Ted Cruz First to Announce 2016 Candidacy


The first man to officially throw his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination in 2016 is none other than Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The 44-year-old first-term senator is expected to formally announce his candidacy on March 23rd at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Judging by the polls, Cruz has some catching up to do. While he has a strong conservative following, he doesn’t have the name recognition enjoyed by prospective competitors Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush. Of course, there is still a long time between now and the primaries. And by announcing first, Cruz can expect to dominate the political conversation for the next few days.

Cruz has two things working against him in addition to his obscurity. One, he is inexperienced. While no one can question his professional bona fides, his 2012 run for the Senate was his first foray into politics. He previously worked as solicitor general of Texas. Still, our current president rode into office on a similar level of political experience, so it can be done.

The biggest problem Cruz will face also happens to be his greatest strength. He is not a politician. He is principled, and he makes no bones about where he stands. That’s exactly what conservatives love about him, but it could make him a tough sell in the general election. Is America ready to elect a president with views this strong? Those views have put him at odds with Republican leadership, meaning he may come up short when it comes to garnering party support.

He certainly stands as a stark contrast to frontrunner Bush, who has attracted a lot of criticism for his moderate views on immigration, healthcare, and Common Core. On the other hand, Bush is not having any problems getting RNC support behind him, and he will be tough to beat in the fundraising game. Unless Cruz can galvanize the base and the Tea Party to rally around him with money, he could have a hard time gaining traction against a behemoth political machine.

Even if Cruz’s candidacy is ultimately unsuccessful, though, he brings a much-needed voice to the race. Casual Republicans need to know there are still politicians out there who stand for conservative principles. Cruz can out-talk just about anyone, so his presence in the debates will be a forceful one. Unfortunately, in a political climate where many voters will follow the race through five-minute clips on the nightly news programs, Cruz is going to be at the mercy of the mainstream media. And the liberals in New York have already made it clear what they think of his brand of hardline conservatism.

Of course, it’s very early to engage in any serious speculation. Cruz is first into the ring, but he won’t be the last. As it stands right now, there are almost a dozen Republicans thinking about running for the White House. How it all pans out will depend on who actually runs. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be interesting.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Within seconds of Cruz’s speech ending the Liberal Media at MSNBC started whacking at Cruz. The clip I saw the “talking heads” had nothing but trash to say about Cruz, they immediately dropped down to character assassination, and didn’t say a word about the content of his speech.
    I am sure ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and all the rest will follow suit. From this point forward the media will turn its anti-conservative propaganda machine against every single Republican candidate. These guys are EXPERTS at building brand names and recognition, the are also EXPERTS at DESTROYING brands (Conservatives) and brand names (Conservative Politicians.
    If WE the People do not stand up and demand more from the media, 2016 will be a repeat of 2008, and 2012.
    If we unite, we can cripple the Left Stream Media control on public opinion. Visit and join the boycott at:

    1. ShawnNJ says

      I believe more and more people have woken up to understand thye media you have mentioned doesn’t have the sway they once had.

      But we have alot of people here in America who are uninformed and only here sound bites and belive what they here.

      Education is key. A grassroots effort needs to be strong. Hope to see you on the front lines.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I agree education is the key. The American people are smart, good, honest and trusting.
        Liberals have found a way to take advantage of our natural tendancy to assume that someone is telling the truth until proven guilty.
        I got to tell you, it pisses me off to be lied and mislead.
        That is what the media is doing, pissing off a whole bunch of Americans.
        Never bet against a pissed off American.

        1. Jimmy King says

          You’re full of crap. O’Reilly’s lies are numerous and documented, but you deny them. It’s not lies you dislike, its opposing views. Cruz doesn’t stand a chance, with or without your silly boycott websites

          1. MAHB001 says

            whack, whack, whack, whack, you liberals have anything except repetition to make your points.
            Try some facts instead of insults…..

            Honestly, you libs look like a bunch of lemmings playing whack a mole… That is until you turn violent, then you look more like an angry mob with pitch forks imposing your fascist views.

          2. Jimmy King says

            And as usual, you have nothing to say factually to rebut what was said. All you are capable of is the same nonsense… You liberals waaaa waaaa waaaa If you had 1/2 a brain you’d make an attempt at an argument. Instead you’re busy making websites for other cry babies to join you

          3. MAHB001 says

            You said nothing factual to rebut… O’Reilly lies, O’Reilly lies. As if repeating it a thousand times makes it true… Oh in your world it does… ….. dude prove the lies, don’t just copy crap that is unsubstantiated and irrelevant.

            What goes around comes around…. You throw out insults, what you want.. Respect?

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Hmmmm Angry mobs with Pitchforks. Huh.. I did not know that Sheriffs group that was I was watching back in DEC.. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/12/patriots-arrive-in-washington-dc-with-constitutional-sheriffs-cspoa-live-on-gmn-3075270.html

          5. Jimmy King says

            Northern Ireland, where O’Reilly claimed in his book “Keep it Pithy,” that he’s “seen soldiers gun down unarmed civilians in Latin America, Irish terrorists kill and maim their fellow citizens in Belfast with bombs.”

            When the Washington Post pushed Fox News on the matter, a Fox News spokesman said Friday that O’Reilly was not an eyewitness to any bombings or injuries in Northern Ireland. Instead, he was shown photos of bombings by Protestant police officers.

            Next stop, El Salvador. On at least two separate occasions, O’Reilly claimed to have seen the murder of four American nuns in El Salvador.

            “I’ve seen guys gun down nuns in El Salvador,” he said on his radio program in 2005. On his Fox News program, “The O’Reilly Factor,” he said in 2012, “I saw nuns get shot in the back of the head.”

            The only problem? O’Reilly arrived in El Salvador months after the brutal killings and could not have witnessed them

            O’Reilly responded in a statement to Mediate last week in which he was describing photos of the murdered nuns, not the crimes themselves.

            “While in El Salvador, reporters were shown horrendous images of violence that were never broadcast, including depictions of nuns who were murdered,” he said in the statement.

            Last stop, Florida. In his 2012 book, “Killing Kennedy,” O’Reilly claimed that he “heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide,” of Lee Harvey Oswald’s associate, George de Mohrenschildt in a house in Florida in 1977.

            It turns out O’Reilly wasn’t even in Florida when Mohrenschildt committed suicide, according to phone recordings CNN acquired.

            According to the phone recording, O’Reilly called Gaeton Fonzi, an investigative reporter who was known for his work on JFK’s assassination, and asked if he had heard any personal details about Mohrenschildt’s suicide. “I’m coming down there tomorrow,” O’Reilly is heard saying to Fonzi. “I’m coming to Florida.”


          6. MAHB001 says

            All been clarified. this is the best that you guys can come up with?
            0’Reilly is awesome.
            You know who is even better?
            Megan Kelly, She is the real thing. Run along and dig up some dirt on her scumbag.

          7. Jimmy King says

            HAHAH All been clarified. Yes, the clarification is, He Lied, He Lied, He Lied

            All clear

          8. Ted Crawford says

            What might be noted here is the fact that O’Reilly is the Host of a Political Opinion Show! He holds NO political power whatsoever. He has NO power to mandate ANYTHING! Everyone is free to listen or not!
            Obama, on the other hand, DOES posses that power and his lies exceed even those of O’Reilly!

          9. Ralph Long says

            Megan Kelly is Hot and a real foxy FOX!

          10. MAHB001 says

            And she has an IQ about 200 above any liberal.

          11. Yadja says


            O and his minions could not open their mouths if they had to tell the truth.

            They would have to say:
            Yes O is responsible for the mess in the ME.
            Yes O is negotiating with a country that wants to kill us.
            Yes O has spent more money on vacations than any other president.
            Yes O lied about O care.
            Yes O lied about Bergdahl.
            Yes O lied on Benghazi.
            Yes O hates Israel.
            Yes O loves Radical Islam.
            Yes O has turned his back on our allies in the world.
            Yes O deposed Gaddafi and Mubarak and talked Egypt into putting Muslim Brotherhood in power.
            Yes our National Debt under O is greater than any president before him.

            On and on and on.

          12. pineapple says

            More Obama lies:

            I will have the most transparent administration in history.

            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.

            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

            The IRS is not targeting anyone.

            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.

            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.

            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds
            division, conflict and cynicism”.

            You didn’t build that!

            I will restore trust in Government.

            The Cambridge
            cops acted stupidly.

            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my

            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto
            companies, with interest.

            I am not spying on American citizens.

            Obama Care will be good for America .

            You can keep your family doctor.

            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to
            Mexican drug cartels.

            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .

            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country
            illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20
            years ago.

            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (
            12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

            And the biggest
            one of all:

            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and
            defend the Constitution of the United States of America

          13. Yadja says

            If I could give you one hundred thumbs up I would.

            Fantastic just wonderful.

          14. carroll wood says

            you forgot, the check is in the mail, you can keep your Dr. I am hereto help you, I won’t come—————.

          15. Ted Crawford says

            What Cruz WILL do, win, lose or draw, is set the Narrative for 2016! That Comrade is the death knell to any Progressive Candidate you delusional souls might chose to offer up!

          16. Ralph Long says

            What’s This? Ted Cruz set the narrative for 2016? Horse crap Ted Cruz is barely even showing up in the single digits in all the latest polls! Forget Cruz! Trump in 2016!

          17. Ted Crawford says

            That matters exactly HOW? Neither Ross Perot nor Ron Paul scored highly, yet they both had an enormous impact on the Presidential Debates!

          18. Ted Crawford says

            You would be greatly benefited by expanding your research sources Comrade! You can get the same Far Left slant from Pravda or even Al Jazeera, but the reporting is much more accurate and comprehensive than MSNBC, N.Y. Times, Media Matters and Newsweek!

          19. Jimmy King says

            Or I could just read O’Really’s book and then compare it to O’Really’s prior statements ans see, he’s a liar. I don’t need someone to tell me the news, I am more than capable of doing my own research

        2. Rick Rogers says

          IF Edcuation is the key MAHB001 Then why do Republicans always go for education as the first thing they want to cut come budget time It happens in just about Every State.

          1. dndvaughn says

            Apparently you’re the result of their cuts….

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry there Sherlock.. I was in school in the 60’s before the Republicans decide it would become their own Private Budget slashing hunting preserve.

          3. Lizfan says

            Because the education department has been controlled by liberals since the 60s. Which explains the dumbed-down low information voters.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Your right Lizfan..its just a crime what the GOP has allowed to happen in all those Red States.. They are such Beacon’s of education.. oh and did I forget to mention they also have the highest number of Welfare Receipents? Want just one example.. IN New Orleans Louisiana they ran a poll that ask Louisiana Republicans who was responsible for Hurricane Katrina and the slow Response. Twenty-eight percent said they think former President George W. Bush, who was in office at the time, was more responsible for the poor federal response while 29 percent said Obama, who was still a freshman U.S. Senator when the storm battered the Gulf Coast in 2005, was more responsible. Nearly half of Louisiana Republicans — 44 percent — said they aren’t sure who to blame. OH and they only ask Republicans on this poll..

          5. Lizfan says

            It’s the DEMOCRATS who allowed it to happen. The liberals in charge are democrats, NOT Republicans. Stop projecting & stop trolling with liberal talking points. People in blue states are dumber than the people in the red states. Look up videos of all the low information voters who voted for Obama. & polls are not indicative of anything. Most polls are biased garbage.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you what Lizfan.. I give you the chance to valid you statement. Go look up the listing for the states with the lowest School test scores then once you have that list look at who controls the State legislature in each state and who is the Governor. I could save you the time because I have already done it but you won’t believe me unless you do it yourself.

          7. Drake Travis says

            i think they should defund all the public schools that teach Bolshevism, Communism, Hugh Hefner’s ethics, Nietzsche, Jung, Freud, Spock, Darwin, the “wonders” of FDR, the cavalier nature of JFK, the slick maneuvers of BJ Clinton, ad infinitum. And that is most of the public schools in this country. Woodstockies are running them anymore.

          8. Mark says

            Wrong! we MUST dissolve the Department of Indoctrination, (Oops, that’s Education), because they’ve destroyed what was the greatest system of public education that ever existed. I give you Goals 2000, and Common Core as examples.

            Now here’s my idea, and you’re free to disagree,(especially since I can’t charge you a penalty for disagreeing) All K-12 kids should be immersed in American history, so they know where we really came from,. and what’s Exceptional about being an American. Ditto for American Literature. All the books that I’ve only heard of from the early years of this country should be REQUIRED reading in our schools. We should develop a general appreciation of American Art and Music. Physical Education, especially after school sports must be re-instituted.

            Science should be taught as it was in the 60’s and 70’s (as Joe Friday used to say, Just the facts ma’am, juts the facts): I remember my 7th grade Biology teacher. Well liked by all, but he taught 7th grade biology more like it was an undergraduate-level class.

            I vaguely-recall terms like “endoplasmic reticulum,” but at 52, I don’t using knowledge form that class to get any job.. In that case, I’d have remembered more of the subject matter hadn’t seemed so irrelevant to me.

            Ditto Basic Geography, in which we were already expected to learn how to draw and recognize elevation-contour lines, before first learning the basic geography of Michigan, the United States, and then other foreign countries.

            English MUST be the National Language, and all immigrants MUST become fluent in it, in order to continue studying in our schools. Yes, it’s great to learn a foreign language, when we want or need to do so; but our children should be learning them because they’re interested, not because we’re catering to the “needs” of illegal immigrants.

            Math, honestly I’m surprised that I reached c-level in basic math.Ironically, years later I sometimes dream of what it would’ve been like to Ace Algebra in high school, do the Same in it in community college, and then, (just for the fun of it), learn calculus, trigonometry, and geometry, just because I was interested in them.

            In other words, the basic Liberal Arts education should start in the public (not government-sanctioned) schools. Then, maybe most American High school students would graduate at or near the top of their class, because they really wanted to, due to having courses they were actually interested in.

            And naturally, many of those who chose to further their education would do equally well through graduate school, technical school, or vocational school, depending on their choices.

            Now, can you honestly tell me that the Department of Education is
            proposing curricula like some of us actually had back in the Good Old
            Days? Or like our parents and grandparents had when they were children?

            Again, I don’t believe that’s what the bureaucratic masterminds Department of
            “Education” have in mind for our children.

            And that’s why the (conservative?) republicans? are always trying to slash “federal” funding for education.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Thank god you only have one vote

          10. Mark says

            Simple, the (true) conservative (republicans?) believe that we the people, residing in the States, by our membership on local school boards, truly understand and know what our children, and young adults should be learning. The So called Department of “Education” has never “educated” anyone. But they’ve created so many regulations, that it’s nearly impossible for the truly well-intentioned teacher to simply teach their classes, for fear of violating some rule that didn’t exist when they woke up this morning.

          11. Rick Rogers says

            Mark I have friends that are Teachers. Some of my old Teachers are also Friends both on the High school and College level.. Do you know what the number one complaint College Level teachers have about in coming Students. That Most of them are not at a level in subjects such as English, Math, the sciences that they should be to take college courses in those subjects. There is nothing wrong with having a standard level of Competency for anyone in the US that has earned a High school diploma. That was the idea behind the Core Curriculum. A high school Grad in Texas should have the same understanding of the material as a Grad from Virginia. Without having to waste time on Remedial Studies because to be honest when you are in a college class room and you having to study things you should have learned in High School that is Remedial. So if you want to have your local boards do that fine. Just make sure that are teaching at a level that won’t put your children behind where everyone else is. I have heard one Idea that was floated around that a 13th Grade be added to school systems that is for people that want to continue on to college. You want to go to join the work force or go into the military or drive a truck for a living. Fine your not required to go. If you want to go on to college then that year is spent making sure you have the foundation for college level work. The idea might have some merit because the end result of college is to become proficient in the field you want to study. Have one school year to “fill in the gaps ” in a high school seniors education could possibly turn out better prepared College students. Not one percent sold on the idea but it could be worth a test program for a few years to see the results if any.

          12. MAHB001 says

            Liar, you don’t treat anyone good enough to have friends.

          13. Rick Rogers says

            So speaks the spineless Craven Cowardly Cur who won’t stand up and be counted for what he believes in. He must Skulk like a Sneak weakling Fraidy-cat as he hides behind a fake name. Here MAHB001 is a new picture you can use as an Avatar.. it least it much more accurate

          14. MAHB001 says

            yea, here is another one….. Nice.
            You have been reduced to everything you say that I am.

          15. Rick Rogers says

            MAHB001 Sniveling Craven cowardly Cur that thinks anyone cares what he has on his twisted little mind. I would say your not worth a Crap but just read the article the other day that said Crap was actually worth something so Not going to use that one anymore because you worth less then that. SO little boy until you have the balls to show your name don’t bother the grown ups.

          16. MAHB001 says

            I thought we had a deal?
            Guess there is no honor amongst liars.

        3. Mark says

          True. We need a well educated Electorate. I think Ronald Reagan summed it up like this “It’s not that they don’t know the facts, it’s that the facts they know are wrong.” IF that doesn’t sum up much of what’s taught through college, I don’t know what does.

          That’s also why we MUST DISSOLVE the US Department of Indoctrination (Oops, that’s Education). When their curricula are taught, only misinformation is learned by the students.

        4. Rick Rogers says

          We do have a deal and I did not attack you. I ask you a polite question

          1. MAHB001 says

            Me bad, I posted to a very old post without realizing how old it was.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Not a big deal no worries

      2. Rick Rogers says

        ShawnNJ.. with out name calling I would like to ask one thing.. IF Republican polices are so wonderful why has the middle class lost Ground. and it has except for a period in the Early to middle 1990’s. THey have had Trickle down as their Platform Since Reagan and the only ones it has benefited is the Rich. More Welfare Dollars go to States run by Republicans then by Democrats. So why aren’t those States Paradises? That’s not made up or lies its information you can get formn the Census report. And before you say those are lies just remember the Census Report is the document that decides how many Congressman each state gets.

        1. ShawnNJ says

          This is your beloved President Obama:

          This is why you didn’t go to France.

          It was you who told an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”

          It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”

          It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.

          It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the Muslims.”

          It was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”

          It was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.

          It was you who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.

          It was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.

          It was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.

          It was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.

          It was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.

          It was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.

          It was you who ordered both Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in
          contrast, you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited
          adjust their decor.

          It was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.

          It was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

          It was you who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.

          It was you who as an Illinois Senator were the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.

          It was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.

          It was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.

          It was you who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.

          It is you who has refused to speak-out but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.

          It was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.

          It was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.

          It was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.

          It was you who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.

          It was you who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.

          It was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.

          It is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.

          It is you who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.

          It was you who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly

          America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but, remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.

          It was you who appointed s your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett , who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood

          The above provides the basis for virtually everything he does.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Ok so you had fun writing it but that was not the question I ask you Shawn.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Official Transcript of Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement.

            I do not Like The Neutral Net.

            I do not like the Migrant Threat.

            I do not like when two men Kiss.

            I do no like the Atheisits.

            I don’t believe in Climate Changes,

            nor in state health Care exchanges.

            I do not like to feed the poor. But I would liek to start a war.

            And I support the one percent .

            and the shutting down the Government.

            You do not like . So you say.

            But try me! Try me and you May.

            I’m asking for your vote today.

            to bring about the end of times, YAY!

          3. ShawnNJ says

            Your head is so far up Obamas azz that you can taste Hillary.

            Doesn’t matter you already have a scum liberal you will vote for. Have fun trying to get that scum elected Little Boy Ricky.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Not going to be hard.. Once Americans see the GOP Candidates pour out of the Clown car its going to be a snap.
            Isn’t it bliss?
            Don’t you approve?
            One who keeps tearing around,
            One who can’t move,
            Where are the clowns?
            Send in the clowns.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            ShawnNJ.. I subscribe to this page so I could find out what the enemy is doing.. It seems like they use their mailing list for more then just post. I find it strange a Conservative Website keeps sending ads out to its members about erectile Dysfunction? Is there something you want to confess??

          6. ShawnNJ says

            They take a list of the libtards who look to gain knowledge who come here and they send those out to people like you only.

            None of the real Conservatives here recieve that emal.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry but I can take seriously anyone that in all likely hood voted for Chris Christi

          8. catherineforrights says

            I think your on the wrong site listen to yourself, go back and read what you have said.. and re read what BO has done to this country till you FINALLY GET IT.. Geez what a sick mind.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            I don’t have to go back I know what I said and would say it again and again. Because no here wants to put the blame squarely where it belongs. We have been stuck with a Congress the majority of which answer to the Lesser Government chat. IF they don’t want to govern they should not be there. Governing is making hard choices and so far none of them have done ANYTHING that you can point to and say WE DID THAT>. EXCEPT try to block any proposal the President makes.

          10. Ralph Long says

            Oh well so what doesn’t the Canadian Exile Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz not dislike?
            What a loser you are Cruz go home to Canada! Go Donald Trump 2016!

        2. Oneway Lighthouse says

          A friend of mine who is worried about this country, handed me a book I suggest some of you on here look into, maybe Rick what you are saying will show you why…From the Author of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory…Porter Stansberry…America 2020, The Survival Blueprint..The United States is destroying itself from the inside out. The Corruption of America isn’t happening in one part of the country. It is happening across the landscape of our society, in almost every institution. It’s a kind of moral decay…a kind of greed…a kind of desperate grasp for power. And it’s destroying our nation. These corruptions do not need to exist. If individual Americans take it upon themselves to become better citizens, act with rational self-interest, and reject the “ethos of getting your”…we can correct these corruptions. That’s why Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry published America 2020: The Survival Blueprint. Porter called the collapse of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and General Motors. He predicted the housing and banking collapse. He warned his readers of the risks in Europe before the economy fell apart. And he’s convinced we’ve returned to crisis conditions in the U.S. In America 2020, Porter identifies the corruptions that have been so damaging to our country. He gives the hard facts-however controversial-behind what is destroying America. If we understand the problem, we can demand a solution. Porter is the author of Stansbery’s Investment Advisory, the flagship newsletter of Stansberry Research. Every month, Porter predicts promising emerging trends and influential economic forces with uncanny accuracy. His letter is read by hundreds of thousands of investors in 120 countries. Call and ask for your risk-free trial subscription at 888-261-2693……..given to me by a friend, not my own words. But very good reading I will say. God Bless America!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Oneway Lighthouse. Anytime someone recommends a book I normally go out on to the internet to see what is listed about the Person who wrote it. Like the guy that claims to be a DOD insider but uses a .EU mail domain. In this case I just typed in Porter Stansberry and this came up.

            In 2003, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought a case against Stansberry for a “scheme to defraud public investors by disseminating false information in several Internet newsletters. A federal court, upheld on appeal, found that Stansberry had sent out a newsletter to subscribers, predicting one company’s stock was about to soar. Stansberry maintains that his information came from a company executive; the court found that he fabricated the source.The company’s stock price did increase for the reasons Stansberry had pinpointed, but about a month later than Stansberry had predicted. In 2007, he and his investment firm, then called “Pirate Investor,” were ordered by a U.S. District Court to pay $1.5 million in restitution and civil penalties. The court rejected Stansberry’s 1st Amendment defense, saying “Stansberry’s conduct undoubtedly involved deliberate fraud, making statements that he knew to be false.

            He is listed on just about ever website that reports on Stock scams.

          2. catherineforrights says

            I agree with you one this ONE point..

          3. Rick Rogers says

            One point can be a starting place to reach agreement. that’s all it takes.

          4. Mark says

            Based on those predictions, I believe it’s time to dissolve about 90% of the Federal Government and its programs, in order to avert the greatest national financial collapse in recent history, if not in HISTORY. Or did I miss something:

            P.S. I hope to buy the book one day, probably at a library book sale. It sounds Frighteningly Fascinating.

          5. catherineforrights says

            I was an avid reader of his predictions/web letter till he NEVER LEAVES YOU ALONE ONCE YOU become a part of his group of people; everything is an ad for what he is trying to sell.. It just gets to be too much. He perpetuates fear with his knowledge and instills in you that he is God and has the answer. Took me 5 months to get him off my server.. I am serious.. If you want to live in fear he knows how to push the buttons and become very rich doing it.. My opinion..

    2. Yadja says

      I heard his speech. Made without a teleprompter. They will try to say he is not eligible to run because he was born in Canada. But his father was naturalized in 2005 and his mother American so that won’t fly. O is the only president in the history of this country to have a parent not born here and never naturalized.

      Cruz is a brilliant man and he has the credentials to prove it. Not the average bear and a debater who is well known for his talents to win an argument. The Democrats are afraid of Cruz because of that and if they put Hillary, the fat slug, slow thinking dirt wad or the crazy Elizabeth Warren or the looney Uncle Joe against Cruz he will tear them to shreds. They don’t have a candidate that will be able in front of live audiences to beat Cruz.

      This time the Republicans best to have damaging and daring campaigns exposing the abortion that O has made of this country and the ME and remind people any more Democrat/Progressives won’t work.

      1. MAHB001 says

        There will be a national debate over Cruz’s eligibility. One nice thing, Cruz is honest enough to put it on the table and get it over with.

        The Dems are afraid of anything Conservative. I would vote for a rock over any Democrat.
        Democrat = Socialism
        Republican = Capitalism.

        1. Yadja says

          I believe that Cruz is one of the smartest and sharpest men to ever run for president. Just watched the speech he made to the International Association of Firefighter again no teleprompter.

          1. pmbalele says

            The truth is now coming out. Ted Cruz father was a fugitive from USA to Canada. Now here is Ted trying to be born in USA. By other way where are the Birthers: Joe Arpaio, Allen Keyes, Sean Hannity, and the stupid woman doctor with terrible accent are? Now they are letting Ted Cruz off the hook. We are not ready for that. They have to be held accountable for their hypocrisy. We are told Ted Cruz was a migrant worker but lied he was born in Delaware. To save his reputation, I am asking Ted to withdraw.

          2. Yadja says

            OK you can chill your jets. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and his father was naturalized in 2005.

            Get off the high horse your gonna fall and hurt what little you have of your brains.

            O is the only president to ever have a parent, his father who was not born here or naturalized.

            Good Grief.

            Now show your source and make a fool of yourself.

          3. MAHB001 says

            The guy is a liberal troll.

          4. Yadja says

            I know danced with him many times before. He is a Black gentleman and I have to say he is not ugly on his posts at least not with me.

          5. MAHB001 says

            You have the patience of a Saint…

            He refuses to listen to reason and posts only to divide republicans and promote a liberal ideology. He has been nice to me though too.

          6. Yadja says

            He is not like the others LOLOLOL he is not vile just wrong on everything.

          7. MAHB001 says

            I need to be more kind….

          8. Yadja says

            LOLOL Me too but him I can tolerate. I see his side of everything because he is protecting his Black president and he won’t ever accept that O is bad or wrong. It would be self defeating and it would take all the Glory he felt when O was elected.

            He can’t say he was wrong or O is bad.

          9. MAHB001 says

            I can see that Cruz has got the liberals whacking already.
            Your ideology and bias is obvious.

          10. Yadja says

            They are going to play this citizen card from one end to the other. They are already going at it and so silly like children saying na na ni noo noo when they are in a fight.

            It is laughable.

          11. MAHB001 says

            It is laughable. And premature. The left will have nothing left when 2016 comes around. Nobody will listen to the chicken little cries anymore.

          12. Yadja says

            Let them cluck and chuck and fizzle and fuss and spew and spit who cares.

            They have shown themselves to be total idiots, nincompoops, imbeciles and retards.

          13. Rick Rogers says

            You know we have been saything the same thing about Birthers all along.. HEY DID YOU NOTICE even Donald Trump had a question about if he was eligible the other week.. Like I said we don’t have to do anything you do a fine job of ripping each other apart. When we get to the “debates” and all the GOP wantabee’s are up there ripping each other apart just know .We are Laughing our ass off.

          14. Yadja says

            You better take your head out of it before you laugh it off.

          15. Ted Crawford says

            Warped opinion, twisted, unverified innuendo, utter Progressive nonsense! In other words, Typical Progressive idiocy, Nice try Comrade, however you aren’t addressing your fellow members of the Progressive Coven of Useful Idiots here!

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Republican = Fascist.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Funny you should bring up fascism.
            Liberals are showing all kinds of fascism these days. You know a system of Government characterized by a rigid one-party dictatorship (0bama, Hitlery, and the socialists), forcible suppression of the opposition (Christians, Tea Party members) the retention of private ownership of the means of production under centralized governmental control (Taxes, EPA, 0bamacare) belligerent nationalism (actually loyalty to liberalism, and look at your hatred) and racism (bingo Mr. Rogers), glorification of war (wonder if that is next?) first instituted in Italy in 1922.

            The best and freshest example of Fascism was the movement that forced Brendan Eich from Mozilla. You little baby Hitlers wanabees should be so proud…..

          2. Rick Rogers says

            MAHB001 is a coward that does
            not have the backbone to stand up for what he says or believes in. Why else
            would he hide behind a fake name an phony Avatar.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Republican = Capitalism
            Democrat = Socialism

            Argue that.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Don’t have to because they are all equally wrong.. The Constitution of the United States says NOTHING about an economic SYSTEM which is what all of those are. So please spot making like supporting the 1% is patriotic.. because its not.

          5. MAHB001 says

            We have already had this discussion, As I pointed out, the Constitution supports Capitalism. It does not support the redistribution of wealth and the slavery of socialism.
            Supporting Capitalism supports EVERYBODY (including the 1%) and lets all of us grow to our fullest capabilities.
            Socialism takes your wealth and redistributes it to everyone…
            I seriously don’t understand why you cant understand this.
            It really is quite simple
            Republican = Capitalism
            Democrat = Socialism.


          6. Rick Rogers says

            Its to bad your a sniveling coward that hides behind a fact name or I would challenge you to go on to any online encyclopedia or even a printed one if you have it and look up the Traits of Fascist government.. They line up pretty well with some of the speechs coming out of the REPUBLICAN Party. But you are a coward who is afraid to stand up for himself with a real name and picture. IS THE POOR LITTLE BOY AFRAID HIS BOSS MIGHT SEE IT AND FIRE HIM???.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Only a fool would had over his name to a fascist.
            YOU SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME. You do not have all your ores in the water.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Mahboo1 is a SLIMY ignorant Coward that does not have the guts to stand up for the trash he speaks. For all we know he is a Neo Nazi Klansman. His Favorite taught are Bigot and homophobe and yet he does not seem to understand the meaning of the words. Here let me help and give you a comparison WITH REAL Fascist.

          9. MAHB001 says

            Again this is great.
            I have out Alinsky-ed the Alinsky Radial.
            Hang your head in SHAME!

          10. Rick Rogers says

            only thing you have shown anyone is your ass. Oh maybe that’s why you won’t show your face. Its it really that bad? were you disfigured in a horrible accident? It must have been because its the only thing that could explain your brain damage.

          11. Ted Crawford says

            In other words Comrade, you have absolutely NOTHING substantive to refute the statement , so, following your beloved Prophet Alinsky, you resort to name calling, rhetoric and innuendo in a vain attempt to marginalize! Unfortunately, for you, the one marginalized here was YOU!

      2. pmbalele says

        No, he is not eligible. He is a migrant worker who lied was born in Delaware. What a shame on Repubs to vote for migrant worker. And you Yadja, you almost died for this Country in the military. And here you’re encouraging or enabling a fugitive to run for the USA WH. Are you crazy? May the whole Repub is infested with crazy people.

        1. Yadja says

          Please spare me your insanity my poor misguided, misinformed friend.

          His mother was an American. His father naturalized in 2005.

          I have a son who was born in Okinawa and he like Cruz has duel citizenship but because I am an American he is an American.

          1. pmbalele says

            Your son was born on a USA military base. Like John McCain your son is eligible for the WH job. Not Ted whose parents fled to Canada because they were communists.

          2. Yadja says

            My son had duel citizenship like any child born in a foreign country.

            I will tell you again, his mother is American and he is an American.

            You won’t win this one. It is nothing like O.

            Sigh…..his father was not a Communist. As a boy he fought against communism and came to America to escape it.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            AS a boy He Fought WITH Castro.. He said it himself.. But don’t take me word for it its easy to find on any of the places he gave interviews. Just Goggle Rafael Cruz and Castro.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Just goes to show you, you cant trust communists, socialist, or Democrats.

          5. ShawnNJ says

            He’s Liberal trash.

          6. Yadja says

            He really believes what he is saying. He is a Black gentleman and has never been ugly with me on any post.

            He is what he is but he is not evil like so many. Just drunk on his Black president and believes all he is told.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you for Proving that President OBama is also Eligible and you did it all on your own without any prompting from me.. There is one other thing Yadja… I can’t fine Your exact Post but you mention something about Daddy Cruz fighting against Castro.. Tell you what.. Not going to ask you to believe me here are his own words.

            “I grew up in Cuba under a strong military, oppressive dictatorship. So as a teenager I found myself involved in a revolution. I remember during that time a young, charismatic leader rose up, talking about hope and change. His name was Fidel Castro,” recalled Cruz. “And, you know, we all followed him. We thought he was going to be our liberator. As a result of being involved in the revolution, I was imprisoned, I was tortured.”


          8. Yadja says

            Don’t remember proving O eligible. According to the Constitution a presidential candidate must be natural born having parents born in America or naturalized and becoming citizens.

            Cruz father was naturalized in 2005 and his mother an American. O’s father was Kenya Muslim and never naturalized. So O should not have been president.

            You did see where his father was a teenager right? You do know that a teenager in the middle of a Revolution is easily swayed but time in prison can remedy that along with torture.

            You do know that O’s cousin O’dinga burned Christians alive in their churches and went to jail for it? That he is still involved in Terror and that his family are all Muslims who hate Jews and Christians or anyone of another faith?

            So what is your point?

            Won’t work cover the point on your head with a dunce hat.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            oh Yadja.. if your going to quote something at the very least go to the source and quote it correctly. “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

            Please note the the Phrase Citizen of the UNITED STATES.. OBAMA mother was a Citizen there for anyone born to a US CITIZEN IS a US CITIZEN as you put it so nicely.

            Your quote about ” presidential candidate must be natural born having parents born in America or naturalized and becoming citizens.” is NO where in the Consitution of the United States of America. Don’t believe me down load the TEXT version of it to any Word processer and DO a Search for Natural Born.

          10. Yadja says

            O’s father was not a naturalized citizen nor born in America therefore according to our Constitution and the definition of Natural Born, meaning both parents born in America or naturalized. What about that do you not understand?

            Look up the meaning of Natural Born then talk to me. Also check out the Supreme Court cases on this. It is a sticky wicket and it will be brought up again with all these illegals dropping babies on our doorstep.

            Been through this many times.

          11. Rick Rogers says

            It does NOT say that in the Constitution. SO lets do it this way. I challenge you to copy the Text your talking about to a post here. The Exact Wording

          12. Yadja says

            Oh good grief it says Natural Born look to the 14th amendment for clarification then look to the Supreme Court cases that came after. Here is a good site.


            Your really a bother ya know that? Why don’t you know this stuff?

          13. MAHB001 says

            He is only allowed to know 1/2 the story. His handlers do not trust him with the other half.

          14. Yadja says

            How the He!! do I get stuck with these maggots I will never know and I just keep answering them……………my bad.

          15. MAHB001 says

            Rick is a maggot, of the worst kind. Pure evil
            My new response will be:
            Rick is a George Soros paid troll. No need to respond unless you want to sharpen your Alinsky Radical arguing skills.

          16. Yadja says

            Right. No more wasting time. Been there done that with him before.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            The question should be WHY DON”T YOU>. Because its clear you have yet to site the passage you claim is there. The one that says BOTH PARENTS have to be US Citizens. You know why you don’t or can’t find it. Because its NOT THERE. I am going to give every birther the same crap they gave me and only because they did it first. Obama was Eligible Cruz is eligible.. Qualified NO eligible yes. So you want to score a win on this? Show me the text that says both Parents. Its not that hard.. unless of course its not there. You do that and you won’t hear a peep on your comments about this subject again.

          18. Yadja says

            Already did and your too stupid to look at it. Just click on the site it is all there.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            NO you did not.. YOu did not paste the TEXT That said in the Constitution or an any Amendment that A US Citizen had to have Both Parents that were CITIZENS. You know why.. ITS NOT THERE AND DOES NOT EXIST. So just admit that and Admit your a BIRTHER.. and I drop it because Birthers have NOT credibility at ALL.

          20. Rick Rogers says

            There was nothing in that link that quoted the exact words of the Constitution that said that Both Parents had to be US CITIZEN.. NOTHING.. But fine lets talk about your conclusion shall way.. Cruz jr was born in Canada in 1970 to a US Citizen and a Cuban national. He live his entire childhood with a Mother who was a US Citizen and A father that was a Cuban National. When he want to those Colleges you mention his Mother was a US CITIZEN and His Father was a CUBAN National. In 2005 when he was the Texas Solicitor General is FATHER FINALLY became a US CITIZEN. JR. was 35 at the time. So Using your own statements. He was not born the Child of a US citizen and A Naturalized Citizen. Trying to say other wise is pretty thin even for the TEA Party.

        2. ShawnNJ says

          Hey Chris Matthews just called and said you were that tingle up his leg.

          What are you doing here Libtard. Media Matters needs you there. Their looking for more Dumb people to join.

          1. pmbalele says

            You look like hard working guy. Why do you associate with people like Ted Cruz who lied was born here. He is now carrying a green card, whatever that may be. He will be soon naturalized. And you want to vote for him? What is wrong with you.

          2. ShawnNJ says

            McCain was born in Panama, Romney was born in Mexico. So what.

            Hey Libtard shouldn’t you be trying on dresses with Michelle Obama.

          3. pmbalele says

            Your Country will be gone to Cuba or Canada. Ted Cruz is a fake. Let’s sue to enjoin him damaging this ‘Country. Remember when he caused the government shut-down. A lot of private businesses went under.

          4. ShawnNJ says

            One needs to look no further then the scum sitting in the White House if you want to see who has destroyed this country.

            You and you libtard friends will never get the fact that his plan is to destroy this once great nation and bring it to it’s knees and become a third world nation.

            The hate he has been taught of this Country by his grand parent and his parents is apparent for all who wish to see it.

            There is nothing you can say to hide that fact.

            If you couldn’t tell the difference between a man trying to save this nation and one who wants to destroy it, then you can’t be saved yourself.

          5. pmbalele says

            President Obama is JFk of today. You are a racist that is why you puked such words. You have been hurting that Blacks are in the WH. Obama was born in Hawaii to a White American and Black African. Therefore he is African-American. I have been enjoying working and living in Wisconsin because the people in the WH are true Americans. Not like Ted Cruz who is lying to you was born here. Get over it. Enjoy your life before Obama leaves office.

          6. ShawnNJ says

            Dream on Libtard. Im not Racist..I hate all Liberal scum who want to destory this country.

            The only racists I know are Liberal like yourself. Your the ones who bring it up.

            Anymore talking points you would like to spew.

            JFK of today. Wow you intellect is way beyond all others.

          7. Ted Crawford says

            Just what the he_ _ color is the sky in Progressiville today Comrade?
            John Kennedy;
            ” A tax CUT (emphasis mine) means higher family income and higher business profits and finally a balanced budget!”
            Proposes Tax INCREASES on Financial Institutions, Medical Device Manufacturers, Increase the Medicare tax on working people, Even on the Unemployed and the Dead, as well as on “Black liquor” astonishingly enough a much beloved, at least in rhetoric, BIO-FUEL!
            John Kennedy
            “The Second Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian/military relationship, in which every Citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his Country! For that reason the Second Amendment will always be important!”
            Fanatically attempts to impose bans on Weapons and even Magazines and Ammo! John Kennedy would reject this pretender , fiercely!

      3. Rick Rogers says

        oh yea.. and he did in front of a Student Body that was ORDERED to be there.. Didn’t you just love those students with the Rand Paul t-shirts. But what the hell there was another Group that was told to be places and stand and Listen.. You remember them Right.. They were called the Hitler Youth.

      4. Rick Rogers says

        You know if he was so Brilliant you would think he would have had the Brains to Register all the Domain names for his President Run FIRST..

        http://www.texasmonthly.com/daily-post/look-who-owns-all-obvious-cruz-campaign-web-addresses 🙂

        1. Yadja says

          You did read the article? It was talking about all the Trolls, you know all about them since your one, who have been taking over the name of Ted Cruz in all forms and fashion.

          I am sure he will do just fine. He might call it Cruiseonovertotedsplace.com

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You missed the point there Yadja.. If he was this brilliant guy don’t you think it might have been a good idea to get the domain names First. To me that just proves he is bumbling along. And the the Very next day you have him on National TV saying he is going to sign up for what he Rail against but it was a good thing. Sorry he is a train wreck I am going to enjoy watching crash.

        2. MAHB001 says

          And Mr. Rogers has been reduced to insults..
          Your so typical. You are nothing without credibility, and you ran out of that a long time ago.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you what I have tried to engage you in civil discussion so Here is what I am going to do from this date on Every one of your post I can find is going to have this in the Reply . ” MAHB001 is a coward that does not have the Guts to stand up for what he says or believes in. Why else would he hide behind a fake name an phony Avatar. “. Anyone that wants to look me up can find me. I am on face book and don’t hide. So I think that makes me a bit more will OPEN and above board then a sniveling little Coward.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Rick Rogers is a soros paid troll. Move along.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Some spineless scarycat is trying to annoy me. Does not work because I have no fear in saying what I believe or what I support. The Coward MAHB001 thinks that calling other people homophobics and Bigots will hide the fact that the party he is so in love with is made up of mostly those sorts. He is practicing Doublespeak but just is not very good at it. NO one pays me to do anything here. This is done out of the Desire to bash bullies.

          4. MAHB001 says

            awww.. sour grapes I see.

            I proved through your own writings that you are homophobic. Or have you forgotten calling Tea Party members “Tea Baggers?” Your words not mine.
            You also called Tea Party members and Republicans morons, idiots, stupid, and run a facebook page called “I hate Romney” Your bigotry not mine.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            No just amazed at the level of your cowardice. You proved NOTHING.. You don’t like the word Tea Baggers.. to bad your the one that is applying it in a sexual Connotation.. I showed you were I got it and will do so again. You don’t like it blame the people that said they were Teabagging not me. Sorry I run no such page.. Maybe you better check it again before you tell another lie. The site I am an admin on is “‎I do not like Ted Cruz or that Tealiban! I Hate “HateRadio”! Damn,Damn,Damn” OH and by the way anyone that votes against their own best interest is a moron, Idiot, and is stupid.. If the shoe fits there coward.. you just might be Cinderella.

          6. MAHB001 says

            You use the homophobic term Tea bagger…
            Not me.
            You should give up and call it a day. Your posts are pitiful.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry you ass wipe Coward have bad news for you just because you say it does not make it true you Teabagging SOB. I have told you and showed you were it comes from more then once. I can’t help it that you have the desire to engage in homosexual Fantaies.. But hell its a free country so go for it. You SEE THE ONLY ONE THAT IS BRING UP THE SEXUAL CONNOTATION IS YOU and Since your nothing but a Fart this applies.. IF YOU SMELT IT YOU DEALT IT.

          8. MAHB001 says


          9. Rick Rogers says

            hey MAHB001 did you know you have information out there on the Dark web about you and your little Boycott? Very interesting. You should be more careful with your security you never know who is watching

          10. Rick Rogers says

            You really are that stupid. .ONLY one that is putting that in a sexual term is you. So you want to know who is using a Homophobic Term That would be you.. Because even in the sexual Context “teabagging is not exclusive to Gay Sex” or you might know something it you read a book sometime instead of burning one. And if you don’t want people using that term then DON”T keep trying to bother them with stupid, Dumb comments that have no basis in fact except for the indoctrination you have gotten from FOX NEWS.

    3. marinegrl says

      I quit watching the uninformed mainstream media back in October. I was at a conference when I heard that a woman in Oklahoma had been beheaded. I sent texts to my children asking for details and none of them had heard anything. I got back Sunday evening and first thing on Monday I turned on CBS This Morning and watched CBS Evening News that evening, I did this all week, to find more information. There was absolutely nothing on it, even though she was buried that week and the killer was arraigned that week. You can ask anyone who Michael Brown is and most people know, Colleen Hufford on the other hand was not news worthy. She has her head cut off at work and the media could care less. That is why I don’t watch. They pick and choose what we should see. I get my news from AFR, now. I hear things there that won’t get reported any place else.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Just not watching is NOT working. This Cabal still has control of public opinion, AND the nations dialog.
        If we are going to remove the bias from the media, it will have to be while Capitalism still has a voice.
        These guys are pushing socialism, and will stop at nothing to gain and hold power.
        Please join the fight.

        1. marinegrl says

          Thank you for putting the website out there. I had no idea that an organized attempt had been made to hold the media accountable, as it should be. It’s so frustrating – there are those who have never heard of ISIS, but ask them about Kim Kardashian and it’s amazing how much they know. Very sad.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank YOU AGAIN!

            We are trying to hold the media accountable.

            Now what we REALLY need is for you to first join the boycott, and then more importantly spread the word, and get EVERYBODY you know to sign up at the website.

            Arm twist, ear twist, use any force less that lethal to cajole everyone into signing up. Just don’t take no for an answer. The more the merrier and the boycott will have a much bigger impact with large numbers. ..

            I am kidding of course, But I am in favor of water boarding the liberals…. After all it is for their own good. 🙂

        2. marinegrl says

          Oh, I get it – You are the MAHB originator – good for YOU! Oh my goodness, you are a doer! A rare breed this day and age – good for you and thank you, Mr. Doer! Plenty of watchers, trust me I know. Thank YOU!!!!!

          1. MAHB001 says

            NO THANK YOU!
            I have been called a lot of four letter words on these posts and I must admit that doer is one of the kindest… 🙂 It happens, but it just doesn’t happen that often.

    4. Rick Rogers says

      Actually it was not within Seconds.. We have been waiting on this for months.. FYI.. Key to running a Modern Campaign.. Make sure you have the Rights to your own name as a website… http://www.tedcruz.com... I love it.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I’ll give the left credit… They know all the underhanded scumbag sheet eating tricks.
        But, you creeps are going to lose this time. Good always wins.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Yes we do we learned them from the GOP Butterfly Ballots, Nixon’s Plumbers, The LOST voter Registrations in Georgia, The limited number of Voting machines in voting Precincts where Minority Voters go to vote. Then you have Republican Karl Rove helps George W. Bush in his Governors race against incumbent Democrat Ann Richards. Rove starts a whisper campaign that Richards is gay and runs push polling phone calls asking voters “would you be more or less likely to vote for Governor Richards if you knew her staff is dominated by lesbians.”

          2002 – Republican Dirty tricks oust Democratic Sen. Max Cleland by attacking his patriotism. Cleland, who volunteered for Vietnam and left three limbs there, had to endure seeing pictures of himself in a Republican Saxby Chambliss campaign ad next to images of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Chambliss sat out the Vietnam war with a bad knee

          2004 – Republican Karl Rove is credited with an orchestrated stealth campaign of phone calls, direct mail and email in the bible belt claiming that if John Kerry were elected he would ban the Holy Bible in America. Church goers all across the country are told to “vote for the Christian.” Even though John Kerry had lived his entire adult life in public service while George Bush was a spoiled, drunken frat boy bailed out by one family friend after another and who only found religion when the electoral math was explained to him.

          Republican operative Nathan Sproul’s company is under investigation for allegedly destroying voter registration forms signed by Democrats. Now comes new evidence about Sproul’s connections to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

          George Bush’s New England campaign chairman in 2004 and top Republican Party official was convicted on telephone harassment charges for his part in a plot to jam election day 2002 phones used to give rides to the polls. James Tobin could get up to seven years in prison and $500,000 in fines when he is sentenced in March.

          So yes We might use dirty tricks.. But The Republicans showed us the way.,

          1. MAHB001 says

            So the corrupt controllers of the Republican party are the same as Democrats…
            Interesting. That explains why they use the same playbook.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            MAHB001 is a spineless jellyfish that does
            not have the Guts to stand up for what he says or believes in. Why else
            would he hide behind a fake name an phony Avatar. No sooner then he trys and slam me about dirty Democrat election tricks because Republicans won’t do that I list about a page of Republican Dirty Tricks all of them in the last 30 years and He says they are both Corrupt.. 1. one thing in the Republican Playbook.. when your caught BLAME SOMEONE ELSE.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I win, you lose.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Once again we have a Spineless Jelly fish trying to use Doublespeak to win Arguments. I just surprised he has not used the actual phrases from the book you know War means Peace.. But he does not have the courage to stand up and let people know who he is and what his name is. So maybe when he is more of a Man and wants to come interact with the Adults I might respond to him.

    5. Mark says

      And we say the lame-stream media can’t be trusted? ACtually, the can. The Governing Masterminds can always depend upon them perpetuate the destruction of this country.

    6. Timothy Bunn says

      I don’t watch anything but Fox. Sometimes CNN for global news. No anchor people. So sue me. It’s a disgrace for what this has become for me.

      1. MAHB001 says

        It is amazing just how corrupt and controlling the media has gotten.

        I watch ABC, NBC, and CBS just to log the ads for the web site. They do not compete, they collude. Their stories and coverage is SOOOO similar that if you watch them with an open mind, they are almost reading the same script. On the West coast ABC, NBC, and CBS nightly news time slots don’t overlap. They simply pass the lemmings from one channel to the next. Each station verifies and solidifies each other.

        They actually use the advertising addict that a person has to see a thing x times before they buy it. Well their viewers are seeing the same thing at least three times before they believe it.

  2. Morton212 says

    To CruzSycophants – you might want to check out where he seems to be pissing off his audiences – who seem to have heard enough hubris from the Cruz man – a consummate political phony


    Adressing the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters.

    Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/ted-cruz-embarrassed-speech-loaded-applause-points-met-silence-audience-video/

    When someone like Cruz is speaking in front of a bunch of radical right-wing tea party voters who don’t care about truth, this is the sort of ridiculous speech that would have been a huge hit. But when he tried to pull this kind of nonsense in front of a group of people who actually care about facts, and have the ability to think rationally and for themselves, he was basically humiliated.

    1. kotoc says

      That sheds a whole new light on Ted Cruz…. thanks for sharing.

      1. Yadja says

        No he gave excerpts that were taken out of context. Don’t fall for this propaganda. I just listened to the entire speech.

        Two examples. The deal about putting the 110,000 IRS agents on our Southern Border was a joke he tells that anyone crossing the Rio Grande and the first thing they see is 110,000 IRS agents they would probably turn back.

        Then the deal about abolishing the IRS he said to replace it with a Flat Tax that is easily understood by all people and not the thousands of pages of IRS laws that have more than the Bible and is not as good.


        Don’t believe these liars.

        1. ShawnNJ says

          Education is key..Keep up the fight.

          1. Yadja says

            Exactly and been using it for years against these Kookaid drinkers.

            Gotta fight them on posts and with my candidates to stop the Lie Factory.

          2. ShawnNJ says

            Democrat PlayBook………………………………By Bill Clinton

            Rule #1 Lie
            Rule #2 Get the media to Lie with you.
            Rule #3 If caught in Lie…Lie Again
            Rule #4 If caught in Lie again Blame others and change subject.

          3. Yadja says

            Yep exactly and know it from memory have it used on me all the time. The Liberal Schtick.

        2. kotoc says

          Thank you, Yadja… I appreciate it when I am corrected by someone who ISN’T prone to believing everything they see or hear. There are too many liberals out there that wish to hide the truth, and too many ways they can do it. I’m not exactly politically savvy, and base my opinions mostly on what I see and hear… which isn’t much, because my time at the computer or in front of the TV is rather limited.

          1. Yadja says

            Your welcome, thanks for listening. I have time now in my life to get involved in politics up to my ears. I am worried because the Main Media is in O’s pocket and they are going to make it really difficult for Conservatives.

            I am going to help big time this election.

    2. Yadja says

      I see where they did a good job of picking at this speech, which I happened to hear and he did not get an icy reception you did not play the entire speech.

      For your information the idea of abolishing the IRS has been around for years and is something millions upon millions of Americans agree with especially now that they have been involved in scandals and are going to be in charge of collecting the taxes for O care.

      Show the entire speech.

      1. Morton212 says

        No Yadja. He got zero applause – and – the Cruz campaign tried to remove the speech but unfortunately for them NBC had already released the ‘highlights’.
        Why are you unable to accept the truth ? There are some decent conservative politicians – some where – but Cruz is nowhere near that list.

        1. Yadja says

          Your a liar. I just watched it. They laughed at his joke about the IRS agents on the Border and they applauded when he left the stage.

          Take it somewhere else liar.

          1. Morton212 says

            Where did you find a copy of the entire speech ? It does not exist.

          2. Yadja says


            Watch it you might see why those in the know know your a liar as are those who tore this speech apart.

          3. Morton212 says

            Thank you Yadja. I thought it would be more compelling if it came from you, than from me.
            Now watch it again – and unless you have a hearing problem – on the ‘laugh lines’ there is either complete silence – or a couple of people clearing their throats or coughing.

          4. Yadja says

            Welcome but I heard it and went back to the laughs and they were clearly heard and it was not throat clearing you just don’t give-up.

            Plus there was applause at the end and the video shows him walking off the stage and the applause was still there.

          5. Jimmy King says

            They applauded BECAUSE he left the stage

          6. Yadja says

            If they really did not like him they could have not applauded at all the way the military had done to O on several occasions.

      2. ShawnNJ says

        I have seen it also when he gave it. People will do anything to twist truth.

        1. Yadja says

          Good tell us and him and the others.

    3. Chris Fields says

      Tea party people are closer to my views than main stream Republicans… I’d vote tea party over rino all day

      1. Yadja says

        The speech was taken out of context. I just watched it. Don’t buy this poison.

        The deal about putting the 110,000 IRS agents on the Border was a joke where he said you put them out there and that’s the first thing illegals see they will run back.

        The deal with abolishing the IRS was followed by we need a Flat Tax something all Americans can understand and not pay lawyers and agencies money to translate the laws. He said the IRS laws cover more pages than the Bible and are not as helpful.

        You would like his speech it is what the Tea Party stands for.


        The filthy, lying Dems are starting early.


      2. pineapple says

        Actually, it is the unaffordable care act.

    4. Yadja says

      I saw all the reviews by the Liberal papers saying the speech was a flop. It was a good speech and the audience was more reserved than many in the past. But the cut-up video put on the Main Media was a lie all the way around.

      1. Morton212 says

        Yes they did attack him. It was a speech written by a professional speech writer – if that’s what you are suggesting by ‘good’. But it was filled with unsubstantiated rhetoric – playing on myths that are simply not true – although many Republicans want to believe them.

        1. Yadja says

          You obviously did not listen to it. Well delivered no teleprompter and he addressed every issue that is troubling Americans today.

          Every word was the truth but then I don’t expect people like you to recognize truth it is not in your character, and I use that term lightly where you are concerned.

    5. headonstraight says

      Add to that his recent ridiculous ASSertion that we should repeal Common Cause. Common Cause is not a federal law, Ted. There ain’t anything there to repeal, because you can’t repeal a nonexistent law! Back to junior high civics, Ted!

      1. Yadja says

        You did not watch the speech did you? I did and what he said about Common Core was correct we don’t want the government deciding what our children learn or sticking their heads into our homes and taking control of our children.

        Bad enough all the teachers are Liberal wackos and the parents have to watch them like hawks because of their putting their ideas into the heads of our children.

        1. headonstraight says

          I have heard him on two occasions referring to repealing Common Core. And I did watch the speech in its entirety. I am not alone in identifying the silliness of his intent to “repeal” Common Core. Read up:


          1. Yadja says

            Already did I know what he said and if you people are so desperate to deface and to criticize a candidate that you are using a microscope to study every word then you must be hitting the Panic Button.

          2. headonstraight says

            No microscope needed, Yadja. Cruz stood up tall and proud and spoke with plenty of volume when he said that preternaturally dumb stuff about repealing Common Core. A 3X magnifying glass would have been excessive to any search for gross ignorance by Texas’ answer to Joe McCarthy.

          3. Yadja says

            Now take that same microscope and apply it to O and WAAA LAAAA you have a nincompoop who made so many errors in his speeches that his team said no speaking anywhere without a teleprompter. Google Obama stutters at town halls.

            Your just looking for something and your not going to get anywhere with it. Cruz is smart.

        2. headonstraight says

          Ted Cruz’s Tweet on Common Core. It could not be more obvious. The varmint thought it was a federal law! Pretty ignorant for someone who is supposed to be sharp on the issues.


          1. Yadja says

            Federal government does have no business sticking it’s nose in education and it is a dangerous premise.

            One mistaken word does not ignorant make if it did O would be wearing a bozo the clown outfit and honking his nose. Google Obama stutters at town hall meetings. Why you think he even takes his teleprompter to speak to 3rd graders?

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Marxists, muslims and mollycoddles have come after him with remarkable ferocity, indicating that they fear him. This is understandable since they can only offer a career criminal crone with a trail of bodies leading back to Little Rock, an apparatchik cipher from the government-workers ghetto around The Capitol whose only achievement was a tax on rain and two socialist poseurs who have never had an idea that Karl Marx didn’t think up first. The real danger is that early Cruz enthusiasm coupled with difficulties for the regime’s candidates may make them push up their timetable for dictatorship.

    1. ShawnNJ says

      Good points!

    2. Morton212 says

      LOL. No they are hoping you WILL vote for him – and dilute the conservative vote. They are astonished at his stupidity. That speech to Texas firefighters was a speech designed to motivate intellectually challenged supporters. Apparently they were not as stupid as you.

      1. Yadja says

        Again the speech thing. You do know those fire fighters are Union don’t you? Unions don’t like Republicans they just like their money and SEIU put O into office along with George Soros and Unions put O into the Senate seat along with Soros.

        So not surprising the great speech, with good ideas for the Middle Class and regular folks was not so fiercely welcomed.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          You do now that The Firefighters Union is the most balanced union there is Democrat to Republican. They are proud of that fact and Brag about it. AND HE GOT Silence for his “talking points” Oh that’s also where he said repeal every word of ObamaCare.. but today he said he was signing up with Heathcare.gov Marketplace under the ACA.. You think maybe someone should let him know Obamacare and ACA are the same thing.. hmmmm.

  4. ShawnNJ says

    As of Yesterday Cruz has my full support. He has proven to be a true Conservative.

    To all you establishment cronies and Liberals, let me stop you in your tracks about eligibility.




    Untill someone comes out of the shadows that is better than the ones who plan on running I will stand by Cruz.

    We don’t need anymore RINO’S.

    1. Chris Fields says

      Cruz is good and liked allot of what he’s done but I’m leaning toward Rand Paul at this point… But I could live with either one… At this point unless I find something else out…

      1. ShawnNJ says

        Chris I was for Rand Paul untill he backed McConnell in his State and many other issues.

        I lost trust in him and when that happens I don’t have the will to fight for him.

        McConnell is the problem in Washington. He is NWO and during his campaign he promised everyday on the stump that he would get rid of ObamaCare.

        The day McConnell was elected and gave his acceptance speech, he said, I don’t think I will bring it up for a Vote.

        He voted for Obamas Amnesty after Boehner added almost $1 billion in the bill for it and Voted for the budget to keep funding ObamaCare.

        As far as Ted Cruz citizenship in Canada he gave that up. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2014/06/10/ted-cruz-officially-gives-up-his-canadian-citizenship/

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I think Curz is almost a mirror image of Obama. Look at their biographies, damn near the same. To me that is a big red flag. Look at the similarities are.
      1. Both have an American Mother, foreign father.
      2. Neither were born on American soil.
      3. Both had the same Harvard Law School Professor.
      4. Neither have had a private sector job
      5. Both have only been a US Senator for just 2 years before running for Presidency, on a “Wave of Change”
      I do think Mr. Cruz has done a outstanding job as Senator. I just refuse to vote for someone NOT born on US SOIL. There is a damn good reason the Constitution is worded like it is, on qualifications for the presidency. If we keep electing foreigners to run this country, The Queen of England might be on the 2020 ballot. I’m sure she’d like her colonies back………….

    3. Rick Rogers says

      Ted Cruz’s Father Preaches That His Son Is An “Anointed King” Who Will Bring The “End Time Transfer Of Wealth!! Way to go there ShawnNJ.. your going to support a man so twisted by his father that he is under the impression he is going to be the Anointed KING? I thought you Tea Party Types did not like Kings and Dictators. But please feel free to support him. That’s one more Republican Vote Down the Drain.

      1. pineapple says

        It appears that Obama is the “anointed King”, according to liberal Democrats. He must think that he is king by issuing one executive order after another, in spite of the fact that his orders are unconstitutional.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          So lets look at that share we.. Here is a table that shows the number of Executive orders signed by each President during his term in office.

          Richard Nixon 346
          Gerald Ford 169
          Jimmy Carter 320
          Ronald Reagan 381
          George H.W. Bush 166
          Bill Clinton 364
          George W. Bush 291
          Barack Obama 147

          Note H.W. BUSH signed more in 4 years then Obama did in 7.

          Oh and this was put together by The American Presidency Project.. It is a group that records The activities with politics. This is no left wing Right wing group. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/

  5. Cahoon says

    Just saw Ted on a cable channel. If he is not making HOLLOW or FALSE promises on abolishing the IRS, and repealing obumacare TOTALLY….He has my vote! Ted, I hope you are not lying to us!!

  6. Michael Dennewitz says

    With the damned media being bought off and still in control, ONLY A MOOSELUM COMMIE WILL WIN!!

  7. Chris Fields says

    Isn’t Cruz from Canada? I like allot of his stands but if he’s not from the US….. Probably vote for Rand Paul… Definitely not voting for Bush

    1. Yadja says

      His mother is American his father a nationalized citizen in 2005. He is an American.

      Unlike O who is the first POTUS to not have parents who were naturalized or a born citizen. O’s father never was naturalized.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        DOES NOT MATTER YADJA> .ONLY TAKES ONE PARENT TO BE US CITIZEN. We would like to see The Birth Cerificate of Momma Cruz Just so we can check the ink and make sure it was not printed up last Thursday before he announced. We won’t look into the Cuban Sleeper Agent that he calls his Father very hard.. (oh hell who am I kidding we are going to tear him apart with a fine tooth comb.) Isn’t it strange how all these people on hear Call Obama a dictator or would be King.. and Yet Daddy Cruz is the one claim his Son is the Anointed King…

        1. Yadja says

          Go ahead make fools of yourselves, you don’t have a leg to stand on but we did and O is worse than we though and if you don’t see that by now you need rehab.

          1. Shauna says

            My dear Yadja….looking beautiful , but what’s funny? Cruz is not only eligible he is a incredible threat, and they know it….( otherwise they wouldn’t be so riled up) Look at how many liberals came huffing and puffing to this site…This alone is enough to tell you ALL you need to know..The only one missing is that Faye troll… HEY FAYE! God loves you! that should do it…hahahahahahahahahaha…. They can “try” and discredit him all day, BUT it is only helping him..bank on that…..and for the libtard replies, don’t bother, it just makes me point and laugh……good luck with your candidates…….

          2. Yadja says

            Hey Shauna good to see your posting. He is indeed a threat and the more they scream the more I like him. He is just what we need. Someone with brains and the guts to fight back. No wall flower this guy and he never uses a teleprompter.

            I am hoping for a Walker/Cruz or Cruz/Walker. The Liberals are spewing and foaming at the mouth like the wild untethered dogs they are.

            This is our last chance to get America back on track.

        2. headonstraight says

          Could Donald Trump’s team of ace investigators be recruited to check out Cruz’s citizenship status? After all, they did such a bang-up job (NOT!!) in their investigation of Obama’s birth certificate. Or maybe Orly Taitz could lend her expertise to the task. It should be good for plenty of laughs in either case.

        3. pineapple says

          For those of
          you who don’t know …at the very bottom of this article, the attorney who
          authored this is John Wayne’s daughter, also a Graduate of USC…

          SSN 042-68-4425

          Well, Well,
          Well, it looks like someone thoroughly checked this out! I was wondering who
          was going to do research into B.O.’s SSN’s numbers…


          Jean Paul Luwig
          or Barak Hussein Obama? SSN# 042-68-4425 WOW, read this, it’s short – very

          An intensive
          investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security
          Number (SSN) is being used by President Obama: Jean Paul
          Ludwig, who was born in France
          in 1890, immigrated to the United
          States in 1924, and was assigned

          SSN 042-68-4425
          (Obama’s current SSN) rec’d on or about March 1977.

          Mr. Ludwig
          lived most of his adult life in Connecticut . Because of that, his SSN
          begins with the digits 042, which are among only a select few reserved
          for Connecticut

          Barack H. Obama
          never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no reason on
          earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042. None whatsoever! Now
          comes the best part! J. P. Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died.

          Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the
          Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had
          access to the SSNs of deceased individuals. The Social Security
          Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never
          received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and

          no questions
          were ever raised. The suspicion, of course, is
          that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because
          he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption
          by Lolo Soetoro, simply scoured the probate

          records, until
          she found someone, who died who was not receiving Social Security
          benefits, and selected Mr.. Ludwigs Connecticut SSN for Obama. Just
          wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto the issue of
          Barry O’s use of a stolen SSN You will see leftist heads exploding,
          because they will have no way of defending Obama.

          Although many
          Americans do not understand the meaning of the term “natural born”
          there are few who do not understand that if you are using someone else’s
          SSN it is a clear indication of fraud. Let’s all get this
          information out to everybody on our mailing lists. If the voters of
          this great nation can succeed in bringing this lying, deceitful,
          cheating, corrupt, impostor to justice it will be the biggest and best
          news in decades for our country and the world.

          If you can just
          say “oh well; ho hum” after reading this you get what you

          “In God
          We Trust.”

          Aissa Wayne


          LAW OFFICES OF
          AISSA WAYNE

          30765 P.C.H., Suite 203 , Malibu , CA

          Tel: (310)

          Fax: (310)

    2. Rick Rogers says

      Why to go Chris Fields.. You tell them.

  8. marinegrl says

    Ted Cruz will not win if we all do our part and go to the primaries and vote for him. We can sit home and wait for someone else to take care of it, trust me, they will. It’s going to take you and me to get out there and drum up support. About 60% of people do not vote during the primaries. If he doesn’t have a good showing at the primaries, the GOP will not support him. I don’t trust them to support him, anyway – so it’s up to us. The first voting will be in Iowa on January 18th, that’s nine months from now. Once it starts, there isn’t much time for strategy.

    1. MAHB001 says

      I do think you meant to say Ted will not win UNLESS we all do our part.

      1. marinegrl says

        No, if we all do our part and vote, he will not win. That’s the problem, doing “our part” is not enough. We must do more then just vote. People don’t want to get involved or they are “too busy” to do anything. What they are really saying is they are “too busy” to care. We’re all busy, all of us, and most people are quite happy letting someone else do it for them. How does someone like Barrack Obama become our president – twice? Because someone else did what so many were unwilling or maybe unable to do, they got people to vote – even if it was for a lie, people voted for it.

        1. MAHB001 says

          You are absolutely right. The MORAL majority can no longer be silent and sit on the sidelines.
          No more same old, same old.
          We can no longer accept SNAFU. We all must do something about it.
          Keep up the good work marinegrl! Thank you for your service.

          1. pineapple says

            The moral majority sat a home rather than vote for a Mormon. Instead, we got an immoral Muslim twice.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I really do think the ones that stayed home were the Ron Paulers. And they did in protest to the corrupt Republican good ol boy network,
            I do not blame them, they stood on their principles and the corruption at the top brought defeat on to themselves.
            This time, we have people that recognize the corruption and are FIGHTING the corruption. Just listen to Cruz speak. Or Ron Paul, Or Walker. All of them recognize and fight the corruption at the top of the party.
            The corruption has been put on notice.

        2. headonstraight says

          Oh, but you must remember what that expert political strategist Mitt Romney told us (unwittingly) about the electorate, namely that 47 percent of voters are lazy leeches feeding at the public trough. Thus, according to him, the Democrats (whom Romney styles as the serving corps dishing out the goodies from the public trough) need only to collect an additional 3 percent of the votes to gain a majority of votes in the next election.

  9. Bob Markle says

    This great news! But you won’t find it on Libtard news channels. But most Americans have by now figured out if you want a different government it has to be from conservatives! But boycott liberal media. CNN, ABC,NBC,CBS POTUS AND DEMOCRATS. NEWS FLASH WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS LEFTIST AGENDA ANY LONGER!

  10. Bob Stewart says

    I like Cruz even more now that Carl Rove and the republican king makers hate him. I would like Rand Paul, but the libertarian views on drugs and foreign affairs keep me from voting for him. I’ll look more closely at Marco Rubio and Scott Walker even though I’m a little worried about him.

    1. Rick Rogers says

      And you have no idea how much it pains me to have to say that I agree with Carl Rove on anything.. It leaves this Terrible After Taste just saying the words. But Bozo the Cruz should stick to reading Childrens books because there is one thing you can make bank on. He won’t be reading or Reciting the Presidential Oath of Office anytime in his life time.

  11. Rick Rogers says

    Let the comedy began.. FYI we need to see his Birth Certificate. His Fathers Birth Certificate, His Mothers Birth Certificate and un seal the Secret FBI records about his Fathers Involvement with Castro during the time he fight with him.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Let the hypocrites start whacking..
      It is what you do best.

      1. Yadja says

        They are going to ride this horse as long as they can.

        Poor deficient in the brain department people that they are.

      2. Rick Rogers says

        Tell me MAHB001 honest how can you say things like that with a Straight Face. You and your kind have spent the last 7 years question everything about the President and yet when we want to point out Rafael Edward Cruz was not even born in this country you want to call us hypocrites. You might want to look up what the word Hypocrites means cause I don’t think it means what you think it does. So Please MAHB001.. support Cruz all you want. it makes a great argument with Moderate and Independent Voters.. All we have to do is say.. Hey look the Tea Party supports this guy.. and they will run to our side like Olympic Class Long Distance Runners.. ( oh wow.. Isn’t that Strange The best Olympic class Long distance Runners seem to come from Kenya)

        1. MAHB001 says

          You are a hypocrite because YOU apply a double standard. Having spent the LAST 7 years defending 0bama, you and your kind now question Cruz’s heritage???? That is the VERY definition of hypocrite. Look it up baby genius.

          You are a hater because of your, I hate Romney, I hate Walker, and probably I hate Cruz facebook pages.
          You are a bigot because you call Republicans idiots, and morons without knowing them, that is bigotry. look it up baby genius.
          You are ignorant because that level of bigotry only exists in ignorant people.
          You are NOT a moderate or Independent as EVERYTHING you post wreaks of Alinsky Radical Soros paid left.
          You are a homophobe because you call Tea Party members Tea Baggers, which also exposes your hatred.

          You are a George Soros paid Alinsky Radical wannabe, sent down here with divisive comments, because Soros and your kind know that a divided Republican house is a win for Democrats….
          Go away, find something else to do, your divisiveness aint gonna work this time.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            YOu really are that Dense.. You don’t get that we are going to cram every word you said every nasty UNTRUE Birther phrase down your FUCKING THROAT and make you tell us how it taste. YOU OBJECTION TO EATING YOUR OWN WORDS IS WHAT MAKES YOU THE HYPOCRITE. Here.. is the First of many and I am going to use every trick I know to get this one and other like it Viral. OF course there is the other way.. I could not say anything and then have God answer a Prayer and have him actually win the nomination and watch him get his ass kicked in the General Elections.. This is not the MId Terms buddy. EVERYONE turns out for Presidental Elections and we OUT NUMBER YOU>

          2. MAHB001 says

            Now your reduced to vulgar insults.

            Cruz didn’t shut down the Government, the Democrats did. It was part of their “make the people feel it policy.” In fact, the Democrats went to great strides to like run out to Mt. Rushmore and put up parking cones so people couldn’t stop on the side of the roads in the FREE LOOK OUT areas of the Mt. Or how about 0bama being the FIRST President to SHUT down the WH just to make the people pay.
            You guys have lots of fascist tendencies don’t you.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            MAHB001 is a Sniveling Spineless Jellyfish that does
            not have the Guts to stand up for what he says or believes in. Why else
            would he hide behind a fake name an phony Avatar. He is Parson right out of “1984” What he does not know is Big brother is the Corporate elite that like to buy elections.

          4. MAHB001 says

            We will let everyone else decide. Mr. Rogers.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            That one statement proves right there that MAHB001 the spineless Coward that is ashamed of his name and his family because he uses a fake name and phony picture is a complete fool. The GOP tried to hold the American People hostage because they could not get their way. There was a Clean spending bill on the speakers desk the whole time and they refused to allow a vote on it because “BONER” new it would pass. YOU ARE A FOOL MAHB001 or what ever your name is. You truly have drank the koolaide. You would make Jim Jones PROUD.

          6. MAHB001 says

            Your posts please me to no end.
            You have been reduced to the nothing that you are.
            Patting myself on the back… And proud of it.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            MAHB001… you are to nothing to me . you want a war. .No problem I make my living selling information thru Internet research. You can have your war. So let me tell you all about you.

            You live in California. Where you think your vote has been made irrelevant by the Democratic Majority.

            It ticks you off that your views aren’t shared by the Majority of the Population of California. Anyone that does not share you views or who believe differently then you is an evil you can’t tolerate. You don’t understand in this country the Votes of the Majority are what decides what should or should not be done by the Government. The Minority can make their case but in the end the one with the most votes win the day along as their laws don’t violate the Constitution

            You are under the misconception that the Free Market is the great Savior. Even though you forget the “Free Market” is quickly becoming controlled by few and few men.
            You seem to think all the 1% earned their wealth yet seem to for get that the “Tax Cuts” that were target to them were paid for by average Americans living pay check to pay check. You forget there has never been a Tax LOOP written for the Middle class and the Middle class don’t use Tax Havens.

            Your already to launch campaigns to boycott advertisers of the Network news programs because they don’t share your views but when those of us that don’t agree with Rush do it we are left wing extremist. You are ready to believe anything Fox News hands you but call those of us that QUESTION their report bigots. You hate that we use the term that was created by members of your group to describe themselves but then got all hot and bother when you realized they did not look to see what else that term might mean and now want to label anyone that uses it homophobic or a bigot.. To bad.. We did not make up there term just decided to run with it. You don’t like the Term Teabagger with we don’t like the term libetard because its derived from the Term retard which is a Vile and hateful term. But guess what you and people like you were using LIbetard long before there was a Teabagger term.

            You accuse anyone that wants to find a way of give everyone a fair chance at the American dream as being Socialist or Communist or Fascist. Which is funny because if you were ever to do any real Research you would learn Communist and Fascist HATED EACH OTHER. You call us Socialist when all we are doing is asking for a stop to Corporate Welfare which is about 3 times the size of the welfare program to the poor. You call us Socialist when we want the people that Profit the most from our system to pay the most for the right to make that Profit and don’t understand that its the Fair equal way to do it. You seem to want to go back to the good old days but forget that some of the good old days were not all that good. When we say we want to give everyone the same rights and Justice our system says they possess you want to call us bleeding hearts.

            You are a Religious intolerant that is ready to paint everyone with the same brush but then get hot and bother when someone does the same to you. I am not a Fundamentalist Christian but am Christian and understand some of the most heinous crimes in the history of the world were performed by people who claim to be Christian.

            You do not appear to have liked history much when you were in school or you would not be so ready to advocate policies that have been shown Historically to have fail. I it appears you don’t understand that those who do not know history are doom to repeat it.

            You believe more in the Rhetoric then you do the facts and you are ready to slander anyone that challenges you on those facts.

            As far as more Personal Information about you well This is a public form is not the place to go into that information.

            Anyone that wants to know anything about me can find me on Face book. Its Rick Rogers Charlotte NC. I am the admin on a group with the title “‎I do not like Ted Cruz or that Tealiban! I Hate “HateRadio”! Damn,Damn,Damn” Please note only thing was say in that title we hate is HateRadio. I don’t hide I don’t Run and will talk and chat with anyone that want to have a valid discussion. I don’t get pulled into name calling until someone does it first.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            You know you spineless yellow belly I seem to remember a Certain Texas Jr. Senator along with a HALF TERM HALF WIT Former Governor of Alaska Running out to a Veterans Demostration for a photo op with Vets and Hearing people in that Veterans Crowd calling them Idiots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx5HDLTj45o… OR how about the Congressman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFR_PQaMYdg

          9. MAHB001 says

            You have been owned…. 🙂
            I don’t even bother to read your posts.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Well that’s pretty clearly a lie or why would you say I was out to cause you harm.. Paranoid much.. You know the first step in treating Bi-polar Disorder there MAHB001 is admitting YOU have it. But don’t worry Mental Heathcare is covered under the ACA and you don’t have to worry about the fact that it was a Preexisting Condition for you.

    2. Yadja says

      Do you honestly believe he would or could have been elected to the office he is in if this had not already been looked into.

      Give it a break. His father was naturalized in 2005 and his mother is an American.

      He is going to kick all your Dem nominees backsides he is a great orator and smart, something you can’t say about your candidates.

      O’s mother was an American. His father Kenya Muslim and never a citizen of the US or naturalized. First president in our history to have a parent who is not a citizen of the US.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Great Orator.. Yea he was really good Reading Green Eggs and Ham.. To bad he never understood the meaning of what he was reading but what should you expect the book was written for Young School Children. His Father was a Naturalized American.. Not a native born so get over it because we are going to spend the Next 18 months forcing the Crap you have been trying to feed us RIGHT BACK DOWN YOUR THROATS..

        1. Yadja says

          O’s father was not even a naturalized citizen and the first president to have a parent who was not American or naturalized.

          Get over it this next election you people are going to be called out and people like Cruz, who attended Princeton and Harvard and has the records to show along with the accolades high standing is going to make mincemeat out of your idiot candidates. Unlike O he won’t have to have his records sealed.


          1. Rick Rogers says

            You don’t get it.. amazing.. Ok Genius here is the LAW.. only one parent has to be an American Citizen for them to be Legit. What you don’t understand is we know that but its not going to stop us from throwing this out there over and over again just like The Tea Party has done for the Last 7 years.. So Please they say the Medicine goes down better with a spoon full of Sugar. So maybe you should buy a warehouse full because your going to Reap what you have sowed.

          2. Yadja says

            Oh I get it but you people are just going to show your backsides because it is already over and done. Cruz is an American citizen.

            I don’t need any sugar because this won’t be anything to swallow it is over before you start and your just digging a hole for yourselves.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            No Yadja. .You misunderstand. We are not going to have to do a single thing.. You Republicans do all the Ripping apart we need we just need to sit back and watch and Laugh.. Going to be so much fun.

          4. Yadja says

            At least all those you named have brains and common sense your Hillary has lost it with that last fall took what little she had left of brains and bumped them plum over to stupid.

            Then you have Elizabeth Warren who thinks she is an Indian because she has high cheek bones. Along with Uncle Joe who makes a rabid squirrel look like Einstein. All your people are a good cast for a Monty Python skit not to mention your cast of goofy characters in the House and Senate. Lord you ought to hide your heads in shame.

            We don’t want a gentleman like Romney anymore or anyone like Paul Ryan who allowed Uncle Joe to bite and snarl and smile like a organ grinders monkey having a bad day. We want a fighter and someone who won’t put up with interference from Liberal monitors. So yes a knock down drag out will be had.

            Our candidates love this country enough to back down and let the best man go forward. When your looking at brain surgeons and Governors and people like Cruz with over the top grades at Princeton and Harvard your looking at quality merchandise that has level heads on their shoulders and want the best for this country.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            So you want someone that one day claims credit for a government shutdown and then sees how bad it polled with the American People and switches to
            “I did not shut it down” No he just stood on the side lines and Cheered for it. You want to know why I can’t stand Rafael CRUZ. that one single thing right there. And then you get the crap that comes out of his Fathers Mouth and he won’t stand up and say Sorry my dad is batshit..

          6. Yadja says

            Whatever your beginning to get on my last nerve with your moaning and groaning.

            Anyone who voted for the Sultan of Instability, Chaos and Ruin O should feel good about a mutated human roach winning and not have so many demands.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            So tell me how do you feel one day after he calls for the Repeal of ObamaCare he signs up for the Affordable Care Act? Do you feel like he Betrayed you??

          8. Yadja says

            Nope sounds like a good idea to get to the ignorant and say hey look I am on this also, besides even our police and all government workers brag how they don’t have to sign on for O care.

            Cruz just playing the game.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            ha ha ha ha HAA HAA oh please stop.. wait a sec.. have to wipe the tears out of my eyes from laughing to hard. I just sat here and watch him say on National TV that Obamacare was a good thing.. He said it EVERYONE heard it. oh god I have to find that guy that was saying he supported Cruz because he was going to get rid of Obamacare. and the Very next day he signs up for it. ha ha ha ha.

          10. pineapple says

            A common misconception is
            that Obamacare is complicated. It can actually be explained in 4 short
            sentences as follows:

            1: In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured.

            2: Next, we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured.

            3: To re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay extra charges to
            be re-insured.

            4: The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became
            un-insured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original
            un-insured can be insured, free of charge to them

          11. Rick Rogers says

            Really Pineapple.. Well the GOP plan is a lot easier to explain.. Here

          12. born free says

            Awesome comment.
            Would you mind if I borrow it?
            If I credit to your handle?

          13. pineapple says

            Borrow it. It was forwarded to me, so you can forward it to whomever you like, and to whomever you don’t like.

          14. born free says

            Lol, very good. Thank you sir. youe a scholar and a gentleman.
            Did you see this?
            Please! Sign the Anti Federal ID petition.
            The new Federal ID Bill is being rushed through the House to include retinal and fingerprint biometric data and gun ownership history.
            It needs to be stopped.
            Only We The People can do so.
            Keep our lives private and free.
            Copy and paste into your browser Window address bar, don’t forget to edit out the [ ]s before clicking GO in your browser.
            Pass it on wherever and to who ever you can.

          15. Rick Rogers says

            I will be thinking of you the day after election day on 2016. when the GOP candidate is making his Concession Speech.. And Karl Rove head is exploding on FAUX News again because The GOP has lost the White House YET again. and I will be thinking Gee I bet the Next Republican President has not even been born yet.

          16. Yadja says

            Glad to hear I will be in your thoughts.

            If O gets his way and the millions upon millions of illegals and Muslims are made citizens you just might win. You do understand O knows he has crapped in the Democrats helmet and needs these millions to vote Democrat.

            Without them you would not have a rats chance in He!! and a sinking ship to win as shown by this last election.

            I am in good shape no matter which way this country goes so he who laughs last laughs best and when all you are crying in your beer when you can’t get a job, your health care is costing you a fortune Ahhhhhhh then I will laugh.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            Its not just people in this country that thank its a joke..Headline in the New Zealand Newspaper today with Cruz’s Picture on it.. “Wacko Bird to Run for President” Guess you a warm and fuzzy feeling know so many nations “respect this man” ha ha ha And About My Healthcare.. You do mean the Affordable Care Act Right.. The one that Cruz just signed up for … HA HAH HA HA

          18. Yadja says

            Government employees at all levels are exempt from O care. HHHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAAA

            Now take a look at the headlines throughout the world that have laughed at, scoffed, mocked, derided and called O insane.

            Good grief just keep in panic mode I am loving it.

          19. pineapple says

            Clinton says: “In law school, Hillary worked on legal services for the

            facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping
            the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut
            for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part
            of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations
            and develop grounds for appeal.

            says: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children’s
            rights project for poor kids.”

            facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist
            Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to
            San Francisco
            to take an internship with him.

            says: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down
            all the lucrative job offers.”

            facts are: She flunked the DC bar exam; yes, flunked. It is a matter of record,
            and only passed the Arkansas
            bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas – none
            – and only got hired by the University
            of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill
            was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm
            until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after
            he was elected Arkansas Governor.

            says: “President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of
            Directors and she became its chairman.”

            facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his
            1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in
            which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman.

            says: “She served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”

            facts are: Yes, she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill,
            was to sit on the Wal-Mart board of directors for a substantial fee. She was
            silent about their labor and health care practices.

            says: “Hillary didn’t succeed at getting health care for all Americans in
            1994, but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children’s Health
            Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health

            facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the
            budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott.
            I know; I helped negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal
            and half from the Attorney Generals’ tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to
            do with either source of funds.

            says: “Hillary was the face of America all over the world.”

            facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that
            Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the
            White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there
            was no substantive diplomacy on any of them.

            says: “Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for children’s
            and women’s issues.”

            facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names
            on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of
            legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico
            . A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives
            through Alzheimer’s or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911
            victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire NY delegation.
            Presently she is trying to have the US
            memorialize the Woodstock
            fiasco of 40 years ago.

            Here is
            what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton:

            She has
            done everything possible to weaken the President and our country (that’s you
            and me!) when it comes to the war on terror.

            She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they
            would have access to our legal system.

            She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from
            the USA

            She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the

            She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al
            Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA .

            She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the military
            & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even
            though such tactics might save American lives.

            One cannot think of a single bill Hillary has introduced or a single comment
            she has made that would tend to strengthen our country in the War on Terror.
            But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our country
            and make it a more dangerous situation for all of us. Bottom line: She goes
            hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is

          20. Yadja says

            Great post and reminder of her list of sins.

          21. Rick Rogers says

            Ted Cruz is a Cuban Sleeper Agent that has been sent to destroy this Country.. (There how do you like it when its said about YOUR Candidate)

          22. Yadja says

            Go for it.

            Give it your best shot just shooting yourself in the foot again.

            Don’t see any proof that he ever associated with anyone who was wanting to destroy America but we have plenty of proof O associated with Terrorists abroad and homegrown.

            You can’t make Cruz into what O is won’t fit.

          23. Jimmy King says

            Rick Yadja doesn’t swallow, she spits

          24. Yadja says

            Hey filthy dog pig pervert isn’t that what your mother did?

          25. ShawnNJ says

            You forgot to mention His mother gave up her citizenship.

          26. Yadja says

            Of all the books I have read, all the documents I saw before they disappeared from the net I never heard this.

            If that is true then he is not legal as our president. At all.

            Can you give me a source?

          27. Jimmy King says

            Our president was born in the US, Rafael Cruz was not

          28. pineapple says

            · Barack Obama Admits he was
            born in Kenya Speech – YouTube…


            Do NOT enter the above in your address bar, or you will get a spam message.

            Enter it into your GOOGLE search bar.

          29. Jimmy King says

            And there ya have it. A perfect example of the morons you find on this site

            Pineapple, you take the cake

          30. Jimmy King says

            Princeton and Harvard only because of Affirmative Action Rafael Edward Cruz, Cuban American

          31. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL tell me and everyone here what O paid for his education? Tell us about his grades. Tell us about his wonderful accomplishments without a teleprompter.

            His mother and his father were dogs. O is a mangy dog with rabies.

      2. Rick Rogers says

        He was such a Great Orator that Liberty University had TO FORCE their student body to come to his Announcement.. FYI did you see the kids with the Rand Paul Shirts in the Back ground. I was rolling on the floor laughing.

        1. Yadja says

          Most universities today are filled to overflowing with Liberal Brown Shirts.

          Ever see how the military is forced to listen to O and how cold his receptions have been?

          Course not.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Not quite there Yadja.. I was at the last one he did at Fort Bragg and They loved having him there. They understand he is not going to throw their lives away fighting a fake War for oil

          2. Yadja says

            I am Military. Our last poll taken in the Military Times showed O was distrusted and disliked by 47% of Active Duty.

            The Military is a forced audience, guess you don’t know they have to tell the troops to applaud him.

            By the way take a look on Google at his last speech to the Marines. Flatter than a lizard on a rock.

            He is nothing to any of us and that is why he has taken out our officers in every branch from generals on down.

            Please tell me what Oil we got from Iraq? While your at it tell me how much oil from Afghanistan or jewels found in the mountains.

            Your a FOP

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Got news for you there Yadja.. Old Ronnie Raygun was not thought much of by the Rank and File during his days. The one time he spoke at our base we were ORDER to be there and ALL leaves were Canceled. And it was just so he could watch a space shuttle Launch. Yea he was real popular back then.. He was the one that turned tail and Ran after the Barracks bombing killed those Marines in Beirut. Tell me how do you explain a 39 BILLION Dollar NO BID Contract to Halliburton. And you are aware that even though DARTH CHENEY had his money in blind Trust He The members of his Family Still held Halliburton stock. Is that Strange.

          4. Yadja says

            You know I danced with you before and all I do is step on your toes which are usually in your mouth.

            But found so many sites and videos on the net concerning icy receptions with no applause from military can’t post um all but put these in your pike and poke it. The rest is not even worth talking with you about. Your information is so skewed impossible to discuss anything.



            Military Brass do not Applaud Obama’s mention of DADT repeal during SOTU
            Daily Caller 26 Jan 2011

            CNN Icy Reception for Obama at West Point Majority of Cadets Do Not Stand, applaud.
            May 28, 2014


            President Obama Promises to close Gitmo military leader do not applausd.
            21 Jan 2015


            O is a failure and your backing a dead dog.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            You know I can use a search Engine just as easy as you. So since President Obama does not have to run any more campaigns. (You remember Right HE WON BOTH OF THEM) Lets talk about something Current.. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-03-11/ted-cruz-without-applause-is-the-most-gripping-video-you-ll-see-all-day

          6. Yadja says


            Sorry I am not wasting my time on any liberal rags.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Ok so why they hell should any of us believe the Mouth piece of the Republican Party know as FOX NEWS??

          8. Yadja says

            I owe you an apology. To PPPPFFFFFYTTTT you is being no better than you liberals. To not see what you read or why you say what you do is closed minded of me.

            I will look at the site.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Yadja.. I don’t have any hard feelings toward you we have some disagreement is all. And Disagreements are just as important to the country as Agreements because that’s how all sides get their say. What I have a problem with are the people that tell Flat out Lies or try to use Fantasy Facts to make their Argument and then when they can’t They start the name calling. Do I get hot under the collar. Yea sometimes but only in response when some nitwit calls me a homophobia or a Bigot. I was one of the ones in Raleigh that stood with other Citizens of North Carolina of every size, race or religion to protest the Voters ID act because it was complete Voter Suppression so when someone like.. no I am not going to say his Fake name starts crap with me I respond. I did in fact go over the long links you sent me but there was nothing in them that contradicts the statement I made that only one Parent has to be a Born US Citizen.

          10. Yadja says

            “) Nice post and your right, we have to agree to disagree. Thanks for reading the post. It was long but it should have answered your questions. The problem is with the wording Natural Born, it was not spelled out but the meaning of Natural Born is that you are born of two parents who are U.S. citizens. Now one can be naturalized but they both have to be American citizens.

            If you look back on the Grandfather Clause you will learn more. You also need to look-up the meaning of Natural born that will lead you to all the fights in the Supreme Court and the arguments over the years.

            Then you have to look to the fact that every president after the Grandfather Clause was Natural born with both parents being American citizens or naturalized. That will make sense to you.

          11. Rick Rogers says

            I have Read it and we just get different interpretations of what it means. I feel that if they had want it to be both they would have spelled it out very Clearly so there was no misunderstanding.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            ok well here is the question I have to ask. And I was not sure if you would see it in the other post so sorry if I am repeating my self. Are you say saying Naturalized at time of child’s Birth because it would seem to be stretching it a bit thin. Cruz Sr. was not a citizen till 2005.. when Cruz Jr. was 35. Way I see it if CRUZ jr had not been a Citizen in 2005 and was 35 would he become one just because his Father became one. That answers pretty easy.. No because Cruz jr. was an adult.

          13. Yadja says

            You need to know the definition of Natural Born.

          14. Yadja says

            OK where you been? We been all over this today. Yes I have watched the entire video and I know what he said and even though it was not a real hit it was not a total failure. They laughed at his joke about the IRS being on the Border would chase illegals back into Mexico, they applauded him until he walked off the stage and they did say hello back to him when he walked on the stage.

            The speech was very good and hit all the things people are worried about today. The IRS does need to be abolished and we could use a Flat Tax and there are more laws concerning filing your taxes than pages in the Bible and he is right they are not as helpful. We need a simplified tax system that does not take lawyers and agencies to figure out for people.

            That is done and over and out.

          15. ShawnNJ says

            It’s was called the Death March.

          16. Yadja says

            My father was in the Death March and my mother and grandfather spent the duration of WWII in POW camps.

        2. ShawnNJ says

          Rick what are you doing here. Didn’t you ever hear that kids are to be seen not heard from.

          Hey Bill Clinton Just called..He just got done going to the bathroom and need someone to wipe his azz..

          He asked for you by Name …Rick Rogers.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Exercising my Right to Free Speech.. What are you doing here ShawnNJ

          2. ShawnNJ says

            Spewing absolute Lies is your right. Making a total azz of your self is your right also.Thanks to real Americans who love this Nation for which it stands.

            You even have a right to hate America as all you libtards do.

            As I mentioned before Little Ricky, Bill Clinton Needs his azz wiped. Now Run to it little Boy

          3. Rick Rogers says

            I let Mark Twain do the speaking for me. Just change the Word PEOPLE to REPUBLICAN VOTERS.

        3. headonstraight says

          Well, not exactly. The arrangement with Falwell U. was that students are required to attend the three weekly campus-wide “devotionals” under penalty of having to pay a $10.00 penalty if they don’t show up. So there was coercion of a sort, but they could have gotten out of it. Of course most college students just have all kind of money to throw around, don’t they?

      3. headonstraight says

        He is going to alienate traditional Republicans with his extreme positions on just about every issue and breed chaos, strife and confusion in that party. Go, Ted!

        1. Yadja says

          I think what he is going to do is raise the ire level of Patriots to steaming so we smoke the Dems.

          1. headonstraight says

            The misconception coloring your conclusion is flawed. “Patriots” is a term that is much broader than your crabbed and narrow concept of the term. Cruz already has raised the ire of the extreme right (something extremely easy to do),
            but that will not get him elected. Other Patriots will out-vote the extremists and Cruz will not be the GOP candidate.

          2. Yadja says

            You sure assume a lot about what I know and what I don’t that is a mistake.

            Any Republican candidate is going to have a fight on their hands because the Main Media is in the pockets of O and the Liberals. So it is going to take a ground breaking movement to even get any message out to the average Joe to make them understand this is do or die time for this country.

            This country cannot tolerate another Progressive. This country cannot tolerate another pompous and putrid man in office. The Liberals had their chance they blew it. They cannot be trusted with our country.

            It is going to take a lot of work to remove the rat pellets from the WH, the Congress and all government agencies.

      4. pineapple says

        · Barack Obama Admits he was
        born in Kenya Speech – YouTube…


        Do NOT enter the above in your address bar, or you will get a spam message.

        Enter it into your GOOGLE search bar.

        1. Yadja says

          Thanks will do.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Wrong! I’ll bet he has taken the tour.

      Hey hater, you hate Cubans now too?

  12. Cheryl M. Sindoni says

    I heard what he had to say, and so far I like him.

  13. Rick Rogers says

    Its times like that I realize God really does have a sense of humor.. He created the platypus, He has Tea Party thinking he is on their side, and He has Rafael Edward Cruz convince anyone will vote for him as President. When every poll out there shows he is the most hated Person in the Senate. Can’t get much better then that.

    1. pineapple says

      Six Questions……..

      The following
      is incredible! I didn’t
      get one correct answer. Prepare for a shock at the answer and prepare yourself
      for the next election !!

      Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know. Be honest, it’s
      kind of fun and revealing. If you don’t know the answers make your best guess.

      Answer all of the questions (no cheating) before looking at the answers. And,
      no, the answers to these questions aren’t all “Barack Obama”.

      1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

      A. Karl Marx

      B. Adolph Hitler C. Joseph Stalin

      D. Barack Obama E.

      None of the above

      2) “It’s
      time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and
      for the few…… And to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared

      A Lenin

      B. Mussolini

      C. Idi Amin

      D. Barack Obama

      None of the above

      3) “(We)…..can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means
      something has to be taken away from some people.”

      A. Nikita Khrushev

      B. Joseph Goebbels

      C. Boris Yeltsin

      D. Barack Obama

      E. None of the above

      4) “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to
      give up a little bit of their own … in order to create this common

      A. Mao Tse Tung

      B. Hugo Chavez

      C. Kim Jong II

      D. Barack Obama

      E. None of the above

      5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”

      A. Karl Marx

      B. Lenin

      C. Molotov

      D. Barack Obama

      E. None of the above

      6) “I
      think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become the > >>
      most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being

      A. Pinochet

      B. Milosevic

      C. Saddam Hussein

      D. Barack Obama

      E. None of the above.

      ………Scroll down for answers

      And the
      answers are ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      (1) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004

      (2) E. None of the above.
      Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007

      (3) E. None of the above.
      Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

      (4) E. None of the above.
      Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

      (5 ) E None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007

      (6). E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005

      **** Want to know something scary? She may be the next president if you don’t
      forward this to everyone that you know.

      — Amazing. Six Questions…………..

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Tell you what I respond after I see the whole text of the quote. The parts before an after it ok.

  14. dndvaughn says

    No real comment, other than even if the ‘Opposing’ party to the dems is a MONKEY, I’ll vote for him, Maybe a ‘Conservative’ Monkey can do better than the one in office.

  15. Rick Rogers says

    GOP Rep. Peter King dismisses Ted Cruz as ‘carnival barker’

    I guess there are some decent Republicans after all.


  16. Rick Rogers says

    And he just keeps giving and giving.. This from the Des Moines Register.. You know the Leading paper in the 1st Major Primary State. The one everyone wants to win to get the ball rolling.. Where here is their Breaking news on their website dated today..

    Ted Cruz to sign up for government health care

    Ted Cruz, one of the loudest critics of Obamacare, will soon be using it for health insurance coverage.

    “We will presumably go on the exchange and sign up for health care and we’re in the process of transitioning over to do that,” Cruz, a Republican candidate for president, told The Des Moines Register Tuesday.

    Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is going on an unpaid leave of up absence from her job at Goldman Sachs to join Cruz full time on the campaign trail, Cruz told the Register.

    So tell me what was the word we were talking about you know the one were someone fights and Rants against something and then turns around and does it himself. Beings with a HYPO something .. Can’t place it. oh yeah.. HYPOCRITE

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Yes that’s a man that is Willing to STAND UP for what he believes.. He is going to fly in the face of everyone and turn down healthcare just to prove a point. He is saying its wrong and no one should have to do this.. uh wait.. you mean that’s not what he is doing. He is signing up the program he has called Evil, immoral, a Stain on the Republic. That’s what he is doing.. oh yes I understand. He is doing it because its something that HELPS HIM.. now I got it.

      1. jim marcum says

        I think I know what your attempting to say but wasn’t Congress and the President exempted from the Affordable Care Act? I believe they were.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          He was on his wifes Healthcare plan from Goldman Sachs so he did that by choice. She is taking a leave of absence so She has no healthcare. and He Choice to use the Marketplace to get some. he was quoted on a number of news organizations today as having talked about it. I don’t think all of them are lying.

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Jim Marcum… Please don’t take my word for it.. How about if it comes out of Rafael Cruz’s own mouth. This only about an hour old.


          1. jim marcum says

            appreciate the info. he was never going to get my vote. as my post kind of illustrates i’m searching for a real American to vote for instead of a self serving little piece of, well you get the picture.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            thank you Jim Marcum.. its an honor to talked to someone willing to discuss facts and not go to name calling. And before anyone says anything else when I am attacked I return fire in kind. Anyone want to talk facts with References and Links I am all for it. IF you going to spout Party Rhetoric the save your time and just go read “1984” So you can learn what doublethink and truthspeak are. Thank you again Jim and please make your choice and vote for who ever you want if you believe in them Vote for them. I am only saying make sure you know who your voting for.

    2. pineapple says

      A common misconception is
      that Obamacare is complicated. It can actually be explained in 4 short
      sentences as follows:

      1: In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured.

      2: Next, we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured.

      3: To re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay extra charges to
      be re-insured.

      4: The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became
      un-insured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original
      un-insured can be insured, free of charge to them

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Let me guess there Pineapple.. 1984 was your favorite book growing up and you thought Big Brother was the hero Right?

  17. Rick Rogers says

    Pop quiz boys and Girls.. Which Person was imprisoned for Fighting with Castro when he was a young man
    A. Barack Obama Sr.
    B. Rafael Cruz Sr.
    Here is a hint … IF you picked A. You have failed this one question Test.. please don’t think your smart enough to vote in the 2016 election.

    1. organic girl says

      Too bad it wasn’t a knife fight he could win.

  18. Rick Rogers says

    A Canadian, a Cuban, and a white supremacist walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “What will you have tonight, Senator Cruz?”

  19. Rick Rogers says

    Don’t remember who it was but Someone said Senator Cruz would raise our standing among other Nations. Looks like its off to a Great Start LMAO Paper is in New Zealand by the way.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Rick is a troll, if you are looking for a serious conversation no need to respond.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        hawww poor Little MAHB001 all upset and whiny because I kick his ass with Facts and not his Party Rhetoric EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  20. jim marcum says

    not by my vote. no to Cruz, no to Billary, no to Biden, no to Bush, lets see who does that leave. I cast my vote for any random middle class citizen that believes strongly in the constitution, was born in the United States and one of your parents was not the devil. thank you, thank you very much.

  21. Victor Archuleta says

    The attack on Ted Cruz is the reason why the Liberty tree demands the nourishing sweat of Patriots. Boycott’s are good – but footwork and attending meetings and rallies is much better. We have the power and authority to preserve the Constitution. Now is the time to prepare and go to work.

  22. Obie Miller says

    Actually, the reason that a great many republicans WILL vote for Sen.Cruz is that he really is at odds with the RINOS in the republican party. Most of us are sick and tired of the RINOS betraying us, and are very glad to finally have someone who will stand up for our conservative principles.

    1. organic girl says


  23. Pat Eckelkamp says

    what can you expect from obamanews cast all of them we have to get the news out one by one

  24. organic girl says

    This page is dead because of the troll comments gumming up the works.
    Nobody cares what that jerk has to say, especially when he repeats it a kaajillion times.

  25. Stanley S. Terry says

    I’m looking for a nice middle-age lady that is secure and enjoys outdoors email me wehaulharleys@gmail.com

  26. Benjamin Godfrey says

    Ted Cruz is already done. He and his wife just signed up for “Obamacar”!!

  27. Mark says

    Great news. It’s about time a true CONSERVATIVE, (Republican???) runs for office again. And here’s the truly Fair-Tax proposal that should be the first plank of his campaign:

    An Amendment to Establish Truly-Fair Taxation

    Section 1: The 16th Article of Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America is hereby repealed.

    a)The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever sources derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.*

    Section 2: Congress shall not collect more than 15% of any natural person’s annual income, from what ever source derived.

    Section 3: Congress shall not collect Corporate income taxes from any American corporation, All such taxes shall be collected exclusively by the States’ Legislatures, provided a Corporation’s Headquarters is located within their States, and such taxes shall not exceed 15% of any corporation’s annual income.*

    Section 4: Congress shall not collect Capital Gains Taxes on a natural person’s Investments, made in preparation for retirement.

    Section 5: Congress shall not collect an inheritance tax on a decedent’s estate.*

    Section 6: Congress shall not institute a value-added tax or national sales tax of any kind or form.*

    Section 7: Congress shall not require any natural person making charitable donations to report the amount or recipient of said donations to them for any cause or reason.

    Section 8 : Congress shall not collect an International Income Tax,in order to support a one-world government not specifically-authorized by the Constitution.

    Section 9: No person campaigning for either House of Congress, the Presidency, or any prospective appointee or any Federal office shall be asked, required, or coerced into disclosing the amounts or recipients of their charitable donations, in order to be considered for any office in the Federal Government.

    Section 10: Congress shall have power to collect Reciprocal Tariffs, Imposts, and Excises, to fund the Day to Day Operations of the United States Government; pay all debts, and to provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the people of the United States. and all Duties, Imposts, and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

    Section 11: The Internal Revenue Act of 1913, is hereby repealed, and the Internal Revenue Service is hereby closed and dissolved.

    Section 12: The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is hereby repealed, restoring Congressional power to coin money, and to regulate the value there of , and of foreign coin.

    Section 12: All taxes collected by the States, and remitted to the Federal Government may be withheld by the State Legislatures, provided two thirds of the members of both Houses concur, to withhold their Revenue payments, if in their Judgment, the Congress is either failing to execute its Enumerated Powers, as set forth in Article 1, Section the Constitution; or if the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches are assuming powers not specifically entrusted to them by the Constitution.

    Section 14: This Amendment shall take effect upon being adopted by three-fifths of the
    State Legislatures, after being ratified by three-fourths of the States Constitutional Conventions.

    Please note, all sections marked by the asterisk (*) either come from the Liberty Amendments,Restoring the American Republic” by Mark R. Levin, or are based upon Chapter 5, entitled “Two Amendments to Limit Federal Spending and Taxing.”

    After all, only the Great One’s solutions, once implemented can truly Restore The Republic to the greatness the Framers envisioned.

  28. Rick Rogers says

    If we add Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Mike Hulkberry all said the same thing.. GOD must really want to watch a WWE Type over the top battle Royal. Have to admit it would be fun to watching them giving Chair shots to each other.

  29. SouthernPatriot says

    Cruz is a core conservative. He has proven that by his life and values, as well as by his actions. He will begin upon confirmation as POTUS, will begin immediately to dismantle the leftist, anti-Constitution, anti-American exceptionalism, anti-transparent dictatorial decree and fiat administration of the Campaigner-in-Chief, and Resident Golfer-in-Chief and his sycophant Democrat Party led by the Wicked Witch of the West–Nancy Pelosi, and Dingy Harry Reid.

  30. Victor Archuleta says

    The call for a grassroots movement as the first step toward freedom from the tyranny of progressive socialism begins with the individuals raising the call. But in a nation such as this, individuals cannot succeed alone.

    Reverend Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) addressed this issue long ago. Minister in the Second Great Awakening, he said: “God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of a religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God. It seems sometimes as if the foundations of the nation are becoming rotten, and Christians seem to act as if they think God does not see what they do in politics. But I tell you He does see it, and He will bless or curse this nation, according to the course they take.”

    If it weren’t for such ministers, the slaves would not have been freed. And without the Church, the tyrant’s hand will be restrained by other, mostly, means. Just as the slaves, ultimately, would have purchased their freedom with what they had at hand.

  31. Rick Rogers says

    Can someone Get about thousand copies of this Forbes Article Delivered to Cruz’s Office http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2015/04/04/without-obamacare-jobs-report-mightve-been-worse/

  32. Rick Rogers says
  33. Ralph Long says

    Ted Cruz for President NO THANKS!…Enough Said! Go Back To Canada You Whacko Ted Cruz!

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