The FBI’s Secret Surveillance of Trump Associate Carter Page


The Washington Post dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, reporting that the FBI and the Justice Department applied for and received a secret FISA warrant to spy on energy consultant Carter Page, who was at the time a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump.

The warrant gave U.S. law enforcement officials the authority to put Page’s communications under surveillance. Aside from its obvious implications, the report confirms that the Obama administration was indeed spying on Trump’s campaign; communications subsequently leaked to the press, therefore, did not entirely come about from “incidental collection.”

As for the warrant, the FBI had to go before a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge to obtain authorization, which they could only do after convincing the court that there was cause to believe that Page was working as an undeclared agent of Russia. The Post reports that for the FBI to even consider applying for such a warrant, the move would have to “be approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department.”

Trump’s critics and supporters are both using the report to bolster their own theories. Democrats say the warrant proves that the Obama administration was justified in believing that Trump was illegally – treasonously – colluding with the Putin government. Trump’s supporters, however, say the report simply proves that Obama threw caution to the wind and used the U.S. intelligence community for what amounted to a partisan operation.

It’s hard to know what, exactly to make of the report, but it’s worth noting that Page is still not being accused of wrongdoing.

“Page has not been accused of any crimes,” the Post reported, “and it is unclear whether the Justice Department might later seek charges against him or others in connection with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.”

They note that while the FBI must demonstrate probable cause if they want to secure a FISA warrant, they do not have to “show evidence of a crime.” All they need is a reasonable suspicion, and these warrants are cloaked in so much secrecy that we can’t know what might constitute “reasonable” in the eyes of a judge.

Page himself told the Post that this was just more evidence of the Obama White House operating outside the boundaries of the law.

“This confirms all of my suspicions about unjustified, politically motivated government surveillance,” Page said.

One final note: Whatever Page might have been up to when it comes to Russia, his wrongdoing – if there was any – doesn’t necessarily implicate Donald Trump. The Post reports that although Page wrote a few policy papers for the campaign, he never actually got a meeting with the candidate himself. To even call him a minor player in the campaign might be overstating it.

If the misdeeds of Carter Page represent the extent of the case against Donald Trump…Democrats are going to have to eat a lot of crow before this is all over with.

And Barack Obama is going to have to answer some pointed questions.

  1. dosadoe says

    There are reports that Rex Tillerson met with Russians including Vladimir Putin recently! No doubt the Demwits and the MSM will eagerly examine these reports and see how it helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton! This is the smoking gun that the Demwits have been trying to find!

    1. Patty Parfait says

      Please send links that show these reports.

    2. Retired says

      You left out the Clinton campaign meting with the Ruskies ????

  2. cae973 says

    still waiting for an investigation into Podesta s ties to Russia and hillarys ties to the sale of our uraninum to Russia..oh right..they won t be investigated and even if they were nothing would happen like with fast n furious, the irs and benghazi@

    1. rev_dave says

      Me too. But don’t hold your breath. Hil-liar-y’s dying, and I think our President Trump will try to be decent and let her do that in peace. And it’s likely that he can do that.

      Once she and Bill are gone, the Clinton Crime Network will fall apart, people will be at each other’s throats, and I suspect many more will be killed to keep a lot of details secret. I suspect the termination plans for those who know too much are already in place and payments have been made in advance.

      1. Eric Pearson says

        Holy crap. Is your imagination on crack or are you just a freaking nut case?

        1. rev_dave says

          Or, you’re just another Democrat….

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Crock of Crap certainly is.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            No such thing…Those assholes are pure NWO Marxists.

          3. Eric Hartman says


      2. Croco Dile says

        Right, MORE distraction for MORONS.

        It is now increasingly clear that the Trump administration is going to be at least four years of endless war, budget-busting spending, massive deficits, and more big government in general. His demonstrated preference is not for addressing the issues that won him the Rust Belt states. He’s a war president now, and has better things to do.

        1. Craig Vandertie says

          You do a great disservice to morons, those people are not capable of thinking at a capacity greater than their shoe size.

          1. cabowabo78727 says

            Blow me!

          2. Mathew Molk says

            So shut up, although it’s too late there, snowflake. It’s totally obvious that you are a you ate a complete fool.

          3. will says

            So you think the replacement of Flynn of islam loving McMaster was a good one. We see the results anti islam Bannon was moved out by islam loving McMaster
            Why did he back away from the Muslim brotherhood ban ? Why did the King of Jordan pressure Trump to not ban the muslim terrorist organization. Who is control of Congress, Trump or Saudi Arabia. More reading might help

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            That must be croco shit yer
            conversing with. I blocked that asswipe months ago!???

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            Actually I thought I did the same awhile back, to be honest there so many of these mind controlled Loonie Libtard trolls I have lost count.

          6. Craig Vandertie says

            Oh, I guess it was, since my last and final comment happened to be that 1.

        2. rev_dave says

          Almost as if we still had Obama, eh?

        3. says

          At least Trump is doing something constructive for this country and not just spouting words like it seemed that was all Obuma was doing, actually posing as our president. Our first fraud president and Muslim in the white house.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Although you must admit Crazy Joe Biden was spot on when he said the guy was clean and articulate for a partially black person.

          2. Eric Hartman says

            Mayhaps you should change your moniker to Loon E. Tunes.

          3. Croco Dile says

            Obamao was clearly a fraud !
            Too bad Trump is looking more and more like a fraudster….. he still has time to change that.

          4. ggrdr05 says

            the fraudster is paul ryan

          5. Helen says

            The fraudster is Obama. He entered the US as a foreign aid student from Indonesia. His stepfather had his name changed from Obama to his step fathers last name. Soteroe. After college he went to Harvard where he introduced and sshowed his last name as Obama. He later becme our ILLIGItimate president Bsrack Obama….aka Soteroe..whaplease get the handcuffs and do to this creep what needs to be done…..Prison or hanging….I like the second choice!

          6. Germansmith says

            Obama came in power with a financial disaster brought on by deregulation of the financial institutions. Banks were failing , Auto manufacturers were going bankrupt unemployment high and we were stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan.

            8 years later he left a solid economy, 5% unemployment, we are out of Iraq…mostly, 20 more millions had access to healthcare and he had won a Nobel Price………What has Trump achieved so far?
            -Muslim Ban, rejected by courts
            -Replace Obamacare….nope
            -Your internet browsing history….sold to highest bidder, your privacy sold
            -Coal companies can dump waste in the water…but unlikely to bring any new coal jobs back because natural gas is cheaper and cleaner and we have lots of it….hope that water is the one supplying those small towns with Trump voters.
            -Get us closer to a war with Russia because of a place he promised NOT to get involved in.
            -Stupid wall. the one Mexico is NOT going to pay for. 30 billions will be wasted when using E-verify and penalizing employers that hire illegals would have done the same.
            -Hire his son-in law, daughter…no experience necessary Nepotism anyone?
            -Busted the budget of the Secret Service protecting Melania in New York, his other kids traveling doing business for Trump Inc and his weekly trips to HIS OWN resort playing golf every weekend. (did he not criticize Obama for just playing a few times????)
            -White House visitors log is now secret….so we do not even know who is visiting OUR HOUSE
            AND MUCH MORE

          7. Grassroots says

            You’ve hit the nails on the heads, sir.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Everything he said was wrong, sir.

          9. Grassroots says

            Please be specific, point by point, and explain why each of his statements is “wrong.” I agree with what he’s written, and I’m wondering why and how you can assert that “everything he said was wrong.”

          10. Craig Vandertie says

            His statistics tics are all wrong and you provide proof of the good that “illegal Kenyan nationalist, Moonie Muslime Terrorist homosexual Bathhouse Barack Osama” did for this nation.

          11. Grassroots says

            Ah, I see. You are unable to counter his points so you resort to name-calling.

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Read my above comment.

          13. Grassroots says

            Still can’t come up with any facts in rebuttal, eh. You just lost that argument.

          14. mac12sam12 says

            No rebuttal? reread my comment because everything I said was dead on. Admit defeat. Trump’s America #MAGA

          15. Grassroots says

            You mean the one where you say, “everything he said was wrong”?

          16. mac12sam12 says

            Trump inherited a very poor economy and the real unemployment rate is over 10%. Obama with his high taxes and overregulation drove businesses out of the country which has given us a record low workforce. Trump id bringing those jobs back.

            Stupid wall? The US has had a record amount of overdoses last year because of cheap Mexican heroin. Walls don’t work? Ever see the wall on Mexico’s southern border?

            Trumps son in law and daughter work for him. Ivanka may be the first woman president and she’s just getting in some practice.

            You were had when you voted for a corrupt Wall Street owned old lady. My taxes probably fund your lifestyle.

          17. Craig Vandertie says

            Actually it is that new designer drug the name I cannot recall at the moment, but it is 10 times more potent than heroin.

            The female Cockroach who attempted sneaking prior mentioned drug in under her young children in their baby buggy, that is the drug so many are overdosing on, you do not even have to smoke it, snort it, or free base inject it, if too much absorbs through your skin you are dead.

            All the money we have spent on all those Cockroaches from south of the border for the past 50 years, all the drugs smuggled in and the Mexican government still insists we did not pay them enough for the land they claimed was their’s, but just not valuable enough to maintain an adequate military presence.

            Stupid southwestern natives of the 1st part of the 19th century 50% of the time left the Cockroaches alone, but attacked wagon trains or individual U.S. citizens, bet if we had not paid the Mexican government for CaliMexifornia, NV, AZ, and NM at the rate the Cockroaches multiply the natives would have been far more restless.

          18. Grassroots says

            I doubt that the wall would prevent people sneaking in drugs in baby carriages, backpacks, suitcases, private airplanes, vehicles, etc. Besides, Americans ARE BUYING the drugs that are smuggled in to this country. As long as there’s a good market here for illegal drugs, they will continue to be “imported.” Maybe the wall money should be put toward helping addicts clean up and get sober instead of toward an unneeded wall.

          19. bytheway4 says

            greassroots, you again, we live in a village and since Obama moved into our WH illegally, the drugs flowed all over America, he just likes crack more. We just had another one die this week that over dosed. One or two a week here. They rarely “sober”, lol. “sober “is for the alcoholics. I hope that one of those terrorist make a visit to your house, I think that is the only way you will understand what is going on in American. .

          20. Grassroots says

            Opoids are the latest craze in overdosing, with heroin as a second choice. Doctors, not other nearby countries, are the ones pushing opoids to the populace by overprescribing for pain control. Health care consumers often give better survey evals based on whether or not they get the medications they want, not necessarily the meds that better match their needs, and, thus, doctors may prescribe more than are needed.

            For instance, each time I’ve had surgery in the last ten years, the doc prescribed 30 days of Vicodin for pain when at most I needed two to three days’ worth. Each time I’ve told the doc I only need and want a three-day supply. The last time I protested the excess prescription, the doc told me (jokingly I hope) I could make pretty good money selling the excess on the street.

            Medicaid and many private insurers are now using a tool called “Lock-In” to lock a patient into a single doctor and pharmacy for easier tracking and elimination of patient drug-seeking via obtaining prescriptions from multiple docs.

            BTW, legislation was passed in 2016 to formally add Medicare to the Lock-In program. It is estimated that that will save taxpayers around $100 million per year.

          21. pineapple says

            If walls and fences don’t work, why does the Vatican have walls?

            Why do prisons have walls?

            Why did China build the great wall?

            Why did Russia build the Berlin wall?

          22. Grassroots says

            I believe you already know the answers to those questions.

          23. Grassroots says

            Unfortunately, the wall would greatly interfere with animal habitat ranges and also cut through private property and tribal lands. You know that drugs will make it into the country with or without the wall. Dealers will either go over, under, or around the wall. Plus the amount of money it’s going to cost would be better utilized for programs that 45 wants to cut, like school lunches for low-income children, the arts (public radio, public television, grants for artists), healthcare, etc. It appears he is not going to lower taxes much for the lower income groups after all, but is definitely cutting taxes big time for the millionaires and billionaires.

            Oh, and by the way, the law is clear on hiring family members, to wit:
            “(b) A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official. An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual.” 45 is bending and breaking the rules right and left. I don’t know how you feel about that, but I hope you are as outraged about that as some people are about Hillary Clinton’s background (although no crimes were found even after three different investigations by Republican congresspeople).

          24. mac12sam12 says

            You can make a lot of money from eminent domain because I did.

            Why should my taxes go to a school lunch program? That’s BS. schools will have to budget their money just like the rest of us.

            Wants to cut public television. That would save taxpayers money and Big Bird can do what other channels do, sell commercial time, problem solved.

            What “rules has 45 broken?

            They’re not done with the old hag Hillary. Trump already fired a shot across the bow over her Russian/Iranium deal on Twitter. As SoS she took money from the Russians for her foundation, and they paid Bubba $750,000 for one speech. Last time I checked, a government official taking bribes for her foundation was against the law.

            Aren’t you happy that the old bag lost the presidency? We are!! 🙂

          25. bytheway4 says

            grassroot, Trump hasn’t broke one rule, you are confused, Obama broke every rule ,and with Soros behind him, he got away with it , again you post such lies. Hillary and Soros threatened any one that would have admitted that Hillary was guilty. You really can’t be that dumb.

          26. Chiefbuck says

            You are wasting your time trying to convince most liberal democrats that Hillary and Obama were honest hard working elected officials. Either one makes Boss Tweed look like the pope. It would take generations to get any valid facts into ‘Grassroots’ head. Start with ‘whitewater and continue through Benghazi as a primer of their corruption, Please include her sale of uranium to Russia.

          27. Grassroots says

            I am so sorry you remain unenlightened.

          28. Grassroots says

            Apparently your delusions are not readily discernable to yourself, although you appear to be a willing victim of fake news, cherry picking, and jumping to conclusions.

          29. bytheway4 says

            gersaansmith, you never knew who visited the white house for 8 years , they visiting was closed by Obama. has no experience years, BTW , you say Ivanka has no experience, obama was a community organizer telling people how bad America was. He had no experience but you kept your big mouth shut about that eh? Trump is not taking a pay check, the Obama’s took 5 paychecks a year, We supported his “mother-in-law” for 8 years. Mrs Trump has paid for her own clothes, where we paid for moochele’s and plus moochele’s 24 servants for her alone, we paid millions of dollars for her wigs. We are now paying for the oldest rented girl ,who lives in NYC, partying plus her apartment and also for the SS men and their apartments, Trump works all week and also works in Fl. When are you going to realize that you were had for 8 long years.

          30. Grassroots says

            From the Today Show on June 2, 2014: “Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing. For official events of public or historic significance, such as a state visit, the first lady’s clothes may be given as a gift by a designer and accepted on behalf of the U.S. government. They are then stored by the National Archives.” She was pretty much in line with other first ladies. And she doesn’t wear wigs. Where do you get this goofy stuff?

          31. bytheway4 says

            grassroots, you just showed your stupidity, lol , you say she/he doesn’t wear wigs , Do you actually think that her/his hair gets short one day, long the next day, straight or wavy? She/he has black kinky hair . Typical brainless liberal. BTW we paid for mooch’s clothing, She/he never spent a dime of the money that they stole from us,, that money went into Obama’s off shore banks.

          32. Grassroots says

            She had a hair stylist while in the WH who frequently created new looks for her. He said her hair is not kinky but, rather, straighter than many black people’s. I’m not sure why you are so heavily invested in whether or not Mrs. Obama wore wigs. There is no clothes/hair budget for first ladies, anyway, by the way.

            First ladies have traditionally bought their own wardrobes, with the exception that designers will often create special gowns for special occasions that are then donated to the Smithsonian’s permanent collection of first-lady attire by the designer. Dressing a first lady vastly increases a designer’s global exposure and has made unknown designers household names.

            Mrs. Obama often bought modestly-priced off-the-rack clothing from popular retail stores for her daily attire. And she definitely wore outfits more than once, extending the use of an item and cutting her wardrobe costs.

            This obsession of yours about Mrs. Obama’s personal wardrobe and hairstyles is decidedly peculiar. Perhaps getting off the computer and doing something constructive with your time might help cure this obsession. Besides, the Obamas are long gone from the WH. How they banked and spent their own money is moot at this point.

            What is relevant right now is how much taxpayer money is spent ferrying 45 to Florida every weekend to play golf, plus the additional millions spent to allow Mrs. 45 to stay in New York rather than move into the WH like every other first lady. Oh, and don’t forget the millions spent on security for the adult children to conduct private business around the world. On top of that is the illegal hiring of family to staff the WH. We taxpayers are footing that bill as well. Those issues should bother you a lot more than whether or not Mrs. Obama wore wigs.

          33. says

            Right, 8 long terrible years. This man may have been the least qualified person we have ever had in the white house. His college records were closed because he didn’t want us to know how dumb he really is.

          34. Texascat says

            O is dumber than he looks.

          35. Craig Vandertie says

            When are you going to go and get much needed physchiatric treatment, deprogrammed from that deep trance your feeble mind is in, we are quite aware of the fact that judges have no right to make or interpret laws to suit the warped sense of right and wrong, Mr. Trump should follow through on the ban and have those idiot judges arrested for ignoring the law.

            That wall will be getting built and 1 way or another those Dung Beatles of that shit pile Mexico will be paying for it, rounded up 4,000 illegal “Moonie Muslimes,” not to mention plenty of the Cockroaches to send back to aforementioned shit pile, as I said, you need some major physchiatric treatment.

          36. Grassroots says

            My, my. After reading some of your posts, I’d say that you, sir, are the one needing major psychiatric treatment. Although racist attitudes like yours perhaps arise from stubborn ignorance and a colloquial world view.

          37. Jackalyn Morrison says

            That’s the way to go!! Agree with you on this one

          38. Chiefbuck says

            While many liberal morons will be critical of your words. I just wish that you were wrong, however you are correct. In all reality you probably underestimated the damage that the self proclaimed Muslim did.

          39. Craig Vandertie says

            Head in a Guillotine and separated from his shoulders, does that seem like I am unaware of all the damage that “illegal homosexual, Moonie Muslime, Kenyan nationalist has done to our culture, our way of life, responsible for allowing more U.S. jobs to be outsourced than any president before him, creating a Federal deficit that exceeds that of all prior presidents, debt ceiling raised how many times, because I lost count, spread and promoted true islam more than any of his predecessors, aided and abetted true islam, and like so many Demoncommiecrats and RINOs accepted substantial payments from those demonic Globalist in their endeavor to create a NWO, please! fill me in on any of his crimes I overlooked.

          40. Chiefbuck says

            Well, to say the least you are mistaken, badly mistaken. We have a $20 trillion national debt and have $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Our military has been seriously reduced and is way short on equipment and spare parts. It will take many years to get in the shape it was when Obama became president. Estimates run up to ten years or more. It might take at least 4 years to get it up to manning levels then figure in the years that it will take to train the troops. Many of our military entrance processing stations have been closed. Many of the age eligible people cannot pass the entrance exams or have been using drugs that prohibit serving. Our intel forces have been greatly reduced as well.

          41. Craig Vandertie says

            I guess I had justly blocked Crock of shit, bkeye don’t let him get to you, they refer to a book compiled by the most mind corrupted college professors imaginable, paid by Soros, a million things to say to truly cognizant Patriots to seriously piss them off, you get upset and they win.

            When their completely senseless comments get too much for me, I give them my final 2 cents and block them.

          42. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’ve had croco shit blocked for months… ??

          43. says

            Their not getting to me, but I hope I’m getting to them, to see the error of their ways. To be a Demonrat is a terrible thing.

          44. Craig Vandertie says

            I would say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but the Demoncommiecrats do not have minds.

          45. says

            They are more like machines than humans.

          46. Jim Norris says



          47. says

            Thank God that didn’t happen.

          48. bhagawan says

            and also a GAY, married to a TG (M> F) with 2 adopted Moroccan girls, all pretending to be the FIRST FAMILY!

          49. says

            Just like the song (Oh yes, we were the great pretenders, pretending we gave a chit about the country).

        4. Mathew Molk says

          man are you ever full of shit.

        5. Cookie Vranish says

          Are you sure of your statements? Or have you just escaped the nut house? Trump has an enormous job to do because fruitcakes like you gave us Obama for eight years!

        6. Alan Larsen says

          Retard much?

          1. Croco Dile says

            …. obviously you !

          2. Roger says

            And you, with a SINGLE (sheeple) BRAIN CELL, and an IQ near MINUS TWO THOUSAND and THREE, eh ?

        7. azabigail says

          He has already done more good than Obama did in 8 years. Just by virtue of the fact that he was elected over Hillary is a huge win against the control and power that Obama was striving to have over America. Maybe it isn’t everything that we would like to have, but it is a fighting chance to to save what we can, and more if we all stay informed, connected, and active. Elections in some of our States are not faring well, we need to get involved and help them as much as possible, because neo-Socialistic Facist Liberals under Obama’s control, are still trying to take control at State levels. These are not times for us to go back into complacency, we have a Country that came under strong, treasonous, and vindictive attacks internally that was viciously tearing America apart.

          1. Croco Dile says

            I agree with most of your opinions.
            This could be interesting for you to hear :

        8. bhagawan says

          Another leftie just woke up from the siesta caused by junk food using the EBT card!

          1. Croco Dile says

            …….said another MORON who is caught in this left-vs-right mental trap.

        9. pineapple says

          “,,,budget-busting spending, massive deficits”,

          Obamarhoid was the only president to double the national deficit to 20 trillion dollars.

      3. Bridgetdgraves says

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      4. cabowabo78727 says

        efff her! If you commit a crime(s), there are laws and there are consequences to be dealt with. Serve her, Bubba and their fugly daughter with arrest warrants.

        1. Nancyrshires says

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        2. Tiger says

          Yepper but Trump won’t do that, even though he said he wouldn’t interfere with any investigations into her. My guess none coming, she Podesta, O and all free.

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            With all the online surveys asking if you believe Killary should be charged, tried, and sentences all for what?, there is a promise Mr. Trump is failing to keep, why?, makes no sense, as long as Barack Osama and Killary are free their clandestine organization is going to continue to sabotage the Trump administration every step of the way.

          2. Loisdreplogle says

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          3. Tiger says

            This is truth and we will see. Sooner or later this is coming to an ugly head.

          4. azabigail says

            They are not only trying to sabotage Trump, they are CONTINUING to be a threat to America itself. The sabotage and threat to America’s very Foundation, Laws, Etc., began when the Dems took power in 2007, and took speed when Obama stepped into office. Had Hillary won there would not have been any chance for America to recover from the sabotage it was enduring from inside our government because she was basically just going to be an ongoing extension of Obama, and whatever Foreign Entities had a stake in breaking America, it’s Sovereignty, Foundation, Values, Identity, etc., etc.,

          5. Texascat says

            Trump still is buddy buddy with the Clintons, that is in the past. She and Bubba will not escape Judgement Day, be assured.

          6. Tiger says

            I await anxiously for the day they are arrested and taken to the hokey pokey for poking of a different type.

          7. Texascat says

            Hi Tiger. You are still looking good.

          8. Tiger says

            Well thank you my friend. I am in the boonies now and have to hike in the woods for exercise, cut wood and work out with an axe. LOLOL no seriously do try to keep going.

      5. Elizabeth Lewis says

        I have bridge I would like to sell you

        1. says

          How much??

      6. says

        Your probably right and why can’t we send drones to dispatch Il of N Korea and Assad?

      7. Allan Scott says

        Hillary’s dying? First time I heard this!

        1. rev_dave says

          You saw no videos in November?

        2. Sgt. York says

          That’s a dream as the old ugly witch will hang in there till she gets Kid ugly in the crooked liberal bunch. She is in training as of now with the two biggest political thugs known to man. Hitlery and Cegar Willie

        3. bhagawan says

          Hillary is “dying” awaiting her turn to be put in the WH with Sally Kohn’s strategy (impeach Trump first followed by Pence and then have Ryan take “votes” in Congress to elect Hillary as POTUS)!

          1. Allan Scott says


        4. Helen says

          I highly doubt it Sorry no pity here!!

      8. Tiger says

        Dying my backside, Hell will freeze over before she is kaput. She isn’t the deepest monster in the Deep State or the Deeper State, they all need to be cast out and punished to the max including Soros, Obama and all. But hey Trump won’t touch any of them. His son-in-law who has his ear is a dyed in the wool Democrat and Ivanka who has his ear believes in Global Warming and had a meeting with the CEO of PP so Trump is going to do great things but not to these people.

        1. Craig Vandertie says

          Even mentally incapacitated and hallucinating from inhaling hallucinogenic mushroom spores on the island of Patmos John could not dream up anything as grotesque as Killary, or should I say that She Demon Succubus bitch.

          1. Tiger says

            That pretty much sums it up.

        2. Texascat says

          Ivanka is a feminist.

          1. Tiger says

            And we know what they are, “Trouble on the Double.”

        3. Texascat says

          Only the good die young. Hillary will live a long time.

          1. Tiger says

            Well she won’t be happy that is for sure because never again will she run for president and she sees her platform being torn asunder day after day by the Trump Demolition EO. LOLOL

          2. pineapple says


      9. Chiefbuck says

        I first noticed the resemblance of Chelsea Clinton to Webster Hubble when I was going through the Washington Post and the Washington Times and both had posted color pictures of young Miss Clinton. I blamed my perception on a hangover. Then from time to time since that time when Bubba was still president I would take notice to similar articles claiming that Webster was her daddy. During the run up to the 2016 election I came across a site dedicated to the tale of woe. Apparently I wasn’t the only person who noticed the similarity.

        1. rev_dave says

          I too had seen that resemblance. Yet Bill either didn’t mind, or maybe just couldn’t ‘do the job’ and Wes was his ‘stand in’…. No matter, but I would hope Chelsea would get her DNA checked against Hubble’s or Bill’s. It might stop her from ending up in the family bidnet, just like Mike Corleone.

          1. Texascat says

            She has Bill’s resemblance.

        2. pineapple says

          Chelsea is a Hubble double .

          She received a “life time” achievement award for being a Clinton apologist.

          1. Chiefbuck says

            pineapple, Three days after reading your post I am still getting a laugh out of it.

        3. Texascat says

          You could be right. The only child of Bill Clinton is his black son by a prostitute.

          1. Chiefbuck says

            Bill volunteered to take a DNA test which is when we found out that he was sterile. Being sterile he would not have been able to be Chelsea’s father. He later admitted that he was sterile on a TV interview. Webster Hubble is her father, she looks exactly like him. She is reputed to have had some surjury to alter her appearance. However he only denied being the father, not that he didn’t ‘Bundify’ the child’s mother.

          2. bhagawan says

            Bill, claiming to shoot only “blanks” had a black son thru’ a (black) prostitute? He must have been desperate and probably left it to his “dick” to “rise” to the occasion!

      10. Germansmith says

        Hillary is NOT the President of the USA…WE do not care what connection she has with Russia….but we know by her history with Putin that they do NOT like each others.

        This is another case of accusing your opponent of your OWN sins to avoid to much scrutiny into yours……The evidences, the hacking, the mutual admiration society and ALL these documented meeting with Russian spies and operatives still points to Putin helping Trump squeeze by on this election.
        Trump trying to be decent?…please do not make me laugh. If in anyway he can sponge her ghost and the fact she won the popular vote by 3 millions and that he is incompetent for the job, he would nail her if they had any evidences.

        Why do you think The Donald is bombing Syria and using the biggest bomb in Afghanistan, going back into his campaign promises not to get involved in Syria?
        Is called “Wag The Dog”….use military might and Americans would forget all the lies and treason and applaud the decision of the USA attacking some strange Muslims

        Deplorable Fools…the Lord is turning in shame because your gullibility that let you to elect this nasty character that seduced you with fear and hate.

        1. Roger says

          You Are A TOTAL A$$HOLE, eh ?

          1. Grassroots says

            He isn’t, but you might be.

        2. Grassroots says

          You are right on the mark.

        3. rev_dave says

          You trolls usually show up sooner. Were you on vacation, or just busy spreading your manure elsewhere? Zero evidence for your allegations about our president, lots of evidence against your defense of Clinton. But no matter, she won’t live long anyway.

        4. mac12sam12 says

          Turn off CNN you jackass, you’re obviously misinformed.

        5. jimmy midnight says

          Living in a world of fact…again. How could !?!? 🙂

    2. SouthernPatriot says

      Same here. The Clinton sale of 1/5 of our uranium to Russia, and then a few months later the company in Russia gave $150 million to the Clinton Fraud Foundation in a quid pro quo scheme which is illegal for government employees. Podesta owned $450 million plus investment/assets in Russia, was in close communication with his buddies there. All a cesspool of hypocrisy and corruption, in the most corrupt family in American politics–the Clintons, serving in the most corrupt administration in U.S. history–the regime of Barack Obama.

      1. says

        The Demonrats are 99% commies.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          There are damn few democrats left. That has been the NWO Marxist Party for quite some time now.

        2. Cookie Vranish says

          The scary part is that the Democrats actually believe themselves!

          1. Jackalyn Morrison says

            They are just looking for something they will never find!!!! Just can’t get over their so called candidate that didn’t win!! They just keep drinking the liberal kool ade

          2. Eric Hartman says

            Hate to argue, but the real scary part is you all fruitcakes on these sights believe yourselves and each other!

        3. Chiefbuck says

          How about 50% commie + 50% parasite?

      2. Jackalyn Morrison says

        You are SOOO RIGHT!!! Love your comments

    3. says

      Its amazing how lightly these happenings were passed over as if they were, oh well, what the hell.

    4. PatriotGal says

      Include Podesta’s brother who is a lobbyist for Russia specializing in having Russia’s sanctions removed.

    5. Morena_nic says

      we must demand ALL OF THESE CRIMINALS BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE….NOW!!! Trump promised law & order and he will deliver if we all demand and support his actions to bring criminals. With Obama DOJ…it was lawlessness. Obama was using all of the federal agencies as political machinery with the sole goal to crush any opposition or criticism. Carter Page, Dinesh O’Souza anyone that express any disagreement with this evil man….was witch hunt to death. We have an opportunity now with Trump at the helm. Let’s all press our voices

    6. Lizzie2 says

      President Trump, there’s a very good reason Congress isn’t investigating Hillary Clinton’s “big uranium deal” with Russia.

      It’s because the story is absolute crap — as you well know.

      • No, Hillary Clinton didn’t “sell America’s uranium.” She didn’t own it, or control it, and never had. This entire accusation is a farce.

    7. Helen says

      Makes me sick…How do these CREEPS get away with murder….IT MUST TOP!!!!!

  3. rev_dave says

    “… they do not have to “show evidence of a crime.” All they need is a reasonable suspicion….” And under DHS rules (I think it’s actually the Patriot Act, but I know it’s how they ID Americans suspected of terrorism) all that would have been required is that he (Page) would have had contact with someone suspected of being a spy. You can even be investigated if your cousin’s friend is suspected of spying. So getting the warrant really means nothing – except that President Trump was correct. Obama, via his administration, was spying on Trump’s campaign staff and thereby spying on him. Obama was in charge, he gets the daily updates, and so he gets the blame too.

    As stated, the Page ‘tapping’ isn’t ‘incidental collection’ at all, and any first degree contact of his would have been listened to in that way. Trump would have been connected to the alleged ‘spying’ if he’d had even one conversation with Page by phone. So would all of us had we talked with Page at any point.

    1. Craig Vandertie says

      My brother works for AT&T Government Solutions division, he is in charge of his own team at Fort Meade, MD, Headquarters to NSA and is the U.S. Cyber Command, that after 27 years as an U.S. Army Communications Specialist, his immediate family has had background checks ran on them for years.

      1. rev_dave says

        That kind of spying is used by the Feds to ID what the ‘Fusion Centers’ call ‘potential terrorists’. Once you attract their attention they look at everybody you know. As I understood it during the Bush years, you could have your life trolled up to as far as 4 “Kevin Bacon”s away from a target/suspect. Or maybe it’s 4 ‘Mohammed Ragonhead’s away. And I’ve seen nothing to indicate that had changed under Obama – though it may be less intrusive for ‘refugees’ based on some of his other actions toward them.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          When I graduated OCS I was denied a top secrete (Only got a “secrete”) clearance because relatives of the man my grandmother married 20 years after my grandfather died. I had never seen them and they lived in Chicago (we were in Cleveland) The reason is although thjey were naturalized US Citizens they were with the Partisans in Yugoslavia in WWII and therefor were deemed to have communist ties.

          I was questioned and shown the FBI report and was given the opportunity to object to the findings but I was headed for Vietnam the following month and didn’t really care,,,,

          The investigation of me was done in 1967. These supposed commies that I had never seen or communicated with came to this country 20 years earlier in ’47.- How’s that for a tough in depth investigation and tight acceptance criteria? Too bad they don’t use this tight of an investigation on people like the cackling witch or that stinking molem Maj, that killed the GIs in Ft Hood. Shows what PC will get you, huh?

    2. says

      Obuma wants to start a revolution and overthrow this country from within, thereby starting his own Califate of the United States, with himself as the top Emir. Its not gonna happen.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Agree,,,,but who was the judge, Another royal exalted boma shill? And no matter what, giving (not leaking) it to the Clinton News Network stinks to high heaven. That alone tells you the fix was in from the git.

  4. Richard Bagenstose says

    after bombing syria , putin isn’t very happy with trump , so much for the tight connection they are trying to make,every one is testing trump to see just what they can get away with , unlike oboma , they walked all over him, knowing he would do nothing , but run his black mouth

    1. says

      I wouldn’t call it a black mouth I would call it a yellow mouth.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Only 20% negro, Half honky son of a bitch, though.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        I know what a Mulatto is but not a Negro! What is a Negro? I’m from the older school and we had a different term!

        1. bytheway4 says

          cookie, you sure aren’t from the old school or you would remember .

  5. Mickey McPoland says

    The problem with trying to get some $hit on someone, you end up with it all over yourself. The stinky dems are smelling up everything that they touch.

    1. Croco Dile says

      If Trump’s only claim to fame is going to be “Hey, I’m slightly less awful than Obama,” that will probably be good enough for some people. But many of us aren’t going to be falling over ourselves to thank Trump for the few scraps that fall from his table.

      1. rev_dave says

        Sore losers! Your team had its turn, and performed so badly that your candidate lost the election with 75% of the electors she needed ‘guaranteed’. So now you’re on the outside looking in. Stop whining and find a real non-criminal candidate with fewer dead friends for the next election.

        1. Croco Dile says

          I have no “team”, idiot !

          The real team is laughing at YOU, idiot !

        2. says

          To find one good Demonrat, is that even possible, I doubt it.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            The only good democRATs are pushing up daisies.

    2. Vince says

      The whole problem is the media, if they would just report WITHOUT THE BIAS DEMOTARD MENTALITY PEOPLE WOULD START TO UNDERSTAND.

      1. says

        The main stream media are socialist commies the same as the vast majority of Demonrats.

        1. bytheway4 says

          bkeyes, they are all bought out by Obama’s “daddy”, Soros.

    3. says

      They stink to low hell.

  6. iThinker2 says

    I thought Comey testified that their was no surveillance of the Trump team?

    1. Alan says

      Comey is at least as big a maggot as Oblowhole.

      1. bytheway4 says

        AlaN Comey is being replaced by Trey Gowdy.

        1. Alan says

          That would be good news.

    2. Cookie Vranish says

      He did and for that he should be in prison. He continued to investigate Trump for no reason at all!

  7. C.Henry says

    The Bombing of Syria ( Bashar al-Assad ) was the correct thing to do , I would have taken out all
    of his air support . Russia ( Putin ) probable isn’t happy , where do you think Syria got there bombs
    from ?? They all know now , the US is like a sleeping dog , you poke it you will get bit !!!!

    1. Texascat says


  8. Ken Mayton says

    Why is it that they “the left wing ” always wants to crusify all but thier own ? Take for instance Hillary Clinton did all of this stuff and they found stuff and didn’t do anything about it. Typical liberal Democratic BS never ends never ends. They clearly had nothing to find if they had it he would be in jail by now you know how they are.

    1. Justin Seine says

      You may be able to glean an answer from the “Ask Debbie” column that appears weekly in the publication Give Me Liberalism or Give Me Death.

      1. Retired says

        The picture tells it all about the Democrats .

    2. glorybe2 says

      Well it is really nut and bolt simple. There was never a shred of evidence that Hillary had broken any laws or done anything wrong at all. False news declared all kinds of nonsense and the ignorant in America believe in false news. Talk radio has turned millions of Americans into total idiots.

      1. Bachelor With Sense says

        Nut and bolt simple? Yeah, you are an idiot!

      2. Cookie Vranish says

        There was plenty of evidence, but when you own the justice system and the judges, you can get away with your crimes!

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Did you see the same reports that I did? – Comie Comey said she every single element of the ctime was present. but she was caeless and did’t men it so it’s OK.- Not his job to call the shot on that anyway. That is the job of sister Lynch, who skated out too.

        “Kingfish” would be proud of hoe they did the whole rotten affair.

      4. rocky says

        Plz… be serious !!

      5. Ken Mayton says

        Never a shred of evidence you say ? Are you freaking stupid ,deaf,and blind ? FBI found hundreds of emails and also found she deliberately destroyed thousands by thier own report dumbass ! Only a democratic liberal would be so ignorant to avoid the facts. That’s what they do always. Run thier mouths and think later. Doesn’t ever have to make any sense but just say something to avoid thier mistakes. When you prove them wrong then they deny,lie,avoid,attack,or blame others. If that doesn’t work call them racist. In other words just be quiet and let adults clean this mess up that has been created in last 8 years by failed policies and clearly by people not qualified to even run a merry-go-round. That’s why Democratic party was delt biggest lost in years. Don’t even want to hear about popular vote cause that’s not how it works asshole. Maybe next time the left can figure out another way to cheat and not get caught or you can keep on blaming the Russiansfor something that had no bearing on end result. I’m so happy to see liberals suffer and wine like 10 year olds. I know it burns your ass to see Trump do more good in 1st 100 days than Obuma did his whole life !

        1. glorybe2 says

          You are warped. The same FBI investigation concluded that she had not committed any crimes at all. So you manged to miss the entire point of the director’s press release.

          1. Ken Mayton says

            Nothing was missed except that Obuma ordered them not too ! How is it that general had only a couple and was found guilty but her hundreds were not ? Very clear why. He was not a liberal Dem !!!! So YOU missed the point entirely as expected as to what you are and represent…A non elected idealism that has been crushed by real Americans that are done with lies and no morals that represent the Democratic party !! Deal with it and watch how it is being fixed. I know it burns but one day you will be ok. See a shrink and maybe he can prescribe something for your choices in life

          2. glorybe2 says

            First Obama could not order the FBI to do such a thing. The president has no authority to do so. It is astounding how easily the right wing types come to insane conclusions.

          3. bytheway4 says

            glorybe, you really are stupid, Obama always ordered what he wanted he overpassed congress.

          4. Ken Mayton says

            Are you really that simple minded to believe that BS that’s flowing out of your trap ? As many times as Obuma had the IRS deny conservative groups and was proven just like Hillary was proven also is beyond belief. Maybe not from a snowflake liberal which has no morals. It’s also funny that you say he has no power to do so but he stepped out his boundary 275 times with executive orders now didn’t he so shove they kind of talk where the sun doesn’t shine !

          5. bytheway4 says

            glorybe2, are you an adult? After Comey was threatened ho said ” she didn’t know what she was doing”, remember?????

          6. glorybe2 says

            How could a lame duck president threaten a director of the FBI? That is bull puckey.
            Now as who is an idiot try this on for size. Your darling Donald was a democrat who supposedly converted. He has tossed his right wingers pretty much into the weeds at this point and who is he putting in charge of almost everything> His son in law Jared who is both a democrat and a Jew. Jared is backed up by Ivanka who is also a democrat and a Jew. Now I know how you think and who you hate. Obviously you hate democrats and you also really, really hate Jews as well. Many of your right wing buddies like swastikas and just love to give the Nazi salute. For many of you Jews are your worst nightmare. So with all your so-called political expertise and knowledge you have managed to place two or three leaders in the White House two of which are Jews and either two or three are democrats. Frankly CHUMP is the type that the democratic party does not want in its ranks which is why he claimed to be a republican. And now you will pay the price of your ignorance.

  9. Alan says

    Obama and all of his punk administration should be lined up against a wall and executed !!

    1. JoLa25161 says

      NO WAY — To quick and easy. —- Incarcerate the whole bunch on an isolated island “somewhere close to Cuba”. Where for “entertainment and enlightenment” they can watch FOX NEWS 24/7/365 — And every four years they get SPECIAL treatment — 366 days of FOX NEWS instead of only 365.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Make them listen to PIAPS screeching speeces 24/7.

    2. Vince says

      I agree

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Bad idea. Remrmber what Adolph Hitler did after he got put of jail? Quietly take them out about 100 miles off shore and kick them out the back of a C-130 never to be heard of again.

        1. Vince says

          I don’t know what you are talking about the only people like hitler are the demotards… they are the commie sucking a&&bags that want to bring America down

    3. says

      Not all but certainly most.

    4. Grassroots says

      A lovely sentiment. Not. Executed? Geez, what kind of a person are you?

  10. Bob Hooper says

    Simple matter. Someone talked a lot to the folks who have the icbm pointed at us and the Feds asked why. Doubt every bureau move goes to 1600 for approval. To many conspiracy theorists and not enough head scratchers asking why Russia got so popular all of a $udden.

    1. Mathew Molk says


  11. Craig Vandertie says

    DOJ, what a pathetic joke, any agency who has been affected in any way by that illegal Kenyan nationalist moonie muslime puddle of toxic waste Barack Osama and his administration is guilty of crimes against the people of the United States, but crimes against Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, has been corrupted by by that demon Barack Osama’s administration.

  12. Texascat says

    Put Obozo behind bars!

    1. Grassroots says

      No reason to.

      1. Texascat says

        Yeah right! The biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold!

  13. Rita Ryan says

    small potatos distraction….see cae973

  14. tCotUS says

    Until the FBI investigates Soros, Hillary, Podesta, Holder, Reid, Rice, & Lynch. I believe they are still DIRTY ..

  15. Jim Colon says

    I am getting sick and tired of hearing the Dumbocrats talk about Trump’s ties to Russia. If there were any real ties they would have been disclosed long before now. What a bunch of Liberal nonsense. They need to get off this man’s back and let him do his job.

    1. Grassroots says

      Yeah, if he wasn’t playing golf all the time and running up millions in security costs for the fake white house in Florida, maybe he would get something done.

  16. jim_shipley says

    With all the in fighting in Washington, our best hope is that it will self implode and America will be a free country again with out them.

  17. Krazeehors says

    Barack Obama actually answering questions TRUTHFULLY????


  18. Richard Bagenstose says

    well the way i read , the fisa court has only refused 1 request ever, and that was from obomas corrupt doj, and the reason every one is lying about it , is because they know they broke the law and would wind up in jail to, 8 years of the most corrupt government we ever had , and the freaks are still trying to cover it up

  19. Carol Dugan says

    The Washington Post better get their facts straight before making a report. This never happened & Carter has done nothing wrong. The democrats never give up in trying to destroy Trump. They better take a good look at their party because that is who they are destroying.

  20. Moe says

    Yesterday a CBS news announcer said Trump could be bringing us closer to World War III, the same pompous ass said nothing when Obama’s executive branch openly lied, covered up and then when requested destroyed the evidence of their criminal activity. No one amongst the media, or democratic aorta cared, if anyone got to close to the truth they were labeled with the stigma, Racist. The race card was a very effective tool for sneaky devil Obama, he been usung it all his lying ass life. Now auditors are puzzled where trillions of dollars were pissed away by the Obama scholars in his cabinets. No one cares or reports it. Trump farts and it is front page news,maven if it did not stink? Obama defies the constitution and admits millions and millions of welfare dependent illegal aliens calling them immigrants, passes away billions secretly, has hips goons destroy evidence in crimes that connect to him, and even the FBI the once honored law enforce agency gave up their honor and heritage of honorable agents and directs to protect barrack? We live in fear of radical liberals since we follow the law and avoid confrontations, but soon the Democratic Party bullpoop glass bowl will break. The people have had enough of Obama and his media propaganda buddies.

  21. BornAgainSouthernPride says

    The FISA court is a totally unconstitutional court. It is like double secret collusion for those that have little or no evidence to go spy on whoever they like. Sure, they say those people that are “swept up” in the super secret data collection are “masked” to prevent thier inadvertant exposure. Yeah, likely story. Numb nuts like Rice can demand and get unmasked copies of surveillance data and distribute it to whoever they want. This should be a major story for every one of us. People should be up in arms and protesting thier governments big brother surveillance tactics. Nope. Put on a pink pussy hat and go protest that Donald Trump is mean. Get 10,000 social justice warriors… we have got to be the dumbest country in the world.

  22. Maxine Pierson says

    PODESTA PODESTA – cmon my sweet polite Republican pals- when the Dim lefties bring up Trump and /Russians- just yell Podesta – HRC uranium sales – YELL – LIAR LIAR Pantsuits on FIRE- you cannot be so civil and polite -sadly you have to get as down and dirty as they are -just yell and act indignant

    1. Mathew Molk says

      You are one brainwashed useful idiot looser.

      We won, you lost, and we are getting stronger every day. No matter how many lies and fake facts you spout nothing is going to change that. The Trump Train is gaining momentum by the hour.

      1. Grassroots says

        You may be getting stronger every day, but 45’s approval ratings are going down down down. His are some of the lowest approval ratings ever after the first three months. It seems there must be plenty of conservatives who aren’t happy with 45’s performance.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      I can see you’re still angry that your candidate lost and it wasn’t because of the Russians, it was because of her corruption. It’s going to be a long 8 years for you 🙁

      1. Grassroots says

        Nope, not corrupt. Three different investigations found no crimes.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Very corrupt and owns by Wall Street, and last time I checked it was against the law for a government official to take bribes. Jeff Sessions isn’t done with the old bag.

    3. rocky says

      YES, YES… I grip my groin and laugh hysterically !! Do it…do it… !!

  23. defiant1 says

    Nothing will be done about any of the Obama sleazy tactics, legal or illegal. The Congressional GOP are too cowardly and afraid. Comey needs to fired by Trump! Lots needs to be done, but it is only going to allow the democrats to continue their illegal, sleazy, underhanded agenda. I agree with cae973!

    1. rocky says

      Punishment not needed… term limits would do the job !!

      1. bttrap says

        you sure got that right

      2. defiant1 says

        you are right, but not there yet…….

  24. Tired... says

    I love the terms used to describe the leaking of authentic emails from the Clinton camp to the American public: Meddling, interference, hacking. All of these terms sound ominous, causing the weak-minded to conjure up pictures of Russian agents surreptitiously changing votes from Hillary to Donald with a wicked grin on their faces, yet in reality they are the equivalent of a helicopter mom trying to influence her child’s dating life. Please! If the Russians changed the votes in electronic voting machines or altered the actual vote count in some way, then we have a problem; otherwise, it is time to stop the childish whining.

    1. Grassroots says

      We have a problem.

      1. Tired... says

        Ok, provide some evidence to support your point.

        1. Grassroots says

          You can maintain that any and every report from the United States government is corrupt and full of lies, of course, but reading the report from which this excerpt was taken provides supporting evidence, as you requested.

          “The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released on Friday a report that detailed what it called a Russian campaign to influence the election. The report [link below] is the unclassified summary of a highly sensitive assessment from American intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”

          1. Tired... says

            I am not really sure how you got so far off track. My statement was crystal clear “If the Russians changed the votes in electronic voting machines or altered the actual vote count in some way, then we have a problem; otherwise, it is time to stop the childish whining” Your response did not address that statement.

            The problem with the word “influencing” is that it is vague yet sounds nefarious. In reality you influenced the election each time that you spoke with someone regarding your thought on the candidates, regardless of your point of view. Political ads influence the election (that’s why politicians run them), money from PACs and wealthy private donors influence the election, as does the type, quantity, and quality of the news coverage that each candidates receives. Let’s not even talk about America’s attempt to influence the Israeli elections or our history of regime change around the world. So, I will ask again: Where is the proof that Russia physically changed the voting machines or altered the actual vote count numbers? That information was not contained in the report that the article referenced. However I did get a chuckle while reading the report as it appeared strikingly similar to U.S. media efforts on behalf of Hillary. Perhaps they are using tactics from the same handbook?

            On a more serious note, I have no problem with monitoring the Russians or anyone else who attempts to interfere in our elections, but I am against the current politically motivated hysteria about Russian “hacking” the election as if they literally stuffed the ballot box. I suspect that voter fraud is a larger issue at this point than Russia; that is if we are genuinely concerned about the sanctity of our elections.

  25. Cookie Vranish says

    It is obvious that “Big Brother” is with us! The only way to correct this is to arrest and jail the entire intelligence community and former justice department! We will be helpless until a new group of people can be requited and vetted for these departments! A different approach may be to have the new head of each department secretly investigate all of their employees and terminate as needed! For sure, Obama and his administration must be made an example of. Not just a slap on the hand, which means nothing. It must be life in prison for treason! The prison must be a real one also, not one for white collar crimes.

    1. rocky says

      Open up Alcatraz again, and no… I don’t care what it costs !! It could (would) be worth it !!!

  26. kassa1 says

    The scenario of collusion was created by the evil Marxist left, so as they can hide behind national security like always, so that they could spy on their enemies. This is espionage on steroids. Anyone who would not think that Obama was guilty of this needs to go back and do a little research and look at all the people in this country that Obama spied on including Congress, and various leaders globally, not counting his trying to fix the election and Israel with taxpayer funded dollars! Obama and the so-called Democrat party and the rugs in the Republican Party or guilty of everything bar nothing, that is anti-American!

  27. Ron C says

    And who is the FISA Judge that approved of this weaponizing of the FBI and other intel agencies….???
    Could he have been an appointed democrat hack…???
    Susan Rice wanted detailed unmasked names and dates of the spying operation….??? and how many reports of Trumps campaign were received by the Whitehouse…???
    The weak kneed, jelly backed republican’s need to start asking these question, it isn’t like other federal agencies haven’t been weaponized by the Obama administration….
    It is just that the so called authorities & republican’s always whitewash the crimes or just don’t ask the right questions.
    And that would be while the people committing the crimes destroy the hard drives and any other evidence they can get their hands on….with impunity I might add…IRS…Lois Lerner…???

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Might start by recovering all thethose firearms that were distributed to non-law enforcement agencies like the IRS and EPA that do not have police powers and have no reason to use deadly force.

      1. rocky says

        WOW… NAIL….ON…THE…HEAD !!!

  28. Morton99 says

    Interesting that now seven foreign surveillance services have also fingered Page as being a potential traitor and that Trump goes to enormous effort to put distance between himself and those high ranking members of his campaign staff who are also suspected of treason – and to try and shut the investigations down. It seems to me that a truly innocent man would do everything he could to shine a spot light on the investigation and clear this nasty issue up a.s.a.p.

    1. Ron C says

      Trump doesn’t have any control of the investigation & Sessions is recused….The foot dragging in the FBI, Comey, and the other intel agencies…most likely they are trying to whitewash their involvement in this political charade…

      1. Morton99 says

        It is far more likely that the FBI etc. are making absolutely sure that the evidence they are reviewing is water-tight because it could lead to trials and/or impeachment. Trump has obviously been trying to derail the investigation using stooges like Nunes. It is also understandable that a number of Republicans are horrified that their Republican president may be in bed with the Russians on some level and do not want this to become public.

        1. Ron C says

          Well they didn’t with Hillary…are you saying there is a double standard?

          1. Morton99 says

            You are of course being facetious. Comey even testified to Congress after 18 months and 60+ million had been spent trying to find evidence of her wrong doing. Accept the fact that you may not have liked how she handled her affairs but she was not found to be prosecutable under any known crime.

          2. bttrap says

            except when she lied to the mothers of the soldiers. that were killed waiting for help

          3. Grassroots says

            You can blame the repubs for that. They voted not to spend more on protecting the embassies.

          4. bttrap says

            you are full of it

      2. rocky says

        I would think… hope… that the prez has some control or influence over the agencies that are under the executive arm of the administration. ( ??? )

        1. Ron C says

          One would like to think so…but look at the leaking to the press? I think their are a lot of rouge agents.

  29. WAYNE B. NEWKIRK says

    Obama was plotting [as any good Chess Player does] 6-7 moves ahead. The objective is/was/always will be Total Destruction of Any and All opposition to the Democrat-Liberal-Progressive-Socialist/Communist-Globalist Agenda. Any and All Republican Candidates would have been destroyed in the Media Barrage of Dirt and Negative Stories. The “Wikileaks” DNC leaked email, Julian Assange’s attempt to remain relevant and get a little revenge, was simply blamed on Russia and then the “Fishing Expedition” to “PROVE” an Evil Russia/Evil Republican collusion in the Election. Democrats Never Expected Clinton to lose to ANY REPUBLICAN – their 1970’s “PLAYBOOK” – “HOW TO BEAT THE GOP – Anarchy, Demonstration, Violence, Destruction” always worked – lie, fear monger, play the “POOR CARD” [us against the Rich White Establishment who keep us poor and refuse to “pay taxes” to help us], play the “RACE CARD” [us against the White Masters who use Their unjust laws to oppress us], play the “SEX CARD” [us against the Domination of Men who refuse to recognize women as EQUALS], play the “RELIGION CARD” [us against the RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES who force their outdated Morality on us]. Trump beat them anyway, now they are Still using Evil Russia/Evil Trump Collusion to beat the Drums for Impeachment – they will not Impeach him with FACTS – [none exist] – they will impeach him with “Minor Discrepancies” in testimony. They know Two People, witnessing the exact same event will report the “Facts” differently – that is what they are waiting for. Obama does not want the “FACTS” to come out – he knows he violated the law.

    1. Ron C says

      Good points…one & all.

  30. Grace Larson says

    Someone as evil as Hillary will probably live forever! I hope the US Justice Dept. delves into all of their crimes and Comey’s cover ups.

    1. Grassroots says

      Gosh, I hope she’s around a good long time. She’s been repeatedly investigated by the repubs, who found no crimes. You seem to be fixated on the past, though.

  31. desert fox says

    Did the previous president do anything legally during his term in office? This also proves the DOJ and the FBI and CIA should be investigated for their involvement with this muslim administration.

  32. Name says

    Obama loaded the Intel community with his people so it would not take much to get a warrant.

  33. Tiger says

    I haven’t listened to the news all this week, I have only been reading the news on the net and international news and I see I missed nothing, recycled same ole same ole. Trump will not pursue anything and it appears that the number one Morterfrackers will continue to go free.

  34. jreg9304 says

    You would think that there would be more pressing issues on the demoncratic side of the aisle other than Trumps new hires and appointees. But, no, the misguided FBI, i think are as usual barking up the wrong tree. Either the FBI has their wires crossed or there is more corruption in Government than previously thought. Our President Trump should start a little investigation of his own into the FBI’s structure!

  35. hmbval says

    Didn’t the FBI Director say that no surveillance occurred???

  36. Jed Graham says

    Please read drain the swamp by Ken Buck. Not all, but most of the Washington Democrats and Republicans are in it together. They are getting rich at the cost of our future generations. They all need to be in Jail.

  37. Jo Scott says

    The obama justice dept. has done more harm than good because they sucked up to that piece of evil. Lynch, Comey and other top officials need to be prosecuted and put in prison for bowing down to satan’s son. Ryan is nothing but a fake Republican, he’s a Dem to keep in good with his rich Dem wife. He needs to be fired immediately.

  38. Firewagon says

    “Democrats are going to have to eat a lot of crow before this is all over with.” ‘Many’ should be facing time behind bars; however, forgive me if I continue breathing until that happens! Rice, that DOJ’s Loretta Lynch, Lois “Take The Fifth” Lerner, should all be doing the “perp walk!”

    1. Grassroots says

      Doubtful. But 45 is the worst president in history. He’s a traitor and a brainless dud. I’m not sure he can even read.

      1. Firewagon says

        Hmm, hopefully you meant “44” and not 45? Otherwise, your sources are George Soros, Madonna, O’donnell, Judd, Un, Putin, or just your own mindless surmising? BTW, regale all of us with your amazing contribution to ‘breathing free air.’

  39. Jack says

    “HEY””pres.”Trump,,you once had a program,,,where your famous phrase was”YOUR FIRED”,,why not use that now ??

  40. Ginger says

    I’m still waiting to see any evidence of collusion between any member of the Trump team and Russia. So far nothing. I see more evidence against the Democrats than Trump.

    1. Resbo says

      That was a DEMONrat diversionary tactic to slow Trump down. There isn’t any evidence and I don’t believe there ever will be especially since we bombed Syria, an ally of Russia.

      1. Grassroots says

        Hmm, have you read the reports of the seven intelligence agencies that uncovered highly questionable and perhaps treasonous interactions between 45’s campaign and Russia?

        1. Resbo says

          I don’t know where you get your NEWS, but the reports I have heard are that there is NOTHING that connects Trump to Russia as the DEMONrats claim! On the other hand there is plenty of evidence of mis-deeds from the Obama Administration!

          1. Grassroots says

            I get my news from, among other reputable sites, Countable (a fairly new app), a non-partisan group that publishes up-to-the-minute news directly from Congress and the administration.

          2. Resbo says

            GREAT!!! Then you know that there is no connection between Russia and Trump and that there is plenty of activity between the Obama Administration (Susan Rice) and their snooping on their enemies.

          3. Grassroots says

            I continue to believe the intelligence agencies here and in Britain that there is a connection.

  41. billdeserthills says

    Just proves that the FBI proceed as criminals, they are bound by no law, they do as they wish, or are told without constraints, just like the police do. Truly the authorities are the largest armed criminal gang in existance in America

  42. James D Vaughn says

    It would seem that James Comey has liberalism as a special partner or so it seems with his actions and testimonies during the election and after!

  43. Justin Seine says

    The Demon-crats do not have a salable message that will get their snouts back to the public trough so they demonize their opposition and hope that their followers (the ones that got their education watching Jerry Springer and the Jersey Shore) buy their BS and rally, protest, loot, burn and scream until they get their way. What has the educational system in this country done to create such an army of Booboisie. These people are obviously incapable of relating cause and effect!

  44. Loisdreplogle says

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  45. Sgt. York says

    Liberals will not stop the hate for Pres Trump UNTILL he investigates the likes of the Clintons and Ovomit himself. Once he proves thier complicity in the Treasonious acts they were engaged in this Hate by liberals will continue. Time the Trump Presidency starts to look into liberals in general sending the guilty to prison and the rest will begain to see the light of honesty, I hope anyway.

    1. Tired... says

      You cannot convince the willfully deluded on either side of the aisle because people like this see truth in only one light: What promotes my beliefs and/or undermines the opposition’s beliefs.

  46. Rita Lustig says

    So sick of the outside-the-law antics of Obama/Clinton era(s)! Are we ever going to get a grand jury or independent investigation of these scumbags? Pelosi, Schumer, Podesta(s), & all other cronies need to take a long hard look @ their wrinkled faces in the mirror & retire! Wake up America – take your ridiculous riots elsewhere – better yet, if you don’t like or can’t take the fact we elected a better president – pack your stuff & leave the USA!

    1. Grassroots says


  47. azabigail says

    The FBI didn’t HAVE to CONVINCE anyone to give approval at the highest level for the surveillance. The highest level being Loretta Lynch, and others like her, in those positions were OWNED by Obama they were taking ORDERS from him to issue everything necessary to put surveillance on everyone they wanted to SPY on.

  48. randy jackson says


  49. rick meek says

    Well – it’s soooo easy to shop for judges these days – I know holder did it quite well —– and so did lynch……

  50. Born in the South and proud says

    If podestra was a Republican the wrath of khan would be upon us and the media would be preaching that the sky has fell. They are nothing but a bunch of tiny little piss ants.

  51. Ron says

    Some dems should be indicted for their actions. Please don,t let them get swept under the rug. The dems lies go on forever; the repub’s a week or two and there gone. WHY???

  52. Ron says


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