The Navy Chaplain Fighting for His Faith


Any sensible observer might wonder why a Christian Navy Chaplain would be facing discharge after using his faith to guide him in giving council. But while it’s not certain yet what punishment awaits Wes Modder, it is readily apparent that it is a new day in the military.

Modder has been accused of being “unable to function in a pluralistic and diverse Navy” by those who have a problem with the way he does his job. At issue (as if there was any doubt)? Da gays. Modder told Fox and Friends this week that his gay administrative assistant was not happy about his views on same-sex marriage or relationships. This assistant filed a five-page complaint against him for failing to show “tolerance and respect” when dispensing advice. He claims that the most he is guilty of is adhering to his faith.

“He did exactly what chaplains are supposed to do, which is minister to people and answer questions and one-on-one counseling of what the Bible says, of what their faith says,” his lawyer said.

As of now, Modder has been forced into seclusion while the Navy decides what to do with him. He is not permitted to carry out his counseling sessions or even converse with other sailors in his unit. His commanding officer, Captain Jon Fahs, has instituted this lockdown while deciding which actions would be appropriate. Among the possibilities: he may not get any future promotions, he may be separated for cause, and he may be subject to an inquiry board. At the extreme end of the spectrum, he may even lose his job.

Now Modder and his Liberty Institute lawyers are filing their own complaint. The Article 138 complaint goes around his immediate supervisor and up the chain of command, a move that even the Liberty Institute admits is highly unusual. If the complaint is met with receptive ears, Modder could be permitted to go back to work without renouncing his beliefs about gay marriage. It would not, however, put him in the clear regarding the charges against him. He could still be asked to leave the Navy for “endangering unit cohesion.”

It’s simply shocking, the lengths we’re willing to go so that the LGBT movement is satisfied. Not long ago, “don’t ask, don’t tell” was the policy of choice for the armed forces. Blink your eyes, and suddenly it’s not only okay to be gay in the military, it’s unacceptable to express beliefs contrary to the gay agenda? Even when those beliefs are rooted in religious faith?

Brave new world. Best of luck to Modder, but he’s facing a liberal establishment that only has “tolerance” for their own ideas.

  1. Bryce says

    Finally, steps against hate speech towards gays in a progressive direction finding their way into our military! Modder incorrectly performed his job as a military chaplain – were he a minister he would be free to sling about insults as he would, but a military chaplain has an entirely different way, facing issues such as fatalism from a Christian perspective – problems relating to the military. And saying he is “endangering unit cohesion” is bang on, the military needs to function on a basis of trust and respect for all its members – no matter sexuality, race, gender, etc. – it simply makes it more effective and less prone to err. Hopefully he’s kept at distance so he cannot infect more with his demoralizing hate speech!

    1. Linda Lee says

      The only hate speech occurring is that by atheists and the LGBT community. I’ve got a family full of military of all persuasions. But you don’t see the individuals trying to destroy the others. It’s called true tolerance. We disagree on some things, but we respect each other’s point of view.

      1. LA says

        As a chaplain, I have to say @disqus_VYwXuUuVcz:disqus, you are wrong. He took an oath when he accepted his role as Navy Chaplain to provide pluralistic, non-denominational spiritual support. All Chaplains – military, hospice, prison, first responders – they all accept this as part of chaplaincy. It is standard. He did not do that. He chose to make his own rules. He is wrong – not only in terms of his job description, but in his expression of faith, and his understanding of the Scriptures. Many, many religious organizations, Christian and otherwise, understand that homosexuality is a natural and legitimate state of being. As an expert in exegesis (a form of Bible Interpretation), I can assure you that there is ABSOLUTELY NO SCRIPTURAL JUSTIFICATION FOR DISCRIMINATING AGAINST LGBTs. Period. I can show you the errors of interpretation if you would like.

        1. Stacie Stevens Markham says

          In other words when you took an oath to the military your oath to God took a back seat? Shame on you. You are not any chaplin that I would want counsil from. But then again, anyone can call themselves “chaplain” now. I can get online and be one in a few hours. Or male, female, black, white, we are whatever we wish to pretend to be these days. But my belief is that we don’t change the words of the bible around until they suit us. This is not faith, this is a lie that we tell ourselves so that we may live with our conscience. And so my question to you is, if you don’t believe what the bible tells you to believe, why do you bother with religion at all? Certainly there is some other religion besides Christianity which would suit your conscience better? There is always scientology…

          1. ted j says

            a very good and truthful response..

        2. Stacie Stevens Markham says

          Telling the truth as we know it, or how we interpret the Bible is not discrimination. It is simply telling the truth. My children would like me to believe the same thing. Grow up.

          1. Faye Hayes says

            It is discrimination because your bible is not truth. It’s just a made up book of fairy tales, written by a bunch of goat herders thousands of years ago. You have no proof or evidence that this violent & evil book is really the word of god. SO STOP WITH THE LIES !!!

        3. ted j says

          non denominational does not mean non-Christian…how in the heck can you say that homosexuality is a natural state of being, when the bible is VERY clear about it..i do not know what your background is,but you sound like a homo yourself trying to justify your opinion…even the muslims know that homosexuality is wrong, they just handle it in a different way…i hope for the sake of those in the military that you are no longer counseling.

        4. Marcia Schweisthal says

          Obviously you haven’t read Romans Chapter ONE

        5. Karen says

          Please show us!

        6. TimFTG2 says

          Hey a******, the Bible describes marriage as the union between one man and one woman and the LGBT perverts have no right to redefine marriage in the eyes of God and the Bible. As I read it he merely stated he was against same sex marriage because the Bible was against it. if you are a chaplain as you say you are you are a piss poor one.

        7. Michael Dennewitz says

          Thusly, how about you show us all, where in the bible does it say that being a QUEER is “normal and acceptable?” Please enlighten us all…

        8. coacht11 says

          Hahahaha,, oh please do that for us la. Really YOU are a chaplin, what a crook of shit that is. So tell me la what is a chaplin suppose to do, just say nothing and listen right?? You sir or whatever you are, you are so far out there and what a bunch of bull you try and post. Oh by the way I am a Retired general and Major and president and oh hell i guess I can say what ever I WANT to on here right. If you are what you say then you are a SICK example of what a REAL Chaplin SHOULD BE, You ARE a Disgrace to God.

        9. Mark Lahti says

          I would suggest that you take a serious look at that oath (probably for the first time). A non-denominational, pluralistic approach to Chaplin duties is to provide faith based counseling, services, or interpretations is necessary when a Chaplin has to provide these services in a mixed setting. A setting where there are many service people present of many different faiths. No where in that oath is there any possible interpretation that individuals with views totally contrary to faith based services need to be accommodated. I don’t believe for one minute that you have any business being in a role of Chaplin. I don’t believe you have the education, the required calling, or the intellect to provide any kind of service to any service person. I suggest that you are lying and just trying to provoke those of us who have a reality based take on this issue. I suggest you are another troll.

    2. Reta Mae Cherry says

      Well, hello.

      1. Stacie Stevens Markham says


      2. TimFTG2 says

        So True, So True, So True!

      3. Bryce says

        If the truth is presented in an inappropriate medium it can absolutely be classified as hate speech – there’s a difference between telling the truth and beating people over the head with it. I won’t resign myself to discussing the fallacy within your “truth” itself, that would be pointless – neither of us would change our minds. I merely request that you consider not using it as a tool for harassment, and attempt to justify it in an academic and mature conversation – not resorting to hate speech.

    3. LA says

      Thank you for the voice of reason here!!

    4. SouthernPatriot says

      Hate speech?

      The Holy Word of God–the Bible has these words to say:

      “18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

      19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

      20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

      21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

      23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

      24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

      25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

      26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

      27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

      28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

      29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

      30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

      31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

      32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Romans Chapter One

      1. Bryce says

        Is nevertheless inappropriate given the medium of Modder’s words. It’s not about what is true or not, but how his beliefs were presented.

        Furthermore, the bible preaches acceptance of everyone, Jesus himself affiliated himself with prostitutes as an example of that acceptance – Modder’s tone was absolutely inappropriate – telling the LGBT’s that they may be wrong is excusable, to an extent, but forcing your beliefs upon them is sinful, especially as it proves ineffective. Were he to have converted them, then the discussion would be different – but to have failed only pushed them further from your view of what is right, and therefore made them, in your eyes, more likely to be condemned. Either way, he did the wrong thing, because if he was, indeed, trying to do the right thing, he only failed and caused further harm – however it is my view that from the start he was doing the wrong thing, in the wrong way, with the wrong justification, for the wrong beliefs, and should have excused either his pride from clouding his faith, or else left his position to campaign as a preacher, rather than a military chaplain – he performed a role specifically contrary to his appointment as a chaplain.

    5. Stacie Stevens Markham says

      And naturally, as only the left can do, you hear the word “Christian” and assume “hate speech” before even hearing details. All the while claiming “Islamophobia” against those who would take a stand against radical Islam (who love to execute homosexuals). Do you see your own hypocrisy here? It’s so old and really confusing. I suppose that you have to have a super intellect, as only a democrat can, to understand any of it. I’m sorry to inform you, but having a belief system that marriage should be between a man and a woman does not make a homophobe. I fully believe that as a consenting adult you should be able to do whatever you wish with your own body, but it is you who insists upon shoving YOUR beliefs down MY throat. I really don’t care what your beliefs are. Why are mine so threatening to you?

      1. Bryce says

        My qualm is not with homophobes in general – I’m fine with you believing what you would care to – an inappropriate disclosure of that viewpoint is, however, illogical and unnecessarily discriminatory – acceptance does not demand approval or agreement. Furthermore, I read the article through, and after careful deliberation took Modder’s hate speech as hate speech – not his Christianity. The Pope, for instance, is a Christian and accepts gays, while condemning all elements of hate speech.

        Nowhere in my response did I use use the word Islamophobia, a term I generally reserve for those that believe Islam itself is evil, apart from the negative sects and politics. For you to accuse me of that is an undue generalization, unfounded on what I said, and therefore irrelevant – try to keep up with the discussion.

        Furthermore, I did not try to press my ideas, it simply makes sense that all ideas be accepted and not be discriminated against – as I have said before, your views on marriage or irrelevant – just don’t try to interfere with other’s conception of the idea – you don’t need to meddle in their lives, and it doesn’t hurt anyone if they are left to their own devices.

        Finally, your ideas are hardly threatening to me, but to the LGBT community, which, though I am not a part of, I support – as I believe it morally correct to do so – the belief being founded in Christianity that even sinners are supposed to be accepted, given understanding of their error, within reason, but allowed to continue on their way so long as it doesn’t harm those around them.

    6. ted j says

      sounds like a socialist view point to me…sexuality in not a reason to even be considered…. if you are LGBT stay home and leave the real people do the protecting of America…in a battle no-one would want a morally deviant person next to him..anyone who can’t see that they are messed up in their minds…. they can’t even see that they are not who God made them to be…they are all perverted deviants and should seek help fot their condition..

      1. Bryce says

        Regardless of whether they are or are not morally deviant, they have been accepted into the military even if the extent of their sexuality is understood and should be treated that way, by the word of the law, unless the laws change. Start a petition if you will, but hate speech is unacceptable in the military – if they are their legally, help them to become the most moral they can be beyond all debate of sexual deviance. It’s common sense.

        Additionally, my support of the LGBT community stems from my support of decent people trying to live their lives in the way that suits them best, which is hardly obstructs more traditional means of living, not from my being a part of it myself.

        Furthermore, it’s nowhere near a socialist viewpoint, it’s progressive – socialist is an economic policy, not a social one, despite how the name sounds. It encourages an economic structure that reduces class divisions – which is why it is known as socialist, coupled with support of increased taxation and further public funding. While socialist and progressiveness tend to work hand in hand, that’s only because they tend to have mutual supporters politically.

        1. ted j says

          Bryce.. i understand your viewpoint but i do not agree with you… there is a financial cost to this deviant lifestyle.. by tax incentives and the extra cost associated with implementing additional promotional procedures… they were free to marry anyone they wanted to as long as it was within the accepted bounds of normalcy…i would l;ike to see them live a happy life, but i do not want to know about it or pay for it…because they choose that lifestyle let them pay for it…most people that are considered normal, don’t go around telling about their sexual lives to other people..i was in the military and for one i would not be comfortable living in the same quarters with them…because we have a corrupt military system doesn’t make it right…explain to me why they should have preference to have their deviant lifestyle promoted over normalcy..i am not saying that they aren’t decent people, but i can’t accept their lifestyle..and because they are a very small percent of the population, they should be ignored by the gov’ this point it becomes a relationship between them and God..cause God has the final say..

    7. TimFTG2 says

      the only thing demoralizing is your stupidity you a******. The LGBT perverts should have never been allowed in military because that is the main reason but the cohesion of the military is being endangered. For his commanding officer do not take his side must mean he is gay because supporting and even encouraging this lifestyle choice in the military is wrong.

      1. Bryce says

        What about people who simply sympathize with the LGBT plight? His words do not only offend those who belong to the community themselves, but those who take steps or even voice that they support it. Were they too weeded from our ranks we’d find ourselves not only living in a fascist, censoring society not open to discussion, but we’d also find ourselves without much substance in the military – both morally and physically. His words break unit cohesion not only on the part of the LGBT’s, but also on those who are open to, yet not inclined towards gay marriage – either way, his words do nothing to help, and if they do not help he is not doing his job.

        1. TimFTG2 says

          The people who support LGBT are normally Far Left Wing Liberals and are as sick as the LGBT people. The Military should be made up of Normal People and we can thank that Traitorous Asshole Bill Clinton for encouraging them as a group. The Liberal Democrats are always trying to Destroy the Integrity of the Military as well as the Military Itself. LGBT has no business being in the Military and they DO NOT have the Right to Redefine Marriage as Defined in the Bible. If the TRUTH OFFENDS or HURTS, SO BE IT.

          1. Bryce says

            If you believe that the military should be solely made up of the people you label “normal”, the entire world would be diplomatically opposed to cooperate with any of America’s initiatives and be disposed towards greater hostility. Furthermore, normal is a term that indicates majority, and the fact of the matter is that the majority of the people voted the Democrats into the presidency. Whether you agree with their view points or not, they are the normal, not your outdated band of social conservatives who would have chains placed on those in the lower classes simply by your class distinctions and preference of highly archaic policy that would, regardless of moral objectives, place America behind in the world, socially, politically, and ultimately economically – a trivial factor, but one that weighs heavily on the minds of people such as yourself. Furthermore, marriage has existed long before the Bible, which did, in its time, reinvent classic motifs for unions. The people then (people such as yourself) did oppose it, and that is why millions of Christians and Jews have been murdered in a series of holocausts by the people of earlier beliefs – people labelled as social conservatives.

            Finally, America, by the constitution, planned to be a nation accepting of all – it was a retreat from European oppression, poverty and conservatism.

            Also, if I may add, you may as well accept that you are a dying race, as even the baby boomers have begun to drop, and the youths of today have begun to take up the same sort of maxims as I have just expatiated to you – better to guide them than to stand against them – if you want your opinion heard, argue with some element of logic understanding of your opponent’s viewpoints, and make concessions on moot points, rather than standing your ground. The military does not opperate on your advice, and by the will of Americans would accept those of the LGBTQ community -would you deny Americans democracy, even if you disagree with the choice as by the will of the general public?

          2. TimFTG2 says

            Well Bryce,

            Let me lead off by saying that I do NOT align myself with Either of the Major Political Parties because they are just that TOO POLITICAL. It is well past time that we Ditch this Antiquated 2 Party System and maybe Start a New Party called the “COMMON SENSE PARTY” which I would support. Oh and about you saying that the MAJORITY of PEOPLE Voted the Democrats into Office I have one thing to say about that and that is IT WAS NOT A LEGAL MAJORITY what with the wide spread Voter Fraud in places like Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Denver, Colorado to name just two. There is a reason that GOD created Adam & Eve and that was to set an example for Married People because if he created only two women or two men we wouldn’t exist today. You state that America was created as a retreat from European Oppression but Social Conservatism in Europe is Actually Considered Democratic Socialism. You use sophisticated language in your attempt to make me and others think that you are well educated when in fact you are probably using a Reference Book that you haven’t even finished reading the articles you are basing your premise on. You also sound like one Espousing Liberal Social Progressivism which should really be defined as Liberal Social Digressivism. You also sound like a Liberal Social Progressive that is Light in the Loafers supporting their own cause. Are you the Q in the LGBTQ? America under our Illustrious Fascist Muslim (Fact: He was a Practicing Muslim for 31+ years until the Liberal Democrats convinced him to switch) has become the laughing stock of the World. Under a Democrat Controlled Congress they took a Long Hard Fought Victory in Vietnam that was Won with the Signing of the Paris Peace Accords which included a Promise that America would CONTINUE TO SUPPORT South Vietnams cause on a Piece by Piece Basis. In other words if they lost a helicopter we would replace it, if they fired a bullet we would replace it. FACT: As soon as the Democrats took Control of Both Houses of Congress they CUT OFF ALL FUNDING TO SOUTH VIETNAM. The Section of the Paris Peace Accords was put in there Specifically because the USA and South Vietnam DID NOT TRUST North Vietnam to keep their word which they didn’t as soon as the Liberal Democrats Withdrew Support. Because of that Act the World Saw for the First Time that America Couldn’t be TRUSTED TO KEEP THEIR WORD. Because of that we lost a lot of RESPECT around the world. FACT: THE RESULT? Everybody knows that South Vietnam Lost that War that had already been WON. Sound Familiar? Obama has done the very same thing in Iraq by Prematurely Withdrawing Our Forces before things became somewhat Stable. The RESULT = ISIS,ISIL or IS, whatever you want to call it and an ESCALATING THREAT to the USA BY ISIS made all the more Easier by Obama’s Refusal to Protect Our Southern Border and the Protection of over 11 Million Illegal Immigrants which Obama and the Liberal Democrats want to become Legal Citizens so they can Vote Democratic. Oh, and BTW America is NOT a Democracy, it is a Representative Republic. You should have studied your History Lessons. And as for the Military which you obviously were never a part of, it runs by having the Trust in your Fellow Man. Trust that the men have in their Lieutenant or Sargent to send the Best Qualified Person into a Dangerous Situation to maybe defuse a bomb instead of the Second Best Qualified because the BEST IS HIS BOY FRIEND. That is one reason WHY they keep SPOUSES out of the SAME COMMAND to prevent those situations from coming up. Oh, and BTW I spent TWO TOURS OF DUTY IN VIETNAM from 1967-69 in the worst part of the War. If the Democrats continue with their efforts Especially with Political Correctness which should be defined as what it really is and that is PURE CRAP. It is because of P.C. why people think that we are a joke, it is the Main Reason that they can get away with Murder because we Don’t Want to “OFFEND” anybody. Well I for one have had enough and hope that People are Starting to See the Light and Start Fighting to Regain the Respect and Control of OUR COUNTRY from the ones that want to see it’s DEMISE. Come on AMERICA, LET’S GET OUR COUNTRY BACK AND BE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS AGAIN.

    8. Michael Dennewitz says

      Evident as hell that you can be bought off!!!!

      1. Bryce says

        My viewpoints are increasingly costly, it would be far more prosperous to be on your side of the debate these days, however I’d find myself a swamp of moral deficiencies. So no, it is quite the opposite to my having been bought off – I sacrifice economic success for my principles.

    9. Todd Goins says

      Bryce, if I was a betting man I’d say you’ve never served in the Armed Forces and likely don’t know much about what you actually just wrote about. I spent 22 years in the Military. I still work for the Government and actually work right down the hallway from Military Recruiting Chaplains. They recruit chaplains of all faith backgrounds. This includes some we might not even wonder about such as Wicca which is recognized as a Faith whether we like it or not? Chaplain Modder in fact is following Policy and procedures according to his Rank, Position as a Chaplain and the Word of God. The individual here that is upset is the person who just happens to be an Administrative person that not only supports him but others in the Chaplain area. He being Gay, doesn’t like the fact that the Word of God says being Gay is an Abomination and that Chaplain Modder is preaching the Word of God in his church messages. Chaplain Modder doesn’t condemn someone for being Gay. That isn’t his job, only God judges. But he is allowed to share his faith and belief based on the Word of God. So no violation was broken other than one person being upset that his lifestyle is being called an Abomination by WHO? GOD. So if the Administrative person has an issue, have him file a Complaint against GOD. Not Chaplain Modder.

      1. Bryce says

        That is not the issue at hand. Why hire someone to teach religion in the army? The purpose of having Chaplains in the army is so that they can assist the army, and if causing dissension with outdated, highly discriminatory viewpoints is their objective or the outcome of their actions, whether intended or not, they should be removed from the military. It doesn’t matter what their religious beliefs are, their first and foremost responsibility is unit cohesion in their preaching, that is why such an institution exists. If they believe their foremost responsibility be to preach their religion blindly and without regard for the service they have been hired to provide, they should find an occupation that better accommodates such a lifestyle.

        1. Todd Goins says

          Bryce these are your comments. — The purpose of having Chaplains in the army is so that they can assist the army, and if causing dissension with outdated, highly discriminatory viewpoints is their objective or the outcome of their actions, whether intended or not, they should be removed from the military. — Bryce, this is a Navy Chaplain. It doesn’t matter if this person is a Chaplain in the Navy, Army, Air Force, or Marines. Their job is to be a Chaplain or Pastor. The same as if they were a Chaplain or Pastor of a church in the civilian world. They hold church services at the base chapel’s for military members and their families. They do counseling. They are their to teach and preach the Word of God, provide counseling as needed, moral support, etc. So this Chaplain has done everything within his Oath as a Navy Officer, Chaplain, and hasn’t broken any rules or regulations.

          1. Bryce says

            The matter at hand is that he is hired to help in military matters, otherwise he wouldn’t be a chaplain but simply a pastor or minister hired by the military. The role in this case is not to preach Christianity, but to aid soldiers in their duty through the use of Christianity – which, by these opinions, he has decreased the efficiency of.

          2. Todd Goins says

            Bryce, he isn’t hired to help in military matters. He is hired to be a Navy Officer (First). Then a Chaplain and the duties it details. Which is being a Chaplain/Pastor and preaching the Word of God on base at base chapel’s, residing over military funerals, Providing counseling to military members and their family members, etc. And providing moral to unit members. But the KEY issue here was 1 person who works in the Administrative office with this Chaplain that is Gay, that doesn’t like the fact that Chaplain Modder believes what the Bible says about the issue of being Gay, preaches what the Bible says about being Gay. No where in Chaplain Modder’s daily duties was he disrespectful to this 1 gay member. Its strictly that the Gay person feels Chaplain Modder’s views about being Gay should change and that he shouldn’t be allowed to preach what the Word of God says at the Base Chapel during any of his messages if he happens to be speaking in regards to the Book of Leviticus. The person here with the Issue is the Gay member. Hopefully this time, I’ve explained the duties and responsibilities of Chaplain Modder better for you. But nowhere has he done anything wrong here. Have a blessed day here Bryce.

  2. Linda Lee says

    The LGBT AND atheist wing the military are the intolerant ones. They are trying to eradicate the chaplains and an religion.

    1. Skyhawk says

      While stationed at Goose Bay, Labrador, the Chaplain’s Assistant was a homosexual. Since he didn’t try to push his derangement, he was tolerated. His lack of normalcy took hold after a period of time of living with normal people, so he committed suicide.

      1. Karen says

        Some people can’t cope with TRUTH! I hope you are not blaming society for this man committing suicide. We are given a CHOICE about our faith and if someone “chooses ” the wrong path, they have the consequences to face.

    2. LA says

      I’m a chaplain. I’m not an atheist and I’m not gay. I have to say that if this man were representative of what chaplaincy in the military is – then it is best they were eradicated. However, he is not. He is the one in the wrong. And that is why he is being disciplined. We (chaplains) all take an oath to provide pluralistic spiritual support. He is in violation of complying with his job description. His freedom to believe what ever erroneous views he has ends when he tries to force those erroneous views on others. That is what he did. He should be discharged.

      1. mike hunt says

        But your views can be pushed though……

      2. 2Shadow2 says

        It would seem difficult to be a Chaplin and be atheist, no? This Chaplin follows the words of the Bible and he is in the wrong?? It seems clear that you want the left to know you are more than willing to comply with deviant sexual relations in order to keep your job. Too bad, but not unheard of. The defense of the Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg was: “I only did what I was told.”

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Right on 2. I hope that LA is just confused with the topic here. If in fact he is a Chaplin in the military, then he is the one in the “wrong” here. I remember clearly from my time in the Army that a Chaplin was representing the particular faith that he was brought up and ordained in. We had protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and I’m sure many other Chaplins. They were expected to provide services in their respective faiths and counseling for their “flocks” regardless of how temporary that may have been. They are a part of the military that was there to provide those services for the service members in their command. For a Chaplin to provide those services, especially the counseling, they had to have a belief and knowledge in their support to those they counseled. To be forced to comply with a military attitude of any type of acceptance of opinions that are directly in opposition to their beliefs and practices, is totally absurd. I can’t believe that this will be allowed to continue. There has to be a backlash that will turn this ridiculous position around and return to some semblance of reality.

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            This has been going on for some time. There have been other Chaplin held at gun point. The persecution of the Christian faith is monumental from this administration. Whether they avoid the slaughter of the Coptics or Iraqui Christians or they refuse to allow prayer in class it just never ends. On the other hand the condescendence to Islam is equally never ending. Turbans and beards are allowed, Foot baths at airport rest rooms, ad infinitum. Even efforts to force Islamic education in high school class rooms. Why, it’s almost as if Islam is the chosen religion of one world government!! My, my. What a novel concept. Irrespective of the fact that the left wing heretics are in opposite treatment of women and homosexuals to Islam, (read: hypocrisy) the concept of the one world loons, i.e.totalitarian government, seems to favor the political ideology disguised as a religion, know as Islam.

          2. Btty says

            You are so right 2. We cannot forget that Muslim is not a religion but an ideology! One that is trying to be forced on all of us. We have one in the WH and he has surrounded himself with others in the White House in Homeland Security positions as well as other important positions. It’s an outrage and we better wake up soon before it’s to late.

          3. coacht11 says

            Funny this kind of CRAP has ONLY really been happening since the scum in the white house said while running for president that HE WOULD Fundamentally CHANGE America,,well great job asshole you have done it. I have NEVER in 55yrs been so Ashamed of some of the people in America, what in the Hell are you people thinking. Oh just wait until the Shit starts to REALLY hit the fan and YOUR Children And Grandchildren WILL HAVE to deal with it. I just hope they Remember WHO the idiots where that made this happen !! The obama voters,, great job people

      3. zrevtom says

        I am sorry but when take an oath to God to profess our faith we use the bible as our guide, if that is what he has done then he is in the right. If the gay assistant doesn’t like what the chaplain is saying because he is GAY and he doesn’t like it because he is gay and it goes against his gayness, then he is wrong. Being gay is a life style which he chooses to embrace and NOT HIS FAITH, if the Military bends to embrace a gays way of life and against men of faith then throw away all chaplains because it is no longer about saving men and womens souls but saving their asses. I spent 23 years in the military and I have counseled many, God is unchanging but men are and maybe we should find out more about what the chaplain said first. God Bless

        1. Btty says

          You nailed it zrevtom! Good post. Thank you and God Bless you!

      4. ted j says

        according to the report, all he was doing was counceling people by his Christian faith, and with the bible… so, i don’t see your point in what he was doing wrong to cause him to be discharged.what do you mean pluralistic support….are you referring to other faiths???and why are you saying his erroneous views?? do you know what his views are?? why do you say he was FORCING his views on others and not just informing them????

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Good one. This LA dude is truly out of touch. Lets all pray for him.

      5. Marcia Schweisthal says

        You are obviously not a Christian either. What is the point of being a chaplain if you have no faith?

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Bingo!!! You got that one exactly correct.

      6. TimFTG2 says

        if you’re not gay then you must be lesbian bi or transgender. You are wrong, he is only following his teachings and doing his job.

      7. Michael Dennewitz says

        Then I am adamantly GLAD that you are NOT my chaplain. When I open my back door at night, I’m very careful not to allow any rats or insects inside… I don’t really care what oath y’all took, being a QUEER is still sickening and against God’s plans for humanity, and the same ridicule goes for Lesbos!!! Smack me all you want, I WILL NEVER change just to “fit in!”….

        1. Btty says

          I’m with you Michael. This kind of crap is being shoved down our throats (no pun intended) and we all better get off our butts and fight this. God fights for us and we should be fighting for him. It’s disgusting that our government is pandering to the minority instead of standing up for the truth and our Christian beliefs. Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves.

      8. Btty says

        For a chaplain to make the statement you just made is sickening! Your a disgrace to any religion except maybe the muslim religion where you should feel quite comfortable. That Chaplain was following his belief and what is taught to us as Christians. We try to following the word of God. What do you have against God and the teachings of God? This Chaplain has done nothing wrong and everything right. He is following the teachings of Christ. Lets not forget that God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve!!! Get your damn priorities straight LA and stop promoting the Gay agenda!! YOUR A DISGRACE!

      9. Faye Hayes says

        I agree with you 100%!!

    3. tinkerunique says

      That sounds like a Muslim “item” as they are want to conquer and dominate all others too.

    4. Faye Hayes says

      Right, in that delusional mind of yours. You Christians have the balls to say that Gay People are mentally ill ? You are the intolerant ones. I think it is you Christians who are mentally ill. After all, you do belong to a cult- a faddist devotion. Anyone in their right mind who thinks if they say a few magical words over a wafer, it becomes the body of Christ, definitely belongs in a padded cell. You Christians are so freaking hilarious !!!

      1. coacht11 says

        OH I REALLY Can’t wait until the TRUTH finally comes out for idiots LIKE YOU,,, Fage,,How sad for america when YOU people are and continue to try and TAKE IT DOWN. Just hope when it DOES come down it hits YOUR Family first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now before you idiots get all mad,,,,,,,, She is the one that wants what she does,,so is IT NOT FAIR that she and her kind SHOULD Pay the price FIRST ??????????????

  3. Ronney says

    I guess we should have seen this coming with that asshole in the white House retiring, or firing all the top brass. All that is left is the left that will follow dick heads orders to the letter. I used to have some great respect for the Brass in the Navy, now they are no better than the NIGGER in the white house.

    1. Stacie Stevens Markham says

      Grow up..and stop trolling. That is an ugly and unnecessary word to use, and it just lets your ignorance shine through.

      1. Ronney says

        Thank you, the truth is the truth regardless of how it is written. And I guess your going to have to learn to deal with it. Because we are all tired of his shit. He is a fucking no good dirty rotten black muslim, that should be gutted and fed to swine. Is that plain enough for you.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Maybe they should gut your skanky ass & feed it to the pigs. Are you related to Michael Dimwitz ? You are of the same mind set as he is. A racist & bigoted piece of white trash!!

          1. Ronney says

            Thank you, I am very PROUD of who I am. What I am not so proud of is fighting for this country, to give scum like yourself the freedom to express yourself. What is it the free phone, healthcare, welfare check each month, or are you just that plain stupid. Yes that is what I thought.

          2. Faye Hayes says

            You don’t know your ass from your elbow. You’re the SCUM. I am retired & collect S.S. I bought my own cell phone, pay for my own healthcare & never received a welfare check in my life. If I were you, I would not be so proud of the crap that comes out of your dirty mouth. You don’t even know me , but you make these claims about my life ? That makes you a FOOL & so damn ignorant. STUPID JERK!!

          3. Ronney says

            Thank you, that is pretty impressive for a liberal, now if you just had a brain to go with your work ethic. Ta Ta temper, temper, maybe we can get one of those muslims he is bringing in here to cut your head off, Oh god please forgive me your a liberal your probably already bowing to Allah.

          4. coacht11 says

            Screw you Faye,, who the hell do you think you are,,,, oh that’s right a demoRAT/Libtard Hater like the rest of you pieces of crap. Go away,, you have DESTROYED this country ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        The “world” really gets pissed off when the truth is spoken! Who really gives a rat’s ass HOW it was said? Truth hurts like hell, eh??

  4. ForPeteSaiche says

    Those demanding tolerance are often intolerant of opposing views.

    1. punisher says


  5. SouthernPatriot says

    Obama and his sycophant Holder opened the door, and Pandora’s perverted box of consequences, when they refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act signed into federal law by Bill Clinton. The law was decimated, opening the door for perversions far and wide. Then Obama/Holder went before SCOTUS and argued greatly for the embracing of sodomy marriage. Obama who claims to follow the Bible as a Christian, is apparently just a confessor and not a true believer, for this and numerous other blatant anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Bible actions on his part.

    In that atmosphere, Bible believing and practicing chaplains are at great risk. Elections have consequences. The election of Obama has brought dire consequences to America. His years as POTUS has convinced me not to vote for another Democrat, possibly for the rest of my life, and I sure did not vote for him (either time)!

    1. zrevtom says

      I could not agree with you more. Obama is Gay, always has been, he married a woman?? nobody wanted to sleep with so old Rev Wright formed a gay mens club “The Down Low” and hooked Gay men to unwanted women to give the illusion of NORMALCY. Obama was told by his Communist handlers to lie lie deny deny and lie so more, thus the most incompetent person who hides everything about his life from the American people to help slide this country into another Sodom where he is right at home. He has put more Gays and Lesbians into unelected positions of power to weaken us from within, He put a Gay man into our Education system and a program to start teaching kids as early as Kindergarten about sex, the names the positions and hoping they put sex into their daily actions thus making kids more acceptable to men or womens attention and opening kids to sex acts. The gay books some 41 of them are still in the schools, he is out but his curriculum is still in our schools today. Sodomy is against the law but Gays practice Sodomy so they are trying to make it legal. If they make sodomy legal then next will be incest as if two brothers or sisters have sex with one another because they love each other, then incest will be okay and who is to say that a child 8 or 9 having been taught about sex in school and you know what you learn in school is to help you in life than practicing sex at a young age should also be legal so take another law off the books till, bestiality is okay, sex with kids is okay brother and sister or brother and brother father and daughter or son etc etc. We are on a slippery slope with the courts being filled with Liberal gays and lesbians. Rome was the mightiest entity on the planet but was destroyed when it became a moral cesspool and collapsed upon itself before destroyed from invaders

  6. Michael Winskie says

    This is so wrong and Unconstitutional.

    1. tinkerunique says

      The “separation of church and state” is so that the government is NOT in control of the church. It is backwards I this day, as 0’bumma wants total control of the military and all others. Common Core and the (alleged) Affordable Healthcare Act (0’bumma-care) are government controlled programs

  7. Raymond Donahue says

    A chaplain is a minister ordained in a particulate denomination who has chosen to serve his God and minister to those in the military. His first duty is to be faithful to his own beliefs otherwise he is a total hypocrite and can not serve God or others. An atheist has nothing to share and many but not all LBG…. have a political agenda, they do not want tolerance rather they want to have their actions accepted as correct and forced on others

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Too bad the “B” is taken in “LGBT”. What are the bestiality supporters going to do? Maybe they can just add another “B” to the end.

      Oh, on the sexual perverts, God says “kill them” and I’ve been saying “kill them” for years now and people call me mean spirited and a homophobe. Maybe soon, you people will wake up to the Truth, before it is too late, but probably not.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        My take on the whole LGBT movement is somewhat different than what I’ve seen being talked about on most sites. I truly believe that gay and transgender people are suffering from a mental disease or illness. The reality of that claim is crystal clear. Nothing in nature is made to be wrong. If a person believes that they were born biologically a male but that that is wrong because they feel that they are really a woman inside have to have a mental disconnect with the reality of their biology. Instead of treating the mental disorder, they try to conform to what they believe is the reality of their situation by totally remaking their biology. Just on the face of it they are truly wrong in their conclusions about the disconnect between the biology and their mental image. I, for the life of me, can not understand why this is so hard to figure out. I also believe that the gay person is suffering from the same disconnect. It is biologically unsound logic to assume that because they relate better to same sex that that is a proper tract to follow. That being, mated sexually with the same sex. They are suffering the same delusion that the transgender is experiencing. The problem lies in the mind of the individual. Yet no one tries to address the mental disorder. Instead they try to impose their “feelings” on everyone else to accept their mental disorder as a reality to be taken seriously by everyone else. What kind of a world is this that supports, agrees with, and forces the majority of right thinking people to accept the delusions of the small percentage of mentally ill individuals? I know I’m getting a little long here for a posting. But it really bothers me that something so obvious and so simple gets completely ignored. People react either with hate filled speech in opposition to these LGBT’s or the LGBT’s get hateful in their demands for acceptance.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          So, with your line of thinking, if I believed that I was born a lion, even though I am biologically a human, it would be excusable for me to kill and eat you because that is what lions do. They kill and eat their prey.

          Additionally, I should be accepted and praised by you as I am killing you. You should call me a courageous being for coming out of the closet, so to speak, and getting in touch with my animal side.

          Now, I just want to ask, “how far are you willing to go with your liberal philosophical view of what is so obviously an ingrained state of perversion, from which one can not ever fully recover, and where participants are actively working to entrap others into their same evil lifestyle”?

          Your doe-eyed approach to life has no doubt left you scared from your lackluster existence and while I am not the one to judge, I would observe that the slippery slope upon which you have built your house will lead to your total and complete failure as a human being.

          As for your other statement, I never stated any feelings. I stated fact, because I live in a world of which you know nothing and there is no help for you.

          1. azabigail says

            That’s not what he said.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Thank you very much for having my back there. Some trolls just can’t seem to comprehend anything they read.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            Got on the liberal idiots side and now you feel great!!! Good luck raising your family, your gonna need it. Oh, by the way drug abuse was a disease too until they cured it by making it legal.

            The big question is, how are you going to act when your son or daughter brings home their gay friend and they go in the bedroom of your home and lock the door?

            Did you know that gay sex for children a young as 12 years old with persons as old as 18 is legal in California and, you the parent, can be arresters if you try to interfere. See, now you have the disease and your family, that you invested your life into, is ruined.

            I hope you are ready to enjoy the perverted life you have created for yourself, but I want no parts of it.

          4. Mark Lahti says

            Whoooo there boy. You best go back a reread what I said. You must have a very bad comprehension level to take that from what I said. You totally 180 degrees out of touch with what I stated. How is it that libs can’t seem to comprehend the English language? And as far as you not being the one to judge you really laid on a pile of disgusting accusations against someone you don’t have any clue about either. Here is another example of not tolerance shown by the tolerant ones. A good example of a total failure of a human being would be the garbage you just spewed based on a total lack of comprehension of what was said. Ignorance seems to be your best attribute.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            I know exactly what you said and you are saying it again. Just because you like speaking with a forked tong, so that one group hears one thing and another hears something completely different, don’t think everyone is deceived, because you would be wrong. The greater part of wisdom is to receive correction from the better man and so far all I’ve read in your posts are the words of a fool.

          6. Concerned Citizen says

            Look up “conflation” in the dictionary and your logic fails. The lion example is just plain stupid. You are grasping at straws.

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            Really. I love you people who just type your minds without ever hitting the on switch.

            So, for the weak minded and the slow afoot, lets hit a little closer to home. Pretend for this example that I’m 17 years old and I’m screwing your 12 year old boy in your house. You come home and call the police.

            Then, to your surprise, you are told that if you interfere again in my activities with your boy, you will be arrested.

            Don’t believe me, look up California law and you will find out for yourself. This is not a sickness. It is not a disease. It is criminal activity and fools who support this are willing accomplices to criminal activity. That makes you a criminal!!!

          8. Kelli Lines says

            This is so far off topic I need a map to find you. Your hands could be put to better use.

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            Can you find yourself in the liberal mess you call a brain or are you lost in all your compassion and self righteousness?

            You know what I love the most about you people. When something happens to you, you scream bloody murder, but when it happens to someone else, you say “isn’t that terrible”.

            You are so fake and so lost and I guess you are right, “you’re not worth the time”.

          10. Kelli Lines says

            Anyone reading your stuff is wasting time. Goodbye. Damn I wasted 30 seconds responding to your drivel

          11. hangem'high says

            So say, I was born white with a white mother and father, and grew up white but in order to get a discount on college tuition or get a free education I had to be black so I marked the box black. Went through college got as prestige awesome high paying job at the biggest race bating organization fighting for blacks and other ethnic races rights! Of course I beat out a dozen or so actually black guys. Meanwhile twenty years later I actually believe I’m black, so am I black even though I’m white? Am I a woman even though I’m a guy trapped in a guy’s body?
            Will death solve so many questions???
            Am I really a black guy traped in a white mans body?

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            It took you that damned long to say NOTHING???Dayuum.

          13. Jimmy Quick says

            And it took even less time for you to prove that you are an idiot.

          14. Michael Dennewitz says

            T R O L L !!!!!!! TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT !!!

          15. Jimmy Quick says

            And what did your other personality have to say about that?

        2. Victor Archuleta says

          I’m having difficulty sorting out your line of thinking. So I have a question: Is the solution medical treatment for balancing the hormones and mental treatment for balancing the mind? If so, are there any scholarly articles you can recommend?

          1. williaml says

            Yes, They need to be Delivered!
            Its n the Bible.
            Demonic spirits are torturing their souls and their Only Hope is Jesus.

        3. bdchilders says

          Good post! I whole Hartley agree with you!

        4. cpovet says

          Hey Mark, LBGT and all this sexual deviency (sp?, sorry) WAS in the psychiatry book for mental disorders until about 2 or 3 years ago. So don’t hold yer breath wait’in on the shrinks to get involved.

        5. Concerned Citizen says

          And I believe in unicorns. LOL. I am glad you have your own beliefs, but science says otherwise.

          1. hangem'high says

            Me too, that’s what I like about science it always changing

      2. Faye Hayes says

        If your god said kill all Christians because they have been disobedient & don’t deserve to live because they have chosen to keep on sinning, would you be ok with that ? You would have to be. Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite. Yes, you are mean spirited & a definitely a homophobe. Those ten commandments that you follow with such reverence, I do believe there is 1 that speaks for itself. ” Thou shall not kill ” That 1 must have slipped your mind. This is why religion poisons everything.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          I am sorry by your ignorance, but maybe a little understanding can set you free.

          Actually, God did say that ALL people are to die because of SIN and as you pointed out, I have to be okay with that because I have no choice in the matter.

          The big difference is that sexual perversion is a sin of which God has charged the human race to deliver swift and immediate punishment.

          I do not fear sexual perverts. They are people who have given their bodies as well as their minds over to Satan. I am not mean spirited; I simply am far wiser than you and can see what is coming due to the weakness of people and their lack of knowledge.

          The commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” only applies to murder and is not applicable in times of war, self defense and/or judgement, and in dealing with sexual perverts, all three of the previous would apply.

          1. Concerned Citizen says

            Love is the greatest

      3. williaml says

        Maybe we can add a New Word, JENNERITES, or DE-JENNERITES.
        Jus say’in

    2. TimFTG2 says

      I agree completely and it is this behavior of throwing this up in your face all the time to try to force you into believing that there is nothing wrong with and you should accept and even encourage this perverted lifestyle choice. if anything is threatening the cohesion of the military it is the LGBT perverts and the liberal idiots (Clinton) that let them serve in the military in the first place.

      1. bb says

        That is where and how the people who would tear America start their campaign. That Acronym, lgbt, what does it stand for, Dykes, Queers, flip floppers and Drag Queens. That is what they are. By softening the names they make it more palatable for the weak minded, thus advancing their immoral agenda and destroying the morals of America. God Nuked Sodom and Gomorrah because of a bunch of faggots. Semper Fi. And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Same thing with the word gay! They stole the word (which means happy) just to cushion the blow to the American public that they were absolute pecker checkers – QUEERS!!!

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    Crucial to the construction of the Obama-Clinton Oceania is the destruction of the present culture and its replacement with atheism and Marxism. This will in turn require the suppression of religion, and in order to do this a military and police force disconnected from and unsympathetic to religion in general and Christianity in particular is necessary. The real goal is militarized Peace Keepers who will kill citizens when ordered to do so, and the removal of any restraining force or influence against such training is a prerequisite.

    1. pineapple says

      “The real goal is militarized Peace Keepers who will kill citizens when
      ordered to do so, and the removal of any restraining force or influence
      against such training is a prerequisite.”

      Sounds like Nazism to me.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Sure smells like it, doesn’t it?

      2. Btty says

        Yep, but what they haven’t planned on is we Americans who are armed, to the hilt!! I do believe there will be a civil war in this country. My advice is if your not armed get armed and learn how to use those arms. Go to a shooting range and learn how to handle your gun. It could save your life or the lives of your family! What my dogs don’t kill my guns will.

        1. pineapple says

          Unfortunately, I must agree with your post. It is going to be everyone for themselves before it is over.

      3. Faye Hayes says

        Hey, Pineapple, get your head out of your ass.

        1. pineapple says

          Actually i would like to keep it there so I won’t be able to see the U.S destroyed by Obama, aided and abetted by his minion of brain dead bastards like you

        2. Btty says

          What the hell kind of post is that? Incredibly stupid and shows an IQ of 2. You really worked hard at that one didn’t you?

    2. ted j says

      unfortunately you are 100% correct…that was the reason obozo fired 500 generals , 500 majors and 500 captains..the ones who would not fire upon resisting Americans.

      1. Karen says

        So those 1500 “Men in Command” just rolled over and took this from the POTUS? They should have gotten together and rebelled against this in some way! If our top military people will just ACCEPT defeat so easily, what chance do us ordinary citizens have?

        1. jsccats says

          What a stupid statement!!!! First off they were subject to a reduction in force move that just happened to remove combat experienced mid level officers and NCOs (to replace them with the LGBT crowd/unqualified females/muslims perhaps) and the generals were purged for not going along with the Obama program! Second, it was done over a period of time. Third, how exactly were they going to “rebel” since it was done as individuals and not as whole units? The military and society in general is a total mess due to “progressives” and their radical special interest groups.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I wrote a response to your condemnation of Karen. It will not post but remains visible (I am guessing here) to myself only. I am guessing that I may have used some key words or phrases that got flagged for some reason. Here it seems is another example of exempted speech. Another violation of my 1st Amendment rights to speak my mind. Basically said that Karen is not being stupid but rather that she is expressing her anger and fear that nothing will happen to defend us against tyranny. I hope this posts and I will keep watching to see how long it takes for the speech police to analyse my first response and what action they take with it.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Well there you go. As soon as I posted the second reply the first one went away.

          3. marys says

            Did you hit the edit key instead?

          4. marys says

            I am seeing it.

          5. jsccats says

            Perhaps ignorant may have been a more appropriate choice of words since it is important to understand how and why some military people are being forced out which is a combination of force reduction to accomplish phantom “cuts” in spending, achieve some political and social engineering goals, and purge people that may be “a problem” when Dear Leader Obama decides he isn’t going to leave office and arranges to stay via some ginned up “crisis” to stay. All resistance as individuals the military involved would do is end up with them court martialed and in jail! I understand her frustration and mine exceeds hers but there are still too many people asleep as to what is going on and what is coming for there to be a general rejection of what is happening right now. The political route to change things was tried in 2010 and in part in 2014 but that route only works if those elected do what they promised they would do.

        2. TimFTG2 says

          Most of them were forced into early retirement the rest of them were just victims of Obama’s military reduction and unfortunately the ones he kicked out are the ones that were against his views

        3. ted j says

          i believe that the American people have seen what got with obozo….so Nov, 2016… when we go to the polls, think, who and why you vote for someone…it is my opinion that if they are not part of the Tea Party.. i will not vote for them… all RINOs and all dems have to go… then we might be able to reclaim this great nation…

    3. Mark Lahti says

      God I hope you’re wrong. However I am beginning to believe that you are more correct than any of us want you to be. It smells of everything you said. Combined with all the division going on between genders, races, and creeds makes one believe that a declaration of martial law and a subsequent elimination of elections is on the agenda. God protect us all please.

  9. Todd Goins says

    As a 22 year Air Force Veteran and Believer in the Torah/Law/Bible, I stand with your Chaplain Modder. I myself work for the Government and have seen how far we’ve slidden off the edge regarding morals since we changed our policy regarding Gays. Now you can drive onto a Military base and see the rainbow gay flag flying outside a house which is okay, but if someone flies a flag of faith they are not asked but demanded to have it taken down. This is ridiculous that is Chaplain is following exactly what his faith and the Word teaches and yet a gay Administrative assistant is allowed to file charges because this Chaplain is preaching and counseling what the Bible says. The ACLJ I hope is able to File charges not only against the Navy but for all Chaplains and Pastors around the Military letting others know that they won’t be bullied into submission because of their Faith. People we need to make a stand, and these people need our support and prayers. Please prayer for their situation and support them.

    1. MARYSWEET says

      Thank you for stating the case so well. I still am stunned to think this could happen in America. This is definitely not the same country I grew up in. It amazes me that a minority of liberals and the muslim in the WH is completely “transforming” our country into something I don’t recognize and don’t like. May God Bless America, Chaplain Modder and see us through our troubled times.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        ONLY because our senate stabbed us in the back, then threw us under the bus.. It starts high up and then rots downward!

        1. MARYSWEET says

          Not only that but his gay assistant is really throwing him under the bus because he doesn’t agree with the Chaplain’s preachings. Now the Navy tells this chaplain and all others they cannot mention Jesus or God or preach the Bible because of one poor little abused gay sailor. It makes me sick that just one person can turn everyone our country has stood for into a crime. I hope this gay assistant gets his karma soon.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            I won’t bother telling you what they did to one certain little faggot in Vietnam then.. lol

          2. MARYSWEET says

            I think I can imagine. I hate it when these LGBT act like little tattle tales instead of minding their own business. They can’t stand to see others embrace their religious beliefs when they have nothing but self doubts.

          3. QUASAR says

            They hate the catholic faith because it is a direct reminder of the sick way they are living .That’s the whole idea behind all this crap against religion ‘ they think that if they can just get rid of it it will ease their guilty consciences .SORRY FOLKS NOT HAPPENING ‘Jesus himself said long ago that the gates of hell will not prevail against his bride the church.

          4. QUASAR says

            Oh i’m sure it’s coming cuz you know what they say ‘ what goes around ‘comes around.

          5. MARYSWEET says

            Oh, it’s coming alright and another name for it is KARMA!!!!!!!

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            Maybe, with a little bit of luck, this little QUEER will somehow find himself having an “accident!”. :-))

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            That’s nothing!! The HNIC has ordered all the chapels at any VA facility to cover all crosses and/or pictures of Christ in their chapels because some liberal got offended. Can you see where it’s going??? The one I go to for my weekly blood check closed their chapel completely!

          8. MARYSWEET says

            I had heard that. I also heard (and this was over a year ago) that no Bibles are allowed in VA Hospitals. I see where it’s going and I don’t like it. We are becoming an immoral marxist muslim country with a dictator where a small minority rules. This is not the country I grew up in. I know, before my husband passed, he told he never wanted to go to a VA Hospital. It just keeps getting worse and worse. I don’t see how anyone who goes into medicine can be so coldhearted and calculatiing. They have no business in any facet of healthcare. But the Chaplains are just doing their jobs and this is still a Christian country no matter what obama says. Of course, everything he says is a lie. He wouldn’t know the truth if he fell over it.

        2. QUASAR says

          So true ‘our govt is rotten to the core and no where more then the very top .

      2. CJeanne says

        When the CDC identifies that less than 4% of US population is “gay”, it’s hard for me to understand how that 4% can turn America upside down and make what is wrong right, and what is right wrong….. Only through planned destruction of the nation founded on Judeo-Christian values – and complacency of those with moral values.

        1. punisher says


          1. remajohn says

            Best Do your homework, it is not genetic and till this date there is no credible study that proves it. These people get indoctrinated at a young age and usually when there is one in the family there are more, I know. I have researched it extensively and have experience with it in my wife’s family. There are a whole bunch of them and each one can tell me who with and at what age they had there first experience. It i usually an older family member. With my brother inlaw it was his uncle starting when he was 9 years old. These people are sick , filthy and disgusting.

          2. QUASAR says

            Sorry it’s not genetic ‘it is the result of a brain imbalance that makes their normal thought process work differently than others in the way they view someone sexually .Men are not naturally attracted to other men nor are women naturally attracted to other women cuz man and woman were made for each other ‘ to be together ‘ have sex together and bring forth the result of that coupling which is children.No two men [and i’m holding back my vomit as I type this ] will ever have a child together as will no two women for it is against the very nature of things .God created man and woman to compliment each other and nurture the other .

        2. Croco Dile says

          The label “Judeo-Christian” tends to assume, at the expense of Judaism, that Christians and Jews believe essentially the same things. They are not. And Jews strongly disagree with you on this !
          The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition

          There’s No Such Thing as Judeo-Christian Values

          By simply using Google you could find out yourself !

          American Christians often claim that America is a Christian nation as a way of justifying overt government support of Christianity. This claim is in opposition to the separation of church and state which is clearly laid out in the United States Constitution. Many of the founding fathers were Christians, but many were deists. Regardless of their personal religious affiliations, they deliberately set up a secular Constitution.

          The number of people who identify as Christian drops slightly every year. A Pew poll found that between 2007 and 2014, the number of Americans who identify as Christian dropped from 78.4% to 70.6%. The amount of non-believers is also gradually rising. It seems likely that Christianity will become a minority religion in the future.

          1. The Old Hippie says

            Where in the constitution is the clause that defines separation between church and state?

          2. Croco Dile says

            Study it.

          3. Flame says

            I have studied it, Croc! I have a copy an arm’s length from this keyboard that is consulted regularly, another in my purse from which I read at a meeting just last night, and most of an order of 200 copies in box in the other room. The words “separation of church and state” DO NOT APPEAR in the Constitution OR in the Declaration of Independence!

            What the Old Hippie and I want to know is where YOU saw it.

            (That said, I do happen to know who coined that phrase, when, in what document, and in what context. I daresay that’s more than you know. I also know the truth about what the phrase REALLY means — as well as who dredged it up from history around 1954 or so to beat us over the heads with it.)

          4. Croco Dile says

            Study it a bit more.

          5. The Old Hippie says

            Have never seen any clause that says the church shall be separated from the state. Have seen something about the fact that “Congress shall make no laws promoting religion nor prohibiting the free expression of religion.”

          6. Croco Dile says

            That is separation.

          7. Carol says

            amen and may i EVER Be …. SO !!!!!!!!!! GO USA and Freedom !! (which is Never FREE!)

          8. Flame says

            Yes, Croc. I want to know also. Exactly where in the Constitution do you find anything about “separation of church and state”?

          9. Michael Dennewitz says

            You’re entertaining the demented ego of a commie loving troll.. How long will y’alll waste your time??

          10. Flame says

            I knew that going in, Michael. I’ve reached my limit—better things to do—but meanwhile, maybe I’ve planted a seed among non-trolls here and there. Especially when “crock” avoids the question and tells me to “study it more.” Having read the Constitution aloud in public, as well as the Declaration every 4th for the last couple of years, I know what they both says I doubt he’s ever read either.

            And telling me that the extant manuscripts of Josephus and archeological monuments are “fiction”? The guy’s nuts.

            Blessings to you.

        3. williaml says

          1.3% of the population us turning the country upside down because we are lining in the last days. …” the days of Lot”….
          I am Excited because we could very well see what the Prophets and Apostles asked about. ” The Coming of the Lord “

          1. QUASAR says

            Yes indeed my friend ‘ I too am excited about his return .I have three little ones with the oldest being 6 and I want the lord to come back and clean up this cesspool we call the earth so my kids can have a world to live in that is beautiful once more and free from all the terrible trappings of the evil one .PLEASE LORD HAVE MERCY AND RETURN SOON CUZ YOUR FAITHFUL ARE WAITING.

        4. Victor Archuleta says

          CJeanne, be careful in constructing your discussions. You have a response from Croco dile, who is a paid progressive socialist. Answering him or her – if you decide to – demands thought. He or she provides an opportunity to inform the followers of these posts, but Croco dile’s mind is so warped that it cannot be penetrated with the truth. Such people, Scripture tells us – have been given over to a reprobate mind. God has condemned them, and they are lost.

          The term Judeo-Christian, is used to identify the ethical standards that are common to Judaism and Christianity. The Jews who fought in the Revolution understood the term to mean that. Some died to assure that our God-given rights would be preserved.

          When the slaves of anti-Christ challenge our beliefs, view their feeble attacks as an open Book exam. They aren’t attacking because we are weak, but because they know how strong we really are. With God on our side, we are the majority. Keep the faith fire burning!

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            I refer to him as croco shit! That’s all his ramblings amount to as a troll. I can’t read a single one of the asshole’s replies – I have him blocked… Heehee

        5. Michael Dennewitz says

          Well, even Vladimer Putin said that Ovomit has either lost his mind, or he’s personally trying to destroy the American economy. But he said that a year ago. Guess he knew what the hell he was talking about, huh??

      3. punisher says


        1. BoundlessExistence says

          You are completely insane!

          1. remajohn says

            No he is not he is absolutely correct and you Liberals are blind and stupid.

          2. williaml says

            Have you noticed that the stupid liberals are going to vote for Hillary.
            This is a Totally Useless Woman running for President with No Purpose, No Goals, a Failed track record, and No Vision. The crowd is all frenzied over Absolutely Nothing. ( oh, I forgot, she Is Bisexual )
            I can’t believe how Dumbed Down and Immoral America has become.

          3. QUASAR says

            It’s getting worse every day if that’s possible ‘ yeah she will just be a third term for OBUNGHOLE if she gets in and she will take up where the traitor in chief left off .

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Most that vote for the dyke will be the ones getting all the freebies!!! 🙂

          5. QUASAR says

            Agree with you on both points .

          6. williaml says

            No, Punisher is Not Insane.
            He is Telling the Truth.

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            HAHAHA. Go ahead, disbelieve.. When you’re rotting in a fema camp, maybe we’ll hear something different, eh bubbah??

          8. QUASAR says

            He will be ‘ cuz he will be one of those who believe everything coming from a liberals mouth till the truck pulls up to take him away .

          9. QUASAR says

            How so .

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            WE HAVE:1. An undocumented individual keeping a chair warm in the not-so-white house. He/it is as QUEER as a three dollar bill.
            2. The little halfbreed’s “wife” is another man, an ex football player named Michael.
            3. Whatever children you may have seen could not possibly be his and his husband’s – QUEERS CANNOT BEAR CHILDREN! They were borrowed, just for the show!
            4. He is definitely, and without a mistake, a damned mooselum and he has openly admitted the same. He does his little daily prayers to that pedophile they call moohumid!
            5. He has openly stated that, should the “shit hit the fan,” HE WILL STAND WITH ALL THE MOOSELUMS!
            6. He has visions of ruling as a dick-tater/king, and martial law will be his enforcement tool to complete his dream.
            7. He has no damned intentions of ever leaving office. He WILL abolish term limits, and he won’t have need for any “elections” – he will have already declared himself the supreme ruler!!! I will thrill at anyone who can prove me wrong!!!

          11. BoundlessExistence says

            You are primal stupidity in human form. These words should be chiseled on the headstone of your grave; Here lies the corpse of the dumbest being that has ever lived or will ever live!

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            And your utter ignorance will put your sorry ass in the grave before me, and I’ll be standing there, pissing on your headstone and laughing my ass off!! HAHAHAHA In every item I mentioned, asshole, PROVE ME WRONG, eh??

        2. Steve Crawford says

          Now this is a bull face lie. The President and his family worship in a Baptist church. But give the credit to your ex WHITE president Bush who allowed Satan and his sins into the military. Many of the 535 Washington representatives supported homosexuals to serve in the military. It is hard to believe that 4% of homosexuals have forced their sins on others. Now when President Obama got elected, in his first term many racist military officer said publicly that they would not serve under him, and he showed them the door. Sadly there are so many racist bigots Like You that spread hatred and lies and claim to be a CHRISTian. How come the many WHITE religious institution have been quiet and have not supported the Navy Chaplain?.

          1. williaml says

            You Really Need a Check Up from the neck Up!
            You don’t know the Rest of the Story.
            This mess in the Military started before Bush.
            Homosexuals are Made and Not Born.
            Why were all of the Top Brass Systematically Dismissed?
            You call a Christian a Bigot because of his Faith but
            A Homosexual Is a Bigot By Practice! ( Look it up!)
            You Unnatural Homosexual Bigots spread Perversions, Lies, STD’s, AIDS, and Immorality on the Rest of Society.
            Tell me why the people Vote Against Immoral marriage and you get a gay sympathizing judge to Reverse the Voice of the People and claim victory.
            You know full well that Homosexuality is an Unnatural lifestyle that is Condemned not only in the Bible but is also Unproductive to the Species of Man.

          2. QUASAR says

            Steve is definitely a liberal believing all the chump in chief tells him ‘ too bad the country has to be so full of assholes like him ‘ would be such a nicer place if we could put all these idiots on their own private island and let them exterminate each other with their bullshit ideas.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Crawford, either you have been smoking and snorting some really powerful shit or you were actually born dumber than dried camel turds!! Baptist!!!! HAHAHA Where in the hell did you dig that one up dude?? The HNIC is a professing and devout mooselum and does his little prayer rug prayers daily to that pedophile moohumid! When has anyone EVER seen that little communist bastard in any “church?” You need to lay off that shit bud, it’s fried your gray matter!!

          4. QUASAR says

            He must have cooked up a bad batch of meth cuz he’s WAAAYYYYYYY out there.

        3. QUASAR says

          You are awake friend ‘ everything you said is spot on.

      4. Vetus_Leo says

        What this country and the whole world needs is an epiphaness happening such as St. Bernadette or Our Lady of Fatima to shake the foundations of society and restore the worlds belief in God Almighty.

        1. SheriffJon says

          Don’t worry, Vetus Leo, He is coming soon,

        2. Croco Dile says

          The world needs the exact opposite !

          The world needs to get rid of the Authority Cult !

        3. williaml says

          No, when Jesus calls out his Church, No one will be around to tell them I told you so because we will be gone.
          They will realize this when the Fire comes upon them.
          No more water but fire next time!
          Let them rally behind the “rainbow” on that.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Jesus will “call out” the same way Santa Claus “calls out” children.
            Both are fictitious characters.

          2. williaml says

            Just keep on believing that.
            I refuse to waste my time with a FOOL!

          3. Croco Dile says

            I am not a “believer”, but you are.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            And that’s exactly what you’re doing when you debate with the troll croco-shit!!!

          5. williaml says

            OMG, Croco Crap is a troll, My Bad.
            He is probably losing interest in playing with himself.

          6. QUASAR says

            ME EITHER.

          7. Flame says

            Tell that to the Jerusalem-born Roman historian Josephus, who has given us historical evidence that Jesus really lived.

          8. Croco Dile says

            Josephus was invented by the Roman creators of the gospel fiction.
            He is also fiction.
            I know, this is not what you will read in established sources. But his biography is just improbable to be true. The same as of Jesus, the creation of the same group of Romans.

          9. QUASAR says

            Yeah ‘we will see if their proud rainbow pride banner keeps them from the flames .

        4. QUASAR says

          AMEN TO THAT .

      5. Croco Dile says

        Your god is blessing America in a special way, sweet Mary.

      6. KingoLingus says

        Dont be amazed, its the Communist agenda! Read “The naked Communist” or just look up 45 communist agenda’s 1963 as recorded by congress. This is what happens when conservatives stay home instead of VOTE and its only going to ge worse if we dont stop it soon!

    2. Scottyone77 says

      GOD Bless for your comments

      1. Croco Dile says

        The moon god ?

        1. hangem'high says

          You’ll never find an atheist in a fox hole; it’s the time they all convert!

      2. remajohn says

        No it is such bad condition because in Congress we have relied.

    3. Vincent DiPentima says

      EVER SINCE POLITICIANS BEGAN TAMPERING WITH THE MILITARY CODE OF JUSTICE,. and opened a new can of worms. THe Old ruling was, Don’t ask ,don’t tell, worked very well, Since it was changed, now chaplains are ordered to perform same sex marriage or face disciplinary charges. There was nothing wrong with the old standard,but once Military Justice is tampered with the Moralewof the Mi,itary suffers./

      1. remajohn says

        I’m with you brother and I know what causes your type O’s. Every time a topic hits me hard I get emotional and pound the keys and inevitably make many type O’s myself. This is an emotional subject for me but then everything happening since Obama became President is.

        1. QUASAR says

          You got that right ‘ everytime something come on here about OBUNGHOLE I have to go back and correct myself many times cuz I envision his face on my keyboard and I want to smash it to pieces .

    4. bdchilders says

      I agree with you Todd Goins. It is time to stand up and be heard. This gay thing has gone too far. If a gay marriage can reproduce (have a child natural )then I would be ok with it. This is NOT what GOD had in mind when HE created earth. Being gay is a sickness, like the plague. It needs to be treated and wiped out. This is not a”hate statement ” but a mater of fact statement. Read the word of God, it’s in the Bible.

      1. Kelli Lines says

        Amen brother, Those damn faggots need to be driven out of every city. I also read in the bible where it commands all us beliebers to judge those M-Feckers, stone them, and pinch their asses. Make them drink toilet water. Right and Just *fist pump* Boo YAH.

        1. punisher says


          1. Kelli Lines says

            cattle prods work good.

          2. hangem'high says

            That’ll leave a welt, now for the bridle and saddle!

          3. Kelli Lines says

            mmm…that turns me on so much baby. I bet you like getting hit on by gay guys huh? admit it. you are gay.

          4. brucethompson22 says

            I wounder if he hits back. I can hear it now , take that you big bitch.

          5. hangem'high says

            Is that all you got? My Mother can do better then that!

          6. hangem'high says

            Now that’s a good pick up line!

          7. hangem'high says

            I love it when conservatives use progressive language.

        2. remajohn says

          Doesn’t sound too Christian to me.

          1. hangem'high says

            She’s not! Not if she’s pinching Azzaz.

          2. Kelli Lines says


        3. hangem'high says

          Sounds like you have some identity issues yourself, straight shooter is yea?

          1. Kelli Lines says

            I am pretty settled on my identity. How about you?

          2. hangem'high says

            This is my rifle, and this is my gun, one is for fighting and one is for fun,
            Check, check, all equipment checked and packaged no confusion here!

          3. Kelli Lines says

            uhhh…ok not sure what that means

          4. hangem'high says

            Confused are U?

        4. Michael Dennewitz says


          1. Kelli Lines says

            no thanks, I don’t smoke. Go get some bangers and mash.

      2. punisher says


        1. Steve Crawford says

          Being raised a Catholic, I can understand why you are ignorant of God’s words. It that the reason that there are so many homosexuals and pedophiles in the Catholic church? “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

          Gen. 9:1 & 7
          God instructs those who love Him to be holy, for He is holy (Lev. 20:7)Homosexuality, like all sin, separates people from God (Rom. 1: 26-27)Deuteronomy 23:2
          No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, even down to the tenth generation
          1 Corinthians 6:9 (King James Version)

          9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
          1 Corinthians 6:9 (New King James Version)
          9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals,] nor sodomites

          1. Concerned Citizen says

            Honestly I think you, I, and everyone in this post falls somewhere in your above referenced quote. Be very careful with that stone bub.

          2. hangem'high says

            The remission of sins can’t help you if you don’t know of it, or how it operates.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Stone?? He’s relying on the “word,” and if he alters it or dilutes it, he’s as guilty as any sinner. STICK TO WHAT “THE WORD” SAYS BUD.. Don’t let anyone sway your thinking!!

          4. Kelli Lines says

            swing that stick bud. Keep wackin…you are sinless and white as snow I am sure.

        2. remajohn says

          Try reading your Bible again because it is their in both the Old and New Testaments. Start at Romans 1:26 and read from there. If you’re looking for the word gay or homosexual but if you don’t know that men lying with men is a gay or Homo you are a hopeless case.

          1. williaml says

            Maybe he should look in the Bible and see what the Rainbow Really Represents.

        3. williaml says

          words such as Gay referring to homosexuals and homosexual were not coined back in those days.
          Those are all recent modern day words however the act is certainly described and also condemned in both the Old And New Testament.
          God created 1 man and 1 woman, after that All men and Women are BORN.
          All Homosexuals are born out of heterosexual relation ships and all homosexuals are made and Not Born. IE: I have Never seen a baby in the delivery room with a pacifier stuck up his ARSE.

        4. Michael Dennewitz says

          You see, this is what cracks me up about most people.. And hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those that run around thumping heads with the bible, but I’m not stupid either! Of course you won’t find any specific references to homosexuality in the bible. Come on, they hadn’t even defined it as such back then. But try to convince all the good Christians in the world that the bible “doesn’t” say anything about men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women being an ABOMINATION to God..Everyone tries to twist things around to suit their own views. I’m far from being perfect. Matter of fact, I’m dumber than a lot, but that one fact is true, if only people would read it before they open their mouths!!

        5. hangem'high says

          You actually should try staying awake while reading it (the Bible) woman was created to help sustain with man. One is not without the other, God created man and man creates man! Look; man has become one of us, saith; the one with the Lord our God! Unless he partakes the fruit of the tree of life and lives forever!

          Man by himself cannot create man without the woman’s, help nor can the woman without the man, marriage makes the man and woman one as in God!

        6. Michael Dennewitz says

          And you’re going to tell the world that, nowhere in the bible does it mention that a man laying with a man is an abomination to God. Is that right? Evidently you skipped a LOT of chapters my friend..

      3. Croco Dile says

        Which god “created” Earth ?

        There have been an immense number of gods worshipped throughout history. The Bhakti tradition in Hinduism considers there to be millions of gods. Many gods are no longer worshipped because their corresponding religion has become extinct. This may also be the fate of currently active religions.

        1. hangem'high says

          This must be a trick question? I refuse to give you the answer!

      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        Does ANYONE really understand the meaning of the word”gay?” Huh? That word was used constantly back in the middle and late 1800s. They were”happy” times and that’s what “gay” means – happy. Has nothing to do with sexual orientation. I just wish people would stop calling a carrot, a tomato!! THEY ARE QUEERS! They stole/adopted the word gay to cushion the impact on society that they’re disgusting fudge packing QUEERS! QUEERS!!

        1. hangem'high says

          Doesn’t Queer mean Gay, I’m for using Hole Mole.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            NO SIR! The definition for the word queer is “ODD!” That’s why they were labeled as such because, yes, it’s VERY ODD seeing one man ramming another in the rear. They’ve been labeled many thing. “Corn holers, fudge packers, rump humpers, faggots… you name it. But a QUEER IS A QUEER IS A QUEER!!!

        2. Kelli Lines says

          you’re a fudge packing queer? Interesting….

      5. Raquel says

        Are you’re one who is going do the exterminations? I hear gas ovens are on sale at IKEA this week. Nazi! But that’s only IF you can prove the existence of your “god”

      6. Michael Dennewitz says

        QUEERS !!! NOT GAYS, BUT
        Q U E E R S ! ODD PEOPLE! QUEERS!!!

    5. Kelli Lines says

      Morals? which moral are we sliding on here? Is it the “judge not lest ye be judged” moral, or “the holier than thou” moral? Regardless of my views, If people are seeking Christian counseling, he has every right to give his opinion of what the bible says from his point of view. I can’t justify this removal of duties. But they should also offer alternative counseling for those who don’t want some chaplains interpretation of the bible. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster chaplain would be a good thing to balance out the options. Or maybe Unicornification Church.

      If they are sticking with Christian only counseling, I don’t agree that is diverse. Not only that, but the attitudes of many posters here are so against Christ’s teachings it’s ridiculous. Love your neighbor as yourself. Judge not lest ye be judged? No, you all jump right to hit them with some stones. Good luck living in your glass house. By the way, being gay isn’t even a sin or morally corrupt. That’s my opinion

      1. punisher says


        1. williaml says

          They weren’t preaching GAY Either!

    6. KingoLingus says


    7. QUASAR says

      Absolutely disgusting the way the military had treated men and women of faith ‘ one of my nephews went into the marines after graduating from high school and he did his four years but could not wait to get out .He is catholic and was ridiculed cuz he went to church services every sunday and on holy days ‘ the guy that came to re up him for four more years told him to lose the catholic faith or he would not be re upped ‘SCOTT loved the marine corps but he showed his true colors and told the guy to go straight to hell ‘ now he teaches kindergarten in louisiana with his wife and child and is happier than he has ever been ‘GOD BLESS HIM.

    8. Raquel says

      What you doing is divisive. STOP.

  10. David D says

    This is Obama’s world. This is how you progressives want to live. You believe you are obligated to force you way of life on everyone. Whether it is guns, gays or religion you have no tolerance for any beliefs but your own. You are not Americans.

  11. Arthur L. Overbey says

    To start with, I retired from the U.S.Navy 35 years ago, and back then religion was religion and nothing else, Gays were not per say excepted and as far as I am concerned that is the way it should be, it made for a whole lot better Military. I spent time in combat and I can tell you now that the Chaplain Corps were a GREAT part of the Military and I for one was glad for their services, and I am a Christian and I am proud of it.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      So, you’re saying that it’s ok if a gay person is willing to fight for their country, but they should be ignored & not excepted ( sic ) accepted , just because they happen to have a different sexual preference than you do ? This chaplain is a bigot & if he is only going to give council to men & women who are heterosexual , he doesn’t belong there. Maybe we should take Chaplains out of The Military entirely . How about a nondenominational chaplain, who would provide services to all soldiers, no matter if they were Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Baptist or Atheist & nonbelievers. There is no place for discrimination in The Military or anywhere else. He should be discharged from the Military immediately!!

      1. coacht11 says

        Again just ANOTHER Dumb ass reply ,, the norm for the Left. Oh how I can’t wait to the REAL Shit hits the fan,, I just hope it hits People like YOU FIRST AND HARD dumbass

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Just another DUMB ASS, period!!!

      2. Btty says

        You probably should consider a lobotomy! It’s obvious that you cannot comprehend what you read. Arthur did not say any such thing. Those are your words not his. You should be put in a straight jacket and a padded room for your thoughts. The chaplain is the one being discriminated against! These LGBT things want everyone to be tolerant of them yet they don’t want to show any tolerance to anyone else. I have two words for you! F–k That!

  12. Michael Henry says

    When I went through training after DADT was repelled, it clearly stated that the new policies didn’t have to be followed if it clashed with your religious beliefs. I got out shortly afterwards because I didn’t like the direction the military was going and wanted nothing to do with it. The Bible, in fact no religion, accepts homosexuality and labels it as a sin in the eyes of God. The military is in the wrong by persecuting a Christian Navy Chaplin for following his faith first. Seems today that those who seek tolerance are those most intolerant. Why didn’t anyone explain to the assistant that he was being a hypocrite by filing the complaint that he himself was not showing tolerance and respect for his bosses’ views? The Chaplin could “renounce his views on the topic” but in no way can the Navy make him actually do it. The military has become a fractured shell of its former self.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      The mooselums believe in raping and/or marrying little girls as young as 6 or 7, then trade them back and forth between themselves. When they run out of kids to rape, they kindly hump GOATS!! Moohumid was a pedophile who also practiced homosexuality. He too humped goats.. Can ANYONE show me where this is acceptable in the bible??

  13. smogdew says

    Is there anyone more hateful and shameless than Obama? Yes, those he has allowed to interfere with the religious rights of Chaplains. One would think the military had more to concern themselves with than the whining, chronic complaints of the LGBT…….I would consider it dereliction of his duty to not attend to his job, 100%, rather than get his panties in a wad over what the Chaplain said. This twit KNEW what the billet would be. Would he be able to complain like this in the field? If this is all our military has to concern itself with – the laments of the Gay – they would accomplish nothing but psychiatric help for these insurrectionists.
    Obviously, gays cannot ever be ‘real men’ and do their jobs without their ‘genes’ coming to the surface.
    Years ago, anti-Christians had a marvelous Chaplain, Klingenschmitt, removed from his ship for praying
    ‘in Jesus name, Amen’ …(He can be found on line).
    What comes around, goes around.
    I am a former Navy wife whose husband and one son were nuclear submariners, and the other son in the Army signal corp………before the military was stigmatized……

  14. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Chaplian Modder stand with your beliefs for God is own your side and if my dream that i had SAT. night was the sign that God was coming back here on his earth I don’t believe it’ll be much longer for us CHRISTIANS.

  15. daveveselenak says

    All true Christians should be up in arms over this atrocity being perpetuated upon this man of God but they won’t, just like all the other atrocities that are occurring to Christians by this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his homo and lezbo commie minions! People need to start sending a message by incorporating civil disobedience when matters such as this occur! The soldiers ought to rally around him and forget about the consequences because that is what true courage and loyalty to God is. Sheeple need to hold their precious little future commies out of school when this Satanist’s agenda is forced upon their school children as is happening at an ever expanding rate! There is strength in numbers but most of the sheeple have been brow beaten and bullied to the point of inaction! This is the REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION that must occur – peaceful at first but violent at worst and which one depends on this NWO communist regime as to which one it will be! They must start listening to their constituents rather than ramming their Godless, Satanic agenda down our throats and up our asses! The bottom line is that it will be up to “US” to see that this doesn’t happen but unfortunately it seems that a good majority of the people have become sheeple! Baa, baa,baa, we want OBAA-BAA-MA bleat the sheeple as they are being sheared and soon it will be head first as this Muslim-Marxist jihadist continues to sate his regime with his Muslim brethren and (new trade legislation) overrun the country with Muslim refugees which he is doing and if this new trade ruse ( Death Care and TSA are two more ruses) is passed then he will have unmitigated power over immigration! WAKE THE FUK UP, AMERIKA, YOU HAVE BEEN HAD – BIGTIME! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  16. jk9267 says

    America has become a Godless nation and God is allowing the enemies of this nation to tear it down. We can try to turn it around through prayer.

  17. GoldenRudy says

    At Hanscom AFB, MA, June has been designated GLBT Pride Month by the Base Commander. A “Diversity and Inclusion Training Panel” is scheduled to be held in the Hanscom Base Chapel. On a AF base resplendent with conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, does one question why this “panel” should be meeting in the Chapel and not in one of the regular places in which training is conducted? The silencing of religious freedom is underway it appears and it is by brute intimidation.

  18. Scottyone77 says

    When is this evil, immoral, satanic craziness going to stop? I’ve been waiting for Nov. 2016 but I have my doubts that we are even going to make it as a Country until then. Just praying we would elect a Christian President to undo all this mess but I’m fast losing faith that it will happen then. These GOD hating liberals, Obama, and the yellow bellied Rino’s we have now in office are destoring this once Great Country. GOD help us.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      What a stupid comment you posted. A Christian President ? You might consider voting for Mike Huckabee. He is a homophobe & a radical Christian. Rick Perry is another great choice. NOT!! You need your head examined.

      1. Scottyone77 says

        Hey Faye has your cheese slid off your cracker What the Hell are you talking about.

  19. jsccats says

    Now isn’t FORCING members of the service to go along with the LGBT agendas no matter the reason be it religious or personal “endangering unit cohesion”????? How about forcing women into combat roles they are not suited to perform???? Since the radical “progressives” have taken over the government and much of society’s media and other institutions we see radical PC moves on steroids and it is destroying the military and society as a whole. We are being pushed over a cliff by radical and stupid fringe minority groups.

  20. Dan Menard says

    Back in the 60es I worked with the chaplaincy at the USAF base. At that time all the traditional faiths were represented by men of faith who were for the most part in their 30es to 40es, with various military rankings. For the most part they were all sincere, dedicated men to their denominations and God, whom they were there to represent. All were college and religious theological graduates well capable to working within their denominational parameters. Their uniforms displayed two types of authority; their military rank and a Christian cross. Their primary function was to provide requested services such as spiritual guidance and a variety of church services in keeping with the scriptures and their denominations interpretation of those scriptures. Needless to say, their was expected and accepted diversity in their interpretation. What they certainly were not was a “cookie cutter image” of each other.
    Their authority to function was first from their assorted denominations and then from the Chief of USAF Chaplains. Their “Chief” was there to assure that all military facilities would and could provided the necessary and proper environments such as religious facilities, offices and gathering places. To the best of my knowledge their “Chief” did not dictate the what, how and when the assorted denominations would function. His primary job was to assure the spiritual needs of the assigned base personnel and their families were met spirituality and physically.
    All was right and fully functional for decades in the relationship between the military and the general chaplaincy functions until the Obama administration chose to intervene. He chose to homogenize and blend the chaplaincy into what has become a non functioning hodgepodge totally removed from their original callings. Without their ability to mention their God and the scriptures they adhere to, these men of God are demoted to a military version of “community activist and counselors.” This is not what they were originally called to do and is not what should be expected of them.
    The government needs to reinstate the original mandate of the Chaplaincy and its chaplains. The US government of today has proven itself to be Godless and devoid of a like calling to our political leaders. His calling of these men in the chaplaincy’s is a special and unique calling. How then and why then do our politicos feel competent to involve itself in the functioning of the Chaplaincies?
    By definition, Chaplains and their staff are non-combatants. Yet, Chaplains today face a great battle for their own existence and the personnel and families they were called to minister to. This is just one more nail in the US social coffin towards its total inhalation. Heaven help us all!

    1. marys says

      It begs the question of why an openly gay assistant was assigned to this chaplain, does it not? Perhaps he refused to be homogenized by Obama and this is the result?

  21. JIMBO says

    The Navy Chaplin was not being personal when he advised the gay sailor. He was simply stating what this persons religion expects according to the christian faith. This Chaplin could not honestly give any other answer. With this in mind, this chaplains religious rights are being violated because of a gay sailor. What would have happened if the Chaplin refused to provide counseling for the gay sailors? I am ashamed of what my military has become. I will always agree on the side of freedom of religion.

  22. hangem'high says

    Another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust, purg that military Obama! AMERICA TEAR DOWN THIS MILITARY! Replace him with one of those jihadist she-oats!

    1. Btty says

      That’s exactly what the SOB is doing! If you think he is bad just wait until that killer, Killary gets in. God save us!

      1. hangem'high says

        Can’t wait for the next pack of government undocumented democrat voters to arrive from Sierra!
        Killary could be why Bruce Jenner became half a women, next to her he has a slight chance, but with a intern tag shes all Bill’s.

        1. Btty says

          ROFLOL, true but lets face it Bill isn’t going to win any beauty contests! Not with those bags he carrys under his eyes or the two next to his arms. Killary and Chelsea should have to wear sacks over their heads but then the bodies aren’t so great either. 🙁 As for Bruce or Brigette or whatever the hell it wants to be called there are no words!

  23. Btty says

    What we have here and what is way more dangerous than this chaplain preaching his faith as he should is a tattle tail spy in our military! His administrative assistant is the one who should be purged out of the military! What the hell are we doing to our military? Are we putting spies in there to tattle on others for doing the right thing? This is total BS! Obozo has ruined our military and God help us! Because when you get men and women in the military that are more worried about gay/lesbian rights than fighting the enemy then you will have chaos and that’s what its coming to. I can just see it now. Dear God I hope we get a President in this time who will eliminate this kind of crap. Build our military up and once again be strong as a country. We are in deep chit when we are having conversations over something so sick!

  24. Michael Skok says

    It’s hard to be a Christian chaplain when the commander-in-chief is a homosexual Muslim.

  25. Earl L Dunn says

    Let’s think carefully. Official normalization of Biblically prohibited acts such as those of homosexuality is not a move to protect homosexuals, but a subtle move to con the general public into doubting the authority of the Bible and thus weakening its protective influence.

    The right to freely acknowledge and serve God that’s the hallmark of our society is the basic thing the soldier fights for in the first place. This right MUST NOT be lost under any circumstances!!

  26. Arthur L. Trevallee says

    Chaplain Modder’s job is to preach the word of the Bible, and to console and comfort our service men and women. The Bible clearly states that marriage is between a man and a woman, period! If homosexual folks want to celebrate a civil union, then that is up to them, and they should be free to do it, if that is where their hearts lead them. But that is no excuse to try and censor the military Chaplains, when it comes to spreading the word of Christianity, which clearly does not condone homosexual relationships. I don’t remember this being an issue, when I was in the military, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

  27. Linda Shelton says

    The question I have to ask, Why would any competent commanding officer assign a queer to be an assistant to a devout Christian Chaplin unless the exercise was to get the Chaplin booted out of the Navy?

    1. Faye Hayes says

      IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!! The gays actually planned the whole thing. They do have that Political Agenda thing going on, because homosexuals have the audacity to expect not to be discriminated against & to have a right to equality, just as every other American in this country is entitled to. Did you know that the Gays are out to take over the world & want to convert all straight people ? LOL!!

      1. Linda Shelton says

        Guess they will get to see up close and personal what God does to cities and countries who go along with that. Unfortunately so will the rest of us.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          I doubt that very much. Where is this god of yours? You would think if he were going to punish Homosexuals, he would have done it by now. The gay people are not hiding anymore & are coming out of the closet, more & more everyday. God knows where they are. He could be striking them down left & right, so what is he waiting for ? Could it be that he is not waiting, because your god does not exist ?

          1. headonstraight says

            God has established a future tribunal for the unrepentant perverts, at which time they will be assigned their very warm permanent fate.

      2. Scottyone77 says

        Oh no another leftist Homo.

  28. peanut butter says

    Fight the good fight, keep the faith. You are an inspiration to your fellow Christians at the start of the end-time persecutions, Wes. Yet, some of us will have to give our very lives before it is all over with.

  29. RolandF says

    The gay population is only going to lose big time if they do not stop and considerer others beliefs and respect their religions and there teachings. You cannot have it all your way no matter what the White house or SCOTUS says.

  30. Ken says

    Gays are Pussys, that don’t belong in any military. This Vet says Fuck-em. God YAHWAH as my back.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      YOU ARE A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING!! I’m flagging your filthy comment, DIRTBAG!!

    2. Kelli Lines says

      what’s wrong with pussy? I missed something.

    3. Raquel says

      If you’re going to fuck-em I suggest using a condom. You’re probably highly radioactive.

  31. william couch says

    Us NAVY, 9/69- 10/69 I can remember when they were upset when you didn’t have a faith!!

  32. Chuck says

    Fahs did not act on his own. He was told to isolate the Chaplain by higher authority which ends with Bathhouse Barry. Still, Fahs should have balked. As a retired Captain with thirty five years service I would have balked and let Barry cause me to be fired. Then gone public. This is a terrible situation and a black eye for the Navy. I hope he wins and these politically correct idiots that run the Navy now, and unfortunately all the services, have to eat crow. Say a prayer for him and for all those who continue to serve in the radically P.C. military environment. .

  33. barbarakelly says

    Obama has no real reason to to stop this chaplian from doing his job. It is his petty attitude about Christian Chaplians. He can’t stand anything dealing with Christians. Since we know he is a blasted muslim in fox clothing. And his connection to the muslim brotherhood.

  34. shafawn says

    I am so ashamed of my government. I am so proud of this Chaplain.

    1. LINCOLNLOVER says

      We are in the last days as described in 2 Timothy, 3.

      1. shafawn says


  35. bayman61 says

    If a gay can stand up for what he or she believes in, if you can tell the difference, then why is it no one else can stand up for their beliefs? They can be pro gay, but no one can be anti gay? I will never accept them. And no damn government is going to make me.

  36. bayman61 says

    Where are the Navy personnel that should be behind this MAN, Modder? Where is the courage they are supposed to be famous for?

    1. GoldenRudy says

      Take a look at my comment made hours ago. LGBT Pride month is being celebrated in the military this month. One AF Base Commander (at least) is shown smiling in photo in the official Base newspaper making the announcement. Intimidation is in full power.

  37. WiSe GuY says

    Proof: Whenever you put a nigger under the hood, the entire car is no good.

    1. shafawn says

      This one sentence makes all of us look ignorant…

      1. WiSe GuY says

        Okay, you are ignorant.

        1. shafawn says

          I love black people. They are created in God’s image who is the Father of diversity. God doesn’t love you more because you are white or them less because they are black. He made them the way they are.
          He also loves homosexuals… just not the sin of homosexuality.
          There is room at the cross for all… even for me… even for you.

          If you do not from your heart forgive… neither will God forgive you. That is not my rule. That is according to His Word.

          1. WiSe GuY says

            Hey racist, quit assuming that I am white, I AM NOT WHITE.

          2. shafawn says

            Is troll a race?

          3. WiSe GuY says

            Go away racist troll

  38. headonstraight says

    Just one more instance of the perverts demanding that their perversion be recognized as normal.

  39. rodrob43 says

    God Bless you Chaplain! I hope things turn out better for you. The military ass-kissing high ranking officers are in for a surprise.

  40. Sean Rickmin says

    Sounds like something that barry would come up with.He loves weirdos of all kinds,gays,criminals,liberals,socialists,communists,muslims and anyone that hates America,hates Christians,and hates anyone that doesn’t agree with his American destroying agenda.

  41. uchsamin says

    The writings in the bible are for our admonition. They are examples for us now living in the last days and teach us the ways of God. I guess there is nothing to be learned by the proud gay & lesbian community. They will come to know GOD is real and his word stands forever when they learn of their fate being the lake of burning sulfur. At that time it will be too late for them. Oh well. I am soooo sad,…Boo Hoo.
    Hey gay community, go read about Korah’s rebellion and what happened to him. His offense was nothing compared to yours, but GOD opened the earth and swallowed him, his family, and all he owned.
    You still have time to repent and turn from your wicked ways, and remember his words:
    “all who hate me love death”.

  42. JoAnn Dolberg says

    It is apparent that our current military policy is being formulated by the insane.

  43. James Blair says

    Marriage started with Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Not saying gays don’t deserve a partner. It’s just not a marriage. And when preachers are barred for their faith, we have gone from one nation under God and become one nation gone under!

  44. Irvan says

    Wes Modder should counter sue those idiots for attempting to deprive him of his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

  45. Phil McMorrow says

    Talk about the lunatics being in charge of the asylum.

  46. K. Q. Duane says

    Only with Obama’s insipid anti-Christian approval could a Christian military chaplain come under attack for doing his job! Thank God Modder is one of the new breed of influential, Christian men, who are beginning to FIGHT BACK against the anti-Christian rhetoric spewed by non-Christians! Applause!!!

  47. albertbryson says

    Apparently there is no religious freedom in the military. The current administration is against Christianity. They support LGBT agenda 100%. We are losing freedom of religion and freedom of speech under the Constitution to satisfy the activist of the LGBT movement.

  48. says

    The LGBT movement has gone to far on their attacks on American Christians because American’s do not I believe this is hurting their cause of being loved and cared about. Here in Washington and Oregon state seen the hate and the destructive nature of the LGBT. We do not like the strong arm tactics and the hate they wreak on the lives of believer’s whether they are 70 year old grandmother or a young family who once had a productive bakery. I have a 47 year old gay son whom we love but he clearly understands that our faith is the basis of our lives as the Creator, Our God and Lord created the world in a specific way. That way is clear in all cultures and races as one man and one woman for bringing children into the world. The Bible, the oldest recorded, and oral traditions for thousands years was seen as a special covenant and relationship between God, a husband and wife and the resultant blessings of children. The Word of God directs the Church behavior and actions if they truly believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I have told my son that his argument is with God and God hasn’t changed His word. God loves him and we love him. Our love isn’t conditional and the LGBT make their relationship conditional. Obama and the military leadership are using the conditional hate statements to under mind marriage, family, the military, the church, etc. non-productive and give up their beliefs. It isn’t up to Christians believers nor non-believers to change how or the way God created. We love our son and his gay friends who are our friends. We wish them happiness and joy for their lives and accept them where they are in their walk in life. Most Christians have no hate for gay people but the Word of God is clear and the effort to rewrite scripture brings judgment. I do not judge a person, rather I leave that up to God. Rather I judge who I spend my time with. It is apparent that the Administration leadership spent time with those who wish to bring American down and the traditions and the Constitution and the church. My father was an Air Force Chaplain and dedicated his life to bring God’s Word and love to those serving our country. This President and administration has been successful in attacking Christians and our faith. The Church is waking up and while they are loving and accepting of others WE must must speak out against this effort to destroy our faith. If the Church doesn’t support our Chaplains or stand up against this attacks we will become like Russia, China and other socialist countries and the church will disappear. I’m a Christian therapist (retired) who has carefully researched and followed the betrayal of America. I encourage your to read the five part series called The Betrayal Papers. It is well written by researchers and Believers.

  49. remajohn says

    Why are the feelings and rights of the homosexual more important than the Christians? ANSWER: They’re not so get over it PC America.

  50. JJ says

    Every special interest group has rights. What about the rights of the chaplain to worship as he sees fit. His job is to counsel, he can only and advise as he see fit thru his religion. The PC special interest has destroyed this country.

  51. madmemere says

    Chaplain Modder’s LGBT admin. asst. is the individual who has “endangered unit cohesion”, therefore the admin. asst. is the one who should be “separated”! Gays may “want” to serve their country; if that’s the case, they should stick to “serving” and shut up about “personal preferences”. We are still a Judeo-Christian nation, whether the “top” of the command chain likes it, or not. Pray for our Chaplains and Pastors, everywhere; pray that the destroyers will be “removed”!

  52. John Shaw says

    The United States of America is in a permanent state of irreversible decline.

  53. KingoLingus says

    Oh, so now we are supposed to cow tow or pander to the queers. I say not only BULLSHIT but F-NO! The queer boy is in the wrong here. If he had a problem with a religion that doesnt see things his way, perhaps he should choose another like Scientology or some other bastard religion! We need to take the gays OUT of the military! They ruin morale and nobody defending our country should have to look over his shoulder while showering either ESPECIALLY ON A SHIP! You know, all these gays have a place for their hedonism they can go to. Its called JAIL!!! There, they can all have orgies n such and nobody would give a crap either!

  54. J_R_K says

    The Chaplain is accused of being “unable to function in a pluralistic and diverse Navy” ?

    I knew there would be some version of “Hate crime against the people” coming any day now if the left and the homosexuals were going to ever establish the reality of “Thought Crime”. I guess, they are graduating from “homophobic bigot” to “unable to function in a pluralistic society” and coming soon, “a hate crime against the people” and finally, we will arrive at a place where even thinking contrary to the desires of control freaks and perverts will be a Thought Crime, no doubt punishable with jail time, prison time, forfeiture of all personal rights and property and then being subject to re-training on how to think properly for the benefit of “the state”.

    There is something really bad wrong with what sexual deviants are doing in every crack and corner of American life.

  55. Armed vet says

    It’s pretty bad when you can file a complaint just because someone does not agree with your way of thought. Modder should file a counter complaint because his assistant does not agree with his way of thought. What happened to “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”?

  56. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    crocodile, so the Romans crucified a mythical person? You have to stop smoking those funny cigarettes!

  57. Upward Trend says

    There is no gay gene. They perform their unnatural acts by a learned behavior. Why does that ever take precedence over the norm? The LGBT is a wacked out organization.

  58. Brachium says

    Ask yourself if any Muslim would be subject to punishment for letting his religion guide him.
    Why do Christians thing freedom of religion only applies to them?

  59. Todd Goins says

    Raquel, my question to you would be Division how? By standing up for a Navy Chaplain Officer that is doing his job. That is following the Navy rules and regulations and the Oath he took for his Faith of Religion? He has nothing to be ashamed of. Its the Navy who should be ashamed for how they are handling this situation. And for bowing down to this gay Administrative Assistant just because he disagree’s with what the Bible says. The Chaplain is following his faith and the Word of God. He isn’t breaking any rules. So any division here in on the part of the one who brought forth the charges.

  60. Michael Dennewitz says

    It grieves me to even think of saying this, but as a Vietnam vet, I am no longer proud to admit it!! GOD HELP US !!

  61. Victor Archuleta says

    So what will happen if all the Christians decide to worship God ad speak His Word elsewhere than in the chapel. Will they all be arrested? Will such widespread persecution be ignored by Congress? Or will such widespread persecution be the reason for [armed] oath keeping veterans surrounding the Congressional chamber and demanding the restoration of God-given justice? Or will such persecution be followed by massive lawsuits? (Can “Whazzizname” be sued for fomenting rebellion against God?)

  62. Rick Rogers says

    Its funny that you want to use the word Tolerance to close your Rant. Your Navy Chaplin is the one being Intolerant but classifing gay or Lesbian Sailors as 2nd class citizens just like the majority of the people that read this trash you post. There is a simple fix for this if you don’t like the idea of Gay marriage then don’t marry a gay. Other then that is not one elses damn business.

  63. raziel71 says

    This is the institution of satanism in all our higher spheres..satanism is an active religion , and it is not what many people think. They dont speak of evil but about men ultimately becoming a god. People need to open their eyes. Mostly all that the democrat agenda is based on satanism. If you go online and look for the satanic bible you will find all the concepts and their plans and it read straight like a democrat flyer. If you think you are a Christian and you are voting democrat, just let it be known to you that you are supporting the agenda that supports satanism and the coming of the antichrist.

  64. Robert G. Smith says

    The POTUS has taken our constitutional rights and told us we must accept queers in our every day life . My Bible tells me they are an abomination and I must not associate with them or associate with any one that associates with those do . I find homosexuality a strange life style . Webster’s dictionary gives the meaning of strange as odd , eccentric , and queer . Never have I seen a homosexual I could call gay , for the most part the ones I have seen are bitter . They want to be accepted as normal but most psychiatrists say they are not . I am angry because many of our young people who would like to have a career in the military will not do so because it would mean they must associate with homosexuals . I spent three wars and 26 years in the military , I could not do that in today’s military because it would force me to go against the teachings of the Bible .

  65. Carol says

    First OFF!! This IS …. Un-Constitutional !!!!….. period !!!!!!! IT is il-legal and Immoral .!!….. The DAMNED supreme court….. is a BUNCH of (over-educated) JERKS, who’ve let Authority! go to there damn heads; like the Nazi’s did. TheY are ONLY TO… INTERPRET THE ORIGINAL INTENT!!! OF THE CONSTITUTION(as Written!) ….. And that which Almighty G-D has already RULED UPON, then humans DON’T OVER-RULE (G-D); thus putting Themselves ABOVE !!!! ….. the Almighty G-d,who helped Create America, with HIS Supernatural strength and HIS Holy Spirit… upon Whose Intellect …and Wsdom are Found in the Holy BIBLE !!!! Also upon which the Constitution was intended for a mature people of BIBLICAL Information and INTENTIONS. It was PRAYED over and Studied, and re-written, until there was a consensus, even amongst the Masons, who were perhaps, finding a much deeper FAITH…and yes… they looked to those who seemed “enlightened”…. and yes, THEY ALSO STUDIED and agreed with THE HOLY BIBLE !! AND DREW…. OUR RULE OF LAW, FROM IT…. And the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence…… So the LIBERALS can take their LIES and put them where the sun never shines….. This! SIS OUR USA …. HISTORY !!!!! AND FAITH AND FREEDOM OF RELIGION; always the Original Intention of our Founding Fathers; albiet, human and sinful, themselves and fully AWARE!! AND KNOWING !…. that ALL….. humans can Fall from Grace !!!!!!!!!! ….Sheeple MUST Wakeup

  66. EKMcM says

    I did grade this article as Interesting but actually needed a 3rd option – Sickening – !!! Somehow, I am thinking that our God is getting unhappy with our country.

  67. Drake Travis says

    Our chaplains will be free to act like Christians again after Trump/Cruz are running this country again. I have friends in the military who are “hanging low” until after the election.

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