The Republican Party Can Still Deny Trump the Nomination


When Ted Cruz announced last Tuesday that he was dropping out of the Republican primaries, it appeared that Donald Trump had done the impossible. Despite facing an enormous field of experienced politicians…despite an unending series of controversial statements…despite all the bad press…despite everything, he managed to overcome the odds and become the nominee.

If you look around, there’s barely a peep to suggest that Trump supporters might be popping the champagne too early. But after watching Republicans try their damnedest to keep him away from the nomination – to watch them try so hard that they were willing to get behind a dyed-in-the-wool conservative like Ted Cruz – it’s hard to believe they will give up so easily.

Don’t you think it was a little odd that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus anointed Trump as the presumptive nominee only minutes after Cruz dropped out? The cable news networks, though pushing the “it’s over” narrative, didn’t even officially follow suit until the next day, when John Kasich dropped out. After all the talk of a contested convention, why would the RNC capitulate so quickly?

Untold millions have been spent by anti-Trump forces. And a lot of that money was spent long after Cruz and Kasich had been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot. What changed after Indiana?

Well, the story we’re fed is that after his northeastern landslides and his win in Indiana, Trump had a clear path to get to 1,237. Cruz’s numbers were headed in the wrong direction, the advertising onslaught wasn’t changing anything, and there simply wasn’t any use in going forward.

It’s believable. But is it true?

We’ve wondered for a long time what would happen if Trump were to finally vanquish all of his challengers. Would the established Republican leaders recognize that the people had spoken? Would they get behind what can charitably be called an “unconventional nominee”?

Well, over the past week, we’ve found out the answer. Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Paul Ryan have all denounced Trump’s nomination with varying degrees of vigor. And we’re still two months away from the convention in Cleveland.

Make no mistake: Trump is not the Republican nominee for president. Not yet. And until he is voted as such by Republican delegates in July, we should not assume that the GOP has surrendered. They’ve surrendered publicly, sure. But don’t think for a minute that there aren’t still establishment forces plotting to take this away from him. There is no legal hurdle standing in the way; the RNC is a private organization, they rewrite the rules every four years, and they can easily tell Trump to take a hike if they determine that it’s in their best interests to do so.

Is it likely? Certainly not. To blatantly thwart the will of the voters in this way would be tantamount to political suicide. Not only would it ensure a Hillary Clinton win in November, it would likely be the end of the Republican Party as a national force in politics. The party recognizes this, the media recognizes this, and Trump recognizes this. And that’s why you don’t see anyone still entertaining the idea in a serious way.

But let’s be clear about the threat Donald Trump represents to the Washington power complex. With his unprecedented approach to trade, government corruption, and America’s military responsibilities, Trump actually represents something much more dangerous: A change in the status quo that transcends Republican/Democratic divides. We’re not talking about the Hillary Clintons and the Paul Ryans of the world. We’re talking about the entrenched network of think-tanks, public-private intelligence communities, and financial interests that call the ultimate shots regardless of which party is in power. It is because of this network that – aside from rhetoric – both parties enthusiastically support Middle Eastern intervention, unrestrained free trade agreements, and domestic spying initiatives that compromise the privacy of the American public.

If the real powers-that-be in this country decide that it would be better to disenfranchise millions of Republican voters than to risk letting Trump get within striking distance of the White House, denying him the nomination becomes academic. We’ll hear plenty of high-minded talk about conservatism, the Party of Lincoln, and the seriousness of the presidency, but it will just be a cover for what’s really happening.

Democracy’s fine…as long as you pick from the candidates you’ve been offered. Democracy’s fine…as long as you limit your preferred ideology to a certain acceptable spectrum. Democracy’s fine…unless your democracy challenges the real heart of American power.

By all means, we should start turning our attention to the general election. It is overwhelmingly unlikely that the Republican Party will actually deny Trump the nomination.

Still, keep it in the back of your mind. He’s not the nominee yet.

  1. Croco Dile says

    Really the first article on this Don’t Fix This Nation site that is worth reading !

      1. Deborah G says

        Blacks think they are entitled to all of the above because over 100 years ago some white people bought slaves from BLACK slavers. Ironic isn’t it?

        1. alwaysright21 says

          No irony, they’re just retarded n!ggers chimping It’s what n!ggers do

      2. albaby2 says

        What flavor do you prefer?

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      1. Croco Dile says

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    2. jimmy midnight says

      Yes, Croc, but much different results come from asking people about THEIR congressional rep.

      1. Croco Dile says

        I definitely believe that !
        People are just delusional.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          And as we both know, many of their delusions are at least in part attributable to lifetimes of eating terrible food.

    1. Deborah G says

      They sure have enough ID to get benefits AND go to ANY casino in the USA and you will see they have enough ID to get Casino perks.They KNOW how to milk the system while Samboing around crying about how unfair life is and how whitey has kept them down

      1. albaby2 says

        Do you have any idea how demeaning it is to go to a casino with only a few hundred of taxpayer dollars in your money clip?

        1. Deborah G says

          I know it is SO unfair but the Lib idiots will probably say it is racist and we need to fund their recreational gambling because it will make them feel equal.

  2. Loving America says

    Well Americans…Let’s let the Thinkers and the rest of the highly unlikely politiicans who even try to take Mr. Trumps Victory from him “Better Know The Criminal Who Do It Is Highly Likely To Understand They Should Have Not Done It! Enough and all of thiese “thinkers and criminals need to be moved out of D.C. never to return!” Donald Trump won this Primary “fair and square not with the troubled of D.C. Politics because the We the People made it possible not them…he could not and will not be bought!”

    1. James Frazier says

      You Dimptards are a hoot. Not once has this asshole mentioned downsizing Thr government. Not once has he mentioned following the Constitution. He continues to bully women. He supports the murder of the unborn. He is ok with queer men in ladies rooms. He will tax the rich or so he says. When you add it all up what is the difference between him and Hillie? Of one damn thing.

      1. Fiestymare says

        A Cruz devotee who has sucked up all his lies . Wake up and read FloridaBoyee and Danny’s comments. They are right on. I started to think that maybe the Constitutionalist Cruz would do better on the supreme court but then we would never get a decision out of there again. He would block everything, may be not……

        1. says

          You might want to read a bit OF TRUMP in his OWN WORDS from the past!

        2. James Frazier says

          When someone calls another person a liar it is because he is the liar. I helped elect Ted in Texas over a big time Rino. Ted has always done what he promised to do. Little Donnie runs his mouth and that is it. He has done nothing for this country. He is a pervert, a liar, supports the murder of the unborn, bullies women and a coward. He is down 13% to the other Liberal and is going to lose to her by 20%. NEVERTRUMP.

          1. says

            Fact is, Trump has lied on many occasions. Hell all his supporters say they hate OBAMA, but Trump is very much like him! Cruz and Rand Paul were the only real conservatives in the field.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            Lying Ted Cruz IS a liar. He [his staff with his knowledge] told the electorate in Iowa that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out after the primary was over. It cost Dr. Carson the State of Iowa. He’s also mean spirited and he’s married to a big time leftist – Heidi – who was a member of the CFR [Council of Foreign Relations to those living in Rio Linda] She also helped draft NAFTA while working for our last [liberal] President George Bush.
            Trump does NOT support abortions – EXCEPT in case of incest, rape and the life of the mother. Educate yourself you fool. You’re just a gutless Texas fool running HIS mouth. Do you really want Hillary Clinton choosing the next 3-4 Supreme Court justices? REALLY?

          3. James Frazier says

            You are the brain dead Libtards and s gutless one at that. I don’t want either of these Liberals but morons like you have put us in this position. You support this pervert who bullies women so you must do the same. You probably sneak into ladies rooms as well to play with yourself as I am sure Little Donnie does. The Dumpster has not done one conservative thing. As for Gentle Ben who the Dumpster said was the same as a pervert I am disappointed he is supporting this pervert. As a proud Conservative who has always voted Republican I am not about to vote for a Liberal who bullies women and supports murdering the unborn. You dumbasses are going to cost us athe Whitehouse, Congress and the Supreme Court. You are not Americans just gutless sad products of our school system. NEVER TRUMP.

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            Donald Trump is twice the man you pretend to be. Not sure why you have a bug up your ass but I really don’t care. Vote for whomever you like but you ARE a jerk and not a conservative like you blather on about being.

          5. James Frazier says

            You are just as dumb as he is. No real man bullies women. No real supports the murder of the unborn. No real man supports allowing queer men (you must be one of them) in the restroom with their wives/daughter/sister/mother etc. The Dumpster has z long history of mistreating women and more than likely so do you-or in your case it is probably little boys. Anyway Dumptard-NEVER TRUMP.

          6. macushlah says

            James, you’re an asshole. You’re the kind that wants the Good conservatives like the Bushe’s,Romneys, McCains. They have sure done good for us haven’t they. What about the Bush’s and Clinton’s being best of friends. They are all ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

          7. James Frazier says

            Nope, you are the asshole and a dumb one at that. In Texas we had the option to either replace one Rino Senstor with another supported by Karl Rove and the Bush family or a real conservative who has fought and won for us in front of the Supreme Court-Ted Cruz. We the people beat that Tino by 13%-same as we beat that Liberal Dumpster. Ted has fought the assholes in Washington that the Dumpster says he can work with. Ted has a record of being s constitutional conservative and the Dumpster has s record of bullying women, supporting the murder of the unborn and now wants to put our wives/daughters, etc. in danger. As a conservative with real values such as protecting the unborn, protecting all women and having limited government I will never support The Liberal Pervert Donsld Trump. You idiots who have supported this piece of crap have screwed the pooch big time.

          8. James Frazier says

            Hey little Dupster dick face, take that one world order and jam it up your cowardly ass. Your guy now wants to raise taxes on the rich just like the two other Liberals. NEVER TRUMP.

        3. Juan TwoTree says

          Right Fiestymare!! That dick-weed ‘James Frazier’ ha hi head stuck up his arsehole that his breath smells just like Killery’s scrotum sacks! And that DMF’er can vote!!??
          ‘Teddi Boi’ got his ESTABLISHMENT ass kicked, but GOOD! Now, he will be a f’ing cry-baby. whining. sissy-assed LYIN whore and for spite, try and derail Trump’s HUGE victory over him, LYIN TED!!

      2. says

        You are CORRECT! All of these NAIVE Trump supporters are sure to be DISAPPOINTED!

        1. Fiestymare says

          So does that mean you are voting for Hillary. or the Socialiist Bernie. Good luck with that. Have you ever read up on her past? I guess you want to stick with what we have got. You must have been an Obama voter.

          1. says

            In 43 years of voting, I have never voted for a DEM Presidential candidate, and I WILL not start now, but IF I vote for TRUMP, I will have to HOLD MY NOSE when I do it! I may vote for a third party!

          2. Croco Dile says

            Why are you voting at all ?

          3. says

            Because I am going to vote for the REPUBS running for the House and Senate!

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            Just remember, the next president will pick at least 3 and perhaps 4 supreme court justices. Your choices are…. don’t vote and take your chances. Vote for Hillary and let the crime syndicate continue unabated. Vote third party knowing it’s a throw away vote [unless Donald Trump runs third party] OR, the intelligent thing to do, vote for Donald Trump who has a 40 year [about] history/track record of honesty and trustworthiness as a builder/developer. The people he dealt with were, mostly VERY RICH Jews, most of which are leftists and own most of everything. Donald Trump was not and never has been a political animal – until 9 months ago. He IS a patriot and he IS honest and he is the only candidate that is NOT a career politician. You’ve been listening to the left too long.

          5. says

            I trust NOTHING about DRUMPF and have hated him all his fake celeb life. I remember his WFL BS and his association with the WWE. He is a PHONY showman and dishonest PITCHMAN! He is the “billy mays” of politics. I may vote for the PIECE OF YANKEE TRASH only BECAUSE I HATE HILDEBEAST AND BILL, but I will PUKE after I do it, IF I do it!

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            Yours is an unreasoned hatred of Trump. He has never held public office in his life. He is a builder/developer in New York City which is a very liberal city and if you can make it in the Big Apple with all the sharks then you’ve got pretty good honesty and integrity. Trump is NOT a political animal and is a bit rough around the edges but he IS a patriot and he loves this country. He is spending HIS money not yours and not some big PAC’s who would then own him. He has not lived his life feeding out of the public trough like all the rest – except Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina. He has done a LOT of nice things for many – including a project I was involved with [minimally] the reconstruction of the Kate Wolman skating rink [one of two in Central Park] Another major builder/developer tried to complete the project and never did. They were way over budget and behind in schedule. Trump volunteered to do the job for free – and did. He brought the skating rink in under budget and ahead of schedule. Donald Trump is a class act and does not deserve the lies being told. I worked at the project briefly and saw [didn’t meet] Trump during the commissioning of the rink.

          7. says

            You are right in one respect: I hate the bastard AND THAT will never change. Your view of him is idealistic and NAIVE! As I said, I may vote for the bastard, because I hate Clinton, but I will NEVER BE A SUPPORTER! NEVER! What about all the FOLKS HURT BY his bankruptcies and EVICTIONS? He is a selfish PIECE OF SHIT!

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Your reasons are unfounded and from the left. Like the two left wing Jewish attorneys, Kuby and Kunstler. One of which called Trump [and others ] draft dodgers.
            Ronald Kuby opined that ANYONE who got any kind of a deferment was a “draft dodger”. HIS WORDS. That would include virtually every Jew then because almost all of them did get deferments. In my four years of active duty I met exactly ONE Jew, Richard L. Friedman. He and I often went on liberty together on Okinawa. A great guy – and a rare Jew. Most don’t believe in putting THEIR hide on the line and don’t.

          9. says

            I know all about DRUMPF’s kind. Howard Dean is a perfect example: he had a bad back deferment, while working as a BRICK LAYER and ski patroller. DRUMPF’S was for FLAT FEET! Hell all the black guys in my infantry company had flat feet! DRUMPF was a shirker and evader, bought and paid for by his dad! Admit it. HE IS EMBARRASSING!

          10. says

            I find it particularly putrid that while I put my career on hold to fulfill my military obligation in the central highlands of Vietnam, he was working on getting his little wienie wet back in New York. He evaded the draft six times during the Vietnam era!

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            Before you were ever IN Vietnam I had spent 4 years in the Marine Corps – so what! And I was a volunteer who never was drafted.
            As for your spurious claims – if Donald Trump got an exemption from the draft you can bet it was legal. He may have had a high draft number. So what. Are you claiming he illegally avoided the draft or lied? PROVE IT

          12. says

            JUST like Bill Clinton’s! His daddy bought him one for 4F (FLATFEET). He is a SHIRKING PIECE OF TRAITOR TRASH! Howard Dean did the same thing. Draft evaders used the “bad back” and flat feet” thing with regularity! Legal isn’t MORALLY RIGHT, JUST LIKE HIS BANKRUPTCIES!

          13. John E Strom Jr. says

            Donald Trump’s accuser is Ronald Kuby, a Jewish Civil Rights lawyer [scumbag] Kuby’s law partner? William Kunstler – an even bigger Jewish Civil Rights lawyer [scumbag]
            Is THIS the kind of source you consider? Two FAR LEFT WING Jews?

            This from PoliFacts… “In the course of the Vietnam War, about 15.4 million men received deferments, were exempted or disqualified.” so Donald Trump was hardly unique. Except to you.
            You sound like a VERY BITTER draftee who was forced to serve in Vietnam. Many of us volunteered out of a sense of duty – they didn’t have to draft us.

          14. says

            You served HOW many tours in NAM? LIKE Clinton and Dean’s evasion, DRUMPF’s is a MATTER OF RECORD! I was OFFERED a medical deferment and TURNED IT DOWN! My dad and uncle were WW2 combat vets. I believe in serving but TRUMP was TOO IMPORTANT! HIS DEFERMENT was bought and PAID FOR. BY the way, don’t you get a LITTLE TIRED of TRUMP’s asshole persona? He is embarrassing to listen to! He sounds like a drunken redneck in a southern tavern!

          15. John E Strom Jr. says

            I served NO tours in Vietnam. I was in before Vietnam – my luck – good or bad. I wished I had served during Nam but decided as a high school dropout to get a college degree. And did.
            For an educated guy you sure don’t write like one.

          16. says

            Frankly, I wish a TRUMP TRAITOR like yourself would have NOT COME back from somewhere! You really must have Alzheimer’s or dementia!

          17. John E Strom Jr. says

            PHUK OFF
            [Ok I said I wouldn’t respond anymore but your asinine comment did deserve return fire. So Phuk Off like a good chap you mental retard. Now this IS my last message to you. YOU are a wheel spin and a waste of food

          18. says

            I hope that Alzheimer’s that has affected your mental health and judgment leads to a massive stroke soon! The would could use one less stupid SOB like you!

          19. says

            By the way, I write an engineering journal for the major corporation I work for every week and I have seven patents. You just don’t like me because I am NOT drinking the DRUMPF Kool-Aid. When I went to college we joked about business majors as studying “underwater basket weaving.” It was a notch above LIBERAL ARTS, which was just basket weaving!

        2. James Frazier says

          Did you see where this coward is now going after Elizabeth Warren? I don’t care for her but a real man would just consider the source and move on. Could you see GW Bush doing this? Can anyone tell me one specific lie Ted told? That crap with Ben does not count as CNN has owned up to that. On the other hand The Dumpster lies all the time. If it comes down to the two Liberals (Dumpster and Hillie) I will vote for for one of my dogs whom I trust. NEVERDUMPSTER.

          1. says

            I don’t want HILLARY to be elected, but with Trump’s INABILITY to behave as a HUMAN, I seriously doubt his electability, unless he is merely running for “King of the OOPA LOOPAS!

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            Frazier, Elizabeth Warren claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee. THEY [the Cherokee Nation] do NOT claim her. Nor do they want her. She IS a liar.

            Why did Ted Cruz apologize to Dr. Carson if it wasn’t his campaign that released the information? And Ted DID apologize. Whether by innuendo from something a staffer heard over CNN or not they should not have said anything about Dr. Carson until AFTER the Iowa caucus – but they did.

            “Twenty minutes after the caucuses began in Iowa, Rep. Steve King, the Cruz campaign’s national co-chair, retweeted CNN’s Chris Moody about Carson’s break from the campaign trail before New Hampshire’s primary.”

          3. James Frazier says

            Ted’s camp appolgized but had gotten the info from CNN as CNN said. But it was not Ted who said that Ben was the same as a sex offender-it was the Dumpster. And then Ben’s numbers dropped from the twenties to single digits. The Dumpster never discussed the issues because he does not understand them, knows nothing about the constitution (never mentions supporting it) and never discussing downsizing the Government. But he does talk about taxing the rich, having gov funded healthcare system, supports abortion, supports queers in the ladies room, etc. These are all Liberal responses. You guys are so stupid you defy logic. He says what you want to hear but has no record of ever doing it. But I am so happy that whether Elizabeth Warren is part Indian or not is so important that instead of focusing on important issues that this coward who bullies women is trying to bully yet another one. And since the vast majority of women already hate his guts this will draw even more have that opinion. Nope, you Dumptards have cost us Our House, Congress and the Supreme Court for decades. So on 11/01 expect a big kisses and a hug from Hillie, Those of us who are Conservatives need to start our own party of true patriots,

        3. John E Strom Jr. says

          and James Frazier are gay lovers. Sucks to be you. and James Frazier are gay lovers. Sucks to be you.

          1. says

            I guess when you have NO ARGUMENT, you must make a JUVENILE slur! I have no idea who any of you are, but SCUM LIKE you define TRUMP! I may even vote for the STUPID orange bastard, but UNLIKE YOU MORONS AND IDIOTS, I would not be proud of it!

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

  , you have the sense of humor of glass. Brittle. If you’re going to throw manure be sure which way the wind is blowing. And please, educate yourself. You’re getting your news from the leftist media.

          3. says

            I am far more EDUCATED THAN DRUMPF. I didn’t get my two engineering degrees as a DRUNKEN FRAT BOY and the COMPANY I WORK FOR WOULD FIRE DRUMPF for his remarks and behavior!

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            Wow, so you went to Wharton too? I’m impressed. You sure do not write like you’re educated. Are you as successful as Donald Trump? I hope so but doubt it. The company YOU work for could be bought [probably] by Donald Trump. Why are you, so highly educated, not as successful? You’re an employee – Donald Trump is an owner.
            Since you’ve a better education than Trump why is your English so poor? You write as an overly emotional teen, not someone who is nearing 70.

          5. says

            GEE, unlike DRUMPF, I went to an ENGINEERING university. YOUR DRUMPF IDIOT studied drinking and BASKET WEAVING! You are a stupid, brainwashed son of a bitch! Are you a fat. orange ape with a squirrel stapled to his head like DRUMPF?

      3. John E Strom Jr. says

        Frazier, you’re just another brain dead liberal trying to spread your manure. Trump HAS called for downsizing AND for a reduction in income tax rates. A DRASTIC reduction in income tax rates. Individuals would go from 39% to 25%. I think corporations the same. And he has suggested the Penny Plan. That would balance the budget in 6-7 years. The status quo does NOT want our budget balanced nor do they want America energy independent. Wake up.
        He doesn’t bully women. He has attacked SOME women – it all started with the fat, ugly lesbian who attacked HIM. So if you’re going to spout your manure at least get your facts right.
        He is NOT OK with male homosexuals in ladies rooms. Again, the issue was ‘transgender’ in the first place. Many public restrooms are either/or now. You go in, lock the door, do your ‘business’ and then leave. I doubt there are going to be “open” toilets side by side in any case. Go overseas – most of the bathrooms are maintained by women. They ignore you and you ignore them when taking a pee. You need to do a bit of reading before you post your nonsense. That said, if I’m in a restroom and a female walks in, then I’ll use a stall but I’m not going worry about it.

    2. Juan TwoTree says

      Right Loving America! I want to see a list of all CURRENT ESTABLISHMENT RINO’s that do NOT get behind Trump, the nominee!! I will not vote for the SOB and will everything I can to campaign against hi or her in my state! I hope others would do the same! I voted our state Senators in as I thought they would support whatever Republican nominee was chosen. Now, these RINO’s won’t support Trump because they are absolutely afraid/scared to death that Trump will turn their ‘financial apple cart’ upside down?? Stop all BS Dem-O-Crap Entitlements? Protect America by shutting off ILLEGAL ALIEN immigration? Shut down Muslims from coming to the United States until he can get a strong and stringent immigration ‘vetting’ reform in place. Build up our military for defense of this great nation against Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, etc.

  3. USSJEAN1937 says


    1. Virginia Hornibrook says

      He didn’t win it fair and square he’s a bully a lair and he’s. Not a Republican he’s a Democrat and we’ll have 4 more years of Obama before he started to run he only ran as a Republican because he knew that he couldn’t take it away from killer Hillary you all just voted for him because you know him from his t v show

      1. leland swain says

        If you are so gifted and intelligent so as to tell us just what Trump will do with your proclamations of doom then Just where in the Hell were you when we needed to be warned about Obama and his muslim brothers and sisters, his bowing to the king,his intentional shrinking of our military.We sure missed your warning then so one question ” Hows that working out for you ? “

    2. Louise says

      No, he did not win the popular vote. Do you read? Research this, because these are the facts:

      Popular vote:
      Hillary: 65,853,625 votes (48%)
      Trump: 62,985,106 votes (45.9%)

      Electoral College votes
      232 for Hillary and 306 for Trump

      That’s not the popular vote. It’s the Electoral College decision. Not the same thing. Again, try posting facts next time.

  4. abobinmn says

    If the GOP does that……thwarts the will of the people, the GOP is finished and everyone of those spineless bastards better start looking for new employment.

    1. macushlah says

      And over their shoulder

  5. Mimi says

    Just try to sabotage the will of the people and I fear what would happen..Look at the facts of the state of our nation – use your heads. Not your emotions – the ones that want status quo….

  6. del says

    They let in an illegal idiot with no qualifications, a Muslim from a foreign country, and now they don’t want a genius who has created lots of companies and many jobs, plus done a lot of good for we the people and loves our country! Out with all these stupid elites in fear for their useless cushy jobs

    1. disqus_kfieT5umNU says


      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Remove Ryan as speaker. Call your representative and tell them you’ll not vote for their re-election if they don’t come out, ahead of the election, to remove Paul Ryan if they win. If they don’t make that promise then do not vote for them.

        Send NO MONEY to the GOP. They just use it against us. We send the conservatives and THEY turn them into RINOs.

        DO send money to Donsld Trump – the ONLY patriot in the entire race.

        1. Edward B. Levy says

          I am wit you John Strom and so many of the other supporters Of Mr Trump. If the GOP was to pull this crap, then there goes the GOP. Not only does Billary get in, but every GOP candidate who is running for reelection or election for the first time, is OUT. “WE THE PEOPLE” have spoken and we want Mr. Trump as our candidate. I WAS a strong supporter of #41 & #43, but they are on my #$%^ list Along with McCain,& the losing ticket of R & R.I am college educated, not what the liberal media & now FOX portrays as YAHOOS & radicals.I will be sending notices to my GOP reps, they either get on Board or lose my family vote, AND I will send my feelings to a wide group of friends and families.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Right Edward! Right! And look at what that dipweed Skyd37 has been posting! He is obviously someone who need to pull his head completely out of his infested rectum…Man, talk about one DMF’er, he takes the cake!

          2. Edward B. Levy says

            Well, you hit it right on the head

          3. T. VOGT says

            I have tried to get him/her to nap off the hissy fit aparently raised by liberals, you can’t do anything when that happen but ignore em..

          4. Juan TwoTree says

            T. VOGT: I hear you and do try and ignore the morons…

          5. Mary Brumley says

            I think we should down vote and flag whenever possible. I also collapse so that I don’t have to look at those remarks. I know I should pity them, but that is difficult!

          6. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Talk about stupid laws. In the beginning there was only male and female.Now,
            Congress has invented another sex ,we’ll call neither, and they passed law to
            let IT use any restroom IT chooses There is no more Public Mens or Womens
            restrooms. They are now called UNISEX.

          7. Juan TwoTree says

            Right Roy….a disgusting and sickening law for sure!

          8. billdeserthills says

            No way, they are Tri-Sexual

          9. Mary Brumley says

            If a man has had the operation to remove his member, taken hormones to grow breasts and looks like woman, I would not mind having those “its” in a bathroom I was in. But, if a “transgendered” man that has all his equipment tries to enter a woman’s restroom or locker room, NO.
            I think women should team up on the last kind of transgender, beat them up and hide them in a stall! If this isn’t possible, choose a private corner of the business or institution, leave you yesterday’s food and water for them to clean up.
            If women can’t change these laws, they can unite and fight back.

          10. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Mary – You just got the point I was making. If the GREAT CREATOR wanted us to change genders, HE would have given us organs of both genders to start with.

          11. Mary Brumley says

            So true! LOL that anyone could see that fact differently!

          12. Big kahuna says

            There is nothing Godly about these people changing their sexual parts.
            They have lost their way and the bleeding heart democrats support/
            Promote these actions even when most of the public is against doing so.
            The real stink of it is that they are using our tax dollars to support their actions.
            They are also pushing the political correctness agenda to hide the truth from the public- typical tactic of the Democratic Party. The True Satin within America is the Democratic Party.

          13. Mary Brumley says

            It is actually the Liberals and Progressives in the Democratic party that are causing the confusion and the ignoring of the Constitution. ALL Dems are not like that. Their chosen leadership are the NWO crazies that are causing the nonsense!

          14. American voter says

            BIG KAHUNA: The next thing we know, the government will be paying for these “freaks” to have the necessary operations!!

          15. Big kahuna says

            I know- what’s with that – the people within should have a say ( hey govt officials our constitution says a govt of the people by the people and for the people ) after all it’s our tax money we dam sure should have a say. This administration by passes our constitution and our last line of defense ( GOP) has let us down
            By not impeaching the Muslim in the White House ( Gutless).our last hope to turn it around is Trump- Go Trump

          16. Ted Crawford says

            Shucks according to Progressives one can even be Trans-Racial, Rachel Dolezal for example. What’s next, Trans-Species? come to think of it I’ve seen a few of those Progressives that just might actually be!!!

          17. babette reynolds says

            And don’t forget Trump AGREES with letting the men into the ladies room

          18. Catherine Anderson says


          19. John E Strom Jr. says

            No, Babette, he doesn’t.

          20. John E Strom Jr. says

            Perverts are running the government. Starting with Obama our First homosexual president. Come out, come out wherever you are Obama.

          21. Ted Crawford says

            Respectfully, That’s ONE first he can’t claim! Buchanan was the first! His lover was Rufus King both were Democrats!

          22. John E Strom Jr. says

            If so he hid in the closet. I thought sodomites were so proud of their perversions. Sickening

          23. American voter says

            John, you forgot; alien, racist, (how in God’s name did he get elected, )

          24. John E Strom Jr. says

            American voter, Obama IS a pervert and that’s why he’s not bothered. Does anyone wonder why both of his supreme court picks are lesbians? And now along comes Merrick Garland and I’ll wager he’s a closet homosexual just like Hussein Obama. Birds of a feather. I agree there’s a pretty good likelihood Obama was born in Kenya. He sure doesn’t act or think like an American but he sure as Hell knows how to work the system for all the freebies he can get. Barack Hussein Obama is a walking lie. He is NOT a patriot but a grubby little parasite and liberal politician

          25. American voter says

            Could OBUMA imagine HIS little girls going into a “trans-gender” (they have a name for every perversion) bathroom and seeing BOYS or MEN, pulling out their penises and waving them around?? UGHHH!!

          26. Roy Fredrichsen says

            They are making a monster out of 1/3 of 1% of the population trying to make people believe it is more prevalent than it really is thanks to Loretta Lynch at the D O J threatening to withold Federal dollars (Your Tax Money) from schools that DO NOT comply with their demands. AND they are messing with Texas that refuses to be BLACKMAILED by O’Bummer & Company.

          27. John E Strom Jr. says

            Edward, well said and good for you. If we all call our representatives and give them notice they better dump Paul Ryan or lose our vote [and contributions] they will wake up. The ONE thing they value more than any other in life is their job.
            You, sir, are a patriot. America need patriots!

          28. R. T. says

            I’m sorry we don’t have representatives any more there LAW MAKERS they make stupid laws that no one can understand and to much give away ( PORK ) , that we probably have 2 similar laws on the books already and there not enforced

          29. Earl Barajas says

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          30. Candacelryder4 says

            “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc246ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc246:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsClearlyGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc246………

          31. Ted Crawford says

            YipppppI!!! A New Party is born!!! We’ve had the Bull Moose, The Copperheads, now we have the Trumps! Celebration time, come on, lets have a party!

          32. John E Strom Jr. says

            Crawford, has anyone every told you to piss up a rope? If not, consider it done. And YOU probably voted for that dumb ass Afrikan. Twice. How smart are you. Now piss off like a good chap.

          33. Ted Crawford says

            Oh come on now John, Jimmy’s Top Hat and Tux is equally eye-catching as Trumps Orange hair and manufactured tan! Jimmy also had a valid point!

        2. Gea says

          Ryan gave an impression of being smart when Romney chose him as a running mate…but both turned out to be frauds just like Obama and Hillary Clinton. ALL Democcrats and RINOs need to be ousted from power ASAP and we need to start with a new slate of Americans who respect US Constitution and freedom.

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Man oh man, are you going to be upset on November 9!!!!!! Trump has made very sure that is the polar opposite of what’s about to happen to America! Congratulations King Priam!

          2. 2Shadow2 says

            There you go again Troll. Trying to move good folks off task with blather.

          3. Ted Crawford says

            What is it about you Trumpites? Apparently nastiness is inherent in your very nature! You’ve WON, as astonishing as that is! One would think you’d be celebrating, dancing in the streets, gleefully singing songs of praise to your Messiah! It seems, like him, you aren’t even good Winners!
            I guess that is also a factor of the adolescence required to have been seduced by a Judas Goat in the first place!

          4. 2Shadow2 says

            “Whoop, whoop, whoop. Hmmaa, hmmaa, hmmaa. Curly, have you seen Moe?”
            Who said I was a Trumpite? You make absurd assumptions since you are blihnd to reality. I would rather try to change what I can and not whine and spit over things out of any control. You, on the other hand, just cannot get enough of yowling at the moon and bit#@hing because you did not get you way. As if it would make such a big difference. That might well be the definition of insanity. You just love repeating your key phrases don’t you? That might well be the definition of a Troll.

          5. Ted Crawford says

            Seriously?! Obtuse? Obfuscation?
            From the preponderance of your posts: Three possibilities exist;
            A) You are a Trump supporter
            B) You are a Clinton supporter
            C) You suffer from Cognitive Dissonance

          6. 2Shadow2 says

            Yo. Old fud. You forgot your choice. D.) Do nothing except bi@#ch at everyone who does not agree with you. I mean you piss on your leg trying to piss on others who are trying to get you to stop pissing on yourself. It’s a simple formula but only good for the plants you are standing on. Seriously.

          7. Ted Crawford says

            OK, Now I understand! You are a Cynic! What the he_ _ if, as you believe, everything is already preordained, why even bother?
            ‘Cynicism is often seen as a rebellious attitude in Western Culture, but in reality, our cynicism advances the desires of the powerful: Cynicism is Obedience!” Alex Steffen
            You chose to be a victim, be a victim, that’s not my style! Good Day!

          8. billdeserthills says

            Thanks, I’m so glad to hear that you are leaving now

          9. 2Shadow2 says

            You understand nothing old fud. Good day. Troll on.

          10. chief1937 says

            And you think Hillary is a prize. You sir seem to need help.

          11. Ted Crawford says

            You assume facts NOT at all in evidence here!
            However, all things considered, while a very different threat to America, she seems no worse than does Trump!
            IE: whether Frick or Frack, America loses, again, with this election. Perhaps for the last time in this instance!

          12. usmcSergeant says

            And to think you can vote. People that think like you think is why we are where we are.

          13. Ted Crawford says

            Really? Care to expand on that?
            Explain to my clueless self, just HOW a life long Corrupt Crony Capitalist Democrat, suddenly, just last June, experienced a Paulesque epiphany that miraculously transformed him into the consummate Conservative! Indeed, the Conservative Messiah sent to save us from …well his long time pal Hillary!
            How does his recent hiring of another life Long Democrat, late of the Soros Fund Management and 17 year associate at Goldman Sachs, fit that narrative?!
            Can it be that the evil part of Goldman Sachs was only that part where Heidi Cruz was employed and the part where Steven Mnuchin worked was as pure as the driven snow?

          14. Mary Brumley says

            Keep shoveling the crap! It makes undecided Republicans “decide” that they had better vote for Trump! Thanks for you help!

          15. Ted Crawford says

            One can always tell a fool! You just can’t tell them much is all.

          16. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, true. But just think, posters like him are the very ones whom are awakening more and more folk to understanding that we must vote for Trump. The “undecided” Republicans read through comment sections, and notice what the trolls are advocating. The trolls make it easier for the undecided to decide to vote for Trump. Have you noticed that every big attack against Trump has increased his supporters?

          17. American voter says

            Ted: Do you even realize what a scary future we might have if we let Hillary win? Can’t you see that she is NO ROLE-MODEL for ANY woman in the U.S.

          18. Ted Crawford says

            Of course I do and have since Slick Willy and Travelgate!
            What’s so completely astonishing to me is the fact that a small, but vocal portion of the American Electorate can’t see the very same is true of Trump!!!
            Somehow, through yet another spinner of delusion, these poor drooling souls believe that the Conservative Ideology is best served by a Corrupt, Crony Capitalist Democrat!! An advocate of unconstitutional Religious Testing, State sponsored Infanticide, Socialized Medicine, and dictatorial control of our Military! When you throw open the City gates and gleefully welcome in the enemy, how can you expect any different results than King Priam received!

          19. billdeserthills says

            Sick bastard wants to nail hillary!

          20. glorybe2 says

            It really is beyond reality to observe people so screwed up that they don’t even realize what Trump is. The man is a con man and a very shallow thief. He simply is not a person of quality.

          21. American voter says

            glorybe2: AND WHAT is your description of HILLARY?

            please let us in on a few of the “great” things she has done in the past! Starting with when his crappy husband was in office.

          22. glorybe2 says

            I think you meant “her crappy husband’. I can understand that if a person can not tell a him from a her just why they might like Trump.

          23. Catherine Anderson says


          24. Ted Crawford says

            I’m fully aware of just who Hillary is and what she stands for! I’m equally aware of who Trump is and what he stands for!
            Which explains why I fought so hard to encourage people to set aside, for a moment, his recently discovered rhetoric and simply do some research on him! Clearly I failed !!

          25. American voter says

            …and so some fools vote for a third party, splitting up the GOP vote and let the evil Billery win…so smart! or don’t vote and do the same thing!

          26. Ted Crawford says

            Hillary’s, or another candidate of Obama’s choice, victory was guaranteed on May 3! PERIOD!!

          27. Brad Bryant says

            Well Hannity pulledit off and we will get another paranoid narcissistic ego-maniac bully. We haven’t learned from the last seven years of Obama!

          28. Ted Crawford says

            Certainly seems the number of petulant, naive, gullible voters increases with every election. This time we even have significant number of…..republicans(?) falling prey to Judas Goat! Poor sad delusionals somehow believe that their 10 to 12 Million numbers represents a majority, with respect to the overall American electorate. They are in for a huge shock on November 9 when it becomes clear, even to them, just how minuscule a number that really is, by comparison!

          29. billdeserthills says

            You are one of the devil’s minions, trying to distort the truth

          30. Ted Crawford says

            OK, How so? What “distortions” did I offer?

          31. billdeserthills says

            you are so lame, you can’t even remember

          32. Ted Crawford says

            Typical Trumpite, all innuendo NO substance, just like your hero Trump!

          33. billdeserthills says

            Are you peeing on yourself again?

          34. Ted Crawford says

            Seems it’s YOU who are given to spewing unsubstantiated claims, not me!

          35. ward says

            You are not substantial to understand facts so get lost in your 3rd world nation … !

          36. Ted Crawford says

            Now that is interesting. How does one become”sustained” to understand facts?!?!?! You’ll have to ‘splain that one to me Lucy! As you’ve so often stated, “I’m not too bright you know”

          37. John E Strom Jr. says

            Gea, I agree. Both turned out to be all about themselves and not the country. Call your representative and get their pledge to DUMP Paul Ryan or they [your representative] loses your vote. If we ALL do it those jackasses will get the message. All THEY care about is their own care and feeding. Or fire them. 🙂

          38. Mary Brumley says

            First, the adults, especially the older generation, must admit that we didn’t pay enough attention to all our government was doing. Then we must begin to FIGHT back NOW!

          39. billdeserthills says

            Hey, I always voted straight nra ticket, so don’t blame me man!

          40. Mary Brumley says

            And just exactly HOW much research did we put in to learn about them BEFORE voting? How much did we follow their voting after we voted for them? I admit that I did very little. I was allowing myself to be deceived. No longer! The worm has turned.

          41. billdeserthills says

            Beautiful thing about an organization you can place your trust in. The NRA is going to vet these folks for me. You know some people are just glad if a person bothers to vote, other’s have a whole criteria for it. Far as I’m concerned it’s a gamble either way. Which is one of the reasons why I voted Trump, I’m tired of having some pro politician lie to my face. I’m up for a little change, after the biggest piece of filthy liar we had for the last 8 years

          42. Mary Brumley says

            I used to belong to the NRA and have meant to renew my membership. I didn’t know there was a link where I could go to know which candidates they support. Is there?

          43. billdeserthills says

            I always received a voter card in their magazine, but how about

          44. Mary Brumley says

            Thanks! I just renewed. This time I accepted a magazine. Now. I wonder if you know much about “OathKeepers”? I used to be a member. I know joining NRA helps pay for necessary ads and lobbying. But, I wondered how joining OathKeepers actually “helped” us retain our freedoms. Know anything?
            Chuck Baldwin is active within it. He encourages churches to drop their 501c3’s and become outspoken about politics. That sounds good to me. I fully believe that God will support His own work (but not necessarily support all men’s plans).

          45. billdeserthills says

            I sure don’t know anything about ‘oathkeepers’, other than I like their belief, in keeping their ‘oath of office’ unlike most of our elected officials.

          46. Mary Brumley says

            OK. Just wondering. The meetings while I was a member were held so far away from me that I didn’t try to attend one. Thanks.

          47. American voter says

            Yes, for a small fee you can get their magazines that spell it out .
            Lifetime membership is half off right now. $500.payable in installments.

          48. Mary Brumley says

            Thanks for that info. I will check this out today!

          49. John E Strom Jr. says

            Mary, we trusted them to do the right thing. Obviously a mistake. Now we’ve got to clean the barn out. Most all of them are Judases – the Bush family? Garbage. Mitt Romney? Garbage John McCain? Garbage. Paul Ryan? Garbage. Lindsey Graham? More garbage.
            Ryan has a REALLY good conservative opposing him in the primary. If you can send him a few $$$ to help rid us of Paul Ryan. His name is Paul Nehlan. Kevin McCarthy is also getting a primary opponent who is worthy of support.
            Call your representative and let them know you’ll NOT vote for them unless they commit [before the primary] to dump Paul Ryan. Sarah Palin has come out supporting Ryan’s opponent. We need to take our country back. And elect Donald Trump or we’re toast as a free nation.

          50. Mary Brumley says

            All you say is true!

          51. Catherine Anderson says


        3. T. VOGT says

          How about we send NO MONEY TO POLITICAL PARTIES and Make super Pac’s and Lobbist forced with open records acts.. and the Networks pay for 5 commercials only and leave the decisions to WE THE PEOPLE !!!!

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Good idea but not enough time. We CAN slow the money to the GOP but we can’t control the Super PAC’s or what the networks do. That said, a call to your representative about NOT re-electing Paul Ryan as speaker would go along way as long as they made that stand BEFORE the election and BEFORE the convention. The most important thing in Paul Ryan’s live is HIS power. Time for him to go. Time for Reince Priebus to go.

          2. T. VOGT says

            I understand we are late for this year but not for the future, Term limits, Must Accomplish something other then Pork for another state to be paid, and none of this for life BS on benefits and pay.. NO only while in office and must accomplish something before allowed to run again..These jobs were designed with a farmer or land owner who had to go home and take care of the homefires.. BTW just how does Reid’s Family get to OWN Government Land in Nevada???

            Sure hope some one does some title and deed searches..

          3. Ted Crawford says

            Cheer up, they don’t own it for very long, just long enough to complete a deal with the Chinese!

          4. Ted Crawford says

            No reason to waste your time with that really. The Progressive majority in the 115th. Congress will certainly elect someone else as Speaker in January. Probably Pelosi again, heck under these conditions Reid might change his mind and hang around and we can have the same Congressional leadership as we had with the 110th Congress! Won’t that be wonderful, maybe we can get the National Debt up all the way to $25 Trillion, by 2020!! Thank You Trump and your Cult of Delusionals!!!

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            You are an idiot. One who, no doubt, voted TWICE for the Afrikan.

          6. Ted Crawford says

            Poor Trumpite, in your vast delusion you actually believe that anyone NOT bowing to your False Messiah, must be a Progressive!

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            Not true. I think YOU are stupid. Progressive is a fancy way of saying liberal.

          8. ward says

            More like you, a head up & locked libtard progressive. free loading dem idiot !

          9. Ted Crawford says

            Thank you for upholding the high standards of the Trump Cult! Foul mouthed, foul tempered, delusional souls! Even in your victory you are poor winners! OR, do you actually realize that yours is a Pyrrhic victory?

          10. ward says

            No thanks for proving you are a libtard coward & your lost reality of life … !

          11. Ted Crawford says

            Your inability to deal with anything of, or related to, reality, coupled with your lack of discernment explain your slavish allegiance to Trump!

          12. ward says

            You are screwed up & lost in a hell of indoctrination by libtards & bo ass holes.. !

          13. billdeserthills says

            Cause your hero already got it to it’s record high, in the first place

          14. ward says

            IF that happens with the libtard dems in congress again the U.S. Citizens can kiss fundamental Constitutional Freedom, Rights & Liberty good bye & hello dictator !

          15. Ted Crawford says

            Just exactly what the He_ _ do you think we’ve been so desperately trying to get you fools to pay attention to all these months!!! WOW, The lights may be on but there sure as He_ _ isn’t anybody at home!!!!!!!

          16. ward says

            Who in hell are you referring to with “you fools” …? Can you comprehend Patriotic U.S. Citizens that have been trying to get bo his justified impeachment Indictment for treason in the past 6 years …. ! Do you even understand English grammar ..?

          17. Ted Crawford says

            Always with the simplistic and counter productive answers to difficult, even impossible situations!!
            Obama, as richly deserving of Impeachment and imprisonment as any Government Official to ever hold any office, made himself UN Impeachable, beginning with, “The Police acted stupidly”!
            From that moment on ANY serious attempt at Impeachment would have surly been met with a National Race Riot, that would have made “Black Lives Matter”, seem as Girl Scouts by comparison. Thousands of innocent women and children would have been injured and killed in that ! Just because one can do a thing, it doesn’t, necessarily follow that one must or even should, do a thing!

          18. 657241 says

            No more convention. TRUMP is the Republican NOMINEE. NO CONTEST. NO MORE OPPONENT. GAME OVER. There is no need for any convention or even a debate. The debate should be between TRUMP and CLINTON / or SANDERS.

          19. Ted Crawford says

            Why even bother with that waste of time? Just get right to swearing in President Clinton! We don’t need no stinking Constitution!
            Oh,….wait…you actually thought that Trump would be the next President?! You’ll need to petition Obama for that to happen! The only way Hillary loses in November, is if Obama allows Loretta to indict! Good Luck with that!

          20. billdeserthills says

            The Devil, I say

          21. Ted Crawford says

            Whatever blows your skirt up Dude!!

          22. billdeserthills says

            Perhaps you prefer Jackass?
            I capitalized it so you could be in the big leagues

          23. Ted Crawford says

            As I said whatever blows your skirt up!

          24. ward says

            You made a true libtard candy ass reply proving you are a freeloading coward !

          25. Ted Crawford says

            Your total inability at discernment explains perfectly why you are a Trumpite!

          26. ward says

            Damn sure do not need anyone like you & your ignorant ways in the U.S.A. … !

          27. Ted Crawford says

            Relax Captain Dunsel You Trumpites and your equally disgusting Progressive counterparts have made that abundantly clear! I’m already halfway out the door, have been since 2012.
            Would have already been gone if I hadn’t, naively it turns out, believed that the American Electorate had regained some of it common sense, based on the 2014 election! Sadly that turned out to be the last desperate gasp of sound reasoning!
            When the American Electorate, astoundingly enough, believes that an avowed Socialist, a narcissistic, bombastic a_ _ and a serial murder and serial liar are the best three our country has to offer, it’s time for me to leave! There is little left of the country I fought and bled for, after 8 years of Hillary there will be none at all!
            I’ll cast my last vote on November 8, for Gary Johnson and watch Hillary’s inauguration from Tamarindo, on January 20!

          28. ward says

            HEY dim ass calling me a progressive is your admission to being a libtard ass of a low life bo stench that is creating your own demise in hell …. ! Leave now …. !

          29. Ted Crawford says

            Reading comprehensions NOT your strong suit we see! I clearly, to all those not reading impaired, included you in the Trump Cultist group of delusional souls determined to poop in your own mess kit! By the way I left the Democrat Party in 1973, and until May 5 was a Republican!!

          30. ward says

            Comprehension of reality is a proven defect of yours but agree that both parties suck up to bo’s deceitful muslim ways in 7 + years & 75 % reps & 100% dems have to be removed starting with the senate in 2016 .. ! All libtards have to go !

          31. Ted Crawford says

            YOU are suggesting that I am unrealistic?
            You suggest that the Democrats are to be removed from the Senate!
            Whatever else proves to be the case, with respect to the 2016 Election, ONE thing, above all else stands out, the Senate of the 115th.Congress will be Progressive majority! He_ _ Harry Reid is reconsidering his retirement, hoping to be elected the Majority Leader again! There is even an outside chance that Nancy will be named Speaker again and we can have the 110th. Congress, this time on steroids!

          32. ward says

            You are really ass backwards & not worth the time to fix … ! Get off the drugs …. !

          33. Ted Crawford says

            OK, Captain Dunsel, we’ll know on November 9, just how “backwards” I really am.

          34. American voter says

            Ted: … now you’re a ??????? (with no voice in choosing)
            (still an American, I would hope.)

          35. Ted Crawford says

            Sadly, even though a disabled veteran I’ll be leaving in late November or early December! I won’t do well in any country Hillary would create!

          36. American voter says

            Ted:; you really aren’t as astute as you think; by NOT VOTING, you really screw up the system. Oh sure, you can say, “I didn’t vote for that fool.”, but NOT VOTING is never the wise thing.

          37. Ted Crawford says

            Reading comprehension NOT your strong suit?
            There is only ONE power on this planet that can keep me from voting, as I have in every election since I first became eligible in 1968, and that is Death itself!

          38. billdeserthills says

            What if when We the People actually need a new law, it get’s texted to several thousand real citizens & voted for via smartphone & we just close down congress & the senate & most of the other no-longer needed gov’t branches. Why I heard that unemployment was only 5%, so they should have no problems at all finding new jobs in the private sector

        4. Juan TwoTree says

          You bet, John! You bet!

        5. says

          Why send a PENNY to DRUMPF. HE already brags about HOW RICH he is! Let him pay his OWN WAY! What you are asking for will assure a DEM congress! See how that works for a PHONEY CONSERVATIVE and TRAITOR like you surely are!

          1. blackhawk132 says

            You are a very simple person.

          2. says

            I am tired of hearing this BRAGGING BLOWHARD talk about HOW RICH he is and how he doesn’t need any OUTSIDE MONEY TO FUND HIS CAMPAIGN! LET THE BLOVIATING sob pay his own way! The BASTARD always had plenty to DONATE to the CLINTONS, REID, PELOSI and CHUCK YOU SHUMER!

          3. T. VOGT says

            CHILD, The grown ups are talking, so take your silly useless ideas and find your coloring book..

          4. says

            Keep blowing the orange OOPA LOOPA!

          5. T. VOGT says

            Ohhh now she’s having a hissy fit.. she really needs her nap..

          6. says

            You are every bit the asshole as the PUKE you worship and BLOW!

          7. T. VOGT says

            Your little hissy fit is getting old child, obviouly someone for got to explain manners and not nice to name calling of a complet stranger.. but then you were probably raised by wildlife the way you act so we will just consider and dismiss the source as someone who has no clue as to what they speak of.

          8. says

            I would recommend a long walk off a short pier. Take DRUMPF with you by his small hands and wee wee!

          9. T. VOGT says

            You ignorant little child having a Temper Tantrum because you don’t get your way, so pathetic.. I’d bet just about everyone would agree you are just have a liberal hissy fit and ignoring you is best It’s getting dark so I think it’s past your bedtime.. Me I have Grown up things to do and can’t waste time with a petulant child..

          10. says

            I am going to miss your attacks, BOZO!

          11. john awe says

            Trump’s wives said he is in double digits. You sound jealous.

          12. Robert Barnes says

            Hey shit head, how about you and all your looser commie friends move your worthless asses to Russia

          13. Ted Crawford says

            I’m a little curious, but don’t actually expect any substantive answer here! What do you make of a man who, up till now, claims; “I’m self-funding, I can’t be bought”, who, after successfully buying the Nomination, immediately hires a Marketing expert, well …to market himself? Or that that Expert, is also a Life Long Democrat, one who worked for Soros Fund Management and spent 17 years as an Associate at….wait for it….Goldman Sachs?
            Apparently the only part of Goldman Sachs that is evil, is the part where Heidi Cruz worked! The part where Steven Munchin worked was pure as the driven snow!

          14. T. VOGT says

            apparently you missed the part he isn’t listening to the guy hahaha He really has inored him and said on stage I’m not going to listen to everything he says but he may have an idea ot two at times.. He is NOT in Trumps inner Circle.. And yea Trump is self funded but how is that buying the office when everyone else wasted a few hundred billion against him and lost… Killary is setting aside over a billion to go after him.. and her money has blood all over it.. She’s even thrown her daughter under the bus.

          15. Ted Crawford says

            There you go again, completely ignoring anything that doesn’t fit the narrative !
            His claim to being pure was he couldn’t be bought, now, apparently he’s for sale!
            Secondly, he repeatedly excoriated Cruz because his Wife must be corrupt, evil, anti-American because she worked for Goldman Sachs! Steven Not only worked for Goldman Sachs, he also worked for Soros!!!!

          16. john awe says

            Trump’s campaign is almost over. He funded his own campaign. Now he will work with the party and the rules are they help with funding the party’s campaign with Trump as their winner.

          17. Ted Crawford says

            AND there it is Ladies and Gentleman! The Hallmark of ALL Democrat logic, “I was against it, before I was for it!”
            Real reason: ” Now that I’ve successfully bought the Nomination, I’m eager to get my Return On Investment! It’s only fair!”

          18. says

            I would say that you TRUMP KOOL-AID drinkers that aren’t EMBARRASSED by statements like “we are going to win so MUCH you will be sick of winning,” have a screw loose! One would think that your “LEADER” is a plain FRIKKEN ASSHOLE!

          19. T. VOGT says

            There is no FOOL AID other then Obama’s, he’s been mainlining it via IV for years, simple little sheeple like you just want a female to win, any female will do.. Well Not the witch of the Middle East, so go quietly and play, or do we have to medicate you again.. I keep telling we can’t cure your stupidity, but we can sedate it..

          20. says


          21. john awe says

            You sound like an emotional midget. Grow up!

          22. ab101 says

            Man you need to take a deep breath, a cold shower, have a good snort of Crown Royal and chill out for a while and see if you can find Hillary on TV. Then just listen to her blow smoke up your arss and get a good nights sleep. I am sure that things will be better in the morning. When you get up find Trump on TV and get your lesson for the day. You have a bad case of the Clinton crud of which only a good dose of Trump will cure.

          23. billdeserthills says

            You make it sound like Trump is banging on your door, trying to get a donation. Wake up buddy, Trump doesn’t want anything from you, except possibly your vote–and in your case maybe not even that…

          24. john awe says

            You sound worried that Team Trump is going to take America back from you progressive fascists. LOL

          25. Ted Crawford says

            That would be hilarious, if it weren’t so bitterly sad! “team Trump” is in for one hell’uv a shock come the morning of November 9! Actually it should hit by around 11 Pacific time, on November 8!

          26. john awe says

            You will lose.

          27. Ted Crawford says

            I, the Republican Party and America Herself already have lost! We lost on May 3, when a Democrat, for the first time became the Candidate for the Republican Party!

          28. john awe says

            The voters in Indiana are very intelligent.

          29. Ted Crawford says

            Prior to May 3, I thought so too! To accept that premise now, would be to deny reality!

          30. 657241 says

            Skyd: YOU are a SORE LOSER. BOO HOO HOO

          31. T. VOGT says

            we don’t argue with those with IQ’s that low honey go play with your dolls..

          32. says

            YOU DRUMPFSTERS really drink that DRUMPF KOOL-AID!

          33. john awe says

            Love Trump!

          34. John E Strom Jr. says

            Mind your own business. You obviously are a Hillary supporter so piss off.

          35. Ted Crawford says

            You misunderstand, Trump only played that card long enough to buy the Nomination! Now that he has it, he’s hired another Life Long Democrat, Steven Mnuchin to get his ROI ! Mnuchin worked for Soros Fund Management and spent 17 years as an Associate at,,,,wait for it….the Evil , at least it was when Trump referred to Heidi’s involvement, Goldman Sachs!!
            TRANSPARENT anyone!

        6. Lenora Lee says

          AMEN, John E. Strom, Jr. ! I quit donating ANYTHING tp Rebublicrats yrs ago.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Good for you Lenora. Don’t forget to call your Representative and let them know that you will NOT vote for them if they don’t pledge to oust Paul Ryan BEFORE the primary – or at least before the election.

            Those from Wisconsin in Ryan’s congressional district – dump him. He is NOT a patriot but a grubby worm. Take his job AND his power from him. He does NOT deserve your respect, your vote or your money.

        7. Nina says

          Ryan should NEVER have been made speaker!! I said that from the beginning! That job should have gone to a real patriot not a power hungry loser like Ryan!! That person is Louie Gommert!! Perfect for the job.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Good for you Nina. I don’t know Louie Gommert but I DO know Paul Ryan is no patriot. Hopefully he will lose in the primary. If not, in HIS case, vote for the Democrat just to get Ryan’s sorry ass OUT of congress. We got rid of Eric Cantor, then we got rid of John Boehner. NOW it’s time to get rid of Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy.

        8. ward says

          Remove 75% of congress with a start in the senate November, 2016 …. !

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            I just found out that Paul Ryan has a Republican opponent for his House seat – Paul Nehlen. Sarah Palin is going to back him. If you can, send him a few dollars so we can dump Ryan who is no patriot.
            And Kevin McCarthy is being challenged for his seat as well by Ken Mettler. Support these guys if you can. We need to take back our party from the “establishment” who are NOT working for America but themselves.

          2. Ted Crawford says

            You and your messiah Trump have very nearly, if not actually ended, the party! I left it on May 5! Been a Republican since 1973, but if you want to select a dam_ Democrat to represent you, I can’t stay. Never was one for suicide!

          3. billdeserthills says

            You’d rather have a hardened murderess?Or perhaps you prefer an idiot with unAmerican ideals?

          4. Mary Brumley says

            That’s okay. It is your choice. But do you know about the numbers of the smarter Democrats who changed to the Republican party to vote for Trump?? Just check out FL, and you will be amazed! LOL

          5. Ted Crawford says

            When you realize that impact, particularly on the Congressional Races, you’ll be much less joyful!

          6. del says

            Guess that leaves you the old Clinton crook to hang your hat with!

          7. Ted Crawford says

            Absolutely astonishing just how totally clueless most Trumpites are!!!

          8. ward says

            Astonishing that you made such a stupid asinine statement & believe it too… !

          9. Ted Crawford says

            So you add your voice to the chorus of Trumpites. Believing that anyone not equally seduced by Trumps Siren Song, must therefore be for Hillary! NOTHING could be further from the truth!
            My only concern now, which sadly is just another Quixotic endeavor, is to attempt to get as many as possible of our Military men and women out of harms way, before she takes office! We’ve already seen her willingness to sacrifice them for her agenda! That was only as Secretary of State how many more will be sacrificed by her as Commander in Chief!!!

          10. del says

            Your old crook will have to lead from prison if the corrupt ovomit group allows the DOJ to actually function

          11. Ted Crawford says

            Apparently, in your continued delusional state of mind, you are assuming i support Hillary. Once again, you are wrong! She is no more or less disingenuous than is Trump! Either or, spells disaster for America!

          12. John E Strom Jr. says

            Let’s hope we’re ending the Republican Party, taking it back from the likes of the Bush family, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the “Republican” elite. SCREW ALL OF THEM.
            Donald Trump is a patriot NOT a politician. A year ago he wasn’t in the race but now he is and we are lucky to have him. HE, unlike the rest, can’t be bought. He’s the real deal and NOT, as you state, a Democrat. He is not a liberal. Were he, then he would have gotten into bed with whomever paid him the most. Like Bill Clinton did. Or even George W. Bush. So are you voting for Hillary as I suspect? Remember, the next president will probably pick as many as 4 supreme court justices. Trump is going to provide a list of those he favors. Do you think Hillary is going to do the same?

          13. billdeserthills says

            I prefer we have a hanging party, to remove traitors

          14. ward says

            Staring with the #1 enemy against the U.S. for 7+ years & continue with his cronies of deceit !

          15. billdeserthills says

            Of Course, from the top down!

        9. George Durdin says

          That’s right send the your money to the man who is a billionaire……..and ran as a candidate that was going to fund his own campaign so that he couldn’t be accused of beholding to big money financial supporters. That would be hypocrisy…..

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            George Durdin, are you as dense as you sound? EVERY other candidate was being bought by BIG corporations and PACs. EVERY ONE of them will owe those who funded them. My modest contributions will not give me any access and that’s fine but why should a $Billionaire have to fund his own campaign and watch his competitors get a huge advantage over him? So if you love this country give to those who will clean up the mess we have – or not.
            You sound like a cheap liberal so why don’t you hang on to your money or give it to Hillary. Trump is NOT owned by anyone. He is a patriot – the rest are grubby politicians. You are dumber than a sack of rocks and I’ll wager your also a liberal sleaze bag for Hillary. Am I right?

          2. George Durdin says

            Apparently I spoke over your head John…….perhaps I will have to wait until you get off of Trump’s cloud. It seems that you think it is just fine for the Trumpster to slander, slur, insult and TRASH ALL of his political opponents for taking support from those money grubbing corporations, special interests and lobbyist. And yet it is just fine with you that the candidate that PROMISED you that he was self funding and could not be bought, is breaking his PROMISE by asking for support from those same money grubbing corporations, special interests and lobbyist that he has slandered unmercifully. That sounds like hypocrisy John…..your candidate also said he would NEVER have anything to do with lobbyist and yet has recently hired lobbyist to work on his campaign. Once again John…..that IS hypocrisy. A typical case of Trump saying “do as I say and not as I do”. At least I am smart enough to spot a fraud and liar. You know you don’t win friends, supporters and votes by lying and pissing on people.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            A bit condescending aren’t you. Trump hasn’t hired lobbyists he has hired strategists. Do you know the difference? Why would he need a lobbyist to run for president? Who would he lobby?

            As for taking money from big corporations and PACs – so far he hasn’t. He may have to for the general election but for the primary he has not. So what? What is your problem?

            Be honest, you don’t like Donald Trump. Who cares. Do you like the crooked Hillary Clinton? She has committed multiple crimes from perjury to espionage. Perhaps even murder and treason. Her rapist husband Bill committed treason – helping China perfect their ICBMs in return for campaign donations from Bernie Schwartz, CEO of Loral. Is Hillary who you want picking the next 3-4 Supreme Court justices? If it is then you are a leftist fool beyond help.

          4. George Durdin says

            Hey John, Paul Manafort and other strategist that Trump has hired to manage his campaign, are all former DC lobbyist and will go back to being DC lobbyist when the campaign is over and Trump KNOWS this. Trump has been up to his elbows influence peddling in government and DC for years and knows the game. What do you think lobbying is? They are in fact lobbying for Trump’s candidacy.
            It is hypocritical to sell yourself to the voters as a self funding candidate to win the nomination during the primaries BUT then become the same leech that he has accused and slandered all of his opponents during the primaries. That IS hypocritical John……that is “do as I say and not as I do”.
            No I don’t like Trump and his lack character and values and we ALL should care about the type of person that we put in the White House with a great deal of power. We got lazy and complacent with Obama and look were that has gotten us. Both Trump and Clinton are a disgrace to our great country. Surely our country should have better qualified candidates to run for the presidency….in fact we did but the Trump circus and the liberal progressive media ran them out of the race. NOW we are stuck with Trump and Clinton which goes well beyond voting for the least of two evils….they both are as equally evil…..Hillary Clinton WILL be elected if she isn’t indicted, but at least we will know what we are getting and that can’t be said about Trump who is a loose canon, all over the map and is making up his campaign as he goes along. That is risky dangerous…….It really doesn’t matter at this point, Trump has already destroyed his and the Republican parties campaign.

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            Do you really think you’re going to stop Trump with your ad hominem attacks? Mana fort was hired for his campaign strategy knowledge NOT lobbying and much of his duties have been transferred back to Lewandowdki.

            Go vote for Hillary – that seems to be your speed.

          6. George Durdin says

            Trump was right….he could shoot some one dead in the middle of fifth avenue and some idiot would still support and vote for him……there is a cure for being ignorant but not stupid. I don’t have to work to defeat Trump he has already done a pretty good job at that himself and his handiwork and words are already starting to hit the airwaves. I’m opposed to Clinton but I’m not going to lower myself to the gutter to support Trump…….Hillary thanks you for your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party in January. RSVP

      2. T. VOGT says

        Can’t wait to hear YOU’RE FIRED.. and for those that say I have a contract I can’t be fired.. well we always need sewer inspectors and Land fill workers good luck with the paycheck for watching porn there.. and you can do the job you should or quit, but we expect you at the sewer plant 6 am sharp Monday after Trump takes office

        1. Ted Crawford says

          That will happen only in Trumpopia! In America January 21 falls on a Saturday and Hillary will be making those decisions! You sad Trumpites have engineered what will become known to history, as one of the most devastating Pyrrhic Victorys in all of American History!

      3. George Durdin says

        And HOW would he do that? Just how much power do you think the president has? You understand that a president isn’t a dictator or monarch?

      4. billdeserthills says

        I’d like to see a full investigation, with all the torture chamber tools included

        1. disqus_kfieT5umNU says

          Yes in deed…they just don’t get it that they created Trump because they sucked up to Scum Bama….won the mid terms and did nothing but give the Muslim what he wanted and created Donald Trump…this is the most important election in American History…Hillary will end our country….4 Supreme Court Judges will be coming up for appointment during the next presidential term which will impact our country for generations..Hillary thinks also she will get our guns…yes right up her ass!!!

    2. FloridaBoyee says

      These Sorry Asshol** in Congress are SCARED to death of TRUMP!! He has been “contributing” to them for decades and he KNOWS who DEMAND more than others and they are NOT to give up their useless jobs, because they DO NOT DO ANYTHING or they would have gotten rid of Obama BEFORE he was 1st elected! Get RID of them and Bring America back to the dominate country in the world!! China and Russia are rebuilding their military,and that Nut case in North Korea is trying to launch a nuclear rocket, for what? Against the USA! Well, go in and take this idiot OUT NOW! We NEED LEADERSHIP and not WIMPS!! Go TRUMP!!

    3. Juan TwoTree says

      So right Del: The rotten RINO pricks are a disgrace, absolute disgrace to the entire party! “F” them! We need to gather together to bury Romney(a wimp as Obongoloid is), the 2 f’ing Bush’s(what arseholes they are too!). , If these ESTABLISMENT INSIDERS are worried that Trump will upset their ‘financial apple carts’ that WE THE PEOPLE are paying for….not only their pensions, but their pork barrel federal approval of spending(just look at that RINO Paul Ryan, going along 100% with Obongoloid’s refugee resettlements costing each od us around $18,000 EACH for their medical, housing, welfare, bringing inn 100,000+ Syrian Radical Islamic Terrorists (i.e. see Germany, France, Belgium, in Europe, etc.)
      TRUMP IN 2016…..either as a Republican or and Independent!

      1. JBM says

        totally agree with your entire comment. TRUMP 2016

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Thanks JBM….then you get absolute ignorant people, like skyd37 above comments!. I wonder if his mother ever had any children that lived!?

          1. JBM says

            your so right and it is sad to think that people like that actually vote and are part of society and we are surrounded by such morons

          2. john awe says

            You told the truth. Bravo! We need more like you to defeat the progressive left fascists and the Rhinos.

      2. Virginia Hornibrook says

        Who do you think paid for kenya Obama and killer Hillary we the American people you numb idiots didn’t get out and vote for Romney and the Democrats fraudulent fixed the election and you don’t think they’ll do it again for killer Hillary why do you think the Virginia governor gave all the convicts in prison the right to vote its to get killer Hillary in office

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Don’t count me in your ‘herd’ of numb idiots! I DID vote, (R) all the way. And you?

    4. louann says


    5. Big kahuna says

      Excellent response. The Republican Party had better support the people’s choice ( Trump ). This country is mad as hell and big change is coming. Our wishes have been ignored by people we voted them into the Republican party to prevent the worst president in our history from destroying us from within. Enormous damage has been done to our country and by allowing it to happen the Republican Party has blood on their hands also. Bringing power back to the people and supporting our constitution is a must. We need a thorough house cleaning and the POS Muslim in the White House and Kilery must be prosecuted for their crimes– they are not above the law. Our Constitution is based on Judea Christian values- it is obsurd to ever allow any Muslim from running or controlling any part of this country. Here is why:

      This crap has been going on for 1,400 years,
      and half of the politicians don’t even know it.
      If these battles had not been won, we might
      be speaking Arabic and Christianity could be
      non-existent; Judaism certainly would not

      Reflecting: A lot of Americans have become
      so insulated from reality that they imagine
      that America can suffer defeat without any
      inconvenience to themselves.

      Pause a moment and reflect back.
      These events are actual events from history.
      They really happened! Do you remember?

      47 years since 1968 …and this just keeps
      going on and on.

      1. In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was shot and
      killed by a Muslim male.

      2. In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Israeli
      athletes were kidnapped and massacred by
      Muslim males.

      3. In 1972, a Pan Am 747 was hijacked and
      eventually diverted to Cairo where a fuse
      was lit on final approach. Shortly after
      landing it was blown up by Muslim males.

      4. In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in
      Rome, with 33 people killed, when it was
      attacked with grenades by Muslim males.

      5. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken
      over by Muslim males.

      6. During the1980’s a number of Americans
      were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim males.

      7. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut
      was blown up by Muslim males.

      8. In 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro
      was hijacked and a 70-year old American
      passenger was murdered and thrown overboard
      in his wheelchair by Muslim males.

      9. In 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked at
      Athens , and a US Navy diver trying to
      rescue passengers was murdered by Muslim males.

      10. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by
      Muslim males.

      11. In 1993, the World Trade Center was
      bombed the first time by Muslim males.

      12. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and
      Tanzania were bombed by Muslim males.

      13. On 9/11/01, four airliners were
      hijacked; two were used as missiles to take
      down the World Trade Centers and of the
      remaining two, one crashed into the US
      Pentagon and the other was diverted and
      crashed by the passengers. Thousands of
      people were killed by Muslim males.

      14. In 2002, the United States fought a war
      in Afghanistan against Muslim males.

      15. In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was
      kidnapped and beheaded by – you guessed it
      -a Muslim male. (Plus two other American
      journalists who were just recently beheaded).

      16. In 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing
      resulted in 4 Innocent people, (including a
      child) being killed and 264 people injured
      by Muslim males.

      17. In 2016 San Bernardino massacre by
      Muslim couple.

      18. In 2016 massacre in Paris in a nightclub
      by Muslim males.

      19. In 2016 massacre in Brussels at an
      airport by Muslims

      No Obama, I really don’t see a pattern here
      to justify profiling, do you? So, to ensure
      we Americans never offend anyone,
      particularly fanatics intent on killing us,
      airport security screeners will no longer be
      allowed to profile certain people.

      So, ask yourself “Just how stupid are we???”

      Absolutely No Profiling! They must conduct
      random searches of 80-year-old women, little
      kids, airline pilots with proper
      identification, secret agents who are
      members of the Obama’s security detail,
      85-year-old Congressmen with metal hips, and
      Medal of Honor winner and former Governor
      Joe Foss,

      BUT…….. Leave Muslim Males alone lest we
      be guilty of profiling.

      Ask yourself, “Just how stupid are we?” Have
      the American people completely lost their
      minds or just their power of reasoning???

      Let’s send this to as many people as we can
      so that the Gloria Alred’s and (other stupid
      attorneys); along with Federal Justices that
      want to thwart common sense, feel ashamed of
      — if they have any such ability to feel.

      As the writer of the award winning story
      “Forrest Gump ” so aptly put it, “Stupid Is
      as Stupid Does.”

      Each opportunity that you have to send this

      1. Juan TwoTree says

        Beautiful Big kahuna!!

      2. Robert Barnes says

        All attorneys that joined the BAR took a oath to the British Royal Crown.

      3. dinkerduo says

        Thanks for reminding us of these atrocities—and yet we allowed one to stay in office–the biggest fraud that’s ever been committed on the U.S.–the reelection of another Muslim male–Obozo!!! The first time he was elected nobody took the time to vet this azz properly–but in 2012 were sure knew who he was–by that time–and allowed him to be reelected–shame on us! He only got elected the first time as the whole country DIDN’T want to see Killary as potus—AND WE STILL DON’T!!!

      4. del says

        Excellent info Big….!!!! Thanks for informing. Lots of truth and facts that the dopeocrats need but will never hear…..they are fixated on all the “good” their boy has done…puke….Ask one of them what and they have no answer

        1. Big kahuna says

          They are clueless and want to justify their approach with lies and misconceptions of the opposing party.
          Let’s see what has democrats given America-=political correctness/over 100 million abortions/Gay Rights and marriages/Athiesm/numerous welfare programs/Obama Care/
          Profiling/Ignoring and trying to change our Constitution/Excessive spending well beyond our means/no Job Creation- no imagination/not supporting the wishes of the voters/ not preserving the values that made us great. I am so glad that I am not a party to any of those misguided followings. Go Trump

    6. Richard Scott says

      he is lying liberal democrat and a Christian should never vote for him

    7. Bob Marcum says

      Absolutely; ALL THE WAY ;

    8. Rock J. Dueck says

      The Republican party or as I prefer to call them, “Democrat lite” would totally expose their thinly veiled disrespect for democracy if they were to deny Mr. Trump.

    9. billdeserthills says

      They did ‘let him in’ –Why does it seem like the rules are only for conservatives, while those idiots break the rules all the time with little to zero consequences??

      1. del says

        Just look at the old crook Clinton who is their “star” idiot, backed by the other crook old crook soros , the same who bought the presidency for opukeo!

    10. George Durdin says

      Back away from the edge Del… do realize that Trump isn’t the messiah? And that he doesn’t walk on water? And that he is a mere man? I don’t think he has a cape.

      1. del says

        Neither does your muslim boy squatting in our white house! Not one good thing has happened in almost 8 years for We the People….and no, just because he is part black he does NOT get a pass! Vote for old crook Clinton and see what you get!

        1. George Durdin says

          I don’t think you get it Del……your worship of Donald Trump IS a vote for Hillary Clinton and a continuation of Obama’s failed leadership. the very thing that you complain about. You are voting for Clinton by proxy……

          1. del says

            I don’t worship any one George and if you think old hitlery will save the country I think you had better study what she has ever done good for anyone except her fat pocket book and hanging on old ding dong out billy boy for her jobs.. Trump has benefitted 100’s of We the People as well as helping to clean up New York….Wish him well and give him your vote!!!!

          2. George Durdin says

            You STILL don’t get it Del… don’t have to convince me about the evils of Hillary Clinton BUT what has Trump done for you and the 100’s that you speak of as just a candidate. You do realize that he isn’t yet a president, so what is it that he has done for “We the people….” that is still a minority of the parties voters? Nothing……and once again your vote WILL put Hillary Clinton in the White House and continue the policy that you are opposed to. Trump can’t and won’t win the presidential election…..he has damaged his campaign too badly.

    11. bleedgreen says

      exactly what millions of us believe the party just does not get it that is why i two months ago went independent he does not and should not try to unify the party remember how close bill clinton and the bushes are even called him their adopted son they can have them go TRUMP no NEGOTIATING with a bunch of losers

    12. billdeserthills says

      They were able to construct the biggest lie ever in this country and far as I know they are all still collecting their full government paychecks

    13. Arnold Young says

      Just call all of these people “Kingman”. And TRUMP is the guy who is upsetting the apple cart for their nice cushy ride.

    14. Libertarian Soldier says

      donald trump is a genius? He’s a functional illiterate and he’s been in bankruptcy for way more than half of his adult life.

  7. Danny says

    If the rhinos deny Trump they might want to consider the possibility of their violation of the Constitution. The claim this is a private club may easily be argued in court as the Constitution guarantees each state a republican form of government which means representatives are elected by the people. The 24th amendment reference pole tax recognize the primary election is in fact part of the election process. End conclusion is the rhinos who claim to be constitutionalist is law breakers and should be sent to jail. That includes the Bushes Romney, Ryan and any one else who’s actions are against Trump being the nominee approved by the voters and against We The People.
    It would benefit the DEMONS to consider their actions also even though they think they are above the law

    1. says

      Perhaps you missed a couple things about Trump and whether he is “establishment.” Last week BOEHNER stated he is a “texting buddy” of Trump. Yesterday he was ENDORSED by the biggest RINO ever, BOB DOLE! Make NO mistake TRUMP is ESTABLISHMENT and NOT A CONSERVATIVE!

      1. PatriotGal says

        sky, that does not mean he is the “establishment”. The establishment includes the “retired” elected government elites.; that is the establishment. As far as I know, Mr. Trump has never been elected to public office, thus he is neither establishment nor a politician. Using your theory, because Mr. Trump knows many of the dignitaries in other countries having done business with them including Japan, China, Russia, etc., does that make Mr. Trump Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc? Your logic has such a huge hole, the entire Trump Train can power right through it.
        As to who endorses whom, no one can control endorsements.
        TRUMP 2016 AND 2020!!!

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Right on again, PatriotGal!! ‘

          sounds like the REAL f’ing RINO scumbag!
          You’ve got it right! TRMP IN 2016 and 2020!! Maybe Trump can use the ‘Executive Orders’ like this worthless Obongoloid does daily to get elected in 2024 also!

          1. says

            IF he uses executive orders and tries to be KING, he should be tried as a TRAITOR!

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Well, Einstein….if that’s the case, why hasn’t YOUR f’ing PreZident Obongoloid been tried as a TRAITOR then?

          3. says

            MY President? Just because I think Trump is an EMBARRASSING Phony, I have NEVER SUPPORTED BAMMY, And I despise the HILDEBEAST! What I see in TRUMP is a BAMMY CLONE! I can’t stand looking at either of them!

          4. Juan TwoTree says

            Good for you…then just keep in mind and think of it this way….MY vote will cancel out YOUR vote…End of Story…

          5. says

            You DRUMPF supporters really are morons, WITH no EDUCATION. We know why he stated that he LOVES the UNEDUCATED!

          6. says

            Not unless you live in GA! But you are a DRUMPF supporter and I doubt that you have a CLUE how our govt or the electoral college (or any other college) works!

          7. Juan TwoTree says

            Right, dip-weed…I WORK for the House of Representatives, right now, in D.C., as I waste my oxygen and time with another ignorant slime-ball! You might just try and get more up-to-date or even EDUCATED on how the Government really works. They depend on people like you who try and THINK they know what’s going on in Government, then stomp the hell out of you!

          8. says

            Take a LONG walk off a short PIER, TRUMP RETARD! Are you a draft evader like he is TOO? You and DRUMPF should be deported in a sinking scow, dragging a big chum bucket!

          9. Juan TwoTree says

            BLOME, you transgender fuking freak!

          10. says

            DON’T look now, but your IGNORANCE is showing! Typical supporter of the DRUMPF! Bet you still think Blacks should be slaves too! Apparently, you have OOPA LOOPA jism running out of both sides of your gummy tooth missing mouth!

          11. Juan TwoTree says

            You’re right…I must be ignorant to communicate to such a sissy-assed ‘MONGOLOID’ dumb fuk as you! Go to Target and troll the little boys and girls restrooms!

          12. says

            Your name here says it all, but I’ll bet somebody even made it up for you!

          13. says

            Really? I am a LIFE LONG CONSERVATIVE who can see that TRUMP IS NOTHING OF THE KIND!

          14. JBM says

            suggest you do more research and as far as being conservative I suppose you supported the lyin’ Cruz double speaking attorney. I’m a conservative but want change from this insider establishment mentality of screw the people and only support the self proclaimed elites. ( A group or class of persons considered to be superior to others …

          15. says

            I supported a TRUE conservative, RAND PAUL. IF you just read DRUMPF’s OWN books, you would not see him as a conservative, nor would you agree with the HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars he has given to CLINTON, REID, SHUMER and PELOSI!

        2. says

          Really? DOLE AND BONER ARE AS ESTABLISHMENT AS IT GETS and so IS TRUMP! He is a centrist DEM!

        3. says

          Trump is too frikkin STUPID to know what he means! He talks like what he is: an ignorant asshole!

        4. JBM says

          Your right again PatriotGal….and like Doug said we need the PEOPLE PARTY – The American Party (TAP The American Party and the Eagle as our mascot would be significant)

      2. Fiestymare says

        My God…all these comments you and James are making are right out of the mouth of Cruz.. Trump is a successful business man and thats what we need right not. And I don’t care how he became successful, it will be better than the corruption we are now experiencing in our govt. And he comes to us with a clean slate except for his civil case about Trump Univ. People can get an education but not have the gutspa to put it into action. Go Trump and if they come up with a 3rd party candidate, say hello to Hillary.

        1. says

          TRUMP has filed for BANKRUPTCY FOUR times and has been a DEM most of his life! He is only MAYBE better than the HILDEBEAST, but I am not so sure! The best thing that could happen to America is if the fat, orange senior had a stroke or heart attack!

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        You need to stop snorting that shit!

        1. says

          Juvenile comments just show that you are the classic DRUMPSTER, with SFB!

          1. Michael Dennewitz says


          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Psstttt… Stand on your head and see if you can still KISS YOUR OWN ASS !! 🙂

          3. Michael Dennewitz says


      4. Danny says

        I am confused. You must not be responding to my comment as your subject matter is totally different but to your subject matter, Dole is proving his respect for the choice of the people. This conservative established bull means absolutely nothing if you have the respect of the will of the people. The established is the ones that think the people they represent are too stupid to know what is best particularly if it doesn’t allow them to dictate and use the peoples taxes for their personal bank account and relinquishes their power hungry sickness. I assume you are a Cruz or Kasich supporter who by their agreement accepted money from George Soros. I need not say more.

        1. says

          I have been around LONG ENOUGH to know that Dole is the epitome of a RINO and a SENILE ONE!

        2. says

          I supported Rand Paul and then RUBIO, but the fact is, I was for anybody but the ORANGE OOPA LOOPA! By the way, Cruz never accepted any money from soros. YOU ARE A FRAUD AND AN IGNORANT LYING SOB!

          1. Danny says

            You wish to refer to ignorant, the only ignorant one looks back at you when you look into a mirror. You admitted you supported two losers in a row and failed to give respect to people who voted in good faith who they wanted. You should be supporting Hellary with the mentality you posses. Cruz entered into an agreement with Kasich with knowledge that Kasich received $720,000 from George Soros. Entering into that agreement accepted the fact that they both benefitted from George Soros and Cruz accepted the fact he connected himself to Soros. If you wish to enter the mentality of the libs by getting as low as they are you nby calling people names then think about the out and out lies of Cruz.

          2. says

            That is a stretch to say the LEAST. Like all hardcore DRUMPF supporters, you are a STUPID, IGNORANT SOB. I’ll bet your military SERVICE is just LIKE TRUMP’S: NONE! DON’T BOTHER RESPONDING TO ME YOU SORRY TRAITOR CS!

          3. says

            Apparently, you have IGNORED the HUNDREDS of thousands of DOLLARS YOUR HERO has given to the Clintons, SHUMER, Pelosi and Reid! You are an IDIOT!

          4. del says

            Kasich did though…..ran all kinds of ads against Trump from money from old soros. You know soros was run out of Europe don’t you, or do you think he is a great man with his media matters, black lives matter, and the rest of his racist crap paid for by his illegal activities starting in Nazi Germany

        3. JBM says

          think it is time to flag this moron sky Ignore the moron skyd37 – Obviously is a Libertarian moron if a
          supporter of Rand Paul and has absolutely no command of the the English
          language an zero skills of writing either.

      5. John E Strom Jr. says
        Donald Trump is NOT a political animal. He was a builder/developer in New York City. IN New York, to be successful you have to get along with EVERYBODY. Donald Trump, if you look at what he’s accomplished is no liberal. And he is and was respected in a city that is THE toughest place in the world to “make it”.
        So, perhaps YOU missed a couple of things about Donald Trump. The main one is that he is honest. Another is that he’s a patriot. He is NOT a liberal.

        1. says

          DRUMPF is a crooked, BANKRUPT business SCUMBAG and an EGOMANIAC! Patriot? I guess he was TOO BUSY or TOO important to serve during the VIETNAM era when he evaded the draft SIX times! I served, but he slinked away, MUCH like BILL CLINTON and Bernie Sanders!

  8. 45 cal says

    I can’t understand how the press is virtually ignoring Hillary Clinton’s exposed felonies and just accept that she is a valid candidate for President. Every patriot in America must demand she be charged and convicted for her obvious offenses to protect vital security information. If she should be elected and sworn into Presidency we are facing a possible revolution. I realize many Americans are comfortable with others taking care of business Big Government style but we are talking about actual near treasonous crimes.

    1. Jim Lambert says

      Convicted or not, she’s shown her incompetence for handling the affairs of government. Problem being, there are more voters looking for a free handout than there are willing to work for what they get. Oboma got in for simply being black. Hillery is blacker.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Both are crooked and without a shred of integrity. Neither are patriots. Donald Trump IS s patriot.

      2. T. VOGT says

        A} Obama likes to forget it and so do a lot of others but he is MIXED RACE. B} The way to stop Killary is to start the calls and Letters to the DOJ, “You pander to the Black lives matter, the LGBT groups, and every other fringe Crazy out there. WE THE PEOPLE demand an open trial on the charge of TREASON, Espionage, Money Laundering, Voter Fraud for Killary and Obama ! ENFORCE THE RICO ACT !

        1. T. VOGT says


    2. nevergiveup says

      Not just near treasonous. It is right on treasonous. The best thing we could for ourselves is throw a wrench in their machinery so it would halt their works right now so we could get control of this before the election. That wrench in the machinery would be to remove the one in there at this present time. It would mess up their program and throw their train off the tracks and screw them up. It would halt their works enough to have to stop their attacks long enough for us to jump in and take over.
      If any of don’t like the idea, then you think of something, but please let it be involving removing what is in there now. He must be stopped, even now yet.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Time to get rid of ALL establishment GOP. Traitors like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Susan Collins, Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and the whole rat bag lot of them. ALL of them. Including Reince Priebus. They ALL work for the $$$ uber wealthy. And almost ALL of the $$$ uber wealthy are….. Democrats.
        Call your representative and tell them you will NOT vote for them if THEY don’t agree to NOT re-elect Paul Ryan. He is no friend of genuine Republicans. Send your representative NO money, send the GOP NO money. Then they will get the message. Otherwise we elect conservatives and they turn them into RINOs. Enough.

        1. douglasawillinger says

          Plus treasonous Democrats- lets not fall into the trap of targeting only one of the two parties. Most of all target BIDEN, a total traitor that gets too much of a free pass from way too many people.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Biden is a buffoon. Hillary is FAR MORE dangerous. And a proven liar and thief who, I’ll wager, has engaged in espionage and perhaps treason with her e-mail scam.

    3. imbzystitchin says

      Well, they are also ignoring all the ‘bad’ stuff in Trump’s past so don’t complain too much.

      1. PatriotGal says

        There is nothing in Mr. Trump’s past that compares in any way to KILLary’s murdering FOUR American heroes in Benghazi including our ambassador who had begged repeatedly for protection; to her repeated lies and disgraceful narrative that it was a video that caused the horrendous attack in which those heroes were not only murdered, but tortured, but sodomized over extended hours; that she used a private email server putting your, my, and everyone else’s safety and our national security at risk. I’ll wager her accounts have been hacked repeatedly and our enemies know more about us and our government than we do.
        TRUMP 2016 AND 2020!!!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          As a Vietnam vet, what she caused in Benghazi absolutely tears my heart out of me.. What the country desperately needs is two, highly trained SNIPERS! One for killary and on for the pmic…

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Semper fi

          2. del says


        2. Juan TwoTree says

          PatriotGal: Right on!!! That half-breed ‘imbzystitchin ‘ is obviously a LibTurd with her/his/shim head so far up her arse, her/his/shim’s breath smells!

        3. Michael says

          Even worse than the email scandal is the money laundering the Clinton’s are doing through the Clinton foundation and pay for play plus the handing over of uranium mines to Russian companies. A TRAITOR in anyone’s mind if they have half a brain.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Michael, I mildly disagree.
            I think she engaged in espionage and treason in her e-mails. And don’t forget those 91 bodies [probably now 92 with the demise of Justice Antonin Scalia] that conveniently litter the Clinton Family history.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says

        AND YOU ARE A LIAR. There isn’t anything IN his background to capitalize on.

      3. grama18 says

        YOU do mean . MAKING BILLIONS of money . WHY I do believe you are — Jealous –!

      4. JBM says

        Excuse me but HAG HILLARY has had (40) FORTY YEARS of hanging out in DC and making problems (scandals) all of which she has never been held accountable for. Her actions have impacted the PEOPLE. Anything in Trumps past has only affected him as a businessman and not the PEOPLE of the country like the Clintons and all their scandals and the Clinton Foundation that is committing fraud everyday…so as you call “bad stuff” how does that even relate to anything at this juncture. oops…answer is DOES NOT. PatriotGal put it nicely.,,,,,THANKS PatriorGal……….so either get on the Trump train or ride the river of terror with HAG HILLARY.

    4. Michael Dennewitz says

      45cal: The halfbreed Kenyan made it because of the blacks. Then he turned around and shoved it up their backsides just like he was doing everyone else. Killary is banking on all the blacks and dumb blondes to get herself elected. It doesn’t surprise me that people would still accept and actually vote for this dyke – – look at what they put in the white house…

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Obama made it because of blacks, homosexuals, illegals and Jews. And, yes, illegals DO vote in our elections. Democrats love them.

    5. skipsart says

      Near treasonous crimes?

    6. pmbalele says

      Hillary is most qualified for the WH job. Leave these TPs and Repubs morons. We do not know what they are really after-may be fame, money and office women. They are hypocrites, liars, racists and downright primitive. I cannot understand why they hate their candidate Trump a pure White male born in USA; but prefer a foreigner – Cruz a Canadian-Cuban. They have not even vetted Cruz who wants to make USA a province of Canada or part of Cuba. All what Trump has been preaching is what Repubs and TPs have been bothering Obama to do: They have bothered Obama to build an electric wall to kill all immigrants; to ship out all illegals; and stop all people from Arab countries from coming here. Then the same people are hating the candidate who wants to do exactly what they want. I think Repubs and TPs think American people dumb to know what they after. Please do not vote for any of them. Let’s rally behind Hillary the best candidate for the WH job.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says


        1. pmbalele says

          If you disagree with what I said, please tell the people on this site what the Repubs and TPs really want. I cannot figure out else what I have posted

          1. Michael Dennewitz says


          2. Michael says

            You can’t even figure out how to get a point across.

          3. JoJo Gunn says

            I will tell you what we want… A right sized govt that respects the rule of law and constitution as it was written… That puts God given rights of its citizenns ahead of its own self interest.. And is unafraid to identify Americas enemies, and enforce her imigration laws to insure those migrating here truly have American values.. Unlike yourself.
            Plain enough for you?

          4. pmbalele says

            Trump is a business man and therefore wants to spend money wisely by shipping those kids from S. America back to be sold to wolfs as sex slaves; Trump wants to ship all illegals who are working harvesting apples. milking cows, working in hotels; McDonald; cleaning your houses and other low paying jobs; Trump wants all Arabs here out except the rich ones; Trump will spend his own money to put an electric fence to kill anybody trying to climb up-I got that from Herman Cain. Is that not what GOP wanted for the last 7 years?

          5. JoJo Gunn says

            What the GOP wants and what true Americans want are two very different things… I stated clearly what we the people want… The GOP clearly does not represent that.. As to selling babies and that other stuff you said..thats your fiction… I dont think anybody wants any of that stuff.. As to illegal workers taking low paying jobs.. Well when all us priveledged white folks get hungry enough, we’ll be happy to “pick apples” and “milk cows”, that problem will right itself quickly enough… The rule of law as pertains to immigration supercedes the propaganda that you’ve bought into as to why we shouldnt deport. It is far more important to understand and uphold American values… The establishment understands this, and knows the tremendous threat to their own well being that these values bring… Thats why they feed sheep like you the propaganda that you eat. It is no accident.. Fill up the nation with third world immigrants.. Much easier to establish control over the masses when the masses are already used to totalitarianism.
            Check out Cloward /Piven.. Look it up… Nothing this administration has done has been a failure… Your party, with your support, has executed this strategy against you whilst you clap your hands and praise your own enslavement.

          6. pmbalele says

            After reading your posting, I did not find you so called “the people” really want other than what Trump is preaching and winning GOP votes. Would you please tell me what your values are and different from GOP elites’ values.

          7. JoJo Gunn says

            Already did… In plain English… If you didn’t see it then its because you choose not too.

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            I think they want you to disappear and take unreality chick, headuphisass, croco shit and several others with you…

          9. pmbalele says

            That is a joke! Many people posting stuff here are Repubs or TPs. They have been brain-washed by their parents that they only are true Americans. We have to deprogram them to see people of all races born here are as Americans like Trump or you. Cruz is a Canadian-Cuban therefore he is not a true American. By other way did you hear the wrinkled former Arizona governor – Brewer wants to be Trump running mate? I am told people will run away from polling station if they see Brewer’s picture. She better joins wrinkle reduction programs before Trump nominates her

      2. leland swain says

        Hillary seems to be a modern day Madussa, I would not vote for her for Outhouse Inspector. She reminds me of Madussa who had snakes as part of her head.. Strong resemblance ..

        1. JBM says

          HAG HILLARY is definitely equatable to Madusa. The
          2nd-century BCE novelist Dionysios Skytobrachion puts Madusa somewhere in
          Libya, where Herodotus had said the Berbers originated her myth, as part
          of their religion. Of course her actions of treason and treachery began before the Benghazi, Libya situation Remember her inappropriate comment about our four dead men when she spouted “what difference does it make” which is the paradoxical effect of making them trivial. HAG HILL IS EVIL and the snakes spewed from her mouth continually. are Lies Lies are HAG HILLARY’s her core.

      3. Jim Lambert says

        Do you also write farrrie tales?

      4. JoJo Gunn says

        Well.. As the status quo is concerned.. Hillary is quite qualified to be potus… But we true patriotic Americans are quite tired of the status quo. However, your interpretation of what we conservatives want, and what our supposed representatives have been pushing for is right on. So it is a bit laughable and not at all off the mark to say that they hate the very guy that is offering what they’re supposed to want… Which is all the more evidence, that there really aren’t any reps in office that are actually representing the people… Well except for the statists such as yourself… But then you are american by geograghy only. Not at all American in spirit and value. You and those like you are sheep… And sheep, sir or ma’am, will be eaten by wolves.. The very govt you believe is protecting you, are said wolves. Wake up liberal zombie..

        1. pmbalele says

          Thanks. I have been confused from the start of this WH campaigns. Let these morons tell you what they wanted in their candidate – they don’t have any. Do you remember when GOP morons were stopping buses carrying kids from South countries. They did not want illegal kids here. Now they have a candidates who wants to ship all these kids to be sold – the same people are cursing they hate Trump. I am confused. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. gonzales27 says

            Cold day in hell before I would vote for bags Hillary.She is dragging around more baggage than any candidate in recent memory.

          2. JoJo Gunn says

            Apparently you found difficulty in following my reply.. So let me be blunt.. The only way i would follow you, is for you to wake up, take up arms and lead the charge in eradicating the scurge that has infested our capital. Which includes your Hillary.

          3. blackhawk132 says


        2. John E Strom Jr. says

          Hillary is qualified to be president IF being a thief, a liar and one who betrays her country are qualifications. If so then we’ve never had anyone MORE qualified.

          1. JoJo Gunn says

            That would be the status quo im referring to John. ?

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            JoJo, when you’re right you’re right! 🙂

      5. Joyce White says

        Pimbalele. I see you are still vomiting mindless bile. If you can’t write something intelligent, please do not take up space, better left to people who can speak the language and have the ability to research facts and not spout media garbage

        1. pmbalele says

          Joyce; Did you really write that I stop spouting media garbage? Then you understand what I am puking-definitely not bile. Please tell me what the so called GOP elites wanted in their candidate. I have listed them above. I forgot to tell you that Repubs and TPs want Sharia law in this Country. So you will be wearing that burga gown. You lucky we have Hillary as future President.

          1. Joyce White says

            What kind of stuff are you on? First, you babbled about Cruz not being a citizen. The court already said he is a citizen. Republicans do NOT want to build a wall to electrocute immigrants. Trump said no immigrants from Middle East, UNTIL there is a way to screen them for terrorists. As for the B.S. about Sharia Law, don’t hold your breath. As far as I know, the only person who is “cozy” with the Muslims, is Hillary. She calls her aid Huma Abedin, “My Body Slave”.So if she wins the presidency, she may take her oath of office wearing a Bihst. (look it up)

          2. blackhawk132 says

            You need to go see a nut doctor.

          3. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, I did reply to you yesterday, but I see it has been taken down.I said some harsh truths about Hillary and I must have offended someone. First of all, Trump does NOT want to build a fence to electrocute immigrants. Secondly,The courts said that Cruz is an American citizen. Third, nobody in their right mind really wants Sharia Law in this country. When you live in a country you follow their laws or get out. Hillary is the one who loves the Muslim countries. She is a hypocrite.. She claims to be a supporter of womens’ rights, but she accepts money from the Middle Eastern countries who treat their women lower than animals. Just because she claims to favor giving minorities everything they deserve, doesn’t mean she will do it. She was fired from her job with the Watergate investigation committee because she was a liar and she was unethical,( which is a pretty bad thing coming from a Democratic committee) She LIED to the families of the Benghazi victims, (which was seen by millions on T.V.) Then she made some lame excuse for what she said. And you wait and see, when they drag her into court, she will throw all of the people who worked for her, under the bus. A leopard cannot change its’ spots. Only God can perform that miracle.. .

          4. pmbalele says

            Now you’re involving God in these blogs. Leave God alone. Those who preach God are themselves prey on women. Thank God I was not born a woman. You women must be going through hell with these Repub and TP males line Gingrich, Sanford etc. They dumb their wives and get new office girls. I am surprised you said Hillary was fired from her job with the Watergate investigation committee because she was a liar and unethical. That is not true. The committee found Hillary revealing things the Committee wanted to keep it secret to save Nixon’s job. I hope you’re not going to vote for Trump who is going to appoint Sarah Palin as Secretary of State, Jane Brewer, the wrinkled former Arizona governor as VP and elephant Chris Christe as political adviser. Trump is already dreaming being next President when his own people – TPs and Repubs are fighting to get rid of him from the GOP ticket. That will make Hillary an automatic President. You better cast your vote for Hillary. That way you will save yourself from high blood pressure.

          5. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele.I am surprised you said Hillary was fired from her job with the Watergate investigation committee because she was a liar and unethical. That is not true. The committee found Hillary revealing things the Committee wanted to keep it secret to save Nixon’s job. Are you trying to tell me that the Democratic investigation was trying to save Nixons job?You need to learn to read. THE DEMOCRATS FIRED HER BECAUSE SHE WAS A LIAR AND SHE WAS UNETHICAL.The only thing which gives me high blood pressure is arguing with idiots

          6. pmbalele says

            Joyce, you have to learn how these males behave behind doors. At that time Democrats in the investigation were after jobs if Nixon stayed. They got rid of Hillary because she knew the shenanigans behind doors. You can’t trust a man as the tavern door sign in Dubuque.

      6. John E Strom Jr. says

        pmbalele, Hillary Clinton is a pig, a liar, a thief and has probably committed both espionage AND treason.
        You need to re-think your spiel. Tea Party are conservatives and there are many different Tea Parties. the Republican Party is run by establishment GOP who are RINOs. I call them liberals. They are NOT conservatives. There is a huge difference between the two – but I guess that’s lost on you.

        1. pmbalele says

          I know now why GOP elites hate Trump. He wanted to ship all Mexicans back to their country. That would include Bush III wife who is Mexican, Gov Sanford’s wife from Argentina, Mitch McConnell’s wife who is from China. Arnold mistress from Brazil. There is no other reason why they hate Trump. Please fill me in.

          1. says

            What About that eastern EUROPEAN WHORE married to DRUMPF?

          2. pmbalele says

            Watch your language. She is a White woman and beautiful too. Compare that with Gov. Sanford and Arnold mistresses.

          3. says

            SHE IS CSing eastern European SLUT, who can say “I LOVE YOU LONG TIME” in five languages. WHAT ELSE would let that ORANGE PIG, DRUMPF stick his little WIENER in her, but a WHORE? You are a racist piece of garbage!

          4. JBM says

            Ignore the moron skyd37 – Obviously is a Libertarian moron if a supporter of Rand Paul and has absolutely no command of the the English language an zero skills of writing either.

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’m guessing at least some of those wives are here legally. No, they hate Trump because THEY didn’t make him so they can’t destroy him. He doesn’t need them. THAT is all they live for – THEIR power and controlling millions upon millions of US. Trump’s election would take that all away. This race isn’t done yet – they are still plotting so Donald Trump needs to get way more than the 1237 delegates so they can’t deny him because he failed to get that magic number. But remember what they did to Ron Paul – they replaced HIS delegates with their own. If that happens the $hit will hit the fan and I wouldn’t give $0.05 for the lives of either Reince Priebus OR Paul Ryan. There would be hatred like we’ve never seen before – and they would be toast. Do NOT trust the corrupt GOP establishment. That includes every GOP senator, every GOP representative and every GOP governor. Or, as Ronald Reagan so famously said, Trust – but verify.

          6. pmbalele says

            Please do not remind me of Reagan and Albert North. They had Iran Contra scandal. Now that was a real scandal compared to e-mail server.

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            It’s United States Marine Corps Colonel Oliver [NOT Albert] North….. and YOU are totally wrong unless you can show treason was committed by Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton DID commit treason and I’m betting so did Hillary – not to mention I think she was behind the “convenient” death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Hillary Clinton is THE most corrupt politician ever. But apparently you have your nose shoved right up her golden gully and believe every word she says. Then why is the FBI investigating the claims? Why did the government extradite the Romanian national who hacked into her server?
            Iran Contra was the honorable thing to do. And Reagan had a hostile house and senate loaded with Democrats who controlled BOTH houses. Good for Reagan – thinking about the what’s in OUR best interests as a nation and NOT what’s in the best interest of the Sandinistas, like you.

          8. pmbalele says

            Did you ask why is the FBI investigating the claims? It is just to waste time and money. Remember Trey Gowdy spent $20 mi investigating Benghazi and e-mails and came out with nothing? Now they will spend another $20 mi and come out find nothing. Please do not start me Justice Scalia fate. It was all Repubs and TPs conspiracy. First, why did these GOP elites invite Scalia and not his wife. Scalia was Catholic and we Catholic are taught never to part with our wives. Then these morons sent him to a very luxury resort where he had everything. This was against Judges’ ethics. Judges are prohibited accepting things of value. Then they told his bodyguard to go home – lying to them that they would make sure Scalia was safe. Next morning one of GOP leaders went to check on Scalia and found him motionless. The guy did not call 911, but went to his friends and told them Scalia was not moving and had a pillow on his mouth and head. It is then all went there and pronounced him dead. This was before the county doctor declared Scalia dead. Scalia family then rushed for his body; quickly embalmed him and took his money. Now there is an investigation. We want to know about the pillow found covering his head and mouth. We cannot trust TPs and Repubs. We are not going to let this go away easily. GOP can hate anybody but not kill him. Forensic experts have already been hired to investigate.

          9. John E Strom Jr. says

            You are clueless. Gowdy’s investigation proved Hillary lied and the video was not the cause. Further, Hillary was telling different accounts of the Benghazi disaster. As for Justice Scalia’s death, again your facts are absurd. He was at a private hunting club owned by John Poindexter who is a shadowy character. His death was NOT pronounced by a country doctor but by a judge via a long distance call. The county sheriff had been told he could NOT investigate.

            Why would a Tea Party or Republican want him dead? Nonsense, he was one of only three conservative justices. The other two are Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. Now we have an eight person court with four left wing justices, two conservative justices and two “free range” justices since we never knew what they would do. They are Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts.

            Who had THE MOST to gain? Barack Hussein Obama. Who had the second ‘most to gain’? Hillary Clinton. I’m very certain Justice Scalia was murdered to give Obama a many decades lock on the Supreme Court and a fifth hard left justice (Merrick Garland) would do it. Hillary needed the FBI off of her ass vis a vis her e-mails including 22 top secret and ABOVE top secret. The fix is I and had been planned for years. Why else would Obama pick a white Republican as FBI Director? Unless James Comey had dirt he wanted hidden and kept that way. Obama is dirty, Hillary Clinton is dirty, John Poindexter is dirty and James Comey isn’t moving very fast to conclude his investigation. Glacial would better describe the speed of that investigation by the FBI. And don’t hold your breath waiting an indictment from Loretta Lynch. She’s as dirty as Obama is.

          10. blackhawk132 says

            You just proved your a dem0RAT idiot.

      7. gonzales27 says

        And we all know Hillary doesn’t lie

    7. John E Strom Jr. says

      The media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are no longer an honest media and haven’t been for decades.

      1. douglasawillinger says

        Especially the NYC papers, as the New York Times.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          Agreed but don’t forget the Washington Post [owned by leftist Jeff Bezos] and the Los Angeles Times. ALL of them leftist rags.

    8. Juan TwoTree says

      Right 45 cal!! In fact, can you use a .45 cal on her!!?? She is a filthy rotten criminal and better be indicted…but I think the books are already coked so Obongoloid and Loretta Lynch will find nothing on her!!! These Muslims in OUR WHITE House should GTFO and quit ruining this great nation!

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        There is a ton of evidence of Hillary’s criminal conduct just in those e-mails that were hacked. BUT will the FBI Director, James Comey, make a timely referral to the Attorney General and will Obama agree to pursue since Loretta Lynch works for him. Here’s something to ponder…. I hope so.

        Why would THE MOST partisan president in our history select a white Republican to be FBI director? One that is known as a “straight arrow”? There is no shortage of left wing blacks who he could have selected.

        I believe Obama chose James Comey, because he had dirt on James Comey. [I hope I’m wrong] James Comey wanted to be FBI Director so much he was willing to do Obama’s bidding. Which was to suppress any and all evidence of Hillary’s crimes – which probably include espionage and treason. I hope I’m wrong – we’ll see. If the referral never comes then we will know Director Comey is dirty. If he does make a referral and Justice [injustice] doesn’t act on it then we’ll know Loretta Lynch is dirty. Which meant Obama is suppressing the information.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Great points and post John! Right on the money. This kind of corrupt criminal crap keeps going on in D.C. I’m thinking there WILL be an up roar and a damned revolution against everything and everybody in D.C. and our home states elected officials.

    9. don76550 says

      Easy. Our lying mainstream media would even embarrass Joseph Goebbels with their penchant for deception, propaganda and mendacity. They hate our bill of rights and our country. The truth is not in them. Believe nothing you see in the lame stream media. If we ever achieve an article V convention of the states, perhaps their ability to lie without consequences will be addressed.

    10. Sparkitus_Maximus says

      Do you think Trump might have a more difficult time running against Bernie than Hilda beast? If she stays in Bernie supporters might support Trump.

    11. gonzales27 says

      Plenty of room in Gitmo now that Obama is releasing the terrorist

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        No need. Hillary is a US citizen so she would be tried here and sent to life in prison here.

    12. T. VOGT says

      THE WITCH OF BENGHAZI A VALID ANYTHING IS A STUPID STATEMENT ! The woman hasn’t passed up a scandal she hasn’t soiled her Panties in her rush to play in like a baby bird with it’s first bird bath !! If there wasn’t a SCANDAL AVAILABLE SHE’D CAUSE ONE !!! The only thing that BI*CH is QUALIFIED FOR IS PRISON !!! or EXECUTION since some of her crimes during war time… and DON”T FORGET THE STOLEN STATE DEPT FUNDS that are sitting in her little Family defense fund.

    13. Robert Barnes says

      The controlled media is following the propaganda methods of Joseph Goeberls Germany 1930 to 1945, for the NWO of today.

    14. blackhawk132 says

      IF she is found guilty while Odingbat is still around ; He WILL pardon her. Beat her at the polls and put her in prison for a long time.

  9. denniscerasoli says

    I hope that they do try to screw Trump because i am tired of all the BS,just do it and break out the national guard because that is exactly what will be needed,i can use the excitement because this has become a very boring issue,shut up do it and take your chances but make sure you duck,lol

  10. Egor von Johnson says

    Republican party denying Trump!. Are you kidding me, asshole. No Way Jose` Do bears shit in the woods! You are totally out of touch with realty and the smoldering hatrid for the existing do nothing politicians .I want some of them disposed. THINK TRAITORS & SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. ROBOMAN M says

    They deny Trump they better be ready for total chaos

    1. PatriotGal says

      ROBOMAN, Molon Labe

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      I’M damned ready!!

  12. doug says

    After Trump is elected, we-the-people need to create a NEW party in America with everything controlled by vote, “The American Party” should be formed before Trump’s second term !!!

    1. John E Strom Jr. says

      The American Party… or perhaps The Patriot Party. NO LIBERALS ALLOWED

    2. JBM says

      Totally agree TAP The American Party and the Eagle as our mascot would be significant

  13. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Some republicans have turned on the people who have supported them for many years and to we who want TRUMP TO BE OUR NOMINEE IN THIS ELECTION. If you don’t let TRUMP be our nominee then i think this will be the biggest mistake in your life. We want change from what our country has now and if you don’t let TRUMP in then we want vote for you ever again .

  14. clem says

    The Republican “leaders” have shot themselves in the foot and are still in denial that THEIR refusal to keep their promises to the American people is the reason we have picked Trump. If they continue on the path that they are on, they will decapitate themselves and the party. “It is time to feed the hogs.”

  15. Scot Williams says

    From Day one Obama has lied to this Nation .. On Faith alone . Obama is a Muslim , His Parents and Grandparents were Muslims. And The sole goal of Any and all Muslims is to kill anyone who is not a Muslim. . As A Veteran , I took a Oath to Serve and Protect this Nation. And I have long looked at Obama as the Enemy OF The State.. Doing everything in his power to destroy the very fiber of America at every turn he takes.. Obama should have been arrested long ago For his Part in Benghazi and intentionally leaving 4 good Americans to die , when they could have been saved.. Why to cover up what was really happening in Benghazi .. Aiding and funding the Muslims Terrorist …

    1. Fiestymare says

      And taking Christianity away from the troops. You have got to be kidding.

  16. Karen says

    Again, the People have spoken. Congress is afraid of Trump, they will actually have to work or get out of the way. They have all had a very cushy job. A do nothing Congress. Trump is a great business man and will get this country back on our feet again. We need more business minded people in Congress and fewer attorneys. Trump is very compassionate about his work and about the people of the US.

  17. Gerry Costa says

    Absolutely nothing is too low for our dear corrupt worthless greedy inept career politicians. They can’t stand the thought of not having one of their own in office and I would think those low life POS will stop at nothing to prevent TRUMP and the AMERICAN CITIZENS from taking office.

  18. gotabgood says

    Just a little bit of information on how advance USA is.
    May 9, 2016 is voting day in Philippines.
    Did you know that it is a national holiday? Yep, you get paid to vote! Amazing.
    ALSO, it doesn’t stop there… as you know Philippines is not considered a wealthy country.. BUT, to vote you have to go back where you originally registered, or something like that.. not too sure… but the bus trip to and from is free!! Amazing!

  19. Bob Stewart says

    It is not impossible that republicans would make a deal with Hillary Clinton and it is clear that Hilary would deal to be the first woman president. And don’t forget that she could always lie to the republicans after she became president, a fact that republicans would be too stupid to realize.

  20. Gammi2Anna says

    If the GOP, lead by Reince Priebus and the anti-Trump power brokers that like to think only their opinions count, decide to deny the millions of voters that selected Donald Trump as OUR pick for POTUS, then they can be assured of two things. Not only will this destroy the Republican Party, it will assure Hillary Clinton the win as POTUS and the fact that every GOP candidate running for any office, from Senators and Congressional members, right down to the local dog catcher will NEVER, EVER win again. With Hillary as POTUS and 100% of the Senate and Congress made up of members of the Democrat Party, our Supreme Court, state and local government and judicial offices will follow suit, changing America forever. For those of us that love Freedom and believe in the Constitution, we will be shoved out of existence. We can not and should not allow this to happen again. Look what happened to us when we all decided to keep quiet and capitulated to the thief of our 2008 election. America has been brought to the brink of destruction and our allies have been mistreated to the point that they no longer have our backs. It will take a great effort from every citizen across this country to make sure another election does not get stolen by dishonest politicians, election boards and those willing to turn a blind eye to the illegal and ineligible voters that come to the polls to cast a vote. We need to demand that voter ID laws be enforced and we can also take the personal responsibility to assure an honest election by forming a volunteer group of local residents to stand outside the polling area and observe the people that come to vote. Who better knows who their neighbors are that live in their district and are eligible to vote there? Donald Trump is our motivator to take this country back, making “WE the PEOPLE” relevant again. If we do not do this, then we will be giving away the futures of our children and grandchildren.

    1. FEDup says

      From the way these Rinos have voted in Congress, they would rather continue their duplicitous arrangement with the Demorats for personal enrichment.

      1. Gammi2Anna says

        We need to clean out that cesspool as well. I think when they see that ‘WE the People’ are not going to accept their abuse any longer, they will change their attitudes or find themselves on the outside looking in and their gravy boat will have sailed away.

  21. Donald Evans says

    Cruz a “dyed in the wool” conservative? BS. He isn’t even legally eligible to be President. A=Legal eligibility or not, they let it happen with 0bama so why not do it again. If Cruz is still on ballots do not vote for him. Just a ploy by the so called G.O.P. to steal delegates from Trump. Same goes for Kasich.

  22. papa doug says

    It has been my contention for some time that the RNC will NOT support Trump and will force someone else in as the nominee. This will do two things, it will force a split vote which will give Hillary the win which will also bring the liberals in the republican party into the light. The second thing it will do is effectively destroy the republican party. Oh it may still exist but it will have no power, no integrity and no backing from the people. The republican party is on a rocket sled to self destruction and they are the only ones who can stop it now.

  23. Effenexes says

    Ryan the RINO is showing he is not a leader that has the best interest of America and it’s citizens in mind. He needs to be primaried. The political establishment and global elitists still insist on keeping their power against the will of the American people far too long now. We, the hard pressed citizens of all persuasions, need to let Ryan the the rest of the inside the beltway fat cats know it will no longer be business as usual.

    1. theseer says

      ryan is nwo crook….anti America….he’s going down…..

  24. theseer says

    not one of the criminal elite establishment nor one of the global pschopath elitists will ever be safe to or able to spend their wealth safely again should trump even be scratched….they best all run to their bunkers and will get them their too!!!!! not just Americans but many millions of others!!! they would finally be doomed down to their last seed!!!!

    1. theseer says

      long long overdue….

  25. Bob Peterson says

    What these geniuses in the Republican Party don’t seem to understand is that once you tarnish your brand it is very hard to restore. They have gone way beyond tarnishing, they have trashed it to the point where it has no value. They have not listened to their base in 8 years, now their base has abandoned them. The Republican Party has committed suicide and are so incompetent they don’t know it yet.

  26. laulau says

    Cruz and Kasich suspended their campaign…but doesn’t that mean they are sitting it out, waiting for a chance jump in again? Well, Cruz did not suspend campaigning. He has been calling delegates in the forthcoming states to vote for him and not Kasich, he says, because Kasich can’t make it. Cruz has also sent out letters to vote for him He plans on a big win at the convention if Trump doesn’t get 1237.

  27. theseer says

    rancid Pubic must know their cushy criminal lifestyle is about to come to an end…to deny trump the nomination….is sealing their doom….there will be no republican party….they will all be permanently fired…

  28. Frankie Boy says

    If they mess with the election and try to jam losers like Romney or Bush down our throats, I pledge not to ever vote Republican again ! Go Donald ! “Excelsior” ( Ever onward in 2016 !)

  29. jalan7 says

    all these people calling for the dissolution of the republican party are their and our worst enemies ,,,,these purity clowns will destroy all hope..been a republican all my voting life ..we have expanded and expanded the tent…making the party a home to many diverse thoughts ..the arrogance of the elitist republicans is only matched by the lunacy of the only works when fight it out ,accept the result a go forward together…the elitist havent been welcoming,,but purists have been equally as threateneng in their constant use of terms like Rhino and their incessant demand for purges..alot of these folks are late arrivals to the dance to claim such ownership..I will vote for Trump because he won,because i believe that together we can do wonders in fixing this country..but i wont support purges..and BTW leave the Bushes alone 41 is 91 and a great america and W is a great man as well..HERES WHAT IS IMPORTANT Anybody But Clinton get it

  30. Paul Haisty says

    The willingness of the media to be the hand maiden for these centers of power is very disappointing.

  31. TAM44 says

    Their is no such thing as the republican party, they were taken over by the democrats in 2009 and have been kissing obama’s butt and the democrats butt too. I have never seen so many wimps as there are in DC. ,They have screwed the people and let the democrats do as they please. Mr. Trump will put a stop to this nonsense and start helping the people instead of screwing them over like john boehner did and now paul ryan is really shafting the people. mitch mcconnell is dead from the neck up and to stupid to just lay down and take a long dirt nap. obama has no respect for our laws and hillary clinton does not have any respect for our laws and these so called republicans are afraid of their own shadows.

  32. setemfree says

    If he is not the nominee there will be no more Republican Party.

  33. Frank W Brown says

    Can you say TERM LIMITS??? We NEED to put an END to professional CAREER politicians before they manage to put an END to the USA! Period!

  34. Cptron says

    It appears these Republican assholes will be satisfied with Hillary as President and let the “status quo” remain, as long as it doesn’t affect their pocketbooks! This is precisely why we need Trump. He won’t put up with the bullshit!

  35. susan miller says


  36. Dwight Hartmark says

    We the people have spoken. Donald Trump is our choice. If the so called political powers refuse to accept our votes we will take back our country. A new revolution to reestablish our Constitutional rights will begin. Once again we will overthrow those who think they have the right to rule over us. Enough is enough. Time to eliminate the elitists.

  37. says

    The current status of this nominating process should assure Trump the nomination. That being stated, Trump is neither a conservative, NOR a Republican. His health plan is to the LEFT of Obamacare. His plan to promptly deport all illegals and let the “terrific” ones back in is mostly absurd and legally unworkable! He has constantly stated there should be NO minimum wage, UNTIL last week! Fact is, we KNOW little about what Trump will do, regardless of what his NAIVE followers believe. Thinking folks know that much of what he has PROMISED will NEVER happen, even if he is elected. He is running for PRESIDENT, NOT king and there still is that PESKY Constitution that even keeps BAMMY from totally destroying America. One thing is certain, TRUMP is still an embarrassing ASSHOLE when he speaks. He is clueless what a “working man” does. He made that clear in his speech to coal miners where he put on the hard hat and made a shoveling motion. Coal hasn’t been dug with a shovel for 50 years! For those who think he is NOT a “politician,” I have already gotten requests for contributions to TRUMP PACS! While I will NEVER VOTE FOR HILDEBEAST, and may eventually decide to vote for Trump, I will NOT GIVE HIM OR THE REPUBS a dime for his campaign and I will NEVER put a Trump sticker on my truck or a sign in my yard! IF he is as RICH as he says he is, HE CAN FINANCE HIS OWN CAMPAIGN!

  38. Paul N Ransom says

    I have said all along that if Donald Trump is going to secure the nomination he will have to get the 1,237 needed!!!! The RNC is every bit as corrupt as the DNC and will screw WE THE PEOPLE in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

  39. John Williams says

    The GOP will do so at the risk of driving the final nail in their own coffin, I am not a Trump fan but it is also not hard to see that he is nothing more than a symptom of the disease that infects the establishment, if it were not Trump it would be someone else. Any and all blame lies directly at the feet of the “establishment”, they are the cause.

  40. Jo Ann Cooper says

    The establishment republicans say they want someone like Reagan. I heard Trump say that in order to get a deal to be the best deal he can get for America, you have to be able to get up & leave the table…not cave. As I recall, the last prez we had that thought that way was when Ronald Reagan did just that against Gorbachov in the then USSR. Now they just need to get on board w/ the next guy with the balls to leave the table rather than sell us out!

  41. DogWithoutSlippers says


  42. PatriotGal says

    Translating the crux of the article: Trump supporters in primary states that have not yet voted, WV, CA, NE, etc., GET OUT TO VOTE!!!
    Mr. Trump needs to win ever possible delegate or as the article states, “they” will deny him the nomination and you know darned well, they will do anything to stop Mr. Trump. VOTE, please, VOTE in your primaries!!!
    TRUMP 2016 AND 2020!!!

  43. Michael Dennewitz says

    Here’s what really kills me. Yesterday, while riding the chopper down the trail and stopping at a light, I went to take my smoke out of my mouth. When it almost burned my fingers, I flipped it. And to my amazement, a deputy is behind me and on his bullhorn. “Sir, you need to pick that up before you proceed further!” What does this have to do with anything?? Quite simple! You and I can get ticketed for millions of the dumbest shit. Home Owners Ass. can fine you if your damned “drip edge” is dirty or your grass needs cut.. We can ALL get ticketed or fined for the dumbest of shit….BUT….here comes some dumbass from Kenya, poses as a human being, steals an education from US, somehow even gets to be a senator, all under an ASSUMED name, and then to further blow our minds, without ANY positive ID, GETS TO SIT IN THE BIG HOUSE and make up all the damned rules he wants! Now, I ask you, WHAT THE HE’LL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???

  44. PatriotForever says

    The Russians have made an Ice Cream Bar in honor of Obama the Camel Rider and if that’s not a slap in the face to America and her once moral values, no one is a better laughing stock besides the people who voted for him…

  45. donl says

    They fear Trump ( both parties ) because he will open a can of Socialist Worms and Corrupt Democrats. When I heard Obie say “Trump will never be President” I said HUH! Obie has failed at everything, and now he’s predicting trump will lose? I don’t think so!!

  46. Morton212 says

    The dark implication in the editorial that there is a conspiracy afoot that will remove Trump from the political arena – is frankly absurd.

    Donald Trump is exactly the person that powerful organizations like the RNC, building contractors and political assassinators hire to do their dirty work. His business is not building buildings – per se – but branding them, expediting mafia controlled construction expertise (concrete deliveries, union workers), and local political signoffs. Even Roger Ailes, the powerful CEO Fox News and quasi propaganda outlet for the Republican party is scared of Trump.

    Roger Ailes, fired a top adviser named Brian Lewis in 2013, fearing that it was Lewis that had leaked information to New York Magazine himself for an expose-style biography on Ailes.
    Lewis hired a lawyer, Judd Burstein, and threatened to drop “bombs” about Ailes and Fox News. Because Burstein and worked for Trump before, Ailes got Trump involved as a mediator.
    “Fox paid Lewis millions to go away quietly, and Trump, I’m told, learned everything Lewis had planned to leak,” Sherman writes. “If Ailes ever truly went to war against Trump, Trump would have the arsenal to launch a retaliatory strike.”

    So the chances of an inept Republican establishment succeeding in ousting Trump – are somewhat fanciful

    The really interesting speculation is what Trump wants to get out of this mess. We know he has an inferiority complex – so the stature of US President might be quite appealing. On the other hand winning the presidency – and being a real US President are two very different things. Trump cannot stand losing, or being disrespected. He also loves to be rich. The cold hard truth is that winning the presidency this time around – especially with his real lack of political experience – might prove to be a bridge too far – even for Donald Trump. And you can put money on it that Donald Trump already knows what he wants out of this political campaign – and I am not convinced that it is actually the Presidency, yet.

  47. John E Strom Jr. says

    And it will be THE END of the Republican Party. I’ll NEVER vote for another incumbent again.

  48. grama18 says

    GO TRUMP !! AND do not forget –TO –throw out the TRASH ! WE have A lot of useless trash in the gov. STARTING with – O’ – TRUMP for PRESIDENT ! ! !

  49. Wildeagleone says

    I being only one voice have already switched to Independent because of the RNC and their inability to run the Republican party with integrity and honesty and would hope that many more will do the same. These power hungry bastardos are no better than Obama

    1. 67N20 Army says

      I also a couple of years ago have gone “Independent”,, The RNC have blatantly told us “your votes mean NOTHING” !!! We, as a people,, do NOT “elect” Presidents or anybody else for that matter !! The people? placed in charge of running (or acting as though they are) the “CORPORATION” of
      “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” are “SELECTED” by the global banking elite that “OWN AMERICA” !!!

  50. don76550 says

    Republican party hacks would deny Trump the nomination at their peril. He was not my choice, but the people decided and I will support him, especially against an enemy of America like the lying crooked Hillary. Republican contempt and lies towards their base is why Trump got the nomination in the first place. If the will of the people is thwarted again there will be no more republican party. Let’s be honest here the reason RINO party hacks fear Trump is that Trump will destroy the gravy train these party hack parasites have been feeding off of for years. For that I commend Trump

  51. 63Marine says

    The GOP will suffer big time if they try to pull that chit. Trump is the ONLY one who can clean up Washington DC. He will destroy the “Good Old Boy’s Club” and they fear that.

  52. richard schlinder says

    The republican party does not have a heart and never had a sole. It is controlled by the elites of the world not just in the States.
    Trump,as a businessman, he hates waist,and boy will he find it in the budget. He better have a big ax when he gets to the white house.

  53. dahniuru says

    Hillary will have the support of the Military-Industrial complex who continue to get obscenely rich off of small, ongoing, wars and, just as important, welfare recipients living in the larger cities across the US.

    Trump will get the support of those who work for a living and who still love their country.

    Who do you choose?

  54. Marios says

    WE have to get out and VOTE! period.All those assh—-s that say they won’t vote will help Hell ary.

  55. Patriot47 says

    It’s either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. YOU DECIDE. They dictate.

  56. El says

    I call on all people who call themselves Republicans ( Rinos not included) and people favoring Democracy over Marxism to support Trump OVER the desires of the RNC to over rule the tremendous support of the people shown to date.

  57. David says

    It would be best for the Reps. to get behind Trump or we will send you packing

  58. Albert L Biele says

    Not true! Denying Trump the nomination would be the beginning of the dismantling of the republican Party. Trump will be the next president, and those republicans who on the bandwagon will be reelected.

  59. says

    The current status of this nominating process should assure Trump the nomination. That being stated, Trump is neither a conservative, NOR a Republican. His health plan is to the LEFT of Obamacare. His plan to promptly deport all illegals and let the “terrific” ones back in is mostly absurd and legally unworkable! He has constantly stated there should be NO minimum wage, UNTIL last week! Fact is, we KNOW little about what Trump will do, regardless of what his NAIVE followers believe. Thinking folks know that much of what he has PROMISED will NEVER happen, even if he is elected. He is running for PRESIDENT, NOT king and there still is that PESKY Constitution that even keeps BAMMY from totally destroying America. One thing is certain, TRUMP is still an embarrassing ASSHOLE when he speaks. He is clueless what a “working man” does. He made that clear in his speech to coal miners where he put on the hard hat and made a shoveling motion. Coal hasn’t been dug with a shovel for 50 years! For those who think he is NOT a “politician,” I have already gotten requests for contributions to TRUMP PACS! While I will NEVER VOTE FOR HILDEBEAST, and may eventually decide to vote for Trump, I will NOT GIVE HIM OR THE REPUBS a dime for his campaign and I will NEVER put a Trump sticker on my truck or a sign in my yard! IF he is as RICH as he says he is, HE CAN FINANCE HIS OWN CAMPAIGN!

  60. john awe says

    All the more reason to vote for Trump in November. To KO the establishment powers who have been taking advantage of the American worker and American sovereignty for far too long.

    1. Reality Check says



      they can stop Trump just like they stopped Obama.

      1. john awe says

        First off executive orders can be overturned with a stroke of the pen by the next President. If Obama were intelligent he would understand that and understand why legislation and law making is so much more solid than executive orders. Trump understands this and will work with Congress to get things done and pass laws that have REAL staying power. You see, court rulings and executive orders can be overturned and undone…………..that is why Congress and law making are so much better and when the right LEADER is in the White they will bring the members of Congress together to get the job done.

        1. Reality Check says

          “Trump understands this and will work with Congress”

          well the GOP House will oppose half the things Trump says he is going to do, like raise taxes on the rich, so…..
          I don’t see the Dems taking the House to help Trump out.

          1. john awe says

            Don’t worry……….Trump is unlike anything the US Presidency has ever seen. Trump gets things accomplished. His lifetime of work is proof of that.

          2. Reality Check says

            “Trump gets things accomplished”

            like 4 bankruptcies and 3 wives.
            THAT lifetime work?

            the guy is a bag of HOT AIR which is why the “Normal” RNC is afraid of him being president.

          3. john awe says

            LOL at your focus on negativity. I feel sorry for you. Ask yourself……. how many games does a baseball team play in a season and how many times do they lose games? Answer, they play 162 games a season and lose anywhere between 40-60% of the time. Trump has had over 200 major business deals worth hundreds of million and billions of dollars. His COMPANIES used the Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws 4 times to restructure the deals. Trumps 10 billion dollar fortune is quite remarkable and his 98% success rate is stellar. And remember, most of the Casinos in Atlantic City had trouble due to the ineptness of NJ regulators and city commissions not allowing growth in the area. Trump was intelligent and pulled out of the area making 233 million in the process. He also employed thousands in the area and paid millions in taxes to the local economy. What have you done for society?? Sit down child. You know nothing of which you speak. Only weaklings like yourself are afraid of Trump as President. Strong, intelligent people like Trump and want him to lead Americans in the take back of America from progressive liberals like yourself. So next time when you think of the intelligent and successful Trump you remember 98%. Trump has an A rating in the success department. As for Trump’s family and wives…….they all love him.

          4. Reality Check says

            liberals are not afraid of Trump winning, silly conservative.

          5. Deby says

            watch it now, facts do not sit well with RC!! as evidenced by his stupid comeback post.

          6. john awe says

            Take it!

          7. john awe says

            RC, are you saying Trump is pristine like Jesus??? Are you????

          8. Reality Check says

            John is proving he is “off balance”

          9. john awe says

            I knew you couldn’t respond with anything of substance.

          10. john awe says

            You don’t matter. Sit down and relax.

      2. john awe says

        Trump is more talented than Obama. Sit down and watch and learn.

        1. Reality Check says

          so you have absolutely no clue how the government works.

          1. john awe says


          2. john awe says

            Looks like the idiot censors are scared to post anything that scares them. RC, get back to me when you have something important to say.

          3. Reality Check says

            I wonder why John is so low info while pretending to be informed about our government.
            does John the Dim know what a Filibuster IS?

            Ha John noticed that Trump has CHANGED his policies since he cliched the nomination?

            John seems to be another vacant conservative.

  61. john awe says

    Call Paul Ryan’s office to give him a piece of your mind.

  62. louann says

    Trump 2016

  63. Don Nuzum says

    You talk as if the real powers that be are invincible. This is exactly what the American people have dissed. We don’t want what they been dishing out anymore. We’re just inches away from a real civil war in this country and when it happens we are going to make sure those invincible powers are on the frontlines.

    1. Reality Check says

      “We’re just inches away from a real civil war in this country”

      only in your right wing fantasy.
      reality, not so much.

      1 in 14 people bought a new car last year.
      the country must be doomed.

      30% voter turnout.
      no one really cares.

      1. Don Nuzum says

        Wouldn’t it be nice if you were right Reality Check. But the facts show that there is a significant percentage of the American populous who are mad as hell. If they don’t get their way it isn’t going to be nice. There will be trouble in stumpy hollow. I guarantee enough trouble for Obamanation to begin martial law. Then it is on. There are a lot of couch potatoes in this country that would rather stick their ass up in the air and get sodomized but there is also about a million armed and trained and semitrained people who have been getting ready for years. They ain’t gonna take another four years of this liberal evil shit. and there is about another 2million armed citizens who will wake up real quick. The powers that be are soon to be the powers that was.

        1. Reality Check says

          “but there is also about a million armed and trained and semitrained people who have been getting ready for years”

          those are called nutjobs, not patriots.

          1. Don Nuzum says

            Call them what you want but they are a reality. I’m surprised that you seem to be content with the status quo. You like the way things are in this land?

          2. Reality Check says

            I am a little worried about the brainwashed conservatives who think Trump is the Messiah.

          3. Deby says

            he lives in la-la land-CA — literally, so what do you think? RC is a troll-and his posts have zero doses of reality. he just likes to come here and name call and try and twist things around to suit his own pathetic obozo-loving agenda.

  64. Barbara Ervin says

    It’s laughable how frightened the Republicans as well as the Democrats are of Donald Trump. They know if he gets elected, please God, let it happen, they are all going to be in big trouble! Does anyone know if the president can use an executive order to set term limits on Congress? Boy, I hope so! TRUMP 2106

    1. Reality Check says

      unless he changes all of congress into mini Trumps, he is going to find that his Hot Air isn’t working.

      the Senate is for sure flipping back to Dem, especially since the GOP are blocking a SCOUTS appointment.
      24 GOP Senate seats are up for grabs.

      1. Deby says

        is that Boy Scouts or Cub?

        1. Reality Check says

          was that an intelligent or stupid question?

          1. Deby says

            What? Can’t take criticism RC? You screwed up & got called out. Feeling “unsafe” are you? Poor deluded libbie. Take your crayons & go home then.

          2. Reality Check says

            I didn’t view it as criticism.
            it makes NO SENSE

          3. Deby says

            For someone who thinks he is so smart to misspell a shortcut word & not even know it – now that’s stupid. I see you corrected it but too late

  65. says

    For you hardcore TRUMP supporters, what happened to the NO POLITICAL PACS? I already got TWO requests from HIS PACS in the last TWO DAYS. I will never give him a DIME!

  66. calvin lacy says

    John McCain’s so-called ‘reaching across the aisle’ is a pseudonym for compromise. This little shriveled up runt is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America and it’s leadership. He, along with the entire congress literally should be arrested and hanged for treason. What else would you truthfully call what the congress has done right beneath our noses but treason? Dating all the way back to Harry Truman the government has sold America out to one world free trade agreements. Each president and congress has consistently eroded America’s edge over other nations in everything that made us world leaders. Today, due to trade agreements that severally limit production and manufacturing and driving it and investment capital off shore we are left with one distinction-that of being the world’s policemen and nothing more.Nobody understands it better than Donald Trump, the Republicans’ worst nightmare and that’s why EVERY BODY in the government from the president on down is out to destroy him. It’s the reason the pope came over to add his two cents worth.The entire congress is in collusion to stay together on similar policies. They have a pact to protect each other against anyone who threatens the gravy train they’re riding and it’s my main reason for supporting Trump for the presidency. My view is entirely apocalyptic- to see Trump take the presidency and incrementally destroy the government one department at a time and replacing it with decent people. It won’t happen but I can dream.

  67. Gea says

    Every Republican who went along with Democrats and against Trump needs to be kicked out of US Congress…they need to go out and get a real job rather then continuing destroying US.

  68. Marvin Zeichner says

    Remember the adage, “Anyone Can Become President” NOT!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Only males over 35 years of age.
      Even in 2016, women are second class citizens.

  69. marlene.langert says

    I pray and pray that Donald Trump will be our next president. However, do not forget that all the other candidates “suspended” their campaigns. That means they could all come back in again if they chose to do so. Don’tknow how that would work since none of them would have the delegates, but I do know that can cnange on the second or third ballot.

  70. Ted Crawford says

    It’s a moot point whether or not Trump gets the nomination! What was made, nearly inevitable, I say “nearly” only because Obama can alter it, is that Hillary will be the 45th.President and that she will enjoy a Progressive Senate in Congress! The Republicans can nominate anybody they want and it won’t make any difference now!
    I switched my Party affiliation from Republican to independent on May 5! I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson on November 8!

    1. Robert Barnes says

      Nice thought voting for a good guy. However Third party votes always result in the communist (democrat) win in the last 40 years

      1. Ted Crawford says

        That’s been a given since Trump became the Republican nominee! These poor delusional, once-in-a-while Trump supporters naively believe that their 10 or 12 million supporters, somehow represents a majority of the American Electorate! On November 8 they will finally realize just how small a minority that really is!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Will the poor delusional, Teds, ever learn how a President is put in office?

          These Presidents did not recieve the People’s vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Enjoy your ecstatic euphoria, rejoice, you’ve WON!! Dance in the streets, sing praises to your Messiah! You’ve accomplished whats never before occurred in America, you’ve managed to get a member of the opposing party nominated as your candidate! Congratulations King Priam!

      2. AKLady2015 says

        Learn how your countey works.

        1. Deby says

          Learn how to spell

      3. Ted Crawford says

        As I stated, irrelevant whom I do or do not vote for, this Dog and Pony Show is over! The Clinton/Trump strategy is a success! The… electorate(?) has opened the city gates and welcomed in a member of the opposing ideology as their champion! King Priam is rolling over in his grave!
        This election is likely to have an even greater detrimental effect on American freedoms than did the November 5, 1912 elections! The story of America, should it be told in history, will be just as Edward Gibbon described the path of Rome from Republic to destruction! The parallels are startling and undeniable!

    2. AKLady2015 says

      We the People do not elect a President.
      We never have.
      We cannot, the Constitution does not allow us to.
      Do you even know how the Electoral College is selected iin your statae?

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Really, believing, as you say you do, that you and I are simply Captain Dunsel, why the he_ _ do you even bother to get involved? Just roll over and play victim, or is that simply your way of weaseling out of the responsibility for the results, in this case disastrous results, of your poor decisions!? “It wasn’t my fault! It was pre-ordained by….”them”!

  71. Robert Barnes says

    First thing Stop giving money to the Republican party. They are a bunch of lying thieving treasonist bustards. We the free sovereign people can still vote in Trump. And how about filing law suites against the GOP for fraud etc. The GOP joined with the Communist & the NWO decades ago. At this time the House & the Senate are guilty of TREASON. Thier own actions have proven their guilt. They do not work for the people of America. They work for the UNITED STATES CORPORATION est. in 1871. Look it up at google or and read Disclosure 101 at

    1. AKLady2015 says

      History forgotten is repeated. Here comes Germany 1930x-1940s, brought to us by people like you.

    2. Reality Check says

      “The GOP joined with the Communist & the NWO decades ago”

      WHO tell you this crap?

      and WHY do you believe IT?

  72. rchguns says

    The career politicians are the true organized crime and not only the United States but the world in general. Politics was never meant to be a career. It was meant simply for normal everyday people who thought the they could help their friends and neighbors and help the nation would practically volunteer their time in service to the betterment of all.

    If you look at the United Nations and especially the World Bank you can actually see how criminal the organization is. Not to mention UN peacekeeping forces pushing under age girls into prostitution and committing numerous acts of rape by the US soldiers.

    Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to legislate morality, individual justice, or more importantly common sense.

    A career politicians in Washington are scared to death that there is even a possibility of Donald Trump not only becoming the nominee but becoming president. He represents the closest thing there is to a doomsday weapon in their backdoor dealings and downright criminal activities against the American people. Is the closest thing that the American people have ever had to correcting many of the wrongs in Washington. Depending on what happens in Congress with Trump as president there is a possibility, ever so slight, of putting term limits on Congress.

    Term limits would be the first step in the American people taking back their government and kicking out the useless blubber butts that have been in Congress so long that it had to be surgically removed from their chairs.

    The RNC and the DNC are both facing the same problem. The problem of the possibility of losing their stranglehold on Americans way of life in the very freedoms that we enjoy. America is facing an extremely critical problem, the problem is legislated stupidity, and even more stupidity in the general population.

    Progressive liberals for almost 2 generations have been control over public school systems and or colleges and universities. And all they’ve done is turn out little carbon copies of themselves that are too stupid to think for themselves and are concerned only with self-interest and who can give them the most free stuff.

  73. hankthetank says

    They are talking about agenda 21, New World Order! the rich billionaires that are trying to take over our country !! SCREW these people forever, they are turning our country into a socialist one !!!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your post makes no sense, whatsoever.
      There are no “rich” in a socialist country.

      1. Reality Check says

        I think logic is not going to work.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          I think you are correct. Right-wing conservative and logic are not a match.

    2. Reality Check says

      “the rich billionaires that are trying to take over our country”

      their operatives are still going to be in congress, silly conservative.

      you think the billionaires are trying to take over and make us socialists?
      then they wouldn’t be billionaires?

      you might rethink this rant.