Supreme Court Could Destroy Obamacare With One Ruling


Liberals have characterized the fight over Obamacare subsidies as “purely political,” insisting that Republicans are making much ado over a simple typo in the wording of the law. That’s not the way the Supreme Court sees it, however. They’ve agreed to take on a case that will decide for the country once and for all whether individuals in all 50 states are eligible for tax credits. If they decide against the Affordable Care Act’s supporters, millions of people will see their insurance premiums go through the roof.

That could signal the death knell for Obama’s unpopular health care law. Republicans have been looking for ways to overturn various portions of the law for years, succeeding only in the smallest of ways. A full repeal is thought to be off the table for the time being, but if the Supreme Court removes subsidies in 34 states, it could amount to the same. The young and the well will drop out of the program, and Obama will be forced to push for changes so drastic that the law might as well be scrapped altogether.

It’s unfortunate that things have been brought to this point. If Obama had been more inclusive and bipartisan in his attempt to bring about healthcare reform, we could have gotten a law that improved on the old ways without massively expanding the size and scope of the federal government. The last Democrat in office before Obama once said, “The era of big government is over.” With the passing of the ACA, Obama essentially said, “Nuh-uh!”

While the ACA has undoubtedly been beneficial to a number of Americans, there’s no reason we can’t find a way to help those individuals while getting rid of the worst parts of the law. In fact, that’s exactly what should have been done from the very beginning. Now we’re stuck with a law that has a number of significant problems, only one of which is illegal subsidies. The employer mandate, the individual mandate, the new taxes, and the average rise in healthcare costs are damaging the country even before all of it has been fully implemented. Obama has maintained that the economy is going great, but millions of voters decided otherwise when they went to the polls last Tuesday. His healthcare law could be one of the biggest things standing in the way of a full recovery.

But the Supreme Court isn’t hearing cases about any of that. They will rule on the subsides alone, and it is in that decision that the future of Obamacare may be decided. And because the law should be executed in the way that it was written, I don’t see any non-partisan reason that the Court should not side with its challengers. That’s not to say it’s in the bag – partisan rulings are what the Supreme Court is all about – but that’s the way it should be. Obama thought state-run exchanges would be the rule, rather than the exception. Congress wrote the law with that assumed popularity in mind. Just because it didn’t play out that way, the administration doesn’t get to go back and claim it meant something else.

Do the right thing, Supreme Court Justices. Repeal the subsidies. Then perhaps we can get down to the business of reforming this law so that it is no longer a drain on the American economy.

  1. Jarhead says

    To they self be true – – – is that the one?

  2. Tom Brooks says

    Did you mean..
    “To thy self be true – -?”

    Or did you mean something else?

  3. sdonley says

    If obama just covered the people that had NO insurance most people would be fine with it ‘s all the other bull that’s in it. and people who had insurance really could KEEP THERE INSURANCE obamacare is NO good for the country.

  4. fred says

    The supremes with their liberal socialist agenda not to follow the Laws of the Land-Kagan, Sotomayor, Roberts, etc are not going to do anything to upset their “king” born in kenya! We have to eliminate every single bill he’s ever signed by eliminating him, bc he’s an illegal alien, treasonous fraud frontman for the internationalists that want to seize power of our country through lies and deception of the highest order! If the kenyan is properly investigated as Sheriff Joe Arpaio has started to do, then he will be found to be a fraud. He can’t survive the investigation because he has no legitimate documents to back him up,. In fact, if his papers from his entry and “college years” in this country are unsealed and released, all the TRUTH about this criminal will come out, and we can send him to jail where he belongs! We the People should demand that our Representatives and Senators start doing their jobs We elected them to do, and not take any political answer from them about why this criminal should not be investigated, tried, and convicted and sent to Federal Prison. Leave him in Russia with his fake buddy Putin, maybe he will do more harm to them as well! We don’t want or need that criminal in our WH any longer!

    1. johnanaguski says

      At the time he was born it was not Kenya, it was a British Protectorate of Africa. He is a faux potus.

      1. fred says

        There is a National; Monument IN Kenya at the HOUSE/HUT of his birth! They are making it known to the world the criminals cum was born IN Kenya! The is good documentation of this event IN Kenya, their National archives have ORIGINAL birth documents for the criminal currently occupying OUR WH!

        1. johnanaguski says

          Check your facts Kenya did not exist in 1961.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Please stop confusing people here w/the facts!!!!!!!!! LoL
            Any fool can Google that up!!!!
            Most don’t………
            If Obama was born in present day Kenya, technically wouldn’t he be a citizen of the Crown? I think thats worse than a African in the White House.
            Obama being a citizen of the Crown might explain why he doesn’t like guns……..,

          2. johnanaguski says

            Sorry Mark did my research and British protectorate of Africa ceded to Kenya in 1920 so he was born in Kenya. Foreign exchange student and not even a citizen.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Google claims where Kenya is today, was British West Africa in 1961.
            You might want to call them, and get it straight.

          4. SamVBar says

            Mark, you may have found an answer to a buried mystery. Maybe the place of his birth will be like the murder of John Kennedy. No one saw anything and they found two or three patsies and exploited them to cover the real criminals behind the very acutely planned murder.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            The real problem is no longer where Obama was born. The problem is where is is living today………….
            Can anyone in congress say TREASON?
            Sure you can!

          6. fred says

            Yes it DID exist as a Colony of the east africa protectorate which is British version of course, so it DID exist, just not as a Republic at that time! Independence from Britain happened in 1963! So it was off by two years big deal! Lighten up!

          7. johnanaguski says

            Was I, Fred, speaking a foreign language what the hell did you not understand about what I said.

          8. fred says

            Nothing you pretentious POS! I was pointing out you were actually WRONG! It WAS called Kenya at that time in 1961, so get over yourself and FOCUS on the task of removing the POS in the WH! What about the words “lighten up” didn’t YOU understand butthead? Now go crawl in a history book and let the MEN do the work here. YOU are the reason this election victory may just become a defeat, bc you are an idiot focusing on the wrong facts that actually do NOT MATTER! Let’s try to get the KENYAN sent to prison for wire fraud, and forget your INCORRECT history lesson, ok?

          9. johnanaguski says


          10. fred says

            You are an idiot! you just proved it dips–t! go be worthless somewhere in your delusional world buttmunch! we don’t need your lobotomized attempts at thinking here, take them to your “king” in the WH! I would crush you like the insect you are!

          11. johnanaguski says

            asshole I’m 77 years old and face to face I would kick your ass to kingdom come. You and your stupidity. Morons run in your family???

          12. SamVBar says

            This is a fact and it only serves to further prove that the man was never an American Citizen. His mother was denied access to the aircraft due to her pregnancy. When he was supposed to be born his mother was detained in the country that is now Kenya. And the fake birth certificate that they floated around the net was so bogus that most could discover it as a fraud. The name of the alleged hospital was not called that in that time period he was supposed to have been born. It didn’t become a merged hospital until many years later. He is a foreigner in out WH. His college records show him as a foreign student who received funds for being a foreign student.

          13. Mark Clemens says

            Can you say felonious fraud?
            Sure you can………..

        2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          I remember something from years ago about Kenyan hospital birth documents being viewed and copies were supposed to be delivered but the investigator was forcefully deported instead. Never heard/read anything else about it.

          There is an Indonesian statue dedicated to BO and the people weren’t happy to have such esteem shown for someone who only ate slept and crapped there as a child but governments pander to each other.

          1. Yadja says

            I believe the event you are speaking of was when Corsi went to Kenya to investigate and O’s cousin Ondinga stopped him and his crew, took their passports and locked them up. Hannity was covering the situation and because of that they were released but Corsi was so frightened by the situation he did not reveal what he found.

            Now perhaps people would be wiling to listen. Whistle Blowers are coming out of everywhere. Gruber was exposed on O care and we will see more people come forward as the smoke is clearing.

      2. Marv Volz says

        It doesn’t matter where he was born since his mother was a US citizen.

        1. hankthetank says

          YES,, it dose matter!! Stupid!!!

        2. lha says

          OK,goofball. BOTH parents must be US Citizens in order to be a”Natural Born Citizen”. His”father” was never a citizen,nor did he even apply for citizenship,so having one American may make it possible that,through the proper chanels,he could stay here,but never could such a person run for President. Look up the term”Natural Born Citizen”.

          1. sallybelle says

            no one even knows who his father is…you can thank nancy P. senate minority leader for this, she signed a document stating she verified his citizenship.

        3. cumiadom says

          That communist whore lost her citizenship before aborting her fetus converted to potus.

        4. sallybelle says

          He can not have duel citizenship and he does…so does Ted Cruz, his dad was a citizen still of Cuba that’s 1, he was born in Canada that 2, his mother was a USA citizen that is 3. How could he run for president. If he does and wins, he will just make it ok for any president to have duel citizenship.

      3. hankthetank says

        That is why he dose not like Caucasian country’s! the first thing he did when he took office, he took English law out of Kenya! he gave them 64 million to get it done! he also took the missile shield from Poland, Caucasian country, then scent the Bust of their leader of WW11, then he took our pride from us by stopping our space travel from NASA ! He & 8 before him,are the death of our country!!!

        1. sallybelle says

          Yep, and Poland supported obama big time. So to heck with poland.

    2. emag says

      Unless Roberts is honest this time. Something happened to him since this administration came in. My guess is they have something. And if they do, so what, Roberts? Show them what you’re made of. Remember who nominated you and why, they thought you were an upstanding, honest judge.

      1. johnwes says

        Justice Roberts and his wife have two illegally adopted children and he is being blackmailed in order to keep the kids.

      2. sallybelle says

        Oh the government has something on him, no doubt.

    3. bobby-o says

      You all have to ask yourself this question. The Republicans want obamacare eliminated &Obama eliminated. Yet they won’t take up the birther issue. Sherriff Joe Arapiao, of Maricopa county, Az. says he can prove that the birth certificate is fake, his social security # is from a state which he has never lived in, he has hidden all his school records, so that no one can access them. Yet no one will take up this issue! I’ve written to several politicians and asked why, and none will reply!

      1. emag says

        The New World Order, which includes Soros and jarret are involved with this.

        1. hankthetank says

          NO ! they have been bought & paid for ! every election we pick one from each party,then the central banks, ( NWO ) takes over & backs both of them, no matter who wins, they can not lose,they backed Obama & Romney, ! they knew they could get more done with Obama, so they told Romney to slack off, did you see how Romney slacked off in the debates, He had plenty of ammo to take Obama to the Matt,but he didn’t use it !!!

          1. emag says

            Hm, that’s interesting. I am beginning to wonder. Do they really have all the power.

          2. jscarano7 says

            hankthetank my friend you got that so right

        2. sallybelle says

          Naive may not be the issue here, they are all controlled by some very evil people, and they probably want to live.

      2. fred says

        We the people must fire all the people who have allowed this criminal born in the kenya colony in africa to exist as the fraud that he most certainly is. Now is the time to impeach and imprison him!! Then have referendum votes on every single member of Congress who didn’t declare him a charlatan and a treasonlus fraud! Fire them all!

      3. lha says

        Social Security #s are reissued to persons of foreign birth. I know a woman from China who has the# 000-xxx-xxxx,and when asked why such a number,she explained why.

        1. Barack_OnumbNuts says

          Well now, if you haven’t seen it, I have access to Obama’s Columbia University Student body ID card, complete with numbers, bar code, picture and very clearly stated, on the card, Foreign Student.

          1. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            Why would anybody, at this point, believe anything out of Obama’s mouth. What does come out of his mouth is usually the ideal of Valerie Jarrett.

          2. Ray Taylor says

            Great ! Please share.

          3. fred says

            Good work! Please save that info as it will likely come in handy if we ever get a real investigation of this usurper POS in OUR WH! Nice job, really good info, put it up on youtube please if you can post there, then tell us the link!?…Thanks

        2. Ray Taylor says

          You are correct. Numbers are reissued. However, They are NOT
          reissued within a few years, but after what is assumed to be a full lifetime.
          The Dirtbag simply stole the number.

    4. WVF says

      fred, you have more than adequately covered the fraud-in-chief’s evil ways. Having said that, I must say that we do not have elected officials who have a modicum of intestinal fortitude when it comes to doing their jobs. BHO and his minions have so much on these people they are afraid to even utter a negative word. Chief Justice John Roberts is a perfect example.

      1. emag says

        I am afraid you’re right.
        We are run like a banana republic.

    5. badger says

      He doesn’t speak Russian. He only speaks Arabic and the African Dialect of Kenyan.

    6. jscarano7 says

      fred well said my friend

    7. Yadja says

      You are correct about his documents being sealed. He has five lawyers working overtime to keep them that way and trying to seal them forever. That alone speaks volumes.

      Also all his mother’s passport records were supposedly destroyed in a fire.

      The man was not vetted and trying to find who did vet him you come up with Pelosi. Perhaps the American people are ready to accept the joke played on them.

      At a time when we needed a strong leader and someone who would fight the War on Terror we got a Terrorist Within who has sided with our enemies from day one.

      If the American people have come this far it is time to go the Full Mont and put O in Federal Prison.

      1. fred says

        I couldn’t agree more with you, Yadja! We must be forceful and DEMAND from our reps and Senators that this “Usurper” be indicted and tried and convicted so as to serve as deterrent from others trying to do the same thing to our “hoodwinkied” federal officials who also should be held accountable for letting this criminal fraud amongst us! I have been writing my representatives since the midterms and some say they will be looking into options on this issue! The reps i don’t get a response from will be campaigned AGAINST with all my efforts to unseat them! Fair warning to ALL Federal officeholders, the criminal born in kenya gets prosecuted for high crimes and treason and wire fraud or YOU go home and no longer are on the public dole!

        1. Yadja says

          Corsi and others who know the score need to get their backsides in motion the American people are now ripe for information. They will accept it now.
          I remember reading a book that had all the sites and the documents on them and watching as they disappeared off the net. Luckily there were books that were written that captured them before they disappeared.
          July 12,2010 Egyptian Foreign Minister, Abul Gheit, on the Round Table Show, Nile Broadcast that O had told him he was still a Muslim. He also said the American people have been made fools of.
          Sooner or later it is going to be exposed.

      2. lha says

        Unless he registered with Selective Services[draft],he’s not eligible for public office. In the case of an illegal alien,he wouldn’t have to,nor if a “foreign student”.

    8. James Friedman says

      Fred, you must write for Bill Maher, if not, you should. Thank you for an amusing read. It’s unfortunate that so many people have these delusional thoughts. To actually have them written for all to examine just helps to ensure that people can see how insipid these thoughts really are. Thank you, thank you.

      1. fred says

        Nice to see a troll who at least almost admits to being one…so you working for the clinton mirage? your last name suggests what we all suspect, money is everything to you, over substance, isn’t it Hymee?

        1. James Friedman says

          This being America, I would prefer you communicate with correct English language. Although your poor performance is more likely a failing of your upbringing, rather than your inability to learn, nonetheless, it’s an important part of being an American.
          Your keen insight into my appreciation of money would clearly suggest you have little. Perhaps this explains the reason for your poor communication skills. People of your background so often have little to offer other than, “Would you like your burger with fries and a drink?”
          And fred, although I don’t hide my identity like you do, I don’t think you’ve discovered much other than my being one of millions who see you for a fool. God bless America you satan-worshiping political whore.

          1. fred says

            You are simply proving once and for all that the corrupt, uneducated (nearly every sentence has failing structure, you gaping c–t!), are just common trolls with no respect for the rights of the individual! Please feel free to deport yourself to an Arab Nation that will hopefully execute you for the uneducated poser you really seem to be! I have more degrees (BS, MS, PHd) and formal training than you might dream of in a thousand lifetimes, so go in your corner you ignorant POS and cry like the little bitch you really are, you aren’t fooling anyone, hymee! You may wonder why nobody gives you any “thumbs up”? Perhaps you are capable of working that truth out on your own, however i seriously doubt it! All I want is freedom, and all you seem to want is the uninformed to keep accepting your lies and deceit. You wouldn’t know the true meaning of Sovereignty if it bit you in the rear! You are just another liberal collectivist C–T!

          2. James Friedman says

            How is it you take an American issue, where there are two sides, and determine the only resolution is to have someone commit suicide? What does that say about the strength of your argument, comrade? If there’s opposition, kill them? Go back to Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia if you want that form of totalitarian regime. By the way, look on your certificate from the college of P.O. Box 2000, it should read, PhD not PHd. Bare your soul. Did you really go past 9th grade? God bless America.

  5. ForrestByers says

    Bravo, well-written and I wish the writer’s desire comes to be true!

  6. Mark Clemens says

    If Justice Roberts said ObamaCare is a tax. All tax laws are suppose to originate in the House, not Senate. Shouldn’t that be enough to repeal it, to revote on it again?

    1. ESQ says

      Ain’t gonna happen!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Maybe that should be the Senate’s opening business. Lets see McConnell be a real leader, or if he keeps leaving his backbone in Kentucky.

        1. gmhunt4 says

          McConnell is a “left wing” Republican and “loves” big government along with McCain, Graham……so he will do nothing……..he needs to be replaced with Ted Cruz as Majority Leader

          1. hankthetank says

            ( OR Trey Gowdy )

  7. nevergivein says

    DC, we have a problem. We know that Supreme Court INJustice Roberts will be of no help to “We The People”

    1. hankthetank says

      Now, that it is out in the open, he has a chance to turn the table on Obama!! I forgive him!!

      1. nevergivein says

        I don’t have any doubt that he was blackmailed or threatened and I hope he can turn the tables on Obama but, I doubt he will.. I just don’t think I can be as forgiving as you with all the hurt he has helped put on the hardworking people of the USA. He needs to be tried for treason with Obama and Eric Holder and given the ultimate punishment.

    2. hankthetank says

      He was blackmailed!!!

  8. rmwayne says

    This abomination never should have been ratified in the first place. Obamacare is just another way for the feds to steal more money from taxpayers. I certainly hope this miserable thing is abolished. If they make citizens buy insurance by threatening them with the IRS, what’s next? This whole thing is just about stealing money and gaining power over citizens.

    1. hankthetank says

      It is intended to take over our country!!!

  9. ihatelibs says

    GOOD . The Sooner , the Better . Then think about ARRESTING and TRIAL , and a HANGIN for the ILLEGAL FRAUD TREASONOUS LIB/DEM COMMIE KENYA MUZZY , OBOGUS

  10. GAIL says


    1. Joe T says

      RARELY…….does anyone in hired or elected govt office listen to anything or anyone, except who they work for…..look as wonderful civil servant IRS Lois Lerner, above the law and taking 5th amendment

    2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Do you REALLY trust yours? I certainly don’t trust those elected to represent me. The Town Hall debacles with hired goons, the Pelosi AstroTurf comments, the IRS deliberately targeting people that disagree with the current agenda…are scary at the federal level

      and here state level act similarly -don’t like the results of an amendment or imitative -put it to several revotes until it fails or demand that every person who signed an initiative have their name and addresses posted/released and the other side told to protest you at your home or place of business.
      So NO! until the Gestapo tactics stop, I won’t personally or call those who deliberately don’t represent me. I’ll continue to vote my conscience and voice it online and happily see many similar thoughts and people voting for the survival of our REPUBLIC!

      1. hankthetank says

        Make they live by EVERY law they write, as we do!! AND VOTE them OUT!!!

    3. hankthetank says

      their file, is the waste basket!!

  11. imjmz says

    I have always said that the government started on the wrong end of health care. They should have started at the price gouging that goes on at every hospital in America. Health care costs are out of control, Period. There is no reason for a colonoscopy and hemorrhoid surgery to cost $10,000.00 when the total amount of time spent at the hospital for both procedures, including office visits is less than five hours and at least 1 of those hours is in waiting rooms. Something is out of control when a friend was billed about $20,000.00 dollars for a med flight. The pilot may have had a total of an hour getting up from his cup of coffee, to the landing pad at the hospital and back to his coffee again. Another friend was billed around $1800.00 for an ambulance ride that couldn’t have been more than an hour trip total for the paramedics, including changing the gurney sheets. When you can spend three days in a hospital and the costs are already more than what you paid for your house, something is wrong in America.

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Start with Tort Reform and Malpractice Reforms to bring prices down. ADD doctors both general practitioners and specialists. Add clinics, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Open more medical schools. Demanding everyone buy insurance does not give even one person better access to health care and actually raises the prices of things across the board.

      While I agree the costs you sited are high/ridiculous, I think you fail to also include the real costs of the sterile operating rooms, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants, the complete costs of the Med Flight aircraft to operate and maintain, same for the ambulances.

      1. imjmz says

        In Hawaii you can charter a helicopter ride for a couple hundred bucks. These helicopters need the same maintenance and pilot. The only difference is that there is a flight medic on board with some medical instruments on these Med flights.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          The ‘cost’ of a recreational charter in Hawaii is different and lower
          than it would be to charter a helicopter in NY or Alaska.

          Med Flights
          would need to be more sterile and have many more regulations, insurance
          coverages and trained staff.

          I still agree the prices across the board are too high, but I see more things that go into that cost. It is more complex than you stated.

    2. Hugof224 says

      imjmz… I agree! Except for that bit concerning your colonoscopy and hemorrhoid surgery! Sorry, it would take a lot more than a lousy $10K for me to get anywhere near your ‘business end’… even after donning a double layer of hazmat suits… and having three stout boys keeping alert and ready to give a hearty tug on that safety rope, secured about my waist, at the first sign that I might be losing my balance. No sir-ee!
      Kidding aside, you’re correct regarding the rampant, criminal, gouging and over-charging which is all too common within the healthcare system, in general. But let’s not ignore the insurance companies… and their protracted, willing, cooperation with all of that. It’s hard to know which came first: the chicken or the egg.
      Doctors and hospitals and sundry other medical-related affiliates are greedy as hell (charging whatever fees they can get away with), rightly assuming the insurers will pay ‘most’ of their charges… they merely pass those expenses on to their hordes of subscribers (you and I), who likely have not much choice in picking up the tab.
      Or, perhaps it was the insurers who got the ball rolling by encouraging (through their silence), healthcare providers to let the ‘beast’ have its’ head… after all, the more healthcare costs; the more insurers can profit, by way of passing those ‘costs’ on to consumers, by way of higher premiums. We are the ones left dangling at the precipitous ‘end of the rope’.
      In addition, insurance companies do not pay taxes on the billions of dollars they are ‘holding’… or subsequently issue as settlements. Meanwhile, you and I are picking up all of their administrative costs, to boot. So, where is the incentive for any of ‘those actors’ to toe-the-line and, at least, give the appearance that they are attempting to curtail costs? Presently, there are little, to none. Of course, nothing is for free: but, this crap, this way of doing ‘business’, is too ridiculous… for waaaay too long.

    3. hankthetank says

      Government, should NEVER be in the health business, OR any business, just protect our country!!

  12. 7papa7 says

    Let’s hope and pray that 5 of the justices will do what is right and bury obamacare. Last time obamacare hit SCOTUS we saw that 5 were spineless and voted to keep this despicable law. This law is breaking many home budgets but this administration has no concept what it means to live within a budget. This administration more than any other in history has no understanding on what it means to live within your budget. It use to be that if the federal government mandated something they paid for it.

    1. hankthetank says

      they do not care about budgets,they just want to take over the country ! the sooner people believe this the better chance we will have to save our country!!

      ( AGENDA 21 )

  13. WhiteFalcon says

    I would like to make one correction. It is hard for me to accept the notion that “Congress wrote the law” when none of the House was involved and almost 1/2 of the Senate was locked out of the room when the law was being crafted. The fact, as I understand it, is that only Senate Denocrats wrote the bill and then it was crammed down our throats even though there was not one Republican vote for it and we the people were screaming NO when the democrats passed it. Now it has become public that the law was largely about lies and deciet because they knew that if the truth got out it would have never flown. The entire damd thing should be ditched. I hope the Supreme Court in effect kills it dead.

    1. hankthetank says

      The whole bill has to go ,their are many things that have not surfaced as yet: plenty of blank sheets left to be fill in, many bad things still to come!!!

  14. FloridaJim says

    Now that we know it was passed with all lies and The Budget Department not doing their job it should be scrapped and all who voted for it stoned. This is the true story folks read it and cry about your government:

  15. Jude O'Connor says

    The ER’s of the USA didn’t turn away patients, however, the ER’s can’t brush those teeth, clean those hands, eat the correct foods, stop them from smoking and drinking alcohol you getting my drift? hat makes the politicians think a health care will correct the habits of the population?

  16. ESQ says

    Could destroy? They already have!

  17. ralph says

    the supreme court should look at what we have done and we are not done yet should they become one of our front line targets

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Our Constitutional Supreme Court positions have no term limits (Judges are for life or until they decide to retire). They currently can not be ‘voted out’ without amending the Constitution.

  18. red55bird says

    This life long job as a Supreme Court Justice, needs to be striped from these nine men and women, term limits is a must, for when you get a liberal judge who interprets the Constitution as they see it, and not how it reads on paper, the out come is quite deadly to our very freedom.

  19. CalebJ says

    Obviously, government-run health care plans are communist-inspired, and should be totally abolished. Let’s start with Medicare!

    1. edward martis says

      Look up the ‘American Communist Party—Northwest Region’ , 6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA–(look up their phone number, on their web-site give them a big ‘Hello ! )–near UC Berkeley……..all of the Blobama Admin. have VERY strong ties there….(there are 5-6 ACP’s coast to coast) (Berkeley, being the ‘capitol’ of all the ACP’s)…..a trip around that area is an EYE opener !!—–the commies control everything in the Bay area—–as you are checking out the ACP (Oakland) notice who they invite to their (front) testimonial dinners—–you will see a lot of names that you will recognize—including Barbara Lee (D-OAKLAND)——–also, note the ACP controls the “Longshoremen’s Union” for the Port of Oakland——(whoever would have imagined THAT !!!!–)—-There are a lot more communists in the federal and state governments than you will ever know) ——-if you care I can rattle off a list of them—–for example–De Blasio, the mayor of NYC (he is HEAVILY involved with Daniel Ortega, the commie pres’ of el savador—-as long ‘dancing with the stars etc. are on the ACP will chew (like termites) at the foundation of the USA’s house——-the ACP works 24/7 at undermining the USA’s political system———-remember the “US House Committee on Un-American Activities” in the 50’s–? –now they operate in the wide open——–what total fools we are to allow them to continue—–like in the Oborema Admin———The ACP controls all of the grammar schools, UC system and most of the colleges in CA (as in indoctrination / re-education camps)—-(ie…remember the Khmar Rouge/ ‘The Killing Fields’ etc—very much like that —–but fluffy like a pillow—-so as you would not notice what these ‘sewer rats’ are doing to all of the kids—–

      1. hankthetank says

        You are 100% right,I live in CA. 90% of the University’s are run by the ACP’s that is where they go to hide when they get in trouble, that is where they went after the 60’s ! they also have the ACPUSA in Washington,DC.

    2. hankthetank says

      (WE ALL pay for our medicare ) before & after, let it be, I am 82 & i still pay for my medicare, every time i go to the Dr.

      1. Hugof224 says

        And every month… it is already deducted from your social security check…. before you receive it, Hank.

  20. Lizard says

    Am i only one sick and tired of Obama ..Lol

    1. Juan TwoTree says

      No!!! Can’t stand Obongolod or anyone in his administration. And any and all Dem-O-Craps (i.e. PIGlosi, Reis, Feinstein, Durbin, Boxer, Maxine Waters…..the continue to “spoil the well” for all the good people. GO RED!!

      1. Hugof224 says

        You neglected to include that pathetic and despicable pig from New York, schumer. I know… there are so damn many of that sort of scum!

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Oh you’re so right Hugh! Schumer is a scum bag, big time…and yes, there are too many of them to name….hopefully with them losing 28 seat last Tuesday, BANG!! maybe the next election we can take over the White House and kick all the lieing, theiving Dem-O-Craps OUT of office and take away their pensions/benefits!!

  21. william russell says

    The supreme court is on the tank for obama and will never vote to change anything in obama care. I do not know what obama has over roberts but it must be something for him to vote against his fellow conservatives.

    1. hankthetank says

      Wake up he was blackmailed!!

  22. MAHB001 says

    Happy Veterans Day, Thanks for making this Country great.

  23. gmhunt4 says

    America needs to go back the Health Care BEFORE ObamaCare……..

  24. Archie Cogollos says

    I often wonder about peoples courage of convictions..they have no picture and fictitious names…and are incredibly harsh….food for thought…

  25. RayR55 says

    Who in their right mind thinks the SCOTUS is going to rule against Obama? If it weren’t so damn tragic it would almost be funny.

    1. Juan TwoTree says

      Let it happen!!

  26. GrumpyOleMan says

    This will give CJ Roberts another chance to “reform and rewrite” the law rather than do his job of ruling on the Constitutionally of the law. Had he done his job properly the 1st time, this wouldn’t be before the Supreme Court again now!

    1. hankthetank says

      What would you do ,if you were blacked,if it were your kids???

  27. John Burks says

    little words can make abig difference in meaning. e.g. i thank you for what you have done FOR me. or i thank you for what you have done TO me. big difference.

  28. Shauna says

    Well, what are you waiting for???? Do it! Remember this damn mess hasn’t fully kicked in yet…It was just a experiment for the liberal progressives, look at the mess so far….

  29. squeak says

    Do your job, SUPREME COURT, we the people demand you to repeal Obama Care as it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL… it is NOT a TAX as you all presented to us, it was BS… correct it this time!!

  30. ralph says

    No problem call for Obama’s birth certificate every day and to tell us why he has a dead mans social security number and one problem will go away and then we will take care of the other problem

  31. bobwhite says

    I have no confidence in the Supreme Court. I guess I should have said I have no confidence in the ambulatory anal sphincters infesting the Supreme Court. There is nothing wrong with the Supreme Court in and of itself.

  32. sallybelle says

    Isn’t it interesting that China showed obama the fighter jets that look just like ours, they stole it under obama’s rule, and also, Iran was given one of our drones. It landed without a crash, it was done on purpose, under obama’s rule. He is giving everyone everything we have as weapons. Him and Valerie Jerratte , who’s mother and father are doctors in Iran. She may be black, but she is an Iranian at heart, the military had to let this happen, so who is the treason people in the military. Could it be obama’s top leaders, who are white and muslim converts?

  33. Juan TwoTree says

    It was pointed out to me that on election day
    the Democratic vote started out with a pretty healthy lead – and then the
    Republicans got off work.

  34. Robert Emberton says

    If the affordable health care act is a tax, as the supreme court has stated, then why don’t they just do away with it like our state did with inventory tax?

  35. Yadja says

    This last election set the mood and I believe the Supreme Court will do it’s job because they saw the writing on the wall where O is concerned. He did not need the Congress and he would eventually decide he did not need them. We came close to a Dictator pure and simple.

    I believe they will do the right thing and thank the Almighty there will be no more Liberals for awhile on the court.

  36. SamVBar says

    First I am very adamant about anyone having unlimited terms. So, that eliminates the Supreme Court. To eliminate the supreme court judges would be a corrective action that would enhance the legal system. The Supreme Court was created to interpret existing laws; not to write and pass them. We seem to have moved to the left on everything that a group of very intelligent men put together over 200 years ago. The document is not a living document that changes to the whim of anyone and everyone. It is set in stone so it can provide the standard that the entire nation needs to survive and meet obstacles head on with the knowledge that they are being in perfect tune with the written law of the land.

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