Support for Hillary Clinton is Waning


According to a new online poll from Reuters, the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account is hurting her standing among Democrats. While Clinton’s numbers remain high, support for her candidacy has dropped a full 15 points since February. Only 45 percent of Democrats now say they would support her bid for the White House. A third of Democrats surveyed say that the scandal has hurt the former Secretary of State politically.

These numbers have to worry those inside the Hillary campaign, but they must be even more frightening for the DNC. They have literally put all of their eggs in one basket this time around. There is not a single other viable Democratic contender who has made even the slightest murmur about running. Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders have mentioned making a bid for the White House, but they are nothing to be concerned with. We have a better chance of watching Donald Trump take the oath of office in 2017 than Sanders, and Biden is a walking gaffe-machine. Unless someone can convince Elizabeth Warren to change her mind, Democrats are stuck with Clinton.

It’s not clear whether her still-strong numbers are a result of passionate support or a lack of choices. Without a viable alternative, there’s no way to know. The media has made a lot of hay out of her strong polling, but what does it really prove? It’s Hillary or no one. It’s Hillary or a Republican. And Democrats would probably rather see Obama issue an executive order giving himself a third term in office than support a Republican for president. Come to think of it, that could still happen.

Unless the DNC jumps ship, this will come down to how well Hillary can survive the scandal. So far, indications are that she is not prepared. Known for playing her cards close to the vest, she is not inclined to explain herself to the American people. Her speech at the UN last week was hardly sufficient. Nothing will satisfy her critics other than turning over the server itself to an independent investigation, and she has already said that is something she is unwilling to do. Therefore, we are left to simply trust her when she says there was nothing worth reading in the 30,000 emails she deleted. Just recipes and yoga tips. But we’ll never know for sure.

And it’s that uncertainty that is leading to the softening numbers. Democrats are as sick of scandal as Republicans, and scandal follows the Clintons like winter follows autumn. They are without morals, seeking power with the zeal of desperation. Whether what they do with that power is beneficial to the country or not is a matter of opinion, but even the Clinton Fan Club wishes his presidency had been a little cleaner. A little less fraught with questions. You don’t hear the name Monica Lewinsky too often anymore, but those of us who lived through that dark period of American politics remember. Do we really want to go back there?

If the polls are anything to go by, an increasing number of Democrats do not.

  1. MAHB001 says

    I hope the Dems ride that plane all the way into the ground.
    Hillary is auguring in.
    I’m gonna get some popcorn…

  2. MAHB001 says

    The only thing that could save Hillary now is a corrupt media…….
    Uhh ohhhh……

    1. David says

      A corrupt liberal media and republicans staying home. I don’t think Hillary is a treat but we need to vote EVEN IF IT IS NOTOUR IDEAL CANDIDATE.

      1. Pete Allenbach says

        Did you mean THREAT?

        1. MAHB001 says

          Definitely not a treat.
          Only a sick puppy would think Hillary was a treat. 🙂
          Happens to me all the time…

          1. IMSweetOlBob says

            Yup ! I too often get my alleged brain ahead of my fingers.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I am dyslexic. That has given my lazy arse the excuse not to spell things properly, as my brain re-arranges the letters so that they look correct to me regardless of what is on paper.
            You should see the incomprehensible gibberish that the spell checker corrects.

          3. Marshall Korvela says

            WOOF! WOOF!;>)

      2. MAHB001 says

        No doubt the Republicans can make no mistakes from here on out.
        Any Republican mistake is magnified by the media from a mole hill to a mountain.
        Any Democrat mistake is buried under a rock.
        This practice is called bias by omission on my boycott website.

        1. Krazeehors says

          But you have to understand (and I am being somewhat sarcastic) that Dems think the Republicans are incapable of flushing a toilet unless it is a $100,000 government provided one!!

          They have been that way since the dawn of time, and even started blaming Republicans for everything bad IN THE SENATE even before they took over!!

          Democrat mistakes are celebrated by Hollywood and million dollar television productions designed to cover up their imperfections.

          1. Kenneth Licker says

            If it was a $100,000 toilet, it was provided courtesy of a Democratic sponsored amendment to a welfare bill that could not be read until it was passed.

          2. Krazeehors says

            Yes, I know. Like the 100,000 outhouse in the wilderness in Alaska.

          3. Yadja says

            That might have worked in the past but O has stepped in it and on it for all Democrats and they will pay for his mistakes for years to come.

            Just saw one of the little Demonites put up a speech by Cruz that had been hacked up by all the Main Media.

            Two points. The clip they had said he wanted to abolish the IRS and put the 110,000 IRS agents on the Southern Border.
            What he said was abolish the IRS and put a Flat Tax in that people could understand without paying lawyers or agencies to figure out the taxes.
            What he said concerning putting them on the Border was a joke. If the first thing an illegal sees is 110,000 tax agents waiting for him he will most likely turn around and go back.

            We are going to have to be spot on and now with Independents, Libertarians and Republicans seeing the mellofahess O made we should win this one easily.

          4. Krazeehors says

            I know, and it is disgusting.

          5. Yadja says

            They have just begun dear.

            Cruz has tough skin and a good brain to blast back. He is an expert debater.

          6. Krazeehors says

            That he does. Many do not like him, but I love his honesty, his toughness, and his ability and motivation to stand up for himself.

            That said, I also greatly admire Rand Paul. The two are a lot alike in political acumen and I think they would complement each other on a ticket.

            Also, because the mainstream GOP despise both of them, it tells me that they are EXACTLY what this country needs.

          7. Yadja says

            I am not too enamored with Paul. I was for a long time then I heard some talk that was too close to his father’s thoughts on defending America and helping our allies.

            But your right if the Main Media is foaming at the mouth they sure would be good candidates. I like Walker/Cruz or Cruz/Walker with Gowdy, Carson, Paul, Gowdy and all having places in the new administration.

          8. Krazeehors says

            I just received this from another internet link:

            “What we have done though is consistently looked for additional opportunities to get stuff done. Wherever we see a possibility of increasing wages, creating more jobs, making sure that more people are able to access opportunity, we’re gonna seize it. And we’re going to, wherever possible, try to reach out to Republicans and see if they can work with us. And where they’re not willing to work with us, we will do it administratively or we will convene the private sector.

            “By hook or by crook, we’re going to make sure that when I leave this office, that the country is more prosperous, more people have opportunity, kids have a better education, we’re more competitive, climate change is being taken more seriously than it was, and we are actually trying to do something about it.”

            “Those are going to be the measures by which I look back and say whether I’ve been successful as president.”

            — Barack Hussein Obama

            And, if ANYONE thinks Hillary won’t be worse, then I will sell you my part of the Brooklyn Bridge.

          9. Yadja says

            I will throw in some swamp land in Florida.

            We are in for a tough two years if Congress does not stop O.

      3. Angry American says

        In other words, anyone But hillary

        1. Ralph Long says

          Amen! Agree Fully!

      4. Jimmy Wayne Barnett says

        But it’s another compromise and this and that’s must stop! In 2008 it was ABO. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA ! NOW IT MUST BE “A B H” ANY BODY BUT HILLARY!

        1. MAHB001 says

          2008, the elections were corrupt and nobody was watching.
          2016, people are watching for the corruption. Support groups like True the vote, especially in the primarys..

      5. usathoughts says

        If someone like Jeb Bush or Crispy Cream is nominated you can count on up to 20 million Conservative Voters staying home and cleaning their weapons.

        You think not? Look at the numbers for 2008, and 2012. You know the saying; Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. We came out in force to give the Republicans the House of Representatives and the Senate. Still, they play us for fools!

        Why bother otherwise. There is no hope with a Democrat Light Republican. We need a man to fully recognize this Country as a Republic, and strictly follow Constitutional Law.

        Any thing else is nothing less than sedition.

      6. Yadja says

        Then you vote for the Republican nominee because we can’t have another Progressive in office and that is what she and O said they were.

        She is O.

    2. BARRY says

      If any of these Political Entities really want to be saved they should consider an honest relationship
      with GOD, but they seem too far gone.

    3. Kevin Frimodt says

      Drunken pussy licker commie no talent whore go to hell

    4. gonzales27 says

      And keeping him from being impeached

  3. Deborah G says

    The problem is there is a whole lot of stupid out there

  4. william C says

    As for Obama signing an exec order to give himself a 3rd term, obviously in violation of Amendment 22, it just isn’t going to happen. The resulting backlash would shake this country to its knees.

    1. David says

      I am not sure but I believe that war powers gives him the ability to postpone an election. However it would be a nightmare.

      1. DonJean says

        Don’t underestimate Obama. He’s a sly fox in the chicken house. He’s got to be stopped now.just look at his reaction to the Israeli election and how he tried to influence it. Obama acted like a dictator. Now he is of to do what he wants with Iran. He keeps this up I believe he will go down in history as the person that started WWIII.

        1. David says

          Look round, I think WWIII has already started. It’s just not recognized yet.

          1. DonJean says

            Unfortunately I have to agree with yout on that one.

          2. David says

            and isn’t it disheartening?

          3. DonJean says

            Yes very. This is what people must have felt like at the beginning of WWII. But to be the side that starts it or lights the existing powderkeg… My heart is heavy.

          4. Paul Pray says

            if it is any consolation we don’t have the capacity to wage a war like ww2 or Ww1…It will be brutal with all these high tech weapons and missles, until they are used up real fast, then it will be back to the basic rifle and grenades and the occasional tank or two… major battles, a lot of little ones.

          5. hankthetank says

            AND obama is the one doing it !!!

        2. festmatt5440 says

          O ‘ BUNGO “; is ” , an acting dictator ‘.

        3. jeannemartin says

          Don’t be so sure! If WWIII starts during Obamas’s reign it will be Bush’s fault!!!!!

      2. william C says

        It only gives him that power if there is a national crisis of huge dimensions. Of course, I would not put it past him to create or invent a crisis out of thin air. Best if Congress would grow a pair and rescind the War Powers Act. It would only take a majority vote of Congress, since it is not an amendent.

        1. DonJean says

          What do you think he’s doing now?

          1. Paul Pray says

            Got a question, political view? WHAT does middle of the Road mean>>>>>or other point of view???? is it they cant decide what to believe or just don’t care???

          2. hankthetank says

            HE has wars going on, in 5 or 6 difference country’s! it is all Muslim wars !!

          3. festmatt5440 says

            Anything ‘ he wants to do .

      3. preacher bill says

        He would have to lock himself in the White House, some one would shoot Air-force one out of the shy

        1. ozwizard says

          Stupid reply, preacher.

    2. DonJean says

      Obama has gotten away with everything else he has done. I can’t figure out why no one is stopping him immediately. He is s danger to our democracy and has unbalanced or three governing bodies. As far as Hillary is concerned, I’m glad she has been shot down a few notches. I hope it continues.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The media, is why Obama is getting away with what he is getting away with.
        They apply different standards, or zero standards to 0bama and his lies.

        1. DonJean says

          Don’t blame the media. We are not children. We each are responsible for this in one way or another.

          1. MAHB001 says

            All right, I did not scream loud enough about the media corruption when I first saw it in the early 80s. I accept that, and have taken steps to correct it.
            If you are interested visit my boycott.
            The media now controls weak and lazy minds in a way that has never been more corrupt. Innocent gullible people trusts are being betrayed by corrupt and evil people that have taken up high and influential positions within our Political Parties, Schools, Unions, Judicial system, IRS, CIA, and what I feel the most important,.. MEDIA.
            The reason the Politicians are not stopping 0bama is because they are corrupt. The reason the people are not stopping 0bama is because in part, the education system has taught them to think his antics are ok.
            The reason the Unions don’t stop them is because they are corrupt.
            The reason the judges are not stopping 0bama is because (Some) are corrupt.
            The reason the MEDIA does not stop him is because they are corrupt.
            The media is one of their most powerful tools.
            There is a media cabal that has formed and together they control public opinion, and the Nations narrative.
            This is something We can fight against.

          2. ESQ says

            And that’s right!

        2. Paul Pray says

          double standards for women and blacks

          1. MAHB001 says

            Color and sex is trumped by political ideology.
            This is not a race thing, nor bigotry towards women. Note that the media has no problem going after conservative women and blacks.

        3. ozwizard says

          MAHB001c–Well said.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank you, every once in a while ….. 🙂

    3. George Cahonna says

      They win only if we let them.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The corruption runs deep.
        We must be diligent.

    4. Wayne Thorson says

      Obama doesn’t need to change the 22nd Amendment. All he has to do is have his wife run for president. This is a fallacy dreamt up by Rush Limbaugh and Ben Carlson.

      1. Ralph Long says

        Wayne Thorson so did you ever honestly wonder why if this Ben Carlson or do you spell I as Carson did not run against Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama in 2012? Just read a very interesting article about how little Carlson or Carson knows about and understands about our current foreign policy issues!….Scary!..No Thanks Ben come 2016!

        1. ozwizard says


      2. Paul Pray says

        I thought she already was, like changing the nutrional standards for the schools. WHERE DID SHE GET ANY AUTHORITY TO DO THAT>>>>>>

        1. ozwizard says

          I think you mean Michelle.

          1. Ralph Long says

            ozwizard you must be referring to Micheal/Michelle Obama right?

    5. Shauna says

      I think he will try….

    6. MAHB001 says

      I think he will try something. Not sure what he has up his sleeve yet.
      But I am sure we can count on the media digging it up for us..
      harr harr harr…

      1. DonJean says

        I believe his stunt with Isreal and he speach to the Iranian people is what is up his sleeve.

        1. MAHB001 says

          But what is that exactly?
          He wants to topple the US, become its dictator, make ties with Muslims and become their supreme leader as well?
          Toppling the US would put him in good standing with the radical Muslims.

    7. Paul Pray says

      If that happens, I am seizing a key bridge in OKlahoma and holding it until he is arrested

    8. ozwizard says

      William — Your comment : A bit melodramatic don’t you think!?

    9. nmasterson says

      Or worse and I am not being specific.

    10. festmatt5440 says

      I only wish we could be certain ‘ , of what you’re saying .

  5. John English says


  6. b glad says

    Support for Clinton was a MSM fabrication to begin with. She lost any relevence a long time ago. “What difference does it make”.

  7. Sir Dirty Harry says

    Our Nation is barely holding onto our sovereignty by its finger tips. Another 4 years of Obama we’d either surrender to his will and be lead off to the ovens or the country would erupt into a Civil American Revolution War between Blue and Red States. We’d be a divided country once more.

    1. David says

      I WOULD RATHER be divided then bow to a socialist tyrannical government. I will fight for freedom if it comes to that.

      1. Evan says

        Correct! If obama wants a Civil War he just might get one!
        If and when it happens, I hope obama is on the front line!

        1. David says

          LOL Obama would be in a bunker like Hitler.

          1. Evan says

            You are probably right on that one!
            I guess the SORRY DEMOCRAPS would see to that!

        2. yshaw1 says

          With all the fools lining up to register or turn in their guns, you’ll have to defend yourselves with pepper spray.

          1. Arizona Don says

            Anyone who thinks guns can either be confiscated or restricted in such a way they are made obsolete including complete registration in preparation for confiscation is completely wrong. Not only will that never happen if attempted the majority of citizens will not comply. Most reasonable citizens know the only reason we still have a constitution after 239 years is the second amendment.

            Americans have been involved in two different revolutionary wars on our soil not counting the war of 1812 which was also against England and in a way a continuation of the revolutionary war. Both times the war “started” when our owning and having guns available for self defense was considered a threat to the nation wishing control over a determined people desiring freedom. An unwillingness to be controlled demanded then to fight back and resist any gun confiscation. The first against England, the second involving Texas against Mexico. Not just obama but any nation would be absolutely ignorant to start something that got this nations citizens involved in an all out armed conflict with anyone. Japan knew that in 1941. There are many more perhaps well over ten times as many guns here now as then! Quite frankly I think members of this administration know this and will advise obama to avoid going to far and creating a conflict at all costs. Of course the question of “will he listen to them” is the important one. Right now they, this administration, are just like a little kid finding out how far they can go before being reprimanded. Since congress (both houses) isn’t acting to curtail them (it seems even with a conservative majority) the final analysis may be the people have to.

            Certainly, no American wishes to get involved in a war. For sure not those of us who are veterans. But make no mistake if pushed armed resistance may be the only feasible answer.

          2. yshaw1 says

            AZ ,Don,
            Great reply.

          3. Ralph Long says

            Sad But True Arizona Don! What part of Arizona you in? I’m in Phoenix AZ myself!

          4. Arizona Don says

            Scottsdale near Carefree.

          5. Ralph Long says

            Hi again Arizona Don from poor old Sunnyslope near John C Lincoln North Mountain here Neighbor!

          6. Arizona Don says

            Well my friend nothing wrong with Sunnyslope. I have not been there for maybe 40 years but keep in mind I lived in Douglas for many years.

        3. Paul Pray says

          Do you remember him riding that GOOFy Bike, while Putin was riding that HORSE BARECHESTED….I think Obama would break out in Hives at the touching of gun oil coating a gun…..cant see him ever being up front leading, no he is a bunker commander 1 mile deep 1000 miles from any action

          1. Evan says

            I know obama is NOT a leader! He proves that everyday!
            But if it (obama) was on the front line, it would be better
            for all involved, if you know what I mean!

          2. Ralph Long says

            Paul Pray By Jove your right and in fact there was even a tv special on the one they already have I that one mountain near Washington DC right now that dates back to the old Cold War Days!

  8. denniscerasoli says

    I read an article a couple years ago and it predicted that Obama would run for a 3rd time and it is ironic that this article would mention that,maybe there is something to the executive thing which i don’t have a clue about but why would the article even mention it if it were not possible,like i said this isn’t the first time i have heard it actually its the 3rd time i have heard it and all from different sources.

    1. MAHB001 says

      0bama is drunk with the power of the office.
      His arrogance is such that he will not let it go without a fight.
      I believe he still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.
      One theory is that he is trying to create a disaster where he can declare marshal law, and stay in charge indefinitely.
      Some say that 0bama is behind the destruction of Hillary. That might make sense as the Dems are looking for someone to Coronate. Now that he has Hillary out of the way….. He might just volunteer for the job… Well kind of volunteer, it would be more like a coup.

      1. denniscerasoli says

        I can’t find an argument in your comment and some people or most laugh when a third term is mentioned but i’m not laughing.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I am not arguing with you. I am as concerned as you are.
          I think that the only thing that has stopped 0bama’s desires for him to be coroneted king is the fact that people like yourself have keep shedding the light of truth on it.

          1. denniscerasoli says

            I know you are not arguing all i was saying is that your comment made sense to me and you didn’t say anything that i didn’t agree’t it be amazing if they were in it together and the Email thing is used by Hillary to drop out of the race,lol.I know thats pushing it and with the lead she had before the emails and having dropped in the polls since would make a conspiracy nut go lol.Don’t get me wrong i am not that far

          2. MAHB001 says

            It would be funny. But I am convinced Hillary does WANT to be president. All politicians at that level have egos that can not be turned off.
            What is amazing is that the fact that these people have no scruples, and they tell so many lies to keep and hold power, that all our WILDEST conspiracy theories are PLAUSIBLE.

  9. David says

    I don’t think Hillary Clinton is not even a viable threat IF, IF, IF we put up a solid conservative candidate and we get out and vote. Of course the republican party never seem to have a problem snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. MAHB001 says

      It is as simple as this.
      Democrats = Socialism
      Republicans = Capitalism
      A no vote is for socialism.
      Always vote your conscience, I always vote for Capitalism.

    2. Ralph Long says

      Amen David however both the Goofy Old Party and Dimwit Democrats seem to do
      it equally well these days,you know!……

      1. David says

        Yeah I know Ralph. It sure isn’t the GOP I grew up with and the DFL has never had anything for me. I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative now. Where’s Barry Goldwater when we need him….

        The good Lord raised this mighty Republic to be a home for the brave and to flourish as the land of the free-not to stagnate in the swampland of collectivism, not to cringe before the bully of communism.

        Now, my fellow Americans, the tide has been running against freedom. Our people have followed false prophets. We must, and we shall, return to proven ways– not because they are old, but because they are true. We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom – freedom made orderly for this nation by our constitutional government; freedom under a government limited by laws of nature and of nature’s God; freedom – balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the slavery of the prison cell; balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the license of the mob and of the jungle.

        Now, we Americans understand freedom. We have earned it, we have lived for it, and we have died for it. This Nation and its people are freedom’s model in a searching world. We can be freedom’s missionaries in a doubting world. But, ladies and gentlemen, first we must renew freedom’s mission in our own hearts and in our own homes.

        Goldwater 1964

        1. Ralph Long says

          David think you will enjoy this one! As, I had the rare honor of meeting and listening to the late Great Arizona US Senator Barry Goldwater while I was going to ASU here in Phoenix and even got to sit next to him when he came over to our ASU Phoenix Campus to urge ASU students to join our ASU College ROTC Program and to consider going into US Military Service after they graduated. And
          we also got to spend some 3 or 4 hours afterwards with him as he also asked for all present or former US Military Members to come join him for it and afterwards.

          1. David says

            Wow Ralph what an honor. We could sure use him now.

          2. Ralph Long says

            David and I also got to meet our late President Ronald Reagan as well and even used to get one of his White House Christmas Cards every year that he was President as well…So,as you can see David that years ago that I was very active in the politics myself!….Also met the late President John F Kennedy and President Harry S Truman too!…

          3. David says

            you have been very fortunate to meet some great people. I am only 60 so I was a kid when Kennedy was president.

  10. papa doug says

    Who’s kidding who? Democrats will vote her in because she’s a socialist who will do what they want and Billionaire socialist George Soros is backing her. Women will vote for her just to have a woman for president, any woman they don’t care how corrupt she is.

    1. James Parrish says

      So (papa doug) you are saying that all women are pupets

      1. IMSweetOlBob says

        All women are not puppets. I think what he is saying is that enough of them are dumb enough to vote for the plumbing and elect a “mommy”.
        And don’t forget, the democRATS may even draft Chelsea. After all, Hitlery taught her not to speak to the Marine hired help.

    2. MAHB001 says

      Not if we get to the corrupt media that fills their brains with all that liberal crap before the elections.
      I fear you are correct as long as nothing is done about the media.
      Conservative values, and Conservative Candidates do not stand a chance with a biased media. is doing something about the media.

  11. new york says

    Many don’t realize that Hillary, if nominated, would be a shoo-in for election, because she has an unbeatable vote base. She would be the near-unanimous choice of blacks and Hispanics, who are after the goodies she would promise them. More importantly, she can count on at least 60 per cent of the women’s vote, maybe much more. JFK received 78 per cent of the Catholic vote, so it isn’t a stretch to say that a large per centage of women will vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.

    1. yshaw1 says

      I’d like to believe that women are smarter than that, there are important issues for the future of our country, our gender has nothing to do with it. We (not I) voted in the first black president, how is that working for ya, now do we vote in a woman just because she is a woman? now that is really idiotic! We live in tumultuous times, Hillary has taken money from unsavory governments who need favors ….fill in the blanks.

    2. MAHB001 says

      I think the media would like us to believe what you just said. To set expectations, and that way the election will be easy to fix. They will not have to even collect the votes. Just coronate Hillary.
      The media is in the tank for the Liberal Progressives and is being used to fix elections.
      All we need is the appearance of an election.

  12. George Cahonna says

    We have gone lax over the years. We(as Americans)should have been closely watching our politicians & severely scrutinize when they violated our trust, our Constitution/Bill of Rights. We have Children out there that do not even know what issues they’re facing today. The Criminals we have in Office (and future) are a prime example of becoming complacent. Were all aware of Big Media, research everything, they twist, lie, or leave out important details to get they’re results. We as American Patriots must spread the word, & do what we can to get this country back in order. Lets start by demanding Hillary gets jailed.

    1. yshaw1 says

      And Marxist professors get fired for filling our children’s heads with Saul Alansky doctrines to bring our country down from within.

      1. George Cahonna says

        That is correct.

    2. MAHB001 says

      The moral majority has been silent for way too long.
      Honestly, even the Democrats are coming out of their trances and saying “What the —-?”
      And when they do, they will be pissed off at being mislead.
      Never bet against a pissed off American.

  13. Francisco Machado says

    Solution to the server issue: House fire. Worked for Sharpton. And Hillary’s insurance company would have to pay or get headline bad press, lose millions of Democrat insurance customers – even with incontrovertible proof of arson.

  14. marilyn says

    bet me,she is toast,she has shown herself as arrogant,dishonest,liar,on second thought she is perfect for the job..

  15. BARRY says

    As far as Hillary is concerned, Stupid is as stupid does just like the rest of the Democratic Party !!!

    1. yshaw1 says

      Instead of the word stupid, substitute it for- cunning, dishonest, self-serving, money grabbing and power grabbing. These two power hungry people are not stupid.

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are correct, the Clintons are not stupid, but I think Barry was calling those that would vote for a Clinton stupid.

      2. BARRY says

        I was Politically Incorrect wasn’t I. I’ll be more careful.

        1. yshaw1 says

          Barry, Not correcting you on the PC line, just the fact they are sinister people.

  16. fred says

    Broom-Hillary is poison and will never win another election. She’s a criminal, period!

    1. MAHB001 says

      She is toast !
      A criminal and toast – Two things in one. 🙂

      1. fred says

        I think we have seen the first steps of the MSM dropping her with the emails and Benghazi scandal, and a guy like Trey Gowdy running the Benghazi search for some truth on what happened, she can’t survive and be viable for the dumb-ocrats to run her, I do see a weak field from the donkey party and don’t think the people are going to tolerate another criminal in office this time! However, I never underestimate the pure stupidity of the voting public, due in part to the lies of the MSM, so it will be interesting to see what develops!

        1. MAHB001 says

          This is not nearly enough. The Left Stream Media has lost a ton of credibility with all Conservatives, which is half of the Country. The other half that is NOT ENTRENCHED in the liberal camp is starting to see the corruption and bias.
          They have to back off on the propaganda or lose even more “loyal” viewers.
          I think we must continue to apply pressure on the Left Stream Media in order to rid it of the corrupt bias that they currently use on their viewers.
          Visit my boycott and please join.

          1. fred says

            Great Site! I just signed up and totally agree! the ONLY thing these criminals and professional thieves in the MSM understand is their greed! So we will boycott them and hopefully silence enough of them that they will stop with the preponderance of outright LIES they spew all the time to sway the weak and disenfranchised. Hopefully eventually the ignorant, uneducated masses will have learned how to think for themselves, and the media circus of revolving BS will slow down and point the arrow toward more “truth” for a change!
            Well done, MAH!

          2. MAHB001 says

            Thank You!
            As a minimum, the MSM will not be using OUR money to pay for their propaganda.
            When you purchase a product from one of those advertisers, a portion of YOUR money goes back to the MSM to fund the propaganda.

          3. fred says

            One thing i think we all agree on, money runs the show, and if we threaten them with our wallets and walk, they have to respond to the fact they have been exposed. Make sure the message gets to the general public that your group is boycotting to force them to start telling the truth and make them apologize for lying and deceptive practices, and vow to never repeat the evils they have been committing ever again. The more public you make their apology the more power we will now have to control them for a change!. Always remember, to them this is all a numbers game anyway!

          4. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, And thanks for your support.
            Spread the message…. We need as many people as we can get.

          5. fred says

            Sending the link to friends so they can see it, hopefully the numbers will rise so those criminals running the networks will take notice!

          6. MAHB001 says

            Thanks again….

  17. yshaw1 says

    How could anyone in their right mind could sign on to all the Clinton baggage and outright dishonesty is mindboggling.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Not many Democrats in their right mind anymore.

      1. Ralph Long says

        So, same thing seems to be also true of the Chinless Mitch McConnell -Speaker Bonehead Goofy Old Party sad sack Republicans these days as well! 3d Party anyone?

        1. Paul Pray says

          I rightly believe that is in time to start one, I think they are not going to like the third party…..Constitutional Conservative all the way……tradional values.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The Tea Party with its original mantra of “Taxed Enough Already” would have easily become the majority party if they were allowed to grow and learn in an nurturing environment. Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, only spend what you have….
            Who on earth isn’t Taxed enough already? I would say that 40% of the Republicans and 40% of the Democrats would have been in the Tea Party under that mantra.
            But there are VERY powerful entities that do not want a third party exist. Liberal Progressive Socialist have taken up key positions within both political parties, Unions, Schools, and most importantly, the MEDIA.
            It was that Liberal Progressive group at the top that immediately recognized the power of the Tea Party message. AND they immediately set out to marginalize it. They whacked everything Tea, without giving it a chance.
            The same structure awaits the next “Third Party.” I guess what I am saying is that no third party stands a chance until the corruption in the media is dealt with.

          2. Ralph Long says

            Paul Pray Thank you and yes I agree that we could sure use a nice new Constitutional Conservative 3d Party right now and in time for 2016 as well!

        2. MAHB001 says

          The controllers at the top of the Republican party are as corrupt as those controlling the Democrats.
          The unfortunate part is that it was not that long ago when the Republicans (the people within the party) were in the same mindless state.
          Fortunately, they are awakening to the fact that the corruption is there and “We the People” have to do something about it.

  18. Seldena says

    Hillary would be a disaster for the Oval office! Warren is worse than Hillary and Obama! All I know is we HAVE to vote in a Constitutional Conservative to get this country out of the mess and chaos it is in! This Conservative can get us back to the FREE MARKET, Job Growth, Relax EPA regulations that are killing businesses, and so much more. Republicans had better get out in droves to vote in 2016!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism
      A vote for a Republican is a vote for Capitalism.
      Spread the word.

      1. Seldena says

        We have to inform some voters that do not understand the difference between Socialism and Capitalism. Of course, there are times all I have to say is the name HITLERw/Socialism and they understand!

        1. MAHB001 says

          You are correct, many voters are being taught in school that there is nothing wrong with socialism. That is part of an old communist plot designed to weaken Americas resolve turn the country against Capitalism and instill socialism in America.

    2. Ralph Long says

      Yep! Agree Fully and add, “You can’t fix stupid!”!

  19. boris yasdnilkov says

    It is a shame that we do not have public square pillories these days in which to place Hillary and people of her ilk. She is worthy of complete public scorn, not election..

    1. Ralph Long says

      Well boris yasnilkov personally I now favor “Burn The Witch!”…Like they did poor old little Progressive Insurance gal Flo!…Did you see that TV Commerical? lol

      1. boris yasdnilkov says

        Yes, it was a funny ad. Hillary Clinton is comical too… a frumpy clown. We could get her a witch costume with a broomstick and have her do an advertisement for Starbucks. Introduce a new “Witches Brew” coffee and mark the cups: “Can we talk?”

        1. Ralph Long says

          “Burn The Witch!”………………(Light Torches!”………

  20. IMSweetOlBob says

    The “Dumbocrats” and democRATS are following their name recognition strategy.
    For cryin’ out loud ! They have tried to run any Kennedy they could come up with for everything, counting on the name to win, regardless of whether or not the candidate was bright enough or sober enough to tie their shoes, Evidence Teddy. (both dim and drunk)
    Now they are gonna be in a bind because more and more people on both sides of the aisle realize what a liar Hillary is and that she thinks she’s is above the law.
    And just exactly ARE her achievements ????

  21. Dirty Daug says

    Hillary will be history by election time even though most Democrats will never admit it. Some might think she could win with voter fraud like Obama won twice with. As it is now we have a couple of people who might run on the Republican side that are non-politicians which is what we need. Lots of people may not like Trump but think about it, Trump has more to lose than most people if America hits the bottom. So Trump will do everything possible to make things work for himself which will also help Americans. Trump and Carson would be a good pair for President and Vice President.

    1. MAHB001 says

      The Democrats are using positive thinking. They still believe that repeating enough times will make that lie the truth.
      It worked with the phrase….. “Bush Lied” No proof that Bush lied, proof that they were wrong, but not that he lied.

  22. joe haire says

    is this a setup foran Obama run for a third term???Don’t trust the bastard!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      Could be, Lets shut that down…
      Spread the word.

  23. Jean Langford M. says

    ALL it takes is for “Cliton” Server to be torn apart and the Hard drives and solid state drives to be examined and her $hit will be smeared everywhere…That still may happen…..You can bet that the secret service is keeping an EYE on it to see what they try to do with it….IT ain’t over till the fat Lady sings…..snicker…

  24. Wayne Thorson says

    If this is the worst thing the Republicans can find to degrade Hillary she is a shoe to be elected. I don’t know of anyone that is hurting right now. The stock market has almost tripled since Obama was elected. The unemployment is down to 5 1/2 %. Inflation is in check. What do the Republicans have to holler about? Nothing is the answer. They say Obama doesn’t love America. Do you know anyone who lives in the U.S. who doesn’t love America. People are dying to get here.

    1. jim marcum says

      much of what you say is true. however your shortest and last sentence is inaccurate by all accounts. People are not “dying to get here”, they are merely walking or driving across our open border to Mexico. Once here many of them are receiving American tax payer subsidies to help them until they can take one of our few, underpaid jobs created by Walmart or McDonalds. I however blame both political party’s for not enforcing American immigration laws. These people are coming here because American Corporations want them here. American Corporations are creating a third world work mentality right here in the USA. See how many states are having the Right to Work Legislation placed on their ballots this fall. All supported and pushed by the people who are supposed to be representing the people. They no longer will have to send the jobs overseas and export their goods back to this country. They will manufacture in the US with Latino work forces working for a few dollars a day and receiving all their personal and family health insurance from the US Federal Government (just like the Corporations want). Our entire political system including Obama, Bohner, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid, Biden and all the rest seek what the corporations desire. Labels of Democrat or Republican mean nothing. It’s a shell game of good cop bad cop that both sides play out to their benefit. They only thing astonishing is the American people still get played like a bunch of Dolts. It will take revolution with tar and feather in DC to set America back on the right path of democracy. God help us in our endeavors.

    2. MAHB001 says

      All numbers you quote are from the Government.
      Only fools trust something from the Government, these days. If you haven’t noticed, the Government is lying to us.
      Look around you, ask yourself and your neighbors if they are better off now, if they feel confident about the future, did they get a raise, are they still employed?
      if you actually listen to what they say you will find a LARGE portion of them have negative thoughts. Their truthful answers will lead you to the actual condition of our economy.
      Funny how the stock market goes up, goes down, and 0bama and the liberals only claim the ups. The Stock market is not that much higher than when Bush left office. Go on ahead and blame the drop on Bush and prove my point.
      You do not think that Hillary being above the law is a bad thing?

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I don’t know where you get your figures. When Bush left the office the stock market was about 7000, now it is around 18000. That is almost 3 times as much. I live in Minnesota the unemployment is down to 3 1/2 %. There are job opening signs all over the town I live in. The deficit in Minnesota has a 1.9 billion dollar surplus. You can listen to these gloom and doom Republicans all you want but don’t repeat what they tell you. You probably live in a Republican state. The poorest states in the Union are run by Republicans.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I live in CA, arguably the most liberal state in the union.
          Also the one with the largest gap between the middle class and the upper class.
          Also the one with a serious unemployment rate.
          Also the one with draconian gun laws that haven’t improved anything but taken away our rights.
          Also the one that taxes the begeebers out of anything that moves or doesn’t move.
          Also run by a super majority of Democrats.
          Also the State that leads all other states towards….. Socialism.
          CA is coming to a state near you…. You might want to close off your borders.
          I hope you benefited from that Stock market run…. I didn’t.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            If you want live like a Republican than you have vote Democrat.. President Truman’s quote. Stop and smell the roses.

          2. MAHB001 says

            And you think the Democrats are living like Republicans in CA????
            The MOST socialist state in the union has the LARGEST void between the middle class and upper class.
            That should tell you something about the policies you push….
            That should tell you that they do not work.
            But what is your answer????? Stop and smell the imaginary roses….

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            What kind of a mess did Schwartzenhager leave when he left office. I’ll bet those roses really stank then.

          4. MAHB001 says

            That is what I am saying buddy. Them Roses stink…. Dems had a super majority when the girly man was in office and they control even more now. Nothing has changed. You think Dems roses smell good, you got another thing coming to you.
            And with Brown back in office he is here to finish the destruction of CA that he started way back when he was Governor the first time.
            The State needs to be thrown out of the United States for not upholding the Constitution.
            As you Dems are proud of saying, where CA goes other states follow. I seriously can not figure out how the Dems ALWAYS get away with pointing the finger at someone else and saying the REps did it. DEMS in control in CA, they can not blame any of this on girly man.

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            Well if you want my advice I will tell you. If things are as bad as you say they are I think you should move to another state. Nobody should live under those conditions. The roses smell good in Minnesota.

          6. MAHB001 says

            Believe me, businesses and people are leaving this state by the droves.
            I am too, already purchased in another state and as soon as I can get out, I’m gone.
            CA is Socialism at its best. No jobs, business environment horrible, Taxes out of sight and going up. Your vote isn’t even counted, as the election process is completely corrupt. I mean it doesn’t matter if EVERYBODY voted against a tax, the tax would pass anyway. The people that count would say, it was the people down south that voted for it, and down south they say it was the people up north that voted for it.
            A vote for a Democrat = a vote for Socialism
            A vote for a Republican = a vote for Capitalism.
            The choice is clear.

          7. Wayne Thorson says

            I suggest you move to Mississippi or one of those southern states down there. They are all run by Republicans. And do you know they are actually the poorest states in the Union. Maybe you can make some of those people living down there feel better.

          8. MAHB001 says

            There is corruption at the top of the Republican party too. Especially Mississippi, look what the party did to McDaniel.
            At least the us minion Republicans recognize the corruption and we are attempting to do something about it.
            This is far more advanced than the counterparts on the Democrat side. Whom seem to be perfectly fine with the coronation of the ruling elite and the towing of the party line.

          9. Wayne Thorson says

            What’s any of this got to do with the price of tea in china?

          10. MAHB001 says

            Nothing. But we are not talking about the price of tea in china.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Are you actually saying that it is OK for Hillary to lie?

          12. Wayne Thorson says

            When she leads us to believe that another country has weapons of mass destruction and gets us in a war and causes us over 4000 American lives and over 20,000 maimed for life and we find out it was a big lie then I would say we have something to holler about. What ever lie you feel she has made doesn’t amount to a pimple on an elephant’s rear end.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Please show me proof of the Bush LIE about WMD’s.

            So far, all I have been shown is proof that Bush was wrong.

            Do you know the difference between being wrong and lying?

            If you believe Bush lied, you MUST believe Hillary lied about Benghazi and 0bama lied about just about everything that comes out of his mouth, OR you apply hypocritical and bigoted standards towards conservatives.

          14. Wayne Thorson says

            So you want compare the loss of 4 lives to the loss of over 4000 lives. I don’t think any explanation will suffice. You can’t converse with an idiot. Now sign your name so everybody knows who the idiot is that is talking.

          15. MAHB001 says

            No but you just did! Look hypocrite, my name is as real as yours, and any of the other three “names” that you post under.
            trolls like yourself post about 1000 times per name, then start over as soon as they are outed as a liar and ideologically inept.
            Time for you to nuke Wayne Thorson and move on troll.

          16. Wayne Thorson says

            You can call me all names you want. I only use one name. I am proud of my comments. It’s obvious you aren’t.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Just calling it the way I see it. If you do not want to be a hypocrite, don’t be one.
            If you don’t want to be a liar, don’t lie.
            If you want to have an open conversation, please join in. But what you are doing is nothing more than barfing up liberal talking points and running from the room.

          18. Wayne Thorson says

            This is exactly like the pot calling skillet black.

          19. MAHB001 says

            Really, you contradict yourself, cant back up anything you say, now you say I am barfing up talking points.
            Your just here to post divisive comments eh?

          20. Wayne Thorson says


      2. DonJean says

        You forgot to add that the government has changed how they report their new statistics. That’s a biggie.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Great point.
          The Government does not count the 95 million people that have fallen off unemployment as unemployed.
          Mr. Wayne ignores the fact that the average wage is dropping instead of rising.
          He doesn’t account for the fact that a significant group of people are accepting part time jobs or jobs with less pay, just to work.
          He does not account for the fact that when watching inflation they choose which variables they look at and cherry pick the ones that are not inflating.
          But then again, when a Republican gets into office,,,,, he will start accounting for those factors.

  25. Jay Pierre says

    Does any intellectually honest person believe ANYTHING the Hildabeast has to say? The Hildabeast is an endangered species that is unique in it’s ability to squawk in a way that actually sounds like human speech. Closely related to the shillbilly and the schreeching weasel the sole surviving Hildabeast has been heard schreeching sounds about emails, benghazi and that the attack on the American Ambassador in South Korea is in reaction to a video tape that inflamed the resentment of (something garbled)

    An international effort is now being funded to capture the Hildabeast, and airdrop it back into it’s native habitat of Benghazi by the November election.

    The Hildabeast is known to have a support network of drones funded by a consortium of soros, bloomberg, steyers that swarm to the attack when the Hildabeast nest is threatened. These parasitic organisms will eventually freeze and die as the eternal winter piles more snow on their native region in the North East. Swarms of them have recently been seen falling into the snow around Boston and New York schreeching cries of “Global Warming and “OH WHAT A WORLD.”

  26. Jay Pierre says

    Let us face facts people. Hillary was a failure as a senator, SOS. She committed treason by running top secret communications through a non-secured server and private email account. She was complicit in putting an American Ambassador Christopher Stevens into harms way and then abandoning him and the other 3 Americans to torture and death at the hands of savages empowered by Obama’s Arab spring debacle. Not only should Hillary be denied the nomination, she should be indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to Guantanamo for 20-Life.

  27. USCBIKER says

    Her still high numbers are a combination of denial and the mental illness that is liberalism. This will go 1 of 2 ways : The Hag will hang on and lose due to mass Dem voters Staying home, or Fakeahontas will run and get beat even worse.

  28. OSAMA OBAMA says

    The same dolts that elected obama because he was black will vote for the harpy in a pantsuit solely cause she’s a woman. Lies, fraud, dishonesty, incompetence mean nothing to the rainbows and unicorn set!!

  29. Anthony Traina says

    NAAWP see
    SUPPORT for HILLARY among WHTE Voters Waning: 03-21-2015

    According to a new online poll from the NAAWP, the controversy surrounding
    Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account is hurting her standing among WHITE
    Democrats. While Clinton’s numbers remain high among BLACK Democrats, WHITE support
    for her candidacy has dropped a full 95 points since February. Only 2% percent
    of WHITE Democrats now say they would support her bid for the White House. 98% of
    WHITE Democrats surveyed say that the scandal has hurt the former Secretary of
    State politically.

    These numbers have to worry those inside the Hillary campaign, but they must
    be even more frightening for the WHITE Members of the DNC. They have literally
    put all of their eggs in one basket this time around. There is not a single
    other viable WHITE Democratic contender who has made even the slightest murmur
    about running. Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders have
    mentioned making a bid for the White House, but they are nothing to be
    concerned with. We have a better chance of watching Donald Trump take the oath
    of office in 2017 than Sanders, and Biden is a walking gaffe-machine. Unless
    someone can convince Elizabeth Warren to change her mind, WHITE Democrats are
    stuck with Clinton.

    WHITE support
    seems to be Waning for Hillary:

    You can find more info On-Line: NAAWP FACEBOOK


    1. Miguel says

      You need professional help.

  30. Herr Oberst says

    The only place Hillary belongs is the gallows. Among her crimes are conspiracy to commit murder (4 counts). There are countless others, but lets start there.

    1. Ralph Long says

      Herr Oberst how about we give Silly Hilly Clinton so company like Nutty Nancy Pelosi, Harebrain Harry Reid,et all?

      1. Herr Oberst says

        Yes. We could make a day of family fun. Bring a picnic lunch. Have a tailgate party, whatever.

        1. Ralph Long says

          Yep Great Time for Great Food, Lots of Fun! And a few great games like pin the tail on the Democrat Jackass or Throw Darts @ Silly Hilly Clinton among others!

  31. jim marcum says

    any American that would vote for this piece of shit or Jeb Bush which is also a piece of shit, hates America and has absolutely no clues as to why we are in such a state of decline. I can imagine they would vote for Billary because they want their welfare and food stamps to continue uninterrupted or they think they will lose their Social Security if they don’t vote democrat. They will vote for Jeb Bush because they want to keep their billions on the backs of the working poor. They don’t want to see any safety nets or tax loop holes for workers, just mega rich and corporations (which they all hide behind). So who do we vote for? Vote for true change anytime you have an opportunity. The Democrats and Republicans are equal scum as I hope I have pointed out above. Billary with her mansions in upper New York and D.C. could give a damn about working poor as long as the Corporations support her campaign. She has a taste for one thing and that is to be in control, have all the power, and another womens vagina. Jeb Bush, raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and never working a true day in his life, enjoyed all the things that being a millionaires son provides. Ivy League school the best of everything and no wars for the darling rich to have to fight.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Republicans = Capitalism
      Democrats = Socialism
      What is it going to be?

      1. jim marcum says

        both party’s allowed illegal immigration (knowing it was against our laws and against what the American people knew was best for our country) question, who does the million or two illegal immigrants in the US actually benefit? Was Obamacare really Obama’s or did half of it belong to the republicans (Mitt Romney) that supported the same type health services in the US. Obamacare benefits the insurance company’s and no one else. question, did both sides of the isle vote on the massive bailouts for GM, Fannie and Freddie, BoA, Chrysler, and the majority of both voted for it. Who helped the homeowners?, no one . Our Country needs to lean toward working American’s. question, why do large American oil company’s need subsidies but yet we fret over food stamps that help feed fatherless children. if you have to err as a country always err on the side of the people.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Yes, both parties allowed illegal immigration. But does that make it right?

          You are wrong, no republicans voted for 0bamacare, none, zero zilch. Democrats own it, they passed it believing in a bunch of lies, they forced socialized medicine on all Americans.

          blah blah blah Fannie, blah blah blah Freddie. Blah blah blah bailout. Blah Blah Blah BIG INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT.

          Why to do large American Oil Company’s need bailouts????

          Because WE ALL NEED BAILOUTS. Our Government has grown too large and too needy. It taxes EVERYTHING. The Government no longer provides a safe level playing field for ANY company, large or small to work in.

          AND YOU ARE A MORON, if you think the big government socialist Democrats are going to GIVE you that playing field.

          If you want a chance, vote for Capitalism, vote for a Republican.
          If you want to live as a slave, vote for Socialism, vote for a Democrats

          1. jim marcum says

            misstate what I wrote then call someone a moron that you don’t even know? i’m afraid your credibility is shot with me. good day.

          2. MAHB001 says

            What goes around comes around. If you can’t take what you dish out….Good day.

  32. Bob Barton says

    I believe the retards have over taken the world.

    1. jim marcum says

      and you are their leader?

    2. MAHB001 says

      The Alinsky radicals have taken over America. But their reign is about to end.

  33. Messsgt says

    She is Hillary (Teflon) Clinton, by November 2016, the scandals will be long forgotten. All that will be remembered is what a wonderful job she did as S.O.S. for Obama.

    1. MAHB001 says

      You are correct, if and only if, the bias in the media stays at it current levels. She is Teflon because Liberal Progressives own and control the media. And the media controls public opinion.

      I have started a boycott that addresses the bias in the media.
      Check it out.

  34. Steven Austin Matthews says

    Agreed agreed agreed

  35. moedom says

    We definitely don’t need another minority in the White House—-look what happened last time!

    1. Ralph Long says

      Amen and that even must include this Ben what’s his name as well!

  36. Ddenney1 says

    That and ZERO accomplishments keeps her as the TOP DEMON RAT!!!

  37. Charles Blackwell says

    All exposure is good, even if it is negative. keep it up
    seen what happened last time. heehe

  38. donl says

    Hillary?? Who in hell wants more of the same!!

  39. dinkerduo says

    I don’t think she’ll even run—after Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi investigation gets done with her—will serve her right–she’s done nothing but lie–double deal with foreign countries–help ruin this one–and did I mention–she lies—and has gotten old enough to not remember what she said a month or two ago so he tries to cover that lie with another! I think her goose is cooked!!!

  40. ESQ says

    This could be a result of the Tea Party! Just maybe some of these Lefties are not so Left as they once were in the past! However we must stay vigilant of the two parties or we will be had again as the Last and Past Elections are not the representative of the will of We The People! Here we are closing in on April and still no Recall? We can’t wait till the next election to vote for change! The time to change is now or their will be No Viable 2016!

  41. ozwizard says

    waning? You mean much like her brain.

  42. jim marcum says

    i heard her breath smells like fish.

  43. seersuckerandapanama says

    Never underestimate the Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They won the Senate last November with Sen. Mitch McFeckless and now they’re losing the Senate with Sen. Mitch McFeckless. If the Democrats ran nobody in ’16 against Jeb Bush what would happen? Jeb Bush would still lose.

  44. says

    Yup. Sarah Palin would have been the ideal president, but the media screwed her!

  45. Paul Brown says

    I don’t believe these polls very much but I also do not believe the demoncraps are even worried about this broad, because they all know as I do that this Islamic terrorist is planning on staying in that office even by force if necessary. He doesn’t rust anyone including idiotic Clinton of taking over and possibly destroying everything he has done in the last 7 years now. He will stay there that is why no one is worrying about her anymore. Osama is not saying a thing about what he will do after he leaves office and Clinton still hasn’t even said she is running, because she is not. Everyone in the RNC is worried about her and not even looking at what this shit head may do, we have to plan for the worse and no one is even thinking about it.

  46. Katherine Gabriel says

    Are the chickens coming home to roost?

  47. Dan says

    It doesn’t matter. We no longer have freedom of choice when the candidates are hand-picked by their “masters”… a “progressive” Democrat, or “progressive” RINO. Opposing Obama (was) McCain or Romney… not one of them gives a (rats-ass) about the Constitution!! Like choosing between, CHOLERA, or the PLAGUE!! Either, is (a) certain and painful death.

  48. jim scofield says

    What is surprising to Me is that Hillary hasn’t been the target of
    a DOJ or IRS investigation Yet. Since Obola hates her with a
    passion and Valarie Jarrett is looking to torpedo her at all cost’s.
    This could be a real amusing political season for the democrats.

  49. deseartu1 says

    If it was you or me we would have been fired and who knows what lawsuits or jail we would be facing???? Get her!!

  50. Dave S. says

    There should never be support for this criminal other than support for her going to jail.

  51. Masculist Man says
  52. Marilyn Stern says

    Jarrett and Obama have been sabotaging Clinton. They will soon introduce a candidate of their own.

  53. Rick Rogers says

    Oh god.. I love this. Its so funny you people have as much chance as a Icecube in hell of winning the White House in 2016 and this is the best you can come up with.. You know that the guy that has been Right on all the elections in the last 15 years has said that there is no Republican that can Beat Hillary in 2016. Only way she loses is if she comes up with a 47% like Romney Statement and even then the GOP choices are not that awe inspiring if she were to stick her foot in her mouth. This is going to be as much fun as 2008 when they put up the same sort of Lame Candidates to run against Obama

  54. Ronald Fischer says

    This women his hiding all of her lies since she got into this corrupt administration that are run by the Traitors called Democrats,they are the most RACIST people in our Government they remind me of the KKK from the South these are the kind of people that sold and brought black slavery to this country and it was the Democrats that gave them the name that starts with the letter N .The Democrats would beat them to death if they didn’t do what they were told to do and hung them for looking at a White Woman.And if the North didn’t go down to the South to free them from these corrupt Democrats and if the South would have won the war blacks today would still be in slavery through the Democrats if they won.And the lying Democrats are the ones that are hurting the blacks since then the North was mostly all Republicans and White that and Thousands of UNION soldiers died to set the the blacks free from those Evil people called Democrats,they are the enemies within this country today.And those Democrats are the real RACIST against the blacks the only thing that they are missing is there White robes that they keep in there closet cant you black folks see that they only want your Vote and then the Democrats say that we fooled the blacks again by saying that the Republicans are the Racist against you.And the Democrats all they ever did to the blacks was lie like HELL to them when the Republicans were in office they did more for the black people then the Democrats ever did for the black people.Them Democrats are your real Enemies just like Obama lied to the black people that he would have jobs for them,well he was just playing with your mind to get your VOTE now he has the Mexicans here to take the jobs away from you and he said it himself by giving the Mexicans working papers and leaving the blacks in the dust and if Killary gets in office she is really going to but it up your Butts she is also a Racist they just don’t show it and when she makes her speeches next year it well be nothing by lies to get you to Vote for this PATHETIC CON-WOMEN that had 4 Americans killed in LIBYA and now they find more of her lies again,You black folks better start thinking what the Democrats did to your people from the 1800s and its still going on today just think what they are doing to your life they are only using you for them self like the Democrats say we have the black people in our back pocket and again they are just using them for they Votes,and the blacks aren’t getting it yet.

  55. Yadja says

    Archie Bunker had the word that covers what Hillary has become a Dingbat.

    The woman ain’t right after that last fall. Instead of knocking some sense into her it knocked any sense she might have had out of her.

  56. Mark N Starla Traina says



    … get your name put directly on her PRISON CELL WALL!

    See more at:


    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP


  57. CUZIN ERN says

    Unless there would be a tree that could be shook to see if all of the nuts fall out of it or best; to just cut it down then for the fire place on a cold winters nite!

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