Supreme Court Ruled by Ideology, Not Constitution


Everyone was agog last week when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg let the public in on a poorly-kept secret: She doesn’t like Donald Trump. Now, say what you will about her comments, this was not exactly a mind-blowing position for Ginsburg to take. Did anyone seriously think she was a closet Trumpster? Ginsburg is an avowed liberal, and she’s never bothered to keep that fact under wraps.

But we like to pretend that the Supreme Court is above the petty politics that the rest of us indulge in. Ginsburg’s crime wasn’t to be a liberal, it was to embrace it so shamelessly. That messes with the narrative.

How that narrative could exist in the first place, though, is quite baffling. Forget about Ginsburg’s remarks on Trump; take a look at some of the Supreme Court’s most recent decisions. If this is a court ruled by the Constitution, these justices must have access to a different copy than the rest of us.

In that version of the Constitution, abortion is a right that cannot be hindered by anyone, for any reason. In that version, religious freedom is nowhere to be found.

That’s the only explanation for the court’s ruling in a Washington state case, where they decided that state officials were constitutionally allowed to force Christian pharmacists to dispense abortifacient drugs. If the Democrats in charge of any particular state want to implement this rule, they are more than welcome to do so. Religiously-inclined pharmacists can either get with the program or get out.

That’s in line with the First Amendment, right?

Then there’s the court’s ruling on Texas abortion laws. These regulations on abortion clinics were mild, reasonable, and comparable to healthcare regulations governing clinics all around the country. But because these regulations – even as basic and sensible as they were – caused many of the state’s abortion clinics to close, the court ruled against them. Abortion clinics are not to be held to any legal standard, apparently, because a woman’s right to an abortion comes before any other consideration.

We might not care to hear what Ruth Bader Ginsburg has to say about Donald Trump, but her loose lips are the least of our problems with the Supreme Court. In fact, if the court is going to be this ideologically-inclined, we should encourage the justices to weigh in on politics more often. At least then, we’ll know what we’re dealing with. And maybe we can begin erasing the myth that these robed lawyers are the impartial bastions of justice that they pretend to be.

  1. gotabgood says

    Supreme Court Ruled by Ideology, Not Constitution
    After 30 years of Scalia.. this becomes an issue?

    1. TrickleUpPolitics says

      You’re a joke and a prime example of the problem the rest of us are discussing. Dems think fealty to the Constitution is somehow oppressive.

      1. jimmy midnight says

        Conservatives like, or maybe I should say, worship, the UN- AMENDED Constitution, a slavery enabling document. Its full implementation would be oppressive.

        Progressives are partisans of the Bill of Rights, which limits oppression.

        1. TrickleUpPolitics says

          No, we don’t worship the Constitution and certainly have no problem with the Amendments. What we object to is liberal judges and justices finding new “rights” and legislating from the bench. If the idea is a good one, then try to amend the constitution instead of ruling from the bench by fiat. That’s what you libs don’t get….and you don’t want to get it because you know if your ideas were put to vote by the American people you would lose.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            What WE object to are men and women like you. You don’t want law to be ruled in any way except through your right wing ideology.

            Do tell…back when Bush appointed Alberto Gonzalez head of the Justice Department and Gonzalez tried to hire ONLY Republicans for U.S. Attorneys what the hell do you call that? Law? Or BS Texification and Republicanization of law?

            Don’t post drivel if you do not understand that it takes critical objectivity to remove bias and ideology when ruling or enforcing laws.

            Now..tell us Mr. Knows All…why was Gonzalez forced to resign?

          2. TrickleUpPolitics says

            Political positions are appointed by the party in power. You are ignorant. Only Democrats made that a big deal as if the US Attorneys when Dems are in office are not Dems? You are making a fool of yourself. BTW, I am a retired attorney, and I know the subject. You are an emotional wreck.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The SC court is not a political position. It is mandated as part of the U.S. Constitution that the Executive branch maintain nine members of a Supreme Court as the major U.S. judiciary branch.

            Bush and Cheney thought they had the country in the palm of their hands when they add Alito and Roberts, two well known judges here in NJ who always rules for corporations. You know nothing jerkoff.

            The only emotional wreck is you. You mentally deranged fucknut.

          4. TrickleUpPolitics says

            I was speaking of your complaint about all Republican US Attorneys. Try to keep up…with your own ravings.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            It wasn’t MY complaint jackass…It was the complaint of the U.S. attorneys who filed a lawsuit against Gonzalez and the SC then ruled that the Justice Department was barred from using party to determine qualifications for U.S. Attorney…Do keep you with your own insanity asshat.

          6. TrickleUpPolitics says

            It’s like racial bias-you shouldn’t admit you are hiring or admitting people because they are black. That’s illegal.

          7. jimmy midnight says

            Particularly in the wake of the Civil War, the Ninth Amendment .

            That shoe of political power belongs on the other proverbial foot. If a sufficient number of people hate a right, they can eliminate it by amendment. 🙂

          8. SNuss says

            If government gives “entitlements”, government can take them away, just as easily.
            Human rights are unalienable, they are not given by government.

  2. Tiger says

    So the old witch who told someone in another country not to follow our example of a Constitution, after she got her point across decides to apologize. Perhaps she remembered when Trump president he can ask for her impeachment which should be done for the three witches on the court.

    Too bad they can’t meet with wayward pillows like poor Scalia or a stray dumb bell and I don’t mean Liberals.

  3. TheDiddler says

    ..Obama and Clinton want you defenseless- and will take all registered firearms-
    Obama says it will take 20 years before the firearms are taken from criminals-
    but Obama is willing to let the law abiding citizens be vamped for 20 years
    to see it done. that means you and your children will be victims big time for
    2 decades–if Obama is correct–but the 18th amendment did not rid America of
    alcohol did it? people get what people want -legal or illegal- if it is illegal-
    china and mexico will make billions in the black market of guns–
    meanwhile working class americans will die by the tens of thousands
    at the hands of the free for all criminals and hoards of
    looting murderous BLM obamaphone people.
    nationwide- everyone needs protection that can be quickly administered-
    and it must be lethal. if you do not want the hassle of registering a firearm
    there is another way to have power in your pocket-
    the law allows for the direct purchase of a cap and ball black powder revolver-
    no registering it- unregulated-(for now anyway) and the purchase of what is called
    a conversion cylinder– take out the original cylinder that is cap and ball-
    and replace it with a conversion cylinder to accept modern ammunition-
    when the conversion cylinder is put into the revolver it technically becomes
    a firearm- but when it is taken out of the revolver the revolver reverts to a
    non regulated non-firearm.
    search gunbroker and google for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa revolver”

    vote to keep the second ammendment intact.

    check gunbroker and google..

  4. Tinman Jones says

    The article’s title is one of the most apparent items in recent weeks. The ideology at hand is the one where the judicial branch helps the executive branch turn the USA into a slum of a country, especially morally and ethically. This progressive crud being legislated from the bench is killing our land. Romans 12:12!

  5. Amish Prepper says

    The only way we can fix this horrible and tyrannical and out-of-control government is by “The Plan”….Our Bill of Rights calls for this to reset your government when it is tyrannical. Ours has come to that….check out “The Plan”. Don’t panic, read and find out, as many State Legislatures have already agreed to this and signed on. It has been in the making for over a year now, and millions of people have signed the Declaration of Intent….we need to do something and now is the time to fix this…..They do not ask for any money, as saving our Country is more important…..

  6. Jmanjo says

    Perhaps we should change her title to Supreme Court Jester as she is a joke!

  7. brokebill says

    Just the sign of the times of how screwed up our government has become. It is everywhere! How did it get so messed up in such a few short years?

    1. My2PenneysWorth says

      they have been working on it for over a century
      but most people just ignored it until it affected them

      1. brokebill says

        Point well taken.

  8. pappy450 says

    Legislating from the bench has been an ongoing practice for years. Hence the “splits” on “interpreting” the “law” The “conservatives” follow the Constitution (most times) the” liberals” follow their “feelings”
    Perhaps the people should ALSO have a “say” WHO gets elected to the Supreme Court.

    1. J.B.Jacobs says

      Not only the supreme court but the federal judges that are appointed by politicians. They should all have to be voted in by the people. That way, they could be voted out by the people. These are lifetime appointments. They don’t care if they do anything or not or whether what they do is right. And they are appointed by some politician for helping them get elected.

      1. TrickleUpPolitics says

        Agreed. See my post.

      2. pappy450 says

        Excellent idea…Let “We the People” decide..Not the “elites” that are looking for more POWER and MONEY.

        1. J.B.Jacobs says

          I’m not sure it will ever happen unless we can get the corruption out of Washington. I don’t know if that’s possible now, we have let the crooked politicians have their way for so long.

          1. brokebill says

            When major corporation experience this type of ID crisis they move corporate headquarters to change the culture. Maybe we should move govt out of DC to change the culture there.

          2. pappy450 says

            Term limits would be a good start, but the “elites” have fought this idea as long as I can remember. “public Service” should be a short term engagement, and go back to your old job (if you ever had one) not a lifetime job financed by the TAXPAYERS.

          3. pysco says

            I consider myself a Constitution Conservative….. The last two judges should have never been approved… However the GOP folded , again, and they created a bigger problem … Yeah I believe term limits would be a good step…. You can always impeach them, for mis-conduct. But, you would never get a decision again in your favor, as long as the two-party system prevails..

          4. pappy450 says

            I believe that either the money flowed, promises given, and /or threats were made.
            How else would a woman from Laraza be appointed. (supposedly a terrorist organization) BUT that is the way oscumbag and his merry muslimes do business. (not unlike the clintons)

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Do you wipe your ass with the Stars and Bars? Your Bushbagger and his Cheneyed Fukkaroo were scumbags of the worst kind. WE all KNOW how Bush got elected…Halliburton and Blackwater huge campaign donations and brother Jebbie’s hanging chads.

          6. pysco says

            When you can’t articulate a good arguement, you can always curse ,and personally attack the other person… it shows your lack of intellect, and ignorance…. Personal attacks are the tools of liberals…

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You are correct…I am most unused to trying to dumb myself down to a mental case like you. What sane person could ever try to dumb themselves that far down into mental psychosis.

          8. pysco says

            Well I have to admit, that you succeeded in dumbing yourself down …. And still making personal attacks…. Any sane, and prudent person, will see that you indeed succeeded… Have a nice day !!

          9. My2PenneysWorth says

            I disagree with you, if anything, I think the raised her level just below the belly of a snake in a deep Latrine trench

          10. ABO says

            In the case of Eleanor Whitaker, M2PW, you’re being far, far too charitable.

          11. Bimu says

            No sane person…that’s why FREE is not “FREE”…everything cost something. Pay now or pay later with interest.

          12. Bimu says

            Do you really want to go there ? Fraud is alternatively spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T. How about we actually see and hold that birth certificate and those school records and keep the Black Panthers and the two,three times an election voters, and the dead voters out of the election booth. It is well understood the only reason the “illegals” are allowed to pour in is to have them be beholdened to the Democrats. The Middle easterner’s are in the same boat. The Clinton’s have sold off half the country through their beloved foundation. Any other fraud and ethics challenges you can to refute. Little Dirty Harry and Pukey Pelosi fall in lockstep.

          13. Angl0sax0nknight . says

            Just look at how many democrat have been indicted for fraud, corruption and varies other crimes. Then there is Hillary Rotten Clinton bought off everyone even the FBI to escape prison that EVERYONE KNOWS SHE IS GUILTY OF!!

          14. Bimu says

            She, for sure, is not an honest, independent person but a chipped piece of a chipped chain that is rusted, pitted and mangled. She has lost herself to the love of money and power. She is a fraudulent “public servant”, serving herself while putting her constituents into servitude. She is guilty of the most current charges against the nation and those charges were narrowly defined. Broaden the scope and you have the makings of a criminal traitor !

          15. My2PenneysWorth says

            Again projection
            It was Gore who talked about hanging chads and tried to only get democrat controlled districts recounted be that as it may it was proved later by left leaning newspapers that Bush did have more votes in Fla. then Gore

          16. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Time for you to stop overdosing on that Viagra. That 4 hour projection is clouding your memory geezer boy. Gore talked about the hanging chads because it was Bush and his Brother who finagled that election.

            Bush should never have been president. And guess what turd blossom? He wasn’t. I’ll prove it. From 2001 to 2003, Cheney had Bush away from the White House campaigning for those 18 months to market Cheney’s Halliburton Iraq war. Go ahead…I dare you to deny that.

            Cheney so lusted for the presidency that back in 1994, he approached the GOP to allow him to be a candidate for the presidency. But, the GOP knew Cheney was a bossy, overbearing man who had no intentions of “obeying” your CON men in the back room. So, Cheney took a back door. 2 years later, he mysteriously became a CEO of Halliburton. Of course, if you check the FEC campaign records you see Halliburton virtually funded the 2000 Bush campaign …with the cute little back room deal that Cheney would be a back room president to more well known Bush name. And, in 2003, Halliburton got Cheney’s no bid contract to supply the military in Iraq…It’s all there in black and white. But men and women like you who are narrow minded domestic terrorists hate truth and facts I can prove with every post.

          17. My2PenneysWorth says

            I am not going to debate with a foul mothed low IQ New Jerseyite who wouldn’t know a fact if it bit her on her ass. your low brow name calling has already lost you the debate not to mention your false and inaccurate take on History

          18. Katherine sienna says

            The low iq’s according to your definition of what your iq is, certainly admired by millions that vote for him. But you? You probably claimed your Iq of 200 but just a low level demonrat.

          19. My2PenneysWorth says

            Sorry I never revealed my IQ and I really don’t understand what you are stating here it has absolutely nothing to do with my response to a foulmouthed liberal knuckle dragger from the sub par state of New Jersey

          20. Katherine sienna says

            Don’t need to know your IQ’s , the low iq individual ( according to your definition ) is in fact admired and respected by millions of voters and he has more knowledge on all issues this country needed to fix the 71/2 years of destruction, big spending from the demonrats. Air Force one travel for husband & wife flying 2 Boeing 747 separately to the same area just an hour apart. Where was the money they get to spend big like such? And what happened to their carbon green air? Hypocrites, the obomas and the clintons.

          21. My2PenneysWorth says

            I never said Trump was low IQ I don’t think he is the only low IQ people I know of support Clinton and there crime spree. I do not know enough about Trump to fully support him But he is way better than the alternative

          22. Katherine sienna says

            I am glad even if you were only 1/2 supporting Trump. He will do good for this nation and surely not abuse the Air Force one ( he already has one as good as that ) instead he would be sitting in the situation room all the days with the generals until isis is defeated. He won’t go crazy with golfing, he has his own professional golf resorts for years so not like someone ( you know who ) just learned to play golf few years ago therefore all the days gone gone gone playing free golf as if he has no tomorrow or he can’t play for free anymore after his “spend the people money job” ended. Trump has all, be there, done that now he will only work for AMERICA and Americans who put their confidence in him. He would do everything for the country, the people and for his name thru out history as the good president Trump. He already said his VP will not be just working Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 2 but 24/7 on call every day.

          23. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Your problem is that Corn Pone or Mutton Chops culture that is so ancient by now it is ragged around the edges.

            You CAN’T debate with a highly educated, more politically savvy New Jerseyan because dipshits like you don’t EVER leave your befrigged states. So you assume that all women still wear chastity belts.

            Funny how that didn’t help the Tundra Tootsie’s daughter, Bristol, with springopen legs. Or Gingrich the Pig from oh so cultured GA who not only dumped Wife No. 1 while she was undergoing chemo, but Dumped Wife No. 2 the minute SHE was diagnosed with MS…but that’s the men of the southern culture right? Dicks so itchy they can’t keep it in their pants.

            How about that VA southern gentleman with the illegitimate Venezuelan kid? Gee…Pigface…Was that an immaculate conception?

            Please all anyone has to do is to see how women in the south jiggle their asses or shake those phony bazongas, the minute a guy is 50 miles in their vicinity. Not to mention the Texas Big Hairs with the plasticizer boobs who can drink any NJ woman under the table with her HARD Drinkin’ Man.

            Suggestion…get an education before you try to duke it out with anyone from the northeast. Your crook politicians have you all so brainwashed, if they told you shit was grits you’d be pigging out on it.

          24. AirFrank says

            This person is too stupid to ever be educated. Best just ignore it.

          25. Katherine sienna says

            Go to the mirror and speaking to it what you have written here, you lying student of your professor HiLIARy. That if you had actually graduated from highschool. Your knowledge is below 3 years old and your lies are typical.

          26. ironbiker says

            ya’ll stole the last election with over 100% in various precincts….dead Democrats won the last election…so what”s your point jerk-off?

          27. Eleanore Whitaker says

            A. There is no such word in the English language as “y’all or y’all all” That as “ignernt” as you Corn Pones and Mutton Chops can get.

            2nd..Bush couldn’t win either election without a SC ruling or his brother Jeb’s state of rednecks with their hanging chads.

            So don’t talk about stealing an election you phony ass hick.

          28. pysco says

            You are probably right… However, I blame the GOP, if they had properly vetted her, we wouldn’t have had these problems…. With leaders like Boehner, and McConnell who gave them a nod without much of a fight, you see the results…Idiots like these are the reasons I left the GOP…

          29. pappy450 says

            THAT is why I am an independent. There is NO WAY IN HELL,I would cast MY vote for that lying, scheming, moneygrubbing, witch HITLERY.

          30. Cimmie Depriest says

            Thank God he won’t appoint any more. At least the GOP held the line on the last scrums Obraindead tried to push thru.

          31. Eleanore Whitaker says

            We don’t need term limits. Voting for candidates already sets term limits. It’s the red states who stupidly vote against their own interests by voting for nuts like Ryan, Issa, Walker, Cornyn, McConnell, the Pauls, who by the way are both being investigated for fraud and tax evasion, Governor Fat Mouth Christie, MI’s Snyder, Grassley and Inhofe.

          32. brokebill says

            We could name a few on the other side that have been pretty stupid votes also.

          33. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No one says voters are the most educated. I happen to be only because my first employer was deeply embedded in the Republican Party and I got to know a lot of the inner workings of Republicanism that way.

          34. brokebill says

            I just look at the results to my family and our holdings after the past 8 years. We have gone back 25+ years in our net worth under this Admin. You can bet I will never vote for more of the same much less the doubling or tripling down for more.

          35. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No have not you liar. Sept 2008 was the month when Bush after 8 years in office was scared out of his wits because that is the date of the Financial Meltdown.

            If you are worse off, blame your Republican politicians. They are the slash and burn honchos who did that to you and your state. Every one of the Republican states are worse off today for all of that slash and burn bullshit.

            It’s almost a joke that slash and burn was intended to force the Dem states to be slavce of Republican states….and just the reverse occurred.

            WE in the northeast 55 cents back for every dollar we pay in federal taxes..Your befrigged states get back and average of $1.50 for yours. So why the hell is your family worse off?

            Is it because the minute the GOP had the majority in the House they began to sink their own states by trying to cut, cut, cut, cut? They cut so deep into your stupid states that now you think the rest of the states are as bad off.

            That too is the intention…keep you your state so you have no clue what the hell goes on in other states. The wages in Republican states lag so far behind wages in Dem states. THAT IS why you are doing so badly.

          36. brokebill says

            I’m not in the GOP. I am independent. My family has been crushed in this anemic economy and stupid health care fiasco. Our net worth is less today than 25 years ago. This lack of domestic attention has destroyed the net worth of so many people that we have the Trump phenomenon.

          37. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Sorry…I cannot feel sorry for you. YOu choose to live in Republican states knowing that the GOP has a House Majority, decides where all funding comes from (always Dems states) and where it will go.

            The Dems cannot possibly continue to support the entire Republican base. If your politicians want to keep you in moronic austerity so they can create slush funds to hand to billionaire corporations. Why should WE have to feel sorry for you?

          38. brokebill says

            I live in a Democratic state. This problem is universal.

          39. SNuss says

            I live in the Peoples’ Republic of Illinois, where the Republican governor can’t get the entrenched Democrat Speaker to reform their failed fiscal system. The Democrats have supermajorities in both the House and Senate. Their budgets are billions of dollars out of balance, so the Governor vetoed them. Our bond rating is lower than any other State, yet the Chicago Dems refuse to reform. The Governor even offered to approve a tax increase, IF reforms were implemented. The Dems still say “NO!”.

          40. brokebill says

            That just sounds totally irresponsible to me.

            When this country was rich, with excesses in sales & profitability due to global positioning, Americans could actually get ahead. But we have lost so many major corporations and their good high paying jobs with highly taxable incomes, that we seemed to have peaked. We can now no longer support the world and all these pet projects of the politicians with a dwindling tax base and enormous debt.

            Your description in your state sums it up. That is what these politicians have done over the past years.

            I think the people want Trump because they think he is a real attack dog! He has committed to shaking up this controlling political class element and people are craving exactly that!

          41. SNuss says

            Four counties in Illinois force their agenda on the remaining ninety-eight. Too bad that we can’t cut them loose, to form their own State. It would make life better for the rest of us.

          42. Bimu says

            Is that why California, New York and Illinois are flush with cash ? Why the major cities that have and have had for decades, Democratic leadership, and are so ripe and flush with cash, solid education systems, low crime and murder rates, so on and so forth ?

          43. Bimu says

            You ever heard of Dodd-Frank ? Do you know who the Majority Congressional leaders were who pushed and passed the laws that made banks give loans to people who otherwise (in the real, un-politically correct world) were not qualified to receive a bank loan. The same kind of tricks that the Obamites have done by threatening banks who take deposits from legal businesses they don’t like…gun shops, pawn shops, and on and on. The Democrats created sub-prime loans in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and guess who gets the blame. Same with Clinton’s economy…Republican Congress balanced the budget, worked on welfare distribution issues. If it had not been for the Dot, Com tech prosperity bubble, Clinton’s term had no ggod spikes. Then as it began to collapse as economic cycles tend to do, Clinton was leaving office and enter Bush to deal with it as well as the Trade Center debacle…since Clinton’s foreign policy was so strong and friendly to the Arabs. But, go ahead, blame the Bushes, the Republicans and continue to sell off to China and the Russians and the Arabs, ala, the Democrats, and hold your nose because the stench is outrageous.

          44. AirFrank says

            Ignorance runs deep in this one

          45. Dave says

            You are a FKN Nutty Bitch.

          46. sensrbtch says


          47. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Ya look at Crooked evil Lying Hillary and all her jive talkin lies you would vote for such a person? Lol you are a disgrace!


          48. SNuss says

            We can only hope. Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, and several other members of the Obama regime should be in line, behind her.

          49. ted j says


          50. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Prick! And a microscopic sized one too.

          51. elmcqueen3 says

            Ah Yes…The Democrats are so squeaky clean…no one on the left is being investigated…being too big to fail.

          52. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No one said they are squeaky clean…but since Warren Harding, Republicans have had most of the scandals. Harding, The Teapot Dome Scandal…his secy of the Interior tried to sell off public land for pennies on the dollars to his vested oil interests. Nixon…approved the break-in and burlary of the DNC headquarters for which he was forced to resign.

            Herbert Hoover: The Great Depression for his sucking up to the speculators on Wall Street.

            Reagan? The Iran ContraGate scandal where GHWB secretly made a deal to sell arms to the Contras.

            Bush ’41…one termer who had a one term recession and created the Gulf War to make profits for his miltiary industrialists.

            Bush ’43? Outing of a CIA agent. Lies about the WMDS, 9/11 on his watch when he ignored 6 warnings?

            And …lest you think otherwise it went from Hoover’s Great Depression to Reagan’s second term recession, Bush’ 41’s only term recession to GWB’s Great Recession.

            All you ever had against the Dems was JFK and his womanizing and Bill Clinton and MonicaGate. It eats your asses out Obama is so squeaky clean.

          53. elmcqueen3 says

            Thanks for the list…can you come up with a better one listing Democrats who are not as squeaky clean as Obama?

          54. My2PenneysWorth says

            You really are full of democrat talking point that have been boscoed aren’t you?
            those so called republican scandals may have happened but not for the reasons you stated those are all democratic propaganda and lies

          55. LiberalismaDisease!!! says
          56. AirFrank says

            BO is anything but squeaky clean. Fast and Furious wherein over 2000 guns were walked into Mexico. And that was in his first year.

          57. Jimmy Quick says

            You are very, very mis-informed. WMD’s were found and filmed. All indications I’ve ever seen indicate JFK was a GREAT president. Clinton on the other hand is a rapist, murderer and a thief, but to whatever extent he is guilty, she is twice that. Clinton was the direct cause of the housing bubble that lead to the Great Recession. It is a documented fact, Clinton forced the banks to break the century’s long policy of only lending money to people who were likely to pay it back.

            Bush 41 may as well of been a demoncrate. He handed off the presidency to Clinton in a deal to keep his children out of prison for the various felonies they had committed regarding the bankrupting of (2) savings and loans. On his way out the door, he left NAFTA sitting on the desk to be signed into law by Bill Clinton. YES, your job left the country that day and it is not coming back.

            Not that Bush 43 was great, in fact he was a traitor to this nation as best I can tell, but he never outed anyone and neither did Scooter Libby. You need to get your facts straight on that before you come around here, cause most of these people are way ahead of you.

            I was too young to know what really took place under Reagan, but I can tell you that no one was ever prosecuted during his time in office and no wrong doing was ever proven.

            With Obama and Clinton, it is the exact opposite. Multiple scandals are proven to be TRUE and nothing is ever done about it. I hope Trump wins and appoints special council to prosecute them all. I hope the Clintons and the Obamas go to prison for the rest of their lives for what they have done to this country.

            Now, I’m gonna blow your mind. I hope the same happens to the Bush Crime Family as well.

          58. paulrph1 says

            There are no term limits for the justices and that is what this is all about. Pelosi, Reid, what a pair of imbeciles. Follow the Constitution or get out. Pack your bags. There is a way to change the Constitution but they cannot do that so they ignore it and write their own laws.

          59. rocky says

            You say we don’t need term limits, yet you are making a real case for them !!

          60. Bimu says

            Eleanor, It sounds as though you have partaken of far too many Wacky Washington and Colorado Cookies with a tinge of THC.

          61. AirFrank says

            Yet every liberal city/state is going bankrupt. Yeah, progressives are sooooo smart.

          62. Phoebe Isley says

            pappy450…I love your outlook. I am with you 100% on your comments! BRAVO

          63. sensrbtch says

            term limits is too VOTE!

          64. Angl0sax0nknight . says

            It’s too late! With all most 20 trillion in debt and possibly over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This country is on it’s death bed. All that is left is for the doctors to make the last days as comfortable as possible. So just like a dying patient being given morphine. This country is being given it’s Morphine so it an be comfortable before the end.

        2. sensrbtch says

          rember the labials,niggers,queers out vote all the others by the ###’s! the onlies thing that saves the us-a from anarchy is that the very same assholes cannot agree with other.

          1. Bimu says

            That’s because special interest seek their own speciality and what is good for the nation has no bearing on their selfish pursuits.

      3. My2PenneysWorth says

        That is a fallacy being taught by our socialist controlled education system.
        They are not life time appointments they , according to the Constitution, “hold their Offices during good Behaviour”.
        Seems to me what she has done and a lot of others cannot be considered good behavior
        What we need are real representatives that will do their jobs and file the papers for impeachment and remove these anti constitution globalists who think we should be looking at foreign laws to justify whether a law is valid or not and who ignore the actual constitution

        1. Bimu says

          Absolutely correct. Same with term limits…it’s called an election. Their should never have been a retirement system for an elected official…it sort of dulls the perception of public service.

          1. SNuss says

            The problem is that many voting districts are “gerrymandered”, so that one party holds the advantage. In Illinois, 67.1% of the Representatives, and 75% of the Senators run unopposed. If non-partisan redistricting cannot be passed (Democrats oppose this law), then term limits would be the only alternative.

          2. Bimu says

            It is the minority party’s duty to run a candidate. No opposition is monopolistic and those become dictatorial and that becomes disastrous. Seems like the national party would start to help. With the bad numbers that dominate Illinois, finances, murder, education are just for starters. Of course, the general electorate has to want better for themselves. The poor may be poor but that doesn’t make them stupid !

          3. SNuss says

            Why would they waste their campaign funds, running against an obviously rigged election? They use them where they have a chance of success. That is why either non-partisan redistricting, and/or term limits, are needed.

          4. Bimu says

            ‘Never say never’ and ‘Can’t never could’….something is bad wrong when all we have are excuses and reasons for making changes when things worked well for over two centuries until our moral fabric went down the toilet as we pushed God out along with border control.

          5. SNuss says

            Most of the poor have been bought off by “entitlement” programs, trading their votes for government payouts.

          6. Bimu says

            I agree. I consider the payouts, bye outs and/or payoffs and/or monthly reparations.

      4. James Maxwell says

        I agree all judges regardless of position should be elected by the majority of the people.
        And the should have term limits of 6 years maximum so that our courts do not become
        corrupted by politics or whims at the time.

      5. Gary Smith says

        Good idea

    2. Jimmy Quick says

      We do. Read my post.

      1. pappy450 says

        That is a good thought and YES I just read your post. BUT with all the CORRUPTION in oscumbags “administration” no one could get a fair “ruling” to do so. Example… look at hitlery, oscumbag “getting away” with all the crimes THEY have committed. The “elites” have one set of “laws” They may or may not have to follow, “We the People” have another that we HAVE to follow.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          It’s not a ruling. It is done by petition and once enough signatures are verified, a national vote is called. If a simple majority of the people agree to recall, she is gone and all of her votes are removed from all of decisions.

          1. pappy450 says

            The “decision” will still have to go by the CORRUPT Oscumbag “administration”
            (Lynch, an oscumbag SHILL) You can petition the “government ” all you want, If you have noticed this “administration” will certainly IGNORE you and your “petition”.

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            No, it doesn’t. It is part of the checks and balances built into the constitution. It is your right as “Joe Average” to challenge any justice in the USA and for good cause, to have them defrocked.

          3. pappy450 says

            I guess you haven’t been keeping up with the “news” Oscumbag and the country’s “elites” “RULE “….Joe Average” (us) in THIS country doesn’t mean spit anymore. Just look at all the Laws “hitlery” has broken and all the unconstitutional “executive orders” oscumbag has “decreed” Nothing was done about it. So you think that “We the People” still have a voice in this corrupt country? I think NOT. THAT is why we need a “change”, but with all the VOTER FRAUD and “backroom” behind closed doors “deals” going on away from the prying eyes of “Joe Average” that will never change.

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s not true. You can win. They will come at you from all directions. First they will try to beat you. If they can’t beat you, they’ll try to buy you. If they can’t buy you, they’ll try to kill you, but you can win.

            With God as your advocate, life is completely different. Obedience to God changes everything. You go from being “Joe Small” to becoming “Joe the Conquerer.” You will not become a self-indulgent loser and you will never tolerate evil just for the sake of getting along as has become the way of the
            American people.

    3. fred says

      TERM LIMITS (ONE TERM for all federal offices and severe election financial and timeline reductions) are the answer and we need them in the CONVENTION OF STATES resolutions asap! Stop Hillary and bubba from re-entering the WH for more life of crime on OUR dime! They are the biggest criminals in our history to hold public office! Oh sorry, I forgot the illegal alien born in kenya in the WH, but because his whole presidency is illegitimate, I don’t include non-citizen Usurpers!

    4. sensrbtch says

      ummm “we the people” do have a say! it is thru the prez? an then the congress o K’s, THE MESS. DON’T CHU remember the pissin contest to git the black guy in ?? the niggers from the NAACP contrived a story from black womans ;about gitin reaped or sum such shit!?

  9. Jimmy Quick says

    It is a little known fact, but the constitution allows for the people to “recall” a justice from the Supreme Court for good cause and to have “her” vote negated (removed) from every issue upon which she ever ruled from the bench.

    This is an essential right and can be made through the form of referendum. It is not impeachment which requires the senate to hold hearings and to act only if there is gross misconduct. The recall of a justice by the people can be done on the grounds that “her” rulings are inconsistent with the constitution of the United States and a simple majority is all that is required to succeed.

    The recall can be done at anytime and is not required to be part of and general election. There is no minimum amount of citizens that are required to vote. It is only required that the matter be published, advertised and that ballots be available to the public on the day the vote is scheduled.

    We can get rid of this person for “good cause” now that she has most blatantly displayed her prejudice.

    This information came from Mark Levin, attorney, constitutional scholar, radio and TV host.

    1. TrickleUpPolitics says

      With the idiots we have in Congress now? As if.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        It’s not up to congress. It starts with a petition to hold a vote by the people. Anyone can do it.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Who would you recall? The women, Mr. No Balls? Earl Warren came as close to recall as there ever was on the SC.

      Must really bust those raisins in your jeans to know how powerless you wingers really are.

      You want to take your country back alright..back to free slave labor, women in their “place” pregnant and barefoot and children with no educations. Grow the hell up.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Thanks for your input. I’m sure all the vulgar language directed at a person you don’t know and are not likely to ever meet must have been very healing for you.

        1. My2PenneysWorth says

          What do you expect from a liberal democrat

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Demoncrats. I call them the walking dead, because all life left their bodies when their brains were removed and they’re just to dumb to know it.

  10. TrickleUpPolitics says

    I can predict judicial decisions by looking at the party of the president that appointed the judge. That means judges are picked for their ideology and are expected to toe the party line. This is not what our Founding Fathers wanted (in fact there is commentary by the Founding Fathers that they did not intend for the US Supreme Court to be the final word on public policy). We are living under what Mark Levin calls “judicial tyranny”.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Here we go again. It was fine and dandy when that capo di capo Scalia was an ideologue of big corporations and constantly got Alito and Roberts to rule against anything that would remotely play fair with the individual.

    But now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg refuses to play Trumpensteins’ games, she is an ideologue? This from the most narrow minded dickheads in the country?

    I think I get where the selfish, self-centered, money hungry jerks of the right set their ideology:
    If it helps anyone but them, they fight it. If it is common sense, they try to make it appear wrong. If they know what they are doing is irresponsible, they put the spotlight on everyone else but themselves.

    But this, these jackasses call left wing liberalism. So let’s all be as criminal as we can. The righties will be right there with us. Let’s NEVER be responsible…The righties will say that’s what the Constitution approves. Let’s never ever make them pay their fair share and hand all of our tax dollars to their biggest investments….so the rest of the country can go to hell?

    Thank heavens they are a tiny minority we can mostly keep on ice. Who needs a bunch of nasty, snarling, sneering, Rambo ideologues?

    Yet, they dare to call anyone who disagrees with THEM an ideologue? This proves what the rest of us already know…these are obsessed mentally deranged morons who have one and only one ideology….ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

    Don’t wonder why more and more Americans are fed up with nutso wingers these days.

    1. TrickleUpPolitics says

      Project much?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Moron much? Let’s just say when you live in NJ as I do with 2 Trump Casinos, you get to know that evil bastard more than you want to.

        And as for Sanders, most of us in NJ know he was a half wit from Crown Heights Brooklyn’s Hasidic enclave in his youth and at college found a great way to loaf around…pretend he was THE top Civil Rights leader. Yeah right. That’s why John Lewis, a top Civil Rights leader in his own right stated he never saw Sanders in any leadership role.

        But that generally is not what you morons of the right like to hear….So long as it fits your preset mentally deranged templates of greed, doom and gloom and violence, it’s okay with you. Too bad the next generation will turn all of that right back on you for your irresponsiblity and lack of common sense “projection.”

        1. My2PenneysWorth says

          you really are a close minded “Vote Democrat no matter who it is” moron aren’t you
          wake up the democrat party died in 1963 it was taken over by communists who want to destroy this country and because of people like you are on the verge of succeeding. I do not like Trump but in this case Better the Devil not known then the Devil Known

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No stupid. For over 33 years I was a Republican woman. I left the party in 2004 when I realized it was a male dominated party and at that point 52% of the US population were women being totally left out of the majority voice in government.

            Now only suck up women who can’t make it on their own sidle up to their Sugar Daddies and obey whatever their Daddy tells them to do.

            I vote Democrat today because I loathe Conservatives. I know what right wing Conservatism is. It hates anything that helps others to better themselves. Loves violence and war. Hates the idea that they can’t have total control of the rest of us and go mental when anyone dares to present facts, truth or common sense.

          2. TrickleUpPolitics says

            What was in your drinking water? You have it exactly backwards. Check your privilege!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No I do not have it backward. But, it figures a narrow minded beak brain like you would see everything in a reverse mirror image. I pay for the shit in your drinking water because you are the ones polluting it.

          4. My2PenneysWorth says

            You have no facts liberals never do you vote for a communist party and are supporting a criminal and you call me stupid if I am I am 1000 times more intelligent than you my family was like you and voted democrat because they were for the “poor people” I left that party when they could not answer a simple question. if the democrats were for the poor people why are the richest people in government democrats?

          5. Jan123456 says

            Please get a handle on English grammar and punctuation.

            It will be easier for others to understand your points.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Liberals have ALL the facts. You don’t even have a clue what the hell the word “conserve” means. You think it means taking other people’s money and keeping it for your own selfish reasons.

            But, all CONS hate anyone who plays fairs, refuse to post lies and contortions.

            The Democrats have always been for the people. The Republicans since Warren Harding have been for big business. That shows how stupid people like you are.

            They CON you into thinking if your tax dollars support billionaire corporations, they’ll provide jobs. Since Bush had the worst record of unemployment since the Great Depression, how do you explain that?

            And, the only industries in your Stars and Bars states are relics of 200 years ago…Oil and fracking are being replaced by clean energy initiatives that are not only working but producing jobs in manufacturing here in the Northeast.

            But your CONmen have convinced you loonies that clean energy is bad and pollution for profit is good. It is…it’s a good way to kill you nuts off.

          7. TrickleUpPolitics says

            Eleanor needs to wipe the spittle off her computer screen.

          8. sensrbtch says

            UMM TOO BADDD THAT U HAD THE CONVERSON DISEASE? it is called “i’m a woman”?! n ok? so tuat! woman up then an wipe the chair before u lev. lev the seat up, and don’t be surprised when u see u r neighbor in u r own bathroom ?!

        2. TrickleUpPolitics says

          Gee, Eleanore, where is that famous (or infamous) tolerance the Left is always bragging about? You are branded half the country as morons, mentally deranged who represent greed, doom, violence and gloom. Wow. Why are liberals always so angry? ROFLMAO.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I have no patience for people who refuse to see common sense or reason. The only exception to that are those in mental institutions who haven’t the capability to understand the concept of common sense or reason.

            Liberals are NOT angry. That’s just your narrow minded perception and need to try and make anyone who disagrees with you look bad. All while you polish those halos?

            Try again. Most Neocons are hicks who are inbreds from Republican states who can’t support themselves without Dem taxes flushed to their states en masse.

          2. TrickleUpPolitics says

            On the contrary. States run by Republicans are fiscally solvent and Dem-run states are not. Get the facts. We don’t really have many mental institutions anymore after liberal attorneys sued in the ’70’s to get rid of them in the name of liberty. Now we just have mentally ill people living on the streets and our jail system is the biggest form of mental institutions in the nation. Good going. Libs never think of the consequences when they “feel” they are doing the right thing. Oh, and by the way Eleanore, I was raised a Democrat and even elected to policital office as a Democrat. I changed parties when I realized the Dem Party had moved so far left that I was no longer in the party. As a retired vet, I was a Southern Democrat strong on defense. Try to find a Dem these days that is strong on defense. I left right after Clinton made a fool of us all with Lewinsky in the Oval Office and when he travelled to Russia for a meeting with Putin the reporters only asked him about Monica. Now we have Obama bowing to foreign leaders and making apolgies for America. Pathetic.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Really? So when Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wisconsin had to close hospitals and schools for lack of funds they are fiscally solvent? When Michigan’s governor poisoned over 6,000 kids by refusing to pay for water treatment and forced them to have only the untreated Flint River water for which MI now has a huge lawsuit, that’s fiscally sound?

            When Texas had to beg FEMA funding for another round of their endless diasters year after year, Big Rich Texas, That WHOLE Other Asshole Country had to beg for help from other states?

            Sorry..but once you consider that MS, AL, KY and TN also have the highest number of people collecting welfare according to the GAO, I think I have the right to know why.

            Go to the and you see ALL Republicans states get back more than the $1 they pay in federal taxes. Specifically $1.35 up to Alaska’s $1.87 and that doesn’t count their $1200 subsidy for every man, woman and child just for living in a frontier state.

            Do is it the average Dems states receive for their $1 is .55 cents and NOT ONE of the Dems states has to close schools or hospitals? Is it southern and midwestern BS so they can claim more than the 65% of the budget their states already take?

            You are out of your league Junior. Get a real education.

          4. TrickleUpPolitics says

            You become fiscally solvent by curbing spending, something I have learned Democrats have no understanding of or intent to do.

          5. SNuss says

            FYI, it was DEMOCRATS who turned on the poisoned water in Flint, to cover for their fiscal failures.

          6. My2PenneysWorth says

            When was West Va. a Republican state? they have been democrat for the past 50 years

    2. My2PenneysWorth says

      exactly what is their fair share shouldn’t everyone be taxed a percentage equally?
      Socialist/communists want a progressive tax the more you make the more you should pay in taxes let’s continue to punish success and reward failure you leftists want the government to do everything for you next you will want them to spoon feed you

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Fair share according to one’s income IS fair share. You cannot tell a person who earns $50,000 a year they have to pay taxes equal to someone who earns $100 million. For one reason. That’ 1%er didn’t earn that money without the help of employees, consumers and taxpayers.

        So long as any big business dips their hand into our federal tax dollars, they OWE and have an obligation to pay taxes. So long as they make greater use of our roads and natural resources, they OWE and must pay for what they use.

        That isn’t what the Republicans do. Here in NJ, Govenor Fat Mouth stiffed public workers who earn on average about $60K a year so he could hand a 62 year tax cut to one of his campaign donors. This is the kind of bullshit that has to stop.

        Now, every NJ taxpayer will have to pull up the slack for the next 62 years to make up for the taxes Governor Fat Mouth’s crony won’t have to pay.

        1. My2PenneysWorth says

          Yes I can. A set percentage is fair, what is not fair are the different deductions and loopholes that are in the tax system.
          New Jersey has always been a cess pool and now has a republican gov. what about your state reps. and how many decades have the democrats controlled the state and run it into the ground. Your labor unions worked hand in hand with the democrats to destroy your state and you have the gall to blame a republican who hasn’t been in office longer than 8 years.
          You really are the blind stupid one in this conversation
          If you don’t like capitalism go to Cuba. I believe it is still the one country that is still working on the communist system that hasn’t totally fallen apart yet

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            On this we agree. I was an accounting manager/tech writer in environmental engineering for nearly 25 years before the owner closed the company in 2013. I know all about business loopholes as such.

            I also know that when businesses get their taxes cut to 6% and their employees pay 28% in taxes…that is not FAIR…It means, in essence, for every dollar any employee earns he/she hands it right back to the employer for those subsidies and tax cuts. Who the hell do you think you are fooling?

            Don’t they teach accounting in Republican states or just Corruption 101?

            I don’t like greedy bastards. You do. Maybe you are a greedy Republican who feels you must take more than you pay in to the IRS?

            Sorry..if you don’t like the taxes you are forced to pay, there’s always North Korea…get to it.

          2. My2PenneysWorth says

            North Korea is more your type of place than mine.
            I am not a republican. I see no difference between them and the democrats today. Neither party represents the people. The members only represent their branch of the party and to hell with the people. you are the deluded one. This country has been without true representation starting in 1861 and finalizing in 1917. since then the so called progressives aka communists have been undermining our government and pushing globalism to the detriment of this country.

    3. pysco says

      Are you an American or a Party member…. the SCOTUS needs to be impartial in judging, by your tantrum, you are a party member…. you and others need to change your attitude if true justice will ever occur in this country again…

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        I am an American flag waver and pledge allegiance to my country. You are a Stars and Bars shitkicker who would love nothing more than to force MY state to support yours while you pretend your states rights supercede federal laws.

        Sorry if you suckfaces can’t have it both ways…force us to hand over tax dollars to your befriggo states while you act as if there is NO federal government.

        Now, get your ass busy and get a life and stop earning your only income posting bullshit you can’t prove in any US court of law.

        1. TrickleUpPolitics says

          Wow, you just make yourself look more stupid the more you post. Our government was formed to have a limited federal government with States rights retaining “all other rights and powers not delegated to the federal government”. The rest are left to the people. You might try reading the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and the Federalist Papers wouldn’t hurt either. It is obvious that you know nothing about the founding of our nation. I can prove my positions are correct but you cannot. Good luck with that.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No you make yourself look like a mentally deranged nut. Everything I post I can prove. Your posts are all bullshit YOU cannot prove. So..who is really making themself look stupid?

          2. TrickleUpPolitics says

            Have you ever even read the US Constitution? Wow. The ignorance is strong with this one.

          3. Jan123456 says

            You need to look up why the Articles of Confederation was replaced with the current US Constitution.

            Hint: It was because a stronger central government was needed.

          4. TrickleUpPolitics says

            That does not mean that the Founders intended what we have now: an overbearing federal government that interferes so much in the states that they have to sue to enforce state’s rights.

          5. Jan123456 says

            If you believe the Federal Government is “overbearing”, I know I won’t change your mind. However….

            The US Constitution says, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made
            in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made,
            under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of
            the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any
            Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary
            notwithstanding” (Emphasis added)

            That whole State’s right thing kind of went down the crapper during the Civil War. However, the term is often used now when folks have issues with Supreme Court decisions or Federal law.

          6. TrickleUpPolitics says

            States rights did not go down the crapper. States rights are legitimate even though judges try to legislate them out of existence. Obama’s solution to the Dallas shooting is to federalize the police in all states. How is that not overbearing? How is it constitutional?

          7. Jan123456 says

            Where did you hear Obama wanted “to federalize the police forces in all states”?

            Here’s what I heard.


            That being said, we have so many police organizations…national guard, state patrol, county sheriffs, city police, etc because they create little fiefdoms for those in charge of each. We would be better off financially (less overlap and fewer jurisdictional issues) if we DID have police at the federal level. I spent a good deal of time in Europe and it works well there. At least that’s my belief.

          8. 32eagle says

            here !!! here !!!- I second that rather obvious fact !!!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I have read the U.S. Constitution from the Preamble which I was forced to memorize in grade school…while you CONfederates were still pretending to worship Robert E. Lee. Who by the way as the history books all show demanded that NO Confederate uniform be allowed at his funeral and that the Stars and Bars was to be “furled” and placed in a museum. Not EVER flown like you KKK and White Supremacists do to intimidate others.

          10. SNuss says

            Look in a mirror, and find out!

        2. TrickleUpPolitics says

          I am a retired Air Force veteran who gave 22 years of my life in service to this country. Did you? Also, I am from Virginia so I think you got the shitkicker wrong. Pick another pejorative.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No…women were not allowed in military duty in the 60s. Of course you are a redneck VA hick. So…tell us how is your favorite prick politician with that Venezuelan mistress who bore him an illegitmate child?

            Bet VA sloshes around in that 65% military funding for the military industry which makes VA No. 1 in funding to Military industries. War for profit…proud to send other people’s kids to their deaths or come home maimed so Virginians can get those nice fat tax subsidies. Go fly your Stars and Bars hick.

          2. TrickleUpPolitics says

            I entered the Air Force in 1974 and am a Vietnam-era veteran. I was a Russian linguist stationed in West Berlin during the Cold War. As for the VA, it provides medical care to veterans, not very well, but that is its mission. It has nothing to do with funding of military “industries” whatever they may be. As to military industries, I guess the corporations building airplanes for the Air Force should all be shut down and all those people lose their jobs. That will be great for our national economy right? And would you be satisfied with an Air Force with no airplanes? Which politican are you referring to? The former governor of South Carolina? Why would he be my favorite politican? Sheesh you are ignorant.

          3. 32eagle says

            you seem to be well mannered-I admire your patience-good show !!!

          4. SNuss says

            I seem to remember women in the military for quite a long time, in medical and other support roles. And, more than a few were injured or killed. You were probably too busy toking up to remember what was going on, just like Obama.

          5. My2PenneysWorth says

            Not that is a total Lie women were in the Military during the 60’s and even during WWII

          6. 32eagle says

            absolutely!!! aint a thing wrong with what you are saying -sounds reasonable to me

      2. TrickleUpPolitics says

        They have defined justice as government imposed liberal fascism, so no, they will never change their attitudes.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          You define justice as an AR-15 that takes out 1st graders.

          1. TrickleUpPolitics says

            Hyperbole….and ridiculous.

          2. 32eagle says

            now now-way off target-we are zeroed in on ISIS with a whole lot better weapons and our elementary school angels want us to save them from danger-Congress sure can;t do it

          3. SNuss says

            No, we define justice as equally-enforced laws, following the Constitution. The AR-15s should be in the hands of those who protect our children, to take out the scumbags who would harm them. It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Dis-arming law-abiding citizens only creates more helpless victims.

    4. SNuss says

      Since when is demanding that laws be enforced “as written” considered “nutso”? If anything, the opposite is true. Believing that laws that can be interpreted to suit the whims of the jurists is truly insane.

  12. FloridaBoyee says

    Can you IMAGINE just how FAR our JUDICIAL SYSTEM will fall, IF Hillary Clinton was elected into the Presidential position? She would MAKE SURE everyone who was retiring or dead, was replaced by not a Liberal, BUT, AN ULTRA-LIBERAL!! MANY OF THEM!!

    1. pysco says

      If SCOTUS was about justice, Hillary wouldn’t be running right now…

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        And just why wouldn’t she? Let’s hear all those Hillary Hater boy lies. How is it that a woman who is the world’s MOST investigated has yet to be in prison? You want to explain how for over 4 decades, multitudes of right wing CONmen who have tried to nail her managed to look like rabid dogs with the mange?

        1. pysco says

          Excuse me, while you rant, and rave…. You are in fact a party member, and not an American… If you had bothered to watch the Benghazi hearings, and Comeys interview with the committee, you would clearly see that she purgered herself over 80 times…. And, people like you would elect her.. Hasn’t America experienced enough lies, and deceit from politicians from either side of the aisle, without electing another Liar…

          1. TrickleUpPolitics says

            I presume that is a rhetorical question.

  13. conc11111 says

    No life time appointment,should be voted at least every 4 yrs.

  14. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

    Ruth needs to get on the broom with Crooked evil Lying Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 32eagle says

      I can see it is hairyhill and that the owl has scared off weasel obama-the gaypride fairy princess

  15. Patriot47 says

    Liberal morons (as if there’s any other type of liberal) have forced judicial activism into SCOTUS which turns it into a political battleground and not the body of impartiality envisioned. Activism (politics) has made SCOTUS irrelevant.

  16. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Today Supreme Court should be renamed Totalitarian Law Practice….Tomorrow ??
    …….. Court of Sharia Law Islamization of America ??

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      You know why wingers hate RBG? She is a national treasure they know will NEVER EVER remain silent when she sees the horrific damage Trump could do to her country.

      She has every right to speak her mind and give her opinion. To my knowledge, the U.S. Constitution expects SC judges to provide their opinions in order to arrive at the most pristine legal rulings.

      Try and get any winger to understand the difference between law and their ideology and they go bat shit berserk. It’s why they went after Comey and Loretta Lynch. They just don’t get it that ideology can NEVER play a factor in any law. When that happens, it isn’t law. It’s a demand to adhere to a mentality of ideology.

      1. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Any Politician that holds Office, that does not adhere to our Constitution/Bill of Rights(which should be their handbook of rules) are the enemy of of Fore-Fathers, the enemy of “We The People” period. Makes no difference which side the fence your on, those Rules/Rights should not be violated by anyone,

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          As you well know…the Founding Fathers never intended that every American be allowed to be armed like military soldiers in public US streets. What you have today are middle aged doofuses ready to turn our streets bloody just so they can get their jollies with those assault rifles.

          That’s what RBG is trying to say. If we allow every hot headed nut to own guns and to fill the streets with them, she knows and likely realized that US streets would become major unsafe war zones.

          She knows according to the U.S. Constitution, public safety is OUR RIGHT.

          1. Gunflint Roseberg says

            You must be reading from the Liberal’s Constitutional Handbook. The US Constitution is very straight forward, & doesn’t stutter at all. Any law abiding people can be armed. period. And what is your opinion of the 2nd Amendment, or the right of the people? Never mind it’s immaterial.. Today NO US citizen can own a so-called military assault rifle. Quite reading from Dianne Fiensteers 101 bookof arms for idiots. Instead read why Politicians are afraid of warnings our Fore-Fathers mentioned about tyrants in Office, foreign enemies, & Domestic. So you can sit there unarmed & feel comforted with your BLM,Panthers, Islamic pals, illegal criminals, & kiss their rears for mercy. For me, I will protect my family as a Constitutional Right, & a God Given Right.

          2. SNuss says

            Actually, citizens CAN own full-automatic weapons. It requires an extensive Federal background check, and buying a $200.00 stamp. THEN you can purchase your VERY expensive weapon, but it is legal. BTW, since the law was changed in 1934, there have been a total of TWO murders committed with legally-owned full-auto weapons.

          3. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Do not take the statment out of context. The average law abiding individual cannot own a fully automatic assault rifle..period …WITHOUT proper licensing,
            rigorous screening, & a lot of additional money.up to $700.00(And, And Depending on where you live).A lot of Legal Hoops, & putting ones self on the radar.

          4. SNuss says

            To buy a machine gun under the 1934 NFA, an individual needs to submit the following (the procedure remains unchanged even today):

            Pay a tax of $200, which in 1934 was worth over $3,500
            Fill out a lengthy application to register your gun with the federal government
            Submit photographs
            Submit passport photos
            Get your chief law enforcement official to sign your application
            Wait for the results of your background check to come back

            Which is a more detailed version of what I posted.

          5. My2PenneysWorth says

            Another LIE
            the second amendment was specifically written to make sure all citizens age 17 and up were armed and the arms were in good condition(regulated) if a person did not have a firearm one was purchased for them and they would have to reimburse the cost at a later date

  17. pysco says

    Depending on what side of aisle you come from is the decision you get from these judges…. A lot of these judges try to legislate from the bench…. There job is to interpet the Constitution, not make laws…. When you get remarks like Ginsburg made, you know she would never rule in favor of Trump if he was president… She has slept thru court sessions, and there is rumors she has been drunk in several sessions…. Its time to file articles of impeachment on her… And, any other judge if found to make decisions based on Party affillation…. Bring back the Lady wearing the blindfold, and holding the scales…

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Not true…It was the Republicans who overloaded the SC with neocon judges. Alito and Roberts are both ultra conservatives from my state…the wealthiest part of the state, Princeton NJ. Add Scalia the Capo di Capo and his bosom buddy Thomas and you have more than half of the SC judges ruling with right wing neocon ideology.

      The reason AG Alberto Gonzalez was forced to resign as Bush’s chief of the Justice Dept. was because he believed it was perfectly okay to hire ONLY Republicans as U.S. Attorneys and flood the country with these conservative attorneys. Didn’t get too far did it?

      1. TrickleUpPolitics says

        AG Gonzalez was not forced to resign for wrongdoing but because the Dems were raising so much hell about him that he became an impediment to Bush so he resigned. US attorneys are appointed positions who serve at the pleasure of the President. Therefore when a new president comes in they are entitled to replace them all. Clinton did the same thing…but it’s ok when Dems do it, right? Nets Ignored Clinton Firing 93 U.S. Attorneys, Fret Over Bush’s 8 –3/14/2007,

      2. TrickleUpPolitics says

        Clinton replaced 93 US Attorneys, Bush replaced 8. Who is the transgressor here-according to your logic?

      3. My2PenneysWorth says

        Ginsberg has been ruling on planned parenthood cases and she once worked for them as a lawyer. Conflict of Interest MUCH?

  18. daveveselenak says

    Psst, it is not only the Supreme Court but the whole government! We no longer have a nation ruled by law but rather a “Dick-taker-N-Thief” , NWO puppet and his merry band of homo and lezbo commie minions!

    So, another terrorist attack that could of been prevented and should have been prevented, this time in France but dag nab it they missed it again, again, and again, the beat goes on; you see, these One World Government Godless, Satan worshipping elitists don’t want to stop terrorism and illegal migration because it is their sledgehammer being used to forge their NWO agenda – isn’t it apparent by now? These despots don’t have to worry about any of these terrorist attacks happening to them as they are so well protected and removed from the dumb-(m)asses that they are safe and sound and sleep like babies while all of the rest of the world is fair game for the murdering pawns being used just as well for depopulation besides enslaving the sheeple!

    Mike Adams writes brilliantly about the state of the State – this is what we would be hearing if we had a free press:
    (NaturalNews) Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a must-read article because it describes in raw, naked detail how the FBI / DOJ justice scam really operates in America. Remember, thanks to the absolute corruption of Washington D.C., “justice” really means “just us.” In other words, the politically connected elite write laws and carry out the selective prosecution of laws solely to serve their own self-interest.

    And if you’re not part of the politically connected elite, you’re automatically guilty and will sooner or later be prosecuted under some wildly exaggerated, arcane rendition of a law that’s never applied to people like Hillary Clinton.

    Here’s exactly how the FBI and DOJ carry out their “justice theater” that’s essentially nothing more than gross injustice that exists in violation of the rule of law.

    Step 1: Generate hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations that ensnare anyone who might be targeted for scrutiny
    The first step in achieving selecting prosecution is to pass so many laws that no human being can possibly be innocent of them all.

    Read the book Three Felonies a Day to learn the startling truth that the average American unknowingly commits three felony crimes each day (thanks to all the insane laws on the books).

    The point is that no ordinary person can survive scrutiny without being arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

    Step 2: Practice selective prosecution to target your political enemies while looking the other way for your political friends
    Since everybody is guilty of three felonies a day, the job of the politically-motivated FBI or DOJ simply becomes one of choosing whom to target.

    Since every person in America can be brought up on criminal charges if their actions are sufficiently scrutinized, the goal of criminalizing the government’s enemies is achieved in the simplest manner possible: Focusing surveillance and scrutiny on those individuals the political regime wants to imprison.

    And now that the federal government has all your financial records, email records, search engine queries, web surfing activities and even your careless social media posts, they can easily easily link you to any number of crimes you unknowingly committed by violating the multitude of confusing laws you didn’t even know existed.

    While people like Hillary Clinton get away with treason by claiming they “didn’t mean to do it,” when the FBI comes knocking on your door, they’ll calmly explain to you that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    See, laws are for the little people like you and me… not for the Washington elite.

    Step 3: If your political friends happen to get caught breaking the law, refuse to prosecute them… problem solved!
    Despite the best efforts of the corrupted mainstream media to cover up the criminal behavior of the political establishment, every once in a while some member of the political elite gets caught engaging in a violation of law that’s so heinous, it can’t be swept under the rug.

    What to do in such situations? Just “pull a James Comey” and announce to the world that you refuse to prosecute the person who violated those laws. After all, prosecutorial discretion means that “career prosecutors” who work for DOJ can decide to ignore the criminality of all their friends.

    And who are their friends? Remember that all the prosecutors who work for DOJ are paid by the government. They know where their paychecks come from, and they fully realize that if they ever attempted to prosecute someone with sufficient power in government, their own careers would be destroyed.

    Thus, the primary function of the DOJ becomes one of suppressing the sheeple while protecting the criminal class of Washington political operatives.

    Step 4: Arm up all federal departments with military weapons while calling for the complete disarmament of the population
    Another important step in accelerating the FBI / DOJ war against the American people is to call for the mass disarmament of the citizenry while ramping up the paramilitary wings of every major government agency with a huge influx of military weapons.

    Today, right now, the EPA runs its own paramilitary organization, complete with weapons of war to be trained upon U.S. citizens. From

    The U.S. Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service doesn’t seem like a Wild West sort of federal agency since its biologists mostly check on the human health impact of animal and plant species.

    But it reported buying $4.7 million in high-powered weapons, ammunition and military gear during the last decade, including shotguns, night vision goggles, and propane cannons, according to federal purchasing records reviewed by the nonpartisan government spending watchdog

    It turns out that U.S. federal agencies are spending between $150 million and $200 million per year on military gear and weapons. While this is happening, the very same government criminals who are granted selective immunity against prosecution for treasonous acts are all over the mainstream media calling for the complete disarmament of the population.

    All the guns in America, it turns out, belong solely in the hands of the government… according to government. Funny how that always leads to genocide and tyranny, isn’t it?

    Step 5: To sweep up even more citizens into prosecutions, plot acts of domestic terrorism, then recruit low-IQ citizens who you then “catch” in the act
    Here’s an irrefutable fact about the FBI that very few people realize is true: The agency routinely plans domestic terrorism attacks and draws up the plans and equipment to carry them out. FBI agents then run around the bad parts of town, recruiting hapless (and sometimes even HOMELESS) victims to carry out those acts of terrorism so they can be conveniently “caught in the act.”

    Right before the bomb goes off, the FBI swoops in and declares victory for “stopping domestic terrorism.” Yet, in all these cases, it was the FBI that masterminded the acts of terror in the first place.

    We have extensively documented this fraudulent phenomenon here on Natural News, including in this article review of the book “The Terrorist Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror.” The New York Times has ever covered the FBI’s fake terror plots, believe it or not.

    Also, check out these stories: FBI intercepts its own terrorist plot against US Capitol, Pentagon and FBI halts terror plot dreamed up by the FBI, then claims victory against terrorism.

    Like almost everything else done by the fraudulent federal government in America, the FBI is mostly a theatrical production company engaged in elaborate street theater. We now know that most of the so-called “crimes” that are halted by the FBI actually consist of drugged-out patsies who were recruited by the FBI to carry out FBI-inspired terror attacks. Meanwhile, any actual criminals who commit actual crimes — like Hillary Clinton — are given a free pass even when their crimes violate national security.

    The FBI, much like the DOJ and every other federal agency, has become a joke… a hollow shadow of its former self and the laughing stock of informed citizens everywhere. The public perception now is that the only crimes the FBI seems to be able to stop are those crimes its own agents dreamed up in the first place. Yet the agency can’t seem to nail the worst criminals of all… the ones in power in Washington who commit the most heinous crimes against the entire nation by selling out the White House to foreign interests.

    Why the citizens are nearing REVOLT
    This is how it all works today in the corrupt America we are all desperately trying to save from sinking into despotism. The rule of law has been abandoned everywhere in Washington, and now the agencies of the federal government clearly exist for no other reason than to consolidate power in Washington, no matter what methods of tyranny and totalitarianism must be unleashed against the citizenry.

    Those citizens, it turns out, are nearing a state of mass revolt. The obvious criminality in Washington has gone too far. The cover-ups are too numerous. The weaponization of government against innocent people is modeled after totalitarian regimes that almost always end in genocide. Today in America, there are journalists who sit in prison for no reason other than the fact that the government did not like what they reported. There are ranchers in prison who were convicted of the same “crime” the BLM carries out routinely (accidentally burning too much acreage in a controlled burn of rural ranch land). There are whistleblowers in prison who tried to warn the public, but the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the other presidential administrations combined… across the entire history of America.

    The last straw is now the government’s brazen attempt to completely disarm the citizenry — an effort aided by the truly retarded verbal grunts of Hollywood morons like Matt Damon (who now insists that only government officials should have guns, not citizens). This effort will be accelerated in the near future with larger and more numerous false flag shootings, staged by the same theatrical production agencies that already stage fake terror plots to claim victory for “stopping terrorism.” Do you think you know the real story of the Sandy Hook massacre? Watch this video to learn about the ACTORS who played key roles as both parents and FBI swat team members (yes, the same guy plays both roles in all the media coverage).

    Elaborate theater to weave a prison for your mind
    It’s all theater, friends. The media, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Reserve and even the rule of law. It’s all elaborate theater carried out as a prison for your mind, to keep you occupied, confused and manipulated so that you never figure out the greater truth that threatens the entire corrupt establishment.

    What greater truth is that? The simple fact that all government power is granted by the People and can be instantly taken away by the People with nothing more than a consensus decision. Government and the rule of law exist as nothing more than consensus mental constructs — structural delusions of the mind that are widely shared and thus believed to be real. But government can collapse in an instant when the fraudulent promises of government suddenly collapse in the minds of the populace. Hence the need for drastic, elaborate financial theater to create the illusion of a booming economy even as we teeter on the verge of global, systemic economic collapse.

    (By the way, “faith” in fiat currency is also a mental construct that can be shattered in an instant. The only reason another person accepts your green paper dollars as money is because you both share a false believe in the agreed-upon underlying value of the digits printed in cheap ink on near-worthless fiber. If that illusion of value is shattered in both your minds, dollars immediately collapse into worthlessness because they have no tangible value. All fiat money systems are run entirely on FAITH… and faith is fleeting when it comes to money.)

    The illusion of government power depends on the continued indoctrination and intimidation of the enslaved masses
    Those who run government fully realize that they are a tiny minority who rule only by fiat. Their rule depends entirely on the masses believing in the delusions played in for their minds by the ruling elite. If that delusion were to ever be shattered and the people realized how they were being fraudulently manipulated and exploited, the political elite wouldn’t survive even 24 hours (and there would be a dire shortage of rope in the D.C. area in particular).

    That’s the bigger, deeper picture of what’s really happening around you right now. You are living in a nation that’s run by a corrupt, criminal elite who carry out campaigns of elaborate delusion to enslave and manipulate the clueless masses who keep robotically voting for their very own slave masters. Any person who attempts to free the slaves is deemed an enemy of the state and is subjected to selective prosecutorial scrutiny to have them imprisoned (as described above).

    In fact, the only reason I am still allowed to function as a relatively free citizen in this nation is because my articles simply aren’t popular enough to warrant the effort of oppression. I’m relatively safe, in other words, because my reach is so tiny compared to the mainstream media. Interestingly, that also means that you who are reading this are among the top 1% of the most informed individuals in the world. You are reading and learning about these eye opening, fundamental truths that 99% of the population will never encounter (partly because the 99% don’t have the mental fortitude to even face reality in the first place, since believing in popular fairy tales requires no real effort… and besides, there are Oreo cookies that need licking, right?).

    As long as the system can continue to censor my message and keep it restricted to less than 1% of the population — via Google and Facebook censorship, mostly — then I will be “allowed” to continue my work because it doesn’t legitimately threaten the establishment in any serious way. But if my message ever somehow explodes in popularity and breaks through 10% of the population, then I would be in serious danger and would be silenced in one way or another. Remember, selective prosecution can target ANYONE and indict them for unknowingly committing three felonies a day.

    Have no fear, however: My message of truth is not of much interest to 99% of the population. They are far too happy in their Golden Corral, GMO-infested junk food eat-a-thon fairy tale illusions to ever bother investigating reality. There is virtually zero risk to the establishment that my words will ever be embraced by more than a tiny fraction of the population. Deep truth, it seems, has never really been that popular in delusional societies.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming…

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Posted like a true mentally deranged nut. Your opinion is so noted as a potentially dangerous lone wolf mentality.

      1. TrickleUpPolitics says


        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Yes…it is a projection and one the CIA, NSA and FBI use to identify domestic terrorists. I know that because two members of my family work for the FBI and the other is in law enforcement.

      2. daveveselenak says

        Lone wolf this you mimicking Leftist useful idiot! I know you can’t deal with the facts, none of you losers can, they just make their inane infantile remarks at the message and messenger! I suggest that you are better off at your “Bluffington Boast” with the rest of your Kool- Aid drinking sychophants! I know that you didn’t read the article because if you had, and had an indepent thinking brain then you would have seen the light but you useful moronic sheeple on the Left prefer the darkness because most of too are Godless Satan worshipping ( abortion and homosexuality ) ghouls! The shit is about to hit the fan and don’t think that for one minute you and your ilk are going to be excluded – fool! The intended racial war is being amped up tonight as the communist scum, perhaps your one of them, march on some 30 some cities today and bloodshed will ensue. I suggest that you partake in one of them!

  19. papa doug says

    I am 70 years old and for at least 50 of those years I have been aware that the SCOTUS is ruled by Ideology and not the Constitution. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The ideal of course would be for Supreme Court Justices to have no political ideology at all but that would be unlikely. What we could hope for however is for them to at least have the appearance of impartiality and stay out of politics.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg however couldn’t seem to keep her opinions in the ballot box and decided to voice her unneeded opinion in public. A sign her mind is going? Who knows but for sure she needs to resign or be impeached!

  20. downs1 says

    The Supreme Court is a sham! It has become a platform for liberal, homosexual and atheist causes! May the God they deny judge them severely!

  21. fred says

    The scotus has gone to hell in a handbasket, even criminals understand how to read a document like The Constitution. The latest appointees of the criminal born in kenya have started the fast decent into third world status in many ways!This will have to change for us to survive as a “free” society.

    1. Jan123456 says

      And credibility you may have had disappeared with your “born in Kenya” statement.

      1. fred says

        Just so you know, Jan, the Kenyan Government has a birth certificate on him and has made a National Historical Monument at the house of his birth, it is know by the CIA and Mi-6, it’s a real thing, that fake document they killed that woman in Hawaii who created it over, was NOT a real thing, I could go to Hawaii right now and get a certificate of live birth for myself and I was born in a NE US State a few years ago! Do your own research then criticize others in the future!

        1. Jan123456 says

          No, the Kenyan Government does NOT have a birth certificate on him. The one floating around the internet has the same certificate number, book number and other similarities to one posted by a man made David Bomford. He has confirmed that his was used as a template for creating the fake one.

          Loretta Fuddy (the woman who died in a plane crash) did not create his Hawaiian COLB, she authorized an exception to Hawaii’s policy of only issuing computer generated abstracts for people requesting birth certificates and allowed certified copies of Obama’s original COLB to be given to his attorney.

          You could not go to Hawaii’s Dept of Health and get a birth certificate for yourself. However, you could go anyplace you wanted and get a fake one made….just not one certified by the issuing authority.

  22. HarryTC says

    Recent decades have seen a remarkable change in our Country as far as Constitutional law goes. Judges are seated that have little knowledge of out Republics Constitution. As an example, “anchor babies “! There is no such thing as an anchor scenario. Automatic citizenship does NOT apply to tye babies born to non citizens, and a few other people visiting/entering our Borders. It’s alarming that so many educated people do not know this, and it was taught in school, remember “Constitution 101”? People are out in the streets thinking that they can protest/riot and cause political change, and that’s anarchy not politics.

  23. Albert L Biele says

    The present Supreme Court has unbalanced the balance of power by making new laws that are totally contrary to our constitution. This is a liberal trend, with Obama in the forefront, ignoring federal law on immigration, sanctuary cities, protecting our borders, causing race dissension and not putting first, the safety of American citizens as a priority regarding the unapproved passage of Syrian refugees into the US, knowing that the ISIS’s has pledged to infiltrate the ranks of these refugee’s. And now we have a lawless Hillary who is committed to continuing Obama’s pledge to change America, in such a way that it is no longer recognizable; and as Obama loudly stated, “We are no longer a Christian Nation” Well, as a vet., and a patriot, I take exception to those words, and his plan to eradicate the America that was consummated by the patriots of old, on Christian/Jewish principles, within the same constitution that the present Supreme Court is ignoring. We must vote the progressives out of office to save America, and the principles she was founded on.

    1. mrpoohead says

      New laws are called “amendments” – the President does not have the power to make laws.

      Do you actually know anything?

      1. SNuss says

        No, laws are laws. Amendments are modifications of the Constitution. There IS a difference.

        1. mrpoohead says

          …and an adjustment to a former law is a “banana”? An “amendment” is an adjustment Constitution/law/whatever. An “Amendment” is just to the Constitution – potatoes, potaaaatos.

  24. James Autrey says

    A few of the USSC rulings recently have been correct, unfortunately though the majority of the time they are completely wrong and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  25. B. Zerker says

    Time to impeach them all (except maybe for Alito and Thomas) and have them removed from the bench. Then charge them with violations of Title 18, USC, Sec. 242, and Article 1. Just as with us, they are NOT above the law and it’s not within their limited powers to make law. Their duty lies only in nullifying law(s) that conflict with the with the guaranteed rights that we all possess and that are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. To do otherwise, is a violation of their constitutional mandate.

    1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      And WHO would be the person to bring up the charge of impeachment? Do you know anyone with guts enough to do it? None of our current linguini spined members of congress and paper tiger fighters have the courgage.

      1. B. Zerker says

        And there my friend is the PROBLEM that our republic faces. Those that we elect haven’t the “balls” to fight for our constitutional guarantees. They only give lip-service to it to get elected. I have to think that the Founders would be very disappointed with us because they pledged their lives and fortunes to the cause of freedom and it seem that very few of us, if any, would do the same.

        However, any of us could bring charges of a violation of Title 18 for any elected or appointed official. The problem there is that the government can and would likely delay implementing charges, out spend us at every turn (using the money we give them)and harass us to our grave (which they just might expedite). Then it would all go away and nothing would ever get fixed.

  26. James Maxwell says

    At no time in her tenure on the bench has Ruth Ginsberg been a Constutionalist Judge, she has always
    been a “Social” justice even violating her oath of office when she votes to stay with the “socialist”
    issues. How she was ever selected and given the position remains a question for debate. If you
    sit on the Bench of the Supreme Court you should must be able to put aside your personal views on
    that which is before you for debate and make a ruling based upon the LAW as it is written without
    trying to interpret it to what you want it to be so it fits your personal beliefs. If you are unable to
    do this then do not take the positon. OUR supreme court is supposed to be blind to personal
    feelings and views and based upon the law as it is written not personal “feelings or whims”.

    1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      That is the difference in theory and fact. More often facts are the forces that rule.

  27. ONLYJB1 says

    What made one come to this conclusion? Most of us have known this for years!

  28. dominke says

    Today we have anti-Americans court. We the people have elected crooks and others that appoint these justices. Supreme Court is making law instead of Congress. It is time people abolished both groups of terrorist. Then we can rebuild the country to greatness again.

  29. Dennis McLain says

    I don’t think the supreme court justices should be chosen by the president at all. That sets up a partisan system for his party. Just look what it has done since Obama has been in office. The people should be given choices on justices all over the country, but especially in the Supreme Court. Anyone of the justices found to go against what the Constitution says should be told to step down for a bad interpretation for a bad cause.

  30. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Did you know that the Supreme Court Chambers were originally in the basement of the Capital that there had been no intent to make them a third with the other two branches. Yes, we were taught that lie and they were never supposed to have as much power to day as it does. Get the Book by “Original Intent” by David Barton.

    1. SNuss says

      Marbury v. Madison changed that.

      1. Dexter L. Wilson says

        Let’s not forget that the Supreme Court under a group of democrats continued to support slavory. My point, Marbury should then have been reviewed by the legislature perhaps a joint committee of Senate and Congress. The Legislature has finally authority over the area of DC. Read carefully who has control over DC. It is in the Constitution. If you don’t have a copy get one. NOTE:Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Jarvis, 09-28-1820 the following, “You
        seem…to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all
        constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one
        which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges
        are as honest as other men, AND NOT MORE SO (my emphasis)…and their
        power [is] the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not
        responsible,as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.
        WOULD BECOME DESPOTS.” Guess what has happened!!

  31. David says

    That is going to change or a civil war is coming…….

  32. Ed says

    This is EXACTLY why Hillary must be defeated at all costs. If elected she would appoint at least 0ne and possible up to 3 new Justices, all of an Liberal bent. Then you can kiss what is left (no pun intended) of our Constitution good-bye. Any doubts? Look at any of the past USSC rulings and see where the Lefties stood. If it wasn’t for the Court Conservatives our landscape would be drastically altered. Elect Clinton and you can, for sure, kiss the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments, as we now know them, farewell. Her Liberal court would help move along the Liberal agenda at a rapid pace. and more rights would be lost in the Left’s drive to have total control over everybody and everything. This, above all of Hillary’s other crimes, is the most compelling reason to keep her out of the White House. She would do damage to America for decades to come. We can take 4 years of Trump, as anything he might do would be repairable, but not with Hillary and the Supreme Court.

  33. Jerry_Morgan says

    The actions of Ginsburg make a strong argument in favor of Term Limits for Supreme Court Judges

  34. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    Regarding the constitution, some of them are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” And they should have term limits. It makes no sense for us to saddle ourselves people like Ginsburg for life. That is supposed to happen only in marriages.

  35. Carol says

    Time for the justices to tell why they voted the way they did according to the Constitution by quoting the part of the Constitution that backs their vote……nothing less. Also law must be changed from life term or retirement to term limit……..Ginsburg is too old and NOT voting according to OUR CONSTITUTION…….she had no right to speak out about a candidate for the presidency.

  36. LiberalismaDisease!!! says
    1. 32eagle says

      so lifelike-she looks so much younger in that portrait that owl would sure be a threat to weasel obama

      1. 32eagle says

        sorry-I thought it was ginsberg but she has a nasty streak bad mouthing Trump way before voters flock to him in masses

  37. sensrbtch says

    THE OLE JEWESS NEDS TOO RETIRE! SHE HAD HER LICENSE TAKIN AWAY, AND CANNOT TRAVEL WITH OUT an excort!.ole womans r just as stupit as ole mens! yeah! vote trump! and the grunsberger leaves!

  38. Brooklyn1333 says

    NOfooling. Why do you witness the struggle to appoint Judges to the SC with conservatives and liberals at each others throasts. The Supresme Court reflects not law but political directions.

  39. midwaygrad says

    The courts have overstepped their bounds a lot lately. We would hope that, at least at the highest court in the land, judges, appointed for life and supposedly free of politics, would rule according to the constitution, not as to whether the law is good or bad. That is their job. Many of the 4/4 tie decisions were obviously either constitutional or not, yet the outcome wasn’t 8-0 or 7-1, but a tie with each side associated with an ideology. The SCOTUS is broken. It will take a win by Mr. Trump to, hopefully, right that ship.

  40. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Pretty damned state of affairs isn’t it? Liberalism is a mental disorder and the liberals on the SCOTUS personify it!

  41. Robert Cruder says

    So ideology lets Texas women make their own choices but a coup to elect duh-bya does not… Thinking that Bush would reduce abortions the court caused more deaths in Iraq than they ever saved.

    Catholic members vote as ordered by the archbishop and are more extreme than the new pope himself. Ask how evangelicals were anti-papist before Reagan but willing to kill or die for the papal encyclical “Humana Vitae” afterwards.

    The First Amendment specifically prohibits making the rules of one religion into law. The Fourteenth Amendment says to treat people the same whether they obey your religious rules or their own.

    At over 20%, those with no religious affiliation, the “Nones” now exceed many individual sects. About one third of catholics and almost half of reformed jews are atheists who are there for social reasons. The percentage in Japan has passed 90% with UK and Scandinavia not far behind.

    When we are the majority we won’t ban religion at all but will continue to snicker at it.

  42. 32eagle says

    I think that it is true that the supreme court is in contempt of our constitution and our freedoms-few of these judges have proper christian morals-we have stricter requirements for being a NASA astronaut-how about having moral requirements for being in the supreme court?

  43. JC says

    The supreme court has ignored the constitution and that is the rule of law by the people and for the people. Failure to complied with the peoples law the supreme court will be over stepping its bounds on Ideology. Not the real law. The supreme court is treading dangerous grounds. Don’t mess with the peoples law.

  44. MichaelZZ says


    Most assume the minds on the U.S. Supreme Court are some of the most knowledgeable scholars of jurisprudence.

    If that assumption were correct, why are their decisions anything but unanimous?

    How can these legal scholars reach different conclusions, based upon the same set of facts?

    Assuming the blindfold on Lady Justice reflects the suppression of bias and prejudice for the purpose of achieving objectivity, how and why are too many decisions “multi-dimensional”?

    We’ve experienced the phrases, conservative Court and liberal Court.



  45. capa760 says

    The Supreme Court Justices took the Oath of Office, which affirms the importance of The US CONSTITUTION, Not the treason of making your own additions or to OMIT parts you do not agree with.
    If it is too much against your personal beliefs, a resignation would solve the conflict of Constitutionalists..

  46. RichFromShowMe says

    Term limit the Justices . . . don’t keep them on the Bench until they have to be propped up to stay awake!

  47. Dave says

    Go TRUMP 2016.

  48. teejcee44 says

    It is time to CLEAN UP the SCOTUS. I think the only thing that needs to be done is to FIRE them all. We don’t need another bunch of people exactly like the Democrat party, and the Republican party swinging the tail of the constitution where ever the wind can blow. We need CONSTITUTIONALISTS. These are people who know HOW to interpret the Constitution, and know what it is saying. By the way, there is NOTHING difficult about that. It isn’t like the wording is like something the Democrats wrote when they DESTROYED our Health Care System with THOUSAND of PAGES of meaningless, and FALSE narratives that don’t belong in a health care system. Really, it is TIME TO THROW THEM ALL OUT.

  49. disqus_R2THCjWgK6 says

    Liberals are bizarre creatures, and a lot of conservitaves as well. Not even the law or the facts of recorded history are safe from their logic twisting torture. If the law or facts don’t support their beliefs they simply ignor them, change them or fill in the blanks as they see fit. Not even the meaning of a word, as defined by the English language and recorded in a dictionary, is safe from their march to the destruction of our rule of law. We are in real trouble in this country when ideaology and the lust for power become more important to a divided American people than the preservation of the foundation of the very freedom that is abused daily by these mindless political zombies. Just keep widening the divide and continue to ignore the common thread of freedom we used to hold dear and watch this nation fall.

  50. Francisco Machado says

    Ginsburg has gratuitously presented us with her preëmtive recusal from any case involving the election of Trump. Thank you, Justice Ginsburg!

  51. Ed says

    The president and politicians, both parties, are responsible for the
    extremely biased Supreme Court. A Justice should be apolitical, not
    favor either party, with only the Constitution, as it applies to the
    case at hand, being the sole, overriding authority. Democrat presidents
    have packed the court with Liberals like Sotomayor, Kagan and Ginsberg
    and the Republicans with Thomas, the late Alito, Roberts, a RINO who votes with
    the weather, Kennedy who is in the middle, could go either way, and
    Breyer who swings from middle to Left.This is so utterly and completely
    wrong. No Justice should be seated because of political party
    affiliation The requirement that they be fair and impartial goes out the
    window and political agendas are supported by judicial decision. We can
    thank our presidents and Congress for allowing this travesty of true
    fairness and impartiality. Soon we will be at a very important
    crossroads, the November election. Elect Hillary and she will do
    irrepairable harm to our government and country by nominating at least
    one and up to three justices, all most certainly of a Liberal bent. With
    the Court so slanted the attacks on our Constitution and in particular
    the 1st, 2nd 4th and 5th Amendments, which hinder the Liberal agenda,
    will be modified or rendered completely useless as rights. Legislation
    from the bench, started under the Obama administration will continue,
    political correctness will replace freedom of speech and Obamacare will
    be entrenched forever. Our country can withstand a Trump term of office
    and any harm done can be repaired. Not so with Hillary Clinton. Her
    damage will last for decades.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Poor poor Ed. Our government is made up of human beings and all human beings are biased in one way or the other. To believe that anyone is unbiased or even could be is evidence that the person holding this belief is fodder for the funny farm.

      1. Ed says

        Of course everyone has bias to some degree even Supreme Court Justices. However, These should be put aside when serving as a Justice and strictly adhere to the Constitution as it applies to law, not create new law or render judgement in favor of one party over another. There ARE judges that are Constitutionalists and view law as it applies to our founding document only. Finding them is another story as politicians try to stack the political deck with like-minded people to carry out their agenda through legal interpretation or, in the Obamacare legislation, instead of giving a strict ruling as it applies to the Constitution Chief Justice Roberts went off the books and created a new tax, something that was NOT in the Obamacare legislation, and really quite illegal as all taxes are supposed to originate in the House, not the Supreme Court, and saved Obamacare for the Democrats and Obama, much to the chagrin of the majority of Americans who hate it. Roberts did NOT do his job to uphold the oath of office he swore and should be impeached, as well as most of the rest of the Court for political bias. But it will never happen as long as Democrats have any say-so. They are about as corrupt a political bunch as they come and they way a criminal to be president??? Talk about empty-headed voting, Democrats personify it.

        1. ringostarr1 says

          I don’t say that what you posted is not the Beau Ideal of what impartiality is all about I am only saying that you will only find the kind of people you want to appoint to the Supreme Court in a long term care facility for the mentally infirm.

          It is immaterial if you are a Vet, a BLM Activest, a Police Officer, a Teacher, and even a Welfare King or Queen, the only thing that is important is that we only vote for and ELECT Americans who will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all RENT SEEKERS BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

          1. Ed says

            …And THAT we agree on. Nice to have an exchange with you.

  52. Morton212 says

    I wouldn’t go there – after all Scalia was an avowed far right leaning conservative who addressed political meetings.

  53. Diana Sloan says


  54. tony says


  55. tony says


  56. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Obama’s Documented Constitutional Violations..
    ◾Used Executive Action in direct opposition to the law, and unilaterally changes the law for at least five million illegal aliens; Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress; “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8
    ◾In direct violation of ACA Law ( Section 36B ) ordered subsidies be paid under Federal Exchange. Article. I. Section. 1; Article II, Section 3.
    ◾Complicit in receiving official emails from Secretary of State exclusively via personal email address – a violation of Federal Law. Article II Section 3
    ◾Ignored law by taking Iran Deal to UN prior to 60-day review period mandated by Iran Nuclear Agreement Review, and failed to turn over side agreements as outlined. – “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    ◾Ignored Congressional Treaty Powers. Article II Section 1, Article II Section 2
    ◾Operation Choke Point program – Direct infringement on 2nd Amendment.
    ◾Violated statute on “Material Support of Terrorism” by returning top terrorists back to terrorist organizations. Article II Section 3; Dereliction of Duty Article II Section 4
    ◾Violated Appropriations Act (DOD Section 8111) – GAO report; Article II Section 3
    ◾Ignored law that requires Congress be notified prior to any detainees being moved from Guantanamo. “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    ◾Using EPA to “legislate” over States, Congress, and Federal Court; Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8; Direct violation of Presidential Oath.
    ◾Appointed 24+ Federal agency czars without advice and consent of the Senate; Violation of Article II Section 2
    ◾Used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
    ◾23 Executive Orders on gun control – infringement of the 2nd Amendment
    ◾Exposed identity and methods of operation of a Navy SEALs team – Illegal for a President to reveal classified military secrets. Article II Section 3
    ◾2 Executive actions mandating private health information on patients be turned over to NICS – Violation of HIPPA law.
    ◾Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration – Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress; Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8
    ◾ Unilaterally issued new exemptions to immigration restrictions law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to t
    errorists. – Article 1 Section 1; Article I Section 8 Congress shall have the establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.

    ◾Issued directive instructing ICE to NOT enforce immigration laws in certain cases. Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress; “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8
    ◾Release of convicted illegal aliens ordered in direct opposition to law-Article II Section 3
    ◾Expanded executive action for amnesty to illegal immigrant relatives of DREAM Act beneficiaries. Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress; “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8
    ◾Executive action directing DHS that almost all immigration offenses were unenforceable absent a separate criminal conviction. Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress; “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3; Article I Section 8
    ◾Ignoring Law (2006 Secure Fence Act) “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    ◾Used DOJ to ignore section 8 of the Voting Rights Act. ” he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    ◾Used DOJ to prevent Arizona and Alabama from enforcing immigration laws. – 10th Amendment
    ◾Information memorandum telling states that they can waive the work requirement for welfare recipients, thereby altering the 1996 welfare reform law. – Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress.
    ◾Used NLRB to dictate to a business where they can do business. (Boeing Dreamliner Plant). No Constitutional authority to do so.
    ◾NDAA – Section 1021. Due process Rights negated. Violation of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments.
    ◾Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything
    ◾Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
    ◾Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cybersecurity – Bypassing Congress Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress
    ◾Attempt to tax political contributions – 1st Amendment
    ◾DOMA Law – Obama directed DOJ to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law. ” he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    ◾Dodd-Frank – Due process and separation of powers. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau writing and interpreting law. Article. I. Section. 1
    ◾Drone strikes on American Citizens – 5th Amendment Due process Rights negated
    ◾Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap-n-Trade
    ◾Attempt for Graphic tobacco warnings (under appeal) – 1st Amendment
    ◾Four Exec. appointments – Senate was NOT in recess (Court has ruled unconstitutional yet the appointees still remain)
    ◾Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council – Violation of Section 9.
    ◾ACA (Obamacare) mandate – SCOTUS rewrote legislation and made it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority for Congress to force Americans to engage in commerce. SCOTUS has no authority to Legislate or lay taxes. Article I Section 1 & 8.
    ◾Contraceptive, abortifacients mandate violation of First Ammendment
    ◾Healthcare waivers – No president has dispensing powers
    ◾Refuses to acknowledge state’s 10th Amendment rights to nullify Obamacare
    ◾Going after states (AZ lawsuit) for upholding Federal law (immigration) -10th Amendment.
    ◾Chrysler Bailout -TARP – violated creditors rights and bankruptcy law, as well as Takings and Due Process Clauses – 5th Amendment (G.W. Bush also illegally used TARP funds for bailouts)
    ◾The Independent Payment Advisory Board (appointees by the president). Any decisions by IPAB will instantly become law starting in 2014 – Separation of Powers, Article 1 Section 1.
    ◾Congress did not approve Obama’s war in Libya. Article I, Section 8, First illegal war U.S. has engaged in. Impeachable under Article II, Section 4; War Powers Act – Article II Section 3.
    ◾Obama falsely claims UN can usurp Congressional war powers.
    ◾Obama has acted outside the constitutional power given him – this in itself is unconstitutional.
    ◾Bribery of Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Mary Landrey. (Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase) Article II, Section 4.
    ◾With the approval of Obama, the NSA and the FBI are tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain access to emails, video/audio, photos, documents, etc. This program is code named PRISM. NSA also collecting data on all phone calls in U.S. – Violation of 4th Amendment.
    ◾Directed signing of U.N. Firearms treaty – 2nd Amendment.
    ◾The Senate/Obama immigration bill (approved by both) raises revenue – Section 7. All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives
    ◾Obama altered law – (A president has no authority to alter law) Delayed upholding the Employer Mandate Law (ACA) until 2015 – Individual Mandate will be enforced. A President does not have that authority – Article. I. Section. 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States; The president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed” -Article II, Section 3; Equal Protection Clause -14th Amendment.
    ◾Obama altered law – ACA Medicare cuts delayed until 2015. Article. I. Section. 1; Article II, Section 3.
    ◾Obama altered law – Enforcement of eligibility requirements for ACA delayed until 2015. Article. I. Section. 1; Article II, Section 3.
    ◾Obama wavered ACA Income Verification Article. I. Section. 1; Article II, Section 3.
    ◾Obama altered law – Delayed ACA caps on out of pocket expenses until 2015. (when implemented premiums will skyrocket) Article. I. Section. 1; Article II, Section 3.
    ◾Obama ignored judicial order to fulfill legal obligation regarding Yucca Mountain waste. Article II, Section 3
    ◾Waived Federal provision that prevents U.S. From arming terrorist groups – Article I. Section 1; Impeachable under Article III, Section 3.

  57. Sapperboy says

    Like everything else the SCOTUS has been broken for a long time, and REALLY broken since Obama showed up.

  58. Susan Short says

    Are you suggesting that some of these “Supreme” Court justices make up their own laws, rather than observe the constitution?! Whatever would give you an idea like that?! The fact is that three of the dumbest women alive are on that court, and they don’t care a bit what the constitution says! They will vote whichever way that King Odumbo wants them to, no matter how ridiculous their decision may be!

  59. Lorraine E says

    All judges should be voted for and have only one short term. Never ever should politicians be allowed to appoint judges. Politicians has almost devolved into a dirty word. The entire governmental system is rigged and corrupt. The only way to fix the entire system is to have the people vote for the president and have their votes be the only factor considered when deciding who will be our commander in chief. If our representatives only had one four year term in office, they might get something done for the people and not be spending all of their time begging for money. All judges should have one four year term and adhere strictly to our Constitution.

  60. capa760 says

    The Supreme Court appointees took the OATH OF OFFICE and it IS the US CONSTITUTION, AS WELL AS THE US PRESIDENT, who should have been in REDRESS by the COURT FOR ignoring the OATH OF OFFICES, the defined schedule of a patriotic American born President, the BUDGETS, Economic do’s and don’t and THE JUSTICES DO NOT ADOPT FOREIGN LAWS INTO THE U.S.A. There is a Public Law 414, Chapter 2, Pages 212-ANYONE (Muslims are prohibited from entry into the USA, who belong to an organization who is plotting to OVERTHROW THE US GOVERNMENT. The KORAN, SHARIA LAW, and the HABIB. Full sub-mission to them, will not be permitted into the USA. There should be a signed declaration and full background check. Obama should NOT have been permitted the foreign student Visa.

  61. michael schimanski says

    The main problem is the Constitution , or the lack of it . We , now in America have not only politicians who do not follow their sworn duty to defend the Constitution but supreme court justice’s who seem to want to add their own agenda to the law instead of honoring there sworn duty and the Constitution . They want to make-up the laws as they go along with no recourse . This is not justice this is lawlessness . Yes , I feel that these and all judge’s should be voted in and out by We The People and not appointed by political agenda . The 1st and only job of the court is to protect and defend the Constitution and the law and in that , We The People should have a say , and if they can not do that one and only job that they are hired for then We The People should be able to fire them and hire someone who IS willing to do the job . First we have to get a president like Donald Trump who wants to bring back Constitutional law and a congress who will work with him , and NOT hillary who thinks she is above the law .

  62. Robert Early says

    We are indeed. Nation of laws on the foundation of the Constitution. RIght now, our in jeapardy; and put there by corrupt, liberal judges.
    Therefore, i remind everyone: If revolution should become necessary, judges can hang just like anyone else. I don’t own a lot of weapons; but I do have access to a lot of rope.

  63. disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk says

    I guess a woman’s right to an abortion trumps a woman’s right to life. If this special type of surgical clinic is not to be held to the prevailing regulations regarding medical care, that whole idea about abortion being a woman’s health issue kind of goes out the window. Just sayin’.

  64. yatesracing says

    Than it’s time to get A NEW SET OF JUDGES.

  65. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Ginsberg is a criminal, failed to recuse herself on an issue she felt strongly in favor of Same Sex Marriage along with Kagan. She broke federal law.

  66. ramrodd says

    If you are one that believes the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what is lawful and constitutional, then you have believed a lie and a myth that Jefferson warned about. The States still retain their rights to this day to defy the federal judiciary, which has become an oligarcy. We just need strong statesmen as governors and legislatures to make that stand!

    In writing to William Jarvis, Jefferson said, “You seem . . . to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

    The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary; an irresponsible body (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow) working like gravity by night and by day,
    gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped.”

  67. Jack Magurn says

    The only difference between politicians and judges is that judges don’t have to lie every few years about what their ideology is!

  68. AmericanIcon says

    SCOTUS ruled by political ideology? What a stunning revelation…about a panel of political appointees put in place PRECISELY BECAUSE of their political ideology! Unless and until we find and appoint nine more Scalias (not perfect, but he at least read and understood the Constitution and the intent of its Framers) who can rule only on whether a ‘law’ is in harmony with or an affront to the Constitution in letter AND spirit, we’ll continue to get political hacks legislating their biases from the bench.

  69. Angl0sax0nknight . says

    The last ruling on Obama’s blatant attempt to violate the Constitution. Congress has sole authority on naturalization and immigration. The Ruling should have been 9-0 against Obama’s Unconstitutional act. But because the liberal judges have stop reading the Constitution, opened to foreign laws and basisly listen to their “hearts”. But doing so is a violation of the Oath they took. And should be a guarantee Impeachment!

    One day when historians look at what went wrong with our Constitutional Republic. The historians will argue over the fact that the Constitution was just not followed. And with all the check and balances the political will was so poor that no one would remove those that constituted a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE!!

  70. JB Wright says

    So long as abortion remains legal, I believe that the right to abort traitorous public servents should also be a ‘right’ of the people. Seems reasonable in a time where America is too stupid to know where life begins. Besides, I just don’t feel “We The People” should have to be bothered with being responsible for them anymore. As long as we’re fumbling around in a unwilling understanding of what life means, here’s a chance to define it further. For those thinking that aborting traitorous public officials is wrong, defining them as something more of a virus infesting our country might ease your conscience.

  71. dustoff 63 says

    One of the things that seem to cause a great deal of disturbance in the world today is right here in this country and the invasion (thanks to Muslim obama) is the vast increase in the population of the Muslim Religion. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonya Sotomayor are the two justices on the Supreme Court that are voicing their belief that the Unites States Constitution is an outdated Rag and needs to be replaced. This of course is in direct violation of the Oath Of Office taken by these two know it all individuals. They are in favor of establishing Courts throughout this country to administer the Quran and its interpretation of Justice. If you get caught stealing, the Quran says “cut of their hands”. I can just see the parents of a child caught at Walmart for stealing a watch, holding the arms of their children so that the “ax man” can make a clean cut. If I recall properly, we have aliens from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Germany, Africa, Canada, Spain, Great Britannia and the list goes on and on and on. Each of these Nationalities would immediately prepare their demand to bring their copies of their religion and law such as the Quran so that they too could set up like courts. Did you know that the Quran allows a Muslim man to have 9 wives. In this country we call this Polygamy but the Quran says he can and if he is dissatisfied with a wife, he can kill her. Wow. should we introduce those words to the Constitution. We have survived for 240 years with this “Tired Old Rag” the Constitution of the United States of America and it has been doing quite well except for the influence that ( I cant refer to them as justices) I would prefer to refer to them as outgoing justices Ginsburg and Sotomayer having been impeached for failing to uphold the Oath of Office each of them swore to. But, to be honest with you, they get $240500.00 a year to Sit on the Bench in a life time job and think they are untouchable and can do what ever they damn well please.
    . Begins to sound like the same school the president came from and come up with this type of insanity. I for one like the subject” WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF RUTH BADER GINSBURG AND SONYA SOTOMAYOR” for failing to uphold the U.S. Constitution as required by their Oath of Office” If you get hollow feeling in your stomach about the word “impeach” look it up in the dictionary and realize that it is a word given to you and me just as much of a guarantee as the second amendment of the U. S. Constitution. Ginsburg can say what she wants about Trump and I will support her right to do so. Trump is not going to be hurt by Ginsburg but, left to run free on the United States Constitution, she and her like can hurt that God Inspired Document and the Nation of America. Its time we start enforcing our right to get this type of people out of Government.

    1. Kol says

      You’re another ignorant anti-Muslim bigot & HATE-monger?

      1. dustoff 63 says

        You don’t even know me and you make a statement such as this. Hate would cause you to do you. What have I done to you to cause you to hate me? I don’t know you, but I do know the Muslim Religion. What I have seen for myself in my travels, have lead me to believe that the majority of the Muslim followers are people just trying to live on day at a time and do what they have to do to survive. Then there is the other Muslim followers that only want to harm others. To vent their hatred that they have been tought but even the Muslims Religion isn’t big on forgiveness. I do hope you find peace some day and be the nice person I suspect you are. Thank you for your response. jwh

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