Third-Party Conservative: A Dangerous Delusion


Donald Trump has officially clinched the Republican nomination. Unless the Republican National Committee pulls off the heist of a lifetime at the Cleveland convention, this race is over. Trump is no longer a possible nominee, a likely nominee, or even a presumptive nominee. He’s it. After all the talk and all the punditry, he got to the magic number: 1,237.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is going along with it. While many anti-Trump Republicans have resigned themselves to supporting the nominee, others have not. Some in this latter group may eventually come around; House Speaker Paul Ryan is unlikely to keep dodging the big question for much longer, for instance.

Others, though, have ruled out the possibility of ever getting behind Donald Trump. Two of the most prominent being Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and former Republican nominee Mitt Romney. And for the last month, they have been whispering about a third-party run – a conservative alternative to Hillary Clinton and Trump. And now, bitter about how things have turned out, they are starting to take up Trump’s anti-establishment mantle.

“The Republican National Committee and the Trump and Clinton campaigns are trying to sort of strangle it in its infancy,” Kristol said of the third-party movement. “Because they’re scared of it.”

Well, maybe, but just saying that they’re scared of it doesn’t mean there’s any value there. A man might be scared to let grizzly bears live in his home, but his fear doesn’t magically transform a domesticated Kodiak into a good idea. You might be scared to implement one of your employees’ ideas. Not because you’re hard-headed and set in your ways, but because the ideas are ludicrous.

And so it is with Kristol’s third-party fantasy.

Furthermore, the statement itself is hilariously false. Yes, the Republican National Committee is probably trying to squash Kristol’s efforts. Yes, the Trump campaign is probably not thrilled about it. But if Kristol really thinks that Hillary Clinton is “scared” of his third-party movement, he’s even more delusional than we might have imagined. Candidate Mitt Romney (or Ben Sasse or Paul Ryan or whoever else they can come up with) would not only make it easier for her to win, he would make any other outcome nearly impossible.

To see it any other way is delusional.

  1. gotabgood says

    A third party?
    Maybe you should just ask Trump what he means….

    Mr Trump, you tell us that you want to make America great again. Would you tell us when you think America was great?

    No one is asking you that simple question. It might challenge your first grade rhetoric, who knows? Or cause you to insult or attack or eject or ban or rough up some journalist for making you uncomfortable. So we’ll try.

    Was it great when we got started and half the country owned slaves and only people in your economic class could vote?

    Was it great when it aggressively expanded into native territories, violated treaties endlessly, forced deadly migrations, and committed genocide?

    Was it great when two sides fought monstrous, bloody battles and left the South in tatters because they refused to end slavery?

    Was it great when the robber barons, under laissez-faire capitalism, repeatedly led us into depressions, when workers’ strikes were met by armed repression?

    Was it great when women couldn’t vote? Or Black citizens?

    Was it great when Teddy Roosevelt busted the trusts?

    When he set aside massive tracts of natural beauty to be owned and operated for the citizens?

    When he followed up on the theft of half of Mexico by ejecting Spain from this hemisphere and most of its other colonies?

    Was it great when Sacco and Vanzetti, in a spasm of racist fear of darker-skinned immigrants, were falsely accused, convicted, and hanged?

    Was it great when a series of wars and interventions kept much of Latin America subservient to US agricultural and energy needs?

    Was it great when the KKK and its kin lynched African Americans?

    Was segregation part of its greatness, or red-lining, or overt discrimination, or poll taxes?

    Was it great when Herbert Hoover fiddled as the economy tanked?

    Was it great when isolationists looked away and the Bush family made a fortune as Hitler re-armed Germany?

    Was it great when whole industries – mining, textiles, steel, auto, were finally unionized?

    Was it great when FDR launched and expanded the New Deal? When he regulated capitalism?

    Was it great when we prevailed in WWII, and then sent all those GI’s to college, and helped them buy houses, and taxed millionaires at 90%?

    And at the same time excluded over 10% of our citizens from sharing in most of that opportunity?

    Was it great when we faced down the Soviet Union, but had a nightmare balance of destructive power hanging by a thread?

    Was it great when we finally passed civil rights laws, after generations of struggle, murder, and resistance?

    Was it great when we went wild for science, math, and technology and won the Space Race?

    Was it great when we waged wars against tiny countries of rice farmers and tried to bomb them back into the stone age?

    Was it great when we finally passed laws to protect the air and water from industrial poisons, and to save plants and animals from extinction at our hands?

    Was it great when migrant farm workers finally had their union recognized?

    Was it great when the Southern Strategy was hatched?

    Was it great during Watergate?

    Was it great when deregulation of savings and loans cost taxpayers billions and billions?

    Was it great when we had relative peace and prosperity and ran a balanced budget during the ‘90’s?

    Was it great when we were attacked by terrorists in our greatest city, and launched two wars in response, at least one of which was for faked reasons, destroyed a country and left it in chaos? When we didn’t pay any of the bills for it and tanked the economy yet again?

    Was it great when the taxpayers bailed out deregulated banks again, this time for 20 times what the previous mess had cost?

    How about when we stopped one of those wars, brought the economy back from the brink, and greatly expanded health care access and coverage?

    Was it great when you and others railed that Obama wasn’t born a citizen despite the mountain of evidence?

    So, when was it great? What vision do you have? What version of the past would you care to lead us into? Inquiring minds need to know.

    1. Janthony132 says

      Well stated questions.

    2. icw says

      If you do not think that America is great then go to a country that you think is great. Goodbye. Also, slavery was going on around the world for centuries, not that I agree with it. Be positive.

    3. Bob says

      Sounds like you hate America, so leave try Venezuela or Cuba maybe that will be a better fit for you!

      1. gotabgood says

        If you got “I hate America” from what I wrote you need to take reading lessons, or maybe you disagree with the reason for the Civil War? You believe only certain people should be free?
        I think people like you are trying to turn us into a 3rd world country, to turn back the clock where we have slaves, women don’t vote….. maybe you would feel right at home in Cuba.
        USA tried to be a leader in green energy, starting back in the 80’s, but a bought and paid for puppet took the solar panels down. we don’t want infrastructure.. we don’t need to fix bridges and roads, we don’t need high speed rail, we don’t need to improve our airports. We don’t need unions… we have RTW.. we will work for room and board. we don’t need healthcare, if we get sick.. we will die quickly..

        1. Bob says

          Sorry you want socialism, this country was founded so the individual can succeed. You only know how to find fault with America as evidenced by your list,that is really sad. America is not perfect but it’s a whole lot better than many other countries! Why do you think so many for so long have wanted to come here.

          1. gotabgood says

            Mr. Bob, I hate to be the one to inform you, because most likely you will not believe me, but here goes as long as we have had a government we have had socialism. From military, to schools, roads, libraries, firefighters, policemen, National parks. The government is for the people by the people.. remember that?
            In our social standards, we lag far behind other countries.
            This old saying, “I pulled myself up by my own boot straps” is so much BS.. NO BODY has made it on their own, from workers, to consumers, you needed someone else to get you there. You didn’t build the car to get you to work… if you did, you didn’t build the road to drive on… or drill the oil to make the gas to fill your tank.. you needed help… maybe you paid for it….. but you needed help.
            My grandfather was a farmer, at harvest time all the farmers got together and they all worked one farm until all the farms were complete, was that socialism????? Or being a good neighbor?? You righties seem very easy to confuse. We use to be a country that didn’t mind helping our neighbor… now it is dog eat dog and get yours the way I got mine… hooray for me and screw you… bad attitude. Socialism WITH regulated capitalism is how America became great… When Reagan deregulated wall street and corporations…. we get what we have now… survival of the fittest.

    4. Catnip says

      Was a great one felons could vote?

      1. ceevee says

        The felons are American’s citizens, if not they should be deported and sent to their homeland!

      2. gotabgood says

        I guess that depends on your definition of felons?
        If having an ounce of weed is a felon, half of the elected officials would be a felon.
        And that brings us up to lil’ bush…
        George W. Bush Arrested for Cocaine Possession
        Should he had been president?

        1. Catnip says

          I guess you have a picture of the jackass trying to kick over the mighty elephant to describe yourself.

    5. BILL says

      It was great before Bill Clinton.

      1. gotabgood says

        A great one-liner… too bad it is false…..

      2. gotabgood says

        You said so little and the truth behind what you said is even less..
        The 1985 Farm Crisis: What One Hand Giveth, the Other Taketh Away
        How Ronald Reagan Sank America
        Banking Crisis and Reform

  2. junkmailbin says

    the Kristobal ( billy and lil Mittens) have cranial rectal impaction. They have shot their mouths off so much their pompous selfridges egos cannot lit them appopogize and support Trump.
    Thier childlessness is a hindrance to achieving the goal. What Goal. Put a Republican in the White House and have about a 2/3 of the House and Senate Republican.
    Such a shame that Mitt and Billie have decided to sell out to Clinton

    1. icw says

      I supported Romney but I never thought he would lose his brain. Either he supports the nominee, which is Trump or Clinton. If he does not support Trump, then of course, he is supporting Clinton and be a part to ruin this country.

    2. louann says

      If they cared they would stand behind trump.

  3. Gail says

    Yes this country was a great nation until people began to bring their peverted ideas out and try to make us all accept them . Some of us remember we were the only free nation in the entire world . The reason for our existence was to serve one God indivisible . It is not the federal establishment that made this country . It was the hard working people who had a dream of having more for themselves and their children and their heirs. Than what the communist countries and the Catholic Church imposed upon them. Trump told the people in his first speech . Quote that he is rich and has made great companies it sounded like he was bragging and he needs to be proud of his accomplishments. But those who didn’t listen to the rest of the story would have heard the part where he described it has being the American Dream to achieve more in life and this is what he wants for everyone. This is what he said . I don’t know any real hard working true American that aspires to receive welfare checks for their whole life . Our problems exists because we have allowed these people to try to rid us of God ! I assure you he is still on the throne and is about to show the world his wrath! Our children have been indoctrinated into this world because their own History has been deleted from their existence .Yes the white man took over this country ! You need to study the real history of how the take over was done . Just like now we had mean nasty wicked people in Washington that stole everything from them and remember it was the Union Army not the south that killed the native Americans . The same thing is happening today . Harry Reid’s son is stealing the ranches and all of the land today . But people will not stand up for anything except themselves and it is way past time to give the Native American their citizenship over any other group of people . Oh by the way the slaves were all brought to this country by the North !!! The south didn’t have ships ! And as far as journalists they need to have their mouth washed out and restrained for the nonsense they push or won’t tell the truth about . Like the Clintons ! So the next time you use your first grade education look around at the life you enjoy given to you by those that died along the way fighting so you can have a first and second amendment . And the things you enjoy everyday like running water and a toilet in the house etc. Is a fact that the white man has given a lot to the world . And it is also because of the white mans stiff neck he gets into trouble .

    1. Valerie Maybee Hoefert says

      Very well said Gail. I have always had a lot of respect for people that say it the way it is . I think that is why I will vote Trump. He has not been bought out by big business. Hilary has been and she has no respect for the American people. She continues to lie to us and try to deceive us every chance she gets. She thinks we are all stupid and cannot see her for what she really is. She will take our gun rights away. I wonder how many more Americans she will get killed? She is never wrong and she will never admit she is wrong. Sorry Hilary is not God she is not perfect and he would not lie. If they try to put a third party in at this time maybe the American people better really open their eyes to our government. Why are they afraid for Trump to get in office? What are they trying to cover up or not wanting to get out? I am sure Trump will not hesitate letting the American people know how the government has been screwing them.

    2. Don Dunn says

      especially a toilet..unappreciative ice-holes.///certain journalists an politicians “should” have their mths out in a toilet with the seat down..Don from the Plumbers”race”agrees and also am a “northern” U.S.Army i said an agree their nothing but lazy self sponcering…”fargin ice-holes”… alot of mixture of thoughts there Gail of wind…I dont think God cares about being labeled as a throne sitter stiff neck IS voting for Trump..will help bring back American Spirit for positive..Good Luck

  4. Kim Bruce says

    Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney must be Liberals because they will be handing Clinton the Presidency if they proceed with this insanity of a third party.

    1. Croco Dile says

      It does not matter who is the next PUPPET in the White House !
      Nothing will change.
      To hope for something else is DELUSIONAL

      1. donS2 says

        So it is lost? Probably was 25 years ago when Perot lost.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Yes, the country has to run it’s course.
          People are just not able to change it.

    2. pmbalele says

      Insanity with Kristol and Romney! They are right. I have told you Trump took advantage of gullible Whites. He promised would ship all illegals; now he says that will take place during his 2nd term; He said would build Mexican border with his money; now he says that was just joke; He said he hated Arabs – now he says only the rich Arabs are welcome here. Trump fooled you – not me. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

      1. louann says

        Hahaha !! I will never vote for Hillary. Sorry I dont want a new world order.

        1. Joshua Kanastor says

          The new world order will unfortunately come with Trump.

          1. louann says

            Your wrong! Trump is against the new world order. He knows what’s up.why do you think uk/ brussels/ paris/ germany/ Sweden.are in the mess there in now? Our government wants the world order. Trump is the only one trying to stop this for a reason. Or if Hillary wins you will get your wish. A world leader to control all.

          2. Ted Crawford says

            Buffalo Breath!!! Trump has been one of the Primary Financiers of this corrupt system for his entire life!!!!

          3. louann says

            Buffalo breath? Is that all you have? Haha! Trump is a good man . Tag##

          4. Retired Marine says

            Quite a reach on that one, Sparky.

          5. Robert says

            Thank you much for your service, I truly appreciate your sacrifice.

          6. Retired Marine says

            Thank you. Serving this Country was my distinct honor.
            Semper Fi

          7. Ted Crawford says

            Or Hillary, either way America is lost!

          8. ceevee says

            Ted Look at it this way now we know what is not Hillary’s greatest strengths emails and Benghazi and we can put her where she always wanted to be in the first place and that is POTUS! I’m tired of hearing about those damn emails and Benghazi
            You know how women are they want what they want because they know what they are good at and Americans will have to get her to promise she wont FIU !… Or she’ll be back next election time!
            Hey we all make mistakes,she admitted it and she wants forgiveness because she wants to take care the country’s issues just think about it!

          9. Ted Crawford says

            Whatever the he_ _ you’re on is Illegal!!! EVEN in Colorado!!!!

          10. ceevee says

            Wow I didn’t know common sense is illegal!!! Yeah I used to live in Colorado went to Cherry Creek High did not get high!

          11. Ted Crawford says

            WOW, the Upper Crust! Your position is more understandable now, coming as you do from The Peoples Republic of East California! I was one of the lessor beings who attended Golden High School!

          12. ceevee says

            I’m from San Diego!

          13. ABO says

            Your village just called. They want their idiot back. Better hurry up and pack.

          14. Ted Crawford says

            Confused, again are you?
            So East California wasn’t far enough Left for you, you needed to migrate to Del Norte de Mexico instead!

          15. ABO says

            Oh well that explains it.

          16. ABO says

            I find it exceptionally difficult to believe that the idiot ceevee made it through high school, even what passes for high school these days.

          17. ABO says

            Not high, just brain-dead.

          18. Mathew Molk says

            You liberals commies amaze me. What;s in it for Trump by screwing over this country? —- Nothing, that’s what.

            Now the treasonous felon cackling witch who sells uranium to the Russians,,,,Now that’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame.

          19. Ted Crawford says

            You mean, of course, a side from the Billions in No-Bid Government Contracts and a Stone Blind IRS! Right!
            He’s only invested a few Million, which Steven Mnuchin is busy recovering for him, now I don’t care who you are that’s a dam_ fine Return On Investment in anybody’s book!

          20. Mike Burkett says

            Yeah, but the ‘deals’ will favor the American people. We’ve been carrying the rest of the world for much too long. Trump will never give up American sovereignty but, may I suggest the democrap constituency require cradle-to-crave care and will benefit from minders telling them what to do and when to do it – Non-Americans all.

        2. Catnip says

          Yeah I’m for the good old one.

          1. gotabgood says

            Ahhh I see that narrows it down to….ahhh……. 3

          2. Catnip says

            louann and I were talking about world order, not candidates.

          3. ABO says

            That odd sound you hear Catnip is the wind whistling through the entirely empty space between gotabgood’s ears.

          4. gotabgood says

            Well that narrows the field right down to….. ahhhh…3…
            Two old men and Grandma…

        3. pmbalele says

          Start taking your Aspirin today before November elections. You may join victims of heart attacks because Hillary will be elected.

          1. louann says

            So silly! No reply needed

          2. red110306 says

            Start taking your cyanide tablets now. Because that crooked B- – – h will never see the inside of the white house after the idiot Ovomit leaves.

          3. Sharon Bauerle says

            And isn’t it interesting that George Soros supplies America’s voting machines???

          4. red110306 says

            And a republican candidate has no objections to that? Each time the lever is pulled, it probably casts a vote for Hellary. What a rigged system we have.

          5. ceevee says

            Wow really boring comment!

          6. ABO says

            Wow really pathetic moron!

          7. Sharon Bauerle says

            The only way I know to stop this insanity is for every honest voter to work at the polls and have a technician check out the machines daily.

          8. ceevee says

            Re pubic rhetoric boring!

          9. red110306 says

            Hey snow flake, no was was talking to your libtard self! So piss off!

          10. Mathew Molk says

            Big house,maybe,,,,White House,NEVER

          11. says

            Not going to happen. HOPEFULLY SHE WILL BE JAILED BY THEN!

          12. Ted Crawford says

            By WHAT mechanism??
            The ONLY thing that could prevent her Presidency, would be the case where Obama loses faith that she will continue his fundamental Marxist transformation of America, and allows Lynch to indict!

          13. says

            Two aspects here: first there may be just too much evidence for the Obama Admin to ignore. Secondly, even the UNINFORMED voters are getting HILDEBEAST over load! I for example have never been a TRUMP supporter, but will vote for him to STOP THE EVIL, CRIMINAL, traitor HILLARY!

          14. pmbalele says

            I guess you do not know Hillary was the boss in that Department thus approving policies and procedures. So screw you.

          15. ceevee says

            Damn I keep reading the same re-tard comments! This is so borrrrrrring

          16. says

            So, you must support the CRAZY bitch traitor with the fat ankles in the UGLY pantsuits. It is not CROOKED Hillary, it is CRAZY HILDEBEAST, the ranting LESBIAN!

          17. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            You forgot barking!!!

          18. ceevee says

            Damn what do they teach you at Repubic worthless follower and supporter school! How to be petty immature losers forever or every time you hear or see the word Obama and Hillary bark and foam at the mouth and spew out the manual things you see in the mirror each day! just wondering if that is the case….cause then you all look alike!

          19. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            I do not waste my valuable time responding to bullies being paid by Hillary to try to make her look good on these blogs. It is an impossible task and there are some things money just cannot buy!!

          20. ABO says

            Oooo, touchy, touchy. Sounds to me like you’re having yet another of your childish little tantrums there, dimwit. Pounding your hands and feet on the floor are you??? Banging your head against the wall are you??? Just another spoiled brat liberal idiot. Have a nice day now,Moron.

          21. ceevee says

            Wow is this elder abuse is that how you talk about your momma!

          22. ABO says

            Elder abuse??? you can’t possibly be more than 7 years old. No one could go through a long life and attain elder status and still remain as abysmally stupid as you prove yourself to be every time you post.

          23. ABO says

            If you’re so bored by all means leave. What’s stopping you???

          24. says

            I guess you are for TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP and destruction of the Constitution! You should be DEPORTED WITH THE EVIL, FUGLY WITCH!

          25. pmbalele says

            Did you mention the Constitution? I am going to file a lawsuit to make the Constitution as Bible. That way no religion will be cheated or ignored.

          26. says

            THE LESBIAN WITCH is planning on destroying the CONSTITUTION!

          27. ceevee says

            Don’t you people get tired of posting the same sh over and over??? Over Boring

          28. says

            Hildebeast and her supporters like you should all BE DEPORTED in a SINKING barge dragging a CHUM BUCKET!

          29. ceevee says

            Well they are going to declare her winner of the Democratic Nomination! too bad Trump loses!!!!!

          30. ceevee says

            So I get it! this is a place where repubs partisans and donald trump come to see their followers spew repubs rhetoric back and forth to each other like mindless morons! What is the slogan again Truck Fump!

          31. ceevee says

            Did you learn how to talk in America!

          32. Robert says

            Don’t you get tired of reading it? No one forcing you to come to this site. Plenty of your type of reading at the Huff and Puff site.

          33. ceevee says

            If you don’t mind I signed up to be on this site and I can make write my opinions and comments like I see fit! So don’t tell me you know my type but I can tell you are a control freak and I don’t like those that try to steer me in a direction that their ass wouldn’t go in.

          34. Robert says

            All I see you commenting is How boring those comments that you are reading are here. I was just trying to help you not be so bored. Hell, when I want to read stuff and laugh my ass off, I enjoy those super funny comments over at Huff and Puff site. You got to admit that this site is boring (as you stated several times )???? Why would we want you to be bored? Ah….Control freak? Me? Not on your life! That is for the Liberal freaks that have to tell everyone what’s best for them. I think you got me mixed up with somebody that might care. It was only a suggestion to elevate you from your Boredoms.

          35. ABO says

            All that matters to it is whatever fits it’s agenda at the moment, Robert.

          36. Robert says

            They don’t like it when the crap is given back. Dishing it out is always OK with them Lunatics but not in the reverse. Sometimes I feel bad for them, and let my guard down and become sympathetic but then I get my eyes opened as Ceevee has shown! Day of cleansing is about here and a thorough job must be done. Hope everyone that gets on here and dishes it out gets it in return when the SHTF. No sympathy then!

          37. ABO says

            Right on the money, Robert!

          38. ceevee says

            You know Bob dont bite and chew my ass so hard ….Some of these false claims are funny because the people making them are serious about them like they are really true! Its hilarious and Moronically, put together in a brain dead way! Lol see I can make myself laugh hahaha!

          39. ABO says

            What we get tired of is completely brainless idiots like you spewing totally irrelevant sewage here.

          40. ceevee says

            All your petty ass names and name calling just shows you are a loser!

          41. ABO says

            And what do your ‘petty ass names and name callingshow, dimwit? I assume you think yourself a genius of some sort.

          42. ceevee says

            Im trying to blend in! and I see by your response it worked!

          43. ABO says

            Glad to see you here, busy proving to everyone just how incredibly idiotic you and your liberal buddies really are. And it’s coming straight from you, no one else involved, you just continuously spew the most incredibly pathetic, brainless nonsense, all in order to prove to us all just how pathetically stupid you are. Thank you.

          44. ceevee says

            By your response i must be doing a good job doing you! YW

          45. ABO says

            Ha! You really are delusional. You would have a very, very hard time ‘doing’ an earthworm, dimwit.

          46. ceevee says

            Hahaha ABO do you like to get insulted?

          47. ABO says

            You don’t have the brains to deliver an insult properly you’re just a pathetic moron that thinks far too highly of itself.

          48. ceevee says

            Why are you so mad! If you think your candidate is going to win why are your petty nefarious spewing and brainless insecurities showing!

          49. ABO says

            I spent most of my life after the military earning an MS in Marine Biology, studying all sorts of marine life from mammals to fish, crustations, mollusks, invertebrates and so on. I remember once during a field study of jellyfish one of my associates remarked ” incredible that they have no brain, no spine and yet here they are still, kind of like liberals. Fits you perfectly, no brain, spineless and yet here you are.

          50. Robert says

            Thank you for your service, unlike ceevee , it is much appreciated and I liked your story about the jelly fish. I will always remember that and it’s TRUTH.

          51. ABO says

            Glad you enjoyed it Robert. I LMAO when she said it as did most of the crew, with a couple of notable exceptions.

          52. says

            America will be best off if the HILDEBEAST has the Heart attack or STROKE! The traitor and BEAST OF BENGHAZI should be LOCKED AWAY UNTIL DEATH!

          53. pmbalele says

            You’re listening too much to FoxNews. They got your brains -alright. You’re their slave.

          54. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            Well, if she is elected, it will not be honestly. You will never see so many cemetery voters get up and walk to the polls. And there will be bus loads of ineligible voters going to the polls from only God knows where, along with any number of other dirty tricks. Aside from that, is she going to be giving orders in an orange suit looking out between steel bars?? C’mon already!!

          55. susmart3 says

            People need to get with the times. Voter fraud is not done by individuals- which would be extremely inefficient- but by computers electronically flipping votes in key precincts.

            “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

          56. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            I am aware of this saying. I believe Joseph Stalin coined the phrase. However, that was long before computers. In this age of technology, there has to be a way to circumvent cheating when it comes to counting the votes. What is missing is the will to do it. It is obvious that the current Congress and many in the past have no interest in changing anything that would prevent them from cheating!

          57. del says

            Old crook soros owns voting machines and he will use them same as he did for the illegal Muslim squatting in our Whitehouse and destroying our country

          58. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            And that really makes one wonder who approved this maneuver doesn’t it? Who in their right mind would have allowed this kind of sculduggery to take place? I have a pretty good guess but I’ll let all of you speculate on who the culprit might be!

          59. Roger says

            Just whine but do nothing, that is what 99% of you do! Just run your mouth and do nothing! How many of you write both of your senators everyday and demand that Hillary Benghazi Clinton be arrested and prosecuted and made to repay the six billion dollars that came up missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, like I do?

          60. ceevee says

            What about the amdicans that were killed under GW Bush’s watch!!

          61. pmbalele says

            Don’t worry, you will survive the electing Hillary. After Hillary is smarter than Trump. I am really sorry for Repubs and TPs this round. They did not have smart and charismatic candidate. The worst was Ted Cruz. I could not believe Repubs did not sue to remove Cruz from the group. He was not eligible. At least John McCain had charisma. Not Romney who wanted 100 grand-children in the WH. Please join me and vote for Hillary – smart and tough.

          62. Mathew Molk says

            Man, what a fool you are.

            Bet you have either have Velcro shoes or mommy is still dressing you because you defiantly are not intelligent enough to tie your own.

          63. Roger says

            YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

          64. Roger says

            YOU ARE A MORON!

          65. Roger says


          66. Roger says


          67. Roger says


          68. ABO says

            Countless times would be my guess, Roger.

          69. ABO says

            Ah, excuse me pmbalele but I believe you’ve misspoken. Should read brainless and spineless.

          70. Ted Crawford says

            As absolutely disgusting as that is, it’s also a given! The American Electorate has completely lost it’s collective mind!The Republican Party has committed suicide, by astonishingly, accepting a Democrat as it’s candidate!
            Sadly, Mr. Adams was right!! “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself! There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide!” John Adams
            While Her Death Throes will probably last another decade or so, for all intents and purposes, It’s over! It took just under 100 years for the Progressives to accomplish the goal set on March 4, 1913, actually 95 years and one day!

          71. pmbalele says

            Wait a minute – did you say Republican Party has committed suicide, by astonishingly, accepting a Democrat as it’s candidate! Do you mean Trump is a Democrat! In that case we will make him VP or Commerce Secretary to Hillary.

          72. Ted Crawford says

            Not bloody likely. His Quid-Pro-Quo guarantees him a far better future! Now that he’s honored his portion, all he needs do is hope, the Clintons honor theirs. I’d say it’s probably 70% to 30% against!

          73. Mathew Molk says

            Clintons – Honor. Watd, RU Nutz?
            That is about the ultimate oxymoron I ever heard.

          74. Ted Crawford says

            Just another, though none are needed, to explain just why he isn’t equip to be President !

          75. ABO says

            How good of you to again prove to us, beyond any reasonable doubt that you are a complete, unadulterated moron, yet again. Thank you.

          76. pmbalele says

            I guess you heard that FBI has dropped probing Hillary so called scandals. They found that those infractions if any were merely office policies which she authorized as the boss in the Department. You morons have not been the boss anywhere. So you do not know what boss do. They make office rules and policies even if they women. Got it now!

          77. ABO says

            You make all of this up as you go along don’t you. Just last night the latest update from the FBI stated that she was in direct violation of Title 18, Federal criminal code 2070 and 2071. That finding being the final step toward indictments being brought. Get it now???

          78. pmbalele says

            I wish I kept the website of FBI posting.

          79. ABO says

            Obviously not the sort of thing you are interested in as it involves things like truth and facts. You know, that stuff that never seems to fit your agenda.

          80. ABO says


          81. pmbalele says

            Have you been a boss. If not then shut up.

          82. ABO says

            Yes I have. What have you got now, Dimwit???

          83. ABO says

            Yes, I have been, for many years.So now you can shut up, Dimwit.

          84. pmbalele says

            May be a supervisor who has a boss. Ask me I have been a boss and I wrote my policies and procedures for all to follow. Nobody in my business would question my policies and procedures. I would fire them.That was Hillary. She was the boss there and therefore she wrote policies for every body to follow.

          85. ABO says

            So, just ignore my answer and make up a ridiculous story with which you promote yourself as the exact opposite of what you show yourself to be here A desperate attempt at self aggrandizement that is pathetic at best. Anyone that would hire you to set company policy and procedure would have to be even more demented than you are and I doubt that is possible in the real world. In your little fantasy world however…..

          86. pmbalele says

            Fantasy world. Have you ever worked 12 hrs a day straight for 4 days; and can you imagine your workers were making more money than you – given some worked overtime? Can you imagine giving your late worker your car because you do want her to be late at work site? Can you imagine your worker comes and tells you she does not have a baby sitter; and then tell you to take her children to your contractor for baby-sitting children of your workers. That is what I have gone through. I should have asked these whether they were Repubs or TPs. No Democrat can behave so. People giving us trouble at work place usually belong to GOP.

          87. ABO says

            Oh, poor whiney little pmbalele. After high school I worked 70 hrs a week as an auto mechanic in order to save for college as my parents couldn’t afford it. So if you think I feel bad for you working 12 hrs a day for only 4 days a week forget it and go whine to somebody else. As far as the rest of it, been there, done that. and I can assure you that if I had treated my workers differently based on their political affiliations I would have been facing charges, AS YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

          88. pmbalele says

            Repubs and TPs are lazy and fat people. Look who is with Trump. Thousands are at Trump rallies. Now you wonder who is working if these morons are at Trump rallies – drinking doing drugs and illegal sex. Then the same people want illegals out of this country. These are hypocrites.

          89. ABO says

            You are without a doubt the most abysmally stupid individual I have ever run into including the rest of the demented liberal trolls that post here. I swear if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it. You very obviously have not even a clue as to what goes on in the real world. You are obviously a typical liberal parasite that lives off those who actually work for a living and pay taxes. Then to make things worse you make up ridiculous stories about being a boss and setting company policy and procedure when you obviously don’t have the intellect to tie your own shoes. Go tell your delusional stories to someone who is capable of listening to your idiotic blather.

          90. pmbalele says

            I am on this site to educate people including you how to see the world as human being. 90% of people who post stuff here are so called conservatives or TPs. These are primitive people living in a developed country -Big USA. Now tell me you morons hate Trump. During the last 7/1/2 years you wanted a tall wall to stop Mexicans from coming here; you also wanted 11 mi illegals shipped back to Mexico when you know if all illegals leave there won’t be anybody born here to do their jobs. You did not want Arabs and Muslims here. Now you got a White male, born here and wants to do exactly what you have been praying for; still you hate Trump. So you wanted Cruz a foreigner to be commander-in chief for American military. Shame of you. Well Trump is losing his luster now. You will put up with Hillary in the next 8 years. I will be living in heaven again as I have been during the last 8 years with Obama as President of USA and the World.

          91. Frank W Brown says

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, dream on, you can’t be potus from PRISON!!!

          92. pmbalele says

            I believe you did not read FBI report Friday. The report says Hillary e-mail were no more than office infractions. They did not endanger the country. After all Hillary was the boss there. She was the one to approve or disapprove anything in her Department. Bosses never make mistakes.

          93. Frank W Brown says

            Where DO you come up with this crap? The FBI will END killarys run, PERIOD!

          94. ABO says

            Only in your pathetic little fantasy world did the FBI report anything even remotely like that. If all you can manage when you come here is to spout ridiculous lies, I suggest you go to HuffPo or Media Matters and tell your stories there. Those clowns are stupid enough and ill informed enough to believe your BS.

          95. Mathew Molk says

            Are you on drugs?

          96. Robert says

            No, that is a natural condition known as Liberalism and it can’t be cured except by death.

        4. Rosie George says

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        5. says

          The HILDEBEAST is more of problem than JUST THE GLOBALISM. She is the ENEMY of America!

        6. Rick01234 says

          Let alone with her at the helm, she is a spy, what else can you call her with out lowering your self to her level?

      2. Jose Garrido says

        Come on, how can you trust someone who does not follow the rules of protected email communications. Her foolhardy methods caused the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and his staff because the Killers hacked her email and saw how unprotected the Embassy was. And she slept through it instead of ordering the Seals to go and help. Bernie Sanders is a better alternative.

        1. ceevee says

          Establishment candidates know how to make overtures into all sections of the party and unite the base around them. They have connections into every sector. Bernie has never been known beyond Vermont, and has only spent the past five years in prominence as a left wing bulwark against what he views as rampant economic inequality and political corruption. He hasn’t done enough in his own right to reach out to the groups and supporters he’d need to build a strong campaign and be the
          nominee the entire party can get behind. For those reasons, he would be a
          disastrous nominee and would certainly cost us a winnable election.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            The ONLY reason why bernie gets any votes, at all, is because so many democrats
            are against killary, but, refuse to vote republican. They are still in their delusional state, enough to think, another demo ( even a straight faced, socialist ), can be a
            better leader than a repub.

          2. ceevee says

            No that is not all true his demographics are off as well!

          3. ABO says

            My word, you really are an abysmally pathetic idiot.

          4. ABO says

            Wow, did you copy and paste that from your little book of DNC talking points they gave you when you signed up for your career as a liberal troll? Raking in the dough are you at 8cents per post? you’ll be rich in, ah, well let’s see…..

        2. pmbalele says

          You make me sick. How many people died on 911. In fact I was there two days before. Did you bitch about Bush II? No. You’re have been fed cow manure by Tps and Repubs. Grow up and join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. red110306 says

            Screw off moron. You are cow manure and everything you post stinks just as bad!

          2. Dane Poe says

            Unless you’re an idiot Bush didn’t have anything to do with it but wait news break, Saudi Arabia has come to the forefront. Even Bill knows it will be a circle jerk if Hillary gets in. She would go down as the second worst president after Obama.

          3. pmbalele says

            Please read Jesse Ventura’s book. That will open your eyes. FBI told people that some morons were going to ram planes in the 2 towers for stupid virgin in heaven. Of course if I were Bush I would not believe it either. But given events before, I would make sure those morons were arrested. So, Please vote for Hillary.

          4. Dane Poe says

            Can’t do it, with her you know you are getting a real problem.

          5. Bob Marcum says

            Thankfully; the nation has enough intelligent beings ( voters ), to see to it that
            your ignorance will not do any harm, to the rest of us.

          6. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            We can’t get too excited with what pmbalele is saying because I think he/she is one of the “Trolls” Hillary has hired and is paying out millions to, to patrol these blogs and try to convince people they should vote for her. However, there are some things money simply can NOT buy and in this case, it is a vote for Hillary!

          7. Phoebe Isley says

            Well done Cherie Lynn Davis!

          8. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            Thanks, Phoebe. The “Trolls” are easy to see through most times and it nice to know there are more of us than of them!

          9. Ted Crawford says

            Apparently you are unaware of our primary choices here! One Progressive Democrat and one Liberal Democrat! I fail to see the “intelligence” in that!

          10. pmbalele says

            And you’re right. Polls show Trump losing to Hillary big time. And would you believe these polls are coming out before Bernie drops out?

          11. Retired Marine says

            Ventura is a psycho, no wonder you think he is great. Hitlery would only get my vote only if I died and suddenly started voting demoncrat.
            And I’ll tell you this, if I do die and vote democrat, I will be PISSED.

          12. says

            Ventura is a FRAUD. He was NEVER a SEAL, nor is he a COMBAT VET. HE IS A FAKE, just like his wrestling! The clown is about three McNuggets short of a “Happy Meal!”

          13. pmbalele says

            Thanks for your service. I am enjoying life because of devotion to serve in the Military. But get over it. USA will be governed by Hillary and Bill again.You remember when Bill was President – like now, everybody had a job. In my county employers are now bidding for applicants. Some people have three jobs. Just go to airports- people can now afford vacations and buy American brand cars and SUVs. Gas is cheap now $1.69 a gal. Heaven is back again under Obama.

          14. Retired Marine says

            Good God, It is true, you can’t fix stupid. I tried to help you, but I give up it is deep with you, all the way to your bones. PS you can have obama, please.

          15. Mathew Molk says

            Just who has a job now? Tell it to the Coal Miners and oil drillers.

            His Royal Exhaled Bomma has created almost as many minimum wage jobs as he closed down high paying industrial and tech positions.

            You have to had your face screwed into a drain pipe for the last 4 years if you believe the BS you are writing.

          16. pmbalele says

            Are the one that does’t take a shower? Newt does not like people like you. And here you’re encouraging Newt for VP GOP spot. Trump/Newt ticket is headed to DOA

          17. ABO says

            Wow yet another imaginary story from pmbalele the head troll assigned to this site.

          18. ABO says

            Oh, of course. I thought you might be from the land of OZ and now you’ve confirmed it.

          19. Phoebe Isley says

            Amen brother!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your service and I am with you 100%

          20. Retired Marine says

            Thank you, sister,
            Semper Fi

          21. ABO says

            Wouldn’t think anyone could actually BE that ridiculously stupid would you, Marine?

          22. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele. I am fed up with your incessant harping about voting for Hillary. Let me tell you about Hillary. Beside being an “UNETHICAL LIAR”, When she was asked to speak to the families of the people killed on 9/11. she refused, saying “i don’t have time for this, I have important things to do”. She was one of N.Y. Senators at that time.(Unless she was dying, she didn’t have anything more important to do) There are over 600 emails from Ambassador Stevens begging for reinforcements in Benghazi. Which she ignored. There were troops geared up and ready to go to the aid of the team in Benghazi, but she never gave the word. She lied about the cause, saying it was a video that caused it. When she was questioned about the death of the people, she screamed. “What difference does it make?” She murdered those people just the same as if she had pulled the trigger herself. I would rather see “Jack the Ripper in the W.H. than her, any day.Stop your MORONIC campaigning for Hillary

          23. ceevee says

            We are not putting up with another REPUBLICAN IN CHARGE OF THIS COUNTRY NOT THIS TIME, NOT ANY TIME, NO WAY, NO HOW! FTS! So PLEASE tell me who you really feel that can make Americans want to better themselves to Make America Great for all Americans! Besides Jack the Ripper sister Joyce White?

          24. Joyce White says

            Even George W. Bush was better than what we have had to endure for the last 7+ years.Of course, that’s not saying much. Another 4-8 years of Democratic policies, and America will really be in the toilet. The Independents have chosen Gary Johnson,(whom I know nothing about) That might take away votes from Trump and put Hillary in the W.H. We already know how evil Hillary is, Johnson is a politician. Trump is a businessman, who know how to pick the right people for the job. Frankly, I’d rather take my chances with Trump than the other two. As for making this country great again, that is up to the people. They can stand up and take responsibility or can sit in a corner sucking their collective thumbs. The people have to return to old values, and stop pandering to every petty bitching group that comes along.This country is in worse shape morally and socially than it was 150 years ago.

          25. ceevee says

            Frankly i dont guve a rats arse on who wins in November this country has been going downhill for enons and it doesnt matter if its a male or female, colored or non colored, dem or rep. It won’t get any better. I feel this way because of the wasy people talk to each other. This is a Godless world it deserves a lowlife leaders over lowlifes subjects I don’t give a sh if terrorist blow this bitch to kingdom comes!
            BTW Thank you for inviting terrorist to the worse of the USA?

          26. ABO says

            Ah, another world heard from. It’s the moron’s moron ceevee.

          27. pmbalele says

            I know it is sad that those Americans died. But Benghazi has been investigated and Hillary came out clean. There were no 600 e-mails from Stevens; unless he was writing e-mails instead of working! Anyway – did you read the polls today? My friend Trump is losing to Hillary big time. Now, the polls are here before Bernie quits. Just imagine when Sanders leaves. Hillary will crush my friend Trump. In fact Trump has lost the luster he had before defeating the other so called conservatives. Would you really vote for Cruz as Commander-In Chief. The guy is Canadian. You want USA military commanded by a foreigner? Not me -Maam.

          28. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, use your head for something besides a hat-rack. Research your facts. Hillary did NOT come out clean on Benghhazi. Everyone in the whole country knows it, except you. Cruz is not in the running. Unfortunately, knowledge of military is not a requirement to be commander in chief, I still think Obama was born in Kenya and his mother renounced her citizenship.

          29. pmbalele says

            Ms. White and I hope you’re White too. I am not against Trump because he is a White male and true American born. Please blame the 99% Repubs and 99 TPs who are sabotaging his WH bid. Now Trump is trailing Hillary by 10 points. I told you Benghazi was created by Bill O and white males at FoxNews. And you bought such garbage. Listen to me. I am older than you. Old people are usually smarter than young ones like you. Join me and vote for Hillary in November.

          30. Joyce White says

            How old are you Pimbalele?

          31. pmbalele says

            I could be your gran.

          32. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, Not unless you are a lot older than 84 years old. I was born in 1932. As I used to say, I’m three days older than Moses.

          33. pmbalele says

            if you are that old, why do you look young in the picture. You’re not Black. Black women never show they age. Cheating! You must have cheated on your other guy. Well here is good for you today. FBI has cleared Hillary of e-mail and Benghazi so called scandals. What a day! Now Obama legacy will continue in January next year. What a day!

          34. ABO says

            Just make it all up as you go along, as usual.

          35. ABO says

            pmbalele makes it all up as he/she/it goes along. Doesn’t bother with time consuming stuff like research or that terrible thing called “truth” that doesn’t ever seem to fit it’s agenda. It relies entirely on it’s little fantasies and imaginary “facts”. It is quite obviously a typical parasitic liberal lemming that is currently “employed” as a troll at the enormous salary of 8 to 21cents per post depending oh who it is “employed” by.

          36. ABO says

            As of this morning, 6/7/2016 Hillary 43.8% vs. Trump 48.3%. Apparently you think 1/2 of 1% indicates a big time lead. As you have shown yourself to be entirely delusional that would not surprise me at all.

          37. Mathew Molk says

            God bless you, Kid.
            I couldn’t have said it any better.

          38. Phoebe Isley says

            BRAVO!!!!!!!! And the truth shall set you free! Well done Joyce White we applaud you!

          39. Ted Crawford says

            One can find much more substance in the “Collected Writings of Tiny Tim and Pee Wee Herman”! Neanderthal Boy is a few bricks short of a Wall!

          40. says

            Jesse Ventura is as fraudulent as his WWE persona. And HE WAS NEVER A SEAL! He is about as credible as the LYING HILDEBEAST!

          41. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Remember that it was Abe Lincoln who stated that “You can fool some of the people all of the time”! pmbaele (Which means sheep in Ebonics) ia the classic example!

          42. KKmoderate says

            Awww…..fantasize she would ever rule from the White House with her consort, the sex addict, and I’m sure she could achieve first place in the “worst president” competition. Let’s just make sure she doesn’t get to enter that tournament ,OK????

          43. Robert says

            Makes Jimmy look not so bad now, since O blow me has had seven years.

          44. fcutch says

            Too bad you were nt on the top floor when it happened!

          45. ceevee says

            See Fcutch its people like you that make me say FA really!

          46. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Pull your head out. I can guarantee that your ears will NOT pop!

          47. Robert says

            Sorry, a day late but Thank you for your service!

          48. says

            HEY, YOUR EVIL BITCH voted for the WAR IN IRAQ, and was the FIRST TRAITOR SEC of state. What is a LEFTIST SCUMBAG traitor like yourself doing on a CONSERVATIVE site? You belong DEPORTED IN A SINKING SCOW!

          49. pmbalele says

            What did you ask – What is a LEFTIST SCUMBAG traitor like me doing on a CONSERVATIVE site? I want to make sure smarty pants like you do not lie to gullible TP and Repub members to give you money. Further I want to tell all morons on this site that hatred is no good. We have to vote for somebody we can trust and that is Hillary. I have nothing against Trump. But he seems not quite mature for the WH job. Now you morons are trying to hire tutor for Trump to show him how to govern the Federal government. President Obama was never tutored how to govern the USA government. He was already mature. Same as for Hillary. Hillary and Bill are mature already as a team to ensure President Obama’s legacy remains intact and advanced. So let’s prepare for Hillary coronation.

          50. Mathew Molk says

            Come to Cleveland for the Convention…

            Love to have you stand in front of my toes and run your filthy mouth.

          51. Joyce White says

            Pimbalele, you are right, for once. Hillary and Obama are mature. Just like a couple of rotting tomatoes. The stench is nauseating.

          52. pmbalele says

            Did you hear this – Repubs and TPs have been suing Trump for his failed casino. Trump is lucky the Supreme Court has rejected the lawsuit. I wonder why Cruz is going to use that as a campaign issue to bring Trump down. You and your right wing should remember business thrive and fall. But at least we try to start and own businesses. Government unfortunately rarely fail. If they are about to fail, they increase tax. That is what GOP in Congress are doing now-increase tax. And here you’re pampering them. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          53. ABO says

            Wow, you’re not just a plain old simpleton, you’re a certifiable lunatic! AND functionally illiterate.

          54. pmbalele says

            There is a RICO charge against Trump now. Please pray for Trump while out and inside prison. A Mexican-American judge has denied dismissing a RICO charge against Trump. Trump had created a fake university for RICO PURPOSES. But this could be Trump is trying to kick Mexicans out of this country. I believe one of Mexican-American judge relative is an illegal. Please rule out Trump as a November WH candidate. Trump is headed to prison.

          55. ABO says

            Alright, you definitely need to get back on your meds and in your jacket with the really long sleves. You know the one it’s your favorite.

          56. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            You need to stay away from drinking all that Hillary Kool-Aid! Whew! Oh, I know, you must be one of those people Hillary hired and is paying millions out to, to contradict anyone dissing her on the Internet. Money seems to be a very good motivator at times and she has plenty to spend!

          57. RT says

            pm, you should blame Bush for 911, but he is not the only politician involved in the destruction of our country in one way or another, you must realize hrc is even more evil than ovomit and will gladly carry on down the road to hell. Do you not see that? If not you are definitely blinded by her beautiful lies. Her stance against women being raped just show you her ways. You are a fool for not believing the truth.

          58. pmbalele says

            I like Hillary and her husband Bill. These are people devoted to help others. I am not saying I will seek anything from Hillary after swearing her. All I want is continue with my heaven here. Obama gave us heaven again after Jack Kennedy was killed. The whole world mourned. How old were you anyway when Kennedy was killed? I do not want to think about it anyway. It was sad. But now I am in heaven.

          59. Mathew Molk says

            Stop taking whatever you are taking. It is REALLY screwing up your mind.

          60. pmbalele says

            Would you believe the worst thing I take is coffee in the morning. I don’t smoke, drink beer or strong alcohol, I never used or use drugs except Ibuprofen and Tussin to dry my lungs. I hope those are not prohibited. So my mind is 100% normal. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          61. ABO says

            We can see that you don’t take your meds, that’s pretty obvious. How about some nice thorazine???

          62. pmbalele says

            I have nothing against Trump. It is just unfortunate you put all your eggs in Trump basket. Trump is headed to prison for creating a fake university for RICO purposes. Please join me and vote for Hillary. She is the only candidate left for the WH job now.

          63. ABO says

            Tell me where you got that I’m a huge Trump supporter. I don’t particularly trust the guy but I’d sure as Hell vote for him before ever even considering voting for a known pathological liar and corrupt character like Hitlery.

          64. ABO says

            Would I believe that? NO, not for a split second. How can you possibly expect anyone to believe that your mind is 100% normal considering the absolutely ridiculous nonsense you post here???

          65. pmbalele says

            Do you why you think my postings are dumb. It is because you drink beer, use illegal drugs and therefore your brain is not normal. Please stop drinking beer and using those drugs – just for a week and e-mail me back. You will be a different person.

          66. ABO says

            You know absolutely nothing about me yet you make up this crap. I don’t drink or use drugs but in your delusional little empty head you need some excuse to cover the fact that I think your postings are dumb. Well just for your edification I think your postings are dumb because they ARE dumb, beyond any reasonable question. Dumb, idiotic, moronic, pick a term. They all apply perfectly to the delusional nonsense you invariably post here. Stop making up excuses and educate yourself you pathetic idiot if that is even an option and then you will see a huge difference in how you are treated here. When you talk nonsense you should expect to be treated accordingly.

          67. pmbalele says

            But Hillary is winning the WH job. So please start your Aspirin regiment now before November. We do not want to see you in ER for losing your heart.

          68. ABO says

            Never fear, Dimwit. Ain’t gonna happen.

          69. pmbalele says

            I have just posted a new thing. And that is, I have never felt Clinton Family as White people. I see them like Obama Family. Obama Family, although Black, has characteristic of Love for all people regardless of race or creed. That is what I get from the Clinton family. That is why Hillary should be in the WH. Please join me and vote for Hillary. On the other hand, yes, I am going to file papers soon for the governor’s spot. I am tired of corruption and illiteracy in the governor’s office. Please e-mail me in 2 months’ time through this site. I will ask for donations from you and your neighbors.

          70. ABO says

            Never fear, Dimwit. Ain’t gonna happen. Ever. Any of it. Just keep being the delusional idiot you are. It’s sort of entertaining in a strange, twisted kinda way.

          71. pmbalele says

            A warning for you. Please start taking your Aspirin before November. Like the people at FoxNews in 2012, they had to be taken to ER after Colorado went to President Obama. People like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Bill O, Megan Kelly peed in their pants.

          72. ABO says

            Actually they peed down the front of your pants and told you it was raining. And you believed them. Don’t you remember???

          73. ABO says

            Problem is, Mathew, it’s gone off it’s meds yet again. Call the orderlies and have them bring that nice white coat with the long arms for poor pmbalele.

          74. ABO says

            Hillary and Bill are truly dedicated… helping themselves to other people’s money.
            How on Earth can anyone at this point remain so absolutely gullible and dimwitted??? You sincerely need to step out of your ridiculous little fantasy world and seek psychiatric help, pmbalele. Honestly.

          75. pmbalele says

            What – psychiatric help? In fact, I was ordered by a federal judge for exact exam. Do you know why? I took a state job exam and ranked highest or number 1 among 200 White exam takers. The state refused to promote me because, as a Black male, the job was to supervise 2 White women and 6 White males. I sued in federal court and represented myself. When the federal judge, a white woman, came out and got seated, she asked who was suing. I said I was. She asked: What was your rank in exam? I said I ranked highest. There – she was so upset to hear a Black male scored highest on written exam. She ordered psychiatric exam. I went. The doctor was Jewish -very bright male. So he subjected me to three hours battery of tests. Eventually, he said he was done and let me go. The doctor sent report to this federal white judge. The judge could not believe it. The Jewish doctor had written that he thought he had met a real religious patient and recommended that I was fit for the job to help those I would supervise. The best part is he wrote I was not biased against people of all colors. The federal white woman judge still could not believe. I have reported her to US Judiciary Committee. You see I am normal, but also act and talk like a preacher. I will be filing papers to run for Governor’s position. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          76. ABO says

            As I stated previously, when you post demented, delusional fantasy stories like this, you need to expect to be treated as an idiot. The story you just posted is one of THE most delusional collections of fabricated nonsense I have ever read and that being the case, I have revised my opinion of you. I now believe, having read your story, that you are actually beyond the point of being helped psychologically.
            You are demented beyond all hope. You don’t need a psychiatrist. You need an asylum! You are a certifiable lunatic!

          77. pmbalele says

            I hope I can find the federal case number. This woman federal judge is soon retiring. I think you write to her and ask what she found about me.

          78. ABO says

            Since you made it all up there is no case number or “woman federal judge” or anyone to write to. Your lunacy is remarkable.

          79. pmbalele says

            I will spare her name this time around. But if you read all my posting you will find her name. Just query my posting.

          80. ABO says

            I tend to doubt it and as you are obviously far too lazy to find it yourself I will continue to assume that it is all imaginary, like everything else you post.

          81. Robert says

            I hope Hillery has to be in Sheriff Joe’s chain gang and wear RED underwear! 30 years hard labor would be appropriate except she doesn’t know what “labor” is. She is a disgrace to all of America. Such a liar, and crook, and TRAITOR to my country.
            She had better not be placed in the Peoples House. I would actually feel bad to see what would happen to our country and her well-being ( well, maybe not her well being!!_ I got soft for just a second_ )

          82. Retired Marine says

            I don’t think she would like bag lunches. Bologna sandwiches would serve her right.

          83. pmbalele says

            Do you mean Sheriff Joe Arpaio? That man will be sentenced next month for violating court order to stop arresting Mexican Americans in his county. Now Joe will be together with those he arrested. They will eat him alive there.

          84. Robert says

            Maybe Killery will use some of that foreign MuSlime money donated to her slush fund, I mean “foundation”, to pay for all those illegal aliens, er…. undocumented visitors, so they don’t have to suck the taxpayer dry??
            Sorry to burst your fantasy utopia bubble you Liberal degenerates live in, but SHE will have Justice brought to bear down on her. I just hope the whole world gets to watch. Sheriff Joe was only doing his job. Protecting CITIZENS from NON citizen invaders. Guess he is guilty of that!!

          85. pmbalele says

            Sheriff Joe is another Archie Bunker. He thinks people of other races should perish. They got him now. He will have to face people he has held in his jail.

          86. Robert says

            One of the greatest things about America is that even a dumbass is entitled to their own opinion and that could be me…….or ……you!
            If ya love America, vote for freedom, the vote to save the second Amendment. Trump 2016- THE ONLY CHOICE AVAILABLE.

          87. pmbalele says

            You’re right. The problem with Trump – as I have said White Repubs and White TPs hate him for promising to do what they have been whining about for the last 7 years. Supposing you asked for $40 from me. But I promise to give you $80. Why should you hate me for giving you $80. That is Trump. He wants to get rid of 11 illegals; Build electric fence; but the same people who asked for those items now hate Trump. Repubs and TPs are hypocrites and lairs.

          88. ABO says

            Quick someone call the orderlies, pmbalele’s loose again.

          89. pmbalele says

            Watch out. Trump may be heading to prison for RICO. A Mexican-American judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Trump for using tricks to swindle gullible Americans. Trump created a Trump-university to steal money from so called students. Now the Mexican-American judge says Trump may have violated state and federal laws for creating a university for RICO purposes. It’s only tine Trump wail arrested and arraigned.

          90. ABO says

            The lawsuit is civil litigation, you idiot, not criminal. Wouldn’t expect you to know that though.

          91. pmbalele says

            This is a RICO charge and therefore it’s a criminal indictment. Please pray for Trump while out and inside prison. The Mexican-American judge is tough. Well Trump is trying to kick Mexicans out of this country. I believe one of Mexican-American judge is a relative of his. Please rule out Trump as a November WH candidate. Trump is headed to prison.

          92. ABO says

            I honestly can’t begin to imagine what goes on in that empty space between your ears pmbalele. Scary just to imagine. So I won’t.

          93. pmbalele says

            You heard Trump whining today. Just watch CNN.

          94. ABO says

            Dream on dimwit.

          95. ABO says

            More stories from pmbalele’s little fantasy world. Oh boy, endless fiction

          96. pmbalele says

            Endless fiction! I guess you do not know Trump is about to end up up in prison for creating a fake university for RICO purposes. It’s unfortunate Repubs and TPs did not good candidates for the WH job.

          97. ABO says

            How can you possibly, in this day and age of unlimited access to information actually be as abysmally stupid as you demonstrate you are with everything post???

        3. Bob Marcum says

          I would agree with you; except that, I doubt,seriously, if she was asleep.

          I figure she was wide awake, to watch ( on the satelite screen ), what her carefully laid plans were doing. She was covering for obuma-shit; to cover the track of his

          artillery shipment ( sales ) to the terrorists.

        4. Retired Marine says

          She and the rest watched it happen with sat feeds. I can see her cackling and shoving popcorn down the trench she calls a mouth. Murderous bitch should pay the ultimate price for her traitorous behavior. Her reward should be a public execution.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            By hanging,,,,no broken neck either,,,,just pull he up slowly

          2. Retired Marine says

            Works for me, I’d like to be holding the rope.

      3. louann says

        Whites??? Geeeeee scary.

      4. Bob says

        Hillary will destroy this country. She is so dishonest it is not even funny. If you want a lier and crook who uses the Constitution for toilet paper then go ahead. If you care about this country you won’t vote for her!

        1. ceevee says

          I see why Trump was doing well — he is played into people’s
          fears about national security, jobs and other issues that matter to the below average person. To overcome his popularity, please US Democrats and Republican’s you need to join together and put up a united front against him.

          1. Bob says

            Sorry you believe the media bull on Trump. He is exactly what this country needs after the feckless weak leadership of obama and his minions, that includes Hillary her staff.

          2. ceevee says

            Don’t be sorry I heard and comprehended this from the lying, crooked horse’s mouth!

            Trump is a money grubber who doesn’t care who he connives,
            manipulates or hurts long as he makes a profit from it.

            A Trump win makes a major American political party one of
            the greatest threats to our security and the security of the world.

            Republicans have chosen to nominate an anti- Muslim, anti-
            Mexican, anti- Chinese, misogynist as their candidate for the highest office in
            the land and one of the most powerful positions on Earth.

            Trump is not a true conservative and he has offended too many voters to win the elections.

          3. BILL says

            You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. STFU idiot.

          4. ceevee says

            Oh don’t you wish!

          5. BILL says

            Yes I want you to STFU. Please do so.

          6. ceevee says

            If you can’t take the heat then GOTFK!

          7. Retired Marine says

            No heat, just your plain old stupid libtard think, your idiocy is showing.

            I agree with Bill, STFU. Take your lies elsewhere.

          8. Retired Marine says

            Now you will tell us Hillery is honest. See a shrink at once.

          9. Ted Crawford says

            What they’ve chosen is a Liberal Democrat!

          10. Ted Crawford says

            America need a Trump Presidency as much as a drowning man needs a weight belt!

          11. Bob says

            Compared to obama or Hillary, Trump is a thousand times better!

          12. Ted Crawford says

            Yes! Unquestionably!
            However being shot is much better than being strangled, unfortunately one is still dead at the end either way! Far better to chose life, I would think!

          13. BILL says

            He hasn’t “played” into peoples fears.Those fears are real you idiot.

          14. ceevee says

            OOO I’m scared!

          15. Retired Marine says

            I would expect nothing else from you, coward.

          16. ceevee says

            What happened to “the land of the free and the Home of the Brave!

          17. Retired Marine says

            Unlike you, we are trying to return this country to it’s former glory. Did you serve in the military? My bet is not, you sound like a pussy.

          18. Mathew Molk says

            Right on, Marine

            (I was a dog face)

          19. BILL says

            Obama is doing his best to eradicate it.

          20. AlaskaLaw says

            Hmm . . . national security and jobs only appeal to the below average people? I am not quite sure if you were making a joke or if you are truly brain dead. The latest polls say that the top two concerns of the American people are the economy and national security. If you were not being sarcastic and are, instead in the final stages of Democratic Alzheimer, a great number of above average intelligent people are very much afraid that Mrs. Clinton and her overly randy hubby,” Bubba” Clinton , could once again reside in the White House. National security and jobs are at the top of Mr. Trump’s to do list along with energy independence, shoring up our allies, restoring our feelings of self worth, and retaking our leadership role on the world stage.
            I am not sure if you were around when Jimmy Carter was president but the whole country had pretty much lost confidence in itself. The funniest little things can restore hope and belief in our way of life. For America in that dark low point in our history it was a Olympic hockey game where a bunch of American college students, amateurs all, beat the professional Soviet team that had been playing together for years. I watched it on TV. I had never seen a hockey game before in my life. From that moment on we stood a little taller, smiled a little broader, and for some strange reason believed that we would weather the storm that had been American politics for the last few years.
            Now, I think it is time for another amateur team to step up and win for the American people. He is a practiced businessman who may have a few sharp edges but understands how to keep us from getting screwed in our dealings with the rest of the world and is not constrained by the straightjacket of political correctness and false humility. It is time for a new hockey team not a bunch of simpering apologists There are rules in hockey but it is a rough game that takes strength, speed, finesse, and, yes, toughness and a little violence on occasion. I think Mr. Trump is the man to lead our team out onto the ice..

          21. ceevee says

            Please don’t use Trump name like he is a FB knight in shining armor! Your the MF that is brain dead! Sharp edges my assme not . I can’t believe you dumb f believe this unstable indecisive MF bigot is the answer to your racist outrages, he’s such a fuckn backstabbing, flip flopping MF it’s pathetic. Ray Charles can see that a mile away. Trump’s simple solutions are for simpletons. Drop the mic insert here

          22. AlaskaLaw says

            A) I am anything but racist. I have an African-American son-in-law, a half African American granddaughter, and a half African-American grandson due next month. I love them all as I love my daughter. Since you neither know me, or the people I know and love, I would suggest you not be so free with the insults.
            B) In the context of the sentence you used, you used the word “your.” If you are going to be condescending, at least use proper grammar. In the context of your rant, the proper word is the contraction “you’re” as in “you are” rather than the possessive “your” as in “your understanding of what I wrote is clearly limited.”
            C) I don’t think Mr. Trump is a “White Knight” in the least. As I said, he has some “sharp edges.” In that I meant that he will need to mellow his delivery in order to be able to work with congress and other nations. He is, however, a businessman who knows how to negotiate a deal. I think that will be good for the country.
            D) As to “flip-flopping” Mrs. Clinton was all for NAFTA but now she says she was never for NAFTA. She said that she would be glad to cooperate in any investigation into her email server but refused to speak to the State Department inspector general appointed by Mr. Obama. By the same token, both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have repeatedly described their own decisions to change their options on multiple subjects, i.e. gay marriage, the second Iraq war, etc., as “evolving” rather than flip-flopping. At least give Mr. Trump the same opportunity to “evolve” in his various political viewpoints..
            E) Excuse me for suggesting that you might have had the wit to have been speaking sardonically in your previous post. Having examined your use of the vernacular in the last post to me, and the vitriol you have displayed to others who disagree with you, I can only conclude that you lack the level of vocabulary, or the temperament, to have been anything but bluntly straightforward in your comments.
            E) Your sentence structure suggests that you may not be very educated, you may not have English as your first language, you may be a paid internet troll who is attempting to act less educated than you really are, or that you possess some serious anger issues that should be addressed professionally and that when you lose your temper you lose your ability to type cogently.
            F) Your last sentence appears to be gibberish. I have no idea what you are saying there.

            G) I apologize for suggesting you might be brain dead. If you were truly brain dead you could not have formulated your response however infantile and laced with invective.
            Have a lovely day.

          23. ABO says

            Excellent response to the word, Alaska Law. and you have expressed yourself far better than I generally manage. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments.

          24. ABO says

            Not that you are the lest interested in the facts, nitwit but the dictionary definition of
            bigotry is : “Stubborn, complete INTOLERANCE of any creed, belief or opinion that differs from one’s own” Said definition very aptly describes YOU and your liberal lemming buddies.

          25. ceevee says

            Why don’t you stop making a fool out of yourself! You never had any facts you are a straight up copy cat you repeat what someone else said because it sounds good to you! You had to look up “bigot” in the dictionary and you took 10 days to tell me what you looked up and I what I’ve already known since I was a child. Trump is a bigot and a racist and so are you! That is why you and many others like you are voting for him! So STFU the truth be told!
            God forgives!

          26. ABO says

            Believe me I wouldn’t waste my time looking ANYTHING up for the benefit of a complete moron like you that can’t put a sentence together without help, can’t spell past 2nd grade level and is incapable of normal, logical, critical thought. And by the way you are without question a dyed in the wool, hard core bigot and an entirely worthless creature. A waste of space on the planet. now go home and cry to Mommy you childish dimwit.

          27. ceevee says


          28. ABO says

            What’s the matter, moron? Nobody there to help you put together a full sentence???

          29. ABO says

            In answer to your question, Alaska Law, ceevee is both a joke AND brain dead. Entirely incapable of reasoned, logical, critical thought and completely uninterested in the concept.

          30. Retired Marine says

            Paid by Soros much? What tripe.

          31. RT says

            ceevee, you should understand why people have gravitated towards Trump. If you cant see why you are a fool The people who pay the bills/taxes in this country are tired of getting screwed by politicians – but most of all democrats who wish to destroy this country that you have more freedom in than any other country. Clinton = death in one shape or form if she gets the nod!!!! Wake up people!

          32. Ted Crawford says

            You are right, while still being horribly wrong!
            You are right, America’s future as an influential World Leader does indeed depend on Trumps defeat!
            You are Horribly wrong that, that means Hillary should be elected!
            If America is to survive we’ll need to set an entirely new and radical precedent and elect a Third Party to the Presidency! The chances of that happening are so greatly against, that should it occur, I’ll reconsider the existence of God, ONLY Divine intervention can stop the implosion of America now!

          33. ceevee says

            What are the advantages and disadvantages of third parties?

          34. Ted Crawford says

            I only care about the advantage, in this specific case, neither Governor Johnson or Governor Weld are Democrats!
            The disadvantage, of course, is the very near certainty that they can prevail! However, the American Electorate has surprised me before; 1992, 2008, 2012, one out of three, sadly isn’t very good!

          35. Mathew Molk says

            You damn right I have fears about the way the RINO/Democrat establishment has been running things.

            Let Trump and his new broom sweep clean.

        2. pmbalele says

          Trump lied to you. Now he is Mr. Ozone. Just listen what he said in Fresno today. He wants clean water and clean air. So he is going to invest to get rid of Ozone. Trump is smarter than you morons.

          1. Retired Marine says


          2. Ted Crawford says

            Obviously! And responding to it simply excites both of the remaining brain cells it still possesses!

          3. Retired Marine says

            Sometimes you just can’t help yourself….LOL

          4. Ted Crawford says

            Dam_ the bad luck!
            Thank You for your service to our Country Marine!

          5. pmbalele says

            Please do not call Trump “Idiot.” He was just expressing why Fresno was dry. He thought the problem was Ozone layer. So he is going to create a department to fight those causing the Ozone pollution.

          6. Retired Marine says

            Was that supposed to be clever? I almost missed it, WOW. Plus your spewing bullshit again.

          7. ABO says

            It’s absolutely incessant.

          8. ABO says

            Just the one word suffices, doesn’t it Marine.

          9. Retired Marine says

            Yes, nothing else fits.

      5. Catnip says


        1. pmbalele says

          Cruz did said that; I hope you won’t vote for Trump. He fooled you. He has abandoned all what he said on first day of his campaign. Now Trump is Mr. Ozone.

          1. Catnip says

            I’m not afraid like you are. I don’t have a reason to lie or exagerate the truth.

      6. ceevee says

        Hello pmbalele, I love your truths and facts and your spirit!

      7. Sherie_S says

        You are a fool if you vote for Hilary she is under investigation by the FBI for national security leaks for Gods sake! If she was anyone else she would already be in prison! Not to mention Bengazi are you really that gullible that you actually think Hillary Clinton would be a good idea! She’s a traitor I’ve never been a fan of Trump but Hillary is evil and must be stopped!

        1. ceevee says

          That depends on whose two- faced, biased media your listening to! All I can tell you is don’t get too excited! Most of all check the Trump favorable and unfavorable ratings and think about your choice for POTUS! Have fun fact checking at least I do!

          1. Sherie_S says

            I sinserly doubt you actualy fact check beyond the liberal media sources if your voting for Hilary your sucking down the cool aid by the gallon. Trump was far from my first Choice but I’d vote for my kids janitor before I would vote for Hillary! At least he’s not a traitor

          2. ceevee says

            He’s a traitor alright you’ll see BTW he took pleasure and tried to capitalize in America’s foreclosure crisis I guess he’s working with the Obama administration as a traitor

        2. pmbalele says

          Were you born in Miami where people don’t the meaning of traitor? Did you bitch when we had 911. I could have been there because I was planning to visit New York. I encourage you to vote for Hillary. Stay away from FoxNews people.

          1. Dane Poe says

            I guess being brain dead is a terrible disease for you, pmbalele.

          2. Sherie_S says

            How dare you bring up 9-11 and use that as a reason to vote for Hilary! She is the traitor who was responsible for Bengazi! She is the Bitch whose calloused response to the death of our soldiers and embassador was “what difference does it make” she is the one who lied to the family’s of those fallen men about what happened! AND many members of the military have come forward and said they were ready to go help and could have gotten there in time and were told to stand down!!! She like Obama is handing us over to them!!! You are proof that liberalism is a disease of the brain! Come on shake it off and look at the FACTS! You’ve been brain washed!

          3. pmbalele says

            You make me puke. I guess you did not read the Benghazi report written by Trey who is a top prosecutor. That report exonerated Hillary. But they spend $20 mi. Now the same people have asked FBI to investigate the same Benghazi and e-mails. First of all, FBI is not an appellate venue for Congress decisions. Second they are going to spend another $20 mi for the same conclusion-a waste of Tax-payer you morons think the government wastes money. Third Hillary has been polled the most honest and admired woman in USA and abroad. For the reasons above, I am asking you to start taking your Aspirin before November when Hillary will be elected as President of USA and the World.

          4. Sherie_S says

            Your an idiot if you don’t understand that investigation was fixed they didn’t even ask for testimony from the troops that were told to stand down! And you really are slow if you don’t understand that polls can be made to come out any way they want them to by who they target and how they word the questions. It’s sad people with low functioning brains can still vote but it would be a cold day in hell before I would ever vote for that women! As for you I’m done with this conversation you can’t fix stupid.

          5. pmbalele says

            What – did you really say – I don’t understand that Benghazi and e-mail so called investigation was fixed? Do you who know investigated those issues? They are the big wig Repubs and TPs in Congress. They were there bent to indict Hillary; but they came out bare handed. Now they have hired FBI to do exactly the same. FBI has now found nothing important. Get a life. Please vote for Hillary

          6. ceevee says

            Yes Sherrie Sausagehead even Bernie Sanders said the American people sick of hearing about Clinton’s damn emails … talk about the real issues facing US!

          7. ceevee says

            You just take so much pleasure in hating another woman don’t you! Did your husband cheat on you with an older woman or women as you say? Or did you want her Bill? Because you sound like a fatal attraction story! Cold day in Hell really that sounds demonic!

          8. Sherie_S says

            Wow another example of libtard brain…. Not sure where you got any of that but thanks for making my point again.

          9. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Stupid like that of ceevee and pmbaele just can’t be fixed. They have been indoctrinated by the practitioners of the Saul Alinsky rules and the Cloward Piven strategy. Thououghly indoctrinated and besotted with the purple liberal Kool-Aid!

          10. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Funny. “Make you puke?” You are a puke!

      8. BILL says

        You are a lying POS. Trump never reffered to a second term.He never said he would build the wall with his money. He said Mexico and has not changed. He never said he hates Arabs. He said hold off on bringing them into the USA until they could be properly vetted. You are just a lying Hillary troll.

        1. red110306 says

          This moron (pmbalele) is voting for Hitlery. So you know immediately he is a lying, cheating, BS spewing, Libtard.

          1. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            He/She is being P-A-I-D by Hillary to say things in her favor. In other words, a “Troll.” In real life, he/she will probably vote for Trump but right now is taking advantage of the monetary gravy train being provided by her campaign to try to put her in a better light on blogs like this. It is kind of interesting to see what some people will do for money!!

          2. red110306 says

            That is true. The almighty dollar will do strange things to some people. It is mostly a total lack of integrity.

        2. louann says

          Agree with you. Most comments from these trolls are lies . There just like Hillary.

      9. red110306 says

        When did he ever say that he would build the wall with his own money? Sounds to me like you just like to hear yourself talk. Try using some factual statements in the future!

      10. red110306 says

        I would also bet you are one of the illegals that will vote for Crooked Hillary using some dead persons identity. Because that’s what trash does.

      11. Rick Zachary says

        Your crazy if you vote for that witch.

        1. pmbalele says

          I better vote for Hillary than Mitt Romney who wants 4 wives in the WH. You know Romney is a Mormon pope and as Mormon pope he is eligible for 4 wives. In fact I wondered why Ann Coulter wanted to move in the WH if Romney were elected in 2012. Coulter claimed that Romney owed her something- but she never elaborated what it was. I am asking the media to confront Coulter to tell us about Romney.

          1. ABO says

            I’m no fan of Romney but, better a Mormon than a moron like you and Hitlery.

          2. pmbalele says

            You may as well give-up voting for Trump. He is headed to prison following a Mexican-American finding that Trump created a fake university for RICO purposes. We now have Hillary as viable President in 2017.

      12. fcutch says

        Vote for killary? GO TO HELL!

      13. says

        Hillary has already PLEDGED to destroy the Second-Amendment and institute Australian style GUN BANS. I would only vote to have HILDEBEAST EXILED OR IMPRISONED FOR LIFE. TO HELL WITH THE EVIL WITCH! There is NOTHING good about the LYING WITCH and NO REASON to vote for her!

      14. Jimmy Quick says

        Are you demented? Why don’t we just join you and drink cool-aid with cyanide? What kind of a question is that?

      15. says

        I would rather MORE BAMMY, Biden or ANYBODY than the UGLY, CACKLING WITCH!

      16. Bob Marcum says

        your methamphetmine doses are really efficient. No one has ever been higher, than you are, now.

      17. Retired Marine says

        Show your data, not your make believe stories from your Soros employment. I have listened to many of Trumps statements, and what you purport is not what he said.

        Context matters.

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you read the polls today? Trump is already losing to Hillary. Now start your Bayer Aspirin today before you collapse after November elections.

      18. Frank W Brown says

        Your sanity is in question buddy, and I hope your brain survives the Trump Presidency!

        1. pmbalele says

          I am sorry to report to you- polls show Trump is losing to Hillary. And this is before Sanders leaves for Vermont.

          1. Frank W Brown says

            Polls are full of s*it, as has been demonstrated throughout the primaries, we’ll see what happens when the rubber meets the road and the TOAD hillary goes under the bus!

          2. pmbalele says

            What – Polls are full of s*it? You remember what FoxNews were lying to people in 2012. Mitt your Saint lost to President Obama.

          3. Frank W Brown says

            Once again, IN YOUR DREAMS, Trump will WALTZ into the (once again) Whitehouse!

          4. pmbalele says

            Did I give the site showing Trump is losing. Please take my word. Vote for Hillary. Remember, I have nothing against Trump. It is the Repubs and TPs that hate Trump.

          5. Frank W Brown says

            Better go back and read your polls again, on average, Trump whips killary 45% to 43% and GROWING, happy days are here again!

      19. Russ says

        Get out of here you friggin’ libtard. You’re as big a dolt as your lying, cheating, murdering cockroach queen!!!!! talk about being a fool you come in first place!!!!!!

      20. Sharon Bauerle says

        Instead of 4-more years of Obama by voting for Hillary, why don’t you write in Cruz or somebody who still cares for America?

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you really suggest “write in Cruz?” Ted Cruz wanted to enact a law to make USA a province of Canada. That way USA would be under Liz, the Queen. I remember to have read somewhere American people ran away from England to escape from the King of England and his religion whatever it is. Now you want USA to be under the British. After all British people have speech handicap called english. We do not understand them.

      21. Optimista says

        You are a misguided shallow fool.

        1. pmbalele says

          Please do not blame me that Trump is losing the WH. .People against Trump are the 50% Repubs and 50% TPs Whited who hate him for promising to do what they have been badgering President Obama for more than 7 years now. They wanted an electric border to kill Mexicans trying to enter this country – Trump promised to do so; they wanted all 11mi illegal forced out of USA -now the same people hate Trump for that – they want illegals here to work for them; Repubs and TPs hate Arabs and Muslims – so Trump promised to get rid of Arabs and Muslims from this country. They hate him for that too. Now can you tell me why they hate Trump if he agrees with everything they wanted? Repubs and TPs are hypocrites and racists. They have caused rump to trailing against Hillary. The problem is Repubs and TPs not Democrats. Well, we may as well prepare for Hillary as President of USA.

      22. Roger says

        Wrong he just said he will deport 11 million illegals in 4 years! Saving America more than 100 billion dollars a year!

      23. Jo Miller says

        Trump never said he would build a wall with his money, he said that Mexico would pay for it! He never said that he hates ” Arabs”, I think that you are a liar……….just like Hillary, why don’t you read what someone says before trying to quote them?

      24. Rick01234 says

        I’d rather drink a bottle of drain cleaner then to vote for the truly evil Hillary, it would end up with Bill back in office, and that is the stupidest political idea I have ever heard of. Look up this headline on any search engine: Uranium1, she sighed off on this deal as the Sec

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you the news today? The e-mail and Benghazi have been ruled out as scandals by the FBI. Hillary is now clean as before. So let’s prepare for her coronation in January. But you have to vote for in November.

      25. ABO says

        Just make it all up as you go along huh, pmbalele. Not a fact, not a word of truth just your own ridiculous fabrications. As usual.

      26. ChiefBoring says

        Good Grief!!! Can you imagine the type of Supreme Court Justices Mrs. Clinton would nominate? The Constitution would die a slow death, and the Founders would be spinning in their graves! We cannot allow Hilary anywhere near the White House. Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he has at least named some constitutionalists he would appoint to the Court. BTW, when did Trump say he hated Arabs? And he has said from the beginning Mexico would pay for the fence in tariffs.

        1. pmbalele says

          What ask you say – what Supreme Court Justices Mrs. Clinton would nominate? How about her own husband Bill? Bill graduated on top of his class. Therefore, he knows the law. Bill Clinton is not like the late Scalia who thought Blacks were intellectually inferior to study in predominately White colleges such those in Texas. I am surprised Chief Justice did not discipline Scalia although he did with appellate Court judge Judy Jones who said you see Blacks and Mexican together you sure see criminals. I guess you missed that. There are still racist among federal court judges and white lawyers. I have filed a disciplinary lawsuit against one federal district judge here who said exactly what Scalia said: “You as a Black male cannot beat Whites in written test.” Her case is before the US Judiciary Committee. So you see some Repub and TP appointed judges are still racist despite we have Black First Family in the WH.

    3. Retired Marine says

      Judging by the Romney campaign in the last election, he is more liberal than conservative.
      Bill Kristol has a big ego in a small frame, and lost any and all credibility as a conservative.
      Who really gives a shit what these ass clowns think? They WANT hitlery, for some ungodly reason.

    4. Loving America says

      Mitt Romney and his sidekicks are tyrants and enemies of America……he thinks he is so tough and rightous and he is a disgrace to Humanity and Christianity! He is one of many reasons others will not Serve God! “Clean Up America by Cleaning Out Bad Politicians”!

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Not ever going to happen, with an Electorate as myopically clueless as this one is proving to be!!! Part follows a Progressive Democrat, a serial murder and Liar, another part follows a Liberal Democrat, a narcissistic, pompous a_ _!
        “A Nation that expects to be Ignorant, and Free, in a state of civilization expects what never was and never will be!” Thomas Jefferson

        1. Rick01234 says

          Our votes don’t count, just the deligates get counted. We need to get rid of the electoral college altogether, the popular vote of the people would clear up the confused mess we use today, however it won’t happen until the people force it down their career throats.

      2. k5r4 says

        Correct. A third party candidate is horrible because Romney is disrespectful, patronizing & condescending to the American people & voters. It would guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency. The only reason the Republican Party establishment cartel in Washington want a third party candidate such as Romney is because he can be controlled, will implement their agenda & their campaign donors agenda. Romney’s campaign donors are their donors as well.

        1. Mike Burkett says

          Anti-American, the republican establishment is sweating the chance that citizen-presidential-candidate Trump will make controllable, professional, career politicians obsolete to the American voter. Criminal Hilary is praying and perhaps funding the third-party candidate movement as the only possibility of her ascension to the White House.

        2. HadEnough says

          k5r4, Romney is an An-ti American Democrat. He is a Traitor and a Disgusting WIMP.

      3. sirwiley says

        Agree with cleaning up corruption as the only answer.

      4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        AMEN!!!! These low energy Republicans and The Liberal racist Democrackhead media are the real enemies

      5. HadEnough says

        Loving America, Spot On !!!

    5. John Phillips says

      Every day they are not on board with the Trump they are helping Hillary
      As 43 said you are either for us or against us. The party has spoken. If you cannot support the party get out and support Hillary but do not try to support Hillary and stay in the party.

      . I thought Mitt was a good guy, I paid money to his campaign, but my opinion has changed. The only good third party run would be to run someone left of Hillary who is an insider. I do not think they can find someone that stupid no third party candidate has a chance of winning. Last time we had a third party conservative run we got the Clintons. If Ross had not run the odds are we 41 would have had a second term. It was if the Clintons paid him to run.. The Republican primary is all but over and at this stage of the game anything that undermines the candidate that got the most votes and the most delegates is a traitor. If something happens at the convention that derails Trump the Dems win. Would they really rather have Hillary and loose the court than support Trump?

      I do not like to think of Mitt as a traitor but his behavior seems to indicate that is where he is.
      Until he started this fiasco I would have rather had Mitt than Trump but now I would rather have Hillary than Mitt and that is saying something.
      Anyone who want to have a republican win that does not support Trump is certifiably delusional at this stage of the game and being delusional disqualifies being the leader we need.

      1. Ted Crawford says

        As a disabled Veteran I strongly reject your assumption that because I refuse to support a Democrat Charlatan like Trump that I am a traitor!
        Dam_ you, Dam_ you to he__! I paid the price of my loyalty, with my OWN blood!
        You self-righteous Trump Cultist are all alike completely clueless, merrily skipping down the Garden Path following the Democrat Pied Piper!

    6. Greg137 says

      Your guy wanted this, even now he is pitting his own campaign against itself! Don’t be a hypocrite..

    7. Mathew Molk says

      RINO/Democrat establishment – Both of them.

      BTW,m,,, They aint got a chance, Any dunderhead that would vote for the likes of them already would vote for the treousnous felon cackling witch.

    8. armydadtexas says

      They are two Elitist, clueless, out of touch LOSERS! With Mitt Romney’s little games during the primary season, he has committed political suicide. Bill Kristal has lost all credibility as a conservative writer and thinker. They have both boxed themselves into a no win corner. Both are done. Put a fork in them. They can both FORK OFF

    9. junkmailbin says

      you got it right

    10. HadEnough says


  5. Sparkitus_Maximus says

    Paul Ryno is out of a job come November.

    1. Catnip says

      I hope so!

  6. Jjb54 says

    Kristol is an IDIOT. So much for being a smart man. Mr, Kristol and those who agree with.

    “I was surprised yesterday when I posted this on another blog – that a very much confirmed Hillary supporter wrote me an Private Message and said, “Mr. Jjb54, you have convinced me to vote for Trump. I am, well was, a firm Hillary supporter. But I realized that as much as I am a Democrat, coming from a long line of my family members being Democrats. Well it’s in my genetic hand-me-downs. But I also am not impressed with Obama’s SCOTUS appointments. See I am also a believer in gun rights. I realized reading your post, that yes, Hillary would indeed take away my rights to own a gun. Your post was very well stated and I had to admit, as much as I like Hillary Clinton, I like owning my guns more so. You convinced me, my family will never forgive me, but my children and grandchildren will, I am voting for Mr. Trump, again for the simple reason, I want to keep my guns.”

    I verified from their many many posts, that yes, up until this point, they were very much a PRO-HILLARY supporter.


    The Libertarian Party / Not Voting / Write Ins and other 3rd Party Candidates, obviously and very much PRO HILLARY, sorry they are.

    . o O (Or they are just proving how stupid they really are?)

    They do NOT stand a chance, sorry but they might make a “dent” and get a little noticed, but in the END, you will indeed help spell “THE END” of America as we know it.

    Anyone that does vote for a The Libertarian Party / Not Voting / Write Ins and other 3rd Party Candidates are throwing a vote for Hillary. Yes, sorry that is EXACTLY what will happen … what they all are doing:


    The Libertarian Party / Not Voting / Write Ins and other 3rd Party Candidates are will INSURE:


    Thus the following WILL happen – This is what those LAME “PRINCIPLE” votes will indeed do:


    … Think long and hard on this. All Personal Liberties will be be taken away. One is a fool to think otherwise.

    What will happen is, for at least the next 50+ years, the SCOTUS will be handing down rulings that will simply take away ALL OUR PERSONAL LIBERTIES.

    Think long and very hard about that.

    * The Right to keep and have a gun: GONE!

    * Health Care – well the mortality rate will drop and people will be dying much sooner than they should.

    … Just look at the VA and lives lost. It will not longer just be our Vets that will be suffering and dying, it will be all Americans.

    Think long and hard about it.

    Again those lines of “Voting on Principles” and such will be a joke, because you voted on “principle” only to see them all become ILLEGAL. Totally and 100% ILLEGAL.


    What good will your “Principles” be when they are AGAINST THE LAW?

    The Libertarian Party / Not Voting / Write ins and such are will DOOM AMERICA and all because of “Principles”, that WILL PUT HILLARY IN OFFICE and you will have only YOUR PRINCIPLES to blame.

    Think very long and very hard: Do you really want Hillary as President? If you vote Libertarian Party / Not Voting / Write ins and such are , you will 100% INSURE SHE WILL BE.

    Think very long and very very hard, as your vote decides IF Hillary will be our next President. Think very very long and hard.

  7. Daze Inde says

    No wonder Romney could never win an election. Now he is trying to achieve a Democrat win. Now we know which Republicans to never trust.

  8. Skippy says

    I can’t support that liberal Trump. I think he will go and support the liberal agenda after he is elected. Trump is not a conservative he is liberal he has successfully pulled the wool over the public’s eyes.

    1. Catnip says

      Sorry but you’re mistaken.

      1. Skippy says

        Catnip Where am I mistaken? He gave to planned parenthood, the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid just to name a few. He has also said he has different values than conservatives. I think he is saying what people want to hear just to get elected. This guy hasn’t changed he is still a liberal. Don’t start crying when he goes back on his word because I’ll give you a BIG I TOLD YOU SO. Trump is not a conservative he is a moderate Democrat.

        1. BILL says

          Even if he is a “moderate democrat” he is better than Hillary. STFU troll.

          1. Skippy says

            To me Trump is two sides of the same coin as Hillary. The policies he wants to put in place is the same policies that Herbert Hoover did and his policies led this country into the great depression. This is why I might just go third party this time around. I can’t support Trump he is a liar he will say and do anything to get elected. He is the same as the establishment and even worse. I think he believes the same as Hillary he is good friends with the Clintons and has given them a lot of money. You Trump supporters can’t handle the truth and wants to shut people up that speak the truth.

          2. BILL says

            He is friends with the Clintons,that doesn’t mean he sees eye to eye with them. I will take my chances with Trump. I already know what a POS Hillary is.

          3. Skippy says

            He has said a lot of the same things they have said and supported the same things they have. He is two sides of the same coin. When he goes back on his promises don’t come crying to me because you helped elect him.

          4. Catnip says

            No one will go to you.

          5. Skippy says

            At least I’m not a sheeple that will follow someone off of the cliff. I’ll be the lone wolf out here trying to keep us going into another great depression. Trump’s policies that he wants to put in place is the same policies as did Herbert Hoover. Hoover’s policies led this country into the great depression. Go and look it up.

          6. BILL says

            I will not come crying to you azzwipe as he will be a great President.

          7. Skippy says

            He will be as good of a president as Herbert Hoover and Hoover was a disaster. All those years of supporting the liberal agenda will come through in his presidency. He wants to put in place the same policies as did Herbert Hoover and if he does he will lead this country into another great depression.

          8. Catnip says

            We’ll do it without you.

          9. Skippy says

            Go ahead don’t come crying to me when Trump goes back on his campaign promises and does more of the same that the establishment does and even worse. Don’t cry about it because you helped get him elected.

          10. Catnip says

            You already told me before don’t go crying to you and I will not. I will be celebrating.

          11. Skippy says

            You’ll be crying when this country goes into another great depression. He will put in place the same policies as did Herbert Hoover. Hoover was a disaster. Go and study history.

          12. Catnip says

            This country is headed for an economic collapse, that’s why I want him in there!
            In the meantime, it’d like my borders secured from the likes of Isis. None other will do that.

          13. Skippy says

            Did you not read what I wrote? If he puts in place the same policies as did Herbert Hoover He will lead this country into the next great depression. Hoover raised tariffs the same way as Trump proposing to do it will kill what’s left of this economy. Go and study your history. I don’t want history to repeat itself. This is why I can’t support him. We had a business man as president once before and he was a disaster that was Herbert Hoover.

  9. Awaitingtherapture says

    The only people wanting a third party candidate are the elite Washington Cartel who do not want to lose the power they have enjoyed for decades. They know this would hand the presidency to Hillary , thus preserving the status quoi
    They remind me of the professional wrestlers. They put on a show causing us to think they hate each other and will battle to the death for our rights, then behind the scenes , they slap each other on the back and laugh at how gullible we are..

  10. Erika Schwien Dolan says

    Disgusting. They just refuse to give up even if it means giving the presidency to Clinton. They do not care for America but they care about themselves.

    1. BILL says

      They always have.

      1. Erika Schwien Dolan says

        Isn’t that a shame. I guess I am just naive and really do try to help keep the USA safe and prosperous. I am first generation here. My parents were born in Germany and my husband’s family Ireland. We both were first generation and worked hard to get what we have. Those opportunities do not seem to be there anymore. I have come to dislike politicians and their crooked ways. What does it take to get someone who really cares? I think Trump.

        1. BILL says

          I support Trump as well. He is our best chance for this country.

          1. Erika Schwien Dolan says

            You sound smart.

  11. Marcia Barlow says

    I agree with Croco Dile. Until we, as a nation, put a stop to the elite families orchestrating every event on the planet, and we get other nations to agree to put a stop to them as well, we will be having war after war after war, $ going to create weapons secretly, $ weapons that will wipe American citizens out as well. Trump is no man on a white horse. We here in Oregon are experiencing government attempting to take over property JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN AND THEY HAVE THE MIGHT. Donald Trump does not respect personal property rights, only his right to seize it for what he perceives as ‘public good.’ On those grounds alone I am not supporting Trump. He says he will pay the people for their property. In what? Fiat currency?
    Trump: A man who would take your property.
    Clinton: A woman who would allow people to be killed to win an election.
    In my humble opinion, it’s time for a 3rd party candidate, but this must be unanimous. Otherwise we will hand the election over to those who would do us great harm.

    1. louann says

      Lynn Patton former employee of trump you tube.? Dare you to watch.

      1. Catnip says

        I googled Lynne Patton Trump executive.

    2. Catnip says

      Will be president and it will be great.

  12. Dane Poe says

    It’s time to realize that some so called republicans are really liberals in disguise.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Trump is a Fascist

      1. Dane says

        Yeah and Bill and Hillary are so up board. She allowed AMERICANS to die without doing one thing. You must be an idiot.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Same old, same old. The lie never changes.

          Army Gen. Carter Ham, then the head of the U.S. Africa Command, spoke with Stevens directly. Stevens refused additional security — not once, but twice.

          1. Dane Poe says

            Is it a lie that they are dead? I’m sure with you being a democrat you could care.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Stevens did not request additional security.
            Stevens was not refused additional security.

          3. Dane Poe says

            So you believe he bit the bullet and took one for the Gipper. There’s way more to the story then that. Try receiving bad Intel from the White House, they gave him no reason to worry. You keep drinking the kool aid, lady, and someday you can screw America like the liberals are doing. Good luck.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, there is more to the story.
            Stevens was offered additional security.
            General Carter Ham spoke to Stevens personally — twice.
            He refused the offers.
            Protesters scaled the walls of the Embassy in Cairo that night.
            There also was an attack on the Embassy in Tripoli.
            No one issued a “stand down” order.

          5. AKLady2015 says

            “Our country – In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right, and always successful, right or wrong.” Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr.

        2. Catnip says

          He is

  13. Joanne says

    Now we’re going to be stuck with another Narcissist-in-chief who is also a flip flopper, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. The republicans should be scared!

    1. louann says

      How funny!

    2. BILL says

      STFU troll.

      1. Skippy says

        You can’t win the argument and you just want to shut people up that speak the truth. Start debating the issues.

        1. BILL says

          You cant win an arguement with A ROCK HEAD. I AM JUST TIRED OF YOUR LIES.

          1. Skippy says

            Where have I lied? I have stated facts that you will refuse to look up. You just keep on believing the Trump lies. If he gets into office and goes back on his promises don’t cry about it because you helped put him in there and I’ll be there with a big I TOLD YOU SO.

          2. BILL says

            In your posts.

          3. Skippy says

            Give me facts. You can’t so you do this.

  14. AKLady2015 says

    Trump will insure a Democratic win.
    Go Trump.

    1. louann says

      Yea go trump go!!! Fact trump will win Hillary hands down .

      1. ceevee says

        I don’t think so!

  15. louann says

    Mitt thinks he’s a god. Hes not .He has a jealousy problem. Running around looking like a child. No respect left for this man. Lost and will lose again.

  16. louann says

    Lynn Patton former employee of trump you tube.scary must watch.

    1. Catnip says

      Wonderful testimony. I hope everyone watches it!
      She did a great job talking through her tears.

  17. Yasuko Kearney says

    I am totally confused about their real motive. Principle? What principle do they have at this time? Would they rather see the WH taken by the third term of Obama? Maybe they are only after their own gain hiding behind so called their ‘PRINCIPLE”.

  18. For What Its Worth says

    Why would any small government, low tax, person listen to Neocon Bill Crystal? He is the “Establishment” and represents just about everything wrong with the “modern” Republican party (and yes, the Democrat party as well). Everything that I am hearing turns out to be the same old boilerplate pablum that is usually spewed by “Moderate” candidates and their enablers all who are trying to placate the core constituency who are generally speaking much more conservative. Could it be that we are being tricked again (as with McCain, Dole, Bushes, Romney and now Trump)? Mr. Crystal does not espouse Friedman or Von Mises. He also pushes for the continuance of the Military Industrial complex and is really for the “Status Quo”. No, the Republican party is moribund, hanging onto the old and corrupt, all the while embracing the Beltway “Status Quo” where the lobbyists, the “Professional” politicians and their bottom feeding friends (of both parties) reside. The “Talking Head” elite such as Mr. Crystal is part of the problem, not the solution hence the reason that he is against any 3rd party attempt at upsetting this little private hunting ground the Establishment enjoys! For what its worth!

  19. meangreenMarine says

    Bill Kristol should sit down and shut up! Report the facts and stay away from any 3rd Party Crap!
    Romney couldn’t win running as the Republican Candidate, twice! What makes Kristol or Romney think they could institute a winning Third Party campaign? All they would do is ensure that Hillary would become another Obama 4 year term! We don’t need that!

  20. RuFus92 says

    Kristol and Romney are insane by the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different out come. Romney the leading looser and still awaiting his win. Kristol by backing this looser, the RNC as is per se is dead and the new one is emerging join in or go down with the looser Romney but do not hand this country over to another democrat administration and insure it’s destruction.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Kristol, Romney, and the Bishop of Wacko, Texas all have the Harold Stasson Disease. I seem to remember that poor old Harold Stasson ran 9 times for the GOP nomination the first in 1948 and the last in 1992. Each time he finished further and further from his goal of winning the Presidency. Isn’t this the definition of Insanity? While he isn’t my Tea Party cup of tea, Donald Trump is a fighter and I hope that he keeps kicking and scratching and scratching and kicking until he kicks the daylights out of Hell-ary Clinton who BTW is about as far from a successful politician as politicians come. We all have seen what Hillary Clinton thinks of working Americans when she delighted in her pauperizing of hard working coal miners and Utility Company Employees. Maybe your job or even your very life will next be the in Hell-ary’s sights. Ted “the Screwster” Cruz needs to go home and dial up his local whore house and make an appointment for a little R&R, the Evangelical political movement is not going anywhere fast, Trump is your proof.

  21. JC says

    They are liberals—these are the type of people that have been screwing —we the people—for the the past 50 years—they sell themselves as conservatives and once in power the do the bidding of the special interests—donor class and Washington elites —in other words they have been purchased to do their bidding —these two people Kristol and Romany —we the people are much better off with them out of thr Republican party !!!!

  22. ringostarr1 says

    The US Constitution is the prime reason that the United States has always enjoyed a two party political system. The Electoral College requires a majority vote to elect a President and Vice-President or else the election of a new President is thrown into the US House of Representatives. Then there is a free-for-all of logrolling, favor seeking, and vote buying. No political party likes their chances of governing with even three parties. Third or fourth parties will result in political coalitions parties trying to form a ruling majority but because no party has much to lose all parties will work relentlessly to sabotage the government meaning nothing happens. You people have had your election and “you people” know who I am talking about. It is time for the Manchurian Candidate, the Little Sad Eyed Boy from the Great State of Massachusetts, and the fire and brimstone Bishop from the First Serpent Handling Church of Texas to come together and get behind the GOP’s nominee or else these malcontent politicians had better decide on how they want the epitaph to read on their political head stones.

  23. Gillian Grannum says

    I totally LOVE this analogy “A man might be scared to let grizzly bears live in his home, but his
    fear doesn’t magically transform a domesticated Kodiak into a good idea.” Thanks for the smile.

  24. BILL says

    If these assholes get Hillary elected I will personally kick both their asses.

  25. Skippy says

    Trump is not a conservative. I cant support someone that has supported the liberal agenda and organizations. He supported the Clintons, Cuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and planned parenthood just to name a few. He still supports planned parenthood even after they were caught selling baby body parts. He wants to put the same policies as Herbert Hoover, and Hoover’s policies led this country into the great depression. I don’t believe Trump when he says I’m going to build a wall. I think he will keep up with the status quo. This is the first time I might go third party. I’m tired of the lesser of two evils choices.

  26. Edith McGlynn says

    This is not over there is another third party that was on TV today, however, there will definitely be a very bad outcome of this election if that happens. The Bikers are standing by because they have their yearly ride to the Washington this week-end. I can tell you this we are prepared to do whatever it takes if they try to take this away from Tump.

  27. Rosie George says

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  28. MARY ALLEN says


  29. says

    Third party Candidates have ZERO chance of winning anything. The most successful in recent time was that of Ross Perot. The Texas businessman succeeded in just ONE thing: making Bush one a one term pres and ELECTING Bill Clinton. All a third party Conservative will do is ASSURE the election of a DEM! While Trump was never my pick, I will vote fro him to assure that we have NO “THIRD TERM” of BAMMY!

  30. John Gagne says

    This shows why Trump is doing so well. Anyone in the party who doesn’t support the people’s nominee, will be replaced by someone who will. We are sick and tired of a do nothing caving party who think the status quo will continue.

  31. says

    One other point: Garry Johnson assisted BAMMY in winning VA and FL in 2012. Had all who voted for him in those states voted for ROMNEY, He would have won both!

  32. Everett says

    These idiots are dumb beyond redemption, they have managed to totally alienate everyone but the idiots. They seem to be closet liberals because they are actively trying to get killary elected and that is not going to be forgotten. Their so-called careers as “conservatives” is going down the drain. Sad to see people that once showed some sense sell us out because they are whiney children that didn’t convince anyone during the primaries. As for all these fools hateing on Trump, they should quit listening to msm and so-called “conservatives” and think about what life would be like with killary in the WH. These fools are willing to betray us to stop Trump. Doesn’t say much for their love of our country. Cannot cure stupidity!!!!

  33. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    I’ll backDonald Trump. He may not be my preferred candidate, but the only way we could do worse than Barack HUSSEIN Obama would be to elect one of the “Depends” twins the democRAT party is running!

  34. says

    Hillary is ANTI-GUN, anti-industry, anti-coal/oil, and quite simply, OUR ENEMY. She has PROMISED to be the “third term” OF BAMMY. That means anybody BUT THE EVIL BITCH!

  35. says

    One doesn’t need to be a SUPPORTER of Trump to understand that EVEN he would be better than the EVIL TRAITOR and CAREER CRIMINAL, HILDEBEAST CLINTON!

  36. jalee3 says

    May I say the dumb and the dumber?

  37. Cherie Lynn Davis says

    Anyone interested in voting for Hillary has to be delusional. The woman is not able or worthy to be President of the USA. Please go to and read up on, “The Clinton Chronicles.” Then try to convince in-the-know folks they should vote for her. I don’t think so!!!!!!!

  38. papa doug says

    No third-party candidate has ever won a presidential election and in this case a third party entry would only hand the election to Hillary and Romney and Kristol know it. If they do try it would unmask them both as socialists, this would be no surprise in Kristol’s case but with Romney it would surprise many.

  39. junkmailbin says

    Billie k and mittens plus friends are proving that they were never for the party or constitution or constitutionalists. THEY ARE OUT FOR THEMSELVES . tHIER SELF RIGHTEOUS POMPOSITY IS APPALLING.
    They know that if the votes do not go to Trump, Crooked Hilary wins.
    It is time to close ranks and run a triple win. The white house and over 2/3 in the Senate and Congress.
    Over the copurse of 8 years, COTUS can be changed to 7 to two conservative

  40. Loving America says

    The Politicians who want a Third Party are as worthless as the democrats who back Obama! They are delusional alright and bad losers to Mr. Trump because he will ruin their playhouse to give away and put
    America of risk of a Takeover by the enemies of America within and without Our Borders! Someone get the names of these jerks who want to start this 3rd Party and We the People will undermine them and stop them for sure!

  41. James Frazier says

    Just because you will not support Liberal Dumpster does not make you a Liberal-it makes you a principled Conservative. Libersl Dumpster supports abortion, taxing the rich, no cuts in spenging, knows nothing of the constitution therefore will not follow it, etc. These are all Liberal policies. Therefore the choice is simple-NEVER DUMPSTER.

  42. Joyce White says

    Truth to tell? Hillary would welcome,(even pray for it, if she knows how) a 3rd party run. It would guarantee her winning. The Conservatives would be so fractured they could never recover. Drop the 3rd party run and accept the inevitable. If we lose the W.H. this time, it is the end of the Republicans and America.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      The Republican Party ended on May 3, 2016, with it’s acceptance of a Liberal Democrat as it’s Candidate! America will continue, in Her Death Throes, for another decade or so before She joins Rome in the Dust Bin of World Democracies!

      1. Joyce White says

        Ted Crawford.I am 84 years old. for over 60 years, I was a staunch Democrat. The Dems. could do no wrong; it was the GOP holding up our progress; Dems were the party of the poor and disenfranchised; the GOP were halting infinitum. 2 years into Obamas’ reign, I woke up. He was “fundamentally changing this country. but not for the good. I started researching the bills and Congressional records which were available. What an eyeopener! Needless to say, I changed my party affiliation. I might be one of the hardest nosed Conservatives you’ll ever meet. It is totally possible that Trump is a conservative. I can tell you this. The people running against are not. So in this case, it may be ‘better the devil you DON’T know, that the devils you do’. We may stand a fair chance with Trump, but absolutely none at all with Hillary or Bernie. A third party candidate would absolutely put one of them in office.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          I experienced a similar awakening in 1973! When I returned from my second tour in Vietnam in 1968. I was still recovering from my injuries and desperate to understand how the he_ _ we became involved in the first place, when though I was still only 20 and as such too young to vote I was being blamed for the War, and called a Baby Killer and Murder!
          Having been raised in a Union, Liberal Democrat home, I volunteered to work for Pat Schroeder’s, (D) Colorado Campaign. By 1973 even I was convinced that the Democrat Party was NOT even close to the party I had grown up hearing about at the dinner table! In fact it was the Polar Opposite!
          Today, I see the self same hypocrisy within the Republican Party! When they can become so confused as to celebrate the fact that a Liberal Democrat is their candidate, as was the case in 1973, it’s time to move out!

  43. del says

    These idiots need to shut up and get away from our government! We have been betrayed by the dopes from the establishment who failed stopping ovomit

  44. Austinniceguy says

    Well, there’s more to $chittlery and her campaign than the possibility of a third party MORON trying to jump into the mix. She has to overcome the whole email debacle as well as the FBI investigation against her. Then there will be a couple of movies that show her in the worst possible light that will be airing soon. So, it’s not going to be easy for Crooked $chittlery to go waltzing into office, no matter what. At the end of the day, we WILL have a President Trump. That’s just what she will have to get used to.

    1. Catnip says

      Yes we WILL!
      I keep saying this too.

  45. Loving America says

    People who are delusional and threaten and conspire against Fellow Americans and Our Rights and Freedoms to get their nazi ways should be stopped with a warning to stop them, arrested when and if they
    try to endanger our Rights, Freedoms, and Welfare in America! Romney is a Traitor to the American System long with others who should b posted as being what they are NAZIS!

  46. tony says


  47. Gail says

    Bill Kristol’s dad was a neo Nazi a devout Marxist need I say more . Raised in it an behaving like one !

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Trump’s father was a founding mrmber of the NYC Chapter of the KKK.
      He was raised in a bigot’s home and is behaving like one.
      Oh, and his family is German.
      His grandfather made the family money runnung a house of prostitution in Alaska.

  48. tony says


    1. muskat antonopolis says

      ok, I am for some sort of isolationist government and repairing our infrastructure….
      however, ALL of the wealth of the world belongs to GOD….it goes from hand to hand…
      He gives it to whom He will and it never leaves this earth…..Jesus said freely you have
      received, freely give…….remember the widows “mite”……

  49. says

    As an Army Combat vet, I find the prospect of HILDEBEAST serving as CIC to be beyond disgusting! This is the same LYING scumbag who claimed to have “landed under fire” in Bosnia and failed MISERABLY as Sec of State! How could anybody vote for this crazy, senile bitch or for President? It is bizarre that she is even still there! Never has there been a Candidate LESS qualified to be PRES. Frankly she even makes TRUMP acceptable!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      What is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. says

        That PIECE OF UGLY Traitor GARBAGE should be thrown out with the rest of the REFUSE! Perhaps YOU belong with her, LEFTIST PUKE! The whole Clinton clan including RAPIST Bill are RETARDED PIG FACE Chelsea should all be run off the PLANET!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      2. says

        Are you a far left, UGLY, pantsuit wearing PUKE TOO?

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
          Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
          What is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

  50. GuardianFlame says

    What has happened to Mormon Mitt? Can’t stand the heat created by Trump in this “Fix Our Nation” kitchen? What are these supposed “Conservative” heads thinking or perhaps it has become “re-actionary” thinking without their brains in gear?

    OR — HAS CLINTON PAID THEM TO TRY TO BREAK UP THE SOLID TRUMP TRAIN? Think about this. With corruption and egomania running rampant in D.C., what’s a little payola between enemies? Stranger things have happened.

    Conservatives used to believe in God given values that have built our nation, but now they have sunk to new lows by ignoring “We the People’s” choice to save our Country – not only ignore but ramrod our chosen candidate’s Presidential Campaign. For what reason? Because they “think” only they know how this Country should be run? Wrong. It’s their kind of thinking that got us where we are. NO MORE POLITICIANS RUNNING OUR HIGHEST OFFICE.

    Romney and his crew should go join Hillary because they ALL are egomaniacs, full of themselves and not seeing what their destructive actions are doing to our Nation. Their new Party name should be “The Bad Boys Agenda”…fits like a glove!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Here is what Trump will bring you — right out of 1930-1940s Germany:

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. GuardianFlame says

        I disagree 100 percent! Those were the days of the Costa Nostra, Mafia, and Syndicate – all of which used brute force because there was little to no brains involved, just brawn. It was the only way to deal with something bigger than their organizations.

        Today is a different Ball Game, techology leads all the fields in play. If you are not technologically savvy, you lose your position acrossed the board. Actually, except in the M.E. where savages still run the show, the World spins by technology. Donald Trump knows all this and will have the “BEST OF THE BEST ADVISORS to turn this liberal cesspool around and give America back her strength and character!

        People will have to start obeying laws or they will suffer. Corporate officers will be held responsible instead of the Administration looking the other way as gold coins drop in their pockets. Things WILL CHANGE to fix this MESS obama made with his 3rd grade brain.

        The only people getting hurt will be the “Wild and Wooly Liberals” who still walk around so far removed from Reality that they think Mothers and Fathers would allow grown men who have twisted broken minds to go potty with their little 5 and 6 year old girls. That’s how far removed Liberal’s brains are from Reality. And people wonder how America became so insane in it’s actions. Just ask any Liberal to define “Reality” and you’ll get the most muddled, confused answer ever.

        Time for this insanity to be stopped and our Country finally stomping out bizarre behaviors. Time for confused, brain disabled people to get treated for the abnormal brain function damaging their lives. No more coddling the mentally ill or dysfunctional — send them for treatment and stop making everyone else bend over backwards to coddle these disturbed people. They are the sick ones – get help or get out of our Society NOW! End of story.

        1. AKLady says

          Suggest you learn how the American Government actually works.

          It is called SEPARATION OF POWERS.

          Take a Civics refresher course

          1. GuardianFlame says

            You didn’t even read my comment because there was nothing about Separation of Powers but about Presidential powers and Trump’s ability to FIX our Nation!! Duh, aklady. Pay attention woman. You replied to the wrong blogger with the wrong comment. Duh and duh duh.

            If this blogging site is too fast for you, seek another. Try to keep up or find another place to blog. B o r I n g…

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Trump cannot fix anything.
            The separation of powers prevent him from doing so.

            Duh and duh duh.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            YOU are going to be so SURPRISED when Trump changes your life. He is nothing like the black inept idiot that thought he could change America by Executive Orders. No, Trump has presence, knowledge of how businesses work, how to take a nothing business and turn it into success and how to create financial success.

            The one thing that obama the fraud never had was the support of the majority of Americans that are DONE with anyone remotely political. People are leaving the Democratic party, the Libertarian party, the Independent party, etc. to support Trump because they know that the Politicians – both sides of the aisle – are responsible for the mess this country is in — along with obama The Incapable.

            You can poo poo Trump all you want, but you are truly in a tiny minority of people who “think” they know what is going on, but they truly have no idea.

            SEPARATION OF POWERS was tested by obama with his Executive Orders and proved to not work because obama refused to obey our U.S. Constitition. He hates that document and the U.S. people.

            Trump on the other hand loves America and its “EXCEPTIONALISM” and will do everything in his power to rebuild her to the World strength America once had. We the People will stand behind him and help him do this. Anyone (including Libs) that gets in our way will be steamrolled into oblivion.

            All Americans are done with extremeism and bending over for broken minded people. If they have mental issues, find a doctor to fix them. The rest of the world owes them nothing. They are the broken ones…

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.

            Government is not a business.
            Government is not for-profit.

            Your post documents you have no idea, whatsoever, as to how thw American government actually operates.

            You ought to educate yourself.
            Begin with the Constitutional Authority/Power granted a President.

          5. GuardianFlame says

            Obama’s presidential authority was out of control and our lazy ass Congress didn’t do a damn thing about it. As far as most Americans are concerned, obama was/is a complete failure and has caused our Nation more damage reputation wise and security wise. He no more respected our Constitution than the garbage man and that’s exactly where he would through our U.S. Constitution…in the garbage.
            What you state is out in left field because obama refused to play by the book and obey our laws. He was a bad excuse for a president and tried to usurp our rights every way he could. Unfortunately Congress was worthless and did nothing. I bet you have no idea of how many people demanded bho be impeached and Boehner did nothing, but he was on the “take” along with ,any other Congressmen.

            You can spout off all the legalities of our U.S. Constitution, but unless our President honors and respects our Constitution, it may as well be toilet paper. obama never respected it and did everything in his power to tear it apart. So much for your Constitutional Authority granted to the President. obama wanted it all, tried to take it all, and is still trying to take it all, but now We the People are wiser and smarter and know his game.

            You are wrong…again aklady. The U.S. Govt. needs to be more business like and conduct itself like a well run business. It needs someone that can tie up all the loose ends and re-direct them to a more purposeful end, i.e. giving billions of dollars to countries that dishonor America and say disparaging remarks about our policies while voting negatively against us in the U.N. We have so much $$ going to countries that are just using us and calling us negative names behind our backs. Stop that money and see how they like it. It would bring billions of dollars to our American treasury coffers. A regular politician wouldn’t catch that, but a good business man would.

            No matter what you say about our U.S. Constitution, IT IS BROKE. Our Federal Govt is broke, our foreign policies are broke. Our Society is a mess and the people don’t even see it, but they will when Trump turns this all around. And he will because the Congress is Conservative Majority and they will be serving with a Conservative President, together they will change this country like no other President. NOW ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU LIBERALS ARE AFRAID OF? TRUMP.S CHANGE IS GOING TO REALLY REALLY HURT BECAUSE HE WILL HAVE CONGRESS ON HIS SIDE TO MAKE ALL THOSE THINGS HAPPEN. PAY BACK IS A BITCH FOR LIBERALS…AND IT’S COMING.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Your post documents you have no idea, whatsoever, as to how thr American government actually operates.

            You ought to educate yourself.
            Begin with the Constitutional Authority/Power granted a Preside

          7. GuardianFlame says

            Get your head out of your behind. You are NO AUTHORITY of how any govt works, but a big bag of wind who thinks she can quote info and impress people. No one is impressed here aklady.

            Why don’t you do more research abt what is happening with our Nation’s people and the lack of intelligence of the general population — including you. Quoting sentences does not make you knowledgeable. It doesn’t mean you even comprehend what those sentences mean. It just shows that you know how to quote things.

            You can quote til you’re blue in the face about how our federal.govt IS SUPPOSED TO WORK, BUT THAT ISN’T GOING TO MAKE IT SO. OUR GOVT IS.BROKEN, YOU are broken because ypu keep quoting the only thing you know instead of actually looking around you and seeing the poison being fed to the American people.

            That’s why people refuse to put anyone else in our highest office but Donald Trump — and whether you like it or not, he will make changes to our federal govt with the Blessings of a Conservative Congress ready to FIX all that obama foolishly did.

            FYI: Trump will find out abt obama’s real persona and then he will go after that con man and America will celebrate because he got caught and now he will pay. Yes, you will moan and tell people how embarassing they should feel because they don’t believe one word you say. But by then, no one will care what you say because HOPE is on the horizon, but this you will never understand.

            Don’t bother to try to talk down or make me feel inferior to you because you throw out info abt our failing American gov thinking it still works. It doesn’t. Everyone knows this bit YOU!

            AT LEAST YOUR BLOG HAS IMPROVED SOMEWHAT. You’re still using the same phraseology and subject matter which means you are old and set in your ways, incapable of new or different thought. Better watch out! The people paying you may get tired of your trite and repetitive comments and look for someone else to do your job…like me! Try to change it up a bit now and then or people will refuse to discuss anything with you. Wouldn’t want you to lose that paycheck now would we?

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          9. GuardianFlame says






          10. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
            Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          11. Catnip says

            I don’t talk to her anymore, just down-vote.
            Like your post!
            Go Trump.

          12. GuardianFlame says

            I taught American Govt to students in public school and know Separation of Powers backwards and forwards. WE WERE NOT DISCUSSING S OF P, but a subject matter much different.

            Where is your attention span because you screwed up royally here. Don’t try to outsmart a History Teacher — you’ll lose every time.

          13. Catnip says

            Oh you go Flame, and go Trump!

          14. AKLady2015 says

            Does your understanding of the S of P agree with Trump’s? Below is a sample of his intentions:

            “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City

            “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis

            “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis

            “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan

            “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas

            “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa

            “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama

            “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference

            “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

          15. AKLady2015 says

            Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1. The Hispanic Peril
            2. The Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril …

  51. CharlieZ says

    Kristol and Romney are A-holes. They will give the Socialists the country for the next 100 years. 1984 will come to be.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Bush already started “1984?. He built the concentration camps.

      1. CharlieZ says

        Well I can’t not blame the GOP for their stupidity, but what concentration camps are your referring to.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          The internment camps for illegal aliens built during the Bush Administration.

          1. CharlieZ says

            That would be prisons.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            No, it is internment camps.

            America’s shameful ‘prison camps’

            The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps

            Real Concentration Camps USA: Our Immigrant-detention System Is Spiraling Out Of Control

  52. sirwiley says

    The demos would welcome a third party as it would assure their win.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Reagan tripled the national debt.
      Bush II doubled the national debt.

      How much more debt can America sustain?

      Carter reduced the deficit.
      Clinton reduced the deficit.

      1. sirwiley says

        Why do people ignorantly want to lay blame with one party when BOTH are to blame? Working in the field for many different administrations taught me that both are corrupt as hell and it was democrats that hung up on us when we were in the field after doing their dirty work. I can’t stand either, but more democrat rule will bring civil war. Many Americans will refuse to give up their rights to tyranny. To me, democrats represent tyranny and republicans represent greed.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          The President signs the bills.

          I suspect you would be shocked to leatn that many have ended up passed because the President simply ignored them.

          1. sirwiley says

            Look at the Anti Organized Crime and Corruption in Government Bill. The Kennedy brothers got murdered over it and in 1966 it was brought up again by a senator that had a daughter murdered to stop it. It has been shelved for all these years because both parties are criminal.

          2. sirwiley says

            Maybe you should wonder why a good bill against criminal corruption would be fought against by most all politicians and NOT covered by the news media. It was shelved because it called for HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY in government and NOT JUST TALK OF IT!

          3. AKLady2015 says

            That is the right-wing rumor.

          4. sirwiley says

            What do you think of the bill being a Democrat Bill put in by the Kennedy’s and then the Senator that brought it back being a Democrat three years later? The bill against criminal corruption had NO Republican sponsorship and was fought by both parties. Criminal corruption is rampant in our government and all the people are the losers. Nothing to do with rumors. I’m almost 70 years old and saw a lot of this unfold. Too many people say they know something and have not even looked at the surroundings of the time. Much that is right in front of people is like a rumor and changes with each telling. Our nation is in terrible danger from within and neither party is doing anything except for their own agenda for power and money. I do not understand your comment of right wing rumor. If transparency were sought, the old bill would have been resurrected and every politician would support it. The fact that it is shelved for all these years in both party administrations tells me they are both criminally motivated.

  53. Libertarian Soldier says

    still can’t vote for him any more than I could vote for the other socialists.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      All modern, industrialized countries have mixed economies — even America.
      Free public education is an example of Thomas Jefferson’s socilalism.

      1. Libertarian Soldier says

        Jefferson was not a socialist. he did propose a bill for 3 years of education at the primary level, at taxpayer expense. In that bill, he proposed that more education would be paid. Taxpayer funded education never took in Jefferson’s lifetime and nothing’s “free”. That’s what you socialistic proponents don’t understand.

        Thomas Jefferson did open his own University and it wasn’t free, nor was it taxpayer funded. An unsuccessful socialistic act does not a socialist make. Nice job but ultimately a failure to tie one of the founders to socialism.

        Explain “mixed economies”. “Economics” is/are “economics” irrespective of political theory and ideology. Marxism isn’t an economy. It’s a time tested, 100% proven, absolute road-map to a failed state, without exception.

        Often I quote Jefferson. “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.” Jefferson also said that a well informed electorate is a prerequisite to a democracy.” That’s why we’re in the trouble we are. We have so called “pundits” telling us what they think. Most are no more intelligent or informed than you.

  54. John McCormack says

    I am really ashamed that I voted for Mitt Romney. Unless Sanders pulls off a miracle, she will be the nominee even if she’s charged before the election.. What possibly could be accomplished by doing anything to reduce Trump’s vote total? Right now it will be touch and go whether he can win. There are a whole lot of people wanting to stay at the Democratic party trough to feed off other peoples’ money and well over 90% of them will vote for her.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      America is the only modern, industrialized country which allows people to die because they cannot afford medical care.

      Is that something you approve of?

  55. Bob Stewart says

    Guess Romney wants to be a three time loser.

  56. BlackNRight says

    Each of you “Third parties will hand the presidency to Hillary” are cowards. You are not even willing to try. Your own party started out as a third party, but Americans don’t have the cajones that Lincoln and his flock did to start a third party and that is why America will lose. I will vote my conservative conscience and if that means Hillary wins that is on you, it also means you can’t win without real conservatives backing your sorry party! A third party will rise out of this! Death to the fake Republican party, rise to the new conservative movement!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Third parties have come and gone.
      They cannot make any difference.
      We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have nver elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect a President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
      How does your state select its representative to the Electoral College?
      Is that representative required to follow the popular vote?
      Since the EC vote is secret, how do you know if the did?

  57. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    It makes one wonder when both Kristol and Romney opposed Trump right out of the gate, as if Trump will rock their cozy, interconnected, bipartisan world; ie, the Washington political cartel. As well he should! This scares the hell out of them. Kristol’s magazine has been Trump-bashing since he announced – the whole lot of the reporters. I have subscribed to the Weekly Standard for over 5 years. No more! Done with that! These guys aren’t much different than the Dems. They love their power and their place with the Dems in their own comfortable crony-ist political world. Concern for us? Concern for conservatism? Yeah, right – you disgusting hypocrites!

  58. Forrest Huck London says

    Bill Krystol and the rest of these idiots are crazy if we don,t get behind Mr. Trump with everything we,ve got our nation as we know it is done for and the muslims will soon be set to take over that is what obama wants and may very well obtain or this nation will be in another civil war to try and save the greatest nation in the world and think of all the men and women who have died for our freedom it would all be wasted

  59. Greg137 says
    Trump’s own campaign is at war with it’s self.. There is no unity even inside of Trump’s campaign.. All of this division is trump’s way of doing things.. We need a unifier to lead our party not a divider.. Blaming the conservatives isn’t going to solve the problem… Trump flipped the conservative base the middle finger, and then he started pitting his own followers against each other.. AS LEADER, IT IS TRUMP’S RESPONSIBLITY TO UNIFY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THE BASE!!! If you can’t do that, because you are too busy DIVIDING your OWN campaign against itself then you aren’t qualified to lead Period… Don’t blame conservatives for something that never wanted them, involved in the first place!! Trump did want us conservatives and he ruthlessly attacked our candidate who was and is one of the few unifiers within the party, Ted Cruz… I am writing him in, because He is a true Leader… Trump isn’t a leader he is a divider.. Some think that Trump is a Hilary plant and I am starting to believe it… Why doesn’t Trump seek to unify people??? Like I said evidence has surfaced that Trump is dividing his own campaign against itself!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! You can’t expect those who were never involved to get behind your guy when he is purposely dividing his own campaign against itself!!! Hypocrisy much???

  60. Greg137 says
    Trump’s campaign is at war with itself.. Leaders are supposed to unite their party, but Trump is splitting his own campaign.. Don’t blame those who were never involved with you, when your own guy is deliberately dividing his own campaign.. A house divided will never stand! Trump has an obligation as leader to unite the party, but he wants to further divide the party… We conservatives are not to blame for this, because how do we not know if that isn’t his goal?? There are some who say that trump is a plant by Hilary and I am starting to believe it too. I am writing in for Cruz! Because Cruz is a unifier..

    1. Reality Check says

      you fools voted for the Carnival Barker for Pres.

      Deal with IT.

  61. says

    Memorial Day is a good time to remember that HRC is responsible for the deaths of FOUR Americans at BENHGHAZI and that BILL CLINTON IS a traitor and DRAFT EVADER!

    1. Reality Check says

      you seem to forget Trump is a DRAFT EVADER as well.

      you seem to forget the Ambassador REFUSED extra security.

      “Ambassador Stevens twice said no to military offers of more security, U.S. officials say”

      Read more here:
      why do cons LIE all the time?

  62. Loving America says

    Please spread the Word and tell everyone to make Calls To Tell Congress and Reps Not To Allow the Deposition To Be Stopped! Obama was Hillarys boss and gave her her orders and then decided with making her aides set up[ the email server that was illegal that she could possibly get by with it since Obama gets by with Treason in America on a daily schedule….he has gone to every Country to cause dissention and has accomplished just what he intended to do thinking that the rest of Us Americans cannot help get rid of Our Problems with Criminal Activities Against America! Include and do not forget to name Hollder he is guilty too and they alldeserve to be arrested, tried and convicted of Crimes against Humanity in the murders of Fellow Citizens in Benghazi, the running of guns to aide the massive attack and killings in the East which is call Genocide! Let’s Help Our government and the Honest Politicians to
    take back and To Clean Up America!

  63. Red Scholefield says

    And this is the man who said Obama could not win.! He is simply another tool of the Washington “establishment”. Hillary can be and has been bought and therefore is under their control. With establishment millions being spent to fight Trump there is a payback expected.

  64. Mark Brickey says

    Ther’s no such thing as a “3rd Party Conservative” with this gang – He will be a neo-con, RINO or the Libertarian who’s already supposedly in the game.
    They stand on their “principles” while we get Hillary or Bernie (or BIDEN!!!) in the White House.SCOTUS going liberal, POTUS being more apologizing for America, trannies playing more games, etc.
    So, Ericksson, Crystal, Romney, McCain, et al, Congratulations on standing on your “principles”….

    1. Catnip says

      No one but DT will win

      1. Mark Brickey says

        IF they 3rd party, though, that’s going to split GOP & “fencers” 3 ways – Trump, Johnson & 3rd partier. That’s almost a sure win for Billary unless she’s in jail.

        1. Catnip says

          I have a great feeling it won’t work.

          1. Mark Brickey says

            Did you see that some “candidate” at the NATIONAL Libertarian Party Convention STRIPPED on national TV?!? And this is the kind of “leadership” we want?!? And they claim that DT is nuts? Huh… Yeah…

          2. Catnip says

            Ew, just watched it. He dropped out of the running for party chairman after saying it was a dare. I’d rather see the truth, lol.

          3. Mark Brickey says


    2. ringostarr1 says

      Here is a link to the 2016 Libertarian Convention you Ted Screw’s Conservatives will get a laugh out of the goings-on at the Libertarian Convention.

      At first I thought that this was Kristol or Ryan dancing on stage until they caught Governor Johnson hugged up with this striptease dancer behind the stage. So remind me again about just what is so Conservative about the Third Parties in America.

      1. Catnip says

        Darn it didn’t work :-/

  65. Reality Check says

    What is FUNNY about you conservatives voting for Trump, would be HE FACT that Trump ran to the LEFT of ALL the other candidates.

    RAISE taxes
    SAVE Social Security
    EXPAND Medicare
    pull the military out of foreign alliances

    IMPORT Tax increase.
    UNIVERSAL health care.

    and they you call Bernie who has the same positions a COMMIE.


    1. ringostarr1 says

      The one and only thing that The Donald has to recommend him to American Voters is that at least he is not Hillary Clinton. Ms. Clinton is so voter tone deaf that the Donald may actually win out over Hillary. Therefor if I was Ms. Clinton I think that I would withdraw from the race because I would hate for my tombstone to read: “And she was whooped for the Presidency of the United States of America by Donald J. Trump.”

      1. Reality Check says

        ” Ms. Clinton is so voter tone deaf that the Donald may actually win out over Hillary”

        that must be why she was elected to the Senate TWICE and won the Democratic nomination.

        1. ringostarr1 says

          Come on Reality Not. What ever you want to say about Ms Clinton’s Political career is OK by me but I do not think that it is seemly for you to embellish the truth about Hillary Clinton’s many non-accomplishments. I think that we all agree that Ms. Clinton’s Senate Career as well as her stint as the United States Secretary of State was Treed, Killed, Bagged, and Skinned by her husband Bill “Dogpatch” Clinton.

      2. Reality Check says

        trump needs to withdraw before the has to tell the truth.

  66. grey_ghost1 says

    They are scared s–tless of Mr Trump! They can’t buy him, they can’t control him,and that means their party is over. They can’t pocket millions of the taxpayers money anymore. That’s why they’d rather have crooked Hillary. They don’t care about the people and what will happen in a crooked Hillary regime.

  67. Optimista says

    How does one promote a ” Losers ” party ?

  68. Gary Smith says

    I do not care for Trump but a third party would let Hillary win and that would be a disaster

  69. ceevee says

    Heads up People in America the first question you should ask yourself is: What are the Pros and Cons of having a third- party movement?? Make this site interesting to read. and don’t call me a LIBERAL My ideas don’t fit under Liberal that will cover the ones that are supporting Trump their betting on his experience as a businessman and that is what they are depending on for a POTUS.

    Oh BTW he is going for the jugular on the Clinton’s
    I do not know how he is going to be POTUS the dirt that he will be throwing he will have to eat it afterwards. Cause he is not squeaky clean at all! Fact check

  70. MidwayBill says

    Mitt Romney lost to Obama because he was too nice. A lackluster candidate. Trump has the voter base energized. Just how does Romney plan to win anything? He had better be up to inspiring large numbers of voters in a VERY short time. He may take a few votes from Trump, but it’s unlikely he would tip the scales in any significant way. I think Bill Kristol is delusional.

  71. Scott Campbell says

    Mitt Romney ran for president and failed MISERABLY. He will fail miserably again this time. I suspect this is a ploy put together by Clinton to steal votes from Trump because she will lose.

  72. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    Third party, schmird party! It is only crooks changing clothes!

  73. Rick Rogers says

    Hey Third party is a great idea.. Give the Republican party more of a Choice.. In fact a 4th and 5th Party run would be even better. Oh…sorry I should not have used the word Choice.. republicans seem to hate to give people that.

  74. laulau says

    We have a Libertarian running now, and an Independent run would absolutely give it to Hillary. Trump can beat anyone new entering the race, but combined, they can get just enough votes to give it to Hillary. Jealousy should not prevail just to keep Trump out. They are bullies, and Democrat lovers, evidently..

  75. Duwayne Hauigen says

    Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney should come clean and admit they are liberals, and should join the democrats. Certainly they should be kicked