Study Claims That Homophobia is a Mental Disease


Do you cringe when you see two guys swapping spit? Do you think that it is bizarre that we redefined “marriage” after thousands of years, taking enormous liberties with the 14th Amendment in the process? Do you think that everything from reason to biology to religion indicates that men should be with women and not with each other?

Well, a new Italian study says there is something wrong with you.

That’s right. For years, the psychiatric consensus was that homosexuality was a mental disorder. Now, though, we may be seeing the flipside of that determination. According to a study conducted at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, homosexuality is just fine. It is homophobia that is the real mental disorder.

How did researchers arrive at this puzzling conclusion? They surveyed more than 500 individuals about their perspective on homosexuality. Participants who indicated hostility toward homosexuals also displayed tendencies toward denial, passive-aggression, and an inability to put their trust in others. On the other hand, those who were okay with homosexuals were said to demonstrate better coping mechanisms and healthier social traits.

The study’s author, Emmanuele Jannini, said, “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia, associated with potentially severe psychopathologies.”

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Not the study itself, but the timing. It really is interesting. Why are we only discovering this now, in 2015? Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that a study like this would come out right when gay rights are among the trendiest issues of the day? If we grant that psychology and sociology are not, in fact, garbage sciences that have little or no connection to the true meaning of science – if we assume that they are just as relevant as astronomy and archaeology and medicine – then why did it take this long to discover something so simple? Why didn’t we discover this back in the 1930s?

Well, it’s really simple, actually. This is a garbage study done by garbage scientists working in the realm of garbage science. Does that mean that everything we hear out of the soft sciences is equally irrelevant? No…sometimes you can find something valuable in the garbage. Just not often.

When you look at the history of LGBT behaviors and how they are viewed by the so-called professionals, you see that it’s all based on societal trends and nothing more. When it became icky to tell homosexuals there was something “wrong” with them, psychiatrists stopped telling them that. Not because anything had changed, but because it was no longer politically correct. The same thing is happening now with transgender people. Since psychiatrists can’t force someone to not be gay anymore – since there aren’t any pills that can change you, and thus no profit to be made – they simply stopped calling it a mental disorder. That’s all this is.

Now, it benefits the LGBT movement to be able to turn the tables. Now, they get to use this study and call Christians “mentally ill.” Fine. Whatever. Just remember: it doesn’t mean anything. Nothing has actually changed. We’re just putting new labels on old stuff in an attempt to rationalize what we know, deep down, is a ridiculous set of beliefs.

  1. Reality Check says

    The TPP is set to destroy America and give it over to the Corporations and NOT ONE WORD from Right Wing Media.

    gays is a much bigger issue to the Right wing Propaganda.

    cons are a bunch of brainwashed drones.

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    2. Karen Gaddy says

      The TPP comes from YOUR TERRORIST PRESIDENT! He shoved it through with the help of demoncraps and rinos.

  2. Cotton says

    Study shows people who try to put down homosexuals are not self-righteous, they are just assholes.

    1. freedomoutpost ken says

      Italians were once the Great Roman Empire and what did homosexuality do to their great society? It seems liberal idiots never learn.

      1. Cotton says

        It seems you don’t know your history, I would recommend researching how it actually fell before full heartedly say it was homosexuallity, because it had nothing to do that. Think before you speak, wingnut!

        1. freedomoutpost ken says

          Yes it was, it was among the factors of moral decline that led to the fall of the Roman Empire; coupled with economic and governing decline. Almost a mirror image of what is happening in the USA today, but exactly like history has proven in the past we will also pay as a society for our regressions. Left wingnuts will never understand the consequences.

          1. Cotton says

            Moral decline? Seriously? If anything Rome forcing Christianity on the people caused that. Emperor Constantine implemented anti-religious laws banning the Roman people’s traditional beliefs. Heck, homophobia was a greater cause of the fall of Rome than homosexuality. But no apparently this country is going to fall because we are an ancient empire from a little less than two-thousand years ago. Talk about sound logic . Now, imposing biblical law in the US would probably cause us to fall, because that is exactly what the Romans did before they did.

          2. freedomoutpost ken says

            Wow, you libs love to distort history. I can imagine 100 years from now what liberals will say to distort what happened during this period, if there are any of them left.

          3. Cotton says

            Distort history, like you just tried to by claiming it was all homosexuality? Hypocrite.

          4. freedomoutpost ken says

            Never said it was the only reason.

          5. Cotton says

            It is not even a reason. If you want a reason try religion.

          6. freedomoutpost ken says

            It was considered one of the major reasons for hundreds years until there became a homosexual reason for it to disappear.

          7. Cotton says

            Far-fetched. Not very credible.

          8. pappadave says

            Of course it was one reason for Rome’s fall. You libs aren’t going to be successful in re-writing actual history, regardless of how much you try. Rome fell because it had become decadent. Too many people on the dole. Too many people practicing deviant behaviors and too many people fat, ignorant and living off of the labors of others. Sound familiar?

          9. John Doe says

            It’s one of the few things they are good at…..Rewriting history !

          10. Jonathan Brooks says

            Try re-reading your history. Rome as a government killed the Chrstians with skill and flair, and when the Empire was coming apart at the sems, Constantine came up with a genius idea of taking the Christian Brand, but filling it with Mithra Mystery Religion, and blending Roman Mithraic tradition with the names of Jesus, Mary and the saints.
            From that time, the Roman Government was re-named Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests, but filled out with the Italian Black Families who were the early progenators of the Cosa Nostra.
            These powerful families killed the devout Christians who had a personal relationship with Jesus, whenever they found them, and forced all the regular Churches in the Empire into the Universal or Catholic Church under threat of death.
            From 400 AD until now, the devout and personal relationship Christians were killed at the rate of 100 million from then until now, and the Luther Reformation only slowed the slaughter as governments broke away from Pope rule.

            In this time, the Jesuit Order still works like the Catholic CIA, infiltrating and subverting Protestants and Evangelicals, and takes an oath to do so.

            Pope Francis is the first jesuit Pope, and the first time this organization held this level of power.

          11. Cotton says

            What a time to be alive.

          12. Jonathan Brooks says

            The Chinese have a famous curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

    2. freedomoutpost ken says

      Assholes are more synonymous with homosexuals, not heterosexuals.

      1. Cotton says

        Because those “God Hates Fags” groups are not A-holes.

        1. freedomoutpost ken says

          Make up your mind, it’s one or the other.

          1. Cotton says

            I guess I should have mentioned sarcasm, but still you should have gotten that. Disappointing.

          2. freedomoutpost ken says

            Sarcasm both times?

          3. ShemSilber says

            Why should we even talk with those like Cotton whose minds are made up that we should not confuse them with the truth? If they don’t take the example of Sodom and Gormorrah seriously, what can we do about it? It will take the intervention of our Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) to wake them up, and then maybe they will choose life in the Redeemer who gave Himself to save us from that sin, instead of just resigning themselves to the second death, from which there is no resurrection. Maybe.

    3. Lynn McCrann says

      It seems by your comment that ‘a**holes’ is within your field of expertize much the same as those who live by that perverted lustful act and call it good. UGH!

      1. Cotton says

        You’re just proving my point more, good job.

        1. Lynn McCrann says

          You mean that you agree with my point that homosexual ACTS are a matter of short term lust that caters to perversion and not the God given gift that might be had between a man and a woman who promote the continuance of the valued family society?

          1. Cotton says

            No that people that go against it are a-holes. It’s okay though because people like you never have the guts to go up to real life people and say this. So whine behind a screen all you want. Unless you want to be one of those brave folk of westboro, but no one takes them seriously anymore anyways.

          2. Lynn McCrann says

            Oh how wrong you are. I do stand up publically when I see acts of filth. I try to ignore them but when push comes to shove those who stand up to perversion are the only ones I would find to be living an honest life.

          3. Cotton says

            You can believe in whatever you want, as long as you are not one of those westboro folk. No one likes having someone else’s beliefs shoved down on them, remember that.

          4. Lynn McCrann says

            I am not ‘one of those westboro folk’ but I am a Christian. And I don’t want someone forcing me to bake a cake or act as a functionary for a homosexual wedding either. To force someone to do that is shoving it down on them or do you disagree?

          5. Cotton says

            That is one of those grey areas that I do not know well, so I do not have an opinion on it. Businesses have different rights.

          6. Lynn McCrann says

            Grey area? Do you not read or is it that you refuse to expose your basic opinions?
            According to the radical homosexuals no one has rights but themselves and they will impose their ‘rights’ upon everyone even the children of heterosexuals.

          7. Cotton says

            It is better to not have an opinion than an misinformed one. This entire issue is based on discrimination, and this country is very against discrimination.

          8. Lynn McCrann says

            I like most people, even homosexuals, do have prejudices but to be honest I do not discriminate against anyone. By the same token I would refuse to add my efforts to those who advance deviancy and homosexual ‘marriage’ is just that for it promotes sodomy, a disgusting behavior to which I do claim prejudice.

  3. freedomoutpost ken says

    My international study of homosexuality found that 100% of participants of homosexuality are sexual degenerates. The study also found that the majority of heterosexuals could care less what homosexuals do as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t try to jam it down the throats of the rest of the public. The majority also do not believe the SCOTUS has any lawful right to improperly make homosexual marriage the law of the land.

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    3. Craig Tarter says

      The SCOTUS will call a circle square before the weak is out.

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    7. dude says

      I agree completely all but the part that most don’t care as long as they stay in the closet were the sick bastards belong …it wouldn’t bother me as much if they wouldn’t let them raise children or keep transmitting std all over… or our children haft to see this sick crap or be taught that this crap is ok in school …or they have the right to make people and or businesses do what they want or get shut down …they need to go back in the closet until they go to hell and GOD say’s that’s were they’re going …people stop trying to be policy correct call a queer a queer…go trump 2016

      1. Ralph in Denver says

        I never gave them much of a thought, figuring what two consenting adults do to themselves is no problem for me. I certainly didn’t agree with the homo lifestyle and I didn’t want anything to do with them, but I figured as long as they left me alone I didn’t really care. I started to care a little when they all started coming out and even won with the getting “married” crappage. I started to care even more when the deviates started flaunting it and they wanted to tell me how I should think that it was “normal”. It became a major problem for me when they started to prosecute people of faith who wanted nothing to do with them. It did become a MAJOR SERIOUS ISSUE when they started going at the kids. I do not want lesbians and homo whack-a-do’s leading troops in either the Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts. I am disgusted beyond belief at the homosexual and transgender is “normal” crappage they are feeding our kids at our public screwells. The preponderance of folks who aren’t homo whack-a-do’s LGBTQ’s themselves and haven’t been indoctrinated by the liberal media yet are almost totally against them all now. This is not going to end well for them. I think when it’s all said and done they’ll wish they had it like the “good ol’ days”

      2. Jerry says

        You must be special if God tells you what his/her likes and dislikes are. I don’t see how you can feel that you as a bigot is more in line with God than someone who has found someone of the same sex to share life with. Do you really need someone/thing to hate to feel good about yourself?

        1. don lavrich says

          whats wrong with finding someone of the opposite sex to spend your life with?

          1. Jerry says

            Nothing…, however what is wrong with someone finding someone of the same sex to spend his/her live with. With some people a dog or cat ends up what they spend their life with. It is an individual choice. No one should hate or dislike someone because their taste is not the same as yours.

          2. joe says

            IT IS A DISEASE

          3. Jerry says

            The disease is your bigotry. If you’re a Christian then you believe that Adam and Eve had two sons. How do you think the world was populated based on that teaching. Keep your opinion to yourself and your hands out of your pocket. You opinion is only valuable to you.

          4. joe says

            if that was true eveeryone would have large skulls and flipper feet from the inbreeding. You will accept my opinion as fact and like it fruitboy

          5. Jerry says

            I take it you like fruit. It is a well proven fact that those who are obsessed over homosexuals are closet homosexuals trying to act straight.

          6. Tracy says

            Ha ha. U believe in Easter bunny too?

          7. Laurence Almand says

            Says who? Are you a medical doctor? Do you have your degree in psychiatry?

          8. joe says

            yes and yes now go eat a bowl of dicks

          9. Tracy says

            a child molester is a big problem! Focus on that instead of telling the world how to live.

          10. joe says

            What the hell are you talking about you dullard. Have two guys raise a child and you end up with a child molestor or a serial killer focus on that. These deviants are the ones telling the world how to live they are the sick twisted people trying to make this seem normal IT IS NOT NORMAL IT IS SICK!!!!

          11. Laurence Almand says

            Nothing. The majority of men like females – well, good for them. But they do not have the right to be judgmental toward people who have different preferences.

        2. joe says

          it is a sick and twisted choice made by deviants it is NOT NORMAL AND NEVER WILL BE, YOU WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED AS NORMAL YOU SICK FREAK

          1. ShemSilber says

            NOW you’re talking! HalleluYAH!

          2. Jerry says

            First of all Joe I’m not a homo. Your opinion you have a right to, however just because you think something it doesn’t make it right. Bigots like you are largely responsible for the many problems in the world today. You have this need to hate. You have this need to be superior to someone since you have very little confidence in yourself. Why don’t you play with your toy your way and let others play with their toy their way. No one except you has ever been able to define ‘normal’. It’s good to know you can, at least in your own mind.

          3. joe says


          4. joe says

            YOU ARE A HOMO if you think it is ok you secretely want something jammed in your rectum that that is disgusting you sick twisted deviant you poor mother must hate your guts I know jesus does

          5. Jerry says

            Joe, why do you like to talk about this stuff so much? Does it t**n you on. I’m done with this conversation.

          6. joe says

            You are done when I tell you that you are done you fancy lad

      3. Laurence Almand says

        So far as gay men being “sick bastards” – what about the straight men who sexually molest little girls? Keep in mind the vast majority of child sexual abuse cases involve straight men – usually a male relative – and little girls, not little boys.

        1. freedomoutpost ken says

          Anyone reputable is disgusted by both.

    8. franklyfrank says

      Amen brother!
      My sentiments exactly.
      And yes, two guys swapping spit DOES GROSS me out.

      1. Ralph in Denver says

        Me too, but I must be a little lesbian myself as 2 pretty girls swapping spit doesn’t bother me a bit. I don’t demand equal rights to the womens’ restrooms yet but I must admit when I was in my early teens I thought about drilling a hole or 2,,,,, never did tho

        1. Mary Koch says

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      2. Laurence Almand says

        How about two sexy girls? Frankly, anyone “swapping spit” is disgusting and gross, but that’s just my opinion. Some heteros do things that most people would find disgusting, so you can’t generalize.
        Do your gross actions in the bedroom, not in public.

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    10. Hawtry says

      can you provide a citation for your study?

      1. freedomoutpost ken says

        Yes, I interviewed millions with a +/- of 0.001%.
        Note* Sarcasm indicating how ridiculous this article is.

    11. Velmaminaya says

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    12. Tracy says

      Legal in plenty of countries

      1. freedomoutpost ken says

        Legal and moral two different things. They throw gays off buildings in Muslim countries.

    13. peanut9244 says

      I agree with you except for the majority part.
      Sorry sir if you are a liberal and If you are not then I am sorry I offended you, but look who is in the White House.
      Since 2009 I have never seen his authorize anything where the MAJORITY RULES.
      All we get is “IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO” attitude.
      I am a catholic but yet I have to kowtow to the gays if I want to keep my business.
      I don’t like Homos based on what happened when I was a child……Trust me the moron in the White House needs to have done to him what was done to me as a child then he would change his attitude about faggots but then again he might have liked it based on his current attitude.
      I have a grandson that was gay he’s dead now from AIDS. I didn’t talk to him from the day he informed everyone on his grandmothers birthday that he as gay and “here is my boyfriend”.
      They were married in California 3 years ago. Call me ignorant or homophobic but I did not attend. I didn’t even go to the funeral….I just said my good byes in my own way. The mrs said that the funeral was huge and full of men dressed like women. She said it was hard to tell the difference.
      Do I miss him you damn well better believe it, because I remember all the birthdays, Christmas, picnics, fun in the park, playing baseball, tag football, when I had my open heart he never left my side.
      THAT is how I want to remember him.
      Obama has made a mockery of everything this country hold dear and his party is not doing any better. I cant say my party is doing any better but maybe with Speaker Ryan at the helm things will change, but I doubt it.

      1. freedomoutpost ken says

        I am a diehard Conservative and the majority comment was that the majority disagree with homosexual marriages, contrary to what you hear from the liberal media. I don’t care what someone does with their personal choices, as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t harm anyone who disagrees with their choices. Homosexual marriage is un-natural and against God’s will as defined in the Bible.

        1. peanut9244 says

          Been saying that all along. HOWEVER, what pizzes me off is when we are FORCED, I believe the politically correct word is MANDATED, to put aside our religious beliefs for the sake of a few sissy’s that cant make up their minds if they are male or female or both.
          I live in a small farming community and everyone know me either by name or by my face and they know what happened when I was six. The gays give my store a wide berth when wanting to buy something.
          The only thing I want them to do is stay as far away from me as they possibly can…I think you can get the message.

          1. freedomoutpost ken says

            We are letting this happen, because there are more people against this politically correct issue than those who support it. The louder the few yell, the silent majority goes into a shell and keeps their opinions to themselves, but that doesn’t mean they agree with the abhorrent morality.

          2. peanut9244 says

            I agree but you have to remember when we open our mouths now we get slammed with one law suit after another, and the louder we scream the more people ignore us saying we are radical, racial, or just plain nuts.
            I swear we cant win for loosing.

          3. freedomoutpost ken says

            Trump uses the right tactic by turning the attacks on them and he is the only Republican who will attack Hillary.

    14. SKULLTAKER says

      Amen , a buncha Filthy Degenerates !

  4. StampOutLIberals says

    Me thinks the Italian Study Group has the collective mental disease…..

    1. marryjon says

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  7. skipsart says

    What does one expect from…………..Italians?

    1. Karen Gaddy says

      I agree. Wasn’t it sexual degeneration that led to the fall of the Roman Empire?

  8. ShemSilber says

    The instruction book of the Creator teaches us proper sexual conduct in Leviticus chapters 18 and 20, telling us what is right and proper. The Apostle Paul also tells us, per I Corinthians 6:9-11 that neither the effeminate nor homosexuals will inherit Yahuwah’s Kingdom, and it emphasizes that Paul brought some out of sexual perversion when he writes, “…and such WERE some of you, but you are washed…”
    These “scientists” are putting themselves in sore danger, for Isaiah 5:20 warns us that there are woes to those who call evil good and good evil. Better to follow the counsel of Ezekiel chapters 18 and 33 to turn from evil to the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), for He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but would rather that we turn from our Torah violations and live. HalleluYAH, for He has great patience with us and gives us time to repent, rather than to suffer those consequences. He gave His life’s-blood to cover those sins to save us FROM those sins, not IN them, and should we not respond in kind? Turn to the Creator who gave you physical life, and ask Him to add to you everlasting life, per John 3:16. Choose LIFE, in the Name of our Messiah Yahushua, omein.

  9. nevergivein says

    Bad News, if you are not LGBTQ, Check in to the local nut house. Study Claims That Homophobia is a Mental Disease. The Homophobic Wing is right next to the CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS Wing. Which is right next to the GUN OWNERS Wing See you there. Isn’t it amazing how much SMARTER we have become Since OBAMA has been Terrorist -in- Chief?

    1. ShemSilber says

      Never give in, and never give up trust in the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), for He will save us FROM this insane world and give us everlasting life in the Age to Come, wherein there is only peace and prosperity through His righteousness dwelling in us for the ages of the ages, omein.

      1. nevergivein says

        Thanks ShemSilber, I needed that !

        1. ShemSilber says

          That is POSITIVE hope, too, not like the world gives, omein!

      2. Reta Mae Cherry says

        Yeah, according to the signs of the map (Bible Prophecy) we don’t have much longer to tolerate this foolishness.

        1. ShemSilber says

          HalleluYAH, for it shall all be gone, when our Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) has made the whole world kosher, and that in our near future (too soon for the scoffers, but not soon enough for believers), omein!

          1. joe says

            Wow my yamaha never talked to me it just kind of sat there in the garage and what do pickles have to do with anything, chowmein

          2. ShemSilber says

            What can I say, other than that you will flip your kippa (yarmulka) when you learn who it is who formed you in your eema’s (mama’s) belly and knows you better than you know yourself, b’Shem Yahushua ha-Moshiach, OMEIN.

          3. joe says

            Yom kippur snacks to you too shemp nyuk nyuk nyuk, CHOWMEIN

          4. ShemSilber says

            Yom ha Kippurim is one of the precious times that Yahuwah Avinu has given us, to show us the Master Yahushua, who is our Kippur (Atonement), and to show us that the Azazel goat (the one Islam calls Allah) will finally be taken and thrown into the pit. We know who is the winner of this battle for men’s beings. We each have to decide either to choose life through the Messiah or by default the second death. May you be blessed with a change of mind, with seeing the light of Isaiah 9:2, the living Torah, the Messiah Yahushua, by whom only we can emerge into everlasting light. Don’t waste your whole life scoffing. He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, per Ezekiel chapters 18 and 33, but that we turn from our Torah violations and live. He never forced anyone to believe Him, but He blesses those who do. It’s up to you, buddy. So long.

    2. Reta Mae Cherry says

      I hope that is only sarcasm. Lol. I may use your words on my next post.

  10. Victor Archuleta says

    Victor Archuleta, Doctor of Divine Metaphysics, has completed a study demonstrating that the real disease affecting humankind is the refusal to implement the Creator’s plan for creation. This plan includes, in part, instructions for caring for the planet, caring a nation’s security, protecting the unborn, governing justly, preserving marriage, and educating the young. Be informed. The entire plan is revealed in the Holy Bible; traces of the plan can be found in Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, the Dhammapada, and in in the Bagavad Gita. Furthermore, Dr. Archuleta’s research also demonstrated that this disease is caused and the infection spread by the system of education which has, in fact, germinated the disease by suppressing the Creator’s plan.

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      Victor, how do I study for and receive a Doctorate in “Devine metaphysics”?

      1. Victor Archuleta says

        Thanks for responding. May the following be the answer you seek.

        First, understand that metaphysics has been twisted to incorporate practices from witchcraft to numerology. Divine Metaphysics, the authentic study of first principles, essentially is the study and application of the abiding, unchanging universal spiritual laws to the problems of everyday life. In the tradition of the Jewish scholars, who study and teach Judaic law, the Holy Bible is the law book of the Divine metaphysician. I graduated from the College of Divine Metaphysics , selected after researching many institutions claiming to teach the subject. However, I had long before learned that the Divine, or Universal Mind is not contained by any one religion. The will of the Creator is progressively revealed to Mankind by many Messengers.

        Buddha, Krishna and Quetzalcoatl prophesied the coming of Jesus of Nazareth. White Buffalo Calf Woman laid the foundation for accepting the Gospel, The 5 Nations of the Iroquois established the Biblical foundation of the America’s representative government centuries before the Pilgrims arrived. Mary Baker Eddy clearly explained the Divine Science of the teachings of Jesus. These subjects and more, are included in the post graduate study of Divine Metaphysics, a never-ending study.

  11. jdbixii says

    Perhaps, the basic question in regard to behaviors of “difference” is what the cost of the “difference” factor is to the individuals who engage in it and society which must adjust to, make exception for, or change the legal code and laws to accommodate the “difference.” How often is prejudice and discrimination shown to heterosexuals, based on the purposefulness and normalcy of heterosexuality? Not often, or not at all. If the mere criteria of frequency of objection, prejudice and discrimination were used to substantiate the probability of a behavior being logical or illogical, the need for correction of those behaviors by people should be obvious. If you do not want the prejudice and discrimination, stop violating the morays of purposeful sexuality. If virtue is its own reward, the lack of it is its own punishment. Society, in making changes to “accommodate” the behavior of homosexuals and their desire for an “equality” of legal rights, despite the obvious difference in composition and purpose in relationship, has allowed that, for whatever reason, homosexuals are what they are, they have a legal right to be so. It is particularly problematic that, arbitrarily, courts will “draw a line” respecting consensual, adult perversion and its effect on children, for example, in the context of a “same-sex” marriage where children are either adopted or one “partner” goes through the legal machinations of being an artificial, surrogate “spouse” or makes a legal contract to have a woman be a surrogate mother to a child which will be given up for adoption into a “same-sex” marriage.
    It is unbelievable that thinking people in government have stooped to this level of absolute crap, to allow the dysfunction of minds to be elevated to acceptability in a legal context.
    Also, it is not homophobia, defined as “fear of homosexuals,” with, perhaps, the exception of contracting HIV, which is pervasive among most people. It is an aversion to the obnoxious, “in your face” behavior, which is offensive.

  12. Oscar Y. Harward says

    This article was most likely written by an immoral and sickly homosexual or lesbian. Any individual who chooses to have sex with others of the same sex are degenerated and nauseously sick.

    As the author of this article says, “Now, they get to use this study and call Christians “mentally ill.””

  13. AlanWH says

    “If a Man Lies with a Man as he would with a Woman, it is an Abomination.” Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. What YHVH Calls an Abomination is an Abomination. “Forever O Lord, Thy Word is Settled in Heaven.” Psalm 119:89 The Word of YHVH, “YAHSHUA/JESUS, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.” Hebrews 13:8

  14. joe haire says

    NO………Liberalism is a mental disease!!!

  15. gerald Hughes says

    We more or less ignored the perverts for 250 years.
    No one thought about them, just avoided them where possible.
    We have cordially despised the liberal dem bloodsuckers for the last 50 years.
    Both positions have evolved over the last 7 years.

    Now we thoroughly despise the perverts and hate the liberal scum.
    Seems obvious to me, that it;s time to physically separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers and their pervert familiars.
    It is the only way to prevent civil war.

  16. Robalou01 says

    What about heterophobia? Is that a mental disease too? This is all such liberal crap.

    1. Deb says

      How about transophobia or lesophobia or don’t agree with it ophobia?

  17. tax man says

    I imagine the folks who did this study are queer and just trying to support their own existence.

    1. Ralph in Denver says

      They might be,,, but I think they are just a few of Obama’s climate scientists doing a little side job for a few extra Christmas bucks

  18. ChaplainPeter says

    The myth that if homosexuals keep to themselves and don’t bother nobody is a lie. Thinking, God fearing people know that this sodomite lifestyle is a plague from hell. To watch a so called LGBTQ++ parade is enough to make any decent, moral human vomit. To see grown men dressing like women, tons of make up, some exposing their buts and private parts, lewd dancing, gestures, glowing in the filth of their abominations is a cancer to any Nation, civilization. The fact that this government and world leaders are pushing this filth and criminalizing dissent shows that the one’s ruling the earth are a bunch of abortion murdering pedophiles. This is easily researched online. Judgement is already upon America and will increase until FIRE OF THE ALMIGHTY CLEANSES THE EARTH AS IT DID IN SODOM & GAMORRAH. The church is the 1st to be judged by the Lord for He loves His people and will not let them continue in this CASUAL CHRISTIANITY. For those of you that will reply that I hate homos, my answer is I love you enough to tell you the truth and warn you to repent. The Lord Jesus Christ is able to deliver to the uttermost. Trust Him today and be made a new creation in Christ. God bless, His servant, Peter

  19. hcool says

    Homosexuality is a mental disease. They are only a small minority and unlike the vast majority of normal people. They are very good at spreading aids and also have a high suicide rate. (Because of all their mental problems)

  20. Walter Bazner says

    It’s not a disease it’s to Christians all over the world a sin. It’s like Obama is now trying to close Catholic schools because they according to him are the cause of racism and homo rejection. Go live in another country if you don’t like it here. My motto is live and let live. Today’s business is tomorrows game.I can’t change you but i pray for you daily and maybe that will change you. Don’t shove a bunch of false studies down America’s throat!!!!

  21. pappadave says

    “Study Claims that Homosexuality is a Mental Disease.” There. Fixed it for you.

  22. Jackie says

    What a bunch of bullcrap!

  23. Pam Dirac says

    “Do you cringe when you see two guys swapping spit?”


    “Do you think that it is bizarre that we redefined “marriage” after thousands of years, taking enormous liberties with the 14th Amendment in the process?”

    No. The SCOTUS has been over stepping its bounds ever since FDR by making legislation rather than interpreting it. Not to also mention the total disregard of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, which have long been de facto “repealed” through disregard. How marriage is legally defined is up to the states and local gov’ts. The Fed Gov should have no say in the matter, as this was not one of its Constitutionally granted powers. Ignoring the Constitution may be a lot of things, but not bizarre. Just politics as usual.

    “Do you think that everything from reason to biology to religion indicates that men should be with women and not with each other?”

    That should be up to individuals to decide.

    If there is such a thing as homophobia, it could be a real disorder. However, that’s not how leftoids use that — or any other — word. To leftoids, “homophobia” is a smear word, an attack word. This is how they change meanings, and there’s nothing new about this.

    1. Kent2012 says

      we may have to change their alphabet soup nomenclature to SCROTUMUS….

  24. SouthernPatriot says

    Once again, the politically correct crowd wants to call “good” “bad” and “bad” “good.” No better source than God Himself calls homosexuality and homosexual behavior as “reprobate” (demented) mind. I have never seen a homo who had a sane mind.

  25. imbog says

    More than 600,000 Americans have died of aids and there is NO cure for aids but only very expensive medication just to keep them alive. You don’t make love to the filthiest part of your body and say it is normal==Very sick

    1. keith says

      Yes it is hard to beleive that homos think the anal tract is a sexual organ

    2. Dave says

      Yes, and 4% of the population HOMOSEXUALS are responsible for 75% of ALL NEW DIAGNOSES according to the CDC.

      Who has the mental disease, now?

  26. Chuck says

    Being a homophobe, I am “proud” to be mentally ill. Two “guys” or “women” swapping spit makes me want to puke. It is they that are ill. It is they who are nature’s misfits. It is they that mostly spread AIDs. They may do what they will, but keep it private. Gay marriage is a sham as is the homo Obama who supports it. He is not known as Bathhouse Barry for nothing.

    1. hcool says

      Things that are not understood can cause fear. And I do not understand homo’s.

  27. Deb says

    Homosexuality is a mental disease.

  28. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    else can they say! Next they’ll say those who believe in the Holy
    Bible are mentally ill too. You have to know where these people are
    coming from, they are liberal progressives, they’re just supersized
    hippies. Their brains have been burnt up from all of that free weed ,
    glue sniffing, paint chip eating, you name it, they either smoked,
    snorted it, or swallow it.

  29. andrew says

    Charles Darwin stated it best when observing
    homosexual behavior … “Homosexuals are evil incarnate and Satan’s
    puppets. Existing only to steal, kill and destroy all that is considered good,
    clean, moral and ethical.
    They are self indulgent narcissistic fools that are
    guided only by their sexual organs and animalistic desires. A more sick and
    deluded specimen, I have not encountered.”

  30. Arthur Facteau says

    Hold on, I’m mentally ill? I always thought being a fag was a mental aberration…What? I can’t say fag, it might ‘offend’ the fag and fag lovers? OH! Well, allrighty then, my bad…

  31. Jonathan Brooks says

    Homophobia is a fancy way for the LGBT to oppress their opposition, and make the case for re-education, a favorite action of the left and communists. It is just easier to call your opponenets crazy than to answer why there is a high coorelation between the gay lifestyle and drug and Alcohol and sexual addiction behaviors, life partner abuse and violence, depression, and early suicide. You can be tolerant of alternative lifestyles without being forced to accept them as positive and healthy and preferable to the heterosexual lifestyle. I have never heard these psychologist ever discuss heterophobia, although I have know hetero haters all my life, and have been called a “Breeder”, and other insults by the lifestyle gay.

  32. Francisco Machado says

    A phobia is de facto and by definition an irrational mental dysfunction. Insofar as it is not exercised as an attempt to control the behavior of others, it is significantly the problem of the person experiencing it. It is a disabling mental fixation. Progressives use politicization and aggravation of phobias as a tool to achieve power, particularly on nationalist/racial issues and gun issues. The validation and public amplification of phobias is highly divisive, turning people and groups against one another and reducing their effectiveness in combating the increasing regulation and control of the populace by government mandate, support for which can always be ginned up by the administration among select activist “true believer” groups and followers. It is how the irrationality of mobs is focused to riot.

  33. rayr65 says

    Do any of these JA’s ever use a dictionary? phobia |ˈfōbēə| noun
    an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something : he had a phobia about being under water | a phobia of germs | a snake phobia. I have no fear or aversion to them, who would be afraid of some limp wrist sissy? No, I simply don’t like faggots or their lifestyles.

  34. Dick Ellis says

    Doesn’t surprise me on this coming from ITALY! Look at all the HOMO’S in the Country and Priest hood world wide!

  35. Chuck Ferraris says

    I was discussing this with my girlfriend, closest thing in nature to homosexuality is a naval orange. They can’t reproduce, so they are grafted… By making a society that is so prosperous, we’re providing them a field that is ripe for grafting..

  36. ZACAL says

    Give me a break. These bastards will try and feed you anything to make a warped view look normal. As far as myself, I feel “rump rangers and lickers” should get back in the closet and leave us normals alone.

  37. Wapitiman says

    I don’t suffer from homophobia (I am not afraid of queers)
    I suffer from homodisgustia!

  38. freeper says

    You have be crazy to believe this study…?

  39. PatriotParatrooper says

    All psychology books up until the late 60’s listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. But that was back when the pilgrims came to america because of religious persecution instead of coming to wipe out the indians, The founding fathers were thought of as patriots and not terrorists, the only thing musliims did for this country was extort money for kidnapped people, that’s why the marines were sent to the shores of tripoli to wipe them out, A dollar was worth a dollar, and real actors were like John Wayne. Then the left has tried to take over and nuder america. I think it’s time the pendulum needs to swing back.

  40. andrew says

    Charles Darwin stated it best when observing
    homosexual behavior … “Homosexuals are evil incarnate and Satan’s
    puppets. Existing only to steal, kill and destroy all that is considered good,
    clean, moral and ethical.
    They are self indulgent narcissistic fools that are
    guided only by their sexual organs and animalistic desires. A more sick and
    deluded specimen, I have not encountered.”

  41. jimdarnall says

    The truth witch liberals hate is that conservatives are not afraid of homosexuals at all. They just don’t agree with their lifestyle. It isnt a natural relationship between males or females. Some would say that it is disgusting. Most importantly it goes against God’s plan for men and women and is a sin. The word phobia means fear and there is no fear of homosexuals therefore your statement of being a mental disease is not factual or truthful. It’s just a liberal statement because they can’t deal with truth.

  42. Alleged Comment says

    Well, people that label us as having a mental disease can’t figure out they have a disease too?

    Called heterophobia??? Where are these people coming from? Can someone tell me how we got so stupid?

    Is the Nerogro sodomite a sign of this nation’s direction since 2008??

  43. downs1 says

    So . . . what you are telling us is that God Almighty, our Creator, who according to His word abhors homosexuality and will severely judge those who choose this lifestyle, is mentally unstable?? This nation is dying and part of the problem is the same that contributed to the destruction of all of the great world empires . . . homosexuality! The idiots in the Supreme Court have no idea what they will face when they stand in judgment! That goes for the great fools in the ACLU and other anti-God, liberal organizations!

  44. watchman48 says

    Would you not agree that most cities have children of all ages and most likely even several new born… It has been said in the Bible that Sodom and Gomorrah were great cities (Genesis 19:23-25) which were destroyed because of wicked sexual perversion… Thus we can assume that several children and most likely infants were even killed because of the wickedness of others… Thus the innocent children and even infants were killed because of the sins of many others…
    Ignorance of God’s Holy Scriptures have caused the death of billions of people throughout man’s history…. And being ignorant of God’s WORD will not save anyone on Judgment Day….
    God will never allow the destruction of a nation nor its people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him that they might be saved…. USA destruction is coming, Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.” If you don’t believe there is a God than here is the proof, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.” If you deny the warnings that watchmen give you, then you will have no excuse when death comes….

  45. Combat Veteran Seabee says

    I find it very curious that the DSM-5 has never had “homophobia in its pages, but did have homosexuality in its pages at one time! Go figure. By the way, the gays got a gay psychiatrist to push their agenda and get homosexuality removed from the DSM-5! That is a history lesson folks!

  46. N.McDaniel says

    Face it, they are social misfits and they should stay the hel- away from the Boy Scouts.

  47. Azmesa88 says

    NO…being a homo is a mental illness; not natural and no one can prove otherwise! How sickening and such an attack on healthy human beings, as we have been for all of time up until now. Being a Homosexual is a sick ab-normal way to be and is against all that humanity was meant to be. Perverted and sick! The only reason it is in the forefront is because EVERY evil, unhealthy and anti-faith thing is being driven as normal. If so humanity is sick and deserves to be eliminated form the earth…it is a grave disease and is evil. Satan is ramping up his crap and it is time for the Nation to return to our faith based foundation, values and roots and take a stand to stop this insanity! God, the Father; Jesus, Our Savior and the Word of the Bible is the truth and the way of good and healthy life, period. The rest belong to satan and hell for eternity! There is NO way to cover up that being a homo sexual is a sick, deviant and evil way to be no matter what another says. IF a gay person can abstain and turn from such a life they too can be saved if they are in truth.

  48. don lavrich says

    homosexuality is unnatural and an abomination to the Lord. liberals made up the word homophobia, because it makes them feel that the sin of homosexuality is o.k. to do, and also makes them feel better about the subject, but the Lord never changes. it is still a sin and an abomination to the Lord, but the good news for the homosexual is that yashua can save you from this sin if you repent!

  49. cae973 says

    ha ha .this is a joke? Oh right, this is the wrong is right and right is wrong campaign in full swing.
    So deviant sexual behavior is now normal and normal people who do not approve of deviant sexual behavior are now abnormal…it would be funny if it weren’t so demented

  50. james lloyd says

    Every time I have tried to point out the hypocrisy of the left, gays included; I have been the recipient of all kinds of “hate speech” another source of the blatant double standard of the left, and gays. They attempt to claim the high ground, while proclaiming that any one not in lockstep with them is insensitive and an idiot. BUT, Science and simple logic proves their position is without defense. If THEY truly believe in Science and they have claimed loudly that they do, then they must seek help. Biology, does not favor the weak, nor does it aid their argument. Theirs is a biological dead-end since. they can not reproduce. Their goals are simply to try and change Society by trying to alter our ideas and culture. They are willing to destroy the very Society that has allowed them the freedoms they enjoy. No, they have an agenda and ideology that urges them to take whatever actions they believe will further their cause.

  51. joe says

    You have to be kidding me being a homo is the disease and they spread it around as well

  52. real talk 1 says

    The homosexual is for sure mentally ill sick and thats a fact God did not make mistakes and as the article saysthe government just let it fall under political correctness and stop this bullshitt trying to force it on those that disagree !!

  53. joe says

    I think if we sprayed for them like we do mosquitos we could start to solve the problem , eventually we could eradicate this disease like we did the black plague or polio at least force them back into the closet so the normal people in this country do not have to see the twisted sick behavior from these deviants.

  54. mike223 says

    Its Obamapohbia which is the most destructive mental disorder. Its transmitted from one liberal to another.

  55. Brenda says

    Yada, Yada, Yada, Years ago being a homosexual, transgender, other forms of the LBGT community was considered a mental disease. All this study shows is that the “current popularity” and “political agenda” of the LBGT group is an attempt to “force” acceptance of them by creating a “new disease”.

  56. Laurence Almand says

    Hatred of homosexuals is the result of narrow-minded thinking, but it is not a “disease” any more than racism is a disease. The old saying, “Keep your private life private” applies to gay people and everyone else.

  57. Kurt Krauser says

    There must be studies that show heterophobia is a mental disease….

  58. runnindeer says

    I’m not interested in watching homosexuals or in talking about their behavior. With an entire world filled with subjects of real interest and so much need for the human mind to focus on trying to do things of benefit to the world as a whole, why would anyone care about anyone’s personal sexual orientations? I do however feel that if a person is really following what is written in the Bible and believes in the Bible as the undisputed Word of the one true all mighty GOD, that person has the undisputed right to say that they do not feel that the practice of homosexual behavior is good or right. But that also isn’t to say that anyone should want to do harm to a person because of their sexual behavior – unless that behavior lowered the person to the practice of sexual molestation or minors and bestiality. Those should be destroyed.

  59. Tracy says

    Who cares? Live your own life and move on.

  60. peanut9244 says

    Please tell me what male in their right mind would lay on their backs and spread the cheeks of their butts and allow a man with a schlong larger then the opening to enter and be used like a woman?
    Being raped repeatedly as a child from the age of 6 to 12 I am speaking first hand.
    I have such an intenst dislike towards them that as a young man I wa known to go out and look for them. Then I got arrested and decided to go into law.
    Now, I just avoid them like a plague. We had one in our family that I didnt talk to or see till the day he dies of AIDS from his “husband” who cheated on him and passed the disease on to my grandson. Now he also is dying and sorry but it cant be soon enough.
    Call me anything you want aint no skin off my butt, but dont knocke it tillyou have been in my shoes for 72 years.

    1. SKULLTAKER says

      Amen Peanut, Sorry that Happen to you brother, I wish you could have Exterminated the ones who did that to you !

      1. peanut9244 says

        Oh my father did that ….. to the best of my knowledge they are stillin prison, but then they would be like well over 100 if they were. Hell, when dad went before the Judge I can remember the judge saying “case dismissed time served” to the day my dad dies you could not find that incident on record.

        1. SKULLTAKER says

          NICE, they should have been castrated and set on fire for what they did !

  61. svio87savs says

    Don’t get sad. Get glad.

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