Target’s Gender Neutrality: How Far Can We Bend?


With the recent announcement that national retailer Target would be removing store signage that distinguishes between “girls” stuff and “boys” stuff, conservatives are beginning to wonder if there’s a breaking point. Is there any liberal concession too idiotic? Or are the American people incapable of seeing how ludicrous our culture is becoming?

The argument is that separating sections into these delineations enforces harmful gender norms and increases bigotry against transgenders and gender-neutral individuals. That seems like a tough pill to swallow, but you can’t expect to apply reason and logic to anything liberals do. They create the theory, they find “problems” that can be solved by following the theory, and then they solve them. And if Target’s move is any indication, corporate America is scared to death of challenging these imbeciles.

Thankfully, not everyone is so easily swayed. Outspoken preacher Franklin Graham criticized Target’s policy this week with a blistering rant on his Facebook page. “I have news for them and for everyone else,” Graham wrote. “God created two different genders. Jesus said, ‘Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female’ (Matthew 19:4). You can’t get any clearer than that.”

Graham’s Bible verse is hardly going to sway any atheists or liberals, but it certainly speaks to conservative Christians. His post accumulated more than 100,000 likes in only a couple of days. Whether his followers will go the extra step and boycott Target remains to be seen. If they do, it won’t be long before Target quietly puts their gendered signs back on the wall.

On the other hand, it’s insane to think that we actually have to go digging through the Bible to find reasons to oppose this nonsense. This is pretty basic stuff, no? Who, even a few years ago, could have imagined that the country we love would one day be unable to distinguish between men and women? This is progress? Hoo, boy.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with stamping out bigotry. Transgender teens should (obviously) not be subject to the bullying that is driving so many of them to an early grave. Love the sinner, hate the sin is a motto more Christians could stand to adopt. Mind your own effing business is another good one.

But see, the left won’t allow us these options. It’s not enough just to be “tolerant” anymore. No, we have to change the entire structure of our culture so that every last sexual minority feels welcome. We have to redefine the meaning of words so no one feels excluded. It’s a free-for-all where the only true sin is being part of the majority. Who knew that being normal was such a terrible crime?

Even an atheist can see where this is headed. You don’t have to believe that God created two different genders to know they exist. No one’s saying that every girl needs to wear pink dresses and play with Barbie dolls. No one’s saying that every boy needs to wear dirty jeans and play with Tonka trucks. These are social constructions, granted. But there is a world of difference between a girl who wants to climb trees and play football and a girl who insists she’s a boy trapped in the wrong body. The former is fine, the latter is…well, the truth is that we don’t know what the former is. And until we do, it’s rather premature to start putting six thousand years of civilized society through the shredder.

  1. MAHB001 says

    I think it is about time to remove target from my shopping list…

    Just too hard to find my toys, and it never made any sense when a store called Target, asked to be a gun free zone…

    1. real talk 1 says

      Thank you !!

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Wow! Two reasons to boycott that shathole! one step up from Wal-Mart, but at least Wal-mart still sells ammo. and manly toys.

    3. kotoc says

      LMAO!! Good one!!

    4. faturism says

      Target….gun free zone……..that is funny unless you consider that the targets are the shoppers and cashiers….just goes to show how ignorant the libs are and how inane the whole PC BS

    5. chief1937 says

      I would prefer to make them a customer free zone.

  2. Bobtrhn says

    They have surely come off my shopping list. their cards are cut into pieces and any advertisement I get from them through the mail gets returned to them. Screw them.

  3. oaking says

    If Target is truly going to be ‘gender neutral’ then they will need to have only ONE rest room or perhaps 3, Men, Women, Undecided.

    1. Phyllis says

      If this goes on they may only need one restroom as that is about how many customers they will have or maybe they should just cater to the gender neutral group…you know how many toys they will be buying at Christmas…

      1. Edward B. Levy says

        Well, PC is reaching the point of stupidity. When is enough enough! Can people not be capable of picking out what they want for children? Will bras be sold in Gender neutral Men’s Department Toys? I can pick what I want my children to have. If I want to dress my children in pin, blue, brown or whatever my choice! Target you have gone over the top and your merchandising team needs to find employment elsewhere. I choose to no longer be a TARGET customer. Back to Walmart, BELK, Sears, etc!

        1. real talk 1 says

          Whats dumb about this is people are discussing the shopping arrangements they should be fighting back this crazy protest this is how the liberals rule their lives go some place else to shop and target will tell political correctness to go to hell.!!

          1. glorybe2 says

            Go to any large retailer or Ebay and price cowboy boots. If the boots are for women there is one price. The price for the identical boot for men will be much higher even for the same sized boot. Companies can use gender identification to rip off shoppers. Many common practices are not in existence by accident but by scheming.

          2. J_R_K says

            I remember when I was 25, I had a female cousin who paid for a year of full coverage on her car the same as 6 months liability cost me for mine .. she had a nice, new car and I had a beat up old Plymouth.

            “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and every thing nice!
            What are little boys made of? Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails!”

            I’m over 60 now and all I have to do to hear a new version of that same old song is turn on CNN and listen to them and the Democrats talking about politics.

            The plan was for Hillary Clinton to run for president with that kind of thinking backing her up….. but it turns out, there are two legged female snakes in the world after all.

          3. IMSweetOlBob says

            I’ll sure enough try that to save a couple of bucks, but women’s boots in size 12 1/2 are hard to find.

          4. cvxxx says

            13-14.5 would be closer. The difference is close to one full size then there is width. When boot/shoes get too expensive custom made is often a better choice. Some manufacturers use different lasts for women’s than men’s.

          5. glorybe2 says

            You usually have to add two sizes to get womens’ shoes to fit men so you would start at 14 and one half. By having a different size standard for womens’ compared to mens’ shoes you can see the industry trying to play games with people in order to make more money. After all an inch fro a man is the same as an inch for a woman but not in measuring shoe sizes.

          6. faturism says

            Glorybe2 So I assume Bruce Jenner buys his boots under the name “Caitlyn” Geez, it’s amazing the lengths a person will go just for a discount

          7. Paula says

            You are absolutely right! If we all made the effort not to shop, watch, listen (whatever it is) to whatever company bowed down to self interest groups blackmail scheme…that would hit the company on it’s bottom line.

            I wrote this after I replied to your reply to me.

            Another thought:
            The only two companies I can think of off hand are Chick fil a and Hobby Holly that didn’t cave to a commie-liberal self interest group. Americans came out in support of those two companies. So when huge corporations would rather pay than be called names… it’s shame on them and boycotts would serve them right. No guts no glory!

          8. faturism says

            I go to Chick fil a and I’m vegetarian. They are so nice they’ll make a sandwich with veg and cheese…..of course everyone has a secret menu but If I’ve been running around all day and need a little something I’ll go there just to support them

          9. Paula says

            I support them as well. I support any business that will not cave to the liberal self interest groups!

          10. faturism says

            Right on. The people who work there could not be nicer or more helpful. That’s not just training, it’s a philosophy that obviously starts at the top.

        2. J_R_K says

          PC is not reaching the point of stupidity. It began at the point of stupidity. What is just reaching the point of stupidity is that segment of our society that embraces it as if it were righteous and noble to do so.

          I miss the good old days when Common Sense was more politically correct than communist mandated stupidity.

          1. faturism says

            You nailed it JRK Who would have thought that it would ever be cooler to be an ignorant, stupid lemming than an intelligent, logical person with common sense? It’s a world gone mad….. and I refuse to get my information from bumper stickers and comedy shows !!!

          2. Paula says

            That drives me crazy… comedians who so arrogantly pretend to be intellectual news pundits. I stopped watching them when their bias towards Bush was beyond cruel.

            I did check in from time to time after obama got the presidency… took 6 years before any of them made a crack at him! Politically Correct? More like fear!

          3. faturism says

            Get ready for the Hillbillery treatment……… crack and you too could be “Vince Fostered”

          4. elsiekforet says

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          5. J_R_K says

            I’m not sure that’s true … as I recall, he got criticized pretty heavily for swatting a harmless little fly. I guess the fly must have had his hands up, or something.

          6. IMSweetOlBob says

            Every farmer knows that a fly is impossible to fool. It will always find a pile of dung no matter how you try to disguise it.

          7. J_R_K says

            Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin … but then, they wouldn’t have imagined it for themselves personally any more than our current president and elite liberals would. They only imagined it for those whom they intended to subjugate, just like our current president and the Democrat party.

          8. faturism says

            Right again

          9. urstrange says

            Don’t be so hard on bumper stickers…I’ve had a bunch of them on my car before O.commie was selected the 1st time: All of the following reside on my V8 Grand Cherokee Limited: “Proud to be a Carbon Bigfoot” “Fight Gorebull Warnings!” A picture of the BOGUS POTUS and “Does this Ass make my car look big?” “B. O. Stinks!” ” When is Obama going to pay attention to his white side?” “Oh yes I can destroy America.” with a smug picture of the Obamanation. “Don’t blame me I voted for the American.” “2016 The End of an Error” “I Don’t Believe The Liberal Media” from Media Research Center, “Why do I have to push 1 for English?” “Don’t stand behind our troops? Feel free to stand in front of them.”, “The US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US” “Drill baby, drill”, ” Your wallet, the only place the Democrats are willing to drill.” and the piece d resistance, “Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife for President” Need to get: “Hillary for Prison.” You can get a LOT of information from the correct bumper stickers, political correctness be damned!

          10. faturism says

            urstrange, thank you for the chuckle… have some great ones there. The thing is, here in California the only thing more rare than a bumper sticker on the car of a Conservative/ Republican is a PRIUS without one !!!
            Love, love, love Why do I have to push 1 for English ” (like I said, this is Ca.)

          11. urstrange says

            Sorry you dwell in La La land…I thought all PRIUS (is that plural too or is it PRIUSI) came with the “co-exist” bumper sticker in Wiccan symbols, which actually explain why the car costs about $10,000 more than other cars of its size and style. You know how long it would take to recoup $10,000 of gas savings? Allows the enviro-loons to feel superior, especially since they lack superiority in intelligence. Go to and wig out on bumper stickers…lot of information on sticky paper…recycled to soothe the E-loons. Glad to make someone laugh, these are desperate and mirthless times for our Republic.

          12. faturism says

            OMG I hear the coexist sticker comes with your Cal. license plate……., I’m going to the cafepress now thanks for the tip

          13. dondehoff says

            J R K, let us expand that to read, “logic, deductive reason and common sense”.

          14. J_R_K says

            If common sense could be dissected, four things would be found: logic, deductive reasoning, critical thinking and truth. Of course, in our current politically correct environment the truth is that the second you mention critical thinking someone else, inspired by the propaganda induced insanity of illogical reasoning, will immediately conclude that you are a racist and/ or bigot. That’s the result of to many years of teaching kids what to think instead of teaching them how to think … and that’s how communist stupidity is overcoming common sense and destroying freedom.

        3. Phyllis says

          I thought Walmart made the same decision before Target…I do not remember what site I read that on…

        4. IMSweetOlBob says

          Belk, in Chattanooga, just fired a lady for stating her opinion of filthy ragheads. Then the property owners, CBL & Assoc. also jumped in the muslim praising water by banning her from the shopping center.
          Belk can get along nicely with NONE OF MY BUSINESS. If muslims are so important to them, let them survive with only that business.
          My religion does not command the death of anyone or the enslavement of all that do not belong !

          1. glorybe2 says

            If you are a Christian make note that your Bible actually does call for the death of some people. For example “Never suffer a witch to live.” is a very direct instruction to kill witches. I know the teachings of Christ are used to over ride OT stuff but not all Christians accept that. In the OT god, himself slays the first born children of an enemy of Israel. Judaism and Christianity as well as Islam all originate in the same area and all are fanatical religions. I am a Christian by the way but I confront the fact that the faith is fanatical. Any faith that was not fanatical in the Arab region of the world had no chance of survival at all.

        5. HadEnough says

          I’m With You, Edward and J_R_K !!!

        6. Margaret S. Tennant says

          I think PC stands for political communist. It has multiplied like guppies till we shake our heads and wonder where America is going or gone. It was suppose to be a city on a hill. It has turned into a city on a pile of DUNG. God help us all!

      2. delbert balling says

        Not how many toys; what type of toys.

        1. Jarhead says

          Look for a “CAIT” doll with Velcro genitalia so children can perform the
          “JENNER-IZATION” safely without using dangerous scissors in violation of OSHA regulations/rules/laws/memos/mandates/ etc.

          1. disqus_tObYqppPWg says

            Jenner refused to give up his “man parts”. He wants to keep all of his options open.

          2. IMSweetOlBob says

            That’s what I heard too, but then I heard that he wanted to make his voice more feminine. One easy way, Cait old ?girl?. Chop ’em off !
            Your addatitome operation ain’t gonna change your voice.
            I can’t wait till some lady see’s her stand up to pee, ala Mrs Doubtfire.

          3. cae973 says

            ha ha ha….good one

          4. JeanneD says

            You are always funny, Jarhead !

          5. Paula says

            OMG LOL I’m SO glad I don’t have little kids!

      3. Paula says

        It has become entirely ridiculous, frustrating & unnecessary for companies to cater to the few that find something wrong in everything!

        1. real talk 1 says

          Companies cater because dumb people cater they can only do what the people allow them to do !!

          1. JeanneD says

            We have to complain right away. It is going to take so much longer to find what we want.

          2. nevergiveup says

            Right! Stop buying from them. If they don’t have sales they can’t keep their doors open or they will change their position. The problem is, is that people complain but like it easy so they say, oh well we’ll just quick go to Target (or wherever) a minute.
            And so we keep feeding their ridiculous and destructive actions. So if we want it different we will have to put in the effort.

          3. real talk 1 says

            You have said it best if only others will pat attention to what you said thanks for that comment !!

          4. Paula says

            When people like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson (just using them as an example) can hustle companies into not being called “racist” they make the targeted companies bow down to their demands…and they make them pay. Back in the old days it was called Blackmail. Today it’s called Political Correctness.

        2. cvxxx says

          They do it to make money. If it does not work they quietly will go back. Plus with people ordering online and picking up in store and in some cases being able to see before traveling if the store has it in stock.

      4. real talk 1 says

        None !!

      5. guest says

        I’ve had it with Target’s liberalness and political correctness. Haven’t bought anything there in months. I lost a lot of interest the year their associates were told to not say “Merry Christmas” one year.

      6. 7papa7 says

        I would like to see as a starter Target get boycotted and on one day a week do NOT shop there. Take the busiest day of the week and refuse to go there and make sure they know why. After a couple of months of lost income they will get the point and probably go back to the way it was.

    2. 1 Fed Up American says

      Oaking This already exists at PLANET FITNESS a fitness chain out of Newington, NH. They are sa nation fitness chain are at least that how them bill themselves (they serve pizza). They have a policy that any individual member can use any locker room that matches THEIR gender identity. Meaning a Transgender Male with all his junk can use the Women’s locker room and he – it is protected by company policy. The Liberals are totally destroying the Moral Fabric of this once great country. When less than 1% of the total population that being Transgender can demand these kind of rights you have to know this country is toast.

      1. Deby says

        Again, read Saul Alinsky’s rules for communist takeover-which Hillary Clinton is a card-carrying member of that club and HAS been since her college days-her agenda has always been the same as obozo’s, but he got to try to destroy America first, since he is half-black and us stupid Americans are scared to death of being racists.

        1. Landshark says

          Careful Deby, there are idiots and Communist agents out there who call those of us who recognize the reality of the Communist conspiracy Right Wing Nuts and other disparaging names. They are terrified of the truth getting spread to the proletariat.

          1. Deby says

            Right, so it’s a good thing I just don’t care what the liberal commies think of me!

          2. Mollypitcher10 says

            The key is to not care what they call us. Sticks and stones…….

          3. Landshark says

            I don’t. Just fishing for a Commie. BTW, isn’t it funny the Communists in the old Soviet Union were called Right Wing by the US Press, aka, MSM.

        2. Paula says

          Brilliant move on his handlers… put an “acceptable” looking black man in the Oval office and DARE anyone to criticize his politics!

        3. cvxxx says

          obozo sure does not seem to like the white half.

      2. molly kennedy says

        It is toast because the majority of it allow it. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

      3. Edward B. Levy says

        According to “he-himself” everything is PC. With all of the scandals that MS Clinton has and keeps getting, as much as it hurts me to write, we will have another Clinton 2 term President. to many Republications in the pot, ripping each othe

        1. Sgt. York says

          Just remember it takes 11 men to make a team. Devilcrats have two guess that. Makes them the ping pong team.

      4. Sgt. York says

        Damn there goes window peepin all to hell. LOL

      5. Paula says

        I’m glad I read what you wrote…. I am new to this area and was going to check out Planet Fitness. I’ll stick to the YMCA.

        You probably now this, but in case you or others want to know more about it:

    3. TPS12 says

      Maybe they should go with new signage for bathrooms, one with, Bathroom with Urinals the other Bathroom with Toilets. Oh and on their job applications they should also drop all references
      to Race and Gender it should just say are you a person?

    4. classicshar says

      Quick note; some retailers, etc already do…and same for fitting rooms. I won’t go there.

    5. John Gore says

      Lmao! Damn that’s funny!

    6. lovezion says

      HAHAHA! This era is the absolute craziest in centuries!!! And they
      don’t stop ever do they? What’s the next weird change I wonder??? I
      think most of the homosexuals are so as a vice, something for them new
      to experience simply because they all have so much of everything they
      have to find meaning in their pathetic lives and thus they commenced and
      are propagating this senseless activity.

      Now those who are born that way physically and/or mentally….there’s professional help for both. I hadn’t seen at all their NYC Gay Parade, but in watching one TV program
      discussing this they showed a clip of it and IT IS BARBAROUS how they
      dressed, what they did, what they shouted, an absolute disgusting thing
      to see. It seems the majority of them are simply too repulsive!

      Yes Target you, like an obedient servant to the lowliest of them all, will
      get……how far??? God help us all from these unhinged, deranged

      What hurts the most is not so much that they are so irrevocably demented BUT that gov. officials do nothing to stop this asylum parade because . . . . they themselves are made of the same putrid material!!!

    7. chief1937 says

      Better idea let target go under with their nonsense.

  4. jerry young says

    they put a target store at the mall in our area about 5 years ago, I have been there maybe 6 times and have almost never found anything I wanted or needed! not a store that I would shop at ant this gives even more reason

  5. mdrod1 says

    America, just stop shopping at Target like I did a LONG TIME AGO!!!!! Not only is Target incompetent at keeping your personal info secure, they now think they are qualified to change the recognized genders of our species and all for MONEY!!!!! What TOTAL spineless scumbag profiteers!!!!! When will this end???!!! We are actually letting a bunch of libtard progressives change the basics of our civilization!!! This is INSANE!!!!! You don’t let imbeciles dictate the future of our species!!!!! It is like these idiots sit down everyday and brainstorm about what are the stupidest, most nonsense filled ideas that they can FORCE on the American people and get away with!!!!! What is worse, is that many Americans just go along with it!!! I am talking about the uninformed American and not the incredibly stupid liberal progressive!!! THINGS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE!!! OR ELSE OUR SOCIETY IS DOOMED!!!!!

    1. Jerry Hughes says

      They are not progresives, we need to stop calling them peogressive, liberal garbage is good.

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        PROGRESSING in the WRONG DIRECTION is considered ‘progress’ by delusional Commies!!! ~ It’s a ….MENTAL DISORDER!!!

        1. real talk 1 says

          You have certainly hit the nail on the head these people are sick mentally that’s no shi–tt !!

      2. real talk 1 says

        Liberal garbage trash how about this one bullshitt !!

    2. Karen Gaddy says

      I absolutely agree! We need to stand up for ourselves. When the Alabama Sorority girls were criticized for being too white, they caved and took their pictures down. They should have stood up to that butch and said we are proud to be who we are. Being proud of being white doesn’t stop anyone else from being proud to be who they are. We need to stop apologizing for who we are. I think that is why Donald Trump is resonating with so many people. He admits who he is and does not back down and apologize.

      1. Deby says

        Right ON girlfriend!

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Is BET too black, Ebony magazine too black, NBA too black???? Oh that’s right, we have been fundamentally transformed.

      3. ROBERT says


    3. real talk 1 says

      We have to change this crap we allowed it now we have to change it because it don’t work political correctness will destroy you all !!

    4. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Well said!!

  6. icetrout says

    breaking point is Targets bottom line…. it’s off to Chinamart for school shopping for the kids where there’s a BOYS DEPARTMENT FOR BOYS & A GIRLS DEPARTMENT FOR THE GIRLS! Hear that U stupid Target Queers! They all must be on drugs like their leader…..

  7. rightsright says

    Did I not read that either a Muslim is the CEO or Target is Muslim owned? I can’t remember which it is but I already have stopped shopping there, because I am sick to death of what is happening to our country, knowing full well that it all starts from the White House with Communist Valerie Jarrett, Barack(ackBar) Obama and all of his Czars working in secret to “fundamentally change America”! Population changed by flying illegals in that no one is talking about, because the borders aren’t allowing the change to take place fast enough for the next election. God Bless America! The liar in the White House was placed there, not honestly elected, and a 6 layer birth certificate and using another person’s social security number just does not add up to a vetted Commander in Chief. Nor do his actions, of destroying our Military, dissing our Constitution, ignoring our Vets, installing a phony Health Insurance/not healthcare, working with Soros to finance phony riots, encouraging and demanding politically correctness, initiating Communism within the Democrat party, waging a war on Christians, just to name a few. How disgusting it is to picture a young girl sharing a bathroom with a perverted man, and it make me angry what is being done to diminish dignity and respect for human life, while the elitists enjoy the luxuries provided by the law abiding tax payers!

    1. Deby says

      you are correct on all of your points, except one-obozo isn’t the one who “initiated” communism within the dumbocratic party as it was stealthily introduced long before that-he is merely the puppeteer chosen to systematically infiltrate communism/socialism into the American government because it was decided by Soros and his facist friends that it was time to do so. as the “first black” American president, people would have to deal with plenty of other issues and maybe overlook -and this has happened-what he is REALLY doing to America-fundamentally changing it-exactly as he promised. We the true American people need to stop this descent into hell and I think that time will be soon.

      1. ROBERT says

        As soon as Trump becomes the next President !!

  8. Jerry Hughes says

    I don’t care what Target does, I don’t care if they change back, I’m through with them, I am sick of hearing tis grabge and am going to just leave it with the idiots that do this nonsense

  9. delbert balling says

    Target has been targeted. No more here!

  10. Terry Rushing says

    Target is a corporate entity that I have never interacted with. Their stupid “gun free” policy confirmed my evaluation and this latest just adds fuel to the fire. News to the effect that Target was going out of business would not even get a ho-hum from me.

  11. Lorraine E says

    Probably we won’t have to worry about target too much longer because our country has deteriorated beyond the condition of Sodom and Gomorrah and our future does not look good.

    1. real talk 1 says


  12. Lucilla says

    It’s unfortunate Target has gone this low. I have shopped there frequently. NOT ANY MORE!!! I will also encourage my family and friends not to shop there. It is so hard to understand how evil liberals are. I’ts as if they have no morals and always side with evil.

  13. 1 Fed Up American says

    I say we call a Nation Boycott against Target and with the problems they are having as it is financially this just might wake up the Idiotic management decision and if nothing else the stockholders might just take notice of declining sales and profits. When a small percentage of Liberal hacks can sway a Billion dollar corporation to change there merchandising practices to something this ridiculous we know this country is in deep SH*T>

    1. JeanneD says

      Don’t worry, people will put up with it just so long when it takes longer to find what you are looking for in Target. You are right about where this country is, at the moment ! Hold on until Nov. ’16, when hopefully, it will “right” itself !

  14. peter says

    Target is totally ridiculous but their liberal shit never surprises me

  15. junkmailbin says

    so long to shopping at Target

  16. Jr1776 says

    Our Country is in the toilet, and all we can talk about is gender crap ?

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      THE BEST place to start ‘flushing’ is…..WASHINGTON, DC!!!

      1. JeanneD says

        Amen !

    2. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

      Obummer put us in the toilet and if the hillercow is elected, she will pull the handle!

  17. bob says

    Relax Francis. The dolls are still in one place and the trucks are grouped together in another. Cheezitz Chreyest. If it wasn’t announced no one would have noticed a difference at all. Get a life.

    1. Valor says

      That’s not the point. The point is this never ending political correctness crap that is spreading like a deadly cancer through out our nation. I stopped going to Target several years ago when they denied the US Marines the ability to collect toys for the Toys For Tots program. Seems Target thinks Marines in Uniform are “controversial”. Their stores are also gun free zones, another bow to political correctness. I have had it up to my eyebrows with this PC B.S.! Get a life? With PC dictating how we speak, what we think, what we can or cannot buy, what we should tolerate and not tolerate, who the hell has a life anymore?

      1. bob says


    2. Erin Dougherty says

      Exactly Bob. Sad that so many get distracted with worrying about this kind of nonsense rather than improving themselves and the country.

      1. Valor says

        Political correctness never improved anything.

        1. real talk 1 says

          The very words political correctness should tell us something since when did politicians ever get anything right but when they give them selves raise’s that’s to give them power and for you to let go Christianity,They are now our lords they say what the creator meant even if it’s a lie includ the supreme court they change the meaning of words they are your Gods !!

        2. Erin Dougherty says

          Why do you think this is about political correctness? It’s just capitalism.

      2. molly kennedy says

        By worrying about this “nonsense” and doing something about it will improve our country.

        1. Erin Dougherty says

          How’s that Molly? Explain it to me.

          1. molly kennedy says

            If you don’t worry about something you just let everything go, if you worry and care you do something to improve what is going on. Look at black lives matter, why aren’t the Christians up in arms about what radical Islam is doing to Christians. Why aren’t we doing Christian lives matter. Attitude in this country seems to be “Why worry, be happy.”

  18. Debbie says

    Target has the right to do what they want (free market ) but I have the right to spend my money where I want. So me and my dollars will go somewhere else. I look at it as Target bending under pressure of a few.

  19. Richard Tubbs says

    As a veteran and now a civilian engineer, I am amazed at the ignorance and hate in these comments. Everyone here talks about what is wrong with this or that. I ask you to look at yourself and tell me what is so wrong there that you must hate those you have never met. My friends did not die in combat for you to hate your neighbors.

    1. Erin Dougherty says

      Thank you for your service.

    2. Jim says

      I am a combat veteran myself. I have lost family members in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. I myself lost some close friends in Beirut. I will not dishonor their sacrifice by being silent about what’s REALLY going on here. From the outside, this thing looks like some nice, warm and fuzzy inclusion policy. What’s really happening is the fulfillment of the agenda of the left. One of the most important goals of the left is to strip away individuality and make everyone the same. One very effective way of doing this is by making the case that somehow gender distinctions are sexist. Uniformity is the goal because once we are all the same we will be easier to rule and control. This Target thing is not about equality. It’s about control. It’s that simple. If we lie down and roll over, it will continue until we wake up one day and we will all be dressed the same and thinking the same thoughts. This not about hating one’s neighbors. This about refusing to allow one’s neighbors to bulldoze the rest of us in order to set up a system of complete control where only those few neighbors benefit at the expense of the rest of us.

      1. Richard Tubbs says

        Personally, I do not care what dumb thing Target or any other company decides to do to bluster sales. Private companies have their right to run as they wish. IMO what you are worried about sounds like conspiracy theories and I have no time for such. I only speak to how we as a people are treating one another.

        1. Jim says

          Open your eyes. This thing has been going on since at least the 1960s, maybe longer. This is no conspiracy theory. Target is doing this in response to some focus group that told them that they would sell more toys if they made their store “gender neutral”. It’s all about the bottom line, and if your group can yell the loudest then private businesses will panic and go along with any moronic thing they are told to do. As for how people are treating one another, the left is the most guilty of being nasty to those with whom they disagree.

      2. Erin Dougherty says

        No, actually it’s just about selling more toys. No other agenda.

        1. Jim says

          Don’t be naïve. Look at the bigger picture. Re-read my post and then think about how the left has been slowly pushing their agenda, step by step. This is something that has been going on for at least the past 50 years if not longer.

          1. Erin Dougherty says

            Let’s assume you are correct, and that there is some agenda behind Target’s move with how they stock the toy section of the store. What do you think will happen? That this will turn boys into transsexuals, women into lesbians or something? These things don’t work that way, even if there was a hypothetical agenda at play.

    3. kotoc says

      We’re not “hating”…. we’re disagreeing. Have you never been in an argument before?

  20. Erin Dougherty says

    Oh, please calm down. This is all just a marketing action – by removing the gender designations in the stores, they hope to be able sell more toys.

    1. Jim says

      Target was told by some focus group that removing gender designations would increase sales. It’s the old, “if you do this, I’ll be your friend” thing. The agenda is much darker though, and if you don’t see what the left is trying to do you’re not paying attention. This is one of the most important goals of the left. They have been trying to enforce sameness for years. They want everyone to be uniform, no distinctions. If everyone is the same, then everyone will be easier to rule over and control.

      1. Erin Dougherty says

        I could believe that a focus group concluded with that advice, and that Target followed it…to make money.

        1. Jim says

          That’s basically what this is: All about the bottom line. If a small group is vocal and loud enough, they can bully a store into doing whatever they want them to do for fear of losing money.

  21. daveveselenak says

    They must feminize the men so that the NWO-ists will have no opposition to their complete domination! FUK THEM, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! We either start realizing this and start communicating this message or get down on your knees and beg for your scant sustenance that they will afford you!

  22. Aunt Dot says


    1. Lastings says

      I think your caps lock button is broken.

  23. Jim says

    One of the goals of the left is to make everyone the same and get rid of individuality. This makes it easier to rule the masses. One of the ways they are achieving this goal is the removal of all “gender specific” things. This is done in the name of “diversity” and “equality” but it has a much more sinister purpose. Read your Bible and you will see examples of this. One example: The Holy Temple was made of stones that were carried to the site and placed together. The stones were all different shapes and sizes. The tower of Babel was built from uniform bricks, each one the same as the others. The left are the modern communists. They want everyone and everything to be the same. Why else would they rail against the American spirit of Rugged Individualism? Once this goal is accomplished, they will have us dressing the same, eating the same food, etc. When you kill the individuality, you kill the INDIVIDUAL. Uniform masses are much easier to rule over and control because once everyone is the same through and through, we will all be inclined to think the same. This world is looking more and more like Orwell’s “1984” every day.

    1. Deby says

      and the basic “rules” of communism.

      1. Jim says

        That is EXACTLY what communism is about.

  24. uchsamin says

    Gender neutral,…..hhhmmmmmmm,…I guess the next step for them is one restroom?
    Lets see what kinds of issues that will bring,…rape?,….magnet for pedophiles,….how will they fix that?
    Back to separate restrooms?……the cycle of insanity continues.

    1. Erin Dougherty says

      Typical sex-fixated nonsense. What does how the sections of the store aisles are designated have to do with what you’re freaking out over? Calm down already.

      1. uchsamin says

        Another from the live free and nothing matters crowd. Hey witch, I know your one of the idiots who say Obama’s gay? so what who cares what happens in the bedroom, thats his business and it does not affect his work,…..or that hillary is a lesbian with the same defense. The US is in a downward spiral because of your way of thinking.
        Its people like you who vote for fools like obama & hillary & kerry and is why this country is being judged.

        Here is what the GOD who made everything says about the matter:

        “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.
        In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
        Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.
        They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless.
        Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” This is written about the insane people who run Target.

        1. Erin Dougherty says

          I’m happy to hear that you have a telephone to God and all, but you didn’t answer my question. Why do you think this has anything to do with gay sex? That’s just a strange reaction to a marketing plan.

          1. uchsamin says

            Can you think beyond vote democrat, watch porno, and party?
            If so, ponder the gender neutral idea, who it came from, where it originated, where it will lead.
            Then go to your local library, check out a bible (which is God’s laws for living to you), blow off the dust, then read. Start at Leviticus 18 and stop at 21. Try to think how the laws apply to life.
            Tell me what you think God message would be concerning “gender neutral”.
            This is your homework assignment.
            By the way,…the bible is his word to us. Maybe your democrat controlled education system taught you there is a phone number to God?…..let me correct you. He speaks in many ways and we listen in prayer. Got it? Understand? or is it a little to difficult for your little teeny, tiny pee brain to comprehend?

          2. Lastings says

            I think you got yourself a little stuck on Leviticus there. It is amongst the least relevant books in all of the Bible, but folks like you love it because it says the things you want to hear. read a little closer, you’ll find that you ignore many things in that book on a daily basis.

            Instead of focusing on that book of hate, why don’t you fast forward over to the new testament and read the words of Jesus Christ. Maybe he can teach you to love. Of course this only applies if you are actually trying to learn something from the Bible instead of just using it as a tool to support your hate-fueled tirades.

          3. uchsamin says

            How do you square your view of God’s word with this statement?
            ” For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” Let me try to educate the ignorant. God wiped man from the earth in the time of Noah. God hates? You bet he does. He hates sin.

            At mount Sinai when he was giving Moses the rest of the laws, Israel was down their breaking the 1st commandment. What did God tell Moses when he came down and saw what they were doing? God wanted to KILL them all and start over again through the line of Moses. Does God get angry? YES. After the commandments were given for people to obey the 7th day sabbath a man was found gathering wood. He was killed for that sin. When Korah rebelled against Moses’s authority, the earth opened and swallowed him, all he had and his family.

            Does GOD get angry? Does he hate? Yes he does. The things in the past happened as examples and were written for us living in the last days.

            You do not know God or what he expects of us. You have no idea what awaits you and those like you who shun his words. The day will come when your knee will bow before him and unless you seek him and repent you will remember these words:

            “As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

            Thats right, I (like God) hate. Go back to watching your pornography, getting drunk and continue carousing. Continue to ignore the God who created all and gave you life. Your time is short and it will be soon taken from you.

          4. Lastings says

            How do I square myself with God? I repent my sins and ask forgiveness. I don’t chastise others for their sins because, as the man says, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  25. Deby says

    Except for maybe the extreme radical lefties, (which unfortunately are many) does the liberal left have absolutely no rational, logical thinkers among them? Seems unlikely-but things are getting so ridiculous and over the top crazy that I hope something has to change-2016 seems so far away!!!!!

  26. kotoc says

    I went to a Target store… once. I was disappointed in how mismanaged it was, and I saw NOTHING that interested me, so I left empty handed. I’ve never been back since. This news doesn’t shock me, nor will it affect me, since I made up my mind a long time ago that if I want relatively inexpensive stuff, I’ll go to Walmart.

  27. mike slaney says

    Feminism at its best, TARGET, coming to a store near you!

  28. Lastings says

    Every one of you on this chat board is incredibly stupid.

    1. kotoc says

      Why do you say that, Lastings? Could you explain… please be specific, so we can make fun of YOU.

      1. Lastings says

        You guys all think that target removing a sign is some sort of personal attack on you. Contrary to your belief, target doesn’t give a shit about you. Target is a retailer. The only thing they care about is making their shareholders happy, and the only thing that their shareholders care about is making money. And, frankly, they don’t care about your opinion, because you all shop at Wal-mart.

        1. Deby says

          Hold on there jacko! NOW you are attacking Walmart??? Sigh, when will it all end? Jan 17, 2016, that’s when. OH, and BTW, you are the incredibly stupid one here. Bye Bye now.

          1. Lastings says

            Sorry, I didn’t know it was an attack on Wal-Mart to suggest that you shop there. My apologies if I have offended Wal-Mart.

          2. Lastings says

            what happens on Jan 17, 2016?

          3. kotoc says

            I think what Deby was referring to is when Obama leaves the White House.

          4. Lastings says

            pretty sure that won’t be happening on Jan 17, 2016.

          5. Deby says

            You and your crazy ilk LOSE, America wins.

          6. Lastings says

            Why do me and my crazy ilk lose on that date?

          7. Deby says

            LOL boy does THAT sting!-uhh, NOT

        2. kotoc says

          Contrary to what you might think, this issue ISN’T about gender separation, it’s about how Target is catering to a “politically correct” bunch of whiners that think we shouldn’t make a transgender feel strange by distinguishing which is male and which is female clothing. Seriously, what do WE care what someone chooses to wear? But let’s just say that 99% of the women dress like women. and 99% of the men dress like men. I am a woman, but I’ve bought men’s tennis shoes for myself on several occasions because I didn’t care for the colors or styles in the women’s shoe department. And I don’t wear frilly, lacy clothing, and generally prefer tee shirts in the men’s department. This doesn’t make me a transgender, though, and it’s silly to think it should be offensive to me that I’m looking in the men’s dept. for something I like to wear.

    2. Deby says

      Pray tell libbie, enlighten us then with your “wisdom” waiting…

  29. real talk 1 says

    Target will only need the one restroom I can shop else where good bye target !!

  30. Oldawg70 says

    Queer Logic just keeps gaining steam…because WE allow it, same with Islam and Liberalism in general! This country is imploding and all we do is whine…no longer a question of “if” but rather “when”!

  31. Billy Belcher says

    I think they are doing the wrong thing in doing this because a guy does not want to buy something that a girl wears an makes him look stupid .i think the whole idea is outrageous.
    i am 24 years old an don’t like the idea i also go to college too
    if they did that the guys would be going in the rest rooms that was for male or female a female might be going to the rest room or in a booth or something i know sure would not like it.
    i think TARGET is really making the wrong decision
    of course they are going to do it any way even though the people object to it
    Billy Belcher

  32. SouthernPatriot says

    I won’t go to Target. But much more important than that, my wife and other families members who really spend the money, won’t be going to Target.

    A few years ago Target prohibited the Salvation Army from setting up red kettles in front of their stores. Target’s decision was going to cost the Salvation Army millions at their only fund raising of the year. Stepping in make up that shortfall was WalMart who allowed the Salvation Army to set up more kettles for many more days, more than making up this shortfall. I would guess if there are good marketers at WalMart, they are presently thinking how they can capitalize on this stupidity of Target once again.

  33. molly kennedy says

    Let’s just not shop there, loss of money brings people to their common sense. Or we could bombard the Corporate office w/emails

    1. Deby says

      Or, how about a “peaceful” demonstration? You know, with banners and war paint, etc? I think that is the only thing some people even attempt to relate to these days.(major sarcasm here)

      1. molly kennedy says

        No, Target will relate to loss of revenue

        1. Lastings says

          Which they will not lose any of. Target is a money making machine.

  34. Gail says

    Target does not need me as a consumer anymore! I am so tired of this PC! Yes, it would be nice if Target and some of the other large Big Box stores, would identify what department you are in! Ex: Girls, Juniors, Misses, boys, teen boys, men. But, we sure do not need to identify if someone is a transgender! How many transgender shop at Target? That would be the question…. will that bring in more customers to your stores? Or will this chase away other customers who are tired of all of this PC control!

  35. Steve Huntsman says

    They must think there is enough catlin jenners to keep them in business………….

  36. rivahmitch says

    The article poses the wrong question. The real question is “Why should we bend?” It’s been said that “Truth can stand on its own. Only deceit requires government support.”

    As the old question goes, “Who are you going to believe, some shyster (with or without its robe) or your lying eyes?” I’ll opt for my eyes and common sense every time.

  37. Gail says

    Boy o boy, do I miss the good ole days! Where I did not have to be concerned if a person was gay, transgender and having to be politically correct on everything. Ex: people who want to call themselves African Americans (dah…really) do they truly know if they came from Africa, even if their initial roots of over 200 years ago, would make them of African heritage. Does that make me Euro-American because my ancestors came from parts of Europe! We have got to stop all of this PC, it is tearing the very fabric of this country apart! We are all “AMERICANS”…that is the only banner anyone should be caring about! WE to do need anymore hypenating to identify who we are!

  38. fred says

    Could we please ease the pressure of this PC world? Other countries celebrate the differences of the sexes, we only seek to make this a gender neutral country because of some very vocal fringe groups! Stop it and let girls be girls, and boys be boys fgs!

  39. Chris says

    No more separate public bathrooms they will all be coed.

    1. kotoc says

      I’ll just hold it until I get home, then.

  40. Douglas says

    Enough of this nonsense, if you were born a boy then your a boy, and if you were born a girl then your a girl. There is was no mistake when you were born people. The only mistake is allowing the LGBT organization to continue in its decitful ways in confusing you into questioning your own gender. The LGBT organization is just an satanic cult trying to push there evil and wrong behaviors on us. It is a shame that people of this country will not stand up and shut down this evil organization. Instead would rather just be conformed to there nonsense. This among some other things will be the cause of the destruction of this once fine country. All I can say is what happen to America, a once great nation? American wake up before it’s to late!!!

    1. Erin Dougherty says

      *What* are you talking about? Who said this has anything to do with LGBT people?

  41. phil62 says

    Target – bend it over far enough to stick it up your ass. Go to hell you French Socialist PIGS!

    1. Erin Dougherty says

      Haha, you do know they were founded and still are headquartered in the Midwest? 😉

    2. Lastings says

      They’re not French. You’re an idiot.

  42. paulrph1 says

    I believe Target is French owned? Don’t shop there much and probably will even less now.

    1. Lastings says

      No, they aren’t.

      1. paulrph1 says

        Checked it out myself. Snopes says that Target is not French owned. Thank you. But it still will not change my shopping. They join JCPenny in my shopping.

  43. Landshark says

    HOW FAR CAN WE BEND? The gay community and the Communist conspiracy that encourages their outrageous demands will not be happy until we bend over and let them have their way with us and our children. Change is happening to America and it is leading to hopelessness, thank you, you faggot, BHO.
    This changing,(fundamental transformation) of America will lead to a bloody mess, just as the racial agitation set in motion by the Obama administration is leading in that direction. FU Target. FU Obama.

  44. sharon says

    After working for Target, I would never purchase a thing for them again. They treat employees like trash, and they way overcharge everyone. Shop around you will find better bargains.

    1. JeanneD says

      Thank you for the advise, Sharon. Will do.

      1. sharon says

        I know one thing about Target they are very racists against Americans born in America.

        1. JeanneD says

          Is Target a French based company, Sharon ? I read somewhere that they were.
          The French do not like Americans even though our troops freed the country during WW2. They may have short memories or they don’t study history much like our kids. (Or do you mean they aren’t kind to our African American citizens ?)

          1. Lastings says

            No, target is based in Minneapolis, MN. Originally owned by the Dayton Corporation. Their top 5 shareholders are all American. Instead of being dumb, you should use your internet to learn something, instead of insulting an entire country. Many French people do not like Americans because many Americans, like yourself, walk around like ignorant jackasses insulting others without having any idea what they are talking about.

          2. sharon says

            I don’t know but they hired the worst jerks they can find to run the stores, they are rude and mean to employees. They just tell you it’s company policy if your 1 minute late, you can get fired, and your not allowed to punch in even one minute early either.  If your not in customer service your not allowed to talk to customers,or each other except about the store business. I hated that job and the store. I will never shop that again.

          3. JeanneD says

            I’m sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience working there and I hope you are happier where you are now situated. Sometimes the person who is just over you in importance, can let it go right to their head. I always tried to be right on time and never left early because if the time ever came when I HAD to do one or the other, the “boss” would know it was really necessary because I NEVER cut my time before. I’ll bet they don’t keep their help very long with such a stiff atmosphere. Keep smiling, Sharon. it has to get better and hopefully, it has.

          4. sharon says

            What did it for me is when they fired a lady an older lady that had been there for ten years, for clocking in one minute early. They noticed she has been getting slower she had hurt her leg in a fall. So they went after her, I watched it unfold and it just made me sick. She had no other income but her job and she was alone. They did this to many older workers there. I would never shop their again.

        2. Lastings says

          you’re an idiot.

  45. 63Marine says

    With their decision, my ENTIRE family has stopped shopping there. I have discussed this with my neighbors and they are no longer shopping there.
    Target just “shot themselves in the foot” with this stupid choice.

    1. bob says

      Sorry that toys cause this much disruption in your shopping life. I will pray for relief for you and your family.

  46. TAM44 says

    Appeasing the LGBT will cost you idiots in the future, and I hope it cost you dearly. What a bunch of idiots you are to piss of your regular costumers to show favor to those who cannot make up their mind as to what the hell they are.

  47. Rev. Walking Turtle says

    Recommended reading “The Spirit and the Flesh : Sexual Diversity in American Indian Tradition” by Walter L Williams. ISBN 10: 0807046027; ISBN 13: 9780807046029

    Opinion: Time to GET OVER IT.

    Fact: This “Gender Thing” has been beaten, chewed and derided to death by clueless wasichu academics, authoritarians and religionists of the Dominant Culture and their hordes of sycophant since “divide and conquer (or at least paralyze) rose to prominence in American governance. Friends, you are all imvho being GAMED on yet another IRRELEVANCY..

    Fact: If one wishes to master any thing, one must be MORE REAL than it.

    Fact: First/Native/Indigenous Americans of many nations have had to deal with this very phenomenon from LONG before the Lost Strangers with their outlandish Tall Ships, gunpowder, incessant warfare waged against Just Anything etc hove into view off America’s continental shores.. Just like the “White People!” It is nothing new. Herman Melville wrote “Billy Budd” to bring some of that level of human existence to light, methinks.

    So they coped. In different ways, according to their well-established traditions. Some of What Works just might prove to be New Ideas to the Telly-Vision-driven sort. 😉

    “The Spirit and the Flesh” by Williams shows HOW. First-hand, already. Nation by nation. GOOD for the EDUCATION! GOOD for the Mental Health! GOOD for the SOUL!

    Available in used condition for SHORT Money from MANY online book dealers. To wit:“the+spirit+and+the+flesh”. Prices start at a couple of bux plus shipping.

    Opiniohn: There is NO valid excuse for the curently-prevailing sensationalism and its underpinnings of abject ignorance, Beloveds! So GET the BOOK already and learn a little – this fear-driven sociocultural media-herding roundy-round is already FAR TOO OLD.

    Fact: I did MY homework. Others reading this can now do theirs. Turn to and enjoy! And that is all. 0{:-o[

    1. J_R_K says

      I like to think of myself as pretty sharp on most days …. but I didn’t understand a word of that.

      1. bob says

        I have to agree.

      2. Rev. Walking Turtle says

        Well, it *is* a New Concept from a fair swath of ancient human cultures that, sadly enough, is not well-represented in the mainstream public schools. No fight; no blame. But believe me: If my little posting actually popped your mind’s boundaries as you have described, the recommended BOOK’ll just expand ’em beyond anything y’ever saw afore.

        References to Dr. Williams’ work in the field can be found on Wikipedia. Here’s the direct link:

        As to “The Spirit and the Flesh”: The read, I think, will reliably help one prepare for life outside the media-driven Culture Bubble that the red+white+blue “American Dream” serves to reinforce. It adds perspective that no mainstream channel can touch, really. Inasmuch as one must remain asleep to enjoy said dream, I bid you Good Morning, my friend! (Coffee…? 🙂

        It’s a very well-written treatment of the currently “hot” contemporary matter from various Native American cultural perspectives. Deep, too. (Different Nations, different cultures, different approaches. Such a spectrum!) NO fluff. So: In for a penny, in for a pound, ain’t that right?

        Abebooks is a little-known though old-line genuine Web resource anyway. Recommended at the price, if only to Go Window-Shopping online. I have found MANY books through that broker that I had despaired for literally years of ever holding in my hands again. Williams’ volume is only one of them.

        Aside: The various classical works of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton are mighty fine too. (Plenty on His Lordship on Wikipedia too, of course.) 😉 So:

        Here’s hoping that this touch of feedback helps ease your initial disorientation and contributes somewhat to the ol’ Lifelong Education. Have a GOOD’un! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

        1. J_R_K says

          You know, as I recall, the two most popular saying among white people in the 1960’s were: 1) Some of my best friends are black and 2) My grandmother was a Cherokee Indian Princess”. But, believe it or not, although my grandfather was not a princess, he was a Native American. He was also a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, one or the singular disappointments in his life was that Native Americans would not hear a Native American preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ… they wanted (during his day, the early to mid 1900’s) to hear it from a white preacher. He told me this himself and I accept it as true.

          I did not really get to know him until I was about 19 years old and he’s long gone now, but there were three things he told me that I have never forgotten. The first is his own words, the second is from the Bible.

          1) “If you want to get rich in America and you don’t care how you do it, all you have to do is invent your own religion. If you can talk it, people will buy it.”

          2) “If you give an aboriginal people a copy of the Bible written in their own language, if they have a written one, and leave them alone, they can read it and find the truth. But the minute you send them a missionary to tell them what it says, they haven’t got a chance. The biggest problem with most preachers and most Christians alike is the same: They just don’t do their own homework.”

          And, from the Bible, 3) Ecclesiastes 12: 11-14: “The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd. And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

          I appreciate that you are honest and sincere, but I have no interest in any new concepts or religious faith. I know whom I have believed, I do not need to know all those things that I do not believe, and, as incapable as I am of being all that I should be according to that faith that I have, I am not looking for and not interested in another. For me, the personal homework necessary to establish faith has already been done. I am what I am, I believe what I believe, and while I recognize that life is a growing process all the way up until the day that it is over, my path is already chosen and I will continue in it.

  48. cal3301 says

    This is the least of our problems with Tennessee changing birth certificates from mother and father, to parent #1 and #2. For the Liberal Left to even do something like that is to deny the very nature and science, that they say that those of us who oppose them lack. Biology still states it takes a male and a female, not a he-he or a she-she. It is a birth certificate for crying out loud.

    1. J_R_K says

      As we have recently seen, on behalf or our current president, the liberals do not seek honesty and reality concerning birth certificates any more than they do gender designations on restroom doors.

      1. cal3301 says

        It is their way of making a minority a majority. Until we learn to say enough, is enough, it will be continually forced down our throats. Whatever happened to live and let live?

        1. J_R_K says

          Living well requires reason, accountability, responsibility and intelligent decision making. Liberals consider all of those of us who know these things to be racists, homophobic, hateful and mean-spirited. I believe their thinking (well, lack of thinking) is largely a by-product of the “peace, love, dope” segment of the generation of the 1960s. I can say that because it was my generation. They preached “live and let live” but the reality was, it was the last thing they wanted people to be able to do. Once they discovered that if they said “hey, man” enough, people would give them anything, they decided they could make a living out of gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. Have you noticed lately that there are businesses where, every time you step up to their cash register, they ask you for “spare change?” right after they tell you how much you owe them? Of course, they are more sophisticated than the hippies who survived by pan-handling. Now days, they prefer to ask “Would you like to round that up to (what ever whole dollar amount is next) for the homeless, for the illiterate, for the handicapped, for this, that or the other thing…. We used to call it pan-handling. Before that, it was called begging. Now it’s becoming a standard business practice.

          Any way, those are the people who did away with the live and let live philosophy that they claimed to believe in, but never really did.

          1. cal3301 says

            I haven’t had anyone ask to round anything up in my area yet, but thanks for the heads up. I grew up in that era too, but on and off military bases. When living off base, many didn’t talk about their parents and people like me who did, spent much of the time fighting so called peace lovers. We were despised because we were military brats in many of the most Liberal Left areas. San Francisco and Oakland were the worse, San Diego County was more conservative and one of the better places we lived. The Southern military towns around the bases in NC and Virginia, weren’t so bad, either.

          2. J_R_K says

            I am a “military brat” myself. My father became a casualty of Vietnam on June 5th, 1968. I enlisted voluntarily in Feb. of 1971 when lots of folks were looking for ways to avoid the draft, and some were heading to Canada. I was actually offered a ride in a Volkswagon minibus with some long haired, dope smoking “friends of Jesus” … but I turned it down. I actually thought that, given the existence of the draft, myself not being the oldest son, that I had only two choices: 1) body bag and 2) leaving family, home, country and never being able to return. I decided to take my chances on the body bag because I saw it as the lessor of two evils. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know that those who fought would be hated as much as they were and that the day would come when we would actually have a deliberate draft dodger (Bill Clinton) as commander in chief.

          3. cal3301 says

            I’m glad in a way that my father didn’t live to see Clinton in office. My father served two tours in Nam, out side of Da Nang. (1964 and in 1968) He was a China Marine, WWII, Korea, and Cuba. I was in my senior year when you enlisted. I was on a delayed enlistment, but blew my knee out in sports and they released me from service.
            When the POW’s came to Valley Forge General after they were released, I use to bring a bunch of friends there to boost their moral. I knew what they were in for because I had lived through it for quite some time and wanted them to know that there were those that did care.

          4. J_R_K says

            This is a bit dated and this is probably not a good place to post this, but I thought you might like to read it. It was actually written on the evening before the outbreak of the Gulf War. I’ve often wondered why Vietnam was called a “police action” and the Gulf War was called a “war”. Not to take anything from those who fought in the Gulf War, but considering the time durations and the casualty numbers of the two conflicts, It seems to me that something was switched around backwards:


            A brief explanation: This was written on the eve of the outbreak of the Gulf War. At that time, there was a huge upsurge in the “Support Our Troops” sentiment all across America. Upon reflection, it seemed a profound contrast with the sentiments toward the soldiers who fought in Vietnam. It seemed to me that America had decided, almost with one accord, that we would not let that mistake happen again. It was this thought which prompted me to write this poem.

            A Gift From Soldiers Past

            Freedom Soldier from the past, lie at peace within your grave,
            Safe from those who mock at what you bought with what you gave.
            It’s a thing still unseen by some, it’s true,
            But Freedom Soldier, there are so many who have such great love for you.
            As you lie now with your comrades beneath white stones at rest
            Believe that there are those who know you were our very best.

            Surely, we have seen confusion, and yet we live in troubled times
            But it is you around whom our hearts begin again to bind.
            Freedom Soldier from the past, you who died on the deltas,
            In the jungles, in fields of rice,
            Of all our nations sons, surely it was you
            Who paid the greatest price.
            We let you think you fought and died in vain
            And we were shamed, it’s true.
            But our nation has a healing heart today
            Because after all, we do remember you.

            Freedom Soldier from the past,
            Lie at peace within your grave
            For surely, it is you who gives us now
            The strength we need today.


            I hate to say it, but the current presidents policies which allowed ISIS to arise and retake the territory our soldiers fought and died for during the Iraq war remind me a great deal of our policy of taking territory in ‘Nam, fighting and dying for it, then pulling out and letting the VC have it back. Our soldiers are not despised today as they were during the Vietnam war, but it does seem that the Democrat party has once again managed to find a way to throw their lives away.

          5. cal3301 says

            Thanks, I liked that. Korea was also a police action. My father referred to them as Congressional Wars. Whatever hill was of interest to Congress at that time was the one they took at that time or if it wasn’t in their interest, they let go. He said he couldn’t count how many times they took the same hill. My dad had a record called “Tell it to the Marines”. On it was a song that went…Congress sent a tour around, they loaded up with scotch. While they were really living, we had forties up the crotch. They cried let’s kill those bastards, let’s drive them to their knees, but there weren’t any Congressmen in the list of casualties.”
            It holds true for most wars.

  49. Jerry Cox says

    We tore up our Target cards sometime ago when large donations made to the LGBT movement and the fact they are a Canadian .I do not recognize transgender anymore than I do homosexuals. I will never accept nor go out of way except to pray for these lost and misguided souls who have caved to the lies and deception brought on our great nation and in this world. Without any spiritual awakening in these lives they will most likely spend eternity without God and Heaven. I will share a favorite saying I have on my desk; “My Fathers way may twist and turn, My Heart may Throb and Ache- But in my soul I’m glad to know- He maketh no mistake?”

    1. bob says

      I hope when I get to heaven that intolerant assholes like yourself have to go to a special class before they are allowed out to play with others

    2. Lastings says

      Minnesota is not in Canada.

  50. NoRINO says

    I bet Target will be selling rear zipper pants soon.

  51. Jon's On says

    I used to like target. Not anymore. If these morons are going to cowtow to the liberal LGBT crowd then that should be their only customers.

  52. MuslimLuvChrist says

    boycott target

  53. Barbara Ervin says

    I guess this means they also won’t have a ‘beauty’ aisle since that is all geared toward women? I don’t know about anyone else out there but I am sick and tired of all this gender neutral and politically correct BS! I call it what it is and if you’re offended too bad!

  54. classicshar says

    DROP TARGET and any other retailers, stores, business which fails to honor the uniqueness that is a man and a woman. Humans are not gender neutral, period.
    This is not about PC or religion. It is about science and reality. STOP encouraging the destruction of HUMANITY.

  55. CMY says

    There are many other good stores out there, we get to choose!!! Target will lose!!!

    1. Lastings says

      Actually, they will continue to make money. Tons and tons of money.

  56. Sharpshooter says

    I quit shopping at Target when they joined the support for the “deviant groups”. Evidently the CEO’s can’t understand that when they try to appease one mentally deficient group,(normally a very small minority group) that they are alienating a much larger group “just plain old folks” that believe in (Mom,the flag, apple pie) What is so sad, a percentage of these groups don’t even know what they’re protesting about. They’re just hired professional protesters!

  57. Alleged Comment says


    Don’t shop there!

  58. nike1234 says

    Are people really that stupid???????

  59. Obie Miller says

    We won’t “bend”—– we wi;; just no longer shop at Target!

  60. matt mccleary says

    Another store Im boycotting……When these PC morons gonna get it??? They are losing lots of customers…

  61. phil62 says

    HA HA – They are still owned by the French. HA HA – I don’t give a damn HA HA – cram it!!!!!

    1. Lastings says

      No they aren’t.

      1. Lastings says

        By the way, not only are they not currently owned by French people, they never were. In the 40 years of Target or the 113 years of their parent company, The Dayton corporation, they have never been owned by anyone French.

  62. Paul Fishman says

    Eliminate common sense?! It is so obvious that there will always be boys and girls, men and women. The liberals can’t change that even by law.

  63. cae973 says

    target had better hope the gay and transgenders all shop there…alot…because many of us normal people will now shop elsewhere as we are sick and tired of having to accept abnormal as normal. People trapped in the wrong body proven by hormones is very rare and the fact is that 90 per cent of trans gender people are simply mentally ill.

  64. Midnite Rider says


    1. Lastings says

      I think your caps lock button is broken.

      1. Midnite Rider says

        LOL I love capital letters

  65. Sgt. York says

    Target is sooo stupid to think kids don’t know if they are boys or girls. This is to be in style with the pc police,the gays and liberals. Hope they have lists of this bunch as most people with kids will turn their noses up to this crap

  66. Texas Belle says

    Political correctness run amok—again!! Let the family decide what aisle to shop whether it be for a boy or a girl. If a girl wants to play with tractors and trucks, so be it. If a boy wants to play with dolls, o.k. Just stop the madness of catering to every whim of some “outside the norm” group.

  67. RichWS says

    Franklin Graham just likes his name in controversial things so he pulls in more money. Hell his base pay is $880,000 a year. For what. Anyone can stand up and scream discrimination for almost anything. Sorry but he is nothing but a low life bigot who could care less about any issue unless it is going to bring him lots more cash.

  68. Barbara Ervin says

    Sure, take down the signage you idiots. You know we all want to wander around for hours looking for the products we’d hope to buy rather than having that helpful signage to point us in the right direction!

  69. Obie Miller says

    We won’t bend—- we just won’t shop at Target anymore!

  70. Jerry Henrie says

    When our enemies come for us, will they respect the tender feelings of our youth? Will they show compassion for our men who are part gilr and part boy? Of course not, they will kill them first.

  71. Anthony Guastella says

    Deviates will be thrilled. And whomever made this decision for Target needs to be fed immediately. The wishes of millions of their customers does not matter as long as the sodomite and perverted get their way through the extreme narrow minded insanity of those in positions of so called authority. Fortunately there plenty of good alternatives, to Target stores, and I as a person who believes in a male and female and Gods direction at that, will not shop at this loathsome place any longer. They have nothing there that cannot be gotten at competitive pricing at many other stores and especially online.

  72. ChaplainPeter says

    Whoever wrote this needs to DIG INTO THE BIBLE. Transgenders don’t exist except in the minds of them who believe this nonsense. These are demons playing on the hearts and minds of the simple deceiving them into butchering parts of their body, shooting hormones and putting on make up. May the Lord have mercy on them. His servant, Peter

  73. Chris Robinette says

    Is the article asking how far can we bend or bend over?

  74. Spark1845 says

    BOYCOTT Target. I am. It’s not that great anyway. Most all of them have their downfall. I have no problem avoiding going there. All of this is BULL SHIT. STUFF it, all of you who go along with this kind of crap.

  75. faturism says

    There are 2 sexes and only 2 sexes……..that pesky Y chromosome always determines if you are male or female. How one chooses to dress and what toys they choose to play with have nothing to do with their sex. Funny how the dimlibs like to say that those on the right deny science yet they flat out refuse to acknowledge something as simple and basic as this. They are the masters of double speak……….too bad there are so many gullible fools who fall for it.

  76. faturism says

    I dumped Target last year when the cashier started to scan my ID for a bottle of wine……..I’m in my 60,s and I told her I understand the ID everyone policy but not the scanning. When I asked her about scanning it she said that it was policy..when I asked the reason WHY the policy she said because that’s what the mgr. says. It was like “who’s on 1st” I told her that she needs to learn the difference between knowing to do something and knowing why to do something otherwise she’ll be following the mgr off a cliff one day. Needless to say I left with no mdse, as did everyone else in line….It’s these little privacy issues that become huge and out of control one day and we say “how the heck did that happen?”

  77. Bruce Wayne says

    Boycott Target for three months,SHIT goes belly up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. John Gore says

    I am starting to think all those odd folks who are in Walmart are not so bad! See ya later target

  79. headonstraight says

    Look for the pedophiles to get in line next for recognition as an “alternate life style” and as deserving of respect so long denied them by all of us ignorant bigots! Can the necrophiles and bestiality crowds be far behind? Gender confusion and sexual anarchy are not created on store shelves; they are generated from perverse minds who call good evil and evil good!

  80. glorybe2 says

    I see nothing at all wrong with getting rid of assigning gender to objects. I happen to ride a step through bicycle. I am not gay nor am I a cross dresser yet i have people frequently think I am gay because they think step through bicycles are made for girls. I have a bad hip which will be replaced soon. The pain of me trying to mount a mens’ styled bicycle is intense as I have to be able to lift my leg over the saddle. I also paint my bikes in very bright colors and it is not to show off. Bright and lite colors can save your life because drivers tend to see them. Yet we have every yokel around town with a fixed attitude about why a man would ride a woman’s bicycle. And by the way I have a brand new car. I ride bikes to keep my heart working as I have a cow valve installed in my heart. And by the way i never asked the surgeons if the cow was male or female.

  81. 1josephg1 says

    Screw you target and the rest of you reprobates. Time to boycott target. You can rest assured I will not spend one dime at that cesspool.

  82. kkpinnola says

    It is nonsense. I doubt they would do it for anything other than to be noticed and to profit more. Bizarre!! Makes me wonder who is minding the store!

  83. AKLady says

    Why is it that Americans cannot simply respect each other?
    Religion — the school of hate.

  84. James Ruddy says

    If we don’t like to be controlled by a small minority of perverts trying to force their deviant life style down our collective throats and bending over for their sick desire to ‘stick it to us’ then we need to use the proverbial ‘power of our purses’ to swing back and hit them where it hurts. Just don’t shop at businesses that insult reality with this type of nonsense.

  85. Chris says

    Every time I read one of these articles I want to throw up and say wtfudge. I am of the age that we played cowboy and indians. Had cap guns, you know the good ole days. I would bet my life that if any of these liberals were in a death situation they would be praying that they come out of it alive.

  86. chief1937 says

    If in the years we all have lived thus far we can not distinguish between male and female we are of all people most miserable.One needs only to open their eyes to see there is a difference between the two. And we claim we are getting smarter all the time sure does not look that way to me.

  87. Mark Clemens says

    Who cares? If you don’t like gender-benders, shop somewhere else. People it’s really that simple. Target probably thinks they will get extra $$$ from the freaks who support this. If normal people stop shopping there, that show Target, not everybody is up for the Freak Show…..

    Speaking of security breeches how about Ashly Madison? I bet Bill Clinton’s and Michelle Obama’s names are on it. This information might thin out the republican presidential candidates out some.
    If Hillary’s name is on it (maybe this is why the Clintons have a PRIVATE SERVER.) Biden will have to step up, and Bernie will do his Happy Dance………

  88. marlio says

    This is so insane and ridiculous. It’s not children who are strange its the adults who are living a ungodly lifestyle and some are trying to influence their children to do the same thing, or their adopted children. These people have problems and we should not enable them by making everything neutral. I do not want to be in a bathroom with a transgender and believe it violates my privacy. Have a bathroom just for the transgenders because they ARE handicapped!!! I don’t choose to be around these type of people. It’s not that I wouldn’t like them, their lifestyle offends me!

  89. anAmericanByChoice says

    Acid test leaves no margin for doubt: You born with a penis? You are a boy. You born with a vagina? You are a girl. End of discussion. Whatever you chose after that, makes no difference. Dress in pink, go naked, wear sunglasses, contacts, sleep around, or be chaste, mate, or not, love whoever you want, call it whatever you want, be straight, queer, homosexual, LGBT + whatever alphabet soup you chose, it still boils down to penis=boy, vagina=girl. Let’s stop this cr@p and just continue to call a spade a spade, boys boys and girls girls! Everyone is free to be whatever they want to be just don’t impose this cr@p on those who think differently and believe differently. BOYCOTT TARGET! VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!

  90. Billy Belcher says

    it seems like all of my comments are getting knocked out of here which am only telling the truth like most of them are doing in these comments but mine get knocked out.

    1. Lastings says

      at the top of the page, sort by newest, rather than best.

  91. sharon says

    I worked at target, they suck they treat employee’s like trash, women anyway, and they don’t like to hire older Americans. I wouldn’t shop in that crap hole for nothing. Plus the fact they are higher than most everyone else. I don’t think they are even American owned.

    1. Lastings says

      1) I worked at Target. Their corporate office treats employees better than any company I can think of. 2) but, it’s true, i would imagine that they don’t like to hire “older Americans”. Target is a cut-throat retailer. The bottom line is all that is important. “Older Americans” are typically both more expensive and less productive. They expect a higher wage based on experience. Their heath insurance costs are significantly higher. They are “older” so they typically don’t have the drive and fire of someone more youthful.

      3) as far as ownership in Target goes, they are a publicly traded company. So, anyone that wishes to purchase stock in Target can be an owner. That said, they are headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and their two largest shareholders (by a very large margin are Brian Cornell of California and Greg Steinhaffel of Wisconsin. so, that part about them not being american owned is you just making things up. Please don’t do that.

      1. sharon says

        You must work at a different target, because the few older Americans I worked with put the young to shame work wise. I hate target, its a cess pool, I will never shop there. Older employees are fired for stupid reasons, and I think Target is racists also. I’ts been six years now since I left and I never stayed long, could not stand the abuse of those people. Nor could I stand to watch them fire people who didn’t deserve it.

    2. Lastings says

      Let me guess, they fired you?

  92. Landshark says

    Once earth is peopled by a non-breeding population, where oh where will Planned Parenthood get baby parts to sell?

  93. TAM44 says

    Typical stupid to bend over and kiss these LGBT butts.

  94. Bob D. says

    There are many places to buy cheap Chinese SLAVE LABOR made crap! Put a Target on that crappy store and the Politicians, Universities,Mass Communication,Corporations,think tanks,and so-called “civil” rights organizations that desire a SATANIC New World Order world where immorality is good but Christian values are viewed as backwards and repressive!

  95. 1947rhoda64 says

    Stop buying anything at Target and let them go bankrupt and let’s show these Gender Neutral that we mean business. I buy nothing from Target and haven’t bought anything from Target in a long time. When they stopped letting the Salvation Army or any other group help their cause of helping so many homeless people and from helping our military. They have done everything in their power to stop alot of Christian and other organizations to help people and for the good of all human beings. There needs to be a stopping point and I know of no better thing to do and that is to stop Target from all their evil deeds.

  96. supergun says

    I stopped doing business with Target. I wonder if they would changed if about 20 million other Americans did the same thing. It would be neat to see this happen.

  97. Arthur L. Trevallee says

    How would we know where the men’s department was, if there were no signs designating it? I don’t shop there anyway, so they can do whatever they want!

  98. David C. Telliho says

    If this move by Target wasn`t so ridiculous, it`d be phunny.

  99. IMPCALGI says

    What Target does is irrelevant to me, as I wouldn’t shop there if the world was drowning in filth and they had the only trees left. What IS relevant is that a Christian leader as well known Franklin Graham only gets 100,000 supporters out of a nation of 330 000 000 million people. A new and better faith is already here, and it will replace the cowardly milk mush that passes for Christianity these days

    Sleeper, Awaken!

  100. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    Are we not already well past the point of sanity? Gender differences is not just a matter of how we look, pee and propagate, it is a matter of how our minds are wired. A man can turn into a parody of a women, so much so that he may act more like one than most women do. Likewise a woman can do the opposite. But the reality is this, a transgender person can never be more than a parody of reality. While the truth is also this, if you will not be content with what you are then you will never be content. Though Pascal puts it well in this image of why we are all discontent, to one extent or another till we find our God and maps out why so many cannot find God too.

  101. IMSweetOlBob says

    They are stupid ! They are struggling to even stay open and they come up with ridiculous crap like this, probably to satisfy either some light in his tennies poof or some swaggering diesel dyke.
    They keep on making marketing decisions that only make them look foolish.

  102. cvxxx says

    In a time where many of the good paying jobs are gender neutral it makes sense that toys would also follow that economic reality. We are going to need brain power for the future. Many women can do jobs that were barred to their gender only a decade or so ago.
    It is no big thing as children will tell you what they want. The only thing is to listen.

  103. DRLJR says

    Talk about being stupid. Boy and girls are different. Humans come in two genders – male and female. And that difference is obvious to anyone who observes children. People who claim to be “trans-gender” have a mental illness. The latest public example is the Mr Jenner.

  104. urstrange says

    Remember J.C. Penney signed up Ellen Degeneres to promote their “gender equality” crap and never recovered from the backlash. Target got hacked, which threatened my identification, but they have been good about it and I stayed with it. Target took Christmas references down and I quit Christmas shopping there, but still brought gift cards for my daughter who loves the store. Target taking down the “boy/girl” signs just may be the last straw, even though I have NO boys or girls to buy for anymore. Like Donald Trump is pointing out, PC crap won’t stop until it is confronted and repudiated. If Target is serious they can take a lesson from TransJenner, who decided at 65 to woman-up…time to change the Women/Men department signs. I guess when male gays and converted females figure out how to birth babies, Target will have to rethink the Maternity signs,too! Just when I think it can’t get “stupider” and “worser”, it does!

  105. urstrange says

    “Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, the progressive left, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that is is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  106. Margaret S. Tennant says

    They have gone about as far as they can go. Gender neutrality is the most absurd thing I have heard. Boys and girls are different and they should embrace their difference. I sure am glad my children are adults and not subjected to this insanity. The lefties of this country are hell bent on destroying America and any semblance of decency. Don’t let them fool you with their psycho babel . Their goal is destruction of America.

  107. glorybe2 says

    Well let’s look at American history. We were born with discrimination built into our founding documents. It took well over a century to make the point that women can vote or own property. It took well over a century to declare that black people were actually human beings and another century to get them the ability to vote. And we don’t even want to go into the so-called white privileges which allowed whites to kill people of other races with no fear of the courts. It seems that we went for over 100 years after the civil war for any white man to be convicted of killing a black person in Mississippi. So waht we have here are issues that an honest system would resolve in five minutes taking over 100 years and still leaving a bitter trail of unfairness in their wake. So what is going on now is a very firm demand that certain things that used to take decades to resolve get fixed in an hour or two. Foot dragging, correcting, reforming are all tools designed to thwart decency and law. For example we have absolute knowledge of voting districts being rigged by the republicans by resetting borders. What could be more fair than demandig all republicans be removed from office and their party banned for life? The old working on it nonsense is no longer going to be allowed.

  108. Bonnie MacPherson says

    I am going to go to Target everyday and demand a Ladies Room! I suggest a Mens, Ladies, and Pervert/GenderConfused/Weirdo/Moron/Idiot/Wacko/etc. restrooms!

  109. Bonnie MacPherson says

    What is really stupid about the so-called “Genderless” restroom demands, is that everyone has a gender. As stated above, God created Man and Woman. Nature/evolution created Man and Woman. There are some plant/animal/insect gender switchers and duel gender forms, but humans do not fall into those categories. I also suggest placing a guard on each restroom and not allowing anyone with gender, (please check your crotch), to use the Genderless restroom. (P.S. Liberals, genderless means – NO gender! no penis or vagina!)

  110. Thomas Lee Mullins says

    I used to like Target. I think this ‘gender neutral’ is ridiculous. No one is gender neutral. There are some cloths that can be worn by both genders and there are cloths that can only be worn by a single gender because there are differences in gender.

  111. Peggie Potter says

    I loved shopping at, but never again unless they repeal this insanity !!!

  112. don76550 says

    I will never be darkening a Target door again.

  113. Gary Von Neida says

    oh what fools we men be. J.Edgar Hoover was “blackmailed” by Mafia for most of His Life. He always said that there was no such thing as “organized crime”..Hillary, with Bernie’s help , stole away from the White House with THOUSANDS of F.B.I. files——–BLACKMAIL IN THE ‘INTH DEGREE IN THE 1990’S

  114. Gary Von Neida says

    ——Hey did You ever wonder why a certain elected poster of votes for You & I, would “go against the grain” with a vote–HEY, BUNKY–WAKE UP——Blackmail might just be what has been happening—-and when that does not gain the desired result———there is always the J.F.K. answer-lasts generations.

  115. Dianna Zerbe says

    won’t be shopping at target! I’ll spend my money somewhere else! thank you very much! there’s a big difference between girls and boys! God made them different for a specific reason! Lord help us JESUS!

  116. John says

    Target must be anti-science to follow emotion rather than fact. Biology is science, XX and XY is fact, emotions don’t count. Is the study and teaching of biology to be banned because it includes genetically determined sex and how that allows a species to continue?

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