The Perils of Accidental Racism


A couple of weeks ago, a CNN reporter was forced to apologize for using the term “colored people” on the air. In her apology, she said she meant to say “people of color.” This explanation was sufficient, proving that we’ve reached the point in America’s history where logic itself has started to break down. People are running around being governed solely by their irrational emotions, ready to unleash hell on anyone who triggers them. There’s no time for even a moment’s thought, apparently, because it would take only a moment to realize these two phrases mean exactly the same thing.

The standard for racism in this country used to be based on intent. Today, we define racism by impact, even if the “impact” is just one dude who got his feelings hurt. And since you can always find someone to be offended by something, you can find racism wherever you look for it.

In recent years, this has transformed the following non-racist things into racism: The word “niggardly,” disliking Barack Obama, certain Halloween costumes, disliking rap music, liking rap music too much, dating only white people, serving another culture’s cuisine, attending a Donald Trump rally, the phrase “all lives matter,” describing a black suspect as a black suspect, the Confederate Flag, the word “thug,” and much, much more.

You think our prisons are overcrowded now? Just wait until liberals start putting hate speech laws on the books.

Last week, a sixth-grade teacher in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas divided her students up into two groups and allowed them to come up with their own team nicknames. One group chose “Dream Team.”

The other group chose “Jighaboos.”

When one of the students told his father about the nicknames, he was outraged.

“You put Dream Team and then you have the Jighaboos,” he told a local Fox affiliate. “Really? That’s unacceptable.”

Though spelled differently, the word “jigaboo” is a racist slur against black people.

Now, you may have already known that. The father obviously already knew that. And we may even be able to safely assume that, on the whole, “most people” know that jigaboo is a racist word.

But can we also agree that there may be people who don’t know? Isn’t that possible? And if they don’t know, what offense have they committed?

The teacher in question claimed to belong to this group. “The teacher took it down,” said a district spokesperson. “She was mortified, and she cried.”

But this didn’t mollify the father.

“Ignorance is not a defense,” he said.

Hmm. About that…

In this case, ignorance is not only “a” defense; it’s the only defense that she could possibly use. And it’s a perfectly reasonable one. Unless this guy is a trained scholar of racial slurs, guess what? There are probably dozens – if not hundreds – of such slurs that he is utterly unaware of. But since he knows this one, he can’t comprehend the idea that someone else on the planet doesn’t. Not because he’s stupid (though he may be); because he doesn’t want to comprehend it. He wants to feel that righteous outrage. He wants some drama in his life. So he took nothing and turned it into something.

No word on what nickname the teacher chose to replace The Jighaboos.

Maybe “Boos of Jigha” would work.

  1. Tiger says

    So let me get this straight, they call themselves African Americans even tough they haven’t been from Africa in how many hundreds of years? Aren’t most people from Africa black? They call their movement Black Lives Matter, so they called their color out, they said they are black people, people of the black color or colored people whose color is black and then you have the Black Panthers, again they are coloring themselves and they are colored people, people who are the color black, I mean they are not purple or blue are they they are black people.

    I got a headache now.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Take an aspirin. It is not colored….

      bahahahahahah….. I am so tired of PC crap… Have a great labor day weekend…

      1. Tiger says

        Yeh for sure you have a good one also. The heat here in Florida is staggering and the mugginess only adds to the misery.

        1. MAHB001 says

          For some reason I thought you were in Texas… In either case, it can be muggy.

          1. Tiger says

            Born in Texas, San Antonio, Books General on the base.

          2. Julie Adams says

            Maine’s been real muggy too, though not as bad I assume. Fortunately fall is coming. Last night was the first time this summer we didn’t have the air conditioner on in the bedroom.

          3. Tiger says

            Love Maine lived there and gorgeous state.

          4. Julie Adams says

            Yes it’s gorgeous but kind of expensive compared to other places.

          5. Tiger says

            Really wow hummmm has changed but then I was there years ago. I remember the sign going into the state “Welcome to Maine we have the blackest land and the whitest people.” Bet that sign long gone being as O dropped tons of Somali in Lewiston and Porland.

          6. Julie Adams says

            I believe the sign coming into the state now says, “Welcome to Maine, the way life should be.” I would agree except for the high taxes. Yes we do have a lot of Muslims now to, mostly from Somalia I believe.

          7. Tiger says

            My Lord yes Somalia the worst of the worst the savages of savages. I will NEVER forget the following.

          8. Tiger says


          9. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Love LePage!

          10. Tiger says

            Seems like an upright guy. Most Mainers I knew didn’t mince words and they didn’t take any BS very honest people.

          11. davidnrobyn says

            Wowser. My wife and I live in the Pacific NW and don’t have air conditioning. When it gets too warm in our bedroom, we sleep downstairs on the living room floor. This year we did it two nights. Global warming??

          12. AKLady2015 says

            I live in Alaska.
            This year we imstalled air conditioning. Many of our frineds did as well.

      2. aschark says

        An aspirin is white… and it works.

        1. RealityVSillusion says

          my aspirins are ORANGE!

          1. Susan says

            In the image and likeness of Donald Trump!!

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Hilar’s mentor was Roert Byrd KKK recruiter.

          3. RealityVSillusion says

            Trump is not Orange. Hillary might look good in it. Maybe you are being accidentally racist?

          4. Tiger says

            That is just the coating the inside that does the job is white.

          5. JeanneD says

            OMG, stop !

          6. Tiger says

            LMAO truth hurts. ;p

          7. RealityVSillusion says

            Aren’t we talking about the outsides here? If we were just talking about insides, there’d be no discussion, no racism. No obvious reason to hate.

          8. Tiger says

            No we are talking about an aspirin here.

          9. David in MA says

            Take your rose colored glasses off and look again.

          10. kmdilli says

            Now THAT was non-racist funny!

          11. Jarhead says

            Butt only white ass burns matter?

        2. MAHB001 says


        3. Tiger says

          Wow great play on words wow.

          1. pmbalele says

            Now TPs, Repubs and you are listening to me – take Aspirin before November 8 to avoid heart attacks. But to save your heart you may as well plan to vote for Hillary. She nice but tough on TPs and Repubs in Congress. These are responsible for Benghazi, Boston explosion, fertilizer plant explosion, racism, sexism bigotry and corruption.

          2. Tiger says

            She is a shill and a hack and a liar and a piece of crap that needs throwing out.

          3. movingwaters says

            How dumb can you be and still breathe. Hillary is one of the world’s top criminals. And she is responsible for Benghazi. She has many crimes under her belt, and plans many more before her entry into hell. But Benghazi alone would have kept any decent person from voting for her. A substantial percentage of the Democrat base will vote for a Democrat if it is Satan himself. Woops! That horse already left the barn.

        4. Jarhead says

          White ass burns matter!

      3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        Color doesn’t doesn’t matter its who you are and what you are that matters.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree 100%,

          My comments were made in sarcasm…

        2. Jarhead says

          AMEN !

      4. JeanneD says

        You too !
        By the way, what would you like to be called, those of you on this site?
        I would like to say, by your name, but I know you call each other “brother” or “sister.”
        What would you like others to call you ?

        1. MAHB001 says

          Brothers, Sisters, Friends, all work for me..

          Go out and make it a great day!

          1. JeanneD says

            I hope your day is great, as well , my friend !

      5. pmbalele says

        Did you hear about these TPs and Repubs in Congress? They want to impeach the IRS commissioner for delaying conservative orgs being processed as non-profit establishments. But I know these so called conservative such as: WND, Fix the Nation, Total Conservative, WNM, Patriots, Conservative Free Press, American Family Association (AFA), Endorse This; 1776 Coalition, Restore American Glory, Patriot News; Liberty Headlines are fake. They were established to bilk you and other gullible people like Tiger. IRS should do it job unfettered otherwise we won’t have the military, good hwys and schools. That is why we have a lot of bright kids who don’t have college education. So this Country recruits people from abroad such as India, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya. Some of these foreigners are trusted to run government computers. And this explains why you should not vote for Trump. He has evaded IRS by depositing his money in Belize to avoid tax. Please vote for Hillary on November 8.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I support the ousting of the Corrupt IRS commissioner and anybody that has lied to the American People.

          The politicizing of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, should concern all Americans. As you know those corrupt agencies and leaders of those agencies have been using their power for political means…

          If we allow this to happen, soon their power will be used against the left as well.

          1. pmbalele says

            What – you want ousting of the Corrupt IRS commissioner and hire you in his place. You will bankrupt the country in 3 days.

          2. MAHB001 says

            What are you talking about fool?

      6. movingwaters says

        I have news for you. A lot of black people are also tired of the PC crap, and see right through it better than many white people. And BTW, I am totally Caucasian. I talk to everybody about religion and politics, whether they like it or not. Most people like it.

    2. CrustyOldGeezer says

      Take, for instance, a Completely SCIENTIFIC TERM like, ohh, say, NEGRO.

      NOW you have more dirty diapers than the entire worlds washing machines can clean in a month.

      And they still complain their willingness to be offended is paramount.

      Silly me… I always thought my willingness to NOT GIVE A DAMN had more value than tears from a complete fool.

      1. Deborah G says

        The class of the perpetually offended sees racism in a bowl of Jello. Never mind the spokesperson for years was a black guy

    3. David Stewart says

      And what does the NAACP stand for? Always got a laugh out of that!

      1. Tiger says

        Right on.

    4. Deborah G says

      And then call each other “nigga” and want black only segregated dorms, safe places in libraries,cafeterias, decompression areas at college. Their entire focus is RACE yet we get called out for it.

      1. Tiger says

        I suppose they are taking advantage while O is still in office to do all the things they always wanted to do. Trump is badly needed.

        When a DON I told the CNA I didn’t want them calling one another that. Not in the facility.

      2. smogdew says

        Just read Georgetown University is giving preferential treatment for entry to blacks who are actually descendants of Slaves….called ‘reparation’ (Gag).
        I don’t recall Jewish people clamoring for ‘reparations’ after WWII and they had NOTHING>

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Moral Test

        This test only has one question, but it’s a very important one.

        By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally.

        The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision. Only you will know the results, so remember that your answer needs to be honest.


        You are in Florida, Miami to be specific.

        There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding.

        This is a flood of biblical proportions.

        You are a photojournalist working for a major newspaper, and you’re caught in the middle of this epic disaster. The situation is nearly hopeless.

        You’re trying to shoot career-making photos.

        There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing under the water.

        Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury.

        THE TEST:

        Suddenly you see a woman in the water.

        She is fighting for her life, trying not to be taken down with the debris.

        You move closer. Somehow the woman looks familiar.

        You suddenly realize who it is. It’s Hillary Clinton!

        At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to take her under forever.


        You can save the life of Hillary Clinton OR you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the last minutes of one of the world’s

        most powerful women hell bent on the destruction of the USA.


        Here’s the question, and please give an honest answer.

        “Would you

        a) select high contrast color film, or

        b) go with the classic simplicity of black and white?”

        Only in a AMERICA

        1. Deborah G says

          hahah I love it! I’d go with the stark black and white.(-

        2. Shirley Hemphill says

          I LOVE IT

        3. Beeotchstewie says

          I go with the color film, I would not want to be labeled racist for using the other.

    5. David in MA says

      The world over the word negro refers to black. I would be interested in what happens if a negro tells an arab muslim he objects to being called a negro.

      1. Tiger says

        Off with his head. Muhammad called them Raisen heads. He had them as slaves and he said only white people would be in his heaven.

        1. Deborah G says

          That’s odd because he was brown being a Middle Easterner. FAR from white

          1. Tiger says

            I know but if you read about him they say his skin white and his hair red that is why you see so many imams with red beards etc.

    6. kmdilli says

      I have yet to see a person whose skin is actually “black”. Pretty darned dark, but never truly what we consider “black”. Why have I also not heard of attacks on the languages that use “negro” for the color that translates to English as “black”? Hmmm, only in America, ay?
      To the story though- in a class full of 6th graders, I’ll ASSume about 25 to 30 pre-teens, maybe more, NOT ONE thought to mention being disturbed/offended/otherwise uncomfortable with the name that one group of students had chosen?
      Oh goody, another parent teaching their child to cry wolf over a WORD.

      1. Tiger says

        Oh I have seen black black…..when in Paris boy howdy I mean black.

      2. Mark Lahti says

        Can you imagine what a white person would look like if they actually were truly white? Just like the commercial says “do the tissue test”. Put a tissue up against your face and see just how white you really are. Color is just another way of separating or dividing people into groups. It has no real purpose and no real meaning. We are all people not tigers or antelopes or any other animal. I will probably never see in my life time that color will not matter. When will the human race grow up and realize that we are all the same under the skin. Get over it and get real. We have far more important things to resolve in our world than what color your skin is.

    7. kbmiller says

      My Webster’s dictionary defines black skinned people as ” Negro” or “Negroid”. Works for me.

      1. Tiger says

        But the dictionary isn’t PC.

        1. kbmiller says

          Why don’t we just defer to the Constitution and exercise our 1st amendment rights?

          1. Tiger says

            OHHHHH how they have tried. But not yet not yet.

          2. Deborah G says

            Now now now free speech allowed unless of course you are a liberal

          3. kbmiller says

            Yes, just like their boasts of wanting “Choice”. The IDIOT LEFT has decided that means, the Freedom for them to decide what choices everyone else makes are either acceptable to them or not. If not, then you’re a racist, misogynist, bigot or a hater.

  2. gotabgood says

    Racism….. in America???? Nah!! Just ask the supreme court who gutted the voting rights act… AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT ALL THE RED STATES PROVED THEY WEREN’T RACIST AT ALL BY RESTRICTING VOTES… GERRYMANDERING… what a lovely bunch of people we have on the right.. God fearing… family value party…

    1. jagdoran says

      I grew up in a racist household. My Mother referred to black people as jigaboos and always told us what was wrong with black folks such as they were dirty etc. My Mother didn’t know one black person. I met and roomed with a black man in the service and found out real fast that my Mother was all wrong. One of the nicest men I met in the service or anywhere.

      1. gotabgood says

        Good post… there are bad people in all races and all religions. but I think for the most part they are good..

        1. gotabgood says

          Are you for real?? Are you really that uninformed??
          North Carolina vote suppressors denied by the Supreme Court


          Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have
          launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the
          rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters,
          are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least
          one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according
          to a six-month-long, nationwide investigation by Al Jazeera America

          1. Miss Mellie says

            Al Jazeera, now THERE’S an unbiased bunch.

          2. gotabgood says

            God works in mysterious ways… God cautions you…

            Hebrews 13:2King James Version (KJV)
            2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

          3. Miss Mellie says

            What are you drinking? What does “visitations of angels” have to do with AlJazeera? However, YOU PEOPLE can never organize your thoughts in a logical way; always random anger with no continuity.

          4. gotabgood says

            I had a post all written out to you trying to explain what God was saying to ALL of us…. but I changed my mind. I don’t think you care one way or another.. what I am saying or what God is saying.
            “always random anger with no continuity”
            Tell me where do you find anger in this???

            God works in mysterious ways… God cautions you…
            Hebrews 13:2King James Version (KJV)
            2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

            You sure you are not just defensive and everything is an attack on you?

          5. Miss Mellie says

            Like most people whose ONLY use for the Bible is to ‘Prove a Point,” you are “rambling” again. One cannot pull a solitary verse out of the Bible and make a doctrine out of it. That is what you’re trying to do. I taught English Composition for many, many years; and I found this same kind of rambling: never getting to the point, in black students’ composition. Apparently it has to do with your thought patterns, processes?

          6. gotabgood says

            I give you as few verses as possible, it seems many words tend to confuse those on the right.
            Then maybe you can comprehend this..
            From cover to cover it is taught to love one another, to forgive one another, if you are well off and have two coats to give to those who have none. Jesus set an example for us to follow.. He shunned NO ONE!! He healed all, He gave food to all. He paid all equally. He said we were not to judge.. He was no respecter of person, the wages of sin is death.. and it was a lie that sent Him to the cross…You break one of the least of these.. You are guilty of ALL!!
            The cry is given in Revelation…. Come out of her ( her = church) my people…. evidently His people are in the wrong place….????

          7. Miss Mellie says

            Your point? You people are TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF MAKING a coherent thought.

          8. Tired... says

            Honest people should want an election that allows one vote per American citizen 18 years of age or older who is eligible to vote. Regardless of perspective, everyone should agree on that point unless they are dishonest. I grew up near the third largest city in my state. About 15 years ago the local newspaper ran a story about families who were upset to receive jury duty notices for relatives that had passed away years before. The catch? In order to be called for jury duty you had to have voted within the last two years. The city and the newspaper happened to be Democratic, so there was no follow up story.

            It is not unreasonable to require voter identification to verify citizenship and minimize multiple votes by one individual (such as the poll worker in Hamilton County, Ohio who voted for Obama 8 times); this effort should be supported by all, as should efforts to ensure that eligible voters are not disenfranchised. While we may disagree on many things, we all have a stake in the integrity of the election process.

          9. gotabgood says

            Voting is a right of all citizens. ID’s are common place in this world for all kinds of purposes. Mostly for good… but there is a group of people that use it to restrict voters. And one more thing. It seems the only one having this problem are the red states..
            I am going to give you references, something you didn’t do for me.. I am to accept your word on everything. I read the papers, I look at statistics.. I will now share with you.
            Wisconsin justice’s WWII-vet uncle couldn’t vote using military ID
            96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting ID
            Gerrymandering On Steroids’: How Republicans Stacked The Nation’s Statehouses




          10. Tired... says

            What exactly are you arguing? I made the point that both sides need to protected, yet somehow you seem to believe that I didn’t say what I clearly said. Please read my post again.

          11. gotabgood says

            “The catch? In order to be called for jury duty you had to have voted
            within the last two years. The city and the newspaper happened to be
            Democratic, so there was no follow up story.”

            It sounds to me you are saying there was a mistake made and since there was not a follow up story it was because it was a Democrat paper.

            I do not know how to respond to a person that tells me of a “story”.

            I know of a story that happened in North Carolina about 30.000 dead voters registered… I guess all Democrats…. but here is the webpage.


            I do not believe every story I read on here.
            When it comes to politics…. to avoid most of the corruption… get the money out of it. Including the lobbyist. Citizen United is the Mafia draped in our flag.

          12. Tired... says

            You are responding to a disagreement that doesn’t exist. “…his effort should be supported by all, as should efforts to ensure that
            eligible voters are not disenfranchised.”

            i understand your skepticism regarding stories and I feel the same way. However, I was there and read the story in the local paper, so I know from personal experience what was said…but I also understand why that is not good enough for you. However, since you want to see the other side of the argument, here you go:




            I hate the tit for tat stuff that goes on in postings like this. All I said was that everyone, regardless of politics, should be invested in fair elections…why exactly is that controversial?

          13. gotabgood says

            I went to your first website…. but before I comment on that. I read your bottom line.. which I totally agree with. It is when we go a little further than that and say… the Liberals this or the Democrats that… Then before I believe a word of what is said I want proof. For instance I went to your first reference.. the head lines were..

            Fraud: Local NBC Investigation Discovers Dozens of Illegal Voters in Florida

            So I took those headlines and done a search on a different website than ‘townhall’

            Snopes came up with false…

            But I went to others


            Which then led to other websites and then I chased a name down….. and I am tired!
            If someone speaks in general terms about our system.. I am listening.. as soon as they say.. but the left…. I am listen/reading for a few more paragraphs and I stop. You can’t speak in generalities and then throw a name out there and elaborate on their short comings and say the other side is just as bad.. I think they deserve equal time.
            But to save this from becoming a novel.
            I totally agree every citizen should be allowed to vote HASSLE FREE. I also agree if one party insist on proper ID to vote, then the registration of previous years should be contacted and tell them to come and get their FREE ID and if you have a problem with transportation, or sick, or handicapped then get in contact with us, by phone, internet, mail or friend or family… It is a right and should be treated as such.
            One more thing. Election day should be declared a national holiday!

          14. Tired... says

            The Snopes story that you posted was not addressing the research done by the reporter in Florida and subsequently reported in the article that I posted. It was referring to erroneous assumptions about the voting numbers in large cities and, while their observations regarding statistics were correct, they do not necessarily translate into the opposite point of view being true either. For example, while it may be true that 85% voted for Obama in the Philadelphia area, that number only reflects the vote count and cannot be used to verify that the votes themselves are valid. Who believes that third world dictators are elected with 100% of the vote (this is hyperbole, so let’s not get sidetracked)? Similarly, one has to consider how likely it is that in 59 districts there was not at least one voter who felt differently than the group? A few districts, sure, but 59? If we use the numbers of registered voters suggested by Snopes (200-500) per district, that means that between 11,800 and 29,500 people in those districts voted for the same candidate without exception. While not impossible, it is highly unlikely, and therefore worth noting with a skeptical eye; nevertheless this observation neither proves nor disproves anything.

            “You can’t speak in generalities and then throw a name out there and
            elaborate on their short comings and say the other side is just as bad..
            I think they deserve equal time.” I agree, which is why I only commented on one side; you had already presented the other side of the argument.

            But let’s cut to the chase: I agree with your final paragraph and I think that is where most reasonable people should find commonality. If we focus on the core problems, we will find that there is room to have a respectful conversation and possibly even come to a few symbiotic solutions. I appreciate the conversation.

          15. gotabgood says

            I know there are policy differences.. but even at that when Eisenhower was elected, he was not really that far off from what the Democrats were for.
            But the differences we have now are almost trying to get two countries to agree on everything.
            But I think we can all agree Citizens United is and was a mistake.
            I think we can agree the way our politicians have to cater to money and the next election rather than the people who sent them there is wrong.
            I think the lobbyist are nothing more than “legal” bribers. Money is completely out of control in politics. There has to be another way, maybe public funding and not a nickle more can be spent. No adds on TV. Come together for debates.
            Just frustrated the way things are now.. In one month time Hillary got over $100 million dollars. Think how much good that could have done in any other areas.

          16. Tired... says

            As I said, I think that most people really want many of the same things but they cannot get past the name calling to have a conversation. Both corporation and union money must be removed from the election process; undoubtedly the country would be better off if paid lobbyists were removed from the equation as well. Each individual citizen should be their own lobbyist…period. The media is another problem, but ensuring equal positive and negative air time would require the wisdom necessary to untangle a Gordian knot, as the freedom of the press would need to be paramount.

          17. gotabgood says

            Yes… I did say ALL money and that encompasses all, corporation, unions, banks. individual millionaires/billionaires.
            At one time it use to have an equal time time slot for the candidates. But money also controls the media too.
            They ought to pass a law…. once you make 50 million dollars you have to sell your company, outside the family, to a someone who makes less than 50 million dollars…. I know stupid idea….

      2. Miss Mellie says

        You should have listened to your mother.

    2. Miss Mellie says

      No the districts were ORIGINALLY GERRYMANDERED to elect uneducated people to public office.
      America: love it or LEAVE it.

      1. gotabgood says

        I just fact-checked you…

        1. Miss Mellie says

          WHY new districts drawn then after the “negro rights act of 1965” was passed. It certainly WAS NOT to make cracker votes count more??? You people ALWAYS need help in some form or other.

          1. Miss Mellie says

            In Research, I was taught to use “recognized authorities” for my FACTS. wIKIPEDIA, aLTERNET, dailykos, aljazeera are NOT AUTHORITIES ON ANYTHING except hate-America-first leftist sleeze. Go back to school, darky.

          2. gotabgood says

            So enlighten me with your “recognized authorities” so next time I can get your approval. which is sooo important to me..

          3. Miss Mellie says

            Have no interest in trying to “talk” with you. You are totally brain-washed by your environment. For a starter, READ the congressional record TO SEE WHY LBJ pushed for the Voting Rights (Negro rights) Act. Such idiots as Shelia Jackson Lee and Maxine Watters would not be in office if not for the Negro Rights Act.

    3. 012017 endofanerror says

      Restricted votes? How so?

    4. Retired says

      Lets go back to the one day voting and stop all the BS started with the democrats of early voting. That is why the absentee ballots are for.

      1. gotabgood says

        I need your information about Democrats starting early voting… other wise.. I think it was the Republicans, because they live in the hills and mountains in Tennessee etc. and takes a while for them to get to the polls.
        But I will go one better. In Philippines it is a National holiday AND they pay for public transportation to your polling place.
        So lets have that day a National Holiday!!

        1. Retired says

          I agree that voting should be on 1 day and all businesses should be shut down , so the US should fallow other countries that have Voting on a Sunday. First Sunday Of Nov. sounds good to me Court case In Ill. about early voting , Democrats are the ones presenting the case. Just like All the Voter ID laws stopped in 2012 and now in 2016.

  3. MAHB001 says

    End political correctness. It was created by communists… And is used by communists today.

    1. pappy450 says

      OR now, as they are referred to today….. “progressives” AKA the SCUMOCRAT party!

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Morw bigotry on display?
        WHy do you engage in such childish behavior?

        1. Judithwbelisle4 says

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        2. movingwaters says

          Actually dear, you are the bigot. And you are the one displaying childish behavior. Was your mother one of those hate filled Democrats preaching entitlement all the time. The Progressive Movement is just the Communist Party with a prettier name so those of very limited knowledge will think they have found light instead of the utter depravity and tyranny that is Communism. There is a reason the Democratic Party calls their own voters “low info.”

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            You have proven my points.

          2. movingwaters says

            You are so blinded by a hate filled heart that I can only tell you to be careful. Sow violence, and you will reap violence. Right after reading your ignorant and vile comments the other day, I was directed to an article about an innocent young, white pizza delivery boy robbed and murdered by two black teenage thugs with long criminal histories. That was the 7th case of young, white pizza delivery boys murdered by black thugs since 2014. But the biased Progressive media doesn’t like to talk about those cases.

            When you folks start caring that 52% of black American babies are killed in the womb by their mother, and you start caring that black people beat, rob, and murder white people and each other many times that of the times they are unfairly injured, I will take note. On occasion both black and white people have been unfairly killed by police. That has been especially prevalent under the Oscumba regime. In preparation for civil unrest when his globalist masters finish destroying the dollar, police are now being trained to see ordinary citizens as enemies and threats. And local police find that alarming. But the last 7 years have seen the most racist, divisive, and evil Dept of Injustice in American history. Now I have told you the truth. You need to abandon evil. When things hit the fan in the USA for the globalist takeover, your type will engage in all kinds of violence. And many of you will be killed. God is going to let hellish people be destroyed. Fair warning. Now I block your stupidity and arrogance.

          3. AKLady2015 says

            Actually, had you bothered to check valid facts, you would be aware that the U.S. homocide rate has actually fallen since Obama has been in office.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, I am 100% against anyone having the authority to tell a woman what she can and/or cannot do with her body. The woman’s race or ethnicity is not an issue. Frankly, with bigotry and discrimination still at the levels of the 1960s and 1970s,
            I think all women refusing to bring children into the world are making smart choices.

            Women are earning the majority of undergraduate and graduate degrees (60 percent). At the same time, women make up the majority of the poor in America – one out of every three women lives at the brink of poverty.

            Over 50 years later, American women are still being paid less than men. White women are paid $0.25 less; Black women – $0.36 less and Latino, a whopping $0.47 less. One out of every four American women is a victim of domestic violence and one out of every five has been or will be raped.

            Our sisters in Canada do not suffer that indignity and hardship. Our sisters in other modern, industrialized countries do not experience that form of discrimination and inequality

            WOMEN IN THE US STILL DO NOT HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS. The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee equal rights for women. Since 1923, activists have been trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which states, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

            In America, equal does not mean equal. In America, only white men can expect equality, but even that is not a certainty.

          5. Joyce Clemons says

            The Declaration declares equal rights under the law and yes, it took a long time to make that a reality given the social climate of the day, but Man means Mankind, and always did. The entire formula for equal rights already exists in the Constitution, and women are strengthened by striving within society to make it rise. The ERA would have had unintended consequences, and Title VII addresses the matter in conformity with the Constitution as it read already by the time ERA was proposed. Pursue liberty within the animated contest and grow.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Under the current “system”, a woman must first discover the discriminarion, then must retain a lawyer and bring action in court. Certainly, complaints can be filed at the state and federal level. Wage cheats can be caught. but it is not always easy. One of their favorite tricks is to give someone an empty “manager” title and put them on salary to cheat the employee out of overtime wages.

          7. THANKFUL says

            Might as well save you time and comments movingwaters. I’ve seen so many comments from AKLady2015, on this and many other sights. Has too much time on her hands. Must sit at the computer, all day, every day, with nothing better to do than go to these sights to constantly complain, or get ugly with most everyone, rather than try to see the other side. Probably using some sob childhood story, like many others, to get away with being/doing wrong in life. This person is rude, inconsiderate, constantly plays the race card, is BIG TIME mind set, and appears to think the world owes them a living. Like talking to a wall. Probably living off the system like most all the other parasites who’d rather argue than get off their immoral, lazy, and good for nothing butts. Even if an atheist and/or non believer, Best thing we can do for someone like this is pray for them. God bless

          8. movingwaters says

            You are right. I read a couple of her “drive by” hateful comments to other people. I need to train myself to do just as you said; say a prayer and move on. God bless you and yours.

        3. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

          AKLady2015 Do you get paid for propagandizing, or is it simply a demonstration of your commitment to change us into a socialistic society?

    2. movingwaters says

      I heard somebody characterize PC as idolatry. And truthfully, that is the perfect way to describe it. It is nothing more than a brainwashing and enforcement tool of the far left, and it is Biblical idolatry. If only Christians would prove to their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren why this is absolutely true, they would free their young minds to think clearly.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        I have bad news for you: Adam and Eve were not white.

        1. movingwaters says

          I have good news for you. Praise the King! I don’t care about how much melanin pigment was present in the skin of Adam and Eve. I am not the racist here. Just a child of the living God. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those darker skinned fake social justice warriors gave a rat’s behind about the serious issue of severe persecution of Christians worldwide?

          Re: skin cancer. Adam and Eve would not have gotten skin cancer unless God wanted them to. And had Eve not been deceived by the devil, like some useful idiot Obama voter, you might not be weighed down by that giant chip on your shoulder. Turn to the Lord. He is able to soften your hateful heart if you let him.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Christian? Your words say somethign very different.
            Get an education. Your espressed need is overwhelmingly obvious.

        2. davidnrobyn says

          You’re right, their genes contained all the variation of all the people who have ever lived…and then some (remember, only 8 people survived the flood; the rest of the genetic pool was lost). It’s interesting to speculate what they might have looked like. But as far as their possibly getting skin cancer…I doubt it. As long as we’re being Biblical (which I suspect is only a rhetorical ploy, but I’ll take you at face value): Since they were in a hyperbaric environment with the equivalent of 40 feet of water overlying the atmosphere providing great protective power, it’s unlikely they were exposed to nearly the ultraviolet radiation that we are at present.

          And yes, the original humans were one pair. From whom all past and present humanity is/was derived. Even science (for those who worship at that altar) has lately demonstrated that humanity’s genes can be traced back to one woman (whom they call, interestingly, “Eve”).

          And: We’re all one race. The Bible makes no mention of “race”. The Bible does speak of “nations” or ethnic groups. These are divided on the basis of…skin color? No. Hair texture? Nope. Height? Wrongo. On the basis of…LANGUAGE. Language kept the ethnic groups apart long enough for different physical characteristics to manifest themselves.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Actually. medical science strongly disproves your conclusions.
            Also, you did not “win” our first debate. I simply stopped wasting time on you. I had more important responsibilities to take care of..

            Genetic mutations take place quite often. It is how life protects itself from extinction. It is a matter of adapt or die.

            Oh, and you would be very wrong in regard to the Bible and race and ethnicity. From time immemorial, humans have held prejudices against others based on their ethnicity, the color of their skin or factors such as where they’re from and how they speak.

            Suggest you bone up. Read Acts 2:9-10; Galatians 3:1; Acts 21 (verses 11, 16, 29, 37-40) and 22 (verses 1, 17, 21, 28); Acts 21:38; Judges 12 …

            In the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, chapters one through five, there are two creation narratives with two distinct perspectives. Yes, the original female ancestor is called “Eve”. That has been her name since before the Bible was written. The Book of Genesis is actually a rewrite of existing pagan mythology.

            A first, and most difficult, step is making a thorough and honest inventory of your assumptions about people who are different from you.

          2. davidnrobyn says

            I think you have me confused with someone else. Several of your comments were directed to questions I didn’t raise. Others didn’t really answer my points but took the conversation in a different direction.
            Paragraph 1: I don’t recall any “debate”. In fact, I don’t recall interacting with you at all previously
            P 2: I mentioned nothing about genetic mutations.
            P 3: I didn’t say people weren’t prejudiced against people unlike themselves.
            P 4: Your quotes either don’t address the issue (e.g. Gal. 3:1) or make my point that people ARE divided by language and hence, ethnicity.
            P 5: You make assertions that can be debated but certainly shouldn’t be taken as fact just because you say so.
            P 6: Huh? What previous post of mine are you referring to?

          3. AKLady2015 says

            “All one race”…simple visual observation say something entirely different.
            Genetic mutatIon changed that, in very drastic, very observable way.
            Oh, yes, language…The Tower of Babel.
            One very interesting falicy of modern religion: “Do we not all have one father?” Jewish lineage is through the mother.
            Self-imposed ignorance is about as sad as it gets. You are welcome to attempt a debate on fact, but I suggest you choose someone with far less training in the sciences with whom to play that game..

          4. AKLady2015 says

            P 6: Huh? What previous post of mine are you referring to?

            davidnrobyn AKLady2015 a day ago

            You’re right, their genes contained all the variation of all the people who have ever lived…and then some (remember, only 8 people survived the flood; the rest of the genetic pool was lost). It’s interesting to speculate what they might have looked like. But as far as their possibly getting skin cancer…I doubt it. As long as we’re being Biblical (which I suspect is only a rhetorical ploy, but I’ll take you at face value): Since they were in a hyperbaric environment with the equivalent of 40 feet of water overlying the atmosphere providing great protective power, it’s unlikely they were exposed to nearly the ultraviolet radiation that we have at present.

            And yes, the original humans were one pair. From whom all past and present humanity is/was derived. Even science (for those who worship at that altar) has lately demonstrated that humanity’s genes can be traced back to one woman (whom they call, interestingly, “Eve”).

            And: We’re all one race. The Bible makes no mention of “race”. The Bible does speak of “nations” or ethnic groups. These are divided on the basis of…skin color? No. Hair texture? Nope. Height? Wrongo. On the basis of…LANGUAGE. Language barriers kept the ethnic groups apart long enough for different physical characteristics to manifest themselves.

            see more

          5. AKLady2015 says

            davidnrobyn headonstraight 2 days ago

            Uh, headonstraight, “public” schools are not free. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Econ 101. The schools are supported by tax money. It’s a very inefficient system, btw. I’ll leave you to research who/which class of people pay the lion’s share of the taxes.

            I see you’re being just as mocking and insulting (aka liberal) as the last time I had the distinct displeasure of encountering you. Tell your colleagues at lib central to adopt another default position. It’s getting very tiresome.

        3. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

          So you met Adam and Eve? I didn’t realise you were that OLD! Rotflmao!

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Try some archiological evidencw.
            Try some genttic studies which have been done on ancient corpses.
            Or simply put — get an education; it will challenge you bigotry and ignorance.

          2. Joyce Clemons says

            How amusing you are. I feel entertained.

        4. Joyce Clemons says

          Right they probably weren’t and we all are aware Jesus was probably swarthy. You are stuck in the time tunnel of dead cultural features, but history is about the past and this is the present. No one cares what color skin the founders of world religions had, but you will note that each culture tends to depict their human-like form / attribute ideals/gods in the range of complexion they see in their homelands. So what? If I say, man is made is God’s image, I’m not focusing on skin, but on capacity for having made me, that I might think, feel and be grateful for love and grace. Try it, you might escape your angst. This is liberating.

      2. MAHB001 says

        Very interesting… It was Phil Roberts that described PC as Idolatry.

        Excellent post… This is a good article as well.

        “So basically what [you] ended up [with]
        is: Political correctness, in my humble opinion, is in fact idolatry. Or
        you could say idolatry is political correctness,” Robertson explained.
        “The definition for idolatry is ‘a false and fake notion or idea that
        causes errors in thinking or reasoning.’ It’s a fallacious notion. It’s
        excessive devotion to a thing, an idea, other than God.”


        1. movingwaters says

          Thank you for giving me a name so I can give credit where credit is due.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for making me aware of the quote.. All I did was a search and I found the quote.

    3. AKLady2015 says

      How about just ending bigotry?
      All of it, race, religion, gender. sexuality, eye color …

      1. MAHB001 says

        Now you are talking… Lets end evil together… But you will have to quit associating with evil first.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Thank you.

          1. Michael Stewart says

            How about going back to the original bill of right set down by the founding FAthers. Grow a thick skin. I have no problem with racists, bigots, sexist , transgenderists and other such names for people. I have a problem with the government making everything illegal. We do not need a race debate as those are pointless. We need a return to capitalism and to liberty. If someone says something that is offensive to me which happens almost daily I just ignore it. Unless people are committing acts that deprive you of life or property you should simply ignore it. If kids bullied my kids I would tell me kids that they should simply ignore it, fight to defend themselves or tell the teachers about it. I would not punish my kid if he or she socked another student for bullying them. I think my fellow white people should grow a few and fight back against the BLM movement. We could start by revoking welfare and food stamps. Obviously the BLM protestors have too much time on their hands which is why they protest.

      2. guymacher says

        Eye colour? Wow, someone is really hooked on racism.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          That is how it is officially defined.

          Wow, someone who insults without actually looking at anything factual.

          Go for it. I just love to hit on ignorant bigots.

          1. guymacher says

            I was commenting on the silliness of the official definition. I have hazel eyes. I suppose, then, I am a victim of blue-eyed people and brown-eyed people.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            No, that is not how DNA works. much too simplified.

          3. guymacher says

            I understand DNA. I don’t understand how colour of eye is racism. Perhaps you could enlighten me. And, I think you meant simplistic not simplified.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Blond hair
            Blu eyes
            Aryan iRace
            German master race

          5. guymacher says

            So Brad Pitt is a racist? And Hitler (brown/brown/Jewish extraction) wasn’t?

          6. Joyce Clemons says

            Oh for Pete’s sake. The German master race idea came from National Socialism and here you are fighting with culturally pluralistic Democratic republic society with members from all over the world, with eye colors including brown, green, gray, hazel, blue …and by far not all brown. Grow up and take responsibility for your status under the law.

    4. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

      Who are in control of the American Civil Liberty Union? Who are in control of “political correctness”? Who were the people that overthrew the Czarist regime in Russia? Who are the people whose aim it is to overthrow Democracy and the American Constitution? It all starts at the Public School System. Those who have taken control over the masses do not want TEACHERS to teach according to their education, they want teachers to teach only what a Socialist government dictates teachers to teach. Those who do not comply will be boycotted, have their teacher certificate revoked and will never find a job as a teacher. They start at the bottom, with the little children. That is how Hitler started, with the Hitler Jügen and the Hitler breeding farms..

      1. MAHB001 says

        Home school your children now.

        Your post is 100% correct.

  4. anibanib says


  5. Bluebird says

    Don’t forget to forgive Colin for his decision as you want to set the standards for “accidental racism. Perhaps if we did a better job of educating our children, not from only a Eurocentric point of view, Americans would be more aware of “this accidental racism”. I guess the other class name could have been honky or KKK and it would have been acceptable. I thought teachers were “filters” and responsible for guiding children towards what is acceptable. Maybe she nor the students knew how to spell jigaboo–I don’t, but I know enough to stay away from the word. Stop making excuses for years of ingrained racism, that’s what we teach, that’s what we get. Garbage in garbage out.

    1. Rodger Johnson says

      Just because it is “ingrained” in your life doesn’t mean it is in every bodies. I gotta ask who is the “racist”? Is it the person who makes an innocent statement without the slightest thought of race in mind or is it the person who immediately jumps on it as a “racist” comment? You folks have really got to stop being so sensitive.

  6. bygeorge says

    My favorite term is American’s of African descent, aka: Negros.

    1. David Stewart says

      Of late, I use “primitive”, based on behavior, not skin color or origin!

  7. Freedom fighter says

    I see what you did there! Excellent close on an enlightening article.

  8. Estoban says

    Bush was divisive. Obama is divisive on steroids. Fortunately most people realize we all make mistakes and can learn, but this communist PC brainwashing has got to go.

  9. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I cannot be considered a “Racist”, I dislike everyone to the same extent! And, to boot, there is one race, and that being the “Human race”, all else is a “Nationality”.

  10. Miss Mellie says

    They are jigaboos. They are black. They have NEVER set foot in Africa. But Democrats is the code word my family uses. Don’t go to the local grocery near the first of the month; too many Democrats there as EBT cards have just been reloaded.

  11. Shelly Shannon says

    Maybe the next time someone calls me a white person I should get a couple thousand people together and start protesting racism. Maybe the next time a person calls me a “cracker” I should do the same thing.
    Maybe the next time a person calls me white trash those words should be put on the front page of the newspaper. I was not brought up in a racist home. I respect everyone no matter what their skin color, religion, or their place of origin and I expect the same in return. This is my definition of being an american. I for one will never let anyone tell me what I can think or say. I think it is wrong for anybody to teach any type of racism but for people to jump on every single word a person says is taking their right to freedom of speech and that in itself is wrong.

    1. Paula says

      You are absolutely right on!

  12. Julie Adams says

    I’ve never heard the term, “jigaboo” before. I guess I’m one of the ones who didn’t know…

    1. Paula says

      Slang changes with each generation….therefore, it might be an age thing to know what jigaboo means, and I haven’t heard that word in eons.

    2. Jarhead says

      Very common in the Midwest….also coon, Jig, spear chucker, cannibal….almost as many names as the Jewish folks have…..

      1. Julie Adams says

        I’ve heard the term, “coon” but that’s it. I grew up in southern CA and didn’t see a lot of racism (in Orange County) and never heard the terms. I’ve heard “coon” in my adult years just from reading/listening to the news or whatever but it wasn’t spoken where I lived.

  13. PBHayes says

    The term racism has become a sword for leftist liberal socialist aka Democrats to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with them, e.g. anyone with real solutions to problems. I’m an attorney and I worked in law enforcement for about 25 years and the only racists I ever encountered were people of color. Many Hispanic’s hate blacks and vice versa. It was common for black’s to drive into Hispanic neighborhoods and indiscriminately kill which would trigger a response with the same result. Watching this happen on a regular basis are the so called whites and other groups such as the Asians. It’s now at the point where people “rationally discriminate” based on their experiences. Business people are not going to hire anyone who looks and sounds like a gang banger. Hell the military won’t even take them. Generations are being lost because far too many people have lost hope of ever finding a decent job while the government gives them cash payments, EBT cards, subsidized housing and everything else to survive. Ger the government out of their lives and get out of the way of small business and hope would return along with jobs. Secure the border and enforce our nation’s immigration laws and millions of jobs would return to the very same people struggling to make ends meet. If the Clinton Criminal Enterprise returns to the White House nothing good will come of it and all our problems will get far worse if that is possible.

  14. Paula says

    Political correctness, at its core, is an insidious demand that you dismiss the evidence you witness with your own eyes, replacing it with delusional, false narratives that have been shoved into your head by the conforming, obedient masses.
    Political correctness is, essentially, a war on logic and reason. 2+2=5

    1. KKmoderate says

      Nicely put!

  15. Susan says

    Everyone is just a poor little victim. Here, let me play the race baiting game. It only works for us “people
    of color” so our wittle, itty beeety, feewings get hurt. Then we can blow it all out of rational proportions!!
    See, isn’t this fun to have whitey scratching his head, and asking “what did I say wrong”? Next, we can
    demand everything including the kitchen sink, in the guise of BLM, The New and emboldened Black Panthers, with Louis Maggotkahn calling for the death of white people. This can only lead to a civil war
    eventually. This is their aim, i am certain. Y’ll aren’t fooling anyone, white Americans are on to the game.

  16. practicedcynic says

    Liberalism is a cult of school yard bullies, and when you let them run a mock, the world gets crazier.

  17. clem says

    According to the F.B.I. (If you are Hillary Clinton) ignorance IS a defense.

  18. junkmailbin says

    either cranial rectal imaction or a convoluted and dyslexic thinking pattern are in full play

  19. David in MA says

    This and many other “taboo” things are induced and we can thank the communist agenda of breaking down a society so the communists can instill their system of perfection in a yet to be found utopia.

  20. Wayne Thorson says

    After Trump loses to Hillary he will have lost to a girl. His face will turn red. Trump is a white man. Am I a racist for saying this even though it is true.

  21. skipfoss says

    I guess I am not PC because I call a liar a liar and a nigger a nigger and so on I don’t care who it offends just like I call Omuslime a half breed communist Muslim bastard son of a communist WHORE and a damned muslim traitor and frigg’n Kenyain and not an American

  22. Jeff Evans says

    I agree. Political correctness run amock. This is how the communists take over, one step at a time.

    1. Retired says

      Now you are talking about the Democrats with the Liberal Anti Christ destruction.

      1. Jeff Evans says

        Yes sir, that is correct.

  23. kbmiller says

    Maybe ” Crackas”

  24. Standandfight says

    I don’t know am I a honkey,Whitey,or a white cracker bastard. It doesn’t matter I am what I am.

    1. Retired says

      If you are white , why don’t they call you European American ? What is good for one group should also apply for other groups. Asians should be called Asia Americans.

  25. Bella Gray says

    We need to do away with hate crime charges and stop all of this PC crap. Humans have been able to handle their own affairs since time in memorial. Enough is enough with all this baby-ing everyone. We are raising a bunch of weaklings.

    We also have to recognize none of this has anything to do with Americans and how they feel about anything. This is definitely the communisms messing with us, and it needs to stop. Who are the communists, anyone Soros owns and he owns Obama, Hillary, BLM, the Democrats and too many Republicans. Go to NumbersUSA and look at the grade cards of your elected official. Their voting history will show you who is voting for foreigners against Americans. It becomes very easy to see who has sold his or her soul.

  26. robertleo says

    The problem with accidental racism can be view in Hollywood’s archive. They do there best to misrepresent African Americans when the script their required to act out something they are not. And I have refused to view any mostly all black films actors even though they are great moments that might win them an Oscar. The majority of Americans love African American people. But unfortunately today we can even say we love you because that might be called racist.

  27. JeanneD says

    We have used the term “thugs” for ages in this country, for “bad guys. Whether they were thieves, robbers, rapists or roughnecks, thugs was what we called them. It was never intended to refer to people of color. In fact, in the 70’s and 80’s we refereed to members of the Mafioso as Mafia thugs !!

  28. Lancelot Blackeburne says

    As long as the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) uses the phrase “Colored People” in its name, why should anyone else be called out by PC activists for using the phrase “colored people”?

    If it’s OK for the NAACP, it should be OK for everyone else.

    1. Deby says

      ah, the voice of reason! too bad nobody on the left ever listens to reason!! Great point btw.

  29. GuardianFlame says

    I do belueve God is sitting in Heaven laughing at the absurdity of our civilization and people being offended over a word, a name! OMG! Remember the childhood verse: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”

    For the name of God, grow up you crying little babies! Life isn’t here to cowtow to your childish demands. Get a grip on how ridiculous you look and act. If you can’t stand a word, then stop looking at it! What is wrong with you? Do you have a broken neck and can’t turn away? Grow up and stop whining about something so trivial. The world is “over” that, time you are too!

    1. Morton99 says

      But names do hurt. It provides a comfy environment that becomes really abusive.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Names only hurt if you wear your emotions like a suit of clothing. We have created a generation of demanding, thin skinned individuals that cry if they are looked at cross eyed. They need to toughen up and get past the childish reactions and start acting like “mature” adults.

        Name calling does hurt, but it’s the response of those that are being targeted that decides whether the name calling continues or is given up. If you cry and moan and act like a.child, the name calling will continue just because that is the modus operendi of the name caller. However, if you ignore the name caller and walk away not giving him a reaction, he will give up calling you that name. Why? Because he has no victim nor audience because his actions were ignored.

        There is always another more effective way to accomplish a goal. The “ignoring” way gets the name caller ticked off because no one will play his game! It’s NOT being a chicken like some macho types try to act, but it is being “smarter” than the name caller and showing him YOU HAVE THE POWER TO IGNORE AND WALK AWAY. Believe me, you will feel a new strength of character building inside when you do that.

        You will never get the whole world to stop using nasty names, some are just stupid and don’t care and others use words as their “Power”. In either case, ignoring and walking away steals their power snd those that are stupid, well they’ll never “get it” so walking away is definitely the better choice! And try not to wear your emotions on your sleeves for someone to knock off. Be stronger, be smarter, and steal the name caller’s power and just walk away without glancing back or returning comments. The namecaller looses their speech because there’s no one to impress! It works every time!

  30. Judithwbelisle4 says

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  31. Nina Ferguson says

    Political correctness is getting totally out of hand. I’m sure that at times I may make a statement that will offend someone. Not intentionally, but not even knowing that I have said anything that could be considered offensive. Grow Up people, no one is perfect.

  32. Patriot47 says

    Just more idiocy on display.

  33. Justin Seine says

    I am beginning to think that it might be more prudent to avoid contact with “people of color” so that I am never put in a position of being called out as a racist for an innocent, innocuous remark, or having something I said taken out of context. I am not up to speed on the revolving door of words and phrases that were acceptable yesterday but are considered offensive today. Why risk being branded?

  34. Morton99 says

    There is no accident in racism. It is always blatant.

  35. ironbiker says

    VOTE GOP to be safe…..

  36. RsGoat says

    I have not heard that term used since the mid 70’s and doubt my own children know it since I didn’t exactly give them a list of what not to say. If a term was being used on TV or yelled in public I addressed those. This seems like we are moving farther away from race defining thinking except where it is brought up in over blown issues like this. Now the father has created such a stir he has breathed new life into a word that was in it’s death throws, thanks dad.
    Our country was not the only one that had to deal with the slavery issue. Rio ended it in 1888 and Mauritania in 1983, that is in Africa and on the North end while Apartheid in the Southern end. It might be our country is not perfect but we have been working on improving for a lot longer then many other places on the planet and we might reach Dr. King’s dream sooner if we worked together more instead of fighting like children constantly pointing fingers of blame and demanding satisfaction.
    The past is the past. We can relive it for eternity or we can drop it and move on. .

  37. Tim says

    This reminds me that when I was around 8 back in the 1950’s I used the “n” word to call people I didn’t like. I lived in a western coastal town with no black people even close by. One day my uncle, (a priest and later the dean of admissions for a major university and the head of their affirmative action effort) upon hearing me use the word asked me why I used that word and where I learned it. I told him I heard it from another kid and used it because it upset people, when I wanted to get back at them. He asked me if I knew what the word meant and I said “no, but it sure works”. So he sat me down and explained it all. That it was a derogatory term for a group of people that had been very badly treated, even enslaved, and still struggling for equality: that it was a hurtful word and only hurtful people used it. I never used it again! We have to remember that these words are really nothing! It is the history and knowledge that makes the word hurtful. And very few use these words any more. This father is way out of line!

  38. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Most people aren’t aware that the Russian communists started Political Correctness as a way of controlling thought. The American socialists use Political Correctness in the same manner. Back in the 1960’s, the Communist leader Nikita Kruscheve said of the US, “We won’t have to go to war with you. You will be fed little bits of socialism until one day you will wake up as a communist country. We will overcome you from within and you won’t know how it happened.” Barack Obama is speeding up that process.

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