The Democrats’ Russia Narrative is Filled With Holes and Hypocrisy


According to the organization Global Cleveland, the July event at which Sen. Jeff Sessions met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was sponsored by none other than President Obama’s State Department. The event, which took place in Cleveland at the same time as the Republican National Convention, was attended by 80 ambassadors from around the world, including Kislyak. It was coordinated by the Global Cleveland organization in conjunction with the RNC and the U.S. Department of State, according to the official website.

But the media and the Democrats are trying desperately to avoid reporting the details of the event so they can make it look like Sessions was scheduling secret, private, under-the-radar meetings with the Russians. And the implication, of course, is that Sessions and Kislyak were plotting and scheming over the DNC hacks, setting up quid pro quo scenarios, and just generally cooking up treasonous acts against the U.S. government. When you see how innocuous these “meetings” really were, that storyline falls apart.

But if you still think Kislyak is a nefarious Russian agent, then your questions shouldn’t be limited to Jeff Sessions and the Trump campaign team. Indeed, why not ask Barack Obama himself why he felt it necessary to meet with Kislyak at least 22 times between 2009 and 2016? Was Obama working to overthrow the U.S. government? Was he secretly planning traitorous schemes with Vladimir Putin? Or was he simply meeting with the official diplomat of a country that remains a huge player on the global map?

Okay, let’s forget about Obama. What about these Democrats who are calling on Sessions to resign in disgrace? Sen. Chuck Schumer has been one of the loudest voices when it comes to that issue. On Thursday, he tweeted that it was time for Congress to expand its investigation into Putin’s involvement in the 2016 election.

“The bottom line is we have an obligation to get to the truth,” he wrote. “We must evaluate the scope of Russia’s interference in our election.”

White House communications official Dan Scavino replied with a picture of Schumer and Putin having a merry old time back in 2003. “Do it over a donut and coffee,” Scavino suggested.

President Trump then jumped into the fray, re-posting the photo on Twitter. “We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin,” he wrote. “A total hypocrite!”

Well, save some room for Sen. Claire McCaskill, who rejected Sessions’ defense, which was that he met with diplomats of all stripes in his official capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I’ve been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years,” she said. “No call or meeting with Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.”

That sounds like a pretty categorical denial, but it turned out to be…well…how do we say…not quite the truth. How do we know? Why, McCaskill herself was kind enough to tell us. National Review did some digging into her Twitter history and came back with these gems:

“Off to meeting w/Russian ambassador,” she wrote in January 2013. “Upset about the arbitrary/cruel decision to end all U.S. adoptions, even those in process.”

“Today calls with British, Russian, and German ambassadors re: Iran deal,” she wrote in August 2015.

That doesn’t seem to match her claim of “no call or meeting with Russian ambassador – Ever,” but McCaskill said the 140 character limit on Twitter prevented her from telling the full story. She insisted that there was “no contradiction” between her claim this week and the truth.

Point being is that Democrats are throwing stones from glass houses, trying to make America believe that vapor is smoke. And maybe there is smoke. We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, however, we’re watching a party that is scared to death of the Trump agenda do everything they can to keep it from coming to fruition.

  1. Justin Seine says
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  2. Tiger says

    Not as I do but do as I say. They blatantly lie and admit it. Didn’t Reid say when told about his lying: “I did what I had to do.” This is the norm for them and they have the media with them, but a lie can’t stand on it’s own, it needs constant propping up with more lies. What a web they have weaved when first the practiced to deceive. The truth is unknown to them.

    Their house of cards is falling, the truth does set us free, daily Trump speaks truth and like the water thrown on the witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz, that melted her the left is having a melt down.

    1. John Somers says

      Their House is falling/Failingng because President Trump is CLOSING the Good Old Boys Club and they DON’T like that. NO more Percs., NO more Graft Now their Going to have to actually DO some work. By the way, they DON’T like that either.

      1. Tiger says

        I will admit he is keeping his promises. He needs to take Obama out, be brave enough to do it, he is running a silent coup.

        1. theotherJimBrown says

          What promises??? Please explain…and please have the facts, not what the “fake news” that Fox, Rush, Hannity, O’ Reilly and Levin are pumping out.

          1. Tiger says

            Oh go dry up. Good grief.

          2. lovinspoonful says

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You just made a joke. that is about your speed.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Go back and read the NYSlimes. They tried to ridicule him for making the promises he made, and is now living up to,,,,Again all are being reported even in the NYSlimes as being bad things, but working true Americans see right through the Slimes BS.

            I know facts are something that NWO Marxists cannot comprehend but try, really try…Here it is….WE WON, YOU LOST Now blow away.

      2. theotherJimBrown says

        Maybe, but what is he going to fill the swamp back up with?…a Good Old Boys Cub of his own liking. That’s what! Every political party since the country began has played this cat and mouse game since our founding.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Defiantly,,,,Good ol’ boys that are all honest honorable conservatives with term limits.

          Just think of it this way. Picture a composite of the royal exalted boma and the cackling witch. After you get through throwing up think of the exact opposite of that. – That is what we are going to fill the reclaimed land where the swamp used to sit.

        2. Mustafa Curtess says

          Yeah! A “good old boy’s club”! But all I’ve seen so far – is a cabinet of qualified appointees that will likely correct some of the dreadful mistakes that our national “leadership” have made for at least three generations.
          OK! Back up and start all over again: Doesn’t 20 Trillion in debt suggest “insolvency” to you? Will you not accept anything short of absolute “bankruptcy” (for which “only” 98 % of the citizenry will suffer from?) So you think that it is in any working-class citizen’s best-interest to have millions of illegal immigrants on welfare? I’ll wager that you already resent the amount that you pay in taxes (not just IRS – but all the other, closer-to-home ones – like state income, property, utilities, beverage, tobacco, fuel, etc.). Just say that you LIKE them – and justify my opinion that you are a LIER.
          WTF kind of a society do you pie-in-the-sky liberals really WANT to support?
          A “Golden Goose” only works – until you eat it to celebrate some dumb religious or national “holiday”.
          If you could just begin to rationalize your cancept of a functional society – I would probably buy into it. Trump has articulated his – in no uncertain terms. But the liberals don’t DARE to articulate theirs. Why IS that?

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Tiger, Grassroots a new troll? His/her stupid is powerful indeed. A lifetime wasted riding the short bus. I guess we should feel pity, but I confess that I really don’t.

      1. Tiger says

        LOLOL ahhhh new kid on the short end of brains. OK I am with you.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Might be AKlady or Greenlantern with another handle ???????

        1. Mustafa Curtess says

          I have to admit – that I wonder about that, myself?

  3. Mike says

    of course there are holes that is why a full investigation is needed. we need to if anyone was involved and what are trumps ties to Russia. a full investigation is absolutely necessary.

    1. organic granny says

      What part of the article did you read?

      1. Mike says

        all of it. you? of course if this is your only source you would believe the matter has been thoroughly investigated which is not true. the fbi continues to investigate and the congressional investigation has not even started

        1. John Somers says

          Mike, you forgot, the FBI has to uncover EVIDENCE BEFORE a Congressional investigation can be launched.

    2. Mustafa Curtess says

      Appears to me: That this issue has already been “investigated” (far more than it deserved to be) – and came out a total, distracting, waste of time and attention. In fact: The results indicate that the only suspiscious contacts with Russian officials involved the democrats (and Obama himself). This has never been any thing except a “red herring” – and it’s beginning to stink.

      1. Mike says

        congress has not even started their investigation and the fbi investigation continues. we had 8 separate Benghazi investigations but republicans are afraid what one investigation into trump will show.

        1. Mustafa Curtess says

          “Congressional Investigations” are nothing more than partizan “dog and pony shows”. A professional “investigative” agency (FBI) has to discover evidence to justify Congressional action. If it is (as you say) that the FBI “continues” – they haven’t come up with anything so far. So let’s wait until they do – before we make a big, obstructionist, scandal about this. Compared to “Benghazi” (which involved the illegal transfer of modern military weaponry and the loss of at least 4 American lives), somehow a possible diplomatic indiscretion or two (and the only apparent ones have involved Democrats) – doesn’t compare. I only hope that the US electorate are paying attention to how petty and hysterical the democrats are proving themselves to be. (I still don’t understand how Maxine Waters holds republicans at fault for Russia’s invasion of Korea – which happened on Obama’s “watch”. lol!)

          1. jimmy midnight says

            Like just about everything else, the FBI is now thoroughly politicized. Comey really should resign, since he’s no longer able to control factions with bureau.

            I have some hope that Senate Intelligence Committee investigation will bring the facts to light…eventually. Benghazi surely was an ugly mess, and definitely involved some arms smuggling–the part “they” won’t talk about.

            But inadequate embassy and consular security funding was the root cause of those tragic deaths. Now Trump proposes to further de-fund State Department.

            The view from where I’m sittin’ looks thoughtless at best.

        2. John Somers says

          NO NOT afraid, NOT one damn bit.
          YES there were investigations on Bengazi AND ALL turned out to make ODUMDUM and Clinton GUILTY as HELL. What happened ? The Dems. STONEWALLED it.

        3. Ron C says

          Seven out of the eight Benghazi investigations were whitewashes to cover up that the CIA were supplying IS.

      2. Elizabeth Davis says

        They are beating a good horse to death Enough is enough

        1. Mustafa Curtess says

          More like they are committing political suicide. The dems have squandered what little faith and credibility they had. I’m just hoping that Trump will begin to ignore them, stop even responding to their childish threats and accusations, and get on with the leadership of our nation. (They want a “full Cingressional Investigation? What’s stopping them? They say that Russia “hacked” the election? Produce some proof of it.) As you say: “Enough is enough”.

      3. Grassroots says

        A final determination hasn’t been reached yet. Unless you have insider knowledge of the entire debacle, it might be wise to remain silent on the issue until the official investigation is completed.

        1. Ron C says

          As long as the investigation includes why the Russian’s got the uranium rights & who the folks are that got the pay-off for it….

          1. Grassroots says

            Not relevant to case in question.

          2. Grassroots says

            Colluding with the enemy is the crime here. Adding unrelated information to the picture doesn’t change the fact that 45 committed a crime by getting in bed with his little Russian buddy. Sad.

          3. Ron C says

            Yeah right…I’ll believe you if there is every any proof…even the intel heads said there wasn’t any collusion.

    3. John Somers says

      It’s already been investigated to Hell and back. Enough is Enough. Tell those cry babies to get off it and GET BACK TO WORK. OH, I forgot, democrats DON’T like to have to WORK.

    4. Grassroots says

      Agreed. What has been leaked so far is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    5. Ron C says

      And the crimes committed by the intel community need to be punished and anyone caught pushing a false narrative need to outed and fired as frauds…this whole mess is not helping this nation!

  4. randi amundsen says

    WE all know this Russian thing is Democrat thing to discredit Trump I got news for them it is not going to work. Is it me or are these Democrats in OBAMA,S and SOROS pocket

    1. Jan Williams says

      Whatever is at hands reach or beyond, they use any and all outlets for their nefariousness.

      1. Bob Marcum says

        They don’t need ‘whatever is at hands reach’. They just create whatever corrupt lie
        comes-to-mind, at any given time, for whatever whim or excuse. They’re morons,

    2. John Somers says

      YA THINK !!!

    3. greenlantern1 says

      Tillerson does NOT know about Russian oil fields?

    4. theotherJimBrown says

      The Obama administration and the Dems never called Putin a “great man” or “admirable leader”. Putin and the KGB interfered against the Dems because he didn’t want them in power because of the severe sanctions that Obama had put on his country. Hillary was threatening even more.
      Get a clue already, Gomer!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        RU Nutz? Trump is the LAST guy in the world the Ruslies wanted ti be President. They knew there is no doubt cackling witch can be bought and she already gave them a sweetheart deal on our uranium and brother Vlad knew he could play her like a free jukebox. He even said she belonged running a stove and not a country.

        You actually believe the bullshit you post or are you just passing along the phony propaganda your commissar orders you to post?

    5. lovinspoonful says

      Obama and Hilary are in Soros’s pocket.

  5. Jmanjo says

    Mainlly, the liberal Democrats are full of crap! Quite often it overflows right out of their mouth!

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      I like that. But I will add, they can’t help it. Being liberals, they are likely crack babies!

      1. Grassroots says

        Crack babies? That’s interesting. Just to set you straight, crack came on the market in the late 1980s. Therefore, any democrats born before 1985 couldn’t have been crack babies.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          You mean they were/are that insane naturally without benefit of drug abuse?

          1. Grassroots says

            Come on, Curmud, stating that an entire group of people is insane is an insane comment. At some point both sides are going to have to give a little to be able to work together.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Believe me the entire group of liberals are stark raving mad. A woman went to her doctor for advice. She told the physician that her husband had developed a penchant for anal sex, and she was not sure that it was such a good idea. The doctor asked, “Do you enjoy it?” She said that she did. He asked, “Does it hurt you?” She said that it didn’t. The doctor then told her, “Well, then, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t practice anal sex, if that’s what you like, so long as you take care not to get pregnant.” The woman was mystified. She asked “You can get pregnant from anal sex?” The doctor replied, “Of course. Where do you think liberals come from?

          3. Grassroots says

            Intriguing. Was that your wife who asked the doctor that question?

          4. Mike W says

            “At some point both sides are going to have to give a little to be able to work together.”
            That’s the only intelligent thing you have said. So why are all the idiots out protesting destroying other peoples property? Beating up old people? Why is Obama openly saying he will do everything in his power to impede President Trump – you do realize that is sedition/treason don’t you?

          5. Mathew Molk says

            How can our side work together to help them destroy our way of life? Could the guys on the Bataan death march work with the Japs that were killing them?

            Neva hoppen GI

          6. Mike W says

            We were at war with Japan. We should not be at war with other Americans. This is “OUR” country and we should be working together to make it great again. The Republican’s and Democrats use to work together to get things done. The last time the budget had a zero deficit was when they worked together. Have you ever heard the phrase “Divide and Conquer”?

          7. Grassroots says

            Sounds like you’ve been listening to fake news again. Or do you call it alternative facts?

          8. Mathew Molk says

            As soon as all of them are in jail, dead, or out of the country. of they come to their seances and become American Patriots.

            This is not like when the Democrats were the loyal opposition and came up with a lot of good ideas on their own and jumped right in there and banded together with everybody else to fight against enemies of our country. – With damn few exceptions like Joe Lieberman, they no longer exist. What is there now is the NWO Marxist party and they are only interested in the complete distraction of our Judaeo/Christian way of life. Tom Sowell’s quote above has the definition of them spot on. They are just as fanatic as the moslems with respect to the elimination of the constitution. No peaceful coexistence with either is possible.

          9. Grassroots says

            Do you have a plan for eliminating all the Democrats in Congress? How are you planning to do that? You mention jailing, killing, deporting. Sounds like you’re gearing up to organize death squads.

            Not a patriotic action, pal. Not patriotic at all. Sad.

          10. Grassroots says

            Not sure what you mean by “come to their seances.” Do you mean they’re trying to contact their dear departed?

          11. Grassroots says

            It appears you do not know much about diagnosing mental illness. The mental health practitioners use the DSM manual to identify and diagnose mental disorders. You might want to check that out for an definition of insanity. Learning can be your friend.

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Brother you sure know your dope. – What are you on now? (Bet it’s heroin)

          1. Grassroots says

            What am I on now? I’m taking calcium, vitamin B, vitamin E, a multi-vitamin, and other nutritional supplements. I avoid junk food, sweets, and red meat.

            By the way, you date yourself when you use the word “dope” as meaning “drugs.” Nowadays “dope” means the coolest or best, a great experience, like seeing a great movie when you’d say, “That was totally dope.”

            Try to keep up, if you can.

          2. kbmiller says

            Grassroots is taking STUPID pills, and they’re working great.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      They should always use toilet paper in lieu of napkins.

  6. David Stewart says

    The Dimwitocrats are at a disadvantage; their best liar retired; until Schumer has more mentoring from Harry Reid,their misdirections will all fail!

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Both Reid and Schumer are repulsive small minded little drones however. Either could chase buzzards off a gut wagon and cause maggots to vomit. They are both lawyers who couldn’t make it in the private sector, but make adequate democRAT politicians.

  7. tCotUS says

    Russian/Narrative is just a DemoRats Smoke & Mirror show folks …. It;s to keep us from looking at what their really up too…..Wire taps, espionage, terroism(Lynchs call for unrest). Trump needs to Aggressively play the OFFENCE… He has all the tools & proof needed to take them all out..

    1. Joe Pewter says

      yep.. Trump needs to do it now.. and can do it easily..Trumps family should start their own MSM news show reveal many yrs of facts.. temporary would be all thats needed

      1. tCotUS says

        Great idea Joe… Trump MSM Truth News.

        1. theotherJimBrown says

          Trump already lies more than he tells the truth. MSM Truth News would have more fake content than Fox, Rush and Hannity combined!

          1. tCotUS says

            Prove it…

          2. Mark Plenn says

            He couldn’t prove his being human; he’s a Clinton Clone!

          3. Susan Short says

            You are a DUMB SHXT!

          4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Troll ignore or block it.

          5. Mark Plenn says

            No; ridicule him so his friends on line will taunt him to death.

          6. lovinspoonful says

            No, he does not lie. It is obvious you are a mentally challenged liberal.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Name the lies? MSM=FAKE NEWS=BS

          8. Retired says

            Trolls will never answer .

          9. lovinspoonful says

            Whose? Hilary’s or Obama’s?

          10. Roger says

            The A$$HOLE opens his mouth again, spewing all of the bovine and equine excrement he’s been lapping up for “many a year”, eh

          11. Barry Smith says

            Lies more than Hillary?? The only way he could possibly to that would be if he TALKED more than Hillary because every word out of her foul, scummy mouth is a lie. She hasn’t known the truth for more than 30 years, going back to Arkansas. She is literally one of the most evil people on the planet, including the nut jobs from North Korea etc. I would assume you are either an Obama drone who can’t think for himself and only repeats what is heard or you have a severe drug addiction.

          12. Jamie Kay says

            Trying to educate the libtards one by one. It’s not going to do no good because their brains are like mush. They’ve sat back on welfare and that’s why our Healthcare is so screwed up because of lazy people that won’t get a job, that’s why Obama Care is such a f****** mess. He knew he had to go in and create something for all the lazy trashy people that won’t get a job and live off the system and take my f****** money. I’m sick of it!

          13. Mustafa Curtess says

            You had me with you – right up to the “drug- addiction”. Drug addicts are victims of society. Liberals are predators.

          14. Mark Plenn says

            Tommi in this cartoon tells the truth; Demorats won’t approve.

          15. Jamie Kay says

            I think when you’re so low informed and you don’t have facts you need to keep your a** off forums like this. Your brain is so warped right now I can’t even feel sorry for you. You just keep on watching alt-left propaganda news. You’ve gotta be a freaking moron. People like you need to get the f*** out of the United States. I’ll buy your bus ticket.

          16. Barry Smith says

            I would love to hear ll of these Trump lies. I have a lot of time on my hands so please endow me with as many as you know. I’m retired and have all the time in the world to read all of these Trump lies. Thanks

          17. Mustafa Curtess says

            “All of them”? I would be happy to hear just ANY of them! If Hillary was ever indicted and tried – her only response to any question would be to exercize her Fifth Amendment Right. The only Trump promise that he has broken is the implied one – when he said that Hillary “belongs in prison”.(But the “Wheels Of Justice Grind Slowly” – and Trump has been in office only a few weeks.)
            I’m still hoping that the Clintons and Obamas will eventually exile themselves to some country that doesn’t have an Extradition Treaty with the US.

          18. Mustafa Curtess says

            I’ll determine that for myself, thank you. So far – I haven’t seen any evidence of it. I’m no fan of demagogues like Rush, Hannity, and TOO MANY others – but I don’t hold Trump responsible for them. (Bear in mind that they are “entertainers” – NOT journalists.)

          19. Mark Plenn says

            Oh, you silly wabit.

          20. MrThorox77 says

            one word for you Jumbo or Jimbo ,,,,,,, Your an Idiot

          21. Mark Plenn says

            Barri Obama; he was the poster boy for Kenya’s Mad Magazine.

          22. Mark Plenn says

            TheutterJimbrwnnoser; Where’d your documentation? You’re just a Clinton Clone!

        2. FEDUP CONSERVATIVE says

          The DUMMT-RATS would call it the fake news. I say let them try. Lets see witch station is watched more. Their fake news or the REAL NEWS. I am willing to bet their station LOOSES…. LOL…LOL…LOL

          1. tCotUS says

            CNN..NYT…Their ratings & credibility are just below whale poop..

          2. FEDUP CONSERVATIVE says

            I think you have them tooooooooo HIGH!!!! LOL

          3. Mark Plenn says

            New York Trash; the once leading US newspaper!

      2. Mustafa Curtess says

        That would be a multi-million $ undertaking. Consider my web-site option, above.

    2. Grassroots says

      Trump’s days in office are limited. The man-child is emotionally disturbed and not fit to govern. He has made America the laughingstock of the world.

      1. tCotUS says

        The World can see what unlawful tyrants the Liberals are. This is what the Liberals stand for Grassazz..Threats of Assassination, killing of Police, disrespect of our Flag, & Armed Forces, over-throw of a newly elected Government, Best Lock & Load .. The last Laugh is coming soon..

        1. theotherJimBrown says

          It’s the Republicans that hate this country and are the party that keeps saying that our Constitution is outdated and needs to be changed or rewrote.

          1. Mike W says

            You do realize that it was Republican president that emancipated the slaves don’t you. Do you realize it was the Republicans who fought for the equal rights amendments – the Democrats were dead set against them. Go back and look at your history. Abraham Lincoln assassinated by a Democrat. John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated by a Democrat. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated by a Democrat. How many Republicans did you see take to the streets rioting and destroying other peoples property when Obama was elected? You really need to do some learning.

          2. lovinspoonful says

            When Johnson put through the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the Republicans assisted him in getting it passed. The Democrats formed the modern KKK. Before you make any more idiotic comments, do some research first.

          3. Mike W says

            The Republican’s embarrassed Johnson into signing that bill, he did not want to. Johnson also escalated the war in Vietnam as soon as Kennedy was dead and out of the way. Kennedy wanted to end the war and bring the troops home. Of course Nixon got the blame for Vietnam.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            BULLSHIT! I’m class of ’68 and while it was Johnson and Westmorland that built up the numbers in country Nixon reversed that and got up the hell out of there. The war went on years after we were completely out of it, Thanks to President Nixon.

            Vietnam combat veterans have a saying>

            Now do so.

          5. Mustafa Curtess says

            BS ! I WON’T STFU – because US American “cannon- fodder” aren’t the ONLY victims of our arbitrary wars on societies that don’t threaten us in ANY way! The only war that remained beyond the US withdrawal was against leaders like Pol Pot – that the US facilitated – and Vietnam put an end to. Not to in any way marginalize the sacrifices and tragedies of your generation of conscripts that sufferred in Vietnam – but for WHAT? How DID Wash DC and the Pentagon’s “Dominoe Theory” play out? (It was the same as the Iraqi “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” – a total fraud – that enriched a bunch of people that never invested ANY blood or misery in it.)
            I honor you if you survived Vietnam – but am sad if you think that your service there defines you as a US Citizen. (I have close friends that served in Vietnam that have hell getting medical care for service- connected health problems so “flag-waving” doesn’t cut it with me.) I’m nobody’s “pacifist”. I’m a military veteran myself, I’m a CCW licensee – and I have an instinctive “defensive” nature. But if I was under fire in a foreign country – I would at least question “WHY”?

          6. Mark Plenn says

            I was there and in S2, you are so full of shit your eyes are BROWN! 1st Avn 1st INF 1966/67.

          7. Mustafa Curtess says

            Nixon was a weak, narcisstic, “lilly-livered” disgrace! Possibly an even greater failure than Obama – (because Nixon had valuable political experience – that Obama DID NOT).
            As far as Vietnam was concerned – Nixon failed to recognize that generals and admirals are only devoted to WAR ( and intellectually and emotionally dedicated to war for its own sake). Without a war – the Pentagon serves no purpose – and troops and weaponry are superfluous – unless they are being USED. There is no such thing as a Department Of Defense. Be honest about it – and title it “The Department Of War”.
            The pitfall of a “standing army” – that our founding fathers specifically warned us against – along with a “professional” police force.

          8. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            You are asking way too much of a liberal, their “research” is limited to switching channels between CNN and MSNBC.

          9. Mike W says

            The equal rights amendments started in the 1920’s not with Johnson. Maybe you ought to do some research!

          10. Roger says

            And, when did it (finally) get passed by the Congress and signed into law, you A$$HOLE SNOWFLAKE (or MUDFLAKE), eh ?

          11. Mike W says

            You know it’s easier to teach my dog to fly a 747 than to educate you. I really feel sorry for your parents. You are talking about the Civil Rights act that Johnson signed – after being embarrassed into it by the Republican’s, The Equal Rights Amendments have been signed put into law and amended several times starting – again sometime back in the 1920’s.

          12. Mustafa Curtess says

            Technically true – but FAR from implemented in any meaningful way. (From “Emancipation” until now – “equality” remains a largely un-fulfilled “promise”) Sad to say – but EVERY minority in the USA (even “Christian” ones) still have to struggle with bigotry and the resultant racial and xenophobic discrimination.
            Just in the past 30 years – I have had to question how “free” the average US Citizen really Is? (Granted that we are maybe more “free” – than anybody else around the globe is – but we are suddenly facing some challenges in order to perpetuate what little we still enjoy.)
            From the preponderance of the Homophobic,Islamophobic, Pro-Life, Jihadist Christian comment on-line – what WILL Trump’s mission to MAGA demand of many of us that support him? (primarily as an option to the corrupt, socio-communism represented by Hillary)?
            I have never for one moment equated, Trump with Hitler or Facism – but I am troubled by so much comment on here that indicates that is exactly what an awful lot of people actually hope that he WILL be.

          13. Mustafa Curtess says

            “The Republicans assisted” – because it was the RIGHT thing to do (which under the circumstances – it was a “politically-correct” gesture for Johnson, even tho his heart probably wasn’t in it.) (He had a lot to deal with: The pointless war on Vietnam, raiding Social Security to partially pay for both it and the pretense of “The Great Society, etc.) We are all still waiting for the Democrats to likewise do something “right” – in the best interests of our Republic.
            Now that your comment causes me to consider it – NO Democrat administration has been a success without reasonable Republican support.
            I Have considerable confidence that the Trump administration will be a success without Democrat support. (At the rate Democrats are opposing it – at least they can never claim any credit for it. Time will tell.)

          14. theotherJimBrown says

            Actually, in the 80’s it was Tip O’Neill and the democratic congress that backed Reagan up and made him a so called “savior”. All the pain and discontent that all of us are feeling today was started during the “Reagan revolution” through massive tax cuts for the rich, deficit spending, unfunded wars, destruction of collective bargaining and trickle down economics all of which the working class have always ended up paying for and has destroyed the middle class.

          15. Mustafa Curtess says

            That bit of realty transcends everything that divides our nation today. I have always been aware that we are all victims of the “Reagan Revolution”. Unfortunarely – the average US citizen seems to think that our history began only a decade ago. And even today – too many of us don’t understand how wealthy elected officials (at ALLLevels of government) become.
            Tip O’Neil was the consummate “professional politician”. His “bottom line” had nothing to do with his political philosophy (if he actually had one at all).
            Meanwhile – I just have to go for “the lesser of two evils” (altho this time – I really had reason to be enthusiastic about Trump (altho my water-meter reader would have been more acceptable than Hillary.)

          16. Mark Plenn says

            F off TOAD: there is no educating the brain dead, and you are brain dead!

          17. Mark Plenn says

            If he only had a brain! theutterjimbrwnnozer is a little on the lack of good sence side.

          18. Mike W says

            The Republican’s want to change the constitution???? What are you smoking? The Republican’s want the Constitution upheld and the laws enforced. You are really confused.

          19. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Agreed, look at the lack of proper vernacular, that is a dead giveaway LEFTARD! Rewrote!

          20. anibanib says

            The US constitution, written Before 1790, when the US population was about 4 million, of which 4% were whitish and the rest “”nigglers”” from Africa……………and nowadays the odds are even worse, as there is but 1% Whites that run the show, and the other 99% do as they are told, whether your are dems or reps

          21. mac12sam12 says

            Here’s why the USA is much better than Sweden. We are a melting pot of all nationalities and color. A dog that has six or seven different breeds from his ancestors are much smarter that a dog with a pedigree. Your avatar is the perfect truth, Euro Trash

          22. Mustafa Curtess says

            That is a very astute and profound observation. Have you researched it to the max? It is the strength of our Republic – but also its weakness – (at the hands of our professional “leaders” who don’t grasp it – or ignore it – so long as it enriches them personally.)
            I am impressed by the problems European countries have opened their doors to – in the trap of “Globalization”. French, German, British, (etc, etc,) governments betray the unique ethnic and emotional characteristics of the publics they rule – and are bewildered (and defensive) about their obvious failures. Not a single one of them (during my lifetime) seems to have ever “put their people First” (except maybe the Russians and Chinese – for which I applaud them.)
            The “melting pot” of the USA at one time had to develope a unique paradigm to successfully unify and govern EVERYBODY. (The allure of “globalization” and “One World Order” has seriously deteriorated the posterity of our national security and success. NONE of our “sacrifices” on behalf of any other “ally” has yielded a net profit or tangible benefit of any kind.)
            You mentioned dogs. Do you know that ALL dogs have the same “blood type” – and therefore any one can donate blood to any other? In my opinion – the USA has become no more than the “dog” for the rest of the world. ( Fine! – Until we run out of blood – which it appears that we are nearing.)
            A “United States Of Europe” MIGHT have worked a century ago – but simply can not work now. Each of our United States are forever the multitude if ethnicities that populate it – but Europe remains “German, Italian, French, Dutch,” etc. Each one ethnically obliged to benefit economically more than any other – in its own legitimate self- interest.

          23. Mark Plenn says

            ???????????? Never was any proof, many dogs were bred for specialized jobs, they became limited in skills not needed: Wolves are naturally smarter over all, than dogs.

          24. Mathew Molk says

            The bible was written way before that by Jews. Does that make it obsolete?

          25. anibanib says

            Its OK if you actually Believe the bible…….IMO just a load of crap and lies, and you Yanks Believe it

          26. Mark Plenn says

            It is a written rendition of long told tribal beliefs; that give a semblance of order to a disorderly Cosmos. The Bibles Christian/Hebrew/Islamic; are stories to draw a line of social behaviors that ease, the daily lives of the believers.

          27. anibanib says

            You lost me there with all that mumbo jumbo religious claptrap

          28. Mustafa Curtess says

            Yes! It actually IS obsolete! If such men as named in the Bible ever actually existed, they were ignorant, superstitious, savages – that somehow got their tribal mythology recorded ( which is equally questionable) purely as a means to exercise some unfluence on the backward and isolated societies they were part of. We have Americans today who question the intelligence of the Founders of our Republic. Isn’t it at least as valid to question the notions of far less sophisticated mortals THOUSANDS of years before them? Everyone is quite free to believe that ancient nonsense, be enslaved to it, and take some imaginary comfort in it. But you have NO MORAL OR HUMAN RIGHT TO BURDEN ANY OTHER PERSON TO AGREE WITH OR RESPECT OR ACCOMODATE YOUR “CONVICTIONS”. And BY GOD – under the US Constitution you have no CIVIL RIGHT to do so – either.
            I am not yet Atheist – but the more of your delusional drivel I hear and read – the closer I come. Best way for you to “witness” – is just to STFU.

          29. Mark Plenn says

            You mean like the Islamics today, now now you’ve stepped over the line Mustafa!

          30. Mustafa Curtess says

            What “line”? I was careful to avoid mention of any one religion – beause they are all the same in most regards. (And ALL are obsolete.)

          31. Mark Plenn says

            anibanib; go back to grade school, you did not get the education that the state of confusion paid for! If you had a brain I’d tell you to go F yourself; however brainless you are, I have no pity for you POSER!

          32. anibanib says

            But I dont live in the sbitty Place called America……….you are the piece of excrement..some still hanging from your a hole

          33. Mark Plenn says

            NO HE IS BRAIN DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          34. tCotUS says

            Mike we have some real Liberal idiots here(most likely Pedophiles) Rewrite the Constitution ? Really ? The intelligence of Thomas Jefferson alone, is beyond that of all the Libs put together. Can you imagine what America would be like with the Constitution/Bill of Rights rewritten by them ?

          35. Susan Short says

            Who the hexx have you been listening to?! Did you even graduate from high school?!

          36. Mathew Molk says

            That is the level of a collage grad these days….It was below 8th grade level when I went to school, though. – Thank the Teacher’s Unions for that.

          37. Roger says

            I don’t even think that he made it through KINDERGARTEN, eh ?

          38. Mark Plenn says

            Or even nursery school?

          39. lovinspoonful says

            The Republcans never said our Constitution was outdated – that’s the Democrats who declared that. The Republicans are perfectly content with our Constitution. You just write thingds that make no sense and your grammar is terrible. “Rewrote” is incorrect and is not a word. Shows once more you are a liberal.

          40. Roger says

            That’s because he only has ONE (snowflake, sheeple) BRAIN CELL, eh ?

          41. Jeanne Stotler says

            I read very well and can comprehend what I read, IT WAS OBAMA, that said Constitution was an “OUTDTED PIECE OF PARCHMENT”, it’s REP. like Poluski, and her ilk that keep chiming that the Constitution is outdated, now start drinking good old American Coffee and throw out that Kool-Aid.

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Try again.

          43. Mathew Molk says

            What planet are you from? That is word for word from NWO Marxist doctrine.

            We (Republican conservatives) are the ones in the military putting our lives on the line to protect and defend the Constitution. We are also the Cops that shead blood every day to preserve law and order and prevent people like you from hurting others.

            You even THINKING we are against the Constitution is totally insane. You need to be locked up somewhere and fed nuts and berries.

          44. Roger says

            Better yet, ARSENIC, eh ?

          45. Mark Plenn says

            Try a Mental Ward; thurezine twice a day!

          46. Roger says

            And the BLITHERING A$$HOLE just shows off what an IGNORANT, MORONIC SNOWFLAKE or MUDFLAKE represents, eh ?

          47. Mustafa Curtess says

            Whaaaat? It is ONLY our conservatives (of both parties – and there ARE a very few patriotic Democrats) who respect and try to abide by the Constitution! May I remind you that the liberals are the ONLY ones that say that it is a “living document” (and therefore basically “whimsical”). And that Obama himself has said that: “It is just a piece of parchment”. Your comment is one of the most un-informed and incoherent things I have ever read. (SURELY you just stated that – to generate controversy?)

          48. Mark Plenn says

            What the F; Jimmi you’re smoking bad dope again, Conservatives want to keep the Constitution as written. 190 degrees from what you’ve said, in your drug induced demented line of mouth shit.

        2. Grassroots says

          “The last laugh is coming soon” and “Best lock and load. “Are those threats, coitus? Are you actually threatening me?

          1. tCotUS says

            Anyone who supports those who threaten our President with assassination should feel threatened. Which one are you?

          2. Grassroots says

            I am one who thinks that threatening the president is completely and totally wrong. How about you?

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Butt still smarts eh? They do sell a salve that might get you a bit of relief.

        1. Grassroots says

          There’s no salve for a broken heart.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You are in love with the old bag or heart broken over the half breed?

          2. Mike W says

            He’s in love with the “Free” handouts.

          3. Mustafa Curtess says

            Um – I have reaon to resent the “half-breed” thing – put your point is valid.

      3. Mike W says

        So in your opinion the guy who built a multi-billion dollar empire that employs about 34,000 people is not fit to govern – BUT – the community organizer – who may or may not even have been legally eligible – who had to surrender his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application was?

        1. rev_dave says

          I think Grassroots (obviously a lie there!) is confusing Trump with a physically failing, mentally unstable old hag who has no accomplishment in her entire life, couldn’t tell the truth to save her life, who violated fed laws regarding the handling of national secrets, who with her husband has left a trail of over 60 dead associates behind her and who apparently single-handed managed to arm ISIS with Qaddafi weapons. Good choice!

          1. theotherJimBrown says

            Kellyanne Conway?….do a little history search about her time in the RNC. She’s actually has been around since the 80’s. Shocking stuff that even a Republican would dislike. Was a hot shot within Der Kommisar Cheney’s aides.

          2. rev_dave says

            Aha, JimmyBrown! Deed you zink I would not recognize ze old ‘diversion’ ploy? You are bust-eed, monsieur! Zees is a uuge red herringg!

          3. lovinspoonful says

            ROFLMAO. What fairly tale book do you get your stories from?

          4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says
          5. Mustafa Curtess says

            Lol! Now no need to blame Sharia for the likes of Jim Brown! They got enough BS against them already!

          6. Mustafa Curtess says

            So – Nobody except a Democrat is perfect? People make mistakes. But all you REALLY have against Conway – is that she helped elect Trump. (I dare say that you regret some of the career-choices that you made in the 1980’s ? – Or were you still in potty-training 30 years ago?)

          7. theotherJimBrown says

            Never said that DemocRats are perfect. Matter of fact, they are just as filthy IMO. I only occasionally defend them because their platform tends to be the lesser of the 2 evils. I do defend Repugnicants from time to time also.

          8. Mike W says

            Hillary does have accomplishments as a lawyer she laughed on the courthouse steps about getting a child rapist off scott free – she knew the guy was guilty. She arranged the sale of all that uranium to Russia as Secretary of Take and made a nice chunk of change off of that – she also managed to get Bill a $500,000 fee for a speech in Moscow after the deal went through. Ask the Haitian’s how much money Hillary again as SOT and her foundation stole from them after the 2010 earthquake. The list goes on and on.

          9. lovinspoonful says

            One of her best accomplishments is having lied for so many years, at least since 1970 (Watergate) and has lied continually ever since. She and her brother both are corrupt lawyers.

          10. Mike W says

            Barack Obama surrendered his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. Michelle Obama surrendered her law license to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud. Bill Clinton had his law license revoked for “giving false testimony” – aka – Lying under oath- in the Paula Jones case _ Paula is just one of the 16 women who have accused Clinton of rape/sexual misconduct. These are the people the liberals look up to – I guess as long as they let men use the ladies room they would be ok with anything.

          11. lovinspoonful says

            The only think the liberals add to the welfare of this country is to rant and object to everything and everyone that doesn’t see things their way – whichever way that is.

          12. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Probable keystroke error, the GR was the end of a previous word!

          13. Lisa Montez says

            And don’t forget this: and the ensuing atrocity at Oklahoma City.

        2. theotherJimBrown says

          His “empire” that he built was given to him at his father’s death. It was worth as much then as it is now in real dollars. Plus, it is NOT a multi- billion dollar “empire”. It is worth about 400 million as last reported. He’s simply maintained this wealth through dodging taxes and bankruptcies

          1. Mike W says

            You better go back and look again at what he was left and what he did with it. You go buy all those buildings with 400 million let me know how that works out for you. I’ll give you a hint – the average skyscraper in NYC cost about 1 billion dollars.

          2. lovinspoonful says

            Not true. He borrowed money to establish his empire. Jealous, are you? As far as dodging taxes, he has done no such thing. He did it through the IRS and it was legal. FYI, Hilary did the same thing. His income tax was affected, but he paid all his other taxes. I do wish you would quit lying. Did you learn that from Obama and Hilary?

          3. Mathew Molk says

            It’s deeply ingrained in NWO Marxist Party doctrine…”Tell a lie often enough enough and it becomes the truth” – Problem is here on the Trump Train we are not illiterate Russian peasants and the only thing the NWO Marxists accomplish with their antics is to look more foolish and get weaker as more people abandon them and jump on the Trump Train.


          4. Mathew Molk says


          5. Mustafa Curtess says

            So – are you one of Trump’s accountants? Tell us MORE.

          6. theotherJimBrown says

            None of the filthy things that have been said about Obama can be substantiated. That is why he thoroughly whooped Hillary, McCain and Romney.

        3. Donna Stepp says

          Love this.

        4. lovinspoonful says

          And the only job he ever held was as community organizer for a corrupt organization – ACORN.

        5. Bounderbob says

          Please provide some proof for everything you said after BUT…

          1. Mike W says

            Between Oct. 5, 1988 and Jan. 12, 1990, Barack Obama was cited 17 times for parking violations in Cambridge, MA. For nearly two decades those parking tickets went unpaid, until a representative of Obama’s settled all his outstanding debts with Cambridge’s Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department on Jan. 26, 2007.

            In January 2007, the Obama campaign said the old parking tickets were not important. But the Illinois bar obviously considered them very important. In addition to the above, there is another item in the application that specifically mentions unpaid parking tickets.

            Item 55: Do you understand that after your Character and Fitness Registration Application is filed, you will have a continuous reporting obligation and must notify the Board of Admissions of any changes or additions to the information provided in your application? This includes, but is not limited to, address changes, employment changes, criminal charges, disciplinary actions (educational, employment or other), and traffic violations, including any parking tickets that are not paid upon receipt.

            It seems highly unlikely he owned up to these parking tickets on his application, since one would have expected the Illinois Board to require he pay them before he could be admitted to the bar, something he clearly did not do.

            Item 44: Have you read and do you understand the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct?

            Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct [paraphrased for clarity only.]

            RULE 8.1. Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters: An applicant for admission to the bar shall not knowingly make a false statement.

            RULE 8.4. A lawyer shall not commit a criminal act or engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

            Item 53: Is there any additional information with respect to possible misconduct or lack of moral qualification or general fitness on your part that is not otherwise disclosed by your answers to questions in this application?

            A page and a half of Barack Obama’s famous autobiography, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, covers his use of illegal substances (marijuana and cocaine) while he was enrolled at Occidental College. Did he put this on his application?

            The Meat of the Thing

            On March 13, 2007, a request was filed with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission asking the application to the bar that Barack Obama had filed in 1991 be examined in light of information that had recently been made public.

            Barack Obama suddenly decided to voluntarily surrender his law license.

            If the ARDC investigates a licensed lawyer, the proceedings become public record. but the ARDC won’t punish or publicize findings against a lawyer who voluntarily resigns.

        6. Grassroots says

          45 may be good as a CEO where he can order people around willy-nilly, although his business practices are highly questionable (stiffing his subcontractors is not a good sign).

          As a president who must work WITH Congress to achieve successful outcomes, he so far is a failure. Acting as a lone governing voice and bypassing Congress by signing dozens of executive orders is not the way the presidency is supposed to work. It’s something 45 relentlessly criticized in Obama over the last eight years. And now look here, he’s doing the exact same thing.

      4. Bob Marcum says

        You’re a shit-for-brain, crack-head. President Trump can and will drain the swamp.

        1. theotherJimBrown says

          ….and replace it with what? ….a corporate Fascist autocracy? You better believe it.
          Read your history books. Trump is trying to be a Hitler- lite…..or is it a Putin- lite?

          1. lovinspoonful says

            Do your research. Trump[ is making this country better again and is cleaning up Obama’s messes he left behind. Trump is for the people and has accomplished more in the short time he has been in office than Obama did in 8 years.

          2. Bounderbob says

            How about a list of these accomplishments.

          3. lerose55 says

            Thats what the Democrats want U 2 believe.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Don’t worry about it,,,,It won’t be with people anything like you. Go back to the safe zone and play with your free coloring book. We won, You lost. Go away.

          5. Roger says

            Man, you’re really exemplifying what an A$$HOLE really is, eh ?

          6. Mustafa Curtess says

            Oh, Please! The situation in the USA is not (yet) the same as what brought Stalin to power in Russia – or Hitler to power in Germany. (But our liberals are working diligently to create those conditions.)

          7. Lisa Montez says

            We already have a sudo-corporate-fascist autocracy. Have for some time now. That’s why we needed a change.

          8. Mark Plenn says

            May the Earth open up and swallow your sorry ass.

        2. Grassroots says

          He’s creating the largest swamp ever with all his unqualified, inexperienced rich friends. What the hell does Ben Carson know about housing? Flynn has already quit because he lied. Sessions lied too. How long do you think he’ll last? 45 appointed a CEO of Big Oil in charge of the environmental protection agency. There’s that fox guarding the hen house again.

          45 IS A SWAMP ALL BY HIMSELF. I pray we get through the next four years (if 45 even lasts that long) without the new swampmates swamping and overturning our country and maybe even the world.

      5. kbmiller says

        Apparently you’ve been asleep for the last 8 yrs. Aiding our enemies and ignoring our allies was a strategy that failed not only ex pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO but our nation as well. OHOMO did get the unions back on their feet, with the bailout that was supposed to help the economy. The Dumb A$$ oc RATS got a bundle of money to launder in the green energy fiasco bankruptcies. And OHOMO himself managed to help the Muslim Brotherhood grow and flourish in the Middle East, abandoned Iraq so that Iran could waltz in, assassinated Qaddafi in Libya and then left in the same way, dithered in Syria while the Russians built influence all the while, illegally using TAX PAYER’S money to influence the Israeli election and handing over $billions to the Iranis who hate us and have vowed to kill us. Great job OHOMO, the best thing, however, was that under Bath House Barry the Dumb A$$ oc RATS have lost over 1100 elected seats in State and Federal elections. Thanks Barack Hussein OHOMO.

        1. lovinspoonful says

          Also, was responsbie for 4 men being murdeerd in Benghazi. Then lied bout the cause of the attack.

          1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Which the group he and Hillary were supplying weapons to in Benghazi, became ISIS

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Agree 100%,with the exception the reference to the now defunct Democratic Party. It hasn’t been the Democrat Party for quite some time. It has become the NWO Marxist Party all the way.

          1. Mustafa Curtess says

            Sad- but terrifyingly true.

        3. Mustafa Curtess says

          lol! Most of what you say is wonderfully accurate – “but nobody is perfect” – and damed few US Americans are allowed to know exactly WHAT is going on in the Middle East.

      6. Susan Short says

        No, you dumb shxt, Odumbo made us a laughing stock! You’ve been listening to the liberal media far too much!

      7. lovinspoonful says

        Obama made us the laughing stock of the world. Trump is cleaning up Obama’s mess who was not fit to govern. Where were you during the last 8 years of lies, corruption, and his hatred for the republicans and his apologizing for the dumb Americans.

      8. Roger says

        You, being a deemoncrapper, are REALLY MENTALLY DISTURBED, along with a single (amoeba) brain cell, you PERFECTLY exemplify what a COMPLETE IDIOT sounds like, eh ?

        1. Grassroots says

          With all your name-calling and disparaging remarks, I’d say I got to you. I hit a sore spot, eh. Toughen up, snowflake. And try to write something intelligent next time. You sound like the playground bully.

        2. Grassroots says

          I’m sorry you are so angry that you feel the necessity to call me names and try to disparage my character. Do you take this same aggressive approach with everyone who disagrees with you? You might want to consider an anger management course. It can really help a person learn to manage their darker side and keep them out of the kind of trouble that lands a person in criminal court.

      9. Mustafa Curtess says

        I disagree! Only the Liberal “Elites” of the world tend to mis-interpret Trump (exactly like our own do – and for the same reason). Most working class or “middle class” everywhere are inspired by him. Obviously – EVERY “western” country has a swamp to be drained (far worse than ours). It is only logical that their corrupt, insular, dis-connected leadership hierarchies” fear and disdain Trump. He not only gives hope to the USA – but to people everywhere ( just like the USA itself did – up until barely two generations ago).

      10. Jamie Kay says

        Here’s how you sing the Star Spangled Banner. Goes like this: Baaaa Baaaaa Baaaaa Baaaa

        You are an ignorant person, there is something wrong with your brain, quit watching CNN MSNBC NBC ABC. they’re liars and they’re going to be took out. And people like you are going to end up being dealt with too just because you don’t see Trump supporters out the street smashing breaking spitting doesn’t mean we aren’t there you fool

        1. Grassroots says

          …”you are going to end up being dealt with”…

          Are you threatening me?

          1. Jamie Kay says

            You WANT it to be a threat.
            F*** off LIBTOIL
            Ppl like you will be dealt with that smash, break, spit on and harass ppl. Oh, and flag burning.

          2. Grassroots says

            Considering I’ve never burned the flag nor smashed, broken, spit on, or harassed people, you’re directing your hatred and threats toward the wrong person. Life much be very painful and difficult for you to carry such invective. I hope things even out for you and you can feel joy.

          3. Grassroots says

            I certainly hope that people who do criminal acts will be appropriately handled. Fortunately, I’ve never been one who has committed criminal acts. The vast majority of Dems and Reps aren’t criminally motivated either.

            There are a few people on both sides of the aisle who have criminal intent. That doesn’t mean that everyone in a certain group is a bad guy, though. Using “always” and “never” equates to black-and-white thinking, which is outside the realm of logic, because it’s simply untrue that millions and millions of people think exactly alike. You wouldn’t like it if I said all Reps are crazy people, because that wouldn’t be true. Neither is it true that all Dems are evil and twisted.

            The truth is somewhere in the middle, which is that most people are neither all evil nor all good. I don’t think you’re crazy or evil, but you do appear to have strong feelings about how we are governed. Good for you. You’re passionate about your beliefs.

            Sounds like you’re willing to share what you believe as well, just as I am. There’s room for everyone to have opinions and share ideas.

          4. Grassroots says

            Thank you for sharing your opinion, although it is off topic.

          5. Jamie Kay says

            Did you have your drunk on last night? Feeling all cool and bad?

          6. Grassroots says

            Were you threatening me?

          7. Grassroots says

            I don’t drink.

          8. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            What u smokin Democrack?

          9. Grassroots says

            I gave up cigarettes close to 20 years ago. Cigarettes are bad for your lungs, you know.

      11. lovinspoonful says

        You are kidding right? Obama made us the laughing stock. The whole world laughed at him. Get your facts straight.

      12. Mark Plenn says

        Gassroots: go back under the foul rock from which you arouse. The smell of your lying breath could kill a cold. I can tell by your candor you are a Clintonite, and as poisonous as Hillary’s Farts.

        1. Grassroots says

          Actually, I heard on NPR yesterday that smelling farts is good for you. Therefore, I fart in your general direction. No need to thank me.

        2. Grassroots says

          Actually, recent studies indicate that smelling farts is good for you.

    3. lovinspoonful says

      The uproar about Sessions is a smoke screen to distract the people from what is being discovered about them.

      1. Gary Smith says

        I agree

      2. Mustafa Curtess says

        Honestly! It wouldn’t matter WHO Trump nominates for any position – the democrats would oppose it. None of this can be taken seriously. It has nothing to do with Trump’s convictions, positions, policies, etc. The libs just hate him because he was elected and their dismal candidate was not.
        I widh that Trump and his cabinet would just ignore them (as if they don’t exist), refuse to speak to their “journalists”, and refuse to respond to any of their lies and baseless accusations.
        I would love to subscribe to a DJTrump website – where one of his staffers (or press secretary) could recap Trump’s activities for the day each evening, with Trump’s personal thoughts and reactions if he pleases (instead of those ineffective and controversial “twitter” comments). He has people that can easily do this. Call it a daily “oval office diary” – or the equivalent of “fireside chats”. No questions or comments allowed (as if it is a radio broadcast.)
        I want to hear from the President’s Administration – not the spin and distortions of his (and the nation’s) enemies.
        “The Press” has CLEARLY abdicated its responsibility to inform the public, but we still need reliable information (and unless it’s straight from the administration – it is garbage).

    4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

      First unseal Barry’s records and expose that fraud, then arrest him for treason, then go after all who colluded with him to defraud us all. Next George Soros must be dealt with harshly. Arrest him for sedition, freeze all his US assets he is paying as just one example, the BLM to riot, kill police and whites and destroy property. You take away their 15 bucks an hour crack money and watch them fade away. Then go after Holder, Lynch, Ellison, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, you get the drift. Every single one who perpetrated the biggest fraud in world history should be held accountable, in so far as to remove their federal pensions and lifetime insurance if found to be complicit.

      1. tCotUS says

        Agreed my Deplorable Brother..

      2. Barry Smith says


        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          A team of world renown and respected experts have proved that velcro head’s birth certificate is as fraudulent as can be. Which means, he/it was never a legal president!!

          1. Bounderbob says

            Must have missed that, how about a link to this. Please, no Brietbart.

          2. Mustafa Curtess says

            I’m uneasy about that. Obama is acting as if he doesn’t have a legal vulnerability of any kind, and openly devoting the next few years to destroying the Trump Presidency ( including sedition and fomenting civil unrest ).
            What does Obama have “going for him”? What does he know – that the US public does NOT know?

          3. Mark Plenn says

            ????????????? that’s why we need an HONEST FBI!

          4. Mark Plenn says

            President Trump has always contended that is the TRUTH! Obama born in Kenya is a British subject; didn’t we throw the British in the Revolution?

          5. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Did you see what his Kenyan half brother tweeted out yesterday, a copy of his real birth certificate. Here’s a link.

        2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          Thanks! There are plenty more I didn’t mention!

          1. lovinspoonful says

            Remember his numerous promising speeches about shovel-ready projects. He finally admitted he had lied and there was no such thing? Only time I know he admitted lyhing. Otherwise, we were supposed to believe every lie he told.

          2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            maybe he was referring to us burying our dead after he issued the call to jihad personally.
            Seriously though, I had not heard him admit he lied ever before!

          3. Christine Glass says

            Perfect, to the point and obvious to anyone with even minimal eyesight and intelligence.

          4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Thanks I try to use my anger at Obama to spread the real truth as much as I can.

          5. Mark Plenn says

            Demorats never keep their word; the money for roads , bridges and SHOVEL-READY PROJECTS went to political cronnies and illegal border crashers.

          6. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            How true that is, it also came out this week that Obama paid ILLEGALS to take in minor illegals with our tax dollars! Not just a few either 100K illegal children were paid for by Obama to ILLEGAL CRIMINALS! That would be treason right?

      3. Jamie Kay says

        These elite GLOBALISTS are going to find out who really runs the show here. Trump is trying to help the people out. We’ve got these globalists that are so p****d off because their agenda was foiled so they’re going to do whatever they can to impeach and jail Trump. And I’m telling you if Trump gets assassinated this country is going to go Haywire.
        I don’t trust the CIA either. I haven’t for a long time. And there’s no colluding with Russia, they can’t even come out with any f****** facts or proof. They’re willing to throw us into a war with Russia, that’s how bad of sore losers they are, how bad they want to stay in power.
        I foresee middle-class America taking on these globalists and it will be a nasty bloody fight. Bloodbath, if you will.

        1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          The one thing they took for granted was they assumed they would be able to use Obama to disarm us all, he tried so many times and failed. More people should have taken notice of that. If it weren’t for the Second Amendment, we would be experiencing much the same violence, crime and sexual assaults that the EU is going through right now. I agree a civil war seems nearly inevitable at this point.

      4. Mark Plenn says

        Don’t stop there, the whole septic Democrat party has to be purged!

        1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          That is why I was actually hoping they would put Keith Ellison in as leader of their Nazi bigoted anti-white and anti-American party of traitors. Louis Farakhan Jr. would have been the perfect person to send the Shariacrats into oblivion.

          1. tCotUS says

            I think Ellison is the one behind the curtain. DumoRATS are so arrogant they still think their winning..

          2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            in their own deluded minds they sure do. Idiots would be an upgrade at this point in time.

          3. tCotUS says

            Lol…Your right I would call them idiots, but idiots are harmless..
            Anyone who thinks Ellison will save them, truly has a
            psychosis disorder.( presence of delusions, unshakable beliefs in something untrue or not based on reality)

      5. Christine Glass says

        Well stated!

    5. Mark Plenn says

      President Trump has to fire all Obama hirings, purge the politicals from the State, Security, CIA, FBI, all the intel. depts and let it be known that all who violate the security of these UNITED STATES will be punished by the laws of this country!

    6. Grassroots says


  8. randi amundsen says

    Democrats we truly need to get rid of those maggots. Hear the teachers are going to take a day off to demonstrate when Reagan was president the air traffic controlled was all fired for taking a day off. There are plenty of teachers who can take the place of these so called teachers.

    1. Craig Vandertie says

      A really close acquaintance of mine, as in if we bumped into each other I would take time to talk longer than I do business acquaintances, any way he is an Education professor, PhD and all, even he admits Fringe benefits such as tenure and Collective Bargaining was spoiling teachers, perform until they have tenure and then become deadweight.

      I cannot speak for teachers outside the state of WI, but they no longer have the legal support they once had, as for that cult islam being taught in Public or even Christian Parochial schools those teachers should be fired and never allowed to teach again.

      1. theotherJimBrown says

        First off, Gomer, I do agree with the tenure part of your argument. No one should have a job and a yearly raise just because they show up for work and go through the motions. But, collective bargaining IS the working class practicing “free market” ideology.
        Our Teachers are more important than any judge, police force or corporation and deserve to paid accordingly based on their performance. Much like how you feel about your job and yourself. Attacking the schools, teachers and known history is exactly how Hitler came to power.
        Further more, please explain where, when and how the schools and our teachers are teaching Islam. Can you tell me a time when your own kids came home from school extolling the virtues of Islam? How about yourself? Did you ever experience your teachers or school teaching an anti- Christian or un- American ideal. Maybe as a history reference and nothing more.
        It is against the law for teachers to do this and they can lose their teaching licenses for promoting subversive activities with our children.

        1. lovinspoonful says

          Do you ever listen to or watch the news (other than msm) or do you make it up from your fairy tale book as you go along?

          1. theotherJimBrown says

            Don’t watch any of the fake news including Fox.

        2. Mathew Molk says

          I take it you are a teacher. 12 months pay for 9 months work and not getting the job you are paid for done,,,,That’s not worth more then a burger flipper at McDonald’s, if that. The basic worth of a teacher these days is a babysitter so their mothers can go to work and pay the property tax that supports the teacher’s exorbitant salaries.

          And if they are worth so much how is it that home schooled kids on the average outpace conventional students on the SAT? – Don’t piss down my neck and tell me it’s raining. my friend. I might have been born at night but it wasn’t LAST night.

          And Hitler (The first thing someone who is not hip refers to) teachers ARE the ones who are teaching revisionist history and telling outright lies about patriotism, capitalism and in general the American way. Where are these millennial snowflakes coming from? – I’ll clue you in. They are not picking up Marxist ways and advocating the assent of an admitted communist to the Presidency at the corner bar. – They get it from their useful idiot commie teachers.

          As for Islamist teachings, my kids are in their late 30s and early 40s so they aren’t bring too much home from schools there days, but where have all these stories on nationa TV and even the NYSlimes ,of school boards receiving heated complaints from parents that their kids are coming home with islamist materials and are being told to write essays from the moslem point of view? – Is it a bunch of KKK members making fraudulent complaints to bring down the teacher’s unions? I don’t think so.

          What about no Christmas Trees, Construction paper Thanksgiving Turkeys, and Halloween costumes? How ’bout the Lord’s Prayer and pledge of allegiance every morning? You telling me that the teachers have nothing to do with the exile of Judaeo/Christian values?

          This is nothing new either. Back in the 80s my niece was in elementary school and somehow the subject of Vietnam came up…She said that her father and
          uncle both had been in the war. (Im class of 68 and her dad is class of 67) Her young teacher said “Honey, that can’t be true. You are far too young to have relatives that were in Vietnam. (WTF, Over)

          Then there is the story of one of the crewmen of the Enola Gay being the guest speaker at some school. He was introduced in front of the entire student body as a veteran of world war ELEVEN!

          How are these dunderheads supposed to teach the causes and effects of the civil war when they can’t even relate to Vietnam and WW II (That’s Roman Numeral II not the number 11 in case you went to the same university as the teacher that did that introduction)

          I have a saying, “RARE AS AN OLD RUSTY PICK UP TRUCK IN A TEACHER’S PARKING LOT” And that new Lexus for graduating kids that can’t read the diploma they give them. Again WTF, over.

          I understand the screaming and panic, though. The teacher’s gravy train has been sidelined by the Trump Train. They know they will have almost no places to work within 3 months of the vouchers being issued. As for me, I say it is way past time they get knocked off their undeserved pedestals.


          1. theotherJimBrown says

            There you go, again. I’m not a teacher and actually hated high school.

        3. Craig Vandertie says

          You are an idiot.

      2. Mustafa Curtess says

        Right! The absolute LAST thing we need in our society – is to teach anything factual about someone we percieve to be an “enemy” ( or even a ” competitor”).

    2. Mike W says

      Great idea get rid of the liberal loons and create jobs, Tenure is a bunch of B.S. – once they get it they essentially retire – they show up for work but don’t do anything and they can’t be fired. The kids are basically teaching themselves. A lot of the testing done in schools today are trying to find out if the teachers are teaching. They are trying to find out what the kids know at certain levels and if they don’t know it why? The teachers are against this testing saying it waste classroom time. Really?

      1. Grassroots says

        Do you have statistics to support your ignorant claims?

        1. Mike W says

          I have kids in school and I talk with other parents who have had kids in these same teachers classes in the past. It is not all of them but there are those who need to kicked to the curb. Must have hit a nerve are you a tenured teacher?

          1. Grassroots says


          2. theotherJimBrown says

            What?… 2 or 3 out of 100? Those that do are fired and lose their licenses 100% of the time. Some are prosecuted.

          3. Mike W says

            It’s obvious they didn’t teach you much.

          4. lovinspoonful says


          5. Mathew Molk says


        2. lovinspoonful says

          No, because schools are teaching Islam, having children dress like the muslims. He has no idea what is going on in this country and the school systems.

          1. Grassroots says

            Schools are teaching Islam? You mean like Roman numerals and stuff?

            That must just be in your little backwoods town, because I haven’t heard about any schools teaching Islam and requiring children to wear robes in the city where I live, nor in any towns or cities in my state.or nearby states. Unless you’re taking about KKK robes. I hear those are prominent in some parts of the country. Especially in the South. Sad.

        3. hangem'high says

          Skippy take Look around outside of your bubble,

          1. Grassroots says

            Fake news. Try again.

          2. hangem'high says

            Very fake news?

          3. Grassroots says

            Taught in Muslim schools, the man said. Muslim schools. Not every school in America. Just Muslim schools. That doesn’t automatically mean that Muslim students will grow up to be terrorists any more than teaching kids about the bad old days of slavery in the United States will make them slave holders.

            Your assertion that sharia law is being taught in American schools is obviously incorrect. Sorry, Charlie.

          4. hangem'high says

            Well its already happening in Canadian schools , I don’t expect it to migrate to US schools now that Trump has been elected.


            But U never can be to careful Skippy?

          5. Grassroots says

            Okay, Hangem, I’ve done some research and you are correct that ISLAMIC SCHOOLS in Canada do teach about Islam. However, as Melanie Adrian (Associate Professor, Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University) wrote, “Accredited private Islamic schools in Ontario, like the one I am situated in, are overseen by the Ministry of Education. The ministry conducts regular inspections of the school and ensures that they are teaching the Ontario curriculum.”

            She goes on to say, “My own observations indicate that a wide array of lessons are given that are drawn from the Qur’an, Hadith and other texts. I have not witnessed teachers advocating violence. What I do see is a critical engagement with the meaning of Islamic texts on many of the issues that young Muslims encounter in Canada: Can they listen to rap music? Is “friending” someone on Facebook considered dating Sometimes, Muslim students have to confront issues that other teenagers in Canada do not: How to respond when spat at in the street. How to reply when asked “where are you really from?””

            There was/is concern in California about Islam being taught in public schools, as related in a different article. “As part of their social studies curriculum, Grade 7 pupils throughout California do study ancient Muslim cultures and the impact of Islam on world history, but only as one of eleven units that comprise that year’s social studies course, not as a special indoctrination into a particular religion… The intent is to teach the position of this belief system in history, not the religion itself — the dividing line is not always clearly drawn, however, not even in the “standards” handed down by the State of California to its districts and individual schools. (“Standards” are education jargon for what the state insists be taught in a particular grade year in a particular area of study.)

            “According to California’s Grade 7 social studies standard for this particular unit: “Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Islam in the Middle Ages.” In and of itself that would be fine, but the breakdown of how that goal is to be achieved opens the door to potential blurring. One item from the 6-point list on how that standard is to be reached is especially troubling: “Trace the origins of Islam and the life and teachings of Muhammad, including Islamic teachings on the connection with Judaism and Christianity.””

            There is a legitimate concern, as noted in the information above, that Islam be taught in the context of history only, not the religion itself. Just like Christianity should be taught in the context of history, but not the religion itself. There is that Constitutional thing about separation of church and state, which is enforced in public schools, but not in parochial schools (“parochial” referring to “church parish,” although for the purposes of differentiating between public and private/religious schools, I’ll include Islamic schools as well).

            Parents of school age children would be rightfully concerned if religion were taught in the public schools, whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or another belief system. I seriously doubt that a public school would be able to go forward with teaching religion because of the separation of church and state rule. There are curriculum standards.

            By the way, my nickname is not Skippy. I’m trying hard not to be snarky (I know, I do fail at times), and I would appreciate if you would do the same.

          6. Grassroots says

            Not sure what your photo has to do with the discussion about what is being taught in public and private schools here and in Canada. Can you explain?

          7. hangem'high says

            Can I call you Snarky, or do I sick to grasstoots?

            Any Muslim customs being taught in school should be alarming to anyone that has an inkling of what the movement is all about!

            I would like to recommend a lot of clips to U, on or relating the subject like “Goy World History, to the Protocols of the Elder of Zion” but will start with this, and see how it develops


            I’m hoping without your Eyes wide shut!
            Peace be with U!

          8. Grassroots says

            I see you missed the points I was making. I’m sorry but I am very busy and have no more time to devote to this topic. Good luck.

          9. hangem'high says

            Until we meet again?


            Must be talking to Eric holder?

    3. Grassroots says

      Name calling is the loser’s self-defense system. Humans aren’t maggots, by the way, in case you’re confused.

      1. hangem'high says

        Are U admitting defeat Skippy?

        1. Grassroots says

          I didn’t know we were at war. It does appear, though, that your self-defense system is in overdrive. Why so sensitive, hanger? You have no real argument so you turn to name-calling? Sad.

          1. hangem'high says

            OK I forgot liberals are the only ones allowed to name call? “EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY!” Even you grassroots, I don’t want to see tears now?

          2. Grassroots says

            Name-calling has been done by both sides, but no matter who engages in that distressing behavior, it’s still rude and insensitive.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You haven’t been in some of the places I worked when I was a cop.

        1. Grassroots says

          No, I haven’t, that’s true. I didn’t realize a cop’s job was solely to “arrest and judge,” though. And as hard as I try, I can’t find any ancestral link between maggots and humans. Although I do know that medicine sometimes uses sterile maggots to eat away dead tissue from human wounds.

          I did work in criminal court for many years and saw and heard some disgusting, horrifying things. Still no ancestral link observed.

    4. Mathew Molk says

      There haven’t been teachers for well over 30 years. What other industry that hasn’t produced a saleable product for that long would still be around?

  9. kassa1 says

    If you would just look at history they would see me in the last year’s the Democrats have your abuse their powers attacking Republicans were good for the country in bed for the elite were trying to overthrow this government. Yes there’s a pattern of attacking any good Republican, and it was the communist party says tell ally long enough people come to believe it. They will be the lie

    to the ground as long as they’re breathing.

  10. Garys_opinion says

    Every evening I see Chuck Schumer standing in an empty Senate chamber complaining about the Republicans, their proposals, or President Trump in general. He never has any proposals, legislation he wants to offer the American people, just complaints about the opposition, much of it made up.
    I guess that there is a brain dead segment of our population who thinks that what he’s saying is true, if anybody is watching this boring side show at all, but he’s not fooling anybody who is paying attention to what the Democrats are up to.

    1. Ron C says

      Democrat’s have only ONE solution, confiscate & regulate….that is it!

      1. Grassroots says

        You’re okay with getting rid of regulations that protect our lakes and rivers from pollution? You’re okay with lowering standards for auto emissions? You’re okay with completely deregulating Wall Street and big business?

        1. Ron C says

          I’ll answer one of your questions…The EPA regs for navigable water ways will NOT be gotten rid of, just the EPA interpretation that when a farmer irrigates his crops & fields that it becomes wetlands, or that if a puddle appears in your front yard that the EPA has domain over you house…you know the stupid regulation that bureaucrat’s like to force on their taxpaying subject’s!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Bury the bastards and cover them up with OSHA.

          2. Grassroots says

            That’s your entire argument, that allowing farmers to pollute the little waters and streams is okay because it keeps them in business?

            There a whole lot more involved. Including you and me and our neighbors working together with the EPA to keep pollutants out of our water and off our lands.

            Does “superfund sites” ring any bells?

        2. hangem'high says

          The EPA wiped out the Colorado River, nothing not a word; Michigans drinking water contaminated nothing not a word, till everyone got sick, So go fly a kite!

          Its fishermen and hunters that invest into the environment not the thieving government, that sell off BLM to China, Russia, India, and Mexico! U seriously think these foreign entities give a rats azz about weather U live or Die!

        3. Mathew Molk says


      2. Mike W says

        Tax and spend

  11. Mike W says

    Hillary Clinton used private servers with questionable security. Hillary Clinton made the arrangements for the uranium sale to Russia. Hillary Clinton used those private servers to communicate during the sale. The Russian’s were able to gain information from those un-secure private servers. They used that information to hack the Democrats and the DNC – the people that Hillary communicated with the most. The Russian’s have a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” out on George Soros. The Russian’s know that Soros is in bed with the Democrats. Could they have been trying to find out exactly where he is. They have had spies in the country for decades – we know that. We have spies over there and they know that too. If Soros was easy to find the spies would have taken him out already – you can imagine the reward for the guy who gets him?

    1. Grassroots says

      Just to be fair, Pence used a private server for his emails too. Why aren’t you upset about that?

      1. Ron C says

        Because Pence did NOT have nation secrets on his server…apples & oranges.

        1. Grassroots says

          Doesn’t matter what’s on his server. If it was wrong for Clinton, it’s equally wrong for Pence.

          1. Mike W says

            The hacking began before Pence got there. What should upset you is Obama knew all about it and did absolutely nothing. This goes back to when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of Take.

          2. Grassroots says

            Double standard, sir. What’s wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

          3. Mike W says

            It’s funny how you understand wrong now. After turning a blind eye to 40 years of Clinton corruption. I think the double standard is on you! Face it if President Trump had run on Obama’s credentials he would still be in New York. If they had the scandals on Trump that there is on Obama and the Clinton’s you people would be screaming from the rooftops. Don’t tell me about double standards!

          4. Grassroots says

            There were no Obama scandals. There are plenty of scandals plaguing 45, however. Yellow showers and secret Russian connections, for starters. And how about these quotes from 45?

            “I did try and fuck her. She was married.

            I moved on her like a bitch,

            But I couldn’t get there.

            And she was married.

            You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.

            I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.

            I don’t even wait.

            You can do anything…

            Grab them by the pussy.

            You can do anything.”

          5. hangem'high says

            Just because O bummer enabled the thief of the US treasury with his minions, and only gave ten percent back to black lives matter, while the rest went Rothschild’s Warburton’s Rockefellers and others like ‘em! Doesn’t make O Bummer honest!

          6. Grassroots says

            I know a smokescreen when I see it. As soon as you realize that you don’t have a valid argument, you throw out smoke bombs to obscure the issue and redirect attention to another topic. Sad.

          7. hangem'high says

            What were we talking about???Oh yeah, double standard, I won’t say nothing if you won’t!

          8. Mike W says

            Doesn’t matter that he did not have classified information on his servers? Are you a profession idiot or just a highly ranked amateur?

          9. kbmiller says

            Your argument is kinda similar to the high school teacher being allowed to use the phone in the teacher’s lounge but the high school student not. Go back to high school grassass. You’re losing your argument to everyone on here. They’re making you look like a fool and you’re helping them.

          10. Grassroots says

            Your idea of logic is sorely wanting in, well, logic.

          11. hangem'high says

            U still have no clue Skippy?

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Have a sneaking hunch that your statement will go over the top of grassroots pointed little tinfoil covered head.

          1. Ron C says

            roger that.

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        I realize that being a liberal democRAT you obviously are not too bright, but you need to compare apples to apples Skippy.

        1. Grassroots says

          Double standard, Curmud? A private server is a private server. State business can be as delicate as national business and should be protected accordingly.

          1. hangem'high says

            The proof is in your kill room Skippy!

          2. Grassroots says

            Kill room? I’ve heard of kill floors, like in packing plants, but I’m unfamiliar with kill rooms. Do you have a dedicated kill room in your house? Do law enforcement personnel know about this?

          3. hangem'high says

            Do they play Ping Pong?

      3. kbmiller says

        Did it endanger national security? Did the State dept say it was illegal?

      4. hangem'high says

        Was he in office, was it unsecured, or are talking about the unauthorized cell phone taps??

  12. unshocked says

    The libs are doing everything they can to keep all the laws they can. This is BIG GOVERNMENT at its finest. If the truth does not fit their narrative they will make it fit and the mainstream media will tell their story.

    1. hangem'high says

      Just Like typical liberal socialists they can’t take credit for nothing bad, they have to blame the Russians for everything!

  13. SouthernPatriot says

    Demented Democrats are liars, hypocrites, false accusers, traitors, and think they are beyond our laws, think they know better than us about EVERYTHING, including how to spend our money better than we do.

    1. Ron C says

      And lets not forget the RINO off shoot of the democrat party.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      You hit on all their better points.

    3. hangem'high says

      They give it away to the likes, like Iran, and Yemen. I haven’t seen one structure project that warrants ten trillion dollars, unless U add all the mosques being built around the country, and still that doesn’t equal billions let alone trillions FC O bummers jizzonu tax!

      1. Curtess Mustafa says

        Can you document mosques built with government money? There is one in Wash DC that was built many decades ago (maybe by Eisenhower?) as a welcoming gesture to the Muslim diplomatic community (who had no other facility) – but I have never heard of any other. In those days there was none of the Islamophobia that exists today.

  14. Michael Dennewitz says

    Mr Trump: There are still many, MANY ovomit appointed mooseslimes in our government. MANY! We must rid the government of them first! Then, the most major problems will be fixed! Mooseslimes and turncoats are your “leaks!” ??

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Hear, hear.

      Clearing the opening to the sewer would be the first thing the president should put his staff on. It’s hard to work with the enemy withing gumming up the works at ever turn.

  15. Francie26 says

    The Democrats sound pretty desperate to me.

  16. Bishop351 says

    The Dems finally found their safe space…they have their heads up their a—s. Interesting they keep trying to talk at the same time.

  17. Ron C says

    You cannot call the mainstream media journalist’s…you do NOT lie to the American public by reporting a story using obfuscation & omission of the facts of a story, and call that professional journalism, that is propaganda pure & simple! And anyone who take the MSM at their word, are being disingenuous at best!

  18. usncb says

    With out Demons-rats we would not have stooooopid people ! These are they who look for get rich quick schemes and tell everyone they are going to be rich and you never hear about them ever again. They are all mouth and no results.

  19. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Since when has liberal propaganda put out by the MSM wing of the democRAT party not been full of bullish!t? They lie and lie some more as it’s just their nature and they can neither change it nor resist selling Bull.

    1. hangem'high says

      They got’ta make sure the liberals an millennials get their fill!

  20. kbmiller says

    This is what the Dumb A$$% oc RATS do……… When they get into trouble, instead of going on the defensive, they go on offense. They make up new LIES every day in attempt to KEEP the Republicans on defense. With the Lame stream media on board, pushing the Dumb A$$ oc RAT LIES, it’s difficult for the Repubs. to get their message out because that same lame stream ignores it.

  21. Patriot47 says

    Dems are all about holes and hypocrisy.

  22. rev_dave says

    I would suggest that it’s more like the Dems trying to pretend their stinking farts are ‘smoke’….

  23. greenlantern1 says


  24. anibanib says

    Who wrote that excrement article…………….

    1. hangem'high says

      Niggy Swede Bear, it’s not healthy to eat the yellow snow!

      1. anibanib says

        Phiss off

        1. hangem'high says

          I can try to write your name, ‘Niggly Swede Bear?

  25. anibanib says

    The latest news just out……..on CBS, President Trump is flying to Moscow this thursday to meet Putin…….and perhaps play some golf in the Ukraine

    1. hangem'high says

      Mr Trump make sure U avoid the dogie trap!

      1. anibanib says

        Dogie trap whats that

        1. hangem'high says

          If U smell something check the bottom of your paw!

    2. Curtess Mustafa says

      Golf in Ukraine – or Korea?

  26. Diana Sloan says


  27. skipfoss says

    This whole Russian story is just a story with no proof ,and not one bit of truth. When asked to show proof all I have heard is the same old tired line ALL of the intel people have investigated this and came to the same conclusion that Russia hacked the election, I and no one else has seen ANY PROOF just bull shit I want to see any proof they have quit giving talk. They keep asking when Trump is going to do what he promised ,When you get off your demorat ass’s and approve his cabinet and quit fighting every damn thing he does, get off of your friggin’bull shit spying get the damned Omuslime bastards out of the government we are sick of this shadow government that Omuslime is setting up in his home in Washington the Half breed Muslim son of a whore is no longer president he and his freaking cronies have already cost more than his dumbass legacy (if there was one)

  28. Lorraine E says

    John D McAfee said on the 1/10/17 Caravan to Midnight web site episode 669 that the Russians didn’t hack into podesta’s emails.
    There have been many reports that our own security personnel forwarded podesta’s emails to Wiki Leaks because they were disgusted for crooked hillary’s disregard for our nations security.
    Our former illegal alien Kenyan president is using his “the Russians did it” never ending LIE as an excuse to destroy the entire Trump administration and to ultimately impeach President Trump.
    President Trump should reinstate Michael Flynn and order Jeff Sessions to fight the demoncrats “lynch mob” investigation until the truth about the demoncrats’ LIES is revealed.
    The really gigantic unanswered questions are: Why isn’t there a full disclosure and investigation into the contents of the Wiki Leaks? Why is everyone afraid to investigate crooked hillary and her comrade podesta? Or are we going to continue responding to the demoncrats attacks and diversions regarding their fabricated LIE about Russian interference with the presidential election?

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Thanks for the type. Any domestic gov employees who shared secrets with Russia will be handed a dull knife and be compeled to sever their own gonades.

  29. randi amundsen says

    We all know the Democrats are behind this the sore losers that they are But do not forget there are other election and I will guess after that there will be no more Democrat party for us the people will never forget what you are doing.

  30. daveveselenak says

    It is like the Communist Party USA, formerly the Democ-rats, heads that are filled with holes to go along with their blackened souls – EVIL to the bone! REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr=======================================? – – – – -, we will be needing them to retain what iota of freedom that we have left because of the Left!

  31. hangem'high says

    Is anyone familiar with Nostradamus quatrains?

    They’re quatrains where he writes where the bear and eagle need to unite to defeat the blue turban.

    The bear is Russia and the Eagle is America. Care to guess what the blue turban represents????

    O K I’ll tell yea, the blue turban represents the globalist or the Muslim ran UN. (Blue helmets, Blue turbans)

    Why are the globalist so anxious to put a wedge or better yet, get the US and Russia to go to war against each other??

  32. rdells says

    Incredible cow shit

  33. Mathew Molk says

    The NWO Marxist (formerly Democratic) Party is in full panic mode and had entered into an irreversible death spiral. – The more idiotic stunts they pull the worse the look and weaker they get while with every stupid thing they do we look better and get stronger. The have paid in full for a one way ticket to Hell.

  34. WhiteFalcon says

    Commieonazicrats are nothing but hypocrisy and lying and cheating and stealing. There is absolutely nothing honest and above board about them. They call themselves democrats but they are communists and fascists and Nazis in fact. They accuse others of being fascists but their behavior shows that it is they who are the fascists, etc.

  35. RsGoat says

    It won’t matter that the story is full of holes when a special prosecutor gets hold of it, he will fill them in some how! I can’t see how people are missing this. Trump’s man is being played into putting someone who will work on sinking him on the case. The “Special Prosecutor” will only be looking for the Russian connection and they will build on that when they should also be looking for other things. Where did the recorded tapes come from, were laws broken in obtaining them and were others besides Russia involved in tampering with this election and possibly forcing this very situation when it might not be called for? Why do I charge that part of the investigation? Simply put in Europe George Soros has earned a bad reputation for not only interfering in their political races, interfering in the day to day operation of countries but there are charges he has worked to devalue entire economies to earn better profits and if all of this happening to us now is related to one of his schemes in any way that part needs to be identified also. The damage being done to our country over this fiasco not just with in our boarders but to our reputation around the glob demands that if any special investigation takes place we are given all the answers!
    One country showing us that one party was cheating is small potatoes to an individual orchestrating and funding mayhem while encouraging dissension in our country. Let’s have all the answers, not just the ones favorable to the Democratic Party!

  36. Tiger says

    They are now having their investigation. Among the people to testify:
    Comey- Laid out a case to hang Hillary then said: “Oh never mind.”
    Sent a letter to Congress right before voting saying investigation on again then said: “Oh never mind.”
    Clapper who covered for Obama to change information to match O’s narrative.
    Brenner who did what Clapper did.

    You can bet your bippy they will have something to tie Trump to Russia then the Demonrats will be dancing around the burning effigy of Trump with the cry of IMPEACHMENT, what this is all about anyway.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      We are headed for a national crisis greater than any we have seen since our founding fathers freed us from the oppression of King George. (Read your history if you don’t understand that reference.) The brother vs brother (or sister vs sister if that suits you better) of the civil war of a hundred and fifty years ago was nothing compared to what is coming. I know that sounds very much like a conspiracy theory or a catastrophic destruction scenario that so many are talking about. But face it people. Has there ever been anything like this in our history before? The left has taken “protest” to entirely new heights. They are vile, disgusting, hateful, oppressive, and yes even physical to the point of criminal attacks on innocent bystanders and those who have a right to express their views also. This is rapidly getting totally out of control. There is no stopping it anymore. It has grown to proportions that have eliminated any return to civility or common sense. We are in for a fight that will bring our great nation to it’s knees, literally. I for one any very frightened about what I see happening. I am scared to death to have to defend my home, my family, and my neighbors from what will coming down the street. If you haven’t already taken steps to provide food, water, energy, and yes weapons with ammo; then you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on. Be aware, and be afraid, very afraid. But get prepared now while there still is time. God bless you all and keep up the good fight.

      1. Tiger says

        I am in full agreement, have been in full agreement for 8 years and even when O was a Senator. Yes it is coming to the point where the followers of Communism and Alinsky are showing their ugly mugs more and more, soon people like you and me and all the others will get tired enough to take a few down with some violence of our own. They even beat up old men. They are the trash DNA/RNA and thugs bred by the Liberal pot smoking, drug sucking, lowlife Left that were out there in the 60’s.

        Yes fight we will if we must.

  37. Tiger says


    1. Mark Lahti says

      Exactly what I would expect from a queer black (N word intentionally avoided). Just one of the many reasons we are in for one hell of civil war again.

      1. Tiger says

        Seems that way unless with the help of Assange the culprit rats are brought into the spotlight and all their evil revealed and reviled. They are floundering.

        1. Ben Totuous says

          ASSange will be finding his ass in custody and extradited to the US very soon. He stepped on the wrong toes.

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Plenty of private prison cells available for you wingnut America hating shitstains.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Goddamn right. And if the treasonous Trump has any sense at all, he will resign first.

  38. Craig Vandertie says

    Teachers more important than, police, fire fighters, paramedics, ROFLMAO, anyone who believes teachers are of more value than those in prior mentioned professions are total idiots.

    That comment is focused at you pile of crap that is brown.

  39. Tiger says

    Just for the record being as we are talking about hypocrisy, Trump vs Obama inauguration photos, the FAKE news ran side by side pics of supposedly views from the air for a comparison only problem the side showing Trumps was 3 hours BEFORE he was to speak and O’s was while he was speaking. Truth is here save it to ram any liberal with.

  40. Sean Rickmin says

    Schumer said that”we need to get to the truth”.Since when is a democ rat concerned about the truth.Look at the players,barry,hitlery,scary harryand many more of barrys herd.You don’t have to lie to be a liar.You can also be a deceiver when it cmes to AMERICA’S security,like the iran deal.

  41. Lisa Montez says

    Senator Sessions is a good man. This reminds me of what they did to Judge Bork in denying him a supreme court seat. These people just have no idea that they are actually rejecting people who would be good for the country. They are either totally ignorant or just plain evil! My hope is that it’s the former.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Sessions is a racist asshole. And should resign. But there are no ethics in any of this we-hate-America Trump regime.

  42. Gary Von Neida says

    The Democrat Party has been unveiled as the Hypocrite Party.

  43. Deplorable Lanie says

    Typical DemocRATs: LIE, DENY, REPEAT!

  44. William Helwig says

    The facts are: The Democrats, Obama and the
    Clintons were the ones courting the Russian to affect the election in favor of
    Clinton, not Trump. The Russian ambassador, 22 times at the Whitehouse.
    Clinton, as Secretary of State, Uranium deal with 20% bought by Russian. The
    Clinton Foundation received $145 million in the Russia Uranium. EXCLUSIVE: Democrat
    Super-Lobbyist Podesta Got $170K to End US Sanctions on Russian Bank. The
    Democrats and the media manufactured fake news about Trump ties to Russia.
    Follow the MONEY!!!

  45. Jamie Kay says

    I call them DemoNazis now. They are out to screw over our Republic, they do not want their agenda foiled, they’re going to do whatever they can to take Trump out, we all need to band together, something needs done. We have Hillary and Bill who came into politics in the nineties and have destroyed democracy, they have sold America out, this is so f****** gross I can’t stand it.

    1. Grassroots says

      I couldn’t agree more. I hate it that we have laws protecting the environment from pollution by big and small corporations.

      I especially despise a health care program that includes all those deadbeat poor people. Losers. Don’t those DemoNazis realize that the poor don’t even want health care?

      Not to mention accusations that Trump is still running his personal businesses in conflict with his role as President. A man’s got to provide for his family, doesn’t he?

      Then there’s those completely loser programs like Meals on Wheels that bring food to useless eaters like that bunch of loser old people. Thank God that’s going to get slashed.

      And women!! That violence against women thing that tries to help allegedly abused women. Geez, if they wouldn’t shack up with losers from the git-go, they wouldn’t be in all that trouble.

      Wow, we must totally be on the same page! Keep raising your voice and the American flag. We’ll get rid of those millions of loser DemoNazis once and for all. (Just think about all those jobs and opportunities that will open up when half the population is deported or exterminated!)

    1. Grassroots says

      Let me make sure I understand. No matter who praises our last president and believes he’s done a great job is, plain and simple, wrong? Would that include NPR, the Washington Post, Atlantic Magazine, previous Presidents, countless world leaders, and half the population of the United States?

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Let me make myself clear, no matter what you say or the Lying Fake news Media says, Hollywood morons say, or the Democrackhead party says! Obama is a disgrace a failed lying disgraceful President!!!

        He was so anti America, anti police., anti love..he was a divider and chief
        78% think Obama a moron !!!!!!!!!! 89% want him incarcerated!!
        Obama is a phony! He wired taped and disrespected Our Great President Trump!!!!!!!!! We won you lost Obama lost, crooked hillary lost Obama policies lost, liberalism lost, these fools are all paid and bought!! nclude NPR, the Washington Post, Atlantic Magazine,

        1. Grassroots says

          The question I asked: Is anyone, no matter who they are, who disagrees with your sentiments automatically wrong?

        2. Grassroots says

          Hmmm. You mean to say that Clinton lost? I did not know that. (Just joshing you.)

          Regardless, your percentages are too high, unless you’re polling conservatives only, and your facts are a bit shaky. But I can see you are very very upset about the last eight years. Perhaps it’s time to move on and get behind the current president. He needs as close a scrutiny as the last president and all former presidents had.

  46. Ben Totuous says

    Trump is busted and you stupid fucks who support him will be watching his treasonous ass go to prison.

    1. mac12sam12 says

      Buford, Trump’s first month and his first GDP is 3.5%. He’ll get that up to 5%+. First month, 300,000 jobs and that will rise to 500,000+. Obama in 8 years never reached a 3% GDP and never had a month with anything close to 300,000 jobs. Trump isn’t going to prison, you low information knucklehead.

    2. hangem'high says

      We’re going to turn O Bummers plan against U perv’s. So enjoy the pizza while U can?

      it’s coming to an end!

  47. Ben Totuous says

    Trump is cornholing all you barking anuses who support him with no grease. You are all dumber than a bushel of chicken vaginas.

    1. hangem'high says

      Says; the kuntkap!

  48. Ben Totuous says

    Shit eating Repukelickins have no balls. Fuck every one of you little bitches.

    1. hangem'high says

      U should stay away from the blue pill!

  49. Ben Totuous says

    Stop deleting my posts, you nazis. I am trying to educate you motherfuckers.

    1. hangem'high says

      U should start be educating yourself, Second thought This could be the problem?

  50. Mike W says

    “The Democrats’ Russia Narrative is Filled With Holes and Hypocrisy” –

    Headline should have read:

    “The Democrats Narrative is Filled With Holes and Hypocrisy”.

  51. Jean Langford M. says


    1. Grassroots says

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understanding of yarn and knitting, “unraveling” refers to previously knitted stitches coming apart. A ball of yarn would more correctly unwind than unravel. Would it be true then that the metaphorical ball of yarn is simply being unwound? And can you explain who exactly is unwinding it? Whoever is needs to know American citizens are watching.

      1. Jean Langford M. says


  52. Rodzzz says

    The Democrats have nothing going for them, so they’ll keep on throwing anything and everything just to disrupt our government. They only have to look at themselves in the mirror to see why they lost the election.

    1. Grassroots says

      Thanks for the suggestion. I just looked in the mirror to see why my candidate lost the electoral vote. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but all I saw was an aging woman with gray hair, having a bad hair day. Can you please explain what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

        1. Grassroots says

          You must be replying to the wrong person. I wasn’t referring to Obama at all.

      1. Rodzzz says

        Meaning: The Democrat candidates should blame no one but themselves.

        1. Grassroots says

          I think that personal responsibility for actions is a given, whether you’re talking about Dems or Reps. In case you have forgotten, though, the Reps vowed at the beginning of the last president’s terms that they would do everything possible to thwart Obama’s vision for America. I’m not a proponent of tit for tat, but it does appear that the Dems are simply returning the favor. Both sides have behaved badly, so let’s not limit criticism to just one side.

          1. Rodzzz says

            I think you would make a wonderful Republican.

  53. Garry T says

    HEY, look at my right hand over here….. my LEFT hand isn’t doing anything, just look at my RIGHT hand!!!!!

  54. Allan Zaug says

    The democrat party is full of holes as well as all their ideas and pollicys. The loss of over a thousand seats over eight years of Obama to republicans says it all !

    1. Grassroots says

      This is the Republican person you believe will do a better job in the WH than any other president before him, the very unpresidential man who said the following, and I quote:

      “I did try and fuck her. She was married.

      I moved on her like a bitch,

      But I couldn’t get there.

      And she was married.

      You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.

      I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.

      I don’t even wait.

      You can do anything…

      Grab them by the pussy.

      You can do anything.”

      That’s who you elected as the President of the United States of America, a man obsessed with himself and with screwing women, getting “golden showers” from Russian prostitutes, lying about wire tapping, lying about involvement with the Russians, packing his cabinet with a greater number of swamp rats that ever before (it’s like letting the fox guard the hen house), lying about replacing the Affordable Care Act with something better, keeping his businesses instead of completely divesting, hiding his income taxes, continuing to run businesses despite being president, and so much more.

      You are deluded, pal, if you think 45 is looking out for your interests. He may talk a good game; he just can’t follow thru. Wait until your health care premiums skyrocket under Trumpcare.

      I can’t wait until the midterms.

      1. hangem'high says

        I’m really trying hard Toots, refraining from the name calling, but U make it very hard! I don’t know any real man that doesn’t want to grab some, have we really degenerated to girlly man love???

        We only have a few of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s perversions left on the list before descending into that dark hole?

        If U think 44 had this countries welfare at heart, it should prove to be a great vanishing act like the ten trillion dollar budget!

  55. Mark Plenn says

    The very same Demorats that made mineral sales to the Russians have the balls to claim nefarious meetings between President Trump’s campaign team and Russian agents. Hey Hillary how much money did the Russians give Bill for his speeches? HeyShit for Brains Schumer who was that Russian national you’re sucking up to in numerous News clips? Oh, last but not Nancy the loon Pelosi what do you and Russian national s have going on in the print photos of you? Hypocracy is the Flag of the present Demorat party.

  56. Shelly Shannon says

    Of course it is filled with holes and hypocrisy, thats because there’s nothing there. Democrats have always finctioned this way, whats new?

  57. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

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