The VA Scandal Worsens and Obama’s Legacy Rots Away


If there’s a phrase you can use to easily sum up Barack Obama’s Presidential career, it might be, “He’s as skilled at politics as he is unskilled at leadership.” The first black President of the United States promised “hope and change” at the outset before going on to disappoint even his most fervent supporters with six years of terrible administrating. That he was able to secure re-election after four of those years is a testament to how devastatingly well he plays the game. Make no mistake about it, if the Republicans could find a few politicians with Obama’s charisma and combine it with some sensible, follow-through policies, the Dems wouldn’t see the White House again for two decades.

If there’s anything we can learn from the Veteran Affairs scandals, it’s that Obama’s leadership skills are more than just lackluster; they are downright harmful. Now it turns out that the VA troubles are about more than long wait times. A report on June 24th, 2014 shows that poor healthcare provided by the department has been to blame for the deaths of more than 1,000 veterans while delivering a tax bill of almost $1 billion in malpractice settlements. No American expects the President to be involved at every level of bureaucracy, but this kind of mismanagement is inexcusable under any Chief’s reign.

The report comes courtesy of Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, and the details within bring a shiver to anyone who cares about the health and well being of our brave military men and women. One case reported by the Washington Times involved the former security chief at a New York VA hospital who was arrested by the FBI on rape, kidnapping, and murder plotting charges. What?

These reports, especially when taken in context of the IRS scandals, the Benghazi debacle, the quick pull-out of Iraq, and the administration’s hesitant responses to the Snowden revelations depict a President who is worse than incompetent. It’s early to speculate on what post-Presidency investigations might turn up, but it wouldn’t surprise this observer if there was evidence of wrongdoing at the highest levels. Certainly, all of the warning signs were there from the start. Obama comes from a rich history of foul-dealing Chicago politics. While I don’t believe that the President wanted hundreds of veterans to die from lack of care, this kind of thing happens when you have a guy more concerned with image than substance. That, indeed, has been the hallmark of the last two terms.

What’s sadder is that this is the same administration that has made public healthcare the number one goal. There are plenty of moderate “conservatives” that point to countries like England and Canada and wonder if universal healthcare might work in America. It only takes one look at the VA debacle to see how that would pan out. If that’s not enough, look at the public school system. Look at the DMV. Look at the abominable rollout of Obamacare. Being conservative means fighting for small government, a fact that has been lost in American politics for far too long. Maybe it’s not charisma we need in our next candidate but rather someone who remembers that principle.

  1. bsfurg says

    anyone want to bet that Obama ges away with this scandal to? I have never seen 535 ppl who are getting paid to run American let a man to sit back and watch him destroy American… thats what the Congress is doing over our kids furure and there kids furure> Obama is the worst thing to happen to our USA and what do the congress do about it> Not a dam thing.. I call them the gutless congress..

    1. Glen says

      As long as he has George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour, Rachel Madcow, Ed Schulz, Andrea Mitchell, Warren Buffet, George Soros and Lawrence O’Donnell worshipping him he has ”nothing” to worry about.

      1. dean29685 says

        Not worship they are cheering him on dedicated socialists all.

      2. Ken Trefaller says

        What about Tom Hanks he wants Obama to run for a third term. Wake up America.

        1. hankrbradley says

          Hanks wants a 3rd term? Wow, he fits right in with what Kerry said after becoming Sec. of State. that, “in America you have the right to be stupid!” So what I haven’t figured out is to whom was Kerry referring to, those in the Senate who just voted to approve his nomination, maybe to his boss in the White House or to idiots like Tom Hanks!

          1. rarriagaz says

            “In America you have the right to be stupid!” Now that is a very factual truth! Look at all the stupid Americans that vote Republican.

        2. RedRiverD says

          I just lost any interest in Tom Hanks…..

          1. bamissfa says

            i have lost interest in all tv programming that contains pro obama agenda, any show that promotes GBLT, muslims as heros. Ditto movies if the actors are big liberals. I refuse to line their pockets with MY money so THEY can destroy MY country.

            Watch and pay attention to all the photos in the halls and offices of TV programs it is disgusting much like the people of N korea ALL had a picture of their commie leader so when he busted into their homes it would appear they supported him because he would murder those he thought didn’t.

            Even HGTV every other show and so does the DIY channel both show gay, straight and lesbian couples the the gays and lesbian shows running at about 50% STRANGE when u consider there’s only about 3% of the pop gay
            hgtv now runs sweepstakes and contests to try to get viewers. DUMB A’s stop pushing your queer agenda on people We just want to see the shows not the perverts.

          2. bob machaffy says

            Remember back a few years ago they us to shove black & white couples on us to get us use to seeing racial marriage and families, now they are shoving GBLT in our face so we get use to it.
            Maybe this is what obama meant by showel ready

          3. marshmil says

            It’s subliminal social engineering. Like sneaking Dex-Cool into your orange Kool Aid.

          4. Seldena says

            I agree 100%!!

          5. rarriagaz says

            How can Liberals destroy a country already destroyed by conservatives, racist, Tea Bags and Republicans? Answer: They cannot. But, try to explain that to a lame brain Conservative, racist Tea Bag Republican!

          6. schwinndog says


          7. SammysDad says

            Tell us why you voted for him in the first place. You see, I can’t really understand why one would have voted for him so I would truly be interested in knowing the reasoning behind your decision. I am not being sarcastic here. I really would like to know you reasons then for voting for him.

          8. Seldena says

            Me too! I don’t understand how you fell for all this change into socialism and not going by the constitution and the LYING!!

          9. bruceb64 says

            I have asked “many” people the same question. The top answer is He “PROMISED” something! That is ALL. They believed a Candidates PROMISE!!!

          10. marshmil says

            I recall this Kenyan imposter saying “Change is a’comin.” Then he never told what the change would be. People who fell for that scam would also buy snake oil from

          11. rarriagaz says

            I read a sticker of the back of a septic tank service truck. It read, Caution this tank is loaded with Political Promises!

          12. Angry American says

            At the time he was making promises it seemed to me he was promising every thing to every body, that plus a couple of statement he made about change was enough for me to know that he was a false——— & didn’t deserve my vote ever! It really started with his campaign speech about living in America the greatest country the world has ever known “Lets come together to change it” I immediately asked change it to what. Unfortunately we are all finding out what he meant & it is not good for America or Americans & for those that still support him, what the hell does it take to wake you people up? Low information voters or No information voters, I go with the latter

          13. Cynic says

            Maybe because the Republicans chose someone who appeared to be too elitist in 2012 and a somewhat daft old war horse in 2008?

          14. SammysDad says

            Even a labrador retriever would have been better if one would have listened to what he really was peddling.

          15. marshmil says

            Cynic I think you’re right. I’m conservative but John McCain was NOT someone I’d have selected for the Republican side. I was essentially voting AGAINST Obama.
            Then in 2012 although Romney would have made a better leader the voting public is not educated enough to see through prejudices. So many voted again for Obama simply because he’s at least part black; his track record is of no consequence to them. Speaking of banana republic mentality!

          16. marshmil says

            Needless to say, unfortunately many people voted for BHO because he’s part black. There are no other reasons. He has NO credentials. And has now proved he has zero leadership ability. He’s a puppet operated and mouthed by Valerie Jarrett with socialism as the agenda.

          17. Cynic says

            Not all black people buy into his agenda. Not all women want Shrillary for president.

          18. rarriagaz says

            So, tell me that you are not a racist. You are holding all individuals pertaining to the same race as our current President accountable because the individual in the White House is of the same race.

          19. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Tom. You Played Forrest Gump, remember? Remember what mama said? No. Not the one about a box of chocolates. The other one. “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

          20. Cynic says

            “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

            LOL! That works for me!

          21. rarriagaz says

            Stupid is that stupid does. Yup, it certainly fits conservative, racist, Tea bags, and Republicans is what conservative, racist, Tea bags, and Republicans does.

          22. Terminator says

            I guess old Gump has had to many boxes of chocolates.

          23. marshmil says

            Maybe Forest Gump is actually Tom Hanks in real life.

        3. jillocity says

          so much for tom hanks ever getting another dime of my money at the movie theater

          1. bobby says

            We got your point, do you think people on this web site are so stupid you have to mention the same exact opinion twice to reach their brain, you are spot on with that.

          2. jillocity says

            don’t know why that posted twice…i sure didn’t hit post twice…sorry bout that

          3. RobertNorwood says

            There’s always some idiot with nothing to say so they dump on you for no good reason.

          4. LastGasp says

            They get paid for the number of responses they get,,,,,just down vote them and ignore them.

          5. RobertNorwood says

            Tell me more about this. I did not know.

          6. LastGasp says

            That’s the way it was explained to me several months ago when I got caught up in a totally one way argument with a troll. Think about it,,,,you might bring up point after significant point, but they just respond enough to force you to argue more. They never add real meat to the discussion, just inane observations or ad hominem remarks, just enough to piss you off to make you respond. That’s their job,,,to divert discussions and derail logical conclusions with distraction and misinformation.

          7. RobertNorwood says

            I’ve gone toe to toe with trolls and it’s always the same thing. At one point I told the troll he was a troll with many names – even recited the names, because he was saying the same things the same way to the point of using unique phrases, phraseology, not common to the US. I suspected one of them to be from middle or eastern Europe because of the syntax of his English. Most of these trolls disappear when you catch them out. I haven’t seen any of them since so they must have assumed another identity.

          8. LastGasp says

            Yep, you got it! I wouldn’t doubt a Middle East connection, either. I know for sure that the Chicago thug political mafia hires trolls to disrupt patriotic websites. Protecting Obongo, I imagine.

          9. RobertNorwood says

            Don’t apologize to that fool. I mean, who the hay-yell is he anyway? Like what, he thinks he’s running the place or something?

          10. jillocity says

            if i had read what he posted more carefully, i would have realized that he is a troll, and not responded… 🙂

          11. LastGasp says

            Now you got it!

          12. boysenberry says

            Hey, bobby, it happens. Are you an angry liberal.

          13. grafra102 says

            @boysenberry:disqus : I do not think so!!!

          14. RobertNorwood says

            Oh, bobby’s a screamer from the word go.

          15. grafra102 says

            @disqus_fzbRxOJwgU:disqus : Does it matter!!!???

          16. RobertNorwood says

            We got your point, do you think people on this web site are so stupid you have to dump on someone else for no good reason just to uselessly point out that you are angry over nothing?

            I may have missed them but where are your posts?

          17. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Apparently you proved that not every one gets that point.

          18. bobby says

            Read some of the comments on this web, you don’t have to be a genius to figure that one out. I see you are an angry American, if you were lucky enough to have been born an American, angry is the last thing you should be. Go live in Iraq for a while or any other Mideast Country and see what angry really is. I have been all over this world, in the Air Force and civilian life, when returning home and my feet touches American Soil, I thank God that he has given me the greatest gift of all, being born an American. Get over being angry, contribute to this country and voice your opinions but not with a bunch of BS and dialog that is passed off as being fact. You have a great day and may God Bless.

          19. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            I thank you for your service. I see you left off the “Awakened” part which certainly explains the American and Angry part in a different light than what apparently escaped your observation. I, sir was born at Johnson Hospital, Tachikawa Air Force Base, Tokyo, Japan. To a 20+ year Career Air Force father. Viet Nam Vet. 2 tours of Japan late 50s early 60s. As well as being involved in Thailand and Laos 75-76. A still living breathing patriot, GREAT father & hero. I went to multiple elementary, middle, and Jr high schools, Since my father was a “Weatherman” in the Air Force. We were a rare Air Force family at Army posts at West Point and Ft. Knox. My father also worked for a few defense contractors after his military career. He retired FBI NCIC/CJIS division. He worked on many a program with the NRO (as well as associated projects with DoD, NOAA, and the two other agencies with acronyms giving the rest a bad name) I myself worked on the Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle with Boeing RSS during the competition phase conceded to Raytheon stemming from an ethics violation by a project manager. Also lab and test on different components and structures of the ISS. The Z1 truss (Downey, CA), P3 truss with solar arrays (Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ala) as well as lab and test on shuttle fuel valves. I am also a father of an 0311 grunt who has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. A veteran of 8 years (the last 3 as an infantry instructor for the USMC. Who also is considering re-enlisting to accept an intelligence position. Now that we’ve cleared up my families contributions to this country as well as a sliver of our travels. I am not angry BECAUSE I’m American. I am Angry because of the lies that we have lived and are living. I’m especially angry at those who are unable to see what crimes are being committed so blatantly before our eyes. In your posts you fail to see the hypocrisy of your arguments. The short lived & barely a footnote in history you use to describe those who DEMAND the rule of law be followed. Describes your Progressive Party you speak of so proudly. Do a basic web search. I recommend you take your own advise and research how short lived and footnote of history your beloved Progressive Party was. The Progressive Party was started in 1912 by Robert M. La Follette who created it based on his progressive faction from Wisconsin. Teddy Roosevelt jumped onto the Progressive Party hijacking La Follette’s new party and creating a bitter eney. I think the Moderate Republican Abe died a year, or two, or exactly 47 years earlier than your beloved Progressive Party was birthed. Your argument that compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy is lost in what damage that Teddy Roosevelt’s anger of not being able to unseat a sitting President Taft. Even though he outpolled Taft. Taft being president controlled how the party nominee was chosen. So Teddy’s creation of a third party known as the Progressive Party. This split caused by Teddy caused some progressives to jump ship to the Dems while some joined the new party. This split was instrumental in the Democrats controlling the house AND senate and ushering in the Federal Reserve. The conservative Taft wing of the Republican Party controlled the party from 1916-1932 refusing to nominate any prominent Progressives to the Republican National Ticket. The Progressive party relevancy peaked in it’s first year of existence, 1912. Then was nothing through 1917ish. Where the balance of the Progressives that didn’t turn Democrat rejoined the Republican Party. They sprouted up in the year 1924 and was endorsed by the Socialist Party of America. In 1934 La Follette’s sons formed the Wisconsin Progressive Party, which briefly held power and a major party in that state. Finishing often ahead of the Democrats. As to the “status quo” comment and how your Progressives are moving forward. Truth is the Progressive Party you are so proud of did absolutely NOTHING other than allow the banksters to enslave us all. Because of the Progressives we are controlled by families of foreign owned banks. For over a 100 years. Eisenhower was a puppet to the Progressive caused bankruptcy of America. The evil banking cabal force countries to go in debt. Financing the campaign of potential leaders. A politician who runs on the promises of infrastructure water, utilities, roads, EVERYTHING and anything needed to get the votes. See? How electing this man got roads and water to your town? The man repays those who elected him by allowing the rape and pillaging of his nation natural resources and creation of a central bank. Forever in debt because these countries cannot afford to repay the evil banksters. Who then foreclose on them. Thanks, bobby, but no thanks. I recommend you take your own advise in researching facts. Not the bunch of BS and dialog that you are passing off as fact.

          20. Aaron Mason says

            You bloviate a LOT.

          21. Seldena says

            If so, I love his bloviations!!!

          22. La Gitana says

            Appreciated your response to bobby. A good lesson in political history.

          23. Seldena says

            Thank you Awakened! This was an awesome slew of comments with great history and I love history. You are so right on everything you said. I thank you for your great service!

          24. LastGasp says

            Very well done!
            “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

          25. Seldena says

            What is not factual? What are you referring to? Hanks? He did say that, I heard him myself. Please explain.

          26. rarriagaz says

            these white people are angry because they are required to allow others to have the same rights that they enjoy. When they believe that they are the only ones entitled to those rights as White Americans! Read the comments. The racism comes through loud and clear.

        4. jillocity says

          so much for tom hanks ever getting another dime of my money at the movie theater

          1. grafra102 says

            @jillocity:disqus : I do not go to movies because they are just BS, all they get is our money for being so called supper stars!! Hollywood can go “TO HELL” and that is where they may be!!!

          2. droll OP says

            Never liked the Idiot or his stupid movies. Now I know why. What a Moron.

          3. jillocity says

            the only movie he ever made that i actually liked (will not say enjoyed) was Saving Private Ryan…all the rest of them are schlock

          4. Seldena says

            I do not watch Hanks and Clooney and many others that are so ignorant of our free Republic.

        5. RobertNorwood says

          Jeez, I had no idea Tom was that stupid. Huh.

      3. Sam Houston says

        You forgot Bill and Melinda Gates.

      4. jillocity says

        soros isn’t worshipping obama…soros is pulling the puppet’s strings…

      5. bobby says

        You forgot one person, Bobby, that would be me.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          You forgot on person, Bobby… Bobby to bobby, bobby to Glen. I think I know what you’re saying. Leaving the extra “Bobby” out actually would have made it more clear.

          1. bobby says

            I am proud to be a progressive, we are for moving the country forward, you are happy with the status quo, go no where. If it had not been for Republican Progressives like Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln or Eisenhower you would not be enjoying some of the things that I am sure you take for granted, like the interstate system or the fact that we no longer own another human being. If it had not been for FDR, our elderly population would be living on the streets, had it not been for Lyndon Johnson those older people would be dying in the streets. These right wing nut cases you want to belong to are short lived just like the John Birch Society, take a look at your hero Ted Cruz, he looks, acts and has the same way out ideas as another whacko in our history, the Senator from WI, Joseph McCarthy. If it had been for Progressives in this Country we would still be taking covered wagons west. You go ahead and wait at that station for the next train out to the country our fore fathers envisioned but in order to get aboard you need a ticket, you thought it was a free ride and neglected to get passage. So long, you will go into the archives of history just like John Birch and Joseph McCarthy.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            What dumb and fallacious response. Progressives are instituting Big Brother rules and restrictions, they want central government control, socialism even though it is failing every where, they want individual liberties curtailed and operate strictly from their own morally relativistic ideology while attacking religion. The biggest fakes ever when you try and link yourself to common sense progress on social issues. Now, thousands of illegal immigrants flooding over the border, getting plane rides, places to live, lawyers, ID’s – that’s progressivism. There’s a difference – a huge one – between progress and progressivism.

            Teddy Roosevelt would slap you silly for trying to link your version of progressivism to him. Progressives have nothing in common with what our fore fathers envisioned – I don’t recall Marxism, powerful centralized government, and the curtailing of the freedoms of individuals on their agenda.

            Save your nonsense for the morons who’ll listen to you.

          3. bobby says

            You must be one of those morons, you responded, I guess you were listening. You know absolutely nothing about American History, if you did you would know that Teddy Roosevelt was the founding father of the Progressive movement in this Country, he even ran for President, after he had served his original term, as a third party candidate on a ticket called, guess what, the Progressive Party. He was also the first President to propose a national healthcare system. If Teddy Roosevelt was to slap anyone silly it would be you. The majority of our Founding Fathers were for a strong centralize Government, that is why we have a strong central Government. You and your kind are short lived, on your way out, history. You are in a minority and the whacko movement you are part of won’t even be a footnote in history. The rest of your comments here are out of fantasy land. Take some night classes and get educated than we can have an informative exchange, until then go back and exchange your stupid remarks with those who believe your whacko dialog.

          4. RobertNorwood says

            Your progressive ain’t his progressive. The term is derived from “progress” and thus has only the meaning one gives it. Leftists have used it for years and has well known to be hijacked as means to convince others of something other than the truth. You folks are nothing more than Marxists camouflaging yourselves in various terms designed to you give yourselves some credibility. You’ve even lowered yourselves to adopting patriotism, something you despise in order to cloak yourselves in respectability.
            Read the histories of our founders, their thoughts on government and you’d know their historically well documented feelings on limited government. Don’t forget they were not in the mind to trade one King for another – even if it was their own. George Washington was very open on the matter.
            Lastly, Freemasonry, along with Enlightenment values, helped form the thinking behind the form our government would take. If you acknowledged any of this you would not try pulling off this foolish charade. But then, an out and out blatant liar would. If what you say is true then why has the Federal Government had to fight a war and use various national crises as an excuse to assume more power since our very beginnings?
            You my friend should stick to having these discussions in pot sessions with your friends. Ah, and one more thing – I’ve always had a strong bias toward Leupold but my friends say it’s more of a habit, I’m old fashioned in that way and that there are better choices. What do you think?

          5. bobby says

            We could debate for the next hundred years on what progress is, I don’t have that much time, I do know for sure what it is not, the status quo. To do nothing should be unacceptable by all sides of a political or social issue. As for your last question, to use Leupold Optics would depend on what your prey is, if you are hunting innocent humans like the children at Sandy Hook you don’t need a scope but if you are hunting an animal that can really run there may be better choices than Leupold. By the way, I have never used pot or any drugs ever, I guess I am old fashion in that way, to my knowledge, my friends feel the same way. You have a great day and may God Bless.

          6. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Then do the right thing bobby. Abolish the Federal Reserve. As, well as banning “Voluntary Slavery” that the helped bring here.

          7. LastGasp says

            Progress is not communism!!

          8. bobby says

            My point exactly, thank you.

          9. LastGasp says

            But Progressives are the worst sort of authoritarian Communists. There’s a big difference between “progress” and what the communist party likes to call itself, “Progressive.” Just like everything else they do, the Progressives twist the meaning of progress to suit their own agenda. You are enemies of America and should be shot for treason!

          10. bobby says

            Make up your mind, one posting Progressives are not Communist, the next post they are. We are not enemies of America, we are what this Country was built on. Because your nutty mindset is a minority and will never be in control I know we won’t have to eliminate you, we will in the long run just stifle your nutty dialog.

          11. LastGasp says

            The word “progress” has been hijacked by you pinkos because real Americans (patriots) will not tolerate communists. By using the term “progressive” you pinkos misrepresent yourselves as something that Americans can identify with. Communism is not synonymous with progress, it is a state of total stagnation and failure. You don’t know what my mindset is so don’t presume that you do. Freedom, capitalism and innovation are what this country was built on, not communism.

          12. La Gitana says

            bobby, reread Awakened Angry American’s explanation. He knows correct history regarding the sorry progressive movement that we are plagued with now.

          13. bobby says

            I don’t have to read his nonsense again, I was so in disbelief the first time I read it about a dozen times because I could not believe that anyone would be so out of touch with history. I know colleges are to blame for teaching the progressive way, the University of Wisconsin taught me to be a progressive I guess, the only problem is, colleges don’t write and certainly can not change history, only the extreme right will try to do that and you will get a segment of the population to believe it. I do have an open mind so I would like someone from your side to reference where he dug these so called facts up from, as long as it is a legitimate source I will look at it. Have a great day and may God Bless.

          14. LastGasp says

            Bobby is a troll, (s)he will not recognize any talking points but his own.

          15. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Wait. It was your heroes, the Progressives who took the money from the banking Cabal and splintered the Republican Party and ushered in The Federal Reserve Act. Which fraudulently caused the bankruptcy of the USA in 1933 and forced ALL of the American into slavery. Each of us are OWNED and used as collateral for said manufactured bankruptcy. It was your heroes known as RINOs, Rockefeller Republicans, and Progressives that started the short lived Progressive Party or blended themselves into the Democrat Party. Thus hijacking the train of America. Our forefather’s you speak of would roll over in their graves knowing what your ilk did to the destruction of the country they envisioned. The un-federal, Federal Reserve was your Progressives that are long dead selling out America’s future. Since 1933 birth certificates are used to get mothers to voluntarily sign a bank document and relinquish ownership of her newborn to the banks. A Certificate of Birth of a lost vessel under maritime law. A banking Document packaged with other Birth Certificates and bought and sold on the open stock market. maybe bobby you should spend a larger portion of your internet time wasted here with your spewing of the fluoride laden koolade false beliefs that have been successfully indoctrinated by you.

          16. bobby says

            You are more than just angry, you have some deep routed mental issues, I don’t know where you get your talking points, it is certainly not from the history books, I don’t even think Rush, Glen Beck or Shawn are that far out. We all talk about people like you and after the fact we say, “I never thought he would do something like that,” many people made that statement after each tragedy including Sandy Hook. Do everyone in this Country a favor, get professional help before it is to late, take my word, you need help. I will pray for you but getting help is in your court, do it soon.

          17. La Gitana says

            bobby = ANGRY

          18. LastGasp says

            bobby = troll

          19. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            I’m glad you admit you don’t get. you can start with Wikipedia. When your done with lesson 1. We can “progressive” along to more difficult ones. Unless you want to claim that Abe secretly survived the assassination and move to Wisconsin.

          20. Seldena says

            So, you want everyone to do exactly what they wish with no moral compass? You want other people’s money that you did not work for? You hate the Constitution and its laws. This is the progressive Saul Alinsky , Marxists way. Will not work in our FREE Capitalistic Republic. If this is waht you wish yo need to move to N.Korea or Cuba!

      6. boysenberry says

        Almost of all of Hollywood are 0bama boot lickers. They don’t know what real life is like and cant relate at all to real people.
        They are stupid little bimbos and bimbettes. And the Hollywood bigshots know exactly what they’re doing, most of them are socialists and old bolshevic commies.
        My family and friends have boycotted Hollywood for a while now. There is nothing worthwhile anyway. They are an immoral bunch and hate Christians, the military and anyone with values.

        1. grafra102 says

          @boysenberry:disqus : what I know they are not boot lickers, they are “DICK SUCKERS” for “ODUMBO” !!!!!!!!

        2. Zita Alfonso says

          I agree with you. Don’t ever patronize Hollywood again and also ABC, MSNBC. Money is their god. I’ve been praying for Jesus to come back to USA. He was driven away by many atheists and violators of His Commandments who claim themselves Christians. Islam will totally ruing this country. If Obama is impeached we will be free from the slavery of Satan.

      7. Johnny says

        This should tell you that actors are good at what they do(“Acting”), other wise their ignorance would show through!

      8. Cynic says

        Just the names of more people who don’t live on the same planet as we do.

      9. marshmil says

        “Hollywood” is nothing but a cast of airheads.

    2. Jamie says right-on! Sad days and it will probably get worse….!

      1. jobird says

        You can count on it getting worse,sooner than later.The train left the station Jan.2009.

        1. supergun says

          We had our opportunity to change the direction of destruction in Nov. 2011.

    3. Bud- says

      Unfortunately, I can’t agree that all 535 members of Congress are do-nothings on this. The primary responsibility comes down to one man with the collusion of about 40 more. That man is Harry Reid and about 40 of his democratic cohorts who are absolutely protecting Obama against action either via legislation or impeachment.

      1. jillocity says


    4. Johnny says

      The problem we have is party affiliation. 535 people serve the party instead of serving the people!

    5. Jack King says

      With the senate controlled by reid and the democrats nothing will change. We can do our part for change come Nov.. Maybe these investigations of the IRS/VA/bengazi/illegal immigrants will be fruitful and justice will be served to the guilty!

    6. Cynic says

      They are not as gutless as they are co-conspirators. They have theirs — never mind that we are the ones paying for it — and they just don’t care.

    7. supergun says

      Sad and True. America is burning.

  2. Kent2012 says

    Once again those that serve and sacrifice are treated as vermin while the gala ball continues in DC. We ask our best to risk it all to preserve the great country we have through the efforts of their forefathers and we ask them to pack up and move far away to help others who wish for a taste of freedom in their country, playing politics with Veterans and foreign affairs is beyond despicable….

    1. David in MA says

      Communist position: Capture the children, capture the nation…..
      Another communist position: The end justifies the means…………
      Obama, in my opinion is an Islamic (communist) Marxist and he is
      destroying America while congress sits on their azzes.
      Destroying the VA is actually a step toward euthanasia……
      OR, as Sarah Palin put it: Death Panel!

      1. Glen says

        He and Hillary Clinton are both Admirer’s of Saul Alinsky so that should tell you something.

  3. Charlie Gray says

    Obama, this paradigm quixotic usurper, has vociferously perpetuating our sacred constitution and unscrupulously destroyed as much of America as he possibly can. He is espousing hypocrisy and hate among the black people of this country. He has a delusional quixotic communist oriented agenda. He should be severely reprimanded for his atrocious transgressions.

    1. jobird says

      I agree,but and it’s a big but,who will do it???

  4. David in MA says

    OK, Here is the racist statement of the day: If one were to look they would see that where there is a black person in charge, there is waste and inefficiency 99.99 % of the time….Have I worked for a black person? Yes, I have and they were effective and they are also in the .01%… Go to any VA Facility and watch, just wander around and watch, I bet you will agree with this (racist) statement. Affirmative Action is worthless, education is the answer, but the lazy people (mostly black people) will opt for the hood & handouts. I bet even black folks will agree with this!

    1. Glen says

      How about Detroit and Chicago.. a perfect example of Democrats out for ”one” thing” line their own pockets..while their City is crumbling.

  5. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

    1. Glen says

      Communism should fit in here somewhere…Socialism is up and running… .

    2. jobird says

      Thank you for borrowing this.Scary beyond belief,as Bonhoeffer said “Silence in the face of evil-
      is evil it self” My personal feeling is that God have taken his Hand away from America and we are
      on our own.If this once blessed Nation doesn’t turn back to His teachings we all know what happens in the end.

    3. RedRiverD says

      Those are awesome sayings…… Lets make sure everyone gets these……

  6. alpambuena says

    …and getting rid of Obama will not solve the problems..half the congress are pro communist, anti Israel, big government zealots…and they keep getting re elected. the country in general have swallowed this poitically correct lifestyle, and everybody is afraid to speak out. all of these government agencies like the state department, epa, education, dept. of labor….irs, va…are all full of these leftist that all want to protect their union benefits, and keep their bonuses, and they all want a big government because it means more security for them….the mindset of those in this government, approved by Obama…will even allow veterans to die, rather than fix the problems…their first priority is to protect their turf….not save vets…and this thinking permeates throughout the government, in every single agency. look at the mindset that is going on at the borders right now……our government would actually encourage these children to endanger their lives….just to push their agenda on amnesty…and flood the country with more voters in order to secure the democrat political party for the next hundred years…..and it is happening right before our eyes…..if Obama was really interested in stopping illegal immigration..he would have the national guard down at the borders immediately…but instead he sends all of these children lawyers and counselors.

  7. Jeff Noncent says

    this is the new government people, the affordable health care is a communist, socialist, colonialist, Martial law, sharia law all at once, the VA is the product of that wake up people

  8. RayR55 says

    This whole VA thing will go way, just give it some time. The American people have been made so ignorant that they have an attention span of maybe five minutes, if that.

    1. jillocity says

      a gnat has more attention span than the average low information American…

      1. RayR55 says

        Unfortunately for all of us, that’s very true.

        1. jobird says

          And they vote,hence we have the debacle in Mississippi.Most likely more to come.
          Dread Nov.2014-and vote counting.I didn’t realize how many crooked people there

          1. RayR55 says

            Funny you should mention that. I hear people say that local elections can’t be rigged or cheated. I beg to differ, I think they can be and will be in the coming election. While everyone else seems to be sure we well take the senate back, I’m not so sure. If you think about it, where did all that fraud go? Do people think it just went away. Remember how sure everyone was about the last election. This election is by no means won and may be the beginning of the end and not the beginning of something new or better.

    2. Dolly says

      Yup, Ray…Americans are SO accustomed to the HUGE criminal scandals and all the investigations that end up NOWHERE that we get lost in all the muck. This is what a corrupt leadership WANTS so that Americans throw up their hands and say W___H___A__T__???? This very “technique” was initiated by President Slick Willy. I kid you not. God Bless Us.

  9. Bud- says

    Another untold story about the VA is that because of the federal bureaucracy and the virtual impossibility of firing a federal employee, it has become a haven for the incompetent and lazy. Don’t mistake me – I’m not saying every doctor and nurse, technician, etc. is that way, but many are. There are no medical licenses required to practice medicine at the VA. I know personally of one doctor who was fired from his position with a large healthcare organization for offenses including porn addiction, voyeurism, philandering etc. He had no regular patients as none wanted him. He has found refuge in a VA hospital.
    Privatizing the VA hospital system could be an answer, but I think that dismantling it, allowing the various facilities to be bought up by existing civilian hospital conglomerates and having the VA merely pay for the care would be the best way to go – exactly the opposite of Obamacare whet they’re endeavoring to bring all healthcare under a national system which would become just like the VA.

    1. bobby says

      You are so wrong, doctors at the VA are required to be license within the state they are practicing, you would have to show me more than just your opinion. I am a Veteran and every time I went to one of their clinics the doctor always had that certificate hanging on the wall. I would like the doctors name that is practicing at the VA after being fired from another hospital. If you have that information it should be turned over to the proper authorities, if not keep your mouth shut. Teddy Roosevelt first propose a National Healthcare system over a hundred years ago, similar to the ACA, I doubt you know anything about history, except what you invent, Teddy was our 26th President from 1901-1909, he was also a Republican, there, you were taught something new today.

      1. grafra102 says

        @disqus_fzbRxOJwgU:disqus : THANK YOU FOR YOUR “GREAT” comment!!! I am an “AIR FORCE VETERN” as above comment I get great care!! Yes they have to be licensed!!! Some people do not know what the hell they are talking about!!! I wonder if they were in the MILITARY!!!

        1. bobby says

          I am also an Air Force Veteran, you are right, the VA clinics are great, I have private insurance so at the moment I don’t use the VA but would have no problem doing so.

      2. David in MA says

        A new doctor at my VA facility had to wait for MA License before being able to practice……Concerned? Look them up online.

        1. bobby says

          That could be, each clinic may operate independent, like you said, the doctor you knew of had to wait for his license before he could practice at the VA. That was my only point.

    2. Dolly says

      Bud, this IS true. There are many fine health providers in the V.A. BUTT…..there are also a lot of inferior care-givers. I had a M.D. once who struggled w/ an on-going faltering clientele due to his mistakes and poor decisions. He signed on to be a V.A. Doc and 6 mo. later he left town for his iron-clad guarnteed income. The same thing happened to another Doc where I live….he too works for the V.A. This is the dismal truth. God Bless Us.

    3. grafra102 says

      @disqus_eYAktGAliY:disqus I HAVE GREAT CARE AT THE VA!!! Here in Las Vegas, these VETS fought on the lines and in the field do not know what to do now in civilian life they better wake up!! I am an “AIR FORCE VETERAN” and I have no problems with my medical care, two Cancer Surgeries and a Total (lft) KNEE REPLACEMENT!! These VETS are being a bunch of “WHIMPS” as well as their caregivers!!! They need to get their “SHIT” together and go do what they know best “FIGHT” for their rights!!! In other words, “STAND YOUR GROUND”!!!

  10. C K Johnson says

    This president is AWOL everyday. He is absent of the knowledge it takes to perform his job in a professional manner. He lacks the ability to lead a free nation. He has no Political knowledge. He knows nothing about Foreign Affairs. He has no earthly idea what a balanced budget is. He has no qualification’s to be Commander in Chief of the once mightiest Military on earth. And anyone who tries to do the right thing. He will do everything in his power to destroy them. And Obama and the whole world knows the reason he gets by with everything that he has done. 1 reason the c@#$% of his skin

  11. C K Johnson says

    In my opinion Obama has no legacy left to rot away. You do not create legacy by breaking the Law and Constitution. People will remember him only as the first black president.

    1. jobird says

      And sadly he isn’t even black.He has just plays up that part of his makeup-black father/white mother.I find it very strange that obama never shows any relatives.I just know michelle has a mother living in the WH. Is there anyone who knows for sure if he has any living relatives,and not
      the half brother in Kenya.

      1. David in MA says

        “obama never shows any relatives”
        They have an unfortunate habit of dying.

  12. Seldena says

    I believe things are about turn against obama. Congress knows the American people are fed up with nothing being done about this lawless man in the wh. Congress knows their ratings are in the tank and are realizing they have failed the American people that put them there in the first place. I honestly believe there is a shift into another gear right around the corner. Are you calling or emailing your representative? I am and even some of the dems I am contacting. This does get their attention!

  13. Ken Trefaller says

    Wake up America. They are right on Saul Alinsky’s schedule for taking over America. The kids on the border was all orchestrated by Obama.

  14. dyno2 says

    What we have here is a bunch of American home brewed Bin Ladens. They exist in the white house, congress, and virtually every department in the government. We have had enough of the bs from the mouths of these whores that call themselves our representatives. We should do to our government what our forefathers and patriots did to the English in 1776 declare our independence on a state by state vote and then form a new regime if it becomes necessary as this one is corrupt to the core.

  15. Buster Handcock says

    What can we EXPECT from an ‘illegal alien’ queer?!!!

  16. RobertNorwood says

    Obama never had a legacy unless a gimmee Peace Prize and some golf clubs count.
    And just what will he put in his Presidential Library? His administration is a failure and a pack of lies. Sure, black people will swarm to the thing and ogle, without really understanding, what it is they’re seeing. But eventually the “color thing” sheen will wear off which is why I advise them to put the whole thing in a Porto-o-Potty. It’s about the right size to accommodate his “accomplishments” and in case the simply curious feel embarrassed about going in they can always claim they had to…you know…

  17. Ken Trefaller says

    Talk about “bootlickers” NBC skipped the story about SCOTUS ruling on NLRB and the recess appointments made by Obama . All of the new appointees rulings ,(1,000), are being wiped from the books. Hurray! How do they sleep nights?

  18. govtrumbull says

    I agree with bsfurg. Additionally if we think Obama will go away on January 2016 quietly and fade into the Sunset we will be sadly mistaken One of two things will happen. Either Obama will declare a “State of Emergency” and suspend Congress and declare martial law, or he will become Secretary General of the United Nations. Either event will become the end of America and the beginning of the Obama dictatorship because every United Nations Treaty will be enforced to the maximum and we will lose of rights, liberties and freedoms. Obama is NOT going to give up his power. He relishes it too much to do that.

  19. C K Johnson says

    Obama will be remembered as the first and last black President. He has no good legacy to leave. Obama has undone in the last 51/2 years. What we the people built for the last 240 years. Like Obama said this is my government, And I have a pen and I have a phone. Please God Bless America

  20. ralph says

    Why do you assholes keep sending me emails? Don’t you realize that I want nothing to do with you? Besides, married conservative women really don’t know how to fuck.

    1. Bubba Harris says


  21. LC Jones says

    I am one of those veterans who has spent the last year and a quarter trying to get a new artificial leg made. To ruin one organization is one thing but to ruin the entire country is another. SAD!

  22. Bubba Harris says

    What I hate the most about Obama is that he’s a nigger. Can I get a hell yeah to this?

  23. schwinndog says

    I think if ya sweep the whole HOUSE things might stay cleaner longer , I d like to SEE A clean house in WASHING – NOTHINGDONE !

  24. AnnaGraceS says

    Of course barry will get away with this too… no one in Washington has the cajones to stand up to this miserable filthy muslim interloper!! Now it turns out that the VA troubles are about more than long wait times. A report on June 24th, 2014 shows that poor healthcare provided by the department has been to blame for the deaths of more than 1,000 veterans while delivering a tax bill of almost $1 billion in malpractice settlements. WHAT?!?!?!?! This kind of mismanagement is inexcusable!!! He should be thrown in prison and tried for TREASON!!! to hell with what the BLACK CAUSUS thinks!! DEATHS OF 1,000 VETERANS!!! DEATH TO BARRY SOETORO!!!!

  25. generationimmigrant2 says

    What Obama is doing as president is not lack of leadership, he is deliberately destabilizing our economy, causing fractures in the population based on racism, and letting our enemies overseas to gain in strength. I am sure he is pleased with what he has accomplished to hurt this country.

  26. The duck says

    Obama’s legacy was rotten the day he was born. Rotten to the core. So what would be the expected out come? Too bad his mom didn’t chose her right to abort him.

  27. Julia Miller says

    In my opinion, President Barack Obama is a scapegoat to cover up Federal corruption. The Federal System was already in shambles before President Obama got elected into office and it will still be in shambles at the end of his second term. In fact, the United States Military been corrupt for decades and the high officials never get punished for the wrongs they commit on the weaker sections of the American Economic System. Specific High Ranking Officials always fly out of the country where they possess foreign bank accounts, businesses, real estate, and much more. The United States Military been stealing for ages and its just now being exposed publically. I’ve heard several stories where higher ranking officers shot lower ranking officers in the back of the head for insurance money. This particular incident is exposed it still will be covered up and innocent dependents left victimized. I tell you its terrorism on American citizenry. “State Sponsored Terrorism”

  28. capa760 says

    The news media continues to call Obama the first Black President, but the birth certificate states He is a son of a Caucasian US citizen mother, and an Egyptian muslim father. There are questions of Frank Marshall Davis being the real father for the black half.

  29. Julia Miller says

    Another reason why President Obama is not responsible for the alleged VA Scandal is because of the Federal Governments foreign relations in foreign countries that have existed for years before the Obama Administration and nobody ever complained about why the U.S. Ex-service men and women are not being accommodated all the benefits they’re entitled; its because of the Federal Governments foreign expenses in third world economically disadvantage countries like Benghazi that doesn’t render a million dollar tax return annually back into the U.S. economy basically the federal government is spending money gambling on the outcome. Its like an addiction with the Federal Government frankly its a bad habit like a drug addiction.

  30. Julia Miller says

    The Federal Government spends more money on foreign affairs than on the welfare of the American public to prove this fact the Federal Government cut the General Assistance Program from Department of Social Services and is using the funds to finance U.S.foreign programs and others such as medical charities to finance foreign expenditures in third world countries that are economically disadvantage. I don’t know why the Federal Government has taken such a personal interest in foreign economics but its finally taking a toll of the U.S. Economy. Everybody knows that the Federal Government likes pornography and its probably because of the Federal Governments sexual affairs with foreign women that their going broke.

  31. Julia Miller says

    Basically Foreign Economics is raping the American tax payers because of charity.

  32. section8 says

    Bsfurg he gets away with it because of the color of his skin if something was done about the way he is destroying our country the race card would be thrown if it was a white person he would have been impeached all ready sad sad sad

  33. WiSe GuY says

    0bama is an IDIOT, period.

  34. Oliver Mullins says

    The thing I know from Obama trying to destroying America is that one day he will have to answer to God for all he has done wrong.. I know we will all answer to God, so my prayer is everyday my life is a good witness for my Lord and Savior.. (Jimmie Mullins)

  35. Seldena says

    If the GOP had not been blocked by the senate run by mentally ill reid and communist holder, then a lot of things would be different. The Republicans is just one part of congress that has to have the support of the senate and they have not gotten that! Obama will not work with them either. So, all of you putting down the GOP, tell me what they are supposed to do when their hands are tied?Just wait! We will take back the Senate and then watch how things will get done!

  36. Timewarped says

    It’s not just small government it’s individual freedom from government … Relying upon your fellow American, trusting your fellow American, helping your fellow American and the government staying the hell out if the way and protecting our freedoms to do so without taxing our wealth and power away for them to piss away on crap

  37. topcopmom says


  38. badger says

    Not only is he rotten, everything he touches turns rotten. The problem is, he knows it and doesn’t care.

  39. WhiteFalcon says

    “The VA Scandal Worsens and Obama’s Legacy Rots Away” The fact is that he and his so called legacy was never anything but rotten and therefore there is nothing to rot away. He is a totally rotten and criminal moron and there is nothing that will ever redeem him. I wish that the House had enough backbone to de fund the Executive branch and then we would have no resident. WE don’t have one now. The enemy is our president at present.

  40. Van Hamlin says

    This has been a scandal since World War I! The congress likes the current system because it gives them power over a huge healthcare system. I think that the VA system should be reduced to an insurance brokerage. If worse comes to worse, give our GI’s the best Obamacare plan and supplement it with a voucher system that pays for all of the expenses not covered in the Obamacare plan. Sell off all of those hospitals and get rid of the staffs. Take the profit from the sale and the saving in wages to pay for the new plan. All you would have to keep is enough clerical workers to enroll and handle claims. Most of these workers would be military human resources staff already on the payroll. Give our fighting men a convenient home based system with no waiting and immediate care.

  41. joespenthouse says

    His mentors had no knowledge of the “Peter Principle” and felt that they had groomed Barry well enough that he could pull off what I call, A crime of opportunity, and the opportunity is to bring America to it’s knee’s and ring in their Communist agenda. But they got a guy with to much garbage in his brain, from his growing up and being forced to do things he did not want to do, and then being moved around the country to further hide his identity and intent, not his intent but the intent of George Soro’s and Bill Ayers and now we learn the Mr. Costco Sinegal was obviously a money man behind this crime.
    The sadness about this whole thing they fooled everyone in Washington and to avoid ridicule and embarrassment they have allowed the destruction he continues to commit.

  42. chylene6599 says

    “PERHAPS” Theirs wrong-doing at high levels??? Jeeeze-Louiseee, YAH THINK????? I keep saying it, and nobody listens: They are all Legally Stupid!! Why?? They have to be stupider than Obama to get into office, and you wonder why the countryies screwed??? It’s been screwed for years!! It’s run by a bunch of senile old eugenicists and satanists who created the Civil War, the Federal Reserve, the Boer war, the United Nations and its policies of mass genocide (Thanks for Rwanda and Somalia, guys), the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution (Trotsky, lenin, Stalin, etc..) the Islam ‘Fundamentalists’ the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA, the CIA, the Opium Wars, Nazis, Communism, Facism, Socialism, Eugenics….and now the EOTWAWKI!!!! And people go, “Golly-Gee! How did THAT happen?????” We’ve got mindless goon squads as ‘police’ taking over the world, Christians are being massacred everywhere, and no one is doing a thing about who is really responsible???? Need help?? Ask an eight-year-old! THE know exactly what’s going on!

  43. Yadja says

    He has no legacy. He has burned the ME, allowed Russia to have it’s way in the Ukraine, gone to the Dark Side with Iran and abandoned Israel and all our allies in the ME.

    What his legacy is a “One Man Demolition Derby”.

  44. AKLady says

    Depending which blog one is at, obama is either the very best Since Saint Reagan, pr He is soo bad, the cuuntey will be dead and buried before his ast term finishes.
    Then there all the LAWs he has supposedly broken. Well, I been asking what laws — title, paragrph and chapter.
    So far, not one single person has provded that data,

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