Tea Party Dissected in Washington Post Guest Editorial


A few years ago when the Tea Party was rising to become a major force in American politics, you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing some liberal blowhard fret about what it could mean. They attacked this conservative movement from every angle. It wasn’t a true grassroots movement, they said. It’s nothing but spoiled white people, they said. They’re a bunch of racists, they insisted.

The waters have calmed since then, but a new guest editorial in the Washington Post proves the storm isn’t over yet. Political scientist Erin K. Jenne of Central European University took to the pages of the newspaper this week to deliver an in-depth analysis of the Tea Party movement. Somehow in doing so, she came back around to all the old arguments once again.

If you need help sleeping tonight, you can read the article for yourself, but a brief summary might be in order if you have to operate heavy machinery. Jenne analyzed the speeches of Republican presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012 and came to the conclusion that their rhetoric had moved to the right. In a nutshell, that’s what she came up with. She fails to make a point, but she manages to present the question: is this shift to the right because of the Tea Party or is it because of the same political atmosphere that gave rise to the Tea Party?

What’s interesting is that she never considers what I believe to be the truth of the matter. This shift to the right, if such a thing can even be quantified by election-year blatherings, comes in response to an equal and dramatic shift to the left from Democrats. We’d never seen a mainstream presidential candidate like Barack Obama. Someone with no qualms at all about his socialist roots, his Muslim background, and his disdain for traditional American values. Someone with a background shrouded in mystery.

Jenne asserts that many of these policy shifts represent a party now displaying open disdain for the federal government, in contrast with traditional Republicans who were willing to work with the existing infrastructure. But that’s not a shift to the “right.” Americans have been complaining about the federal government since George Washington was in office. That it should take center stage at election time would only be natural in 2008 and 2012. We’d just wrapped up an abysmal four years of Bush in one scenario and we wrapped up an even worse four years of Obama in the other. Smack in the middle, we dumped billions to help save ostensibly private companies. Why wouldn’t mainstream Republican candidates offer voters another philosophy?

I think it’s a healthy thing for America to produce candidates willing to speak out against the establishment. For too long, the concept of “small government” has become a pat phrase for Republicans to pay lip service to. Tea Party candidates walk the walk. Even if we never elect a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul, these gentlemen add a much-needed alternative voice to the national debate and our political atmosphere is improved because of them.

Oh, and they really scare liberals. You have to like that.

  1. dude says

    rand paul for president lets only hope it happens

    1. Ken V says

      No…Hell no…we need Ted Cruz

      1. PatriotGal says

        Ken, AMEN!

        1. USPatriotOne says

          He’s in politics…he says what he thinks the people want here, who knows what he really think of “We the People”! They all need to be removed, and I do mean all!

      2. dude says

        oh! yea all the way baby to the white house

      3. dude says

        well ted cruz would make a good one too…but anything except Hillary Clinton would be better than what we got right now

    2. red55bird says

      Rand Paul slap the face of the Tea Party in Kentucky the very people who got him in office in 2010, if he comes to Northern Kentucky I will ask him to pull the knife out of my back that he put there.

      1. dude says

        sorry to hear about your back… but I like him so far …but that might change after he gets in the white you never no

    3. keepyourpower says

      Ben Carson/Allen West ticket is the dream ticket!

      1. dude says

        good lord man you got to be kidding that would be a big slap to america

        1. keepyourpower says


  2. A natural born American says

    Hey you guys…Either or would be a thousand times better than anything we’ve had since Reagan!

  3. fred says

    I like Rand or Cruz, or even Jeb Bush, but the article the critical commie bitch wrote is really missing the point in ALL these discussions! That is that We the People are sick of these radical liberals taking our money and FREEDOM and giving it to the uneducated illegal immigrants and others that are lazy and CHOOSE not to work because we have enabled them through these “entitlement” programs! All we want is a level playing field where you are rewarded for hard work and given the ability to be FREE of all the rules and regs of the evildoers like the TREASONOUS FRAUD born in Kenya that currently has declared himself king! I think it is obvious he wants many of us dead so he can make us a third world backwater like his whole continent of Africa! It’s really not a complicated issue at all! unfortunately, the tea party is always hitting you up for MONEY before they will do ANYTHING to make any or this happen! I propose an “American Freedom Party” run by CITIZENS not illegals and made to enforce the rule of law and the Constitution!

    1. drattastic says

      Bush ?

      1. amazed108 says

        Really? Jeb Bush

        1. fred says

          he can be elected, we don’t need hillary do we now?

          1. amazed108 says

            He can be elected? Do you mean like Romney? No we don’t need Hillary just like we don’t need anther Bush!

          2. fred says

            everyone is entitled to their opinion, amazed

          3. Ralph Monzo says

            NOT when their opinion is that Jeb Bush should be President. May God DAMN THAT GLOBALIST POS’s EYES, along with ALL his progeny, ancestors, and cattle.

    2. cumiadom says

      Bo more Bushes, period. Specially RINO Jeb who wants Amnesty and pushes for Common Core, both inacceptable liberal agenda.

      1. fred says

        Tyranny (Note the SPELLING, cumiadom!) is what we will have if hillary gets in! fight the REAL enemy, incremental socialism! Remember GWB was the guy who eliminated the estate/inheritance tax and lowered capitol gains taxes for everyone to 15% i believe, so don’t knock the bushes if you want to PAY LESS to your big brother in washington! BTW the kenyan reversed and increased all the tax rates when he took office! true tax and spend treasonous criminal!

        1. cumiadom says

          There are quite a few conservative candidates to bring RINO Jeb Bush to the table. Regardless what his brother may have done. Jeb wants unacceptable Amnesty and Common Core. We have Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Trey Gowdy, Allen West, Gov. Jindal, Rick Perry and quite a few others with much better attitude and conservative values than Jeb.

      2. Ralph Monzo says

        Fellow Conservatives: If you find yourself still enamored of the GOD DAMNED GLOBALIST POS BUSHES, PLEASE GO KILL YOURSELF NOW!!! America won’t survive another Bush in the WH! Please wake up; not every person who calls themselves a conservative is REALLY a conservative. the globalist agenda includes the destruction of American sovereignty , which is the last stumbling block to their goal of “NWO.”

    3. Ken Trefaller says

      Jeb Bush… NO THANKS

      1. Ralph Monzo says

        I’ll go a step further: GOD DAMN EVERY GODDAMNED BUSH EVER BORN. Except the guy that makes the baked beans. And his dog; they’re cool.

    4. Anne Marie Bradley says

      I don’t have time to share links now, but you are right on. I was going to paste one link, on suspicious deaths during Obama Admin. Probably caused by Obama Planners. I am exhausted right now. If you respond to this, that will be a reminder for me to do it.

  4. USPatriotOne says

    “We the People” are waking up and that scares the heck out of the Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat/Left and when you have over 80 DemoRats also being confirmed members of the American Communist Party (BO and Nancy Palosi for two and NO GOP are members) we have a lawless group that disregards the rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution as out moated concepts! And when have a Pres that has committed Treason against the very people and Nation he has sworn to defend and protect, what can “We the People” say? OH Well, or we will vote them out in November…NO GOOD, the Commie/DemoRats have perfected the art of stealing elections and the evidence is everyplace! Here is the only plan I see left and our Founding Fathers also saw this coming from 100 Miles (or 238 years) away, and Patric Henry said it best, “From Time to Time the Tree of Liberty needs to shaken”, and in my own words, THAT TIME HAS COME ONCE AGAIN AND THAT TREE NEEDS TO SHAKEN ONCE AGAIN AND HARD, AND ALL THE TRAITORS THAT FALL OUT OF THAT TREE NEED TO HELD ACCOUNTABLE….!!! Please, GOD Bless America, Again..!!!

    1. headonstraight says

      Your post powerfully exemplifies a description I have often heard applied to such ignorant nutterances: “THE VIRULENCE OF THE NATIONAL APPETITE FOR BOGUS REVELATION”

    2. fred says

      Yes and hopefully this will encourage those people to vote against the tyranny we are currently under because of the “feel-good, PC” delusional knuckleheads who elected the fraud in the WH!

  5. chuck says

    I think a Cruz/ Paul or Cruz / Ryan ticket would work for me.

    1. Ken says

      I will not vote for Cruz, as he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, now if he came out and told the
      Truth. Wouldn’t that help get the Scum that is in the White House, out. If not. He is not a Honorable or Truthful man. Know the Truth and it will sit you Free, and you will be Free Indeed. You can only know the Truth, if you have the Spirit of Truth in you. I do not believe that there is even one Politician, that has that Spirit in them. Seems all have Lying Spirits in them.

      1. chuck says

        Read the law. Only takes one parent to be an American and you don’t have to be born on US turf.

        1. keepyourpower says

          Read further…Ken is correct.

        2. Kent2012 says

          yowza, kenyan boyo is living proof, one $lut and one rag head…bingo bango we gotta prez….there are a few more minor details…

        3. Ken says

          I have. You have no idea what you are talking about. LAW OF NATIONS, would be a good place to start (with a whole lot of History). You believe lies, it is that simple.

        4. LastGasp says

          Unless the law has changed recently, BOTH PARENTS MUST BE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.

        5. LastGasp says

          Unless the law has changed recently, BOTH PARENTS MUST BE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. There’s more, but that right there makes Obola ineligible.

          1. fred says

            Sorry Last, only takes one, ken below is correct, not you, I WISH it took two citizens, would like to see that as an Amendment maybe…

          2. LastGasp says

            Hey, you get your wish! Read my post above (or before) this one. Re; a natural born American.

          3. A natural born American says

            My son thought the same–until he looked it up. The U.S. Constitution provides as follows:

            Article II Section 1 Clause 5:
            No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

            Amendment XIV Section 1:
            All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

            The main authority for the original meaning of “natural born” is William Blackstone, in his Commentaries on the Laws of England,Volume II, edited by St. George Tucker, a Founder, published in 1803…

          4. LastGasp says

            I hope you feel good about your post, it was nice. However, it is incorrect. The main authority is none other than the SCOTUS.

            “4 SUPREME COURT CASES DEFINE ‘NATURAL BORN CITIZEN'(Updated May 25, 2012).”


            That should just about satisfy any questions.

        6. LastGasp says

          Wrong, chuck. Do some research.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I think Ryan was one of the reasons Romney lost. The 2016 elections are to important to send a loser back again………

      1. jreb57 says

        “I think Ryan was one of the reasons Romney lost.”
        Romney lost because he fought the 2012 election by the “Marquis of Queensberry” rules against a street fighting Democrat party that believed the end justifies the means.

    3. rchguns says

      Personally I would like to see a ticket, Republican ticket, with Huckabee for President and Chuck Norris Vice President.

      1. cumiadom says

        Huckabee is a RINO. Too married with the establishment. Supports Common Core.

        1. rchguns says

          Not really so much. Of the candidates they are thinking about running he could probably do the second best job. The person who could have done the best job for America, putting us back on our feet, ran last time and lost.

          He would’ve won had it not been for voter fraud and ballot tampering.

          Huckabee has a good background grounded in the base that makes America great. He’s not a religious zealot but he is a man of faith. He has the experience and the political arena to do a good job. Chuck Norris may not have any political experience but he is a fantastic American. He’s done more for our troops overseas than most people will ever know. He’s humble enough not to keep eating himself on the back and say what a good boy he is. He believes in leadership can only happen if you’re in front of things in leading not following from the golf course.

          Of course if you want to sign and seal delivery of America dead on arrival just put Clinton back in the White House that bimbo would be the final straw that breaks the back of the great country.

          I’m not a Democrat or Republican and I don’t believe in voting for political parties. I personally believe in voting for the individual but in these midterm elections if Harry Reid is not removed the leadership in the Senate America’s days as a free nation are limited. We will see a coup that will try to put Obama on the throne as the first King of America. Don’t think conspiracy nut just look at everything he’s done up to this point to put all of the power under the control of the executive branch a.k.a. the White House

    4. drattastic says


      1. Terry Hamblin says

        I like Ben Carson

        1. fred says

          rand paul over dr carson any day!

    5. Terry Hamblin says

      Ben Carson

      1. Ralph Monzo says

        Love the guy’s outlook, but NO political experience will be a detriment. Maybe a House bid, and reconsideration in ’20?

    6. fred says

      I like ryan too, however, i don’t think he can beat hillary!

    7. cumiadom says

      Forget about Ryan. He’s also a RINO. He’s pro Amnesty and not conservative enough.

      1. Ralph Monzo says

        Fiscal sanity is a BIG consideration, since we’re broke. Ya know? But basically, I agree. AMNESTY MUST GO!

    8. Michael Castillo says

      I can support either of those. I think a Trey Gowdy/Bobby Jindal ticket would have broad appeal. I realize they are not really in the mix. I an just throwing out this pair for stimulation of the conversation.

    9. Ralph Monzo says

      Rand Paul/ Marco Rubio or /Ted Cruz… bery bery, bueno for me, and for America. We need the Hispanic vote as much as the Libertarian influence on the GOP, or more.

  6. donl says

    I googled Ted Cruz and listened to his father who escaped from Castro. I was stationed in Gitmo ( 1960-1964 VF-62 ) and the cubans would tell me what castro was doing to them. When they got paid on the base and walked through the gates castor’s men were there to collect their pay. They would tell me about people disappearing, they wanted the united states to attack castro.

    1. Kent2012 says

      donl you are letting facts leak out there…shame on you…kenyan boyo’s supporters are going to have to go to the bath room and hose out their pantie$….Here we were all thinking that it is almost like Paradise there…..

  7. Mark Brickey says

    Central European University?!? Who GIVES a rat’s-ass what a pseudo-commie thinks of our Tea Party? That would be like asking a Wellesley College Senior to write a paper on SB Komen Foundation!

  8. Rick Rogers says

    Forget the Dissection. Its time to Cremate the Remains.

  9. Mark Clemens says

    Boring story…….
    Did y’all hear some dude in Canada converted to ISLAM. Yesterday he got a gun (in a gun restriction country) and tried to shoot up the Canadian Parliament. It sounds like he killed a soldier.
    Also this week, someone ran over two soldiers. He was a Muslim also. Isis did say they would strike Canada this year…….
    Even though the attack on Canada were acts of terror, I’m 100% sure the Tea Party was not behind it. Nor is it George W. Bush’s fault either.
    I thought y’all might think this might more interesting

    1. Kent2012 says

      aw come on Mark, we know that it is GWB and Dick Cheney’s fault and the NRA and the GOP….and the Tea baggers…and the climate deniers and the christians….oh and the folks out there in Utah… you know what ?? we should embrace Tea bagger and freak the libtards out…we can sign off with “A Proud Tea Bagger and Real American”….

      1. Mark Clemens says

        It was O’Bomba and Hillary.
        After all What difference do 3 Canadians make?

      2. A natural born American says

        I think this is why I chose A natural born American as my identifier. I recently read that most young people are democrats, but once they actually assume responsibility for themselves and/or become husbands and wives with children and have other grownup responsibilities they tend to become more conservative. I suspect the keyword here is “grownup”.

        1. Kent2012 says

          it could also be from maturity due to having to take care of themselves…unlike the generational welfare parasites….

    2. fred says

      Sounds like a case to REVERSE their GUN control laws that don’t work, and start a racial profiling campaign to weed out the criminals in their society!

      1. Fedup says

        Racial profiling needs to be instituted again. There are too many illegals and terrorists invading our country that we need to weed out. I don’t give a hoot if I’m a racist because I believe in profiling. That is the only way to find these people. Why send a 92 year old white female through extra security when a raghead camel jockey is standing right behind her? Who cares if they are offended! I’m sick of being politically correct and if I offend anyone, get over it!

        1. fred says

          I’m with you Fedup! We could completely get rid of the useless TSA boondoggle if we profiled, thanks for taking a stand against the PC crap! We need to be rational, we KNOW who most of the enemies are, we just need to grow a pair and send them to jail!

  10. tk-atty says

    The Republican Rinos had to move right, because the American people do not want illegal amnesty. Obama and democrats are destroying our Country, having all these illegal invaders, ebola patients, terrorist attacks that they refuse to call Islamic jihad. They will not tell the truth. Vote Republican and hold their feet to the fire. They don’t do what we want, Vote him out!

  11. brabbie2002 says

    If, because I want my America back to the GOD fearing nation it use to be, this commie bas–rd is slandering me and millions of others, then so be it! GOD and country come first! I will vote for any candidate that doesn’t support the slime and corruption in DC! If that makes me a Tea Party member, then I will wear the name proudly!

  12. keepyourpower says

    A problem the Republican party has this election…they have never said what they would do for us. nada…

    1. MAHB001 says

      Pretty obvious to me.
      Republicans = Capitalism
      Democrats = Socialism.
      I also recognize that the top ruling elite in the Republican party is corrupt and needs to be replaced, and IS BEING replaced. I still vote for Capitalism, as socialism is just wrong.

      1. Kent2012 says

        socialism is communism in drag…as Margaret Thatcher once said ” socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples money”….another wag once stated that the only difference between socialism and communism is that in socialist countries they get to elect the dicktaker…..

        1. MAHB001 says

          ALL socialist societies fall to a dictator.
          Those Dictators are responsible for millions of human lives lost.
          Usually the first to go are the Useful idiots that created the Socialism.
          Not sure why Democrats don’t understand this.

          1. dude says

            they’re just stupid and Obama no’s but he don’t care

          2. Kent2012 says

            they are disturbed by reality and facts…fiction is more their forte….

          3. Francisco Machado says

            Socialist societies do not “fall to a dictator” – they require a dictator. Socialism can only exist with a control economy. Even an oligarchy will suffer from competing self interests. If individuals are free to keep the product of their industry, freely to exchange it with others for what they produce, free to give of it to unfortunate but deserving recipients, constructing a socialist society on that basis would be like trying to build a mud house during a monsoon rain. Ideologically driven totalitarian control is the sine qua non of socialism, and it instantly becomes obvious that government cannot give anything to anyone without stealing it from someone else – by intimidation or by force, for which they must empower a subclass negatively known throughout history and legend as Tax Collectors.

          4. MAHB001 says

            You are correct. From now on I shall say that socialist societies require a dictator that in time succumbs to evil and becomes a tyrant.
            Thanks for the clarification.

          5. A natural born American says

            “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.”
            ― Winston S. Churchill

            I think he was onto something…don’t you?

            I’m always amazed when I watch those roaming interviewers and I see 40 and 50 something people praising this administrations’ shenanigans. They’re the same people who think George JEFFERSON had “moved on up” to become one of our founding fathers!

          6. MAHB001 says

            Yes, he was on to something. That is a great quote. Someone should send that to Bob Beckell on Fox… 🙂

        2. Mark Clemens says

          All those big corporations and billionaires are not throwing all that money around DC just so we go Communist. That would be bad for business. I think they are shooting for a corporate style of government. They spend their money for a result, not on a old broken dream………..

          1. MAHB001 says

            Some Corporations spend money to influence their business environment.
            Some spend money for control and power.
            THE Government is the biggest corporation of them all. through its laws and agencies, the Government is controlling more and more natural resources, and more and more of our individual liberties.
            I think the smaller the government the better off the people will be.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I agree the smaller the government, the better off the people.
            …….But I think something is up. NO business wants the country to go Communist. The Government would own the banks, maybe. Plus it was such a failure in Russia, it didn’t even last 100 years!
            Look at senator Obama’s stump speeches of 07,08. Now look what he’s done. He made a complete 180. Why? Did he have enough confidence in dumb voters were he felt comfortable lieing to a whole country?
            Did someone/or group “Sit him down and ‘explained’ to him how things work”?
            IMO It has to be one or the other.
            Money Talks
            (If we’re not careful, it might talk us out of our freedoms)

          3. MAHB001 says

            0bama’s stump speeches were just lies to get into office. 0bama’s arrogance allows him to feel comfortable lying to the whole country, BUT he couldn’t do it without the help of a corrupt media. The main stream media spins everything 0bama says to some sort of positive light.
            I think MOST businesses just want to survive and deal only with the Government to stay alive. They donate to try to influence the law makers for more favorable conditions for their companies to work in. Coal and Gas industries come to mind.
            Many businesses are now owned by activists, and for them, it is not capitalism, it is power. The main stream media comes to mind. Google, Yahoo, also come to mind.
            Guys like Soros have formed a cabal to control the people. Currently I think the Liberal progressives own and control the media, they own and control unions, they own and control education, and they own and control the Democrats.
            Currently, the media is the Liberal Progressives most influential tool. They control public opinion, they fill the public with propaganda leaning towards the left, and completely ignore and black out anything negative about the Democrats.
            I am trying to do something about the corruption in the media at.
            Please join, in numbers, capitalism will regain our freedoms.

      2. A natural born American says

        You forgot RINO. They’re what’s wrong with the Republican Party. They capitulate far too easily. IMO they vote the way their constituents want on just enough issues to keep getting reelected, but also vote like a Democrat often enough to win a few democrat votes next time around. Meanwhile…islam and illegals get to dictate how we should live and act.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree with you, I view the RINO’s as the corrupt part of the Republican party. I also call them the old school republicans as they are the career politicians that have become corrupted by the power of the office.

    2. Joe T says

      Hopefully OPPOSITE OF HERR OBAMA’S idiocy policies…….on .jobs, energy, health, more regulations, trying to remove gun ownership, inciting RACIST events etc etc

      1. keepyourpower says

        I am an Executive Committeeman of the Republican Party and I have not seen one positive thing they said they would do…it is all about Obama. WE need to show those people who have not voted, lately, just what the party has to offer!

    3. fred says

      BS! They have said they would give your freedom back from the communist FRAUD from Kenya what could be bigger than that? Unless you LIKE paying for the criminal to have HIS way with YOUR funds!???

      1. keepyourpower says

        You are writing to an Executive Committeeman of the Republican Party. They have not shown a platform. Just the negativity of Obama and his minions…nothing positive on what the Republican Party can do! Like balancing the Budget, Stop taxpayers paying for abortions, etc.

  13. MAHB001 says

    The ruling elite of both political parties fear the Tea Party, because if the Tea Party were given a fair shake, both the Dems and the Repubs would be smaller than the Tea Party.

    I would say 10% D, 10% R, 80% Taxed Enough Already.

    The both ruling elites collude together to minimalize the Tea party. When you combine that with a corrupt and left leaning media, you have a one/two punch that has slowed the Tea Party down.

    In order for any third party to rise out of this Cesspool the corruption in the media must be dealt with. The media controls Public opinion, the Left Control the media.

    Join me at http://www.madashellboycott.com to level the playing field and bring back fairness in the news.

  14. drattastic says

    The democrat party is totally controlled by radical left wingers , the Republican party is controlled by spineless moderates who think capitulation is statesmanship . The conservative or Tea Party movement is the voice of sanity attempting to pull the Republican party kicking and screaming to the constitution.

    1. Joe T says


      1. drattastic says


    2. MAHB001 says

      Excellent post. It is THE PEOPLE that will remove the corruption from the Republican party.
      I think the Tea Party would have been successful a long time ago, if it were not for a corrupt media.
      The Left Stream Media has done a ton of damage to the Tea Party.
      We can do something about the media corruption. Join me at madashellboycott.com

      1. Terry Hamblin says

        And Sarah Palin no?

        1. MAHB001 says

          What you really believe the dribble the left created about Sarah Palin? That is just the lefts war on Women.

          The media can make a pig look like anything they want to. Just look at the liar 0bama.

          They can also use their lofty position to destroy. Just look at Sarah Palin.

          1. Terry Hamblin says

            Thank you for repeating what I said, or did you read into it?

          2. MAHB001 says

            Sorry, if I misread your post….

        2. A natural born American says

          I think Sarah Palin is my son’s hero. Not a bad choice if you ask me.

          1. Terry Hamblin says

            She was drygultched by the liberal media, and Saturday Night Live, not prepared by the GOP Washington insiders and basically hung out to dry on her own. Many people still think that what Tina Fey said, was said by Palin! If she is going to become viable she must get away from the frivolous videos and get serious, study, dry run her responses etc.

      2. drattastic says


      3. A natural born American says

        Possibly, most of the “well educated” left are not smart enough, or experienced enough to foresee or understand the consequences of straying from this country’s values as set forth in our Constitution by our forefathers. Grief! Some of them actually believe GEORGE JEFFERSON was one of our forefathers and that he’d be very ashamed of the Tea Party movement! I’ve been avoiding mainstream media ever since the first time I read about them praising something that was very, very un American. Now I read the POV of several independent news sources and draw my own conclusions. Funny how the thought process of much of the conservative public seems to reflect those same conclusions.

    3. A natural born American says

      Well said!

      1. drattastic says

        Appreciate it .

  15. let justice roll says

    What made this country the greatest country in the world is capitalism. The opportunity to come to America and through hard work and a dream you just might succeed and rise above poverty. That opportunity is being destroyed by the liberals in D.C. in order to turn this country into a third world welfare state. A new wave of immigrants are now coming here with their hands out looking for the free ride that the liberal establishment is promising them. By joining the Tea Party you are telling Washington enough is enough, vote all liberals out of office on November 4th, this may be the last peaceable chance to reign in Obama and stop his plans for destroying a once great nation.

  16. wapitihunter says

    The Tea Party is a movement within the Republican Party because the established Republican Party are Democrats. They have been bought off by Demoncrats and large corporations and unions. The represent themselves and want to hold on to the power they can wield over the people just like the Demoncrats. They have lost touch with the people and are for big government and huge spending. The spending is not with their money but our money. We the people want our voice to be heard and want to elect people who work for us and not us work for them. The problem can be fixed but we must elect people who are fiscally responsible. No more camel statues, no more study as to why lesbos are fat, no more giving money and weapons to people who are going to use them against us. Government needs to turn back TO the Constitution instead of turning their backs to it. I know of no one that said it any better than Ron Paul, “if it’s not in the Constitution then don’t do it”. If the Constitution does not give the power to the Government to do something then they should keep their nose out of it. No Government project has ever worked. Look at the IRS. It was created to help finance WW! period. But nothing Government starts ever goes away. They just get bigger and more corrupt. This has got to change. The Government thought it could provide better health care to veterans if they did it themselves rather than the private sector. Ha, look at the VA.
    But I am glad to know that Dr. Ben Carson and Lt. Col. Allen West are spoiled White Racist. Oh and there are more brave Black men in the Tea Party. All people are waking up and fighting back at the corruption. Thomas Jefferson said a little rebellion now and then is a good thing. Get out and vote and rebell from this dictatorship.

    1. MAHB001 says

      My sentiments exactly. Great post.
      I would add that the Left owns and controls the media. The founding Fathers expected the media to be a watchdog over the Government to keep the government honest. They never expected the media to throw away their right to free speech and toe a specific party line.
      What the media is doing now is corrupt and it sways public opinion. If it were not for a corrupt media spreading propaganda, what you posted would be common knowledge.

      1. A natural born American says

        Good points, but are you sure the left are really able to understand what they read? Most of the kids I went to college with didn’t care about GPAs; they only cared about getting the degree. Consequently, most graduated with very low C and D averages. I tutored in some very basic courses and I helped many students bring their averages up from the mid 20s and 30s range to the high 50’s and mid 70s range. They just didn’t care. I don’t know how they managed but they got their degrees and, pretty much, that’s all that matters to many employers. I did have several tutees studying advanced courses who really did care; they’re the ones who mostly all brought their averages up to A levels.

        1. MAHB001 says

          The 20 and 30 crowd isn’t even watching TV. It is the 40-50-60+ crowd that started out watching TV news when it did not have a liberal agenda. The stations introduced the bias very slowly and most of the people are not aware of the bias. It is almost a form of brainwashing. These people started out trusting the news and when immersed in the news it is almost impossible to detect the bias.
          My Mother watches ABC, NBC, and CBS, she does not see the bias. When I point it out to her, all she says is that they all cant be wrong.
          Well they have formed a cabal. Their intent is to spin everything to the left.
          Check out my web site at madashellboycott. com.

          1. A natural born American says

            I am someone in the 60+ group who returned to school in my late 30’s. In my Vietnam era days I realized that an awful lot of stupid rich kids were getting into college. Later, when the draft was abandoned and enrollments dropped, colleges began to accept stupid kids from all walks of life. They are the ones who perpetuated the idea that GPAs didn’t matter–only the degree does. And it’s not hard to get one of those as long as you can maintain the minimum GPA required by law. That was my job.

            I stopped watching the letter news anchors the first time I realized they were heralding totally un American actions and ideals that were being perpetrated on the unsuspecting American public. I used to love CNN until I recognized they too are extremely bias.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I am not that far behind you but just enough to miss the draft. Unfortunately I fit the stupid but not rich part that went to college. 🙂 But with some hard work, and a lot of help from fellow students, I got a good degree with a 3+ GPA.
            I noticed the bias in the news back in the 80s, but REALLY took notice during the Bush Bashing years. that is where the Left in the news really fine tuned their corrupt trait. After the beating that Romney, Palin, and EVERY Republican took in the 2012 and years prior, I decided that something had to be done about the corruption or Conservatives would never stand a chance again.
            that is why I started Madashellboycott. com. it is my attempt at riding the media of their corrupt liberal practice of bias by omission. Bias by omission is the primary reason that got 0bama elected in 2012.
            Simply stopping watching the news is not the answer. MadAsHellBoycott actually goes after the advertisers who support the news programs. We politely ask them to move their ads to a different time slot. Thus robbing the station of advertising dollars. Hit them in the pocketbook.
            I imagine hundreds of thousands of people have been wronged by the corrupt media. I dream that they would all sign up, because if they did, the liberal bias in the media would be gone.
            madashellboycott. com

    2. fred says

      good stuff hunter, voting now is the best thing, many things to sort out after the election! United front is my choice right now, VOTE is the MOST important thing! You know the demonRATS are planning to regroup in a few days and do bad things we have to be prepared to counter their assault!l

      1. VolunteerVet says

        we must stop vote fraud!!! obummer and the demonrats used massive fraud, which must be stopped. it has already started with early voting. Minimum 5 tears for each count, execution for multiple counts.

        1. A natural born American says

          I read that something like 78% of the states went back to the old fashioned way of casting ballots and look how the voting went. About the states that continued with the “high-tech” ballot machines? Yesterday I read that some districts still weren’t able to vote for their GOP candidates. In some instances, the GOP candidates names WEREN’T EVEN ON THE BALLOT! Just like in 2012. Wonder when the votes from our dead grandparents will begin to surface…

  17. John Stratemeyer says

    Erin Jenne is a “political scientist…” And she’s from Central European University? Never heard of it, but we’re supposed to pay strict attention to her “analysis?’ Not me. What she calls “analysis,” I call “blathering.”

  18. MAHB001 says

    The author is correct, the left is not smart enough to realize that the right is not moving to the right, but the left is moving at light speed to the left.
    Or perhaps the controllers of the left in the media want their brainwashed followers to believe that the left movement is really the right moving right.

  19. pmbalele says

    Please blame TPs, Glen Beck and FoxNews for polarizing the country into races. TP leaders are liars, corrupt and racists. TP stands for Toilet Paper or TEA Party or Taxed Enough already. Obama had cut their tax in 2010. But these morons were calling him names in 2010 – rallying in DC. Even FoxNews eventually wondered why these morons were in DC. We found TP rallies were financed by insurance companies to create hate between Blacks and Whites. Indeed Americans listened to TP leaders’ lies and in November 2010, many were elected. In 2011 TP leaders were either in Congress or State law making bodies. Some had got government contracts or jobs. By June 2011 we never heard of TPs again. So TPs were actually not after tax cuts. They were looking for government jobs and contracts. Come to Wisconsin government – it is full of former TP leaders, their daughters and sons. So TPs divided this country in 2010. We started rebuilding race relations again in 2012. That is why President Obama was re-elected. TP is now dead-I have its grave and a burial stone reading: “HERE LIES TEA PARTY.” Please don’t vote for any TP or Repubs on November 4.

    1. MAHB001 says

      You do know that bigotry like yours only breeds in less than smart individuals?
      Most idiots that believe the crap you spewed are smart enough they have been had, but apparently, you just haven’t figured it out yet.
      You do not have any facts to support your statements, you know nothing about the Tea Party. And all you have is talking points generated by your handlers in the media.

      1. pmbalele says

        Where are TP now? All are hiding in bushes till spring. I hope they survive on November4.

        1. MAHB001 says

          All you have is insults? Liberals always fall back on insults when they have nothing… Especially the dumb ones.
          So you know nothing about the Tea Party, yet you are bigoted.. You are going to have to go outside your normal handlers to get educated, because the Libs that control you and feed you your bigotry, really do not want you any smarter than you are. If you were smarter, then you might not follow their moronic fact-less, bigoted, talking points.

        2. A natural born American says

          Not only did the Tea Party movement survive–they flourished!!

          1. pmbalele says

            All elections were rigged by Repubs and TPs. We know their tricks.

          2. A natural born American says

            Oh you mean like having our dead grandparents vote? Or like only allowing machines that have dropped all the GOP names from the ballot? Why is it you seem to know more about Ted Cruz than you did about your own candidate? Did you wikisearch him? You wouldn’t happen to be one of those jerks I TRIED to tutor in college who graduated with the lowest GPA possible because you weren’t interested in being educated. You do realize that the first time you engaged in an actual adult conversation after graduation that it became painfully obvious to those around you that you were only interested in getting your degree just so you could have bragging rights as to how smart you are. Don’t you?

          3. pmbalele says

            Did you ask if it possible I was not interested in being educated? What should I be interested in being educated when I could learn it my intution or at home. On Ted Cruz, you should google him -his background is wide open. I hope you are not one of those primitive people who vote for anything that has mid west accent.

          4. A natural born American says

            Wasn’t asking anything–just stating the obvious.

          5. pmbalele says

            Education? We need education just to supplement what we know already For example we enroll in church society just to explore more about ourselves. Said differently God is in you already and gives you his command whether you like it or not. But God has given you free will which enables you to choose to be good or bad. Repubs and TP chose to be bad. We Demos chose to be good. I have argued in my life with both Chritians and Moslems. When they start talking about God they always refer to the two books-the Bible or the Quran – says this and that. Some claim that without following the Bible or the Koran you will not go to heaven. That is stupid. How about the Africans who have never heard of the Bible or Quran? Are they not going to heaven or hell? Who tells them there is God? They know exactly there is God, heaven and hot stuff. That you’re an adult now remember when you first perceived you existed. This was at the age of 4 or 5. I don’t think you will remember what happened before your 4. But from there on you do. God was giving you more and more hints how you should treat others. So the education you have not is what is in your mind or brain already. All that needs it to wake that part of your mind. I wonder if made sense to you as TP or Repub.

          6. Conservative one says

            Talk about generalization (lumping everyone in one category) If I said all blacks smell bad-You would go ballistic. So how is it all Republican “choose” to be bad and only dems choose to be good. How utterly stupid that was. Do you hear the tripe you say? How can you possibly have any clue about anything? As for the bible-there is only 1 way to heaven, the Quran doesn’t teach it and it isn’t what you read or say or do. There is but 1 verse that says it all.

          7. pmbalele says

            You’re talking about those toothless TPs women who were rallying in DC in opposition to ACA. These stunk like skunks.

    2. A natural born American says

      Not too awfully smart–are you?

      1. pmbalele says

        How do you like that? TPs and Repubs are already fighting as who is
        going to be speakers in both houses. Some want Ted Cruz to be Senate leader.
        These morons don’t even know Ted Cruz is non-citizen and does not have permit
        to work in this country

  20. F S says

    We already had enough trouble with the radical Leftists before Obama came along but he sure accelerated the move to the left.It is sad that we are headed toward a Godless socialist society that does not see the danger of Islam.

  21. Maynard Merrell says

    I’ve been fighting since 1960 and was extremely happy when the Tea Party movement was born. I no longer felt I had to fight alone, both the Communist Party (Democrat Party) and the Fabian Socialist in he Republican Party, plus the Instituted “For Policy Studies” wich you should look up on the internet. Very important.

  22. slotiac32 says

    Voting the rats out in the next 3 elections is a start. But arrests and convictions for fraud, theft of public funds, illegal rules and regulations, giving comfort to the enemy, failing to enforce borders and immigration laws, eavesdropping on private citizens, overtaxing conservative organizations, wasting taxpayer funds on vacation junkets around the world, lying to Congress under oath, etc. etc. etc. Flush the DC toilet Nov. 4, and flush it again in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Save the nation from these treasonist criminals!

  23. Maynard Merrell says

    I feel the wrath of all of you, and have felt it since 1960, and have written about the cause of it all, for all those years. For those of you interested in the cause please read the following from of your internet search: “CouncilOnForeignRelations.net.” Also, “The Seven Sinister Tentacles of the Invisible Government.” “Institute for Policy Studies – Marxist Think Tank.” “Who Is Hilary? – Educating Florida And America. Both the Democrat and Republican party elite, like Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, have been a part in all this. Our only hope for survival in this situation is the Tea Party.

  24. fred says

    When any individual or organization resorts to name calling like a little child rather than stating the reasons for a person’s not being qualified for a position, they are generally fearful of that person obtaining that position! So keep up the name calling all you democrats, it will help to further your demise! And the Muslims and their false prophet may leave and return to their sand castles anytime, we do not need or want them here!

  25. jreb57 says

    It seems that Jenne has missed the whole point of the Tea Party movement. The federal government has limited powers (limited by the constitution) and any powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the states or the individual citizens. That is what is known as grass roots government and that is what the Europeans lack. That is also why the USA has been dragged into two world wars and has had to fight many proxy wars against the ideology of government supremacy. Oh by the way, there is no such thing as political science. Science is not a good modifier when discussing politics. Corruption is a far better one.

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