The “Racist” Float – Now the Department of Justice is Getting Involved?


Boy, this is an administration that really doesn’t like to be criticized. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but it’s hard to remember him sending the DOJ to “investigate” instances of light mockery in the hopes of shutting it down at the national level. Criticizing and mocking the President of the United States is a well-worn, time-tested tradition in this country, and you can find instances of hateful protest going back to the days of George Washington. Apparently, though, because Barack Obama is black and we can invoke the specter of racism when it comes to his critics, it’s a whole other ballgame.

The latest controversy, of course, surrounds a 4th of July parade float that made headlines in Norfolk, Nebraska. In a quasi-clever display, float-creator Dale Remmich created an outhouse with the label “Obama Presidential Library” plastered on the front. A zombie-esque character resembling the president stood outside the float. This harmless display of political activism was enough for the Nebraska Democratic Party to decry it as one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

It may be the kind of politically-motivated hyperbole you would expect from the party chairmen, but apparently this is an issue that must be investigated on the federal level. The U.S. Department of Justice, therefore, has sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to “investigate” the float, though it’s uncertain what such an investigation means except on a public relations level.

When will black Americans wake up and realize that their loyalty to the Democrat Party is costing them every opportunity they need to move forward into the 21st Century? Obama is a special case, of course, and you can barely blame a black voter for heading to the polls in 2008 to cast a vote for history. You would think, however, that four years of broken promises and exactly zero help, they might have decided to stay home in 2012. But of course the Republican Party is full of backwards racists who would never so anything to give the black man a helping hand up.

Racism is a real thing, and it is always unfortunate when it raises its ugly head. What may be just as unfortunate, though, is this new attempt to make every critique of a black person into an accusation of bigotry. One of the most disturbing examples of this came in 1993 when Eden Jacobowitz introduced “water buffalo” into our national racist lexicon, shouting the insult at a bunch of noisy sorority sisters at Penn State. Though this wasn’t a recognized racial slur at the time (or since), it was enough for Penn to prosecute Jacobowitz with hate speech. Thankfully, national attention at the time was enough to resolve the case and send campus police back to their troll holes with their tails between their legs.

Hopefully, similar attention will bring this DOJ investigation to an end before it can gain any real traction.

  1. David in MA says

    OK, Now, where is the guy with the Bath House Library?

    1. defiant1 says

      Then Rahm Emmanuel could join in!

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Either in San Francisco, or Key West.

  2. SammysDad says

    Yeah, this is so important with all the issues that affect America, today. Holder is a first class racist in every definition of the word.

    1. alfy says

      wasting america;s hard earned cash,while obama ,lerner etc. can get away with breaking our laws,and with don’t have the balls to do anything about it.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Breaking what laws? Where’s the evidence? You peeps love this BS. If americans citizens were thrown in jail because of “inuendo” the whole flock of you would be incarcerated.
        We have a judicial system and a constitution-we have “innocent until proven Guilty” and we have “Due Process” Now if you want to make up your own rules, that’s your problem.

        1. Rovanton says

          Whether he is black or white he is a SON of a BITCH who is trying to destroy our country. Look at all the instances where he has done nothing when a very serious problem has arisen. He is the worst president in the history of this nation. If he were a white man people would be banging on the white house door to do away with this BASTARD!!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Bush and neocons destroyed the country, ran up the deficit, sent 4000 americans to thier death in Iraq for oil. Millions lost their homes and 401k’s thanks to Bush.
            Obama brought us back. Dow at 17,000 and everyone’s makin’ money including those Koch bros wealth went from $8 billion in 08 to $90 billion in 2014.
            Obama’s making money for all us wealthy people, while The teabags are slamming po peoples, disabled people, elderly and vets. They like pickin on those po people.

          2. MARYANN33 says

            Po You!!

          3. jetmagnet says

            House Republicans Vote to Throw 300,000 Kids off Food Stamps In Order to Cut Taxes for Millionaire! It’s that GOP love for us wealthy……. Kids? The teabags hate kids even american kids…they hate kids coming from anywhere! They claim this and that, but in reality they’re the biggest hypocrites on the Planet. They like these corny photo ops to show there’s compassion and humanity in them. To us, it’s freakin ridiculous!


          4. Elizabeth Miller says

            Its called taking responsibilty for yourself instead of stealing hard working peoples money.If you can not feed a kid then stop having them.We have our own to feed.We work to do that.These leaches are stealing our childrens food off of our tabels.They can go pick dumpsters if they cant or should I say refuse to work.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            There’s 50 million people on food stamps, that’s more people than there are women working. The US middle class is no longer the worlds wealthiest middle class. China will take us over economically. 11 million businesses bankrupt. Obama’s great at creating poverty and dependance. My advice to you, don’t drink the bong water.

          6. MARYANN33 says

            Tea Party Rocks!

          7. Aladawg says

            jetmaggot, what kind of psychotic drug are you using. It has got to be a drug that makes you stupid.

          8. jetmagnet says

            That’s right, if I was smart I wouldn’t be wasting time with Teabags with awful ideas.

          9. Elizabeth Miller says

            We are the ones who will save this country and restore the peaceful life the whole world wants to be a part of.If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem

          10. Elizabeth Miller says

            Aladawg somewhere you suggested I just hand the man I am a lawabiding citizen who loves my country and everyone who served.My dad was a Master drill sargent in the United States Marine corp.My mom was a young girl during the blitzing of England and she served both the British and the Americans delivering tanks for the troops although I can shoot Expert marksmen I can not hang him.I have taken no oath myself.I sure can help defend though thanks to my dad who taught me how to handle a weapon from a very young age

          11. Elizabeth Miller says

            Sorry hang

          12. Jim Miller says

            jetmaggot if you are so well off with zerobama, hope you have a home big enough to house all those UNWELCOMED illegal aliens, you can do all these things at your own time & expense, dress them, feed them, wipe their asses, take them to the Dr. since they come infected with contagious diseases, including criminals and rapists but, for you don’t need to care for your wallet nor female relatives after all Zerobama will come to your rescue HA HA HA
            jetmaggot you are delusional…!

          13. wandrako says

            What a stupid ass!

          14. jetmagnet says

            Stupid is as stupid does- Forrest Gump lol

          15. Higherstandard13 says

            I am a disable vet and say shove your evil self up Obama butt! You are obviously ignorant and have been lobotomized. You spout out things you know nothing about because you listen to your indoctrination tapes.

            I am no Bush fan, but you are the idiot. Most the Democrats including the Clintons were on board the Iraq War. Second more military have died under Obama in a shorter time than under Bush because Obama makes it next to impossible for the troops to defend themselves.

            People lost their homes due to the Democrat Party. The Democrats threaten banks to make them loan money to people without 20% down and that were not credit worthy. The Dems stated everything was fine through July of 2008. The Dems were in control of Congress (House and Senate) starting in 2006 and started their massive spending spree and have not stopped. It is the Dems that are responsible for over 10 trillion of the Debt. All this growth is on borrowed money and that is the only reason the market is up,. When the bill comes watch the fall.

            Obama has not brought us back. The unemployment numbers are lies and everyone knows it. These numbers stop counting over 10 million that are not working and counts people working 15 hours a week as employed. Try living on 15 hours pay a week! Obama has also moved 10’s of millions more on welfare and food stamps. Obama has placed millions more in school that are not counted. These people get paid top go to school, but are not learning or accomplishing anything. Obama has also placed millions more people on disability so they can be taken off the unemployment list. I have seen a couple in their 20’s so-called disabled because they cannot find a job, really do not want one. They get more than disabled vets get a month.

            What needs slamming are parasites that pay no income taxes or are any form of government assistance when they are capable of work. Capable means you can do something even if it is digging a ditch, flipping burgers or picking up trash. Parasites include all single mothers whom were never married to the father and on public assistance. The4se people are in the state they are in because they were selfish and irresponsible and they alone should be forced to pay for their actions.

          16. sandwalker says

            jetmaggot must be one of boston barry’s cornho boyz who stands by there turd snatching ways,it seems even the chicago blacks are amping up for a fight against the ex old men’s homo prostitute barry suctoro aka barak obama-dont believe me look up mia pope his neighbor in hawaii transparency at his best

          17. Aladawg says

            Sandwalker. you get my 3 votes and 3 more from my grandparents and my father all have passed away.

          18. jetmagnet says

            AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHT! now I feel better!

          19. Elizabeth Miller says

            If what you are saying was true there is no way you would support this president who could give 2 shits about you or any vet never mind our country

          20. Elizabeth Miller says

            I could not have said it any better.Thank you Sir or Mam for your service and your knowledge.I would vote for you.LoL

          21. jetmagnet says

            You are a vet? more like the one that works on dogs. 900,000 vets got their food stamps cut because of the GOP. You are disabled and stupid!

            Senate Republicans blocked the veterans bill by
            using a procedural maneuver to invoke the 60 vote rule. The final vote
            to waive the budget point of order failed, 56-41. Only two Republicans
            (Sen. Dean Heller and Sen. Jerry Moran) joined with Democrats on the

            Republicans claimed that they blocked the bill
            because Majority Leader Harry Reid would not allow an up or down vote on
            an amendment that would have attached sanctions on Iran to the bill.

            Sen. Reid said,
            “I hope all the veterans groups have witnessed all the contortions the
            Republicans have done to defeat this bill. Shame on Republicans for
            bringing base politics into a bill to help veterans.”


          22. Aladawg says

            Hell odummer JR. I saw more than a man’s head blowed off. I saw my company CO disappear in front of me and others. A Bull Dozer blade set off an anti tank mine and he was standing next to the dozer and he just disappeared. And I saw a hell of a lot of other horrible things. Sniper my ass you fool.

          23. Elizabeth Miller says

            Aladawg my dearest friend in the world ran a dozer in Vietnam.He had similar experiences and was sprayed with agent orange the whole time.He did come home but he died from cancer that the VA did not take care of.They did not want to give him his benefits that were due him.May god bless you Sir and thank you for your brave service

          24. Higherstandard13 says

            Your just another yellow dog homo. Reid is a traitor that has sold us out to China for profits and power and if you had an ounce of honesty or integrity, you would admit that he is a traitor. As for what I did, I was one of those first in last out you girly boy. Show up on my door step and it would be the last time you mess with anybody. As far as disabilities, yours is obvious…. lobotomized, hate filled, moron, lazy, parasite, with a complete lack of morals and integrity and danger to small children and the elderly… oh, the biggest one Democrat.

            As far as Reid, he has blocked more bills than he has pasted in the last 3 years refusing to let them come up for a vote. In other words he says I do not get what I want, I will change the rules and silence speech. Reid the coward, closet homo has consistently viewed vets as potential enemies and terrorist as he only speaks out on the floor so he can use his position to keep from being sued for slander/liable. You know how those Dems are … you have to pass it before you know what is in it, no need to read 2000 plus pages, but refuse to pass a 3 pager until they read it which takes weeks for their reading ability makes first graders look like Einstein.

            I say shame on Reid and Obama for the deaths of all those vets waiting on healthcare at the VA. Shame on them for protecting and treating a confessed deserter better than mist military people. Shame on them for coordinating the border crisis and then refusing to send troops to stop it as they use children like terrorist do for political advantage. Shame on them for demanding 3.7 trillion dollar slush fund to line their pockets. It is ridiculous to pay 50 million for the use of a 4 million dollar hotel for a year. That is fraud, corruption and the lying thieving Democrat Party. I can see you do not care for you are one of the parasites, not the tax payer. As far as bring politics into things, that is all Obama, Reid and Pelosi do as they use the corrupt bigot Holder to cover up for them and block investigations.

          25. itsfun says

            Reid didn’t let any Republican health care bills out of committee, then said the Republicans didn’t offer any health care ideas. He is as big a liar as Obama.

          26. Elizabeth Miller says

            Thats the problem you listen to Dirty Harry he is a liar who wants to sell our county to the Chinese.When they saw the Bundy ranch the Chinese backed out of that deal.Dirty Harry said the boarders are secure his lies are as believable as Bath house boys

          27. Independant Thinker says

            You talking about obstructionist Reed who rigged the elections so all votes for the opposition when to him so he could get back to Washington. We are talking about the same Harry Reed, right?

          28. jetmagnet says

            No we’re are talking about Mitch McConnell 422 fillibusters a world record. Mitch even filibustered himself. lol Harry Reid can’t fillibuster. John boehner has refused to bring bills for a vote on the House floor that already passed the senate with bipartisan support. He’s a pussy, listening to the teahadist that bow to the Great arms of the Koch bros.
            If you think any house bill put fourth is worthy of passage spit them out- they suck. they screw americans and feed the wealthy. Reid is the Guardian of the people from the tyranny of the right.
            This is the type of sheet Ried blocks!!!

            1. A balanced budget amendment [Link] Would devestate the poor

            2. Approving Keystone XL [Link] This is to fund the koch bros and make them $100 million richer. Keystone does nothing but provide oil for the global market and endangers farm land in nebraska and several other states bu running over sensitive porous lands and a major aquifer.

            3. Eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood [Link]

            4. Medicare privatization [Link]
            5. Tax reform, as outlined by Paul Ryan [Link] Give to the rich ,steal from the poor. Would give tax breaks to millionaires and would raise taxes for the middleclass and poor.

            6. The REINS Act, which would require Congress to approve significant federal regulations [Link]

            7. Means-testing Social Security [Link] They want to get ris of it/ lol

            8. Defunding Obamacare [Link] another joke, no healthcare for 40 million

            9. Allowing employers to eliminate insurance coverage for birth control [Link]
            Lets increase the orphan population-we don’t have enough un wed mothers lets have thoudsands more! An expansion of off-shore drilling [Link] See money for the rich

            11. Preserving all the Bush tax cuts [Link] money for the rich

            12. “Trillions” in budget cuts [Link] Cut all programs that serve vets and the elderly

            13. Slashing funding for food stamps [Link] Yeah throw millions on the streets and create more poverty.

            14. Protecting mountaintop strip mining [Link] See more pollution and more for the wealthy

            15. Stripping the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases [Link]
            That should kill the planet by 2150 Mars is possible

            16. Loosening regulation on coal ash [Link] cough. cough. cancer rates have trippled lets keep up the good work!

            17. Delaying Obamacare implementation by one year [Link] Laugh

            18. Repealing a tax on medical devices [Link] more money for their funders

            19. Eliminating Social Service Block Grants [Link]

            20. Expanding drilling on federal lands [Link]

            21. Restricting the child tax credit [Link]

            In just over 2 years, Republicans have been successful in extracting around $1.7 trillion in budget cuts or 72% of the total deficit reduction over that period. Under President Bush the government never shut down and the debt limit was raised five times with bipartisan support and without conditions.

          29. Brenda Stines Mills says

            jetmagnet, read, educate yourself, seek help for your delusions.

          30. jetmagnet says

            It is only a man’s own fundamental thoughts that have truth and
            life in them. For it is these that he really and completely understands. To read
            the thoughts of others is like taking the remains of someone else’s meal, like
            putting on the discarded clothes of a stranger.

          31. kirkmcloren says

            Reality means nothing to you. Typical Obamite.

          32. jetmagnet says

            Listen fella, I belong to a VETS group of over 200,000 vets and we’ve had enough of war that neocons have used us for. We don’t like the FACT they try to screw us out of benefits. We don’t like the fact that they cost 900,000 vets food stamps and won’t pass education bills or homeless vets bills, only Obama looks out for heroes of this country, not freakin teabags, who are in some freakin fantasy world.

          33. kirkmcloren says

            Obama looks out for vets? You talk more shit than the radio.

          34. jetmagnet says

            The radio you listen to sure. The fruitcake News Channel. lol
            Try reality, it works for me.

          35. Jim Miller says

            Try reality??? you mean the Brain wash Channel ???? ha ha ha
            Zerobama lost touch with reality since day one

          36. chamuiel says

            What do you listen to? MSNBC and the Huffy post?

          37. Aladawg says

            Kirkmcloren, well said, well said.

          38. Elizabeth Miller says

            He sure doesnt use his pen and phone for a vet.I suggest if you are military you stop taking illegal orders from an illegal president and you and your group go and get his ass and help save our country.Arrest him for treason and he can have his day in our court.The court of the people

          39. Elizabeth Miller says

            When is Barry going to deploy you to Iraq so the animals can chop your head off?Jetmagnet.

          40. jetmagnet says

            I think the guy that chopped off the guys head was brittish… Since you fruitcakes hate muslims so much…why don’t you all go over there and start some sheet with ISIS… we’ll watch! LMAO!

          41. chamuiel says

            You are the self admitted veteran. Why don’t you go, and show us how it is done. LMAO!

          42. hangem'high says

            That’s “Daesh ISIS” translated; deep in whale chett, nothing lower!

          43. jetmagnet says

            That fact that you claim POTUS is illegal proves you are a Moron. He’ s been elected and re-elected. We don’t have illegal presidents, only in the twisted minds of a small minority of wingnuts that get all their information by rupert murdock’s Faux lying machine….it’s hilarious to think people actually believe that horsesheet!
            I think what Bush and the rest of the neocons was treason. Killing americans for oil. Obama is the best for this country and he’s proved it. Baggers are the worst thing ever to happen to America. They are COMMIE anarchist bend on giving away our rights and freedoms to Their GODS corporations and armies of lobbyist. Shutting down the government How disgusting and sick is that.

          44. Aladawg says

            jetmagnet, boy, you are getting deeper and deeper into the abyss I have never met a Veteran as stupid and idiotic as you sucker.

          45. Jim Miller says

            Well said Aladawg,
            snailmaggot ‘d be a better VET in Mexico where he could serve the Drug cartel where he ‘d be paid with drugs and keep his pot head happy and drinking mexican water will keep his sloppy ass RUNNING ha ha ha

          46. itsfun says

            Yep, 6 years into the incompetent Obama, and your defense of his failure is to blame George Bush. How many lies and red lines and cover ups and scandals will it take for you to realize how incompetent Obama is.

          47. stephanie wilson says

            that’s what libtards do!

          48. jetmagnet says

            6 years of obstruction, we’d be out of this mess if baggers passed 13 jobs bills. They sit on their azz and blame everyone but themselves…pretty pathetic!

          49. itsfun says

            The only obstruction is Obama’s my way or the highway rule. Republicans, tea baggers, and Democrats passed over 350 bills in the house. They are all just sitting on the desk of dirty harry. That is obstruction.

          50. jetmagnet says

            I already posted that was horseshit. 50 of those bills where to repeal obamacare and wasted $120 million tax dollars. The rest were in comittees and most were fro special interest. not one helped anyone but the wealthy. Why don’t you people research this crap instead of repeating talking points that are mostly bullshit??
            Dems agreed on ones that where easy to pass, the rest were garbage.

          51. itsfun says

            350 bills = 350 bills whether you like it not. Do you have any idea on how many of the bills were initiated by a Democrat and how many bills were introduced bi-partisan I didn’t know you get to decide what is garbage and what isn’t. Should the Congress of the United States ask you what they can or cannot propose? Any bull____ is coming out of your mouth. Isn’t calling us “you people” racist?

          52. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, I think a roll of toilet paper has 300 sheets and you can whipe ur azz with those 350 bills and no one would notice.

          53. itsfun says

            I don’t know, I don’t spend my time counting how many sheets on a roll of toilet paper.

          54. jetmagnet says

            Neither do I, but those 350 bills could make a nice fat roll of toilet paper. LOL

          55. mac12sam12 says

            Call 911, You’re going to have a heart attack, libtard!

          56. chamuiel says

            That is the de3mocrats attitude for you, always wrong.

            boy, you have really been drinking the kool aid haven’t you?

          57. chamuiel says

            But you said you were wealthy. You should have liked those bills.

          58. mac12sam12 says

            Speaking of wasting money, obama blew a trillion dollars paying off union donors, and failed green energy companies.

          59. hangem'high says

            A drop in the bucket compared to Obama’s 12 trillion spent. Who you think got that, or benefited from that, sure in the hell wasn’t me! biggest Ponzi scam of all tims.

          60. jetmagnet says

            Experts say this bill counting merits a grain of salt. As the
            breakdown of the 55 Democratic-sponsored bills suggests, many of the
            measures that pass the House — and some that go on to pass the Senate
            — are noncontroversial bills. Wolfensberger crunched the numbers for us
            and found that of the 570 bills and joint resolutions that have passed
            the House in the current Congress, 377, or 74 percent, originated as
            suspension bills — a streamlined process used for non-controversial
            measures that requires two-thirds approval. And of the 142 measures
            signed into law by Obama, 118, or 83 percent, were approved by that same
            two-thirds requirement.

            Meanwhile, many of the other bills that pass the House in today’s
            environment are bills that are intended to make a statement, not a law.

            Ornstein contrasted bills that are “designed to lay the predicate for
            action via compromise” or consensus, which are declining, and those
            “designed for show or as a political statement, where there is neither
            intention nor expectation that the other house will act on them.”

            Where substantive, contentious legislation is concerned, the odds of
            passage are poor. One example is the Senate-passed (and bipartisan)
            immigration bill, which remains stuck in the House. Another sign is the
            fact that the Senate has not yet passed any of the 12 annual
            appropriations bills — even though the House has passed seven and the
            Senate Appropriations Committee has approved eight.

            By contrast, the second category of “show” bills includes dozens of
            full or partial repeals of the Affordable Care Act passed by the
            Republican House.

          61. chamuiel says

            How could the gay pass anything? There is not that many of them in Congress, or the country.
            You are seriously obsessed with gays.

            blame everyone but themselves. Yep, that is the Democrats for you.

          62. mac12sam12 says

            Six years of obstruction was because Dingy wouldn’t take any bills to the floor. Turn off Brian Williams, Gruber!!

          63. hangem'high says

            And everyone is still waiting for him to show up for work? In the real world his azz would be canned!

          64. charles rhoads says

            he isn’t a veteran. he does not care what our Constitution says about what qualifies someone to be elected President. obama’s father was not a citizen and that alone disqualifies obama from being president.

          65. jetmagnet says

            He’s president not once, but twice elected by the people…if you don’t like democracy then you don’t belong in this country!

          66. chamuiel says

            elected twice by lo info morons, fixed voting machines, dead people, and cartoon characters.
            Democracy? We are a Republic.

          67. Rafael Cruz says

            Democracy is an ideology. We are a Constitutional Republic. Please explain what is a “lo info moron” Someone who can’t spell? You do know you are responding to a post from 7 months ago. Teddy C

          68. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Low info Moore-on.

          69. bbeans says


          70. chamuiel says

            He/She/It is probably brain damaged.

          71. boysenberry says

            jetmagnet: You are so naïve and emotionally immature. I don’t believe for a minute you are a vet. You would better.

          72. Independant Thinker says

            His being “elected” just proves we have a lot of people who are voting many times even at the same poll and they don’t know what is going on. I see a lot of people who voted for him and none of them would be able to pass an entrance exam for the 3rd grade at best – naw, maybe kindergarten. Last time I checked we were only suppose to vote once and we had to ve Citizens in the first place. I have to show PICTURE ID to vote and feel everyone should have to show ID. It isn;t a racist thing nor discrimination to demand a Drivers License to vote. It proves you have somekind of legal status and have to at least have a legal Green Card you can produce. Sounds fair to me. I have to show ID to get health care, cash a check, or get liquor, so why not vote.

          73. jetmagnet says

            Where do you live on mars? You listen to crap too much. Only one person has been convicted. You are too stupid to even understand party politics.
   They want to stop people from voting. Why only in red states where baggers have the majority anyway? cause they suck! And can’t get more stupid people to vote , so they remedy that by preventing people from voting especially blacks.

          74. Francesca Thomas says

            Yes, Independent Thinker and people such as yourself an intelligent high minded thinker that had it not been for that pesky word “Independent” and quite a few others, you would be seated in the not so White now House. If only other Repubs. had such a sure fire way of adjusting votes, such as a Gov. perhaps a brother(or sister) in a big state about the size of say Florida to maybe lose a few of those votes. And for further measure lose those votes in predominately black neighborhoods(can’t risk losing any of those “RIGHT” votes). Now you’ll have a few of those troublemakers who will want to count the votes again, but one thing you CAN count on in Florida is a lot of swamps and a relative who just might help you out a little.
            Now Thinker, I suggest you go back to school and take advantage of those EDUCATION bills that our President has placed so generously out there for those “wrong people.” Don’t y’all fret none cause even a high minded independent thinker such as yourself can get into school and maybe you’ll be so happy and busy learning you won’t be so upset when those other people start to get that education that was promised them years ago.”

          75. jetmagnet says

            Did you say education? The right doesn’t like education…the want you stupid enough to believe their most ridiuculous ideas and conspiracies. This kinda says it all.
            Yeah Governor, lets get rid of that education. lmao!


          76. chamuiel says

            If you are educated, it was all a waste of time for you.

          77. dinkerduo says

            You don’t sound like a Veteran of the United States Military to me or you’d be smarter then you seem! Obozo is a–FOREIGN–illegitimate–mulatto–socialist–communists–Marxist Muslim who has NEVER been a citizen of the U.S. and who hates America like his Kenyan father? hated England as they at one time–until about 1960–were a colony of England! There is so much evidence that Obozo is a traitor and an enemy of the United States of America–and that he WAS born in Kenya–if you’d only do a little research–and do your own homework instead of parroting MSNBC types!!!
            Otherwise–go post somewhere else–you contribute NOTHING!

          78. jetmagnet says

            Your accusations are stupid. you have no intelligence. If you don’t like him it’s too damn bad, because most people that believe he’s muslim are ignorant as fruitcakes. Even if he was a muslim are you a fcking racist mther? Huh . fella? don’t like black president? Well it’s too damn bad. We elected him and we think he’s great. He’s above all the trash and trashy people who insult him. Your party blows! The people are racist bigots that walk around stupid. I can’t help you, there’s no cure for stupid. You peeps can yell all you want, but he’s still our president, and i wasn’t brought up to trash the presidents.
            I hate idiots, stupid morons. that never watch the real news and live in their own little psychopathic world. I like what he’s done for vets so do thousands of us. I like what he’s doing to help people. WTF is your party doing to help people??? They suck!!!

          79. stephanie wilson says

            who cares what color he is? you libs are obsessed w/ race.

          80. brianjconway says

            Jet. Get some spelling and grammar before you start calling your betters ignorant.

          81. jetmagnet says

            If you can read and comprehend, typo errors mean nothing sir, I’m not here to have my papers graded from a high school teacher.

          82. chamuiel says

            You are not here to do anything, but lie.

          83. dinkerduo says

            Have you people all gone to the same school to spew your garbage because all of you libtards sound alike–no issues just rant about something that doesn’t exict!
            But arguing with an IDIOT is useless so you won’t be hearing from me again!

          84. jetmagnet says

            Ok, what’s the policies that terrify rightwingies, and you better be specific and accurate, no hypo’s or conspiracies, no viral emails, fake youtube videos and opeds from non existant people. I’ve researched them all. If you give me a list, i’ll be happy to debate you on the merits of your argument. However, George bush caused more serious pain on millions of americans that any president in history, People lost their lives, homes and their savings, yet he gets away with it and never got the racist hate and made up crap this president gets. i debated rush blimpo and he lost, he cut me off. That’s what they do on rightwing radio. They cut you off and then make up some ridiculous lies to substantiate their existance and try to castigate you without an opposing voice.

          85. chamuiel says


            You just proved dinkerduo’s words to be true.

            You do not debate. All you do is call names.

          86. VicBailey says

            How do we know ANYTHING about Bama he had his records SEALED, that should tell you something dumba$$! Semper Fi.

          87. jetmagnet says

            Like robme never showed his tax returns. maybe don’t know anything about Obama…but the FBI and NSA vetted him thoroughly…besides your media would have found something else he didn’t pay his library fees or something stupid, ok?

          88. chamuiel says

            our media? The media is owned by the left.

          89. alfy says

            what have you been smoking dude?you believe all those lies?well your type of people in america,move to Africa please.

          90. chamuiel says

            again attacking others with childish inuendoes.
            So, you hate Democrats and liberals?
            Is that what you are saying?

          91. stephanie wilson says

            stop watching mslsd, you are getting to stupid to listen to.

          92. desertcelt says

            Jetmagnet, you need a simple entry level class in political science. It is not the Tea Party that is attacking your freedoms, but the Obama administration. The democrats are the statist party which pushes for bigger, more powerful, intrusive government, higher taxes and more regulation. The democrats haven’t been the party of the little man since the days of Harry Truman. The Republicans aren’t much better.The Tea Party is 180 degrees away from Communism. Obama was groomed by Marxist, Frank Marshall Davis. You want to see Commie anarchists. look at the Occupy movement and those behind it who manipulate useful idiots such as you.

          93. chamuiel says

            Again more infantil name calling. How old are you 10?

          94. Aladawg says

            Elizabeth, then hang the muslim bastard.

          95. jetmagnet says

            The only thing illegal is your mouth…you need to remove your foot , it’s clogged your brain!

          96. chamuiel says

            When a leftie has nothing to say, then they attack their opponent with childish aggression.

          97. Rafael Cruz says

            you mean like your doing?

          98. hangem'high says

            Not only do you need to get obummer out of your mind, you need to get him out of your azz!

          99. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I know you are but what am I!

          100. jetmagnet says

            If righties aren’t racist-bigots then why is it they never speak out about injustices done to black people. A black family was tear gassed in their own yard for yelling at police to leave people alone. Where’s the right? The right is nowhere to be found only when it serves them and their commie ideas. There’s plenty of white people in these black communities where’s The Fake News channel? Funny Rand Paul seems to be the only one…I suggest you don’t vote for him.

          101. chamuiel says

            Righties are not commies. Only people on the left like you and obama are commies.
            Why do you people on the left accuse others of what you are?

          102. hangem'high says

            Unlike the liberal progressives Guppies, conservatives don’t need to be told who to vote for? Now if we just can figure out how to save our savings from disappearing from the progressives hacks?

          103. Aladawg says

            jetmagnet, you really are a disturbed individual, I’ll bet your MOS was a cook or a truck driver. I served my country for 25 years. I am a combat wounded Infantryman in Viet Nam. Your kind will never be good enough to represent the kind of veterans I associate with.

          104. jetmagnet says

            I don’t fall into that. Bullsheet trap…nice try. What baggers do consistantly is try to find out what you did in nam and then say your a liar. Let’s put it this way fella, I was a Sniper and spend most of my precious moments behind enemy lines eating weeds and grass…the bugs tasted good too! Ever seen a man’s head blown clean off?

          105. Elizabeth Miller says

            Sounds to me like you are just a liar like your leader

          106. chamuiel says

            gays want to know what you did in Nam?

          107. Sherryo says

            Fantasy worlds? I’m a vet and obummer couldn’t care less about us!!! Look to our sourthen boarder,bengaze,obummer care and on and on!!! Obummer is without a doubt the most prolific crook that’s ever been in the WH!!! In this VETS opinion he is a TRAITOR!!!!!! So put that in your obummer supporting pipe an smoke it!!!!!!!

          108. Jim Miller says

            If ZERObama supports the military so much and the country is booming in wealth so much, why is he closing Bases all over the place, why is he FIRING Army Officer in the war field, that sure is a moral booster…. but, only for terrorists

          109. jetmagnet says

            He’s not closing bases. Much of this has to do with Sequester cuts the GOP wanted. Obama didn’t want the cuts.

            This year’s defense budget still takes steps to cut costs, as it
            continues the $487 billion, 10-year reduction that began in fiscal year
            2013 under the initial caps set by the Budget Control Act in 2011.

            The budget includes a request for one new round of the Base Realignment
            and Closure (BRAC) Commission in 2015, with base closures beginning in

            Last year’s request also included two rounds of base closures, but there
            was no funding set aside for the upfront costs, and the request was
            dismissed by Congress.

            In this year’s budget, there is $2.4 billion included over five years
            for base closing, suggesting the Pentagon is more serious about trying
            to cut infrastructure, which it argues is necessary to reap major
            long-term savings. This the GOP’s budget to trim the deficit-you know the guys you voted for.

            The Runaway General

            The Rolling Stone profile of Stanley McChrystal that changed history. You can’t get into the political arena as a general and keep your job.

            Who did Bush fire? The first was Gen. Eric Shinseki
            who as Army Chief of Staff was cashiered after testifying before the
            Senate Armed Services Committee that 250,000 troops would be needed to pacify Iraq.

            Arguably the next was Lt. Gen Ricardo Sanchez
            who was Commander in Chief of the Multinational Force Iraq. I say
            arguably because there was never an overt act that lead to his being
            relieved of command and was subsequently appointed CIC of the V Corps in Germany but it was widely rumored that the scandal of Abu Ghraib led to his being relieved of duty.

            Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman was relieved as commander of Walter Reed Hospital due to the scandal that came to light regarding conditions at the premier military hospital.

            Brigadier General Janis Karpinski was relieved of command and demoted to colonel as a result of the Abu Ghraib scanda

          110. Ddenney1 says

            The sequester was Oblammers Idea!!!

          111. jetmagnet says

            He drew it up and baggers love it, so they decided to keep it!!!


          112. chamuiel says

            The gays love it?

            Have you came out yet?

          113. dinkerduo says

            But of course–when something DOESN’T go as planned–they blame the Rep. or the Tea Party or AANNYYOONNYY BUT THEMSELVES! You are correct–that was Obozo’s–or SOMEONE from the Oval Office idea–but it didn’t work–just like the race riots that they wanted to happen didn’t happen! Nothing they do does really turn out right tho doesn’t it?!?

          114. bbeans says

            yES INDEEDY IT WAS!!!

          115. Independant Thinker says

            Sequester is something you have no idea what it means. It is so he can claim he is getting rid of “entitlement programs” and “reduce unnecessary spending” while making the country more vulnerable to his Muslim Brotherhood buddies and sell out the country as fast a he can. He has done a good job of it so far and he has the gullible crowd, you included, who think he is doing a fine job.

          116. jetmagnet says

            Muslim brotherhood? You must be an Alex West fruitcake! lmfao. Yeah, you read the sequester backwards and it was Obama lmao! like this fetseuqes…hahahaha

          117. chamuiel says

            More name calling? Do you have anything else?

          118. VicBailey says

            Bama signed the sequester and brought it into being then got mad for having to enforce it and He and Reid caused the government shut down, MORON! Semper Fi.

          119. jetmagnet says

            Where do you get your misinformation? typical uneducated rightwingie.
            The sequester was never meant to happen, republicans liked it, because it reduced the deficit and wouldn’t change it. they had every opportunity to do so, so the blame is on baggers for letting it happen. And everyone know fruitcakes shutdown the government, they even admitted it. I guess you mind is so confused, you probably left it somewhere. lmao

          120. chamuiel says

            Again, with the infantile name calling. and laughing hysterically at nothing.

          121. chamuiel says

            Our Military is at he smallest level since the thirties. obama did that.

          122. itsfun says

            Just what has Obama ever done to help any of us vets? He cuts the military funding to give money to illegals. He hates the military. I belong to the American Legion, VFW. Only a handful at most of the members I know have any respect for Obama.

          123. jetmagnet says

            We all love Obama. At least Vets with brains, they old senile farts whose mond left them will believe anything fruitcakes tell them.

          124. itsfun says

            What you are saying is very few vets have brains. Did you get a head wound in the service?

          125. chamuiel says

            lie much?

          126. stephanie wilson says

            i doubt you are a vet. most of our military love pres. bush!

          127. brianjconway says

            And what has he done for you. He has gutted the military with his unilateral disarmament,. He has cut the VA budget and manipulated statistics to make it appear that things there are running well. He is a disgrace to himself, our country and the negroes.

          128. charles rhoads says

            you are such a liar! here is some good advice! lay down on a hand grenade.

          129. PHIL atwood says

            Dude you really need to quit sniffing obozos shit as it’s doing strange things to your head

          130. jetmagnet says

            Your the peeps snifing the sheeeeaaat! Isn’t that a bagger outhouse???

          131. PHIL atwood says

            no that’s your momma’ house where she takes her funky ass with all the dudes she spreads for fool

          132. edward martis says

            I belong to a vet group too—the VFW—–and ‘Obama looks out for vets” etc—–In what universe do you live ? To anybody out there……please call your local VFW or the American Legion in your area and ask them their opinion of Obama…..jagnet is a delusional liar beyond belief

          133. jetmagnet says

            Not the same one you do, that’s for sure. All the vet organizations support Obama, because he helps VETs, Baggers don’t the GOP doesn’t. The old brainwashed fruitcakes probably don’t. lmao!

            For those who continue to believe that obstructionism at any
            cost is not the goal of the Senate Republicans, consider the behavior of
            the GOP Senators who, on Friday, blocked a bi-partisan effort to pass a
            bill that would put veterans to work in jobs that look after
            the nation’s federal land while also giving our fighting men and women a
            leg up when it comes to getting them hired by local police and fire
            Forty Republican members of the United States Senate betrayed veterans today when they decided that denying President Obama a victory was more important than spending $1 billion to create jobs for vets.

            The Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012 would have spent $1 billion over five years to put veterans to work tending to federal lands, and in the nation’s police and fire departments. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) based her plan of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), but Republicans opposed the bill because they said there is no proof that it would work.

            Republican Sen. Tom Coburn claimed that there is no evidence that jobs for vets will work, “What we have is a bill that’s brought to the floor that has good intentions behind but shows the absolute laziness of congress in terms of really digging things out.

            Here are the 40 Republicans who voted to keep America’s veterans unemployed,

            Alexander (R-TN)
            Ayotte (R-NH)
            Barrasso (R-WY)
            Blunt (R-MO)
            Boozman (R-AR)
            Burr (R-NC)
            Chambliss (R-GA)
            Coats (R-IN)
            Coburn (R-OK)
            Cochran (R-MS)
            Corker (R-TN)
            Cornyn (R-TX)
            Crapo (R-ID)
            DeMint (R-SC)
            Enzi (R-WY)
            Graham (R-SC)
            Grassley (R-IA)
            Hatch (R-UT)
            Hoeven (R-ND)
            Hutchison (R-TX)
            Isakson (R-GA)
            Johanns (R-NE)
            Johnson (R-WI)
            Kyl (R-AZ)
            Lee (R-UT)
            Lugar (R-IN)
            McCain (R-AZ)
            McConnell (R-KY)
            Moran (R-KS)
            Paul (R-KY)
            Portman (R-OH)
            Risch (R-ID)
            Roberts (R-KS)
            Rubio (R-FL)
            Sessions (R-AL)
            Shelby (R-AL)
            Thune (R-SD)
            Toomey (R-PA)
            Vitter (R-LA)
            Wicker (R-MS)

            GOP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help Veterans

            The legislation would have provided a relatively small allocation of $1 billion in funds to accomplish the goals of the program.

            In order to bring the bill to the floor, a procedural vote was
            required to waive a technical limit placed on such spending as agreed to
            in Congress during last year’s budgetary fiasco. Despite the
            sum of money having been fully offset by cuts and modifications to other
            planned expenditures, Senate Republicans used the required vote to
            shoot down the proposed legislation as the Democrats, with some
            Republican assistance, were able to manage only 58 of the 60 votes
            required to accomplish the waiver.

            Earlier in September Republicans in the Senate blocked a bill which would have helped veterans gain employment. Meanwhile
            at the end of August President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order
            improving the mental health services for veterans, military members and their families.
            Don’t have time to list all the bills the GOP has blocked for Vets. Right now they screwed 90,000 vets out of food stamps, next they’ll steal their pensions!

          134. edward martis says

            Jesus h. Christ !—–get a life—sounds like you spend a good portion of your life on these nothing blogs—–they accomplish nothing—-much like the American Communist Party—their yap goes on, like yours, forever…..

          135. chamuiel says

            We We We! are you communist?

            teabags again?

            Why are you so obsessed with gays?

            Oh, yeah obama is one.

          136. alfy says


          137. sandwalker says

            your one warped asswipe-jet maggot

          138. DL Hancock says

            You REALLY are an IDIOT arent you. The deficit. Obama has matched EVERY President before him in the deficit. Not just Bush, 1 or 2, BUT ALL Presidents. Are you really that uneducated and that stupid to make such a STUPID and provable statement. I’m not even going to read any of your other comments after that ignorance. Oh, Yes I am, The MORE you speak, the more you show your ignorance. Iraq and Oil, You poor fool. US hasnt taken one drop of oil or dime from Iraq,as a matter of fact, wqe p[aid for everything in Iraq. Bush and lo0os of money, more Ignorance from you. Demorats are responsible for every bit of the financial crisis and housing market, wow, you really are a dumbazz arent you. One numbskull remark after another. Lookup Community reinvestkment Act 1999. What you’ll find is the EXACT same thing Obama is doing AGAIN. However, we will NOT make it through the next one and its coming soon. Clinton ordered ALL financial inst to give loans to people they KNEW couldnt afford them on homes. Obama has done the same thing. Even worse, ALL of those IDIOTs that lost their homes, blamed everyone else for taking their home and money. Nothing new. Liberals have no idea what Persoanl responsibility is and you proive it/ OK, I reaLLY AM not GOING TO READ ANYMORE OF YOUR IGNORANCE.
            Ok, I Lied again. Your ignorance is astounding. Now, think about the Stock Market at 17,000. Now WHO in the hell do you think is really making money off of that? Not me, Not YOU, we’re too poor for that, you IDIOT. The ONLY peoploe getting richer, are the rich that Obama keeps talking about he hates BUIT he makes SURE they keep getting richer. Now, aniother thing, its NOT b/c of ANYTHING he’s done other then printing Billions of dollars weekly that keeps the Stock Market up, the minute we STOP the fake printing, the AMERICAN eCONOMY TANKS. Now, when you have SO many dollars being printed, WHO do you think is losing? Not the RICH, The POOR b/c it devaluies what we’re able to buy everyday. I’m not going to ask if you’ve been to the grocery store b/c I know you havent, You are too young and too stupid to take care of yourself. Now, IF you were smart enough to go to the groecery store, what you would find is that prices under Oblameo have tripled in the klast 5 1/2 yrs. Lets say I spend $300 this week on graceries, when Obama came into office those same groceries would have cost me $100.; When his dumbazz came into office, to fill up a 25 gal tank of gas would have cost about $60. Now, that same 25 gal cost about $90

          139. Aladawg says

            Dr. Hancock, now I have someone to confirm my impression of jetmaggot he surely is a stark raving lunatic

          140. Elizabeth Miller says

            Jet is a liar he wasnt in the military he is to ignorant and disrespectful to military personal

          141. VicBailey says

            He is more than likely a politician, socialist liberal at that! FULL of shit from the get go! Semper Fi.

          142. ricktenny says

            Dear Jetmagot,
            Just thought I’d chime in here. One of your hero’s recent actions did something no President in the history of this Nation ever stooped to. For one, what we are learning in small doses may be a deserter, POW he traded five high ranking enemy combatants, putting them back on the battlefield to kill American Soldiers. This is a move that defies reason. Stinks of trying to appease Muslim terrorists and in simple terms flies as an insult to every American man and woman who ever served in combat for the United States.

          143. jetmagnet says

            The problem with your Idea is, the president has been hounded by not only constituents to bring Bergdahl back as a (United States Citizen and only POW held captive), but also from republican members of the armed services committee as well as members of congress.
            As far as releasing 5 dirtbags….. who would have been required to be released later this year under International rules of War.
            When wars end, prisoners taken custody must be released. These five
            Guantanamo detainees were almost all members of the Taliban, according
            to the biographies of the five detainees
            that the Afghan Analysts Network compiled in 2012. None were facing
            charges in either military or civilian courts for their actions. Even though Rogers is the Chairman of the House Permanent Select
            Committee on Intelligence, he offered no evidence to support his charge.
            That’s because the evidence demonstrates that the Obama administration
            has been remarkably successful at preventing detainees it has released
            from Guantanamo from engaging in militant activities against the United

            There is a 5 percent chance at most that these detainees will engage in
            militant activities upon release, they will be in Qatar for at least a
            year by which time the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan will be over, and
            they would have had to be released soon anyway. When put in the proper
            perspective, obtaining the release of the sole U.S. prisoner in
            Afghanistan is a masterstroke and worthy of congratulations.

            Statistics from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence show that only 6 percent
            (5 in total) of Guantanamo detainees released during the Obama
            administration have been assessed to have potentially engaged in
            militant activities. That compares with a rate of nearly 30 percent
            under the Bush administration.

            The US negotiated with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, who were very
            much analogous to the Taliban and whom the US would now certainly term
            “terrorists.” In 1973, the US used intermediaries to negotiate with the Viet Cong for release of captured US soldiers at Loc Ninh. Americans on the political right made a huge issue about 1300 US soldiers never having been released by the Viet Cong (only about 400 were),
            and the shame that these men were left on the battlefield by the Nixon
            and Ford administrations. Conservatives seem to want to have it both
            ways. If you negotiate the release of US captives with the enemy you
            are “negotiating with terrorists.” If you don’t, then you have left
            soldiers behind on the battlefield. The fact is that the only way to
            have freed them was to have offered something for them in detailed
            negotiations. As for the Viet Cong “terrorists,” many of them are in
            government now and the US has cordial relations with them.

            In the 1980s radical Shiites in Lebanon took American hostages. In order to free them, the Reagan administration not only negotiated with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini but actually stole T.O.W. anti-aircraft munitions
            from Pentagon warehouses and shipped them to Tehran, receiving the
            money for them in black bank accounts and sending it to right wing death
            squads in Nicaragua. Khomeini and his government were listed as
            terrorists by the State Department at the time, and selling weapons to
            Iran was highly illegal. Not only that, but the US was allied with Iraq
            at the time, so Reagan screwed over Baghdad this way. Reagan did it, in
            part to free US hostages in Lebanon (Iran put pressure on its clients
            for their release).

            As for encouraging groups to take US hostages, if the GOP really is
            so worried about this outcome they should stop putting the idea in the
            minds of terrorists by trumpeting it all over the news media. There was
            no rash of hostage-taking of Americans after Reagan bribed Iran to have
            them released, so the expectation is ahistorical.

            The Israelis did a prisoner swap, at 1000 to one, for Gilad Shalit,
            and it hasn’t caused more Israelis to be captured. Why do right wing
            Americans only hold up Israel as a model when it acts unwisely, rather
            than when it (as it often does) acts pragmatically?

            In fact, groups like the Taliban are always trying to take US
            personnel captive. Every day all day. This agreement changes nothing.
            The reason they only had one American in captivity was not the US
            policy of not negotiating. It is because guerrilla groups find it
            difficult to kidnap people from hardened bases and other such relatively
            secure facilities.

            Finally, as for the 5 Taliban officials being the worst of the worst,
            that is probably true. However, there are other worst of the worst out
            there– big Afghan warlords of the 1990s with massive amounts of blood
            on their hands– whom the US has left alone to operate freely in
            Afghanistan. Gen. Rashid Dostam was even a vice presidential candidate,
            and Abu Sayyaf serves in parliament. Look them up. US politicians
            appear not so interested in who committed massacres but in whether they
            are presently cooperative with the Karzai government.
            Going back to Bergdahl, #1 he hasn’t been charged and he deserves due process under the constitution- Judicial law states “Innocent until proven guilty” We’ll find out if he was in fact a deserter or captured when the investigation is completed in a month….Until them anything Obama does for this country produces a negative spin from the Hacks on the right, mostly fabricated lies to enrage the base. I believe in law and the constitution not unsubstantiated theories derived from hatred and biased opinion.
            An oped back in 2010 described bergdahls unit as “undisciplined” and the commanding officer not in control. so statements by people in his unit are just not creditable.

          144. Jim Miller says

            but, I bet you don’t have the balls to go face those five terrorists in the middle of Afghanistan, there is a 99.99% that you’d come back to the USA in a plastic bag, if you go to bed with a cobra and you never wake up in the morning, perhaps you ‘d not trust your deadly enemies.

          145. bbeans says

            GOOD ONE! JIM!

          146. jetmagnet says

            So bush released 300 detainees, where’s the call for his head?????? LMFAO You peeps are too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          147. chamuiel says

            Do you always live in the past?

          148. hangem'high says

            That’s why we call them the good old days is to relive them, makes one wonder what’s in store for us to call the last six years good old days?

          149. grama18 says

            OHH ! I know — YOU — are a –ass wipe — hows your highnass’s ass doing now. you seem to know so much..

          150. mac12sam12 says

            He didn’t trade a deserter/traitor for five UBL’s. Try prunes, it will help relieve you. Your blood pressure must be sky high!! LOL!!!!!

          151. Keith Brockmiller says

            they’s jus po people anyway, right?

          152. Independant Thinker says

            The Taliban doesn’t keep hostages and he as frere to travel so obviously he wasn’t a hostage in the first place. He looks pretty dang healthy to me and their hostages are all in poor health and have been seriously abused. Don’t you notice anything strange about this guy who claims to have been a hostage but doens’t haveny opf the typoical signs of it. Just maybe Obama was

          153. dinkerduo says


          154. jetmagnet says

            I believe being captive is bad enough. Have you ever been captive by an enemy? I have. They hate you because you killed their people, blew up their villages. They they him in a cage when he was naughty. On one hand you condemn the release of 5 dirtbags but somehow condone the treatment of him with is just as bad captors.
            It you had a freakin brain you’d realize he wasn’t getting steak and lobster every night and foot massages buy people who love to kill americans. Even the thought of it is ridiculous. Not by Fake news, they go beyond freakin ridiculous to a point sooo stupid it even makes bridge trolls look like geniuses.

          155. chamuiel says

            Too bad they did not behead you. one less idiot in the world.

          156. Paul Reiner says

            JetMagnet You are a piece of shit spinless F/in Liar you have never been held captive you Punk

          157. hangem'high says

            Brian Williams, So, this is what you do now that you’re unemployed?

          158. bbeans says


          159. jetmagnet says

            He didn’t look sick …now that’s freakin brilliant…are you a damn doctor or a psychiatrist? There’s alot of fckdup vets that don;t look sick. I’ve seen stage 4 cancer patients walking around and they don’t look sick. I’ve seen people with diabetes, heart disease that don’t look sick. What a fruitcake.

          160. bbeans says

            Funny he sure had a quick recovery!!! Didn’t say I was a dr. u doof! If obummer would let these Americans that fight for our country instead of leaving others to search for them because they just walk off and leave their comrades holding the bag like bergdoof did Then we wouldn’t have a problem like bergdoof, now would we? Didn’t see Oblammer busting his butt to get Sgt Tamoreesi out of the Mexican jail he’s still there…waiting. And how about Pastor Abadeeni still in the Iranian clink he’s an American in case u didn’t know! Being beaten and slowly tortured!! Let’s hear oblammer do something about theses men and oh just recently the american journalist that was jjust killed, and where was your illustrous president? Playing golf!! So before you start shooting your big mouth off just take a look at what is going on with BO and why he supports the loosers!!

          161. jetmagnet says

            Obama doesn’t make these decisions, the chief of staff along the security team does. The problem with fruitcakes is they think Obama works alone and every decision is his. None of you clowns worked in government and most of you have no clue how it works. Again, he hasn’t been charged so, bringing americans home is a no brainer. If he’s guilty he’ll get prison time, that’s , how it works.
            Before i argue any of your rightwing nonsense, you need to educate yourself on who is in charge of what and what the protocol is. The party of stupid ahs been downright obsessed with the Blackman, because your media makes money off fruitcakes who eat this sheet up like candy. It’s the same crowd eating the same horsesheet. I was a republican and was into the same horsesheet then I foundout the truth. It’s a big game…the GOP wants to make Obama look bad and the government even worse, so they can takeover and have another wacko running the govt. Except independents like myself and everyone with a brain knows exactly what the GOP strategy is and look at the same way…the stupid party with billionaires handing out the script to legislators and rightwing media to make sure you clowns are fed Obama bullshit 24/7/ Why don’t grow a damn brain and realized your being manipulated.

          162. bbeans says

            Tipical libtard rant!! I suppose you know all about ….NOT! Educate yourself!!! MORON!! You are too stupid for me to waste my time argueing with you!! Another libtarded idiot swallowing BO’s rhetoric!! You r the reason we are all in the state we are!! You missed the whole point!!! Where’s my can of “”Libturd Be Gone?”

          163. jetmagnet says

            Three queens??? How lovely~~~~~~~

          164. mac12sam12 says

            You’ve been Gruberized!!

          165. hangem'high says

            Obama has said many times on national address’s he would go it alone! should we consider him a national, habitual liar than?

          166. chamuiel says

            Why do you call childish names? Is it because you have nothing to say?

          167. mac12sam12 says

            After reading your comments I know one thing, you’re sick!!!

          168. hangem'high says

            True, I’m no doctor, but I know you’re sick!

          169. stephanie wilson says

            you are as delusional as obummer!

          170. OWEN says

            lying a-hole

          171. PHIL atwood says

            You are an idiot

          172. edward martis says

            war ? what ‘declared’ war ? I did not know that O declared’ with any body….did I miss the speech to congress that we had ‘declared war’….when did that happen ?

          173. edward martis says

            released detainees—-no problem—–LIKE the now head of ISIS —‘remarkably successful’ ? I did not know the war was over—–when was it ever declared ? when was the peace treaty signed ?

          174. edward martis says

            what ‘declaration of war’ ? did I miss any body giving a ‘ declaration of war’ to the congress’——did I miss a ‘peace treaty being signed’——-released’ POW’s –being of no threat—–like the current head of ISIS ? I did the CA NG / CHP detail after 911 on the Golden Gate Bridge—–we caught 5 al-queda (recon scout types) in 4 mos.—-at gunpoint——It was a 2 yr NG program—-long after I left the NG/CHP gig —the NG guys caught many on these pricks along with the CHP and GGB police—–wake the FUCK UP !!!!!!!

          175. edward martis says

            ‘when wars end etc-‘—–didn’t know the war ended—–who signed the peace treaty ? anybody know out there ?

          176. chamuiel says

            what constituents wanted bergdahl brought back/ All of you lo info people?

          177. jetmagnet says

            Your neocons- McCain and his two buddies, kelly ayotte and Grahm. That’s the problem with you peeps, you don;t research anything.

          178. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

            You sound like a terrorist you need to ba put away with the rest of them maggot!!

          179. CE Vaughn says

            Just like shit that you state you are the damn dumbest sob yet

          180. RobertNorwood says

            Wow, you did a lot of work for folks who aren’t listening to you. Like we’d read all that from an idiot like you?

          181. Independant Thinker says

            It is known as HIGH TREASON. and he should be tried for it.

          182. John English says


          183. dinkerduo says

            And before that he sent Qaddafi’s weapons to the Syrian rebels who we now know as ISIS—that what they were doing in Benghazi in the first place–the Amb. was either to be killed or more likely kidnapped to trade for the blind sheik as they’ve been trying to get him released since 1998!! Obozo should have been arrested for that one alone–then to release 5 top Taliban commanders back into the fight to kill Americans should have sealed him in prison for the rest of his life!!!
            Congress DENIED both actions but he went ahead and did them anyway!!!
            He and all of his people need to go so we can clean house!!!

          184. John English says


          185. Rafael Cruz says

            1. Turn off CAPS LOCK.
            2. Proof and spell check.

          186. John English says


          187. hangem'high says

            I can read it just fine, unless you want everyone that posts to get a masters education? What’s that say about the idiots them Damn progressives let vote??

          188. RobertNorwood says

            At least he has Caps Lock, you have Crap Lock, Spell “Check-in” for drinking too much 150 Proof. What’s it take – 30 days clean and sober?

          189. RobertNorwood says

            Jetmaggot, that’s even better. What an idiot eh? Why does he come here? He must like the abuse. Probably wears one of those rubber outfits and lets guys beat on him while hanging upside down.
            Reminds me of the pawn shop’s rubber dude in “Pulp Fiction”.

          190. Rafael Cruz says

            You are seriously into gay S and M. You know WAY too much information. Are you still a Log Cabin Republican?

          191. RobertNorwood says

            I saw the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Anyway, if that’s seriously “way too much information” you know too little, stop watching Care Bear movies or something. Get news papers, read books. I also happen to know a lot about Geology, Oceanography, English Lit, etc., etc. but some how nothing in there quite says it for Jetmaggot like Pulp Fiction’s rubber suit dude. Wouldn’t be surprised if you own one.

          192. hangem'high says

            Since the ground hog has a holiday, the progressives and ACLU are going to summit to the president’s phone and pen for the Hole moles to have a whole monlth dedicated to them, they’re going to call it the hole mole month!
            Good News for you! NO?

          193. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Rather be a Log Cabin than a puke wad, socialist maggot!

          194. Elizabeth Miller says

            Bush is and has been long gone time for you to smarten up Bath house Barry does not like you either and his sympathiers will be the first he goes after.Try watching the fall of the 3rd riech on the history channel and get some education on the evil you support

          195. chelseachablis says

            ONE THIRD of our deficit was accrued on OBAMA’S WATCH ALONE!!!…you really need to turn off whatever crap your watching and get with the truth! YOU are the kind of people this administration feeds off of!! But you WILL SEE when your standing in the soup line next to the “po people”!! The thing that made this country so great was the fact that you could make it really REALLY good financially. There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy. But most people can’t even put bread on their table’s now thanks to Obama and his “Change”….and guys like you who think he really gives a shit………wow.

          196. Elizabeth Miller says

            The people of LA and Detroit have woken up.They know Barry has no plan of helping them.The phone did not get them a home or a chance to do better.Their cities are bankrupt and he is loading them up with disease rittled illegals

          197. Aladawg says

            Yeah, America would be 1000% better off if little barry the muslim committed hari-kari and the sooner the better.

          198. mac12sam12 says

            There’s nothing more pathetic than a democrat hack defending the failure of the worst president in history.

          199. antilib says

            It’s all Bush’s fault,, right? News flash…Eventually you Libclowns are going to have to come with another excuse why your boy is a spoiled, arrogant, lawless, complete failure. Bush has been gone 6 years and things just get worse and he gleefully destroys our country. And you putzes keep making excuses. Shows your intellect and integrity.

          200. Elizabeth Miller says

            They do not understand what you said.They do not know what those words mean.Barry can not even spell the word respect properly.You are talking to his followers

          201. Aladawg says

            jetmagnet, you are either a black or liberal White but one thing is for sure, you are a very disturbed psychotic liberal or black bastard.

          202. 1commonjoe says

            BS , but even so, Nothing gives obummer the right to make things Worse!

          203. jetmagnet says

            I fail to see how how he made things worse-He made them better! The dow is the highest ever, Millions are back in their homes with his Harp refinance program.
            Banks paid up billions in fines for their misdeeds. He brought the economy back to where it was b4 bush FCK it up. 9 million jobs created even without a do nothing congress. 9 million people (including conservatives) have healthcare they never had b4. A harvard study showed 72,000 americans dies each year because they didn’t have health insurance.
            Increased Support for Veterans: With so many soldiers
            coming home from Iraq and Iran with serious physical and mental health
            problems, yet facing long waits for services, increased 2010 Department
            of Veterans Affairs budget by 16 percent and 2011 budget by 10 percent.
            Also signed new GI bill offering $78 billion in tuition assistance over a
            decade, and provided multiple tax credits to encourage businesses to
            hire veterans.
            Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall
            Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the
            financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. The new
            law tightens capital requirements on large banks and other financial
            institutions, requires derivatives to be sold on clearinghouses and
            exchanges, mandates that large banks provide “living wills” to avoid
            chaotic bankruptcies, limits their ability to trade with customers’
            money for their own profit, and creates the Consumer Financial
            Protection Bureau (now headed by Richard Cordray) to crack down on
            abusive lending products and companies.
            Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards: Released new fuel efficiency standards in 2011 that will nearly double the fuel economy for cars and trucks by 2025.
            Coordinated International Response to Financial Crisis:
            To keep world economy out of recession in 2009 and 2010, helped secure
            from G-20 nations more than $500 billion for the IMF to provide lines of
            credit and other support to emerging market countries, which kept them
            liquid and avoided crises with their currencies.
            Passed Credit Card Reforms: Signed the Credit Card
            Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (2009), which
            prohibits credit card companies from raising rates without advance
            notification, mandates a grace period on interest rate increases, and
            strictly limits overdraft and other fees.

            Eliminated Catch-22 in Pay Equality Laws:
            Signed Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, giving women who are paid
            less than men for the same work the right to sue their employers after
            they find out about the discrimination, even if that discrimination
            happened years ago. Under previous law, as interpreted by the Supreme
            Court in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., the
            statute of limitations on such suits ran out 180 days after the alleged .

            discrimination occurred, even if the victims never knew about it.

            Improved Food Safety System: In 2011, signed FDA Food
            Safety Modernization Act, which boosts the Food and Drug
            Administration’s budget by $1.4 billion and expands its regulatory
            responsibilities to include increasing number of food inspections,
            issuing direct food recalls, and reviewing the current food safety
            practices of countries importing products into America.
            Too many more to list.

            So while we’re at it give me a list of TEABAG accomplishments?????
            See you can’t, they are the ones doing nothing and shutting down the government, destroying jobs and the country.

          204. 1commonjoe says

            “Medical Insurance” – “obamacare” made it worse. Way too expensive, people I know including myself lost doctors, the IPAB is structured wrong. Less people are covered now, alot of people have lost their employee insurance, like me, it is way more expensive for way less coverage. And meds and treatments are denied or reduced. It’s Not right for America.

          205. Beverly Miller says

            Boy have you been snowed.
            he is doing all this to get us under his thumb then spring the trap.. As far as wealth this so called President has George Soros backing him up. He’s a Jew that turned his own people in to the Nazis and he is every bit as rich as the Koch bothers and a traitor.

          206. stephanie wilson says

            liar liar underpanties on fire.

          207. brianjconway says

            What Obama added to the deficit exceeds total debt accrued from the founding of the country prior to him assuming office. Wake up, we don’t get one gallon of oil from Iraq. Millions lost money and homes because of a liberal democrat scheme to allow financially unqualified people to purchase homes over their heads. I knew a black girl with a 7th grade education who earned $7.00 per hour who bough a 275K house. She could only hold it 1 year before defaulting. .Dow is at 17K yeah in spite of Obama. You sound like a typical welfie. All Barack need to do is turn a couple of dem dials and crank it up. Pathetic .Anything else you need correction on? P. S. Consider getting an enema before you bust open.

          208. charles rhoads says

            why do you ignorant libs bother posting anything! everyone knows what the real truth is! nothing you say will ever change what we know to be true. i do under stand that your real father is a liar and has been from the beginning. so it is impossible for you to see the truth in your world Microsoft axing 18k jobs is a good thing.

          209. VicBailey says

            What good is the stock market, when the money isn’t worth half what it used to be worth and gas is up $3.19 a gal. milk is up $1.50 and the dollar is worth about $0.20, and taxes went up 13%, how is that change working? Semper Fi.

          210. jetmagnet says

            Well, I made 58% in the market so far this year and the fed has kept inflation under 2%. The dollar drop is based on value of the dollar on the global market and right now it’s pretty damn good, if you want to learn more you can easily find this information msn finance. You can thank conservatives for gas prices. They allow the derivatives market to go unabated, You have the your koch bros making billions off schlepers like you at the pump. There’s no gas shortages. Speculation is driven by fear factors, world events and manipulation of the derivatives markets.

          211. OWEN says

            @ jet magnet= uneducated moron on history, when you live in a police state don’t complain————————–.you reap what you have sown—————————————

          212. edward martis says

            and what is the debt now ?………..20 trill

          213. jetmagnet says

            The debt doesn’t stop the country fella. There’s no cure for the debt unless you have the wealthy pay for it or maybe you and the teabags can pay for it, since you’re so concerned about it. lol

          214. edward martis says

            perhaps you should go to the American Communist Party-northern California website and read where the communists declared the election of Obama–‘the best years ever’ (to come) …see for yourself….the ACP heartily encouraged their national 35,000 ‘party card carriers’. to vote for only Obama .I live just south of SFO and have seen first hand how the dems have turned SFO into a ‘public bathroom/ sewer ‘—-police arrest a drug dealer from Oakland 5 times in 8 hours—-for starters—Why SFO has a police force is beyond me—–didn’t you read any of obamas ‘background’ before you voted for him….not yap—FACT from many, many sources—lib/centrist/independents the info is endless——do not plan a trip to SFO, unless for the Alcatraz trip/ pier 39 and GG bridge tourist things—–you WILL NOT believe your senses——–the place is ‘Pelosi’s Perdition’——Obama reducing the US military to 1940 levels ——-the back to the golf course gig 20 min. or less, after he consoled the family of the . the latest beheading—–exchanging the deserter GI for al-quida big shots–with Valerie Jarret saying ‘he served with honor and distinction’ … he was only there for 30 days or less when he skipped out to find al-quida——–Expect Obama to give him the ‘Congressional Medal of Honor’ shortly———also, read up on valeries background and axelrods——her trying to get van jones into white house circles—-bill ayers close assoc. with Obama—–all the info, is easy to find——-just look

          215. jetmagnet says

            I guess they voted against the socialist Obama. You can’t be a socialist and be a communist, it’s theoretically impossible. Educating fruitcakes is my forte. When “obsession” rules over “fact” insanity sets in. The right is infatuated with Obama to the point of insanity.
            The problem is your in denial and that is your problem, not OUR problem. We don;t care what rightwingie fruitcakes think in the wee hours of how Obama gets into bed right or left side. The facts speak for themselves. Obama is a great man who acts honorably ( Baggers don’t) Handles himself with class, never berating anyone (something baggers have no class and no respect) they’re like sucker fish , that suck up what feeds their hate, bigotry and bias.”There ain’t no cure for stupid, It grows on the walls of ignorance and produces a “Stench” that can only be removed by the Truth”

          216. edward martis says

            then why was communist Russia referred to ‘ Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’——Obama IS the problem, meaning the WHOLE country’s problem—-I spent 21 yrs in the US Army—–ask any GI how they feel about Obama and his policies——-their answers would set your ears on fire !

          217. chamuiel says

            hussein obama has ran up the deficit more than 42 presidents before him.
            Did you forget that?

            Jettie, working as a paid troll does not make you wealthy. You are just a stooge.

            Teabags? Why are you so obsessed with gays? Are you one?
            Who picks on the police, you do realize that the poor blacks call them the po po?

          218. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, so how do you come out of the worst depression without spending?
            republicans are the main contributors to the debt, both prior to Obama and during Obama with wasteful poitical stunts costing billions.
            You clueless peeps need to realign your brain cells so you think outside the FOX BOX lmao

          219. says

            Not true…..the country was still here when O took office in 2009, therefore Bush did NOT destroy it. O has run up more debt than all other presidents in the history of this nation! Millions lost their homes because of legislation passed by a Democrat run Congress when J. Carter was president and enhanced by B. Clinton. Bush warned this was going to happen many times, but the Dem. Congress during his last 2 years of Bush refused to continue prosecuting the loan sharks which were permeating the rigged housing market. A few were prosecuted. The stock market is at 17000+ because of inflated money daily printed by the Federal Reserve called QE 1-2-3 and one day that process of junking our monetary system will destroy the value of money you hold in your pocket/bank account. Tea party is not picking on poor people, just trying to show them the truth of the policies which are leading to less freedom and more poverty. You need to study some true facts of economics and stop reciting the phony info Dems are feeding you as propaganda. Read some Thomas Sowell (black economist- most respected economist in America today) who tells us the truth about what the government is doing regardless of party.

          220. TPM says

            Bush ran up the deficit? I wouldn’t go there. Obama has run the deficit up more than ALL presidents before him, including Bush … and we still have 2 more years for him to distribute money to illegals, in an attempt to buy future elections.

          221. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

            jet you need to go back where you slithered out of and really get your so called facts straight and oblowme needs to go down the sewage pipe with you!!

          222. RobertNorwood says

            “all us wealthy people” … Please, you’re not even out of high school.

          223. Laddyboy says

            DELUSIONAL!!! This is the only word I can use to descrpibe you comment!

          224. RobertNorwood says

            I know, Jetmaggot says what?

          225. hangem'high says

            Got to admit the progressives like telling whoppers, they tell them so often they even start to believe it I hear there’s an opening on NBC!

          226. RobertNorwood says

            Nice talk for a GOP strategist. You should be ashamed Jetfaggot.

          227. wandrako says

            Golfing while all this is going on in the south and in the middle east. Of course his friends are in control of the caliphate there so no problem. The south is getting what he planned so no problem there either so he may as well golf!

          228. Elizabeth Miller says

            Drinking and smoking pot is more important to him than we the people.He wont go to the boarder because its his bunch of minuns he is bringing in.He knows our military will stand with us

          229. 1commonjoe says

            Or maybe he won’t go to the border cause he’s worried someone will push him into Mexico and he has a fake ID and won’t be able to get back in.

          230. Ddenney1 says

            He would be the ONLY illegal alien that couldn’t get back in!

          231. brenda Harrell says

            Now that is funny and so true.

          232. suzyshopper says

            Or could be, he might catch some disease!!!

          233. boone1 says

            Like AIDS!!!

          234. RobertNorwood says

            I.D.? He don’t need no stinkin’ I.D. to cross no stinkin’ border.

          235. chamuiel says

            Drinking, smoking pot and having gay sex.

          236. boone1 says

            Don’t count on that and don’t bet your life on it either.

          237. Angry American says

            Is that why he got rid of the leaders & replace them with his picks, I think so & soldier do follow orders but when it comes to him maybe not. But you do have to remember Kent State & what the National guard did there but that was also a different time with different leaders & didn’t have the turd around anywhere & the general military do not care for him now but it is open for discussion. Will they, or Will they not

          238. jetmagnet says

            What’s wrong with golfing, besides he’s in touch with every one wherever he goes. Bush had 5 times more vacations and look what the son of beach did to my beloved country..destroyed it. Now fruitcakes are whining like little girls about obama because they want to put a “Wingnut” in they can finish the job!!

          239. chamuiel says

            Bush took his vacations at his ranch in Crawford. Obama just spends our money to go on vacation.

            Wingnut? Why not? We already have an illegal alien dope smoking gay muslim in office

          240. jetmagnet says

            So where were you when reagan and bush 1 and 2 where golfing and spending money on vacations? Playing golf? It’s always the black guy, like somehow he doesn’t deserve it. He WON…get over it and try to figure out why you voted for more do nothing garbage…that should be your concern.

          241. RobertNorwood says

            I think the issue is he does all that and does nothing but fake his way through. He couldn’t wait to do his stupid little selfy stick routine as soon as he got the death of Kayla Mueller out of the way. I’ll bet you liked his juvenile little play acting – that’s our leader folks – a child. Our enemies are shaking in their boots – with laughter.

          242. Roy Austin Smith says

            It is the black guy that is guiltily. The half and half is guility. he is half white and that is no better than the half black. Neither is worth a dam.

          243. RobertNorwood says

            No, it’s the ignorant juvenile under the skin.

          244. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Why do you pukes ALWAYS play the race card? Could it be that he is truly the most inept, dishonest, pile we have ever witnessed?

          245. RobertNorwood says

            They can’t defend him on his record so they drag up racism, Bush, and lately they’ve had to troll back to Reagan they are so desperate.

          246. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I wish I had a penny every time a liberal tossed the “RACE” card!

          247. RobertNorwood says

            Too bad we can’t send them the bill. But at least we get to dump on jetmaggot. He’s so freaking out to lunch, got his avatar from one of his zombie games he plays in his mom’s basement.

          248. OSAMA OBAMA says

            His avatar looks like a liberal replying to a conservative; wide eyed, frothing at the mouth, vitriolic!

          249. Rafael Cruz says

            By congressional law, the POTUS cannot just up and go to Walmart. A full detail is always required. If you have issues with security funding, speak to your congressmen who allocates the budget. BTW, a Muslim cannot be a drug user, gay, or communist. Pick one and stick to it. Enjoy your tea. Teddy C

          250. Angry American says

            Their are many muslims that are drug addicts, but the punishment is so severe they keep it on the QT

          251. RobertNorwood says

            Oh, like you’ve been there and know? Muslim men break all the Quran’s laws. They drink, they have sex with boys, and they do take drugs. They also love western TV shows. These are not normal people.

          252. Paul454 says

            Obnoxious has doubled the deficit, has done jack $hit about jobs, chases make-believe global warming as a national priority, covers for Benghazi, fast & furious as far as Holder is concerned, and the IRS, makes the illegal swap for the apparent traitor Bergdahl, can’t come out against “radical Islam, and leads serious international coalitions from behind or rather, from his behind! Bush never ever did that bs. In fact genius, the NY Times (a liberal mouthpiece) even substantiated the WMDs in Iraq! So your insistence that he destroyed anything is imbecilic! The one thing he did which I find inexcusable you haven’t even mentioned so it appears to me you’re just another liberal who is acting not rational!

          253. jetmagnet says

            Don’t you peeps know all that is political theatre? You peeps are the dumbest peeps on earth. I worked for the GOP as a campaign strategist. This is what they do to win votes and get clueless imbeciles like you and others to vote. All the conspiracies were made up, ask any Gop Hack. lmao!

          254. RobertNorwood says

            Okay, now I’ve heard it all. Does full of schit get it or do we need to say more?

          255. Laddyboy says

            jetmagnet: You are correct. The Political Theater was and is a created situation. You only have one major fact wrong; The DemocRATs were the instigators and you practice their trade of disinformation.

          256. RobertNorwood says

            Laddyboy – Jetmaggot ain’t that smart.

          257. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Like all libTURDS, lies spew forth like vomit.

          258. hangem'high says

            Hey Guppy that in its self is a conspiracy, but could also explain why the GOP did so poorly in the last couple of elections! You need to swim your Azz over to the liberals progressives side of the pond spread some chett for them to eat, they might actually swallow?

          259. RobertNorwood says

            You keep using the the word “peeps”. Is that because you “peeps in windows” at night? You look the type.

          260. Paul454 says

            It’s really hard to believe from your writing style that you would have been allowed to work for the GOP as a campaign strategist. Maybe as a bouncer or ticket collector for their convention, but not where cognitive thought was required. You seem more like a Democrat man to me. I guess it all comes down to who will raise the minimum wage, right?

          261. jetmagnet says

            It’s easy, first you volunteer and if your bright enough like myself and can bullshit as well as they can you have a job. The fact is politics is strategy and scheming, lying and cheat and to get you guy elected at the expense of the ‘other guy”.
            B4 it was both parties trying to get things done. Now it’s republicans who want a dictatorship and removing people’s rights if they gain power with their money machine and dimwit followers. It’s only a matter of time with the money they have behind them to make it possible. They have you looking the other way and dividing you to think only “they can make things better” which is bullshit.
            It takes both parties. As an independent I’ll still vote for the best candidate regardless of party.

          262. Rafael Cruz says

            Good post. I think you covered every Fox Entertainment News talking points in one paragraph. Kudos

          263. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Uh, those events never happened, transparent?

          264. RobertNorwood says

            As if you even watch Fox despite the fact that they have more political and racial diversity, diversity of ideas and commentators than any other main stream outlet. All MSNBC has is a white lesbian. NBC lost it’s white guy liberal liar. Now, will we see Hillary who made a similar Brian Williams lie take hits? No, she won’t. The MSM has her back.

          265. Paul454 says

            Well of course there are those who enjoy the truth as depicted by NBC, MSNBC, and CNN. Unfortunately, I don’t accept pseudo-intellectual liberalism since it has shown itself to be worthless for at least the last 35 years. Most of today’s leftists are ignorant of Marxism, Communism, and Fascism and cannot even link the 20th Century outcomes of this morbid and stupid philosophies. Most have never studied them academically and refuse (or fail) to see the big picture. I guess we can assume you will be proudly voting for Hillary then? Time to open your eyes, grow the hell up, and make an informed decision! Have a nice day!

          266. Angry American says

            You know a liberal that actually has some logic? Wow I didn’t think that was possible

          267. TPM says

            Bush had 5 times more vacations? You’re FULL of it …

          268. sandman says

            Even IF he had, they were spent in Texas, at HIS ranch! Something the obalmers cannot say! as they own very little! as far a property goes, they would rather leach and mooch off the taxpayers than shell their own money out for housing!

          269. hangem'high says

            That’s a lie, he owns property back in Kenya!

          270. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

            jetmag OMG you are such a sewage feces!!

          271. boone1 says

            jetmag is a liberal POS and has never work for the GOP,The GOP would never let trash like him work for them.

          272. RobertNorwood says

            Jetfaggot is brain damaged.

          273. boone1 says

            You must be one of Obama’s queers cause you sure sound like a fruitcake to all the rest of us here.

          274. RobertNorwood says

            “a ‘Wingnut’ in office”? Since when are you running?

          275. Roy Austin Smith says

            Bush was a patriot. Bush was in touch with America 24/7 . This man is not in touch at all and does not give a dam even about stupid people like jetmagnet

          276. catman says

            Crawl back in your hole troll……

          277. ted j says

            there will not be anything left to destroy after obozo gets through with his socialist ways…

          278. alfy says


          279. David Herke says

            You hit the nail on the head only thing is Obama is a half breed so what part are we racist towards.

          280. hangem'high says

            The radical Islam part!

          281. Aladawg says

            Rovanton, BRAVO

          282. Beverly Miller says

            If he were a white man he would have been impeached along time ago.

          283. jetmagnet says

            He’s the best. I think the GOP congress should be impeached. They do nothing they blame the president.

          284. Nikita63 says

            Are you serious, or just in a rubber room with access to a computer. Just thought I’d ask!?

          285. Angry American says

            I think he is serious, he has emailed me & that is what he thinks a definite troll for the turd

          286. Nikita63 says

            Well, serious he may be but there is NOTHING of reality in his remark and I think he is as delirious as the object of his adulation or from the same planet which, in all likelihood, is not THIS ONE!

          287. RobertNorwood says

            In his mom’s basement.

          288. TPM says

            Congress tried to do plenty. Unfortunately, whatever they proposed had to also make it through a Harry Reid / democrat controlled Senate. Harry blocked GOP proposals like an All Star NHL goalie.
            NOW that Harry is on the sidelines of a GOP controlled Senate, you’ll see GOP proposals blocked (vetoed) by the “Lyin King.”

          289. Don Berghuis says

            President Obama hasn’t to this point had to veto anything—-the Rethugs can’t get their act together enough to send him anything that warrants veto.

          290. Angry American says

            Dirty hairy reid still has lots of power even though he is the minority leader, he will keep the rest of the democrats toeing the line, he spent so much time as the leader of the senate he knows every trick to tie up bills until the GOP bends to his will. Look at what he is already doing to the funding bill for DHS they can still filibuster every damned bill that comes through he just doesn’t have the power to not bring them up but he can stop all debate on them with the current rules in the senate that he had passed while he was still the leader, do you think he knew the senate was going to change hands. I do he had to read the hand writing on the wall he isn’t near as stupid as he looks & acts but I also think he only does it when he is in some sort of normal mental capacity , the rest of the time I think he is demented or at the least has dementia or maybe Alzheimers but there is something seriously wrong with him especially when he brings up the Kock brothers that name really sets the bastard off. So maybe the best way to fight him would be for the GOP to whisper that name in his ear right before they open the senate meetings, it may only be good for a laugh or two but also may just set him off enough too

          291. RobertNorwood says

            “He’s the best”. I agree, he’s the best clown we’ve ever had in office. I used to think his post presidential career plans centered on something like hosting Dancing With The Stars or hosting a game show, now I’m sure he’s going on YouTube full time. He can control it – no pesky writers or directors to get in his way – it can be all about him; just the way he likes it.

          292. Angry American says

            Just look at the videos that he has brought out where he is in front of the mirror talking to himself which makes that his favorite audience with his favorite speaker too. I have wondered what they are all about but change the channel to fast can’t stand to look at or even listen to this lying p.0.s.

          293. RobertNorwood says

            Obama has no sense of embarrassment, either that or he’s intentionally making us look like a nation of fools. But beyond that a grown adult should some sense what is proper, how a leader behaves. Right now he couldn’t lead Kindergarten.

          294. RobertNorwood says

            Read on, we finally have a good name for you, “JetMaggot”.

          295. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Shitmagnet spews forth again!

          296. hangem'high says

            BACK progressive Democrat you’re not fooling anyone, get back to your master Satan!

          297. joevet says

            Sarcastic, or just a brainless manipulated Gruber lover? That is a rhetorical question. Everyone knows the answer.

          298. nan says

            We are really ignoring your stupid comments. LOL.

          299. Nikita63 says

            Best what?

          300. Beverly Miller says

            Worst President ever. You must be on the receiving end of all the freebees.

          301. bbeans says

            I AGREE! HE’S THE WORST!!

          302. Evan says

            Who cares what color he is? He is a loser!
            Get rid of him and the rest of the DEMOCRAPS!

        2. joespenthouse says

          You are just one angry ill informed big mouth, the laws he has broken are overwhelming and because of the corrupt Holder protecting his Bruther justice has come to a stand still, when people fear applying the law because of a persons color, then those laws are broken. Yes due process is important but when they fear rioting in the streets and officials in position to do something do nothing, how do you implement the law.
          This whole Obuma thing is about corruption from the get go, and if you want to play the ignorant fool, you go right ahead, but the rest of us want our country back, and personally I don’t give a damn what holder or his racist bruther say, they belong in prison, many people have died on their watch, not because they were protecting our country, because they knew of the corruption, lies and murders that have been committed by this administration, and we have Hillary who’s just as guilty.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Still, we live in a country of laws and if you can’t accept it, try china. Holder is guilty of nothing other than putting righties in their place. Unlike that jerk Darryl Issa who has a second career at The Fake News Channel and maybe he should be in prison. He was convicted of auto theft and like the rest of the Teabags has no accomplishments since elected…well he turned off a black members microphone not allowing him to talk. The bagger party is a joke eatin up this crap fed to them by Rush and the rest of the Millionaires whip up the base which feeds their insecurities and hate machine.

          2. Wart777 says


          3. Brenda Stines Mills says

            jetmagnet, I am embarrassed for you….except, your comments are entertaining….lol!

          4. jetmagnet says

            You should be embarrassed to exist. The hate, the malice and the outright corruption of your party is beyond comprehension. No wonder the approval rating for Teabags is 21% and their Incompetant congress @ a record low 7% lowest in history. The most inactive congress in history. Your speaking from the toilet bowl ,fella. Watchout for us holding the lever…we promise the “swirl” time won’t be that long!

          5. Francie26 says

            The only reason congress can’t get any bills passed is because you have that old maggot, Harry Reid, who won’t bring their laws to the floor of the Senate. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Your people are tearing our country into shreds. I cannot wait to get you out of there!! We only have one slim chance left to save America, and we can’t implement it until you and your rotten ilk are out of our way.

          6. Elizabeth Miller says

            And if you want to keep sucking us dry you better shut up and get out of the way because Oasshole already has us just about bankrupt and he is going to run out of our money.That means the checks and the food stamps stop you fool

          7. jetmagnet says

            Ok fine, Do you know what’s in those conservative bills? I already know, and they screw americans and are pork for their wealthy donors…Harry is looking out for americans not the wealthy. Come back to me with the wish list the gop ask for in those bills. I’ve done this before and baggers won’t produce a list because they’d be embarrassed. When you argue with me you better have all the facts. I go to alot of websites and when you demand facts or ask for legislation they disappear. They only have a bloated us against them theocracy to hand their hat on.
            The gop has produced nothing!!! nada! No accomplishments period. becuase they suck, they blame the black guy everytime he even pees. We understand the stupidity on the right.

          8. Aladawg says

            jetmaggot Deeper and deeper moron.

          9. VicBailey says

            I have figured him out, he is a Bama Brown shirt! Semper Fi.

          10. Francie26 says

            “Blame the black guy”??? What about simply blaming the idiot in the White House? No matter what color he is, he is causing much evil in our country. I would support a “black guy” if he supported America. But this one doesn’t. So get over yourself and look at the reality. In the entire time he’s been in office, blacks have not gotten their agenda advanced one iota by this dangerous fool.

          11. jetmagnet says

            Why is it only fruitcakes who watch fox news think he’s evil? Must be who’s programing your brain.
            Here’s Obama’s 250 accomplishments without a POS bagger congress!
            Baggers have ZERO accomplishments…they work for the koch bros and throw you peeps red meat to keep you in line. Since i’m an independent and have voted for both parties i’m not subject to hyperbole or propaganda, i base my opinion by facts and listen to neither parties talking points.

          12. Aladawg says

            jetmaggot, you can’t hack it that your little barry the muslim has been voted the worst President in America’s history. If we are the toilet bowl people like you are eating what is in it. DUMB ASS!

          13. jetmagnet says

            Seriously? I thought Fake News and it’s minions didn’t believe in polls. If you look at the stats of the polling it was weighted 63% by republicans..who froth at the mouth for any poll that’s Obama. Liberals, progressives and most people have better things to do during midterms than answer silly questions.
            Newsmax loves these polls and they are conservative media. The anti-Obama crowd is much more focused on Obama then the general population many of which are trying to survive Teabag cuts.

          14. kirkmcloren says

            Bath House Barry and his groupie Jetmagnet. A pair of birds for sure.

          15. jetmagnet says

            You can argue if the point that rightwingies are smart by the type of responses you get. Usually, between neanderthal and cro-magnon.

          16. kirkmcloren says

            From what you have demonstrated so far either of those out perform you by a country mile.

          17. mac12sam12 says

            Leave Michelle out of it. The 1st dude does have feelings.

          18. jetmagnet says

            That’s funny, because a woman (michelle) has done more for family values and health than any bagger in congress. Going through life fat and obese is no way to live or bring up your kids.

          19. Aladawg says

            That’s moochell.

          20. Aladawg says

            jetmaggot, deeper and deeper you demented bastard.

          21. sandwalker says

            you’s a sick mo fu holder has purjured his quiery ass to congress so kid u self reject one of barry’s last hold outs till it hits him then he’ll be crying mommy

          22. Elizabeth Miller says

            You are the one who needs a trip to China and see how you like your commy ways.You think you can have that here.We are the only free country in the world and we want it back.You socialist thieves can leave us alone and go have that shit elsewhere.

          23. Elizabeth Miller says

            Millionaires worked for it you asshole.You could be one here too if we get rid of your Kind of thinking.Warren Buffet started as a kid with a newspaper route,he did the right thing with his money.Bill Gates had a great idea and made it a reality.My husband and I started a business with 5 bucks in our pocket and worked 7 days a week for 30 years.You do not deserve a piece of it

          24. kirkmcloren says

            It is time to quit posting, Jet. You are a laughing stock with your ridiculous comments.

          25. Aladawg says

            jetmaggot, with each commit you make you get more stupid and more delusional.That psychotic drug you are on is destroying your brain what little you have left. You are just plain pathetic. Now go tell little barry the muslim what I said about you.

          26. Aladawg says

            BRAVO Joespenthouse.

        3. dirtflyer says

          What Laws, Eric Holder will determine if you’re guilty or not by your skin color. And by What Constitution? He and his Cronies do not follow the Constitution. The Koran is his Book. Most of America is Toast. Why don’t you take in a dozen of those illegals into your home ?, you sound like a good Obama man.

          1. jetmagnet says

            The neocons have trampled the constitution since Dicky Nixon.

        4. Higherstandard13 says

          It is called thought crimes under the socialist evil dictatorship.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Most rightwing fruitcakes don’t even know what socialism means! If you think your in a dictatorship then you’re really fckup. Go see a doctor!

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Socialism means bottom feeders like you living off the hard work of others. Take your EBT card and get your nails done.

          3. jetmagnet says

            That’s not what socialism means fella. Socialist countries don’t have a stock exchanges. They don’t lead the world in capitalism. If Obama is a socialist he really sucks at it. He also is a capitalist, with a huge portfolio.
            There’s not enough jobs for everyone fella. There will never be, and here in america we take care of our own, we don’t throw them under the bus. Especially, families and minimum wage earners, students etc. Is there fraud? Sure, and if caught prosecute the Bassturds, but you don’t burn the entire barn down to kill one rat….rush blimpo does…cause he’s a fat cat making $50 million a year getting low intelligence peeps to believe his entertainment.

          4. Elizabeth Miller says

            We know what working for a living means supporting our families by ourselves while leaches take almost half of our hard earned money.We have pride and self respect morals

          5. jetmagnet says

            So you claim to have morals and family values?
            Fifth District Congressman Vance McAllister, who campaigned for office
            last fall as a devout Christian and devoted husband and father, was
            caught in video surveillance two days before Christmas passionately
            embracing and kissing one of his congressional aides. This is the guy that ran on family values. Not only that he fired the woman and left her without a job!
            Yeah, gingrich also cheated on his bedridden wife. I guess it’s ok for conservatives to cheat on their wives if they have cancer or dying.

          6. Higherstandard13 says

            Lets see we have a Satanist running the country that has more in common with Hitler, Stalin and Castro than most Americans. This liar in chief consistently violates the law, the Constitution and his oath of office as he selectively enforces law and changes laws illegally. And in case you are to stupid to know, the Executive Branch is responsible for the faithful execution of laws equally, not selectively and is not suppose to make law. It is the Legislative Branch that makes law by our Constitution. He has used Federal agencies to attack Americans that disagree with him, etc… He states he has a phone and a pen and will act alone…. that is a dictatorship and I have been to most of the countries in the world and know what 3rd world dictators act like and Obama acts just like them. An d incase you start you stupid liberal crap, we are a Republic, not a Democracy.

        5. sandwalker says

          jet man you must be a black turdsniffer yourself hope you contract some of the deseases your cornpals have let in through our borders

          1. jetmagnet says

            The problem with rightwing fruitcakes is what they say doesn’t make sense.. and is muddled in jibberish. It’s like going to the Insane asylum and trying to ask your Crazy aunt how she’s feeling and she says NO everytime you ask. lmao

          2. mac12sam12 says

            You define the word troll. That’s someone who goes to a site to cause maximum anger and argument. The University of Manitoba did a study on internet trolls and it concluded that these individuals were sick and should seek psychiatric counseling. Were you sexually abused as a child? Were you bullied at the playground? Didn’t mommy love you?

        6. DL Hancock says

          Hey Numbnut, have you seen the way this admin works? They dont even respect Congressional law, what makes you think they respect any other law. You must really be smoking some good shiot if you think this admin cares about ANY law, anywhere. To them, Alllaws were meant to be broken and they have.

        7. chelseachablis says

          personally….I think in this country we’re “guilty until proven innocent”. They just want us to THINK it’s the other way around! And as far as the “judicial system”….they’re as corrupt as they can get too. Even the Supreme Court can be over-ruled these days. That’s why we STILL pay a Federal Income Tax! They Supreme Court ruled that taxable income is only if you make a “profit”…..not a mere wage. But congress seems to think they can over-step that rule! So everyone, who doesn’t know any better, continues to pay it. If you’ve never broken any rules in your life time…don’t worry….they’ll come up with some new ones to suit your life style in order to charge you with something! It’s a crime the way make their own rules in this country. And then make it look like we WANTED it that way! I call that slight of hand!

        8. Elizabeth Miller says

          You are a moron that has no concept of what a great nation we had before this traitor cheated his way in with voter fraud.Now he imports the MUSLIME scum into our nation to come and try to kill us you dummy.Your probably one of them

          1. kirkmcloren says

            I doubt Muslim. Jet talks like a rainbow child, completely irrational.

        9. alfy says

          another one of obama;s evil servants.bow to your king NOW! this false prez. is ruining america and you can;t see past your nose..

          1. jetmagnet says

            So tell me how he’s ruining America? The only thing ruing america is the teaparty caucus of do nothing garbage!
            Why am I doing so great and millions of others and Obama’s ruining america? most teabags you make no sense sir. Tell me what your party has done that has helped you personally or anyone lmfao! I bet those million cutoff with no unemployment was a real help for both conservatives and dems looking for work or the 900,000 vets who had their food stamps cut. Maybe the elderly can now enjoy alpo instead of nutrional food they could afford on limited incomes with food stamps or thousands of homeless families cut. Your a wonderful bunch.
            I can’t think of one thing Obama has done that’s as nasty, hateful and incompassionate as the nazi’s in the tea party.

        10. Sherryo says

          Americans ARE thrown in jail because if inuendo. Where have you been? Man you are as out of touch as your savior Obama

        11. Sherryo says

          What drug are you taken? You really life, need to educate yourself if that’s possible. Good ol dingle berry is the biggest lier I have ever ever ever seen in my entire life. Queen obummer and the man,woman she’s married too need to be tried for treason!!!!!!! As well as Reid , boxer,pelosie an on an on with a shit load of repubs to. And you sir need to get the big black Caucasus out of you. But have a great day in Barry’s world!!!!!!!!!

        12. Ddenney1 says

          I do not know where the evidence is it was deleted!

        13. itsfun says

          He hired the people that would be empowered to investigate him. What are the chances that Holder will investigate his boss?

        14. Independant Thinker says

          We sure do but it is too bad he doesn’t understand how the system works. He hasn’t used it appropriately since he stole the office. Since he has no record to prove who he is, it is very likely he is an illegal alien and should have been deported because he didn’t even have a Green Card that is necessary for a non-native American to have to enter this country LEGALLY. That is most like why he agrees with all of the criminal invasion on the southern border and wants to give them citizenship and everything the rest of us have to work for and gain legally. We are just the honkies who are suppose to pay for everything while he and his clan are milking the nation for everything they can.Moochy thinks she is Queen so she is entitled to all of the entitlement programs she can get her hands on.

        15. Smilin' Jack says

          Since when has racisn become a federal crime?

        16. tlc1532 says

          We aren’t the ones “making up” the rules. Where have you been?

        17. brianjconway says

          If you must have it explained to you, get an enema.

        18. catman says

          Hey JM, are you suffering from Opthymrectumitis by any chance??? If so, get your head out of your ass and maybe you will be able to see the real world !!!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            No, but you definately have a problem called Stupidity. There’s no cure for it.
            In general, most Teabags suffer from Fox News receptive aphasia along with stupidity and ignorance. Facts and the ability to comprehend are saturated by misinformation cells in the brain , held in place by inate psycological predispostion of theocratic beliefs indoctrination, manipulation, persuasion by their media . The propaganda is tailored to reach their insecurities and racist profiling. Hence you get this “lets take back America” when America hasn’t been extracted by anyone not bound by their theocratic beliefs.
            Basically they can’t come to terms with a leader and an attorney general that are black.

        19. chamuiel says

          None of which hussein obama follows.obama makes up his own rules all the time.

          Jettie, how long have you been a paid troll?

          Couldn’t find a real job, huh?

          1. jetmagnet says

            That’s why we voted for him to get things done. What did you vote DO NOTHING? Like you and the rest of the teabags do nothing and bitch- most of you live off social welfare and the rest on welfare. I had a rightwing fruitcake come over to do tree work. He was bitching like you. I said, how are you surviving without working? He gets foodstamps and other freebies. Yet complains about what he’s getting. Most of you peeps are poor and live off the rest of us.

        20. Deborah Henderson says

          IT amazes me that you want to quote the Constitution when it suits you. Just like all Democrats. However, when it does not suit you (Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Speech — which would get rid of the Political Correct Police, that the President does not have the right to Executive Action etc.etc)……….then you want to scream that the Constitution is outdated.

        21. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

          jetmag who the heck are you talking about be specific then make a comment??????

        22. boone1 says

          You’re so full of crap you’re eyes are turning brown.

        23. RobertNorwood says

          Hey, Schitmagnet, read the oath he took and see if point by point he has honored that. Back track to his many lies and explain them. Please tell why, unlike any president before him he depends on his democrats to throw road blocks in the way of compromise. This is a guy who has no clue how to deal with people other than his own friends; a suspect group at best.
          And personally, I don’t really care if he gets “due process”, he’s fake, a fool and he needs to be gone any which way that can happen.
          But anyway – you’re Schitmagnet, our town fool, and no one pays attention to you unlike they feel the urge to take a dump. Still got that silly little avatar?
          Here’s one for you.

        24. Roy Austin Smith says

          We have laws to cover this criminal in charge. They are ignored. They also have stupid people like jetmagnet in America. So sorry that America has dumbed down so bad and become a third world country in seven short years.

        25. catman says

          “Breaking what laws”??? Try the Constitution which is the foundation of all the laws in this country.

        26. Sue Breslin says

          Yes we have a judicial system which has been corrupted,(Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, and a number of other unlawful transgressions) a Constitution that is continuously violated, by a supposed president, who claims to know its authority, Yet, bypasses Congress, continuously, has NO clear plan to deal with ISIS, whom is a serious threat to this country. Yes, innocent until proven Guilty, this presidents consistent lies, maligning of our military, and compliance with the brotherhood, loses that right for him. The illegals he has unlawfully allowed to come into our country, and obamacare, forced down our throats, because he threatened a Supreme Court justice. (its been proven, that Justice Roberts was going to vote against the ACA, and all of a sudden, overnight, he changed his mind) NOT, unless someone got to you. I could continue, however, it seems you have already drank the kool-aide and are no longer a viable thinker.

        27. Angry American says

          Innocent until proven guilty? Actually it is the other way around you are guilty from the time you are arrested that is why you have to post bail & are considered guilty until you prove yourself innocent

        28. Michael Dennewitz says

          Another one smoking that “funny” shit!

      2. DL Hancock says

        This admin could care less about wasting heard earned american dollars, hell, Oblameo has wasted over 45 million just on vacations. That breaks down to around 7.5 million per year for him and Moocy.

        1. Jim Miller says

          Don’t forget Air Force one cost us the taxpayers $150,000.00 per hour to fly that useless traitor all over the place

          1. 1commonjoe says

            And the 1st dog went 1st class, seperate. ( the 4 legged one)

          2. Independant Thinker says

            At least the 4-legged one isn’t detroying the nation. So he is the good one, can’t say the same for the rest of the clan – most of them are illegal aliens including Obama who is here criminally in the first place.

          3. taliesin319 says

            Yeah and has papers that attest to his being born in the USA. Something his
            girlish human is unable to prove.

          4. emag says

            I’d vote for the dog before I ever vote for the occupant of the White House.

          5. donl says

            I’m glad you clarified that, so I guess they take two dogs on vacation.

          6. RobertNorwood says

            Please do not confuse that snarling dismissive transvestite with a canine.

          7. George Purdy says

            Yeah insulting Dogs IS a crime!

          8. Rob Jackson says

            God that beast is ugly the dog is okay though!

          9. Annette Rubright says

            3 dogs remember michelle is really michael in drag

          10. RobertNorwood says

            At least the dog can claim a level of decency and honesty this baboon troupe cannot. My apologies to baboons for the comparison. Yeah, I’m taking that back, those folks are simply the Rosenbergs in black face. Let them have a similar fate.

          11. brenda Harrell says

            It’s more like 350,000 dollars an hour.

          12. Jim Miller says

            Brenda, Thank you for the correction, yes there is a lot of unnecessary waste by this president.
            On 7/22/14 Zerobama hussein is traveling to Washington State for a couple Hrs. spending miilion of our tax money to meet with some fat cats in Puget Sound and causing a horrendous traffic jam for the tax payers and a burden to the cities in security & over time with monies they don’t have, talking of a self-serving evil man.
            Shouldn’t he be feeding his illegal kids & wiping their dirty asses at the Mexican border?

          13. brenda Harrell says

            You are so spot on and I wasn’t trying to correct you, it was just a fact. I agree with you 110%!

          14. edward martis says

            face it–there is nothing anyone can do about Obama–we are stuck with him until Jan. 20, 2017——–weather we like it or not—–short of a cou’ by the joint chiefs of staff——–O. reminds of the ‘Cheshire Cat’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’—he has it made and knows it and there is not a damn thing anybody- can do about it——-I recently found out I am eligible for Canadian citizenship—so I filled the papers and sent them to Ottawa—will know by Jan.—–(hired a company that deals with this stuff—the paperwork is buracrattically overpowering)—the city of Hope, B.C. looks promising——about 40 mi. east of Vancouver on the US border area–//—as long as there is a dem in the white house——our country will die a little every day—–much to the ‘Cheshire Cats’ amusement———try to have an easy one (day)====May God help us all !—-

          15. boone1 says

            Have a nice trip.

          16. Roy Austin Smith says

            Not true.Special prosecutor can be appointed and try him for treason. That is why we elected all the repubs and the first day in office, they betrayed the public..

          17. Sue Breslin says

            The problem is that most Americans cannot grasp the fact that we have been taken over from within. He has appointed his Muslim brothers into the highest areas of importance in this country, i.e.,, CIA, FBI, Foreign Policy, NSA etc. Why do you think nothing has been done to oust this phony in the people’s house. Most are either in compliance with him, or are under severe threats if any action is taken. Are you aware that CIA agents are forced to take polygraphs everyday to ensure, that no one talks. The only way to really get our republic back, is through the American people themselves, but, that won’t happen, because no one wants to sacrifice time or energy. So unfortunately, in a few years time, our precious Constitution will no longer exists and Freedom will be just another word.

          18. MikeG says

            The ENTIRE federal bureaucracy is dominated by members of the Council On Foreign Relations, whose Board of Directors are all Ashkenazi jews, subverting this country to the Globalist agenda. They ARE destroying us from within, and in total silence. If any credable threat to them arises, that person will “commit suicide.”

          19. Rob Jackson says

            It’s too bad these people on the CoFR are not named then we could act on that information

          20. Rob Jackson says

            Those that took an oath to defend against even domestic threats are the true traitors. These Generals know what must be done but are to cowardist to try!

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            As one famous president once said, “If America is destroyed, it will come from WITHIN, not from the outside!” Little did the chap know, but he was dead on!!

          22. auhunter says

            I think Stalin said something similar during the Cold War. As for the float it was political satire. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen..

          23. David Hansen says

            Sue, good comments. We still have 35 terrorist training camps in the US. Do a Google search on this if you like. Obviously we need them shut down

          24. auhunter says

            Yes we do, but the FBI can’t do a thing since Obama has never declared ISIS as a terrorist organization. All they can do is watch, and hope they can intercept a team before it makes an attack. Actually according to the FBI report there is only 22, unless it has been upgraded recently. They do however, in a recent report, show a large population of Muslims in 49 states. The first shot is going to take place very soon..

          25. Robert Walsh says

            Let’s hope we clean house in 2017, and put real Americans back in power.

          26. MikeG says

            The D’s and the R’s are two sides of the same coin – there is no difference – we are being played. We need a third and fourth party or we are totally screwed by the freakin banksters.

          27. Robert Walsh says

            Not till 2017, It would be so nice to see this community organizer go to jail

          28. Michael Dennewitz says

            Jail? Naaaa, that would be too good for the bastard! Bathed in pig’s blood and hung from a tall oak tree would produce cheers that could be heard around the world!!

          29. Green Eyed Lady says

            Spot on – “cheshire cat”…

          30. RedderThanThou2015 says

            Good luck with your Canadian citizenship effort. Watch out for their income taxes … and/or double taxation.

          31. taliesin319 says

            One can always pray that he leaves office by any route available before that.

          32. Robert Walsh says

            Don’t go edward, We will take our country back.

          33. DL Hancock says

            Obama has shown us where our system is fallible. We have always had a President with Integrity UNTIL NOW and we see what happens when the President is corrupt. This MUST be fixed by Congress. This can never happen again.
            Holder has gottren away with everything and Obama has gotten away with everything, b/c neither has any integrity or care about the US. They have both shown how Racist they are. Never have we had a President that ONLY cared about some of the people.

          34. pmbalele says

            The problem with TPs and Repubs is most of them are dumb, brainwashed when young to hate Blacks; are racists and bigots which do not help them. So whatever President Obama does for the good of people there is not enough. President Obama accomplished what he promised us ON DAY-ONE. Right wing media accused Obama of being Muslim; but he went and got Bin Laden, the Yemen and Benghazi guys. Obama is now winning the war against ISIS morons.
            Jordan has joined forces with US. Nobody has died in this country as result of
            foreign Jihads, ISIS. The children crossing the border into Texas are harmless.
            We are now told some Latina girls are getting married to White males once
            stopped them at the border-a win-win deal. Obama economic policies are working. On the day he took office in 2009 unemployment was 8.9%. As of writing this posting unemployment is down to 5.5% which is almost full employment. People who want to work can now get good paying jobs. In fact in my home town employers are bidding for workers. Therefore wages are going up. Obama made it easier for small business to borrow to refurbish their businesses. Of course TPs and Repubs are lazy. TPs and Repubs want government contracts and handouts. Gas prices are now $1.78 per gallon compared to $3.40 in 2008. Obamacare is working for me and many people in my neighborhood. We can now go to hospitals and clinics of our choices. We have more doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals graduating from colleges than during the Bushes and Reagan combined. These GOPers wanted only kids of the rich to have college degrees. That is why we had shortages of processionals. This country had recruited processionals from England, Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Holland, Poland, Mexico, China and even Russia. TP and Repubs did not know it is dangerous to have a country run by foreign professionals. It is these right wing-media that were pumping trash in people mind to hate Blacks and Democrats. Well their tricks are not working with me and in my Black neighborhood. We love people of all races. And above all we love our President and Obamacare.

          35. Peatro Giorgio says

            Sorry pal but seal team six got Osama. They had been tracking him for years the ground intellegent’to find him was also put there by G.W Bush. The only accomplished ment this clown can claim is he destroyed the very fabric of our Society. He is not a Citezen’s of the US He was not Born here. The Mossad that is the secret service of Israel proved his birth certificate a forgery. Sheriffs Joe proved it and A Mississippi superior court a firmed it was a Forgery An here is one more set of facts O blow hard social security number was issued to someone else long before scumbag. One more point The card was not issued form his so called place of birth state it had been issued from Connecticut. Which was illegal.

          36. pmbalele says

            Are you TPs and Repubs going to select Ted Cruz as your GOP 2016 candidate? He was born in Canada and therefore not eligible for the WH job let alone being a senator.

          37. Michael Dennewitz says

            I wouldn’t give a shit if he was born in Israel! At least he’s NOT FAKE!! How could he or anyone else, for that matter, screw up this country like the head nigger has??

          38. RobertNorwood says

            If a third rate flunky with a background so sketchy it has to be under lock and key can get in then why not? In the past Obama made so many different comments on where he was born he could open his own U.N.

          39. pmbalele says

            Do you mean Scott Walker who flunked and was kicked out college? But I am told he is your man in 2016 WH nominee. I hope you’re not abandoning ship.

          40. Peatro Giorgio says

            Hey at least Ted Cruz isn’t A profuse Liar he Readily admits to were he was Born . An your choice of the scumbag loser set the Precedent. At the very least the Republican have far more honest an far better prepared for the job of President. Yes Ted is someone I would vote for so to Dr. Benjamin Carson . Scott Walker, Rick Perry an Definitely Sarah Palin What I hope to see is a Palin Carson ticket in either Order .

          41. pmbalele says

            Really! You’re going to vote for Sarah Palin. I guess you don’t know her family is violent. Recently they were kicked out of a bar. Really, you’re going to vote for Ted Cruz-not eligible for the WH job. Really! You’re going to vote for Dr. Carson -the guy does not brush his teeth and FoxNews people hate him. Really you’re going to vote for Scott Walker. The guy wants to close all Universities in Wisconsin – he does not see benefit of college education. He says he was kicked out of college but now he is supervising college graduates and professors. I forgot about Rick Perry. I guess you don’t know he is going to prison soon. I am sorry for you. But will pray for you tonight.

          42. Peatro Giorgio says

            Yes an God willing one of them will be our next President .Now as far as praying .I’ve offered up a prayer to the Lord that He shall bless you with wisdom. For you’ve puke up nothing more then lunatic left fringe progressive hyperbole. In other words moronic progressive blogger garbage. Suggestion . Get a life join the truly enlightened ones. For it is certain you’ve been dumb down by the diatribe crap coming from either the Rino re-puke fake ass neoconservative’s or the truly brain dead lunatic progressive left either way the only one deceived here is your self.

          43. pmbalele says

            That is the truth. I know Repubs and TPs don’t like the truth. Did you most TPs and Repubs and right wing people are morons, divorced, corrupt; angry all the time; liars and above all brain-washed to see intelligent people as left wing. I hope you’re not one of them.

          44. Peatro Giorgio says

            I am A Fiscal Conservative, Libertarian leaning, Tea-party Independent . Unlike you my friend I need not pretend to be something other then that in which I have become. Which by the way is a well rounded , traveler. With a world view more highly advanced, significantly more honest. Further more intellectually I’m able to see right through bullshit ,the bait an switch routine you’re attempting to pull. Serves zero purpose. Clowns, liars , thieves,dogs, an the truly Moronic progressive left lunatics us exactly the same tack. So of those I listed which of them are you. Or yes of course all the above.

          45. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Christ, can someone interpret this crap! I don’t do ebonics!

          46. Elizabeth Davis says

            Where did you get your figures about the unemployment? and where can you get gas for $1.78 I sure would like to know I still pay over two dollars. and where did you go to school your spelling is terrible. All three of my children went to school and we were not rich. If someone wants to go to college they can if they will get up off their back side and work for I do not hate anyone God says love they neighbor. and until everyone stops seeing black and white there will be no piece between the blacks and whites. We all need to quite living in the past and look to the future and quit binding people with hand outs.

          47. joevet says

            No, that is DNC hyperbole and you are just a manipulated Gruber follower. The racists among the GOP are a vast, vast minority. We oppose Obama because he is a hopeless slave to inferior, failed Leftist ideology. I’d support Dr. Benjamin Carson in a heartbeat. He is a true American success story, unlike the failed “community organizer” who has been in over his head since day one, and was only elected because the partisan Leftist lapdogs in the media steadfastly refused to vet him. We don’t even know WHO this trainwreck is; his college transcripts are sealed and they are under the name Barry Soetero. Why the name change? He is dangerously secretive and should NEVER have been elected once, let alone twice. The media let the whole nation down by refusing to do their jobs. As for Obama and bin Laden, it is only because of actionable intelligence developed over the space of years, which was GATHERED under GW Bush and Cheney. If you say otherwise, you are just showing your ignorance. The CIA tracked him and SEAL Team Six got him, Obama had very, very little to do with it. I am surprised he had stones enough to say “yes” finally. It is more like him to observe what he did in 2014: He sat on actionable, perishable intel about the location of the American ISIS hostages for TWO MONTHS before finally making a decision. Of course the mission was going to fail at that point. You cannot use May’s PERISHABLE intel in July for a sensitive raid. This is exactly what this “present” voting Senator of a Prez Lite did. You who support him are the true racists, because there could be no other reason besides skin color to support such a trainwreck of a POTUS. Also realize that the Dems are the true racists. They look down on minorities and the Dems think that the minorities cannot make it like “big people,” but need a condescending pat on the head and boost in the rear. The GOP treats everyone like responsible adults. Who are the TRUE racists? Yeah, that’s right.

          48. nan says

            I would vote Carson.

          49. pmbalele says

            Dr. Carson like John McCain, does not brush his teeth. Carson also is in the wrong parties Repubs and TP which is full of morons.

          50. Michael Dennewitz says

            And a lot of them even fart in public. I suppose that disqualifies them too? Sheeeesh!!!

          51. pmbalele says

            You said it right.

          52. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Again with the Dr. Ben Carson vilifying. The leftist pukes hate ANY successful black with two parents, an education, and a career which eclipses their idol’s, which is based upon hearsay and rumor.

          53. OSAMA OBAMA says

            .”SEAL Team 6 has attained international prominence for one reason: They
            were responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. Several days after the
            bin Laden operation, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — in a pathetic
            attempt to spike the football and gloat — publicly revealed their
            central role in the raid.
            A Taliban fighter shot down a Chinook
            helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Afghanistan. All 38
            persons on board — the Navy SEAL warriors, other U.S. military personnel
            and seven Afghan soldiers — were killed.
            Mr. Biden’s reckless
            actions — followed by President Obama’s own words acknowledging the
            secret unit’s operation — jeopardized the Navy SEALs’ safety.

          54. Dorf Munder says

            WTF was that line horse shi!

          55. nan says

            On other peoples dime. There is better solutions, than raising my Insurance premiums. A number of them never want to work anyway. He gave out cell phones for goodness sake. They are not a necessity, We survived hundreds of years with out them. Taxes of others paid for them. You watch, you will get really hungry one day and where will Barry be? And I am not racist, and many were not raised that way, Barry is racist. Latino is the word and they are marring whites? Whites can be just as lazy.There are many non American woman that latch on to whites so what? Some of them are out for what they can get. To each his own. We are having problems with Americans living in poverty let above letting others have a free pass and We pay for them. You see that is one of the things we are tired of, paying to support others. We have our own to worry about and some of us can barely make ends meet. You think Barry drove gas prices down? Your grasping at making him your hero. He admitted he is a muslin, but some are gullible that it was a slip of the tongue. My word your gullible.. He let those Isis criminals out on purpose hoping or knowing what will happen, maybe Your People, what ever that means,will be their victims. That would definitely make you think. Who are your people anyway?He had a great friend who was the leader of domestics terrorist I he was very influenced by this group when he was younger and that is the tip of his belief system. All anti American. Too many died for america and their sacrifice is being sacrificed. I’m tired of him and those who blindly support him because they expect something. You are, forgive me, the one who sounds dumb and racist, “your people” remark, if you are white, I stand corrected. I am white and I would not call all whites my people.

          56. MustashMike says

            You are the one that’s BRAIN WASHED, Quit Drinking ObOLA’s Kool-Aid. He Has Nothing to do with The GAS PRICES dropping, fact he’s has tried to stop Oil Production in this country, trying to keep us dependent on foreign oil. As far as Obama-nation care, it’s the Highest tax hike in the history of this country, He is just a LIAR, AND A CONIVER. It’s not because He’s HALF black, It’s because He’s A ISALAM. He has Opened the Boarders to sick and infected children, then bought their families in to the tune of over 12 more million illegals and gave them all the benefits that REAL CITIZENS Should Have. He is trying to break this country down to a KENYA WAY OF LIFE. You say you’re educated. I say your one of those looking for all you can GRAB while this Gar-Boon, “CHIMP IN A SUIT” is in office, I can wait till we Kick his Ass out of the White House, and FUMEGATE the Place, if we can’t clean it up put a Flame Thrower to it. The Worst example of President Ever. Resend every OVER REACH OF THE CONSTITUTION, (Something you should read) and everything, make him pay back all the money he STOLE ON HIS VACATIONS GOLF GAMES From American TAX PAYERS ect, ect ect. Try him for Treason, and Convict him, then waste no more time or MONEY, on this “GREAT PRETENDER” and in short order make a good example of him on PUBLIC TELEVISION.
            , Oh and Holder and Sharpton, Jackson, and all the rest of those Muslim Commie bastards as well. Be done with it and get on with our picking up the pieces, of this Great Land that YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE IN.

          57. 1 Fed Up American says

            My question is what Planet do you live on? I know for a fact you can’t be that stupid but evidently you are and I really don’t care if your Black, White, Green or Yellow to make the stupid ass statements you make and no doubt you vote it’s no wonder this country is a so SCREWED UP>

          58. Michael Dennewitz says

            And you have been smoking farrt too much of that shit. You must be on WELFARE!!

          59. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You are as illiterate as you are stupid. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid……………..”SEAL Team 6 has attained international prominence for one reason: They were responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. Several days after the bin Laden operation, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — in a pathetic attempt to spike the football and gloat — publicly revealed their central role in the raid.
            A Taliban fighter shot down a Chinook helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Afghanistan. All 38 persons on board — the Navy SEAL warriors, other U.S. military personnel and seven Afghan soldiers — were killed.
            Mr. Biden’s reckless actions — followed by President Obama’s own words acknowledging the secret unit’s operation — jeopardized the Navy SEALs’ safety.

          60. EDWARD MIKAN says


          61. jmortensen says

            All he does is go around and cause traffic jams and play golf !

          62. Robert Walsh says

            He just went to Washington to get his weed

          63. Grandpa says

            No it’s 180,000.00 per hour and that does NOT include the support personal to fly and maintain it

          64. Jim Miller says

            Thank you Grandpa for the correction

          65. G. young says

            To his Golf games in Calif and his 3 million Dollar vacations to Hawaii…and then there is Lady Michelle with all her trips…with her girlfriends. It’s O’K, the Taxpayers will have to pay for the Obama ”perks.”They can also ”rip’ the Americn People off with the Big Fines for not taking Obamacare. The Fines will probably help pay for Obamas Top Advisor Al Sharpton over 4.5 Million in Taxes and his Limo Driver in his very expensive SUV while he travels around making his Racists Speeches.

        2. Grandpa says

          Counting all trips and Golf outtings he should top ONE BILLION by 2016 just on Vacations not counting official business >>> THAT IS WHY YOU CAN NOT GET THOSE FIGURES AS THEY ARE SEALED >>. TOP SECERAT

        3. sniperbait66 says

          That’s “Moosey” Mr. Hancock. BIG and Ugly, with a BAD temper. Had my run ins with Moose while in Alaska, I know a Moose when I see one.

        4. Grandpa says


        5. Joseph Toth says

          I don’t see anything wrong with the float, maybe a little paint here and there and about a dozen or so of those air fresheners that you see hanging from the rearview mirror would help. In fact I like to see it in the Pasadena Rose Parade.I would think since it’s among all those roses,that the roses will cover-up the stench. Just saying.

        6. Joseph Toth says

          I don’t see anything wrong with the float, maybe a little paint here and
          there and about a dozen or so of those air fresheners that you see
          hanging from the rearview mirror would help. In fact I like to see it in
          the Pasadena Rose Parade.I would think since it’s among all those
          roses,that the roses will cover-up the stench. Just saying.

      3. Francesca Thomas says

        Name One Law Obama has broken? Or are you depending on your news from some other racist fool. Sun doesn’t shine. That’s cause Obama made it a law. The country is in bad shape. Well Obama AND his VP Biden had to let the Old and Stupid Boys Club know that some Real Men are in town. The Repubs. even tried say PRESIDENT Obama ( now that’s the only 2 words some of the Repubs. won’t call HIM) spoiled Christmas. Now Everyone knows it was the Grinch whose other name is Dick Cheney Name a few Great Republicans in recent years. Dick Cheney (hid for 8yrs. showed up for Bush BBQ shot off a few rounds into friends now making a name for himself by shaking his fist at Obama. Arnold Shwartz (whatever) former California Gov. not born in America WE should have checked his citizenship papers huh Donald Trump et. all. And Arnold DID ADD to the illegal immigrant numbers. Stop playing the name game.

        1. stephanie wilson says

          you are full of crap. keep smoking that joint. must be good stuff.

      4. bbeans says


      5. Daniel Schwarzenhorn says

        Every frickin politician from both sides of the aisle make laws that they seem to think they are above, so quit your whining.

      6. MikeG says

        When Oblamer went to China, he had an entourage of 500 freakin people. The Chinese were furious, and the mother-in-law did nothing but complain and demand the whole time. The Ugly Americans incarnate.

      7. MARYSWEET says

        The obama administration believes in the old saying ‘DO AS I SAY NOT WHAT I DO”. They are such hypocrites. obama, holder, lerner and the rest of the outlaws in the WH break all our laws, ignore the Constitution and then get upset over a really cute float. With all the problems in our country and abroad I would think they could make better use of their time and our taxpayer money.

      8. David Hansen says

        I read that his dog walker gets $102,000 a year. That’s the one with 4 legs.

    2. hora says

      I am confuse, Holder be will fight against herself and all Dem Liberals for racist and discrimination?

    3. Aladawg says

      Sammy, holder is a raciest Son-Of-A-Bitch

    4. bbeans says


    5. jetmagnet says

      Holder is one of the best! He’s keeping the commie basturds from taking over the country.

      1. SammysDad says


        1. jetmagnet says

          There are fools on the left, center, and right who have no clue what
          Attorney General Eric Holder does everyday. There are fools on the left,
          center, and right whose lives will never be affected by racism, sexism,
          injustice, poverty, discrimination and therefore do not understand or
          willfully choose not to understand why we need an Eric Holder. There are
          fools on the left, center, and right who call for this fighter of the
          downtrodden to be fired. Why are they fools? This is why. Eric Holder’s Justice Department has
          successfully brought a large number of discrimination cases against
          banks. In most of these cases, the banks were alleged to have charged
          Hispanics and African-Americans with the same financial credentials
          thousands more for the same loan. In addition, minorities were targeted
          for risky sub-prime loans.

          Morgan Stanely settled a race discrimination charge against Hispanics
          last week. The settlement established a $16 million fund, of which $14
          million will be divided among class members who submitted claims. Under
          the settlement, Morgan Stanley will spend approximately $7.5 million on
          diversity programs, including programs aimed at training and recruiting
          African-American and Hispanic financial advisors and trainees over the
          next five years.

          Bank of America has been the hardest hit
          by Department of Justice lawsuits due to their purchase of Countrywide.
          Bank of America agreed to pay $335 million (see video above) to resolve
          allegations that it engaged in a widespread pattern of discrimination
          against qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers. In addition,
          two race bias lawsuits were filed against the company in July.

          In Meridian Mississippi, where 4 of every
          10 kids lives below the poverty line the public schools have been
          routinely jailing black children for offenses like: wrong color
          socks. In Meridian, when schools want to discipline children, they do
          much more than just send them to the principal’s office. They call the
          police, who show up to arrest children who are as young as 10 years old.
          Arrests, the Department of Justice says, happen automatically,
          regardless of whether the police officer knows exactly what kind of
          offense the child has committed or whether that offense is even worthy
          of an arrest. The police department’s policy is to arrest all children
          referred to the agency.

          The Department of Justice sued the school
          district, the police, and the local courts. The schools caved first and
          in March signed a consent order. But the heavy handed Feds are not going
          to stop at little Meridian. They are going to prevent school districts
          from jailing 10 year olds all over the place as Colorines reports.

          In a marked shift from the Bush
          administration, President Obama’s Justice Department is aggressively
          investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil
          rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests,
          and excessive use of force.

          In just the past few months, the Civil
          Rights Division has announced “pattern and practice” investigations in
          Newark, New Jersey and Seattle. It’s also conducting a preliminary
          investigation of the Denver Police Department, and all this is on top of
          a high-profile push to reform the notorious New Orleans Police
          Department — as well as criminal prosecutions of several New Orleans
          “The primary victims of police misconduct are African-Americans and Latinos. The Bush administration simply wasn’t interested in this.

          Wal-Mart Stores Inc. pleaded guilty
          in cases filed by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Francisco
          to six counts of violating the Clean Water Act by illegally handling and
          disposing of hazardous materials at its retail stores across the United
          States. The Bentonville, Ark. based company also pleaded guilty today
          in Kansas City, Mo., to violating the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and
          Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) by failing to properly handle pesticides that
          had been returned by customers at its stores across the country.

          As a result of the three criminal cases
          brought by the Justice Department, as well as a related civil case filed
          by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Wal-Mart will pay
          approximately $81.6 million for its unlawful conduct. Coupled with
          previous actions brought by the states of California and Missouri for
          the same conduct, Wal-Mart will pay a combined total of more than $110
          million to resolve cases alleging violations of federal and state
          environmental laws.

          The Justice Department announced an
          agreement with the City of West Columbia, S.C., to improve access to all
          aspects of civic life for persons with disabilities. The agreement was
          reached under Project Civic Access (PCA), the department’s wide-ranging
          initiative to ensure that cities, towns and counties throughout the
          country comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

          “The ADA is a passport to our nation’s
          cities for people with disabilities. This agreement ensures that all
          people have access to West Columbia’s parks and other programs, services
          and activities,” said Eve L. Hill, Senior Counselor to the Assistant
          Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division. “Access to our cities is a
          basic civil right and the ADA is shaping the way our country and its
          people think inclusively about themselves and people with disabilities.”
          The racist-bigots only think in political terms of Holder’s accomplishments. You’ll never hear these people than him for doing his job better than anyone else.

          1. SammysDad says

            So, you believe Holder’s stand on discrimination is the most important thing he does, and that all of the things you mentioned are really great accomplishments? Well, let’s just say, the money obtained is going to our enemies through obvious and some no so obvious routes. Evidently, Obama has found a neat way of funding our enemies. Secondly, nothing really is going to change from these settlements. The government has harassed these companies using the American Rule to force them to settle than to spend more money defending themselves from some sort of “discrimination.” The DOJ prime reason for existence is not to run around the country suing people and organizations. Routing out Corruption, yes! Yet, Holder remains corrupt and discriminating daily in how he chooses cases.

  3. kjenkinsaf says

    I don’t often infer curse words. But “F” Eric Holder, and this entire administration. And damn them to hell.

    1. Judy says

      Oh they are definitely going to hell.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        You know they will send US the travel bill….

        1. Judy says

          You are probably correct.

    2. meangreen1 says

      And the same to your mother!

      1. Tim says

        meangreen1 just because the women in your family supplement your lack of income on the streets doesn’t mean every woman out there does.

        1. akcoins says

          I am sure we can count the women in your family in the group that does though.

      2. defiant1 says

        what do you expect from someone who is in lockstep with the regime! Just about as classless as Obama and Holder!

        1. Judy says

          Yeah he lives in his mamas basement and sucks on the table taxpayers tits

      3. fbpdplt says

        meangrean …is holder your daddy… or your mommy…..are they both working the streets for bj’s

      4. fbpdplt says

        dirtbag ..scummy commiecrat lover..

      5. johnanaguski says

        Worthless piece of dog dung.

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Intelligent retort! Public school education?

    3. Cranky Steven says

      kjhenkinsaf, you “f” Holder. I have my standards. Now where did my goat get off to?

    4. sandwalker says

      holder is just as much a turd snatcher as boston buttlick barry

  4. namvet says

    Geez, what a load of BS. Is everyone supposed to cluck their tongues at anything that said about our dictator? If people can’t realize we’re a socialist country now, they need to wake up. It’ll get worse.

    1. Judith Robinson says

      Namvet you got that right. The outhouse only describes the administration. If obumma is smart (which I doubt) he won’t even bother building a library. Give him the one from the parade and an old sears catalogue. That should work. It will have a book in it!

      1. namvet says

        You’re right.

      2. Wart777 says

        Or a couple of worn-out UNCOLORED coloring books…

    2. jetmagnet says

      You’re a vet? lmao How many bills have the GOP squashed that help VETS, any idea?
      The right wants to privatize the VA and eliminate compensation. If you were smart enough to do any research you’d know this.

      1. David in MA says

        I think your crediting the wrong party unless harry ried changed sides of the isle.

      2. Tim says

        Go drink some more kool aid.

        1. Kent2012 says

          he smokes dope and drinks phoney wine…

      3. Elizabeth Miller says

        David has it right you can thank Dirty Harry for screwing vets over

      4. patfo49 says

        Privatizing the VA would be the smartest move in centuries! I worked in HealthCare for 44 years and have advocated since the 60ties that VA Health System should be abolished! It didn’t work back then for returning Vietnam Vets and it has gotten so much worse! Why not give all Vets a Medical Card that allows them and their families to go to any Hospital and Physician they want for free? Including the best in the country! This is what Vets deserve, not the VA!!!

        1. fbpdplt says

          Your right… they should privatize the VA…. get it out of the hands of Political hacks & cronies… I never seen it this bad…. it’s been bad but now it’s just a joke!

          1. patfo49 says

            Absolutely a joke!!

          2. squeak says

            Anytime the DEMOCRATS have their hands in anything , you can bet it will go BUST ,…. example, LOOK what happened to Detroit, it was run by Democrats for years , a ghost town now !

          3. jaboj says

            And Obama’s buddy, Detroit Mayor Kwame, was just sentenced to several decades in prison for corruption and stealing. He was also spoken of very highly by Oprah Winfrey when she was selling Obama on her TV show. One of the charges was that be bought his wife 2 brand new Lincoln Navigators with taxpayers money,, even though Detroit was bankrupt. Shades of Jesse Jackson Junior and the governor of Illinois who had the fancy hairdo. Must be something in the water around those Great Lakes states. Lot of Islamic Muslims around the lakes also.

          4. squeak says

            Yes, I know, was spending from the taxpayers money, just helped himself… of course Oprah would, he is a black man, she turned out to be a racist, she forgot who put her where she is today… she was very enamored with Obama, you could see it in her every time she was around him… we are getting bombarded with Muslims, along with a mixture of many Countries which is happening right now !

          5. jetmagnet says

            Well Detroit installed a “Dictator” or emergency manager, talk about thwarting democracy. The stinkin republican governor.

            Yes, the very week Michigan Governor Rick Snyder granted a
            state-appointed emergency manager’s request to declare the Motor City
            bankrupt, the Tea Party governor gave a big thumbs-up to a plan for a
            new $650 million Detroit Red Wings hockey arena. Almost half of that
            $650 million will be paid with public funds.
            This is actually happening. City services are being cut to the bone.
            Fighting fires, emergency medical care and trash collection are now
            precarious operations. Retired municipal workers will have their $19,000
            in annual pensions dramatically slashed.
            Even the artwork in the city art museum will be sold off piece by
            piece. This will include a mural by the great radical artist Diego
            Rivera that’s a celebration of what the auto industry would look like in
            a socialist future.

            They don’t have money to keep the art on the walls. They do have $283
            million to subsidize a new arena for Red Wings owner and founder of
            America’s worst pizza-pizza chain, Little Caesar’s, Mike Ilitch, whose
            family is worth $2.7 billion dollars. (“Friends! Romans! Countrymen!
            Lend me your pensions!”)

            How did Governor Snyder possibly summon the shamelessness to justify this?

          6. sandwalker says

            detroit was run by democommies dicklick u r warped

        2. Seldena says

          I think this is what the GOP has brought up for Vets.

          1. patfo49 says

            It is! Don’t know what jetmagnet is talking about!

          2. Brenda Stines Mills says

            jetmagnet doesn’t know what he’s talking about either…….he’s either quite drunk, quite ignorant, or off his meds…possibly a combination of the three……entertaining, however!

          3. sandwalker says

            50,000 to 1 he’s black sticking up for color

        3. jayleigh says

          “We” had that at one time, sort of – We had CHAMPUS so retired military and families of men deployed during the V-N years could see any doctor and go to any medical facility. My daughter “cost” only $25 for my OB care and her delivery and our hospital time. In the early And veterans who did not live near a VA facility used CHAMPUS, as well. But, in my state, our VA system is excellent and the care has always been quality care. So, it makes sense to me to go back to a combo of some type of CHAMPUS and VA Hospital/clinic options. Competition would be good for the VA system. Our son was born in a military hospital aboard the station and i could not have had worse pre-natal care if i’d gone without! Thank GOD we both survived! Still, my children always had excellent pediatricians at the base clinics. So, i don’t think we need to get rid of the VA hospitals and clinics all together, we just need to reinstate CHAMPUS, or something equivalent.

          1. patfo49 says

            Government is NEVER the answer because there is no competition! I remember CHAMPUS back when I did Physician Referrals, one of my many, many jobs in HealthCare.

      5. fbpdplt says

        I’m a vet ..where the hell are you getting your info ..from Bergdahl?…. The very things you mention have been ALL done BY DEms…. you do realize they control senate right. & had the house until 2010… It was OBONZO who said that vets should help pay for their own medical care….because they knew the risk when they joined……Before you accuse anyone of not being smart… do your own research!….

        1. Mary Herridge Clayton says

          You’re right…Bozo wants vets who sacrificed all to have to help pay for their medical care while professional welfare recipients and illegal aliens get theirs for free!

          1. Steve Thomas says

            That is why they are coming here in droves. Didn’t the start of this big rush coincide with the signup for obamacare?

          2. LastGasp says

            Good point, another dot to connect.

          3. suzyshopper says

            Ain’t that the truth!!!

        2. patfo49 says

          I think everyone except jetmagnet agree with you! Thank you for your service! God Bless You Always!!

        3. jaboj says

          Right, Obama even had the bright idea for military personnel to carry their own private insurance to take care of wounded veterans. I don’t think he even knew we had a military until the idiots elected him.

      6. Kent2012 says

        wrongo magneto…..just like your messiah, kenyan boy..

      7. Seldena says

        I think you are wrong on this. They are trying to help you get to doctors that you do not have to wait to get to and I have not read or heard anything about cutting your compensation. Could you send me a link with that info, please?

        1. jayleigh says

          Wow! Did you take a trip to Mars during the flap? The flap actually started in the early 1980s when CHAMPUS was axed! Yikes! You DO walk lock-step with the current “tendings” don’t you? If it isn’t “trendy” to provide quality care for active duty and veterans, you buy the spin. Amazing! Not ALL VAs played the game of lies perpetrated by those that made the news, but a majority did. In my state, the vets have excellent care and are always given permission to seek private medical attention if they can’t get into the clinic in a timely manner, but that’s not been true in a majority of cases. Where’ve you been? You’re not a vet though, eh?

          1. patfo49 says

            Well you are very lucky! But you must be watching MSNBC or reading NYT if you don’t know how bad it is almost everywhere else! People have DIED waiting for care while union workers who can’t get fired received bonuses! Your statement about the GOP is untrue! They have passed many bills to fix the VA and Harry Reid will not bring them to a vote in the Senate! Get you head out of your ass!

          2. jayleigh says

            ps – Actually you must not have even read my post just above if you think i don’t know how “bad” the VA situation is. Did you pass Reading skills in school?

          3. patfo49 says

            Wow! You were saying how great the VA is! That is what I responded to!

          4. jayleigh says

            NO! i said the VA in MY state was good! My goodness! i also said CHAMPUS or something similar, should always be available. i was as stunned as the rest of the nation to learn of the scandal and i was appalled by it. My ex served in V-N twice. My brother served in the jungles of V-N; my cousin and several uncles served in WWII – and BTW, my cousin earned TWO Purple Hearts for valor under fire when he was wounded during battlefield rescues in WWII in France and Germany. He was a medic. It was ( i assume still is) rare for a Medic to earn ONE Purple Heart – and he earned TWO for valor under fire. So, why on earth would i want any of those i love to have inferior medical care???? My children had excellent care at the medical clinics at Moffett Field in CA. In fact, my son owes his life to the excellent care of the pediatrician who referred us to a pediatric oncologist when he was 8 years old. Yes, i know, that wasn’t VA, but my prenatal care with him at a base clinic was NOT good, and both he and i nearly died during his delivery as a result of a doctor who was not well-trained. But that can happen in a civilian hospital/clinic, as well. All i was saying is that we have VA hospitals & clinics in most states – they need to be cleaned up, re-staffed, and made safe for our military men and women, and when there is NOT a VA near enough for immediate care, then something similar to CHAMPUS needs to be available. i don’t see the value in just closing the VA medical facilities and wasting taxpayer dollars when what they need is to be brought up to standard and our military be treated to the medical care they and any American deserves! Getting rid of CHAMPUS was a huge mistake. i was as horror-filled as any thinking person would be when the VA scandal broke! But throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer. Why waste those facilities?

            Are you able to read for content???? In the post you cited, i clearly said IN MY STATE the VA gave excellent care – i DID NOT CHAMPION ALL VA facilities! i did NOT say ALL VA CARE WAS GREAT!!!

          5. patfo49 says

            Government can’t run HealthCare!! To think they can is insanity! I worked in the largest HealthCare Organization in the Baltimore/DC Area! I was a manager for most of my 44 years. When someone screwed up they were disciplined, if they kept screwing up they were fired! No matter how they “clean up” the VA Medical System it will ALWAYS SUCK because 85% of it’s employees are Union! They can’t get fired or it takes years to get rid of them! Unions and HealthCare do not mix! VA Hospitals will NEVER be on par with private Hospitals! Get it? Or can’t YOU read?

          6. jayleigh says

            Oh good grief! So, what about the military hospital on the bases? What do you propose to do with them? Send all the military to private care wherever they are stationed? You want to just scap all the VA hospitals? And do what with the equipment, buildings, etc? Toss it all? Destroy them? What great dollar-saving idea do you have? Throw out the baby with the bathwater? You are correct about the gov running health care, but what do you purpose about the stateside military medical facilities? That’s government running health care. You want the service-folk to have to drive into a civilian medical facility instead of the base facility? What about when they are aboard ship or deployed? It’s more complicated than just the VA scandal.

          7. Roger12266 says

            Provide the hospitals and equipment on a lease basis to PRIVATE clinics that will actually provide medical services to the Vets.

          8. patfo49 says

            Simple! Privatize them!!

          9. Seldena says

            Jayleigh-No I am not a vet, but I do know many that are. I know many vets are taken care of and many have not been since the scandal has been in the news. This is what I was referring to. I try to keep up with current events and I do know a lot of problems with other agencies have been going on for years. CHAMPUS became Tricare with three options and now with Medicare and other programs VETS can choose exactly what they wish to do about the direction of their healhcare programs. I am not as dumb as you have accused me of being, sir.

          10. jayleigh says

            Uh huh, TriCare didn’t help many of my retired military friends when CHAMPUS was tossed, and as i said, the VA 100 miles from where my friend lived was really a poor option for him since he could no longer drive. He should have been allowed to see a doc in his own city! Y’all seem to think i am 100% in favor of the VA system simply because in my state, we have an excellent set of VA hospitals and care centers, and when the docs aren’t available, a liberal policy telling vets to go to the nearest E-Room. i know that’s not true all over the nation, but, the VA does have some good facilities that need to be cleaned up administratively – and CHAMPUS was better than TriCare and the three options were not that great and all three were far more costly than the old CHAMPUS plan. You know that – i know that. Our VETS deserve the best care possible without red tape and hoops to climb through in order to get it! You know, i think we are all saying the same thing about care for the veterans, but we just have a different viewpoint on HOW that should be accomplished. We’re “fighting” over semantics and experiences with the system – fundamentally, i think we agree – the main thing is that no veteran should lose his/her life because of “the system” – no VA employee should receive a huge bonus when that facility has failed in its mission to serve its Vet population. i am sure we all agree on that! My grandson is a Marine – Family members have served – beginning with the American Revolution – in every war in which the USA has engaged – so i care about the medical care provided for our VETS!

          11. GulfVet says

            When I was in the military, everyone called Tri-Care, Try-to-get Care. That says it all.

          12. Roger12266 says

            I am a Vet. F-4 Driver, Vietnam 1966-1972. Had to punch out once too often and REALLY messed up my skeletal structure.
            The VA provided me with a preliminary examination and pain killers for the past 42 years.
            What gives you the idea that a Vet can choose anything? I certainly have never been permitted to select my own physician, or even have much of a say in the treatment provided.

          13. Seldena says

            That was my point with the bill the Republicans tried to get through the Senate which Reid would not bring to the floor.They wanted Veterans to go to the doctor they chose and get the meds they needed other than the VA. Did you not know this? Democrats balked at this idea.

          14. GulfVet says

            Hmmm…I am a vet, from the original Gulf war. I have in my time been stationed at 6 different air force bases. Tri-Care sucked beyond belief, such to the point it was unofficially called Just Try-to-get-Care. I experienced that problem first hand.
            My husband was also a vet. Days after he came back from Iraq, he had a 105 degree fever, he was listless and half out of it. We sat in the military base clinic all day, ALL Day before he was finally seen…while prisoners housed on base took precedence, for a scratched finger or any complaint…they all got bumped ahead. That was policy. Prisoners on base had to be seen before the military. Some care for active military, to see prisoners were put ahead of them on their own air force base.
            Fast forward a few years, a different air force base, I had major complications in my first pregnancy. My son was imminent danger. My doctor wanted me admitted to the hospital immediately. Tricare said “No.” My doctor battled Tricare to try to get me into the hospital…Tricare refused. Tricare required pre-approval before being admitted into the hospital. And Tricare refused to allow it to be a military hospital. The nearest hospital off base was an hour away.
            Thank God the doctor said, forget about the insurance, just go to the hospital. We’ll battle Tricare later. Next thing I had monitors hooked up to me and 2 IV lines coming out of one arm, and a third one in the other arm. They saved my baby. It wasn’t until my son was born and 8 months old that Tricare finally admitted that I had needed to go to the hospital immediately to save my baby 10 months before. My baby would have been 10 months in the grave if my doctor and hospital waited for Tricare to approve treatment.
            That baby is now a 15 year old Eagle Scout who selflessly devotes untold amounts of his time volunteering at Churches…not just his own faith, either, and at homeless shelters, at the volunteer fire department, his Eagle project was for the volunteer fire department, and anywhere else in the communities around us when the need arises. 15 years old and already he has touched so many lives for the betterment of others. Yet he would not exist if it had been up to Tricare…yeah, as they said on the bases I was on…Just Try-to-get-Care.

        2. jetmagnet says

          This is from the rightwing washington times.
          If you want to know how many times the bassturds have cut veteran benefits or plan to just Google it. Gop cuts veteran benefits.
          Obama gave us a 3% raise and much more for vets the republicans keep trying to cut. They believe in small govt. that means privatize everything including veteran benefits, social security. and medicare.

      8. Mary Herridge Clayton says

        Well then good for the GOP!!! It should be privatized because NOTHING the government handles actually works!

        1. LastGasp says

          “If the Federal government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years there would be shortage of sand.”
          -Milton Friedman

      9. whoselineisitanyway says


        1. jetmagnet says

          Stupid is what stupid says, and right now you look pretty stupid…to the me and the general population. The sooner you realize you can’t change a damn thing because the country is moving Left…the better off you’ll be.
          Your base is tiny and people don’t like hateful, meanspirited, anti-american wackos.

      10. jayleigh says

        Wow! You’re dancing the Twist to the tune the Left plays! You’re too gullible to be believed. This POTUS is so thin-skinned he bleeds before he’s cut! The discussion at hand is the constitutional right to dissent – NOT the VA problem, but since you brought it up, the VA once held caring for their patients in high regard. But, now that our POTUS disdains the protectors of our peace and safety; since he made it clear that neither our active military nor those who retired from active duty service are worthy of respect and the medical care they were promised in exchange for putting their lives on the line, the VA followed his lead… no scandal there though, right? No scandal in Benghazi – No scandal with the IRS targeting – no scandal in the auto industry buy-out or Sylyndra – naw – it’s all just “racist. rhetoric” – right? It’s all the fault of the Republicans in Congress forcing him to use his pen and phone to get things done, right? The VA scandal has yet to be solved, by either house of Congress, and the POTUS doesn’t care. He’s too busy advancing his Socialistic-Communistic agenda to actually help fix the messes he’s created.

        Why don’t you stay on topic? i know why – because your arguments are weak, so you do the Leftist thing: you deflect the conversation onto YOUR hot button topic instead of dealing with the issue at hand. Just like your hero. That’s what HE does – he creates a new scandal in order to get our minds off the current scandal. Here’s a scandal for you: a little ol’ nobody creates a float that offends the POTUS. In the mind of this weakest of all leaders, it MUST BE RACIST because he’s the “best POTUS ever” so the float could NOT possibly be a reflection of what that float builder thinks of his policies – it HAS TO BE ALL ABOUT HIS COLOR, right? Yep, if anyone disagrees with the POTUS’ use of pen-and-phone to fundamentally change America, it just has to be because we don’t like Black folk – can’t be because we DON’T WANT TO LIVE UNDER A SOCIALISTIC-COMMUNISTIC REGIME HEADED BY A MAN WHO WANTS ABSOLUTE POWER, can it? Nah…gotta be pure racism.

        Get REAL!

        1. jetmagnet says

          Your full of Crap! Potus has done more for vets than any other president that’s why we love the Guy! The problem with teahadist is research has no existance in the world of fruitcakes and fake news channel.
          He’s honored more vets and passed more bills helping vets..the info is easy to find if your head isn’t up yourazz!
          The GOP never even honored vets at their convention and took silly photo ops when they shutdown the government!
          Just google GOP screws vets and watch all the articles popup that involves legislation they’ve blocked. The Teahadist are commies and their GOD is Billionaires that fund them and have boehner running around like a meatpuppet.
          Your party claims to be christian while throwing kids under the bus. You try to keep people from voting and lately the gop was busted for gerrymandering the boundaries because they need to. Why? Because nobody follows idiots that watch fake news and other anti-government crap.

          1. 63Marine says

            You are so full of schette!!! Until you experience the crap from obuthole, you have no place to talk.

          2. jetmagnet says

            No fella, Bush and the Neocons destroyed our country and then they
            handed the mop to the blackman and gave him no cleaner, no water and
            left the building.
            I never had an executive that had management say
            no and succeed and then blame the executive. Now if you say “YES” and he
            screws up, then you have a point. But we understand that and that’s why
            he won twice, and Hillary will win next!! we’ll make sure the party
            that has tried to screw the president over and over never gets anyone
            elected. Payback’s a bitch! The presidency is ours for the next twenty
            years. You not only piss off vets, unions, gays, blacks, minorities and
            federal workers and women. You got no chance!

          3. dave ussery says

            Jetmagnet, Did your mom EVER have any kids that LIVED??????

          4. jetmagnet says

            I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! lol

          5. dave ussery says

            I refuse to have a battle of wits with an UNARMED person!!!!!!!!!!

          6. bxarmybrat says

            “Anti-government crap” , like the Constitution for instance?

          7. Brenda Stines Mills says

            jetmag is definitely a “case”…..

        2. Rovanton says

          I couldn’t have said it better.

      11. Meredith Hankins says

        jetmagnet I can see you’re not a VET and I bet you voted for this Muslim. Bush did not have any problems with the VA cause he was a VET. Oh this POTUS is not a VET and has follow thwe oath of office…:— “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, PERSERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States.”

        1. jetmagnet says

          i voted for Bush and lost $3 million, because the a$$hole caused the market to crash. Since Obama was elected I’m at $7 million. So i love Obama.
          To say he’s a muslim is racist horsesheet. The guy was vetted by our intelligence agents. The only people sheeting on the constitution is the Tea Bags. They have big billionaires funding them or they would be irrelivent. The Billionaires want to own this country and turn it into a corporate owned Plutocracy. They have you peeps disbelieving science because you’re not smart enough to figure it out.

          1. Rovanton says

            You really are a F ing idiot.

          2. jetmagnet says

            I love you too..

          3. Rovanton says

            It seems to me that you are one of these multi-millionaires who is very jealous of the multi-billionaires ASSHOLE!

          4. Brenda Stines Mills says


        2. Roger12266 says

          Knowing how Obama is, maybe this IS the best of his ability. After all, he never even ran a lemonade stand.

      12. Steve Thomas says

        You need to read the ENTIRE bill before you try to pass it, or comment on it. The bills, to which you refer, were so loaded with pork that no one in their “right” mind could vote for them.
        Spending $20 million on solar panels while Vets die did not happen under Bush.

      13. emjay98 says

        None of them passed because we have Harry Reid as the senate majority leader not allowing any bills passed by the republicans to even be brought up for a vote.

      14. LastGasp says

        The GOP can’t “squash” anything if Reid won’t allow it on the floor.

      15. namvet says

        Yes, I’m a vet, and do you think the VA is doing a great job? Private medical care is more efficient than big gov’t. I’ve found the doctors and staff are more proficient and try to fix the problem instead of doling out pills. Whats so funny about anyone being a vet? I’m using my own experience fro both the VA and private care, paid out of my own pocket. Laugh your ass off, and keep believing in big government.

      16. Cranky Steven says

        All of us vets (1st MarDiv, Namn, 1970) ought to just shut the hell up about our care! Don’t we realize that cartel members, illegal criminals oozing across the border and welfare types need and deserve care more than us? Who are we to complain?

      17. squeak says

        He doesn’t know it, MAYBE, cause it is BS, Nothing but… playing the Blame game , ONLY the RIGHT ? Get real ! YOU are the one that needs to research to get your facts straight !

      18. jaboj says

        If the VA was privatized I doubt they would be killing vets the way the government did, and probably still killing.

        1. jaboj says

          Every comment jetmagnet has made is total BS, and it is obvious that he has been brainwashed by Liberals who have no clue about what they’re doing to our country.

          1. Brenda Stines Mills says

            time to ignore him…..

    3. E.Michael Markwis says

      How is President Obama a dictator?

      1. LastGasp says

        dic·ta·tor noun ˈdik-ˌtā-tər, dik-ˈ

        : a person who rules a country with total authority
        a person granted absolute emergency power; especially : one appointed by the senate of ancient Rome
        b : one holding complete autocratic control
        c : one ruling absolutely and often oppressively
        When Obongo illegally bypasses Congress and creates his own legislation, i.e.Obamacare, he is a dictator. There are dozens of examples of him overreaching his Constitutionally based authority.

        1. E.Michael Markwis says

          The ACA was voted on and approved by Congress, you idiot!

          1. patfo49 says

            You are correct! However, after law was passed, Dictator Obama on his own without going back to Congress who passed the law has changed it about 20 times! That is against the Constitution of the United States of America! That is what makes him a dictator when it comes to Obamacare! I could go on, but when I have to explain something that should be understood by a two year old it makes me want to vomit!

        2. namvet says

          Thank you for setting E. Michael straight on the meaning of dictator. I’m sure E. can’t figure this out.

        3. Brenda Stines Mills says

          thank you for explaining to the un-read, un-educated voters why the rest of the country considers 0bama a dictator……

      2. namvet says

        I think you have your answer from LastGasp.

    4. Elizabeth Miller says

      We havent folded to that we will keep our rights.Dumorats are not intelligent enough to see that

  5. Okwaho1 says

    The democratic party can shove their race cards up their asses! They play the race card on everything and we, the public, are getting totally fed up with their CRAP! Democratic party, you are the racists in this country and a source of negative influence on AMERICA!!!!!!

    1. jayleigh says

      DemoCRAT Party – there is nothing DEMOCRATIC in they way that party operates. Not to nit-pick, but the party is the Democrat Party, not the DemocraTIC party. It’s an easy mistake to make, and they like it when people make the mistake and call them DEMOCRATIC because that’s the picture they want in the minds of the voters. But that group of hooligans is certainly NOT DemocraTIC in anything they do – they are deceitful, lying, opportunistic, exploitive, cheating, wind-bags who think they can win on emotion. They love playing the race card all the while laughing at the non-Whites for falling into their trap. Look what they did to Herman Cane! If they truly believed in racial equality, they would have let him run and let the voters decide. But, they cooked up a huge lie and smeared him. They claim to have a strong “feminist” platform, but look how they’ve treated every conservative woman who dared run for high office! Look who they support: BHO, Pelosi, Jarrett, Hillary…buffoons are dangerous when they’re armed with rhetoric!

      1. patfo49 says

        The USA is a Republic! The Dems treat it like a Democracy! A Republic is governed by Law (Constitution). A Democracy is run by the Majority. Obama believes we have a Democracy and he is ruling like he does not Have to follow the Constitution! He should be impeached!

        1. brenda Harrell says

          He should be charged with treason.

    2. Peter Bilt says

      I really like what you said. I could not have said it better!!!!

    3. Brenda Stines Mills says

      the race cards should be worn out!!! they have been over used since 2008…..