The Homeschool Revolution: Huge Changes in Education


According to new data from the Department of Education, there was a 61.8 percent rise in homeschooling between the years of 2003 and 2012. The data, which looked at kids between the ages of 5 and 17, shows that more and more American parents are choosing to educate their children at home rather than put them in public schools.

In 2003, the DOE says there were 1,096,000 homeschooled children in the targeted age group. By 2012, that number had risen substantially. As of that year, 1,773,000 children were being educated outside the realm of the traditional schoolhouse. The data also showed that there were demographic similarities between those children being educated at home. Children from middle-income households were more likely to be homeschooled than those from families on the extreme ends of the income spectrum. The data also showed that parents with higher education were more likely to homeschool their kids.

The numbers aren’t particularly surprising given what we’ve all heard about public schools over the last couple of decades. Homeschooling used to come with a significant stigma attached, but that reputation is slowly but surely fading away. With bullying and violence at epidemic levels in school classrooms, it’s only natural that parents who can afford to do so would choose to keep their kids home instead of sending them to the wolves.

Of course, there are other factors as well. Education in the United States is growing increasingly federalized, and many parents are concerned about what their children are learning. Textbooks are getting more liberal every year, often teaching kids a version of history that makes America out to be oppressive, evil, and genocidal. Parents who grew up learning another side to that history want to pass on their patriotism. That’s to say nothing about increasingly liberal policies on sex education and the bizarre new math being foisted upon them by Common Core.

There is also an increased emphasis on endless testing, which has angered not just parents but teachers as well. One can hardly blame a parent for keeping their child out of that rat race. The testing has less to do with learning and accountability than with lining the pockets of test companies like Pearson.

Of course, Obama and the rest of the Democrats hate this trend and will do anything they can to reverse it. The more parents there are who choose to keep their kids home, the less money there will be for the public school system. There are legitimate concerns there – poor children will have no choice but to attend violent, terrible schools while wealthier kids can either homeschool or go private – but there are answers for that dilemma that Obama is unwilling to consider such as vouchers and school choice.

But since embracing those measures would require Democrats to let go of their federal stranglehold, don’t hold your breath. They’d much prefer to make homeschooling illegal. And don’t think they won’t try.

  1. MAHB001 says

    “Homeschooling used to come with a significant stigma attached…”

    Those stigmas were honesty, and freedom from the DOE’s socialized brainwashing. Which turn out to be the very reason everybody needs to start homeschooling their children immediately.

    1. GoldenRudy says

      OR, demand vouchers for everyone, especially those that just can’t do homeschooling. Break the monopoly of the public school system and its union.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Vouchers would be a good alternative as well.
        Socialized common core is not the answer.

      2. ESQ says

        Vouchers don’t work either!

        1. sweetqueen777 says

          Please expand on that idea. I think vouchers would be the way to go. That way, those dollars could be used for whatever school the parents choose. That, in turn, would make it almost mandatory for those parents to actually examine what schools are available in their areas. Too many “parents” take no interest in their children’s schooling. It is just a free babysitter for them.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            I don’t understand about the ‘vouchers’…??? Schools will lose the federal funding if they don’t cooperate with the curriculum that they set up. It is out of the States ‘hands’, as it were.

          2. GoldenRudy says

            Only because it has been taken out of States’ “hands”.

          3. joe says

            It’s only a problem because of the wasted tax money. The school boards in most, if not all states have the power to levy a tax on real estate and here in Ohio, they do that very thing. The school board will exercise its “authority” to levy a tax after an election then put that levy request on the next ballot to authorize the tax in retro.
            They already have plenty of money if only it were not wasted on excessive salaries of the state DOE executives and locally on the construction of new buildings when the current structures are completely adequate for the job.
            They also waste large amounts of tax money on new sports facilities when the current installations are still perfectly usable, for example, the local board wasted over $100,000.00 on a new electronic scoreboard when the only advantage over the current unit was a wireless remote control.
            These so-called adults, when having access to virtually unlimited tax dollars, throw money around like drunken politicians on a presidential junket.
            The states do not _need_ Federal money, if only the individual state DOE people and local board folks would cease to waste the money that they have.

          4. sweetqueen777 says

            Parents are “credited” with an amount similar to what they would pay in taxes to the school system. The schools get only that money that applies to the kid. The money follows the child, not the property tax. That way, parents who home school or utilize private schools, are not paying twice for education. There are some minor differences in the basic programs suggested, but the main point is the same. It really irked me, and lightened my wallet, that I was paying property taxes, and tuition, both for the same goal. But, my son got an excellent education in the private schools. When we put hi in a rural public school at age 13, it was the worst mistake ever. But, we had moved out of the big city, and there was no private school that I could utilize. He was so far ahead of those kids, that he just slid for the rest of his years.

          5. CorrectionPlease says

            Get rid of The Department of Education.
            It’s nothing but an assembly point for teachers to collude with government in thug-union back room deals.

            They keep demanding more benefits – past the point of the community’s ability to keep up.

          6. GoldenRudy says

            The Free Market System vs the government monopoly that once was great … but now a failure.

        2. GoldenRudy says

          They “don’t work” if they are never tried. Where tried, they have been successful. Only the NES thinks and promotes “they don’t work either”. Sorry, not buying it without trying it.

      3. furiousvet says

        If there’s any good schools left, they wouldn’t be good any more with the trouble makers and those that don’t really want to learn anything get the voucher and if any thing just disrupt the classes. Then you would have the angry parents sueing the schools. I say leave things the way they are. At least we have some good schools now .

    2. MARYSWEET says

      Kudos to the parents who homeschool their children today. With what is being taught in schools today I would do the same. Kids in public schools today are being indoctrinated with marxist beliefs, sexual deviance and not teaching them to read or even to write anymore. I was shocked that neither of my grandchildren can write, only print, but that is what is being taught today. What is not being taught today is what they need to survive and have secure future and employment.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Data is also being collected that gives “sociologists” an idea of what those kids are going to be good at. So that, in the future, the curriculum can be modified to that end. Eventually, if the State needs more farmers, guess what, they will be conditioned to be farmers….
        The last thing the STATE needs is more smart people…….

      2. Dolores Wieland says

        And these uneducated idiots demand higher wages in places like McDonald’s.

  2. highwayman says

    You can count on these scum bag demos making home schooling children illegal but it want happen until after the 2016 election. Socialism does not allow for homeschooling because the government knows very well that all children must be indoctrinated into socialism and the communist way of thinking. The scums demos communist party will wait until they have done away with the two party system and took control completely of the Goverment . they will make and pass any laws they want and there will not be one dam thing anyone can do about it. Want to see a snap shot of what it will be like ? Read some crap written nmby this California state Senator by the name of Torres. Sgexsaid in an article she wrote for publicatuon how the democrat party would be going after any type gun laws they wanted when they took over both houses of Congress . she did not even try to pretend they would actually be representing the people any more. Demos have become something people like John F Kennedy would be ashamed of . thet have become the worst price of human flesh gathered UB ibe place I have ever heard of or seen. .

  3. 83ragtop50 says

    A good next step would be to eliminate the Department of Education along with basing funding on how many “free” meals are served. Also we could dump the glorified babysitting called pre-K.

    1. Bird says

      With both parents working and many having two children by the time the oldest is in pre-K, it’s actually a blessing for most….. have you seen the prices of paying for Day Care?!! Sending two children (or even one) can cost you as much as another house payment! Most parents are relieved of this “financial burden” of day care when their child is ready for pre-k.

      1. 83ragtop50 says

        Bird, having children is the choice of the parents. Paying for their choice should not be my obligation. Possibly the parents should make the choice to get rid of the cell phone, cable TV subscription and limit themselves to one color TV so they can afford to have children without me paying for their babysitter. This is typical welfare under a “social equality” mindset. Sorry, but one should assume responsibility for their choices.

        1. Bird says

          Yet, you’re helping to support 5.9 MILLION illegal hispanics who are flooding our borders and paying $90 BILLION per year for Welfare…. not counting free housing, free health care, free education, food stamps, and legal aide. Stop complaining about a few American children who will benefit our country by an early entry into the educational system. (Before it goes socialistic anyway) I’ll bet your for abortion as well.

          1. 83ragtop50 says

            Bird – you are absolutely correct…. and are just helping to make my point. One wrong does not make the other right. Your argument is just a redirection of focus and has nothing to do with getting rid of pre-K, etc. This is all just a redistribution of MY tax dollars to benefit those that want things without having to pay for them. If you want your kid to have fancy babysitting by the government that is responsible for indoctrinating them in this socialist stuff – then you pay for it. I choose not to.

            By the way, I am totally against abortion, but I am not sure what that has to do with pre-K.

          2. GoldenRudy says

            You think “uni pre-K” will have a reducing affect on $$$ spent on illegals?!!! Think again.

      2. Jeanne Stotler says

        Did you ever hear of Baby sitting co-ops?? We didn’t have money for sitters and be able to go out for dinner and a Movie, neither did our neighbors, we had a co-op, you sit for x# hours, then have credit to use those hours, worked well, The same could be revised for day care, BTW. I do Day Care and charge a moderate rate keeping 3 kids MAX, I used an in home sitter when I worked, you have alternative ways of providing day care,

        1. GoldenRudy says

          Homeschooling cooperatives appear to be a new phenomenon. Parents teach specialties and reduce the overall costs.

          1. Victor Archuleta says

            And parents, retired teachers, and pastors should organize schooling in unused church buildings. If we’re to protect the minds of children, something needs to be done on a grand scale. This type of rebellion to tyranny is equally counted obedience to God.

          2. sweetqueen777 says

            Most churches buildings are used very little during the week. Many churches do have day care and schooling, but many have also had to shut them down, because of legal issues, etc. Most just have a little preschool, or Mom’s Day Out programs. If the lawyers would leave the churches alone, they could provide some really good teaching and care.

          3. Victor Archuleta says

            Thanks for you comments. You’re right about lawyers. We must inspire interested patriots to begin reading law. No license or college is needed to pursue understanding. Jeanne Stotler’s post above mentioned baby sitting co-ops, and such a thing was is what I envision for home schooling. In fact, the two of you have given me the subject for another newsletter message.

      3. GoldenRudy says

        You think your property taxes won’t go up to accommodate this government mandated requirement? PS schools will have to be enlarged; more teachers (union of course) will have to be hired. If you don’t believe your taxes will rise and continue for ever to do so, ask yourself, who will pay for it? After all, there are NO FREE LUNCHES.

    2. IMSweetOlBob says

      83rag etc.
      That’s the best thing that could ever happen. It would get rid of overpaid bureaucrats that just fill a desk chair and don’t give a damn about what our children DON’T learn.

      1. GoldenRudy says

        The promise to eliminate the DOE by Ronald reagan was one, if not the biggest, failure of his 8 years. Well, that along with him being fooled into signing the 1986 Amnesty Bill … aka “the last one ever to be needed”.

    3. GoldenRudy says

      “universal Pre-K” is a dire threat to raising children. Also, it will put out of business those privately run Pre-K schools via increased property taxes to accommodate those putting the pre-K children into the PS system.

  4. CorrectionPlease says

    The tipping point may come when public schools require little brown shirt uniforms, brainwashing kids
    to turn in their parents for noncompliance with PC rules, hate speech, environmentally incorrect behavior
    (e.g., hoarding light bulbs, an illegal toilet, speaking ill of a union member, reading to a toddler).
    The insane liberals actually proposed the toddler law in Australia, because it posed an unfair advantage.

    1. cal3301 says

      Didn’t you hear, Obama education Secretary thinks that the schools should become boarding schools to take the control of children out of the hands of heir parents.

      “In yet another scheme by the federal government to usurp an ever-expanding role in child rearing, the Obama administration’s top education bureaucrat, Education Secretary Arne Duncan called last week for government boarding schools. Claiming that there are “just certain kids we should have 24/7,” the controversial figure also proposed, citing inaccurate information, turning government schools across America into “community centers” that would offer students even more “after-school programming.” Despite escalating criticism of Duncan and his scheming — one analyst called it “scary”
      — the proposed plots were hardly surprising considering other elements of what senior officials often refer to as the “cradle-to-career” education agenda.
      In essence, according to Duncan in various speeches, government schools, now largely controlled from Washington, D.C., are being used as a “weapon” to “change the world.” With the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as what the education secretary called his “global partner,” public education will also serve as a tool to transform children into what he described as “green citizens.” If Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones had not been forced to resign over his self-declared revolutionary communist views,
      he could have even placed the newly minted “green citizens” into the “green jobs” Duncan says the feds are preparing them for.
      Speaking in Crystal City, Virginia, at the “National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention,” Duncan outlined some of his latest Big Government plans. “One idea that I threw out … is the idea of public boarding schools,” he said at the event, which was organized by a collection of federal bureaucracies including the Education Department and the Justice Department. “That’s a little bit of a different idea — a controversial idea — but the question is do we have some children where there’s not a mom, there’s not a dad, there’s not a grandma, there’s just nobody athome?”

      1. CorrectionPlease says

        “. . . there’s not a mom, there’s not a dad, there’s not a grandma, there’s just nobody at home. . .”
        So where did they come from? Is no one accountable?
        They manage to find people who don’t pay their taxes.

        1. cal3301 says

          I don’t know what to tell you, those are the words straight from Obama’s Education Secretary Duncan, who appears to be deader than a door nail between his ears, yet responsible for the teaching of our children. What worries me, ARE the people that Obama has put in charge over our children, our health, and our personal welfare. They are ALL IDIOTS.

  5. randi says

    The way these teachers are teaching kids to disrespect our country and our flag if I had children I would home school .

    1. sarcoq says

      Schools, at least locally, are running scared of lawsuits, therefore no longer make students say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, pray at football games, or participate in patriotic assemblies. Sad, sad commentary.

      1. jlcham says

        I blame the courts. Lawyers only see $$$. If judges had an ounce of intestinal fortitude (guts for all you democrats), they would throw those cases out of court as unconstitutional. It might help if it were law that if someone sues over anything and loses, they are responsible for all court costs and costs of the lawyer for the winner.

        1. sarcoq says

          We do have “loser pay all” here. It has helped, but the federal $ coming into public schools keep such issues in the forefront from fear of getting cut off the government dole. Do away with Dept. of Education and return to local and state government.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            THAT is the only answer. The last I heard/read there are 38 States opting out of federal funding to take it back to the State.

      2. Btty says

        It’s even worse than that. Some schools actively work to indoctrinate your children. Work to tear down Patriotism and teach their warped version of our history.

        1. sarcoq says

          Luckily, that is not the case in our small, rural, conservative community, but I have heard the horror stories from elsewhere.

          1. Btty says

            I feel so sorry for our young people now. We are now planning on sending our grandchildren to private school and if that doesn’t work out then I guess I will be back to home schooling. There are a lot of horror stories and your very lucky you live in a rural, conservative community. Good luck.

          2. sarcoq says

            Still considering homeschooling grands

          3. sweetqueen777 says

            That is my plan.. Some of my son’s friend’s have asked if I would be willing to include their kids as well. Not sure how I will make this happen, but, I aim to try.

          4. sarcoq says

            I have considered getting 4-5 fellow “dinosaur” retired teachers together, have folks send their child with their own computer and curriculum to us in central location for “homeschooling”. Children would have a tutor on hand as well as socialization activities and truly instructional/educational field trips. The world can be a wonderful laboratory if venues are wisely selected.

          5. Btty says

            You will do great and you won’t regret it. If I can be of any help let me know. Encourage your kids to have public speaking in your class room then move them to a library. Have question and answer time so they are used to speaking around people and taking questions. Lots of outside events. For those of you who are considering private school ask them about their program for scholarships. I think they have to keep there grades up to a “B” average. Check everything out.

          6. sarcoq says

            Your offer and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

          7. Dolores Wieland says

            Sounds like an excellent plan

          8. CorrectionPlease says

            This worked well for my own daughter.
            I supplemented all the non learning that was foisted on us in the supposedly good school in an affluent New Jersey town.

            My experience was that most the teachers were incompetent or
            indifferent and bought into the Federal child brainwashing program (FCBP).
            Isn’t FCBP the type of crap parlance they make up in Washington, and Trenton and the teachers break room?

            I therefore found tutors, educational programs and experiences of all sorts at any institution that looked worthy (e.g., local German language school, museum and college programs on weekends or summers, Kumon.)

          9. Btty says

            I don’t believe you will ever regret it. It’s one of the most valuable gifts you can give your grand kids. Good luck and you will do an incredible job! Did you know home schooled kids score higher on their SAT scores?

          10. sweetqueen777 says

            Don’t be so sure. I thought that a rural school would be better for my son, but, it turned out to be worse. The kids who got kicked out of school in the big city, just went out to the small towns, and the small town schools would not suspend or expel troublemakers, because they need the money too much. It is all about the money, in most schools.

          11. sarcoq says

            That has happened in our small school as well. Many have come from the city as “transfer” students with a hefty price tag, but so far, they have been held to same disciplinary action as our local students —- but that has deteriorated overall in the last 10 -15 years.

          12. Carol Chadbourne says

            DO NOT BET ON IT, sarcoq….do not bet on it! Have you monitored any classes?? THAT is IF you’re allowed.? Are you aware some larger cities are taking the kids on field trips to MOSQUES??? When was the last time children went to a church…hell, when was the FIRST time?/

          13. sweetqueen777 says

            Believe me,, they are everywhere.

        2. Carol Chadbourne says

          Too true…..did you know that Paul Revere was a ‘terrorist’ and the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism…??? You know…where our ancestors fought taxation without representation.?? Or that muslims discovered America??? this is unacceptable.

          1. Btty says

            It’s exactly why I home schooled. I saw this crappie coming 30 years ago. When my husband and I interviewed the principle of the school my son’s would be attending and he said that starting in kindergarten they were going to teach that the gay lifestyle was an acceptable alternative lifestyle that did it. My husband said: “you won’t be teaching it to my sons. We walked out and decided to home school.

          2. Dolores Wieland says

            Smart move. We never had these problems when we went to school in the 50’s. I don’t know what has happened to America.

          3. Btty says

            Thank you Dolores. I had a friend tell me one time that we have to be willing to give up some rights to keep others. I said: ” Oh no we don’t. I’m not willing to give up one right I have and I will fight for others” I say to everyone fight for your rights because someone died to insure you have them. Don’t let them die in vain! Insure the future for our kids.

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            That is definitely so. I’m not giving mine up either

          5. Mark Erickson says

            What diabolical lies!

      3. Carol Chadbourne says

        IF they are permitted to recite the “Allegiance”…they have to say not “under God” but “under allah”…..that is reprehensible.

    2. Btty says

      I did home school 4 sons and helped my neighbors home school their children. I have 4 sons with college degrees from top colleges. They have incredible jobs and they remained good conservatives dispite attending very liberal colleges. I would never hand my children over to our government. You might as well hand them over to the Hitler regime!

      1. sweetqueen777 says

        Awesome!!! KUDOS to you. Your hard work resulted in the kind of adults we all can be proud of.

        1. Btty says

          Awwww, Sweet queen thank you so much for the very kind words. I will share a story with you. One of my son’s wanted to go into politics. He has a very dynamic personality. You can talk to him for 5 minutes a think he was your best friend. Anyway, he started working on his dream. A year went by and I said how’s that dream coming? He said: Mom, I’m just to honest. I can’t be a politician. In one way it made me happy but in another way I was sad because isn’t it honesty and integrity that we all want? Isn’t that what is missing in politics? Oh well just a cute story. Thanks again. Moral of the story is his good deeds and education paid off. He has an incredible job that he loves.

          1. sweetqueen777 says

            Tell him to hang in there. If we could only get term limits, a lot of that back room dealing and go-along-to-get-along, would cease. But, right now, he is correct. I think it would also help, if they lost some of the lifetime perks they get, for making a career out of “public service”. The only thing most of them are servicing, are their own fat wallets. Stinks. I find all the fresh new faces we are seeing is a great thing. New faces, new ideas.

          2. Btty says

            I will pass that bit of information on sweetqueen. Thank you. You seem to have more faith than I do right now. This administration has been more damaging for our Great Country than any administration in our history. Add to that the fact that the Rhino Republicans have gone along with it makes one wonder where all of this will end. It will take years to undo what this flake has done to hurt all of us. Boy do I agree with term limits. I also think that a President should not be rewarded for a job poorly done. If you leave office with the country in worse shape than when you entered office you should not get security for you and your family paid for by we Americans! Pay for it yourself!! And we should never allow outside foreign countries to contribute money to those who run for President! My God that is outrageous! We are letting foreign countries choose our President based on money they contribute to the one they want in office. Just great! Lordy, I did get on a band wagon didn’t I? LOL Sorry about that. But if Killary gets in as President she will continue down the Obama path.

          3. Dolores Wieland says

            Your band wagon is correct, however…

      2. sarcoq says

        Good for you (AND your sons)!

        1. Btty says

          Thank you sarcoq but I take no credit. I give all the credit to my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lord knows I did a lot of praying in those days. I’m so grateful. Good Luck to all you who are home schooling or thinking about it. Get the support of other mothers for days when your I’ll.

          1. sarcoq says

            Accolades well place. Christ is my guide, as well.

    3. Dolores Wieland says

      I would home school in today’s society.

  6. Bob Stewart says

    Seems that now our public school system is a home for many who don’t want to learn, but they like the free breakfast and lunch programs. They spend their time disrupting class and denying other students the chance to learn. They disrespect teachers who are trying to teach them how to be good liberals, so it’s no wonder parents want their children out of that failed social experiment. Thank goodness there are still some schools outside the big cities that do a good job educating students if they can get past liberal administrators who keep the system dumbed down.

    1. nananell says

      I heard on the news this morning, (I think this was in California), that the teachers are not to be allowed to discipline the children, take away their cell phones, can’t stop them from disrupting the class, etc. etc.

      1. Bird says

        I have two sister who are school teachers. My youngest sister was required to go before the school board and possibly face disciplinary action; she was blocking the door and telling the kids to wait until the hall had cleared a bit before leaving the room for lunch (it would take about a minute of time). One child pushed forward to get past anyway and she put out her hand and he rushed into her…… SHE HAD TOUCHED SOMEONE’S CHILD!!
        The school system is totally OUT OF CONTROL and the kids know exactly how to take advantage of that. The child went home, told his parents that she had kept him from leaving the room and they got a lawyer and were pressing charges! She was totally exonerated but it was torture for her, mentally and physically! She decided that teaching today’s kids wasn’t worth the frustration anymore and she took an early retirement.

        1. 83ragtop50 says

          Bird – And you are defending the funding of pre-K because it provides day care? This seems incongruent to me. Herein you are expounding on the absolute chaos that prevails in public schools. But in the next breath you argue that pre-K a salvation for parents. These two positions just do not seem to line up.

    2. Bird says

      Actually, since MichelleOCare, school children HATE the choice’s given them for school lunches and our school systems are LOSING dollars by having to provide these ridiculous meals! The government demands that they provide these disgusting meals or lose their federal financial aide and children are sluggish in the afternoon and still going home hungry!!

      1. Lastings says

        Wow, I never would have expected that children would dislike more nutritional meals. Amazing! why would they eat that crap? They can just go home and Mom will cook them up another box of Mac & cheese or a frozen pizza.

        1. cal3301 says

          Have you ever seen the meals being served to these children? School districts are wasting over $54,000 a year on lunches being forced on children, from a woman who was never elected into any office. Then again, you also appear to be the type would feed a child Mac & cheese or a frozen pizza. Most of the Conservative parents that I know prefer a home cooked, family at the table style dinner, whereas the Liberal, Progressive Democrats could care less what their child eats. They are too busy worrying about what the Republicans are doing.

          1. Lastings says

            That’s weird, given that number of random generalizations you just made about me, one would guess that you know me or know something about me. But, in reality, you just made a bunch of stuff up because that resembles proving a point. That tactic omnipresent around here.

          2. cal3301 says

            Your smugness and correcting people have left you illiterate.

            “But, in reality, you just made a bunch of stuff up because that resembles proving a point. That tactic omnipresent around here.”

          3. Lastings says

            Excellent point, Cal.

          4. cal3301 says

            Actually, your problem started a long time ago.

          5. Lastings says

            Another excellent point, Cal. Your wisdom is without bounds.

          6. cal3301 says

            So is your stupidity!!!

          7. Lastings says

            How profound, Cal. I hope these informational retorts are being logged into the annals of history for future generations to learn from and bask in your glory.

          8. cal3301 says

            I’m sure they are, small mind! I’m sure they are!!!

        2. 83ragtop50 says

          Lastings, school districts are quite capable of providing nourishing lunches without the need for edicts coming down from on high. Have you actually seen the choices provided under the mandates from the self-appointed one? I would take mac & cheese and pizza any day over that garbage. Throw in some P&J sandwiches and we have a gourmet menu compared to the First Lady’s official offerings. She should be required to live on that putrid stuff. If it is good enough for my children, then it is more than good enough for her. But the real issue is not th efood, but the central government sticking their big noses into local school affairs.

  7. sarcoq says

    As a former teacher, I can attest that the public education system is broken, not just seriously flawed. Home-school or put your children in private school now!

    1. IMSweetOlBob says

      As a former teacher, who was privy to the bureaucratic bullshot that teachers have to go through, home schooling must seem like a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a large responsibility for a parent to take on, but even in a worse case scenario, it’s better than the socialistic crap we have now where even the actual enemies of America occasionally get to visit classrooms. There are no muslim terrorist supporters and propagandists in the home !

      1. Lastings says

        what about Muslim, terrorist, propagandist parents?

        1. IMSweetOlBob says

          OH, Pleeeze !

          1. Lastings says

            Well, if you want to push an agenda on a child, home school is a pretty good avenue. That way you can hide them them the views and ideas of others.

          2. Victor Archuleta says

            Serious questions, Lasting. Think about Ferguson and Baltimore, the people caught up in the conflicts, and the people who rioted. If you had had the authority 25 years ago, what agenda would you have pushed on those children? What would you have taught them to help them become the kind of people you would want for classmates of – and neighbors to your children?

          3. Lastings says

            Who says it’s a school’s job to push an agenda on anyone? It is a parents job to instill the morals and ethics on a child. It is a school’s job to be a valuable resource to a student that wants to work hard to better him or herself and prepare themselves for the next level of education. I am not sure what Ferguson or
            Baltimore, specifically, have to do with any of that, though.

          4. maxx says

            When a government takes over the education of your children it has an agenda. When that government is socialistic that is what the children will be taught. It goes on all the time because most teachers are democrat union members.

          5. Victor Archuleta says

            I just wanted your opinion. Thanks for responding. maxx filled in much of what I would have said in answer.

          6. maxx says

            Home schooling is the way to protect them from socialist / communist / progressive / democrat indoctrination and brainwashing. If you are one of the aforementioned types by all means send your kids to public school. If not, do your best to keep them away from that evil ideology.

          7. Btty says

            Excuse me? Do you think teaching your kids our true history and not history made up by a particular party or faction is a wrong agenda? Most of us who home schooled did so to teach our children the truth. Not the truth as seen through the eyes of Liberals. My sons were taken on field trips all the time and shared ideas and views with others not just other children but adults also. Don’t think for a minute your kids are safer sharing ideas and views in school. Most of the time they are shut up if they don’t conform to the schools agenda.

          8. Lastings says

            You’re excused.

          9. Btty says

            Not real bright are you? Go ahead send your little darlings to the wolves!

          10. donemyhomework says

            I think home schooling is a really good Idea, There are pitfalls however. But instead of debating what can go wrong, It would be better to consider a regimen of guidance and applied curiosity. You can’t make kids learn. But you can start them on a curiosity path that they want to go on. And in time they will acquire all of the necessary tools to do what they need to do. The great thing about the concept is a hands on approach. A path of inquiry and questioning. If the government gives you money, there are strings attached. And that seems to be the core of the problem. Then there is the little thing about slanted history. All history is slanted. Sometimes markedly so. But education is the exercise of continuous learning so the native is prepared to argue both sides of a debate with equal proficiency.

          11. Carol Chadbourne says

            It is possible to get an education on line…..does not cost much when you compare it to the possibility that kids minds will be mixed up and mush in public schools.

        2. whoselineisitanyway says

          By all means Lastings, eat merde and decease.

        3. sweetqueen777 says

          They have their own schools, they should stay there. Better yet, get their sorry asses back to the Middle East.

      2. Btty says

        And you will never have to worry that said schools will take your children to a Muslim Mosque! Yes, that has actually happened more than you think!

      3. sweetqueen777 says

        Or pedophile teachers, or bullies, or drugs, or gangs, or crazy shooters breaking in. Dear Lord, Please save our nation.

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          I just read online….a schoolteacher ALLOWED 2 of her students to have SEX in Class…..elementary school. Anyone convinced yet.???

      4. Btty says

        That is so true IMSweetOLBob. Just so you all know. The government will not let this happen without a fight! Be prepared because they get money for each child in school. But stick to your guns ladies and gentlemen. What you are doing is a gift to your children and grandchildren.

    2. Evan says

      I agree 100%! Not just education, but everything obama touches
      turns to garbage!

      1. GoldenRudy says

        Don’t place blame 100% on Obama. It is the Dem Party and its supporters (ACLU and the anti-All Things American faction) that have done the destruction.

        1. maxx says

          Add the GOP Establishment Republican RINO’s to that mix.

        2. 4grands says

          You just described Obama, GoldenRudy. Haven’t you been with this since before he was elected? Sure there are others, but he stirred the pot and now it smells…..really smells. This guy Obama is BAD news.

          1. GoldenRudy says

            I agree 100% re: Obama, but it is the Dem Party, especially post 1972, that is the driving and supporting force behind it.

  8. BQRealityBites says

    The moment the Board of Education was created at the Federal level the US school system started to sink. Then when unions and liberals took full control shortly thereafter, they just sped up the rate of the decline. When liberals started to cry that the practice of separating children at an early level based on their “skill’ level – read that retarded versus fully capable the system was further ruined as teachers had to teach to the SLOWEST learners and YOUR children suffered because they were not getting the education they deserved. This “fairness doctrine” employed in schools then set the process of lowering the bar into motion tot he point where the children coming out of public schools today are forcing colleges and universities to re-teach YOUR kids how to read, write and do basic math – wasting your childs time and money in college as many of these classes are requirements to be taken prior to moving on to the actual college courses that would earn the child a degree. Congratulations liberals – YOU are the reason our education system sucks! And by the way – America spends MORE money BY FAR than ANY other country in the world PER STUDENT – and they get a bottom tier third world education because of it AND YOU LIBS are feeding the teachers unions and administrators more of our tax money to do it EVERY YEAR!!!!

    1. Lastings says

      First of all, you are a terrible writer. You barely make any sense. You should learn how to use a comma. Secondly, most of what you said is false. Growing up, I was in accelerated classes from 2nd grade all the way through high school. Both of my nephews (5th & 6th grade) have been in accelerated classes for the past 3 years. Not only do accelerated classes exist to help faster learners find a more challenging curriculum, but there are also classes set aside where slower learners can learn at their own pace so as to not have a negative effect on the standard class.

      The kids who are typically affected by a curriculum that is not challenging enough for them are the kids who do not apply themselves and do not work to be their best. These kids often find themselves in a class level that is slower than their learning rate because have often not succeeded in classes with a higher learning rate.

      1. 83ragtop50 says

        Lastings, One of the factors for the requirement of multiple classes (accelerated, standard, remedial) at the same grade level is because of the dumbing down of the public educational system. I attended what in present times would be considered accelerated classes; classes that actually taught at grade level for all students. BQRealityBites is correct in the statement that a substantial number of so-called high school graduates are unprepared for higher education and require remedial classes from the colleges because they cannot read, write nor comprehend at the college level.

        1. Lastings says

          Then they should try harder and apply themselves. I did well in k-12 and was very prepared for college, where I excelled as well. My nephews appear to be on the same track as I was. Everyone in this thread wants to blame the school system because they aren’t learning enough. Kids that were bad in school were doing the same thing when I was growing up. If people would just take personal responsibility, work hard, and apply themselves, they would find that our public school system is more than adequate to prepare you for college.

          1. 83ragtop50 says

            Since we have gotten into chest-thumping I will respond accordingly. I, too, excelled while attending public school. I was valedictorian of my high school class. I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics with a concentration in statistics from a major university. My college grade point average was 3.89 on a 4.0 scale. Now to the point, I have observed public education decline in quality and application over the years by direct participation in the education of my first my children and now my grandchildren. I will grant you that there are truly some quality public schools. Unfortunately my wife and I were forced to find a way to have our children transferred from the drug-riddled high school to which they were zoned to one of quality. We accomplished this through many hours of lobbying with the administration of a quite large school district. We won in the end, but not everyone can be as fortunate. I am not confident that most children are capable to “just take personal responsibility, work hard. and apply themselves” without the direction and assistance of qualified and dedicated teachers who are permitted to actually teach. I personally do not see that happening in the current typical public school environment. My firsthand observation of friends having homeschooled children indicates that those being home schooled far outperform those attending public schools. The unfortunate reality is that many parents are not equipped to home school. Therefore the public schools need to return to providing a quality education rather than promoting political correctness and worrying about “Little Johnny” having his feelings hurt if he does not perform at the required level.

          2. Lastings says

            “I am not confident that most children are capable to “just take personal responsibility, work hard. and apply themselves” without the direction and assistance of qualified and dedicated teachers who are permitted to actually teach.”

            I would agree with this. I took a lot of direction from my parents growing up. They taught me the value of doing more than just skating by with minimal effort. I don’t think that is a coincidence that the more effort I put into school, the more valuable of a resource I found the school and it’s teachers to be.

          3. 83ragtop50 says

            A point on which we agree.
            I am off to partake of my mac & cheese and pizza dinner buffet. I wish you a good evening.

          4. Lastings says

            You as well, Sir.

          5. Lastings says

            I think a lot of people would be quite surprised to find out how well equipped many public school teachers are when they are able to teach a student that wants to learn.

      2. TEXAS AMERICAN says


        1. Lastings says

          I’m not suggesting that people write as if they are writing a college essay. By all means, write informally. But, please, just attempt to write like you have a basic understanding of the English language. We have universal rules in language so the the point doesn’t get lost in slang.

      3. Dolores Wieland says

        I have no problem reading BQRealityBites’ text. You aren’t perfect either and I don’t agree with everything you say.

      4. BQRealityBites says

        Calling BS on your first statement on MY writing skills and also BS on your point. I’m not talking about the advanced placement classes – I’m talking about the standard classes where kids who do not belong in the class due to their ..let’s say “maladies” …because retarded is no longer politically correct…okay ..let’s say “short bus riders”…just because you have a different experience (again with higher achieving students- and btw – don’t feel too proud of yourself or your nephews as I placed out of the first two years of college basically because of the AP classes I took and my sister took 11th and 12th grade at the same time in AP classes and my nieces are in Gifted Student programs as well) but those who excel are not the ones that make up the majority of the schools now are they???? Those kids left to the “standard” curriculum classes are stuck with sh*t classes because of the “you are just as smart and beautiful” mentality that gives everyone a trophy for showing up and not peeing on themselves (in public anyway).

  9. Robert Young says

    Of course home schooling is on the rise. First, our children are not safe in the gun free public schools. Second, the subjects being taught are not what we want our children exposed to. The text books used contain so many lies, especially history and civics books, that it is no wonder our children are confused.Trans gender and homosexuality should have no place in school corecilum.No tolerance should be eliminated as each case should be tried on its merits. Get the Federal Government out of our school systems and return control to the State and Local school boards.

  10. Dirty Daug says

    We can blame the Federal Government for what is being taught in schools, of course everyone already knows this. It’s like this, along comes some crooked company with a bunch of bull on how to better educate the kids and they offer our lawmakers a little side money to use what they are selling. It’s mostly the same for everything else going on in DC and that’s what is happening to our country. These politicians know the end is in sight, so they are getting richer most everyday and getting what money offered to them before everything goes to hell. You might think it’s only the Democrats but it’s all of them including Republicans and whoever else that has anything to say or do with how our Government operates. The next time you see and talk to one of these crooked politicians, just slap the hell out of him or her. If you don’t know who these crooked politicians are, just slap them anyway.

  11. TadhgMcLir says

    The government is already out of control about schools, I won’t say education because it isn’t education any more. I once worked for a School District. There were rooms, in out of the way places, where children who were disabled to the point of requiring a nurse and others were kept with an aid. No teaching was done, but the school could count the person as a student since they were “in school”, and so were required to be in school. This took funds that could have gone to true students to improve education, but the laws were such that the schools had to pay for all this “education” for those not able to learn it.

    Now, I fully support aids for the students who have problems that make learning difficult, and where an aid can actually help them become educated. That is a good program.

    Paying for a nurse as a babby sitter so they can be “counted as getting an education” … NO!

    Get the Feds out of our schools, and try to get someone in your state who knows how to prioritize the use of funds, so the kids who can be educated ARE.

  12. flyflyfly3 says

    If anyone is looking for years of homeschool statistics and answers then look up Dr. Brian Ray, NHERI. We homeschool our children and can see a huge difference in their morals, character and intelligence when compared to other children who attend the public schools. Our children are not exhausted all the time either!!!

    1. BQRealityBites says

      You can spot a home schooled child a mile away – they are the engaging, respectful, intelligent, well spoken ones who have actually read a book, have analytical thinking skills, have a sense of humor and discipline. I don’t have any kids unfortunately, but I have run into several folk who homeschool their elementary school age children and EVERY one of them makes me go “WOW! THAT is a good kid! ” And I walk away thinking what I wrote above! Keep it up homeschoolers – you are creating the people who may actually have a chance at saving this country (political ideology aside BUT every last one I’ve met has been conservative – phew!)

    2. DJTX says

      Our kids are old enough that THEY now can spot fellow homeschooled kids in a group when they see them, and tell me how much they appreciate having been homeschooled. They notice that their public schooled counterparts, even the A students, don’t always think for themselves or think critically, have a less broad vocabulary, and have had limited exposure to literature, history, and upper level math. My son noticed that one of his public schooled friends in “AP” math classes was working on math that he had done 2-3 years prior. Public schools are teaching to tests and so intent on teaching liberal agendas that they don’t always cover the basics. Homeschooled kids aren’t perfect, but kids learning in a nurturing, less distracting environment from people who love them would naturally seem to do better than the alternatives. And it’s TUTORING, which is the ultimate in teacher/student ratios. I just heard a report on a conservative radio show that a public school teacher ‘rewarded’ her class by letting them watch the movie of their choice – 50 Shades of Gray. That pretty much says it all for me.

  13. cal3301 says

    Their problem with their thinking on home schooling is the fact that those choosing to home school ARE NOT RICH, BUT WHERE ONE FAMILY MEMBER DECIDES IT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THEIR CHILD OR CHILDREN, FOR ONE PARENT TO REMAIN AT HOME AND TEACH!

    1. Lastings says

      I think your caps lock button is broken.

      1. cal3301 says

        No, it was intentional. Smug, much?

        1. Lastings says

          oh.. sorry, it just surprised me that a person would capitalize an entire sentence for no apparent reason. Well, at least you got someone’s attention.

          1. cal3301 says

            You need to re-read, as it was only half a sentence. Again, Smug, much?

          2. Lastings says

            More condescending than smug, I would say.

          3. cal3301 says

            No, just plain capital, SMUG!!!

          4. Lastings says

            I like that you you felt the need to write the word “capital”, and then follow that by capitalizing every letter of the word “smug”. But, ‘smug’ would imply that I am overly proud of an accomplishment. I don’t really view knowing when and when not to use capital letters as a an accomplishment, so really I am just being condescending towards a person that I believe to have inferior intelligence to me.

          5. cal3301 says

            When one sets out to belittle others or tries to make fun of the way others write, one is considered to be smug. According to the Urban Dictionary, smug means- someone who thinks they’re way better than everyone else or anything really, very pleased with themselves.
            I find that definition suits you to a tee after reading many of your responses to others.
            Only people with little minds, find pleasure in thinking themselves better than others.
            A person of intellect, which you have proven you are not, would seek to learn from them.
            Your inferiority to those that have responded on this web site, is enormous, as they have more class in their little pinkies, than you have in your entire body. You should be ashamed of your behavior, but again, the small minded, never are.

          6. Lastings says

            First of all, am I led to believe that you consulted the Urban Dictionary for a proper definition? Can I help to direct you to a better source?

            Secondly, in the comment section of an article which seems to universally value Home School over Public School, the entire point was illustrate the fact that a significant amount of people are not capable of displaying the simplest understanding of the basic building blocks of an education, not to mention trying to teach them to future generations. Or did you not get that?

          7. cal3301 says

            First of all, I gave you a reference that you can go to, as smug is what you are and always will be. The definition does not change.
            Secondly, may I remind you that many of these people were taught by people just like you. Left leaning Progressive Liberal teachers, who think they know better than anyone else.
            You have a small mind and nothing in this world can help you. You are so busy finding problem with others that you are overlooking your own.
            These people will have no problem teaching their children. Many home schooled children have excelled those that are in public schools, where their unionized Liberal teachers worry more about themselves, then their students. Or did you not get that, either?

          8. Lastings says

            I love how you are so intent on calling me smug, as if saying I am condescending is somehow giving in. It is just great to see you get all worked up about this. I am sorry that you are so disgruntled with public schools. They worked out very well for me, but, of course came with the caveat that I needed to work hard and apply myself. Maybe they didn’t work out so well for you, but from what I’ve seen in my life, it is typically not the schools fault. Teachers are, typically, very smart and excellent resources for those who want to learn. I seriously cannot see 75% of the people in this comment section as an excellent resource for anything educational. By homeschooling your children, you are depriving them of the opportunity to learn from a vast and varied group of intelligent people, and if you are not qualified to teach the subjects, you are possibly depriving them of the basic building blocks of a great education.

          9. cal3301 says

            You are more smug, than condescending. To be condescending you would have to show feeling, and you have none. I’m not disgruntled with public schools, as I went to public schools all over the USA as a military brat. I was a scholar athlete and an Honor Grad. My little brother was independent study(too smart for teachers) and deans list at Penn State, while most teachers had to work to teach me. I finished my assignments too quickly for them, that they had to record what I did in order to give the others, the same. My parents did not believe in skipping grades. When I went to school, the teachers weren’t a problem and neither were the schools.
            I take exceptions with the present day teachings and am thankful my son graduated before all this common core bull when down. You also have no idea how home schooling is done, either. Each state sets the curriculum that is being taught by the parent. All the necessary building blocks are provided by the state and home schooled children achieve higher academic scores, than those in public schools. The reason being, they are receiving, one on one learning, and no fear of over crowded classrooms. These children are deprived of nothing except the prejudices of the current teachers found in the present day school systems.
            The teachers in public schools are not all that intelligent, either. Some of them should have been fired a long time ago, but their unions keep them in. Many classrooms are also over crowded. The courses being taught are another reason people are pulling their children. Sex education belongs under parental control. Telling a child they can be whatever gender they want to be or asking a 12 year old how often they have sex and how many partners they had is unbelievable, but that is what is happening. I believe that it is the parents that truly want what is best for their children, are the ones that are taking the time to home school them.
            You are the fool to believe, otherwise!

          10. Dolores Wieland says

            At least you have common sense which Lastings seems not to have.

          11. cal3301 says

            Thank you.

  14. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    a three year old boy comes home from pre school with a girls coloring book. color the dress, the shoes and the bathing suit. accidental? hardly? communist conditioning? yes. a first grade school girl is singing a rap song. you got to build up the base. mama says boys like big booties. accidental? hardly. first the communist shampoo then the conditioner done daily.NO GOD NO COUNTRY.

  15. Beverly Wilson says

    It is a shame that schools are not providing the level of education needed to succeed….it’s all about testing scores…..another thing is the difference in funding and level of education even inside of the same school districts..affluent neighborhoods get books, computers, and better subject matter while /low income/poor neighborhoods get little to not equipment…. teachers are spending their own money for school supplies, lack of books and desk space is also a problem…..

    1. Victor Archuleta says

      The PBS station in Iowa featured what you describe. Generally, poorer children are given an education sufficient for minimum wage jobs. Second and third rate colleges prepare students to be managers for big box stores and assistants to the graduates of ivy league universities. The program was scripted to bring out the best view of the state of affairs, but my 5th grade daughter understood why her school – in a farm community – had no computers or higher math and science studies. She also understood why I encouraged her to read beyond her grade level. Since the first grade, she was being home schooled and she was not aware of it.

  16. Dave Pierce says

    My kids are grown, I’m sixty years old and I wouldn’t recommend public schools in any of the bigger city’s because of the goofy ideology. Kudos to home schoolers.

  17. SouthernPatriot says

    We’ve removed our children long ago from the government school system. There are numerous excellent curricula available for home schoolers which allow more traditional progress and others which allow a child to proceed at his/her own pace. Great for your children or grandchildren.

    Over the years, I have posted numerous reasons for home schooling, so many that it became literally hundreds. If you pay attention to the news, you can discern another one or two reasons, almost daily. Though a hyperbole, I feel I am at reason #9987 now.

    1. Eddie says

      This is excellent. Public school is on the decline. The only problem is that homeschooled kids have a higher suicide rate in college due to social problems. (It’s a fact). We just need the Libtards and the Neocons out of the schools. Let each community teach what they deem necessary.

  18. markypolo says

    Public Education has one purpose now: Create perfect zombies to become good Democrats and/ non voting morons.

  19. Howard Thomas says

    There is a lot of hostility here. The reasons you have all listed for homeschooling seems to be geared toward some kind of anti democrat agenda. My wife and I DID homeschool our children.Our oldest is going into aerospace engineering. The best teachers are those who can help instill and inspire a child’s natural desire to learn. It was our opinion that because of the policies of our local school board that their idea of teaching and ours did not mesh. Unless you are willing to spend a LOT of time with your own children doing what professional teachers cannot do because of policies, you should consider private schools. Homeshooling was the best thing we ever did. It is however, not easy. Make a game plan and talk to your spouse. Are you going to homeschool or unschool?? Work it out. Talk to others. And then if it feels right, do it. It isn’t for everyone but it certainly worked for us.

  20. James in Texas says

    Easy answer as to why! Education or Propaganda, which would you chose? Our Union controlled schools no longer offer education, they also convey the policies of control and understanding of the priorities of Socialism and government control, Period!

  21. J_R_K says

    “Textbooks are getting more liberal every year, often teaching kids a version of history that makes America out to be oppressive, evil, and genocidal. Parents who grew up learning another side to that history want to pass on their patriotism.”

    Wrong. It’s not their patriotism that parents want to pass on to their children. It’s TRUTH.

  22. Terry Rushing says

    I have only been acquainted with a few home schooled children but my observations are that these kids were much calmer and exhibited incentive to do well. They also seemed better at problem solving. The current trend of teaching “situational ethics”, revised history, evolution as a “fact”, and the apparent omission of a class I knew as “civics” are all reasons to seriously question public education. Further, the concept of “no failures” in public education and the lowering of standards so all can “pass” is a serious problem with public education. Social promotions are not a part of the home schooling program. Hooray for parents who invest their views in their children.

  23. SAM253 says

    oh yes…we can all see just how smart home schooling has worked for todays students. NOT!

  24. privae times says

    Of course the demoncaps will call homeschooling illegal,if it were to continue they could not control how kids are educated. This CC crap is down right stupid it makes the kids actually less smarter. Ovomit loves it so they will all follow his rules and be good little liberal commies. Its a disgrace to our learning abilities and pushes the unions to the top following ovomit. I’m so glad my three graduated in the 70s and not nowadays as my kids can think for them se!over and not the liberal gov. Wants them to.

    1. Lastings says

      Does anyone find it ironic that a person speaking of intelligence and basic skills learned in school would use a phrase such as, “makes the kids actually less smarter”, amongst several terrible grammatical mistakes?

      1. Francisco Machado says

        I noted in a comment above above that you closed the subject clause with a preposition. The object of a preposition follows the preposition, it does not lead it. Learn before you teach.

      2. Dolores Wieland says

        My goodness, Missy-wanna-be-better than everyone else. give it a rest. Quit knocking everybody. We’re here to give our opinions and discuss matters. Who cares if spelling and grammar are correct. I’m tired of your repetitious “I am better than you” attitude.

  25. DivineEncounters says

    Our only hope for the future. The only place children will grow-up knowing our history and the Constitution etc. They will grow and new generations of Patriots will arise. Just hope this government doesn’t interfere and rule it out.

  26. Bob Stewart says

    Conservatives should put a curriculum on the internet for home school parents to use to help instruct their children, complete with testing. An internet educational program for grades K-12 would augment any materials used by parents. It could also allow students to relate to other students and share educational experiences like travel and visits to national parks and monuments and other historical places.

  27. Dan says

    I am glad to see that there are some parents out there that actually care about their children!

  28. Jim says

    We Did Our Son. Sad Thing Was. When He Was In First Grade. Jr. High School Kids Was Asking Him To Help Them. Sad And Scary.

    1. Lastings says

      How well did you do with teaching him basic English language skills, such as; sentence structure, appropriate time to use capital letters, the difference between “was” and “were”, and other basic writing skills?

      You literally do have a single correct sentence in the entire phrase you wrote. I sincerely hope to God that you are not teaching America’s youth.

      1. Jim says

        I Would Try And Explain. But Obviously You Are Far Too Stupid To Understand. You Sound Like America’s Youth. And They Do Not Have A Prayer. Oh And By The Way. Like You They Are Indoctrinated. Not Taught. Just Like You. Have Fun. The Best Is Yet To Come.

        1. Lastings says

          Jim, you very well may be the dumbest person on the internet. Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment.

          1. Jim says

            At Least I Can Accomplish Something Twinkie. You Are A Outright Pussy. A Ignorant Follower. Stomping Your Ass Would Be Kin To Stomping A Little Girl. Now Go Away And Take Care Of Your Boyfriend. He Keeps Blaming Me For You Alway’s Being Away From Him.

          2. Lastings says

            What is it that you can accomplish, Jim? certainly not writing sentences, that’s for sure.

          3. Jim says

            Yes I Know Twinkie. You Have Done So Much. Your Boyfriend Keeps Telling Everyone. What’s The Matter? Got Beat Up In School Quite Often? So Now You Hide Behind A Computer Screen. That’s The Only Smart Move You Have Done. Spineless Pussy.

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            Bantering between you two is ridiculous……………….

  29. Lastings says

    This site is, most likely, the dumbest site on the Internet. No offense intended towards the site’s designers. That comment was intended solely for the morons that write the articles and the gullible pea-brains located in the comments section.

    1. 83ragtop50 says

      Then I suggest you frequent the more astute discussion. You might find the Huffington Post more to your liking.

      1. Lastings says

        Sometimes bullies like to pick on the weak for sport, you know? I could head over to the Atlantic and be challenged in discussion, but I’m in the mood to pick on a lesser crowd today.

        1. 83ragtop50 says

          Slumming, huh? What a waste of time.

          1. Lastings says

            meh, someone decided to give this website my email address. They send me emails, I look to see what they’re writing about, I find this cesspool. I can think of worse ways to waste time.

  30. mallen11 says

    We homeschool and it is the most rewarding for the students who have to learn mostly on their own and are tested via the computer after each lesson. It is hard at first but once they get accustomed to the schedule, they adjust and do very well. We use Connections Academy in northern CA.

  31. gladdrial says

    The more parents there are who choose to keep their kids home, the less money there will be for the public school system. There are legitimate concerns there – poor children will have no choice but to attend violent, terrible schools while wealthier kids can either homeschool or go private – but there are answers for that dilemma that Obama is unwilling to consider such as vouchers and school choice. Why lie about the above! Real estate taxes are still being paid and this supports Gov. schools even if you home school.

  32. sonnybono says

    There is two reasons I feel Obama and his administration is against all home schooling.It has nothing to do with education because it has been proven fopr years the majority of home schooled children score superior in education. It is all about family values and teaching religion and religious freedoms..The liberals have stacked the courts and the school systems at all levels to make sure our kids are brainwashed.They do not want the next generations to learn about morals and family values and God.They want the word God removed from the English language.Give them credit folks.they are dedicated and we are morons who have allowed it to happen.We have been meek as sheep to say the least.Don’t blame anyone other than ourselves who allowed this to happen.They have won,sadly.Should have been so different.

  33. John Q. Public says

    The only problem with home schooling is that the kid are far behind in ability and never even come close to being able to pass the high school exames !!! Many of the children are taught a Christian cult type education which has no bases in the bible or fact . more inline with a Nazi / white power doctrine. And Lord knows we don’t need more of those morrons !!!

  34. maxx says

    Homeschooling or vouchers for private schooling is the only answer to the federal government interference into education. Since the 1850’s when the single party system of government was institutionalized in America citizens have been nothing more than tax paying subjects controlled and dictated to by “a ruling class”. We are now seeing the results of the cancer of socialism. Read Rules For Radicals to see step by step how the socialists / communists / progressives / democrats have perverted the Republic of States that the U.S. government was supposed to be. We are now at the point where the only way to fix America is to arrest the entire government (all three branches) and imprison them for treason and tyranny. Socialism and a Democratic Republic are diametrically opposed. Those who support socialism / communism / progressivism / democrats are the enemy of a Democratic Republic. They need to be dealt with appropriately.

  35. Francisco Machado says

    To most people’s expressed opinion and I think verifiable in fact, the outcome of children’s education was once, only a couple generations past, considerably superior to what it is today, that young men are entering college quite unprepared and without even adequate reading skills. A principle by which I endeavor to work is to return to a previous technique of doing something if I find changes I have made result in an inferior end result. Perhaps this could be applied to education with greater expectation of success than the usual government policy of creating new problems (at considerable cost) to solve old problems – which were created to solve the problems preceding them. Empowering an administratively created national bureaucracy to solve local problems and manning it with personnel appointed for largely political reasons with a rigid ideological rather than educational goal is the perfect way to create the educational mess we’re in.

  36. carlton goodson says

    What is needed is to remove the unions from all gov. workers then you can fire the bad ones.

  37. afftongrown says

    Such a shame that people are so unhappy with school systems these days that they feel the need to home school their children. What is troubling about this is that while the child is receiving an education at home, the family must still support the school with their tax dollars!

    1. Dolores Wieland says

      Including people who have no children….they pay too and the cost increases yearly while education suffers. Kids can’t read, write, nor count by the time they go to college…..

  38. Becky says

    Kill the Dept of NON-Education. Fire all the employees.

  39. 4grands says

    At the point we are at now, with the public schools, anything would be better than sending a child to public school. There is one alternative to those students whom are delinquent……kick them out! But no, their so called parents would have to deal with them if that happened….the so called lazy parents I should say. It’s a mess! No one seems to have a backbone anymore!

  40. David says

    Go Home schoolers

  41. Alleged Comment says

    Lieberals are a lot like Negroes. When they come in and takeover everybody moves out and away.

  42. lithgowflash says

    G/Day From Australia, Please Google ” The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” By Charlotte Iserbyt. It is an Eye Opener ! Cheers

  43. Carol Chadbourne says

    The federally funded education…..common core/ core curriculum….is nothing but brainwashing and ‘dumbing down’ of our children and grandchildren. To raise and educate them into liberalism, islamic teachings, the koran and the evil which comes with it. IT IS NO GOOD FOR AMERICAN CHILDREN..PERIOD. There are computer programs for classes for all age groups. Most educators do NOT like teaching what they must as the gov’t dictates….they will lose federal funding if they don’t. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

  44. Bladen says

    Any school is constrained by time to covering only X subjects, therefore only subjects approved by the owner of the schools are taught. A government school will teach only what the government wants which may be good or bad depending on your views. Our early schools were in fact protestant schools designed to combat the catholic schools. They didn’t do too bad at all, emphasis on reading, writing and math, a smattering of religious morals, ten commandants etc, a patriotic version of history, some readings from famous books to foster a love of reading and almost no criticism of government institutions.These schools gave us the great generation of WW 11. As these schools gradually came under control of professional educators and progressive politicians the agenda changed to more social justice oriented, less patriotic and definitely less or no religious guidance. With the emphasis diluted, time for core values of reading,writing and math suffered giving us social promotions and the horror of HS graduates who can’t read. Schools should be restricted to teaching only hard facts such as reading writing, math,chemistry, physics, geography and such and the teachers should be experts in these subjects. the technique of teaching should not come before knowledge of the subject. Subjective subjects such as philosophy, history, religion and politics should be taught at home or by tutors or schools selected by the parents.

  45. Mark Erickson says

    Next time a liberal says, “You sound like you’re homeschooled,” I’ll thank him or her for the compliment!

  46. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

    Low income? Can you afford $100/yr enrollment and $50/mo? I bet most poverty stricken families can sacrifice that in their alcohol/pot/crack budget since welfare is paying for their food, not to mention they can probably write it off on their childcare vouchers.

    (NOTE: If you make over $60k/yr you have to pay an additional $850 K-8/$950 9-11/$1000 HS Senior but if you make less you can have it reduced and under $30K per year it can be waived – you just have to ask about financial assistance programs and such).

    I have been using this program for my child after my 7 year old was suspended for standing his ground (as per my instructions) against three 12 year old terrorists on his school bus that had been stealing from him and beating him. Right after he returned from his 14 day out of school suspension he attended a mandatory assembly, I had not been notified about, discussing gay sex and gender assignment (in a K thru 4th grade school) and they sent my 7 year old with gay propaganda pamphlets and assorted condoms including strawberry flavored (which I felt was almost creepy and pedophiliac in nature). Turns out that someone had pointed me in the direction of one of the groups involved in the public education system’s “liberal gay agenda” (which I never knew was a real organization) is none other than NAMBLA the pedophile club!

    Needless to say my trust in the US Government with my child fell through the floor and my son is now proudly home-schooled.

    Overall I would have to say that I am impressed with the school, my son’s grades haven’t missed a beat (all A’s, principal’s list, honor society, etc.), and ultimately he seems happier and we have more family time because of it.

    An excellent choice vs. public school. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with it and when he is a teen if he wants to go to public or private school then so be it. That is fine. For now I will raise my baby boy right and give him all the choices without the baiting and tempting to do evil. Let it be his authentic choice if he has to suffer for it. Don’t sow seeds of evil in the hearts of children that is despicable. Even for Liberals…

    Why does it seem that “Idiocracy” is TRULY becoming a reality more and more everyday!? People just parrot everything they see on television like drone ad-bots. I am SOOOO happy I quit TV in like 1999 when all the programming became terrible…

    1. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

      This clip reminds me of every attempted discussion I have ever had with liberals…

  47. picomanning says

    Progressive Liberalism has destroyed the American school system and contributes to more poverty.
    Do you know what the high school drop out rate is in your state? Something the Progressive Liberal media doesn’t like to discuss. Especially before a national election.

  48. Pam Binkley says

    I’ve read about a school in TX that has had students read the Quran/Koran and the girls had to wear Muslim garb that Muslim women wear to empathize with them. No way would my kids. We homeschooled our kids after some very bad experiences in public school. A teacher sprained my son’s arm…he tore his rotator cuff…sprained his lower back. And a teacher my daughter had yelled at the kids so loud teachers down at end of hall had to close their doors. It scared a child so badly he/she cried. The teacher said..”If you’re going to cry like a baby you can get down on the floor and crawl like a baby.” I don’t have room to tell it all here. I talked to the principal and the super..and it didn’t do any good. So I took them home. It was a little expensive at first..we attended homeschool book fairs. I learned to lay out lesson plans for the whole year by August. We usually finished by we read book series like Little House on the Prairie..Shakespear…and joined a homeschooling science club taught by a public school teacher. We joined a Wednesday a church where homeschoolers came together for shop..and speech. We took the kids camping out to the west coast and back a couple of times..visiting each state or driving through it. Then we started traveling through the central states..everything west of the Mississippi..and started east but by that time they were entering highschool and they were less inclined to sit in a backseat for hours in a day. We had them take Iowa Basic Skills Tests every other year. As long as they did their work and tested well and wanted to continue in homeschool and we wanted to homeschool we did. Two of our kids went to public school at highschool level and one continued parttime at home and parttime in a Christian school. One went to computer tech graduated college and teaches in a Christian school…one graduated from a Christian college in sociology. It was a good experience.

  49. Brachium says

    Home schooling, because your kids deserve to be as ignorant as you are.

  50. juan says
  51. alexrezn6 says

    I have always said that education should start at home, the school is to reinforce that education and teach only. Parents can not expect Google Play, school or TV to educate their children

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