The Kavanaugh Accusation Cannot Be Taken Seriously


We’ve been waiting for that one, singular moment in which the #MeToo movement would have to be declared utterly dead, and it has finally arrived. The flimsy sexual assault accusation being leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh hardly warrants a front-page newspaper article, much less any serious scrutiny from lawmakers in Washington. The political motivations behind this railroading event are so blatantly obvious that we’re surprised (but not too surprised) that the mainstream media is actually going along with this charade. This is slander.

Is there a world in which Christine Blasey Ford could be telling the truth about one (random) night in high school, about which she can remember almost no other details? Not the time? Not the place? Not who else was in the room? Sure, there’s an outside possibility that something happened between her and Kavanaugh more than 30 years ago. But to derail an otherwise uncontroversial nominee to the nation’s highest court (and he IS that, no matter how the left might make it seem otherwise) based on this evidence-less, hard-to-believe allegation? It would be nothing short of criminal.

Then there is the troubling matter of Ford herself. Not everyone who votes for the Democrats should be treated as a suspicious witness, but let’s put it this way: Not every Democrat winds up in the newspaper because she was marching in Washington against the Trump administration. Not every Democrat has a history of donating money to Bernie Sanders and other left-wing political organizations. Not every Democrat has their name signed to a letter urging Trump to end his family separation policy at the border. Christine Blasey Ford is not just a Democrat – she’s a Democrat Party activist. And yes, that does raise suspicions.

Even if she was a lifelong subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter, though, her allegations against Kavanaugh would be no less weak. Again, we’re not saying that this didn’t happen. We’re just saying there’s not a lot of meat on this bone. Too many things are suspicious. The timing, the details – even the fact that her own account of this incident makes it seem like…nothing really happened! Would it be something for Kavanaugh to be proud about? Probably not. But for a tale of sexual assault, this one’s pretty tame. Maybe it’s just us.

All in all, this seems like a fitting end for the #MeToo era, which devolved into absurdity not long after it began. This is no longer about women reporting serious sexual misconduct; this is about women bringing down powerful men based on accusations that wouldn’t have made a dent five years ago. Yes, it has no doubt brought justice to a handful of truly awful predators. But it has also derailed the careers of many men who were guilty of nothing more than a cultural faux pas.

And if we’ve seen the full extent of the “evidence” against Brett Kavanaugh, then it’s time for his confirmation to proceed unabated.