The Canonization of Barack Obama


The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is amusing if you can set your politics aside for an hour or so, and President Obama proved once again this year that he is adept at delivering a joke. If you could take the measure of a president by how many laughs he’s able to get, Obama would go down in history with the best of them.

And if it’s up to the mainstream media, that’s exactly what will happen.

Watching CNN and MSNBC cover the dinner as though it was the Oscars was embarrassing enough, but their unabashed fawning over the president was even worse. Now that Obama is sliding inexorably towards lame duck status, the media is ready to finally toss off the pretense and embrace America’s first black president with the respect they feel he deserves. It’s 2008 all over again, and the canonization of Barack Obama has begun.

Hillary Clinton saw it coming. She had a front-row seat to the show when it began. If there has been one consistent theme throughout her campaign, it’s that she is the closest thing out there to a third Obama term. Sure, that’s pandering to black voters. Sure, that’s pandering to the liberal base. But most of all, it’s playing to the inevitable media narrative sure to dominate the last six months of Obama’s presidency. By the time the tear-jerking retrospectives are over, they’ll have us believing that we should carve Obama’s face into Mt. Rushmore.

Historical accuracy matters less and less to the media. They aren’t interested in presenting the truth, especially if that truth runs counter to their goals. Saint Obama can help them reach those goals; Real Obama cannot. Real Obama exposes the lie of liberalism, the pitfalls of identity politics, and the dangers of putting charisma before character. Saint Obama still stands for “hope,” “change,” and all of the vague dreams that put him in the White House the first time around.

The facts of Obama’s presidency will become immaterial. Comedian Larry Wilmore, who hosted the event, said as much. Wilmore noted that Obama’s blackness was, to him, the most important thing about him. And as we wrap up what any objective historian must regard as a failed presidency, that’s the story we will hear from the media. It’s not about what he did or didn’t do; it’s about what he symbolized. And if they can get enough Americans to buy that, then Obama will indeed go down in history as One of the Greats.

  1. Alleged Comment says

    Oh don’t worry some one will come out with a book later that will tell the truth what the turd world already knows about Negroes and why there is not a SINGLE turd-world negro leader in their countries. The exception is Africka, of course, because they have no choice and there is not a single country great on that continent.

    The lieberals will “doll up” the negro sodomite like the sissies they are. As it is said a failed presidency and I might add, like no other.

    But the sodomite negro will grin ear to ear not because he was funny but what he thought he did to America was.

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      1. alfy says

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      2. john says

        What you tellin me about your roomate for..Shouldn’t she be the one speaking..SCAM, FLAGGED!!!

      3. Nathan Harlis says

        Doesn’t look like a secure website to me.

      4. Rick Rogers says

        Thank you Ethel for posting the most intelligent comment this site has ever seen

        1. ABO says

          Right up there with your incompetent drivel eh, Ricky Boy???

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Whatever Ass clown

          2. ABO says

            Ooh, words of wisdom from the brainless wonder, Little Ricky. About the full extent of your wisdom isn’t it Ricky?

    2. headonstraight says

      Hey there, egregious racist scumbag!

      1. Robert Barnes says

        hay shit head, can’t stand the truth

  2. buddman says

    China Just took a bigShit on Obama By not allowing a U S Aircraft carrier to Dock in Hong Kong which Navy has done for years and Oshitstain thinks it is funny How tragic this parasite is to this Country

    1. Tiger says

      If they would only do a flyover and dump that pile on the WH I would be happy.

      1. buddman says

        Out House more like it

        1. Tiger says

          Better yet drop it on O’s head.

        2. Zelda says

          You seem overly preoccupied with shit. Were you potty trained too late/early? Did not get enough middle school bullying? C student, feeling shame for under-achieving?

          Sorry you would undermine our country, and the man who helped clean up the very nasty Bush mess. Sadly, some of you are listening to that Facist, celebrity show host idiot; Trump, who continues to lie about everything – his net worth, all the great things he can magically do, all the people he doesn’t like will get their comeuppance. Especially illegals running in packs across our border – utter nonsense. They are not even coming here anymore, certainly not as presented by the Trumpster ( i.e.; the propaganda film of a large group of people running, which was video-taped in some Eastern European country – Trump lied and said it was at the U.S./Mexican border). There will be no wall, and Mexico will not for it.

          I realize that whatever I say won’t change your opinion – you are going to continue your hate-fest, your ape-ish fantasy to throw poop on our president – but none of your talk or fantasies will make any difference, either. Hillary is going to win the nomination, and she will be our next president, and she will be great. And now you can hate me! imagine throwing shit at me. It won’t matter at all.

          1. buddman says

            LMFAO Hillary will be in Prison Bernie will fade into the sunset and Trump will be President The Obunghole will be gone hopefully back to Africa where he came from Zelda was a make believe tarot card reader in a Tom hanks Movie She failed TOO

          2. Tired... says

            This just in from the National Enquirer/MSNBC/Fox: Hillary and Trump are twins separated at birth. Subtitle: Narcissism and delusion run in the family.

            The idea that one party is responsible for this mess is absurd but people on both sides of the aisle love to buy into that notion because it justifies their hate and scorn of those who disagree with them. Let’s just divorce and be done with it.

    2. AmericanBelle1 says

      China’s not the only country throwing the big turds at Obama…don’t forget all of the Middle East, North Korea, Russia, as well as our “former” allies who Obama trashed and walked out on, who are shitting their brains out to get the appropriate ammunition for the biggest turd in history who unfortunately is living in our White House! Once he’s out, we have an awful lot of work to do to clean up his mess!

      1. buddman says

        Fumigation is the first step to get the Stench out Then it will have to be Gutted

        1. john says

          Burn it,, rebuild it..

        2. Mark Lahti says

          The first couple and kids will probably steal more stuff out of our WH than the Clintons did.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Cuba took a bigshit on 0bama by ignoring his arrival in Cuba….

      0bama is an easy target.

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    If the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe is elected we will be marching in parades in front of massive pictures of the Great One, with the bigwigs of the one-party presidential regime standing on Saul Alinsky’s tomb. Most of those reading this post – assuming it survives the multi-million-dollar “correction” campaign that George Soros is paying for so that any mention on the internet of the leather-clad liar from Lesbos is laudatory – will not be there as they will be in some kind of preventive detention for one or another of their opinions. Some might also not understand the proceedings as they will be in Spanish. The marxist muslim from Mombasa will be the Big Brother of the Orwellian Oceania that is about to be imposed on us by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Home run Miles.

    2. headonstraight says

      How silly, shallow, shameful, simplistic and just plain STUPID your alliterative asininity truly is!

      1. jim says

        You need to wake up you dumb ass wipe

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Head up his ass is truly all of that and more. His comments consistently prove that point beyond any shadow of a doubt.

          1. Jarhead says

            Troll HEAD On St. ==Clearly addicted to the colon mucus that causes brain, sight & hearing dysfunction.

      2. ABO says

        Gee, who helped you with all those big words, dimwit???

        1. headonstraight says

          I needed no help at all. Only persons with a very limited vocabulary would consider the words I used to be “big words.” That pretty well tells us where YOU stand relative to command of our Mother Tongue.

          1. ABO says

            Sorry, having read your previous posts here I simply assumed that anyone as ignorant as you have shown yourself to be would have needed help with what I have to assume would be vocabulary that would utterly confuse a dimwit like you.

          2. headonstraight says

            Continue to underestimate me to your own discredit and embarrassment. It is s-o-o-o-o easy for wingers like you to simply ALLEGE things instead of providing evidence to support them. Watch our with that ASSuming; it can make an ASS out of you.

          3. ABO says

            It would be impossible to underestimate you, headupass. My estimation of you is based entirely on the idiotic drivel you post here and is therefore embedded in your own small sadly lacking intellect.

  4. Milton W. Lowe says

    I go back to what Clint Eastwood said in 2012 I para phrase: “Obama is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people…”That about covers it for me.

    1. Croco Dile says

      Obamao is just a Puppet like the other Puppets before him.
      Totally irrelevant.
      Just a face for the gullible masses, liberal and conservative.
      For the gullible liberals to worship.
      For the angry conservatives to spit on.

      This way everyone is distracted from looking at who is pulling the strings.

      Thank you, Don’t Fix This Nation . com, for the distraction !!!

    2. Sam L. Brown says

      Amen to that Mr. Lowe but I’m fearful that if Hillary the Dunce makes it to the white house she will push Obummer into 2nd place.

      1. tigersvoice says

        True, dat!

      2. AmericanBelle1 says

        Aside from minorities…who more than likely will not get off their butts to vote for HIllary…who’s left to put her in the WH. While the Democrats have had the lowest turnout in years (Hillary got more votes when she was running against Obama!), the GOP has had the greatest. And tens of thousands of people, mostly Democrats, have left the party in order to support Trump! I’m willing to bet there are far more people who hate Obama, Democrats, liberalism, political correctness, and the biased media who are making it their mission to make sure all are creamed in November, than there are supporters who will take the time to go out and actually vote for them.

        1. Sam L. Brown says

          Less hope you are correct AmericanBelle1. We as a nation is dead if those decrepit Liberals retain the seat of power the illegal’s and the free Loaders of our country will take us down, down, down unless we either take back or country one way or another and one of our options will not be pretty you can rest assured.

          1. gonzales27 says

            Better elect Trump to have any hope.

          2. Sam L. Brown says

            Agree so less do it and shove these nit wits into the cesspool of hell where they belong until they get some damn sense. Unbelievable there are as many dummies in this country as there appears to be.

          3. BILL3000 says

            Actually,Shit-for-Brains Brown it’s “in this country as there appear to be”.

          4. Lyndau123 says

            Thank you Bill300 for being Killary’s representative of the bash the Conservative voters with Libturd LIES TROLLS! Okay, we’ve had our quota now from your type so you can go back INTO your CAVE! NOW! MORON!

          5. ABO says

            Oh, aren’t you just brilliant. Can’t contribute anything worthwhile, just post crude insults like the spoiled brat parasite you are and then, typical bottom feeder, give yourself a thumbs up. Absolutely pathetic.

          6. BILL3000 says

            Lighten up,ABO!! It’s Obvious that you have Shit for brains without your having to prove it again and again and again,Honey Cunt!!

          7. ABO says

            Time for little Billy Boy to get back down to Mommy’s basement, it’s your place in life, parasite.

          8. BILL3000 says

            Right,since Franco,Hirohito,Hitler and Mussolini are all dead!

        2. pmbalele says

          The Canonization is a wrong label. Making Barack Obama as an Angel or Savior is the right label. After all last year People in this Big USA and the world voted Obama as most likable person in USA and the world. He was followed by Pope Francis. Just imagine Obama beat the Pope in the polls. Hillary was voted the most likable female in the World and USA. Now here you’re whining why people voted them as the most liable people. Screw you. Put up or shut up and vote for Hillary.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            You are so full of BULLSH!T it is coming out your ears.

          2. pmbalele says

            Well, that is what I see it. I am actually living in heaven now whether you like it or not. And there you’re depressed and may have high blood pressure for you do not want to work. You either a TP or Repub who are always after government entitlements. Shut up and go to work. If you do not have a job come to my county. Employers are bidding for workers. That is why we need more illegals here.

          3. MRHapla says

            that is what you hallucinate, your boy Obozo is globally despised

          4. pmbalele says

            Are the Bushes and Reagan respected globally? No. Only Repubs and TPs love Reagan. Bush 1 and Bush II were good people. Clintons and Obama are respected for their calmness. The problem of the Bushes is they went to Iraq the 2nd time. For what? I have no idea. They killed Sadam who had controlled those morons from the north now called ISIS. ISIS is directly linked to Sadam’s fall.

          5. MRHapla says

            your deflection and projection defense is pitifully weak. you cannot defend your boy Obozo, or his forebear Carter, so you bring up some Repubs? Reagan and Bush I are well regarded, except for the PCLibDemScum. Bush II ? Just didn’t move in fast enough to get the WMDs, or sty long enough to impose a decent gov’t,,

            However, if the Shah were still in place,,then Iran and Saudi Arabia are firmly in our pocket , today and for the last 40 years,,,, but hey!! Democrats suck at everything.

          6. Lyndau123 says

            Take your CROCK of BS somewhere else, Killary TROLL! You just VERIFY your ignorance with EVERY NASTY Libturd WORD!

          7. pmbalele says

            Do you know 66% of Americans will vote for Hillary? Trump is now shining because those supporting him are racist and bigots. These are the true minorities comprising 38%. So it better for you to cast your winning vote with Hillary. Forget about Trump and his GOP elites. They are losing to Hillary.

          8. Lyndau123 says

            You are DELUSIONAL. You enjoy Lying just like your Murderess, Totally Corrupt, Lying, Thief and Traitor Killary! Killary is going DOWN -BIG time! The USA is SICK of her lawlessness and lying. Latest poll across the board? Over 80% of all Americans do not TRUST the Witch – AT ALL!! Keep Dreaming… MORON! Get ready for a RUDE AWAKENING! We have had ENOUGH of Dem Libturds DESTROYING our nation !

          9. pmbalele says

            Okay, did you really mean by” Hillary is corrupt, Lying, Thief and Traitor> Do you remember the IRAN contra? That is what you will get with Trump. Thank God he will not be elected for the WH job.

          10. Lyndau123 says

            Yes, I meant it because it is the TRUTH! Something you obviously know NOTHING ABOUT! Thanks for VERIFYING your ignorance, once again, for the rest of us who are SANE! Trump WILL be elected. Stay HOME, MORON!

          11. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Gonna move out when he does? I hear Lena Dunham is putting a caravan together. I’ll pay for you share of the gas. Deal?

          12. ABO says

            Count me in as well. I’ll even make them sandwiches for the trip. Oh and they’ll need bottled water too.

          13. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            You really need to stop using Sesame Street as your source for math, it only makes you look more foolish.

          14. Gerry Costa says

            Your post just proved what a moron you really are. You know nothing about me yet you chose to think that I don’t work and I take gov’t handouts —- you are an extremely ignorant person.

          15. ABO says

            And a fine representative of the Party of the Perpetually Offended Parasites.

          16. ABO says

            Sit tight there, balele your orderlies will be there soon and they’re bringing your favorite jacket. You know, the one with the really long arms. You might want to have them bring Little Billy 3000 along to keep you company as he is every bit the pathetically delusional lunatic that you are.

          17. pmbalele says

            Where were you to respond to my posting today. Are you afraid of TPs and Repubs- the gun-slingers? I do not see why people in big cities should have guns. Those living in woods or in the country sure they should have guns for they can be visited by bears or mountain lions. Also if you intend to visit Serengeti or Ngoro Ngoro you should have guns because your neighbors can be lions, tigers or big snakes. So you need a gun. Actually, I should remove leopards. Those do not attack people. It’s the lions and tigers-very naughty. So relinquish your gun if living in big cities.

          18. ABO says

            I see that the institution that has been trying to direct you back to sanity has failed miserably, pmbalele. I have to assume that you are off your meds again. The gibberish that you post here is absolutely amazing. You are right out in the ozone. Good luck ever being allowed back on the street in this lifetime.

          19. pmbalele says

            If we do not expect Russians, Japanese or Chinese to invade this country, you do not need a gun if living in big cities. But I would advise to have one in you live near Serengeti. Three White kids were killed by their own guns when cheated their friend of his money. Three White died – just imagine what the parents are going through. I do not have a gun nor do I plan to have a gun. If there is shooting outside I will crow in my basement and wait for Swat team to disengage the shooter.

          20. ABO says

            By all means keep babbling your inane, myopic blather, pmbalele. It proves to everyone who reads it what a collection of pathetic lemmings liberals really are. Keep up the good work, Dimwit.

          21. Jarhead says

            Spot on Gerry….those with their head up their colon are easy to spot….along with colon mucus causing lack of brain, sight & hearing functions. A typical paid troll is pmbalele…

          22. BILL3000 says

            Jarhead,Honey Cunt your description of pmbelle was mistaken!!1 That description accurately fits Rick Santorum.

          23. gonzales27 says

            And mostly all Democrats

          24. BILL3000 says

            No,Gerry Costa,you mistook Your Reflection in the mirror for pmbalele,Cunt!!!

          25. gonzales27 says

            This belongs in the comedy section

          26. Sam L. Brown says

            You are a damn idiot and a pos.

          27. pmbalele says

            Thanks, but I am living in heaven now. You and your buddy in the picture must have high blood pressure for hating Blacks. You’re too late now. You should have lived in 50s and 60s when Blacks were nothing but begging for freedom. I am free and feel so good. If you dare abuse me, I will sue you until all your money is gone. Thank God we have Obamacare. So if you get ill after all your money is gone, Obamacare will take care of you. Stop-free yourself of hatred. That will reduce your high blood pressure, you will live longer. Repubs and TPs are having ED because stress for hating Blacks and Trump. Stop that hatred and you will cure yourself with ED. Got it now you two?

          28. Lyndau123 says

            You already said this. Memory gone along with your IQ? No longer in existence!

          29. BILL3000 says

            Great,SANE Comment,pmbalele!!!! BUT Bernie,NOT Hillary for me.

          30. pmbalele says

            Bernie is a good guy. His problem is trying to inject socialism in this Country. Socialism does not work although it is fair on its face. In socialist countries, there is too much corruptions, fraud and laziness. People do not work as hard as in capitalist countries. The only problem with pure capitalism is the notion survival of the fittest or most corrupt. I like Bernie but not for his socialist ideas.

          31. Gerry Costa says

            You’re right finally —- the “witch” believes in the most corrupt will survive, after all she is a career cheap crook.

          32. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            That’s the smartest thing I’ve seen you post. In fact, it’s the ONLY smart thing I’ve seen you post.

          33. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            Certainly Obama is an angel, just like Lucifer!

        3. Combatvet52 says

          Obama, Democrats, liberalism, political correctness, GET RID OF IT and we know where to start.

          1. gonzales27 says

            Elect Trump

          2. BILL3000 says

            Chinga Le,Su Madre,Su Padre,y Sus Ninos!!!

          3. Lyndau123 says

            B.S! Killary Liar Troll!

          4. Combatvet52 says

            Right on 27

          5. gonzales27 says

            Only person that can save us now,go Trump

          6. Reade Adams says


          7. gonzales27 says

            How about Bags Clinton?

          8. Reade Adams says

            Racist bigoted violent Drumpf?

        4. BILL3000 says

          YAY!!!! RIGHT !!! Trump has the Redneck Vote Sewed Up!!!

          1. Gerry Costa says

            I’d rather be a redneck than a POS moron who thinks obozo has done anything good for this country. You and pm need to get a hotel room and practice your transgendering.

          2. Bob says

            You anger, frustration and continual obsession with gays and male genitalia is a clear sign that you are a closet homosexual. Sadly it is folks like you who intentionally break the so you can go to prison- that way you can satisfy your suppressed urges to be with a man but can claim it was rape and therefore prove you are not a true gay. So sad.

      3. Croco Dile says

        Really ?????

        What about the Federal Reserve ?

        It seems it does not exist at all in the minds of simple people.


        1. 012017 endofanerror says

          Croco got to give you props for that. odumbo is 2nd though.

        2. GrumpyOleMan says

          What about the Federal Reserve? 1st it’s not “federal”. It’s a cabal of bankers working a conspiracy for bankers out in the open. And there is no “reserve”. When you get right down to it, money is an illusion. It’s worth nothing because it’s backed by nothing. Its nothing more than an IOU based on the “full faith and credit” of the United States. I for one have no faith in our government and certainly wouldn’t provide them any credit!

      4. gonzales27 says

        The past 7 plus years have been great for Jimmy Carter,got him out of the worst President ever category.

        1. John Doe says

          Excellent observation. But I think you should have said Jimma, the peanut farmer that hates Israel. A true dereliction of duty from democraps.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            Hater of Israel and lover of cowards !!!

          2. gonzales27 says

            Yea,I am not like Hillary,can’t change my dialect depending on what part of the country I’m in,

          3. Lyndau123 says

            And notice how many times she says something Blatantly NASTY to her “constituency” so has to go back and say she just “misspoke? Example: to the Coal Miners recently. They are angry for good reason. She SAID she would SHUT all the coal mines and fracking down and SHE MEANT it! Anyone who believes her “oh, i misspoke” should be deported for IGNORANCE!

          4. Reade Adams says

            And those should be shut down. They are ruining the Earth.

          5. Zelda says

            Yeah, why bother with changing your dialect when you can just be a total liar, like Trump? He is a pathological liar of the first order. Not to mention a womanizer, an adulterer, a businessman who has to put his name in giant letters on towering atrocities, declared bankruptcy 4 times, a woman hater, a racist, a Fascist, and a celebrity TV host who, when Fox wasn’t going to renew his contract, decided to run for president! A true nutcase! Only good at stand-up, low-rent jokes, and manipulating the media He has world leaders worried that a psychopath may have the nuclear code. If he manages to beat Clinton(I don’t think that will happen) our country will finally reach the form of government many of you think you want – an idiocracy.

          6. gonzales27 says

            I would be careful about calling someone a liar if I were a Clinton supported.Also goes for the term womanizer if I were a Hillary supporter,who is married to Slick Willie.

          7. Reade Adams says

            Should we call John F Kennedy, Slick Johnny, or Dwight D Eisenhower, Slick Dwighty? Slick Johnny slept with everyone he could. Slick Dwighty had a full-time mistress. Compared to them Bill Clinton comes out almost lily white. Get some perspective, folks.

          8. gonzales27 says

            Were any of them doing it in the White house as President and impeached for it?

          9. Reade Adams says

            They were all doing it while they were in the White House. Roosevelt was another one.

          10. ReadeMyLips says

            What does impeachment have to do with anything? John Kennedy had multiple lovers, although in those days the press didn’t repot those things. Wasn’t he just as wrong as Clinton was? He was certainly a more prolific womanizer.

          11. MRHapla says

            you’re delusion , if not outright insane. JFK and Slick Willie were serial horndogs, Ike MIGHT have had something going in London. Doubtful.

          12. Reade Adams says

            Ike had a mistress, definitely. However, I am a bit concerned about your name-calling. Delusional and outright insane? Tell me, upon what do you base that assessment? Is it because you don’t agree with what I wrote and therefore you think I’m insane? Your logic is faulty, MRHapla, if you can even call it logic..

          13. MRHapla says

            My logic and response were dead on target. You compared serial horn dogs/border line rapists , in the White House, with on nebulous relationship.

            You, and your fellow PCLibScumDems are always so very desperate to deflect and defend your guilty as Hell Democrats, using any projection of their filth.

            Get it now?

          14. ReadeMyLips says

            Yeah, I get it. You’re a hater.

          15. MRHapla says

            yeah , I get that you’re so deep in PCLibDemBS mode that you cannot distinguish between life long serial rapists, abetted by their wifebeast,

            how deep into chaos are you freaks really willing to descend?

          16. ReadeMyLips says

            My, my. Methinks you doth protest too much. Flawed logic, incorrect assumptions, hateful words, narrow vision… That’s how I see you, based on your responses. I’m sorry you are so irritated and upset with half the population of America. Life is way more difficult when you carry so much anger. May your god bless you and give you peace.

          17. ReadeMyLips says

            Kay Summersby. She has written a book about their relationship. My point is, though, that lots of presidents throughout history have had women on the side. Clinton is one of them, yes, but he stands in good company there (or bad, depending how you perceive having a mistress or lover).

          18. Lyndau123 says

            Thankyou for confirming the message going out about PAID Killary commentators to LIE for her against anyone who dislikes her candidacy. Proof Positive of the Deceitful, Devious, and NASTY supporters of a Corrupt, LYING, Murderess Traitor!

          19. gonzales27 says

            But he had good peanut farms subsidized with Government money

        2. MRHapla says

          yeah, but he’s a strong second,,the entire mess we’re in the ME, stems from him not supporting the Shah, that’s really when the wheels came off the wagon

          1. gonzales27 says


          2. BILL3000 says

            SUPPORT the Shah,eh? SO,MRHapla:YOU Support State Sponsored Oligarchy,Torture and State TERRORISM…Very nice!

          3. MRHapla says

            The ayatollahs are better? The Shah was keeping the MudSlime craziers in check. And was on our side. So yeah.

          4. gonzales27 says

            And Saddam was our friend,just ask Obama.

          5. MRHapla says

            he dindu nuffins

          6. Zelda says

            The U.S. put the Shah in place! The CIA has already admitted that they assassinated the secular, reasonable premier, or president, of their own choosing,(can’t remember his name) so we could rip them off for their oil, for several decades. The Shah was a puppet of the U.S. government. Probably none of the crazy terrorist crap would have ever happened if the U.S. and its allies had let the region choose its leader back in the 50’s. I’m sure the U.S. was not planning for that to happen, but you don’t know your Mideast history! The Shah was on our side because WE secretly put him there, and we controlled the oil in the region that way. Same thing when after WWI and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the English & French and everyone decided to DRAW the borders to create what is today Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan, without recognizing the cultural or religious implications, or allowing them to participate in that decision.

          7. MRHapla says

            You’re proving my point, the Shah was our guy, the other guy was with the Commies. Our guy=good for our side, If more had been dne to keep our guys in place in the ’50s -60’s, you don’t have Nasser you don’t get Qadaffy, you sure as Hell don’t the ayatollahs.

            The only thing they screwed up after WWI and II is not giving ‘Iraq” to the Kurds.

            Funny how all the PCLib Mudslime lovers overlook 30,000,000 stateless ‘brothers’, but will blow up the world because a few million Arab Muslims can’t find an Arab Muslim country out of 40,000,000 sq mi and among 500,000,000 Arab MudSlimes.

      5. Combatvet52 says

        God Help us all.

      6. BILL3000 says

        “Obummer”,Sam L. Brown?? very clever SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!

    3. jim says

      Some how I hope a real American wins the race for the WH and the true facts about Obama come out and he becomes the first President to be locked up in prison along Hillary

      1. Nathan Harlis says

        They would kill Donald Trump if he won legally.

        1. john says

          Who’s they that you know of..?????

        2. gonzales27 says

          Only Democrats win illegally

          1. ABO says

            Which is the only way they can win.

          2. gonzales27 says

            Yea and they are good at it

          3. ABO says

            Ya, you got that right, gonzales27.

          4. Reade Adams says

            You folks may be delusional to think that democrats have won illegally.

          5. ABO says

            You folks may be delusional to think that democrats have won legally.

          6. Reade Adams says

            Oh, please. Just because someone wins with whom you don’t agree doesn’t mean that there was anything illegal or questionable about the election.

          7. ABO says

            When a candidate receives more votes than there are registered voters in a particular district it kinda makes one wonder.

          8. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            The Dems are really good at rallying the totally unrecognized and under appreciated, DEAD VOTER! Yes, apparently deceased people are allowed to vote under the democratic thumb!!!

          9. ABO says

            You got that right, Jeff.

          10. ABO says

            2012, several large voting districts reported vastly more votes cast than registered voters and in ALL of those districts nearly every vote counted was for Obama. Look it up, there’s plenty more there that you might (or might not) be interested in learning.

          11. ReadeMyLips says

            Sorry, I think your sources are promulgating bad data and extreme exaggeration.

          12. ABO says

            Afraid of the truth??? Look it up yourself.

          13. Zelda says

            Oh really? Then why are the rethuglicans closing down hundreds of voting places in many states? Rachael Maddow did a long segment on it. The working poor, poor whites and people of color normally vote Democratic, and they are the ones who have the hardest time getting a ride, or finding a babysitter, or whatever they must do, to travel several miles to vote. This is a very low tactic put into place by the GOP, it should be illegal. They are keeping law-abiding citizens from their right to vote! How legal is that? All of us know exactly why they are doing it. They are also responsible for re-districting, which puts the votes in their favor. Very un-American and just WRONG.

        3. Reade Adams says

          The liberals would kill Drumpf? I don’t think so. Maybe some one crazy person, no politics involved, might try assassination. Those types have always been with us. But the whole band of liberals working together to “off” a president? No way.

          1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            They did it to Jon F Kennedy!

          2. ReadeMyLips says

            That’s a theory I’ve never heard before: Liberals assassinate JFK. What are you sources for that info?

          3. ReadeMyLips says

            Liberals killed John Kennedy? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that theory. Did you read the Warren Commission report of the assassination and follow-up investigation and make that interpretation of the findings?

      2. pineapple says

        Obama’s Killer Economy
        By Betsy McCaughey
        Wednesday, April 27 2016
        Every candidate should be putting forward policies to jumpstart the economy – including lowering corporate tax rates, deregulating, improving international trade deals, and wooing companies and capital back into the U.S.

        Middle-aged people laid off and unable to find work are taking another way out. They’re killing themselves. Suicide rates are soaring, according to federal data released last week. Especially in economically depressed states and job-starved regions like upstate New York. People in need of work are twice as likely to take their own lives as employed people, and people fired in their forties and fifties find it hardest to get hired again.

        That makes boosting economic growth a life and death issue. But you wouldn’t know it listening to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama whitewashes reality, claiming the “American economy is pretty darn good right now.”

        False. The Obama economy is stalled. It grew at a measly 0.7 percent annualized rate in the first quarter of this year. That’s compared with the 3.5 percent rate the U.S. enjoyed for most of the 20th century. That’s the growth needed to sustain employment and optimism.

        True, the economy slowed under George W. Bush. Obama inherited a recession, and with it, a suicide epidemic. When the recession hit, suicide deaths suddenly started outnumbering deaths from auto accidents. But eight years later, job losses are still driving the suicide rate higher and higher.

        Hillary Clinton seems not to care. She’s pledging to close down the coal industry and block fracking of natural gas. Which means more pain for coal country and for portions of upstate New York that are sitting on natural gas treasure. Self-inflicted deaths in the Syracuse area are up about 40 percent in the past five years, and rates in depressed western New York are double New York City’s rate, all attributable to economic distress. Upstate New Yorkers are literally dying for jobs.

        Similarly, joblessness is killing people in Walker County, Alabama, where the coal mines have been shutting down, leaving families destitute. Since 1999, premature deaths among the middle aged there have more than doubled — some from suicide and others from slower methods of self-destruction like alcohol and opioids. Anne Case, a Princeton University economist has documented the rapid increase in premature deaths, a consequence of “millions of people … in pain.”

        New Jersey used to have one of the lowest suicide rates in the nation, but it’s shot up 13 percent in two years. “We’ve seen a wave of suicides that resulted from the financial crisis a little bit later than other parts of the country,” reports prevention advocate Phil Lubitz.

        Stagnating wages are linked to suicide in every state. Montana, which has the highest suicide rate in the nation, in part because of the isolated lifestyle there, has seen the same sudden surge as elsewhere in the nation. “Probably the biggest reason is socio-economic,” says Karl Rosston, Montana’s suicide prevention coordinator.

        Economic distress is so widespread that for the first time ever, life expectancy of white women in the U.S. actually dropped. Despite progress against cancer and heart disease, lives are being cut short by hopelessness.

        It’s a national health emergency. Suicide kills more middle agers than flu, pneumonia and diabetes combined. They often occur after dashed expectations, abandonment by a spouse and loss of self-worth. Then, a bullet to the head or a noose (for men), or a deliberate drug overdose (for women) ends the pain.

        These tragedies should awaken this nation to the real issue in the coming presidential election. It is not inequality, despite Bernie Sanders’ rants. It’s lack of growth and the Democratic Party’s refusal to make growth a priority.

        People don’t kill themselves because their neighbor has more money. They take their life when they can see no way to get a job, support their family and regain self-worth.

        The Congressional Budget Office predicts that with current policies in effect, growth will lumber along at less than 3 percent — too little to stop the suicides.

        Every candidate should be putting forward policies to jumpstart the economy — including lowering corporate tax rates, deregulating, improving international trade deals, and wooing companies and capital back into the U.S.

        Job-killing policies are people-killers, too. Suicide spiked during the Depression in 1933, rose and fell with economic growth thereafter, and hit an all time low with the tech boom in 2000. Now, 10 years of economic stagnation are producing another wave of human tragedy, as laid off workers see no way out except death.

        1. John Doe says

          Wow, what a great article from Betsy, I’ve always wondered why the feds haven’t placed a greater emphasis on helping to prevent HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) which cause more deaths that all of those of breast cancer and automobile accidents on an annual basis. And so many of them are preventable. That has been Betsy’s fight for years, and she’s absolutely right ! But due to greedy doctors, giant pharma and the FDA it continues to go on needlessly.

        2. Zelda says

          Betsy, I get it that you probably live or once lived in upstate NY, have some family history with the coal industry and know someone close to you that committed suicide. If my last guess is right, I’m very sorry for your loss.
          But these specific incidents are not somehow the fault of Obama, Hillary Clinton or the Democrats.Suicide is a tragic thing, but certainly not all suicides in the U.S. are a direct cause of being unemployed. Yes, not being able to find a job makes people feel desperate and perhaps even suicidal (I know, I’ve been there, and so have many people who managed to not off themselves). Of course some people have tragically killed themselves for that circumstance – but you have no evidence that all suicides are caused by failure to find employment in the U.S.

          Drug abuse and mental illness are huge in terms of some of the fundamental causes. I was born and raised in coal country, and I know from reading and watching that coal is dying, not from anything Obama did, but from a natural kind of death – natural gas is helping put in the last coffin nail. Coal has been dying in my home state since the late 50’s.

          It is time to turn to cleaner, cheaper, more reasonable means of energy – solar & wind specifically – because we are all committing a kind of global suicide by sucking the gas (and coal) out of the ground and burning it (I’m pretty much quoting Bill Maher). Again, I sympathize with your personal issues, but you can’t stick that label on all the families and friends of people, who, for some sad reason, chose to take their own lives. Again, I’m sorry for what may have happened to you personally, but t’s presumptuous of you to proclaim you know the exact reason for all suicides in our country.

          1. Michael says

            The Democrats under Obama ARE attacking the coal industry directly. If you don’t believe it you must be living under a rock somewhere. Oh, and I don’t have any family in the coal industry.

          2. Jonathan Brooks says

            Zelda also needs to talk to China, where coal is NOT dying, but being used regularly, and she needs to understand that Obama and Hilary are fanatics who worship climate change theology, and will do anything to shut coal down, from religious belief. This blood is on Obama’s hands, because coal is still viable, and still makes jobs.

          3. Reade Adams says

            China has some of the worst air quality of all the countries on Earth. It’s beyond time to create and choose clean energy.

          4. Jonathan Brooks says

            China uses dirty coal, and no air quality technology, because theyare communists, and greenie culture is not needed to seek comminist control. Hillary and Obama do not give a pair of dirty underwear about coal that we burn cleanly and use low sulfur variety.
            Obama and hillary do care about selling the fake religion of carbon credits and climate change, since it , by definition, demands communist totalitarian control of the economy to save us from the debble carbon dioxide, which humans and animals expel in breathing. Hillary and Obama want power and will let people die to get it.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            Where is your clean energy? Fairy tail dust waiting in the wings?

          6. ReadeMyLips says

            Wind power and solar are two alternatives. They could be as effective as and cheaper than coal or other earth minerals, definitely cleaner and less pollution. Jobs could be created in those alternative industries.

            Improving the infrastructure in this country would also create thousands of jobs and make our citizens safer. I think we’re on the same side, although we may disagree on how to accomplish it. I don’t want to fight with you or say nasty things. We Americans need to work together. United we stand, divided we fall.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Wind mills are unsightly and kill raptors, and no one wants them in sight of their homes. Solar is ok if the Sun is out.

            Speaking of infrastructure, that was supposed to be covered in the stimulus. Remember? Shovel ready jobs that weren’t so shovel ready? It went to payoffs for donors and union buyouts by your corrupt president. Solyndra gets $550 million and then goes out of business the next week. corrupt corrupt corrupt

          8. ReadeMyLips says

            In other words, unsightly and occasional raptor killing is far worse than the tar sands releasing ozone killing gases and building pipelines that will inevitably fail and leak, causing irreparable damage to the land? With all due respect, I question that logic.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            There’s a lot of raptors and other birds killed. Would you want a wind mill next to your house? Ted Kennedy didn’t! Pipelines are monitored for leaks which are an easy cleanup on land. The planet isn’t warming, and you will not die because of climate change, promise.

          10. ReadeMyLips says

            Oh, dear. So much information on pipeline damage of which you are unaware, along with other disasters. “Unaware” is the operative word here. Climate change may not kill you and me, but its effects in other parts of the world is dire. Wind and solar may have their drawbacks, but they don’t pollute the earth like pipeline spills and leaks. Watch a video on the Canadian tar sands, from which the pipelines flow, to see their massive damage to the environment. It’s past time to explore and implement different options.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            When you have something in the wings as effective and cheaper than fossil fuels, give me a ding-a-ling. Man cannot control the climate. The climate has always changed, what changed it before man was on Earth?

          12. ReadeMyLips says

            Leaks are NOT an easy cleanup. In fact, some spills, such as from fracking, can damage the environment and render the affected land unusable for any purpose. This has happened in North Dakota in every oil-boom period. Photographs and soil test results are further evidence of irreparable damage.

          13. Ed Shick says

            Grow up ! We can and do use Oil from the Oil Sands with no big problem , it could be done with less expense if the Muslim would have OKed the Keystone Pipe line , now it comes in by Rail ! much more cost and more dangerous

          14. ReadeMyLips says

            Much of the oil extracted by Energy Partners, as an example, who are pushing for completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, is going overseas and won’t necessarily be used in this country at all. Who benefits? Big oil. Gasoline is at its lowest price in a long time. We would do better to spend that billions of dollars for the pipeline for r&d of sustainable energy.

          15. Ed Shick says

            One is the Cardinal Power Plant along the Ohio River , It cost a lot but it sue helps on the price of energy !

          16. ABO says

            So… we should bear the burden and cost of ‘clean energy while China continues to pollute the world’s atmosphere, unabated. Typical liberal thought process. How about putting some pressure on China to cut it’s production of pollutants??? Oh of course not. that might be too much trouble and we wouldn’t want to offend the Chinese now would we? As far as I am aware, and I follow these things pretty closely. Obama has made no attempt, absolute zero, to put any pressure of any kind on China to cut back their rate of pollution. No… just dump the entire burden on us and let China continue as they like. That way, our efforts amount to absolutely nothing while costing us a fortune. Typical convoluted liberal thinking.

          17. ReadeMyLips says

            Liberal or conservative has nothing to do with this issue. I learned in Sunday School when I was a kid that two wrongs don’t make a right. Let’s do our part whether or not China does its part. I am guessing that it’s not as simple as saying, “China, clean up your act.” Why would they listen to the United States telling them how to run their country? I’m not defending China’s actions or inactions. What would we do if China told us to stop polluting, or the like? I doubt that we’d jump-to because China gave us an order. Subtlety and diplomacy goes a lot further to bringing others around to a particular viewpoint than hard-nosed venomous words and attitudes.

          18. ABO says

            So, in your opinion, we should bear the brunt and expense of it all while china is allowed to make it all for nothing because we shouldn’t offend them. An utterly ridiculous position as it places a heavy burden while accomplishing absolutely nothing. We can’t clean up the world’s atmosphere while China simply continues to pollute unabated. Until both sides agree to do their part nothing can be accomplished.

          19. ReadeMyLips says

            We can each do our part to clean up our pollution issues here in this country. We can’t MAKE China do anything. No, it’s not fair. Yes, they are huge polluters. But it’s not a matter of us offending China. What would we do to remediate their pollution issues? Send our armies over there and take over their country and force them to do what we want them to do?

            We can’t wait until China gets on board to tackle pollution issues in this country. As a good citizen of this country, I want to do my part, small though it may be, to cut pollution of the universe. Recycle, buy less stuff, reuse, develop successful and cheaper alternative energy systems, like solar and wind. I look at personal involvement as my responsibility as a citizen to be a good steward of the environment and our people.

            Frustrating as it may be that China isn’t doing its part, I take pride that I can make a positive contribution. Looking around the world, Canada is no saint either. The tar sands oil recovery process is dirty and destructive and pipelines are almost certain to leak with time. It’s beyond time to develop alternatives to fossil fuels.

          20. Ed Shick says

            I America we have the ways to burn our Coal with out the dirt !

          21. 1Clara2 says

            And, may I add, mining coal has been produced by much cleaner methods in recent years. There’s no lucid reason why coal should be ignored. Trying to fulfill all our energy needs with wind and solar is a dream indulged in by people who want all of us to live in tents and return to scrounging for food. My suggestion for years has been to provide energy through atomic energy. If we can build a submarine powered by atomic energy and safely put it out to sea for several years without being re-fueled, we can power our homes and cars with it safely as well. Unfortunately, politicians are so bought and paid for by liberal ignoramuses that common sense in these matters has disappeared.

          22. Jonathan Brooks says

            Clara, there is nothing I can add. Well said.

          23. Deb says

            My electric bill has gone from a $300.00 high to a $900.00 high! We are seniors, thought the struggle would be less, these people have made it much worse!

          24. Reade Adams says

            They should be attacking the coal industry. We desperately need clean energy, not carbon-heavy, dirty coal. The planet is at stake here.

          25. jim says

            Pollution is a problem , yes too much hot air, so I suggest all DEMOCRATS / COMMUNISTS be shipped to Mars and that would certainly lower the pollution a great deal. GO anyone but a DUMBO.

          26. ReadeMyLips says

            Oh, come on. I hear you saying that half of the voters in the US should be sent to an inhospitable planet. What does saying stuff like that solve other than giving you a chance to vent at the expense of half of your countrymen and women? We need each other. It would be a boring world if everyone thought alike. Plus, united we stand, divided we fall. We can work this stuff out. But verbally abusing each other is not going to help. At all.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            When you have something more efficient and cheaper the fossil fuels give us a ding-a-ling. our technology insures that coal is not a factor in pollution like in China. BTW, the planets doing fine, it’s the people that are screwed up. (George Carlin)

          28. ReadeMyLips says

            Hold on there, sir. Our planet is not doing fine. I see you have a baby in your arms. I have children and grandchildren as well. The driving force behind my concern for our planet is my love for those children and grandchildren, just as I’m sure you want the best world possible for your offspring. Why chance it that there is no climate change caused by humans? By the time it’s all figured out, the world we leave for posterity (mine and yours and everyone’s) may be in deep trouble. My actions, my thoughts, my love are all directed to leaving this world better off than it was before. Be good stewards of the earth is the truth I live by.

          29. Deb says

            I live in West Virginia and I see the devistation of this ignorant ass of a leader (joke) has caused in my area.

          30. JBQ21 says

            I know you know about the recent comments from Hillary in regard to doing the people of West Virginia a favor by doing away with the coal industry. The nanny state is more important than working for a living. “Shovel ready” jobs whether they be in coal mines or in rehabilitating our physical infrastructure are anathema to the feminist cause of restructuring the psyche of a sexist and racist society.

          31. Bob Marcum says

            Hey, Zelda; I know, you mean well, but; Betsy didn’t say all suicides are caused by unemployment. So; therefore, she doesn’t need to prove anything, of the sort. You’re sounding like the typical hillary liberals, twisting the comments to create
            an argument. That’s not intelligence.

          32. Paul Mitchell says

            I don’t think you understand people need to feel they have something to live for hand outs don’t serve that need. Giving people food, money & etc doesn’t serve that need when they put Indians on reservations it destroyed their sense of worth and hope. Welfare isn’t the answer, People need leadership that leads to jobs. All able bodied people should have to work for what they get meaningful jobs that make them feel they have a sense of worth. The people that won’t work should not be fed. This also goes tor prisoners. Look at poorest countries in the world socialized, dictators & Muslim countries probably at least 98% of them live in poverty while the Leader have billions of dollars but they don’t use it to help the poor. They much below what is considered poverty in USA . Opportunity for people in these countries don’t exist live is cheap. People in the USA need to do a lot of praying and thoughtful thinking we have been headed in the wrong direction far to long the producers are being killed by the political correct that are non producers and job killers. We need to get back to the things that made our country strong good moral values with integrity lying is not acceptable. We should keep our identity as USA a country with freedoms, not just a country of the World Order.

          33. ABO says

            Exceptionally well stated and reasoned, Paul. However, liberals have absolutely no understanding of things like logic or reason. No ability to think for themselves.

          34. Lyndau123 says

            Killary PAID TROLL ALERT! ^^^^^^^^^^

          35. Zelda says

            Haha, I wish I was paid.

          36. disqus_uoBgSBXb19 says

            Zelda…Betsy did not say ALL suicides, but brought forward the thought that the increase of suicide rates are related to the state of the economy and even showed her analysis based on region and related regional economy. Betsy’s article was base on one of the original scientific axioms….”cause & effect”. I found the reading interesting, surreal and absolutely scary. The connection to economic conditions and suicide rates are not specified in hard numbers, but the relationship between economic conditions along with the resulting alcohol abuse and ingestion of opiods and other harmful addictions vs. the suicide rate is undeniable. Exact numbers? No possible way to get those because you cannot ask the dead why they did it, but the analysis in sound and valid. If the relatives of the suicide victims were queried and said that individual was depressed because he / she could not find work, did not feel and self worth, etc., those on the liberal left would call that hearsay.

            However, my bigger concern is why so many of the liberal left do not see this!! I believe that is the case for many who will not challenge the ideology fed to them, but I also believe that many on the liberal left DO see this but will not change their “outward opinion” based on the same desire to enforce that same ideology.

          37. Wildeagleone says

            You are in need of therapy if Bill Maher is your source

          38. Leland Minnick says

            Zelda if you want to pay a hell of a lot more for power than solar or wind might be the way to go, and I do not have the numbers but I would think 300% to 500% or more might be a good/bad way to look at what you will pay. Solar and Wind are certainly cleaner but neither are even close to being cheaper. They are a lot more expensive.

        3. Jonathan Brooks says

          Extremely well said. The problem may be bigger than just despair triggering suicide. Constant stress from joblessness, inadequate employment, and financial pressure can suppress the immune system, and cause the mind and body to fail, because the body cannot tolerate high stress indefinitely. WW II studies found that many people under constant stress could adapt for a while, and then they started to die, due to accidents, illness, and emotional and mental breakdown.

        4. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Odumbo’s plan is working the way it was designed …Mission Accomplished

          1. Ann Broadhead says

            Yep sad to say you are right. He is part of a bigger plan.
            I look at the UN and the Agenda 21 that Obummer ratified. We need to pull out of the UN!

          2. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Agreed , but first Obozo out of Office. !

          3. Leland Minnick says

            Obozo out of office and behind bars where he belongs.

          4. Herculesx Blade says

            He was never born in America or Hawaii ask Dirty Harry he researched it and found the TRUTH,Born in Kenya,Smuggled by Mother and already married bigamist father,DEPORT AFTER HANGING FOR TREASON !

          5. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says


          6. Herculesx Blade says

            We need not only to pull out of the UN but we need to stop footing the Bill for everything,The UN cost us 20 million a month ,thats right us taxpayers pay 20 million a month to keep the un complex running,Gas,Electric,oil,heat ,Air conditioning ,Water ,Food for multi-national people.Tax on the land on and on and on and the us foots the bill.You know what it costs to join or belong to un ? ZERO ,ZIP ,Nothing ,Not A Dime ,Never Ever!

          7. Ed Shick says

            We started foreign Aid as the Marshal Plan at the end of WW 2 so the war torn nations could rebuild , just a Temporary Tax , for maybe 25 years , Now 70 years later We give Aid to over 190 nations , Thanks UN , had it not been for the UN we would have Won in Korea ! but now we have that idiot in N. Korea !

          8. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, 4.7% unemployment rate and 14 million jobs. None of which were created by republicans, who blocked 13 jobs bills. The GOP block 6 anti-outsourcing bills and voted to cut social security and veteran benefits 6 times. lol

          9. Leland Minnick says

            Hey jetmaggot, Since you seem to have your head up big O’s butt here’s a news flash for you. With 94 million plus Americans out of work there is no way in hell the unemployment rate is 4.7%.

          10. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Dear Liberal Troll…Here’s the truth—-

            ** Real unemployment is at 23%
            John Ransom at Townhall reported:
            The BLS reported that job creation came in at 248,000. Another 315,000 people left the labor force last month. When one accounts for part-time work, discouraged workers and those who have dropped out of the labor force entirely, unemployment is closer to 23 percent, with no great sign of retreat from that number.

            ** Labor Participation Rate is at 62.7% – a 36 year low.
            Zero Hedge reported a record 92.6 Million Americans are not in labor force.

            Another thing Troll…When it comes to the Vets, best keep your mouth closed…..

          11. Natalie says

            How deluded you are. Did you get those ‘facts’ by wishing REALLY hard, like most liberals.

          12. cumiadom says

            4.7% is a risible number. Redefining unemployment to arrive at that figure is the real joke. The only accurate measurement of employment in America is the Labor Participation Rate which has gone down below the historical lows established under the Dumb Jimmy Carter’s administration. 14 million jobs but 10 are just part time minimum wage positions. And with the influx of millions of illegal aliens, Muslim rape-fugues and the normal population growth the net effect during the Obama years is a negative one. Not to mention that median family income has decreased $6,000 per year, home ownership has gone down 15%, young blacks unemployment rate is over 60%, food stamps recipients are a record 42 million. To keep trying to defend the Muslim in Chief disastrous economic policies required an atrophied brain or a huge level of corruption.

          13. Herculesx Blade says

            Hang Yourself in the Basement,You Deserve It!

          14. watchman48 says

            Sadly, I believe you are mistaken… His mission is to destroy what once was a great nation and he has certainly achieve this with the help of the ignorant democrats who voted him in twice… I expect they, the elites will do something between now and Jan. 20th to keep Pres. Elect Trump from entering the Oval Office.

          15. tCotUS says

            Watchman where the h have you been ..This was 5 mo ago. We have been watching Soros & his Democracy group of Elites from America. On the road will get back to you with names..

          16. watchman48 says

            Ooops, my 68 year old brain has been on replay and really, really in shock that my man Trump has won…

          17. tCotUS says

            Were all in this together Watchman. And by the way it’s OUR MAN TRUMP! Keep a watchful lookout for traitors. Let your voice be heard for truth & OUR COUNTRY ..TAKE CARE

        5. yellowjacket2 says

          Thank you very much for sharing this with us Pineapple. I wish everyone could read this article.

        6. Lyndau123 says

          Killary already has 57 deaths of close associates on her head, as well as Benghazi MURDERS. She is doing as good of a job as Hitler in killing people off -suicide now included!

          1. 1Clara2 says

            Well, not exactly as bad as Hitler. He caused nearly 50,000,000 deaths all told; but I get your point. For someone to cause the deaths of 57+ (it’s more like 72-I have the list) and not be in prison for the next 200 years is beyond belief. She is such a snake, and even that epithet is not strong enough to describe this awful human being.

          2. Nina Ferguson says

            What do you have against innocent snakes?

          3. 1Clara2 says

            Oh, come on, Nina, even God hates snakes. He declared them to be the enemy of mankind…especially women. Read Genesis.

          4. Lance Troupe says

            I do believe Nina meant that by comparing snakes to him is making snakes look good?

          5. Bill Moon (Blackfoot) says

            This remark is very demeaning ,to the snake. While it is true that I have an aversion to and a mistrust in snakes, I fear and mistrust this thing portraying as human far,far more. Killary cannot and should not ever be entrusted with the lives of anyone ever again and especially with the lives of American citizens.

          6. Ed Shick says

            Donald Trump needs a lot of Protection !

          7. Poppo says

            And a lot of prayers too. We can provide the prayers, God can supply the hedge.

          8. jim says

            Not as bas as Hitler but she is just getting started lets hope she is never elected pres. because she could equal Hitler

          9. Wildeagleone says

            I believe the entire Democrat Party is involved in this cover-up of Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Harry Reid and so forth and so forth and so forth to include PelosiPelosi, in the bastard ever getting into office to begin with and she should not ever be given the right to command this country. She is lower in my boot camp drill instructors words than whale crap

          10. Ann Broadhead says

            There is a hit man or many hit men out there, that know how to do a hit and do it clean. Wonder who the contact person is, and how it gets passed from Clinton to the executioner??? The link is a stranger or someone close to the Clintons. Where or where and how does one connect the dot and still remain alive to tell?

          11. Ed Shick says

            And George Soros got rich taking the wealth of people he helped send to gas chamber , and we allowed him to be an American citizen in Dec , 1961 , So would that make him a traitor along with Obama and Hillary and several Others , We are still just to Forgiving !

          12. Kurt Hanssen says

            58. with the chines that was sopose to testify against Killary 2. days after he died., droped the barbell on his throat, the coroner said it was a heart attack

          13. jaybird says

            Another just bit the dust in the last week. Past UN (I think Ambassador Ashe) was scheduled along with a Chinese person to testify against Killary just died. First it was a heart attack, now they are saying his throat was crushed by a barbell. I think most of the people that have died had 2 causes given.

          14. Herculesx Blade says

            So with Biily Boys 127 close associate Deaths and the Butcher from chicago billiary has 57 she will make billy look like a preschooler when it comes to Human Misery and Murder !

        7. ABO says

          Being a true and pure narcissist, it is far more to Obama to pat himself on the back and claim to be doing a tremendous job of leading the country back to economic greatness after the disaster that was GW Bush’s economy than to actually do something good. Anything. As usual an excellent post, pineapple and yet again, thank you.

        8. jim says

          Ever think this is what Obama and Hillary wanted all long they dont want the country to succeed , they are not happy that the Soviet Union as it was known then failed or did it fail ? I think the whole thing was totaly planed

        9. Ann Broadhead says

          My grandma used to say just before and as the Great Depression became reality, many people jumped off buildings or committed suicide in other ways. I think more of this is coming, as current administration has ruined our society and way of life.
          Those with money stashed off shore, will be ok, but this is do great a problem, expect it to be a whole world depression event. It will take a lot more than a Trump to fix it, but think he is the best person to save us from the worst if it.
          That is, if we all pull together and support him fully!

        10. jetmagnet says

          It’s republicans holding back economic growth. I majored in economics, so tell me how republican tax cuts for the wealthy have worked out for you Dupes?
          Since 1980 America has dropped, since we swung back to trickle down Robber Baron
          from a NEW DEAL Demand economy to less Progressive taxes, the rise of religious
          fundamentalism such a success in the Islam world(LOL) and 90% DROP in Unions and
          a Min wage ½ of 1965 in real dollars and the Repubs love of outsourcing

          #1 in Wages to 16th (in min wages half of 1965 with more than half of
          Americans making less than that!)

          #1 In % getting college degrees to

          #1 to sixth in semiconductor production, a technology we invented.
          We do lead in semiconductor Plant closings however that cost a billion bucks to

          #1 Creditor nation to largest DEBTOR Nation (just under

          #1 in education to 25th, 31st in internet speed, 21st in
          railroads, 14th electric grid

          #1 in infrastructure to 25th (we spent 11%
          of GDP under Ike on infrastructure now ….2.5%,
          …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us).

          #1 in healthcare, now
          37th… at twice the cost, only developed country w/o everyone insured.

          in we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30 million job
          outsourced.182K factories closed, 60,000 just under Bush. From trade surpluses
          to trade deficits larger than all others combined.

          #1 In High tech, under
          Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we

          Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and
          yet we pay twice as much per capita to cover only 60% well (much better now
          under Obamacare, which Repubs ant to kill).

          Most of what we export is raw
          materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we
          import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or
          food, but high value MFG goods…

          We have not produced a commercial ship
          in more than 30 years. The cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more
          than double ours and unionization is 7 times greater (we are 61st in
          Unionization, only dictatorships and communist countries have lower rates of
          Unionization, countries with higher wages, GDP per capita and middleclass wealth
          all in top 20).

          We are first in Murders, %population in prison. 91st in
          income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy. 6th in Auto
          production, in per capita ½ of even IRAN. 27th in middleclass wealth!

          you embarrassed yet?

          Or do you remember like I do when most middleclass
          families had only one parent working, when most things in a store said “Made in
          USA” and when no one would have voted for President for some one who outsourced
          jobs to Communist China!

          Can’t we go back to what Works, higher
          unionization, New Deal Demand Capitalism, more progressive taxes, higher Min
          wage, and back to being a MFG supper power that does not import far more than it
          exports. It works in the other developed nations. Maybe we could #1 again in
          some important areas and be exceptional again.
          BTW, Trump , your hero, had all his products made in foriegn countries, not in the US. BTW, he hasn’t produced his tax returns, hillary produced 32 yrs. He’s a crook and a fraud!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            TRUMP2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t bother reading your BS diatribe. Forbes Magazine, “Obama is the worst economic president in history.” Suck on that!

        11. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          Obama the jive talkin walkin low energy President You’ all Racist because I said so !!!

        12. Poppo says

          Colorado just passed a bill allowing physician assisted suicide.

          I am a Colorado Native. It has been very troubling to watch the state crumble with the influx of illegals and Californians.

          2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

          If my people, which are called by my name,
          shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked
          ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal
          their land.

      3. Uzoozy says

        Not going to happen, the witch hunt will start, Tyson, Cosby,Jackson, are a few of the rich and famous caught up in the witch hunt.
        way to go

        1. Reade Adams says

          Cosby the rapist?

        2. MRHapla says

          We’re not using ghetto standards here, no witch hunt,,,just solid investigations, prosecutions and convictions. Feel that burn.

          1. Uzoozy says

            I am getting used to the hate, racism ,bigotry which a civil country should not have.
            Most people I meet are nice people,

          2. MRHapla says

            I’m sure you are, considering the amount of pigshit you put out.

          3. Uzoozy says

            Its suprising you have so much hate in you, thats because you are?

      4. Uzoozy says

        Not going to happen, TYSON COSBY,JACKSON are prime example of the Witch hunt
        Way to go

      5. Gary Smith says

        Well said

      6. Evan says

        Hope it all happens! Hillary and obama are two of the
        worst America has to offer!

      7. Ann Broadhead says

        Nice thought! “If wishes were horses, beggars could ride.” A quote from my father.

      8. ltlolady says

        I think they both need to go to Getmo prison by Cuba. May they sweat for a long time.

      9. ward says

        They are traitors & deserve the MAX penalty & not prison or citizenship in the U.S.A. !!!

    4. Gerry Costa says

      Exactly true Milton. He will go down as the biggest scam in American history.

    5. BILL3000 says

      Actually,Milton W. Lowe,”paraphrase” is one word.
      But as far as “the greatest fraud perpetrated”,SURELY that was what your Father said to your Mother at Your birth,closing with “on Me”.

      1. ABO says

        Still giving yourself those thumbs up there Billyboy??? You really are an absolutely pathetic, brainless lemming. Can’t think for yourself, just follow the pied piper. Have a nice trip, Moron.

    6. yellowjacket2 says

      I think you and Eastwood said it all Uncle Miltie, I can only add my amen.

    7. Gea says

      Amen to that! Admiral Lyons said that Obama’ administration is Anglo-American, anti Western and pro-islamists, pro-sharia andpro- Muslim Brotherhood. Hb.Hussein should be tried for treason, together with Hilary Clinton and John Kerry.

    8. JB Wright says

      I prefer Clint Eastwood’s “Well, he should have armed himself” line. Which of course would end Blowbama’s reign as well as his life

    9. Deb says

      You are so right, worst fraud we have ever endured.

    10. Kurt Hanssen says

      It was a few of us that was aware of who NObama was. The movie industry is run by the Israeli zions, so they black ball the stars if they speak up against the dumbocraps, but there is a few like Clint that don’t give a rats as, and speak ther mind.

      1. JoJo Gunn says

        So why does he get the credit for being the first black POTUS?? I mean if thats the greatest thing about him.. Shouldnt that credit go to the dolts who voted for him?.. Including all the illegals and dead people? I mean, how do you give him credit for being elected to office? Or, wait, maybe that’s a Freudian slip. Hmm???

    11. Tiger says

      I can’t top this comment. Great response and true.

    12. Ann Broadhead says

      Yep. agree

    13. Gunflint Roseberg says

      And we thought it could not get any worse ?? Then along comes Hillary for 2016, oh crap !!

    14. jetmagnet says

      He’s probably one of the best presidents in history! He now has a higher approval rating than any republican 56%. A recent poll said he’s blowout fraud and bullshitter, Trump!
      Since you fools voted for do nothing garbage, people who accomplished nothing and shutdown the government among many other disgusting things, and your last president destroyed the economy, and people’s lives..i’s say your comment is racist bullshit.

      1. J Chesney says

        Hey jetmagnet, enjoy those fake numbers while you can. Your loser president will go down in history as one of THE worst presidents in American history. The sad fact is the supposed free press is now nothing more than an arm of the liberal Democrat party. The “presstitutes” helped to elect, and re-elect (thank you Candy Crowley), an inexperienced, unaccomplished, community organizing, anti-American narcissist who looked and sounded “cool”, but is so far out of his realm it is laughable — around the world. The “presstitutes” continue to prop up this loser by overlooking the numerous unconstitutional edicts Obama has enacted and the too many to name scandals that would have brought down ANY Republican presidency. As far as the economy he inherited, I must remind you that most of the economic slide — which damaged Bush’s presidency– happened during his last two years, and guess who was running the House at that time? The DIMOCRATS — ala Pelosi, Frank, Reid, etc. I challenge you, as I do all liberals, to name just three Obama accomplishments that have been good for America? Like his approval ratings, the economic numbers are a sham. Explain to us why there are now 94 million Americans out of the work force, but unemployment is supposedly at 5%? Tell me why families are making an average of $5,800 LESS per household than they were when Obama took office? Help me to understand why my insurance costs, which were supposed to go down have now caused many Americans to not be able to even have it anymore because it is too costly? Explain why this country have become enablers to illegal immigrants vis-a-vis the Sanctuary City funding? Help me to understand why we need to bring in MORE immigrants, many of whom we can’t vet, while millions of Americans are going hungry, have lost their homes, their insurance and can’t find jobs? If you are proud of that legacy, then you are as stupid as your dear leader.

    15. watchman48 says

      “Obama is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people…” And may I add, :That’s the only truth that I want to know about the worst president in all of USA’s history..

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        I wholeheartedly agree with you agreeing with me…Obama…don’t let the door slap you on the ass on your way out 1-20-2017…ADIOS

  5. John Gagne says

    One the greats alright. Great liars is more like it. Typical lawyer and politician at that. He, is one of the reasons we need term limits and clean the house of insiders. We need to go back to basics. The Club house needs to close.

    1. GrumpyOleMan says

      Of all the words available to describe OBozo, King of Clowns, typical would not be one of them.I can think of no other, that has screwed up more of this world single handedly than that boot licker that was smuggled into Hawaii during his youth as Muslim sleeper cell.

      1. Zelda says

        He’s smarter than any clown on here, that’s for sure. Funny how nobody mentions that the Bush/Cheney clown car dragged us into the wrong war/country, after failing to protect us on 9/ll. And flew their Saudi friends home that very day. And Bush sat in the little kids classroom for 20 minutes because he was waiting for someone to tell him what to say. He didn’t look very surprised. Then after borrowing billions from China to fund the dumb wars, he tanked the economy, and was the first president to sign off on the bailout of one the failing institutions. He was the biggest clown, the worst idiot, and will go down in history as the WORST president, right along side Nixon, another maniacal Republican.

        Obama studied constitutional law at Harvard, graduating with honors. McCain graduated AT THE VERY BOTTOM of his class, and still got to be a pilot (shot down) only because of his grandfather, a top Admiral in the Navy. Yes he was a war hero, but he never would have been a pilot if not for corrupt Republicans helping to do so. So you shouldn’t be describing Obama that way without naming all the stupids in the Rethuglican Party, including the Speaker of the House during the Clinton presidency, who was recently convicted of molesting young boys for years and finally went to prison.And there are too many more to mention here.

        And of all things, you accuse a Christian man of being a Muslim,(which by the way, is lawful to practice any religion, or not, in our country) and presume that he WAS PLANTED in Hawaii in his youth, so that he could become president later on, somehow, to do what – ??? screw with your little life 30 years later?? LOL !!!! I love it.

  6. Joe Apple says

    What is sad, the media haze cater to this idiot for 8 years. Biggest racist, moron , idiot, pathological liar in America History .

    1. ScranunSlim says

      So glad to see that Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie is now “shovel-ready”

    2. Robert Barnes says

      The controlled media a bunch of damn traitors. Jail all of them.

      1. pineapple says

        In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

        How’s this for having the “inside track”?


        ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

        CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

        ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

        ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

        ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

        CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
        And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
        Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
        It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

  7. Beeotchstewie says

    I was hoping this meant he got blown up by a cannon, not sainted.

    1. Lizfan says

      If only.

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        I can dream can’t I?

  8. Steven says

    I went to the movies the other day and one of the previews was a movie about the courtship of Barack and Michelle Obama. At a time when Hollywood is doing a comedy about Reagan we get a slobbering “love” story about this couple.

    1. J. F. Samuelson says

      Does it take place in a bathhouse in Chicago?

      1. Jarhead says

        Could be the one that has his engraved Peter Pan ?

      2. ABO says

        It would almost have to wouldn’t it???

  9. Austinniceguy says

    Not only can the Moron in Chief deliver a joke, HE IS A JOKE!!!

  10. ScranunSlim says

    Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie and his “awful legacy” are now “shovel-ready” for interment

  11. John Gagne says

    They have all come to end of living off the fat of the land and have lost the concept of what they were hired to do. And that would be to do what’s best for America and the American people. And I EMPHASIS American people. Living in our riches has made them determine there decisions based on their own personal agendas. The answer would be to create, and NOW, term limits Wichita would make most of them obsolete.

  12. Optimista says

    No one with a modicum of intelligence reads much less pays attention to the MSM. I haven’t read nor paid attention to them in twenty years. The only time I glimpse at CNN is walking through an Airport terminal.
    And six months ago I turned of Fox as well. All of them push their preferred agendas. Once that became clear I lost interest in all of them. They become boring.

  13. Tiger says

    He is and has been a total failure at being a president, at least for our allies and us but a real hit on the TV and stage so now he can get off our tax dollars in a few months and take his show on the road.

    Way off on the road somewhere that we will never see him again.

    1. Jim says

      Sadly I will have to miss one or two upcoming episodes of NCIS by choice !!!

      1. Tiger says


        1. Jim says


    2. Mark Lahti says

      Tiger, really? Are you serious? I know you are smarter than that. This POS and family will be living on the taxpayer dollar for the rest of his life. I was sure you would know that. Plus his lifetime free health care for the whole fam. Plus SS protection as well. We will never be rid of his sucking the life out of this country until he is dead and gone.

      1. Tiger says

        Sigh you are right I had a Senior moment. ;p

      2. Rick Rogers says

        Funny I said the same thing about Reagan, Bush, Bush, Cheney, Nixon..

        1. ABO says

          And you still haven’t learned anything. Oh well.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Not interested in learning anything from the Parties that believe the world is 6000 years old. that Giving money to rich people helps the Middle Class and that there is a class of people called JOB Creators.. That last one I give you some leeway on.. The True Job Creators are the middle class. But Republicans want to balance their budgets on their backs.

          2. ABO says

            Thank you so much, Little Ricky, for proving my point.

    3. Jarhead says

      GITMO is nice this time of year? Cuban pig farmers like dark meat!

      1. Tiger says

        LMAO amen. Oh if only.

  14. Kenneth Schoonover says

    I don’t fall for the media narrative. The Obama presidency has been one disaster after another. And President Obama lies and says things are fine. Yet the media personalities will applaud President Obama as a hero and say that things would’ve been a lot worse if the Republicans had been in office the last eight years.

  15. J. F. Samuelson says

    For those who worship liberalism as their chosen religion Barack Hussein Obama is their “Lord and Savior”!

    1. ABO says

      He just loves and cherishes his brainless little lemmings.

  16. Jim says

    It ain’t the canonization we all would like to see that’s for sure !!!

  17. Gayle Hammen says

    take a look at the liberal cities and see what is going on.. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, and the whole country seems to be headed in a destructive way. We must get Obama out!!!

    1. AmericanBelle1 says

      And keep HIllary out as well!

      1. Jarhead says

        OUT of Washington… into PRISON.

      2. ringostarr1 says

        Obama is already out, he has just failed to realize it yet. Forget O and concentrate on defeating Hell’ary.

    2. Jarhead says

      OUT of WH…into GITMO.

  18. papa doug says

    Talk about adding insult to injury! Don’t worry the liberal media can’t wait until Hillary becomes president. What gets me is the media doesn’t even realize their head is on the chopping block as freedom of the press is the first thing to go in a socialist government.

    1. 012017 endofanerror says

      They do get it. They are already there and know it. They are them.

  19. 2 parrots and a dog says

    The left and their puppet media continue to champion the downfall the greatest country that has ever existed on Earth. They are ignorant fools who actually think there will be a piece of the pie for them if they continue down this path. They lack the common sense needed to realize that by taking away the freedom of others, they are also taking away their own freedom. They mistakenly think they will be honored by future generations for having the insight that they believe conservatives lack. History will prove them wrong and they will be thought of as would a mouthful of bitter herbs.

    1. AmericanBelle1 says

      We have become the 1984 model of government, and the media played a huge and important role in making that happen. Problem is, they’re simply too stupid to realize that in 1984, there are no freedoms, especially speech, and the only thing the media will be covering is whatever Big Brother (or Sister) demands!

      1. 2 parrots and a dog says

        None of this would have been possible had the media done the job of reporting news truthfully, without bias,and without withholding information. They chose to become a propaganda machine instead of keeping Americans informed and they should be held accountable in some fashion.

  20. retired4ever says

    He is weak, without integrity or morals however, I’m sad to say, so is over half the country based on the 2008 & 2012 potus elections.

  21. James Maxwell says

    The left wing Anti American crowd is in full voice now they think they smell blood in the water and a
    chance to destroy our nation once and for all. Of Course, since they helped they also think that being
    part of the problem will insure them a place in what ever comes from a Hildabeast in power. It is
    amazing to watch them faint and fawn at the foot of the very person who woul destroy them in a
    heart beat on a whim or ecause of thie decedant life style and total loack of any morals or values.

  22. AmericanBelle1 says

    Good idea to tie HIllary completely to Obama’s hip. Because while the media fawns over Obama and his third-term partner, the shit will be hitting the fan from Trump, the GOP, conservative superPACS, and everyone and anything who loathes not just Obama, but Hillary…and the media. None of these will be winning any points except in their wet dreams.

  23. jimmy midnight says

    You conservative are a bunch of humans, and as such, you need a little disagreement. As a “liberal maggot,” I’d suggest that O has served us quite well, and, that if Constitution allowed it, he be pretty easily re-elected to a third, fourth, and fifth terms.

    In January of 2029, he will still be few months short of his 68th birthday.

    1. 012017 endofanerror says

      We are a bunch of humans and you “liberal maggots” are a sub specie the knuckle dragging third world kind. You haven’t evolved yet. Probably never will. O has done nothing for this country but put every one against each other. Great accomplishment. If that mother f’er even tried to stay in power you liberals will have hell to pay.

      1. jimmy midnight says

        Of course he’ll leave office on your 012017, and has no plans for anything else. I s’pose Reagan could also have been re-elected in a subjunctive 1988. Just sayin’

        Understand evolution? That’s kinda novel.

        1. 012017 endofanerror says

          If he has no plans not to leave I will be surprised. He’s a socialist marxist pos they have a problem giving up power. Millions and millions of deaths by there regimes prove it. You are either an ostrich with his head buried neck deep or don’t care. Why wouldn’t I understand evolution? I totally believe in evolution. Except for one tiny detail humans did not come from apes. If so why haven’t we evolved as humans physically over the past…well as long as we have been in the human form we are in now. Evolution and faith go hand in hand. There doesn’t have to be one or the other, there can be both and there is. You do know the big bang theory that most non believers believe in was a theory theorized by a Catholic Priest right? Also, Einstein said for him it was the most plausible theory he could believe. Last time I recalled Einstein was a scientist.

          1. jimmy midnight says

            Well, we agree about the compatibility of science and faith. Furthermore, I kinda suspect there’s some descent from the angels aspect in us poor humans in addition to a rise from monkey-shines. But as of now, there’s no scientific evidence for it.

            This right wing insistence on blaming all WWII casualties and massacres on, of all things, socialism and progressivism, is clueless enuf to defy the notion of useful comment.

          2. 012017 endofanerror says

            Jimmy I certainly appreciate we are able to have a civil conversation. Yes we are both a little snarky but I’m good with that. I still believe sticks and stones blah blah blah…this list is very telling and IS a very useful comment. Are democracies or Republic governments such as are perfect no, we have caused collateral damage in wars. But not on purpose and nothing like these evil bastards

          3. jimmy midnight says

            Yes, I’m also good with conversation, and the snarky’s also cool with me. For me, the element that stands out in the Daily Mail feature is one man absolute, or near absolute, rule. And the fact that all these mass murderers/war criminals were men also says something:

            “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power, absolutely corrupts.”

          4. jimmy midnight says

            I posted a reply yesterday, but it somehow got, “Lost in the Ozone.” It said that I also enjoy partisan conversation, even when it’s a little snarky. The common characteristic I see in the useful Daily Mail compendium is that every one of these mass-murdering war criminals was an absolute dictator.

            That they were all guys, men, may also be telling us something, like: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power, absolutely corrupts.”

            I’m clear that dictatorship is a right-wing form of government, even when dictators also want wealth re-distribution.

          5. 012017 endofanerror says

            The dictators don’t want to redistribute wealth; they want it all for themselves and their motley crew. Yes, guys have, well had, more testosterone. Now it’s hard to tell a guy from a gal. People underestimate the power of all the medicine, mostly (the “pill”) being returned into the sewage system through urinating then cleaned up and put back into the water system after being filtrated and then drank. Yes it’s my conspiracy theory but I believe it to be true. You may be onto something though, maybe it would be better for all leaders to be women, except for the one you probably are voting for. In my opinion she is an evil witch. Literally I think she is a witch. I was in the Army and I will do anything to keep my kids from going in the military even if there is a draft. I’ll be damned if I will lose a kid to the shadow government and their games. Wars are only self serving for leaders of governments or should I say those that pull the strings of leaders. Rothschilds, Bilderburgs, Illuminati, Free Masons, I think you get my point. There doesn’t have to be wars. Let me ask you this. To the original topic. Regarding “right wing” governments. Is it better to learn how to fish and be able to get fish any time you want or only be given fish when someone wants to give it to you? Sorry I’m all over the map but it’s your fault lol JJ.

          6. jimmy midnight says

            The part I liked best was when, thanks to you, I realized I was to blame for your wandering.

            Sometimes a motley crew can number in the dozens or hundreds of millions. That’s what The Chairman intended. Of course he f-f-f-f-fouled it all up, ‘cuz absolute power…

            Without a doubt, the pharmaceutical industry is now the largest racket on Planet Earth; and it’s affecting us in ways we can only guess at. I, “Know me some natural sciences,” and I can’t even imagine them all. And as you’ve noted, many have endocrine effects.

            If I was in your presence, perhaps we’d drink a toast, or two, to a reluctance to go to war.

            I tend to think of the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, Rothschild’s, and so on, as being pretty ordinary people with extraordinary luck, and would suggest that if they have any unusual power, it’s the power to get us ordinary mortals to obsess over them.

            If we just ignore it a little, maybe their power will just dry up and blow away; and that doesn’t mean we can’t just quietly know about some of the shit they’ve done.

          7. 012017 endofanerror says

            We’d be drinking to more than that. Want to give you a little secret about me. I hate republicans and liberals politicians alike.Most of who I hang out with the most lean left. We just don’t talk about politics…much lol I’m conservative but not a republican conservative. I think they are azz holes. I like right down the middle politicians, unfortunately, there aren’t many. Why I hate the republicans and democrats whom are mostly to far left for me because they care about their party more than us. That is why we can’t meet in the middle and want to destroy each other. They are our example and most fall for it. Before my present congressman from the house, he was a democrat but he cared more about his constituents than his party. I was hoping he would run for president someday. Instead he retired from politics. I tried to convince him not to but to no avail. He knew he was in a no win situation. Liberals hated him and far right hated him. That’s hard to overcome. I’m against abortion, I think it’s murder but I’m also against the death penalty. Although I think some people deserve it but it’s not any ones right to take another’s life, that is up to God. I think drugs should be illegal but marijuana should be legal if it’s natural. I think it’s safer than alcohol. I believe individuals should help others not the government or at least our government should keep our tax dollars in our country and piss on other countries and they’re problems. I don’t mind legal immigrants but I despise illegal immigrants. I’m 2nd generation on my paternal side and they came legally and was proud to be welcomed and assimilated even most new legal don’t even do that. I believe we should protect our borders and build a mother fng wall they can’t get over or under. I believe all illegals should be kicked out including those born here I don’t like that loop hole. I believe a man should be a man and a woman a woman. Woman should be treated like a lady, but most don’t act like one anymore. I think the man should be the head of the household but I believe either should stay at home with the kids but one should for sure. I hate all the government acronyms especially the DOE they have helped indoctrinate kids to believe all the goofy liberal shit is normal and ok. I think it’s disgusting, that’s why my kids go to a private school. I influence them not the school, the school teaches them what they need to be successful in life. I’m kind of old fashioned if you can’t tell.

          8. jimmy midnight says

            My friend, not sure how to address you. Is Mr. End ok? Let me know what you’d like. Anyway, the first thing I want to mention today is paragraphs. Your posts will read better and be more convincing, if you throw a double enter in, so that blocks of your text are no more than five lines thick.

            Of course I’m gonna read every word because I’m sort of honored that you’re replying to me. Others probably won’t Similarly, use of the wrong forms of “there”

          9. 012017 endofanerror says

            Good day Jimmy.

            You can call me Michael.

            You’re right about the paragraph situation I usually don’t worry about it in a internet forum. I will be more conscious of it from now on. Those words you wrote are not something I usually do. It also bothers me. I just don’t call people out on them. There’s worse things to worry about. If I get the jist of the post I’m cool with it.

            I agree with your marijuana assessment and really think the government is screwing that one up. They know it helps many medical problems but it’s about the medical money the thieves make. Bastards.

            I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor and during treatments no medicine helped for the nausea, they tried 5 different medicines. Finally a medical professional pulled me aside and said “I didn’t tell you this but smoke marijuana.” I didn’t, I didn’t even take pain meds either. I should have. I wanted to prove how tough I was. Stupid of me.

            I hope what you say is true but I know many people that are against abortion but ok with the death penalty. I think that’s hypocritical.

            I’ve always being flabbergasted about what people think the meaning of life is. I think it’s simple and you said it and so did Jesus. Love others. That is the meaning of life. So many people don’t get that. It’s so simple. If everyone loved we would need no wars, no racism, no hunger, no homeless because we would take care of each other. But socialism is not the answer. The leaders of socialist countries are greedy also.

          10. jimmy midnight says

            It IS hypocritical simultaneously to support death penalty and oppose abortion. Years ago, a famous leftist ant-war activist, Colman McCarthy, opposed abortion, too. He was also a vegan. Well, that’s consistent anyway.
            I think livestock animals are a necessary part of sustainable agriculture.

            As long as we have states in the world, we’ll always have political leaders, and an ongoing plague of, “Trash in the saddle.” The old joke goes, “Under capitalism, man exploits man, but under socialism, it’s just the opposite.”

            When love finally rules, we’ll still need those social programs available, even as their costs approach zero. Socialism isn’t the answer, but it is an interim solution.

            Don’t hold your breath in anticipation of Jubilee.

        2. Jarhead says

          Bet he stays if Clinton Crime Lord goes to prison…..can hear the DemonicRATS battle cry now:
          “Don’t change horses in mid-stream”…..

    2. jim says

      JM you are so full of shit its coming out your eyes, if you think these thing in the WH is so good well your beyond stupid

      1. jimmy midnight says

        And “jim” would look a notch smarter himself, if he know when to use, “you’re” vs. “your,” and “its” vs. “it’s.”

    3. ringostarr1 says

      Or in other words in January of 2029 Obama will (or hopefully would) be approaching Hell’ary Clinton’s current age. That is what this country needs, a President who can’t control either his bowls or his bladder.

      1. jimmy midnight says

        On the other hand, Reagan’s BRAIN function was pretty controversial by the time he left office. Why do any of you think I’m suggesting O remain in office after current term expires?

  24. Elizabeth Valentino says


  25. Patriot47 says

    I hope that means being shot out of a cannon.

  26. Ron says

    As they used to say back in the ‘Valley Girl’ days, “Gag me with a spoon!”

  27. downs1 says

    CNN and MSNBC are made up of some of the nations absolutely most amoral, dumbest, most godless, most intellectually dishonest, most liberal, most spiritually blind people on the planet! They couldn’t see truth if they fell over it . . . and they do! They hate God, they love the ACLU and evil in all forms, especially when it is diabolical like Barack H. Obama! But then . . . “They will reap what they have sown!” And guess what? They will never take responsibility for their downfall! As always, they will blame it on someone else!

  28. chief1937 says

    I have to agree with them Obama is one of the greatest presidents ever, in destroying our nation, and my friends that will be his epitat. No other president in history has ever been able to get away with what this president has done but in all honesty he told us he would transform America but we didn’t listen. Now see he has done just what he said he would do.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      In economic growth terms Obama is just barely ahead of Presidents Andrew Johnson 1865-1869 and Herbert H. Hoover 1929-1933. Only it took these gentlemen just 4 years in office to accomplish while Obama needed 8 years in the White House to fail as badly as Hoover and Johnson did in only 4 years. That is the best one can truthfully say about Barack Obama and Liberalism.

  29. jimwilson81 says

    Saint Obama? Didn’t Time Magazine label him as the new Messiah? Either way, for him to be declared a Saint, he needs to be dead.

    1. ShemSilber says

      Actually, saints are those, both living and dead, whose wholehearted trust has been placed on the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) to give us the strength and courage to make it through these Dark Ages imposed on us by the Azazel, the devil, alias Allah of Islam, and into His Kingdom that He will reign from Jerusalem, ISRAEL, the capital city of His Kingdom forever. Rome is no way the eternal city and the pope has no voice in declaring the canonization of saints.
      As of now, unless Pharaoh Barry comes to repentance of the abominations he and the puppeteers who pull his strings have worked on this country and the world, their destination seems to be Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire that will burn to ashes all who refuse to humble themselves before the Master Yahushua to ask for the gift of life that only He can give. That will be the second death, from which there is no resurrection, but it could have been so much better for them, for the Master has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that we should ALL turn from our Torah violations and live.
      May the numbers of those who do so increase, and so reduce the numbers of those who follow Azazel into Gei-Hinnom, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein!

      1. ringostarr1 says

        Well people, here in only three short paragraphs you have Ted Crew’s platform if he wins the nomination.

        1. ShemSilber says

          Your statement makes no sense to me, and no doubt would make less than that to Ted Cruz, whom we hope gives way to Donald Trump.

          It could be that you need catharsis for both your colon and your head, but that’s only a wild guess on my part. May you be healed of your affliction, whatever it is, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            You sound like you never get down on your knees when you prey to Yahushua your master. Jesus taught that his kingdom was not an Earthly kingdom and instructed us not to pray just to be seen praying, Where do you get off putting your own pitiful words in our Lord and Savior’s mouth while you strut around like a self important Banty Rooster? Sinner, seek redemption if you wish to avoid the everlasting punishment that by your own words you have called down upon yourself. God made too many fools but to make up for it he created too little time in each day to pray for them all, but I’ll do what I can tonight just to help you. .

          2. ShemSilber says

            Could this be another case of the accuser being guilty of the accusation he makes against another?

            For one thing, I quote the Master and never put words in His mouth. For instance, He said, in Matthew 5:17-20, that He would never subtract even the smallest letter or punctuation from the Torah and the prophets, but that He would fulfill it, that is, make it more plain for us to understand. He also said quoted His own Torah, from Deuteronomy 8:3, when He said, per Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4, that we do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of Yahuwah’s mouth. The Ten Commandments came out of Yahuwah’s mouth, but do we live by them, or didn’t they tell us in Sunday school that they were “done away with”?

            He gave us two MAIN commandments in Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-31, and Luke 10:25-37: (1) Love Yahuwah our Elohim with all our heart, mind, and soul, from Deuteronomy 6:4 and following, and (2) love your neighbor as yourself, from Leviticus 19:15-18 and context.

            Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-4 both say He will be ruling from Jerusalem, dispensing peace to the earth. Revelation 21 says heaven is coming to the earth. Who are we to say any different?

            It behooves us all to stop and think before we spout foolishness, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

    2. ABO says

      Well then I’m all for it. The last part, that is.

      1. jimwilson81 says


  30. d66cmorris says

    If you want to canonize odumbo send him up to Fort Ti for the 4th of July shoot and stuff him in one of their cannons and send him on his way. Good by to a useless POS.

    1. Jarhead says

      Would contaminate too much American soil…… it in GITMO….Cuban pig farmers can use the remains.

      1. d66cmorris says

        Excellent thought I never came up with that one

  31. k9 says

    The federal reserve is a hoax. At one time our money was backed by gold at Ft Knox. Today all that gold is GONE obuthole has given it al to china and Kenya.
    It has been suggested to audit Ft Knox but the higher ups-the odumer administration says there is no need to audit it. The bas turd don’t want the public to know that Ft Knox is completely EMPTY, just like oboz’s head.
    I THINK AN OFFICIAL AUDIT should be done so the American public will know that the thief in the white house has stolen everything in there.

  32. soldier for liberty says

    The fix is in around the world even in America people are waking up, the end times are here the wars have begun and the fight between good and evil is at hand!

    1. ringostarr1 says

      I hate to rain on your parade Spanky but wars have never stopped. Mankind may just have slowed up a tad on the Warfare Front for a generation while we caught our breath after the last great bloodletting. That blood bath should go by the name of the Second 30 years War, waged between August 1914 and August 1945. And as for as a fight between good and evil goes, well that battle as always is waged completely in the eyes of the beholder. A better description is “The fight between extreme evil and evil in the extreme.” Either way evil is the victor.

      1. soldier for liberty says

        Well to star my name is not spanky PUNK!

        1. ringostarr1 says

          Sorry Mr PUNK! Yo Happy now Spanky?

  33. codycollie says

    Just want to know: What size canon will they use?

    Since when does the Church canonize EVIL?

  34. Robert Barnes says

    obama should be a dead duck. No affiance to ducks.

  35. Tiredofsocializm says

    This man in my opinion is a fraud and a joke! Unfortunately a small majority of Americans are simply still spellbound by him. Failed Obamacare, higher taxes, Benghazi, nothing matters to these stupid people!

  36. DHConner says

    Obasturd will find a way to take the heat off Hellary if he can, use his power to cause the wheels of justice (DOJ & FBI, et. al.) to grind to a halt, and throw out the baby and the bathwater to save her. She in turn will kneel down, prostrate herself, bang her head on the floor, and make nicey-nice to/with him. He may even attempt to pardon her (Can he do this – I do not know ?) before charges are brought, if ever. With due respect to American Belle, the blacks still have the slave plantation mentality. It is that it has shifted to the Democratic party now being “Massa”, and keeping them on the welfare plantation and general welfare doles. There are now, I think, 5th and even 6th generations of families who have never had a job, finished high school, or done anything that normal people do. Just wait for that check every month, and when “Mothers Day” (check is HERE !!) go blow it on pop, chips, dips, and beer or Southern Comfort. Rent is taken care of by the county or state, so there is a little extra for a snort of coke or a little weed too. Talk about condemnation to a living Hell !! The Demoncrats have, at last posting of polls, 80% of the black vote locked up. Voting for her won’t upset the boat for them, so that’s pretty much a forgone conclusion, as it has been ever since FDR, concerning the black vote. Sad to condemn yourself to a life of poverty, and bring kids into it too. I must say I despise their mode of thinking, and yet pity them, as they seem unwilling to learn and do better. Then again the saying “If they could do better, then they would, wouldn’t they ? Whatever they are doing , it is the best they can do at that time.” rings terribly true in this case at least, and maybe, to all of us at any given time. Rationally, if one could do better at any given time, one would do that , would they not? It’s a pretty hard bit of logic to defeat, if it can be defeated at all. The more I ponder it, the harder it gets to find a rational argument to it. Jump right in folks – here’s a chance to demonstrate (I mean that kindly) your reasoning skills.

  37. Robert Barnes says

    First thing this POS obama is not a lawful sitting president of the united states of America. And there has not been one since 1871. Learn who usurped the real government and how they did it. Read Disclosure 101. Search internet or go to

  38. andrew says

    “Canonization ” indeed… CANNON-IZE him… as in Pack his worthless ass into the breech of one of the big Guns such as on the U.S.S. Missouri. and fire the sonofabitch into the Iranian State he loves so much…

  39. Nathan Harlis says

    Frist of all Obama is NOT an African American nor a Christian. He started right off deceiving from the start.

    Obama is an arab and he and all of the other liberals are enemies of freedom.
    Not only is he the enemy of freedom but he supports terrorism and letting prisoners out of Gitmo to train others how to be terrorists so they can come and kill more Americans out.

    And he and the other enemies of freedom absolutely hates what Donald Trump stands for.

    What’s so wrong about wanting to keep (ILLEGAL) immigrants from coming into our country and DRIVING DOWN OUR WAGES UNTIL WE CANT FEED OUR FAMILIES?????
    What’s so wrong about wanting to destroy terrorism so our kids won’t have to worry about that BS?

    You don’t think all the companies (including manufacturing for Trump’s) are going to suffer?

    1. ABO says

      Thank you for a well stated and accurate comment, Nathan.

  40. Nina Ferguson says

    Barack Obama is the lowest of the low. He promised the most “transparent” presidency in history and all we got and get is solid black walling the truth . It is really bad when he refuses to release his birth certificate, his SS number, college records. This person went to college on a “Foreign Student” case. In this, he stated that he WAS NOT an American Citizen.

  41. Gerry Costa says

    If you mean by ” canonization” putting obozo in front of an artillery piece and firing — by all means feel free.

    1. Jarhead says

      But do not contaminate USA area……do it in GITMO & let Cuban pig farmers have the remains…

  42. Zelda says

    Stupid, hollow article. The author can’t accept that not only was Obama a great president, but he will be recognized, historically, as the president who saved the country from an imminent depression. Never can you so-called conservatives point out that he launched the ACA, killed Bin Laden, saved the auto industry and helped create more jobs, so that the unemployment rate is down, bringing the economy is back on track. You can never admit these things! There are so many more that he did quietly, unsung, out of the spotlight. The only thing he really “failed” at was not being able to push through an obstructionist Mitch McConnnell Senate and a do-nothing Congress. He should have said “Go f**k yourselves”, in the exact words of that sociopath, Dick Cheney.

    1. 32eagle says

      I have seen some weird people believe weirdos and it is sickening to see the results of their delusions.the sum total of your disease is heavy duty stuff

    2. ScranunSlim says

      Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie had as much to do with killing UbL as President Ford did with the capture of Patty Hearst.

      The real unemployment rate is at least double the administration’s LIE, the anemic economic “recovery” has ocuurred DESPITE his half-baked ideas like his “stimulus,” and every day there’s another story about Obamacare imploding, a disaster inflicted on us by a Man-Child who thought doctors got “$30,000. . $40,000 . . $50,000” for amputating a leg and initially promised a “3000 PERCENT (sic)” reduction in premiums.

      O’Selfie is a Flower Child-Narcissist, who wouldn’t know capital gains from the capitol dome.

      He and his “awful legacy,” are now “shovel-ready” for interment.

    3. ringostarr1 says

      Obama gave Chrysler Corporation to the Italians. Killed off Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Mercury, and Plymouth, the only thing Obama saved was the high paying jobs of the elites running the UAW. It’s the same in the United Mine Workers union, Obama killed the workers jobs but kept on the thugs who ran the union. Now the rail roads are going belly up because they are not hauling any coal, can California’s Super Train be far behind? For the entire length of the history of train travel freight bills made up for the losses that the rail-roads suffered on passenger service. Well now thinks to Obama passenger service will suffer even more as overall track usage declines.

      1. ABO says

        Well put, ringo, and absolutely accurate but Zelda won’t begin to get it, She is inextricably set in the vast abyss of myopia and so can only regurgitate the intellectually corrupt drivel she hears from the mainstream media and the corrupt, treasonous Obama administration.

  43. Combatvet52 says

    He would have one hell of a time trying to make it as a JOKER OH i forgot he is that already.

  44. TadhgMcLir says

    I’d commenet, but I just spent too much quality time with my commode throwing up.
    The “media” pandering to obama is past disgusting.

  45. rayr65 says

    Listening to Obama is like listening to a garbage disposal for an hour! I have no desire to even look at him let alone hear anything this POS has to say!

  46. MRHapla says

    Incarceration, unless they mean to shoot his MudSlime azziz out of a cannon.

  47. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    I wouldn’t even consider him to be a dogcatcher, for fear he would eat them. The man has no soul. His disdain for whites and Jews are so transparent, I guess that was the only transparency he claimed to have in his administration. I wonder if Michelle ever ate dog, heaven knows she’s kissed one enough times.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      I say that we meet the Democrats half way and use a howitzer.

  48. USAnowMSAsadly says

    The “Fundamental Transformation” of America to a Marxist State continues unabated. Once the blood of citizens begins to flood in the streets, it will be all over except for the crying. It is the “Dreams from my Father.”

  49. Eidolon says

    The Obama Legacy, revealed!

    Obama Wants 18% Pay Hike… ON HIS WAY OUT: Obama Wants to
    Make Sure he’s Going to Get a Big Check

    More of the Obama Legacy
    Nothing is “normal” about what is happening in
    America today. It is all smoke and mirrors — the result of an out-of-control
    government experiment with our money supply.
    After all, how can it be “normal” when…
    Roughly 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck,
    with essentially zero savings, according to a recent study by Bankrate.
    The “labor force participation rate” (basically
    the percentage of able-bodied people who are actually working) has fallen every
    year since 2007 and at the end of 2015 was at its lowest level since the 1970s.
    (Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

    How can things really be “normal” in America, when
    the number of people on food stamps has basically doubled since Barack Obama
    took office… and when HALF of all children born today will be on food stamps
    at some point in their life? Yes, you read that correctly: Roughly 50% of all
    children born in America today will be on food stamps at some point in their
    lifetime. Does that sound “normal” to you?

    Can our country really be back to “normal” when,
    according to the most recent numbers from the Census Bureau, an incredible 49%
    of Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program EVERY
    SINGLE month?

    Or when 52% of all American workers make less than $30,000 a

    Can things really be
    “normal” in America when at one point, a single U.S.
    government-controlled agency (the Federal Reserve) was purchasing up to 70% of
    the bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury – simply by creating money out of thin

    Or when the “too-big-to-fail-banks” that got
    bailed out in 2007 are actually 25% larger than they were back then?

    And how can things be normal when our country’s money supply
    has increased by 400% since 2006 — all just printed out of thin air.

    It shows that what has taken place over the past few years
    with the U.S. dollar is something straight out of Weimar Germany… or the last
    20 years in Zimbabwe.

    America 2020

    1. AKLady says

      Not one thing you have stated is attributable to any President, let alone Obama.

      During the last part of the Bush Presidency, America was dropping about 1 million jobs a month.
      During the Bush Administration, America’s debt doubled.
      During Saint Reagan’s term, the national debt tripled.

      The total debt to money supply ratio is far more important than your vitriol. Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Hungry … a;ll have higher debt to money ratios. Japan’s public debt is higher than the U.S. China’s money su[ply is also greater than that of the U.S.
      You need to take an economics course.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        Yes and when America was shedding 1,000,000 jobs per month Obama already was on track to queer the economy like BIG TIME.

        1. AKLady says

          Facts say something very different.
          The largest gain in jobs took place under Clinton — 2,861,375 per year..

          Under Bush II, an average job loss of 141,500 per year.

          Under Obama, an average job gain of 1,323,571 per year.

          Historically, the average amount of private sector jobs created during Democratic Presidential terms is 1,536,560 and the average amount during Republican Presidential terms is 650,330.

          Facts are facts.
          You should try some once in awhile.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            AKLady, get out you inhalator take a deep breath and then repeat after me:
            Ringo, I am sorry, I though that we were still discussing the 20th Century. That is way I tried to reinsert Slick Willie’s slick willie into the conversation.

          2. AKLady says

            Fact is fact.
            Insults only matter if the target respects your opinion.
            Be assured, I have yet found a reason to reapext your nonsense.

          3. ABO says

            Do you really reapext his nonsense or are you just fooling with us??? Oh and now’s the time to go back and edit your comment so everyone will see that you actually can spell some words if you look them up.

          4. AKLady says

            ABO AKLady • 6 hours ago

            Do you really reapext his nonsense or are you just fooling with us??? Oh and now’s the time to go back and edit your comment so everyone will see that you actually can spell some words if you look them up.
            Suggest that you follow your own advice.

          5. ABO says

            Put the crack pipe down for a second and look at YOUR post that I responded to. Those are YOUR words, YOUR spelling. YOU own them and you don’t even remember them. Tells me a lot about how much thought you contribute to what you post here.

          6. AKLady says

            You confuse me with the lady who advertises her crack use — claims to be Hillaryoncrack.

          7. ABO says

            No confusion here AKL. If you can look back at your previous post and not see the words YOU wrote and recognize them as such, you need to put the crack pipe down for a bit.

          8. AKLady says

            Insults only matter to those who respect your opinion.
            Your bigotry and ignorance are not worthy of respect.

          9. ABO says

            As I stated, they are your words. Your response to ringostarr1:
            “Insults only matter if the target respects your opinion.
            Be assured,I have yet found a reason to reapext your nonsense.”
            Oh, by the way, only one who cannot respond intelligently would accuse one of “bigotry” when I have said absolutely nothing that could be taken as bigoted.

          10. AKLady says

            You have now admitted that you do not know what bigotry consists of.

          11. ABO says

            Actually I am simply acutely aware that people like you use it loosely and often with no regard to it’s situational accuracy or lack thereof.

          12. AKLady says

            noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
            intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

          13. ABO says

            Wow, I’m impressed, did someone show you how to use the dictionary AKL???

          14. AKLady says

            You take the cake. Top marks for bigotry, ignorance, hate, foolishness, outright fiction, and just plain sillness.
            I am apoor typist. I have admitted that honestly. I am also dyslexia. The part you do not like the most is that I come around and orove you wrong.

          15. ABO says

            Well at least your imagination is working fine, Again you have ignored entirely the point of my response, as usual. The definition of the word is only a small part of the bigger picture. The way that word is used is far more important than it’s definition.
            What I said is that you and most other liberals throw the word bigotry around with no regard as to whether or not it applies to the situation in question. What has that to do with the fact that you are a poor typist or are dyslexic? I made no comment toward any of that whatsoever. Still you claim bigotry. Over time I have found it entirely impossible to carry on a simple, reasonable conversation with you because you immediately start throwing accusations of “bigotry, ignorance, hate, foolishness, outright fiction and just plain silliness”, your words in response to my statement you had misused the term “bigotry”. What I get in return is a string of hateful insults and excuses. Maybe you should look up the word “reasonability” while you’ve got your dictionary right there.

          16. ringostarr1 says

            Now please explain how the combined economic growth rate under Obama is less that the economic growth rates that we enjoyed under President Johnson. Now before you fry the transistors on your key board answering my question, I am referring to President Andrew Johnson, not President Lyndon Johnson. Yes you will have to go back to 1868 to find as sorry a record of economic progress under any President as the sorry economic record that Obama has produced Buy the way Andrew Johnson was also a Democrat Party President as was LBJ.

          17. AKLady says

            You need to review fact.
            Under King Bush II, we had an Economic Loss Rate,

      2. Eidolon says

        Evidently you did not read (or can’t comprehend) the Marketwatch article or the book, America 2020, that the facts/quoted came from. Also, you probably should not be telling people what to do based on not having the facts. Toooo much Kool-Aid!.

        1. AKLady says

          Save your insults for someone you can impress. I am not one of them.

          There are multiple sources of economic data.
          Apparently, you limit yourself to one.

          Actually, the facts are provided by many sources,
          including the U.S. Government.

          You need to take an economics course.

          1. Eidolon says

            No Gov’t data is accurate as it is all directed by political agenda. Just ask any senior about COLA or any person who has dropped out of the work force what he thinks of the unemployment #!. Economic data is everywhere but the best is here
            Still telling people what to do like a good Liberal/Progressive.
            Your comment is typical of our liberal/progressive Intelligentsia lecturing the unenlightened,like the chosen one does. Your real name could be Gruber.

          2. ABO says

            Don’t confuse her, Eidolon. Remember liberal/progressives are invariably myopic and hence incapable open minded thought. AKLady is a prime example.

          3. Eidolon says

            I try not to reply to any of them but some jut can’t be ignored. As you state, trying to have an intelligent dialogue with them is impossible…reminds me of that great old line “never argue with a crazy person”!

          4. AKLady says

            Get a life.

            John Williams writes fiction: Jaws, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, as well as the Indiana Jones series.

            John Williams is a music composer: Saving Private Ryan, Amistad, Seven Years in Tibet, The Lost World, Rosewood, Sleepers, Nixon, Sabrina, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Far and Away, JFK, Hook, Presumed Innocent, Always, Born on the Fourth of July, the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Accidental Tourist, Empire of the Sun, The Witches of Eastwick, the Star Wars trilogy, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws and Goodbye Mr. Chips

          5. Eidolon says

            You are living in the same delusional alternate universe that B.O. and all his administration live in!
            “Walter J. “John” Williams was born in 1949. He received an A.B. in Economics, cum laude, from Dartmouth College in 1971, and was awarded a M.B.A. from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business Administration in 1972, where he was named an Edward Tuck Scholar. During his career as a consulting economist, John has worked with individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies.
            Although I am known formally as Walter J. Williams, my friends call me “John.” For 30 years, I have been a private consulting economist and, out of necessity, had to become a specialist in government economic reporting.”

          6. AKLady says

            COLA — military/government salary acronym for Cost of Living Allowance.
            Apparently, you have failed to notice that your web site provides no information as to the sourcw of their data.

          7. ABO says

            You need to learn the concept of common sense.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

  50. BILL3000 says

    Ah,Fix This Nation comments threads!! With shockingly few exceptions[Mine,among them,of course] a forum for the Gullible,the Ill-informed,the Mentally Challenged,the Paranoid,and for the Best Thinking of the 9th Century C.E.

    1. Lizfan says

      In other words, a forum for the liberals. You could always not post or read comments here if it bothers you that much.

    2. Daniel Wright says

      So, another self absorbed,leftist/elitist egomaniac opens his ignorant mouth. Do you always upvote yourself?

      1. ABO says

        Always Daniel. scroll back and check, every one of his posts has been upvoted by…guess who.

        1. Daniel Wright says

          Actually I did. That’s why I asked the question. It was rhetorical. Thanks.

          1. ABO says

            Sorry, I just spaced it.

          2. Daniel Wright says


    3. ABO says

      Somebody help you with that, Nitwit?

      1. BILL3000 says

        Aside from your Body Odor,ABO,your attempts at wit Stink Profoundly also,Honey Cunt.

        1. ABO says

          I need to know, Little Billy Boy, How does anyone in this day and age wind up so incredibly ignorant as you obviously are???

    4. ABO says

      Your comments supply only comic relief. Nothing of any import.

      1. BILL3000 says

        ABO refers I’m certain to your Body Odor,ABO_or is it to your attempts a thinking that Stink?

        1. ABO says

          What are you, a three year old playing on Mommy’s computer??? Ah no actually a three year old would unquestionably display far greater intellect than you are capable of.

  51. sirwiley says

    Criminal corruption and lies while looting our nation and destroying our defense. Arming our enemies in a time of war and bringing in a fifth column of our worst enemies. Regrets are yet to come and islam is fascism disguised as religion.

  52. kaitty says

    They want what ever he has to give them so they must laugh and agree! Most of them I would guess at this point are dishonest to his face.

  53. RuFus92 says

    When you are a joke it’s not all that hard to be a joke.

  54. Reddler says

    Some day there will be judgment. Wonder how many people will be angry when the Founding Fathers condemn Obama? It won’t matter bc they can all follow Saint Obama since they don’t support the Constitution either.

  55. Alleged Comment says

    They are praising the negro because he wrecked America and did irreparable “negro” damage. If he was a good negro and legal to be up there they would CURSE him to no end.

  56. madmemere says

    If only “canonization” meant “being fired out of a cannon”!! Think of all the problems that would solve.

  57. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    As long as they put him in front of the canon.

  58. RB says

    Make sure the powder’s dry before you light the fuse!

  59. legbreaker says

    Fvkk Obama. Fvkk Obama’s circus freak sick gay family. And most of all this piece of sh1t Obama
    has no legacy at all except for ruining this country

  60. dumbvet says

    Obama is a joke!

    1. ABO says

      A bad joke.

  61. Ronald Hagler says

    The fact that Hillary Clinton is even running for office is proof that the DNC, and it’s millions of minions, has totally abandoned logic and simple, common sense. To put a woman into office of President, simply because she is a woman and no other woman has ever been there, is asinine: Pure insanity. The liberals in this country learned nothing from putting a black man into the same office, simply because he was black. Seven years and the liberals fail to acknowledge the immense debt we are in, the enormous number of unemployed citizens, the total chaos in our streets and the continuing collapse of morality that is sweeping this country. Couple that with the fact that, educationally, we are falling further behind the rest of the world and you get a total failure from our President, yet the same fools who voted for Obama are now supporting Clinton, or, just as bad, a communist named Barry.

    1. Reade Adams says

      No, I don’t agree.

  62. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says

    The worst person to be in the white house ever, he is illegal and a left wing nut that needs to be in a straight jacket

  63. jmortensen says

    I believe I am quoting some one ” What fools these mortals be “

  64. snowyriver says

    Our Constitution says before being sworn in , an elected president must be checked to see if he is eligible. If he is not eligible the vice president becomes the president.. WHAT HAPPENED???

    1. headonstraight says

      Kindly cite the part of the Constitution that directs this checking to be made.

      1. snowyriver says

        Amendment XX, Section 3

        1. headonstraight says

          Irrelevant to the situation where a President-elect, having been duly elected, is alive and well and capable of being sworn in on Inauguration Day:

          “Section 3 provides that if the president-elect dies before Inauguration Day, the vice president-elect will be sworn in as president on that day. If there is no president-elect, or the president-elect fails to meet all of the Constitution’s qualifications to be president, Section 3 provides that the vice president-elect will become acting president on Inauguration Day until there is a president who does qualify. Section 3 also allows Congress to determine whom should be acting president if a new president and vice president have not been chosen by Inauguration Day. The Constitution was originally silent on this point, an omission that nearly caused a constitutional crisis when Congress seemed deadlocked in resolving the election of 1800.[9]

          On February 15, 1933, twenty-three days after the amendment was ratified, President-elect Roosevelt was the target of an unsuccessful assassination attempt by Giuseppe Zangara. If the attempt had been successful, Vice President-elect Garner would have become president on March 4, 1933, pursuant to Section 3 of the amendment.”

          1. snowyriver says

            Glad you looked it up.. Did you miss the part where “If the president elect fails to meet all the Constitution’s qualifications to be president.”??
            What does it say ??? fails to meet the Constitution’s requirements ! ! !

          2. Uzoozy says

            BHO is the best

  65. Tom Townsend II says

    The only great with Obama is how great he is at destroying America; tearing down our long held and most cherished values; and selling every patriotic natural born red blooded American out to the absolutely worst of humanity while betraying us and our republic to foreigners who only want to prey upon our nation and send tax money and un-taxed funds back to their home countries; people who want to tear down our families, decency, and morality; and the most heinous of fascism — the Islamic subversive terrorists (basically all of Islam) who would rape, murder, and enslave all humanity that refuses to bow down to their vile and totally evil Muhammad, Sharia, Quran/Koran and the live system of deception, lies, savagery and murder that they follow and wish to violently “force” all others to submit to or to die for refusing.

  66. RuFus92 says

    Things like this make me think of the T-shirt I saw with the quote I’m going to stop asking “How dumb can people get?” They seem to be taking it as a challenge! Enough said?

  67. RONALD WIEDER says


    1. ScranunSlim says

      Oh, but look at that TANGO! He looked like a nervous 7th grader

  68. downs1 says

    In the end times, people will call good “evil” and evil “good”! This man is pure evil! He will show his true colors in yet another way! People think he will leave the White House . . . I don’t think so! He will declare Martial Law and declare himself President [read: Dictator] for Life! Wake up, America! He is a fraud! He is pure evil!

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      Oh, stop. People are often what they accuse others of being. Are you a fraud? Are you evil? Are those your true colors?

  69. David Gearhart says

    Obama our first and hopefully our last affirmative action president. Although Hillary is trying to use the same race, bigotry, prejudice weapon, excuse of the liberals because that is all they have to offer. They and the democrats with their socialism, which is the government control of the people. They show that they can not control themselves with their riots, hissy fits, domestic terrorism of criminal actions violating the law, and rights of others. With their insanity of calling the majority, terrorist and the enemy as if equality is evil to them.

  70. Art Hock says

    A foreign exchange student from Kenya elected to President of the United States of America. This is the worst crime ever perpetuated in America. A stupid one too.

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      Hawaii. Born in Hawaii.

  71. Gisela H Fehr says

    One of the Greats? Yea, sure, the greatest ineptness, failure, fraud, liar, coward, etc., etc.

  72. Patriot1955 says

    Here here Milton!

  73. Sue Reuter says

    I saw on You Tube last night that Hillary and Yuma had planned a assassination on Trump in Las Vegas. In fact there was two articles about it.

    1. Philtrum says

      Hi Ma’am can you please post the link. I’d like to see the video. Thanks

  74. louann says

    Hahahahahahahaha sorry I can’t stop laughing .

  75. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Obuma himself is a joke! A joke perpetrated upon We the People! Although I did not vote for “His Blackness” either time, the American public that DID vote for him, should now realize the error of their ways. His “Hope and change” should go down in history as the MOST underhanded and deplorable things EVER to be crammed down the American throat! It will take us years to crawl out from under the rock that obuma has placed Our Country.

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      I voted for Obama and I believe he has done an excellent job of cleaning up the mess left to him by previous administrations. Okay, now that’s your cue to call me names and disparage my intelligence, et al. Don’t disappoint me.

  76. watchman48 says

    Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

  77. downs1 says

    Everything about Barack H. Obama has been a lie from the beginning! His absolute dishonesty and his treasonous actions have done irreparable harm to this once great country! When you pair him with evil corrupt people like the Clintons and you have a bunch of foolish losers like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and a host of other “professional” politicians who are willing to betray this country for personal gain, there is little hope! But add to that the actions of a corrupt Supreme Court who spits in God’s face by banning reading of His word from schools [but reading the Koran is O.K.], banning the public display of the Ten Commandments and other Jewish/Christian symbols, and then lauding the LGBT Community which God “abhors” by legalizing same-sex marriage, there is no hope! God is judging this nation because it has turned away from Him. We are reaping what we have sown!

  78. junkmailbin says

    he should be coated in pig dung

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Religious bigotry in America.
      Our Founding Fathers must be turning in theuir graves.
      The basis for this Nation’s existence is Freedom of Religion.
      Islam has been paet of America since before ti became a Nation.

  79. JOHN SANTIAGO says

    An OBAMA canonization would be highly ludicrous and a complete travesty – if only because he’s Black.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Bigotry in America.
      Ignorance in America.
      Is it not beautiful to behold?

  80. M. D'Souza says

    The Golden Calf which the liberal mainstream media worshiped for almost a decade will soon be gone when we elect a nationalist as the POTUS. Whatever came into contact with this golden calf got the SADIM tarnish just the opposite of the Midas Touch.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      The “Golden Calf”, as you call it, is the child of the Johnson Administration.
      Also, Congress makes the laws. Congress spends the money. YOU elect Congress,.

    2. ReadeMyLips says

      Seems like DT is the one who most fancies golden calves. Have you seen his digs? Geez, man, he’s got gold covering every surface. Kind of like a pharaoh’s residence, eh?

  81. ponomo says

    O and Billary in the same 10 x 10 cell at Leavenworth.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Name the crime, paragraph and chapter.
      Yoyr lies do prove one thing, and only one thing — Freedom of speech exists in Amerca, even for lies told about public figures.
      You hide behind a screen name so your family and coworkers don’t know you lie and insult.

  82. JBQ21 says

    As a Catholic, there have to be reasons for the pope to support Saint Barack. Francis is a Marxist who is working with the radical left to create a world government and one world religion. Both are out to destroy capitalism. “Social justice” is more relevant than morality. In fact, the pope has gone so far as to state that economic disparity causes immorality. Instead of creating a moral response to both the far left and the far right, the Vatican has chosen to align itself with a modern day anti saint who received his start in the legal realm as an employee of the Archdiocese of Chicago with an office in the basement of the chancery under the ultra liberal Joe Bernardin.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      I have very bad news for you: Jesus Christ was a full-fledged Communist, not just a Marxist.
      So were the twelve Apostles
      True Christianity and Communism are almost indistinguishable.

      1. JBQ21 says

        I have very bad news for you. Lenin was an atheist who inspired Joe Stalin to butcher Christians. Alexander Kerensky was the true socialist. The Bolsheviks were almost entirely misguided Jews who wanted vengeance on Christianity and to wipe it out.

      2. ScranunSlim says

        Complete and utter NONSENSE!

  83. Richard Daugherty says

    This guy needs to be IMPEACHED!!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Obviously, the Senate does not agree with you.
      Many Americans do not agree with you.
      The difference is they know the law and you do not.

  84. Junior1950 says

    Canonize Barak Hussein Obama, the biggest disgrace ever to the USA???? I should say not!!!! He belongs in Federal Prison for TREASON!!!!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Junior1950 says

        Oh here we go!! Another BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL that can’t accept the fact that Obama committed TREASON when he traded FIVE KNOWN TERRORISTS AND ENEMIES OF THE USA for ONE NO GOOD USELESS ARMY DESERTER KNOWN AS BOWE BERGDAHL—who ALSO BELONGS IN FEDERAL PRISON!!!! YOU MUST accept the fact that Obama is THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY!!!! Go troll somewhere else!!!!

  85. Wildeagleone says

    The only canonization this fraud deserves is one authorized by Lucifer hung at the entrance to HE11

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Perhaps the good Republican women and men can send Ted “Lucifer” Cruz ahead to stoke the fires of Hell so that Obama will enjoy a suitably warm welcome when he arrives.

  86. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Awww…the jealous narrow minded beak brains and another of their daily hate fests.

    Eating your hearts out because when President Obama was invited this week to speech at a Canadian Parliament meeting, the entire room began to shout, “Four More Years!”

    ooooooh….and don’t you lazy butts hate hate hate hate that.

    Tell you what. Go dig up ole Jeffy Davis’s skeleton, fly your Confederate Stars and Bars Flag and then when you are kicked out of the union of states damn fed up with your pathetic bashing and bigotry, do try to get your Republican asshats to finally get to creating a jobs program for you. It’s only been nearly 16 years and still no jobs programs.

    1. JohnEngelman says


      I like what you say. Keep saying it.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Who gets up every morning and before they wipe the sleep out of their eyes starts their hate fests?

        The Republicans were, as usual, hurting ONLY their own. Look what happened in MI. That criminal there exposed 6 to 12,000 children to lead poisoning. Why? Because he didn’t want to pay the Detroit Water Treatment fees every municipality pays to insure water is potable and safe. So, he signed the release to use water from the Flint River was as the EPA warned MI since the 1980s was badly polluted. So he did what all Republicans always do…fight abortion laws while they poison children already living.

        West Virginia also was warned that allowing Chesapeake Energy to dump coal ash into water streams would end up with carcinogens in their water and soil. They valued the only jobs Chesapeake knew they provided and held these people hostage to insure their water was safe. North Carolina? Arsenic in their water from refusing to properly comply with EPA water regs.

        Then, look at the financial condition of 4 other Republican states, Iowa, Louisiana Kansas and Oklahoma. All of them right now are on their knees financially.

        But, here is the worst part. None of these states should be broke. Every Republican state according to the Government Accountability office gets anywhere from $1.35 to $1.87 for the $1 they pay in federal taxes. All of the Democrat states average a lousy 55 cents for their $1 in federal tax returns. So there is NO reason any Republican state should be in dire straits financially.

        Don’t forget these states are also the ones who share $50 billion in border protection, $200 in Agri-Industry and Big Oil, Coal and Fracking subsidies. All while WE pay for their pollution clean in their states and ours. All while we have to contribute to their assinine fines they get for ignoring what is common sense pollution regulations.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Yes Eleanore, keep telling the truth and speaking out against ignorance

  87. BT says

    Gag me!

  88. donl says

    I dare NOT put in words just how I feel about Obie, Hilly and this entire Socialist administration.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      1. donl says

        Is this all you have? Foul language, Where? Name calling? who? I didn’t know any foul language when I was that young, You really are losing it.

    2. ReadeMyLips says

      Good thing.

  89. ScranunSlim says

    History will judge Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie to have been an incompetent, Narcissus-Flower Child whose pomposity knew no limits.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      1. ScranunSlim says

        How ’bout the prezidunce’s comments about his Imaginary Son Trayvon – a national embarrASSment? Or his juvenile antics at the funeral of Nelson Mandela – a national embarrASSment? Or those kitsch gifts to Queen Elizabeth and British PM Gordon Brown –
        a national embarrASSment? How ’bout sending back the Churchill bust? How ’bout his recalling “the bomB that fell on Pearl Harbor” – a national embarrASSment? How ’bout his saying that doctors get “$30,000 . . $40,000 . . $50,000” for amputating a leg — a national embarrASSment?
        Or his promise of a “3000 PERCENT” reduction in health care costs for each family – a national embarrASSment? How ’bout his saying “it defies common sense” to suggest that the victims in Orlando might have been off if they’d been armed – a national embarrASSment? How ’bout the Ft. Hood massacre being “workplace violence” or his Rose Garden photo op with the Bergdahls because their sergeant-son “served with honor and distinction” – a national embarrASSment? Or his Sec’y of State standing over the bodies of those killed in Benghazi and telling their families that it was all because of “that awful internet video that we had nothing to do with” – a national embarrASSment?

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you need to tell these lies?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        2. AKLady2015 says

          Sgt. Bergdahl did serve with distinction.
          In the current decade his illness is termed PTSD.
          In previous decades it was shell-shock.
          Why do you deny that the Ft. Hood killing took place at the killer’s work place?
          Why do you think Orlando would have ended better if it has been a shootout?
          Why do you think the video was not part of the issue that caused Benghazi?
          Why do you continually focus on Benghazi?
          Isn’t the attack on the Embassy in Tripoli equally deserving of remembrance?

          1. ScranunSlim says

            Sgt. Bergdahl wasn’t shellshocked — he DESERTED

            And PURPLE HEARTS were finally awarded after even the White House “waterbugs” gave up on calling Ft Hood “workplace violence,” just as they finally gave up on saying Benghazi was, as National Review’s Jonah Goldberg put it, “a spontaneous movie review.”

            I don’t how to break this to you, but that was NOT “a wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII

  90. Jordan48 says

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we could actually see a truly sane person sitting in the White House after all these arrogant elitists are in prison? Obamanation is a pathological and compulsive liar. He is a man of deception and this is what his true legacy will reflect about the man.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

  91. Johnnie says

    Obama proved to the world America is a nation so strong that we can survive without leadership for eight years. What other nation has survived such adversity as his administration has brought about? No nation can survive another drunken spending spree like he and the first mooch have rained down on us. America cannot survive the hildabeast we have to elect a president this time!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  92. ringostarr1 says

    Canonization of Obama, my rear end. Can’t we just jump to the chase and simply frag his arse? I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 but after he was elected I was hopeful that he would heal our divisions along lines of race. Boy was I naive. The First Kenyan only tried to amplify race hatred like any “good” Community organizer would. What America needs is good jobs for all Americans, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, and White, not what Ted Cruz represents which is a baptistery in every garage and two communion crackers on every plate. Or what Hillary represents which is free chocolate and Midol for the masses. Sorry President Hoover, I just “calls um like I sees um.”

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  93. Elizabeth Fortin says

    Canonization? No. Shot out of a cannon would be better.

  94. judy says

    She is so low she has to look up to a snakes belly.

  95. pysco says

    Canonization has to do with making of a Saint, is a Christian practice…… No place for Muslim dung….. Hit the road… Worst, biggest lying, pathetic excuse, for a man or president..

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

  96. USAnowMSAsadly says

    Truly, obama is the Devil. His sole mission is the beheading of America on the world stage.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. USAnowMSAsadly says


        shit Precious, I can’t help you. You like many others, have bought the lies hook, line, and sinker. Your visceral hatred for George Bush has left you deaf, dumb, and blind. You are not alone. Your two brain cells must have vapor locked. You are incapable of accepting the truth. I doubt you have ever opened a history book and know that “history repeats itself.” Maybe I have an unfair advantage over you since I have a good friend who he, his wife, and son had to flee Venezuela or risk being executed by the Hugo Chavez regime. Listening to him tell his story will send chills through your body. He states in no uncertain terms that obama’s Marxist philosophy was engrained in him by his sperm daddy.

        In your mind, your goddess obama can do no wrong. You will walk into his lion’s den with a smile on your face. Enjoy the outcome. Before you write out your rage do what is called “investigating, studying, and reading before responding anymore to me. I know metrosexual’s will believe any pablum they are fed so I know it would be a miracle for you to accept reality. Sad.

        I’m not sure it will be difficult for you to get off the obama nipple and start sucking on Hillary’s clip-on penis for your voided mental nutrition. Whether lying under oath, sending and receiving Level 2 Top Secret emails on a buried private Server, now over 50 murders, “suicides,” and “accidental deaths, of friends, enemies, and business or government associates, the hits just keep on coming. One does have to ask if Donald Trump will be receiving a Clinton “invitation.”

        I usually do not give free investment advice but you might want to consider investing in companies who manufacture “PFD’s. Personal Floatation Devices. When the blood of citizens like you? or me starts flooding in the streets, you won’t drown. Just a suggestion.

        Now get back to licking your obama doll to keep you dumb as oyster.

        1. AKLady says

          Let’s see, my neighbor, Mitzi, was an American actress caught behind N-a-z-i lines. She was repeatedly tied to a bed and gang raped by German soldiers. When one oriface became too “messy” they would flip her over and use the other one.

          Multiple abortions without any type of anesthesia or pain killer. She was one of She died od uterine cancer — because she could not bring herself to allow a doctor to touch her. She was one of Josef Mengele’s “toys”.

          1. USAnowMSAsadly says

            In typical Libtard fashion, you cannot respond directly to my post. You are a waste of time. But you knew that already.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Your post was mainly lies and fiction, iced with insults.
            The one I am replying to is one in the same.

          3. USAnowMSAsadly says

            I rest my case.

          4. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          5. USAnowMSAsadly says

            AK, you are beyond help. Now go masterbate your cunt to pictures of your murderous skank Hitlary. Three “Suicides by Clinton” this year alone. It is still early though. Plenty of Tim to murder, oops, commit suicide of others who get in her way. Stay tuned. Now get back to shoving your Hillary viberator up your ass and mouth to keep you dumb as camel shit. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

          6. AKLady says

            I would love to insult you… but that would be beyond the level of your intelligence.

          7. USAnowMSAsadly says

            AKunt, does your sperm daddy get off anal fucking you then enjoy you giving him a blow job?

          8. AKLady says

            American Christianity on display for the world ro see.
            Is it not beautiful to behold?

          9. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Just curious AKunt, when giving your sperm daddy a blow job, do you spits or swallow?

          10. ReadeMyLips says

            Does your daughter spit or swallow your sperm, sir? Is she a cum connoisseur? Does she like you fucking her ass, or is she a hot little number who can’t wait until you get home from work so you can ride her little pussy hard and fast? You do seem to have a lot of information about these things, so perhaps you could go to the front of the class and share your intimate knowledge with the rest of us. It’s okay to talk about it, right? I mean, since you raised the subject, it seems only right that we discuss this on more depth. Please, continue with your titillating tales of incest. We are all aquiver with excitement.

          11. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Wow Lips, I guessing your cunt whore mom use to be the Madame at your towns only whore house. Word is that she serviced over half of the 5th Fleet. Sadly your sperm daddy was never determined. As your cunt whore mom had so much skank dripping from her cunt, the EPA mandated she keep her legs closed. Having no source of income, she made you provide and receive anal sex from her former clients. You have enjoyed each and every time you are called upon to perform.

          12. ReadeMyLips says

            I guess I asked for that response by using your words to describe your actions. Lesson learned.

          13. ReadeMyLips says

            You are too much. Haha.

          14. ReadeMyLips says

            Oh, dear. Can you tell me, what church do you attend where you live? Are you a Catholic, a Baptist, a Methodist? How about a Lutheran? Do you say things at your church to other members, like, “Who’s your sperm daddy?” Do you discuss anal fucking your daughter and how she gives great blow jobs with other members of the congregation between church services over coffee and doughnuts? When’s the last time you called your mother or sister or aunt or daughter a “kunt”? Frankly, sir, I’m concerned for your mortal soul.

          15. ScranunSlim says

            You claim to have “honed (your) surgical skills serving in Vietnam” but you spelled it “oriface.”

            Glad ya never worked on me, Lady.

          16. AKLady says

            These people did not do rote memorization very well: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr.

            I’m glad I never worked on you. I might have been tempted to let you die or be crippled. The temptation would have been very hard to overcome.

          17. ScranunSlim says

            Ahhh, yes the Hypocritic Oath – not “Do no harm” but “Treat Only Those You Like.”

        2. AKLady says

          Then there is the Jesu Church refugee medical clinic in downtown Miami, Florida. My mother was one of their physician volunteers. I worked alongsde a Cuban physician who had been tortured in prison.
          He had been a highly recognized heart surgeon — until Castro’s henchmen broke every bone in his hands.

          Then there was the East German physician who worked for the same hospital as my mother did. She smothered her infant son when no one could get him to stop crying. She and 15 others adults and children were escaping to West Berlin. Had they been caught, all woul dhve been shot on the spot, even the children.

          Oh, nd then there is the good, old-fashioned American South. When was the last time you saw a bus driver order an old woman out of a seat so a yound, male kid could sit down? Yes, she was Black, the cild was White — 1950s Florida.

          Did you march against segregation? I did. Oh, and I honed my surgical skills serving in Vietnam.

          1. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Please! Stop missing your meds!

      2. ScranunSlim says

        Do you have ANYTHING to say other than that silly, repetitive mantra?

        1. AKLady says

          Don’t lie.
          If you do not like my posts, don’t read them.

    2. ReadeMyLips says

      Well, so far he’s shown he’s a loving compassionate man who cares deeply about his family and his country. The devil would be Putin or Stalin or Mussolini, who have/had no compunctions about killing people who oppose them. Calling Obama the devil is so far off mark as to be totally ludicrous. Sorry, but you won’t win that argument. Fortunately, you don’t have to anymore. Your guy won.

      1. USAnowMSAsadly says

        Here is a FACT of LIFE. Your goddess obama is a Marxist. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Reality is what it is. America’s “Ignorant Class” bought the lies and deception of Obama hook, line, and sinker. His hatred for America is intense. A child of two could see that reality. His Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett of Iranian descent controls the strings. Donald Trump will bring respect back to America on the world stage. If you and others don’t want to participate, that is your choice. America survived the Jimmy Carter years, an admitted Marxist) after Ronald Reagan brought America beck from the depths of economic and military demise. History will repeat itself again. Hop onboard!

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          Oh, dear, so many lies, so much bullshit.

          1. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Keep on keeping on. Show the love. Smile. Trump will get you through the storm.

          2. ReadeMyLips says
          3. ReadeMyLips says

            He’s such a whiny little baby.

  97. John says

    I wish that the “canonization” of Obama would follow the examples of the British when fighting Muslims in the 19th century.