The Sad Decline of Jeb Bush


Six months ago, conservatives were assured that former Republican governor Jeb Bush would be their next presidential nominee. You could count on it with every bit as much confidence as you could count on Hillary Clinton winning the nomination for the Democrats. He came into the race late, taking advantage of every last moment of fundraising, free from the federal restrictions that an official candidate must adhere to. When he announced, he did so with a reported $100 million war chest.

But then things started to go bad. Conservatives, already angry about the Republican establishment in Congress and their anemic opposition to President Obama, sensed some of the same weakness in Bush. At a time when Obama was illegally offering amnesty to millions of immigrants, here was a guy who told us that jumping the fence was an “act of love.” At a time when Common Core was ruining the education system, here was one of its top proponents. When conservatives wanted real change in the Republican Party, here was a guy who represented the status quo.

Almost instantly, it became clear that Bush was a poor candidate. He was immediately outshined by political outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Not only was Bush perceived as a relic of the past, he couldn’t even live up to the standards of his family predecessors. He lacked the intellectual gravitas of his father and the irresistible swagger of his brother. He was…boring.

And now his campaign is in deep trouble.

At a presidential town hall in South Carolina last week, Bush sounded like a man ready to throw in the towel. “If this election is about how we’re going to fight to get nothing done, then I don’t want any part of it,” he said. “I don’t want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant that people literally are in decline in their lives. That is not my motivation. I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.”

This tantrum was followed by reports that Bush had ordered significant pay cuts for his campaign staffers. He also chose to cut staff at his Miami headquarters and reduce travel costs by 20 percent. People inside the Bush machine are trying to put the best possible spin on these developments, but not even the most optimistic supporter in the country can believe a Jeb nomination is still waiting for us at the end of the primaries.

Often times, it’s hard to see that you’re in the middle of an historical turning point. You can only see it when you look back in hindsight. But if things keep going the way they are, 2015/2016 will undoubtedly be seen as a fundamental shift in the Republican Party. Critics think that shift will mean the demise of the party altogether. Optimists think it’s about time the people took back conservatism.

Either way, this movement is leaving a trail of entitled politicians humming the blues.

  1. MAHB001 says

    This is not a decline of Jeb Bush, it is the realization that the good old boy network is falling apart, and it shows the decline of the elite politicians stranglehold on our Society…..


    1. PatriotGal says

      Absolutely, MAHB001!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Keep the pressure on, Patriot!

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          When will they learn, that people want REAL CHANGE!!

          1. MAHB001 says

            They are hanging on to power…. It is what they do.

            Realize that the RINO’s are no different than 0bama… They are power hungry animals that will continue to lie and cheat for power.

            I think that it is going to get darker before the light shines through.

    2. Jimmy Quick says

      These people seem to think we will keep eating the same garbage, even when we know it’s killing us.

      Better watch what they have up their sleeve though. Surly this is by no mean over.

      I’ll bet the scored earthers would rather have Obama pronounced supreme ruler than see America returned to her core values once again.

      1. roger says

        why when you use his name do you caoitalise his name? he doesnt deserve it!

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says


        2. Jimmy Quick says

          I feel ya, but fact is, it’s his name. Like it or not. I just don’t want to be petty. I’d like to look this POS in the face and tell him that he has to stand by his own name and the history that goes along with it.

          If the truth were told, Obama will be condemned to being the worst president in the history of the USA and nothing he says or does can change that fact, caps or not.

        3. FreedomTrainUSA says

          I just refer to him as the DC DICTATOR….I refuse to say or type his name…

          1. roger says

            very good i will have to remember that

          2. Stephanie Jones says


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        4. MAHB001 says

          when I spell 0bama I use the zero key…. It looks like a capitalization, but it really represents the ZERO that he is.
          I really great side benefit of using the 0 key is that you save an extra keystroke as you do not have to find the shift key…. 🙂

          So lets all use the zero (0) instead of a capital o (O) Zero 0 Cap O
          0bama deserves the zero!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Agreed, I think the elite political establishment is controlled by liberals… They think the same brainwashing techniques that work on the left will work on the right…

        But the Tea Party snapped out of their hold….

        You can see that they will do and say anything to keep and hold the power that they have…

        Now that the Republicans are waking up to the scam, they are getting desperate, to push the Country as far left as they can before they lose power…..

        1. 10579 says

          Watch out for Kaschik he was a financial advisor to Lerman Brothers, just before they LOST 600 Billion in stock holder money but as the stock holders drowned he walked away with Millions.Don’t forget he too was part of the beltway before he was a talking head on Fox.

          1. Reality Check says

            He’s also the Gov of Ohio .
            minor detail.

          2. 10579 says

            True, I stand amended.

        2. Jimmy Quick says

          Keep getting the word out. Let people know what is happening and hopefully enough of them will wake up and see the big picture.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You too my friend….

      3. Bender says

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    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      I have said this all along! I have no problems with Boosh, it’s both parties that have sold us all out. Only an independent (Trump) could change it all! (That and a highly trained SNIPER!)

      1. MAHB001 says

        I know you have my friend… The only difference we have is that I would prefer a public tar and feathering and stripping of rank over the sniper thing…

        I know we are both on the Governments watch list, and it will probably not make any difference if they decide to come after us, but….. I am for exhausting all peaceful means before taking it to the level of civil war…

        1. 10579 says

          I won’t be a civil war cause that would be people against people. This would be people against politicians and bureaucrats.The military will stand down unless they want their paychecks to stop as the same for police departments (SWAT Teams) created by the federal agencies.Even the depart of Education has a Swat Team.Don’t let them try to dazzle you with brilliance when all they are doing is baffleing us with bull shit.

          1. Reality Check says

            “Even the depart of Education has a Swat Team.”
            NO IT DOES NOT, ignorant FOOL.

            Is this like fantasy football, only for moron right wingers?

          2. 10579 says

            If you check they are part of obama’s civilian army and you are the only FOOL I see.You RC are a TROLL,to the +10 degree. You are only posting to rile people up. You have nothing informative to say.Go back to your room your mommy will bring you some snacks…..

          3. Reality Check says

            like you can prove that silliness.

            Just because you fools say something, does not make it FACT.

            you think this is my first day on right wing silly bogs?

            this story came out a couple years ago and it was a LOCAL Swat team that joined in a DEA raid.

            IF it’s REAL, it should be easy to prove.
            (but won’t because you LIE)

          4. 10579 says

            Just proved my point that you are a liberalplanted TROLL>

          5. Reality Check says

            you keep telling yourself you are informed.
            while not being able to prove shit.

          6. 10579 says

            I’m not touching your snack.

          7. Reality Check says

            The con bobs and weaves, then a little tap dance.

            still looking very ignorant about our country.

          8. James Dillard says

            well if you have facts that prove anything stated above is a lie please provide them as proof: other we have only your word

          9. MAHB001 says

            Currently the politicians are attempting to get the trolls and sleeping democrats to disarm the public…

            If the politicians succeed in disarming the public, then it will not be a civil war, it will be coup.

          10. 10579 says

            I must agree.If it means my children and grandchildren having a better life that I had I would support a Coup.

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            That is really it! My college educated sheep, er kids, are socialists. I tend to say, “screw it why bother or care about the future of America if my kids are helping to destroy it”! I can’t help it, I used to love my country!

          12. furiousvet says

            Go back to Kenya where you were born .

          13. Reality Check says

            “Currently the politicians are attempting to get the trolls and sleeping democrats to disarm the public…”

            WHY LIE ALL THE TIME?

            try proving that.

          14. MAHB001 says

            Troll, it is a waste of time proving anything to a troll you. Trolls and I have gone around long enough that I have proven it all to the trolls and they choose not to listen.

            A trolls post consists of insults, lies, accusations, and misleading information that sends one off on a waste of time, and did I say insults… The post was copied and the troll spent no time composing it.

            A Trolls goal is to disrupt the conversation. A return insult sends a chill up their leg. And they do a little happy dance every time they succeed in getting someone to post a waste of time back to their posts….

            My goal here is to let everyone know that responding to a trolls posts is a waste of time. So don’t spend any more time on the post than the troll has… Zero.

            Whatever you have posted is misleading, a lie, or an insult…. And to insult a MORON will just get the troll to do the happy dance.

            So do your happy dance troll, I insulted you..

            BTW, I will be using the Copy and paste from now on too.

          15. Reality Check says

            So you just described YOURSELF, as a troll.

          16. Jonathan Brooks says

            MAHB001, I am not all that sure what Reality Challenged is, but I suspect either a Bernie fanatic in his moms basement eating cheetos, and giving romantic glances at his Obama red and blue cult poster, or some Obama paid merc, commenting by the word for cash.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Soros paid troll is my guess. Thanks for your support…

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Read the papers or internet?

      2. Steve Huntsman says

        If you have no problems with Boosh would you please check out Mr. Boosh and the Savings and Loan Scandal some years back and then get back to me on that??????

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Ouch man! ;^)

      4. patricia crevier says


    4. Timekeeper2 says

      exactly right – but – they have not failed – they’ve been doing exactly what they have wanted – and IGNORING the will of the people, their base, and conservatives as a whole. Just a year and a half ago – this RINO Party removed ALL opposition to Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Illegal Immigration from the party platform. THAT is a Big move LEFT. They now are no different than teh radical leftwing Marxist democrats.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Career Politicians have been put on notice by the Tea Party.

        RINO’s are finding out that it will no longer be business as usual.

        The Tea Party will not stand for business as usual.

      2. Carol Burkhardt says

        “American values?” That term means different things to different Americans. For example, NOTHING is more disgusting to me than Bristol Palin having a baby out-of-wedlock…TWICE! Twice! And when her first baby was still an infant, Bristol left him in Alaska and went off to L.A. to compete in Dancing with the Stars for WEEKS! What????? No wonder why having a baby is no big deal to the Palins! But because Sarah would try to overturn Roe vs Wade, they have “VALUES?????”

        1. Timekeeper2 says

          Out of so many examples you selected that one – which is irrelevant, off topic but VERY Telling. You point to the Palin’s – who in my opinion have more American Values and Principles than this whole admin combined, when there are MILLIONs of blacks having children out-of wedlock, millions of illegals coming in having children – most in of fatherless homes, lack of proper upbringing – and a unreasonable burden on society. Which btw is mainly due to leftwing policies that have ran jobs out of country. Able bodied people should be working and providing what is needed, healthcare, housing, etc,… instead the generational welfare state pushed by the lefting dems has been the norm.

          I’m sure Bristol’s children will get raised and taken care of properly – you shouldn’t worry about that.
          TRUMP_CRUZ in 2016 – Make America Great Again.

          1. Carol Burkhardt says

            Timekeeper2, with the exception of your support for that disgusting Bristol Palin, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote here. I wasn’t clear in my post to which you responded. My point was that “American Values” mean different things to different GOOD people. I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people think that “getting totally drunk” is just fine…but being gay is horrific. You state that my Bristol Palin example is irrelevant. I used it because it appears to me (a lifelong Republican) that SOCIAL conservatives have hi-jacked my beloved Republican Party by insisting that EVERYONE’s values be the same as theirs.
            Like you, I also support Trump.( Saw him in Jax last weekend…and he was great!) He taught his children: No smoking, no alcohol, and of course no drugs. He also taught them a STRONG work ethic. Now THOSE are “American values” I support!
            Make America Great Again!

          2. Timekeeper2 says

            Ridiculous – people “getting drunk” is NOT an American value, and no honest, thinking person would even attempt to make that claim – so what are you?
            and what is this? … ‘social conservatives have hi-jacked the party.” That’s pure BS – You’re leftwing. LQQK – The so called RINO Party wasn’t hi-jacked – they moved LEFT and left most of their base when they did it – period – and we all see it – well, most see it.
            What about this? A year and a half ago your beloved RINO Party decided to remove ALL OPPOSITION to Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Illegal Immigration from the party Platform. … THAT is a BIG move Left. Are you ok with that?
            The “so called republican party is now no different than the leftwing Marxist democrats.
            …and yes, People of faith and that believe in God do believe that the acts that are done by “gay people” are horrific, and a sin. But you’re ok with it?
            You stand for NOTHING and are willing to compromise everything. You act as though American values, Principles and Traditions are subject to the whims of whomever – and you’re wrong. Most “good people” as you put it know very clearly what they are – and they are not up for compromise. but to you, they are like the Constitution huh… a so called living document to be construed according to whomever is doing the reading – with more standards, and everything being relative to something else – leftwing relativism.

    5. Raskin karen says

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    6. Katherine sienna says

      The Bushes and the Clintons dynasties must go away to clear the path for patriotic AMERICANs to take the nation back from this imposter.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Well stated.

  2. MikeS says

    I agree with MAHB001. I am glad to see jeb’s campaign in decline. He is not a conservative and would not make a good President or the kind of President we need.

  3. Bobtrhn says

    Decline? He never was up in the polls so why is it said that he’s declining? All he wants is to bring more illegals here so there can be cheap labor and the hell with Americans.

    1. MAHB001 says

      All the establishment wants is control of the American people…

      I believe the establishment allows illegals in so they can fix the vote.. It has created a huge block of people that the media “says” will vote for Democrats. The fact is, illegals will never vote, but the politicians will vote for them…. The illegals won’t even know they voted…

      1. Mary Warner says

        If illegals vote, something needs to change immediately. Voting is a right of citizens, not invaders, as is every other Constitutional right, unbeknownst (apparently) to our idiot “leaders.”

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ha! Good luck with that!

        2. MAHB001 says

          You are so correct… Something needs to be changed TODAY…

          The voting system is corrupt, and should not be trusted… Especially this election cycle….

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          Joseph Stalin

          I believe the left controls both political parties.. It is obvious with the Democrats, as they are full blown out of the closet socialists now. But the Republicans, like Boehner and McConnell are liberals in conservative clothing… They are spies and liars. It is obvious they are doing 0bama’s biding behind closed doors……

          Here is the thing… The American People assume that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping them all HONEST…..

          WRONG! The MEDIA, Republicans, and Democrats are ALL controlled by Liberals…. These liberals in control are NOT counting our votes, Democrats or Republicans… They simply let us think we are voting… First the MEDIA calls it close (setting our expectations), then the powers that be go behind closed doors and play rock, paper, scissors, and choose the winner… The MEDIA marches out after the polls close and announce the winner by a margin of 52% to 48%…..

          The losers cry in their soup.

          The winners do a happy dance…
          Nobody questions the results….

          Nobody counts the peoples votes…

          1. Paula says

            Mark Twain : If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

          2. MAHB001 says

            That is a great quote…

          3. Reality Check says

            “I believe the left controls both political parties.”

            THAT proves your not too bright.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Troll, it is a waste of time proving anything to a troll you. Trolls and I
            have gone around long enough that I have proven it all to the trolls and they
            choose not to listen.

            A trolls post consists of insults, lies, accusations, and misleading
            information that sends one off on a waste of time, and did I say insults… The
            post was copied and the troll spent no time composing it.

            A Trolls goal is to disrupt the conversation. A return insult sends a chill
            up their leg. And they do a little happy dance every time they succeed in
            getting someone to post a waste of time back to their posts….

            My goal here is to let everyone know that responding to a trolls posts is a
            waste of time. So don’t spend any more time on the post than the troll has…

            Whatever you have posted is misleading, a lie, or an insult…. And to
            insult a MORON will just get the troll to do the happy dance.

            So do your happy dance troll, I insulted you..

            BTW, I will be using the Copy and pas

          5. Reality Check says

            Oh, another post that proves your a moron.

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Senilechick shows his bias! Prove the “tax and spend” thugs don’t control both!

      2. nevergiveup says

        Of course they do. That is their intent.

        1. MAHB001 says

          The question is, how do we stop them?

          How do we take back the election process?

          1. Al Hope says

            A REAL Right Party must form, which adopts the same radical Alinsky tactics to PUSH the nation back to the right. They want more gun control, fine we want free guns issued to law abiding citizens. They wany zero controls on late term abortion we want to recriminalize all abortion. They want invasion, we want invasion sedition recriminalized. We must never use ration…always outrage. We must never be agreeable…opposition must be personally shamed, ridiculed and demeaned. You know, Alinsksy 101.

          2. MAHB001 says

            You make it sound so simple…. Yet it goes against civil human beings and rationality…

            The one thing I do know, rationalizing with the trolls is a waste of time…. I write my posts not really to the trolls but to those that read the posts…. They are not a waste of time.

          3. Reality Check says

            “We must never be agreeable…opposition must be personally shamed, ridiculed and demeaned.”
            you fools are doing that already.
            NOT WORKING.
            The country just hates you silly cons even more.

            the comics like it, but I don’t think that is your desired effect.

            I love the way cons think trashing the Constitution is the answer.
            so much for brains.

          4. 10579 says

            Where did the poster before you Mr.Al Hope trash the Constitution.He did nothing of the sort but liberal s like you think he has when you dont know what is in the Constitution.You need to keep you fingers still and read more.You are a liberal plant.

          5. Reality Check says

            ” We must never be agreeable…opposition must be personally shamed, ridiculed and demeaned.”

            it’s quite clear to the rational mind.

            He also LIES a good deal.
            shall I point those out too?

    2. El says

      I am also delighted to see the Bushes being trimmed. But I am sorry to see The Donald tumble. We need a person who not only smart, but an aggressive personality as well. Forbid that we get another Mamma’s boy

      1. Mary says

        The Donald is not tumbling. The media would have you believe it.

        1. Bobtrhn says

          You got that right Mary. They do it all the time.

        2. William Konrad says

          The long knives are out for Trump, the RNC is out to stop him, I doubt the polls

          reflect the truth, I think they are managed and misreported, by design.

      2. Bobtrhn says

        We do need trump. i think he will do exactly what he says. He really has not reason to lie about anything.

      3. Richard Daugherty says

        Don’t listen to the media!!

      4. Robert Early says

        Nobody has “tumbled” yet. We still have a year to go. There are at least six who are still in the running. You are likely to see a lot more ups and downs. The Donald is still doing alright; and Carson is making it more competitive, which is good. The bottom half should drop out soon; and the numbers will change again.

  4. adrianvance says

    It could not happen to a nicer jerk.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. Evan says

      Thanks! Your comment reminds me of something a friend of mine
      used to say: It couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy!

  5. v8 says


    1. kbfallon says

      TRUMP! no to Fiorina who is a complete phony!

  6. AlanWH says

    How can you “decline” if you were never Up? Any perceived popularity Poor Little jeb supposedly had, was totally contrived by the establishment lackeys trying to Force this RINO Down our throats. Nothing More. Go Away jeb and Stay Away. And take your Bloated, Boot Licker Rove with you.

  7. HankBar says

    Jeb is not only suffering from his own stance on certain policies he is also paying for his brother’s lack of willingness to fight against extreme liberal stances and insults thrown at him from the left. Even now George his brother does not stand up for himself in never ending barbs thrown at him from the left.

  8. draidt says

    Sad ? Why is this a sad thing WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE RINO’S

    1. CCblogging says

      Yep, I am quite happy about that decline. Now New World Order advocate Bushy Boy can go away and count his money.

  9. CCblogging says

    No more Bushes, No more Clintons and No nutcases like Bernie Sanders.

    1. Evan says

      I agree 100%!

  10. Combatvet52 says

    IMHO he was never up………

  11. AlanWH says

    This Election is as easy as our ABC’S. A-nybody but B-ush, C-linton or S-anders!

    1. draidt says

      May I steal limerick

      1. AlanWH says


    2. MAHB001 says


      But I can’t see ABC together without vomiting…

      Join the boycott..

    3. nevergiveup says

      Easy way of remembering it. But let’s not forget about the evil cunning of Mr O himself wanting to do a third term. Never know how he will snake around it all and we find him in again.

  12. v8 says

    The Republican National is going try to take out every non career candidate. We need to stop them! We need new people that believe in America!!! NO MORE BUSHS, NO MORE CLINTONS, NO CHRISTIE, NO KASHICH, NO HUCKABEE!!! NO MORE!!! WE NEED REAL AMERICANS!!! WE NEED PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT AMERICAN AND THE CONSTITUTION THAT MADE OUR COUNTRY GREAT!!!

    1. kbfallon says

      I agree..but think Trump …….with Cruz as his VP might be a good fit…..he would be a great right hand man for Trump to get things on the right path with his experience.

      1. Carol Burkhardt says

        Hmmmm, interesting, kbfallon. Makes a lot of sense.

  13. paulrph1 says

    This is not sad. Period. We have had enough Bushes and Clintons, enough liberals and progressives, and RINOs.

    1. Carol Burkhardt says

      And thank you, paulrph1…for communicating with spelling skills beyond 3rd grade. I’m so tired of seeing conservatives write “RINO’S” when they mean the plural “RINOs” or “Your right.” Hey folks, it’s important…if you expect people to give any consideration to your comments!

  14. robert prir says

    NO MORE BUSHES NO MORE CLINTONS…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  15. Shaeri says

    Bush expected to have this handed to him. He doesn’t want it enough to fight for it. He certainly won’t fight for us. Go do your cool things Jeb.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Among those in the running, in BOTH parties, there are barely a few who would truly FIGHT FOR us and not against us.

  16. James Dillard says

    I’m tired of windbag RINOs: here is a massage to the Republican Party establishment win with the candidate we choose, or lose with the establishment’s choice. with Jeb even if Hillary Clinton is in prison she can still be elected president over Jeb Bush

    1. MAHB001 says

      The RINO’s are nothing more than liberal socialists in conservative clothing…

      They deserve a tar and feathering.

  17. Wildeagleone says

    Bush only thought he was entitled. We don’t have royalty here in this country and he doesn’t earn the right to be President just because of his name, and his stance on immigration may be an act of love from him but this country has a system that must be followed and he would rather take as many C-130’s into Mexico and load them up to bring the unvetted and non qualified here and bypass the system of earning citizenship

    1. kbfallon says

      I’m for Donald–and thought that sending them all back was a tough call–but–the more you see what these people are doing –the more I agree–if you came illegally–OUT! They created their own hardship by breaking our laws to come here…so–no feel sorry for them crap!

      1. Evan says

        Absolutely, we owe these illegals NOTHING!
        Send them all back where they came from NOW!

      2. Carol Burkhardt says

        I worked & lived in the Middle East for 2 years. THEY control their borders. Our papers were checked every single month. No papers/expired papers? Adios!

  18. Johnny G. says

    Too bad “little brother” can’t take the heat. This is the the real thing. The big girls and boys league. Not for another incompetent ,egotistical and immature man to “play” at being POTUS!
    We, as a nation need a mature, responsible, God fearing person who will LEAD our nation back to it’s former greatness!

  19. James Biancone says

    The people are speaking, and the RNC and its SO CALLED leadership refuses to listen. great way to loose an election. People like what the front runners are saying, they reflect our DISMAY at the SYSTEM. and still the bull headed leadership refuses to listen. They seem to have the same kind of mindset as Hussein Obooso, My way or the highway. That AIN’T gona work

  20. John Williams says

    This is not a sad thing, but a good thing, in part it shows that the establishment does not have the hold they once did and that is a very good thing. The whole idea is that that Jeb was not a legend in his time but a “legend in his own mind”.

  21. gmhunt4 says

    Not sad at all…. It is a Victory for the American people

  22. Danny Deville Sr. says

    Jeb will have all of us speaking Spanish while shining his wife’s jewelry. No Mas Bush. You brought on your own demise supporting Common Core and immigration. We didn’t all marry a foreigner as you did sir. I say sir very lightly. There are other Gold mines your family can buy and destroy the locals village of 40,ooo people and close the entrances with locals still in there. They couldn’t stop your family there. We have successfully stopped you here. You are now a sideliner. Guard the water bucket because you are now benched.

  23. buddman says

    What Backwardass Idiot wrote this article Jeb Bush was never a conservative He is A lying RINO just like the other 80% of GOP

  24. Walter Moser says

    His “act of love” BS turned me off, it”s like justifying robbing a bank because of hunger.

    1. kbfallon says

      Yes–and the funds to pay for the illegals isn’t coming out of his money of course….he will open the gates wider!

  25. artarlo1 says

    What is sad look at what the Bushes led us into.

  26. hottrodscars . says

    Now, it turns out that Ben Carson is soft on illegals as well!! TRUMP 2016 or America is dead and gone!

    1. kbfallon says

      Carson has skeletons that are about to be let out of the closet……..Trump! and maybe Cruz as VP?

      1. Evan says

        Sounds GREAT to me! Hope it happens!
        America needs great men in charge for a change
        instead of the losers we have now!

  27. says

    America Is Losing It…out on the open seas..I see this great ship,, The Second Titanic..and quietly and slowly people are drinking in the Bar, Music Playing.. and on this Second Titanic…The Captain has changed it is Obama…but Wake Up America…same rats on Board…Our Congress,,,,this great ship, is lost heading toward the biggest Ice Berg Ever….only this time…over 315 plus Million People are on board..this is a fact..and Guess What …There is not enough Life Rafts On This Ship Either….over the last 30 years, our Families,, have disintegrated, the school systems do not teach Our History…so it is very obvious ,,,without the right tools,, maps, all those things…we have found….That Do Work…Have Worked are not taught anymore……it is Simple…..There Is A Way..To Fly An Airplane…we have proven that…and People Must Understand……That Capitalism…Did Not Create ..Poverty….Capitalism…Inherited Poverty…Fact…Bush Clintons and and all the rest of Washington have destroyed Our Country….but we forget……We Just Cannot Let Our Government Operate This Way….it is the small minorities…who March…who stop traffic,,,who block …Individuals from Crossing A Bridge going to Work…..and guess what……our legal system now permits…that a small group of People…………can destroy Our Individual Rights…..stop us from walking on the streets, we have entered an New Tomorrow,,,and based upon The School Statistics…the knowledge that most people under 40 years old,,,really know about our country..the future will not will not be bright..this my friends is called Reality……………..and Evil Does Exist….no I do not want Bush…He Has Not Got It.

  28. Cherie Lynn Davis says

    If the career Republicans had listened to “WE THE PEOPLE” when we first began with our litany of complaints, they wouldn’t be in the fix they now find themselves. We did everything we could to let them know we were dissatisfied with what they were doing and they thumbed their noses at us, lied to us and did what they darn well pleased despite their knowing of our opposition. Their attitude is, and was, “be damned with what those meaningless peons want.” Well, they now have rightfully earned the disdain of the peons they are supposed to be working for and the peons are speaking back with a message they don’t want to hear. YOU ARE FIRED!! While they whine about their failing campaigns and the non-political outsiders who are ahead in the race for the Republican nomination for POTUS, they seem to be stuck on stupid and still do not understand why it is happening. You’d think that the people representing us in Congress would be smart enough to figure this out. While I was still working, if my boss said he wanted something done, you either did it or were shown the exit door. Same thing applies here, I think.

    1. Carol Burkhardt says

      But the Tea Party screwed up. They started out STRONG but somehow they became a bunch of religious extremists. When they began quoting bible verses as political rationale, they lost their once-healthy membership enthusiasm.

      1. Cherie Lynn Davis says

        I think The Tea Party’s job was so huge to begin with and not being funded by anyone other than “We the People,” some who believed in the movement were put off by daily requests for donations to keep it afloat. If you consider freedom of speech, I do not believe it was Christians speaking their minds that discouraged some participants. I think that was what some of the trolls who navigate these websites grabbed onto to try to make their points against the Tea Party. It was becoming a monumental problem for politicians to carry on their business as usual and the trolls were sent out to try to dispel the movement’s legitimacy!

  29. N.McDaniel says


    1. SaneZidane says

      You’re correct as can be N. Look at Bill and Hillary’s ACT of love. That’s all it is…an act. Nothing more, nothing less.

  30. joe says

    He is an empty headed moron that thinks he should be president just because his daddy and brother were. NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS they are untrustworty liars ALL OF THEM MUST GO!!

  31. pianobill says

    SAD??? Good riddance Jeb. Can you imagine, we have a major disaster or world problem and he says to Mr Putin, Hold on let me call Mommy and Daddy and ask them what I should do, Get out now!!!

  32. Pegasus says

    Jeb is a true RINO… nothing more!

  33. Deby says

    No more Bush’s or Clinton’s–enough of the bickering back and forth blame game-BUT whoever the candidate is, he/she HAS to be able to bring Killary down-nothing close-so I am hoping that since we already know how the last 2 elections were totally fixed by and for the dumbocrats, that has to change-no more dead people voting, illegals, aliens, etc. We need a good, CLEAN election of a new conservative-minded president to help undo all the horrific damage obozo the clown and his minions have thrown on us.

  34. kbfallon says

    It should have said…Bush can’t get it up……..the numbers …….he has shown the voters-nothing.

  35. conservgirl says

    I for one don’t want another “conservative” that will lose to Hillary. The people are angry and the elite in the GOP don’t seem to get it.

  36. geneww1938 says

    There is nothing “Sad”. Bush has never worked or earned a single penny. He lives off the public taxes and the stolen fortunes (illegal) of the family.

  37. Evan says

    Why is this sad? We DO NOT need another Bush and certainly NOT another
    Clinton! GO TRUMP!

    1. Mary says

      Go Trump, Go!!! Make America Great Again 2016!!!

      1. Evan says

        Mary: I am with you all the way!
        Trump: Make America GREAT again!
        We can do this!

  38. esqualido says

    Apparently a few Americans finally got around to Googling “Savings and Loan Scandal.”

  39. SaneZidane says

    When the polls show time after time that the majority of the American people consider themselves to be conservative, aren’t allowed to pick a candidate of their own choosing because of the beltway money hogs that showcase their preference and lure us into never never land with another RINO we really didn’t want from the beginning. Even when we do elect a conservative representative to congress, he is not able to represent the people that chose him but is stymied by the power hungry establishment GOP through intimidation, threats, hook and crook or whatever tactics available to the corrupt RINO’s in the party. Beware you democrat light Republicans…you’re on the bubble. The thoroughly corrupt main stream news media and their morally bankrupt talking heads will not bail you out this time.

  40. Mary Warner says

    Finally … the American people are waking up to the realities of the Republican elitists’ trickle down economics and their holier than thou attitudes that want us to believe they have nothing to do with the present state of this country. They have everything to do with it, as do corrupt Democrats, and the American people have had enough.

  41. Bill says

    Nothing sad about his decline. This is not a monarchy where the Presidency is passed along to members of the same family.

  42. Richard says

    Jeb Bush was a liar as governor here in Florida he got his brother re elected because of the FRAUD here in Florida. Jeb comes from a Family of LIARS. the Bush family has been in bed with Bin Laden since the mid 70’s
    GHW Bush:
    Read my lips – No New Taxes (LIE)
    GW Bush:
    Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (MAJOR LIE went to WAR over this Lie really was over OIL)
    Jeb and Hillary should NEVER be allowed to ever RUN as PRESIDENT We need a LEADER “United WE Stand Divided WE FALL” God Bless America

  43. DrRGP says

    I would remind Republicans that the first desideratum is to nominate someone who has the best chance of winning in 2016. Right now, virtually all credible sources are expecting an easy win for Mrs. Clinton. The most recent Las Vegas line, for example, gives her five chance of seven (5/7) of winning.

  44. FloridaJim says

    Does Jeb realize how impotent he comes across? We have so few powerhouses on the stage and so few selections.

  45. Frak Lukasik says

    I have suggested that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio agree on who should be President and Vice President and then campaign together and accepting other Candidates to help and be appointed to the Cabinet with Donald Trump Treasurer, John Kasich Defense Secretary and Carly Fiorina Commerce Secretary.

  46. don76550 says

    Remember the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien criminal with multiple deportations living in a sancturary city was an “act of love.” No more Bush presidencies period. It is a shame that a country with our population can only serve garbage like a Clinton or a Bush or a Sanders as candidates.

  47. Donnie Buchanan says

    “The Sad Decline of Jeb Bush” …. Just who is sad about it?? Certainly not me !!

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      For me, it’s a time for
      rejoicing. I’m going out in a few minutes and do a little dance in my
      driveway I’m so happy. The man was nothing and is nothing but a
      rhino. It’s no wonder the Democrats like him. I see very little
      difference between he and Hillary, there condemning of good laws and
      policies and they both want to give away the store. They are too sick
      puppies. Both literally and figuratively.

  48. Jean Langford M. says

    LOVE THIS….The ELITIST mainstream is getting their asses kicked by the American people..We are NOT as DUMB as you think…Trump and Ben Carson tell the truth…and TRUTH WILL EAT YOU ALIVE….ADIOS AMIGO, COMPRENDE?…..SLAM!!!!!

  49. DJTX says

    And now we are getting Paul Ryan as SotH…..

  50. nevergiveup says

    Better now than if he would get voted in and then things would fall apart.

  51. jsccats says

    Time to bow out ungracefully Jeb!!!!

  52. David Yoder says

    The Republican Party will continue to be the minority party as long as they stay in the 20th century around social issues. It is the party of white haired old men trying to force their Christian Right ideas on a country and world that is not wanting nor willing to have religious ideas forced upon them

    1. MAHB001 says

      And what is the Democrat party look like?

      Old white established politically elite…. The very same people who made up your talking point comment

      Your conditioning is so bad that you can no longer see who is the party of diversity…I think you know nothing about the Republican party.

      This election is NOT about Religion. it is about the Economy..

      Democrats = Socialism
      Republicans = Capitalism.

      1. Reality Check says

        “This election is NOT about Religion. it is about the Economy..”

        WELL the GOP fools imploded the global economy last time they were in charge

        and the DEMS fixed IT.

        lets examine reality.

        Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
        After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

        Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
        After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

        Before Obama, DOW 6500
        After Obama, DOW 17,000

        Oh, and there is MORE for the Dim Con.

        “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

        The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth”

        1. MAHB001 says

          Horse poop troll.

          We all know that socialism can not and does not produce as robust an economy as Capitalism can… That is history….

          Your numbers come from a Government and can not be trusted…

          Just like 0bama and Hillary’s word…

          If you want to live under socialism vote for a democrat

          If you want to live under Capitalism, vote for a republican…

          Easy poesy…

          1. Reality Check says

            The liberal post a link to prove what he says.

            the conservative flaps IT’S GUMS..
            graphic display of the difference between the 2 groups.

            Informed verses Hot Air.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Problem is, trolls lack credibility as we all know that they talk in lies, will not consider reason and in general are a waste of time…

            Good day troll.

          3. Deby says

            that guy NEEDS a reality check-he certainly doesn’t represent it. he just loves posting leftist lying talking posts and wanting us to click on his links for further proof of his lies-he is a waste of ink that one!

          4. Reality Check says

            I linked to FOX NEWS ignorant con

          5. Deby says

            yeah, got that smart ass-doesn’t change the fact that your “reality” is totally skewed-loser lib.

          6. Reality Check says

            so now right wing media is also LYING when it does not conform to the idiots world view.

            that’s predicable and also why we think you cons are low functioning.

          7. Deby says

            what you loser libs think doesn’t concern me at all-you took some data out of context and tried to lay it on the right-Fox gives both sides -their motto is Fair and Balanced, not Twisted and Taunting like the lib media. It is you losers who are the low information cretins.

          8. MAHB001 says

            His goal is to disrupt the conversation and waste our time…

            Our goal should be to make sure he is wasting his time…

          9. Reality Check says

            More Hot Air.

            links must be over your grey matter

          10. MAHB001 says

            Troll, it is a waste of time proving anything to a troll you. Trolls and I
            have gone around long enough that I have proven it all to the trolls and they
            choose not to listen.

            A trolls post consists of insults, lies, accusations, and misleading
            information that sends one off on a waste of time, and did I say insults… The
            post was copied and the troll spent no time composing it.

            A Trolls goal is to disrupt the conversation. A return insult sends a chill
            up their leg. And they do a little happy dance every time they succeed in
            getting someone to post a waste of time back to their posts….

            My goal here is to let everyone know that responding to a trolls posts is a
            waste of time. So don’t spend any more time on the post than the troll has…

            Whatever you have posted is misleading, a lie, or an insult…. And to
            insult a MORON will just get the troll to do the happy dance.

            So do your happy dance troll, I insulted you..

            BTW, I will be using the Copy and pas

  53. ErnieLane says

    What’s sad about it? I’m glad it’s happening.

  54. rayhause says

    Personally I would have chosen a better title to this post. Of course, I’m no fan of Jeb Bush for the fact he had the attitude, same as Clinton, that he deserved the Republican Party candidacy, he was a Bush. I have absolutely no reluctance in saying it could not have happened to a better person or family.

  55. Richard Daugherty says

    Jeb!! turn out the lites the parties over!!

  56. SouthernPatriot says

    This core conservative from an extended family of core conservatives was never assured Jeb Bush would be the nominee, and nor are we saddened by his demise. We all are active in the TEA Parties and the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) movement is in us.

  57. TAM44 says

    jeb bush is not wanted, what does it take to wake you idiots up? I know you want jeb bush so it insures killery clinton of a win on election day, we don’t want either one of those two fools. Go Mr. Trump all the way to the white house.

  58. Al Hope says

    There is Before Executive Action (on invasion) and After Executive Action. Only Trump and Santorum noticed the TECTONIC shift. Bush fell asleep at the “act of love” wheel somewhere in Mexico.

  59. Terry Rushing says

    Not only do we NOT need Jeb, we also need to ditch Mitch and in general make “progressives” extinct or at least frighten them so badly that they will not crawl out of their foxholes.

    1. MAHB001 says

      The progressives are spies and should be treated as such…. We need to weed them out of the Republican party….

      Wish the Democrats would wake up and do the same…. But that ain’t gonna happen.

  60. Robert Early says

    No sadness abou it. The voters are simply no longer blind sheep. We now understand more of all that has gone on before. No more RINOs. No more lies and liars. No more Bushes. No more BS.
    We don’t wish to read your lieing lips, or your Father’s. Please just shut up and go home with what dignity you have left.

  61. 10579 says

    Bush endorces Common core, has he even looked at the scope of what is required to do a math problem with the common core method.I think he would definitly change his mind, but being part of the elitist mentality he thinks he knows better than teachers who are the professionals in this debate.

    1. Reality Check says

      It is your right to have a stupid child in America.

      but if you want them to succeed, they need to learn critical thinking.

      something you could use as well.

      1. 10579 says

        And you RC are a WHAT?No rocket man either.SB

        1. Reality Check says

          well I seem so much smarter because I don’t have my head up the Right Wing Propaganda Machine’s Butt

  62. Reality Check says

    but I am guessing you cons are not interested in THAT.

    1. Deby says

      well and then again, YOU might actually have a brain, but I am guessing NOT.

  63. headonstraight says

    We have had a Bush. We have had a “Shrub.” In Jeb we are witnessing the fragmentation of a hapless tumbleweed!

    We don’t need no more steekin’ Bushes!

  64. Bob Stewart says

    I believe that the Bushes are fine people, all of them. Their problem has been that they have always been willing to compromise conservative values away to be fair to democrats. Such compromising over the years has led us to the destruction of freedom we are facing today with a far left democrat party. So, it’s not poor Jeb, it’s hello true conservatives who demand a different republican party now. And it’s about time.

    1. Reality Check says

      “led us to the destruction of freedom we are facing today”

      such a nice talking point.

      NOW lets hers some SPECIFIC freedoms that you have lost.

  65. Timekeeper2 says

    they all have been doing exactly what they have wanted – and
    IGNORING the will of the people, their base, and conservatives as a whole.
    Career politicians have kept the borders open, raised taxes on us, bailed out
    BIG Business at our expense, created massive regulations driving good jobs
    overseas, pushed whacko environmental regulations driving companies out of
    business, confiscating private property, ignoring the rule of law, pandered to
    non-citizens, and put this nation in peril due to massive SPENDING and debt.

    Just a year and a half ago – this RINO republican Party removed ALL opposition
    to Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Illegal Immigration from the party platform.
    THAT is a Big move LEFT. They now are no different than teh radical leftwing
    Marxist democrats.

    Vote Right – we need people in office that have American
    Values, Principles & Traditions. The type that made US the strongest,
    bravest. most prosperous nation the world has ever seen.

    TRUMP – CRUZ in 2016

  66. Casey Sierhuis says

    The ecstatic elimination of Bush from American life !!!! Thank God

  67. holland180 says

    Two years ago I felt that if Jeb Bush ever ran for President I could support him 100%. Then he announced he was running and I learned about his immigration and common core positions and that turned me off 100%. There are many candidates better then Bush and which includes Cruz, Florina, Jindal, Santorum,Christy, Trump and Carson and even Huckabee. Don’t like Rubio’s immigration position.. Don’t like Paul’s anti strong defense, put you hear in the sand until the bombs are raining on you thinking. Just like his Father. However, every candidate would be better then Obama. Sanders would be a disaster and Hilliary more of the same progressive B.S.

    Still have not made up my mind but I have been contributing to Cruz!

  68. tax man says

    Should never have even been in the race. NO ONE WANTS THIS JERK!

  69. ferebetv says

    A Nazi neocon Zionist killer from a family of bottom feeding parasites.

  70. mallen11 says

    Jeb should not have run in the first place when so many people are unhappy with his brother, G. Bush. He is too regarded by the GOP who is able to control him and that is not what we the people need. We are sick of the old standard of running the government by politicians who do not care what the people think or want. He needs to drop out and save his money for his family.

  71. gmhunt4 says

    It is NOT sad Jeb is in decline. He should change party’s, he acts and sounds like a democratic.

  72. omega2 says

    BYE, BUE Jeb. You do not have the drive your Father and Brother had to become PRESIDENT and your Mother was right, don’t run! Should have listened to MOTHER!

  73. organic girl says

    Nothing sad about it…I’m all smiles.
    Jeb is such a RINO/Democrat that he had no business wasting our time with his sham of a campaign. Other lesser-known candidates more deserving could have used the money JebDimwit spent to get their message out to the public. Think of the hours and hours of media hype wasted on him that could have been used to educate voters about REAL conservative ideas.

    I can’t think of one single thing Jeb said or did that meant a positive change for the country under his leadership. Good riddance, Goofball.

  74. Roger Short says

    II could have told Jeb, long ago, that he should just forget about it. There was no way he was going to get the Republican nomination, let alone win the presidency! I’m GOP all the way, and I don’t want him!

  75. OSAMA OBAMA says

    he announced, he did so with a reported $100 million war chest. – See
    more at:

  76. RuFus92 says

    Why does the GOP still not get the picture that we no longer want the old boy insider politicans to represent conservative America. Keep up this blind obedience belief that we will come around to your way of thinking even at the risk of a democrat in the white house again. Listen to your constituent’s and get behind them or lose in 2016. Change is what is wanted.

  77. Alleged Comment says

    GOOD! Got about 7 or more to go. Carly should be next. Can hardly wait till this “prima donna” leaves.

  78. Remmie says

    I don’t see any thing sad about a RINO falling by the wayside. I actually find it a ray of sunshine.

  79. Robert Early says

    Hmmm? I’m not sad. My family, friends, and neighbors are not sad about an Jeb Bush decline. I’m still sad about the number of RINOs still in Congress. More than sad, I’m downright mad. Friends, we must remove all these jerks from office; and frankly, I don’t care how.

  80. Drake Travis says

    Jeb needs to go do something else. He’s off the mark on what needs to happen regarding immigration and education. He’s way off. That’s all that is wrong. The rest of the arguments are theoretical sawdust in the wind.

  81. James in Texas says

    Bush has nothing to do with this. It is the fact that “We, the people” are just flat fed-up with Professional Politicians, who are all “Born-again Liars”, Period! All they want is to keep their “seat at the table of public wealth”, so they lie, and then they lie some more, and some more!!!!!!! I keep asking myself, “If we didn’t have a Congress could we have governed ourselves this bad”?

  82. M.J. Marsalek says

    People have wondered for years why the political bosses of both parties almost always offer up seriously flawed candidates for president leaving the voters to choose between the lesser of two evils. Consider for example the contest between John McCain and Barack Obama. Many people say that the US is far worse off today for having elected Barack Obama, but what was the alternative? John McCain is meaner than a snake, has a temper hotter than a firecracker and a very short fuse. McCain takes his marching orders from the military industrial complex with all the consequences that come with it. So now comes Jeb Bush whose time has come and gone. All that needs to be said is that Jeb would have most likely made a much better president than brother George, but George poisoned the well for Jeb. Americans have long ago recognized that term limits would reduce the systemic corruption in government. And if that is in fact the case, why should the voters submit to a Bush or Clinton Dynasty? So here we go again !! Hillary Clinton is a liar, a thief, a murderer and the enabling wife of a sexual predator. Jeb Bush is the son of a CIA operative and the brother of a war criminal.

  83. Lorraine E says

    The Bushes are all RINOs, meaning democrats. The Bushes are a part of the Oil Mafia which will not permit the development of alternatives to oil to be developed. To learn more about George H and George W check the Caravan to Midnight web site to learn what the liars in the CFR corporate media will never report. It is great to have access to truthful reporting.

  84. Stephanie Jones says


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  85. Bill Quigley says

    Jeb does not have the fire in his belly for pursuing the presidency. He is too laid back and assuming that the presidency is his for the asking. Sorry Jeb, but your brother really killed another Busch President!

  86. runnindeer says

    Our nation has suffered because of the denial from men such as Jeb Bush. When George W. Bush was ending his tenure as President and literally began to promote John McCain – that was Bush denial. Apparently they are living in some sort of entitlement zone mentally. They failed to see that the world changed, people changed, values changed, and life ran them by while they continued to go on as if everything was still great and would work as before. Times have changed. Nothing is as before and never will be again.

  87. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    The problem with the Republican party is that too many are willing to settle for the status quo, just holding off new evil a bit longer, without any real effort to try and roll back some of the evil already in place.

    1. CCblogging says

      The Globalists fully intend to shove UN Agenda 2030 down our unwilling throats.

  88. CCblogging says

    No more Bushes, No more Clintons and No nutcases like Bernie Sanders for president.

  89. AlRetd says

    Jebby is nothing but a White Obama Dictator!

  90. Wildeagleone says

    But for his family name and the two previous Presidents, he wouldn’t be on anybody’s radar. Go home to your family Bush and suck it up. You are second string and we need the first string to get this country back on track

  91. William Riley says

    The Bush family believes they are entitled by the almighty to rule America, as a family business. In the process they have become very wealthy. Despite raising over $100 Million from Wall Street, the Banksters, and Hedge Funds, Jeb can only promise more of the same. So long Jeb, and hopefully the same message for the GOP run by the Wash DC crowd.

  92. Christine Cuneo says

    How can something that never was decline? Go home to Mexico with your in-laws Bush.

  93. patricia crevier says

    I was concerned at first that conservative news outlets were backing Bush…..and they were until it became apparent through Trump that the people want jobs back in the US and we want all illegals and Muslims vying for those jobs out of the country.Carson doesn’t believe it is possible to send people back to where they came from,Rubio thinks we should let them stay and grant a pathway to citizenship and Fiorina is in the same boat. Cruz is on board with the desires of the people. I vote Trump/Cruz 2016.

  94. 13gatorgrowl says

    Good riddance! Maybe the Bush and Clintons will go away! Too much of Bush and Clinton too long! Time for The LIFERS (Kennedys, Rockefellers, Bushes, H. Reid, Pelosi and others ) in The US Government to either retire, resign or die!
    TIME for the TRUE Patriots to get a chance to make USA great again and USA Sovereign again!
    ALL Veterans: Thank you for your service!!

  95. Tiger says

    Jeb is not the brightest lamp in that family. He doesn’t have it. He will do fine and continue to go his way and make his money. That is what people in politics do.

  96. Allan Scott says

    Decline of Jeb Bush? No, not at all. This guy’s nothing but a pussy and a shit head and has just proven it. I’m sure his brother and father are proud of him.

  97. Sid sees her says

    Poor Jeb, some people have it and some don’t. Immediately the disgusted voters looked at Jeb and knew he was the old establishment that would do the same as the old croney’s of the past. He can blame the congress and the senate for doing nothing to stop obammy from succeeding in his distruction of our constitution. Now we have another problem, Paul Ryan, who will have the same fate as Jeb.

  98. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


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