The Mystery of the Muslim President


The Republican Presidential Primary Show has been really good this season, which was why it was disappointing to see they were running repeats this weekend. Reporters asking candidates about whether or not Barack Obama is what he claims to be. We just did this a couple of months ago after Rudy Giuliani questioned his patriotism. It was boring then and it’s boring now. It’s a transparent attempt for the media to see which Republicans will mess up and say something they can play ad nauseum for the next three days.

This time around, of course, it’s about Donald Trump and what one of his supporters said in a town hall rally last week. That’s right, we now have to not only rake this guy over the coals after every blunt comment he makes but also the comments his supporters make. Is there anyone out there still arguing that there’s no liberal bias in the media? Surely not.

Adept anglers that they are, the press caught a live one in Dr. Ben Carson. Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, Dr. Carson went well beyond defending Trump.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said. “I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Carson, always quick with a good line, said a president should be “sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.” Later, he waffled a bit when asked whether or not Muslims should be able to serve in the Congress.

Man, even Trump knows better than to go down this road. Maybe Carson is throwing himself on the sword for Trump. He did seem awfully reluctant to engage the frontrunner at the last debate, taking an unnecessarily deferential tone when correcting him on vaccines. He is the damn doctor, after all. Embrace your authority!

We’ll have to wait and see if Carson can weather this storm. Democrats are already in a frenzy about the original Trump (non)remarks, and the media is treating this whole thing with a gravity usually reserved for murder. Of course, we all know how much they love their Muslims. Where would this proud country be if it weren’t for our humble Muslim beginnings, eh, Mr. President?

You know how we could have avoided all of this? By not electing a guy with a Muslim background and a Muslim name seven short years after Muslims killed 3,000 Americans in the worst terrorist attack of all time. Hey, it was great that we finally elected a black president, but really? Are our attention spans that short?

And if it was shown someday that Obama really was a covert Muslim, would it be surprising in the least? It’s not that hard to appear non-Muslim, even to a skeptic. And yet this president can’t escape these rumors. If you haven’t convinced almost everyone by now, then maybe it’s your problem, not ours. And if the last seven years are representative of a Muslim administration, then who can blame Dr. Carson for hating the thought of another one?

  1. MAHB001 says

    I see nothing wrong with Dr. Carson’s comments… It is concerning, as ACTIONS always speak louder than these lying politicians words…

    This country was built on Judaeo-Christian values. Just look at the damage the current Muslim sympathizer has done while in office….

    1. stephanie wilson says

      EXACTLY what i would post! thank you!

      1. Croco Dile says

        People, even not religious ones, are unable to break out of this mental box, or peel the last layers of the ‘truth’ onion, to discern that the human shepherds have been having great and profitable fun pitting them against each other for hundreds of years. All the while, they are gradually ‘harmonizing’ the globe, just as is explicitly stated as the common goal of the religious canons.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ahhhh, the great authority, croco-shit is on the loose again. We may as well all shut up because no one has more knowledge than THIS LITTLE QUEER TROLL!!

          1. kktex12 says


          2. Croco Dile says

            AAAHHHH…… Mr. Witzidiot is opening his moth again !
            And out comes SH*T, as usual !

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            He’s a N*GGER, full faced!!!

          4. Wyatt says

            Oh look , Abduls Girlfriend

          5. AKLady says

            The ignorant Dennewitz is out of his cell.

        2. Eileen Jones says

          SLAVERY……belongs to the BLACKS who sold their people into that bondage, yet we today are still blamed for that fact. WE did not live then, WE are not responsible for that bondage, and because WE are white, we are NOT to blame…..Religion has NOTHING to do with it….HUMAN GREED IS TO BLAME….GO BACK TO THOSE FIRST SLAVE TRADERS, THEY ARE TOO BLAME , THEIR GREED IS TO BLAME !!!!!!

          1. kktex12 says

            That would be the arabs and the native Africans.

          2. cal3301 says

            You mean the Muslims and the native Africans. The Muslims are still in the slave trade.

          3. AKLady says

            No, the statement was correct the way kktex12 stated it.

            You are preaching religious bigotry – that is wrong.

            Islam is the world’s second largest religion.

            The Middle-east is simply a very small drop in that ocean.

          4. stephanie wilson says

            you whine about name calling??!!..

          5. AKLady says

            The Nazi taught religious and racial hate.
            Are you a Nazi?

          6. George says

            ” Hater “

          7. David Hansen says

            In March 2015 a speech was given in Tehran where the crowd shouted DEATH TO AMERICA. You are apparently ok with that. I amd not all right with it

          8. AKLady says

            Yes, David, I am OK with that.
            Every country has the right to its own government.
            America does not get to dictate what any other country does,
            or how other people think.
            When, and if Iran declares war on the U.S., then then Iran will be the enemy.
            It will not change how I feel about the practice of religion.
            It will not change how I feel about Muslims.
            It will not teach me to hate the Iranian people.

          9. Appy says

            Correct every Country has the right to it’s own government but Muslims have no right to demand that any Country change their religion or customs to fit their demands.
            Your also correct that facts will never change your feeble mind. You have failed here and will continue looking like a one trick A/H and continue failing.
            You are a perpetual joke. Your sale on camel chips has failed miserably.

          10. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my point — your self-imposed ignorance is quite evident.
            The rest of your remarks are compliments. Now, if you would only educate yourself with facts.

          11. Wyatt says

            What point ? The only point you have proved is that you have no point!

          12. Wyatt says

            All very noble , but they will kill you just as quick as anyone else were they to get the chance .

          13. AKLady2015 says

            You have been well brainwashed.
            I suspect you were also just as brainwashed about the Russian people.
            You probably believe every Chinese peasant also hates America.

          14. Scrubjay says

            Are you a Nazi?

          15. AKLady says

            Why do you ask stupid questions?

          16. stephanie wilson says

            why do you ask stupid questions??

          17. Scrubjay says

            Why do you ask stupid questions?

          18. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            She asks, after asking the very same question! You really need to get the voices in your head on the same page, they make you appear naïve and scatterbrained.
            Wait for it….here comes the insult….

          19. Matthew V. Brown says

            As Forrest Gump said: “Stupid is as stupid does, Ma’am.” I think the question is well-founded.

          20. stephanie wilson says

            nope. are you??

          21. stephanie wilson says

            no, are YOU?

          22. Wyatt says

            Obviously you are ! The Arab world was Allied to Hitler and the Nazi’s in WWII . Go read a history book , you’ll learn something .

          23. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, go read your history book — learn something.
            “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The English had held the Arab world in virtual slavery for how long? War creates strange bedfellows.

          24. Matthew V. Brown says

            You insult us by calling us “childish, ignorant, haters, bigots, fools” and think you are free from religious and racial hate? I seem to remember a saying about the “pot calling the kettle black” that appears to apply here. The only “Nazi” on this site appears to be you. And you DO do it so well.

          25. AKLady says

            I am a nondenominational hater – I think all religion is the most evil of human inventions. It teaches hate – all religions teach hate, some more openly than others. Christianity is one of the major offenders believe as I do, or you will burn in hell.

          26. Matthew V. Brown says

            Alas, as I hope you will find out before you die, Christianity is not a “human invention”. Most world religions (as differentiated from “cults”) were not–but only one came from the Creator God. Do remember that the Old Testament said, “The fool hath said in his (or in your case, “her”) heart–not my words, but the Bible’s testimony–‘There is no God.'” Forgive me, but that would appear to make YOU the “fool”. You will find that I am not one of the “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” Christians who tries to just “love people into heaven.”. By the way, you would be an “interdenominational” hater, not a “non-denominational” hater. As long as you are going to “burn in hell”, as YOU say, you might as well be right on at least one thing about religion.

          27. AKLady says

            What name calling have I indulged in?

          28. stephanie wilson says

            let’s see, you called us childish, ignorant, haters, bigots, fools, etc., take your own advice.

          29. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            yAKLady suffers from a severe case of Multiple Personality Disorder, ‘Sybil” has nothing on this fool.

          30. Jarhead says

            So it isn’t just head crammed in colon with the AK feminineNAZI TROLL?

          31. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Oh, it’s a head in the colon alright, but there’s a conversation goin’ on in there. Either an intervention or a liberal ‘strategy meeting’, not quite sure which, the voices are muffled and none of it makes any sense. SEMPER FI

          32. cal3301 says

            Do you wear a Burka? There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam is a religion of hate. They rape and murder women, they kill gays and anyone not of their religion, and let us not forget their Sharia Laws. If you go back through you history books, they have the largest slave trade going. I’m not preaching anything, I’m calling “a spade, a spade”. I am calling it out for what it really is. Why don’t you go over their and see what happens to you.
            Here is a history lesson for you and then you can go to hell…..
            “A comparison of the Islamic slave trade to the American slave trade reveals some interesting contrasts. While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men, the proportions were reversed in the Islamic slave trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims.
            While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Trans Sahara and East African slave trade was between 80 and 90%!
            While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work, most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation as concubines, in harems, and for military service.
            While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.
            While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.
            It is estimated that possibly as many as 11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic (95% of which went to South and Central America, mainly to Portuguese, Spanish and French possessions. Only 5% of the slaves went to the United States).
            However, at least 28 million Africans were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East. As at least 80% of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets, it is believed that the death toll from the 14 centuries of Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been over 112 million. When added to the number of those sold in the slave markets, the total number of African victims of the Trans Saharan and East African slave trade could be significantly higher than 140 million people.
            . . .
            Historian Robert Davis in his book “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters – White Slavery In the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy”, estimates that North African Muslim pirates abducted and enslaved more than 1 million Europeans between 1530 and 1780. These white Christians were seized in a series of raids which depopulated coastal towns from Sicily to Cornwall. Thousands of white Christians in coastal areas were seized every year to work as galley slaves, labourers and concubines for Muslim slave masters in what is today Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. Villages and towns on the coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France were the hardest hit, but the Muslim slave raiders also seized people as far afield as Britain, Ireland and Iceland. They even captured 130 American seamen from ships they boarded in the Atlantic between 1785 and 1793.
            According to one report, 7000 English people were abducted between 1622 to 1644, many of them ship crews and passengers. But the Corsairs also landed on unguarded beaches, often at night, to snatch the unwary. Almost all the inhabitants of the village of Baltimore, in Ireland, were captured in 1631, and there were other raids in Devon and Cornwall. Many of these white, Christian slaves were put to work in quarries, building sites and galleys and endured malnutrition, disease and mistreatment at the hands of their Muslim slave masters. Many of them were used for public works such as building harbors. Female captives were sexually abused in palace harems and others were held as hostages and bargained for ransom. “The most unlucky ended up stuck and forgotten out in the desert, in some sleepy town such as Suez, or in Turkish Sultanate galleys, where some slaves rowed for decades without ever setting foot on shore.” Professor Davis estimates that up to 1,250 million Europeans were enslaved by Muslim slave raiders between 1500 to 1800.”

            If you need more proof, GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!

          33. AKLady says

            Why do you believe lies?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          34. cal3301 says


          35. AKLady says

            The Nazis called it THE BIG LIE. The the Nazis used the Big Lie to turn long-standing anti-semitism into mass murder.

            Here we have the American media and the American people using The Big Lie to teach hate for Islam. The question is why?

          36. George says

            Don ‘t hate ‘ anyone ; but I do know when somebody says ‘ ; ” death to all ifidels ” ; that means ‘ me .

          37. AKLady says

            Who said that, George – Specifically — in the 21st Century?

          38. Appy says

            Omar the tent maker……moron …

          39. Matthew V. Brown says

            The Ayatollah Khamenei said it, or don’t you watch the news anymore? It was recently reported. And last I checked, he said it in the 21st century. You really should keep up with current events, AKLady.

          40. AKLady says

            Ayatollah Khamenei is last decade.
            I rarely watch entertainment news.

          41. Matthew V. Brown says

            Self-righteous, are we? Why I can almost see you looking down your nose at us poor people who watch news on television. Ayatollah Khamenei is still leading Iran. That is neither “news” nor is it particularly “entertaining”–incidentally, I think you would also be one of the “infidels” that he said “death to”.

          42. festmatt5440 says

            You could start paying attention ‘ ; so you do not have to ask such stupid questions .

          43. AKLady says

            You are so smart, you answer the question.

            Pay very close attention to the modifier: Specifically — in the 21st Century?

          44. Matthew V. Brown says

            AKLady doesn’t have the money to “pay” attention 😉

          45. Jarhead says

            And that is why we should NUKE ‘EM……the sooner the more better!

          46. festmatt5440 says

            You betcha ‘ ; I hope you can find anyone , in the current administration , with the balls , to do it ‘.

          47. cal3301 says


          48. AKLady says


            U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment — written by commies?.

            U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment — written by brain dead liberals?

          49. cal3301 says

            THEY DON’T SUPPORT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          50. AKLady says

            Awe, what a shame.
            The poor, little right–winger is all disappointed.
            The nasty Independent does not wilt before his childish insults.

          51. cal3301 says

            You are an immature name calling sl*t. You have been calling people names and have the nerve to say we’re childish. FYI, I am an Independent, you’re just a commie and you can go to hell for all I care about your remarks, Left-winger.

          52. AKLady says

            I have not called anyone a name.
            Right-winger is a synonym for Republican both are adjectives.

          53. cal3301 says

            I have read the majority of your posts and you indeed have. Keep it up and I’ll find a way to charge you for harassment. I know others on this site feel the same way. Your posts, speak volumes. This is my last reply to you. You have been warned.

          54. Matthew V. Brown says

            “Right-winger” is not properly a synonym for “Republican”. And you do tend to use it as a pejorative. By the way, “pejorative” is an adjective, too, since we seem to be having a grammar lesson and not a discussion.

          55. AKLady says

            Republican is also a pejorative in the 21st Century.

          56. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, perhaps to you. Then again, there is just no accounting for taste. I take Republican to be a badge of honor–in the 21st century, that is. Now I must really go to bed. I’m sure you can find someone else to annoy, dear.

          57. AKLady says

            Than you for your delightful, mature conversation.

          58. Matthew V. Brown says

            Oh…dripping with sarcasm. Really, I thought that would be beneath you, but evidently NOTHING is beneath you. Why, you don’t even have a leg to stand on.

          59. AKLady2015 says

            Actually, I was quite serious.

            I repeat: Than you for your delightful, mature conversation.

          60. Matthew V. Brown says

            Sorry, AKLady. Sometimes it is hard to find sincerity on the internet, and I am too wary for my own good. Thank you, as well, for taking the time (and no little trouble–I have no illusions about myself) to converse with me. : )

          61. AKLady2015 says

            You are welcome, my pleasure.

          62. Matthew V. Brown says

            That would be “Thank you”, I believe. And although I am sure you were just being childishly “insulting”, thank you for a “memorable” interaction. I’m sure I will “treasure” it.

          63. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, it was Thank you.
            No, it was sincere
            You are one of the few that actually engages
            in discussion.
            I’m feeling very frustrated.
            Just upgraded to Win. 10
            Two hours with a Microsoft Tech later …;-)

          64. Matthew V. Brown says

            Windows 10 and two hours with a Microsoft Tech are enough to push most people over the edge into babbling insanity. I am impressed by your stalwart nature! ; )

          65. AKLady2015 says

            I can happily report that
            Windows 7 is back in and functioning well.
            Sigh, huge relief.

          66. Matthew V. Brown says

            Thank heavens, or whoever or whatever it is that you usually thank in these circumstances. : )

          67. AKLady2015 says

            Careful, you said “heavens”, not heaven. 😉
            I thanked the Microsoft Tech.

          68. Matthew V. Brown says

            Now, AKLady2015, did you not know that there are three heavens? The Apostle Paul claimed to have been caught up into the “third heaven”, where God dwells. A bit of trivia from my studies in seminary. I just knew that they would be useful someday. 😀

          69. AKLady says

            I spoke too soon. So much for Microsoft’s claim that you can cleanly revert.

          70. Matthew V. Brown says

            One hard thing (among many) I have learned is this life is to never, ever trust Microsoft. They do make some world-leading software, but their operating system can be a bit trying sometimes. It is why I decided to use a Macintosh as my home computer, and I can honestly say I have never had a moments regret.

          71. AKLady says

            I’m still fixing issues.
            Expect it will be weeks before I have conquered the problems.
            The less obvious ones will show up months from now.

          72. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ah, yes…computers. As the Church Lady would say “Aren’t they SPAYSHUL?”

          73. AKLady says

            Once upon a time, I had mastery of the computer thing. I learned to program working on software development — on Navy Underwater Sound’s Cray. That was back in the card-punch days.
            Had myself a Radio Shack TRS-80 when they came out. If you wanted software back then, you basically wrote it yourself.
            Now, there is plenty software to be had — for anything yocan possibly want or need.

          74. Matthew V. Brown says

            Now there is a fond memory. The Radio Shack TRS-80. I always wanted one, but at the time I couldn’t afford it. My only computer programming experience was some small work with Basic and with COBOL in college. But I never really did much with them but my assignments. It would only be later that I would by my first computer…that odd-looking, all-in-one computer called the Macintosh developed by Wosniak and Jobs. It was love at first sight, and I never looked back.

          75. AKLady says

            Apparently, I am a ‘control freak’. I did not like Apple then, still do not today.

            I’ve run a Dell for the past couple of decades. Not extremely expensive, and they make them basically to order.

            The monitors are the most expensive part of my system – I run two of them and on edge, they will hold an entire sheet of paper without having to scroll. That way I can work on a brief and have the internet law book open on the other.

            I’m beat. Who would think laying around, doing nothing would be such hard work. I spent better part of the day at the hospital having cardiac scams done.

          76. Matthew V. Brown says

            Alas, if I had to spend a say at the hospital having cardiac scans done, I probably wouldn’t consider it the “better part”. It is no wonder you are beat. I hope things came out well for you. I used a PC (which I put together myself) for awhile along with my Mac, in order to take advantage of some specific software for a class I took. While there were Windows emulators available for the Mac at the time, using an emulator is like swimming through molasses– a slow and “sticky” process. And as with you, my monitor was the most expensive part of my system. Now my computer, a laptop, is used primarily for the internet, e-mail, word processing, and the occasional spreadsheet.

          77. AKLady says

            My laptop mainly sits in the closet. I only use it for hearings. It has a “new” version of Windows, which I despise. I suspect that I will eventually upgrade my desktop out of necessity. However, I really do not like the new Windows – not 8 or 10.

          78. Matthew V. Brown says

            Bless Microsoft’s heart. Nothing like making a good thing worse. But this should not surprise us. We live in a culture that values “new” simply because it is “new”. Functionality has nothing to do with it, alas.

          79. AKLady says

            Not to change the subject… Earlier I had said something about reading “law”. I wanted to pass on a daily e-mail you might find beneficial: Justia Verdict, it comes from
            “New” things always have bugs. It is best to wait before joining the mass exodus. Let everyone else find the problems. Microsoft usually fixes things after awhile. They are not as bad as VW. 😉

          80. Matthew V. Brown says

            Thank you for referring me to “Justia Verdict”. I’m sure I will find it good reading. You are right about “new” things having bugs. It sounds as though you have more patience than I have. I’m sure Microsoft will address the issue. And oh for the days the Volkswagen was just a simple car manufactured in Germany. We had one years ago when I was still a child, and it was pretty reliable. Now I wouldn’t risk a Volkswagen. I now drive my parents Caddy, and it is pretty reliable. That reminds me…I need to take it in for an oil change!

          81. AKLady says

            My patience is running out.
            I made the mistake up upgrading – MS said it was reversible.
            Well, I undid the upgrade, now I have a mess I cannot seem to resolve.
            The Junk and Deleted folders in Windows Live Mail won’t empty.
            I suspect I will end up calling MS on Monday if I have not figured it out.

          82. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m to hear about the problems with upgrading. I hope Microsoft can do you a solid, and assist in helping you clean up the mess that their own software caused. Sorry if I sound cynical. It is just because I am.

          83. AKLady says

            Thankfully, I had a good backup.
            I restored the system. Now I have a million duplicate files.
            But, hey, that beats not having any.
            No help from MS.

          84. Matthew V. Brown says

            Both are offered, AKLady.

          85. AKLady says

            And were appreciated

          86. AKLady says

            You would miss me. Admit it.

          87. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yeah, I really would. There is no one else who I would rather annoy me than you, AJLady. Thank you for your patience with me when I’m being sardonic…I’m older, and not just a little cynical. But I always enjoy talking to you.

          88. festmatt5440 says

            Lefty ” ; is a synonym ‘ , for someone who cannot get their head , pulled out of that dark place ‘ ; back there ‘.

          89. Jarhead says

            You have that feminineNAZI Troll in AK all upset and overdosing her Xanax… communicate with IT you will have to wait until the colon mucus is removed from the, so called, Ladies eyes!

          90. cal3301 says

            I also threatened her with a harassment suit if she didn’t back off.

          91. Wyatt says

            Calm down Cal , she is already there . Hell that is .

          92. cal3301 says

            I try to ignore, but she has a way of really getting to you.

          93. Wyatt says

            I know but , she is just a troll . And By the way she pops up and disappearsI suspect the person has multiple identities on there . Stay calm buddy
            Enter the text to appear at the bottom of each email you send

          94. cal3301 says

            I suspect she may be that Muslim woman that pops up every now and then with that big head logo.

          95. LastGasp says

            It is it’s job, it is a paid shill. It gets paid by the response to it’s stupid posts. It will post anything to piss you off and make you respond. Ignore it and starve it.

          96. Matthew V. Brown says

            “You’ve got her…under your skin.” Reminds me of a song I used to know. Don’t worry, cal3301. I’m not trying to pick on you. She aggravates the hell out or me, too. I think that is her function in life, and she fulfills it VERY well!

          97. cal3301 says

            Since I threatened her with a harassment suit, I haven’t heard a peep. Thank God!!!!

          98. Matthew V. Brown says

            AKLady, it is becoming evident that you “wilted” a long time ago.

          99. Matthew V. Brown says

            Most weeds do not wilt, AKLady. They have to be pulled up by the roots.

          100. AKLady says

            Weeds protect topsoil.
            Purslane and dandelions were once valuable food crops.

          101. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, I am happy that you perform some useful function 😉 . And I am familiar with dandelion salad, because of my restaurant background.

          102. Matthew V. Brown says

            I replied to your post, saying that I am familiar with dandelions being used, especially as greens in a salad, but it appears my response got lost in the internet, as it were. Oh, well…

          103. Bud says

            No, silly, it’s the brain dead liberals and commies who try to twist and negate the words in the First Amendment.

            For example, the First Amendment forbids Congress from legislating on the subject of of establishing a religion. The word “establish” has been twisted to mean everything under the sun, when it means what it says and says what it means.

            Another example is the commerce clause. Before Congress has any power over commerce it must cross state lines (in this case I am not discussing the Indian tribes or foreign nations). However, that was completely twisted and negated by a Court decision in the early ’40s. Now, Congress can regulate and control virtually anything and everything relating to commerce, even if it goes nowhere near a state line.

            Just two examples, for your edification.

          104. AKLady says

            The Constitution is a body of laws.

            The words used in that law mean exactly how they are defined by the
            U.S. Supreme Court.

            That is why the Founders established a government with three branches.

            Just one example for your edification. Suggest you take a refresher civics course.

          105. Wyatt says

            Follow thy own advice !

          106. festmatt5440 says

            She cannot remember that far back ‘ , because only half ‘, of her brain , is functioning .

          107. Matthew V. Brown says

            That is like saying that the Bible means exactly what its interpreters say, without qualifying the interpreters. Legal scholars can certainly disagree with the interpretations often foisted upon us by our own Supreme Court. How the Constitution is defined by the U.S. Supreme Court may indeed be enforced as law, but that certainly does not mean that the words are being correctly defined by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being. I suggest you take a refresher course in logic.

          108. Bud says

            The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States, and it states explicitly what government can and cannot do.

            The words used in the Constitution mean exactly what they say, and say exactly what they mean.

            I already gave you two perfect examples, just for your edification. Suggest you take a very extensive refresher civics course.

          109. AKLady says

            Society in 1776 is markedly different than that in 2015.
            Law must adapt or it become totally non-relevant.

            The Legislature writes law.
            The Judicial branch define how it is to be applied.
            The Executive branch exercises it.

            You are the one who needs a refresher civics class.

          110. Bud says

            Oh, good grief.

            Laws which are passed in 2015 must conform to the Supreme Law, and government must restrain itself to its duly-designated duties.

            When all three branches of government are thickly populated with people who feel that the 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights are actually only the 10 suggestions, and that the plain wording of the Supreme Law really does not mean what it says, then we are in dire trouble as a nation. And people such as yourself are responsible.

            Off to that refresher civics class you go. Don’t forget, make it a very extensive refresher course.

          111. AKLady says

            Insult away.
            Come back and talk to me when you have cases cited in law books.

          112. Bud says

            Insult away.
            Come back and talk to me when you want to refer to the Supreme Law itself and not what someone else has said about it.

            Otherwise, please do not bother.

          113. AKLady says

            Supreme Law? What law is that?
            A nation is a living thing and not a machine. The constitutional framers specifically wrote the Constitution in broad and flexible terms to create such a dynamic, “living” document.

          114. Bud says

            Dear Lady, the Constitution is our Supreme Law, and don’t pretend to be ignorant (or maybe you aren’t pretending?) of that fact.

            Yes, the Founding Fathers created a mechanism for changing the Constitution. It’s called “amending.” A “living” document means nothing at all, for then it could just mean anything at all.

          115. AKLady says

            The Fathers provided three branches of Government to provide a separation of powers.

            The Judicial (Courts) evaluates laws.
            The Legislative (Congress) makes the law.
            The Executive (President, Vice President and Cabinet) carry out laws.

          116. Bud says

            You probably felt that you had a point. If so, it is not readily apparent.

          117. Matthew V. Brown says

            Interesting. I guess you would require of us what you have failed to supply to this conversation–cases cited in law books.

          118. AKLady2015 says

            Let’s start with:

            Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944),
            Shelley v. Kraemer 334 U.S. 1 (1948)
            Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)
            Bailey v. Patterson, 369 U.S. 31 (1962)
            Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)
            Jones v. Mayer Co. (1968)
            Lau v. Nichols (1973)
            University of California Regents v. Bakke (1978)
            Batson v. Kentucky (1986)
            Grutter v. Bollinger (2003)

            If those cases are not significant enough, let me know, I’ll sign on to LexisNexis and provide a more extensive list.

          119. Matthew V. Brown says

            Why did you select these cases from all others?

          120. AKLady says

            Your question was deleted: Why did you select these cases from all others?
            Answer: Simply because they are the better known ones.

          121. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m sorry. I thought you were not going to answer, so I just went ahead and deleted my question. I didn’t see any reason to just take up space on a page. Thank you for your answer. I will look them up, although it will take me some time. WAIT A MINUTE: As i search the page, it seems that your list of court cases was deleted as well. I wonder if there is some sort of glitch on this page?

          122. AKLady2015 says

            Censorship most likely.

          123. Matthew V. Brown says

            I think I kept a copy of it, thank heavens. I want to look them up. I sure appreciate you going to that trouble, It was gracious of you to take the time.

          124. AKLady2015 says

            You are most welcome.

          125. Matthew V. Brown says

            Bud, we are, in fact, in dire trouble as a nation.

          126. Bud says

            Well, yes, we are. We have been able to muddle through. So far. But jut wait until interest rates return to historic levels. As they must at some point.

          127. Matthew V. Brown says

            I can already hear the coming of an economic maelstrom in the not too distant future. And frankly, living on disability as I do, it has me petrified, Bud. It will hit everyone hard, but I think it will hit those living on fixed incomes the hardest.

          128. Bud says

            I believe you are correct. I also believe that there’s nothing we can do about it. As one living on a fixed income I do share your concern.

          129. Matthew V. Brown says

            Thanks for reminding me, Bud. There is no sense worrying about something over which one has no control. My…I think we’ve reached one of those “Que sera, sera” moments. I can almost hear Doris Day in the background! ; )

          130. Matthew V. Brown says

            I was concerned before. I’m terrified now.

          131. Wyatt says

            No The 1st Amendment was written by those who led this Nation through the Revolutionary War . Brain dead liberals such as yourself would take that Amendment and a whole lot of the others away from us . Commies already control the liberal left although they hide behind the name Democrat just as you hide behind the the facade of lady

          132. AKLady2015 says

            The 1st Amendment applies to everyone.
            The 1st Amendment says exactly what the Courts define it to say.

          133. Matthew V. Brown says

            Indeed, the 1st Amendment applies to everyone. And legally, you are certainly correct that it means “what the Courts define it to say.” But practically speaking, there are few things more mercurial over history than the opinions of the “men (and women) in black”. Maybe less mercurial than the general public (thank God). But sometimes I fear the immense power this places in the hands of such a few over history. Mind you, I have no better suggestion, and DO believe that our way of operation has provided freedom and protection unequaled in history. But I am sometimes uncomfortable with where the Courts have taken the 1st, and 2nd, Amendments.

          134. AKLady says

            Society changes. The law changes with it.

          135. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes, but those changes in the law are a mixed bag, I guess like society itself…

          136. AKLady says

            The Alaska Supreme Court publishes its decisions every week. You can sign up to receive the list by e-mail. The cases are on line.
            Case law is not science. It is , procedure and history. I bet your state also publishes cases on line.
            Anyway, my point is read cases for awhile. It makes the system’s products far more understandable.

          137. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ah…yet more to read. Then again, for some fortunate people, learning never stops. I graduated from seminary and have a theologians library. Yet I still continue to read. And I could probably add cases to that. No sense in being so heavenly minded that I am no earthly good.

          138. AKLady says

            Too much God-ly-ness is not good for the soul.

          139. Matthew V. Brown says

            Honesty…always a “God-ly” characteristic. ; )

          140. festmatt5440 says

            How did you get so stupid ‘ ; in only one lifetime “

          141. AKLady says

            Why would I want to post on a self-congratulatory site?
            That would be a total waste of time and effort.
            This site is a prime example of that waste of time and effort.

          142. Appy says

            Why are you here then flap jaw? Yeah ..we all are familiar with A/H’s like you that blather on in cyber space as unidentified cowards and misfit animal cracker eaters and little lap dogs with lisping barks.

          143. AKLady says

            Childish name calling – and he wants to play with the adults.

          144. LastGasp says

            It is a paid troll. It gets paid by the responses it generates. It will say anything to provoke an answer.

          145. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, we would certainly forgive you if you would forgo that time and effort that you appear to be wasting.

          146. Matthew V. Brown says

            This site is a “prime example of that waste of time and effort”. It is certainly not one of those heinous “self-congratulatory” sites of which you speak. Yet regardless of this fact, you seem to be an addict of “wasting time and effort”.

          147. William Earl Ellis says


          148. cal3301 says

            I try not to, but sometimes you just have to respond.

          149. Wyatt says

            Him ? Her ? Try It .

          150. cae973 says

            why? lets see could it be their genocide of middle eastern christians…or maybe their using women and children as sex slaves…or the fact that they kill anyone who leaves their so called religion….the list goes on and on…..the real question AKLady is why you are so blind to the truth

          151. AKLady says

            The real question is why you refuse to educate yourself?

            The majority of Muslims do not even live in the Middle-east.
            There are about 1.6 billion Muslims — 23% of the world’s population.

          152. Appy says

            Yo genius explain how the population of Muslims and where they live make them peaceful.. Explain why it is that anywhere Muslims live there is violence and all sorts of strife?

          153. JHH says

            It is because Islam is not a rue religion – it is a Criminal Conspiracy.

          154. Jarhead says

            NUKE MECCA NOW!

          155. Croco Dile says

            Spoken like a true follower of the prince of love, Jesus !

          156. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, considering what happens in the Book of Revelations, when Christ returns as the Alpha and Omega, I’m not sure but what Jarhead may be correct. We are far too enamored with a “gentle Jesus, meek and mild”, and forget about when he fashioned a whip and drove the money-changes out of the temple. Incidentally, Jesus is not the Prince of Love, He is the Prince of Peace, and His peace will not come to this world until He returns. Until then, we deal with “wars and rumors of wars”, but “the end is not yet.” I am not a great supporter of “nuking Mecca”, but I’m afraid Jesus will likely do something just as radical when He returns and sets His feet on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And yes, I am a follower of Jesus, graduating from seminary (by the grace of God) with my M.Div. in 1993.

          157. Croco Dile says

            Jesus woun’t “do” anything more than Mickey Mous would since both are fictional characters.
            Read a real book, Matthew.

          158. Matthew V. Brown says

            How puerile. Most historians, regardless of whether they are Christian, at least support the existence of a Jesus Christ. I have read a good many “real books”, Croco Dile. You, apparently, have read a very few. But that’s OK. Stand up! Be proud in your ignorance. Oh…and learn to spell, or type, or both.

          159. Matthew V. Brown says

            I do not engage in discussions of historical events with people who are not familiar with history, or wouldn’t recognize it if it tapped them on the shoulder. And I’m truly sorry that I allowed you to bait me. However, I have read MANY real books, including the Bible, but that is no longer pertinent because this dialog, such as it is, is over. Get a real life, Crock-o-…..!

          160. festmatt5440 says

            It is a , ‘ c u l t ‘ .

          161. Matthew V. Brown says

            Unfortunately, that does not prevent it from being a religion.

          162. Matthew V. Brown says

            Not a “true’ religion, but I do indeed “rue” the religion, because it is, as you say, a Criminal Conspiracy. Sorry, I didn’t mean to pick on your typo (well, actually I did), but I do it with good intent. I simply cannot resist a good pun, and you inadvertently opened the door. By the way, do not read my posts very carefully. I’m sure I make typos ALL THE TIME.

          163. AKLady says

            The live in every country of the world.
            Some may be your neighbors.

          164. MrSwingGuitar says

            Muslims live everywhere, brainiac. That’s what she’s pointing out. The vast majority of them want just to live in peace, as do the majority of Christians, Jews, et al. It’s clowns like you that foment violence, regardless of what religion you pervert.

          165. Wyatt says

            Sounds like a place to start depopulating an already over crowded world . You are the only uneducated person here , try taking your own advice and stop trying to convert others to your way of thinking .

          166. AKLady2015 says

            Innocent until proven guilty is a long accepted way of thinking in America.
            One that dates to the Founding Fathers.
            Maybe you should act like a real American instead of a bigot?

          167. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes…your point being?

          168. Matthew V. Brown says

            Enough to scare me…

          169. AKLady2015 says

            The US has more prisons than all the other modern nations combined.
            The US has more prisoners than all the other modern nations combined.
            Enough to scare me.
            How about you?

          170. Matthew V. Brown says


          171. AKLady2015 says

            The majority of those inmates committed minor drug infractions.
            They are essentially victims of the ‘Third-Time-Is-the-Charm laws.

            They simply indulged in the wrong drug of choice. Funny thing people who use marihuana rarely drive under the influence. Most DUI offences are attributable to alcohol.

            Simply more evidence that morality cannot be legislated.

          172. Matthew V. Brown says

            Wayyy back when I was in my first year in college in Colorado, I made the mistake of driving while high. I was fortunate that I didn’t kill myself or anyone else. That NEVER happened again. It is heinous that we are jailing people for minor drug infractions. It is done to mollify extreme conservatives that think all drugs are the road to perdition, and are determined to make it so.

          173. AKLady2015 says

            Prohibition should have taught a lesson.
            They say that history forgotten is bound to be repeated.

          174. Matthew V. Brown says

            f there is anything I learned while studying in seminary, it is that we forget history with stunning regularity. Oh, well…

          175. stephanie wilson says

            easy, they are willfully blind.

          176. AKLady says

            The real question is why you are so blind to fact.
            Islam is the world’s second largest religion.
            If they were out to kill people, you would already be dead.
            Why do you blame the whole for thw acts of few?

          177. Bud says

            “If they were out to kill people, you would already be dead.”
            Many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are dead.

            “Why do you blame the whole for thw [sic] acts of few?”
            The “whole” has enabled “thw [sic] acts of few.”

          178. AKLady says

            Your reply makes an almost perfect definition of bigotry and/or bias..

          179. Wyatt says

            And you are not bigoted ? Your defense of them at every turn screams BIGOTRY and hate .

          180. MrSwingGuitar says

            Defense of “them”? You are clearly both extremely stupid and particularly hateful, more or less the “Christian” equivalence of ISIS and the Taliban. Instead of dealing with an actual problem, you want to brand a quarter of the Earth’s population as evil. I’d venture this shows that you in fact are fully as evil as any of the worst of ISIS, at least in your head.

          181. LastGasp says

            Hey Swingy, I thought you had learned your lesson and given up being such a jerk. Here you go again jumping in with your emotional, delusional, lieberal crap.
            Why is stating the truth evil? Because you say so, right? I’d venture that you are just plain stupid, fully as stupid as AKdummy and Croc o’crap.

          182. Wyatt says

            Until the muslim world decides to move into the 21st century and not continue to live in the &th century mind set , that quarter of the earth will remain branded . They do nothing and I mean nothing to halt the Taliban or ISIS . Evil is condoning the actions of the Islamic world and blaming Christians

          183. MrSwingGuitar says

            Who do you think is the one group that’s actually been effective fighting ISIS? No idea? The Iranian Quds militias have won significant victories against IS. Oddly, despite all the rhetoric about Iran being the biggest sponsor of terrorism, there’s precious little evidence to support that claim. They DO provide some money to fundamentalist Shiite groups, but most of the idiocy that the GOP floats around about them is bogus. In fact, the largest Muslim financial backers of terrorism are from Saudi Arabia, our “ally”. I don’t know of any major Muslim groups that blame Christians. They DO blame governments who have a majority Christian population for their (our, as well) attacks on non-combatant civilian populations (and yes, that includes the Obama adminstration’s continuing use of drone killings). In the extremely unlikely event that you are actually interested in reality, read up on the history of modern Iran. In the early 1950s, Iran was a forward looking western oriented civilization, with a democratically elected prime minister. The US and the UK staged a coup there and propped the puppet Shah back in power. His brutal secret police SAVAK alienated the people so horribly that they welcomed the regressive “Islamic Revolution” with open arms….WE built that government, just like we created ISIS by invading Iraq on fake information and not having a clue what to do with it once we’d unseated Saddam Hussein.

          184. Matthew V. Brown says

            Too true, MrSwingGuitar. And I’m old enough to remember the Shah. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember much about when Iran was a “forward-looking western-oriented civilization.”

          185. AKLady2015 says

            How many “Muslim” newspapers do you read?
            How many “Muslim” TV stations do you watch?
            No darling, my defense screams law.
            In America the law is ‘innocent until proven guilty’.
            There are many countries where Islam is the primary religion. They are not all in the Middle-east. They do not express hate as a group.

          186. Matthew V. Brown says

            How many “Muslim” newspapers do YOU read?
            How many “Muslim” TV stations do you watch?
            Do you speak…oh…Arabic or Chinese or Telegu? I’m sure you hold to the requirements that you place for the rest of us…don’t you?

          187. AKLady2015 says

            You are focused on one small part of the world.
            The majority of Islam is on the other side of the world.

          188. Matthew V. Brown says

            Which just goes to show that the actions of a committed minority and overwhelm the inaction of the majority…

          189. AKLady2015 says

            What it proves is that Joseph Goebbels was 100% correct about “The Big Lie”

          190. Matthew V. Brown says

            Actually, Hitler wrote of the “Big Lie” in Mein Kampf. I am unaware of what Joseph Goebbels said or wrote about the “Big Lie”. Could you point me in the right direction? (And, No, I don’t mean to tell me where to go, no matter how tempting that may be 😀 )

          191. AKLady says

            Goebbels’ article “Aus Churchills Lügenfabrik (English: “From Churchill’s Lie Factory”) was published in Die Zeit ohne Beispiel on 12 January 1941.

            “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

          192. Matthew V. Brown says

            Thank you, AKLady. That further clarifies what I have been reading written by Hitler concerning The Big Lie. He also spoke about it at length. He essentially supported using a Big Lie, which is so big that when people are confront by it, they believe that no one would truly be capable of such a brazen lie, so The Big Lie must indeed be true. It is a very effective propaganda technique.

          193. AKLady says

            Yes, simply insert Muslim everywhere you see “English” – in both Hitler’s and Goebbels’ writing. It then hits home with a hammer.

            While you are in that frame of mind, you might want to look at the Internment Camps built to house Japanese-Americans and the propaganda used for brainwashing during WW II. Keep in mind no such activity was taken against German-Americans.

            I find it worrisome, to say the least. One could say that I am a bit bigoted, I lost a father and two husbands to war.

          194. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m so sorry for your losses. Unfortunately considering current events, I’m sure that we will see such losses again–sooner rather than later. I believe in Fiddler on the Roof, when leaving Anatevka Motel the tailor said, “Wouldn’t this be a good time for the Messiah to return?”, to which Tevye replied, “We shall have to wait for Him somewhere else.” I still long for His return. I know you are agnostic, but I’m sure you can appreciate the longing for a better world.

          195. AKLady2015 says

            Better world? Yes.
            End of world? No.

          196. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, in all honestly, I’m not much looking forward to the “end of the world” either, although I believe our politicians are moving us perilously close to it.

          197. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, the propaganda that is then current brainwashing infomercial is just as dividing as that of the Cold War era.

          198. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ah…just like the old canard: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Trite, but often true.

          199. Bud says

            Your post DOES make a perfect example of being so open-minded that any brains you may ever have had have long since fallen out.
            I also note that you don’t actually even attempt to dispute anything I said by using “facts,” but merely resorted to the typical liberal tactic of ad hominem attack.

          200. AKLady says

            Keep those right-wing insults coming.

            The whole has not enabled the few.

            The majority of Muslims are on the other side of the world.
            They have no relation to, or discourse with the Middle-east.

          201. Bud says

            I see that your excuse-making continues. You could probably turn that into some kind of “studies” course in college.

          202. AKLady says

            I’ve made law.
            Have you?

          203. Bud says

            Did you follow the Supreme Law when you did so, or did you just vote for whatever seemed like a good idea at the time?

            You’ve made law. Big deal. So did Bellowin’ Bella, and her public pronouncements would see to fit you to a T. She was one of those who voted on laws as she wished the Supreme Law said, not what it actually does say.

          204. Matthew V. Brown says

            And why is that important to THIS discussion? I’ve made cookies. Have you? Makes about as much sense in this context. The ability to make FEDERAL law, given the ineptitude of many of our Senators and Representatives, doesn’t inspire me much…

          205. siridh says

            There are 1.5 billion muslims. If 50,000 are jihadists (that would be the bad apples) why don’t the 1.5 billion do something to stop them?

          206. Bud says

            I suspect there are far more than 50,000 jihadists, or at least very strong jihadist sympathizers.
            Those who are opposed to the jihadists are probably in fear for their lives and don’t dare publicly oppose them. They’ve seen the utter animalistic, satanic inhumanity of the jihadists.

          207. Steve Crawford says

            That is a good question. The so called peaceful Muslims here in America and many other countries have been quiet and have not publicly denounce the terrorist incidents by the radical Muslims. But there are a large number of Muslims even here in America who are very sensitive if anyone publicly criticize Muhammad in a picture, etc.

          208. AKLady says

            Because, like the “bad apples” the good apples are poor, third-world countries, located on the other side of the globe. Most do not have standing armies, let alone an air force or navy.

            The exception is Russia. However, Muslims are a minority in that country.

          209. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yeah…those poor Muslims is places like Saudi Arablia, who financially underwrite much of the terrorism in the world. Why I bet they can barely afford their personal jets! You just gotta feel sorry for those poor Muslims…with no standing armies, let alone and air force or navy.

          210. AKLady2015 says

            Little boy is angry.
            Little boy can’t see past the Middle-east.
            and, he can’t read what is written…

          211. Matthew V. Brown says

            Little boy is not angry. Little boy does not need to look past the Middle East, who wreaked havoc upon us before. Little boy reads very well, thank you. I just question whether YOU can read. You obviously can’t reason your way out of a paper bag. Quethib qere.

          212. AKLady says

            FACT the majority of Muslims reside outside of the Middle-east.

            Around 62% of the world’s Muslims live in South and Southeast Asia, with over 1 billion adherents. (Pew Research)

            The largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia, a nation home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims, followed by Pakistan (11.0%), India (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%).

            In the Middle East, the non-Arab countries of Turkey and Iran are the largest Muslim-majority countries; in Africa, Egypt and Nigeria have the most populous Muslim communities.

          213. Matthew V. Brown says

            FACT It was not the “majority’ of Muslims who attacked us. Our attackers came from the Middle East. Perhaps it is merely good sense that we are exhibiting in seeking the actual geographic source of the Twin Towers bombers, rather than concerning ourselves with Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

          214. AKLady2015 says

            However, America’s media is engage in the Big Lie: all Muslims are bad. That makes us almost as bad a Germany and Goebbels.

          215. AKLady says

            SA may be one of the world’s wealthiest countries, but that does not equate to wealth for all.

          216. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes, you are probably correct there. I’m sure that most of the wealth is held by the Saudi royal family. I don’t know how the rest live.

          217. AKLady says

            The average Saudi has between $5,500 and $9,000 per year (U.S.). Over 20% of Saudi men have not paid work. Illiteracy is a huge problem. In contrast, the average Saudi citizen has access to excellent free health care.

          218. Croco Dile says

            The “bad apples” are supported by western intelligence agencies (and promoted through the mainstream AND “patriotic” media) so they can spread fear on western TV screens. That’s exactly what the state needs to extract more wealth from it’s own citizens. So the scared people here even DEMAND to be robbebd by the state for “security”. How much idiocy can exist in everyday people ! Unbelievable.

          219. Matthew V. Brown says

            The “bad apples”–those “poor third-world countries, located on the other side of the globe”–seemed to scrape enough together to destroy our Twin Towers. A minor investment…a monumental disaster…a substantial loss of life. Do you think they are unwilling are unable to wreak havoc upon us again? After all, only ONE jihadist can do untold damage.

          220. AKLady says

            Two Iraq wars, and the Afghanistan War have made the US many enemies.
            The Twin Tower attack was committed by Saudi nationals.
            The terrorist training camps are still operating in Saudi Arabia.
            They are our friend and ally, yet we waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

          221. Matthew V. Brown says

            Saudi nationals? Clearly not Muslims, then. Nahhh. And Iran now has nuclear ambitions, which scares me all the way down to my toes. We fought So-damn Insane from Iraq and the Taliban (you DO remember the Taliban, don’t you–lovely people, the Taliban) in Afghanistan–hardly good friends and allies. Do you really not think that they, along with Iran, seek the death of the “Great Satan”? I don’t believe our actions “made many enemies” that were not ALREADY our enemies.

          222. MrSwingGuitar says

            Mr. Brown, if you haven’t, you need to familiarize yourself with the actions of the US and the UK in Iran in 1953, when we staged a coup overthrowing the democratically elected prime minister, propped the Shah back on the peacock throne and then supported him through 25 years of very repressive dictatorship. This managed to turn what had been a western leaning reasonably progressive society into one that welcomed the dreadful “Islamic Revolution”. Similarly, in Saudi Arabia, we put our support behind the fundamentalist and very harsh government there because they sell us oil.

          223. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, it is true that we have no conscience when it comes to our lust for oil, and we will pay a steep price for this.

          224. AKLady2015 says

            The oil is not that important, the US is a net petroleum product exporter.
            The largest Saudi contribution is military bases.

            The best description would be America as “godfather” in the protection racket.

          225. AKLady2015 says

            My grandmother taught me that when you stop learning, you have stopped living. She took college classes into her 90s.

            Her ‘brainwashing’ took hold in my psyche. I’m 65 and, if there is an afterlife, I will never stop learning. It is an addiction I cannot seem to kick. 😉

          226. Matthew V. Brown says

            Your grandmother was a wise woman. Clearly you take after her.

          227. AKLady says

            I barely remember my father. He died in the Korean War. A times, I think my memories of him are actually what others have told me. My mother died almost 20 years ago.

            Man once had the senses other animals still display. Some still do – primitive tribesmen depend on those for survival.

            I have a very spoiled male cat. He teaches me how to be a humble servant. 😉

          228. Matthew V. Brown says

            It is when we allow ourselves the freedom to get off topic that the real fun of conversation often begins. You can go off topic with me anytime. You just have so much to share.

          229. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            The feeling is mutual. You also have much to share.

          230. AKLady says

            Grandmother was wise, extremely well-educated, and very independent. A Woman’s’ Libber before it became a issue. Also, very talented – a concert pianist and violinist. In her earlier years she was a member of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.

          231. AKLady says

            Wrong part of thw globe.
            The good Muslims are on the other side

          232. AKLady2015 says

            The whole is half a globe away.
            They have no control over the few.
            They have no way to place pressure on the few.

          233. Bud says

            Yes, dear lady, we know. You will continue to find/make up excuses for the muslims.

          234. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, boy child, you will continue to damn billions of people for the acts of a few. You will do so out of ignorance.

          235. Bud says

            Goodbye, dear lady.

          236. Matthew V. Brown says

            It is true that MANY Muslims live in places like India, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia to name a few. The scope of Islam is truly mind-boggling. I am not well-informed concerning their commitment to Jihadiism, although I know that commitment to Jihad is a major component of Islam. I am concerned, however, that the billions of Muslims will ultimately damn us, far more effectively than the Reverend Wright ever considered in his wildest dreams.

          237. AKLady2015 says

            I am also concerned. When teaching hate based on religion becomes the norm, as it seemingly has in America, there will be no way to avoid such a clash.

          238. Matthew V. Brown says

            Alas, historically hate based on religion is all too common. True faith should lead us in a different direction.

          239. AKLady says

            Second largest of the world’s religions.
            It is an Abrahamic religion, based on the same god of Christianity and Judaism

          240. Matthew V. Brown says

            My word! It’s a wonder that they got to the twin towers, to demolish them….

          241. AKLady says

            The Middle-east is not the “whole” of the Muslim ‘world’. It is not even the area of highest Muslim density.

            Those who attacked the towers were al-Qaeda, not ‘Muslims’ per se. The attacks were not religiously motivated. Numerous incidents of harassment and hate crimes against Muslims and South Asians were reported in the days following the attacks.

            The hate that was motivated by those attacks is being built upon and spread.

          242. Matthew V. Brown says

            Al Qaeda is considered a Muslim sect, or didn’t you know? They are definitely Muslims, per se.

          243. AKLady2015 says

            No, al Qaeda is not a “religious” sect. It is militant groups, who’s members happen to be Muslim. Al Qaeda groups have, and currently are fighting against each other.

            When we killed Osama bin Laden, we splintered the group. It is now under the control of many different leaders, in separate countries. Al-Qaeda is responsible for instigating sectarian violence among Muslims

          244. Matthew V. Brown says


          245. Wyatt says

            Correction , Islam is a CULT ! Not a religion . It was spread via Fire and Sword , terror and threat of death . Christianity was spread via word of mouth and the teachings of Jesus of love for one’s fellow man . Where

            as Islam tolerates no one who does not worship as they do . The Koran teaches this . True there are many beautiful verses but hidden in those texts are the messages of hate , falsehood and death .

            If you are so enamored with Islam and their ideology , I would suggest you move to one of their countries where you can learn first hand what your standing in the social order will be . I venture to say you would end up as one of their concubines in an ISIS harem (brothel , whore house etc.) working for no pay.

          246. AKLady2015 says

            I have lived in countries where Islam was the primary region. They were nothing like the Middle-east.

          247. Matthew V. Brown says

            Because the”few” who claim to represent the “whole”, attacked us in our homeland. They were out to kill people, and many U.S. citizens are dead because of it. Why are YOU so blind to this salient FACT? I know there are many, many Muslims in this world. It is something I get night-sweats over, considering their commonly-held beliefs, and how FEW did so MUCH damage to us

          248. AKLady2015 says

            The few claim to represent the Middle-east.
            The majority of Muslims are located in Indonesia.

          249. Matthew V. Brown says

            I accept your correction, AKLady2015.

          250. LastGasp says

            Very simple, it is a paid shill. It gets paid by the response so will say anything to provoke an answer. Starve the troll!

          251. AKLady says

            Genocide is racial killing.
            What you are referring to is religious persecution.

          252. AKLady says

            The question is why do you think you, or anyone else, has the right to dictate to another culture?

            The question is why so you think that you, or anyone else. has the right to dictate to another religion?

            Not all of Islam engage in the practices you have referred to.

            Oh, and by the way, child marriage still takes place in the U.S. – it does so with thw full knowledge and consent of the courts.

          253. Matthew V. Brown says

            Oh, I don’t know…I wonder why Muslim communities want to impose Sharia Law in the United States? Why on earth would they think that they, or anyone else, should dictate to OUR culture or religion? I’ll give you awhile to consider your answer….(background noise of fingers drumming the desk)….

          254. AKLady says

            Catholic law dictates to part of our culture.
            Jewish law dictates to part of our culture.
            Hindu …
            Buddhist …
            Mormon law …

          255. Matthew V. Brown says

            Now, AKLady. Wasn’t it you that said:” Why do you think you, or ANYONE ELSE, has the right to dictate to another culture?” It seems that MANY have dictated to OUR culture. Perhaps we are simply “returning the favor”, as it were.

          256. AKLady2015 says

            I think you have missed a large segment of history, or it was sanitized for you.

            1. Our Christian forefathers murdered a huge number of First People — because they were heathen.

            2. Our Christian forefathers enslaved Africans, claimed the Bible approved of it.

            3. Our Christian terrorists have murdered Sikhs in the Midwest.

            4. Our Christian terrorists murder doctors and bomb clinics.

            5. One Christian terrorist in Charleston just murdered a bunch of people inside a church.

            6. Catholic terrorists in the CAR are very busy killing everyone who will not convert to Catholicism.

            7. The attack on IRS Building in Texas in 2010

            8. How about the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995?

          257. Matthew V. Brown says

            Actually, I haven’t, Atrocities carried out in the name of Christ are rampant. We are a desperately fallen people in desperate need of forgiveness, but that is almost too glib. Sometimes I am surprised that God, in His righteousness, has not yet cleaned house among those who proudly take upon themselves the name of Christ. I know that God is long-suffering (sometimes people say “patient”, but I think “long-suffering” is more correct, and far more accurate), not wanting to bring any into condemnation, but to bring all to faith. But I think we will see God cleanse His church, sooner rather than later, and it will be a fearsome thing to behold.

          258. AKLady says

            It is that “failure” to act that destroyed my faith.
            All the BS the good Fathers and Sisters tried to brainwash me with just did not sit right.
            Freewill has nothing to do with the innocent victims. They did not “choose” to be victims.
            America’s “god” is PROFIT. He is worshipped with GREED.

          259. Matthew V. Brown says

            Too true, AKLady. We have worshipped the golden idol for far too long. It is not that freewill has nothing to do with innocent victims, it is that freewill does not have everything to do with innocent victims, And sometime it is not the freewill of the innocent victims themselves that creates the original problem, because perpetrators have freewill also. I appreciate the good Fathers and Sisters, but sometimes I think they are intentionally limited in experience due to the nature of their “system”, as it were. The TRULY good Fathers and Sisters recognize this limitation, and exercise caution in what and how they teach. Although I am Orthodox Christian, I have a Roman Catholic priest who has been a good and supportive friend to me for a long time, And he exhibits that wisdom when he cares for people.

          260. AKLady says

            I did a few years at a boarding school which was attached to a novitiate. I swear, even at elementary school age, they were trying very hard to make nuns of us.

          261. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ha! : )

          262. AKLady says

            The true example of Christianity, in my opinion, was Mother Teresa. Then there are those that spit on her reputation as “fake”.

          263. Matthew V. Brown says

            Mother Teresa was what some call a “living” saint. And yes, I am aware of those that spit on her reputation as “fake”. I guess everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion–however misinformed.

          264. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you think that the Middle-east is representative of all of Islam?
            The real question is why are you blind to the majority?
            Islam is the world’s #2 religion.
            Your focus is extremely narrow.

          265. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should expand your sight beyond the Middle-east?

            The real question is why are you so focused on one very small part of Islam?

            Another real question is who are you to sit in judgment of the culture and laws of another country?

            Do you deny that every people have the right to govern themselves?

          266. Michael says

            The mainstream media take up for the muzzies every chance they get along with Obama.

          267. AKLady says

            What pet names do you have for Buddhists?
            Do you have a pet name for Jews?
            How about Mormons?

          268. Linda says

            Jews and Buddhists do not try to kill or behead Americans. They do not chant “Death of America”, nor do they want to annihilate us. Buddhists are very peaceful and Israel and the Jewish people are allies of America.

          269. azsequaya says

            AK,, Did your parents have any children that lived ????

          270. ginny says

            No one was taught to hate Muslims by anyone other than muslims, 911 and their open and proud killing of Christians does nothing to make us like them. Perhaps you missed the beheadings and burnings they so proudly recorded for the world to see.

          271. AKLady says

            Warfare takes place in many countries.
            War is not limited to Muslims.

            War is usually quite brutal in third-world countries.

            You must be too young to remember Rwanda.
            You must be too young to remember the Congo.
            You must be too young to remember Vietnam.

          272. Wyatt says

            I remember them , all Communist inspired . But you forgot to include Rhodesia and Angola , why ? Didn’t suit your agenda . And you never mentioned Kenya and , the Mau Mau . In the Congo it was “Simba” both Mau Mau and Simba were cult movements and short lived . Rwanda was much the same . Yes war is brutal in third world countries but then war is brutal period ! Do not attempt to justify the atrocities commited by Muslims by exempting them from third world country status . They are so backwards they still live in the 7th century mind set . But you as a liberal wouldn’t understand that

          273. AKLady says

            Why do you think I should have provided more examples? Its not like I am giving a history lesson. The third-third world examples in both of our posts were far more brutal than anything taking place in the Middle-east.

            In the Middle-east, I have not yet seen any babies on stakes, lined up like a fence. Have you? How about heads hanging from trees? Then there were the bodies turning on spits over fires.

          274. AKLady says

            I did not forget anything.
            I simply did not want to take up half the page.
            The Muslim countries to which you speak are third-world countries.
            Women are not much more than slaves in almost all third-world countries.
            Not all third-world countries are Muslim.
            But you as a right-winger would not understand that.

          275. AKLady2015 says

            If you want to write a half-page essay, be my guest.
            I made a point and provided examples.
            Go soak your ego, it has become very swollen.

          276. Matthew V. Brown says

            Oh, believe me, his ego is minimal in size compared to your overweening arrogance. You provided examples, He provided examples. You answered with vituperation and fluff.

          277. AKLady2015 says

            Matthew go this feelings hurt.
            Moreover, I did not “exempt” anyone, let alone Muslims.
            Nor did I JUSTIFY any atrocities.

          278. Matthew V. Brown says

            Your inability to read is sometimes so striking, i find it breathtaking. I did not say that you “exempted” anyone, nor did I say that you JUSTIFIED any atrocities. I will not repeat what I said, because I presume you can read…all appearances to the contrary. And you are, in fact, incapable of hurting my feelings, because I always consider the source, even when it is particularly unreliable. You are simply not an expert in all things. Your lack of knowledge of Christianity and doctrinal history, which you display so proudly elsewhere is mid-boggling. I am surprised that you hold forth on the topic as though you had some expertise, which you clearly do not.

          279. AKLady says

            After 18 years of religious education, I am quite literate when it comes to Christianity and doctrinal history.

            I tend to make points with sarcasm. It is one of my major failings.

            Religion is the scourge of mankind. It is responsible for more deaths than any of the other reasons combined. WW II is but one example of religious hate which became epidemic.

          280. Matthew V. Brown says

            I apologize. I was just being snappish. You are, indeed, quite literate when it comes to Christianity and doctrinal history. And your sarcasm is one of your major accomplishments. It is part of why I enjoy talking to you. Religion, being different from Christianity, has always been a scourge of humanity, and World War II was a good–or at least accurate–example.

          281. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            I’m not sure about your “sarcasm” remarks, but I’ll accept it as a compliment! 😉

          282. Matthew V. Brown says

            Please do!

          283. Matthew V. Brown says

            Wyatt made a point and provided examples. His “half-page essay” was concise, correct, and to the point. Go soak your head. IT has become very swollen.

          284. siridh says

            Terrorism is about 99% Muslim.

          285. AKLady says

            You have been well-brainwashed.

          286. AKLady says

            Because, and only because, that is where entertainment news is focused. Christians killing in Africa does not sell advertising. Christians murdering in America does not sell advertising.

          287. LastGasp says

            You must be too stupid to remember 9/11.

          288. AKLady says

            Child, 9/11 has nothing to do with religion.
            Evil people use religion as a tool.
            If Islam was the enemy, we would be long defeated.

          289. AKLady says

            You must be too senile to remember:

            1. The Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre
            2. The murder of Dr. Tiller
            3. The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church shooting
            4. The murder of Dr. John Britton
            5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing
            6. The murder of Barnett Slepian
            7. Planned Parenthood bombing in Brookline, MA’
            8. Thw suicide attack on the IRS building
            9. The murder of Alan Berg
            10. The Oklahoma City bombing ….

          290. festmatt5440 says

            A great, factual summary of today’s problem………
            And obviously our Government doesn’t have enough common sense to realize it.
            We can’t seem to pin point the problem?

            The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
            The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
            The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
            The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
            The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
            The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
            The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
            The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
            The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
            The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
            The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
            The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
            The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
            The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
            The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
            The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
            The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
            The Kenyan U.S. Embassy Bombers were Muslims
            The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
            The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
            The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
            The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
            The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
            The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
            The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

            Think of it:

            Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
            Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
            Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
            Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
            Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
            Confucians living with Baha’is = No Problem
            Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem
            Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
            Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
            Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
            Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
            Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem
            Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem
            Christians living with Jews = No Problem
            Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
            Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
            Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
            Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
            Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

            Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
            Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
            Muslims living with Christians = Problem
            Muslims living with Jews = Problem
            Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
            Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem
            Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
            Muslims living with Atheists = Problem

            **********SO THIS LEADS TO *****************

            They’re not happy in Gaza
            They’re not happy in Egypt
            They’re not happy in Libya
            They’re not happy in Morocco
            They’re not happy in Iran
            They’re not happy in Iraq
            They’re not happy in Yemen
            They’re not happy in Afghanistan
            They’re not happy in Pakistan
            They’re not happy in Syria
            They’re not happy in Lebanon
            They’re not happy in Nigeria
            They’re not happy in Kenya
            They’re not happy in Sudan

            ******** So, where are they happy? **********

            They’re happy in Australia
            They’re happy in England
            They’re happy in Belgium
            They’re happy in France
            They’re happy in Italy
            They’re happy in Germany
            They’re happy in Sweden
            They’re happy in the USA & Canada
            They’re happy in Norway & India
            They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves, THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN!!
            And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy

            Muslim Brotherhood: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
            Lashkar-e-Taiba: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
            Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
            Jemaah Islamiyah: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
            Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
            AND A LOT MORE!

            And WE just can’t figure out who’s causing the problem .


          291. AKLady says

            You left out a great deal of killing by other religious sects.
            Christians in particular …
            Rather a one-focus list.

          292. AKLady says

            You must be too senile to remember those committed by Christian terrorists just in America:

            1. The Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre
            2. The murder of Dr. Tiller
            3. The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church shooting
            4. The murder of Dr. John Britton
            5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing
            6. The murder of Barnett Slepian
            7. Planned Parenthood bombing in Brookline, MA’
            8. Thw suicide attack on the IRS building
            9. The murder of Alan Berg
            10. The Oklahoma City bombing ….

          293. Wyatt says

            Aww , gee Ginny . Hate is such an ugky word and , I don’t hate anyone . I prefer to “Loath” them . Much more to the point and no explanation needed

          294. AKLady says


            You have missed a great deal of history.

            Here in the U.S.
            Hate crimes against people of Middle Eastern origin or descent increased from 354 attacks in 2000, to 1,501 attacks in 2001

          295. Jimmy Quick says

            No. The real question is why can’t you see something as obvious as the nose on your face. Answer: Your an idiot.

            You’re such a load of crap, why don’t you go flush yourself down the toilet and stop stinking up the room?

          296. ginny says

            The only mass murders are being done by Muslims in the name of Allah.

          297. AKLady says

            Allah is the Arabic word for God — the One God — the same one you worship.

          298. Wyatt says

            There is only one God and thou shall place no other God before Him . God , Jehovah , Yewah , I know these names for God . Allah may mean God in Arabic but , they worship Muhammad much more than Allah .

          299. LastGasp says

            Allah was originally the god of the Moon so has no relationship with the Christian or Jewish God.

          300. LastGasp says

            Allah was originally the Moon god so has no relationship with the Christian or Jewish God.

          301. AKLady2015 says

            What is the point of lying?

            “There is no god but God”
            They do not worship Muhammad at all.

          302. siridh says

            If ‘Allah’ is the one true god and the one that the Christians and Jews also worship, then why do Muslims kill Christians and Jews for not worshipping Allah?

          303. AKLady says

            Because some of them have been taught lies, as you seemingly have been.

            Allah is the God of the Old Testament.

            The Quran clearly portrays the God of Islam, Allah, as the God of Abraham and hence the God of Scripture, Yahweh Elohim.

            Islam is an Abrahamic faith — as are Christianity and Judaism.

            Find a Christian or Jewish ‘Bible’ written in Arabic. You will find the word
            “Allah” all through it. Allah has no gender (not male and not female). Allah is always singular – never plural.

          304. Matthew V. Brown says

            You are mistaken, AKLady. NOT the “same one I worship”. But I haven’t the time or strength left to educate you. Besides, I think you already have your mind–what there is of it–made up, so it would be a useless enterprise.

          305. AKLady says

            The explain to us what the Central African Republic is doing?

          306. festmatt5440 says

            You have to ask ‘ ?

          307. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Being proactive.’

          308. AKLady2015 says

            Christian militia groups destroyed almost all mosques in the Central African Republic . Sources report incidents of Muslims being cannibalized.

          309. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            You say that like it was a bad thing.

          310. Matthew V. Brown says

            Whoa, disqus_2HJyL9vcD3. I appreciate irony, but regardless of how inimical Muslims may be to us, that is still a horrifying thing to say.

          311. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Sorry Matthew, she brings out the worst in me.

          312. Matthew V. Brown says

            Sometimes I share your struggle, but we are actually getting along reasonably well right now. Nevertheless such things are, by their very nature, mercurial.

          313. AKLady says

            You say that as though you believe religious persecution and murder are a good thing. That is very un-American. Please find somewhere you like better to live.

          314. Jarhead says

            Planned Parenthood might disagree with you on that point?

          315. Wyatt says

            Because Islam hates the rest of the world . Pull your head out of that body cavity you have it stuffed and smell what you are shoveling

          316. AKLady2015 says

            Simply not true.
            Applicable to only a very small part of the world in which Islam is the major religion.

          317. melmack 1 says

            LOL, because islam is a CULT and we don’t like CULTS !!!

          318. Matthew V. Brown says

            Oh, I don’t know…could the destruction of the Twin Towers have anything to do with it? Nahhh…

          319. Matthew V. Brown says

            We are not using the Big Lie propaganda, turning long-standing anti-Arab or Anti-Muslim sentiment to murderous ends. Muslims attacked us on our home soil, turning our Twin Towers to rubble and damaging part of the Pentagon, resulting in great loss of life. That is history, not a “Big Lie.” I think that that significantly affected our opinion of Muslims…at least those in the Mideast…particularly centered in Iran.

          320. AKLady2015 says

            Is that anything ling the Lutherans who built concentration camps and murdered Jews?

            How about Pilgrims who murdered America’s First People?

            Christian missionaries who tried hard destroyed the culture of Alaska’s First People?

            Let’s not forget the Christians in the Central African Republic that are busy murdering those who will not convert.

            Religious hate and crime is a very, very ling list. Religion is responsible for more death and destruction than any other cause.

          321. Matthew V. Brown says

            You are right, AKLady2015. Christians regularly deny their faith by their actions. I know that I have, God help me. And I’m afraid we use the “forgiveness” canard to our own embarrassment. “Fear of the Lord” is uncommon in our “Jesus our our special friend” Christianity. What I fear is that there will be many who, when facing God, will hear the words “Depart from me, you accursed”…me included. I am truly chief of sinners.

          322. AKLady says

            I’m having far more fun documenting the lies on the web site.

          323. Appy says

            Document this! Road apple.

          324. AKLady says

            Nursery school foul language.
            Is that documented to suit you?

          325. Wyatt says

            No , Road Apple is a polite term for the product coming from the south end of a north bound horse .

          326. AKLady2015 says

            Nursery school foul language no matter how you write it.

          327. Sadler2010 says

            What? Your own lies are the only ones I see (from AGAYsocalledLady) And we all know about your one handed fun!!!

          328. AKLady says

            Grow up.
            Your infantile fantasies do not interest anyone else.

          329. melmack 1 says

            The lies??? Amazing how you, supposedly a woman, defends a cult that uses women for sex, child bearing, cleaning house and cooking while disallowing them to go out in public without their hair covered and multiple other restrictions. Truly mind boggleing how any woman can be so brain washed !!!

          330. Matthew V. Brown says

            OK, we’re waiting. Document one…

          331. Matthew V. Brown says

            AKLady, you are very accusatorial in your tone, impugning impure motives to those who disagree with you, and accusing us to be liars. Although you have not actually said, “liars”, you have accused what we have said as being “lies”. I guess there is simply no accounting for how people get their kicks. Apparently you like looking on the internet to find those whom you disagree with, and doing a sort of “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!” thing–this you call “fun”. Well, to each his own.

          332. AKLady2015 says

            Big difference, Matthew, you do not engage in lying.
            My statements are based on fact, not bigoted opinion.

          333. Matthew V. Brown says

            True enough, AKLady2015, except for your first statement, which was altogether too kind. I wish I could say I have never engaged in lying, but I have told some whoppers in my life. I truly hope I have learned something since then. I hope I have not insulted the President during a time of war, even though I politically differ from Obama. I shall try harder not to abuse my right to free speech, for which privilege many have given their lives.

          334. George says

            WHY DO YOU ” ; L I E ” .?

          335. Scrubjay says

            WHY DO YOU ” ; L I E ” .?

          336. AKLady says

            I do not lie.
            The U.S. Constitution does not lie.

          337. Wyatt says

            You use the Constitution to hide behind yet you do not wish to hear what that same Constitution grant’s to others as well . Typical of leftist haters

          338. AKLady2015 says

            The Constitution grants the same thing to everyone.
            It is a legal term: equality.

          339. Matthew V. Brown says

            The Constitution grants equal treatment UNDER THE LAW. There is no document of which I am aware that can grant “equality” to people. As I recall, even the Bible does not grant to people “equality” to people–except as sinners. In that, we are all equal before God: all lost, and all in need of a Savior.

          340. AKLady2015 says

            Here he is, preaching religion.
            Typical Christian

          341. Matthew V. Brown says

            Preaching religion? No. Just stating a fact. I’m sure that you mean that as an insult, but I will choose to take it as a compliment. I will not respond to tell you what I think you are typical of. Besides, I think you already know. Use your imagination now…

          342. Matthew V. Brown says

            Those are, in fact, two separate statements, and as such, have two different answers.

          343. David Hansen says

            AK . you need to widen your scope of information

          344. AKLady says

            Exactly what am I missing?

          345. Appy says

            The Boat….camel breath. Be on the next one space taker.

          346. AKLady2015 says

            Your ignorance speaks loudly.
            I am so not impressed.

          347. Steve Crawford says

            False information and rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

          348. Scrubjay says

            Are you referring to AK who continually spews a false narrative? I agree.

          349. AKLady says

            What false information might thst be…

            U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment?

          350. Scrubjay says

            false information

          351. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, your mis-information regarding “Allah”, for one.

          352. AKLady says

            No, he is referring to the likes of you.
            People who practice self-enforced ignorance.

          353. Appy says

            Your indoctrination only works on you the truth sears your mind doesn’t it minion….

          354. Scrubjay says

            he is referring to the likes of you.
            People who practice self-enforced ignorance.

          355. AKLady says

            What false information might thst be…

            U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment?

          356. AKLady says

            This site has a very high populations of haters, fools and idiots.
            Which are you?

          357. Appy says

            Trolls have a high incidence of mental deficiencies. Looney Toon.

          358. Matthew V. Brown says

            I am a “fool for Christ”. It is a distinction I happily hold. Incidentally, I would be interested to find out exactly what Steve Crawford said that was inaccurate?

          359. Scrubjay says

            Wow! you truly are willfully ignorant of history.

          360. AKLady says

            What history might that be, Mr. Self-Proclaimed-Expert?

          361. Scrubjay says

            What history might that be

          362. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well…the history of Islam, for one. And “Allah” is certainly not the “one God” I worship. God (elohim, plural, in the Hebrew Old Testament) later identified Himself as Yaweh Elohim (as revealed in Exodus–you remember, I’m sure).

          363. Appy says

            Thousands of historical facts and witnesses today can verify what cal3301 posted. Try wiggling your ears to find out where your head is.

          364. AKLady says

            Childish insults based on ignorance.
            I’m so not impressed.

          365. Lightning says

            AKLady – It’ll take a bit more than that to defend your assertion, your defense of Islam. If you have anything beyond your feel-good tolerance for “religion.” Your lame, non-specific, name-calling response implies you have nothing else. And I believe there is pretty much nothing else.

            You can consider Islam a religion, depending on how you define the word, but clearly it is more than that. It is also a political philosophy, a total system of governance. It is the State, and a despotic one at that. And as such, it outlaws and punishes all other religions. All non believers are “Infidels.”

            While it is reminiscent of Communism in that it justifies total control and there is no church-State situation, just one controlling entity, Communism did not masquerade as a religion. And while that system was antagonistic to religion (“the opiate of the masses”) it did not generate a word as chilling as “Infidel” for non-party members or non believers. Not to ignore the immense cruelty of Communism – millions upon millions killed for political reasons, that word “Infidel,” with a glimpse some of Islam’s medieval practices, should be your hint of something dark.

            Radical Environmentalism is another system offering justification for total control of others, but it masquerades as science. What all three have in common is that they provide justification for total despotic control. As opposed to a society organized around rules designed to provide maximum freedom. Lady, does any of this help?

            If we’re not there yet, you might pull up one of the maps of the world’s trouble spots – areas torn by vicious wars – and note that virtually every last one involves Muslims. Muslim v. Muslim or Muslim v. others.

            Or peek at some of the horrific execution videos put up by Islamists. What kind people are these, proudly indulging in doing such creative cruelty – truly horrific things, beyond imagining – in the name of their religion?

            Or contemplate some of their practices, as toward women. Or take note of the fact that even in the most moderate areas of Muslim control 13% of the population believe those who leave Islam should be executed.

            And then of course there’s the stated end goal of Islam – world domination through cataclysm.

            You seem to put a lot of stock in the fact that there are a lot of Muslims out there. That’s just a misplaced faith in humanity. So many can’t be wrong. But that fact, plus the utter complacency of people like you, will scare the heck out of you if you can get your eyes open. Maybe a fear of confronting reality is why they’re shut tight?

          366. AKLady says

            Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            Save your bigotry for someone you can impress,

            Education would serve you well, but you have blinders and ear plugs to keep it out.

            Actually, if your anything about that which your speak, you would be aware that the word “infidel” was coined by Christians for nonbelievers.

          367. Wyatt says

            Yep “Infidel” coined by Crusaders to describe the Muslim Hordes the fought . NonBelivers ! But I digress , Islam still advocates slavery , they still subjugate women and those very same women go out on command and fight for groups like Isis . The Moors in Africa were slave traders as were the Arabic tribes of what is now called the Middle East . They still continue with the practice only now it is hushed up .
            Personally I am of Native American decent on my fathers side and I can tell you for a fact , any slaves my ancestors had were taken as prisoners in battle . Most of these prisoners were later freed and adopted into the tribe . This was a common practice among most tribes . Such an individual was honored to adopted and proved a valuable asset to the tribe .
            I would suggest you and all others who wish to criticize Native American Peoples for your own ends to remove your own ear plugs and blinders . Your own bigotry shows through quite clearly . And while you are about it , educate yourself about Slavery and also about Native Americans .

          368. AKLady says

            Native American tribes also held black slaves.

            My People held black slaves – both White and Native ancestors.

            I suggest reading Black Slaves, Indian Masters: Slavery, Emancipation, and Citizenship in the Native American South by Barbara Krauthamer (2013).

          369. AKLady2015 says

            You digress a lot.

          370. Matthew V. Brown says

            AKLady, you really should follow your own words. Save YOUR insults for someone (anyone?) you can impress. Education, especially concerning your recent responses, might serve YOU well. Perhaps you should start with the history of Islam. By the way, it makes no difference how the word “infidel” came into existence. What is important is how it is being used, and by whom, at this present time. Words evolve. You should know that, or are you just being naive?

          371. AKLady says

            The word “infidel” is actually used by both sides.
            You would know that if your mind was not closed.

            Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            Save your bigotry for someone you can impress.

          372. Justice says

            No references to Muhammad as a prophet have been found in contemporary literature, rock inscriptions or coins.

          373. AKLady says

            Interestingly. there is far more concrete evidence of Muhammad’s existence and life than there is of the Christian Jesus Christ.

            Oh, and by the way, if you had actually researched Islam, you would be aware that Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet. Many Jewish sects do also.

          374. Justice says

            The claim that Uthman compiled the Qur’an has no evidence to support it.

          375. AKLady says

            During the era of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq: Zayd Ibn Thabit gathered the Quran in one book.

          376. Justice says

            The Fallacy of Equivocation: If we assume that everyone has the same definition of such words as God, Jesus, revelation, inspiration, prophet, miracle, etc., we are committing a very simple logical fallacy. #1 When a Muslim says, “Christians and Muslims worship the same God,” he is committing the fallacy of equivocation. While Christians worship the Triune God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Muslims worship a Unitarian deity. Obviously, they are worshipping different Gods. #2 When a Muslim says, “We believe in Jesus too,” he is committing the fallacy of equivocation. The “Jesus” of the Qur’an is not the Jesus of the Bible. Islam preaches “another Jesus” (II Cor. 11:4). The Jesus of the Bible is God the Son who died on the cross for our sins. But the “Jesus” of the Qur’an is not God the Son and he did not die on the cross for our sins. Thus it is erroneous for Muslims to tell Christians that they believe in Jesus, too. #3 When a Muslim assumes that Christians have the same concept of revelation as Muslims, he is guilty of the fallacy of equivocation. According to Islam, the Qur’an was written in heaven by Allah and has no earthly sources. When we prove that it comes from earthly sources, this threatens the inspiration of the Qur’an. On the other hand, the Bible does not claim that it dropped out of heaven one day. It openly quotes from earthly sources. It uses pre-existing sources without any difficulty whatsoever, Thus while the Qur’an is threatened by historical sources, the Bible is actually confirmed by them. #4 When a Muslims tells you that the word “Allah” has only one meaning: “the one, true, universal God,” he is assuming a fallacy. The word “allah” has many different meanings. a. It can be used as a generic term like the English word “God.” Thus it can be applied to any god or goddess regardless if a true or false god is in view. (ex. The “Allahs” of Hinduism.) b. The Nation of Islam uses it to refer to Wallace Dodd Ford, Elijah Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan as “Allah” and teaches that all black people are “Allahs.” c. It has been used by some Christians in Arabic speaking countries as a generic name for the Holy Trinity. d. It was used in pre-Islamic times by pagan Arabs to refer to the moon-god who was the father of al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat.
            e. It is used by Muslims to refer to their god. Islam and Christianity do not worship the same God. The Christian worships the Holy Trinity while the Muslim worships a unitarian deity.

          377. AKLady says

            Why do you feel the need to denigrate the beliefs of others?
            You are a prime example of Christian arrogance,

            Islam, Judaism and Christianity worship the God of Abraham.
            The Old Testament God of Abraham.
            Christianity excuses the violation of the First Commandment with the claim that the three Gods – Father, Son and Holy Ghost — are a single entity.

          378. Justice says

            “Muslims are notoriously loathe to preserve traditions of earlier paganism and like to garble what pre-Islamic history they permit to survive in anachronistic terms” (Southern Arabia, Carleton S. Coon, Washington DC, Smithsonian, 1944, p 398)

          379. AKLady says

            There is not now, nor has there ever been a Moon God named Allah.
            Allah translates as “One God”. The Old Testament God of Abraham

          380. Justice says

            That Islam was conceived in idolatry is shown by the fact that many rituals performed in the name of Allah were connected with the pagan worship that existed before Islam. … Before Islam Allah was reported to be know as: the supreme of a pantheon of gods; the name of a god whom the Arabs worshipped; the chief god of the pantheon; Ali-ilah; the god; the supreme; the all-powerful; all-knowing; and totally unknowable; the predeterminer of everyone’s life destiny; chief of the gods; the special deity of the Quraish; having three daughters: Al Uzzah (Venus), Manah (Destiny), and Alat; having the idol temple at Mecca under his name (House of Allah).; the mate of Alat, the goddess of fate. . … Because of other Arabian history which points to heathen worship of the sun, moon, and the stars, as well as other gods, of which I believe Allah was in some way connected to. This then would prove to us that Allah is not the same as the true God of the Bible whom we worship, because God never changes.” (Is Allah The Same God As The God Of The Bible?, M. J. Afshari, p 6, 8-9)

          381. Lightning says

            Lady, so sorry you’re feeling insulted. Or pretending to. On review I see I said you were complacent, and have your eyes shut. All the rest was about your comment, and educational. Insults? Not really.

            But you go straight to “bigot,” the liberal’s so, so tired response to anyone who disagrees with them. For pointing out that Islam cannot demand tolerance while it makes a practice – not merely of intolerance against the whole world – but of killing those they are intolerant of, including those who simply leave or refuse to adopt their “faith.” Perhaps your feelings for Islam have something to do with shared intolerance.

            Then you display your cleverness by saying back to me, first grade playground style, what I said about having your eyes shut. And your education remark, what do you think was the thrust of my post? Yet rather than contest a single point, or provide your own “education” for me, you just say I could use some. Vapid, lame, insults without content.

            Finally you display some blindness about “infidel,” which I see others below, Matthew Brown for one, have already ably responded to.

            Such willful blindness is surely sinful. I think most here can see you are clearly not open to reason, and thus our attentions are wasted on you. My own comments to you, and I suspect those of others as well, are intended for the third party browser here. Readers who might be taken in by your pretense of being nice. Well, nice to all PC protected classes, but you’re quite ready with “bigot” for those who see through you.

          382. Justice says

            Modern scholars such as Crook, Crone, Wansbrough, Rippin, etc. are giving us a totally different model of the origins of Islam and the Qur’an. Once you put aside the Qur’an and the Hadith, you begin to see that Islam created the Qur’an instead of the Qur’an creating Islam. Islam created a mythological Muhammad who is nothing like the historical Muhammad, if that was his true name. The Qur’an had multiple authors from various locations who combined different legends and materials to make the stories found in it. It took 150-200 years for the Qur’an to appear. Muhammad never saw the present Qur’an and would disown it if shown it. He is not the source of it.

          383. AKLady says

            The majority of Western academics view the hadith collections with caution as accurate historical sources. The work of Crone and Cook was a fresh approach in its reconstruction of early Islamic history, but their alternative account of early Islam has been almost universally rejected.

            The text of the New Testament dates from 200 to 500 years after Christ. It is quite safe to say that Jesus never saw the present New Testament, let alone his Apostles. Frankly, all would disown it.

          384. Justice says

            The claim that two “original” Uthman Qur’ans can be seen at Topkapi, Turkey and in Tashkent, Russia is false. The manuscripts are in the Kufic script which did not exist in the 7th Century. They are clearly from the 9th Century and are in “landscape” format which was not used in the 7th century.

          385. AKLady says

            There are no “original” transcripts of the New Testament.
            All that exist date later than the 2nd Century.
            Exactly what is your point?

          386. Justice says

            Historical evidences, impartial logic, well versed references and all available circumstantial judgments can very well prove that—(a) Allah name of deity was pre-existed much before the arrival of Islam, (b) Pre-Islamic Pagan peoples worshipped Allah as their supreme deity (moon-god). Allah’s name existed in pre-Islamic Arab. In ancient Arab the Allah was considered to be the supreme God/deity (as Moon-God) and Arab Pagans worshipped Allah before Islam arrived.

          387. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you engage in teaching hate about other religions?
            Your “Moon God” is a total lie.
            Allah is not the name of a God. It is Arabic for “the God”.

          388. Justice says

            Islam is of the Devil. Many false religions are subtle and require a more thorough knowledge of the Scriptures in order to expose, such as the Seventh Day Adventists. They are a damnable religion, saturated with false doctrines and a false gospel of a works-based salvation; but if you didn’t know any better you would easily be deceived since they do believe that Jesus is the Christ. However, Islam is much more easier to expose, because they openly reject Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God altogether. According to the Quran, Islam’s bible, God has no son. The Quran teaches that Jesus was kidnapped and someone else crucified in His place.

            In sharp contrast to the lies of Islam and Muhammad, 1st John 2:22 states, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” If you follow Allah, then you are the enemy of the God of the Bible. A popular lie that we hear nowadays, including from George W. Bush when he was U.S. President (2000-2008), is that Muslims and Christians worship the SAME GOD. The Bible and the Quran (Koran) are diametrically opposed to each other. There is NO harmony. Either God has a Son or he (Allah) doesn’t. It cannot be both ways. Truth is reality, and there can only be one absolute truth in this matter. Allah has no son; the God of the Bible DOES have a Son.

          389. Justice says

            Phonic Fallacies: The phonetic sound of a word should not be used to twist its meaning. For example,
            a. Some Muslims try to prove that the word “Allah” is in the Greek New Testament because of the Greek word alla. But while the word is pronounced “alla,” it only means “but” in Greek. It has nothing to do with the Arabic “Allah.” b. Some Muslims have claimed that the word “Allah” is in the Bible because the Biblical word “Allelujah.” They then mispronounce the word as “Allah-lujah” But “Allelujah” is not a compound Arabic word with “Allah” being the first part of the word. It is a Hebrew word with the name of God being “JAH” (or Yahweh) and the verb “alle” meaning “praise to.” It means “praise to Yahweh.” The Arabic word “Allah” is not in the word. c. The same error is found in the Muslim argument that the word “Baca” (Psa. 84:6) really means “Mecca.” The valley of Baca is in northern Israel. d. Some Muslims have tried to go from “Amen” to “Ahmed” to “Mohammed!” Such nonsense is beyond belief.

          390. AKLady says

            Allah is the Arabic word for God — “The God”.

            Arabic is a Semitic language, as are Aramaic and Hebrew.

            The Hebrew is Elohim. Aramaic is Elah.

            Why do you feel the need to tell lies about Islam?

            Your nonsense is beyond belief.

          391. Justice says

            “But history establishes beyond the shadow of doubt that even the pagan Arabs, before Muhammad’s time, knew their chief god by the name of Allah and even, in a sense, proclaimed his unity…Among the pagan Arabs this term denoted the chief god of their pantheon, the Kaaba, with its three hundred and sixty idols.” (The Moslem Doctrine of God, Samuel M. Zwemer 1905, p 24-25)

          392. ginny says

            Do you know what an infidel is? Do you know that Muslims believe in death to the infidel? That would be you and the millions of Christians and gays that are being slaughtered and displaced by your peaceful loving Muslims. Wake up and smell the toast, Muslims are not compatible with our way of life. They and those who sympathize are enemies in the land of the free.

          393. AKLady says

            Actually, if your anything about that which your speak, you would be aware that the word “infidel” was coined by Christians for nonbelievers.

          394. stephanie wilson says

            they call us apes & pigs. my God are you naive!

          395. Matthew V. Brown says

            I doesn’t matter who coined the word “infidel” (from in and fidelis). What matters is its current scope of usage. Since Muslims chant “death to America” and “death to the infidels”, I’m relatively sure they are not speaking of nonbelievers from a Christian point of view. Just a guess, though. Why, those Muslims might just be bubbling over with Christianity.

          396. AKLady2015 says

            Unfaithful ..

            More interesting is the fact that it is not the word used by Islamic people.

            It is the word used by the West to translate the Arabic language word for non-Muslims; kafir, also sometimes “kaafir”, “kufr” or “kuffar”.

            In the earliest recited verses of the Qur’an, such as Al-Kafirun, the term kafir simply divided the Meccan community into believers and unbelievers. The expanded term kafir refers to anyone who satisfies one or more of the following conditions – practices idolatry of any form, does not accept the absolute oneness of God, denies Muhammed as Prophet, ignores God’s ayah (evidence or signs), or rejects belief in resurrection and final judgment.

          397. Matthew V. Brown says

            Really, AKLady2015. Did you assume that I was unfamiliar with Latin? You certainly don’t have a very high opinion of me. I originally studied Latin in high school, a practice not currently followed by what we like to call our “educational system” nowadays. It used to be that one was not considered truly learned unless they had a command of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, all of which I have studied. Although I have not studied Arabic, I can certainly research things on the internet. Thus I know that the term “kafir” simply means “unbeliever”, but thank you for the expansion regarding the manner in which “kafir” can be applied. There is little difference between the way Isalmic people use “kafir” and the way the Roman Catholic church uses “infidel”.

          398. Justice says

            No manuscripts of the Qur’an exist before 150-200 years after Muhammad. This allows opportunity for myths and legends to arise.

          399. marlene.langert says

            It is you who is repeating lies.

          400. AKLady2015 says

            Have it your way.
            You have lost any respect I had for you.
            Obviously, you are not to be trusted.

          401. AKLady2015 says

            Name one – just one.

          402. Justice says

            The Hadith and the Qur’an stand or fall together. The facts are clear that they are not from God and are false works.

          403. AKLady says

            Have you actually read either one?

          404. Justice says

            “In pre-Islamic days, called the Days of Ignorance, the religious background of the Arabs was pagan, and basically animistic. Through wells, trees, stones, caves, springs, and other natural objects man could make contact with the deity… At Mekka, Allah was the chief of the gods and the special deity of the Quraish, the prophet’s tribe. Allah had three daughters: Al Uzzah (Venus) most revered of all and pleased with human sacrifice; Manah, the goddess of destiny, and Al Lat, the goddess of vegetable life. Hubal and more than 300 others made up the pantheon. The central shrine at Mekka was the Kaaba, a cube like stone structure which still stands though many times rebuilt. Imbedded in one corner is the black stone, probably a meteorite, the kissing of which is now an essential part of the pilgrimage.” (Meet the Arab, John Van Ess, 1943, p. 29.)

          405. Justice says

            The Fallacy Of Confusing Questions of Fact with Questions of Relevance: Whether something is factually true is totally different from the issue of whether you feel it is relevant. The two issues must be kept separate.
            Examples: #1 When a Christian argues that some of the beliefs and rituals of the Qur’an came from pre-Islamic Arab paganism, the Muslim will deny it at first. But as more and more evidence is given, the Muslim will often do a flip-flop and begin arguing, “So what! Didn’t you Christians get Christmas from the pagans?” The Muslim has now committed three fallacies: a. The “So what!” argument is dealing with the issue of relevance, not fact. You must stop the Muslim at that point and ask him, “Since you are now dealing with the issue of whether the pagan origins of the Qur’an are relevant, does this mean that you are now agreeing to the fact of the pagan origins of Islam?” b. The Muslim has also committed the fallacy of equivocation, The Bible is not threatened by historical sources. It freely refers to them and even quotes them (Acts 17: 28). But the Qur’an denies that it has any earthly historical sources (Surah 25:4-6). c. He also committed the fallacy of false analogy. The Bible and the Qur’an are two totally different books. The inspiration of the Bible does not depend upon the fate of the Qur’an because what Muslims claim for the Qur’an is not what Christians claim for the Bible.

          406. AKLady says

            Are you a Nazi?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to preach religious hate?
            Christians’ claim the Bible is inspired by God.
            Not much difference between the two claims

          407. Justice says

            Now there dwelt in Mecca a god called Allah. He was the provider, the most powerful of all the local deities, the one to whom every Meccan turned in time of need. But, for all his power, Allah was a remote god. At the time of Muhammad, however, he was on the ascendancy. He had replaced the moon god as lord of the Kaaba although still relegated to an inferior position below various tribal idols and three powerful goddesses: al-Manat, goddess of fate, al-Lat, mother of the gods, and al-Uzza, the planet Venus. (Islam and the Arabs, Rom Landau, 1958 p 11-21)

          408. AKLady says

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie>?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to preach religious hate?
            Are you a Nazi?

          409. Justice says

            “The relation of this name, which in Babylonia and Assyrian became a generic term simply meaning ‘god’, to the Arabian Ilah familiar to us in the form Allah, which is compounded of al, the definite article, and Ilah by eliding the vowel ‘i’, is not clear. Some scholars trace the name to the South Arabian Ilah, a title of the Moon god, but this is a matter of antiquarian interest…it is clear from Nabataen and other inscriptions that Allah meant ‘the god.’ The other gods mentioned in the Quran are all female deities: Al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat, which represented the Sun, the planet Venus, and Fortune, respectively; at Mecca they were regarded as the daughters of Allah… As Allah meant ‘the god’, so Al-Lat means ‘the goddess’.” (Islam, Alfred Guillaume, 1956, p 6-7)

          410. KurtofLA says

            Great review of history. Thanks. Of course the muslims do deny it

          411. cal3301 says

            Like AKLady.

          412. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            History? This stuff is happening now. Thousands of Coptic Christian men are being beheaded throughout Egypt and their families raped and enslaved and shipped to Mauritania. Doesn’t anyone read the papers anymore? There is no mystery here. I’ll link a video later when I troubleshoot my network issue.

          413. Beverly Howey says

            Why don’t you become a teacher this needs to be taught in schools that are far from teaching our children the wrong history.

          414. cal3301 says

            The problem is the Liberal Left have their claws in our children and are teaching our children that Islam is a peaceful religion through Common Core, yet a Christian child cannot take a Bible to school.

          415. Beverly Howey says

            My granddaughter when in high school corrected her history teacher on history, and the teacher cut her grade, she is an A student and knows her history. Very sad what is ahead of our children.

          416. cal3301 says

            That’s why a lot of parents are home schooling or using church schools and the Democrats have been fighting that. Every now and then you hear of them bringing in child services on these people and take their children. Obama believes that children should be under state control and not parents. Sound familiar. That’s sort of what Hitler did.

          417. Matthew V. Brown says

            One of the great ironies of the modern age: A religion with the name of “Islam” (related to the word for peace) with a LONG history of war and atrocity.

          418. cal3301 says

            I know. People are so afraid of being called an Islamaphob, just for speaking the truth. We also have a Muslim in Chief spouting how peaceful Islam is, but won’t call out who the murderers of our soldiers by name. He’s too busy golfing, hobnobbing with Hollywood stars, and releasing our prisoners at GITMO, when everyone is watching the Marxist Pope.

          419. Matthew V. Brown says

            Alas, the world is upside-down, and we are through the looking glass. Believe me, Alice had nothing on us. Oh, well…back to chasing the white rabbit (some pills make you larger, some pills make you small, and the one’s that mother gives you don’t do anything at all…with apologies to Grace Slick).

          420. cal3301 says

            The problem is we have to start standing up for ourselves and political correctness, be damned. I am so tired of that bull. I have never been one to hold my tongue and I’m not going to start now.

          421. Matthew V. Brown says

            Political correctness is cowardice dressed in fine speech, accompanied by a forked tongue. If we would stand up for ourselves–stand up for the truth–then at the very least we could make an end, such an end, as will be worth remembering.

          422. cal3301 says

            PC is a way for the Left to control freedom of speech. It starts out small and spreads like wildfire, until we are unable to speak at all. Trump and Carson have given us all a fire break and it is up to the rest of us to extinguish it.

          423. Matthew V. Brown says

            Vivid illustration, and you are so correct cal3301.

          424. cal3301 says

            Again, I thank you.

          425. Beverly Howey says

            Yes she is in college now and has been taught they are a peaceful group. Brain washed.

          426. cal3301 says

            Yeah and thanks to the ACLU, you can’t bring a Bible to school. Warn your daughter. Tell her to read the true story of Islam and it’s teachings, before she becomes a victim from it.

          427. James Allan White says

            Harems were primarily women sex slaves. Illuminati have multiple women sex slaves in America. Its all Satanic. slavery in general is Satanic. Satan keeps you in slavery with SIN.

          428. AKLady says

            Ignorance keeps you in slavery.

          429. AKLady says

            Interesting how you confuse culture and religion.

          430. cal3301 says

            Again, I am still looking into the harassment lawsuit against you. Two comments from you in less than two minutes from a post almost a month ago. Next one from you will be sent to my lawyer.

          431. George says

            No ‘ ; not a religion ; it is a cult ‘ .

          432. AKLady says

            All religions are cults.
            What is your point?

          433. Wyatt says

            Semantics will get you nowhere

          434. AKLady says

            You are a broken record, repeating a nonsensical phrase.

          435. Matthew V. Brown says

            There you are, being disingenuous again…

          436. AKLady says

            Nothing disingenuous about the statement.
            All religions are cults.
            Some are socially accepted/approved cults.
            Others are not.

          437. Matthew V. Brown says

            That is a distinction I can live with, I guess. I am just a little uncomfortable using the word “cult” to define religion, since the word “cult” had evolved to carry a certain opprobrium to it as commonly used. I’m aware of the strict dictionary definitions of “religion” and “cult”, but the locus of meanings a word carries with it change with time. As I have said elsewhere, Buddhism is a “religion”, Scientology is a “cult”. By making that distinction, given the way both “religion” and “cult” are currently used, I am stressing a real point of difference between Buddhism and Scientology. I am not just saying something redundant

          438. David Hansen says

            Muslims are a political system bent on control including you ak lady.

          439. AKLady says

            No. David, Islam is not a political system.

            Islam is a religion being used by a government.
            Islam is a religion being used by a group of terrorists.

          440. Wyatt says

            Hmm , thats a load of Pig Crap , Islam is a CULT pure and simple . 1400 years of history bare that out .

          441. Matthew V. Brown says

            I agree with everything you said, Wyatt, although I think the phrase is “bear that out’–I think “bare that out” has a very different and possibly visually startling meaning. 😀

          442. AKLady says

            Foul language does not impress anyone.
            Islam is the second largest religion in the world.
            Facts are greater than your bigotry.

          443. Matthew V. Brown says

            In the Old Testament, Judaism was both a religion and a political system. Islam, another religion from the mideast, also has both aspects. It is a religion, or system of beliefs if you will, that easily accommodates both extremism and terrorism in its political framework. I believe you are quite mistaken, AKLady.

          444. Matthew V. Brown says

            Islam is a religion of terrorists that use governments to accomplish the dictates of Allah, THEIR warrior-deity. And given the Ayatollahs in Iran (currently), and the history of Islam in Europe (closer to the Middle Ages), I think there is adequate evidence to consider Islam a political system like Judaism was in the Old Testament.

          445. AKLady2015 says

            You are still totally focused on one tiny segment of the world’s Muslim population.
            The majority of the world’s Muslims are in Indonesia, not the Middle East.

            In the Middle east, one is dealing with people who have a “long” memory. Considering that most are illiterate, history is handed down generation to generation through memorization. Thus, it is always “fresh”.

            During WW II, we dropped informational pamphlets. We cannot do that in the Middle East.

            The only solution is education. Their government will do anything to prevent that from taking place.

          446. Matthew V. Brown says

            Fair analysis, AKLady2015.

          447. AKLady2015 says

            We began bringing Iran into the “nuclear” world in the 1950s.
            We built their first nuclear reactor – in the 1980s.

            Iran is not “just now” becoming a nuclear power.
            Isn’t media brainwashing great?

          448. Matthew V. Brown says

            I did not know that. I guess my brain has been washed so many times, I should hang it out to dry for awhile. And don’t tell me you thought I had, no matter how tempting it might be.

          449. AKLady2015 says

            Awe, shucks. You are no fun. 😉

          450. Matthew V. Brown says

            I do my best, or my worst so some people say. 😀

          451. AKLady says

            I’m laughing. The humor is welcome.
            We are the ‘Great Satan’, but then so was Britain and France.
            Everyone got a piece of the Ottoman Empire when it fell.
            Western companies made $billions on Middle-east oil.
            Here in Alaska, we are somewhat ‘socialist’. We-the-People own the land and the minerals. When the oil bounty came in, the state invested the money. Oil and mineral resources pay for out entire state government.
            We-the-People get our share of the earnings on October 1. This year that share is $2,072 – for every man, woman and child who is a lawful resident.

          452. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’ve always thought about moving to Alaska. Not for the $2,072, but just for the sheer breathtaking beauty of the area. I live in Kansas, and the closest mountains to us are the Rockies–except for the Ozark “Mountains”, which are really more like foothills. I have loved the mountains since I was a child. I had severe asthma, and since we had bad pollen seasons in Kansas, my mother and father would take me to Colorado to help my breathing. Since that very early time, Colorado was my second home. I still hope to return to the mountains some day.

          453. AKLady says

            I would not recommend Alaska for a serious asthmatic.

            There are 130 volcanoes in Alaska. Not a typo, 130. Some have not been active for millions of years. However, there are several that are frequently active.

            Hence, volcanic ash/dust is plentiful.

            Outside of Anchorage, there are many unpaved roads/streets.

            Your might find this site interesting:

          454. AKLady2015 says

            Christianity is guilty of the same sins — not just in Europe, but around the world. I cannot think of a single continent where murder was not committed in the name of Christianity. Can you, honestly?

          455. Matthew V. Brown says

            No, AKLady2015. History attests to that fact, although I am loath to call that Christianity.

          456. Scrubjay says

            doesn’t matter where they practice their religion, the goal is largely the same: oppress women, convert or die.

          457. AKLady says

            That is an outright lie.

          458. Scrubjay says

            That is an outright lie.

          459. Wyatt says

            Easy to say , Prove it !

          460. AKLady2015 says

            No, you prove it is true.
            You are making the claim that it is true.

          461. Matthew V. Brown says

            Actually, no. Elsewhere in the world where Islam has the majority, “convert or die” is certainly not unknown. So to call it an “outright lie” would be…well…an outright lie. And oppression of women is almost legendary in many Islamic countries

          462. cae973 says

            islam is Not a religion…it is a political power used to control every aspect of a persons life…it is a cult!

          463. AKLady says

            You don’t know much about religion, do you?

          464. Wyatt says

            It would seem that cae973 knows a lot more than you do .

          465. Matthew V. Brown says

            I studied world religions in college, and graduated from seminary. How about you? Where did you develop your “knowledge” of religion?

          466. AKLady says

            Kindergarten to graduate school — best Catholic education on the planet.
            I studies world religions in both highschool and college.

          467. Matthew V. Brown says

            With your knowledge of religions, and I assume of Islam, you should not be so hard on cae973. Islam is certainly more than what most would consider to a be a “religion”. It is a way of life now in a way that Christianity used to be in Medieval Europe. It is somewhat like Orthodox Judaism, only most Orthodox Jews do not go around beheading people or running planes into buildings. So it is, indeed, a “political power used to control every aspect of a persons life.” It does so in a way that most Scientologists could only dream of.

          468. Michael says

            Religion? More like a cult of murderous fanatics.

          469. AKLady says

            All religions are cults.

          470. Appy says

            You worship carnality and secular atheism at the church of Latrine. Go get your bucket pagan.

          471. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Just not all “murderous fanatics” like that particular cult.

          472. AKLady2015 says

            Really? Christians did there bit as a murderous cult, In fact they are still at it in Africa and the U.S.

          473. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Sure, if you say so then it must be so. Funny that no one sees this but you. Just WHERE in the US are Christians murdering in the name of their God?

          474. AKLady2015 says

            Short list, there are many more:

            Animal Liberation Front
            Alpha 66 and Omega
            Army of God
            Aryan Nations
            Black Liberation Army
            The Covenant
            The Sword
            Arm of the Lord
            Earth Liberation Front
            Jewish Defense League
            Ku Klux Klan
            May 19th Organization
            The Order
            Phineas Priesthood
            Symbionese Liberation Army
            United Freedom Front

          475. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            You have a vivid imagination, you should write for TV.

          476. AKLady says

            Maybe it would be wise for you to educate yourself.
            That is the short list, there are many more.

          477. AKLady2015 says

            In 2015, Robert Doggart, a former right-wing Congressional candidate, was arrested by the FBI while planning a terror attack on New York Muslims.

          478. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Fail. No murder, no Christian connection.

          479. AKLady says

            Right-wing Christians are no longer Christians?
            Where did you come up with that one?

          480. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ah…you play with words so well, even though you know that in modern parlance, “cult” is often used in a pejorative sense. Oh, wait…maybe you meant that in a pejorative sense.

          481. AKLady says

            Almost all religions teach hate.
            Christianity is one of the most notable — ‘believe my way or burn in hell.’

          482. Matthew V. Brown says

            Now AKLady, you’re just being disingenuous. We all know that “religions” are technically “cults” (all “religions” are “cults”, not all “cults” are “religions”). But in common parlance, “cult” is often used in a pejorative sense that “religion”, generally, is not. For example, we refer to Buddhism as a “religion”; we refer to Scientology as a “cult”. The difference is intentional and obvious.

          483. AKLady says

            I never care much for Hubbard’s science fiction. I’m an Asimov fan. 😉

          484. Matthew V. Brown says

            Isaac Asimov…what a mind!

          485. Matthew V. Brown says

            Tired but true, if you are talking about a strict dictionary definition. But in modern parlance, “cult’ takes on a pejorative sense not present in the term “religion”. Of course you know this–you are only trying to be insulting, something at which you seem particularly skilled.

          486. Justice says

            Political errors; Commands Jihad — against apostates and non-Muslims (Surah 4:91; 5:33; 9:5)

          487. Justice says

            The Fallacy of Force: The Qur’an commands Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims and apostates (Surah 5:33; 9:5, 29).
            Some Muslims use a false analogy to answer this argument. They respond by saying, “Well, what about the Crusades? You Christians use violence just like Muslims.” It is logically erroneous to set up a parallel between Muslims killing people in obedience to the Qur’an and Christians killing people in disobedience to the Bible. While the Qur’an commands Jihad, the New Testament forbids it.

          488. AKLady says

            Christians use force.
            They have done so in the past.
            They are doing so in the present.
            You need to keep abreast of current news.

          489. Justice says

            “The religion of the Arabs, as well as their political life, was on a thoroughly primitive level…In particular the Semites regarded trees, caves, springs, and large stones as being inhabited by spirits; like the Black Stone of Islam in a corner of the Ka’bah at Mecca, in Petra and other places in Arabia stones were venerated also…Every tribe worshipped its own god, but also recognized the power of other tribal gods in their own sphere…Three goddesses in particular had elevated themselves above the circle of the inferior demons. The goddess of fate, al-Manat, corresponding to the Tyche Soteira of the Greeks, though known in Mecca, was worshipped chiefly among the neighboring Bedouin tribes of the Hudhayl. Allat—”the Goddess,” who is Taif was called ar-Rabbah, “the Lady,” and whom Herodotus equates with Urania—corresponded to the great mother of the gods, Astarte of the northern Semites; al-‘Uzza, “the Mightiest,” worshipped in the planet Venus, was merely a variant form… In addition to all these gods and goddesses the Arabs, like many other primitive peoples, believed in a God who was creator of the world, Allah, whom the Arabs did not, as has often been thought, owe to the Jews and Christians…The more the significance of the cult declined, the greater became the value of a general religious temper associated with Allah. Among the Meccans he was already coming to take the place of the old moon-god Hubal as the lord of the Ka’bah…Allah was actually the guardian of contracts, though at first these were still settled at a special ritual locality and so subordinate to the supervision of an idol. In particular he was regarded as the guardian of the alien guest, though consideration for him still lagged behind duty to one’s kinsmen.” (History of the Islamic Peoples, Carl Brockelmann, p 8-10)

          490. Scrubjay says

            Yes, and the British monarchy along with American Indians.

            Slavery was a very common practice in the world. Not so much any more except for the welfare state Progressives/Liberals impose on their followers.

          491. cal3301 says

            Only less than 10% of the slave trade came to America. American Indians were sent to England as novelty items. I agree with you on the Progressives/Liberals keeping people enslaved to the government, but the sad thing is Muslims are still in the slave business to this date. There use to be a website that posted the values. Young and blond were top dollar.

          492. AKLady says

            America’s First People kept slaves. Africans, other tribes’ people captured in war and one or two whites.

          493. cal3301 says

            Less than 10 % of the slave trade ever came to the US. The majority went to South America and the Middle East. Go learn some history, because millions upon millions of Whites were taken by the Muslim slave trade over the centuries. White children are disappearing around Muslim settlements in Europe. Stupid is as stupid does and there is no greater example of that than you. Nobody wants you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          494. Matthew V. Brown says

            I guess I missed what was wrong with what AKLady opined. Perhaps you would enlighten me? Without the insults, please…

          495. cal3301 says

            She is denying the history of the Muslim slave trade and that it is on going. She has been constantly coming back calling it lies. She denies that it was roughly 5% of the slave trade that actually came to the US(I stated less than 10%, to appease) although I did post a history of it for her and she still denies. I asked if she wore a Burka and she did not respond to that. She is a chronic Liberal troll of Conservative posts that likes to irritate those of us that post here.

          496. Matthew V. Brown says

            Thank you cal3301. That, indeed, explains a lot.

          497. cal3301 says

            You’re welcome!

          498. LastGasp says

            Actually, it has been established quite awhile ago that AKlady is a paid shill for the progtards. Probably paid by the Chicago political machine that gave us Obysmal. It gets paid per response so will say anything, however stupid, just to provoke an answer. The only way to get rid of it is to ignore it and starve it to death.

          499. cal3301 says

            I did threaten her with a harassment suit if she didn’t back off.

          500. Matthew V. Brown says

            Too bad. Being a “liberal troll” should be listed in the DSM III. Unfortunately, there is no known remedy but the truth, to which they have become quite resistant. They have been inoculated with half-truths, which makes them virtually immune to the truth.

          501. cal3301 says

            As Carson pointed out, the primary goal of Islam is to deceive. There have been some prominent Muslims coming out in Carson’s defense. It is a shame that people like AKLady can’t accept the truth. Someone told me she is being paid to disrupt sites, a shill so to speak. The more responses the higher her pay.

          502. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            OBAMA YO DADDY

          503. cal3301 says

            Not mine, but I bet he’s yours. I bet you even voted for him twice.

          504. Tina Cortez says

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          505. cal3301 says

            You do realize every time you post to someones name like this, you’re pissing them the hell off.

          506. cal3301 says

            The Google post is from Tina Cortez…. Remember that name!!!!
            These posts are annoying!!!!

          507. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          508. Jarhead says

            Mexican Mafia has a big business in Under-age-Sex-Slaves… courtesy of our wide open borders & and DO-NOTHING Congress.

          509. Scrubjay says

            Forgot about them. The world is in such a bad way thanks to this administration’s foreign policy.

          510. Matthew V. Brown says

            Foreign policy? The Obama administration has a foreign policy? News to me…I always thought that it was not so much a “bad” foreign policy, but a “non-existent” foreign policy. Of course, there is a lot that is non-existent ABOUT the Obama administration. I am only looking forward to the day when the Obama administration ITSELF is non-existent. Sorry, but I’m a little out-of-sorts with Obama right now….Oh, right. I’ve been a little out-of-sorts with Obama since his election.

          511. Halftrack2 says

            And the Muslim world that uses slaves for sex and tortures them at will…

          512. AKLady says

            There is no “welfare state”.
            There are Americans in poverty, who lack the means to purchase adequate food, clothing, shelter and medical care.
            The majority are children, disabled and elderly.
            The majority of today’s homeless are mentally ill — the largest number are veterans,

          513. marlene.langert says

            Bull crap! THere are many ,many people who know how to milk the system and they do. We had a tenant, able bodied, 35 , had two teenage sons and an 8 yr old daughter. . She had a credit card in her daughter’s name and got the child in trouble. She ran a cash only catering business out of the house and collected money for her rent, food, etc. THe two boys, 17 1nd 18, did not work. One got a girl pregnant and she and the baby came to live in the house. She finally got caught and we got rid of her. After that many creditors called me looking for her. This is only one of tens of thousands of examples. I have had more myself. They are not poor helpless people who are unable to work. They are criminals stealing from the government, and , therefore, the taxpayers.

            Please do not answer me as I will never answer you. I have had trouble with you before and , except for this answer to you, I refuse to communicate with you.

          514. AKLady2015 says

            Every one “knows” one.
            There is always an “example”
            The common thread is hate for the poor.

          515. Matthew V. Brown says

            I really don’t think that the common thread is “hate for the poor”. I think that it is ignorance of poverty. And, yes, the poor probably have a few bad apples. So does the middle class. So do the wealthy. By the way, all “classes” have those that know how to “milk the system”, but wealthy people do it with impunity.

          516. AKLady says

            Ignorance of poverty, without question.
            However, the common thread is that people in poverty are lazy and do not want to work.

          517. Justice says

            Immigration lawlessness and rising crime wave by illegal aliens.Government bankruptcy and indebtedness at an all-time high.Social Security swindle—Social Security Fund battered as Feds blow money on worthless spending scams.Veteran mistreatment and genocide. Most V. A. hospitals are deathtraps; Vets receive inferior medical care. Millions of Vets are dying from Agent Orange (Vietnam), Persian Gulf War sickness, and other service-related illnesses.Outsourcing of American jobs—to foreigners in Pakistan, India, Red China, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. America’s manufacturing base declining rapidly and being shifted overseas.Foreign student takeover of America’s colleges, universities, and public schools.Corporate globalism—Greedy U.S. corporations, as globalist entities, are unpatriotic and hostile to American interests.Harnessing of U.S. Military for global mercenary duties. Americans forced to pay for and fight Israel’s wars and die for causes unrelated to U.S. defense.Hate Crime laws—state, federal, and U.N.—forbid free speech, prohibit criticism of Israel and prevent the Christian gospel being preached.Sexual barbarism and dehumanization accomplished by vulgar, crude, sexually explicit, physically degrading movies, television, cartoons, books, video games, advertising and other media.Private property regularly seized and its uses restricted to promote the Communist agenda of environmentalist and globalist organizations.Unfair and unlawful tax system used to rob producers and transform U.S. citizens into federalized serfs and wards of the state.Manipulation of water supplies and contrived water shortages used to drive up water prices and control the citizenry.White race discriminated against and American culture savaged by promotion of “cultural diversity.”Two meaningless political parties whose real agenda are identical, and corrupt, rigged elections which frustrate the will of the people.Satanization of society through occult influences and symbols which permeate media, music, entertainment, and sports.Free Press replaced by propaganda ministries and elitist media accomplices who work nonstop to psychologically hypnotize, mesmerize, and control the minds of the population.”War on Terror” used as pretext to create an American police state and remove the peoples’ constitutional rights.Death culture promoted. Conditioning of minds. Desensitizing of the masses to the mass genocide to come, with abortion, euthanasia, necrophilia, cannibalism, group death, and cruelty.Gulag concentration camps prepared for resisters and dissidents.Religious debasement. False religions promoted and encouraged. Traditional Christianity portrayed as anti-Semitic, bigoted and politically incorrect.

          518. AKLady says

            Please get help.
            There is a mental health clinic in your area if you cannot afford a private doctor.

          519. Justice says

            America’s economy is going to implode in the near future, which is why they’re setting up a Police State. America’s major cities are going to become war zones. Riots will break out between the public and the police! Some people see thug police who are villains. Other people see young punks who get what they deserve. The truth is that BOTH groups need the Lord Jesus Christ! The answer to America’s woes is not in the White House, but in America’s pulpits.

            Sadly, nearly all pulpits are allied with Uncle Sam through the tax-exempt 501c3 scam. The system was designed to silence and control the churches. In exchange for accepting licensing from the State, churches are rewarded with tax-exemption. It’s evil. As America plunges into decadence and tyranny, you’ll fully realize the evils of the 501c3 corporation. Churches licensed by the state are prohibited by law from speaking out against government. So what apostate, sell out, compromised, wicked pastors do is hide behind a perverted understanding of Romans 13 to defend being in bed with the State government. Shame on churches for joining the state for the love of money. A 501c3 organization is a BUSINESS, not a church.

            A New Testament church may operate under the umbrella of a 501c3 business, but the church could never be the business. A 501c3 business has absolutely NOTHING to do with “a called out assembly of believers,” which is what a true church is. Where two or more are gathered in Jesus name, there is a church. Although the heathen government does not recognize a church that is not a 501c3 organization, God does recognize churches in people’s homes or the Roman catacombs. Our government has become criminal, hi-jacked by criminals, committing blatant crimes, exploiting our youth in the military as paid mercenaries.

          520. AKLady says

            Take you medicine.

          521. Justice says

            Terror, fear, and crises like 9-11 are used to achieve complacency and obedience, especially when citizens are deluded into believing they are still a free people. The loss of liberty, we are assured, will be minimal, short-lived, and necessary. Many citizens believe that once the war on terror is over, restrictions on their liberties will be reversed. But this war is undeclared and open-ended, with no precise enemy and no expressly stated final goal. Terrorism will never be eradicated completely; does this mean future presidents will assert extraordinary war powers indefinitely?

          522. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Shady Liberal Democrackhead bunch lol

          523. Justice says

            We have given up our liberties for security in America. The banking cartel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks through the Bush Administration, fearmongering Americans into submission. It is absolutely disinheartening to ponder what has happened in our nation because of 911. We have laid down to tyranny, selling our souls for security, to where TSA are now sticking their hands down our pants at the airports in the name of Homeland Security. What a fraud!!! The newsmedia is controlled by members of Secret Societies, hellbent on destroying America’s national sovereignty. The media are nothing but stooges, paid professional liars!!!

          524. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked evil lying Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          525. Justice says

            Karl Marx was stating in the Communist Manifesto that these planks will test whether a country has become communist or not. If they are all in effect and in force the country IS communist. Communism, but by any other name…??

            1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose.

            The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868), and various zoning, school & property taxes. Also the Bureau of Land Management.

            2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

            Misapplication of the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913, The Social Security Act of 1936.; Joint House Resolution 192 of 1933; and various State “income” taxes. We call it “paying your fair share”.

            3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

            We call it Federal & State estate Tax (1916); or reformed Probate Laws, and limited inheritance via arbitrary inheritance tax statutes.

            4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

            We call in government seizures, tax liens, Public “law” 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, sections 1205, 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; the imprisonment of “terrorists” and those who speak out or write against the “government” (1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill); or the IRS confiscation of property without due process.

            5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

            We call it the Federal Reserve which is a credit/debt system nationally organized by the Federal Reserve act of 1913. All local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

            6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the State.

            We call it the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) madated through the ICC act of 1887, the Commissions Act of 1934, The Interstate Commerce Commission established in 1938, The Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and Executive orders 11490, 10999, as well as State mandated driver’s licenses and Department of Transportation regulations.

            7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

            We call it corporate capacity, The Desert Entry Act and The Department of Agriculture. As well as the Department of Commerce and Labor, Department of Interior, the Evironmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, National Park Service, and the IRS control of business through corporate regulations.

            8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

            We call it the Social Security Administration and The Department of Labor. The National debt and inflation caused by the communal bank has caused the need for a two “income” family. Woman in the workplace since the 1920s, the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, assorted Socialist Unions, affirmative action, the Federal Public Works Program and of course Executive order 11000.

            9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

            We call it the Planning Reorganization act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public “law” 89-136.

            10. Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc. etc.

            People are being taxed to support what we call “public” schools, which train the young to work for the communal debt system. We also call it the Department of Education, the NEA and Outcome Based “Education”.

          526. AKLady says

            I suggest you obtain help. YOur exaggerations border on fantasy.
            If you cannot afford a private doctor, there are nonprofit mental health clinics in most areas.

            Tax has been a reality in the US since the beginning of this nation. They existed long before Marx.

            Thomas Jefferson is the Founding Father largely responsible for the establishment of public education.

          527. Justice says

            Satan knows that the Word of God is his worst enemy, for no truly born-again Christian who knows the Scriptures can be deceived. 2nd Thessalonians 2:10 tells us that those who “received not the love of the truth” will be DECEIVED by the New World Order and the Antichrist. Will you be deceived?

          528. AKLady says

            Christian you are not.
            Christian you will never be.
            Christianity is a way of life, one sadly you do not begin to comprehend.

          529. Justice says

            Washington DC provides a vivid illustration of what our future might look like. Visitors to Capitol Hill encounter police barricades, metal detectors, paramilitary officers carrying fully automatic rifles, police dogs, ID checks, and vehicle stops. The people are totally disarmed; only the police and criminals have guns. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, monitoring street activity, subway travel, parks, and federal buildings. There’s not much evidence of an open society in Washington, DC, yet most folks do not complain–anything goes if it’s for government-provided safety and security.

            After all, proponents argue, the government is doing all this to catch the bad guys. If you don’t have anything to hide, they ask, what are you so afraid of? The answer is that I’m afraid of losing the last vestiges of privacy that a free society should hold dear. I’m afraid of creating a society where the burden is on citizens to prove their innocence, rather than on government to prove wrongdoing. Most of all, I’m afraid of living in a society where a subservient populace surrenders its liberties to an all-powerful government.

            It may be true that average Americans do not feel intimidated by the encroachment of the police state. Americans remain tolerant of what they see as mere nuisances because they have been deluded into believing total government supervision is necessary and helpful, and because they still enjoy a high level of material comfort. That tolerance may wane, however, as our standard of living falls due to spiraling debt, endless deficit spending at home and abroad, a declining fiat dollar, inflation, higher interest rates, and failing entitlement programs. At that point attitudes toward omnipotent government may change, but the trend toward authoritarianism will be difficult to reverse.

            Those who believe a police state can’t happen here are poor students of history. Every government, democratic or not, is capable of tyranny. We must understand this if we hope to remain a free people.

          530. Waykent says

            The comment I am responding to by the coward Justice is plagiarized from

          531. Justice says

            Everywhere you go on the internet is recorded. Every cellphone call you make is going to be recorded. Even if your cellphone is off, you may be monitored through it. Every transaction you make is recorded. Every letter you send to any government agency is scanned and recorded into a database. Your baby’s blood type is recorded at birth. All U.S. passports now contain RFID’s chips, allowing people to be scanned and tracked. Mass-chipping has begun.

          532. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Wicked evil lying crooked Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          533. elmcqueen3 says

            There are many Muslims who are actually black.

          534. cal3301 says

            I know, many of them are housed in our prison system.

          535. AKLady says

            There are just as many white Christians in that prison system.

          536. LastGasp says

            The Arab muslims consider the blacks as a lower caste than themselves. They use the blacks for their dirty work.

          537. AKLady2015 says

            Interesting considering the majority of Muslims are actually African.

          538. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Go march with the Liberal thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          539. Obie Miller says

            Our U.S.Marine Corps, which was actually formed a few years before America became a nation, was formed for protection from the Barbary pirates, who were all muslims operating slave trading ships. Go to a library and check it out for yourself. You may not be able to find it on a computer because true history is considered too”politically correct” to be taught today.

          540. AKLady says

            Barbary pirates, i.e. Ottoman corsairs, were pirates and privateers who operated from North Africa, based primarily in the ports of Salé, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli.
            Spanish Moors, not just Muslims were part of the Barbary pirates.

            The main purpose of their attacks was to capture slaves for the Ottoman slave trade as well as the general Arabic market in North Africa and the Middle East.

            The Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship stands as the U.S.’s oldest non-broken friendship treaty with a foreign power. In 1778 Morocco became the first nation to recognize the new United States.

          541. Wyatt says

            Spanish Moors were Muslims , learn your history . Much of their power in Spain was broken in 1099 when Alfonso of Castile defeated them at Valencia driving them out of Castile and regulating them to southern portions Spain , Granada etc.

            The Moors themselves came from Africa invading Europe in the 8th century . They were defeated in France by Charles Martel and later by the Emporer Charlemane . Power in Spain was totally broken in the 15th century . And in all their time , they used Fire and Sword to carve out their kingdoms . And as I said before , the Moors of Spain were Muslims . In fact some of their legacies left behind is the now famous running of the bulls , bull fighting and Flamenco dancing as well as a piece of music called the “Deguillo” which is a call for blood . Loosely translated it is to slit the throat . Spanish Moors used this in battle to urge their fighters on . It was last used by Mexican Dictator Santa Anna at the Battle of the Alamo . As far as I can see , that is the only connection between this nation and Islam . And France was the first nation to recognize the fledgling United States . They helped arm and clothe our armies . Morocco did not recognize the power and sovereignty of the United States until a platoon of Marines helped secure the throne for the rightful king by attacking and taking the principal city of Morocco from Barbery Coast Pirates in 1804 .

          542. AKLady says

            The Moors that invaded Spain were African, not Arab.
            Some were Muslim, some still adhered to Native gods.
            Europeans refer to Moors as being Muslim in general,
            however that was not the actuality.

          543. cal3301 says

            My father was a US Marine for over 30 years. I know the history well. They were formed prior to any problem with the Barbary Coast pirates, That did not affect us until after we were a nation. U.S. shipping was protected by France during the revolutionary years under the Treaty of Alliance (1778–83).
            Two battalions of Continental Marines were formed on 10 November 1775 in Philadelphia as an infantry force capable of fighting for independence both at sea and on shore. The role of the Corps has since grown and evolved, expanding to aerial warfare and earning popular titles such as “America’s third air force” and “second land army”. The Marine Corps has distinguished itself as it has served in the majority of American wars, from its inception to the modern era, and attained prominence in the 20th century when its theories and practices of amphibious warfare proved prescient and ultimately formed the cornerstone of the Pacific theater of World War II.
            The Marine Corps was founded to serve as an infantry unit aboard
            naval vessels and was responsible for the security of the ship and its crew by conducting offensive and defensive combat during boarding actions and defending the ship’s officers from mutiny; to the latter end, their quarters on ship were often strategically positioned between the officers’ quarters and the rest of the vessel. Continental Marines manned raiding parties, both at sea and ashore. America’s first amphibious assault landing occurred early in the Revolutionary War on 3 March 1776 as the Marines gained control of Fort Montague and Fort Nassau, a British ammunition depot and naval port in New Providence, the Bahamas. The role of the Marine Corps has expanded significantly since then; as the importance of its original naval mission declined with changing naval warfare doctrine and the professionalization of the naval service, the Corps adapted by focusing on formerly secondary missions ashore. The Advanced Base Doctrine of the early 20th century codified their combat duties ashore, outlining the use of Marines in the seizure of bases and
            other duties on land to support naval campaigns.

          544. AKLady says

            This discussion is not about the Marine Corps.

            My cousin Paul spent 30 years in the Corps.
            He is a decorated veteran of two wars.
            He spent the last 10 as a DI at Paris Island.

            What is your point?

          545. cal3301 says

            I was replying to someone, not you. My father was a China Marine, WWII,

          546. Matthew V. Brown says

            If your father is still alive, tell him that a grateful nation, including myself, thank him for his service. If he is not, know that because of what you posted, his memory will be alive and cherished, particularly by me.

          547. cal3301 says

            Thank you. In a way, I’m glad my father passed when he did, because he missed the likes of Clinton and Obama in office. What’s going on now would have really pissed him off. I miss the way him and I use to butt heads. He called the problems with the Middle East back in 1974. He said that the American people have become so complacent thinking nothing will ever happen here. He said we are no longer an island unto ourselves and that people need to wake up. He talked of the cities that would be hit first. New York, D.C, Philadelphia(when they still had the Naval yard), and Virginia(for the same reason) if they didn’t shut down the airports in time. Both my parents died relatively young. He was 63. He was only 47 at the time he retired from the Marines. Got a desk job, but gave it up to spend over 14 years guarding 13 different schools. Like many that went in years ago, they lied about their age. The police gave my dad a citation, stating, when they got a call from my dad, the only thing missing off the crooks, was the gift wrapping.

          548. Matthew V. Brown says

            His passing was a loss to all of us. We will probably not see the likes of him, or his generation, again any time soon. God help us all.

          549. cal3301 says

            Again, thank you. My father’s father, was a coal miner who had two sons that served in the Marines and a daughter that was an Army/Air Corps nurse. My uncle was in for over 20(my dad’s big brother) and my aunt was in for 15. If you know the Marine Hymn…When you look on Heavens scene, you will find the streets are guarded, by the United States Marines. He’s got two good ones in my dad and my uncle.
            We just have to wake up the people from their stock and make them take notice to what is happening to our country. We have those of pioneer stock and those of immigrants that came legally and fought to be a US citizen. Those children of all those people have to have instilled some values in them. If not, we are all lost.

          550. Matthew V. Brown says

            When I get to heaven, as I am persuaded I will through the great work of Jesus on the cross, I shall look forward to saluting them, and thanking them for their selfless service to our country. Meanwhile, I agree…the sleeper must awaken (if you remember Dune).

          551. cal3301 says

            I kind of remember Dune. I use to read a lot of science fiction. Indeed, in our case though, it is the sleepers.

          552. Matthew V. Brown says

            I think you could forgive cal3301 for seeking to address what Obie Miller posted, regardless of the overall discussion. Sometimes self-righteous indignation does just not suit you, nor the immediate context.

          553. Westy34215 says

            I saw an article earlier this week that said Arab Nations “STILL” have 1.7 Million African slaves. They castrate the males to keep them away from the female slaves.
            Their castration process is so brutal that many slaves die.A constant replacement number of slaves is always needed. So why don’t Blacks or our Country for that matter decry these “current” conditions instead of blaming us for something that happened 100 plus years ago! Plus, how did we get from Muslims to slavery?

          554. sherri palmer says

            We must have read the same article…yep!

          555. believe says


          556. AKLady says

            Evil people who use religion to do evil things.
            Christianity has also been used this way.
            Christianity is being used this was in the Central African Republic.
            Christianity is being used this way in the United States – bombing medical clinics, murdering doctors

          557. Scrubjay says

            One abortion clinic and one abortionist. Hardly the same as all the violence, murder and mayhem brought to us by the practitioners of peace.

            I don’t condone the actions, but at least the those two instances were against baby killers.

            One undeniable fact: Islamists have been waging war against the world for 1400years, and there’s no end in sight!

            Now that’s something special.

          558. AKLady says

            Antiabortion action is considered terrorism under U.S. law.

            It is officially recognized as Christian terrorism.

            There have been eight murders just since 1990, as well as 41 bombings and 173 arsons at clinics.

            You must be very young.

          559. stephanie wilson says

            there is nothing christian about terrorism woman. NOTHING.

          560. Scrubjay says

            There have been approximately 54,559,615 abortions (killing of pre-born babies) since 1973.

            That’s a lot of dead children.

            I can only find 6 adjudicated cases of murdering an abortionist. The stat’s you site are misleading and minuscule compared to the holocaust against pre-born children. You and the Nazis have a commonality. You should be proud.

            6 murders in 15 years, while it’s wrong and I don’t advocate violence, that’s a pretty tiny stat in comparison to all the people killed and enslaved by Islamists.

            Thank you for your complement on my youthful appearance…I try.

          561. Matthew V. Brown says

            Scrubjay, in AKLady’s case, the old saw is true: You cannot reason someone out of what they have not been reasoned into. Nice try, though, and excellent, although saddening, illustration.

          562. Wyatt says

            So you support abortion ?

          563. AKLady says

            Typical liar – twists people’s words.

          564. AKLady says

            Christian have been waging war for over 2,000 years. There is no end in sight. Now, that is something very special. Especially, since Christians have done it on a far larger scale.

          565. stephanie wilson says

            wrong. wrong, and wrong.

          566. Scrubjay says

            You really are in denial of reality.

            While it’s fun to toy with you, I feel a little guilty. You obviously have reality perception issues.

          567. Wyatt says

            Perhaps , but Christian’s do not wage war against everyone who does not believe as they do . Your argument does not hold up .

          568. AKLady says

            All Muslims do not wage war against everyone who do not believe as they do.

            Some Christian’s do wage war against everyone who does not believe as they do .

            You argument does not hold up.

            Get your facts straight.

          569. Matthew V. Brown says

            A very clever use of “all” and “some”. Let us try this a different way: ALL Christians do not wage war against everyone who do not believe as they do; some Muslims DO wage war against everyone who does not believe as they do (remember “death to the infidels”?). It would help if you got YOUR facts straight. Alas, that will not happen until you get your head on straight. Here endeth the lesson.

          570. AKLady2015 says

            You are so very, very confused.
            You have said the exact same thing I did.

          571. Matthew V. Brown says

            I did not, in fact, say the same thing as you. As I said, I’m not worried about the Muslims who are NOT killers. But SOME Muslims DO wage war against everyone who does not believe as they do. It only took two to destroy our two towers, and I’m not speaking of the second book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So I believe I have a valid concern about the “SOME”. It doesn’t take many to wreak havoc. And given that Iran is a nuclear power, I think we should be much more concerned. SOME Muslims could flatten some of our major cities on the East coast. It would be a suicide mission, but it would have deadly results.

          572. AKLady says

            Iran has been a nuclear power since the 1980s.

            We began helping them to build their atomic industry in the 1950s.

            The Tsarnaev brothers are Russian. Daghestan, is a republic of Russia, located in the North Caucasus.

          573. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m aware of where the Tsarnaev brothers are from. I did, if you note, say they were NOT from Iran. My point, if I did not express it clearly, was they are Muslim, and are representative of SOME Muslims, not ALL. SOME Muslims ARE killers, and CAN do a great deal of damage. We are extremely fortunate that we caught the Tsarnaev brothers in time to prevent SOMEthing truly horrible.

          574. Matthew V. Brown says

            Actually, “Christians” have not waged war since the Middle Ages. The United States may have been settled at first by Puritans, but the Founding Fathers were largely deists. We have NEVER been a “Christian” nation.

          575. AKLady says

            Actually, Christians are murdering on a fairly large scale in the Central African Republic. Also, American Christians are still waging war on doctors, clinics and hospitals.

            Ireland was the scene of Christian warfare for several decades. The Protestants and the Catholics were not very happy with each other.

            The second deadliest terror attack was carried out not by Islamists, but by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995

          576. Matthew V. Brown says

            Actually, I have never accused Timothy McVeigh of being a Christian, and was unaware that he claimed such. Regarding doctors, clinics and hospitals: if you are talking about providers of abortion on demand (as opposed to medically necessary cessation of pregnancy), then I think they have pretty much been engaged in a warfare against the pre-born that boggles the mind in its number of innocent casualties. Then again, we live in a society with a disposable mentality, and the weakest among us, the pre-born and the elderly, appear to be among the most disposable.

          577. AKLady2015 says

            I believe abortion must remain legal,
            if only because it saves lives.
            Abortion has always been available.
            If you were rich, safe procedure could be had
            If you were poor, it was a back alley coat hanger job.
            Late term must be limited to health and/or defect.

          578. Matthew V. Brown says

            I think you are right, although I sometimes think that abortion is often the least bad of all available bad options, I am uncomfortable with abortion being used as a “back up plan” for contraception failure. I do believe that late-term abortion MUST be available when the life of the mother or baby is in jeopardy, but ONLY when the life of the mother or baby is in jeopardy. Concerning birth defects, it depends on the defect. I would certainly never want abortion used as a method to prevent such things as mental defect (such as mild retardation), unless one is talking about organic brain disease which would leave the fetus as little more than a vegetable. I have trouble however when women shout “My body! My choice!”. First of all, the unborn is not the “woman’s body”–although dependent upon the mother, it is biologically identifiable as a unique person. That is just science. Second, I think “My choice!” should have occurred before engaging in behavior that could result in conception. “My choice!” should not be to use abortion as a fail-safe for poor decision-making.

          579. AKLady2015 says

            My body is the major issue.
            Pregnancy may be normal, however it is not safe.
            Parts of the US has mother & infant mortality rate higher than most third-world countries. Many countries do a much better job – they have national health care.

          580. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes, it must remain legal in the extremity (life of the mother, extreme birth defect), but I don’t believe it should simply be viewed as another method of birth control. I actually think that many young women tell themselves, “Well, I can always have an abortion.” Cutting a baby apart in the womb is both gruesome and inhuman. How a civilized society can so casually countenance this is a horror, especially in a time when birth control is so readily available and safe–it is a nightmare from which it seems we cannot awaken.

          581. AKLady2015 says

            Why is you opinion of women so low?
            No one treats abortion lightly.

          582. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m sorry. My judgment was quick and facile. And actually, I hold women in a rather high estate. Had a mother, you know…however hard it may be to believe.

          583. AKLady says

            No one insinuated you were hatched from an egg. But, with guys it is sometimes hard to tell – ooooo, bad 😉

          584. Matthew V. Brown says

            Isn’t it just! 😀

          585. Matthew V. Brown says

            Abortion also takes lives, AKLady2015. The pre-born is not just a blob of tissue to be disposed of at the whim of the mother, Abortion should NOT be used as a convenient surgical alternative to contraception. It should NOT be used as a “get out of jail free” card to erase poor life choices. I would see it as a real, although, sad necessity to save the life of the mother. But I’m concerned about it being used in the case of a birth defect. There are birth defects that affect the future viability of the pre-born. But I would not use it to end the life of a Down’s Syndrome child, for example. I believe abortion should be legal, but rare. Babies are not simply fashionable accessories, to be taken off when they are considered out of style. They are living, breathing human beings who also have a right to life. They should not be treated as disposable surgical waste.

          586. AKLady2015 says

            Breathing they are not.
            Parasites do not meet the full definition of life.

          587. Matthew V. Brown says

            You are so correct. They are not breathing, They receive their oxygenated blood through their umbilical cord. I do think that the word “parasite’ is rather harsh, though.

          588. AKLady2015 says

            The word “parasite” has both a biological and an social definition.
            Biologically, parasite is the correct term.
            Sadly, quite a few grow up to meet the social definition, as well.

          589. Matthew V. Brown says

            Ah, yes…you are so correct. And your third statement is sad, but true.

          590. AKLady says

            One clinic?
            One doctor?
            You missed a lot of history.

          591. stephanie wilson says

            bull. 1 idiot. one. that is it and it was roundly condemned by major christian leaders. when the h-ll has any major muslim leader condemned ”islamic” terrorism???? never!!

          592. Wyatt says

            And the Islamic world is for the most part Evil . Their actions speak for them and you your self said that evil people use their religion to do evil things . But then Islam is not a religion , merely a cult

          593. AKLady says

            The one thing your posts have made clear is that you have not the slightest idea as to what is the “Islamic world”.
            The majority of the “Islamic world” is quite peaceful and not at war with anyone. Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Ther Middle-east is a drop in that ocean.

          594. Matthew V. Brown says

            A very threatening and warlike drop in that ocean. When they get nukes, and I DO say “when” not “if”, the world will be in a VERY dangerous place.

          595. AKLady2015 says

            You might want to get your facts correct.
            They have nukes.
            They have had nuclear capability since the 1980s
            We gave it to them.
            America built their first reactor.
            America trained their plant operators.
            America trained their scientists.

          596. Matthew V. Brown says

            WOW! I am so behind the times. Thanks for the update, AKLady2015. And we gave them nuclear capability? Why am I not surprised… Well, I will certainly sleep better at night knowing that…NOT.

          597. AKLady says

            The Iran nuclear program was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.

            The participation of the United States and Western European governments in Iran’s nuclear program continued until the 1979 Iranian Revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran

          598. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, that explains a lot. The Shah was considered an ally of the U.S. That might explain our support of Iran’s nuclear program. Alas, the Shah was deposed, and we must now deal with nuclear enabled Ayatollahs…who are not exactly friends of the U.S. Well, we exist with a nuclear Russia and a nuclear China. But I consider them far more stable than a nuclear Iran in the hands of Ayatollahs who shout “Death to America! Death to the infidels”.

          599. AKLady says

            Much of the same rhetoric came out of Russia during the Cold War. Korea now spouts that propaganda, however, China keeps them in check.
            Russia exerts quite a bit of “power” in the Middle-east. Even the Ayatollahs are aware their beloved country would be turned into a sheet of glass should they be so foolish as to attack one of the THREE primary nuclear powers.

            A threat exists, however, I seriously doubt it is nuclear, The failure of one of Milwaukee’s water treatment plants, back in the 1980s probably is a more realistic example. Thousands became ill, several hundred died. We lived in the affected area, but we simply did not drink tap water and had an in-home filtration system.

          600. Matthew V. Brown says

            In Kansas, we depend a great deal on the Ogallala Aquifer, but we also have local treatment plants. The intentional pollution of our drinking water is a clear and present danger of which I hope our present and future administrations are cognizant. You do know how to scare the pee-waddin out of me, as my Dad used to say, somewhat colorfully. Sometimes a think you are intentionally nudging me toward my demise, or my stark raving insanity (and I’m not there yet, all indications to the contrary).

          601. AKLady says

            Thank you. That was greatly appreciated humor. Husband #2, God rest his soul, used to complain that I made him think too much 😉

          602. Matthew V. Brown says

            As we say in the Orthodox Church say, “May his memory be eternal.”

          603. George says

            Islam ‘ is nothing but , ” C u l t “.

          604. AKLady says

            All religions are cults.

          605. Matthew V. Brown says

            Written before. And it is still disingenuous. Continuing to repeat it doesn’t make it any LESS disingenuous.

          606. AKLady says

            A cult is defined as a system which venerates one particular individual, ideal or object. Cult is literally the “care” (Latin cultus) owed to God or gods and to temples, shrines, or churches. Cicero defined religio as cultus deorum, “the cultivation of the gods.”

          607. AKLady says

            Antonaccio, “Contesting the Past: Hero Cult, Tomb Cult, and Epic in Early Greece”, American Journal of Archaeology 98.3 (July 1994: 389-410).

            Cicero, De Natura Deorum 2.8.

            Clifford Ando, The Matter of the Gods (University of California Press, 2009).

            Ando, The Matter of the Gods

            Valerie M. Warrior, Roman Religion (Cambridge University Press, 2006)

            James B. Rives, Religion in the Roman Empire (Blackwell, 2007)

            Adolf E. Jensen, Myth and Cult among Primitive Peoples, University of Chicago Press, 1963

            Larson, Jennifer, Greek Heroine Cults (1995)

            Larson, Jennifer, Ancient Greek Cults: A Guide (2007).

          608. Matthew V. Brown says

            Are you going to make me educate myself again, AKLady? Alas, you are just too good to allow me to wallow in my ignorance. Thanks again for the recommended reading.

          609. AKLady says

            Why do you lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable toile?

          610. Wyatt says

            Where are the lies ? It is easy to state but you offer no proof while those that you accuse of lying show their proof . Is it because you muslim teacher says they are lies or simply because you can’t deal with the truth ? You know that the German People denied the deathcamps and the genocide of the Nazi’s , just as the muslim world does today . The German People were forced to confront the horror of the Nazi’s by being forced to help bury the dead . To bad the muslims were not forced to do the same .

            But I know what you will say , Lies all Lies

          611. AKLady says

            “And the Islamic world is for the most part Evil .”
            These is one of the most ignorant and most glaring of your lies.
            There is no “Islamic world”.
            It is, however the worlds #2 religion.