Supreme Court to School: Trans Student Must Use Correct Bathroom


The Supreme Court, perhaps signaling that they will take up the issue of President Obama’s transgender directive in the next term, blocked a lower court’s ruling this week regarding a transgender student in southeastern Virginia.

A trial judge has ordered Gloucester High School to allow transgender senior Gavin Grimm to use the boys’ bathroom, despite the fact that Grimm was born female. The Supreme Court’s ruling temporarily puts that ruling on hold, meaning that Grimm will either have to use the girls’ facilities or a private bathroom until such time that the case can be addressed in Washington.

The vote was 5-3; liberal Justice Stephen Breyer joined the conservatives “as a courtesy,” according to the New York Times.

The court’s ruling will not affect any other case, but it could indicate a willingness on the part of the Supreme Court to fully address the Justice Department’s directive from May, requiring all public schools to let transgender students to use the bathroom facilities that correspond to their “gender identity.” That directive has come under fierce attack from conservatives who say it would not only endanger students and violate their right to privacy, but that it also exceeds the scope of executive power.

The Gloucester school board has vowed to petition the court later this month, and they hope to get a full ruling from the court in the near future.

And once again, we are reminded of what’s really at stake in this year’s presidential election.

Beyond the day-to-day drama of this election season, there are serious issues that will be decided this November. One of the most serious will be the replacement of the late Antonin Scalia, whose conservative seat remains vacant while Senate Republicans keep Obama’s pick – Merrick Garland – sitting on the sidelines. Garland’s not the most liberal judge the president could have chosen, but he would almost certainly vote alongside the Supreme Court’s leftist gang: Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Elena Kagan. The latter three dissented in this very case.

If elected, Hillary Clinton may stick with Garland or she may choose someone with an even stronger history of liberal judicial activism. Worse, she may have the opportunity to replace several other judges by the time her first term is complete. Clinton has already said that she will be looking for judges who oppose Citizens United and support “women’s health.” We all know what that means.

Even with a (debatably) conservative majority, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage last year. With liberals in charge, is there any doubt as to how they’ll rule on Obama’s transgender directive?

  1. MAHB001 says

    Politicizing these issues is just wrong…

    These people are confused and need help, they should not be used to divide the country.

    Liberals will see their judgement day for abusing trans gender people.

    1. jimmy midnight says

      I shot you a like, Mr. Mad, because you didn’t bring up red-herring issues like faces peering from underside of stalls.

      Supreme Court is THE issue this fall, as I suspect we agree. And this shithouse issue is one of the smaller reasons why.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Why Thank you Jimmy…

        Many issues will float to the surface by this fall. As the moral majority wakes up and smells where the elites have lead us, I suspect things will get really ugly.

        People do not like to be lied to, people do not like to be used and mislead.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          I’m hoping there won’t be a crisis. But it’ll be fascinating to watch whether or not.

          1. MAHB001 says

            There will be. guaranteed. And it will be ugly, with great loss of lives, not fascinating.

            I think perhaps your choice of words was influenced by your association with Alinsky.

        2. Barney Biggs says

          Sir While I agree with you on the being lied too and mislead the major issue is that the sheeple are no longer able to determine when they are are being lied to nor when mislead. If you have a moral compass, a sense of right and wrong and an understanding of long term consequences of any action you have the first step in making the determination on lies and misleadings. When the liars control the media, education system is very very very difficult for the sheeple.

          1. MAHB001 says

            That is EXACTLY what I am talking about… The sheeple are slowly awakening to the fact that the MEDIA, and their “elected Politicians” have been lying to them… At least those with moral compasses like myself, that have been asleep for too long.

            And MORE to the point, the MEDIA has turned into a Goebbels style lying sack of shit propaganda machine for the left. Without the moral compass that you talked about, the sheeple have no clue that they do not have enough information to make a clear decision. …

            The people are being fed only the good things about liberals and none of the bad, as well as only the bad things about conservatives and none of the good. This is BIAS BY OMISSION and is an extremely evil practice.

            BIAS BY OMISSION is the primary reason I started the boycott at:


            Please consider joining the fight.

          2. Barney Biggs says

            I am not an American and do not live in the US but do recognize the same issues we have and the over riding desire of the elite to keep the sheeple grazing and never allow them to panic. The Elite go to great lengths to ensure their sheep dogs in the media never report anything that will panic the sheeple.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Ever think of emigrating here? We sure need more rugged individualists here my friend.

            (And I know if you ever did come here I am more then sure it would be legally)

            In any case God bell you Barney

          4. Barney Biggs says

            There not a hope in hell of them accepting me.
            Here are the reasons:
            – I am white
            – I can speak English
            – I have some education
            – I am not a displaced person
            – I have enough money to keep me off the food stamp rolls for life.

          5. jimdaddy says

            I know an Englishman who immegrated here. He only had to prove he could invest 250,000 dlls here and he got his green card about 4 or 5 years ago.

          6. Barney Biggs says

            Here being the US I assume. If it is, I am getting emails form friends there wanting to know how to immigrate here regardless of who wins the election.

            Nobody is ever satisfied.


          7. jimdaddy says

            Have them go to the American embasy in their country(or counculate) and apply for a resident alien visa. Be able to substanciate net worth claims as required. Then wait.But go see them monthly so they know you are serious. Buena suetre to your friends,

          8. Barney Biggs says

            Yes they are currently doing that and trying to renounce their US citizenship.
            They are left wing and think it is better here. Ya right. We sure don’t need more of them here.

          9. elmcqueen3 says

            Please note: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”…Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister, Nazified Germany 1933-1945.

          10. Barney Biggs says

            Who’s truth? When you have the State, media, education all telling the same story in addition to State authoritative control and believing their version of the truth it is almost impossible to dissent.

          11. elmcqueen3 says

            Shades of history…now you know.

          12. SCSOCAL says

            We can still vote. If you pay attention and help educate others, we can control the elites. They are doing this in Turkey. The people vote against Erdogan to keep him in check and from becoming a dictator.

          13. Barney Biggs says

            Actually they don’t really. The religious elite in Turkey along with Erdogan have it pretty well locked up. I do not know if you have been following it in the last month but Erdogan has been given sweeping additional powers and is using them. He had a meeting with Putin yesterday and they will be clamping down more and the bulk of the population seem to be buying his spin lock stock and barrel. He locked up a couple more dissident media types.
            Erdogan is pulling away from the West and has Chinese and Russian folks in the nuclear program.

            Yes you can vote but with so many lies and fabrications nobody really knows nor can determine who to vote for and most just keeping buying the crap.

          14. Laddyboy says

            My training: Approach all information given out freely with doubt. NEVER accept a “reporters’, politicans'” comments at face value. INVESTIGATE using various means. Do not trust someone who gets paid a salary for “talking”.

          15. elmcqueen3 says

            Good read.

          16. SCSOCAL says

            To me the media has become the extension of the Dem party. This is dangerous because it is following exactly what Hitler did. Look how that turned out! We don’t want a repeat of that.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Please join the fight…

            Together, with one voice, we can correct the corrupt MEDIA.

          18. Sherriacoughlin says

            <<rw. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir314m:….,.

        3. jreg9304 says

          Cmon MAD, get politically correct already! and for darn sure people don’t like being lied to, unless they are the ones orchestrating the lies in the first place…

          1. MAHB001 says

            All I am saying is that this confused person should be using the bathroom of his/her sex, as that person probably has been using the bathroom that they are comfortable with, and have been using for years…

            The way liberals sensationalize these things abuses people.

        4. RobertNorwood says

          Many issues will “float to the surface”… so appropriate as we talk about bathrooms. The whole issue should be flushed down the toilet, it’s just a lot of feces. Here we are facing so many important issues involving the environment, crime, loss of jobs, a general breakdown in societal norms and we’re devoting attention to a small minority of confused or just plain screwy individuals and which bathroom to use? This is plainly fvcked up, it’s embarrassing.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, the issue is being used as a diversion and divisive tool, the people involved are being abused by the left.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            The left is ‘feeding’ their illness by validating it as something normal which needs legislation to correct so called abuses.

      2. jreg9304 says

        I like that reference …LOL ,,,, “MISTER MAD”!! unless a typo on your part..

        1. jimmy midnight says

          MAH001 and I have had dozens of spirited exchanges over the last several months. We’ve agreed that I can call him Mr. Mad, while he calls me jimmy

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Guess that’s what this country is all about. – Screw their micro aggression safe zones – If we would go roll in the gravel and then come back inside and have cold ones together we would be much better off.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            Thank you, Matthew, why I’m drinking a substantial toast to MORE! relentlessly partisan, yet determinedly respectful, discourse right now.

            People who post in spaces like this hopefully don’t expect it to be micro-aggression free, but those who feel a need for those spaces should be able to
            find them–elsewhere.

            Personally, I kinda like it when conservatives call me names.

      3. Jimmy King says

        The Supreme Court IS the issue. So the only thing you can do is vote for the life long liberal democrat from NY. Of course I mean Donald Trump

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Quite amusing, thanks.

    2. Obie Miller says

      Correctly said, MAHBOO1……and the liberal media is just adding to their confusion by propagating it.

    3. jreg9304 says

      By writing this, you are for tranny’s exchange of toiley usage.. not in my book.. there is no abuse by telling a female or male that they have to use the correct restroom for what sex they are, not their preferred sex. that is rediculous… Our schools are not nudist colonies….

      1. MAHB001 says

        No I am not. What I am against is the abuse of a confused person for political gain.

        This kid, and I do mean kid, is confused, and vulnerable, she needs guidance and certainly does not need to be used by liberal hacks for political gain.

        1. Jimmy King says

          She needs a priest to tell her that she is a girl. Like them fags need a priest to tell them to be straight, so the priest can bugger em

  2. jgfsmf says

    Oh for crying out loud, use the unisex toilet, you freaking crybabies. No yabber dabber? Then you are a girl.

    1. Debbiekhartley1 says

      <<x:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx696a:….,….

  3. RobertNorwood says

    More than once I’ve had to pee really bad and finding the only unoccupied bathroom to be the “Ladies Room” I took advantage. Like they say “when you gotta go, etc., etc.” so perhaps just having bathrooms being first come first serve is useful. And, I suspect, as soon as that sign “Ladies Room” comes off it won’t be an issue any longer. You see, for the these gender confused types the thrill, the reward in life, is getting to openly use a bathroom of the opposite sex. Take that identification away and you rob them of something important.

    1. jimmy midnight says

      Thanks for your urgent candor. On the other hand, how could you possibly know that any trans people, much less all of them, get their ya’-ya’s out using a novel bathroom?

      1. RobertNorwood says

        You will note, as inconvenient as it may be, that I said “I suspect…”, I did not say that I know. Now, that “suspicion” comes from observation as homos, trans, what ever, appear to be more into being seen than simply “being”, hence the reason why they seem to enjoy making a spectacle of themselves; put them in a hall with a 1000 other people and somehow they’ll stick out.

    2. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      Right! They are sick psychos and perverts most likely.

  4. mtj3134 says

    this girl and her family need to get over themselves and be mature
    kinda difficult to aim into a urinal, using your vagina.
    without a penis, then go to the ladies restroom
    how difficult can that be to understand??

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      You are giving liberals undue credit for being able to think.

  5. Bob says

    Just use the restroom of your gender not what game your playing in your head. Liberals are destroying America dumbing down our youth and creating shallow gender neutral putty brained adults. A recent study shows that 72% of today’s youth 18 to 35 are unfit for military service. Our enemy’s are laughing at us. And Hillary wants to weaken America more with this curse of political correctness.

    1. Dan says

      You are so right. Good post. If things seem immoral and bad now wait and see what happens if Hillary gets in. These folks that think they are a different gender need psychiatric help. I guess if they think they were born superman they would try jumping off a building or catching a speeding bullet.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Draft them. I had drill sergeants that could make a 98 pound into an agile mobile and hostile GI. I don’t think the DIs today are all that different.

  6. CUZIN ERN says

    Let’s end this communistic treand we are harboring by a few whackos who would scare the hell out of Henry Ford who couldn’t even read or write!!!!!!!!..Proof, one doe not need be a brain child to make it in America!!

    P.S. Label An OUT house to be TRANSGENDER ONLY where required etc!!!…The congression potty is an “OUT HOUSE”, because when in use , a sitting congress man becomes the only man in congress who knows what he is doing here/there!

    PPS, Problemo no mas!

  7. Karen says

    Which bathrooms were these people using BEFORE all this crap? I didn’t hear a soul complaining about this until Obummer used this farce as a means to prove(to himself) that he is in control! It smells like BLACKMAIL when a state, that refuses to follow obummer law, (for obvious conscious reasons), is threatened by obummer to have FEDERAL FUNDING suspended! If enough STATES would refuse to follow this law, obummer can suspend their federal funding all he wants, those states should refuse to submit their federal taxes! Then we will see how a dictatorial government will survive without STATE FUNDING!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! SUPPORT YOUR STATE AND STATE, SUPPORT YOUR PEOPLE!!

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      I thank you for you’er so right tell this government to stick it and each each state stand by that .

    2. Dee Ward says

      All this crap started several years ago. I am not sure where but these policies have been in place in Ca schools since 2013. While I disagree with the policy and certainly disagree with the threat Obama made for non compliance he is not the one who started this.

    3. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      Only a few more months do we have to endure this abomination of evil in the white house and it cannot come too soon! That is, unless Hillary gets in, and it will be worse.

    4. Sandy devine says

      That would be great to ask our state to stick it except not by my choice we have a dem for gov and he has his nose so far up obumers arse it stinks lol.. But so true. So, who suffers, the kids of this state and worse the girls in gym rooms!

      1. Karen says

        The governors are elected BY THE PEOPLE and can be taken care of BY THE PEOPLE as it should be! If your governor does not do what the majority of the people in the state want, have him removed!! TAKE YOUR STATE BACK!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  8. Alan Manisco says

    This is so stupid. If you have a vagina, use the womens room. If you have a penis, use the mens room, or a tree. That should be the test. If a woman can accurately hit a bullseye written on a tree in a certain spot, with her clitty, then by all means let her use the mens bathroom. But if a man can pee in a toilet, with the seat up, and lower it after he is done, by all means, let him use the womens bathroom. Because that will never happen…LOL

  9. d66cmorris says

    Build all the bathrooms with 1 stall and a lock on the entrance door and when you go in lock it and do your business and get out. No longer any problems. It’ll be just like you do at home.

    1. Raysea says

      …and girls…remember to raise the seat when youre done…….

    2. GuardianFlame says

      What about a young child? Do you expose them to the mind of a sick pervert “pretending” to be a transgender but isn’t?

      This issue can be dealt with by adults. It’s the children who will be exposed to the tweeks of our society that we need to worry about…period! And so far the tweeks have already been out and many are now in jail.

      You say that’s good. It is good, but how much damage did they do to the young children who saw/experienced their perversion?? Things like that stay with a child through life. Yes, this is a huge issue snd needs to be corrected now before any other child is ecposed to the indecency of a twisted mind.

      1. Sandy devine says

        My understanding is they are going into the third grade class to teach them all this Shyte!

        1. GuardianFlame says

          I believe you are correct. What child knows and understands their own bodies at 8 years old? None. They are too young to comprehend normal physiological info abt themselves..obama is the biggest full blown PEDAPHILE in the world by “forcing” these innocent young children to try to think they might be different than someone else. But actually it is the PARENTS AND OBANANA HEAD TOGETHER!

          Personally, this is a form of early indoctrination of a very young mind so they, themselves, might become the wacked out product that bho has created – transgenderism – is not a real condition.

          Parents “create” the problem by “how” they raise their child. READ THAT AGAIN – AND AGAIN UNTIL IT SINKS IN! Any “Well Rounded” child will not gravitate to acting like/or accepting the opposite sex’s attributes unless mommy and daddy push them that way — whether the parents do it consciously or subconsciously, they influence the total outcome of their child just by how they raise them – male things for boys and female things for girls. If you give the wrong things to a child, he/she will become a composite of both sexes instead of one or the other…and they normally choose the sex they were born as. The more male or female objects around a child determines which sex they will gravitate to…parent’s attitudes also create a wrong sex child by callig a sensitive boy a “girlly boy” or a more physical sports minded girl a “tom boy”. Don’t label a child but let them grow at their own speed and time.

          Our Society has a much bigger issue of parents that feel “entitled” and are not smart enough to know they are “hurting” their children by forcing the child to accept an unnatural gender — because the parent wanted a certain sexed child.
          THIS IS OBAMA’S WET DREAM – unintelligent parents and screwed up children with identity crisis. Welcome to bho’s twisted sad new world.

    3. Sandy devine says

      You don’t get it. It’s not just about the bathroom , it also pertains to if a bit STATES he feels he is a girl then he has the right to be/go into the girls gym locker room to change and take a shower!

  10. Charlie says

    Seems to be if a human is mentally ill then our society will give said ill human anything said ill human wants . Even if their desire puts innocent children , women and even men into dangerous situations to appease the mentally ill human. This makes as much sense as putting on a blind fold and driving in heavy traffic . To be in reality there are only two sexes male and female there is not an in-between sex just mentally ill . None of the manure being spread by those promoting the third sex has any validity in sound rational realistic mentally stable thinking . Just because a greedy few making huge sums of money off of the mentally ill and promoting their path of greed by justifying the actions of the mentally ill does not make those actions any less warped .

    1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      Right on!

  11. Michael Robinson says

    I’m not a Trumpf fan by any means–BELIEVE ME–but the thought of Shillary pulling the rip cord and parachuting in a slew of like minded social engineering liberals from her law school (can you say Lani Guinier?) is just too much to bear. It will not stop with potty time—Shillary will want appointees that will line up and salute (Ginsberg will step down) when it comes to creating a broad “civil rights” (i.e. Rewriting the constituion) agenda because after all, that is how she gets re-elected if she wins round 1. If she manages to win and gets a majority in the House and Senate it will be the mid-60s all over again without the good music.

  12. SouthernPatriot says

    I feel bad for the young men and women who are struggling and in confusion. I am tired of the leftist news media and Democrats using this issue to their own purposes, at the same time abusing young men and women (and boys and girls). Certainly, perverts will try to take advantage of the laws and new reality and some of these rules put children and women at risk. There have already been incidents at my local Target and most women now will not go there.

    The one leftist jurist in SCOTUS joined with the conservatives to postpone a decision on this issue due to lack of time to hear out the arguments. The leftist SCOTUS will do the same they have done on other social issues, side for the tiny minority.

  13. jerrycollie says

    How many transgenders are there? Maybe one in each school? For less than 1% the Libs are going to make 99% of our children embarrassed to go pee in front of the other sex?

    1. GuardianFlame says

      Not if I can help it! I will fight this until it has been corrected and those mentally ill transgenders get the help they need — which isn’t peeing in the opposite sex’s bathrooms or locker rooms.

      Often you will find out that the PARENTS of a transgender has had sexual issues growing up. They are the ones that direct the path their child is on. If that child becomes confused about their gender and parents don’t communicate that it’s normal to dress up and play another role but they are really a boy or a girl, then perhaps the parent is “directing” that child to be a different sex?

      For example, in the News not so long ago – the little boy who thought he was a girl — because HIS MOTHER WANTED A FEMALE BABY BUT GOT HIM. So she gave him female toys, dressed him up in Mom’s clothing and jewelry, put make up on him and pushed him into feeling more “girl” than a boy. Who wouldn’t feel like the opposite gender when that’s all you saw around you and.the toys you played with. His mother wanted a girl – she said it in an interview- so she created her own female out of her little son.

      If you want to stop this “sickness” from happening more and more, you need to start with the parents first and make sure every parent understands the consequences of disturbing Mother Nature. One day that little boy whose mother “trained” him to be a.girl, will find out what really happened. He will not be so forgiving and his mother better run for her life! Karma comes in all different forms, but hers will be in the form of a raging son wearing heels and a skirt! Run mom run!

    2. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      When the minority gets their way by causing discomfort to the majority it is the tail wagging the dog. I always thought the majority ruled in a demoracy.

  14. junkmailbin says

    if this had come up in three years after hilary was in office and appointed a few justices, we would have sexual perversion chisled in stome by the court.
    If you do not vot for trump you elect hilary

  15. Patriot068 says

    This shit is sickening!’ They just let a guy off for taking pictures up a woman’s skirt ( because it was in a public area!! ( grocery store!) Now frigging kids at whatever age can go into any bathroom they want WTF? This crap sick. And Target letting you decide you want to be a woman for a day and go into the ladies room or a woman feels like she’s got a pens that day using the men’s restroom!! I’m waiting for the 1st lawsuit to come about some pervert taking pictures of young girls in the stalls but if the courts are letting guys off for taking pics up a woman’s skirt ( because itvwas a public place) frigging grocery store!!! Where has the decency gone in the USA!’ The woman should have knocked his damn teeth down his throat for doing that. Wait for the 1st pervert going to court for taking pictures of young girls and if THAT GETS THROWN OUT THAT WOULD BE FKING SICKENING!! I no longer shop at targets I refuse to and I know females that refuse to as well because of this law. I told my oldest son to get his daughters pepper spray to use on any pervert trying to sneak pictures and I suggest any woman that shops at target to do the same thing. I know my son and his wife and if any sick MF does that they are going to be suckling their dinner through a straw because the courts just proved they will let perverts off with absolutely no repercussions for doing shit like that. Our country is going to shot and those Syrians coming here follow Sharia law and are apt to kill the person because thy have no tolerance for gays!! Especialy SUNNI Muslims ( anyone hear what they did to an innocent gay juvenile in Iran!! ( Sunni Muslims!) They executed him because his ONLY CRIME WAS HE WAS GAY!! WTF do people thinks going to happen if a SUNNI Muslim woman is using the ladies restroom and a TG or gay guy goes in ? Do you think her husband will stand idly by?? Especialy sense SUNNI Muslims following SHARIA LAW EXECUTED A GAY JUVENILE IN IRAN! No that SHARIA, LAW LOVING SUNNI MUSLIM WI’LL PROBL KILL THE GAY PERSON.
    WAIT UNTILL HILLARY IF SHE’S ELECTED UPS OBAMAS 10,000 REFUGEE # BY 500% THEY ARE ALL BEING LOCATED IN CERTAIN COMMUNITIES LIKE THE Demorats did during segregation you won’t find ANY LGBT PEOPLE IN THOSE MUSLIM COMMUNITIES BECAUSE SHARIA LAW HAS NO TOLERANCE FOR GAYS AND ARE TO BE KILLED!!! Hell any gays over in Iraq & Syria were thrown off the tallest buildings by ISIS WHO ARE PREDOMINATELY IF NOT ALL SUNNI MUSLIMS!! ( yeah th same Muslims Obama is letting into the USA!! 2,500 came to the USA in July alone and settled far far away from DC it was said because the DC ELITISTS DID NOT WANT THE PROPERTY VALUES TO GO DOWN BECAUSE OF REFUGEES ABD CRIME!!

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      Obama and liberals are doing anything and everything to keep stirring the pot. The more hatred and confusion they can stir up, the better their chances of taking total control. And if you question any of that, your call races, bigot, and if that doesn’t work , they start to rant and rave using every possible foul word they can come up with, and if that doesn’t work then comes the rioting.

      1. dinkerduo says


  16. Dan says

    What I would like to know is how does a transgender know what their opposite sex feels like ? They claim they have conflicting feelings. Apparently if you are born male how do you know what a female feels like if you aren’t male enough to know what a male feels like.
    I see on the TV there is now going to be a show about a girl who says she feels like a male inside. What a sack of crap to make a buck. Let her see a shrink mom and dad and stop making a big “profitable” deal out of it.

  17. Der Marm says

    This cannot end well for some teenage XXers in an XY latrine ……….

    1. John Paul McDaniel says

      GIRLS!!!! If you are going to the little boy’s room………..bring your FUNNEL to use our stand-up urinals.

  18. dinkerduo says

    Where in the hell did all of these lgbt come from?!? Ahhhhh–after gay or bi Obozo got into office—he is at least bi-sexual if not down right gay—and Kilaty isn’t any better–they claim she’s also bi-sexual–SO NOW **EVERYONE** HAS TO GO ALONG WITH THEIR GAY AGENDA—I SAY BULLSH!T!!!!
    If you have a weenie then you are a boy and belong in the boys/mens bathroom and showers–PERIOD–
    same with the girls/women—all bathrooms that have more than one toilet also have a stall–so you transgender boys can go into the stall so you don’t have to stand at the urinal with the boys–same with the transgender women–GO INTO THE STALL—BUT USE THE BATHROOM THAT IS THE SAME AS YOUR GENITALS—PERIOD!! THE LIBTARDS ONLY WANT TO MAKE THIS ANOTHER ISSUE–WHY?!?

    1. Betterbob says

      What a load of nonsense.

  19. mary griffin says

    This girl who Thinks she a boy, how does she deal with her monthly. Can you she her in a boys locker room how awful that would be for everyone. I say if they want to change genders wait until you are old enough to know what your talking about. Then you can go all the way with the transition.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Nothing’s going to change that monthly visit. A rubber dong just ain’t an adequate substitute. Which by the way brings us back to the boy’s locker room – will these individuals wear a strap on to look “normal”? The deeper we go the more complicated things get.

  20. Dirty Daug says

    Having your Johnson removed don’t make you a lady,
    It makes you a fellow without a Johnson.

  21. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    It used to be that if a man attempted follow a girl into the restroom he would get arrested. Now if someone tries to stop him, the person trying to prevent him from going gets arrested for violating his “civil rights!” Where are our morals? Slime pit liberals, PC’ers, and corrupt judges are behind this. We need to get our country back!

  22. Randy Bower says

    It is simple use the restroom in which you have the body parts for and don’t complicate the issue.

    1. Betterbob says

      How are you going to tell what body parts a person has? Are you volunteering to be the inspector?

      1. Randy Bower says

        now that is being sick and twisted,now you are saying they are liars too.I was giving them credit to be honest about it.

        1. Betterbob says

          You said quote “It is simple use the restroom in which you have the body parts for and don’t complicate the issue.”
          I’m asking you how you know what body parts people have under their clothing. Nothing sick about that.

          1. Randy Bower says

            You asked if I was going to be the inspector that is sick and perverted,I expect them to be honest with themselves and others about it and do the right thing that is how.

          2. Betterbob says

            They are being honest about themselves. They are saying this is the gender identity I have. It is not a choice.

          3. Randy Bower says

            What you feel you are does not make you that,that is like saying if someone wants to identify with a dog that makes them a dog.Parts you are born with or nowadays what a doctor gives you is what you are.

          4. Betterbob says

            Quote “What you feel you are does not make you that,that is like saying if someone wants to identify with a dog that makes them a dog.”

            Your statement shows you are making the same mistake. When you say “someone wants to identify with a dog” you are saying they have a choice. First, the dog analogy is totally inappropriate because you are talking about identifying with another species not another gender. Second, it is not a choice. There is more and more evidence that gender identity happens inutero before birth. Although there is some evidence there may be some environmental influence, as there are with many things, the consensus in the scientific community is moving closer and closer to a pre-birth developmental cause.
            Transgender people are not making a choice. They are what they are.

          5. Randy Bower says

            You have your believe and opinion and I have mine I guess and I will leave it at that.Have a good one.

  23. EE says

    Dick or no Dick! The only requirement!

    1. Morton212 says

      The sight of a line of newly minted transgendered females leaning to use a urinal with a dress on, is stuck in my mind.

  24. Mathew Molk says

    How is it there were NO “transgender” people using the wrong shitters for the last 240 years (and beyond) but suddenly now they are coming out of the woodwork everywhere?

    And if this kid has female sex organs and goes into the boy’s locker room with the football team she/he is risking being raped in the shower. – I guess it shows just how obsolete I am. I came from the time ladies were ladies and men were men. – And now they say I am the one who is screwed up. I don’t get it.

    1. Betterbob says

      Transgender people have been around for centuries. They have always used the bathroom of th gender they present. Nothing new in that.

  25. Morton212 says

    The very thought of a transgendered male becoming a potential rapist in ladies restroom – is an analogy of how deeply the conservative intellectual power has entered the public domain.

  26. Robert Cruder says

    The sex of the genitals is established early in pregnancy while that of the brain is established late.

    A lot can happen in between.

    If birth is divinely ordained then so are these combinations.

    Who are you to say that the genitals are all that matters?

    The author of this article and most of the respondents come off as quite ignorant on the matter.

  27. Bob says

    They need therapy and we need new judges.

  28. marlio says

    Dont these people know they will always be who they presently are, no matter what clothes they wear. Just because you want to be a woman, doesnt mean you will ever really be one, no matter WHAT you do. I dont know why you people just cant accept that and quit trying to be something you AREN’T and you NEVER will be!!!

    1. Morton212 says

      Do you wonder about every person that you come across – as to what they look like physically under their clothes? Do me a favor and waste your time on something that actually benefits you instead of pondering what is really none of your business.

    2. Betterbob says

      Who are “you people”?

    3. rickd12 says

      Spoken like a true religious bigot. You could identify as a type 3 destroyer and I wouldn’t care. Who gives a shit?

  29. 3ronald1 says

    OK boys. If you want to be a girl, lose the male genitalia. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. Betterbob says

      This is a transgenderboy, i.e., a boy in a girls body.

  30. junkmailbin says

    Gavin Grimm is simply a fat unattractive female. A classic bull dyke type who needs mental health treatmant as do her parents

  31. elmcqueen3 says

    Barack Obama’s legacy will be enshrined as the “Toilet” Presidency.

  32. SCSOCAL says

    We are giving way too much power to the Supreme Court. This should be decided by the states, not the SC!

  33. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    It seems that to be popular one must be perverted or support all that is perverted. That is one way to be ‘politically correct.’ That which is tolerated today will be accepted tomorrow and the slide into the slimy pit of corruption begins. When liars are tolerated more people will lie. When truth is lost people will go in any direction and die in disappointment having accomplished nothing but to make the world a worse place to live.

  34. jimdarnall says

    This should have nothing to do with politics. It’s all about the moral truth of what God ordained as that truth. He made each a man and a woman. It’s very clear. No discussion beeded. Psychiatry calls it a mental problem that needs treatment. Deal with the truth people

    1. Betterbob says

      Psychiatry does not call it a mental disorder. Check DSM 5.

  35. Barney Biggs says

    When I was a kid we had transgender toilets which were called outhouses.

    1. Betterbob says

      A toilet cannot be transgender. Toilets do not have genders they are inanimate objects.

  36. Jan Turner says

    If these guys can’t figure out what sex they are – tell them to ask their mothers. They changed their diapers!!! Since flesh does not disappear/appear without good reason, I’m sure their mothers can tell them what they are.

    1. Betterbob says

      What about transmen? They are men who are in a women’s body?

  37. Mark Tercsak says


    1. Betterbob says

      So what help would you give them. Be precise.

  38. Laddyboy says

    Gender identity is an other word for PHYCOLOGICAL DISORDER.

    1. Betterbob says

      Gender identity is not a word for PHYCOLOGICAL DISORDER. for several reasons
      1) PHYCOLOGICAL DISORDER. is Psychological disorder.
      2) PHYCOLOGICAL not “a” word, it is two words.
      3) Gender identity is something every person on the planet has, even you.

  39. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Simple solution:
    If you can stand to pee, use the boy’s bathroom.
    If you have to sit to pee, use the girl’s bathroom

  40. Paul Robinson says

    It should state Supreme Court ordered school to allow mentally ill student to use incorrect bathroom.

    1. Betterbob says

      Transgender is not a mental illness.

      1. Paul Robinson says

        Yes it is. Acting on it is perversion. If you can’t realize that you are apparently mentally ill and or depraved. A person is born a certain sex, nothing can change that. Mutilating and destroying a healthy body because of a delusion is a terrible thing. Anyone who encourages this delusion is doing great harm to the person having the delusions.

        1. Betterbob says

          First, transgender is about gender (transGENDER) not sex.

          Second your comment quote “Mutilating and destroying a healthy body because of a delusion is a terrible thing” is false for a couple of reasons. The majority of transgender people never have medication or surgery (well over 70%) therefore your comment does not apply to them. Furthermore, what would you call breast enhancement, a nose job or liposuction if it is not natural body mutilation.

          Third, DSM 5 does not list transgender as a mental disorder and furthermore when the next version of ICD 10 is issued in 2018 that will not list transgender as a mental disorder.

          Thank you.

          1. Paul Robinson says

            First gender is about language not people animals or plants. In language a word can be masculine, feminine or neuter. The term sex is properly applied to people. Second, what makes you think I support cosmetic surgery. Third, just because communist depraved institutions working against all that is good and right choose to delist a disorder from the rolls of mental illness doesn’t make it normal. Homosexuality is clearly a mental disorder for instance, always has been always will be, this is fact regardless of whether it is listed as such by an illegitimate pseudo science or not.

          2. Betterbob says

            Quote “First gender is about language not people animals or plants.
            Wrong, every person has a gender identity, even you.

            Quote “just because communist depraved institutions working against all that is good and right choose to delist a disorder from the rolls of mental illness doesn’t make it normal.”

            I don’t know what institution you are talking about but neither DSM 5 and IDC 10 list transgender as a mental disorder and neither was written by a communist based institution. Neither do they list homosexuality as a disorder. Incidentally, transgender and homosexuality are two totally different things.

            Next, just because you are a complete homophobe does not make you an expert on mental disorders. Unless you can prove anything you say with verifiable evidence and show you have the requisite qualifications to say what is and what is not a mental disorder, then your opinion is worthless and the opinion of science prevails.

  41. James Moe Morency says

    When is Washington and the courts going to put a Little time into the many serious issues that plague this country and stop wasting money and resources on diversion politics?

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