Top Republican Donors Would Pick Hillary Over Trump


According to a new story in The Hill, several of the country’s richest Republicans would have to think very carefully about what to do if 2016 came down to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. They interviewed former Los Angeles Mayor Dick Riordan and posed the question to him: Who would you choose?

Riordan said, “I would probably go find a deserted island.”

The story goes on to tell of a recent donor luncheon in Beverly Hills. Gathered at the Hotel Bel-Air were many of the men whose money is indispensable to the Republican establishment. And when the question was posed to the group – Who would you choose between Trump and Clinton? – the majority of Republicans said they would go with Madame Secretary herself.

Even when the host of the lunch – former ambassador Rockwell Schnabel – insisted that it was just friends bantering among each other, he couldn’t quite bring himself to put Trump over. After assuring The Hill that all of the Republican donors would throw their support behind the GOP nominee, he called back with a disclaimer.

“My only caveat would be that: I assume that the Republican we’ll nominate will be somebody that would make a great president,” he said.

Which, if you have to make that caveat, you’re basically admitting that the original story is true and that you would not support Donald Trump.

What’s also interesting is that phrasing. “I assume…” What is feeding this continued certainty that Trump will eventually fade away or implode? Is it possible? Of course. Likely? You could make a case for that. Certain? If you still think there’s no way that Trump could win the nomination, you either haven’t been paying attention or you know something the rest of us don’t. Since these bigwigs are definitely paying attention and since the other possibility is too depressing to contemplate, what we’re looking at is an attempt to influence voters. If you hear “Oh, it’ll never be Trump” enough times, you start looking for another candidate. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whether or not Donald Trump is the ideal Republican candidate, it is clear that we have to try something new. Safe, donor-approved (if not outright chosen) Republicans have caused as much damage to this country as Democrats. You think Trump is crazy? What’s even crazier is this idea that the Republican Party can only win by being Democrat Lite.

And what’s crazier still is allowing a handful of billionaires to decide who the rest of us should vote for. And if they would rather see Hillary Clinton in the White House than Donald Trump, that should tell you everything you need to know about where their priorities lie.

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  2. Reality Check says

    well I guess that settles IT.

    Trump is the MAN to get Hillary the White House!

    TRUMP 2016

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    2. AKLady2015 says


    3. GrumpyOleMan says

      You’re a real dumb ass troll Reality Check. You wouldn’t know reality if it hit you over the head with a brick bat!

  3. Ron says

    If they do that then they are traitors to this nation.

    1. Christine Webster says

      Agree. Clinton is a traitor. Why isn’t she in jail? The rest of us would be prosecuted for less.

      1. Reality Check says

        “The rest of us would be prosecuted for less.”

        what exactly is the crime you think has been committed?
        I wonder why she isn’t under investigation?
        Lets hear what you got.

        1. GrumpyOleMan says

          She is. By the FBI. Do you only watch MSNBC?

        2. Bob2002 says

          Listen, you troll. Stop trying to obfuscate the issue. Get off this web site and go back to trolling for your boss elsewhere. You know, the Democrat Party – the Party of corruption, liars, and perverts.

        3. Neal says

          Realty Check, I see You’re back with your nonsense again. When “Slick Panties” Hillery admitted to using a non secured computer to do Government business against Procedures, Rules and Written Law and then ADMITTED THE MISTAKE on NATIONAL NEWS she took your miss-guided loyalty out the window!

        4. Don Wadd says

          I thought they had you committed. On a week end pass are you?

          1. Barney Biggs says

            Actually off his meds.

          2. Don Wadd says


        5. StampOutLIberals says

          Why isn’t old Hil, Shillary, Killary under investigation? She actually is by the FBI… However, with a democrap sham charlatan president, a sham of a American Justice System, a puppet attorney general… and gutless Senate and HOR, she’ll be free to prance and cackle outside any prison walls, I’m afraid to say.

        6. cabowabo78727 says

          WHAT “reality check”? Go see a shrink!

          1. Reality Check says

            but a link was too hard for the low IQ con?

      2. GrumpyOleMan says

        And some have been recently. A General as I recall.

      3. cabowabo78727 says

        The real tell will be in watching what the FBI will decide to do with Cankles. If they don’t prosecute it, then all is lost and that fine institution has lost all future credibility!

      4. SamJS says

        I have to wonder if at least part of the reason she hasn’t been tried and jailed is simply because she is a she. If she were a male she would have been dragged, flogged and quartered by now for what she’s been accused of. Republican/Conservative males are gentlemen, Democrat/Liberal males missed the mark and became sissies. Need proof? Pop Tart Pistol… careful ya might get shot by a strawberry!

      5. Barney Biggs says

        We asked the same question about Hanoi Jane years ago. Bottom line is the courts have corrupted the laws.

    2. Grover Syck says

      Ron, They are Americans first and republicans second, as it should be with every voter and donor.

    3. MAHB001 says

      They are not only traitors, they are socialist spies…

    4. Oldcamaros says

      It’s UNAMERICAN to say they’re traitors–it’s their right to support or vote for whoever they want

      1. Ron says

        It’s Unamerican????? Thought I had the right to say that under our 1st amendment.

        1. Oldcamaros says

          You do, but it’s an unamerican thought you’re expressing…!

          1. Ron says

            You are not basing your opinion in facts. I fought a war to defend our Constitution meaning, I can say whatever I wish to say and there is nothing un-American about it. I also served in the US Army for over 23 years so don’t speak to me about un-American. Obama and Hillary are about as un-American as one can get.

          2. Oldcamaros says

            And what facts have you presented…? A traitor commits treason. Treason is the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

          3. Ron says

            Again you are wrong. You need to get you a Black’s Law dictionary. Treason–the crime of adhering to the enemy and rendering him aide and comfort. 325 US 1,3. I am a paralegal. This is my last contact. I do not wish to educate you.

          4. Oldcamaros says

            Either way, you haven’t posted any facts to support a proposition that they are traitors, so your comment is relegated to merely an inflammatory opinion. ‘bye.

  4. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

    What a bunch of assholes and should not claim to be republlicans jerks

    1. Elmo Fudginputz says

      Its time for everybody to organize with the first goal of taking control of the House of Representatives. Its going to take 1 million folks donating $250 each to conservative, tea party, candidates. We control the House, we control the purse strings of our Republic and we simply don’t fund anything we don’t like, anymore. And this has to happen in the next 60 days. In that short time we need at least $50 million, but by next November the total must be at least $250 million. We’ve got the money. I know I love my Republic, and I’ll donate much more than that to save it from the queer RINOs and Democrats who are nothing but the most vile and desperately wicked people on planet Earth who utterly hate the country I’m so grateful for having been born in a long time ago.

      1. Reality Check says

        “I know I love my Republic, and I’ll donate much more than that to save
        it from the queer RINOs and Democrats who are nothing but the most vile
        and desperately wicked people on planet Earth who utterly hate the

        anyone with THAT attitude, is not a patriotic American.

        1. Elmo Fudginputz says

          Thank you Hillary Clinton! You know less than an ant about what’s going on in our Republic! So, bug off and do your kindergarten homework for tomorrow. I don’t let rats like you condescend to me.

          1. Reality Check says

            NO Elmo, you are the clueless drone and tool of the right.

            Tell me Elmo, WHY is the TPP not being talking about on Right Wing Media like this?
            it sells us out to corporations AND Obama did it.
            surely a combo Fox news and this blog would talk about.

            Do YOU SEE ANY ARTICLES, Elmo?

            nope. Why’s that Elmo?

            that’s cause they are all owned the oligarchy YOU were JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT.

          2. Elmo Fudginputz says

            Wrong Bozo! Alex Jones has been covering the TPP for quite some time. Plus, Senator Jeff Sessions and other conservatives have been talking about the TPP to many, many, many conservative media sources. You should actually get out of bed once in a while and stretch your legs. Why haven’t you seen all the talk about the TPP in conservative sources? For the same reason you’re a progressive Democrat….you’re just stupid.

          3. Reality Check says

            gee nice link.
            NOT on Fox News. NOT on this website that yo think is gods gift to cons.

          4. Reality Check says

            So I checked MORON.

            not one story since the text came out a month ago.
            WHY LIE?
            cause you’re a brainwashed drone?

            ONLY LIBERALS are against it.

            cons are ALL FOR IT.
            the Oligarchy is for it

            they OWN Alex Jones and THIS site

      2. John Niedrich says

        Elmo you are exactly right the Rinos and Democraps are completely corrupt and have sold their souls for political correctness and their dicktator Nobama.

      3. Don Wadd says

        I agree. I have seen the best years long ago. Speaking of next Nov did you see the NEW taxes arising from Obamacare?

  5. FreedomTrainUSA says

    Then these RICH SCUMBAGS should join the MARXIST COMMUNIST D****RAT Party of Destruction….

    1. drthomasedavis says

      Right you are!

    2. MAHB001 says

      Here is the thing.. They know a majority of the people in the United States prefer Capitalism over socialism… So they took control of the Republican party as spies. Now it is hard for them to stay under cover…

  6. Loretta Siani says

    It just goes to show you how little difference there is between big government and big money…..obviously they are easily threatened by a maverick like Trump.

    1. Neal says

      The Establishment of DNC and RNC is the reason there is no change in Washington when a different party is elected. They want the Status Quo and will do anything to keep their power and control. This is why they are so afraid the people will actually pick a person outside their control and try to correct the problems they have caused. It also will put a kink in their plan for a One World Government where only the Super Rick will control everything!

    2. MAHB001 says

      Crony Capitalism is just socialism creeping into capitalism…

    3. cabowabo78727 says

      You got that right, Loretta. BTW, nice catch.

      1. Loretta Siani says

        Smiles and thank you… it was my first time fly fishing…..what a surprise!

        1. Barney Biggs says

          What fly were you using? That would be something on a #5 rod

  7. Elmo Fudginputz says

    So, as I’ve been saying for more than 10 years, RINOs are more Democrats than Republicans. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    1. MAHB001 says

      I agree with you, and have been saying the same thing..

      In the book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen 1958, there is a list of 45 agenda items that the Soviet Union has been following to set up a socialist state in the United

      Democrats adopted the list years ago and have basically completed it. This subject is covered in number 15.

      15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

      1. hangem'high says

        I agree with both you and Elmo, but I believe the communist are a smoking mirror just in case rule15 fails the real cooperates will survive. (The illuminati)

        1. MAHB001 says

          Maybe, I believe the real cooperates could be the illuminati, or Democrats, or any other socialist creeps out there.

          What I think we all agree on is that whatever you want to call them, they have adopted the agenda items designed by the communists of old and they are enemies of the United States… The worst kind.

          1. hangem'high says

            The illuminati are the Democrats, Republicans, Communist, activist, and Muslims. They’re all being driven or influenced by the Illuminati. Remember the Illuminati have to get the world population down to a couple hundred million,and at times sound just as crazy as myself! Hairy Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Boner, McConnell and Obumer!

          2. MAHB001 says

            Full disclosure, I have not bee following the Illuminati. But if the shoe fits…

          3. hangem'high says

            Agreed, but don’t expect the truth to be given freely!

          4. MAHB001 says

            Power like that is hard to walk away from..

            Most don’t.

  8. MajorMajor411 says

    The rich-fat-cats only want what THEY want, not what is in the best interest of the country, but what lines their pockets. The rats are all coming out of the woodwork, since Trump won’t and doesn’t need their stinky-ole money. They’ll go to a progressive (socialist) like Hillary, before they’d do what is best for the U.S. I hope each one of them gets a big boil on their butt!

  9. drthomasedavis says

    Any donor claiming to be republican or conservative who would even consider voting for any Clinton should be shunned like the plague. Hillary is, like “slick willy” a womanizer, a liar, a cheat and a damned politician. What more does one need to eliminate a traitor? Hopefully she will be either in prison or executed by the time the 2016 election rolls around. Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

    1. Michael Tachet says

      Any Republican donor who would vote for Clinton if Trump gets the Republican nomination is not a Republican donor and articles like this only generate fear mongering. The author of this article is as bad as the liberal press. Too bad he or she does not add credibility to their gossip column by giving us the names of these so-called turn coat doners. Whatever happened to responsible journalism?

      1. Christine Webster says

        The clinton snake must have spies in the press: trying to make herself look better.

        1. Bob2002 says

          The press is made up of mostly Democrats anyway. That is why you can not believe anything they write. Any Republican who would vote for Hillary over any Republican is not really a true Republican. These so called donors, such as Riordan, are not really Republicans, but are RINOs because they want to benefit financially from their troll (anyone but Trump, Cruz, or Carson) being president. Money means more to them than the good of our country. Clinton is definitely a snake, a liar, very corrupt, and one of the most evil person ever.

          1. sharon says

            Most if not all the left wing media is owned and operated by Soros and Rothchild and the rest of those NWO fascists nuts.

      2. GrumpyOleMan says

        It died from starvation when the socialists/communists took over our university system.

        1. Bill Ingram says

          Started big time in the 70’s. I started in a University after getting out of the service. Students were being spoon fed and professors who ACTUALLY challenged the brain cells of their students lost their jobs.

          After 1 1/2 years I advanced to my more challenging courses but they were just as bad. They gave you simple questions and multiple choice that ANYONE could get a passing grade.

          Question (example) How do you separate a mixture of ammonia chloride and sulfer?

          A. You can’t

          B. Boil it until it evaporates or explodes

          C. Put half in one tube and half in another tube and move them to separate locations.

          D. Heat it until the ammonium chloride sublimes. Then add distilled water
          to what’s left, stir, allow the solid to settle to the bottom of the
          dish, and decant the liquid. Repeat

          EVEN a mature person would eliminate the first three solutions simply because they are obviously Stew Ped.

          1. sharon says

            The communist Clinton did a lot of spoon feeding to the colleges himself, he couldn’t get a bill passed to start communism in America because he had a all Republican majority, so he sent the commies into our colleges to train our young on how to be good American haters.

        2. Barney Biggs says

          Could not agree more and here as well.

          Grumpy for POTUS

      3. Loretta Siani says

        The devil will use any tactic to undermine his opponent.

    2. Christine Webster says

      Agree completely. She is a traitor and a disgrace to our country. I am married to a disabled veteran. She cannot say that. I cannot imagine any veteran voting for her.

      1. GrumpyOleMan says

        Nor Cruz nor Rubio, both of which fail to meet the minimum requirements of Article 2, Section 1 of our Constitution, which all veterans took an oath to defend.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Neither did 0bama. The damage is done… Constitution and our rule of law has been shredded from within….

          1. Carol says


          2. MAHB001 says


            I am starting with the MEDIA… Please join my boycott. It will work..

            Once the playing field is leveled, Conservative causes will stand a chance.


        2. Bill Ingram says

          NOTE to GrumpyOleMan
          Have been noting your past comments and thoughts – – – and “I” would vote for you in a heart beat.
          Guess that is because I’m a Grumpy OLD(er) Man myself.
          Keep your head up and your gun(s) loaded. See you in the White House or in Hell.

          1. Carol says

            Bill Ingram thank you for the giggle LMKO …..

        3. Barney Biggs says

          Grumpy Now that you have eliminated most of your top candidates just who would you vote for? Not being an American this is just an academic question as I cannot vote anyway. .

          1. Loretta Siani says

            We have to vote for the person who will upset the apple cart. We have to put a person in the white house who will not fear the establishment and big money….who will be his own boss….who actually will put the best interest of America before his or her own best interest.

          2. Barney Biggs says

            Loretta As I remember the Democrats said much the same thing with Obama.

            The main thrust should be to elect somebody who is good for the American people, who can work on the world scene (this is a major as the US is falling badly in the international scene. I agree with you on the change but be very very careful that the devil you put in is not worse than the devil you got rid of. Currently while you domestic issues are not good in your country your international issues are far worse. Your current POTUS has made your country look weak and like a clown on the world stage. This is a political, military and economic major problem for you. In my country the voters were so unset with the previous PM (mostly personality) that they elected a young person who has committed us in the first month to 25000 syria refugees, giving away over $1 billion in Greenhouse gas reductions to developing countries which is adding to our debt. They wanted anybody but Harper, well they got it. Be very very careful

          3. Loretta Siani says

            Thank you for your perspective. I respect and appreciate it. I’d like to think that the American people are basically smart enough to choose better this time. I know our foreign policy has weakened us abroad. God help us to live up to our responsibilities for we have been blessed with a lot.

          4. Barney Biggs says

            Loretta I would like to think that as well but the fact seems to be all over the world that people vote for personality and how the media convinces them to.
            I spend a lot of time researching all over the world and see this as a norm regardless of which country is involved.
            While I don’t agree with the left position in most issues I do fear that an extreme right winger will over commit to foreign military involvement which often achieves little except to get our kids killed. We have managed to destablize so many countries with our interventions.

            As the old saying goes “never underestimate the stupidity of people in large numbers” When emotion takes over logic often departs.

            I used to tell my staff when dealing with irate people, “never try to overcome emotion with logic, you will never succeed”.

          5. Loretta Siani says

            In the end, what wins over emotion is imagination. and….it helps if you appeal to real or imagined guilt.

          6. Barney Biggs says

            Unfortunately I cannot agree, I am in my mid 70s and have watched emotion triumph all over the world. It does not seem to matter which country. The media and elite manipulate that emotion.
            Good debate Thanks

          7. Loretta Siani says

            Actually Barney, I agree with you. God save us.

          8. Barney Biggs says

            Lady That is about the only hope we have regardless of which country we are in.

        4. TAM44 says

          What have we had in the white house for almost seven years, a dam illegal, open your eyes, We have 534 in DC who have let this lying treasonous sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama do as he dam well pleases. obama was never vetted and yet he was able because of all the traitors letting him be placed in the white house by fraudulent means.

          1. Loretta Siani says

            It is the biggest fraud perpetrated upon our country and the American people. He was never properly vetted because the dems were drooling over the prospect of having a black president.

          2. denniscerasoli says

            In a nutshell Loretta.

          3. Salvador G. Jimenez says

            And we got our black president, he is more Afro American than any Afro American born in the US and living their entire lives here. At least he is African and American but all Muslim, wonder if this is why he is unable or unwilling to use the military might of the most powerful nation in the whole known universe.

          4. Seldena says

            Republicans have failed us because they did not honor their oath of office. They do not uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.They are to govern strictly by the Constitution and that is all.

          5. TAM44 says

            All those serving us has fail us not just the GOP the democrats as well. I’ve never voted fro a democrat and never will as they care more about themselves than the people.

          6. Al Hanson says

            for the most part, they are no different than the demoncreeps…that includes the newest batch of lying shitbags that were elected

          7. denniscerasoli says

            You are right,why did they allow it in the first place then bitch later.

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          9. Carol says

            TAM44 omg! OMG! OMG !! You Are So….. RIGHT

        5. Rich Ollar says

          Cruz has already pass all the requirement’s need to be President and the same will be for Rubio you have bad info.

        6. Al Hanson says

          why don’t you actually read the law concerning American citizens born on forign soil, it isn’t real long nor is it hard to understand and Cruz is indeed an American citizen…sheesh

    3. Grover Syck says

      The problem is Trump is NOT a republican. He is and anarchist, and these people know it.

      1. Bob2002 says

        He is better than any Democrat; especially Hillary.

      2. John Niedrich says

        He also isn’t a Damn politician who also isn’t afraid of the Washington dicktator or the political pons!! Also Mr Trump isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect and would not back down to the liberal democraps or the Muslim supporters ..

        1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          GO TRUMP2016!

      3. Don Wadd says

        The best candidate in the race PERIOD!

      4. cabowabo78727 says

        I don’t think Trump is an anarchist. I think he is a true Patriot who unfortunately, due to his business, had to live and thrive in NYC. Do me/you a favor and go and use your library card or purchase some of Trump’s books on Amazon. He lays it all out for you with no liberal media bias added.

    4. drnikoP says

      they are irrelevant anyway – wasting their money. The people will decide this time – not money or PAcs (of wolves:)

      1. Barney Biggs says

        You might be surprised how many of the sheeple are swayed by big money who buy the media then move the media in whatever way they want.
        Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups and this is regardless of party or country. SHEEPLE

      2. Loretta Siani says

        I hope you are right….that it will be the people who will decide.

    5. MAHB001 says

      Republican elites are democrats in conservative clothing… They are spies…

      Both parties are controlled by liberal socialists now.

      Hillary is now counting the votes… The Socialists are watching the Socialists….

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
      decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      —-Joseph Stalin

      1. Bob2002 says

        You are so correct and the ones who count the votes for us is a company owned lot, stock, and barrel, by George Soros. This company happens to be located in Spain; far away from any conservative influence.

        1. MAHB001 says

          The corruption has to be exposed before the next election…. Or all of us will be disenfranchised.

          Pass it on.

        2. Arnold Young says

          Soros owns the voting machine company’s? The only way we can bat this da** thing is to go back to PAPER ballots. At least we can count those!

    6. StampOutLIberals says

      Well said!

    7. k9 says

      you can’t expect too much from these idiots in California. about all they have out there is queers and movie stars, and 70% of them are NOT movie strars.

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        K9………FU** YOU!!

    8. anAmericanByChoice says

      Amen to that! Politicians band together, like birds of a feather. They close their deals behind closed doors. GOP and Democrats have been the same for a long time. Hillary will end what Obama started: the transformation of the USA into a 4th world country, invaded by illegals, Muslims, traitors, all rewarded with tax payers’ money, money from law abiding people. Sad but true. They behave like kings, and we the people must submit, or else, pay the price! We the people must defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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    10. Mrs. O says

      Dr. Davis I totally agree with you. A lot of people are afraid of Trump but he OR ANYONE would be a huge improvement over Hillary. Trump employs and listens to experts. Hillary is a controlling b—h who would be just another Obama, wanting her way & throwing tantrums if she doesn’t get it. She wouldn’t listen to experts cause she thinks SHE IS THE EXPERT. She can’t be trusted. We could never believe anything she told us and we CERTAINLY couldn’t entrust her with our safety.

    11. Eleanor B. Jones says

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    12. Loretta Siani says

      She will not be prosecuted. They all sleep in the same bed.

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    14. Cathy Schofield says

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    16. kbfallon says

      They are pissed knowing that their hand picked “puppets” will not be pulling strings for them and everyone knows that H.Rodham Clinton is all pay for play-that’s the bottom line…they could care less what party gets the win as long as they get theirs. Their motto is..”It doesn’t matter how you get it–as long as you get it”. Thank you for your service family lost our G-father @Bastogne.

    17. Kelly Melgoza says

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    20. Carol says


    21. Ora Blanton says

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    22. Rosie allen says

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    23. Shannon Roper says

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    24. Beth Proctor says

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    25. Betty Lukich says

      I so agree with you drthomasedavis, Anyone who votes for Hillary would have to be crazy or someone has paid them off to vote for Hillary. Hopefully she will be in Prison by the time the 2016 election time.

    26. 10579 says

      Boycott any company owned by these unAmerican bastards.This DOJ will not go after Hitlery the dyke and liar.Shee will be left to run for president and if she loses she will become the head of theDNC.

  10. rickouellette says

    Plain and simple reason is that they are afraid Trump might level the playing field and they see themselves paying billions more in taxes. With Hillary they are pretty much assured that the tax code will not change and the top one percent will continue to enrich themselves. If Hillary were to run the country using the Clinton Foundation math we would not have anything to worry about. Millions appear and disappear and nobody is the wiser. Her accountants could make our National Debt vanish and reappear in Putin’s budget. “What difference does it make” ? Good Luck America !!!

  11. Magik says

    Of course the big money would chose her ( it ) . They will protect the business as usual corrupt system of which the Clintoons are bought and paid for . The Clinton crime family will get protected . The shake up of their ” system ” scares the hell out of them . All the more reason to VOTE THEM ALL OUT .

    1. Christine Webster says

      Yes. The sooner the clinton snake is out, the better for us all.

  12. tomnchrist says

    Definitely time for a Third Party!
    I wish the Tea Party would have stepped up during the last election or at least early this year and become their own party, but it is probably too late now.

    1. Magik says

      This week the Republican controlled House will vote for the Bush era ” temporary ” tax cuts to be extended .

  13. mallen11 says

    I knew a lot of Republicans were RINOs but I did not know how really stupid they are and how much they must hate America. How could ANY Republican or conservative vote for one of the worse enemies of our country? After being a Republican as far back as I can remember (voted first in 1961) and always voting conservative, I have changed my party to American Independent.

    1. GrumpyOleMan says

      Republicans have lost a lot more people to the independent pool than Dummycrats. And deservedly so. Apparently the Republican Party enjoys giving away elections these days.

      1. Neal says

        The reason there isn’t more Democrats changing to Independents is because of their voting dead and the blind following they have from all those on Government Dole!

      2. mallen11 says

        Of course that doesn’t mean one can’t vote for a Republican. I just don’t like being known as a Republican. The GOP is not living up to their platform.

  14. Brangus says

    Any true conservative is a threat to the Status Queue. With Hillary everything will stay the same for them, It will be the people that get the shaft. They are only interested in their own well being.

    1. Christine Webster says

      Totally true. She cares nothing for the people; only for power and lining her pockets.

      1. Don Wadd says

        And stealing White House property!

  15. Bisley says

    This is only to be expected, since the leadership of the Republican party is anything but conservative, or interested in preserving and promoting the freedom and prosperity of the individual citizen. These people are of the internationalist, world-government sort, who care nothing for this country, or its Constitution — they are in the business of selling government to the various interests who fund the party establishment, using the money to elect and control public officials in order to enact law to the benefit of their donors. They fear and despise Trump, Cruz, Carson, etc. because they can’t control them — and a president who was trying to do what’s best for the country would undo much of what they’ve done for their donors and undermine their power base.

    The leadership establishments of both major political parties are nothing more than criminal organizations, in business for themselves, and selling the government to their contributors (often the same ones, buying a piece of both parties) against the best interests of the country and the people they con into voting for them. The Republicans are corrupt — the Democrats corrupt and Marxist.

  16. Tpatriot says

    They screwed over the majority to get their money just like the ones that call themselves DEMOCRATS!

  17. robocop33 says

    I do not believe that at all. Nothing but lies told to try and get another damn lifetime establishment Republican to run against Clinton. Sorry but JEB is NOT going to be our choice!

  18. gene smiith says

    My guess would be that the GOP is still doing all it can to sabotage the TRUMP candidacy. So this new and latest ploy is to make it appear that all the BIG GOP money folks will back Hillary…REALLY????? PAHLEEEZE…..too bad they can’t consider the Country instead of only their own selfish interests…Yes, Too much to even dream of. Very SAD !!!

  19. 63Marine says

    WTF??? Haven’t Americans been screwed enough??? The damn dumborats have one agenda and that is to reduce America to a third world country. Now, when we have a “TRUE American who will stand up for America’s standards, we get a bunch of A-holes wanting to sink his ship. WAKE THE “F” UP PEOPLE!!!!

    1. Christine Webster says

      Yes. Our party needs to get together and vote against that snake clinton.

      1. Neal says


      2. Reality Check says

        And vote for Bernie!

        1. Don Wadd says

          HA HA HA!

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Right — we need tw more unecessary wars on the China Bank credit card.
      Last Republican dope lowered taxes and started two wars.

      1. John Niedrich says

        Typical democrap Nobama zombie. Try to see the truth about your dicktator, and open your eyes. He is the greatest Hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, and he will be remembered as the worst president in our History!!!

        1. Reality Check says

          Gee John, what did AK say that was in error?

          you cons go of on your word salad response while completely ignoring the reality of AK’s post.

          Is that a sign of good brainwashing? or just that ignorant?

          1. John Niedrich says

            I know why your in need of a “Reality Check”, you are a typical DELUSIONAL liberal democrat…

        2. Reality Check says

          “He is the greatest Hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,”

          For example??

          nice talking Point.
          Can John put examples to that will not make people laugh?

          1. JOL says

            Pick up a copy of Dreams from my father and read the jacket cover. Author himself made the statement he is not American. Way back then ol Bozo never considered he would run for POTUS so he makes the claim the publisher added this incorrect info and that he missed it while proof reading his own book! Why the hell are his records from school and most everywhere else still sealed? Why the hell did BHO not take the Donald up on his first offer of $5,000,000 to charities to release college and passport records? Then as we all know money talks BS walks when Trump bumped it up to 50 millions and guess who walked away from it! Stupid move by BHO since once and for all the birther claims would be put to rest unless the documents would reveal he is not at all who claims he is! 50 million would be a lot of money to donate to charities he believes in yet he keeps everything about his life secret.

        3. Don Wadd says

          He makes Carter look like a genius!

      2. Don Wadd says

        And your stupid ass voted for Obama who did even WORSE!

  20. Darvin Hartzell says


    1. Christine Webster says

      Yes! We are with Trump at my house!

  21. Mitch A says

    Top Republican Donors Would Pick Hillary Over Trump
    Which would prove what many of we conservative voters are already thinking – that the mainstream republicans no longer represent their constituents but are far more concerned with what they can personally profit out of this. Republicans have become democrats and democrats have become lunatics!

  22. Geebub says

    Then back up someone like Ted Cruise now. Hillary lies. Why would you they want her? I like how you think drthomasedavis.

    1. Reality Check says

      Ted, “I raised 35 million from 3 people, while pretending to be a man of the “people” Cruz?

      THAT Ted Cruz?

  23. Les Prangley says

    Kind of telegraphs what their true position has always been and explains why the establishment GOP has consistently talked the talk but caved to agree with Obama. At least they may now be truthful in openly supporting a Democrat.

  24. TOM P O'DONNELL says




  25. GrumpyOleMan says

    Who cares? Trump doesn’t need their money anyway. One of the best things about him is that he isn’t for sale. Hil-LIAR-y on the other hand has prostituted herself on every job she’s ever had to anyone willing to give her a buck. And she changes her position according to the last patron she’s had. The record is pretty clear on that.

  26. Peter Bradin says

    No, there is a message here. All of those billionaires do business around the world, and you need a president who is not going to destroy cooperation on an economic or political level with the worlds leaders. Trump is too brash, too reckless with his remarks. Yes, we aren’t even in the primaries yet, so his comments now don’t carry as much weight overseas, but with some of his insulting comments now, those overseas leaders will remember, and will not be as open to working out equitable agreements with someone who insulted their religion or culture. Trump makes too many comments like that and you cannot back track on the world stage.

  27. GrumpyOleMan says

    As I read the article, most of these people are Californians. Are there really any conservatives out there? I’ve never seen one.

    1. Goodforall says

      Great point! And no, they all all RINOS.

  28. Neal says

    The reason they would pick Hillery over Trump is because Hillary is Establishment just like “Slick Willie’ was. WE NEED A CHANGE AND the ESTABLISHMENT, Both Democrats and Republicans, have us $18 TRILLION IN DEBT REGARDLESS OF WHO’S BEEN ELECTED!!! TRUMP AND CARSON ARE OUR ONLY HOPE OF SAVING THIS NATION!!!

  29. MAHB001 says

    This proves out that both parties have been taken over by socialists…

    The only difference is that the socialists in the Republican party have to pretend to be capitalists and for upholding the Constitution.

  30. Alleged Comment says

    They would put money ahead of anyone’s interest to the point of even putting an enemy of America in??

    How DIRTY MINDED of them! May they lose not only their money but may they be caught naked and destitute climbing out of the rat and skunk holes they have buried themselves in.

  31. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Now the “Trojan Horse” (self proclaimed) Conservatives will be forces to play they’re hands. Expose them for who & what they really are. This is why the Conservative party has been going nowhere. Voting or supporting Hillary, will be another death pill to the United States.

    1. Goodforall says

      It’s not a party of conservatives-it’s of the RINO establishment. We true conservatives are all sick of this nonsense.

      1. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Agreed, I always believed, many on both sides the aisle think Trump as a loose cannon that cannot be controlled. The RINO Party, & the Liberal Party are one of the same.

        1. Goodforall says

          That is exactly why Obama has been able to shred our Constitution with the help of RINO’s McConnell and Boehner. Both could care less about the best interest of our Country and are only concerned with lining their own pockets.

          1. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Agreed….. The logical explanation Odumba has been left to do his evil to our Country.

          2. Reality Check says

            no the logical explanation is you cons are low info.

            The House has passed NOTHING in the past 2 years.
            and then you call them the tool of Obama?

            Is that why THEY SUED Obama? cause they are his pawns?

            God you are gullible silly humans.

            you are CLUE LESS is you think the GOP are in anyway cooperating with Obama.
            no wonder you vote GOP.

          3. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Dear Clueless…Were talking about the Rino fence sitters ..You no doubt still think Booner was a great leader & Hillary would make a great president. Talk about an idiot…You can see one everyday in the mirror.

          4. Reality Check says

            I am talking about ALL the GOP.
            you think they are called the Do Nothing Congress because they passed all of Obama’s agenda?

            I like the way you dodge the point and throw in a Hillary for good measure.

            you have to BE and idiot to think the GOP are anything but adversaries to Obama.
            they sued Obama why?
            cause they are puppets of Obama?

            you are a tool of Right Wing Propaganda.

          5. Gunflint Roseberg says

            I can see it’s a waste of energy speaking to someone that has No hope, No Faith & most likely No future. It’s true the majority of RINO’s are worthless(both sides the aisle). And whose fault is it ?? Ours, ours for allowing them to continue for so long, & only we can correct it. Your intelligence really shows by attacking those who wish to Unite in order to gather strength in numbers to fight these outlaws. Real patriots unite & take the fight with those who need to removed.

          6. Reality Check says

            such delusions.
            The House has passed NOTHING in the past 2 years.
            and then you call them the tool of Obama?

            Is that why THEY SUED Obama? cause they are his pawns?

            God you are gullible silly Americans.

            you are CLUE LESS is you think the GOP are in anyway cooperating with Obama.
            no wonder you vote GOP.

  32. GREGGM says

    Both establishment parties have one thing in common. They want big gov’t. That is very bad for middle class taxpayers. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Both parties will work to defeat anybody that represents the interests of the middle class. FACT.

  33. Kenneth Duncan says

    Then they would get what they deserve. Where do you think that Bill learned all of his secrets from?

  34. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    If any G.O.P. votes for this woman i’ll consider you not of the way of being an AMERICAN

  35. BobbyD says

    All the rich, Republican and Democrat are scared to death that someone they have NOT bought and paid for could occupy the White House. This election is shaping up to be a battle between the wealthy forces that control our central government AND the People. The People have a chance to take their country back. This chance will probably never come again.

  36. Wayne Smyer says

    SORRY GOPers! you are stuck with the THUMPER1

  37. peter says

    And GOP donors are full of crap and actually are RINO’s along with the rest of these elitists morons. The people need to purge Rinos and democrats from this country before it’s too late.

    1. Morton99 says

      If I were the President I would fight for you – for comfortable protected reservations designed for right wing misfits where you can spend your days ranting, making moonshine, shake and bake, shooting yourselves and all of it without any interference from the rest of us.

  38. truthseeker53 says

    Just goes to show how far removed the GOP/RNC(RINO Central) really is from true conservatives. Rand for POTUS!!

  39. says

    Trump needs to quit making up stories with lies Tell the truth and hell be alright but joining the Hillary andObama lying club will not help him

  40. cabowabo78727 says

    Just because this supposedly is what the “richest” Republicans are thinking, Doesn’t Mean Sh*t! They have money, but with that comes corruption. And the last time I checked they only have ONE VOTE just like the rest of us “REAL” conservatives. Who wrote this piece of garbage (no name) and who cares?

  41. pdunc1013 says

    Any Republican not supporting Trump will be excommunicated immediately. Then deported or hung depending. Welcome president Trump. I speak for ALL Republicans.

    1. Morton99 says

      LOL! You speak for uneducated idiots- who fortunately have nothing but their shrill and stupid insults to freedom loving patriots.

      1. pdunc1013 says

        You speak for muslims. Go Away terrorist.

        1. Morton99 says

          Anyone who would vote for Trump is a low educated fool who is so stupid that they can’t see that Trump cannot do much more than lie and brag about who he would like to be. He has lied so often that fools begin to believe what he wants them to believe. His stated policies of putting tariffs on Chines and Mexican goods (etc) would do littl.

          His fear mongering about Muslims but massively increase the cost of goods in this nation just makes people like you look even dumber than you will ever know. My guess is that you don’t even have a pot to pee in. You probably borrow one from the church soup line.

  42. Austinniceguy says

    This is EXACTLY WHY we need a NON ESTABLISHMENT president. These billionaire donors are ALL after the same thing, their own personal puppet in the WH. At the end of the day it all ends the same for them, they remain billionaires while we, the middle class get consumed by taxes imposed by the politicians. Hitlery has unveiled another part of her plan which she says will cost $370 BILLION dollars!!! Which of course means closer to $500 BILLION and less than half the results she’s promising. That’s ON TOP of the $330 BILLION for college tuition, which is completely unsustainable, in itself. She’s also promising high speed internet for EVERY home by 2020!!! That’s in 4 years!! That shouldn’t cost much, should it? For ANY of the RINO’s OR Hitlery to get into office will be the absolute obliteration of the middle class. Either establishment party will be perfectly happy with a country where you have your billionaires and you have the welfare class. God help us.

    1. Reality Check says

      “This is EXACTLY WHY we need a NON ESTABLISHMENT president”

      BERNIE SANDERS is the obvious choice.

      if you had a brain you would know trump Toasted his chance of winning by killing the Hispanic vote.

      but don’t let details get in the way of your fantasy.

      1. Deby says

        hahaha! old man Bernie the socialist hasn’t got a chance in hell-he won’t get the nomination and you should know that you liberal tool. the dumbocrats are counting on it’s pool of losers like you for votes, and the dead, and the illegals, etc etc. and they will vote for killary. maybe you should move to Canada to feed your socialistic fantasies ’cause we don’t need your entitled welfare ass here.

        1. Reality Check says

          he beats trump in all the polls.

          The millennials are not happy with you con stance that climate change is a joke.

          THAT is going to cost you lots of seats.

      2. Austinniceguy says

        You’re really a sad little man if you think that idiot stands ANY chance of getting past the Clinton machine. The details in THAT scenario are getting in the way of your delusional fantasy. Burnout wants to spend just as much if not more than Hitlery but has no clue how to get hold of the brass ring. And, you’re nuts if you think it’s over for Trump. When he teams up with Cruz you’ll understand how this is going to play out.

        1. Reality Check says

          based on your posts, you are not the sharpest knife in this drawer.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            And based on your posts you’re an outright moron. Your delusion is what allows you to live your pathetic, pitiable life. You should have been aborted.

          2. Austinniceguy says

            Based on the responses you’re getting from everyone on here you’re a bloviating moron and everyone knows it. Why don’t you go play on one of your liberal rags where they MIGHT think you have a brain.

          3. Reality Check says

            this is not about the responses I get from the choir.

            I about not letting you brainwashed cons preach your LIES unchallenged.

            you are a cancer we have to cure before you fuck up the country even further.

          4. Austinniceguy says

            Well, you certainly make it very obvious that you are delusional. The great news is that I use my facebook page to get the word out about Hitlery AND Burnout Sanders and they have just given me a whole host of new footage to work with. I love that they both think it is a great idea to bring in a bunch of that refugee trash that can’t possibly be vetted AND they want to give them welfare, housing subsidies, access to healthcare and so on. I love that they’re talking about everything they want to give for free which they will pay for simply by taxing us some more. I link sites that show how utterly unsustainable it all is. Hitlery has gone on record saying that she WILL have high speed internet IN EVERY HOME by 2020!! Another absolute impossibility. The thing they’re going on about the refugees is getting the most hits as I have a video of those savage animals that they posted online, killing people, and I did a voice over using Hitlery and Burnouts recorded messages. They can’t escape their own speeches. The beauty of it is that morons like you, who think you’re smart, won’t be able to challenge me. I used to be thrilled to get a couple hundred hits every couple of days. I got over 20,000 hits over the weekend and, the numbers just keep getting better. Good luck with your sad little quest to challenge me.

  43. Loving America says

    And…those top GOP will be at the top of their height of ignorance if they ever turn on the Republican Party for the likes of Hillary! Better rethink doing such a thing!

  44. junkmailbin says

    we have enough dumb arsed evanjellyfish who will do a no show again without the wealthy bribers switching sides and fattening the pockets of the clintons

    1. Reality Check says

      the rich just don’t want the GOP to implode the economy AGAIN.

      they didn’t get rich being dumb.

  45. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    All we need is to have a criminal in the WH! I know it would be nothing new, but killary’s criminal past (and her present) criminal history is known to all, but not ALL of it known! Why would ANYONE help put her in office?

    1. Reality Check says

      Criminal past that exists only in the tiny minds of conservatives??
      THAT criminal past?

      maybe you can have a fantasy conviction and some fantasy jail time?

  46. John B Taxpayer says

    I call Bull Shit on this article.
    Also Trump can’t be bought, but these corny capitalists would never vote for Wildebeest.

    1. Reality Check says

      the point wasn’t about WHO can be bought.
      it was , trump is so BAD.

      maybe read it again.

      1. John B Taxpayer says

        This is a BS Article.

        1. Reality Check says

          this is a BS web site, but you cons LOVE IT.

  47. American ex-Pat says

    I have to throw the bright red Beeeee-Esssss Flag on this article. Those “top Republican donors” the article refers to are probably RINO-lovers supporting such heavyweights as former-Speaker Boehner, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and former House Majority Leader Cantor!

  48. onefour says

    It has been said ‘we will destroy ourselves from within. We are well on our way with that which occupies the WH and will be completed if she gets in. Those donors that vote for her are traitors to this country and the conservative agenda.

    1. Morton99 says

      You have nothing – without those donors – nothing except under-financed xenophobia and anger at your own lazy miserable circumstances.

  49. Bill Ingram says

    I know Bull Shiza when I see Bull Shiza.
    Folks – This web site is run by LIBERALS (Cloaked as they may be – they are still LIBERALS)
    or another way of putting it is –

    1. Morton99 says

      Thats what happens when you are so far swing to the right that you feel isolated.

      1. Bill Ingram says

        You really needed to pay attention when you were in school to – sentence structure and spelling.
        You should try this exercise.
        1. reach up and grab your ears
        2. pull REAL hard and maybe that will help remove your head from your arse.

        1. Morton99 says

          OMG you idiots are so repetitive. Look down in a contrite way (that may be difficult for you) at your feet – and you may notice that the right foot is often stuck or even nailed to the floor. Thats why you find yourself going around and around in right circles. It makes you dizzy and silly.

    2. Reality Check says

      you need a mental evaluation if you think this site is liberal.

  50. Paul Thomas says

    Simply put ladies and gentlemen, a politician that can be bought, has no party lines. All of them are corrupt and looking for money under the table. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? Everyone but two are politicians, Trump and Carson.They can’t be bought and they at least will try to help America.

    1. Reality Check says

      You forgot Bernie Sanders.
      the only guy in the Senate who is not a millionaire.
      very unique after 30 years in congress.

      carson’s net worth is 10 million

  51. Robert Early says

    I can’t imagine that happening; but if it did, it would be the death of the Republican Party, and the initiation of a new Conservative Party.

    1. Morton99 says

      For the sake of patriotic conservatives, I wish the party would disintegrate and reform itself. It has become a basket of rotting apples.

  52. Jackie says

    These billionaires who would vote for Killary are most likely behind the NWO along with her. They do not want a candidate such as TRUMP being elected because he has no “ties” to lobbyists nor large corporation donors, therefore, he owes no one any favors after being elected. TRUMP will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IF GIVEN THE CHANCE. GO TRUMP — and I love the idea of CRUZ being your Vice President.

    1. Morton99 says

      Nor does he have much in the way of ties to the truth.

      1. Deby says

        oh, and Killary DOES????? morty, you are such a troll

        1. Morton99 says

          Hillary Clinton has been caught exaggerating on a handful of occasions over a very long political career. Trump gets caught making them usually several times in a single day, and worse – he flaunts totally unsupportable allegations

          1. Deby says

            exaggerating???? really morty, that is lame even for you. but I guess it is rather hard to think clearly with your head so firmly up your butt. killary is a world class lying elitist that has been caught LYING numerous times. I know, the truth hurts, but there it is.

          2. Morton99 says

            You will question the source of your info and propaganda when she becomes the next POTUS

    2. Reality Check says

      “These billionaires who would vote for Killary are most likely behind the NWO along with her”

      Got news for you. the GOP are the ones pushing the corporate take over of America.

      THEY are the one who pushed the TPP which IS the next step in making America a slave labor force.

      1. Jackie says

        The NWO is anchored in the U.K. where it all began years ago. It is made up of the Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bush family, and so many others the list is enormous which includes the UN, NATO, etc.

        1. Reality Check says

          THAT is the Low info con version.

  53. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    With big money people, making money comes before the welfare of the country.

  54. del says

    What BS….no one in sane mind would pick old Clinton for anything. Any of our candidates would be 100% Better than that old corrupt incompetent crook Clinton!

    1. Reality Check says

      a guy suggesting a registry for Muslims and has the platform of, “It Will Be Huge”
      really does not cut it with people with brains.

  55. laulau says

    What’s the big deal about a handful of rich guys that won’t vote for Trump ? They only get one vote.

    1. Reality Check says

      they NEED outrage to keep the con spirit alive.

  56. SouthernPatriot says

    Any donor who picks Hillary rather than a paramecium is an idiot and obviously has no moral or ethical core values. They need to remove GOP from their affiliation and just put “Brain dead.”

    1. Deby says

      “Brain dead” OR “Democrat”–one and the same-sorry mom!

      1. Reality Check says

        at least the Dems have a functioning party.

        you guys are running a bunch of clowns.

  57. StarRider1 says

    Im not surprised, the rich and powerful have always backed a political party rather then the person running. The hand outs will stop when Trump is elected the books his accountants go over will expose wide spread corruption from both party’s for the past 100 yrs. The truth is scaring the hell out of the political elite.Remember these big donors always get Hugh gov grants and funding for things made to make money and not to benefit any one. I will vote for Trump and damn the political elite .

    1. Reality Check says

      He is scaring the GOP, the Dems WANT him to run.

      guaranteed Hillary win.

  58. onefour says

    So you rather have donors that vote for Hillary. By the way I don’t have any anger at my lazy miserable circumstances since I’m doing just fine thank you very much

  59. peter says

    No Morton99. You are the misfit moron who lies like all liberals do. You believe in your own bullshit and continue to spew it in hopes someone believes in it along with all your liberal lies. Go f–k yourself and you will probably feel much better !

    1. Reality Check says

      was that a con proving something?

  60. GuardianFlame says

    Those Republican donors are afraid if Trump gets in that “their” billions of dollars won’t be able to influence Mr. Trump! And they are absolutely right!

    We all know how corrupt and turncoat hillary is, so do those billionaires. They know hillary “can be bought” so they could still control many areas of our Federal govt. But Trump? No way and he doesn’t need their $$, therefore they’d have no control over his actions and may even become a target.

    Afterall, they have the means to help make better changes to our country and they all stood by watching while barry chipped away at our faith and foundations and did absolutely nothing. Who would want their dirty $$ anyway? Sic ’em Trump!

    1. Reality Check says

      “We all know how corrupt and turncoat hillary is”

      SORRY, but WE don’t know that.

      YOU wackadoodle conservatives have plenty of fantasies but none of them true, evidenced by the fact that after EIGHT investigations, you still have NO WRONG DOING.

      Your idea of evidence is a “trash novel” from some right wing operative.

      meanwhile, she is not even under investigation.

      1. Deby says

        and I thought you dealt with facts-silly me-have you ever heard of the FBI?? quit making stuff up and calling names-that is All you ever do-you are wrong, and boring.

        1. Reality Check says

          “The State Department and DOJ have already made clear that Clinton
          violated no laws or policies and did nothing wrong, and now the FBI is
          declining to be dragged into the partisan fray. The result: a leading
          republican in congress is now openly attacking the FBI.”

          and here is another hundred thousand sources for you read the same statement from the DOJ.

          I await your links of rebuttal ill Informed Con.

          1. Deby says

            you are joking -why in hell would I believe anything you copied from a website called Liberal Land???? This is how the left works-it publishes lies to trolls like you who repeat their LIES and labels anyone who disagrees, a liar. go back to liberal land mr. unreality check-and pat the other loser socialist commies on the back. your snide, lying rhetoric is merely amusing to the users of this site.

          2. Reality Check says

            well not very bright old FART, I also gave you another hundred thousand sources that say the same thing.

            MEANWHILE I don’t see the ignorant con PROVING that she is under investigation.

            you believe in Santa too?

            lie and labels TO LIARS.

            ya that is correct.
            and so far only the LIBERAL had PROVEN ANYTHING.

            the con flaps his beak.

          3. Deby says

            you haven’t proven shit-EXCEPT that your ignorance is quite overwhelming at times, I really need to zip by your lying, inane comments when I see them. my bad won’t happen again.

          4. Reality Check says

            you have proven to INCAPABLE Of proving that your not a TRAITOROUS human who LIES about America like a common terrorist.

            you traitors need rounding up.

          5. Deby says

            I don’t have to prove anything you moron. It is actually you who is a traitor –one who cannot think logically, but spews idiotic ideological radical leftist proganda every chance you get-regardless of the topic. you are a broken record, and a broken human being to boot. you are truly pathetic

          6. Morton99 says

            Why don’t you stick to the facts instead of attacks on an anonymous blogger – its a kind of childish occupation don’t you think ?

          7. Deby says

            then why do you do it?

          8. Morton99 says

            Show me where I have done so.

          9. Reality Check says

            it is your right to be a dumb ass.

            it is not your right to LIE all the time.

            I’ll be challenging every word.

          10. Morton99 says

            Reality Check is absolutely correct. The Republican party has spent more than $ 40 million in trying to find dirt on Hillary Clinton – and they STILL have not found anything that is prosecuable

          11. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            One need not spend a dime to find dirt on a Clinton, just eyes, ears and a functioning brain, which leaves you and RC out. $40M is simply the cost of circumventing the stonewalling that you dem bloodsuckers have turned into an art form.. Go back to sleep you damn fool.

      2. GuardianFlame says

        She has been under investigation for the email issue — stupid even for her — along with Benghazi all this year. On the Benghazi front, I have been following that investigation daily since it happened and Judicial Watch has several amicus briefs all about her and her failings as Secretary of State. They are still investigating her actions on all those fronts because, well, the bitch is GUILTY WHETHER YOU MR. AIRHEAD, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Please remove your head from your behind long enough to see that this woman does nothing but lie and manipulate issues to her benefit. She doesn’t give one honest care about you or any of your Leftist croonies, she is all about Killary. But, as usual, the Left is so wrapped up with it’s own little agendas of “RULING” THE WORLD (NOT SAVING IT, BUT RULING IT), that they can’t see beyond their rose colored glasses to the damage they have done.

        But not to worry, the rest of America is waking up to the devastation people like Killary do to the populace trying to look good, when her actions have shown she is anything but good, more evil. Nothing you can say will ever convince our people she is a good thing for our country, because HER ACTIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES AND SHE HAS BEEN NEGLECTFUL, LYING, AND SECRETIVE ABOUT HER/BILL’S DEALINGS WITH TERRORIST GROUPS TO THE POINT OF DISGUSTING. AMERICA DOESN’T WANT THAT EGOCENTRIC OLD WITCH IN OUR PRESIDENCY…PERIOD! AND BY THE ELECTIONS, MORE AND MORE DIRT WILL BE DUG UP ON HER AND HER INABILITY TO THINK BEYOND HER NOSE ABOUT ANYONE, MUCH LESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

        The only reason she hasn’t been found guilty is that money is paying off the right people to keep their mouths shut. The Federal Govt had so many requests from Legal Counsels to turn over important docs in both these instances, but barry the Fairy drug his feet producing those docs because he didn’t want to be incriminated along with her. Money speaks louder than truths unfortunately for the U.S. and our Federal Govt has become the worst most corrupt government of all our history. But you wouldn’t know that because you think just like the corruptors…sad for you and even sadder for America. It’s already become America with the embarassing President — Europe and Asia all think we are a bunch of imbeciles because we follow an idiot who knows NOTHING about what he is doing…and killary walks by his side.

        So give it up Reality Dude. She’s just NOT presidential material, hell, she wasn’t even Secretary of State material either. She can’t even be a decent wife so her husband doesn’t go out and screw around on her. What good is she to anyone? Intelligent Americans who have done their research on that broad know that she is the nemesis to good honest working people and we don’t want any part of her or her delusional actions.

        Go away killary. Go live with the muslims you “love” so much. Wear their women’s body tent so no one can see how old and haggard you are. Maybe one of the muslims will take pity and marry you and you can try to be a good wife to him which will take 24/7 for you. OR TRY LYING TO THEM AND THEY WILL CUT OUT YOUR TONGUE…yes, that’s what they do in Islam…fits the offense…remove the organ that’s guilty of the crime. But they’d have to remove her brain, because that’s where the disorders are.

        1. Reality Check says

          so much Right Wing Bloviating and NOT ONE LINK.

          HER SERVER was under investigation. NOT Hillary dim human.

          again, you can’t back up anything you have said like I DO (right below).


          1. GuardianFlame says

            Go to Judicial and check their Investigation on her by inserting Benghazi in their Search field. Also check what they found out in her email fiasco. Come on now. You can’t be that naive to believe she did that by accident??? Please tell me you aren’t.

            Anyone in the government must use a secured server because of highly confidential materials. Killary chose to use a server in her home to send information back and forth????? Is she a creton? With all the hackers out there, both in the U.S. and outside the U.S., do you know how easy it would be to get any information, confidential or not? Yeah, like in 10 minutes they would have it. So, on killary’s part, that was plain foolishness and not thinking. Those are traits we do NOT need in our Presidency…period.

            But, you see, she thought she was above her position in the govt. and could do anything she chooses, only this time she was caught! And, you and I will never know if Highly Confidential info was compromised because if it was, THAT WOULD BE A REFLECTION ON OBAMA (because he appointed her) and he would never allow that.

            Please do not be so naive about the workings of this Federal Govt. They have let Americans down big time (neither of them truly cares about that at all) and the worst thing is that people such as yourselves “CAN’T SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING” so you are now a part of the problem. Step back, stop and really “look” at the actions those two have taken and you will see that Americans and this country are at the bottom of their priority list. Unless it involves $$, or power, neither of them gives a damn and that will be their downfall. Because one day, all the negativity they have sent out to the world will come crashing down on their heads…Karma, Reality Dude. Americans really aren’t as dumb as you think….

          2. Reality Check says

            Bernie 2016.

            Brace yourself, maybe move to Somalia.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            I don’t lie Reality Dude. I HATE those that pathologically lie whether on purpose or by accident. It is a personality flaw that destroys relationships and societies. Hillary lies…like campaigning to all the young female students that she backs women’s rights and their ability to work and get paid the same as men. Yeah right, there’s a whopper when Hillary pays her females a much lower wage than all the men she employs. Check that one out. Oh, but when caught telling that lie, I’m sure she immediately gave her Ladies a little raise, still not as high as the guys get, but an incentive????? Liar.

            I don’t expect everyone to be perfect, but I do expect them to be truthful, even if the truth hurts. But hillary lies so easily it has become second nature, just like obama…both are pathological liars where their lies have become the reality and the reality has become the lie. NOT Presidential material…ever!

          4. Reality Check says

            “I don’t lie Reality Dude”
            well that is yet to be determined.

            BUT anyone who thinks the Benghazi thing is not a political witch hunt, is a disingenuous con, a black mark against your truthfulness.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Please remove your head from your behind”

          so when she becomes pres, promise to stick your head up your ass and see if any truth is there.

          1. GuardianFlame says

            While Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, The Hill notes that a pivotal figure in the 2016 presidential race is FBI Director James Comey, who is continuing the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

            Comey, 54, the grandson of a police officer in Yonkers, N.Y., was confirmed as FBI chief by the Senate to a 10-year term in a 93-1 vote this summer and holds a reputation for his “independence and aggressive prosecutions,” The Hill reports.

            This was today on the Web. No investigations???? Duh. Think again Reality Dude. She’s got investigations up her ying yang and none of them are going her way. Wouldn’t it be interesting if she is indicted first part of 2016??? Yep, innocent, I think not. Too much negative info being found out about her dealings…not only a liar, but dishonest and manipulative. Bad, Bad Karma coming her way…and to those who still think she’s not a liar or opportunist.

            Comey will find out the truth whether either Party agrees or not. He is unbiased and thorough. It may exonerate her or it may bury her…time will tell. As for Benghazi, barry buried most of the docs so deep that they can’t surface so the incriminating docs just disappeared. How convenient. Corruption flows through this administration like dirty water… and it covers both hillary and barry the fairy.

          2. GuardianFlame says

            hillary will never see the presidency…it is written in the stars. Her fate lies elsewhere and has a nasty fiery odor.

          3. Reality Check says

            That would be great if she dropped.
            all the chips will then be Bernies

  61. Joyce White says

    GrumpyOleMan I believe your are mistaken about their citizenship. I don’t know about Rubio, but Cruz was born of an American mother. The fact that she was in Canada at the time of his birth does not negate his birthright. It simply means he held dual citizenship. I believe he has since renounced his Canadian citizenship

  62. rjet43 says

    If they vote or support Hitlery they are traitors to America!!!

    1. Oldcamaros says

      It’s UNAMERICAN to say they’re traitors–it’s their right to support or vote for whoever they want.

      1. rjet43 says

        wrong, to vote for the destruction of my country that i fought for is treason!!! Period!

  63. sharon says

    Gee let the morons pick that lying witch, they are no different than Hillary in my mind, I will know who to not vote for when the times comes a lot of us will, and it will be any lowlife Republican that chooses that laying treasonous scum Hillary over Trump.

    1. Reality Check says

      “who’s idols are communist and fascists”


      1. sharon says

        Your moma that is who moron

  64. sharon says

    Hillary is just a lowlife liar and communist moron, who’s idols are communist and fascists and still are, don’t let the liar fool you one bit, she is no different than Obama.

    1. Morton99 says

      Don’t tell me – but did you drop out of school before High School ?

  65. jalee says

    The big question is why?

    1. Reality Check says

      they are smarter than your average con.

  66. GiveAwayJimmie says

    This type mentality is what is causing downward trend to America. These are some of the people that stayed home in 2012—because Romney is a Mormon—–no wonder the republicans are losing and are losers.

    1. Reality Check says

      well lets not forget the stupid candidates you put up.

      Romney the Etch a sketch really didn’t have a chance.

      and now you have a full clown car and wonder why the smart people won’t vote for trump?
      “It Will Be Huge” is not a Policy statement.

  67. Alleged Comment says


    If they want the Thing as president they must want a corrupt liar in office similar to the simian one they got in office now.

    Someone so compromised they will be easy to work America over – again!

    1. Reality Check says

      “the simian one”

      well we know where we can find a racist when we need to point to one.

      I wonder why all you bigots pretend there is no racism in America?
      just cause lying is second nature?

      1. Alleged Comment says

        I’m glad you noticed the racist behavior of the negro which I had to you choice words to point out so you notice.

        But as usual with idiots they attack the messenger.

        1. Reality Check says

          the “messenger” is an idiot.

          1. Alleged Comment says

            Yes, the negro. You still get it wrong over and over. You voted for the negro twice didn’t ya??

          2. Reality Check says

            are stupid questions your specialty?

  68. Bruce Rowley says

    And that is what is wrong with those rich and influential people in this country. It all boils down to the almighty dollar. Which nominee, irregardless of race, creed, religion or party affiliation will be more financially advantageous to me? That is their only mindset. There is no concern for the common folk, just them and their ability to get more for themselves. Money talks, everything else can go to hell.

  69. ART L LINDMAN says

    More reason to vote for and support Trump……the donors fear Trump will kick over their apple cart and change government to represent the folks…instead of what Cruz call the Washington Cartel….

  70. missourisam says

    I don’t doubt that there are many so called republicans that would support Hillary rather than Trump. Trump is not part of the Washington establishment status quot. There are many republicans that would much rather have her as the president, even though it would be a disaster for America, rather than have a president that will not buy into the good ole boy system that keeps them at the public feed trough. They for sure are not patriots, but closet democrats that buy into the liberal agenda. Lately there is little difference in the parties, they are both corrupt and only interested in what they can get out of the coffers, instead of wanting what is best for the nation. Apparently they have no conscience, or any love for their children and grandchildren, not caring that they are selling their futures for a fleeting personal gain.

  71. apzzyk says

    The wealthy members of the GOP are also the ones who have to please the public – reruns of Mein Kampf won’t cut it. Just like 1964, the true Conservatives got their candidate; Goldwater, and there is another of him in the GOP candidates, and so if these RINOs give to congressional candidates, it would be the best way to support Hillary – giving her a friendly congress that is not really dominated by the small minority of the Freedom (whatevers) which seem to be well represented here – the ones who think that we can do without government, and cutting the SS and VA rates of increase – which might even pay for a movie ticket every couple of months – that is the side of the bread where the butter is found, and keeping as many theaters above water would also be nice for the entertainment industry.
    Some of the people who I have met who consider themselves to be ‘ultra’ conservatives have sat out the last few presidendtial elections even with Sarah and Ryan on the ticket, so this time it will be the RINOs, and there are far more of them than there are of the ‘true’ conservatives that I see here.

  72. TAM44 says

    The top GOP are not republicans, they are just democrats that are all piece of steaming obama. I will cast my vote for Mr. Trump as the democrats and the GOP hates him, that’s reason enough for me. I have never voted for a democrat and would never vote for a lying disgusting B—H like killery clinton.

  73. Tk Matthews says

    If we continue to listen (read) what these” talking heads” put forth we will end up with another Obama>.Trump will be the focus of ALL these “hacks” because he is not one of the” in crowd.”

  74. Charlie says

    Any Republican that would choose Hillary over Donald is a true RINO ! POS even to verbalize such crap ! Our nation is in the crapper and all the elites need to do is push the flush handle and our nation goes down the toilet of failed nations of history.

    1. gmhunt4 says

      Amen, the dollar is being replaced by the Chinese Yen.

  75. gmhunt4 says

    If they do not want Trump as the GOP Nomine, then they should be giving their “big” bucks to Cruz. He is the ONLY Constitutional Conservative running for the nomination. They want because they want someone they can control, Bush or Rubio, They may fill they can buy Hillary.

  76. 1josephg1 says

    Just another reason that Mr “T” is the one America needs.

  77. Bob Stewart says

    What kind of reporter wrote this story? Who was at the meeting, give some names. Without having to name names, I can state that top republican contributors are progressives who also give money to democrats. A real reporter would want to know who they are.

  78. yearnd says

    Here is another big problem with the pseudo Republican “Leadership” over the Obama years. All they have done is to put as much of the government in general, and Obama’s agenda in particular on autopilot as far as debate and funding goes. Now Speaker Ryan has doubled and tripled down on the same kind of Omnibus funding, and he wants to carry much of it forward for 5 years, thus tying the hands of the next President and next two congresses because the Establishment is really worried about the prospect of a President Trump or Cruz. Three years ago I heard JB tell a radio interviewer that “Comprehensive” immigration reform was a done deal and that it was just a matter of timing on when the bill could be pushed through. The effort of the current Leaderless Leadership to submit the free citizens of this country to international control must be stopped now. If it is not stopped now we soon will be ruled from abroad by treaty and international executive agreement and have no means to control the future of our country.

  79. Arnold Young says

    They would have the country drift into destruction if they could not control the continued rip off of the American people. Just think–

  80. donS2 says

    Makes perfect sense to me, they are Republicans. If they were Conservative it would suprise me but they are just Republican.

    1. Goodforall says

      There is a very big difference. The GOP has let us all down.

  81. dominke says

    Does this surprise anyone? If it does than you are in trouble folks. The top of G.O.P. has been in bed with democrats for awhile. Check the list of republican traitors, it will scare anyone.Trump is a threat to the plan of destruction they have for we the people. Trump will see that many of enemy pay a dear price for treason.

    1. Reality Check says

      so what is the “end goal” of the “plan” of destruction?

      what exactly is to be gained from destroying the country?

      famine and death?

      sounds like a plan a moron con makes up.

      lets hear some details?

  82. Seldena says

    I guess they are ready to kill off the Republican Party with a stupid move like this. ANY donor supporting this liar and Communists does not belong in the Republican Party in the first place!

  83. hangem'high says

    This is why I have a man crush on Trump!

  84. MRHapla says

    RINOs all. They can and will sell out America to cover the status quo.What will they say when Thighlary stacks the SCOTUS with PCLibScum for the next century?

  85. MRHapla says

    So,,,from a crate of oranges in, to Thighlary?? Morons,,,we got morons on our ‘team’

  86. otoman says

    Please give us the names of these high profile repubs and who they work for. A boycott sounds in order!

  87. Jim Freund says

    After 14 years of being messed up again in the world, i don’t think thet really want what they have caused.

  88. armydadtexas says

    FK them!

  89. TPM says

    IF true (I say this because I question much of what I read today) … then I’d assume that major contributors only make contributions, when they can expect a return on their investment. Smacks of cronyism.

    I don’t agree with everything Trump says. BUT, voting for Hillary would be nearly as bad as a 3rd term of Obama. If you’re a republican (and hopefully a patriot) how could you support Hillary over Trump?

  90. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Well i’m praying that our GOD want let that woman ever again put her foot no where in reach of our WHITE HOUSE.

  91. denniscerasoli says

    This is BS.No Republican donor would back Clinton over Trump,next to impossible.They may cringe at Trump if they even do that,and if it is about money that would be no problem for Trump.

  92. molly kennedy says

    That is just hype to get rid of Trump because they know he is rich and they can’t buy his favors. Maybe Hillary has already made them an offer.

    1. Anita Pierson says

      sadly Trump and Hillary are on the same side. pretty obvious if you look at all the info out there. God bless America, we’re gonna need it.

      1. molly kennedy says

        and just where and what info are you referring to. Trump loves America, Hillary loves power. Trump already has power.

        1. Anita Pierson says

          Wow….really? There is a big difference between power and wealth. Money does allow the possessor some similance of power, but very insignificant on the world stage. Trump has money, but his narcissistic personality drives him for more prominence. you think Trump has America at the center of his drive to the top? Get real. Trump and Hillary have had this planned for a long time. Trump was put in to split the vote giving the easy win to Clinton. Trump being a leading candidate is just icing on the cake. you’ll see, I hope not, but you[‘ll see

      2. Joe T says

        NO HE’S NOT

  93. Raymundo Munoz Gavina says

    You may be rich but your mind is sick, you’re stuck with the bad apples

  94. Lorraine E says

    The rich support the rich knowing that they can exchange favors at some future time. The republican party is controlled by RINOs (democrats) and they control the money and who receives powerful positions within the party. Of course they would love to have Hillary appointed as the president and knowing how corrupt our voting process is elections are for sale. Read Roger Stone’s book “Clinton’s war on women.”

  95. Gary Smith says

    As bad as Trump is he would still be better than Hillary!

  96. Bill Senior says

    This “Head Line” is TOTAL GARBAGE and A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Propaganda from the Extreme “LEFT” Idiots that’s it, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. JoAnn Dolberg says

    I can tell you exactly what it is that’s feeding the “Trump will fade away or implode” campaign: IT IS THE MEDIA! FORGET IT! WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOU.

  98. bondsman says

    That is the problem, they admit “If we cannot own our handpicked boy then we go to who we know we can buy” Having already coughed up in excess of 100 million for Jeb its really peanuts when we look at what the real cost of the election will be. BUT I do believe that the big money will flow as always to who sells their soul, except for Reagan (who the same people despised, Democrats, Republicans and the Press) These people aren’t honestly worried about loosing the election Holy cow, in my Texas Precinct almost 50% of Democrat Men are 100% behind Trump.Can Bush, Christy, Rubio or Kasich do that NO WAY! I asked point blank. The majority of Democrat women are still behind Hillary but their husbands say “Enough of this stupidity” The only group Ive got thats in Democrats camp solidly is Muslims and for what ever reason are solidly Democrat. But if the election were this month Trump vs Clinton there is zero doubt that Trump takes her. I spent the past 3 weekends walking my precinct and was blown away with the Trump support among Democrat men.
    In talking to Precinct chairs across the country I hear the same thing so there is NO Doubt that these folks have already known this and it scares the hell out of them “Can you imagine a President NOT Selling his office to the highest bidder? Bill Clinton was #1 and is still reaping the benefits. But BIG GOP Donors are no different than Democrats “They expect big favors for big money and we all know this is fact”

  99. HappyG says

    Of course they would…because Hillary has been for sale since the day she came close to politics…

  100. VanceJ says

    Then they are fools of the first order.!!! but what else is new.

  101. Obie Miller says

    That is because the “top” republicans atre imposters–they are RINOs!

  102. meangreenMarine says

    Any “Wealthy GOP” Doner, who would support Hillery Clinton is not a real Republican or Conservative, they are just greedy RINOS! The problem for them is they can’t “BUY” Trump but Hillery is for sale to the highest bidder!

  103. Ronald Starkey says

    They are just as corrupt as Killary.

  104. Joe T says

    HERE’S Obama saying he’s a Muslim and more videos at end of video about the lying black POTUS.

    TRULY a scourge on society Barry Soetoro aka Barack HusSein Obama, the black plague in USA.

    Ghostwriter communique’

    parallel time 11:57

    Input Info The black POTUS is a charlatan

    char·la·tan ˈSHärlədən ˈSHärlətn noun charlatan plural noun charlatans

    A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

    quack sham fraud fake impostor hoaxer cheat deceiver double-dealer swindler fraudster mountebank phony shark con man con artist scam artist flimflammer bunco artist snake oil salesman confidence man/woman mountebank: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes. http://wordnetweb.princeton.ed

    ENJOY THE VIDEO………Obama saying he’s a Muslim and more videos at end of video about the lying black POTUS.TRULY a scourge on society Barry Soetoro aka Barack Husein Obama, the black plague in USA.

    The Evidence via CNN cable News

    1. Obama’s admits he’s a Muslim.

    2. Obama’s Muslim’s roots.

    3. Obama’s Muslim Faith.

    4. Obama quotes from Koran.

    5. Obama’s praises and glorifies Islam

    6. Obama defends Islam.

    7. Obama declares America to be a Muslim Nation.

    8. America no longer a Christian Nation.

    9. Obama bows before a Muslim King.

    10 Obama in traitional Muslim Dress.

    11 Obama sides with Islam.

    12 Obama visits Mosque.

    13. Obama says “I am one of them”.

  105. 2egypt says


  106. Wayne Smyer says

    IS IT TRUE? that The Thumper scares the caca out of the RNC??

  107. Conservative says

    Top Republican donors know they cannot buy Trump. They didn’t become wealthy without bribing politicians. They make their wealth from the laws and regulations and projects that the tax payers are compelled to pay for. It’s no wonder the establishment is afraid of them. The bribery will end.

  108. Chris Don Tremaine says

    They don’t like Trump because he will not be beholden to them.

  109. ToniStimmel says

    Why wouldn’t they?

    Why would you expect them not to?

    They donate money to buy influence and approval and Jezebel (Hellery) Clinton, the political whore of the 20th century, is the only one selling it. Trump doesn’t need their money so he’s selling at a very high price if he’s selling at all.

  110. psc says

    It is unconscionable for any republican worth his salt to vote for Hillary no matter who our nominee is. They should look at the disaster created by some people claiming to be republicans who ditched Romney and stayed home in 2012. Any of our own candidates will do one hundred percent better than Hillary. It is time to eschew stupidity and show a little commonsense.

    1. Joe T says

      psc……………………they would be traitor acting…….just like the DICKHEAD AS POTUS.
      GOOD COMMENT psc
      Best regards, Joe T

  111. Gabriel A. King says

    Trump is an awesome candidate with a great platform, and pro-western American traditional values, in the founder’s “classical” Libertarian position. Trump is a true Maverick patriot who has stood up for the truth against the evil of “political correctness”. Hillary like Obama is a criminal and a terrorist. Trump will FIGHT ISIS, not fund them like Obama. No more RINO’s or Democrats !

    TRUMP 2016 !

    1. Joe T says

      Gab……….you are right…………maybe with a Hispanic VP (Cruz/Rubio) Repubs for 16 yrs.
      Best regards, Joe T

      1. Gabriel A. King says

        Rubio is a RINO who supports mass Muslim immigration. Cruz would make an awesome well spoken VP. Rand Paul or Carson would also be acceptable.

  112. Kim Chul Soo says

    That’s one of the reasons the republican establishment is held in such low esteem. They are out of touch losers.

  113. david goodman says

    all you fat cat republicans that think you might vote demoncrats your unamerican your mad because you want to control the government this is wrong be better than hitlermuslimobama and his goon brigade demoncrats

  114. VAM says

    I think this completely explains why the GOP is a dead party. They are untrustworthy and continue to run off their followers with this type of stupidity. Ben Carson told them and so will the voters. With them in this delusional place we could very well see a new party evolve. This article is representative of why I changed my registration from Republican to Independent years ago. The party means nothing to me anymore after being registered Republican for over 40 years.

  115. Guy Gold says

    Of course they don’t , they cannot control or get any payback/favors.

  116. Guy Gold says

    You cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. George Washington

  117. Lorraine E says

    The RINO gop ultra liberal rulers want another liberal democrat in the white house. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to because currently the republican party is identical to the democratic party; they are both super liberal. The RINO party ran RINO McCain against BHO and they ran RINO Romney against BHO knowing that if the press’s favorite candidate wasn’t appointed that they had a liberal RINO to replace him. The rich and powerful leaders of the RINO party will do everything possible with their vast financial resources to assure that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson do not become our next president because they are not ultra liberals who they can control.

  118. jimdarnall says

    How sick the establishment has become to prefer a criminal socialist over truth. Money will ultimately decide the next presidency.

  119. David Nichols says

    Well, probably because Hillery is so much more purchasable, dontcha think??

  120. Salvador G. Jimenez says

    How can you all be talking about the candidates coming down to Mrs Clinton or Donald Trump republicans will support her over Trump ? Why ? they both pretty lousy choices for the country. Unbelievable that out of the whole population of the country that only a woman who does not tell the truth often and Mr. Big Mouth himself who spew hatred with his words are our best candidates for the presidency of the US, wonder what happened to Bernie Sanders that he is not even contemplated making a bad third candidate. Hard to believe this is the US I came to.

  121. Jjb54 says

    Which means it’s not about HONOR – TRUTH and such… to them, it’s all about $$$. What is the difference between JEB & HIllary – apparently NOTHING, NOTHING at all… to them. That should tell us something right there.

  122. Jack says

    If h.clinoto wins the”dem”primary and D.Trump wins the”repub.”primary,obama will find a lame duck way of declaring Martial Law,and then and then America will be LOST to the brotgerhood..True Americans Beware!!

  123. 10579 says

    There may not be a republican party after 2016 if they don’t stop screwing with the electorate.I for one am pissed at the republican party acting like spoilt children.Well take your ball and go home cause if this election is no on the up and up you may not a a nation to screw with anymore if Hitlery and uma Abadin get in the WH or if you screw with the delegates.Ye shall reap what you sow,and I have nothing to lose by calling all my pro islam politicians out.Paul Ryan wshat a dirt bag.I hope his daughter nmarries a muslim and see how she will be treated.probably be beheaded for being to western The Powerfull USA, now the laughing stock of the world and it only took 2 muslims and the democrat party to take it down.

  124. svio87savs says

    and that gave me the sad’s

  125. Carol says


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