Students Fight For Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


It’s hard to imagine, with all the problems in the world, how one might arrive on gender-neutral bathrooms as the cause to fight for. It’s even harder to imagine how more than one person might decide that this is the defining battle of our time. But at California Polytechnic University, at least a handful of students have determined that they can’t rest until transgenders can do their business without worrying about which stall to use.

Led by the Queer Student Union, the students organized a “shit-in,” demonstrating the usual class and grace we’ve come to expect from the extreme left. This protest involved setting a toilet in the middle of the CPU campus and covering it with banners that advertised the cause. What is that cause? According to the group’s Facebook page, they want the university to “establish more accessible all-gender bathrooms, in addition to adding ‘Gender Diversity’ signs to existing gendered bathrooms.” As of the time of this writing, CPU officials had yet to respond.

Of course, it makes just as little sense to get worked up about their fight for these bathrooms as it does for them to pursue the fight in the first place. Whether they succeed or fail in their cause makes almost no difference in the grand scheme of things. Yes, the dominoes will fall and eventually every public building in America will meet the LGBT definition of Gender Diversity. But this, like gay marriage, is unlikely to be a culture fight that conservatives can win. America is changing. Some of these changes can and should be resisted. Some of them can’t. This probably falls into the latter category.

But it would do us some good to contemplate where all of this is headed. Is that possible? Can we take off the angry-glasses for a moment, put down the pitchforks, and just think about the endgame? Assuming that gays and transgenders didn’t just pop into existence a few decades ago, maybe we should start by asking why there aren’t already gender-neutral bathrooms. Why did it take thousands of years to get to gay marriage?

Hidden in those questions is a serious one: What is best for society? And why, if these leftist proposals are best, did it take this long for things to change so dramatically?

This is what unsettles me most about liberals, especially those on the far end of the spectrum (because, as we’ve seen, the extreme becomes mainstream in the blink of an eye). They have no regard for history. They look at the present, decide there is a problem, and then they push forward with a solution. But they never look back. They see themselves as the first intelligent humans to walk the planet, ignoring the possibility that maybe some of these issues have come up before. And maybe they were settled a long time ago. And maybe, just because something feels right, there is a reason we don’t have some of the things they think we should have.

That’s not an argument against transgender bathrooms; it’s a plea for some quiet, thoughtful caution. But then, if caution and history informed these movements, one might wonder if these movements would exist at all.

  1. highwayman says

    We are slowly becoming a society that is beyond morals or common rules of right or wrong that our country and our people are walking into hell singing. No society can stand without some standard of what is write and what’s is wrong. Without morality without having the creator of all life and his rules as a guide we are nothing but walking blind souls. I used say I pray that some where we still had a Lot standing at the Gates burning incent and praying for forgiveness to stay Gid’s vengeance against us. The righteous suffer along with the wicked if we fail to stand against. Such perversion. People can be so stupid when they do not even respect even the laws of God. It does not matter if you do not know him, trust me on this, he knows you. You did not create yourself, you were create long ago by god through Adam. He owns every living thing on this planet and he can do with it what ever he wants to with his property. So the we sin , the more you are insulting the owner of this world. We are close to judgement all brought about by the exact same conduct and perversions and immoralities that Got another city destroyed once long ago. The sad thing is we want even recognize why it happened when it does. It is coming God said it is, ways to all sin is death. The entire Bible is full of warnings regarding sin no matter what type it is as well as the punishment for failing to listen and repent.

    1. Dan Pressler says

      i would suggest a minor edit – replace slowly with rapidly 🙁

      1. amazed108 says

        and write with right

    2. Goodforall says

      Total sickness and madness now rule our society! These kids have no freaking clue whatsoever.

      1. Plainlogic says

        Don’t blame it on the KIDS, who’s the instructors of our colleges? schools? education system. When you answer those questions, you’ll know the rest of the story.

        1. Ms_V says

          I have taught at a public community college for over ten years. Any “alternative” lifestyle is embraced, Christianity is degraded, never thought I would see the day. But, before the instructors, there were the parents — what are they teaching their kids? It ALWAYS comes back to the family, although the educational system certainly is not helping. Parents no longer raise their kids, they let the TV, video games, and people on the streets raise them. That’s where the story begins.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t know much about the community or regular college crowd, but the last part of your post. Was the GOSPEL. Parents are always putting their responsibilities off on others, and gadgets to raise their children. I think kids should work, minor jobs after school. Either house chorus, or a part time job. Depending on age and grades.
            An idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop, and he likes them young!

          2. hangem'high says

            Try unsupervised internet, and Hollywood,

          3. catman says

            You are absolutely correct. Having worked the Federal Prison System for 25 years, I have seen the results of family disfunction and it ain’t pretty either.

  2. marla1 says

    You want gender neutral bathrooms , prove you are castrated! what makes these sickos want to be in the same bathroom when a real female is changing her tampon or sanitary pad? Sick , sick society we are becoming!!

    1. Ms_V says

      Excellent. I think it must make them feel as if they “belong”, like a “real girl” — but it will never be the truth no matter how much they use their shrill obscenities to try to make it so.

      1. Jarhead says

        Correct Ms. V – – – – perversion remains queer not matter how they try to white wash it!

    2. Morton212 says

      Is than normally an event that has an audience ? I always thought that kind of thing should be done privately, in a stall.

      1. Tonya Price says

        Not in the men’s- there are men’s rooms with open urinals. But most ladies’ rooms have closed stalls. We ladies (bio-females, that is…LOL) generally have to either hike up our skirts and/or drop our drawers to do our business- which is the reason for doors on the stalls. Nobody should want to watch that.

      2. marla1 says

        Men don’t understand that all female are not in all stalls!! sometimes you have to ask a female to get items for you which would make the average born FEMALE totally uncomfortable! Why the hell do you sicko have a problem using the bathrooms you have used for a hundred years or more, sickos????

        1. Morton212 says

          Then they will have to become less scatty I guess then, won’t they. Men manage to use a stall without help, so why not women ?

    3. john robel says

      Yup, I remember the woman journalist who went into an NFL locker room and was shocked and angered when the boys shook their junk at her. You get what you ask for. Now that was funny.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Was it the winning or losing teams locker room?

  3. 2Shadow2 says

    Well, if you want a solution that we the majority can probably live with, it’s real simple. For health clubs, schools and mixed gender facilities, you simply have three restrooms. Men, women and other.

  4. abobinmn says

    This is just crazy. I don’t want women farting and stinking up rest rooms while I’m there.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      …….Would it make you cry? Make you breakdown? Shatter your illusions of love?
      Would the stench come over you now? Would you know how, to pick up the pieces and go home?
      I’m against tranny bathrooms also.

      1. abobinmn says

        Yes, yes, yes, yes and no. I’m with you Mark.

    2. Jarhead says

      As a manager in a huge Corporation one thing is certain females tend to leave restrooms disgustingly filthy. Why would anyone else want to use a Women’s Restroom?

  5. Morton212 says

    I can not think of anything more trivial than worrying about the gender of the person in a lavatory stall. Don’t you people have more important issues to deal with ?

    1. Bird says

      Unless some he/she is using the sink I wash my hands in as a urinal!

    2. Ms_V says

      You will never understand, because you don’t want to understand — you would rather bloviate and grandstand. I had three gay cousins — none of them would advocate for this — not the male, nor the two females. The male cousin is long gone from AIDS (sadly, he was a great guy), and one of the female cousins decided over ten years ago that she was no longer gay (after twenty years with the same partner), and now dates only males (no one has asked her why). Pretty brazen to think that we all have to agree with you on this. I leave you to your beliefs, leave others to theirs. Don’t you people have more important issues to deal with?

      1. Morton212 says

        Don’t you find it rather a bizarre leap – from a discussion of the need to relieve oneself in a public bathroom to a discussion of your family history and its sexual identifications ?

        1. Ms_V says

          Lol! Didn’t know you considered anything bizarre! Good for you! You DO believe in absolutes! That is a start.

    3. Miss Mellie says

      And don’t you have a penis? or have you cut it off?

      1. Morton212 says

        I guess you will have to dwell on that prurient thought for the rest of your life.

      2. Jarhead says

        Morton is obviously a LGBTQ paid troll with lots of free time thanks to welfare….doubt he/she/it/not sure, will ever admit which?

        1. Morton212 says

          Just for the record, I am neither an LBGT paid troll, nor a welfare recipient. I am however, delighted to find such a crazed and totally trivial discussion about basic human functions, which many on this site seem to confuse for sexual activity

  6. Todd Goins says

    There is no reason to have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms. If you need to use the bathroom, use the correct one that pertains to the gender you were born with and still currently hold between your legs. Its your decision as a woman to still be a woman but want to dress, act and look like a man. But that doesn’t make you a man nor should it allow you to use a man’s bathroom. And the same would apply to a man dressing and acting like a woman. Now if a person has completed the corrective surgery to alter their anatomy then use the bathroom that applies. I understand and have heard from many who say we are just using the bathroom. Not there to look, grope, rape, molest anyone’s kids. That is all great, but the fact is its simply not morally right and common rules are use the correct bathroom. Most of society doesn’t want this or believe in this despite the so-called surveys. Those surveys out there are simply lies and are trying to say that today most of society doesn’t care, when in fact most of society still does care. So for the love of just using the bathroom, use the correct one and everyone will be happy and this subject can be put to rest. People are tired already of the LGBT trying to shove their points on every little thing down people throats, no pun intended here.

    1. Ms_V says

      We natural born females (most of us, anyway) very MUCH care if there is a former male in the stall next to us, although I have no idea how men feel about the converse situation. No way. Let them have their gender-neutral bathroom if it keeps them out of mine. You can alter the parts, you cannot alter the brain. Criminals say they are not there to steal, rape, or molest either – do we always believe them? Hell no. Stay out of my bathroom and dressing room — their “change” is their problem to deal with, not mine. I will stay out of their “gender neutral” areas, they can stay out of my “gender-specific” areas – I don’t care what their “new parts” say they are, their brain has not been transplanted.

      1. Morton212 says

        You have to be joking! What do you have to fear from a male who has been gender reassigned including a vagina made from a shredded penis ?

        1. cal3301 says

          She has her grounds as not all transgenders have fully changed their sex and there are the pervs out there that will dress accordingly to go all out. Nothing, is a given, anymore.

          1. Morton212 says

            Would you require a pants dropping ceremony for the benefit of those already using a bathroom – so they can be sure the person who has just entered is the right gender ?

          2. cal3301 says

            I frankly, don’t give a damn. I stated that she had HER GROUNDS

          3. Robert says

            Great post. THAT is something that is SO overlooked, and something that can be used to counter the “freaks have a right” issue to push it down normal peoples throats. Hey, speaking of freaks….Denmark just outlawed beastiality. Now, I hope those muslem countries will follow suit to save the goats and camels from unnecessary abuse.( sorry, it just popped into my head…something must be contagious on this site…got to go)

          4. LastGasp says

            LOL,,,that reminds me,
            Q; Why do they call camels “ships of the desert?”
            A: Because they are filled with moslem semen.

          5. john robel says

            I knew a guy that went to a bar, met a “woman”, and when he grabbed a hand full of cock, he beat the shit of the lying bastard. GOOD FOR HIM, the tranny asked for it.

          6. Morton212 says

            I bet he got two black eyes and a couple of teeth knocked out for trying to take advantage of her.

          7. Robert says

            You need to stop. You are rooting for the perverse side( as is your right of OPINION) but as is usual from those that wish to destroy our family morals/ value system doesn’t give a rats butt if they do such a thing. As was stated earlier on here, there should be a single bathroom for the queers, trans-whatever- genders. They should NOT be able to use the “normal” people’s rest rooms. If they so choose to be “special”, after their sex organs have been altered, then they should be REQUIRED to only use the ” she/he ” stall single bathroom. I sure don’t want Burnice Jenner sitting on a toilet next to my wife.

          8. Morton212 says

            Your problem, Robert, is that you are very unlikely to ever know what the natural gender of anyone is who happens to be in the next stall to you – or to your wife. So perhaps you should just put it to rest.

          9. Robert says

            Actually, being from a professional medical background career, I believe I have just a little tiny better “understanding” of medical issues. Now, I must say, I am NOT a transgender reassignment doctor, but, I do know that a child is not born with the wrong body parts. And a child( unless they are born with both sets of genitalia) is either MALE or FEMALE. God doesn’t make no junk. One of my favorite saying! But it is society, that alters and influences a growing child to be pushed one way or the other. And then there is the Hormone issue. Hormones, the most powerful “messengers”, and some say that hormones are more powerful than a minds “will”. I am not going to sit here and debate such medical rational with you. I have better use of time. And , by reading your other replies, you fall into the grouping of Left Wing Liberalism, for which, so far, there is no found cure. Got to run, hope you get well. And God Bless

          10. Morton212 says

            Good! Lets hope then that this is the last titbit of sage advice you will offer on this subject. The physical attributes of a human being are not the only attributes that deserve recognition for sexual identity. But you probably never considered that now did you.

          11. Robert says

            Bet you never considered MORALITY either. I am a normal human, who grew up using the “men’s” room, married a female, reproduced, and am a productive, HELPFUL, TAX PAYER. You, are most likely the exact opposite. A degenerate, attracted tothe same sex, live off the guv dole, and push immorality. And, GODLESS.

          12. Morton212 says

            It really did not take much to release the ad hominum sneers and stereotyping which seem to be behind all of your ‘moralizing’.. I guess I made my point rather easily – with your help.

          13. LastGasp says

            Afraid of the truth?

          14. Mark Clemens says

            …….Or George Michaels next to my wife and daughters!!!!!

        2. Ms_V says

          You have just made my point about how men can be altered but the mind stays the same, by your callous disregard of my opinion and your attempt to shock me. Thank you. Only a man (or someone that thinks as a man) would have stated what you have stated, and not have realized that it is not only a safety issue, but a modesty issue – one with which men seem to have very little trouble. I allowed that transsexuals should have their own space, I certainly am entitled to mine — with no former males. Get over yourself, I don’t care what you do with your body parts, keep them away from me. That is my right, regardless of your rude retorts.

          1. Morton212 says

            I would suggest that the mind leads, and the reassignment follows, actually.

          2. Ms_V says

            Obviously not — otherwise, that “feminine” leading mind would understand why natural-born women do not want transgenders in their restrooms and dressing rooms.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            This whole thread gives a new meaning to that song
            You Make me Feel like a Natural Woman…….
            Mixed w/a dash of Dazed and Confused.

          4. hangem'high says

            Gender neutral, is a figment of an imaginary condition, which do you classify as neutral but an unstable mind!

        3. Jarhead says

          Lets see HIV, AIDS and any number of other STD’s ?

          1. Morton212 says

            Well firstly AIDS is not contracted gender specifically. And secondly, why on earth would a gender reassigned male be interested in sexual molestation of a woman ? And thirdly – why would you think they are likely to have STDs ?

          2. Hoping4Change says

            Any wonder those diseases are on the rise, especially with the fight for homosexual marriage, etc.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Well, the Death Do Us Part clause will happen sooner…….
            Ashes to Ashes
            Dust to Dust
            If Morton212 of stuck w/women
            He’d be alive like us……….
            AIDS, HIV, STD are just a stall away!

        4. Concerned Citizen says

          It’s not shredded. It’s redesigned. Works and functions as any other vagina minus the uterus.

        5. LastGasp says

          Stupidity? Ignorance?

      2. DivineEncounters says

        But you see my dear, they don’t want to stay out of your face or your place. They want to be in our faces daily with everything that they project onto society.

        Messing with hormones messes with already messed-up minds so what do we expect?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ………A hissy fit, what else?

      3. T. VOGT says

        Rape isn’t about the SEXUAL ASSAULT ONLY, It is about control and fear and degradation.. so I don’t want a “male or a she-male” in my locker room or bathroom. because they may be violently disappointed at the ‘change’ once it’s done.. So Morton212 You can have your opinion, but I still don’t want to share the room if their is an alternative. Certainly don’t want a small child exposed to it either.. Just my opinion and thankfully still able to express it in this country.

        1. junkmailbin says

          you got it, . When dealing with deviates you need to prevent deviate behavior not foster it

          1. Hoping4Change says

            A good defense is a great offense! I’ll not wait to find out if that person is a deviate or not, I don’t want them in the ladies room with me.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Thats true. If this bathroom thing flys. Maybe the burglars will form a Union, and lobby congress to make locking our doors illegal. After all locking your door, shows distrust towards your neighbors. That might hurt their feelings, like the Nancy Boy’s having to use the Men’s Room hurts their feelings.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          I think you may be on to something here, in your next to last sentence.
          You/ we all know homosexuals can’t reproduce. No matter how good their gender reassignment doctor is. There for MAYBE they want to expose our children to except this queer way of life, at the youngest ages possible Think about it, all kids will use a public bathroom at least twice a week. I’m talking pre-school kids here. I’d say school aged kids grades 5-12 use public restrooms at least three times a day. Kids, do ask questions……….
          Do we want sexually confused people answering our kids questions in a public toilet?????
          Not me!

      4. James Maxwell says

        I have been in countries where men and women used the same toilet facilites. I can
        tell you from experience that for a normal American Male it is quite unsettling for a
        woman to squat next to me to use the bathroom even with a partition between us.
        But I have gone to some pro sport events where the women’s line was miles long and
        have had a women come in and use the men’s stall. I cannot say I blame then in that
        event since ours were almost empty. Most men just need to whiz and be gone while
        it take much longer for “real women” to take care of the same business. I think that
        is why more women avoid sporting events.
        But back to the problem at hand. if I saw some “Male” enter a ladies restroom
        and my wife was in there I would politely tell him to leave or if necessary help
        him leave. I have yet to see a real woman enter the male facilities except in
        an emergency and it had to be a really bad on at that.

        1. john robel says

          I wouldn’t be polite about it.

      5. Hoping4Change says

        Absolutely and AMEN! How do we know that the “supposed” female next to us is not a rapist in cross-dress attire!

        1. Morton212 says

          How would you ever know unless they demonstrate their anatomy ?

          1. hangem'high says

            Then they don’t need Gender neutral bath rooms!

        2. Concerned Citizen says

          How do you know that a person carrying a gun isn’t gonna shoot you? Same thing.

      6. Tonya Price says

        All the more reason for the 1-stall single unisex bathroom with a locking door. Not only is this a good idea for fathers with young daughters (or mothers with young sons) but also, that way anyone whose hardware doesn’t align with their “gender identity” has a safe place to go and no one else needs be offended or afraid.

        1. LastGasp says

          That’s way too easy and common sense for the queer generation.

      7. Concerned Citizen says

        Thats one opinion.

      8. guest says

        They weren’t born with much more of a brain than they were a pen is.

    2. Plainlogic says

      Kudos! we do have some people with common sense left. I also assume, and I hate to use that word “assume” but, I assume you think outside the box also. Common sense and looking where all this is coming from gives direction…

      1. azsequaya says

        I prefer the word Presume,, to Assume,,,

    3. MARYSWEET says

      You have stated the situation very clearly and I agree with you. I would never use a transgender bathroom and who is to say the people using that bathroom really are transgender? This is just another LGBT ploy to get everyone to accept their perverted way of life and to encourage young people to join in their lifestyle.

      1. LastGasp says


      2. Mark Clemens says

        Yep! If they can’t reproduce and show their NATURAL Children their way of life. That just leaves our children to RECRUIT.What better place to bring such an unholy subject up w/a child, than a pubic toilet? When a young girl asks a tranny
        “Mr. Why do you dress like a girl, and use the girls room”
        Then comes the recruitment speech.
        I can see through this BS, like glass………

        1. MARYSWEET says

          Unfortunately, that is what the liberal leftists are doing today. Erasing any chance of a sense of morality and right and wrong. It is so disgusting and we are paying for this loss of a family foundation of a man and a woman. Even a single parent struggles to maintain a sense of security for a child.

    4. Morton212 says

      The only point you make which is realistic -is that no one will know what gender you are, if you use a bathroom stall. So its all really much ado about nothing.

    5. Tonya Price says

      I’ve always thought that if you are in the minority it’s on YOU to adjust, not the other way around.

      1. Todd Goins says

        So your saying Tonya, its the LGBT that needs to adjust since they aren’t the majority but instead the minority. And just the right thing is using the correct bathroom based on your correct gender.

  7. Ms_V says

    I pretty much agree with 2Shadow2. I would designate one bathroom for “whatever”, and then they would be required to stay out of all of the other bathrooms–this should be implemented EVERYWHERE. I would be glad to let them have this “perk” so that I would know that a neutered male was not sitting in the stall next to me (or my daughter.)

  8. BuddyBoy53 says

    Keep,the mental,rejects focused on the irrelevant while you destroy he country. Hard to believe how stupid people are getting in a modern world…

    1. mlimberg says

      I can only smile, as I’ll be long gone, to Heaven I hope and these kids will have to live with their mess…..

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Americans need JOBS, not a new place to take a dump or piss!!!

  9. Plainlogic says

    Of COURSE, it’s California! Where else? The strangest left liberal ideology and protests of unthinkables come from California. Home of the absurd!

    1. mlimberg says

      Land of Fruits and Nuts….

      1. azsequaya says

        Californicate is JUST LIKE a POST Cereal,,, Take out the Fruits & Nuts,,?? ALL you have left is “FLAKES” !!!!

    2. Susan Agati says

      Not only CA it’s spreading across the nation, here in NY, too.

  10. BuddyBoy53 says

    I fail to see how having your penis amputated makes you a woman… It makes you a man without a penis… Your DNA does not change.

    1. Morton212 says

      How do you feel about men that have been gender reassigned from being born a woman ? Should they use the ladies or the gents ?

      1. Miss Mellie says

        Whom do you think your fooling with that “macho photo,” 212? Are you a little sissie who feels and is inadequate? Shut up. You’re a fool.

        1. Morton212 says

          Well, Mellie, can you answer the question or are you content to attempt to demean me ?

          1. Taking care of business! says

            Yeah, Morton, what are you doing with my photo? No wonder my picture-space has become vacant, like people who nitpick about posting-photos. I’m just irked over the number of people that are using the one I originally submitted, Apollo 10 rounding the Earth and photographing the moon. All of you copycats are in my class-action lawsuit, including BuddyBoy53 with that egg-thing.

          2. Morton212 says

            That snap is on my camera and actually water-marked with my name. So you may need to update your eye-glass prescirption.

          3. Taking care of business! says


          4. LastGasp says

            Fooled you, eh? Or maybe the wannabe sympathy object is lying? Naw, the queer bunch never lie, right?

          5. DP says


          6. Faye Hayes says

            Sounds like jealousy to me. Why don’t you post a photo of yourself ? Is it because you’re too fucking ugly& would scare everyone away?

          7. DP says

            yo fabes… was JUST AN OBSERVATION…….SORRY U R PROBABLY ON T.V….

          8. medivac says

            It all depends on their plumbing at the time !!

          9. Morton212 says

            Now that is a reasonable response -not that it should matter to anyone behind the privacy of a locked stall.

          10. Mike Stempo says

            I have yet to see female equipment pull up to me at the airport urinal, let alone not make a mess. What about female to male? How does that work across all relevant topics?

            We have SO MANY other issues to address. We’re already paying for those poolside lifts at motels THAT I HAVE YET TO SEE SOMEONE USING! SOCIETY IS SLOWLY BEING FORCED INTO INSANITY BY INTIMIDATION BY THE MINISCULE OF MINISCULE MINORITIES.

          11. Morton212 says

            Which is a very reasonable economic argument for having one type of gender neutral bathroom.

          12. DP says


          13. pineapple says

            The majority no longer rules. The minority now rules.

          14. marla1 says

            The sick and perverted rule. We should not change for these less than animals!

          15. DP says


          16. Mark Clemens says

            ……Then you impose on Transgender Vampires, all vampires really. How do you expect them to eat!!!!????

          17. DP says

            GARLIC, AND A STEAK…….

          18. real talk 1 says

            Then why do we ??

          19. marla1 says

            Because there are not enough of us to vote to get the old career communist politicians out of Washington!! Team limits are what is needed and we wouldn’t have 93 yr. old judges and politicians who are 84 + years old in the administration! 3 term and out of politics, not given another political job where they still rule our wallets and lives like the old thing as head of the IRS!. Best thing that could happen to America is get obummer out of this country and get rid of the IRS!!

          20. Mark Clemens says

            Hell yea!!!!
            Lets ditch this income tax, and go back to TARIFFS. Like the Founders intended!!!!!!

          21. Mike Stempo says

            Indeed! Right is now seen as wrong, and wrong is seen as right.

            You’re an engineer? Impressive, me too. Logic is a light saber of a weapon.

          22. Mark Clemens says

            ………All the Cops are criminals
            And all the sinners, Saints

          23. staberdearth says

            Based on the far left media and getting closer to the middle, one could come to that brain muddled conclusion. Heck, listen to church reared Al Sharpton. A special place is reserved for bomb throwing opportunistic ass clowns such as this one.

          24. dondehoff says

            Morton, there are still many places where the “old plumbing” still exists and there is an absence of locked doors (or even doors), especially at public male rest rooms and the open row of urinals that do not even have small partitions—you have never seen an “stranger” standing next to you, observing your “equipment and technique”?

          25. DP says


        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Macho???????? Looks like he or she is waiting for Jack to come home.

          1. Ms_V says

            Ok, this is very, very funny too. Lol!

        3. DP says

          HE OWNS A CORVETTE…….

      2. hangem'high says

        Whatever they have between their legs.

        1. catman says

          If it hangs, you are male. Live with it!!! Use the correct bathroom or go find a tree out back…

          1. hangem'high says

            When hanging out in the trees, it always help to have a weak wind.

          2. Btty says

            ROFLOL, I don’t even want to visualize that! Ewwww!!

          3. DP says

            don’t tug on supermans cape, don’t spit into the wind…….

          4. hangem'high says

            When in a transgender rest room the sky’s the limit!

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I find a Prius with the “co-exist” sticker on it.

          6. Ms_V says

            Very, very, funny. My laugh for the day. 🙂

          7. LastGasp says

            Lol! I’ve never seen one of those in Idaho, but will definitely not pass up the opportunity.

          8. medivac says

            I probably use the tree more since I live in the country !! In town I look for one that says MEN. If they ever use the mixed rest rooms, I’ll probably pee behind the tree !!

          9. marla1 says

            Men are so lucky and some are to sick to release it , they can go places where women can’t to urinate!!!!

          10. Btty says

            LOL, Marla then we have to take everything down and be totally exposed! Then worry about snakes biting us on top of it!! Oh Lordy!!!

          11. staberdearth says

            Yea.. my wife says that when we go backpacking. However, she doesn’t try to equalize by making me get an amputation or her, a reconstruction. In these days we give far too much shrift to the most minuscule of minuscule issues by the most minuscule of minuscule minorities at the head locked imposition to the majority. The reverse of, shall I say, Spock logic.

            If an entity were to come down to earth, not the divine one where judgment would be swift, they’d see our societal behaviors as insane and collapsing ever more. We might even be labeled as having a distinct inability to think but an increased tendency to exhibit hysteric unchecked emotion leading to crying and tantrum fits like immature children. This could be called more primitive regressive behavior than our ancestors who may have lacked the technology but sure had far better common sense in problem solving. Granted, a propensity for the worst of them to stray to behaviors based on superstition and just plain ignorance.

            That being said, we collectively have never advanced past war making. Well, maybe we have a leading “demongraphic” in that carnage,; Yes, the religion that has not advanced after its brief lead in advanced society back over a thousand years ago. Man, who am I talking about?

            Might as well go to where I’d like to go rather than look for the next forum to do so. When you hear and see evidence that Allah commands the slaughter of his creations on earth, does this sound to you like the God of Abraham? To me? Sounds more like the fallen angel Lucifer with impeccable trickery, AKA, Satan.
            Still deny his existence? Yep, tell me about it.

            *people have told me that I am a distant cousin of Darth Vader…I don’t see the resemblance. ***Come on folks…he’s not real! Satan? I’m not so sure…

          12. marla1 says

            It is YOUR WIFE idiot! She has seen it , used ,it ,or what ever you do as husband and wife!! NOT a total stranger!! After a certain age fathers and brothers don’t associate at bathroom time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          13. DP says


          14. Mike Stempo says

            Intriguing Who the phuk pissed in your cheerios?

          15. marla1 says

            you obviously are gay, fag, queer or your pendulum swing both ways!!!

          16. Mike Stempo says

            I almost pissed in your cherrios with laughter, but by the time I was done my whole family was in stitches. I asked my wife if she knew that I was gay. Thanks for the best post I’ve laughed at in a long time.

            Beyond being wrong, you are not even dead wrong…you never existed. Thanks again! The endorphins are flowing this fine morning.

          17. marla1 says

            Drop dead soon!! Today can’t be too soon.!! You are the kind that urinates in your kids cherrios and watch them eat it and laugh yourself to death, hopefully!!

          18. Mike Stempo says

            Thanks! Another roundtable of laughter at the Sunday breaffast table. My kids asked me what urination in a bowl of cheerios tastes like. I said that they should know since I’ve been doing it for years, hopefully… Saves money on milk. Give it up. You’re pissed and we’re laughing on this end.

            It’s just not healthy to keep carrying on when someone is obviously yanking your chain.

          19. marla1 says

            I just urinated in your cereal! Taste good? yanking your chain!!

          20. Btty says

            Catman, what if it hangs and splits? That’s the best description I can come up with. I think they are called Morphidites (sp?) Where they have both sex organs.

          21. Janet Julien says

            I believe the term you are looking for is “Hermaphrodite”

          22. Btty says

            That’s it Janet. Thanks

          23. Janet Julien says

            No problem, mom called me her “walking dictionary” while she was a proofreader

          24. Btty says

            What a sweet Mom. I’m sure she was very proud of you.

        2. DP says


          1. hangem'high says

            Will be AC or DC?

      3. guest says

        Gender reassigned???
        Cutting Jenners pen is off is changing his gender?
        You people are insane!

        1. Morton212 says

          Yes, I am afraid to tell you – its simply a matter of physical sexual organs.
          I might add – that even though a woman who after a hysterectomy, or menopause, is unable to procreate – she – like a man who has been gender reassigned – does not lose her gender allocation.

          1. LastGasp says

            What kind of double speak is that? “,,,its simply a matter of physical sexual organs.” when responding to a question about brucie’s gender after having his willy cut off.
            Then in the next sentence you say a woman “,,,like a man who has been gender reassigned -does not lose her gender allocation.”
            So, just WTF do you mean? Apparently you don’t know.

          2. DP says


          3. guest says

            You’re correct, having your genitalia cut and changed does not change your gender.
            Born a woman you’re a woman, born a man you’re a man.
            Cutting of your pen is and taking estrogen to grow boobs doesnt make you a woman. It makes you mentally deficient and worthy of psychiatric committal.

          4. Morton212 says

            Ah. If you say so.

          5. guest says

            I would want my family to commit me if I started talking about cutting and disfiguring myself.

          6. Morton212 says

            Current psychiatry holds that it is NOT a mental disorder, but a correctable condition – simply be gender reassignment. Yes it is something that most people would shrink from – which is why it elicits great sympathy from the compassionate.

          7. guest says

            Yes, the LGBT lobbyists had it changed from being a mental disorder.
            In 1973, the weight of empirical data, coupled with changing social norms and the development of a politically active gay community in the United States, led the Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Some psychiatrists who fiercely opposed their action subsequently circulated a petition calling for a vote on the issue by the Association’s membership. That vote was held in 1974, and the Board’s decision was ratified.

          8. dondehoff says

            Morton, it is time you went back to school or spend a lot of time on “Google”. With Google and the other search engines, one has to “work at it”, to remain ignorant (meaning only you do not have the “facts”). I believe well over half of your posts are short on logic, deductive reason and common sense—-maybe “wishful thinking”?”.

          9. DP says


          10. guest says

            Now we’re paying for sex changes in prisons. It never ends.

          11. dondehoff says

            Morton, a very poor analogy. Don’t confuse menopause or a hysterectomy with loosing one’s desire for sex. I have first hand knowledge that does not usually happen—–most sex is for pleasure and not child bearing. In fact many women have stated that menopause in later years gives them more “freedom of action”, as they know they won’t get pregnant.

          12. Morton212 says

            I do not disagree and am glad you feel that way. However one of the most vicious arguments against any sexual relationship that is not classically heterosexual is that it can not conceive children. That was all I alluded to.

        2. marla1 says

          Bruce Jenner , has lived 65 years as a man, He may die tomorrow and what a freaky looking woman he is!! He still looks mannish! why the hell would he wait till 65, ????? should have given that money to Shriners hospital or St. Jude’s!!

          1. guest says

            I hope that if I ever start going off the deep end and decide I’m going to disfigure myself that my family has me commited.
            There is either a deep seated mental issue going on or he is so into reality show programming that every thing is fair game for the money.

      4. Taking care of business! says

        So what’s the problem? Just wiz, squatting or standing, outside between the doors. With all due respect, Morton, you’ve made this far too difficult.

        1. Morton212 says

          You are actually supporting my point !

          1. Taking care of business! says


      5. OSAMA OBAMA says

        When were you “reassigned”. Let’s add that word to the libTURD dictionary, along with “offended, inclusive, racist, trailer park, keep your doctor, (er) sorry, got carried away….

        1. Morton212 says

          Sorry, very happy with what I have. But I can get Bruce Jenner’s physician to contact you if you are the bashful type.

      6. QuisPercusit says

        If they have the equipment and can stand up to pee then why would it really matter?

      7. LastGasp says

        “Gender reassigned?” That sounds like someone else made that decision. You mean “altered?” They should have thought about that before having the surgery done. Why the hell should society make new rules for such a miniscule fraction of society? You aren’t “special.” You are confused or just plain stupid.

        1. Morton212 says

          That is as it may be. But the law and the consensus of voters appears to be on my side.

          1. LastGasp says

            What, that “You aren’t “special.” You are confused or just plain stupid?” I would agree that any law and consensus of voters that you imagine is on your side is confused and stupid. That’s easy.
            Btw, there is no law or consensus of voters for special gender neutral bathrooms.

          2. Morton212 says

            I don’t think a law is required.

      8. DP says


      9. dondehoff says

        Morton, I believe I just covered that issue in some detail—“the most good for the most involved”. I personally believe the issue, for both sexes, is “environmental”, such as letting or forcing little boys to wear dresses and play with dolls, or just being under the dominating influence of a single female parent—ditto for the girls.

        1. Morton212 says

          You seem mired in victorian thinking. Medical knowledge has progressed enormously since those dark ages. Do you know that 100 years ago, we used to commit the insane to prison like institutions where they were manacled and chained to a wall.

          1. dondehoff says

            Morton, so! Just what is your point? Please, respond to each of my points in the several logical, reasoned and common sense posts I have made—all without profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk.

          2. Morton212 says

            The theory that sexual confusion is caused environmentally has been thoroughly debunked. I am simply not willing to indulge you in a discussion that professionals have tested and found to be absurd.

          3. dondehoff says

            “Morton…”, I believe “the jury is still out” concerning your apparent stand (not debunked). The mere fact that the suicide rate within the gay community, particularly the trans-genders, is several-fold greater than the population as a whole. That leads me to believe, we still “don’t know”. Also, the fact that there are far greater numbers of gay children in gay households that by far exceed the general population rates—those points lead me to believe environment is at least a factor. Compare gays with children raised in households where crime is an open “way of life”, that arrangement creates more criminals—heredity or environment? I personally believe congress should conduct a public open hearing, inviting all of the different gay persuasions and doctors, law enforcement, social and genetic experts to examine this issue in detail. I believe very few, if any, of the different gay persuasions will find their cause “to be born that way”. I trust you know that the pedophiles insist their predilection is the same as for other gays and they are demanding equal public acceptance and the availability of “the ‘tools’ of their trade”, without penalty. Logic, deductive reason and common sense dictates that environment is a significant influence on all facets of children’s lives—why is the gay issue exempt?

          4. Morton212 says

            ” the fact that there are far greater numbers of gay children in gay households that by far exceed the general population rates”

            where on earth did you scrape up that statistic from ?

          5. dondehoff says

            Morton, there is an overall tendency for children to follow in the footsteps of their parents, in many facets of life. Why should the gay community be any different?—a young female child who sees their “female” mother and father, kissing, giggling and “doing things” under the covers, surely must “rub-off” on the inquisitive nature of most all children——that is “environmental” and it surely happens in all families. Source? Just ask Google, “suicide rate among trans-genders. and do the same for gays in general.

          6. Morton212 says

            No. I challenge you to find any evidence to support that nonsense. Many have tried and all have failed. And I am referring to emulating one’s parents.

            Regarding suicides – your statistics come under the horrendous category of bullying and cannot be segregated into a destiny for homosexuality, or sexual confusion.

          7. Morton212 says

            ‘the suicide rate within the gay community, particularly the trans-genders”

            good Lord – are you suggesting that trans-genders are gay ?

          8. dondehoff says

            Morton, I suspect trans-genders are the only group that may have a genetic disorder. In what category would you place the trans-genders?

          9. Morton212 says

            Well they are technically a trans-gender if they have an overwhelming need to identify as a member of the opposite sex and set about to achieve that.
            About one child in 1,000 is born hermaphrodite which of course compels a choice in our polarized society. A larger number are potential trans-gender candidates but they tend to have overwhelming physical attributes of the gender they wish to leave. But physical attributes are really only one facet of gender identification.

          10. dondehoff says

            Morton, I just now ask Google; “suicide rate among trans-genders”. They posted several articles, of which one by E.A. Reyes, 1-28-14, that states; Transgender study reveals suicide attempts of trans-genders at an “exceptionally high rate (41%). As “Perry Mason” (of yesteryear) would say, “Your Honor, I rest my case and thank the prosecution for their assistance”.

          11. Morton212 says

            and as I said – that is an issue of bullying, not anything else in particular.

          12. dondehoff says

            Morton, again, your reasoning is faulty. That survey also revealed most trans- genders who were ask if they had their operation to do all over again, would they do it. The general consensus was NO!, in that it did not solve their problems. And while some may commit suicide as a result of bullying, most do it as the surgery did not solve the mental, emotional and physical issues.

          13. Morton212 says

            “gays with children raised in households where crime is an open “way of life”, that arrangement creates more criminals”

            LOL – now you are really shrieking.

          14. dondehoff says

            Morton, I used the criminal aspect just as an analogy—environmental issues affect both of these children problem areas. The gay and criminal elements are separate. .

        2. DP says


      10. DP says

        don’t care…all stalls have doors….

      11. David Parker says

        They shouldn’t have messed with what God created.
        David Parker

      12. dondehoff says

        Morton, a trans gender should use the facility that matches their physical “attributes”—then only that person is “offended”. If a trans gender uses the facility of their “desires”, then “all of the others” can be offended—-a simple case of “the most good for the most people”. Also, are you aware the suicide rate among trans genders is about quadruple that of the general population? Also the majority of trans genders who had surgery, when interviewed much later, stated the surgery was a mistake in that it did not solve their “problem”. “Google knows”.

    2. Bob says

      Should we check DNA at the door? Secondary sex characteristics are the way most people determine gender. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck….hmmm maybe its a duck?

      1. LastGasp says

        Or maybe it wants to look like a duck for nefarious reasons.

        1. Concerned Citizen says

          oOooOOoo the nefarious duck conspiracy theory! LOL

          1. The redhawk says

            Not a Turkey???

      2. DP says

        ITS A PENGUIN……

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Leave the Penguins out of this!
          They are the coolest of the cool……
          Have you ever seen a LBGT Penguin? Hell no!!!!!!

          1. DP says

            u don’t know who’s who….that’s kool….

          2. The redhawk says

            Only MOOCHIE KNOWS as she pees standing up…

        2. The redhawk says

          Or a GIRBIL

          1. DP says

            u can ax dick gere or mic jagger…….aboot the gerbil……

          2. The redhawk says

            WEl then .. How about the GIRBIL KLan that Posts here for The Headinass Potus trying to COVER themselves up from Being USED UP GIRBILS?

      3. real talk 1 says

        You better believe it .

    3. marla1 says

      You can’t rape stupid if you don’t have a penis!!! How many sexual perverts want to be in a female’s bathroom for sick sicko reasons only! Are you one Morton?

      1. GrumpyOleMan says

        Are you saying there are no rapes in a womans prison? If you are, you need to up your education level.

        1. DP says

          SO MANY HOLES…….

          1. Mark Clemens says

            ……….So little time

          2. DP says


        2. T. VOGT says

          was a nurse in a female correctional facility and there are many many Lesbians in there that would be straight on the outside…

          1. real talk 1 says

            That goes for the male prison as well ??

      2. cal3301 says

        Marla1, Do some reading or listen to the news on the subject before you respond. Men and women have both been raped by a broom handle or anything else that can be shoved up into that area. You do not need a penis to penetrate. Their objective in rape is to control and to watch for the persons reaction. It is not always about sex. Two women raped a young man not to long ago.

      3. Mark Clemens says

        No-one said you have to remove your wiener to use the womens room. You just have to feel girly at the time.
        That leaves the door open for trouble!

        1. DP says


          1. Mark Clemens says

            Latches and locks are made to keep honest people, honest.
            Thousands of doors and locks are kicked in or picked everyday. Who’s to say a rapists wouldn’t wait until the person comes out of stall?

          2. DP says

            kinda like the gun thing…..

      4. staberdearth says

        Hmmm. Care to retract and recant?

      5. Janet Julien says

        It’s not the Penis or Vagina that needs to be amputated to remove the perversion in rapes, it’s their Brain, the biggest sex organ in the body. After all, that’s where all these ideas for rape, Alternative lifestyles and the like come from. Get rid of that and get rid of the problem.

        1. DP says

          rape is an act of violence…

          1. Janet Julien says

            True, Rape is a crime based in Violence, Dominance and Power over another person but expressed by a sexual act and again, the desire for that dominance and power is based in the perpetrator’s brain rather than the genitalia.

          2. DP says


          3. Janet Julien says

            I did NOT specify gender, DP. There are men raped by women, men raped by men, women raped by women and women raped by men, So, get off your high horse and help try to find a solution to the problem rather than just bellyaching about it and blaming it on the feminists because I was not talking about them. Or are you so sensitive on the subject because you were involved in a rape in some manner or another?

          4. DP says

            NOT A VICTIM…GOT OVER IT……………….

          5. Janet Julien says

            I did NOT say you were a VICTIM, DP, you COULD have been a family member or a friend of someone who was raped, a counselor, someone in either the police or the court system and that includes the jury, even the rapist him/herself but I did NOT say YOU were a Victim or Survivor of a rape, just that you seemed overly sensitive to the subject.

          6. David Parker says

            Men can’t be “raped” by women.

            Men can be seduced by women.

            After years of meticulous personal scientific research and experimentation, I have determined that without interest in sexual intercourse, a man cannot “get an erection” i.e., the penis cannot rise to the occasion without mental concurrence with the possibility of sexual intercourse and orgasm. Without the man’s attracted resulting in properly configured hardware, sexual intercourse cannot occur.

            Women are exceptionally adept at encouraging a reluctant male to go along with the act, but the woman cannot force the issue.
            Alternately, a man cannot be unwilling and do the deed. Men are inherently weaker than
            women at resisting sexual intercourse, but alas, we are still culpable
            and responsible for all results.
            Therefore, my conclusions:

            1. Only a man can force sexual intercourse. A man cannot be unwilling and do the deed. Men are inherent weaker than women at resisting sexual intercourse.

            2. Rape, by definition therefore, can only refer to a man forcing sexual intercourse on an unwilling woman. In the sexual context, this is the only possible definition of the word rape.

            Meanwhile, don’t look! Run, don’t walk!

            David Parker

          7. dondehoff says

            David, that is not what the laws, courts and “real life” dictates. Do your homework, starting with a good dictionary and Google. In today’s world of Google and the other search engines, it is difficult to remain Ignorant (meaning only you don’t have the facts”)

          8. David Parker says

            dondehoff, I AM talking about real life.

            You have a few open circuits if you can’t understand that women cannot rape men. You can take your legal definitions and shove them. Google is a search engine and a corporate enterprise taking money from advertisements and cellphone software.

            I am talking about real life. Maybe you are not a man or maybe you have never made it with a woman so you don’t know how it works yet or whatever, but I rest my case in the court of common sense. The nights I was too tired are my offer of proof. There was nothing she could do except help me rest.

            The “courts”, consisting of magistrates who are all biased toward taking every opportunity to stick the government’s nose into everything, especially if it stinks, could find Stalin innocent of mass murder. Juries as stupid as the selection process and magistrate’s instructions can make them and know nothing about nullification maybe can’t quite put two and two together, but I can and have.

            David Parker

          9. dondehoff says

            David, “ignorance is bliss”. All you have to do is look up definitions in a good dictionary or “case law” (which is “out there” by the reams), and quit using your own “made-up” definitions of “what is what”. If everyone did that, we, as a nation, would soon revert to anarchy, and only the most powerful would survive. There all kinds of “tools” used in rape, by both males and females—again, go to Google or a good dictionary. It appears you also believe a court, addressing the issue of an adult, drug addicted women, having sex with a ten or twelve year-old boy, is not “real-life rape”. Yes, Google has its limitations, but generally they will at least steer one in the right direction . Ask Google, “Court cases of females committing rape”. And, I am one of 12 children in a family, have four children of my own and umpteen grandchildren, and at age 83, I still appreciate a “nice” woman—-and while it may take me “most of the night to do what I used to do all night”, I still enjoy getting up every morning—hoping to learn something “new”—–and your type is not “new”. Also, when I accuse you of being “ignorant”, I mean only that you do not have the facts—-your “real life” education appears to be severely lacking. Also, I, and I suspect most of the readers, do not appreciate your condescending attitude. I was honorably discharged from the Indiana National Guard when I was age 15, I joined the USAF at 18, was permoted to Staff Sargent in three years, went to Flight School and was commissioned pilot and retired at age 38 in the grade of Major. I then spent thirty years working for the best Mutual Life Insurance Company in the business and again retired, I obtained a BS from the University of Maryland after ten years of night school (while in the Air Force), and am now trying to write a book on the Muslim/Islamic issues that is trying to destroy the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet–“The United States of America”! What have you done? All of that, and I used not one-word of profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk…Shall we continue?

        2. dondehoff says

          Janet, keep in mind that rape involves “penetration, no matter how slight”, and the “object” is not defined—tools, fingers and what not, can be used. As a minor point, vaginas are not “amputated” (cut-off), they are removed internally. Also, some rape is rooted in environmental issues, in “that is what they were taught” by ignorant fathers or other males..

          1. Janet Julien says

            I know, I have done my own share of reading and I was saying that it did not matter whether or nor a person was male or female and their genitalia, either internal or external, was removed because the largest sex organ, the brain, could not be removed without the person’s death. I know some people might argue that the ones that do commit rapes are brainless anyway, but I would use the term “conscience-less” for them in that they do not think of the possible consequences when they commit their acts.

      6. dondehoff says

        “maria1”, not so, there are reported and prosecuted cases of women rape. Webster’s Dictionary’s second definition, is “any forced sexual act upon another person”

        1. David Parker says

          I like it when my wife forces the issue. Well, Ok, if I have to … . (yea!)

          1. dondehoff says

            David, I trust you are joking. I am 83 years young, one of 12 children. As a teenager, I recall my father, chastising an older brother, stating, “Son, you will never be a real man until you understand it is not the “pleasure that you get”, it is the “pleasure and comfort that you give”. I might add, there are significantly different “time and technique” issues for men and women”—don’t be afraid to “ask her”. Take notes, I am sure your wife will have questions.

          2. David Parker says

            Yes, I was joking and stand corrected and chastized.

            Your earthly father was quite correct (and that is the best example I have heard of sex education done properly – at home, by the father to the boys)

            I know for a fact that the more she likes it the more I like it. My attempt was to humorously dismiss the notion that women can rape men. To me it is part of the stupidity associated with the insanity of “equality” between men and women when it is obvious that men and women are very different by design.

            Different roles, equal worth.

            David Parker

      7. David Parker says


    4. staberdearth says

      I love my penis…my wife loves it too…

    5. NavyFlyer1325 says

      Agree completely. You may amputate your penis, Sir, and have some sort of “vagina” fashioned surgically, and you may take enough of the right hormones to make you start looking and sounding like some sort of a “woman”, BUT … you’ll never get rid of that Y chromosome, Sir. You will just be a very ugly Tranny. If you really want to be a LadyBoy, go live in Thailand. The Human Animal is the only animal that CHOOSES to ignore the evidence and equipment that is right there in front of them between their legs, and that CHOOSES to live a different sex role than that assigned to them by birth, and that CHOOSES to “love” someone of their own gender. Not very smart for the only sentient animal on and the apex predator of the planet.

      1. real talk 1 says

        Damn you sure as hell put that right thanks !!

    6. real talk 1 says

      Creator made you the way your father was made seek help !!

    7. The redhawk says

      iS that What “BARRY” is Vomiting about now… no more Climate change???

  11. Mark Clemens says

    I don’t think this will fly for long. It probably will happen in California, until some poor woman gets raped in the woman’s room. Then the Transgender crowd will be shocked something like this happened. Maybe if we are lucky a full transsexual will get raped by a drunken rapist who took advantage of the law, but that could never happen in California,……or could it?????

    1. Miss Mellie says

      TRANSSEXUAL SHOCKED??? Are you kidding? Nothing shocks these divients.

  12. Peggie says

    About the time your 7-8 yo daughter or granddaughter has to go to the BR, and some one with male
    organs decide to enter at the same time, you will not have to wonder if this is right or wrong.
    Some people have no common sense whatsoever. Some one will be killed by an outraged parent and with good reason, I believe. If they don’t know “what” they are by now, I don’t want my grandchildren to be involved with them anyway.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Here! Here!
      If one is so confused about what bathroom to use, maybe they should use Depends. To spare the rest of us the nonsense.

      1. TexasStomp says

        The quickest way to end this folly is the “Miss Piggle Wiggle” strategy.

        Give them EXACTLY what they ask for. After a few months of spending ALL their money on air freshener, pressure rods and sheets to hide the thrown room, they will be building brick walls by hand!

        Nothing says “GIT OUT” like the old morning constitutional, eh?

    2. Morton212 says

      Do you have segregated bathrooms in your home too ? You do know that most cases of sexual impropriety occur with a family and their friends …

      1. Jarhead says

        Of course not stupid……we are all CIVIL RATIONAL NATURAL HUMAN BEINGS.

        1. Morton212 says

          I have my doubts about every one of those decorative adjectives. The most absurd one being ‘civil’.

      2. Peggie says

        I am a 78 yo Grandma of 12. No I have no segregated bathrooms. Where did that come from.

      3. LastGasp says

        Ever heard of common sense? Manners? Judging by your other posts I would say you are severely lacking in both.

        1. Morton212 says

          Huh ? Have I hurt your feelings ?

  13. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Sodom and Gomorrah brought to you by the Liberal Leftest Progressive Democrats. No thank you!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      ………And all God asked of Lot, was to find one good person. Unfortunately for the two cities, Lot could not find one.

      1. Morton212 says

        Unfortunately for God, all we have been left with is a Lot of very screwed up and squeamish humans.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Well watching two cities engulfed in brimstone and fire, all of those sinners screaming. I would think that would make Lot a bit squeamish. A dude like you, the whole thing would leave you unphased…….

          1. Morton212 says

            Yes, rather unconvinced. In spite of massive attempts to find evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah ever even existed, not a single manuscript, or artifact has ever been discovered, nor any reference to these cities in any of the multitudes of trading manifestos that have served to describe ancient cities – has ever been discovered. The compelling conclusion of course, is that they were rhetorical devices used by ancient apostles to drive their points home.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            ………Or God did an excellent job of removing them from the face of the Earth.
            Hell, most people couldn’t read or wright back then. So how accurate to you think 4-5 thousand year manifestos would be? I’m not a theologian, but I think this event (S&G) Happened before the great flood. That was before the Egyptian Empire.

          3. Morton212 says

            Yes. That is a possibility – but why remove these dens of iniquity so thoroughly that they can never serve as an example of bad behavior. The same goes for Noah’s Ark. In these kinds of discussions it is better to look for the simplest of explanations – because they are almost always the most likely ones. In the absence of any real proof, Sodom and Gomorrah were dreamed up into examples of mythological debauchery. Far more satsifying to a primitive audience.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            My last point was, that was before the Egyptians. Paper was new technology. Not a lot of paper stuff has been recovered from over 2,000 years, much less the dawn of civilization. Back in those days TABLETS were stone, not electronic.

          5. Morton212 says

            Yes – and many beautiful and functional objects have survived from these city states – as have inventory tablets and papyrus. Multitudes from all historical cities with the notable exception of S&G.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            How old is the oldest text ever found? Like I said most people back then were not literate. Therefore less written artifacts would be available.
            Plus sand, wind, and time takes its toll on all things. Look at the Suphnix. It’s face is withered. Nobody is sure who built it, or why.
            As big as this monument is, why are there no written documents saying who built it, or why. Desert sands can cover a abandoned city rather fast.

          7. TexasStomp says

            There was no evidence of other gospels having been written…..until they were discovered. No evidence of early man until Lucy was discovered.

            Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

          8. Mark Clemens says

            I just looked up oldest documents. Nothing really pre dates Egypt. Actually the oldest scribed document was a treaty between Ramsey the Great and the King of the Hittites. That’s only like 4,000 years old Sodom and Gamorria should be much older…….

          9. TexasStomp says

            True but that could also be due to the fact most ancient people didn’t write or read. Consider ancient cave drawings that are far older that early writings. By thousands of years.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Ok, I missed this…….
            Who’s Lucy?
            I’m 109% sure you’re not talking about Lucille Ball.

          11. TexasStomp says


            Donald Johansen’s discovery of Australopithecus afarensis (nicknamed Lucy) was carbon dated to 4.3M years old. Since that discovery camp sites, flint chips, arrowheads, bowls and and other evidence of organized society have been found in the Rift Valley.

            Cave paintings by early man in both the old and new world. The act of communicating by something other than spoken sounds is far older than anything cited in the Bible….however these primitive peoples also buried their dead, put flowers on them and what may have been personal effects like bows, spears, pouches and crude bowls and neck ornaments in their graves.

            Obviously they were expressing some belief of life beyond death. Many of the objects were critical to survival. To bury them rather than pass them along speaks to such a belief system.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            I just looked up oldest documents ever found. Nothing pre-dates Egypt. That shoots down your trade manifesto undocumented theory……..

          13. Morton212 says

            I believe we have human made artifacts that are many hundreds of thousands of years old – and that they have served to describe and identify early human civilizations , locations and even their names.

          14. Mark Clemens says

            You seem to be straying off your theory. You said, that there are no references to S&G by Manuscript, Trade Manifesto, Artifacts.
            A Trade Manifesto, or Documents are written text. Nobody has found any written text pre dating the Egyptian Empire. I would say S&G should pre date Egypt by a two thousand years or so. Give or take a century.
            Thereof written text was not a common thing back before the day.
            I’m going look into the history of written text. See who came up w/it how long etc………

          15. Morton212 says

            You forgot artifacts – of which there are far more than documents.

  14. Frick says

    OMG!!! what a bunch of idiots!!! This is what our country has been REDUCED to!!!

  15. T. VOGT says

    Let them pay for it.. I have no issue with that…

  16. DivineEncounters says

    I lived in the Orient for close to 5 years. They have gender neutral bathrooms, if you can call them that. In many places it was just a closed in building with a ditch running through it for you to do your stuff. This is their culture but in America it is ridiculous. California why am I surprised they are truly living-up to their “Land of the Fruits and Nuts.

    As long as Liberals are muck running and winning throughout this country it will continue.

    Good Grief.

    1. Morton212 says

      There seems to be a number of sexually distressed Americans who confuse the need to urinate with procreation.

  17. sherri palmer says

    All because of the gay muslim in the WH who installed G-N bathrooms in the WH, he is so full of ship, no pun intended…Yes, I agree this is all about control and shoving it in our faces!

    1. Morton212 says

      You wish! But I am sure that there are many others before you in line for the shove.

  18. sweetolbob says

    Bathrooms ? Why bother ? Just designate a sandy area similar to the bunkers on a golf course. Those guys in need can simply haul it out and fire away. The gals can yank it down, squat, and squizzle when ready.
    Garden hoes and, of course rakes would be provided. any necessary paper products would be the responsibility of the user and placed in covered cans provided when used. Any other accouterments, lotions, mosquito sprays, perfumes and deodorants, would also be the responsibility of the user.
    THERE ! Problem solved ! Is everybody happy ?

  19. glenn398 says

    Just goes to show the caliber of students we have going for higher education. If they put as much effort in studying as they do with non educational issues maybe more than 50% would graduate in 4 years.

  20. Morton212 says

    It seems clear to me that a good number of those who post here, need some kind of demonstrable proof as a person enters a public restroom, that they are whomever they claim to be. Would this not be a problem for modesty itself ?

  21. Bandit61 says

    Most people can tell a transie, aka, pretend female. They may think they look like a woman; however, their hormonal scent, walk, speech pattern, and body build shows differently. I already walk out of restrooms when I spot one. I refuse to eat at establishments that allow them in my space. I have even made managers go sanitize the toilet the transie used as he pissed on the toilet seat. How rude and crude can you get.

  22. James Maxwell says

    The mentality of these “individuals” is already established they have smoked way to much weed and
    been using an IV to get enough Kool Aid to fry their brains and destroy and sense of respect for
    themselves. But that is typical of those on the Socialist Democrap side of the aisle they want
    others to accept their lack of morals and self respect. They would rather lay with animals and
    roll in the pig sty than behave in a civilized manner. As much as they try to pretend they are a miserable
    unhappy lot who blame others for their own failings in life.

    1. Morton212 says

      So you think it is that kind of guilt that is causing all of this wailing about having to urinate in the same room as someone who has had gender reassignment ?

      1. James Maxwell says

        Morton212 to be honest I really could give a rat’s ass about your sexual
        identification. but if you have male parts you go to the male restroom,
        if Female the go to the sitters restroom. If you have had he sexual
        operation that removed the male parts or gave you the lady parts then
        go to the correct one for your gender. If you are screwed up in the had
        and are confused the look in a mirror and see what you have. simple
        solution to a simple problem.

        1. Morton212 says

          I cannot fault that rather logical response – I have no problems with it. However, behind the privacy of a stall with locked door, who really cares ?

  23. Morton212 says

    I seriously doubt I have read a more insane series of comments – and so filled with such dark sexual fantasies – that are so unlikely to ever occur in reality.
    I really think that a large number of people find their bodies to be dreadful embarrassing things – and yet curiously for some psychotic reason think that they may be appealing to others in a restroom.

  24. SouthernPatriot says

    Gender-Neutral restrooms are bogus and a bogus issue. There is no need for such. if truly progressive leftist schools and systems want such things, it is easy to accomplish. Have a female/women’s restroom, a male/mens restroom, and a its restroom. In the third restroom you can anything possible and everything abnormal. I know of NO women or girls who want “gender-neutral” restrooms, and know of no men who want them either, then who does?

    1. Ms_V says

      I agree.

      1. hangem'high says

        One ply or two ply? I’m sure it’s just preference; it all goes down the toilet in the end!

    2. Morton212 says

      Seriously – after the expense of a surgical gender reassignment -who on earth would want to self identify as an ‘it’ ? Aren’t you just trying to be an intellectual bigot ?

    3. hangem'high says

      Maybe we should eliminate both male and women rest rooms and combined them into one rest room?

      1. Morton212 says

        Absolutely. The stand up urinal should probably go – as that would be an issue of modesty.

        1. hangem'high says

          And a dead giveaway, that you’re not neutral!

          1. Morton212 says

            Common decency would preclude women trying to use a urinal designed for men. Ergo, they should go.

          2. hangem'high says

            I don’t know about that, they could be lowered? you know, for the exhibitionist!

  25. decorator says
  26. Ohso says

    The Academic Toilet Scam is in full flush mode:
    Homogenized Diversity by Mike Adams
    …Note that my proposal says a “Queer Resource Center on campus … will help foster a sense of true equality.” I did not say it would actually achieve true equality….

    – Under the current oppressive regime of diversity, women are the only victims who get their own bathrooms. That needs to change and it will when we start providing separate restrooms – not just for African Americans – but for Hispanic Americans and Queer Americans, too.

    Some may think my new plan is too expensive. But that is a simplistic view that fails to take account of certain long-term benefits. For example, we presently spend a great deal of money filling “glory holes” in our campus men’s restrooms.

    These holes are drilled (into the walls separating bathroom stalls) by gay men looking for casual sexual encounters in between classes.

    We have to fix them every time a heterosexist complaint is leveled by a straight man who prefers to (go #2) in privacy – as opposed to having sex with a complete stranger.

    But once we have Queer Restrooms those glory holes will be inoffensive (and useful) to those who encounter them.

    At first glance, giving separate bathrooms to those who call for inclusion is like giving the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who bombs third world nations with regularity. But overt actions should never be taken as a sign of hypocrisy. The feelings behind them are the only thing that matters.

  27. Morton212 says

    I think it is time to remind everyone, that contrary to your phobias, the urge to urinate is not related to the urge for sexual gratification – although many of you appear to be unable to distinguish the two.

  28. Mike Laborde says

    Penis – mens restroom; virgina – ladies rest room. Got it…………

    1. Morton212 says

      Inverted penis – ladies restroom. Prosthetic penis – men’s rest romm.
      Fair enough.

      1. Mike Laborde says

        You belong in rehab. You have lost your mind to perversion. A mental illness of confusion and debauchery.

        1. Morton212 says

          I am reflecting the legal rights of someone who has legally been gender reassigned. Would you be a law breaker ?

          1. Mike Laborde says

            And I still say that you have a perverted mind. And perversion is still perversion. Your reflecting is perverted thinking and you still need a stretch in a mental institution.

          2. Morton212 says

            Having difficulty visualizing the results of gender reassignment ? Dim the lights – it may ease your doubts.

  29. hangem'high says

    Well hopefully we still have indecent exposer laws on the books? If the imposter is flashing females in the rest rooms they should be identified and reported and exposed as sexual predators that they are? If they’re caught peeping over the stall they should be identified and charged as being a peeping Tom! If not, carry on business as usual life goes on?

    Guys aren’t as intimidated as women, as we also have stalls and have no problem with seeing bare breast or hairy chest although I question why we would be see those attributes to begin with? I don’t see a need for transgender rest rooms. I’ve had women run pass me go into the man’s rest room use the stall while I did my business in a urinal, beside the embarrassment they survived the experience just fine!

    I see transgender rest rooms as rape stations where males can drag unrespecting female into it and not have to worry about anyone interrupting them while they do their business. I believe it’ll be a unnecessary cost and more than likely if trans genders get their rest room will more than likely use the other rest room of choice avoiding the trans gender rest room altogether!

  30. Michael Dennewitz says

    It came out of Kawlifornie, what did you expect, something that actually made sense????

  31. Joyce White says

    What is the problem? Build a few stall around or get Port-a-Potties and place them in areas around the campus.Call them Unisex Crappers. That way, nobody has to share thier restrooms with those whose body doesn’t correlate with thier feelings. Everyone is satisfied

    1. Morton212 says

      I am sure you’re safe sweetie. Your sexual rompings probably faded last century.

  32. SickofPoliticks says

    We’re raising a bunch of idiots. That’s what happens when the government is in charge of public education and the government is nothing more than a bunch of progressives. Homeschool if you can.

  33. Stephen Lopez says

    In my opinion, these arguments from transgenders are a display of acute insecurity . Moreover, in order to relieve their anger and perceived discrimination from a society that overwhelmingly finds their argument to be nothing more then an attempt to justify their perversion, they create this illusion of injustice. However, this strategy of demonizing anyone who disagrees with them,is a attempt to create a abnormal lifestyle that in their eye’s should be accepted. This strategy is used to make others that find their equality argument to be ludicrous appear to be evil bigots. This is the mentality the of the left. Evil is good and good is evil. In conclusion, men have there bathrooms and women have theirs. The majority of us want to keep it that way as it has been for hundreds of years.

    1. Morton212 says

      I think that your opinion has been rather resoundingly dismissed by the American majority.
      God in his wisdom, made many shades of sexuality, and of course expects us using free choice to decide where in the rather black and white societal standards, we should identify.
      Modern thinking suggests that such an absurd ordering makes no particular sense – and the young seem to reflect this rather obvious point of view very clearly.

      1. Mike Roberts says

        Morton I have to remind you that GOD made man in his own image and Eve(Not Steve!) out of Acams rib! If you truly are a man of GOD (evanglist) What kind of evangalist are you? The word religion I hardley ever use , for there are over 800 types and devil worshiping is one of them! I will pray that the tTrinity will give you some wisdom beginning with the fear of GOD!

        1. Morton212 says

          And I would remind you that the only evidence we have of God’s image – is what He has made. So if you truly believe in God then you must accept what He has made as being IN HIS own image.

          1. Mike Roberts says

            Morton212 I really do not want to say this but I feel led to let it go! You have to be a left wing muslim camel humping women and children killer and you (in my opinion) are not even a human and do not deserve what us veterans fought and died for. And that is called freedom you camel jocky!

          2. Morton212 says

            Good Lord ! Do you think so ? Damn shame that we are not all exactly the same now, isn’t it !

  34. Joyce White says

    Are you judging a book by it’s cover “SWEETIE” ? I do not worry about being safe. It is a privacy issue for me. But for someone not 83 yrs old, It may well be a safety issue. Next time, Sweetie, engage your brain before puting your mouth in drive.

  35. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    I am not too concerned about adults using gender neutral restrooms, it’s the children that bother me. I could never send a young child alone into a gender neutral restroom knowing that there are gay men or gay women in that restroom. Also, you will find the same thing in the standard public restroom, gay men and gay women. So, ALL children should be escorted by an adult at ALL times until they are of the age and size to protect themselves.
    Gender Neutral, we had/have those is Germany with just a bit more trouble than we have here with the standard gender specific restroom.
    On the other hand, while attending a football game in Oakland, the women were busy running to the booths while we men all used the urinals, with no incident, just uncomfortable.
    By the way, the urge to pee or poop may have nothing to do with the sexual urge, but then that isn’t the point at all. The perverts are the point!
    Only here in Mexifornia, damn!

    1. Morton212 says

      I don’t think the issue of minors in adult restrooms was the topic. But – yes – I agree with you. Young children should really not be unaccompanied in public at all.

  36. Bob says

    Everyone has their perspective. I do appreciate the concerns that many have expressed about what is “best” for society. The costs and logistics of creating gender neutral bathrooms are worth taking pause to the requests.

    That said, look at it from another perspective. How many, what I would call “Luxury Boxes” go unused in every bathroom in America. The required handicap stalls are expensive and their use is no where in proportion to their costs to society. Should we just forget the handicapped? Seems like that decision has been made and goes beyond bathrooms into sidewalks, etc.

    Now, take a look from a transgender person’s perspective. A male to female transgender faces safety issues. If she goes in a mens room, she faces harassment or worse. If she doesn’t “pass” extremely well she also face the same using the women’s room. There are some women who fear that there is some transgender molester out there. Certainly there “could” theoretically be a person like that piggy backing on this well intentioned plan. That said, the vast majority of transgender people just want to use the bathroom just like you and me. They are not in there looking for cheap thrills as some would have you think. If there is a case out there of this, then I assert that it is no more prevalent than someone who abuses ANY privilege. For example there are people who use guns illegally. The vast majority of folks that carry do not. I hate when people use an example of something and then extrapolate that to the whole group. Transgender people deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and above all a place to go to the bathroom safely.

    1. Morton212 says

      Phew! A rational post at last.
      I am afraid they will not be convinced though – this site is packed with sexual miscreants – that is the world they have created in their own minds.

  37. Tonya Price says

    Why not just have at least one generic1-stall unisex bathroom, one toilet, one sink, one locking door that is neither men’s nor ladies’, along with the traditional men’s and ladies’ rooms? That way having a person whose “gender identity” doesn’t match up with the hardware won’t distress others in the restroom. This would also help with fathers out with young daughters who don’t want to take their little girl to the sausage show in the men’s. Some department stores and restaurants have “family bathrooms” which is a similar concept- intended for families of young children who may need someone of the opposite gender to help them with toileting.

    1. Morton212 says

      Most modern facilities in corporate buildings now have rooms loosely labelled for handicapped use. They do not share a common public entrance to a gender designated restroom.

  38. kensabic says

    This is not about male, female, lits, all of these trans whatever are in a very small minority less then 3%.. This is about breaking down Christianity, and the tradition of decency and about control! of everyone. Power and control is the goal. These people are not ‘Liberals” they are Marxist/Socialist, got it!

    1. Tonya Price says

      I agree- it’s more about power and making the majority acknowledge perversion as being “normal.” “Neutral” bathrooms are a good idea if only to keep things a bit safer for young children if nothing else.

  39. Edward J Baker says

    When I was young, many moons ago, heterosexual guys would have gone for this big time with unending grins on their faces. This should tell you all you need to know about the intrinsic stupidity of the idea.

    1. Tonya Price says

      Yeah, they would have. Then again, if one pays attention to the media, there aren’t any straight men left. 😉

  40. Taking care of business! says

    See how far the left has come since Vietnam and “Hell no, we won’t go!” Kinda makes you wonder what their tomorrow’s history-shaping cause will be.

  41. OSAMA OBAMA says

    press office at Andrews AFB wouldn’t give me the fuel consumption
    numbers for the 747 that serves as Air Force One without the approval of
    the White House Press Office, which as I write this has yet to be
    given. – See more at:

  42. Oldawg70 says

    Invest our resources in treating the homosexual disease itself. Giving legitimacy or credibility to this social form of cancer is just fueling the fire of our moral breakdown. Debating any issue with the likes of “morton212” is a waste of both time and energy as that individuals foolish mindset is based on Queer Logic! If intolerance of homosexuality means that I am a bigot…then so be it…GOD is a bigot too!

  43. jmscrcrn says

    Good point. Now, about the endgame……you were saying? Can we get mad again yet?

  44. Gray_Doug says

    And this is the best higher education can do? If you don’t know who you are by now, it’s time daddy pulled you and your money out of school. It’s time you learned the meaning of NO.

  45. Gin pj says

    If they pass the gender-neutral bathrooms in college – This will be one of the problem the college and the students created. Sexual assault and etc are bound to happen and these already smell money

  46. Barbara Ervin says

    If one chooses to medically change their gender then they must accept all that goes with that. You can’t have it both ways. As for impersonators, cross dressers, whatever, if you stand up to urinate you are male and if you sit down to urinate you are female, follow the signs!

    1. Morton212 says

      Indeed, many do. Choose their racial identity, I mean. And you would never know it, by looking at them.

      1. Barbara Ervin says

        Sorry, but this discussion has nothing to do with race.

        1. Morton212 says

          Not precisely – but it does serve to show that sexual identity is just another opportunity for individual identification.

  47. jlp5871 says

    democRATS get to be democRATS at an early stage in life and pay for it after they start paying taxs for there perverted youth.

  48. ChuckW says

    As a 69 year old male having dealt with same-sex attraction (but is NOT gay), what used to be labels (LGBTQ) for abnormal (yes, abnormal) sexual proclivities is now being asserted as gender “identities”. These are FALSE identities. If I can choose my gender identity, shouldn’t I also be able to choose my racial identity? This insanity must NOT be affirmed by government.

    1. Morton212 says

      Those that choose to re-identify as the opposite sex tend to have a number of psychological, physiological and/or hormonal differences from normally balanced members of their birth sex. Similarly those who choose racial identification have attributes from more than one race.

      That is the reason for gender reassignment and racial selection.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      There are “WIGGERS”
      Middle Class white boys, who dress and act like they are raised in the ghetto..

    3. Mark Clemens says

      There are “WIGGERS”
      Middle Class white boys, who dress and act like they were raised in the ghetto.

  49. joe says

    These lazy good for nothing sloths are what we have to look forward to to secure our future, these are the mindless chuckleheads that will be running our country, ever see the movie idiocracy?” Cause Brawndo’s got electrolytes”. This is coming, this country is doomed if this is the low budget garbage our schools are turning out.

  50. oaking says

    Seems to me I remember this from the late 60’s or early 70’s, there was a movement to have just on facility to handle every one. They redesigned the urinals to accommodate the ladies, I am not exactly sure how it was to work, but if you put them all in stalls, I don’t really care one way or the other,
    More than once I have been with my wife at a sewing expo, or quilting, crocheting – what ever, where I was one of the very few men. With a line extending way out the door for the ladies room, I have checked the men’s room, and when empty, told the ladies to use it and stood guard, just in case.
    I have been a high school custodian and the girl’s rest room was much worse than the boy’s.
    Historically, everyone did it in the woods, beside the road, where ever the need took them, the ‘bath room’ is a fairly recent occurrence.
    The biggest issue I would see is having to wait in a line at a ladies event if we change over to a single rest room.
    Why is this such a big deal?

  51. headonstraight says

    Just a little riff on the childish proposition: “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

  52. Charles A. Stone says

    Another Obama trick, that will not work. The WHITE HOUSE will never be the same.cas

  53. Beachnut says

    The sly fox is always the one trying to fit in where he doesn’t belong they diguise themselves but end the end it’s only to attack you…

  54. JeanneD says

    If this change is such an all important one at some colleges, let there be an “adjusted toilet” on campus, somewhere, for those “who really MUST use one.” Stalls only and absolutely, no urinals. And the other restrooms, as usual.
    ( I don’t think we were this “freaky” in college. were we ?)

  55. Drake Travis says

    and Obama applauds. He’s taking this nation right where he wants it; in the toilet

  56. doza says

    What is the point of gender neutral toilets????? The feminists WANT to be men so badly that they will come up with any lunatic idea. Now the want to piss next to us.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Look at an album cover from a band called Foreigner. Head Games

  57. dondehoff says

    Gender neutral bathrooms? Well, we should arrive at decision that will “do the most good for the most people”. That would mean one should use the facility for which he or she was originally physically “endowed”. Under that approach, an “original” male, desiring to be a female, using the male facility, would be the only one offended. Conversely, if the same male “wannabe” female used the female faculty, several females could be offended. Ditto for the females. Also, I can visualize virile high-school or college males, forming a “neutral” club to see who can visit the most female facilities. I further suspect students, with “racing hormones”, would also commit far more rapes, than other clubs. “Straight” persons, should vehemently object to gender neutral restrooms. Note, in some older facilities, they still have open-bays, with toilets side by side without partitions and doors, and male urinals in most all public facilities are side-by-side, and that alone causes a lot of “standing up close” and cleaver “manipulation” to prevent observation by those alongside. Also, I have seen reports (not verified), that the suicide rate among trans-genders is about quadruple that of “straight” people.

    1. TexasStomp says

      I’m just tickled pink to discover we have NO more pressing problems than community potties. Was totally not aware all of the big problems had been solved. Guess I better do some reading, huh.

  58. Rboo says

    What if women doesn’t want men coming into the women’s bathroom?

  59. amigo says

    I can’t wait for gender neutral showers. …. lol

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Now your talking!!!!
      I’m 74 and ready!!!!!!!!
      I might never go back home!!!!!
      Jimmy Johns delivers fast……

  60. Ronney says

    Let me put it this way if one of insane people walked into the bathroom next to me, they would not be walking out on their own. Period

  61. Melanie says

    OMG…leave it to the libtrards to turn restrooms into “Pitty Pots”!

  62. Janet Julien says

    Simplest way to handle the problem is to have a third bathroom set up that is a single stall, gender neutral arrangement so that whoever wished to use that one could be they male, female, shemale or whatever. it could also double as an accessible bathroom for the disabled. Hmm, come to think of it, that would fit for some of the proponents of the “open” bathroom arrangement, they’re obviously mentally disabled… just sayin’.

  63. Wallace Southard says

    If their hung like a man, then let them piss like a man, why do they need a girls bathroom to piss? All assholes are the same.

  64. Dolores Adams says

    Keep the bathrooms like they are. Females go to the ladies room and the men go to the men’s room.
    What’s wrong with that? Every thing is going crazy in this world.

  65. jim marcum says

    i’m not a transgender but i’d stick it through the glory hole for them.

  66. Bob Clarkson says

    How you feel? Give me a break! The simple question should be, “Do you have a penis or not?” If yes, use the urinal; if no, use the toilet. If you come waltzing into the men’s wearing a dress or flashing you implant at a sporting event, be prepared to be ushered right back again.

    Back to the article – why has this issue never arisen before? I’ll have to check out the Eastern religions, but the Jews, Christians and Muslims ALL classify these people is sinful for one, and for another, until just recently when the 2% decided they had more rights than the 98% majority, the question was moot. I’m certain there is a three and there may be a four and five.

  67. Chad Ashley says

    We must be approaching the end of the world.

  68. markypolo says

    What changed? We have a Gay, Muslim Negro moron in the White House. That is what changed. Along with a Large percentage of Morons (most of which don’t work), called Democrats that vote.

  69. surj says

    Just see Once they are in charge there won’t be any Queers left for sure

  70. Dennis Derstine says

    Just build a third bathroom with a large ? for the sign. Leave us poor people who have the nerve to be comfortable with our given sex alone. Anyone else please feel free to use the ?
    Is history repeating itself? Can anyone say “Roman Empire”? I’m done.

  71. Terry Hamblin says

    I see that the students have nothing to do at Cal Poly, I wish that college would have been that easy for me!

  72. Dwimby says

    We need a third bathroom option for all the spoiled freaks.

  73. real talk 1 says

    This nation is so far to the left we as a nation can’t get it back the students of the day are not learning anything other than the opposite of the truth if it works the are taught to deny it, why in any sane mind want to share rest rooms with the opposite sex even after knowing it’s all in the Homosexual mind and nothing more I’ll suppose in the future we will be forced to bow down to them !!??

  74. nmasterson says

    If they are trying to do away with the unrinal, I hope when the males take a pee, they pee all over the toilette seat.

  75. Roger says

    Everyone missed a very important point. when the Ladies find out the guys have failed to lift the seat and liberally sprayed the entire seat, things will go back to the old system. Guaranteed!

  76. Roger says

    Everyone seems to have missed a very important point.. When the “Ladies” find out that the “Guys” have not been raising the seat and have liberally sprayed the whole thing, things will revert to the old system. Guaranteed!

  77. pmxpilot says

    What girl would like to sit on a urinal? Heh?
    (Not so gender neutral after all!)

  78. David Parker says

    I am all for allowing these so-called “students” to buy a patch of ground and a connection to the local sewer system and to fund and use their very own bathrooms. Meanwhile, I hope any men present in the men’s facilities resist the temptation to help any women who stray into the men’s facilities demonstrate how it all naturally works.

    Meanwhile here are some simple instructions for those who choose to be permanently befuddled:
    1. If you were born with a penis, go to the one marked by a figure without a dress: If not, go to line 2
    2. If you were born with a vagina, go to the one marked by a figure with a dress: if not, go to line 1

    This is probably utterly confusing to these modern “students” but I post it here in case anyone who can understand these instructions happens to be available to guide these befuddled “students” who, after 18 or so years in this universe can’t determine by plain observation if they are male or female. Sometimes outside observation helps.

    David Parker

  79. Michael Stewart says

    why dont we just give them a transgendered bathroom along with the mens and ladies room. I would think with all other social issues we have we have more important problems to deal with than what bathroom a mentally ill man who thinks he is a woman should be able to use.

  80. The redhawk says

    OH them Students… all they need is a Lecture from Headinass Potus, Moochie, Sow Hilderbeast, Valerie and “FRIENDS” to learn all about “TRANNIES” and Bathroom bEHAVIOUR

  81. Kenny Albert says

    If they do put in the bathroom the queers would then want it limited to only their use.

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