The Bergdahl Release – Whats the Endgame


It’s one round of bad news after another for the Obama administration. While playing diplomatic games of syntax over the ISIS attacks in Iraq, the controversy surrounding the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange has yet to die down entirely. Of course, these issues are two sides of the same coin. Both are symptomatic of what happens when you rush through the end of a war with none of the determination, thoroughness, or idealistic fervor that started it. What were our reasons for being in Iraq in 2010, for instance? What are our reasons for being in Afghanistan today? These answers were easy to come by in 2001-2003, even if they weren’t entirely satisfactory. Today, reporters don’t even bother to ask.

Of course, ending the war once and for all is only one possible explanation for the Bergdahl situation. On his program last week, Rush Limbaugh had another theory. Citing insider sources that insist the administration was blindsided by the public’s reaction to the trade – which saw the Army sergeant released from the Taliban’s grip through the release of five of their top commanders from Guantanamo Bay – Limbaugh believes that this is a step toward closing Gitmo entirely.

This theory can’t be dismissed as political filler, as Obama campaigned on just such a promise in his first bid for the White House. Would the administration’s top brass allow such a dangerous exchange simply to fulfill a political promise? Absolutely, if what Limbaugh says about their surprise is true. They expected the exchange to be celebrated in the media, that voters would be lining the streets with American flags. That they considered this reaction a probability points to either overconfidence or incompetence.

Whatever the motivation behind the trade – for their part, the Obama administration has insisted America doesn’t leave its men behind – it seems clear that the Taliban regard the scenario as a major victory. Taliban commander Mullah Omar emerged from his dusty hole in the ground to send a message of hope to his followers, and several videos and interviews have shown a reflected joy in his troops. Was Bowe Bergdahl, a solider being characterized as little more than a deserter of the armed forces, worth giving strength to the enemy? It’s easy to step back and say, well, yeah, he’s a human being and he was over there fighting for us, but if his release leads directly or indirectly to more American deaths…as his desertion already did…it certainly gives one pause for thought.

Senator Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, has some strong feelings on the matter. Speaking in a radio interview last week, Inhofe called Obama on the carpet. “Somehow he feels he is above the law,” Inhofe said, opining that the President has made a habit out of violating the Constitution in pursuit of his administration’s goals.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, think of them as you will, were begun because these countries posed a clear and present threat to the well being of America and her foreign interests. With cities dropping to Al-Qaeda in Iraq and important Taliban leaders being released back into Qatar, you can’t help but wonder if all of those years and all of those lost lives will ultimately be in vain. A hasty end to these wars can’t erase what’s already been lost, and if we don’t ensure that our missions are accomplished – or at least decide what those missions are – we’ll be back there in a decade cleaning up another mess.

  1. 4USA2 says

    The White House insists “we never leave a man behind”? Hmmmm, lets see…. they ignored requests for extra security in Benghazi, and then, the night of the attack, the order somehow, from someone, somewhere, ???? went out to “stand down” so no help was ever sent to help the Ambassador and 3 brave American soldiers who DID GO TO HELP. That’s leaving 4 men behind! Arresting one of the terrorists now, doesn’t answer ONE question about what really was going on in Benghazi, where was Obama that entire night when it was said NOBODY knew where he was or could reach him, and then, WHO wrote the Susan Rice STORY! The White House say they didn’t write the Rice story and the CIA say it wasn’t them… so who handed the SCRIPT to SUSAN RICE? And, isn’t it kind of STRANGE that nobody could reach the ‘commander and chief” during an attack on our embassy and yet, he has many security guards that all have cell phones so how is it, nobody could reach him. Americans should know THE TRUTH….especially the families of the 4 men who fought for 7 hours for the USA.

    1. anti govment says

      Many kudos 🙂

      1. anti govment says

        And during Osama Bin Laden the president was cowering in the back of the room afraid to speak!

    2. Don says

      I think he had made a deal with the enemy. If they were able to take the ambassador alive they would have been able to demand a trade of all of the prisoners in GITMO and he could have accomplished his goal of emptying GITMO. Trading them for an ambassador would have been more readily accepted by the American public than trading 5 members of the board of directors for one sniveling traitor.

      1. 4USA2 says

        My same thoughts! That’s why there was no extra security ever sent and nobody sent to help when the attack occurred. It was suppose to be an easy kidnapping, then the prisoner exchange would be “Main stream media applause worthy” for Obama and Clinton and whoever else put the plot together! The kidnap deal backfired on them because 3 military heroes showed up to fight and from that point on, the administration hid somewhere behind closed doors and started writing the Susan Rice story! Hopefully Trey Gowdy is going to open this can of worms. There is a new book just released by someone with “inside White House knowledge” claiming Hillary and Obama were in grave disagreement over the contents of the Susan Rice story. Ought to be a “comment getter”.

        1. Don says

          I think that is in the new book by Ed Klein. I listened to him yesterday while he was discussing it with Dick Morris. I think he said the name was BLOOD FEUD.

          1. 4USA2 says

            I’ll check into that, thanks.

  2. Patrick Thomas says

    Obama broke two laws in negotiating this trade with the Taliban. First, he’s required by law to give Congress a 30 advanced notice before releasing any terrorist from Gitmo. He didn’t do that. He acted unilaterally. Second, by releasing five high commanders of the Taliban he aided and abetted the enemy. The Taliban is classified as a non-stated terrorist organization. This action alone is grounds for impeachment and the prison sentence for aiding and abetting the enemy is 10 years to life. How many more laws does Obama have to break before the wimpy GOP House files articles of impeachment against Obama?

    1. Arizona Don says

      I agree with you that obama needs to pay his dues for all his infractions against both the national tranquility and the citizens constitutional rights. However, I have a question for you. Do you actually think a house impeachment will do anything to either slow down or stop the obama transgressions? What do you think harry reid will do in the Senate after the house impeaches obama. Perhaps the same thing it did when Bill Clinton was impeached? I realize there is absolutely no comparison between what obama is doing and what Clinton did but the end result, if done now, would be identical, would it not? Do you or anyone else think reid would even bring impeachment hearing on obama to the floor for a vote. Furthermore, talking about breaking the law or right and wrong have no bearing on what this whole administration does. In their mind if they do it it is right and legal. Doesn’t past records (of nearly 6 years) already prove this.

      The president is (I think) the first, “so what can you do about it” president. He doesn’t care if something is legal, moral or even justified in some way. He thumbs his nose at all of us (even those who now support him) and declares “what can you do about it?” He has complete control short of violently taking him out what do we do? We are all frustrated but none are more frustrated then the majority of elected conservatives in the House of Representatives. Many, if not most, want to do something about what is going on but are unable. Ask yourself WHY are they unable?

      In order for the congress to do its job it must be given the tools to do the job we expect and the constitution requires they must be given the ability from “us.” We did not do that in 2012, we acquired control of the house but left the Senate in obama’s hands. Therefore, we are paying the price for apathetic voters who ignore the problems and think America will just keep on going in spite of those who wish to destroy it. Well it won’t and if obama is successful in transforming this nation as he promised we will all pay even the apathetic for what HE is doing. However, we do have a couple chances left and the first one comes in November in the form of another election. A conservative win and we have a chance of surviving. Lose and we have no chance to change anything for two years without either a constitutional convention which conservatives (must) control or have a violent push back (war) to correct these obvious problems we are now experiencing. However, make no mistake this is no laughing matter obama IS destroying our Constitutional Republic. In order to win we must chose our battles carefully and be unequivocal and steadfast in our determination to save our Republic and way of life that has given us the greatest opportunities any nation has ever afforded any people ever in the history of the world. That is I suggest our obligation and duty to those generations who follow. Just as our founders gave us the freedom to enjoy the benefits of being free to act in our own welfare and prosper individually.

      1. victorbarney says

        Wow! Well said for sure… Ouch! Never-the-less.

      2. maribou51 says

        Very well written and accurate. Thank you.

      3. Mynickelsworth says

        The States can take some action to fix these problems. If a law or Exec. Order is considered unconstitutional the States can refuse to accept the action as it affects them.
        If enough states take these actions it will blunt the effects nationwide. It might end up with a bunch of states withdrawing from the union.

        Which is better? A dictator or a political division of the Country?
        You are right in what you say. We can choose our battles and be steadfast and determined but it may take us where we do not WISH to go – but force us to go there.

        The House controls money. They can refuse to fund bills, agencies or whatever. They can refuse to raise the debt limit. Such actions could have strong effects on the success of unconstitutional actions by the Executive Branch.

        1. Bob Jones says

          Mynickelsworth, except you must remember Executive Orders (EOs) are meant to be utilized by a sitting president to implement laws already passed by congress, and signed into law…..these EOs are not meant to make law. No president has the authority to make law by executive action…to put it plainly, such orders uttered by any president do not have the force of law, and do not have to be followed or considered…..Obumnutts is wrong…just because he has a phone and a pen does not mean he can make law on his own!!!

          1. Charles W Cromer Jr says

            Bob, I agree with you. We are behind in taking action against Obama. I have an
            answer but will not state what would solve it. But then, we have to deal with Mr. Moron (Biden) Harry Reid and Mrs. Moron( Pelosi). The deck is stacked and anybody who voted him in to his second term should be tarred and feathered.

          2. boysenberry says

            At least Biden is an American, I think.
            He is weak, a follower to whoever pays him well. So we should be able to handle him. Pelosi is just stupid. But Harry Reid is vicious. The only hope with that slimebag is he may die soon.

          3. Elizabeth Miller says

            Arrest them drag them out in handcuffs.Traitors

          4. Glory says

            He has to be impeached and arrested, visa versa.

          5. Clyde Hansen 1 says

            Impeachment would have to go through DOJ and E. Holder would not touch it. Dirty Harry would also block it getting through the senate. There is not enough time left in his term for impeachment but there dam sure is time for a civil law suit over his misuse of E powers.

          6. Elizabeth Miller says

            Arrested thats all take Holder traitor Pelosi Reid Boehner the whole gang.I would approve dropping them off in Iraq where ISIS is going crazy or in Syria where they have human slaughter houses

          7. yaki534 says

            Problem is, Mr. Jones, that congress is democrat controlled with Reid and Obama. We may be able to have the senate to vote for impeachment if Conservatives take over the senate. If they don’t get a conservative majority our country is lost.

          8. David Fowler says

            I agree that we need a conservative majority in the senate, but since impeachment requires 2/3 of the senate to vote for conviction I don’t think it will be possible. Even if every seat up for vote goes Republican there will still be less than 2/3 of the Senate that are conservative. It would also take a lot of Democrats voting to convict and I don’t think that will happen.

          9. Poppo says

            And no one seems to mention that the Liberal Press, which controls the majority of issues that even get mentioned to the uneducated masses would never allow their god to be tarnished.

          10. tk-atty says

            It needs to be done whether they have the votes in the Senate or not. We have a president who is dangerous to our own Nation, and he could care less!

          11. David Fowler says

            If he is impeached and not convicted it will just inflame the blacks. If he were somehow convicted there would be mass rioting and looting all over the country. If he were not convicted I believe it would give the Democrats a leg up in the next election after the attempted impeachment. Impeaching Clinton did no good whatsoever although I certainly believe he deserved it. Right now the Democrats are bringing up impeachment to make the Republicans look like it’s their idea. I would love to see Obama impeached but right now I can see no good outcome. Harry Reid probably wouldn’t even let the Senate conduct a trial. That man is our worst enemy.

          12. satelliter says

            All that sounds great but…why so many keep repeating the things Obama CAN”T do all the while he IS doing them and continues doing them. From what I’ve seen there isn’t anything he can’t do. He knows he is bullet proof simply because he is black and he will continue the “knock out game” on America as long as he is in office.

          13. teatime says

            You have it wrong! He may be law proof , he is never bullet proof!

        2. James Maxwell says

          The way that O’socialist has gone thru them do you think he will pay attention

          to the House for any thing. He used the Senate and the DOJ to by pass them

          like Ex-Lax and does what he wants. He will just issue and Executive Order
          and writhe his own budget without bothering to wake up Bonhner or disturb

          his time on the sun tan bar. After all this time he is pretending to do something
          against the Occupier to the White House. In reality this is a nothing event and

          I doubt that it will go beyond a paper threat at best.

          1. Glory says

            also, get rid of the unions and the irs.

      4. dinkerduo says

        We can get a good start on Nov. of 2014–of course–that means if the elections are halfway honest! We can do our best to assure that happens.

        1. Seldena says

          dinkerduo–You are so right!Americans on both sides are mad, but who voted these people in? We did. I will say that the GOP has had many good ideas that reid refused to liosten to and to bring up for a vote. Why do these old cogers keep their jobs? We can make a difference at the polls if there is integrity with the voting process.

          1. dinkerduo says

            I don’t think Obozo WAS elected the second time—with the many different ways they committed voter fraud and with the supposed vote being Obozo 49.7–Romney 49.3 there should have been a recount and an investigation!
            How the other yahoos keep getting reelected is a mystery except that it is the same thing–voter fraud like Cockran (R) and Mc Donald (R) in Mississippi—in the Rep. primary–Conkran got enough Dems to vote for him in the primary which isn’t right–only Rep. should vote in the Rep. PRIMARY and visa versa!
            Next Nov. the American people MUST change this mess!

          2. boysenberry says

            I don’t think so either. In some counties more than 100% voted for him?
            Hmm, anyone figure the math in that one.
            Trouble is, republicans don’t object to this cr ap voting.

          3. Elizabeth Miller says


          4. satelliter says

            You still don’t get it… We no longer have fair elections and our votes are allowed for the sole purpose to let us to feel like we have some influence in who will be in control. The election process should be called the selection process, where the politicians “select” which candidates we can for for.

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            We did NOT voter fraud did and those cheating DEMORATS are against voter ID They can identify themselves to get on the welfare dole but not to vote

      5. Don says

        I wish I could have said it that well. If we can’t take control of the Senate we are in deep doodoo. In every state where a member of the senate is running we must elect a republican.

        1. al.k says

          If you think republicans are our salvation, you best stop and realize that both parties are just pawns, you can’t put an honest person in and expect a change, there is too much corruption in the government, they will either become corrupt or have an accident or get cancer and die.

          1. Arizona Don says

            So what do you suggest surrender and the fundamental transformation?

            I am a Christian however, anyone who believes they can only pray for either obama’s failure or saving this once great nation is dreaming. Look, General Washington was a very religious person. He was also a general in the army that won us our independence. He won because he did not just pray he acted and my God and your God supported him. There are several examples of his religion and support. However, it you think for one minute you don’t have to do anything but pray you are going to lose. Count on that.

            I suggest you instead pray for guidance and support while you and others fight for what is right. I also suggest to you surrender is not an option here. Only victory! The meek do inherit the earth but it is the earth they are buried in. If fighting goes against your religion support those who do fight in any way you can. This nation, our nation, is at steak. Although the time has not come it may and very soon, when we may need to take matters into our hands as was done in the late 18th century. We were forewarned of times like this by our founders. It seems they understood human nature better then most of us. Governments are inherently corrupt this government of barack obama is no exception to that rule.

          2. Wilbert Jennings says

            Being a Christian does mean we expect prayers to be answered, and answered they will be. WE have a power more deadly then any weapon if we have the faith of a mustard seed. That’s not a Bible thumper mentality it is real. We have been dumbed down by the media as well as by our leaders ,as to what power we have in prayer. Why do you think the Bible wasn’t allowed to be read by the slaves, those in power didn’t want anyone to know the truth for the truth would set them free. The Catholics kept the word in Latin so they could say it meant what ever they wanted it to mean so they could convert and control. Sounds like the muslims doesn’t it. Hey I believe the that faith without action isn’t faith, but action from answered prayer is .

          3. Arizona Don says

            During the twentieth century somewhere between 170 million and 250 million citizens of many European and Asian nations were murdered by their dictator leaders. Many if not most of these people were God loving Christian people. It did not help them or keep them from being murdered wholesale. Millions were shot and put into a mass graves, millions others were gassed to death and burned in incinerators. Some, like in the Ukraine were just starved to death (by Stalin). The thing they all had in common is they were disarmed and killed by their government(s). They suddenly discovered helplessness. History WILL repeat itself if pacifists do nothing. Governments are inherently corrupt the larger they are the more corrupt they are. Our government is no exception, it too is becoming more corrupt each day!

            I, like millions of other Americans, believe in a deity however, I believe he has allowed for me to (and wants me to) self protect and I intend to do exactly that if the need arises. I refuse to surrender to the current administrations usurper attitude and allow this wannabe dictator to rule me. During the 50’s the by word was “I’d rather be dead then red.” Meaning dead rather then becoming communistic was a choice most Americans would make in a heart beat.

            You go ahead and turn the other cheek if you desire, I refuse. Have a nice day!

          4. Wilbert Jennings says

            Thank you, and you have a great day as well. Dude I didn’t say we weren’t suppose to step up and be accountable. I said try prayer first and listen, GOD will answer and it may be we have to take up arms and take, what many have already shed blood for, back our nation. I am a gun advocate and a life time member of the NRA and will not surrender my weapon to a government such as the one obama has created. I am a Nam, vet and can assure you war is hell and much can be done prior to loading up but when all else fails start squeezing them off.

          5. Arizona Don says

            Sorry if I misunderstood you. We are nearly mirror images of each other only I am a disabled veteran. I pray daily that we do not have to go to war in this country but if we do we do and will. We have an obligation to preserve and or restore the freedoms our founders provided for us, for those who follow, if need be in spite, in some cases, of some who support the destruction of our constitution and free enterprise system by supporting obama’s fundamental transformation. That includes our constitution and our Constitutional Republic. Our oaths demanded we protect our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Looks it will be domestic. I feel confident now you will and I will also. I’m getting a little old for hand to hand (75) but I can still pop a cap if need be.

          6. Wilbert Jennings says

            Just between you and I , I am held together with barb wire and Platinum steel .My back, neck and hip been fused and replaced and due to have the other hip this August. I have three stints in heart arteries and fight kidney stones and arthritis. BUT I think you and I could hold our own still. Many today have no back bone and have know idea what patriotism is and what it takes to survive. Time is coming soon and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. You keep the faith and continue ,as I will, to add your two cents.

          7. Elizabeth Miller says

            I will help any American who defends our nation.Thank you true men

          8. Arizona Don says

            By the way. Calling an Arizonian a dude may not always be acceptable. That’s an FYI. At least in Person.

          9. Wilbert Jennings says

            Meant no disrespect .In my day dude was like amigo. Catch you later friend.

      6. Wilbert Jennings says

        Well said. If we leave no man behind, why is the Marine still being held by Mexico? Where is the American and his children as well as his wife held is Sudan? Why aren’t we rescuing them? Maybe because their parents aren’t muslim or supporters of Islam.

        1. Dolly says

          These folks languish in foreign jails because because they’re not members of the muslem brotherhood and they’re “no skin off Obama’smuslem nose”. They’ll likely die before the President of the U.S, intervenes. God Bless Us.

        2. Arizona Don says

          I am a veteran I know what needs to be done but obama will never do anything. I support Col Peters in his accusation that obama is a coward. I will say nothing beyond that. Although I could.

      7. ricktenny says

        With a Democratic majority in the Senate the last gun control bid failed. Perhaps the votes for impeachment are already there. Reid can also be impeached given his underlying reasons for the Nevada incident.

        1. Glory says

          hell yes

        2. Arizona Don says

          Are you really serious? Do you really think harry reid will act on any action taken by the House of Representatives? They have passed over a hundred fifty bills that he will not bring to the floor for a vote. While declaring the “republicans form a do nothing congress.” Ever want to know what the liberal progressive democrats are doing watch what they accuse the Republicans of doing!

          1. satelliter says

            Your last sentence nailed it…..BINGO!!!

          2. Poppo says

            I just cannot find in the Constitution where the Senate Majority Leader has the legal power of a pocket veto.

          3. Arizona Don says

            Nor I however, harry reid has not brought even one conservative proposed bill passed in the House since the conservatives have taken control to the floor for a vote. I actually can find nowhere within the constitution that gives either the Senate leader or the House speaker (he mostly does the same thing) the power to control that body but it is happening. So what do WE do? Trying to change that outside of voting it out requires force (violence) we must avoid that until the very last if we can because the ramifications are so adverse to our constitutional Republic it could ruin everything. Therefore it MUST be a last resort only!

            The result of what is taking place today is instead of having a total of 536 members of government in control as is called for in our constitution this government is now controlled by three (count them) people. The president the executive branch, the Senate leader one half of the legislative branch, and the speaker of the Hours of Representatives the second half of the legislative branch. If that is not bad enough the executive branch controls both those, most of the time, completely

          4. Poppo says

            In addition to your very valid points, consider the “Tiebreaker” – The SCOTUS, whose members are now selected not for their respect for the law or the constitution, but for their ‘compassion’. One member goes to other countries (e.g. Egypt), and tell them that the US Constitution is a poor model. Another, who was instrumental of the passage of an unconstitutional law, refuses to recuse herself when the law is questioned. Yet another, adopts the ‘pen’ and changes the law to make it constitutional.

          5. Arizona Don says

            I understand exactly and you are right. It is mysterious why so many can not see the obvious. If we continue on the present course everyone loses because most if not all real patriotic American citizens will not allow some liberal to push their intentions on us, and take our freedoms away, who do not agree with the communistic mind set. I will fight to the death if need be before I will surrender. Although I cannot speak for anyone but myself I know there are millions just like me. America is not either dead or dying. We will not just survive we will once again flourish!

          6. Poppo says

            There isn’t a lot of resistance left in this old body, but I am with you and many others in the fight to the death. Be sure to invest in precious metals! (Gold, Silver, and Lead)

          7. Arizona Don says

            I have already invested in all three.

            I’m 75 but I’ll be in there!

            What we are witnessing at this time, “TODAY,” is the organized destruction of a nation. Anyone who cannot or does not see it is either a blind fool or a supporter of the destruction.

          8. Poppo says

            Millions of people today either rely on the 9:00 news for information, or just don’t care. It is AMAZING how few people know who Biden, or Reid, or Pelosi, or Boehner are. They cannot name any of the Founding Fathers, and vote the way the 9:00 news suggests, or for a ‘familiar name’, or whatever. No wonder an group as well organized and funded as the Democratic (Communist) Party can take over our government, especially when you realize that the majority of the Republicans just want to hang on to whatever the Democrats will allow them to keep.

      8. Glory says

        I think the transgressors have to meet their due, either in the war zone, or prison. Those in the senate, white house, congress who have betrayed America have to be punished…and the stolen money they have to pay back with high INTEREST

      9. al.k says

        you still believe we can change things by voting, glad someone still thinks we have a say, looks to me that when sonny bush got in our votes went down the drain. I don’t believe we elected this traitor, he was put in by the powers that be, globalist henry kissinger said he was put in to get the new world order going.

        1. Arizona Don says

          For the sake of argument lets say your right our vote doesn’t mean anything. What course of action do you suggest to get us back to where it does? Other of course then Devine guidance. Anything or just surrender and accept obama’s dictatorship whether communism or fascism.

          1. al.k says

            We can’t just lay down because the powers that bee control the banks, and the politics, you ever notice whoever get’s the most donations win, I wish I or anyone had the answer, my concern is don’t trust the media with their heretic speaking, the first thing is we have to get the congress accountable, you say you are christian, I serve the Lord and have no use for this thug or any other boastful braggart in politics, that think they are the masters and need to bankrupt and disarm the people, this mess didn’t just start with this hypocrite, it’s been in the making for yrs. Hover paved the way for Roosevelt just like bush did for our present traitor in chief. so when you come up with the answer I would be only too happy to hear all about it, thanks.

          2. Arizona Don says

            I am certainly aware most of the time the candidate who get the most donations wins. I can only explain that in one way. The more a candidate can get his message on either radio, TV and coverage by any media whether purchased or not he/she has a better chance of getting the ear of the uniformed, misinformed and apathetic voter. Those with few resources has less of a chance because so few pay attention. However, that is definitely not the case every time. The guy who just beat Paul Ryan had very little funding but he won! So much for that theory. Furthermore, it does bring home the belief of all politics being local. In all elections that is possible even in presidential if we promote the conservative mind set correctly we will increase the support.

            It is also true most of the main stream media is in the liberal progressive pocket. That is just a fact that we need to overcome. The liberal progressives cry everyone supports the Republicans. Opinions are just that opinions.

            Now ask yourself how do we get the congress accountable? Accountable, lets think about that. If conservatives have control of one half of one third of government how can you think any of them we have elected will have any clout? You expect that. You think your frustrated I happen to know two congressman personally and they are much more frustrated then you are. In 2012 we had an opportunity to take the Senate as well as the House. But we didn’t. Consequently, we got harry reid as the Senate leader. He runs defense for obama. No bill originating in the house has gotten to the floor for an up or down vote. So how can they do anything? Answer that and you have solved the problem. Hold them accountable how about holding those accountable who dropped the ball and didn’t vote to give them any power to do what you expect of them and our constitution demands.

            I’m glad you are a Christian just how however do you think I in any way support what this usurper in the executive branch is doing. I absolutely do not!

            It actually started long before Hoover however, you are correct Hoover did set the table for FDR. But FDR was not the first liberal to want to change the constitution in a way he liked better to give him more power just as obama is doing now. It most likely started with Wilson.

            I have no overall answers but I do know many if not most of the questions. And that is the first step in solving a problem, identifying it. However, I do know we have to take them one at a time until we get a good start and a good start is giving those conservative congressmen we elect enough help to allow them to do the job they want to do. You see we are at fault. Yes you and me and all the other conservatives who did not talk to every one we could and get them to vote. And if those who are apathetic do it again in 14 our problems will continue to get worse daily. They can’t do their job unless “we” give them the tools. So you and all the other guys who complain about the congress not doing its job had better take a look at what you do other then complain about what they don’t do.

          3. Elizabeth Miller says

            No surrender take guidance from the Lord and from brave veterans who have experience to share

          4. Arizona Don says

            Did you read my post I said Other then Devine guidance. Lady I am a veteran, a disabled veteran.

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            Don I am a true Christian Devine guidance is a part of my daily life Sir it has to be a part of destroying evil.I have the utmost respect for you, both of my parents faught in WWII.My son in law is a disabled vet from the Iraq war and so is my Nephew.The Lord gave me a second chance when an evil thought he had murdered me and has sent me many Angels to help protect me.I live far from you but I will help with what is needed to be done for our Nation that we love

        2. Roy Austin Smith says


      10. Lame_Duck_Dems says

        If the Senate goes RED..What Reid thinks/says WON’T MATTER

      11. Elizabeth Miller says

        Reid is a traitor he needs to be arrested and marched right out with all the traitors to a cell

        1. Arizona Don says

          Very few will disagree with you on that. However, how do you propose it is done. The American government was set up to be run equally by the executive branch and the legislative branch (two parts) with a judicial branch providing constitutionality references or opinions (not guidance as happened in the case of the ACA debacle) in questionable situations.

          You do realize obama because of his overwhelming support by ignorant, uninformed, under informed and misinformed voters, approve of his actions and do NOT see him as the threat he actually is to everything about our government and Constitutional Republic, has in essence nullified the congress. Instead of the government being run by a total of 536 members of government it is now being run by 3. The president who has the most power, the Senate leader (reid) and Boehner the speaker of the house (who, by the way, has no intestinal fortitude or at least enough to actually confront obama. He goes along to get along. If this continues the USA as a Constitutional Republic will no longer exist. Consequently, those who predict we are headed for a dictatorship are not seeing clearly, we are already there!

          1. Elizabeth Miller says

            I have no answer I did not serve,I would listen to any honorable citizen such as you who has not only served but who has more life wisdom than I.I agree with you and can see you love our country as I do and I will help be a part of the solution

          2. Arizona Don says

            Right now I personally do not see moving toward impeachment as an intelligent approach to solving any problem. It can not hope to succeed in impeaching and removing obama. However, it can, I think, motivate some voters to protect obama who may not be motivated to vote at this time since their man is not in the run for anything. The people who put obama in office not once but twice are the real threat to America. However, do not in any way misinterpret that. That does not mean obama is not a threat only that those who voted for him twice can and may very well do it again to elect someone just as bad or worse (if that is possible). In any case they are the uniformed, misinformed and under informed voter who pays little attention to what is happening to this once great nation. It is not that all actually support his agenda(s), but that they do not see any danger in his intentions to fundamentally transform this nation. Democrats are liberal, we all know that. However not all democrats are progressive. By that I mean they do not support a transformation into a socialistic, communist and/or fascist (possibly even a caliphate) nation. They too support freedoms but they interpret those freedoms differently then do conservatives. They think big government can enhance their freedoms, that is mostly where they go wrong. It cannot and never will. Big government requires control, it also begets corruption, the bigger the more corrupt.

            Any American who supports him and does not see the obama lies are only listening to what he says, and pays no attention to what he does. Not necessarily because they do not care but because they are busy with their life and pay no attention to everyday problems in the nation. After all that is what we elect our representatives for isn’t it. Those of us who pay closer attention see through his lies and incompetence. Therefore, we would like changes and they do not. That is also why we, conservatives, do not trust him and they do. The same thing was somewhat true with some conservatives when Bush was in office. Many conservatives including myself were not happy with Bush during the last two or three years of his second term. A loyal American will face the facts and not blindly support a party, either party. If we are ever to solve the problems facing this nation we must begin to realize what is happening. Much of it is because we, you, I and so many other conservatives and liberals have allowed obama to divide us and he has instilled us to hate each other. That is his only way of fundamentally transforming these United States of America.

            The problems facing America today are not left or right they are American. Only devoted real America loving citizens will ever solve them. But right now we are allowing obama to divide us with scandal after scandal, the illegal children crossing the border is the most successful of all his divisions to date. Who really believes these things are just happening? Well they are not!

    2. Bob Jones says

      Patrick, I have to ask you to what end would drawing up Articles of Impeachment accomplish anything??? Even if the House did do this, the trial would be held in the Senate, where it would be necessary for a minimum of 67 Senators to vote to remove Obama…..with Harry Reid in charge of the Senate, that simply is a pipe dream…Reid will not allow Obama to be removed from office…and Eric Holder is not about to bring charges against his beloved Obama!!! Talk is cheap, but what you are suggesting, although in normal circumstances would be the right thing to do, will never happen with Obama’s accolades in the Senate!!!

      1. dogonahog48 says

        Vote only for replacement candidate. Zero incumbents rearguards of what party they belong to.incumbents got us in this mess. They are not going to get us out They can’t serve two masters.and they dance with the ones who brung-um..

      2. dinkerduo says

        But can’t they demand that a Grand Jury be formed when tyrants get into the Oval Office and the Justice Dept. so we don’t have another Hitler?

        1. Seldena says

          Who runs the justice dept.? HOLDER and he is not going to do anything against obama. I wonder what these two have on each other?

          1. Dolly says

            CHICAGO……These two go back a l-o-o-o-o-ng way !!! I’ll bet these two have some SWEET secrets. Remember Eric Holder in the photo wearing BALLET LEOTARDS ? Listen these folks have a deep and creepy past. Oh yeah, back in the day ballet was Eric Holder’s forte’. God Bless Us.

          2. Roy Austin Smith says

            Holder goes back to the Clinton watch. He had a innocent man arrested in the ok city bombing. the man hanged himself. His parents are still waiting for answers. He also know a lot about billy and hilly and the mena drug cartel.

      3. Glory says

        that seems a bit odd…are you sure? I guess H reid and the dems have to go first then

        1. Elizabeth Miller says

          Yes they do

      4. al.k says

        Bob, I see you understand, nothing changed when they impeached slick willie did it?

    3. milmac says

      Patrick – You are right and you wonder if the House is familiar with the fact they have the duty to impeach. I believe they fear that the Democrat Senate will not convict, and they probably won’t, but at least the House would have done its duty, which I think is extremely important. To the intelligent citizenry, failure to convict should do more harm to the Democrat Party, but if you recall, the impeachment of Bill Clinton backfired on the Republican Party but it should not have since they did their Constitutional duty while the Democrats failed to do theirs.

      1. ricktenny says

        I said this earlier, please forgive. Their was enough support in the Senate to defeat the last gun control bid. Might be a surprise to see how many dems would swing in our direction. I have known a few very conservative dems.

    4. bpr1122 says

      I am against Impeaching Obama unless there is a very good chance he will be removed from office. The only way Obama will be removed from office is if politicians feel they will not be reelected if they do not support removing the tyrant.

    5. Carol Pullen says

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you are a history buff, you will see that such maneuvers have been utilized by past presidents without so much as a peep, yet people want to paint this President as some sort of rogue misfit. I guess it just depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on, that makes this time so different.

      1. Seldena says

        Carol-what do you call him? I am a history buff and i have never seen such unlawful actions in the office of the Presidency. There are so many. Yes, Nixon broke the law, Clinton broke the law, and now obama has broken many laws. So what is your point?

        1. Carol Pullen says

          Please give me two or three specifics on instances that you feel were law breakers. I can then be specific in my response and likely can give you specific examples of prior presidents doing the exact same type of activity.

          1. ricktenny says

            As a Veteran with a Purple Heart and Silver Star, (and this is the first time I ever said that. But this one just pissed me off and she should know who is talking to her.) I am offended that you would over look our presidents very recent actions of turning five enemy combatants over, regardless of his reason. There is no President in our nations history who has ever soiled our Country with such an act. He not only broke the his own law, he is guilty of aiding the enemy. His actions were unforgivable and are an insult to every man and women who has ever served.
            I’ll leave it to others to add numbers two and three you asked for.

          2. Carol Pullen says

            Thank you for your service to this country. We say we do not negotiate but in fact we do and we have. What about Iran-Contra? There was a Peter Moore, we negotiated a release for and then there are also these:
            After the North Koreans captured the U.S.S. Pueblo in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson apologized for spying as part of negotiations to secure the release of 83 American prisoners.
            In 1970, President Richard Nixon pressured Israel, Switzerland, West Germany and Britain to release Palestinian prisoners after two airlines were hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
            During the Iran hostage crisis of 1979 to 1981, President Jimmy Carter agreed to unfreeze $8 billion in frozen Iranian assets after more than a year of negotiations with the Iranian revolutionaries.
            President Bill Clinton’s administration sat down with Hamas in attempts to negotiate peace with Israel. His administration also worked directly with the Taliban nearly two decades ago on several occasions to see if the group would hand over Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders
            I am far more angered by Cheney/Bush having lied to the American people and gotten us into a war that cost between 4-6 Trillion dollars and untold cost of human life. If the negotiations upset you more than thinking about that, I don’t know what else can be said.

          3. ricktenny says

            Thanks for the recap. I didn’t say I was upset about negotiating for the release of US prisoners of war or whatever depending on the murky circumstances what sort of prisoners they were. In all cases they were American Servicemen. What upset me with our current mighty leader is he handed over enemy combatants. Not to mention high ranking ones to boot. Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt giving Goering back to Hitler for five of our boys? I have to repeat No American President in our Nations history ever put enemy combatants back in business to kill American Servicemen. Our current president just did.

      2. Roy Austin Smith says

        Pullen: your info is way wrong. He is a rogue imposter misfit and is a traitor to the US. any fool with half a brain knows this. Where have you been?

        1. Carol Pullen says

          Evidently someplace besides Fox. Believe it or not there are many, many of us that respect this President and feel he has done pretty good, considering he has had major roadblocks thrown in his path from the very beginning. (well documented)

    6. mogul264 says

      The House won’t be filing any impeachment action UNTIL (or, if then, even!) the GOP has control of the Senate, as well! They figure this would be political suicide at this time, as the present Senate would NEVER allow Obama to be removed from office, nor even convicted of ANY malfeasance of office! Too many heads would ALSO fall in the government!

    7. Glory says

      Obama is a traitor since the beginning

    8. Fran says

      Well! I just read the House of Rep. is suing Obama. Is this as close as the House can get to impeachment???? wondering

    9. Uzoozy says

      Obama did not break any laws. How many did Bush break by unilaterally going to war.
      If he did not start we would have thousands of young people enjoying their families.

      1. Guest says

        Uzoozy: your brain is soaked in bamboo the muslim kool aid. your brain is dead, dead.

      2. Roy Austin Smith says

        Uzoozy: your brain is soaked in bamboo the muslim kool aid . your brain is dead, dead. Bush had almost 100 percent approval to go to war. He did not unilaterally go to war. get you facts right before you open your dead brained mouth.

        1. Uzoozy says

          Ha Ha with all the rouse about MD when none was found.
          Why cant you have a civilized conversation instead of slinging Kool aid.
          Bush had everyone scared with all his lies. May God bless his soul, and of that Dick C

    10. John H. Kohlenberg says

      Obama is no better than bergdahl. They are both traitors. Neither are for America, but support the enemy. They both deserve the death penalty.

    11. Zita Alfonso says

      I campaigned against

    12. Baddogg5 says

      Obama care about the Law?…..not any time soon….maybe if Congress grows a pair but doubtful

    13. lil-echoes says

      Up and until Congress does something to him.. he will continue to do as he wishes..

    14. Spark1845 says

      No Impeachment for Assbama. How about, Arrest, Trial, Conviction and EXECUTION? PERIOD. This is what the backside of one of my T-shirts says. The other side reads, Build the FENCE, NOW with a fence showing and then No IMMIGRATION, PERIOD Close the Borders to ALL. No Prejudice, No bias. I think the GOP is a bunch of lying PUSSIES too. Oh sure, Demos. are the worst but Republicans come a close second. Until they get someone with vision and a man or woman with integrity, none of them will be anything. I’d personally like to see ALL of them HANG and we then, start over. When the next bunch gets corrupt, HANG them too. PERIOD.

    15. Tiger says

      Millions of us know this so one has to wonder why our Congressmen don’t because the bottom line for O and Hillary is: “What difference does it make?” In their cases none and for the life of me I never figured we had gone this far down the tubes.

  3. anti govment says

    Lets see? 5 murdering generals for a traitor who deserted his troops? Obama owed these guys and said thanks for the help dewstroying the USA??

  4. Morgan23 says

    The lapdogs in Congress, Republicrats included have allowed this criminal to violate the Constitution and use the IRS, the EPA, the Justice (that’s a joke) Department, the Bureau Land Management, and any other government body he can to do as he dam pleases to intimidate the public and they sit a whine instead of doing their jobs. It is they that I blame for this

    1. victorbarney says

      What about “we the people” coming from our more verbally acute sex that wanted to become a Marxist country? PLEASE don’t tell me that they didn’t know what “fundamental transformation of ” met…

      1. Seldena says

        Victor- I knew exactly what he meant! I hate thatmore Americans did not think for themselves and were intelligent enough to know what this tratior meant!

        1. victorbarney says

          Seldena, I believe that “they”(Democrats/Marxists in their ideology) did know exactly what he met! People in America now tend to be socially “external” in personality and totally look for government to control them! Although America originally was created by social “internals,” who believe that they can control their own personal destiny, our government for YEARS only allows social externals to enter America, Democratic & Republican! However, it is the Democrats with a Marxist agenda that have taken over government and I DO NOT believe that ever will change again in this age. “We the people” now primarily are made up of social Externals, looking for government to control them! They have been selling just that and our nation’s “gatherer’s” just naturally fell in love with the idea of getting “HANDOUTS”(YEAH RIGHT!) from the rich! Dumb & Dumber; Watch:

          1. Seldena says

            Victor you are so correct. They are Marxists, Sal Alinsky Democrats. But I know socialism does not work! I keep trying to educate those of this truth. I do not feel all hope is lost for our Republic. I am hoping there will be an awakening of the American People as they become more informed about how wonderful the Constitution really is and that Capitalism is the only society that will be successful. Hopefully, we gain both hoses in Nov. and enact some of the ideas of the GOP to start healing our nation.

          2. victorbarney says

            Seldena, I feel absolutely certain that this September 24, 2014, the correct date of the next Annual Feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War) will bring Revelation 7 & 11’s prophetic two-witnesses which will testify against us for the following 3 1/2 years, leaving only an evenly divided 144,000 people left alive from all 12 tribes of “Israel” by the seed of Joseph and including the tribe of Judah

    2. Seldena says

      Morgan! Republicans allowed him to do wrong? Who do you think has tried to do something about his wrongdoing? The Republicans. They cannot do it alone. It takes the Senate too and Harry Reid will not do a —-thing!! Wise-up!

  5. blackhawk132 says

    Really now . What did you expect .This fool had zero experience. Now let’s see if he pulls that Martial Law crap.

    1. victorbarney says

      This fool’s boss had a hand in killing scores of Jews for Hitler, so who is worse?

  6. bayman61 says

    The biggest issue here is not the release of Bergdahl, but that Obama sidestepped congress which he is not allowed to do on issues like this and Congress has done nothing about it. I guess he meant it when he said, “I can do whatever I want”. He did not have the authority to do this, no matter what his excuse was. He needs to answer for this.

  7. popp67 says

    this birddog dont hunt

  8. victorbarney says

    George Soros, as a nine year old child, gave all the names of Jewish children that he knew to Hitler to be killed by him. Don’t think that Soros has any better plans for “we the people” either because fools rush in where angels never go…

    1. dinkerduo says

      George Soros is the puppet master—
      Valerie Jarrett is the strings—
      Obozo is the puppet—

      People need to google Soros and look at what a scumball he really is!
      He only became a U. S. citizen so he could ruin us! He has way tooooo much money and power and part of that money came from devaluing the currency of Great Britian–so he is a real sweetie!

    2. al.k says

      Hey, I glad that you exposed this Nazi George Soros for who he really is, he is the one who financed the Islamic traitor we got in the white house, today the white house is like a whited sepcultry, it looks good on the out side but is full of dead men’s bones, look at the Clinton chronicles. All these money men came from Europe and other countries, the Rothschild’s were bankers that stole their wealth from the people, we even had Prescott Bush financing Hitler and Japan, Both political parties are involved in the takeover of America, it’s not the Democrats against the Republicans, both parties are put in by the Illuminati and have the mainstream media programing the people with their onslaught of lies, it took an illegal muslim to be bold enough to take the US down through lies and deception, this traitor definitely needs to be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for his corrupt dealings along with Soros and the rest of them traitors in our government, before its too late, many have shouted, (wake up America) but with all the handouts people are complacent, Dick Cheney just let the cat out of the bag, prophesying the next false flag being even bigger than 911, yea all they need to do is close the Banks and the people will self destruct, all the illegals will really show their true colors once the benefits are gone.

      1. victorbarney says

        I agree with you al.k said above. This still is based upon the agenda of a Marxist New World Order, run by the UN, but now it seems that “Islam” threw a monkey wrench into the pie. Please note that Revelation 18:10 makes it perfectly clear that when our Jewish, not Greek, Savior returns he immediately shows up in “Babylon” and totally destroys it! Logically, “we the people” already have been punished by then, and obviously via Revelation’s 7 & 11’s two-witnesses. Ouch! An evenly divided 144,000 surviver’s from the 12 tribes of “Israel,” including “Judah,” but with the tribe of “Joseph” replacing the tribe of “Dan” as being protected during the soon coming period referred to as being “Jacob’s trouble!” That’s why I included both Revelation’s 7 & 11 where just that is reported… Again, OUCH!

  9. logicrules says

    If only the bunch of you would get an education and put away your hate the country would be much better off. But no, you like your hate. You thrive on it. Fortunately the rest of the country does not share your hate and will throw the fools you have elected on the street; where they belong.

    The only people taking anything from you are the people you have elected.

  10. shamu9 says

    Let the Bastards KILL each other off! Like they’re doing now in Iraque! Then Expel any Moslem in the U.S. that even Thinks about Preaching Jihad. Better yet, send them all somewhere Sharia is the Rule. Don’t allow any Moslems to disembark from any ship, or plane! No Trial for any terrorist activities! bombing etc. do them like they do us, Firing Squad! Problem goes away!

  11. capa760 says

    America’s November 2014, needs to have the issues on the ballots, and volunteers to watch each precinct conduct an honest American election, without the fraud, corruption, ballot shredding, voting machine rigging, illegal voters and multiple times to vote, per the precinct personnel. The American legal citizens need to vote to bury Obamacare-the bill not read, and passed by Congress and the Supreme Court, was illegally ADDED TO- AFTER the legal vote, by Obama’s extra curricular changes, additions, revisions,
    taxes, exceptions from the plan, etc. If America could vote to have the members of Congress charged by law, who have voted AGAINST OUR US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, the US DEPT. of Immigration LAWS and US Border Security. And Give legal Americans the right to VOTE on AMNESTY choices for America,and Our wishes for Impeachments for the crimes against the United States of America

  12. dogonahog48 says

    Iraq. A war that was design and fought not to end. Just a place for Cheney’s Halliburton to make millions in profits. After all they paid Cheney up front 34 Million. You didn’t expect they were not going to reap benifit from their investment did you? Like every war since Korea just Appease, Appease and Appease no wining considered.
    Then we elected a inexperienced muslim sympathizing Half Breed Kenyan. People what did you expect? A zipper?

    1. Seldena says

      dogonhog48–The war was fought to get rid of Saddam . After 9/11 he threatened the U.S. with chemicals that he had alreaddy used on his own people. We had a real Commander-in-Chief in President Bush that did not run away to a fundraiser or to play golf, that took action! Oil had nothing to do with the war in Iraq that we did win! You need to research before you spew lies about Iraq. You are 100% correct on obama!

  13. daveveselenak says

    Here we go again with the “he’s violating the law” but the balless bastards won’t impeach him – sh^t or get off the pot!

  14. alpambuena says

    Obama has us all in our borders, the economy and the Mideast….he likes it that way..and all of this is not bothering Obama or too many in Washington……we can either sit on our asses or get off our asses….but our government is no longer our government…its an enemy.

    1. defiant1 says

      This is all part of the Marxist Alinsky agenda–create chaos!

  15. del says

    Why is this traitorous idiot squatting in our white house still a free man? Congress needs to divest us ASAP of this monster!

    1. Don says

      The answer is Harry Reid. As long as he controls the senate the congress is helpless. One thing they could do is refuse funding for anything Obalmy wants to do.

  16. WiSe GuY says

    0bama’s excuse: Idiots vote for idiots.

  17. sanford paris says

    A soldier that deserts is different than a soldier who is captured. We shouldn’t leave the latter, behind, but the former? Obamasense has permeated the top military, also? Is nothing sacred?

  18. Charles W Cromer Jr says

    The most important issue today is the delay on the impeachment of President Obama. He created the havoc in all the issues on the table. Also we need to vote the incumbents out of office and bring ” Honest
    Blood ” to the White House, Senate and House. They are all crooked and dishonest. Wipe the slate clean
    and bring our America as we new it back. Otherwise we are doomed. Also fly these children home before
    they become entrenched and a liability to our great nation. What part of illegal does the immigration
    office not understand. If things become worst, look for blood in the streets. Even law abiding citizens
    can take so much.

  19. 4USA2 says

    This administration “left four men behind” in Benghazi!

  20. Mike says

    Obama CLEARLY is a Muslim and wanted to release those Muslims and also make it appear that he was helping a Muslim get his son back when in actuality Bowe Bergdahl was IN ON IT JUST AS MUCH AS THE TALIBAN WAS!!

    Bergdahl deserted and was a Muslim brother to the Taliban leadership and helped Obama(another Muslim bother) get their OTHER 5 MUSLIM BROTHERS OUT OF PRISON!!!!

    This is a simple case of 5 different Muslim entities working together to release top Muslim Brass!!


    Obama is a CRIMINAL!

  21. volksnut says

    we are’nt going to be – back there – the POS in the oval office is ensuring ” the mess we’ll be cleaning up ” will be right here – IN OUR OWN COUNTRY – Hes doing everything he can to hamstring the finest military on the planet – how many actually believe we’ll even have the capability to intervene if the crap barrys up to continues? He;s ENDANGERING untold numbers of innocent people Americans as well as many other nations – Hes going to get ALOT of innocent people murdered —

  22. Seldena says

    This is the most LAWLESS man in the wh I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. He was supposed to have taught Constitutional law? That must be a joke !! He lies, deceives, cover-ups, and is a hypocrite. This man broke the law, made America more UNSAFE and is derelict in his duties. There is more than enough to start the articles of IMPEACHMENT.

  23. phillyfanatic says

    The now 10 scandals including this stupid evil swap still will not make the Moron Voters leave the corrupt Dem Party no matter how many policies seem to be lawless, go against our national domestic and international interests and …seem to be anti-Consti.

  24. govtrumbull says

    Obama says “Not a Soldier left behind.” I wonder if his “official” statement applies to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooresi who has been held by Mexican authorities since March 31, stripped naked, beaten and chained to a bed? Obama didn’t just break to laws by not consulting with Congress and aiding the enemy. He broke a moral and ethical law by being selective in who he chooses to work to free. Sgt. Tahmooresi is still sitting in a Mexican jail and a deserter and enemy agent is free to do whatever he wants to do among us. This is the Obama mindset.

  25. whisper says

    This BS and Ovomit’s treason of aiding our enemies being swept under the rug. He is working for a foreign entity NOT his own. He turned against this country and our laws. NO amount of reasoning will excuse his total disregard of our constitution and lives.

  26. C K Johnson says

    How about the ones in Iran? How about our hero veteran in a Mexican prison. We leave no Muslim men behind. You speak no truth.

  27. yaki534 says

    Obama is salivating the prospect that muslims will take over the wold.

  28. junkmailbin says

    Bowe would have been shot by now if we did not have a anti american gay kenyan arab moslem in charge.
    Execute bowe in front of his dads house at high non

  29. disqus_oajLzmvtVa says

    Obanana is no “commander-in-chief”. His military staff too has much to be a creditable source. Starting tomorrow July 1st is a national day of PRAYER. This is a week longer PRAYER until JULY 7th. On the last day is also a time to FAST. GOD’S ALMIGHTY WORD the BIBLE 2Chronicles 7:14 (This is for all believer’s in the LORD JESUS CHRIST) if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and Pray and SEEK my face and (turn from their wicked ways), then will I hear from heaven and will FORGIVE THEIR SIN and will HEAL their LAND. Will YOU TAKE THIS STAND?

  30. namvet says

    Obama says we leave no man/woman behind. The dumb ass has forgot about our Marine in Mexico. For Bergdahl, probably a movie making him out to be a hero. Then medals for him to display. Royalties, only in the U.S. are people like Charles Manson and others become Hollywood’s idols. It’s all screwed up.

  31. John H. Kohlenberg says

    Bergdahl was not fighting for us. He was a deserter and traitor to our nation. He should have been killed by friendly fire. End of discussion.

  32. Jenny says

    “The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, think of them as you will, were begun because these countries posed a clear and present threat to the well being of America and her foreign interests.”

    That’s NOT TRUE! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were started by lies – from the lips of George W. Bush. 9/11 was the false flag that started the whole thing, and it was done by and for Jews!!! The only “foreign interest” was that of the Zionist Jews who wanted the oil in these Arab countries. They also wanted them on their banking system of usury so they could plunder their economy like they’ve done in America and elsewhere.

  33. satelliter says

    “Somehow he feels he is above the law,” Inhofe said, – THAT’S BECAUSE HE IS!!! After a multitude of illegal actions over 5 yrs. as president, he has never been prosecuted.

  34. patriotdaddy says

    if obama can break the laws then so can we……you cannot lead a country without leading by example…if he is immune to the laws then so are we….

  35. Ken Trefaller says

    Bergdhall is a muslim traitor and will be pardoned by Obama

  36. victorbarney says

    WARNING: Socially there are two basic types of personality: “Internal” & “External;” “Internals” are: I CAN CONTROL MY OWN DESTINITY! “Externals” are soldiers of FATE and they feel as though their own destiny CAN NOT BE CONTROL BY THEM THEMSELVES and all is HOPELESS! Both Anglo-Saxons & Jews generally are an “INTERNAL” personality types and feel that they CAN CONTROL their own destiny! However, Marxists(Our Democratic Party since the later 1800’s are for “EXTERNAL PERSONALITY-CONTROL” and ONLY EXTERNALS have been allowed citizenship with the only exception being Cubans, who also display INTERNAL PERSONALITY CONTROL! Obviously women via their own nurturing biology tend to be “Externals” and look for being controlled! For instance the Chinese also are “External” people, but the Mongols are “Internal people” and it is THEY who run the Chinese! Ouch!

    1. infadelicious says

      I am a nurturing woman who doesn’t look for being controlled. I am good right? We’re still on for September?

      1. victorbarney says

        My wife also is an Social Internal woman, but statistically women are “Externals” 100% of the time within one standard deviation of the mean at the 2 1/2% level for error in measurement. Remember the headline: “Women alone” elect BHO, the “fundamental transformation guy” into MARXISM(ANTI-CHRIST), so don’t tell me that women didn’t know what Obama was promising them with his “fundamental transformation of government” a “Marxist” promise because women are our verbally superior sex, not men! Although I said this September, I did so ONLY because the Spiritual Feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War) occurs on a Wednesday this year and I know that our Jewish, not Greek, -born Savior actually began his ministry on a Annual Feast of Trumpets that also was on a Wednesday that year. Actually, I had been leaning towards 2015 for the two-witnesses of Revelation 7 & 11 to appear, but the Feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War) occurring on a Wednesday this year got me thinking otherwise. Time will either prove my “educated” guess right or wrong for sure…

        1. Homonymous 'Merkin says

          Beano, Vic–look into it.

          1. infadelicious says

            Beano, yes of course , gather beano we much!!

  37. Dolly M. says

    “Somehow Barack Obama feels he’s “above” the law”……uh-h-h-h…..yeah, Barry has NEVER had ANY regards for LAWS !!! From day one he’s spat upon every God-given law this country apportions to Americans and ALL those who live and breathe here. His entire Administration included. Name ONE law -abiding ,decent, and ethical member of this White House…….and certainly NOT Hillary Jane Fonda Clinton! Though J.F. ‘s come to Jesus recently. (sic) Bo has NEVER in his lifetime, dealt w/ the letter of the law. He’s associated entirely w/ rogue black-sheep. God Bless ALL of Us..

  38. Paul D. Conley says

    Bowe Bergdahl has been released from his hospital and will shortly be administratively released from the US Army! Since no Courts Marshall charges have been made, and Bowe Bergdahl has fulfilled his enlistment contract, he will be discharged shortly, with an Honorable discharge, with the ability to receive the medical care he so desperately needs from the VA Hospital located near his home in Idaho! And that will be the end of Sargent Bowe Bergdahl! He will receive a 100% rating from VA for his PTSD and be paid compensation of about $2,900.00 a month, for the rest of his troubled life! In time, Bowe Bergdahl will be forgotten, as he should be! The Taliban will continue doing what ever they please!

    Bowe Bergdahl

  39. mtman2 says

    Meamwhile the Marine in Mexican prison has been left behind.
    But of course, “he had guns” and why would anyone want or need them? Owe -I just bit my tongue!

  40. Katie Jones says

    Obama seems to be helping Sunni Terrorist. Look at what he has done regarding the Arab Spring. He he even say a word when Iran people were in the streets rebelling even though American citizen told him to. Quiet from the White House spoke volumes.

  41. C K Johnson says

    Bergdahl it is illegal for him to be free. He needs to be in the brig, Awaiting a trial for Desertion, Treason, AWOL, And Aiding the enemy. Along with Obama who had no right to negotiate with TERRORIST ( 1 Broken Law ) Not informing Congress 30 days prior to his starting his negotiations with Terrorist. And giving 5 Terrorist for 1.

  42. Elizabeth Miller says

    We want the traitor arrested along with all of his cronnies and tried for treason

  43. Harvey Melton says

    obama would not be impeached nor put in prison if he shot someone dead on public tv or this is the way it seems, he is the lawless one who can get away with whatever he wants.this is his mindset.until control is taken away from all the enablers in all branches of govt then he will continue to get a free pass on everything.

  44. tk-atty says

    I don’t know why he has not been impeached already. Is Congress complicit or are they just more concerned with getting elected. Either one is terribly disturbing, as each day brings more danger and the fact that Obama is an enemy and traitor to our Great Nation.

  45. Gary Grimm says

    End game? There is no end game other than the transformation of American into an emasculated, unarmed socialist third world welfare state.

  46. Spark1845 says

    Assbama himself should be in GITMO. He would like it. Being around all of his countrymen. He loves them, not AMERICA. He is the ultimate PUNK ASS BITCH of this world. PERIOD. HANG the PRICK. NOW. Every time his plane takes off, I have hopes the engine FAIL. Oh, oh great that would be. I have no concern for him only that the Bastard, and he is a BASTARD, he admits and likes being one, is tearing our country down and no one is doing anything about it. Get a PLAN PEOPLE.

  47. Tiger says

    The end game is if this deserter ever is freed and wonders near a VFW or any place where soldiers frequent.

    His end will be their fair game.

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