The Republican War on Women – It’s Time to Leave Frivolous Politics Behind


Democrats will try anything they can to grab victory from defeat. That much is known. If you look at it in that light, it’s not surprising to see them hammer home the point about the fictitious “war on women” Republicans are supposedly engaged in. This is a political party whose chosen president has basically doomed their chances in November’s congressional elections. They know they can’t win if they pretend to support his policies, so they’re going on the attack.

Libs have returned again and again to this trope whenever they can’t find any competent issues on which to run. Sadly, the low-information sect is particularly vulnerable to their arguments. It made it easy for Obama to cruise to victory in 2012, winning the female vote by double digits. Fortunately, it looks like their transparent strategy is beginning to show some serious cracks. Voters are starting to wake up to the fact that their cries are little more than propaganda – the type you might find in liberal arts classrooms around the country.

One of the most obvious cases of liberal outrage came after the Supreme Court made their logical decision on the Hobby Lobby case earlier this year. From out of the woodwork came every idiotic progressive, weeping in the streets because the evil Christians won one. But that’s only one of their most visible campaigns. They were also at the forefront of the Obamacare debate, loudly bragging that the socialist healthcare program would force insurance companies to charge men and women the same price regardless of their gender. Isn’t that great for America, they asked.

Uh, no. Not really. Because insurance prices should be – and will be, regardless of legislation – determined by market forces. Women simply make more use of their health insurance. They go to the doctor much more often than men. Lefties probably see that statement as somehow sexist, as if merely pointing out differences in men and women is akin to claiming that men are better. That’s not the case at all. It’s a numbers game and nothing more. Liberals, when pinned down to the facts, don’t have a leg to stand on. That’s why they rarely trade in them.

Liberals Hate Facts

For some reason, progressives have yet to tackle the inequality in car insurance and life insurance. Where are the Debbie Wasserman-Shultzes of the world when it comes to the great disparities in cost on those two fronts? Oh, because men pay more for car and life insurance, everything’s fine. And everything is fine! Men get in more automobile accidents and they die sooner than women. It’s the numbers, stupid.

There was a time when it was permissible to get caught up in these ridiculous debates. After all, that’s politics. But that time is – at least temporarily – over with. We are faced with the unpleasant certainty of another military campaign in the Middle East, a campaign that is almost certainly not going to go as smoothly as President Obama would like us to believe. The time for frivolities like this imaginary war on women is behind us. It’s time to get serious as a country. Politicians and commentators who continue to harp on this issue need to be cast aside as irrelevant.

  1. Jed says

    Good column. It is an absolute certainty that liberals hate to deal with facts.

    1. 4Bill_O_Rights says

      You can lead a liberal to facts but you can’t make them think.
      TRUTH. It’s the new hate speech.

      1. stephanie wilson says


  2. Combatvet52 says

    Debbie Wasserman-Shultze can’t stand to even look at this ugly creature she is Floridas liberal JA number one.

    She gets to be more and more like the senile Pelosi.

    1. Barrustio says

      What is it with Wasserman doesn’t she know that “fros” are no longer in style

      1. Combatvet52 says

        She’s to stupid because she’s sitting on her very small brain.

      2. Btty says

        I agree, that hair has got to go. Of course she would still look like a horses azz!

        1. Yadja says

          Which would be an insult to the horse, it’s a$$ is prettier.

          1. Btty says

            ROFLOL true, very true. I have horses and it is an insult to horses. LOL OMG, that was great! Love your thinking Yadja

          2. Yadja says

            Thank you. Btty if you love horses please get in touch with your representatives. 3 states have already opened horse slaughter houses and the pictures are pathetic and horrible I have seen. I am living in horse country out here and I am working getting all the ranchers onboard to stop this. Congress will be voting on this to legalize it again. You know it was outlawed and now it is back. We have more than enough animals slaughtered for food and horses should not be one.

            Please contact your representatives. 🙁

          3. defiant1 says

            Slaughter houses for horses need to be permanently shut down. Europe and Belgium can do without our horsemeat. And horses should not be allowed to be sold for auction for slaughter and cross the border into Canada or Mexico. The Mexicans are barbaric slaughterers. There are many horse sanctuaries and they are really overcrowded. Also, another bitchpoint, BLM are horrible to the wild horses, brutality……It must be stopped. Again contact your Congressman and Senators over and over and over if necessary.

          4. Yadja says

            I know and I am sickened by the pictures. There should be billboards with some of these pictures on them to get the message through.

          5. Btty says

            OMG! That’s like slaughtering your best friend! I know how horrible it is because I remember the days when it was done. Thank you so much for the heads up and yes I will get all the ranchers around here on this. I don’t care that cattle are slaughtered as long as it’s humane but horses are out! That is horrible. I will make that a project to get started today. Again I thank you Yadja. I had a beautiful warm blood mare who qualified for the Canadian Equestrian team. I couldn’t let her go. She was gorgeous and talented and I had a very special relationship with her. So I kept her and bred her. I’m so glad I did.

          6. Yadja says

            Yes dear it is too horrible I was sick to my stomach when I saw the pics. I had to ask them not to send me anymore pics I have a photographic memory and I can’t get this or anything out of my memory banks. It takes lots of work on my part to shift it out of the way.

            I support the donkeys also. This is a cruel country and we have many horrible things happening under our noses.

          7. Btty says

            I know what you mean. I still remember an incident when I was 9 years old. We (5 of us girls) were out riding. My daddy told me not to go in a certain area about 2 miles from where we lived and we didn’t listen. When we got up the hill we found an old looking barn with horses. We rode closer wanting to see the horses and that’s when we saw what they were doing. We rode off screaming and crying but didn’t dare tell my dad. I’m old now and have never forgotten that. I love donkeys to. My father made me learn to ride on a trick donkey and it taught me to be a good rider. LOL

          8. Yadja says

            I was raised from 13 to 21 in Texas. I would go and exercise the horses for the ranchers to keep them good for riding. But horses are so different with such different personalities I can’t stand the thought of this happening.

            In a country that claims to be so compassionate and does so many good things this is something we can stop and it is one less horrible, tragic and dishonorable thing that we don’t carry on our shoulders.

            Donkeys are a hoot but they just let people beat them. I would kill anyone I saw abusing a horse or a donkey or any animal or child. I have a temper like a wild animal and I just don’t seem to get any better with age. When I was thirteen I ran the dog catcher off our property beating him on the head with a broom. He came up to our backdoor to get a dog. I laid into him. Mother had to go to court with me, I told the judge the dogcatcher was the town bootlegger and everyone knew it and he got what he deserved. He wore his hammer out banging it and told my mother if she comes in front of me when of age she will be put in jail for whatever she did.

          9. Btty says

            LOL, we have a lot in common. I don’t do well with anyone abusing anything. Donkeys can kill you Yadja! They are like Mules they are smart and will bid their time! Did you see that Donkey that killed that mountain lion? OMG! It was vicious! To bad they don’t do that to abusive humans. The reason my dad made me learn to ride on a trick donkey is because he knew that donkey would teach me a lesson. Patience!! LOL I had a friend once that was going to hit my dog and I came unglued! My dogs don’t bother anyone but when you walk in they want to smell you. Normal right? Well, my friend raised his hand to hit my dog and I went ballistic! Hit my dog and you will deal with me. But of course my dog weighs in at 210 lbs of muscle and you raise your hand to hit me or him and it will be one sorry day for you. He would lay his life on the line for me and God be my witness I will do the same for him. I love him so much. I can’t stand to think of the day when I won’t have him. 🙁

          10. Yadja says

            Did not know that about donkeys wonder why they let humans abuse them. A mountain lion wow. I have had three face to face run ins with mountain lions, I should be dead. But they walked away or I out witted one and ran like my pants were on fire.

            Here we have donkeys among the cows to keep the panthers and bears and all at bay. Guess that is why. Bet your dog is gorgeous, wow that is a big dog. 210 pounds wow. Is he a Mastiff? They used them in the Middle Ages to kill horses of oncoming enemy and to guard castles. They are huge.

            OK dear gotta go man is home. Talk in AM. Love your posts. 🙂 We could really do some damage if we got together. LOLOLOL

          11. Btty says

            Great Dane! He is the love of my life. Chat with you tomorrow hopefully. Have a good evening.

          12. Yadja says

            That is what I thought. John and I were talking and I was telling him about you. He loves Great Danes and has had several in his time.

            Had a great evening and hopefully you did also. Boy howdy we have some real wackados on here I don’t know how America has survived so long and I can’t figure out where they came from.

          13. Btty says

            My boy, wish I could figure out how to send you a picture is a Champion and he is gorgeous! You and your husband would love him. I’m going to breed his daughter hopefully on her next heat. If your on facebook I could send you a friend request and you could accept and see my four legged kids on there. They are stunning. I just want to tell you that I’m very thankful for people like you who love their country and are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. You inspire me and I wish and pray to God there were more like you. Your God’s Warrior and America’s hero. Thank you so much for your service.

          14. Yadja says

            Wish I could see them wow 205 pounds that is some dog. I am not on any sites like facebook. I don’t trust any of those sites after coming back from this war. I am weary of just about everything. I am on here and AOL Answers Anything. Used to be Yedda until Huffington bought it. Went to the dogs. No spit and vinegar anymore. Whimpy now.

            Thank you again your a sweetheart and boy howdy your the reason we fight for this land. Good people like you.

          15. Btty says

            Hey, would I get in trouble if I posted a picture of my dog here for you to see? He’s gorgeous!

          16. Yadja says

            I don’t see why you would. I love animals. I got them outside and inside.

          17. Btty says

            Just a quick question. Do you know who is behind this? Who is pushing for this?

          18. Yadja says

            I got my information from Stand With Horses and they sent me petitions to sign. So I just call my representatives and request they stop this. Also Southern Winds Equine Rescue is another good site.

            Worse than that is 900,000 most baby fouls are slaughtered after birth in agonizing ways to produce the drug Premarin. There are Urine farms all over the country. This one is a project by Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation. They sent me a booklet and I am an Army nurse, seen videos of decapitations, tortures and mutilation but this I cried over.

            It is a sin on this nation and it’s people that these things are even a thought in anyone’s mind. And as a nurse I happen to know Premarin is more dangerous than helpful and there have been lots of articles showing that.

            Please help if you can. I am sure you can go to any of these sites and find out the scoop.

          19. Btty says

            Oh my goodness, I to am a RN of many years. I now devote my life to our Seniors who I love. I have seen some of the terrible side affects of Premarin. I will read up on these things. I have raised horses for over 48 years! Slaughter of horses? No damn way! As I said before that is like slaughtering your best friend.

          20. Yadja says

            Help us fight to save all of them. I am so busy with them I have not had time to fight against Canned Hunting. They have 500 Canned Hunting sites in Texas I already emailed Perry and told him what I thought and that it would not look good if he made a run for president for people to know about this.

            Canned Hunting, where filthy people who call themselves hunters and men go and shoot domesticated animals hand raised and old zoo animals like tigers, bears, bobcats and lions. I would like to hang them from the highest trees these disgusting less than animals.

            Like the hunters around here, they have feeding stations for the deer, then they shoot them when the come to eat in hunting season. Big men my a$$ cowards and perverts and savages. Now I will tell you how I really feel.

            An RN might of known.

    2. BlueridgePatriot says

      I would rather stare straight up at the sun than look at either one of those ugly ass dem douche bags!

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Just imagine waking up and having Debbie, Michelle, and Pelosi staring at you OMG take me now.

    3. Yadja says

      She is a maggot in the bowels of the monster that is eating away at America.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Well said Yadja

        1. Yadja says

          Thank you 🙂

          1. Combatvet52 says


  3. William Fisher says

    The party line is what most libs seem to adhere to because they are lazy when it comes to ‘thinking’ and it is easier to memorize a lie and spread it among the masses than it is to ‘think’ for themselves. That’s how the Communist Party USA was able to make so many inroads into the Democratic party and how they got so many mindless Dems to be their robots… it was a perfect match.

    1. sturgis says

      Sad but true! I read your profile you hit the nail right on the head. I’ve been advocating a military coup also,,,,, if that’s what it takes!

    2. defiant1 says

      And the CPUSA uses the CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus) as their advocate in Congress. Look at the members of Congress on the Caucus, 1 member of Senate, Bernie Sanders, to see who are the “progressive/communists”. Sanders say he is a socialist, but the democrat party is much more than socialist. Allen West stated clearly that the CPC were the communists in Congress. The names are all too familiar and they are radical mouthpieces……….

      1. jetmagnet says

        Allen west is a war criminal and a fruitcake! No one believes what he says, and he’s disrespectful to women , that’s why he lost. Nobody wants these clowns in office!!!!!!!

        1. Kathy Diaz says

          Allen West is a thoughtful, respectful man. You sound like you look in your jetmagnet picture, nuts.

          1. Yadja says

            West is a man and that is the difference.

          2. jetmagnet says

            What differance only you fruitcakes like the idiot, sara palin is another douchebag.
            Their both garbage!

          3. Yadja says

            I want you to read your comments on here then see who is spewing hate and foul language and thoughts.

            I believe I have a handle on politics, my grandfather was a Consul and he and my mother were interred in POW camps for the duration of WWII. I was raised around politicians and I can smell Tyranny a mile away even further than that because I smell the stink in the WH as I type.

            Your a perfect example of a dung ball, you with ISIS?

          4. Carolyn Smith says

            And you aren’t spreading hate? Just look at your typical liberal foul language! Haven`t heard you list any facts yet, just insults.

          5. Levant1234 says


            When your argument is simply to call one names,
            intelligent observers recognize you have no defense of your position.
            Hence, all the blow back you get in this comment section.

          6. Jerry Hughes says

            Frankly, my liberal dem bloodsucker friend, I doubt that you understand much of anything.
            If the ersatz life forms in the Demoncratic Parasitical Party quit supplying handouts to you scrubs, the democrats would disappear immediately,
            You ersatz life forms are the American Jihadists, you will countenance/accept any lie cheat or theft as long as it advances your ideology.
            Very soon now the decent peopel in the USA will have come to the “enough” place and you people will all have sharpened stakes thrust into your heart and your mouth filled with Gaelioc and buried with a cross.

          7. dockilldare says

            have you figured out yet that whenever you degrade, dehumanize, and marginalize those that don’t agree with you, that you are the oppressor and tyrant? i just thought i would ask.

          8. JIMBO says

            What are you talking about. Nice thoughts but they say nothing without examples.

          9. dockilldare says

            why don’t you open your eyes before you open your proverbial mouth. in other words read jetmagnet’s comment above about allen west. he calls him a criminal, fruitcake, and nuts. then there are the comments on Sarah Palin calling her a duchebag and fruitcake. in other words i was responding to one of the ever tolerant left wing people again. so sorry you did not have the ability to look up a few comments above and see what i was talking about. or are you on the same level of maturity as jetmagnet and refer to those people in the same way?

          10. mac12sam12 says

            No one spews hate and ignorance more than you, you idiot.

          11. Down to Earth Thinking says

            it is the biggest and most ridiculous show of all .

          12. jetmagnet says

            He’s a damn criminal and dishonored his country. If were not for a gracious commander he would have been prosecuted under the code of military justice.
            He’s just as arrogant and disgusting even now and only deserves an audience of clowns.

          13. Btty says

            Your sadly misguided. Post your proof or shut your pie hole.

          14. stephanie wilson says


          15. Btty says


          16. sandraleesmith46 says

            Notice you haven’t requested the proof I offered you of my claims that you were so quick to denigrate…

          17. Btty says

            I would love to see your proof. I just don’t want to post my email. So if you have any ideas on how to get it to me let me know.

          18. Btty says

            Sandra send me your email again and I will send you my email that way.

          19. sandraleesmith46 says

            My posted name

          20. Yadja says

            Tell me how? I know his story. I would have done the same thing. He was right and any military general or leader who has served downrange and had encounters with this enemy knows it.

            Your thoughts are criminal, your words are dishonoring every soldier that served, your not arrogant your just crass and disgusting.

            Your the clown on here only your not funny your abominable.

          21. jetmagnet says

            Tell me you’s praise West if he was a liberal. lol

          22. Yadja says

            Liberals are not prone to heroism you the perfect example.

          23. jetmagnet says

            So you’re a bigot?

          24. Yadja says

            So you are a Liberal?

          25. jetmagnet says

            No i’m an independent that looks at both parties and ilike some conservative ideas as well as democratic ideas. So i’m not influenced like you are to bullshit.

          26. Carolyn Smith says

            If West was a liberal , he wouldn’t be the honorable man that he is. He would be a disgusting slime ball like yourself.

          27. jetmagnet says

            So name all the liberals that you honor?

          28. mac12sam12 says

            Not Bergdahl! He’s your typical liberal deserter.

          29. dockilldare says

            If he was a liberal he would not have the balls to be in the military, let alone in a combat unit.

          30. jetmagnet says

            In these days where republicans act like they have such a monopoly on
            patriotism I thought it might be good we take a look at their record…

            Republicans who woosied out!!!

            Bush – claimed to have
            served and “seen” war but never did. Did not report for service
            from 1972 to 1973. Avoided Vietnam by serving in the National Guard which
            his rich daddy worked in for him.

            Paul Wolfowitz – patriotic mastermind of conflict today was too busy
            with college to serve in Vietnam.

            Donald Rumsfeld – turned 18 when shooting started in Korea, stayed at
            Princeton University while the war was on then flew jets for a couple years in

            Karl Rove – too involved in politics to serve.

            Dick Cheney – had “other priorities.”

            Sen. Saxby Chambliss – this is the worst of ‘em all. Prime example of what
            Jesus would define as a hypocrite. He got elected here in Georgia by
            beating Democrat Max Cleland who he colored as unpatriotic because he
            criticized the plans for the latest war. Cleland served in Vietnam and
            lost three limbs, to call such a man unpatriotic is sickening, especially when
            you look at Saxby’s record. It was Saxby who avoided the draft by
            claiming to have bad knees, all the while he was a recreational jogger at the

            Dan Quale – came from a rich family, served in the Indiana National
            Guard, avoided Vietnam.

            Trent Lott – did not serve, unsure of reason.

            Dick Armey – did not serve.

            Tom DeLay – did not serve.

            John Ashcroft – the man who lost his bid for the senate to a dead man
            avoided Vietnam. Hey, if he is scared of calico cats then you know he’s
            scared of war, give the poor guy a break.

            Newt Gingrich – an adulterer who is known for his highly moral tone now
            claims the Vietnam war was a great idea but avoided going to war or enlisting
            when it was going on.

            Rush Limbaugh – had anal cysts. (yes its almost too funny to be
            true but do some investigation and you’ll see for yourself.)

            Rep. Dennis Hastert – avoided Vietnam claiming to have bad
            knees regardless of the fact that he was a wrestler in college.

            Pat Robertson – Pat
            claimed in his biography to have “seen combat in Korea. He was in Korea in
            uniform briefly, but his daddy the Congressman got his reassigned to Japan.

            Jerry Falwell – Probably could have served in Korean War, but didn’t of

            Chief Justice Antonin Scalia – dodged the draft

            Ted Nugent – despite his ultra-gungho, right-wing, gun-loving Americanism
            he avoided the Vietnam conflict.

          31. dockilldare says

            there is an old saying, one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. so what is your excuse for not serving? though i agree with your sentiment, since you did not serve you have no right to talk about others that did not serve regardless of what party they belong to.

          32. jetmagnet says

            I don’t brag or talk about my military service Period 68-?? socom-sog-afsoc-dod-dia classified-classified. “Admit Nothing Deny Everything” lol

          33. Ultrssken Hupp says

            jetmagnet thertes no top secret job in the militaryou could of had that wasnt started out from non classified service,so your just spouting off boogus shit like the rest of the liberals do., you had to been basic somewhere and sometime, even folks like myself that did ,spec ops. out dd214 shows openly to anyone that i was in service ,then it shows certaoin time frames as top secret,so admit nothing deny everything bs is from your watching to many action flix on cable,

          34. jetmagnet says

            So what is your point sir? Did I say my whole time in the service was classified?
            Your point is self-serving and beside your moronic post, you can’t spell I was in the DOD, DIA, CIA in that order.

          35. dockilldare says

            you know there is one thing i love about the UCMJ that civilian court does not have. that is if you bring false charges against another soldier, once that soldier is cleared you get automatically court martialed for conduct unbecoming, and slander. and i do believe that both hold a 20 year sentence.

            so either post your evidence of Col. West’s crimes as well as the findings of either his court martial or his presidential pardon. or STFU!

          36. jetmagnet says

            He’s a documented war criminal- like an undocumented alien both illegals! lol

          37. dockilldare says

            speculation is not evidence. so until you present proof STFU!

          38. jetmagnet says

            U.S. officer fined for harsh interrogation tactics

            Saturday, December 13, 2003 Posted: 6:16 AM EST (1116 GMT)

            TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) — The commanding general of the 4th Infantry
            Division on Friday accepted a U.S. military investigator’s
            recommendation and ordered administrative action against Lt. Col. Allen
            West, who was accused of using improper methods to force information out
            of an Iraqi detainee.

            Following a military hearing, West was fined $5,000 over two months, according to West’s civillian attorney, Neal Puckett.

            The punishment does not affect West’s eligibility for retirement and pension, Puckett said in a statement.

            West, 42, will be assigned to the rear detachment of the 4th Infantry
            Division awaiting the processing of his retirement request, the
            statement said.

            Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the 4th Infantry’s top general in Tikrit,
            could have rejected the recommendation and ordered a court martial. If
            he were to be found guilty at a court martial of the two articles
            against him, West could have faced 11 years in prison, a military
            prosecutor told CNN.

            The case stems from an incident August 20 at a military base in Taji,
            just north of Baghdad, when West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman,
            who was believed to have information about a plot to assassinate West
            with an ambush on a U.S. convoy.

            In testimony at an Article 32 hearing — the military’s version of a
            grand jury or preliminary hearing — West said the policeman, Yahya
            Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators, so he watched
            four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery Battalion beat the
            detainee on the head and body.

            West said he also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors
            say West followed up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put
            him on the ground near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm
            pistol into the barrel.

            Plainly speaking, West’s actions amounted to torture. I can’t see how
            anybody (even West) can compare torturing another human being with being
            drunk and disorderly with a straight face. West participated in the TORTURE
            of another human being. Is the type of extremist who deserves a seat
            in Congress? I certainly don’t think so and hopefully the citizens in
            Florida’s 18th District won’t think so either.
            In the end we voted the criminal out of office, never to return and dishonor the office now held by a democrat!

          39. dockilldare says

            That was an article 15, had the commanding generals had evidence that torture was commit ed they would have been bound to seek a courts martial. however as i stated earlier if they were unsuccessful in the prosecution then they would have to face a court martial. it makes sure that no frivolous accusations are pushed through the system.

            being from Florida, i can asure you that this had nothing to do with West losing the election

          40. jetmagnet says

            They weren’t bound, they had every right to court martial west under UCMJ articles. If you know anything about military law, a commander in the military can advocate to dismiss charges or lesson them, unlike civil court which he would have been prosecuted by the court. Article 15 UCMJ nonjudical punishment can only be imposed by a commanding officer. That
            means an officer who is on actual orders, designating them as a
            “commander.” has the ability to lesson or even dismiss the charges without criminal punishment. SOP in the miltary- The evidence was overwhelming and there was whitnesses. You also had the abuse of a police officer which could have led to prosecution in an Iraqui court. Where the Iraqui government has jurisdiction.
            If charges where adhered to by a military court and west convicted, he could be then prosecuted under an Iraqui court.

          41. dockilldare says

            yes but for something of that nature a court martial would have been warranted if they had enough proof to convict him. without that proof no officer is going to risk his own ass processing a court martial that could end up biting him in the ass if he loses the case. and any good jag officer is going to tell the commander that if the commander doesn’t already know it.

            also in a civilian court they do lessen the charges, ever hear of plea bargaining? they also dismiss charges most often for people who testify against others. so its nice to know you still have no idea what you are talking about.

            actually if west had been convicted under the ucmj he could not be tried under iraqi law. because you can not be tried twice for the same crime and contrary to unpopular belief no treaty or other law can supersede the constitution including the ucmj or any extradition treaty. in fact the supreme court ruled on that for exactly that kind of case in the 1957 Reid v Covert case. The case involved a woman who was convicted by court martial of murdering her husband. the husband was a British citizen and the Brits wanted her charged in a British court and by treaty could demand that. however since she was already convicted she could not be tried again.

            that same case also reaffirmed that no treaty can supersede the constitution, unlike the mentality put forth in 2011 by Hillary Clinton in her half ass attempt to quote the supremacy clause. In her quote she omits the last phrase;

            her quote; “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made
            in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made,
            under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of
            the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby.”

            the actual entire clause, is art 6 paragraph 2 of the us constitution reads;

            This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made
            in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made,
            under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of
            the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any
            Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary

            the 5th amendment prevents double jeopardy for a crime. you may also want to check out Amanda Knox as well.

          42. jetmagnet says

            Try going to a foriegn country and comiting a crime against one of their people and see what happens. People under my command have had that experience.
            The US military takes action against it’s personell on internal crimes, but has no jurisdiction on crimes outside the United states juridiction, especially a foriegn country, unless a treaty is signed between the two countries. West was not charged, or he would’ve been court martialed, so he still could be charged for torturing an Iraqui police officer.
            Try the Geneva convention- west’s criminal events where on foreign soil, against a foriegn citizen. We have a special treaty with several countries like the Britts, your getting silly now! You don’t understand Law either double jeopardy applies to civil law cases, not military law involving foriegnors in foriegn countries.

          43. dockilldare says

            again you have no clue. the ucmj can not and does not supersede the constitution and bill of rights, NOR DOES ANY TREATY. maybe had you actually served and actually studied the constitution you would know that. you see we swear to protect and defend the constitution not the ucmj or any other treaty.

            the stated supreme court ruling also further debunks your nonsense. if you get caught by civilian authorities or your crime is directly committed against them, and they request the accused service man prior to that service man/woman getting convicted by court martial then yes that service man/woman can and most likely will be handed over. however as the Reid case proves if the service member is first court martialed they can not be turned over as it would violate their constitutionally protected rights. and as i also pointed out where the us is concerned, no other law supersedes our constitution.

            as for West directly, if his commanders could not get a court martial conviction, which is obvious because for those crimes they would have, why would they turn over an american field grade officer to a foreign government? especially if as you claim, he was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity? those charges would have been filed and tried at the Hague.

            “You don’t understand Law either double jeopardy applies to civil law
            cases, not military law involving foreigners in foreign countries.”

            really you think so? lets see, i understand that all us military bases are in fact us sovereignty. i understand that the ucmj does not apply to foreigners anywhere but only to our men and women in the OUR military. i also understand, unlike you and your savior Obama that the constitution is the beginning and end of our laws. so who is it exactly that does not understand law?

          44. jetmagnet says

            The fact is west commited war crimes and was allowed to resign. Your defense is pathetic Then you go into a bagger rant that has no bearing on the discussion, it’s usually what baggers do when they have no defense they head for the constitution, which has nothing to due with the criminal west. At first you sounded coherent, now you’re totally incoherent.

          45. dockilldare says

            and when liberals are confronted with fact they throw a temper tantrum and call people names, like you just did. time to grow up and start playing by big boy rules.

          46. dockilldare says

            article 32 sorry my last comment contained a brain fart. but if you were what you claim you know that just like an art 15 an art 32 is not a conviction. it is nonjudicial punishment. so that does not make him a war criminal. and if you were what you claim i think we both know that you took part in some actions that are just a questionable if not more so. one of the reasons for the classified hush hush you claim.

          47. jetmagnet says

            He wasn’t brought to trial fella. What planet are you from? If you’re charged with a criminal act and you get probation or cut a deal with a prosecutor, it doesn’t relieve of guilt from the act/s. In this case he was given a reprieve as long as his ass was kicked out. They don’t allow criminals to stay in the military.
            You seem to have difficulty between being charged and criminal proceedings, such as a trial. You can be charged in the military and still not be prosecuted. It happens on a regular basis in the military where a criminal act has been committed and the commander becomes the judge and jury in the case and prevents it from going to court.

          48. dockilldare says

            i have no problem with that issue. in fact i addressed that very fact. because in the military you are liable to court martial if you fail to prove the case you are bringing against another soldier. IF YOU WERE AN OFFICER AS YOU CLAIM, which i truly doubt, you know this.

            Bergdahal’s entire company chain of command has stated publicly that he left his weapons, sensitive items, and abandoned his post. I will take the word of his NCO’s over that of any main stream media outlet any day of the week. once again, IF you were an officer, especially in the units you sited, both of which i highly doubt, you would do the same thing.

          49. jetmagnet says

            I’m not here to prove what position or rank I held as you seem to focus on ,but the questions regarding Allen West. This is not about me..which baggers like to make it…typical. Baggers like to do this shit. They ask you what you did in the service, and if you tell them, then they call you a liar and then discredit you, or try to (it eases the pain of being ignorant and out matched) LOL. I don’t play that game..and personally I could give a flying F**** what anyone on a non friendly, non military site thinks. I’d like to keep my focus on topic related matter. Besides getting kicked out of the military he’s an asshole. Disrespects anyone that isn’t a bagger has no F**** class. When your in a leadership role your supposed to set an example and have some dignity. He fits with teabags, because they have no dignity or moral compass.

            He wouldn’t survive under the units I had, because i don’t put up insubordination or anyone that doesn’t follow protocol.
            As far a Bergdahl goes he deserves due process and it doesn’t matter what his fellow soldiers stated. Bergdahl hasn’t been charged, unlike the criminal west. Let them testify under oath under law and cross examination and see what happens. If he’s guilty hang his butt. Again baggers pick and choose who’s naughty (not a bagger) and who’s nice (If their a bagger) this trend is systemic in the world of rightwing fruitcakes. They stickup for racist-crooks who won’t pay their fees. Although fox ran away from bundy as soon as they foundout he was a racist fruitcake.

          50. dockilldare says

            you’re right its not about you. it’s about the truth and getting to it. something you know nothing of. see i know you are fraud. the fact that you have to belittle, berate, and dehumanize folks that don’t agree with you is all the proof i need of that. but you refuse to deal with facts. you call Allen West a war criminal for something he has not been convicted of. tell me something Mr. S.O.G., did you go to the field or were you a garet trooper? cause i know if you worked S.O.G. you would have seen some real action, you would have done things you are not proud of in the heat of the moment and you would dam sure not be so quick to judge someone else for their actions during an operation that you were not witness to. but then that would take experience i know you don’t have. I would rather be a member of the tea party, than a fake internet rambo like yourself. you see jr.

          51. jetmagnet says

            I would rather see my mother in a house of ill repute than my azz on a honda! lol
            They removed my previous comment that proves baggers live by the script not by their own sense of individualism.
            (you would dam sure not be so quick to judge someone else for their
            actions during an operation that you were not witness to. but then that
            would take experience i know you don’t have) .Your words, yet you call bergdahl a traitor, what a hypocrite! If they didn’t think west committed those crimes, then why did he accept resignation or argue his case to remain in the service to a military court? It was what we call in civil criminal court a Plea bargain under article 32 west was given a non judicial preliminary hearing( in civil law prosecutors conduct these to determine if there’s enough evidence to convict) This is also where the defendent’s attorney has an opportunity plea bargain the case. They had him by the balls and he got special treatment ( he got off with a $5000 fine). The deal was he would recieve an honorable discharge and pension if he resigned.
            I’d like to see any enlisted man get this favorable treatment.
            Your just plain ignorant!!!

          52. dockilldare says

            continuing with the insults and degrading, you are very desperate in your nonsense and guess what, that desperation is on display for the whole world to see.

            enlisted men get that all the time as do nco’s. examples are for popping hot on a drug test, nco’s get a reduction to e4 and barred from reenlisting for 2 years. an elisted man/womam under the rank of s4 gets a field grade article 15, and sent to rehad, if they stay clean all is forgiven. nice try. the 1990’s case of SGM Mckinney also proves that though you can be court martialed you may not get convicted. he was acquitted of the sexual assault and harassment charges but convicted of obstruction of justice. then demoted to MSG.

            “you would dam sure not be so quick to judge someone else for their
            actions during an operation that you were not witness to. but then that
            would take experience i know you don’t have) .Your words, yet you call Bergdahl a traitor, what a hypocrite!”

            first I NEVER CALLED HIM A TRAITOR, i called him a deserter. as i said in my COMPLETE COMMENT, i see you are tallking quoting lessons from Hillery Clinton again, Bergdahl’s ENTIRE CHAIN OF COMMAND, has called him that publicly, from the platoon to the battalion level. lets see, he was in i believe the 25th ID. that means he had a corporal who was his team leader, an E5 squad leader, an E7 Platoon Sargent, E8 first Sargent, O1 platoon leader, O2 executive officer, O3 Company commander, E9 Sargent major, O4 Battalion XO, and O5 Battalion Commander, all come out and called him a deserter. oh and i forgot, cant believe i forgot this kid, the E4 platoon medic as well. there are also the reports filed up the entire corp chain of command. He was listed by the army as a deserter all the way up to DOD level. which is why the SOCOM and JSOC commanders would not risk others to rescue him and no one else ordered the rescue mission.

            i will take the word of the N.C.O.’s and officers that were there any day of the week. so again who is the hypocrite? looks like you again so sorry, but then that is to be expected of a fraud pawning himself off as a spec ops soldier and commander.

            Protocol? Now i know for sure you are full of shit. Protocol in a spec ops unit, that is called a contradiction in terms. the only protocol is to get the job done. one of the many allures to join the special forces in the first place. late 20th (post 1990) and early 21st century rules of engagement aside. we see how well those work, just ask guys like Gordon and Shugart. oh wait you can’t foolish democrat ordered rules of engagement helped to kill them. and fyi those rules of engagement were writen by sec of state Albright and approved by pres. Clinton.

            there is no plea bargaining in the military court system. if the commander can not prove a crime worthy of courts martial, especially of an officer, then the non judicial punishment article 15 for enlisted, and article 32 for officers is used. how many times do we have to go over this before you respond intellegently to the regulations of the military? because they let West retire, does not prove guilt. again the point you totalitarian lefties like to ignore; WEST WAS NOT PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW OR COURT MARTIAL. there fore he is not a criminal. of course that standard only applies to right wing and pro constitutional advocates, not to the accused but not convicted of the DNC.

            yea i know that ideal of innocent until PROVEN guilty really sucks for the left doesnt it? except in cases like Clinton, or maybe Weiner, or Rangel? so by your logic i suppose a guy like Rangel is a traitor because he was sequestered in congress? Weiner is a sex offender, as is Clinton because of an accusation right? oh wait if forgot they are democrats so that behavior is ok to you. now go smoke some more weed, but remember not to enhale.

          53. jetmagnet says

            Very simply put , you would take the word of anyone and convict them without due process lol. I think that speaks volumes your immorality and your direspect of the constitution and our judicial system. Baggers have no morals when it intersects with their insane scripted theocracy ( the bergdahl case is an example of rightwing strategy- blame the black guy for getting an american released, even though mcCain and lindsley graham would have done it. I wouldn’t want to be any part of your hypocricy and low standards of the party of NO. Your saying innocent until proven guilty, but you have already convicted bergdahl , now that’s hypocricy. Have you ever served on a jury? Your they guy that prejudges the accused and convicts him before testimony, we don’t want you people on our juries. West the criminal was charged and he’s a criminal in the minds of millions. Vets I know who respect the law and have fought bravely and some gave their lives, didn’t have to torture people to get the job done. He direspects anyone who abides by the law. Besides he’s an asshole and a disgusting piece of crap- and has no morals or class. How he made rank, beats the hell out of me, or passed a psychological exam.
            Now your argument is so piss poor that you’re bring other people into the conversation. This is typical bagger strategy…if you can’t win an argument based on the facts, then talk about someone else. You keep forgetting i’m neutral-independent- Clinton? weiner rangel? They’re democraps- i don’t care about them. What I hate is lying Fake news channel hypocrites and rightwing wingnuts, that defy logic and have a congress that BLOWSSSSSZZZZZZZZ! That do nothing, blame the president for everything and get paid for it.

          54. dockilldare says

            again you show your lack of knowledge on anything military. a court martial which is what Bergdahl should be heading for, does not require a jury. have you ever witnessed or been a witness in a court martial, i have. (been a witnes in not the one being court martialed)

            you contradict yourself time and again, West was not convicted. you keep calling him a war criminal regardless of that point. the difference between you and i here is that you want to convince people that West is a convicted criminal, and i am pointing out that the entire military chain of command lists Bergdahl as a deserter.

            the arguments you choose to use are so weak and desperate, as well as despicable, that all you can do is play the race card. you and your kind are the problem you don’t deal with facts only you agenda and how to push it on the American people regardless of consequence.

            how do you answer the following issues.

            The LA times reported 21 may 2014 that obamacare has provisions for bailing out insurance companies at tax payer expense if they dont make a certian amount of profit due to obamacare?

            that issue was pointed out in 2010 by Ron Paul, 2011 by Ted Cruz, and 2012 by both Mike Lee and Rand Paul?


            how about Obama’s promise in 2008 to rescind all of Bush’s unconstitutional acts, orders, and directives.

            to date all Obama has done is renew, expand, make permanent and use those laws to justify his own unconstitutional acts. example of said use is how Obama justifies the NSA spy program as legal because the patriot act says so.

            how about how Obama has said his economic plan will cut $100 billion out of the debt in 25 years. but the fact remains that his budget is between $1.6 – $1.9 TRILLION in deficit, that means over budget and more borrowing which of course adds that much plus the interest to the federal debt.

            Obama is the worst president in our history even surpassing the great deserter W. Bush. oh wait i forgot Bush did not get a trial, he was only listed as a deserter by his chain of command.

            do us all a favor, stfu and do some real research, if you cant do that then put on the uniform you deserve to wear, a brown shirt abnd jack boots. wither way im done with your lying ass. now go away

          55. jetmagnet says

            ALLEN WEST
            How to become a member of Congress.

            1. Ignore the Geneva Conventions.

            2. Ignore the Army Field Manual.

            3. Torture prisoners of war.

            4. Be dismissed for it.

            5. Appeal to the extreme right-wing for they are the only ones who understand that ‘need’ to torture.

            Couple this with crap like him saying he wants his political opponents to be afraid to leave the house.

            Very nice, indeed. Quite the Republican party you have there.

          56. Addie Smith says

            Well, I’m one that knows for a fact how slimy West really is. He had reason to be at the Army Post I worked at when he was a Captain (I was the secretary to the chief of the Club System – officer, NCO, skating rink, bowling alley, and golf course were all under the Club System). He was visiting my boss (a retired Army Major) and West was the most disrespectful piece of dog excrement I’d met (and I’d met some really slimy officers – most were either Lieutenants or Lt. Col’s. like West was when he was forced to resign from the military). It’s been many years, so I don’t have any physical proof; but, I am an old white woman who was taught to never lie – especially when it came to military members (my mother worked for the Air Force for 38 years as what is now called a Paralegal for a liaison office out of the D.C. Patent Infringement Division) and I’m married to a Vietnam Vet. West was quite nasty to myself and some of the other members of the staff in my office. When he was saying some of the most disgusting things about what he wanted to do to a couple of we women in the office, I looked him straight in the face and told him he was no gentleman and he wasn’t fit to wear the military uniform he was in – I also told him to either get his slimeball ass out of my office or else I was going to have him escorted out of there, by force, and thrown in the brig for conduct unbecoming an officer. He was eventually thrown out on several charges, one of which was conduct unbecoming. I’m sorry he is even receiving one thin dime of retirement money as he’s not deserving of even the air he breathes. He’s a despicable, vile piece of shit.

        2. TAM44 says

          Voter fraud was why he lost you pile of steaming Obama, I’m a vet and I hate your kind as you are anti America as hell.

          1. Yadja says

            I am a Vet also and brother/sister remember this is why we fight for our country……all these fruitloops……..they are helpless without us and they will pay dearly for their folly.

          2. stephanie wilson says

            seems to me jetmagnet is a leftist nut.

          3. Yadja says

            Most likely a college student or in high school fresh from a lesson on American hatred.

          4. defiant1 says

            Thank you both Yadja and TAM44 for honoring our presence with your service to the US, allowing us to be able to continue having our freedom to forum here and elsewhere. This is what makes this country so great, our intelligent Forefathers and how they put together the Constitution, then we have the military who go forth and continue to fight for our freedom in spite of the disturbing foes you encounter. We all stand tall because of you, your dedication and your service! Thank you!

          5. Yadja says

            So very welcome and thank you for your kind words. Military is at an all time moral low. I feel for them.

          6. dockilldare says

            you are right of course. we served and fought for folks like jetmagnet to say what he thinks. however that does not include slander.

            the really sad part is when the left wing progressive agenda comes to its full fruition a lot of good folk are going to get hurt or worse. left wing is after all the government of the totalitarian.

            oh and one other thing i need to ask you. what did fruitloops ever do to you to insult them by calling him one? i love fruitloops, have it for breakfast with my nephew all the time..

          7. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL your right, fruitloops are sweet and enjoyable.

            This guy is sour grapes.

          8. jetmagnet says

            There is no voter fraud…you’re just poor losers in a losing cause because your politics sucks…it has nothing to do with voter fraud…your party is full of bad ideas. people didn’t wait in several states 4-12 hrs to vote for a ROBME, they voted for Obama…the clear winner! It’s always sour grapes and giving yourself waaaay too much credit. Besides, all the voter fraud was conducted by GOP operatives.
            The voter id laws, depriving people who have voted legally for years to be ineligable. The only way you can win is to cheat! LOL

          9. Btty says

            You really need a lobotomy if you believe that drivel! Lets just go over what your POS lead from behind President has to add to his library shall we?
            1. He has Fast and Furious with Americans dead
            2. Benghazi and four Americans dead on his watch, one of which was an American ambassador.
            3. Healthcare debacle huge failure
            4. Irs scandal
            5. He was going to cut the deficit, remember that? Failed
            6. His green BS was going to add jobs. Remember that? Failed
            7. He is a devider not and has set race relations back to the 1960’s
            8. He apologizes for America on world tour. For what?
            9. He has put Americans in danger with his weak foreign policy and weakness.
            Shall I go on? Because believe me there is a huge list of that that POS has done against American. Yet he has someone like you who can’t defend this guy because you can’t defend the indefensible. Why does this POS deserve your respect? He is a failure and has come close to destroying this country. So grow the hell up and educated yourself.

          10. jetmagnet says

            Their all bullet theories by the right, none are proven or bear merit!! I hear this crap all the time. So what has your bagger congress done in 6 years besides shutdown the government? Please list all their accomplisments LMAO
            Meanwhile, potus has 253 accomplishments even without a do nothing congress!

          11. Btty says

            Your need to get out and smell some fresh air. Your breathing toxic fumes has cause some brain damage. As I said you can’t defend this POS in the WH so what do you do. You post lies and attack Bush. Sorry to tell you this buddy but Bush isn’t in the picture. Your idiot in charge has had it for over 6 years. Own it dummy!

          12. Btty says

            These weren’t theories they were facts! Do you know the difference?

          13. stephanie wilson says

            you know nothing but leftwing talking points which most are bull.

          14. Yadja says

            He is the perfect example of the mindset that Americans must change in order to save this country.

            Take a look at this site. Lots of ammo here and all backed with sources.


          15. Yadja says

            The Senate won’t allow anything the House has put into Bills to be considered. Where are you? How is it you are so uneducated on these subjects you are spewing on?

            Oh Yeh O has plenty he has done without Congress, Congress is the one’s who change laws and write them not the Executive Branch. O has already been found to have done much that was illegal and unconstitutional.

            He cut nothing but his own throat and the throats of the American people by adding 6 trillion dollars to our National Debt in less than 2 years in office. When he came into office the debt was 10.5 trillion.

            O is a disaster and he has not kept his hands only in America but has upset the entire balance in the Middle East. He has a coalition of maybe 9, where Bush had 37 countries behind him for Iraq. Bush was right about Iraq, you heard his speech? You should listen you might learn something. Everything he said in that speech about what would happen if we left Iraq too early has come to fruition. You read the Middle East papers? Nobody trusts O over there. Kerry went to Qatar and Hamas and Turkey to get some sort of peace agreement to present to Israel this last war with Gaza, Israel and the world was shocked and Israel threw the bum out. Qatar, Turkey were backing Hamas along with Iran and they are backing the terrorists as I type. The president of Turkey wants to put Sharia Law into place.

            You are mighty with your mouth and sadly nothing to back your statements with. Just more hot air.

   check it out.

          16. jetmagnet says

            And what’s in those bills? The debt accumulates through interest incumbered in the Bush administration. Are you a freakin economist? Your not, spending is part of regaining the economy and Obama has succeeded doing that and he’s the least spending president since eisenhower. We don’t want fcking wars lady. If you want a war get ur azz out there. We’ll send all you fruitcakes to the front
            75% don’t want another war. They don’t trust America… because of Bush. Killing 110,000 iraquis for nothing. Disposing of a dictator who had the country under control. Without these dictators the countries are fragmented and terrorist move in. Bush and the neocons put us in this position.

          17. Yadja says

            You would not know what is in those Bills because nobody has been able to see them they are stuck on the muck racking lying senile Reid desk.

            LOLOLOL spending is part of recovering the economy? Your a dung ball and your no economic expert either buddy. Oh he has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams when it comes to spending. The entire country has seen what he has done.
            The Auto takeover lost jobs and his green cars did not work.
            The Stimulus took us down 787 Billion.
            Nearly one million people were shut out of mainstream banking from 2009-2011.
            Obama’s Frank Dodd has been a disaster for the Middle class and the poor.
            The average unemployment rate under Bush was 5.2%, under O 9.4%. Bush last year in office the unemployment was 7.2 which O’s administration is just now hitting, only recently.
            The Threat of new taxes under O care has businesses firing not hiring.
            The National Debt was 5.7 trillion when Bush came into office and 10.5 trillion when he left. In 8 years he only raised National Debt by 5 trillion. In less than 2 years O raised it by 6 trillion.
            Bush had 52 straight months of job creation producing more than 8 million new jobs. Labor productivity was 2.5% annually exceeding the 70’s, 80,s and 90’s.
            US dept of Defense
            Under Bush 575 killed in Afghanistan under O over 1,500
            Under Bush 2221 died in Iraq under O in the first two years 1049 the number is much higher now.

            You obviously are oblivious to the International news because the word daily on their news broadcasts is that O has no respect and nobody trusts him . How many leaks have come from this WH? Bush did not kill all those Iraqis and the world is seeing now how the Muslims are killing their own, just as they killed 90,000 in Iraq and tried to lay the blame on America. Assad already killed over 150,000 of his own, Hussein killed close to 2 million in 23 years averaging 80.000 a year, the list is endless.

            Haaaqa Hussein defied 12 UN Resolutions, had his nuke site near Baghdad destroyed by Israel, attacked Kuwait, bombed Israel and entertained terrorists. He had torture chambers, a human grinding machine, rape palaces and killed 150,000 Kurds with chemicals and maybe 300,000 because we were still digging-up the mass graves when we left Iraq.

            Your O used a George Soros “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine and went to the UN to depose Gaddafi and he used our military sources to do it and look what we have in Libya. Look what O put into office in Egypt, Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately for the Egyptian people they got it right and told O to pound sand. Deposing of Dictators is O’s specialty not to mention killing hundreds of civilians via drone strikes and leaving villages along with people, destroyed or maimed. Only problem is the Dictators he deposed were no immediate threat to America or the world. You haven’t heard of it? You should look it up, dirtbag.

            Your O put us in the position we are in and the entire world acknowledges it. I already served my country in two wars as an Army nurse. You said you were a soldier, which side?

          18. Carolyn Smith says

            I thank you and admire you for taking the time to list facts, unlike the brainwashed liberal we have been dealing with. I am afraid however we are wasting our time. People like him refuse to understand . They are too afraid they might lose something they are getting for free not realizing they and the country are actually paying dearly. Responsibility is not in their vocabulary. For every one thing the liberal, socialist government gives, it takes back tenfold. Just remember , everyone, what the government gives, it can also take away!

          19. Yadja says

            Thank you, I get so tired of them and giving them facts that is why I told him to go to because all the things he is saying are not so are spelled out on this site with sources that substantiate the facts….he is a liar.

            We have a terrible problem in this country and the only solution I can think of is that IQ tests need to be given, which they are in school and anyone with a below 100 is not allowed to vote.

            I am dead serious, these people are destroying our country.

          20. jetmagnet says

            What facts? I know what the facts are and where to find them. She can’t produce her sources, because she can’t prove anything she is saying as factual.
            You can get these facts from the CBO, dept of labor statistics. Business reports come out monthly along with consumer index’s. These reports show everything.
            I see nothing but rightwing hogwash, numbers that don’t match anything. lol

          21. jetmagnet says

            How dumb are you? Just tell me where you got these figures from and that should settle and argument you have! lol You haven’t the capacity to even factcheck your own parties bills and legislation??? That’s insane! you haven’t the damn common sense to look up the bills? They are available for anyone to read, but baggers would rather read brietbart or the drudge report LMAO!
            Here I’ll help you…just a little. you can see what your baggers vote. Bush destroyed the ecomomy. Bush’s last year in office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. You have not stats to back you up, yet you keep passing gas, like a windbag. Give me some real facts, From the sources, CBO , Dept of labor statistics. Economic business index. GDP reports.
            Your figures are bullshit!! Show me your bogus sources and I’ll shame you with facts! You don’t even know WTF you’re talking about. Dodd/frank was regulatory reform for the banking industry, the prevents banks from gambling with taxpayer money. Lady your head is so far up your ass, and your totally ignorant of any facts. You don’t even understand the markets or the economy.
            Come back to me when you make fckng sense or get educated. Your totally embarrassing yourself with crap that was debunked long ago.

          22. Yadja says

            You would not know the truth if it slapped you up aside your nasty incompetent head. I gave you the facts and all you can give me is tripe. You honestly believe that the average Joe, who works his a$$ into the ground has time to look-up all the bills?

            Your Ratchit, your entire base is ratchit and tell me where you served, what unit, where you downrange?

            I am educated and your an embarrassment to our country so go put your ugly mug back up your backside where you keep it and that is why your comments are full of chit.

          23. jetmagnet says
          24. Yadja says

            You are just stupid not to mention vulgar.

          25. defiant1 says

            Jet, how about watching your mouth, your foul language is deplorable, your attitude, screaming and denigration of commenters is deplorable. We are a free country and we can read anything we want, we can listen to any radio or internet broadcast we want, we can read any blog we choose. If your beloved democrat/progressive/Marxist/communist politics takes over this country, you will be hushed, Be glad you are free to spew as you please, but please do it respectfully and perhaps debate will happen rather than fighting each other.

          26. jetmagnet says

            Bagger is cute… it’s short for teabagger, which is short for tea party people or TPP.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            300,000+ weekly apply for unemployment. Lowest worker participation rate since the 70’s. Obama and the economy is like a dog humping a football. That’s what Affirmative Action gets you!!

          28. jetmagnet says

            How many jobs has the GOP produced in six years? End of story! OHHHHHHHHH!

          29. mac12sam12 says

            Democrats have the senate you idiot, led by the most incompetent president in history.

          30. jetmagnet says

            Republicans have 522 filibusters many could’ve created jobs, Whaaa Happened?
            I’d say Obama is one of the best- many accomplishments with no bagger congress. It’s kinda like a major handicap in golf and POTUS still wins!
            I’d like to see any CEO make it with his management team saying NO to everything he wants done. LMAO! From where i come from, you stand by your CEO and approve his policies…if they fail… then you have a reason to BITCH!
            Assholes think the opposite. You block everything he tries to do, them blame him for not doing it?????? Where does that work??

          31. mac12sam12 says

            Spending taxpayer money does not create jobs. The republican congress has sent 360 bills to Harry and he puts them into a draw. Obama can’t create jobs but he sure knows how to bankrupt them! So far 13 million!

          32. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL the humping got me.

          33. jetmagnet says

            You make sleepy from these long rants you read off fruitcake blogs. When you can prove anything get back to me…i’ve heard this horsemanuer from you peeps a million times. None of you does research beyond lying bagger websites.
            I’ve read just about every rightwing oped, viral email, fake environmentalist, sanctioned economist and factchecked them all over the last 6-7 yrs as false. You peeps are like little parrots , saying the same lies, the same crap that you learn form unverified sources. I don’t even bother wasting my time arguing with you uneducated peeps. I say your uneducated because you only believe what you learned from the script. The most ignorant people on the planet.
            I read you long rant- none of it is even close! lies you’ve learned from educated rightwing script writers.

          34. Yadja says

            “I don’t even bother wasting my time arguing with you uneducated peeps.”

            Really what do you call all these posts you have been doing answering many of us?

            Your warped and a looser and get your jollies from being a PIA.

          35. Carolyn Smith says

            Here we go again! Its all Bush`s fault. How many times have I heard that in the last 6 years?! You`re too brain washed to even waste my time with. So good luck to you and I hope your hero and his thugs don’t ruin the country beyond repair before his reign is over. God save our country!

          36. jetmagnet says

            Just as i thought, you get your info from rightwing blogs…no creditability!

          37. Yadja says

            Just as I thought, you get your information from leftwing blogs and news… credibility anywhere in the world.

          38. jetmagnet says

            I look at all news, i quit looking at rightwing news because it’s false propaganda not news at all…that was tried in court, faux news is not news it’s entertainment for goofballs!

          39. Yadja says

            The only way for anyone to get some idea of the truth, it is difficult, is to go to the International news. One has to be careful there also. The Russian news is anti-American as is Al Jazeera. But when looking to the countries themselves, understanding their history then looking at their news you can shake out the chaff.

          40. Yadja says

            We do agree that most of the Main Media are goofballs is too mild, traitorous b@stards fits better who bend over backwards to keep O in a good light and FOX doesn’t play dirty enough and people like O’Reilly are wimpy and give O a chance.

          41. Carolyn Smith says

            The Republicans did not shut down the government. That was Harry Reid and Obama by not negotiating or compromising. Obama broke the law by many of his “accomplishments”. Crap he passed by executive order skirting around Congress. Congress cant accomplish anything because Harry Reid will not bring anything to Senate floor that has been passed by the House. Harry Reid is you obstructionist.

          42. defiant1 says

            I am a native Washingtonian and have watched for decades how the WaPo has deteriorated by going liberal. Sorry, do not believe anything written in the WaPo except for syndicated Krauthammer and/or Cal Thomas. I use the WaPo to line my cats litter box. My Congressman is VanHollen and I do not believe one thing that comes from his Marxist mouth because he carries water for Obama.

          43. Addie Smith says

            Native Washingtonian – how? Washington, D.C., or Washington State? If you mean Washington State, then you must be on the hillbilly side of the mountains.

          44. Randmo says

            Absolutely amazing.

          45. dockilldare says

            simple fact here boys and girls. 2008 federal debt was just over $9 trillion. currently the debt is over $17 trillion, that means in his 6 years as president he has added $8 trillion dollars to the debt. of course that would be on target with his yearly budget being about $1.6 -$1.9 trillion in deficit EACH YEAR HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE.
            got to hate that Congressional Budget Office, they have the nerve to be non partisan with their only job being to tell the american people where our money is going.

          46. jetmagnet says

            The Facts-adding to the deficit: Bush vs. Obama

            Since President Obama became chief executive, the national debt has
            risen almost $5 trillion. But how much of that was because of policies
            passed by Obama, and how much was caused by the financial crisis, the
            continuation of past policies and other effects? For this analysis, we
            worked with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to attach a price
            tag to the legislation passed by Obama and his predecessor. George W.
            Bush’s major policies increased the debt by more than $5 trillion during
            his presidency. Obama has increased the debt by less than $1 trillion.

            Stats by the CBO-


          47. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            Teabagging is what you did to your father last night.

          48. jetmagnet says

            If they’re facts, where’s the evidence? Facts require evidence and proof
            of guilt through our justice system…accusations …inuendo, false
            rumors and propaganda don’t cut. If you want to argue law let’s do it!

          49. Carolyn Smith says

            Let us see your facts and your proof! You show me yours , I`ll show you mine. LOL

          50. jetmagnet says

            You are making the argument..not me, don’t act silly. You make the argument..prove it.

          51. Yadja says

            Boy Howdy and you are an expert in all those fields. Your a liar, a traitor and you never served if so where and when?

            I don’t believe you.

          52. jetmagnet says

            Honey, you don’t have to believe me…do you believe in the devil?

          53. Yadja says

            HONEY????? LOLOLOLOL

            I have been up close and personal with the most inherent evil you can imagine in my lifetime, I know it is among us and if you are proposing that you are some advocate of the Devil then your really in trouble.

            No Satanic power on this earth has ever been able to touch someone who is of the Light. And if they did the outcome was not what they expected.

          54. Btty says

            If it’s one thing I have learned from this conversation it’s that you wouldn’t believe the truth if it bit you on the azz. You don’t want to know the truth. You follow blindly the path of your POS President and his fellow comrades. I don’t believe you served either. By the way if you served with honor and distinction where the hell is that proof? By the way your earlier comment about Obozo being a gracious commander proves your a total idiot. There is nothing gracious about that SOB. So shut your Pie Hole!

          55. jetmagnet says

            Your comments are negligent in fact and isidious to say the least. You’re still incapable of supporting anything you say relative with the truth…instead you parrot party ideology and attack anything that doesn’t fit your disconnected brain.
            It’s called cognitive dissonance. i’m neither a conservative or a democrat, and certainly not a liberal. Baggers tend to define people by party instead of human. mainly because baggers aren’t human, they’re programmed hypocrites with prejudices. lol

          56. Btty says

            Frankly, I don’t give a rats azz what you think! Keep blowing it out your Pie Hole because no one cares!

          57. Yadja says

            You go girl. Google CAIR attacks Army nurse by Andrew Whitehead frontpage mag, War from Within……it is my story, I am Cpt Tiger:) I served with honor and this guy only serves up dishonorable lies.

          58. Btty says

            I just got home and finished reading the article about you. I’m sorry but I’m so pissed I could scream. How dare those bastards treat you this way and what the hell is going on with the Army? They ruined your career and a chance at a well deserved medal! I’m sick to death of the way our military is treating our soldiers. My God what the hell is going on? By the way my views on this are the same as yours. You didn’t do a damn thing wrong and your superiors should have spoken up in your defense and nipped it in the bud. But no political correctness has infiltrated our military. This just fecking makes me furious! I’m so deeply sorry this happened to you. Your my hero and may God bless you always. I’m just at a loss for words I’m so mad.
            One of my sons was going to join the Air Force. He scored so high on all his test and passed his physical with flying colors. I sat him down and said: Look, under anyother President I would support you but not under this one and not with the way our Military is turning on their own. Please, please don’t do it. Well, lucky for me and him he was offered a huge amount of money to work for this company and the rest is history. He took the offer by the company. Thank God! I will never forget your story. It just burns my ass to think what they did to you and for what? A Muslim terrorist group. God help us.

          59. Yadja says

            My Congressman is on it after all the years and I think something will come out of it. I am sure not the only one, we have so many in the Brig for disobeying the O new Rules of Engagement. This war was not as well planned as Shield/Storm, There is much I could tell you. In fact I am having an interview with a writer from Tom Torento’s site that also writes here on Breitbart, he is going to do a follow-up and get the rest of the story. I spent the day getting my papers together.

            My Congressman is working on another story also the DOD is going back into our records as many years as they want and writing really nasty letters saying we owe them thousands of dollars they overpayed us. There was a US Code 28 Section 2415 Subsection (d) that was on the books until O got into office and did away with it. It only allowed the military to collect on overpayments for up to 6 years after they found their mistake. So this is another nasty hit to all of us Vets and millions are in my boat.

            I am fighting it and this reporter is going to do a story on this and publish the nasty letters I received, hopefully many will come forward and tell their horror stories. This is the most loathsome administration since Hitler ruled Germany. It is underhanded and hurting people everywhere. Can you imagine a Vet over 70 on SS or SSD getting one of these letters and I am sure they have. How can they pay that money? Well let me tell you they in the second letter threatened to turn me into the Justice Dept for a suit against me, turn me into the Treasury Dept and the State Dept and to take any money coming to me in a refund or SSD or SS or anything to get their pound of flesh. The 3rd letter they sent was to my Congressman and they really tempered their language and are talking about a waiver. Mind you they also were going to add so many penalties etc that the 1,157.16 would have ended-up being many more thousands.

            They are heartless and I advise anyone thinking of joining the military to not do it at this time in our history. Because this administration does not give a hoot about us. Anyway thank you for your good wishes, sweet words of encouragement and you are some feisty gal I will say that. Your a winner and I love posting to you.

            Gotta run and do a few more things. Thank you again. Yadja

          60. stephanie wilson says

            like I said above, you are nuts.

          61. Yadja says


            Pass this site on. Good reference for Demoncats like this guy.

          62. Btty says

            I have and will Yadja. Thanks so much for the information. As for jetmagnet why try to prove anything? He is an ignorant liar and I do not believe for one minute he served in our military. He is a blind liberal who accepts anything his lead from behind President tells him. The blind leading the blind.

          63. Yadja says

            True but I just love to irritate them. 🙂

          64. Btty says

            ROFLOL, He wears me out!

          65. Yadja says

            I like it when he gets so mad he could drag me through the computer and kick my butt. He is violent bigtime.

          66. Btty says

            Drag you through the computer maybe, kick your butt? I don’t think so. 😉

          67. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL your right I shoot first ask questions later.

          68. Yadja says

   All there for everyone to see with sources to substantiate that O is a Liar in Chief.

            No voter fraud? In Florida alone they found thousands who voted several times, used the names of pets and the dead to vote and Florida is cleaning out the chaff. O did not have an overwhelming majority of votes, he slid under the wire with the popular vote. Many now in his own party have buyers remorse and want him out of office. He is not a leader, a Commander or anything but a mouth piece for George Soros and the Muslims.

            Audacity of Hope, page 261, when talking to a group of Muslims after 9/11, letting them know their citizenship meant something and that if the political winds turned in an ugly way he would stand with them. Boy howdy he has been true to his word, you feel safer with him in office? If you do your in the minority because the polls show Americans are not feeling the love.

            O won the Black vote because of his color.
            O won the old f@rts votes because the Dems played the Social Security scare card, when in fact it is O and this administration with O care and all the millions of new citizens he is going to legalize that will strip Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare and SS and SSD.
            O won the college votes because they believed his BS of Hope and Change, which by the way is a slogan used by Socialist and Communists in the past generations to win over the peons.
            O won the vote of Whites who thought having a colored president would finally absolve the sin of Slavery. Fat chance, he has divided this country and if he keeps it up there will be a final Civil War.

            You have to show an ID to get a driver license, to start a bank account, to cash a check etc you think it is OK to vote without proving who you are? I think people need IQ tests and a card showing the results anyone with an 80 or below 100 IQ should not vote and no illegals should even consider it. That goes without saying. What about Illegal do people not understand?

            If you were a toilet you would need flushing your overflowing with chit.

          69. jetmagnet says

            You read too much bullshit. George soros? You have to be kidding. He’s nothing compared to the Kochs, small potatoes. Your brain is rotting from believing the hype they want you to believe. I know much more than you’ll ever know because i have access to information of both parties. Obama won because he was better than mCain or Romney both losers. One’s a neocon that would have us in five wars and probably world war III and robme is for the wealthy and would destroy the social safetynet. The best president is and still is Obama..for all the people. If you don’t like it learn to live with it because he isn’t going anywhere and neither is millions who believe the same way. Minorities will rule one day as old farts with bad ideas die off. The new generation is progressive. There’s plenty of places to move if you don’t like this country or believe in democracy. I think the man was never given a chance to be great, the GOP had a meeting during his inauguration setting a pathway to totally obstruct him and prevent him from accomplishing anything, they failed he’s accomplished quite a bit… despite the your bagger congress with it’s 7% approval rating. The tea party has a whopping 21% approval rating just to show you how much people believe in your crap. As an independent, I’ll vote for both parties , but no teabags! They are a destructive force and anti-american.

          70. Yadja says

            If anyone needs to get out of our country and stay away from our military it is traitorous b@stards like you. You are beyond abominable you are sick, twisted and I believe a drunk or a crack head.

            You are anti-American and you are nothing more than a windbag and someone who gets his a$$ kicked over and over on this site.

            If you were a toilet you would be overflowing with chit. You need to be flushed out of this country.

          71. Yadja says

            John Podesta’s Center for American Progress was founded in 2003 with seed money from George Soros, who also donated $3 million to its sister organization, the Project Action Fund. Podesta and CAP are heavily influential in helping the O WH. Time Magazine profiled Podesta’s group’s influence in the formation of the O administration, “Not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan’s transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway.”

            Soros also has:
            Institute for Policy Studies that are guidelines for the Dem/Progressive Party
  , Society Institute, Public Knowledge, Tides Foundation and is busy in news media funding.

            Soros is the man along with Andy Stearn, SEIU that put O in his Senatorial seat.

            You don’t even know who George Soros is do you? What a perverted gob of snot you are. George Soros also backs the Muslim Brotherhood. Which has been entrenched in our country for over 50 years, but that is another story and you need to read up on it…or not….I don’t give a d@mn what some traitorous heap of misguided, perverted idgit like you knows.

          72. jetmagnet says

            I’m an independent not a democrat. We don;t have a soros or anyone like the BIG KOCHS. lol Never heard of soros other than he’s a savy investor, not an oil magnate like the BIG KOCHS. Do you know the difference? One makes money for investors, the other screws americans at the gas pump!

          73. dockilldare says

            do you drive a car? does that car run on gas? do you use electricity in your home? if you answer yes to these questions then how can you say big oil is screwing you? you are paying for the product, news flash genius the supplier gets to set the price for his/her goods. i know those dam property rights things again and of course that means that pesky constitution also. sucks to be a Marxist liberal who doesn’t know squat about marketing.

            a wise man once said, a product is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. so if you are willing to pay whatever price is at the pump, then you are either very much the hypocrite or just to stupid to understand basic supply and demand. I’ll let you decide which one it is.

            also if you are going to point at people buying votes, i think Michael Bloomberg should at least get honorable (or in his case dishonorable) mention.

          74. jetmagnet says

            Your clueless- I work with stocks, etf’s and commodities every day.
            Oil prices are based on other factors besides supply and demand.
            Oil prices are based on world market prices and moved by the derivatives markets and manipulators like The Koch bros and goldman sachs two of the biggest players in the oil derivitaves market.
            Americans getting screwed at the pump!!

          75. Yadja says

            I suggest strongly that you look into the following, Google them and see Soros hand in all and he is not an investor he is known for having a hand in many countries affairs and changing the tides.
            First look up who George Soros is.
            Soros Economic policy
            Soros Energy policy
            LightSquared look who it is
            George Soros has contributed millions of dollars to leftist activist groups; 1,4 million to Free Press, 1.7 million to Media Access Project, 3.8 million to New America Foundation and 855,500 to Public Knowledge. All backers of Liberal Media.
            Soros Middle East policy
            Soros “Responsibility to Protect” the doctrine O used to use our military resources to kill Gaddafi.
            Soros conflict with Murdoch
            Soros Doctrine
            Soros Fund Management LLC
            Soros Institute for Policy Studies
            Soros Open Society Institute
            Soros Tides Foundation

            Soros backed O for Senator along with SEIU
            Soros backed O for president

            Soros Institute for Policy Studies is a think tank. It is an idea factory for the left. It has carried out projects in support of leftish dictators and revolutionary nationalists and various scoial movements. It is a crucial omponent of the Radical Network, helping to formulate ideas that ultimately become congressional legislation or with O WH legislation.

            Gave you a clue of what one of Soros backed movements. You have shown your ignorance and in a way I am disappointed in you. You truly do not understand anything about O or Soros of Progressives.

          76. jetmagnet says

            He’s a basic political lefty activist. I’ve never heard of him in any national news publication as being as influential or as sordid as the KOCK bros.
            He makes news as one of the savy investors making millions for his investors and himself.
            Again, This Soros guy is small potatoes compared to the BIG KOCH’s who are libertarians and are influencing every election in every state. Even small counties. He uses the tea party to help make policy through hundreds of organizations including- the americans for prosperity, Heritage foundation, cato institute etc. These aren’t small funded think tanks like this guys soros but multimillion dollar vote changing organizations that make the teabags and boehner jump at every whim.
            The end game here is financial and corporate takeover of our democracy. The kochs’s push teabags for anti-claimate policies and dereglation legislation so they can make billions more and pollute us into oblivion.
            Comparing the two if you say their equal is ludicruous. The KOCKs are worth $100 billion dollars, soros a petty $13 billion. Soros controls people’s money, the koch’s control most of the refineries and oil…so which has more influence on your purse?? Everyone backs unions except conservatives…they like keeping people poor and wages down , just look at where the lowest wages are RED states and right to work policies. This is greedy basturds that need more billions because they just can’t have enough to buy politicians. They own the Teabags lock stock and barrel. george soros owns no one.



          77. Carolyn Smith says

            So far I see Yadja posting many facts backed by more facts that are easy to check. I haven’t seen anything but name calling, hype, and very few so called facts with no support from you. George Soros is a socialist or worse a communist. Check it out. The new generation is only progressive if you think communism is the way to go. In ten years when what has been started by Obama and his people is in full swing and there is a new more forceful dictator in charge, lets see how you like things then. THAT is what this new generation is pushing us toward. They think they will always be the ones on top. If they succeed, I hope I am still around to see them fall like the rest of us.

          78. sandraleesmith46 says

            Haven’t been paying attention to the news clearly; but that’s no surprise. Neither is the lie about the Koch brothers, who are 2 people compared the the DOZENS of real villains supporting the NWO, among them SOROS!

          79. dockilldare says

            now living in Florida i can confirm that about the voter fraud. it was almost as big news story down here as was the recounts of the Bush Kerry election in Mass.

          80. Yadja says

            Yep we got problems out the pootutie.

          81. TAM44 says

            Your as full of $hit as a Christmas turkey and would not know the truth if it slapped you up side your head which is buried deep in your rectum.
            God bless America
            To hell with the DEMONCRATS who are all sons and daughters of Satan.

          82. Carolyn Smith says

            HOW is showing your ID depriving any eligible person from voting? No one has ever explained that sensibly. Voter fraud has been proven to take place over and over. My guess is the ones who are so adamant that it doesn’t happen and against doing something about it would be the ones who know they cant win without it.

          83. sandraleesmith46 says

            101-150% return in a given district of all the POSSIBLE registered voters isn’t fraud in your book? Wow, you need a DICTIONARY!

          84. defiant1 says

            Your last 3 sentences really show you are NUTS! GOP Operatives–hilarious!

          85. ChicagoThunder1 says

            On election day during Obama’s first run I visited a friend who lived in Madison WI. I stopped at a hotdog stand near the University. While I was eating my lunch I sat and listened to a group of students ask each other how many times they voted for Obama. Early that day I had also voted when they asked me for my address I gave it to them. What they came back with set me on my heels. They still had all of my dead relations on record including the past owners of my home from thirty years prior. I went home and brought back their death certificates and a copy of my tax bill. I told them that I wanted their names removed from that data base. They told me they couldn’t do it even though I produced the documents.
            Voter fraud is rampant across the nation. The reason that Republicans can not fight it is because they did get caught doing a tit for tat voting scam. However in doing so the Democrats got one of their elected judges to force a contract on the Republicans saying they could not fight voter fraud for a period of time thus giving the Democrats free reign to commit the crime until the contract expires.

          86. jetmagnet says

            Where’s the facts? You peeps are can never produce anything..makes you look silly and ignorant.

          87. TAM44 says

            Don’t you get tired of people kicking your sorry liberal democrat ass when you constantly lie. Your one pathetic dead from the neck up a hole.

          88. jetmagnet says

            You fruitcakes can’t seem to prove anything-mostly bullshit- yadja is the Queen of bullshit!

        3. Yadja says

          How would you know? Where you there? Did you serve? What basis do you put your a$$…ump….tions on?

          You have not a clue and so be it……….your just another maggot in the wound that is opening up in America by the Butcher of Iraq Obama.

        4. armydadtexas says

          And you are a fool!

        5. stephanie wilson says

          yea? you are nuts. go get a head shrinker man!

        6. Btty says

          Allen West is a man of honor and integrity. He served his country well and deserves our respect and support. Whats your claim to fame? You aren’t good enough to shine Allen Wests shoes!

          1. jetmagnet says

            I served with honor and distinction. West didnot. He violated the UCMJ and disrespected the laws that govern military code of conduct. He was given a pass.And he continues to act like the criminal that was forced out of the military.
            military prosecutors said his actions amounted to torture and
            violated articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

            Here’s Gen. George Washington, on how he expected American soldiers to treat prisoners.

            “Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as
            to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring
            him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime
            may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be
            disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by
            such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their

            Shame, disgrace and ruin.

          2. Btty says

            Well, George wasn’t fighting terrorist. It’s a little different. In this case we should never take prisoners. We should kill them all. Kill those ba–ards today or we will be fighting them again in another 100 years. Nuke the bas-ards and be done with it once and for all.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            The British Empire was one of the biggest oppressors and terrorists origination the world ever saw. They just wore red uniforms.

          4. Btty says

            I don’t want to hear your drivel on the British Empire. We won our independence from them so move on already! We have raised a bunch of wuzzies like you and jemagnet who wouldn’t dream of supporting and protecting our country. I don’t give a rats azz about torture of the enemy! Do you get that? We are so stupid that during war we are the only ones who go by the Geneva Convention all while our enemy tortures our soldiers. So as for our enemies I don’t care if they drag the ba–ards behind a car with a piece of wire! You don’t fight a war to be nicey nice. Okay. You fight to win at all costs! PERIOD!! Just for your information, we are not nor have we ever been oppressors!

          5. Mark Clemens says

            I dislike the British, I hope Scotland gains their independence from the Crown. The Britain oppressed everyone they came in contact with. No slaves in England, but it was all bloody well and good in the colonies.
            Expected people over here to house and feed their troops. Look how they treated the people of India. Hang your ass in a heartbeat for speaking against their tyranny.
            As for war prisoners. Kill them all, but as you so eloquently put it, ours need to expect no less.

          6. Btty says

            Mark our men and women in Uniform know what could happen to them if captured. The enemy we are now fighting has no honor! If we don’t start fighting the enemy with the attitude of wiping them out we will be fighting them off and on forever. This is an enemy who has to know that we will give no quarter. We are out to decimate them not take them as prisoners so that a weak lead from behind President can set them free if captured. NO PRISONERS! Blow them off the face of the earth. Their women teach the children from birth to hate so you can’t just kill the men fighting you have to take so many of them out that they beg for us to stop. Only then will this end forever.
            Not sure if your interested but if you like to read there is a book called “Unbroken” that will tell you what happened during WWII to our soldiers who were captured by the Japanese. When we set that bomb off in my opinion if it saved one American life it was worth it. But it saved many, many lives.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Your right, we don’t bomb them like my Grandpa did. Also all this pussyfooting around makes the enemy adapt to our fighting methods. I have mixed feelings about dropping nukes on them. Even though that would save lives and money. I’d hate for another country doing the same if they get mad at someone. After 4 or 5 nukes go off globally, we really might see some kind of negative global effect…..

          8. Btty says

            I understand but I don’t think that would happen. I think if it was done right it would scare all our enemies. However, having said that I truly believe there are worse things than death. I would rather be dead than be a slave to anyone! We shouldn’t have to live in fear of anyone. The thing is if we did this it would have to be fast and without warning to anyone. Not to worry, under this President it would never happen.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Oh, I know it would scare the hell out of a lot of radical countries

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Better watch out about droppings Nukes. Pakistan has over 100 ready to go.

          11. Btty says

            You can crawl in a corner with fear but not me. Drop them, but first we need a President who doesn’t announce our plans! I’m a True American and I cower from no one!!

          12. jetmagnet says

            A prisoner is a prisoner fella…i don’t care how you twist it.
            It’s always the same with you peeps, you refer to the constitution and the founders only when represents YOUR interest. That’s why I say Baggers are the biggest hypocrites. Maybe we should adjust the second amendment because they had muskets back then instead of ar15’s??

          13. Yadja says

            Oh really is that so? This enemy is a barbarian. They wear no uniforms, they have no Rules of Engagement, they do not honor the Geneva Convention, what do they do to our men when they catch them? I feel sure if Washington were facing this enemy today he would have a new strategy.

            It’s always the same with you creeps you refer to presidents sayings of hundreds of years ago to back your feeble arguments. Your nothing but a walking, talking corrupter of our Constitution and hypocritical bonofasitch.

            Maybe we should start fighting dirtier and win this war against ISIS. Why don’t you join them, you appear to have such loathing for our government and our military, bet you did not talk this way when in the service! Bet you had to work really hard to keep your feelings hidden. Were you one of those Muslims who killed our men in their sleep just before the battle began or did you back them?

          14. jetmagnet says

            You have alot of hate and hostility for a person with no evidence or facts. Quit peeing on my leg and give me facts to bckup your bullshit. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?
            None of you baggers EVER produce hard facts. As soon as you do we’ll debate them. Give me something to work with. I get tired of educating baggers , but it’s fun. You still haven’t told me all the accomplishments of the baggers since elected? LMFAO!!!!!!!! They have none! They suck. If you can’t tout your own party and have to bash the other party, your in deep Doo Doo!!!!

          15. Yadja says

            Your one to talk about hate and hostility I have read your posts on here and your full of hate and you have no facts what so ever to back anything you say. I gave you the website it covers everything you say never happened and gives the sources you can click onto to substantiate the facts laid out. As a matter of fact the sources are well known publications etc. I see no reason to waste my time posting when you can go there and see it for yourself.

            I don’t belong to the Tea Party I am an Independent but I sure as He!! back every cause they bring forward. I get tired of listening to the trash you and your ilk throw out and you don’t debate all you do is make excuses for the sorry a$$ that has not only put this country in grave danger but the world…the Big Zero O. Your Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Kerry are jokes, bad jokes played on a serious stage of events.

            Nobody could pee on your leg because you are a maggot and nobody can stoop that low. If the Demoncats could not lie they could not open their mouths now do your homework or get lost.

          16. jetmagnet says

            Your a hypocrite not an independent, we don’t go to rightwing fruitcake blogs, and your definately one sided! lol Again, your for a party without ANY accomplishments…like slighted school girl at the senior prom…it’s was your dates fault! You peeps are hilarious!

          17. Yadja says

            Your a liar and need an exorcism.

            Yep I am certainly not on the side of the Dem/Progressives or the pinhead O.

            You were not even invited to any prom your mentioning it shows your most likely some High School dullard who was rejected by everyone and thought weird.

            I have no candidates I like at this time none are going to fight dirty and they will have to.

          18. defiant1 says

            “You have alot of hate and hostility for a person with no evidence or facts. Quit peeing on my leg and give me facts to bckup your bullshit. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?….” Take a look in the mirror jet, your are describing yourself!

          19. Btty says

            Excuse me? I don’t believe in taking prisoners unless it’s for information then shoot them in the head fella!

          20. jetmagnet says

            It sounds like you’ve shot yourself in the head a few times… and the result wasn’t favorable.hahahahahahahaha!

          21. Btty says

            Give it up, you bore the hell out of me!

          22. defiant1 says

            what a very sick thing to say, then laugh……..disturbing!

          23. stephanie wilson says

            west is 100 times the man you are.

          24. Yadja says

            Yes and Washington had soldiers who were treasonous shot by Firing Squad. O is a treasonous man, he has aided and abetted the enemy, so when will he get his due? O has given courage, land and resources via Iraq to our enemy. He has done much more. Where is your sense of justice on this? What Oath did O take? To protect this country and it’s citizens. Are we safer now? NOT more danger than ever before. What does the Constitution say about Treason?

            You ever been in the position West was in? You ever serve downrange? Washington was up against an enemy who played by the rules more or less, West and our men are up against savages who don’t even respect the Geneva Convention. O changed the rules of engagement that is causing deaths downrange of our men. He has our men reading Miranda Rights to those killing us downrange. O is the traitor, the Monarch and the one who has no allegiance to America. He would not even put his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played, there are pics on the net of it, he refused to wear an American flag lapel pin, there are pics of that also, when he redid his oath he did not put his hand on the Bible or anything. West is a Patriot and a real soldier.

            Your no soldier I served with and I met between 30 and 40 a day for over 1year with this war and Shield/Storm. I was 6 months RR and 6 months setting up DWMMC along with being responsible for the Daily Pentagon Report that went to General Granger Euro Command. I never heard a soldier talk like you. I am thankful because I would have tuned him over to our Commanders.

            Your a looser and could not walk in West’s combat boots if you tried. They don’t have boots small enough for you.

          25. jetmagnet says

            What the hell are you mumbling? You have brain rot. You people like to stickup for criminals and mass murderers as long as support your cause. It’s the hypocricy!!! If west hated teabags, you’d be all over his azz, and that is fact! Quit bullshitting me.

          26. Yadja says

            The only chit on this site is toilet minds like you.

            Your so full of O chit that I can smell you across this board.

          27. Addie Smith says

            Oh, for crying out loud, why the hell do you right wingers keep on bitching about the stupid flag pin? That damned flag pin means absolutely ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH. I suppose you are one who hopped on the bandwagon of the lunatics bitching about the scandal of the coffee cup salute too huh? If you were really in the military, you know for a fact the President is not required to return a salute from a military member since he is a civilian. St. Ronnie started that BS back in the 80’s – what a joke that sorry B Grade (less than B Grade) actor was.

          28. Yadja says

            Oh, for crying out loud, that flag pin stood for something that once upon a time every American honored and understood until people like you came along. “The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…..oh say may that start spangled banner yet wave….or the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Remember??????

            O is a disgrace and 90% of the military do not support him. He has spit in the eye of our nations’ finest more than once, he has called men much greater than he could ever hope to be liars, Benghazi comes to mind and the military now is demoralized and questioning his leadership. That salute means as much to those Marines as their salute to him means. How about they not salute him? Then you would scream.

            Yes I know who began it and I tell you this that sorry B Grade actor holds a place in history as one of the finest presidents ever where as this turbanned, muzzie noozling idgit will never be able to come close to.

            Your right OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

        7. defiant1 says

          Your comment is that of a fruitcake! Did you serve this country in the military jet?

          1. Addie Smith says

            West did not honorably serve – one of the charges against him was conduct unbecoming – that’s not being honorable if you get charged with that.

        8. Down to Earth Thinking says

          your the fruitcake

        9. Conservative says

          I am a woman and I think Allen West is a hero. We lost a great man to another low I.Q., discontented female.

      2. jetmagnet says

        The commies are teabags who follow a script in LOCKSTEP written by their puppet master Bilionaires. Same ones who got the supremes to steal democracy with CITIZENS UNITED.
        NOw they pour milliions of negative ads in campaigns to win seats. This along with voter suppression is their way of winning. The Main funding machine KOCHs daddy dealt with stalin and made millions, passed it on to little Kochs who made billlions!

      3. Conservative says

        The real question is: what is wrong with the minds of people who continue to elect them?

    3. jetmagnet says

      Yeah women who think for themselves are commmunist… you must obey your master! The man wears the pants and the women do as they’re told!!! LMAO!

      1. A Lee Lowe says

        You my man must be a Muslim and you need to eat some ham and get your hormones balanced. You are not a master I think you meant monster. Blessings to you as you will need them. AMEN!!

        1. Yadja says

          May the Black Box that holds the Black remains of the Black hearted pedophile Mumadman be burned to smiterins along with those in Mecca at the time.

        2. jetmagnet says

          You peeps have to show your racist- bigotry. Everyones a muslim or a commie, or a socialist if they don;t agree with your dysfunctional theocracy laden with Bullshit that no human with brain believes.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            playing the old race card. typical lib

      2. Yadja says

        Nope you got that bassakards the women in the Dem/Progressive Party wear the pants and the men do as they scream and holler for them to do.

        1. Btty says

          You have no idea how right you are. These women libers have imasculated our men for years and have produced a bunch of pussies in their place. Just look at Obama and his wife. She absolutely wears the pants in that family and even looks like a man. Watch the way he throws a ball or rides a bike. I’m sure jetmagnet fits right in to the pussy category. It’s sickening what has been done to our men just for being men. There are jobs that these women libers have that should have remained with men only!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Afraid of women? As much as I hate to admit it , they rule when given a chance. The only poosie is man with tiny balls that gives no credence to his wife.

          2. Btty says

            What the hell are you talking about? Because a man is a man he doesn’t give credence to his wife?? What the hell are you smoking??? Stop taking my words out of context. I’d get a new picture if I were you otherwise we are all going to have to get our crosses out!

          3. defiant1 says

            If a man allows his wife/woman to wear the pants, sure, he has given it over. But on the other hand, women do run a household because it is the way we work. Does not necessary mean SHE wears the pants, unless SHE is domineering and the MAN is weak enough to turn control over to the domineering SHE.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Do your caretakers know you’re in the computer room? Time for your high blood pressure medicine!!

          5. Mark Clemens says

            That’s funny. Reckon when Barack met Michelle she might of been a Michael?
            Actually since Obama has been in office nobody has seen Michael Jackson……….

          6. Yadja says

            The thing I don’t like is that they act as if they speak for all of us. I despise them and I let them have it whenever I get the chance. Men don’t even know what to do anymore or how to act. Contact sports in school are out, striving to win is out, everyone is the same, if a bully wacks a child the child can’t defend themselves or they get punished also. This happened with my youngest, that is when things started going downhill in our schools. He had a bully slapping him in the face, told me about it I told him to deck the boy. He did, the teacher called me in and was going to punish mine along with the bully. I let her have it. I told her that when young if a bully gets what he gives he learns fast that there are consequences to actions. I let her know my children would not allow themselves to be hit by anyone without fighting back.

            O is a monstrosity and he is nothing more than a puppet. He is a sorry excuse for a president and an even sorrier excuse for a man.

            Here is a site I think you will like. Good for quick references when in a match with libs. .

            You notice the news is all women, they are in areas they should not be, sport casters for football and baseball and then complaining when they think they are being spoken to disrespectfully. Go figure. I saw one who wears her pants so tight leaves nothing to the imagination and she was upset about the treatment she got from the players.

          7. Btty says

            Boy do I agree with you 100%. Here is my story about two of my sons. Twins. They came home and said: Mom, Kathy has been spitting at us for over 2 weeks. She won’t stop. I said go to the principle and tell her. They did and nothing was done. I called the principle and said: I will not stand by and let my sons be spit at anymore. I have taught them never to raise a hand to a female and I still feel that way. After another week of this I told my sons the next time she did that to hit her in the mouth with their fist. They said: Oh Mom, we can’t do that it wouldn’t be right to hit a girl. I was so proud of them at that moment. So I went to school and I found little miss Kathy. I got down on my knees so we were eye level and I spoke very softly so she would have to really listen to hear me. I said: Kathy, I just want you to know that the next time you spit at my sons, I have given them permission to knock your front teeth down your throat! Have a good honey. I left. Of course I knew my sons wouldn’t do it but she didn’t know that! No more spitting. Having said that her mother met me in the parking lot and ask me why I said that to her daughter. I said because you have neglected to teach your daughter proper manners and spitting in anyones face is inappropriate! Period. If she ever does that again Laura I will be meeting with you and you won’t like it. Guess what? Matter taken care of. Of course it helps to have a brother who is an attorney and will back you up. 😉

          8. Yadja says

            We are cut from the same cloth. I worked a Baylor Shift for many years so I could be in school with my children during the week. I helped the teachers along with other moms. Well the NAACP decided our school did not have enough Black children so they started busing Black children from inner city schools in Jacksonville, Fl to our little town. Well let me tell you, we knew it was a bad idea, these children went to schools that had 10 ft high fences and guards with guns at the gates along with metal detectors. They were rough children. They bused many of our children into those schools for a trade.

            I refused to let mine go. Our school was small and open campus and we had no problems except a bully now and again. So in come these little hoods, 6th grade was not the same with them there. Fights, stealing just trouble everyday. This one Black boy was the worst and he was always picking on my daughter and her friends. So myself and several of the moms cornered him on campus and pretty much did what you did. He told his parents, they came looking for trouble, we met with them and they threatened violence on us, we stood strong and invited them to our street after school and let them know we would be there with guns also and bats along with knives. Bring it on. They never came, we never rumbled and the boy straightened-up and by the end of the school year he was one of the favorites in my daughters crowd. They were all in advanced classes and by golly he made it also with their help.

            Pays to stand up and sometimes fight.

    4. jon says

      Party line is dangerous way to be, even the conservatives followed party line when bush was prez, we should have invaded Saudi Arabia not Iraq for an example of party line, the terrorist came for that crap hole. I like the tea party but even i wont follow party line unless its freedom, then i am all in.

      1. stephanie wilson says

        the attacks were launched from AFGHANISTAN, not Saudi Arabia.

        1. jon says

          the terrorist were all Saudi Arabian. they were using Afghanistan as a launching platform for terrorist acts.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            afghanistan gave them sanctuary

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Bush jr still invaded the wrong country, like Obama is about to do…….
          I think all 3 parties are full of crap, just going after big money donations.
          Like I say if you liked Bush jr, you gotta like Obama. They have the same foreign policy.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            no he didn’t. Obama is not bush. I wish he was

    5. dockilldare says

      “the greater the lie, the more people will believe it.” from another early 20th century progressive named Adolf Hitler.

    6. jetmagnet says

      To generalize people based on politics is silly! It’s also ignorant. The people who are surviving on social security, medicare and now have affordable healthcare have democrats to thanks.
      Lazy, is the GOP who hasn’t created anything worthwhile for the american people, and seem to be on vacation 90% of the time. In fact they just left for another vacation and won’t return until after the november elections.

    7. Conservative says

      Too bad it is destroying our freedom and the late, great U.S.A.

  4. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Democrats win by, convincing women the only way to prove their femininity is to kill that which makes them unique. The ability to bring forth new life! Democrats win by convincing women that the only way to protect their rights is by Murdering unborn children! Democrats win by convincing people that the Constitution is an impediment to Freedom! Democrats win by convincing workers that to protect their jobs we must allow a flood of illegals into the work force even though there are not enough jobs to go around! Democrats win by convincing people that the only way they can be safe is to give up the right to keep and bare Arms, even though they travel with heavily armed Guards to ensure their own safety! Democrats win by being able and willing to lie to us!

    1. Barrustio says

      With this penchant for killing they should be ready for Iraq …send them there so at least they may be somewhat useful

    2. Btty says

      It’s always the same women to. Those single women, ones on welfare, food stamps, ones who belong to code Pink, League of women voters, Planned parenthood and the list goes on, All women who feel they can’t make it in life without being on or connected to the government tit!

  5. nosmokesignals says

    Correction WAR ON THE UNBORN, you know what about the rights of the “children”? AND FRIVOLOUS DECADENT SLUTS DOING IT!

    1. Barrustio says

      Not once or twice….I heard of one who had 8 abortions…if that doesn’t qualify for mandatory stirilization I don’t know what does

  6. ikwuakor says

    Hmmmm. War on women myth?

    Research Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009…

    1. 1775concord says

      That has to do with how long after you claim discrimination you can wait to file a suit.
      Obama’s White House figures (Jan ’14, I believe) show that he pays women about 78-83 cents on the dollar compared with male employees. You might also check the men vs women stats from Dem congressional offices…same problem.
      You might ask Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey about the Democrat war on women.

    2. stephanie wilson says

      we already had laws against stuff like that. lily ledbetter was nothing but a gift to trial lawyers

  7. Seldena says

    “War on Women” has always been a made up lie from the liberals. The GOP treats women just like the Democrats do. There will always inequality in jobs, pay insurance, etc. That is not a war, it is just a fact that has always been.if the liberals knew and understood the Constituion they would know the HL case was decided on in the CORRECT way. They distorted this ruling with more of their lies.But, that is what Dems do–LIE about everything. They have a dismal record, A PITIFUL man in the WH so they cannot run on the economy and jobs, because there aren’t any! Regulations is killing jobs, fines to businesses is closing them and this is on the Democrats that want to bring in ILLEGALS for hire instead of Americans that are out of work! Yes, good old Communism at work in the Democratic Party.No real issues, lawlessness, ansd socialism is waht they are all about. This is NOT AMERICA, this is Germany all over again! We have got to stop the insanity Americans. We have to get a Conservative in to straighten the direction of our country back to the right track and get these COMMUNIST DEMOCRAYS OUT!

  8. WhiteFalcon says

    This is another example where the commieonazis accuse others of what they are guilty of.

  9. 7papa7 says

    The left will always deal with frivolous because they know they will get their butts kicked on the important issues like the economy, unemployment, foreign affairs and the list goes on and on and on. When all you have is fluff and frivolous that is what you do.

  10. Mark Clemens says

    …..So let me get this right, because women look out for their best interest, they are low informed voters? No wonder they flock to the Democrats. The only reason Obama is still President is apparently the Republicans are out of touch w/it’s female members. Also the Republicans are out of touch w/a lot of Americans. They shot them selfs in the leg last election, by putting up Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Everybody knew Romney would send the rest of the economy over seas. The older voters (well informed crowd over 40) knew Paul Ryan wants to do away w/SSI. Most people want their SSI when they retire, after all we paid into it!
    From the GOP ticket, it looked like they wanted Obama to win. Those two were the only two party members that COULD NOT whip Obama/ Biden. The GOP went after the Big Corporation Donations, and came up short with it’s regular Joe & Jane voters.
    Let me explain something to the GOP about winning National Elections. You do not go for small number TARGET CROWDS. Voting does not work like TV Shows, or Commercials. You go for EVERYONE’s vote, like a popularity contest. The more people that like you, the more votes you win.
    You even have to woo the women and black votes too. Their are way more of them, than the Wall Street gang. Even though the SCOUS says MONEY=SPEECH, The money doesn’t actually get to cast a ballot. There for the poor, blacks, old, and women out number the crusty old rich men.
    The GOP needs to get it’s head out of it’s wallet and start courting regular working people or they will be just another empty political party like the Federalist and Wiggs…….
    Y’all be careful out there

    1. Kathy Diaz says

      Do you know Chicago, Il politics? I DO. I was born and raised here. Mayor Daley’s brother was Obama’s top campaign aid. Believe me, there was a lot of cheating going on. Gore tried it and all the junkies they gave dope to to pull the dem ticket didn’t work in 2000. Obama knows to keep dems alive, he needs to pull the dem ticket with all the illegal aliens in the future or the Democratic party is dead. This country leans right over 50%. That is Americans that were born and bred here and new Americans that came here for a better life.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ……..So you are one of those uninformed women voters? I know nothing about Chicago except A cow burned the city down (use to know owners name Mrs. Someone) and Al Capone was from there. Oh yea the Gov. Got attested for selling Obama’s Senate Seat. Alot of people from there come here to Nashville to have fun.
        I’m a Tennessean why would I know about Chicago politics?
        Oh, about Gore and the Junkies. The Bush Brothers matched that, by giving out pardons from 1997-1999 in Texas and Florida. I believe over 300,000 between the two states.

        1. stephanie wilson says

          miss Leary’s cow. it is a legend. she was cleared years later.

      2. stephanie wilson says

        the dead vote here in illonois.

    2. Addie Smith says

      The only way the republicans can win back the poor, blacks, old, and women is to change their policies – they think changing the tone or the language or the way they explain things will change people’s minds about the GOP. Sorry republicans, if you don’t change your policies to be relevant in the 21st century and to agree with the majority in this country, you will continue losing voters until you have maybe 10% of the vote in the years to come – that will be when we know the conservatives/republicans will be totally and absolutely irrelevant to the future.

  11. Irvan says

    Why is it that the dems are so busy running down the GOP that they can’t see the damage they are doing to themselves and their own party?

    1. gtm615 says

      But, you can also see who and what they are following. Their actions are virtually to the letter of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” that he dedicated to Satan. When you cannot attack the issue with reason, then you attack their character with vengeance. (paraphrased)

    2. defiant1 says

      Ideologues don’t see themselves….

  12. junkmailbin says

    islam subjagates women and liberal democrats support islam. The liberal press gives both a pass as well as now doing it also

  13. defiant1 says

    There is no war on women, only that which the democrats create and use as fodder for votes…..

  14. jetmagnet says

    Republicans hate women and demean them every chance they get. They vote against them and they’re misogynist 100% Most bagger comments on women are disgusting. Women who agree with republicans are lemmings and are subservient like michelle bachman.

    1. Ddenney1 says

      Or self reliant ADULTS???

    2. Kathy Diaz says

      Who are you to tell women what to think. Your statements are a war on women. You disgust me.

    3. stephanie wilson says

      I AM A WOMAN. I AM A REPUBLICAN. do you know how freaking stupid you sound?!!

    4. Addie Smith says

      So true. Women who agree with the republican/conservative views about women are Stepford Wives who believe they should be subservient incubators. They remind me of the fools like the Duggars – Quiverfull – ridiculous BS.

  15. Ddenney1 says

    I am not going to believe that women and minorities are so stupid that they are going to buy all of this crap about being too STUPID to get ID or that they can not buy their own birth control when our economy is in the tank and our borders are like a sieve and we are at war with terrorist around the world and this poser can not see it??

    1. don says

      an awful lot of them DID ‘buy into’ the rhetoric.

  16. Barrustio says

    I agree totally …women want equality, let them participate in the same numbers and the same capacity as the soldiers who will be putting their life on the line…we’ll see how long this BS “war on women” rhetoric lasts

  17. John Stratemeyer says

    The reason that the military campaign will not go as smoothly as President Obozo would like is that he isn’t committed to winning it. As General William Tecumseh Sherman, a devotee of total war if ever there was one, once said, “War is hell. You cannot refine it. The worse it is, the sooner it’s over.” Unless we’re willing to do whatever it takes to pound ISIS into the sand once and for all, and I don’t think we are, we’ll have to go back yet again. This is trip #3. There will be a #4.

    1. don says

      you are absolutely correct!

      when i was headed for Vietnam, we were told “Fire ONLY if fired upon”…now…tell me…what good is that?

      IMO, if the ISIS does NOT cease, halt, stop here wherewith, unleash the hounds of hell on them; “Allah” will not have enough virgins to keep the, so-called, entrants to heaven supplied.

      this group has shown and told the world of their intentions…why “debate” about it? the longer it is taken to respond, the more there will be, and the more we will have to kill.

      the world better get off it’s collective rear ends, quit worrying about being cautious and political correctness, and STOP this group…it IS that simple.

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        We’re witnessing the rebirth of the Nazis right before our very eyes.

  18. Maggiemae says

    I am so sick of the commies and the constant repeat of their same stupidity. Intelligent women don’t play that game. We work, raise our children, help in our communities, pay for our own birth control pills if that’s what we choose to do, be positive role models. We don’t care what you friggin liberals think, say or do!!!!! I care about our Country falling apart not who needs another abortion on my tax dollar. I keep saying….this Democratic part is NOT the party we knew 6 years ago. People like DWS need to crawl back under the rock they came out of. They do more harm to strong women, which by the way, can’t be brain washed by the likes of that broad. Wake up people. Do you know how many Communists we have in Congress? With this ‘president’ they’ve really had free reign to move “forward”.

  19. Poodleguy says

    If the liberal demonrats can’t make you believe you are a victim, you end up a republican!

  20. don says

    the “War on women”…lessee…

    turn on your TV…50% or more of major news networks anchors are women.

    how many “Weight loss” ads do you see on TV featuring, scantily clad, female models ? who are those ads aimed at? mostly women. how many cosmetics advertisements do you see daily? how many TV ads for TV programs with scantily clad women do you see daily? even the “Family oriented” TV stations are inundated with violence, sex, nudity and bad language.

    most major corporations throughout the nation have 50% or more, women CEO’s, managers and supervisors. when i retired in 2002, there were very few men in supervisory/managerial positions of the utility company i worked for.

    women have more health issues than men, yet, want to pay the same for health insurance? does that make good business sense?

    sandra fluke stood before a DNC convention and said her birth control cost her upwards of $3000 per year…according to my calculator, that’s $250 per month. she was DEMANDING that the taxpayer pay for it. now…if she wants to be sexually active, that’s up to her…but the taxpayer should NOT have to foot the bill for her activities; it’s called “accepting personal responsibility”. birth control is more readily available than candy and soda pop now days, and in many cases, FREE*

    *taxpayer funded in most applications

    there are an astonishing number of women officers in the US military. womens rights activists DEMANDED the USMC LOWER their standards for combat training for infantry so women could get into combat. would you want someone who was there due to lowering standards, covering your rear end in combat? i certainly would not. the load carried by a VN era infantryman was pale by comparison now… women DO have a place in the military…but NOT in combat in mixed tank crews, submarines or combat aircraft, or any role that will expose them to becoming captive IMO. it’s simple…where women and men mix…there will be hanky-panky. who will be to blame? men? women?

    i could go on…but…the “War on women” was a poorly contrived, badly thought out strategy, formed by desperate people struggling to stay in power. it IS that simple.

  21. mpnorth says

    I agree with you William. Long have I believed that the Democratic party was in fact no different than the Communist party US. Most Republicans (RINOs) are not far behind the Dems. Republicans need to figure out who is who and make sure they are voting for true Republicans not for RINOs.

  22. 4Bill_O_Rights says

    How can someone else’s reproductive system simultaneously be 0% my business and 100% my financial responsibility?

    Why does birth control require a Rx yet abortion is available over-the-counter?

    America sold her soul for $9.00 worth of contraceptives.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Thats true, and rubbers cost $1 how poor or cheap are some of these people?

  23. Yadja says

    There is no leaving frivolous politics or anything else stupid, insane, utterly outrageous behind until you get the Dem/Progressives behind us……like forever out of the picture….gone….kaput

    1. Addie Smith says

      Won’t happen in your lifetime, my lifetime, nor my adult son’s lifetime – we are going to make sure that republicans become extinct for at least the next century – any way we can.

      1. Yadja says

        What you are going to do is continue down the path of total “Drastic Unhealthy Change” for this country and I see you as the enemy within. If you can not recognize the Tyranny that has been forced upon us you are my enemy and that of my country.

        I am an Independent but I know for now we only have two parties and the one in power has done nothing but destroy everything it touched.

  24. QuisPercusit says

    Republican War on women my arse; there is only war on woman in the mind of those who have no mind of their own.

  25. Red47 says

    I am weary of the War On Women slogan which has become little more than a meme. I am tired of real women I know who are otherwise bright and with it buying into this stupidity. There is no war on women. Why would there be? No political party wants to alienate half of the electorate. They Left is very good at propaganda. I don’t know why the Right is so lacking in that area. Women are easily played emotionally and this issue proves it.

    Besides, one day, the truth about the damage done by the hormones in birth control pills to women is going to come out. Then the Libs will have to spin their way out of the support for poisoning women.

    1. Addie Smith says

      I call bull on the “damage done by hormones in birth control pills” bullshit lies from places like Natural News and Mercola – they are quacks who are trying to push a bunch of fake crap for tons of money to line their bank accounts.

      1. Red47 says

        Yeah, maybe. Science said the hormone receptors don’t match the hormones from the pills and that causes problems. The changing of the balance of hormones in the body is tricky. I do know that they have ruined my health, but anecdotal evidence is what it is. If I had out to do over, I would have gone with an IUD.

  26. JIMBO says

    The only women I have a problem with are the women that are heading federal government departments. They are power hungry, crooked, liers, and they just go along with what ever they are told. Regardles of wither it is right ore wrong,

  27. armydadtexas says

    The only war I have seen on women come from either foaming at the mouth radical feminazis or Islamo-fascists, both intwined in the democ-RAT party.

  28. JDuree says

    True facts on women voting for Obama, over 56% of white women voted for Romney, more than for Bush. Obama got 42% of white womens vote. When it was reported that more women voted for Obama, it did not mention that the majority of those women were non-white. See Edison Research.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      If voting is anonymous how do they know how many women or men voted for who?

      1. JDuree says

        Look up Edison research , it’s pretty interesting , they gather information at exit polls, they breck it down by gender, age, race, education, income, , etc

        1. Addie Smith says

          Well, no exit polls where I live because in my state we do not vote in person – we vote in the privacy of our homes and either mail in or drop off our ballots. I never answered exit polls years ago before I started getting absentee ballots – when the pollsters asked me how I voted I told them it was none of their damned business.

    2. Addie Smith says

      Well, I’m an older (over 60 years old) white woman and I sure as hell didn’t vote for Mittens – the greedy, filthy stinking rich Mormon who believes in magic underwear and has a Stepford Wife.

  29. Proud US vet/American says

    The only “war on women” should be to “Bag the mugs” of some women like Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, Obama, Clinton and other democratic “Witch’s”. The mouth’s and lack of any brain matter in these WOMEN is an insult to all other women.

  30. b glad says

    This thread has become a total waste. “Never answer a fool in his folly” and jetmagnet is a fool.

  31. Karen Krause says

    After reading as many comments as I could stomach, I have to plead with everyone to stop responding and making comments to this “jetmagnet”…he is as ignorant and hateful as his picture. Come on…take a good look at his picture…afraid to show his real communist face. Stop giving him relevance, please……

    1. Addie Smith says

      What about you – you’re using a default profile pic. Many of us who choose to keep our real life pics off of the internet do so just so we don’t have stalkers like right wing asshats.

  32. Jerry Hughes says

    It really isn’t difficult to see why the liberal dem bloodsuckers lie,. if they told the truth, the decent people would run them out of the USA.
    To fully understand the liberal dem bloodsuckers, you have to follow the money, they want freebies, once you accept that truth, they are not very mysterious.

  33. adrianvance says

    Tell any lie long enough, and with major media, and it becomes fact. The Goebbels Principle.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” We prove it.

  34. DustyFae says

    Democrats say Republicans have war on women.. but we all know the Democrats are really the ones with war on women.. proof in their actions, Also they are the ones grabbing the guns the most and robbing people of their freedom.. Reid and Pelosi are great ones for that.. Look at the Democrats that are supporting Muslims Brotherhood and Sharia laws.. that speaks war on women loud and clear… It speaks of slavery for all sex and races…. When a government force you to buy things against your will, that is slavery.. The whole world knows the USA Government is full of Communists and Muslims Dictators in the UN.. Look what they are doing to their own Nations overseas… UN is totally against elections except to put one of their own in charge .The want to take the right to vote away from the people.

  35. Cranky Steven says

    Democrats lie. They all do , all the time. So do the Republicans. What a shock. Not.

  36. JIMBO says

    There is no public war on women. The only war on women is the war against the ones the Liberal are putting in office. For example: Sebelius,Learner,Mary Landrieu,Head of the Endowment for Humanities,Head of the dept of agriculture,Hillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on and on.

    1. Jeanna Green says

      The gift that just keeps giving and giving…
      Only problem is, its the American Peoples money, not your special interest, that does Americans no good unless you want to stay the victim.

  37. 1uncle says

    Margaret Thatcher is a woman and would be a so much better President and just as legal as Husein #2.

  38. doug says

    how pathetic these liberal women are, I’m not a female but if I was one I wouldn’t want anyone especially
    the Government going to bat for me to get helpless taxpayers to bail me out every time I spread my legs
    and got pregnant and wanted to kill my baby, Come on woman of American stand up for what is right
    if you are a true women and want your own rights GO IT ALONE!

  39. Conservative says

    This ‘war on women’ has really become a joke. Obviously it is a joke…most females, young or old, do not aspire to be like the vulgar, bitter, loud mouthed liberal women in Congress. It just goes against human nature. Why do little girls like Barbie Dolls and little boys like G.I.Joe’s. Why do young girls primp and young boys show off their prowess and muscles. Women want to make a nest and have children, Men want to be the protector of their families and homes. I’t’s human nature and politicians are not going to change that. Studies have shown that females are more unhappy now than they have been in any generation. Sadly, there are men and women who are influenced by such idiocy but it does not make them happy. I guess these feminists just need company. Males and females are not supposed to be competing with each other, as equals they are created to complement each other.

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