The News Makes Republicans Angry


According to a new NBC News poll, Republican voters have cornered the market on anger. 61% of Republicans reported feeling angrier about current events than they were a year ago while only 42% of Democrats said they felt this way. The pollsters said they attributed the anger to “the sense that the U.S. is no longer the most powerful country in the world; that the American dream is dead; that the gap between the rich and poor is widening; and that one’s life didn’t turn out as well as one had imagined when they were younger.”

Fair enough, but that’s a rather lofty interpretation of something that can probably be more easily explained by simply looking at the events that defined 2015. Month after month, conservatives were slapped in the face by an endless barrage of stories that told a consistent, terrifying narrative: Our country is in real trouble.

Islamic Terrorism
Terrorists attacked the West with renewed brutality last year. After kicking off 2015 with the shocking Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islamists outdid themselves by killing 130 people in four simultaneous Paris attacks in November. If that wasn’t enough, the San Bernardino shooting proved that terrorists remain quite capable of striking the U.S. Meanwhile, we have a president who seems more concerned about Islam’s reputation than ISIS’s destruction. How could any American not be angry?

Gay Marriage
This summer, the Supreme Court made a decision that effectively legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. This decision required the assenting justices to redefine the word “marriage,” stretch the 14th Amendment well beyond the breaking point, and pretend they had the legal justification to thwart democracy. If liberals were capable of seeing anything beyond the tips of their noses, they would be angry about this one, too. Apparently the ends justify the means.

Black Lives Matter
This misbegotten movement was born on a cloud of lies, and the American media has been complicit in lending these protesters unwarranted legitimacy. This came to a head in Baltimore when violence erupted in the name of Freddie Gray, but it also led to a college campus movement that gives us one absurdity after another. The anger here is not just about the lying media, the riots, or the attacks on law enforcement. Republicans are also frustrated watching liberal elites manufacture social justice causes that are more about increasing division than solving problems.

And that only scratches the surface. When you start making a comprehensive list – the war on religious freedom, the Paris Climate treaty, the Iran deal, Republican congressional betrayal, Hillary Clinton’s emails, etc. – it’s a wonder conservatives ever find time not to be angry about current events.

  1. Standandfight says

    And if you drill down it a little further you will find it is only the working class white people that stir this feeling. After all the media and our government says we are the only ones that hate. That’s why I spend all my time when I’m not at work putting down the police and burning and looting my neighborhood.

    1. Milton W. Lowe says

      This is a simple explanation, but very effective.

      1. Doris Condon says

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        1. richardwfaith says

          FLAGGED by Richard William Faith 01-04-2016 @ 11:33 A.M.

    2. boone walton says

      Best female Black President we ever had growing goverment Millionaires.What more could we ask for

    3. James says

      Very nice; especially the “girlie” pink ribbon!!!

    4. pmbalele says

      Thank God we had Obama as President. I am living
      in heaven again; but TPs and Repubs have been having stomach troubles for seeing
      Obama has accomplished he promised this great Country. Look at what Obama has
      accomplished despite the opposition. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi
      morons? All are now decommissioned. I
      know we have pockets of criminals trying to kill us here. But FBI is on top of these trouble makers. The
      unemployment is 3.3 % in my county and businesses cannot find people to work.
      Gas price is now $1.19 @ gal and people are eating in restaurant again. Obamacare
      is working for me. Stupid TPs and Repubs want entitlements to go beaches, drink
      and shoot heroine which kills them instead of working. These are same people
      who call Blacks as drug-pushers when Whites are dying of overdose in the rich
      suburbs. Where are the police in the suburbs to catch White drug dealers and
      users? Police are chickens to catch white drug dealers. Police go to Black
      neighborhoods to make their quotas. People are enjoying life again because they
      can find jobs now. You remember in 2008
      –this country was like Greece. Rich Repubs and TPs, such as Romney, had shipped
      their money abroad leaving banks and the country penniless. Thanks to Americans
      of European, African, Latino, Asian and Native descents for electing and
      re-elected Obama. Life is back again as it was during Jack Kennedy. Let us
      leave GOPers destroy one another. We are regular people are waiting to crown
      The First Lady turned President-Hillary. What a day!

      1. Americans Wake Up says

        “Look at what Obama has accomplished despite the opposition. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons? All are now decommissioned. I know we have pockets of criminals trying to kill us here.”
        Boy are you in an Obama daze. Yemen and Benghazi are hot spots, no real proof Bin Laden is dead, and a hand full of criminals? I think ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are more than a handful and growing daily due to this morons policies.

        1. pmbalele says

          How do I describe you! Mental case. So you think Bin Laden is dead; Benghazi and Yemen morons are decommissioned; ISIS is on the run? Please go back to your parents and tell them to recant what they told you when young. They fed you with dirty mind.

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Are you a Black idiot or a wigger?

        1. David Kledzik says

          He’s black and from Wisconsin. He should really be thanking governor Walker.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I pretty much figured he has a bone through his nose. Looks like Colt 45 has a similar effect to Koolaid.

        2. pmbalele says

          Please go back to your mother’s womb and then ask her to come out as a new person. Now you’re a lost cause.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You realize how stupid your comments are to normal people.

      3. retreaded says

        Exactly what country do you live in? Must be the state of insanity! The real unemployment rate is around 25% and gasoline is around $1.85 per gallon. The USA today is Greece on steroids. The USA public debt is greater than the net worth of the entire planet and you think this is great? The RINO GOP is just a branch of the Demonrat party. You very obviously have zero contact with the real world. The TEA party is the only force in the country that wants us to return to Constitutional government. It may already be too late.

        1. jaybird says

          He is a lost cause, might as well ignore him.

        2. richardwfaith says

          You have squarely hit upon the reason why our Creator gave us the CAPACITY for anger! It has SURVIVAL VALUE!

        3. pmbalele says

          Sorry for you. You were raised a bad boy. You better get married; may be
          your new wife will put some brains in you. Where did you get 25% unemployment when we are looking for people here to work? You must be on entitlement and stopped looking for job because you stole from the government so much. Paul Ryan and Mitch are now born-again good people. They have had up to here with TPs and Repubs. That is why they will be re-elected this year. Please join me and vote for Hillary in November, Forget about these GOP clowns.

        4. ringostarr1 says

          After reading his grammer

      4. pop diesel says

        Don’t know where you profess to come from buddy, but it’s the liberals that push entitlements. Liberals that vote on and passed marijuana laws making the drug legal. liberals that give a pass to the black murderers in the U.S.. It’s the liberals that refuse to prosecute the blacks for their murdering and thievery and property destruction that is viewed practically every night on t.v.. It’s the liberals that are taking freedoms away fro Americans. It’s the liberals that want an ever bigger all encompassing, ever encroching government. As far as Obama is concerned…he wouldn’t be in office if whites didn’t vote for that useless America hating fool. Kennedy was a good president… the only GOOD democrat, he believed in America and went all out to defend it…look what happened to him. The liberal democrat socialists murdered him. There hasn’t been a democrat sense that could walk in his shoes…every democrat that came after Kennedy has tried to destroyed America little by little. The buffoon in the w.h. now has almost completed his “promise” and has just about destroyed every thing that is America , he is a nation destroyer…NOT builder. You vote for the she witch liar and watch her complete Osama-Obama’s promise to completely turn the U.S. into a third world nation. If You want to live is an entitlement driven country where the government decides who gets what move to China, N. Korea, Iraq, Iran, Russia, S. America. Stay the hell out of America. People with your frame of mind is what is destroying America! YOU ARE PITIFUL

        1. pmbalele says

          You poor soul -you have been raised a bad boy. Bill Clinton left USA with a surplus. Your friend Bush I squandered it. Gas price at Bush II was $3.50. Now it’s $1.19. I can now eat in restaurants again and drive to see my kids without feeling punch for gas prices. Your friends, the Repubs and TPs shipped jobs to foreign countries to see their mistresses. Obama has restored what JFK promised this Country in the 60s. Okay vote for Ted Cruz, the Canadian-Cuban and then he will sell this country to Cuba and Russia. I hope you will not join the militia in Oregon now occupying a federal building –shutting down schools around for fear of bullets. These are terrorists just like ISIS. They want to rule this country by force. They are lucky they are Whites. If Blacks did that they would be surrounded by military Humvee and shot. Like everybody now –go to work and take a sip of beer at night and enjoy life again. Jobs are now available. In fact we need illegals for we cannot find local people to work

      5. glenn398 says

        Only someone on the government dole could make such a post as you just made, surly not someone working for a living.

        1. pmbalele says

          You were raised a racist and as a bad boy. That is why you cannot see what Obama has accomplished. You voted for Romney who had shipped his money to China, Malaysia and Japan leaving people job less and therefore on welfare. I hope you’re not going to vote for Ted Cruz a Cuban-Canadian citizen. I have no trouble with Trump who has problems with GOP elites. Tough luck.

      6. Standandfight says

        You are truly delusional after wasting 14 trillion dollars there has not been one non government job created by that moron. there are more people unemployed and underemployed in history. Greece wasn’t a good example for you to use because of the fact it’s people with your kind of mentality that got them where they are. FREEBEE GOVERNMENT MONEY!!!!

        1. pmbalele says

          Obama has accomplished for what he promised this Nation. The problem with you is that you were raised badly- radicalized to see Blacks as inferior to you intellectually. We have another federal judge here-Judge Crabb, a white woman from Green Bay who said Blacks were intellectually inferior to her as a white person. I have taken her big mouth to US Judiciary Committee. But they are swamped with so many case involving federal judges. You heard recently Justice Scalia open his secret; black kids should go to slow colleges. We Blacks are in trouble. Look those White militia are holding hostage a federal building. If they were Blacks they would be dead by now. These morons had come with rifles and machine guns. But the sheriff there is baby-sitting them.

          1. Standandfight says

            Sounds to me like you were raised wrong. I rate a man by his content of caricature not his color. It seems to me after reading your post that you need to have a white man to blame for the shortcomings of your race. Look around you man just about everyone you see under the age of 35 needs to go to a slow college. If you need someone to place the blame on just look to your government they are the ones creating the divide.

  2. Milton W. Lowe says

    We have a Fake president in the WH since 2008 who has been bent on changing the USA to conform with the wishes of ONE WORLD ORDER against the wishes of WE the People. The congress of this country do not have the intestinal fortitude to change this situation.

    1. serpentdove says

      Stories exist that I cannot substantiate. Those that can, should.
      The woman who certified Obama’s birth cert. as genuine, in Hawaii, died in a plane crash into the sea, of an Island, there. Plane too deep to retrieve. She was in the arms of one man, who did live, and swam ashore. He said she just slipped from his grasp.
      A scary story, to me, knowing how Hillary is alleged to have dealt with accusers of Bill.
      Only a story, and I have no power to trace it down, but it matters to me.

      1. Jim Freund says

        Are YOU a racist ?

        1. Donnie Buchanan says


          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            On what planet?

        2. zrevtom says

          no, not a racist but an American who believes that we have a Communist loving Muslim in the White House and that Hillary scandals and missing persons and deaths number over 28. These were reported in the papers at the time oftheir happening but now the Media is in bed with Obama and Hillary to turn this country from great to dirt. Where do you stand as an American or do you just shoot your mouth off like any good ass kissing Democrat and cant think for yourself. just curious.

          1. Jim Freund says

            If they were communist, you would not own your home. Each time republicans were in office things go downhill with interest for yours, prices started to skyrocket, wages the same, benefits lost that were good, commercial people still made millions before all that. Where have you been ?

          2. buddman says

            They are All evil Commie marxist terrorists

          3. glenn398 says

            So I guess you loved the Carter years and if you did it could only be true if you were on the government dole. The rest of us went thru hell wondering if the recession would ever end.

          4. Angry American says

            Same thing most of us are doing today, just hoping the recession is going to end soon & America goes back to work

          5. glenn398 says

            Problem is Obama has allowed open borders plus bringing in hundred of thousands from the middle east. The cost of those uneducated people is raising taxes and will continue to, to the point don’t know anymore how much you will have left of your paycheck no matter how good a job you get.

          6. ringostarr1 says

            Yes, and things didn’t begin to improve until we elected a Republican President in 1980.

          7. glenn398 says

            Yes it did but Reagan had one hell of a time as both houses were democrat. In order to get any of his policies thru he had to agree with them to give the tax credit. He said but they don’t pay any taxes why should we give them a tax credit. They said they don’t care unless he agreed they won’t pass any of his legislation. They also convinced him to legalize the illegals and said they would build the fence. He legalize them and then the democrats refused to give him the money to build the fence. The two things I can fault him on was not realizing you couldn’t trust the democrats and giving the Muslim’s weapons to fight Russia. His hate for communism blinded him to the real danger of the Muslim’s.

          8. ringostarr1 says

            Please tell the truth. It was Jimmy who started arming the Mohammedans fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. The difference is that Reagan gave them Stinger Air to Ground Missiles which hurt the Russians in places that they had never felt any pain before. The funniest thing about the whole 4 year Jimmy Carter fiascoes is that Jimmy was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2002 for Christ’s sake. President Carter definitely didn’t win it because he was gifted with it almost 22 years after he lost to President Reagan. Now please tell us Glenn398 how was Citizen Carter able to affect World Peace by smiling at a camera with his little hammer in one hand and a fist full of nails in the other?

          9. glenn398 says

            The one thing that killed the war for the Russia’s was the Stinger Air to Ground Missile. Before that the war was going in their favor but the stinger missile cause great morale problems and that is what drove them out. I have always been conservative and republican but today being republican doesn’t mean conservative hardly anymore. A lot of them have moved to the left of center just not as far as the democrats. We have lost them as the truly conservative party.

          10. zrevtom says

            I have been around a long time and if you cannot see it was the Democrats who gave this country away by it liberal actions and. if you dont know Obama was raised by communists than you are too ignorant to talk to to. Do research on Obama and his past while you can still find it. As for the communists not owning a home, then you are too ignorant again to talk to, think but think intelligently not just off the top of your head. Listen I am an American like you and I want great things for our families We just have bad Leadership in office now, Republicans make mistakes, we are human but they do not set out to destroy our country, Obama does.

          11. fred says

            Also, the Federal Gov’t will OWN your home if you don’t pay your taxes, that also are illegally obtained! the Tax act of 1913 was signed under duress by Woodrow Wilson the same year the Federal Reserve act was created! Do you REALLY think that was a coincidence? At a minimum it is Socialism/collectivism by a bunch of criminals despots in DC and throughout Europe and other nations that don’t want the US to exist!

          12. richardwfaith says

            The FERAL government actually owns “our” property already. The PROOF that it DOES is clearly visible: it has the power to CONFISCATE “your” property for overdue taxes. The MEANING of this is that the FERAL government OWNS EVERYTHING, and just RENTS it out to us under the fictitious name of “taxes”.

          13. hankthetank says

            The IRS & the Federal Reserve,are Private Company’s,they control ALL the money

            with the Billionaire’s! they are printing counterfeit money every day !! they put us in prison for that !!! ( Wake UP )

          14. Ed Stahl says

            Too late that is already happening! Government makes up a “trupmed Charge” and invades “your home” with a full swat team- (possibly in wee hours in morning) and wake you from your sleep- if you twitch the wrong muscle- they gun you down! Thos has already happened in California– Where they made attempt “top arrest” a man that way, when he got up and came into hall to see them shooting his dogs! Well he had a pistol in his hand, well they made him weigh about 5# more with “added lead!”’ Funny thing — then the government assumed his “bordering property” — and it was incorporated into a “government park area! How convenient! His supposed offence– well a helicopter flew over and saw a stock panel gate hanging in a tree! (So damaged part could be repaired and welded together)!! their “trumped up excuse”—- He was raising “pot” (in pots) hanging from limb– man “strangely inexperienced”, – as the “hanging wires” must have been under the concealed (pots of POT)! It is verified — just look it up! This is just one of many that have lost what is rightly theirs by government desire—- (what constitution and bill of rights)??

            By the way, this was such a heinous offence that they could not have possibly come in daylight,- and just kicked the poor guy and his wife off “their” (now government property) ! Of course they played a little “softball footsie” in court! But the message is now out – for rest of the living.. “do not say no”! Just hand it over with no argument— No one from “hit squad” was ever reprimanded! Far as I ever heard!

          15. fred says

            Scary stuff, Ed! Imminent Domain has created many innocent criminals! esp in the states where the real criminals have the most power, like cali as a prime example of out-of-control Gov at it worst! the real criminals are having a great time with all the illegals and idiots like Jerry Brown running the madhouse!

          16. ringostarr1 says

            No but Woody Wilson was under NO duress when he signed the bill creating the Fed. This bill was the culmination of 125 years of American farmers and debtors pushing for cheap money and easy unlimited credit.

          17. jaybird says

            All of what has happened and is happening under both parties is leading up to NWO. Google the interview by G. Edward Griffin of Norman Dodd (worked as a Congressional Investigator) which explains a lot of who is in control.

          18. terry b says

            zrevtom, you said that you have been around for a long time. Maybe too long. It appears that you have gone senile.

          19. JORGE BARREIRO says

            But since the Communism began it’s decline, a very strong attachment with the other totalitarian government system, the Islam, have formed a very tight partnership.
            It can be seen in South American and African Countries. They’re both totalitarian at their core and with similar ways of action.
            Both systems are ruled by the Government, have no elections as we know it and they both want to submit the People to their wishes.

          20. imbog says

            Jim ,,you really have NOT been paying attention. We definitely have gone down hill in all areas and people are worse off then they were 7 tears ago. People retiring are Not going to retire like they used to and more people are working part time at minimal wages.How can you possibly .say prices sky rocketed when they have gone up in some areas slightly and everything has been at a stand still. We certainly are not a powerful and robust country now and never will be again. Each year things get worse with lies and deceit from the people on top

          21. Dolores Wieland says

            Food prices and other commodities have risen quite a bit and the people on SS can’t afford to eat because their medicines have increased also….without an increase in benefits..

          22. hankthetank says

            ( OH, but Obama care will save all of us ) O, what a joke ! Just like obama !!!

          23. Dolores Wieland says

            Obama sure has taken care of us…right down the toilet

          24. ringostarr1 says

            Ka-Flush, glub glub glub.

          25. Dolores Wieland says

            Hope you’re not a fish! That would not be a good partnership

          26. ringostarr1 says

            But Dolores, Hell-ary Clinton said that it was those evil Republicans who are forcing the old folks to eat dog food, not her beau idea of an illegal immigrant, Obama.

          27. Dolores Wieland says

            Hitlery rants and raves about things she knows nothing about and Obama is putting many in the poor house or on the streets

          28. hankthetank says

            The Communist have been trying to take us over for over 100 years,and they are getting close !!!

          29. mrp15 says

            The Clintons and Obamas are complicit in the Communist takeover. They have ties to Alinsky, Marshall, etc., etc. That’s why HRC cannot ever become president or we’ll be doomed.

          30. hankthetank says

            You are 100% right !! I don’t know why a stupid democrat can’t see it !!!

          31. olf says

            The path of honest truth is we all must be obedient to rule of law and love our neighbor. The left wants the masses to believe that everything should be free. This is not what the principles of the universe dictate. That being acknowledged we must work hard together helping each other to succeed. This is about content of honest character only. All the slur accusations have no legitimacy in the quest of loving fairness to all. God’s laws are true and perfect even if some hate Him. I’ll follow Him because He is Truth and Integrity in all His ways. Stop hating and start obeying. There is no malice in His heart, it’s mans heart that is wrong. PS communist / islam hates and kills. Why would any want their sin’s. ??

          32. hangem'high says

            I guess this would explain why we pay property Taxes, don’t pay the taxes and guess who shows up with the deed?

          33. fred says

            exactly! how does that make any of us “Sovereign citizens”? You might as well just call it modern Feudalism, with the federal Government holding ALL the cards in the deck to deal out to their “friends” only!

          34. hangem'high says

            Nepotism is alive and well in our Government, you’d be surprised in who’s related to whom in Washington!

          35. Dolores Wieland says

            That is true for ALL government agencies across our 50 states…Nepotism is alive and well.

          36. mrp15 says

            That’s why a horseface like Chelsea has so much clout and gets $600,000 speaking fees. The Clintons are shameless.

          37. Dolores Wieland says

            How true

          38. Eleanor says

            She is not worth a dollar in my books, cause she thinks Mommy and Daddy are angels. She will raise her children to be as stupid as she looks.

          39. Ed says

            Webb Hubbel is Chelsea’s biological father—-look at the pics and campare !

          40. Dolores Wieland says

            I think people who pay those fees to those kinds of people are the stupid ones

          41. ringostarr1 says

            The bank, because your mortgage takes precedent over the President.

          42. hangem'high says

            Makes sense, you pay the bank to be caretaker of the governments properties; explains why the presidents are so quick to bail out the banks and not the home owners.Xxx occupants!

          43. Mark Lahti says

            Not if it’s for non-payment of overdue taxes.

          44. ringostarr1 says

            Even then a mortgage takes president over un-payed taxes. If not one would only need to fail to pay their taxes then buy the property back at the court house sale for pennies on the dollar.

          45. Americans Wake Up says

            Meanwhile the fed’s have been on the biggest land grab since FDR was in office.
            Thanks Obama!

          46. jaybird says

            BLM is giving those ranchers a rough time in OK. Agenda 21 probably wants the land.

          47. Frank W Brown says

            When will you remove your BLINDERS?

          48. ringostarr1 says

            He will only remove his blinders when Hillary puts a black hood and a noose over the peoples’ heads.

          49. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Wow! Was your lobotomy exceptional painful?

          50. glenn398 says

            curmudgeon you’re wrong you have to have a brain in order to have a lobotomy so in Jim’s case you missed the boat.

          51. fred says

            yeah the Reagan years, and Bush years were so terrible! Wake up! George W. Bush even cut capitol gains and estate taxes which benefited millions of average citizens, where have you been, head buried up your ass? I am a big fan of Reagan, the Bushes were a bit too cozy with the Bin Laden’s in my opinion, but the nation was doing well economically, so don’t just spew BS and think nobody notices, you are a just a troll for the controllers aren’t you?

          52. jaybird says

            There is a video of old man Bush , Hillary back in the 60’s promoting NWO and Bush said that it will win. I think I might have looked up Hillary and NWO???

          53. fred says

            I don’t LIKE the Bush’s! i just said they kept us doing well economically, and they are all into the NWO if you haven’t noticed! I’m supporting Trump because i think he has a shot at turning this mess around with the right support!

          54. jaybird says

            If he doesn’t get shot first.

          55. jaybird says

            My comment was for information purposes only,.

          56. Angry American says

            Unfortunately when Trump wins the WH he will probably have to contend with a dumbocrap controlled congress just like it always seems to happen. And this time maybe just maybe the gop deserves to loose the congress after the lies they told in 2012 to win both houses only to do nothing for us that was promised & then side with the dumbocraps just like if dirty hairy reid was still in charge oh yeah & piglosi in the house

          57. hankthetank says

            I sure hope they don’t control the congress !!!

          58. ringostarr1 says

            The GOP did not win any house of Congress in the 2012 elections. If you think that they did then you are part of the problem or else you are a Dummycrat lackey. Your choice.

          59. ringostarr1 says

            For your information Dumbo was an Elephant and Americans always do better when the Elephants are in control.

          60. hankthetank says

            The whole bush family was in with the NWO, they all want the UN to run the NWO! H W Bush, went to war for the Saudi Arabia, to run Iraque out of Kuwait !

            G W Bush, went to war with Iraque for no reason, ( except revenge )!! Obama had the goods on them, he was going after them for war crimes the 1st year, then he got them to come to the White House for a photo shoot, that is when he made them sign off on their crimes, Jeb Bush was there also, & he had to sign off on something about 368,000 dollars!! That was on a Saturday morning ,January 26th 2010,the media had it on the news !! there was a lite snow that morning !!!

          61. glenn398 says

            Fred I agree with you on the Bush’s but then again have voted more against the other person then for a person. Guess we call that voting for the least of two evils. We should have never went into the middle east and let them fight their own wars. Everything we have done there just made matters worse and look at the mess we have today.

          62. Mark Lahti says

            There is quite a bit more to that story than you are telling. First of all the entire country was pissed about the 9/11 attack. Everybody likened it to Pearl Harbor. We were at the highest level of American patriotism in decades. When Bush was trying to get the Iraq’s trained to handle their own affairs he was back stabbed by the primarily democrat congress. Then he lost that election to the Obamer of all people and he ran on getting out of Iraq. The treaty to keep US forces there until the Iraq’s could handle it themselves was squelched by Obummer. He pulled everything he could out to soon. When you leave a hole like that something has to come in to fill the void. The Iraq’s couldn’t do it and therefore factions of the Talaban came in all of a sudden you have ISIS. There you have the mess we have today. And what has the lead from behind Odumber done to combat that movement? Nothing. That is why we are where we are today over there and at home with terrorists threats.

          63. glenn398 says

            Mark it still doesn’t change the fact that everything we do or have done in the middle east just made matters worse. We took out Iran’s leader to give the Muslim’s their own country and Iraq to off set them. Well it didn’t satisfy them with Iran and we continued to have problems. Then we took out Iraq over a territory that was once part of Iraq except the British make it a separate country for their own oil supply. So with no balance against Iran anymore look at what we have today. We should have stay the hell out as no matter what happened it couldn’t be any worse.

          64. ringostarr1 says

            Obama’s definition of NWO is Nuclear War in the Orient.

          65. ringostarr1 says

            He is one of the main controllers.

          66. Gray_Doug says

            Is it because Republicans cleaned up a Democrat mess? I’m not saying today’s group is without sin; but, I’m looking at history.

          67. hankthetank says

            where in the hell have you been for the last 8 years??? IF the DEMOCRAT’S stay in power, NO one will have a home in ( 10 )years!!! NOT even a country!!! is that what you want , ? then keep voting democrat !!! IT’s called ( The Democrat Communist Party ) Now !!!

          68. Retired Marine says

            Not in a coma, sorry to hear you were, are, whatever.

          69. ringostarr1 says

            Jim Freund is un-concerned with who got what, he is planning on getting his very own piece of the pie when “Hell-ary” Clinton is installed in early 2017.

          70. Jim Freund says

            Onl the greedy people are evil, with their prices.

          71. JORGE BARREIRO says


            Nobody could radically change this Country in 8 years! Although they began trying and Hillary is the nominated the continuator.
            But there’s no doubt that a conspiracy is been established.

          72. COPLEYCAR says

            Wow a racist and someone whom rewrites history, typical socialist New World Order jerk.

          73. Peter Bradin says

            George Bush started an unnecessary war, created chaos in the Middle East and drove America into massive debt after inheriting a budget surplus from his Democratic predecessor. He killed thousands of good American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Middle East civilians with his little escapade, found no WMD’s and managed to put our economy into a nosedive with his poor financial policies. He and his cronies did a lot more damage in their time in office than this President could ever do. This President turned the economy around, and found and killed Bin Laden for starters. He has done this with no support from the Republican Party and yet America is better off than it was when this President was sworn in. According to some former Bush Administration officials who are telling their stories now, Bush was responsible for the middle eastern anger that became the rationale for the creation of ISIS. Oh, for the good days of President Bush. Not!

          74. Carol Burkhardt says

            Obama “turned the economy around.” What????? What???? What happened to that 8% interest we retirees were supposed to earn on our lifetime of savings? Last year I earned $3.45.

          75. Peter Bradin says

            When Obama was elected, the economy was loosing over 200,000 jobs a month. Now, we are gaining about the same per month. The auto industry is making record profits, and until this last 90-day period, home sales were rolling along quite nicely. As far as interest rates go, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to stimulate the economy, which is a normal practice during economic downturns. Only recently have they raised the Federal interest rate for the first time. If you only earned $3.45 in interest on your money for the last year you must not have much in savings. And nobody “guaranteed 8% interest” unless you are investing with a scam artist. Interest rates always fluctuate. You may have been told that based on previous years that that is what you may receive, but I am sure that would have been at least ten years ago, when interest rates for everything were much higher. The economy is in much better shape now by all measurements than it was when Obama took over. Food prices have suffered the biggest price hikes, much of which is due to the decision to add 10% Ethanol to our gasoline. Ethanol is made mostly from corn, so using so much corn for making Ethanol drove the price of corn up by a substantial amount, and corn is what is used to feed cattle and hogs and is also made into corn syrup which is used in many other food products. Adding Ethanol to gasoline was another decision that Mr. Bush’s administration made, without adequately looking at the effects that it would have on the marketplace.

          76. Dee Ward says

            And what do you think lead to the financial collapse? All things that took place during the Clinton years and came home to roost under Bush. NAFTA which had support from both parties, but Clinton invited China and then the mass exodus of manufacturing jobs began. Also the fair housing put in by Democrats to allow people who didnt normally qualify to buy houses to be approved. In order to make it so these people could afford the payments the adjustable rate mortgage gained popularity which headed us toward the bursting of the bubble. Most of those who could not afford the homes they bought lost the homes along with their investment and credit rating. While I do not think GW Bush was a great president his spending is only half of what Obama has spent and Obama is not even done yet.

          77. Dolores Wieland says

            Yep. I relied on a higher interest rate too so I retired early …to my detriment

          78. ringostarr1 says

            But Dolores, there are several problems with your post. The first problem is that you’re from the wrong Continent to qualify for Obama’s largess. Second problem is that your skin is a “Whiter Shade of Pale” which to Obama disqualifies you from dreaming the American dream.

          79. Dolores Wieland says


          80. Dolores Wieland says


          81. glenn398 says

            If he inherited a budget surplus how come the national debt went up under Clinton? Don’t know how you can cry about the national debt when you look at how much Obama has added to it.

          82. Peter Bradin says

            I don’t know where you get your info, but it was big news when Clinton was in office that his budgets ran surpluses for the last few years in office. You might want to check your sources. In general, for the last fifty years the Republican administrations have had bigger budget deficits than Democratic administrations. I encourage you to go to a real news source like the Wall Street Journal and not some pseudo news source like Fox News. I was a business major in college before I switched over to Geology.

          83. ringostarr1 says

            For only part of one year.

          84. ringostarr1 says

            I never watch FOX. I only watch CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC. glenn398 is still correct and Peter Bradin, you are still wrong.

          85. Peter Bradin says

            Obama added much less to the national debt than Mr. Bush, and much of that debt was used to fix the mess Mr. Bush created. If you choose not to read and understand the newspapers and financial sources like the Wall Street Journal how can you expect to say rational things about our economy? Please do some real research instead of listening to the “talking heads”.

          86. glenn398 says

            So let me see Bush took office with a national debt of 5.63 trillion and left with it at 10.6 trillion. Obama took office with the national debt at 10.6 trillion and it is now 18 trillion projected to be 20 trillion when he leaves office. When I went to school 8.2 trillion was more then 5 trillion but guess your math is better then mine. Obama wasn’t fixing the mess of Bush he was fixing the mess of the democrats that came from the real-estate crash. Bush tried to change the bill that was passed by the democrats to stop this disaster but the democrats would hear nothing of it. So don’t give me the B.S. of either of the two.

          87. Peter Bradin says

            Please give me your sources. Thanks in advance. If I find I am wrong I will be right back here to admit it.

          88. glenn398 says

            You can easily google the national debt stats and they other one the democrats wanted the poor to be able to afford a home and set the bar so low that even a person without a job qualified for one.

          89. Peter Bradin says

            I stand corrected. You are correct about the first four years of the Obama Presidency, over a trillion dollar deficit each year. And it is also the highest as a percentage of GDP. Thank you for making me do research. I looked at OMB figures. Again, thank you for being informed. His first two years of his second term look much better, but they are still major deficits. As for Clinton, he got budget surpluses his last two years. It is a shame that we couldn’t keep going with that, but the second year of Bush’s Presidency was when it went up a bunch. Wars are not cheap. Again , thanks for the heads up.

          90. glenn398 says

            Clinton has a so called surplus because the republicans forced spending cuts on him. They keep saying he had a surplus but if you notice the national debt still went up during his term. So if there was a surplus how come we still borrowed money?

          91. Peter Bradin says

            According to the OMB, Clinton had a surplus of around 25 Billion in his next-to-last year and then a budget surplus of about 125 Billion his last year. he had deficits each of the six years before that.

          92. glenn398 says

            So where was to money as it wasn’t applied to lower the national debt?

          93. Dolores Wieland says

            Debt?? Who increased our debt”??? Obama and his clan have more than doubled our debt and he & Micky spend millions of taxpayer dollars on vacations and trumped up excuses to vacation in foreign countries. Many people can barely feed themselves. If they can feed themselves they have no money left for medicines which causes Obama’s “big change in America” to be true as these people die from hunger or lack of meds.

          94. ringostarr1 says

            Hellary Clinton’s and Obama’s Mohammedan Brotherhood government in Egypt lasted less than a year. All Hellary accomplished as Secretary of State was to drive Egypt out of the American camp.

          95. ringostarr1 says

            No, the media is not in bed with ‘Hellary’ Clinton, the Media is cowering under the bed because they fear “Hellary” Clinton.

        3. worn out 123 says

          Are YOU a racist?

        4. ConservativeSenior says

          What a dumb comment. Did anyone refer to his skin color besides you?

        5. Jerry_Morgan says

          It’s not the color of his skin… It’s the content of his character. Just like a piece of shit… it’s not the color… it’s the smell of his actions.

          1. glenn398 says

            Jerry what character, I don’t see any

          2. Jerry_Morgan says

            I agree, Glenn, I was trying to not be too harsh but with Obama that’s an impossible task.

          3. glenn398 says

            It boggles my mind that there can be so many people either blind or don’t care what is going on in this country. It sure isn’t the country I grew up in, then again maybe I am too old to understand how people think today.

          4. Jerry_Morgan says

            Glenn, It sounds you’re a lot like me in our thinking. I just posted an article on my facebook time line. I think you’ll like it.

          5. glenn398 says

            Excellent, thanks for the information. I would like to see a Trump-Cruz run for the white house. The huge problem for Trump will not be the democrats but the republicans themselves. There are too many that would rather give the democrats the election then see Trump win.

        6. jaybird says

          I think your reply might have been to the wrong person.

          1. Gray_Doug says

            Sorry, jaybird. So many people were throwing the racist card around that it’s hard to keep them straight. But, for the person it should have gone to I do stand by what I said: “A racist is defined by his actions, not his words.”

          2. jaybird says

            I agree that it is your actions and not your words that define a racist. It is hard to keep up with who said what. I just replied to the wrong person the other day, afterwards I wondered how did that happen.

        7. Gray_Doug says

          A racist is defined by his actions, not his words.

        8. Retired Marine says

          Are you?

        9. Retired Marine says

          God what a stupid question. In your world everyone but you is a racist.
          Go jump in front of a truck or something, you might make good compost.

      2. glenn398 says

        serpentdove you missed the major part of that story, everyone made it out of the plane and survived but this one woman.

        1. fred says

          Ironic isn’t it? NOT! Hillary and the kenyan have killed too many to count! Vince Foster and the senator from Wisconsin and several high ranking officials whose planes/helicopters went down under mysterious circumstances, etc! All documented…

          1. Jerry_Morgan says

            Let’s not forget John Kennedy Jr was planning to run against Hillary for NY Senate and even as experienced as he was piloting a plane allowed his to run out of fuel. If you can’t beat’em… kill’em.

          2. fred says

            Yes indeed! hillary and her minions have killed many, and discredited millions from our Constitutional rights, that she seems to think she gave us somehow in her speeches! She is a meglomaniac/narcissist who wants us all dead, believe me!

          3. ringostarr1 says

            Oh I do, and your right about Hellary.

          4. kktex12 says

            Don’t forget Vince Foster either.

          5. MARYSWEET says

            Yeah he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. TWICE!!!

          6. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            You left out some things. If you are going to commit suicide,
            1. you don’t do it in a public park
            2. you don’t shoot your self in the BACK OF THE HEAD!
            3.As soon as the hillybillies found out, they went to his office and CLEANED IT OUT!

          7. MARYSWEET says

            I remember all those things. Amazing how you can commit suicide like that. I think the hillbillies were in there before the “suicide” was reported. The clintons couldn’t take any chances that their crimes would be made public.

          8. damaged says

            hillbillies,??? some hillbillies that fought in war , were most decorated for using their hillbilly skills of hunting and more that helped win that war with hitler, Alvin YORK, WAS 1, AND MORE, if I HAD CHOICE OF EDUCATION AND COMMON SENSE, , I would choose common sense, that some of the most educated people in positions of power in AMERICA DO NOT HAVE, They got their jobs with corruption, lies , cover up, or their mommy’s and daddy’s in drugs, drunkards, and what goes with it, sexual perverts that would molest a child and rape,. yeah, the south has their share of evil too, but SOME ARE NOT BLIND TO WHAT HAS AND WHO SINCE THE 60’S THAT HAS DESTROYED AMERICA, WITH A CHICAGO THUG, MUSLIM NAMED OBAMA, AND IT GETS DEEPER IN DUNG, TO TRUTH ,of his supporters that stood with the white racist.

          9. MARYSWEET says

            I mean no offense to anyone by referring to “hillbillies”. When I was growing up that was what we called country western. But then I go back a lot further than you probably. I have every respect for them and for the service they have given to our country. In fact, I would say they were probably some of the best people the military ever had because they had been taught from the time they could walk how to hunt and protect their homes. I say God Bless all of them and thank therm for all they have done to preserve our freedomes.

          10. damaged says

            I agree MARY, SO MANY SERVED THIS GREAT NATION AND THE RIGHT REASONS, recalling story of Sergeant YORK, he did not want to go to war, AN UNEDUCATED MAN , but believed in JESUS, HE PRAYED, AND SAID YES, AFTER TALKING WITH JESUS. and used his skills, of hunting and more . I DON’T BELIEVE ALL SERVED FOR RIGHT REASONS, HE AND MORE DID. I also believe the oceans and seas, gave up those men that died and buried at sea, that served AMERICA, LIKE York did. THOSE THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOMS, , OR WE WOULDN’T BE POSTNG our opinions on disque. they are with JESUS, THOSE THAT DIED KNOWING JESUS,

          11. MARYSWEET says

            I understand what you are saying. My late husband was in the Navy during the Korean War, was a POW and the only survivor. He could not talk about what took place but before he passed he started writing some of it down as a catharsis as he felt guilty that he was the only one who survived and he lost his best friend. What our military are living through and those that give the ultimate sacrifice are outstanding brave men and women. They live with those experiences all their lives and then to have a handful of liberals trying to take all this away from us and putting our military in such danger because they are not backing them up and supplying them with the materials they need. My husband said that when he and the other groups that gathered in North Korea to rescue nurses and children, they became brothers the moment they met because they all were united on their mission. They made the rescue but then were captured and all were POWS. I cannot imagine what it was like to experience what our military experiences but I pray every day that God will look over them and keep them safe from all our enemies, including the one in the White House.

          12. damaged says

            Mary, I CAN STAND WITH YOU ON YOUR WORDS of those men that served AMERICA FOR RIGHT REASONS.
            I had a brother, not drafted, in viet nam war, HE too , told his story of war, he got back, but was brought in through California, tired, from fighting war, got a cheap hotel, had his pay, in checks, paid for time served and more, robbed first night, by the man and woman, his hands were weapons, he was taught before going to nam, he was in nam before jungles were cleared, and before news media or americans knew we were in nam. HE KNEW the man at hotel robbed him, , and his mind snapped when the man got evil with him, HE WAS BACK IN NAM FIGHTING, and he said a woman threw water in his face, brought him back making long story short ,arrested the woman that threw water in his face, cashed that morning his checks HE IS NOT HERE, he died, , a drunk driver, hit him, he was a truck driver just after he got off work, OUR MILITARY MEN, THAT SERVE FOR GOD AND COUNTRY, TE GOOD NEWS! 2 WEEKS BEFORE HE WAS KILLED, he went to my grandmother and told her, he met JESUS.

          13. MARYSWEET says

            I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your brother. My husband had nightmares until the day he died so I understand what you say about your brother. What our military goes through in battle is so horrible and the enemy have no regard for life as we do. Not even their own life. I cannot imagine what they have to live for as all they live for is to hate others who do not believe as they do and to kill everyone who is different. It is a great thing that he had Jesus with him when he passed. My husband said when he was a POW that God was what got all of them through the horrors the experienced. Unfortunately, they all died except for my husband and he almost died from injuries but he had survivors guilt the rest of his life. We will never know or understand everything they went through but just pray for them and be here for them and support all our vets when they come home. We owe them so much more than we can ever repay.

          14. damaged says

            I know mary, my brother , (BY THE WAY , THE JUDGE LET MY BROTHER GO)
            HE HAD A HARD TIME TOO, after coming home, and wanted to go back, but the army, because of that 1 and only arrest, said no, he told my mother, I WAS ONLY ABOUT 9, HE COULD NOT GET THE KIDS, OUT OF HIS MIND, and saw what they went through, HE TOLD ME , the day he left, in tears, when I RAN AFTER HIM , WANTING TO GO WITH HIM, , he turned and saw me running after him, and said ‘GO BACK, YOU CANNOT GO WITH ME, AND RAN FASTER, , I sat down on a hill and cried, , I FELT A ARM ON MY SHOULDER HUGGING ME, AND HE SAID CALLING BY NAME, ‘I love you, but you can’t go with me this time” he told no one he was going to war. he said, ‘I am going for you” I HEARD HIM, AND 3 OTHERS, THAT WENT TO NAM, , all got back, I would listen to their stories of nam, when they talked , not knowing, back them those memories, I would tell, the men, that served AMERICA, IN WAR, TRULY HONORABLE MEN THAT GAVE ALL, AND FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY, for our freedom, we now enjoy, YOUR HUSBAND SHOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVORS GUILT, God brought him back , NOT THAT HE DIDN’T LOVE OTHERS TAHT WERE HIS OWN TOO.
            I KNOW A MAN , in marines, that was only 3 of his platoon, in nam that survived, . a good man, but he and others helped me through a big storm of life, years ago, , all the best , none out of line, but used their military skills that helped military through trauma, , better than any doctor, . if nothing else, god brought them back for me. 1 of Jesus’s own WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD OF THEM NOT 1, WAS EVER OUT OF LINE, WITH ME IN A SEXUAL WAY.
            mary, we women, hear their stories, , what they lived through, only JESUS KNOWS, every detail. God gave them to us, AMERICA’S TRUE, HERO’S THE WIND BENEATH OUR WINGS., SO WE CAN FLY LIKE EAGLES, WITH THEM. GOD be with you MARY , Over and out.

          15. MARYSWEET says

            I understood why my husband had survivors guilt and it was what made him the good man that he was. He was a very caring man about all people. We once took a trip to see his daughter and son and he stopped by a place he had worked about 20 years previously and all the women who had worked for him then ran up to him and asked him if he was coming back. I could see they all were so fond of him and respected him. He never took advantage of anyone and never thought of himself. I think that was part of his problem and why he died when he did. God Bless you and yours. Over and out.

          16. Mathematical certainty says

            Sweet Mary, I just wanted to clarify your statement. He shot himself “in the back of his head” TWICE!!!

          17. MARYSWEET says

            I agree with that. It was a suicide committed by a second party which is called murder.

          18. mrp15 says

            I know Killary is a murderess, but I never realized JFK, Jr. could have been among her victims.

          19. Jerry_Morgan says

            John Jr presented a threat to Hillary and she takes care of those who impede her ambitions. What I don’t believe is the reason given that John Jr allowed his plane to run out of gas. He had logged hundreds of hours flying. Hillary is the most corrupt person this country has ever seen and I don’t put anything past her… Think about it.

          20. Dolores Wieland says


          21. Vassiliki says

            I didn’t know that either…never put 2 and 2 together.

          22. John P says

            You neglected mention John Kennedy was flying a plane he was qualified to fly. He was as narcissi as Obama

          23. Jerry_Morgan says
          24. Bob Brooks says

            Wow, this Jerry guy is a brilliant “make ’em up” dude.. Congratulations on creating a story so sordid that even the grocery clerk would go .. “are you shittn me?” After George (duck the draft), beer drinking, war monger …. where do we stop with the anger. My story of GW is pretty well documented. Where did you read that John John was killed by Hillary? Oh, silly me.. that bathroom stall at Pilot has all the news …

          25. Jerry_Morgan says

            Yeah, I made this one up real quick too.

            Read the story…

          26. gregsmom says

            I thought he was advised not to fly because of bad weather, and chose to fly anyway. That happens a lot, even with experienced pilots. They think they’re invincible. I do think that Hillary is responsible for some questionable deaths, but not sure that Kennedy’s can be attributed to her.

          27. Jerry_Morgan says
          28. ringostarr1 says

            I am sorry to burst your balloon but in aviation there are two kinds of pilots.
            There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no OLD BOLD pilots. John Kennedy Jr. only started flying after his mother passed so he was not an old pilot but he did have an enhanced opinion of his ability to fly which bit him, his wife, and her sister on their back sides.

          29. Jerry_Morgan says

            I’m sorry to burst your bubble but being a pilot myself and living 25 years in an Airline Pilot bedroom community with the President of Delta Airlines living just around the corner, I know a lot about flying. John Jr had 300 hours logged in as a private pilot and enough to get his commercial license. Read the story…

          30. ringostarr1 says

            Jerry, As I was saying, I am sorry to pop your condom but the following is from the July 7th 2000 edition of the New York Times, the nation’s news paper of record. While I do not especially trust and I definitely do not like the New York Times it is published in English which anyone with your stated IQ should be able to sabe. The words appearing in upper case was capitalized by myself to stress them for the reader.

            Safety Board Blames Pilot Error in Crash of Kennedy Plane

            By MATTHEW L. WALD

            Published: July 7, 2000

            WASHINGTON, July 6— The cause of the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law a year ago was probably that Mr. Kennedy, with hardly any experience flying his plane alone at night, became disoriented in haze, the National Transportation Safety Board said today in a staff report.

            One of his flight instructors offered to fly with him that night, but Mr. Kennedy said ”he wanted to do it alone,” the instructor told the investigators who prepared the report.

            Mr. Kennedy, who had NOT alone (as opposed to seeing visual cues through the windows), probably had less than one hour’s experience flying his plane at night without an instructor, the report said. It noted that a common cause of crashes among pilots untrained in instrument flying was taking off when visibility was good (a situation known as Visual Flight Rules, or V.F.R.) but flying into conditions where it was not, making the piloting more difficult than they can handle.

            In this case, the report said, the condition was haze that obscured the horizon. Pilots who cannot see the horizon must rely on instruments to tell if they are in level flight or if they are banking. But a disoriented pilot can bank a plane into a fatal spiral.

            The report cited six kinds of illusion that can lead to disorientation, without stipulating which one came into play in this case. ”Spatial disorientation as a result of continued V.F.R. flight into adverse weather conditions is regularly near the top of the cause/factor list in annual statistics on fatal aircraft accidents,” the report said.

            Using the autopilot would have helped, according to aviation experts, because it is not subject to disorientation, but Mr. Kennedy was flying his plane MANUALLY.

            ”Flying at night over featureless terrain or water, and particularly in haze or in overcast, is a prime setup for spatial disorientation, because you’ve lost the horizon,” said Warren Morningstar, a spokesman for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

            The crash killed Mr. Kennedy, 38, who was at the controls of his single-engine Piper Saratoga II; his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, 33; and her sister, Lauren G. Bessette, 34.

            From the weather forecasts, Mr. Kennedy would have known that he would be out of sight of land on his trip, Mr. Morningstar said. ”It becomes a question of pilot judgment: do you put yourself into that situation if you’re not appropriately trained and rated,” he said.

            Exactly how much experience Mr. Kennedy had is not clear, because investigators did not recover his logbook. But they estimated that he had logged around 310 hours, including 55 at night. He had flown only about 72 hours without a flight instructor on board, an unusually low number, according to instructors. But he had been studying for his instrument rating, one reason for having few unsupervised hours.

            Weather reports on the night of the crash — July 16, 1999 — cited haze or mist and visibility as low as four miles. Pilots who flew over the Cape Cod-Martha’s Vineyard area that night reported serious haze; one told investigators he had flown over Martha’s Vineyard and thought there was a power failure on the island, because he could not see any lights.

            The report said that investigators had interviewed one of Mr. Kennedy’s flight instructors, who said he ”would not have felt comfortable” with Mr. Kennedy ”conducting night flight operations on a route similar to the one flown on, and in weather conditions similar to those that existed on, the night of the accident.”

            Another instructor told the investigators that he had made the flight to Martha’s Vineyard with Mr. Kennedy six or seven times, often at night. ”The instructor stated that the pilot was methodical about his flight planning and that he was very cautious about his aviation decision-making,” the report said. The instructor also said that Mr. Kennedy ”had the capability to conduct a night flight” to Martha’s Vineyard, ”as long as a visible horizon existed.” The plane crashed about 7.5 miles southwest of Gay Head, at the island’s western end.

            Like most reports on the crashes of private planes, this one was issued by the board’s staff, without a hearing or a meeting by the five board members to approve its contents, as is usually done for airline crashes. The report runs substantially longer than the average for general aviation accidents, however. It is available on the Web at /aviation/nyc/99@178.htm.

            As one is tempted to think, if John-John Kennedy is no smarter than his big sister Caroline appears in this video,

   then John F. Kennedy Jr. is definitely in the running for the Charles Darwin Award of 1999

          31. damaged says

            THE KENNEDY’S IN THE STATE OF MASS. , let’s tell the truth, over all KENNEDY WAS A STRONG PRESIDENT, he made his stand against cuba and misles , that cuba put up aimed at America, Obama wants to undo everything that Americans majority of whites that served in wars, , gave their lives, for good, Obama and Hilary careless, IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY AND FAVORS, FROM ENEMY COUNTRIES, in the state of Mass. the Kennedy’s were corrupt, and could get by with murder, and crimes, above the laws of America, with crooked attorneys and judges, throughout America. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY TOOK AN EVIL TURN COMPLETELY IN HE 60’S . standing with those people that planned to take America down and out for their 1 ruled world, it took them decades, to do it, and they waited until the vets of world war 1 and 2 had died out to make their evil moves,with muslims, that stood with mlk and their supporters, knowing vast majority of African countries are muslims, like Obama, it’s like the bible, there is a whole picture to see in truth of who and what was behind so evil, to sabotage , jobs and more in America, and their supporters. ungodly, and anti Christ. that lie like the devils they are, Jesus identifies those to his own. EVEN THOSE LIARS IN EVANGELICAL MOVEMENT ON TV , JESUS PLAINLY SHOWS HIS OWN FROM BEGINNING TO END, that his ministry is not a career, for evil , look at all of the millionaires that made money using JESUS NAME FOR THEIR EVIL FORCE. all of the above different topics but still go hand in hand with evil people in AMERICA. FOR their `1 ruled planned world, of evil warnings of JESUS LIKE SODOM AND GOMORRAH, before the flood, and most evil generation, since the beginning of time, dopers, drunkards, sexually perverted people, anything goes, child molesters, rapist, murders, JESUS HAD TO BE REMOVED FIRST THROUGH THE CIVIL RIGHTS DOOR. THE REST FOLLOWED.

          32. glenn398 says

            Yes even the mafia wasn’t better on covering up their killings.

          33. fred says

            Right! The mafia doesn’t OWN ALL the Courts to keep out of Prison like the clinton’s do!

          34. glenn398 says

            Goes to show some people are more efficient then the mafia

          35. fred says

            the thing about these criminals is they want ALL the risk to them taken out of the equation before they move on someone! Vince foster was killed when he thought he was meeting Bill for lunch, Hillary’s guys killed him and dumped his body in a swamp just outside DC, and they called that “suicide” what a joke our “law enforcement” have become!

          36. jaybird says

            The rumor was that Vince was her lover, Mrs. Foster forbid her coming to his funeral.

          37. glenn398 says

            I don’t know as don’t think Vince was blind because I would have to be to take that woman on.

          38. jaybird says

            It was back when they worked as lawyers together. I have a friend that worked in the government and he told me the part about Vince’s wife banning her from funeral.

          39. glenn398 says

            Only thing I can say is if the only woman left on earth was Hillary would have no problem swearing off ever wanting sex again.

          40. glenn398 says

            Add big money to political power and nothing is impossible. It would stretch the imagination if we knew what really goes on with those people.

          41. mrp15 says

            Just amazing that two nobodies like the Clintons rose to become so powerful and to amass such wealth and wield such power and literally get away with murder.

          42. glenn398 says

            Clinton’s hell, Obama was a bigger no body. At least the Clinton’s were American citizens. What really boggles my mind is the citizens of this country stood still while being taxed to death for the so called poor plus accepted all the dishonesty of the democrats starting with Johnson getting elected to the senate with votes from the grave. They also accepted the black panthers never getting prosecuted for what they did and now one is a professor and the others are running some of the voting booths.

          43. damaged says

            Look what blacks did in Memphis when Harold or john Ford was running, a black man they cannot do anything unless they do evil with it, they took dead people’s names and voted in those names , to throw the vote, YOU CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD IN America ANY MORE FOR THEM, , they have to force their way in, some whites have took on their evil ways, some people they put through hell because they will not stand with them in their evil, organizations, groups and more, THE BIBLE CALLS THEM LEGENDS , many different sects of evil people, they come on like angelic people, but lie, they are called reprobates, , seared conscious, by GOD TO NEVER KNOW HIM, SO EVIL. SOME PREACHERS WON’T PREACH IT , THEY ARE A PART OF THEM.

          44. glenn398 says

            Just can’t understand why when a race of people have been given special privileges above all others why the can’t appreciate it and excel. Like have stated previously no place in the world or in the cities here that they run have they achieved anything. Since the African nations were established long before Europe or the America’s they should have been nations to behold.

          45. Korean_Vet says

            According to a recent CNN report–over “207,000 Veterans have died from
            “Death Panel Waiting Lists” for “1st Appointments” for VA Hospitalizations”-!
            (If you “Killed that many men in one Battle”–It means “You’ve won the Battle”-!
            With these American Veterans gone–He’s going to “Replace Them with Muslims”!

          46. fred says

            We can’t get the Media to say anything truthful about this usurper from kenya! i hold them as responsible for the guy getting elected as anyone! Boycott the media and indict and convict the treasonous fraud NWO Muslim asap! Run his trial on Cspan at the same time hillary’s trial is running!

      3. pmbalele says

        I believe you read what I wrote yesterday. I thank God Repubs and TPs candidates are destroying one another; and I love it. We Democrats now sitting on the side line watching them fighting. If they don’t nominate Trump, he is certainly going solo- they will split their votes. If they nominate Ted Cruz, I will sue in the US Supreme Court to disqualify him because he has not renounced Canadian-Cuban citizenship. Marco Rubio has his own problems-bottled water and hatred for Cubans. I do not know why Jeb Bush is angry with Trump who doesn’t care what he is talking about. At least Chris was making sense until the he caused the Bridgegate. Dr. Carson is soon hanging up after appointing a Black manager- to supervisor White Republicans. There were frictions between the Black manager and his non-white employees. So let us leave GOPers destroy one another. We are waiting to crown The First Lady turned President -Hillary. What a day!

        1. carlton goodson says

          That will be another sad for the USA!

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


          2. Gray_Doug says

            Love it!

          3. carlton goodson says

            In what way do you love it?

          4. Gray_Doug says

            A picture speaks a thousand words. There are many Ds out there that don’t like Hillary and the media hides their heads from the truth! Just one opinion . . . mine. Thanks for asking.

          5. carlton goodson says

            Thank you.

          6. Angry American says

            I for one wouldn’t mind a woman for president just not the current skank & she needs to put that crack pipe down to. The picture of her that I saw with the pipe in her hand & her strung out was very fitting for her & more people need to see those pictures of what this skank is really all about

          7. Dolores Wieland says

            Picture was probably photo shopped, I bet. I don’t want Hitlery either but I think changing pictures to suit oneself is ridiculous and shows the character of the person doing it.

          8. Angry American says

            I am not sure it was pohoto shopped of course with my hatred of this skank I may be prejudice too but I do believe what I have read & heard about the clintons. Most of what I have read & seen about these two are true & one of the articles came from ex SS agents, would they lie? Maybe but I tend to believe most of what I know is facts, besides it just may be me?? And lots of others too

          9. Dolores Wieland says

            Oh I’m with you. I believe almost everything I have read about Obama, Michelle, and Hitlery, but what I was saying is picture was likely photoshopped or altered like the ones of the Obamas as “apes”. I think there is no call for that.

          10. ringostarr1 says

            Yes it slanders honest hard working apes.

          11. Dolores Wieland says


          12. ringostarr1 says

            Hillary like Hitler injects her meth.

          13. Dolores Wieland says

            More than likely

          14. jaybird says

            I have not seen a worthy candidate yet.

          15. ringostarr1 says

            Where is the ISIS Terrorist when you need them.

        2. Joyce White says

          Pimbalele, I believe I have told you this in other posts. Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in May of 2014. He is the son of an American citizen, which makes him an American citizen. So, please stop beating that dead horse. If you think Obama, Clinton and Sanders are the epitome of great Americans, you must be stoned out of your skull.

          1. pmbalele says

            I wish I kept the article stating that Ted Cruz had filed papers just in October seeking to renounce his Cuban and Canadian citizenship. Do not lie-he is still undocumented illegal. And you morons voted him as senator; and then you Repubs and TPs tell us this country is yours when you electing illegals to pass laws here.

          2. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele. I don’t know what article you read. but you are missing the point. His Mother is an AMERICAN CITIZEN. That automatically makes him a citizen of this country. The fact that he was also a citizen of Canada does not negate his American citizenship. You really ought to start checking your facts on the internet instead of believing some B.S. printed in a magazine. And stop calling me a liar!. I know more about politics, the Democrat party and the Constitution than you will ever know.I was a Democrat for 61 years. But not now. The party is so corrupt it couldn’t tell the truth about anything if their lives depended on it. If you were half as smart as you try to make people think you are, you would quit them too.

          3. pmbalele says

            What -“His Mother is an AMERICAN CITIZEN-That automatically makes him a citizen of this country.” Then why did he file papers to qualify for Green Card and now he is waiting to be sworn as US person. Now he is not until he is sworn. Did you say the same with Obama? You morons went to Hawaii to investigate if Obama was born there. His mother was an American White woman. You remember Joe Arpaio, Allen Keyes, Don Trump, Sean Hannity, Bill O’rielly, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Malkin, the crazy Russian doctor with terrible accent and many dumb Repubs sponsored to investigate if Obama was born in Kenya. They even bribed doctors in Kenya to attest he was born in Kenya. At least Obama was born on American soil -Hawaii. Ted Cruz mother fled with Cuban man to Canada and changed her citizenship to Canadian. You morons are hypocrites. Ted is sneaky and a double dipper. He is not yet USA citizen.

          4. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, Ted Cruz is an American citizen. His FATHER was the one who filed for a green card. The Cruz family did not “Flee” to Canada as you put it. And she did not change her citizenship. What I want to know is, Where are you getting all your information from. Give me names of reporters or newspapers or magazines. It seems you are the only one in the whole country who has this information. IF it is true, everyone needs to read it for themselves, not get it second hand from you. If you have legitimate and irrefutable proof of all these accusations you are making, you need to share it with the public. Otherwise, you will be considered a liar and political agitator. So hand over your information.If we are being jerked around by someone, we have a right to know

          5. pmbalele says

            So you don’t know Cruz applied for citizenship in October last year. Ask the women on “View” they will tell you all the secret. Are you not one who filed lawsuit to disqualify Obama from the WH job?

          6. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are getting your information from those movie actresses on “The View”? No wonder you make such unfounded statements. I suggested that YOU check the facts. On your computer, is a little area where you can SEARCH. Type in the words Is Ted Cruz an American citizen. It will take you to all kinds of sites where you can find out the truth.I doubt if you will actually check it out though, because like most Democrats, you can’t stand to be proven wrong.

          7. pmbalele says

            You should have seen those women on the VIew when Cruz name came up. Some went to pee because they could not stand it -Cruz was not US citizen still you morons were allowing him in GOP group. I am going to sue.

          8. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, Have you even read what I wrote?Instead of flaunting your gross ignorance, Search for the truth. If you could get any kind of a lawyer to take your lost cause lawsuit, you will be laughed right out of court. And believe me, unless you have won the lottery, it will leave you broke. When it comes to morons, be careful who you name

          9. pmbalele says

            Well, that is my intent right now. To sue to remove Cruz name from GOP WH group.

          10. Joyce White says

            You had better check it out before you make a fool of yourself. It is bad enough doing it in this discussion, but you go ahead with that idea, and you will be the laughing stock of the whole world. Because the whole world knows that Cruz is a CITIZEN.

          11. pmbalele says

            You should investigate to find the truth. Do not be fooled. You remember in 2012 Repubs wanted Arnold, ex California governor to run for GOP WH ticket because they loved his body. They even started processing to change the USA Constitution to accommodate Arnold. You’re falling in the same trap with Ted Cruz.

          12. Joyce White says

            No, the Republicans did not try to change anything. Arnold was the one who said they should change the constitution. But NOBODY even considered it. I am beginning to doubt your ability to read or comprehend what you read. But it suffices to say, no matter how much proof I can produce, you will not read it. So you can wallow around in your ignorance and keep quoting the opinions of “The View”. And when Cruz is president we can have your ignorant butt deported.

          13. pmbalele says

            Ted Cruz is afraid going to the View. By other way please call those women and they will tell you how they reacted when they learned Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father.

          14. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, I know the show you are talking about. Their reaction to the news that he was running for president was typical of liberals, but has nothing to do with his qualifications. He has not appeared on that show because he hasn’t been invited. You can’t be a guest on a show without being asked. And from their reaction, I would say they would rather invite “Jack the Ripper” to appear than an honest to goodness conservative Christian.Yes, he was born in Canada to a Cuban father AND an American mother( who never renounced her citizenship. The Constitution says that any one born of an American citizen living in a foreign country is a natural born citizen.I am getting very irritated telling you the same thing over and over. If you don’t have the guts it takes to search for the truth instead of getting your information from a talk show, then I am wasting my time even trying to educate you. There are none so stupid as those who refuse to learn. Have a nice day.

          15. glenn398 says

            Joyce Give it up you can’t debate idiots with facts, you are just wasting your time.

          16. pmbalele says

            Now you’re raising an issue I hate to discuss; “Cruz is conservative Christian.” This is the guy who closed the government causing layoff in private sector businesses. At the time US government was closed Cruz visited Castro in Cuba. The he flew to Canada to meet his relatives. That is why Cruz is fighting with Rubio both who are Cubans. Please avoid voting for Cruz – he is a snake that will leave in the dust if ever elected.

          17. Joyce White says

            You are as dumb as a box of rocks. Cruz and Rubio have not visited Cuba. I hope to hell that you never get to vote. You are so brainwashed you might vote for a sewer rat. Oh! maybe you already have if you voted for Obama.

          18. pmbalele says

            Please read WND Breaking news. As I predicted I knew this would come from Trump and GOP elites Trump now says Ted Cruz is not American born-citizen – the guy is Canadian-Cuban and therefore is not eligible for WH job. Trump further says that is why Cruz voted for the pipe line from Canada-his Country of origin. Cruz wants to be PM of Canada. And after you elect him as US president he will merge USA and Canada. Six months later in his presidency he will issue presidential act to merge Cuba, Canada and USA as one nation. So you morons will under the Queen and Castro. I do not want to be under the Queen of England again. This Country had enough with England as rulers. After all English people have speech impediment. I cannot understand them. I cannot speak Cuban either. Please don’t call me names now –call Trump and his bandwagon if you’re angry Cruz is not eligible for the WH position.

          19. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, I have searched WND news and can find nothing like you are saying.Would you do me a favor? Please copy and paste that article on the reply page here, so I can read it for myself. The only thing I found on Cruz were good things, so something is definately wrong if you see those things, but I don’t. Thank you

          20. pmbalele says
          21. Joyce White says

            I just read that whole article and it does not say what you are saying. If you read the whole thing you would see that his mother is a citizen and Constitutionally that makes him eligible to run for president.Trump was just stirring things up, but even he knows that Cruz is a citizen.And Trump never said that Cruz wanted to be PM of Canada. Where do you get these wild ideas? Thank you for the address

          22. pmbalele says

            What- Trump was just stirring things up, but even he knows that Cruz is a citizen? You’re lost. Americans are already running away from Cruz. He wants to be president of Cuba, Canada and USA. Believe it USA residents don’t want to be under Cuba or Canada. So you agree Cruz filed immigration papers which have not been approved. Cruz is wrong and he should be imprisoned for faking American when he is Canadian-Cuban citizen. No doubt he is easy on Mexicans crossing the border.

          23. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, No where has Ted Cruz said he wants to president of a united North America.(Canada, USA, and Cuba. That is just something that your fertile imagination dreamed up. How many times does it take to get it through your thick skull. Cruz is an American citizen because his mother is an American citizen. It does not matter where he was born as long as one of his parents is a citizen. Do you know how many Americans were born in foreign countries, when our troops were stationed overseas? There have been many. I personally know some who were born in Germany when their parents were stationed there. They also have dual citizenship. You really need to study the Constitution and learn what it says, instead of listening to someone, giving their interpretation of it.. You are absolutely wrong on ” foreign birth citizenship” Go to the Heritage Foundation website and request a copy of the Constitution. I have one which I carry with me at all times because I was sick to death of hearing people say that the Constitution guarantees the “Separation Of Church and State” It does no such thing. We had to study the Constitution when I went to school years and years ago. We learned where the forefathers came from, the meanings of certain words which were used (that don’t necessarily mean the same thing today) And the reasons for the laws they wrote. I never ceased to be amazed at the forward thinking they exhibited in that document.By the way, Cruz is against illegals and opposes amnesty. You need to stop posting your opinions as FACT, when they are not. The reason for that being, Other people read your stuff and think you are telling the truth, when in fact you are saying what you think, which is a long way from true information. If you are stating an opinion say it is your opinion. that way, people are not passing something on which is a lie.

          24. pmbalele says

            Please read what I have just posted. John McCain was born at US military base. The base is considered American soil. Cruz mother ran away to Canada with a Cuban father. Cruz has two passports-Canadian and Cuban passports. That is why Trump told his audience that Cruz is not qualified for the WH job. I believe I told you before and you did not listen like the radicalized militia people who think they can make their own laws -Isis way.

          25. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, AGAIN you have misinterpreted what was said. Trump did not say Cruz was disqualified he said it MIGHT POSSIBLY DISQUALIFY HIM!. Cruz does not have Cuban citizenship. To have that, he would have to renounce both American and Canadian citizenship. You are the one who does not listen, and I doubt your ability to read either.Cruz’ mother did not RUN AWAY to Canada. She and her husband went there for a job.Why do you hate Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? Is it because they area conservative or because they are Latino? I think you are one of those supremacists who judge everyone by where they are born or the color of their skin. That is a despicable attitude

          26. pmbalele says

            Did I insinuate I hate Cruz and Rubio because they are Latino? I did not know they were- for they look Caucasians to me. You have raised another issue. Now if they are Latinos that will be another issue if Repubs and TPs find out. All this time GOPers and you have been treating them as Whites. GOP is a party of rich White males. They will certainly run away from Rubio and Cruz. You know why Repubs hate Bush III. He is married to a Latino woman. Like Trump, Repubs and TPs hate Latinos.

          27. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, You must think that Repubs. and T.P.s are absolutely brain dead. They have always known. Rubio is from Florida, a place overrun with Cubans. Cruz is from Texas. Are you trying to tell me that Texans didn’t know he was Latino. Get real, buddy. What do you mean, “treating them as whites”? They aren’t black or red, or yellow or purple with pink polka dots. They are not being treated as anything except as human beings.The Republican party is a party of all colors and incomes, just the same as the Democrat party is. But here is something I’ll bet you didn’t know. 90% of slave owners were Democrats. Republicans were the ones who freed the slaves. The Ku Klux Klan was started by Democrats to keep the black people from enjoying their new freedom. And the Democrats are still using the Blacks a pawns. The Democrat party has been instrumental in keeping the black people down by taxing business so high that they had to move to foreign countries, which meant there were not enough jobs for black or white. Everything I’ve told you is a matter of public record. You can find it in any public library, or on the internet. At one time the Democrats were called the party of the working class, but not any more, They are every bit as evil as you think the Republicans are. Also, when you see headlines that seem to say something bad, read the whole article. Reporters use misleading headlines to get people to read the column. It is called a hook, because it catches your interest. Read the whole thing before you jump all over the headlines

          28. pmbalele says

            I doubt Repubs and TPs in Texas knew Ted Cruz was Latino. They would never vote for him. It is all over news now –Ted should be disqualified for having Cuban and Canada passports. I told you Repubs are racists. In fact I was in Lubbock Texas recently and I went to a bar where everybody was White. One drunk confronted me why I was in the bar. I was lucky the bar-owner intervened and threw the drunk out. Texas people are still racists. And if they knew Ted was Latino they would never vote for him. Look how Texans are treating Bush III-trashy because he is married to Mexican. If it were not Democrats, we would not have a Black First Family in the WH. So things have changed. Although Repubs could have freed slaves, they later changed to tyrants of Blacks and racial minorities. All the cops killing Blacks are Repub or TPs appointed. Let us prepare to crown Hillary in January next year.

          29. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele. FYI, Cruz and Rubio are Spanish(Latino) names. So everybody knows that except you. Why would a bunch of men in a bar, pick on you? Are you gay, or a tranny, or were your pants hanging down around your butt? They are treating Jeb Bush bad because he is stupid,( which is not a good reason to treat anyone bad) As for the Democrats, they haven’t changed from the Civil war days, they just lie better now. As for Hillary,she most admires Margaret Sanger. You know about her don’t you?. She is the person who said we should eliminate all inferior races, like the blacks and Mexicans. She is responsible for Planned Parenthood, which, since 1973, has aborted about 16 million BLACK BABIES.(give or take a couple hundred). Democrats are the ones who have pushed P.P. down the throats of Americans. All those black babies had the potential of becoming the next Einstein, or Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, or Dr. Charles Drew.(the man who invented plasma which has saved countless lives) or maybe another Ray Charles, or Ella Fitzgerald. or Clayton Powell. But we will never know.Margaret was the inspiration for Adolph Hitlers, “Ethnic Cleansing” of people he thought were inferior. You have a lot to learn about the people you think are so great. I have tried to help you learn the truth, but you are numbed by years of Democrat brainwashing. You will never learn. The Bible warns about “casting pearls before swine” I have given you pearls of knowledge but you are too pig-headed to even try to look anything up. I am not going to waste my time and energy on someone who rejects everything I say. I hope someday you learn the truth of what I have tried to tell you. Good luck. If Hillary wins, we are all going to need a lot of luck

          30. pmbalele says

            This is no longer funny. GOPers such as John McCain are asking Ted Cruz to sign off from the campaign. He is not a USA citizen. Bush III is White male raised bad like you. You think Repubs are people. They are not -given their selfish, inconsiderate of fellow Americans when they ship jobs abroad. Look Bush II bought 3000 copters from Russia when they could have been manufactured in Oshkosh Wisconsin. People are being laid off because jobs were being shipped. Thank God we elected and re-elected Obama. What a break. Please do not talk about the Bible and Koran. These are books causing trouble around the world. I hope Newt, Sanford-SC governor, Herman Cain do not read your posting praising the bible and the Koran. You must have done abortion or you know one of relatives did it. They knew if they had their baby you and Repubs would dump them and call them names such as baby-factories. At the age of 25, I was crying that I did not have my own kids. Then 4 came and I loved them. I am now ready to die any time because I have kids to continue my genes. Please call Cruz and tell him to cancel his campaign.

          31. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, You are an absolute idiot. You are incapable of understanding even the most simple information. #1) I have never had an abortion. nor has my family. The abortion statistics are everywhere.. Get off your lazy butt and look them up.#2) I was a Democrat for over 50 years and I voted for that bastard in the white house A choice I will regret to my dying day I left the Democrat party in 2010. when I realized that Obama was a traitor to this country.#3)I did not vote for Bush, whom I believed was as big a jerk as has ever held the presidency. At least until Obama came along. #4)I, am not racist like you. It is obvious you hate Latinos and if that is the case you must hate white people too because you said all Repubs were rich white males. That sounds like hate speech to me.#5) I am a Christian #6).This is the absolute last time I will waste time and effort on you. Don’t bother to reply, because nothing you say makes any sense.

          32. pmbalele says

            Joyce, if I don’t reply, then by law, everything you said should be deemed admitted by me as true. Therefore I have to counter what you wrote. If you abstained from having sex on day you knew would be pregnant then you had an abortion. 2) I am in Wisconsin where all my neighbors are what you call Whites. I do not see them as Whites. I am not a racist. But watch who is attending Cruz or Trump rallies- all are Whites. Compare those attending Hillary rallies- people of all colors: Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, and Natives; Catholics, Christians and Pagans. That means Hillary is harmonizer for Americans of all races and creed. Do you really think if militia people were Blacks, they would be left at the government building without punishment? They are lucky to be Whites.

          33. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, I just can’t let this go on unanswered. You can not have an abortion unless you are pregnant. Abstaining from sex is not an abortion, it is birth control. If you doubt me ask your doctor. Hillary is a liar and a murderer. The Democrats fired her when she was working on Watergate because she lied and was unethical. That is a matter of public record.

          34. pmbalele says

            What is abortion objective- Not bring kids live in this world. By abstaining from having sex you’re accomplishing the same thing-not to bring a kid in this world. Hillary is another angel as Obama is a Saint. Watergate, Benghazi, E-mail issue are Repubs made scandals. I have asked Hillary camp to sue Trey and his gang in Congress. They wasted $10 mi. to investigate nothing.The same people complained about deficit. These are hypocrite. Please join me to vote for Hillary.

          35. ringostarr1 says

            What are ya’ll having for lunch today in the Internet Research Institute’s cafeteria?
            Don’t tell me that it is Sunflower hull bread and turnip peeling soup

          36. ringostarr1 says

            Don’t sweat it, Cruz is at least as qualified as Putin’s boy’s toy Obama is.

          37. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            “Ask the women on the “View”….LMAO, mystery solved! Now we know how you came to be such an imbecile.

          38. pmbalele says

            Please also call NY Times of September 2015. They featured Cruz applying for citizenship to renounce his Canadian and Cuban allegiance. Cruz objective to run for WH is to merge Cuba and Canada in USA. So you will be loyal to the Queen and his Cuban uncle Castro.

          39. ringostarr1 says

            And you pmbalele works for food at V. Putin’s Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg, Russia.

          40. Patricia says

            Three cheers for Ms White! Thank you ma’am for seeing truth and making the appropriate changes in your life.

          41. ringostarr1 says

            And those New York hipsters elected that piece of Arkansas Trailer Trash
            Hellary Clinton to represent New York in the US Senate.

          42. pmbalele says

            Hillary is a living angel. Do you know she was voted as world admired woman of year 2015. And here you’re whining why people love Hillary. You must be radicalized Christians.

          43. ringostarr1 says

            Yes and Adolph Hitler was Time Magazine’s man of the year in 1938 and Joseph Stalin was in 1939 and again in 1942. Hell-ary’s awards are meaningless.

          44. pmbalele says

            Hillary did not beg Gallop and Rasmussen pollsters or skewed the polls. And I forgot to tell you Obama was voted as the most admired man in US and the World. I hope those polls make sense to you as who are loved in this USA and World.

          45. glenn398 says

            Of course they did, look at what lives in New York

          46. wildeagleone says

            Why not check with the registrar and then complain if the man is illegal. You are showing your ignorance by stating as fact, if you can’t back it up with documentation you have to prove your accusation or is it Cruz is shaking up the Killary campaign?

          47. pmbalele says

            Check with NY Times and tell me if this is a fib.

        3. glenn398 says

          Guess you are in favor of all the killings we are talking about that the democrats have been involved in?

          1. pmbalele says

            I am in favor of the killings! How? I do not own a gun. The only weapon I have in my house is butter knife.

          2. glenn398 says

            Mostly because the subject was about the killings that went on with the Clinton’s and you seem to really love her. As far as a butter knife, doubt that or you are one in a million that doesn’t have carving knives or other type of knives.

        4. Angry American says

          I think you need to put that crack pipe down for a little while, so does the current turd sitting in the WH

        5. Jack says

          pmbalele, Is it better to believe a known liar then to hear the Truth. It’s a passion with Democrats to lie, cheat and try to destroy others for no reason, and this is what you condone. How can you and others like you even mention the name of God in the same sentence that you condemn other people in.
          I thought Obama was the worst president this country ever had until Hillary Clinton is running for president, have you advocates for Hillary have no shame, this woman has caused the deaths of four Americans and you revel in the thought that she has the audacity to run for president, she should be in prison, not running loose to harm others. If she becomes president you will see hate like never before because that is what this woman signifies. You should hang your head in shame for being so thoughtful.

      4. fred says

        Many people have died at the hands of clinton and the kenyan! all you have to do is look oit up, its hidden in plain sight! You are right to be concerned, i only wish more people were paying attention like you seem to be!

        1. MARYSWEET says

          AMEN TO THAT!!!!

      5. James says

        Ambassador Stevens (in Libya) during massive weapons transfer to Syrian rebels/terrorists. We all know what happened to him – not real sure about the arms. Wrong place, right time. Hillary in charge. Witnesses?

        1. jaybird says

          Ben Affleck had Killary’s private e-mail address, but Ambassador Stevens only had the Gov. e-mail address, so she has been able to claim that she didn’t receive any.

        2. hankthetank says

          THEY WERE MORE THAN ONE, killed that day,many more !!!

          1. ringostarr1 says

            And the Mohammedans who did the deed also raped Ambassador Stevens just like those in Germany did on New Years Day 2016.

      6. Jim Freund says

        And how should that effect anything, unless one IS a racist ?

        1. mrp15 says

          Always cry race when you can’t justify and when the viewpoint is different.

        2. COPLEYCAR says

          Sounds like you are the racist, anyone whom uses race to get their own way is a prime example of true racist!!

      7. MARYSWEET says

        I remember when that happened. I used to live on Maui and the plane accident was off the island of Lanaii. She was the only person who died and no one else was even injured. I knew at the time that the story was very fishy and don’t believe it was an accident. Maybe the powers that be were afraid she was getting close to revealing the truth and they couldn’t take the chance. The story just doesn’t pass the smell test.

      8. Tiger says

        Ever Google the list of goners who messed with the Clinton’s?

        Also try Obozo.

      9. Korean_Vet says

        the only reason that you should have Hope for–Is the fact that Obama Sr. made sure
        this president was a “Illegitimate Son” by remaining ‘married to his 1st Wife, “Kezia”
        back in Kenya as he signed a ‘worthless marriage license’ to 16 yr-old naïve Ann
        Dunham on Feb 2, 1961-! (“Bigamy is Forbidden by Law” in the USA-!) Duped by
        Obama Sr.’s Lies–Ann Signs her “illegal-Son’s” Birth Certificate & “Voids It”-! Look
        at the Certificate on Sheriff Joe’s Site–It’s signed “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama”-!
        She signed it as a ‘married woman to Obama Sr. & She WAS NOT’-! So–If her
        ‘Signature’ was “Real or Forged”–it won’t change the Result–since She wasn’t
        “Legally Married” in the 1st Place-! Obama Sr.’s “Fraud” Over Powers ALL-! The
        main thing–since she wasn’t “Mrs Obama” & has no “Legal Husband”–She Has
        No “Legal Son” who was surnamed “Obama”-! Her “Illegal-Son” does have a “First
        Title Right” to his mother’s maiden-name “Dunham”-! Thus, his ‘real Legal-Name” is
        “Barack Hussein Dunham”–not Obama-! But he’s won 2 elections as Senator & as
        president–by using the “Wrong Legal Name” & He’s signed “Bills of Congress” & Two
        “Supreme Court Appointments” by using that same “Wrong Legal Surname”–which
        “Voids”-them ALL-! It’s a “Criminal Offense of Fraud” to “Misrepresent Yourself” on any
        “Legal Documents”-! It’s Wrong to use a Stolen-Name–It’s “ID Theft” since that name
        also has a “Legal Copy-Right Owner”-! Incidentally–( Grace “Kezia” Obama at age 70
        During a Interview with London’s “Telegraph”–stated & maintained “She had remained
        ‘married to Obama Sr. until his death in Kenya in 1982”-! Her Statement verifies that
        “Ann Dunham “Never had a Legal Marriage” in the USA-! (Page 126 of “Dreams of my
        Father”)–Ann Dunham says “And There was a problem with your Father’s First Wife-!
        He’d told me that They were Separated”-!) (Ann now knows that He lied about being
        Divorced-! ) Note that the book uses “Her Maiden-Name”–not any married names-!

    2. worn out 123 says

      Many in Congress are insiders looking only to better themselves personally at the expense of this nation via ingratiating themselves to the NWO.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        They are commonly referred to as the Washington establishment! Term limits and rid the country of career politicians.

    3. olf says


    4. jaybird says

      International Rescue Committee Aid – contractor David Miliband has admitted that “our” anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to global governance. He makes $600,000 per year running this “charity.” We need to show more “anger”, we the people are the protectors of America and we need to be more public about what is happening. If anyone has not subscribed to “Refugee Resettlement or American Resistance by Ann Corcoran, you should. She is in her 60’s and years ago a group of refugees were resettled in her small farming town where there were no jobs for them. She decided to find out as much as she could. Would you believe the Amish people are for the refugees?? She has a lot of information.

      2 GOP strategist -Rick Wilson for Bush campaign has said the Republicans need to put a bullet in Trump’s head and Pat Brady of Kasich’s has said that the only way to beat Trump is with a “head shot”. Are they putting the suggestion out there for someone to do this??? They are saying that they did not mean it literally. Hillary put the idea out there that ISIS was using Trump to recruit and now the are using him, I guess because they were using Bill in one of their video’s, she had to change the focus from him to Trump.

      Trump and Cruz are scaring the “H” out of the Republican party and I hope the NWO/One World Order that is run by Dicktators. The Mayor’s of some cities in the Northern states agreed to foreign troops to squash the Domestic Terrorist (Patriots).if needed. I will be glad when this year is over with hopefully elections being held.

    5. Gray_Doug says

      Kinda like Agenda 21 isn’t it?

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        Yes it is! The quicker We can get out of the UN & get they UN out of NYC the better off we will be…wish I had a part of that real estate, I’m sure it could be put to much better use…just sayin’…We don’t need or want a ONE WORLD ORDER!

    6. 7papa7 says

      Absolutely right. When obuzzard said he was going to change America back in 2007 not a single person asked HOW. Well he changed alright and it is absolutely 100% for the negative. I never thought that Jimmy Carter would look like a good president but compared to this anal orifice anyone would be an improvement. One of the requirements for president should at least be that you don’t hate the country. If that were so obuzzard would be disqualified to of ever been president.

    7. hankthetank says

      They are 85 % with him !! the Bastard !!!

    8. William Earl Ellis says

      YOU SAID IT.

    9. mike says

      Or the balls

    10. terry b says

      Milton, please give this up. You are delusional and one sick puppy. Grow up.

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        Terry b, you are an ahole & a lip liptard & you should give it up, only the truth will set you free…

        1. terry b says

          Milton: How Christian of you. God will set up free. Try it.

    11. maxx says

      It has nothing to do with “intestinal fortitude aka guts”. We have a congress of professional con artists with only one concern….. keeping their far cat jobs while changing the form of government we have from a democratic republic to a dictatorship. Name one thing done by Congress in the past 50 years that hasn’t made life for the people less free and more expensive. We have more restrictive laws, that they themselves ignore, and more revenue confiscation in the form of taxation and miscellaneous fees and more government spending in the past 50 years than any other time in history. That 50 year period started in the 1960’s when the democrat party adopted the agenda of the communist party. Coincidence? I think not.

    12. Concerned parent says

      Check this out :

      Infowars Nightly News: Friday (7-4-14) The Illegal Invasion Of America:

      INVASION USA: Crimes of illegal aliens

  3. EdStone says

    Get obigears, Ryan, pelosi, and obigears sob McConnell of t of office, put trump in and clan all this scum up.

    1. skipsart says

      Say that again?

    2. Retired Marine says

      Odumnbo, recently released from a cartoon zoo. Remember the size of those ears? The odictaster has ears to put him to shame….LOL

      1. Dolores Wieland says

        I think there is no need to slander someone you don’t like.

        1. Retired Marine says

          Of course there is, no one is more fitted for slander than that puke, but thanks for the well intentioned comment. However commentary is not slander, remember freedom of speech? It is something we used to have without squads of people who are offended. If you are offended don’t read, that is your right.

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            Your opinion Retired Marine (by the way thank you for your service), but I think you would feel differently if it was your wife or child being demeaned by the way they might look to someone.(being called fatso, pig nose, ugly duckling, etc. It’s just like the time someone posted a picture of the Obamas with the heads from the Planet of Apes. I think it is crude…but everyone to their own opinion. By the way, I think Obama has pretty well destroyed our democracy because WE,the people have allowed him to do so. For that reason he is worthless.

          2. Retired Marine says

            We the people did not allow him to do so. Our “elected” officials have determined that making money is more important than the constitution. Obama is not totally to blame, the democrats who put him in office are. As to ridicule of him and Hitlery, they brought that themselves. Both are a danger to the United States, she is a miserable failure, possibly complicit in over 31 murders along with Bill the humidor maker. Then add Bengazi, more deaths at her hand. O bama is much worse, a muslim that hates this country. Remember before he was sworn in he said “this is the greatest country on earth, and in five days I’m going to change that”. He did it, and that in itself opens him to any and all ridicule, he is an enemy of this country, a country I and so very many have fought and died for. So pardon me, but if in my anger I comment on his ears and you find it crude, so be it, I earned that right, he has earned my enmity, and quite frankly my hatred. I never wanted to hate, don’t like it, but obama and hitlery have caused it, they earned it, and they deserve it. Prison is way too good for them.
            I do respect your feelings, but won’t tell you how to behave or are crude. I have not walked in your shoes, and you have not walked in my boots.

          3. Dolores Wieland says

            Again, my opinion Retired Marine. I respect yours as you have respected mine. I do, however, know about and agree with your opinions why you and so many of your countrymen hate Hitlery and Obama. They have literally turned the U.S.A. into a cesspool with many people worse off than ever. None in government are doing the work for and by the people; instead they are enriching themselves on the few workers’ backs (that are still left) while the thugs and lazies sit back and enjoy benefits the worker does NOT have. The worker and tax paying base is dwindling away as are our companies who have found greener grass abroad. I still say, WE, the people brought this on to ourselves by NOT going to the polls, which is an American’s duty. I totally agree that “prison is way too good for them” (Clintons, Obamas, and their henchmen).

            You might be interested in Howard Rosenstein’s “Call for Convention of States to Preserve our American Republic at It is long and open to opinion. I’ve already forwarded it to my address book. That should also show you where my heart actually is.

          4. Retired Marine says

            Delores the only thing that scares me about the convention of States, is the constitution is open to change in it’s entirety. Not something I’m willing to do while this country is in a flux. Look at how congressional bills hide so very much without oversight. The idea is great, the threat is greater. I don’t trust our government enough to give them a chance at our destruction. I will however go to the site you posted.
            Semper Fi

          5. Dolores Wieland says

            Let me know what you think, Marine. I think the Constitution in itself is fine. It’s the Amendments I have problems with because of the interpretations.

          6. Retired Marine says

            “Some conservatives, however, have warned against a convention, fearing
            that it would open the door to special interests pushing for various
            other changes to the Constitution.” This is from another article, and explains what I fear. While the safeguard of a 38 state enactment (ratification) is in place, is does not give me faith in our lawmakers. No law, should be longer than the constitution, can’t remember off hand who said that, but look at odumicare. I fear what the damage will be with the legislature as devisive as we have in place. I love the idea of term limits, on every branch, including the supreme court. But we could be in worse shape, if the same idiots that wrote odumicare get their hands on it, ike that idiot Pelosi, “well we have to pass it to see what’s in it” get a free run at it.
            That is my fear.
            Semper Fi, and
            God Bless

          7. Dolores Wieland says

            Sorry I couldn’t get back to you but you are 100% correct. Just keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get saddled with Hitlery, Sanders, or Cruz. I keep hoping for jail time for most of our elected officials.

  4. Gea says

    Anger is a natural reaction to having a Caliph in Chief instead of Commander of Chief, who is lying all the time to cover up his BIG Muslim Brotherhood alliance which is implementing its plan to destroy Western civilization from within.

    Buddhism teaches that anger leads to violence and other trouble…but anger could also captured to mobilize US for action and depose the current occupant of the White house who is hell bent on destroying US.

  5. Mynickelsworth says

    I’m Angry!

  6. Jack says

    Obama came in and in my fifties I lost my manufacturing accountant position. After that I applied for over 4,000 varied positions, slipped into zero income, and lost everything from working life of over 35 years. I had two degrees and lots of experience and was put out to pasture. Eventually was able to get early social security put the income from that just guarantees existence, not enough to build on.

    1. Jim Freund says

      And i lost my good job, and benefits in the 80’s. So tushae !

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Yes, Carter was the worst. Obama has beaten him out for worst of all time!

    2. usathoughts says

      My situation was very different being business related. However, have seen your story played out many times over beginning in 1984. I have managed to lose about 90 percent of my accumulated wealth. It was the small investments made over time that saved me from ruin. None business related.
      When looking back I can pinpoint every circumstance when things went sour. I can lay every one of them at the feet of Government. I can take solace in that I was but one of about 55,000 firms suffering the same.
      The big difference I see between us is that I really have no excuse for my failings, but as an employee can easily be blindsided. Want you to know I took care of all my employees with every downturn.
      It has been one hell of a ride, no regrets.

      p.s. Responded because you are the first accountant I have seen on these message boards. I have a degree in Engineering & Finance – Cal Poly, CA.

      1. Jack says

        You should be commended for taking care of your own. Thanks, at least you saved a few from terrific hardships and losses.

        1. usathoughts says

          As long as you can keep the doors open it is not difficult to find employment for those that had to be let go.

          Most of the time it is just a call from one CEO to another. One time had to restructure the engineering staff. Called Mike at Dell Computers. Went over the list, offered him 10, he wanted 14, he got them. We split the cost of moving them to Texas from California.

          Have never understood why more firms do not operate in this manner. It is good for the industry as a whole. Perhaps it worked for us because our world was high tech – want to keep these highly trained people chose.

          I am somewhat surprised, as an accountant in manufacturing, you had difficulty in finding employment or at least Fee based work. I hired a CFO via my wife running a credit division for Bank of America. She made inquiry with one of their many Presidents. He recommended a man coming off a bad divorce. One of my best choices.

          If I have gotten to personal, my apologies.

          1. Jack says

            Don’t feel bad you have nothing to feel bad about. As for me I mentioned Manufacturing Accountant but I was Controller for several small businesses (was non degreed) and the last position (degreed) was as an Assistant Controller. Most of my positions were construction and steel related, two areas hit very hard.

          2. usathoughts says

            I have to relate this story! Note; can’t remember the idiot’s name nor if I am speaking of the right company. It so pissed me off I put it out of mind.

            In 1992 called on the CEO of Bethlehem Steel. Wanted to know the availability of .0625 inch low quality steel plate. Caught up with him in Arizona pounding nails with Jimmy Carter. He said they only dealt in high quality steel. And that he did not know of any mills that could supply what I wanted. Spoke to him twice for a good length of time. Shortly afterwards the Steel Mill shut down.

            Reason. I owned a computer chassis mill in Taiwan. Wanted to repatriate it.

            I cannot understand why this industry allowed itself to be taken down. I read that the unions were responsible. Don’t believe that as these plants are highly automated. If nothing else this is a National Security issue.

            Iron ore within the States was almost gone. So what. Pick up and move. Get a government backed loan, move to Africa where the ore is plentiful. That is what the Chinese did.

            I sometimes wonder who our government is working for!

          3. Jack says

            He was pulling your leg. Don’t know why he said that, that thickness is common and there are several suppliers in the US. Don’t remember them but know because I was Assistant Controller at Longhorn Steel and we bought steel plating all the time.

          4. usathoughts says

            Maybe ‘plate’ is the wrong term. These were large rolls of steel. They came from Red China. Somewhat less than 1/16 inch. Also very stiff. Recall the old style PC case. Material cost in the 1980s was about $8 US Dollars. You may have seen a few – the brand name was PCII broken up with horizontal lines.

            The steel mills had a name for this king of steel. Don’ recall but it meant Junk Steel. However, for many millions of products this was more than sufficient. So yes, we did check around. The actual mills were far too proud of their product. The imported steel product of poor quality was controlled by the Chinese with a price more than double that of the price in Taiwan.

            Other than for pictures never saw the plant. Do know that for every two for my firm they made another one. One of the accountants caught it. I hold accountants in great esteem.

            The bottom line is that it cost way to much to manufacture in the States.

    3. glenn398 says

      Jack you know the left will say you are lying about what happened don’t you?

    4. Dolores Wieland says

      Ditto Jack…..I retired early in 2003 but then the interest rate fell and I lost a lot of my investments AFTER Obama was elected. I had counted on that interest rate which gave me $8,000 to $10,000 a year …now less than $600.. Americans got screwed royally

    5. Dolores Wieland says

      I too was an accountant and worked government, manufacturing and service oriented companies. Should never have taken early SS….It caused a big decrease in spending money after Obama was elected

  7. Effenexes says

    Look at the figures…61% Rep…42% Dem. Those are pretty lofty numbers. The American people of all persuasions are stating that they are sick and tired of establishment politics as usual. And they wonder why people are making Trump their top pick. You bet We the People are going to put a halt to the cash cow that lying politicians fed by crony capitalists in cahoots with the morally bankrupt news media rely on at the taxpayers expense.

  8. Retired Marine says

    Just a guess, but roughly 80% of the “news” is biased and left leaning. They push for black violence, hatred of all whites and anything white. Odictaster has ruined the country, created a great divide of the populace, destroyed businesses, pushed for a climate change economy a sure economic destroyer with no shred of actual scientific evidence, just “feelings”, supported by “scientists” who will say anything for money. Support for aliens invading our country, and backing the atrocities of ISIS or as the muslime in chief says: ISIL.
    The media couldn’t find a truth if it tripped over it.

    1. Dennis Dumas says

      On the climate change issue the truth has been revealed as of last Tuesday! Judicial watch though a FOIA request and under threat of a lawsuit has forced NOAA to release climate data recordings along with the admission that data had been fudged in order to favor administrations agenda on climate change. The gig is up and the climate change hoax has been revealed, of course none of this made the main stream media! I urge you to go to Judicial Watch and read the article yourself.

      1. worn out 123 says

        Thanks, I certainly will.

      2. Retired Marine says

        Read the NOAA report, as well as the NASA report, funny how both deny climate change, but the “consus of scientists still claim it as global warming”. I recall that from college science that in order to have global warming, both the ice caps, north and south, must melt at the same degree at the same time. That has not occured, and likely won’t.
        The “consus” changed the global warming (because that is bullshit) mantra to global climate change because that can’t be disputed, the climate will and alway does change, but that is natural, man did not cause it. Read the latest report from NASA it also proves the climate idiots wrong. What kind of science uses a consensus? How about the good old scientific method, you know data that is replicable? Consensus = bullshit.

        1. Dennis Dumas says

          I agree, besides all you have to do is apply some common sense reasoning!
          I.E: in the best care there is maybe 250 yearsrecorded reliable weather data, based on that data how can anyone conclude that climate change is occurring, when those cycles take 10,000 years or more to run its course. Ice core data may cover maybe a 1,000 years, that is not even enough to arrive at a reliable scientific conclusion.

          1. Retired Marine says

            Amen brother.

  9. Albert L Biele says

    did a-nobody like Obama put together a billion dollars, in 2012, to beat the
    Clinton Machine? He’s a puppet on a string being controlled by big money, whose
    ultimate goal is to create a One-World-Government. The plan is to destroy the
    United States both economically and morally, confiscate their guns, and adamantly
    attack the Judea/Christian values this country was founded on. In the past 7
    years, our greedy do-nothing politicians have fattened their pocket with silver
    and gold, approving budgets that added 10 trillion to our national debt,
    passing laws that are against the laws of God, permitting the denigration of
    our religious freedoms, and signing agreements with Iran; our number one enemy.
    They have created a new theme that is “Of
    the Government, by the Government and for the Government, in lieu of “Of the
    people, for the people and by the people. “The upcoming election is our last opportunity
    to retake our country back. WE MUST VOTE TO REMOVE THE RINO’S in the House and
    Senate, and to vote in, a PRESIDENT that is not controlled by special interest
    groups and lobbyist!!! The Democratic
    Party is an anti-American, anti-Christian party trying desperately to enslave
    the people, via total Government control!!!!
    Where are the patriots”)

    1. Dennis Dumas says

      Can anyone say “Judis”

    2. jaybird says

      Approx. 63 yrs ago a young guy named NORMAN DODD worked for our government. They gave him the title of Dir of Research as an investigator for Congress. He investigated the conspiracy of the take over of America by the rich grant charities-Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, etc., He asked Catherine Casey to help him, she eventually had a nervous breakdown after finding out disturbing things. Everyone needs to look up Norman Dodd. The interview was taped and done by G. Edward Griffin because of his age and he has since past away. It is very interesting. Also, look up Yui Bezmenov (former KGB agent, defected to US) explaining “How to Brainwash a Nation” and the United States Targeted Public Schools”.

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Thanks for the info.

        1. jaybird says

          I believe in spreading information.

  10. Gerry Costa says

    Ridiculous article —- when Trump is in the WH and the Conservatives make the rules the poll will be just the opposite. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

  11. Jim Freund says

    Funny how some people get angry when for some reason they loose their job. They have nothing on me after loosing my full pension in the 80’s with Reagan, after 29 years of service. And after, everyone else lost theirs too.

    1. Retired Marine says

      In the 80’s? Everyone lost their pensions and jobs? Really? Under Reagan? Wow, a new history has been made. I didn’t know I had it so bad, thanks for letting me know. I guess that staying employed, and keeping my pension really didn’t happen “And after, everyone else lost theirs too” as you are saying. Oh well, I’ll just have to live with it.

  12. Art Hock says

    I am mad that a black thug commits a robbery, assaults a clerk, assaults a police officer and attempts to disarm him and gets shot and killed in the process. In my world that would be “tough shit”, but in this screwed up world the city is burned and looted and the police are ordered to stand down while this shit goes on. Then after all this is over the police have to take “sensitive training”. The taxpayers including all the police are the losers in this affair while the lazy welfare leaches are let off scot free for their idiocy. Our military is constantly being downsized and forced to make 4-5-6 deployments to the war and then have to fight the White House and Congress to receive proper medical care after returning. All the while our so called “public servants” are becoming millionaires and thumbing their sensitive noses at all of us. An old Marine from 1951-54 in Korea with the 7th Marines.

    1. Dolores Wieland says

      Thank you for your service Marine..

      1. Art Hock says

        Thank you Dolores, it was my pleasure to have served and fought for our country.

    2. Reality Check says

      I America, we don’t shoot kids in the back when they are running away from you.

      I though Marines had honor?

      1. Art Hock says

        You better find some reality. That thug was shot while half in the police car. He was shot from the front not the back and don’t question my honor. What have you done for my country besides draw welfare.

        1. Reality Check says

          you ASSume much that is not in evidence.
          first off tool, I have had a job since I was 16 and now retired.

          secondly, you ARE correct about him not shot in the back.
          incorrect about the shot at the car.

          “The bullets did not appear to have been shot from very close range
          because no gunpowder was present on his body. However, that
          determination could change if it turns out that there is gunshot residue
          on Mr. Brown’s clothing, to which Dr. Baden did not have access.”

          see how a liberal admits when he is wrong?

          as for your honor, THIS is bull poo.

          “I am mad that a black thug commits a robbery, assaults a clerk, assaults
          a police officer and attempts to disarm him and gets shot and killed in
          the process.”

          the cop had NO KNOWLEDGE of the alleged robbery and assault, he was pulling the kid over for J-walking.
          that should not end in your death.

          a white women was pointing a gun AT a police station in Chicago and they just arrested her.
          if she had been black i doubt that would have happened.

          1. Art Hock says

            You talk a good story but you are full of crap. My honor won’t be in question if I kick your ass. I think you got your info from the lib press which caused the problems in Ferguson, so it doesn’t mean shit.

          2. Reality Check says

            Silly con

            the liberal post a link to back up his statements.
            the conservative Flaps it’s Gums.

            the difference between the 2 groups.

            FACTS versus HOT AIR

          3. Reality Check says

            The Liberal media” bull poo again.

            Tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you
            believe the crap told to you by Fox news.

            somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape
            American politics in favor of the “liberals” .

            ya that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.
            all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

            The same media that the GOP candidates flock to.
            the same media that the GOP candidates quote on national television.

            you people are so gullible.

            so either they are lying to the American people, or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

            your choice.

        2. Reality Check says

          More honor issues.
          “and then have to fight the White House and Congress to receive proper medical care after returning”

          “GOP blocks veterans bill”

          Senate Republicans stopped Democrats from advancing a bill that would
          have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans.

          “Republicans In Congress Still Dishonor America’s Veterans”

          What the Veteran should have said is write to Republicans in Congress
          and insist that they stop dishonoring America’s Veterans. Although
          President Obama has not come out and accused Republicans of dishonoring
          those who served, he has taken a hard line against a serious attempt by
          Republicans to cut Veterans’ benefits. Last April President Obama had
          to, once again, threaten to use his veto pen when House Republicans
          expressed their conservative gratitude to those who wore the uniform by
          attempting to cut benefits for 70,000 Veterans; it is the GOP way of
          honoring those they sent to fight, die, or return home broken and

          The GOP’s bill would have cut health benefits for roughly 70,000
          veterans as well as cut out funding for medical research like better
          prosthetics, education and veterans’ cemeteries. In fact, it was not
          only a piece of legislation President Obama opposed for punishing
          Veterans for being alive while Republicans control spending, the
          Veterans Administration Secretary said, “Please don’t let this funding
          bill become law if you care about our veterans. We must do better for
          them.” However, Republicans have demonstrated time and again they do not
          care about Veterans; particularly since they gained control of

  13. Guillermo3 says

    Heil G.O.P.!!! Koch Bros MachtFrei!

    1. worn out 123 says

      Heil Asswipe! George Soros, comrade!

      1. Retired Marine says

        An illegal free shit grabber, don’t let him get to you.

  14. jimdarnall says

    Anyone that is a true American should feel this way as we have been taken over by a traitor as president and liberalism which goes against the foundation of America in every way. They all have become like fools and blind to the truth.

    1. Retired Marine says

      Traitor, imposter, muslim, and usurper. Still can’t find a birth certificate, funny how the left works.

      1. worn out 123 says

        The only birth certificate of this president that I have seen would not be sufficient to allow one to get a drivers license in my state. But, the presidency, yes that’ll do??

        1. Retired Marine says

          I guess, must be a new standard for demoncrats.

          1. worn out 123 says

            When I look at Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Rubio and many others I cannot see any real difference. Bad is Bad though one may be bad in ways that are different.
            America is going downhill at a frantic pace and I don’t see any real need for republicans to be trashing Trump other than their desire want to continue the status quo while they regale in a supercilious manner toward the citizens who voted them into their plush government position. Hypocrites all!
            Truthfully, I see little difference between the two parties, today.

          2. Retired Marine says

            I think they merged long ago, one party with a fake choice.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Was it the fact that it was done in crayon a clue?

  15. Jarhead says

    Anger because the RINO’s like Ryan are taking over the GOP…that the RNC allowed the GOP to DIE ….
    That there is only talk about impeachment…..NO ACTION from a BROKEN CONGRESS …..
    We have been invaded YET do nothing to secure our borders …. Anyone can vote – NO ID REQUIRED ….. Many FED/GOV Agencies (i.e., VA, BLM, DHS, DOE, EPA, etc.) are so corrupt they cannot be fixed …… VA employees commit crimes without fear of being arrested/charged/fired (i.e., VA Death By Delay Policy).

  16. Ronald Nelson says

    “Fair enough, but that’s a rather lofty interpretation of something that can probably be more easily explained by simply looking at the events that defined 2015. Month after month, conservatives were slapped in the face by an endless barrage of stories that told a consistent, terrifying narrative: Our country is in real trouble.”
    The problem with the news is that it isn’t fair and balanced… it is not an overreaction by the Conservatives which is being expressed in anger… it is the deliberate lying and propaganda being promoted as News. The fact, that the News fails to report Islamic Terrorism for what it is or that it fails to chide the president for violating the US Constitution at will… are primary causes for the Conservatives negative public reaction to the ‘so called’ news… in fact, the Conservative doesn’t Identify the Marxist Propaganda being issued by the MSM as news.

  17. gjm11653 says

    The country has changed and not for better. If that doesn’t make a person angry then maybe a 90% tax rate will be just fine with them.

  18. junkmailbin says

    What be mad about being put at the back of the line by liberal fags, minorities, and woman really?

  19. fred says

    The “news” according to whom? haha… The MSM is a total JOKE and we should all boycott them in 2016 and see what happens! The lies are actually what makes us angry, and that goes for demonrats and repubs I think!

    1. Reality Check says

      Silly tool of Right wing Propaganda

      “Liberal media” bull poo again.

      A Tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you believe the crap told to you by Fox news.
      somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including
      the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape American politics in favor of the “liberals” .

      ya that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.

      all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

      THIS IS The same media that the GOP candidates flock to.
      the same media that the GOP candidates quote on national television.

      you people are so gullible
      so either they are lying to the American people,

      or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

  20. abobinmn says

    Obama works hard to disarm America but won’t shut down the 22 Islamic terrorist paramilitary training camps the FBI says are operating in the United States right now. Obama won’t even warn Americans of this real and formidable threat. Wake up people!

    1. jaybird says

      I asked my state representative about doing something, he said they can train all they want but because of the Constitution we can’t do anything until they break the law and if it is private property without cause.

    2. Reality Check says

      the training camps that have been “rumored” since 2001. silly tool of Propaganda?

      the “threat” to America is LOW INFO TOOLS LIKE YOU.

  21. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    News, what ‘news’? Certainly not the hog wash that the liberal media feeds the drones on the left and their no/low information voter bloc!

    1. Reality Check says

      “Liberal media” bull poo again.

      A Tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you believe the crap told to you by Fox news.
      somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including
      the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape American politics in favor of the “liberals” .

      ya that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.

      all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

      THIS IS The same media that the GOP candidates flock to.
      the same media that the GOP candidates quote on national television.

      you people are so gullible
      so either they are lying to the American people,

      or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

  22. Dan says

    If the majority of you wanted a socialist/communist USA, you are getting your wish, but I am getting the opposite of mine.

    1. Reality Check says

      why do the moron right keep bringing up communism?

      Since you fools think we get everything for free already, WHY would we want to go to a system of labor camps and drag green clothing?

      it’s just retarded thinking.

      You retarded Dan?

      1. Dan says

        I am fine. The indoctrinated swine like you, we could do without.

        1. Reality Check says

          so why bring up communism all the time?

          1. Dan says

            Because that is what your handlers actually want us to be. Your blind allegiance won’t allow you to see it.

          2. Reality Check says

            ya, couldn’t have anything to do with the tool named Dan being Brainwashed.

            fuck logic, his dumbass opinions are fact.

          3. Dan says

            My opinions are exactly that, my opinions. Your assnine remarks will do nothing to change them either.

    2. Reality Check says

      as for socialism, I think Dan needs an education.

      Social Security is Democratic Socialism
      Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
      Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
      Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
      The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
      our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
      Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

      shall I continue Dan, or are you getting the point yet?

      1. Dan says

        I don’t need any more education than you need re-education. I would love it if you SOCIALIST pieces of s*it would have your own districts so you can suck eachothers freeloading a**es to death. I would prefer a district of my own REPUBLIC where each takes care of their own and everyone contributes their own share in their own way. REALITY CHECK is exactly what you need if you believe that our nation is suppose to be socialist. I don’t even pity you worthless beings, I would prefer if you disappeared for good.

        1. Reality Check says

          So what did I say that was not true, Dan?

          you rant away like an angry child. how about some facts?

          we live in a Democratic Socialist country.
          FACE FACTS.

          I though cons prided themselves in facts and truth?

          Dan seems to just place his head deeper in the sand.

          1. Dan says

            My eyes see clearly from where I stand. It is your kind that cowers and demands that their rights be stripped from them in the name of “security” by the government. What a gullible and sad bunch you libtards are.

          2. Reality Check says

            ” and demands that their rights be stripped from them in the name of “security” by the government.

            HEY FOOL.
            It was the GOP lead congress that RE-DID the patriot act because they are SCARED.

            “Nearly two years after Ed­ward Snowden hood­winked
            the Na­tion­al Se­cur­ity Agency, the GOP still has failed to
            re­con­cile its dif­fer­ences on sur­veil­lance policy. Nowhere is that
            more clear than a sur­vey of Re­pub­lic­ans eye­ing the White House.

            In one corner, Jeb Bush, Marco Ru­bio, and Chris Christie make up
            the GOP’s wing of tra­di­tion­al de­fense hawks, vo­ci­fer­ously
            de­fend­ing mass phone and In­ter­net spy­ing as ne­ces­sary to keep
            Amer­ic­ans safe from ter­ror­ist at­tacks.”


            so there I have PROVED YOU LIE.

            you will find that Bernie voted AGAINST the First Patriot act and continues to support our freedoms.

            STOP LYING tool of the right.

          3. Dan says

            What are you trying to do convince me, or yourself?

          4. Reality Check says

            I am proving to the World that Dan is a FOOL of the the right wing Propaganda.

            I have a feeling you are a loss to humanity.

          5. Dan says

            You fight for those that wish to destroy it, what a hypocrite.

          6. Reality Check says

            too stupid to deserve comment.

          7. Dan says

            Crawl back under your bed and make sure your diaper is on tight this time. That way you won’t make a mess while the big boys do the hard work.

          8. Reality Check says

            retired, fool of the right.
            really NICE pension, healthcare too.

          9. Dan says

            It all makes perfect sense now, you are one of the dummies that didn’t invest your income when you were in the workforce(probably spent it all on booze/drugs and whores). NOW you want to make sure nobody gets in the way of your precious SSI crumbs every month so you can spend it on more booze/drugs and whores.

          10. Reality Check says

            I am only 61 fool, I don’t NEED SS or even get it at this point.

            UNION pension moron of the right.

          11. Dan says

            Punks like you never know a thing about honor, courage or valor. I am nothing of an advocate of “the right” as you call it. I only honor my oath of enlistment by protecting and defending the US constitution. The only way to do that is by aligning myself with conservatives, because liberals want nothing more than to shred said constitution. I see people like you all of the time that have no sense of morals or decency, you have no conviction. I have vowed to never become as you are. I have to much character and integrity. Go see if you can brainwash someone else into your liberal PC nonsense, it will not work here.

          12. Reality Check says

            “because liberals want nothing more than to shred said constitution.”

            So PROVE your unsubstantiated TALKING POINT.

          13. Reality Check says

            “you have no conviction”

            you have to be dim.

          14. Reality Check says

            “I have to much character and integrity”

            IF you had either, you would be looking into WHO IS correct in this matter.

            so far, only I have proven anything.
            you have just flapped your gums based on Talking Points.

            can you BACK THEM UP?

          15. Dan says

            OBAMA renewed it LIV.

          16. Reality Check says

            signed it moron.
            congress had to pass IT.

            you still pretending to be smart?

        2. Reality Check says

          “I would prefer a district of my own REPUBLIC where each takes care of
          their own and everyone contributes their own share in their own way”

          Oh so YOU going to pave the roads?
          clean the sewer?
          put in the new transformer?

          you’re and idiot Dan.

          1. Dan says

            You keep telling yourself that I am the idiot. All the way to the concentration camp LIV.

          2. Reality Check says

            so you are also dumb enough to think there are FEMA camps?

            so tell me not too bright con, WHAT Obama event that you fools have predicted over the past 7 years, has COME TRUE?

            ISIS camps in Mexico? NOPE
            how about killing Americans with Ebola?

            how many times can the right wing Propaganda cry WOLF and you tools jump up and run?

          3. Dan says


        3. Reality Check says

          “I would prefer if you disappeared for good.”

          Right after you STOP LYING.

          1. Dan says

            I haven’t lied about anything. It is a liberals MO to repeat the same lies over and over until they are accepted as fact. I”M NOT BUYING IT and I won’t back down azz clown.

  23. EdStone says

    OK . Get obigears, Ryan, pelosi, and obigears son of a b____ McConnell out of office , put Trump in and clean up this scum up. How’s that?

  24. pysco says

    The major news agency’s no longer reports the news, they the have become a hugh propaganda machine for the left-wing, liberals…. Both Republicans, and Democrats should be mad, considering that the First Amendment guaranteed that they could print the truth, and have no fear of government interference, if they are going to print lies, and propaganda, soon their right to free press will be taken…

    1. Reality Check says

      “they the have become a hugh propaganda machine for the left-wing, liberals”

      is that why trump THE CONSERVATIVE is on the MSM 24/7?

      because they want the liberal to win?

      are you smarter than a radish?

      1. pysco says

        Why do you think trump is so popular, people are growing tired of the left wing lies told, and covered by Main Stream Media ever since Bill Clinton was in office. And, ignorant, sheep like you have been eating up forever, and will always, being you can’t think for yourself.. How about voting American, instead of voting party, and take care of yourself instead of having the gov
        ernment support you…

  25. Peter Bradin says

    Funny how you say that this President goes against the wishes of “We the people”. This President was elected by the majority of votes of “we the people” TWICE. He also won the electoral college. Some say that there was massive voter fraud, yet not one state attorney general has found evidence of this, even in states dominated by the GOP. No, this President is our legitimate, duly elected President. I am sorry your party cannot admit that you lost the White House two times in a row, but it just shows how the Republican Party refuses to deal with the real world and still lives in an imaginary universe. As the GOP continues to act like this, being the party of Anger and Hate, you will keep losing the younger voters as they become adults. These young people live a global existence, connecting to people of other cultures, other religions and viewpoints much different than the stuffy, angry, gun-toting world of the GOP. These young people do not care about race or ethnicity or sexual orientation. They care about making trusted friends, earning a living wage and having the freedom to live their lives as they see fit and let others do the same. They see the GOP as against women’s rights, against blacks, against Hispanics, against any religion except a very, very conservative version of “Christianity” that Christ would not recognize. With the kind “of anti-this group” and “anti-that group” and “anti-science” rhetoric that comes out of the Republican Party, they have no reason to support the causes that the GOP has so heavily invested themselves in. It is sad to watch, but the only thing the GOP has going for it are people like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, yet all the money in the world will not change the minds of these people. The only way to win for the GOP is to change the requirements to vote and narrowing it to white, Anglo-Saxon, Baptist, gun-owning, landowners above the age of forty. That is the GOP demographic and it is getting smaller every year as a percentage of voting-age citizens.

    1. jaybird says

      I think the NWO/One World Government is an imaginary dream of the rich of both parties, there are too many Dicktators and heathens running the 3rd world countries. This is a disaster that needs to be stopped. Don’t ya just hate that both parties are giving taxpayer money to this communist organization!1

      1. Reality Check says

        ” Don’t ya just hate that both parties are giving taxpayer money to this communist organization!”

        what communist organization are you referring to.
        ( I can us a laugh, you tools are depressing)

        1. jaybird says

          I see that you can’t understand the main topic of what people write about. The NWO/One World Government=UN COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION.

  26. pop diesel says


    1. Reality Check says

      So when I need an example of a dumbass bigot and racist, I can just cite YOU.


      1. pop diesel says

        There was nothing in my comment that was racist or bigoted. Look up the word Oreo become educated. While your at it, look up bigot also, you appear to fill the definition very well. My thoughts on Hillary are very much the same as many other Americans ..including ,by the way, some of the more liberal news media concerning her lying . Obama was elected by an odd majority which included whites blacks Hispanic…. and my self.. the first time around. Try not to be too shallow .Broaden your knowledge base by watching and reading ALL the information, not just the kind that meets your biased liberal agenda. Dumbass?? Yeah that appears to fit your mind set as well. Thank you for replying, if nothing else you are entertaining.

  27. Lewis Hopper says

    Fake doesn’t even come close, How about a criminal/illegal,treasonous, traitor! Obama says he is a Christian, yeah right and I am Santa Clause.

  28. Darenda Anastazi says

    While the above list is certainly valid, I believe the genuine anger within the Republican party has little to do with this list. No one expects anything different from these three groups referenced. Genuine anger is fomented toward Republican office holders who campaigned on promises to stop the Democratic down hill slide ‘if’ placed in office. Members of the republican party is where all angst belongs. Voters have been betrayed. You don’t have to look any further than the budget deal to understand that…

  29. American says

    Let’s just make sure we funnel that anger into voting in a True Conservative to the Oval Office, and all open Senate and House seats. This is our last chance…

    1. Gray_Doug says

      Each legal voter is one vote. If you stay home, they win. If you believe the fate of the nation is worth fighting for vote. If you sense an illegal voter in the crowd at the polls, challenge him. If he’s legal, I don’t think he’ll mind. The election people can’t ask, but the voter sure can! Green card carriers are not U.S. citizens (yet), they’re working on earning their citizenship. An illegal vote will kill their chances of completing the process.

      1. Reality Check says

        “The election people can’t ask”

        STOP LYING

        1. Gray_Doug says

          Mr. Reality Check, read what I said. Don’t call me a liar when the post is right there for everyone to see. “The election people can’t ask, but the voter sure can!” So take a chill pill, set down, and breathe.

    2. Reality Check says

      that must be why you support Trump who 8 years ago supported Hillary.
      Who wants Universal Healthcare and to raise the tax on imports by 35%

      are any of you paying attention?

      1. American says

        You may want to consider Ted Cruz

        1. Reality Check says

          Ted, “I got 35 million from 3 guys” Cruz?

          ya like we need a religious NUT with the BUTTON to end the planet.

          1. American says

            So, who do you favor?

          2. Reality Check says

            the only constitutionalist running.

            the only guy who has been in congress for 30 years and not a millionaire.

            took Ted only a few years to get HIS $$.

            way over half the GOP running are doing so just to make money.
            they know they can not win.

          3. American says

            Wow. You know he’s a Socialist, right? Do you believe Socialism works? How’s the $15 minimum wage working out so far? Have you checked? Why would you be impressed by the fact that Bernie Sanders hasn’t been financially successful? That’s just a clue for what he would do to this nation. I’d suggest you think it through a little bit more.

          4. Reality Check says

            “Do you believe Socialism works?”

            you are very ill informed and brainwashed.

            Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
            Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
            The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
            our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
            Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

            shall I continue?

          5. American says

            Yes, you’re correct, and most of those “businesses” are in seriously bad shape. Don’t you see that?

          6. Reality Check says

            So if I am correct about democratic socialism, then you must be LYING about socialism.

            “Don’t you see that?”

            NO I don’t.
            perhaps you can be specific.

          7. American says

            You aren’t aware that Social Security is on its last legs, running out within our lifetimes? Similar issues with Medicare and Medicaid. You mention fraud – Medicare and Medicaid is abundant with fraud. The basic problem is that no one is accountable. No one loses their job when things don’t work. You probably know about the VA atrocities, veterans and heroes dying before they can see a doctor, the staff hides the truth so that they make their metrics – and then they get bonuses. No one is accountable. The government is too big; they patch their abuses by spending more money. It’s not sustainable. All of these activities should go to the private sector. In the private sector, if they don’t do well (manage costs, keep patients/customers happy, etc.) then they go out of business and lose their livelihood – that’s a tremendous incentive in the capitalistic system that brings us the innovations, and quality products and services that we enjoy.

          8. Reality Check says

            Gee, so much bloviating and not one link.

            as for the VA, it’s YOUR party that hates the Vets.

            “GOP blocks veterans bill”

            Senate Republicans stopped Democrats from advancing a bill that would
            have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans.


            “Republicans In Congress Still Dishonor America’s Veterans”

            What the Veteran should have said is write to Republicans in Congress
            and insist that they stop dishonoring America’s Veterans. Although
            President Obama has not come out and accused Republicans of
            dishonoring those who served, he has taken a hard line against a
            serious attempt by Republicans to cut Veterans’ benefits. Last
            April President Obama had to, once again, threaten to use his
            veto pen when House Republicans expressed their conservative
            gratitude to those who wore the uniform by attempting to cut
            benefits for 70,000 Veterans; it is the GOP way of honoring those
            they sent to fight, die, or return home broken and maimed.

            The GOP’s bill would have cut health benefits for roughly 70,000
            veterans as well as cut out funding for medical research like
            better prosthetics, education and veterans’ cemeteries. In
            fact, it was not only a piece of legislation President Obama
            opposed for punishing Veterans for being alive while Republicans
            control spending, the Veterans Administration Secretary said,
            “Please don’t let this funding bill become law if you care
            about our veterans. We must do better for them.”

            However, Republicans have demonstrated time and again they do not
            care about Veterans; particularly since they gained control of Congress.


            SEE how a liberal proves something.

            and if you don’t like my links, make sure to provide some of your own in rebuttal.

          9. Reality Check says

            “Do you believe Socialism works?”


            so ya, I believe in Democratic Socialism like we HAVE, just cleaned up after you cons fucked it up.

          10. American says

            I’ll admit I’m not an expert on this, but from what I’ve read these countries have moved away from pure Socialism, and leaned toward Capitalism in order to keep things running. I recall the young entrepreneur who decided he would convert his hugely successful capitalistic business into something more socialistic. You probably read about it. He paid everyone $70k, regardless of their contributions. His employees were ecstatic, except for the good ones. He lost the good ones, they went to where they could make more money, but he has plenty of not-so-great employees who will stay with him forever. The latest I read is that he is now renting out his large home, in order to make ends meet, and is living in what use to be his garage. Socialism doesn’t work, the underlying concept is flawed – it removes the incentive to become better, and correspondingly be compensated better – that is what fuels economic growth and economic success. What do you do for a living?

          11. richardwfaith says

            Flagged AND downvoted by a PROUD “con”!

          12. Reality Check says

            “Why would you be impressed by the fact that Bernie Sanders hasn’t been financially successful”

            So you condone our politicians using their INSIDER trading knowledge to profit?

            in other words you condone FRAUD.

            typical con.
            do you actually think?

          13. American says

            It’s not necessary, and it’s not nice, to ridicule me. We can have a conversation without that, can’t we? I suspect that there are many corrupt politicians, and the fact that they make it legal for them to effectively engage in insider training doesn’t instill much confidence. However, you don’t have to blow things up, to instill constructive change. A good step forward is to elect politicians with principles. From what I’ve seen, I believe Ted Cruz has principles, and fights for them. He’s a strong Constitutionalist and he wants to do what is right for the American people.

  30. Gray_Doug says

    Gentlemen of the Legislative Branch, it’s time for each of you to grow a pair and remove this cancer from our representative republic. Get off your political butts and save the nation. Impeach this would-be king.

    1. Reality Check says

      ” Impeach this would-be king.”
      For WHAT exactly?

      Being Black?
      Being a Democrat?

      Pulling our ass out of the GOP Ditch?

      1. Gray_Doug says

        A couple of posts here. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with this man’s performance, so don’t even go there. The current group of Republicans haven’t lived up to their promises . . . at all. Second read the Constitution … it speaks of three specific branches of government, each with specific powers. Executive Orders under the color of law usurp the Legislative Branch. Your man has put is so deep in debt, has used the IRS and DOJ to do his dirty work, has ignited racial tension, he has attacked state sovereignty, he has gone off like a loose canon before the facts proved him wrong (and he has yet to admit one error or apologize for the pain his lies have caused; he’s refused to stand up or take action on behalf of American citizens held hostage, he has given away more freebies than Santa Claus, has turned many of our allies against us, has thrown allies under the bus, and the list goes on. Russia is on the verge of starting another cold war. Has he protected and defended the Constitution of the United States that he swore in the Presidential Oath of Office — the one that is in the Constitution? I don’t believe he’s even tried. It’s his way and no other. So, Mr. Reality Check, give your answers and replies serious thought . . . his actions are there for the world (and The People) to see.

        1. Reality Check says

          Well Gray, it’s obvious you are not dealing with a full deck.

          “This man has put us deep in debt”

          hardly silly tool of Right Wing Propaganda.

          the GOP created MOST of the debt and CAUSED most of Obama’s debt.

          does the DIM Gray not know that Ronny Reagan TRIPLED the national debt.

          Low Info Gray seems to not be aware that Bush One DOUBLED the debt AGAIN.

          Clinton the Dem did little damage

          THEN Bush Two added 76% MORE to the debt and THAT did not include the WARS he started.

          THEN low info Tool of the Right, Obama was GIVEN a 1.4 Trillion deficit budget the day he tool office, so you can ADD THAT to GW.

          then there are little BILLS TO PAY like Medicare Part D that was NOT PAID FOR by the GOP who passed IT and or course THE 1.7 Trillion TAX CUT that GW gave out did not help the Debt, did it tool of the right.

          You NEED more education about the debt?

          Oh one last thing

          “U.S. Deficit Shrinking At Fastest Pace Since WWII, Before Fiscal Cliff”

          Believe it or not, the federal deficit has fallen faster over the past three years than it has in any such stretch since demobilization from World War II.

          In fact, outside of that post-WWII era, the only time the deficit has fallen faster was when the economy relapsed in 1937, turning the Great Depression into a decade-long affair.

          Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:

          1. Gray_Doug says

            Have a nice day reality. You haven’t convinced me and you won’t give me the time of day. Time will be the judge between what we believe to be true. Best of luck to you and yours.

          2. Reality Check says

            Well Gray, why do you insist on avoiding FACTS while pretending to be informed?

            lets discus some more nutty you posted.

            “He has attacked state sovereignty. He goes off like a loose canon before the facts are known.”

            such a talking point.
            Obama is very cool calm and collected, probably why he is popular around the world.

            Now when pressed for an EXAMPLE you will give me some excuse because talking points are not real and you will be lashing out as your world crumbles around you.

  31. billie says

    I hold the utmost respect for the office of the president of the US. I hold no respect for this individual occupying the office. Through him we have been invaded across our southern border and infiltration through our airports. With mr obama we have nothing but chrisis over chrisis, racial problems that have been instigated by his minions, dumbing of our brightest with his instigation of CCore. The worst of things is obama playing lawmaker by executive order, bypassing congress, and calling these illegal orders law.

    1. Reality Check says

      “Through him we have been invaded across our southern border”

      I will now prove you are A TOOL of the Right Wing Propaganda.

      “The number of Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. illegally has declined. In 2014, 5.6 million unauthorized immigrants from
      Mexico lived in the U.S., down by about 1 million since 2007. Despite
      the drop, Mexicans still make up about half (49% in 2014) of
      unauthorized immigrants. At the same time, unauthorized immigration
      overall has leveled off in recent years. ”

      I await your links to prove you are not a Brainwashed drone vomiting Propaganda.

    2. Reality Check says

      “dumbing of our brightest with his instigation of CCore”

      I will now prove once again that you are A TOOL of the Right Wing Propaganda.

      “Although they only recently captured national attention, the Common
      Core standards – which lay out what students should know and be able to
      do by each grade – have been in the works since at least 2008. It all
      started with former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, who was the
      2006-07 chair of the National Governors Association and now leads the
      University of California system, says Dane Linn, a vice president of the
      Business Roundtable who oversees its Education and Workforce

      While serving as chair, Napolitano wrote an initiative for the year,
      as every past chair had done and as every chair has since. According to
      Linn, who at the time was serving as director of the NGA’s Educational
      Policy Division, Napolitano’s initiative had a strong focus on improving
      math and science education, as well as the workforce.”

      Gee con, did you read the part about it being developed by the STATES back in 2008 BEFORE Obama was elected.

      AND moron of the right, it is NOT a compulsory Federal program.

      STOP LYING like a common terrorist

      1. jaybird says

        Governors were signing off on the program. 2 Professors, math and English would not sign off on the program because of it’s flaws.

  32. jaybird says

    Contractor David Miliband head of International Rescue Committee Aid admitted in an article that “the anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to global governance”. He makes $600,000 per year running the largest US refugee resettlement agency. Everyone should show their anger and also subscribe to Ann Corcoran’s “Refugee Resettlement”, and another one “American Resistance”, she has a lot of information..

    1. CCblogging says

      That global government that the globalists intend to implement has a deadline, it’s the year 2030. The NWO is to be run by the Marxist/Muslim UN and it is called UN Agenda 2030. This NWO will override all American law, all American rights, all American freedoms, the US Constitution & our nation’s sovereignty. There will be no borders anymore and the American Republic is to become a memory with their implementation of UN Agenda 2030. As I said, the globalists intend to have this world government fully implemented by 2030, just 15 short years from now. This link reveals what you can expect living under UN Agenda 2030

      1. jaybird says

        Yes, I know about Agenda 21 2030 and have read it. Everyone is so focused on who did what on these sites that they loose track of how important this election is and what the end game is. So, if our anger about the refugee resettlement is causing problems, we should show more of it in public.

        1. Reality Check says

          well all the GOP support this take over via the TPP.

          Only the Dems are against it, so….

          1. jaybird says

            That is not true. Trump said it was a bad deal, Cruz wants to change it, Huckabee is against it, Rand Paul is against it. I did not check with Congress or the Senate but there are a lot more against it.

      2. Reality Check says

        Oh and even Fox News thinks you are a moron.

        U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

        The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

        1. CCblogging says

          You are a fool

  33. oaking says

    What makes ME angry is the elected representatives that we voted into office that turn around and fail to even attempt to deliver

  34. PBHayes says

    How can anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Socialist or whatever look at the state of our nation and the world and still believe Obama and Hillary Clinton have even the slightest idea of how to run a country. My God I say to you blind idiots please stop your insane support for these assholes and vote for those who actually care about this country and its people.

    1. Reality Check says

      THIS tell me you are an IDIOT

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 17,000.

      Oh and even Fox News thinks you are a moron.

      U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

  35. CCblogging says

    America is a powder keg and the spark may be Oregon. It not, it’s coming. Are you armed? If not, get yourself armed now! Obama is importing his massive Civilian army that he promised to create. Obama’s foot soldiers are young Muslim men of Jihad age and he’s bringing them here as fast as he can. You can safely bet that Barack Hussein Obama will arm these monsters and then use the civil upheaval it brings to declare Martial Law. Get yourself armed!

    1. Reality Check says

      “and then use the civil upheaval it brings to declare Martial Law.”

      didn’t you FOOLS say Obama was going to help the Muslims attack us during Xmas?

      Seem yet another prediction bites the dust.

      How about the Ebola attack he was going to orchestrate?
      What about those ISIS bases in Mexico he had built so they could be killing us?

      Been over a year now, they lost?

      get yourself a BRAIN.

      1. CCblogging says

        Fool, don’t you ever watch the news? Obama’s imported Jihadists did try to attack us during Christmas but they were apprehended before they could kill Americans. You are beyond stupid. Fool!

  36. daveveselenak says

    If anyone is not angry at what this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his homo and lezbo commie minions and his and the ole ugly commie whore Hillary have done to this once great nation then they are either evil, traitors or dumb as sh^t! Your damn right I’m angry and you can’t make me feel guilty for being a freedom loving patriot, hell, that is the problem, not enough of the sheeple are angry at all! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION as the new Hitler makes his move to disarm “US” ! Armr=============================?, you will be needing them – I guarantee you! mInr, NSA!

    1. Reality Check says

      the problem Dave is you cons are just BRAINWASHED tools of the right.

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 17,000.

      you’re not freedom loving.
      Those people DON’T LIE about their country like you do.

    2. Reality Check says

      “as the new Hitler makes his move to disarm “US””


      1. daveveselenak says

        You and the rest of your kind have their heads so far up the new Hitler’s ass that his excrement is coming out of your mouth! Read:

        Obama Announces his Executive Gun Control Plans for 2016

        Posted on January 4, 2016 by Onan Coca — 60 Comments

        Hey everybody! President Obama has just released his most recent address from the White House, and it’s a disgusting New Year’s gift for America. In this week’s address President Obama sounds a happy note as he tells all America he is preparing to strip us of our God-given rights.

        1. Reality Check says

          THAT was a con proving something?

          do you know what the word “disarm” means?

          doubtful based on your stupid post.

  37. crystalpoint says

    I to am angry about how the news media portrays this problem, and how you do your surveys!

    Ray P. Smith, Sr.

  38. hrandym says

    Dick Tracy.

  39. Marios says

    Elect Hillary and the country is doomed. God Help Us. You go against the Clinton regime most likely you will be found DEAD

    1. Reality Check says

      considering the GOP almost collapsed the entire planets economy last time, WHY would we let them back in charge?
      you seem SO ignorant about what has happened since Obama took over for the moron GOP.

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 17,000.

      SO, why Hillary scares you is testament of you being LOW INFO.

    2. Reality Check says

      “You go against the Clinton regime most likely you will be found DEAD”
      so Obama is still alive,
      what about Ken starr?
      how about the heads of the first SEVEN Benghazi investigations?

      I guess you were just LYING like a good con.

      or is it that low IQ showing it’s ugly head?

  40. Reality Check says

    One hopes that eventually the low info Right will figure out that they are ANGRY because they spend too much time reading HATE articles like THIS web site.

    The HATE starts with YOU guys.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      There you are my favorite little fluffer. You can’t imagine how utterly thrilled I was to hear that Hitlery, the corrupt liar, unveiled her “secret weapon, Limp Willy”. I already had my videos ready to clown them and they’re a HUGE hit!!! I have her screaming that women who are victims of rape should be believed then followed up by her attacking her rapist husband’s victims relentlessly. Someone also linked a HILARIOUS cartoon video of her literally getting SCHLONGED by Sanders and OlBluegums!!! That one is burning it up!!! I went ahead and copied and pasted your responses from this site to post to my HITLERY CLOWNton and BURNOUT PANDERS pages. People LOVE reading the rantings of a blathering moron and you, are the best at it!!!

      1. Reality Check says

        don’t forget to post my links accurately.
        That requires an IQ you have proven to not have.

        1. Austinniceguy says

          LOL, the moron lib still hasn’t figured out how to find my HITLERY CLOWNton and BURNOUT PANDERS pages and wants to talk IQ’s? That’s rich!!! You are missing out on some great videos since she both played the “because I’m a woman” card AND, when she decided to trot out her RAPIST HAS-BEEN “husband”. She definitely put herself in a position to have her fat, squishy ass handed to her. This is going to be a BLAST!!!

          1. Reality Check says

            If you want me to see your “work” you will just have to post a link.

            It’s really not of much importance to me, what a loon does.

          2. Austinniceguy says

            I sent you a link just before Christmas but I guess you are just too stupid to have followed it. Well, since it isn’t of much importance to you, I won’t bother re-sending it. I did just read that Hitlery again decided to call the families of HER murder victims in Benghazi, LIARS!!! The reason that is important is that Trump is going to trot them out and bring their stories FRONT and CENTER!!! She thinks she can call everyone liars and that no one will notice? Not a chance, she’s going to walk around with a great big scarlet “A” on her pudgy, wrinkled forehead.

          3. Reality Check says


          4. Austinniceguy says

            Oh, don’t worry too much, I’ll be posting most of the videos and information on MANY sites. We want to reach as many voters as possible. As I’ve said before, she constantly delivers new information for us to use against her.

  41. PBHayes says

    Once again here is “Reality Check” disregarding reality. You are the perfect dupe and representative for ignorance and moronic statements aka Obama/Hillary Clinton supporter. You are not intelligent enough for an exchange of thought.

    1. Dan says

      The only thing worse than the professional trolls are the ones that do it because of their “feeling”, what a sad lot.

      1. Reality Check says

        Dan seems upset that I have proved him to be a LYING POS so many times.

        1. Dan says

          The day that I let, what I consider to be the most pathetic form of human in the word, get to me, I will gladly eat a bullet. Until that day DEAL WITH IT SISSY!

          1. Reality Check says

            when Hillary becomes pres, that bullet will look very appetizing to you cons.

          2. Dan says

            You really are delusional.

          3. Reality Check says

            you should look up the “Blue wall”.

            good reading for the con.
            that way the disappointment won’t be so hard on you.

          4. Dan says

            The only thing that disappoints me is the willingful gullibility and ignorance that my fellow countrymen seem to embrace.

          5. Reality Check says

            only YOU keep posting LIES and NEVER a link to back anything up.

            Sorry tool of the right, but IT IS YOU who are the brainwashed American.

            I can prove that by busting ANY fact you post.
            (about Obama and this administration)

          6. Dan says

            I am tired of providing facts to blatantly ignorant scoundrels such as you. I won’t waste any more of my time trying to persuade you pompous, psychotic and willingful blind allegiance followers to see the light. You are like a virus, either treat it or allow it to run its course.

          7. Reality Check says

            Not to worry, you haven’t posted any facts so far.

          8. Dan says

            Miserable, pessimistic, pathetic people like you enjoy trolling.

          9. Reality Check says

            Calling out the LIARS

          10. Dan says

            Actually, I am a useful tool in defending the constitution. You on the other hand, are a useful idiot of the elitists.

      2. Arizona Don says

        He like all the left is blind to what is happening.

        1. Reality Check says

          Is being specific over your level of grey matter Dan?

        2. Dan says

          They won’t be laughing much longer, or talking for that matter.

          1. Reality Check says

            laughing all the way to election night.

          2. Arizona Don says

            I know!

    2. Reality Check says

      yet you are too low info to debate the liberal.

      Tell me, what have I said that was not factual?

      is responding to me directly too hard for the low functioning con?

      1. Arizona Don says


        1. Reality Check says

          try to be specific LYING POS.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            I’ve responded to you and you just retreat and hide. I think you are finally accepting that all the BS your POS Hitlery has pulled in the past is coming back to haunt her. Trump has his team putting together a full range of ads that will put EVERYTHING that fat, old, lying, corrupt, walking scandal, Hitlery has done FRONT AND CENTER!!! Her rapist has-been “husband” is an added bonus for Trump. He’s going dunk both their heads in the toilet they so enjoy living in. This is going to be a blast!!!

          2. Reality Check says

            I never hide tool, sometimes your stupidity does not warrant a response.

  42. Austinniceguy says

    And EVERYONE should believe the numbers from the moronic NBC. They’ve always told the truth and would never want to mislead anyone into believing what simply isn’t true, oh no!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      that must be WHY ALL the GOP are on NBC everyday telling America to believe them.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        That’s as predictable as I expect from you, my precious little fluffer. So, you didn’t respond to my response to you, I guess you couldn’t come up with anything worth reading. I just read another article that states that the Dem party is starting to wonder if Hitlery and Limp-Willies baggage might be too big of a target. It turns out they would have preferred she have to campaign against Bush because they’re sure she could beat him. Trump has developed an arsenal of her 40+ years of evil deeds and is going to trot out every last one of them and staple it to her BIG, MORONIC forehead for all the world to see. I’m THRILLED that her rapist has-been husband also put a BIG, BEAUTIFUL target on his forehead. There are plenty of scandals to staple to him, as well. This is going to be GREAT!!!

        1. Reality Check says

          you DO KNOW that Clinton got re-elected AFTER the scandals.
          (probably not, due to no working brain)

          1. Austinniceguy says

            I did know that. Just like OlBluegums was re-elected but, I’m thrilled he was in office to do even more stuff for us to use against them both. If you think it’s not going to affect her numbers just wait until you see how the information will be packaged and disseminated. That fat old whore and her rapist husband won’t have anywhere to turn. Like I said, even the dems are starting to look at her a bit differently. Like I said, the stuff is going to come out and it is going to be delicious watching her have to watch the country re-live it all. The cartoon of Burnout and OlBluegums SCHLONGING her is burning up the web!!!

  43. MAHB001 says

    I am angry about the liberal media.

    Join the fight, without the media, 0bama would not be in office.

    1. Reality Check says

      ya those 65 million voters had nothing to do with IT.
      Etch-a-sketch Romney who lied 27 times in one debate.

      sure con, you keep telling yourself it was someone else fault.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Who told you 65 million people voted?

        Have those same people lied to you again? The answer is YES, troll.

        Only fools believe someone that is a proven liar.

    2. jaybird says

      What does that site do? I think I put my name on it.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Thanks, Stop back by at the end of the week. I have an update coming out.

        We are boycotting the Advertisers that spend money on ABC, NBC, CBS news programs. We politiely ask the advertisers to move their ads off the news programs to other time slots. When they do this, the money that supports these corrupt stations will dry up.

        Most importantly, it unites everybody’s voice so that we all will be heard.

  44. willynilly says

    I knew what obama was he didn’t fool me, the only way to fix this nation is to vote out every member of congress that has voted against the traditional values that made this country great….want to know where to start? Start with Kate’s law…those who voted against keeping the citizens of this country safe agaisnt illegal aliens. If they voted against it they need to go.

  45. Bob Stewart says

    I’m more disappointed than angry. I’m disappointed that the American people don’t understand the freedom they are about to lose by electing socialists to office. The republican leadership lied to it’s voters. The media tries to impose it’s agenda by deliberately distorting the news. Morality has completely broken down and sex has been elevated to dangerous self absorption. Democrats who hate freedom wish to impose government on the lives of all Americans. Political corruption will never be punished as political parties exist to deny justice and foster politicians who lie, cheat and steal.

  46. Jim Freund says

    All the greedy people that keep putting these prices up are the evil ones. Has nothing to do with the president. Without the constant rise of prices, we would be in good shape !

  47. William Earl Ellis says

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND GET ALL NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. hora says

    Yes peoples are to much angry, are another reason add too, flood with illegals criminal, money for veteran and senior Citizen give to illegals, also are so much peoples suffer, a big deep corruption and abuse power, majority don’t won Dems liberals in power, won simple destroy a Dems party, flood with muslin and refugee, in one word Dems are abuser and destroyer and must go out. Obama are nothing, illegal alien President, Dems commit high treason, must paid. Now imaginate if Clinton or Sanders win, USA cease of exist. Are coming a storm of a century, liberals go out power or be will run real liberals blood.

  49. del says

    How is this old shrew still walking around a free woman????? Hardly worth a shot at president and a real disgrace to any idiot that would even consider her!

  50. wildeagleone says

    I believe the leaders of the Republican were the first to be castrated and then the other men fell in line and had theirs taken away too. Let’s face it, they are afraid of the dark so the black man in the White House has them frightened to death thus, they have been stealing their paychecks from the American people for 7 long years and should have to pay the treasury back for all back wages and perks

  51. Gunflint Roseberg says

    King ding-a-lings dream. America with a One Party System & One World Government. The King is working for who ? The Club of Rome/Agenda 21/Jeremiah Project.

  52. GuardianFlame says

    WOW! The reason the democrats numbers are so low is the majority of them walk around with their heads in the clouds, totally unaware of what is really happening in their lives. Duh and duh duh. How do you actually think our Country got into this destruction mode under their watch. Do you honestly believe they have their heads in the game? No, they don’t. They are a bunch of pink panty wearing, heads in the clouds, reality disclaimers that think they are the most brilliant people in the land and should make all the decisions for those less brilliant. Well, look at the mess they have made!!! I need not list the abominations they let loose on our Society because everyone knows what they are. But the most heinous of their empty headed actions was electing a fraud president with no known documents (that anyone has ever seen including his own Party) and a poor record in Congress when he did show up; who professes to be a Christian but continually rips at anything Christian and has muslims on the White House lawn to share Ramadan with HIM; who is more than likely Gay and has adamantly pushed the Gay agenda on this entire Nation; who has caused many of our top Military Generals to resign from Duty thus leaving our Military in the hands of less experienced, less knowledgeable Military Advisers so obama could pressure his demands without argument; and in removing the top brass, bho was able to downsize our Military to a smaller defensive group leaving us exposed to foreign intervention. I could go on and on about the Negativity this hideous demon has carved into the heart of America.

    You don’t have to be a Conservative to be worried about what is happening to our country. Independents and democrats are now showing concern (a little late my brothers!) about what is happening to America and can it be repaired and renewed again. It CAN! And it WILL to the chagrin of obama’s hatred of our Nation. What he has broken, fragmented, burned, cast aside, tried to invade and change, will come to a grinding halt when a new Conservative President steps in to office. Pray that it is Trump who isn’t afraid of bho, hillary, or any of those muslim puppets obama put into office. Trump will go after them all, build unclimbable fences on our borders backed by Military power that he will rebuild and bring back its strength, search out any and all muslims that refuse to assimilate into our American culture but cause pain and death to American people and deport them all! Trump has a huge job to repeal all of obama’s legislation (which he can do as the new President), but Trump will and our Country will start rebounding. The U.N. can turn inside out, but Trump will not let them dictate to us what will happen and how many refugees we are supposed to take. No, Trump will refuse to expose Americans to the dangers obama has already done and never cared when Americans were killed.

    FYI: Have you heard about the science of body language? It is the subconscious involuntary movements of the human body when a subject matter is being discussed. Next time obama is speaking in front of a crowd regarding American deaths, watch his facial movements and his eyes. He doesn’t mean one word of what he is saying…all of it is lies. Ask any Profiler. They will tell you that he is all manipulation and lies and it is so easy for him because he is a narcissist and they believe that they alone are smarter than anyone else on earth and that everyone agrees with their decisions. Lies become truths to a Narcissist because his world is all that is important and he starts seeing his lies as truths.

    He has been observed and analyzed by many psychiatrists and they have all called him out as a “Mega Narcissist”. He will eventually turn on his own party and advisors because he thinks he knows it all. He is the perfect storm to destroy America from the inside out and that is what he has been trying to do. Unfortunately for him, Patriotic Americans are resilient and determined and fight him all the way.

    The Monkey king has made more enemies in the American masses than any other president. When he leaves, there will be many who want to remove him permanently from this earth. His Secret Service will have a harder job then to protect him (they dislike both bho and Michael a lot) and may prefer to turn their heads are the right time. Truthfully, I believe bho will leave this country because of the overall hatred and escape to some foreign land will no one will know him (or go back to his birthplace in Kenya where he is still their “King” villager). Lucky Secret Service doesn’t have to follow them there…party time for the S.Service!! We can all have a party to send him off…or naught.

  53. GuardianFlame says

    Politics breeds evil, evil directs politics. Put an evil, self centered, ego-maniacal woman in any place of power, she will destroy the world around her and eventually destroy herself. A.K.A. Hillary is on that road of destruction. She’s already killed so many people that her coffin is covered with snakes for each person she allowed to die on her watch or had killed. Now she is being prosecuted over and over again and will be prosecuted until all the lies and manipulations are exposed. The Wicked Queen of the East is slowly hanging from the Tree of Truth and obama is standing by pointing his finger and blaming her for his transgressions. Hopefully, the Tree will catch fire and destroy them both as the earth opens and swallows them. It’s the best video game on the market!

  54. TAM44 says

    Pardon me, America lost it’s number one rating when that lying treasonous sissified Muslim BOY barack hussein obama was placed in the white house by fraudulent means. Every thing obama has done is to cripple this country and make it weak for his muslim brotherhood. obama is anti God, America, our Constitution and our military and against Israel.

    1. Reality Check says

      Seems that you have been in that cave for a little too long.

      “Obama Administration Wins Approval Across the World”

      The Obama administration has the highest approval rating of
      any country in the world among foreign citizens, according to a new
      poll conducted by Gallup. Forty-five percent of those polled approved of
      U.S. leadership, down one percentage point from 2013.

      maybe you can link me to something to prove you’re not an ISIS terrorist.

      1. TAM44 says

        I’m a vet and fought for this country you piece of obama squeeze.

        1. Reality Check says

          what does THAT have to do with you just LYING about our country?

          1. TAM44 says

            It’s not a lie you imbecile, God you’re brain dead and just to stupid to lie down and and let mother nature take her course.

          2. Reality Check says

            Ya silly vet, YOU LIED and I PROVED IT.

            so unless you have a link, you are NO BETTER than a common ISIS operative.

            we call them TERRORISTS.

            The liberal posts a link.

            the cons Flaps it’s Gums.

            the difference between the two groups.

            Facts versus Hot AIR.

          3. TAM44 says

            You’re a GD obama TROLL and don’t bother me any more A$$ wipe.

          4. Reality Check says

            Fuck Obama, I am a Patriot and YOU are a LYING terrorist POS

  55. Reality Check says

    Here is some news for you Americans concerned about this country.

    The American Public’s opportunity to comment on the TPP is only open for EIGHT more DAYS.
    THEN they are going to PASS IT.

    Have you heard any outcry from your conservative leaders to COMMENT on this END to more American jobs?
    Have you heard any outcry from the MSM at all?
    (several lost their jobs a MSNBC for talking about it.)

    all you NWO enthusiasts.
    THIS IS IT. the BIG MOVE to make America more of their play thing.

    “you can get to the comment area via this link” said reality Check the patriot.

    the GOP controlled congress with pass this thing if we don’t make noise.

    time to wake up people.

  56. mike says

    Obummer is the daddy of the blm movement along with sharpton, and jesse. The three stooges of race baiting

  57. Conservative says

    How could it not be obvious to all that Obama has set out to divide and destroy the U.S.A., her Constitution and our freedoms. He is obsessed with an authority not given to him; he has made up his Cabinet of Muslims, he has disdain for the U.S. Military, he constantly lies to us, he plays golf and vacations after mass murders but sheds crocodile tears when he broadcasts his Gun-Control measures, he has never consulted with the mayors of the Democratic crime ridden cities to clean up the illegal guns that are killing blacks on a daily basis. Democrats are hellbent on keeping blacks poor and dependent living on the government ‘plantations’. He would not allow for school choice in those neighborhoods because he has to keep ‘indoctrinating’ future generations about government dependence. All the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics are in the black neighborhoods but immorality of every sort is accepted and praised as ‘normal’ and the mothers of the poor black kids are kids themselves and the mothers encourage their young daughters to have babies so they can increase their government check. The ‘plantation’ blacks are running in gangs, doing drugs, confronting police with violence and they they howl when the police must use force to protect themselves or others. They don’t care about what is going on in these neighborhoods until their actions result in arrests or deaths. Then we always hear ‘what a good boy he was’.

  58. RMCSRET says

    I notice the one thing in the NBC Poll that was not there is this, THE NEWS MEDIA MAKES ME ANGRY

  59. Robert Barnes says

    EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE see this video at Also see and ckick on RINOS You are now on the road to truth

  60. Randy Gaiser says

    The GOP has FAILED, totally, in representing the people that elected them to office and need to be shown the door to RETIREMENT. Any member of the House or the Senate that calls their-self a Republican and has a voting record of supporting McConnell or Ryan (Boehner Lite) needs to be either recalled or primarried and Reince Pribus needs to be forced out of office as GOP Chairman.

  61. Eshmoe says

    Obama should be impeached and removed from office. He has violated the Constitution more than sixteen times! He is a Muslim and his agenda is to destroy America!

    1. Reality Check says

      Oh, sixteen times?

      lets hear them.
      (like that will happen)

  62. Eshmoe says

    Everyone claims Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is not a religion, it is a fanatical ideology, based on the ramblings of an insane dude named Mohammad! What peaceful religion would preach “kill everyone who is not a Muslim?” Read the Koran, the book they live by!!

  63. VirgoVince says