Tell Us Your Plans For Amnesty! House Republicans Send a Letter to Obama


House Republicans, in an undoubtedly ill-fated (but spirited) attempt to wring some immigration information out of the president, sent a strongly worded letter to Obama on Monday demanding some answers. Lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee want to know who has been advising the president on circumventing Congress. Political analysts judge the likelihood of Obama being forthright about these questions as somewhere south of zero.

Though Obama has hinted that his executive actions on immigration will include some form of amnesty, it’s still not certain how exactly the ruling will play out. This administration has been careful about saying too much about their plans, even to lawmakers. Certainly, White House journalists have yet to make a convincing case out of it; Obama has kept the darkest, most secretive White House in years.

It is exactly this secrecy that House Republicans addressed when they wrote that releasing the recommendations would “go some way toward repairing the damage to the American political process caused by the secrecy with which your Administration has considered changes to our immigration system.”

While a response may not be forthcoming, it’s nice to see the GOP doing something to vocalize their displeasure over being left in the dark. This is an issue that is big enough and important enough that any actions should be debated in the public sphere. Several recent polls – and the surprise defeat of Republican Congressman Eric Cantor by an opponent with much tougher talk on immigration – have shown that the American public is not pro-amnesty.

The letter, which was written by Rep. Bob Goodlatte and signed by 21 other Republicans on the panel, went on to say, “Whether it’s now or November, it is never acceptable for the Executive Branch to ignore the Constitution and unilaterally give amnesty to unlawful immigrants…The least the Administration can do is give Americans the opportunity to see the recommendations that you are considering before you take any actions.”

That same day, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at an Hispanic Heritage Month meeting at his house, and used the opportunity to make some big promises and some limp warnings to Republicans. He told the gathered audience that Obama would take executive actions that would do much for illegal immigrants while insisting that Republicans would “see the lord” after the midterm elections. “But if they don’t,” he said, “they will see some lightning.”

This sheds a little light on how Obama hopes to handle this situation. Against all the polls and all the available facts, they seem to believe that Americans are going to vote in a pro-amnesty sort of way in November. Obviously, amnesty is not up for referendum, and it would take a chasm-sized leap to pretend that it is. If Democrats retain control of the Senate – which is the best possible outcome for their party – it hardly says that the American public now supports amnesty. And it would be shocking to see House Republicans fold even after a tough election.

The question is – what will it take for the administration to fold on this issue? To realize that it’s against the will of the American people?

Maybe Republicans aren’t the ones who should be concerned about some November lightning.


  1. John Burks says

    ask to legally enter the country and complete the steps to naturalization. for those children who were brought here illegally(before obama’s invitation to invade), when they are old enough let them take the naturalization test. those who are here because of obama’s invitation to invade send them home. later they can take the legal path to become citizens.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Where your ancestors here legally? There’s some historical information that many people claiming they’re against illegals came here illegally. Where did your ancestors come from?
      The only people here legally are native americans. Do you know when the first legal americans where processed in this country?

      1. mac12sam12 says

        I didn’t know that the Indians had immigration laws! Name the chief that implemented them. Was it Chief Kowabunga?

        1. Joe Troklus says

          GOOD ONE MAC

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Thanks Joe, aren’t liberals fun!

        2. jetmagnet says

          So, since 1875 when immigration was first passed we’ve had millions of illegal immigrants AMAZING!!! Millions during the Bush administration and he did nothing about it. But when the black man gets in the white house it’s problem, even though he ranks # 1 in deportations.
          This is your script writers and The Fake News Channel hard at work! LMAO
          It doesn’t matter that reagan gave illegals amnesty or bush…its that muslim in the white house hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            I don’t recall Bush giving South America an open invitation to the freebees in the US. It’s also a calling card for Muslim terrorists to come across the border. Bush would have had troops at the border and not send them to Africa.

      2. Arleen Avergil says


        1. Joe Troklus says

          Arleen…don’t waste your time on jetmagnet’s comments…..

          It’s self-evident he is suffering from an inferiority complex compounded because he is demonstrating ROAD RAGE on the internet!!!

          Here’s a definition of his psychosis:
          Psychiatry. intense feeling of inferiority, producing a personality characterized either by extreme reticence or, as a result of overcompensation, by extreme aggressiveness……….to wit: he’s aggressive with strangers on the internet.
          lack of self-esteem; feeling of inadequacy; lack of self-confidence.

        2. jetmagnet says

          History of Immigration Laws in the U.S.

          With the exception of
          Native Americans, all persons living in the United States are descended
          from immigrants or slaves who came to the country during the last 400
          years. By the late seventeenth century, foreign-born persons constituted
          seventy-five percent of the American population.

          The origins of illegal immigration date to the late nineteenth century. In 1875, a federal law
          was passed which prohibited entry of convicts and prostitutes.
          From 1776 to 1875 undocumented immigrants where allowed in the country.
          Today’s high level of illegal immigration originated during the war
          years of the early 1940s. Labor shortages caused the federal government
          to set up a program to import Mexican laborers to work temporarily in
          agriculture, primary in the Southwest. This was called the Bracero
          Program. The goal was to import foreign workers (originally thought to
          number in the hundreds) during agricultural harvest and then encourage
          them to go home.

          Over the next two decades about 4.8 million Mexican workers came into
          the country and provided cheap labor to many U.S. employers. Although
          braceros were supposed to be hired only if an adequate number of
          Americans could not be found, employers preferred the foreign workers
          who were willing to work for lesser wages. The program finally ended in

          Since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, Congress has passed seven amnesties:

          1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for over 2.7 million illegal aliens

          2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens

          3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994

          4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act
          (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal
          aliens from Central America

          5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti

          6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who
          claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an
          estimated 400,000 illegal aliens

          7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens

          President Ronald Reagan approved this “path to citizenship” amnesty

          The eight years of President George W. Bush’s administration saw a
          marked increase in illegal immigration and a drop in immigration
          enforcement throughout much of his tenure. For example, the number of
          illegal aliens arrested in workplace cases fell from nearly 3,000 in
          1999 to 445 in 2003, with the number of criminal cases against employers
          during this period falling from 182 to four. Not surprisingly, by 2005,
          there were an estimated 10-20 million illegal aliens living in the
          United States. Even at the end of 2007 after the Bush administration’s
          enforcement crackdown had been underway; only 92 criminal arrests of
          employers had taken place, in an economy that, according to the
          Washington Post, includes 6 million businesses that employ more than 7
          million illegal foreign workers.

          Despite the failure of past amnesties and the fact that these increase
          illegal immigration, Bush repeatedly pushed mass legalization (amnesty)
          schemes for illegal immigrants using the well-worn line that they “are
          doing jobs Americans will not” or “are not” doing.
          Bush was definitely correct and that holds true today.

          1. David in MA says

            go take your meds, your not being reasonable, liberal!

          2. jetmagnet says

            Hey, I thought you were a patriot and abide by the constitution? Wha Happen???
            Did you pee your pants???

          3. Dolores Wieland says

            Actually in the post above jetmagnet has it right……….I think, however, that ALL illegals should have been deported a long time ago…

      3. OCDiver says

        My paternal Great Grandmother was Cherokee from Oklahoma!! Go piss up a rope “FRUITCAKE”!!!!

    2. jetmagnet says

      Why isn’t Fake News talking on Cubans? Cubans came here illegally but you peeps never say a word, because your trained like puppies to only bark at things that your script writers tell you.
      First, the oldest discriminatory policy is one that lets Cubans who have
      left Cuba for the United States enter and stay in the United States
      despite their illegal entry. That policy is accomplished by the use of
      the discretionary authority conferred on the Executive Branch in our
      immigration law to parole an alien into the country despite the lack of
      proper documentation. As a result of being paroled into the country, the
      Cuban illegal entrants are given a work permit. That policy has been in
      effect for decades – since the Castro-led revolution declared itself to
      be communist and allied with the Soviet Union in the early 1960s.
      A massive wave of illegal immigration from Cuba like the Mariel boatlift
      of 1980 during which the Castro regime facilitated an exodus of about
      125,000 Cubans among whom he planted hard-core criminals, mental
      patients and spies.

      Cuban Adjustment Act

      Second, the parole of illegally arriving Cubans was supplemented in
      1966 by enactment of the Cuban Adjustment Act. The CAA provides that a
      Cuban who has been paroled into the country will automatically be
      granted legal permanent refugee status one year after entry as long as
      criminal or other deportable acts have not been committed by the Cuban.
      The effect of this law is to remove the need for the paroled Cubans to
      justify refugee status by applying for asylum, as any other person from
      another country seeking asylum must do. The granting of refugee status
      confers access to the benefits of the refugee program such as adjustment
      assistance and immediate access to welfare and health benefits, access
      to subsidized housing, job training assistance, etc. Unlike legal
      immigrants who must meet the standard of being self-supporting or
      supported by a sponsor after their arrival, refugees are sponsored,
      i.e., supported, by the U.S. public.

      A multimillion-dollar human smuggling enterprise is bringing
      thousands of Cubans to the U.S. on high-powered speedboats at a price of
      up to $10,000 a head, and the flourishing business has increased the
      number of Cubans illegally entering the U.S. by double-digit percentages
      in each of the last three years.

      More than 16,000 Cubans have
      arrived illegally this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Most arrived on
      remote beaches in the Florida Keys or in Mexico, where they could enter
      the U.S. Southwest through official border crossings.
      So you peeps aren’t worried about ISIS terrorist being smuggled to the US on boats?
      How about EBOLA? These boats can get through US defenses at will and that means anyone can do it. Yet your bagger congress is concerned about kids and babies coming over the border? It’s more bullshit from your script writers. Haitians come over illegally also, Maybe they have ebola, ya think? LMAO

      1. OCDiver says

        Cubans are here as Political Refugees fleeing Castro’s regime, only pinhead morons like you can’t tell the difference and it pisses you and your ilk off that they are smart enough to be Republicans and vote against you!!

  2. 1947rhoda64 says

    We do not need Illegal Immigrants in our country. If they had come into the US the right way it wouldn’t have been so bad, but now that Obama is letting any and everything into our country we can catch every disease comng and going, no work for the American people, less housing, no medicaid for the American people, no Social Security, no jobs, no nothing because of these Illegals, and it is time to do border patrol along every border in the US. No more Illegal Immigrants in our country because the more we get the less money the U S has after taking care of those evil corrupt terrorist coming into our country. The American people say (NO) more Illegal Immigrants or else there needs to be firing among all the Democrats.

    1. Dealerdeb1 says

      We need LEGAL immigrants and they are being forced out by illegals who do not have the skills we need to advance as a nation. People on benefits and need too much free stuff ruin the economy. Legal immigrants come here NOT to take advantage rather excel

      1. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

        SKILLS ! ya ! sell dope murder ! rape just to name a few, that’s the capacity of their skills, and oh ya plunder the health clinics all over the Nation, in exchange for their vote

        1. Kent2012 says

          and overload the prisons in crapafornia….

          1. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

            Thanks Kent crapa fornia

      2. abc__jps says

        you will not get the skills we need from the ones who are jumping the fence to come illegal. These are the takers..not the givers..

  3. jetmagnet says

    They had their chance to do something about immigration before the midterms, now they’ll paythe price at the voting booth. If not 2014 -2016. Obviously, you can’t send 12 million people back and not damage lives and the economy. There was a bipartisan consensus but the Tea Party and their donors sabotaged that. A few in safe districts can to damage to many thoughout the country. The dems are licking their chops as bigotry toward anyone that isn’t white continues.

    1. joe haire says

      Is your real name “SWEDUDE” ??

      1. Kent2012 says

        and on monday it is “booby pooper” and on saturday it is “lead head”……

    2. joe haire says

      They made the choice to come here illegally, now they must obey our laws. I suggest we adopt Mexicos’ immigration laws.

      1. Joe Troklus says

        Which is put’em in jail like the Marine still is in Mexico

        1. jetmagnet says

          Mexico is corrupt. If you want to go there it’s your choice. So the marine made a bad decision. How that equates to people living and working here is frankly as stupid as you look in that picture fella. Get some brains!

          1. Joe Troklus says

            NO…you made a bad decision

          2. joe haire says

            Jetmagnet goes by many different names. One is “SWEDUDE. He will never provide a solution to Americas’ Many problems but he will criticise people who do. Ask him why we had a revolution against the British.? Ask him about free enterprise and how our constitution protects individual rights. He will be very selective on who is entitled to those rights. He will not answer why Mexicos’ Immigration policies cannot work here. He praises Obamas Taliban trade of 5 extreme Muslims for an Army deserter. Yet will not stand for getting an American hero out of jail. It is called hypocrisy. Ask him about why we had a TEA PARTY in Boston Harbor a couple of hundred years ago. He will not answer. He would rather Obfuscate. Our founding fathers were all terrorists to him. Ask him to justify Communism or Socialism as practised by Obama. He will deny Obamas association with Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, or Frank Marshall Davis, How about Anita Dunn who said her hero is MAO!! No, Jetmagnet will hide behind rhetoric & lies. Ask him how we will support millions of illegal aliens with housing, food, clothing, education, & healthcare? His only answer will be TAX INCREASES like Jerry Brown . Build a trillion dollar rapid transit system instead of providing infrastructure to store more water, build more dams or desalination plants. That would make common sense, but a feel good project is more attractive to California Brains like Nancy Pelosi Or Babs Boxer, or Maxine Waters, etc. etc. etc. What say you Jet Baby???

      2. jetmagnet says

        Well so did Cubans! Cubans arrive everyday here in south florida. All they have to do is reach dry land to avoid being sent back. Cubans have reshaped Florida and many other states and have become wealthy and just about own south florida. And illegals fill many jobs here others don’t want helping especially the farm industry. They are not Lay like americans. I see them at home depot waiting to be picked up by americans for work. You won’t see any americans in front of home depot looking for work. So they are necessary.Besides many people other than minorities have arrived her illegally through american history. Why don’t you baggers every do research or even read american history? You are ignorant people depending on propaganda instead of facts.

    3. Barto says

      Obviously, many of we Legal American Citizens who believe in enforcing the current laws on Immigration believe we could send 12 million people back to “help the legal Americans’ lives and our economy”. The Liberal Democrats are licking the butts of illegals for their future votes and by expanding the “welfare state” have further increased the dis-incentive to work and earn a living for all minorities and their families thus it is they that continue to offend them by “holding them down” through their welfare state. We don’t care about the color of the skin of any Illegal entering our Country, we are concerned about the Illegal aspect of their being here. History will show Obama and his Liberal administration as being the “great dividers” of race relations along with being the most “lawless” administration in our recent history.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Unfortunately, you don’t wait years to suddenly disenfranchise people who live here , work and contribute, pay taxes to the economy, based on politics. Only republicans advocate this and its easy to rationalize why. They vote democratic. This a republican strategy that energizes the base and it’s the same script they use in other areas they target. The GOP just doesn’t want minorities and decided not to rebrand as they lost elections. Their future is bleak for sure…there is no future in this disenfranchising people including blacks. It helps democrats and these people will remember, like slaves remember what happened to them by a democrayic govenrment, Now they see the bigotry and oppressive tactics by republicans. As an independent I will not vote any tea party politician,they are diving american in every aspect by their hate for anyone that isn’t like them. They remind me of Commies and stalin. People who hate you if you don’t believe in their twisted ideology and will eventually kill you for it.
        I’m suprised at how supposedly intelligent people fall for the hype. Of course the base can’t get enough of Fox news, which isn’t news but propaganda, funded and owned by rupert murdoch. I’m happy to hear that Indian tribes ( true americans) are getting Billions from the government. Which should lift every native american out of poverty they’ve been suffering under an oppressive government.

        1. Barto says

          Are you Bill Ayers or Ward Churchill posting under the guise of jetmagnet? Well anyway, you gave some good descriptions of the current Liberal Democratic Party in your rant, just had the party name wrong. I suppose you get your skewed news and the real propaganda from the Liberal butt-kissing MSM, i.e. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, ABC and if so I won’t suppose you have any real intelligence or working brain cells.

      2. jetmagnet says

        The dividers have been the GOP pitting the wealthy against retirees, the poor, disabled, veterans and just screwing the hell out of the middleclass trying to reduce wages in this country to help business suckup more wealth. The GOP is old white farts trying to reclaim the 1950’s they disenfranchise everyone who isn’t old white and pigheaded, filled with Hate messaging, corruption in thier own party. They can’t even agree amongst themselves on the correct path. at least liberals have a plan and a message and policies that don’t disenfranchise all the people i mentioned.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          and yet Obama has been making the wealthy wealthier. Wall Street owns Obama.

        2. Arleen Avergil says

          YOUR DUMB!

      3. Arleen Avergil says


  4. Dealerdeb1 says

    here’s my answer NO AMNESTY> Send them back, get in line and lower the number of South Americans and Mexicans allowed in the quotas.

    1. Yadja says

      And put a Muslim in each suitcase to take with them.

      1. Joe Troklus says

        funny one l

      2. OCDiver says

        ROTFLMBO!!!!! 😉

        1. Yadja says


    2. 7papa7 says

      Everyone who is here illegally needs to be deported, period. Once we get rid of all the illegals then and only then can some intelligent decisions on how many we can allow in legally. Those who have abused our laws would go to the bottom of the list as far as allowing them to be able to come here legally. Their should be absolutely NO need for them to go to court and waste the courts time, just send them home. They have no, zero, zilch rights in this country no matter how it has morphed. My grandparents came here legally, never took a dime from the government, learned and spoke fluent English and became part of what it means to be an American by hard work. I think Reagan was the best president of the 20th century but he screwed up bad when gave amnesty to the illegals and we are still dealing with that screw up.

      1. yaki534 says


        1. 7papa7 says

          They sure did take an oath to defend the laws. Obama and his drones ONLY obey the laws that they want to. It is just another impeachable offense to add on to the others.

        2. abc__jps says

          they were told by Holder and Obama not to enforce the law.Holder placed a low suit against Az. remember for trying to enforce the law

          1. yaki534 says

            The law Arizona was one page long and most of the people yelling hadn’tread it. It was just trying to make our federal government to apply the laws in place. Which they continue ti ignore lavishly.

          2. Nelson Phillip says

            I lived Az. years ago and still love the state and have donated to GOV PAT attempt legal fight against O vomit and worthless holder to push back. I have donated numerous times.

        3. PCS says

          Holder/Obama chose which laws to pursue and which laws TO IGNORE. Holder running away cause ‘Fast and Furious’ is about to blow up in his face. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!!! Obama busting his butt to find a muslim to fill the vacancy. Obama still has 2 years to destroy AMERICA. I am no fan of either party but Republicans must win the majority in the Senate to undo and nullify Obama’s next 2 years. Congress needs a major reality check by voting out the career congressmen. It is up to the voters to impose term limits.

          1. Tom Soriano says

            It’s also time for the American people to put a stop to selling government offices (including the Presidency) to the highest bidders!

          2. william g munson says

            Holder may run but still should be prosecuted

          3. MARYSWEET says


        4. Combatvet52 says

          I took an oath to serve and protect the United States of America that is something this person in the WH don’t understand or ever will….socialist commie Muslim

        5. Scott Mullen says

          unfortunately sociopathic,narcissists,do not follow rules/laws oshitbag,his consigliere,and the like,are the scum of the earth.they all should be arrested for their crimes.

          1. MARYSWEET says


        6. msbets says


        7. Cecile Maddry says

          You can’t give amnesty to invaders. I understand this weekend they now have rights to free healthcare. Who is minding the ship? We have run aground. It isn’t immigration it’s an invasion.

          1. sherri palmer says

            They have always had free healthcare and free everything else! Makes me disgusted that we are supporting these nothings! But you will see them in any store now shopping on our money! I think they must have gotten a raise because I see them everywhere and the things they are buying, Halloween decorations, flowers, I have never seen them do that ever!

          2. Angry American says

            I live in S. Ca. & when I go into a Kmart I have seen these animals doing things that are really hard to believe & with all of the things that they throw on the fllor the stores need to hire full time employees to pick up after them, it is so bad that I do not enter any store that has a majority of them around. I have also seen one stand next to a trash can & drop the paper wrappings on the floor in a very sneaky way. Simply outrageous & disgusting.
            Why would anyone want more of them here & the ones that do should take a trip to Los Angeles so they can see how a once beautiful city now looks like a border town that is south of the border

        8. Tom Soriano says

          Because the government no longer represents the people, it’s a government by the government and for the government!

          1. sherri palmer says

            If he gves amnesty, I hope the next president can take it away!

          2. Angry American says

            Rand Paul said he will sign an executive order to recind all of oweblowholes executive orders, that alone would sure make me consider voting for him

          3. Dolores Wieland says

            Rand Paul is in government’s pocket. He will do what is good for himself only….

        9. Yadja says

          O has been breaking our Federal Immigration Laws along with Holder since day one and nobody has done anything about it.

          Perhaps when the Congress changes hands the Governors can once again enforce the law.

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            People’s own fault.we are allowing them to ruin this once free country(that our ancestors have fought and died for.all for naught).

      2. Maggiemae says

        I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I am an immigrant….a legal one. I came here with my parents as a child. We applied for entry, came when they said we could, my father had to have a job lined up, we had to have a sponsor and a place to live. We complied with all of that. We all had Green Cards. My parents both worked hard to provide for us and we also never took a dime of government money. My parents learned to speak, read and write English – I learned through school and helped them as I learned. When it was time for us to become American citizens, we went before a judge and swore our allegiance to the United States of America. That was the highlight of my freshman year of high school. We need a quota system to allow immigrants from other countries in as well. The numbers need to be per capita of each country and once set, abided by. Every single inch of land that has illegals crossing our borders needs to be secured and when people cross, they need to be shot or electric fences that would electricute them. NO OTHER OPTIONS! When the quota is met….all borders are shut!!!! Speaking English HAS to be requirement #1….NO other options. You can speak your native tongue in your house. You came to America by choice……LEARN TO BE AN AMERICAN. Every single person here illegally needs to be sent home. I would make them walk back the same way they came in with a troop of guns helping them along. Anyone that is here illegally and committed a crime…no entry to the USA ever!!!!! This administration is ‘welcoming’ all these illegals for a reason and it aint’ a good one.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Welcome. You are the type of immigrant that makes America a stronger nation. You are very much appreciated. We have a quota for people to enter the country it’s just that obama doesn’t abide by it. He ignores this law like he does many others.

          1. Maggiemae says

            Thank you. I’m extremely proud to be an American.

          2. 7papa7 says

            It is because of proud American patriots like you that makes America so strong. God Bless you.

          3. OCDiver says

            My sentiments exactly 7papa7!!! and welcome to America one and all who do likewise!! those who insist on being here illegally …… GET THE HELL OUT NOW AND COME BACK LEGALLY!!!!

          4. 7papa7 says

            In my opinion if they are here illegally they need to be deported and NEVER allowed back in. They have already proven they have no respect for our laws.

          5. Verity says

            idea. “Never” would perhaps be a deterrent. I’d never thought of it…but, yes, you are right…total disregard for
            our laws……now, shoo maggot illegals….go away. I do hope folks here
            realize that we should end birth-right citizenship to the spawn of illegals.
            That we would eliminate thousands of border jumpers and save us millions of
            dollars in welfare…..the kid born here gets welfare and allows the whole
            ‘famn’ damily’ to stay.

          6. 7papa7 says

            A quick way to start getting illegals out of the country is to cut them off of every benefit, no food stamps, no medical, no schools, no welfare etc. That will put thousands if not millions in a situation where they can not afford to stay so they will leave. We also need to start very very very heavy fines on all business that hire them. I personally would like to see the fines to be a percentage of their profits for the previous year that way it will affect everyone equally. My thinking is 25% for the first offense and doubling for every successive violation. Once they hit their 3d offense the fine is all of it and they have their business license revoked.

          7. Nelson Phillip says

            More like BILLIONS and espically with the DUMB-O-RATS buying votes with “FREE STUFF” and all these unwelcome illegals are all here for the free stuff, don’t hand me the BS about better life it is the same as those here legally who have lived off the Government all their lives because THEY CAN and that credit goes to the liberals and DUMB-O-RATS

        2. PCS says

          Have you ever thought of running for office ???? You are just the person that this country needs to straighten this mess out. Best wishes.

          1. yaki534 says

            She would never make it. They would slaughter her like they tried to do to Sarah. Palin

          2. MARYSWEET says

            You are so right. If you are honest and follow the law you can’t make it in politics – they won’t let you in but I would vote for you.

          3. Maggiemae says

            I was actually involved in politics in the area I lived in and was asked to run for Clerk Treasurer – and would have been back by the Democratic and Republicans – it was my choice on the ticket I wanted to run on. However, my husband passed away which changed my life drastically. I met someone that I really connected with a couple of years later. We now live in two states, splitting our time between the two. My goal back then was to eventually run for a state Senate office seat. Now I’m retired but still follow the political scene on a daily basis. I truly LOVE America and the people that support it and want to save the freedoms our men fought for. I just don’t think that’s too much to ask of any.

          4. OCDiver says

            Thank you for all you’ve done for our country!! I’m proud to have immigrants like you and your family here in the USA!!!

          5. Maggiemae says

            Thank you. I am extremely proud to stand up and proclaim I AM AN AMERICAN! I will continue to work hard to enlighten all my friends and family about the regime we current have so that we can remain a free country.

        3. yaki534 says

          Maggiemay[e, you are the type of people we want and ned. What they are trying to do now is a slap in the face to the people that followed our laws and assimilated themselves into our country. Glad you and yours are here. God bless.

          1. Maggiemae says

            Had I run for a position in government, Federal in particular, they would not have ever beaten me down. I think honest, sincere, logical, common sense always trumps all the evils anyone can throw at you. With God on my side, I would have beat them all down with a smile on my face. Sarah Palin would do much better today than she did when she first came on the scene. Lots of lessons to be learned along the way on how to handle the Demorats.
            Thank you for your kind words. It is a slap in the face to anyone that came here legally and I guess that’s part of the reason why I’m so totally p*ssed off at what’s going on now!

        4. joanc says

          Your family came here legally by following the rules of the USA. If everyone did the same this country would be a better place, I can sense you are a true asset to America,,and we need more like you. Unfortunately, with the intentionally open borders, we are being over run with people who will not learn English, or in some cases have bad intentions. For unknown reasons DC ignores the problem, which sends a message to those waiting patiently for permission to come here, that their wait just got longer, simply put illegals received priority? The people waiting in line deserve better and are the people who will be productive citizens. The USA, should welcome many more like you and many others , ,because LEGAL immigrants are and always have been, the backbone of America. God bless you and keep you safe.

          1. Maggiemae says

            Thank for very much for your kind words. I know my friends and family get tired of all my political emails, however, I’m afraid if they only watch the liberal media stations, they really don’t have a clue what is actually going on. I have followed a website dedicated to only covering immigration issues… NumbersUSA. They fight against illegal immigration on a regular basis. They advise me on any issue coming up…and they also put together a letter to send to my Congressional people which includes a P.S. at the bottom for me to write in my comments – which I always do. Some letters even go the Mr. Obama. There is no fee associated with any of the emails they send but I do donate from time to time because I believe in all that they do. They will also provide a ‘score card’ on your own Congressional people and how they voted on immigration issues, giving them each a grade…A to F. Every time a Bill goes before Congress, I receive notification of the Bill, it’s contents and an email to have sent to Congress. NumbersUSA is always very factual on all the information they provide. There are also things Congress needs to do. #1 – secure all borders totally; #2 – deport every single illegal here in the USA; #3 – stop using our tax dollars for anything related to the illegals here, including the illegals in join for crimes commited as that’s our tax dollars as well. No tax dollars for food, medical, clothing or housing…period! If we took some simple steps, we wouldn’t have this mess we have. The sad thing is – this administration is not only tolerating it – they’re encourageing it. DISPICABLE AND UN-AMERICAN!

          2. joanc says

            Dear Maggiemae- I agree with everything you wrote, for you hit on all the things that are tearing America apart. I’ve been around a long time, and have never seen the aggressiveness and lies from any other Administration as in this one. The many scandals and the cover ups are indications of wrong doing and tarnishes America’s reputation as a beacon of truth and honor. I am angry about the lies creeping into History books that diminish the horrors of war fought by many of our young men to keep America safe and free. It’s a blatant move to wipe out the heroism and love of country of our young people and replace it with untruths. We are pressured about Religion and what rules they want to change ? They have no right to interfere with God’s word. I am a Catholic and do not believe in the killing of a baby in the womb, nor do I like the push to teach our young about sex and some sexual life styles, . that is the sole right and the job of the parents, not the teachers. . I know that people get tired of my rants, but I will keep on until either the Devil or God claims me , I hope it is the latter for I dislike too much heat., Meanwhile , take care of yourself and pray that the coming elections in 2014 and 2016 will bring a new administration with love of America. We need it more than ever!

          3. Maggiemae says

            From one Catholic to another, we all need to work together to totally defeat this regime’. All of Christianity is being blasted and an attempt to put the Muslim religion in it’s place also has to be stopped. Every single person has the God given right to worship as they see fit….be it Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, etc. I also will NEVER tire of pointing out the differences in America now compared to what it was 6 years ago. The change is such a stark difference people can see it but sometimes only after the people that have seen the light point it out. That’s what we have to keep doing. God Bless you and keep up the good work of saving America. At 69 yrs. of age, I can’t believe what I’ve witnessed these past few years and that American’s have let it all happen. Shame on those people for not paying attention to the first 4 years!

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            Yes. I too am heavily involved with Numbers USA and like you, I am a legal immigrant. I agree with all you’ve said so far…. AND I am also from IND

          5. Maggiemae says

            Good for you !!!! Sure wish everyone would get on board with NumbersUSA. What part of IN are you from? I’m originally from the Northwest area but now live in the Northeast part of the state.

          6. Dolores Wieland says

            I’m in Indianapolis but spend winters in Florida. Should be back home around the 15th of March. I have a relative in Fort Wayne but most of my family are deceased. I check my message board often and I’ve been getting quite a few responses from Carson…Did you notice he’s rated an “F”?

          7. Maggiemae says

            I lived in the Northwest part of IN for years…now in the Northeast area. My husband passed away..met someone a few years later. We live in a rural area April to Nov. and then in SC Nov. to April…we do a 6 month split. I still have family in NW, IN and in Wheaton, IL. I think the media has decided not to support him…especially the liberal media. I’ve listened to him numerous times and he’s a smart man. He knows way more than most people think he knows. So, I’m not sure why he’s rated ‘F’. He’s not loud, outspoken so he doesn’t get noticed much. Even in the debates he had the least amount of questions directed to him. Right now the people are SO angry with this administration…including everyone in Congress…that they want someone with guts to speak out against the ‘establishment’ Republicans. The Democrats really have NO ONE worth the powder to blow to hell. They have a liar…totally untrust-worthy on anything and a Socialist…one step away from Communism. Republicans had SO many people of the people’s anger with Congress. Hopefully….the best man for this country will emerge as the winner and turn everything around before we go totally under.

        5. HELPUS123 says

          You and your family came the right way and the proud way. You are a true American citizen.

          1. Maggiemae says

            I just pray that we Americans can all keep the freedoms we have. I also pray for an end to this illegal immigration fiasco created by the Obummer. I am proud to say my family did it the right way and I will continue to bombard my Congressional people to send all illegals back home and totally close our borders to Mexico for a number of years. This is sheer insanity and our own government is responsible for all of it!

        6. MARYSWEET says

          CONGRATULATIONS! That is the law just as you stated it but obama feels he knows better than the law so he just does what he wants and ignores the law and look where it’s gotten us.
          Happy to have you and your family as Americans

          1. Maggiemae says

            Than you…and we are happy to be here….and pray we can save America – the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        7. Dolores Wieland says

          Excellent response. Yes my family came also…legally and were NEVER on the dole..This country has been roughshod and taken to the lowest of low by corrupt politicians and an America public that sits on their hinds.

          1. Maggiemae says

            TERM LIMITS….A MUST FOR EVERYONE IN CONGRESS! Term limits is the only way to get rid of the rot in DC….all of it! Congress is entirely to blame for 90% of our problems. We have had a ‘Republican’ Senate and House since 2012 and absolutely nothing has been done….nothing!!!!! I firmly believe that term limits is our ONLY hope…totally. Congress will never step down…that would kill the goose that lays the golden egg for them. They get in bed with lobbyists and with term limits they can’t get too cozy. Whenever I think about the lousy leader (actually non-leader) we have, I really have to say out loud that Congress is even worse. I keep writing about term limits…but have apparently not found the right person to start that ball rolling. I did read that Florida has passed a law on term limits for Congress via a Convention of States…they need 34 more states to sign on. I’m writing to my State’s Senator and Representatives to see if they can start IN on that path as well.

          2. Dolores Wieland says

            Maggiemae I was trying to find the guy on my Facebook that was getting signatures for the Convention of States. I can’t seem to find it. If I locate it, I’ll let you know…..

          3. Maggiemae says

            I’m going to contact my State of IN Senator and Representative to see if they’ll do what FL just did. Term limits are a MUST!!!!!! Seems too many people don’t have a brain when they walk into vote. They keep pulling that same lever over and over…putting the same rot in DC year after year. That needs to stop!

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            Maggiemae On Facebook go to “Howard Rosenstein Convention of States”. You’ll see quite a few posts. I read the entire article which is quite lengthy but a good read..

          5. Maggiemae says

            THANKS!!!! I wrote down the info and will go to that on FB. I’ve been pushing this and writing everywhere I can. Just need to find the right outlet to get the ball rolling! Congress will never vote that in themselves.

      3. OCDiver says

        We HAVE to completely and totally secure the border first or none of the rest of it matters, we’re just spinning our wheels until that happens. Bring our troops home from Afghanistan/Pakistan border patrol duty (they don’t really want us there anyway), reinstate the ones that were fired from the military due to “budget cuts”, and put them all on OUR border to assist our Border Patrol Agents with full arrest authority and authorization to open fire at any threat to be fired upon.

        1. 7papa7 says

          I totally agree. The border is an absolute must and should have bee dealt with as far back as Eisenhower. Congress has the authority to go around the president and order it closed but they won’t, they are cowards. They need a “fence” that is basically unable to penetrate. They can use all types of barbed wire. concertina wire and electrified wire. They need to fences like this about 15-20 feet apart with anti personal mines between the two along with concrete barriers to stop cars. Once that is taken care of and ALL the illegals are removed then and only then would it be logical to discuss an immigration bill. We have to see by actions that the government will uphold the laws and be proactive in protecting our country.

          1. Verity says

            Please keep in mind that thousands enter our country through very sophisticated tunnels (running water, showers, restrooms, phones, etc). We need to use ground-piercing radar to detect them so they can also be destroyed.

          2. 7papa7 says

            Agreed but you take care of the most dangerous first. It’s like if you have cancer and a bulging disk, you are going to want to take care of the cancer as a higher priority. We need to find the tunnels and close them off with very thick walls of concrete. With all of this we need to bill the mexican government because it would not be necessary if they could control their people.

      4. USCBIKER says

        I agree but that will never happen in this day and age. It would require raids of work places and round ups in ethnic communities. What is doable is to seal the border with the military and go after employers who hire the wets. When you dry up the job incentives and cut welfare to our own lazy scum so they have to take the crappy jobs or starve, then we’ll be in the right direction. But that takes total GOP control and Bush would not do it for 6 years! The media will go berserk and we will have a race war. Fine by me but GOP is way to cowardly to do it.

        1. 7papa7 says

          We need to take one thing at a time. Yes we absolutely MUST secure our border with real thinks not cameras. Then when ever an illegal is caught he is deported immediately, no trial, no nothing. Slam businesses with very high fines that goes to illegal control. The fines MUST be high enough to make sure that they don’t want to risk it. Start with maybe 50K per illegal working there. With every incident the fine doubles. If they can’t pay it they get their business license revoked for one year then they can try again.

      5. Jeff Horton says

        And employers serve mandatory prison sentence. No fine just do the time with out time off for good behavior. Take something away from those employers that think they can just pay a cheap fine. Time is something they can’t replace with money. These Illegal Immigrants will leave when the jobs dry up on their own. We won’t have to pay to ship them back and no legal assistance. Employers do the crime and do the time PERIOD!

        1. 7papa7 says

          I have always asked for heavy discipline on the employers. Prison is a great idea but that could close down a business and that is not what the goal should be. I have always said the first time it is 10% of the previous years profits for every illegal and that doubles each year if not corrected. If it goes up to 100% they lose their business license and then send them to jail but they would have had a chance.

          1. Jeff Horton says

            If it closed down a business, where the offender will make money while in prison. I don’t care; the thing is once implemented those employers will get rid of the illegal employees. So they do not to have to go to prison! What would you do if a law passed like this. If you had illegals working for you. I know I’d let them go right away.

          2. 7papa7 says

            I am for giving everyone a second chance. With the threat of their bottom line being attacked and the threat of very possibly losing their license to do business then you will end up with the same result. We are on the same page about getting rid of the illegals we just see different roads to that end. I can’t see spending $40000 a year to keep someone in prison if you can get the same results in a different way.

          3. Jeff Horton says

            You fine the guy enough to pay for his time in prison. Sorry when the first example is made the others will git rid of their illegals pronto. Period. No second chance they already know and are willing to take a chance. How many time have you been given a break by law enforcement. I say $@#% them

          4. 7papa7 says

            I never needed a break from law enforcement but I do know of many who got that break and it turned them around. We both want the same thing we just have different ideas of how to get there. We will have to agree to disagree.

    3. jondarmes says


    4. john robel says

      Yes, and add to that stopping the flow of muslims from places like Somalia.

      1. OCDiver says

        Totally understood!!!

      2. Angry American says

        I under stand that as I refuse to put any caps on obama’s name I do respect the office of POTUS but nothing but contempt for obama

    5. ihatelibs says

      IMHO . STOP Any and ALL IMMIGRATION . PERIOD . They Should’ve stopped it 40 + years ago

      1. Deborah G says

        Immigration was to fill jobs. We don;t have many and the ones we have should be made to be filled by lazy people on welfare and unemployment.

    6. Rita L. says

      My answer to that whole deal is the removal of the occupant of the White House. He got in there illegally, like the illegal aliens.

    7. jetmagnet says

      Send em’ Back except the cuties 18 and the hotties! lol

  5. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    The new immigrants that arrived off the plane in the U S A yesterday said WHAT !?, repeat that please !

  6. Jon Willey says

    Our current immigration laws are the most liberal in the entire world! If anything we need more strict laws regarding immigration, not less strict. Of greater significance to the immigration issue is our federal governmen’st, (i.e. the administrations) complete and utter failure to enforce our borders and existing immigration statutes. That is what has created the entire illegal immigrant crisis, nothing else. No amnesty, send them back!

  7. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Apparently, the “Will” of We the People, still does not matter to this muslim. If he grants ANYTHING to these illegals, HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR SURE! If he remains in office, he will do so at his own risk! He has gone off the reservation on countless crimes against the American people and, IT MUST STOP! I cannot believe or understand (and I am fairly bright), HOW HE REMAINS IN THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT! This muslim will NEVER be MY President, and never was!

    1. jetmagnet says

      What people? Only a small minority of rightwingers. Don’t speak for all of us ,ok? The majority 75% support an immigration policy.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        All the polls indicate that amnesty is unpopular, even with the commie left. Your 75% figure, like you is bogus.

      2. David in MA says

        America already has an immigration policy, the problem is it is not being enforced! dip chit!

        1. Beverly Eysenring says

          If they would pass a law that for each illegal that a company hires it will be a one million dollar fine if they have 5 illegal that would be 5 million dollars, it UST might stop them from getting jobs an they would have to go back also no free medical or welfare of any kind.

    2. Deborah G says

      In all my years as a voter and citizen I have never been more in Hatred of a man who uses the race card instead of being repsonible for his own Commie gaitiator divisiveness. He neve has been my president all the others were wrinkles and all. He disrespects the office. Well Clinton did too but thats another story , we will have to resist yet another Saul Alinsky Communist lite in Killary

  8. Combatvet52 says

    Send him a registered receipt requested to do your job or resign because your unfit to do the job.
    And my answer too NO AMNESTY

    1. jetmagnet says

      He’s the best! He’s getting the job done. We keep people who have jobs here and help business. We don’t send people back and FK the economy. I’m sure your helping the economy getting a government check.

      1. Alisa Kurtz says

        like hell he is, must be your a kool aid drinker, he is an usurper and a terrorist and needs to be arrested over 100 acts of treason. The only thing he is doing is destroying our nation not helping this nation, jobs should only be for Americans and ones that came here legally not illegally, the ones that are illegally here are criminals

        1. Joe Troklus says

          Alisa……jetmagnet is a democratic troll, a shill…..a liberal by his own written remarks!

        2. jetmagnet says

          Bullshit! The treason is the teabags shutting down the government. The poosies won’t even vote against ISIL!!!! Boehner said today his poosie congress is sfraid to take a vote against war against terrorist. These people say obama’s weak? They run and hide into a shell when a conflict breaks out. LMAO Hypocrites! Obama wins again!

        3. jetmagnet says

          How come cubans are allowed to stay? They vote republican! LMAO

          American society is being transformed by a wave of

          immigration that began with the 1965 amendments to the Immigra-

          tion and Nationality Act of 1952. With the abolition of national quotas

          and the enactment of occupational and family preference measures,

          the numbers of immigrants from Latin America to the United States

          have increased significantly. Consequently, the U.S. Latino popula-

          tion has expanded over the past 3 decades and has become the

          American society is being transformed by a wave of

          immigration that began with the 1965 amendments to the Immigra-

          tion and Nationality Act of 1952. With the abolition of national quotas

          and the enactment of occupational and family preference measures,

          the numbers of immigrants from Latin America to the United States

          have increased significantly. Consequently, the U.S. Latino popula-

          tion has expanded over the past 3 decades and has become the

          The welcoming policy isn’t just for Cubans who arrive by sea. In
          recent years, thousands of would-be immigrants have opted to hire
          smugglers to ferry them to Mexico, where they head over land to Texas.
          These “dusty foot” Cubans are allowed into the U.S. after medical
          screenings and background checks.

          1980 Mariel boatlift, which lasted six months and ended with about
          125,000 immigrants, including criminals and mental patients, making it
          to Florida.
          With illegal aliens entering the country since 1875 why does the GOP up in arms now? 6 million businesses hire illegals. Guess what would happen if they all lost their employees? What’s really hilarious is they’re hired by businesses that support the GOP.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Your talking like an AH again my SS check was bought and paid for all the years that i busted my butt, $9,500 a year for a long time i could have had a fat bank account instead they give the money to the lazy no working PARASITES.
        Holder is resigning next is your friend Obama.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Well how about a Voucher instead? That’s what your party wants to

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Why don’t you just go away with the rest of your socialist commie friends, Obama wins when he’s no longer in office or i should say on the GOLF course.That’s more important than the Marine who is in Mexico or the white cop that just got shot by one of the brothers.

          2. jetmagnet says

            How about the black teenager shot in wallmart for looking at a BB gun?
            I thought you non racist peeps are gun rights advocates? I guess black people with guns are excluded. lol

            Now, surveillance video from the Walmart
            has been released to the public. Because there’s little sound, it makes
            it hard to tell when and how often the police shot Crawford. But the
            footage shows definitively that Crawford wasn’t brandishing the toy gun
            when he was shot — and that he dropped it, ran, and came back before he

            The video, which tracks Crawford as he made his way throughout the
            store, first shows him walking around while talking on his cell phone
            and picking up the toy gun from the sporting goods aisle. The video then
            shows Crawford standing calmly at the end of an aisle, holding the toy
            gun — pointed at the floor — in his right hand. Occasionally, he swings
            the gun gently back and forth, but there’s no point at which the gun’s
            pointed at anything — let alone at any person.

            About one minute and a half into the video, Crawford suddenly moves
            out of the aisle as police officers enter the store with their guns
            drawn and pointed. Crawford drops the pellet gun, then trip over it into
            the rear aisle of the store. The audio in the video, which is taken
            from a 911 call, suggests police fired almost immediately after they
            placed their sights on Crawford, but it’s unconfirmed whether the audio
            is accurately synced to the video footage. (The prosecutor in the case said Crawford was shot before he dropped the gun.)

            Crawford then moves back into the aisle toward them, then turns away
            again — at which point he drops to his knees as the cops continue to
            advance. He falls to his back and his legs splay out (the rest of his
            body is hidden from view). Tell me this would happen to a white guy?

            Trooper shoots unarmed black man pulling out his drivers license


      3. Arleen Avergil says


        1. Joe Troklus says

          Arlee….jetmagnet is a democratic troll, a shill…..a liberal by his own written remarks!

      4. Arleen Avergil says


        1. jetmagnet says

          Use your freakin Brain, how can illegals vote? First of all he’s the deporter in chief. You lost because your party SUCKS and basically hates everyone who’s not a lunatic or rich and doesn’t agree with your bullshit. You can’t vote twice without getting nailed. Time to quit learning how to be stupid and get facts.

          1. Arleen Avergil says

            wow you don’t get smarter then you buddy!

  9. abc__jps says

    Obama does not care what the American people want. We don’t want illegal people coming into this country they offer us nothing. they provide nothing, they take all they can get and pay nothing.. If this country needs educated, productive people we will not get them or see them climbing the fence to jump over here illegal. Obama wants the non productive so he can take all our tax dollars and give it to them that is what he calls ‘BRINGING AMERICAN DOWN’ that is his plan. Humble America , he is not an American, he hates white people and Americans I am not sure he likes black people .. Sending 3,000 troops to fight Ebola is crazy that will just kill of 3,000 men and bring it back to kill off older and younger Americans. Don’t let him win…get rid of him and his Democrat gang members.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Now i know you people are fruitcakes. I never heard such bullshit and really stupid post as there is here. Where hell did you people get educated?

      1. David in MA says

        When did you reject the Constitutional Republic America is?

        1. jetmagnet says

          You peeps don’t abide by the constitution you piss on it

          1. Barto says

            We the Patriotic legal citizens of these United States of American believe in a Government that operates under the auspices of the Constitution and one that follows the laws that are on the books. We only piss on Liberal views and attempts to veer away from the Constitution in governing this nation.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            The obama administration rejects the constitution. Three of the five points of the 1st amendment, freedom of speech (IRS), freedom of religion, (Hobby Lobby), freedom of the press, wanting to edit what reporters write even on left wing rags. 2nd amendment under constant attack (F&F). 4th amendment, the government has a search warrant without court approval on every citizen in the country (NSA). Who doesn’t abide by the constitution?

          3. Deborah G says

            Obama progressives aka Saul ALinsky radical left

          4. jetmagnet says

            Who are you kidding? The Hobby Lobby lawsuit was to attack Obamacare. Baggers are all for Healthcare companies making money off of ignorance!

            The GOP’s agenda is nothing less than a direct assault on America’s
            founding document. Time and time again, Republicans have called for
            basic constitutional freedoms and fundamental aspects of our
            constitutional government to be repealed either by amendment or by
            activist judges:

            REPEALING CITIZENSHIP: Numerous GOP lawmakers, including their Senate leader and the most-recent Republican candidate for president,
            are lining up behind a “review” of the 14th Amendment’s grant of
            citizenship to virtually all persons born within the United States. Such
            a proposal literally revives the vision of citizenship articulated by the Supreme Court’s infamous pro-slavery decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford. It has no place in the twenty-first century.

            REPEALING CONGRESS’ POWER TO REGULATE THE ECONOMY: The Constitution’s “Commerce Clause” gives national leaders broad authority to regulate the national economy, but much of the GOP has embraced “tentherism,”
            the belief that this power is small enough to be drowned in a bathtub.
            The most famous example of tentherism is the ubiquitous frivolous lawsuits claiming that health reform is unconstitutional, but these lawsuits are part of a much greater effort. In his brief challenging health reform,
            Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli claims that Congress is
            allowed to regulate “commerce on one hand” but not “manufacturing or
            agriculture.” Cuccinelli’s discredited vision of the Constitution was
            actually implemented in the late 19th and early 20th century, and it would strike down everything from child labor laws to the federal ban on whites-only lunch counters.

            Constitution also gives Congress power to “provide for the common
            defense and general welfare,” a broad grant of authority to create
            federal spending programs such as Social Security. Sen. Tom Coburn
            (R-OK), however, recently called upon the Supreme Court to rewrite the
            Constitution’s clear language and repeal parts of the budget he doesn’t like. A Texas GOP official even went so far as to claim that the federal highway system is unconstitutional. Should
            this GOP vision of the Constitution ever be adopted, it could eliminate
            not just Social Security, but also Medicare, Medicaid, federal
            education spending and countless other cherished programs.

            REPEALING CONGRESS’ POWER TO RAISE MONEY: The Constitution also gives Congress broad authority to decide how to distribute the tax burden. Thus, for example, Congress is allowed to create a tax incentive for people to buy houses by giving a tax break to people with mortgages, and it is allowed to create a similar incentive for people to buy health insurance by taxing people who have health insurance slightly less than people who do not.
            Nevertheless, the frivolous assaults on health reform would eliminate
            this Constitutional power. Many Tea Party Republicans go even further,
            calling for a full repeal of the 16th Amendment,
            the amendment which enables the income tax. Paying taxes is never
            popular, but it would be impossible to function as a nation if America
            lacked the power to raise the money it needs to pay our armed forces,
            among other things.

            REPEALING EQUALITY: The Constitution entitles all persons to “equal protection of the laws,” a provision that formed the basis of Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision
            yesterday that California cannot treat gay couples as if they are
            somehow inferior. Immediately after this decision was announced, former
            House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) called upon Congress to “act immediately”
            to overturn it — something that it could only do through a
            constitutional amendment. Of course, Newt’s proposal does nothing more
            than revive President Bush’s call for a constitutional amendment repealing the parts of the Constitution that protect marriage equality.

            REPEALING FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS: As Judge Walker also held, marriage is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution’s Due Process Clause. The GOP’s anti-gay amendment would repeal this constitutional protection as well.

            REPEALING ELECTION OF SENATORS: Finally, a number of GOP candidates have come out in favor of repealing the 17th Amendment,
            the provision of the Constitution which requires direct election of
            senators, although many of these candidates also backed off their
            “Seventeenther” stand after it proved embarrassing. It is simply
            baffling how anyone could take one look at the U.S. Senate, and decide
            that what it really needs is even less democracy.

            After Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, aided by a compliant Congress
            and a nation largely afraid to stand up for their rights, abused the
            Constitution for almost eight years, what the United States needs is a
            leader who understands constitutional law and who is unafraid of making
            sure all Americans understand that the fabric that became America should
            not be torn apart for political convenience. Dick Cheney and
            George W. Bush established policies that violated six Constitutional
            Amendments, as well as the principle of habeas corpus, which guarantees
            the right to petition the courts to issue a writ of habeas corpus to
            require the government to produce a prisoner or suspect in order to
            determine the legality of the detention.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            Hobby Lobby was an attack on freedom of religion. They didn’t want to pay for abortions or the morning after pill. I didn’t even read your ridiculous rant. I think they call it a diatribe.

          6. Angry American says

            I would just love to be standing next to you someday & hear you mention “baggers” or some other of you’re comments about the tea party (of which you know nothing about other than what dirty hairy reid & the rest of the libs have told you). I have something for you & after I gave it to you I am sure yuo would have 2nd thoughts about making comments about the TEA party

          7. jetmagnet says

            I know more about the tea party than you’ll ever know… even though the basic premise of lower taxes and smaller government is honorable, your party has degenerated into hypocrites and Hate mongers, that feast on the “Script” of hateful aggression toward anyone that doesn’t believe in your horseshit.
            If you don’t like what i’m saying it TFB. I don’t listen to liberals, that’s your war…not mine. I don’t like them too much either. At least they keep their mouth shut, unlike the constant whine of the right, with a party that has no accomplishments other than shutting down the government and trying to destroy the country and people who live in it.

          8. Angry American says

            I do agree with you’re last sentence, but not much else of what you preach

          9. Deborah G says

            No one in America should have to defend to this degree their religious beliefs for the financial gain of a minority. yes protect minorities but that does not mean you get to SACRIFICE our constitional rights for your own perverted agenda.

        2. Deborah G says

          When they decided Communism Lite gets them what they need without applying themselves

        3. Angry American says

          Jetmagnet is so damned stupid that he does not deserve any replies, maybe that way he will just go

      2. Barto says

        We certainly didn’t get our education where you did. Apparently you went to an urban public school and if you attended a school of higher learning you were apparently brainwashed by an ultra-liberal bunch of Professors. The only “stupid” posts on here I have seen are coming from your ignorant azz.

        1. Deborah G says

          I went to Princeton but my convictions were never in doubt,. That is what strong beliefs do they let you get educated and see just how disgraceful liberals truely are.

          1. Angry American says

            Isn’t Princeton an ag. school where you learn how to plant potatoes & tomatoes & of course corn

      3. jerry sypek says

        Go back to the daily beast & Huffington post where you belong as it is clear you don’t belong on this site nor in this country.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Let me be clear, NO ONE is my master! I answer to no corrupt mortal.

      4. Deborah G says

        Princeton Why?

    2. sherri palmer says

      Obama is anti-White, anti-Black, anti-Jews and anti-American…I agree w/you 100%. He just sent our military to “fight” eboli knowing that they will die or bring it back to America…I am blaming Congress for not stopping him in everything he does, they just let him continue to get away with everything. And, they know that he is trying to change our republic to a Marxist nation. Since when is 1 person allowed to do his “will”. this is our country, not his personal country. I am glad those guys got over the fence, too bad

    3. Deborah G says

      He has nothing for the black people Muslims provide him with all the tools to destroy America. They are al he craves and defends

  10. Fedupwiththefeds says

    When will this administration realize that the American people are fed up with his circumventing the law for the perceived political gain of the democraptic party? Instead of going at it alone, maybe he needs to pull his head out of his a$$ and ASK the everyday people what THEY want, not these pro-amnesty Latino groups. He seems to forget that he works FOR us as he goes about working AGAINST us.

    1. Joe Troklus says

      Because……………he’s NOT really one of US

      1. Fedupwiththefeds says

        You’re right but it would be nice if, at the very least, he would open up those Dumbo sized ears and listen for a “change”. Oops…I “hope” I offended him. 😉

    2. Joe Troklus says


  11. Yadja says

    Oh please he has Nixoned this one, let himself be made perfectly clear, he is going to use the pen to legalize millions soon as the elections are over. Only problem with that is he better legalize and give the vote to enough of them to combat the backlash at the polls come the presidential election. By then most of Americans will have felt the pain of the illegals in their Federal Assist paychecks and also O’care will start having it’s affect.

  12. Mark Clemens says

    This illegal immigration is to prepare the new US Work Force. When the Unions fall, and the minimum wage drops. These people who make less than $1(in their homeland) will be willing to negotiate a lower wage for your job (less than $7.50). Don’t sit there like a fool, think “I’m a damn good worker, the Boss won’t lower my pay”. Well the bottom line is the bottom dollar. If an immigrant will do it cheaper, you will take a pay reduction, or hit the road.
    Read the Communist Manifesto, Marx suggests a lower educate work force, to cut the wages of the elite….
    About the Middle East refugees. I think we should send them to Hawaii. In case any ISIS slip through Obama’s” high immigration standards” That way their chaos would be limited to Islands 3,000 miles from the lower 48. In short if trouble comes from over seas, it could be contained rather fast. Plus the terrorists would be confined to the Islands, there is no were else to hide or go for thousands of miles……..

  13. TexasStomp says


    ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER TO STEP DOWN! And the rats start leaving

    When the rats start leaving it’s time to man the life boats…….

    1. Joe Troklus says

      Hope it’s a long way down

      1. TexasStomp says

        right along with OBL at the botton of the briny deep!

        Could NOT happen to a more deserving person!

        1. Joe Troklus says

          Texas…………Holder is of Arab descent I believe , take a close look at his facial features and profile….definitely Arab nose…………maybe he’ll go over and join ISIS……………….just an opinion.also definitely a RACIST, by his continuing comments about society and the killer crazy cops shooting black people for fun……ever heard anything more idiotic than that from an U>S> Attorney???
          BIG AZZ CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER.don’t you think?

          1. Beverly Eysenring says

            I have always believed he was Arab like you his features do not look like any black people in this country also Jarrett look at her features.

          2. Joe T says

            Right on Beverly……….we have snakes in the garden………due to ethnicity votes.

  14. Lizard says

    And if they do let any one come across border do not let them have any thing free ,,Until they have paid min of 10 years

  15. Barbara Ervin says

    ‘We the People’ will never accept amnesty under any name. Our Constitution mandates the federal government protect her states from invasion not reward the invaders!

  16. Joyce Caterino says

    I agree with you amnesty is a complete tragedy. where do you think all of these mysterious viruses are coming from that are affecting our children, hell, also a lot of the adult population. These illegal children came here without being checked for any diseases that they might carry, and now we have diseases in this country that we never had before. Obama wants the death of America , you better believe that

  17. adrianvance says

    No amnesty! We are in the worst depression in history! We do not see it as welfare is keeping the people out of the streets, but just wait for the future taxes!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun.

  18. jim says

    No Amnesty for Illegals — its almost time to clean house —
    I agree — if they are here illegally — no exceptions — Down with the traitors in Washington

  19. Sis McCarty says

    We send these countries money. Deduct a certain amount of money per person that enters our country illegally.

  20. oldcardinal says

    NO NO NO AMNESTY and immediate deportation of ALL illegal immagrants!!!!!!!!!!

  21. JeffWW says

    No amnesty, just enforce the law. Or any democrat could trade their citizenship, for each illegal that stays someone supporting amnesty must leave the country.

  22. Arleen Avergil says


  23. sunnyd55 says

    No Amnesty. Go Home and take your drugs, crime, gangs and diseases with you. Thank You. Have a nice Day!

  24. Old American says

    No Amnesty, send them back and charge their country for transportation, housing, food and processing fees!
    About 80% of all black people are still up in arms about their prior generations slavery. It sounds like they do not want to be here. Load them up and ship them back to Kenya or where ever their ancestral people came from too!
    Oh yes, you may as well go ahead and ship Obama, his family, and his muslim people he has appointed to infiltrate the White House and government with back too!
    Any more that try to come across should receive two warning shots(blanks in the air), if they do not turn back,…….then what ever is necessary.

    1. Arleen Avergil says

      Are you out of your mind? Where you coming up with all of this? What does blacks have to do with any of this and you obviously aren’t getting it! But one thing I would go for is sending the OBAMA’S ANY WHERE BUT HERE! NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS! GET IT! THEY ARE FILLING OUR PRISONS AND WE HAVE ENOUGH HOMELESS HERE THAT WE SHOULD CONSIDER FIRST AND KIDS THAT NEED OUR ATTENTION! OUR SCHOOLS ARE FULL NOW AND WE SHOULD TEACH AND FEED AND INSURE ILLEGALS THAT COMMIT CRIMES???

  25. Guy Serving Away says

    Why even discuss amnesty? They did nothing to deserve it. NO AMNESTY!

  26. ramrodd says

    good cop bad game from Republicans….sending him letters is ridiculous..

    he does as he pleases and Republicans DO NOTHING!!

  27. Glenn says

    Every Illegal from any Country here in the USA needs to be sent back to their respective countries and we need to stand up to dicatatorship and tyrannical leadership. If we do not get America back into the hands of the American People we will eventually be a poor abused, Un-unified Country that has been taken over by it’s own government, which thinks they have the right to infringe upon our every Secrete or Personal thing we do. As for our borders I think we need to start firing upon Illegals when they try to come over here without Proper Passports or Papers and if they do get here then Keep your mouth shut and enjoy your freedom, because this is America Home of the Brave and Land of what used to be ther Free. Wake up America let’s take back our Country.

  28. zidbear says

    Get all illegals out of the country send them back and charge their governments the cost to send them back close our boarders till they are all gone out of our country. then only let people in that can help our country if not they don’t come in.

  29. daveveselenak says

    Ooh, that will really put the fear of God into him just as suing him did! Use your trampled, shredded constitutional powers and IMPEACH the Muslim-MARXIST jihadist and let the communist senate majority take the blame for the fall of the nation if they don’t do the right thing! – what a bunch of feckless cowards!

  30. grin-n-barrett says

    It is simple, if you really care enough, you come legally. If you just want someone to support you, you come illegally. If you don’t care, we don’t need you. We are not the world’s welfare supplier or retirement fund. We must take care of our own before we try to take on the troubles of the world. We are broke. We are borrowing money to give away. We borrow money to defend oil rich countries, why don’t they absorb the bill? We are supplying our trained personnel, let them pay the expenses. Close the borders, throw out the illegals, demand those who are here to live under the EXACT SAME laws as the rest of us and not expect us to conform to suit their needs. You come here because you want our life style? Then live it and stop asking for exceptions. Take down my flag? Hell no. Change my language? When I move to your country I will! Accept your laws? Yeah, right…..just as soon as I relocate. This is America, the land of your dreams. Take her just like she is or go the hell home and live your life the way you seem to crave. Don’t expect us to change to suit you.

  31. David in MA says

    How about the House voting impeachment, they might be surprised with the democrats votes to do so….The democrats want to keep the Senate and they no longer need obama to do it, and if the Republicans sent the bus for obama the democrats would put him on it in the hopes of keeping the Senate, if the democrats don’t dump Obama, they dump the majority in the Senate and their democratic socialist agenda goes dormant……. impeach the POS!

  32. 1josephg1 says

    All illegals must go. If that is too harsh for their family members they can go with them,!

  33. willi says

    Send them to the WHITEHOUSE

  34. donl says

    If you or I were here illegally they would go out of their way to deport us.

  35. abc__jps says

    NO Amnesty, SEND the ALL back children and children families. Put them on a plane and send them to country they came from it would be a lot cheaper and safer for Americans. Reps. must come out with a plan for all these illegal people but they are so afraid of doing this since we still have so many do gooders in this country. Maybe the doogooder should go to these countries with them and take care of them there rather then here I don’t want my tax dollars feeding them, housing them, educating them, providing health care for them. They offer nothing to this country. If they had a trade or education that we could use then take them in legal. These jumping the fence and walking in offer nothing they are here for the free stuff.

  36. country boy says

    what is the big hullabaloo, if our so called leaders in Washington would read the constitution one and a while they might get an answer to that question and many more.

  37. abc__jps says

    with all that is going on 42% still think Obama is great. Send that 42% along with Obama, Holder and dont forget Valarie she goes to. She may be our first women president she has a lot of control over the white house.

  38. WhiteFalcon says

    I think that they should all be offered a one or two year work visa to make them here legally, and to get all their names and addersses and phone numbers, etc. Then when the visas expire, round them up and send them home.

  39. wapitihunter says

    No Amnesty, if here illegally, No path to citizenship ever either. Mexico let them all enter, send them all back to Mexico and let Nito deal with it. Mexicans , Central Americans, South Americans, Middle East, where ever, deport them to Mexico.

  40. Fran says

    This November 2014 election is of upmost Importance…To STOP king Obama… is to have a Republican Congress (House and Senate).. If the Senate (and Harry Reid) remain in control than be Assured that
    the American people will loose and Amnesty will prevail. VOTE….VOTE…VOTE (and pray to God that
    there is little or no Fraud). Fraud is the ONLY way that the Democrats can win… Also Make Voter ID
    a law. VOTE.

  41. Ray Heffley says

    The Borders have never been very well controlled. The millions who have passed through have managed to get employment one way or other. I believe that if these people could pay their own way, the matter of making them legal would not be so controversial. Americans are tired of bleeding their hard earned dollars to pay for others who do not contribute into the social money pool. Especially those who are young citizens, able to work but do not, and who take advantage of the system themselves. The border must be better protected. The company’s that employ illegals should be exposed and fined to make up for lost revenue. Then the illegals should be found, properly processed, given visitor cards if they do not meet deportation charges, (law breakers etc.) Be entered into the social payment system, then be given court dates to report for citizen opportunity. They would have to pass tests and be sworn to accept the constitution of the United States and understand they must leave their unlawful beliefs behind ( Sharia Law, animal sacrifice etc). Blanket action without having them report to a government agency is just wrong. Some may have committed crimes and do not deserve unchallenged entry.

  42. Ralph says

    Easy Answer, do what a President did back in the 50’s. He enforced laws about no illegals allowed to hold jobs, no social programs were allowed to go to illegals & no illegals in our schools. They left. This is the way Mexico does theirs as well as other countries. It is time our Government and people grew a pair and enforced all the laws.

  43. PCS says

    In order to not discriminate we need to suspend ALL IMMIGRATION until further notice to catch up the horrendous back log plus no more ‘student’ visas like the ones that the 911 terrorists were here on.

  44. 1LTLos says

    Why not wring his neck instead and get this all over with — NO AMNESTY PERIOD!

  45. kfoste says

    NO Amnesty, taking from our vets to give to criminals should be a crime in itself. If you don’t think sneaking over ones borders is a crime just ask the Mexican president who is holding one of our people for a drunk mistake. These criminals coming here are not drunk they are breaking our laws. Which you would know if you got off the golf course long enough!

  46. badger says

    Do you think that Obama will tell of his plan to take over a one party rule? Will Putin tell of his plan to take over the rest of Ukraine? Good luck.

  47. Carlton Walsh says

    They are criminals NO AMNESTY. After jail time they get a free ride to the border and if found illegally here again the prison time doubles.

  48. Ron Coon says

    Clean them, feed them, and sent them home. If they happen to be from other than Mexico, put them back in the desert of Mexico and let the President of Mexico put them in a Mexican prison. He sure doesn’t mind jailing Sgt. Tahmoressi.

  49. Dexter Hexter says

    Deport all Illegal Invaders statring with 0b0z0 of Indonesian citizenship.

  50. adrianvance says

    Just figure what will get the most votes, legal or not, and that is it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun with facts.

  51. Richard says

    AMERICA: Why should we be afraid of Obama’s “EXECUTIVE AMNESTY”, when we know too well it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Right now, we have all the proofs and evidences of Obama’s violations of laws and Constitution. Remember that time when Obama “claimed” he was born in Kenya like his father? By that alone, he proclaimed his “INELIGIBILITY”. How about his published birth certificate, when all the experts declared it FORGED. Also his selective service registration that was also FRAUDULENT. Obama has no where to go. He can no longer escape from his own TRAP.. Every LIE and DECEPTIONS, he told America will HAUNT him..He has no STRATEGY for the ISIS problems. Now, that he has strategy, it is a TRAGEDY for America, as far as the Military generals and commanders are concerned. He is afraid to call the Islamic ISIS “Islamic”. But the Democrats are brave enough to call the Republicans TERRORISTS…We can no longer wait to IMPEACH and PROSECUTE Obama after the midterm election when the Republicans will control both Chambers of the Congress. We can no longer take Obama’s abuse of power and his violations of the laws and Constitution. We are ready to make a CITIZENS’ ARREST..

    1. ELAINE MARZANO says

      We can write down all the comments we want . That stops nothing. we need someone to get up off the couch and out of their man cave and get our own army together and no warning get him physically out of Our House. Why would you warn him you were coming so he could declare Marshal Law? be sneaky like he is slowly fill the area around the white house like sightseers.

  52. leewacker says

    NO AMNESTY! Send ALL the illegals back to wherever they came from! This country can no longer tolerate foreigners from every corner of the earth, because somewhere, somehow, our OWN people, REAL AMERICANS, need to be taken care of, and they’re not getting help because of the millions of illegals!

  53. jcmoore2010 says

    I agree that there should be a path to citizenship but it should be from outside our borders, and you apply just like everyone else. The illegal immigrants are not special because they decided to jump the border and come into the country illegally. Check Mexico’s own laws that require jail time for someone who jumps the border to go into mexico…

  54. totherightofatilla says

    Close the borders and bring the 3000 Ebola troops home and put them on the borders!

  55. Michael Farris says

    I know I am going to get shot down for saying this, but I am stating what I believe to be FACT not opinion.
    Some have said our founding fathers were illegal immigrants. I believe they are in error. Our forefathers came to an unincorporated territory ruled by the King of England. If the people cane under the protection of the territorial Government. They were here legally.
    When they declared Independence, they did so as an existing territory. Secession (sp?) was by legal residents choosing to live under a different political system. Once independent, they were de facto legal residents of the new country. If someone can create an intelligent argument on this, please feel free to educate me.
    Illegals are criminals by the very status of being here without authorization. I know countless residents who swore an oath to this country to defend and protect the Constitution of the U.S. against enemies both foreign and Domestic, not some political party or false king who seems intent on raping this country every chance he gets. By definition, He is both. He is a foreign usurper and a false ruler. This is the epitome of dangerous threat. I say that, he is an illegal alien and needs to be removed from office and kicked out on his are. By ANY MEANS required. Remember you Oath and take action now.

  56. Combatvet52 says


  57. Patrick Steinert says

    Not only no Amnesty, but No entry to every one till our borders are securied and partoled by our military. This would include both North and South borders. The South is the worse now and the North is slowly being built up by other countries which we don’t need any of their people comming here. But to do any of this we need to get rid of Obama and any one that supports him, with out this we will become a third world country in no time at all.

  58. ramrodd says

    they send him a letter when they should be impeaching this usurper..

  59. terrymengle says

    Duh! The president has already granted a kind of amnesty by declaring illegal immigrants can join the US military. He’ll figure out some more ways to get what he wants.

  60. old woman says

    Mr. Obama has refused to put up a wall on our southern border.even a virtual one but as soon as the 2 white house breaches took place he,according to the news, has ordered a wall built to protect himself and his family. Too bad he has no regard for the other children in this country who will be exposed to the thugs and possible terrorists coming through the border. God will get him and His name won’t be allah.

  61. Chris McKimie says

    Strengthen the laws to go after companies and individuals who hire the illegal aliens, mandatory minimum fines of 10k per person per day with 3 years in prison for each count I.E. per day. With all the fines going to boarder control so tax payers don’t have t ok be taxed for protecting the boarder.

  62. squeak says

    We the American people ” DO NOT WANT AMNESTY < PERIOD " ! The People put you in office, YOU WORK for US…Time for you to listen to we the American people, No more supporting the LOSERS, TAKERS, LAZIES, we have our own lives to support… We Americans are FED UP, had enough, SEND them back where they came from, PERIOD !!

  63. James Kederis says

    What is the next law our jerk of a Dictator will break. Fort Hood and now Oklahoma, are Islamic, no matter what the Democrats say, or their Media buddies. It’s time the make our Dictator to close our Borders to stop Terrorist from bringing something like Ebola into our country! Why does he and the Democratic Senators leave our citizens unprotected, by not closing our Borders? Vote them OUT of office!

  64. Beverly Eysenring says

    No Amnesty for anyone an close the borders an no more people let in this country an everyone on a visa or green card sent back where they came from no matter what, whether going to school or working or even if they have lived in this country for years if you haven’t bothered to become a citizen of America then you go back to where you came from more people let in this country until we are all working an the country is back on our feet an we have built up our military an our economy is up an running good again then we can think about letting some people back in but we have got to build a fence on the north an south borders with a fence 20 ft. Deep an 20 Ft high an make it electric an keep it electrified at all times, an still have border patrols, So no Amnesty for anybody EVER that’s what has gotten us in this mess plus OB hasn’t helped one bit he has only made it worse an we the American People Do Not Want Anymore Of Him. Do You Congress And Senate Understand what WE The AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT?????

  65. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service says

    Obama should be Impeached and charged with Treason against the USA, These women who come in with 4 of their own and 6 of their neighbors children will steal more US tax payers dollars through welfare, section 8, food stamps and medical care than a 1,000-+ gangs of bank robbers !! Impeach and Charge Obama !!

  66. WiSe GuY says

    C’mon sheep, do what the little, retarded, colored, queer tells you.

  67. Okwaho1 says

    Round them up and ship them back after entering info on them in a nationwide data base. Teddy Roosevelt did it, Dwight Eisenhower, did it and Ronald Reagan did it. Ike deported 13 million. We have to de-woosify our govt. Too many shirkers of responsibility and corrupt people in our govt today! It’s time for a “make-over”. There should be no amnesty, thats just the way democrats concocted to assure they get enough votes to keep getting re-elected (Johnson came up with that one, among others). If an individual can’t enter the United States leagally and apply for citizenship in the proper way then, they should not be here at all!

  68. Shauna says

    Seriously???!!! How about loading them up in a bus and send them packing. I’m sick and tired of the republicans flopping around like fish out of water. scared to do anything. If they would grow a set and LISTEN to the people, solutions are easy and simple. WE DON”T WANT ILLEGALS HERE! If they choose to come and do it the legal way, I welcome with open arms, other wise you have let a crap load of people in here that just want to take from our money pot and they hate our country. I’ll only say this once but I hope it registers with our govt and politicians. IF, anything happens to my family or friends as a result of this, there will be no stopping me, so help me God! You will have to put me down, but not before I make sure you remember what you did.

  69. OlGrouch says


  70. 413nat37 says

    Obama and any senator or congressman voting for AMNESTY is going down in exactly one month from now . All you Dems. in the senate holding onto Obamas coat tail are done in NOV.

  71. adrianvance says

    Close the damn border! Stop all the BS and getting more Democrat voters!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun sharpening your mind.

  72. sturgis says

    This POS in the White House invited these illegal emigrants here in the first place! He intends to give them Amnesty! It’s all part of his agenda! barry soetoro and his cronies (liberal democrats) want to destroy Democracy, and turn this country into a Socialist, if not, Communist islamic State!! I’ve visited a number of college campuses and was appalled to see billboards and pamphlets stating; “Democracy is not working, Communism is the answer!) soetoro is not stupid! He and his cronies have intentionally caused all these controversies to distract the American people from his true agenda! Think what soetoro has accomplished; The economy, race relations, emigration, firing all our Conservative Generals, health care, Ebola, our relation with our closest ally Israel, and isis to name a few. He has given billions of our tax money to the muslim brotherhood, hamas, al qaeda, and isis! He’s ignored the Constitution and abused Executive Order 13618! This corrodes our liberty and safety! If there is a riot or we stage a public protest, he implements Martial Law! These liberals are coming after our “CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!” If soetoro remains in office, America as we know it, will be doomed! Impeachment will take too long, and it will be too late. He must go, one way or the other!!!

  73. legbreaker says

    Fuck you Obama.

  74. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Congress has the ability to control the president (small P), but they won’t. All they do is talk, talk, talk. We’ve all been duped by the politicians.

  75. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    The stupid RNC loves the illegals being here working cheaply for the Big Business campaign doners. The DNC loves the illegals being here for present and future votes for the Evil Socialist Democrats.

  76. jcmoore2010 says

    this is like, giving a murderer amnesty for committing a crime. Why don’t they go through death row and give amnesty to every criminal and pardon all criminals for their crimes. This is in essence what they are doing when one talks about amnesty for illegals. They have broken the law period. No if ands or buts they should be deported reinfoce the immigration and naturalization service outside of the department of homeland security. It should be a separate government entity. This is the only way to fix the damage that has occurred to the political system. And the president circumventing congress is not the way to operate, he should be impeached if he continues to defy the system in this way…

  77. Nelson Phillip says

    I would start with the removal of the birth right being reversed and that would stop the 13 and 14 year old birth machines coming and popping out welfare leaches, but it ti the very same process the muslims have been practicing for over 20 years and been totally over looked and they like the illegals will over run USA with in the next 10 years.

  78. Combatvet52 says

    The Horse S–T is smelling real bad in DC

  79. Phil F says

    We should not even consider allowing any one in the country till we have enough jobs for at least 90% of Americans.

  80. Barbara Ervin says

    To think our government wants to reward people who have invaded our country rather than punish them is not only reprehensible but goes against our Constitution as well. Our Constitution mandates the federal government protect the states from invasion. And no matter how they spin it what is happening here IS an invasion!

  81. David Mangum says

    What kind of futard ignores the will of the american people, WE DON’T WANT ILLEGALS HERE, I don’t care if they are purple or where they came from, most of them hate america, but they love the welfare, no nothing for illegals, 30 days to get out, than put a bounty on them for deportation, than slap big fines on businesses than hire illegals, that will be used to pay the bounties. The people are tired of not being listened to, come november I think you might get a clue, you politicians took a oath to protect the people, this is a invasion,and you are not doing your job, you will be held accountable, this is treason of the american people

  82. sherri palmer says

    No Amnesty, no nothing for illegals! We do not need any workers from south America ever again. Build the wall and shoot on sight!

  83. LaRae Bailey says


  84. QuisPercusit says

    No Amnesty Now. No amnesty ever. No Amnesty for any one. No Amnesty for any reason.

  85. Jerry Hughes says

    One law on one page
    1. Employers must verify citizenship on every employee.
    a. 1st offense $100 fine
    b, 2nd offense $1000 fine.
    C.3rd and all succeeding offense- $100, 000 fine, 5 years in jail
    2 Criminal aliens.
    A 1st offense deportation
    B. 2nd and all succeeding offense, $5000 fine 5 years in jail..
    3. Aiders and abettors, to include elected official and religious people offering sanctuary
    A 1st offense $100 fine
    B 2nd offense $1000 fine.
    C 3rd and all succeeding offens, $100, 000 fine and 5 years in jail.
    No criminal alien is elgible for any entitlement program of any kind.
    A judge shall have zero latitude in sentencing they will be sentenced as written, no excuses.
    There you are we wouldn’t have a criminal alien in the coiuntry within a year almost no cost
    The border, eminent domain 1 150 stri[p from the border, north erect a 3 foot high fence, signs in english spaniosh frence and vbarious other lamngauges.
    Mine the strip, another fence on the American side,
    Pick up the bodies once a week.

  86. Martin Mayberry says

    they need to impeach Obama!

  87. Kent2012 says

    pretty simple just leave the border unprotected…..hey wait a minute kenyan boy is already doing that…damn and I thought I might have had an original suggestion for his highness…..

  88. 1947rhoda64 says

    The House Republicans do not need to send a letter to Obama, they need to go to the WH and throw him and his other cohorts out on their ear. Enough of these letters are enough. They have got to get to the heard of the problem and that is throwing them out of the WH and starting all over with Tea Party Conservatives and put them in their place, also throw the RINO’S out as well because they are doing nothing to help the American people, so it is time we actually did something and not talk big and carry a big stick and then do nothing about it. They better get on the stick before the community organizer declares Martial Law. Another thing there should be a law to throw the Martial Law out the window, so that no president can stay in the WH the rest of his or her life. Wake up America at hit your congressmen with the same thing I am saying on this note and tell them we want action and not just send letter or talk about it. ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!

  89. MARYSWEET says

    obama will never step down and his plan is to give ALL the illegals amnesty. He would never give the Republicans the time of day. He acts like a petulant, spoiled child (which he is) who is also a narcisstic psycopath. He doesn’t know the meaning of empathy and doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything but himself. He only has Michael and the kids for appearance sake. I never see anything about the dog they supposedly got. He probably kicks it and now it won’t come near him.
    The House has the purse strings so all they need to do is zip up the purse and tell him no (lol). They could stop a lot of his lawlessness by stopping the flow of money but john boehner is such a rino he will never say no to obama. He has no spine.

  90. Okwaho1 says

    NO FRIGGIN AMNESTY! Thats my plan. Catch them & send them back!

  91. Anne Bradley says

    Here is my answer. Please share:

    Part I of IV – Chicago speaks out against Obama – This is about
    Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate and more. Hawaiin music. FACTS – Woman who was supported; Obama now says she no longer
    supports him

    Let Illegal Alian Children Live At The White House

    There’s no
    Place Like Utopia 2014, 2 min promotion,
    interview with Joel Gilbert, film maker. “The REAL Father of Obama is Frank
    Marshall Davis”.

    (This film can be
    found on Amazon or, “Dreams From my REAL father”. In my opinion, Info Wars is not consistently
    correct. Tea Party info is political
    poison. Take that into serious


    uses phrase “New World Order” to fit their whims:

    Breitbart’s public speaking, emphasizing Tea Party was triggered by dems (yet
    news video with Martin Basher claims he was a Tea Party loyalist); Occupy
    Movement was triggered by dems…Andrew Breitbart was murdered shortly after
    this. Martin Basher interviews w/ Andrew


    2. – why Breitbart
    was assassinated ACCORDING to Dr. Manning. Dr. Manning opines the Navy Seals covered
    up a hoax. (Yet Obama probably had the
    seals murdered.) (Note: Obama planners use anyone
    as a social tool. In this situation, I believe it is to get people to believe
    the murder of Bin Laden was a hoax… it was the third time they had Bin Laden
    and Obama was pressured to do his job and order an okay…killing the seals was
    Obama’s message to his terrorists that he was with them, not US, in my opinion)
    Dr. Manning sincerely cares. I agree with him 90% of the time. – this website tells you what is
    going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian border as well as the growth of
    terrorism in the world – Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama: His Birth Certificate
    in Hawaii is found to be fake! – “Who is this man?”
    2009 video which never got attention when it was needed. Obama attended a Catholic School and yet was
    instructed in Islam. Most people in Indonesia were Islam. Indonesia does not
    allow for duel citizenship. Illegal
    Birth Certificate. None ever issued by U.S. – What
    American Progressivism Really Is – Obama is bisexual, people died
    suspiciously, drug user (cocaine habit) Jeff
    Rense interviews Mia Pope, who knew “Barry Soetoro” at school in Hawaii.
    Suspicious death of Obama’s grandmother, reflecting convenience for his presidential
    race. Deaths of three of his boy-toys suspicious – murders. Members of the Down
    Low Club, secret gays. Donald Young Murdered by multiple gunshot wounds done by
    ammature gun user. Nate spencer murdered.
    Larry Bland murdered. Larry
    Sinclair exposed Obama. (Secret Service
    “saved” Larry Sinclair when he attempted suicide and called Glenn Beck – great
    Obama image!) – Exposed! $6.5 Billion for Border Crisis Was Funded by
    Senate In 2013!….including special status for those associated with Monsanto
    Congressional Budget Office


    1. – Obama’s America 2016 film and
    readable version



    2. – Dr. Dinesh D’Souza speaks to University on Obama’s
    America: Unmaking The American Dream

    3. Why Obama wants to Destroy America, w/
    Dinesh D’Souza:
    – – Obama’s secret life. Facts in FBI records. 9.5 minutes
    Comments attached to this film make no sense.

    7/28/2014 Current altering of Military Records
    accounting for weapons seized:


    – Sean Hannity interview w/ Mark Levin

  92. Anne Bradley says

    Third Part – pfc
    reported as committing suicide when she was murdered…Obama used them as a
    tool…parents claim “they have a torrid reputation of abuse in the military and
    it needs to stop”….their daughter was probably murdered by terrorists they were
    fighting, yet parents do not pursue that, according to this video, which has
    music in the background, reported by a TV station. Two Suspicions: (1) Obama wanted the parents to sue the Army
    to harm it more financially (2) By
    reporting a suicide, they don’t have to pay family any wartime loss, military
    benefits for life insurance…..also, there are several other u-tube videos which
    are created from Afri-Synergy, about black people who claim their family member
    was murdered… – “Butcher of
    Benghazi” Hillary Clinton Headed to Prison?


    1. – Susan Rice
    Caught Lying About Benghazi – Rep. Trey Gowdy Whistleblower Questioning.

    Mr. Hicks answer to Congressman Trey Gowdy was
    practiced. He claimed that the REASON
    Susan Rice went on several talk shows was to put pressure on the FBI to go out
    there as they requested. His emphasis
    was blaming FBI for her need to go on talk shows.

    He literally ducked the fact that Trey Gowdy claimed she
    reported lies deliberately.

    2. Trey Gowdy: If President Doesn’t
    Execute The Law, “What Are Our Remedies?” | Video |…

    3. FUNNY


    1. – Lerner Pleads 5th AGAIN–All Hell Breaks
    Loose!! Darrel Issa questions her. She pleas the 5th. Question:
    Who wanted to fix the problem caused by Citizens United?

    Email found: She
    emails Tea Party Lois
    Lerner’s email provided by whistleblower: TEA PARTY MATTER VERY DANGEROUS. This
    could be the vehicle to go to court on the issue of whether Citizen’s United
    overturning the ban on corporate spending applies to tax exempt rules. Counsel
    and Judy Kindell need to be in on this one please…Cincy should probably not
    have these cases….Holly please see exactly what they have please

    Lois Lerner’s hearing was adjourned because of
    uncooperative testimony. She just kept
    pleading the 5th. Mr. Elijah Cummings, MD. Attacks Mr. Issa, failing to have
    relevance. Yells out Mr. Issa had a
    one-sided investigation. A snotty rep
    said, “He’s taking the 5th” and they-democrats laugh. This rep, by the last name of Cummings claims
    that Rep Issa had no right to plea the 5th.
    He didn’t plead any 5th. Rep
    Cummings committed contempt since the hearing was adjourned.

    Consider THIS source also – yet THE SLATE is not credible

    Warning! This is torture!

    Warning! This is torture!…/syrian-rebels…/2525038454001/

    Warning on
    impending Bioterrorism in U.S., etc. :

    German (foreign born, yet seems to be devoted) Officer
    serves as Brigadier General in USArmy:



    PALLYWOOD’ films an alleged Israeli “atrocity” that got picked
    up by many in the Mainstream Media – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

    terrorists beheading Christian Children: – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

    Rev 7/28/2014 – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

  93. Anne Bradley says

    Part IV

    Obama planners obviously formed a type
    of coup de tat to get rid of the pope fast, since Adam Lanza was molested by a
    priest when he was six, and people were sharing it. NOT mainstream media, of course, which has
    been doing a lot of lying and failing to abide by their journalism oath.





    False propaganda by Obama; frames him as
    agent for ISIS:


    1. Bill
    Whittle interviews former analyst with DOD and former special agent for FBI. He is disguised to protect his identity. Sharing atrocities of Obama

    Muslim Groups are brought in to US to teach US tactics!

    Holy Land Foundation

    Groups include: Muslim Public Affairs
    Council, ISNA, CARE

    of Muslim Brotherhood are even teaching and training FBI employees



    1. – 1 hr interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin “Obama is a narcissist and
    does not consider consequences”



    4. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 24 min..Obama is a narcissist,

    5. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 7-min interview



    1. Interview with Waled Shoebat

    2. Lasts 1 ½ hr. Michael Savage. “Rush was right” (Rush Limbaugh)
    – this website tells you what is going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian
    border as well as the growth of terrorism in the world


    1. picture:

    Ted Nugent “Hillary Clinton Should Be In Jail! Along With Eric
    Gun-Running Holder!”




    BLOG on Barry Soetoro, etc.







    President Obama
    could face impeachment, says a top White House aide:

    – look at this source!


    on Obama’s Short Form Birth Certificate:

  94. Anne Bradley says

    Part Five of VI


    Note: Info Wars and Alex Jones Channels are loaded
    with ads. Maybe you will want to ck them
    out. I don’t. I agree with 80% of his stuff but he
    obviously slants with Tea Party Agenda and the Tea Party formed to HELP Obama,
    in my opinion. A trick. I just discovered the Koch Brothers actually formed the
    Tea Party and am appreciative to the woman who pointed that out to me. My opinion is evolving, but as it stands now,
    everything points to my assumption that this is a trick for Obama planners –
    split and conquer. Just like they are
    trying to do to China right now.


    1. Former prosecutor warns these are very
    dangerous times:





    Israel has
    already showed incredible restraint and mercy in dealing with the constant
    threats and violence they suffer at the hands of radical Muslim
    groups. SOURCE IS INFO WARS:






    He’s from
    Chicago…anyone surprised? Medical
    Director who Obama hired at VA:


    Reason, Muslim Brotherhood:;_ylt=AwrBJR9QKMRTL0cA6sTQtDMD

    SSN is false: – great resource

    At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E. Ukraine, school
    and more news

    June 2014 article:

    BLOG Founded by Paul E. Valley


    1. Ray Stevens… song, Come To the USA, there’s
    no penalty to pay, should you get caught illegally immigration….lots of

    2. – Gatlin Brothers

    Jeff Rense interviews Mia Pope:

    Obama is bisexual, cocaine habit:

    POINTS of


    6.5 billion
    dollar border crisis was anticipated and funded by Senate in 2013!


    Admission of
    hacking many Malaysian computers, more. 13.5 minutes:

    16-min film tells
    America to Wake Up because Obama is a terrorist. We have to support Congress.
    Source: “Officially Anonymous”. Note,
    these are rogue cyber hackers. They
    hacked many Malaysian computers! (Link is after this one): -“Germany did not need to destroy Russia for
    more land”…war fails to accomplish anything…Value of Life….second video is
    interview of producer of “Blue”….”Global Warming is a farce” – taking back the
    environment..false predictions and bloodshed…Blue Beats Green U-Tube Channel – Russian
    fighters facebook. I stand with Vladimir Putin!

    (This is also under
    “RT”) At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E.
    Ukraine, school hit, and more news


  95. defiant1 says

    We all know the liberals want the illegals for votes since they pamper and pander; and Obamas planned flood of children from CenAm bringing their diseases also is pandering. They are treated better than those of us who finance his slimy follies. It is obvious Obama is breaking law and he is allowed to get away with it because the cowardly GOP lets him, so he pushes for more and more. WE are eating the incompetence and the damage from the invaders. NO AMNESTY, deport all of them back to their home countries and the GOP needs to impeach Obama.

  96. adrianvance says

    Send them all back with AK47’s and a box of bullets to fix their own country.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  97. robert says

    you already know ovomit/satan plan for amnesty,let the illegals and muslums come in thru the borders by the thousands,and give them any thing they want,so you ovomit can have your own treasonous illegal army,and with pre-k and commom core,to indoctrinate the young children in to your good little goose stepping brown shirts,and it makes it much easier to have them as introduce your agenda21{New world order}

  98. Jeff Horton says

    Their should be a way to override the president on this. At least if the Senate and congress is republican.

  99. Arleen Avergil says

    We should have a vote on who wants to have all congress replaced being this is about what we want not what they want! They seem to forget what their job is. I forgot they don’t work but get paid to do what they want! The just worry about getting re-elected and who votes do they even count???? NOT OURS!

  100. Yadja says

    Why? so he can wipe his backside with it? Or Reid can put it on his desk with the hundreds of other Bills? Already had plans submitted by Republicans Mr. Rubio was part of it.

    Wait until the Congress changes hands and if anything will change it will be then when you Dummycats are wrapped up and shut up.

  101. desertgranny says

    Obama is traitor by not follow the law that he took a oath to, two time. He is not god or king he should be impeached for failing to do his job to enforce the law not make the law. Deport all illegals that is the law.

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