Trump Crushes New England Primaries: “It’s Over”


Donald Trump was always expected to sweep the board on Tuesday, but his decisive victories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut shattered the long-running assumption that he couldn’t expand his appeal beyond 30% of the Republican electorate. Proving that his landslide win in New York was no fluke, Trump dominated New England by winning more than half the vote in each state. In Rhode Island and Delaware, he actually pushed past 60%. Trump may be no closer to winning over the GOP establishment, but it’s clear that the voters themselves are coming around.

In his victory speech, Trump once again dismissed the possibility of an open convention. “When a boxer knocks out the other boxer, you don’t have to wait around for a decision,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.”

In any other year, he would be right. Mathematically, he is the only one of the three remaining candidates who can reach 1,237 delegates and lock up the Republican nomination on the first ballot.

But that’s not the game his opponents are playing. Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are aligned with a single mission: keep Trump from hitting that magic number. If they can accomplish that goal, many experts believe it will be nearly impossible for Trump to overcome a hostile delegate takeover on subsequent ballots. Then again, if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that we should take experts predictions with a grain of salt.

Now the spotlight turns to Indiana. Cruz delivered a speech there Tuesday night, using the gym where Hoosiers was filmed to make a symbolic point about counting the underdog out. “Tonight,” Cruz said, “this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain.”

In Indiana, Cruz belatedly gets what he always wanted: the chance to go one on one with Trump. Kasich will be on the ballot, but his campaign will not spend any time or money in the state. If the plan works and Kasich supporters strategically shift their votes to Cruz, it would make it very difficult for Trump to wrap up the nomination before the convention. But that’s a big “if.” Two things are working against Cruz: tens of thousands of Indiana voters have already cast their ballots, and Trump has a tremendous amount of momentum.

But that’s not all. Voters – even those who support Kasich and/or Cruz – do not seem thrilled about this cynical alliance. It’s one thing to fight for victory, another thing to spoil it for your rival. When a candidate for president can’t even tell voters to vote for him, you can’t blame anyone who says, “Then what the hell are you doing?”

Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Republicans believe that the candidate with the most delegates going into Cleveland should be the nominee. The RNC can choose to ignore that, but there will be consequences.

  1. Croco Dile says

    LegalMan :
    I understand why those in charge have no respect and do feel completely entitled to stick it to the people. If they will believe something this patently and obviously ABSURD and will go along and help them to exploit them, then why not give it to them. I think that is clearly the mindset of those in charge. And frankly, from a practical point of view it is hard to argue with.

    1. gotabgood says

      Nice post… I would like to borrow your cartoon, maybe alter it a little, if you don’t mind.

      1. gotabgood says

        Here is the altered version..

        1. Croco Dile says

          Yes, it goes both ways in this ponny show.

        2. joe says

          you are a retard only a retard would support a murderer and soon to be convicted felon or an insane old many that will probably stroke out before the election that never held a job in his life until he was 40 wow you people are so sad and weak minded.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yep CROCO SHIT is here. Listen up people, even tho it will make you puke!!

          2. gotabgood says

            Sorry there old hateful joey… But I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
            Who am I supporting that is suppose to be a murderer? (most likely in your own eyes)

          3. Ah nutz says


          4. gotabgood says

            You didn’t finish your sentence….
            I agree with your statement.

          5. gotabgood says

            I make grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes all the time.. most of the time it is being in too big of a hurry to respond to people like you.
            “you are a retard only a retard would support a murderer…”
            I do not have a clue of who you are talking about! Since the name was not given. mur·der·er
            a person who commits murder; a killer.
            “convicted murderers”
            I am not supporting any convicted murderer or anyone even charged with murder.
            “insane old many that will probably stroke out before the election that never held a job in his life until he was 40 wow you people are so sad and weak minded.”
            “Old many”….. I assume you are talking about Trump, Clinton, Sanders?
            The only one born with a silver spoon in his mouth and did not have to work was Trump.
            I agree with you, he is weak minded as are his followers.

          6. joe says

            Retard!! you are insignificant and meaningless do NOT speak again without my permission. You are too stupid to understand reality, the good thing about your kind is soon you will go extinct because you have no ability to think on your own. As soon as the government is no longer there to tell you how to live you will all die off, you spineless jellyfish like fellow.

          7. gotabgood says

            So!!! I really got to you huh?? Good, maybe through all your blubbering and slobbering you will regain some of your senses. Doubt it.. Amoeba doesn’t have much sense to begin with..
            When you get a rat cornered then they turn to fight with no place to run… so like the rat with no more rhetoric or pre-programmed talking points you resort to name calling… typical.

          8. joe says

            HA HA HA RETARD!! like I am going to let a meaningless nobody get me upset wow you sure think a lot of yourself go suck hitlerys teet you mindless sheep

          9. gotabgood says

            I got to you..

          10. joe says

            OK Corky try to follow me on this I know you can do it if you just put a little effort into it. You mean nothing to me, you are insignificant therefore you have zero effect on me. In order for the normal average person to be upset about some thing said on the internet they must have at least a tiny bit of respect for the person saying it, they must think that they have something at least a little bit meaningfull to say. Now sparky are you still with me? good great job keeping up there I knew you could do it. You see chuckles you mean nothing to me I am aware that you are a meathead with zero education, only cutting and pasting what you are told to therefore nothing you say effects me in any way. OK I know that was a lot of words for you but if you managed to stay alert and nothing colorful or shiny got in your way I am hoping you grasp what I am saying now.
            I am so proud of you for keeping up, bless your little heart.

          11. gotabgood says

            I am so insignificant to you, that you just had to take the time to explain that to me.. little joey cares… and you can tell when he is upset… all of his training comes out and blast you with all his intelligence… calling you names makes joey feel better…. no truth… no facts… in your case… no rhetoric… you just slumped into blubbering mass of self-pity..
            I haven’t given up on you joey… but next time can we stick to some truths and facts?

          12. joe says

            You are one of my internet pets, your job is to entertain me PERIOD! .You serve no other purpose you have no other value, get used to it, accept it and LIKE it little fella

          13. gotabgood says

            Ahh I see still no truths or facts…
            it seems you want to get close to me… maybe you have feelings for me?
            I must be honest with you, I am not homosexual… I think what they do is their own business…. and they have their rights… as you do…. but thank you joey for the compliment…. but no thanks.
            Can we get back to the truths and facts now that we got the air cleared on our sexual preference?

          14. joe says

            Ha ha good one chuckles almost made me smile but I consider it a weak effort. May I again remind you your job is to entertain me and once you no longer do that I will toss you aside like a used tennis shoe. That said my suggestion to you is you put more thought into your next post if you want to remain one of my internet pets. At least you have some value as a pet once you are no longer in my stable of pets you just regress to another internet nobody with nothing to offer. Let’s not let that happen little fella I have faith in you I won’t give up on you yet I feel there is hope for you yet.

          15. gotabgood says

            I am at a loss of words…
            So I have this for you…. You win!!

    2. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      I feel that most people are like me. Doing the only thing there is to do to try to end politics as usual. Anyone that clearly thinks of America first, rather than special interest groups first, or other peoples first. Somewhere it’s been said that yes, Jews went place to place as a sojourner, but with that, they weren’t a burden to these lands. To go to other countries and expect them to take care of you, is just totally wrong. I know the days and ages have changed, and illeagal aliens before now came over to work, and not reap our benefits, but now they are taking from tax payers since Obama opened borders. Although they haven’t paid taxes on their money before now, which is still against the law, but Obama made it worse for All Americans.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Obamao is just a puppet on a string.
        Those in control are not stupid and definitely won’t let any puppet on that little throne make own decisions.
        You must look deeper. I gave you the link to read more.

        1. The Old One says

          Are you by any chance thinking of Soros?

  2. MAHB001 says

    And Now the spotlight turns to Indiana….

    It ain’t over till its over… Or is it?

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    1. The Old One says

      Ahhh, the good old days of uncle Joseph, sad having to admit we (and I mean we, Americans and not we Americans and Soviet Union) where better of. If you doubt my statement just check the national debt. Thanks Hussein.

  3. Croco Dile says

    LegalMan :
    No people can be free and in control of their government by watching teleprompter personalities on TV tell them lies, and then having “debates” with each other about what was said, and then going and “voting” every couple of years. Think about how laughably ABSURD that is.

    How can ANYONE with half a brain think that a group of self seeking meglomaniacs with access to a virtually unlimited check book that they don’t pay for, could ever be controlled by this “system” we even CLAIM to have, much less what we ACTUALLY have?
    Yet that is what people imagine is the case with our government. It is quite a testament to the power of someone’s beliefs.

  4. gotabgood says

    Does history repeat itself?

    1. Croco Dile says

      Yes, history always repeat itself.
      Just with different wrinkles…..
      But why ?
      Because the people (and those in power) never change.

      1. Nicole Stocking says

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        1. 32eagle says

          this here is as legitimate as Obama’s birth certificate one of his scumbags posted on the web

      2. gotabgood says

        This video is something already known by most, but quite an eye opener to hear it said back to you.
        We do not live in a perfect world. It is not often the little people overthrow the ones in power.. it is usually another power that sees you have grown fat and lazy and are an easy target, but the little people remain the little people and you salute a different flag.
        The cliche is to vote them out, but with all the laws of restricting votes, gerrymandering, the SCOTUS taking sides… voting is controlled by the ones in power.

    2. Ah nutz says

      oh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      1. gotabgood says

        That’s it???
        “oh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”
        Does the rightwing have you locked up and you are crying out for help?

  5. DeeDee says

    OK after losing 5 states Cruz named Carley his VP. Apparently $500,000 will buy you anything including a VP. Is he going to name his cabinet after he loses Indiana? Does Cruz live in a fantasy world or is he that narcissistic ? He should get out while he still has an ounce of self-respect.

    The majority of voters have spoken. He has no path to POTUS. Bye bye.

    To all you Trump haters who may be trolling today, Cruz is WAY too far right to be elected POTUS. Hildabeast will eat him alive. Does not matter that he is a master debater. His Green Eggs and Ham filibuster might have worked on the floor but I don’t think it will work against Hilldabeast. Trump will destroy Hildabeast in a debate and in the general election!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      You mean the five States that have voted ONLY for ONE Republican in their entire History? Get A Clue! Trump can’t possibly “destroy” Hillary, he’s the single most productive portion of her entire campaign!!!

      1. Donald Hunter says

        You are in a dream world! Trump can and will destroy her! Cruz is in her back pocket, along with a large number of republicans!

      2. TheBlues says

        Trump will rip the Beast a few new holes and she can use any of them to “do her stuff”.

    2. Milton W. Lowe says

      Good post, I agree with you & I’m very excited to see Trump take Hillary down, he’ll probably put her into an extreme coughing jag…

      1. TheBlues says

        Arf, arfing jag.

  6. Milton W. Lowe says


    1. Croco Dile says

      The people are not just asleep, they actively support the expansion under the guise that they are supporting their “freedom”. That is the real genius of the system they put in.

      That is why the government education system is designed to confuse people by discussing all the different FORMS of government instead of the Key component, the only one that actually matters, the SCOPE within which the government is authorized to act. Because, remember, all government is nothing but a gun pointed at you or you pointing it at your neighbor. Nothing more.
      The people are so deeply brainwashed that the vast majority will never be able to even discuss this topic without being angered, much less could they ever accept the truth of it. They operate in the red/blue world of politics at best. Imagining that the answer lies with working within the system. They can’t move beyond this because their entire world view would collapse if they actually saw the reality. It is called cognitive dissonance. It is well known and extensively studied and understood by our rulers.

      1. Bob Marcum says

        I’m counting on the voters, not liking the double-down, gang-up-against, attitude, of cruz & kasich, against Trump. They can’t convince enough people, that they can run the POTUS
        job; so, they try to knock out the opponent. That’s like telling a school student, that,
        if he can’t make the highest score, in the spelling bee, then, all he needs to do is to;
        put dry, peanut butter in the opponent’s mouth, so he will be misunderstood, when he can’t
        speak clearly ( then; the loser becomes the winner ).

        1. The Old One says

          Well said, very well said.

        2. gene1357 says

          Teddy is no more a Natural Born Citizen than Is Odumbo.

          1. Gea says

            Ted Cruz is also a Harvard Lawyer and a phony who is indebted to Bushes for electing him into US Senate. Hillary Clinton is a Yale lawyer…apparently law school enables these people to lie very successfully.

          2. elmcqueen3 says

            Why is it almost everyone in congress or the senate was once a lawyer?

        3. Croco Dile says

          Everybody sees problems going on. They see people arguing about “solutions”. People see crooks getting ahead. People see politicians lying and being re-elected. They see proposals that don’t seem to make much sense being adopted, or they see what they think are good proposals getting implemented in a way that isn’t working. And they think the answer is to “get someone else into office”, or to “get a better plan” or to pass a new law etc. etc.

          LegalMan :
          I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the system isn’t broken. The system is working just as it is intended to work. You misunderstand what the system is designed to do.

          The system is fundamentally different from how it is presented. Once you grasp the full import of that concept, all of the questions and confusion, all of the frustrations, all of the questioning about why the democrats don’t do this, or why the republicans don’t do that, or why the Supreme court did this, or why doesn’t the EPA or FDA do this or that or not do this or that can be resolved. Until then, you will live in a confused state……

          1. Milton W. Lowe says

            You sure have a way with words, remind me of a college professor friend of mine…

          2. Croco Dile says

            This is the LegalMan speaking, Milton.

            LegalMan :
            There is nothing fair about the legal system. It is “just a system”. What people don’t get is that this is not an accident. It is not the result of bungling or coincidence. It is not a one off or a “bad decision”. It is built in to the system. The system is doing exactly what it is designed to do. Don’t waste your time trying to imagine you can fix it by working within the systems’ rules they give you. As far as the real money power is concerned, as long as you are looking to fix the problems by working WITHIN the system, everything is fine.


          3. Milton W. Lowe says

            I’ve always thought the lawyers that go into politics are the wrong kind to be in government most are in it for themselves…the law in government not the laws have been ripping off Americans for about 200 years…along with the banks especially the Federal Reserve…

          4. Croco Dile says
          5. theseer says


          6. Ted Crawford says

            How sad!!
            “The Cynic regards everyone as equally corrupt.The Idealist regards everyone as equally corrupt, except themselves!” Robert Wilson
            Cynicism is not realistic and tough. It’s unrealistic and kind of cowardly because it means you don’t have to try!” Peggy Noonan
            “Cynicism advances the desires of the powerful: Cynicism is Obedience!” Alex Steffen
            Whoo-is-me, I’m a poor helpless wittly victim!

        4. Mitchell Loebel says

          Why are you so worried that you need to push for a less than 1237 “victory”?

        5. Ted Crawford says

          If it weren’t for the fact that it will only be a harbinger of the devastation to come, it would almost be worth it to see the look of astonishment and utter dismay on your face, come November 9!
          What I don’t want to hear is ” I didn’t know!” or “nobody told me this could happen!”

      2. GuardianFlame says

        But those “people” you are discussing have awakened to the fact that “politicians” have put America where she is today with their lies and deception.

        Why do you think that even democrats are crossing the party lines to be on Trump’s side? They, too, see the light and know that America can’t take even one more politician in our highest office…or the U.S. will implode with corruption. We need a non-political person in our Presidency that truly cares about the U.S. — unlike the last 8 years of a pseudo president that loathes everything American.

        Trump is that man and “We the People” know that. The GOP establishment better not try to pull a fast one and put someone else as our nominee…all hell will break loose like they have never experienced!

        1. Croco Dile says

          You really should wake from your strange dream !

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Interesting that you say that because the one thing I have always been able to do is see the real truths in life, in my job, in my families, in my city governments and definitely in this pseudo government controlling our Nation. You must think you are talking to a novice about the state of our Nation…you are not even close Croco dile. You are a millennium away.

            But go ahead and entertain yourself because you are not impressing anyone who is aware of the situation of this pretend government that is chipping away on our Freedoms. But be ready to jump fast, because when this American Institution starts to fall, you definitely do NOT want to be under it…and it is on that runaway course right now.

            However, the one thing that you do not possess is the ability to see the forest for the trees and to know that we can change this path we are on by finally using our voice and demanding our rights. I have never been “one who gives in” to someone just because they think they know what is best for me or mine. I have always researched the outcomes of whatever actions are being suggested and many times I go my own way, not the way of the majority. But, I have never forced anyone to follow my way or tell them that to follow me is the only way they can survive, because I know differently. And I have faith in the Human’s ability to overcome any obstacle, even a stupid, irresponsible inept federal government. Yes, I know what they have done to our Nation is intentional. I blogged in 2008 about that exact same thing trying to warn Americans about what bho would do to their country. No one listened because they were so proud and delusional about electing the first black president — even though he had NO DOCUMENTATION, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE, NO ONE THAT KNEW HIM AT ANY OF THE INSTITUTIONS HE SUPPOSEDLY ATTENDED, AND HE IS A MUSLIM.

            Now, if that action of electing a complete unknown without any research into his background, producing paperwork, etc., isn’t the actions of complete lunacy, nothing is. How sad is this that the liberal American people have been so dumb downed that they can’t even see the error of their remedial ways? yeah, it’s complete lunacy gone amuk.

            No dream here. But I do have prophetic dreams that inform about future events…funny that you should mention a “dream”. The one I had in 2007 as bho was starting to campaign for the Presidency would leave you speechless and very afraid for our country…because it showed the White House and Washington D.C. as rubble as far as you could see. The only things still standing were 3 of the Tall Columns of the White House. When I asked God what happened, I only felt a great sadness surrounding me as I stood on one of the columns. Then I heard a chilling, sobbing, moaning tornado of spirits coming down the riverbed that was once Philadelphia Avenue…the pain, sadness, and agony of these voices was intolerable…and I awoke from the dream. So if you want to talk about dreams, prophetic dreams, I’m all ears. That is something I’m very familiar with…

          2. GuardianFlame says

            Trump will take this election — it will be the beginning of the end of many liberal mindsets, which will be the best damn thing for our Nation since indoor toilets! Mark my words…Trump will heal all that is wrong with our Nation. Don’t expect it to be overnight, it won’t and it will be a bumpy road, but we will get there and life will improve. Just getting rid of millions of illegals is a damn good start. Let’s keep America for Americans…we are not a charity organization with a money tree growing in our backyards. Wise up America. Time to get a backbone and get it done!

          3. Croco Dile says

            Interesting !
            I just don’t share your optimism about “people overcoming”…..

          4. GuardianFlame says

            If our World doesn’t have some people who “believe” that people can change, our World would have imploded upon itself centuries ago. It requires Faith in something much larger than humans…and that Faith is within me.
            God Bless you Croco Dile.

            We are fighting more than human egocentrism, there is an evil that is here and trying to destroy all that is good in people’s lives. As long as you know your “real” enemy, it is easier to defeat him. I know that enemy and it isn’t humans but another entity.

            You have a pure heart Croco Dile. Let it guide you to what you need to do to help the human condition of our nation that has been weakened, but not destroyed. Have Faith that your heart/Soul will lead you down the right path to strengthen our American people and rid our land of the evil that is trying to devour it. . You will do this because your story has already been written and your Soul knows the words…

          5. Croco Dile says
    2. gene1357 says

      Even greater than before! When Trump takes the White House, The American Republic will be resurrected.
      The business of America is Free Enterprise.

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        I agree with you Gene & I also believe the Millennials will come on board once the actual contestants or combatants publically go against each other.

        1. Bettyareed says

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          1. guymacher says

            Keep this crap off this site!

          2. Paiute says

            Michelle. Send me the $5000 you owe me.

          3. joe says

            show me your titt13s

      2. Ted Crawford says

        Right, thru, according to your Messiah, a series of Tariffs. A tactic that never worked very well, even in the days when we controlled the major portion of production and manufacturing. After decades of the decline we’ve experienced in those areas, they will work exactly the opposite and our market shares will decline as our domestic prices increase!
        That’s all water under the bridge now. Celebrate! As they say ‘Rejoice and be Merry’ There will be a time for your grief on November 9, when you realize that all you’ve scored here is a Pyrrhic Victory!

    3. geoh777 says

      Unpleasant truths:
      1. The NWO owns big business in the U.S.
      2. No one can become or stay a billionaire in the U.S. without a lot of friends and contacts in business.
      3. Trump has made all of the necessary friends and contacts.
      4. For example, Trump is an associate of Richard Haass of the CFR, respects him and takes advice from him (in Trump’s own words: Note that Trump shares friendship of Haass with Hillary.)
      5. No one can logically expect Trump to follow through with any of his grandiose promises to dethrone the NWO from their control of the multi-trillion $$$$$$ business and political grip they have on the U.S.
      6. Trump is just one more obstacle that the NWO has thrown in the face of true Americans of the pattern of all presidents before him for the last 100 years or more. Most “memorable” have been Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, GHWBush, Clinton, GWBush, and Obama.
      7. May God bless America.

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        I both agree with you & disagree with you…most of the things you say are reasons why he will do good with America. He may not come thru with all but any he does will be very beneficial to us. He is the only one out of some 20 who have aspired & faded away or soon will do so & I do believe that he is sincere in his love for America & he will do good.

        1. Croco Dile says

          We will see after he will come into office.

  7. Loving America says

    Ameroicans who voted for Trump…IF the RNC gives anyone his votes then We the People should look up their address and tear them down just like they are trying to do to Trump! Cruz is a Criminal Plotter against Us the voters for Trump and against Trump too…the Law will not stop this so We the People should! Someone step up and be the Leader and form this happening!

    1. Croco Dile says

      America is an oligarchy/kleptocracy masquerading as a representative republic.

      LegalMan :
      The system we have creates a tyranny even against the Majority, not just the minority. It is the WORST of all worlds.
      Oh, that’s not true Legalman. Really? Okay, then put the income tax on a national referendum and see if the people vote to keep it. Oh, they won’t? Well, that’s my point. It isn’t even a government by a majority…….

      1. David Nichols says

        It seems your point is that we are not a pure democracy…
        We are a representative republic, and always have been since our founding,
        A pure democracy is perhaps a Socratic ideal, but how would you deal with the “majority” that voted to have the government seize your business? That same majority could proceed to put restrictions and sanctions on all those with whom they disagree.
        Our founders knew this, and devised a way to avoid that scenario.
        The problem today is the Left wants to rewrite and reinterpret the Constitution whenever they have a goal they cannot achive through the political process…

        1. Croco Dile says

          LegalMan :
          If you implant an idea into peoples’ heads early and often they will see and believe things that have no reality at all. Hence the people in this country see it as free. They see the country as one of laws and restraints on the law makers. They imagine it to be something it is clearly not if you just objectively look at it and ask basic questions. And that is why fundamental questions can never be allowed as I have shown. You must only operate within the game they have devised for the people to play and imagine. Nothing more.

          The “republic” we supposedly have is a total sham. What we actually have is one of the worst of all worlds, as opposed to the best, as we are taught.

          We know that democracy is just 2 wolves and a lamb trying to decide what is for dinner. We have been told again and again about the way democracy doesn’t work because the minorities are oppressed etc. And we are told that is why our “brilliant system” is a representative “republic”.
          Our entire system brainwashes people all their lives about how we have this system that keeps the government in check. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we don’t. What we have is a group of people ruling us who sell the people a lie by using the principle that people can have something for nothing.

          If you want, then you can read on :

          1. David Nichols says

            I can’t disagree that our system is imperfect, but it has proven to be better than any other for the diverse population we have for more than 200 years. It has fallen on bad times in the last 40 years or so, mainly due to single issue voters discovering they can vote themselves freebies and special privileges. Political hacks are quick to seize upon this weakness of character and lack of real patriotism.
            Nevertheless it is still a country where you are able to express your views, on a public forum such as this, and fear no greater consequences than a negative response.
            That is not true in many countries and is an important distinction…
            USA, warts and all is still the country people go to great lengths to sneak INTO, while many other countries are noteworthy for the number of people wanting to sneak OUT…

          2. Croco Dile says

            This is changing.
            Don’t you see ?

          3. David Nichols says

            Of course I can see that…What do you think I meant when I said “the country has fallen on bad times the last 40 years or so”?? And I delineated what I believe to be the main cause of that decline…

          4. Croco Dile says

            I don’t disagree with you on this one.
            The situation accelerated in those 40+ years.

            But this was inevitable and the process in irreversible.
            America is beyound the point of no return. Not even the fictional Jesus can “save” it. It’s about economics and people allowing to shift the country away from the free enteprise system towards Socialism.

            Read “History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto

            A quote :

            One task it performed with brilliance was to sharply curtail the American entrepreneurial spirit, a mission undertaken on perfectly sensible grounds, at least from a management perspective. As long as capital investments were at the mercy of millions of self-reliant, resourceful young entrepreneurs running about with a gleam in their eye, who would commit the huge flows of capital needed to continually tool and retool the commercial/industrial/financial machine? As long as the entire population could become producers, young people were loose cannons crashing around a storm-tossed deck, threatening to destroy the corporate ship; confined, however, to employee status, they became suitable ballast upon which a dependable domestic market could be erected.

          5. Ah nutz says


          6. Freedom says

            You seem to have an answer to almost everything. O-K answer man how would
            you correct our system right now instead of coming up with excuses on how bad it is???? No B.S…..Outside of a revolution…..

          7. Croco Dile says

            The vast majority of our world view is not formed by our own personal experiences with “facts”. It is formed by what we have been told.
            So read a bit about the actual system :

            Have you listened to this little talk already ?

          8. Ah nutz says

            you are WAY too negative … this ordeal that has exposed so much = I believe will be a start in repairing.

          9. Croco Dile says

            Not negative, just accepting reality.
            Learn about reality and you will be able to identfy bullshit coming your way.

          10. TheBlues says

            Correct, no way we are “free”. We have Social Security, IRS, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. Now the government is regulating food, what children can eat in school (but we still have the right to home school or private school). Now many groups are wanting to rid the groceries from selling red meat, and a future ban on restaurant fried foods. Those first 5 socialist programs I mentioned are growing worse every year. We have no control over them. There is no way to abate them. I don’t think even the revolutionary Trump will be able to. But in any case – -Trump 2016 ! ! ! !

        2. TPM says

          “Absolute Democracy” leads to countries like Venezuela … where the government has seized privately owned businesses and property, to feed its dysfunctional self, under the guise of helping the people.

  8. PatriotGal says

    In all the states where the voting has not yet occurred, please VOTE! Do not let anyone, any pundit, any lame-stream media writers, anyone dissuade you from heading to the polls to vote. During this election cycle in which Mr. Trump has shone the light on the hypocrisy of the DNC, RNC, the inside-the-beltway elitists who demand we be subservient to them and vote only for whom they deem the “correct” candidate, have I fully realized how destructive and greedy they are. Every delegate matters if we want to restore America and Make America Great Again.
    TRUMP 2016!!!!!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      The Hypocrisy on display here is from Trump and his delusional supporters! They rejected an honest Conservative Capitalist in 2012, only to support a corrupt Democrat Crony Capitalist today! The light may be on, but clearly no one is at home!!!

  9. Howard Rosenstein says

    The nominee that believes the Federal Government must provide Housing and Medical care to the citizens must be Hillary Clinton. Wouldn’t you know it, the nominee I am talking about is Donald Trump. Hillary and Donald are the same pay to play, crony capitalist asses and would be horrible for our country. Cruz actually stood up to the establishment cartel. Trump would negotiate and compromise with the socialists, the enemies of America. Trump or Hillary will be disasters if either one is elected.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Isn’t it ironic, these poor delusional souls vehemently deny that Trump is a part of the system, completely ignoring the simple fact that without the Crony Capitalists willing to pay the price, the corrupt Politicians could not exist at all!!! But as Trump said, “Everybody does it!” ! And they wonder why America experiences so mush corruption, DUH!!!

    2. Croco Dile says

      People want to keep believing in this phony system because they prefer watching TV and looking at Kim Kardashians ass to having to actually think and act. They HAVE to keep believing it because of the cognitive dissonance it would create to face the truth. So they mindlessly repeat the idea that because they have a “right to vote” every few years that they are free. Poof, it’s magic don’t you see?

  10. Howard Rosenstein says

    I think those supporting Trump are thinking with their hearts and emotions, possibly even thinking with their asses. Before deciding who should be our nominee, I beg our citizens to start using their brains.

    1. Croco Dile says

      You are asking too much, Howard.
      People run on emotions.
      Our rulers know that. Is the state of the world such a surprise then ?!

    2. Ted Crawford says

      They are like their Progressive counterparts, drooling over false promises from a false Prophet!

      1. Croco Dile says

        The REALITY doesn’t sell well.
        The people don’t even understand what they don’t understand. It is a total fantasy world they live in. Fantasy sells.

      2. 32eagle says

        ISIS being wiped out is progress-got to put a shopping mall there-I mean when Trump runs our military and the fag gets out

    3. Deby says

      you have clearly described progressive brain-dead liberals-and yourself!

    4. laulau says

      Cruz cannot possibly be the nominee , so he picks a non vice president? Desperate to be still in the race, but he is toast. He parades out someone who is disliked as much as he is. Losers.

    5. 32eagle says

      I used everything I had and out of all the choices mike Huckabee and Donald trump were just my kind of president-the right stuff-not perfect -just the very best out of the rest-the others do not have what we need by a long shot however any of those folks are far better than sanders and hairyhill clinton

  11. Marty Thompson says

    It’s quite simple! If Trump is not the nominee, then this man stays home on election day

    1. Deby says

      Think about that please-you are saying you WANT killary to continue America’s death spiral into socialism/communism by NOT voting for whoever the nominee is? Really? If that is your choice, you do not deserve to live in America, and should adjust very well to your new reality of complete government control over EVERY aspect of your life. be smart dude, a non vote is a vote for the destruction of America as we know it.

  12. gmhunt4 says

    Hello President Hillary Clinton

  13. junkmailbin says

    Teddy, the Turd< Cruz and Kazux are a pair of sore losers. They can not longer win the primary count so the want to play rat pack in hopes of winner on the sly. Teddys stunt of announcing Carly as VP is a last gasp desperate move. He is pandering and pimping to woo voters .
    Teddy and Kazux should be true gentlemen and good losers which is what they are. They should concede and endorse Trump. The goal is to beat the Democrat ( Hilary) that is running for president.
    Besides, Cruz could care less about the Constitution since he is ineligible for President.l Both of his parents were not US Citizens when he was born

  14. The Old One says

    So Cruz is enlisting Carla Fiorina as VP and Kasich by default in the coming Indiana convention. So that republicans have two choices either voting for front runner Trump or against losers, be them Cruz or Kasich. Sad options because it should be about voting for someone and not against anyone. Welcome to third work politics but I tend to believe that if the majority winner in the republican race is anyone but Trump the Old US of A as we know it politically will become a Banana republic in terms of political elections. Not unliquidated Greece, present day Spain, Italy or Burundi. Thanks Hussein.

  15. gene1357 says

    I think the Canadian born poseur ought to shut the Hell up and return to the Great White North. His only qualification is that he’s no more qualified than the current ass-breath anchor baby at 1600 PA. Ave. Cruz may be even dumber than Dumboma.

  16. junkmailbin says

    we will now see cruz, kasic, and the rnc run around and try to screw trump and the voters

  17. DeeDee says

    John Boehner Just Made A BOMBSHELL Trump Announcement!

  18. Gail Ferraiolo says

    Mr. Donald J. Trump For our next President of the United States of America So Help Me God!!

    1. Croco Dile says

      Which god ?
      The god of the Jews ?
      Or the god of the Muslims ?
      Or just one of the hundreds out there ?

      1. 32eagle says

        the name is right there above the weird creature with skinny biceps-that name is just for one and the only one god we have-although many worship satan as their alledged god and many are just out for themselves-they think of themselves as being gods(BORAX)

        1. Croco Dile says

          I understand, the Jewish god is the one….

  19. laulau says

    It is bad enough that Cruz and Kasich are playing dirty to Trump with their scheme to take down Trump. Now they want the honest people voting to go along with it, and enter their dirty scheme. How many will?

    1. 32eagle says

      cruz is after sympathy-Trump made harsh comments about his just announced running mate earlier on in the campaign-now he is re-hashing it-to try every gimmick and the kitchen sink to get a nibble

  20. Jean Langford M. says


  21. bygeorge says

    For The GOP, The Party’s Over
    Mr. Steve Hayes, a Weekley Standard columnist, who appears frequently on the FOX News channel with Bret Baier said recently, rather as an aside, that he heard rumblings from inside sources that in light of Trumps apparent inevitability, the RNC was actually considering running as a third party. Say what? Cn we say desperation?

    This reveals the crack in the dam against which no finger of a little boy will suffice to hold back the tide of angry Americans who have finally been liberated from the chains of GOP party enslavement by Donald Trump because they now know they have constantly been betrayed by the party for the past twenty or more years, most certainly the last eight, and want no more of it. The party’s breaking up on the rocks and shoals of their own deception and incompetence.

    Mr. Hayes, whether he acknowledges it or not, spoke clearly on behalf of the RNC, as an anti-Trump’r, who cannot believe what he is witnessing, the loss of the party’s authority over its minions, and their money. Oh, the thought is too horrible to bear! Interestingly, his comment opened a crack in the door allowing us to peek into the party’s meltdown and view its desperation over events they no longer control but of their own making. Is a divorce eminent? Of course it is. It’s already started. The party’s over!

    After the recent five north-east states primary delegate selection, that Trump swept in all categories, Newt Gingrich told the party it was time to accept the Trump phenomena because his nomination is now a done deal and anything that remotely had GOP fingerprints on it as altering the course of what conservatives voters want, i.e.: Trump, and a new course for America, will be the kiss of death for the GOP. They know this, that’s why the third party nonsense. This happened before in our early history to the “Bull Moose” party and the “Copperheads” but, they weren’t the main parties and all but died at birth.

    The “elite,” “establishment,” career,” GOP politicians, however you wish to identify them, have demonstrated a gross mismanagement of conservative politics by abandoning the principles upon which conservatism was originally founded and, instead, joined hands with the corrupt Progressives (democrats) in gleefully looting the treasury. It continues to this day. What could be a grosser violation of the public trust than a vote for the Omnibus Spending Bill? Nothing else matters. Only America’s survival, as America, matters and yet the GOP have failed us.

    Now, at election time, we must listen to the varied excuses of our failed politicians tell us why they thought it necessary to abandon their public trust, spend money we don’t have, further our country’s path to financial Armageddon, while hoping, nay, pleading that we return them to office because they now see the light and they’re really good guy’s.

    Trump started the ball rolling. This election provides a great opportunity to continue the changes in our political representation. Nine of our GOP representatives (from Georgia) voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill. They did so because, like Obamacare, it was thrust upon them without discussion or time to read it and just a day or two before it had to be voted on. They opted to “go along.” That’s not the way to spend the peoples money. That’s not why they’re there. They made a bad decision and must pay for it. None of these people are entitled to keep their jobs. They have to earn them to keep ‘em. I haven’t seen that happening, have you? So now do your duty and throw the bums out.

    1. MTnman says

      Then, if Sanders runs as an Independent, it will be interesting; Democrat, Republican with Trump, Independent with Warren via Sanders, AND, the Whining Elitist party with Romney, Bush or Ryan.

      1. bygeorge says

        Yes, confusing, isn’t it?

  22. Mitchell Loebel says

    Rules are rules … even for empty barrel bully Trump. Less than 1237 doesn’t cut it!!

    1. 32eagle says

      yes it does cut it-if it has to-Trump is the man even with less than just a number-1237 is nothing more than a number that can be discounted

  23. Jimmy Persinger says

    It just shows you that Cruz and Kasich would sell there soles to keep a man who has not been bought by the good old boy political network of Pac,s and Big money and influence,They cant stand there will be a candidate in office who was not bought and sold over and over to get to the white house ,Cruz and Kasich are doing exactly what we as americans despise about politicians the secret back room deals etc,to screw some one over typical dirty politics we all want to see out of Washington and some respect ,Dignity and integrity restored in Washington and the White House,They still don’t get why Trump is cleaning there clocks,The American people are sick of the dirty deals and politics,And that’s why Cruz and Kasich will never make it to the White House,They still lie cheat and tell the public anything to get elected then screw us all in the azz when they get there,Now its time for the American Public to do a little Screwing of the politicians and the ones who are working against Trump and doing all they can to stop him are the ones who are involved in all the dirty deals over the years and are afraid now as is the republican party that Trump will expose them all for what they are and create the biggest scandal in american history about how all our politicians have been screwing the American public for so long and getting away with it for so long as both parties and big business,The Pacs Democrats,The only thing Im concerned about is we finally get a honest man all of America wants elected overwhelmingly,Every one except the dirty political parties and the dirty politicians which is almost all of them ,Unions etc will be finished in the American public’s eyes as Trump will do the right thing and expose them all and the corruption with the clintons in the past and currently ongoing,Obama’s corruption riddled government,The only problem with it all is we finally get an Honest man in Trump willing to go in and clean this mess up and he is supported by the American people like no president has been in History probably ,Whats going to happen is,All those crooked son,s of bitches are going to get together because they have not been able to prevent Trumps election by a overwhelming majority of the popular vote and electoral college,There going to Take him out cause he wont play ball with them in a corrupt manner like things have been run the last 8 years.And I sure hope to God Trump has thought about this senerio.

  24. MTnman says

    What is Trump’s position on Common Core? I know Kasich supports it while Cruz is opposed.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      TRUMP want the Education to go back to the States & Towns. “No More” Common Core~~he says it is a disaster & I agree~!

  25. AKLady2015 says

    The Fourth Reich in the making.
    Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.

    1. joe says

      go fetch me my slippers wench

  26. Dwight Mart says

    I am ashamed of the republican parties failure to support Trump! They fear Trump, they know their, republicans and democrats, under the table deals will not be tolerated, They also fear those famous words “Your fired!” We need Trump, America needs Trump, truly he is our only hope for restoring Americas trade agreements, foreign policies, he is used to dealing and staying in budget, he is the only one that is against illegal entry to the U.S., and he honors and will protect our constitution that Obama swore to preserve and protect but has done everything he can and could to abuse it, ignore it, and wants to change it. Hillary is corrupt, more concerned with what she can gain over whats best for America and Americans and we saw how she dealt with Benghazi.

  27. Son Shine says


    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. denniscerasoli says

    I have a suggestion for Trumps VP and that would be Condoleeza Rice.It is my opinion that black voters not all but enough will hold their noses and vote for that ticket because it means a lot to them to have one of their’s only a heart beat away from being president.

  29. Gunflint Roseberg says

    America is sending the GOP establishment, & the Democrats a clear message.
    “You All can be Replaced” …If it says Incumbent on the ticket, you know what to do…

  30. markypolo says

    Unfortunately, even IF Trump wins the Presidency, as long as there is ONE worthless GD democrat in Congress, he will have an Impossible task of getting anything productive done. Hopefully, he will follow Obama’s method of Governing by Executive Order. Furthermore, EVERY government agency head will have to be FIRED, in order to purge Obamas fecal friends from Washington.

  31. MTnman says

    To better understand all the criticism of Trump, a book by Angelo M. Codevilla, THE RULING CLASS, will explain the association of the democratic party as the elitists, “In short, the Ruling Class has a party: the Democrats. It is their job to create programs in such a manner that the rest of the population is always made subservient to their wishes. Not needs, but wishes. Sadly, a few Republicans and virtually all democrats use Washington D.C. to control the rest of us through unconstitutional laws, rules and regulations.

    The book answers a host of questions as to who is really in charge (and, how they do it) of economic, social, and political events in this country.

  32. Tiger says

    The bullet has hit the bone.

  33. Tiger says

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