Trump Brings Enemies Together in Solidarity


Donald Trump himself said he was a “unifier,” and that’s proving to be the case…although perhaps not in the way he meant it. Desperate to prevent him from becoming the Republican nominee, senators who have had very few compliments for Ted Cruz in recent months are now reluctantly backing him for president.

A former contender for the nomination himself, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said this year that choosing between Trump and Cruz would be like deciding whether to be “shot or poisoned.” On another occasion, he joked that if Cruz was killed on the floor of the Senate and the trial was held there, no one would vote to convict. But despite that striking animosity, Graham announced this week that he would be joining the Texas conservative’s campaign.

Graham will join Cruz at a Washington fundraiser on Monday, a development that has surprised many. Graham said that Cruz was “the best alternative to Donald Trump” in a statement. He said that even though he would prefer John Kasich to Cruz, he didn’t see any way the Ohio governor could overcome the delegate deficit.

In an interview Thursday, Graham acknowledged that he still had problems with Cruz.

“Having said that, it pales in comparison with my differences with Trump,” Graham said. “I think Ted Cruz is a reliable Republican, strong on Israel, will repeal and replace Obamacare, will be good on the Supreme Court. So we have many things in common, but we also have many differences.”

Not as surprisingly, Marco Rubio has also indicated that he’s throwing his support behind Cruz. In a conference call with Minnesota supporters, Rubio said that Cruz was “the only true conservative left in the race.”

Asked Thursday if his comments translated into an endorsement, Rubio told reporters that he wasn’t ready to make that announcement. However, he did say that it was important to keep the frontrunner from winning.

“There’s time to prevent a Trump nomination, which I think would fracture the party and be damaging to the conservative movement,” Rubio said.

As amusing as it is to see these enemies aligning against Trump, it’s hard to see what difference it will make. In fact, it’s entirely possible that these endorsements will hinder Cruz, who has been second only to Trump in building an anti-establishment narrative. With prominent party figures like Graham, Rubio, and Nikki Haley suddenly moving his way, will he lose the very thing that made him special?

  1. Frank W Brown says

    Trump is the ONLY one that would put an END to more of this…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots! AND TYRANTS AND BUREAUCRAPS!!!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, authors unknown, please spread it far and wide!

    1. Karen says

      And if you(the public) are TO DUMB to know this, that is OUR country!! THAT is what you have let it become!! Wake Up America!!

    2. Tired... says

      I completely agree with everything except your solution, nevertheless I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee.

      1. dh357 says

        if you vote for rumpf, you are an idiot!!!

        1. Tired... says

          I really don’t want Trump but if he is the nominee and you don’t vote for him, then you guarantee at least four years of Hillary. After the damage that Obama has done, freedom will not survive four more years of the same. If you want Hillary then you have no standing to call me names. Either way the problem is yours, not mine.

          1. dh357 says

            he doesn’t have a platform, all he has are sound bites that idiots like you want to hear. he has no idea what it means to be a leader. he is still playing on his game show. if you think he isn’t going to do things to enrich himself if, and that is a giant if, he he gets to be president, you are crazy!!

          2. Tired... says

            There is not need to be rude, especially since your comment suggests that you didn’t understand the content of my post. I was not arguing Trump’s merits because I share the same concerns about him as you; however I know what Hillary will do if elected and Trump is a wildcard. There are no other viable options if Trump becomes the nominee because, whether you like it or not, you will not get enough people to vote in a third party candidate. The only way this works for you is if you want Hillary to be President, which would be a disaster.

          3. Mike Burkett says

            dh357 ‘useful idiot’ democrap troll – you think a 3rd Obama term will make America great again. Obama has given America the third-world status.

          4. dh357 says

            I would rather have someone who knows how to act as president than rumpf that doesn’t have any idea what it takes to be president. He doesn’t have a clue! How in the world does he think he could make Mexico pay for building a wall for US? he is just saying things until he finds something that gets big cheers and keeps repeating them, and you know what? all of you stupid uneducated people are falling head over heels for the ignorant things he says! n

          5. TL says

            So, as long as someone looks presidential, you would vote for him??? Unbelievable! The ones who look presidential are experts in facade, nothing more. It is time for political incorrectness! It is a sad thing in a country when the truth is politically incorrect! But here we are! People are cheering him because he speaks what we want to hear: An end to the political correctness! Reasonable answers to difficult questions! You are a disgusting pompous ass! I would not expect you to have any interest in the truth. You are just like the rest of the candidates would rather win a debate even though you are fundamentally wrong. Go vote for your candidate. We will vote for ours

          6. Jarhead says

            TL the troll dh357 cannot hear you or read what you write due to the cloudy colon mucus covering his/her/it’s head!

          7. TL says

            LOL! Then wipe your face and look again!

          8. Jarhead says

            dh357 the paid PC LiberalTARDED troll can’t hear you Mikey……there is still a lot of colon mucus around his head & stopping clear vision & correct hearing after he pulls out of his colon.

  2. MAHB001 says

    We are blessed with Seventeen very good choices, now whittled down to three (two). Any one of them would be better than Hillary…… None were the preferred choices of the elites….

    It is obvious to me that for the first time in a long time the elites no longer have control of the electable nominees.

    I believe that control both parties are one in the same, so now the elites only controllable choice is Hillary…..

    The ANYBODY but Trump crowd is a group of turncoats that will attempt to divide Republicans so that Hillary gets her coronation….. They are hypocrites that should not be listened to.

    Remember this….
    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism/Communism
    A non vote is a vote for a Democrat.
    A vote for a Republican is a vote for our Constitution and Capitalism.

    1. supergun says

      There were 17 little indians, now there are 3,,,correction,,,,2 and a half breed from ohio (half liberal and half delusional).

      1. MAHB001 says

        All are much better than the alternative….

        1. supergun says

          If I am reading you right,,,,,you are saying that all three men left are better than not voting at all, or splitting the party up by an independent run. United we stand against hillary becoming president should be the most important thing of all. Truly we have decisions to make in the coming months. Lets hope the RNC will stay out of the way of the People of the United States of America. It is not about them.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You read me correctly… I wish I could express myself as well as you just did>>> 🙂

          2. supergun says

            Thanks for the compliment, but you did just as well with your comment.

          3. Bob Marcum says

            I like the way, both of you express yourselves. You’re doing just fine.

          4. supergun says


          5. Robert says

            Very True.

          6. supergun says


          7. James Brooks says

            Trump is the man and he will win 2016 if he is screwed out of it ,the people will revolt and it will become a revolution world wide,we will shut down the gov and will will kick the fools out of the white house,it will be the biggest thing that has ever happened in the world,it might take years to ever get back to normal,the people are really tired of all this corrupt bullshix with the gov.but at least we will kick them all out and get a fresh start,I think maybe god has sent Trump for this reason.

          8. Billy Brooks says

            James you have said it better than anyone. If it is a “brokered” convention and it’s not Trump, there will be a revolution of sorts. I, too, believe Trump was brought here to begin this cleansing of the rat hole called DC.

          9. James Brooks says

            Billy what part of the country to you reside? Im in Utah.

          10. Billy Brooks says

            Right on top of Cresson mountain in the Allegheny range in western Pennsylvania. Pennyslvania’s political views are this: you have Pittsburgh on the west and Philly on the east and Alabama in the middle.

          11. James Brooks says

            Along way from Utah,I have relatives somewhere that way,I think there are quite a few Brooks around there.

          12. Billy Brooks says

            Not too many around here, but there’s a gaggle of them in Ohio.

          13. Norma Davis says

            YES take our Country back from the .We the people need to rally behind Trump 100 %

          14. James Brooks says

            We must all stick together Norma and we will help TRUMP 2016.

          15. Jarhead says

            Also kick out the illegals, terrorist, RINO’s, Qusling’s, traitors, crack heads, & crooks!!

          16. Norma Davis says

            Amen to that !

          17. Mark Lahti says

            If only that were to be true. I don’t believe there are enough of us around the country that have the cajones to stand up and be counted as true patriots. Yes, there are many of us here that are armed, ammo’d up, and ready. But I fear not enough. We also don’t have any leaders to rally a revolt. Not unless someone strong enough, known well enough, and surrounded by enough supporters to survive long enough to initiate the movement you describe. If it happens…..count me in. I’m 65, a veteran, retired, armed, ammo’d up, supplied up, and ready. But I, like many others, won’t commit suicide by standing alone in my neighborhood.

          18. James Brooks says

            Mark there are far more people that are sick of washington than you think,we really dont need to have a gunfight I don’t think we need to use other ways,but we do need good leaders,if there were millions of us we could make it all happen but for now we need a good leader,if Trump was to win we will have him.

          19. supergun says

            It would not be in our best interest to fight. We do not need another civil war. It would be a tragedy,,,unless you had nothing to lose.

          20. James Brooks says

            I think most of us will lose but we have a lot to gain,we are really do for a civil war
            the people are really tires of this corrupt Gov and we cant do any thing about it talking to them,we really need to shake them up and kick most out of office,Our congress does nothing the senate and the house does nothing our pres is so corrupt he stinks.we need a new and better way of doing things.

          21. Deborah G says

            I used to be a staunch Republican but this is a mess. They will have to really try to get me back. Independent is where I am now

          22. supergun says

            I have to agree with you. We are watching many republicans show their true colors now. They have been in bed with the democrats for quite some time, and that is truly frightening.

          23. Mark Lahti says

            Just listened to Rhince this morning of FOX and I am so completely amazed and ashamed at the same time. Amazed because he speaks with such a forked tongue. Ashamed because I am from Kenosha WI also. I met him, I’ve known him, and I’ve had great admiration and respect for him. Notice those were all in the past tense. I am truly appalled by his double speak today and prayed that he was being truthful. But I believe and fear that he was doing the old Potomic two step on all of us.

          24. supergun says

            Who is Rhince.

          25. Mark Lahti says

            Independent…..hummmmm? Why don’t you just stay home or vote for Hillary? It would be almost as effective. I can’t for the life of me understand how wasting a vote accomplishes anything at all. The real deal here is….do you want to defeat Hillary or do you just want to make a statement that no one will hear, will accomplish absolutely nothing, and the biggest thing you did accomplish was to waste some gas money driving to your polling place.

          26. Deborah G says

            You totally misunderstood me. I have and always will vote every single election against the Democrats. I just won’t give the establishment GOP the satisfaction of thinking they are entitled to my vote and ask for money when Trump or Cruz is ahead because they can exploit them.Whomever of those two wins I will vote for them. NEVER voted in my life for ANY Democrat EVER and I have never missed ANY election from local on up in my life. I even voted when I had pneumonia. I had my husband almost carry me up the steps.

          27. Mike Burkett says

            In politics, sometimes you have to hold your nose and vote against candidates to save America. Hopefully you see the difference (ie Obama’s third term and America’s third-world status or return to America the greatest country in the world).

        2. Robert says

          Not Kasich Look up his Votes while in Washington, D.C.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Are you saying Kasich’s voting record is worse than Hillary’s????

          2. Bob Marcum says

            It doesn’t really matter. If kasich is chosen by the RNC then; he will be totally
            controlled, by the RINOs and the Rinos will support the hillary’s people’s
            agenda, completely. Hillary would be running the government, without beig president. The same goes, for obuma’s agenda ( it’s all the same ).

          3. supergun says

            You are right. Hopefully we won’t be faced with kasich. He is a rino.

          4. MAHB001 says

            I think it does matter. Do you think Romney would have driven this country as far to the left as 0-bama has? Although the elite controls both parties, I think the people at the top govern in slightly different ways.

            Republicans have to rule under the guise of following the Constitution and Capitalism… That alone slows them down.

            Democrats on the other hand, have come out of the closet and are full on Socialists.

            Even though the top colludes, there is still a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Although that difference is almost imperceptible now.

          5. Mike Burkett says

            See Phyllis Schlafly’s interview about ‘Americans Last’ ideology shared by both parties.

          6. supergun says

            I know kasich is sick, but the alternative is what we are talking about.

          7. James Brooks says

            TRUMP 2016 Trump is the man.

          8. PatriotGal says

            Then we must coalesce behind Mr. Trump. I am sick and tired of holding my nose to vote for POTUS. TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

          9. supergun says

            We are dealing with more than one enemy in sheep’s clothing.

          10. Mark Lahti says

            Kashich has no more chance of being nominated than I do. Don’t even worry about him.

          11. MAHB001 says

            I would vote for you!

      2. Robert says

        And anti-gun plus loves all these Trade Deals, Look up some of his votes when he was in Washington, DC. Kasich is a bad choice.

        1. supergun says

          I am a TRUMP follower. If Cruz wins, then I will support him. If kasich wins then I will support him,,,,as long as the RNC doesn’t fock with the system. Anything else is a win for hillary.

          1. Retired Marine says

            You know what you wrote makes sense, I was just going to write in Trump, now I’ll have to agree with that line of thinking. But in a way that is giving in to the ruling class.

          2. Norma Davis says

            Trump does not care about the money,he is bored with making money .He wants to give back and get back ,our Country has been hijacked and only he can get it back

          3. Retired Marine says

            That’s the trouble, I believe the same thing, yet, a third party vote will insure the bern or the bitch get a shot at destroying the country. Tell you one thing, if the GOP screws over the people who have spoken in majority, they are finished.

          4. Jarhead says

            I say the GOP was killed by the RNC decades ago…..Let TRUMP hold the Wake and restore AMERICA…..

          5. Retired Marine says

            Well said. He has what this country needs at this time.
            Semper Fi, Brother

          6. MAHB001 says

            It took baby steps to turn this country towards socialism… It will take baby steps to correct the course.

            The alternative is civil war, and that will be bloody.

          7. Cookie Vranish says

            I hate your idea but do not disagree! It would be a huge job to correct everything and probably not doable without an uprising!

          8. MAHB001 says

            Freedom is not free. I hate that too.

          9. Bob Marcum says

            Hey, neighbor; It’s not possible, for either one of them to win, IF the RNC doesn’t
            fock with the system.

          10. Mike Burkett says

            You’re right but, the ruling elites of both the republican and democrap parties are the ‘king-makers’ choosing the presidential nominee by determining the nominating rules while sharing the ‘Americans Last’ ideology. The ‘king-makers’ of the republican party are uncomfortable choosing Trump or Cruz and may change the nominating rules to keep their power. Watch for shadow nominee to be introduce and selected as the republican nominee.

          11. hankthetank says

            There, will be HELL to pay, if they try to interfere,they are scum bag of the earth !!!

          12. Deborah G says

            I think most smart people think like you.

          13. Ddenney1 says

            I support Cruz for the reason he did what he said he would do in DC!! Trump has flipped too many times in the same half sentence and has said way too many things that had to be REINTERPRETED later!!! You know the Moslem thing the Mexican thing then the media like Eric Boling, Geraldo etc saying HE DIDN;’T MEAN THAT then they interpret him what they THINK he meant!!!! Words mean things!! I want a President that actually says what he means the FIRST TIME without media cover!! Trump has had billions of dollars of free media every time he passes gas then the line forms calling it perfume!!! Sooner or ((I pray not) later people will figure out he is a BILLIONAIRE that made most of his money screwing YOU!!!! He inherited the first 100 million or so! The small million dollar LOAN was gravy!!!! I too have said all along if he wins I will vote for IT but God help us to get over it!! Notice NO tax statement no Times “SECRET INTERVIEW” exposing the REAL THOUGHT Trump HAD!!!! Of course the OFF record comment was to PROTECT the Times ??? Yeah RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

          14. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            I’m not worried about TRUMP’S TAXES i’m worried about where we’er be if HILLARY will be the next president and that is what we all should be worried about.

          15. dh357 says

            we’re is not a word, a typical trump voter dumber than a box of rocks!

          16. dh357 says


          17. Tired... says

            You haven’t made a typo before? Debate the content, not spelling.

          18. Mark Lahti says

            Thank you. I’m so tired of the grammar police. I get tired fingers telling them the same thing you just said.

          19. Jarhead says

            It does not take long to proofread/spell-check/make your communication CLEAR……

          20. MAHB001 says

            Liberals are all too often proud to throw the first stone. … Very sad.

          21. MAHB001 says

            Grammar thug… not smart enough to figure out what she was trying to say?

          22. TAM44 says

            Well, you’ve just proved you 100% a hole, hope it made your day.

          23. SCSOCAL says

            Get off this site if you don’t like what is said or the spelling isn’t good enough for you! What a jerk!

          24. Mike Burkett says

            dh357 – a simple type-o, you ‘useful idiot’ democrap troll Irene’s point still stands unchallenged.

          25. kbfallon says

            Thank you Mike —-that line of crap is really getting old is it not ?….nothing good to say? Don’t say anything…MANNERS ARE STILL IMPORTANT !

          26. TL says

            You are the idiot! You are a sad little person who has to focus on spelling because you can’t defend yourself otherwise. All your stupidity does is reinforce to the rest of us why Trump should be elected…I am frankly surprised that you are able to complete a sentence!

          27. SCSOCAL says

            Trumps taxes are just another way for the Establishment to leak a story and bring him down. Remember how they did that to Romney when he was running? They are using scare tactics to help change your mind. Don’t listen!

          28. bronk says

            I agree

          29. laulau says

            What Trump and the paper said “off the record” is not known. Cruz is spreading his lies, and making up what Trump said. Papers never talk about what is said when the cameras aren’t rolling…standard practice.

          30. Mike Burkett says

            Correct, the Obama lame-stream media.

          31. TAM44 says

            cruz is a liar and he’s also an insider who’s made millions while being in DC. I cannot back him as it’s like saying letting obama break our laws is just fine, cruz flows with the other pieces of obama squeeze. Mr. Trump is his own man and not some butt kissing insider. their not a dimes worth of difference in either party, they are all corrupt and out fro them selves.

          32. Mike Burkett says

            Citizen presidential candidate Trump exposes the corrupt professional politicians as often as he can. Cruz is the second most-hated presidential candidate to the republican ‘king-makers’ within the republican party establishment and has to be better for America than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Keep the faith.

          33. Tired... says

            I know that you won’t like this, but Trump has a history of buying political influence throughout his career, so I fail to comprehend how that makes him squeaky clean.

          34. E KETCHUM says

            Cruz has only been a U.S. Citizen for 1 1/2 years…………………………..I don’t trust him.

          35. Mike Burkett says

            Professional Politicians practicing Politically Correctness verses a citizen presidential candidate with all his accomplishments.

          36. kbfallon says

            EXACTLY–some just don’t get that. Trump is saying what millions are thinking..out loud!

          37. supergun says

            Cruz is ok for second at this time. I have always liked Cruz, but I am voting for TRUMP all the way. You have some half truths there in you comment. No one is perfect. Cruz has his flips also. I just think TRUMP is the only one that can put up a fight for the American People at this time,,,if they don’t kill him first. Have you wonder why the extreme left, the illegals, the socialists, the establishment, and the RNC hate him and fear him. That should be a bell ringing very loud in your ear.

          38. kbfallon says

            NONSENSE !

          39. armydadtexas says

            Other than switching around Trump and Cruz. I am on the same page. If it is Kasich it will be with my nose held tightly. Kasich is a closet democ-RAT

          40. kbfallon says

            Kasich is for all the things the DEMS are—not any difference….not to be trusted.

          41. TAM44 says

            The only way kascih can win at all is by letting the RNC which I call them ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS for over seven years they have let obama break our laws without any repercussion what so ever, yet they stabbed Mr. trump in his back the first day he announced he was running. Cruz and kasick are insiders and cruz has made millions to. Trump has never been a DC insider that was paid a salary. I can only hope if Trump wins the nomination by getting the numbers he needs, these piece of steaming obama squeeze doe not pull any crap on him. They are finished if they do.

          42. supergun says

            If the low down RNC does do that, you can take it to the bank that the TRUMP voters will split the Party in two. And that means hillary could win if she is not in jail by then. The TRUMP Followers are very LOYAL. The RNC would be shooting itself in the head.

        2. TAM44 says

          kasich made millions while he was in DC, he’s no conservative by a long shot.

        3. Ray says

          I know he is looked it up.

      3. Bob Marcum says

        He’s the dangerous one. Why else would he stay in the race, at this point, if he didn’t know the gop ( RINOS ), in RNC, have his back, at the convention ???

        1. supergun says

          What you say just made me see exacting “Why else would he stay in the race”? Perhaps kasich is not delusional as Rush says,,,,perhaps kasich is staying in to destroy TRUMP AND CRUZ from getting the magic number. Not because he can win. He is showing his true colors.

          1. Mike Burkett says

            I think is vying for the VP slot for either candidate.

          2. supergun says

            I don’t know. There are plenty of people much better.

        2. supergun says

          U are exactly right.

      4. Deborah G says

        LOL perfect. I am OK with either Trump or Cruz. Let the people decide.we sure don’t need Pundits or talking heads tellibng us what to thinks.Like “HI I’m Scott Pelly and I’m here to tell you what you need to think”

        1. supergun says

          The socialist nation is against TRUMP. Look at the extremism they are using. They really fear TRUMP. There should be not excuse for the RNC attacking TRUMP like they are doing, UNLESS THEY ARE APART OF THE LEFT. Why would they hate having borders to stop the flow of drugs and illegal people coming in? Why would they be against a system that checks for terrorists before allowing muslims to come in? Why would they be against restructuring trade agreements that would benefit Americans? Why would they be against cutting out waste in the government? They can not give me any reasons why they are against TRUMP.

          1. Juanita Williams says

            Perfect reasoning. VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!

          2. James Brooks says

            Thats exactly right.

          3. dh357 says

            anyone with any sense would be against Rumpf!

          4. supergun says

            What do you not like about TRUMP?

          5. Deborah G says

            It is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me. They do NOT want to give NY POWER to the people. They want it all.THAT”S WHY BOTH Sides

          6. supergun says

            They don’t want someone like TRUMP breaking up the schemes they have. Watch the movie, “The Big Short”.

          7. Deborah G says

            I have been wanting to see that but haven’t yet. Maybe I’ll order it on Pay per view one night this week. I do however agree with you

          8. supergun says

            Bridge of Spies is another movie. That is the best one I have seen in the past year. The Big Short is just as good. You will go away thinking, “What the Hell”.

          9. Deborah G says

            Thanks I’ll take a look

          10. supergun says


          11. Mike Burkett says

            See ‘Americans Last’ agenda for both parties.

          12. supergun says

            Americans Last?

        2. Mike Burkett says

          Election polls are more persuasive tools than the prediction measurement that the lame-stream media portrays. Stay Trump 2016, the only citizen presidential candidate envisioned by our ‘We,the people…’ founding fathers that is owned by neither political party. Send a pit-bull to DC.

          1. Deborah G says

            I’m 100% with you. We haven’t done so well with either party. Time for a REAL change

        3. supergun says

          Damn, that was a good comment.

      5. armydadtexas says

        Are you suggesting that Kasich is nothing but a CLOSET democ-RAT? What was the first clue?

        1. supergun says

          The first clue…”Well”,,,,that is a deep subject, no pun intended. I take time to keep up with all the debates. I read what each person stands for. I read what they have stood for in the past, and then try to make a wise decision. I don’t know about everyone, so I have to invest time to find out. So many Americans are not involved with politics, and that is sad. They are more interested in football, baseball, Nascar, movies, soap operas, daily grind, working, and just insulating their selves from the World. But, the end result (Nov. 2016 election) will be a real part of their and our life. The FOUNDATION of our Nation will remain strong, based upon the People who vote wise decisions. If a rotten apple gets in the bushel, it will rot the rest of the good apples. Hopefully we will not have to vote for kasich. He is exactly what you say he is.

          1. James Brooks says

            Anyone with only half a brain would realize that TRUMP is the only good choice we have,just think,Trump don’t need a job,he don’t need the money,he don’t need the power,he is only here because he loves America and wants to give back,he says some funny things but he has a great heart,he only wants to make America great Again,The ass holes in Washington don’t want him coming in and changing their agenda,they are used to corrupt and think the voters are stupid and that they will listen to them,but we are sick of them and want to make America Great Again.Vote Trump 2016

          2. dh357 says

            even if he is elected, he can’t do much without congress agreeing with him , and they won’t. I want to see him make another country pay for something that doesn’t help them such as making Mexica pay for the wall. He is an idiot. they would laugh at him!!! He’s a joke as a man. He will not be elected!!!

          3. Mike Burkett says

            dh357 – ‘useful idiot’ democrap troll spouting off again. Do you realize our $48 billion dollar trade deficit America has with Mexico.? Do you realize millions of dollars earned by illegal aliens are wired back to families in Mexico. Tariffs plus money-wiring fees will more than cover the cost for the wall. When Trump wins the oval office, America will have Mexico by the cahones and they will be as impotent as the American democraps.

          4. Jarhead says

            And the Mexican Mafia clears One hundred fifty billion every year because a wide open, unsecured border allows drugs & under-age-sex-slaves to enter (invade) the USA.

          5. TL says

            I have read your posts….YOU are the idiot. Amazing you can’t see past your own ignorance! You miss the whole point of supporting Trump. I will try to say this slow so that you can understand. Trump is the ONLY candidate in generations who has the capability of dismantling the corruption in Washington, and those who have become comfortable in that corruption do not like it….just like you. You are the idiot if you do not think that most of us understand what is at stake here. It is and end to the corruption, or continue in it….and having to listen to your stupidity!

          6. supergun says

            Ask the people why they hate TRUMP. They don’t know why.

          7. James Brooks says

            Its because the Media is on the wrong side ,they lie and cheat and do all they can to get their way,Trump has done nothing wrong except spout off a little to much but they always start the fight first.He would be a good fighter for us if he was in the white house,maybe a new white house after we tear that one down and kick who’s in there out.

          8. supergun says

            The owners are liberal socialist. It is going to take a mean son~of~a~beach to undo the destruction that has been done to America. The haters don’t want that done.

      6. kbfallon says

        and a Canadian Cuban who is a very sneaky rascal–slipperier than snot on a door knob.

        1. supergun says

          Looks like we are in big trouble.

    2. Deborah G says

      My problem with all of this is that is seems the people have spoken yet no one else wants to give them their voice. We have suffered through 8 years of a radical left wing community racist AGITATOR, maybe the people know we need to reverse course

      1. MAHB001 says

        That only works if the peoples choices are actually recorded. I don’t think the elites are counting the votes… They are controlling the votes by setting our expectations through the MEDIA.

    3. Retired Marine says

      If it goes to convention watch them try to put in Romney or Kasich, hell even Rubio might have a shot.
      I will write in TRUMP if that is the case.

      1. Juanita Williams says

        So will I.

      2. MAHB001 says

        The elites putting in Kasich or Romney would split the party, that would be the doing of liberal progressives.

    4. Bob Marcum says

      Also; Get your friends, relatives working associates, etc. ( who had not intended to vote ), to get
      out there and vote ( vote early, if it’s easier; but, VOTE ).
      And; MAHB001, fully agree with your info, ( except that, I’ll make one little adjustment ).
      A vote for a republican ( that’s conservative, of course ), is a vote for our constitution and Capitalism. ( certainly, no offense intended, by making that little wording adjustment ).
      Thanks, for your understanding .

    5. Milton W. Lowe says

      Very well said…the “elites” win no matter who is president…they must be dealt with…

    6. bronk says

      Well said

    7. Tired... says

      nailed it…nicely done.

    8. catfish says

      Why do you think Kasick won’t leave the race?????? It’s because the elites find he’s their last resort for a brokered convention!!! They want him in there and will give him the cash to sustain.

    9. Mike Burkett says

      Your right but, the ruling elites of both the republican and democrap parties are the ‘king-makers’ choosing the presidential nominee by determining the nominating rules while sharing the ‘Americans Last’ ideology. The ‘king-makers’ of the republican party are uncomfortable choosing Trump or Cruz and may change the nominating rules to keep their power. Watch for shadow nominee to be introduce and selected as the republican nominee.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Excellent, you have identified the tools that the elites are using…

    10. SCSOCAL says

      Kasich is a buffoon and a RIno backed by Soros and the GOP elite. Would not vote for him.

  3. MAHB001 says

    These signs are not as much an endorsement of Cruz by the elites as it is a realization that the elites are no longer in control of the Republican Party……

    The elites have been pushed out of their safe zone!

    Way to go, We the People…….

    1. Bob Marcum says

      Unfortunately, he’s very right. Someone, we trust, MUST BE WATCHING, their every move,
      on counting night. Also; in the meantime, they conservatives best be keeping an eye on the machines, until election day ( a really, close eye ).

  4. GGD says

    Cruz is not eligible to be President, his parents became Canadian Citizens in 1968 2 years before Ted was born, they had lived there since 1966. Ted was born in 1970 when Canada did not allow dual citizenship so Ted was only a Canadian Citizen, there was no CRB recorded or reported. Now that Ted gave up his Canadian Citizenship he is a man without a country and illegally holding office in the US Senate. I have a copy of the voting record in Canada where both his parents swore they were Canadian Citizens. Why do all of these people decide to back or vote for someone they haven’t done any research on or know anything about, including eligibility? Ted is in the United States of America illegally and attempting to become it’s leader illegally he needs to be stopped and ran out of the country.

    1. says

      Did not know parents were in Canada hat early. Have read that both parents became Canadian citizens and that Cruz sealed mom’s records. Would love to know if she still holds Canadian citizenship. Agree with you.

    2. Debra Boyd Shaw says
      Yes,he is.

      1. GGD says

        OK now read Supreme Court rulings at best Ted would be a “Naturalized Citizen” not a “Natural Born Citizen” but the fact is he was a Canadian citizen as were both of his parents at the time he was born.

        1. Debra Boyd Shaw says

          The Cornell link comes from the uscode. It is the law. It doesn’t matter what your link says. He is legally eligible to be president and you can’t change it,unless you can get the law changed.

          1. GGD says

            I’m sorry, but you are reporting a college journal as if it were the Constitution, excuse me but I think that Supreme Court rulings have more strength than a college law journal. When you want to quote the US code I would suggest that you do just that and not a college journal. I stand by my statements that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President and that it is very questionable as to his qualifications to hold the Senate seat he currently occupies.

          2. Debra Boyd Shaw says

            It’s still the us code! Look that up!

          3. GGD says

            Why can’t you accept the facts, the United States Constitution lays out the requirements to be President and Vice President one of those is to be a “Natural Born Citizen” as opposed to a “Naturalized Citizen” at best Ted would be a Naturalized Citizen as he was born in Canada. The Supreme Court has ruled and defined a “Natural Born Citizen” at the link I gave you earlier. The Constitution and the Supreme Court rule.

          4. Debra Boyd Shaw says

            The Supreme Court does not “rule”. The Supreme Court gives their opinions on cases as they are brought before them. The Congress is the only part of government that can pass a law or change a law.

          5. GGD says

            What are you a freshman pre-law student, you just don’t seem to understand the facts. end of conversation.

          6. Patricia says

            Amen to that; truth 🙂

  5. ??? says

    JFH This has been the most lack luster Congress I have experienced in my 80 years. Most of you never
    get out of your chairs. I think depriving any citizen the right to run for President is ludicrous and immoral. Anyone that would do that should be thrown out of office immediately and his/her pension voided for life.
    Graham has been shown by “The People” that he is not wanted in that chair. I find Cruz unctuous and insipid. Ryan could not make it the last time, what makes you think things have changed. Trump has
    aroused a lot of potential voters that probably will go back into the woodwork if you pull you tricks on him.
    You might as well paint the Oval Office red for Hillary in that case, because she will be in it. With is will
    come a lot of new Democrats in the Congress I am sure. I suggest you wake up soon, before it is too late.

    1. Bob Marcum says

      I like your name. It’s easy to ignore.

  6. Michael Dennewitz says

    They can bitch and scheme all they want, but none will compare to Mr Trump ! ! !

    1. Gloria D. says

      TRUMP 2016!!!

      1. supergun says

        UROK 2

    2. Bob Marcum says

      YOU GOT THAT RIGHT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

      1. supergun says


      2. catfish says

        Trump is INCOMPARABLE. Never before has there been that much of an SOB running for president

        1. Tired... says

          I don’t know, Hillary offers stiff competition in that regard!

          1. TAM44 says

            killery clinto is just a piece of hot steaming obama squeeze.

          2. suyria says

            Wrong, she loves the women only. Google the name HUMA MAHMOOD ABEDIN.

          3. Cookie Vranish says

            Ish you have to be kidding! Even Bill only used Killary to run interference! Oh ugh!

          4. SCSOCAL says

            It has been proven that Trump can beat Hillary and I am certain that is why she and her goons are putting out negative comments and ads about Trump. She would be a disaster as POTUS but then so would Bernie. Their party is as divided as the GOP but they don’t have open discussions and debate that. The MSM is certainly not going to mention it.

          5. hankthetank says

            Anyone can beat both of them !! even me !! I,am a red blooded American, 8th grade, 84 years old!! I would throw EVERYTHING at her, even the kitchen sink,as long as the playing field is level,NONE of obama’s acorn’s tricks !!! Romney didn’t throw the things he had on obama & Hillary !! Romney was with the money people,they told him to set down & shut up ,& that is what he did !!!

          6. lenati says

            IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME THAT THE DEMOCRAT’S WITH THEIR UNDER HANDED BS are staging all these protest rallies. Just like they did when Obummer was runnIng & how in Philly they stopped people from voting GOP.

          7. speedeesam says

            lenati, These protests are being funded by George Soros through, black lives matter, and other civil unrest groups. And most of those are with the democrats.

          8. lenati says

            Amen I believe that 125 % he I believe was behind Obama & crew getting into the White House . [Soros]

          9. speedeesam says

            lenati, Absolutely. It is a fact.

          10. Jarhead says

            Ferguson, MO also comes to mind….paid thugs that cause rioting…..

          11. Cookie Vranish says

            They certainly don’t discuss their internal problems do they. I’m sure they are just as bad as the Republicans. The Republican public panic over Trump is actually silly and entertaining at the same time. They are so afraid of being exposed. The Democrats like Obama just show their colors in a different way. Actually, Obama is in Cuba now kissing butt shortly after he dissed Antonin Scalia. How crude and rude is that?

          12. Angry Grizzly says

            Because George Soros owns both the media and the Democratic party!

          13. suyria says

            Are you referring to that LBGT CHillary RodA$$ Clit? If you don’t believe the LBGT part, GOOGLE the name HUMA MAHMOOD ABEDIN. Her mistress and I’m sure Billy the SHLONG enjoyed watching them in bed!
            I’m hoping that she ends up in jail before November.

          14. Ray says

            If Mr. Trump gets the nomination. I think he will be going after the Hildebeast before the general election. Then all hell will break loose. But he will be the one to take her down. That’s what I believe, might be wrong. Because it will be on the streets and the public will know what it happening then. She will be destroyed then for good.
            Go Donald get that lying POS of a scumbag!!!!…

        2. TAM44 says

          Where have you been the last seven years, we have the worst piece of human waste to ever step foot in the white house. I’ll take Mr. Trump and you can take all those other DC insider who has let obama break our laws and do as he please without any repercussion from either party.

        3. Mike Burkett says

          Wake up pseudo-American, what has the professional politicians ever done for the American voters, short of democrap pandering to the low-information, low-skill, low-economic-class portions of America’s population.

        4. SCSOCAL says

          So you like the status quo? We want to change the culture of Washington. If you don’t you can’t bitch when things don’t change or go your way .

        5. Big kahuna says

          What planet have you been on- Obummer has been the worst president in the history of The US – I can assure you trump won’t open the floodgates to Muslims ( the biggest haters/ bigots on the planet) . He will also secure our country, and get our economy going- all things the Muslim in the White House has failed to do for the past 7 yrs. in fact he has done more dammage to this country than all those before him. Let’s hope that one day he has a cell next to Clinton for his lies/ dammage to America

          1. suyria says

            I’m hoping that while visiting CUBA, Castro grabs that piece of DONKEY EXCREMENTS and houses him and his super UGLY WIFE in GITMO.

          2. Retired Marine says

            Gitmo is American Territory. Castro has nothing to do with it. However the sentiment is good and he does have shitloads of prisons for obamas psudo “wife”.

          3. Jarhead says

            The wife always reminds me of a mean, angry, snarling Rhesus Monkey with painful, inflamed ‘roids!

          4. Cookie Vranish says

            Actually we haven’t had a good President except for Reagan since Eisenhower was in office. During that time we had the second worst President (Carter) and the worst President (Obama) and others that were very poor!

          5. Ray says

            I believe the POS has been sleeping under a damn rock for 71/2 yrs. if he can’t see what is happening. That’s what is wrong with this country today because of trash like this. Talk and don’t know crap what is going on in the world or he has been getting the freebies from
            Trump will do just fine to clean this mess up in Washington cesspool of corruption.

          6. Big kahuna says

            He has lied to the american people and must be prosecuted for his crimes
            Hes No Christian ( devout Muslim),
            He’s is not a natural borned US citizen
            ( forged birth cert), He has gone against our constitution ( he swore an oath to uphold), he has bankrupted our country-tripling our natl debt$18 trillion. He has used taxpayer dollars to fund Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, Hezbolah, drug cartels etc etc, he has defanged our military replacing 100s of officers with puppets sworn to shoot civilians if called upon, and worst of all he has opened the floodgates to millions of Muslims ( who swore to destroy from within)– we must demand an Orange jumpsuit for this POS. TRUMP is coming and the silent majority has woke up and we are behind him.

          7. Ray says

            Yes sir we are behind the Trump man. The MOVEMENT shall go all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
            The American people are MAD at Washington. We the People have spoken in this ELECTION.

          8. Big kahuna says

            Great I’m bringing my 55 gallon can of whip ass with me

          9. Jarhead says

            Is rope in short supply? Treason calls for a neck-tie-party I thought?

        6. Retired Marine says

          Except the one that got a BJ in the oval office, the muslim in office now, LBJ who created the new plantation for blacks and said he’d have those N____S voting demoncrat for the next 200 years? Is that really your comparison?

    3. supergun says

      TRUMP has his baggage, but so do all the others. No one is perfect, but this man has what it takes to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

      1. Gloria D. says

        Yes he does!! ROCK ON!!!!

        1. supergun says


        2. Wayne Smyer says

          MIKIE DIMWITS! almost a God!

      2. lenati says


        1. supergun says

          lindsey graham is saying it is better to lose to clinton than for TRUMP to win. I think the establishment has gone off the cliff. Unbelievable. Never thought I would see them turn traitors.

          1. Tiger says

            That surely says it all doesn’t it. Showing true colors again. Globalists that have a stake in the New World Order.

          2. supergun says

            I don’t consider myself a highly intelligent man, just common sense is all I have,,,,but I despised lindsey the first time I heard him.

          3. Tiger says

            Our Founding Fathers had common sense, I think you one of the best of the best, you are what made America great. ;p

          4. supergun says

            Thank you “Tiger”. You are very kind.

          5. Tiger says

            Welcome I recognize someone “Special” and due respect. ;p

          6. supergun says


          7. Tiger says


          8. Ray says

            All he is a RINO and smiles to much and is a part of the establishment. We call him the follower. Jeb, Rubio and now with lying Ted. Looks like a lost puppy dog, and don’t no which way to go. Everyone he joins up with are losers. Completely worthless!!!..

          9. supergun says


          10. Cookie Vranish says

            It is all about the payoffs they get from lobbyists. Big bucks people! Both parties are in this scam of the American party.

          11. Linda Shelton says

            Always follow the money.

          12. Retired Marine says

            The new R&DNC party? Damn, do we need Trump and a good House, Senate, and Supreme court CLEANING.
            Go Trump!

          13. supergun says

            It must be a hell of a lot of money for them, in order for them to fock America.

          14. cumiadom says

            Supergun: Then you must be blinder than Ray Charles because that’s exactly what the GOP Establishment been doing for many years. Betraying America by caving out to the demoRATS and their socialist ideology of envy and failure.

          15. Tiger says

            Take a listen to this video. If you like it please share. A vet friend sent it to me and asked me to share.

          16. Al Hope says

            Tribalism, like Islam, are 100-fold more cunning than terroristic. Terror is a massive problem.

            Now pick up the newspaper, turn on your TV, or go watch a movie for your preferred method of “programming.”

          17. Tiger says

            I don’t program easily and I lived all over the world in every direction, been to the ME and served in Shield/Storm and this war so if that second sentence for me your barking up the wrong tree.

            I am a Trump supporter.

          18. Wayne says

            The Admiral is eloquent and succinct !
            Thank you for that video !!

          19. Tiger says

            Welcome and please share if you liked it. ;p

          20. bb says

            Dear Tiger:
            That is an interesting video of the Admiral’s statements.
            He mentioned Wienberger holding back a retaliatory strike ordered by Regan. Not doubting the Admiral, but that makes no sense. I was around back then and a full growled Adult. Many Marines were killed, it rattled my bones. I do remember that the Druz and other militias went after Arsfat and his bunch. Wienberger was a Jew. It would not make sense for him to hold back the military. Isrealites would appreciate American Aid.
            Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

          21. bb says

            P. S. It is bad doings to disobey a President’s Order.
            Semper Fi.

          22. Tiger says

            I believe you 100% you are a Marine the best of the best. The Admiral very old and might just be wrong on that one. ;p

          23. Tiger says

            Indeed Chest Puller you were the best.

            “We make generals today on the basis of their ability to write a damned letter. Those kinds of men can’t get us ready for war.”

          24. Jarhead says

            Spot on Tiger Gal………………….Semper Fi, do or die!

          25. Tiger says

            ;p He was really something. My stepfather a Marine who served in Korea and once a Marine for sure always a Marine don’t tell him he is too old to do something, he will prove you wrong.

          26. lenati says

            Jarhead thank you for your service. God bless. My husband was in the Navy 2 tours in Viet Nam. Total 21 1/2 yrs 6 with the Navy & 14 1/2 withthe Marines as a corpsman.

          27. supergun says

            Now that is ugly. But being compared to Ray Charles is better than hussein. I am about ready to say fock them all.

          28. Ray says

            GOP suck right now. House cleaning due.

          29. Jarhead says

            The GOP is DEAD……murdered by the RNC……need TRUMP to hold Wake so GOP can be buried in respect to the Conservative Republican’s who voted GOP for 60 years or more before the Quisling’s infiltrated & killed it!

          30. Big kahuna says

            America has plenty of rope-Americans are mad as hell and the silent majority are coming to back
            Trump ( the only candidate with cahones) and we are bringing a 55 gallon can of whip ass . That Muslim POS in the White House will be In an orange jump suit along with Hillary Clinton ( she’ll be indicted within 60 days)— Trump wins be a landslide!

          31. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            GOD BLESS REAL AMERICA & OUR NEXT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          32. Al Hope says

            This is a very important clue. What does Lindsey want? He wants us messing around in the Middle East. The Democrats want us in the Middle East. The Republicans want us in the Middle East. The Uniparty scorns isolationism. Hmmm.

            Time for some wholesome, all-American isolationism. I am not sure Trump will get out there entirely, after he knocks the hell out of ISIS, but I am voting for Trump.

          33. supergun says

            Hell, bush, hussein, and hillary created all this mess. Remember that TRUMP said he wanted to stay neutral between Israel and the middle east morons? The leftist should have jumped on that bandwagon singing “hell yes”, but what did they do,,,they attacked TRUMP. Maybe TRUMP knows something that they don’t know, but I know this one thing. There will be no peace in that place. We better take care of Israel, even if we have some criminals from that place.

          34. Retired Marine says

            Just shows us how they had us fooled for awhile, no more. Seeing just how easy they were bought and paid for and sold us out to the Odicktaster in chief so easily and quickly turns my stomach, what’s left of it anyway.
            Semper Fi

          35. supergun says

            We have a lot of the walking dead that roam amongst us. They are brain dead. Just look at all the a$$ holes protesting with the a$$ hole media backing them.

          36. Jarhead says

            All RINO’s are Quislings.

        2. supergun says

          He is good for America.

        3. jug says

          He has been bought, and did his own share of “buying”, in the DC crowd for the past 40 years!

          Better wake up and figure out just who you are supporting! He is NO “outsider”!

          He has been a liberal Democrat all that time, no matter which party he was registered with.
          He lied then, and he is lying now!
          He along with Bill Clinton was first FOR the war in Iraq, before he was against it!
          And when he got caught lying about it, and the taped record was shown, he suddenly just went silent about it.

          He and friend Bill came up with the idea of him running on the Republican ticket to protect Hillary in her own party! What a BRILLIANT idea! Talk about win-win, or no way to lose!

          The idea, is to get somebody IN, and then do whatever, AGAIN!

          1. bb says

            I thought of that myself, as I am sure many others have. But, as much as he is hated, Trump, must be on to something. The professional politicians hate his guts as they do our Congressman Pittenger

          2. Isabella says

            JUG, You have a sick mind. Go, choose a member of the Council of Foreign Relation – CFR – a NEW WORLD ORDER MEMBER – BILDERBERG.. Enjjoy the Cruz family.You will probably be a new member, IF, you are rich enough

          3. kbfallon says

            No-No-No…..they ALL owe him something as they had to spill their guts to him to get any money from him……

      3. Tiger says

        Trump spills the beans at every single rally, wait til he gives the American people the price tag for the illegals and the Muslim refugees. Wait til he tells the Americans how much O took from SS to give to the Muslim refugees. Just wait til he talks about how ISIS loves O and Hilary and Bernie because they are like O, they will keep the doors flung wide open so ISIS can not only stroll in but be put in divers places across this country and given money to do it, along with healthcare, housing and food stamps. Wait until Trump holds up a map showing where they all are.

        Then wait until some big name generals and those in the Central Intelligence get up there and start talking like they already have to Congress about how O has changed the military and changed their reports on ISIS.

        The typhoon that is going to hit the Dems and the RINO is going to blow them into oblivion and my guess is if the RINO don’t put Trump in there are going to be new parties formed and it is about d#mned time.

        1. supergun says

          If anyone can do it, TRUMP will.

          1. Tiger says

            I just heard his speech to American Jews, Oh wow oh wow oh wow.


          2. supergun says

            Wait till you hear his speech tonight.

          3. Tiger says

            Oh I will watch didn’t know he was speaking. Will look it up. Thanks.

          4. supergun says

            He usually speaks on election nights. He might not though tonight, but I would think he would and should siege the opportunity to rub it in to those brain dead liberal idiot protestors.

          5. Tiger says

            And you know they have been talking about him today and playing the video where he warned about Brussels being a hot spot for terrorism. Right again. ;p

          6. Tiger says

            Here is FOX talking to him about calling Brussels a Hell hole and being right on.


          7. supergun says

            The heathens and walking dead will never admit it. It is up to the Americans to unit under someone who can get it right. We have been losing for a long, long time.

          8. Tiger says

            You are right. Another attack in America will do it.

          9. supergun says

            The walking dead (liberals) will never figure it out.

          10. Tiger says

            Really bad.

          11. supergun says

            What is mind boggling, what is perplexing, what is frightening, are the many idiots that voted hussein in office not once, but twice. The very foundation of America is beginning to crumble with these voters.

          12. Tiger says

            They are his army.

          13. supergun says

            Called the “Walking Dead”.

          14. Tiger says

            If they keep up with the violent talk and the mayhem they are creating someone might be dead sooner or later this kind of provocation never ends well. Sooner or later someone responds.

          15. supergun says

            Hopefully we won’t come to that in America. Someone has to be the one to keep the World free until “HE” comes back. I carry 24/7, and I hope I never have to use it. Do not want to be involved in the death of anyone,,,but I have been given a spirit of survival, and I will protect my family, and myself. I won’t point my finger and yell you are weak,,,,as some would do in argentina.

          16. Tiger says

            Agreed. But it is the will of O we come to that otherwise he would have condemned what these people are doing to stop Trump from speaking.

          17. supergun says

            Or doing the wave at a baseball game in a communist country, or doing the tango in a third world nation, or sticking his finger out and saying to the enemy, “you are weak”, you can’t kill us all, these things don’t happen in other countries that ban guns.

          18. Tiger says

            Countries that ban guns are now telling Americans they wish they had guns and a Trump. They realize they are totally helpless against Muslims invading their countries.

          19. supergun says

            In Sweden they are regretting it very much. Just think,,,this use to be the Viking Empire. We will be just like them if we allow the imbeciles to ruin this country. Check out what is going on in Sweden.

          20. Tiger says

            Oh I know about the Rape Epidemic in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

            I pray for all of you.

          21. supergun says

            I live in Georgia, but I can use the prayer too.

          22. Tiger says

            All of us need it. ;p

          23. Ray says

            You damn right he will. He will take ole Hillary Clinton down too. That Witch. It will get interesting. Time has come to clean house. Got to happen vote Trump.

      4. kbfallon says

        Trump’s baggage is out there for all to see and pales in comparison with the raggedy hag Hillary who is facing prison time and acts like its just another of those pesky conspiracy theories.

        1. supergun says

          The Nation of Patriots should start demanding right now that hillary suspend her campaign. She is wasting the American People’s time right now. It is unbelievable that she is allowed to walk free. TODAY is proof of what TRUMP has been telling America. But may Americans are brain dead and they will be more than brain dead if they don’t wake up.

      5. suyria says

        Did you hear the president that SOB MUSLEM HUSSAIN OBAMA actually use the word terrorist at his speech this morning? We need TRUMP to grab these animals by their tail and send them out of this country. It has to be done now and not later. They need to be exterminated if they decide not to leave before he gets in office otherwise we are doomed as a free nation. I remember those days of carefree living. Those days are gone. The only way we can secure our freedom is to eradicate this CANCER called ISLAM. The religion of HATE.

        1. supergun says

          And we need to load up those brain~dead protestors and ship them with the muslims.

    4. Juanita Williams says

      100% for Donald Trump!!!! Add Dr Ben Carson for VP.

      1. Mike Burkett says

        I would rather see Trump/Kasich ticket with Carson being appointed Attorney-General and Cruz appointed to the Supreme Court. Ben Carson is too mild mannered to run the Senate with all the democrap power-brokers already in the Senate.

        1. E KETCHUM says

          Kasich is being funded by George Soros. I feel he is just not trustworthy.

          1. suyria says

            I wish someone would beat the $hit out Bill Airs and Soros.

        2. SCSOCAL says

          Kasich is a Rino. Likes Common Core, amnesty and everything the Dems like. Would never ever vote for him. Just a buffoon as far as I am concerned.

        3. hankthetank says

          Ben Carson, is not a lawyer, I think you mean Surgeon General,that would be good!!

          1. Ray says

            Chris Christie for Attorney General would be good, he does know the law.

        4. hankthetank says

          NO, Attorney General !! Cruz, is not a judge,how about Secretary of State ??

          1. DustyFae says

            I think you better check this out on Trump and l mention it before

            Ted Cruz: The Washington Dictatorship’s Latest Manchurian Candidate

          2. kbfallon says

            I wouldn’t give Kasich or Cruz anything…maybe a boot in the azz.

          3. Ray says

            For sure, a good swift kick in the … And send them home.

        5. cumiadom says

          Kasich is a demoRAT disguised as a Republican. That POS should switch parties.

      2. Gloria D. says


      3. kbfallon says

        Trump needs a VP who has knowledge of all the b-shit that’s been secretly done so it can be UNDONE as soon as possible….Ben….cabinet/health and education for sure

        1. Ray says

          Maybe Senator Jeff Sessions from Albama. Good guy

    5. jreg9304 says

      fantastically put.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right on the head of the nail.. Trump is the only one for the White house, at the end of this year.. all the other scumbags can bite the big one!!!!!!

    6. Mike Burkett says

      Professional Politicians can not compete with a citizen candidate envisioned by our founding fathers.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        Oh yes they can! They just gang up on them and cheat or kill them.

    7. Bob Marcum says

      You got that right, for sure.

    8. Cookie Vranish says

      That is correct. Trump will spend his own money and the rest will get side money from the lobbyists. I can sure understand their hate for Trump. Understand I said, not approve. The amount of corruption Trump is threatening is astonishing!

    9. Wayne Smyer says


  7. MuslimLuvChrist says

    as soon as the GOP takes away the nomination from who the voters want,

    the republican party AND AMERICA are officially dead!

    this is why the socialist will disrupt anything with Trump,

    and don’t think that our lawless leader isn’t behind it!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      America will be fine AND Democrat.

      People will dance in the streets at the news of the imploded GOP.

      OH, and Obama is behind the GOP having lied to you fools for the past 30 tears?

      you ARE Low Info.

      1. MuslimLuvChrist says


        1. supergun says

          He is beyond racist. He is ruint.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            He and aklady are siamese twins.

          2. supergun says


          3. Mike Burkett says

            Probably one misguided ‘usefull idiot’ autosexual democrap troll posting under two handles.

          4. Bob Marcum says

            Yeah; OK; You spoke a mouth full, of course; but, I kept up ( and, you’re probably right, too ).

      2. Robert says

        Only in your sick dreams. Go support Bernie he is a Socialist you should fit right in.

      3. supergun says

        We will see rc,,,we will see.

    2. Ted Crawford says

      Respectfully, were you to look closely enough, you’d discover that Obama. Clinton AND Trump are behind this! Ever heard of the Horse Shoe Ambush? This is the Political version of that eminently successful tactic!

      1. MuslimLuvChrist says

        if this turns out to be a “Horseshoe Ambush” and Trump turns agains Americans like muslim traitor and hitlery, then America will be forced into another revolution,

        I really don’t think Trump would do that, I really think he wants to protect America more than any of the so called “politicians”!!!

    3. Jarhead says

      The GOP has been dead for decades……are you on Mars?

  8. Russ says

    Lindsey Graham, call that an endorsement? Wow what a stretch that is! Sorry Ted, that seems more like a death sentence to me.

    1. Robert says

      Lindsey Graham big supporter of Open Borders, H-1B and H-2 Visas. Wants to put more American Citizens out of work to help the GLOBALISTS that have been supporting him for years.

    2. Bob Marcum says

      Now., you got it.

  9. Ann Rand says

    A quote from Alexander the Great….. “I am not afraid of an army of lions , led by a sheep… But , I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion …Stick together, folks…We finally have a leader..

    1. Bob Marcum says


  10. supergun says

    lindsey graham has gone completely CUCKOO.

    1. Robert says

      He has always been a NUT JOB. RINO

      1. supergun says

        You are right about that. Him and mitt romney.

  11. Jose says

    I have said before and saying it again: trump is just a decoy for hrc. His plan is to take away so many votes that no one else can be nominated then he will bow out to hrc. Bet he already had “a deal” with hrc regarding helping hrc get nominated and elected. He is a businessman so looks out for number 1, himself. At POTUS is not good for a businessman who can wheel and deal better as a civilian.

    1. Robert says

      Are you on the deportation list?

      1. Jose says

        @robert: I am a US citizen, retired US MARINE so bring it on

  12. gene613 says

    Too little too late.Cruz has been and remains the only candidate true to the Constitution.Trump knows nothing of foreign policy:believing he can renegotiate the Iran deal(it is not a skating rink)blaming Israel for the Arabs refusa to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and unaware that Israel has offered 5 deals that have been rejected by the Arabs(ask Clinton who is to blame)and Israel under constant missile attack knife r[ck and ca4 crases allmeant t 9 ikill Jews.Trump is a fraud o r an antiSemite or both.

    1. GGD says

      You have a lot of learning to do and I hope you do it fast.

    2. Robert says

      You are not as intelligent as you would want us to believe. Some of the people who advise Cruz
      Michael Chertoff Bush and Obama Sec. of Homeland security advocated expanding NSA metadata
      Collection. Chad C. Sweet co-founded Chertoff Group worked for Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, also the CIA. James Woolsey Director of CIA During the Clinton Administration also connected to the (PANC) with William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Look it up. Cruz foreign policy team Includes Elliot Abrams Senior Fellow at CFR. Supported Invasion of Iraq. Dan P Gabriel Former CIA covert action officer, founding partner of Applied Memetics. Do some Research.

    3. Combatvet52 says

      You think Cruz is the man……if he did get in be ready for disaster end of story.

  13. Ellen J Coates says


    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your post clearly identifies what is destroying America.

      1. Karen says

        Yes, idiot, non-believers like YOU!!

        1. Jarhead says

          Menopause and overdosing Xanax could be the “Lady’s” basic problem…..but do not rule out possible brain injury, drug addiction or stupidity? Select any two!

  14. dennodog says

    Ted C has big issues although they wouldn’t exist if he was a democrat. Goldman Sachs and the “birther” issue. They WILL be hammered on if he gets the nomination and he will be trounced by “the pants suit”.
    Both sides are fearful of Trump. He IS the “open book” and even if they come up with what they think is “dirt” on him, he’ll slam back. He owes no one and he knows where and how they’re robbing us blind. That makes the lifer politicians very nervous.

    1. AKLady says

      Trump’s dirty laundry is far uglier than you can imagine.
      He is a KKK member. He is a slum lord. He was partners with the mob in the casino business.
      You do not get as rich as Trump is without walking on the dark side.

      1. Robert says

        You seem to have nothing better to do then sit home and dream up all this BS. Guess what nobody believes your crap except you. Are you a Shill for Cruz?

        1. AKLady2015 says

          You seem to have nothign better to do than lie and insult.

        2. supergun says

          She loves hillary.

        3. AKLady2015 says

          “Shill for Cruz?”
          You seem more than a little confises.

      2. supergun says

        Show me the proof that he is a kkk member. Either you are a dam lier or you will show proof.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          If you are going to insult an American, maybe you should learn our language.
          Dam — holds back water.
          Damn – vulgar language.

          1. supergun says


          2. AKLady2015 says

            To conservatives, shaming and labeling their opponent is necessary, they believe their opponents to be less of a person than they are.

          3. supergun says

            We try to be nice, but when you come into our house and shout out stupid ass stuff, and act like a cuckoo, then we are forced to remove you ugly ass from the premises.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            You do not see my posts being deleted, do you?

          5. supergun says

            I really don’t know what you are taking about. You are way out there with your thinking. When enough people with you line of thinking out number the American Citizens, then our Nation will crumble. It will not be American anymore. It is very sad that you can not see the false thinking that is in you.

          6. supergun says

            Just trying not to offend you.

          7. Bob Marcum says

            Hey, supergun; offend her and shut up. She doesn’t deserve your time.
            Let it go, man. Drop her. SHE’S ONE OF THE BITCH CLASS.

          8. supergun says

            You sound like a TRUMP supporter.

          9. Bob Marcum says

            I AM. Most definately;;;;;;;;;;;;;

          10. supergun says

            Looks like we got a lot of idiots in utah.

          11. supergun says


        2. AKLady2015 says

          Trump is a member of New York chapter “The Original Folks Klansmen (OFK333).

          1. supergun says

            You still have not shown proof, but you don’t care about the truth. Or maybe you are just a crazy old………………………………………………………………………………………

          2. AKLady2015 says

            You have an Internet connection — use it.

          3. supergun says

            Just trying not to hurt your feelings. As warped as you are, I have to give you credit for taking the punishment you get.

          4. Debra Boyd Shaw says

            Is this it?

          5. supergun says

            The leftist media, and all the idiots of America would be all over this if that was true. You still have not shown me proof,,,perhaps because it is not true. She are just spreading untruth because you wish it to be true. Why do you hate TRUMP so much to lie?

        3. AKLady2015 says

          “Everyone knows my dad was a Klansmen and it runs in the family but Look people…just because I’m an active KKK member doesn’t mean I’m a racist, I mean if Obama is a Muslim then why can’t I be apart of a brotherhood and have pride in my white heritage? If Obama shows me his birth certificate I will disassociate myself with the Klan, they do a lot of good for my community just like the people of Islam do on Obama’s behalf” Jan 5, 2016

          1. supergun says

            How pathetic and sad you are. No proof at all. You are a bold face lier.

            For your information, know it all lier, hillary clinton was the one who started the birther chit. She was using it in her campaign against obama when she was seeking the nomination in 08. Do your research and you will find the truth. When the walking dead outnumber the Americans, then the very foundation of this great Nation will crumble.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            This discussion is about Trump, not Hillary.
            Try to stay on topic.

          3. supergun says

            You are about as cuckoo as they come.

          4. Ted Crawford says

            Help me to understand this; You DON’T believe Trump when he says he’s a KKK member, but You DO believe him when he says he’ll make another Sovereign Nation pay for our infrastructure?!?!
            AKLady2015, is of course a Progressive, that notwithstanding, one can, occasionally, find a good biscuit, even in a garbage can! It’s wise to consider the evidence, more than it’s source. In this case it’s perfectly verifiable!

          5. supergun says

            Help me to understand this: ARE YOU SAYING THAT TRUMP HAS SAID THAT HE IS A kkk member? That is exactly what you are asking me. Are you sure that is what you want to ask me,,,,before I will comment any further,,,,because if you are asking me that,,,show me where he has said that. If you can not, then you are a liar in the first degree.

          6. Ted Crawford says

            I can no longer find the article, so I guess I don’t have evidence any longer! Essentially he did admit to membership, claiming it was only out of respect for his father and no real belief of his own!
            Given I can’t source it again, I’ll withdraw my statement! It’s amazing how many things simply disappear on the inter net, which is why the major portion of my research is done at a Library!

          7. Debra Boyd Shaw says


          8. supergun says

            It takes a Man to admit things such as that. And an American on top of that. The media would be all over this, wouldn’t you think?,,,,especially since the drive~by~media practically accused him of endorsing the kkk AFTER he disclaimed them. All Man is capable of all evil. Nice chatting with you. TRUMP, then CRUZ and thats it.

          9. Bob Marcum says

            The walking dead are in charge of this nation, now. But; their evil spirits are doing the talking. Hopefully, “We The People” can be successful, in putting their spirits back into the grave, where they belong.

          10. supergun says

            I agree.

        4. Bob Marcum says

          Don’t bother asking for proof, friend. She/he ( or, whatever ), is an extremely left,
          liberal and therefore, doesn’t need proof. She knows there is none, and only wants to stir up controversy, in the minds of people, who are not familiar with her history.
          Most of us, on this blogging page, just ignore her, instinctively.

          1. supergun says

            I know that. She is entertaining with her cuckoo~ness.

      3. Ellen J Coates says

        Boy are you off key——TRUMP was too busy working for his father let alone have time for the KKK Only people that have nothing to do joint.——–

      4. Bojac says

        You are a damn liar. Trump is not a KKK member.

        1. Debra Boyd Shaw says

          Found the article. Make of it what you will.

          1. Mike Burkett says

            Consider the Rag nature of such gossip publications,

          2. Debra Boyd Shaw says

            I didn’t put it up to say it’s the truth,Mike. I was only curious about what she said so I went looking and found that article. i was only putting it up for people to discuss. It does sound like bull.

      5. Karen says

        And YOU are a spawn of SATAN! You just shut up, cause you don’t even have any FAITH in anything! Just ‘BRING EVERYTHING DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL’!! Most and I do mean most, can’t stoop as low as you! SNAKE!!

      6. Mike Burkett says

        Agreed, as private businessman building skyscrapers in Manhattan, you have to swim with corrupt democrap unions and corrupt government rent-subsidy laws but, he was forced to divest in all to run for president and save America. Why would a New York businessman have anything to do with the militant are of the democrap party (see democrap congressman/ Grand KKK leader Byrd).

        1. AKLady says

          corrupt government rent-subsidy laws “.
          Wich are corrupt, the laws or the government?
          Trump has divested nothing.

  15. cutterguy says

    watch your back, Ted. Not a threat from me just a suggestion.

  16. Mister007 says

    Trump sure has the good old boys running scared. They don’t want anyone to take away all the stuff they get free so they are against Trump..I sure hope he wins or there will be hell to pay. He will beat Hillary and we will win freedom from Washington DC scum…

  17. retreaded says

    I’m not a big Trump fan but I have noticed that almost all of the negative things said about Trump by the RINOS & demonrats are also true about hillary, bernie, & obummer. He needs to use that fact in his campaign. Trump is saying things that need to be said but based on his past, I have reason to doubt his sincerity. I fail to see how his truthful comments on illegals and muslims makes him a racist as these are not races.

    1. dennodog says

      His past doesn’t include being a politician but it does include him “playing” them all like fiddles.
      If anything, he knows first hand the shallowness and dishonesty of most politicians. The “professionals” have loused up the country for the last 60 years. The proliferation morons has almost ensured their hold on the controls. Just promise them “ice cream” and they’ll vote for you forever.

      1. retreaded says

        Unless the November election is a complete blowout for Trump, Hiltery will win thru fraud just like obummer did. The demonrats have raised voter fraud to an art form. Clinton and obummer need to share a cell in Gitmo for life.

        1. AKLady says


          What fraud might that be?

          You are another of the media brainwash victims.
          The Electoral College elects the President.

          These Presidents did not receive the popular vote: Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice)

          1. Robert says

            You are a Fraud.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Prove it.

        2. Reality Check says

          If liberals fudged the vote, why did they let the Senate go GOP?
          the House go GOP?

          you people will believe anything to help you get over having such a repugnant platform.

          1. Robert says

            So do you. RINOS and Progressive Democrats are one and the same. Both want to turn our country into a Socialist Paradise. Screw Them.
            VOTE TRUMP 2016 For real change and Strong Leadership.

          2. Reality Check says

            “RINOS and Progressive Democrats are one and the same.”

            more proof you are short a loaf or TWO.

            Lets review for my challenged conservative friend.

            see, for ONE, the GOP vote to repeal 60 times and the Dems DON’T. BIG DIFFERENCE.

            77% GOP voted for the TPP while 14% of the Dems did.

            BIG DIFFERENCE.

            the GOP let children starve. BIG DIFFERENCE..

            do the GOP believe in Climate change? kind of a BIG DIFFERENCE.

            the Dems believe in Choice. BIG DIFFERENCE.

            The GOP cut funding for the VA. BIG DIFFERENCE.

            The GOP cut funding for the poor. BIG DIFFERENCE.

            so the big question IS, who the hell tells you this bullshit and why are
            you so ILL INFORMED as to believe IT?

            LOVE to hear some similarities.

          3. trapperwv56 says

            Lindsey Graham said Cruz would win liar of the year award in the senate, if the senate had a vote for it.

    2. AKLady says

      The one thing that can be said about you, and many Trump fans is: You engage in incredible amount of very childish name calling.

      1. retreaded says

        Like I said above, I am not a Trump fan. I’m also not into “childish name calling”.

        I see your almost identical rants all over the place and I have noticed that you engage in an incredible amount of insanity, stupidity and other inane childish comments. It is very difficult to believe you are an adult or even an American citizen.

        1. AKLady says

          Thank you for proving my points.

          1. Robert says

            You prove that your are a fool when you call everybody a NAZI who doesn’t agree with you.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            I do not call people names.
            That is your game,. not mine.

      2. Robert says

        You engage in an incredible amount of BS like that NAZI crap you spew.

    3. Reality Check says

      “hillary, bernie, & obummer”

      have never incited a riot.
      have never suggested people be beat up
      have never said they would pay the legal bills if a protester got beaten.
      have never suggested all Mexicans are all drug dealers and criminals.

      LOVE to hear what similar statements any one of the three has made.

      1. Robert says

        Neither has TRUMP you Dumb A$$. Just The Move Idiots Like you.

        1. Reality Check says

          Do you even know what Move IS?
          so you support a billionaires right to BUY a few seats in congress?

        2. AKLady2015 says

          Trump statements:

          “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City

          “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis

          “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis

          “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan

          “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas

          “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa

          “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama

          “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference

          “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

    4. Robert says

      TRUMP has more Integrity then all The Career Politicians combined.

    5. Karen says

      What gets me is they want to “BLAME” Trump for all the things(shady business deals) that he has done in the past and it is our GOVERNMENT who SET UP those policies and rules that made it legal for the “ELITE” to use, but since Trump used them to his advantage, he is a crook!! Sounds like the DEMO/LIBERAL golden rule, “Do as I say, not do as I do!!” Well, guess what? Your do-do is still in your pants and its time for a change!! Wake Up America!!

    6. Mike Burkett says

      Citizen presidential candidate Trump who was a private citizen before announcing his candidacy and the professional politicians, in all their political correctness, are using invasion of his privacy (ie history as a private citizen) because that’s all they got.

  18. AKLady says

    Trump will bring you the Thied Reich.
    Apparently. that is what the so-called conservatives want.

    1. Robert says

      What year were you Born? You sound like an Idiot throwing that NAZI BS all around PROVE IT or

      1. AKLady2015 says

        What school did you attend that they failed to teach you history?

        How did you get through life without knowing someone with a number tattoed on their arm?

        My neighbors were camp survivors.

  19. Reality Check says

    IF “normal” Conservatives are banding together because Trump is so toxic,

    WHAT do you think the rest of the “normal people” are going to do?

    WHY do you think liberals LOVE Trump and desperate for him to win?

    Silly conservatives.

    1. Robert says

      Pull your head out of your a$$.

      1. Reality Check says

        such an articulate response Robert.
        I am at a loss for words.
        GO TRUMP

  20. mamabear111 says

    Well, how many saw the picture of McCain, Rubio and Graham on setting up the Arab Spring. and on many honest reports on Cruz and the rest of them traitors and liars. the name of the game is follow the leader so what do they do…moveon org and black lives matters with muslims like in Missouri all hitting on Trump not to mention sanders the commie. and then we see Bush wife on tv , saying how she is sorry Jeb did not win and how he would have been a good president. and Bush jr would be ruling again from behind. how many think the bushes in revenge will andis not part of this craz. on down the road they do not give a care about Rubio, kashic or cruz..they want to throw Jeb in later. and old Romney the ass is so stupid and is being used too. what ever. so so sick of it

  21. gene613 says

    Reagon and Kennedy had numerous advisors however both made decisions at odds with the known philosophies of their aides.Regardless of the source Trump’s staements and goals are HIS ALONE.They bespeak either. a clear bias or blatant ignorance:the latter having become the hallmark of Trump.He can do deals for his own enhancement but has shown no ability to even recognize.the issues inforeign affairs.A s a person on the inside inDC for 40 years-for his own benefit_his skewed and biased views are not those of a selfless President but rather those of a self important lobbyist which he has always benn.

  22. Ellen J Coates says

    You are so right———-GO—-TRUMP—-GO

  23. Bojac says

    The elites have shot themselves in the foot.They should STFU and support the candidate who wins the nomination that the American voters want. I can support Trump or Cruz. No one else.

  24. Retired Marine says

    With the merger of the parties into the R&DNC, they are terrified of Trump, he will end the gravy train and they can’t have that.
    Go Trump

  25. Jean says

    What we are seeing is people being brought in to create chaos. Go Trump.

  26. armydadtexas says

    I am truly hoping and praying that regardless of who the nominee is of the Republican Party, that the will of the Voter Prevail.
    Just the thought that there are people ready to USURP the Voter is really disturbing. I find the arguments for this behavior are weak on their face. Remember: 1980 many of the same things, by pretty much the same a$$ clowns were said of Ronald Reagan. These same individual excused the vetting of Obama. from his association with Bill Ayers (terrorist) to his G.D. America pastor Jeremiah Wright to him being a student and follower of Saul Alynski (RULES FOR RADICALS>>dedicated to satan) etc., etc. So far these clowns are batting .0%
    I hope that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will start dealing with the ISSUES and stop the continuous character assassination of each other. It is time the Republican Party UNITE. Its that or the sabotage of this election will have been successful and the establishment will be given a pass, that will hurt our nation for the foreseeable future.

  27. Teapartyjoe says

    If the elites and the Democrats don’t like Trump, then he must be doing something right. The democrats are the ones causing these riots of course and blocking Ambulances

  28. Milton W. Lowe says

    I don’t have a lot of faith in the Conservative party & think this scheme stinks to high hell & hope Trump can get enough votes to get the nomination as I don’t trust the Republicans at all any more…TRUMP 2016 & 2020 OORAH!

  29. pianobill says

    A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary. Maybe this is what Idiot Lindsey wants.

  30. Albert L Biele says

    Trump is the only candidate that can prevent a brokered convention. At the rare Cruz is picking up states, he won’t even come close to crossing the finish line. Pulling states away from Trump will still leave Cruz far behind Trump, and if Trump is just short of the required 1,237 delegates, we will all be at the mercy of the Republican Rino’s. We must bring Trump across the finish line!!!!!

  31. david goodman says

    leopard can’t change spots neither can trump in bed with mob and demon-crats he knows the kkk dad was member illegals work for him con artist and manipulator business built by others he wants in white house so demon-crats can keep it obama third term

    1. Goodforall says

      You really do sound ignorant.

  32. Klang101 says

    Cruz supports amesty leading to a road of giving all illegals a place to live. This will burden the tax system, destroy the S.S. system and the tax payer with more entitlement programs. I will not vote for Cruz unless he is last resort.

    1. aschark says

      Trump is the only one trying to bring America back to the way it was: a Capitalistic Country. He wants to secure the borders, temporary halt on legal immigrants, unless they are properly vetted. Import tax, 0% to 35% that may bring American companies back to America. If they don’t come back, someone will start a replacement company here. That’s evidenced by Ford’s manufacturing plant in Mexico doubling its production just recently, because they don’t want to pay the 35% tax, which, translated, means that Ford thinks that Trump will win. And they are right!

  33. Ellen J Coates says

    What a Bunch of Loosers——–What is Wrong with them. Can’t they see they have a Real Leader for a Change??????? Better Smarten Up————GO—-TRUMP—-GO

  34. petejurg says

    I am hesitant to vote for Trump but if all the spineless cowards don’t like him, maybe there is good reason to vote for him.

  35. kbfallon says

    So-the Hispanic candidates who came from other countries do not like Donald Trump—Who cares what they think….TRUMP for Americans 2016.

    1. Tired... says

      It is fine that you feel passionate about Trump but we are getting to the point in the process where it would be wise to recognize that real opponent is Hillary and stop bashing our own candidates.

  36. Pamela says

    I hope they read these comments and see that they can put all failed candidates together and throw in a few souls from Christmas past and we are still voting for TRUMP!

  37. Big Ray says

    Lindsey G = pathetic person – they just don’t get it. The whole Rhino herd is squealing – Trump out scored Lindsey and Romney now listen to the cry of the losers !

    1. h m rowland says

      They’re crying from the embarrassment to the party created by Trump. He is such an empty suit that large numbers of Democrats are voting in the republican primaries, we organized tens of thousands of democrats to vote Kasich in Ohio, not because both of our candidates won’t beat D but to help spare the republicans and the world from this unstable and volatile, uh, manrangutan.

  38. Norma Davis says

    Trump is the only one who can get our Country back ,we the people can never let it be stolen again !

  39. Cheybuff says

    Thinking about voting for Trump? Consider what Winston Churchill said about Americans, “The Americans always do the right thing, after they have done everything else.”

  40. Sheila Smith says

    What a surprise that Graham and Rubio would back Cruz cause they are all turn coats and all big fat liars that deserves each other!

  41. Bob Ware says

    All of these career politicians moving over to the Cruz camp have only ensured a Trump victory. Cruz will never tell them they are going to hurt his campaign claim of no old style politics of the career politicians. Cruz is doomed as his true colors will now show. If Cruz told all of them to get lost, I’d be surprised!

  42. mom2bb says

    King George Soros is has given big money to Kasich and Bush. It’s amazing how much money is going around the campfire… Kasich needs to fold. He is only there to “stir the pot.” Do we really want to make this country great again, or do we want to keep making the rich richer? We don’t need and lap dogs!

  43. mom2bb says

    I’m praying for Cruz and Trump, the only two conservatives that we have left! If you are supporting Kasich, you are voting for Hillary!

  44. R Parten says

    Why should we care what Graham has to say ? I know a lot of people who don’t think much of him! He is one of the Rhino old guard that has been in office to long!!!

  45. Dexter L. Wilson says

    I have to events that makes me feel more secure about Trump. Both by reputable minister, George Pearson with KCM and Jerry Falwell, Jr. That of his paying off two, each a different reason the mortgages of a Cancer victim and the other a person who changed Trump’s limo’s tire who had financial difficult. Someone said with that kind of money they would be generous. What is statistically true is if you are not generous with what you have you won’t be generous with others. I will support Ted Cruz unless and until he is out of the race.

  46. beowulf32 says

    So if the establishment is now endorsing Cruz they must think they can control him, or they have bribed him. Trump 2016 all the way.

  47. vintageautomobilia says

    The anti-Trump Republicans are fools or RINOs, or both. They are destroying what’s left of the GOP. They care more about themselves than they do America. Trump will do his best to save America.

    1. AKLady says

      No, they are teying to save America from being transfored into the Fourth Reich.

  48. Al Hope says

    Ah well, let’s just vote for Trump!

    1. AKLady says

      Ah, well, let’s just vote for the 4th Reich.

      1. Al Hope says

        The USA is already living under the socialistic disease of the 4th Reich, the uniparty rulers…the socialistic CRAT party, their gorging masses in DC, and their SS thought police in the media.

        No thanks, we will return to democratic rule and vote for Trump!

        1. MTnman says

          We can use a democratic process while we attempt to regain that which we have lost – our constituted REPUBLIC.

        2. AKLady says

          Learn the difference between Fascist and Socialist.
          You are terribly confused.

          All modern, industrialized countries have mixed economies.
          We do not need to return to the past in which the elderly, poor and disabled were forced to beg and live in the streets. Others were forced into prostitution to order to have food to ear for themselves and their families.

          1. Al Hope says

            Greece, Venezuela, Italy, Spain…youth the world over listen to your crack-cocaine politics before their societies fall. We do not need to return to mass youth unemployment so you can feel good about distopian dreams.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Keep buying those foreign made goods.

          3. Al Hope says

            Mr. Trump is a free trader. He just wants to fix the incredibly stupid deals that our national traitors have negotiated for dump trucks of cash.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            No one forces you to buy foreign made goods.
            You make that choice — all by yourself.
            Trump has made a fortune taking money away from fools.
            He should do quite well financially if elected.

  49. SCSOCAL says

    Trump will triumph after all the millions spent and nastiness from all sides ends! The establishment will lose and the voters will make note of who spoke out against Trump and throw them out . IT should be crystal clear to voters that the powers that be have much to lose and that is why they are throwing mud, sending in the goons and making certain that everyone hears them.
    Won’t work. People have reached the end of their rope and will not listen to lies anymore! Enough is enough! Trump 2016!

  50. hankthetank says

    Lindsey Graham,Rubio &Cruz, are ALL insiders against one OUTSIDER ! guess who will win ? TRUMP 2016

  51. Dave says

    I think if I were Cruz, I would rather take a sharp stick in the eye then to accept either of these “endorsements or backings”, whatever they are. What an insult!

  52. AKLady says

    A time machine — 1930s and 1940s Germany returning to life before our very eyes.

  53. betsy says

    When Trump gives me reason to believe he can make America great, maybe might take another look, til then he is like an alligator- all mouth and no head!!

  54. PatriotForever says

    As water seeks it’s own level so does Excrement seek a sewer. The scum is gathering and perhaps it can be removed as the stain it is on America, by using Scrubbing Trump!
    Go TRUMP

  55. Charlie says

    Sen. Graham is yet another example of the need for term limits on all political & judicial public servants of We the People . How Sen. Graham’s endorsement is going to help Sen. Cruz after all Sen. Cruz has been stating he has been fighting the establishment Sen. Graham is part of the establishment . Oh that right so is Sen. Cruz !

  56. stephanie wilson says

    trump’s an arrogant loudmouth who lied about pres bush, iraq and 9/11, he is a proven liberal. he should run as a demo-rat. good 4 graham and cruz! go get him!!

    1. edwin says

      That the only time he ever told the truth. As I pointed out before I saw a photograph of the two men, with the caption, “When I was growing up, I would never have believed that a former president and vice president of the United States would be unable to visit Europe due to outstanding warrants.” So who’s lying.

  57. Doris C says

    This is the plan to get rid of Trump and Cruz. No one with a brain should vote aginst their conscience yet thats what these creeps are saying to do.

  58. peter says

    Instead of fighting the establishment should meet with him and establish some parameters so they both can agree on some ideas to help the country. I certainly hope that Trump can clean house.GO TRUMP!!!

  59. denniscerasoli says

    I like Cruz next to Trump but the main reason why they don’t like Trump is because he isn’t controlled.If Trump started out as a puppet for the republicans you would see support but when he says i don’t want your money then they get very nervous.Cruz on the other hand is still controlled but not to the extent of the rest of them.

  60. Albert L Biele says

    When the Republican Party demanded Trump sign an agreement not to run as a third party candidate, he complied, confirming that he was a viable candidate, and now that he’s the front runner, the party has venomously attacked him in a most contemptible manner; totally ignoring the will of the people, because of the pompous bureaucrats they have become. i.e., the Republican Party has taken a posture of dictatorial rule, maliciously plotting Trumps demise behind closed doors. Not only must he opposes the dogmatic attacks from over assertive liberal progressives, but must also contend with a plot by his own party, who has maliciously attacked his bid for the presidency. If the Republican Party ceases to represent the will of the people, the people will no longer seek membership in the Republican Party. The liberals have abused the rights given us in the constitution, and the Republican Party has assembled a small group of directorial leaders, that have openly defied the people. Sounds like we are in need of a third party!!!!!

  61. Scott Henke says

    This election was handed to the Republicans on a silver platter. Obama has been wildly unpopular and divisive, Clinton is a pathological liar who’s under a Federal investigation, and Sanders is a crazy Socialist. The GOP needs to grow-up and show some unity before we’re sucked into at least four more years of Obama’s hell. Worse if he gets on the Supreme Court.

  62. Ernie Di Francesco says

    Graham obviously can’t be trusted. I know Cruz is needs all the help he can get but if he accepts this turd he will drop off the cliff as far as I’m concerned.

  63. Seismic4 says

    Guess we know who America’s enemies are. The enemies are socialists, communists, globalists, thugs, BLM(sorry, BLM and thugs was redundant) and all the power brokers on K street and congress. There is a saying that “you are known by your enemies.” Guess that makes Trump the right choice.

    1. h m rowland says

      Don Drumpf is what we call a ‘trailer park candidate’ the last ‘tpc’ was Crazy Gugenheimer 1952.

  64. Marie Parvi says

    Lens to, of course Soros is paying those protesters!!!

  65. Lovable Lloyd says

    Finally, the GOP Career Politicians show their true colors. They are openly showing the American People that they are the low-life snakes that we have always thought them to be. Not only do they blatantly disregard the wishes of those that have elected them, but they plot and scheme behind closed doors making lucrative self-serving deals and drawing straws for the next POTUS. Even now as the American People flood the polling booths in the primary elections, the corrupt GOP Elite (Career Politicians) are plotting to ignore the choice of the People and chose the Republican Presidential Nominee among themselves. This is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. This election may well be the single most important eye-opening election of the modern era. It has shown the American People just how corrupt and dishonest the entire Political System has become. Only Term limits can prevent this rampant corruption. Only one candidate has proven himself to be outside of the so-called Political Elite. Only one candidate has stood against the entire Corrupt Political Machine, and that man is Donald J. Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote AGAINST corruption.

  66. VINNY BARONE says

    I’m so tired of the greedy marxist billionaire elitists who own big business, big banks, big union bosses, big media and corrupt congressionalweasels DINO and RINO alike…going after Trump and doing their best to take him out of the presidential race. They know Donald Trump cant be bought and they are beginning to worry that when Trump take the white house, brokered by We The Citizens who put him there…their corrupt-greedy gravy train is terminated. Citizens are totally p_ss_d off at marxist elitist billionaire George Soros who owns/controls Obama and his gooney DINO’s for dancing on and around The Constitution and Bill Of Rights deteriorating citizens liberty. Soros has dumped $15 million in Clinton II 2016 presidential election, using his financed Goonsquad to spearhead and financing his gooney puppets to trounce Trump rallies in an attempt to silence Trump…Fortunately the Donald is preaching the same language the majority of legal citizens have be complaining about for the past three decades enough of roughly 55 million illegal aliens residing in American gaming our welfare system coasting citizens roughly $2.5 trillion annually, roughly 15.5 million jobs…erroneous U3 unemployment stats saying everything is going great when in actuality U6 unemployment is reflection the truth thing are worse, hundreds of American business overtaxed and cant compete in the world market are moving their complete operations to foreign countries who provide lower tax incentives…this overreaching government truly believes American citizens are not only ignorant but dump as well…

    1. Chris S. says

      mostly not true : but unemployment is the number of people who are not working ..what’s U3, U6, …

  67. kay says

    Let’s clarify just who has brought the enemies together. Soros. Not Trump. The greed both parties have for the money Soros tosses at them. They are willing to destroy our nation to line their pockets and there is no way they will allow anyone to get in their way. They have rigged our elections, blocked voters from voting and now are paying and encouraging protesters to block our freedom of speech. Trump did not do this, the greedy established political parties with Soros standing next to them with his checkbook in hand. Our nation has elected a swarm of filthy traitors. Our capital is the roosting place they gather to bow to the almighty dollar which Soros is more than will to shell out to maintain his control.

    1. h m rowland says

      You’ve memorized Bernie’s stump speech! That’s quite a feat! By the way Soros biggest contribution ever was $20 million while the evil Koch bros. are ready to spend $890 million this year, you would think they would use it to help with something of value, nah. The Soros whine is a creation of FOX fascist news.

      1. kay says

        Wouldn’t know about Bernies speech or Fox News but I do know the woman who led the protest in AZ and chained her neck to a car works for Soros, I know belongs to Soros and is proactive in these protest, I also know Soros fund BLM and Occupy Wall Street another Soros funded group. I simply have paid attention to what has and is going on in this nation and be real, how do large groups of unemployed people get from city to city, eat, find shelter and manage to get to the protests? They can’t have a job because employers do not pay you to not show up for work.

  68. Ernie Di Francesco says

    Graham “would rather lose the election” than have Trump win the nomination. How can Cruz, as desperate as he may be, accept this POS with open arms. He has proven to be a traitor to the right and a RINO at best.

  69. Sim Dunn says

    If Graham changed his mind about Cruz, how many more times is he going to change it “Again”??
    That’s the problem with people like Graham, which every way the wind blows is the way they go, you can’t trust them to stay the course.

  70. Ed Prida says

    The silent majority population is for Donald Trump for President. Classical politician see in Trump a big phantom because his sucking will be finished with Trump in the White House. The hypocritical politician only think in his pocket, never in USA . Conspiracy will be stop by GOD!!!!

  71. Tiger says

    The more they get together the more people like Trump. I just hope they don’t resort to plan something that will put Trump in the hospital or one of his children, which I fully believe they will eventually, but when they do they are through, they are gone along with the Demoncats who already died, they have no Democrat running for president. Pathetic all of them.

    1. Chris S. says

      not that i like either candidate they’re backing right now… but the Democrats aren’t dead..though they’re running weak candidates this year…they have Hillary Clinton who isn’t qualified if you ask me, because of Benghazi, the investigation into possible criminal activity with the private server and the Clinton Foundation issues…or Bernie Sanders who has admitted he’s a Democratic Socialist ..though some fringe groups don’t want to country to improve to where the rest of the industrialized world is…

      1. Tiger says

        I would like to think both parties were alive and resembled something we remember them to be but they are not.

        There is no such thing as a Democrat Socialist. Bernie knows that. Two different concepts all together, it is an oxymoron. Bernie only added the Democrat part to pull the wool further over the eyes of the Dems.

      2. Tiger says

        Socialism is an economic system that puts emphasis on collective ownership of the production resources and relies on the state or
        the workers’ council to be the mouthpiece of society on how these
        resources will be managed and controlled. The equality among members of
        society is, however, adversely affected in varying degrees depending on
        the form of socialism adopted by society. The extreme form of socialism
        has little or no regard at all for civil liberties, thus, citizens do
        not enjoy the equal right to representation and the equal right to hold
        office, among others.

        Democracy, on the other hand, is a
        political system that promotes the freedom and the equal right of an
        individual to self-development. People in a democratic society either
        directly govern themselves (direct democracy) or elect some individuals
        to whom the power to govern society is delegated. In some democratic
        systems, however, a portion of society are not able to effectively join
        in political exercises, especially those who are underprivileged because
        of the influence exerted by interest groups who have the money to
        economically exploit other people by using their economic power to
        control and even corrupt the political system to their advantage.

        Read more: Difference Between Socialism and Democracy | Difference Between | Socialism vs Democracy

        1. h m rowland says

          We are a republic not a democracy.

          1. Tiger says

            That is what I have been saying. GEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

          2. h m rowland says

            sorry Tiger , I misunderstood .

          3. Tiger says

            Not a problem sometimes I type so fast that I make huge mistakes and I appreciate corrections. I am a work in the making. ;p

  72. D Books says

    With the “election” (twice) of the biggest mistake America has ever made, there is a lot to be learned. America was so tired of the Bush/RINO affect, our guards were down and we jumped at the first “breath of fresh air” without giving him a second thought (he is one helluva orator!!). Lesson learned: First, no more politics as usual. The current occupier of our white house is the ring leader in America’s demise and nearly every congress member, regardless of party, are willing participants in exchange for, no doubt, a “piece of the pie”, which will never come to pass. Secondly, understand there is no more “party lines” – both sides of the aisles of congress are on the (left) same side and rolling us into OWO will solidify whatever it is that they were promised by the regime at the expense (economically, morally and spiritually) of the American citizen. Rubio is certainly part of this scheme and, if Cruz hasn’t already been approached, he will be soon and he too will cave. While Mr. Trump is certainly not perfect, I do believe he is genuine and the one thing that he will benefit from being elected is he has the experience and the know-how to get our country back on her feet, which will benefit him and his family as well as ourselves. The PTT is the biggest nail in our coffin yet and most people don’t even know what it is!

    1. MTnman says

      “With the “election” (twice) of the biggest mistake America has ever made, there is a lot to be learned.” – D Books.
      Direct blame should be placed on the public school system for its failure to teach the proper construction of American government and history. Don’t believe me? Get a textbook on the subjects from your local school and do a critical analysis of the contents.

  73. Loving America says

    SEE Americans…there are some wishy washy Republicans running with Cruz and that makes him to be just like them……a ””””chip Off Of Obamas backside” all of them and they have been walking the Center of All of Our Problems in America that Obama has casused and they stood idly by not caring to stop and TAKE America back! We do not need anymore of these kinds in the Oval Office Of America…Go and sign up to Vote Republican come November and Let’s Save America! Go Trump Go! Also do not allow the left to take the Primary Votes from Trump To Get Rid Of Him! “Watch the Delegates they have been bought Off!”

  74. Cookie Vranish says

    It actually is. By getting all the rats to show themselves, we will know who to vote out of office or boycott in business!

  75. Bird says

    In other words….. they don’t give a rat’s a$$ what ‘we the people’ want….. they STILL believe the people are stupid, uninformed, and ignorant and THEY know what’s best for we the ‘children’ of the United States! There is no limit to their arrogance!!

    1. Yourko says

      For the most part…, the establishment is correct. “We The People” are ignorant and stupid. Hence our current situation. In that bundle of stupid are the folks that voted for Obama and still to this day continue to kiss his @$$. Then there are the “Feel The Burn” Bernie bots. Them folks are just dumber than a bag of nails. Oh…, let’s not forget the Hillary retards! The Hillary clan are probably the single most despicable Americans to date. Now let’s move on to the really dumb f.’s…, “Black Lives Matter”, “” idiots! Those animals take the top award for stupid. What’s left are a bunch of folks that don’t really care. That in itself is a stupid attitude to take.
      So now that we got the majority of stupid Americans accounted for, how many smart folks do you think that leaves us with in American? I believe, not many unfortunately.
      I agree with Trump & Cruz. Both piss the elites, DNC & GOP bastards off, and scare the crap out of them all at the same time. Although I prefer Cruz over Trump because he’s way more versed in our founding documents and laws than Trump. I wish we could mold Trump and Cruz together because the energy, balls and charisma of Trump together with the Constitutional knowledge and intelligence of Cruz, Dem’s and Prog’s and Lib’s would be spanked into oblivion. Or at least for the next 4 to 8 years. This all boils down to Human Greed. What we see in Politics, and especially in DC, are the greediest, most money hungry worshiping low lives this country has ever seen. I would even go as far as saying…, the world has ever seen.
      This is exactly what happens when a country makes money their God……
      It’s time to take off the gloves and get in the fight. If “We The People” don’t, This country will die at the hands of the Liberals and the “do nothing” Conservatives.

      1. h m rowland says

        ….go forward with liberals, back to 1946 with conservatives.

        1. Yourko says

          Please…. “go forward with Liberals”???? You’re funny!!!! Ha ha ha ha….

          1. h m rowland says

            My mom said that too! LOL! iT usually had something to do with Nixon or Nancy Reagan.

          2. Yourko says

            I guess we have a whole bunch of Nixon’s & Nancy’s now… lol! “N” for Nincompoops…. ha ha ha ha….

      2. MTnman says

        A symbol of a guillotine should be placed on the White House lawn to remind bureaucrats “… that their people preserve the spirit of resistance – …” Thomas Jefferson

      3. Bird says

        Well said.
        I like Cruz, but I can’t vote for him because I firmly believe that he is NOT a ‘natural born citizen’. The offices of President and Vice President are held to a higher standard, above that of members of Congress, Governors, and state officials. Cruz’s mother was an American citizen BUT his father is from Cuba and Cruz himself was born in Canada!! There is nothing ‘natural born’ about that! Having Obama in the oval office for nearly eight years has taught us nothing….. he is more sympathetic to Kenyan’s than Americans! Even if Obama WAS born in the USA, his father was NOT a US citizen and that alone should have barred him from the Presidency.

  76. ringostarr1 says

    Donald Trump is currently polling behind Hillary Clinton in New York State (Trump’s home state) as badly or worse than Marco Rubio lost to Donald Trump in Rubio’s home state, Florida. Anyone voting for Trump is either an enemy of the United States of America or else a Democrat Party voter. Excuse me, my bad, America’s enemies and Democrat or Trump voters are one and the same.

  77. h m rowland says

    No debate tonight …

  78. Wayne says

    It should have been titled,”TRUMP EXPOSES ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY”!

  79. Wayne says

    It should have been titled, ” TRUMP EXPOSES ENEMIES TO THE U.S. !”

  80. kbfallon says

    Now who really cares what the hell Lindsay Graham has to say or thinks…….we will not tolerate this type of person in office any longer and his days as a politician are nearing the end of the road–we are taking our country back!

  81. supergun says

    Is anyone having that aggravating pop up advertisements bothering the hell out of you. I would not buy anything from anything like that if they gave it away.

  82. Wayne Smyer says


  83. Sheila Smith says

    Who cares what Lindsey Graham thinks, jhe has always been a turn coat! He’s only a republican when it helps his cause, otherwise he’s a democrat disguised as a republican! Who cares what Rubio has to say, he’s just a big cry baby who knows not thing! Trump is the only one that can save our country from complete ruin! He has spent his own money and won’t owe favors like Cruz will! Cruz signed the amnesty bill and nobody brings that out but, maybe they should after seeing what happened today in Paris, this is what happens when groves of illegal aliens flood the country and nobody knows anything about them or what they are up to!

  84. suyria says


  85. Lorraine E says

    If Lindsey graham and Marco rubio are supporting Ted Cruz, he has gone way down in my opinion. You will know something about the man by his friends. Good bye Ted.

  86. SASINTEXAS says

    This must be one of those moments where you keep your friend close and your enemies closer. Cruz is hated in both houses of the GOPe and Demoncrats. The rino’s are now pushing for Cruz although he is loathed by them. Boehner did not even speak to Cruz for over 2 years the rest of the bunch totally ignored him. So why the huge push the lesser of two evils? Nope, simple really they know they can control Cruz he will not get anything done/resolved by his own party and 100% of the demoncrats will ignore him. Trump can’t be controlled and can and will negotiate with both sides, will he always win no but he will at least not be stymied on every proposal he makes on our behalf. For me the lesser of the two evils gets my vote #trump2016makeamericagreatagain.

  87. Al Hope says

    More like Cruz is welcoming all the invasion traitors, like Lindsey, into his bed.

  88. laulau says

    Graham will just back anyone. I wonder how Cruz feels after being the fourth choice?

  89. h m rowland says

    paul ryan is an anti Cuban jackass.

  90. Carol says

    THESE BASTARDS ARE NOT REPUBLICANS! THEY ARE RINO’s !!!!! (republicans in name Only!) this is Disgusting and the TRAITORS! ARE SHOWING!! THEIR TRUE! COLORS !!!! ….

  91. Carol says


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