The King of Indecision: Obama Takes Heavy Criticism Over the Weekend


In the wake of the horrific Malaysia Airlines tragedy on Thursday, the president has taken some well-deserved heat over his administration’s role in the Ukrainian conflict. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina struck first on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“It scares me that he believes the world is in such good shape,” Graham said, speaking directly to John Kerry’s insistence that America is taking a strong lead in more places around the world than ever before. “America is the glue that holds the free world together. Leading from behind is not working. The world is adrift. And President Obama has become the king of indecision. His policies are failing across the globe.”

While Graham centered his remarks on the U.S. response to Russian aggression, his accusation of indecision could carry over to any number of dire situations here and abroad. It’s been a while since an administration had to deal with so many crises at once, but many of them are a direct result of terrible leadership to begin with. The Israel/Palestine situation is mired in controversy, with many Americans wincing at the death toll numbers even as they support Israel’s right to defend itself. The border is a true mess, letting disease and crime into America even as thousands of child immigrants die on a quest for freedom. Iraq is threatened by militant extremists, Afghanistan is just as unstable as ever, and it is now clear that something is terribly amiss at the IRS.

Tough criticism isn’t just coming from the Republicans, though; even those within the president’s own party can see that Obama lacks the proper leadership in America’s foreign affairs. Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, told Fox News Sunday that he was in full support of tougher sanctions against Putin. “I think that the West, including the United States, has to have a far more significant response than we’ve seen to date. It’s what I thought before the shoot-down, and certainly this is a despicable act that needs to be resolved by the West.”

Even though the administration is making its best case against Russia in the wake of the downed plane, it seems clear that military action is not in the cards. While I don’t advocate air strikes against Moscow – at least not yet – why not put some arms in the hands of Ukrainian fighters that might give them a chance to succeed against Putin’s ruthless aspirations. Instead of those kinds of strategies, though, Kerry continues to talk about sanctions. The same sanctions, in fact, that were already in place before the tragedy.

This is the problem with Obama’s approach to nearly every problem that comes across his desk. He doesn’t see the big picture. He tries to maintain a kind of flat status quo even when it is apparent that escalation is in order. How much longer do we have to deal with this lack of leadership in the White House? How much more will go wrong before we get a reprieve?

  1. tomw says

    First. Why did the US send 5 billion to support the coup in Ukraine some months back? Why does our media usually ignore this point? Why is our governmnet and media still trying to blame Russia for the airliner being shot down? I had a low opinion of our journamist before this . Now you all look like globalist enablers.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Journalism to Media News
      Is like comparing
      Real Sports to Professional Wrestling.
      Its all about the show. Woooooo!!!!!!!!!

      1. tomw says

        Ouch. I hope they felt that.

      2. jayleigh says


    2. Jon Willey says

      “Our media”? It is the Socialist Democratic Party owned media! Their propaganda machine, the U.S. version of the Soviet Union’s old Tass or Germany’s WW II government controlled media.

      1. tomw says

        Yep. And now we have our agencies turning against the best interest of the people. Disturbing to say the least.

        1. jillocity says

          just out of curiousity, and for no really good reason i’ll ask…what do you think is in the best interest of “the people” (before answering, think seriously about this as more than just relates to yourself, because policy does not affect only one person)

    3. jillocity says

      because somebody’s media…certainly not mine, i don’t even own a television set…will NEVER broadcast anything but “feel good” about barry o…maybe the reason Russia is being blamed is because Russia supplied the BUK that downed an airliner with 296 people aboard, who are all now dead…

  2. Mark Clemens says

    “Put some arms in the hands of the Ukrainian Fighters” did Senator Menendez say that or is that the author’ s opinion? Who ever…… Thats the dumbest idea yet! REMEMBER a dude in Afghanistan around the early 1980’s named Osama bin Laden? Didnt our government give him arms, because he was “Shooting at the Russians”? Look were that arms loan got us 20 years later …….
    Lets arm the world, but demand background checks on American’s. Are we going to run background checks on the Ukrainian Fighters?
    Were do these people come from with such crazy ideas?

    1. Charles Covington says

      so you are for letting Russia just run all over these people with their paid thugs.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Why is this America’s business? We are not the Global Police. Our weapons dont seam to stabilize any country. Look at Iraq. Our weapons and training haven’t stabilize anything. The Founders put life & fortune on the line because there is a Ocean between US and Europe. They knew it back then, and it proves true today…….
        That side of the world is crazy!!!!
        Let’s mind our own business for the next 20 years and see how things go. This being the Global Police will be our undoing, you watch.

        1. Charles Covington says

          your mind set, is troubling, same thoughts of folks when hitler started his reign of terror, and look at the cost of human life at the end of world war 11,so putin should be put in check now not later

          1. tomw says

            If all else fails, bring up Hitler. And it was isolationism that made Japan bomb Pearl Harbor. It had nothing to do with the sanctions we put on them.

          2. jayleigh says

            It is still true that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Neville Chamberlain and his appeasement policies nearly cost England her independence! Yes, bring up Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, as many times as needed in order to remind people that despots always behave in despotic ways, and that means death, destruction, and bondage for people who live under totalitarian rule. Islam is one of those totalitarian forms of rule that has destroyed whole civilizations and is bent on doing it now. The past is ever with us, and if we fail to learn from it, we will suffer the consequences. Yes, in a way, it WAS the isolationist view of most Americans while the war in Europe raged. But FDR secretly released money to England to assist in its defense. Ian Fleming didn’t just write books about spies, he was a member of the British intelligence (spy) organization in WWII. When Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement and isolationist views were the catalyst for Germany beginning it’s incursion by land, sea and air into GB, Chamberlain lost his job. His name is not revered in G.B., and it was Winnie who saved England. You need a lesson in world history taught from the FACTS, not some liberal gibberish that tries to make you believe that if we “don’t bother them, they won’t bother us” – totalitarian philosophers never have a “they aren’t bothering us” philosophy – they are aggressive in their desire to own the world. Don’t be such a baby – grow up!

          3. tomw says

            having sanctions on Japan and feeding England war goods was not isolationism. Bankrupting our own country to police the world is the same thing that destroyed the Roman Empire , if you wish to do the repeating history neo con talking point.

          4. jayleigh says

            wow – revisionist history at its best. You must be proud. i have read the “true history” of WWII, and i know it because i had uncles and cousins who served in that war, and because i have read books contemporary to the WWII era. The revisionist history is being taught in schools today. America did have an isolationist view of the War in Europe; what FDR was “under the table” in giving funds for the submarine project in England. America was in a total isolationist mindset and it took Pearl Harbor to shake that malaise. Many of the men who disagreed with the isolationist view joined the Canadian army and air force because they knew the USA could not remain isolated from the war. Some even went to G.B. and enlisted in the British Army Air Corp – The USA official position was “don’t get involved.” But as Hitler gobbled up more and more of Europe and as Japan became militant in its own desire to dominate – from a totally separate philosophy to that of Germany, it took Pearl Harbor to awaken the American will to do battle with totalitarians – Japan was totalitarian in its philosophy, just not Marxist-Socialist. Totalitarian is not always Marxist-Socialism – it can be megalomania in its attributes. The war with Japan was a war mainly in the Pacific Islands (until Hiroshima, of course) and the war with Germany was the European theater. We made the mistake of allowing Russia to be an ally, and in that failed to understand its totalitarian mindset and intention.

            The destruction of the Roman Empire was not Policing the World – it was attempting to own it all the while the morals of the nation were in decline. The taxes were egregious and the living standard of the elite was plush and the ruling class seemed to think that entertaining the masses in Italia was more important than making certain their military had adequate food, clothing and shelter. Rome had never experienced the harsh winters that the soldiers encountered in “Britain” – they were ill-equipped to do battle with men who were used to fighting in the barrens. They were under-funded, and spread too thin to conquer.

            You are ignorant of ancient as well as modern history. But, FDR’s secret $$ for the submarine project probably was a major factor in Britain surviving the onslaught of “Germany.”

            WWII did NOT bankrupt the USA – in fact, the war “industry” is what pulled us out of the great depression. We were in slow recovery, but the war and its attendant industry pulled us out of the depression. Is that justification for war. Nope; but it was what brought the stalled economy into full bloom that actually lasted well into the late 1960s. It has been the Democrat admins that have destroyed our economy. There was rationing in WWII, flour, sugar, coffee, gas, tires, and some other food staples. But it wasn’t the great hardship it would be today because most people had gardens, raised chickens (yes, even in town). i still have one of our family’s ration books from that time. Everyone had a “Victory Garden” because the depression years had been a really hard lesson. You really ARE ignorant of American History!

          5. tomw says

            My old man was in the 101st and fought at Bastogne. I got all the history I needed from him and his crew .

          6. jillocity says

            obviously not…what you got was what they saw, heard and felt…which was of an indescribable awefulness…but it is not the history of WWII, or of the world…

          7. jillocity says

            don’t know why that posted twice…sorry

          8. jillocity says

            obviously not…what you got was what they saw, heard and felt…which was of an indescribable awefulness…but it is not the history of WWII, or of the world…

          9. Elizabeth Miller says

            My mother was in Great Britten and my American father brought her back.My Grandfather was an ambulance driver and I still have many of his letters home Jayleigh has it right

          10. Charles Covington says

            amen, you are right on ,all of your post

          11. Charles Covington says

            When Germany started it ‘s war machine France had the best and most trained army in the world if they hadn’t been a pacifist country Germany would have been knocked on its ass , in 90 days

          12. chester kendra says

            They are aggressive to own the world, Hmm sounds like somewhere close to home.

          13. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            It sounds like all of you people have this all figured out! It’s almost funny to read some of these postings, you all must be experts in your chosen fields! You should all get together and form the “Global Peace Consortium”. You can’t even get the the muslim out of office, and you want to solve the worlds problems?

          14. Charles Covington says

            both japan and Germany wanted to do the same expand their country, by taking over other nations , and yeah after the big one we set back and allowed the Russians to do what they did and have all the countries to become puppets of their empire, now putin wants to bring back the soviet union

          15. Mark Clemens says

            I thought the Japs bombed US was because China talked their Citizens to turn in personal fire arms around 1932,then Japan invaded China, then FDR sent China 1,000,000 M-1 rifles making a EZ victory way more difficult for Japan.

          16. chamuiel says

            Uh, Markie, M1 rifles did not exist in 1932. They were not even issued to U.S. troops until the end of 42, the beginning of 43.

            We (The U.S.) started out in WWII with the same rifles that were used in WW!, the 1903 Springfield.

            You need to do some more research, because what you know just is not true.

          17. Mark Clemens says

            Can’t remember were I read that. I could of got the caliber of gun wrong. Point was FDR gave China a million guns. I think I read that in Townhall or Dudley Brown a year or two ago. China (or somebody) was sending the guns back here, but Hillary Clinton & Obama were against accepting the guns. Something to do with UNs small arms policy. They wanted to destroy the guns.
            Sorry for any misinformation.

          18. taffytee says

            Your comment makes no sense. I don’t know that we put any sanctions on Japan before we got into WWII. We supposedly were caught “off guard” with the Pearl Harbor attack, unless, of course, the Dem president knew that the attack would get the Amer. people to back the war.

          19. tomw says

            We cut off their oil and iron ore for invading China .Look it up

          20. Mark Clemens says

            …………Well is Russia planning to annex East Poland? This is nothing like the Nazis.

          21. Charles Covington says

            Unless you have your head in a sand box, they have annexed crimera. and they want Ukraine, but I guess that’s ok.

          22. chamuiel says

            Crimea. Crimera is a type of dragon.

          23. Charles Covington says

            so do you feel superior now since my spelling didn’t match , what a dick!

        2. jayleigh says

          The “ocean between us” is not the deterrent now that it was in 1776! It took months to get war ships from Europe to our shores. It takes minutes now for a jet to fly over and drop something dangerous. At one time, we had great influence in the world, and then Carter took office and our influence waned. It rejuvenated under Reagan,when he showed America strong with his policies and his “Mr. Gorb” speech. Now, under this regime, “walk-all-over-us-O” we no longer have prestige. We have taken peashooters to a gun fight. We never planned to win. Mind our own biz for the next 20 years and see how it goes? wow! You ARE an isolationist aren’t you? Well, there won’t be a USA in 10 years if we continue on with the policies of this admin. “It may be a terrible tragedy” is the POTUS’ comment after the downing of the airliner. Wow – that must have made Putin tremble! The Ocean between us and Europe is only a small pond in light of modern technology. An ICBM can reach us without a ship having to come within our 5-mile boundary. yikes! Are you totally illiterate?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well don’t we have Radar, and didn’t Reagan spend millions on a ICBM defence system? Also were will a foreign invader set up a base camp to fly all this stuff in? If you look at the world & its present war situations, have you noticed we don’t have ONE official war going on here in the Western Hemisphere. All the wars are in the Eastern Hemisphere. Why bring all that chaos to our door steps? Look were our 1950’s Middle East policies got us. We even lavished the Iranians with our money, now those people wanna kill us. If your not invited don’t go, or hang around.
            If the entire East Coast wanted to succeed like Ukraine does from Russia, would the Federal Government stop it with force? They did in 1860.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            …………Oh yea Russia really does have weapons of mass destruction (so I’ve been told). Should we send the army over there and take them before Putin uses them?
            On a lighter note did y’all know PUTIN in hillbilly means FARTING.
            “Obama was “putin” all over the congress”
            See I ain’t illiterate.

          3. chamuiel says

            Yes, you are because I have never heard anything so stupid.

        3. jillocity says

          read up on isolationism, and its successes throughout history

        4. taffytee says

          One reason “it IS our business” is the experience of the world, especially the FREE world when Neville Chamberlain of England kept encouraging tolerating Hitler’s aggression. Surely you do remember World War II. Many of US citizens lost relatives who went to war in the Pacific and Europe to save us all from a cruel, insane tyrant! That’s why Putin has to be controlled. “lest we forget…”

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well you think Putin is a global threat? (He might be) George W. Bush said the same thing about Sadom Hussain, also the Government said Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction. I believe Putin has Weapons of Mass Destruction. Should we send the military over to Russia and take them? Please dont forget war in the 20th century is different than WWII. We took the war to Hitler, Hitler didnt have ICBMs. Mr Putin can have several nuclear war missiles delivered HERE with in a hour. Your city could be first! Why would you want to piss off a sleeping giant? Look how well it worked out for Old Japan…….

          2. chamuiel says

            Chamberlain was all for isolationism.

        5. chamuiel says

          our weapons don’t seam?

          Maybe, they need a zipper, huh?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            They should be keept close, like whats behind your zipper. That text had 6 grammer errors. This one has 4. Are you anal enough to find all of them? I do this on purpose to find petty people.
            Pleased to meat you!

      2. anti govment says

        Hey paid thugs run all over our jobs market pushing union slavery onto us! Unions are Obamas thugs along with every other unio9nized law makers in America!

      3. chester kendra says

        These people for the large part are paid off by the govt of the U.S. through the C.I.A who are up to their old tricks just like they have done a hundred times in hundred places. Study your history and wake up!

    2. jayleigh says

      The little nation of Georgia is the only solvent country in Europe. Georgia freed itself from the hammer and sickle and has prospered. Ukraine/Crimea is the breadbasket of Europe. The people of that region do not want to live under a dictatorship any longer. Yes, Georgia technically has a dictator, but elections are free and open there, and the economy is strong. i don’t know what Ukraine-Crimea wants as to government form – i don’t think Ukraine knows for sure except that it does NOT want to belong to the Soviet bloc any longer. Ukraine has been raped by hungry Russia for decades. Before socialism took over, it was a semi-independent nation with loose ties to “Mother Russia” but WWII made it a part of the greater Socialist Soviet Union, which it did not voluntarily choose. Why should it? It was rich – Russia was poor. Only Russia benefited from forcing it to become a part of the “USSR” – just as it did to the little Balkin “states” – Latvia, Estonia, Lituania, and of course, Georgia, Yugoslavia and Czechloslovakia, Rumania, Hungary etc. Russia would have eaten up G.B., Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well. We made an evil alliance with Russia in WWII – playing it against the encroaching danger of Nazi Germany. Now, the former Soviet bloc is losing it’s grip on Europe as more and more nations want their freedom from “Mother Russia.” i don’t know what that form of freedom will take in the Ukraine – i don’t really know whether assisting them will end up the way it has in the Middle East, but i don’t think so. The Ukraine has been traditionally Russian Orthodox and not Muslim in its religious orientation. But, like you, i do have my reservations – especially with the weak willie in the Oval Office making the decisions. But, Ukraine and Crimea should have the right to determine their own destiny – Russia just doesn’t want to lose the wealth attached to those two nations.

      1. chester kendra says

        You say that Ukraine doesn’t want to live under dictatorship any longer and I have to ask you if you even know that it was sovereign and held democratic elections [crooked though they may have been] so its not about Ukraine freeing itself from being part of Russia because it wass it’s own country. As far as Europe goes You must not have been watching the news for the last40 years since theyve freed themselves from the USSR. By the way the Ukrainians have absolutly no love for the Jews who they helped Hitler round up during the second world war. So I don’t see your point here if you say that Ukraine and Crimea should have the right to determine their own destiny then let them and tthe people of the eastern part want to stay with their ethnic cousins….let them be.

    3. Charles Covington says

      yeah and I believe those 19 muslims used a razor knife, son do you enjoy being a total dick , or you just use to sucking and taking it up the rear.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Butt Fuck Chuck, you must be a product of inbreeding. Exactly what is your point about the case cutter? Do you want to outlaw case cutters, or out law Muslims from planes? I think you should give your case cutter a blow job.

  3. jayleigh says

    Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe – that is why Russia doesn’t want to let it become truly independent. Little Georgia is truly solvent and thriving. There is virtually no poverty in Georgia because it is one of the only truly free-market-economy nations in Europe. Putin wants to bring Georgia back into the fold so it can be robbed and pillaged once more. Ukraine and Crimea had an agricultural economy that was bled nearly dry by “Mother Russia” – Of course Putin wants that area back under the flag of hammer & sickle. The USSR was so vast it was hard to manage and rule, and when it began to break up, there was little Moscow could do. But, now, the “bear” is on the attack once more, unwilling for those once-sovereign nations to regain their sovereignty. The USA needs to at least give verbal support for any freedom-loving people to seek the right of self-rule. But, once more, the weak-kneed, blown-with-the-wind POTUS would rather fund-raise and tee-off than sound presidential and authoritative. The only time he takes a strong stand on anything is when a gay rights issue comes up.

    1. david b cordick says

      your comments are very good, i do disagree with your statement that america has to at least give verbal support. verbal support is all we have been doing the last few years, and that has been a half assed support without any muscle. and it has accomplished nothing. for our friends, we should stand with them, not behind them. for our so called friends that are our friends for our many ways we help their country, but really despise us, like mexico, screw them. stop the support of any kind. there will be those that say we depend on this or that country for such and such. bull. money rules in the world now. we will get what we need. but the majority of the crap coming in, we can do without. verbal support is nice if its taken seriously. how many years have the states been condeming countries around the world for human rights violations? after all that verbal marathon, what have been the results, nothing

      1. jayleigh says

        Well, you are right, of course – i think we should throw our support 100% for Israel and do whatever Israel needs – but what i meant is that our POTUS doesn’t even give verbal support to Israel because he hates that nation almost as much as he hates America. You and i don’t disagree on what America should do as regards Israel – i just meant that the MINIMUM response should be verbal/global support. Thanks for your response!

        1. Charles Covington says

          muslims hate jews and Christians, Obama is a muslim

          1. Jimmy King says

            Every Jew says the same thing….back Israel 100% but ignores their actions. Israel takes everything we can give except our advice. Everything we ask them to do they ignore, yet they take 100% of our $$ I love the idiots on here who have nothing to add other than….”Obama is a muslim”…..”You’re stupid” “the govrenment is trying to kill america”

          2. jillocity says

            so, if mexico starts lobbing rockets into the US (they’ve already fired guns, including from a helicopter)…you’re okay with that…you must be, because you think Israel should be…

          3. Jimmy King says

            If a few criminals in Mexico shot across the border, would it be ok for us to bomb innocent children in Mexico City? You must think so

          4. chamuiel says

            A few criminals that hussein obama approves of.

            So, you are o.k. with American citizens being fired upon from Mexico? Really?

          5. Jimmy King says

            I didn’t say I was ok with Mexicans firing on us, what I said was, you don’t retaliate against a few criminals, by killing hundreds of innocent children. Do you understand now? I can type slower if that will help you

          6. Elizabeth Miller says

            You do what ever is needed to protect our children and our nation.We certinaly do not want ours killed by evil drug dealing scum.

          7. Elizabeth Miller says

            Yes they will learn to cut the shit.Just asking them to does not work

          8. Elizabeth Miller says

            Yes its called protecting our nation.We have a right to protect ourselves

          9. Doris Will says

            If Israel hadn’t accepted our advice, the Palestinians would be in Gaza. If hamas had agreed to the Egyptian truce proposal, as did Israel, there would be peace. But you have to remember that Israel ceded GAZA for peace which was suggested by the U.S.A.

          10. Jimmy King says

            Israel ceded GAZA, however continued to exert control over it by controlling the airspace, coast and territorial waters, land border (with Egypt) electromagnetic fields, electricity, and fuel supply. As such Israel remains an occupying power under International Law, and required to protect the occupied civilian population. Under International Law Israel can use force to defend itself, but no more than is necessary to quell disturbances. Which means this is not a war, instead it is a top military power, unleashing massive firepower against a penned and occupied Palestinian population

          11. Doris Will says

            When JFK was in office the Russians started shipping missiles and personnel into Cuba. JFK ordered a blocade of Cuba, which seemed a better idea than having missils 90 miles off our coast. The Russians were forced to remove the missiles in the UN. Thank Heaven we were not bombed by Cuba, Now, if I lived in Israel I would expect my country to protect their citizens. Seems that Gaza managed to get those missiles through and started lobbing them into Israel. For months Israel has held off any retribution as advised by our government. However when the Palestinians kidnap and murder Israeli kids in Israel, that’s beyond the pale. Just a reminder, Israel is also penned in by enemies who threated to wipe them off the planet. Just a thought, they also want Christians off the planet, and it looks like they are getting a good start on our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East. Being locked in a church and having it set on Fire seems pretty penned in to me.

          12. chamuiel says

            If someone was trying to kill you, you would control the air space and coastal waters.

            Sure, you are not as dumb as you act.

            Now, do you want to discuss the thousands of rockets hamas has fired at Israel?

            I thought not.

          13. Elizabeth Miller says

            Israel told those assholes to stop sending rocket over or they would blow them off the face of the earth and the assholes sent more rockets.Time to blow them off the face of the earth so there can be peace

          14. chamuiel says

            I would not take hussein obama and coward kerry’s advice.

            why would the Israelis?

            Again with the infantile name calling. How old are you 10?

        2. Elizabeth Miller says

          Israel has it going on.They are going to blow those evil son of a bitches off the face of the earth.When we get an American for president we can do the same

      2. jillocity says

        verbal support has never been listened to…

      3. Rovanton says


    2. Liberty says

      If you look at a world map, you’ll see how Putin is positioning and building his geographical and financial allies. The recent BRICS meeting, Brazil-Russia-India-China-S.Africa, has Putin thumbing his nose at Barry’s week-kneed threats. This is chilling.

      1. jayleigh says

        Yes! You are correct – Big O has no credibility in any hemisphere on this planet. He’s a joke to the world. When his big comment about the downing of the plane is, “It may be a terrible tragedy…” he sounds stupid and uninterested in the lives lost. He just blathers for face time with the camera. His grand-standing is as chilling as the new alliances that are dangerous to freedom. Setting the stage for the one-world government of the Anti-Christ.

        1. Charles Covington says

          I remember the days of carter, and the world thought of him as a joke, bill Clinton would not have the economic prosperity if not for a strong will republican congress

        2. chester kendra says

          The most dangerous threat to your freedom [if you have been paying any kind of attention at all] are the people elected to protect them and not from the outside where the powers that be would like you to look as they are the manipulaters of the people of the u.s. and the world towards the economic slavery that is the NEW WORLD ORDER which is moving into place after the NORTH AMERICAN UNION is established somewhere around 2016/17 according to government sources.

        3. Mark Clemens says

          I agree. Also Obama’ s disrespect for the Constitution is disturbing, it sets a bad/poor presidents for the next President.

          1. Jimmy King says

            it sets a bad precedent. not a bad president How can you hope to be taken seriously. You’re a moron

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Jimmy I apologize the spell check changed the word on me (I bet that never happens to you). Did you get my meaning, or did that one misspelled word mess your mind up? You seam to be a simpleton kind of anal at that. When most people disagree on social media and have no real point,they always cry about poor grammer. There’s 12 gramer errors in this text. Can you find them?

          3. Elizabeth Miller says

            Its a Demorat thing

          4. chamuiel says

            Yes, in the last 5 1/2 years I have often wondered how hussein obama expects to be taken seriously?

            More name calling? Is that all you liberal paid trolls have?

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            Typical Demon rat the best you can do attack someone for a spelling error or keyboard slip.Some have not been in school for 30 or 40 years they have been out working to support your ass.Some have sustained injury working.and continue to work.Not all work requires spelling

      2. chester kendra says

        The BRICS initiative was taken because of Americas totally corrupt and usurous monetary policies. Russia and the rest of the world have a right to do what is right for THEIR citizens unless you don’t think they should have that right because it may cost you something. Americas bussiness is Enslaving the world by tying it to our economic system, The world has had enough. Any conflicts now and in the forseable future are about the dollar and the worlds attempt to escape it.

        1. jillocity says

          maybe you should consider a move…to Brazil, or Russia, or India, or China, or South Africa…you admire them so, you should live in one of those places…

          1. chester kendra says

            No I admire fair play, honesty, and letting people be free to determine their own future.

      3. jillocity says

        the thought of russia and china teaming up is downright scary

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Why wouldn’t they? Both are Communist and have the same human rights goals; ZERO. Not to mention the fact Wall Street. talked DC into outsourcing all of our good paying jobs to China’s economy. Between Russia & China having world dominance, I think China has a better strategy:
          If you can’t defeat your enemy’ s on the field of battle. Defeat them on the Field of economics. The results are the same with out blood shed. How much does USA owe China today?

          1. Elizabeth Miller says

            You know Odumma made you think all in wallstreet are rich.Hard working people who have retierment funds are a huge part of wallstreet also

    3. chester kendra says

      Just a question. What wouled you do if Mexico or Canada decided to move away from the sphere of influence of the U.S. and could possibly align with a power not particularily freindly and how would it be different than what Russia does. Just asking?

    4. Rovanton says

      Maybe that’s because he is a CS closet gay.

  4. Combatvet52 says

    But, once more, the weak-kneed, blown-with-the-wind POTUS would rather fund-raise and tee-off than sound presidential and authoritative, that says it all my friend.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Let’s go back to the chickenhawks-cheney-bush-rumsfeld never got
      punished for war crimes along with fruitcake Allen West. Baggers love
      conflicts, starting wars and dead americans. Bush let 911 happen. The GOP is garbage!

      1. Bob Markle says

        You should do some research on your info. No facts on your speal. No party is great but socialist democrats sure isn’t the way!

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Just my two cents what are you doing on this site FIX THE NATION you belong on the Obama blog.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Yeah, what the hell are you going to fix? If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            We fix people like you if it’s at all possible.

          2. jetmagnet says

            You fruitcakes need to fix yourselves. Although trying to fix stupid is impossible.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            You should know your right on track.

      3. Cranky Steven says

        jetmaggot, You are a the maggot that ate its own brain. Be silent in the vicinity of your betters.

        1. Grandmawisdom says

          jet- you should spell your name jetmaggot.

      4. mac12sam12 says

        Mommy know you’re on the computer cupcake? It’s the democrats that are destroying the economy and the country while your queen fundraises, plays golf and those never ending photo-ops. Also, more people have died in war under you’re Fuhrer than under Bush. Obama should be arrested for giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels resulting in the deaths of two border agents and 300 Mexican citizens. Now go play your video games!

        1. jetmagnet says

          Obama gave guns to mexicans, and here I thought he was a muslim.
          Did you fruitcakes ever read fortune magazine? You don’t even know what it looks like, because your head is so far up ur azz or alex jones’s you can’t see daylight hehe.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Obama gave guns t the Mexicans and here I thought he was a muslim? Translation please. Who is Alex Jones? Right wingers have caused more bombings in the US than muslims? Little early for libations, isn’t it? Bill Ayers is a righty? Oswald is a righty? LOL! The latest rash of gun violence has been done by liberals. James Holmes, obama campaign worker and was at Occupy San Diego. That directors liberal son. Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook. Bombs, guns and loon libs make poor bed fellows. Go sleep it of, you’ll feel better in the morning.

          2. jetmagnet says

            You make a blatant insidious accusation then act dumb? Then you compare a campaign worker to a rightwing terrorist. If you were a lawyer, you’s suck. Is their some affiliation between being nuts and a campaign worker? Rightwing terrorist planned and executed terrorist plots, they weren’t insane and they didn’t attend campaigns. What a stretch even for a fruitcake! lol

          3. mac12sam12 says

            That time of the month, Jetmaggot? Valium is your friend, so angry!! Bill Ayers a campaign worker? LOL! You should read his book. He was a member of the Weatherman Underground who bombed public offices and killed people. Now run along limp wrist. Have a problem? Go tell mama.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Bill ayers? ROTFLMFAO!!! Did you ever go to college?
            Some of the rightwing bullshit debunked!!!
            Get the facts and quit reading rightwing comic books!

          5. mac12sam12 says

            You should slow down a little. you’re 77 years old and disabled, high blood pressure could kill you. I graduated from U Mass Boston in 1982 with a degree in business. It took 5 years because I was also working full time. I already told you that. Factcheck has been proven wrong so many times it’s not a credible source. Here’s a site that debunks liberal myths.
   Here’s another one that will explode your tiny cranium

          6. AnnieK231 says

            You do realize during Obama’s first campaign, his buddy Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine started the democratic radical leftist terrorist group called the Weather Underground, their members were called the Weathermen,

            Their bombing attacks mostly targeted government buildings, along with
            several banks. Most were preceded by evacuation warnings, along with
            communications identifying the particular matter that the attack was
            intended to protest. No persons were killed in any of their acts of
            property destruction, although three members of the group were killed in
            the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion. Former members of the group robbed a Brink’s armored car in 1981, which resulted in the deaths of three people including Waverly Brown, the first black police officer on the Nyack police force.

            The Weathermen are also responsible for bombing the Pentagon in retaliation for the US “attack” of Hanoi in May of 1972.

            Look him up, You’ll get educated. I’m only listing the icing of the damage that Bill and Bernadette has caused. They weren’t then, and Bill Ayers would rather hang himself than claim to be anything on the right.

            What does oh Billy have to do with Obama?

            He poured thousands into his campaign, They met at a party Ayers and Bernardine had thrown where Alice Palmer, an Illinois Democrat and a long time member of the IL senate from 91-97, Alice brought Obama to the Ayers grand party and announced to a room filled with wealthy “Progressive Democrats” As her chosen successor for the IL State Senate. And Ayers and Obama worked happily side by side for 9 years on the board of directors for the “Woods Fund”. Google the 2 of them during Obama’s first campaign, there are many great optics of Ayers sitting at the elitist table clapping and giving a bravo to his man, Obama. It was actually the British that put this information in publication before it was ever mentioned or realized here in the states.

            Also, you DO realize Fast and Furious, where this administration thought they were going to be very sneaky and perform a “sting operation” They gave it a cute little name called “Gun Walking or Letting Guns Walk”, It was a tactic made out of Arizona, the ATF had a witty plan to sell guns to mexican criminals, and then busting them for owning and buying illegal guns.. Whoever thought this up was a GENIUS! (Not so much) between 06-11, these operations happened over and over and over and over again. Tucson and Phoenix area where the ATF “purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal to a person or people who can not lawfully purchase them, themselves. They’re idea was to “track” where the weapons were going so they could go in and arrest them and thus! crackdown on the mexican cartels and assimilate them! It looked amazing on paper, I’m sure… But that’s not what actually happened. So basically, the ATF would sell costly firearms to folks here in the good ole USA on our dime, to felons with ties to cartels, the felons with ties were to then sell these guns to the cartels in Mexico, and the ATF could track them all the way up to the leader of the cartels and save the day, just like Superman would for Lois Lane.

            Here’s how it ended, around 2000 firearms were purchased on our dime and ended up in the hands of the cartels, only around 700 were recovered and absolutely no one was arrested in relation to this supreme plan. Some of the recovered firearms were found tied to murders, including! A Border Patrol Agent named Brian Terry in 2010. And, at least 150 innocent civilians in Mexico were either murdered or if they were lucky, they just ended up maimed.. All tracked to these weapons.

            Why am I typing all this? Because, you seem to not have an understanding of the history of this man. Whether a person is a Dem or a Repub. these are completely inexcusable scandals.

            While you’re researching, look up the details on Benghazi, and Hillary, you remember, telling us it was all based on a youtube video? Please also, research Hilliary’s involvement in Watergate under Nixon, you’ll start to notice a trend with this lady.

            I’m sure we all know about the IRS scandal, first Lois Lerner plead the 5th, then the hard drive crashed, then the drive itself was destroyed, then all the back up tapes on the mail servers were unrecoverable, and now all the sudden, they do indeed have backups that the IRS specifically targeted conservative groups.

            Let’s also talk about the Psych. Nidal Malik Hasan down at Fort Hood, who killed his fellow soldiers in the name of Allah, it was not listed as a terrorist or his murderous rampage was not considered anything other than “workplace violence”, recently, in the last couple of weeks wrote a letter to the leader of the ISIS showing his allegiance to their mission, the caliphate and the death of infidels. The letter was so matter of fact that they are in the processing of re-evaluating the incident to change the status. By the way, no worries, the families of those that were murdered weren’t compensated, but, Hasan still is collecting his military checks and benefits from prison.

            And lastly, the Bowe Bergdahl issue. You have a man, by all accounts deserted his post and was traded out for 5 very highly valued terrorists in exchange for Bowe, Our government keeps telling us they’re behaving nicely in Qatar. I’m sure they’re following all their “rules”.

            The fact that none of our allies are with us anymore because there is a man in the White House that obviously enjoys the perks of the American Tax Dollars, but doesn’t particularly like the work. Even Nixon, another abhorrent president, knew he was destroying this country, and he stepped down. Obama doesn’t want to give up AF1 and will not do the right thing.

            I’m not taking the time to type these things out to insult you, or belittle you, or even judge you. I’ve taken the time to give you information that you didn’t seem to have in any posts I read from you. If you don’t want to take my word for it, that’s fine, we absolutely do not know each other. Take this information I’ve laid in front of you and fact check, and research and educate yourselves on them. I’m not telling you to hate the man or change which way you vote. I’m just tired of hearing and reading over and over and over again “It’s Bush’s fault! he did this and that and this!” Bush made a lot of mistakes. I’m not disputing that. But, I will say, he respected our veterans, he respected our Constitution and he loved our country. And, it’s time to stop pointing fingers. Bush hasn’t been president in 6 years. Many, many things have happened since Bush has been president that couldn’t be his fault.

            The human trafficking act was written for good intentions, but the 2-3 years to follow AFTER that bill was signed, we didn’t see wide open borders. It wasn’t until Obama signed in the Dream act, did we really start seeing it. And everyone agrees, Bush’s bill needs to be amended. Obama refuses to change the bill until he received the “immigration reform bill” of $3.7 billion dollars were met, in which around only 2%-3% would actually go to border security. So, in return, he refuses to change the bill. Not everything going on in the world right now is Bush’s Fault. 6 years Obama’s been in office, elected twice as you well know. And nothing has been repaired. He’s more concerned about gas emissions and rare plants in a forest and raising money for his party. He has said many MANY times “I’ve had no idea this was going on, until I saw it on the news” I know this is long, I apologize for that. I felt the need to give you specific things to look at, and research on your own. The world is on fire, and our president is golfing. the UK raises their alert to the 2nd highest level, and ours stays the same and O is fundraising.

            Again, I apologize for the length, but, I felt like you needed information to educate yourself on what everyone is talking about, because it seems you just had no information on any of it.

          7. jetmagnet says

            Do you realize all this has been debunked and factchecked? Alot of it is righty propaganda none of which has been proven true and those in the “Know” laugh at that nonsense. Wide open borders? What planet are you on? Where do you get your information? Try getting imformation from actual sources, and records not from Fake News Channel or slanted websites, grow a BRAIN!!!
            Their has been more deportations in the Obama administration than any other-In fact they call him The “Deporter in Chief” The immigration bill is based on his administrations assessment, it’s not Obama in his office late at night with a calculator. Many of these people served under both republican and democratic presidents. So you’re very small minded like most baggers who scour surface politics , but facts don’t apply because your malfunctioning brain rejects facts that don’t concur with your ideology- this is called “cognitive dissonance” all baggers are affected by it and it makes them look like secular Teahadist. lol
            Give me your sources…or better yet use the govt sources to prove your bullshit.
            What you composed- to most intellligent bloggers is called a rant filled with rightwing talking points and little else based on any research you have done on your own. I’ve heard this crap a million times.

      5. omen11 says

        Ahh,you’re not just a fool but stupid as well.You don’t know when you are being hoodwinked by the evil one.He has you in his grasp and you along with the rest of the liberal,progressive idiots will suffer in the bread lines and FEMA camps.There are 90 million people now out of work in the U.S. and it’s ALL because of him.You are nothing but a minion with a no sense and probably look like your picture.

        1. Elizabeth Miller says

          And he isint smart enough to realize his check will stop coming because his king is going to run out of our money

          1. jetmagnet says

            The fact that you fruitcakes are allowed to exist without the men in white coats coming to put you away is amazing.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Another Alex Jones fruitcake theory. You peeps fall for anything and stand for nothing.

      6. chamuiel says

        Jetmagnet, Gays love to fight?

        I did not know that.

        Besides that, you are a poor infantlie name caller.
        you are not very good at it, plus like most liberal trolls, you lie.

        1. jetmagnet says

          How do you know gays like to fight, did you and your boyfriend have a falling out?

      7. Charles Covington says

        you need to take your head out of the sand box, or is it up Obama’s ass

      8. jag57 says

        The only thing you wrote that has some semblance of truth, is about the GOP, but it’s unlikely that we are on the same page on that. When I think about the GOP as it exists now, I think about the “elite” establishment “Republicans” which I do not support. These are the very people that redistricted Col. Alan West out of office. If you are against him because he wanted to protect the soldiers under his care, then I totally disagree.

        I would have to put more blame on Slick Willie than I would put on Bush. It had been known since after 1993 that the Muslim terrorists wanted to use an airliner to crash into the towers, but it seems the intelligence never did work it way through all the difference agencies, to where it would do some good. If the slick one could have kept his zipper zipped, things may have turned out different.

        1. jetmagnet says

          West is certified fruitcake! His rhetoric is disgusting! He should’ve been court martialed instead of volunteering to resign. He has no respect for anyone.

          1. Elizabeth Miller says

            Jetmagot you describe yourself perfectly

          2. stephanie wilson says

            damn right!

          3. Carol Chadbourne says

            Well now…that image looks a great deal like you…Allen West is a gentleman and a Christian….more importantly , cares about America and her vets…working and retired…. you are a sour grape in the walk of life.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Tell me where he goes to church? The rotten language out of his disgusting mouth, surely his pastor must be public knowledge? These are bagger so called christians? They are ignorami and bible thumpers, none of which follow any of christ teachings.. Hypocrites and followers of Hate .

        2. jetmagnet says

          It seems you have a handle on it. As a military veteran.. West disobeyed the rules of war. There is no one above the Law. Whether he protected his men is debatable war situations things can change in a heartbeat. West has disgraced himself and the country and his blantant disrespect for women and anyone that disagrees with him further bolsters the idea that he’s rogue and has no respect for the law or The UCMJ. There is nothing honorable about mr West before and since he left the military. He acts without respect or dignity that should be afforded one in his position. He could justify his military default by rising above political dissonance.
          Bush was notified by the FBI and the CIA, he ignored it. I was a republican back then and everyone knew in the republican quarters that Bush wanted to avenge daddy bush and finish off sadamm He and dick cheney along with rumsfeld and wolfowitz should be hanged. Dick cheney’s reasoning was oil as haliburton was major player in exporting Iraq oil. To even bring slick willie as you call him into the conversation is ludicrous and shows your inability to accept the facts. It’s petty politics at best.
          Try Hubris

          1. jag57 says

            Saddam Hussein was a monster, but was he, compared to what. He had been an ally of the U.S. and as bad as he was, he protected the people being murdered by ISIS Muslim terrorists now. The tearing down of Iraq, started with the Kuwait takeover, which was a setup, but Clinton made it much worse after he was elected. He put in place sanctions, which only hurt Iraqi citizens, and he also declared a no fly zone. In reality, killing Saddam was a bad idea, but not near as bad as the pincher strategy they used in Libya; arming what I call useful idiots to fight alongside the Muslim terrorists to take over Libya. Libya was the most prosperous and stable country in the Mid East, so it had to be taken down. Lord help us, and pray for Israel, if the Muslim Caliphate is brought about.

            Did Iraq have WMD’s, he did have poison gas, which was moved to Syria, and Jordan prevented an attack in it’s capital.

          2. jetmagnet says

            Correct, If bush would’ve left saddam alone there would be no middle east problems right now. ISIS is the remnants of saddam’s military along with others from the same sect. Bush and rumsfeld and the neocons thought the party would be over after saddam fell, and bush proclaimed “mission accomplished”. A major miscalculation on their part, knowing occupying a muslim nation isn’t going happen. What bush did is cause a fracture in the entire region and the GOP has a major proponent of arming rebels in John MCain, that goes for libya and syria ( if he were elected we’d be in world war III) You can here the neocon war mongers on Fox news talking about Bombing these countries.

      9. itsfun says

        The problem is 44 million is not enough for vacations for Obama, maybe if we spend a billion or so on his vacations, he will get well rested and actually be able to make a decision and start telling the truth and not cover up his scandals and actually do something good for America.

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          NEVAH happen!! EVIL is as evil does..and this pinhead is evil. Intelligent, but none the less evil in turning our beautiful country into his caliphate in a one-world gov’t headed by….the stinkin’ U.N.

        2. jetmagnet says

          George bush had four times as many vacations and spent more money-but because he’s not black it’s ok- hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Obama “has taken 92 days of vacation since he was sworn in. How many did
          President (George W.) Bush take by the same point in his presidency?
          Three hundred and sixty seven. Yes, more than a full year of vacation.” Again fruitcakes get misinformed by watch Fake News!

          1. itsfun says

            For your info: I don’t know if you are a hypocrite, a fruitcake or a just plain liar.

            Leo Hohmann

            Leo Hohmann is a news editor for WND. He has been a reporter and
            editor at several suburban newspapers in the Atlanta and Charlotte,
            North Carolina, areas and also served as managing editor of Triangle
            Business Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina.

            Presidential vacations have a way of rubbing people the wrong way,
            but the timing of President Obama’s latest lavish getaway has raised
            more than a few eyebrows.

            With Ebola running loose on the African continent, with a terrorist
            group beheading Christians in Iraq and threatening to take over the
            country, with a border crisis at home and race riots in the streets of
            suburban St. Louis, it seems like the world is spinning out of control
            at the same time the Obamas are relaxing at a hidden hideaway on
            Martha’s Vineyard.

            And people are taking notice.

            “The president has many fans on the island, but we’re told even some
            of Obama’s most ardent supporters are questioning the wisdom of this
            summer’s sojourn as war roils Gaza and a wave of families and children
            are crossing the southwestern U.S. border illegally,” reported the Boston Globe.

            White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, unlike most trips to
            Martha’s Vinyard, this one will actually be a “working” vacation, and
            Obama has already made one trip back to Washington in between trips to
            the beach and the golf course to talk about the renewed war in Iraq.

            One watchdog group that has taken an in-depth look at presidential
            vacations through the decades is Washington, D.C.-based Judicial Watch.
            The group has filed Freedom of Information lawsuits to obtain financial
            records that show Obama’s travel costs – sitting at more than $44
            million as of March 2014 – have now exceeded that of any other

            “Obama is fiddling while the Middle East burns,” Jill Farrell,
            spokeswoman for Judicial Watch, told WND. “It’s not terribly reassuring,
            that he interrupts his golf game (to tend to the war in Iraq).”

            Judicial Watch has been following the Obama travel story since the
            infamous “New York Date Night” shortly after his first election. That
            tab for the evening was estimated at $72,000.

            “It made us begin to take notice. And now everything that can be
            known through the Freedom of Information Act is known and we are still
            getting rolling production from the Department of Defense as well as
            Secret Service, as additional documents will be forthcoming as part of
            Judicial Watch’s ongoing investigation,” Farrell said.

            It’s important to note, Ferrell said, that most of the documents
            received by Judicial Watch have been forced into the sunlight by federal
            courts. Very little is handed over without putting up a legal fight,
            she said.

            “Occasionally they answer one of our requests but not reliably so.
            More often than not, it requires a court order,” she said. “The
            Department of Defense has provided us with a formula so we know how much
            it costs to fly Air Force One but it doesn’t include the cost of all
            their meals and entertainment and all of the front work for their trips.
            It’s a rather flagrant abuse of public funds.”

            And some of the most flagrant tabs run up by the Obamas involve trips
            for their children taken independent of the president. The children
            averaged a vacation a month in the first three months of 2013.

            In 2012 Judicial Watch found that one trip to Mexico
            by then 13-year-old first-daughter Malia Obama cost the taxpayer
            $115,500. She was accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents and as many as
            12 of her friends.

            “Yes, the oldest child was remarkably in Mexico during one spring
            break, and Michelle has taken them to Aspen, Colorado, and to China,”
            Farrell said.

            There have been long Christmas vacations to Hawaii. And there have been short weekend getaways
            that run up tabs in excess of $295,000, and this does not even include
            the cost of cranking up Air Force One, according to records obtained by
            Judicial Watch.

            The White House, like Congress, is not subject to the Freedom of
            Information Act. But documents describing the Pentagon’s role in
            presidential travel, along with those of the Secret Service and Homeland
            Security, do fall under the Act and are considered public records. This
            is where Judicial Watch has found a treasure trove of information.

            Then there is the issue of higher expectations that Obama brought
            upon himself with statements he made as a U.S. senator in 2008, now
            famously captured on video,
            saying that those running for president should not ever take vacations.
            They submit themselves to a separate standard, he said, that comes with
            the office of the presidency.

            “The bargain that any president strikes with is, you give me this
            office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for
            sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone,” Obama said. “I am
            giving myself to you.”

            Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in a statement last
            month that the Obamas are “abusing the public trust and the taxpayers
            with unnecessary luxurious vacations and travel. These staggering costs
            show why these documents were covered up and we had to sue in federal
            court to get them. Another transparency fail for the Obama gang.”

            Here are some of the other findings of the Judicial Watch investigation:

            As of March 2014, Obama has spent more time traveling
            internationally than any other president, taking 31 trips since assuming
            office in 2009. The 119 days spent overseas cost taxpayers tens of
            millions of dollars.

            At the same point in their respective presidencies, George W. Bush
            had spent 116 days on 28 trips, Bill Clinton had spent 113 days on 27
            trips and Ronald Reagan had spent 73 days on just 14 trips.

            In 2010, Obama flew aboard Air Force One 172 times, nearly every
            other day. Just the cost of flying aboard Air Force One to Obama’s
            hometown of Chicago can cost around $180,000 per hour.

            In addition to all of his international travel, the president spends
            a significant amount of time traveling with his family. The Obama
            family has taken vacations to exclusive beaches in New England, private
            clubs in Key Largo and, of course, luxurious beaches in Hawaii.

            According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, beginning
            with the infamous New York “date night,” the Obamas have spent
            $44,351,777.12 in taxpayer cash on travel expenses.

            The actual total cost may be higher, as the White House is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

          2. jetmagnet says

            I understand, you’re a racist-bigot that believes this president doesn’t deserve anytime off even though your bagger congress takes more time off than any other congress in history…. and even though they refuse to pass anything with his name on it, period. It’s rubbing YOU baggers the wrong way because you Hate the president, let’s be clear about that fella. iT’S 24/7 BASHING since he was elected. So cut the crap!!! I’m shure he could get alot done with without them like executive orders. Independents , progresives,and liberals know exactly where your party stands, Nowhere and for nothing. I suggest a Taxpayer lawsuit against baggers for doing nothing and creating downgrades, shutdowns, and stupid conspiracies and absolutely no jobs or accomplishments, just taxpayer waste!!! . They should return taxpayer money for sitting on their azzes and repealing Obamacare 50 times knowing it wouldn’t ever pass costing us taxpayers millions and $20 billion shuting down the government and costing 400,000 jobs. I hope he takes as long as he wants sir, he has a congress that’s been on vacation since 2009.

          3. itsfun says

            The Presidents own words say a president shouldn’t be taking vacations like he does. As far as the do nothing congress, blame Harry Reid. The House has passed over 350 bills that just sit on dirty Harry’s desk. He doesn’t allow the Senate to even see the bills, much less do anything with them. By the way, what crap, you are one proven wrong about vacation time being taken by the Presidents past, and current. You have no idea what if any political party I belong to. You are making excuses for the failures of Obama and doing what he has done for the last 6 years and are blaming anyone you can think of for his failures.

          4. jetmagnet says

            I keep asking this over and over, what bills sir? they pass bills no one but billionaires want! It’s all PORK for their donors. Harry knows exactly what bullshit is sir. An as i’ve asked b4…Give me those bills and bill #’s and let’s see if they help anyone, ok? I posted them b4 they suck, help no one but special interest.

          5. itsfun says

            Over 40 of the bills were introduced by Democrats. Over 60 were introduced by both Democrat and Republican. Dirty Harry should be presenting all bills to the Senate. He is like Obama when enforcing only laws he likes. Got anybody else you can blame for obama’s failures?

          6. jetmagnet says

            What are the bills sir?? How many times do i have to ask you? Are you a minion sir who doesn’t care about the bills,just that they exist? What a phoney!

          7. itsfun says

            I have already given you the proof about the vacations. I will not do any more research for the likes of you. Just go to the House site and you can see what bills they have passed and sent to the Senate. You don’t even have a clue on how a bill is created. The President doesn’t send bills to anyone. That is not his job. He can ask for a bill for issues he wants to deal with, but he doesn’t create them. That is what the House and Senate do. A member creates a bill, the leader then assigns the bill to committee. The committee may make changes to it or send it back to the leader unchanged. The leader then brings the bill to the entire house or senate. Its gets voted on and if passed it goes to the other branch of government. You need to go back to school and take an American government class.
            Doesn’t a approval rate of 40% tell you anything about how the whole country feels about Obama and his policies? You call people phonies and you don’t even have a clue of how our government works.

          8. jetmagnet says

            Elementary, everyone one on this board knows how government works lmao
            Your still stuck on vacations??? I’ll give you some homework. How many did bush have? Reagan? and any of the other republican presidents?
            Tell me where in the constitution it says POTUS can’t have a vacation while congress is not in session and the senate is on vacation. You seem like a puppy chasing it’s tale. I don’t care about Obama, ok? Or what his approval rating is …history shows all presidents AR goes down in the second term. Still at 40% it’s double what american’s think of the GOP at 21%. You peeps are in the 10% minority of voters in this country, not even 25%. It’s like the mouse that roared. There’s more independents than fruitcakes. And there’s millions more democrats than republicans. No matter how bad Obama is..your party is ten times worse…people hate the tea party like poison. They are a cancer with a giant billfold. The only reason they exist is because of the Koch bros and billions in special interest money, that contradicts bagger principles. They’ll take the money and ignore the donor and whatever their agenda might be just to push heir hypocracy that eventually will die.

          9. itsfun says

            I sent you the data on how many vacation days Bush, Reagan, and Johnson took. The only one that said the President shouldn’t take vacations is Obama himself. I don ‘t belong to the TEA party, but believe liberal people fear it more than they hate it. The TEA party believes in the constitution and that scares liberals. The Tea party believes we are taxed enough already and that scares liberals and lovers of big government. The TEA party wins some and loses some, just like the Democratic and Republican parties. Liberals should love the TEA party as they take votes away from Republicans in national and local elections.

          10. jetmagnet says

            The data show bush took 4 times more vacations, but who cares? I don’t see anyone complaining about it…it’s freakin petty…and again it’s only rightwing fruitcakes and their Hate Media machine that even care about such nonsense. The bagger party stoops about as low as you can get and has no morals whatsoever. No publications write about this nonsense but idiots who get ratings and make money off of it. In fact the right is so dumb they buy into fraud websites that favor their hate and make money off it. How can the Teaparty ever gain voters with their Hate and nasty politics? If they acted decent and respectful of everyone including the president and cooperated on key issues, they’d gain some votes, but they like being hateful Bassturds, so they’ll never increase their voting base, especially independents like myself. They have a huge money machine that gives them power,but people are starting to realize money can’t buy you votes, policy does.
            Yeah, establishment republicans are kicking azz in primaries. They are harder to beat than Teabags. I have no problem voting for establishment republicans if they are for things I like. If a bagger were up against a good republican and the dem was better then both of them. I’d vote for the bagger in the primary, then vote for the dem in the general. It’s just the new strategy adopted by democrats and it works.

          11. itsfun says

            This will shock you. I will be voting for the Democrat running for governor in my state this November. I voted for the Democrat in the last US Senate election. I will be voting for the Republican candidate for the US Senate this November and the Republican candidate for the US House this November. In my area I will be voting for the Democrat for the state senate and the Republican for the state house. I believe the character of a person is the most important reason for supporting or not supporting them. I don’t like any politician that just does what the party leaders tell them to do. I vote for them to represent me, not a political party. That is the reason we have problems in the US Congress today. The House has passed over 350 bills that are sitting on the desk of Harry Reid and they will stay there because he won’t let them see the light of day. I don’t care if the bills are great, good, bad, terrible or whatever, I care that the whole US Senate won’t be able to see them, vote on them, or do anything with them because of one man. Our system is designed for both houses to see the bills and act on them via making changes, compromises or passing or not passing. When the bills are not allowed to be seen, this violates our system of government.

          12. jetmagnet says

            I suggest you research those bills. I wouldn’t pass any of them. They’re all PORK and there’s some trickery in every piece of legislation baggers try to pass, They deploy these bills knowing they won’t pass the senate, harry realizes this and kills them. He’s doing a great job. He’s got a nose for rotten legislation. Bagger bills don’t pass the smell test and one of their biggest special interest ploy is to get the keystone pipeline passed, or the medical device tax removed.Why, because it affects their wallets! The bagger party is all about money. They only sit on commitees that pay. No baggers on the veterans commitees because there’s no money in it. They’re against anyone with who can’t give them money. It’s hillarious that baggers think that it;s about constitutional government, personal freeedom and all the horseshit they feed these morons on a daily basis in their media. It;s making them stupid!
            Go read each one and see for yourself…some are just bullshit.
            Now baggers sneak through legislation anyway through the American Legislative Exchange Council. Known as ALEC. Several big name corporations pulled out when the found out what they were doing. Then there’s illegal redistricting, decreasing polling places and early voting. Requiring outlandish proof to vote. This is done because baggers can’t win without screwing people out of their only voice, the Vote.

          13. itsfun says

            The medical device tax only gets passed on to us. The pipeline will provide jobs and oil not from the war torn countries. Our Representatives do not pick and choose what committees they sit on. The leaders of the House and Senate chooses who sits on committees. This is one way they keep their “people” toeing the line. This is also the way they keep all committees under their respective party control. How many committees in the House have more Democrats then Republican, and how many committees in the Senate have more Republicans than Democrats. My point on over 350 bills sitting on the desk of Harry Reid is he should not be able to do that. Why even have a Senate is our Senators cannot even see a bill? At least 40 of those bill were initiated by Democrats, over 60 were initiated bi-partisan. Good or bad these bills should see the light of day in the Senate. The Senate committees can then add, change, or delete parts of the bill and send to the full Senate for a vote. If passed it goes back to the House with changes and the House can accept, change, or get rid of it. This is our government process and how compromise works. Harry Reid is completely ignoring our system. It is obvious you hate the TEA party, but check out their membership. You will find the members are made up of all races. The numbers reflect almost the same percentages of each race as the population figures of the US.

      10. Elizabeth Miller says

        Lets just end welfare programs and let you go to work

        1. John H. Kohlenberg says

          The bible says: If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Not true in satins playground in America with welfare at the top of the list. But what does God know.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Where does it say that fella? It says you help the poor or you go to hell.
            I guess you peeps are so consumed by poor ,disabled and old people trying to survive and want to take their lunch so much the Bible is something you have no time for.

            John 3:17 But if someone
            who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well, and sees
            a brother in need, and won’t help him–how can God’s love be within him ?
            1 John 3:18 Little children, let us stop just saying we love people;
            let us really love them, and show it by our actions. 1 John 3:19
            Then we will know for sure, by our actions, that we are on God’s side, and
            our consciences will be clear, even when we stand before the Lord.
            Prov. 14:31 Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God.

            Baggers love no one but themselves and are evil , nasty , mean spirited and just misguided disgusting people.

          2. omen11 says

            This country has helped more people than any other country in the world.At the rate we are spending money we will all be poor including you stupid,pathetic, liberal,progressive,commie fools.You and your ridiculous quotes.How about “God helps those who help themselves”These latest illegals should stay home and fight the scummy leaders of their country instead of running away and causing irreparable harm to my country.This is just a ploy by Obama to destroy our nation and he’s winning because of idiots like you.

          3. jetmagnet says

            Why do you hate people so much? If you don’t like immigrants move, because you’re not an American you’re an immigrant. Someone brought your sorryazz here, you didn’t sprout up in a potato patch! Nobody’s is keeping your ungrateful azz here. Your not going to change a damn thing-get use to it. I’m very happy to be a veteran and live in the country of opportunity. You’re not a patriot and you never served this country like many other baggers, who really aren’t americans, they’re anarchist bend on destroying democracy and the government.

            “We have elected an ungovernable collection of
            snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds,We have
            elected people to govern us who do not believe in government” that’s what the teaparty is!

          4. omen11 says

            I see you’ve reached the point of insanity.I also am a veteran.I fought a war that treated veterans like the plague but I also learned a lot of history.No country in the history of the world has survived with open borders or unchecked immigration.I know that you being either a devout liberal or just stupid would prevent you from learning a little about Democracy even though we are a Republic and not a Democracy.I bet you did not know that either.You are the poster boy for when our schools fail our children.You picture shows what’s inside of you.I refuse to conferse any further with a fool such as you.

      11. stephanie wilson says

        you lie. all liars. will have their part in the lake of fire

        1. jetmagnet says

          If you don’t like liars, hypocrites and people who claim to be christians, but would throw poor people and children under the bus. These teabags aren’t christian they are anything but.
          Republicans are hypocrites. They do everything in the name of Christ,
          while simultaneously acting as un-Christlike as humanly possible. They
          support the right to carry assault weapons, are pro-war, and completely
          ignore the fact that the Bible depicts Christ as a Liberal who was
          opposed to capitalism and violence. They sincerely believe that this is
          God’s country and that God loves us more than anyone else in the world.
          They think that anyone that is not 100% pro-Israel is anti-semitic. They
          hate everyone that doesn’t agree with them and think the Bible tells
          them to, and they hate Gay people because they think they are sinners.
          They do terrible things in the name of their Lord. They think that
          anyone who doesn’t agree with them is damned to hell or hates America.
          They believe that we are a Christian Nation even though the Founding
          Fathers made sure that they did not brand this country as a Christian
          Nation. The Founding Fathers wanted a country of religious freedom, free
          from religious persecution, but these Republicans will never admit

          1. Elizabeth Miller says

            This is Gods country and its not about lying and hate.If you had ever learned about God you would not be the fool you are today.In God we trust.If you wish to comment on something you might want to know something about the issue

          2. jetmagnet says

            Try reading the constitution! Baggers show their ignorance and never research.
            The Text of the Constitution Does Not Say the United States Is a Christian Nation

            If a Christian nation had been the intent of the founders,
            they would have put that in the Constitution, front and center. Yet the
            text of the Constitution contains no references to God, Jesus Christ,
            or Christianity. That document does not state that our country is an
            officially Christian nation.

            Not only does the Constitution not give recognition or
            acknowledgment to Christianity, but it also includes Article VI, which
            bans “religious tests” for public office. Guaranteeing non-Christians
            the right to hold federal office seems antipodal to an officially
            Christian nation. The language found in Article VI sparked some
            controversy, and a minority faction that favored limiting public office
            to Christians (or at least to believers) protested. Luther Martin, a
            Maryland delegate, later reported that some felt it “would be at least
            decent to hold out some distinction between the professors of
            Christianity and downright infidelity or paganism.” But, as Martin
            noted, the article’s language was approved “by a great majority . . .
            without much debate.” The Christian nation argument just wasn’t

            In addition, the First Amendment bars all laws “respecting
            an establishment of religion” and protects “the free exercise thereof.”
            Nothing here indicates that the latter provision applies only to
            Christian faiths.Finding no support for their ideas in the body of the
            Constitution, Christian-nation advocates are left to point to other
            documents, including the Declaration of Independence. This also fails.
            The Declaration’s reference to “the Creator” is plainly deistic. More
            obscure documents such as the Northwest Ordinance or personal writings
            by various framers are interesting historically but do not rise to the
            level of governance documents. When it comes to determining the manner
            of the U.S. government, only the Constitution matters. The Constitution
            does not declare that the United States is a Christian nation. This
            fact alone is fatal to the cause of Christian nation advocates.
            I could continue, but trying to get brainwashed theocratic minds to accept reality is beyond is not my job.

          3. Carol Chadbourne says

            You still smell fishy….nothing like an American Patriot….so, stroll off, troll.

          4. jetmagnet says

            You people hate, you trash the president, there’s racist-bigots in your party.
            You want to steal food out of the mouths of children, Paul Ryan wants to eliminate all entitlements. Yeah those damn 47% of freeloaders getting Va benefits and social security and welfare , medicaid-throw them in the gutter. Cut funding for head start, the list goes on. There’s nothing christian about teabags and they prove it everyday. Most all rightwing conservatives like AYN RAND ideas which is selfishness. Take from the poor give to the rich and help no one. She was a devout atheist.
            More like the Party of Satan!!

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            Tell it to the muslime when they are skinning you alive in their human slaughter house.Maybe youll get lucky and they will gange rape you while their cutting your feet off.They will definetly stuff you mouth with your own dick if you squeel

          6. jetmagnet says

            You are a sick fck!

          7. Carol Chadbourne says

            You actually do not KNOW what is really going on, do you…..oh, you poor soul. All it takes is to WAKE THE HELL UP!!

          8. jetmagnet says

            Yeah tell me what’s going on LMFAO!! I know everything you fruitcakes buy into, it’s all bullsheet. Yes you need to wake the F up!! If I was part of the intelligence community and was totally stupid and listened to the fruitcake news channel, alex west, glen beck, rush blimpo and had an IQ below 100, I’d probably believe elephants could fly.

      12. Mae Ferrell says

        You like this? Anyone out there think that this stuff isn’t happening today in the U.S.? In case you hadn’t noticed, all eight rules are currently in play. Can we turn around the eight social state agendas that have been insidiously injected into our culture?
        How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:
        There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.
        1) Healthcare � Control healthcare and you control the people
        2) Poverty � Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
        3) Debt � Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
        4) Gun Control � Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
        5) Welfare � Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
        6) Education � Take control of what people read and listen to � take control of what children learn in school.
        7) Religion � Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools
        8) Class Warfare � Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.
        Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States ?

        Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin’s original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule. Stalin described his converts as “Useful Idiots.” The Useful Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S. It may be too late to reverse the decline.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Tax rate for the wealthy was 93% during republican president eisenhowers tenature. Your ideology fits perfectly with conservative icon AYN RAND an Athiest and hero to the conservative movement.
          Try reading Atlas Shrugged and get an education , debating clueless baggers with rightwing talking points, is like trying to teach maggot to each fresh meat.
          Lady your so full of bullshit and misinformation you need a political enema!lol

      13. Ddenney1 says

        Republicans are garbage??? They are just trying to protect your right to be wrong or stupid as the case may be! I hope your welfare check keep coming but eventually we will run out of money and your lifestyle of dependency will be forever gone and you will have to fend for yourself and of course you will not make it! So just stay put and hope your parents outlive you so you will never have to be accountable for yourself! Good luck!

      14. 1LOSLUBRICANO333 says

        FDR WW-2 – Truman – Korea – JFK, LBJ – Vietnam all from the Democrat Party
        To Jetmagnet a verb followed by a pronoun from a Marine combat vet.

      15. nobummer2012 says


      16. Carol Chadbourne says

        Why don’t you just leave America, you’re so twisted regarding any truth…and who would know more about ‘garbage’ than you who is spreading it thick…uh????

        1. jetmagnet says

          Since the majority rules, I think your fatazz should leave. Teabags are worthless morons anyway.

      17. Charles Covington says

        you are clueless keep tuning in to cnn and msnbc, hey turd how many scandals has this douche administration had so for, fast and furious, irs , green energy, the black panthers , va, the border crisis, and how about the money that has been wasted on Obama care and still they couldn’t and haven’t straightened that mess out yet, also entering into the Treyvon martin bs so yeah hes a pos

        1. jetmagnet says

          You mean the Fruitcake News Channel and darryl the criminal Issa’s scandall’s .
          They’re all bullshit. Has any one been found guilty? NO! You sound like a typical rightwing racist-bigot that’s on another Planet. Look fella, all those people and more ain’t going anywhere so Get use to it illegals, black’s , minorities,gays and chinese food. You can’t change it no way no how, it’s only getting worse for you small white supremist group. You got two choices, blow your brains out or move.

          1. Charles Covington says

            the next election will determine that you will go flush your self punk

          2. jetmagnet says

            The do nothing Baggers raving and ranting about border security couldn’t even pass their own freakin bill!!!!!! These clowns can’t and haven’t done jacksheet!
            They make anouncements that they are going to do something and then Fail to get the Votes. Obama wins again! Showing just how inept and stupid the Teaparty caucus is.
            Talk about the Kings of indecision!! lmao

          3. AnnieK231 says

            How come the only hate filled, insultive, judgemental, person on this thread that can do little more to bring to an adult conversation is filled with excessive cursing, and name calling is someone on the left? Did I just read that “those damn 47% of those freeloaders getting va benefits”? I surely hope you were using satyre. A very poor execute of it if that’s the case. Regardless, of what “side” you’re on that been drawn in the sand, there are scandal after scandal that follows this president. Everything from Benghazi, fast and furious, Bergdahl swap, lying, blatantly and then back peddling on promises under the affordable care act, which ended up to not being so affordable. To not supporting our ally, Israel, to leaving the vacum which has allowed IS to take over Iraq to our open borders. Yes I know, “it’s all Bush’s fault” well Obama has had 6 years to correct that issue and now refuses to change it until he gets his magical $3.7 billion. To the blatant lying done by Reid who has no clue that the supreme justice 5, on his “5 white men want to control womens body’s” isn’t aware that conservative Judge Clarence Thomas is not white. And Nancy Pilosi blatantly lying on the Hobby Lobby subject stating they won’t cover any BC. Which is blatantly a lie. And the very act. The RFRA act major supporter was? You guessed it! Our very own Nancy Pilosi bashing the very bill that protected HL to opt out of covering the 2 forms of Plan B pills. And 2 forms of IUD. They still cover 16 other forms from the
            Combined pill, progesterone pills to tubes ties. And our darling Hillary and her “hard choices” was also working with the DOJ during watergate. This isn’t information from Fox News. This is news that’s out there in the whole internets proverbial universe of information. Throwing insults on any side doesn’t solve anything, and it most certainly doesn’t make a person look like an articulate person that can make their point whether it’s in agreement or disagreement. That’s what these forms are for. Adult conversations. From people who for the most part have a deep love of our country, a belief in our constitution and a respect to our military. And we, as members of the Tea Party are not going away.

          4. Carol Chadbourne says

            There is no sense talking to someone who speaks nonsense. That’s the liberal commmie who WANTS to live in a 3rd world country under a caliphate in the nwo…he has such low intel that he still uses the card which is trite and banal and seriously THEIR only explanation for why we can’t stand someone…especially an illegal alien…taking over our country to hand it to the greedy U.N. He says he is in the majority on this forum…seriously..??!! BS. They have used every negative word in the dictionary to conservatives to insult them. What they ALSO don’t know, whether any of us are brown, black, white, orange or purple..ignorant of what is really going on outside their parents basement windows….hahaha..I’ve been wanting to use THEIR trash talk and finally got a chance. Doesn’t make me feel any better though…we need ALL AMERICANS to fight this socialism…they just don’t care enough about their families..or elderly parents who are going to get the brunt end of this usurpation . Now, he’s playing with ‘germ warfare’ getting a start on his annihilation of Christians and Jews…..but, he WILL get his comeuppance, one way..impeached..or the other….Our God in Heaven who doesn’t particularly like lying…and that’s all they do is lie and listen to LIARS…b.o. being the BIGGEST one of all…and they BELIEVE everything that comes out of his lying mouth. Well, I can’t understand why they..socialists…get nasty with us when all we are doing is trying to save our once-beautiful America.

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            Well said and now I am going to take some good advise and not bother with this fool anymore

        2. Elizabeth Miller says

          He is just a liar

      18. Luvthablues says

        Damn are you joking or are you really this stupid?

      19. Luvthablues says

        What an idiot! Do you live in your parents basement? Do you have a job? Join the real world.

      20. marie oshetski says

        Boy arehyou a coolaid drinker

        1. jetmagnet says

          Yeah, your mamma sweetin’s for me everytime i see her.

  5. Charles Covington says

    Maybe the next commander in chief will be vetted, will have ability a backbone and have a love for our great country, instead of total disdain

    1. donl says

      I hope we can vote again, with this demon in the white house there’s no guarantee’s. Don’t be surprised this fall if there are a lot of riots and chaos in oct.-nov. just before election time. That way ovomit can shut down the voting machines at his designated locations. ( in the conservative locations).

      1. Jimmy King says

        HAHAHAHAHA What a moron

        1. Charles Covington says

          go get retard tattooed on your forehead

        2. jillocity says

          you are a special kind of stupid aren’t you…all it takes is democrat created riots and disturbances…then obama can declare martial law…and remain “president” (dictator) until HE decides the “emergency” is over

          1. Jimmy King says

            Talk about a special kind of stupid. Take the tin foil helmet off and come out of your mommy’s basement. There isn’t going to be Marshall Law you moron…He isn’t muslim, nor was he born in Africa. He was elected fair and square by the American people, who wanted something different after 8 years of pathetic leadership that lead us into 2 wars which were unfunded and an economy left in a ditch. Nobody is coming to get you, or to take your guns away Now, come on out of the basement. Maybe mommy will make you some nice soup

          2. danny kimbrel says

            He is muslim, per his own words, and his grandmother who lived in Kenya said he was born there and she witnessed his live birth, and lastly the electronic voting machines were rigged by the dnc, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten 109 votes where there was only 100 people. now lie and say it never happened !

          3. jetmagnet says

            You people are dumb…no fruitcake on this forum whitnessed his birth. Nothing was rigged, people don’t vote for idiots and azzclowns like ROBME and MAD BOMBER mcCain and Bush was hideous! There’s more dems than baggers. baggers are idiots that believe anything their media tells them like freakin ZOMBIES!!! They have no brain of their own and certainly I’ve proved over and over they never research anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. chamuiel says

            jetmagnet, are you still here? You proved you have nothing to say, with your first post.

            Yes, the Democrats and the MSM treat the useful idiots like as if you are brain dead zombies.

          5. jetmagnet says

            So, Give me a list of accomplishments from the party of NO? Last 5 yrs? how about the last 10?? 20?? Plain n simple they won’t let Obama do his job . then blame him…it’s sorryazz way of doing business and fools no one with brain.

          6. stephanie wilson says

            there are over 340 bills waiting on that lazy senator’s desk. suck on that sir. call reid & tell him to do something, or shut up!

          7. jetmagnet says

            There isn’t 340 bills. So, what are these bills, DA KNOW?? LMFAO! What, no accomplishments??? No bagger can list anything because Boehner and company have none…again…they suck at their job!!

          8. John H. Kohlenberg says

            Hey Jet, you have an ate away brain from all those drugs.

          9. Charles Covington says

            if you haven’t gotten any thing to hide? why seal all documents? kinda perplexing when you try to defend the muslim

          10. Chuck says

            And there are more Dems coming across our southern border thanks to a president who won’t do his job and enforce our laws. More of you doesn’t make you right, it may just make you more wrong. Time will tell all of the scandals will come to light. If Obama has nothing to hide then why is he hiding everything.

          11. jetmagnet says

            The GOP is nothing more than a scandal machine. They can’t Tout their accomplishments or even their resposibility to legislate, a shutdown, a credit downgrade millions of jobs lost with their policies, because their main accomplishment to make Obama a one time president and nothing else….and they lost. It’s a stupid strategy. They have no plans period, no agenda that helps anyone. You can’t win by blaming the other guy, at some point you have to show up. Dems coming accross the border? That’s the Bigoted , racist beggers fault. They had a shot to make them republican voters. Passed in the senate and shot down by baggers. You guys lose votes by being stupid. Bush had a large black vote, robme didn’t , You lose all kinds of voters because your ideas piss people off and they SUCK!!!

          12. Elizabeth Miller says

            Stupid just stupid

          13. jetmagnet says

            Hey Miller just do one thing for me, list all the accomplisments of your party in the last 5 yrs that’s benifited ANYONE but the wealthy? How about since reagan?
            How’s that supply-side economic policy doing? Great if your a 1%’r Reagan the idiot and failure promised all this tax relief was going to help all americans. A rising tide lifts all boats??? WTF happened??? It’s a damn SCAM and you losers keep falling for that horsesheet. I don’t think any bagger took an economics course.
            Small businesses and consumer demand drives the job market, not giving away billions to corporations and the wealthy that Hoard it or hide it in offshore accounts.
            It’s estimated the US loses $2 trillion a year from wealthy tax moochers, like ROBME. Never showed his income taxes. lmao!

          14. Elizabeth Miller says

            jUST AS DISRESPECTFUL AS EVER.i am a female not be be called by my last name like Im a player on a sports team.I am a grandmother.Your MUSLIME king has enriched its self just fine while bankrupting America.Republicans have drawn up hundreds of bills.Dirty Harry Reid the traitor will not allow a vote on them so he can lie to you and say the bullshit that comes out of the old perverts mouth.What are truly needy people going to do when they run out of our working citizens money.This MUSLIME ILLEGAL man wants us to take better care of illegal gang members then he does our kids.I have taken in children my whole life besides raising my own.Right now I recieve 360.00 a month to raise a teenage boy.He eats that in a week.Take care of our children first please Sir.Taxing the shit out of us workers without cutting any wasteful spending is what your King is doing without even thinking about the fact American companies are free to leave as well as any American citizen is.Other countries will and do love the jobs they bring to them.We can eat squirrels while they last

          15. stephanie wilson says

            you really are full of it. wow. your rant is really funny.

          16. Carol Chadbourne says

            It’s also FILLED with lies…whacky weid has 356 bills from the House, still sitting on his desk…with all the ignorance he can muster,,,this ‘Jr’ knows nothing at ALL. Have to pity him when the SHTF….and it’s coming!! Whacky weid refuses to put these bills to the floor…..he is either approaching dementia…..or he’s ‘gone’ full blown…they ought to retire him…and then he tells the hoi polloi that everything is the House fault, because they “aren’t doing anything…” another gross liar.”

          17. Stealth Fighter says

            You should REALLY try and get a job as a White House spokesperson!!!! I think that you would be good at that!!!! IMHO.

          18. Elizabeth Miller says

            Satin turns everything backwards.Its clear thats what you are

          19. stephanie wilson says


          20. Carol Chadbourne says

            yep ditto! thinks he knows it all and yet, does not know a damn thing.

          21. Carol Chadbourne says

            Stupid….IF you knew ANYTHING at all, you WOULD know this (and I take it ARE as arrogant and ignorant as ‘what’s-his=face-jimmy)…they, the white hats, have sent to the Senate OVER 350 items to vote on…guess WHERE they are?? STILL placed on whacky ‘w’eid’s’ DESK….so that they can both…or 3…lie and say Congress is doing nothing…most of the bills having to do with job opportunities!! YOU are on the WRONG side, bud.

          22. Carol Chadbourne says

            All lies…just like your leader.

          23. stephanie wilson says

            did you have the same problem w/ the nuts & the 9/111 ;”’truthers”? somehow, i bet not. hypocrites!

          24. jetmagnet says

            The GOP is full of Hypocracy and lunatics. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to be associated with the GOP, republicans or the Rightwing fruitcake Teahadist.

          25. stephanie wilson says

            that is the demo rat party, moron. nice try

          26. Carol Chadbourne says

            YOU and Jimmy King are really living on another planet, aren’t you??? Everything was rigged…and apparently, there ARE a few of you who vote for ‘azzclowns and idiots’…you’re proof of that little gem. You haven’t done any research …at least NOT Agenda 21…not fema, camps re-education camps , coffins by the millions….or even the millions of jihad Islamic muslims infiltrating into OUR country…just waiting on word from your highness the lyin’ clown….to start annihilating Christans and jews…… wake the hell up, boys.

          27. jetmagnet says

            Lol Where are you hearing this garbage? If anything like that were possible I’d know about it…as I worked for the government.
            You people are SICK, seriously, You probably heard it from fruitcake Alex West.

          28. Carol Chadbourne says

            Wow! It all just came out in your own words…will wonders never cease….I am very involve with politics, with which I GET informed…so, there are things that have been talked about over and over…and YOU DIDN’T HEAR about it??? How left out you must feel….were you a janitor??? I RESEARCH, dumbo…I also rec letters of support…175-200 snail-mail pieces..I’d bet I have more intel than you’ve had all your gov’t working life. (THAT snail-mail is 200 a WEEK.) Even the SEALS write to me, they are investigating too….you wouldn’t believe the amount of proof they are all stacking up against the pos.. And do not use that frickin’ race card with’s trite, a handy excuse and it’s banal. I have 4 beautiful grands who are biracial…so, don’t give me any chit about THAT. your idol is THE biggest ongoing LIAR that has ever set foot upon this earth.He is EVIL personified. I do not want to talk to someone who knows nothing…it’s not an intelligent exchange when you are mesmerized so badly that you can’t see the truth.. he’s smart all right…evilly ..he knows what he’s doing, and how to do it so that the Americans he called STUPID…ARE! He schemes..he’s great at it…..he then screws it up so that his people…you…will blame the gop. Don’t take my word for it…..ask 100 conservatives…and you’ll get 100 of nearly the same answers. We know a helluva lot more than you do, or you wouldn’t let our country turn into a 3rd world country that ALL have dictators who want to be bowed to….And just WAIT for bo-care to fully materialize….you will be paying for any and all poor, illegal and the elderly…redistribution of wealth…a family of 4 will be paying at least $20,000 extra a year over and above your own. 2700 hundred pages all in taxes and penalties….you won’t be able to say you didn’t KNOW about it, pal. I was sent a list of 101 crimes and misdemeanors played out by your prez…he will pay for the treasonous acts….we have 59,000 vets who are HOMELESS..and out of those 26,000 are dying because of needed care, which they never received. And now he wants billions for the illegal ninos and ninas…to HOUSE and FEED them…..that is BULLS–T…no matter HOW you stir the crap up. WAKE THE HELL UP and become an American trying to save his country. YOU ARE THE uneducated who are SICK!!

          29. jetmagnet says

            As soon as I heard the redistribution of wealth bit I ruled out that you have an intellect. Seals don’t have a level 7 security clearance. Am i supposed to answer this nonsense you just wrote? It’s not fact based – I can can smell a fruitcake news listener from a mile away. These people are in their own reality not unlike the rest of us, and make up things they’ve heard from agenda pushing fruitcakes. That’s right ask 100 conservatives , even 100,000 and they all are like fcking clones with the eact same bowel movement.
            It’s like the BORG , a collective all on the same page trying to assimilate stupid people like themselves. love to toy with their tiny minds. If only they could think out of their box. lmfao!

          30. Carol Chadbourne says

            YOU are SO stupid, I can’t believe I’m reacting to your drivel…never said anything about the SEALS sec. clearance…you literally make things up! ABSOLUTELY everything I wrote is the TRUTH…you’re not use to hearing ANY truth from that illegal in our WH….it is all fact based…you are just too lazy to have done any research…or listening to news. Google redistribution of wealth….I can assure you, twerp, EVERYTHING I wrote is fact-based….he’s going to be sued pretty quick…and while you’re at it, research..Homeless Vets…..MAN, you are so enamored of that evil person, you can’t see the trees for the forest. His time is coming, believe me. I don’t want to talk to someone who has NO idea what is happening to Americans and their country…thanks to that pos YOU call a prez…

          31. jetmagnet says

            Two long rants without proving a thing. He’s getting sued because of the employer mandate was extended for businesses something conservatives wanted. So he did what they actually wanted and now their suing him and it looks like another stupid party play. It’s raising millions for the left. Anything stupid baggers do, it drives up funding!! There’s no injured party so the suit has no standing and people look at it as another bagger ploy. It’s hilarious to us independents who will side with democraps!
            Homele3ss veterans and women get screwed again by Teabags!
            n January 28, 2010 with strong bi-partisan support. Republican
            Senator Mitch McConnell objected to the legislation on the Senate floor
            on behalf of Senator Tom Coburn, preventing it from passing.

            “I am deeply disappointed that Senate
            Republicans continued to put politics above people and blocked my bill
            that would provide support for homeless women veterans and their
            families,” said Senator Patty Murray. “This is a bipartisan,
            common-sense bill that would support veterans in my home state of
            Washington and across the country. I am going to continue fighting for
            it to pass. And I urge Senate Republicans to end their obstruction and
            allow homeless women veterans across the country to get the support they
            have earned.”
            Last week Senator Murray met with Natalie, a former member of the
            Navy and single parent of two boys from Issaquah, Washington who became
            homeless in 2007. Natalie has since found support through transitional
            housing programs and is now in permanent housing in Washington state.

            Murray’s bill, S.1237, would expand assistance for homeless women
            veterans and homeless veterans with children and would increase funding
            and extend federal grant programs to address the unique challenges faced
            by these veterans.

            You said you research than look up the Bill. 1237

            The only party helping vets and the homeless is Obama and the democrats, and i can list every bill. Now i’ll give you an equal opportunity to list ANY bill baggers have passed to Help any vet. Or any venue honoring vets. President Obama has honored more vets than any president and done more for them. I can list all those accomplishments with the actual legislation. Can you show anything at all that your dysfunctional fruitcakes have done besides shutting down the government, shipping jobs overseas, killing wages, causing massive public sector unemployment and wrecking our credit rating. SHOW ME BILLS, not what you learned from rightwing wackos! lol

            PS your party just killed it’s own freaking Border security bill, talk about dysfunctional clowns!!

            House Republicans failed to pass their own bill to
            address the border crisis Thursday as efforts to build support among
            conservative members collapsed. Unable to shore up enough votes, House
            Speaker John Boehner pulled the doomed legislation, which would have
            provided $659 million in emergency aid to the U.S. border.

            Shortly thereafter, the Senate voted to block an emergency
            funding measure of its own, 50-44, which would have allocated $2.7
            billion for the border.

            Hardball with Chris Matthews, 7/31/14, 7:00 PM ET

            Congress leaves town doing nothing

            House Republicans are expected to pick up the effort again Friday morning, just
            as lawmakers prepare to leave Capitol Hill for a five-week recess
            without passing any funding relief for the southwestern
            border. Emergency funds are set to run out by the end of August after a
            flood of unaccompanied minors – some 57,000 have been apprehended at
            the border since October – strained immigration resources and facilities
            beyond capacity.

            GOP leaders faced a groundswell of opposition to the border funding
            package ahead of the scheduled vote as far-right factions led by Texas
            Sen. Ted Cruz complained that the funding request was too costly and
            needed to include provisions to undermine President Obama’s executive
            action on immigration.

            After initially proposing a $1.5 billion plan, Boehner heeded calls
            to trim the funding package far below the president’s $3.7 billion
            request to send relief to immigration courts and enforcement at the
            border. Late Wednesday night, House leaders agreed to include a separate
            vote on a companion bill to undercut White House efforts to expand a
            program that has offered more than 500,000 undocumented immigrants
            temporary work permits and relief from deportation, which the president
            implemented by executive action in 2012 in the wake of congressional
            inaction on comprehensive immigration reform.
            Unable to win over tea party Republicans! LMFAO!!!!

          32. Carol Chadbourne says

            Last word from me…those are nothing but damn lies..he wrote ex/orders to change the damn act every time. I will NEVER get through to you…you WILL hear about the ALL the crimes of treason and misdemeanors in due time…I AM a INDEPENDENT….I do not care for the ‘established gop’…trying very hard to get the more conservative to fill the empty seats come NOV…IF he doesn’t commit FRAUD AGAIN…. and I will not debate that point with you…it’s been proven. And with all his newfound buddies from Cent. Amer….who came along with their ninos and one will be surprised…just one more charge against him when the time is right. He also has plans to put the screws to Hillary. Wait and see…until…oh, btw…b.o. vetoed any HELP for our Military…he hates them and has already ‘outlawed’ CHAPLAINS in the service…so, go ahead, socialist and keep believing the propaganda that you’re fond of spreading…it won’t help him. So, farewell, traitor to America…you disgust me.

          33. jetmagnet says

            You people need another Planet to live on, because nothings going to change for you fruitcakes, nobody is moving, blacks won’t change color, hispanics won’t vote for you and when your redistricting changes there will be no baggers in office. You may win the senate…may, but you won’t hold and you peeps have no future in this country. Minorities will be the major force and politics along with the progressive movement. So you can either move or start your own country lmao!
            I’m a veteran STUPID! I belong to these organizations that help VETS and they know it’s the damn GOP that screws them and every federal employee knows they suck. You still haven’t produced a damn shred of evidence, because you don’t have any!!!

          34. Carol Chadbourne says


          35. Carol Chadbourne says

            There is NO talking sense to this clown, danny…he’s useless and clueless. and, as the other socialists , strikes out with meanness because they do not HAVE the ammo for a nicer debate…..their vocabulary is limited with gutter phrases…we don’t need THIS, when we are making attempts at getting our country back…along with our Historical papers, which b.o. would love to set afire as he would OUR flag and everything else American…including “We The People”……somewhere in Kenya, they are missing their idiot.

          36. Cranky Steven says

            Go back to bed, Jimmy. Your mommy is calling you. She is lonely again. The cable guy left.

          37. chamuiel says

            Marshall law? What kind of law is that? Is that where the Marshal’s impose some kind of law?

            Talk about calling others stupid.

            Explain how hussein obama has raised the national debt from 11 trillion to almost 17 trillion.
            I know it is beyond your cababilities, but try.

          38. Chuck says

            Just keep drinking the cool-aid everything is okay with the world. We are in total peace in Jimmy World. Now come out of your cave with the rest of us, get a job and support yourself instead of depending on someone to do that for you. Reality is really gonna suck when you wake up.

          39. stephanie wilson says

            the economy was in a ditch thanks to clinton’s housing bubble, one which bush warned congress over 17 times about. sad that morons like barney frank, chris dodd, & maxine waters laughed off.

          40. jetmagnet says

            No the economy tanked because Bush allowed it to happen, he even admitted it.
            30-year experiment with Reaganesque pro-business, anti-government,
            pro-deregulation economics is coming thankfully to a very abrupt end.

            Republicans are still fighting Dodd-Frank , banking regulations. They also don’t want the CFTC to do it’s job and don’t like the consumer protection agency.

          41. stephanie wilson says

            what i spoke, was the truth. no, bush wanted regulations on fannie & freddie, he wanted responsible policies. he wanted homes for the poor, yes, but not the way is was being done. he warned about the bubble & was ignored. check out barney frank on youtube. he said as late as 08. that things were fine. stop cherrypicking & look it up! btw, chris dodd was also part of the problem. dodd frank does not solve the problem! in fact, it makes it worse..

          42. jetmagnet says

            According to the Bush Administration’s own records, when Bush was
            elected in 2000, he inherited a federal budget surplus of $236 billion
            from the Clinton Administration. after eight years of George W. Bush, the federal budget deficit
            soared to $454.8 billion almost triple the $161.5 billion recorded in
            fiscal year 2007.

            How did Bush squander the huge budget surplus, when he had a Republican controlled House and a Republican controlled Senate?

            Republicans implemented several other conservative ideas, including
            lower taxes for the rich and deregulation of the financial industry. The
            result was a fiscal disaster. Bush threw away the balanced budget and choose to borrow money
            instead. Americans understood why taxes needed to be raised for the war
            effort, but Bush and the Republicans didn’t.

            Republicans thought that holding down taxes was more important than
            paying for the war. Republicans thought that lowering taxes on the
            wealthy and deregulating the financial industry would spark the economy.

            Exactly the opposite happened. The wheels came off.

            Bush’s greatest mistake was gutting the military by illegally
            invading Iraq, instead of crushing Al Qaeda and killing or capturing
            Osama bin Laden. The war in Iraq stretched the military to the breaking
            point, shattered the budget, and divided the country in a time of war.

            No matter what you think of Bill Clinton (draft dodger, philanderer,
            cheat), you have to admit that he is highly intelligent and that he did a
            great job with the economy. George W. Bush, on the other hand, is a man
            of average intelligence who presided over a historic collapse of the
            American economy.

            For those of us who staunchly believe in conservative principles such
            as a balance budget, a strong military, and service to our country, the
            question is simple.

            Why would you ever vote for a Republican again? The Republicans are
            the ones who got us into this mess. Why would you trust them to get us
            out of it? DODD_FRANK? Do you know anything about financial reform or derivatives? The stock market is something I know quite a bit about and DODD /FRANK reforms are working!

            Don’t believe them. This past year has seen
            significant advances on key issues of financial reform, with at least
            four major wins. And crucially, the battles that still remain are coming
            clearly into focus.

            First, banks are now required by regulators to hold higher
            levels of capital than had been expected. Banks hold capital to protect
            themselves from losses, to stay solvent during a crisis, and to make a
            bank failure more manageable. Though capital requirements aren’t as high
            as they could or should be, the consensus has distinctly moved toward
            high capital requirements being a central tool for putting guard rails
            in the financial system. And there will be additional rules later this
            year outlining how banks have to carry even more capital in the form of
            unsecured debt that provides regulators with room to maneuver in the
            event of a failure.

            Last fall, the Commodity
            Futures Trading Commission oversaw the launch of the exchanges for
            trading derivatives. Former CFTC chairperson Brooksley Born was shoved out of government
            during the Clinton years, by Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, for
            proposing the idea, and now it is the reality of the financial markets.
            These “swap execution facilities” launched without a problem last fall, and in February
            of this year it became mandatory to trade major categories of interest
            rate and credit default derivatives through these exchanges.

            of the goal of this reform was to enforce price transparency, and this
            is already having positive consequences. As predicted, reports are
            coming in that middlemen dealer firms are going to lose billions even as the volume and liquidity
            of the market remains the same. This is the power that
            regulatory-enforced price transparency can bring to a market. And as the
            CFTC expands to collect more data and make it public, the effect will
            be even stronger.

            Another win was the ruling on the
            Volcker Rule, which separates hedge fund trading from banking
            activities. The rule, which had stalled throughout 2011 and 2012 as a
            result of internal fighting and intensive lobbying, finally was unveiled
            in December of last year. As Kevin Roose of New York magazine wrote,
            “the fact that the draft rule managed to escape the lobbying process
            more or less intact is actually pretty incredible.” There will be a long
            implementation process as regulators make calls about what falls inside
            and outside of the rule, but the fact that it survived this process is

            onservatives should rejoice. I consistently hear
            about how Dodd-Frank is a “corporatist” bill that protects firms by
            labeling them systemically important. And if being seen as systemically
            important and subject to Dodd-Frank rules was an implicit subsidy—the “biggest kiss,” as Mitt Romney put it during the 2012 debates—then firms should be running toward the designation.

            opposite of that happened in 2013. When the insurance giant Prudential
            was being considered for systemically important status, instead of
            trying to get the status it aggressively fought it.
            Meanwhile, the lobbyist-driven bills in the House seek to remove parts
            of Dodd-Frank rather than expand or solidify it. Utilities want out from derivatives requirements, and private equity firms want out from having fraudulent activity exposed by the SEC under Dodd-Frank. These are all the opposite of what you’d expect if it was a corporatist bill.

          43. stephanie wilson says

            the surplus was a projected surplus. it was assuming nothing changed. sorry pal but 9/11 changed everything. you can cite all the left wing talking points you want, but facts are facts. you know damn well tax cuts did not create the crash of 08.

          44. jetmagnet says

            No left wing talking points, these are facts. I’m neither a liberal or a Teabag, I’m an independent and I research my material. I hate teabags because they are destructive to America, do nothing for Americans and feed the Wealthy.
            Being in the Stock market their idea of capatalism (supply-side) economics has failed an ran up the debt in both the Reagan and Bush administrations.
            The surplus was Clinton’s over objective spending bills that republicans proposed. No republican has EVER balanced a budget, they suck at their job and their sole purpose is to support policies that enrich them and their donor base. Fruitcakes that believe that their getting small government, lower taxes are frankly stupid. What your voting for is another collapse of the US economy.
            You seem uneducated, because you don’t know anything about economics, markets or business. Instead of responding with any argument, baggers typically blow it of as talking points?? Being independent. looking at policy and legislation and the money that drives lobbyist, I leave out the politics and peak behind the curtain. My mind isn’t consumed by a silly theocratic ideology that’s frankly idiotic.
            I outlined what bush did and 72% of americans understand it including 56% republicans that Bush ran up debt on two wars. Allowed deregulation and allowed Fanny and freddy to go wild. I love you guys, you’re easy to debate, no facts and you’re on the wrong side of every issue. Until your party changes , you’ll never see a republican president in your lifetime. Turn off Fake news and educate yourself the right way.

          45. stephanie wilson says

            your words betrayer as a left winger

          46. jetmagnet says

            “Their ain’t no cure for Stupid”

          47. jetmagnet says

            How Bush destroyed the Economy in simple terms so even the most uneducated person can understand it lol 1. Deregulated Wall Street: It was a great time to be a Wall Street executive during the Bush administration. Sweeping financial deregulation helped build the housing bubble and allowed financial institutions to pursue risky trades unchecked. In fact, Bush eliminated the rules that allowed Wall Street to cause the financial crash that plunged the nation into the Great Recession.

            2. Cut Taxes For The Wealthy: The Bush tax cuts — over 50 percent of which benefited the richest 5 percent of American taxpayers — cost about $2.5 trillion over the decade after they were enacted. Ten years later, Bush’s tax cuts are still the main driving factor of the national debt:

            3. Ran Up A Tab On Two Wars: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the country trillions of dollars. Combined with Bush’s tax cuts, war spending was a main factor in blowing up the deficit and spending the surplus accumulated under Clinton. Lawmakers now use the deficit as an excuse for inaction.

            4. Left Homeowners In A Lurch: While Bush was happy to help out the banks in the wake of the housing crisis, he did little to assist struggling homeowners. Hope For Homeowners,
            Bush’s proposal to assist those struggling with their mortgages, was a
            colossal failure; in its first six months, it helped just one homeowner
            renegotiate his mortgage. Many mortgage holders — 15.7 million or, one in three — are still underwater today.

            5. Weakened Workers: Bush weakened worker safety regulations and collective bargaining rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Labor throughout his time in office. Today, corporations are back to making record profits, while workers’ incomes are falling.

          48. stephanie wilson says

            bill clinton deregulated wall street in 1999, liar. stop re writing history! the wars were bi partisan, bush tax cuts helped the economy. so quit lying, ok??

          49. jetmagnet says

            Bill clinton wasn’t in charge george bushie was!!! And he had the house and senate so he had the abililty to install regulations and stop it! If something’s bad and your the president for eight years , change it! You can’t blame the guy that’s not in office…that’s stupid!

          50. stephanie wilson says

            he did not have the majorities obama had, dems filibustered bills reigning them in. nice try buddy. bill clinton started the ball rolling. bush tried to stop it. thanks to dems filibustered, he could not.

          51. jetmagnet says

            Are you on drugs? What does Obama have to do with what Bush did? Bush crashed the economy and everyone knows this fella. Clinton was the greatest that’s why he has a 60% approval rating and gives speeches, He did something no one else did ..balance the budget and had a surplus, Reagan screwed americans and was almost as bad as bush. Who was the worst president in history. That’s why the GOP sucks and you’ll never have a president! LMAO

            OH yes, the Tea party has an approval rating of like 21% and is going knowhere.

            Teabags are brain dead minions of the koch bros.


          52. Stealth Fighter says

            It has been a few days since i’ve been on line but, I must say that you are truly a special kind of stupid….

          53. Elizabeth Miller says

            What drugs are you doing ?The crack like Odummer ?

          54. Carol Chadbourne says

            Oh BOY…you couldn’t be more misguided about your leader…have you forgotten “voter fraud”..??? YES, they are coming to get us AND take guns away…(learn to spell)..martial law WILL happen, because he will STAGE a disruption so that he has ‘reason’…you best believe it, little boy.. FACT: He IS muslim….a very radical Islamic muslim…you are so in trouble if you don’t know this by now…further, he is NOT American…he is NOT a Christian…..but, what he IS…is the biggest, bat-ugly LIAR this country has ever had to put up with ……I do not really care whether you believe this or not…keep your eyes blinded to what is so obvious with anyone who has higher intel than you…so much so, that you really should turn the coin over and seek the TRUTH…before it’s too late for you to eat crow. Now, tell Mommy you are ready for your alphabet soup, sonny…and damn it, keep off her computer!!

          55. Jimmy King says

            “anyone who has a higher intel than you” HAHAHAHAH Listen you crazy old lady, 2 years at Lane Community College means my dog has a higher intel than you. Stick to your Klan in S Carolina. Your ignorance is obvious and overwhelming You crazy old coots shouldn’t believe all the nonsense that’s out there. Now go change your diaper

          56. Carol Chadbourne says

            HE is absolutely a jihad Islamic muslim…..he brags about it all the time…and it’s MARTIAL LAW, mr. kinda-stupid…#2…it was all out fraud voting…mr know-it-all. It’s just about impossible to believe that there are total nitwits out there spouting propaganda…..because THAT is all you hear…just grow the hell up and take a look around you…there is something missing and something about to be missing…our Rights and our Law of the Land ‘the Constitution’…my God you know nothing

          57. Jimmy King says

            WOW, you really do believe everything you hear on the cartoons. There was not ONE instance of systemic voter fraud. That was simply an excuse for your racist friends to try and pass racist restrictive voter laws. What rights are “missing and about to go missing” Crazy old hags like you with limited education really fall for this crap. It’s scary, but at least we will be rid of your generation real soon.

          58. Carol Chadbourne says

            I’m signing off on you because you apparently know nothing of which is going around…and that’s not fair to you. He is trying and has been trying (our rights) to confiscate our guns…and will choreograph yet ‘another’ mass killing or the like to impose martial law and send his jihad muslim after the guns of Americans who are protected by the 2nd A…which he wants repealed. AND has gone Against the 1st A, taking Christianity and flushing it…in the armed forces(where they BADLY need God’s comforting words. Definitely out of the schools..where they have been introduced to islam and the Koran…you have been lied to by obamedia, who, btw, have been paid off and threatened not to put b.o. in a BAD light. YOU believe every word he says in front of the camera…apparently you have NOT heard him speak when he’s been caught by an open mic…your fault. We need not to justify our hatred for a person who is a traitor to our country, our flag, our people and our way of life. NEVER has there been this much chaos in OUR country for almost 250 yrs..and more.So, shove off, Jr…you don’t know a damn fool thing about what is happening. Thank God that some of you have awakened..even Demos in the Congress. So, have a great life…one way or the other… a servant to the new world order…or if you EVER wake up and help Americans….I do not want to hear from you AGAIN. TY

          59. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHAHAHAH Back to the basement Don’t forget your tinfoil helmet. Stay down there, we will let you know when it’s safe to come up

          60. Carol Chadbourne says

            What’s this ‘we’ sh-t…You are not a friend to America , but one the lib posting on here , who’s not as mean and rude as you are. I’ll bet you have your mother tied up in YOUR cellar… go A-way….you are so sophomoric. BTW…apparently, I know one helluva lot more than you do…you know ‘nutt-ing’…isn’t it past your bedtime? most juveniles take a nap ’bout now. U R both: ignorant and arrogant.

          61. Jimmy King says

            I was a “friend to America” when I served here faithfully. Protecting the rights you believe the government is coming to take away. You’re a senile ole coot with a limited education. The only reason the government might visit you, is to change your Depends

          62. Charles Covington says

            If you speak of disconnect or asleep at the wheel ok no further than your pos of a president

          63. jetmagnet says

            This post is stupid…then again baggers have brain rot from being misinformed and ingnorant!

          64. mac12sam12 says

            Good one, Cupcake!!

          65. chamuiel says

            Now, you are accusing Gays of having brain rot. I thought you lefties like gays.

          66. jetmagnet says

            How do you know the difference Fella? lmao!

          67. Elizabeth Miller says

            But we can support you just fine now cant we

      2. Charles Covington says

        If that happens war will be the outcome!

        1. Jimmy King says

          “If that happens” Are you really entertaining this idiot and his fantasies? You clowns deserve one another

      3. Glatik says

        Anything is possible with this regime.

      4. jetmagnet says

        I wish he could go for a third term, he’d win again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Elizabeth Miller says

          Only because he is a proffesional liar and cheat.

      5. jetmagnet says

        I think he should have a third term since the DO NOTHING fruitcakes have sucked the entire time Obama has been in office….It would be different if they passed something and it failed, then blame hime, but the Turkeys won’t pass anything but GAS! Worst buncha useless garbage the United States ever had. They should all hold hands and jump off the George washington Bridge (the one they won’t fix) LMFAO!

    2. jetmagnet says

      The next will be Hillary, the Next maybe an Hispanic independent. NO BAGGERS EVER!!!

      1. Charles Covington says

        keep drinking the Kool-Aid “it does matter” four dead americans, that dog want hunt, all she is enjoying the money and the ga ga news media, look at the book cells that is a good measure of how well the witch will do

        1. jetmagnet says

          Oh Geez another Fruitcake News Watcher. Don’t you have the political intellect to know what your masters are doing? Benghazi has two major benefits for republican strategist. #1 Promotion of it on Fruitcake news channel helps raise millions of dollars from the clueless base. # 2 They want to reduce the chance of a Hillary presidency, that’s it. If it where about 4 guys getting killed in an unfunded embassy with a GOP president nothing would be heard again.
          Why wasn’t bush punished for 4000 dead americans in false war and lying to the american people? How about Reagan? Iran contra and he let 312 marines get blown up in beruit because he didn’t evacuate them when notified by the CIA.
          No, Benghazi is a fund raiser, and if you don’t realize it your stupid.

      2. Charles Covington says

        you also need to look at your self very hard, or you really hat stupid

        1. jetmagnet says

          Who’s stupid? Hat stupid? or did you mean that stupid? Now who’s stupid?

  6. Lori Fanelli says

    Totally agree with Combatvet 52

  7. Arnold Young says

    I have never seen so many cowards in one place. bho appoints kerry, another coward, and
    a weak kneed piece of crap, at that to over see our foreign policy

  8. anestat says

    If muslims are involved, we see action in their favor. Like the 11 billion in advanced arms to Qatar and probably going to Hamas to fight Israel. And advanced arms, including SAMS to terrorists all over the world. It may have been one of the SAMS that Obama gave terrorists that just shot down the Malaysian airliner. We see NO action or decisions in favor of the U.S. and the West.

    1. chester kendra says

      Just asking but isn’t a SAM a russian or Chinese weapon?

      1. chester kendra says

        Sorry had A brain fart of couse its a surface to air missile duh

      2. chamuiel says

        Actually, a SAM could be American. It stands for Surface to Air missile.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Your right, we will never know were those weapons ended up, or might show up next.

  9. Jon Willey says

    The president’s (Obama) reactions are always delayed for good reason. First he must have all of his analyst ferret out what will best advance his public persona and ensure that a proper opposition scapegoat has been found to place the blame on. Next they must decide how to best advance his agenda to turn the U.S. into an obedient European Socialist State. Third and perhaps most important to him is seeing to it that he advances all of the special interest money from the megabuck campaign contributors who are fueling the Socialist Democratic Party and his personal political campaigns of the past. Chicago gangster style paybacks.

  10. anti govment says

    America is the glue for a free world but Obama is the glue for qa tyrannical world and thinks Muslims who hate America should rule and slaughter all non believers!

  11. doomsdae says

    Funny isn’t it, the whole world against Putin’s Russia yet, the world is not against or is politically correct, regarding the Islamists who are committing horrific acts of violence ALL over the world. Where’s the Justice???

    1. chester kendra says

      WTF are you talking about. How much more can we all villify the Arabs to satisy you?

      1. chamuiel says

        lots more. hussein obama is a muslim arab.

  12. Lori Fanelli says

    obama is nothing but a WASTE of TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, ETC…This clown needs to be removed from “OUR WHITE HOUSE” This Terrorist,Murderer,Treasonist ,Member of Muslim Brother hood, Pathological Liar,ETC… He needs to pack his bags and walk away and NEVER look back, OR he needs to be FORCIBLY REMOVED.. CONGRESS BETTER GET SOME BALLS / BOOBS AND GET THIS MUSLIM TERRORIST GONE…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CONGRESS ?? MARTIAL LAW WILL BE HIS NEXT BIGGIE, SINCE HE MADE THIS MESS AND CAN’T CLEAN IT UP,,,KEEP DRAGGING YOUR FEET. LOTS OF TALK ,,,,,LETS SEE SOME ACTION !!!!

  13. James Maxwell says

    King O’socialist cain’t be bothered dealing with State of the Union business, he has to much to do
    on his fund raising among the rest of the Socialist Democrats.

  14. babsan says

    This Muslim Plant Fraud is NO Resident.Just a water carrier for the Chicago thug gang of his and the Commies.Too stupid !

  15. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Talk, Talk, Talk, That’s all it is! HE IS STILL IN OFFICE! And regarding Biden, who is also useless, becoming president if obuma is removed, it would only take the word of ANY person talking to him, that he is insane! Anyway, I think the next in line would be Speaker of the House until a new president is elected. Aside from that, obuma is an insane madman who I believe, has dreams of ruling this planet! And with the help of ‘behind the scenes’ people, and other stupid beings, HE MIGHT SUCCEED! WHAT A SHI*** WORLD THIS IS GOING TO BE!

    1. eddyjames says

      If it were proven that Obama was ineligible to hold the office of President as a non native born citizen I believe every illegal appointment, ever illegal order would go away as if the nightmare of the last 5 1/2 years never happened. Of course people would have to turn in their Obama phones so it will never happen.

    2. Liberty says

      Have you seen “Utopia”, yet? It was encouraging to see that many interviewed youth and various ethnic groups were acknowledging that Obama had caused serious damage to the Nation. The Emperor truly has no clothes. The mass hysteria that swung Barry into office (he needed a more king-sounding name and the public bought the delusion) would have swung the likes of Harry Reid (doddering old fool) and Biden (no fool like an old fool) or the Missus Clinton (dangerously foolish) into office. The blogs no longer have the numbers of liberal apologist comments like they used to. Very quiet on the Socialist front. Maybe as the onion peels, it’s not what they want after all? Rush was right when he said he wanted this president to fail. Succeeding meant an end to the United States as founded and as we know her. Failing means we have managed to hold our beloved ground.

      1. jillocity says

        i will be going to see Utopia (and America) as soon as i can…i have been in the backwoods of western WA (not DC) since june 8th…i need to get to a theater

  16. cathylovesyou says

    Indecision by the fundraiser in Chief. He appears sometimes to be an inept Marxist.

    1. jayleigh says

      His comment about the shoot-down was, “It may be a terrible tragedy” and then he moved on to his whatever-was-more-important activity. No outrage, no promise to help investigate, no castigation of the trigger-puller – just a “it may be a terrible tragedy” – MAY BE???? Doesn’t he realize how inane that was?

      1. cathylovesyou says

        Your right. He usually responds to everything with “This is terrible we are going to have a full investigation and get to the bottom of this” Then he tells his lackeys to shut up, cover up and deny, deny, deny. What a man (Wom)

        1. chamuiel says

          only, after he hears about it on T.V.

    2. chester kendra says

      If you look closely you will see an inept Marxist. He will preside over the demise and dismantling of the country. The U.S. is in bankruptcy and soon they will come for your bank accounts, securities and everything you own of value. Cypress was a reheasal for what is going to be common practise. Prepare now!

  17. Judith Robinson says

    Why are we spending billions to fund our enemies? I would love to have a printer who gave me money. The money we have now is almost worthless. People we are bankrupt and still the idiot is handing it out to our enemies!

  18. junkmailbin says

    a chicago blow job artist from the bath houses is out of his element. community organizers are about whipping up problems to yell about. President is about keeping the nation and all of its people safe and secure.

  19. pat ange says

    Hanoi kerry is just as much a incompetent liar as his boss

  20. frank96740 says

    Obama has never shown the qualities of a leader. If the left had paid attention to that we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today! He surrounds himself with idiots, proven time and again..

  21. marcello geno says

    I started out my political life as a Republican. My parents were Democrats who adored Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman, and hated any Republican who was in office. I now consider my politics to be libertarian-independent. Any talk of military strikes against Russia is patently ridiculous and a pipe-dream. America needs more Statesmen and the Obama Administration — all of them whose actions and inactions led to this global crisis — MUST GO!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That is so true, Washington DC has way to many politicians and NO STATESMEN. Our government is out of balance
      535 politicians
      0(Zero) statesmen

  22. marcello geno says

    Barack Obama reminds me of a guest my parents once invited over to dinner. He turned out to be a drunken lout who insulted everybody he met after he had consumed a few drinks. The next day he was still drunk and too sick to leave and we were forced to let him stay around until Sunday when we finally got rid of him. The question is: HOW CAN AMERICA LEGALLY EVICT OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES FROM THE WHITE HOUSE BEFORE HE DESTROYS AMERICA’S ECONOMY, HEALTH SYSTEM AND THE FREE WORLD?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      With guns,bombs,tanks,or just wait until his term is up. In 1789 I’m glad the founders made the presidency just a 4 year job.

      1. chamuiel says

        Huh/ Who told you that?

  23. RONALD WIEDER says

    According to the Peter Principle, Obama reached the Zenith of his abilities when he gave out towels in a Chicago bath house ! He will be remembered in the history books as the worst, most inept, liar in U.S.
    Presidential history !

  24. Eric says

    What a Weak Pathetic UnAmerican President hasnt a clue on how to run a Country!!

    1. chamuiel says

      hussein obama could not run a lemonade stand.

  25. Robert L. Rice says

    GEE,does ANYONE expect obozo to act rational??? he is very good at bumming money from the demoncrats at his famous fund raisers,to give this idiot more money,shows just how disconnected the demoncrats really are… Rome burned,while NERO fiddled,AMERICA is burning while obozo is on his knees,HAHA,,,,(bumming money??????????????????)

  26. ProfessorPBZ says

    Is there anyway you can make the print larger, and thicker? mI need a frifking telescope to read it.

  27. jimmy johnson says

    Actions speak louder than words and that is whats been needed from the start. Obama had all this planned from the beginning and if congress and senate would work together and Impeach him,he would be OUT. He should be helping Ukraine and Israel, especially, rather than giving his approval for them to defend themselves. What good does that do? They Are gonna defend themselves regardless of what he says. Our best chance is getting him OUT of the white house. Our Marine in Mexico, ACTION!!! The murdered teenagers,ACTION!! Malaysian airline shot down,ACTION!! The out of control border,ACTION!! The Texas Governor had to make a move to bring in National Guard,because Obama wouldn’t do anything!! That is pathetic!! He has to do what the president should have ALREADY DONE!!! He does nothing but talk and all of that is lies and pacifiers!!!

  28. Peter Pan says

    Obama- proven liar, Muslim, Marxist, homosexual and a disgrace to the black race..

  29. Yehoshuafriend says

    Obummer has only one concern which is the lifeline of his present ongoing agenda, that is why he is fundraising like there could be no tomorrow. For he knows that if he looses control of the Senate, his agenda to wreak havoc upon the U.S. Capitalist will come to a screeching halt. He has got to fund his ultra-liberals to the hilt before the coming elections to survive. Shalom!

  30. Bill says

    obamas victory was getting elected, campaigning is the only thing he’s programmed for, that and distracting the public from the truth by manipulating the politically correct media. His job is to tie our hands with as many burdens as possible while his “friends” rob us blind and dig our graves.

  31. jillocity says

    off to CA and WA (not DC) for fundraising…gotta try to keep those dems in the senate…and to hell with the rest of the world

  32. 1_NKEN17 says

    The King of Indecision aka..ovomit, is only decisive in matters that screw the middle class Americans and in achieving his goal of transforming America.

    1. chamuiel says

      well, he is decisive in going on vacation.

  33. grannie says

    I believe he knows what he is doing. He is working hard on many fronts to weaken and destroy our once great country. He should have already be arrested, charged, tried, convicted and incarcerated for his treasonous acts after treasonous acts. He has said…”The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam.” speech on 9/25/12

  34. RONALD WIEDER says

    Dat man don no critysizum an don care bout it – no what ahm sayin ?

  35. Paul Brown says

    Its about time that Graham is finally talking with the right side of his brain this time. Osama the dictating terrorist pig think he knows what he is doing, but the only thing he is doing is making the country worse than it was before. I believe even his so called supporters all see what a hell of a mistake they made voting for this jackass. The demoncrap party will suffer in the long run for this jerkoff.

  36. Gosha says

    Has he ever sound presidential? Never. He is an empty suit, community organiser, demagog.
    Watc ALL of his speaches since before and after elections 2008.
    Himler use to make speeches like that in 1930th in Germany.
    And idiots people also just shout RA! RA! RA!, CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!
    Had anybody enough brain, common sense to ask – Mr.Obama, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?
    country in the history of the world, WHY, and WHAT do you want to change?
    To improve-yes. But WHY “Fundamentally” change???
    Nobody asked. not even Romney. If he would ask just this one, simple comon sese question,
    he would be the PRESIDENT. It is such logical question, a 6 years child would be smart enough to ask.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      The change Obama was talking about is the little change that is left jingling in your pockets. For the next presidential candidates, i dont need any more change, I need some damn folding money!!
      You are right Obama never did say he was going to bring good or bad change; just change. ……

  37. joespenthouse says

    The POSPOTUS has no clue what the hell he’s doing-Never has and Never will, they took a nobody off the streets of Kenya, put him in a suit and said you will be president of the USA. Some things you can fake but looks like their taking this one in the Shorts.

  38. D C says

    The USA has placed a tyrant terrorist at the helm. Believe it or just keep your head in the sand.

  39. Disgust says

    How can he make a decision with his head up his posterior orifice.

  40. sanford paris says

    We will be lucky if we get to have a next commander in chief. Add “by fair election” and the odds against are even worse. The Libs will be happy until they discover they are as expendable as the rest of us.

  41. jetmagnet says

    Let’s go back to the chickenhawks-cheney-bush-rumsfeld never got punished for war crimes along with fruitcake Alen West. Baggers love conflicts, starting wars and dead americans. Then trashing vets when the come home. Disgusting. Thank GOD for Obama! He killed Osama and is not getting americans killed in stupid wars and conflicts. Neocons love to increase the deficit proving they’re macho and spending trillions on senseless wars, but won’t create jobs, improve the economy. fix infrastructure or pass immigration. They won’t pass any solutions, because they love blaming the president. They say he’s a tyrant, yet say he’s weak. They are idiots. The party of stupid!!!

    1. taffytee says

      Poor soul! You are so obviously out of touch with reality. Obama DID NOT “kill Osama”. Are you on drugs… Bush start the chase for Osama and the ARMED SERVICES finally caught the guy- they KILLED him! Please note that Goldman Sachs, among other Wall St. firms, and GE (Mr. Imelt) are still closely connected to our DC “?government???” (dictatorship) and they give millions to the Dems. Also, remember Solyndra, which went bankrupt: the main investor was a bundler for big O…did you forget that “crony capitalism”? Did you know that Reid, who controls bills being brought before the Senate for consideration and vote is a DEM? Did you know he has a backlog of about 320 bills from the House because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the attempts of the House to SOLVE PROBLEMS????Please stop writing illogical comments.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Douchebag, Obama gave the order, now if he bungled it righwingies and the Fruitcake watchers News channel would all be over it like everything else Obama. Just because you Peeps are in denial of facts and stupid, doesn’t mean the the rest of the Planet is. He’s a Genius, killed more terrorist (top notch terrorist) in a month than bush did his entire presidency. Bush couldn’t find osama and some believe Bush blewup the towers so he could have public opinion on his side in the war against IRAQ. Solyndra??? Hilarious!!! I go over this time and again with baggers. Most american companies went under when China undercut the price of polysilcon that went from $400 a metric ton to about $21.50 now.
        They also flooded the market with cheap solar panels. If you baggers did any damn research you know about it. The problem is baggers don’t research or try to find out anything that may be in opposition to their flawed theocracy.
        It’s all about politics and no substance with the GOP. They suck, no jobs, they screw americans every chance they get, and these all republicans too! Now the fruitcakes want to take away healthcare for 9 million…real nice. They won’t raise the minum wage, again this effects their base also. We like their message-lawsuits and conspiracies and no accomplishments! Nobody would vote for do nothing nincanpoops!

  42. badger says

    Obama and Kerry must think they are leading us from Disney World. They live in the fantasy world. How can Obama make any decisions from the golf course, fund raising, pool hall drinking beer. I’m still waiting for him to help our Marine in the Mexican jail and the flow of illegals invading our country.

  43. Janice says

    Sure he is spending our money and he is says raising it for the the Democratic party Ill just bet he takes over half of the money for himself in his far out mind he is doing the work and he gets his more then far share. He doesn’t care about this country at all he would just as well see them terrorist bomb us in fact that is what he has been working on since before he even came here.

  44. barb patton says

    If the king of the outhouse cannot make up his mind – what about the rest of the Congress and Senate who are sitting on their hands??? all talk an no impeachment?????

  45. Louis Dicapua says

    Obozo and Kerry are the two fucked up dimwits and screw balls turd brsins

  46. kathy says

    Oh yes, while Iraq was in flames, Obama was at a more important function, speaking to a group of transsexuals, raising the question what r his priorities? Seems to me sex is foremost on his mind before our problems internationally! He should have been in the war room with the military brass, where there is smoke, there is commonly fire.

  47. omen11 says

    This is not indecision on Obama’s part,it’s STALLING.He watches and waits to see if whatever he decides(or his benefactors decide)whether it benefits his ultimate aim which is the destruction of America or the uplifting of Islam.There are many repulsive actions and remarks he has made since being in office but stupid and undecisive is not one of them.he knows what he wants and so far is getting it to the detriment of the U.S.A.

  48. trugrits says

    In other words he wants us to go to war which will start WWIII more than likely. Get the Americans backing tougher actions then they will feel supported in going to war. This is such BS.

  49. waybackwhen says

    Again Obama is in Hollywood for big money fundraising! While he is here he blocks traffic on freeways, arterial streets and LAX!

    I have no doubt Obama will congratulate George Clooney on his engagement to a lawyer who is Muslim and her parents say they can’t marry unless George converts to Muslim! Should be interesting!

  50. marilyn says


  51. Elizabeth Miller says

    He needs to lay off the crack for awhile.A nice prison stay might help

  52. Cranky Steven says

    “Heavy criticism”? Does anyone suppose the criticism was as heavy as those massive two pound toner weights he tried to hoist? Do his breasts look fuller now? Firmer? Putin thinks so. Putin wants him. So does Eric Holder. Everyone but Mikey.

  53. Steven Swanson says

    This Fu**ing Idiot Is Clueless !!!! Yes he should be criticized for being A Worthless Asshole !

    1. 32eagle says

      absolutely !!! You are excellent in your analysis of RumpRider !!! You sure got that Zip Code right !!!

  54. C K Johnson says

    Obama is only the king over the pile of manure .Which he is a huge pile. Obama does not deserver the kindness of Impeachment. He should be arrested put in jail tried and convicted of TREASON. And be deported and permanently BANED from ever reentering the U.S. Along with every one of his staff and cabinet yes people.The Media be forbid from reporting anything about Obama forever.

  55. barb patton says

    the coward in chief is too afraid to do anything without his puppet master Valerie Jarrett telling him what to do.

  56. whisper says


    Jul, 2014 by Dave Hodges

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has previously met with officials from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries on the pretense of labeling the thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees. Indeed, the United Nations is now categorizing the present wave of immigrants as refugees from political and domestic violence that are merely seeking asylum in the United States. By declaring this to be the case, the United Nations is “lawfully” exerting their international power to force the United States to openly take in any and all refugees with welcoming arms, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    A Chance Encounter

    Nearly three weeks ago while traveling to San Diego on Interstate 8, I had a chance encounter with a Border Patrol Agent in a convenience store located in Yuma, AZ. I approached him and gave him my business card. I promised the agent complete anonymity with regard to any questions that he would answer. He reluctantly agreed to answer my questions. In response to my questions about the health risks posed by illegal immigrants, he stated that Border Patrol Agents have contracted drug resistant TB, scabies that can carry more serious illnesses and bacteriological pneumonia. As an aside, one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient, has been told the same by Border Patrol Agents whistleblowers and she stated so on my show on July 13th.

    Some Border Patrol Agents Are “FED” Up

    Last night, this same Border Patrol Agent called me at the number on my business card. He stated that he had been reading my articles and that he felt that I was expressing a deep understating the problem. However, he unequivocally stated my knowledge of UN involvement on the border was significantly outdated and understated. He stated “the UN is already here and he has seen clear evidence that they are calling the shots on the border”.

    This agent claims that he has encountered UN personnel at the detention facilities that he and fellow agents take the illegal immigrants to after arresting them. I asked him how he knew there were UN representatives at the border, he said he saw the proof in the sign-in sheets at the detention centers. Also, he noted that members of the World Health Organization have been in attendance as well. So, Dr. Jane Orient’s fears of a pandemic invasion may indeed be well-founded.

    Throughout the course of his duties, the agent has learned that UN personnel are making decisions on which immigrants to send to what location inside of the United States. He said he has seen the UN personnel and DHS agents gathering MS-13 gangsters, captured from different roundups, patch worked together as a group and then shipped together to various locations on the perimeter of the United States. He knows this because some of his colleagues are involved in the transport of these illegal aliens. The agent’s partner, also on the phone, stated that “I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the United States and I was told that we have our orders to treat them like anyone else”.

    I asked the agent how he knew these were MS-13 and he said you can tell “by the tattoos”. He recounted the fact that MS-13 operatives will have a tattoo with tears on their face which represents a person that they have murdered in the commission of their drug related duties. He said he processed an MS-13 member who had 9 tears on his face and he was told to process him as an “unaccompanied juvenile refugee”.

    Both men stated that while on patrol they encountered a storage area where they found water barrels . Upon closer examination, they discovered discarded drug bags and a hidden cache of weapons (e.g. AK-47′s). They also took four nearby people into custody and called for backup. He said that clearly one of the four detainees was from MS-13. Eventually, four Border Patrol SUV’s showed up at the scene and were making plans to seize the guns as contraband connected to drug trafficking. When their supervisor arrived on the scene, the seizures were stopped and the agents were ordered from the area. As the agents were departing, they witnessed a civilian open bed pickup truck carrying about a dozen people in civilian clothes being transported to the area. In hindsight, he presumes that these men to be members of the Sinaloa cartel being brought in to secure their arms and other supplies. The agent stated that the stopping of arms seizures and drug seizures is becoming commonplace at the border.

    After the event, all of the agents who were present at the scene attended a mandatory briefing in which they were told that they had accidentally uncovered an intelligence operation being conducted by ICE in conjunction with DHS in which they were allowing members of a cartel to operate with impunity in exchange for intelligence information on larger drug shipments.

    We’ve Heard This Story Before

    Let’s consider the public drug trial of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla and compare the facts of this case to the claims of the two Border Patrol Agents.

    “Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that Guzman is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.”

    “Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals”. The details of the unholy agreement between the DEA and the Sinaloa cartel was that the DEA would allow 80% of all drug shipments into the United States in exchange for intelligence information on the other drug cartels. Why would the DEA want intelligence on the other cartels, yet, they would allow the Sinaloa cartel to continue with their drug operations right under the noses of the DEA. “The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” the Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote”.

    After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents.

    Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. This resurfaces the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements in Fast and Furious as we all knew he did.

    The preceding paragraphs and the revelations by the two Border Patrol Agents clearly indicate that criminal elements, which resemble the forming of an military unit, are being strategically placed inside of the country. When I asked what was their best guess as to why MS-13 members are being processed as unaccompanied minors, one of the agents responded “to protect the drug shipments and provide enough muscle in doing so as to threaten local law enforcement who might interfere with an interdiction operation. Both agents also said that some of the operations on the American side of the border are so massive, and supported by the Mexican military, that the Border Patrol routinely avoids confrontations because they are outgunned and they are often miles away from backup.

    Both agents have now been reassigned away from patrol activities to administrative duties. Their daily tasks consists of processing paperwork for immigrants. They said that all of their unit has been reassigned to clerical duties as well. I asked him who took his place on their patrol activities. He said as far as he knew, nobody has taken their place, thus leaving the border even more wide open than it was before.

    Blaine Cooper Taken Down By Facebook

    Blaine Cooper and I spoke by phone late last night. He was with the Arizona militia on the Texas-Mexico border. Blaine has made several damning videos on his experiences at the border which clearly point to the fact that the border should be closed to all immigration.

    Blaine has informed me that after posting damning videos on his Facebook site, which showed that the Border Patrol was standing down as the drug cartels were clearly bringing drugs into the country, his Facebook account was closed and all his published videos are gone as well. Facebook claims that Blaine is using an alias on his account. I know Blaine and Blaine Cooper is his name. Facebook is lying and they wanted an excuse to hide the truth as to what is really going on at the border.

    Very tellingly, Blaine found the opposite of what I heard from the Border Patrol Agents in Arizona. The Arizona based Border Patrol Agents are angry about this Obama-planned invasion. The Texas agents are working in cahoots with the Juarez cartel in Hancock County, Texas.

    Blaine’s information is not contradicting the Arizona Border Patrol Agents account, it is just a second side of the same coin which will be explained in the next part of this series. Also presented in the next part in this series will be the complicity of Senator Rand Paul in this UN invasion of this country. Further, Congressman Duncan Hunter is involved in Fast and Furious and his actions explain how the local police are being federalized and this fact relates right back to these reported events. And, again, Congressmen Gowdy and Issa are completely negligent, or complicit in this plot as well. It is safe to say that this information is coming faster than I can report it. The bottom line is that this comes down to the fact that our country is in the process of being carved up and turned into a state-sponsored narco-terrorist state just like Mexico.

  57. Paul Brown says

    That is just the thing here, this muZlim lying terrorist pig has got us all running around trying to stop all the scandals and problems that he has caused and what else has he got up his sleeve for the future or what is his biggest thing that has yet to come. I think these are all just a diversion from the real problem coming. Keep a watch for the real big thing coming , like maybe Martial Law that will be shoved down our throats so fast we won’t realize it actually happened, or declaring himself a dictator or president for life. The real problem is on the horizon yet.

  58. 32eagle says

    any one of the 3 stooges instead of RumpRider would have been a billion % improvement and the added bonus-no treason-no traitorous illegal alien trespassing in the oval office and spying on our secret informations-he’s got a pen a cell phone and a big lying mouth-sum total=worse than zero WORTHLESS !!!!!!!(exclamation marks to infinity)

  59. nobummer2012 says

    I would only hope that Obummer had 1/10 of the leadership of John Kennedy. When Russia began to install missile installations in Cuba, Kennedy set up a no nonsense blockade which turned the tides. Today, the Wimp in charge would procrastinate until it would be too late.
    The Ukraine could be a distraction for Putin to reload those ships and begin a new drive to install missiles in Cuba. If that happens, Obummer will bury his head in the sand and perhaps we can become the Israel of the Americas. Only it may not be rockets being fired from our enemy, but something more serious. Should we fire back? Or would we be killing too many “innocent” civilians?
    Perhaps we should get some advise from our liberal friends on this one. Remind them that Cuba is only about 90 miles off shore!

  60. Carol Chadbourne says

    Guess where the failure is now?? Yep..vacation in Martha’s Vineyard spending $millions. Likes to ‘hideout’ whenever there is chaos…and he STARTS it…he will be the direct cause for another world war. And he’ll be tucked away in a sunken Shangri-La way below in the bowels of the earth in one humongous shelter with the Ozarks on top of him…cute, right? As long as he thinks he’s the leader of our country, he feels he can do “ANYTHING I want to do because I am the president….” and you commie liberals are sheltering him…..and sheltering your ‘groups’ from the REALLY EVIL truths about your leader. You will suffer right along with him. It’s way past time for you all to do a bit of mental growth and learn and believe the truth about barack HUSSEIN Obama…..he is the NO. ! terrorist of all time.

  61. dmttbt says

    Obama is not guilty of indecision, he is doing what he intended to do. He is a Muslim and he protects them and sides with them at every opportunity. He said he would side with Muslim in his book but nobody wants to believe what he himself has even put in writing. It couldn’t be more obvious than what he has done so far.
    When a ships captain loses his mind the crew takes over, what should happen in this case?

    1. AnnieK231 says

      One of my favorite analogies. In this case, it would be Smokin’ Joe. Who, I firmly believe is the male doppelganger of Nancy Pilosi. He’s a whipping boy though, I would think he would do exactly what his adviser would tell him to do, like a good puppy. I really hope we all survive until 2016. And I fear the majority of people will vote on what they hear from the corrupted media, and not go out and research themselves. It’ll be more of…”Which person will approve more freebies! That’s who I want!” I just shake my head, and look at my grandfathers military burial flag, who he, fought bravely in the Battle of the Bulge, and also, almost lost his foot from hypothermia taking down a nazi (I will not capitalize that word) train and rescuing the Jewish people pack in the box cars, and I want to cry, because he, along with the rest of the Vets from WW2 are wondering “Everything we worked for is being destroyed”, and all the vets after to current, are wondering the same thing. I am infuriated that while the UK has taken the is/isis/isil (Whatever name of the week they are this week) has raised their terrorist threat warning to Severe, here we are, Citizens of the United States are sitting here like ducks on the pond with our wings clipped with wide opened borders, no straight answers, no spine being showed, and he’s off fundraising for his “progressive” party can raise money to slam honest men and women who want to get back to the Constitution and not play tug of war with the lives of innocent US citizens, and having “quiet time” at Martha’s Vineyard. But, I’m sure somehow this is “Bush’s fault”. That’s what it all goes back too, right? And, a little more off topic here, Why the hell is al sharpton having “closed door meetings” with the POTUS?! I don’t recall voting that race baiting lunatic into office. He’s being transparent alright, transparent in the fact he LOVES the perks courtesy of you and I of being president, but, the work? Nooo, that’s no fun! And there’s no 18th hole!

      1. dmttbt says

        Obama is not the king of anything and especially not indecision. He decided what he wanted to do many years ago and even told us in his in campaigns what he was planning on doing. He is for income distribution. That is everyone’s income but his.
        The borders have been open for too long and I can’t for the life of me see why our politicians say we can’t close the border. We don’t have to have the great wall of China, but a low fence with high voltage will serve the purpose just fine. Put up picture signs showing what will happen if you try to cross and after a few try and fail it will become obvious.
        Obama says he didn’t know anything about anything until he saw it on the news. I don’t suppose we need the CIA or any other of the groups that supply information to the white house because he doesn’t use anything but the news.

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