Tillerson: Russia “Failed” to Keep Syria in Line


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday that Russia was partially responsible for the devastating chemical attack launched by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Shortly after the U.S. destroyed a Syrian airbase with a round of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, Tillerson told reporters that Russia had not done enough to keep the nation’s chemical weapons under lock and key.

“Clearly Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver on that commitment,” Tillerson said. “Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent in its ability to deliver on its end of that agreement.”

President Barack Obama struck a deal with Moscow in 2013 after a horrifying Syrian chemical weapons attack. After securing Vladimir Putin’s word, Obama ultimately backed away from his so-called “red line” in the sand. After threatening Assad, he handed the keys to the kingdom over to Russia. And now it would appear that Russia did what many international experts suspected they would do at the time: Nothing.

Tillerson went on to say that Assad’s time in power could be coming to an end. He said Assad’s “role in the future is uncertain, clearly, and with the acts that he has taken, it would seen that there would be no role for him to govern the Syrian people.”

But, he said, any U.S. action to remove Assad would have to be as part of an international coalition.

“Both to first defeat ISIS within Syria, to stabilize the Syrian country, to avoid further civil war, and then to work collectively with our partners around the world through a political process that would lead to Assad leaving,” Tillerson said.

As for Putin, Tillerson urged the Russian president to wake up.

“It is very important that the Russian government consider carefully their continued support for the Assad regime,” he said.

Clearly, the strike against Syria – praised by U.S. allies – was only the first step. After telling reporters last week that it was not reasonable to expect regime change, Tillerson and Trump are singing a new tune. Will Trump move forward with more military action? Or will this strike be enough to prove to Assad and Putin that the U.S. will no longer stand aside and watch thuggish dictators murder and maim their own citizens?

Of the Republican presidential candidates, there were only a couple less inclined to take action against Syria than Trump. But there comes a time when there is no other choice. The U.S. either stands for something or it doesn’t. With his bold strike on Thursday, President Trump put the world on notice: He’s not afraid to back up his rhetoric with action.

Let it be a warning.

    1. anibanib says

      Who is this photo of,what a creepy clunnt

      1. mac12sam12 says

        The first real leader the US has had in 8 years. We got rid of the gay guy.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  1. Justin Seine says

    Did you ever wonder why Vlad Putin has the temperament of a wild dog? Because it is in his genes. A look at his family album gave it away. Pictured below is a rare shot of Vlad with his twin brother Богдан (Bogdan).


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    2. JACK SICK says

      Well what is done is done and long we done get in a bigger war that we will never ever get out of again it’s just scary to think about it but the present I should check with Congress and Senate before after does action and then we can all as a nation decide what we can do that’s all

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Yea, Let’s check with the do nothing congress that promised to get rid of half-honky care 2 years ago. By the time they even start to vote on it Pence will be up for re-election in 2028 and no one will remember what the requested missile strike was for.

        When in command, COMMAND!
        In other words, Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

      2. gotabgood says


  2. Croco Dile says

    “….Rex Tillerson said that Russia was partially responsible for the devastating chemical attack….”

    Why did Trump surround himself with those shills ?????

    This Tillerson guy is a PoS !

    Bye bye America !

    1. donl says

      Pure Propaganda from the Left. What a Croc of Sh**.

  3. Tired... says

    It sounds like this was exactly what was needed. A physical response, with warning provided to avoid overstating our intent (i.e., a measured response), to a chemical attack on civilians. This was a message meant for the world’s ears, not just Assad’s.

  4. SouthernPatriot says

    Obama, Susan Rice, and John Kerry all spoke on TV numerous times and in newspaper interviews, stating they had negotiated Assad to eliminate all his chemical weapons, “without firing one bullet!” Russia assured us that they would inspect Assad’s chemical weapons to make sure all were eliminated and they reported they were.

    Obama lied, children died. Susan Rice lied, children died, John Kerry lied, children died. Russia lied, children died.

    1. Jo Scott says

      The 3 you mentioned above, all they know how to do is lie. This is their claim to fame, see who can tell the most lies. All will meet the Devil one day for pay for the murders they’ve caused. They need to pay before then, all need an Alkatraz type prison on earth till that day occurs.

      1. SDofAZ says

        Gitmo will do nicely!

        1. will says

          They say its 1 mill a year for tuition – 35,000 for a stateside cell

      2. Tasine says

        Oh, they know how to do a lot more than lie although it is one of their best accomplishments. They know how to manipulate others, they know how to dictate to everyone, they know how to hate all opponents, and frankly I think they know how to leave certain people DEAD. REALLY special, special people are those traitors, Kerry, Clinton, Rice, Lynch, Holder, Obama, etc., etc., etc., Too many dem politicians to list here.

    2. Mike W says

      Obama’s whole life is a lie. Susan Rice talked Bill Clinton out of working with the Sudanese who wanted to turn Bin Laden over to U.S. authorities in 1996 & 97. IF not for Susan Rice would the attacks on 9/11 ever have happened. How many lives from the attacks and wars since might have been saved? John Kerry’s biggest success will always be to have married an extremely rich widow. Democrats are experts at screwing up and then blaming the people who are cleaning up their mess.

      1. Germansmith says

        Those are a lot of “IFS”
        If also we did not send troops to the Middle East when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden would not have attack us
        Allow the Russians to wipe out the Islamist in Afghanistan, then, No Taliban, no Al Qaeda.
        If you are in the world of politics long enough you make mistakes
        Look at Trump….not even 100 days and he already have a pile of them….

        1. jaybird says

          A PILE OF THEM???

          1. Mustafa Curtess says

            He let the libs drive a good cabinet appointee to resign, left Sessions and Nunes twisting in the wind, is kissing the religious right’s asses on separation of church and state, abortion, same-sex marriage, equal civil rights for LGBT’s, failed to replace Obamacare, extended unquestioning support for killer cops, hasn’t indicted a SINGLE democrat criminal, hasn’t chastised “sanctuary” cities, hasn’t even begun building the wall, has shit-canned any possibility that he could establish a non-confrontational working relationship with Russia, hasn’t rallied the support of his own party, and now has been hoodwinked into an unwarranted grandstanding attack on Syria. I had high expectations of Trump (couldn’t be as bad as Hillary) but he is disappointing me daily. Gorsuch seems to be Trump’s only achievement – but we don’t really know if he is the “Constitutionalist” that he claims to be – on Second Amendment and the issues mentioned above.
            If the Dems get their act together and nominate a viable candidate – 2020 is the Republicans’ to lose.

          2. Retired says

            You overlook the real problem : the democrats lead by Schumer and Pelosi and the fake media reports. The democrats think that they are dealing with a puppet like Obama was .

          3. jaybird says

            He is working on everything that you listed. Example of a FEW “LIBRAL”

            Working on Health Care.
            He has taken bids on the wall.
            Flynn had too much baggage to begin with.
            He has stopped our payment to a UN abortion fund for 3rd world countries.
            Most of your list is B___S__T!

        2. SouthernPatriot says

          Please list the items in the pile. I would suspect that many, if not all, are not mistakes at all to most of us.

        3. Tasine says

          Were you born yesterday? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

        4. Bill says

          Another Neville Chamberlain here, it appears. If aggressors try to take over the world, please don’t do anything. After all, we might offend them, and they will get mad at us and maybe do something that might hurt us. Sheesh! Sure glad that you aren’t in a position to determine what the US shouldn’t do! Of course, Obama was about as potent as you would be. Appeasement has never impressed tyrants, yet you continue to recommend it. Study a little history, please, before you surrender to everyone so that they might like us, which they won’t anyway.

          1. Mustafa Curtess says

            Nobody is “trying to take over the world” – except the U.S.A.
            NOBODY is asking us to “surrender”. They merely ask that we cease creating conditions that demands it of them. I think that every POTUS in my lifetime has paid lip-service to the concept that: “The U.S.A. can not be the policeman of the world” – and then attempted to do so. (At the direct cost to every American citizen.)
            The only “enemies” of the U.S. – are those which we have created for ourselves.
            Some TIME, and some HOW – we are going to suffer for this. (EVERYBODY ! – whether we were a part of it – or not. Retribution is invariably indiscriminate).
            Altho I am nominally Muslim – my odds are no better than anyone else’s in a supermarket, mall, restaurant, theater, or night-club.
            So – YES! I have no reason to piss anybody off – (just because I am arrogant enough to think that there will be no consequences) It is NOT a matter of “appeasement” – when we make a conscious effort to impose our self-serving will upon a society on the far side of the globe.
            I do not believe that our founding fathers intended that. In fact: They specifically cautioned us against it.

          2. Bill says

            So, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, you say that was the USA trying to take over the world. I’m not convinced. And we should have let him do it, without regard to our interests there, or whether an ally needed help, or anything else? Also, of course, as North Korea and Iraq work to build nuclear arms, perhaps we should ignore that as well? After all, we wouldn’t want them to be upset with us. Head in sand = peace and safety? Not in my book, or that of anyone who faces reality, which is to say, head out of sand. When our Founding Fathers said to avoid involvement in European wars, that certainly related to what you legitimately say about not simply sticking the US nose in everyone else’s business. However, it definitely did not relate to defending US interests. Thomas Jefferson sent a force all the way to Tripoli to address some such need. The main reason that the US does it these days, whether wisely decided or not, is that the world today is complex and highly interconnected, and every error of action or of inaction leaves a vacuum that enemies can fill. You can’t just walk away from a timed chess game, nor can you legally or beneficially let your opponent make the next five moves. We can legally walk away from the world and leave all the moves to others, but that would be suicidal. Every castle can be undermined. To win a contest, you must be agile, not hunkered down. This is true in the world: the best way to stop attacks is at their source, for example stopping nuclear buildups rather than countering only with defenses.

          3. Mustafa Curtess says

            Yes! I actually DID approve of Saddam’s decision to reclaim the area (known as “Kuwait”) that had arbitrarily been carved out of Iraq by the British. Kuwait had just declined a “mutual defense pact” with the U.S., Saddam had asked the U.S. how we would respond to a re-annexation of that former province, and was told that: “We would prefer that you do not – but we have no legal grounds to stop you from doing so.”
            In retrospect – an immense amount of bloodshed would have been avoided if we had left it there at that. Instead – we again confirmed the world-wide understanding that the USA can not be trusted. Nothing has changed that. (Whatever the U.S. claims to be doing – is usually the exact opposite in reality.)
            I understand the compulsion to find some “noble and high-minded” justification for all our foreign military adventures – but the net results are simply a humanitarian tragedy.
            Just LOOK at the trail of misery and destruction across the M.E. – in the wake of our meddling (and no end in sight). Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and next maybe Iran. If the globe is a “better place” because of it (and $20 trillion in debt) – pardon me if I repudiate any moral responsibility for it.
            “The road to Perdition is paved with good intentions” doesn’t apply – because the U.S. HAS no “good intentions” – under the thin veneer of them.
            Spare me from all your sanctimonious platitudes. They are BS.
            Just because at one time we may have had a legitimate “cause” – by no means makes all our other causes equally “legitimate”.

          4. anibanib says

            OUCH,you sure know what you are talking about…….keep up the good work………and dont forget the very large number of countries on the African continent that have dictators installed and paid for by the USA so as to allow US Corporations to come in and mine for valuable metals etc, and drill for oil……….allowing local workers to work for these US corps….and get paid a princely wage of $2 a day

          5. Mustafa Curtess says

            That’s pretty much what I saw when I was over there. Unfortunately – a lot of countries aren’t ready to handle “representative democracy” yet. Different tribes, different languages, a hodge-podge of religions.

          6. anibanib says

            That may well be so,but after the Brits, the French and the Germans got “”kicked out””……..the USA is now taking over the whole bundleof “liberated countries”……..to give them American Democracy…….”Americans Deadliest Export”……a very interesting book by William Blum………….this kind of literature should be compulsory in US schools

          7. Mustafa Curtess says

            I don’t think that “kicked out” really applies. Even the beginning of th USA couldn’t tolerate being a “Colony”. ( it just meant that everything you work for goes to someone else.) Why should anybody else? Countries just want to rule themselves – even when life might not be so good as it was under a foreigner’s foot for some people. One would expect Americans – more than anybody else – to understand that, but we don’t.
            I think that book would certainly NOT be required reading in American schools – if it deals with facts and realities.
            I am embarassed by the comments on here that argue with you about your own country. (Hah! Some of them would have trouble finding it on a map!) I’m not sure their fixation on rape is really healthy. Maybe they find it exciting?
            I would like forvyou to consider your opinions about violent crimes in th USA, tho. We hav nvervhad just one ethnic psyche to deal with. “American” can’t be pictured like “Swedish” can. We have every ethnicity in the world here – and no single ethnic characteristic exits that can be understood and “led”. (like European countries like German, British, French, Italian, Polish, etc. So when you think about how many are being killed – it would be 10x if people couldn’t be armed to defend themselves.

          8. anibanib says

            RAPE……….that Word as such is no longer used officially here in Sweden, several years ago,the term was changed to “Sexual Harressment”………..which covers a lot, hands on breasts, handson thights, pussy feeling, dick feeling……..are of these are reportable to the police…………and of course the American version of rape…..full penetration and ejaculation……..then the poor woman or Young teenager has to convince a jury…………she is often termed as a stupid woman, she should have resisted and not open her legs………
            GUNS……….about 30000 people are killed each year by guns……..so if people were NOT armed as they are now….how could the number be 10x more………Sweden has about 3.8 million guns……..10 mn population, and on a good year less than 20 are killed,a bad year perhaps 50…….99% are gang related crimes,people with handguns……..our 3.8mn gun are high powered hunting guns which are Always locked away until the hunting season Oct-Nov time………we appear to have a different mentality when it comes to guns………we never ever had cowboys and injuns,and the average American Believes whatever crap Hollywood turns out

          9. Mustafa Curtess says

            The problem is – that the criminals will always have guns – even when they are illegal. Another thing is that guns are not the only lethal thing. You are just as dead if someone breaks into your home – they can crush your skull with the tool they forced the door or window open with ( fairly common ” blunt trauma”) as if they shot you through the heart. I tried to explain that the Swedish community is one thing – but the “American” community is many things.
            Now we got people on here that want to kill me just because I’m Muslim. Nobody has the right to do that at the present time – but I feel better because I own and am licensed to carry a gun. And anybody that would even say to kill me because I’m Muslim really can’t be sane – so one never knows what they may do.
            I would like to see the statistics that compare “gun homicides” to “non-gun homicides”. I suspect that all numbers are not correct and that homicides done by police are included to make the numbers look worse than they are. I wonder how many of the 30,000 you quote were done by police?
            You say 50 in a “bad year’ with 3.8 million guns. I would expect many many more than 50 if nobody except law enforcement could LEGALLY have access to guns.

          10. anibanib says

            I say 50 Deaths by hand held guns by gang members at most………like I have said we dont have this gun and kill mentality…………one year we had only 21 killings———and one year a hunter killed a woman on a bicycle, the rifle bullet Went thru a deer and hit the woman………and the 3.8 mn hunting guns are legally owned by hunters, takes about a year to actually get you gun, registration, training at a rifle hunting range, more checks, and every gun on´wner must have a special locked steel cabinet for his or her guns…..and any guns that need to be carried in public must be at all time “broken”…..whatever than means

          11. SDofAZ says

            Woow, you are delusional too. People want to kill you because you are moslime. Really? The bulk would love to send you back to your origins. But the rest is dicated by your actions mostafa. And you and an are beyond help. See ya, too bad I might!

          12. SDofAZ says

            Um, an you are delusional.

          13. anibanib says


          14. jaybird says

            Most of the comment to “anibanib” are because in other post/other sites, he/she has denied that they are having a refugee problem in Sweden and was bashing the US of A.

            He said women were not having a problem. I watched many video’s of foreign male reporters getting attacked in different areas, when he went to the police station to report it women were there to report rape. Some areas the police won’t go in-they cannot leave their car unattended because they will steal it or they will be attacked. Rape and sodomy of a women is not a minor medical event as I see he has posted below. I don’t know who would say “she should not have opened her legs or that she is a stupid women”? I wonder how he/she would portray/enjoy being penetrated/sodomized?? Anyone that finds “rape exciting” or talking about it is SICK!

          15. Mustafa Curtess says

            I didn’t interpret anibanib’s comment that way. I’m thinking that he doesn’t want it to see a problem exaggerated – to be used for propagandist purposes like it is in the USA.
            I also understood comments about women who claim to have been raped to mean that there are so many false and frivolous claims being made – that the authorities and the public have become weary of dealing with it. Sounds as if Sweden shares the common problem of females choosing to put themselves in a vulnerable position, play a provocative game, and regret it when it gets to the point where just saying “NO” can have no effect.
            (Universally – females exercise the right to be “female” ALL the time, while allowing men to be “male” only with female “permission”.) The few men remaining in the world who refuse to go along with that – are considered “mysonygists” and “barbaric”.

          16. jaybird says

            I don’t know what women you are talking about that put themselves out there to be raped because they are at a concert and the men from the Muslim countries surround 1 or 2 and they are raped by the inner circle of men. This is a reporter telling of what happens. These women are used to going about their business like they did before the refugee’s came to their country. Now they need protection to go shopping to movies, etc. These Muslims/refugees come from countries where women are not respected and have barbaric customs.

            In America, they have ridden in nice neighborhoods with their music playing stopping in front of houses where women are working in their yards and yell – sharia gives us permission to rape you, harassing women. People are scared to walk their dogs because a teenager and dog had been beaten. Your views are incredibly stupid. I feel sorry for the women in your family.

          17. Mustafa Curtess says

            I was commenting on what I think anibanib was expressing.
            I can’t respond to hysterical exaggerations like yours – except to encourage you to dis-believe anything you hear/read – and believe only half of what you see.
            The “women in my family” are well-adjusted members of American life. My wife has been a naturalized U.S. citizen for over 30 years, and has worked at Walmart for over 20 years. (Even tho age-handicapped, they encourage her stay.)
            She is very popular with management – and even more so with most of the other employees . She feels sorry for some of the other females – who like to discuss some of the pain in their lives.
            It is largely upon what my wife tells me – that I base my contention that: The more “liberated” – the unhappier western women are. (Without nature-based discipline and obligations in life – men can be confused and unhappy, too.)

          18. jaybird says

            I could care less what your women in your family are or believe. Women in free countries are used to going about their business without a male protector. My post was not hysterical nor exaggerated. Now the women that are used to going places alone have to worry about their safety. If you and your wife base your opinions on what the women at Walmart say I can see why you don’t know what you are talking about. There are a lot of independent women in the US that work and are very happy and well adjusted. Do you work or does your wife have to work to support you?

            As far as what you think anibanib was expressing from most of his post you are wrong on your thinking.

          19. Mustafa Curtess says

            Please! Try To be reasonable. “Rape” is not a modern phenominum. It has persisted throughout history – and no one is now more at risk – than they ever were.
            You can not convince me that there aren’t places in society that sensible women do not – and never have – dared go alone.
            I have no idea where you live – but if it has a population of 100,000 or more – it has at least one place or attraction where a woman is vulnerable (especially if she is young and attractive and doesn’t know how to conduct herself).
            My anecdote about the employees at Walmart pretty much applies to what has come to typify the average working class American female. (Are You some kind of a snob?)
            Your notion that my wife supports me is way out-of-line and an unjustified insult. I have always been employed since I left home at 17. I have two retirement incomes, and at 80 am still working. (Both because it is good for my health – and because I have valuable skills.). My wife works because she enjoys it – in the absence of anything else interesting and productive to do – since our daughter has grown up and enjoys an independent life of her own.
            Let’s give anibanib a chance to comment on which of us closest understood him correctly – OK? (I’m reluctant to tell someone that I know more about the facts of his country than he does.)

          20. jaybird says

            Don’t bother, you both are pigs.

          21. Rosech Levy says

            jaybird, just remember that stupidity cannot be cured and don’t wast your time on this creature (whether male or female, who knows). I blocked he/she/it so we could proceed with reality and truth, which this person could not and can not.

          22. SDofAZ says

            Good job of lying an. I just love it when libturds expound without factc and reference their libturd GARBAGE! Real history and facts are out the window for your cred! Troll too, no truths just propaganda!

          23. anibanib says

            Puck off turd

          24. SDofAZ says

            Another flawed argument. You an are an absolute bonified libturd. The 9-11 incident is missing from the mustafa post! Hint, hint, it was the reason for the mess!

          25. anibanib says

            9-11 was an inside job, now pluck off

          26. Mustafa Curtess says

            May have been. And if so – then why blame Muslims for it? I am entirely amenable to the notion that it may have been an elaborate conspiracy to “justify” an escalation of U.S. military agression in the Muslim world – beginning with the invasion and destruction of Iraq. (Hmmm! I wonder who the main beneficiary of THAT might be?)

          27. anibanib says

            When one looks back, the pilots who flew the planes that day, were allowed to get their pilots licence ,to fly single winged sports planes, then allowed to study and train and ev get their Commercial plane licences in the state of Florida…………and nobody batted an eyelid……strange……………..and on the very day sept 11th, President Bush was in Florida visiting a school, and when told the news…………urmmmmmmmm……so………..and later that morning Bush said he saw the first plane hit the Tower on TV……a downright lie, the only recordedvideo wason a private cell phone which was used much later that day……….that was the famous video when someone in the street, looked up and filmed the actual impact,,,,,,,,

          28. Mustafa Curtess says

            I really wish that you hadn’t reminded us about all of that. Everybody knows it -and even if they don’t like it – it is buried in their minds. (Like a lot of things in life – it is better to rationalize it in the way that is most comfortable.)
            I honestly never heard that the pilots ever got commercial licenses. (None were needed to board those planes as passengers.) “Private” is pre-requisite to training in larger multi-engine aircraft (I Have a PPL, myself). After-the-fact, their instructors mentioned that the students seemed much more focussed upon in-flight maneuvers – than in “take-offs” and “landings”. But since it is so much easier to get an aircraft into flight – than it is to get it back onto the ground – that was easily overlooked. Lots of governments have sent men to learn to fly in the USA – which is “manna from heaven” to any pilot training school. Instructors are “luck-of-the-draw” (like taxi drivers) so it was unlikely that any given instructor could have ever got familiar enough with any certain student to notice or question any anomalies. (It is a highly impersonal, cut-and-dried, teaching/learning process.)
            But exactly like the JFK assassination – the public will never know any more than our government chooses to tell us. (There are no such things as “privacy” – or “transparency in government”. And both liberals and conservatives like it that way.)

          29. anibanib says

            True what you say,easy to fly a large passenger jet once it is in the air, but to take it over and guide it to a very narrow object in the far distance, takes some doing, and only experienced pilots can do that……and at that speed, fly right into a small building on the ground………..and as you say, the public will never ever know, even the press zip up their mouths…………how different we are in my country, and funny happenings or politicians why go astray……they are soon for the high jump, no matter how big and influential they are

          30. Mustafa Curtess says

            The part about flying to NYC, then into a specific building is not nearly as difficult as you seem to imagine. “In the far distance” does not apply. Not really any more complicated than driving your car to your b “u “””””””””town, then to your suburb, then to your street, then into your driveway, and then into your garage.

          31. anibanib says

            Perhaps…………….a large Child could drive a car slowly thru the streets and up into the driveway, but then we dont know when the highjackers actually took over the first 2 planes, and the pilots were quite possibly dead………but at several 100s of KPH, things would be happening extremely quickly………….LOTS of things went wrong that day for America, and even today they are still very complacent about a lot of things………but I am sure the wall on the Mexican border will calm down the millions of haters………not realising that wooden ladders can be used to climb over……….and the Mexicans are very very good at building small tunnels………..I see now that IKEA are Selling fences in flat packs……..something to consider

          32. Mustafa Curtess says

            Hint-Hint – 9-11 (and all the on-going “terrorist” tragedy since then) was a RESPONSE to U.S. aggression. (Check the chronology.)
            I had seen something like that as good as inevitable for 30 years. (And I have been saying so at every opportunity before and after.)
            Nothing I can do to prevent it – other than to discuss it. Pisses people off because deep down inside – they know damn well that I’m right. (Name-calling and insults doesn’t change that.)

          33. Ken/FL says

            That would be the NWO elite doing that by the way.

          34. SDofAZ says

            Woops, I misjudged. Mustafa is a moslime and what, A SUNNI. Surprise!

          35. Mustafa Curtess says

            How could you mis-judge a name like “Mustafa”? (At least it is a real name and everyone can know who they are discussing with. – And I have the courage to make comments that I know will not be welcome.)
            I’m unclear what being “moslime” has to do with Kuwait – since they are “moslime” – too. (Probably SUNNI, as well.)
            Is it “crying” to point out mistakes – in hopes that we can stop repeating them?
            I can just as easily suggest that we ALL stop crying about Obama – and “move on”.

          36. Lycanroc says

            I believe you meant to say Iran not Iraq.

          37. Bill says

            Yes. Thanks for that!

          38. SDofAZ says

            As long as there are tyrants and lunatics managing their “countries” worlds, there will be conflicts. No one country has been free of unwanted influence. Most are heavily burdened with “influence” making it hard to do the “right” thing. And the influence is often not for the right thing. That is the lot of yesterday, today and the future. Mustafa seems to be of the NWO cult. Open borders and such. The US has obviously become somewhat more educated these days. Not buying or drinking the NWO koolaid like the swilling libturds in this country. So, I agree with Bill, help our allies, protect our specific interests and that includes ideologies. Go Trump! I see he has covered our interests and is not a pacifist or an NWO want to be elite like Bzo.

          39. Bill says

            Well said, SDofAZ. Mustafa is a slight enigma, in that he seems fairly well informed, and yet he doesn’t think that the information provides anything that needs to be acted upon. Humans continually vie for greater advantage, whether internationally, or within companies of any size, within families, or with the Joneses next door. Even if really important things aren’t happening, there are still positions to be either defended or lost, whether as a nation or as individuals. Mustafa seems to think that this is BS, and that if governments would stop meddling with each other then the people would all just sit and sing Kum-Ba-Ya. The naivete in that is that he gives a call to peace through isolation, as if no one would be so ambitious as to take over the ground that is ceded (while at the same time applauding that Saddam tried to do exactly this with Kuwait). To a person who can’t see his own contradictions, it isn’t easy to teach rationality. Even in that famous, lovely song of world peace, the words are “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” The words are not, “I’d like to learn the songs that the world sings, and join in.” The one who insists on world peace always seems to insist that it under his or her terms; even peace is a contest of different people seeking to conquer others. Everyone else needs to conform to their personal requirements, and that is certainly what we see being done among the belligerent “pacifists” that riot in the streets while also demanding safe spaces free of hate. When humans live in both real peace as well as real freedom, it will be only because humans are extinct, or because they have miraculously learned to actually respect and tolerate each other’s preferences. But even that is not a time to sit in fat, dumb, and happy isolation, as if human nature would never again exert itself. Funny how the “deplorables” are so much more willing to live and let live than the so-called “liberals”, who are anything but liberal, but who are much more genuinely tyrants just looking to disrupt social order and the peace that it provides. Their hope is to coerce everyone into giving up personal responsibility, initiative, and freedom, so that there is no choice but to sing the song of “hope and change” that they choose to conduct. Once everyone agrees to submit, these folks will never surrender the conductor’s baton. Drain the swamp! If not, American liberty will die a slow, pathetic, and almost ignored death. Americans will simply stop talking about the ideals of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Nathan Hale (as they pretty much have already), and, as has been happening, few will continue to say, “It’s a free country” (much less, “You’re sound as a dollar”). We’ve almost completely, lost what America stood for before the better part of those idealscould reach full fruition, all in a “porogressive” trend suggested in the early 1900s, integrated into national policy in the 1930s, socially accelerated in the 1960s, and in a sudden turn toward neo-Communism, protected by “politically correct” suppression of traditional American creed, thought, and speech since 1992. The fight of enemies domestic to remove “In God We Trust” from our coins will move next to removing the word “Liberty” — as if we even know what that word means, anymore. And, as with fascism of every breed, there will grow a great tolerance, for that which strictly adheres to the dogma of those in control. All disagreement will be silenced, as current efforts by “liberals” only portend.

          40. Mustafa Curtess says

            Mustafa certainly is NOT “of the NWO cult”! In fact I am “Isolationist” in many ways because I want to hang onto all the unique freedoms that made us who we are.
            I strongly urge the USA to withdraw from the UN and NATO (because they are NWO strategies,) and highly resent foreign influence of any kind on our sovereign domestic affairs.
            Geez! Nobody on here has been more positive about the wall and the en-mass deportation of illegal immigrants than I am.
            We don’t HAVE “allies”! All we have are parasites sucking the blood and $ out of us – until there’s nothing left. (And all that will remain – will be the NWO.) Why the hell do you think Obama worked so hard to ruin us?
            “NWO cultist” – my hind FOOT!

          41. Ken/FL says

            Much of what you say is correct, but by isolating ourselves we will be putting all the others together, by choice or invasion.

          42. Mustafa Curtess says

            I disagree! “All the others” are history-proven to be fatally-conflicted. Without the USA influence ( delivered as $ via NATO) the only significant “others” will revert to their natural self- interest – to the extent that further domination of the USA would be impossible. (Unthinkable!)
            “America First” can only be a reality – if we repudiate our notion of being the “Policeman of the world” – and accepting it as some kind of insane, suicidal, “moral obligation” (which only plays to a delusuional fraction of the U.S. public – to begin with).

          43. Ken/FL says

            You should read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to see what the real worldwide problem is.

          44. anibanib says

            NICE reply,keep them coming

          45. jaybird says

            From someone that does not know what is going on in his own country (won’t admit)! (No terrorist or problems from the refugee’s in Sweden) I think they made a liar out of you the other day.

          46. anibanib says

            I know exactlywhat is going on in Sweden far more than you will ever know……….but if you want to Believe American media sites that DO NOT have permanent reporters here, carry on believing their lies and crap

          47. jaybird says

            I am not looking at only American media, if fact I could not understand a reporter on 1 video but I could see what was happening.

            You would not admit what was going on last week and only continued to bash the US of A. That is not the way to carry on a conversation.

          48. anibanib says

            Last week, a person drove a beer lorry into the entrance of a store and 4 people and a dog died……about 10 were injured, there now, so whats the big deal…………media across the World were reporting about it, and there are only a couple that actually print what the truth is, if the dailymail.uk prints a story,withing an hour 100media sites across the World print roughly what has happened………the dailymail does NOT have a reporter, they check Swedish news then make up their own version

          49. jaybird says

            It must have been the week before that you and I got into a heated discussion and you ignored the refugee problem and said there was no problem.

            I noticed that you lied the week of the lorry incident and claimed that it happened at the American Embassy.

          50. anibanib says

            This is what I wrote about the American embassy in Stockholm………

            “”anibanib 2 days ago

            A bit off topic,but 47 staff at the USA embassy in Stockholm, have been killed in a terrorist attack against the USA, a passerby with his small dog were injured………..truely shocking””
            This of course never happened…………I made up the story to see how many people saw the comment……….and YOU are the only one who notice it………..you are not as stupid as I thought…….although i didnt say it was with a lorry

          51. anibanib says

            Latest news in America……..U.S. | Tue Apr 11, 2017 | 4:57am EDT
            California gunman kills wife, self as she teaches class; student also dead……….events like this happen in several places every day, that is why the USA hasover 30000 murders every year by guns,,,,,,,,,,and in a bad year Sweden might have as many as 50…………gang members killing each other

          52. jaybird says

            Hopefully Trump will get the Mayors to stop looking the other way about the gangs and drug dealers like they have for a long time.

            The teacher was going through a divorce and he should have been in jail for domestic abuse. She should have notified the school/front desk that he was violent and should have never been allowed admittance.

            Sweden’s violence is just getting started and the women will probably wish they had a gun for protection.

          53. anibanib says

            Why should Swedish women have the need for a gun……..and———“”Sweden’s violence is just getting started and the women will probably wish they had a gun for protection.””………….dreaming again are you, Sweden is the safest country to live in………and the GOODEST………theres a hint for you, try to find the fact that Sweden is the GOODEST country in the World, and the USA is down at 21st place

          54. Lycanroc says

            anibanib, no need to prove it. Living in the U.S. and having resided in 9 different states and having visited nearly every state I can tell you that our country is by far one of the most violent countries in the world even without ISIS on our soil. I’ve visited 11 countries throughout the world and only Mexico and Turkey were worst than the U.S.. I’m surprised we’re even at 21st.

          55. mrpoohead says

            Technically in-correct – homicide rate a fifth of US’s, but generally considerably safer. There isn’t a Swedish city I wouldn’t walk across – LA, NY, Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC no thanks!

          56. anibanib says

            Like you say Swedish cities are very safe,some areas may be a bit iffy, but it is not the Muslims that are the problem, its the local thugs………and total Deaths due to fire arms are extremely low……….

            the total Deaths in the USA from firearms are about…..

            10.54 per 100 000…..over 34000 per year

            Swedens are 1.47 per 100 000……at most 147 a year, more people die each year in Sweden from ticks and snake bites

          57. amavistis says

            When one is ‘nominally muslim’ does that mean you don’t follow your “prophets” pedophilic footsteps?

          58. Mustafa Curtess says

            No – it simply means that I have concluded that all forms of “religion” is entirely emotional (and in many ways physical) slavery.
            I am unaware that the Prophet was “pedophile”, and wouldn’t think it would be a requirement for everybody – in any event. I don’t expect Christians to all be homosexuals, either – for the same reason. Both scriptures imply: “Do as your preachers SAY – not as they DO”

          59. Rosech Levy says

            amavistis, they are obliged!! to read and follow their real Qu’Ran (and not the redacted stuff they hand out) or face being “removed from the planet”. They MUST obey the Qu’Ran and if they tell you they have left the cult, they are lying because they can never leave the cult and if they try to they must hide away because they are open to being murdered. Also, remember they have been forced to marry first cousins so you can imagine after 1400 years how their trains are not properly functioning, which is why I want to see every muslim removed from American soil as not trustworthy in any way, shape or form. Ditto invaders from other countries whether illegally or invited must also be removed from our soil.

          60. jaybird says

            Someone needs to stand up against cruel “DICKTATORS”. Innocent people were crying for help.

          61. Ken/FL says

            If the USA wanted to take over the World, it would have been done long ago.

          62. Mustafa Curtess says

            WRONG! – Kemo-Sabe! We have tried – and so far – failed. Now we arc into the frustrated “temper-tantrum” stage – which is the most dangerous and destructive.
            As bad as Obama was – Trump is challenged to do “better”. God Help Us All!

          63. Ken/FL says

            Our Congress would not let our Military complete the job even if they tried to conquer any country.

          64. Mustafa Curtess says

            “Our Congress ” has entirely abdicated its authority to bear any any influence of any kind – over POTUS and DOD. Even our “Department Of State” merely reflects Pentagon philosophy and technical capability. Therefore – any war that we decide to initiate – is “justified” by the fact that we can “win” it.
            We insist to offset our failure in a highly forresred country (even with the chemical warfare advantage of “Agent Orange”) and then mitigate for that failure – by investing our “invincible power” over “desert” countries. I remain sceptible that we will actually achieve our sanctimonious and self-serving goals – but ” the fat lady hasn’t sung (sang?”) yet.

          65. anibanib says

            “”. If aggressors try to take over the world, please don’t do anything.””………you mean like the USA, the worst aggressor the World has ever ever seen, troops in 182 countries,nukes in at least 12 former USSR satellite countries………….NOW………if that aint aggression———

          66. Bill says

            Since you are myopic, a great partner for Mustafa, you manage to dislike what is closest to you, while you can’t see what is farther away. You feel that the US is imperialist in protecting two things, its interests and democracy around the world. Very bad of us, I know, to even try to free people who might be under cruel dictators, and to prevent dictators from expanding their domains. And, of course, if we station military personnel and equipment in various places around the world, that clearly must equate to us taking over nations and forcing their people to believe what we believe. How’s that for clear perspective? I think not. So, given what is just this obvious about your simply anti-American claims, together with your expressed love for life in a very socialist, and consequently rather mediocre although perhaps very self-content society, and adding to that your comfortable ease in denying much of reality that would pop out like fireworks if you bothered to put on a pair of glasses, I leave you to your selective ignorance.

          67. anibanib says

            Wow,you are brainwashed…………most of the Africa countries have ruthless dictators bought and paid for by the USA, the list is long, and where there are valuable metals or oil in those countries, and your babble about my country being socialistic….BS, weare social democratic, and 98 % of industry is in private hands…..shows how ignorant you are……………and Ileave you to your selective stupity

          68. Bill says

            So, if you are democratically socialistic, that isn’t socialism. Brilliant argument. Or, maybe you can shift your words in some other way. As a friend from Sweden told me a while back, everything is free there, because the taxes are so high. But now I know that this is not socialism, thanks to your fine insight.

          69. anibanib says

            I didnt say “”democratically socialistic””, I said social democratic………and Everything is not free nor are taxes “so High”…………examples……..



            One Tax only, no state, or county, or city, or property taxes………..almost free doctors, medication, dental care, free hospitalcare

          70. Bill says

            So, my friend didn’t know what he was talking about, Sweden’s taxes are low, and all the medical care is virtually free. You’re right! That can’t be socialism, because obviously no one is paying people with medical careers! That is slavery! Unlike here in the US, where medical costs have skyrocketed with Obama’s socialistic scheme, Sweden can provide it with almost no cost to anyone! Tell me the secret…. Meanwhile, the “social” of “social democratic” only means that the people are really friendly and gregarious, no doubt.

          71. anibanib says

            Yet again,you are a brainwashed moron………it is taxes that pay for almost Everything in a country, even in the USA taxes pay for most things, they build hospitals, roads, bridges etc etc etc etc, they even pay your doctors and nurses salaries etc etc etc,,,,,,,,but there the similarity ends……..our taxes are used for the good of the country and its people, not spent on its military……….almost 60% of your federal budget is spent on the military……..and to fill the gapping hole you have to borrow trillions jst to keep the Wheels turning, the COMBINED total debt in the USA is over $120 TRILLION, check your own DEBT CLOCK………its all there every single dollar…..but hold mommies hand,it really is very scary………..you have a trade deficit of about $60 billion each month……….the US doesnt manufacture anything that the World wants anymore, even pissant VOLVO AB own most of the N American heavy truck companies…….America…you are dying slowly,but nobody seems to notice it in the USA

          72. Bill says

            Yeah, that’s perfect. Your taxes pay for the “good of your country” while our taxes pay substantially for the defense of it. That’s a lot like saying, “You can pay my mortgage, because I want to buy ice cream.” And then you bash the US for spending for European defenses. And on top of that you act as if, having no defenses at all, because your taxes only pay for the fun stuff, no one would ever bother you. And, by the way, our debt clock was raised sky high by an idiot (and congressional accomplices) who wanted to institute socialism here, so that everyone who doesn’t want to work can have an equal share with people who work very hard. Yes, the degree to which the US is seriously screwed up is thanks to, gee, Democratic Socialists! If you want to get rid of the likes of such people, I can at least agree with you about that!!! Somewhere, I think I heard the great advice that we should drain the swamp. So happy for you that your politicians are all people of intelligence and high integrity. In the US, we don’t enjoy that nicety AT ALL.

        5. Retired says

          The biggest pile we have is the Bullshitsky you post .

        6. Ken/FL says

          Trump has also accomplished more in 100 days than Obama did in eight years.

      2. The_Domo says

        And we must remember who John Kerry’s daughter married and her husband’s uncle.

        1. Mike W says

          Yep they are all connected to Iran. Every decision Obama made favored the Shiites.

          1. Mike W says

            Then you should move there. Nobody’s trying to stop you.

          2. anibanib says

            Why should I move there, when I live and work in Another country a Scandinavian country, but I have been there, and we do have huge exports to Iran, excellent trading partners and huge reserves of oil and gas

          3. Mike W says

            Because the Swedes are tiring of you. Go Home. If you were so brave you would have stayed and fought for your own country instead of running and hiding behind the skirts of women – you are the wussie.

          4. anibanib says

            Ian surprised that they let people like you live in the USA….so they still exectute pigs like you are just disembowl them alive

          5. Rosech Levy says

            Going to the use of insulting anyone shows a lack of culture and that is not what I have ever experienced from my Persian friends. Sorry, you don’t do the same. When anyone resorts to nastiness in conversation, it means they care more for being controlled and controlling instead of accepting people as they are, good or bad. In the case of muslims, they have never been accepted as good and maybe that bothers you, but so be it and that is your cross to bear. But watch your language, please.

          6. Joseph Hicswa says

            There are Good Moslems and nasty Moslems just like there are good citizens and naxty citizens in every society. How are the good citizens helping to educate the nasty ones to make life nicer, safer in their communities?

          7. Ken/FL says

            So modern Islam of you.

          8. anibanib says

            Is this all you can come with………..assuming that when one criticises the USA…….one MUST be a Muslim……….most of Europé criticise and hates the USA

          9. Ken/FL says

            Good, I hope our Government realizes that when you come for help again.

          10. anibanib says

            Who is coming for help, we have never ever asked the USA for help………see, you cant even write correct facts, just lies

          11. Ken/FL says

            Clueless lies.

          12. anibanib says

            You are the clueless one, like so many more of your braindead Yanks, you cant even say what country the USA according to you has save

          13. Craig Vandertie says

            Is that true islam or that of a kafir?, the former hate the latter the most.

          14. Craig Vandertie says

            As I told him Mike, he is 1 of the puddles of toxic waste involved in gang raping Scandinavian, for instanice Swedish girls, not to mention the pillaging and plundering.

            I told him to get his worthless self back to Iran, or Syria, ISIS toxic waste, as much as they hate me I hate them 1 million times more.

            Nuke Mecca and Medina and if that is not enough to get them to denounce their belief which is based on deception and hatred of non-muslims eradication of all “Moonie Muslimes” is the only recourse that will remain.

          15. anibanib says

            Babbling again Craigie slime

          16. Rosech Levy says

            Ani, and all that is nice but freedom and rights are far better.

          17. Ken/FL says

            They will pay you back ten-fold by infiltrating your Government and converting your women and children to Islam.

          18. anibanib says

            WHO will pay me back…….and by infiltrating which government…………OH WISE JERK

          19. Ken/FL says

            Now who else would convert you to Islam?

          20. anibanib says


          21. Ken/FL says

            You will either convert to Islam or die. Don’t expect us to save your ass.

          22. anibanib says

            I dont need to convert to Islam,the muslims in my country have never stated that……….and for your information the USA has never ever saved my ass……so you were wrong on both Points………you stupid arrogant twat

          23. Chris Christof says

            can you figure who infiltrared the USA. society and. government ?

          24. Ken/FL says

            Society, the illegals (for liberal votes) and Government, the socialist and Muslims (to destroy us from within).

          25. Chris Christof says

            You either know too much or don’t know anything.

          26. Craig Vandertie says

            “Moonie Muslime Socialism, CAIR to argue the point?”

          27. Borninbrooklyn says


          28. Craig Vandertie says

            Yes, Barack Osama did. but a lot of the damage is him leaving all those CAIR members in here and scheme to destroy our nation front inside their training camps compounds.

          29. Craig Vandertie says

            Many say it is already too late to turn the tide in Sweden, possibly the U.K. as well, 150 mosques in London alone, not holding my breath with Germany, it seems much of the leadership of Europe have lost complete grasp on reality.

          30. Ken/FL says

            They are already seeing the consequences of reality.

          31. Craig Vandertie says

            Ah, so you are 1 of the “Moonie Muslimes” raping Scandinavian women, yes, go back to Iran you “Muhammad worshipping Moonie Muslime.”

          32. anibanib says

            Little brainwashed Craig slime…………I am not one of them, and Muslims are not raping all the women here…………..you see wedont use that Word anymore….RAPE……….its called sexual harressment, just like your President does grabbing pussies

          33. mac12sam12 says

            That’s an old photograph because Iranian women now have to wear Burkas.

          34. Rosech Levy says

            ani, I studied with have Persian friends, and altho up to date in many things, still keep women at a lower standard because that is what muslims do. None of my Persian friends here do NOT follow the Qu’Ran because of its methods and strictures. They are here for the freedom to be who they want to be and that is real Americans with freedom and rights and not have to wear any special clothing or scarves, or even choose not another cult but to be a Christian. Modernity is great, but freedom and rights are even greater. I lived and worked under socialism and my spouse under socialism and communism and do NOT ever wish to experience either ever again.

          35. Ron Alford says

            And, the Sunnis.

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      3. A natural born American says

        I’ve always thought that the liberals start wars that the conservatives have to finish. Historically, most of our country’s bloodiest and deadliest wars were started under a democrat and it took a republican to end the war. Then the next democrat took the credit.

        1. Mike W says

          Not just wars – Abraham Lincoln assassinated by a Democrat. John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated by a Democrat. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated by a Democrat.

          1. A natural born American says

            And just like the ‘radical’ muslims, the deadly democrats are always claiming to be the ‘peaceful’ members of society.

          2. Mike W says

            You seen how peaceful they are when President Trump was elected. When Obama was elected I don’t remember ever reading about a bunch of conservative running out and destroying other peoples property – beating up older people and women. I was thinking earlier today – This country was built by people who grew up with practically nothing and it is being destroyed by people who grew up with everything – bunch of spoiled brats.

          3. Ken/FL says

            How absolutely true.

          4. anibanib says

            …..and 300000 Japanese murdered by America…..Hiroshima and Nagasaki

          5. SDofAZ says

            Um, aren’t you forgetting Pearl Harbor, the massacres in China, etc. that was WWII? God, I detest selective memory in libturds. You definitely fit the bill ani! And your cult is disgusting. The crusade awakens, you must be met now as the enemy within. And although it is tough, be prepared an, the other side knows histroy as well or likely better than you an. What a putz you are.

          6. anibanib says

            What is a PUTZ……….living in Europé I know history better than most dumbo Yanks………..PearlHarbour, China massacres………I detest selective memory in repugnants

          7. SDofAZ says

            Dumbo is a fit for putz. And as a deplorable I do have a few degrees myself. Guess history IS repugnant to libturds. And while we chat, your police stats are FLAWED for Sweden and all the NWO nations now being flooded. Hope you love the results for as long as you can. Soon you will be crying for relief.

          8. anibanib says

            More babble and squeak from RePIGnant………..you dont knw what you are talking abóut and I sure aint gonna waste anymore time on your pissarse

          9. Ken/FL says

            You lucked out SD.

          10. anibanib says

            What what what what?????????

          11. Ken/FL says


          12. SDofAZ says

            Figured as much. Thanks for the warning. He is outstandingly assinine!

          13. Arizona Don says

            You’re wasting your time on that AH.

          14. Ken/FL says

            More likely doing their daily Muslim prayers.

          15. Rosech Levy says

            Sorry, Ani, you may know a lot of history but what kind of history did you concentrate on learning. I am an historian, thank you, and I studied it from the day the planet became viable until today. But I studied with an open mind so I could absorb as much of the truths as possible, and without prejudice but love of knowing how our planet and its occupants came to be and who and what they were and how they are today. Suggest you have an open mind and not spout nonsense.

          16. Ken/FL says

            You liberal Europeans (noting you may be Muslim) have set the invasion of Europe into full destruction of your society.

          17. anibanib says

            You note wrong ……………you arrogant KNOWALL Yankee turd

          18. Ken/FL says

            If not Muslim, then easily a Muslim sympathizer.

          19. anibanib says

            You are Learning……very slow even for an American………I am not Muslim, but the Muslims I have met are far superior to any Yankee on this forum

          20. Ken/FL says

            You are already getting what your country deserves, expect more.

          21. anibanib says

            And what is my country getting…………please enlighten me on wise wide one

          22. SDofAZ says

            As Pam noted he will be needing rescue but we Yanks will not be coming to save his day! Let em kiss the rumps of his invaders.

          23. Ken/FL says


          24. SDofAZ says

            I quite agree, fitting justice!

          25. Pam Dunn says

            HEY STUPiD; Apparently you have NO memory and were educated in a back bedroom by a closet gay. If NOT for us “yanks” you would be speaking either German , Russian or Japanese and at most would have a job swabbing out stables.

          26. SDofAZ says

            Soon ani will be speaking whatever language the newbies bring with em to inhabit his new NWO world. And this time we yanks won’t be coming to the rescue.

          27. anibanib says

            Same old arrogant replies from arrogant Yanks, who still Think they won the European war and the Japanese war…………..you helped in both cases. As most EU countries were fighting off the nazis, the USA had war weapon factories “”FORD”” in Germany arming the Nazis in their attempt to conquer Great Britain………and they failed to get one Soldier on British soil, and if Hitler hadnt declared war on American you wouldnt have been in the EU war…..took you 2 and a half years to get involved…….and for your info my country was not in WW2…….figure that one out

          28. Mustafa Curtess says

            But he is speaking with us in reasonably good English – isn’t he? Could you do as well in Swedish – or any of the other languages you mention? I suggest that you research “Bofors” – a Swedish company that contributed more than its share to the Allies” “win” of WW2. I don’t understand the value of ad-hominum attacks on anyone just because they say something you don’t like to hear. I have no doubt that we exaggerate the influence of Muslim immigrants in Sweden – to the same extent that we exaggerate it here.
            Sheer, bigoted, hysterical, paranoia. (It is more “fun” to insult someone – than it is to risk actually learning something helpful.) It doesn’t require much intelligence to call someone a “libturd”. (In fact: Refusal to confront reality – and the gambit of “deflection” – are defining Liberal traits – aren’t they?) “Will the real libturd please Stand Up”.

          29. EBRM says

            Yes those 300000 should have been Iranians. I think thats this prediction is not too far off.

          30. anibanib says

            WHY?????? Irans are a fairly peaceful nation, over the past 4-5 decades they havent started a war…….whereas the USA has started dozens and killed millions……….and there are some Lovely looking girlies in Iran https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b05560599288880d000c29bffa8bcba39f4225fe0d456d1edb1dd6b6ae5b1e3f.jpg

          31. EBRM says

            Because those Iranian fools that run the country are doing their best to get nuclear weapons so they can terrorise the region. This will NEVER happen because Trump unlike Obama is not a muslim and he wont give into the Iranians like Obama did and this will ultimately lead to Irans destruction.Your girlie nonsense is pathetic. There is NO freedom of speech in Iran.If Iran continues down this path they will experience the effects of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

          32. anibanib says

            Iranians are wanting Nuclear weapons…………so…………their Close neighbours have nuclear weapons, they are a sovereign country, they can please what they do…………..but……………….they have said they DO NOT seek nuclear weapons, nuclear fision is forthe production of electrical energy…………and the USA can NOT stop whatever they want to do…………you do have a vile Dirty mouthpiece in the WH, but he is only blabber……….and THERE IS freedom of speech there, the company I work for has a huge factory there building and assembling Heavy trucks…………and nobody will NUKE Iran, not even the USA even if the Iranians dont like you, cos you sold chemical weapons to Saddam during his war with Iran………

          33. EBRM says

            Again you are spewing rubbish.THEY are liars like most muslims thats why they are doing their research secretly.The Iranian leadership is totally unstable and They Wont be allowed to have nuclear weapons.There is no freedom of speech in Iran thats why their dissidents are NOT allowed to critise their govt.You appear to be misinformed and if Iran is so wonderful why dont you go and live there.Iran and your friend from North Korea will be so sorry if they keep threatening America and Israel and they will pay a very heavy price if they continue down this path.You must not under estimate the power against teaching your mullahs a serious lesson.

          34. anibanib says

            NO NO,you are the one who is misinformed,you will read American news media………….even the ones on the left, still cant get their news facts correct……….but I have lived there when my Company Scania were on building their huge factory there, Lovely friendly people,no alcohol of course, which doesnt bother me as I dont use the stuff,otherwise the rest of your comment is just mindless blabber about things you dont know about

          35. SDofAZ says

            Just like every time the moslimes rise up, they get their asses kicked. Good post EBRM. Doubt if ani knows much about history or his supposed country. Just ranting.

          36. Ken/FL says

            and it doesn’t rain in the tropical forest, does it? White is a shade of black too?

          37. SDofAZ says

            Can’t even write english let alone speak it. You are definitely moslime!

          38. anibanib says

            Cant write English………seems perfect to me……..so where are the faults……remember British English, not the crappy kind you stupid Yanks use

          39. greenlantern1 says

            Didn’t Oliver North sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?

          40. Ken/FL says

            The Iranians promise to destroy Israel is just a bad joke then? And, they are not funding worldwide terrorism, right?

          41. anibanib says

            Believe whatever you read in your American news media sites, they are all chanting the same hymn, Reading off the same hymn sheet…….Iran is not funding worldwide terrorism, there is but one country in the World that does that…………..the UNITED STATES of AMERICA………..that is the greatest export the USA has today, you have troops in 182 countries andyou have started over 50 wars and conflictssine 1945,killing over 50 million humans World wide

          42. Ken/FL says

            Another clueless European doing everything you can do to help Islamize Europe.

          43. James Mann says

            By all estimates, taking main land Japan in civilian and militia personal would have been 10 million U.S. and Japanese !!!

          44. anibanib says

            Estimates after the facts prove nothing, murdering 300000 civilians was completely wrong…….but, the USA just had to test two nuclear devices….on civilians…….murderous Yankee pigs

          45. Ken/FL says

            If you lived in Europe during WW2 your ass was saved by those nasty Americans. Without them there would be no Europe today.

          46. anibanib says

            Read History dumbo…….America helped, it was Russia who got to Berlin first, and history shows that…….you Yanks were on an easy road to Berlin, the Russians lost over 20 million Soldiers………..and now America have bases in countries all the way from the Baltic to the Siberian border, many with nuclear weapons as well…….as you say…NASTY AMERICANS

          47. Ken/FL says

            You win first prize for “European American Hater.” Your award, we are sending you another 50,000 refugees from Syria. Devil speed.

          48. anibanib says

            Where are you sending them, which country…………and do try to get your answer correct,

          49. Rosech Levy says

            There’s come a time when a war demands a final decision to end the war, and that is what we will do with ISIS, Al Queda, Taliban, and even Iran must get on track or face a sick future. It is not something anyone (except democrats want and I am so glad my family left the DNC a long time ago), but like a serious wound, it must be healed and sometimes that requires amputation and heavy duty meds. You are showing ignorance and compare the Japanese killed v. ISIS and many more thousands. Your concept and remarks only point out you need to do more research with honesty and not prejudice.

          50. anibanib says

            Two comments in the past hour and you still babble and dont make any sense, I live in Europé during WW2,and know more real history than you will find in books

          51. Ken/FL says

            At least with warning so they had the choice of surrendering.

          52. anibanib says

            FRIGGING Liar…………

          53. Ken/FL says

            Flyers were dropped warning people to remove themselves or suffer the consequences.

          54. anibanib says


          55. Pam Dunn says

            Thanks for proving that you ARE INDEED a totally ignorant moron and a pig with no brains.

          56. anibanib says

            And what are your replying to,the murdering of Japanese men women and Children civilians or what????????

          57. mudguy1 says

            America is being raped by Democrats and by the illegals that they have let in to our country. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7cdbe84bd77ab6fafd8456e5b7831ed340b11ad31ab47757f2545d717e43bba.jpg

          58. Ken/FL says

            There is a long list the Clintons took care of, more notches for the (d)emocrats.

        2. Mustafa Curtess says

          But then there are the Bush’s – that blow your theory out of the water. They started wars that NOBODY seems to even WANT to end.

          1. SDofAZ says

            They are rinos and NWO elites. They are not GOP unless you like dynasty statistics. And the never want to end the wars goes back to the crusades. It is a long term thing and it seems both sides have some idiots around.

          2. Ken/FL says

            It’s the liberals who don’t want o finish the wars, it looks like Trump will end that.

    3. SDofAZ says

      As usual, the dem wits LIED. When is the country going to understand that dem wits ALL LIE ALL THE TIME! And I think rinos are getting pretty much the same but they are all the enemy within and so is the media.

    4. anibanib says

      The USA acted and CHILDREN died

      1. jaybird says

        Terrorist acted and Swedish people died. Keep sticking your head in the sand.

        1. anibanib says

          When…………2 swedes a brit and a guy from holland oh, and a dog…….check your own terrorist actions in the USA totals are in the 100s, and then you kill each other….about 80 a day……..you guys dont need terrorists…………..better if the opened fast food places, kill you guys with food………….OBESE Yanks, they will ev sink the USA

    5. Germansmith says

      OBama’s intentions was NOT to get involved in another ME war but to eliminate the chemical weapons from been used in Syria and Russia GUARANTEED the removal as long as we did not hit Assad.
      It was Assad and the Russians that lied….NOW you being a “SOUTHERN PATRIOT” and all (is that a euphemism for hardcore confederate?) and you want to believe the blacks also lied….you are entitled to your opinion…..probably wrong

      1. jaybird says

        Where was the word “blacks” mentioned? Just like a “Liberal” wanting to put words in people’s mouth all the time.

        1. Germansmith says

          I can read between the lines Bubba…….do not think you are either clever or smart
          and I am anything but a “liberal”

          1. jaybird says

            RIGHT! SURE!

          2. Mustafa Curtess says

            “Reading between the lines” = “Putting words in others’ mouths”.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You on drugs or just that stupid?

        That half honky’s intent was to do what ever he could to help his moslem(sic) brothers and hurt our way of life.

      3. SouthernPatriot says

        You are an idiot. I know more whites that lie, than blacks and you are one. Most of my foremen are black or Hispanic and have worked for me up to 28 years now. I am from a long lineage of vets back to the War of 1812. None of my family ever owned slaves of any kind. Are you a Yankee who did own slaves 6 months less than the South? Quit spewing crap. Obama had his sycophants and himself get out and brag that they had rid Syria of chemical weapons by negotiation. That was a lie.

        Your recollection of history is pitiful. God does not change history, but you do…demented Democrats do. Just like Obama lied about me keeping my physician and healthcare. and lowering the cost. I pay the healthcare for my workers and staff and for my family. All the costs went through the roof because of Obama. Premiums more than doubled, co-payments doubled and deductibles increased triple.

    6. Susan Short says

      Obama, Rice, Kerry, and throw in the Clintons also, are total LIARS! LIARS!

    7. Obie Miller says

      A very good post, SouthernPatriot!

    8. anibanib says

      And now the USA has a new CIC who lies all of the time,then lies about the lies he told earlier……………its all very confusing

    9. Rosech Levy says

      SouthernPatriot and yet no one did anything about it, leading to more misery everywhere and not just in Syria. The clean up will take more time but with Trump will get done. All those who support ISIS here and elsewhere will not be happy but try to do whatever they can to castigate Trump and America, but that is not anything we have not undergone before, starting back with King George and our Founding Fathers. We won then and we will win again and gain more faith and credence in the world for becoming once more that “beacon on the hill”. God is back with us and they just can’t stand that and will continue to push evil elite globalist communism till they die and they will!

    10. Thomjeff says

      At this point in time, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ” HRC
      Amb. Chris Stephens
      Sean Smith
      Glen Doherty
      Tyrone Woods
      (God Bless these patriots)

  5. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

    Assad didn’t do this. It’s the US-backed jihadis who have been proven to have used gas 50-plus times in Syria. If A robbed Bank #1 and Bank #2 in the neighborhood, who do you think robbed Bank #3 in same neighborhood? It’s the PIPELINE, stupid. As well as salting battlefield for Greater
    Israel and, oh, BTW attendant trafficking in weapons; drugs; people, including children; and human organs (on the hoof, so to speak) all by CIA-DYNCORP. SOS.

    1. Duane says

      What are you talking about???

    2. Mathew Molk says

      You sure it wasn’t the Klu Klux Klan? Then maybe the Boy Scouts or the NAACP?

  6. Redcat5 says

    Tillerson is such a great SOS. Hillary was constantly sleeping on the job or trying to figure out ways to make herself money.

    1. SDofAZ says

      And don’t forget Kerry, he was an equally worthless replacement! And they had eight years between them to do the job. Give Tillerson some time at least more that a few months! He will apply pressure to even Russia.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Already did that, and all they have done is wine about it.

    2. anibanib says


      1. Mike W says

        Yes she was. But I prefer to call her Secretary of Take – she sure got rich at it.

        1. anibanib says

          I thought Tillerson was a male………..looks like one…… one of the old ones who should have been turned out to pasture years ago

          1. Mike W says

            What idiot gave you a G.E.D.? Your parents much have been rich enough to bribe somebody.

          2. anibanib says

            Not being a gullible YANK…..what is a G E D

          3. Mustafa Curtess says

            “General Educational Development”. Very commonly used in the military for men who may have left Highschool before graduating. It evaluates experience and practical education in place of what a student would have learned in high school. It is accepted as the equivalent of a HS diploma for all purposes. A testing program once administered by the Armed Forces Institute at a college in Madison, Wisconsin – as I recall. (for military personnel). Anybody that doesn’t pass has access to correspondence courses to prepare him to do so. I’m familiar because I used it to qualify to begin college in the second year and it was very successful. I have no idea how it is done in civilian life – but the military program was no joke. I’ve never understood why it is used as an insult – but maybe there is a reason. (Considering how our public school system has declined, maybe it is now easier to get a GED than before?) Nobody HAD to do it – so I respected those that did.
            In my generation (before welfare) it was not uncommon for a teen age son to find himself the sole bread-winner for a family – making highschool impossible. ( And there were drop-outs as well). This program made it possible for such dis-advantaged youngsters to qualify for a HS diploma.

          4. Ricarrdo estavans says

            In the majority of world cultures the elderly are respected for their knowledge. In our shallow culture the ignorant easily manipulated youth are placed on the pedestal and worshipped.

      2. Redcat5 says

        So is your avatar a picture of you or your mother ?

          1. Redcat5 says

            Oh, so that’s your mom? She really shouldn’t go topless…just sayin ?

          2. anibanib says

            You shouldnt joke about your new CIC

  7. John McClain says

    Did anyone notice “the U.S. allies” which praised our action were all “rebel forces”, likely responsible for the gas attack themselves, and the “jihadists” we opened Syria up to, as a “US sponsored foreign insurgency”, and there was never a “civil war”, only a deliberately fomented war, begun by obama, with his strong suppport for the Muslim Brotherhood, and taking down Egypt’s Treaty government completely illegally, with the U.S. fomenting this “unlawful wars” series while Europe cheers us on.
    Note also, the “aid workers” helping the victims are only sort of wearing protective gear, many have suits on, but not masks, many are in sandals or barefoot, and helping the victims, with bare hands. Were this a “sarin gas attack” every worker absent full protective equipment would be lying dead, along with all the victims. A single drop of sarin will paralyse within a minute and kill before another passes. Symptoms are immediate, two shots must be administered immediately for the victim to survive, and the nerve agent effects are permanent.
    This whole thing has been another attempt to paint a popularly elected President of a Sovereign Nation with “our way”, in order to “regime change”, something we’d be kind of hostile to if it were attempted here. The 2013 U.N. report, issued after Russia arrived, did an accounting with the U.N. of the weapons stockpile, and removed them, and in the report was stated the simple fact, at the end of the inspection, all weapons were gone, and there was never any grounds to even consider that attack as government, and again, a make-shift chemical attack for this precise purpose, to allow us to avoid the rule of law, and displace a leader and destroy a nation.
    The primary reason President Assad has been re-elected in monitored elections, is he keeps the peace, and maintains a secular government. Absent his presence, we can expect Syria to fall into the disarray we made of Iraq, having no plans worthy of speaking of, to manage the dozens of tribal hatreds, and leaving a nation thrown back a century at best, perhaps to its destruction, division, and assumption by those surrounding it.
    I retired from the Corps almost two decades ago, and I still have no idea why we entered Iraq, not the first time, although there was an act on Hussein’s part which should have been dealt with through diplomatic pressure, we had no cause for war.
    We have a list of dozens of Nations we have broken, torn down, worn down and weakened, and at the same time, we’ve surrounded those we’ve wounded by our actions, with U.N. sanctions and NATO, very real threats on their borders, and just sent a carrier group to Korea, because Kim Jong un knows well, the U.S. plans and executes regime change at will, and he has gone to great lengths to ensure if such is done to North Korea, we will pay for decades to come.
    Does anyone see the connection between an imperial U.S., weapons aimed at everyone, and everyone “having a bad attitude”? “We have seen the enemy, and he is us”. For a cartoon character, not old enough to ever have seen war, Pogo is remarkably brilliant.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    1. jimmy midnight says

      Thanks 4 a great, “Just the facts,” compilation. We keep breaking whole countries for reasons that more or less come down to presidential whims, turning them into the hells that war zones always R. And then we wonder why street-level people in these places don

    2. Mike W says

      “Did anyone notice “the U.S. allies” which praised our action were all “rebel forces”, You sound liberal so I’ll put it like this do you mean Germany, England & France or maybe Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer? I hardly think Clinton and Schumer are Trump allies.

  8. Mike W says

    Today in the news I read that Russia and Iran are warning us. Isn’t Ironic how Hillary brokered the deal to send 20% of our uranium to Russia and Obama gave Iran nuclear capabilities yet the liberals think that it is President Trump who is complicit with Russia? Seems to me that Obama and Clinton were either complicit or incompetent I guess the liberals can take their pick.

    1. anibanib says

      WOW Iran has nuclear capabilities…………their plans are to harness nuclear Power for peaceful purposes………now stop being stupid

      1. Starman535 says

        Your crystal ball gave you that information, I suppose. Or should I say “palantir”? Sauron has control over what you see in it.

        1. anibanib says

          No crystal ball needed, the facts are as I said, nuclear Power for peaceful purposes, even my own country is there helping……and we are one of the leading countries when it comes to nuclear power for energy

          1. Starman535 says

            So you believe those barbarian mullahs? The why are their nuclear research labs in underground bunkers? Why are they secret even to UN Atomic energy agency, who wanted to do the inspections to make sure there was no illicit weapons program? Give an apocalyptic barbarian like the Iranian Mullahs a nuclear weapon, and there is nothing to prevent them from using it. What city would they kill first, Tel Aviv, or New York? Personally, I’d rather burn them first, than give them the chance.

          2. anibanib says

            Perhaps the Iranians are following how the USA does things, all hidden and secret like………and just let a US president press that button without ever know the full extent of what will happen…….America has done it TWICE on Japanese civilians without knowing the consequences, and even today Japanese babies are still being born with body defect due to nuclear radiation………..andyou still have several 1000s of nukes hidden away somewhere……….just in case you get a loony in power

          3. Starman535 says

            Idiot – we were fighting a fanatical, homicidal foe in Imperial Japan. Would you have rather had an invasion, with perhaps 2-3 million casualties on all sides? How many cities have we burned since? Also, the firebombings of German and Japanese cities killed more people than the A-bomb did. Still, it had a shock value that ended WW-II immediately, not 6 months later.

          4. anibanib says

            F Y I, the main WW2 ended in May 1945……….the Pacific war was just a side show………and you Yanks just had to test TWO different A Bombs………….almost like for the fun of it………..all wars are murderous happenings

          5. Starman535 says

            Side show my ass! You need a history lesson, staring with the surprise attack that sunk the US Pacific Fleet battleships at anchor at Pearl Harbor. The Chinese would give you a real earful on that score, as would a lot of Veteran Marines who fought from Guadalcanal to Okinawa.

          6. anibanib says

            Like I said a side show………..many brave Americans died………so you say it was a surprise attack……….screen watched asleep on duty, or so gullible that WHO WOULD DARE attack the USA……………be very careful what you dont want, a surpriseattack from Russia

          7. Starman535 says

            The Russians are not barbarian fanatics, nor are they irrational. They know we will not attack them, and they will not attack us. Both nations have essentially undetectable ballistic missile submarines that can launch a devastating counter-attack on the other. That is why they tend to act against our interests using proxies, and we repay the compliment. Both sides act responsibly toward the other, and Pres. Trump is different from his predecessor in that he has demonstrated that he means what he says.

          8. Starman535 says

            They were not asleep. You impugn their honor. There was a flight of B-17’s due in a Pearl at about the same time, and the primitive radar at the time could not tell the difference between a raid and a friendly. At that time, there was no IFF. All ID’s had to be done visually. You are woefully ignorant of history.

          9. anibanib says

            So you too have seen the Hollywood crap about the B17s………..and for your info British night fighters were using radar long Before you yanksknew the meaning fo the Word…………I do jut happen to know more about real history, I live thru it, not read it in a book or saw a film about the war

          10. Starman535 says

            The Brits and Germans both developed Radar before we did, and when the war started, Churchill sent the plans for that and several other advances (like jet engines and ASDL) to us in partial recompense for 50 destroyers sent to Britain to aid them in their U-boat war. You say I never lived through history, although the Vietnam war was on the news when I was growing up. Also, the B-17 flight to Hickam Field in Hawaii came from DoD Archives, and the flight DID arrive about 9 AM Hawaii time, after the Japanese strike was over. Not a hollywood movie after all. My own father was a veteran of the war in Europe, and my older brother was in the Navy during Vietnam. What about you – a Red Army vet? or simply a flat-earther who believes all sorts of leftist crap?

          11. MeanGene155 says

            Hey stoopid. The Japanese should have thought more deeply about trying to conquer the world. They had ample warning and continued on their quest. Don’t do a crime if you can’t do the time.

          12. Joseph Carrilho says

            Sweden? The “rape capitol” of the world? Fix your own problems first.

          13. anibanib says

            Until you know how rape numbers get so high in Sweden,perhaps you should shut your gob……….in actual fact rape in the USA is much higher than in Sweden……….the only difference is that rape in the USA is a hidden pleasure for randy men, who rape their wives, their daughters and daughters kids

          14. Joseph Carrilho says

            Best do something about your RAPEfugee situation.

          15. anibanib says

            What is a RAPEFUGEE…………you appear to know an awful lot about RAPE………..bet you have rape a few women and pigs and small sheep

          16. Joseph Carrilho says

            If you can’t figure it out, theres no sense in explaining because
            you must be ignorant (to ignore). Wake up !

          17. anibanib says

            Are you a Yank, and if you are how do you expect a European who speaks correct English, not the slime babble you guys use

          18. Joseph Carrilho says

            Stay in your “blissful” state of ignorance.
            A 15 y. o. could figure it out.

          19. anibanib says

            Be careful about using Words of more than ONE silly bull…..you wont be able to understand your own comments

          20. Joseph Carrilho says

            …..”silly” is common word used by trolls, like YOU.

          21. anibanib says

            I am Swedish,the home of the trolls…………not what Yanks call trolls

          22. Mustafa Curtess says

            Nice, convincing, well- thought-out rebuttal. Kudos!

          23. anibanib says

            And I didnt even swear

          24. Mustafa Curtess says

            That is what I have tried to point out for decades. Nobody wants to hear it – because it doesn’t fit their pet narrative. Mentioning facts on here is very lonely business.

          25. anibanib says

            I doubt that this could ever happen………BUT…………if a husband came home slightly drunk and with force try to have sex with his wife………….every night for a whole month……….she could report attempted rape 31 times in that month………..likewise if the wife tried to have sex with her husband………..he too could report attempted rape on 31 ocassions

          26. Mustafa Curtess says

            Interesting conundrum – but husband needn’t be intoxicated. Just normally horny.
            The first time my wife heard about “marital rape” (she was new to U.S. society at the time) she literally laughed so hard she wet her panties.
            “Big Deal! I don’t always “feel like” cooking a meal or doing the dishes, either – but I do it anyway.”
            What a hysterical, overly-sophisticated, society we have become – when one person’s “feelings” is given precedent over another persons “rights”.

          27. amavistis says

            And, yet again,your awesome religious teaching, the man’s ‘right’ to do what he pleases when he pleases with his wife’s body. Of course judging from all the rapes by muslim refugees, I guess it’s all females bodies, all ages even. No wonder you got a bride from over seas, no American would tolerate you. That’s why you hate America, isn’t it. Sex and oppression of women on the muslim brain.

          28. Mustafa Curtess says

            Sounds as if you really believe all that bigoted BS. I am far from convinced about the “rapes” done by Muslim refugees. One sees what one is programmed by bigotry to see – and then exaggerates it.
            I make no apologies for a satisfactory sex life. Sorry that you missed it.

          29. Mustafa Curtess says

            Lol! How many times does it have to happen before it becomes a “crime”?

          30. anibanib says

            If the offended person,man or woman reports the offence then it is logged as a crime……no matter howmany times it is reported, then each time is a new offence, one a week, 5 times a week, 20 times a month etc etc…………..RAPE hardly ever happens in schools or colleges here in Sweden………..unlike in the USA……..its almost standard procedure that the males must rape someone just so that they “”can belong to the club””…………and as rape in the USA is very seldom reported, as little as 17% of rapes are reported to the police and not all are logged in to the files………US police say, why bother…..RAPE is part of the way of Life in the USA………….

          31. Mustafa Curtess says

            I was not aware that I was discussing with a citizen of a foreign country. You have a very romantic opinion of what little you can know about USAmerican society. It is very wrong to view another country from the perspective of one’s own. (Something that we Americans do freely – for which I apologize.) Sweden and the U.S. actually have NOTHING of social importance in common.
            On the issue of “rape” – I am told that it is rarely a sexual issue – and instead is an anti-social issue. I have no personal experience with rape – so I have nothing to base an informed opinion on. And if I did – it would only apply to MY society – and not yours. I suspect that the Swedes (Europeans in general) are not nearly so sexually repressed as Americans are – and if so, that would alter the picture and the statistics dramatically.
            That in itself probably accounts for the seeming prevalence of rape in the USA.

          32. anibanib says

            Yes that is true, but its fun annoying the indoctrinated masses

          33. Mustafa Curtess says

            Um – I’m not so sure about the ” fun” part. (But now that you mention it – maybe that has begun to mitigate for the verbal insults. I’ve come to recognize that as the response to having made an “annoying” point.)
            By Golly! Maybe it IS “fun”! Thanks for that insight!

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world and if you tell me it’s for peaceful purposes, I have a bridge for sale. Liberals are so naive.

        1. Aussie87 says

          Typical stupid poo food eating yank are you??? Yup… thought so!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Just obviously more informed than you.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Spoken by a guy who comes from a country of prison inmates, TPT! In my country that means trailer park trash.

        2. Mustafa Curtess says

          You people have “terrorism” on the brain! Your estimate for anybody that questions USA foreign policy in any way.
          Just face it: The more we try to rule the world – the more (and more extreme) opposition there will be to it. We are already bankrupting ourselves in the process (Yeah! $20 Trillion is a lot eaier to say – than it is to pay the interest on). But do we have to reach “rock-bottom” – before anybody will CARE?

          1. mac12sam12 says

            I agree that we should have stayed out of the ME and if we had, there would still be terrorism.

            You’re an Obama voter and you worry about the debt? An oxymoron.

          2. Mustafa Curtess says

            I have confessed that I voted for Obama the first time. He articulated far more promise than the alternative McCain-Palin. (REALLY?) Knowing how unstable and dangerous Mc Cain was – voting for his (poorly-opposed) opponent was a “no-brainer” – even having my Republican convictions.
            Fast-forward to 2016 – the choice between a known corrupt and criminal candidate vs a promising and decent candidate with a credible, well-articulated platform (and no “baggage”) was an even easier choice.
            All that we have learned about Obama, plus what more we have learned about Hillary, since Nov. ’16 – justifies the choice even further. I am not a “herd animal” and I make no apologies for being alone in that opinion. (Even so – I’m sometimes called a “libturd”. So be it.)
            I recognize that “terrorism” has been part of life forever – but it was more of a politically-generated “nuisance” – than it was the organized global threat that now seems to be an extreme Islamic “resistance” movement.)
            Colonial powers have always experienced it (and indeed may have considered the American Revolutionary movement to be no more than “terrorism”). How conveniently and sanctimoniously we forget.

      3. Ricarrdo estavans says

        button pusher

        1. anibanib says

          and you are what……..a dick squeezer

          1. Ricarrdo estavans says

            Your projecting. It takes one to know one.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        OK, you win. You have been blocked.

        1. anibanib says

          Thanks Matty the MILKMAN

      5. Mustafa Curtess says

        Even if the Iranians do have defensive nuclear weapons (and I suspect that they do) – seems that considering the hostility surrounding them – they may be justified.
        After the “Bay Of Pigs” invasion by the U.S. – I had to begrudge the Cubans their missile defenses. Our Cuba policy has always been driven by the Cuban Mafia that ran to Miami before Castro could bring them to justice. Some are now in U.S. politics. (Comforting thought?)

        1. anibanib says

          Actually Iran does not have nuclear weapons……….and like you said, it could be justified……….in such a troubled area of the World………many countries do have nuclear weapons,some did it all by themselves, some were supplied by the USA over the past few decades……..and now since the fall of the USSR, most of the former USSR satellite nation are now independent sovereign nations……..which pleases the USAs military might………now the USA have troops and weapons and military facilities in almost all of these former countries, fromLatvia on the Baltic coast, right across Europé as far as the border to Siberia, and many of these countries now have US nuclear weapons………..it is such a very comforting idea the USA has, that if Russia makes a move, the Mighty USA is there to protect the west…I mean, protect the USA

          1. Mustafa Curtess says

            You do realize that nobody can actually “win” a nuclear war. I know that it must be comforting to think that we could, and it’s just loads of fun to threaten people with our vastly superior arsenal. But still and all – we really should be careful not to start one.

          2. anibanib says

            Not start one…………we can Always live in hope,but when there are lunatics running the show now, and they all read the same hymn sheet…………who knows………….I doubt it will happen, but if it does, the USA as Americans see it today WILL BE destroyed, both Russia and the USA have about the same number of nuclear weapons, but they are not the tiny “firecrackers” that were used on japan in 45, they are far more powerful, some as big as 20 megatons, one would make quite a mess of New York

    2. Theresa Petruzzi says

      Very well put! Wake up America!!

  9. onewldindian says

    Russia has only one reason to cater to Assad. A tactical seaport. It is very suspicious why Putin is in cahoots with Iran. Eventually, they will have more than they can handle with Islam. They are fools if they think otherwise.

  10. junkmailbin says

    The UN is the greatest power in not stopping inhuman actions by governments and groups except for jumping on Israel and the uSA.
    The Russians are only interested in gaining prestige in the world not in human rights

    1. anibanib says

      Russia is bo longer a country that Controls others, the USA is however, military in 182 countries, complete Control over NATO countries, nuclear weapons installed in many countries from Western Europé right across central ASIAN countries to the Siberian border, completely surrounding Russia with NUKES……….stupid plucking Yankee Jerks

      1. Mustafa Curtess says

        Very true. From what I saw – if a country INVITED Russia (Like Egypt did to build the Aswan Dam) the Russians are good about leaving when they are asked to. (And being strictly secular – the Russians don’t interfere with the host country’s religion, either – which the U.S. somehow can’t RESIST doing.) (The Soviet experience in Afghanistan was an exception – and it got its fingers burned.) This reputation encourages countries to go to the Russians for whatever assistance they may need. (Once the USA gets in – it NEVER leaves peacefully.)

  11. glorybe2 says

    Well after the botched trump raid with all of those tomahawk missiles doing next to nothing I think we can say that trump botched the job on Syria as well. How many millions did the 50 plus missiles cost to deploy?

  12. CCblogging says

    The article link below says exactly what I have been warning people about. The Syrian gassing was a false flag event and people are falling for it. Look at the picture of the man using his bare hands to pick up a supposed Syrian child victim who supposedly died from Sarin gas. That man would be dead within minutes. There’s your proof that this was indeed staged. This is not the first false flag operation the Deep State has implemented. I live in a nation of gullible fools!


    1. Mathew Molk says

      Word I got was it was chlorine. – A choking gas that dissipates in the wind.

      My primary MOS was 12A10, “pioneer combat engineer” and we received rather extensive training in CBR (CBN) warfare and I got additional CBR training in OCS…..So what was YOUR MOS or did you get your “training” in some snowflake safe zone?

      1. CCblogging says

        First off, where did you get your info? Secondly, you hawk your credentials like that proves something. You idiots want a shooting war with Russia and that’s pretty stupid. I have two questions for you. Has our government ever lied to we the people. Second question, do you have a bomb shelter genius?

    2. mrpoohead says

      ………..but you know nothing.

  13. Jerry says

    Here is something to think about, we all know the global elites want the us in a war with Russia, Obama proved it in his last month in office, the Democrats are all set in this Russia messed with our elections, trying to get Put in pissed enough to provoke President Trump, what if Syria didn’t do it? What if the global elites were responsible instead? They got Trump to bomb Syria, which in turn pissed off Putin, stirred the pot of crap in North Korea, got Iran pissed off, Putin said Syria doesnt have sarin gas, he don’t want his army gassed, look at some of the injuries, head injuries, gas don’t cause head injuries, 250 injuried, how many were kidnapped and taken prisone from I don’t remember where, why weren’t the white hat helpers wearing gloves, if it were a sarin gas attack they would have needed full isolation suits or risk injury to themselves, just asking if it was possibly a false flag to involve a large war involving Russia

    1. anibanib says

      You are only seeing the Pictures of injured and dead women and Children in Syria, that your government wants you to see………..you guys havent got the stomach for the real Pictures, dont both looking on You Tube either, Pictures and videos have been checked Before or rmoved as soon as they appear………..

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        I have seen a lot of footage of what is happening in Sweden
        and the rest of Europe. Are you ALL suicidal?

        1. anibanib says

          Seen a lot of footage of what is happening in Sweden……and what kind of footage would that be………..we too in Europé see footage every day of murders, highjacks, terrorist attacks in the USA……..you guys are killing each other at a rate of 80 person a day……….here is Sweden we might get to 50 murders a YEAR

          1. CCblogging says

            Be patient. You Swedes have imported Muslims in massive amouts. You

          2. anibanib says

            Did we,now that is a surprise for me………..have you been Reading Fox news and Brietbart…………just a load of lies………you see I live in Sweden so I know the true facts

          3. Joseph Carrilho says

            You’re funny; not “ha ha funny” though.

          4. anibanib says

            Oh I am funny, you should see me naked…………..its ugge, really really ugge

          5. Joseph Carrilho says

            How colorful, inappropriate but colorful.
            You “funny” about sex too?

          6. CCblogging says

            I read many media’s and I can tell that you are a liar. You idiots are giving up your nation to Islam. Enjoy it.

          7. anibanib says

            If you are Reading US media or the British media,then you are so gullible to Believe what they write…………mostly LIES

          8. anibanib says

            ……..giving up a nation, that has about 9800000 true christian believers……..and we have perhaps 250000 muslims…………and I can guarantee you, that the majority WILL be returning home as soon as the wars, conflicts, interference from the USA and Russia………..has finished……….a Cold climate -36C was recorded 2 weeks ago, 21 hrsof almost darkness 6 months a year………..even you wouldnt want to live in a climate like that

          9. CCblogging says

            What are you pussified Swedish men going to do about your huge spike in crime from your very stupidly importing massive numbers of Jihadists? How many of your women have to be raped before you cowards do something about it?

          10. anibanib says

            Swedes are not pussified………..Swedes arrested many CIA agents a few years back when they entered Sweden with false visas…………..everybody knows what a CIAagents looks like, they are MEN, wear black suits and sunglasses at all times……..they WERE arrested, weapons taken from them…………..its illegals to carry here in Sweden, and they were put on the first plane back to the USA……..and the funny thing is,the USA never made a complaint……..same when US spy planesare chasedout of Russia air space, USpilots ask can we flyover Swedish airspace…….the answer is Always NOPE…….and we do not have a spike in crime,and Muslims are not the reason more rapes are recorded, but asyou have #hite for Brains you wouldnt understand how Swedish sexual harressment law works

          11. CCblogging says

            You dumb Swedes have surrendered to Islam. You cowards can’t even go into parts of Malmo because of Muslims. Europe has committed cultural suicide and you slow Swedes are waving the white flag. Stupid people.

          12. mrpoohead says

            Drivel – Muslims still make up no more than 2% of the population and Malmo remains very safe compared to US cities.

          13. CCblogging says

            BS, I read all about the rapes and killings. There are sections of Malmo that the cops don’t even venture into. Try again poophead.

          14. mrpoohead says

            You read drivel in Alt-right “fake” news. Try the Malmo paper – don’t worry they translate. Now what can you find – zip. An incident does not make it a war-zone – try again. Link below!

            Of course you could just stick to “fake” Alt-right news – produced for the narrow-minded and ignorant! Malmo paper is center-right politically. Good luck! “No go zon” is Swedish for no go zone. Duh!

          15. anibanib says

            The only stupid people are the American stupid people who Believe the lies and made up stories about Malmö, and other areas…..stories made up by American media sites who dont even have reporters here in Sweden………….butlike most Yanks they are good at making up stories and most of you Believe them, either you Watch too much Hollywood crap or your head is Always up your rectum

          16. CCblogging says

            Does the truth hurt that bad you Swedish meathead.

          17. anibanib says

            You wouldnt know the truth about Sweden if it hit you Square in your gob

          18. CCblogging says

            I read yesterday that you dumb Swedes are talking about banning trucks to prevent terrorism. If you dummies had a clue, you would ban Muslims but you have surrendered to Islam. Are yall also banning knives, hammers, sewing machine, airplanes, garlic, etc. snicker.

          19. anibanib says

            See,you do read Yankee drivel, we are not banning trucks, weare going tomake it impossible for someone to steal a truch, whilst itis being unloaded………….we donot ban muslims, and we have not surrendered to Islam, whereas you Yankee pigs dont need refugees in, you murder each other….34000 a year……….what a load of focking crap the USA is

          20. CCblogging says

            So you are a Swedish raghead. How many Swedes have you mussies killed anyway.

          21. anibanib says

            Nope, NOT Swedish raghead, a real Swedish caucasian, white as well……..your turn now wussie mussie

          22. CCblogging says

            Swedish ragheads and real Swedes are both beyond stupid.

          23. anibanib says


          24. mrpoohead says

            No spike in crime – rape rocketed but that’s because it is now classified differently. Includes squeezing a ladies behind – actual physical rape lower in all of W Europe than US, where the homicide rate is five to ten times that of our peers and considerably higher than many Middle Eastern countries. Where’s the toilet – USA, USA!

          25. CCblogging says

            ha, ha, you are a profound liar but entertaining.

          26. mrpoohead says

            I only do facts – stuff opinion. I pay $10,000 for refuting fact with reputable reference. Good luck!

          27. CCblogging says

            Like I said, a profound liar but entertaining ha, ha, You Swedes are so dumb. $10,000? ha. ha, ha! Give me more please!

          28. mrpoohead says

            But you have no substance or you’d collect – fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          29. CCblogging says

            why have you stopped posting under the poster name “anibanib”? I notice everything and I can read a poster’s writing style immediately. I also noticed that poophead and anibanib always give themselves one up vote. You Swedes are so entertaining.

          30. mrpoohead says

            I suggest you stop thinking too much – it obviously is too difficult for you. No other name – hard enough remembering one moniker. Plus, definitely not Swedish. Plus my style is considerably more eloquent – thank you very much.

          31. Mustafa Curtess says

            Excellent Point! Ditto Here in the USA. Maybe 1 % Muslims – and some shit-stirring fools are going ballistic – saying we are going to be forced to become a Muslim country and live under Sharia Law. How did a nation that dumb manage to send a man to the moon and back?

          32. anibanib says

            Good Point………and if my memory serves me well, its was the Brains of an Ex Nazi rocket scientist that was behind it

          33. Mustafa Curtess says

            The name Werner vonBraun comes to mind. I guess it was good that we got him before the Soviets did. I vaguely remember some grumbling because he wasn’t proscuted as a Nazi war criminal because he was involved in the “V” bombing of London from Peenemunde but he was too valuable to hang..But still the Soviets put the first satellite up. I remember seeing it in the night sky. “Sputnik”.

          34. anibanib says

            You dont have to remind me of the “doodlebugs” and the rocket attacks on SE England, I was there going on 10………the “doodlebugs” couldbe Heard…………but the rockets just came from nowhere………….just like they will again, if Drumpy gets his fingers on the buttons

          35. Mustafa Curtess says

            My apologies. “An Ex Nazi rocket scientist” implied that you were vague about it. (Also I was curious if my own memory was correct.)
            “Drumpy”already HAS his “fingers on the buttons” – and most of his supporters seem to be encouraging him to use them. (Believing that our “Patriot” anti -missile defense system is 100% effective – and praying to witness their Prophecy of “Armageddon” Fulfilled during their own lifetime, in any case.)

          36. anibanib says

            If war does come to the USA, they are in for a very nasty time……….its a huge difference between Hollywood Movie, where the USA Always wins……..and real Life………..it wont be trench warfare this time around……..there will be no warnings whatsoever……..Drumpy and his henchmen might be safe 60 meters under The White House,but not for long

          37. CCblogging says


          38. CCblogging says


          39. CCblogging says


          40. CCblogging says


          41. CCblogging says


        2. CCblogging says

          Only fools invite killers into their home. The Swedes were never known for being very bright.

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Check out the real photos at this site. barenakedislam.com

    2. jaybird says

      Do you think they had full isolation suits available?? Head injuries-there was destruction all around did the gas containers explode??

      I think the Global elites and the military industrial complex will push us into a war. Didn’t Dwight Eisenhower warn JFK about them in his letter.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        DDE warned us ALL in his farewell speech.

        1. jaybird says

          He sure did and they are trying to suck us in. It is a money making program for them and population control.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            Big pharma learned their dirty trick too… Money, control, and eugenics.

    3. CCblogging says

      Jerry it was a false flag event. Look at this link and the picture of a man picking up a child who supposedly died from Sarin gas. He has no gloves on and that would kill him in minutes. One of the moronic Soros posters here said Sarin wouldn’t kill him. However, look at the protective suits, breathing masks and that guy is using his bare hands. I ain’t buying the Deep State’s BS.

      1. Jerry says

        I seen that no glove thing, sarin can kill by contact, he would be dead in mere minutes, Trump fell for it, The Global Elites want a wart between the US and Russia, Obama proved it the last month of his term

        1. CCblogging says

          Our fellow Americans are following like sheep to the slaughter house. The Russians are fed up with our ME nonsense.

  14. anibanib says

    So if Russia failed to keep Syria in line, then the same applies to the USA for failing to keep all the countries where the USA have military stationed there……..and its a very big number……….so what I say is for the USA to Clean up their messes Before attacking Russia

    1. kanewas says

      Trumps working on it!

  15. Joseph Carrilho says

    I didn’t know it was Russia’s job to police Syria. I do know it is NOT America’s job…….

    1. CCblogging says


    2. kanewas says

      It was one of those red line and treaties that O Bummer made with Russia and Syria, Trump just enforced it! If it was one of the Globalists in charge we’d already be in a war! Trump just destroys a cash of chemical weapons that should not be in existence; let’s hope Putin sees his mistake, it wasn’t like Putin didn’t get a warning?

  16. Germansmith says

    Oh the Russians……
    The owners of the largest country in the world which did not get to that size by playing nice and fair
    The same Russians that keep most of their people in virtual slavery until the XX century.
    The same Russians that shaped mines like colorful toys in Afghanistan so children would try to pick them up.
    The same Russians that interfered in the elections of most European countries and we are WONDERING if they interfered in ours.
    The same Russians that had (and still have) the biggest biological, nuclear and chemical stockpiles of weapon in the world.
    The Russian Mafia makes the Cosa Nostra and Colombian Cartels look like school nuns.
    The Russians play by a different set of rules shaped by their history and culture…..OF COURSE they are GUILTY..Who do you think gave the ability to Syrians to make and deploy chemical weapons?

    1. anibanib says

      Of the Americans……………about 47 million living in poverty
      …………………………………….about 44 million living on government handouts
      98 million adults of working age without a job……and slavery is still rife in the USA……..many millions of illegals work for $2an hour

      1. Germansmith says

        Yes, we have our problems and voters decided it needs to get worst
        What is your point? Russians are better than Americans?
        Who is hiring illegals at $2 an hour.?……should we build a useless 30 billion dollar wall because we do not want to penalize those employers that hire people they knew to be illegal?
        RIFE slavery is another hyperbole…Yes there are people in illegal slavery in the USA (mostly in prostitution and housework), but we have laws to protect them if they go to the authorities

        1. anibanib says

          Many farmers in the Southern state hie illegals for the vege and fruit picking,cos if the farmers had to pay a living wage of about $28 an hour, imagine what the prices would be in the stores

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            It least they are producing something.
            Sweden GIVES everything to their [ bull shit ] refugees.

          2. kanewas says

            A machine solves the need for slavery issue

          3. anibanib says

            Thats true, many machines do pick fruit and vegetables…….but not every type of fruit or vegetables………..strawberries,apples,pears……just to mention a few

      2. kanewas says

        We’ll ship the illegals out and replace them with robotics.

    2. Joseph Carrilho says

      Give it up. The “Russian Card” is worn out as is the “race card” – the USSR is dead.

    3. CCblogging says

      You morons want a war with Russia don’t you? Well, big man, strap on your weapon and head to Syria.

      1. kanewas says

        This is one of those tests that a new administration gets when in office; it’s a sign that the status quoi has been change. If Russia is smart they’ll start upholding their part of agreement, as I would really like to see them on our side. No matter how U look at it they broke the arrangement they had with the US!

        1. CCblogging says

          You are being mislead by the media’s which are controlled by the Globalist Elite’s Deep State. I have seen proof that it’s a false flag event and before you call me a liberal, progressive or a fool let me say this. I am a Constitutionalist and a Conservative. I voted for Trump but not for more of Obama’s and Bush’s ME style nonsense. I did not vote for a war with the Russians sir. I did not vote for poking the bear!

  17. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Why would Assad do this. Another false flag. This smells like another mossad operation. Those effing khazars. I do not believe anything the repubicans or the democraps spoon feed me.

    1. kanewas says

      I thought this too until I saw the pictures of the destroyed hangers with chemical weapons stacked up around it! Now even if Assad is innocent of the attack taking into reason this entire cash of weapon should have been disposed of in 2014, this was O bummer’s treaty with Russia and Syria, and it takes Trump to enforce O Bummers red line!

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Photo shop, Empty boxes, empty containers, who placed them there, are they really on Syrian property, so many destroyed buildings in the middle east it could be anywhere. So many bullschit lies to protect the real guilty ones so little time. If we the peasants have never been lied to and manipulated in the past maybe I could believe this. Have you noticed how many countries and dictators have been toppled. Libya for gold, Iraq for oil, now Syria as a pathway to the entire middle east. I don’t believe the controlled media, not one bit Prepare for never ending war. CUI BONO.

        1. kanewas says

          It does bother me that all the Rinos, Globalists, and Communist are jumping up and down with joy! Just because I know Russia is one of the last Christian counties standing, and I would hate for our Christian nation to help bring it down for those damn Muslim hoards!

          YEAH I HAVE! I’m hoping that cool heads prevail because I’m sure the Kabul is prodding both sides. I believe we need Russia on our side. What do we do, it’s been done, let’s hope it works out for the best! there are a lot of questions to be answered?

  18. Mathew Molk says

    I think the Ruakies wanted to see what would happen if their stinking moslems pals used WMDs,,,,,they found out,,,,, and all they have done about what we did is cry about it like a little girl. Hey snowflakes…now who looks like whimp?

  19. Larry Brule says


  20. MichaelZZ says


    Within President Trump’s narrative:
    I believe Bashar al-Assad has disrespected Russia and Mr. Putin, in particular, by using chemical warfare. He, apparently believed the world would not take any action against him, due to his thinking that Russia has his back. Mr. Putin should be livid with Bashar’s assumption.

    Russia is a great nation and all must assume its leaders had no part in Bashar’s horrendous actions.

    Hopefully, Mr. Putin is re-assessing his perception of Bashar, just as I have.

    This ugly event should act as a catalyst to stimulate the world to work together for the removal of Bashar al-Assad from his role as President of Syria, thereby helping all Syrians return to a peaceful existence.


    I hope it is not too late to adjust the rhetoric of President Trump, Ambassador Nikki Haley, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and others.

    Where are our “leaders”?


    1. CCblogging says

      You are being duped. Can you say Deep State?

      1. MichaelZZ says

        Great response! lol

        How am I being “duped”?

        Could it be you are the one being “duped”?


        1. CCblogging says

          I am too well informed to be duped. You are being played or you are playing. Not sure if you are devious or just ignorant……

          The Syrian gassing was a false flag event and people are falling for it. Look at the link beloe and the picture of the man using his bare hands to pick up a supposed Syrian child victim who supposedly died from Sarin gas. That man would be dead within minutes. There’s your proof that this was indeed staged. This is not the first false flag operation the Deep State has implemented.


  21. Jean says

    That’s what a real leader does, doesn’t he? Back up the lines he’s drawn? Not the one who just left office, certainly; he left us in a quagmire of a mess and he’s probably enjoying it.

  22. Mustafa Curtess says

    Everybody has chemical weapons. Supposedly Syria does not. That “chemical attack” was done by a third party to PROVOKE and legitimize further involvement in an issue in which we have no national security interest. The Syrian “revolution” is not a spontaneous, home-grown, situation. It was instigated by non-Syrian and Anti-Assad interests FOR foreign interests. It has become a humanitarian disaster – for which the legitimate , self-defensive, Syrian government is not responsible.
    Just another “stepping-stone” in the Israeli-American strategy to totally destroy the Arab Muslim world. (At the cost of another Trillion $ or two in debt – and a bunch more dead and disabled US military “cannon-fodder”.) When will we EVER learn?

    1. Tired... says

      I would like to think that you are kidding but sadly I don’t believe that you are. The intellectual leaps of faith necessary to reach that conclusion are astounding and fly in the face of reality. Trump’s response was to alert both the Russians and the Syrians that the attack was imminent so that a point could be made without escalation. This message was meant for more than the Syrians. Hatred for the U.S. will not dissipate just because we run from conflict…we have had eight years of that and the world is not better for it.

    2. Whaledriver says

      Israeli-American strategy? What’s your proof this exists? Heresay evidence only? Let’s see documents that prove this conspiracy exists, not news reports or articles in Ebony magazine.

      1. Mustafa Curtess says

        Who can “prove” anything critical of the Israelis? But there remains some issues worthy of building a reasonably thoughtful concept around .
        What IS the U.S. objection to Assad? (Only one SINGLE thing exists.) Syria supports Hamas – and Hamas has demonstrated that it can kick the Israeli’s asses on the ground. That was demonstrated in Israel’s last attempt to annex Lebanon. After all the damage and destruction – Hamas drove them out, recovered some Israeli-occupied territory, and gave them good reason to hesitate to try it again.
        Therefore: The Assad “regime” HAS to “go”.
        NOBODY in the Israeli neighborhood has any “rights” – except Israel. (Guaranteed by the unlimited and unquestioning might of earth’s ONLY “superpower”.)
        Doesn’t it even seem “strange”:.That the ONLY party that has ANYTHING to be gained by the overthrow of Assad and the destruction of Syria – isn’t participating in it?
        Hell No! – Let the USA do the “dirty work” – so the Israelis won’t be seen to have any more Arab blood on THEIR murderous hands.

        1. Whaledriver says

          Not a single link to a source to prove your points. So unless you’ve been directly involved in the action, you’re relating what you’ve heard from… the mainstream media? The New York Times? Mad Magazine?

        2. amavistis says

          Well “nominally muslim” certainly means jew-hater. Just like good old child rapist ‘prophet.’ I can afford a 1st class ticket to any muslim country you wish to inhabit. Just give up your US citizenship (no problem, you hate America anyway) and the ticket is yours. Good riddance, and bye-bye.

          1. Mustafa Curtess says

            Wow! You make some wild assumptions! “Jew Hater”? Just because I’m critical of Israel? “America hater”? Just because I want our country to be better, more safe, respected around the world? Put your ticket where the sun don’t shine, Hoss. America is my home and I’m not going ANYWHERE.

      2. Mustafa Curtess says

        “Ebony Magazine” ???? WTF? – over —

  23. Zaphod Braden says

    ISI should have been out of business years ago ….. Where are the sanctions on ISIS? ISIS never runs out of ammo or supplies ….. WHY?! That equipment is flowing into ISIS and we never shut it off …….. just like we never bombed their oil convoys (TO TURKEY) until the Russians did. We never bombed their miles long parades with flags until the RUSSIANS did.
    If Trump is going to reverse course this quickly, with so very LITTLE evidence or investigation, what if there is another “Newtown” shooting?! Will Trump issue an Executive Order to confiscate all guns???!!!
    WHO told you the Syrians used gas Pres. Trump? The “intelligence” community that is also accusing you of complicity with the Russians, That LIED about WMDs, that LIES about everything it touches. That has FAILED to grab Hillary’s servers for inspection after HOW MANY months?! F–K the “intelligence” community, it is not working for America.
    Then According to you, the “intelligence” community must be RIGHT about you and Putin.
    ISIS has been happily cutting people’s heads off, burning people alive in cages, on & on, and you want to tell me they would be squeamish about killing some kids for propaganda?! KMA.
    “Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children,” Trump said in remarks from Mar-a-Lago,…. “It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.” ………… So we will no longer provide cluster bombs, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, to Israel and Saudi Arabia? Will Trump bomb Israeli airbases the next time Israel uses Cluster Bombs, W.P., D.U., on Concentration Camp GAZA? Trump is going to demand Israel sign the NPT and open it’s nuclear facilities up to International inspection?

    Remember Madeline “I am a JEW??” Albright and “It was worth it” about 500,000 dead Iraqi babies?

    By the way, how many “dear little children” did TRUMP kill in that Yemen Seal attack? In HIS drone strikes and that bombing in Iraq?

    Each missile cost $1.41 million times 59 = $83.19MILLION plus other costs = at least $100MILLION to prove we are STUPID

    “As soon as I saw the ISIS guy insulting Trump, I knew it was only a short matter of time before he would feel the need to invade Syria. All that was missing was a false-flag to rally behind. Honestly, insulting him is the easiest way to control him. He has been trapped by his own narcissism”
    President Trump,
    ———————————— You were PLAYED. ——————————-
    One week after you eased off on Assad this “gas attack” miraculously happened .
    WHO PROFITS?! The Idiots that created the Nightmare in the Mideast to begin with.
    Get back to America FIRST.

  24. geneww1938 says

    Yes, they crossed the line and the bombs proved we do not agree.
    1. Please pray hard and long to not fall into the Shadow government (Establishment, Neocon, War monger McCain…) trap of escalating to war.
    2. If we wanted such an Industrial-Military complex supporting President we would have voted for Jeb Bush or some other slime of the establishment.
    3. The Industrial-Military (Soros, McCain …) complex of the shadow government does not make money during peace-times. They want off shore wars … They will escalate N. Korea which they have been supplying with nuclear energy [laughably for peace] since Bill Clinton days. These world bankers are very patient and will take decades to line up their investments.

  25. desertspeaks says

    Russia failed to keep Syria in line? What tangible facts does anyone have that they can personally attest to that Syria did anything? answer = NONE! All they have is hearsay propaganda being portrayed as the facts.. sorry but that doesn’t cut it for anyone but a mindless non questioning willfully ignorant moron!

    I would further point out; Why isn’t the US gvt keeping Saudi Arabia in line while the Saudi’s drop white phosphorus bombs on Yemeni’s??? Oh that war crime/crime against humanity is ok because the Saudi’s are the US govts favorite terrorist state of the day! CAN YOU SMELL THE HYPOCRISY YET?

    1. CCblogging says

      You are well informed, it was a false flag event. I have been warning people about the pipeline being the Deep State’s motivation for going after Assad. Check out this link below, It shows a man using his bare hands handling a supposedly Sarin gas victim, That man would be dead in minutes…..


    2. Mustafa Curtess says

      The Israelis used white phosphorous on Gaza, too. (Not even a “peep” of protest from the US.). Nasty stuff – w. phosphorous. Maybe close to sarin or chlorine gas. Just depends on who uses it.
      Interesting about pipelines and Syria. Iraq has been producing oil for a long time. Part of WW2 was about access to Iraqi oil. There had been a pipeline from Iraq thru Palestine beforevthe Zionosts took it over. So the line was diverted to Syria. Immediately during the U.S. occupation, the oil was simply re-diverted to Israel. So when “Qatar” ( U.S.puppet run by U.S. & European corporations) wanted to go thru Syria – it had a score to settle (nobody can trust the USA). Bear in mind that the problem with Afghanistan began because the U.S.
      wanted to build a pipeline across it (Congolisa Rice worked for that company at the time. “CalTex”?) which was OK with the Afghanis UNTIL it came with a U.S. military base to “protect” it. ( I never heard if it was eventually built, or not – but it is moot, since the U.S. got its bases WITHOUT the ruse of a pipeline.

  26. Susan Short says

    Of course Russia didn’t, they had no intention of keeping Syria in line! Odumbo’s “Red Line” didn’t exactly work either! The ONLY thing that worked with Hitler, with Kadafi, and will work with other dictators like Assad, is the Ronald Reagan approach! You blast their azz to kingdom come, because that is they only way they will ever get the message!

  27. Only Human says

    When American troops and armor were placed into Syria a few months ago it meant that the United States, Israel and Britain were not going to allow Assad and Putin to defeat ISIS/Rebels/Al Qaeda. The sovereign Syrian government forces were poised to complete their mission and eradicate the menace. Then the American forces landed. They were not invited they invaded. They came not to fight ISIS but to fight Assad. There was never any question. Will Shock and Awe be coming to Damascus. My feeling is Assad and Putin are going to be handed an ultimatum. Either Assad step down or there will be a pile of rubble where Damascus once stood.

  28. Robert Early says

    Russia is also guilty of this criminal behavior. Assad, Putin and Rouhani all need to be taken down without delay.

    1. CCblogging says
      1. Robert Early says

        You are a total leftist idiot. I suggest you seek professional help. You won’t find it here. A war is soon coming that you and others who share your mentality are not likely to survive. Cheers !

        1. CCblogging says

          First off you dumb ass, I am not your friend. Secondly, you’re too stupid to respond to. Leftist? Read some of my posts you simpleton.

          1. Robert Early says

            In about 20 minutes, I’ll.know who you are and where you are. I want to see how you talk to me face to face.

          2. CCblogging says

            Bring it on dumbass. I love to fight!

          3. Robert Early says

            See you soon. You won’t love it very long.

          4. CCblogging says

            ha, ha, you are at the least, entertaining. I just love dumbasses like you with your dumbass threats. Look dumbass, I spent 5 years in the ring and I shall roll you in the gravel if you dare to show up at my place. A word of caution, do not get out of your vehicle at my place with a weapon. Got that dumbass?

  29. Donovan Nin says

    >the U.S. will no longer stand aside and watch thuggish dictators murder and maim their own citizens?

    Like when the police gunned down 6-year Jeremy Mardis? Or when they shot 7-year old Aiyana Stanley-Jobes as she slept on her couch? Or like when they shook three month old Gunnar Page to death for resisting a rest?

    And then there is the case of police torturing Kelly Thomas to death. And then there was the time that cop was so afraid of the Slurpee he was forced to shoot that kid in the back. I forget the kid’s name; there are so many victims of the blues.

    Like Douglas Zerby. And Philandro Castille. And Walter Scott. And Dylan Noble… and … and … and …

    You might be next.

  30. Macka says

    If you had this Tillerson asshole in your cross hairs would you squeeze or freeze???
    I know what I would do in a flash! Grrr

  31. gotabgood says

    Anyone care to guess what Tillerson and Putin will be discussing?
    You think it will be the strike on the Syrian air field??? hahahaha
    Here is the real reason for the their meeting.. A TRILLION reasons.


  32. Huaimek says

    The above article adds to the US outpouring of half truths and lies , MSM Fake News .
    Russia agreed to inspect and remove all the chemical weapons that the Syrian government forces had . The Russians did that and so prevented the US and allies from directly going to war with Syria .
    The US is trying to say that Syria fired a chemical weapon , which would conveniently suit it , as yet there is NO investigation or proof . I believe it is another lie to justify the US directly attacking Syria .
    I am certain the truth is that Syrian forces bombed a terrorist arsenal which unfortunately contained poisonous gas . We have already been informed that ISIS is using chemical weapons in Iraq .

  33. anibanib says

    “”Let it be a warning””………are these Words from the idiot who wrote this article,or are they Words of warning from the USA…………..remember you GULLIBLE readers, the USA has since 1945 been in and out of most countries to “tell them” how to do things the American way……..a lot of times by FORCE,many times by bribing the countries dictators, often the USA gets rid of countries leaders if they dont do as the USA tells them to do………….so let this be a warning………..

    1. CCblogging says

      Sweden has already surrendered to Islam. Swedes are cowards.

      1. anibanib says

        See you are still Reading the comics……..we didnt even surrender to the USA,we threw you guys out………….yellow bellied Yankee wussies

        1. Mike W says

          I will say it again. You are the wussie that ran away from your country instead of standing tall and fighting for it like a man.

          1. anibanib says

            Just what are you babbling about………..RAN AWAY???????from where to where…FACTs PLEASE………then I can chop you down into small pieces

          2. CCblogging says

            You real Swedes are real cowards.

          3. anibanib says

            Just like Yankee yellow bellied turds

          4. CCblogging says

            You Swedes have surrendered to Islam. Your socialist system actually supports your imported Jihadists. Dumb, just Dumb.

          5. anibanib says

            Just like Yankee yellow bellied turds……….and more………..and now is the time to cutoff you,as you have been completely indoctrinated, ever since you left mommies titty, an ignorant braindead turd….bye bye

      2. Mike W says

        anibanib is a rahghead pay him no mind.

        1. CCblogging says

          I was beginning to suspect that.

      3. organic granny says

        Sweden, land of socialist experimentation.

        1. CCblogging says

          Yes Granny, they are part of the Fascist EU committing national suicide by importing massive numbers of Muslim Jihadists. Swedes are just dumb.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Yes, “massive numbers” – 2% of the population of the EU, some of whom have been there for 500+ years, well their ancestors have. Were you born ignorant or did you study! Lobotomy perhaps?

  34. Johnny Jones says

    Hey Tillerson, you have the balls to blame Russia for your countries failed attempted at policing the world? Your own government said it cleaned out all chemical weapons from Syria. Or is it that your full of $hit? Or is that your blame on Russia means your neocon masters lies are too big to handle?

    1. organic granny says

      If by “your own government” you mean kerry and obama, then you weren’t paying attention.

      Russia signed on in the agreement as the guarantor to oversee the removal of syria’s chem weapons. Russia signed off, assuring the world that the chem weapons were 100% gone. Kerry, idiot that he is, bowed to Russia’s declaration of security.

      Tillerson had nothing to do with insane assad’s chem weapons other than having the ob/kerry mess dropped into his lap.

  35. Tiger says

    He didn’t follow through on Red Lines.
    He created ISIS along with Hillary.
    He told Russia he could do more when re-elected.

    Putin a predator for the cause of the Regina and he saw the opportunity and he took it. Now if he chooses to stick with Iran and Assad he will pay. The world will come together to stop ISIS, Iran can be put back in the cage and Assad can fall.

    Comparing the fall of Gaddafi to Assad and worrying about who will fill the void is unsatisfactory. Does not compute. O and H took Gaddafi out, using a U.N. Resolution and letting al Qaeda who they had been sending weapons to, that is why Stevens dead Gaddafi was no threat and kept al Qaeda at bay. O and H loosed the beast of al Qaeda and Libya has become the top training camp and shooting off area for Jihad and weapons into Europe. Also Sisi still trying to right Egypt after O and H gave them Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood. This is a new game, new all the way around. If played correctly this is a win win for the world.

    Putin wants to keep his ports just as he did with Ukraine. The Russian navy the pride of Russia. Putin will back down if he is smart. He and Iran can’t fight the entire ME and Europe and America.

    1. organic granny says

      Good assessment.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

  36. Wayne Smyer says

    TILLERSON HAS A $500 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT FOR RUSSIAN OIL and Putin just gave him a medal! tallk about A SNOW JOB! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4dd235d1b210cc2bf09abf73702414f4e86b574889ba76007233fcfe49704218.jpg

    1. Wayne Smyer says


  37. Wayne Smyer says


    1. Tony Rowell says

      dumb ass

  38. Cheryl George says

    How many people were killed? Most were probably townspeople but then you have all the rescuers also plus all the doctors that were treating them . Wow! Horrible. The rescuers probably did not know it was sarin gas and just went out to help. One drop of sarin gas on skin =death. Now choline gas very bad but not quite as deadly. Also looking at those doctors they also were not wearing gloves? Lot of people dead. ( remember first Iraq war and out troupes chemically suit had to wear as went in to Iraq? For Sarin gas ? And anthrax scares w/ antivirus vacines in case they got hit? Of course it didn’t materialize but boy we sure learned a lot from the doctors letting us know about WMD as our troops were entering Iraq. Remember? Hope we can stay out of war but 2 rogue unhinged rulers in 2 different places ( Syria and N. Korea? and our pre ww2 level troops . Am hoping ?

  39. matrixchief says

    Unfortunately, it was a mistake for Trump to take such action against Syria. It is very likely that the terrorist staged this. These Syrians are not our friends and never will be. Most of them are terrorists or will become terrorists. The US should cooperate with Russia to eliminate these terrorist. We need to have a strong leader in Syria, such as Assid. Just examine what happened to Lyberia, that was caused by Obama and Crooked Hillary. It is vastly worse that it was when their dictactor was in power. That is what will happen to Syria, if their leader is forced to leave. The Russians know this. Obama and Crooked Hillary were actually supporting the terrorists that should be terminated. It would be impossible to get someone more incompetent that Obama and corrupt than Crooked Hillary. Trump is our best hope the fix the numerous things the Obama and Crooked Hillary did wrong.

  40. greenlantern1 says

    Who told us to “trust, but verify” Russia’s word in the first place?
    Was Reagan a dove?

  41. GKW says

    Trump and his entire staff are warmongering liars. It is amazing how quickly the military/industrial complex whipped him into line. It is insulting to see him flip on all of his campaign promises on a daily basis. Far from “draining the swamp” he is drowning in it. The healthcare reform promise is history as well as Mexico paying for the wall. He will be a bigger looser than Obama, and we were all sucked in.

    1. Retired says

      The last strike was not originated by Trump if you would bother to look at the facts instead of spouting off. Trump can not do much thanks to Idiots like Schumer and Pelosi that have been in WDC too long .No one will ever be able to do worse than Obama even peanut farmer moved up the ladder after Obama .

  42. GKW says

    Have you ever wondered why no evidence of Assad or the Russians being responsible for the gas attack? Why refuse to even send UN inspectors in to investigate?

    1. Retired says

      Probably would get shot from both sides .

  43. Mustafa Curtess says

    “Russia failed to keep Syria in line”? – (or the USA failed to keep ISIS and the Syrian revolutionaries “in line”?)

  44. Craig Vandertie says

    Not for 1 moment have I believed President Bashar al-Assad had anything to do with gassing those people whatever their affiliation, most likely ISIS members that were gassed by other ISIS members.

  45. Tony says

    Tons of chem weapons were removed from Syria and the U.S. destroyed them. Obviously, Assad has obtained new supplies. And Putin has failed to stop him. Russia was supposed to be the guarantor of Syria as it is their Client State. Russia has a naval & air base on the Syrian coast.

  46. Borninbrooklyn says

    I have said it over and over, you simply cannot trust Russia.
    After the “wall came down” we dumb Americans thought it was “so wonderful, now we are friends!”
    I lived among them here in the USA and they are a very aggressive people. I knew relations would eventually become worse with them again. I am just surprised it took this long!

  47. Jim H. says

    Seeing as how the greedy Dems keep screwing up and not living up to the Constitution, the Hill of Rights, and the political standards of the citizens of the U.S. Why don’t we just call off the war, get out troops back home, and ship ALL of those crooked a$$ ClintoBamas and their ilk to those nations that love is so much.
    Problem solved!

  48. Magik says

    THAT Mr. Tillerson is a load of BS . and you know it …………..

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