Trump Blasts Recount Effort: “The People Have Spoken.”


President-elect Donald Trump released a statement Saturday night criticizing the multi-state recount effort spearheaded by Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party. After it emerged this weekend that Hillary Clinton would be joining Stein in her Wisconsin recount efforts, Trump said the entire investigation was “ridiculous.”

“The people have spoken and the election is over, and as Hillary Clinton herself said on election night, in addition to her conceding by congratulating me, ‘We must accept this result and then look to the future,'” Trump said.

He accused Stein of using the recount to squeeze donations out of disgruntled liberals.

“This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount,” Trump said. “This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.”

The Clinton campaign joined the push for a recount on Saturday without fully endorsing Stein’s intentions.

“Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” said Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias.

More likely scenario: That this recount was a Clinton operation from the beginning. They went to Stein through back channels and got her to be the fall guy for a surely-doomed audit so they could avoid accusations of trying to delegitimize the election.

The recounts have apparently been inspired by University of Michigan computer scientists who claim there were voting anomalies in several key swing states. Clinton’s vote totals were unusually low in counties that used electronic voting machines as opposed to paper ballots, leading some to believe that hackers – Russian, of course – monkeyed with the machines.

The White House has panned the theory.

“The federal government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on Election Day,” said an Obama administration official. “As we have noted before, we remained confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure, a confidence that was borne out on Election Day. As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

Since the election, Obama has been one of the sanest voices on the left. If that’s a preview of where the Democratic Party is headed – a land of fantasy and conspiracy where BARACK OBAMA is too MODERATE – then we are in for a wild four years. Hopefully, Trump and the GOP can take advantage of this disarray to push through a legislative package that proves Democrats have no business running the government in the first place.

  1. bill14729 . says

    And Ridiculous It Is and They are Only out for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, Trump is Right Again

    1. HopeforAmerica says

      It’s Trump who’s is all about the $$. He is a Fraud and a Con artist. He’s All about how much $$ he can make using the presidency.

      1. James Williams says

        That’s insane thinking. Trump already has more wealth than he can count. Money made from the Presidency, even if to the extend of what the Clintons and Obama did, is but a mere pittance to his current level of income. He doesn’t need it and this is why he said he will not take the normal paycheck from us taxpayers. Also, moving to the Whitehouse will be a significant downgrade from his current homes. He already has a good life so why did he want to run for the Presidency? The answer is to simply do what he can to Make America Great Again…in many ways…because he cares and is concerned about what has happened to us over the past eight years. I truly hope that you can see how your opinion has been manipulated by the media and Hillary’s campaign rhetoric.

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          You assumption that he already rich and doesn’t want or need anymore money is false. He’s ran for President because He’s wants More. He wants More Money and more Power! The first week after the election he was already using his status to promote his Business!!! Trump is a Fraud, and an embarrassment.

          1. James Williams says

            I really wonder what color the sky is in your world?

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Your a fraud!! Ignorant, low energy,racist and liberal…you pathetic little pos!!!

            Crooked evil lying Hillary is a fraud she is evil!!! Go march moron like we care hahahhahahahahahahaha idiot!!!


          3. kbmiller says

            Dope for America, A wise person would wait to see the facts before jumping to conclusions. The conclusion of the current administration is that it is a disaster. A flaming failure in EVERYTHING it attempted. Anyone thinking otherwise is either too stupid to understand that in the administration or being paid off by it (welfare). Your LEFT wing nut talking points gleaned from MSNBC only exposes you limited education.

        2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          Don’t waste your intellect on a liberal hater and apologist. They are sore losers who are not willing to accept the fact that Americans want a decent future for their kids and grandchildren. Electing Trump was the only way to put a stop the the Shariacrats plans to turn the USA into a Muslim caliphate run hell hole.

      2. Brian Kirby says

        Trump doesn’t need taxpayers money genius he is working for free because he has a net liquidity of 10,000,000,000.00 dollars. (Available cash on hand) So liberal tell me your next talking point?

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          First off, I’m an American who happens to CARE & Closely Follows Politics, so you can Stop with the Liberal label. Secondly, Every POTUS has liquidated his assets Solely to Prevent any Conflict of Interest or appearance of impropriety. Trump is Openly using the presidency to enrich himself and his cronies. He has proven to be Unethical hence the Trump University Fraud settlement, Who doesn’t pay his debts, apparently Does Not Care how it looks to the public. Fraud-Elect in Chief has pulled the biggest Con he has ever pulled and it’s on the American People.

  2. Justin Seine says

    There is never enough time or money to do it right, but there is always enough time and money to do it over. Anybody remember the rollout of the Obamacare website???

    1. KenyaB says

      So why didn’t Trump do it right. How are there more votes than registered voters in White Anerica. You accessed urban Bkack America so the focus would be off of the real places where cheating was going on,

      1. Brian Kirby says

        Obama himself had said no hacking of any kind happened. By the way your weak attempt to call him a nazi is the ultimate opposite of who he is and you need to be prepared to be astonished by his work ethic and the high level of success he will accomplish for American citizens!!! And he will keep his promises to help everyone who is a real American citizen and is willing to work for their success!!

        1. KenyaB says

          Lucifer may fool you but not me. Work ethic? Spends too much time on Twitter spreading hate. He is a racist, bigot and xenophobes and that is the truth. He will do nothing absolutely nothing for anyone but white folks.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            The only hate is liberal racist party who hates Trump but guess what you lost hahahahhahahahahahha PRESIDENT TRUMP whether your ignorant Liberal Ass likes it or not lol

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Ru a liberal racist thug?

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Sounds like you are the racist bigot. Your ancestors were brought here by loving White people to keep you from eating each other taught to sing, dance and play basketball and football to entertain them all for the picking of a little cotton and this is the appreciation you get. Jump on a boat back to your homeland.

      2. C.M. Dawson says

        You’re not a very bright egg, are you?

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        You lost the liberal racist hate party lost you got KOE’D you can do whatever you like it wont work PRESIDENT TRUMP BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NOW GO WAV DAT FIST ON HIGH AND SPREAD THAT LIBERAL RACIST HATE!!!!

        I know it Hurts Kenya but he yo President bratha!

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          Not true! Clinton Won the Popular Vote by Over 2 MILLION Votes!! And the Recount will tells us More!

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Clinton won Nothing you low energy fool…3 million illegal votes were counted…

            Illegals voted and the Liberal Democrackhead committed voter fraud!!!!

            3 million democrack votes were counted Illegal …


          2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Those are just the 3 million we already know about, there are many millions more, not sure if the DNC really wants to open that can of worms, It may well come back to bite them in the ass.

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Have you counted the absentee ballots especially those from our military? Then why are you counting all the votes from illegal aliens and the cemeteries? Those are popular voting blocs for democrap politicians, bur for America not so much.
            America won and you lost. Get over it.

          4. Margaret MacGregor says

            Even if that’s true, THE POPULAR VOTE DOESN’T MATTER!!! You lefties sure are ignorant; after all, I’m an immigrant and even I know that. Final result – Trump 306, Clinton 232. THAT’S THE FIGURE THAT MATTERS, MORONS!

          5. HopeforAmerica says

            First of all; I was responding to Clinton winning Over 2 million votes.I understand the Electoral vote system which BTW does not reflect the vote of the Majority needs to be revamped. And Finally, Why in The World Would You Vote for Trump & the Republicans when They Are Gearing up to Privatize Soc Security which means Gambling Soc Security of Wall Street, And Cutting Medicare by putting on a Voucher System?!! You have Voted Against your OWN BEST INTERESTS!

          6. Margaret MacGregor says

            Why, exactly, does the EC need to be revamped? You’re one of the morons than wants the country run by the SOCIALISTS in California and New York and the rest of the country can go hang, yes?

          7. HopeforAmerica says

            The EC needs to be Revamped because the Majority is Not being represented.

          8. Margaret MacGregor says

            The majority of the COUNTRY certainly is, and that majority voted Trump. Hillary’s votes came mainly from the West Coast and New York. Hardly the majority of the country!

          9. Triplex says

            Keep dreaming.

        2. HopeforAmerica says


          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Btw…this is yo America moron!!! That’s why you lost fool…

            Democrackhead racist thug party got beat down hahahahahhahahaha


      4. Triplex says

        Just keep your head in the sand, ostrich, and digging up nonsensical garbage!

      5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Plenty of room in Africa for you to emigrate. Don’t let the door hit ya!

      6. kbmiller says

        Actually, Trump asked the Russians to RELEASE info on Clinton’s if they had it. Remember? Get your facts straight and stop with the LIES. Did you see any of the emails Assange released, posted by the Dumb A$$ oc RATS? They admitted they were LYING and CHEATING. You OK with that? Bath House Barry should be in prison for treason, aiding and abetting the enemy. Swapping Bergdahl (an admitted deserter) for 5 top generals of ISIS (Al Quida). Clinton was instrumental in seeing that Russia could buy 20% of the largest uranium mine in the US. Remember?

        1. KenyaB says

          I have my facts straight. He asked Russia to hack am American. I thought that is Treason. He should be in jail for treason against Americabs. How do we not know that Trump did not have Rusdia hack into the election to plant votes for him. The support for Rusdia and Assange!s request that Trump drop charges all say one thing. Trump is in cahoots with Putin.In fact he is a Putin puppet.

          1. kbmiller says

            Look at the tape. You are a puppet for the Dumb A$$ oc RATS.

          2. KenyaB says

            I am not looking at any Trumper lies. You constantly lie. Let us be clear, I only serve one God. This of you saying Heil Hitker, Heil Trump are servingnLucifer. So I suggest you look in the mirror. If there are and Dummies aOr rats it is Trumper. I do not crawl from under a rock and then think I am better than anyone else. God says you are to serve no other God. I Shuffke for no- one and do not bow down before man. A man who has taken his playbook from Hitler!

          3. kbmiller says

            Better reread that last post. It makes absolutely no sense at all. Like the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. Go away.

          4. KenyaB says

            Makes great sense. You can only serve one God. Trump is not God. So anyone saying Heil Teump serves Lucifer. As ai said look in the mirror when you talk about hate and ignorance.

          5. kbmiller says

            Your mis spellings make it un readable/not able to be understood. Show me the post where I wrote “Hate”. You’re making stuff up. Better stop. I’ve blocked so many of you Leftists, one more won’t hurt.

  3. Lew Williams says

    the argument is every vote must count, so what about the other 47 states?

  4. Shira Levin says

    Clinton got on President-elect Donald Trump’s case when he wouldn’t commit to accepting the results of the election. Boy talk about being a hypocrite!!

    1. KenyaB says

      Donald Trump is sure one. He planned on a recount if Hillary won. What is good for the goose is even better for the gander. Dig a hole, fall in it.

      1. Shira Levin says

        Nope I won’t.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        KENYA Wake up you lost we crushed you Liberal racist ignorant losers….
        Crooked evil lying Hillary a loser……PRESIDENT TRUMP Whether u like it or not nothing changes,,,,

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


          1. Paiute says

            Thank you for your service from an old Danang/Phu Cat airman.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Same to you. Welcome home brother, LST 1126 66-69 two tours.

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Blah, Blah and Blah! Butt still hurt?

  5. mudguy1 says

    Hillary backs this recount because she is a Saul Alinsky believer of his rules for Radicals.

  6. ernst says

    If people think the last 8 years have not proved that the Democrats have no business running the country, then people are not paying attention. Absolutely no more proof needed.

    1. HopeforAmerica says

      Ernst; If you truly knew what was going on, unless of course you’re a millionaire or billionaire or Big corporation, You would NEVER VOTE Republicans. It has been the Democrats looking after the middle class while the Republicons in the House & Senate have been Blocking (Filibustering ) Bills to help the middle class!!

      1. ernst says

        I am not wealthy. I lived in Washington, DC for over 30 years and came to know many government people, all three branches, very well. While many try to positively serve the interests of the country and its people, most are primarily concerned with serving themselves. This is certainly true for both major parties and generally true for the outliers. That said, what many people see as serving the country well in fact does not do so. Do you really think Obamacare has served well the middle class of the US well? Judged a tax by the Supreme Court, it has required many middle class people to pay much more in insurance than they ever have before – and for lesser benefits. The government expense of bringing the program into existence has been monumentally excessive – the corruption in contracting and overcharging have been ridiculous. This is only one, if a large, example.

        If one wants to help the middle class, relieve people and business of onerous regulations and restrictions and let businesses flourish and let people go to work. I know far better than most people what is going on with our government, and I would not vote for the present Democrat Party on my life. The corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Barney Frank (I know- a former Congressperson), Harry Reid, and many others is beyond what is generally imaginable. Every Democrat in elected government manages to get rich; and the people they supposedly represent are not getting rich. You figure it out.

        1. Triplex says

          I have forever suspected all you say. How is it that a congressman or senator goes to Washington with the salary of , I think $170k, and come out a millionaire after a few years??? And they actually want a RAISE??? Are you kidding me? We really need to install term limits, with no lobbying afterwards. This program is what’s wrong with our political system, and would only bode well for our country if it is changed for the positive. Let’s drain the swamp!

          1. ernst says


          2. HopeforAmerica says

            Trump is NOT Draining the SWAMP. LOOK At Who He is Putting in the White house!! And if you Truly want to get rid of the Problem in Washington…. Get Rid of the Republicans who Don’t give a damn out you and me, who have Blocked Everything Good Bill the Democrats Tried to Pass these past 8yrs. but was Blocked (Filibustered) by the Republicons!! The Repubs work for Millionaires/Billionaires and Big Corporations…. they have sold us out for their own fortunes.

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Whether u like it or not you Democrackheads Piglosi, Obama, Reid, Wasserman are all idiots…We won you lost we will Drain the Swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Reelect Trump/Pence

          5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            The democrats put forth NO GOOD BILLS! All redistribution schemes that would take from the workers and give to the slackers who are the RAT electorate.

          6. Deborah G says

            Actually you are 100% factually wrong. The Democrats are the promoters of corporatism.Hillary got filthy rich with the like of pandering to Wall Street.Obviously the Republicans i.e. Trump are far more concerned about you and me .

          7. J.B.Jacobs says

            Congress works for the Millionaires/Billionaires and big Corporations, both Democrat and Republican. I am hoping Trump will put them on the right track of working for the people who pay their salaries like they are supposed to.

          8. HopeforAmerica says

            J.B.; I Wish Trump would put them on the right track, but I have to say from what I know, and I have been following the Bills in the House & Senate for a long time, I’m Not optimistic. Although the Democrats may be swayed by Corps., I can attest to the fact that the Democrats REALLY have set forth Bills for the Good of the Middle Class!
            The Republicans are Not for the Middle Class… they are Cons artists and Trump agrees with them. Trump isnn’t even in the White House yet has already shown us that he is ALL about the His Business interests and is leveraging the presidency to further advance his business interests. He’s going to Give Huge Tax Cuts to the Wealthy and Businesses and them Try and Sell us (the Public) the huge tax breaks as a Job stimulator when in actuality it’s the same Lie which is, The Same Old “Trickle-down Economics” B.S. that didn’t work for Reagan or Bush… and it’s not going to work now. As my Econ Professor said, the tax savings tickled down into their pockets and did Not create jobs!! The sign of insanity is when one continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.`

          9. Margaret MacGregor says

            Give us one Bill the Democrats put forward that would have helped the middle class!

          10. JJ says

            They can’t because there isn’t one!!

          11. J.B.Jacobs says

            If you want to see how Congress works, Watch the votes on C-SPAN some time. There is no way they will work together on anything. If the Democrats offer a bill, all the Democrats will vote for it and the Republicans will vote against it. If the Republicans submit a bill, all Republicans will vote for it and the Democrats will vote against it. If it’s a bill that would benefit the people the other party will do everything they can to shoot it down, because the people might like it and give the other party their votes at the next election. If they can’t shoot it down, they will try to amend it so it’s worthless. Neither party are representing the people. they are only interested in the party and who will control Congress. If they were representing the people , like they are supposed to do, it wouldn’t matter who controlled Congress. They are a worthless lot that needs to be replaced by someone who will do the job they are being paid to do, and that is to represent the people, not the big Corporations or what the party wants. Trump is a smart business man and we need to give him a chance to do what he said he would like to do. It will be hard for him because he will have a hard time getting the help he needs from both parties.

          12. HopeforAmerica says

            I too watch C-Span, and you correct on several points. For years now I’ve been watching C-Span in addition to keeping on top of the issues and the bills up for a vote. I also check voting recording for Both Democrats and Republicans, and I wish the people on this blog would take the time to actual do the research from Reputable sites. I do however, disagree with you about Trump and I also disagree with you on the Democrats, although I appreciate your optimism.
            Trump will not sell off his interests in his business as Presidents before him did. Until that happens, he cannot be unbias and he’s already made the world aware that he is for sale. Lastly, there are a few dems that I have had issues with but on the whole they ARe for the Middle Class. It’s just that the Repubs have Filibustered everything they’ve tried to do for the good of the people.

          13. J.B.Jacobs says

            He is not going to sell off his interests in his business after he has worked all his life to build it up to what it is. He said his lawyers are drawing up agreement to turn over his business to his children. Trump is a smart business man and I feel like that is what we need to get this country back on track. The national debt is going through the roof and if it is not stopped soon the country will be bankrupt. If it does there will be no money for the military or any other government program. It has been going that way for quite a while, so it will not be an easy task to turn it around. I hope Trump will be able to do it , but he will need the help of at least all the Republicans and as many Democrats as he can get. It’s time we start working together for the good of the country. If we don’t, I hate to think what the outcome will be.

          14. HopeforAmerica says

            He will still have Interest because of his children. The only way is to divest just as other presidents before him have done.

          15. J.B.Jacobs says

            What presidents? I don’t remember any president getting rid of his businesses because he became president. Just because he is a business man doesn’t mean there will be any conflict of interest because of it. If owning a business is some form of conflict of interest, why is it not against the law to hold public office and still own a business?

          16. HopeforAmerica says

            Jacob; Here’s the link. On C-span was Bush’s Chief Ethic’s lawyer. During the interview he stated that all presidents before have divested. Furthermore, as long as Trump has business interests he cannot be unbiased. He has Already shown us that he is willing to leverage the presidency.


          17. HopeforAmerica says

            Sorry…. More Bad News..

          18. Mathew Molk says

            First, nobody short of God knows haw trump will do, but trust me…If you can’t get the job he puts to you ,,,, YOUR FIRED!

            I do agree with you that the ENTIRE RINO/Democrat elite establishment has to go, but let me ask you this….ever get a paycheck from a poor person? When the communists took all the property from the “Rich” Cuba the county’s entire economy went in the toilet and stayed there ever since.

            DEATH TO THE NANNY STATE and God bless President Trump!

          19. StanMan58 says

            true he is pacifying the GOP but wait till they tell him how it will go.

          20. HopeforAmerica says

            The POTUS should be a leader that leads by example. Trump is Corrupt and Profoundly UNQualifed to be POTUS. I suspect he is NOT Transparent.. He will run an opaque administration.. and will hide from the public as much as he can. He has already proven that he will use the Office of the presidency for His Own Financial/Business Interests!! He is

          21. JJ says

            Aww don’t tell it so scary now. You are scaring everyone to pieces- not!!!

          22. HopeforAmerica says

            Trump is All about himself. He will Kill, Cut or Destroy the many, many things that are important to most Americans. He is Not of the mind set of; “For the People and By the People”. He is for himself.

          23. Deborah G says

            what exactly is “important ” to most Americans? Bloated duplicate agencies? taxpayer funded abortions? Welfare for illegals? I don’t want any of those things

          24. JJ says

            Neither do I, Deborah!

          25. JJ says

            Kinda like that jackass that is in there right now? Can’t wait to see that monkey get in that car and see the tail lights on the car leaving the Whitehouse.

          26. HopeforAmerica says

            JJ; F-you. You’re the Lazy white trash jack ass who Refuses to see the Facts even when they are placed in Front of your face. I have given you the backup to my research, and have even encouraged you to do your own research from reputable sites but you are Lazy and refuse. Pres Obama has done many things to bring up the middle class over the past 8 years. Recently he had the Dept of Labor increase the Overtime threshold Doubled so that a worker earning $47,000 per year will Still get Overtime pay!! But again.. the Republicans who are ALL About business and NOT the Middle Class Fought the Overtime Rule in a Texas Federal Court and Now the OT Rule has been put on Hold. Trump Will Destroy ALL that We, the Middle Class and Poor Need to survive and prosper, and that includes a Fair and Level playing field AKA Laws/Regulations that protect the People from Unscrupulous Companies, from Pollution, and Upholds the Constitution!

          27. JJ says

            You piece of white trash! You are an idiot for all to see on this post. We are all laughing our butts off at you. I bet you were in Sped at school. I taught ignorant people just like you. You have been living off of the government since you were in grade school. And guess what, we are tired of your kind. The election should have told you nuts we are sick of your lazy butts, but you are too stupid to see it. Just like your leader who is too stupid to find his butt with both hands blamed it on Fox News! Lol lol He is too stupid to know it was he and Hillary that caused you to lose the election. Now, smile for the camera and say Donald J. Trump.

          28. HopeforAmerica says

            Wow.. you are SO Far off. I have 2 Degrees, worked all my life and own my home.
            BTW; Have you been paying attention to Trump’s Bait & Switch?

          29. JJ says

            Kinda like that pair of ears and teeth that has been in there for the past 8 years that you call your leader.? The one who has played more golf than Tiger Woods. All he cared about was golfing spending lavish vacations with that thing he calls his wife. He was no way in it for himself. You, stupid moron. Here is the broom of the wicked witch Hilary. Go to the wizard and get a brain,

          30. HopeforAmerica says

            But Stan; He is Recruiting his Ilk. They are Just like Trump…. Billionaires who will rule in Favor of their own best interests and Not Us! Their Greed will Destroy this country!

          31. Margaret MacGregor says

            When did the Democrats try to pass anything good?

          32. Bandara Carlos says

            Democrat programs you will miss?
            Congratulations your Republican/Trump voting.
            Your uninformed vote , cost you Over Time pay,
            cut your Social Security and Medicare.
            You probably won’t need those things anyway. Hahaha
            Democrat programs

          33. Margaret MacGregor says

            Always with the scare tactics.

          34. JJ says

            They never have!! They just give freebies to the low information voters for their votes, and that is it. And the LIV’s think they really love them and care for them. Poor ignorant people.

          35. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Harry Reid and Joe Biden are perfect examples.

          36. Margaret MacGregor says

            Along with Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi.

          37. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Obama even tried to get Michael’s mother a lifetime 160K pension for her living for FREE in the Rainbow Mosque these past 8 horrid years, Thank God it got shot down. Barack Obama is by a HUUUUUUGGEEEE margin the worst president in the history of the USA, and he will hold that distinction for the foreseeable future.

          38. J.B.Jacobs says

            That’s the job of the lobbiest. They give Congressmen money for favors that make them more money. The more favor’s a Congressman gives the richer he becomes. We need to get rid of the lobbiest in this country. The people are supposed to be running the country with Congress representing the people, not some big corporation. Doesn’t work that way anymore.

          39. Mathew Molk says

            Let’s hear it for TERM LIMITS!

          40. Paiute says

            8 years and out. Back to the state you came from.

        2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          That is why I refer to them, Rinos as well as Shariacrats.

        3. HopeforAmerica says

          First of all, YES to your question about Obamacare! Without Obamacare, it has helped 20 Million people! And everyone should have health insurance. And unless you have a Reputable (And I Underline Reputable Source for your assertion that Pres Obama, Barney Frank, or even Hillary is corrupt, please keep it to yourself.
          Certainly, you are aware of the Fake News out there ?!

          *The Regulations/Laws that the Trump & the Republicans talk about removing are the Very Same Laws that were enacted to Avoid another Banking/Mortgage Disaster of 2007, how Labor Laws that protect the employee and the employer, or how about They are the very same Laws that Protect you & me from deceptive business practices, that give us Clean Air & Water, that help to keep Toxins away from our families. They are the very same laws that keep Our National Parks & Wildlife Refugees Public and not sold off to the highest bidder, or destroyed by industry. The same laws that protect our privacy… and BTW.. Trump is placing a Verizon lobbyist as the Head of the FCC. You may recall that Verizon & AT&T have been Fighting the Net Neutrality Rule because they want to charge Consumers and Businesses More $$$ for Faster service, and regulate what we do online.

          1. Margaret MacGregor says

            Obamacare has helped 20 million people? Do what? Get worse healthcare than they had before? I keep hearing that premiums are going up, sometimes doubling and more, the deductible is higher, and the coverage is worse.

        4. Paiute says

          HEAR HEAR. Well stated. Thank you.

        5. Bandara Carlos says
          1. ernst says

            Be careful, you might get fired from Burger King.

          2. Bandara Carlos says
          3. ernst says

            It is a shame your creativity is constrained to the false representation of our nations leaders. Oh, sorry, you could certainly not have created this yourself…

          4. Bandara Carlos says


            I can be a little too sarcastic and brutally honest. But I do
            enjoy poking fun at right-wingers. Actually I’m a X Republican that gives me a special insight into the coded right-wingers. Until Republican Party makes big changes I’ll probably vote mostly Democrat.

          5. ernst says

            I am not any extreme right-winger – closer to a Libertarian, really. Trump is actually a mixed bag with his views, none of which are racist or sexist, however, as the Democrats have claimed. I totally detest the political tactics espoused in “Rules for Radicals.” Hillary Clinton, an acolyte of Alinsky, makes me sick. In my opinion, we are fortunate that her unlikability came through in statements like her “basket of deplorables” comment.

            You might notice that “brutally honest” and “incorrect” are not mutually exclusive.

          6. Bandara Carlos says

            I guess some people think they are ditching,me when they call me a socialist.
            Socialism is a system that values people and tries for economic balance for many not the few.
            as practice is proven that it’s doesn’t give a crap about humanity never has, never will.

          7. ernst says

            Socialism provides nominally equal consumption while capitalism provides nominally equal opportunity. Your support for socialism indicates you feel you will fare poorly in an equal opportunity environment, in other words you feel inferior and incompetent.

          8. Bandara Carlos says

            Clearly you don’t know me. Anytime you want compare tax returns I’m willing to make a large bet with you that I paid more taxes than you do. And the truth of the matter I could pay more without changing my lifestyle one bit. You might say that I have been voting against my own best interest. I think if I paid more taxes benefit my country.
            Let’s just say I vote the way I do to prevent you from losing your Medicare and Social Security benefits and maybe your Medicaid and snap program.
            I personally think if everyone pay their fair share in taxes the middle-class would make our economy skyrocket and force and wealthy people like myself wouldn’t even feel a speedbump. Got it my friend.

          9. ernst says

            Your twisted perceptions and protestations are a sad parroting of socialist rhetoric.

            I claim no government benefits, as I do not need them, though I am of an age at which I can. And you probably do pay more taxes than I, since I pay virtually none. The US should go to a flat tax.

          10. Bandara Carlos says


            So you don’t receive any one Republican calls entitlement program? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Sap program, US government pension. Social Security survivor benefits, military retirement, VA healthcare. Etc.
            or do you get all your benefits from Vladimir Putin of Russia? LOL just joking but Congress is looking to cut all these programs, we will all be lucky to have half the benefits. Courtesy of Trump voters

          11. ernst says

            I observe my political leaders. How does Nancy Pelosi/D’Alesandro get rich from federal land sales and management agreements? How does Obama become rich while in political office while the people he claims to help remain just as poor as before? How does Harry Reid get rich from land rights deals in Nevada? And all the while the supposed recipients of “Democrat” government assistance are relegated to a permanent underclass; Daniel Patrick Moynihan, creator of the War on Poverty programs, realized this are as a Senator tried to reverse this foolish policy.

            Government entitlements create this permanent underclass.

            I take no government handouts.

        6. HopeforAmerica says

          Remember…. Insurance Premiums have Been Rising Long Before Obamacare. Unfortunately, Reagan made it so that insurance companies could be for profit. Before Reagan they were Non-profit. Congress should bargain with Big Pharma and say if we’re going to give you Billions$$ in taxpayer money, then you cap your drug/device prices.

          1. ernst says

            Insurance companies have always had a profit motive. Some are non-profit collectives, but most have always been for-profit. The conflict between excessive profit and money for research is difficult. Obamacare just exacerbated the increase of insurance costs.

            Sorry, but your facts are skewed. Lloyds of London, started in the 17th Century, was always a for-profit endeavor. And profit-based insurance predates this by many centuries.

      2. ernst says

        Democrats only claim to help the middle class. Under Obama the “middle class” has shrunk and income disparity has greatly widened. Check the figures with the Department of Labor.

        1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


        2. ABO says

          The only ‘facts and figures’ that HforA is interested in are the bogus fabrications he’s fed by George Soros and the DNC. Those he buys hook, line and sinker.

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Have another glass of Koolaid and another puff on your bong. Your 8 year Utopia is coming to an end n 51 days and a few hours.

        1. Deborah G says

          I have a clock on my desk counting the seconds

          1. J. F. Samuelson says

            I have the same clock in my bookmarks. A favorite site for sure. I will enjoy seeing the departure of Lynch and especially Josh Earnest. Gibbs, Carney and Earnest. Where do the democRATs come up with so many professional liars?

          2. Deborah G says

            They scour the bottom for whomever will be a loyal paid liar. These people can only get a job in the DNC because they couldn’t succeed anywhere else. Lying is an artform.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        If you ever had an actual job and paid taxes, or worse yet had to deal with OSHA and the EPA, Obamacare, and all the other nanny state interference as a small business owner you would be singing a very different tune.

        We are out here in the jungle fighting the government for survival every damn day. It’s YOU that truly do not have clue about reality.

        DEATH TO THE NANNY STATE and God bless President Trump!

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          Wow.. Don’t Assume A_hole! i’ve worked All my life, Got a few college degrees, Own my home. And Oh yeh… I pay taxes and I’m OSHA Certified as a hiring manager I have to be. Too bad if you have to deal with OSHA or the EPA.. They are there to protect Public from people like you who would poison people or allow workers to become injured or die from work injuries for lack of safety precautions. I’m All for business that is sustainable.

      5. StanMan58 says

        give us more of our tax dollars stop the state and federal thievery of our incomes!, where the hell is a decent COLA for retirees on SS and pensions?

    2. Bandara Carlos says

      Are you kidding me? Democrats and save your ass, and the last eight years. nitwit Attachyou must’ve forgotten depression Bush but is into. Apparently been listening to some fake Republican, I bet that a fake video also. Your brain a chance were better off now than we were eight years ago.

      1. ernst says

        If you believe the lying nitwit on this poster, you are in serious need of psychiatric help. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Health care costs are being reduced. ISIS is the JV team. We have stopped Al Qeda in its tracks. The attack in Benghazi was just a demonstration caused by a film. How long is your memory?

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          So, why is it OK that this Billionaire that supposedly represents the
          common man has not released his tax returns?

          1. ernst says

            Show me where Obama released his academic records – the ones with all different nationalities and social security numbers…

          2. Deborah G says

            aaaaaaaaaaaand all of a sudden he is worth several million dollars doing what? Other than being in politics and a part time instructor?His pay as President in 8 years minus taxes is 1.6 million if he saved every penny of it.I honestly don’t care about his money either.

          3. ABO says

            Q: “all of a sudden he is worth several million dollars doing what?”
            A: Stuffing his pockets with our hard earned tax dollars.

          4. Mr Rollo says

            The President-Elect is going to make America great again by reducing our tax burden, free us from communist/socialist regulations imposed by “Obama The Rat”, and bring our jobs back, you Bigoted Fool.

          5. ernst says

            The “Bigoted Fool” here is Obama. His racism and mismanagement has turned the country against Democrats, and now the great majority of state and federal elected offices are filled by elected Republicans. In 8 years the US has undergone a huge shirt from Democrat to Republican. And it is not racism directly that has caused this, but reaction to the racism and mismanagement of Obama. The US wants fair and honest government and Crooked Hillary and Racist Obama have not provided it.

          6. ABO says

            Mr Rollo it would appear that you need to either take a course in reading comprehension or indeed read what is in front of you. My response was in reference to Deborah G’s post in case you were wondering but apparently you couldn’t be bothered reading what I responded to. Giv eit a try, you just might learn something.

          7. Mr Rollo says

            I have enlisted the Ph.D., Eleanore Whitaker to assist in my courses of reading comphrehension. Good luck to me!

          8. J.B.Jacobs says

            His tax returns with all the businesses he has all over the world would probably be 1000 pages. You wouldn’t understand them and the media would rip them apart piece by piece. I hope he doesn’t release them. There is no law that say’s he has to. He has released his financial statement that was required when any candidates running for office. Everybody has a right to question the value placed on property for tax purposes. It happens every day. You can do that without filing a lawsuit, so why would he waste his money filing one. He is smarter than that.

          9. glorybe2 says

            He is already making illegal money as foreign governments seeking special treatment are already rushing to rent in his properties. Without an ongoing tax audit, with public disclosures, his criminal acts will be hard to prove. His businesses need to be put in a real, blind trust so that he knows not what he owns and does not own, and is only informed as to his losses or earnings, but never knows where his money is invested. Failure to do that, is in itself, an impeachable offense.

          10. Tom says

            An interesting theory, but the Obama administration has already proven that there’s no such thing as “an impeachable offense”.

          11. Mr Rollo says

            Prove it you Bigoted communist Fool.

          12. ernst says

            Again, it is Obama that is the Bigoted Communist Fool.

          13. glorybe2 says

            I pray for a world in which you might be able to make intelligent remarks. Trump’s conflicts of interest are all over the news. Even giving the appearance of wrong doing can be used to impeach. Wrong doing does not require proof for impeachment.

          14. J.B.Jacobs says

            When you learn how to make intelligent remarks, you will realize that there are a lot of intelligent people in this world.

          15. Mr Rollo says

            The MSM is so full of blatant lies about President-Elect Trump, that you just revel in it like the good communist you are.

          16. J.B.Jacobs says

            Dumb!! Dumb!! Dumb. You just proved how little you know about business.

          17. J.B.Jacobs says

            You can’t even understand the simple comment I wrote. 1000 pages, 1000 pages, 1000 pages, 1000 pages, understand?

          18. Bandara Carlos says

            THIS IS NEWS!
            CIA Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the 2016
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a
            cover-up? This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation
            of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.
            Grow up and get over
            it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I
            have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will
            understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J
            Trump AND what he does from now is own YOU.X2

          19. J.B.Jacobs says

            This is the same CIA that said Hussain had weapons of mass destruction. The FBI says it has no proof that this actually took place.

            THIS IS News!!! Trump is the next president of the USA. He won with a landslide .I am looking forward to the next few years and so are millions of other American people who voted for him.
            Oh by the way, I voted for Obama the first time he ran. I thought he would make a good president, boy was I wrong. I feel sorry for you because I don’t think you will ever understand and will be miserable the rest of your life. Good luck anyway.

          20. Bandara Carlos says


            Huge Number of the Electoral College Delegates Are Asking for a CIA BRIEFING on the Russian Hacking Connection with the Donald Trump Campaign. I Hope They Will. Group of US Citizens That Is Engaging a Foreign Power to Influence Our Election Would Be Considered a Treasonous Offense. Of Course I Know That If You Were a White Nationalist Fascist Definitely Be against Patriotic Americans.

          21. J.B.Jacobs says

            It probably never happened. The CIA is the one that said Hussein had WMB’s . Obama said it was ridiculous, the FBI has the same info and they don’t agree with the CIA. It’s just the Democrat party will not except the fact they lost because for some reason they thought they were going to win. I hope they will forget about losing and get back to work making America great again.

          22. Bandara Carlos says

            How do you feel about this? I feel the same way about Trump, as you felted about Obama when he was elected 2008.

          23. J.B.Jacobs says

            I voted for Obama in 2008. Thought he would make a great president. Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t vote for him in 2012. He won anyway.

          24. Bandara Carlos says

            I voted for MCCAIN in 2008. Thought he would make a great president. Boy,
            was I wrong. I did vote for OBAMA in 2012. BECAUSE OBAMA IS A GREAT PRESIDENT.

          25. Bandara Carlos says

            Interesting, then why is tRUMP worried about? Look at the timeline and you’ll find out if Federal Bureau of investigation was complicit with Donald J Trump. Finish your research OR is something just heard on Fox News?

          26. Deborah G says

            I could care less what his tax returns say. Honestly it is no concern of mine or anyone else’s what someone makes. He is smart enough to do everything to be successful in business. You morons make a big deal of it all because you have ZERO experience .

          27. Alan Correa says

            Deborah, you are correct, it is no ones concern what someone makes, but is a concern if someone is an actual legal citizen of this country before they are to be elected as president. (obama) Has this ever been cleared up after 8 years?

          28. glorybe2 says

            It was never a real issue at all. His birth certificates were released and are in order. It was just another lie told by the right wing lunatics. What you are seeing now is exactly what happened in Germany when Hitler took power. The German people were under economic stress and feared cultural changes. In their fear and anger the lowest elements sought a strong man to save them. That strong man betrayed Germany, made awful choices and it ended with a nation bombed into near oblivion. Trump makes absolutely stupid decisions, one after the next. He is a hazard to the survival of America as well posing a real threat to all out nuclear war and an end to life on this planet. Donald trump is a far greater national emergency than Japan or Germany ever was.

          29. StanMan58 says

            yet many feared Obama , and only the ultra left fear Trump.

          30. Alan Correa says

            look on the bright side— an all out nuclear war would end it all and we wouldn’t have to worry about democrat or republican parties. Just hope you are on good standings with God the father and Jesus Christ.If your not saved then you better get on your knees and pray for salvation. God bless those taking this advice

          31. glorybe2 says

            According to many ministers Gawd is only going to help those that slap big bucks into the collection plates. That is particularly true of radio and TV ministries. Have you purchased any magical, blessed prayer cloths today?

          32. ernst says

            Remember Reverend Ike. And Reverend Wright.

          33. ernst says

            And I see Obama as exactly the US Hitler. Elected in very difficult economic conditions. Abused the laws of the government to bring about his own agenda. The difference, though, is the recent election.

          34. kbmiller says

            It was a certificate of live birth. Wonder why it wasn’t released till the moron went to Hawaii himself? You think he made threats? The US was under financial strain and fearing cultural change when this unqualified, incompetent boneheaded Jacka$$ went into the White House in 2009. He betrayed America with his LIES. Manybn of his STUPID decisions were overturned by the Supreme Copurt. Remember?

          35. StanMan58 says

            it will never be cleared up, it was a test to see how far he would go, and went all the way, strange how I can show my Birth papers, no controversy, but still many never believed him.

          36. ernst says

            What he finally showed was a likely poorly forged birth certificate. And he never has shown university records in any form.

          37. Deborah G says

            I doubt we will ever get the entire story but for me it is clear he at the very least defrauded and scammed the system IF he was a citizen and applied for grants as a foreign passport holder then it was fraud, IF he wasn’t a citizen then running for the office of President was fraud. Just pick one story and stick with it. He has to be fraudulent ONE of those times.

          38. ABO says

            Along with ZERO intellect.

          39. Mathew Molk says

            I have had my property re-assessed. You do not do it with a lawsuit, BTW.

            I see you have no knowledge of business and taxes, but then what can you expect from a Marxist useful idiot who never payed a penny or tax because they neer held an actual job and never owned any property.

          40. mac12sam12 says

            No one cares. Trump won and Hillary lost.

          41. mac12sam12 says

            The WP was one of the outlets that colluded with the Clinton campaign and that was revealed in the Wikileaks. Fake news. Get use to it, Punkin, President Donald J. Trump!! :0)

          42. Bandara Carlos says


          43. mac12sam12 says

            It was in Wikileaks. Other outlets, NYT, ABC, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN. That’s why journalism is dead and the media has a lower rating than congress.

          44. Bandara Carlos says

            THIS IS NEWS!
            CIA Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the 2016
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a
            cover-up? This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation
            of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.
            Grow up and get over
            it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I
            have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will
            understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J
            Trump AND what he does from now is own YOU.

          45. mac12sam12 says

            It wasn’t confirmed and Comey says that the Russians didn’t hack anything. First is was about the recount, then they whined about the electoral college and now the Russians. That fact is that the democrats can’t believe the old lady lost the election after spending $1.3 billion in attacking our new president.

            Watch the economy come back. :o)

          46. mac12sam12 says

            Did you read any of the wikileak e-mails? In one Hillary said she likes her voters uninformed and compliant. Sounds like you.

          47. Bandara Carlos says

            FBI Officials Including Comey, Were Well Aware of Russia’s Hacking
            Because He Was in the September Meeting with the Congressional
            Leaders. James Comey Made the Deliberate Decision to Interfere and to
            the Election on the Behalf of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
            Russian Interests. Of Course Republicans Are Okay the FBI Making
            Russia Great Again. Trump Will Probably Hold the Next Victory at
            Rally in Moscow Russia.

          48. mac12sam12 says

            James Comey said that the Russians had northing to do with the election. Did the Russians force Donna Brazil from CNN to give Hillary the questions ahead of time? James Clapper said it wasn’t the Russians as did the FBI. There’s two reasons Hillary lost the election. Obama and Hillary. While campaigning for Hillary he said to vote for Hillary because his policies are on the line. The voters said GFY Barry. Trump will erase Obama’s legacy in about two hours. Good luck in 2024! :0)

          49. Bandara Carlos says

            This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.


          50. Bandara Carlos says

            CIA AND FBI Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the
            2016 Elections.
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump
            Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is
            sounds more like a cover-up?

          51. mac12sam12 says

            No one tells Trump what to do. It’s Obama who bends over and grabs his ankles. Things will get better!! 😎

          52. Bandara Carlos says

            Now that’s funny, a conservative that really doesn’t know what’s going on, nitwit. Look at Trump’s appointees and you can not even feel both little hands on your shoulder. Pepe has arrived. Give your brain a chance?

          53. mac12sam12 says

            Trump’s appointees are all successful people and not ideologue PC liberal retards. If you listen to MSM AKA fake news, it’s you that’s walking in the dark. We finally have a guy in the WH that understands the economy and the 1st lady will now have all lady parts. (snort…snort…bubble snort…)

          54. Bandara Carlos says
          55. mac12sam12 says

            Whether you accept him or not he’s your president for the next 8 years. How is Trump a Nazi? No one can explain this to me. All the left has is the name calling.

          56. Bandara Carlos says

            Actually I was referring Nazi sympathizers if the shoe fits. Trump fascist rhetoric is clearly supported of previous Naiz tactics, it’s almost like he has a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his bedstand. You of course are a self-made man.LOL happy holidays.

          57. mac12sam12 says

            Name his fascist rhetoric. crickets…crickets…crickets…

          58. Bandara Carlos says

            If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
   It is not truth that matters, but victory.
            Hate is more lasting than dislike.
            The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.
            Strength lies not in defence but in attack.
            The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.
            The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.
            Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.
            The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.
            Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.
            Who says I am not under the special protection of God?
            What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.

          59. Bandara Carlos says

            It is not truth that matters, but victory.
            Hate is more lasting than dislike.
            art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the
            people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will
            split up that attention.
            Strength lies not in defence but in attack.
            The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.
            The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.
            Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.
            The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.
            Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.
            Who says I am not under the special protection of God?
            What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.

          60. mac12sam12 says

            Like the great masses who voted for Obama who does not have one thing he can point to that’s been a success? You fell for the big lie.

          61. mac12sam12 says

            Steve Bannon rocks as does Brietbart! Let’s say it together, President Donald J. Trump!! :0) snort..snort..

          62. Bandara Carlos says

            It is not truth that matters, but victory.
            Hate is more lasting than dislike.
            art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the
            people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will
            split up that attention.
            Strength lies not in defence but in attack.
            The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.
            The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.
            Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.
            The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.
            Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.
            Who says I am not under the special protection of God?
            What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.

          63. Bandara Carlos says


            You will believe any obviously fake conspiracy theory about Hillary and other Democrats and then blindly support obvious and actual lies confirmed about Donald Trump. Your thought processes are sadly questionable. Have you considered that many of these fake trumped up stories are probably generated by Russian paid bloggers?

          64. Mr Rollo says

            I don’t care about his “money”. What I care about is how he will “Make America Great Again” ! !

          65. Bandara Carlos says

            You really have lost also, under a Trump regime and first your personal rights will be severely diminished even
            if you are white.CUT over time pay, cut your Social Security and
            When you figured out you will want to drop off a bridge
            but I implore you not to. Join the fight against Radical Extremist
            Fascist tactics


        2. StanMan58 says

          Nazi Germany was Socialist, Bernie Sanders would have fit right in, and then Adolph with his lies about sharing the wealth came to power, blaming the Jews.

        3. ABO says

          She’s nothing but a lemming ernst, still buying the liberal horsesh*t hook, line and sinker.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        The Liberal thugs & OBAMA’s Liberal army got destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          Winning over you is so easy. You are so confused by the facts all you do is rant and rave, your hate is so obvious. Your thought?AS TO What you do when you find out Trump infiltrates the Republican Party has bamboozled you. lol

          1. StanMan58 says


          2. Janet Julien says

            LOVE IT!!! Best place for her outside the cemetery

          3. CEM in MO says

            No, we wouldn’t want the massive burden on the taxpayers to have to declare the cemetery an EPA Superfund site.

          4. Janet Julien says

            True It would be poetic justice after she’s gone to cremate her and drop her shes over Benghazi

          5. HopeforAmerica says

            Trump just Paid $25 million for Fraud the his defunct Trump University! He is being sued for Rape of a minor.. He doesn’t pay his vendors….. and He has Lied about Hillary. It is Trump you should be in jail.

          6. David Girard says

            ALL BALONEY…LOL

          7. ABO says

            Ah, yet another brainless illiterate liberal lemming making up “facts” to suit it’s pathetic agenda. Thanks Hope for showing everyone just how ridiculous you clowns really are.

          8. HopeforAmerica says

            ABO; TRUMP IS A FRAUD, A CROOK, A DEAD-BEAT & LIAR! He Has Agreed to Pay $25 Million for his Defunct Trump University! That’s a FACT Jack. Check it out yourself. And… His so-called CHARITY Also Admitted to Wrong-doing!!

          9. ABO says

            Apparently you only found ‘facts’ to back up ONE of your ridiculous accusations. Yes he finally agreed to settle that one as he will be sworn in as President in just over a month. The rest of your accusations are completely baseless and entirely made up and you know it. Pathetic.

          10. HopeforAmerica says

            Apparently You did Not check out All the links.’s another for you! Trump & the RepubliCons are already working on Bills to Privatize Medicare which means they Are the Cost of Medicare will increase and we will Get Less!! Anytime something because Privatized there’s a Profit factor built in. Gov’t run has NO profit mode and therefore it’s cheaper!! And Wall Street is Drooling because they know that Trump & the RepubliCons are Also getting REady to Privatize Soc. Security which means, they are going to Gamble Our Soc Security on Wall Street and Wall Street Can’t Wait for the Billions of $$$ they’ll make on Fees!! That Again is Less money in your pocket and mine.


          11. ABO says

            Ah, yes CBS News that bastion of liberal bias. Lemmings like you must spread your prayer rugs five times a day facing in order NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC and pray to the gods of liberalism to support your fabrications and obfuscations so as to maintain the ongoing destruction of all that is good and right. Love the line “which means they Are the Cost of Medicare will increase and we will get less. English your second language or are you just illiterate? My guess is the latter as the rest of your post is pretty much the same brainless tripe.

          12. HopeforAmerica says

            You’re an idiot so I’m compelled to communicate to you in simpler terms. I suppose you listen to Infowars and consider that and Faux news as Truth. The Republicans Will Cause Medicare cost to increase Simply by Privatizing it which will cause more hardship for seniors who won’t be able to afford the increase in costs. People will get vouchers and that’s it!

          13. ABO says

            Well seeing as I’m such an idiot I’ll need you to explain just how you arrived at your moronic conclusion. You state unequivocally that privatizing Medicare will increase costs but you as usual neglect to address just how and why that will happen considering the fact that this administration’s wasteful spending along with the fact that they refuse to bother with those who are gaming the system are the base causes of cost overruns in Medicare and indeed throughout most government agencies today. So, start explaining your idiotic conclusions, Moron.

          14. Mr Rollo says

            Stupid Fool.

          15. Mark Oakes says

            Break out the proof dummy! You’ve been watching and reading too much fake news: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Huffington post, NYT, etc.

          16. ernst says

            Sure Trump paid off the lawsuit; that was better than having to deal with it. Dumbass recounting liberals will try anything to delegitimize the election of victorious conservatives. Did you forget to blame Trump for the deaths in Benghazi?

          17. HopeforAmerica says

            Yeh we’re recounting. We happen to agree with Trump that the system is Rigged, and as a Democracy we have a right to a recount.

          18. ernst says

            In the inimitable style of Democrat incompetence, the recount is basically dead on arrival.PA has past its deadline and MN has judicially denied it. Just a windfall for Jill Stein. Dumb Democrats.

          19. HopeforAmerica says

            You’ve all be Frumped~!

          20. ABO says

            “You’re all be frumped!”. Brilliant statement, coming from an idiot.

          21. ABO says

            Gee, why does it not surprise me that you get your “information” from the Daily Kos. Widely acknowledged as the least accurate political website out there, along with being the most vile, disgusting collection of misinformation on the internet, (and that’s going some) the Daily Kos is the least respected collection of liberal BS out there. Even respectable Democrats have no use for the’Kos’ Doesn’t surprise me that you believe their worthless garbage, lemming that you are.

          22. HopeforAmerica says

            Ohhh.. Don’t like Daily Kos? Okay… here you Go. Take you pick!!



          23. ABO says

            Oh good. Yet more liberal bias. It’s no wonder you’re such a pathetic lemming all your information comes from the left wing biased msm. Proves just how utterly myopic you really are.

          24. HopeforAmerica says

            Wow… you have a hard time with the Truth! Work with the FActs, and Live with the Truth. NPR, Washington Post or The Atlantic are just reporting the News. So Tell me… where do you get your News??????

          25. ABO says

            If you had been paying attention you would know that several msm networks including NBC and ABC have admitted to heavily favoring the left and several others including most of your posted links have offered such sadly lacking denials that even Democrats with a brain (of course that would exclude you) don’t believe them. Your idea of legitimate fact checking sites is beyond pathetic. NPR, Washington Post and The Atlantic are all widely acknowledged as liberal shills and if you are actually unaware of that then you are even more vastly uninformed than I had suspected.

          26. ABO says

            As you would know had you been paying attention, several msm networks, NBC and ABC in particular have admitted their tendency to heavily favor the left and many others including most of your posted links have offered such lame denials that even thinking Democrats (which of course excludes you) don’t buy a word of it. NPR, Washington Post and The Atlantic have been noted left wing shills for decades. The fact that you believe that they are just reporting the news proves beyond a doubt that you are a lemming for the left. As to your last question, I research both sides and through observing their reportage and opinion, draw my own conclusions. You are obviously not capable of that and therefore just what the left biased media tell you, hook, line and sinker. Good luck with that. The fact that you believe what a biased media feeds you as absolute fact proves beyond any reasonable doubt that you are indeed nothing more than a lemming for the left. Pathetic!

          27. HopeforAmerica says

            Article: Paul Krugman Reveals How Trump’s Betrayal of White Working-Class Supporters Has Already Begun.Nobel Prize winner in Ecomomic is Professor Paul Krugman wrote;
            “”The white working class is about to be betrayed,” Krugman declares in no uncertain terms. “The evidence of that coming betrayal is obvious in the choice of an array of pro-corporate, anti-labor figures for key positions. In particular, the most important story of the week — seriously, people, stop focusing on Trump Twitter — was the selection of Tom Price, an ardent opponent of Obamacare and advocate of Medicare privatization, as secretary of health and human services. This choice probably means that the Affordable Care Act is doomed — and Mr. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters will be among the biggest losers.”” Sorry Suckers! “Sorry, suckers.

            Krugman goes on to say; “Nor should they put much store in those great manufacturing jobs coming back. Krugman is convinced they were lost thanks to technology and are gone for good. That’s why the safety net is so important”.


          28. JJ says

            I am glad I am a frumped Deplorable!- a high class one at that!!

          29. JJ says

            You have never been frumped until you have been Donald frumped!!!

          30. ernst says

            I see you fascist liberals as the Nazis. You try to restrict free speech, work for the destruction of Israel, and support Arabs and Islamists – just like the German Nazis.

          31. got my licence says

            Do not forget libs sending individuals with different religious and or political viewpoints to sensitivity/reeducation training. Just like Hitler and Stalin, although no one ever came back from their reeducation.

          32. gotcha1 says

            Wow! You are totally confused! Do you realize all your nonsense is a true indication of your true intelligence level?!? Think before you speak. It may be best you get some help. Start by going to a library and read. Don’t go to the comic book section! Start with American History then Civics. You may understand where I’m going with this. Then again you may not…

          33. ABO says

            Fortunately her IQ matches her shoe size or she’d never remember it gotcha!

          34. Deborah G says

            The mere fact you are stupid enough to actually believe that the people who have spoken are Nazis & is completely over the top. The biggest racists and those who harm blacks the most is the Democrats.

          35. StanMan58 says

            yes, Quotas and putting certain classes of people( aside from disabled and disabled veterans/ veterans, and native Americans), on a pedestal, because we are somehow viewed to be inherently racist, is just for more control over the people, racism is a tool of the government to control all of us, “We the Sheeple”.

          36. Mathew Molk says

            You really think the deficit is down and the economy is doing great? What the hell kind of drugs is your commissar giving you?

            And BTW. Trump is and always has been a hard core rugged individualist capitalist. I know the ComieCrat party hates that but nothing could be father from a NAZI National Socialist. – Go find some REAL history books and not the BS rewritten history taught iby liberal colage profs and the members of the teacher’s union and you might not sound like such an idiot.

          37. Mr Rollo says

            Just like so many Dems who tout Cuba’s medical system as superior to ours. Stupid, Bigoted Fools are the Dems.

          38. StanMan58 says

            ha ha !, that’s a good one!, actually we all thought Obama and Hillary were the ones, one never really knows?

          39. kbmiller says

            Which Party paid mentally challenged people to start fights at rallies, burned campaign offices and inhibits free speech with violence and threats and beats up people suspected of voting “Not for their candidate” ? It’s the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party doing these HATEFUL things. THAT’S the “PARTY of HATE”, you moron. Get the facts straight before you come off like an ignorant A$$wipe again.

          40. Ed Shick says

            George Soros pays 1500 a week , better than working at McDonalds !

          41. kbmiller says

            Almost as good as adding up food stamps, rent and utility subsidies, ADC, student loans and health care. I think we should all be on welfare, hell, it’s free.

          42. Ed Shick says

            better than working for a retirement and They keep cutting it and the medical the dropped , so maybe I could take my walker and Protest if we do not walk very fast!

          43. kbmiller says

            Kiss my t RUMP IDIOTS vote for Cuntlinton

          44. Mr Rollo says

            You big fat communist Fool.

          45. Bandara Carlos says

            You need to deal with the White Nationalist racist takeover of
            your Republican party. Give your brain a chance.

          46. Mr Rollo says

            When President-Elect Trump begins his 100 day plan, after inauguration, you will be really quick to change your tune. You will be affected by your taxes being reduced and more American products on the store shelves for you personally. You will be eating your own words. Mark my words. When he won on the ninth, I predicted the market would hit 20,000 by year end. Let’s wait and see.

          47. Bandara Carlos says
          48. HopeforAmerica says

            Barbara; Don’t call them the “Alt-Right”. Call them by what they are and that is, Hate-filled, Bigots and White supremacists.

          49. Bandara Carlos says

            Of course you’re right!

          50. kbmiller says

            Thank GOD the adults are in control. STOP THE ALT LEFT !!!!!!

          51. Bandara Carlos says

            THIS IS NEWS!
            CIA Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the 2016
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a
            cover-up? This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation
            of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.
            Grow up and get over
            it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I
            have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will
            understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J
            Trump AND what he does from now is own YOU.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Schlonged by Trump and Pence.
          Reelect Trump/Pence

          1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            AMEN 🙂

          2. celiayounger says

            NNNNNOOOOO nnneeevvveerrr

        3. Deborah G says

          I am going to have the biggest goodbye party ever

          1. PatriotGal says

            Are you inviting OWEbama? LOL!!!!

          2. Deborah G says

            His picture with a table of darts will be the party game

          3. Janet Julien says

            And a HUGE poster of him bent over on the wall with all sorts of paper phallic depictions to be used to get closest to the “target”. New version of the old kids’ party game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

          4. kbmiller says

            You’re being unfair to donkeys.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Fat elephants who TRUMPet all over the jungle remind you of someone?

          6. kbmiller says

            Yes, Oblahblahblah telling us how successful he’s been. What an incompetent, unqualified, boneheaded moron.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            NO…He got shitbag lazy bums like you out of that Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown. He got the 8 million the DOL warned in 2003 would end up jobless until from 2004 to 2008 8 million lost jobs. 10,000 in a single day in 2004 when Shearson Lehman got zapped by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. You stupid asses only know where your next welfare check is coming from. What the hell are YOU doing on a computer in the middle of the day? No work? I was up at 5 AM and began my online writing at 6 AM. What’s you bigot excuse for being a lazy bum?

          8. kbmiller says

            The financial meltdown was caused by The Community Reinvestment Act, a failed policy used to force lending institutions to lend money to people for mortgages they couldn’t afford, by threatening the lenders under huuuge fines. Get some facts before you make another uninformed rant.This Act was an IDIOTIC law foisted on the US by the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. Don’t you know? I’m 67, well off financially and still work ;part time at my business. The workforce participation rate is ~ 62%. Around 95 million do not have full time employment. This is what Oblahblahblah has done. I was up at 4:50 today you stupid A$$. Never on welfare.[What’s “YOU” bigot excuse]. Learn to write correctly before you make a FOOL of yourself again.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No fukkbagger. It was not. It was caused by thieving banks as I posted. Those ARMs were the cause. You are a bona dickhead jerkoff. It was YOU and your right wing thieving CONservatives who were responsible for 3 tax cuts that the GAO stated in 2004 with one single tax cut that it would increase the wealth of the 1% by over 11%.

            That is WHAT happened. And it was your fukkbagger Bush and Cheney who put 2 wars on credit cards. Do you slimeballs EVER grow the fukk up and admit when you are Guilty? Typical CONman ASSHole.

            I’m financially independent shitbag. Have been since I opened my first business back in 1971, have been since I taught part time at Rutgers. You are scum and you know it. Now go and grab those pussies.

          10. kbmiller says

            I wouldn’t come near you with a pig’s D*ck you filthy syphilitic scum bag of a cum drum. Just because you can swear like a drunken sailor doesn’t make you right. You’re nothing but a left wing NUT. Probably paid by the DNC as an F’n troll. Go Away you POS. Your sick adolescent comments won’t change anyone’s mind. They only expose your ignorance. Eat some $hit.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Prove it prickface. I fight like a man because I’ve lived in a man’s world my entire life…5 brothers and half brothers, 11nephews, 2 sons, 1 ex, 16 ADP salemen and 15 engineers, engineering consultants and field servicemen.

            You bastard boys are NOT going to force your will on us. Not until you fukking pay your fair share of taxes.

            I am a SEO copywriter for an online company where I’ve ghost written technical articles business blogs for electricians, plumbers and contractors..over 5300.

            I also am a published author of 2 books. I taught dance for 12 years at Rutgers part time and when you catch your halitosis breath, try to catch up to a mover and shaker like me.

            I am always on a computer, asshole because I write articles for online websites and as such must always be online to answer my clients emails. You? You are a piece of the shit I flush down my toilet everyday.

            I save the intelligent talk for people who actually can put coherent sentences together. Not the leftover hicks from Dogpatch like you. Eat shit and die Mr. Dickmouth.

          12. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Little liberal leftist lemming, learn to live and let live, loser.

          13. Mariafcrowder says

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          14. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I realize you still hold much respect and adoration for John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde and Ma Barker. You are the loser. You stupidly voted to put a man in as president who openly lies to the public. Do you deny that? If you do, you are not just a loser, you are a mentally ill hick.

            Sorry if I was not raised to trust liars like Trump. As for living and letting you live, that’s an oxymoron, for hicks who want to regress backward to plantations, free black slave labor, poor white sharecroppers who send their sons off to fight for a rich man’s rights to enrich his wealth from human slaves.

            Sorry if I was not raised to praise a whoremaster who has 3 wives, not to mention a filthy porn star wife you know accept as a normal. You do realize that your acceptance of trash like Trump and his whore pig, you label ALL of the women in your family the same way?

            Or do you just flip a switch every day and make it all go away? Nice trick if you don’t have to live with the consequences of your words and actions. Nice trick if you think you will ALWAYS get away with it.

            I was raised to know right from wrong. You were raised by Lil Abner and Daisy Mae to do whatever you please, laws, chaos and rights of others be damned.

            You will NOT now nor EVER take my right to follow the straight and narrow while you lippity clip along on a zig zag crook’s path.

          15. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Ellie….Can I call you Ellie? Ellie, you’re one twisted little dimwitcrat. The ‘poster child’ for abject stupidity and late term abortion.

          16. JJ says

            Can you say Donald J.Trump?

          17. JJ says

            No wonder Donald Trump won the election with flying colors. There are too many idiots out there just like you. And you and your party still don’t get it. And until you do, your party and you will lose again! Green horns!

          18. Merle Dickey says

            Your IQ just keeps on slipping . I would pity your mate but you probably don’t have one .

          19. ABO says

            Her IQ is easy for her to remember Merle as it matches her shoe size perfectly!

          20. Merle Dickey says

            Well he/she seems to have a build up of hate and filthy language . Then brags about her education !! I am not going to bother with her any more, she needs professional help. Have a good one “)

          21. ABO says

            You’re right on with that Merle. You have a good one too!

          22. JJ says

            Isn’t that the truth?

          23. kbmiller says

            I believe none of your LIES you cum licker. If you learned to talk like that at home, your Mama must have been a real LOSER, like you. The only book you could write is “How to be a Complete A$$wipe”. Post a picture of yourself. We all want to see how fat, ugly and stupid looking you are.

          24. Rick2101 says

            You can always tell a Trump supporter, you just cannot tell them much. 10% of the voting public will always believe anything Trump says, even if it is contradictory. The other 35% will realize their mistake, but never admit it, Trump’s new book “The Science of the Con” will be on bookshelves in February.

          25. Bobbie says

            Wow you are an ignorant person. Can you not try to get your point across without using that no d of language? Only the uneducated and uninformed feel they have to use vulgarity to get their poi t across. Oh and by the way kbmiller was right on the money!!! YOU however are not only vulgar but a total ignorant knee jerk liberal.

          26. Merle Dickey says

            You just proved what kind of a democrat you are Insane ,hate filled with the vocabulary of a sewer rat .

          27. ABO says

            Eleanor is indeed a vile hateful disgusting piece of work Merle. She is best ignored by all.

          28. JJ says

            Try to impress someone else because it is not working with me. You probably have the biggest EBT card of anyone. People who have something don’t have to brag about it. Smile and say Donald J. Trump. I hope that chaps your ass and lips!????

          29. JJ says

            You are afraid your freebies are going to get cut is your problem!!?

          30. ABO says

            In Eleanor’s case kb, making a fool of herself is her career.

          31. kbmiller says

            At least she’s good at something.

          32. ABO says

            She’s had plenty of practice at it.

          33. Mr Rollo says

            You big fat Bigot Fool.

          34. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          35. HopeforAmerica says

            You will have Voter’s Remorse. Trump or the Republicons don’t give a damn about you or me.

          36. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Does it hurt? Ru crying like a liberal Democrackhead baby AWWWWWW? Ru leaving the country? Did u wav dat fist on high and protest you little sissy!!! CNN, OBAMA, MSNBC, CROOKED LYING HILLARY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR LIBERAL IGNORANT ass!! GOD BLESS DONALD J TRUMP OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          37. Merle Dickey says

            You sound like a mental case . My family is republican, we own our own business and work long hours but we make good money . You are a typical hate filled democrat who can’t handle any competition .

          38. ABO says

            She is indeed a mental case Merle. Certifiable.

          39. JJ says

            Jimmy Crack corn because we don’t care. You forget it is your party who are the welfare recipients, dumb ass! That is how much sense you don!t have. Just like a true democrat.

          40. kbmiller says

            You fat, ugly, foul-mouthed hog, What’s your comment about Liberal Washington Post ripping Oblahblahblah and Kerry? What about Liberal Maureen Dowd’s 11/28 column in NYT ripping your incompetent, unqualified boneheaded moron of a president? HA HA HA

          41. Eleanore Whitaker says

            What’s the matter cockface? You get your dick stuck in your ass again? Your boy Trump may not even make it to Inauguration Day. And as for forcing the rest of the states to be steam rolled by hicks and fukkerbags like you. Give it up asshole. And while you are at it, lay off the White Lightnin” assfukker.

            There is no way you can force DEM states to obey Trump. That’s why we have state attorney generals to enforce our state laws. If the state laws do not include federal laws, you are fukkkkkkkked big time. Now go eat some more twat Pigshit.

          42. kbmiller says

            You rancid C+nt. I saw your movie with the donkey as the star. We’ll finally be done with the halfbreed boneheaded moron in the White House. Go to your safe place with your play dough for a good cry. Your family is ashamed of you, you sow.

          43. ABO says

            You forgot incompetent kb.

          44. JJ says


          45. ABO says

            Renamed “pin the tail on the jackass???.

          46. JJ says

            Lol lol

          47. Ed Shick says

            Could we just invite Obama and his Muslim Brother hood to Prison , along with hilary and her Muslim Huma!

          48. HopeforAmerica says

            Goodbye to Medicare.. Goodbye Soc Security… Goodbye Clean & Water, Goodbye Public Lands, Goodbye Consumer Laws, Goodbye Banking Laws, GOODBYE MIDDLE-CLASS!

          49. Deborah G says

            Cry Cry Cry even when you repeat the lie.None of the above is going to happen now put on your pull-ups, have a bottle and hug your teddy Cupcake. When you find out the adults are in charge you will be a happier baby

          50. HopeforAmerica says

            Don’t take my word for it. Do the Research from Reputable sources and see for yourself! If you’ve been paying attention, since the election Trump has been recruiting the very thing I believe you were voting against and that is Special Interests and Billionaires!

          51. Deborah G says

            There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Billionaires, I am always amazed at how people envy the rich. Worry about yourself and how it is going to improve YOUR life.. They hire the people that are hurting. Carrier is a Prime example. Trump can and will pick the very best to make all boats rise. Personally I find his manner abrasive and he isn’t my God. that being said he’s what we have and I do believe by what I have read and seen things are definitely going away from Socialist mediocrity back to free enterprise Capitalism WHICH is exactly what this country needs. NOT more overweight government programs,and handouts to non citizens. Capisce`?

          52. HopeforAmerica says

            Deborah; Do you or will you be depending on Medicare & Soc Security?

          53. HopeforAmerica says

            Well Deborah… You will eat your words.. and you will remember that I am Right.

          54. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            No, you are Left. Perhaps when you grow up, you’ll see there’s no correlation between being on the left and being correct, about anything.

          55. ABO says

            Goodbye Dimwit.

          56. HopeforAmerica says

            You Don’t Believe Me??

          57. JJ says

            I am too!!! Wished we lived close because we would be doing some partying!! I can hardly wait!!

          58. Deborah G says

            Kinda heartwarming to know good conquers evil. Nothing more evil than their vapid lib women promotion of abortion as a right!What kind of woman fights for that?Medical abortions /necessity to save mother account for less than 1/100th of a percent,The rest is disgusting irresponsibility

        4. HopeforAmerica says

          Here comes Corrupt Trump and his Army of Deplorables.

          1. ernst says

            No political group could be more corrupt than Obama, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi/D’Alesandro. The US hit a new low with them, and that is saying a lot. And never forget the ever-reelected Hank Johnson who thinks Guam is going to sink from the Navy base there. Democrats have elected an amazingly sorry bunch. That is why we have Trump. Blame the Democrats.

        5. HopeforAmerica says

          Donald Trump told his campaign supporters that he was “not going to let Wall Street get away with murder.” But that was a lie. He’s Recruited a Wall Street Bankster who got rich off the Foreclosures 10 year ago and Then Got even Richer when his bank Got Bailed Out!! He should have been in Jail!!

        1. ernst says

          Could not happen to a better person!!!

        2. StanMan58 says

          stop it now I cannot laugh anymore , please!

      3. Deborah G says

        Debt up, unemployment amongst blacks at 20%,racism rampant, cops being killed, rioting?Obamacare premiums up 2-60%? Illegals crashing the borders? Yeah that’s paradise

        1. glorybe2 says

          Immigrants are not crashing our borders. That is your first lie. The fact is that more immigrants are leaving than entering the US. Next look at the numbers of deported people under Obama compared to either of the Bush presidents. Obama deported record numbers of immigrants. Black employment is a huge problem. Technology is replacing manual trades and the situation will get worse for both black and non black workers. Yes cops are getting shot. Unfortunately policing policies have led quite a few people to think that all cops are their enemies. The abuse of police power and a justice system that is out of whack are at the root of this issue. How many cops do you see patrolling gated communities? Cops arrest people who can not afford lawyers. those with good lawyers get away with far worse crimes than ghetto folks ever will. The current stand off at the oil pipeline with our first nation people is an example of police using unreasonable force where none should have been used at all.

          1. StanMan58 says

            I have many FBK friends in SA CA and Mexico, they come for work to visit, to live here, of course with all Immigration we get the Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, with Muslims it is bad because the Jihadists come here but we cannot tell they are Jihadists, it is knowledge they need , to see we are not anti immigration.

          2. ernst says

            Sure, let’s show them we are not against immigration by opening the borders and allowing everyone in. Then we can say goodbye to any economic stability or cultural integrity. As has been happening, they will mostly apply for welfare and live off the taxes of us working folks. Then they will vote more welfare for themselves. You may wish to spend your life working to support families of Syrians and Mexicans, but I do not. I also prefer to not be killed by Jihadists or to have the Koran shoved down my throat.

          3. Mr Rollo says

            BLAH BLAH BLAH and BLAH. You are so full of lying poop, your eyes are dark brown.

          4. kbmiller says

            “Too bad the prisons in Californication can’t export the illegal felons, of which, I’ve heard, make up over 50%, of that population. Cops want to go home after their shift, also. I don’t blame em for being a little trigger happy now, with the rapid increase of police being shot. Cops patrolling gated communities are mostly, if not all, private cops. The police arrest people committing crimes. If you can’t pay for the lawyers time, don’t do the crime

        2. StanMan58 says

          Castro is dead stop the fear mongering please, he died no more racism cop killing, Castro is gone!

        3. HopeforAmerica says

          So Why Not make Billionaires/Millionaires / Big Corporations Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes??!! Why should the poor or middle class pay More in taxes than they?? How is that Fair and Wouldn’t that help pay down the Debt?

          1. Deborah G says

            They already pay 80% of all the taxes. As for the corporations you’d have more if they lowered the tax rate and repatriated their money from overseas/you could tax the wealthy at 100% and it wouldn’t pay down the debt. everyone should have skin in the game. The rich earned it or their family did.Why are the whiners so covetous of what other people have? It is the Democrats and their tax policies that have hurt the Middle Class.

          2. HopeforAmerica says

            I’m Simply talking Fairness, Tax Fairness! I’m talking Fairness and you call it, “Whining”? The Poor & Middle Class earned it too.. What does that have to do with Fairness? t a problem with Fairness?
            Why should Exxon Mobile or other successful companies pay ZERO or little tax?! Why should Trump and alike Not Pay taxes?? They have tax breaks that we the middle class and poor do not get and we end up paying more in taxes! How is this fair?
            I ag

          3. Deborah G says

            Then is it fair that one group pays 80% of ALL the taxes? When you are speaking of Corporations you are comparing apples and ranges. They ALL pay high taxes they just avail themselves of the tax laws to minimize them legally. I own a corporation and paid zero taxes for 3 years by forwarding losses from the Hurricanes here.I could get tax breaks for hiring certain groups[Democrats put that policy in place]as for Trump he does pay personal taxes he just forwarded BUSINESS losses like anyone in business can AND? There are times to take losses whether in investments or business to offset taxes. ALL legal AND fair

          4. ABO says

            What you’re talking is pure unadulterated horsesh*t!

          5. Mr Rollo says

            You Fool, it is because the tax laws allow it.. My suggestion – -Stay in school.

          6. J.B.Jacobs says

            It’s plain to see you know nothing about business taxes. Your comment is a bunch of made up baloney.

          7. ABO says

            The Ultra Rich have made far more money and paid far less in taxes under Obama than they have under any other president EVER. He’s bought and paid for by the top 1%. Do some research before you start spouting your ridiculous horsesh*t!

          8. Mr Rollo says

            You fool. Corporations pass along their tax load directly to the consumer. One of the best thing President-Elect could do is reduce corporate business taxes. It would help us all.

        4. ABO says

          Well put Deborah. Unfortunately the idiot you’re responding to won’t get a word of it.

          1. Deborah G says


      4. Pirate Sword says

        Just a friendly reminder

      5. Mathew Molk says

        Just like Stien. When confronted with irrefutable facts just lie and say they are untrue and make up your own version 180 degrees out of phase with the truth.

        (And try a little proof reading. I get your Marxist propaganda but as writen your post doesn’t make any seance at all)

        1. Paiute says

          How do you spell “sense”?

      6. Dee Ward says

        Please tell us what Bush did to get us into the recession. Also I would like to know how Dems saved my az as my income (and many others I know) has gone significant down during the Obama term. Not to mention that due to Obamacare I had the worst insurance of my life at the time I needed it most. Please stop saving me before I lose everything.

        1. StanMan58 says

          just like NY Corrupt Cuomo the Governor, declines natural gas fracking so most of upstate NY has to burn coal and oil, he could not get kickbacks from the gas people, so lied and said it? was environmental, how do we know? PA used Millions from gas drilling to improve lives and housing and roads, bad bad PA.
          NY has become a welfare or wealth state, no in between.

          1. HopeforAmerica says

            Fracking is Toxic & has made many homes and farms unlivable.

        2. Deborah G says

          Bush did NOT get us into a recession that is A Democrat slant spin. The housing debacle was 100% Democrat with Fannie and Freddie handing out loans to minorities with no doc loans. Bush was 100% against it but he was outvoted by the Democrats. Barney Frank was instrumental in that destruction and Cuomo got rich off pushing derivitives.

          1. ABO says

            Dodd/Frank allowed the big banks to continue taking unfair advantage of the system. Thank you for your well researched and thoughtful posts here Deborah.

          2. Deborah G says

            Thank you kindly for the compliment.IF nothing else I am truthful .

          3. ABO says

            As far as I’m concerned Deborah, the truth is extremely important and not heard near often enough these days. Thank you for being truthful!

        3. Mr Rollo says

          You are correct. One of the first big events that brought the US economy down was the purchase, by now defunct Wachovia Bank, fool CEO G. Kennedy Thompson, of Golden West that was virtually going down hill at the time of purchase. What did Bush have to do with that event, Fool.

      7. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

        But we were NOT 19 trillion dollars in DEBT thanks to a POS who goes out and plays golf instead of running the country or making believe he knows how to run it!! Bet you voted for Hillary didn’t you? You would rather have a criminal run our country and do a WORSE job than OBUMMER is. This shows us your class or lack thereof.

        1. Margaret MacGregor says

          With English like that, I doubt he/she (can’t tell from the name) could even understand the issues!

          1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            I hope you were talking about Bandara Carlos english and not mine. I think it probably is a he making believe it is a she. Maybe ‘IT’ is not sure what it is 🙂

          2. Margaret MacGregor says

            I certainly was, Frederic!

          3. Paiute says

            Bandara = female
            Bandaro = male

      8. Margaret MacGregor says

        Maybe if you could English, I could understand your comment; I suspect, however, it’s just a load of leftist twaddle!

        1. Margaret MacGregor says

          Oops, meant to say maybe if you learned English!

          1. Paiute says

            Oops didn’t read your correction. My BAD.

        2. Paiute says

          Speak or write English?

      9. GuardianFlame says

        You have an issue stating facts as every demonrat does. America is failing and the only people who think it’s fine are liberals.

        Why is that? Because every liberal cannot see passed their noses as to what is actually going on. They have created their own little comfort zone of fantasy that encases their minds so to them all is well – while others are suffering horribly.

        When libs destroy their fantasy worlds and actually participate in the real world, America WILL be a better place to live. Til then, AGAIN, Conservatives will clean up the mess irrational and irresponsible libs have created.

        That IS WHY TRUMP WON and how America will be good again – no thanks to obasturd or killary who have tried to destroy our foundations. Not going to happen!

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          Perhaps you live in a Red State and that is Why your view of the country is more grim. `

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The truth is that when it comes to spending, the Red States get from $1.35 up to $1.87 for the lousy $1 they pay in federal taxes. The Blue states get an average of 55 cents for that same dollar. But hicks are math challenged, brain damaged and generally incapable of a single intelligent thought.

          2. GuardianFlame says

            No, I’ve lived in both Red and Blue states and have watched what fools have put in motion without responsibility to the masses.

            Such as the “TRANSGENDER” movement that has caused irreparable emotional damage to many young girls, so much so the states have trashed that ideology!

            No, I have ALWAYS seen things clearly and am a realist (which is more difficult than you can imagine! ). Life is fragile and when you have a bunch of irrational nonthinking liberals trying to force their own twisted ideas onto the masses, someone is going to get hurt…and they have.


            Take a look around you! People are smiling again, TV programs are talking about God again and singers are singing songs about Jesus! Why is that? Because with Trump there is hope of recapturing the Greatness of America once again where our Faith and Patriotism shines above all else!

            “That” is why Trump won — and the fact that hrc is a pathological liar – proven time and time again. No one trusts any liberal and won’t trust them for a very long time! Now that is a reality not the crying, whining dribble you hear from the Left!

          3. HopeforAmerica says

            I’m an American of many generations. I don’t know what you mean by calling me a Liberal. What’s a Liberal? Which American Traditions & Foundations are you referring to? What Exactly do you mean by the “Greatness of America again”?

            I believe in the Constitution. Freedom of Choice.. Freedom of Religion, Equality, the Right to Free Speech, and so on. The USA is a melting pot of Many Cultures and Nationalities. My ancestors immigrated from Sweden & Russia, and unless you’re native American your ancestors are also from a different country and culture and That is America.

          4. GuardianFlame says

            My ancestors immigrated here from Scotland and France – in the 1800’s. They were strong pioneer stock and eorked hard for their families. They had great faith in God and.followed the Bible’s teachings. My great great grandfather was the lead Scout for John Smith, the Leader of the Latter Day Saints. I have Native American great grandmother who used to make me beautiful handmade beaded moccasins out of deer hide and made me Native American necklaces. I am, and always have been, partial to the Native Americans in the U.S. because their blood does run through mine!
            I am a teacher and know a great deal about our U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. I believe 100% in all of them.
            However, when our Country is failing economically (obama just keeps printing out useless dollars – that’s why everything is do damn expensive – inflation — too many dollars with nothing to back them), we cannot afford to syeal ftom Peter (Social Security) to pay Paul (illegals/fake refugees)! That’s stupid governing proving obama knows nothing abt running a country. That is why our National Debt has tripled under obama – stupid is as stupid does.
            The U.S. has no reason to take in illegals except to bankrupt pur already failing financial existence. It has no reason to allow phoney fake muslim refugees inside our borders WITHOUT VETTING WHERE THEY COME FROM AND THEIR BACKGROUNDS. PERIOD. Anyone thinking any differently is being very naive and childlike to think those people will not strike out at Americans — which they already have done in many states. You won’t hear abt it thru the Media bevause the biggest Muslim (TMI) OBAMA has put a “hush order” on the media regarding any events with muslim perpetrators — except the Ohio State event which went viral begore he could color it. Wake up before you or your lived ones become the next target. Muslim men are like unerrupted volcanoes ready to blow. How do I know that? Because I worked with some in two different fields. Horrible to females and manipulative to males. Not to be trusted…ever. One even had charges of kidnapping and rape and assault filled against him because he followed our young female friend home just.because she was polite and talked to him at the grocery store. He held her captive until they came to a party we had and we found out what happened
            She had thick makeup on her face – she didn’t wear makeup. First red flag. He had a syrangle hold on her bruised arm and wouldn’t let her go anywhere without him until I gently removed his hand and told him we had girly things to discuss in private and disapoeared in the kitchen. One of.our guy friends immediately took her outside and drove her to her parents. They notified the authorities and had a Protection Order placed against him. There was a warrant for his arrest but he fled the country. Our female friend was not being flirtatious with that muslim, just polite. He misinterpreted her actions and kidnaped her. Do NOT think you know a muslim man! They are “wired” completely different than any other males on this earth — and females are considered 2nd class citizens!

          5. HopeforAmerica says

            People who are Transgender Are who they ARe. They did not Choose to be that way. That is just how god made them. I am not transgender and glad that I don’t have to deal with the turmoil that they do. American ideals dictates that Equality for ALL, and that is what I Believe in.

          6. Mr Rollo says

            They are mental cases with miswired brains. End of story.

          7. GuardianFlame says

            Again, have you ever been in a bathroom when a transgender came in? I have. A young child knew they were men because they looked like men in dress up clothes. The little girl asked her mom what was wrong with those men and why were they in her bathroom. The men just barged right in all loud as if looking for attention, almost obnoxious. The real females left because the fake females made everyone else feel uncomfortable. The little girl kept asking Mom why the men dressed like girls. In this case Mom was there to inform, but other events weren’t so nice for little girls.
            Sorry. Transgenders should only use “FAMILY BATHROOMS” NOT “girls bathrooms”. No little child needs to be disturbed because an adult of the opposite gender is confused. That’s just being totally self centered. Transgenders need to do the right thing if they want to be recognized as a legit species.

        2. HopeforAmerica says

          Out of curiosity, What is your definition of the “country being good again”? What exactly does that mean to you?

      10. Bob Marcum says

        During the primaries, I watched ( twice ) a video of Kissinger telling someone ( presumably,
        someone in the U.N., with the intent of creating the new world order ), that obama would be the perfect man for the job. He also stated, it would be a very risky endeavor. The gamble could backfire on them. Well; I tend to believe that Mr. Donald Trump is the ( previously un-named ) risk to which he referred. (( ooopps ). I believe their gamble DID backfire. lol and; now, it has destroyed the democratic party. hee hee hee hee

      11. mac12sam12 says

        Bush didn’r deregulate the banks, Bill Clinton did. The fake outlets were all the news stations that colluded with Clinton. That was exposed in the Wikileaks e-mails. The recount is an attempt for the democrats to remain relevant because they’re going the way of the dinosaur.

      12. robert sanders says


      13. celiayounger says

        a lot better, he, Obama, got a mess of a country with Bush. Not only that but he got Bin Laden and did for the country many other things. Bush let 200 thousand soldiers go to fight to Afganistant when we had a horrible Hurancan in new Orleans, instead of send help the people in the US, he sent souldiers to be killed in the Middle East. Now, what do you think about Obama? you are soooo blind that can’t see your own shoes.

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          I’m not sure you understood my sarcasm in my post? Congratulations Republican/Trump voters,Your uninformed vote cost you over time pay, cut your Social Security and Medicare. You probably won’t need those things anyway. hahahahah

      14. MoonBeamWatcher says

        Guess your Aunt Mommy and Uncle Daddy
        put you up to this!.

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          your Republican/Trump voting, cost you over time pay, cut your Social
          Security and Medicare. You probably won’t need those things anyway.

          1. MoonBeamWatcher says

            FYI, Mr. Deplorable . . .
            NOT one penny is GOBERMENT $$$’s . . .
            Contributions are made by Employer and WORKER!
            Them DC thieves have been robbing SS to avoid raising the
            Federal Income Tax Rate to Fund all the FREE for me CROWD!
            “FREE phones, Housing and Medical” for people who can’t
            contribute a single thing of value to the American Society!

      15. kbmiller says

        Brend era I think your panties are too tight.

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          Time will tell about the Russian Nationalist dictator Vladimir Putin,
          remember when Donald J Trump/Republicans sellout America ideals to
          Vladimir Putin, TO all you guys I WILL BE saying “I told you so”,
          not laughing and I WILL BE giving you the bird. LOL

          1. kbmiller says

            Who told Medvedev (Putin’s right hand man) that he’d be more “Flexible” after the election? Oblahblahblah, remember? Who was instrumental in the Russian deal to acquire a large % ownership in the largest US uranium mine? Hell LIAR y, remember? So which party’s in bed with Putin?

          2. Bandara Carlos says

            THIS IS NEWS!
            CIA Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the 2016
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a
            cover-up? This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation
            of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.
            Grow up and get over
            it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I
            have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will
            understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J
            Trump AND what he does from now is own YOU.

          3. kbmiller says

            Ha ha ha. By interfering, they released Hell LIAR y’s emails. The ones showing what the DNC was doing to CHEAT the election process? How Blumenthal was involved? The payoffs and collusion with the LAMESTREAM media? HA HA HA HA. T|You IDIOT leftists don’t seem to care about that. The Russians had to help uncover the TRUTH. HA HA HA HA After Oblahblahblah was more flexible with Vlad and Hell LIAR y helped them get the uranium, they’re helping Trump? HA HA HA HA Time for your nap, Barbara.

          4. Bandara Carlos says

            While You Seem to Be All over the Place? Fact Are Clear. James Comey and the FBI Lied to the Whole Nation about Hillary Clinton. Don’t Bother to Tell Me Another Fake Story.
            FBI Officials Including Comey, Were Well Aware of Russia’s Hacking Because He Was in the September Meeting with the Congressional Leaders. James Comey Made the Deliberate Decision to Interfere and to the Election on the Behalf of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Russian Interests. Of Course Republicans Are Okay the FBI Making
            Russia Great Again. Trump Will Probably Hold the Next Victory at
            Rally in Moscow Russia.

          5. kbmiller says

            Is that 1st sentence a question? HA HA HA So you think the FBI is in cahoots with the Russians? HA HA HA It was the truth in her her emails that got her in trouble. Assange released the Dumb A$$ oc RATS emails. Those emails were the ACTUAL communication of the DNC and others influential in the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party. They’re the TRUE communications of the crooked pricks you vote for. You SHOULD be upset at your CROOKED party you F’n A$$ hole. Now go away.

          6. Bandara Carlos says

            You NATIONAL Fascist Republican tRUMPER’s , always start to use foul
            abusive language when you find out that my FACTS or absolutely clear
            clear truth’s. I personally feel like I’ve scored a win but
            unfortunately we both lose as Trump becomes president. I’m not
            Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday


          7. kbmiller says

            You have no facts. Read Larry Kudlo, Art Laffer, Steven Moore for info on the economy. You know nothing . Get some knowledge before you expose your ignorance on here again.

          8. Bandara Carlos says


            Okay, Nitwit, Show me what you got? The challenges you probably can come up with one, that you have triple fact checked. But unlike many people I have open mind to the truth…………………………………..12/13/2016

          9. kbmiller says

            Read Thomas Sowell, you nitwit. HA HA HA Transparency exposes corruption of Dumb A$$ oc RATS . HA HA HA

          10. Bandara Carlos says

            YOU always start to use foul abusive language,WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING.,

          11. kbmiller says

            So your cartoons prove you are a hypocrite, you moron. What’s a tRUMP?

          12. Bandara Carlos says

            The rich and powerful invent false dogmas to grab more wealth and power.

          13. kbmiller says

            You mean like, “You can keep your DR. and your Ins. plan, “The War on Poverty will reduce poverty”, “We have shovel ready jobs”, “Your ins. premiums will be reduced by $5000.00? per family? I could go on and on and on reporting the LIES this A$$wipe in the White House has told. How ignorant are you, really?

          14. Bandara Carlos says

            CIA AND FBI Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the
            2016 Elections.
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump
            Spewing so many spinning bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a cover-up?

          15. kbmiller says

            When will you Leftist babies be done with your foot stomping tantrums? Have you ever stopped to think about the CONTENT of what J. Assange released in the hacked emails of Podesta, Hel LIAR y and Bath House Barry? It’s A$$holes like you that don’t even consider that the Dumb A$$ oc RATS aren’t even claiming that the content is false. In other words, it was actually the DUMB A$$ OC RATS who were fixing the election. And they never said they didn’t. It was their own Dumb A$$ oc RAT primaries they were cheating tho. You ignorant fools just sat by and said nothing, as if it would all go away because the main arm of the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party, the LAME STREAM Media would help to cover it up. Barry even used a pseudonym to try and hide his particiopation. What an ignorant, boneheaded JACK A$$. From his own computer with a sender address, he used a pseudonym. HA HA HA HA HA And you voted for someone THAT STUPID. That makes you MORE STUPID.

          16. kbmiller says

            Barbara Carlost = CRYBABY

          17. Bandara Carlos says

   NO proof in your repug tRUMP statement just propaganda noise

          18. kbmiller says

            You are soooo IGNORANT, you probably never heard of Thomas Sowell. You see Donna Brazille today say that Oblahblahblah’s foreign policy is a disaster? She’s FORMER DNC chair. In case you’re too ignorant to know that too. Did you finish 4th grade yet?

          19. Bandara Carlos says

            Grow up and get over it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J Trump AND what he does from now is WHAT YOU own. Stop crying. Here is A Kleenex.
            Time will tell about the Russian Nationalist dictator Vladimir Putin, remember when Donald J Trump/Republicans sellout America ideals to Vladimir Putin, NEWS!


          20. kbmiller says

            Problem is it’ll take a while for the US to get over Bath House Barry’s failed domestic and foreign policies So, according to your idiotic lack of reasoning, you own those. I’m sure that you’ll hide in a safe place, nowhere to be found, when the new policies drag us out of the embarrassing hole you Dumb A$$ oc RATS have dug us into. Just remember it was Oblahblahblah who said,” Tell vladimir I’ll be more flexible (Giving him what he wants) after my election, and it was Hell LIAR y who signed off on Russia aquireing interest in the US’s largest uranium mine. You have never addressed those two facts I’ve posted many times. Why? Too stupid, ignorant, or just stomping your little baby feet?

          21. Bandara Carlos says

            So You’re Saying I Won, Because You Found out Everything I Said Was Clearly True. This Always Happens When Conservatives Can’t Back up There Fake Facts. You probably don’t even know were all the things to talk about originated?
            So this is why you degraded yourself to spew foul and abusive language.Who would’ve thought blind Trumpeters would’ve been so thin-skinned. HA


          22. kbmiller says

            You won nothing . Maybe the booby prize or a participation trophy, you moron. Nothing you posted can be backed with facts. My posts all can be. Get off MSNBC you idiot. Parroting their talking points makes you look like even more ignorant, if that’s possible. Go away you jerk.

          23. Bandara Carlos says

            Now that’s funny, a conservative that really doesn’t know what’s going on, nitwit. Look at Trump’s appointees and you can not even feel both little hands on your shoulder. Pepe has arrived. Give your brain a chance?


          24. kbmiller says

            Yep, you little snowflake. Some of the most accomplished business people and military minds ever. Of course you wimps on the left don’t know much about personal integrity and responsibility, depending on big government to pay off your blood sucking lazy leaches with welfare in order to buy votes. Already the economy is soaring as people are anticipating the removal of the bisexual wimp from the White House. You can use the NYT to wipe away you tears. Hurry tho, as the leftist rag may go out of business soon. Not soon enough for the fake news they pronounce. Too bad you socialists couldn’t fix the Pres. election like you fixed the primary,huh? You should get your tiny hands off your Pepe long enough to post something that makes sense and isn’t a LIE. That’s probably not possible for a Dumb A$$ oc RAT, tho.

          25. Bandara Carlos says

            Regressed, Rule five.

            You always know when true postings are getting under the skin of
            Republican& Trumper’s, they always revert to juvenile crude,
            abusive language and personal incident insults.


          26. kbmiller says

            Not surprising that LIBTURDS never respond to the content of factual posts. Is it because they can’t refute the truth concerning their failed presidents policies? Go back to your safe space and suck your thumb or your boyfriend.

          27. Bandara Carlos says

            How do you feel about this? I feel the same way about Trump, as you felted about Obama when he was elected 2008.okay

          28. kbmiller says

            “Felted”, “Felted”? I knew you were ignorant, you just proved it again. You should see the picture of Oblahblahblah and his 2 teenage boy lovers from United Church…… in Chicago. Maybe you could fill in for one of them as he had em both murdered just before his run for Ill. Senate. Didn’t you know? I think he was pretty flexible for them too.

          29. Bandara Carlos says

            RegressedRegressed You always know when true postings are getting under the skin of
            Republican& Trumper’s, they always revert to juvenile crude,
            abusive language and personal incident insults.

          30. kbmiller says

            You working for Soros or some other A$$wipe Leftist organization? If so, you’re way overpaid as you make a complete JACKASS of yourself every day. Hmm, just like your president. I can’t believe anyone with even half a brain would post the inaccurate crap you do, on their own.

          31. Bandara Carlos says
          32. kbmiller says

            Barbara You are the leftist snowflake hiding behind the claims that everyone else is a racist. I have never once posted anything about race. That’s all you do. That proves who the racist is, you, you F’n moron. I told you to go away. Now do what you’re told.

          33. kbmiller says

            Barbara $hit for brains. Your previous post proved your ignorance, this one proves your illiteracy. You should have learned how to spell and put a sentence together in elementary school. Go back and finish that. You are too stupid to play with the men on here. We’re just helping you expose your ignorance. I command you to respond. Putgon the chains, boy.

          34. Bandara Carlos says


            Congratulations, your sounding more creepier and White Nationalist Fascist Nazi all
            the time. Congratulations I believe it. LOL

          35. kbmiller says

            And you’re sounding more pu**y if that’s possible and more socialist you homo. How about commenting on US not invited to summit of world leaders concerning Syrian conflict? Could it be that the she/man president has brought ridicule upon the US with his feckless policies? I thought I told you to go away you sissy.

          36. Bandara Carlos says

            You ARE more creepier and White Nationalist Fascist Nazi all
            the time

          37. kbmiller says

            Barbara the Pu**y. Just like I posted before, you are not informed enough to respond to the facts I type. All you have is juvenile cartoons. How old are you, 12? Typical CRYBABY liberal.

          38. kbmiller says

            Barbara, You do know that since Oblahblahblah’s been in office, you Dumb A$$ oc RATS have lost over 1100 elected offices nation wide, don’t you? HA HA HA HA You A$$wipes have not only made a laughing stock of yourselves, but the country world wide. Trump will strengthen our stature everywhere and you Libturds can go hide under your blankies. HA HA HA HA

          39. Bandara Carlos says

            If I believe in your any of your made up fake facts, I’d have to be a Republican. lol

          40. kbmiller says

            The facts about the terrible unemployment, ~95 million unemployed, comes from Bath House Barry’s Bureau of Labor. Don’t you know? You are ignorant. You have no facts or stats., only childish remarks and fake cartoons. Grow up little one.

          41. kbmiller says

            DEBUNKED? Actually that debunked nothing. How stupid are you? The point is the % of workforce participation. That’s probably too deep for an A$$hole to understand tho. As usual, you got nothing . Go away and bother one of your gay friends.

          42. Bandara Carlos says

            Typical fake answer from a Russian disrupted blocker.
            You know you love them because you’re so what YOU always anxious to reply OF course Vladimir Putin provide you a paycheck.

          43. kbmiller says

            If you knew anything about history and political systems, you’d know that the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party has a large constituent of Socialists and Communists voting for them. Look it up you dim witted snowflake. It’s really amazing how anyone can expose their lack of knowledge as frequently as an A$$hole like you. How old are you, really? Did you ever attend a high school in this country? Are you male or female or half n half?

          44. kbmiller says

            Again your inability to put a sentence together exposes your ignorance and illiteracy. If you know any history, wasn’t it the Nazis and Communists who threatened their political enemies and even imprisoned and murdered them? Which political party, today, is making death threats to members of the Electoral College and even their family members? It’s the Dumb A$$ oc RATS you F’n moron. Of course, your lack of knowledge, even of current affairs is typical of you idiotic pointy headed liberals. Get away from MSNBC and CNN you $hit for brains imbecile.

          45. Bandara Carlos says

            will be funny watching you Trumper/Republicans meltdown when you
            finally figure out that Trump lie to you all the way and he just
            another. Rich guy out to stuff his own pockets and make you pay for
            it, and don’t feel like such a, nitwit, because you just voted
            against your own best interest not to mention the United States of

          46. kbmiller says

            The MELTDOWN we are enjoying now is that of the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party. Haven’t you been watching? HA HA HA HA Bath House Barry has been exposed as the Emporore with No Clothes. All his asinine and illegal executive orders will be “Ordered” away as of Jan.21st. HA HA HA HA Who do you think has been paying for the welfare that slugs/leaches like you get? Trump wants you lazy pieces of $hit to get jobs and pay for yourself. Oh My !! I hope those words don’t scare you little snowflakes. Work on your English. You still can’t put a logical sentence together. Go back to 4th grade you illiterate monkey.

          47. Bandara Carlos says

            During his eight years as president,
            Obama sought to fix these things. So here’s a look at Obama’s
            greatest accomplishments:

            The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is considered to be
            his greatest domestic achievement. The goal was to provide
            affordable health insurance for millions without coverage.

            He authorized
            the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. He announced the terrorist
            leader’s death in a live speech to the country saying, “Last
            week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action
            and authorized an operation to get Osama Bin Laden and bring him to

            . Obama and Raul Castro reversed
            over 60 years of tension between the U.S. and Cuba by restoring
            diplomatic ties.

            He urged
            states in 2013 to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
            Since then 18 states and Washington, D.C. have responded.5. He
            stimulate the auto industry after the financial crisis. Chrysler and
            GM have created 250,000 jobs since then.

            President Obama was one of the key leaders that fought
            for the Paris Agreement. It created a comprehensive framework to
            reduce global climate change.

            7. He commended and supported the Supreme Court ruling on
            same sex marriage saying,
            “In my second inaugural address, I said that if we are truly
            created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be
            equal as well. It is gratifying to see that principle enshrined into
            law by this decision.”

            He passed
            the Dodd-Frank Act, which holds Wall Street accountable in the event
            of another financial crisis.

            ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. By reversing the law, LGBT members of the
            armed forces no longer have to hide who they are.

            Finally, he jumpstarted
            the economy during the worst recession since the Great Depression.
            In the wake of the global recession, Obama signed the Recovery Act,
            which cut taxes and saved millions

            Ended the War in Iraq: Ordered all U.S.
            military forces out of the country. Last troops left on December 18,

            Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: From a
            peak of 101,000 troops in June 2011, U.S. forces are now down to
            91,000, with 23,000 slated to leave by the end of summer 2012.
            According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the combat mission
            there will be over by next year. f jobs.

            Banks: In the midst of financial crisis, approved
            controversial Treasury Department plan to lure private capital into
            the country’s largest banks via “stress tests” of their
            balance sheets and a public-private fund to buy their “toxic”
            assets. Got banks back on their feet at essentially zero cost to the

            Bush Torture Policies: Two days after taking office,
            nullified Bush-era rulings that had allowed detainees in U.S.
            custody to undergo certain “enhanced” interrogation techniques
            considered inhumane under the Geneva Conventions. Also released the
            secret Bush legal rulings supporting the use of these techniques.

            Mini Stimuli: To help families hurt by the recession and
            spur the economy as stimulus spending declined, signed series of
            measures (July 22, 2010; December 17, 2010; December 23, 2011) to
            extend unemployment insurance and cut payroll taxes.

            Support for Veterans: With so many soldiers coming home from
            Iraq and Iran with serious physical and mental health problems, yet
            facing long waits for services, increased 2010 Department of Veterans
            Affairs budget by 16 percent and 2011 budget by 10 percent. Also
            signed new GI bill offering $78 billion in tuition assistance over a
            decade, and provided multiple tax credits to encourage businesses to
            hire veterans.

            Credit Card Reforms: Signed the Credit Card Accountability,
            Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (2009), which prohibits credit
            card companies from raising rates without advance notification,
            mandates a grace period on interest rate increases, and strictly
            limits overdraft and other fees.

            Food Safety System: In 2011, signed FDA Food Safety
            Modernization Act, which boosts the Food and Drug Administration’s
            budget by $1.4 billion and expands its regulatory responsibilities to
            include increasing number of food inspections, issuing direct food
            recalls, and reviewing the current food safety practices of countries
            importing products into America.

            Heavily in Renewable Technology: As part of the 2009
            stimulus, invested $90 billion, more than any previous
            administration, in research on smart grids, energy efficiency,
            electric cars, renewable electricity generation, cleaner coal, and

            Hate Crimes Protections: Signed Hate Crimes Prevention Act
            (2009), which expands existing hate crime protections to include
            crimes based on a victim’s sexual orientation, gender, or
            disability, in addition to race, color, religion, or national origin.

   Web site run by independent board of
            inspectors general looking for fraud and abuse in stimulus spending,
            provides public with detailed information on every contract funded by
            $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Thanks partly to
            this transparency, board has uncovered very little fraud, and Web
            site has become national model: “The stimulus has done more to
            promote transparency at almost all levels of government than any
            piece of legislation in recent memory,” reports Governing

            Health Coverage for Children: Signed 2009 Children’s
            Health Insurance Authorization Act, which allows the Children’s
            Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to cover health care for 4 million
            more children, paid for by a tax increase on tobacco products.

            gifts from lobbyists to anyone in the Executive

            guided the massive TARP financial and banking rescue plan and forced
            financial organizations to pay back virtually all bailout

            the Making Home Affordable home refinancing

            2010 alone, more jobs were created than had been created during
            Bush’s eight years.

            funding to states and the Department of Homeland Security to save
            thousands of police and firefighter jobs from being cut during the

            of October 2016, there have been 80 consecutive months of private
            sector job growth.

            a reduction in the federal budget deficit by two-thirds since taking

            65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they
            paid back all bailout money.

            a deal with Swiss banks permitting the US government to gain access
            to bank records of criminals and tax

            Scandal: As of November 2011, served longer than any
            president in decades without a scandal, as measured by the appearance
            of the word “scandal” (or lack thereof) on the front page of the
            Washington Post.


          48. kbmiller says

            Barbara,The boneheaded ,incompetent, unqualified moron will go down as the WORST president ever. The non congressional approved executive orders will be overturned immediately. His economic failure will be reversed. The back stab of the Israelis will be corrected. The upsetting of over 290 million people’s health care ins. will be fixed. The world will no longer look upon the USA as a weak sister, humiliated by this JACKA$$’s ignorant policies. Good riddance to this half man and his half woman, she man husband partner of it’s. Restored, hopefully, will be conventional marriage and gender specific washrooms. Send your rants elsewhere, I have no time top read that rubbish. You and your homosexual friends/president can go into the trash bin of history. Go away you A$$wipe.

          49. Bandara Carlos says

            have a Russian IP
            address which makes anything you say is
            irrelevant, NITWIT

          50. kbmiller says

            Barbara, President Ohomo stopped the “Missile Shield” that the US was to help fund in Poland (I believe) shortly after he took office That was a benefit for the Russians. Pres. Ohomo did nothing when Russia walked into the Ukraine, a NATO ally. That was a benefit for the Russians. Pres. Ohomo could have had runways in Syria taken out before the Russians took over the war in Syria, leaving thousands on innocent civilians dead. That benefited the Russians by allowing them to gain influence in the region. Are you just stupidly ignorant of these facts? Or is it that you believe others are as stupid as the average mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging Dumb A$$ oc RAT ? Go suck your boyfriend.

          51. Bandara Carlos says

            I bet you don’t think the Republicans Did not blocked him and every one of those instances. Give your brain a chance. Remember he inherited a mess from George W Bush and Dick Cheney. Like any good president had to find some way to help America recover from a near depression economic situation.
            As for the rest of your comment I bet you would like ME to call you a Trumper mouth breeder? you seem to be so fascinated by this subject you apparently can’t get it off your mind. Pervert LOL HAHAHAHA

          52. kbmiller says

            Your illiteracy is proven by your lack of spelling, grammar and ability to put an intelligent sentence together. Since you only have Dumb A$$ oc RAT talking points to work with, you start at a severe loss. Sadly, you end in loss also. The financial problems were also created by the numbskulls in charge of your party. Ever hear of the Community Reinvestment Act? Perhaps if you knew how to research the facts, you wouldn’t post such hogwash. Go away you little ignoramus. These sites are for adults with facts and brains. I’ve made you look foolish every time. Aren’t you tired of being made a fool of?

          53. Bandara Carlos says

            You must be Russian and not from this country you don’t understand that we have different dialects ever part of our country all my post ARE audience appropriate, nitwit.

          54. kbmiller says

            Did you type “Ever part of our country”? You really are illiterate, like I posted before. You DUMMY The picture looks like a pile of Pres. Ohomo with a Trump face. .

          55. kbmiller says

            Don’t forget the river that Bath House Barry’s EPA poisoned. Did you forget that, or too ignorant to know about? HA HA HA HA You are a doofus.

          56. kbmiller says

            Barbara, you see where hundreds of Dumb A$$ oc RAT voters who’ve been homeless, due to flooding in west Virginia, are still living in tents, as the Obdoofus administration trucks in hundreds of Middle Eastern ,non vetted immigrants and pays for their housing? What a way to treat loyal voters. You leftists are a horde of ingrates.

          57. kbmiller says

            Now the boneheaded Odoofus stabs his most loyal voting bloc, the Jewish community, in the back at the UN. What a half man half woman !!!

          58. Bandara Carlos says


            Actually I was referring Nazi sympathizers if the shoe fits. Trump fascist rhetoric is clearly supported of previous Naiz tactics, it’s almost like he has a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his bedstand. You of course are a self-made man.LOL happy holidays.

          59. kbmiller says

            Barbara, do you know that it was the Nazis who controlled manufacturing and education and health care in the late 1930’s and 1940’s? Do the teachers unions control the public education teachers? Does the UAW control the auto manufacturing employees? Is not Obummer Care an attempt by the big government Dumb A$$ oc RATS to control the US citizens by controlling their health care? That’s what Hitler did to the German people you F’n MORON. The Dumb A$$ oc RATS are the fascists today and you ignorant libturds are too stupid to understand it. Go bother someone else. You are way too ignorant to understand rational thinking.

          60. Bandara Carlos says

            The spinning makes no sense of course you know you are talking about you on Republicans and tRUMP.

          61. kbmiller says

            Barbara the Snowflake, where do you acquire the propaganda? Do you get it from the Cuban govt.? Venezuela? Red China, MSNBC? You have no facts. Infintile cartoons only expose your low IQ.

          62. Bandara Carlos says

            Don’t think your Pres. Obama made the right decision to abstain, then why didn’t your leader Vladimir Putin of Russia Veto the non-binding resolution banding the legal settlement in Palestine?

          63. kbmiller says

            Conservatives want to conserve the truth, you F’n flower. Trump would have vetoed the UN resolution. Your Islamist commie sympathizing Bath House Barry did the opposite. Go away you Dip$hit.

          64. Bandara Carlos says

            You Seem to Be All over the Place? Fact Are Clear. James Comey and
            the FBI Lied to the Whole Nation about Hillary Clinton. Don’t Bother
            to Tell Me Another Fake Story.

            Officials Including Comey, Were Well Aware of Russia’s Hacking
            Because He Was in the September Meeting with the Congressional
            Leaders. James Comey Made the Deliberate Decision to Interfere and to
            the Election on the Behalf of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
            Russian Interests. Of Course Republicans Are Okay the FBI Making
            Russia Great Again. Trump Will Probably Hold the Next Victory at
            Rally in Moscow Russia. x2

          65. Bandara Carlos says

            A Huge Number of the Electoral College Delegates Are Asking for a CIA
            BRIEFING on the Russian Hacking Connection with the Donald Trump
            Campaign. I Hope They Will. Group of US Citizens That Is Engaging a
            Foreign Power to Influence Our Election Would Be Considered a
            Treasonous Offense. Of Course I Know That If You Were a White
            Nationalist Fascist Definitely Be against Patriotic Americans.
            Wow sure did go to great lengths to say that you’re not a racist. Okay
            I’m with that, I used to be a Republican and I understand how the
            rhetoric plays out.
            How do you feel about this, I feel the same way about Trump, as you
            felted about Obama when he was elected 2008 okay.

          66. kbmiller says

            Your spelling and use of the English language is pathetic. Were you as bent out of shape in the late 1990’s when Bill Clinton, and early 2000’s when Hell LIAR y both took illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese Communists? Were not both of those felonies “Influencing” our elections by foreign countries? Did you know about these, conveniently forget or like the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, ignore?

          67. Bandara Carlos says

            Thank you I was trying to make my spelling and use of English language audience appropriate! you apparently understand it quite well. LOL it transported you to the fake news of the 1990’S. At the time even George H Bush denounced it as made up fake news.
            You should be ashamed of yourself repeating this crap.
            DO You watch Breitbart news which is confirmed as White Nationalist fashion propaganda?

          68. kbmiller says

            Hey Doofus, read the article claiming 37% of precincts around Detroit had voter fraud concerning # of ballots not matching # of registered voters. Also, read Liberal NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, Nov. 28th. Read it and weep, you loser. The truth hurts. HA HA HA The country is tired of the socialist policies put out by this incompetent , unqualified boneheaded moron in the White House.

          69. Bandara Carlos says

            MADE UP YAK YAK YAK, I thought you were smarter than that.
            Time will tell about the Russian Nationalist dictator Vladimir Putin,
            remember when Donald J Trump/Republicans sellout America ideals to Vladimir Putin.

          70. kbmiller says

            Your posts prove you aren’t smarter than that. What’s wrong, you still whining after reading liberal columnist Maureen Dowd’s 11/28/16 NYT article? Oblahblahblah told Medvedev he’d be more flexible for Putin. Was that sexually? Hel LIAR y helped Russia buy US uranium mine. Did you forget that too? Or just too ignorant to know? Repeating Left Wing Nut talking points only exposes your stupidity. Get some education, numb nuts.

          71. Bandara Carlos says

            OLD INFO?

          72. Bandara Carlos says


            that’s what you got? Where’s the link to your story, first back up
            your own crap. And try something other than Breitbart
            or Fox You’re just upset,
            caught you supporting a lying Republican fake story. Either apologize
            or move on, and Give your brain a chance.
            Republicans played you
            like a piano. LOL Suckers

          73. kbmiller says

            You are really an ignorant Bastard aren’t you? The NYT stands for The New York Times. . 11/28/2016 Maureen Dowd. Read it and weep you a$$wipe. Social Security needs to be adjusted as there are too many lazy leaches and scumbags faking disability and unemployment. Or as they are defined, Dumb A$$ oc RAT, skin flute players like you, voters. There is no SS pot or fund. It all comes out of the Treasury. It’s morons like you who think 1 $trillion per year deficit spending is OK. Grow up and get your news from anywhere but MSNBC. Time for your bottle and nap.

    3. Bandara Carlos says

      Are you kidding me? Democrats and save your ass, and the last eight
      years. nitwit, you must’ve forgotten depression Bush Put is into.
      Apparently been listening to some fake Republican, I bet that a fake
      video also. Your brain a chance were better off now than we were
      eight years ago. Sounds like something from Steve Bannon’s White Nationalist playbook?
      Fake Republican news, give your brain a chance.

      1. ernst says

        The “depression Bush put us into” was caused by inflated housing mortgages resulting from the Community Reinvestment Act that Bush and McCain both tried to modify. But the Democrats in Congress, primarily driven by Barney Frank, would have none of it. Obama was a participant in the lawsuit against Citibank that forced lending institutions to make those bad loans. You should read up on your history.

        As to your cartoon, Bannon is one of the very few reporters who actually did some honest reporting on the recent campaign, instead of just promoting Clinton and trashing Trump. I got really sick of the biased reporting from the mainstream media. What I would see in video clips of events and what I heard from reporters were very different. It was sickening. Bannon was generally accurate. And he was one of the few that actually saw the true mood of the country.

        1. Deborah G says

          Never try and show an idiot liberal facts. They pee their pink panties then need a safe place

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Never try to show a Dixiebelle or CornPone that a first Porn Star is not a First Lady. But you all about porn don’t you Debbie? You know that sex is what pays. Not your brains. Get a job …a real job. Not that Walmartian job that you need to supplement with welfare MY taxes pay for.

            Oh and by the way, you think you hicks are so tough? Good. Come north and we in the Metro Area will shut those mouths with our fists.

          2. Margaret MacGregor says

            Be careful with that one, Eleanore, those hicks are probably armed to the teeth!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oooooh I am sooooo skeered…..Let one of them DARE to bring guns into my state and they’ll end up like those 3 GA gun smugglers did…in prison in NY’s Attica. Bet they wish they didn’t try to impose their states’ rights on states who have their OWN states’ rights.

          4. Margaret MacGregor says

            So you can threaten them, but they can’t fight back. Typical liberal hypocrite!

          5. JJ says


          6. mac12sam12 says

            I your state the only ones with guns are the gang bangers.

          7. Merle Dickey says

            You sound like your having a mental break down . I suggest you contact someone for help immediately !!You muist have lived a sewer life with the filthy vocabulary that you have . Pretty unattractive for a woman .If you are one . I think your a young person that is sitting at Mom’s computer thinking your real smart for talking like a sewer rat .

          8. JJ says

            Your teeth would chatter like the weasel you are!

          9. JJ says

            You betcha!! Behind every blade of grass

          10. mac12sam12 says

            You get a major league yawn.

          11. ABO says

            Far better than she’s worth mac12sam12.

          12. JJ says

            I had rather have a porn star in the whitehouse than a snuff dipping monkey.

          13. JJ says

            You can never ever ever teach logic to a liberal. It goes right over their heads. All they know to do is repeat what their party has told them. They are all parrots. They can never figure anything out on their own. No wonder we have sped classes, CDC classes, McDonald workers, Burger King workers, Walmart workers. We have to have jobs for them.

          14. Bandara Carlos says
          15. Deborah G says

            Nothing I gave up my Mama’s teat when I was 6 months old.

          16. Bandara Carlos says

            Sorry you do sounded like you were sucking, Trump hard. LOL

        2. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Did you forget that in Sept. 2008, there was a Financial Meltdown that included not just the mortgaging banks but all of the banks who used depositors money to invest in foreign exchange investments that flopped? Boy are you stupid or what?

          It was Bush who created the Troubled Assets Relief Program without any terms of payback to taxpayers. Hundreds of billions were handed by Bush to banks. One of them still has not paid back TARP.

          Compare that to Obama’s ARRA. Paybacks had to be done within 18 to 24 months and with interest. We actually made a profit from the interest on those loans.

          Why do you post what you know you cannot prove? Donuts with holes are smarter than you.

          1. Jack Smith says

            Eleanore same name as my Muslim wife except the only thing you have in common is 3 well used holes! My wife is smart. It does not matter the little things Ovomit may have done well and I am sure the faggot did some things well but over all he almost doubled our debt which our grandchildren will have to pay and he supported Terrorists. Fortunately Putin saved the day and Syria but only after Ovomit filled europe with hundreds of thousands of homeless Syrians and Ovomit destroyed Lybia Africas best educated and most prosperous nation so he and Hillary could get kick backs from the military later. Please keep your holes to yourself as children may be reading this.

          2. JJ says

            I went to the bathroom, and I did an Eleanore and then I wiped my Obama.

        3. Morton99 says

          LOL! The recession was caused by the speculation of mortgage back securities by investment banks. They invented a security called a credit default swap which became a second derivative of these inflated securities. Inevitably as the market became over exuberant – people started to bail out. They found that their security spiraled rapidly to well below what they had paid for them. The recession became global and actually started to hit the 60 trillion dollar insurance sector.

          The Community reinvestment act – which affected about $200 million of mortgages had about as much to do with it as a beggar has outside a subway station.

          1. kbmiller says

            Better stop beggin’

        4. glorybe2 says

          Banks were never forced to make bad loans. Banks cheated like crazy trying to make money and accepting all kinds of unqualified applicants offering loans that educated people would not touch with a stick.

          1. kbmiller says

            Check yer facts,. Gummint threatened huuuge fines if they didn’t make loans to certain people.

          2. glorybe2 says

            You failed on that fact. The government simply stated that you can not red zone a neighborhood and must take each applicant individually to check for credit worthy buyers. You also can not set interest rates by race or neighborhood. The applicant is either qualified or unqualified due to income, size of down payment, and history of paying off loans.

          3. kbmiller says

   How Com. Rein. Act……. Read it and weep

        5. Bandara Carlos says

          But it seems like Donald Trump’s rhetoric seems to drawl these deranged maggots like Steve Bannon, Roger Ailes and to the Republican Party and conservatives are embracing them.

          1. ernst says

            Donald Trump’s rhetoric is hardly a drawl. The only maggot I see here is a weasely liberal Carlos.

          2. Bandara Carlos says

            Actually We All Can Give Donald Trump Credit for Exposing the Dark Ugly Side of the Republican Party. Ultimately It’s Convinced Me That Everything the Democrats HAVE
            Said about Republicans Is Clearly True.

          3. ernst says

            Donald Trump has exposed the honorable, work-oriented side of the Republican and Democrat parties. Trump was elected by people who want good jobs and honorable representation in their government – people of both parties. Obama has suppressed economic growth and overridden the checks and balances of our government. Hillary would have been even worse. Donald Trump deserves a great deal of credit for saving the USA from Hillary Clinton.

            Hillary Clinton has many of the sociopathic characteristics of Adolph Hitler.

          4. Bandara Carlos says

            Well Ernest most of my post on this blog are Censored even though I don’t use valid and abusive language and mostly poke fun at Republicans.
            Because conservative blogs don’t want you to hear anything except their fake conspiracy theories.Your post confirm that you are being played for the fool.
            Republicans don’t believe in the first Amendment or truths or facts. lol

          5. ernst says

            And yet Obama is the one who has called for constraint of free speech on the internet and in the press. It is you playing the fool. Poor misguided Burger King worker.

            As you seem to forget, and though I am not among them, the Christians, the straights, the whites and the rich are people, too.

          6. Bandara Carlos says


            You Trumper need to look at the mirror first, the Nazi tactics are using of accusing everybody of what you actually are doing is so transparent.LOL

          7. ernst says

            It is Republicans working to bring back the chance at the American dream. The American dream was not one of government handouts and poverty. The American dream is the right to work, the freedom to speak, and the opportunity to live as one chooses. All these opportunities – THE AMERICAN DREAM – are being ABROGATED BY DEMOCRATS.

          8. ernst says

            The concealment of history regarding the Obamas is one of the great accomplishments in American politics. Academic records, previous writings, etc. are just nowhere in evidence. It is amazing. Obama the Muslim sympathizer is still doing great harm to the US. Donald Trump is a huge improvement.

          9. ernst says

            To quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

            “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”

            And we voters elected DONALD TRUMP. We voters reject veracity-lacking, vicious, vindictive, vile Democrats such as yourself, Carlos!

          10. ernst says

            One should remember that Obama pronounced that he would be open about his campaign contributors and contributions. He was neither. He did not reveal his contributors even in order to gain the federal government matching funds. It is believed that Obama and Clinton have spent more on their campaigns than any candidates in history. Citizens United cannot compete with the money delivered to Democrats by unions, bankers, celebrities, and flim-flammed citizens paying extra to support their enslavement.

            Will you attend the Clinton party at the Plaza Ballroom in New York for her millionaire donors?

          11. ernst says

            The election is done. DONALD TRUMP WON! It will be fun to watch the Dems run!

          12. Bandara Carlos says

            Is One of the Most Fake Convoluted Conservative Republican Lies on
            the Internet. Probably Generated by Breitbart Which Is
            Generated 90% of the Fake Political Propaganda in the Last Few Years.
            You’ve Been Had, Shame on You for Passing Fake News. He Had Any
            Patriotism You Immediately Remove This Republican Propaganda.

        6. Bandara Carlos says

          Bannon was generally, Manufacturing fake news and videos, give your brain a chance.

          1. ernst says

            The fake news in this last election was generated by the networks. Andrea Mitchell fawned over Clinton like a stupid puppy. The lies and distortions of Trump were despicable. Steve Bannon was brilliant – and honest – and in touch with the American people, obviously.

          2. Bandara Carlos says

            Congratulations your Republican/Trump voting.
            Your uninformed vote , cost you over time pay,
            cut your Social Security, Medicare, and your civil rights.
            You probably won’t need those things anyway?
            With Republicans nothing bad enough to be left off the table.


          3. ernst says

            At least Hillary will not be in the White House with her out-of-control, egomaniacal vindictive persona. Trump has probably saved us from World War III, just by winning the election. And Hillary would cut more civil rights than any President in history. Your prejudice is deplorable.

          4. Bandara Carlos says

            Incredible, what’s wrong with you? You will believe any obviously fake conspiracy theory about Hillary and other Democrats and then blindly support obvious and actual lies confirmed about Donald Trump. Your thought processes are sadly questionable. Have you considered that many of
            these fake trumped up stories are probably generated by Russian paid bloggers?

        1. Bandara Carlos says

          It’s easy to recognize the White Nationalist Fascist Media, Steve Bannon, Breitbart propaganda.ECT.
          It’s well known that all on ALT RIGHT ARE FASCIST AND neo-Nazi, KKK, White Nationalist And Rapist !!!!!!

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Liberal Democrackhead racist George Soros zombie thugs do what they say and
            Say what they do!!! Keep marching and protestin lol

            1. angry & hateful protestin at northing
            2. Leave the Country…naught
            3 Spread the lies and Hate in America
            4. Cry like a little liberal baby hahahahhahaha


          2. river says

            I think Banderas wishes he was white.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I think your racial bias makes you a jackass. How about that?

          4. river says

            I hate to pop that overblown bubble, ElaWeenor, but every human being has biases, including delusional 1/2 wits like you and your unbelievable whiteness. You just cant stand the color of your skin enough to admit it. Now go away, toilet bug.

          5. Bandara Carlos says

            What’s the weather like in Russia? LOL

            What do you call a basement full of Fascist?



          6. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            I think you a Democrackhead liberal racist thug how about that?

          7. JJ says

            I think your name sounds exactly like the green horn that you are.

          8. Bandara Carlos says


            I’m Native American, we were here first so best, you start packing now or be packed. The Atlantic Ocean is East for you. Nitwit

            What’s the weather like in Russia? LOL

          9. river says

            Hate to burst your tiny bubble BandBlabberMouth, but Asians crossed the ice/land bridge before you tundra worms. And lets make this point straight…. you have no clue what your ancestors were, blubber chewing 1/2 wit.

          10. Bandara Carlos says

            And your gene pool started in central that’s breaking news you want your own Fox News.

          11. river says

            Be honest BandDildo, you know you were formerly employed as a monkey for an organ grinder. And you wouldn’t make a pimple on an Injuns a$$. So crawl back into your petri dish with the rest of your squirming garden slugs.

          12. river says

            yes, BandBlabberMouth, TINY BUBBLE. Unless you consider that protruding forehead of yours some sign of upward intellect, I would like to invite you to my Anthropology class. My instructor wants to measure your skull.

          13. Bandara Carlos says

            Okay I got IT you ARE white Nationalist.

          14. river says

            Nothing wrong with white, unless you feel guilty because you’re not. Nationalist? I’m ok with that.

          15. Bandara Carlos says

            Nationalist = NAZI Republican Party has moved so far to the radical extreme right bordering on fascist dictatorship .that I feel that my grand old
            Republican Party, no longer exist in the form that I would possibly

          16. river says

            yanno, BandDildo, that’s your delusional definition, but sounds more like you’re suffering from a bad case of irritable liberal bowel syndrome of the mouth. There’s a cure for that, it’s called a bullet to the temple. That way you wont have to be a pathetic self pitying racial garden slug because of your skin tone. Get over your emotional insecurity. The race pity is gonna die with the DemoCommie party over the next decade.

          17. Bandara Carlos says

            THIS IS NEWS!
            CIA Confirms Russia Deliberately Interfered and the 2016
            If this is not true, then why is Donald Trump Spewing so many spinning
            bricks about the news, everything else is sounds more like a
            cover-up? This Is Not a Democratic or Republican Issue, Everyone Should Be
            Concerned about a Foreign Government Actively Trying to Swing the
            Outcome of Our Elections, and Is Most Troubling about the Corporation
            of American Citizens in This Treasonous Acts.
            Grow up and get over
            it, I feel the same way about Trump as you did when Obama was elected. I
            have no interest in changing your mind, I just feel that you will
            understand in the next few years hopefully. You voted for, Donald J
            Trump AND what he does from now is own YOU. X5

          18. river says

            So if I’m understanding your hysteria, you would be all upset when Kill-Larry takes money from muslim countries who expect favors? And if you’re so damned dumb that you don’t understand the “fake” news media by now then I can only suggest that you’re too stupid to be allowed to vote. Never mind the fact that if you’re NOT white then you’ll automatically accept that your stupidity would allow you to vote for a vagina or some off color president who should be looking forward to a legacy in GITMO. Further