The Interview: FBI Sits Down With Hillary Clinton


Signaling the closing chapter in their months-long investigation, FBI agents sat down Saturday morning for a 3 1/2 hour interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At issue, of course, is whether or not Clinton violated federal law in her handling of classified information while working at the State Department. That she violated agency policy is beyond dispute. It remains to be seen, however, whether those violations will earn her an indictment.

“It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,” said Donald Trump on Twitter. “What she did was wrong!”

Sadly, though, it’s far from impossible that the FBI will clear the presumptive Democratic nominee of all wrongdoing. In fact, if we’re being honest, we all know it’s the most likely scenario by far. Not because Hillary is clearly innocent – she’s not…not by a long shot – but because the political pressure is far too great. If the evidence calling for criminal charges is too overwhelming to ignore, the FBI will find a fall guy other than Hillary. Barack Obama is not going to sit back and watch his presidential legacy swirl down the drain.

In an interview with MSNBC, Hillary insisted that no one was more excited about the FBI interview than her. “I’ve been eager to do it,” she said, “and I was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion.”

Yes, yes. Eager. Pleased. The words everyone under FBI investigation uses to characterize their interrogation.

Regardless of how this plays out, it shouldn’t be forgotten just how troubling it is to have the Democratic nominee under criminal scrutiny. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reminded the public of this in a statement Saturday, saying that Hillary “has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as part of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct.”

Hillary’s defenders have said that she will not be charged, insisting that no matter what she might have done wrong, the FBI would not be able to find any willful intent to jeopardize national security.

The thing is, that’s not the standard. Federal law also prohibits “gross negligence” in these matters. And Hillary Clinton’s private server has negligence written all over it. She deserves to sit in a prison cell for her careless actions. But if that’s not politically feasible in these tumultuous times, she must at least be disqualified from becoming President of the United States.

  1. Justin Seine says

    The Clintons try to raise money “incognito” after the FBI conducted is interview with Hillary. A different persona, a different, a kinder and gentler pair of honest people…

  2. cybertheolibnut says

    Interesting!!! The FBI has said on National TV that they don’t conduct interviews but investigations … Smells like, looks like, and feels like a cover up.

    1. Betterbob says

      Semantics. The blog calls it whatever it likes. There is not a conspiracy under every rock.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        If the “rocks” are in DC, yes there is!!

        1. Betterbob says

          Come back to the real world.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            You are the one in the alternate world, buddy.

          2. Betterbob says

            You are correct, I live in an alternate world to you called reality.

            Conspiracy theory means a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

            If you are so convinced there is a conspiracy theory tell me what is this
            covert but influential organization, and who is running it.

          3. ABO says

            You have proved beyond doubt, through your posts thus far that you have absolutely no concept of reality whatsoever.

          4. Betterbob says

            Pray tell how have I done that?

          5. ABO says

            You have done that through your amazing ability to completely ignore that which is blatantly obvious. Your myopic mindset allows you to see only that with which you agree and wave off all else as nonsense. You obviously have no ability to think for yourself as you appear to show all the signs of a thoughtless liberal lemming.

          6. Betterbob says

            So your definition of someone who does not agree with your view point is they cannot think for themselves.

            So what makes you so supreme that you are the standard for accuracy?

          7. David Nichols says

            Insofar as an indictment against Hillary Clinton is concerned, the fix is in, and it came from the President, Barack Hussein Obama…
            Although it is obvious to most people who are paying attention, the answer to your question would be:
            Organization…The White House Staff
            Who is running it…Barack Hussein Obama
            In the middle of an FBI criminal investigation, BHO goes public with the statement “she hasn’t done anything wrong ” in addition to being a prejudgment, this is an obvious message to the FBI about what result is desirable for BHO.
            When that didn’t appear to have enough affect, BHO publicly endorses for President, a person currently under criminal investigation by the FBI…
            Do you see a pattern here, BetterBob?
            Then, just in case ONE presidential hint is insufficient, Bill Clinton has a face to face meeting with the AG, alone, on her private plane, for 30 minutes.
            Considering that he is the husband of the subject of a DOJ investigation, AND the fact that Bill Clinton himself is a principal in the Clinton Foundation, which is also under investigation by the FBI, if you don’t see what’s happening here, it can only be willful blindness…

          8. Betterbob says

            What I see here is a person who does not like president Obama, Hillary Clinton or the Democratic party and therefore he makes up lots of unsubstantiated theories based on nothing more than conjecture.

            You cannot substantiate a single one of your allegations with VERIFIABLE evidence.

            That is what I see.

          9. Edith Savoy says

            Obama has violated the Constitution and abused his power over 400 times. Google it. You should research matters before claiming there is no verifiable evidence.

          10. Betterbob says

            You should read before you comment. I did not say there was no verifiable evidence. I asked that verifiable evidence be produced. As yet no one has produced it and I am not going to waste my time searching for something that does not exist.

            Prove me wrong.

          11. David Nichols says

            Yes, you see what you want to see…
            It’s called ideological blindness.
            Every one of the Obama events I described were broadcast by the media, and there is no doubt AG Lynch met with Bill Clinton.
            There is also no doubt he is the spouse of the subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI.
            There is also no doubt AG Lynch will make the decision on prosecution.
            So, tell me BetterBob, what part of the above you feel you can deny…?

          12. Betterbob says

            Everyone of those events you talked about you put your own interpretative on. You have not been able to show that your interpretation is the correct one. Your interpretation is just that, your interpretation . Nothing more.

          13. TheBlues says

            You are a Lib in favor of Crooked Hillary and Obama. So, it is useless to argue with someone of that venom.

          14. Betterbob says


          15. David Nichols says

            He said what he said….
            He endorsed who he endorsed and when…
            They had a secret meeting…
            No “interpretation” required…
            De Nile is a river in Egypt
            Denial is a ideological driven refusal to accept the truth…
            Since ignorance is bliss, I rest assured you’re happy as a pig in a mud hole…
            Go chat with your sheeple, you’re a waste of my time.

          16. Betterbob says

            Those incidents may of happened but you put your own interpretation on them. For example Quote “In the middle of an FBI criminal investigation, BHO goes public with the statement “she hasn’t done anything wrong ” in addition to being a prejudgment, this is an obvious message to the FBI about what result is desirable for BHO.

            See the part that says quote “this is an obvious message to the FBI about what result is desirable for BHO.” that is your interpretation nothing else as is the rest of the comment.

          17. John Doe says

            Try opening your eyes, watching stations, listening to stations that aren’t part of the MSM. Try listening to facts, I know, that’s something that liberals like yourself aren’t accustomed to doing.

          18. Betterbob says

            I listen to facts and not all the conjecture and rhetorical nonsense the right puts out. They are not facts.

          19. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

            Well, it’s a good idea to observe what’s going on before it gets to statistics. Do I need to go to all the places with ISIS and tally all the dead people? Do I need to learn Arabic or whatever language they are speaking, go into the Mosque with their outfit on, face covered, sex operation to look like a man, and take notes on what is being said, be a spy? Sacrifice my daughter to be raped? Read the news in other countries. Are you such an idiot to see the writing on the Wall?

          20. Betterbob says

            What writing would that be angry little lady?

          21. John Doe says

            Excuse me Bob, you’re no better than any other liberal. You guys deal with facts the same way that slugs (like you and all liberals) deal with salt.

          22. Betterbob says

            That is all you guys can do. Call people names. Never any substance, you are all the same.

          23. Edith Savoy says

            Excellent comment, and very observant. Most likely that’s why the FBI had a no pictures no cellphones stand-down order for the Lynch/Clinton meeting. Ordered by Obama. Interesting.

          24. Jerry Medlin says

            IF YOU DONT BELEIVE THAT,YOU are living in a fantasy world!!

          25. Betterbob says

            Sorry, I don’t live in your fantasy world. While there is a great deal of wheeling and dealing in DC it does not rise to the level of conspiracy theory.

            Conspiracy theory means a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

            If you are so convinced there is a conspiracy theory tell me what is this covert but influential organization, and who is running it.

          26. ABO says

            “Betterbob”??? Better than what, pray tell.

          27. Betterbob says

            Better than I used to be.


          28. ABO says

            Oh, aren’t you just the clever one. Did somebody help you with that???

          29. Betterbob says

            You asked a question. I gave you the answer. If you don’t like it that is your problem not mine.

          30. Jerry Medlin says

            AND, People like you are a BIG PART OF THE BPROBLEM!!! YOU cant see the forest ,because of all the trees!

          31. Betterbob says

            What forest and trees would that be?

          32. ABO says

            There you go, Cookie, he just proved your point for you.

          33. Cookie Vranish says

            Jerry Medlin, don’t waste your efforts on something like BSbob! He is a failed medical procedure and when they wanted to remove the brain, couldn’t find it!

          34. RobUofIllinoisU/C says

            Cookie, that is hilarious!

          35. Seismic4 says

            Betterbob: Who? Answer: Democrats the organization, Obama is the who.

          36. Betterbob says

            The democrats are not a covert organization. They are a public organization.

            President Obama is not a covert leader. He is the President of the United States, A very public leader.

            Conspiracy theory means a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

            Covert means secret.
            Sorry but your answer does not meet the test of conspiracy theory.

          37. Edith Savoy says

            Obama may be a public leader but he does things very covertly, undermining the Constitution every chance he gets. So yes, this qualifies as conspiracy fact, not theory.

          38. Betterbob says

            Where is your verifiable evidence? I don’t see any, only conjecture on your part and that means nothing.

          39. Edith Savoy says

            I told you to Google it. It is there in abundance, way too much to post here.

          40. Cookie Vranish says

            ROFLMAO!!! No! you mean nothing! Dopes like you are on these boards every so often!

          41. Betterbob says

            No idea what you are talking about and no idea what ROFLMOA means. Have a wonderful Hillary for president day.

          42. Florida Rebel says

            Even if elected, she will NEVER be president. Not all Americans are that stupid. Hillary does not want to be president, she wants to be EMPEROR. If you cannot see what is happening not only in this country but world-wide, you are very much part of the problem – or you wish to be told where to live, eat, what job you will take, how you will serve in the NWO, how many squares of TP to use when using the bathroom, etc. The EU was the start but fortunately, the people of GB woke up. It starts as a panel [again, those that know nothing about you, your needs, your culture, your religious faith, if any, +]. The Revolutionary War and the Civil War will be thought of as mere skirmishes compared to what is coming. WELCOME TO REALITY.

          43. Betterbob says

            What reality?
            You live in a dream world son (or is it daughter).
            How do you suppose Hillary Clinton is going to make herself Emperor (actually it should Empress). There is a little thing called the Constitution that gets in the way of that.

            Quote ‘ If you cannot see what is happening not only in this country but world-wide, you are very much part of the problem” So I can’t see. Why don’t you educate me?

            What is a NWO?

            You know nothing of the EU. Did you know it was Winston Churchill that originally suggested it.

            So tell me what is coming? The answer is nothing. Go back to conspiracy land, you will feel more at home there.

          44. Florida Rebel says

            Look, I know that you are a very well educated individual so please don’t pretend that you do not know what “NWO” stands for. I also know that Hillary, being a female would technically be called an Empress, however she is the furthest there can be from being a lady, but I guess she is biologically a female but I believe she considers herself better than any male. That’s my opinion. A politician is a politician, is a politician and they are their biggest concern – not the people, not the country, just themselves and how much power and wealth they can attain. The 2-party system we have now is pitiful. How can you have 2 separate “entities” that do not count their results the same way, change their rules if things are not going the way they wish at the time? [By “they” I am referring to those that are the leaders of each of these said “entities”.] The whole system is so messed up I doubt it will ever be fixed and function properly. How can you have a person that is supposed to represent “you” and your beliefs and is supposed to vote the way the majority tells him to. This person can then disregard what the people have said in their vote and can vote the way they choose. Why do politicians think they are smarter than anyone else? [probably because stupid people “elected” them and they found out how easy it is to fool the public? Could be a valid point, huh?]

            As for The Constitution. It has been trampled, trounced, ignored, fought over, discussed and is on life-support. WIll it make? Who knows. I love how people try to interpret it the way they want it to be, saying “our founding fathers didn’t mean….” Really? There is talk of dismissing it entirely, updating, etc.

            The EU? I don’t care who thought it up. I don’t want someone who is thousands of miles away from me to determine my way of life or destroy my culture/lifestyle in efforts to make everyone “the same”. I don’t want everyone to be “the same”. Why? We are none of us the same and unless lobotomized, we can never be the same. Impossible. How boring that would be.

            Don’t be a smart-ass. How can you have a legitimate discussion with someone when they pretend to not know what you are talking about and try to insinuate that you are nuts. I’m not a subscriber to conspiracy theories. I love to research. A great many times, researching on the internet is a waste of time because there are so many fake sites, wrong info, etc. I also like to pay attention to what is happening around me.

            Again, if you are going to pretend that you have no clue what I am trying to discuss, please don’t even bother to respond because I don’t have time unless it is a serious discussion. I’m not trying to change your mind, just trying to get some insight into your thoughts and reasoning.

          45. Betterbob says

            Personally I think your posts are a bunch of rambling nonsense that have no meaning and no form. And no I do not know what NWO means. Enlighten me.

          46. Florida Rebel says

            Whatever. Don’t have the time. I guess you are not as educated as I thought. Have a nice evening. [and because you cannot read my tone as you can with voice and facial expression, I am in no way being sarcastic.]

          47. Betterbob says

            Never thought you were. I have 2 BS a masters and a PhD.

          48. ABO says

            You’re certainly are well practiced where the BS is concerned, however, I find it extremely difficult to believe that anyone as poorly informed as you obviously are is even remotely capable of earning a Master’s much less a Doctorate. My best guess is that you are a deluded narcissist who likes to make up stories to impress the idiotic liberal lemmings you hang out with!

          49. Betterbob says

            As usual you best guess is wrong as my graduate students and post doc will attest to.

          50. ABO says

            Oh, Uncle Bobby, tell us another story, please…

          51. Cookie Vranish says

            Sure. Next BS story?

          52. Betterbob says

            Believe what you want to believe. I am the one getting the nice paycheck that matches my qualifications.

          53. ABO says

            Oh, you mean the 79cents per post Hillary’s paying you in your impressive career as one of her brainless trolls???

          54. Liz Davis says

            doesn’t make you smart or educated BSB

          55. Betterbob says

            Never said it did. he asked my qualifications.

          56. Poppo says

            Really? I didn’t know you could get a PHD in B.S.

          57. Betterbob says

            Read what is written not what you think is written.

          58. ABO says

            Does the term low info voter ring a bell concerning BSBob, rebel?

          59. Poppo says

            You wouldn’t understand

          60. Betterbob says

            I wouldn’t understand what? Explain it to me.

          61. ABO says

            You got that right, Poppo.

          62. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            There is “Evidence” all around you, but then again, you are an idiot! Stay away from the voting booths!

          63. Betterbob says

            Typical of your sort. Refusing to produce any evidence to support your claim, calling people names and thinking you have the authority to order people around. I’m even more determined to be at the voting booth now. You have no authority to tell me what to do.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for President day.

          64. joe says

            but I do and you WILL obey and respect the people in here, you WILL NOT vote for clinton and you will NOT speak in here again until I give you permission do you understand you funny little man

          65. Betterbob says

            How do you propose to stop me little man. You don’t have the authority of bad breath.

            What ever happened to the first amendment. You only like it when it applies to you and not someone who apposes you.

            Typical speech of a coward.

          66. ABO says

            BSBob is nothing but a thick, dense, myopic liberal lemming, Jeff. Put the truth directly in front of him and he’ll trip over it, then swear it was never there. He’s a prime example of a liberal Dimwit.

          67. Greg says

            The FBI listed in their announcement that she was guilty of multiple charges. Why did they say that if she wasnt?

          68. Betterbob says
          69. Cookie Vranish says

            It does for me!

          70. Edith Savoy says

            Thanks for your support.

          71. Poppo says

            Ignore bitterbob. He is a troll.

          72. Edith Savoy says

            Thanks Poppo. I will-he blinds himself to the truth hoping to aggravate people and turn their focus on him. I’m done with him

          73. Poppo says

            He has 2 masters and a doctorate in B.S.

          74. Betterbob says

            Sorry Edith but I don’t blind myself to the truth. You have your perception of what is true and I have mind. The fact they do not agree is no basis to claim an absolute truth because there probably isn’t one. It is perfectly acceptable for people’s political views to disagree. That is why we have free speech in this country. I happen to think President Obama has done a good job. Not perfect but he has achieved a lot. You are free to disagree but if you do it with respect then we can have a discussion. If there is no respect then communication is lost. That is what has happened a great deal in this country. People have lost the art of disagreeing and still having respect for their opponent.
            Thank you.

          75. Betterbob says

            Actually, I’m not a troll. I am just a person voicing his opinion. You don’t like my opinion, live with it. I don’t particularly like yours but i live with it.
            It is really easy way out of a situation to call people names and then pat yourself on the back thinking you have achieved something. You haven’t.
            And for your information i have a baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering, a baccalaureate in Psychology, a Masters in Experimental Psychology and a PhD in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Toxicology.

          76. JB says

            I disagree with you. Obama is not a leader. Of any type.

          77. GuardianFlame says

            Issue is that since the day obama began campaigning, a “secret” organization has run his life because they wanted an “unknown puppet” they could control…they got exactly what they wanted.

            America has not ever tipped the scales of perversion, radical legislation and the general destruction of our foundations and faith like it has under the hand of this fraud president. If you think otherwise, you’ve bern brainwashed and didn’t see it coming! Liberals get so involved in their own worlds of illicit ideologies that they never stop long enough to actually see what is happening around them. Sound like you?

            Everyone in this World, especially the European nations, Britain, China, South America, Cuba, Russia, etc. are laughing at Americans like you because you just don’t “get it”. They make caricatures of obama that ridicule him because he is a fool — everyone knows it!!

            Where have you been? Because of the clueless devotion to a demon king, you have thrown our country to the wolves. Actually I wish it was the wolves, at least they would devour it because they were hungry, not abuse it for some twisted hidden agenda.

            There’s a Conspiracy encircling obama and his destructive agenda. You just aren’t smart enough to see what is happening and research the “why”. Didn’t your mother ever ask you abt your “questionable” teenage friends when you got in trouble: “if your friend jumped off an ocean pier into shark infested waters, would you jump in after him?” That’s the scenario.

            Know who your “real” friends are; but, smarter yet, know who lies and manipulates your life for their own satisfaction. They are your enemies no matter how long they smile and shake your hand, watch their other hand with the dagger in it!

          78. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

            Muslim Brotherhood maybe, hard to believe, I know, but the ultimate goal is for them to widespread Islam to be a one world religion. Thus, convert or die. Why do you think all the kids that were taught common core, know the pillars. Putting Hillary in charge after Obama is the easiest way to let them infiltrate our society. Brexit took a stand, but Obama is giving into it at every turn. Governments are into this one world control, what religion do you think they are choosing? Christians are being burned, beheaded, and children are being raped, but no one is paying for the crimes. All anyone does anymore is listen to the media, but the media is only telling the public what the media wants you to hear. And who is in control of the media?

          79. Betterbob says

            Another conspiracy theory nut.
            VERIFIABLE PROOF PLEASE. Not just conjecture.

          80. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            Why don’t you prove what you are saying?

          81. Betterbob says

            I’m saying there is no conspiracy theory. You tell me how to prove a negative and I’ll do it.

          82. ABO says

            The truth doesn’t fit BSBob’s agenda, Jeff.

          83. Karen says

            When it hits you or someone in your family directly, then and only then will you see the “proof” you require! As long as it happens to some else, it must not be happening!! What an idiot you are!!

          84. Betterbob says

            When what hits me or my family?

          85. ABO says

            Well, well, yet more verifiable proof of BSBob’s amazing idiocy.

          86. Dennis Derstine says

            There is no hidden agenda, it is all plain to see. The “Progressive Socialism” wishes to keep the elite the elite. And the Sheeple don’t give a damn as long as their needs are met on the backs of those who actually work and pay taxes. Can it be any simpler?
            I for one am tired of carrying EBT card wielding Cadillac Escalade driving free cell phone using worthless assholes.
            Work or starve! I don’t give a damn which way you go!!

          87. Betterbob says

            Boo hoo. What a load of baloney. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

          88. Dennis Derstine says

            I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I feel sorry for every individual with a job feeding these worthless sacks of shit that are drains on society. It’s only going to get worse with another liberal government in power. More people on the cart and less pulling it. Work or starve, screw them.

          89. Betterbob says

            Who is them?

          90. Dennis Derstine says

            Any low life that refuses to work and mooch off those that do. Can you not read?

          91. Betterbob says

            I can read. Do you understand how society works? Obviously not.

          92. Dennis Derstine says

            I understand completely. I’m sick of the abuse of the generosity of society. If you are able body, pull your weight or piss off. Very simple concept. No other nation does this. Be productive or be gone, unless you are truly disabled.

          93. Betterbob says

            You are correct on one thing. No other advanced nation has a welfare net so full of holes as ours. We are a disgrace to the first world nations.

            You say quote “If you are able body, pull your weight or XXX off.” (I wont use your foul language).

            What if there are no jobs?
            What if there are jobs but you do not have the skills to fill them.
            What if the job you have does not pay enough to allow you and/or your family to live.
            What if you have been crippled with debt because a member of your family got sick?

            I love you guys that think sink or swim is the answer to everything. Nearly all other first world nations look after their citizens much better than we do.

            Stop complaining about everything and get on with your life.

          94. joe says

            you are a delusional lunatic and as I suspected a lazy welfare sponge, go get a job or STARVE TO DEATH ON THE STREET you disgust me.

          95. Betterbob says

            Well as usual you are wrong. I probably work a lot harder than a complaining old biddy like you and have down so all my life.

            Seems all you can do is complain. You don’t appear to have done anything with your life. Typical lazy griper. All puff and no blow.

          96. joe says

            You ooze ignorance, I happen to own a company and I can tell from 30 years doing this what kind of lying lazy scum you are just by your posts. No way you would ever be hired here to even sweep floors. It is easy to pick out the freeloaders and liars after you have seen as many as I have. To put it simple YOU ARE NOTHING!!! you serve no purpose in society you are a drain on the taxpayer and have never accomplished anything meaningful in your life. Yes, I know you all too well you lazy sponge your kind sickens me, I look at you with disgust as I would a rat in a garbage dump.

          97. Betterbob says

            Sorry to disappoint you but I have worked all my life. I have 4 degrees (2 BS, Masters and PhD) and spent 25 years in industry. I now work in academia and help train the experts of the next generation. You know the skilled people that allow you to have a successful company.

            It seems to me you know little of nothing except how to jump to huge conclusions that are totally wrong. You know nothing about me or my life yet you judge me purely because I disagree with you. Your uncompromising attitude is what has made this country so divided. You refuse to believe that other people have opinions just as valid as yours.

            For once in your life admit you got it wrong.
            I doubt very much you will and am waiting to here remarks about how I could not make it in industry so I came to academia. Also, I’m expecting you to say something like academics are people who can’t succeed anywhere else. Well sonny, it is people like me that educate your children and try to make sure this country has the skilled intelligent well trained people that it will need to continue.

            You need to get rid of some of that anger and join the real world.

          98. ABO says

            Well you certainly have the BS Bobby but I’m very skeptical of all the rest. Your posts show it all to be…BS!

          99. Karen says

            If the majority of the “give me” were: (1)those who HAVE worked and can’t find a job, as opposed to those who never worked and refuse to find a job, (2)unskilled to fill jobs would go to school and learn a trade as opposed to those who drop out of school and live off the system (3) If the job they have doesn’t allow them to live, they should either continue their education, or get a second job! Better yet they need to live as their income allows and not try to live on champagne with a beer budget!! (4) If a member of the family is crippled with debt, the system SHOULD be available to help the victim with the sickness/bills, but not to support the entire family! There is SSI or disability if it is the bread winner of the family is sick and they are unable to work!! Get off your high horse where you think working people HAVE to support those who refuse to work! What do you think people did before all the “‘Gimme” programs started? They either worked or starved and I don’t remember people dying of starvation anywhere in this country! They actually grew their own foods, didn’t waste anything and didn’t go out to eat at fast food resturants for every other meal! Families supported each other and they didn’t have to have all the high tech crap that everyone thinks they need to survive today! They wore hand-me-downs and were glad if they fit much less if they were in style and designer labeled! They didn’t get their nails/hair done weekly nor go to the casino 2-3 times a week!! AND if they didn’t like living like that, they got jobs wherever available or got an education to be able to get a better job and better their standard of living!! We are ALL accountable for our OWN actions, not those of others!!

          100. Betterbob says

            you seem to have a great idea of all these people who are supposedly leaching off the government. Give me numbers.
            You are going to find the majority of people who receive assistance are trying to find better ways.
            This idea that everyone who gets a check is a lazy do nothing person is complete garbage.

          101. joe says

            well we know you are at the very least welfare monkey

          102. Betterbob says

            What is a welfare monkey? I am not familiar with that phrase.

          103. joe says

            go look in the mirror all will be explained and lay off the crack pipe would you it is hurting your ability to understand words.

          104. Betterbob says

            Ignorance is you best asset isn’t it.

          105. joe says

            Hey little fella can you please find some where else to play while your mommy is not home. I think she is going to be very angry with you when she finds out you climbed out of the playpen again

          106. Betterbob says

            A remark that has no relevance or intelligence attached to it.

          107. ABO says

            The word is “your” Doctor Bobby.

          108. ABO says

            If you can’t manage to figure it out you are a pathetic dimwit.

          109. Florida Rebel says

            I have to agree with Karen. My mother grew up very poor. Many kids in the family [no birth control back then either] Her clothes were made from flour sacks and/or hand-me-downs. No shoes in the summer. No bathroom, no indoor plumbing, She never remembers a day when she was hungry. There was always plenty of food. They were farmers. She and every single one of her siblings went to school and graduated. Some joined the military, some went to college, some did both. Every one of the 10 kids did very well for themselves and their grandchildren can’t envision a tin-roof shack that their grandmother grew up in. They can’t imagine life without television, no telephone, no gaming systems, no refrigerator – no bathroom ! There was also compassion. Neighbors knew each other – for generations and each area helped their own – without being asked because there was genuine caring for your friends and neighbors. For society to have progressed so much, we have lost more than we can ever recover. I believe the biggest loss we have suffered is self-respect.

          110. ABO says

            He seems to read but is obviously entirely incapable of comprehending what he has read, Dennis.

          111. Dennis Derstine says

            I see that. Sort of like debating a wall in my house. I love these forums, it is nice to hear from both sides. I just don’t understand how people miss the forest because of the trees.

          112. ABO says

            It will take the genius with the Doctoral Degree ever to figure out the forest/trees part, Dennis, if indeed he ever does get it.

          113. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            Bob, KNOCK IT OFF!

          114. Betterbob says

            Knock what off?

          115. ABO says

            Sure loves playing his stupid little games, doesn’t he Jeff?

          116. JoJo Gunn says

            Bs!! Nothing about a conspiracy or a theory requires that those conspiring must be unseen or unknown… However.. There is plenty to fit your ignorant definition as well.. IMF, FED, monetary policy makers and central banks in general.. Control the money, control the govt, control the govt, control the people. However.. Just because one is in the public eye, does NOT mean they are not privately conspiring against you..

          117. Betterbob says

            Not my definition. It comes straight from
            As for the rest of the organizations you mentioned. The fact you know about them proves they are not covert. DUH!!

          118. Cookie Vranish says

            Betterbob has a definition? Ha, so does Bill Clinton! It depends on what the definition of is – is! Can you believe that?

          119. Betterbob says

            LaLa land again.

          120. JoJo Gunn says

            I doubt your head could even be surgically removed from your ass at this point.. Enjoy your cranial sodomy Bob, soon enough you’ll wake up to the upsetting and irreversible reality that the jaws that are chewing you up, belong to the very wolves you voted for.

          121. Betterbob says

            You have a remarkable grasp of the nuances of the English language don’t you?
            Pity none of it makes any sense.

            Fortunately I do not live in your world of conspiracy and paranoia. I live in the real world where I deal with practical problems. I have no need to blame some mythical entity on all my troubles because I am unprepared to take responsibility for my own life like you.

            I guess for you it is an escape to believe that some mysterious organization is controlling you, that way you can deny any responsibility yourself for your misfortunes. Glad I’m not in your world.

          122. ABO says

            You don’t have to go to such lengths there, BSBob, you’ve already made clear the fact that you live in your own little fantasy world, far removed from the stresses of reality. Save the childish tantrums for those on your home planet.

          123. JoJo Gunn says

            You know. I have no doubt if we were to cross paths on the street, you and i would not seem so different. I have no doubt your a responsible law abiding American who loves his country, just as i am.. So with all political differences aside, without any I’m right your wrong prejudices, I wonder if you can answer me a serious question. How have we, as Americans, become such polar opposites from one another? Were we not born and raised under the same flag? Under the same laws? With the same education about our history and founding? Can you answer that? Truly I’m curious as to how you believe that division has come about.

          124. Betterbob says

            Here is an honest answer.

            I believe it is because of the rise of radicals on both ends of the political spectrum. People who refuse to look past their ideas and refuse to compromise.

            On the right I believe it started with the radical religious right of the 80’s and 90’s. I am not targeting religion. I am targeting people like the moral majority of the 90’s who refused to listen to anyone. At the same time you had the hard line people on the left. People who were making up social problems that did not really exist. These two groups were diametrically opposed and refused to talk to each other. Overtime, even though the original parties started to dissipate people started aligning with one side or the other.

            One of the biggest instigators of this divide is congress. If you listen to the old members they talk of differences but the also talked of friendships and respect which allowed for compromise. Today that only exists in isolated cases. The members will not talk to each other.

            Finally. I think one of the biggest problems in the divisiveness of the country is the internet.
            The internet has allowed everyone to voice an opinion in public when before it most opinions were voiced locally. It allows the extremes to produce websites that give the air of authority but are in fact shell for radical and isolated thinking.
            I will give you one example that I know of and I only use it as an example, not as a judgement of any political opinion.
            The the American Academy of Pediatrics has 64,000 pediatricians as its members and has been around for decades. It is a professional society dedicated to children’s health.
            The American College of Pediatricians was founded in 2002 and has barely 200 members the majority of which are not pediatricians. Yet you go to there website and they tout themselves as an authority and give a very professional air.
            This is how the internet has lead to even more isolation of each side because of such sites on both left and right. People who are not experts, which is the majority of us, are lead to these sites and if we are not careful we believe every word they right.
            We may be in the age of the internet and mass communication but we hav=e not found a way to handle the information fairly.

            This is not all the reasons but a few that I believe are relevant.

            thank you.

          125. JoJo Gunn says

            No, thank you.
            And just like that we find common ground.. I believe it goes deeper than that… However I digress.. Thank you for your honest answer.

          126. Betterbob says

            I believe it goes deeper but that was the best answer at a moments notice.

          127. James Jones says

            Betterboob: You are a f—–g moron !

          128. Betterbob says

            And that is something you are obviously an expert on based on personal experience.

          129. drunkenirish says

            he is a moron an atheist to boot and a stolen valor violator as well…….

          130. James Jones says

            Amen to that Irish, I’m a Vet and America first supporter. The free ride ,global government, global armed forces will take this proud nation apart.

          131. drunkenirish says

            5 year war veteran of Iraq, and that atheist can burn in hell, anyway, USMC and I’m still in it. Despite my age, 27, I came back and I see my citizens who I swore to protect from tyranny is getting abused by onigger himself. I am fucking pissed to the extent of no return and I will go to war to defend the US Constitution and those 2 army generals can die for failing the sworn oath I made when I was drafted, they can burn in hell for being liberals….

          132. ABO says

            That is a gross understatement, James.

          133. James Jones says

            amen ABO

          134. JB says

            What a lame response. You completely ignored his point.

          135. Betterbob says

            What point was that? I did not see one.

          136. joe says

            well look on the top of your head you will find it

          137. Betterbob says

            Sorry, your remark does not appear to have any intelligible meaning.

          138. ABO says

            “Bless it’s pointed little head”. Never studies literature Doctor Bobby???

          139. ABO says

            Maybe you tripped over it but just can’t bring yourself to admit it was there, huh???

          140. ABO says


          141. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            You are an incredible ASS******! And anyone who loves the Clintons is an IDIOT!!

          142. Betterbob says

            That is all you know how to do, call names. Nothing concrete. Pathetic.

          143. Greg says

            Covert definitely !escribes Obama and the DNC in this instance. Hillary was fired, by a Democrat, as a prosecutor during Watergate. Read what he said as to why he fired her. She hasn’t changed!!

          144. Betterbob says

            No she wasn’t fired.

            The viral email is mainly derived from a column published on March 31, 2008, by Dan Calabrese, founder of North Star Writers Group, according to fact-finder North Star was a newspaper syndicate that provided services until early 2012.

            Calabrese’s information came from Democrat Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Clinton on the Watergate investigation. Zeifman’s 2006 book, “Hillary’s Pursuit of Power,” states that she “… engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.”
            On his now-shuttered website, Zeifman said, “Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a senator or president — and if she were to become president, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson will be destroyed.”

            The problem is that Hillary Clinton remained on the Watergate Committee until Richard Nixon resigned and the Committee was shut down. Hillary Clinton did not work directly for Jerry Zeifman, and so he had no authority to fire her. There is no evidence she was fired, so this
            story is false.

          145. Cookie Vranish says

            Oh, Betterbob, oh Betterbob, how can you be so stupid? Ah! Maybe you are on the payroll. I didn’t consider that!

          146. Betterbob says

            What payroll?

          147. JB says

            Not conspiracy theory, I agree. Corruption, plain and simple. Ask Petraeus what he thinks about this.

          148. Betterbob says

            What has he got to do with it?

          149. JB says

            He did a very similar thing, only much less of it, and his butt was gone. His last name is Petraeus though, not Clinton.

          150. Betterbob says

            I suggest you go and read the real story about Petraeus.
            No comparison.

          151. JB says

            I suggest you do. Easy comparison. She mishandled top secret and classified info. Only diff would be the obviousness of intent. If you’re willing to hang your hat on that technicality, and you’re ok with saying that she didn’t INTEND to do it, she was just incredibly careless and negligent with our national security… and then still think she’s fit to be Pres of the US?? God help us.

          152. Betterbob says

            Yes I think Hillary Clinton is fit to be President. She will make an excellent leader of our Country. Unlike chump who is a congenital liar, is being sued for taking peoples money on false pretenses, has no experience to run a country and does not have the temperament to deal with any international situation. You think Bush was a disaster, he is nothing compared with what the chump will be like.

            Your comparison of Petraeus is so far off base it is pathetic. You have taken what you think happened and used it as a comparison. Go research your subject and then maybe you will not make so many bad comparisons.

          153. JB says

            Take your own advice and research what comey said. It is proven Hillary lied. Don’t even start with Trump being a liar if you can’t admit to what Hillary does.
            Hillary was a nightmare as S of S so why any diff as Pres? But of course you probably thought your community organizer Obama was qualified also so I’m talking to a wall.
            That you even bring up the suit against trump is laughable considering how hillary skated away from the FBI, even as they listed her violations.
            I made a comparison to Petraeus that is justified. Never said identical situations. Why do you focus so much on this? Bc you can’t look too deeply into what Hillary has done. Whatever. You believe what you do and see and hear what you want.
            Have a good day.

          154. Betterbob says

            First, I have no idea who this “comey”. Does he/she/it have any authority/

            You can rant all you like. it doesn’t bother me in the least.

            Dump the chump.

          155. JB says

            Uh Comey is the FBI director and the one who read the statement. You just lost what little cred you had.
            Have a good day.

          156. Betterbob says

            He said there was no evidence a crime had been committed. Now did you miss that part or are you just ignoring it because it is not convenient to remember?

          157. JB says

            No that’s wrong. But considering you only just realized who Comey is, I understand.
            “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”
            “Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges.” LIKE POLITICAL PRESSURE?

            “there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,”

          158. Betterbob says

            Quote “LIKE POLITICAL PRESSURE?” That is the part you added. Typical.

            Yes it is OK and a lot better than the lying bigot who cons everyday people out of there hard earned money for his own benefit and then palms responsibility onto someone else. A person who lies through his teeth everyday. Who has no diplomatic skill. Who used eminent domain to throw people out of their homes to build a parking lot. Would you like me to go on?
            Hillary is not perfect but she beats that heap of garbage chump.

          159. JB says

            Yes, I added that. My opinion that there is a lot of political pressure. What confuses you about this?
            Again, that you continue to defend her and spread left-wing rhetoric about trump speaks volumes. You accuse us of what you do regularly. You condemn him but let her skate. They KNOW she lied. We’ve seen the video ourselves.
            Whatever. Im wasting my time trying to be reasonable with you.

          160. Betterbob says

            What I said about the chump is well known and backed by data. What you are saying is nothing but conjecture. Pretty simple isn’t it.

          161. JB says

            Wow you are unbelievable. No conjecture. There is video and transcript evidence of her saying she did or did not do something, yet the FBI found just the opposite. The question is no longer whether she did or did not lie and mishandle classified info. The question is why she got away with it when no other citizen would.
            Considering you didn’t even know who Comey is, you are clearly uninformed about this whole thing. No longer going to waste my time trying to inform you.

          162. Betterbob says

            I thought you said political pressure was brought to bear. Now you are saying something else? Try to keep your conjecture straight.

          163. JB says

            Do you deny her lies? Do you deny she got away with doing what any other person would be prosecuted or at least fired for?
            If so, this convo is over. I can’t argue with uninformed and blind. And I’m being generous with those adjectives.

          164. Betterbob says

            I don’t know she got away with something that other people would be prosecuted for. And if that makes you end the conversation that is your problem not mine.

          165. JB says

            That you don’t know she got away with it is irrelevant. She did. The FBI director and the investigators know it, millions of us know it, those who have already been prosecuted for similar violations know it (yes, there are several if you care to do the research, and now they are asking for the same treatment Hillary got!).
            You continuing to deny it doesn’t make it not so.
            Have a good day.

          166. Betterbob says

            You continuing to use conjecture doesn’t make it so. Where are all these people asking for the same thing she got. Name them.

          167. JB says

            Not conjecture. Fact. And sure, I’ll name the ones I know of. Feel free to check them out:
            Major Jason Brezler
            John M. Deutch, former CIA director
            Sandy Berger, former nat’l security advisor
            Bryan Nishimura, Naval Reservist and Regional Engineer
            Kristian Saucier, Petty officer 1st class

          168. Betterbob says

            And these actually said why don’t we get the same treatment. no they didn’t.

            A senior Navy Department
            official decided Monday to force a Marine Corps officer out of the
            service for his handling of classified information. You mean this guy. Major Jason Brezler. Not exactly the same is it.

            You mean this Deutch. Never prosecuted.
            Deutch left the CIA on December 15, 1996 and soon after it was revealed that several of his laptop computers contained classified information wrongfully labeled as unclassified. In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to
            the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution.

            I wont bother with the others.

          169. JB says

            So funny how you change your argument! You asked for names and I gave them. Now instead of dealing with the FACT that they were prosecuted or at least indicted (!!) for violations eerily similar to hillarys, you want to argue a different point. But ok. Major Brezler and his attorney are in the middle of a suit and are citing the treatment of Clinton as proof Brezler was harshly treated considering the similar violations. Other attorneys are
            citing it as precedence-setting. Sit back and wait. But as for your saying it’s “not exactly the same…”
            Brezler self-reported and yes, was forced out, career ruined. That’s not a problem? How does that compare with what happened to Hillary? Nothing was done to her, and she is now seeking promotion to Pres of the US. You’re right, not exactly the same, is it?
            Deutch- the Justice Dept prepared criminal charges against him and would’ve continued had the Pres not intervened as he was leaving office. And, Deutch’s security clearance was stripped. How does this compare to Hillary? She was not even indicted. Another difference? Hillary not only retains her security clearance but is now running for Pres. Not exactly the same, is it?
            Nishimura- Last July he pled guilty to “unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials” and was sentenced to two years of probation, a $7,500 fine and forfeiture of personal media containing classified materials. He was forced to permanently surrender all government security clearance. Hillary was found to have committed the same violations and on a grander scale. How does what happened to Nishimura compare with what happened to Hillary? Not exactly the same, is it?
            Berger- Berger paid a $10,000 fine and had his security clearance revoked for three years. Then, haha, three years later, he became a foreign-policy adviser to Hillary during her 2008 presidential campaign. Not exactly the same, is it, but at least she learned from his experience. Wow.
            Saucier- The Department of Defense could have handled his case, but the Justice Department, who did nothing to Hillary, decided to pursue felony criminal charges. He is facing up to 10 yrs in prison for HIS mishandling of classified info. His attorney is now citing a double standard. Rightfully so. Different from what happened to Hillary? Yes, not exactly the same, is it?

          170. Betterbob says

            I never changed my argument. You said quote “yes, there are several if you care to do the research, and now they are asking for the same treatment Hillary got.” Well apparently they are not asking for the same. Get the point.
            Throw as many lines about all the people you think got a raw deal as you like. Millions of people get a raw deal, that’s life live with it. I’m still voting for Hillary, not that crook, bigot and congenital liar the chump.

          171. JB says

            You did. And you avoid the facts? At least 2 ARE asking for the same, as their cases are still on-going. And it has set a precedent. Get it?
            I am not “throwing lines” but stating facts about actual cases and people. And what is this about “they got a raw deal?” I never said that. Are you saying bc they didn’t get off like Hillary, oh well, that’s life? Wow, no that’s a corrupt justice system.
            They DIDN’T get a raw deal. They broke the law and received the consequences the law required and now live with it. Difference is, Hillary did the same things and SHE is not getting those consequences.
            Cannot make it any more clear for you. You refuse to see what’s right in front of you. Have a nice life.

          172. Betterbob says

            No I don’t get it because I think you are wrong. Get it? I will have a nice life, only if Hillary is President. With scum chump nobody will have a good life.

          173. JB says

            Typical. You ask for proof. I and others have given it. Or you could look it up yourself and see it for yourself. But you still say “I think you are wrong.” Ok. You’re a gem.

          174. Betterbob says

            Give me all the proof you want to. Hillary is still 100 x better than don the con. That excuse for a human being is the biggest scumbag to come along since bush 2, dump the chump.

            Show me anything you want, my vote goes to Hillary. Live with it.

            Did you really think you could convince me otherwise.

            Now it’s time for you to bring on the insults and names because that is the standard modus operandi for you guys. So have fun with it.

          175. JB says

            No, didn’t think I could change your mind; just hoped to correct some misinformation, but if you don’t want to listen, that’s your choice.
            Insulting and calling names is not and has never been my style, so please don’t lump me into some random group.
            I believe it is helpful and informative to just have discussions with people, accept you may disagree, and not be nasty about it. Yes, we may get riled up with our opinions but there’s a definite line you shouldn’t cross.

            Have a good day and God bless (Believe what you want about me, but I actually mean those things when I say them).

          176. ABO says

            She also, as Director Comey pointed out in his statement consistently lied about it. But as BSBob has no problem with lying, I’m sure he won’t get that part.

          177. JB says

            You’re right, I tried to point those out but he, like so many others unfortunately, refuses to see or believe. Then again, he didn’t even know who Comey was, so…

          178. ABO says

            Oh, now you know all about it. Seconds ago you’re asking “what has he got to do with it” but now you know it all. I swear if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it.

          179. ABO says

            “What has he got to do with it? Man you really are a pathetic dimwit. Don’t get out much do you?

          180. Betterbob says

            if you think I am going to answer you you are a bigger schmuck than even I thought.

          181. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            It is called the “Clinton Foundation”, and the criminals at large are probably NOT running it, but rest assured, they know who is!! And further, you must be a MORON not to see this!

          182. Betterbob says

            Calling names again because you have nothing to say. Making accusations without one piece of evidence. Pathetic.

          183. joe says

            wow you live in la la land I feel sorry for you.

          184. Betterbob says

            Don’t feel sorry for me sonny. I live in the real world and have a great life. Not like you and your dismal existence.

          185. ABO says

            C’mon now BSBob, you don’t have a clue what the real world is or what it involves.

          186. Susan Short says

            Bob, you’re not better! In fact, I think you may be clueless!

          187. Betterbob says

            You are allowed to think whatever you want. Does not make it a fact or even relevant.

          188. JB says

            In the real world, at least for every other citizen, there would have been charges.

          189. Betterbob says

            Sorry, not for every other citizen, only you guys. Millions disagree with you.

          190. JB says

            Excuse me? I said for every other citizen, there would have been charges (had they done similar things). And you say “only you guys”? So you’re admitting there are different standards? Ok
            Btw, read what comey said. He delineated all her violations, and even said if another person did this, he would face consequences. ??? So again, apparently the rules of law don’t apply to her.
            This is bigger than hillary clinton or donald trump and who wins in Nov, believe it or not. This is about the corruption of our justice system and what, if anything, we’re going to do about it.

          191. Betterbob says

            Babble, conjecture, unsubstantiated rhetoric is all you have.
            Your opinion of what should happen is irrelevant.
            What about your buddy chump and the law suits against him. He swindled thousands of hard working people out of their money and he will do the same with this country.
            You can live in a world of paranoia and conspiracy theory if you like. I prefer the real world.

            As for your statement quote “So you’re admitting there are different standards”. This is so typical of your ilk, to take some phrase and try to conjure some meaning that is completely out of context. No I am admitting nothing of the sort.
            Sorry to disappoint you.

          192. JB says

            My opinions are just as relevant as yours and mine are based on what Comey actually said.
            What about Trump? Your entire statement about him was exactly what you just accused me of! Rhetoric and opinion.
            And if same standards are applied to Trump as to Hillary, no problem right?
            Sorry to disappoint you.

          193. Betterbob says

            If you think the chump will help this country you are in for a big shock. Hillary Clinton is 100 times the person of the chump who is a swindler and consummate liar.

          194. JB says

            Read transcripts for hillarys lies. And btw, when judging trump be sure to give him the same excuses you give Hillary- it’s propaganda, rhetoric, conjecture, just changed mind over time.

          195. Betterbob says

            If you believe that of the chump then you will believe anything. Oh yes you have already proved you will believe anything haven’t you.

          196. JB says

            Hahaha so much more true of you.
            And my statement was not about what I believe of Trump but about what you believe of Hillary. I can admit to his flaws. You on the other hand believe Hillary is a paragon of virtue.
            And the fact that you didn’t even know who Comey is speaks volumes.

          197. Betterbob says

            I never said Hillary is a paragon of virtue. Typical of your ilk that you love to make up things and pretend people have said things they haven’t. Hillary has her flaws but she is a far far better choice than the chump.

          198. JB says

            Your defense of her in the face of the facts is saying it all.

          199. Betterbob says

            Saying all what?

          200. ABO says

            And just what would you know about the real world???

        2. survivor33 says

          We are talking about the LIBERAL ROCK, RIGHT?

        3. ShemSilber says

          The picture I have of DC is a herd of swine standing on their hind feet, up to their snouts in the cesspool, splashing each other with their front feet and calling each other filthy.

          Good thing for us that this age will wind down and come to its violent end, and we will have a new world ruled by our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), who will wipe all evil off the face of the earth, including Islam, the LGBT subculture, all the devil-infused religion, education and politics, the whole shmear. Then we will finally have peace on earth (Isaiah 2:1-4; Micah 4:1-4), and immortal bodies in which to celebrate and worship our beneficent Father Yahuwah and our Master Yahushua His Son, omein!

      2. Bob Marcum says

        There is definately, an obvious cover up. It stands out like a sore thumb. I can promise you, the FBI is not made up of saints. They are suseptable to corrupt, political pressure, as much as anybody else, in Washington, DC. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is very nieve.
        I also, see their willingness to knuckle under, as the last straw of hope, down the drain. I
        believe, there is no other route of justice and therefore, it’s almost inevitable that, there will
        be a revolution, as an outcome, of the general election.

        1. Betterbob says

          Oh boy you do live in a dream world. Every time something happens that you do not agree with then you put it down to a conspiracy. Who is running this conspiracy? What is the name of this covert organization and how come they have so much power?

          If you honestly think there will be a revolution as a result of the Presidential election then you are going to be one very disappointed individual.

          1. ABO says

            You are one very disappointing individual, Lesserbob.

          2. Betterbob says

            Wow, what a comeback. How long did it take you to think of that?

            Quote “You are one very disappointing individual”
            Disappointing to who? If you mean you then that is of no consequence whatsoever for two reasons. 1). You are a nobody and you hold no authority over me or anyone that matters to me. Therefor you are relevant.

            2). If you mean to people that matter then you are 100% wrong as is exemplified by my success in life and the respect and friendship I get from those that matter to me.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for President day.

          3. ABO says

            To your first, thank you for stating that I am relevant but considering your illiteracy and amazing ability to ignore the blatantly obvious I won’t take it as anything that means anything to anyone.
            To your second, your narcissism is showing. I would imagine that those who respect your wonderful success and show respect and friendship to you would be an extremely small number of delusional types like yourself.

          4. Betterbob says

            Ah! Once again you make remarks with out the slightest evidence to back up your conjecture.

            As for your statement quote “To your first, thank you for stating that I am relevant” You don’t have to thank me. I don’t need thanks for stating the obvious.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for President day.

          5. ABO says

            Thank you again, this time for proving that you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘relevant’. Apparently you think you are saying ‘irrelevant’. Maybe you need to look it up, clown.

          6. Betterbob says

            Oo you got one. I bet you are a happy little camper now. Probably made your year.

          7. ABO says

            I don’t get worked up about getting one up on a moron, Little Bobby.

          8. Betterbob says

            Then why did you say quote “Thank you again, this time for proving that you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘relevant’. Apparently given the context, you think you are saying ‘irrelevant’. Maybe you need to look it up, clown.”

            Getting yourself in a tizzy again I see. Better go and take a pill.

          9. ABO says

            Simply suggesting that if you’re going to criticize others you might want to get it right. Maybe you can finds someone willing to help you with that. As I previously stated I don’t get in a ‘tizzy’ over the remarks of an idiot like you.

          10. Betterbob says


          11. ABO says


          12. Betterbob says

            Quote “I don’t get in a ‘tizzy’ over the remarks of an idiot like you.
            Oh yes you do.

          13. ABO says

            Only in your little fantasy world.

          14. Betterbob says


          15. ABO says

            WOW! Brilliant response. Somebody help you with that???

          16. TheBlues says

            You are the one voting Crooked Hillary, not us.

          17. Betterbob says

            No I’m not. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton (no idea who Crooked Hillary) as opposed to the chump who has several law suits against him. Scammed 100.s of people, is a bare faced liar, is a racist, has no experience and is only out for himself.

          18. drunkenirish says

            That’s a democratic view of Trump you shithead, why don’t you take your happy ass over to the middle-east and see if they’re peaceful people you dumbfuck……go ahead i fucking dare you 900 trillion fold, Maggot…..also your 27 amendments oh wait im sorry 26 amendments have been repealed from your stupid ass……ah ah ah ah, shut the fuck up……

          19. Betterbob says

            What a wonderfully elegant command of the English language you have. You must be proud to soon be graduating from 1st grade.

            It would take much more of a man than you will ever be to stop me voting. you do not have the ability to stop a watch.

            All little maggots like you know how to do is curse.

            Have a wonderful only 199 days until President Hillary Clinton’s inauguration day.

          20. drunkenirish says

            Go to Hell and stay there until the time ends…..

          21. Betterbob says

            Sorry, I’m staying right here. From your little tirades I would surmise you are already in hell.

          22. Betterbob says

            What time would that be?

          23. drunkenirish says

            When you die either by getting shot or beheaded by Muslims….

          24. Betterbob says

            Nahh!, not going to happen. The Muslims I know are really nice people. You would like them.

      3. jim_wright says

        But there is one under this one.

        1. Betterbob says

          No there isn’t. If I am wrong, I challenge you to prove me wrong with verifiable evidence.

          1. drunkenirish says

            You know as well as all of these people know that the Clinton family is a hitler supporting nazi family who is willing to repeal the US constitution. And you think, they gonna make the country any better………no they’re not, they want the NWO by Sharia Law…..also shut the fuck up your 26 amendments have been repealed….

          2. Betterbob says

            I love it when people tell me what I know. They are invariably wrong, as are you.
            No, I do not know quote ” that the Clinton family is a hitler supporting nazi family who is willing to repeal the US constitution.”

            Quote “And you think, they gonna make the country any better” Yes I do.

            Just a a sidebar, it would take more than a weasel like you to stop me voting.

            Finally, you do know that Nazi’s were extreme right wing politically, which makes you closer to a Nazi than Hillary or President Clinton.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for president day.

          3. drunkenirish says

            Then what you are is a left wing Nazi, and your wrong about the nazis mother fucker. My Grandfather fought those bastards in WW2 ass bag so dont you dare condecend me like that you fucking liberal supporting maggot……I serve in Iraq for 5 fucking years, my friends were killed including my family because of your rich ass scumbag liberalcrats. we the people have the right to pull them out of office as we see fit even by force.

            Shut the fuck up, maggot! You don’t know nothing about the Nazis that my grand father faught in WW2. SHut up! You dont know shit about hillary of how corrupt she is. She is following Hitler’s footsteps, we are not here to repeat history. I bet none of your family members fought in WW2. She gotten 4 of my cousins killed in bengahzi and you think im gonna forgive her…. the answer is no, not now, not ever….Shut the fuck up!

            You can, sir, go back to Canada where they love licking King George III’s decayed ass. Shut up you know nothing about the Nazi’s and of how many people died for your sorry ass to exist you dumbshit….

          4. Betterbob says

            Quote “I bet none of your family members fought in WW2.” Actually both my Father and my Mother fought in the second world war and I also had 13 members of my family killed in the Holocaust. Add to that my stepfather fought in the first world war. So don’t go giving me your sob story, it holds no water with me. Go cry on someone elses shoulder.

            As for going back to Canada, that would be impossible. You cannot go back to a place you have never been. Silly sausage that you are.

            As for shutting up, it would take more than a foul mouthed little girl like you to shut me up. Seems you are a very angry little person who probably needs a good hug. As a matter of information I have forgotten more about the Nazi’s (an extreme right wing organization) than you will ever know.

          5. drunkenirish says

            You are corrupted by democratic lies, nothing but corrupt, the Nazis wanted control and thats what Hitlary wants, she go to Hell as far as I know. The Democrats are not here for the US citizens or even to represent them. We the people have the right to pull corruption out of the office. And you, sir are corrupted with bullshit that the idiot box pukes out! Don’t come crying to me if they’re gonna kill ya for bullshit you liberal……I will just shoot ya myself. Repealing the second amendment is a no brainer in a way for liberals like you, there are people out in the country way out west who need firearms to protect themselves from the wildlife, like mountin lions, bears and much more. You don’t know that do ya, hillary will repeal the us constitution that includes the 2nd amendment shithead…

          6. Betterbob says

            Wow, which funny farm did you escape from?
            You will shoot me, I don’t think so, you couldn’t shoot a game of pool. You scare me about as much as a goldfish, however, one thing about a goldfish, it has more sense than you.

            Have a wonderful Hillary for President day and thank you for your animated discourse.

          7. drunkenirish says

            HAHA! really? Did I ever state that I was going to shoot you? No. are you that fucking stupid that your atheistic ass made up bullshit stories? I call bullshit on your family serving in the military during WW2, I looked up your name, your real name you stupid fuck and hell no im not gonna state it on here shitstick. What you did was a direct lie about your family serving in WW2. Mother fucking You don’t know shit since you’re an atheist who denies every single religion on its beliefs. You are a Humanist, you are not superior to anyone with that shit stick attitude of yours. You are nothing but a troll who is harassing people on a discussion of the RIGHT WING! You sir are in the wrong are, why dont you go back to watching, msnbc, abs and cnn news channels and be lied to some more you dumbfuck.

            None of your family members served in the military shit head. I am high ranking officer of the US Marines ass bag…..SHUT THE FUCK UP MAGGOT!!!!! YOU DONT NOTHING ABOUT THE WARS OF CURRENT AND THE PAST!!! YOU ARE A STOLEN VALOR VIOLATOR!! SHUT UP! GO LIVE IN HELL OH WAIT IM SORRY YOUR SOUL ALREADY HAS A FIRST CLASS TICKET TO HELL, ATHEIST! NO WAR VETERAN INCLUDING ME WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOUR STUPID ASS!! Go say hello to Satan for me when you see him in the deepest pits of Hell, Maggot……

          8. Betterbob says

            Quote “Did I ever state that I was going to shoot you” actually you did, go back and check.
            Quote ” I will just shoot ya myself.”

            Wow you have a real temper there don’t you. You also lie a lot.
            It also appears you cannot write more than 4 words without cussing.That is a problem as well.

            If you are an example of a quote ” high ranking officer of the US Marines” then the Marines are in real trouble.

            You did not look up my name and you know nothing about my family.

            I reiterate, both my Father and my Mother fought in the second world war and I also
            had 13 members of my family killed in the Holocaust. Add to that my
            stepfather fought in the first world war.

            You can believe it or not, that is up to you but you really need to get that anger issue taken care of.

          9. drunkenirish says

            That part was for a crisis that might happen when shit hits the fan with the government being tyrannical like hitlary…

          10. Betterbob says

            So if Hillary Clinton wins you are going to shoot me? How?

          11. drunkenirish says

            If Hillary I’m going to the UK and u fuck head liberals can have getting your heads chopped off. And getting shot, you figure that one out, Satanist….

          12. Betterbob says

            First you call me an atheist and a humanist (I actually take that as a compliment). Now I’m a satanist. How can I be a satanist and an atheist. Please tell me.

            you do realize the UK has a far better welfare system than this country, don’t you?

            They also have a one payer system for healthcare.

            Who is going to chop off my head? I thought you said you were going to shoot me?

            You sound very confused.

          13. drunkenirish says

            Excuse my mistypes because i was really pissed off when I found out…..

          14. Betterbob says

            That’s OK we all get mad at times.
            Not sure what you found out though!
            Just asking.

      4. ShemSilber says

        But there are conspiracies, and when the conspirators start dissing those who say “conspiracy,” you can lay odds on there BEING a conspiracy. It’s just like the devil appearing as if he were an angel of light, per 2Corinthians 11:14. Conspirators follow his example and say there is no conspiracy.

        1. Betterbob says

          Well seeing as there are no such things as angels and no such entity as the devil I don’t think they matter much do they. Keep taking the pills.

          1. ShemSilber says

            When one has been convinced that the devil does not exist, that’s a sure sign that he has taken you in. May you learn the truth of our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), whose death and resurrection was also for you to be cleansed and delivered from servitude to the evil one whose existence you deny, whose purpose you serve by denying his presence in your life, in Yahushua’s Name, omein.

          2. Betterbob says

            Forget the proselytizing. I’m a conformed atheist so your are barking up the wrong tree. Have a nice day.

          3. ShemSilber says

            We do not proselytize, we WITNESS of the mercy and kindness and the zeal of the Master Yahushua to save us from paying for our own sins in Gei-Hinnom. What the hearer does with the witness is a matter of the hearer’s own free will. The Master Yahushua will not come into your life if you don’t want Him. Therefore you can keep on being your own self=made god until you wake up to reality and the REAL WORLD that is coming, never mind that you don’t believe it, in the Name of the Almighty Master Yahushua our Redeemer, omein.

          4. Betterbob says

            I don’t care what you call it proselytize or witness. I am not interested. Please respect my wishes.

          5. ShemSilber says

            Yahuwah Himself respects your wishes, so why shouldn’t I? If you want to remain a fool, that’s your beeswax, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          6. Betterbob says

            Your not respecting my wishes by keeping on with your religious witnessing to me. You are welcome and entitled to your religion without people pressing there views on you. I am entitled to the same. No more please.

          7. ShemSilber says

            Hey, I was already gone. What are you worried about?

          8. Betterbob says

            You came back with your religious stuff.

          9. ShemSilber says

            No, sir, I have given up on religion. You came back because you had to have the last word and to curse me out for writing what you have a deep-down suspicion just might be something you should pay attention to. Your blessing is already on your own head. “Get lost,” you said, and you don’t even know your own way. You were first to come at what I said, so you were already worried. Go your own way, but don’t forget your walking cane with the red tip.

          10. Betterbob says

            I love it when people tell me what I mean, why I do things and what I really need.

            I did not come back because I wanted the last word, I came back to answer your question which was quote “Hey, I was already gone. What are you worried about?

            I did not curse at you and I defy you to show me different.

            Without reservation, I am 100% sure that I do not quote “have a deep-down suspicion just might be something you should pay attention to. Unequivocal NO.
            I did not say get lost.
            And now you are still proselyting , call it whatever you want that is what it is, even after I have respectfully asked you not to.

          11. ShemSilber says

            You’ll be all right if you grow up.

          12. Betterbob says

            At nearly 70 I think I’m grown up enough.

          13. ShemSilber says

            My apologies for my continued effort to get you to open your eyes. My mistake. Nevertheless, where there’s life there’s hope, even for you. Until then, as I said, just go your own way. So long.

      5. joe says

        This is FACT period she is guilty of serious crimes and the criminals in Washington are sweeping it under the table like they always do. She committed what amounts to treason and should suffer the punishment for her crimes. Anyone that can not see this whore is a lying criminal is about as smart as a can of soup. They are going to rig this election and put this lying piece of chit in office and that spells the end of America as we know it. She is a lying criminal PERIOD only braindead morons and traitors stand up for this joke.

        1. Betterbob says

          So where is your verifiable evidence that she is quote ” guilty of serious crimes”
          You have none and $20,000,000+ spent by the party of fiscal responsibility has failed to show she is guilty of even the smallest misdemeanor.

          If you have evidence then produce it. However, you ranting about treason means less than nothing.

          1. joe says

            Hey chuckles I do not need evidence the FBI needs it and they not only have it they told everyone that they did. You are too stupid to understand that speech that was given that is apparent. She is guilty but the corrupt criminals in washington refuse to do anything about it. How long each day do you practice to be as stupid as you are 3 or 4 hours? longer than that?

          2. Betterbob says

            I understood the speech. You apparently want to put your own interpretation on it to suit your agenda. That is what dishonest people do all the time. Ask the chump.

      6. e michael says

        I hope you are a young person and if Clinton gets elected, you will suffer a long time for what Obama has done to America and what clinton will do in the future!

        1. Betterbob says

          I guess you hopes will never be realized.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      It was!

      1. Tiger says

        Watching the investigation of Comey. Losts more to kill him and Hillary. He just admitted when they interviewed Hillary this Holiday week-end, only seven FBI agents talked to her and here is the kicker, SHE WAS NOT UNDER OATH. ANOTHER NAIL IN THIS COFFIN, plus Comey didn’t even talk to the seven.

        So since she wasn’t under Oath they can’t get her for lying to the FBI, anyone out there honestly believe this is right?

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Evil Lying Crooked hillary!

          1. Tiger says

            Please pass the following on. This is a list of the cities where BLM intend to riot this Friday. I fear violence big time and that is what O wants.


    3. MARYSWEET says

      The clinton crime family has struck again. Whether they threatened or bribed the FBI is the question.

    4. Gunflint Roseberg says

      FBI has concluded that Hillary’s pink pants suit, clashes with her white tennis shoes. Charges may follow. On to the next case…Move on, move on, folks nothing to see here.

      1. 1265 says
  3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Hitlery belongs in cuffs

    1. Cotton says

      She got no charges from the FBI, L O L

      1. ABO says

        Yet, moron, director Comey’s press conference is scheduled for this afternoon. You just can’t get anything right can you.

        1. Cotton says

          You probably thought she would get the death penalty you idiot. I am way more right then you will ever be!!

          1. ABO says

            Pathetic moron.

          2. Cotton says


          3. ABO says

            Go back down to Mommy’s basement you pathetic parasite. I’m sure you can find something entertaining to do down there.

          4. Cotton says

            Cry more

          5. Cotton says

            LOL he is mad guys! Everyone point and laugh!

          6. ABO says

            Yeah, everybody have a good laugh at the pathetic dimwit that call it’s self ‘Cotton and invariably misses the point on every subject. BTW I don’t bother getting mad at idiots like you I just feel sorry for your self imposed stupidity.

          7. Cotton says

            Nice bait.

  4. John says

    If hitlery is. Not indited. Trump is correct, our systen is compromised and WE THE PEOPLE need to take action. A vote for TRUMP is a vote for liberty a vote for TRUMP is a vote for freedon. So lets get with the program America.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says


  5. Tommy p says

    The American People have had enough of the Privileged few….
    Great for Trump!

  6. TPM says

    The FBI is a part of the DOJ … Obama’s DOJ … led by his hand picked crony, LoRenta Lynch.
    NO WAY Hillary will be indicted.
    Nothing will stand in the way of Democrats running their candidate for POTUS.
    When you control the DOJ … you are above the law. You’ve seen it with Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal and more. I’m ashamed of my country and the liars and thieves who control it.

    1. jreg9304 says

      Ashamed yes, Unproud ,no!! the majority are still very proud of America and what she stands for.. That is if we the people can get rid of the rotten democrats that are causing all the trouble. then things will be ten fold better…

    2. Char Krasnay says

      Not ashamed of my country at all, angry at the systematic infiltration which has it imprisoned in a dangerous philosophy which has torn away at the very heart of America.

      1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

        Not ashamed of what our country once was, but now it’s a lawless country that cares nothing about God, and that was the main building block of our nation.

    3. richardcancemi says

      Not ashamed of America! I am ashamed of our Leftist Progressive government and all those who voted for them. They have turned America into “Animal Farm” where pigs rule and who consider themselves more equal than others!

      1. drunkenirish says

        liberals from Canada and liberalfornia(California) Those british bastards are still butthurt from the Revolutionary war…. back in the 1700’s

        1. Betterbob says

          LaLa land is waiting for you.

          1. drunkenirish says

            nah go take your happy ass to Canada…..

          2. Betterbob says

            No, sorry staying here. Live with it cause you can’t do a thing about it booboo.

  7. TAM44 says

    The democrat party is disgusting just like obama and the clintons. They have no respect for our laws what so ever and have ruin this country with their love for terrorist, law breaking illegals, gays, muslims and everything evil.

    1. McKenna Kunshier says

      Gays, and Muslims are not necessarily evil. Do you know who Iman is? She’s David Bowies wife now a widow due to David Bowie passing away. She’s Muslim and her daughter Lexi David Bowies daughter as well. Lexi is half Muslim. Iman and Lexi are not evil. And Elton John and Ellen Degenerous isn’t evil either. If you ask me I think your a hater. And I must say yes you do have a right to voice your opinions. But, if you ask me I would tell you that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Hmmmmm. Another dumbocrat!????????

      2. nevergiveup says

        Are you saying something nice to the person you replied to when you called that person hater?

        1. McKenna Kunshier says

          Yes, I am. Because anybody who thinks gays and Muslims are all evil is a hater. Just be glad I’m honest and say what’s on my mind.

          1. drunkenirish says

            and you’re just a dumbass who believes that Islam is the religion of Peace…..horseshit, I was in Iraq for 5 fucking years getting shot at by who? Muslims who hate the US. and you know what why dont you go over there in the middle-east and see how peaceful it is, if you dont return then we know you’re either a slave or a dead person for not being Muslim. NO you cannot speak, your 26 amendments have been repealed, shut the fuck up because I had friends who were killed over there including family members you dumbfuck

          2. Betterbob says

            Temper temper tut tut!!

      3. Mark Brickey says

        Half- Muslim? How can one be 1/2 Muslim? You either believe or not. And, yes, all sin is evil, be it sexual, theft, beliefs, etc. The Bible is quite clear on that. It’s also quite clear on what the Creator God’s response is to sin (repentance, not beheading!) and what His final response is going to be to those who refuse to open their eyes. Every human has the same opportunity – I don’t know exactly how, as I’m not God, but He makes it exceedingly clear to every person, in every era what He expects.

        1. wish in one handism says

          Lol 1/2 muslim

          1. drunkenirish says

            LMFAO!!!! HALF MUSLIMS? ………..LMFAO its either full or non you dipshitcrat

          2. wish in one handism says

            Who you calling dipsh17 you 1/2 sober 1d10t. I know you Irish pukes have a hard time thinking straight but if you’ll notice, I was laughing at the idea of a 1/2 muslim too.
            Go away, finish your whiskey and come back when you can think and see straight.

          3. drunkenirish says

            It wasnt you it was the stupid cunt I was calling, not you

          4. wish in one handism says

            Oh ok, thanks for saying so and sorry about reacting to you.

          5. wish in one handism says

            Now that I think about it though maybe it’s 1/2 muslim with the other 1/2 being camel, goat or dog.

    2. Cotton says

      I don’t like them so they must be evil! L O L

  8. conc11111 says

    Ryan is quie,why?

  9. patriotgrammy says

    We knew when she arrogantly told Brett Baier that she was “absolutely certain” she would be cleared that she has too much on Obama to be indicted. Hillary started hiding evidence as far back as the Rose Law Firm and was almost indicted then. If she’s not indicted there will be such outrage from the people that she will probably think that indictment was the better choice.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      As long as the PMIC is covering the dyke’s ass, it’s done and paid for. Get ready for the next revolution america!

  10. Douglas Johnson says

    It is hard to take an obviously biased article seriously on a website that offers to hook me up with “Stephanie” who is 2.8 miles away and a sultry looking blonde.

    1. Mark Brickey says

      The site is “obviously” conservative, so what would you expect? MSM? Go back to your boobtube.
      As for the ads, these are based upon your internet & online searches & shopping, so, dear Douggie, what have you been looking at, searching for, purchasing? HHHUUUMMM?!?

      1. wish in one handism says

        Exactly, it’s directed advertisement based on browsing and shopping history. I’m a bass pro member and shopper – those are the ads that pop up in my browser. Douglas obviously has a different type of shopping history.

    2. wish in one handism says

      That is direct advertising based on your personal browsing and shopping history – which you just admitted to the whole forum. When was the last time you and Stephanie…. spoke?

  11. Austinniceguy says

    Let’s take this back to last week when the rapist met with Whoretta on her plane to explain to her that the fbi had already been versed on how they would exit this investigation without indictment and EXACTLY how she would move forward with her next moves. Anyone who believes that it was an innocent, “chance meeting” hasn’t been paying attention. It has already been confirmed that he delayed his flight by 1/2 an hour so there goes THAT theory. This has their corrupt fingerprints ALL OVER it!!!!

  12. gotcha1 says

    The fact a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is under criminal scrutiny should be enough for any objective sensible American to walk away from her. Where there is smoke there is fire! This woman has a consistent history of lying, cover up and deceit. This person’s character is not of the class or caliber to run a country. Look what she did for the guys at Benghazi! When the going got tough she failed and failed miserably! Do you want this type of person protecting you?

  13. ONLYJB1 says

    They always say history repeats itself. Sure enough this is a perfect example. Remember the Whitewater investigation? The fbi found her guilty of destruction of evidence. Even to the extent of possible murder, so as to obtain evidence to complete the fraud. Although that murder was ruled a suicide. Suicide with a bullet wound in the back of the head. She got away with it then and she’ll get away with it now.

    1. ABO says

      I just watched portions of director Comey’s statements to the press. He states that although it was clear that Hillary did compromise national security, there would be no recommendation of indictment. I am very seriously disappointed with Comey’s conclusions. Just proves beyond doubt that under this administration ANYONE can be bought!

  14. Gary Smith says

    The fix is in

  15. Ronald Nelson says

    Espianage doesn’t require willful intent… mishandling of national security documents and secrets is espionage and it matters not what her intent was. Albeit, it is very difficult to think that such acts were deliberate compromises of our national security…. in ways she should be well aware… making it intentional.

  16. kbmiller says

    Hil LIAR Y got LYNCHED.

  17. junkmailbin says

    a four year term in club fed is the perfect solution

  18. Phyllis Schultz says

    The best thing that could happen to Obamas “legacy ” is that it swirl down the drain, and take Hillary with it. The life is being sucked out of the US, by these parasites, along with their illegals and refugees.

  19. Allan Scott says

    Just another cover up within our corrupt political and so-called justice system, that’s all! So, what’s new short of having another revolution of a sort?

  20. wish in one handism says

    She was promised by private phone call that if she did the interview the issue would evaporate and she wouldn’t have to hear anything more about it – of course she was excited.
    She’s quick and slick as a bag of 5H17.
    Now the other 49% can believe she’s innocent and vote for her too, with that kind of political maneuvering behind her trump never had a chance.

  21. Tiger says

    Comey just spoke. Made it clear nobody knew what he was going to say and nobody influenced him. He explained in detail how they did this investigation. They found Top Secret, Classified and Sensitive information on her emails. But he isn’t recommending prosecution she was just careless.

    Unbelievable. Hello Stalin you live in America’s highest circles.

  22. ricktenny says

    Learning the conclusion of the FBI and it’s eventual result will more than likely take longer than most of us have the patience for. This is serious business and they can’t afford mistakes. Clinton is an attorney and as such knows how to protect herself. They are not going to get any slam dunk answers. Then add to this that Cheryl Mills, her Chief of Staff while Secretary of State was seen leaving her home, on surveillance footage, prior to the FBI’s arrival, certainly taints any answer she gives and just adds to suspicions of her testimony. In the end all we as citizens is hope the FBI is above reproach and follows through on any damning evidence they uncover.

  23. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    For the first time in my life I am NOT proud of my country. The lack of intelligence that was required to elect a lame drone like Obama made me ashamed of what our once great Nation has become. Stuttering Barry is no much of a leader and that’s being overly kind to the petulant foot stomping lad.

    1. snowyriver says

      Our Constitution states clearly that obama does not meet the requirements to be president. The Dems. pulled a real fast one when they vetted him and signed him in as president.

  24. daveveselenak says

    … and your point is, the ole ugly commie whore and next NWO implant, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” being the previous one, skated just as I knew that she would; to make matters worse the demonic psychopath’s timing of being on the campaign trail with her is just to rub his shit in the eyes of the stupid-ass sheeple, pure and simple! My Lord, wake up, we are no longer a nation ruled by law but rather a third world totalitarian NWO oligarchy! I had predicted this when this demonic psychopath was implanted back in 2008. I’m not being hyperbolic, just truthful when I assure you that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed, that is unless you have no problem or the balls and accept a life of misery and squalor and serfdom to these Godless, Satan worshipping despotic ghouls! Armr==============================?, you will be needing them!

  25. richardcancemi says

    “Willful intent” has never been the criterion for guilt or innocence. “Ignorance is no excuse under the Law” we’ve always been told! What a disgusting display of corruption Comey has put on. He can now tell Justice Roberts to make room on the seat of infamy

  26. usncb says

    FBI worthless POS

  27. Eleanore Whitaker says

    How adorable…..The FBI “SITS” “DOWN” with Hillary. You guys getting desperate, are you? You should have hoped the FBI would STAND UP to Hillary. That way you bossy little morons could dance your hater boy and girl jigs. You people are pathetic.

    So…you want to tell us what you have NEXT on your 4 decades long agenda of GET HILLARY? What a bunch of blockheads.

  28. 40Helen60 says

    Hillary and Bill are as guilty as sin. Hillary was right, she and Bill are un-touchable. They can commit every crime in the world and no one can do anything to them. They will never see the inside of a prison cell. So, America, you get exactly what you deserve, a witch from hell.

  29. Dennis Derstine says

    Hillary is the anointed one, get ready for 4 more years of Obama+. Corruption runs deep in DC and we the people are screwed.
    Now the RNC will deny Trump the nomination, because Hillary is free to pursue the POTS position. God help us all.

    1. Betterbob says

      Complain, complain, complain, that is all you can do. I don’t see you coming up with any PRACTICAL solutions.

      1. Dennis Derstine says

        Practical solution, public service for your benefits. You know, clean up the highways, the cities, work at daycare centers for low income parents. There are lots of ways to get something out of people for their benefits.

        1. Betterbob says

          And while you are doing that how do you look for a job?

          1. Dennis Derstine says

            You figure it out. Submit resumes via the internet. Most companies screen via on line applications. I guarantee if someone needs time for a job interview they’ll get it.

          2. Betterbob says

            Sounds wonderful. You have all the answers don’t you. Well what if you cannot afford a computer or the internet, many can’t. What if there are no jobs? What if you don’t have the skills to fill the jobs that are available. What if there is no one to look after your kids? What if you do not have transportation?

            I love simpletons like you who have all the answers yet you don’t even know the questions and have no idea what other peoples lives are like.

          3. Dennis Derstine says

            Go to a public library for internet. EVERY state employment service has FREE resume services. There are MILLIONS of job openings. If your not qualified for anything, maybe you should have paid attention in school! Ask a friend for a ride or take a bus, don’t have a friend? Sucks to be you!
            It’s called APPLY yourself, show some initiative! Person AL accountability. All this has been lost in this nation!
            I’ll bet you voted for Obama twice. Let Big Brother take care of all your needs from cradle to grave. Makes me sick!

          4. Betterbob says

            Not as sick as you make me.

            I know people who have tried all those things and still no luck.
            Have you seen that state of some of the schools? What makes you think they are going to give you an education.
            Rural neighborhoods don’t have libraries.
            I know rural counties with no bus services.
            The town I live in has no bus service.
            Friends are usually at work so how are they supposed to give you a ride?
            How do you get babysitters with no money. May be you think young children should bee left on their own. We could always put them to work in the cotton fields.

            Yes I voted for the great President Obama twice and I will vote for Hillary Clinton not some huckster like the chump. He would be a bigger disaster than bush and that is saying something.

            It is amazing how you know all the answers when you don’t know any of the problems and have never experienced them. You have no idea how half the country has to live. People like you are the core of the problem.

          5. Dennis Derstine says

            I lived in a rural county in VA, we had a public library. I took initiative and went to school at night, after work to better myself. I messed up when I was young and went to jail, talk about hard to get a job! I didn’t cry or ask for a hand out, I kept trying til it happened! 30 years later I own a small business and have employees! No one gave me Jack, I earned it.
            If unemployment is so low, why are people on welfare?? They are lazy and useless.
            Why don’t you and your liberal friends take in a welfare families and help trim the rolls? Share the wealth baby, that’s what you Democrat’s want.

          6. Betterbob says

            I love the way you are so proud of your success yet you condemn everyone else even though you do not know their story. So you made it, I feel happy for you. I also had to struggle against odds and made it. Unfortunately others are not as lucky as us and there are a myriad of valid reasons why.
            I’m afraid your story does not impress me for you have no charity in your heart and in my book that makes you heartless. I work with people trying and struggling all the time. They are not lazy or smoochers they are probably hard workers than you. So get off your high horse and learn about the real world.
            I’m sorry but you do not impress me.

          7. Dennis Derstine says

            You obviously did not read my posts. I said I have no problem helping those truly in need. I do have a problem with free loaders. Giving bennies to illegals as well pissed me off.
            I need to impress no one.

          8. Betterbob says

            What is a bennie?

          9. Dennis Derstine says

            A benefit you idiot.

          10. Betterbob says

            Then why didn’t you say so in the first place sonny.

  30. Name says

    The FBI is bought and paid for.

  31. survivor33 says

    Don’t it seem if you are smart enough to be Secretary of State AND especially President, that you should be smart enough NOT to put all that SECRET INFORMATION out there for hackers to find. And isn’t it remarkable that all that info was deleted without HER KNOWLEDGE(tHAT IS IF SHE HAS ANY). If you can’t trust the FBI Director, who are you suppose to trust. AMERICA IS REALLY IN TROUBLE NOW THAT HITLER-Y HAS THEM IN HER PANT POCKET.

  32. Barbara says

    Went to Betterbob to comment and the system says comments are now closed,but they seem to be fine here.I agree ,another Govt. cover up,the American people know it and expected this outcome.If the People of this Country would forget about being a Democrat or Republican and how their families has voted for generations and look at the Candidates as just people and take into account what kind of person they are as human beings then perhaps we will do better this time around. And i also agree we do not have much to pick from..Bernie want this Country to become a Socialist Country,Hillary wants it run as Obama has done leaving us wide open to all kinds of Mayhem,literally destroying this Country as we know it.Our biggest screw up was allowing the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer taken out of our schools in doing so most our children have no respect for their Country and know nothing about God .We need to take control of our own states and have a bigger say when it concerns our Military as it is now Washington as only to say the word and our Military will have to do as they are told even if it means turning against their own people.Trump i think would be good for our Economy if his Mouth doesn’t land us in a war , but the Vice President would need to be someone who was smart and could play war games in real life and was dedicated to working for the American people and not against them,
    and able to repair some of the damages this Administration has done.

  33. jim_wright says

    And after the interview the FBI anouces that they are going to whitewash this at the direction of the administration that they are part of. This is the most corrupt president and administration of my life time and possibly in the history of this country.

  34. Patriot 2 says

    The Illuminati runs the world. The UN, EU, run by the Illuminati. Who are the members of the Illuminati? They tell our government what is to be done, and the Democrats, and Republicans both kiss arse.Howndid Hitlery Clinton get off? How is USURPER Obama still USURPER of the United States? The Illuminati, the Bildebergs, etc….. Who hasn’t heard of them? Who are the members is the questions. The answer BILLIONAIRE SATANISTS. But who are they?

  35. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

    It is beyond comprehension what this criminal government FBI investigation has concluded. I would have been serving time in Leavenworth long ago for less malfeasance in handling government correspondence. That the FBI comes up with their absurd “get off the hook” explanation of her CRIMINAL actions is showing all citizens that corrupt power is what matters, not responsibility. She should be stricken from the party nomination and her citizenship renounced.

  36. survivor33 says

    Hitler-y certainly DID sit down with the FBI and told them exactly what to say to the citizens of the USA. No way could they find her only “careless” and not guilty if she or someone higher up didn’t tell them what would happen If she was found guilty. She should have a trial and let a jury decid

  37. Norm57 says

    Watch the payback; someone associated with the investigation will get either a lot of money or a promotion…

  38. Lorraine E says

    The FBI works for the commander in chief, BHO. He is their boss and they will do what they are ordered or they will be fired or worse. hillary BENGHAZI clinton promised barak Hussein obama that she will continue his programs and agenda. BHO fully supports HBC so the FBI and we lose. View “Clintons Death Toll Documentary” on line.

  39. Liz Davis says

    It is a cover up. Money, money, money, bribes, bribes, bribes. Power, Power, Power.

    1. drunkenirish says


  40. John Phillips says

    I think it all comes down to is the political pressure was so great that no reasonable justice department lawyer would dare charge her for fear of the consequences.

  41. John Phillips says

    Wonder what Bill has on our attorney general?

  42. Cookie Vranish says

    I believe the FBI obeyed the Clinton Crime Family and destroyed the patriotism of at least half the decent American folks. The rest are nothing but minorities whining as usual, drug dealers, illegals and other trash that are so loyal to the Clinton Crime Family! Today is the day goodness and fairness died. We are to send our prime young men off to get their bodies mutilated and maimed to protect the likes of Hillary? The same for the majority of the women in this country that will whine when ISIS has their Sharia Law here. They (American Women) are so stupid they have no idea Sharia Law will affect them big time! Fore sure the rest of us that are going to be expected to protect these women that could have impacted what is going on now. The hell with them. Let them protect themselves!

    1. 1265 says

      Renee is taking big black Dicks right now baby boy!

      She probably told you some story about having to drive to Detroit – but she’s at the local Motel 6 taking on 25 BBCs at one time!

  43. Michael Anderson says

    Some one got to Comey and the fix was in…..

  44. Gunflint Roseberg says

    FBI Director reports Hillary’s shoes clashes with her $50,000 purse !!! FBI will continue this investigation, & the Alphabet News Media will keep you updated !! Now move on folks, nothing more to see here..

  45. WhiteFalcon says

    If there was not a bribe offered and accepted in that deal there is no such thing as a bribe. She is as guilty as it is possible to be and she should be in prison. The FBI just showed how morally weak they are. Loretta Lynch should be in the prison cell next to Hillary. I pray that Trump will win the general election, but I have doubts. He will certainly get my vote. I believe that if Trump wins, Hillary will be indicted and tried for her crimes. He said that he would see her tried for her crimes in a couple of the debates and I think he will follow through on that promise if he is given the chance. We need someone that has the spine to do what is right for America and I think Trump does. Hillary is just the same old Ovomit in another body. I think that a good old fashioned stroke would be great for Hillary and the country.

  46. WhiteFalcon says

    There was clearly a bribe offered by Clinton and accepted by Loretta Lynch and the FBI. Lynch and Clinton are both totally guilty and should be in a Federal prison somewhere. There are many good people working for the FBI. It is their leader that sucks.

  47. Tiger says

    Damning things coming out in the investigation of Comey by Congress unbelievable. Just came out that only 7 FBI agents questioned Hillary and here is the Kicker……SHE WAS NOT UNDER OATH. NOT UNDER OATH. Comey didn’t even talk to all the agents. So she was cleared from lying to the FBI unbelievable.

  48. Edw J Ruff says

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