Supreme Court Upholds Race-Based College Admissions Policies


The absence of Justice Antonin Scalia was never more apparent than in the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action this week. Scalia had sounded deeply skeptical of the policy being challenged in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas during opening arguments earlier this year, but his death allowed the court’s liberals to uphold race-based admissions at one of the country’s top universities.

“A university is in large part defined by those intangible qualities which are incapable of objective measurement but which make for greatness,” wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in the majority opinion. “Considerable deference is owed to a university in defining those intangible characteristics, like student body diversity, that are central to its identity and educational mission.”

Oh, cool. So this means that colleges and universities are now free to exclude races as well, right? There won’t be any legal problem for a university if they want to go back to an all-white student body, right? Oh, it only works the other way, huh? Right, right. That sounds like wonderful logic.

According to the majority, the university’s “top ten” program, which guaranteed admission to any students who graduated high school in the top ten percent of their class, was not enough to ensure diversity at the University of Texas.

And as we all know, there’s simply nothing more important than ensuring DIVERSITY.

“This is affirmative action gone berserk,” said dissenting Justice Samuel Alito.

Affirmative action, as a concept, began as “berserk.” Any further strengthening of that policy is just insanity piled on top of insanity. There is no coherent reason to support these policies, which are racist, meaningless, and lead inevitably to the degradation of university standards of education.

According to Justice Kennedy, the goals of these programs include “the destruction of stereotypes,” “cross-racial understanding,” and preparing students for “an increasingly diverse work force and society.”

These may or may not be noble goals, but they are certainly not the type of concrete legal logic upon which Supreme Court decisions should be made. They are remarkably similar to the fuzzy reasoning used by the Court last year to make gay marriage the law of the land. It couldn’t be more obvious that these Justices are making their decisions based on their political beliefs before going back into the case archives to come up with some justification – no matter how twisted or silly – to make the ruling look legit.

Scalia’s death wasn’t just a blow to conservatism; it was another sad step away from the constitutional grounding that has kept the Supreme Court in high esteem for hundreds of years. This absurd decision is the first sign of real trouble on the horizon.

  1. Peatro Giorgio says

    Yet again another idiotic decision. Brought about by the intellectually inferior liberal side of the court. Equal Rights is not a guarantee of equal outcomes. Equal rights is about equal opportunity, Equal excess. This courts decision is affording those who have not reached or ascertained the requisite level of education grade point upon their own effort. But rather by skin color alone. This is reverse racism at its most lowest devious form. Clearly this supreme court is now filled, with what appears as nothing more then a group of 4 of the most self loathing despicable cowardly clowns ever to seat on the bench .

    1. Gen11American says

      Three of those despicable members of the Supreme Court are members of the CFR. That makes them globalist pigs. Who are they? Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Ruth Ginsburg, and Justice Stephen Breyer. It should be illegal for SCOTUS members to be globalist traitors, but our government is now so totally corrupt, that travesty is not only allowed, I’m sure it’s encouraged!

    2. noBS says

      Actually, it is not “reverse” racism, it is racism, pure and simple. What the liberals are, in effect, saying is that minorities “are inferior, therefore they need help in getting into college”. Labeling a race as inferior — intentionally or not — is the classic definition of racism.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Racism in reverse. Reverse racism . The subject of reverse discrimination. Where as the Majority are now discriminated against . Black equals 1,000 points White equals Minus – 1,000 points

        1. noBS says

          Yes, I agree with that, too. In fact I was affected by that all the way back in the 1980s, when my employer delayed my promotion so the company could promote more minorities and women, in order to meet quotas.
          However, my comment was simply pointing out that the Liberals, in their misguided attempt to “make things fair” are actually telling the minorities “We think you are stupid and inferior, and therefore you need an artificial advantage to help you!”. By that very assumption they are proving that they are “racists” themselves (their assumption that minorities are not capable of doing things on their own and without help, is itself derogatory and demeaning to those races).

          1. Wayne Langley says

            The real thing demeaning to ‘those races’ is the fact that there has to be laws like that in effect because ‘your race’ can’t be relied on to not discriminate. And that is putting it mildly.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            Wayne Thank you for clarification. Now we all understand from where your racist bigoted attitude is coming from . Your black an you hate being black ,because you think of yourself as inferior. Playing the victim card at every oppertunity. Holding honest loving giving carrying people responsible for your decendence actions . For gathering up lesser Tribesmen an selling them off into slavery. Slavery was not the fault of the white man . But the fault of every single race on this plant. As we see today. African s still very much enslaving other Africans Muslims still enslaving others south Americans still enslaving others . Slavery still exist on every single continent. In one form or another.

          3. Wayne Langley says

            What makes you think I’m black, Snowball? You have poor comprehension skills if that is what you took from what I wrote. I’m not the one pissing and moaning about a certain race having an influence on my life.

            Perhaps you need to step back, look into the mirror real hard, and see if the reason you can’t amount to anything in life is because you’re a loser.

            #peatrogiorgio #whinylittlebitch

        2. Wayne Langley says

          Don’t worry, bro. The BET Awards are over. Beyonce can’t hurt you anymore.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            It isn’t the likes of those like Beyonce or even Any other black American. But the prevailing ignorance of our own goverment. As an18 year old Navy sailor in 1974 I had never experienced racism . Lrast wise until entering the Armed forces. My best friend of youth was of African American decent. His sister was one of my first loves. Our families were very close.. . We both joined the Armed forces at the same time. Bill Chose the Army I the Navy. It was then that I experienced frist hand Affirmative action. Having had Time in rate , time in service as well outstanding Quarterly marks of across the board 4.O. Having been Told by my superiors that I would have to wait for advancement. For there wasn’t sufficient slots open . What I witnessed was two African Americans in the very same division as I They who neither possessed the required time in rate nore the quarter ly marks . My Chief Warren officer A CW02 was highly pissed off. He stated they are only 2. 8 -3.2 rated sailors. Why is not Gunners mate Seaman Giorgio having to wait..After all He is the very exsample of Seamanship we want as part of the leadership Team. Leaving the Navy after 4 years active duty with Honor an distinction. I then Choose to join the Army for another 4 years of active duty. There to Exsperiencing same affirmative action advancements..For those far less quilified.
            So Wayne your assumption. That I might blame or worry about individual black Americans. Must stem from your very own racist attitude. Which racism does not exist in either of my Families situation my whether immediate or Exstended families. After all we are all quite multi curtural.

          2. Wayne Langley says

            Calm down, Calzone! Your bitching and complaining is proof positive you’re racist and you are too cowardly to admit it.

            Two things Teabaggers like you hate. Being called racists and black people.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            99.9% Of the time it is the hateful racist bigot who attempts to deflect divert away from their own hate filled hearts. Through the means of accusing others. We pity you you poor poor fool. Why is it that you are so full of hateful racism.. Did your momma not teach you to love your neighbor, no matter of race culture or ethnicity. I truly pity you for your lonely miserable life..

          4. Wayne Langley says

            News flash ~ You’re still a moron. I’m sure you classify yourself as a ‘patriot’. To be a patriot, you have to love America. To love America, you have to love all Americans. Love has no labels. #peatrogiorgio #whinylittlebitch

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Wayne ,Whiny wayne. WITH Personality traits such as yours. There is no longer any doubt as to how deeply you loath everything about your miserable useless little racist ,bigoted life. You my friend are an unpaid comical act. How how I pity you , you poor poor tiny minded Troglodyte.

          6. Wayne Langley says

            When you can’t present your case and all else fails, feel free to resort to insults. It is all you got.

          7. Peatro Giorgio says

            Just acting as you had in the past . Just review our previous dialogue s It was you who resorted to name calling. If you can’t take the heat don’t step into the fire. Other wise your weak little mind might very well become offended.

  2. conc11111 says

    Less than Supreme Court decision

  3. markypolo says

    Yes. It sure pays well to be a nigr ( and Illegal Immigrant) in America. Thanks Democrats for destroying America. You lazy, lying, thieving bunch of morons.

  4. armydadtexas says

    So much for earning something based on one’s abilities. This is what dumbing down society is all about. The left has ensured a person is judged by the color of their skin instead of by their character and accomplishments. Yes, our nation has been weakened as a consequence.

    1. NavymanBill says

      Excellent comment.

    2. Dan says

      Right on the money comment. Can you imagine how much more colleges will be weakened if Hillary gets in and pushes for free college for all ? Low intelligence folks will be suing if they get denied and our curriculum will be dumbed down even more. A good friend I taught with is now teaching calculus and trig part time at a branch campus of a major university. He informed me the other day that 80% of his students could not pass the tests his high school students passed 5 years ago. While he taught math I taught physics and we would do a few units with overlap. We had great success with this.
      I had a local university professor contact me and he wanted to try a lab out that his students were having trouble with. My kids breezed through the optics lab and wrote excellent conclusions ( my philosophy -physics is a hands on lab oriented subject it is not glorified math) . He was astounded at the low level his students performed at compared to good high school students. This was in 2005 so can you imagine how things have gotten worse since then. To coin a phrase ” you ain’t seen nothin yet”. I know the grammar is correct but that’s how the phrase goes.

    3. ward says

      bo has 6 months left to create a crisis using muslims & illegal foreigners to declare his dictatorship!

    4. Buckeye conservative says

      The left will judge by the skin only if it is black. If it is white, then get lost, cracker.

      1. armydadtexas says

        I am very proud to be a very conservative, American. Not a hyphenated American, An American.
        I am blessed to live in the Great State of Texas>where freedom is still CELEBRATED. Where America and Americans are still honored as exceptional.
        I happen to be White and am very blessed to know my heritage. I apologize for NOTHING.
        If that makes me a “cracker” .. I wear that mantle with pride.
        God Bless America and God Bless Texas

      2. ironbiker says

        AFFIRMATIVE BASTARDS….turned down for USPS job in the ’60s ,because as a white male it did not meet racial quota….unqualified minority SOB got my job,busted my butt in construction for 50 years….

    5. ABO says

      Exceptionally well said and absolutely correct, armydadtexas. Political correctness and in particular identity politics are ruining this great nation. We need to remove such destructive policy and those who practice it (on both sides of the aisle) from our government ASAP and keep them out as they are deliberately working to destroy our system of “government of the people, by the people and for the people” preferring a government based on reverence for the political elite.

  5. Edward A Rhodes Rhodes says

    MLK must be puking in his grave! No “quality of character” here, this is pure black anti white racism. Amazing, disgusting, NO SURPRISE.

  6. Gerald Smith says

    Congress has the constitutional authority to rein in the rogue supreme court but do they have the will and the courage? Sadly, 80 percent of them are concerned about only one thing – getting reelected and they will try to silence someone like Ted Cruz who actually tries to DO something.

  7. Larry Crawford says

    Entrance to colleges based on race is nothing but racism to the highest degree. I can now see why a lot of college graduates can’t get good jobs, it’s because they aren’t smart enough and the job they are applying for isn’t given out based on race!

    1. TPM says

      Most people of color end up with a government based job, which is an extension of the affirmative action program.

      1. NavymanBill says

        Sad, but true.

      2. Jarhead says

        And that is why so many FED/GOV Agencies are corrupt, hire the inept, wasteful & useless….
        i.e.: BLM, EPA, DHS, IRS, VA

  8. Wapitiman says

    A college-educated ignoramus is still an ignoramus!

    1. wonduh says

      I concur with your analysis and would add some who are teaching fall into that category. Been there, seen it and that was sometime back; it has gotten worse in the past 7 years because of obama’s actions.

    2. Michael Skok says

      They have better excuses.

    3. Gen11American says

      Unfortunately, a college education here in the US nowadays is equivalent to what a high-school education was prior to 1967. That’s why those who graduated prior to 1967 still possess common sense, and far too few of those who graduated after 1967 seem to possess any at all!

      1. ward says

        Socialistic professors & drugs are a big reason why the U.S. colleges are producing uneducated idiots that support bo type of duping to create his wannabe dictatorship !

        1. Betterbob says

          Quote “uneducated idiots that support bo type of duping to create his own wannabe dictatorship ! ”
          and your complaining they are uneducated!!

          1. ward says

            Yes; you just proved your libtard stupidity & being the type that is asinine enough to neglect truth & facts of the “bo type of duping for creating his dictatorship” … ! Pull your head out of your libtard ass to stop the stench of bo & corrupt cronies !

          2. Betterbob says

            So eloquent and so resourceful in the nuances of the English language.
            What is it like to be permanently angry. I’m glad I don’t know.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for President day and thank you for your animated discourse.

          3. ward says

            You are really sick & warped beyond comprehension like all libtard stench … ! What is it like to be permanently stupid to Freedom & Rights you are destroying !

          4. Betterbob says

            I have no idea what you are rabbiting on about. Are you having another conniption?

      2. A natural born American says

        I remember when I left high school there was a relatively high dropout rate. After asking kids why they dropped out they cried, “Those classes are too hard!” So what did the people in charge do? They lowered their standards. Even that didn’t really help improve the dropout rate, so then places like Mickey D’s and Burger King started requiring high school diplomas if you wanted to work full time. Though there was a decline in the dropout rate, it didn’t really work out so well either as kids began to stay dependent upon Mommy and Daddy until well into their 20’s and 30’s. They even brought their kids back to live under their parent’s roof and out of their wallets. So then some states decided not to issue permanent driver’s licenses to dropouts. THAT seemed to be working great as the dropout rate in those states seemed to take a nosedive, but some other geniuses decided it was unlawful for states to hinder and limit people in their efforts of seeking gainful employment.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          O please !
          The vast majority of drop outs, either during your years in school or mine. Were not dropping out in any large part, do to the educational standards having been set to high or to difficult. They dropped out for many other reasons. The biggest reason of all was they possessed zero ambition, having zero life goals preferred to party, get laid , explore the nation through means of hitchhiking the cross roads .The majority of them believed they could get by on what little education or training requirements they had already met. ” Thinking O What good is school, what good is higher learning. When all I need do is apply for government subsides. Or mom and dad will take care of me. Or Ill make my fortune in sports, the movie industry, selling drugs, getting married, my husband or wife will be rich; Therefore I wont have to work. Or as is the case, many who dropped out who seen little hope for change in their generational poverty levels.

          1. A natural born American says

            Tell that to the people I INTERVIEWED who said they dropped out because the courses were too hard. Tell that to the other interviewers who came back with pretty much the same answers. The students had been pushed ahead without having learned 5th grade material before entering 6th grade. And they kept passing without earning passing grades meanwhile they kept falling further and further behind in their studies. So yeah, I could understand that by the time they got into high school the subjects were “too hard”. Some said they were tired of looking like fools. I had known some of those kids and I had thought they were of the same character as you paint them, but I was wrong. And so are you.

            Those you’re describing were NOT the majority of the dropouts. At least not in my student days. Nor were they the minority. Very few dropped out to help support the family. Those kids were the minority. The people who were supposed to be teaching them had given up on them all the way back in the primary grades. They’d given up on themselves long before dropping out when they turned 16. Those who stayed in school and worked with tutors managed to do rather well for themselves. None of them became the next Bill Gates, but a few that I’d gone to school with did become decent hard working adults who had families and some even managed to buy their own homes in decent neighborhoods. A few went off to die in Vietnam. Did you ever take the time to go out and ask your former classmates who had dropped out about the circumstances that led to them dropping out of school? If they know you’re being sincere you might be surprised at what you learn. It seems like most of the dropouts of the last couple of decades did so for the reasons you mentioned. But maybe they didn’t.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            The year of which I graduated high school was 1974.. Senior graduating class size 696. Regional high school of 2,784 high school students. Drop out rate of 4 % Of those 4% the vast majority had not applied themselves, skipped classes, skipped school period , chose to work on the farm ,some chose other menial jobs. More often then not these students where the very ones who would hit the nature trail . With which our school had as for the purpose of advancing the education departments forestry, agriculture and wild life management programs Under the auspice of F.F.A programs . This nature trail which consisted of over 7 acres of woodlands and open grass lands Was positioned behind the school. They these young teenagers hitting the trail for purposes of shooting up, popping pills, smoking joint after joint, getting laid. Or they headed to the local tavern. Which this tavern would often serve those who appeared older then they where. But by the end of their Junior year, they were gone ,quit given up . Some would join the military, many committed suicide. still even more enter correction institutes ,prison, some long term rehab centers and still some entered not of their own will .But by order into mental institutions for long term care. These were not urban kids these were suburban an rural Kids.. Often some of the best schools in the nation at that time. None of these kids who dropped out would have ever been considered dummies not by a long shot. Frankly the Curriculum then was set at relative high standards in comparison with today’s dumb down standards. So bull Crap’ola, to hard, to strenuous, to difficult MY ass . Our nations eduacation system was then rated in the top ten world wide.MY school our school rated in the top 5 of this nation.

      3. Betterbob says

        Nothing more than generational discontent. Our parents said of our generation, we say it about the next. It is as old as history itself.

        1. ward says

          BULL SHIT ; this is the future threat on U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights that is created by bo & all idiots like you that are destroying the U.S.A. with tyranny … !You didn’t learn a damned thing about history or you wouldn’t be a libtard dem .. !

          1. Betterbob says

            An that is your considered educated opinion huh.

            Tells me a lot about you and your education.

            Another old scared white man scared of losing control.

    4. Buckeye conservative says

      My one son is a professor at a major university teaching grad students. Everyone gets and A or B. The answers to exams are put out at the beginning of the term. Granted, the kiddies have to know how to get to them but things are different than when I went to school. Still, some of them can’t hack it.

      1. armydadtexas says

        I don’t know if I would be bragging about that. Dumbing down even “grad” students is insulting.

      2. Betterbob says

        Don’t know which university you son teaches at but that does not happen when I teach graduate students.

    5. Jarhead says

      BUT with a Diploma and ready for hire under Affirmative Action PC Rules……OPPS! but can make more money staying at home on Welfare…….

      1. Betterbob says

        Bad stereotyping on your part. Get out in the world and see what is really happening.

    6. Betterbob says

      Could this be self reflection?

  9. peter says

    This is why we need to elect someone who will appoint a conservative so that we can stop the liberal decisions they presently make

  10. robmusser says

    There will always be a “bottom of the class” in every graduation group. This latest decision ensures that a sufficient number of students is available to receive the honor.

    1. Wapitiman says

      I know. I however, graduated in the top 90% of my class!

  11. pysco says

    Maybe we can go back to the best gets in… The diversity programs, and PC programs ended up being the dumbing down of America …. Oh I forgot, I thought Colleges were places of education, how nieve.. instead they have become nothing but liberal social engineering…America’s educational standing on the world is sliding backwards I have an idea maybe take race, sexual orientation, and names
    off all college applications, issue lottery numbers to the top, ten percent… This includes Howard, and Brown Universities, they have been excluding others races…

    1. David in MA says

      ” I thought Colleges were places of education”
      They are, education in communist protocol, just not free thinking, for free thinkers are a danger to communism.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        Colleges have been liberal training centers for many years. The product they put out does nothing to advance our country and it has been showing!

      2. glock 19 fan says

        IOW, indoctrination.

  12. wonduh says

    It used to be one earned by effort and merit. Now it comes down to being PC and race. Thanks to your pitiful potus, race relations have been shattered to epic proportions. But isn’t that his goal? Shame we don’t have elected reps who have the balz to take on the problems head on. I will not vote for RINOs; they can work at Macs for all I care. When we finally limit terms, things might change. People obviously are pissed off with present/past politics and YOU hold the key to getting back with the intent of the Constitution: vote and learn who you are voting for. No man is an island to rule as he/she/it wants for their benefit. Make sure the military votes get in and counted this election; since the past two elections they have been mysteriously left out? Guess who did thtat? IOW, time to castigate the supposed elites in both parties. Just my opinion. 🙂

  13. James Autrey says

    Admitting someone to college based on race is JUST as racist as denying them entry based on race, and it basically says that they’re too stupid to make it based on their grades or SAT scores.

    1. Gen11American says

      The top 20% of our high school graduates should be granted spots in our colleges and universities whatever their race, creed, color, or religion. Those who don’t make the cut should be provided training in the skills needed by American companies so they don’t need to use lack of skills as their excuse to keep flooding in cheaper foreign workers to increase their profit margins.

      1. ward says

        Major problem with any government assist other than scholarships & loans is the students individual ambition to create ones own future is destroyed … ! Trade schools and colleges need tax support but has to be controlled to prevent dictated waste !

    2. armydadtexas says

      Very well put. ITS called dumbing down America. Another form of SALVERY. Sad, but reality

  14. JBQ21 says

    The agenda is becoming more and more clear. Justice Kennedy was the one who was quoted as supporting states’ rights in regard to gay marriage. The target is the children as the parents die off. This is all about the creation of a national socialist state. It didn’t work in Germany even with the support of the Catholic bishops and it won’t work now with the support of a leftist pope.

  15. tlc1532 says

    I guess SCOTUS thinks it is o.k to discriminate against some of us!

  16. downs1 says

    This nation is finished! The recent decisions of this Court which essentially “mocked” God have contributed greatly to the imminent demise of America. These fools on the Supreme Court are so arrogant they believe they are God! They are not, and when they stand in judgment before Him they will become acutely aware of their stupidity! They have replaced the Constitution in their decisions with Political Correctness! Another “bad” decision!

    1. HopeandChange2016 says

      I agree with you, whole heartedly.
      We have lost it.
      We need a strong, conservative leader who can appropriately put the democrat/communist/socialists back into their box.
      Unfortunately, the nation has moved so far off course to the left that there will be a lot of civil unrest by the thugs resisting the corrected course to the right.
      It took 50 years for the communists to gain such power, it will take years to undo the damage.
      We use to educate kids to be Americans.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Exactly what did you expect from a herd of mooseslimes.? ?

  17. HopeandChange2016 says

    What has race got to do with it?
    What is this comment about multi-culturalism?
    Did not Martin Luther King state that Americans should be judged by their character, not the color of their skin.
    So, why is race even a factor after 50 years, 3 generations and billions in educational expenses?
    Why are we concerned about multi-culturalism?
    Is it because the races have not assimilated into the American Culture?
    Citizens of this country should start being Americans. Any color barrier issues have been brought about by the refusal to assimilate.
    Americans should be judged by their ability to assimilate into our Judeo-Christian rooted Constitutional government.
    This liberal decision will continue to reward bad behavior by accepting less qualified character over more qualified character.

    1. brucethompson22 says

      It’s the obama/progressive/communist factor, divide and conquer.

      1. HopeandChange2016 says

        And that they have, divided us and conquered.
        Americans are now less than 50 % of voters.
        The balance now are un and non-American fighting to destroy a once great nation, under God.

  18. junkmailbin says

    the entire quota system yields mediocre results. Rather than have a highly skilled and intelligent workforce, student body, etc, you end up with a below average group of lazy people.We need to use the actual definition of equal as a standard. Any special stuff classifies you as substandard

  19. Ilene Mellin says

    This is a true story. I’ve tried out for the St. Paul police department twice. (I am not a veteran so I didn’t have a snowball chance in hell to get it) anyway I worked with a black man who was hired by the St. Paul police department. There was one thing though he couldn’t read or write. They sent him to school for a year to learn how to read and write while he was being payed – How many white veterans were sidestepped so this tragically unqualified minority could get this job? Affirmative Action is a disgrace to evey element of commonsense and justice.

    1. glock 19 fan says

      And that idiot is supposed to deal intelligently with the public? The politicians are dumber than he is. Or is that the purpose: stir up more trouble.

    2. Jarhead says

      Affirmative Action & PC Liberalism will kill us all or put us all in the Poor House, or both?

  20. raledbetter says

    So we are back to letting blacks with IQ’s of 19 get a college education-and they think that is the answer to their problems
    It’s just the beginning.
    When they enter the work force as college grads they are totally unprepared for the work world and drop out

    1. ringostarr1 says

      I am going to be a Contrarian, they will in all likelihood land a race or sex based set aside government position (as opposed to a job) and for the next 40 odd years that person will spend every hour of every week day making government less responsive and effective for us all. They don’t intend to do this it just works out that way.
      Help Wanted: A government employee who is willing to accept a high salary, enjoy generous benefits, with no risk of termination. Must be able to gossip on their cell phone, work crossword puzzles, and play fantasy football while appearing to preform their assigned duties. NO conscience citizen needs apply.

  21. TPM says

    Affirmative Action has been around too long. It gives an unfair advantage to people of color for college admission as well as for most government jobs.

    This program breeds ill will among races. It increases racial tension.
    When I see a person of color in a government job or at a university with otherwise high standards of admission, I think … TOKEN … someone who couldn’t make it on their own, without playing their race card. If you want to remove that stereotype, you must end affirmative action programs.

  22. David in MA says

    I wonder what the drop out/failure rate is for the Race-Based College Admissions group.

  23. Michael Dennewitz says

    And I think we ALL KNOW Mr Scalia DIDN’T die if natural causes!?! How many “mysterious” deaths have there been since the PMIC stole office????

  24. Jim Smith says

    Racial preference is OK if you are government. Racial preference is evil if you are an employer or just a plain citizen. Does a powerful Democrat, Southern politician such as Bill Clinton have the right to rape denied to we mere citizens?

  25. laulau says

    Why is diversity important when you have ignorant people in charge instead of an intelligent person.? Diversity does what to make our country great? The best man doesn’t win under these rules, so what is fair?

  26. imbog says

    Arizona has been punished for the so called racial profiling but the supreme court can us race as a factor legally and explain it with a “Play on words” instead of just saying we will be racist in this case because we want to …. It is pure racism .. This is is bull and the affirmative action is also racist because it uses race as a benefit for only one race

    1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

      You could say that affirmative action discriminates against whites, as it is contingent on color. It could be said of the Supreme Court that they also have “dirty hands.” John Roberts corrupted the Obamacare ruling by calling it a “tax” so it would be legal.

  27. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    Obama is a product of affirmative action. He is proof of how stupidity really works. Harvard must be really proud of that product.

    1. keren says

      Ever notice that Harvard NEVER plays up that Obama graduated from there? If one of your alumni became president of the United States don’t you think they would be shouting from the rafters???
      They are staying silent because he is a disgrace and a product of what happens when affirmative action is used as a criteria to admit someone to a color BASED on race.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        Al Gore is a Harvard grad and so is Lurch Kerry but only George W. Bush managed to graduate from both Yale and Harvard with a B average. While both Gore and Kerry exited with “Gentleman’s” C minuses. In fact Al Gore is so incompetent that he proved unable to rape a 60 year old Masseuse.

  28. Cookie Vranish says

    It is proof that the blacks are stupid! Even the Supreme Court knows they need a false handicap! Even after 50 years of this stuff and they still can’t catch up to the whites. And they have been dumming down since the Vietnam war!

  29. Art Hock says

    This is one of the reasons why this country spends more per student than anywhere else in the world but is down at the bottom of the scale in results. It doesn’t help to put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig just look at some of the professional athletes who can’t even speak English or write their name and many have college degrees.

  30. WhiteFalcon says

    The Supreme Court just proved that it is racist. What a surprise.

  31. millerstwo says

    Education in America has been on a steady decline since the late 1960’s ironically only a few years after the “Civil Rights Act” of 1964 was initiated.
    In the 1950’s America ranked 2nd in over all literacy in the 60’s we ranked 3rd, in the 70’s we ranked 5th, in the 80’s and 90’s we ranked 14th and today we’re ranked 24th…….hmmm something is amiss!

  32. Tiger says

    They have been free for 150 years. 150 YEARS. They still need help? They get Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, Free Medical you name it and they still need help? Why don’t we just put them in areas all together and take care of them like a big nursery school? Instead of allowing them to spread themselves all over this country? Put them in with the refugees and illegals. Then we know where they are and can subsidized them as we keep an eye on them.

    They ought to be ashamed.

  33. Gen11American says

    Non-citizens should NEVER be granted rights and privileges over US citizens for college admissions! As long as affirmative action is only used to give a leg up to generational minority Americans, I don’t have a problem with it, but if it’s going to be used to get leg ups to new immigrants for diversity purposes, I will never support it, and no other patriotic American should either! Excess “diversity” is destroying this nation because those being flooded in by the Obama Admin. do not share our values, nor our beliefs!

  34. Alan404 says

    Obama promised hope and change. I will let “hope” pass and address “change” which we have experienced. Unfortunately, “change” experienced has not been in the direction of improvement.

  35. John Gillis says

    Well, there’s still the route Fauxcahontas Warren traveled. You can lie about your American Indian heritage! Just don’t be a Republican and do it. You won’t be forgiven!

  36. PatriotParatrooper says

    So, if they can have race based admission, cause it’s not prejudice , ( sarcasm lumped on) then they shouldn’t have a problem with racial profiling. It’s race based too.

  37. Jack says

    “Does this mean,ALL lives matter,and NOT just black lives matter?? ANY/ALL sarcasm intended !!

  38. Obie Miller says

    I would ask—is the school actually more interested in graduating more intellectually competent students, or in the public”s view of their “diversity”!

  39. Alleged Comment says


    The Supreme Court members must all be removed for being racist. Even they should not be immune and Negroes should be complaining because this proves that even the Supreme Court looks down on them.

    So where is the riot Negroes? Lieberals have been making fun of you Negroes since 1965.

    You get in by MERIT not by being a MEGRO! So if you Negroes agree to the Supreme Court then you are racist.

  40. Valor says

    This should make it clear the danger a Hillary Clinton presidency would pose. She would appoint the kind of leftist judges that make up laws and trash what remains of the Constitution.

  41. glorybe2 says

    I actually listened to the Supreme court case on this issue on CSPAN. The issue was whether certain colleges could take exceptional circumstances into account when considering an admission. For example a student with good grades who came from a single parent home might get a bit of extra consideration is acceptance . Or a student with a serious health issue might also get the nod. As I understood it it neither insisted that other universities do the same nor punished the college for taking their position. So yes, one can still operate a university that only takes into account academic performance with no other criteria at all without fear of legal problems. That is sort of like the NFL. You make the team with proven performance or you do not. Other circumstances are not up for consideration. It was neither a liberal nor a conservative ruling at all.

  42. rowleya says

    Stop all Taxpayers funding of All Universities.

  43. Alan404 says

    I had earlier complimented The Court. Should I reconsider?

  44. Edd Eaton says

    How may of those allowed in to major colleges on these guidelines actually graduate? I remember doing a paper for school on the graduation rate of students enrolled through these guidelines. The graduation rate was very sad. Many students were not prepared for the rigors of coursework they undertook. Drop out and never go back to school. The numbers look good on paper, student enrollment up. The failure rate and the damage done is never talked about.

  45. maryclouse says

    Why I am shocked,>it’s an election year,and they want that Democrat
    in there.However, does a middle class young person get any extra
    points for working two jobs,and studying long hours,and keeping up
    their grade average to (3.9) to be able to get grants or loans?
    I think not,because, I watched my daughter give up almost her entire
    teen years& her early twenties,to become a successful Auditor.
    This is what I see,if you are poor and white,you must persevere and
    be really smart and study really hard,if you want extra points,but if your
    a minority,you already get extra points,just because of your
    skin color.Now that’s Discrimination at it’s best > {AFFIRMATIVE ACTION].

  46. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is now officially legal to discriminate against white people. The Obammunists have devoted eight years to the marginalization of caucasians, particularly heterosexual ones and practitioners of Christianity. As the scheme for population replacement by an obedient Third World lumpenproletariat is coming to its final fruition, they are now ready to move on to the next stage of displacement and dispossession. Unless we stop the demographic and cultural transformation that is now very far along, Armenia, Bosnia and Rwanda are in our future.

  47. OlGyreneFU says

    We might as well face the fact that our country is essentially no more we have let those elected to do this nations business in we the citizens name have sold it out in search of more to fill their pockets.

  48. Rick Rogers says

    Boy, Its been a rough week for you guys. This ruling. The smack down of the NRA on local gun laws, The Ruling against letting pharmacists “opt out” of dispense Plan B contraceptives on religious objections. The Ruling throwing out the Texas abortion restriction law. The Federal Judge that ruled Country clerks can not “opt out” same sex marriage licenses. Then we have the Supreme court refusing to consider a case that had to do with Public Unions. And then to top it off you have the House Benghazi Panel finds no evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.. You know that panel that was run by Trey Gowdy. Then you have the Audio Tape that was released that has Trump telling Marla Maples she needs to do something to “Take Care of the Pregnancy” that came from his affair with her. Wonder if that is where he got they idea for punishment for women that have abortions. Yep.. been a Rough week and its only Tuesday.. 🙂 OH and I almost forgot And To Top it all off Gallup poll showing The President job approval Rating at 53%.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      Well conservatives have suffered many set backs over the past 7 3/4 years. AAh but your turn is only 7 months away. Especially now that Obummers Executive order on immigration has been rejected. Stopping the flood of illegal voters. And as for the Benghazi report It is clear moron you hadn’t read the entire report. What you read is only that which the demo- rats. Like the ignorant Cummings was spewing. The report goes on to blame the entire Obama administration including Hillary Clinton, Now considering the inspector generals report Yes the Obama Demo rat nominated Inspector general. Who clearly said Hillary was in fact guilty . And the soon to be released opinion of the FBI investigation’s of Hitler. Its clear who the winner shall be YES D. TRUMP .Here’s one final point during the past 2 presidential cycles at this same point in time. The liberal Republican nominees were ahead. They lost Trump is in the perfect position . And shall win by a huge land slide. As for Obama’s favorably ratings. Like the unemployment rate and the stock market. It is all FAUX

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Liberal Republican??? NO such animal. You see they kill them before they get out of the nest. I have read the report That was written the GOP Panel.. I have also read the Pentagon report that say no one one told them to stand down. I have also seen the Congressional Hearing before Benghazi that Secretary Clinton told the Foreign relations committee that there was not enough money for Security but they cut it anyway.. I also read the statements by members of the Ambassadors Statt that he was in Benghazi to look at opening a fill Consultant which wasn’t a secure a location as the Embassy would have been. And I keep hearing on and own about some “FBI Investigation’ That she supposedly broke some law that was not even in place till she had been out of the State Department for about 20 months?

        But hidden beneath the GOP campaign is the fact that House Republicans voted to cut nearly $300 million from the U.S. embassy security budget. When asked if he voted to cut the funds this morning on CNN, Chaffetz said, “Absolutely“:
        O’BRIEN: Is it true that you voted to cut the funding for embassy security?
        CHAFFETZ: Absolutely. Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have — think about this — 15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, private army there for President Obama in Baghdad.
        And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces? When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices how to prioritize this.

  49. Ms D says

    I started school in the late 50’s, Desegregation was supposed to level the education field for minority students. Kids were bussed all over the country. Then we got ‘Affirmative Action’ which was supposed to ‘make up’ for the ‘disadvantage’ of minority applicants who did not ‘get an equal education’.
    Here we are, SIXTY years later and we are STILL trying to FIX a problem that can only be fixed by TEACHING the 3 R’s, history, civics, social studies, language (the ENGLISH Language) and Making ALL STUDENTS ACCOUNTABLE. Instead, we have dumbed down the subjects, allowed liberal/socialist propaganda to be taught, removed our Judeo-Christian heritage & history while teaching Islam to our children! The arts & physical education are being replaced by classes on sex & sexuality, and exceptions are made for Muslim ‘prayer requirements’ while Christian prayer is banned. Teachers are spending more time showing students how to ‘pass’ so-called ‘Assessment Tests’ than actually TEACHING the subject matter.
    Colleges and Universities should have one primary criteria for admission: ACHIEVEMENT. I think 60 years is more than adequate time for Students who want to Learn to do so and Teachers who want to Teach should be teaching them the subject matter to get into those colleges and universities on their Merit.
    As the generations come and go, we are losing our History, our Culture, our Freedoms, our Country. Younger people have no clue how this nation came to be the Greatest Nation in the World. They have no real understanding of the multi-faceted reasons behind the Civil War or how we fought Germany TWICE to stop them from world domination, or that we FOUGHT ENEMIES on TWO FRONTS in WWII and Maintained Freedom for ourselves and our allies. I doubt many of them know anything about other conflicts that our men & women have fought & died for to try to make life better for other people. And after we fought and defeated our enemies, we REBUILT their countries.
    A friend told me a story today that shows just how pathetic our education system has become. In a discussion about Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941), a young co-worker commented, “Yeah. That was a good movie!” My friend had to tell her that it wasn’t just a ‘movie’, it is our history. It Happened. Will 9/11/01 become just ‘a movie or story’? Have we ALREADY FORGOTTEN the UNPROVOKED ATTACK on our Nation by members of this ‘peaceful religion’? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Don’t Let the Madness Continue Unchecked.

  50. ironbiker says

    SCOTUS and Oblozo making our laws…guess they can’t READ,like maybe the U S Constitution

  51. bygeorge says

    Unconstitutional discrimination is now authroized in all white spaces

  52. Roy Bryant says

    I’m convinced that significant numbers of black people have made out very well, and made great accomplishments,in this country because of their very substantial abilities. I’ve seen it happen. But the court is saying the opposite. The court apparently believes that black people are not capable of making it on their own. Just think how far back the courts would have set race relations if, in 1946, they had forced a major-league baseball team to take on an inferior black baseball player, just because he was black, instead of letting that color line be broken by the Dodgers, in 1947, because they wanted to win more games, and Jackie Robinson, because of his superior abilities.

  53. junkmailbin says

    since we operate on the statement ” all men are created equal, there is no legal basis form special privileges for woman, minorities, gays, etc.
    All the special boost ahead programs discriminate against someone and turn everything into substandard crap

  54. laulau says

    The dumbing down of America. Pick the ones with low grades and let the qualified rot.

  55. Brent says

    If you want diversity, go to Wall Mart. Lets not destroy the will to succeed by giving everybody a reward just for being “present”.

  56. Edna Ethel says

    With a president who is half white and half black, one would “hope” that there would have been a big “change” in the racial divide during the last 8 years, but that is not the case. Instead, being black is still a solid “Trump” card that is played every day. Shame on the not-so-Supreme Court.

  57. daveveselenak says

    As far as I am concerned we haven’t been a nation ruled by law since our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” was implanted by the NWO-ists back in 2008; hence, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! These Godless Satan worshipping power mad ghouls are using their unconstitutional laws as a revolution against “US”!

  58. Mat50 says

    interesting in that in primary and secondary education, those championing their own race, especially blacks, are emphasizing separate schools or programs with color coordinated faculty, claiming it is more effective in producing good student outcome. So what’s wrong with higher ed?

  59. FloridaJim says

    We need a Conservative Court or Americas will be open borders, globalist lies and a bankrupt nation in 4 years.The fools in the court want a Marxist nation where social justice reigns and freedom is only a memory.This is opus last chance to save freedom for america and the world without America freedom vanishes everywhere it is hanging by one Supreme Court vote we need to right this at once.
    Freedom is unknown outside of America and melting as fast as the Arctic Ice Cap says Kerry after his wasted trip.

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