To Combat Black Incarceration, Set Criminals Free!


We’ve heard a lot of crying from the left that black people in America are over-represented in the nation’s jails and prisons. This, of course, is not because black people commit more crime. It is because the racist system goes out and arrests black people for doing things that whites get away with. Or it’s because black people are forced into crime because of their poverty. The poverty itself is caused not by a failure on the part of the individual, of course, but because of that systemic racism.

We hear this all the time, but liberals rarely come up with a cohesive solution. That’s really not their area. They prefer to march, cry, and “feel bad” about a situation and leave the solutions for someone else. When they do decide that they need to come up with a solution, it becomes quickly evident why they usually leave that part out of their movement.

No better illustration for that can be found than in a recent Dane County Board hearing in Madison, Wisconsin. County officials are planning to build a new jail, and the residents are revolting. Well, a few of them are. They aren’t angry about their tax dollars being spent wastefully. They are angry because area police are arresting black people in upsetting numbers. A protest group called the Young, Gifted, and Black Coalition thus showed up to the meeting to make some highly unusual demands on the Board.

“I have to say that I’m ignorant about a lot of these things,” says one white liberal woman, “I adopted three African-American kids that I love passionately.” This apparently qualifies her as an expert to speak on whether or not the county needs a new jail. “I either have to move to Sweden or become active.”

“We also demand the immediate release of 350 people black people,” says another “expert” who looks like she got off a three-day Cheetos bender to speak at the meeting, “due to crimes of poverty and structural racism.” Another townsperson gets up to the podium to explain that “crimes of poverty” include homelessness, drugs, and theft.


Instead of spending millions on a new jail, says one protestor, the county should put that money into creating green jobs, retrofitting homes to make them more energy efficient, and investments in wind power.

It’s not yet certain whether or not their arguments will persuade Dane County to abandon the new jail, though it’s unlikely that the Board will vote to release 350 random black prisoners. Even judging by liberal standards, that’s a ridiculous demand.

But this kind of thinking, dumb as it is, is not limited to a few protestors in Madison. It is, in many ways, the core argument of the Black Lives Matter movement. Improving relations between police and black communities is not about putting more blacks on the force or passing out candy in the projects. It’s about arresting fewer black criminals. It’s about turning a blind eye to low-level crimes. Instead of working towards getting blacks to renounce criminal activity, they want to get police to stop doing their jobs.

There is room to talk about racial profiling, the wisdom of prosecuting crimes that hurt only the person engaged in them, and systemic causes of poverty. But in pursuing these aims, liberals have gone too far. They have renounced personal responsibility. And without that, things will never really change.

  1. patriotshonor says

    The only reason so many black folks are incarcerated, is because the liberals feed into the narrative within the black community, to transform them into professional victims, just so the liberals and progressives have a constituent voting block they see as useful idiots.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Bravo patriot very well said and to the point, and the percentage that’s incarcerated are just to ignorant to see what people like Barry, Sharpton, Holder, Jarrett and the rest of the bandits are taking advantage of them all for POWER and MONEY.

      1. Roger_T73 says

        Black criminals like Eric Garnet live on the edge of poverty, but leading “black agitators” like Barry, Sharpton, Holder, Jarrett earn well over the six figure level.
        However, the “Power Racists” need the Eric Garners of this world to die to maintain their own wealthy life styles.

        1. Yadja says

          You forgot the biggest criminal of all Mr. NanO the sitting POTUS.

          1. Krazeehors says

            No, he didn’t. He referred to Ovomit as “Barry.”

          2. Yadja says

            OK I stand corrected. LOLOLOL forgot that was the NanO name until he changed it.

        2. Jarhead says

          And some agitators don’t even bother to pay their taxes. Speak out & your called a RACIST!

          1. Krazeehors says

            Most of those “agitators” work for the Federal Government and, specifically, the IRS.

          2. Jarhead says

            A report by the IRS last year stated that over 100,000 FED/GOV employees owed back taxes. Does this mean if you get a Federal job you can forget about paying taxes?

          3. Krazeehors says

            Apparently so. They over $3 BILLION.

          4. Bunny says

            Pathetic isn’t it? We must pay our taxes, yet they can skate by for free.

          5. Grandpa says


          6. Bunny says

            Yes true. However, we are talking about even the “regular” people that work for the IRS! They owe!

          7. Linda Lee says

            Geez, when I read that I was disturbed. My husband’s job is federal, but I can’t imagine trying to either cheat on taxes or not pay taxes at all. That is cringe worthy. We simply were not raised that way. But I notice that some higher echelons do seem to think they don’t have to pay their taxes, i.e. Sharpton and Timothy Geithner (although I do think Geithner finally paid his). Well at least that was what was said. The level of corruption is stunning and sometimes makes me feel hopeless. What is wrong with these people?

          8. Becky says

            Besides they are liars, thieves, and crooks?

          9. David Fitzgibbon says

            “Besides they are liars, thieves, and crooks?”
            That’s why they are so gung ho on gun control.

          10. Becky says

            That and they plan on driving Americans into fighting back. And THEY have the weapons and ammo just waiting. Currently they are arming community police with tanks. That ought to be fun. Time to build the Molotov cocktails….

          11. Grandpa says

            And Congress is worst >>> With insider trading to line their pockets at the tax payers expense then not pay Taxes STINKS

        3. Disgust says

          Traitor-in-chief obozo, tax evader sharpton, panther holder, and commie jarrett are nig…. not blacks.

    2. Yadja says

      Plus they keep the jails filled which keeps people in jobs and gives money to the county.

      1. Krazeehors says

        You want to be a prison guard? And have feces and urine and God knows what else thrown in your face?

        Trust me, there are not that many jobs in the prison system that are not bad ones.

        1. Yadja says

          Nope have more sense. In my area they just discovered that most of the guards are felons and they don’t do their jobs in a fashion that resembles a civilized country.

          Agreed the big boys and girls are a pain according to a couple of my nurse friends who work in a prison. There are areas they don’t even want to go into. But there are many who do not belong in prison and they don’t deserve to be treated badly.

          1. SpencerChaffin says

            How do you, Yadja, determine that there are many in prison that do not belong there and are treated badly. I worked in a prison for 10 years, almost all of the prisoners talked about ” catching their case ” and what they did wrong to catch it.
            From that experience I believe over 99% deserve the conviction.

          2. Yadja says

            Hi I have been working with people in my area to expose the corruption in our County Jail which is the Third worst in the entire United States. Also there are those who are X lawyers and judges who have formed committees to look into the excessive sentencing and deaths and misconduct by guards in the county. Throughout Florida the prison system is in total chaos.

            We see the numbers and they go into the jails and interview prisoners and since all are public records they can look at the number of say shoplifting, pot possession, DUI, driving on suspended license, which by the way you can have your license suspended for not paying child support and other things, plus other minor crimes that end up with excessive jail time and sentencing.

            Here you can get a:
            DUI Driving under the influence
            WUI Walking under the influence
            BUI Bicycling under the influence
            BUI Boating under the influence
            SUI Scootering under the influence
            LUI Lawn mower riding under the influence
            HUI riding a horse under the influence

            Many interviewed for the above were on their own property or on the sidewalk outside their homes. The number of DUIs given were so numerous that it brought the investigations. Then it was found that the judges owned the DUI schools and you can only go to theirs in the area, owned the rehab and decided who worked there, leaving many good therapists out of the loop, owned the farms the prisoners work on and instead of giving the oranges to the prisoners they sold the best or gave them to their charity, so forth and so on.

            The entire police dept has been under investigation, officers have been caught beating and abusing people, the Police Chief is still under investigation for wrong doing but he was the better of the candidates.

            I believe the little towns and hamlets is where the biggest problems are taking place. But the problem is they are ruining young lives and old lives alike and then the convictions stick and people suffer for the rest of their lives. We had one judge called the “Hanging Judge.” He would tell people that if they went to trial he would make sure they got five years in prison if they had the points or not. His name is Lambert and he is now on the Court of Appeals because he had so many threats against his life.

            Good for you I do hear from people that the prison system in areas of the country are good but we are not in those areas. Something has to be done.

          3. David Fitzgibbon says

            Wow! These replies make moving to Moscow sound like a relief!

          4. Yadja says

            You will be safer under Putin than O.

            The nastiness of law enforcement in little towns in America has been the subject of books and movies. It exists.

          5. littlebit43 says

            I grew up in a town of 1200 people in the 50s. We did not even have a cop. We had what we called a night watchman. Now (same population) they have 4 cops.

          6. Gayla says

            99% that is good, I was afraid it was much higher.

          7. Gayla says

            Just discovered???? Wow, where have they been?

          8. Yadja says

            In Cahoots with each other and their corruption is only now getting spotlighted.

            We are trying to get enough people who have been wrongly accused, sentenced excessively or threatened not to go to trial to come together and speak out. We are hoping the FBI will get involved.

            It is difficult to do people are still afraid.

      2. Terry Hamblin says

        Joe Arpaio has made a fortune with his Maricopa county jails here in AZ. His kid has the canteen sales, his wife the laundry and Joe charges the county to have the jails on his land, oh, and he decides where to put them.

        1. Yadja says

          I don’t doubt it but sad to hear because he has slapped O up aside his noggin several times.

        2. catman says

          Terry, I would like to see the proof of those allegations against Sheriff Joe. Your saying it doesn’t make it so. Show us the proof !!!!
          Frankly, I think you are just spouting off. Prove me wrong !!!

  2. RIMILITIA says

    We NEED to Start Jailing the TOP tier (AKA Bankers/Politicians) That’s who belongs in Jail. If a Business man makes a Mistake He PAYS the Price. If a Bureaucrat makes a Mistake WE ALL PAY the Price. Time has Come to JAIL the Real Scum.

    1. CaptainOfTheGuard says

      Unless you can prove a banker or politician has violated the law then you can’t jail them. If you don’t like the law then change it. The best way to solve most of these problems is to get government out of our hair and stop trading freedom for security. Stop attacking property rights and stop coveting what our neighbors have earned. Ultimately we are responsible for the government we have. When was the last time you called a Senators office or Representatives office? Most of us don’t. Most of us just bitch moan and complain.

      1. Dave McFarland says

        Excellent, my friend. I am tired of some of my friends being lifetime victims. If one is robbed, assaulted, denied their God-given rights, then, one is a victim. If one simply sits on one’s butt, does not seek to better oneself, cry and complain that the reason one is where one is at is because of someone else’s racism, then, one will remain the loser he/she is content on being. Without people who blame someone else for their own lack of drive, Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Maxine Watters, and of course, “The Anointed One”, Barack Hussein Obama would have NO relevance. These radical progressive liberal (Marxist) democrats are the true cause of the millions who are takers instead of being productive.

      2. RIMILITIA says

        Captain I Represent as the Lobbyist for 32 Years now the Rhode Island Militia. I Ran for U.S. Congress in District 1 in 1998. Ice Land Just arrested and Jailed Bankers Because they were BREAKING the Law of Creating Money out of thin air and Charging Exurbanite Interest Rates While Paying next to Nothing Back on people’s money in the Banks.

        1. Becky says

          Someone in this screwed up world has some sanity!

        2. Gayla says

          Praise God, there is one man/woman who is honest.

      3. Becky says

        We PROVED fraud by a MAJOR bank and the laws have been CHANGED so there is NO penalty. No fines, no jail time, no punishment by the court they committed fraud against, let alone our family. The system has been well and truly RIGGED. In the meantime, we were forced to spend almost 10,000 bucks to stop them further STEALING our assets.

        1. Gayla says

          Did you consult any of your legislatures? Congressmen, Senators, Representatives? Surely one of them would have helped you.

          1. Becky says

            Yes Gayla we did. One was actually in touch with us and supportive. He even talked to the lawyer. That was when we found out the lawyers and bankers have FIXED all the laws so they can be as criminal as they wish with no repercussions.

          2. Gayla says

            There has to be someone who will take this on, wrong cannot be allowed to run rampant. How about going back to the lawyer who was supportive, and ask him where to go from here, I urge you to continue with your research.

          3. Becky says

            There is nowhere to go from here, Gayla. When it comes to lawyers, they need LAW. And all the law, thanks to our corrupt politicians, is AGAINST the citizen and FOR the bankers and thieves. We have no more money, and I have a broken immune system. This battle already gave me 3 more diseases. I can’t afford any more stress such as the 5 years they put us through.

          4. Gayla says

            Have you concidered Christian free attornies including ACLJ? They may be able to help you, either way I sincerely wish you the best. God Bless.And there is a prayer lind that I highly recomend you can reach them by sending an email to and they can be found online at, they have been highly effective with prayers for me.

          5. Becky says

            No Gayla, and I don’t think it would matter in the end. The LAW itself is corrupt. So no lawyer will be able to get around it. And I simply cannot spend more of my immune system fighting the corruption. I don’t have that much of it left to operate with ;-)… Thanks anyway. You are very kind.

          6. Becky says

            Of course it can’t be allowed Gayla. But that is exactly what happens when you have a bunch of stupid people voting in even more evil and stupid people time after time after time. There are NO consequences. And all the bad guys know it. The worst is yet to come. The game has been all rigged.

          7. catman says

            You are so right Becky………Contacting your so called “representatives” usually ends with a form letter signed by a machine. Been there, done that too. Once in office, the majority of “representatives” learn very quickly how to game the system and they do it impunity because they write the laws.
            Term limits is the answer. Also, no lawyers. They are as crooked as a dogs hind leg.
            Just look at all the ambulance chasing lawyers advertising their crap on TV. I wouldn’t trust one of them any further than I could throw a piano up a flight of stairs.

          8. Becky says

            I am so with you there Catman! Personally, exempting Gowdy, I believe ALL lawyers should be forbidden to hold office just because it involves writing laws. They have a group of pals and they write the laws to give them tons of money. The only ones who NEVER come out ahead are the citizens. My Rep just happened to be the most decent one we’ve ever had. He was term limited out last election. I really think finding out how corrupt the laws were involving bankers and lawyers even surprised him.

          9. Gayla says

            I can’t believe that nothing can be done, surely there is something?

            Dear Lord, you know all things, about this case and this woman, surely there is something that can be done, please show her what she can do ,I can’t accept that she is at a dead end, your word declares that With God , all things are possible, I stand on this for her case and I believe You for victory, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

          10. Becky says

            Thanks for your prayer Gayla. But rest easy. The torment finally ended last Spring. I just hope GOD deals with all these thieves and what they are doing to innocent people. And if you have a Capital One Credit card? Get the HELL rid of it. They have a pattern of going after widowed women for all their assets. As we found out. And they are vicious. Car, home, bank account, Social Security – which is against the law, but hey, they don’t care – they put liens and garnishments on EVERYTHING. All I CAN do is warn all women to get away from them.

            We OWED them nothing.

          11. Gayla says

            I do not see how that is possible, could you please explain more about what happened, maybe it will help others reading this post.

          12. Becky says

            Capital One just simply claimed we owed them money when we didn’t owe them a damn penny, then they found a crooked, corrupt Judge – not hard to do when they begin as a corrupt lawyer – who sided with them and adjudicated AGAINST us. Which allowed Capital One to go after the house, cars, bank accounts, and anything else they could have found. My mom was done driving anyway so we gave her van away. That pissed them off! Then they tried to steal her social security which is strictly against the law. They didn’t care. Garnisheed her bank account and thought they were going to take it. What they didn’t figure on was ‘me’. It took me 2-3 years, because apparently lawyers don’t like to go against judges, but I found a lawyer to help us. It cost us 10 grand to sue them back and get all the liens and garnishments off. Apparently, from what I found when I was checking around the country, Capital One likes going after elderly, widowed women and taking all their assets, assuming they can’t fight back. And after 5 years of the nightmare we went through, I’d say they know that as a fact, so their road to major, MAJOR, theft of household assets is wide open and uncontested.

            Now, I will do whatever I can to warn women to drop their card, and actually I’d say get rid of ANY major card knowing the state of our laws on this, because they have shown a propensity to steal from widows. I will do whatever I can to HURT the lying thieves. Just as they hurt us. So. I’ll do whatever I can to cut into their ‘profit’ field, hey? Hopefully women everywhere will spread the word and men will make damn sure they’ve cut up any major credit cards and canceled the accounts when they know the end is near.

            Women have got to be protected against these gangsters. And men need to know that there are really evil people out there waiting to steal everything they worked for all their lives and put their widowed wives out on the street.

            The one thing necessary to do is GET IN WRITING THAT THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED and NOTHING IS OWED. And put THAT in a safe for when they come after you. Luckily for us, I had other paperwork to prove they were lying so I’m making it easier for others. I spent months on end looking for all the little pieces of paper to prove our case.

            Their final bastardly deed was to send a form to the IRS that we got “INCOME” from them, because they were FORCED to write off all the debt we didn’t owe, and all the interest charges that they based on their theft. They tried to claim that as THEIR LOSS and OUR GAIN, instead of their theft attempt. Chalk up another year on fighting that lying BS …. It wasn’t fun. I’d really like to bump into one of their ‘higher ups’. He wouldn’t be walking away.

      4. Becky says

        I do. Doesn’t matter. Ignorance is bliss, you know, and our politicians prefer it.

  3. Gerald A. Reason says

    Perhaps, if the radical racist black leaders, like Al Sharpton, would focus more on personal responsibility, rather than blaming white folks for their troubles, the attitudes of many black youth will change and they will not be so prone to excuse their own behavior by blaming others. All the “leadership,” who cry racism, are doing is to fuel the destruction of a generation of their own youth. Most kids, black, white and Asian, will find success if they are encouraged to be a success. Those same kids will flirt with failure if they are taught that any one of the other groups will hold them back.

    1. kotoc says

      Well said, Gerald… I hope Al Sharpton reads your comment and takes it to heart. The same with Rev. Jesse Jackson, and lots of others.

      1. Miss Mellie says

        Well, DREAM ON, Kotoc.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Kotoc, you’re dreaming if you think that Not-So-Sharpie and Rev Jackass would ever read past their bank statements!!

      3. Combatvet52 says

        Gee i didn’t know they knew how to READ ( sarcasm ) they can’t do anything right.

  4. CaptainOfTheGuard says

    I would think it better to incarcerate a habitual thief rather than have him or her killed in the act of robbery.

  5. CaptainOfTheGuard says

    All this ignores the real reason, dysfunctional families, poor education, not enough teaching of morality, self discipline and personal responsibility. The replacement of God with the State (socialism, liberalism, communism, fascism or whatever you call it) is the underlying reason… Idolatry.

  6. markypolo says

    Oh My goodness. Those poor, poor Black people in America. They so mistreated, jailed, discriminated against by those mean ugly WHITE Americans.
    My ADVICE to all Black people that feel so Mistreated: Get your worthless ass back to AFRICA! See how that will work for you.

    1. Dave McFarland says

      Markypolo, that kind of comment does no one any good. It goes a long way into making conservatives look bad. Not a good idea, my friend.

      1. Becky says

        It is what it is Dave. Let them get out of here and “go back to their roots” since they believe we White Americans are the problem. You know, Dave, they really do appear too damned dumb to realize that THEY have had the same amount of time on this earth to get ahead the Whites have. They just CHOOSE to sit on their worthless butts and whine.

      2. catman says

        Hell Dave, marky is right on the money…..’Bout time truth came forth. If these porch monkeys think they can get away with anything they want, it is time to show them “it ain’t necessarily so”.
        Having worked in the Federal Prison System for 25 years, I think I can safely say those blacks that are incarcerated deserve every minute of the time they were sentenced to.
        In all those 25 years, there were only 2 inmates that I was aware of who were innocent of the charges against them and they were released shortly after arriving. Yes I read about the last 2 who served many years wrongfully. However, you must realize they were incarcerated in a time when corrupt D.A’s and judges were the norm in the south. Now it appears these types are being weeded out, slowly but surely.
        In no way am I saying our justice system is perfect. It is corrupt as hell from Holder on down
        to many of the prosecutors who are looking at higher office. Maybe someday, we will be able to trust our justice system to be honest, but not now. Still, the statistics show that our black population commit an abnormally high percentage of the crimes and it seems to be getting worse with Obonzo in office, the large number of “tzars” and “advisors” he has surrounding him who are radicals.

        1. Dave McFarland says

          If you are a true conservative, then, your remarks MUST be taken as racist and bigoted. “Porch monkeys”? That sounds racist to me. Do you consider Dr. Benjamin Carson to be a “porch monkey”? How about Mia Love? David Webb?

      3. markypolo says

        Hi Dave. Thanks for your comment and advice. I can and do “appreciate” where you are coming from. However, I am not one that subscribes to the “Christian” view on violence. I prefer the Judaic version ” and eye for an eye”. If a man “smite” me on my face, I will knock the living shit out of Him. If I despise somebody, they will know it. That is the way I feel about stupid people (Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives). You know that old saying ” the nice guy finishes last?”
        One reason Romney Lost to obozzo was because He was TOO NICE. He showed obozzo too much “respect”, especially during the Debates. I do firmly believe this behavior LOST the Conservative voters ( or at least didn’t motivate them to vote).
        Make sense?

  7. bpr1122 says

    In NJ 23% of the speeding tickets on the intestate were given to black; however, 25% of the speeders were black; most of the violent crimes are committed by blacks; however, 2 to 3x as many whites are killed by policemen than blacks. When you based you analysis on the number of crimes committed, blacks are given a break.

  8. American says

    That’s kind of like Obama’s plan to close Gitmo. “Gitmo’s a torture facility, it must be closed down!”. And so the action taken is to release committed, battle-hardened, murderous fanatics. What an idea!

    1. David Fitzgibbon says

      Some prisoners would be better served by incarceration on a lonely island in the south pacific.
      Give them some seeds and supplies and enough food to get them going. They would learn the art of co-operation in a hurry!

  9. Yadja says

    If anyone takes this seriously and runs with it they will get a backlash they won’t be able to control. You can’t let people out of jail because of color and that my friends is discriminating against people of other colors.

    There are plenty of poor Whites in jail for driving without a license, having a bag of pot on them etc. The main problem in most counties is excessive sentencing by judges and corrupt layers who are in on it with the judges. In my county the judges own all the schools people have to go to, they have a stake in the rehab centers, the DUI school and even own the farms the prisoners work on and the land the jail is on. So it behooves them to keep the jail filled.

    Every week there are page long articles in our papers of the teams of lawyers etc who have taken this to Governor Scott and he is not interested in looking into it.

    So if something like this were to come around a melee would break out throughout this country.

  10. Special K says

    “A protest group called the Young, Gifted, and Black Coalition showed up…” (The story might well continued as follows) Those showing up were members of a group widely known to have fewer members, proportionately, than any other similarly characterized ethnic coalition. They were protesting the incarceration of too many, not necessarily young or gifted, but Black citizens; and recommended release of the aforementioned from incarceration as the most appropriate realization of their object all sublime, namely, to let punishment fit the crime. See more at:

  11. Yadja says

    If anyone takes this seriously and runs with it they will get a backlash they won’t be able to control. You can’t let people out of jail because of color and that my friends is discriminating against people of other colors.

    There are plenty of poor Whites in jail for driving without a license, having a bag of pot on them etc. The main problem in most counties is excessive sentencing by judges and corrupt layers who are in on it with the judges. In my country the judges own all the schools people have to go to, they have a stake in the rehab centers, the DUI school and even own the farms the prisoners work on and the land the jail is on. So it behooves them to keep the jail filled.

    In my county the sheriff is the last word on the jail.

    1. David Fitzgibbon says

      “There are plenty of poor Whites in jail for driving without a license, having a bag of pot on them etc.”
      P0T has been legalized in many parts of our country now. It finally got through their heads that pot is not a drug, it is an intoxicant.

      1. Yadja says

        Yes sadly it is thus. Then in my county they, even if walking are stopped, must attend all the DUI schools etc. The entire enchilada.

        I will tell you something. In my close to 30 years of nursing I know for a fact that pot is good for Chemotherapy patients and good for many things and the docs know it and advised it’s use to patients in a subtle way.

        Just as many other drugs considered illegal now were once used in good ways. It is human nature to abuse everything in this case they cut their noses off to spite their faces.


  12. R Jeffrey Savlov says

    These liberals should realize that the reason so many Blacks are incarcerated is not because they are specifically targeted by law enforcement, it is because the liberal concept of throwing money at a problem, in this case welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing, was created by these same liberals who are screaming so loud. In my opinion, the only way to correct this issue permanently is to eliminate all welfare programs and replace them with career training programs. If they all have a place to work they won’t have the time to get into trouble and eventually end up in jail. Of course there will always be some who will that the world owes them a living but there would be a lot less of it.

  13. Jim Lockwood says

    If people (all people) would do the right thing, they wouldn’t end up incarcerated. But what is the right thing? Today, people think they can decide what the right thing is and then they justify it being ok in their own minds. Then when they get caught for breaking the law (oh, yah, there are laws), they think they are victims because the laws are for others. Stand up America for what is truly right not just what feels good or seems right.

    1. cecil garrett says

      We used to teach the right thing in schools. But Biblical principles of respect for others and their property have been ignored along with outlawing the Bible. When I was in grades 1-6 we had Biblical instruction at least weekly. But, of course, that was in the 1930’s. And in a British colony in Africa. The US was founded as a Christian nation. Many of our current problems here are a direct result of turning away from God since the 1960’s.

      1. Reuben Hart says

        America was NOT founded as a Christian nation, Tommy Atkins. It was founded as a nation that upheld G-d, but nowhere in any document is Christ mentioned. Stick to Old Blimey, cricket and bad food, i.e. what you know about.

        1. Becky says

          It was Founded BY Christians FOR Christians. Don’t be so picky.. Geesh.

          1. Reuben Hart says

            Benjamin Franklin was a deist, John Adams a unitarian, John Quincy ditto. Thomas Paine and others were not Christians. And nowhere was there any
            discussion about religion. They were concerned with repelling British incursions, taxation, and tyranny. Sorry. You’re woefully ignorant.

          2. Becky says

            Not as ignorant as you dupes who are too stupid to even know you’ve been taught LIES.

          3. Reuben Hart says

            Right. Everyone’s wrong but you. All the biographers, all the personal letters, all the historians. Everyone is ignorant. It’s just Jesus Freak Becky who knows the truth.

          4. Gayla says

            Kcstalcup • 4 years ago
            God has revealed himself to man through his divinely inspired word, the Holy Bible, the alltime bestselling book of all time, so I do not have to imagine Him. He revealed how he not only created the universe but also man. Even though man, created in the image of God, rebelled against God time and time again, God sometimes disciplined man and at others forgave Him. The Scriptures also relate Bible Prophecy many of which have come to fulfillment and others yet to be fulfilled. The Old Testament details the covenant God made with Abraham while the New Testament reveals the new covenant through he coming of our Saviour, Jesus Chirst. Jesus during His life prophesied, taught us the code of right living and by his sacrificial death for our sins and his resurrection gave us the way to eternal life for our soul and communion with Him and the saints in heaven forever.

          5. David Fitzgibbon says

            What’s that thumping noise I heard?

          6. Gayla says

            To this writer, it is obvious that we Americans are a Christian nation, because the evidence is as clear as water from a mountain spring. Millions of words could be devoted to provide proof of this, but in perhaps a thousand words we can examine America’s Christian heritage and her exceptionalism through the lens of history and some irrefutable facts.

            Fleeing Europe for early Colonial America’s Eastern shores in 1620 for personal liberty and religious freedom, the incredibly hardy Puritans and Pilgrims composed and signed the Mayflower Compact. In this document, they recognized our Creator and pledged themselves to plant and grow the Plymouth Colony, “ …..for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian Faith…..”

            A century and a half later, in July of 1776, those brave souls who gathered in Philadelphia to compose and sign the “ Declaration of Independence “ pledged “ our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor “, to dare to oppose the King and the nation of Great Britain, and declare the United States of America to be “ free and independent states. “ In this document they declared, “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…….” In another section of the document they declared, “….”in Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions. “

            Having stayed the course and fought the good fight to victory under the guiding hand and Grace of God, by the early 1780s the American Colonies were in fact, free and independent American States. Following a few years of inefficiencies of the loose confederation, representatives of the 13 independent American states assembled once again in Philadelphia in the Summer of 1787, to write a new article of faith to be called the Constitution of the United States of America. This document, completed and signed on September 17, 1787, contained in its Preamble, a declaration of the intent “ ….to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…..” In the specific use of the term “ Blessings “, and capitalizing it, there is clarity in the context of the historic time and use of such language in the late 18th Century, that “ Liberty and other Blessings “ came directly from the Creator, God, as gifts.

            The great tragedies of history, well documented in the Holy Bible over millennia as well as in secular accounts, include in American history the dark path of division and strife in the mid-19th Century that led, in 1861, to a civil war between the northern and southern states. President Abraham Lincoln reflected deeply on the horrors of this war and invoked the Biblical scriptures numerous times in his moving Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865. Lincoln was diligently working to help explain to the American people how God worked his Divine Will in spite of ourselves, in having allowed this war to come. Perhaps most notably and most poignant, in his closing remarks of that great address, Lincoln stated, “ With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right …. .”

            Anyone in America can “ fast forward “ a full century, to January 20, 1961, and read the words from the Inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy, who closed this speech with, “ With our own conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on Earth God’s work must truly be our own. “

            To anyone among us, whether on American soil or in foreign lands, who even questions, let alone denies, the history, heritage, society and culture of the United States of America as being steeped in Christian faith and tradition, should also be mindful of English Common Law. Our American institutions, our laws, both past and present, our mores, traditions and our deepest understandings of basic rule of law and common decency, have been based for more than three centuries on the English Common Law.

            Know each one of you among us, in America or elsewhere, that the English Common Law was also, like long-established American laws and jurisprudence, has from its genesis been steeped in the principles of Biblical scriptures and Christian faith. The English Common Law included among its earliest foundations, a grand document known as the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta, or “ Great Charter “, was signed into law by then-King John in the year 1215, is filled literally throughout from beginning to end, with references and language specifically taken from the Holy Bible.

            The first paragraph in the Magna Carta reads as follows: “ Know that before God, for the health of our soul and those of our ancestors and heirs, to the honor of God, the exhaltation of the Holy Church, and the better ordering of our kingdom, at the advice of our reverend fathers Stephen, the Archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church……(and numerous other high ranking clergy). “ The second paragraph of the Magna Carta begins as follows: “ First, we have granted to God, and by this present charter we have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired. “

            While the central purpose of the Magna Carta was to diminish the power and authority of John, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy, and Count of Anjou, and grant increased rights and freedoms to the Church and the people through their local and regional Nobles, the authors declared clearly in this document, that King John held his position and authority, “ by the Grace of God. “

            Therefore; not only are we in rightful possession of innumerable mountains of documents in America, alongside the factual history of events and spoken words, the history, heritage, laws, institutions mores, traditions and principles of basic decency, which are clearly based on Christianity and the Holy Bible-but we also have 800 years of English Common Law as a second rock in our Christian foundations. We find ourselves, in the America of the early 21st Century, in a state of continuous conflict with the dark forces of evil which specifically includes attacks on our Christian principles, culture, historical foundations, the Christian Church, and direct attacks on Christian Americans personally. Chief among the arguments being made by the enemies of Liberty and Religious Freedom, is that America “ is not a Christian nation “, and that “ America has never been a Christian nation “.

            Know all of you therefore, that these enemies among us who deny the fact of America as a Christian nation, fail in their arguments on two counts: first, their arguments fail on the merits, due to more than three centuries of observed behavior of America and its citizens, clearly demonstrating that our words and actions as a nation, and as individual citizens, have strived to attain Christian ideals and values; second, their arguments fail because they are outright lies and falsehoods. Even the most casual observer or student of basic American history will obtain and know mountains of evidence and facts, collected over nearly four centuries, totally contrary to all who would deny the Christian nature of America.

            Let us as Americans, dare to declare the self-evident truths and the same truths bound securely in the testimony and vivid clarity of United States history; that America is, and has always been, a nation founded upon these principles and functioning to this very day, as a Christian nation. We must shout this truth from the mountaintops, or from the top of our great skyscrapers. We must boldly declare this truth from the pulpits of our Churches and from the great halls of our institutions. We must diligently and unceasingly speak up without fear, of this great truth, in each community, each institution, each public or private gathering, in every county and state, across America, that this is, and has always been, a Christian nation, and with God as our witness, we shall make our stand against the dark forces of evil and the enemies of freedom and liberty.

          7. Reuben Hart says

            No one can deny that Christianity is the predominant religion in America, or that it has played a significant role in the history of the country. However America has no official state religion, as has England and others countries. It is not legally a Christian country in that sense. It says on the coins “In God We Trust” not in Christ we trust. And don’t write back to me telling me that Christ and G-d are the same, since I have proof that they are not. Again hear Rabbi Michael Skobac, forget your gentile ‘experts’. Who knows more about chinese lore. A Chinese scholar or a Norwegian scholar. You have all your information from crackers who were led down the wrong path by Paul of Tarsus, who trashed what and who Jesus really was.

          8. Gayla says

            PRAISE GOD, you finally speak TRUTH. Yes, Christianity is the predominant religion in America, and that it played a significant role in the history of this country.Yes, there is no official religion in America, that is exactly what the Founding Fathers intended, they came here for freedom of religion, and that is the way the constitution was written and expected to be understood.

            You are wrong however, concerning Paul, and his writings, he wrote over 2/3 of the New Testament, and it was confirmed by many of the religious leaders of the time.

            Aso, you are wrong about Jesus and God being the same.

            Are God and Jesus the same person? God is made up of three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Genesis speaks of God with a plural pronoun “us”.

            And when Jesus was on earth he prayed to God the Father, when He was in the garden and also when He was on the cross, the confusion is that God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, are one and the same in belief, in action, and in every other way..One God in three persons.
            Jesus said, If you have seen me, you have seen the Father, meaning they were just alike, another verse says no one has seen the Father, except the Son, which means that He has not been seen by any human.

          9. Reuben Hart says

            I ‘ve been speaking the truth all along. You have been speaking your Christian delusions. None of the apostles who knew Jesus worshipped him as a god. He would have driven them away had they done so. Paul was a liar and a scoundrel who took the orthodox jewish sect Jesus headed up and turned it into the garbage that’s fit for the likes of Jimmy Swaggert, and you. Now, I’m deleting anything else you send me until you watch Rabbi Skobac. The insanities of a hill-
            billy are nothing meaning.

          10. Gayla says

            No sir, you are the one who is ignorant.

          11. Gayla says

            And you are an Atheist, Marxist, Communist, agitator.

          12. Reuben Hart says

            You are a liar and an idolater. You are also a moron, so I have little hope for you. No Jew needs to be taught scripture from gentile trash. Jesus would be as horrified as G-d already is, at the monstrous religion Paul turned his teachings into. They were especially designed for idiots like you. I already gave you the name of the man who can lead you out of the darkness you dwell in. And it isn’t any pork eating cracker. Don’t contact me again until you’ve heard
            Rabbi Skobac. The hillbilly scum you follow are as corrupt as you are.

          13. Gayla says

            Benjamin Franklin’s Creed

            A few weeks before his death at age 84, Benjamin Franklin summarized his religious beliefs, in terms with which I could readily associate myself:

            You desire to know something of my religion. It is the first time I have been questioned upon it. But I cannot take your curiosity amiss, and shall endeavor in a few words to gratify it.

            Here is my creed.

            I believe in one God, the creator of the universe.

            That he governs by his providence.

            That he ought to be worshipped.

            That the most acceptable service we render to him is doing good to his other children.

            That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this.

            These I take to be the fundamental points in all sound religion, and I regard them as you do in whatever sect I meet with them.

          14. Reuben Hart says

            Ye, Franklin believed in ONE God, not a trinity. Nor did Jesus believe in a trinity.

          15. Gayla says

            Sorry again, but Jesus prayed to the Father , who was in heaven while He was on earth.

        2. Gayla says

          It was so……you have just been reading all the new school books that want to get rid of God.

          1. Reuben Hart says

            Jerk number two who doesn’t know what she’s talking about now enters the scene. I began school in 1947. Not exactly new school books. Name me then one legal document that establishes Christ in our government. You can’t, so go blab your ignorance to some one else.

          2. Gayla says

            Faithbook Randall_Balmer
            Randall Balmer is an Episcopal priest and professor of American religious history at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is editor-at-large for Christianity Today, and his commentaries on religion in America have appeared in Sojourners, The Nation, the New York Times, and in newspapers across the country. He is author of numerous books, including God in the White House: A History How Faith Shaped the Presidency from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush. He lives in Woodbury, Connecticut with his wife Catherine Randall, who is also a professor and an author.

        3. Gayla says

          Like the Pilgrims, the EnglishPuritans believe that the Church of England is corrupt. Unlike the Pilgrims, they do not break with the church, but remain a part of it. In Boston, they establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony and strive to create a model Christian commonwealth. While they come to the Nhuew World seeking freedom to worship as they choose, the Puritans do not tolerate dissent.

      2. Gayla says


        1. Reuben Hart says

          You are so utterly at sea about who the Lord is. Let me recommend listening to Rabbi Michael Skobac on the web. Though come to think of it, you probably can’t handle the truth after a lifetime of delusion.

          1. Gayla says

            I know that the reason our founding fathers came to America to begin with was for freedom of religion. You can mock all you want to but that is the truth, no matter how you and all the leftists want to change it.

          2. Gayla says

            Convinced that the Church of England is hopelessly corrupt, Protestant reformers known asPilgrims break with the church, leave England and establish a colony in present-day Plymouth, Mass.

      3. Gayla says

        The US for the most part has rejected God, and we are ll reaping the consequences, since it has gone this far, it will only get worse unless we have a giant revival in our country, and people enmass fall on their faces before God repenting of their sins.

      4. David Fitzgibbon says

        Religion is fine, and so is politics. But when mixed they are an explosive compound like dynamite!

  14. smogdew says

    High black incarceration did not start recently; it is decades old. Many blacks are totally aware of what is available to them just as any other ethnicity – it is not an inability to get an education, it’s their attitude – they take the path of least resistance…..listening to the shuck & jive of Sharpton et al and reliving their parents’ lifestyle and it’s fine with them. More has been offered them than whites – they have a multitude of ‘black only’ scholarships and help groups and are eligible for any help all other ethnic groups receive.
    They sit on Pity Pots and feel sorry for themselves and carry banners such as as Black Lives Matter and then maintain the highest abortion rate in the country.
    This was made obvious to me when Michael Brown was killed. His mother had the gall to go to Geneva/UN and make an appeal for blacks in the US (denied)…when she returned home, her Mother (Michael’s grandmother) was selling T-Shirts bearing his name in downtown Ferguson…along with others. This MOTHER was so furious she was not making any money (on her son’s death), she actually went downtown and punched out her mother’s lights. So much for grief.

  15. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Blacks commit crime 9 times more often than any other race. It is what it is, and all the crying and complaining about racial bias won’t change that fact. If Blacks don’t want to end up in jail, then don’t commit the crime. So simple.

    1. Becky says

      Simple if you have a brain, that is.

  16. Reuben Hart says

    For most of their history the Japanese were very poor. Their living standard was minimal, even when the nation as a whole began to grow prosperous. Yet crime was exceedingly low. In the jewish communities of eastern Europe in the 19th century most Jews were also poor. Many lived in hovels with dirt floors; yet crime was also very low. It’s time for Blacks and liberals to quit using poverty as an excuse for crime. Poverty does not make criminals. The mindset and culture of U.S. blacks is what makes them criminal as well as coming so recently from a tribal background where theft and murder is honorable behavior.

  17. bb says

    Maybe they should buy them all new cars?

    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!

  18. Patriot47 says

    Good idea – let ’em ALL loose and fence in their neighborhood. Include libtards in their ‘zones’. Grab a lawn chair and a six pack and watch the fun.

  19. papa doug says

    What is really interesting is how wealthy Black elitist like Sharpton, Holder and Jackson can stand in their pulpit and pontificate about Black poverty and who is to blame for it and they are considered saints for it.
    Is there racism in America? Of course there is. Is there preferential treatment in hiring? Of course there is but not like there used to be. But people like Sharpton, Holder and Jackson aren’t the least bit interested in helping the Black community, they are only interested in blaming white America and begging for donations for their coffers.

  20. Observer says

    Racism is indeed a systemic cancer feeding a bureaucracy that thrives on it one way or another, whether the victims or the oppressors. Nevertheless, as many have said, we must all take responsibility for ourselves and live by the rule of law, and not mob rule or political expediency.

  21. fred says

    If the left would stop telling them they get do nothing and be prosperous off the labors of other people who are not on entitlements, they would be getting to a better place economically. It is not easy for anyone these days unless you are one of those politicians pandering to the entitled class and using them like slaves to their social agenda. This is exactly how the criminal in the WH has “played” his own race! He truly is a criminal for not doing the right thing and leveling the playing field, not skewing it in one groups favor at the expense of another! He is the racist, not the middle class trying to survive his horrifying policies, and “giveaway” programs that truly hurt the people he says he is trying to help! Generations have now been on welfare and it has done nothing but make them less skilled and more criminal, do you get it yet?

  22. william g munson says

    Are you people crazy or just STUPID they do it because they are lazy and don,t want to work for wages that some people do like minimum wages or $9 or $10 a hour and have to drive a long way to work and or walk because you have to have insurance on the car or truck and rent or house notes and they can make hundreds of $ sellings drugs or robbing and also have lots of time to go visit women and girls and have SEX AND NO PAY CHILD SUPPORT AND FREE ALL DAY LONG THAT WHY THEY GET PUT IN JAIL NOT PAY SUPPORT AND ARE BEHIND

  23. BuddyBoy53 says

    Funny thing, as Bount Hunters there were many neighborhoods LE would not even go into to back us up because there was so much crime and it was so dangerous. There was a section on MLK drive in Houston the Sheriff’s office told us not to drive through with our windows rolled down (we had them blacked out) because if they saw we were white they would shoot at us. Yea, they are all in jail as innocent victims. You don’t hear this on the news.

  24. marilyn says


  25. Linda Lee says

    If po9lice are arresting blacks in “upsetting numbers”, it’s because they are committing crimes in “upsetting numbers”. And it’s usually about drugs or alcohol.

  26. Buckeye conservative says

    Why not merely put quotas on how many blacks can be arrested or charged, then we would save some money on courts also. So, when four days into the month the quota is met anything goes if the perpetrater is poor and black.

  27. Michael Bristol says

    Well after spending five years in prison on a non violent drug possession i can say that there are in fact many blacks in prison, but not because of a so-called “racist system”. They are there because they commit so many blatant crimes. A big factor is their ‘hood’ culture taught to them by their parents and others, which includes outright denial in the face of overwhelming evidence as well as immediately screaming “racism” upon arrest. This is also useful to media manipulators and politicians. Even saw one guy abusing his infant child in the visiting room to, as he put it, “toughen him up for the hood”. It was an INFANT of less than a year old! It then seems it is quite commonplace for them to refuse to cooperate in their own defense, as this would require them to acknowledge and participate in what they so readily call a “racist system”. It has been my observation through first hand experience that racism is being kept alive by the very people who claim to be the victims AND the government which provides a disinformation miseducation in the schools. I would say it is opposite the previous post, that it is the black community who is buying into the liberal political narrative in order that they fabricate a constituency of “victims”. What the black community in general is failing to recognize is that they do not have representation in the state house and that the only “persons” who are actually being represented by either political party are giant corporations and the ultra wealthy.

  28. Laurence Almand says

    Question: If Black people don’t want to go to prison, why do they commit so much crime? It is a known practice already to release Black people early in order to maintain the “racial balance” in prisons – while at the same time forcing White prisoners to finish their entire sentences. This reverse discrimination is practiced in almost all US prisons.
    So send the Blacks back on the street to commit more crime than they already do? Typical bureaucratic decision-making.

  29. David Gearhart says

    The Muslim’s are in our jails telling the blacks that they are political prisoners. that their crimes are not the reason for their jail time. 80% of criminal activity is due to 8% of our population. There are black areas that are so lawless and racist that whites are not safe there. The liberals seem to over look this even when it is on national TV with blacks calling for their deaths. Most prisoners are not sorry for their crime, only for getting caught. I worked the Max. security prisons and the only abuse I saw was the liberals turning the violent offenders lose on society. Just because someone is a good prisoner does not mean that they will change their criminal behavior once back out on the street. most are doing life on the installment plan. In and out until for life or dead. They have no respect for themselves or others.

    1. Becky says

      You are very right David. I once worked in a lockup for criminal kids. An 8 yr old told me one time if he was old enough to “get it up” he’d be a rapist. An 8 yr old, for God’s sake. It’s like it’s ingrained in that culture from the time they are babies. I worked with kids from 6 years old to 18. ALL of them were in for arson, rape, attempted murder, etc. They were not victims. They were HARD CORE criminals. And no one did it to them but themselves, or their families. But no White person caused that. The black culture is in ruins and they are too damned stupid to see it or deal with it.

      1. David Gearhart says

        Crack babies are born without a sense of right or wrong. They are our next generation criminals. Although that was years ago so they are already here.

        1. Becky says

          Yeah they are already here.

          1. David Gearhart says

            We got a taste of it from the Ferguson riots. Obama’s hate group.

          2. Becky says

            Precisely, and their instigating and riling up the blacks are deliberate plans to start race wars. So the king thug can go right to martial law, use all those weapons he’s stocked the feds with, and wipe this country free of we evil Whites. Long live the blacks. They need a MILLION years since they haven’t done squat in hundreds.

          3. David Gearhart says

            It does make me wonder. Obama is gutting our military saying that we don’t have any enemies. The war is over. He is arming the government agencies with military weapons. Who then is the enemy?

          4. Becky says

            WE are David. White, Conservative Americans descended from Europeans.

  30. MarcJ says

    Let us consider some crime statistics in our country, where there are about 20,000 murders
    committed annually. About 14,000 of those murders are committed by black males
    18-30 years of age; if black juveniles are included then that number would
    increase even more. Now there are about 10% of our population who are black –
    about 30 million; some 15 million are black females which leaves 15 million
    black males. The age group 18-30 years of age of that population of 15 million
    males can be estimated at about 25% or close to 4 million.

    Now we arrive at the fact that of those 14,000 annual murders committed by young black males some
    75% of the victims are other blacks – say some 10,500 of them. These numbers
    are somewhat underestimated since we know that black city gangs prefer sending
    their juveniles on murder assignments as those young murderers – if caught –
    will be sent to correctional camps for a year or two instead of being judged
    and sentenced as adults to life imprisonment.

    And now we can reach some conclusions:

    There is an ongoing genocide of black males committed in large part by other black males;

    The accusations by our black racists such as Holder, Obama,
    ACLU, SPLC, various black “reverends” like Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, and
    Farrakhan, and other far-left “liberals” and “progressives” that the cause of
    that genocide is the white racism are a total and deliberate criminal LIE;

    That disastrous situation will continue and even worsen due
    to our welfare policies that encourage and reward illegitimate births by young
    black females now reaching 75% of all black births, as compared with the 25%
    rate at the start of the Great Society programs in the middle 1960’s.

  31. YourMama says

    Well obviously they committed a crime to be there in the first place, or did I miss something? If you release blacks doing time for crimes then you have to do the same for every race that has committed a crime. Just happens blacks commit more crimes than any other ethnic group. Statistics don’t lie, and statistics have been done since the 50’s with the same outcome.

  32. fog donkey says

    Great article. It shows the typical lib/progressive mindset of America today. The thugs want thuggism legalized to the point the police won’t be able to protect the law abiding and their families. That lady ought just move to Switzerland and see how far the art of the thug goes there. The old saying “live by the sword, die by the sword” applies here. Put down the life of crime, you won’t find yourself behind bars. Instead of idolizing thug rappers, study the life of successful people such as Ben Cason, Mia Love and others. Why are they successful in life and as a thug you are behind bars? C’mon, I’d say use your brain but obviously that isn’t going to work.

  33. Vernon Cunningham says

    That is so funny. Lets have equal numbers because it is unfair that mo blacks get picked. Well sonny , if you do the crime, you do the time. Don’t act up when stopped by a cop. Don’t give a cop reason to arrest you. don’t drive High or drunk, or without a license. Don’t get into a fight over stupid stuff. Don’t push yourself on other people. That is how a white person generally gets away with so much.

  34. jim marcum says

    I believe America needs to do away with three strikes your out laws. Which do you think harms the fabric of America worse. A). poor man stealing $20.00 worth of gas from a multi billion dollar oil company. B). An adult smoking a joint of marijuana in their own home. C). A multi million dollar home medical supply company defrauding millions of dollars from medicare. D). Congressional members selling their votes to the highest bidder ruining the lives of millions of Americans and threatening our own democracy, turning America into a Corporate Fascism. E). Predatory loans and lending burying America in bad debt.

  35. OSAMA OBAMA says

    What’s up with Wisconsin? Why is the latino community not up in arms? Because they’d rather work for 12 dollars an hr. doing the right thing than sit on a stoop , doing drugs, robbing, complaining……..


    FACT taken directly from the New York City Police Department internet site, statistics of all violent crimes broken down by type of crime and then by race. When you take all the numbers from
    all the violent crimes add them together and keep them separated by only race this is what you get. Between 87% and 93% of all violent crimes in New York City are committed by blacks and/or hispanics. Period. I don’t think any more of an explanation is necessary.

  37. Sharon Bianconi says

    End poverty by getting a job, are you too good to flip burgers at Mcdonalds? Stop using the race card, that is old and out of date.

  38. Jimh77 says

    Sorry, but BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER at least the Black Criminals protesting this stupid nonsense.
    Funny how only the criminal element are the protesters. Ya, know DABP (Do I need to spell this out for you?) If you put this much effort into your lives, you may just make something worth while out of your life.
    You can get off the welfare rolls and MY MONEY, you would stop criminal activities and not have to worry about being arrested and so much more. So you have a choice, change your life and become an up standing American Citizen, or stay being a dumb ass black person. Your choice. I know a lot of well educated professional Black People that have made a fine life for them and their families and they think you are all criminal wasted elements of society that need to be cut off from the welfare system and their money. Make your decision now.

  39. scott says

    we all have choices and blacks have more chances at free schooling,jobs,etc to improve themselves and be an assett to society.instead they choose the victim slave,thug crap to be cool and tuff.they enjoy being criminals and its their culture to be criminals.they didnt get locked up over and over again by going to church.we need to ship them back to africa,where the apes can run free again.and hopefully the lions will take care of the rest.

  40. Becky says

    Hey Blacks! If you don’t want your ‘kids’ imprisoned, teach them how to be HUMAN. Teach them manners. Teach them that things that THEY have not purchased ARE NOT THEIRS!

  41. Jim Lockwood says

    You r right on Cecil and very well put too!!!!!!!

  42. dondehoff says

    There are many factors involving black crime, such as unemployment, school dropouts, single parent families, and too much free-time. However, we have to consider that about 90% of black violent crime is “black on black”—which the black community must address or “all could be lost”. Also, while the black community composes only 12% of our population, they commit almost an equal number of the total crimes.—that is about a ten to one ratio. I am sure that unemployment, school dropouts, gangs, single parent families, welfare and lack of English language and math skills. all contribute. The black community has to address these issues. There are many blacks who have overcome those obstacles and they should be forming foundations to address these issues, such as Tiger Woods and others have done. Also, I would suggest the professional football and basketball franchises each establish such foundations in the towns where they play. This problem is not going to be solved overnight and I expect it will take at least four or five generations. I know that is a long time, but just look at the rest of the world and you will see, that in spite of our racial problems, we still stand “head and shoulder”s above most of the rest.

  43. Mark says

    If black lives really matter to them (as ALL lives matter to me) why are they not protesting in front of abortion clinics? Many more black lives are being taken at those slaughter houses than by police.

  44. Follow Me Boys says

    RELEASE ASAP. Just sign for them on the way out they being your wards. You will also be responsible for every crime to commit from there on. Good idea.
    Now just remember the movie the planet of the apes. There will cages for the minority at the end of all this.

  45. Ron Beal says

    America, i.e., the USA has the highest prison population in the world, that is right, including both China & big bad Russia!! Why do we allow the government to lock up anyone just to punish them? Why are we, the taxpayer paying to support all of these people to teach them a lesson? They are not being rehabilitated, as numerous studies have proven beyond any doubt; but instead we are training them for a real life of crime, regardless of the original offense. Unless bodily harm took place in the offense, or a weapon was used, all prisoners need to be released! A process could be instituted to assimilate all prisoners back into society, with a job, cash in their pocket and whatever else was determined to be necessary for success, and the price would be much less than we are paying every year to train them in how to become a professional criminal. Consider the millions we could save every year and the taxable income that could be generated, plus the potential for reestablishing broken homes. Petty thieves, drug violations, child support, white collar petty criminals for example, do not qualify for the support of the tax payer and receiving free room and board year after year. They are not a danger to society, and could be contributing…
    Ex-military, Officer, BA Criminal Justice.

    1. David Fitzgibbon says

      “Unless bodily harm took place in the offense, or a weapon was used, all prisoners need to be released! ”
      The implication being that thievery is O.K?

  46. Keith says

    This is the most ridiculous thing thin that Ive ever heard! We all know that its not because our system is racist or because blacks are driven to poverty! Its their mentality and what they deem appropriate for their lifestyles! They sing about rape,murder,drugs,gangs,sexual perversions,crime, and its trending right now and half of our children are listening to this crap… Thinking that these attitudes and life choices are appropriate or COOL… We as conservative Americans don’t stand up enough when it comes to things like this because they call us racist. Well why should anyone be afraid to be called racist? If your life depends on it or your childrens life depends on it why should you be afraid…… Ive been through 14 years of discrimination, Ive had attempts on MY life, Ive been drugged and so has my 4 year old when he was 3, Ive lost job after job even when supervisors stuck up for me, Ive lost house after house even though I don’t have a criminal record or abuse,sale drugs or hang around criminals and guess what people IM WHITE…… You don’t hear about this in any newspaper do you, and am I crying racism NOPE. I know that the liberal agenda is to destroy people like me and eventually all conservative family types!!! They run all of the agencies that stand up for everyone but conservative family types. IE NAACP, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Networks and Bureaus. If you are black, brown, gay, jewish, of non-white European decent,asian you can bet the liberals will back you up. But if your Conservative family oriented and white or even non-white who backs us up you have no one to help you in your endeavor!!! And that’s wrong! To promote everything but family in the media and trends of America, now that’s disgusting! And it scares me to death that my children are growing up in a society like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Terry Hamblin says

    Guess they copied that from Obama setting 38,000 Mexican felons free!

    1. David Fitzgibbon says

      “Guess they copied that from Obama setting 38,000 Mexican felons free!”
      That is probably a good thing for us taxpayers. Just feeding and medical care would bankrupt us taxpayers!

  48. Joe T says

    The govt has been hijacked by radical ideology and is spreading everyday by obama’s ways.

  49. catman says

    If these liberal morons feel so bad about blacks being arrested because they committed crimes, then I say release them to the custody of the protesters. I think we would see a change in attitude the first time one of the release’s beat the snot out of one of them, raped a daughter or wife of one of them or even killed one of them.

  50. rcdwltd says

    There are many reasons for a higher rate of blacks being incarcerated but none of then are racist based! To begin, crimes are committed by people with low morality, a sense of entitlement, a desire to acquire money or property that belongs to others that they do not wish to work and earn. Despite what liberals and black racist intimate, this country provides the opportunity for all to get ahead. I have seen many successful black people who are independent, successful and do not have an education. Black people who were raised in poverty but chose to work and strive for success. I mentioned “black racism” and I do mean just that! There are black folks who always resort to racism and make excuses be the black extremist Muslims or politicians like Sheila Jackson Lee. Sheila one time mentioned in a speech that she was brought to this country “in chains” yet as far as I can tell was born in this country as a free person! Politicians like her take advantage of their constituents lack of information, knowledge or poor circumstances to advance their own agenda.

  51. hcool says

    If they can’t do the time then they need to stay out of crime!

  52. David Fitzgibbon says

    “To Combat Black Incarceration, Set Criminals Free!”
    It sounds like a free license to steal to me. No law should be passed that does not apply to all Americans and visitors.

  53. SeeThroughYou says

    Milwaukee, New Orleans and Baltimore released data a couple of years ago that showed that over 90% of all homicide VICTIMS had prior criminal arrest records and a disproportionate number of them were African American.

    This makes me think that some Democrats are upset that the homicide rate is at it’s lowest in 100 years and need fresh victims to justify their Gun Control Baloney.

  54. MarcJ says

    Let us consider some crime statistics in our country, where there are about 20,000 murders
    committed annually. About 14,000 of those murders are committed by black males
    18-30 years of age; if black juveniles are included then that number would
    increase even more. Now there are about 10% of our population who are black –
    about 30 million; some 15 million are black females which leaves 15 million
    black males. The age group 18-30 years of age of that population of 15 million
    males can be estimated at about 25% or close to 4 million.

    Now we arrive at the fact that of those 14,000 annual murders committed by young black males some
    75% of the victims are other blacks – say some 10,500 of them. These numbers
    are somewhat underestimated since we know that black city gangs prefer sending
    their juveniles on murder assignments as those young murderers – if caught –
    will be sent to correctional camps for a year or two instead of being judged
    and sentenced as adults to life imprisonment.

    And now we can reach some conclusions:

    There is an ongoing genocide of black males committed in
    large part by other black males;

    The accusations by our black racists such as Holder, Obama,
    ACLU, SPLC, various black “reverends” like Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, and
    Farrakhan, and other far-left “liberals” and “progressives” that the cause of
    that genocide is the white racism are a total and deliberate criminal LIE;

    That disastrous situation will continue and even worsen due
    to our welfare policies that encourage and reward illegitimate births by young
    black females now reaching 75% of all black births, as compared with the 25%
    rate at the start of the Great Society programs in the middle 1960’s.

  55. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Innocent blacks in jail?? We bend over backwards to insure a black gets justice. Sometimes we fall over. Can you say O.J.??

  56. Dale_G1 says

    Blacks don’t commit crimes, the n-words do. There is a distinction, just as we have white trash and every other color of trash. You only have to watch the evening news in a big city to see that Black Pride is now Black Shame. There is plenty of blame to go around for this. Public schools FAIL, Black parents and churches FAIL, governments at every level FAIL. But we need to assign blame where blame is due, and right now it’s more on the Black shame. Even our entertainment industry has failed Blacks. Where we once had ARTISTS like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and other who sang about LOVE ( and yes, sex ), we now have negative, violent gangsta cRAP in their place. This music and other SELF perpetuated NEGATIVE racial stereotypes are KILLING ( or imprisoning ) a whole generation of young Blacks. Scapegoating has got to stop. Blacks need to listen very carefully to MJ’s “Man In The Mirror” if they want to reverse their self destructive path. EDUCATION is KEY.

  57. Linda Heiser Bechler says

    Just a note here: In California YOU MUST buy the prison food packages, TVs, clothing, cosmetics, glasses, etc. through on “prison approved” warehouses which are owned by the cops. Then they sell it at very inflated prices to the inmates families and ship it. Until a few years ago, they had a list of items that could be purchased and sent by the families. It was much cheaper and better. I have often wondered where the so called “meat” goes because it certainly doesn’t make it to the prisons. (The illegal alien druggies do not care as it is a badge of honor to be in prison and the druggies on the outside provide their packages). The judges seem to be involved in the juvenile home…some have been busted. Private prisons where a big deal here and don’t know who owns them, but I would guess politicians and judges and Sheriffs. There is a prison every 5 miles in California. So of course, to be profitable, it is in their best interest to keep them full.

  58. adrianvance says

    Pure liberal logic. It will be the end of America if it has not happened yet!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  59. Snidely70448 says

    To stop the insane levels of incarceration, stop trying to make everything either illegal or mandatory. 1/2 of the people who are locked up would not be there except for the insane drug laws. So far as I know, nobody has ever OD’d – died – on marijuana. A very few have done really stupid things while high that got them killed, but that’s a different thing.

  60. infadelicious says

    we haven’t stopped murder and rape either, let’s make those legal….. i think it’s clear who the real criminals are people……..

  61. rowleya says

    Equal opportunity allows the illegal criminals release by ICE.
    Y any jails or prisons at all.
    Only FAIR to all if we all equally share being victims equally with criminals equally committing crime.
    No need for judge or jury in Political Correct Utopian USA.

  62. littlebit43 says

    “We also demand release of 350 black people.” I have an idea. Release them in their neighborhood.

  63. Tiger says

    So all the Black folks get free due to color and the rest stay.

    Isn’t that discrimination?

  64. rchguns says

    It was mentioned many years ago in the great state of Texas where condemned convict was sentenced to death and his attorneys were trying to keep them alive.

    He was supposed to be executed by lethal injection the attorneys went to court filed an injunction that the prison could not use the chemicals used for the execution because they had not been certified as being safe for humans. As bad as this argument was the next was even weirder. They said that Texas could not execute this man because he was black and they were showing their prejudice because they executed more black men than they did nonblacks. Their reasoning was that if you don’t start executing more nonblacks than you can execute the black center on death row because discrimination. That was about 10 or 12 years ago.

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