Throwing Looters in Jail is Racist, Says Leftist Crackpot


On Sunday, the Miami Police Department issued a social media warning that you will probably find sensible and timely, given the circumstances South Florida is facing in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

“Thinking about looting?” asked the MPD Twitter account. “Ask these guys how that turned out.” The tweet was sent in conjunction with a photograph of people in jail, presumably for the crime in question.

It’s hard to think of a less controversial thing for a police department to post. You want to break the law, take advantage of a chaotic situation, and steal from hard-working citizens? Well guess what? You’re going to spend some time in the slammer. Since we are a society that believes in the rule of law – or at least, we have been up till now – and there aren’t any bills on the floor of the House calling for the decriminalization of larceny (yet), you would expect a tweet like this to get nothing but praise from the community.

Naturally, you would be wrong.

Author/activist Sarah Jaffe responded to the tweet with indignation. In a post that quickly gathered more than 1,500 likes on Twitter, Jaffe wrote, “Good morning, the carceral state exists to protect private property and is inseparable from white supremacy.”

The “carceral state” is not the kind of phrase you come upon while living a normal, drama-free life, of course. It’s taken to mean the general entirety of the American law enforcement system, but it’s inevitably connected with all kinds of “black people are still enslaved” racial theories that exist on the fringes of the left. Well, it used to be the fringes, in any case. Effectively, Jaffe is saying that the mere fact that we have laws that protect private property is just another way the white devil keeps the black community down. Because, apparently, black people cannot help but steal from whites.

But POLICE are the racists…

It’s easy to look at the replies on Twitter – the majority of which call Jaffe out for being a racist lunatic – and take comfort that such nonsense could never infect mainstream discourse in this country. But that’s a false hope. The idea that the U.S. prison system – nay, the entire justice system – is designed to keep black people from succeeding in this country IS already a mainstream idea. So while it may be a few years before anyone seriously suggests doing away with private property laws…it may not be as far away as you’d think. These crazy leftists are extraordinarily skilled with their propaganda.

And American liberals are astoundingly susceptible to even the most ridiculous ideas.


  1. jgfsmf says

    And what about the black people that they stole from? Yes. Black people have property too.

    1. TO BLACKS says


      1. David Perry says

        You got that right.

        1. April Stoner says

          Your as ignorant, shallow and weak as your buddy, “To Blacks”! No Character, No Integrity , no Class! Just another Lilly white asshole!

          1. David Perry says

            You are a worthless POS,just another scumbag.Rot in hell Asshole.

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        Nigger is an adjective that applies to anyone who does not put forth enough effort to live a good life. It’s anyone who lives in filth and doesn’t take care of his property regardless of the color of their skin. The problem is all too often people who do not take care of their property happen to be black.

      3. April Stoner says

        I do believe looters should thrown in jail, but I also think people like you, that live to hate,
        should be thrown in jail, people like you, only shows the world that your a shallow and weak to have hate for people you don’t even know, no charecter, no integrity, no class.

    2. Katia says

      WTH does that mean? So if they had the balls they would take a stand and speak out against the good for nothing thieves..Color isn’t problem, THIEVES, SCUM OF THE EARTH LEACHES ARE THE PROBLEM..NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN. People have gotten so off the wall with this shit about skin color I’m about ready to puke.They need to grab a brain and start thinking about how they talk..Stupid , most of them and just can’t fix stupid in ignorant people..Sad..but true..

      1. Robert Uda says

        The really sad thing about it is that they vote and procreate.

      2. jgfsmf says

        What it means is that they are protesting black criminals getting hurt, then they go a hurt good black people.

  2. Retired says

    Looters should be shot when caught in the act !!! Those caught later automatic 10 years in the pen .

    1. jusyistoo1 says

      It’s disgusting and a mockery of law to allow this to continue to happen in our country. ROUND THEM UP AND JAIL THEM! We the people are sick of this violence perpetuated by the liberal left!

      1. Retired says

        Thank the Democrats – Liberal Judges – ACLU and Obama !!!

        1. ernldo says

          Let’s not forget academia as well…

          1. pineapple says

            And Hollyweird!

          2. rocky49 says

            and commiefornia

          3. Robert Olsen says

            Maybe the San Andreas Fault will split this socialist bastion off from the mainland, & it will drift over 2 NK. They deserve each other.

          4. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            I have Kids and grandchildren there. I’ll just work for the Death Penalty being brought back, and the cessation of the idiotic 500,000 “Appeals” BS!

          5. Mr Rollo says

            Their sympathy for looters and criminals is unparalleled in the universe.

          6. Defend America says

            Just let one of them become the victim see how they react then!

          7. Observant_One says

            Don’t count on that as a solution. Stupidity is very difficult to cure.

          8. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            So is DEATH…

          9. Bunny says

            Another Marine
            Even if there was a death penalty it certainly wouldn’t be used on looters.

          10. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            What makes you think that Bunny? Because they’re mostly black? Newsflash! The residents of many Huston neighborhoods had warning signs for looters. “LOOT and YOU WILL DIE! The Police said nothing to them but shoot straight”. You’re deluding yourself if you think we “Deplorables” will put up with any further PC BS. We’re fed “UP TO HERE”! with crazy Terrorists like BLM and the “Antifa” Communist Terrorists. If you’re one of them, I’d buy some life insurance if I were you. The Left says they’re going to start a shooting War here in America. They will die wondering what happened? “WE were in Control”. No, they aren’t. WE are. From the 1st Marine Division to the Navy SEALS, to the Confederate Air Force, WE will keep America American, and NON-Communist. It’s just that simple.

          11. Bunny says


          12. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            Keep laughing Bunny. You won’t be for long. You whining Communists have no future here. Go to Venezuela…Oh, wait, Venezuelans have no future either…That’s Communism/Socialism all over. Too bloody bad.

          13. Bunny says

            Another Marine
            Why don’t you frisked ask me wtf I’m laughing at before you run your mouth to me considering I was laughing at something Observant One stated. Which was >>>”Stupidity is very difficult to cure.”<<<
            As far as your comment, my reply about the death sentence was for "LOOTING" not for if people kill due to looting.
            As far as PC BS I AM SICK OF IT!!! Those people are down right f-ed up in the head an I'm sick of every time we turn around there's something else they aren't happy with an feel the need to protest!! If you breath wrong they will protest if they can!
            So, before you come at me when you know nothing about me, as I stated…ask!!

          14. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            @Bunny, Please accept my apology for misinterpreting your comment. In these days of PC BS I’ve begun to “snap judge” people’s comments. I really am sorry, and didn’t mean to hurt you.

          15. Bunny says

            >>>”WE will keep America American, and NON-Communist.”<<<

            EXACTLY!! I AGREE!!

          16. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            It’s not their stuff and businesses that are being looted. Remember, with all the TV’s and electronics that get looted (pharmacies too), they are really preaching this message to their choir. Who else listens to that crap? IT’s almost like they are being given brainwashed instructions to go out and steal. I think in this case it is entirely appropriate to shoot the messenger.

          17. Francis VanDevender says

            yes this is what is happening..these dumb jack-a$$es are too stupid to think for themselves..The demo party have them thinking all is for the taking! no questions asked!!

          18. Dave Nettles says

            That’s HellyWeird. They’re weird, and on their way to Hell,

          19. Bunny says


          20. says

            Yes our many commie socialist professors who think Dr. Zhiavigo was a beautiful story and would like to see it come to America in real life, too many profs on the coke and pot.

        2. Ronald Smith says


        3. Robert Kahlcke says

          Don’t forget the S.P.L.C. (morris Dees) who are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

        4. pineapple says

          Between 1960 and 2010, the proportion of black
          children in America raised in single-parent families rose from 22
          percent to 70 percent. (Photo: iStock Photos)
          Commentary By Walter E. Williams
          Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.

          That the problems of today’s black Americans are a result of a
          legacy of slavery, racial discrimination, and poverty has achieved an
          axiomatic status, thought to be self-evident and beyond question.

          This is what academics and the civil rights establishment have
          taught. But as with so much of what’s claimed by leftists, there is
          little evidence to support it.

          The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure.

          Children from fatherless homes are likelier to drop out of high
          school, die by suicide, have behavioral disorders, join gangs, commit
          crimes, and end up in prison. They are also likelier to live in
          poverty-stricken households.

          Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can’t be done alone. Find out more >>

          But is the weak black family a legacy of slavery?

          In 1960, just 22 percent of black children were raised in
          single-parent families. Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black
          children were raised in single-parent families.

          Here’s my question: Was the increase in single-parent black families
          after 1960 a legacy of slavery, or might it be a legacy of the welfare
          state ushered in by the War on Poverty?

          According to the 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, that year
          11 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today about 75
          percent of black children are born to unwed mothers.

          Is that supposed to be a delayed response to the legacy of slavery?

          The bottom line is that the black family was stronger the first 100
          years after slavery than during what will be the second 100 years.

          At one time, almost all black families were poor, regardless of
          whether one or both parents were present. Today roughly 30 percent of
          blacks are poor.

          However, two-parent black families are rarely poor. Only 8 percent of
          black married-couple families live in poverty. Among black families in
          which both the husband and wife work full time, the poverty rate is
          under 5 percent. Poverty in black families headed by single women is 37

          The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the
          harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state

          The black family structure is not the only retrogression suffered by blacks in the age of racial enlightenment.

          In every census from 1890 to 1954, blacks were either just as active
          or more so than whites in the labor market. During that earlier period,
          black teen unemployment was roughly equal to or less than white teen

          As early as 1900, the duration of black unemployment was 15 percent
          shorter than that of whites. Today it’s about 30 percent longer.

          Would anyone suggest that during earlier periods, there was less racial discrimination?

          What goes a long way toward an explanation of yesteryear and today
          are the various labor laws and regulations promoted by liberals and
          their union allies that cut off the bottom rungs of the economic ladder
          and encourage racial discrimination.

          Labor unions have a long history of discrimination against blacks.
          Frederick Douglass wrote about this in his 1874 essay titled “The Folly,
          Tyranny, and Wickedness of Labor Unions,” and Booker T. Washington did
          so in his 1913 essay titled “The Negro and the Labor Unions.”

          To the detriment of their constituents, most of today’s black
          politicians give unquestioning support to labor laws pushed by unions
          and white liberal organizations.

          Then there’s education. Many black 12th-graders deal with scientific
          problems at the level of whites in the sixth grade. They write and do
          math about as well as white seventh- and eighth-graders.

          All of this means that an employer hiring or a college admitting the
          typical black high school graduate is in effect hiring or admitting an
          eighth-grader. Thus, one should not be surprised by the outcomes.

          The most damage done to black Americans is inflicted by those
          politicians, civil rights leaders, and academics who assert that every
          problem confronting blacks is a result of a legacy of slavery and
          discrimination. That’s a vision that guarantees perpetuity for the

          1. TexasCoyote1 says

            Extremely well written. Of course, to point any of your research out to the black population in today’s environment is racist. Particularly so since now cotton balls in a vase displayed at Hobby Lobby, hurricanes and even punishing looters are all racist.

            There was a great deal more respect coming from both sides in the 50’s and 60’s. Young black people were respectful to their black parents and also to white people. They dressed as well as they could afford to, but they presented themselves well and without the attitude we now see in young blacks.

            I agree with you all of these problems can be laid at the feet of the War on Poverty and the subsequent welfare programs that destroyed poor black families.

          2. pineapple says

            The author, Walter E. Williams happens to be black, but that would escape the liberal lunatics.

          3. TexasCoyote1 says

            I’m sure he is just labeled an Uncle Tom and ignored or discredited and marginalized.

          4. Linda Sellers says

            Back in the late 60’s my father worked in a factory. They were on strike because negroes were coming up north taking jobs. I overheard my father tell his coworker that a “N” approached him on the picket line and told him “We’s gonna have babies and more babies and more babies UNTIL WE TAKE OVER”, which is exactly what they’ve done & continue to do. Don’t be fooled. They don’t want equality, never did. They want to take over, period. Don’t trust any of them. They hate whites. They use the words slavery and racist to gain power and control. And so far it works like magic, doesn’t it.

          5. Graywolf12 says

            The commies and muslims say the same things.

          6. LIVE FREE OR DIE says


          7. Lotacats Katz says

            And they both want control and power.

          8. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            The Muslims will slaughter their Commie pals when they decide to take over. The Commies think the Muslims are fools. The Muslims KNOW the Commies are fools.

          9. Retired says

            The end result will be slant eyes against Muslims .Kim Boy is working for that direction .

          10. judyistoo1 says

            Love the name…I have alotacats too…..:)

          11. Who ever says

            The Russians were behind the Black organizations back in the early 1900’s.
            They provided funds and propagander , with the idea of using them to destroy America with out fighting White America.

          12. Lord-Pi-314 says

            Back around 1825 or so, we set up a whole country in Africa for them to go back to. It still exists today and it’s called Liberia. Maybe we should ship them back there before they start murdering us “Whiteys” like they are doing in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and other places. Seems to me they are the racist troublemakers around here.

          13. TexasCoyote1 says

            I think we tried that when the country was first set up. Liberia isn’t exactly a paradise, so there is no incentive. Also, most of the black troublemakers are native-born citizens of the United States, so they have a right to be here. I am a believer in the rule of law, so only those who are here illegally should be removed. Given the numbers of them, I think that would keep immigration busy for several years anyway.

          14. glenn398 says

            Lord they don’t have a welfare system there so how could they survive? Remember back in the 1967 riots they wanted to go back to Africa and those countries said we don’t want our cities burned stay where you are.

          15. Marie Mitchell says

            More babies and more babies. Remember, the white women are helping them a lot with that. Just sayin’

          16. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I worked in prisons for 7-8 years. I wish I had a nickel for every smirking black and Hispanic face that told me the game is to get the white girl pregnant. The idiots who fall for them are just that. I recently saw a white girl crying on the curb with her belongings and 4 kids; “hubby” had found another one to concubine for him, and she had no job. No cure for bad judgment; stupid is as stupid does.

          17. TexasCoyote1 says

            When I was a kid in the 60’s my father was an auditor for Housing and Urban Development. He audited the “projects.” He would come home with stories about the tenants he interviewed that would curl your hair. I remember one family was using the bathtub for storage because they didn’t know what it was for.

            As I’ve said in many posts, diversity is not a plus. It’s an obstacle to be overcome. Politicians use the discomfort that mixed race communities experience as a diversion to pass legislation most white people don’t want.

            Certainly the leadership of the black, brown and muslim communities want as much power as they can create, and power comes to them by advancing their interests over ours. But, those advantages have not made any of these groups happy. As you said until one emerges victorious, they won’t be happy and once they do, the process will start over again with another group trying to take the top rung.

          18. glenn398 says

            Bottom line they are the most worthless race put on earth with the exception of a very few.

          19. TexasCoyote1 says

            There are thousands of miles of coastline around Africa. How many ocean-going ships have ever been built and launched from one of those African seaports? None. Nada. Zip. When the Dutch arrived in South Africa, the local natives had not discovered the wheel.

            There are differences in people, cultures and DNA. There is too much historical fact for anyone with half a brain to dispute. I don’t think that gives us the right to kidnap them from their homes and physically harm them, nor do I believe crosses should be burned in their front yards as an intimidation, but it also doesn’t put them in a position to demand total equality in business and industry. Over fifty years about the Civil Rights Act and preferential education opportunity, there are still only a few minorities who have actually taken advantage of those opportunities. Equally unfortunate is the fact most of their race looks at those who have as traitors.

            Recent articles about the IQ of various nations shows differences in IQ between various nations. If all people were truly equal in every way, one would think the average IQ of each nation would be more nearly the same.

          20. glenn398 says

            They try and say skin color is the only difference and that is B.S. Africa and the middle east were populated long before there was a Europe or a U.S. so they should have been the most advanced nations in the world. On I.Q. test of all races Blacks always come out on the bottom. We have been sending people over there since I can remember in the 40s and even with our help and other European nations helping the only thing they are capable of is breeding. Even animals when food is scare have brains enough to stop breeding but not blacks.

          21. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Obama’s brother – the guy who disagreed with him and NEVER received so much as a handshake from the pervert-in-chief – once remarked that both South Korea was established and Kenya received its freedom from colonialism in 1953, and mused that the vast differences in economic and technological achievements between the two countries had to have something to with differences in attitude of their respective peoples. Obadman didn’t like that at all. Too bad his brother didn’t win the election instead of the lying muslim scumbag.

          22. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I’m still waiting for the first two-story grass hut.

          23. TexasCoyote1 says

            Yeah, there’s that, too. I forgot about no buildings higher than 1 story. Thanks for setting me straight. :=)

          24. glenn398 says

            You may not live long enough as they just don’t have the technology yet.

          25. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Remember Dr. William Shockley?

          26. TexasCoyote1 says

            I was aware of the work, but not the man by name, so I had to read an article about his accomplishments before answering. Jimmy “The Greek” lost his TV gig for saying something to the effect blacks were bred to be better athletes than whites. I have read that plantation owners did try to breed black slaves to maximize the physical size and strength of subsequent generations, so his statement may not have been as far off the reservation as the network wanted it to be.

            The IQ studies of one nation compared to another simply go to prove Shockley’s work.

          27. Who ever says

            Most of the one’s advancing have done so by being inbred with White people.
            Then they are angry because they aren’t completly one or the other.

          28. TexasCoyote1 says

            Yeah, and stating that fact out loud will probably get us all killed by an angry mob.

            You have only to look at the different countries around the world and their respective qualities of life to see that the caucasian western and even eastern-european populations and cultures consistently show the highest IQ’s and standard of living. The lowest tend to be the black races of Africa who have never built nor launched an ocean-going vessel from any African port even though their continent has a significant number of miles of coastline.

          29. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I think conservative blacks have incredible talent and guts. I also think they are the quickest way to changing the plight of the inner city. I don’t have a lot of $$$ to throw at politics but most of what I can spend does to conservative black candidates.

          30. glenn398 says

            Well then it is easy for you where to send your money as there are so few conservative blacks

          31. Francis VanDevender says

            I have been saying this forever..I have no ill feeling toward black people. I have some hard working black friends ,They have done well for themselves,because they worked for what they got..

          32. TexasCoyote1 says

            I agree. It’s not the color of their skin, but rather the cultural differences that may have actually been engineered within the minority communities that cause the strife.

          33. Bob Gerber says

            Well said! Eloquent!

          34. PoorPitifulPearl says

            That may be true of some blacks, but I guarantee you I’ve met many black men who’ve become very respected in so many fields…ministry, military, business, government, etc. I see black men frequently who I see stop to open doors for mom’s with toddlers, older people, people with disabilities, etc. And I can never forget the black man who rushed to save me from choking in a restaurant. All I could say was “thank you! I love you!” I will never forget him nor the many, many young blacks I’ve come in contact with who are so polite, unlike the white punks (including the girls) who give you the evil eye if you’re in their path. I love living in the south. The only reason that I’m pointing out the blacks in this post, is because not everyone has had the same experience as Linda Sellers. I’m sorry that she and her father did, but it’s not fair to tar everyone with the same brush.

          35. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

            In the World of today, there are only two races outproducing babies over every other race. Those are the Muslims, who lead in the production of offspring because each Goat Screwing Islamist has four or more wives that he’s keeping pregnant. They can’t leave the house, they are NOT allowed to work, and so they procreate. Welfare pays EXTRA MONEY for their Islamic, Halal foods, pays them ‘extra’ for every Islamist whelp they squirt into the dirt, and so, on it goes until they outnumber the rest of us. THEN We will ALL see what Islamic Scum are really like. That’s how this whole charade works. Got Guns? You’re sure to need them to protect your Families, friends and your Nation…

          36. Retired says

            They also get young girls as soon as they can get pregnant . It can be any young girl even family members . just like in Africa and the USA .

          37. glenn398 says

            Retired the girls are only safe until they are 6 years old.

          38. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            The figures I see published say that between $20-25 Trillion has been spent on LBJ’s mostly useless programs, which have socially engineered a dependent but predictably dependable democrap-voting cohort. When you talk about Marxists desire to destroy family and replace it with government we have a sterling example staring us in the face. Their campaign has been very successful, if cynically so. Every “inner city” in this country always votes heavily democrat, and NOTHING ever changes in those neighborhoods. Those inner cities are the new democrat-owned plantations, and the crops have been changed from cotton and tobacco to votes. I think the quickest way to change that is to elect as many conservative blacks to public office as possible. No conservative white guy stands a chance at changing that status quo, and no libshevick -white or black – will ever try. Question: Where TF did all the money go??

          39. TexasCoyote1 says

            Given the election fraud that goes on in the large cities, I wonder if those inner cities are actually voting overwhelmingly democrat or it is just easier to “fix” those precincts. This is where needing some form of specific voter ID would give a more accurate result. But, it’s the Democrat Party that screams bloody murder whenever such a requirement is introduced. It’s been my experience that the hurt party screams the loudest, so it would seem to support my thesis of voter fraud.

            I totally agree the Johnson-sponsored social legislation was created to keep the Democrats in power even though it was that party that for decades had voted against any and all legislation advancing the plight of the black man.

            As for the money, these programs began more than 50 years ago, so it’s not unreasonable the federal government has squandered that much in a futile attempt to legislate morality and buy voting blocks.

          40. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Have you been following the investigation into voter fraud that has been on-going at Judicial Watch? LA, Chicago (all the usual suspects) have far more names on the voting rolls than eligible adults living in the respective cities. Seems the dead may come to life not on Halloween, but on the 2nd Tuesday in November. Oooooo that rascally Great Pumpkin………

          41. TexasCoyote1 says

            I won’t say I’ve been following it, but I am aware of it. I believe the figure of about 141% of qualified voters are on the rolls in Los Angeles. Chicago is a whole another story. Since Mayor Daly that city has been a political wasteland.

            If you post that investigation on a site such as you will get blasted out of the tub. They don’t believe there is any voter fraud. It’s a real shame our media is so dishonest.

          42. mogul264 says

            You have to remember not ALL reporters, paper, internet, or TV, are liberal, even those who participate in the ‘fake’ media chains, though MANY have admitted donated to liberal causes! However, their BOSSES, the owners, publishers, and editors ARE, for the most part, liberal, AND engaged in much of the ‘slanted’ reporting! In the print media, like newspapers, reporters do not even get to say what the heading of their own articles will be, and sometimes much of the content is ‘edited’ to reflect different than the actual facts! So much for the vaunted ‘just the facts’! It is like being asked the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?”, what is a suitable answer? NEVER ?? Obviously not. But if you answer, “Never started.”, and they leave off the “started”? You are a heartless bastard! This is the result of ‘edited’ reporting!

          43. TexasCoyote1 says

            I completely agree with every word. I believe this has been a constant battle for President Trump. As a businessman he probably can’t believe this blatant distortion of his words and certainly his intentions are happening. We simply can’t expect the vast majority of Americans to take the time to listen to alternative media sources and then develop an informed opinion.

            I don’t see how any conservative voice can get enough standing in any mainstream media outlet to ever get any part of the truth into the public view.

          44. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Between foreigners owning controlling share interests (e.g., NY Times and Carlos Slim) and the incest between politicians, their appointees and Media Management types it’s guaranteed to continue on.

          45. Observant_One says

            And that is because The Hill is a nasty liberal rag. They are full of s**t when it comes to common sense. Show me a liberal and I will show you an idiot.

          46. glenn398 says

            The money went to rewarding blacks for breeding without a father and building huge ghetto’s.

          47. Debbie Bowman says

            Totally agree lol

          48. judyistoo1 says


          49. Dan Gaschler says


          50. Mr Rollo says

            You give too much too read. Our time is limited.

          51. SD of AZ says

            I would disagree with you Mr. Rollo, it is an excellent piece worth your time and everyone else. Pineapple noted some excellent points that might negate the good old argument Bozo was using. Current actions speak volumes about the race and the race baiters.

          52. Pebbles says

            Not all knowledge can be obtained in two sentences. Read it in stages or skip over it.

          53. pineapple says

            You have the right to remained uninformed.

          54. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            copy it and read it later.

          55. Pam says

            Good read.

          56. Charles Sroka says


          57. TexasCoyote1 says

            Wow!! That certainly seems to describe the world in which we live today.

          58. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            IT’s amazing how all the attempts to revoke natural law (all law descends from a God greater than and external to us) ultimately degenerate into nothing but unrestrained sexual promiscuity and perversion and taking what isn’t yours. It fosters corruption and bias, and much of it traces back to Karl Marx, who turned envy and unrestrained sexual activity into a political movement.

          59. judyistoo1 says

            Read before but obviously forgotten….wow.

          60. Charlie says

            Very well written.

          61. Linda Sellers says

            Very interesting. You forgot to mention the welfare moochers who have 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 niglets by 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 different thug daddies, and these porch monkeys expect taxpayers to foot the bill. Criminals in the making, looters, thieves, drug dealers, gang members, etc. Welfare porch monkeys should keep their legs closed for a change.

          62. glenn398 says

            Linda why should they keep their legs closed when we keep rewarding them every time they drop another baby.

          63. Retired says

            Most of the 70 percent do not know who the real father is. Our School system has a nursery and when a new Student arrives they ask [ how many do you have in the trophy room ] .

          64. James Higginbotham says

            you can thank that BIG EARED SOB PRESIDENT JOHNSON for all this crap, with his so called WAR ON POVERTY

          65. Marie Mitchell says

            You betcha! He said the blacks would be voting democrat for the next 200 years and he was right. Johnson said the govt. would throw them a little something, (freebies)not enough to make a difference and his words were..”We will have those ni**ers voting democrat for the next 200 years”

          66. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I heard 60, but who’s counting. He was spot on.

          67. TexasCoyote1 says

            I actually checked a couple of sources–the quote is alleged to be 200 years. We ought to start a campaign to tell those who don’t know history and vote Democrat that it was the party of Jim Crow and the party that voted against the Civil Rights legislation of 1964.

            Then, we ought to show pictures of healthy black families from the 1950’s living in their own homes with mom and dad both in the picture and ask them if they are truly better off with the dependency the Democrats created for them.

            Growing up there was a 2-block neighborhood occupied completely by black families. Yes, their homes were a little smaller, but they were painted regularly, their lawns were mowed and their homes were clean and neat inside. The handouts from the federal government have somehow destroyed the pride black families used to have.

          68. judyistoo1 says

            Wow that last line would be the commercial of the century……….

          69. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            His words: “We’ll have those N****** voting for us for the next 60 years.”. OF course, libsheviks say he was just kidding when he said that.

          70. mogul264 says

            When he signed those documents, he made a statement to his people, to the effect, “With this, we will have those n—ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years!” Seems he was right, the blacks have swallowed this crap, hook, line, and sinker!

          71. James Higginbotham says

            yep i know he said it.
            but what those stupid ass Niglets don’t understand is, THEY ARE STILL SLAVES.

          72. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            IT appeared you had more to say about replacing MSM, but I don’t see a link. Was that your intent? I’d like to read what you might have been alluding to.

          73. pineapple says

            Maybe the follwoing is what you are referring to:

            In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

            How’s this for having the “inside track”?


            ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

            CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

            ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

            ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

            ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

            CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
            And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
            Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
            It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

          74. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Holy **** Batman!!!! I bet that extends to CNBC as well. (I know Quick and Kernan both married their producers [great business move]). I stopped watching “we’re giving you the business” business news because I couldn’t stand the political bias, wished Harwood would be placed in a public stockade – MUTED.
            GREAT LIST. I’m going to copy and disseminate. If I ever figure out a way back on “Antifa”-cebook that will be one of my first – and often repeated- posts. Thanks a ton.

          75. Amargomate says

            Of course they do perpetuate the situation… They all live of them, and very well of course…
            I been saying this for long time know…. The black population in the country is still enslaved…. First by is own self called leaders and the Democratic party.
            This two forces are the new Masters,,of the black population..and is nothing the rest of us can do… They have to break his chains once and for all…
            Is up to them….

          76. Observant_One says

            The real truth can be a hell of a surprise sometimes.

          77. Former resident says

            Thank you for being right on target with the truth and the data to back it up. LBJ and his great society plan was the biggest con ever played on black americans. You can see it everywhere in the country, the more housing projects and that are built and section 8 housing increases the more a community declines and crime and black youth death rates in gang related shootings goes up. Rockford,IL is a perfect example. There are more gun related crimes and murders per capita than Chicago. Rockford has a population under 150,000 and dropping. Just call that place Detroit West.

          78. judyistoo1 says

            It’s called “Vote getting”.Until the African community wants to recognize that, the problem will not only continue but will continue to grow. Funny, but the only time I see color in a person is when I see them rioting, fighting and looting in our streets. All other times I just see the “man”. Thanks for the info, my husband and I love Walter E, I wish our talk radio syndicator aired him.

        5. Richard Pope says

          . . . . Ah, you mean the communists. All 30 million of them.
          America: Love It or Leave It!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          1. Retired says

            Let them leave and find out the hard way . Those 30 million would give up a arm to get back into the USA .

          2. Richard Pope says

            . . . . Al of the illegals should be deported immediately. The communists should be arrested on multiple of counts of Sedition and High Treason during Wartime. This is a Capital Offense.

            America: Love It or Leave It!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          3. Retired says

            We did get help from him , that is how we got Trump . Now if the Idiots could only understand that . All the disasters are a warning to change our ways

        6. RC says

          Retired, you left out people like Gov. Moonbeam a/k/a Jerry Brown of Mexifornia and that anti-American jerk who’s mayor of Chicago. There are obviously more but those two first come to mind. And of course, those you mentioned.

          1. Retired says

            That list could be miles long .

          2. RC says

            How true. I think one problem we now have is that when many now older people were young we voted for the wrong person a time or two and it’s coming back to haunt us.

          3. Retired says

            Since LBJ it has been pretty much the lessor of 2 EVILS and who knows about Prior to that . The last 8 years was pure EVIL leadership !!!!

        7. says

          Yes and all those who encourage this type of behavior it is unacceptable and must be stopped by any means necessary.

        8. Robert Olsen says

          OreOBAMA has set this Country back 20 years. His ONLY legacy in 8 yrs. would have been Obamacare, but that travesty blew up in all our faces.

          1. Retired says

            More like back to the 60s.

          2. Robert Olsen says

            I’ll go with that; just trying 2 give the hapless worst POTUS in 100 yrs. a break. Seems he deserves nothing but our unyielding scorn.

          3. Retired says

            Why would you want to give Satan a break , he will not give you one ????

      2. Rob D says

        Execute on the spot.

        1. bttrap says

          the only way to make sure they will stop looting

        2. Mr Rollo says

          But that’s racist. YOU ARE REPORTED! ! ! Lol !

          1. Pebbles says

            Racist my a–. Do you know the meaning of that word you throw around willy nilly? Look it up, and while you are at it, find a new word. Just saying that word in conjunction with the execute remark, means you are assuming the stealing was by blacks, and that makes you racist.

          2. Linda Sellers says

            The stealing WAS by blacks. Porch monkey thugs.

          3. Retired says

            The pictures caught don’t lie .

          4. Marie Mitchell says

            Well, the libs will say the videos were edited to make it look like it was blacks.

          5. Retired says

            Those that support the looting should be shot with the looters.

          6. TexasCoyote1 says

            Okay, so what if you call us racists. We are tired of the fabric of our country being ripped apart illegally and we have no recourse except a legal system which is so neutered it can’t even indict an admitted criminal like Hillary Clinton.

            The leftist/communist ideology has permeated every aspect of our daily lives, and we seem to be powerless to eliminate it even though it is not the dominant belief system in the land. It has just been cleverly inserted in all the right places, and we conservatives have been too “nice” to revolt against it.

            That Mr. Nice Guy routine isn’t going to hold out forever. Once it breaks, there will be blood in the streets.

      3. bttrap says

        the trouble is the judges like the idiot 9 lets them go with a small fine and they’re back on the streets again

        1. Retired says

          It is that way in all Major cities controlled by Demon Rats .

        2. Jackalyn Morrison says


      4. Charles Sroka says


        1. Retired says

          There would be a awful lot of people with hands missing .

          1. pineapple says

            What would be the penalty for rape?

          2. grinnie says

            The eliminate their Richard?

          3. Retired says

            Those countries don’t believe in rape , the woman is public property to them that is why they have sex with little girls . In the US it should be he is left with a stub. Now what do you do with woman who rape men ?????

          4. pineapple says

            “Now what do you do with woman who rape men ?????”

            Since men rapists are left with a stub, women rapists should be left with a plug. LOL!

      5. Charles Girard says

        Heavily backed by Soros, Obama, Shuemer, Pelosey all part of this madness.

      6. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

        If the “Three strikes you’re Out” Law was instant “NO APPEAL” DEATH for their “Third Strike”, there would be FAR FEWER Criminals around to worry about. Why is it OK for Patriotic young Americans (of EVERY Color) to DIE in the Defense of our Nation, but it’s Taboo to kill Rapists, Looters and Killers, because they are black? We’ve turned into a nation that applauds black criminals! Obama the Kenyan pretend American even went so far as to let thousands of them OUT of Prison and out onto our streets where they went right back to committing violent crimes! Time for a Three Strikes you’re DEAD Law!

    2. Ronald Smith says

      Yes Kill the SOBs

    3. Goodforall says

      That is sadly the only thing that will stop these criminals!

      1. anoesis says

        That won’t stop them. The cities of Detroit and Chicago, and the MS-13 gangs, are prime illustrations that killing is all people ‘of dark color’ know. They kill each other without a second thought. If black, plain clothes cops were shooting the looters in the streets, and people like this stupid woman didn’t know they were cops, there wouldn’t be a thing said about it. And what is so strange to me is that it is ALWAYS blacks stealing from whites. And it is ALWAYS blacks whining and crying when white people fight back against having the possessions they WORKED FOR taken from them by a stinkin thief. Do blacks not have sense enough to understand that if they WANT the same things whites have they should DO the same thing MOST whites do to be able to obtain these things and that is to get an EDUCATION 1st and then a job to supply themselves with their wants. I also don’t understand why SOME blacks DO this but still allow themselves to be lumped in with the deadbeats. One more very obvious thing. There are blacks around who have EXPENSIVE vehicles (through their hard private sector work or whatever) and you NEVER hear of whites stealing from them. Does it not happen or are they too proud to report it?

    4. Vince says


      1. retired4ever says

        Vince, sorry but you have it wrong, it’s two taps to the chest and one between the eyes. But then I guess either will work.

        1. tom cook says

          Yep two center mass; then one between the lips and eyebrows; but then, it would be lots of fun to put the first two right between the legs.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Really should do them like we did the gooks in Nam. Cut off one ear, leave em there to bleed to death and add the ear to the boot string at your side.😂🤣😃😄

          2. Mr Rollo says

            The cong used a wire cage tied around the head, filled with starving rats. Think about that for a moment. I was there.

          3. Retired says

            Our Military had to follow laws , but they could do anything and nothing was done about it . Just like now the world has a crazy man playing with rockets and nukes .

          4. jackieray says

            and yet we called them savages

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ahhhhyesss, That I do remember!

          6. jackieray says

            note to Michael Dennewitz we lost that one i guess they did not bleed to daath and you cuttig their ear pissed tgem off so we had to run for it

          7. TexasCoyote1 says

            Now, they’d just go get free medical treatment, and the poor bastard caught with the ear would go to jail.

          8. bttrap says

            smaller target but most effective

          9. Retired says

            That is how the Mafia did it if you did not pay your dues ,only they used a knife .

        2. Pam says

          Largest, center mass. Head shot is for snipers.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Ever hear of body armor? Head shots are the absolute most effective. – Not taught in school and CCW classes, but learned in combat. (

          2. bttrap says

            most looters won’t have body armor, combat yes shoot for the head

          3. Pam says

            Police are not taught combat situation. It’s a rare criminal who owns body armor. Academy teaches center mass and that becomes muscle memory. Also your average police department doesn’t have the budget to practice, normally qualify maybe three to four times a year.

          4. Ribert Koonce says

            Not really, just proficient shooters. Lol

          5. Pam says

            Sorry retired police officer, muscle memory always center mass.

          6. turkeychoker says

            no sweat. bullet cuts spinal column at base of skull for a no reflex kill. it (the shot)can be made thru mouth,the rear or side. just determine correct placement.

          7. Pam says

            Okay I’ll say this one more time. Street level officer are not trained that way. We train center mass because it’s the largest target to neutralize the threat. It’s also a standard for defense in court. A universal standard of training is required for national certification. Swat, Rapid Response or what ever your agency calls their special teams do train for this. For swat , yes a head shot is the correct response for a non reflective response in hostage situation especially. Your average law enforcement department cannot afford the ammunition or the down time to train everyone to sniper proficiency. We qualify four times a year with 150 rounds, that includes sidearm, shotgun and AR15. Of course that doesn’t include paint balls and bean bags with no protection but a face mask.

          8. turkeychoker says

            I used to shoot 1000 rds/week. It`s(my weapon) a part of me,just as any other body part. My orders while guarding a nuc. missile mt. were to shoot their legs & not to kill. So they could be questioned. I fully agree with your comments. And a big THANK YOU !

          9. Pam says

            Thank you for your service.

        3. bttrap says

          that’s what I was also told 3 times to make sure

        4. mac12sam12 says

          That’s called the old Mozambique. 🙂

        5. Mr Rollo says

          I don’t think “two taps” will bring down a murderer. I think a dozen shots right between the eyes from my Glock 17 will complete the task

        6. ernldo says

          You are both correct….

      2. Mr Rollo says

        Those caps sounds like you’re really, really, angry !

    5. Sicklesteel says

      I agree and were I a business owner in St. Louis, I would be ready in my shop with a Bellini M1 with an extended tube mag with those cool little “shorty’ 00 shells made by Aguilar….a totally of 18 rounds of serious objections if you come through my door.

      It would be a new plan Stan!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I always preferred 12 pellet magnum loads with the last one out a rifled slug in an 1100 Remi. ,,,,An American with a Remington. ,,,, Of coerce the “ka-chook” of a pump gun is pretty good too. – Don’t even have to fire it, but there is a lot to be said for a couple of dead looters in your broken show window too.

        1. Sicklesteel says

          Years back in my running and gunning days, I was involved in an event where that distinctive sound of a 12 gauge pump cycling in a round convinced a crew of assholes that we were real serious. Of course, a few M16’s pointed in their direction at the high ready waiting for the command to fire finished the argument real quick in our favor and no one had to be killed that day.

          But there were other days when the opposition thought they were invincible and raised us with gunfire to call our bluff. We weren’t bluffing of course and they lost their lives in a hail of gunfire. They were piss poor poker players too I will just bet with you if the truth were to be known.

        2. Ribert Koonce says

          True but the sound of the bolt flying home on asemi-auto shotgun, is louder, and drives the point home equally well. Lol

    6. James Andrews says

      Exactly! Shoot the bastards.

    7. delbert morris says

      They also need to pay for the damages they caused as well as jail time.

    8. PIERRE77L says

      I agree. i will do to and those who belong to ANTIFA and BLM. Save taxpayers some money.

    9. cal3301 says

      That’s what the sheriffs in Texas stated. If you loot, we will shoot!

    10. John Centonze says

      And if they stole from Sarah Jaffe…..?

    11. Marine says

      If you shoot then then there will not be a “later”. Why should we pay for their upkeep/health/welfare ?

    12. IgnoreTheFools says

      I agree Shoot the Looters! Don’t like it Don’t Loot!

      1. TexasCoyote1 says

        Texas’ Castle Laws also help with the legal stuff. A Texan can shoot anybody endangering his person or his property and no grand jury will return an indictment.

    13. Kurt Hanssen says

      A lot of them are shot, So strange, in all the recordings of looting that I’ seen is all blacks, and why are the prison populations 75% blacks. After the Tsunami in Japan there was no looting Zero slitz nada, no looting anywhere, Respect and diseplin. And than the blacks are asking why they are beeing watched in the stores.

      1. Retired says

        That is why they have invaded Democrat Controlled major cities and states , as they look the other way more with their liberal courts and judges .

    14. watchman48 says

      If they are looting food for their own survival then no they shouldn’t be shot but most are looting to enrich themselves than they should be attested…

      1. Retired says

        The store shelves were pretty empty, they were not looting for food .Pictures do not lie .

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        yeah, very few of us find big-screen TV’s very tasty.

        1. watchman48 says

          Why is it when a person makes a reasonable statement all the nuts must come out to make a stupid statement…

    15. Roswell Evans says

      You got to admit, they won’t be going to jail so it won’t be racist.

      1. Retired says

        No double standard is there ???

        1. gpo1913 says

          Right! Being shot works on whomever.

    16. john turner says

      Shoot them and if they complain,shoot’em again. This will eliminate prison overcrowding.

    17. john turner says

      A Second post.
      Shoot them and if they complain, shoot’em again. This eliminates prison overcrowding

    18. Jack Miceli says

      How do you know that they are not trying to save these goods from floods and storms. They are doing a service and taking dangerous chances In trying to save vendors’ goods. I’m sure they will return these items when the storms pass.

    19. Jack Miceli says

      How do you know that they are not trying to save these goods from floods and storms. They are doing a service and taking dangerous chances In trying to save vendors’ goods. I’m sure they will return these items when the storms pass.

      1. Retired says

        You still believe in Fairy tales ????

    20. fixitcr63 says

      And right after they’re shot and being transported to a hospital for treatment, they should have a goodly sized amount of salt sprinkled and then massaged into the bullet wound. This process should be repeated as many times as is possible in the time required to make the trip to the hospital. Some way, some how, the idea of this being some sort of a right, (to loot stores that have been flooded or in some other way having been damaged), and which is going to require a major rebuild, needs to be stopped and stopped in it’s tracks. So, in lieu of something which may or may not be different or better, I’m making a process, where-by a stranger may know in advance what his or her punishment would be for grabbing and making off with some merchandise from the above mentioned type of retail establishment It should cut down on the amount of demonstrations.

      1. Retired says

        They should be shot and taken to the undertaker , no trips to the hospital .

        1. fixitcr63 says

          Well, that could be part of the new process.

    21. Darius the Mede says

      I agree completely. Criminals don’t have “rights” like the rest of the citizenry do, they give up those rights when they decide (personal responsibility for their actions) to commit the crime.

    22. Another Marine Combat Veteran says

      @ Retired, killing looters in the Act of looting during a “declared” State of Emergency was once THE LAW. I’d be interested to see if it was ever repealed, since folks in Texas put out signs warning Looters that they would be “Shot on Sight” and NO ONE in Law Enforcement said anything about it. Historically the Looters during Declared Emergencies have all been blacks. Welfare isn’t enough for them, they want to pillage as well. The Rape of white woman will be the next “Right” they’ll demand of us. As well as the “Right” to attack from behind, and kill elderly whites with their “Polar Bear Hunting Games.

      1. Retired says

        I do not have the answer to that as it would vary by states .But the rest I agree with as far as mating with the white women goes and attacking the elderly as I live in the area where it goes on daily. Car jacking by minors is the latest and of course our PDs controlled by Demon Rat Mayors have their hands tied and the judges have no place to put our overcrowded Prisons to put them away . So the public is screwed .

  3. Bill O'Neil says

    There are good Neo-Nazis says right wing crackpot Donald Trump.

    1. jusyistoo1 says

      Crackpot? He has a higher IQ than your “King”!

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Why then does he use the vocabulary of a third grader?

        1. judyistoo1 says

          So in your world, you must be educated if you sound astute? That might also be a bullsh____r your listening to. The vocabulary he uses I suppose is because he simply wants to.

          1. ernldo says

            Trump isn’t scripted. When ever hussein spoke off teleprompter he sounded like a rappin’, feral ape piece of human debris…uh, uh, um, well, uh, uh…(etc)

          2. judyistoo1 says

            So did Obama, and his cadence disgusted me! Bill O’Neil needs to look up their IQ’s. Obama 145/ Trump 156.

          3. ernldo says

            bathhouse hussein, 108….HS/college records remain sealed….

        2. river says

          Vocabulary is NOT included in an IQ test. Intelligence is NOT measured by education.

        3. Bryan says

          So you can understand.

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting.

        4. Californiasailor says

          Back to your meds you fucking traitor….

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            The truth really gets under your skin, doesn’t it?

        5. RobertM says

          So people like you can understand him, dummy.

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting.

        6. Katia says

          So the ignorant left can try to understand since so many

          have shit for brains and can’t keep their lies straight that’s why..People of intelligence have a hard time dealing with such low life’s that can’t even comprehend words and turn everything around..Frustrating..Kind of like your comment..

        7. bttrap says

          so people like you will understand what he’s saying stupid !!!!

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting, just like a lot of RWNJ’s on this site.

      2. ernldo says

        Trump has a SIXTY point IQ advantage over bathhouse hussein….

      3. RobertM says

        His “King”, Judy, is Tarzan.

    2. safari1024 says

      Trump never said or inferred that there were good Neo-Nazis. To say that either shows a penchant for telling lies or a depth of willful ignorance. Possibly both.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You just can’t handle the truth.

        1. safari1024 says

          So you’re saying it’s a combination of both. I suspected as much.

    3. Rita Monette says

      What does this comment have to do with this discussion. Troll.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        I guess you missed the title of the article.

        1. Rita Monette says

          I thought the title was about throwing looters in jail.

  4. TO BLACKS says


    1. Rita Monette says

      I’m sure this comment was put in this discussion to start an argument! It makes no sense.

      1. psychosally says

        niggers come in all colors-white,black,brown yellow,etc-if they are stealing from or killing others during times of crisis they are niggers

  5. Tiger says

    Until they take out the businesses of the Lefties, then watch the hue and cry. Like Clooney, oh how he loves refugees right, then they moved into his neighborhood on his little part of the world and he ran back home, built a wall and said his family was endangered.

    Bunch of hooey

    1. Katia says

      That’s the drama queens of Hollywood..they think their crap doesn’t stink but they all live in a brain sewer..

      1. judyistoo1 says

        Fed up w/ this gov’t…that’s great! 🙂 Vote for the outsiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

          Amen. Any career pol – and especially the libshevicks – should be tarred and feathered. And that’s just for starters………….

      2. Tiger says

        Wonder how it is they don’t see what the enemy is doing? Clooney’s wife knows.

        1. Mr Rollo says

          Amal may still be pretty, after all that facial surgery, those Arabs turn ugly after 10 or less years. More surgery will be in the works for the liberal wretch.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOL well she has the money for it. Kinda like them Mexican senoritas that are so fine then OH BOY what a fat ass and ugly woman.

      3. Tiger says

        Got this hysterical video had to share, laughed til I cried.

        1. Mr Rollo says

          This is TRULY HILARIOUS ! ! A Great joke ! ! !

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you I surely enjoyed it.

        2. Debbie Bowman says

          That’s Hillarious!!!!!

          1. Tiger says

            Glad you enjoyed it the laughter is contagiious.

        3. judyistoo1 says

          🙂 the best!!!!!

          1. Tiger says

            Glad you enjoyed it we have to laugh now and again. You will enjoy this Judy it is a Christian comedian, never heard of him until someone sent me this, he is so funny. And clean. He asked what Christians say when they get mad instead of cursing and got 10,000 replies, he reads about 100 of them. Enjoy.


    2. RobertM says

      Loony Clooney.
      ‘Nuf said.

      1. Tiger says

        His wife is Muslim she made a good speech at the UN.

      2. Tiger says

        Just got this hysterical video and had to share.

    3. william barr says

      if he ran back to KY, he would be allowed to shoot them.

      1. Tiger says

        I understand that KY and Tennessee has them all over the place.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Well, right here in Florida, mooseslimes are actually buying up hospitals and VA care facilities. If you don’t die of what you went there for, I’m sure “they’ll” help it along.

          1. Tiger says

            I live in Florida and I know we have way too many. I wouldn’t let a Muslim touch me for any amount of money, good reason to stay healthy.

            Buying up hospitals and VA care facilities, haven’t heard that. How easy it is to kill Americans ya know.

            I know being a nurse for 30 years a patient has a right to refuse care from anyone, this is an unwise practice to have them in our healthcare or food production or water plants. What about these people trying to wipe us out do people not understand?

          2. judyistoo1 says

            How do you “buy” a VA facility?

      2. william barr says

        as a MARINE I don’t need to run back to KY. I was saying Ky. is still free to protect yourself, I do it pretty good without a gun but it’s not as much fun

    4. Mr Rollo says

      I want to see a single Hollywierdy welcome a dozen or so refugees into just one of their multitude of luxurious mansions. When will we see that from any of these Rotten Hypocrites??

      1. Tiger says

        Never just as Socialism is for the masses and Communism so is this.

  6. andy says

    if putting the looters in jail is racist, then the only other option is to shoot the looters. what theses people are saying is that ALL THE LOOTERS are low life getto pieces of shit, and they need to protect them,,,, WRONG… you flush shit down the toilet. so if you think the arresting and putting looters in jail is racist then that makes you a piece of shit just like them.

    1. ernldo says

      Couldn’t have said it better!

      1. Pam says

        Ouch, you must no know the history of this last pic. I agree with the rest of your post

      2. Mathew Molk says

        That is actually a very old slogan going back to the 60s…And we did shoot them all through the 70s before the liberals took away the ability to use deadly force on any fleeing felon. Back in the day we used to shoot car thieves all the time. It was a lot better workd back then.

    2. David Perry says

      Thanks Andy you are 100% right.

    3. Pam says

      It would certainty be less costly to the taxpayer.

  7. Alleged-Comment says

    IT is true. Looters are all racist. Just look at ’em. Almost all are NEGROES!

    1. ernldo says

      I’ll be honest, in the Baltimore riots a few years back I saw a few white trash rioters….I hate those apes more than black looters…

      1. gonzales27 says

        trash comes in all colors,just different degrees.

      2. Pam says

        Trash comes in all colors.

      3. Truth says

        Lets get one thing straight, hate, stealing, killing, and all the in betweens has nothing to do with the color of a man skin, evil doers come in all shapes and sizes as well the color of their skin. But when people think they are better than the next person in line, this nation will always have problems. Stop thinking that we are better than the rest of world

      4. Alleged-Comment says

        The racist comes out in you, huh?

        1. ernldo says

          Are you confused? “Almost all are NEGROES!”, was YOUR line. See, I hate looters and thugs with NO regard to skin color. That makes me a hater, right?
          What was your point?

          1. Alleged-Comment says

            You should hate everyone equally. 🙂

        2. TexasCoyote1 says

          I wish the racist label would just go away. It doesn’t offer anything useful to the conversation. The real issue is how do we instill right and wrong into a generation or two that believe right is whatever you can take and you are stupid if you don’t take things when the opportunity presents itself. That appears to be the definition of a lawless, uncivilized society. Skin color is irrelevant.

    2. Carol says

      Only when and if we take the color of person skin can we look at the deeper problems of our society. It has nothing to do with their color of their skin, it has to do with our educational system and our society.

      1. gonzales27 says

        And perhaps their upbringing and morals.

        1. pineapple says

          “And perhaps their upbringing and morals.”

          Or perhaps their lack of morals.

          1. gonzales27 says

            Yea,that’s it

          2. Pam says

            Yes, they weren’t taught or grew up with a example of any. This hate has been passed from parent to child for generations.

      2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        The desire and willingness to learn is of paramount importance! The system is in place, but one has to take advantage of it in order to learn, hence, the color of the skin becomes an issue! I cannot quote the number of blacks and Hispanics that populate our prison system, but it FAR outnumbers the whites.

      3. bttrap says

        how can you educate them when they won’t stay in school?

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          Our schools under Common Core are hardly a place for any child to learn good moral values. Any system that teaches all this ridiculous gender identity garbage cannot hope to teach any valuable morals. Co-ed sex education is wrong on so many levels. Morality has to be taught at home. Remove the welfare state that has allowed the minority female-headed household. Unless we encourage the nuclear minority family to thrive once again, there will never be morality learned at home.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        On time and on target. God bless you, Carol.

      5. Alleged-Comment says

        We have been doing that for years. Negroes don’t want to participate.

    3. Pam says

      Ouch, you gonna get hammered for that word. Prayers.

      1. Alleged-Comment says

        Negro is the proper description. Why would anyone call them the ethnic slur of “bl*ck”?

        1. Pam says

          At this point in time when cotton stalks in a vase is considered offensive and racist I don’t have a clue.

      2. Alleged-Comment says

        All right, won’t use the word “looters” anymore.

        1. Pam says


  8. ernldo says

    Blanco or negro, in a crisis, if I see you looting in MY neighborhood, you’d better believe the cops will be there to protect the looting scum. Remove those racist cops and the looters will be on the endangered list, pdq….

  9. Gammi2Anna says

    I wonder what the response would have been from Sarah Jaffe had all the looters (aka criminals) been white? Would she have spoken out, calling the police racist because they were apparently arresting only white looters? No, because the loud mouths who make such accusations will only use people from the black population because using blacks gets them the most attention and that is all they are looking for. If it would serve their purpose more by using fluffy puppies with blue eyes only, then that is what they would create. BTW, who is or what is a Sarah Jaffe? I’ve never heard of her/him/it before, so apparently her use of black people did find her a full page story line with fixthisnation.

    1. Katia says

      That’s where you’re wrong and what keeps this BS word Racist alive. White, Black , Purple or Pink, they should be shot for looting..Just like horse thieves were back in the day.WTH does anyone think they have a right to cross into someone else’s domain and steal because they are nothing but good for nothing criminals that would stab you in the back also..To hell with jails

      shoot them on site and leave them for the vultures to clean up because they are no better, low life’s..

      1. Gammi2Anna says

        I frankly don’t give a rats patooty what anyone does to looters. If they show up at my property they will leave by way of the vultures, just as you suggested, no matter the color of the skin. My point is that radical loud mouth nobodies will ALWAYS use the blacks because of their skin color which gives them the opportunity to create more hatred in this nation by using the Race card. BTW, that practice by these fame seekers is, in my opinion, racism. I was attempting to show the bias by people like this Sarah Jaffe who jumped right into accusations of racism being practiced by our police officers because the persons in jail, having been arrested for looting were black rather than the fact that the black people sitting in jail are there because they are thieving criminals. I’m saying that she nor anyone else would have made this claim if it had been thieving white criminals because it would not have created a racial divide and caused more hatred and anger against our law enforcement officers.

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          Good point. If there had been any white looters, their faces would have been on every banner and front page of every newspaper in the US. I think it’s time we started throwing the race card back into the face of those whose knee-jerk reaction is to call anyone who disagrees with them a racist. The term seems to be a catch-all for every communist/leftist for every argument that exists.

    2. Bob Seawright says

      Sarah Jaffe is a Jewish liberal.

  10. Californiasailor says

    Since President Trump told the UN committee of hypocrites (Elites) to follow our ways of life? Well then, this American writing to you tells the President to step in and see what Fujimori did with the Left when they were doing to his Democracy what the garbage here is doing to mine.

    1. He captured and killed the members of the Shining Path. The Communist Party of Peru (Spanish: Partido Comunista del Perú), more commonly known as the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso), is a communist militant group in Peru. When it first launched the internal conflict in Peru in 1980, its stated goal was to replace what it saw as bourgeois democracy with “New Democracy”.

    2. Any communist citizen involved in the group, jailed and executed. Done

    3. Any University Profession related to this group, jailed and executed. Done.

    4. Any adversity on the streets of the city of Lima, dealt with, jailed, and executed. Done.

    Now, I visit a free and democratic Peru. Once a year when money allows it….

    Simple, efficient, and eventually Noise Free.

    Wake UP Americans…this garbage cannot be dealt with LAWS, but with the aforementioned practice.

    1. Robert Uda says

      However, Fujimori was arrested, tried, found guilty of a bunch of crimes, and imprisoned. They labeled him a dictator, and he is rotting in prison right now at the age of 79. He won’t live much longer. His wife denounced him and ran against him for president. He is a broken man. That may be the route of Barack Obama.

    2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      Trump DID NOT tell them that, in fact, he told them the opposite. He did not tell anyone to “follow” our way of life.

      1. Pam says

        You’re absolutely correct. I heard we are a sovereign nation and claim the right to our way of life and beliefs. Respect it or go somewhere else. I was never so happy as I was listening to him defending our country. He didn’t need any ChapStick because he didn’t kiss even one a**. I love it!

        1. Janelle says

          And both “parties” are swooning because the President actually didn’t bow to the useless U.N. – essentially he told them we aren’t their ATM anymore!

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Just never forget. The UN is hell bent on us not being a sovereign nation. Never, ever, ever forget that. – They are the enemy and have NEVER had the best interests of the United States of America in their program.

          1. Pam says

            I couldn’t agree more! They’re completely useless and occupying prime real estate.

    3. bttrap says

      we can start wit soros and sons

    4. Mathew Molk says

      I would love nothing better,,,,except my oath to defend the constitution prevents it. – I’m not like the royal exalted boma. – When I take an oath I have to live by it…Sure gets in the way of doing what is best for the country at times, though.

  11. MILES E DRAKE says

    The answer to this is very simple: shoot looters on sight, as has been done through most of history. As with so much of the current ongoing communist revolution, live ammunition will be the cure. If looters, rioters and revolutionaries do not stop, sooner rather than later they will be gone.

  12. Barbara Lewis says


    1. rivahmitch says

      “Shot on the spot” is a better solution. Why waste time and money on them? Semper Fi!!

      1. meangreenMarine says

        Right on the money! OOH-RAH!

    2. bttrap says

      mine also I don’t want them back on the streets again

  13. allen goldberg says

    looking for more justification as usual

  14. Tim Shepperson says

    Attempting to have a dialogue with these left wing loons is an absolute waste of my time on earth.

  15. Goodforall says

    These loons are all totally brain dead! Obey the law fools or else-period!

  16. VirgoVince says

    So, throw the ugly idiotic ‘leftist crackpot’ in jail with them!!
    BETTER yet, SHOOT ’em WHERE they STAND!!

  17. Robert Uda says

    The loony left has goon too far. They are destroying America by their Americanofobia attitudes. It’s all Obama’s fault. He severely divided America into warring factions. He was the ultimate divider-in-chief.

    1. Wayne Buchholz says

      Very true, my wife joking said this would make a great movie. Sure to become the movie of century

  18. My country says

    Why because 90 % of crime is done by blacks or ethnics . THATS a fact and all one has to do is visit a jail or prison .Apparently the take care of me attitude exists in the criminal mind until one of them gets ripped off . IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT COLOR OR WHERE YOU ARE FROM STEALING IS STILL AGAINST THE LAW ! Maybe we should do what they do in the Middle East .When caught stealing the first time a hand is cut off second time the next hand third time you die .

  19. VirgoVince says

    So, throw the ugly idiotic ‘leftist crackpot’ in jail with them!!

  20. Dave Fischer says

    We need police chiefs with BALLS, to enforce the laws….take these fuckers out as soon as they start to loot…and so no one thinks I’m racist, I don’t care if they are white, black, brown, yellow, red and so on…enough….robbery is robbery, burglary is just that, it is all a crime….someone throwing a rock into a store where people may be standing is a crime, someone aiming to throw a molotov cocktail should be shot immediately, it is ARSON, a major crime….wake up looters, no one feels sorry for you….it is bullshit what you are looking to do, in many cases you are burning, or damaging stores that individuals (including blacks) have worked hard to start up as their own businesses, and in a few minutes you destroy their dreams as well…it is called STEALING….burglary, robbery, assault, all CRIMES, and you have to pay for committing them…..

  21. gatormaid says

    Reminds me of the college kid that said the banana was racist. These people are special kind of stupid.

      1. gatormaid says

        That’s what the college kids said. She was a sorority girl.

  22. Robert Uda says

    There should be a law to throw anyone in jail who calls others a racist. The true racists are those who call others racists. So, throw them all in jail. That would be all leftists. These are your true racists:

  23. Patriot47 says

    Patently ridiculous. Enforcing the law is racist? Not hardly.

  24. tCotUS says

    I agree..Throwing Looters in jail just because they murder, rob, & rape is racist….And, by not allowing Hillary in as President was Racist. Sure shes was a liar, tyrant, murder, & thieve. Calling everyone a racist is what makes a Liberal, a Liberal…… ****Yep it’s sarcasm****

  25. Katterkat says

    How much time does one get for destruction of Government Property? Shouldn’t personal property get the same.

  26. Simply_Sis says

    And the beat goes on… the leftist globalist propaganda machine continues to beat it’s drum to the rhythm of their globalist masters.

  27. Katterkat says

    How much time do you get if you destroy Government Property? Shouldn’t it be the same for Businesses and personal property?

  28. Jim Colon says

    The Liberals in this country are nothing short of morons. I wonder how the ones saying that the laws of this great nation are racist would feel if these crimes were being committed against them? My guess is that they would change their opinions in a heartbeat. What a bunch of “Left Wing” idiots.

  29. Beachlover17 says

    They should throw all the protestors in jail too. I am not talking about the peaceful protestors I am talking about ANTIFA. These guys are thugs who try to act tough but swing a punch like little kids, wouldn’t last a day in prison..And why shouldn’t looters who are taking advantage of a natural disaster be arrested and charged? They are stealing just to steal and don’t give me that BS that are stealing to eat and feed their families. HAVEN’T SEEN ANYONE EATING DESIGNER SNEAKERS AND APPLIANCES. They are just losers waiting for a chance to get what they can for nothing, same people that are not working and expect the rest of us to give them a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear. Lock them up and throw away the key and if the hollywood nut jobs want to protect them, let them take them in to heir homes.LET’S SEE HOW THAT WORKS FOR THEM.

    1. Simply_Sis says

      Anyone INCITING violence for ANY reason needs to be arrested. Instigators need to pay for their act of instigation.

  30. Carol says

    Liberals are calling laws racist, until their right are being stepped on, than it is the racist others, that caused this to happen to them. Liberals have become a party to their own progressive liberal Utopian.

    1. Simply_Sis says

      These globalist operatives are doing whatever it takes to keep us off
      guard and off our game of protecting the Constitution of the United
      States of America. They are whipping the black and illegal communities
      up into a frenzy in order to hold Americans back from pursuing the elite
      leaders (Hillary, Obama, Comey, McCain, Soros,…). If they can keep us
      so bombarded by these frenzied groups, they hope to perform an end run around
      us and overthrow our government. If that happens, the NWO will have

      1. bttrap says

        those five are the worst excuse for a human being there ever was

  31. Katterkat says

    How much time do you get for destruction of Government Property? I feel It should be the same for destruction of Businesses and personal property.

  32. ol jim says

    I think destroying property of the people that pay your welfare is racist. You take away the business that they make money at, you take away the money they make to send your check every month. Maybe you idiots should rethink what you are doing.

  33. ol jim says

    Just came to me, capture about thirty of those punks, drug them, paint their asses white and set them in front of the places they destroy, the black fools will think they are at the wrong place and go looking for the place their own kind are stealing tv’s from. Problem solved.

  34. Clayton says

    she should look at it this way the police can arrest them or just pick up their bodies from the gutter after they are shot by the property owner.
    It could be she was one of the looter before she got to where she is now.
    The police up hold law to keep all of us safe from law breakers

    1. Simply_Sis says

      When you think about it, all leftists are thieves. They want to take from others and give to themselves. The elite want the world. They need thugs to control the masses. They are whipping the black community up into a frenzy (and illegals, etc.) in order to have them dominate and control the rest of us, and to shut us down and keep us off their leader’s backs while they try to steal the country through “governing”.
      Good thing we have Almighty God on our side or we’d be in trouble. Anyone seen Venezuela lately?

      1. Arizona Don says

        They are liars. Anyone who will lie to you will steal from you. And both are a form of hatred. However, without laws and law enforcement there would be complete chaos.

        1. judyistoo1 says

          BLESS OUR BLUE!

          1. Arizona Don says


      2. judyistoo1 says

        Funny…NO news on that front! Hum…wonder why?

    2. TexasCoyote1 says

      In a sane world, I would agree with you, but our justice system appears to be so broken, it is incapable of delivering any kind of consistent justice. When a natural disaster as horrific as Harvey hits, and there are people who are more interested in taking from others than helping their fellow man, there is every reason to eliminate them from the human race. No society needs people who behave in this manner.

  35. Jeff says

    Sadly, for those of us that believe this will be the end of this, it will not be. I’m afraid this is just the beginning of these types of absolutely insane thoughts, ideas and actions, you would know this simply by opening your eyes, and when you see them saying that all whites are rascist, you have clowns running around with masks on, holding teddy bears,!wearing diapers and assaulting a veteran in a wheelchair, where a decoration of cotton absolutely offends someone and is is called out for being rascist, statues and flags, our very history, being destroyed, for the same. All because it offends just a few, again I could go on because now days, even to look at someone might offend them, trigger them, the question we should ask is, are we evolving as a society or just simply regressing as a society, I’ll let you decide, know this though, if we don’t change for the better and stop the B.S., I promise you America will be allowed to consume itself, how it pains me to even think of such a thought, but we all better wake up start, because our actions of late are not American to me, they are completely un-American and I think we all need to check ourselves, our thoughts and actions towards each other! God Bless America, All Citizens, Trump, Law enforcement, and our Armed Forces!!……….P.S. for all of those that this should and most certainly will offend, please, your response is not needed, because you are the Exact ones I’am talking about, you are the reason I’am writing this, and you just don’t get it, and you never will!!

  36. tombitconcerns says

    The only true racists in this country are the blacks! They don’t seem to understand that the reason there are more blacks in prison than whites is because they commit more crimes. Why shouldn’t white people turn this around and take everything they have? What is a mystery is why whites are drawn into this bunk! Perhaps we need to rename the Democratic party the Insanity party.

    1. Simply_Sis says

      Actually it has to do with Christianity, which is spread around the world by white Americans. White Americans have been the purveyors of Christianity throughout the whole known world. The Globalist Elite are not happy with that and want white people all eradicated from this earth. Take a look at what is happening to Italy and Sweden and so on. In 50 years there will be no more Italians left. They’re being bred out. On purpose. That is why the Muslims are raping like there is no tomorrow. They are using that as a way to take over populations. The world according to the globalist elite will be dark skinned, dark haired, dark eyed. Blondes and red-heads will be no more. Blue and green eyes – gone. However, I just remembered that they do have genetics figured out to where they can design their babies coloring, so I would imagine that the elite will have whatever color they want for themselves, just not for the masses.

      The bottom line to all of this is that God Almighty made all of us unique. We are not robots. We were not made to compare ourselves to one another, but to look to God for our completeness. God does not love us all the same. He loves us all UNIQUELY. There is a difference. This globalist group are just Satan’s little drones. Satan hates our uniqueness so that is what he wants to quench. Black people and dark skinned people are just as unique and beautiful, but they are not all God has created. God loves diversity. The elites (for all their lying posturing) do not. They don’t care a wit about humanity (just look at Venezuela) – humanity can go to hell for all they genuinely care. They just want your possessions. And your blind obedience to do their masterly bidding. Slaves. They want slaves. God wants SONS and DAUGHTERS. God alone is the way of true freedom. We are made in His image and we’re designed to worship Him alone. (Not these losers.) God has a plan for every single one of our lives. It is a plan for our good. It is a plan to prosper us in every single facet of our lives. It is a plan of good, not evil. It takes faith to call out to God and ask for His will to be done in our lives. I hope you do it today. Then no matter what color you are, you will reflect God’s beauty and grace in your life, which vastly overrides all the lies of the enemy.

    2. judyistoo1 says

      If contributions to the welfare state were electoral…I guarantee you hardly anyone would contribute.

  37. bkoziol says


  38. GrizzMann says

    Still trying to figure out what race a criminal is?

    1. bttrap says

      either race if they are looting then they need an once of lead to go with their loot

  39. comanchewill says

    The CoIor of Crime: Race, Crlme, and Justlce in Amerlca * BIacks are seven times more IikeIy than peopIe of other races to commit murder, and eight times more IikeIy to commit robbery. * When bIacks commit crimes of vioIence, they are nearIy three times more IikeIy than non-bIacks to use a gun, and more than twice as IikeIy to use a knife. * Hispanics commit vioIent crimes at roughIy three times the white rate, and Asians commit vioIent crimes at about one quarter the white rate. * The singIe best indicator of vioIent crime IeveIs in an area is the percentage of the popuIation that is bIack. lnterraciaI Crime * Of the nearly 770,000 vioIent interraciaI crimes committed every year invoIving bIacks and whites, bIacks commit 85 percent and whites commit l5 percent. * BIacks commit more vioIent crime against whites than against bIacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are bIack, and l0 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit vioIent crime, onIy three percent of their victims are bIack. * BIacks are an estimated 39 times more IikeIy to commit a vioIent crime against a white than vice versa, and l36 times more IikeIy to commit robbery. * BIacks are 2.25 times more IikeIy to commit officiaIIy-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa. Gangs Only l0 percent of youth gang members are white. Hispanics are l9 times more IikeIy than whites to be members of youth gangs. BIacks are I5 times more IikeIy, and Asians are nine times more IikeIy. lncarceration * Between l980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripIed, from l39 to 482 per l00,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to l.39 miIIion. * BIacks are seven times more IikeIy to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more IikeIy. Source(s): Arrest data: FBl, Crime in the United States, 200l (USGPO, 2002), p. 252. FBl, Crime in the United States, 2002 (USGPO, 2003), p. 252. FBl, Crime in the United States, 2003 (USGPO, 2004), p. 288 The CoIor of Crime is an expanded version of a monograph on crime first pubIished by NCF in l999.

  40. Jerry Cox says

    Their are so many idiots on the left and they continue to show who they are and how little their views really mean anything in the discussions unless you were the media of the left such as the NYT, Washington Post, LA Times and especially CNN and MSNBC

    1. Simply_Sis says

      The left is the platform for criminals of every kind and thieves, of course. They’re the group to hitch your wagon to if you are not wanting to actually work and follow laws for a living. Apparently more and more people are just deciding they don’t need to go the long route of doing right and receiving compensation, but they want the quick road and stealing what is yours and mine. They want it now. Well… that may sound reasonable to a person who lacks moral fortitude, but in the end justice prevails.
      Almighty God promises mankind there will be a day of judgment. He also promises it will be terrible for people who had no faith and who did all they desired to others. He also promises that there is NOTHING hidden that won’t be revealed before ALL. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. While no one can live perfectly, only Jesus Christ was able to do that, we are all given grace and mercy in the Person of Jesus Christ. He died that we could all live – eternal life is the free gift of God. Just because eternal life is free doesn’t mean it is cheap. God paid with the blood of His Son for your freedom. The price is that you repent and thank God for dying for your sins and receive eternal life. He died so you don’t have to. If you reject Jesus Christ there is nothing more to be done for you. You WILL stand at the White Throne Judgment and give an account for your life and you will pay for your own sins. There is no mercy or grace at the White Throne Judgment. It is like a court of law. You are either guilty or innocent, but you are not sinless. No one is. Only Jesus Christ was because His blood did not come from earthly man, it came from Almighty God the Father. (Don’t try to figure this out, God is the Creator of the whole universe and mankind, so He is well able to do this.) Jesus was not tainted by sin as you and I were. He was the Only One who could pay for our sins and He did. But you have free will. Don’t reject so beautiful and precious a thing as your eternal salvation. This is farrrrrrr more important that what Satan’s people are doing to this world through globalism. Look to your salvation today! I pray I see you in heaven 🙂

      1. Jerry Cox says

        I clearly will see you in Heaven. Jesus is everything to me and guides my life totally.

  41. william barr says

    looters are the lowest scum in the world. to steal from people is bad enough but during a disaster. I am for shooting on site. We have a lot thugs white and black who were taught to be racist.

    1. bttrap says

      shoot them no matter what race they are low life looters

  42. A. Jay says

    And when the shoe store was looted the only footwear not stolen was the work boots!!

    1. Simply_Sis says

      Thank God they left the boots for workers to buy. Pretty telling isn’t it!

    2. bttrap says

      very good

  43. Garys_opinion says

    There are all kinds of idiots out there, and it’s the mass media that gives them a voice, it’s probably the main cause of all of the problems we have in the World today.
    Can you imagine 100 years ago trying to get a crowd of looters together using the U.S. mail?

  44. 4freedom says

    Lets just declare everything is racist, then we won’t have to worry about it anymore.

  45. DENISE VALLEY says

    Is there something wrong with these people who think throw looters in jail it’s racist. Are you people over dosing on crack? If that’s what you really think then you have NO idear what a racist is, and should go back to school, like start in kindergarten. You give a whole new meaning to the word stupid. I say shoot the SOB and save the taxpayers money from having a trial

  46. lorraine goodwin says

    Here in Atlanta GEORGIA innocent BLACK children, women and men are killed by-BLACK THUGS! There is a war on “OUR” innocent Black citizens here in Georgia!!! They and I are afraid to go to stores school our homes because a thug might be waiting! We are all against this WHITE AND BLACKS!!!

    1. scootertrash197 says

      and the black man wonders why , people dont want anything to do with them ,,,STOP KILLING EACH OTHER AND STOP KILLING POLICE AND INNOCENT PEOPLE.!!!!! NOT ALL THE BLACK MEN ARE BAD ,, JUST THE THUGS!!!!

  47. scootertrash197 says

    they are always talking about saving their community ,, well YOU ARE THE ONES DESTROYING IT , LOOTING , BURNING, KILLING , ETC..ETC..

  48. Sammy says

    You are the racist Sarah, apparently, according to you, it’s fine if looters commit robbery and violent destruction of property, as long as they’re black. It would be true social justice if they destroyed your property and were given a bag of warm cookies instead of being arrested. You are a complete hypocrite!

  49. Linda Schulte says

    If they were looting food or water during a disaster I might over look it, but looting shoes, TVs and other household items is just stealing. I don’t care who you are or what color. The people that loot, put their sorry A$$’s in jail.

    1. Bob Seawright says

      No, shoot them !

      1. bttrap says

        jail won’t scare them a bullet will eliminate them

        1. Bob Seawright says

          Eliminate them for sure.

          1. bttrap says

            that’s the only way to be sure they won’t return

          2. Bob Seawright says

            And they do seem to keep returning.

      2. Linda Schulte says

        I’ll let you have that job.

        1. Bob Seawright says

          It’s a deal.

  50. Michael Dennewitz says

    It won’t be long before some bootlip says that farting in public is racist. Does anyone besides me ever give a lot of thought to where this country would be, had it not been invaded in the beginning? Those natives sure had their acts together..🤔

    1. metheoldsarge says

      We are making the same mistake the Native Americans did.

  51. Debbie says

    Put the nuts in jail and through away the key

    1. bttrap says

      or send them to the middle east and try looting there

  52. Henry Smith says

    The liberal brain is carceral nonlinear gibberish at best. There is oh so obviously something drastically wrong with these so called people who of themselves believe they are superior in witt yet display every character flaw akin to disfunctionality.

    1. judyistoo1 says

      Another well said!

  53. Blackfoot says

    She is right,no jail,no trial. They should be executed with extreme prejudice on the spot,in the act. This statement may be just as disturbing to some as hers is to some.

    1. judyistoo1 says

      Well said Blackfoot!

    2. rocky49 says

      Public hanging needs to come back!!

  54. Mike W says

    If liberals don’t get their way they riot. When the riot starts they loot. Looting is racist so essentially they are saying that stealing should be legal for left wing loons. I have seen the looting in Miami/Homestead after Andrew and in New Orleans ofter Katrina. If the looters were stealing food or water – survival needs I would have some compassion. But we witnessed was looters stealing flat screen televisions, stereo equipment, Michael Jordan sneakers etc. – hardly survival needs. So what they really want is not to be arrested for taking whatever they want – What a crock of s**t.

  55. retired4ever says

    Agree wholeheartedly with “Retired”.
    One comment in the blog:” and there aren’t any bills on the floor of the House calling for the decriminalization of larceny (yet),” Has the writer ever heard of the leftist state called California? It passed just such a law doing exactly the same and now they are decriminalizing illegals as soon as governor moonbeam signs it. What a state, must be on the top of the list of don’t go there places.

  56. Phil Esposito says

    Release the looters to this woman’s custody on the condition she must house and feed them for 30 days. Let’s she how long it takes them to destroy and steal from her home. F*cking bleeding heart liberal. Lead by example and post their bail, pay their legal costs, feed and house them.

  57. Michael Dennewitz says

    It won’t be long before some bootlip says that farting in public is racist. Does anyone besides me ever give a lot of thought to where this country would be, had it not been invaded in the beginning? Those natives sure had their acts together..🤔

  58. George E. LeFebvre says

    Caught in the act shoot to kill

  59. Richard Oswald says

    You can’t win for loosing with the blacks always making a stupid reason to support the word racist….thanks Obama

  60. kbmiller says

    Lordy, but dey’s be good boys.

  61. BCain says

    Where the hell do these dumb ass people come from? They are just a special kind of stupid!

    1. LindainPA says

      No law against stupid! However, there ARE laws against stealing. Law is ineffective if not enforced.

      1. TexasCoyote1 says

        That would apply to immigration laws and sanctuary cities, too.

  62. George T Horvat says

    It would be ironic wouldn’t it if five black men/women broke into Sarah’s dwelling late one night and beat and raped her before leaving with all her valuables. Upon that happening I can only wonder what her next article would be about?

  63. Ahmed F. Hosny says

    Of course it’s racist. Here they are given more leeway BECAUSE of their race. In most countries they would be shot (no matter their colour) if caught in the act..

  64. Arizona Don says

    If looting is a continuing problem that is a sign the laws against looting are not severe enough or they are not being enforced. Punishment is the only way to stop law breakers of any kind. Punishment is the only thing that can make it not worth their while. Currently it appears punishment is not being applied at least to the extent needed to squelch the activity.

    The problem seems to be getting worse everyday because the laws are not being enforced. In some of these cases the police did not even step in. In other cases when they are there they do not engage. Something is wrong there. Until that changes the rioting and looting will continue. Right now it seems some of these mayors and governors want this unrest to continue. Perhaps it fits their narrative.

    1. Pam says

      The laws are there they are not being enforced. Blocking traffic is unlawful, shutting down malls is unlawful. In fact obstruction of the sidewalk is unlawful but they are to afraid to enforce the law. I say start enforcement of the laws if you have to temporarily call out the national guard. Stark kicking a** with a automatic jail time so the courts don’t get clogged up and you’ll see a decline in this crap.

  65. Pam says

    I wonder if these people have considered the fact of overexposure of that term? I don’t know about everyone else ,but that word is being used to include so may things it desensitized me. In fact I’m beginning to think that if arresting criminals is racist then I guess I’m a racist and quite comfortable with the title. If it keeps up I may have to get a bumper sticker.

  66. Linda Christensen says

    Racist or not that is where they belong. When one breaks the law it is off to jail they go.

  67. Dennis Smith says

    They should serve hard time for the crimes they commited

  68. Judith Daley says

    The funniest thing that makes no sense is that they are “not” stealing necessities but high priced sneakers as I saw in one video on Facebook. If they were that desparate they should be jailed. They don’t care who owns the stores only that they think they can get away with it when there is a catastropy.

    1. Pam says

      That because they are not in need. These are luxury item and if nothing else can be sold on the street.

  69. laulau says

    Sarah must be black. To call it racist to arrest black thugs that steal is the only answer they can come up with. They can’t admit that they are criminals.

    1. Pam says

      One dreamer posted that white people were the only opioid drug addicts. I don’t think logic and a well thought out defense matters to these people.

  70. kbfallon says

    The moral of the story here is……..” OH WELL!”

  71. Babsan says

    The Democrats RACE card is totally worn out.Stealing is a crime,looting is stealing and if it is racist than you are confirming that BLACKS are the Criminals.

  72. rockyndallas says

    When will people finally realize that ‘progressives’ are essentially criminals and anarchists?

  73. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says

    Looting = the easiest way of getting some thing belonging to another that you are to LAZY to work for by your self. As BLM stated that the whiites ( which by the way is racist as it is caucasen ) should give every thing they own to some african americans (since I am not PC will say blacks) to make up for the fore fathers. The first time the whites gave them things they were slaves, then when they were given new apartments they turned them in to slums. Now some of they are destroying every thing else. Mind you this is not all african americans, just the ones that skipped school, smoked dope and didnt bother to try to pull them shelves up to a better life. As to looters they dont need to be shot, they do need to be on a chain gang help in rebuilding destroyed areas that they caused.

    1. Pam says

      Good idea.

    2. LindainPA says

      Agreed! Public service first. If they fail to comply, give them a room with bars.

    3. TexasCoyote1 says

      This is exactly the type of police action Sheriff Joe instituted in Arizona many years ago. He had tent cities housing non-violent inmates. He made them work everyday, and some liberal judge somewhere had a fit.

      As long as the communist/leftist ideology is allowed to exist in America, we will never have a sane, well-ordered society for anyone of any color.

  74. Lynne Douglas says

    To claim that putting looters in jail is “racist” is almost funny — the Left is known for its gut belief that
    all black people are good and all white people are bad/racist. Now we have a left-wing lunatic claiming
    that putting looters in jail is racist! Doesn’t that mean that this leftist is ADMITTING that the vast majority
    of looters are indeed black??? Isn’t THAT “racist?” Photos of looters do seem to bear out the position
    that most looters are indeed black. I’m assuming the photos haven’t been photo-shopped to make white
    looters appear to be black…. Isn’t it insulting to decent black people to suggest that blacks cannot help
    stealing from whites? If I were black, this notion would certainly “offend” me!

  75. ggrdr05 says

    the only racists have a D behind their name or they are black

  76. higgy01 says

    Given Florida Gun laws I would have to say that looters will be shot, don’t worry about being caught and/or incarcerated.

    1. bttrap says

      it’s no worst than shooting rats in a dump the looters are bigger targets

  77. SFENGR says

    Send this stupid woman to Syria or Iraq and see how it works out for her!

  78. FEDUP says

    Too bad Lincoln didn’t send them ALL “home” when he freed them. That would have solved the problem today.

  79. Charley C. says

    If you loot ,they should SHOOT ,And then they should drag the body the the town square and hang them up for people to see what happens to LOOTERS !

  80. David Phipps says

    Just what are the pice to do with looters? Help them by giving them a ride home with stolen items? People like her need to keep their mouth shut. That way no one can hear their ignorance on theft rather then opening their mouth to remove all Doubt.

    1. bttrap says

      they should shoot looters on site no questions ask

  81. Larry Brule says


  82. bdcorvette says

    Dumb chick. brains in boobs, and they are SMALL!

  83. LindainPA says

    Stealing is stealing – regardless of the skin color of the individual doing the stealing! To me, it would seem that to take advantage of an already difficult situation, such as a natural disaster, to steal from your neighbors – be they residences or businesses – should warrant twice the penalty.

  84. LindainPA says

    Suppose it were YOUR business – YOUR livelihood?

  85. PBHayes says

    During the so called Rodney King riots in Los Angeles there were many times when reporters asked black rioters if they were looting the stores because of Rodney King. They all answered “Rodney who” because they had no clue who he was. They were looting because it was just too good an opportunity to steal. It was only during controlled interviews when black leaders were asked about the causes of the riots that King related reasons were mentioned.

  86. mike says

    Yeal, well if your the victim of a crime and a disaster to boot. Its hard to give a crap about the criminal element praying on your misfortune . calling arresting looters racist indicates they are mostly black. Does this mean black looters get a free pass on being criminal and creeps as oppose to white looters and creeps. This word racist is way over used and need to be retired. It is loosing is meaning.

  87. LindainPA says

    “Effectively, Jaffe is saying that the mere fact that we have laws that
    protect private property is just another way the white devil keeps the
    black community down. Because, apparently, black people cannot help but
    steal from whites.”

    It is sad that she does not give blacks more credit than that. This also presumes that the only people they steal from are white. IS the owner of every business/home looted white?

  88. mlstephens says


  89. Eric Pearson says

    No one thinks looting is okay. Even liberals. To suggest such a thing is offensive and stupid.

  90. Mathew Molk says

    No problem. – Shoot the looters on sight. – That cuts down on repeat offenders for sure and none of the looters will complain about racism. – Ir the property owners, cops and Nation Guard are good shots, anyway.

  91. Richard Hennessy says

    So do blacks have some intrinsic right to steal? No wonder such a high percentage of those in our prisons are black, if our laws don’t recognize that right.

  92. DJA Lindsey says

    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever hear. Looters are nothing but good-for-nothing thieves. I don’t care if they are white, black, brown or green…….they should be shot on sight and don’t bother taking them to jail. Its bad enough they are stealing, but to do it in these disaster times is reprehensible!! Ever notice when there are riots going on for ‘the rights’ of somebody or other………there are looters in the background stealing anything they can get their filthy hands on. Put them down like the rabid animals they are!!!

  93. Mike Slaney says

    Let me get this straight, throwing looters in jail is, “racist,” so if they are “white,” that’s RACIST? Or is it just being selective by those who are useful idiots of the NWO Socialists? The law applies to “ALL,” and when it does not, it’s NOT called “RACISM,” it is called, “Inequity.” The heart of man has always been the same and the ONLY FIX, is Jesus Christ. All others are a facade and make you feel good as you are doing wrong!

  94. freedspeech says

    who’s the racist? By this tweet this idiot is saying all looters are black. If a white man loots a black mans business then what ? D
    Does this idiot believe a black person can not own a business?

  95. Bill Meeker says

    I’m not a big fan of Germany and I certainly don’t look to Angela Merkel for advice on the handling of refugees, but Germany has no “petty” larceny laws and very little petty larceny. That’s because if you are walking down a road in Germany and reach over a fence to pinch off a handful of grapes, you’ve just committed “larceny” and if convicted, will find yourself spending the minimum two years in prison. I would suggest that appropriate in the US for looting during a storm or riot.

  96. Lily Haley says

    Thou shall not steal is a concept that originated from God. Are they insinuating that the Almighty is racist.
    In the theme song of the old police drama Baretta, it said, Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Wise words.

  97. rocky63 says

    Tired of this kind of stupidity from Left-Wing Liberal idiots. Let’s see if we can entice a few guys to burglarize HER house when she’s away — and do a lot of damage to the things they don’t take away with them. I’m pretty darn sure she’d be wailing that the police need to find and arrest the criminals. And you can bet she’d want them to be incarcerated.

    Idiot woman!!!!
    (Not a shot at women — she’s an idiot who just happens to be a woman.)

  98. Agostino says

    In 1968, when looters supposedly reacting to the murder of MLK were tearing up D.C. and other cities, Chicago did not have that problem. Mayor Richard Daley, the first one, went on television and announced that the Chicago police had orders to shoot to kill looters. As a result, Chicago was relatively quiet.

  99. Jeannie says

    I can not believe these leftist and their dependency racism. At every tiny thing they shout racism. my gosh, they even said the hurricanes are racist, we are racist if we oppose bringing more muslims in to our country. There are a litany of other things that they have deemed racist. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. rishi says

      Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk sukker

      1. Jeannie says

        First of all I do not even know . You have a filthy mind which is typical for you pigs. You are an American hater, filthy pig, eating pork behind closed doors! what a joke you are

        1. rishi says

          Oyyyyyy veeeee eyyyyyy

        2. rishi says

          There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

  100. Pat Prybil says

    Enough with the stupid race card. If you loot other people’s things you’re going to jail. No exceptions. If you happen to be black T.S. your sorry ass is going to jail. If you happen to be white T.S. your sorry ass is going to prison. If you happen to be Hispanic T.S. your sorry ass is going to prison. You don’t get a pass because your momma didn’t love you enough, or teach you not to steal. Oh and boo hoo you happen to be black. Enough with the B.S. excuses as to why you’re a rotten excuse for a human being !!

  101. Walter Flatt says


  102. justanagent says

    The better solution would be for the property owners to exercise their 2nd amendment rights while the police take a hands off position (which they usually do anyway) and then arrest the survivors. Arresting them all is just too time consuming and “labor intensive”.

  103. larry wilson says


  104. Charles Girard says

    Lets get the department of justice on these violent people and looters. It seems the country is loaded with Governors and mayors who don’t want to do squat to these commies. I would bet the tax payers are picking up the cost for all this damage, it’s wrong.

    1. R. T. says

      It’s their voting base .

  105. VL says

    Let’s have the looters go to his house and break in and steal from him and his family. Then when he calls the police they show up and tell him, sorry we can’t arrest anyone even if you know who did it. I bet he would be pissed. Can’t have it both ways.

  106. R. T. says

    Stealing is against the law and the 10 commandant , lefties really do see racism everywhere !!!!!

  107. Charles Girard says

    Vote these Democrat Governors and Mayors OUT who won’t do anything to these violent people, and i use the term people loosely.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      The trick would be to convince the black community that the political party that tried to support them was the Republican Party. This would involve getting this information into the history books. Can you just picture these liberal schools teachers trying to get through that lesson without throwing up?

  108. Kathleen Shipley says

    The problem here is she is the one bringing attention to the skin color. A looters is a looter regardless of the color. She is the one pointing out that they are all black.

  109. Richard Wittauer says

    NOTE: All looters, Either White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red or Even Poke a Dot.
    If you loot you should go to JAIL. This isn’t a ” Racist” thing.
    A thief is a thief no matter how you look at it.

  110. Mt Native says

    And what race are most looters??? We all know the answer to that because they feel “entitled” to what other people have worked hard for because they are oppressed. Sure, oppressed because they won’t work toward a better life. They want what someone else has without having to put out any effort other than breaking a window and kicking in a door.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      These feelings don’t appear to be confined to the United States. Look at South Africa. It was once a very civilized, prosperous society, and now you have white farm families being viciously killed in their homes for what seems to similar feelings–Total envy of what other people have and no desire to do the work necessary to earn it for themselves.

      1. Mt Native says

        I know, I have read about the atrocities that are perpetrated against white people, farmers, in South Africa. God help us if they should try that here. I don’t think they really know what kind of an armed citizenry they would be up against. Those th ugs in Chicago who think it is cool to hold their guns sideways, wear their hats backwards and their pants down around their knees would be no match for someone with firearm with a scope on it.

        1. TexasCoyote1 says

          But, it does feel that it is happening here. This article is a great example of someone who feels that because a crime was committed by blacks, they should not be punished. Our schools teach communist/leftist propaganda, and our children feel they must include all races in their circle of friends or risk being called racist. This inclusion is designed to break down social barriers, but it doesn’t change the fact that we all like to be with people we are comfortable with, and most of us are more comfortable with people just like us.

          Chicago has the most stringent gun-control laws in the United States and yet they have the highest murder rate. Any attempt to disarm the American public must be met with total all-out resistance. Any South African you hear in an interview begs us not to give up our guns as the South Africans did. Only an armed citizenry can overcome a tyrannical government.

          1. Mt Native says

            Totally agree with you and it is getting worse every day. At some point the lid will blow off the whole mess and there will be blood in the streets everywhere. If we give up our guns then we might as well just lay down and die because the government will have won. Personally I won’t submit.

  111. Gidge says

    Looting happened in the riots years ago in Newark, NJ. People looted and burned down stores that they shopped at and when the stores could not recover, they complained about not having a place to shop. Some of these stores even gave them credit until they got their checks and then they do that to them.

  112. Not A Farmer says

    So Sarah Jaffe it is okay for anyone who wants to come loot your home if maybe they see a broken window or a door left open? You would not call the police you call racist? Not all business is white owned.

  113. Cynthia Thinker says

    Is racism involved when people of ALL colors and creeds are arrested for STEALING? The leftists need a slap in the face or a knock on their hollow brains to shake them out of their alternative reality!

  114. DAlnB41 says

    I can not agree with (quote) “Since we are a society that believes in the rule of law – or at least, we have been up till now – and –“‘ Six years ago I would accept that as a reasonable accurate statement, but in six years our nation has changed.
    The Obama administration seemed to almost bend over backwards to tear our nations respect for law apart. The “open gate” attitude of the Obama Administrations application of our immigration laws, the massive effort to create expanding applications of mandates (not laws but DHS policies – many established by Janet Napolitano and never challenged by the Obama Administration ) to allegedly ensure illegal immigrants were given time delaying Immigration Court hearings so they had years of free access on our streets ( and given time to take advantage of our current Birthright Citizenship program )based on the Obama efforts to support illegals immigration.
    The part, “we have been up till now” is inaccurate; Obama, his lap dog attorneys general and DHS directors made a mockery of our immigration laws and seemed to work overtime in tearing away the nations respect for our legal system and enforcement of our laws.

  115. paul says

    loretta lynch said it all. THEM NIGGAS IS GOING TO BREAK THE LAW.

  116. Walt Kleine says

    OMG – it’s true! Liberalism IS a mental disease!

  117. Robert Kahlcke says

    Sarah Jaffe, suffers from a mental defect as a result of inbreeding and should be hospitalized.

  118. Big Ed says

    Our Declaration of Independence states that man is endowed by his creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (often shortened to property). God gave us these gifts and government was instituted entirely for the purpose of protecting God’s gifts for us citizens. If the government doesn’t intend to protect our life, our liberty and our property there is no reason to have any government at all. The Miami police (government) is protecting these for the citizens of Miami and that is the entire reason for their existence. Ms. Jaffe can be indignant about this protection if she is too ignorant to know why the police exist, but there is then no reason for anyone to pay any attention to her if she don’t know: Government exists exclusively to protect life, liberty and property for it’s citizens!!!!

  119. Horace Milstead says

    Sarah Jaffe is the product of lunatic parents and an education system run amok….she needs to be placed in stocks on the courthouse lawn for an extended period of time. She is most definitely part of the problem with our country and not part of the solution.

  120. Freedom says

    This one of the Darwin awards winner. Should be thrown in the slammer for being
    this stupid…..

  121. PIERRE77L says

    Just shoot the commie bastard democrats including Sarah Jaffe who said ” Jailing looters are racist” I have a message to that Bitch. She will die together with them.

  122. Ronald Starkey says

    Looting is a crime, criminals go to jail. Nuff said.

  123. Charles Wolfe jr says

    Anyone has to be blind not to see that the looters in Miami were all black, If that is racist, the blacks that did the looting are to blame !!!

  124. wamplerg says

    Looting is a crime. Criminals go to jail. Noting racist about that, nothing related to skin color, just punks stealing.

  125. Chris Campbell says

    I’d like to hear from the Black or Hispanic store owner’s who were victims of the looting and how they feel about her tweet and if they feel it is racist to arrest these looters.

  126. thomas marchal says

    Exactly! Shoot the bastards.

  127. Philomena says

    Raising looters is a crime, the parent and the looter must pay for the damage

    1. Retired says

      The only thing that they have to offer is life , so shooting is the only option instead of prison .

  128. ChiefBoring says

    This idiot must think all looters are black for this to be a racist announcement.

  129. sciguybm says

    Huh? Well if that don’t beat all!

  130. vinnieboyz says

    Its about time that looters pay the price. Now if we could only incarcerate the ones destroying public property and statues and alike.

  131. John Drake says

    Jaffe has also equated private property with white supremacy, the corollary to which is: you are either a Marxist or a White Supremacist. I think she clearly fits within the definition of “subversive.”

  132. Woody says

    This racist stuff is insane. What’s next? Is it racist to breathe?

  133. Dan Gaschler says

    The author of this article is RACIST AND IGNORANT !!

  134. Jack the Rooster says

    Phock that. I’d rather shoot them anyway.

  135. Michael Heagney says

    Looting is against the law. Illegal immigration is illegal. Are we a country of laws or are we not.

    1. Retired says

      Laws started going out after LBJ for certain people .Thank the Demon Rats as well as the ACLU .

  136. EC Lewis says

    I really hope I’m a white supremacist if that means throwing lousy thieves, welfare leeches, and anyone of any color into jail who is breaking the law.

  137. Mark says

    And so should these ignorant anti Americans who feel they are above the law and should not be held accountable for breaking the law. Maybe just maybe if the majority of crimes in this country were not committed by the black population then maybe there would be less blacks in jail. Hell, they are killing more of their own than any of the other races put together. Get real, all they do is spread lies, talk about the Nazi’s ,they are doing what the Nazi’s did to take power in Germany, lying and spreading false narratives. I am sick of the lies and corruption, then the last 8 years were all about the 30% of the hand outs , now all we are doing is taking care of all Americans , you know the ones who pay for your freebies. Looters should be shot on site,period…….

  138. Mr Rollo says

    All the looters we have seen after hurricane Irma have been black. Where are their parents, pray tell. Most probably out looting also. That’s the way they “work”.

  139. Mark says

    i wish we would , the movie, going, netflix watching, video renting public would boycott everything Hollywood and the entertainment industry, including the leftest new channels and networks…..they are all about money, like Dinero or streep really know how the middle class and lower class live, together they are worth over $500,000,000. maybe they should donate to all those poor black and illegal immigrants, let them pay for their stuff.

  140. SD of AZ says

    Liberals always make really dumb comments when the things looted are not theirs. Isn’t that amazing? And they just keep saying even more inane stupid things obviously not hearing what they are really advocating. Morons all!

  141. Charles Sroka says


  142. Kenneth Jones says

    No, tossing looters into the slammer isn’t racist! It’s the LAW! And the Law isn’t racist, either!

  143. Orion says

    They are lucky there’s laws in this Great Country, the alternative would be village justice, and these cupcakes would never survive it….

  144. Pebbles says

    Racist is a term that is used for everything these days, and the meaning of it can be found in Webster’s Dictionary. Someone making that accusation is as much as saying the crime was committed by a certain race of people, and THAT is racist. It is also accusatory of a particular race of people. AGAIN, racist.

  145. MIKE6080 says

    I remember when mayor daley , democratic mayor for about20 years or more , gave the order shoot to kill rioters in chicago in 1960 then denied saying it as the tape was played back for him

  146. Ray Silipino says

    If this fool is so adamant about not jailing looters, Just round them up and give them a chance to do the right thing then haul all of them to this idiots neighborhood!

  147. ch says

    The lefts act like there are no Black business owners. Ask those in Ferguson who had their stores destroyed because of the rioting and looting. Ask those in any city where the blacks were rioting and looting over something they felt was unjust.

    This recent rioting is a no win for anyone. If the verdict against the officer would have been Guilty, they would have rioted because of a victory in the decision. The verdict was innocent and they riot
    because they don’t agree with the verdict. ANY excuse to riot/loot and get freebies from the stores.
    I don’t care what color you are, if you riot/burn and loot, you go to jail

  148. Martin says

    Shoot them instead. It is legal. It will save time and money.

  149. Al Parente says

    If she had ANY semblance of sanlty I would respond. But to call her an idiot, is insulting those who are idiots

  150. Frederick Douglass says

    Socialism is built on theft, lies, and murder so what do you expect from socialists; certainly not honesty.

  151. Robert Russell says

    Makes no mater who is doing the looting if you are caught it is jail time for you.

  152. Robert E Walker Jr says

    Well heat up the sword and start chopping hands off now that’s one Islamic Rule and law I can agree with

  153. Maintain says

    Black Looters Matter

    1. Ken V says


  154. Ken V says


  155. Justin Seine says

    Why don’t you Tweet out your address Sarah Jaffe and let the looters know where they can loot with impunity? You can take video of them rummaging through your belongings while you bark out directions to your best stuff! If the cops show up you can tell them to stand down because you approve of the looting. Show us how sincere you really are!

  156. johnnywoods says

    America has become a nation that largely consists of ignorant, irrational fools and idiots.

  157. rick meek says

    You LOOT – We SHOOT ———— That’s all they need to know……FT….

  158. Larry Cowden says

    So Sarah speaks and confirms that the inherent violent tendencies of blacks overall to rob, assault, murder, riot, burn and loot are now the real reason that they cannot exist without attacks upon whites to take what we worked for and earned.They are somehow incapable of working or earning a living for themselves. She has no reply for those black police officers that arrest blacks for criminal behavior. Are they keeping blacks enslaved too? And she obviously has NO USE FOR POLICE or laws to protect her from assault, robbery, or rape.

  159. vinny says

    The ones you mostly see looting are NIGGERS!!! Look what they were doing in Florida.

  160. Neil Hatch says

    Lock all loote