The Media’s Response to Iranian Protests? Protect Obama!


In a volatile situation reportedly sparked by a sudden hike in food supplies, Iranians have taken to the streets in three full days of protest with some calling for the end to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s reign of power. The protesters, angry about a corrupt government, a failing economy, and a lack of basic human rights throughout the Islamic Republic, could also pose a threat to the regime of President Hassan Rouhani, who was elected partially on his promise to revitalize the Iranian economy. Far from carrying through on that promise, Rouhani has presided over a government largely run by hardline Islamists who have spent much of the country’s capital on warfare – both current and potential.

President Donald Trump had weighed in twice on the protests as of Saturday. On Friday, the president said, “Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching!”

On Saturday, President Trump tweeted two more messages in support of the protesters. “The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most,” he wrote. “Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. The world is watching!”

Strangely (or not, given their biases against this administration), the American news media, which would typically write sympathetically in favor of oppressed people seeking greater freedom, has suggested that the best thing Trump can do…is to keep his mouth shut. Unbelievably, after a solid year of criticizing the president for failing to use the White House as a bully pulpit to speak out in favor of human rights around the world, the New York Times is now telling Trump that he can best help the Iranian people by holding his tongue.

In a piece published Sunday, Phillip Gordon wrote, “I, too, want to see the government in Tehran weakened, moderated or even removed. So let me offer Mr. Trump some unsolicited advice: Keep quiet and do nothing.

“On Friday night and again on Saturday, Mr. Trump sent out tweets calling on the Iranian government to ‘respect their people’s rights’ and warning that ‘The world is watching!’ That’s more than enough,” he continued. “At this stage, we have little idea what these protests are really about or where they will lead. But we can be fairly certain that high-profile public support from the United States government will do more harm than good.”

Ah, so in this instance – this ONE instance – it is counterproductive for the American president to weigh in on the situation? Why would they take such a stance?

Well, there are two reasons. One, it gives them yet another opportunity to let their readers know that “Donald Trump is doing it wrong,” which is apparently the only story they know how to write these days. Two – and perhaps more importantly – it allows them to protect the legacy of Barack Obama, whose silence during the 2009 Iranian protests was deafening.

Of course, we know now why Obama remained mum; he wanted to protect the nuclear agreement that was, at the time, only a blueprint on the drawing board. But his refusal to support the protesters can only be regarded as a black mark on his human rights record, and that black mark looks especially bad if Trump takes the opposite approach. Therefore, the New York Times has to take the extraordinary position that they’re taking: America has no business interfering in the affairs of a sovereign country.

Gee, doesn’t that sound like the very sort of Trump rhetoric they’ve been bashing since July 2015?


  1. Ron Dapo says

    Great article, and dead on the money. Thank You!!

  2. Jmanjo says

    The New York Times should be disbanded as a terrorists organization and a source of globalist lies designed to hurt the Free world! The Iranians should protest the tyrannical government they have and any media supporting them should be disgraced and shunned. BTW, no one but fools would want the Kenyan Wonder back!

    1. Mark Clemens says


    2. boone1 says

      There are a lot of fools in America.

  3. tCotUS says

    Obama, by proxy, owns a mansion and a 400-acre estate on the outskirts of the city of Si Sa Ket, approximately 500 km from Bangkok. On paper, the land was owned by the allegedly defunct Solyndra Corporation who Obama gave 2.2 million dollars…Why? Where did the money go? Taxpayer money.

    1. gonzales27 says

      Money went to Obama supporters that helped get him elected.

      1. Timothy Thompson says

        Billions of dollars from the illegal transferring of fines that were put on big business then given to liberal organizations that Obama favored. Obama has put in place through eight years of his criminal activities people who are the deep state and obstruct the Trump making America Great Again. Hopefully our 2nd year of President Trumps agenda will continue to strike at the heart of Obama’s legacy’s, lets hope so. God Bless America.

        1. David in MA says

          Hopefully Trump will be a two term president, then we will see some heads roll….

          1. Moe says

            I with you David, I am praying for his re-election and already planning on how I can help him.

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            Hi Dave! Quite a few ‘heads’ are getting a bit ‘wobbly’ already and it’s only been a little over a year!! LOL!!

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          How about a few examples of the illegal transferring of fines.

          1. Rex Whitmer says

            He and Hillary are experts at it Robert!

          2. Timothy Thompson says

            These all stemmed from the Obama’s consumer protection agency run by his hand picked illegal director, you’ve read all about it, since Trump just trumped the promotion of the directors hand picked replacement, totally illegal. The wall street journal will have all the info you need to verify my original statement.

    2. Moe says

      A few facts, one Obama could murder your 99 year old deaf mute blind wheel chair tied too grandmother in broad daylight on Times Square NYC in front of CNN, MSNBC, and especially the NYTimes. They would report it as a heroic dead by a patriot who was suffering from your drooling grandmother’s white racism and privilege. One hundred liberals many from the Black Congressional Caucus would come forward to testify and swear in a bible your grandma dated the Grand wizard and they witnessed in person her leading the KKK parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1925. It does not matter what is true anymore, his us the change you can believe he gave us. Obama would be given the medial of Honor, the FBI leadership would hide any evidence that proved grandma never left her hometown of Columbia, Warren County NJ during her lift time. This nation will cover it up, no matter what he did to us, he gets a free pass. Eventually when you are forced to worship him in front of his shrine, you will understand my analogy. There is enough known stuff to put his sneaky lying ass away, but he will be protected at all cost. I myself hope he lives to be 110, or older so I do not have to witness the bullshit they dream up about him.

      1. tCotUS says

        Moe, I’m two cups of coffee behind you, but understand what your saying. Sad situation were in, and unfortunately your right on the money.. Maybe it’s our fault that we allowed the DemocRatic group of thieves/tyrants/ & traitors go to this long.
        Got a feeling our ride is about to begin..

        1. Moe says

          Dirty politics Chicago style will set in this new year, liberals and their foreign sponsors will pay people to accuse Trump of anything that cannot be disproven, or proven. The key ingredient for a libtards accusations is they, (even if they created the problem,) must always be the victim. In this situation if you ask for proof, your against the victim, since they might be a female, Native American, Black, Hispanic Muslim, that uses a walking aid. The perfect victim in need of justice, the villain of course committed the crime a few decades ago. The media and hate Trump newspapers would go wild drooling from their mouths. Papers like the Huffpost whom are known for writing lengthy pieces on Trump toilet habits given to them by an reliable BLM unnamed source would be experts delusional on the situation. My friend just accept it, I have, you cannot fix stupid and half the nation is nuts.

          1. tCotUS says

            Lol,,,, Weird year coming…The stupids won’t notice it, & the crazies embrace it…

          2. AKLady says

            Lead down the sewer by Trump …

          3. royaler says

            Again if this stuff is to sewery go away don’t read it.

          4. hojo says

            i hate to correct you moe but you used the word libtards – the real spelling of that word is and always was ” LIBTURDS ” . GOT IT ?

          5. Moe says


          6. Rex Whitmer says

            Nah hojo, they’re Libertards. The party attracts the less intelligent!

          7. Retired says

            Either way they are part of the trash swamp .

          8. AKLady says

            Looking in thw mirror again …

          9. Retired says

            Brilliant conclusion about yourself , but then Satan can’t see himself .

          10. AKLady says

            More right-wing, sewer language. Well, the Census documents the “red” statea have thw highest levels of school dropouts.

          11. AKLady says

            Sewer language is evidence of illiteracy — GOT IT?

          12. boone1 says

            You can’t fix stupid but you sure hell can kill it.

          13. Moe says

            We can organize and get out the vote, share the conservative news releases blocked by MSNBC and CNN. Loads of stuff to help our candidates gain a fair stand and defense. Our side is praised for non-violence, we hate the Nazis more than Obama goons. Relax, if Trump’s tax plan brings back jobs we are in a great position despite them.

          14. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Why do Nazis support Here Trump?

          15. Rex Whitmer says

            The Nazi’s are on the left Robert! You know, the people trying to unelect the President like the Nazi’s did the German Chancelor! Also Herr is spelled this way. I think it’s evident why the Nazi’s supported Hitler, and the reason the modern Nazi’s are supporting Hillary and her group is exactly the same, only we are not in the same financial fix they Germans were, and we’re used to defending our rights and laws, that the left want to change!

          16. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Yeah I missed the autocorrect Chang to Herr.
            The Nazi Party in the U.S. Is a strong supporter of Herr Trump.

          17. Retired says

            Are you sure you are not part of them ????

          18. AKLady says

            He is not, but we’re fairly sure you are …

          19. Retired says

            Are you his spokes person now . Or is that one of your many names that you post under ???

          20. AKLady says


          21. Retired says

            Hit on a nerve eh ????

          22. Ron Dapo says

            Try reading a book before you graduate jr.high Bob.

          23. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Yes, I should have said WAS a strong supporter after they thought he was supporting them at Charlottesville. They were also fans when they thought the wall was eminent. You are correct, the Nazis are socialists.
            Careless writing on my part.

          24. Retired says

            You must be one of them otherwise why are you the one always bringing them up , are you advertising for members ????

          25. Moe says

            Why did foreign communist and anarchist
            give financial support to Obama and Clinton? Why isn’t Hillary in jail for uranium One deal and email destruction? Because people like yourself accept them as normal and protect them. You could give two poops about America. Take your Nazi bullshit accusations and shove them up your Ass.

          26. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Communists and anarchists? Prove these people gave financial support t either one.
            Uranium One happened seven years ago and all of a sudden every extreme right winger thinks some crime was committed.
            I pride myself on being a conservative but I don’t subscribe to every conspiracy theory that comes along.
            The American Nazi party does support Trump.

          27. Moe says

            Soros contrubuted to both their campaigns, Barrack and Hillary, Uranium one was a crime, the evidence 30,000 emails were destroyed, the donations were laundried by a Canadian charity before being sent to the Clinton Foundation by Russian companies to hide identity of sources. the FBI worked with Obama and Lynch to cover up the crime, witnesses were not under oath when questioned by FBI neither was Hillary. I could go on and on, but it does not matter your delusional. The conservatives do not embrace the Nazi party, just like the communist party members and communist subgroups amonst the Democratic Party supporters do not embrace communist, but that is truth and you do not deal in truth. The communist support the democrats, but that dies not mean their party does. Now the New Workd Order is part of the Zobana wet dream. No one can prove anything done by the last administration, how can they when the FBI are stooges of Obama and his goons. How can anyone once evidence requested is deleted or blacked out. Usually court requested evidence was delayed till forgotten. Trust me, and continue to label me with terrible stigmas, but Trump will win re-election. He is not sneaky like Barrack, right up front on intentions and kept promises. Until Trump dismantles the corrupt fifth column left behind in the federalgovernment no real change can be immediately seen. How can you not see the trail of corruption, I followed for eight years wondering how come our government keeps giving him a free pass?

          28. AKLady says

            Soros contributed to Clinton … big deal.
            The Koch Brothers contributed to Trump …
            Trump will be charged and tried. Unlike Nixon, he will go to prison.
            “Fifth column” ??? You best give up the government novels.

          29. mac12sam12 says
          30. AKLady says

            Seventeen agencies approved the Uranium One sale.
            The State Department did not have the authority
            to approve or bar the sale.

            Why do you lie about Hillary Clinton?

          31. AKLady says

            More government waste by the talking head in the Whitehouse.
            Seventeen agencies approved the sale.

          32. mac12sam12 says

            The government waste is the stupid Russian investigation. After one year they still can’t come up with a Trump/Russia connection or anything connected to the campaign.

            It’s not just the Uranium One deal, it’s their foundation and pay to play scam.

          33. AKLady says

            Pay to play rhymes, but where are the facts?
            Like the totally fake Uranium One rumor, there are no “real” facts.
            Clinton’s Administration is the only one under which the debt was lowered.
            I can see where the $billionaire, Military Industrial Complex would not want to see him anywhere near the Whitehouse. Hillary made a third and fourth term possible for her husband. That is likely the entire reason she has been buried in hate and scandal. Eisenhower warned America about thw MIC, no one has listened,.

          34. mac12sam12 says

            Pay to play is the bribery of a government official which is against federal law. You seem to think that a certain class of politician is above the law. The Clintons will go down.

          35. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America with this ignorance and these lies?

            The Uranium One sale was approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Utah’s nuclear regulator, and CIFUS. CIFUS is composed of nine government agencies.
            Frank Giustra, sold his interest in Uranium One THREE YEARS BEFORE Clinton ran for President. Giustra is the donor to the Foundation.

            The conspiracy theory has been debunked — repeatedly.
            That has not stopped Trump from continuing to lie and insinuate.
            Oh, and Rosatom bought 100% of Uranium One stock in 2013, long after the sale took place in 2010.. The current licenses issued to Rosatom’s U.S. subsidiaries, issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, prohibit the company from exporting uranium outside the country

          36. mac12sam12 says

            If there was nothing there they wouldn’t be investigating the deal. Hillary also lied to congress and the FBI when she said that she didn’t use a private server for classified information and that’s perjury. She also destroyed 33,000 e-mails after she was told to turn them in. That’s destruction of government property and obstruction of justice. #LockHerUp

            Here’s another hypocrite.

          37. AKLady says

            The investigators found THREE e-mails that contained snippets.
            Only one copy of an official document is required to be kept.
            Please remember that every e-mail involves at least two people.

            Oh, and foolish one, crime requires intent.
            No lie involved.
            No perjury involved.
            Three messages out of how many thousand, over what tine period — you must be kidding. Oh, and two of them became classified months after they originated.

            Makes for good election garbage. as does your edited video.
            Lying is wrong, but the right-wing does not seem to understand that.
            You fell for it.
            It got Trump elected.

          38. mac12sam12 says

            It don’t require intent. Your honor, I took my gun to the bank but it wasn’t my intention to wall out with $100,000. She lied to congress and that’s intent. She destroyed government property and that was her intention after destroying 33,000 e-mails.

            The old hag is going down!

            Another hypocrite.

          39. AKLady says

            Take a law course.
            You are terribly confused.
            Save your edited videos for the other brainwashed.
            Yes, the old hag is going down — her name is Trump.

          40. mac12sam12 says

            I have taken a law class and everyone knows that ignorance of the law isn’t an excuse.

            “Your honor, I didn’t know that sending classified e-mails on a private server was against federal law!” Take a law course
            Trump will be a two term president, and party hacks like you have another 7 years of whining.

          41. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Whenever you can’t answer something you break out into your dance.

            Basic law 101, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

          43. AKLady says

            Just who are you attributing that quote to?
            Clinton never made that statement, nor anything similar to it.

          44. mac12sam12 says

            The hearing was held on TV. I shouldn’t believe my lying ears?

          45. mrpoohead says

            …….and whenever you can’t provide proof you block someone. Funny as!

          46. AKLady says

            Name the law, paragraph and chapter.
            Please remember that retroactive law will not stand in a Court.
            Bring it on, oh knowing one without a law degree.

          47. mac12sam12 says
          48. I laugh at trumpies! says

            I sure hope you remember that when your Hero Daddy is impeached.



          49. AKLady says

            You are way out of your league.
            Suggest you look up “ex post facto law”.
            In US, retroactivity applies when a new rule is developed on appeal.
            Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
            The Constitution prohibits the making of ex post facto law.

          50. mac12sam12 says

            “Your honor, I didn’t know that it was illegal to go 100mph while driving drunk!”

            Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Here’s another example of an idiot who doesn’t understand law or the constitution.

          51. AKLady says

            The entire list is fantasy.
            Obviously, you are easily taken in by brainwashing propaganda.
            Also very evident is your lack of legal knowledge.

          52. mac12sam12 says

            Point out just one that isn’t true. If the fraud was white he would have been impeached.

          53. AKLady says

            You are off topic, yet again.

          54. mrpoohead says

            Seven months. Seems quite the norm for government. And years and still nothing for Uranium One deal. Awwww.

          55. Moe says

            Soros financed violence as a tool of protestors then the left wing Clinton supporting media blame Trump and his supporters. Soros is a foreign entity, he has no legal right to try to fix our elections. He owes the US government billions in back taxes, yet democrat politicians accept funding form him? To quote Obama; “That is not what we are all about.” Double standard

          56. Retired says

            So Soros the Jew Boy is just like Sharpton and owes the Gov. Money ???? They need to deport his butt if that is true !!!

          57. AKLady says

            More religious bigotry.
            You embarrass America.

          58. Retired says

            You don’t like facts about the scum we have living in this country .

          59. AKLady says

            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          60. Retired says

            Same old cut and paste by the ROBO TROLL .

          61. Moe says

            George Soros age 87 born Hungry former SS member, educated after war in England and later US Citizen in NYC according to Forbes once the 29th richest Billionaire now worth around 8 billion, since he gave 18 billion to his philanthropy organization may well owe billions in back USA taxes. He cannot be deported he is in England, he could rightfully lose his citizenship for funding radical left wing organizations that use violence. Like the Clintons he used his charity as a place of management and board member employment for his kids, (he has 4 sons and one daughter), whom earn 6 digit salaries. Very similar to the Clintons and their employment of Chelsea their daughter, whom is now estimated to be worth 15 million dollars after sitting as a director on the Clinton Foundation board. Remember all the left wing tolerant folks that battle here totally ignore these facts, it does not fit the agenda. Please do not place Soros amongst the proud Jewish people as a member, he sold them out during WWII, now he is a New World Order candidate / supporter. Once a Nazi SS member, and now a Liberal accepted by the same liberals whom base their accusations on actrocities and even deeds committed by past american generations to justify their logic. Soros is now an acceptable guy to them.

          62. Retired says

            Yes ,i am aware of this mans history and many Jews do NOT like him for what he did . He is a Ghetto Jew just like Schumer’s family that came to the US . Chelsea also Married one and some think there is a tie between the three families .

          63. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Maybe Ivanka’s husband can join the group.

          64. Robert Dostoevsky says

            When was Soros a Nazi SS member? The SS was an elite organization and since Soros was 14 or 15 at the end of the war it is impossible for him to have been in the SS. Where did you get your bogus information?

          65. Moe says

            Your right my source was conservative fake news, the images seen and reported to be Soros are of Osker Groening a Soros look a like in youth. Soros being born in 1930 would be too young to be a member of the SS and being Jewish another draw back. Your right, I am wrong. I stand corrected.

          66. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Thanks for your response, it’s hard to find the truth anymore unless you know something first hand. I’ve put my foot in it more than once by not double checking my sources.

          67. Moe says

            Robert Dostoevsky was right Soros was never an SS soldier, that was faked information I shared he was too young to be a Nazi soldier, my apology.

          68. Retired says

            What he did was turn in Jews for Money . He might have been old enough for Hitler’s Youth group program . You corrected the mistake which most do not do and it happens .

          69. AKLady says

            Suggest you read the Constitution, pay close attention to the part where it gives a President thw authority to grant reprieves and pardons in relation to federal crimes. Your claims about Soros are equally invalid.

          70. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Try to remember Charlottesville, the American Nazi party was on the conservative side of the rally.

          71. Ron Dapo says

            Still waiting on your proof

          72. Moe says

            The American Communist Party, Socialist against Fascism, Antifa, loads of other anarchist and communist groups, and with the liberals, hey you do not associate them as members democratic voters, how come, if you use the same anology? My guess is you think a double standard is acceptable, except if it can be used against Trump. My dad fought over two years against the Nazis, he was a conservative according to your logic he being a conservative must of been pro Nazi? I am a loyal Trump supporter, if your calling me a Nazi your just plain nuts. I followed the corrupt of Obama and his sneaky associates fir eight years, no one could be as bad as that administration was no one, not even Trump.

          73. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Sorry that I’ve replied twice but I forgot to ask why Uranium One was a crime.

          74. Ron Dapo says

            Looks like you’ve been handed your hat Bob..

          75. Robert Dostoevsky says

            By who?

          76. Moe says

            Respectfully, in simple terms, Uranium one was an illegal deal under pay to play scheme were as, we, ( Obama goons), agreed to sell one fifth of our Uranium to Russian interest tied to the Russian government and the Iranians they sell it to in order that they can sell it back to us in a cancer fighting medicine the Iranians hold the monopology on. Money given in the for speeches given to Bill and 140 million in foreign donations given to the Clinton foundation through a Canadian charity to hide the foreign sources donating. The 30,000 + emails destroyed the requested evidence showing the scheme, those emails being saved upon a private server were as secret classified information was kept and probably stolen by foreign enemies. You know this better than I do yet all this means nothing to you, your sole purpose for being on this website is to disrupt. The truth is our government under Obamacare being the most corrupt in our nation’s history covered these crimes up, even the FBI assisted in the crime. Your right, we the people gave no say, Obama decided the outcome. Like in all the Obama numerous scandals the evidence was destroyed, the DOJ obstructed justice, and like their God Obama everyone tied to him walked away laughing.

          77. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I don’t post to disrupt, I post because there is so much disinformation and people are blinded by their hatred of Obama and the Clintons. I have never voted for any of the aforementioned.
            I still don’t see the crime. We didn’t own the mining rights, which what was sold not the uranium, a Canadian firm had these mines. There may be many questions about why we approved the sale of these rights but there was no outcry at the time. The State department representative said H. Clinton was not involved in any of the discussions. I may be wrong but I don’t think anything is going to happen, just some more posturing and finger pointing.
            I said nothing about the emails, there is probably a crime there!

          78. Moe says

            This was a very good and intelligent reply. The money donated to the Clinton Foundation was sent by the Russian foreign donors to a Canadian charity, since they do not have to report donors, then shipped to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton was indirectly, (similar to Obama in the Clinton email cover up), involved in getting the approval. Many question who actually benefited monetary wise amongst those whom approved the deal. We will never know. Till this day the FBI refuses to co-operate with Congress, since they are tied to the Clinton email scandal cover up and the make believe FBI investigation. I do not agree with you, I do admire your composure, and ability to remain civil at all times. There is no evidence, since only the FBI holds it, Hillary destroyed her government emails on purpose, and the DOJ refuses to share what they have under Sessions, whom will not open it to the public, or our Congress. Politically never has a nation been so divided in our life time. Best wishes

          79. Retired says

            Yes you are very wrong about the Clintons and Obama , they were UN puppets just like Gore .

          80. AKLady says

            The Committee on Foreign Investments approved the sale of the mine.
            There was no crime involved.
            No uranium has left the country.

          81. Moe says

            Really? Why was there a so called investigation? Why did Russian companies tied to the deal give donations to the Clinton Foundation after the deal was set? Why did the FBI not indict Hillary for destroying government emails kept on a private server with classified information? Nope no crime here????????

          82. AKLady says

            1. Every e-mail involves at least two people, hence there are copies of those e-mails on other computers. Is that so hard for you to understand?
            2. The law only requires one copy be retained. Is that so hard for you to understand?
            3. There were no “:Russian companies” tied to the Uranium One sale.

            There was no crime involved.
            No uranium has left the country.

          83. Moe says

            After starting the research of your response about Uranium one, I found two conflicting stories. In a civil manner, I need at least another day to response. The source I used on Soros was false and fake. Thus, I believe the Uranium was sent to Europe, but that source needs to be check. Respectfully, will response after looking for a non politically influenced source. Best wishes

          84. Ron Dapo says

            Show the proof Bob. Show how the American Nazi Party supports our president, and his reaction
            to his Nazi brothers. Go ahead I’ll wait.

          85. Robert Dostoevsky says

            See my response to Rex.

          86. AKLady says

            His Daddy was arrested at a KKK riot in NYC.
            Daddy was a founder of thw NYC Chapter of thw KKK.
            Donald has been a lifetime member.

          87. Nathan Forrest says

            and the naacp klan terroists supported hiill ann qbam a

          88. AKLady says

            Because you are repeating lies and exaggerations.
            Seventeen agencies approves thw=e uranium sale, as it required by law.

          89. Linda says

            The seventeen agencies are not the people who make the laws or enforce them. That responsibility belongs to Congress, and since they had no idea of this treasonous act by Hillary Clinton, this is the reason for an investigation. You never give away 20% of anything in our great country, especially to terrorists.

          90. AKLady says

            Uranium One was a Canadian corporation at the time of the sale.
            Russian investors did not become majority stockholders until long after the sale.
            Uranium One does not have an export licensee.
            No uranium has left the country,.
            The State Dept. Has no authority to approve or ban the sale.
            The Committee on Foreign Investments approved the sale.

          91. Linda says

            It has been reported and documented by members of Congress that the Uranium was sold to a Canadian company under Hillary Clinton’s watch as Secretary of state. The Uranium did leave the United States, transferred to Canada and then to foreign countries. Even the liberal media has reported this and they would do anything to protect Clinton. Turn your TV on and get updated so you will know what is happening. Again, as I stated in my last comment to you, the Congress should have been notified of a sale like this. They are responsible for the

          92. AKLady says

            In addition to the Committee on Foreign Investments, approval was requires from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Also, Canada must obtain U.S. approval to transfer any U.S. uranium to any country other than the United States. The U.S. Government has not authorized any country to re-transfer U.S. uranium to Russia. Uranium One, which is now wholly-owned subsidiary of Rosatom, sells uranium to civilian power reactors in the United States.

            U.S. owners and operators of commercial nuclear reactors purchase the vast majority of their uranium from foreign sources. Uranium One’s mining operations now account for an estimated 10 percent of in-situ recovery production capacity in the U.S.

            The FORMER owner of Uranium One is who donated to Clinton.
            Bill Clinton’s speaking engagemern was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States before the approval of the Uranium sale.

          93. Michael Riley says

            Getting out the vote in 18 and beyond is what we need to do! I’ll help!

          94. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible

          95. boone1 says

            Damn right we will be in great shape.

          96. AKLady says

            “Insults are not arguments, when people resort to insults and personal abuses, then they have run out of logic.” Vincent C. Okeke

          97. Deborah Pratt says

            Granted, there ‘are’ a LOT of ‘nuts’ walking around. They can be easily identified by the ‘idiotcy’ spouting from their mouths incessantly! However, I think the nation, as a whole, is getting a disproportionate idea of their numbers!! Since MSM focuses exclusively on these fools–we start believing there are large numbers of them! Even the ‘nut-cases’ think there are huge numbers supporting their imagined ’causes’!! It simply goes to encourage their outrageous behavior. ‘Most’ citizens are more ‘sober’ and attempt to ‘think’ on their own. No–we’ve tried and come to the conclusion, you really ‘can’t’ fix stupid but don’t be overwhelmed by the idea that it includes half our population.

          98. Moe says

            Well put, your absolutely right, I must give an apology on what I wrote and give my fellow citizens more credit. You put me right, after rational thought I cannot disagree. Respectfully Moe

          99. Deborah Pratt says

            No ‘apology’ needed, Moe. I also respect your right to your own opinion. I also have respect for people who know how to conduct a ‘civilized conversation’. I didn’t see a lot of that these past months but, now, I’m seeing more of it. LOL

      2. AKLady says

        You elected a legally-documented racist then you come lying about Obama.
        Court records don’t lie. United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.
        There are 200 more federal cases.
        New Jersey hit him for laundering mob money through his casino.
        New York nailed him for money laundering and running an illegal school.

        1. Rex Whitmer says

          AK, it’s time for you to go back to school! Take a good course in American and world history, then look around a see what the present day resembles most!

          1. AKLady says

            I’ll put my education up against yours, any day.
            The race riots have already begun …

          2. Retired says

            Out spreading lies and hate a little early today ???? Yup the Race crap started with your Muslim king again . You are just as bad as he was and still is out spreading hate .

        2. Retired says

          You mean his business and not Trump himself . Trump has people doing the work for him and sits back to collect the money .

          1. AKLady says

            You support a racist, legally-documented law breaker …

          2. Retired says

            Why do you keep on bringing up your Muslim King ?????

          3. AKLady says

            Trump is not Muslim. Trump has been charged, tried, found guilty and fined — more than a couple of times. His record includes money laundering, tax evasion, nonpayment of taxes, racial discrimination, an unlicensed school, corporate reporting failures, illegal casino financing…. Over 4,000 cases in all with 200+ brought by governments.

            Trump has said that he “never” settles legal claims, Trump and his businesses have settled with plaintiffs in at least 100 cases

          4. Retired says

            Why do you always change the subject and cut and paste the same old BS .

          5. AKLady says

            You have never liked truth very much.

          6. Retired says

            You do not produce anything other than hate .

      3. AKLady says

        “Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong,”
        Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

      4. Charles Girard says

        Moe i feel exactly like you do about this piece of dung and i am hoping Republicans come out of their chicken sht. shell and send this garbage to the gallows one day and in the mean time i hope he is never in the crosswalk when i am in my18 wheeler waiting for the light to change. You can’t name a problem that this bitch didn’t start. Thanks for knowing who and what he is, not many really do.

    3. Charles Girard says

      He is a sad ass excuse for a human being. He should have gone to prison in the 5th year of his Presidency but no one had the balls to challenge the NEGRO.

      1. chucky001 says

        You are a racist ass clown. America is becoming more diverse. I get it, this is making xenophobes like you more frustrated, enough so that you vote against your own interests. But that won’t stop the change.

        1. Retired says

          He should have been locked up the day he refused to present his birth certificate . The second time when he played [ I is a poor Black Boy ] Racist .

          1. tCotUS says

            Don’t waste your time on hucky poo…He’s a full blown pedophile rump ranger..

          2. Retired says

            You mean like the Chicago Bath House King , Obozo and Rahm .

          3. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Who did he have to present his birth certificate to? He had a U.S. Passport which means he had presented at least a short form version of his birth certificate.
            He never said ” I is a poor black boy” , only bigots like you use those terms.

          4. Retired says

            There is no such thing as short form . Illegal Passports were easy to obtained in those days , and once you had one you just renew . He played that ” I Is A Poor Black Boy ” in Ill. already . You did not do your homework on him before you voted for the SOB.

          5. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The State of Hawaii has a short form! I’ve had several passports over the years and I can assure you that they were not easy to obtain.
            I never voted for him.

          6. Retired says

            Obama had a record of live birth after the fact and not a birth certificate . The Gov . also showed three different ones and the one they excepted was typed and neat as to the original was hand written and a mess with fold marks like it was in a jacket pocket . The US Gov. does mot accept uncertified copies of birth certificates for pass ports . I have had them since a teen .

          7. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You should be writing fiction, you make shit up without batting an eye. I’d like to keep up our discussions but since your mind is closed I’ll just say goodbye.

          8. Ron Dapo says

            Looks like you got hammered again!!! Try a more fairy tale site, you might like it better. By now Bob

          9. Rex Whitmer says

            What he said to Harvard was: I was born in Kenya, I’m a Keyan who is asking a scholarship as a foreign student. Then it was, Hide my experiences here, whom I ran with, what courses I took and so forth. He apparently received a law degree likely from Illinois, but apparently never practiced law, though I’ve heard some where that he taught Constitutional Law somewhere, so he is well aware of his own record that he doesn’t want everyone to know! And as I’ve explained quite often, he’s a BASTARD legally, which may explain some things???.

          10. Robert Dostoevsky says

            He graduated from Columbia and later enrolled at Harvard Law school where he edited
            the law review. He never applied for a scholarship as a Kenyan. After graduating from Harvard he returned to Chicago where he was a civil rights attorney. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law school before getting into politics.
            I am always surprised that people think he had to hide his records because everyone’s records are mostly hidden. For example, you cannot look up my university records unless I give you permission.
            Why do you say he is legally a bastard? His parents were married before his birth.
            I’ve read somewhere that you are so misinformed that someone someplace called you something. Which probably explains a lot!

          11. Retired says

            There is a difference between hidden and sealed , something you evidently do not understand . A court order could open your file but not a sealed one .

          12. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Do you believe the B.S. you post?

          13. Retired says

            You know nothing about the relation ship between Jarret and Obamas going way back before his involvement in Ill. politics .Until you can prove different shut up .

          14. Ron Dapo says

            Next you’re gonna say Affirmative Action had nothing to do with being head of Harvard law school.

          15. Robert Dostoevsky says

            ??? He was editor of the law review, not the head of the law school.

          16. Ron Dapo says

            Still waiting Robert. Show the proof!!!!

          17. Moe says

            Look, Obama had numerous alias names and documents to get educational benefits, one year he was a citizen a few years later an exchange student. He has held more than one passport and more than one social security card. There is a reason his records are sealed, you make him sound like Honest Abe, or the Virgin Mary, trust me he is dirty like all those close to him. He could murder your 99 year old deaf, blind, mute,wheel chaired Grandmother whom is tied down to that chair in broad daylight on Times Square. Instead of being arrested the government would create a fake news report your Grandma led the KKK parade in 1925 while dating the Grand Wizard. It would not matter granny never left Hooverville her whole life. After numerous paid witnesses came forth to swear on the Bible, Obama once agian would be man of the year, maybe get another Noble Peace Prize

        2. jim_wright says

          No, this country became more racist snd corrupt under Obama than I could believe. Thank God we dodged a bullet when Clinton lost.

          1. boone1 says

            A big bullet.

        3. David in MA says

          “America is becoming more diverse”
          Your right chucky,
          and also more divided because of the failure to assimilate.

        4. boone1 says

          STFU stupid ass commie.

        5. gvette says

          Truth hurts, doesn’t it upchucky.

      2. David in MA says

        Those who would challenge him are his people he put in dark state positions.

      3. boone1 says

        Obama is a sandnigger muslim and a sorry POS not a negro.

    4. chucky001 says

      Please post your proof of this. Otherwise, STFU

      1. Retired says

        Are you the typical jig , that Obozo can do no wrong ???? How did he become so rich over night to Buy all his property , just like the Clintons claiming they left WDC BROKE ?? He screwed the tax payer more than any other in that position along with Congress that was afraid to stand up to him

        1. David in MA says

          I think obama was a greater money launderer than the clintons.

          1. boone1 says

            If you want to add pay to play I would say yes.

          2. Rex Whitmer says

            Yeah, but so far as I know, he didn’t off anyone.

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          His books made millions.

          1. Retired says

            How many books did he actually sell ???? How many where bought as a lot and handed out for free ???

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            What does that have to do with anything? If the RNC bought them and burned them Obama still made the money.

          3. Retired says

            You are really off of it tonight , why would the RNC buy his lies ??? Most of his life was lies and if Jarret had not taken them under her wing he would still live on the south side of Chicago . Jarret goes a long way back with the Obamas .

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I was trying to make a point. What does it matter who bought the books, the discussion was about money.

          5. Retired says

            You claim not voted for him ,but you sure do go out of your way to support the SOB . Are you a fake like the media news ????

          6. Rex Whitmer says

            I doubt it Bob, they were poorly written and exposed more than he realized.

          7. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I guess the people who track book sales are misinformed.

      2. tCotUS says

        A battle of witts with you is like competeing against a one legged man in an azz kicking contest..Get it rump ranger?

        1. Retired says

          His wits went with the lost leg .

          1. tCotUS says


        2. Rex Whitmer says

          Chucky’s correct cotus. The truth will make you free, but accepting free makes you a slave. Thus Obama care!

      3. boone1 says

        To lazy to do it yourself like all communist liberals are.

      4. Charles McNulty says

        screw you chucky. go back to your blanket and warm coco. You sound like a leftest, ignorant, snowflake, small cranium, ass kisser. America is not becoming more diverse, it’s being taken over by free loading illegal immigrants and towel head radical mus-slimes. When they do finish infiltrating our country and take over, they will beat the shit out of wimpy, blinded, dumb asses like yourself and all the other ass kissing liberals. If you like illegal immigrants then you need to move them into “your” trailer and YOU can pay for them, not the tax payers.

        1. Deb says

          Illegal aliens. Please be correct. They didn’t come the right way. They came the way a parasite would.

      5. Rex Whitmer says

        Chucky, that was one of the first give aways he made in his first year. He was supposedly backing a solar cell manufacturing plant. Don’t know how much Obama got from it, but half a billion’s a lot of dough. That was just one instance. There were several others as well and none of them worked out.

    5. Statesman Patriot says

      It was more than $500 Million that Obutthead gave to Solyndra. I’m sure it’s a money laundering scheme very much like the Clinton Foundation.

    6. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with lies?

      1. Rex Whitmer says

        Ah, Dear AK, we can’t hold a candle to thee!

        1. Retired says

          Good one and fact full , AK takes and beats them all .

        2. AKLady says

          The childish insult.
          Instead of defending liars, why don’t you try looking up facts?

    7. AKLady says

      Why do you need to lie about Obama?

    8. Charles Girard says

      It went up in smoke like all his environmental projects. Turns out he spent billions on about 10 to 15 different projects and most of them closed and some even received their tax payer grants AFTER they had closed down. That’s what a filthy rat the man really was . I hope he’s in the history books as the most wasteful SOB in our history because he has earned that honor. Or they could just call him the food stamp, welfare President if they wanted to be fair.

      1. tCotUS says

        Agree Charles ..The word is Tyrant….You must be a citizen to be a Traitor..

  4. George Robinson says

    This is very interesting, even CNN are reporting “”unconfirmed”” reports of demonstrations,showing videos in the darkness of night…..could be anywhere. And as i was concerned I phoned my neighbours who are in Teheran at this very moment, and she replied that she too had seen these so called reports on her cell phone………..but in actual fact nothing was happening in Teheran itself as of 11am their time

    1. Mathew Molk says

      What the hell are they doing there? – Don’t expect a platoon of Marines to get killed getting them out when the wheels come off. They got them self in, Let them get them self out.

      1. George Robinson says

        What are you babbling about……………who….doing there??……..marines……..wheels……..calm down jerk, my neighbours are NOT YANKS, and according to my neighbours nothing is happening,and the very first report that was on the internet was from a Jewish media site stirring up shit……….anyway, people have a right to protest,they do the same in the USA, Russia, China………but this time it is false reporting

    2. Moe says

      Look, Trump usually is right when he points to a foreign nation’s situation, his name is not Obama the pathological liar supported by fake news media. If Obama said this it would be treated like gospel, even if it were just another one of his usual lies. Trump said this and the media question his character; “just another Jewish media site, stirring up shit ?” Reality, Obama could murder your deaf, blind, mute, wheel chaired tied down 99 year old grandmother and the media would deny it, not report, or just do as they did for eight years cover it up. You want fake news watch CNN and MSNBC. There are other source reports of civil unrest in the Iranian terrorist state. I know what the Iranians under this current government did to our military in Iraq with IED manufactured bombs given the Shiite militias.

      1. George Robinson says

        Spoken like a true brainwashed Yankee jerk….you see I am not American and dont live in the USA, all I was posting was that the Jewish press started off this lying piece of reporting, and I replied with my true version from friends in Teheran at this very minute………on the spot reporting is always better than made up lies……….Jews are very good at lying

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Many people of goyischse descent R also talented prevaricators. Your stye of assertion leaves me doubting your Teheran story, one I’d otherwise B inclined 2 accept.

        2. Rex Whitmer says

          Perhaps that explains things a bit. You have friends in Teheran? And you’re in touch with them? Have to talk to the Iotola. He said he had cut off all outgoing computer communications.!

          1. George Robinson says

            Four days ago I had friends in Teheran…………HAD………..and I did talk with them by mobile phone the very morning after CNN had reported the “”so called happenings””……even CNN said at the time, that the videos they had received………..they COULD NOT verify if they were true or not……..understand!!!!!!!

          2. George Robinson says


      2. nick evans says

        The NYT (and others) are not (conspicuously) reporting Trump’s attempt to do away with all of our environmental protections. This concerns me much more than Trumps murder of my 99 year old grandmother. In this country (the U.S.A.) our WATER, AIR and LAND are under threat from the Trump administration. OUR WATER AIR and LAND are under threat while the media readily picks up on Trump’s silly tweets and talks about them! The ‘media’ you criticize is doing exactly what Trump wants them to do.

        1. Moe says

          Nick, thanks for reply. I do not believe he wants: “to do away with all of our environmental protections.” Google. CNN News by Mariano Castillo, Aug. 10, 2015;” Pollution growing faster than facts in EPA Spill.” Please share some blame here, most of my opposition truly believe Obama was near perfect, better, yet they actually believe Trump can spend more secretly than Barrack did which is humanly impossible to do. Look cut Trump a break, we wanted to take a chance upon someone who said he loves America and does not dwell upon our faults as excuses to defend his logic. We put up with Barrack and till this day, accept the fact he is unlike any other president, he is untouchable and will never being expose for wrong doings. “Trump is a gamble,” as Rep. King NYS said, if his plan works the USA gets richer as a country and people, if it fails he is finish his first term. He does not and will never get an Obama blank check to do as he pleases. Cut the guy a break, if your right I am sure we can find another person like Obama our country to replace him. Once again Best Wishes.

          1. nick evans says

            Obama was not as aggressive about phasing out fossil fuels as he should have been. But Trump is simply destroying all environmental safeguards one after another. Trump sees his personal involvement in the
            ‘transformation’ of the Manhattan skyline as a mark of pride – he made the view of an artificial environment (Manhattan) perhaps even more spectacular than it was before – and I’m sure there are many who consider ‘that’ as an achievement to be proud of. But when it comes to Bear’s Ears National Monument in Utah – to allow a uranium mine or fracking to occur there is like unloading manure at the altar of your church. If you could see that wonderful NATURAL (GOD MADE) landscape you could not help wanting to protect it from such depredations.

            The Trump/Pruitt approach to the environment is ‘wrong’ for the following reasons. The SUPPLY of GOOD WATER in the U.S. is being depleted by men at a rate greater than nature can restore that water. Just maintaining city water supplies, agricultural irrigation, and industrial water use as they are today – this will NOT BE POSSIBLE in the future unless we radically CONSERVE that water which is still available. Fact: we have to
            RESTRAIN our use of water in order to maintain just a part of the activity that utilizes that water – there is NOT ENOUGH WATER to continue using it at the present rate. !!

            Add to this SHORTAGE of water the ‘fracking industry’. Look up ‘fracking’ in Wikipedia – you will be amazed at how many truckloads of water
            are used per well. Those truckloads of water have toxic chemicals added to them to loosen up the gases in the shale underground. This toxic water is called by the frackers “produced water”. (Produced water stored underground has caused earthquakes in Alberta, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma) So from our diminishing ‘supply’ of good water – vast amounts are taken to be toxified and then dumped underground – effectively making ‘toxic’ vast amounts of good water – nothing can be done with the water after it is toxified – at least attempts to refurbish the water have been considered “TOO EXPENSIVE” by the frackers. So: We don’t have enough water in the first place – and fracking is reducing that amount significantly – and the storage of the toxic ‘produced water’ threatens to ‘pollute’ the good water in the vicinity of the ‘stored toxic water’. It does not matter if any of this fracking activity has anything to do with ‘global warming’ or not. It is diminishing our water supplies which are already being exploited at rates greater than nature can restore it. There is no reason to give Trump a ‘break’ on the environment. This type of wanton ‘quick money’ oil enterprise has to stop.
            Fossil fuels MUST BE PHASED OUT.
            Please read:
            Now it’s oilmen who say fracking could harm groundwater
            Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter
            Energywire: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

            People of faith care for creation, and clean power
            Charleston Gazette Mail Nov 26, 2017

  5. Valor says

    The NYT and the rest of the MSM is nothing but a propaganda arm of the Radical Left. Just like Pravda of the Soviet Union.

    1. Larry Brule says

      amen, all the same pile of crap!

      1. AKLady says

        Sewer language, so impressive, just not the one you intended.

    2. barbara says

      well said

    3. Obie Miller says


    4. Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez says

      El NYT a través de la historia, ha sido uno de los mayor enemigo de los derechos de los pueblo, cuando se especializan en usurpar y monopolizan la información de la “verdad” con falsas apariencias; Algo muy característico de los diferentes supremacista (también como judíos) quienes buscan reinar por siempre, ocultando la verdad bajo falsa mentiras instituidas.
      Hablando de lo que ahora domino, fue el NYT (entre otros) quien apoyó la destrucción de Cuba con la ayuda solidaria que le ofreció al asesino delincuente Fidel Castro, conocido por ellos (yo tenía un años) cuando publicó en sus páginas, la imagen con el reportaje del guía de los doce (ultrajando al cristianismo en sus simientes) quien se encontraba en la sierra, oponiéndose al indeseado mestizo, Fulgencio Batista para (decian) restablecer la democracia y ustedes saben el resto.

      The NYT throughout history, has been one of the greatest enemy of the rights of the people, when they specialize in usurping and monopolizing the information of the “truth” with false appearances; Something very characteristic of the different supremacist (also like Jews) who seek to reign forever, hiding the truth under false instituted lies.
      Speaking of what I now dominate, it was the NYT (among others) who supported the destruction of Cuba with the solidarity help offered to the murderous criminal Fidel Castro, known to them (I was one years old) when he published in his pages, the image with the story of the guide of the twelve (outraging Christianity in their seeds) who was in the mountains, opposing the unwanted mestizo, Fulgencio Batista for (they said) restore democracy and you know the rest.

    5. Rob D says

      A BIG FU to the NYT. Nothing but brainless DemoRat schills.

      1. AKLady says

        Sewer language
        Nursery school name calling

        1. Retired says

          AK >>> Running wild with her Nursery School BS .

        2. royaler says

          AK Lady, why in hell do you worry so much about peoples “sewer language” this is a good place to let it all hang out, agree?

          1. AKLady says

            It is evidence of illiteracy.
            It is not socially acceptable.
            It is the act of an immature person trying to appear adult.
            It is offensive….
            It wastes the effectiveness of the words.

          2. royaler says

            Ah JK, relax & enjoy the comments, live & let live you’re not going to change anybody or anything just go with the flow.

          3. Andrew Molina says

            Go with the flow and get lost in the tide of life – beside a filter, this thing has to be addressed accordingly

          4. Steven Criss says

            Hmmm lets ask Rosie, Keith Oberman, and any other lib if thats correct

          5. AKLady says

            Those are paid television personalities …
            You have no idea as to what their personal thoughts are.

          6. Retired says

            AK ,you and Rosie would make a perfect couple . A Dyke and pervert !!!!

          7. Steven Criss says

            Obviously its ok for them to curse and use vulgarity because they are celebrities. Live in LaLa land long?

          8. Retired says

            Being a adult leaves you out >

          9. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted or encouraged others to post harassing comments or hate speech targeting me, other individuals, or groups

          10. Retired says

            Funny if you do it ,it’s OK typical Jackass Demon Rat .

          11. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted or encouraged others to post harassing comments or hate speech targeting me, other individuals, or groups

          12. Retired says

            AK >>>> Cut and paste Muslim Troll Strikes again with BS . Escaped the mental ward again .

          13. AKLady says

            ..Targeted harassment — posted or encouraged others to post harassing comments or hate speech targeting me, other individuals, or groups

          14. Retired says

            3 times now ROBO TROLL , want to try for 4 ???? Better go back to your padded room and take your meds !!!!

          15. AKLady says

            “Insults are not arguments, when people resort to insults and personal abuses, then they have run out of logic.” Vincent C. Okeke

          16. Retired says

            Perfect description of yourself !!!!!

          17. AKLady says

            “Personal insults are the last refuge of the intellectual coward.”
            ~Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

          18. Retired says

            Did they add to your ROBO TROLL PROGRAM ????

          19. AKLady says

            “Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong,”
            Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

          20. Retired says

            The shoe seems to fit you quite well !!!!

          21. Andrew Molina says

            NANA NANA NANA – you said it twice pollyanna

          22. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted or encouraged others to post harassing comments or hate speech targeting me, other individuals, or groups

          23. AKLady says

            Trying your hand at childish rhyming?

          24. Andrew Molina says

            You academic reactionary parasite – you must validate yourself on others misfortune which defines libturds

          25. AKLady says

            The bottom line is, insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect. I’ll let you know when, and if, you ever qualify.

          26. Retired says

            Respect is the last thing you will find with the Programed BS you post .

          27. AKLady says

            I’ll let you know when, and if, you ever qualify.

          28. Retired says

            Your opinion does NOT count !!!!

          29. AKLady says

            The bottom line is, insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect. I’ll let you know when, and if, you ever qualify.

          30. Retired says

            AK >>>> ROBO Troll Right on time for the Second shift Patrol

          31. AKLady says

            Sorry, it is still first shift where I am.

          32. Retired says

            Still trying to fool people with your lies ????

          33. AKLady says

            Name calling.
            Improper punctuation.

          34. Steven Criss says

            She is a stupid lib that is hung up on grammar. Dont misspell a word because she will really go nuts. MAGA

          35. Retired says

            But AK can misspell all it wants !!!

          36. RC says

            Steven Criss, she’s probably so ugly she wants Obama in power so she can wear a burka so nobody will have to look at her.

          37. Retired says

            AK does run around letting it hang out , it’s a pervert that likes 13 year olds .

    6. AKLady says

      Ritual insults, name-calling, unfriendly suggestions… can’t you think of anything better?

      1. nonstopca says

        Maybe…YOU should find a more “comfortable” site to post on… and LET US be US, WHY do people like YOU always want US to conform to you…? screw off church lady.

        1. AKLady says

          Ritual insults, name-calling, unfriendly suggestions… can’t you think of anything better?

          1. nonstopca says

            Your keyboard is as “stuck” as your brain…

          2. Retired says

            ROBO Trolls are programed and have no brain cells .

          3. AKLady says

            You have a brain?
            Why don’t you use it?

      2. Charles Girard says

        How about put a sock in it so we can disgust the important matters and not your petty BS?

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe, you should exercise some self-control.
          No one forces you to read let alone respond to my posts.
          Moreover, you could simply block them.
          Develop some maturity, don’t blame others for your actions.

          1. Retired says

            AK is on the lose again spreading manure . AK why don’t you show some Maturity and use of brain cells instead of the garbage you puke out .

          2. AKLady says

            Retired is on the lose again spreading manure . Retires why don’t you show some Sanity and use of brain cells instead of the garbage you puke out

          3. Retired says

            Did you just puke something ???? Can’t think of anything yourself ROBO TROLL , better get a new programmer , NO better if you left with your lies .

      3. Andrew Molina says

        Is the darkness getting to you this time of year – how depressing for you

        1. AKLady says

          What darkness might that be?
          Someone else who thinks they know al about Alaska ..

    7. The Redhawk says

      IS it any wonder that the BUTCHER of TEHRAN, the Ayatollah, Praises Obama and hos (D) party CHICKENS?? and MSM still has nor GLUED the PICES of their BLOWN heads since 8 NOV 2016 which floated in toilets???

    8. pineapple says

      In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

      How’s this for having the “inside track”?


      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
      And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
      Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
      It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

    9. RC says

      I totally agree. We have quite a few Obama supporters who feel he should violate the U.S. Constitution and have a third term in power. If that were to happen our country would become an Islam worshiping Communist dictatorship and we’d probably be living under sharia law. There’s one person who writes insults about we who actually care about our country and have served it honorably. I wonder how that person would look in a burka? Many think it can’t happen here. Well, I’ve got a flash for them. It can and probably will if they get their way.

      1. Andrew Molina says

        Mostly,. it would be on fire from conservatives asserting their 2nd amendment rights

        1. justanagent says

          That is why the second amendment was added to our constitution. The founders were very wise and far sighted. With rights come responsibilities. It is our duty to protect the constitution including the second amendment by using it appropriately when required and dealing firmly and effectively with anyone who abuses it. I have my own reasons to believe that Iran will remain an Islamic theocracy and the mullahs will remain in power, but if anyone can envision a scenario short of war in which they might be overthrown and replaced by a peaceful regime that does not constitute a threat to us or our allies I would certainly like to know what it might be. Otherwise, I believe that the threat posed by Iran will continue to grow until it will become necessary to take the military option and eliminate it. I hope I am wrong and the people of Iran will rise up overthrow the mullahs. If only they were as well armed as we are it would have probably already happened.

      2. nick evans says

        “An Islam worshipping Communist dictatorship” – ? Don’t get the connection. People in most Muslim countries seem more attracted to the Democratic model – civil rights etc. Putin’s dictatorship seems to me ‘not very communist’. Russian society has become ‘capitalistic’. What do you know about ‘sharia law’ that would make it easy for Americans to take it up? The rather ugly ‘burkas’ are not traditional Islamic garb. They were introduced in Afghanistan in recent wars to protect women. A ‘third Presidential term’ would bring all of this about?

  6. Mathew Molk says

    Who the hell is this punk to tell my President to shut his mouth? The royal exalted boma is not here any more (Although he still thinks he is) and we have a president who says it like it is.

    Hey Gordon.Take your yellow PC rag and shove it up your ass.

    1. chucky001 says

      Tweety Pie SHOULD shut his pie hole, until he checks with Tillerson, so that the US speaks with one, coherent voice. Otherwise, a discordant, confused image of America is presented to our allies. Tillerson was tight to call Dolt45 a moron. Tillerson is the one adult in the WH.

      1. Retired says

        Why don’t you practice what you preach , Quit pooping your BS .

  7. Michael Angarone says

    doesn’t the NYT support the resist movement in this country? Why am I not surprised at the hypocrisy

  8. alegalcitizen says

    America has no right interfering in a sovereign nation, hmmmm then why is it OK for Mexico to get out there and blather about the U.S. complaining about all the people that Mexico HELPS get to the U.S., and complains when we want a wall to protect our sovereignty???

    1. Kenneth Bailey says

      What about when Obozo interfered in Israel’s election.

    2. George Robinson says

      But America has been interfering in sovereign nation for decades……they have military in 182 countries

      1. alegalcitizen says

        Which country doesn’t want us there??? We can’t have military in any country that does not allow us to be there.

        1. George Robinson says

          United Arab Emirates – Al Minhad Air Base used for Australian operations in the Middle East
          Djibouti – “military supporting facilities” near Obock[2][3]
          France – Jägerbataillon 291 (part of Franco-German Brigade) in Illkirch-Graffenstaden near Strasbourg
          United States – Germany has aircraft training facilities at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. (training base)[4]
          Cyprus – Hellenic Force in Cyprus
          Main article: Overseas military bases of France
          Chad – N’Djamena Air Force Base
          Djibouti – Les forces françaises stationnées à Djibouti (FFDj)[5][6]
          French Guiana (France) – Les forces armées en Guyane (FAG)[5][6]
          French Polynesia (France) – Les forces armées en Polynésie française (FAPF)[5][6]
          Martinique (France) – Les forces armées aux Antilles (FAA)[5][6]
          New Caledonia (France) – Les forces armées en Nouvelle Calédonie (FANC)[5][6]
          Réunion & Mayotte (France) – Les forces armées dans la zone Sud de l’océan Indien (FAZSOI)[5][6]
          Gabon – Les éléments français au Gabon (EFG)[5][6]
          Germany – Brigade franco-allemande (former Forces françaises en Allemagne): HQ and logistic battalion at Robert Schuman Barracks in Müllheim
          Ivory Coast – Les forces françaises en Côte d’Ivoire (FFCI)[5][6]
          Lebanon – Dayr Kifa Air Force Base
          Niger – Niamey Air Force Base
          Senegal – Les éléments français au Sénégal (EFS)[5][6]
          United Arab Emirates – Forces de présence aux Emirats arabes unis[5][6]
          Bhutan – an Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) is permanently stationed in western Bhutan[7][8] Bhutan is India’s protected state,[9][10] see also India-Bhutan Military cooperation and 2017 China–India border standoff
          Madagascar – a Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station,[11][12] with berthing rights for the Indian Navy,[13] see also India–Madagascar Military cooperation
          Mauritius – part of India’s security grid including Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station of Indian Navy’s National Command Control Communication Intelligence network,[14] with berthing rights for the Indian Navy,[13] strategic assets in Agaléga,[15][12] the Head of Mauritius Navy and the Mauritian National Security Advisor are Indian officers,[14] also see India–Mauritius Military cooperation
          Nepal – Surkhet Air base built by India and intelligence sharing,[16][17][18][19] also see India–Nepal Military cooperation
          Seychelles – Indian Overseas Military Base at Assumption Island (IOMB Assumption Island),[20][21][22][15] Seychelles’ Maritime Security Advisor is also an Indian naval officer,[14] part of India’s security grid including Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station of Indian Navy’s National Command Control Communication Intelligence network,[14] also see India–Seychelles Military cooperation
          Tajikistan – Farkhor Air Base, India’s first external military base,[23][24] also see India–Tajikistan Military cooperation
          United Arab Emirates – Air Task Force (TFA)[25]
          Djibouti – BMNS-Base Militare Nazionale di Supporto (National Support Military Base) – 300 personnel.[26][27]
          United States – Sheppard Air Force Base (training base), Eglin Air Force Base (training base)
          Djibouti – Established in 2011, Japan’s Deployment Airforce for Counter-Piracy Enforcement (DAPE) protects shipping from piracy[28]
          Main article: Pakistan Armed Forces deployments
          Saudi Arabia – 1,180 personnel in Tabuk and other bases in permanent training and advisory roles, under a 1982 agreement.[29][30][31][32]
          Main article: List of Russian military bases abroad
          Armenia – Russian 102nd Military Base in Gyumri and the Russian 3624th Airbase in Erebuni Airport near Yerevan
          Belarus – Hantsavichy Radar Station; Vileyka naval communication centre
          Georgia – Russian 4th Military Base in South Ossetia and Russian 7th Military Base in Abkhazia[33]
          Kazakhstan – Balkhash Radar Station; Sary Shagan range; Baikonur Cosmodrome
          Kyrgyzstan – Kant Air Base, the 338th naval communication centre, a torpedo testing range and a seismographic station[34]
          Moldova – Russia maintains a sizeable task force in the partially recognised Transnistria region for both peacekeeping purposes and to guard a decommissioned arms depot[35]
          Syria – Russian naval facility in Tartus; Khmeimim Air Base[36]
          Tajikistan – 201st Military Base
          Vietnam – Cam Ranh Base
          Azerbaijan – Buildings and structures in Gizil Sherg military town, and one terminal building located in the airfield in Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev settlement.[37]
          Northern Cyprus (disputed by Republic of Cyprus) – Cyprus Turkish Peace Force Command
          Iraq ( Iraqi Kurdistan) – A base with 2000 personnel.[38]
          Qatar – A base with 3000 personnel.[39][40][41]
          Somalia – A base with 200 personnel (could increase to over 1000).[42][43]
          Syria – Bases in Al-Bab, Al-Rai, Akhtarin and Jarablus with unknown number of personnel.[44] New bases were followed at Atme and Darat Izza.[45]
          United Arab Emirates[edit]
          Somalia ( Somaliland) – Military base in the Port of Berbera[46]
          United Kingdom[edit]
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          United States[edit]
          Main article: List of United States military bases

          Countries with United States military bases and facilities
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          Australia – Pine Gap
          Bahrain – Naval Support Activity Bahrain; Isa Air Base
          Belgium – Chièvres Air Base; Kleine Brogel Air Base
          Brazil – United States Naval Support Detachment, São Paulo
          British Indian Ocean Territory (UK) – Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia
          Bulgaria – Aitos Logistics Center; Bezmer Air Base; Graf Ignatievo Air Base; Novo Selo Range
          Cuba – Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
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          Germany – US Army installations in Germany; Panzer Kaserne; Ramstein Air Base; Spangdahlem Air Base
          Greece – Naval Support Activity Souda Bay[59]
          Greenland (Denmark) – Thule Air Base
          Honduras – Soto Cano Air Base
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          Japan – United States Forces Japan
          Kosovo[a] – Camp Bondsteel
          Kuwait – Ali Al Salem Air Base; Camp Arifjan; Camp Buehring; Kuwait Naval Base
          Netherlands – Volkel Air Base
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          Oman – RAFO Masirah; RAFO Thumrait (South of Oman) [60]
          Portugal – Lajes Field
          Qatar – Al Udeid Air Base
          Saudi Arabia – 64th Air Expeditionary Group
          Singapore – Paya Lebar Air Base
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          Spain – Morón Air Base; Naval Station Rota
          Turkey – Incirlik Air Base; Izmir Air Station
          United Arab Emirates – Al Dhafra Air Base; Port of Jebel Ali; Fujairah Naval Base
          United Kingdom – RAF Alconbury; RAF Croughton; RAF Fairford; RAF Lakenheath; RAF Menwith Hill; RAF Mildenhall

          This is the list that everybody knows about…… you want the list of very secret bases as well………..if you do, then phone the White House

          1. alegalcitizen says

            You just gave me a list of countries we are in, WHICH ones DON’T want us there??? Are you saying all these countries don’t want us there??? Then let them take care of themselves.

          2. George Robinson says

            Which ones dont want you……….most likely those who get bribed by the USA…..and that happens all the time, especially in Africa………where the USA installs ruthless murderous dictators, just so that US companies can get access to the wealth in many countries………surely you must know this or are just blind to what is happening across the world

        2. nick evans says

          A few years ago the Philippine president objected to the presence of our troops on Mindanao (or other southern island). The present president has also complained about them. Part of the population of Afghanistan wants our troops there – part of the population DOES NOT WANT our troops there.

          1. alegalcitizen says

            Then the Philippine people need to STOP coming to the U.S. Let them take care of themselves then.

  9. abobinmn says

    The lawless America hating Obama will one day be hunted down and tried for his crimes against America

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Hunted down implies he is hiding somewhere, he is certainly not doing that.

  10. jimdarnall says

    Not surprising the media would rather protect whom Obama protects, The Iranian government. To hell with the people. If Obama doesn’t get charged with treason, it will be another injustice against our constitution and the American people.

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Who is going to charge him with treason?

      1. jimdarnall says

        Exactly, That’s the whole problem. Of course the DOJ won’t. Obama , Hillary, they will never be charged. It’s time our government stood up and did the right thing. Maybe this new investigation will change the course if our worthless legal system and make it work.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          What will the specific charge be? Uranium One?
          Hillary’s Email is another thing though, if anything will be worthy of further investigation this will probably be it. However, I doubt that anything will happen. Politics!

  11. voldemort says

    If you go by the actual legal definition obummer and the hildabeast could be tried and convicted of treason. Of course with hildabeast still in control of the doj and fbi it would be reduced to sedition.

  12. Richard Start says

    A news organization or person that stands for hiding how a country jacked up the price of food on it’s people until they took to the streets? Doesn’t that make a person wonder how those same people are or were reporting to keep the peace while Obama was in office? What did they hide then? Now that he is gone and they are accustom to reporting according to their political opinion’s are they also altering or fudging stories to push agendas? These are some of a few fair questions a person could ask after reading articles about journalist like this or even editors who let them make it to print!
    I wonder what difference they wanted to make before becoming sellouts.

    1. jimmy midnight says

      In view of the last 60-odd years of USA!’s interactions with Iran, maybe none of us should say anything.

      1. Richard Start says

        That myopic view is part of the damage done by our single minded “America is wrong” attitude. It fails to take into account during the cold war Soviet Union forces were working to switch governments and their people over to the Marxist ideal. Saul Alinsky was one who worked in our country writing rules for radicals a book with ideas of how to convert our Constitution into Marxist doctrine peacefully. What happen in all of these smaller counties was not always peaceful. Some used Antifa techniques instead like in happening in Venezuela. Our Liberal press will never look at the works of defected Russian diplomats like Vladimir Sakharov who wrote of some of their ideas in his memoir “High Treason” (not the book of fiction). Your impression of what we did is more a story of fiction designed to give excuse and educated people perpetuate it out of ignorance, sad and pathetic.

        1. Rex Whitmer says

          You want to remember that Saul Alinsky was Hilalry’s ideal! She paised his wisdom and methods. Obama’s mother and grandparents also regarded Alinsky as a hero as well! Explain anything???

          1. Richard Start says

            Only that you should understand better what I said and have by now developed a less singularly focused point of view! Neither of us can help the ignorance of others but that excuse us from our either enlightening them or developing a more educated understanding of the world around us! I understand I’m hitting my head against a brick wall when I explain these things to some but others who have a glimmer of understanding should grasp better the concept America is a good nation and our difficulties in the past are not as simple as the Left wants to believe nor those in these other countries who dislike us now. Our own Media has had a hand in putting us down in that PR war. Not reporting dose a lot of damage too. If you can find a copy of Vladimir’s memoir High Treason (not the fiction of same title) read it, it will open your eyes.

  13. VirgoVince says

    GFYs AND your ugly alien basturd sob
    useless worthless PILE of ni666ersh*t!!
    FLUSH ALL of you idiots to the sewers!!

      1. Retired says

        That should also go for your fake Media and their Guppies .

      2. boone1 says

        Piss off asswipe.

  14. Kenneth Wetzel says

    Obama and our media, a terrorist best friend.

  15. donl says

    The person that puts Obie in his ******* place will be a Hero!!

  16. Tiger says

    They can wish in one hand and shit in the other, Trump is the POTUS and they have no say, whatsoever. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Retired says

      Happy new year Tiger .

      1. Tiger says

        Happy New Year to you also my friend. It has been a colossal year and I expect more of the same in the New Year.

        1. Retired says

          Everyone will see it except the left wing media .

          1. Tiger says

            Ahhh but my friend a light cannot be hidden under a bushel, Trump is now known throughout the world as a tough leader who says what he means, means what he says, even our enemies respect his strength and besides, Trump will tell us.

          2. Retired says

            Lets hope the Voters will start waking up for Nov.2018 . There will be so many elections in some states that by Nov. people are sick of all the bs .I think it is time to have all elections in Nov. and no more in between elections . All those in between seem to bring in the rotten Apples I like how some countries do it Six month of campaigning and election day is on a Sunday .

          3. Tiger says

            Trump will be busy tweeting and then rallying. In those rallies he will reiterate all his accomplishments and emphasize who stopped up the Agenda. He will do a job on them, like rats trying to fight lions they will be chewed up and their bones spat out.

  17. georgepark says

    The last time a POTUS (Obama) ‘kept quiet’ about a peaceful revolution in Iran, thousands were slaughtered and imprisoned. No moral or military aide was sent and the uprising resulted in the current murderous regime in power. Way to go – Obama.
    I think the NYT and MSM need to grow up, support American Ideals and STFU if they don’t have anything good to say about POTUS Trump.

  18. Huaimek says

    No country spends more than the US on finding terrorists.

  19. gotabgood says

    Do the Iranians have freedom of speech?

      1. rinkie says

        As if we did not know. He would replace the Bible with the Karan.

      2. Robert Dostoevsky says

        I see you are posting highly edited or bits of interviews or speeches. I thought you would rise above that stuff in the new year but I see you’ve slipped back into your asinine posts.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Highly edited? LOL! It also wash’t bits of interviews and there were many complete sentences. He’s a muzloid and Hillary will be investigated as well.

  20. mike says

    The NYT is not the leader of the free world. They only put forth an opinion based on their lack of understanding of the world. The NYT strikes blindly to anything POTUS does. The lefts attack snake.
    I will state my humble opinion. The Iranian people may find HOPE in the fact that the US is watching and cares. Maybe?

  21. gotabgood says

    You think this guy was from Iran??????? READ IT AND FIND OUT!!
    There was an attempted terror attack last Friday on a U.S. airport, and no one is talking about it.

  22. gotabgood says

    Name of this blog is FIX-THIS-NATION
    Here would be a fantastic start in the repair!!

    1. rinkie says

      Make donations to the RNC…

      1. gotabgood says

        I’ll make a donation to the RNC if you hold your breathe until the check clears..

        1. rinkie says

          the word and signature of some are not worth much, are they?

  23. bill14729 . says

    Ha, Ha, barack obama’s legacy What a Joke and Laugh that is.
    Keep up the good work President Trump

  24. George Robinson says

    Truely shocking, protestors are killed in Iran………happens all the time in the USA………

  25. Mark Clemens says

    Anyone reading this in Iran or Tehran.
    Kill an Ayatollah, and free your people from the Ayatollah’s unjust religious oppression upon you and your government.
    The Ayatollahs are not heaven sent. Instead the Ayatollahs are agents of evil. Left overs from the Nazi Axis of Evil…….
    You all know its the RIGHT THING TO DO!

    1. George Robinson says

      Anyone reading this in the USA
      Kill a President… only have one so you know which one it is, and do it quickly……and it is possible that Iwill be banned for writing this as there is not FREE speech in the USA

      You all know it is the RIGHT THING TO DO!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Damn right, it’s the right thing to do.
        Lets start with president #44 and work our way back……
        Killing Ayatollahs will make this world a better place!!

        1. George Robinson says

          Is Donald Trump the 44th or 45th president? – USA Today
          20 jan. 2017 – While Donald Trump will be the 45th president, he will be only the 44th person — the 44th male — to actually hold the job……………..ANDas there is only ONE president at this moment you must be refering to Drumpf

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Grover Cleveland counts twice.
            He did not hold consecutive back to back terms.
            You foreign chaps are picky, but not to bright.
            Why did you copy my call?
            You were here before I made the post. Also there is a big difference between the USA government and the Iran government.
            Trump (the president) is elected by the people. The Ayatollahs claim God wants them in charge of the government. What do they do for the people of Iran?
            Starve them to pressure their hate towards the west.
            Treat women and children like cattle.
            Won’t allow people to be who they are (Murder Homosexual)
            Will not allow alcohol.
            Rob the Iranian people of their wealth to support terrorism.
            The AYatollahs are faaaaaaar from being holy men………

          2. George Robinson says

            Wow, you sure do hate Iran…………but from what I have personally seen in Iran, much of what you write is just pure righty hate…..sure they are different, even my own country is very very different to yours. and you shouldnt forget how WHITE Americans have treated the coloureds in the USA………and still look down upon them as second class citizens………but now you have a third class citizen to hate and treat like sheight………..your illegals…….where would the USA be without its blacks and its illegals……….the snotty nosed whites would to do the dirty crappy work they do for you, otherwise your society would grind to a halt


          3. Mark Clemens says

            What if the illegal immigrants were Sheights? Would that make it OK to treat them third class??
            What do you have against the Sheights and Jewish press??

          4. George Robinson says

            SHEIGHTS are always so, regardless of nationality cast or religion………..and the Jewish press are sheight stirrers of high level possible, they were even stirring it about the so called problems in Teheran………..when it was all quiet………and that I know of……………… first hand info

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Iran is run by Hezbollah which is a terrorist group. Have something against killing terrorists? Iran is also the biggest sponsor of terrorism.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          You’ve got it backwards.

    2. George Robinson says

      Sheight talk

  26. Diana Sloan says


    1. rinkie says

      Sent Obama to Iran….

  27. Don Taylor says

    The Liberal Lunatics are at it again,if they had 1/2 of a brain between all of them it would be lonely,the best thing their media circus is good for is toilet tissue

  28. Garys_opinion says

    They don’t want Trump to succeed in this. He’s done everything he’s campaigned on, as mush as congress allows, and they can’t stand anymore success. It makes liberals look bad.

  29. mk says

    I stand IN SUPPORT of OUR President Donald Trump

  30. equalizer294 says

    Its the media stupid

  31. Will Higgins says

    The Iranian government is claiming the protests from foreign manipulations(like how Trump and supporters think anti-Trump protesters are payed). Trump praising the protests gives the protesters nothing, but gives the Iraian governmant validation for their claims.

  32. KYRepublican says

    DJT — keep doing what you are doing and keep the 101 & 82 on stand by — NK and Iran. DJT — you have got to clean up the crap that the Republicans and Dems left for you to solve. God Bless

  33. My country says

    The NYT’s is well known for instigating wars .And CNN as well as the NYT’s has pushed nothing but hatred and called for open harming of Americans ! Anyone who believes what they say or print can only be described as sorry no Patriotism people who do not deserve to share the freedoms our forefathers fought for . I don’t care who you are .If you have so little regard for your own people and country that you call for their killing and harm .And not to mention the fact that it is beyond belief how much they are trying to influence people’s minds with lies and overstepping of correcting our President . If Americans don’t wake up to these facts the globalists will put you all into slavery .As for me .You might come after me but a few of you are going with me .Irans people were taken over by this regime .They were not elected nor put in place by the people .Since the Shah they have lived in total control of the terrorists .Is this what you want for America ?

  34. Calvin King says

    Please stop calling them the Main Stream Media. They do not represent the main stream of American thought. They can best be referred to as the Lame Stream Media. Thank you Bernie Goldberg for coining the most apt and descriptive phrase.

  35. Jmanjo says

    Someone in the authority of the FCC needs to tell the NYT to butt out before they are taken out of business by the people for treason!

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      The FCC has nothing to do with the press. Who is” the people ” you think are going to charge a newspaper with treason?

  36. Eric Pearson says

    If Rouhani and Trump have a face to face meeting and Rouhani says something nice, he’ll have the full support of the American president. Problem solved.

  37. W. Coyote says

    This article is wrong for several reasons. First, Phillip Gordon is not “the media”. He is a single commenter expressing his opinions. Second, President Obama was not silent on the Iranian protests of 2009. Rather than simply swallow the anonymous author’s line, it always pays to do some fact checking- Here is what Obama actually said–

    “I am deeply troubled by the violence that I’ve been seeing on television. I think that the democratic process — free speech, the ability of people to peacefully dissent — all those are universal values and need to be respected.”

    “Fascinating” that the anonymous author couldn’t do some basic research.

    1. rocky says

      And then he furrowed his brow, wrung his hands, and went back to the oval office and put his feet back on the desk !

      1. W. Coyote says

        rocky- Good evening and thank you for your reply. I gave an exact quote which disproves the false narrative presented by this article. Can you provide me any evidence for your statement? How do you know this and what difference does it make?

  38. Robert Kahlcke says

    Obama is a muslim swine, what part of this don’t people understand, perhaps they are brain dead from smoking too much crack cocaine.

  39. George E. LeFebvre says

    Did someone say protect Odumbo? Why? Could it be that he’s trying to take the Job from their current idiot and become their leader? After all, he was trying for the Position of NWO dictator. He needs to screw another country to get that position. .

  40. Alan404 says

    If the sitting president could run for a third term, think Obama would have tried? More important perhaps is the following. Had he run for a third term, think he could have been elected to a third term??

  41. Tony Winters says

    The people of Iran brought the present government/dictatorship into power when they revolted against the Shah and took American Embassy personnel as hostages. They turned over their country to people that they knew were religious fanatics and now they don’t like how that has turned out. Perhaps the CIA could arrange for a minor accident to occur out in the Arabian Gulf that would result in a couple hundred-thousand AK-47’s, boxes of ammo and a few thousand RPG launchers to wash up on the shores of Iran. If they really want their freedom they should be willing to fight for it.

    1. George Robinson says

      Americans are also religious fanatics, murdering millions in the name of god

  42. eric says

    The Iranian protesters are disgusted because the leaders spend most of their money on warfare The American citizens should be even more disgusted we don’t even have health care

    1. George Robinson says

      And who are the Iranians fighting against at this very moment………..

  43. niknar says

    Expressing solidarity with the Iranian people is the right course to take.

  44. Ed Yung, PE says

    I learned at an early age that the mainstream media is REALLY the EVIL CONSTANT LYING MARXIST Media. The only sure thing is that nerly 100% of anything CNN & MSNBC say is a TOTAL LIE. NBC, CBS, & ABC are vastly better, but still lies 80% of the time.

  45. Richard Oswald says

    Iranians are fighting for their freedom and the bozos in America are giving up their freedom to socialism…we have become a stupid society.

    1. George Robinson says

      LIAR. Iranians are not fighting for their freedom, they are protesting mostly about food prices, and any Iranian can travel out of their country to other countries that give them a visa,most in Europe do that

  46. Richard Wittauer says

    All I’m going to say is people that liked the old administration you need to review what disadvantages that were put upon you, No jobs, Higher rate of Major Crimes,and the people were not getting higher education in a lot of areas. Riots, a Weaker Military Force just above World War 1 levels and standards, and very ,bad Foreign relations. The economy with a high debt of over 20 Trillion Dollars, with company regulations running large companies to over seas areas.And giving countries that hate us Billions of dollars. and much more.

  47. Richard Bagenstose says

    maybe we should take one from the iranians , they shout death to america , we should shout death to the media , in iran like russia the media is controled by the government , here it’s contrroled by oboma ,and soros the nazi war criminal

    1. nick evans says

      …and Trump!

  48. Nellie McConnell says

    Obama gave Brazil 20 billion to drill offshore. We would buy the oil. China has a Contract with Brazil to buy all their oil. WHAT happened to our money?

    1. nick evans says

      Its going to the frackers in the form of ‘incentives’ (they don’t call it welfare). The frackers are taking truckloads and truckloads of good water, making it TOXIC and then leaving the toxic water underground where it can migrate into our good water supplies. Most aquifers in the U.S. are being depleted faster than nature can replenish them. We can not afford to waste water in the ‘fracking’ way. Its time to phase out fossil fuels.

  49. MajorPain says

    What you seeing is the Result of the Carter administration Failure to protect a Monarchy that Predated the Roman Empire and was Allied with the United States against the Communist’s now the People of Iran have to take their country back from these Communist Muslim’s so they can live without fear of being executed for their right to chose. I’ll expect the usual pin heads to comment about how the US installed an illegal Monarchy after an Election. But the fact is an illegal Election was held by the Communist Aligned ayatollah khomeini and his followers in the 1950’s that sent him into Exile in France after the United States Backed the Shah in this attempted coupe. The other Truth in this matter is the Shah’s Father was Forced to abdicate The Throne in 1941 by the British and the Soviet Regime.So all American’s should be Cheering the people of IRAN on in their Quest for Freedom.

  50. Alleged-Comment says

    The dirty left protecting even a dirtier guy – the sodomite and traitor Negro oBama. Ungratefool, a liar, a radical leftist who only pleasure was anything that could hurt or destroy America.

    A nation who educated the Negro (regrettably), who was afforded a lifestyle unbeknownst to 99% of Negroes, who was privileged to even be above 99% of whites sought to STAB Americans in the back even when we committed treason of our sacred documents to let the Nerogro be our “President”.

    A foul sodomite and why we cannot do further for Negroes. oBama is the proof. One Civil War, one Nerogro and many destructive riots is enough for this country.

    We owe Negroes nothing more. Either shut up and get on board or be on your own and STARVE. But it is more likely you Negroes will end up killing each other. A testament to your fine character.

    1. nick evans says

      Would debasing Negroes till they all submit to cleaning our houses and working our fields for free – really prove anything worthy about WHITES?

      1. Alleged-Comment says

        Only a racist could come up with an answer like that. Do you own sum Negoes, sir?

        1. nick evans says

          What do you accomplish for the WHITE race by putting down the black race? Demeaning non-whites does not ennoble whites. Surely a ‘superior’ race (if there is such a thing) would not make a virtue of demeaning ‘anyone’.

          1. Alleged-Comment says

            Ummm…. aren’t you the one doing that?? Suggesting Negroes clean houses and working in our fields for free.

            That thought never crossed my mine. Only a racist could ever come up with that.

            If you notice, I said for Negroes to “get on board”. Ennobling them, but in your racist stereotyped brainwashed mind you can’t see Negroes getting any better then your suggestions in what they should do.

            So, how much Negroes do you own??

          2. nick evans says

            White “Supremacy” wants to ‘ennoble blacks’ by having them ‘get on board’. ???
            Your message of ennoblement gets lost in your vitriol against Obama.
            “get on board” what? – the Trump agenda? Which equals environmental degradation. Fracking for instance takes huge amounts of good water, adds toxic chemicals to it, and leaves it underground where the toxic ‘produced water’ can contaminate good water sources. Most of America’s underground water sources are being depleted (by Americans – for drinking, agriculture, industry, etc.) at a rate faster than nature can replenish them. Yet Trump has just attempted to free up the frackers to frack without reasonable precautions.
            Even whites (Supreme or regular) should sit up and take notice of the degradation Trump is inflicting on OUR WATER. Obama’s birth certificate is altogether irrelevant.

          3. Alleged-Comment says

            Oh, now it turns to environmental disaster. Whites = environmental disastor. Got it!!

            And Negroes don’t have BC, cuz like they be GOD!!! God it too!!!

          4. nick evans says

            Whites and Blacks should wake up to the fact that the Trump administration is a threat to our AIR, WATER, and LAND. Trump keeps the media buzzing with his tweets and Bannon’s whatever, and other irrelevant matters while systematically dismantling our environmental protections – the media, by promulgating the tweets is serving him in this matter. If you don’t have good water to drink Obama’s birth certificate will not matter to anyone. Without good water you will not be healthy irrespective of a capitalist or socialistic health care system.

          5. Alleged-Comment says

            Michigan is a DEMONCRAP State tried to POISON its citizens with the water.

            Caliphony is a DEMONCRAP State that sends in illegal immigrants to spread disease. See the recent news?

            New York is a DEMONCRAP State raised taxes and fees to choke you out MMA style. Know how much to cross a g*damn bridge there??

            And you worried about a white man that is suppose to piss in your bottled water??

  51. AKLady says

    The right trolled Obama before he was elected.
    They trolled him while he was President.
    Now, they are still trolling him … a year after he left office.

    1. Alleged-Comment says

      Uhhh… the negro never was “President”. He never proved he was born here. Thus, the Negro was an impostor and 535 Congogressmen committed high treason.

      1. AKLady says

        You don’t have to be “born here” to be President.
        All you need is one American citizen parent.

        1. Alleged-Comment says

          NO, not true. That one parent would also have to be the father. Plus the Negro only made fun of his BC telling me the lying Negro had no true BC of American origin.

          He also registered as a foreigner when trying to obtain aid to get FREE stuff the Negroes always want from white man.

          1. AKLady says

            False. It does not matter which parent an American citizen.
            You really should look up facts before posting.
            Why embarrass yourself when it only takes a few minutes to look up data?

            The lies have been repeatedly disabused,
            Obama never registered as a foreigner.
            Stop embarrassing America with lies.

          2. Alleged-Comment says

            Ummm no. Not true. The law was always the father to be natural born. NEVER the mother.

            You love to have Negroes rule over you. They build or invent nothing and without white man they STARVE.

          3. AKLady says

            To keep from making a fool of yourself before the worls,
            look up facts beforw posting:

            “To become a citizen at birth, you must:
            Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR

            had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born abroad) and meet other requirements”

          4. Alleged-Comment says

            Ummm… NO!! He must be born of a FATHER who is a citizen of the United States. BO did not meet that requirement.

            He has shown nor offered any proof of this legitimacy. The Negro is a foreigner based on Natural Law.

            He also is a SODOMITE and Mooslem.

          5. AKLady says

            I provided you with a direct quote
            the link to the US Government website.
            You have just made a fool of yourself before the world.
            Next time look up thw facts.

          6. Alleged-Comment says

            LOL!! Yeah,…the gubmint. The entity up there has managed to bamboozle sheep like you.

            That is why you are illegally taxed to death, your money made worthless by a private unconstitutional agency, your land invaded by foreigners, ruled by an impostor Negro and constantly threatened to be disarmed, when the Constitution all calls for the opposite.

            YOU ARE TO BE ARMED TO THE TEETH!! You stupid woman!!

          7. AKLady says

            You are one ignorant fool.
            How many vacations on Uncle Sam’s dime have you taken so far?
            Keep spewing that nonsense.
            I recommend you hire a psychiatric professional.

          8. gotabgood says

            Arguing with these brainwashed/brainless deplorables is sometimes frustrating and you want to just shake them… other times they are funny… like a kitten trying to catch a flashlight beam…
            But it is time for them to get over the fact they won and take a good hard look at what they won and start thinking about what Trump is doing to America
            Have a great New Year!!
            Come November 6, 2018 Go outside shoot off a couple of rounds for me when we take back the house!!

          9. AKLady says

            The Cook Inlet is just down the street from me.
            If there is an oil spill from a drilling rig. it will effect e personally.
            Interestingly, it is not that fat from Sarah Palin’s property..she is in favor of this garbage…

          10. gotabgood says

            You have to be a Russian..

          11. COMPU-TRON says

            How many guns do you have?

          12. Alleged-Comment says

            Wrong question! You should be asking how much bullets do I have?

          13. COMPU-TRON says

            I’d like to know both totals!

          14. Alleged-Comment says

            Sorry, only one question allowed and you used it up. So sorry….

          15. COMPU-TRON says

            So, we’ll just have to assume zero guns and zero bullets. Sad!

          16. Alleged-Comment says

            Sorry, only one assumption allowed and you used that up too!

          17. COMPU-TRON says

            I get all the assumptions I want!

          18. Alleged-Comment says

            Yes, but only one accepted. Sorry….

          19. COMPU-TRON says

            Accept or not, no skin off my nose.

          20. Alleged-Comment says

            Sorry, that make two. Only one accepted. So sorry…..

          21. nick evans says

            Even if you proved Obama was not technically a U.S. Citizen – he would still be one of the best presidents we have had.

          22. AKLady says

            I think you replied to the wrong post.
            My post provides the proof is was both a citizen and legally President.

          23. nick evans says

            They also starve ‘with’ white men. All power to them to break free from us ‘whities’.

          24. nick evans says

            Its odd, considering all of that, that Obama turned out to be one of our greatest Presidents.

  52. Deborah Pratt says

    So, basically, the MSM is saying—no matter ‘what’ the President says or does, it’s ‘wrong’, in their opinion. Even if a month ago they were stating that was the ‘right’ move. How very ‘liberal’ of them!

  53. nonstopca says

    And this SURPRISES who……??

  54. graybuffalo says

    The New York Slimes will always protect Obama’s past follies – it is in their DNA.

  55. graybuffalo says

    The New York Slimes is only good for one thing – to line your bird cage.

  56. Obie Miller says

    Most of us conservatives were opposed at Obamma’s “Iranian deal” in the first place!

    1. nick evans says

      I wonder if it is “OIL” that is the basis for Iran’s poorly performing economy. We might should pay more attention to our own oil economy if that is the case. Oil may not be worth maintaining.

  57. Rita Wooten says

    AKLady is a troll. All her info private. Probably a member of ISIS.

  58. daveveselenak says

    Let’s get real: “Bath-house Barry” is a Muslim-Marxist jihadist – open your fuk’n eyes already AMERIKA!

  59. Richard Oswald says


  60. George Robinson says

    MORE LIES……………In a volatile situation reportedly sparked by a sudden hike in food supplies, Iranians have taken to the streets in three full days of protest with some calling for the end to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s reign of power. The protesters, angry about a corrupt government, a failing economy

  61. Bruno Korschek says

    Funny how the New York Times was silent when Obama send his minions to interfere in the Israeli election, funny how the Times was silent when Obama illegally and unConstitutionally interfered in the civil war in Libya, funny how the Times was silent when Obama tried to convince the English to vote against Brexit, funny how the Times was silent when Obama told the Philippines how to handle their drug cartel problem, etc., etc.

    1. nick evans says

      Funny how most of the media are silent as Trump undermines our environmental safeguards.

  62. justanagent says

    It goes straight to the globalist agenda. Just as they have infiltrated and embedded themselves in our government via the deep state, the globalists have subverted and seized control of most of the so called mainstream media. Globalists prefer socialism over capitalism as an economic model. They seek to undermine national sovereignty and gradually eliminate nation states via “open borders” and unrestricted immigration. At present they are content to accept regional spheres of influence, even an oppressive brutal caliphate as a means of progressively eliminating nation states while expanding the scope and authority of institutions such as the UN and the International Criminal Court. Obama, Romney, the Clintons and the Bushes are all globalists. Trump is a nationalist and poses a serious threat to “the agenda”. In their view he must be removed before he wrecks their plans, and that is what this is all about. I say stop THEM no matter what it takes.

    1. nick evans says

      Trump poses as a ‘nationalist’. – But he is for big money from any country.
      Some of the Iranian protest rhetoric sounds a lot like its out of the Trump twitter-book.

  63. Sgt. York says

    If the msm doesn’t stop their hate toward our elected President and start coming back into the old American fold we the people will step in and end thier rants by shutting them down. We are not lovers of the most disliked Muslim President this country has ever had for thier info nor are we going to fall for the Muslim communist global crap he spouts he to might just get his commie mouth closed as he moves to Islam as he is deported from paradise to the sewer.

  64. Jerry Hughes says

    50 years we have suffered the liberal dem bloodsucking compost heaps, we all know what the answer is with this garbage why are we waiting?

    1. nick evans says

      50 years ? – since 1967 ?
      6? years of Nixon
      2? years of Ford
      8 years of Reagan
      4 years of Bush I
      8 years of Bush II
      1 year of Trump
      29 of the last 50 years have been under Republicans or Rushlimbaughbicans,

      1. Jerry Hughes says

        The 8 years with Reagan was the only republican in office until last year.
        Now the liberal dem bloosucking compost heaps are going to pay a price

        1. nick evans says

          Sorry, I did not know about the others not being republican. Still not sure I ‘follow’.

          1. Jerry Hughes says

            They are fing RINOS

  65. Murphmeister says

    Everything is about Obama and his legacy, but as time goes by the left is going to either deny or alter it. A re-write of history.

  66. james Conner says

    Obama was good at being silent, just like when Benghazi attach happened, keep it quit to after the election. He thought he may lose a vote over it…..The media protected him them!

  67. Warren says

    obama gave the Mullahs 150 “Billion Dollars”!! We just launched a state of Art Carrier The Gerald Ford #79 at a cost of 13 Billion so obama gave enough $$$$ for Iran to build 10 of these Carriers including Aircraft Pretty Generous Guy that Fraud President probably received a 100 lb sack of Coke from Hamas in Return..!! FBI should Raid his Basement, in the middle of the Night of course..!!!!

  68. jim jones says

    All countries should respect their citizen’s rights, what about my right to clean water, air and beautiful national monuments?

    1. nick evans says

      AMEN !

  69. Dave Miles says

    thats why the times readership has dropped so much,why pay for a paper that doesn’t support what their readers believe?

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