Supreme Court Justice…Barack Obama?


According to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama would be a fine choice for a Supreme Court Justice. Speaking at a campaign event in Iowa on Tuesday, Clinton was asked if she would consider appointing Obama to the nation’s highest court.

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,” Clinton said. “He may have a few other things to do but I tell you that’s a great idea.”

After describing the importance of that aspect of electing the next president, Clinton circled back to the idea of nominating Obama to the panel. “I would certainly take that under advisement,” she said. “I mean he’s brilliant, and he can set forth an argument, and he was a law professor, so he’s got all the credentials.”

Can you just imagine? This president has flaunted constitutional law from the moment he arrived in the White House, and this moron wants to put him on the Supreme Court? This is a man that doesn’t require that authority be granted him; he simply makes up the law as he goes along. Now Clinton wants to give him the power to actually interpret the Constitution that he so obviously despises?

No, no. Once Obama is out of office, we need to make sure he never shows up in Washington again. This has been the true bottom of American politics, perhaps only rivaled by the actual Confederate secession. It will take years to remove the stain of President Obama’s legacy, even under the best possible circumstances. Obviously, electing Hillary Clinton to replace him would not be among those circumstances.

Obama would not be disqualified from taking the position. In fact, he wouldn’t even be the first president to follow his tenure with one on the Supreme Court; William Howard Taft did it in 1921. There are few constitutional restrictions to nominating a Justice, though it would take a monumental shift in Washington politics to allow for it.

Obama himself has addressed the subject a time or two, and he doesn’t seem to be interested. Still, anything can happen. Once he’s out of the Washington bubble for a few years, he might decide that he misses the action. With the right president in the White House and the right configuration of Democrats in the Senate, he could very well follow Taft into history.

The prospect is grim, indeed. But when it comes down to it, anyone Clinton picks for the Supreme Court will likely be a raging liberal. It’s not just important to keep Obama off the Court – it’s important to make sure we get some constitutionalists to replace the liberals currently dominating the panel.

  1. Croco Dile says

    This whole thing is a FRAUD.
    We are told from the time we can think and walk that we have this great system of government built on a system of brilliant checks and balances. It is pounded into our heads in school and in the media. The bulwark of this genius is supposedly our “independent” judiciary. It is indispensable to maintaining our supposed freedoms. It stands guard over our freedoms ! The whole tale is such a load of CRAP.
    Our entire system relies on the court being able to keep the government within its limited constitutional bounds by saying no. That was why they supposedly had to be “independent”.
    You don’t need to be independent in order to say yes. There is no controversy in a YES. Everyone is Always free to say yes ! The key is setting up a system where the court feels free to say NO.
    Can you think of a single time that the court struck down a law that was even arguably constitutional ? I doubt anyone can, because the examples don’t exist. Nothing even close. Of the very few laws they have struck down as unconstitutional, about 176 or so, there really was no question. The laws were laughably unconstitutional.
    Now think how many 10,000’s of laws have been passed and think how far beyond the constitutional limits the court has allowed the whole system to expand. There is example after example of the court upholding laws that are clearly NOT constitutional but none striking down laws that are even arguably constitutional. Because they do not behave as an independent body.
    What is the PROBLEM with any of those issues ? Is it that the court strikes down too many laws when it shouldn’t ? NO.
    The problem with the court is always the same. It says yes TOO OFTEN.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      OUR FOUNDERS proved that the ‘system’ they created worked well when THEY were running it as DESIGNED!
      THE PROBLEM is that they had no way to control future generations that refuse to follow their example and the ‘directions’ they left in writing, for their own personal gain!!!
      GOVERNMENT is a ‘magnet’ for criminals to take advantage of and steal from the common taxpayer-citizen while retaining the title of…..HONORABILITY!!!!!!!

      1. paulrph1 says

        We elect people to help the people but once in office they tax us more and use out tax money against us and to pad their own pockets. It is the same old story and will never change. We have few honorable politicians.

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          A true minority group “Honorable Politian’s” .

          1. EMIRCITNA says

            ‘HONORABLE’ should NOT be placed before their names until AFTER they have honorably served their term in office; that also goes for all judges!!!

          2. Gunflint Roseberg says

            A little hard on all of them aren’t you. We cannot say they are all bad. But then, what do you do with a barrel of rotten apples ? Just dump them out, & start over.
            Honorable..of high rank, dignity, or distinction; noble, illustrious, or distinguished.
            Like I said, a minority group.

          3. BengtVal Thulin says

            Perhaps any of you remember these words;

            “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

            The Declaration of Independence – IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

            “We The People” need to write a NEW “Declaration of Intendance” and serve it hot and fast on the Moronic/Al Qaeda/ISIS/Nazi/Socialist terrorists like Obama that are running and destroying Our Country.

          4. hangem'high says

            The old one will work just fine!

          5. glorybe2 says

            The constitution also limits the rights of the people. It is a two way street. Only the government protects your liberties. In order to do that the government must exist. That gives the government the right and the responsibility , to do what must be done to continue to exist. If you eliminate the government you also eliminate your rights.

          6. Roy Fredrichsen says

            The way things have been going, the Federals act as if THEY are the supreme power in the land and the citizens only have rights the Feds give them. There is no such thing as States Rights anymore. O’Bummer makes up his own laws.

          7. Mark Lahti says

            You really have no comprehension at all of the constitution. The federal government has one primary responsibility. That is to protect the country from outside forces. This means to provide for a standing army and whatever else is necessary in order to protect the “we the people”. Aside from that and a couple other things along the same lines the rest of government is to be the realm of the states. The federal governments responsibilities are extremely limited. In fact the constitution provides that in the event the federal government exceeds it’s limitations or power that we the people have a solution. That we have the right…no the responsibility to take over that government and establish a new government such as we the people decide would provide for the proper level of governance. It is also we the people who decide how our country is governed. We do that by electing representatives that take our interests to the country as a whole and thus establish what laws we require or request. So you are wrong in your first assumption. The constitution does not limit the rights of the people at all. The constitution limits the power of the government. You need a class on civics or government or something to get your understanding of how our great nation is suppose to function.

          8. JamesLee says

            And to Protect our Borders….

          9. glorybe2 says

            OK, I’ll move next door to you and play loud rock music 24 hours a day. Your rights end where another person’s rights begin. The government decides who is right and who is wrong. Believe me you want to be wrong as your way would be hell on earth.

          10. glorybe2 says

            The constitution restrains the government but it also restrains the people. That is why, for example, that you can not pass a law that prohibits abortions. You can not pass laws that take away the rights of others. I will paste a quote from Jefferson that you should study.
            lieving with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.[9]
            Note Jefferson’s declaration that no natural right of man can allow him to avoid his social duties. Those social duties include making certain that no other person suffers loss of their rights.

          11. ringostarr1 says

            Regardless of what some of my Conservative and Liberal friends may think. The Constitution directly guarantees our freedoms from religion but not at the price of someone else’s rights to freely practice their religion.

          12. glorybe2 says

            But what the constitution does not cover is deliberate discrimination against Christians in many circumstances. Imagine the young girls in a high school banding together and refusing to ever dance with or date a boy not active in a protestant church. Or how about a football team walking off a field in protest of a Jew being on the other team? Peaceful protest and race hatred or rampant discrimination are often the same thing. I know a white grandfather whose daughter married a black man. he now has black grandchildren and he does not know what to do as he was always a big time race hater.

          13. ringostarr1 says

            Glorybe2, Section VI of the Constitution prohibits such actions. If you would only read the Constitution that you claim to believe in, you may be surprised at what you’ll find.

          14. paulrph1 says

            The Bill of Rights give people the freedoms that they are entitled too and restricts the Federal Government. That is why those in charge want to eliminate those rights. Get a clue. Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the right to bear arms. Where are the restrictions on those.

          15. glorybe2 says

            You are wrong. The government must be protected from the citizens as they could vote for items that clearly break the constitution to shreds. For example if the evangelical movement became a majority they could elect only people who swore to make the constitution support only the Christian faith. When the government preserves the constitution it automatically preserves the government at the same time.

          16. Robert Barnes says

            Hey troll get your head out of your ass

          17. glorybe2 says

            I can’t get it out. Your mothers tongue blocks the passage.

          18. paulrph1 says

            Only to a point. The Federal Government must know it bounds and keep within the lines. That is why we have State and Local governments but the Fed wants to eliminate them. They get in their way. A one world government means their will be no local governments. And the Fed will never have to be accountable.

          19. glorybe2 says

            Yes and the Supreme Court is the only one allowed to say when the other branches of government go beyond the constitution. It’s all sort of circular as the court is part of the government.

          20. hangem'high says

            With skeletons the liberals can manipulate, even Ronald Regan was manipulated!

          21. JamesLee says

            He did not want HW Bush as a VP running mate..

          22. hangem'high says

            You won’t see that problem with Trump!

          23. glorybe2 says

            Reagan was so simple minded that he was beyond manipulation. This very day you suffer from the effects of his childish trickle down economic beliefs and policies. Right now 62 people own more wealth than 3.5 billion people do. And guess what the trickle has been a flood of money going upstream to the rich and far less going to the poor. Reagan was your worst enemy and you are so off base you can’t even see what was done to you.

          24. Mark Clemens says

            Trickle Down Economics don’t work any more, because of NAFTA, WTO, TPP and other trade deals that removed the US TARIFFS. The tariffs kept industry stateside. Now that we have no tariffs, business can manufacture any where it wants, with out the additional cost of importing their goods.
            Free Trade is what’s killing the economy.

          25. hangem'high says

            When Reagan was elected, the middle class was the riches element in the USA. Now it’s shifted to the 1%ers with the Clinton’s, the ACLU, GREEN PEACE, and Republicans help! They passed NAFTA, and unions pushed (Right to Work) with PC written all over it!
            When Reagan dealt with the liberal progressives he made concessions. One of the many concessions was amnesty before securing the border and it remained in the back window until Trump came along.

          26. ABO says

            This from a simpleton who attributes the flood of money going upstream to the rich lately to Reagan, rather than the one who has occupied the White House for the last seven years and spent a large portion of that time playing golf with his ultra rich friends.

          27. glorybe2 says

            President Obama inherited a very long and very expensive war. That is why money is an issue. And it follows a pattern by the way. No US citizen or business has any reason other than greed to be inside an Arab nation or territory. These conflicts exist because the US seeks to make money in foreign nations and fails to prevent corporations from putting property and lives at risk by establishing themselves in those nations.

          28. Patricia says

            By all means, make ’em EARN it! Works for me.

          29. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Honorable politician is an oxymoron much like honest lawyer. Perhaps that’s why so many lawyers are attracted to politics especially in the democRAT party?

          30. Robert Barnes says

            Thank you. 98 % of those in the house and the senate are traitors, and should be hung for treason with all those foreign agents in the white house

          31. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Can’t name even one.

          32. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Well there is ..well no, he’s dead, of course then theirs… Drats he’s in prison, but we still have oh what’s his name, oh Hitlery had him shot.. Throw me a bone here, there has to be a few good ones left.

        2. EMIRCITNA says

          OUR FOUNDERS KNEW that over time our government could be overtaken by criminal elements that would step over Constitutional limitations on the federal government to the point of being a detriment to the people thus gave us the remedy within the Declaration of Independence to ….ABOLISH such government!

          1. johnob1 says

            Exactly!! And I’m prepared to honor that passage as stated in the Declaration of Independence. I’m confident our veterans, military men and women, will not only honor the Declaration of Independence, but they will honor their fathers, mothers brothers, sisters, spouses, and the protection of their country from domestic enemies which includes our own government.

            As I mentioned earlier, my Congressman won’t be seeking re-election. He’s already seen the light for this country.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          2. ringostarr1 says

            Who is your Congressman?

          3. johnob1 says

            “Richard Hanna” is the U.S. Congressman I supported only to discover he became the opposite of what he presented himself to be. When he was introduced to me, he shook my hand as he looked the other way and never said a word of “thank you for your support.” I immediately thought to myself; “Oh my God! Not another dirty politician who just deceived us?

            Since then, he’s been grooming himself by doing personal favors and posing with prominent leaders giving the illusion he’s doing something for the whole country when he should have been in Washington, District of Corruption cleaning up the mess as he promised he would do at the national level instead of hanging around New York State doing State Senator’s job.

            It was only after I reminded him of Benito Mussolini of Italy and what the people did with him and his mistress that he decided not to seek re-election. He’s nothing more than a wimp. His staff members ignored all my letters and phone calls. And by the way; my Congressman claimed he spoke with his family and that they decided he should not run for re-election. Yeah right!

            During the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent Saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II’s address to Congress that U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina who had the guts to stand up and call Barack Hussein Obama II a LIAR to his face. Instead of the Republican’s support for Joe Wilson; they censored him. Today, Joe Wilson couldn’t even stand up to wave a salute. So much for Republicans in Congress and the Senate.

            If I were a Congressman or Senator, I would seriously worry about “retaliation” by the American people for their doubled cross and the dishonor of the nation’s Oath of Office. Now you know why my Congressman is vacating his Congressional seat by not seeking re-election. He’s just hanging out until the end of his second term to secure his pension and other generous benefits at the expense of the American people.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          4. ringostarr1 says

            You should be honored. Congressman Hanna NY 22 has a 5% pro Liberal voting record as scored by the Ultra Liberal Left Wing Americans for Democratic Action PAC and he is scored more Conservative than every Democrat in Congress except Bishop of Georgia by The Conservative PAC Freedom Works. I have been in the political trenches for longer than most people can imagine and a Congress Persons’ place is not in the infection riddled swamps of DC but as often as he or she can manage it back home with the voters who are his true bosses. It will be interesting to see if the GOP can hold on to NY 22 or like happens to often if voters like you don’t wind up electing a Democrat indirectly by demonizing Congressman Hanna. I will keep my eye on your up state race and see if I am correct. To every man and woman all the Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen in my state (the Heart of Dixie) have a pure voting record in so much as they have NEVER ONE TIME TOED the ADA Liberal line in 2014. But I guess that is what culture and civilization going hand in hand does for a people.

          5. johnob1 says

            That’s not the point. Congressman Richard Hanna promised that his very first agenda was to repeal the entire “Obamacare” as it was unconstitutional to begin with. Instead, soon as he met with Barack Hussein Obama II he posed a very friendly picture with the foreign-born illegal alien Saboteur.

            Second, he spent more time upstate New York grooming himself for re-election by posing with prominent leaders rendering the illusion he was working for the American people on the national level.

            Congressman Richard Hanna didn’t fare so well when the dictator of New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo forced Remington Arms Co., Inc. (Founded in 1816) out of the state, and told us Conservatives to get out.

            Here’s how “Dixie” Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama responded to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo…. “In Alabama we strongly support and uphold our great U.S. Constitution on which our nation and our states were founded. The Constitution serves to protect individual freedoms. Among them are those guaranteed in the Second Amendment, which protects the rights of the people to keep and bear Arms. We will protect the freedoms of individuals and welcome any one or any company to Alabama to discover as so many have, that we are a pro-business state filled with good, hardworking people.

            If Governor Cuomo doesn’t want hard working pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment people in his state, we will gladly take them here in Alabama.”

            I was “honored” to hear those words from the Honorable Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama, but not Richard Hanna who looked the other way as he shook my hand, and reneged on his promise to the People of the Tea Party who supported him.

            By the way; have you been to upstate New York lately and seen the many signs of “Home for Sale? Hardworking American Conservatives are desperately seeking to leave this socialist/communist state being run by liberal idiots.

            USAF (RET)

          6. ringostarr1 says

            I live in Bama and Governor Robert Bentley is only a little less Liberal than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In my experience there are no Conservatives living in New York State. During your indoctrination classes in Basic Training you must have been taking a smoke break when the subject of the US Constitution was discussed, because there is no way that a single Congressman can repeal a law if the President is opposed to repeal like Obama is and there are not at least 288 Congressmen as well as 67 Senators willing to override the President’s veto. However New York State voted for Obama not once but twice, and thus you and your fellow New Yorkers are responsible for the mess that you find yourself in. May I humbly suggest that you and all your fellow Empire State residents stay where you currently are and sleep in the bed that you helped Obama make for you. You’re neither needed or wanted in these parts.

          7. johnob1 says

            ‘ringostarr1,’ You wouldn’t recognize an American patriot if it bit on the head. Since you are ignorant about Richard Hanna, and the Constitution of the United States of America, allow me to point out that Richard Hanna promised to “introduce a bill to repeal the Obamacare” in accordance with the Constitution of the United States He failed to do so.

            By your comments ‘ringostarr1,’ you prove yourself to be critical and ignorant. I’m awfully sorry you turned out to be a complete moron. You know absolutely nothing about the people in the State of New York or anywhere else in the country as expressed by your adolescent criticism. Grow up sonny!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          8. ringostarr1 says

            Is this Congressman Richard Hanna (R) NY 22 the same Congressman Richard Hanna (R) NY 22 that you were talking about? It seems to me that the Tea Weasel Witch who is running against Congressman Richard Hanna (R) NY 22 could not recognize a Conservative if one reared up and bit her on the nipple. By the way this articular came from your very own Dog Patch rag in Syracuse.
            I plan on following this race closely and I will up date you from time to time.

            While Hanna’s voting record is not my idea of the voting record of a staunch Conservative if you were elected to Congress instead of the Democrat that is very likely to go to DC from the 22nd New York Congressional District I could pick and and choose 20 of your votes that would at best make johnob1 look like Leon Trotsky.

          9. ringostarr1 says

            I regard Hanna voting over 50 times to repeal The Affordable Care Act as keeping his promise. The Tea Party is Trumping and “rumping” you, both at the same time. However the whole country will wake up on the morning after the General Election to find that the Democrats have reversed engineered the Senate and are now back in charge and that you and I are right back where we started in 2008 with a Democrat Senate but with Hollering Hillary now in the White House instead of Obama.

          10. grams says

            That is what our elected officials swore to do. I guess the whole bunch are liars.

          11. Karen says

            Do you know how to tell if a politician is lying? Watch him open his mouth!!

          12. Bullfrogman says

            Or when his/her lips are moving

          13. Deborah G says

            No need to guess.

          14. glorybe2 says

            The very nature of congress involves the trading of votes. Whether you are right wing or left wing, you have zero choice but to compromise as a legislator or you can accomplish absolutely nothing. Case in point : Obama Care works for many people. But it would have worked much better and been in place much quicker if there had been zero resistance from the right wing. The same has been true of the rising seas and global warming issue. By idiotic denial of the emergency any efforts to protect the people have been delayed. Now the nay sayers have shut up as the condition is now so dramatic that it can not be denied. But in the 15 year delay caused by these deniers much work could have been done to stop the harm now occurring. So anyone you vote for can tell you with starry eyed innocence what he intends to do and when elected will instantly discover that what can be done is compromise.

          15. hankthetank says

            That is the first thing they take over, WHEN they decide to take over a government

            and become a dictator!!!

          16. ringostarr1 says

            There you go again FLAT out frigging fracking lying to the readers. The Marxist’s who wrote the ACA and passed it without a single Republican vote were never interested in trading a single vote or any thing else of value. The Democrats made it clear that it was either their way way or the Gas Chamber. Preferably the latter choice in Democrat eyes.

            As for the issue of Global Warming, the Scientific Consensus found in the following link totally debunks the whole rotten lying scheme. As well as puts the lie to Glorybe2’s post.

          17. glorybe2 says

            You have gone over the edge. There are no Marxists in the congress. Further every single nation on this earth have agreed to fight global warming. No sane person denies global warming at this point. New York just suffered a higher sea water intrusion than they had from hurricane Sandy. In California homes are falling into the sea. In Florida which normally has only very weak tornadoes in spring and summer we now have tornadoes in January, an unheard of circumstance. In the Pacific an entire island nation is going under. Your food supply is getting expensive due to calamities that destroy crops and make ranching much more difficult.
            Now instead of telling lies and worrying about non issues such as Marxists in our congress how about working to prevent the calamities now upon us such as global warming and pollution? Fight your real enemies not your fantasies.

          18. ringostarr1 says

            Meanwhile your Marxist President gifted $350,000,000 dollars a year in crop subsidies to Brazilian cotton farmers I guess to spread our wealth around South America. Then there is the little thing about two of your Marxist Senators, Senator Sanders from Vermont and Senator Coons from Delaware self describing themselves to the voters of their states as Marxists. If they called themselves Marxists who am I to argue with them but furthermore what business is it of your’s to rush in where even fools fear to tread and attempt to defend them?
            gb2, You have not only gone over the edge but at this very moment you are in uncontrolled free fall.

          19. glorybe2 says

            I seriously doubt that Sanders describes himself as Marxist other than in an academic sense of the term. Socialism, in the sense that we see it in England, France and most of Europe is what Marx actually advocates. Marx was not the communist that most people think that he was.
            As for cotton subsidies to Brazil you can bet your last penny that we got something valuable in return. Our government does not give away money for no reason at all. Our humanitarian efforts are so tiny that they have no effect upon our national economy or budget at all. It is rather like old Rockefeller riding in his carriage with a cup of dimes and tossing them into the street for the people to scramble after.

          20. ringostarr1 says

            The Cotton subsidies were an end run around a World Court case that Brazil filed and won alleging that the US was harming Brazilian cotton farmers by helping American cotton Farmers deal with the odious rules and unlawful Executive orders coming out of Obama’s phone and from his pen.

          21. glorybe2 says

            We know that you constantly make false posts for whatever reason.

          22. nevergiveup says


        3. JOHN SANTIAGO says

          “A HAVE FEW HONORABLE POLITICIANS ????? – – – – At present we have NONE – We have no Honorable politicians – and those who are – who try to be – and those who are now running for office who claim they will be are – ALL – presently being crucified by their own colleagues – preventing them from being elected.

          1. erleebird says

            The problem is there are no term limitations. One must follow the sheep or get nowhere. Who said senators are “grandfathered” into the Constitution?

          2. Roy Fredrichsen says

            I have reached the same conclusion ever since Harry Reid has sat on ALL House of Representatives bills. I am beginning to believe he is becoming greedily senile and needs to be put out to pasture. All Senators and Represntatives should be limited to no more than 2 consecutive terms, just like the president.

          3. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            or at least have a mandatory retirement age. the PO has one for agents.

          4. Roy Fredrichsen says

            I’ll agree to that suggestion, too.

          5. Dan says

            You are 100% right.

          6. whoselineisitanyway says

            And bring back THE DRAFT. ISRAEL requires all who are physically capable serve 2 years in the military or a public service position
            WORST THING PUSHED BY DEM O N RATS WAS DOING AWAY WITH THE DRAFT. Too many young people do not honor their country, their parents.

          7. Esq says

            Draft? For what? However if that were to happen then your daughters will go before my Grandson goes!

          8. whoselineisitanyway says

            Then my daughters will serve, while your grandson coward will be a servile male slave.

          9. Esq says

            Wow you are clueless!

          10. hangem'high says

            Killary or Obummer leading them into another Benghazi priceless!

          11. hangem'high says

            It depends on whether their singing up with marauders or pirates?

          12. hangem'high says

            They may not have a choice when chett hits the fan, it’s either your get rounded up, or you watch everyone else get rounded up!

          13. Esq says

            And who is going to be the ones that will do the rounding up?

          14. hangem'high says

            The enemy silly!

          15. Esq says

            And who are these enemy that you say?

          16. hangem'high says

            Can’t say its Top secret!

          17. Esq says

            Lol! Probably The UN Blue Helmets and there Arm which is better known as NATO! Sounds like it could be fun!

          18. hangem'high says

            I’ll see yea, at town hall meeting, Sunday February 7th, don’t forget your helmet!

          19. ringostarr1 says

            My state reworked the laws on the concealed carry of a deadly weapon. Now about the only place that you can’t carry heat is in political and town hall meetings.

          20. hangem'high says

            Well, bring your big guns and don’t forget the football!

          21. ringostarr1 says

            I’ve already watched this year’s Super Bowl and my team won.

            Rammer Jammer Yellarhammers’ give em Hell Alabammer.’

            Rooooooooooooooooool Tide Roll.

            Now where were we?

          22. hangem'high says

            Next year’s play offs?
            How about this year’s Super Bowl,
            Now be professional about it, it’s the big league get you big boy paints on!

          23. ringostarr1 says

            You really are clueless aren’t you? If I knew the answer to that silly question i would be going door to door to every sports book in Nevada betting on the winner by playing the point spread and covering the over under. I definitely wouldn’t be wearing my fingers to the Fing bone typing this answer. Instead I would be in New Zealand right this minute ordering myself a new sailing yacht that would turn Teresa Hines, and Horse-Faced Kerry greeeeeeeeeeeeeen with envy. What’s you doing? Got any tips?

          24. hangem'high says

            Denver by 14 points!

          25. ringostarr1 says

            I am sorry for you but that train has already left the station.

          26. hangem'high says

            I’ve got better hindsight that way!

          27. glorybe2 says

            My bank has a sign at the door. No sunglasses, no baseball caps and no hoodies allowed. I assume that an alarm is triggered if anyone enters with any of the above mentioned violations and I’ll bet they would go nuts if they spotted a concealed firearm.

          28. hangem'high says

            I would suggest using the ATM!

          29. ringostarr1 says

            Hangem, have you ever notice that the ATM drive in machines now have Braille on the keys? It seems insane to me to encourage the blind to drive.

          30. hangem'high says

            That is a great observation I’ve never noticed, could be due to my sunglasses?

          31. ringostarr1 says

            I wonder where Little Stevie Wonder does his banking these days?

          32. Bullfrogman says

            Then check Hillary’s servor

          33. hangem'high says

            That’s how I know its top secret!

          34. ringostarr1 says

            I do not wish to be that intimate with the Madam Former Secretary.

          35. ringostarr1 says

            If I was a gambling man I would never bet against today’s American Military being the ones who took on the mission of rounding up disaffected American citizens and turning them into organic fertilizer. Too many current and recently retired Veterans look upon themselves as elite warriors. Elite warriors without a mission end up being the devil’s workshop.

          36. hangem'high says

            It depends on the executive order at the time, as it will be the police, FBI, Drug and Alcohol, or national guard enforcing the law, just like they arrested Kim Davis for not handing out same sex marriage license. They’ll come in the dead of the night when you least expect it force kick in your door, and demand your guns, if not they’ll put a bullet in your head just like they did Lavoy Ficcume.

            It’s going to be those old school soldiers that the N.W.O soldiers will be trying to neutralize!

          37. ringostarr1 says

            Did you mean like this action in the Middle East?


          38. hangem'high says

            I’m assuming it’s still classified?

          39. ringostarr1 says

            It was classified until it was leaked after the Pentagon said the tapes didn’t exist. The frighting thing in this video is the off hand way that the GIs dismiss shooting a 6 year old girl or using an automatic cannon to murder 12 peaceful unarmed Iraqis from half-a-mile away. The military today is every bit as capable of hosing down the streets in our nation’s capital to stop peaceful protest as the Alabama State Highway Patrol was capable of going rogue while standing on a bridge in Selma.

          40. glorybe2 says

            Vietnam vets are getting a bit long in the tooth. They might need dentures and walkers or canes or a health aid to do much of anything.

          41. ringostarr1 says

            Who said a mumbling word about Viet F-ing Nam? It appears that it is you who has his or her head wedged in Jane Fonda’s crack-pipe.

          42. ringostarr1 says

            You sound like you are wed to a Vietnam era vet but i am still trying to decide if you are happy or POed that your spouse can’t do much of anything.

          43. glorybe2 says

            I am male. My wife died six years ago. I do have live-in girl friends from time to time.

          44. ringostarr1 says

            The fact that you mentioned that from time to time that you do have a live in girl friend speaks volumes about your personality.

          45. glorybe2 says

            Yes, and at times I even have more than one live-in girlfriend. And I keep it legal by the way. I never marry more than one.

          46. ringostarr1 says

            You really do have trouble Sabing the English Language. You’re not putting on. Notice that I said T-O-D-A-Y-S American Military. I never said a mumbling word about the American Military of the 1960’s. In your case toots I think that you are experiencing a LSD flash back from taking bad shit when you were a tween..

          47. Roy Fredrichsen says

            I served in the military back in the 1950’s and got criticised for it “Feeding at the public trough”. My answer was, “I’ll remember you said that the next time this country is attacked.” Guess what?- 911!

          48. hankthetank says

            I was drafted in 1952 ————— 84 now !

          49. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Hi! Sarge. I’m only 80 myself but I enlisted in rhe Air Foce so I could play with the Airplanes -B-25, F-100C, T-33, and F-102s. Had a great time.

          50. glorybe2 says

            I think you might be shocked at the number of long term service employees who suddenly left the service as Vietnam heated up. Many soldiers were only willing to serve if they were not in danger of being in combat.

          51. ringostarr1 says

            From reading your ignorant rants I bet that that you were one of those who cut and ran like your Leftist Icon Mussolini did. He only served in the Italian Army once he realized the wonderful opportunity that unsuccessful warfare presented to ferment a Leftist revolution.

          52. glorybe2 says

            We need a lot less troops due to technology replacing soldiers. If we were to draft all the young people your tax bills would go through the roof. Anytime, anyone, wants a thing from government it means tax dollars must be collected. It makes zero sense to vote to cut taxes and then ask more of any portion of the government.

          53. ringostarr1 says

            Give every High School grad free college tuition if and only when he or she satisfactorily completes 3 years of advanced combat training.

            In WWII the Military didn’t accept enlistees for long after Pearl Harbor. They drafted your butt and put or trained you to do what ever it was that needed doing.

          54. glorybe2 says

            They pulled the same nonsense in the Vietnam era. Those who enlisted were given a severe degree of testing and many were turned away. It was a deliberate tactic to keep the draft open.
            However the days of combat troops are coming to an end. Troops are too easy to injure and expensive as hell to support. Technology can do the fighting and is rapidly putting troops out of the arena.
            What we do need to do is offer free college to qualified students and separate out those without academic abilities and train them for jobs more suited to their abilities at about the seventh grade level. But those jobs are also disappearing. The era of human labor is leaving us now. Can you imagine what one good quantum computer could do. It might be more powerful than all the current computers, world wide, combined.

          55. ringostarr1 says

            I hope that you have to fly on a jet that was overhauled or maintained by a 7th grade drop out. If it wasn’t for all the innocent people in the air and on the ground who would suffer and die, it would be a fitting end for you.

          56. ringostarr1 says

            There is one problem with your answer, in order to win wars you first have to kill the enemy faster than they can reproduce.

          57. glorybe2 says

            What expense do you think would be created by drafting all the youth? You are talking about the waste of billions upon billions of dollars in an era in which soldiers are simply not needed at all.

          58. Mark Clemens says

            Age limits wouldn’t hurt either. We do have age minimums

          59. hankthetank says

            I can name a lot that need to be HUNG !!! For what they have done to our country !!!

          60. ringostarr1 says

            The Term Limit Party, in impolite company known as Tea Weasels had the perfect chance to send Harry Reid packing the last time that he ran for reelection back in 2010. The problem was that Nevada Republicans nominated a politically stupid Tea Weasel candidate (Sharron Angle) to run against the ultra liberal Democrat Senator Harry Reid. In the blink of Ms. Angle’s nutty eyes and a flick of her stupid mouth she turned a 2 to 1 advantage in Ms. Angles favor into a walk away for Harry Reid. If you want to help on November 8th 2016 get out there with your friends and family and vote a straight Republican Ballot, it is the only hope that you have to reclaim your country, but for God’s sake leave the political maneuvering to someone who knows which end of the Political Gun that the bullet comes out of because the Tea Weasel Party forced the so-called-RINO party to have to kick the Tea Weasels in the buns before the Tea Party cost the GOP any more Senate seats. That’s just all of the story.

          61. Roy Fredrichsen says

            I wasn’t aware of that background and what really happened in regards to Harry Reid being a Texas resident. As far as voting is concerned, in the past 25 years,
            I have missed only one election as a result of being in a hospital recovering from lung surgery. I AM a registered republican as well as a NRA member, not to mention a military veteran sworn to the Constitution of the United States.

          62. ringostarr1 says

            After a careful and repeated reading and a couple of rereading of my post that is faithfully reproduced above I have yet to find any mention that I made where I either said or hinted that Dirty Harry was from any where other than the Silver State of Nevada. I think that you’ve pulled to many Gs during your years in the US military and it has damaged your brain. Call the VA and get an appointment.

          63. ringostarr1 says

            I predict that in the future the name “Sharron Angle” will become autonomous with sticking ones foot in one’s mouth all the way past your tonsils. I want bore those who know what Angle did but Roy, if you would like to hear it reply to this post

          64. johnob1 says

            i totally agree to a term limit. As for U.S. Senator Harry Reid, he is the leading “Communist” for the U.S. Senate. If you remember, he used the U.S. Senate House to attack and silence a single American -born patriotic citizen…. Rush Limbaugh.

            As it turned out; Rush Limbaugh made a mince-meat out of the communist Harry Reid.

          65. Esq says

            RIf the Constitution would be followed as it was written then there is no need for any Term Limits! Repeal the 17th Amendment! Don’t fall for this Term Limit thing! And one can serve as President not too exceed 10 years! Two terms equaling 8 years and two years via appointment which would be a total of 10 years!

          66. glorybe2 says

            So you do not want to follow the original constitution which would allow the president to stay in office as long as he could get re-elected? It is amazing how many people rant about the constitution but never consider that it has been changed over the years,.

          67. Esq says

            Illegally changed!

          68. Roy Fredrichsen says

            And by whom?

          69. hangem'high says


          70. Mark Clemens says

            Search up WILLIAM A. CLARK him and others bought Senate seats.
            Also in 1902 or 4 less than one quarter of the Senate were seated, the rest were held up in state appointment hearings in their respective State Assemblies.
            Right now I have two republican senators, who were elected by the people under a democratic governor. Do you think my old democratic governor would of sent two republicans to the Senate?
            Why would you surrender a voting right?

          71. Esq says

            I’m not resend in my Voting right! I am reastablishing my voting right!

          72. ringostarr1 says

            What about the members of the State House and State Senate? Oh yea low information voters, before the passage of the 17th Amendment the US Senators were elected by your State Legislature. The reality is that it was extremely difficult for a mere politician to hold a coalition of state house and senate members together for 6 years little less for 12. The rapid turnover in the state house and senate memberships’ result was term limits for US Senators..

          73. Mark Clemens says

            What about the state houses? It would just be better to amend the constitution to Term Limits. This abolish the 17th is a poor Tea Party idea. It’s a quick fix to control of the Senate right now. Presently I think there are 32 Red states. In say 10 years half the southern red states turn blue again. You threw away votes for the republican party.
            So they think there would be more Red Senate seats. Yes I understand how it should of worked before the 17th. Did you search up William A. Clark?
            Madison had a good idea separating state and popular power. Unfortunately sometimes things look good on paper, but just don’t work in the real world.

          74. ringostarr1 says

            If the Tea Party exerts it’s maximum influence, it will not require 10 years to turn Congress a vivid Democrat Party Blue.

          75. Mark Clemens says

            Hard to say, we’ve only had brief 3rd parties. Cruz won Iowa last night, he is a True Tea Party darling. This could be the rise of the Tea Party. A lot of local (State level) politicians will try to ride his coat tails. This is what the Tea Party has been waiting for…………..

          76. ringostarr1 says

            It only required 2 years in a much slower paced age for the fledgling Republican Party to elect their first Congressmen. By election day 2016 Ted Cruz’s Tea Parties will be pushing 8 years but and their share of the electorate has steadily fallen.
            On the other hand Ted Roosevelt only need 12 months to turn the Office of the President of the United States over to the Globalist T. Woodrow Wilson. The IRS, Income Tax, FED, 17th Amendment, Prohibition, WWI, and the basis for WWII all came out of Wilson’s 6.5 years in the White House. During his final 1.5 years Wilson was a brain dead sock puppet whose wife voiced his wishes, if in fact he actually had any wishes.

          77. ringostarr1 says

            The XXII Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America ratified on Febuary 27th 1951.

            Section 1.

            No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

            Section 2.

            This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years from the date of its submission to the States by the Congress.

            Esq, don’t look now but someone beat you to it.

          78. Esq says


          79. ringostarr1 says

            XXII is the Roman way to write 22. You have heard of the Romans before,,, haven’t you?

          80. Esq says


          81. hangem'high says


          82. hankthetank says

            10 years is a way tooo long ,they can become a dictator in that length of time !!!

          83. ringostarr1 says

            It only took Hitler a few months. Mussolini much less than that.

          84. ringostarr1 says

            Or the death in office of the previous President with less than 2 years remaining in his current term.

          85. dinkerduo says

            Your right—-I’ve been saying that for years and years—we got this way because there are NO TERM LIMITS!!!
            We MUST have TERM LIMITS–NOW!!!

          86. Roy Fredrichsen says

            If they are in the CIVIL SERVICE they cannot be fired. They can only be promoted and transferred someplace else. I’ve seen it happen.

          87. hankthetank says

            With term limits they are FIRED !!!

          88. glorybe2 says

            I’ve seen school board employees fired with trumped up, false, claims of doing poor work or failing to follow directions. For example a painter, employed by a school board was fired when he painted a large room and the supervisor claimed he had ordered a different color be used. Then the painter asked for any work requests include paint colors in writing so he was charged with insubordination for making that request. The next step was for someone to take a stick or whatever and put a scratch on the painted wheels on the truck. They wrote him up for that scratch and then fired him for three supposed violations. Civil Service rules mean nothing in a dishonest system.

          89. ringostarr1 says

            Tell us Glory. Did Trump Trump up these Trumped up charges?

          90. glorybe2 says

            Trump has been too busy sobbing over his los in Iowa to trump up many new charges. The man is a freak.

          91. ringostarr1 says

            I wont argue that. Evidently however Jimmy Earl Carter is quite enamored with the Donald, Carter as much as endorsed Trump today. The Trump Fix is in people!!!!

            Hillary’s motto is, “If yew can’t beat um fair and square,
            Then cheat the hell out-of-em”

            You Feminist best practice up on you curtsying, bowing, and scraping now, yew hear? LOLOLOLOL HOHOHOHO.

          92. ringostarr1 says

            Yes and common sense means nothing in a Liberal system.

          93. ringostarr1 says

            Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t but I personally know of one instance in a South West Alabama county where a school teacher was convicted of serious sexual abuse charges and he went on drawing his teachers’ pay while serving 15 years in the big house. The teachers have… or rather did have a strong union.

          94. JamesLee says

            Cruz and Lee are 2…Voting records don’t lie…

          95. Glenn Newton says


          96. JamesLee says

            I expect you voted for Obama…Like i said punk, Voting records don’t lie..
            Do you know how to see voting records Moron?

          97. Glenn Newton says

            Some how my answer got mixed with your comments, I agree with all your comments, Probably some trick Yahoo pulled!

          98. ringostarr1 says

            Your correct, voting records don’t lie. That is why Senator
            Rubio’s voting record is 100% MORE Conservative than Senator Cruz’s voting record as reported by the ultra Liberal Left Wing, Americans for Democratic Action.


          99. JamesLee says

            A Cruz-Rubio ticket would win. I trust Americans for Democratic Action as much as i trust Snoops…

          100. ringostarr1 says

            ADA is left of George Sorrs, but the ADA has a long and accurate history of advocating for far Left policy decisions and I fully trust the ADA to call a Communist Democrat rat fink a Communist Democrat rat fink.

          101. JamesLee says

            Cruz is not a democrat..

          102. ringostarr1 says

            Never said that he was a Democrat but it is a worry to me that he will end up electing Democrats because of his caustic personally.

          103. glorybe2 says

            Ted Cruz is quoted today as complaining that if Trump gets the nomination it will insure a democratic win. He is spot on and I said it before he did. Trump has made so many groups his enemy, as has the far right, that only a more liberal republican would have any chance at all. Anyone with an immigrant, close friend, or relative will avoid voting for Trump. Black folks won’t vote for Trump. Most women will never vote for Trump. Jews are unlikely to vote for Trump as they have experienced race hatred. College graduates are very unlikely to favor Trump. gay folks won’t vote fro Trump and democrats and liberals will not vote for Trump. He is about as popular as a tooth ache.

          104. ringostarr1 says

            Trump is the face of the Democrat Party. Specifically that part of the Democrat Party who are retired shop stewards and thus are unable to phantom why their 32 year old high school dropout, pot smoking child, and who is still living in his parents basement, can’t land a $35 an hour job bagging groceries down at the A&P.

          105. hangem'high says

            The government has deep pockets that why they paid corporation to set up all their company’s overseas, and extended the age of dependents on their insurances sucking off Mom and Dad’s teats!

          106. ringostarr1 says

            If you really want to know where your job went read up on the Development Corporation of the Americas. Your very own tax money is being used to buy up the companies that you work for and move it off shore. It is just a method of spreading the wealth around one job at a time.

          107. hangem'high says

            I will look it up, although it sounds more like a mass exodus then one job at a time? I guess as long as it ant my job, I’m safe? Ever heard of agenda 21, if not you might find it interesting to look up?

          108. ringostarr1 says

            Its a program that makes low/no interest loans and grants to foreign nationals if they will buy a US company or factory and move it lock, stock, and barrel oversees.

          109. ringostarr1 says

            Agenda 21 is something that the UN is trying to accomplish like bringing lasting World peace, Look and see how the UN is coming along with that project.

          110. hangem'high says

            Almost sounds as bad as American tax payers bailing out a failing company and then the company turns around and sells it to a foreign country at record profits! Maybe it’s one in the same government development, laundering tax payer money putting it into their pockets?

          111. ringostarr1 says

            Cruz is in the same boat that Trump is up the creek in without his paddle.

          112. glorybe2 says

            And now it becomes obvious that those who supported Trump betrayed the conservative camp. He can give speeches and get applause but when it comes down to it sane people will never vote for Trump.
            So here we are again with a republican list of candidates that are all too weak to win an election. I admit to being hostile to the right wing. I do not hide that one bit. But doesn’t it make the right wingers want to wake up and figure out just why they can not produce a viable candidate? I know they want to always point at supposed conspiracies, whine that the media favors the left, etc. etc.. But the reality their proposed candidates usually look like something that escapes the Howdy Doodie Show. Can’t you just see Baby Bush on puppet strings, portraying the part of Howdy?

          113. ringostarr1 says

            The only difficulty that the Conservative movement has is dealing with patently dishonest Jackass wipes like yourself. If the GOP has few viable Presidential candidates then the Left Wing has too few authentic human beings to hold an intelligent conversation inside a phone booth.

          114. hangem'high says

            If you do the math that’s why Trump is running as a republican Duhh! How much free stuff can you throw at rabid dogs, as they usually end up with what they deserve!

          115. ringostarr1 says

            At least 20% of those favoring Trump or 33% of the registered voters who support Donald Trump are in reality registered Democrat Party voters.

            The typical Democrat Party Trump voter is a former Union Shop Stewart or Union Grievance Committee member who is unable to understand why his pot smoking, high school drop out 32 year old son or daughter is living in his basement and can’t find a job. Trump is like all the other American Liberal Socialist Democrats. Nothing is Trump’s or his policies fault, he has the answer for all the Earths’ ills. Don’t take my word for it, ask Trump yourself he’ll tell you the same thing.

          116. glorybe2 says

            It would be funny to get Trump installed as the republican candidate just to assure a democratic victory. Vote one way at the primary and the opposite way at election day.
            As to why 32 year olds are hiding in their parent’s basement and not working it is because they know the game is over. Negative politics combined with technology eliminating jobs, mean that these young people will probably do poorly no matter how hard they try. Blacks in bad neighborhoods figured that out years ago. So they live wild and die young, which sadly is often in their best interest.

          117. ringostarr1 says

            The Democrat Party and their Green theology is responsible for the largest % of African American early deaths. If the Environmentalist are unable to poison African Americans’ food and water the Greens at least figured out a way to poison African Americans’ brains so that they end up killing themselves.

          118. glorybe2 says

            So the industrial poison in the Flint river and the right wing governor who helped hide the poison alert to the public (read that as black) in Flint were supposedly left wingers in your mind. Isn’t it odd how pollution and hazards all get placed near black communities. I can just hear the right wing clamoring that just because the children in Flint are half brain dead that they must pay for their medical care and work hard to get ahead. Seriously, a right- wing budget slasher can often do more harm than the idiots who bombed the WTC. Flint is proof of that. The budget slashers just took far more lives than the terror nuts have.

          119. ringostarr1 says

            There are no industrial poisons flowing through the Flint River. That is only a Green Peace tactic to raise money on the ill fortune of innocent Americans. The lead in Flint’s water comes from the pipes that were installed generations ago and the increased PH of Flint River water caused by increased Tannin has led to that water leaching MORE of the lead out of the supply lines and into the kitchens of Flint residents’ I hear you phone ringing, answer it, Al Gore is calling you because he needs a new pool liner in his masseuse’s hot tub. BOAG for Gore.

          120. glorybe2 says

            Tannin is a consequence of growth as tannic acid is the result of tree stumps and roots submerged in water as land is cleared and canals are dug. It is pollution caused by growth. On top of that lead pipes are in and of themselves a pollutant. Switching water supplies stripped the oxide off the pipes and exposed fresh lead to the water supply. So one needs to ask just why a city had lead water pipes and just why an ignorant utility would switch and run acidic water through those lead pipes. It comes back to the same thing. The promotion of industry requires labor to increase the size of a community. Industry is like a cancer that eats the city. Cities always place industry and waste sites closest to black neighborhoods. Rich folks avoid living around trash dumps and factories. Working people are compelled to live under such conditions. A city is a cancer that reaches out and destroys rural areas.

          121. ringostarr1 says

            After reading your response to my post I understand now how completely and utterly your President has trashed the American Economy and how there can be no quick recovery for either the American Middle Class, little less blue collar, or minority workers. I hope that minority voters are pleased with this President’s dismal performance because it may well be generations before Americans of all descriptions can recover the ground that they lost during the last 8 years of hopeless change.

          122. glorybe2 says

            What is occurring now is a try at recovering for damage done over a period of greater than 200 years. There is no way that any president could have stepped into the White House and cure all that was done stupidly over generations. trying to revive an economy fractured by the right wing, as well as trying to resolve several wars with the awful expenses generated by those wars has no easy or fast solution. Today we pay dearly for WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Arab wars, the cold war, and various expensive situations such as covert military actions in S. America. None of these expenses were generated by Obama. We have seen Bud Greenspan, like many others from the right admit that his error was following the teachings of Ayn Rand. Greenspan was an ardent believer all the years he ran the Federal Reserve until economic reality gave him no choice but to proclaim that he was fooled into believing in a false doctrine. Ronald Reagan Poppa Bush and baby Bush all swallowed the same nonsense simply because they were short on intellect. If we had avoided those wars and stayed clear of Ayn Rand’s beliefs we would be wealthy today.
            Perhaps Japan will create a mechanical Godzilla drone that is the size of Mississippi that can walk the Earth and sweep up all that is wrong.

          123. ringostarr1 says

            You’re not only a delusional commie drone, you’re also dangerously stupid and brain dead as well. I guess that the next stop on your train ride to insanity will be Obama approving the Canadian Oil pipeline to power your delusional mechanical Asian iguana like monster. Please excuse me while I cross myself to ward off the bad juju your emitting. There, that’s better now. You also better put out the candle in the abandoned SUV that you’re living in because those nice young men with the butterfly nets are looking for you.

          124. ringostarr1 says

            I have run into some ignorant Leftist in my time but Toots you take the cake.
            What has natural processes like the growth of trees and the falling of the leaves in response to the changing of the seasons have to do with Industrial pollution? You’rs so dumb that you obviously believe that if the fathers’ condom slipped of that his son or daughter would be born wearing a rain coat..

          125. glorybe2 says

            Fort Lauderdale is called the Venice of America due to its numerous canals. The natural rivers in the area used to have clear water. But about 110 years ago canals were dug and land was built using the dirt from those canals as FT. Lauderdale was a swamp by and large and it was the only way to get dry land. Due to the roots of dredged trees left and exposed to water the tannin levels have made all the canals and rivers in the area the color of coffee for over 100 years. There is no sign that the tannin will stop coloring the water either. Simply creating a suburban community is enough to permanently pollute a region larger than the suburb due to the leveling of land involved. All human activity other than at the most primitive level is destructive to nature. And we need nature to survive.

          126. ringostarr1 says

            First off WTF does Fort Launderdale, Florida have to do with Flint, Michigan except for the fact that the words Fort and Flint both begin with the letter “F” and that stands for fool.
            I hope and pray that you’ll soon embers of the Human Race and go live with Tarzan and Cheetah in the fricking/fracking jungle. What are you going to blame Vesuvius eruption on, chariot races in the Circus Maximums? Please tell me that your mother had a son or daughter who was normal! Swamps by the way are muddy stinking sink holes of dark dingy dirty water stained by accumulated vegetable matter. But you seem to think that swamps, especially Florida Swamps are pure mountain streams in Coors Country before us dastardly humans moved in and mucked up the neighborhood.

          127. glorybe2 says

            Our rivers were crystal clear before alteration by human activity. Flint and many other places in Michigan were ruined by industry. At some point the public must be aware that only so much of the land and waters can be ruined before humanity is self exterminating.

          128. ringostarr1 says

            When you freely admit that you are clueless about what you just posted then I will respond to you. Up until that time stop wasting bandwidth, your drowning the Polley Bears.

          129. glorybe2 says

            I know exactly what I am saying. The entire advancement of civilization has been a complete mess. And we are at the point at which no degree of effort may save us and yet we still have people clinging to absurd ideas and philosophies.
            We need mandatory birth control, planet wide. We need to shrink the human foot print on the earth. Many towns, suburbs, roads and waters need to be restored to a pre-Columbus state of existence We need to severely limit any contact or use of the world’s oceans. Political philosophies need to be shredded and burned. We may need to cancel the payment of debts by all nations. We need to build compact cities that are human friendly. For example you need to look at NYC with millions of people and almost no public toilets. And we do need moral, ethical and criminal codes that are quickly and universally applied to all people.

          130. ringostarr1 says

            No the passage of “THE ENABLING ACT” future Reich Air Marshal Herman Goering established the GESTAPO aka German/Secret/State/Police. Every last part of the Environmentalist agenda like Animal rights as opposed to human rights was first enacted by Herr Goering.
            Including the first attempt to make a Jurassic style park that would hopefully resurrect large extinct European Stone Age ungulates like the fearsome aurochs.
            The Nazi Propaganda machine embraced animal rights because it was such a novel idea that everyone really believed that the NSDAP (Nazi Party) was a bunch of flower children. However like the current crop of flower children in the USA our Environmentalist have much the same fate in store for minorities as the Nazis had in mind for Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and Homosexuals. The future Liberal criminals plotting crimes against humanity are merely lulling the masses into a deep sleep with their golden lips. In fact I predict that Glorybe2 will be one of the first to harvest tattooed human skin for use in lamp shades, place mats, and napkin rings. Can Nike, or Reebok be far behind?

          131. glorybe2 says

            Such babble is rarely heard except within mental asylums.

          132. ringostarr1 says

            Is that why you’re currently on the no fly list?

            Oh yes, that also means no pea shooter for you.

            The truth is that the forgoing post is 100% factual. Right up to the moment that the Leftist Revolutionaries Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, and Goering took their own lives. There is a lesson to be learned by you in all this, that is if you ever screw your courage up enough to emulate any of the four mentioned war criminals in the first sentence of my last paragraph..

          133. ringostarr1 says

            Do you have a loud ringing in your ears? Tannic Acid leached out of leaves dissolves the limestone rock underlying Florida. This leads to sink holes and Florida is covered in sinkholes.

          134. ringostarr1 says

            So you’re saying in order to save the Earth and stop the North Pole from melting like an Eskimo Pie left out of the chill chest at the Equator that you Environmentalist are going to cut down the Rain Forrest in order to save the Rain Forest?

          135. ringostarr1 says

            Negative politics has been with us forever and it has not yet brought down the Republic or even dented it.

          136. ringostarr1 says

            In reliable Scientific study after reliable Scientific study less than 2% of all voters clam that they are either gay or lesbian. I hate to say it but Ted Cruz made a good point when he reminded Americans about what so called “New York Values really means!”

          137. ringostarr1 says

            Oh Democrat Party liberals will line up 3 deep to cast a Trump ballot during the GOP Primary Elections but they will return to their roots during the General Election by casting a ballot (or 6 or even a few hundred votes) for Sanders or else Clinton.

          138. ringostarr1 says

            Read the ADA’s rating for Senators in the 113th Congress. As you said above, “Voting Records don’t lie!”

          139. ringostarr1 says

            I agree that Cruz isn’t a Democrat Party clone, but Cruz is reliably losing nation wide to Hillary, and Bernie Sanders.

          140. ringostarr1 says

            I trust the ADA about as much as I trust Putin or Obama. However the ADA does know a left wing weasel from a right wing patriot, so I trust the ADA to call a Liberal by their real name, Cruz Democrats.

          141. ringostarr1 says

            Didn’t you intend to type “A Rubio-Cruz ticket? If you’ll overlook Senator Cruz’s handling of deadly serpents during church services, there is little difference other than Senator Cruz’s two liberal votes out of 20 total votes giving him a 10% Liberal Voting Record where as Senator Rubio only followed the Liberal Line 1 time out of the same 20 votes in the 113th Congress.

          142. ringostarr1 says

            Yes, you are right. That is why Cruz has a more Liberal voting record as reported by Americans for Democratic Actions than any other Republican running for President.

          143. hangem'high says

            They all have handlers except one, they can’t even get him to go to the Donald roast for the sixth time!
            Trump 2016!

          144. ringostarr1 says

            If the Donald somehow manages to win the nomination and like Ross Peron did in 1992 give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton and her Husband Bill Clinton again, are you prepared to hoist Trump from a lamp post?

          145. hangem'high says

            So I guess Hillary’s term if elected will be to blame everything on Trump scenario, like Obummer’s was to Blame Bush since that’s about all the liberal progressive are good for. Why would I blame Trump for theTransformed Americans retard-ness?

          146. ringostarr1 says

            I volunteer to turn the spit at the Donald Trump roast for like free, if you will only cram an apple in his loud mouth to shut him TFU.

          147. hangem'high says

            Sooo, who’s sounding like a Democrap now???

        4. johnob1 says

          For years I’ve been warning members of Congress and the Senate about great nations of the past that destroyed themselves by applying three very dangerous ingredients…. greed, corruption, and the total decadence of morality. All three has already been applied in America.

          I agree we have just a handful of honorable men who are willing to honor the Constitution, the nation’s Oath of Office, and the principles of our Founding Fathers.

          USAF (RET)

        5. Cameron Triplett Sr says

          power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely. look @ our “public sservants”!

        6. glorybe2 says

          Since 1950 we have taxed the rich less and less. The lower your are on the economic scale the more you are taxed. Corporations receive huge tax breaks as well. And the real tax rates are hidden from you as inflation is in itself, nothing more than a tax. Matter of fact, inflation may be the greatest tax in your life.

          1. paulrph1 says

            Maybe what you say is correct and a revamp of the system is necessitated. However the poor do not pay any taxes, it is the middleman.

        7. hankthetank says

          It’s up to the voters,to get off their ass and vote the bastards out,WHEN their term is up !!! DON’T let them grow roots there !!!

        8. glorybe2 says

          Your biggest tax issue is hidden. Back in 1960 a man could work for an hour and buy a bit over six gallons of gas for his hour of work. Today many people still get six gallons of gas for one hours work. But due to tax bracket creep that same worker pays far more taxes than before. And that is ignoring the dip to two bucks a gallon for gas. We’ll see five dollar per gallon prices soon enough and then that worker will not get three gallons for his hour of work but his income tax and social security tax will be on the violent side.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            You’re the one who constantly gripes about income inequality and fantasizes about socking it to the rich or even the middle class. You got your wish, Obama has fulfilled all of your silly Left Wing wishes. You should learn to shut up while a few Americans still have their noses above the waves. But NO!!! Instead you run from sea to shining sea with a stick which only has two left forks and push the survivors’ heads further under water.

          2. ringostarr1 says

            How are you proposing for Obama to fulfill your Left wing fantasy of $5.00 a gallon gas? Talk him into refusing to leave the White House post 01/20/2007?

      2. fred says

        I think it’s safe to say the only thing most politicians in this country honor are their personal bank accounts!

        1. Dan says

          You are right about their bank accounts but I also think the need for power is part of their motivation. Goes right along with the need to control.

          1. fred says

            yes they have completely lost the concept that the founding fathers wanted the potus and members of Congress to “SERVE” the citizens not create lifelong fiefdoms and not declare themselves monarchs!

          2. glorybe2 says

            How many millions could Bill Clinton get for simply allowing his name to be added to a law firms partners? I’m guessing tens of millions per year on a long term contract with the understanding that he would only advise the law firm a bit, from time to time.
            Hospitals pay huge fees for a famous pathologist to allow his name to be displayed on the hospital staff even though the pathologist may rarely if ever, visit the hospital. You pay for that nonsense, by the way.

      3. erleebird says

        To have Obama as a supreme court justice is to condone every illegal law and injustice he has fomented in the past 7-1/2 years. Might as well give the job to Al Sharpton – he could abuse the authority along with Obama.

        1. Earl says

          I seem to recall that BOTH Obama and his WIFE? surrendered their law licenses at the onset of his campaign, essentially under threat of disbarment. He and she are not members of the bar. I have also heard he is coveting the possibility of a nomination to the Secretary of the UN position. He”d like that…………Equally scary!

          1. erleebird says

            You can say that again, Earl! I’m very concerned about what the terrifying duo will concoct to continue to be in the limelight and spread their treachery throughout our country. I won’t rest easy until they are out of the White House and a sensible person (not Democrat) brings their wisdom and salvation to the office.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Plan on years of restless nights

          3. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Never happen. The whole world has been laughing at him trying to be a “Big Shot”.

          4. hangem'high says

            The world is under siege they have their own life struggles, if Americans can’t stand up to these tyrants all is lost!

          5. hangem'high says

            First I don’t believe it was a random question asked out of the audience, second I believe it’s their way of offering Obummer the position so Billy P can get the position at the UN, they probably got his certificate all printed up!

          6. Jimmy King says

            They voluntarily inactivated their law licenses so they wouldn’t have to continue with CLE and annual registration fees. They can be reactivated immediately.

            Additionally, a law license, or a law education for that matter are not requirements to becoming a Supreme Court Justice

          7. glorybe2 says

            I doubt that that is true. As there may be fees involved it would make sense not to keep a license in a state when you intend not to practice there anymore. Bill did have a suspension of his Arkansas license after the Monica nonsense but was free to practice other than in Arkansas. The suspension I think was two or three years only.

          8. ABO says

            What I find particularly scary is his unerring persuit of absolute power by any means necessary, legal or otherwise.

        2. glorybe2 says

          You just love black folks don’t you? I’ll bet you have white sheets with holes to peep through.

      4. Chris Robinette says

        That is the KEY!! Personal Gain!! The greed factor has taken hold.

      5. Croco Dile says

        “….they had no way to control future generations that refuse to follow their example and the ‘directions’ they left in writing….”

        Free yourlelf from this illusion that everything was “fine when implemented”.
        It was bogus from the start !

        The relevant question is, have the people in this country ACTUALLY consented to the CONstitution they tell us is “the supreme law of the land”?

        If the answer is yes, then the CONstitution and all the “law” that properly flows from it have legitimate authority, but if the people have not consented, then the constitution has no authority, and neither does any of the government that flows from it.

        WHEN did YOU consent ?

      6. Gerald A. Reason says

        Even men like Jefferson and Webster warned that the most dangerous part of our government was the Supreme Court. This is why they allowed Congress to set rules for their appeal process (Article III, Section 2: “… the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.” Unfortunately, those who want the courts to change our government have failed to use this process to check the court’s BS interpretations of the Constitution.

      7. Tiger says

        But our Founding Fathers also made sure we understood Tyranny when we saw it and had the means to end it. But our Congressmen/women have allowed all to go by the wayside and accepted a King.

        If we don’t get this election right it is Stalin all over again. In fact National Healthcare was Stalin’s prize accomplishment.

        1. hangem'high says

          Trump 2016!

          1. Tiger says

            Ya know I just don’t see it any other way. He is all we have. I for one trust he will do what he says.

            Got another good article for you. It is the one where the Egyptian Foreign Minister said O told him in private he was still a Muslim nobody listened but I guess we know now.

            No problem with that and Trump.

          2. hangem'high says

            Lots of good information, Thank you!

          3. Tiger says

            Welcome. ;p

        2. ABO says

          The founders went to great lengths through their writings to explain to everyone exactly what was their intention behind every portion of the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights, so that the Constitution would be entirely clear and understood by every citizen. Unfortunately, certain political powerplayers over the years have managed to remove those writings from school history texts and rewrite history to fit their own “interpretation” of the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. These people realized that the writings of the Founding Fathers would keep them from promoting their own agenda unless the citizens of this nation were unaware of their actual rights as intended by the Founders. Fortunately some of today’s citizens, including yourself, Tiger, care enough to do the research and find the truth. Unfortunately many just don’t care as long as they are getting “free stuff” from their government. Liberals have had a long, hard row to hoe in chipping away at the freedoms our Founding Fathers fought so long and hard for but they seem to have convinced a great many low information voters that it is better to depend on government than to think for oneself and value our freedom. Very sad.

          1. Tiger says

            Great post. I was raised by POW. My father was in the Death March and then Officers POW camps for the duration of WWII. My grandfather was a Consul and ran an underground to get Intelligentsia our of Communist countries, banished to Siberia where my mother born. They escaped just in the nick of time the Death Squads were on the way. They ended-up in the Philippines years down the road where my grandfather, with the blessings of the president of the Philippines continued his underground movement. War broke and they were in Manila, home on Manila Bay, I remember my mother telling me of how she hears the bombing and in a half dream state thought it was fireworks. She said she looked out the window and the entire Bay on fire, all the ships and the planes bombing them.

            My mother and grandfather, along with thousands of people from all over the world taken to Santo Thomas POW camp were they were interred until the Japanese knew they were loosing the war and marched the half dead POWs to a camp on Los Buenos there they were the last to be liberated during the war. When my mother and grandfather came to America it took them 8.5 years to get their citizenship, they were registered and monitored monthly due to my grandfathers background. You never knew two more thankful Americans.

            Yes I know, I know and have known since far back as I can remember being taught history of America and Russia etc. I knew about Stalin, Hitler you name it.

            Yes the Socialists think their time has come. Let us pray not.

          2. ABO says

            Sounds like you have a very impressive family there, Tiger, and you have learned well from them. Thanks for the great response and keep up the good work, Tiger!

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you and you also. It takes all of us to get things Righted.

      8. GuardianFlame says

        I so agree! But in today’s world we have a less intelligent mass of Americans, probably because our “Melting Pot” status has reached its overflow point with other cultures that don’t speak English well enough to understand they are being conned and lied to by this Federal Govt, beginning with obama.

        The other factor is that Corruption has raised its ugly head in our government and is rampant throughout. We need to change the tenure and retirement laws for all Congress thereby forcing the old useless codgers out and keeping the young blood who want to make a better Nation instead of just sitting and waiting for retirement.

        Our Federal Govt system is broke my friends and we need to revise it big time. The Founding Fathers tried to put all the bells and whistles in our Constitution to protect “the People” from an over reaching govt (like we have today). However the F.F.s couldn’t know the degree of evil and corruption that has grown inside our govt.

        We need to change the rules for every Congressman as well as the “Requirements” for those who want to be our U.S. President! We can’t allow any more “snakes” to slither into our Highest Office.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          IF ANOTHER DEMOCRAT gets into our White House this November than SOMETHING is drastically WRONG with either the current electoral process OR with the MINDS of the American majority!
          I would opt for the former as being the culprit by fraud & corruption thus there should be no further hesitation in convening an Article V Convention of States in order to begin the process of regaining control of a federal government commandeered by foreign AND domestic Marxists!!!
          NOTE: Do not confuse a Convention of States with a Constitutional Convention as there is a big difference; please research!

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You always exhibit a good deal of common sense.

          2. EMIRCITNA says

            THANKS MUCH, my fellow Vet; I, long ago, asked God to give me the eyes to see and the ears to hear in a confused world, my friend! ~ God Bless!

      9. hangem'high says

        When Benjamin Franklin came out one of the firsts senate hearings he was ask; What took them so long?
        He replied “Gentleman you have a new Democracy, now the trick is to keep it!”

      10. glorybe2 says

        No! The original Constitution and its interpretation were a disaster. The refusal to confront slavery in order to get the constitution signed was a moral abomination. The slaughter of 80% of the American Indians is another horrid example of not defining all people equally under the law. Then the ability to violate every peace treaty ever signed with the Indians as well as others made our nation look like a butcher shop in the eyes of the world. The failure to define and regulate an economic system also was a huge problem. The idea of state’s rights was also a huge mistake. The most backward states are always the ones who clamor for state’s rights. Then there was a neglect of just how the government should support itself through taxation. In general the founders were elegant in their speech but dismally lacking in foresight. We might have been better off to remain under British rule.
        As far as US debts are concerned we could bundle all of those debts and pass them to a private company for payment and then bankrupt the private company. That would free us of national debt and the value of the dollar would rocket upward. We can still pay pensions and the like even though in theory they became the property of the private company.

      11. Dan says

        France 1792….

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          PUSH the people far enough and it could easily happen here in the USA!!!
          (Indeed, the French made a LOT of ‘headway’ for their efforts!)

      12. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Today, their is Honor only among thieves, & no crime will ever be committed against each other. Every now & then they will throw out a sacrificial lamb to pacify the masses. But then, business as usual. Our Fore-fathers have given “We The People ” the instruments needed for change, Its up to us to do so.

      13. glorybe2 says

        Considering that our nation has been a virtual slaughter house for minorities I doubt that one could say that the constitution worked well in years gone by. WE have invaded nation after nation, become involved in endless wars,amplified economic injustice, and actually promoted criminal behavior. Our government has even sold cocaine on the streets of America. And the jerk behind that was a conservative.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          THE PROBLEM is not with the Constitutional, governmental ‘system’ that our founders created BUT WITH THE PEOPLE we vote into office to RUN THAT GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM that undermine and circumvent our U.S. Constitution for their own end-goals!!! (TODAY….with the blessings of Congress!!!!!!)

      14. glorybe2 says

        That system that you think worked so well was a nightmare for people in that era. Ask almost anyone who is not of white, European descent. It was not like Chicago being the hog butcher for the world. Early America was the people butcher of the world. To a great degree that is still true.

    2. ringostarr1 says

      The problem is that for the first 70 or so years from 1776 to 1848 the ideas of the founders held sway not only in the hearts and minds of Americans but in almost every country. Then the Revolution of 1848 broke out and Marxism became a competing ideology. Many peoples had never been free before, or had tasted true liberty under a constitutional system of government and Marxism promised a road to riches without work, sweat, toil, or tears. Marxism is a lie. An Earthly paradise has ever existed and none ever will, especially without work.
      Then about 100 years ago revolution broke out first in China, next in Russia, and finally on November 8th 1918 in the German Empire. Forget about the 1918 flue pandemic killing millions, the most deadly outbreak of disease in the history of the planet was the outbreak of Socialism’s promise of “Something for nothing and the kicks are free.”

    3. SouthernPatriot says

      Hillary is a loon. Obama is the most “unconstitutional” POTUS in history. He has been slapped down by even the most leftist Supreme Court justices in 9-0 decisions, 7 times so far on unconstitutional actions, and another 5 by majority. The Fascist-in-Chief rules by fiat and decree, and does not know anything about the United States Constitution.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Both a loon and lunatic. Her main foe Bernie is exactly the same.

    4. RuFus92 says

      You pretty well nailed it.

    5. john says

      He’s brilliant and a Law professor…Ya right ,,that Hillary is MENTALLY ILL..I hope and pray Croco Dile no one votes for the wicked witch of the EAST…TRUMP 2016!!!!!

    6. glorybe2 says

      Think about the basic structure of our government. The House and Senate have nothing at all to do other than pass laws. That in itself is a disaster. Yes, tens of thousands of laws are passed over time. And many of those laws have combined effects and side effects beyond imagination. The Supreme Court has many considerations on every case. For example can a court decision have an effect on International law or effectively violate a treaty that the US has signed? Without watching the entire case and seeing all of the documents involved a Supreme Court decision may appear to be awful in the eyes of the public. But not even 1% of the public ever actually hears the entire case or reads the justice’s opinions in whole. The same is true of the House and Senate. The public never, ever, gets to know what goes on behind a vote in either body. A senator could promise not to resist an appointment of a justice for the Supreme Court if, in turn his state could get a new Air Force base or major highway funded.
      As for whether Obama would make a great Justice or not I think he would be splendid. He has been an ideal president despite the right wing whining.

      1. Croco Dile says

        I guess all presidents are ideal in that moment of time for our Slave Masters.
        No doubt, Obamao is perfect in this moment.

    7. wildeagleone says

      The court in this administration is for the administration only and to he!! with the people if it is something that goes against the constitution but is what the administration demands

    8. hangem'high says

      They stopped interrupting the law as it should be and started interrupting as they want it to be. The more liberal judges the more our rights disappear to support the Queen bee!

    9. hangem'high says

      I’ve got to admit, six coin tosses doesn’t make it look very legit?

  2. ConservativeSenior says

    SCOTUS needs term limits. It’s become a political tool. Obama on SCOTUS? That would be the end of the Constitution as the law of the land. He would complete his marxist/muslim agenda. RIP USA.

    1. JamesLee says

      At this point Hillary will say anything to keep Obama from allowing Lynch to indict her. The Director of the FBI will step down in protest if Hillary isn’t indicted. She broke many laws, that others were indicted on.

      1. Kent2012 says

        what a shame that the supremo courto does not take the time to “nudge” the DOJ into indicting the ho, kenyan boyo, billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney and other assorted ahole criminals that reside in DC with impunity…you know who I am talking about…that ahole from nevada and his $lut criminal hore from san fransicko….

        1. paulrph1 says

          The problem is most people that vote are trustworthy too a fault. And the politicians use this characteristic against them. And the people still continue to trust them to their own destruction. Since most people are inherently good they think that they will be treated that way leading to their demise.

          1. jaybird says

            They vote for a politician but do not follow what he/she is voting on.

        2. johnob1 says

          Allow me to make it public that U.S. Senator Harry Reid is the leading communist in the U.S. Senate House supported by his idiot comrade Nancy Pelosi.

          I have a list of signatures who signed up to attack a single U.S. American-born citizen of which the communist U.S. Senator Harry Reid use the Senate House in the attempt to silence America’s patriot…. Rush Limbaugh.

          Rush Limbaugh made a mince meat out of dingy Harry.

          USAF (RET)

          1. grams says

            Go Rush, we are with you all the way

          2. erleebird says

            Hillary, of course, is too “transparent” for those intelligent people in the country to actually believe her. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the bottom of the barrel in Washington. As much as it might be desirable by some to have a woman president in the White House, I, as a woman, would not vote for anyone, man or woman, who has no integrity and devotion to the people of America.

          3. johnob1 says

            I have always made it a practice to investigate those persons running for public office. For example; I investigated William Jefferson Clinton when he ran for the U.S. Presidency, and found him to be unfit to occupy the Office of the President.

            When I investigated Barack Hussein Obama II, I learned that nothing was known about this joker whom the idiot Joseph R. Biden, Jr. introduced Obama II as an articulate person. I never take the word of idiots.

            When I went into the voting booth, it was with Governor Sarah Palin in mind; I never did trust U.S. Senator John McCain because, he was way too chummy with members of the Democratic Communist Party (DCP).

            When I investigated John F. Kerry, I learned he is a traitor and fraud who procured three Purple Heart Medals within four months because, he knew it would take him immediately out of harms way while other valiant warriors in battle endured for more years than the fraud John F. Kerry.

            And just so everyone knows; I wrote to Admiral Verns and asked that he order John F. Kerry to show him his combat wounds. Admiral Verns ignored my letter knowing that if he rocked the boat, U.S. Senator John F. Kerry could remove him from his command. See how the corrupted system works?

            Whatever anyone may think; Donald J. Trump is neither a Democrat, Republican, Progressive, or Liberal…. he is an “American Patriot” who cares for our country; and those currently in power are deadly afraid they will lose their gravy train when he becomes our next U.S. President.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          4. ringostarr1 says

            johnob1, you have finally been fooled. Last night Trump did exactly what John Kerry did in Viet Nam and what Donald Trump intends to do if he is nominated to face the Democrat that he has gifted so richly. Namely Trump intends to turn his ample back side on you and skedaddle out of harms way, throwing the Presidency to “Hellary.”

          5. johnob1 says

            ‘ringostarr1,’ Allow me to put it to you in the following fashion….

            Donald J. Trump is neither a Republican, Democrat, Progressive, or Liberal. The late U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan was a Democrat who woke up and saw the Democratic Party for what it really is and said; “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me.”

            Like most American patriots, Donald J. Trump has seen what traitors in Congress and the Senate have done to this country by allowing a foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent Saboteur destroy this country economically. Donald J. Trump is not about to see this once competitive economic system which transferred this country into the strongest nation in world be destroyed by American traitors and a foreign agent Saboteur.

            Perhaps you may get a better picture if I can explain something about the “economy” in the words of the late Nikita S. Khrushchev when he said….

            “We’ll keep feeding you small doses of ‘Socialism’ until you will finally wake up and find that you already have ‘Communism.’ WE’LL SO WEAKEN YOUR ECONOMY, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” (September 29, 1959) I was present when his speech was being translated.

            Donald J. Trump is an American patriot, and I’m truly sorry you are unable to see this.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          6. ringostarr1 says

            Allow me to remind you of the 5th Column activities of Communist like the Rosenbergs. Trump is more of a 5th (or should I say FILTH) Column activist than Quisling ever hoped to be.

          7. johnob1 says

            You really have no idea of what Donald J. Trump represents do you? You sound like a person who merely ‘hates’ Donald J. Trump without any justification. Show me Donald J. Trump’s card-carrying membership of the Communist Party?

            Your comparison of Donald J. Trump to the Rosenbergs’ is a sure sign of hatred on your part. I thought you were a smart person, but unfortunately, you proved yourself to be otherwise. Sad.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          8. ringostarr1 says

            This is all true, but here is the rest of the story.
            When dingy Harry last ran for reelection in 2010, he was trailing anybody else by 65 to 35. When the talking heads asked the [?] good Senator what his plans for retirement was, Dingy Harry confidently predicted that he would win another term in the US Senate. How are you going to do that asked a skeptic, your trailing every Republican by a 2 to 1 margin. “Oh I won’t have to worry about that.” Senator Reid replied, I can depend on a Republican being nominated who is unacceptable to the voters of Nevada.” Enter the Tea Party darling Sharon Angle. This is why I think that the Tea Party as well as Donald Trump is a Democrat Party conspiracy to elect Democrats. My proof is in the outcome.

          9. johnob1 says

            ‘ringostarr1,’ Allow me to put it in the simplest way possible….

            The Democrats have been ‘masters of voter fraud registration’ since the 1920s. How do you suppose Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton became New York
            State’s U.S Senator when we have the most highly qualified resident Candidates in the State for position of U.S. Senators?

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          10. ringostarr1 says

            By jabbering about a different subject you make your self seem like you are shell shocked or have PTSD. If you will kindly answer my concerns about the damage that the so-called Tea Party has done to Conservative government in this county since 2009 then we may be getting somewhere.

          11. johnob1 says

            Since I am a member of the local “Tea Party,” I don’t recall causing any damage to the “Conservative” government as you professed. If we had a “Conservative” government, we wouldn’t be complaining or debating about the decline of America.

            Please be advised that this is not “jabbering” about a different subject since the subjects themselves is connected to corruption very much like an OCTOPUS with tentacles capable of reaching all government agencies.

            When DISQUS readers respond to a particular subject, and then, move-on to a different subject is because they are concern for their country. Surely, you’re not going to criticize them for expressing their feelings, are you?

            Further, I can assure you I am not “shell shocked” or live with an “STSD” discomfort.

            I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings by referring to Democrats as “Masters of Voter Fraud Registration?”

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

      2. John says

        The FBI will placed it online IF Obama and DOJ goes against the flow !

        1. johnob1 says

          That’s right! The American people should know what goes on within a corrupted government.

          USAF (RET)

          1. BengtVal Thulin says

            The FBI and our government claim that they shot dead Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum during and ARMED SHOOT OUT that took place during a Traffic STOP.

            Here is the aerial video of the Murder of Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum with his Hands Empty and Raised in the AIR when the government SHOT him DEAD;

            So when has our government told us the TRUTH?
            And why should “We the People” Trust them?

          2. johnob1 says

            There is absolutely no question that “LaVoy” Finicum was murdered in cold blood. Even I was trained never to shoot a suspect unless a gun is visible and pointed at you. In this case, the evidence presented on the video, there were no firearms in the hands of LaVoy Finicum. In addition, LaVoy Finicum wouldn’t be crazy enough to pull a gun knowing he was surrounded by armed agents.

            This is WACO all over again, and its not the first time Federal agents have committed murder against unarmed citizens, and without remorse. I wondered how these Federal agents feel when they take a human life at will and without justification. Just like they did with a man who was befriended by an undercover agent who later shot and killed both the man’s wife and baby for absolutely no valid reason.

            Another issue we might take into consideration, these Federal agents of today are not well trained as when the late Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover was in charge. Agents then had to be the best of the best. I see no evidence of these qualities today.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          3. ringostarr1 says

            The same way that the FBI sniper who shot and killed Vicky Weaver testified in court about his impressions of killing an unarmed woman while she held her infant, “I enjoyed it, I was only doing my Job.”

          4. johnob1 says

            ‘ringostarr1,’ Thank you for bringing the woman’s name to light. And Vicky Weaver and her baby should never be forgotten as the innocent victims killed by a trigger-happy FBI agent who was probably a high school drop-out.

            I wouldn’t want this trigger happy FBI agent killer as my hunting partner. I’m not certain but, I understand this happy FBI killer of woman and baby cost the government five million dollars as restitution to Vicky’s husband. Not much of a gesture for two human lives is it?

            Any law enforcement officer who respond with an answer such as; “I enjoyed it, I was only doing my job.” Is unfit to serve as law enforcement officer. It is my assumption that this FBI agent believes he has a license to kill at will.

            I wonder if these potential FBI agents are examined psychologically before their assignment as FBI agents?

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          5. ringostarr1 says

            Please don’t forget that the same mind set is slowly making it’s self felt in the ranks of the ALL volunteer Military. The above sentence is not intended to apply to you but the danger of a professional elite warrior class is as big a danger to a free people as a professional elite political class is.

          6. johnob1 says

            ‘ringostarr1,’ You’re absolutely right. There are always exceptions to the rule. William Jefferson Clinton put out a questionnaire to members of the Armed Forces and asked if they would kill Americans if ordered to do so? Some idiots within our Armed Forces answered “yes.” I resoundingly responded with a big “NO!”

            That’s like asking American military personnel to go out and kill American mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and/or spouses. If such an official order were actually sanctioned by the President of the United States; I would have shot William Jefferson Clinton before I would ever consider killing innocent Americans.

            As President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton was wrong to ask such an outrages question of the men and women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. We are not barbarians!

            Don’t forget that William Jefferson Clinton and Attorney General Janet Rino (who hates men) took pleasure in killing innocent men, women and children at WACO without any justification. [It was all an act as an attempt to disarm the American people very much as the foreign-born illegal alien agent is attempting to do to us as well.]

            Later, Janet Rino played the game that she would resign while William Jefferson Clinton came in on cue to rescue Janet Rino as part of the political play so she wouldn’t resign. Meanwhile, our corrupt government committed genocide and got away with it.

            Killing in combat is one thing; killing unarmed innocent civilians is another.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

        2. grams says

          I say there better be some but kicking by the house and senate. It’s like we don’t have any honest one in office!!

          1. BengtVal Thulin says

            We do not.

      3. ringostarr1 says

        Hillary is too weak in the Marxist force, Obama is trying to push her out of the Presidential Race so that someone who the Marxist Force is stronger in, oh say like Speak With Forked Tongue Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie (Heart Disease) Sanders can win the race. At the very least Obama wishes to “Transform” the Democrat Party into a purely Socialist party. My God people when didn’t Obama commit High Crimes in order to advance his agenda? If Obama wished to see Hillary succeed him as President he would have already pardoned her or else told America to, “Move along now, there is nothing here that you need to know about.”

        1. JamesLee says

          Where is the indictment?

          1. ringostarr1 says

            There will not be an indictment, Hillary is kneeling on the floor in front of President Obama doing her best impression of Monica.

          2. erleebird says


          3. hangem'high says

            Now that’s a nightmare!

          4. ringostarr1 says

            That is why we need to nominate the best candidate who can defeat both Bernie (Heart Disease) Sanders and Hillary (Show me the Money) Clinton. Ted Cruz but especially Donald Trump are both trailing Hillary and Sanders by HUGE margins in head to head NATIONAL polls. The late Alabama Segregationists Governor, George Wallace has a better chance of being elected the Mayor of Chicago than Donald Trump has of becoming President of the United States.

          5. hangem'high says

            This is why I’m convinced he’s the best choice!

          6. ringostarr1 says

            You are delusional.

          7. hangem'high says

            None of the above, I consider myself confidently flamboyant!

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


    3. MidnightDStroyer says

      There already IS a term limit…The term of “Good Behavior.” It’s right there in the Constitution. Any exhibition of BAD Behavior must result in Impeachment.

      1. johnob1 says

        The big problem is that Democrats protect their own most of the time. Look at what happened with William Jefferson Clinton when he should have been removed from office. Democrats never enforce the Constitution when protecting one of their own derelicts like U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. A proven pedophile.

        USAF (RET)

      2. grams says

        Seems like we the people are the only ones who knows what is in the Constitution.

        1. johnob1 says

          You’re right about that ‘grams.’ I remember when Sean Hannity asked a U.S. Senator if he can recite the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? I was shocked as was Sean Hannity when this Senator couldn’t recite the 1st Amendment. This has always been a problem when U.S. Representatives who think they are smarter than their constituents.

          USAF (RET)

    4. ringostarr1 says

      I don’t think that President Obama is a Mohammedan. In order to practice the Mohammedan faith you must believe that there is a Supreme Being even if that Supreme Being is deeply flawed like the twin gods Allah and Mohammed.
      The only Supreme Being that President Obama recognizes and worships is himself.

    5. erleebird says

      ConservativeSenior: You are correct! During the early days of the country, people were living to their 40’s and 50’s. I think that is what “LIFETIME” meant. I cannot trust anyone to make a correct and qualified decision into their 80’s and 90’s. This is not age discrimination; this is a fact. I know, at age 77, although I’m still good and intelligent and healthy, I don’t have the stamina, nor the patience to decide the path of a country as good as I could have 10 years ago. Also, a lifetime appointment to the SCOTUS is like being royalty and owning a kingdom. Good choices are not made when you know you have that job for the rest of your life!

    6. rosemarienoa says

      That would also be the end of America !!!! This is our worst nightmare & we cant allow that to happen !!!

  3. JamesLee says

    At this point Hillary will say anything to keep Obama from allowing Lynch to indict her. The Director of the
    FBI will step down in protest if Hillary isn’t indicted. She broke many laws, that others were indicted on..
    Truth be told, Clinton’s and Obama’s don’t like one another…

    1. paulrph1 says

      It, unfortunately is not a matter of like. It is a matter of political expediency. They keep throwing each other a life jacket to save their own hides.

  4. DustyFae says

    It was reported that Obama Lost his law license , he NEVER turn them over . Both Michelle and Obama lost their law license over some restate fraud and to get them back legally, they will have to open the old case that was file against them.
    Obama never was a professor teaching in college , he had a class as on racism and civil rights he was teaching… Obama was trying to get a seat even in the UN, He wants to be where ever he can get to be able to make and set laws… Obama will not leave office peacefully . He is a good puppet for the puppet masters.. Obama also got a mansion overseas , just in case the SHTF that he can run and hide..

    1. Kent2012 says

      unfortunately due to the “good old boy/girl network” and the hores in the “media”(sic) that information is continually referred to in error, with many of the airhead clowns that think they are journalists referring to kenyan boyo as a “scholar” instead of a racist leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien that has many followers…..the sum total of their intellect would probably not fill a Folgers coffee can..

      1. DustyFae says

        They keep taking this video down where Obama admits he was NOT American and was born in Kenya and that it is proof any one can become president It is right after his first term and you need to down load and save it ,

        1. Steve Crawford says

          I haven’t heard one damn peep from none of you white racist bigots about Cruz being born in Canada, had a Canadian passport. Both President Obama and Cruz had a mother was a US Citizen, however President Obama was born in Hawaii which IS A PART OF THE USA. Why waste your stupid time and effort about where President Obama was born. The USA’s many intelligent agencies investigated President Obama when he was thinking about running for office. He would need a secret clearance. Rumors are carried by haters “you’ll”, spread by fools “you’ll”, and accepted by idiots “you’ll”.

          1. lha says

            Are you deaf AND dumb? In the video,he admitted that he wasn’t born in Hawaii,but in Kenya[Crown Colony of East Africa]. Get your head out of your ass long enough to think for yourself.

        2. johnob1 says

          I never realized just how stupid Barack Hussein Obama II really is until I heard him open his yap on this video.

          By the way; I never watch Conan on TV since he invited Hanoi Jane Fonda on his show. And his other guest who never loved America, the idiot Michelle Obama II.

          I never betray our veterans and our country by watching traitors on TV.

          USAF (RET)

          1. DustyFae says

            I watch them cause sometimes you can catch the government lies in the traitors videos… Do not mean l agree with them…
            “Song Bird”McCain and “Swift Boat” Kerry are traitors also and to think we see them in the news all the time…GRRRRR

    2. Laddyboy says

      Does anyone know where this “mansion” overseas is? People might want to send him a parting gift!

      1. Rodger Johnson says

        The mansion was purchased by some shell corp. in the city of Dubai, UAE.

      2. Francisco Machado says

        Hawaii. Gift from his followers. Who have probably gotten a good return on their investment by now. If Hillary were sitting on the other side of my desk, I’d advise liquidating assets and sequestering them in a country (or other planet) that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Maybe even keeping a seagoing yacht under their flag on the Hudson – and registered under a false name. With stocked larder, full fuel tanks and a new set of sails. It’s really starting to look like it’s time to get up steam.

  5. tyrone says

    KEEP paying the bastard for doing nothing he and Hillary both need to vanish.

  6. Ken V says

    We don’t need a radical Black on the Supreme Court. Don’t we have enough problems.

  7. MarieJ27 says

    Why not Bob Beckel too? lol

  8. Laddyboy says

    ‘b.0bama’ as a “supreme judge”? HA!

  9. Jacob Brown says

    Has every one crazy Hilary should be in jail and Barack Obama should be charged with treason not considered as Supreme Court justice

    1. John H. Kohlenberg says

      He forfeited his law license so he can not serve on the supreme court.

      1. Francisco Machado says

        A law license or a law degree aren’t requirements for serving on the Supreme Court. There are actually very few requirements.

        1. grams says

          We already know that!

  10. abobinmn says

    Talk about adding INSULT to INJURY. Soetoro is the quintessential insult to highest ‘symbol’ of justice and fairness in the land and anything to do with Soetoro is completely bogus.

  11. MILES E DRAKE says

    We are getting closer every day to secession and quite possibly to civil war. If anyone who is not sodden with progressive and cultural Marxist Kool-Aid still doubts the existential necessity of sending the Benghazi Murderess to a correctional institution rather than the presidential palace (what used to be called the White House when we were a republic), this frightening prospect should eliminate that doubt. Republican senators must filibuster any such scheme until the death.

  12. Fred Doe says

    Another planted question enabling this corrupt hag to publicly offer obama a seat on the SCOTUS in exchange for obama telling his DOJ not to prosecute. No reasonable person could see it any other way.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      More of the Quid Pro Quo so popular among the elites in the Washington establishment which is the one idea that crosses party lines.

    2. erleebird says

      Quid, pro, quo! A presidency for a seat on the SCOTUS! Another transparent act!

  13. SouthernPatriot says

    With Hillary wanting to appoint Barack Hussein Obama to be the Supreme Court Chief Justice, that should be another huge warning to those who are wavering on whether to pull the lever for Democrat again or to actually use their brain and help restore America to be a place where their grandchildren can grow up and have a future. A core conservative is the only answer to the leftist agenda and fiats and decrees of Obama and his sycophants.

  14. lou says

    Was not Obama disbarred for being a dishonest Crook ?

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      …..along with the Mooch for lying!!!

    2. paulrph1 says

      All of this does not matter if you are a crook. If you are a crook at heart all bets are off. They have not an inkling of honesty. So H Clinton by doing this has nailed another nail into her coffin.

  15. EMIRCITNA says

    According to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama would be a fine choice for a Supreme Court Justice.
    PROOF POSITIVE that Hillary Clinton is faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr from being fit to be a U.S. President!!!

  16. Ellen J Coates says

    You have got to be kidding !!! Obama on our our Court.——PLEASE—-Give us a Break—-

  17. kassa1 says

    No the SOB belongs on the gallows for all that he’s going to this country not counting aiding in abetting the enemy stealing the American people’s money squandering it on his own vacations and paying his pals off Capitol cronyism along with getting our people murdered in Benghazi getting people murdered on the border with fast and furious getting Men shot in Oregon , Yeah he’d make a fine judge all right .

    1. grams says

      I’m looking forward to the time when he stands in judgment before THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

  18. Albert L Biele says

    Aside from Hillary’s deception, lies, and criminal activities, the minutest possibility of Hillary appointing Obama to the Supreme Court would be more of a doomsday scenario, then being hit with a 20 mile asteroid. It’s imperative to keep Obama as far-away as possible from any type of authority involving this country. Just the fact that Hillary is not objectionable to putting Obama on the Supreme Court makes her a threat to our national security.

    This woman is simply not qualified to be the president!!!

  19. wonduh says

    Obama as a SCJ is the worst possible thing anyone could ever conceive or do. Talk about dragging the USA down, this would be the ultimate. He has no concern for the Constitution and proves that everyday. Just impeach him and rid us of the problem.

    1. erleebird says

      No matter what he decides, it will be okay. Since Hollywood loves him, he may even go into show business as a comedian – but at least he cannot do long term harm.

    2. johnob1 says

      I don’t want the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent Saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II ‘Impeached.” I want him arrested as a foreign agent Saboteur.

      “Impeachment” is reserves for American-born public officials only, and not for foreign-born agents.

      USAF (RET)

  20. jim says

    Obama as in the Supreme Court . He has no experience practicing law . Just because you have a law degree that is no qualification .

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Unfortunately having a law license is not a requirement for sitting on SCOTUS. Amazing is it not?

      1. Earl says

        The senate would never approve him!!

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I don’t know. I never underestimate stupid people in large groups. If you add the spineless RINOs to the corrupt lemming like drones that make up the democRATs in the Senate then that’s a large enough stupid group that would confirm a convicted felon when the fix is in.

      2. jim says

        Truly unbelievable . Learn something new everyday . Are there any requirements ?

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Not really. Google it. You will be amazed. How do you think fairly unremarkable tokens like Kagen and Sotomayer were put on the court so Obama could have two more firsts credited to him? The first lesbian and the first Hispanic. What a great record for the first somewhat Black pResident to accumulate.

  21. Bob Pante says

    For Obama that would be too much like work.

  22. Richard says

    Obama for Supreme Court? This is why America needs to REVOLT just like our Fore Fathers did in the Boston Tea Party over a penny tax on Tea. Today from the so called Supreme Courts System to local County Government it is so Corrupt and so bribed by Corruption it truly is worse then the Mafia was. The Government makes Laws to suit (THEIR) needs and wants. Obama should be tried not only as a TRATIOR but for TREASON against the CONSTITUTION and the American people. He has done MORE for the Muslims and Iranian Terrorists then he has for the American People. He daily defies the CONSTITUTION. Now the Supreme Courts that is supposed to back the CONSTITUTION and the American People is doing more for Illegals and Muslims and is hanging the American People out to dry. AMERICA IT IS WELL PAST TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE FROM THE SUPREME COURTS DOWN TO LOCAL GOVERNMENT! America is (ONE) step from Dictatorship. May-be America had better learn to BOW DOWN to the ( NEW) Supreme Justice Obama the Muslim Dictator! AMERICA ARE YOU READYFOR THIS????????????

  23. joe says

    obama needs to be non-extant BUT it absolutely must be natural causes – ANYTHING else would make him a martyr and we would never, ever be rid of him.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      We never will. Look for an enormous number of streets, boulevards and avenues named after BHO crossing the MLK streets, boulevards and avenues across this once great Nation.

    2. johnob1 says

      The foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent Saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II would never be a martyr of any kind except a flush down the toilet.

      USAF (RET)

      1. joe says

        Sarge, I wish that you were correct in that but, unfortunately, if obama were assassinated he would immediately be elevated to the level of saint and his assassination would join that of John Kennedy in importance.
        If obama should just fade away, that would be preferable. If he should die, it _must_ be from natural causes – just because his time had come – and not by any human act.
        I wish that you were right, sarge, but you missed the mark this time.
        Did you go to Nam?
        No matter, thank you for your service.

        1. johnob1 says

          “joe,’ A “martyr” is usually a person who suffers great pain or misery for a long time, a person who assumes an attitude of self-sacrifice. Hanoi Jane Fonda and Barack Hussein Obama II are hardly individuals whose gone through any of the above ordeals.

          Neither of the above individuals qualifies as “martyrs” but only if you completely ignore their treasonous acts that would lead you to believe they are “martyrs.” I never missed the mark on this one ‘joe’ because, I do understand “martyrology” and its applications.

          You’d be surprised how quickly Americans forget individuals who commit treason until their foul names is brought up.

          I’m a Korean vet, and after my Army tour of duty I was placed on “Ready-Reserve.” When the Vietnam war broke out I reported for duty and was told I was too old, and to throw my “Ready-Reserve” card away. I got mad and enlisted in the Air Force. I served six years in the Army and twenty-two years in the Air Force.

          ‘joe,’ If you served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces, I like to thank you for your unwavering service to our country.

          USAF (RET)

          1. joe says

            Sorry, sarge, but you are confusing the concept of martyr with the actual suffering and death of Jesus, the Christ. A martyr is also one who sacrifices greatly for a principle or a cause, e.g. John F. Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln, both of whom are considered to be martyrs.
            At any rate, whether obama “suffers” or not, if he were killed by human agency the leftists would _make_ him a martyr and since **they** control the press and the textbook publishers, it is quite obvious how history would regard the usurper.
            Sarge, I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy. When I became of draft age, I registered, got my lottery number (149) and that month that I signed up, they were calling up to 253 so I volunteered for Navy. I wish that I had stayed in but like so many others, I didn’t and it was a stupid thing to havce done.
            Anyway, you are quite welcome and I would go right now if they would accept me.

          2. johnob1 says

            ‘joe,’ Trust me. I’m really not confused about who is a “martyr.” Simply because an individual is more open to the public does not necessarily make him or her a “martyr.” You mentioned the word “suffer” with the actual suffering and death of Jesus, well, what about the men Hanoi Jane Fonda betrayed by turning over their crib notes to the enemy, and then, were severely beaten until one of our men died? What are “they” as oppose to the traitor Hanoi Jane Fonda living or dead?

            Our government at the time had said if Hanoi Jane Fonda would have been tried for high treason, they thought it would make a martyr of her. I disagree. I would have seen it as justice served, and she would have been forgotten just as Benito Mussolini of Italy had been forgotten. The only difference is that Hanoi Jane Fonda is still enjoying America’s milk and honey at the expense of our military personnel’s lives.

            I understand completely what you mean about wanting to get back in the Navy. Even after I retired I wanted to go back in and was told I was too old. The very least they could have done is put me through a physical test to prove my worth. I still have two arms and two legs, and a strong body.

            You know ‘joe,’ all they can do is say no. As long as you are younger than me, why not try for re-enlistment? Like the late Flip Wilson use to say; “You never know what you can do until you try.”

            I too, feel the same way if they were to ask me to serve again right now, I would go without any hesitation.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

  24. paulrph1 says

    That is the exact reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton. She is doing it for her own political gain. She wants Obama supporters and this is a good way to get them. It is like a further endorsement of Ovomit. She is losing votes by the truckloads and she is hoping this will help her failing campaign.

  25. ShemSilber says

    May Yahuwah in the Name of our Adon Yahushua (Lord Jesus) forbid any such appointment in the Name of our Master Yahushua! An appointment of our present “POTUS” to the “SCOTUS” would be a travesty that would be many times worse even that the Benghazi debacle.

    Nevertheless, the Messiah Yahushua is still on the throne where our Father has appointed Him to be, and He will work out the whole scenario that brings about the Malchut Yisrael Echad (Kingdom of United Israel), with both the House of Yahudah and the House of Ephraim united once again in the Promised Land, the heathens evicted from it and the Master Yahushua ruling the world from Jerusalem, ISRAEL, so that from then on we will have eternal peace and productivity on the earth in His Presence. HalleluYAH!

  26. BengtVal Thulin says

    F*ckbthat Al Qaeda/ISIS/NAZI/Socialist Obama.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Well stated!

  27. Gary Smith says

    He does not follow the constition now

  28. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    I can think of no better reason to NOT vote for the old bag. Sanders would be just as bad. We need someone who has even a slight chance of resurrection the USA after the destruction led by Obama and his lemmings in the RAT party. It surely would not be another extreme left wing moonbat like the three currently carrying banner for the RATs. A lunatic, an old hag and a clown.

  29. 3RD Parallel N. says

    It would be “Bork Time” BIG TIME!

  30. Gunflint Roseberg says

    We must kick out the RINO’S, DemoRats, all Fence Sitters & begin term limits. If your not part of the solution, you are the problem.

  31. Bruce True says

    Total B.S. as much as he has violated the constitution with over 25 violations alone according to the committee of justice records we don’t need him involved with this.

  32. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    There are no official qualifications for becoming a Supreme Court justice.

    The Constitution spells out age, citizenship and residency requirements for becoming president of the United States or a member of Congress but mentions no rules for joining the nation’s highest court. To date, six justices have been foreign born; the most recent, Felix Frankfurter, who served on the court from 1939 to 1962, was a native of Vienna, Austria. The youngest associate justice ever appointed was Joseph Story, who was 32 years old when he joined the bench in 1811. Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., who served from 1902 to 1932, retired at age 90, making him the oldest person ever to sit on the court. One thing every justice who’s served shares in common is that all were lawyers prior to joining the court. During the 18th and 19th centuries, before attending law school was standard practice, many future justices got their legal training by studying under a mentor. James Byrnes, who served on the court from 1941 to 1942, was the last justice who didn’t attend law school (Byrnes, who also didn’t graduate from high school, worked as a law clerk and later passed the bar exam.) Harvard has produced more members of the court than any other law school; to date, 20 justices have attended or graduated from the venerable institution, which was established in 1817 and is America’s oldest continually operating law school.

  33. colwhtaylor says

    In a Pigs eye!

  34. says

    Americans have gone nuts if this happrnd

  35. Titraveler says

    To let Obama, this treasonous person be placed on the supreme court would be another knife in the back to every American. This guy said in his book and we have seen it during his tenure that when it would come down to the American culture and Islam he would stand with Islam. What the HELL is Hillary saying? Let me answer that question. She is saying anything to garner a VOTE from the black populace and the liberal democrats and brainless ones out there that put him into office. How disgusting that she would even say anything like this. It shows she is not concerned about anyone other than herself and makes decisions based on anything people suggest to her to further he cause. I pray to God that she never gets elected. DEATH TO AMERICA is on the doorstep when you have people like Clinton and Obama in politics. They are both dangerous to the American culture and the American system of justice. Also, Bernie Sanders is no different this guy is nothing but a first class socialist all the way. What has happened to the real Americans like the ones that made this country so great? With politicians like these America is definitely on it’s way to ending up like all other third world nations.

    1. ShemSilber says

      With politicians like this, who needs enemas? OY!

  36. melmack 1 says

    He should not be allowed to stay in the USA…he is not worthy

  37. John says

    If that clown was ever to get on the Supreme Court that would be the end of them as life appiontments or even their existance for that matter. He was a part time everything he has ever done and as for law, the fool is a joke.

  38. Art Hock says

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are at best a pair of half-wits. President and Supreme Court Justice, that’s about a crock of crap. Obama has been the worst embarrassment to this country and Hillary is also a lying rotten evil monster and should be sent to prison for life.

  39. MidnightDStroyer says

    Impeachment is the answer. Even if it occurs AFTER Obama has left the White House, Impeachment permanently disqualifies him from holding ANY Office under Public Trust…Forever. He couldn’t even get a job as the local Dog Catcher anymore. This is how the Constitution itself defines Impeachment.

    Indeed, if Congress Impeaches Hillary for her cluster-fugs while in the State Dept (& she still can BE Impeached, even after the fact), then she can forget about her campaigning too.

  40. usncb says

    Obama is a treasonous SOB. He is as crooked as a cork screw. He has tried to destroy AMERICA and Violated the CONSTITUTION. How many impeachable violations did he commit ? WHY would anybody that is in their right mind want him on the Supreme Court ? Only a crooked ass hole such as Clinton who is just as crooked !!! I guess trying to get rid of this Half breed is going to be as tough as Tar off the tar baby,( remember ) ?

    1. joe says

      If a Democrat is elected to the office of President of the United States of America, obama will be appointed to the Supreme Court. You can take that to the bank.

      1. usncb says

        Or maybe to the hanging tree.

  41. D Books says

    He has bigger aspirations – secretary of the UN council for starters……….he’s a very dangerous element and would catastrophic if he got onto the SC……

  42. G.Mann says

    I clearly see a position that is just made for Mr. Obama. It’s called “jail house lawyer” and is a title conferred upon a prisoner who is doing a life sentence, has library privileges, and a “lot of time on his hands” to read law books and write appeals for other prisoners in exchange for cigarettes and “favors”.
    Any criminal judge worth his black robe will instantly recognize anything he produces [jail house lawyers have a certain style of pleadings, not unlike Al “Notso” Sharpton], so his damage to society will be contained.

    I see it as the perfect ending to a bad fake president. Retirement in Government Housing, with security. Hell.. they could even name the prison library after him… ;))

  43. Austinniceguy says

    I hope the voters are paying attention to this. Hitlery WOULD appoint him and, if anyone thinks he’s trounced the constitution as NOTUS, imagine what THEY would to it with her in office and him as SCOTUS!!!!

  44. meangreenMarine says

    I doubt that Obama, a Lawyer that has been disbarred, his ability to perform in that arena revoked, would even be eligible to sit on the Supreme Court! The same goes for his disbarred wife!

    1. Valor says

      That doesn’t matter in today’s Post Constitutional America. You can be sure should Hillary OR Sanders become president they would nominate Obama or someone of his kind to the Supreme Court. You can also be sure GUP (Give Up Party) Senators like Hatch would go along with such nominations. Give the president whatever he wants. Bottom line: A Hillary or Sanders presidency will finish the destruction of this republic now nearly completed by Obama. If the American People are that stupid they don’t deserve the America that was.

  45. R. T. says

    Dis-bared obumba ?????

  46. JOHN SANTIAGO says

    Supreme Court Justice – Barack Hussein Obama ? ? ? ? NOTHING SHORT OF INSANITY aside from being insulting to the Nation and to the American People !!!

    1. Valor says

      The American people have insulted themselves by electing Obama, twice, and considering the likes of Hillary or Sanders to replace him. When you have a people that believe that a Communist like Sanders would improve the American economy (A recent Fox News poll indicated 79% believe Sanders would improve the economy) you have a very, very stupid people undeserving of what this nation once was.

  47. fred says

    Barry Soetoro is now and always has been a kenyan citizen, according to MI5, CIA, and NSA, he was born around Mombasa Kenya in or around 1960. He shares no DNA with his reported “Mother” or his “grandparents” who raised him, and who his real mother is would be anyone’s guess until a match is found in a DNA database somewhere. He is an illegal Usurper planted here by very bad people or persons with an agenda to destroy this country. The time to expose him as a treasonous criminal is now while still illegally acting as the Manchurian candidate who duped millions with the ridiculous campaign of “hope and change” we got the latter, but the former has almost been extinguished by him, with no oversight by a corrupt Judicial and Legislative branches of Government, providing zero checks and balances on any corruption or malfeasance or protection of our Constitutional freedoms for decades. Ask Barry (or whatever name he is using today?) about his birth home becoming a National Park site in Kenya if you get a chance to talk to him!

  48. John Topper says

    Wrong, by his own account, he wants to “call” basketball games for NBC….allegedly, a wise man once said,” They have eyes but see not and ears but hear not.” That’s what I think of when I read your negativity re: POTUS, but what’s to be expected when your only source of information is FAUX NOISE!

  49. tax man says

    I heard Obama wants to be the Head of the United Nations – failing that he would probably reluctantly become a Supreme Court Justice. The Position of God is already taken.

    1. Valor says

      As far as Obama is concerned God doesn’t exist. So that position is open.

  50. wdmgoug says

    Barack Obama any where the Supreme Court would be a disaster. We cannot afford to have an avowed socialist on the court any more than we could have him in the White House. Just look at the damage he has done to our country in seven years. Imagine the trouble he could cause in 30 years on the court with no term limits! (At least not yet)

  51. Arnold Young says

    bho as a supreme? being? on the court? Is there any possible way fhis fraud can ruin this country? This would be it!

  52. BengtVal Thulin says

    Obama does NOT have the qualifications to be a
    Supreme Court Judge.
    He has never been a Judge.
    He has hardly been a lawyer.
    He has been a Liar.
    He is Not US Citizen as that his Birth Certificate that he gave Congress and the Press is a Fraudulent document as that it was printed on paper that was NOT even manufactured till 10 years after his alleged birth.
    Impeach Obama – yes.
    Arrest Obama – yes.
    Hang Obama – yes.
    Execute Obama by firing squad – yes.
    Make Obama a Judge – Hell NO.

    1. Valor says

      In today’s Post Constitutional America no longer governed by the Constitution and the rule of law, rather ruled by political Correctness Obama is qualified.

    2. BengtVal Thulin says

      The Arrest, Conviction and Execution of Obama for his Treason, Terrorist Attacks against the US Citizens, Murder’s and his Violation of the United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 13 Sections 241 & 242 (Violation of a Person’s RIGHTS under the Color of Law) is required.
      This I do believe would constitute “Death by Natural Cause’s”.

  53. Patriot47 says

    The lawless usurper for the highest court in the land? Just WHO does that make sense to?

    1. Valor says


    2. Conservative says

      Of Course it makes great sense to Hillary Clinton. If her rapist husband, Bill did not lose his law license and was not impeached he would now be on the Supreme Court.

  54. Nina Ferguson says


  55. Robert Barnes says

    There is only one position for obama. That is at the end of a rope.

    1. BengtVal Thulin says

      There is one other position Ibthink Obama should assume before that one.
      They say a picture says a thousand words – well here picture (Obama in this case is not the pig) to tell that story;

    2. Conservative says

      I’d be satisfied if he retired to a little hut in Kenya.

  56. figmo says

    We would have to conduct a nationwide search to find someone less qualified or less honest.

  57. Richard says

    This Scum bag Obama and his wife Michelle Obama were Dis Barred as Attorney’s in Chicago Illinois so how can he become Supreme Court Justice material? He not only is a BOLD FACE LIAR but has given Million to Muslims and has Denounce our CONSTITUTION DAILY and our Right to Bear Arms as well as the Bill of Rights. As you see our so called Supreme Courts are just as CORRUPT as the rest of our Government down to even Local Government. Look at the Supreme courts ruling here in Florida that Prisoners on Death Row waiting to be EXCUTED they ruled it was Illegal. Now this? Do they think America is STUPID MORONS? AMERICA IT IS TIME TO UNITE and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! United (WE) Stand! DIVIDED (WE) Fall! God Bless America!! Down with these TRATIORS to our Constitution and to the American People. May-be it is time to fly our (FLAG Up Side DOWN!) as AMERICA is under Attack! not only by Terrorists but our CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!

    1. Valor says

      An awful lot of Americans ARE morons. Obama in the White House and the possibility of a Hillary or a Sanders as a replacement is proof positive.

      1. Conservative says

        An awful lot of Americans have grown up believing that the Government is responsible to ‘taking care of you’. So many complain that they don’t understand why everyone does not vote for ‘their own best interests’. They have no ambition, are satisfied living in the ghettos, welfare, food stamps, etc. They fail to realize that others are working and sacrificing for them to be ‘taken care of’, and then they are resentful of others who have homes, clothing, good educations.
        This is the attitude the Liberal Progress Democrats put into their minds. It’s just like crime: the thugs can kill, rob, steal, rape and then they want to turn the police who work everyday to protect them and then if the thugs get killed they blame the police.
        Democrats deliberately create ‘victims’ that always need to be rescued because they is what they depend on for votes. They don’t care about these people, they care about their plushy jobs that pay well, have great retirement and they feel very powerful.

  58. artalem says

    His being elected or appointed to anything is more reason for term limits for not just the presidency.

  59. johnob1 says

    Why would any sane person (unless you’re a diseased-minded liberal) even consider nominating a foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent Saboteur to the U.S. Supreme Court when that person himself should have been arrested the day he ran for the U.S. Senate seat as a foreign agent?

    When the country’s House of Congress and the U.S. Senate is held by traitors and corrupted politicians, what else can the American People expect but tyranny. William Jefferson Clinton and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton both should have been arrested during his frolic as Governor of Arkansas before the gullible people were given the chance to elect him and his wife to desecrate the White House.

    There is only one major reason for political crimes in government; the absolute lust for power. This means they want the riches and the power that goes along to conquer the American People. Thus, this nation will have two class of people; the “elite” with special laws to protect them, and the “peasants” with no laws to protect them. I wonder if these greedy politicians realize what happened to Benito Mussolini?

    My Congressman saw the writing the wall and will not seek re-election. Tyranny is overwhelming in Washington, District of Corruption, and that my friends is what scared my Congressman.

    There is still one Amendment that stands in their way to complete power over the American People….the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the passage as stated in the Declaration of Independence. If I were a U.S. Representative, I’d be scared to death of the might and spirit of the American patriots. May God grant us the will and the power to restore this nation, under God, back to its moral values and its greatness.

    USAF (RET)

  60. chief1937 says

    They are right obama has all the requirements for a supreme court justice. He hates the US, tramples the constitution, initiates unconstitutional orders, friend of our enemies and detest the constitution. Seems those are adequate qualifications for appointment.

    1. Valor says

      In today’s America, that is pretty accurate!

  61. Chris Robinette says

    He cannot be a supreme court judge without a license to practice law.

    1. Valor says

      Believe it or not, that is not a requirement for the Supreme Court. Article lll of the Constitution provides for the Supreme Court, and nowhere does it say anything about a requirement for a license to practice law.

      1. Chris Robinette says

        You are right and the interesting thing is anyone can become a justice, law degree not needed at all.

        1. Valor says


    2. Conservative says

      He definitely should not be a Supreme Court Justice while all his records remain sealed. It bad enough that he sits in the Oval Office with all the secrets in those ‘sealed records’. We have to see absolute proof that he actually knows and believes in the Constitution. This would be impossible to do since he has ‘made laws’ with Executive Privilege that are entirely unConstitutional.

  62. John Schëar says

    The Obama Porcine Slop Trough is running over now with his inability to govern and now someone, probably him, even hinted at a seat with the Supremes. Pig Puke!

  63. John Schëar says

    We thought we elected a president and instead we did not. We do not have to even consider appointing him to the Court, but if we elect another fool such as Hillary, she will appoint Barry and MO, together.

    1. Valor says

      If anyone had been paying attention when Obama first started his run for the office of President they could have figured out who and what he is. But no, they chose instead to feel good about themselves by supporting the first black president. They couldn’t have cared less. These same fools will support Hillary to be the first woman president for the same sick reason.

  64. Rock J. Dueck says

    His name can’t even be mentioned in a sentence containing the word “justice” unless it refers to him facing some.

    1. Valor says

      Same with the word “President”!

  65. downs1 says

    Barack Obama for Supreme Court Justice??? If that were to happen, it would signal the final nail in the coffin of America! But, it should come as no surprise, and since he failed miserably as President, he should be given the chance to fail as a Justice also! His one time pastor, Jeremiah Wright famously said, “God damn America!” This would be the final fulfillment of that wishful comment!

    1. Valor says

      Very astute observation. America, as a nation, has been denying God’s existence, even been giving Him the finger. Scriptures show that never ends well. God has probably already damned America.

  66. tomw665 says

    Obama appointed to the supreme court, If that was to happen, Lord have mercy on our souls.

  67. Raymond Charron says

    The oath of office means nothing like people of Obama!’s character.

  68. Moe says

    Obama cannot be a Justice on the highest court that is unconstitutional as if the democrats really care. When does the madness end and those who cause our downfall held responsible?

    1. Valor says

      Why would it be unconstitutional? Article lll of the Constitution establishes the Supreme Court, but does not say anything about qualifications.

      1. Moe says

        Your right, it is possible President William Howard Taft was between 1921 and 1930, appointed by a Republican President and approved by a mostly Republican Senate. Look, Lynch was proclaimed a scholar, yet turned out to be another Eric obstructing Justice or refusing to prosecute those close to the regime. The Republicans are no better than the democrats, yet it is unlikely they would approve Obama as a Justice. If the Republican majority senate approves an Obama appointment it can be done. However, this is not a federal election that can be fixed by millions of illegals voting, even the half of Americans forced to be on some sort of relief or assistance being loyal to the democrats. The republicans would gave to lose seats in the Senate for such a pipe dream. In any case your point is valid and you are correct, my statement was wrong. Respectfully

  69. Carl F. Miller says

    What???? Certainly you jest. This half-breed is a “born loser.” He doesn’t know what he is, and apparently doesn’t give a damn. Is he black or is he white or a jumbled project of two ignorant, fornicating, uneducated and unleanred animals who satisfied their own lusts? It’s time that this “COMEDY” called o’bama is cancelled. White Americans have seen and heard enough of the farce. If you want to see what this “CLOWN” might do if (GOD forbid)( he would ever be appointed to anything—let alone the Supreme Court of the United States; just look at what his ilk has done to Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Watts and and and and on and on and on (You can add to this smelly list). This ilk’s destruction is like the path left by a herd of monkeys and apes trampling through the jungle; you can’t ignore the path becuase of its “Smell and its ruination” Is more of this bum’s kind what White Americans want? Pray to God–NOT. CFM

  70. ScranunSlim says

    Rule #1 is when ya don’t know the facts , SHUT UP! But Prezidunce Narcissus went from “The police acted stupidly” to his imaginary sons Trayvon and Ahmed the Clock Boy & Radio Shack Science Wiz.

    Neither the prezidunce nor his wife Omerosa could get ya outta a speeding ticket withou playing the race card: “I move for dismissal, your Honor — Trooper Buzzcut admitted his radar gun might not have been manufactured by a minority-owned enterprise.”

  71. ErnieLane says

    God, if he is nominated, the Senate Republicans simply must vote NO, no matter what the “gentlemanly” tradition has been. And Supreme Court justices have always stayed out of politics. Can anyone envision barack obama doing so?

    1. Valor says

      Don’t depend on GUP (Give Up Party) Senators to do the right thing. Ones like Hatch will go right along with anyone Hillary or Sanders would appoint. If the American People are so blatantly stupid to elect either of those two POS, we all need to bend over and grab our ankles.

  72. countryfarmlady says

    Who the hello would be so stupit to put Obama in the court as a judge surely more than 3/4 of usa know better than than god we would be destroyed if he got in there HE HAS DONE WAY TO MUCH DAMGE TO OUR COUNTRY AS IT IS .

  73. Carl F. Miller says

    Ha, Ha, Ha! A judge??? You gotta be shittin me! How much longer are White Americans going to remain in their bent-over positions and be kicked in their asses by banana-eaters such as this and his ilk? How long????? The sad part about this entire smelly mess is that bums such as obama, the clintons, bidens, schumers, kennedys and others of that smelly ilk have already nearly ruined this great Nation. Do White Americans want a LOSER such as obama and the other liberal judges on our Supreme Court to be in a postion to ruin it even further? How much more of this Anti-Americanism can White Americans stand, and how much more of it are they going to allow to be stuffed down their throats (before they all choke to death)??? Wake up, White Americans, while you still have a little sunshine to enjoy, and a little breath of life with which to enjoy it. CFM

  74. Lonni Norton says

    Obama doesn’t want to be on the Supreme Court; it’s too confining for him. There’s no real “glory” there. It’s a drudging, pouring through dusty ole law books day in and day out kind of job. No, what Obama has his eye on is something worldly, something global, something with flash and some real power the world over. After all, in his speech in Berlin in 2008, he claimed that he was “a fellow citizen of the world”, not just an American. He has a grander vision of himself then a stuffy judge hid away in the Supreme Court building; no, he wants, needs, world-wide recognition. That’s the legacy he has been working towards. Hillary could “oh, golly gee, what a good idea” all day long over appointing Obama because she knows it will never happen. Always watch that left hand.

    1. Valor says

      Probably a correct observation. That being said, Hillary OR Sanders would appoint someone just as grievous.

  75. Mark Clemens says

    I reckon Hillary doesn’t know the DUTY if our Supreme Court, is to interpret the law. To see if it’s constitutional or not. Congress is suppose to set agendas. If she has this little understanding of our Checks and Balances, she’s not even qualified to be DCs Dog Catcher.
    What a stupid candidate. No wonder the DNC only put out up 3. I say Burn Burnie Burn thatBitch off the ballot. Even a Socialist is smarter than Hillary!!!!!!!

    1. Valor says

      Actually, the duty of the Supreme Court is NOT to interpret the law. The laws are not written in Spanish or Arabic. At least not yet! The duty is supposed to determine if laws remain within the confines of the Constitution.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        That’s legal interpretation.

        1. Valor says

          LOL! Yeah, most legal interpretations might as well be written in Swahili.

  76. Gerald A. Reason says

    With his attitude towards our Constitution, he would be one of the most destructive SC justices there could ever be. Where he belongs, based on his actions which support radical Islam’s advance in the word, is Leavenworth!

  77. Scott Henke says

    Great, now I won’t be able to sleep at night.

  78. Lily Haley says

    He was not a law professor.

  79. william couch says

    You have to be a lawyer to be on the court,,,,, THIS COON is not a lawyer,,,,,, he lied on his ILL. bar exam. Pesky old question,,, ?’Are you known by any other name than what is listed on the document”? He put no.

    1. Valor says

      Read Article lll of the Constitution. It establishes the Supreme but does NOT say anything about the requirement to be a lawyer. In other words, you are just as qualified under Article lll as any lawyer.

      1. william couch says

        COOL, I’ll put in my app as soon as possible. But the coon is still not an attourney.

        1. Valor says

          Might as well. You probably wouldn’t do any worse than some of the bums there now.

          1. william couch says

            When I was in the service, I was what they call, a “SEA LAWYER”. I knew the UCMJ up onside & down the other. When , I got out, & moved to LA, CA. I learned as much law as possible,,,, including “Common Law”.. I didn’t bother with corporate that much, but criminal, Vehicle, & common law yes. Buy a house you’ll get a crash course in common & corporate real quick.

          2. Valor says

            Common Law and common sense used to be important.

          3. william couch says

            Common law is thrown out when you purchase a house. You cannot purchase the mineral rights one foot under the Abode. In CALIFORNICATION, there’s 2 pages that surrender those those rights to state & other municipalities

          4. Reality Check says

            Name a state that lets the average home owner, own the rights below.

            tell me part of the state does the racist ass live in?

          5. william couch says

            GEE!!! There’s not one

          6. Reality Check says

            are you a racist ass around your friends and family or do you pretend to be normal around them?

          7. william couch says


    2. AKLady2015 says

      The only lies are those you are telling.
      WHy do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies..
      Oh, and name calling is something most give up by the 2nd grade.
      Your bigotry reflects yur ignorance.

      1. william couch says

        Don’t like it!! Don’t respond!! He lied on his bar exam, & his he/she boyfriend lost it’s license over insurance fraud. these are facts!! If there’s a problem,,,,, Sease & DESIST the !!CRANIAL RECTIL INFUSION!! And another little thingie,,,,,,,,, there’s no birth cert’s on file in any state for the socalled daughters!! Google michelle is a man,,,,,, see what you get!

        1. Reality Check says

          “He lied on his bar exam, & his he/she boyfriend lost it’s license over insurance fraud. these are facts!!”

          FACTS found WHERE?

          This Coon.

          so we know where william the bigot/racist is coming from.

          all those coons in POWER is really getting to you , huh old man?
          maybe if you were not such a hateful human, the Muslims would have you on the list for beheading.

          1. william couch says

            WHY DON’T YOU TRY IT!!

  80. RMCSRET says

    This is something that Ruth Ginsberg would actually step down so it could be accomplished if Hillary or
    Bernie Sanders is elected to the Highest Office.

  81. Dan says

    We already have enough problems. Now this douchebag wants to destroy the judicial system after the executive has already been corrupted.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Most people give up name calling by the 1st or 2nd grade.
      How old did you say uou were?

      1. Dan says

        Muzzie lovers that can’t spell are the REAL >embarrassment<. Learn to spell proper English if you want to try to make someone look bad idiot.

      2. Dan says

        Dress up like a goat and you may get yourself a fine upstanding Jihadist.

      3. Dan says

        Do you need a tissue?

  82. rjet43 says

    not only should he not be put in there but atleast 3 of them should be removed!!!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Just how do you suggest that be done?

  83. jjmcl431 says

    i wouldn’t let Obama sit under my old oat tree, never mind the Supreme Court.

  84. Tiger says

    That would be the Marie Antoinette moment and will start the Revolution for sure.

  85. wellilltellya says

    how can barry be a judge when he has NOT SAID ANYTHING TRUE he should be incarcerated for being a traitor its time for AMERICA to take back our country back from the likes of that FRAUD

    1. Valor says

      That will be hard to do when nearly half the country still give him an approval rating. The American People are totally responsible for allowing this travesty to happen.

      1. Reality Check says

        “American People are totally responsible for allowing this travesty to happen”

        SORRY, you morons of the right are just brainwashed fools.

      2. AKLady2015 says

        We the People do not elect a President.
        We the People have never elected a President.
        We the People cannot elect a President — the U.S. COnstitution does not allow us to.

    2. BengtVal Thulin says

      What Truth have we heard from the government?

      The government said that they shot dead Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum during an ARMED SHOOT OUT that took place during a Traffic Stop.

      Here is the aerial video of the Murder of Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum with his Hands Empty and Raised in the AIR when the government SHOT him DEAD;…/enhanced-zoomed-video-death…/
      So again I ask what Truth have we heard from our government?

      1. Reality Check says

        Here is the video of your “hero” getting shot.

        no hands in the air, just him REACHING for a gun in his coat and getting shot for the effort.
        don’t you fools on the right keep saying we are a nation of laws?

        1. BengtVal Thulin says

          Reality Check – PBS News Hour also has the video and Robert LaVoy Finicium did NOT reach for a gun in his coat.
          His Hands were in plain sight when he was MURDERED by those crooked FBI in.
          You Mr. & or Miss hide hehind a Fake Name calling yourself “Reality Check” because you do NOT have any Honor.
          You are a Troll and Troll is a person who deliberately tries to insight trouble by attacking a person who tells the Truth on the internet.
          Specially when the Troll lime you does NOT like the Truth that was told.
          I figure that you are one of those Crooked FBI agents who MURDERED Robert LaVoy Finicium.
          I got you painted right don’t I Troll?

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Grow up.
            Most give up name calling by the 1st or 2nd grade.
            How old are you?

    3. Reality Check says

      “how can barry be a judge when he has NOT SAID ANYTHING TRUE”

      alright silly con, so tell me TWO lies and skip the pre-programmed “doctor” lie since that is all you brainwashed drones have been taught.

      should be easy since you seem to think every word is a lie.
      do actually know what a lie IS?

    4. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you bekueve it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  86. Marios says

    Are you kidding me? Obummer did nothing but trample on the constitution. We certainly don’t need a another liberal judge. God help us.

    1. Reality Check says

      Oh, another conservative rocket scientist.

      so name a part of the Constitution that he has broken?

      1. Marios says

        Oh sh-t another left wing liberal. How about obummer telling the russian leader the constitution is dead, how about by passing const. with Iran deal, how about attempting to mess with the 2nd Amend. I can go on but I feel it’s a waste of time explaining to lib. if you want more read Mark Levin’s How he by passes the const. and nobody says anything. I dare you to read it.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Garbage piled higher and deeper.
      You are suffering from brainwashing.
      You, and those like you, cannot name one — not one — law that has been violated.

  87. James Andrews says

    Never in a million years, since he has zero respect for the Constitution!

    1. Reality Check says

      so name a part of the Constitution that he has broken?

      1. James Andrews says

        He’s guilty of treason, among other things. Where have you been? It is considered an act of treason to knowingly aid, abet, and supply arms to known enemies of the country. Owebama has supplied arms to the Muslim Brotherhood, known enemies of the United States. He is currently attempting illegal “executive orders” to push forth his own gun laws. which also directly violate the Constitution. No president can bypass Congress, and write and pass his own legislation. That is not the way it works. The ACA was also illegally drafted in the Senate, not in the House, where it was supposed to be, then sent back to the House. His illegal actions such as Fast and Furious, his ordering of the IRS to go after and single out conservative groups, etc. All illegal actions. Wake up; this is the most law breaking, corrupt administration the nation has seen since World War II, if not longer. They have made Bush look like an angel by comparison, and he certainly wasn’t.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Not a single valid fact.
          Not one word of your post is true.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Owebama has supplied arms to the Muslim Brotherhood”

          Well now we know James Andrews is an Idiot.

        3. Reality Check says

          “His illegal actions such as Fast and Furious”

          well now we know you are a conspiracy idiot as well who requires not one shred of proof.
          better yet Jame”The Dim” Andrews, I will let Darrel ISSA, the Conservative IN CHARGE of the FF investigation tell you that you are a misinformed FOOL of the right

          “Rep. Darrell Issa Admits There Is No Evidence Connecting White House To Fast & Furious Scandal”

          Congressman Darrell Issa is leading the investigation into the Fast & Furious ATF scandal and his committee recommended Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt charges, but he admitted to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today that so far, there is no evidence connecting the scandal directly to the White House and Obama administration.

          STOP lying like a TERRORIST we need to round up and put in camps.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Name one single constitutional violation.
      Just one.

  88. Injun Trouble says

    When Obama is done with the presidency I strongly suggest that he choose a new country for him and his family, and good luck and good health. by the way , your report card shows ” D,s ” and ” E,s “.

  89. Cameron Triplett Sr says

    Justices should interpret the Constitution using the definitions & intentions of the authors, or face impeachment. Otherwise, why bother having a Constitution?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Ignorance is bliss.
      Legislatures write law.
      Courts define how law is to be defined.
      That is why we have the three branches of government.
      Maybe you should try some education.

      1. Cameron Triplett Sr says

        The job of the SUPREME COURT is to make sure that laws passed by Congress & the State Legislatures adhere to the Constitution & are Constitutional. Therefore, the Justices shouls interpret the Constitution using definitions in use when the Constitution & its Amendments were written. To use modern definitions would render the intentions of our Founding Fathers useless, null, & void.
        The 3 branches of our gov’t are supposed to be independent of each other. When a Justice is nominated & confirmed because he/she has “empathy” for the little man, or hates guns, or thinks killing unborn babies is OK, they are not doing the job they were appointed to do. They are rubbber-stamping whatever whomever put them there. Understand now?

  90. ToniStimmel says

    Well we don’t have to worry about that because he or the USA would be destroyed in his conformation by the Senate or by his appointing himself by Executive Order.

  91. JOHN SANTIAGO says


    1. Combatvet52 says


      1. Reality Check says

        AND we also now know how ill informed you are, since that was just a comment at a campaign stop in Iowa, not anything suggested by anyone in government.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          REALLY………….I wonder who is ill informed……..sounds like you would like Barry in the Supreme Court and continue to destroy whats left.

        2. Combatvet52 says

          If you needed any more reason to vote against a Hillary Clinton presidency, here’s perhaps the most compelling argument yet: preventing her from granting one of America’s most antigun presidents an effective lifetime tenure on the nation’s highest court. Continuing her streak of adopting terrible (and perhaps planted) suggestions raised at campaign stops, Clinton on Tuesday called the appointment of Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court “a great idea,” according to an article in the Washington Examiner. Should that happen, Obama’s continued assault on the rights of America’s gun owners could last for decades.

      2. AKLady2015 says

        American ignorance published for the world to see.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      There are no “judges” on the Supreme Court.
      At that level, they are Justices.
      Try some education, you might fine you like it.

  92. Combatvet52 says


  93. ScranunSlim says

    The prezidunce’s SOTU comments on the “Citizens United” decision were outright LIES — or he’s too STOOPID to understand it, either one the latest national embarrASSMENT from the man who once recalled the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor..

    Nothing funnier than seeing Justice Alito mouth “Not true.” while the MSM’s “constitooshunal skolar” rambled on and on spewing gibberish.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Please take an American Gpvernment course.
      Your ignorance is an embarassment to America.

      1. ScranunSlim says

        Advice from a woman who spells it “Gpvernment”

  94. RuFus92 says

    If you think that this court is screwed up now then you have seen nothing like what it would be with Obama sitting. This is a no brainer must never happen event. Our whole governmental system has become a fiasco.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Maybe you should be more careful who your vote for.

  95. watchman48 says

    I know this is hard for many to believe or even to begin to understand, but Pres. Obama would be even a bigger failure as a Supreme Court Justice than what he has been as a president….

  96. JIMBO says

    This women is an absolute nut case. Can you imagine Obama as a supreme court justice?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      I can imagine you being sued and/or prosecuted for law violations.

  97. Marvin Zeichner says

    You don’t have to be crooked or stupid to be a politition, but it helps!

  98. Joann Holmes says

    This piece of excrement should be in jail not supreme justice.

  99. Dan says

    That’s all we need another immoral, gutless, bigot on the supreme court. Make sure you and your friends vote Republican as they appear to be the lesser evil. Hillary is hard up enough that she thinks this will get her his endorsement. That is really the last thing anyone should want, the worst president in history’s endorsement. I don’t think our country has ever been in such a mess because of no leadership whatsoever.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Congress makes the laws.
      Congress spemds the money.
      Regan tripled the national debt.
      Bush II doubled it.

      1. Dan says

        Sooner rather than later all of that finger pointing isn’t even going to matter. As a nation we cannot unite to cast out those that are betting on our demise, even when it is too late you won’t be able to unite so many that have such different views, beliefs and lifestyle choices. Republican or Demonrat, we are collectively doomed.

  100. winki says

    This woman is out of her flippin’ mind!!! O as a Supreme Court Justice? Where is the justice in that. He’s already tried to destroy this country and he’s still got a year to go. Only God can help us if she gets into the presidency and appoints him into the SC. Better start praying.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Considering your childish foul language. I suspect you are either young or a school dropout.

  101. Susan Short says

    Obama may as well already be on the not-so supreme court! He has three of the stupidest bixches you could possibly ever have on the court right now, and they will vote with him on anything! Then you add in a couple other dumb fuxks, and Obama is in control of it already! He doesn’t even need to be appointed a judge!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Given your childish foul language. I suspect you are either young or a school dropout.

  102. Esq says

    Obama is not a Law Professor! In fact Obama is no Law Anything!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Obama is President of the United States.
      The University of Illibois at Chicago employed him as a law professor — many years ago.
      He also was an attorney licensed by the State of Illinois, in fact a member of a highly respected law firm.
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Esq says

        Again, the Obama’s are not Lawyers! In fact Barack has never been employed!

  103. Barbara Ervin says

    God deliver us from this evil!!!