti invoke a travel ban and the Justice Dept has the power to punish these pathetic sanctuary cities by not funding them. So just invoke them and tell these toy judges to go crap in their hats.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Works for me.

    2. ward says

      Telling these libtard asses anything doesn’t get these criminals out of circulation but indictments & prosecution with prison time eliminates all their illegal acts against U.S. Patriotic Citizens !

  19. gmhunt4 says

    Local sheriff, county sheriffs, police chiefs and mayors should be arrested as aiding and abetting criminals. Illegals are criminals, they broke the law by coming here….

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Breaking federal immigration law is punishable @ $10,000.00 (I believe)
      per offense.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Breaking US 8-1324 is punishable bu 5 to 10 years in the can.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      It’s all there in US 8 Section 1324 but Sessions won’t issue any indictments.

  20. george briar says

    In other news Hillary was apprehended in a hiking path for kicking over garbage cans an disturbing the peace and as she was led out of the park she continued to scream ‘Take your hands off me I’m the President.

    1. ward says

      That is the libtard media with a great twist & goes along with all dem lies they create ! No lie !

  21. JC says

    Just another lie from the communist democratic party—these type of lawless people need to be removed from our government

  22. Ibcamn says

    good,glad Trump is opening the eyes of this country…….for far too long,the minority have been saying and dictating what the whole country is doing….and that minority,seems to think they are the majority,they are not,now they are finding out and they don’t like it,because believe it or not….the majority of this country loves Trump;.

  23. ramrod says

    It is hard to believe we have such strong communist groups running our country.The American people need to start bringing there names to light and flush them out of our country.The Democrats want every one on food stamps,and section 8 housing.We are to kiss there ass and be glad they allow us to live,We are low life scumbag pukes.

    1. pineapple says

      “We are low life scumbag pukes.”

      Not to mention “deplorables.”

  24. Donald Lindsey says

    Every city that harbors any illegal from deportation should lose all federal funding from the federal government until they comply with the law – NO IF ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT. We veterans did not fright to keep America free just to see it turned in to a big pile of manure by illegals and radical Muslims.

  25. Ronnie says

    Thank God we got a human being elected and rid our self’s of the P.O.S. in chief so he thought!

  26. chuck stanford says

    Fire all those judges and affiliated government that breaks the law of this country.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Can’t do it. They are appointed for life.

      1. bttrap says

        that’s why we need term limits

  27. DonRS says

    Certainly, the most EVIL, Anti-American President EVER!

    1. ward says


      1. DonRS says

        Ward, how could I NOT be referring to OBAMA, the Muslim sock puppet for the gaggle of EVIL that disguised who and what he was and foisted him off on the American people? Only the same kind of people could think otherwise!

  28. ward says

    This sanctuary city protection of illegals is as illegal as the illegals … ! What the hell doesn’t these cities understand about the definition of illegal collusion against the U.S. Constitutional laws that are not the purpose to protect illegal foreigners invasion on the U.S. Patriotic Citizens Constitutional Rights ! Indict and prosecute these law violating asses in cuties that are destroying U.S. Citizens National Security !

  29. roger dodger says

    Oh my, another liberal dem bloodsucker lying, surprise suprise.
    There is a reason whey the liberal outlaws are AKA American Jihadists, they will tell any, lie advocate any theft or law breaking as along it advances their agenda

  30. elmcqueen3 says

    These County Sheriffs are all Democrats…Now you know why they stand up for Sanctuary Cities…It’s a disease they carry with them whether they wear a badge or not.

  31. Mathew Molk says

    Let’s pass a law,,,,That is all these do nothing politicians know. Pass a law, likely with no penalties, and then not have the balls to enforce it anyway. How, ’bout enforcing the ones we already have on the books and that have even been used before and gone through the appeals process like this one.

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens …

    Any mayor who gave orders to not to notify and detain wetbacks for ICE is subject to 5 to 10 years in some nice place like the federal hoosgow in Atlanta. The Sheriffs and police chiefs and others under their command too,,,,Then there the is RICO, as 2 or more constitutes a conspiracy A school Crossing guard could make this case the violations are so flagrant, but where Jeff, “the inert”,Sessions on this one. Playing chin music on the Sunday morning talk shows, that’s where. What has he done so far. Not a think I have heard of.

    Turn Dave Clark or Bo Dietl or some other guy like them loose and in 48 hours there will be no sanctuary nothing. A couple of arrests is all it will take,,,,and it the 9th district wants to declare § 1324 unconstitutional and try to overturn UNITED STATES v. ZHENG, United States Court of Appeals,Eleventh Circuit, 2002 which affirmed the law let the mayors and even governors and others that are arrested sit in the can awaiting the ruling. – Which will hold up even through the Subprime Court anyway.

    Below is a quick description of the law if you don’t want to look up and read the whole thing.
    The following is an overview of federal law on hiring and
    harboring illegal aliens. It is not a substitute for professional legal
    counsel in specific situations. (You can look up the whole law on line if you want)


    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization or LOCAL GOVERNMENT) commits a FEDERAL FELONY when he:


    who lacks employment authorization, by transporting,
    SHELTERING, or assisting him to obtain employment,
    encourages that alien to remain in the U.S., by referring him to
    an employer, by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way,


    Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, IMPRISONMENT of up to 10 years, and/or
    forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

    Anyone employing or contracting with an illegal alien without
    verifying his work authorization status is guilty of a misdemeanor.
    Aliens and employers violating immigration laws are subject to arrest,
    detention, and seizure of their vehicles or property. In addition,
    individuals or entities who engage in racketeering enterprises that
    commit (or conspire to commit) immigration-related felonies are subject
    to private civil suits for treble damages and injunctive relief.

  32. Tiger says

    Give the people of this country, every single State and town and hamlet the truth about the benefits these illegals get and by law that is against our laws, then let them know just how much money they cost this country, specifically their states and towns etc, money talks folks.

    While at it let the people know how much these refugees cost us, let them know how many extra hundreds of thousands came over through Tijuana and our Homeland Security caught busing them all over the place. Let them know that HUD is missing 500 billion dollars. That Obama took from mental programs, SS you name it to give money to both these factions.

    Tell the people the truth. Put up billboards with the numbers and truth on them across this highway. People who know the truth can fight. Ignorance is not bliss it is the death of America.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Hi Tiger,,,,,That is a good idea but I think arresting the criminal heads of a couple of the sanctuary cities for violation of US 8-1324 would be a lot quicker. Secrete indictment and sudden strike with a 10 min “leak” to the media before the take down.

      And there is nothing illegal or unethical about it. Arrests of criminal conspirators are done that way all the time. – Elliott Ness show boating can be very effective when properly applied. Kicking in the mayor’s door and hauling him out in hand cuffs sends a message no one can misunderstand and it the rule of law is back

      1. Tiger says

        I am with you 100% and have questioned and also criticized Trump for not taking one of these loud mouthed mayors to task. Yes our Federal Immigration laws on harboring, aiding, giving jobs to or transferring, knowingly illegals is jail time and huge fines. Take just one out, display them and that is the end of it.

  33. David in MA says

    This is only a part of the law:

    U.S. Attorneys » Resources » U.S. Attorneys’ Manual » Criminal Resource Manual » CRM 1500-1999 » Criminal Resource Manual 1901-1999

    1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offense

    8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to
    aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic
    transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring
    unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to
    enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and
    abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits
    bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States
    in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Been saying that for over a year. All Sessions has to do id issue a couple of indictments for high profile mayors of sheriffs and the rest will fold like a cheap Chinese lawn chair.

      The sight of that snotball in Chi-town being loaded into the back of the wagon by o couple of US marshals would be all it would take to end this sanctuary bullshit. It all above board too.

      What ever happened to the law is the law. Guess commie Comey and the cackling witch pretty much put an end to that.

      1. David in MA says

        I blame it as starting with slick willie allowing illegals in, maybe even before him, but he really “suspended” the immigration laws.

  34. Tiger says

    This was May of this year. Where is Trump?????????????

    1. Mathew Molk says

      And Jeff “the inert” Sessions. – Doesn’t he have a pen an phone too. Maybe he is short on affidavit to obtain a warrant forms. Did Lynch throw them away and not order any more from the Bur. of Printing?
      Hey Jeff. If you hand write the on a yellow pad they are still good.

      1. Tiger says

        Amen, now I know they have done great things daily, the list is long but this is urgent. This is the main reason along with getting rid of the Radical Islamists that he was voted into office.

    2. AntiGOP says

      ****** WND *****

      The scum of all websites in the WORLD…run by TAX evading evangelicals.

      ***** TRUE SCUM ****

  35. Ron C says

    And the fine print of the report, that is often sited, compares illegal alien to the criminal population in this country, NOT the non-criminal population…we know this thanks to Ann Coulter’s reading of the report, something the democrat’s & liberal news media will never do!

    1. AntiGOP says
  36. ernldo says

    All city and state leaders that have encouraged and promoted these sanctuary ideas should be prosecuted, stripped of US citizenship and exiled…they are merely TRAITORS!

  37. Tiger says

    None of the news, none of it has shown any of this, not even FOX. The American people, as a whole don’t have a clue what has happened to us, that Trump can’t even get a REAL number of how many people are here, how many Somalians, Iraqi, Haitians, Afghani you name it, now during the Congressional investigations the border guards told Congress what was happening, they were also told that Obama told ICE to release over 80,000 criminal illegals back into our country. Congress knew people. These people have to go we cannot afford them.

    1. AntiGOP says
  38. chief1937 says

    By refusing to enforce federal law sanctuary cities are themselves breaking the law and should be punished just like anyone else does. But we already see where liberal federal judges block the law which puts them in the same category as law breakers. Our legal system is broke and needs renewal.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Clear violation of US 8-1342 and also RICO stats.

      Time for some indictments and arrests.

      1. AntiGOP says

        US 8-1342 Civil penalty for overloading certain vehicles

        And a Trump uses a Molk to wipe his ass…

    2. bttrap says

      we need term limits for these judges

    3. AntiGOP says

      chief1937 • 5 hours ago
      By refusing to enforce federal law sanctuary cities are themselves breaking the law and should be punished just like anyone else does. But we already see where liberal federal judges block the law which puts them in the same category as law breakers. Our legal system is broke and needs renewal.

      ****************** TOTAL BULLSHIT FROM A ASSHOLE **********************************

  39. George T Horvat says

    Anyone in this country illegally is committing an ongoing crime. That means that these sanctuary cities “have” the highest crime rate in the country, not the lowest. Illlegal entry into The United States must go into the statistics and cannot be ignored just because there is no accompanying crime of another nature.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      And I’m sureLA, San Fran Sissieco and Chi Town have way a lower rate of violant crime then the national average,,,,,In a pigs eye.

    2. AntiGOP says

      George T Horvat • 5 hours ago
      Anyone in this country illegally is committing an ongoing crime.

      Agreed…So when is Melania Trump leaving.

      1. George T Horvat says

        Uhh, ya got me with that one because I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you?

        1. AntiGOP says

          She made false filings on immigration form before she met the Tr(ump)aitor.!!

  40. Tiger says


    1. AntiGOP says


      Total fucking bullshit lie…

      1. AntiGOP says

        Almost all were released on BAIL.!!!
        A minor detail that Chumpetz forgot to mention.

        Although GWB accelerated criminal immigrant deportations, Obama accelerated GWB’s count by 10 fold each year for 8 years FOCUSING on the CRIMINALS.
        Trumps program expanded to families of men women and children with minor infarctions or issues otherwise breaking up productive to America individuals and families.

  41. SD of AZ says

    Once again in the dem wit world the sheriff’s of sanctuaries have proved they are tools and liars, cheats and thieves as usual. Remove these enemies from their positions. They are not serving their communities lawfully and they are in fact endangering their legal populations to protect the hordes of welfare sucking illiterate illegal aliens. Those who are here illegally must be deported NOW. And those who protect them illegally must be punished!

  42. John Williams says

    There is a big uproar over the “withholding” of tax dollars from these cities and states, fact, if you depend on someone else for something (federal subsidies,) that someone, (the federal government) controls you, this is applicable for “anything” you depend on someone else for. Think food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing, obama phones, the provider CONTROLS you. Those who seem to have such a big problem need only look back at the 55 MPH speed limit enforced by the federal government by simply withholding federal highway funds, how many states defied that directive. The fact is, these cities and states who harbor illegals, effect us ALL not just themselves, cut them all off, they do not need my tax money

  43. geneww1938 says

    And no not forget to build that wall with our federal funds.
    President Trump’s team is brilliant and building the Border Wall will be the smartest and greatest investment ever made by the USA government.!!! Forget repayment by Mexico and ignore a tax. Besides the carnage from drug pouring in, look at these costs.
    1] The 2011 Martin & Ruark “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on US Taxpayers” “estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 Billion; nearly $29 Billion at the federal level and $84 Billion at the state and local level”.
    Today’s and future costs are significantly greater.
    2] The $113 Billion did not include the cost of humans and illicit drugs trafficking, lost citizen’s wages, the society’s drug users and crime victims nor positive benefit factors as less crime from repeat deported criminals, safer streets and communities.
    3] The recent MIT and the anti-Trump Washington Post’s fact checker estimated the wall cost could be as high as $25 to $41 Billion for the entire border length.
    4] Reducing the annual costs by 10%, the worse-case Wall Cost would be repaid within 2 to 4 years !!!
    5] When did any government (or any financial adviser) make an investment with a 25% to 50% return within the first year followed by that annuity for life?
    6] It would be just a bonus if Mexico made any repayment
    7] Even I would invest in a limited 5% bond to be repaid in within 10 years from the above savings. That bond issue would generate too much money if made available.

  44. Dana says

    Here is the way to end this liberal sanctuary cities crime once and for all. De-fund sanctuary cities. Put their complicit city leaders in jail. Close any and all federal offices that are in sanctuary cities and move them to other non-sanctuary cities. Tell the federal employees their jobs are no longer in sanctuary cities and that they must move out of them. Sell off all former federal offices in sanctuary cities and that will give them the message.

  45. daveveselenak says

    The End of Age days – GOOD is EVIL and EVIL is GOOD; to think that we are not living in this time is to be a fool! R.I.P. USA!

  46. Jmanjo says

    The courts are politically corrupt for staying Trump’s orders. The Sanctuary cities are in American and are not backed up by the majority of Americans. The media is once again lying through their teeth and they do not make sense when they discuss the issue. The corrupt inept politicians pushing breaking the immigration laws should be arrested as well and dealt with. They are totally off the reservation

  47. James Langham says

    Next they will rationalize that blacks are here illegally.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      We’re not that lucky!

      1. James Langham says

        Typical from a racist dwelling in the proverbial “Basket of Deplorables.” Of course I do understand that’s a badge of courage for said inhabitants.

        1. Rodney Steward says

          LOL, Exactly my friend!! 🙂

  48. james gould says

    Serious crime offenders, jail or deportation, we don’t need terrorists, drug peddlers in our society.

  49. marcus johannes says

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists , Arrogant Angry Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries , Four County Sheriffs including Sally Hernandez ????? Any law enforcement officer that supports , Defends ,Panders to or Advocates for Foreign Criminal Invaders that are at the very least guilty of one felony and two misdemeanors for entering this country illegally must loose their job , Any elected Law Enforcement Officer must be removed from office ,Charged with violating their oath ,Harboring ,Aiding a Felon in the commission of a crime and sent to jail for no less then five years and fined the maximum allowable by Federal Law , Part of the proceeds from these fines must be given to the many Family`s that are the victims of illegal alien crimes , Foreign Criminal Invaders murder 10 to 12 United States Citizens every single day

  50. R. T. says

    The states are doing what the 9th wont let Trump do !!!!!

  51. GuardianFlame says

    Officer Sally Hernandez obviously was quoting false facts. Perhaps she has some illegal immigrants in her own family she is trying to protect?? Whatever the reason, CHECK YOUR RESEARCH FACTS BEFORE QUOTING or you’ll make a fool of yourself Officer Hernandez!

    Nice try “Illegal Alien Lover”. Start supporting the IMMIGRATION LAWS OF AMERICA Sheriff Hernandez instead of your own personal agenda of supporting those who BROKE OUR AMERICAN LAWS BY SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!

    ★★★If you Sheriff Hernandez can’t protect our American Laws, go to Mexico and work for them! YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE U.S. JUST LIKE THE ILLEGAL ALIENS!★★★

  52. Jeanne says

    There should be no taxpayer funding for sanctuary cities, counties or states. If they cannot or will not follow federal law then they don’t deserve funding. As for the Americans living there, it’s up to them to inform their law enforcement and local government that they must comply or be voted out or fired! It’s really that easy. The power is in OUR hands folks and it’s time we showed the government that We the People know what we want and will stand by our desires to improve our country and make it great again and strong again and mostly safe again!

  53. Frederick King says

    I do not believe the “lower crime rate” in sanctuary cities. If all illegals were gone from San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles alone, the over all crimes committed in America would go down. Just being here, as an illegal is a crime, so 11 million less crimes would be committed.

  54. rick meek says

    Fighting back is long OVERDUE…..Man – They’ll really flip NOW —- Like they haven’t pulled out the big guns yet…..Campaign trail – they said he wasn’t a politician and had NO RIGHT seeking the nomination —- After WINNING – they said he and russia cheated – They compared him to hitler – Now it’s Nixon – the MSM going “OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN” —- DC going off the rails —– I think people did good by electing a “monkey wrench” to throw at these elitist A-Holes…..THE TIME OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN AND ELITES ARE OVER……

  55. Craig Vandertie says

    Hello Mr. Trump, but Federal judges do not have the authority nor the legal rights to bastardize the sentiments of, defy or make laws and should be arrested for doing so, to me it seems that you are allowing them to not only stop you in doing the will of the people, but jeopardizing the physical saftety and emotional peace of mind of the people well.

    Federal funding is not a privilege for criminal judges to play with arrest those judges as in now.

  56. El Dee Bee says

    PolitiFact, however, concluded: “There’s no such FBI report.”
    Just standard procedure for the Left – if there are no facts to back up your arguement, just MAKE THEM UP as you go along.

  57. Jesustheonlyway says

    Those who oppose America’s defense against all foreign intruders are traitors and should be charged as such.

  58. Jesustheonlyway says

    Not protecting our country from foreign invaders is treason.



  60. Sharrell Burcham says

    Very happy to see this get started. We have laws obey them!

  61. says

    The legacy this fraud has left is the worst president ever, the one who took down the whole liberal liar demonrat party in just 8 years. Thank you fraud, and now thanks to this loser, the demonrats are building President Trumps wall and they don’t even know it. lol

    1. AntiGOP says
      1. The Capatin says

        Isn’t that your mother?

        1. AntiGOP says

          No…but it sure looks like you pissed on your leg…Fucking Idiot.!!