Trump Draws the Big Guns


File this one under the No Brainer category, but Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has decided that gun rights are essential! Let’s put it this way: any Republican in favor of more gun control should probably be disqualified on the basis of gross incompetence. You might as well campaign on a platform of higher taxes. It ain’t gonna happen.

Still, it should reassure voters who have wondered where The Donald stands on gun control. His critics have pointed out his earlier support for certain gun control laws, as written in his book, The America We Deserve:

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72 hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

That’s not the kind of rhetoric Republican voters want to hear, although it’s not like he was calling for a federal gun registry or anything. He sounds like the average semi-informed American who wants to ride the fence on this issue. You could probably find a Republican or two in Congress who would actually agree with this kind of gun control proposal. Especially if you got them behind closed doors.

In any case, Trump released a policy paper on guns that falls right in line with the NRA position. In it, he asserts his support for the Second Amendment, his status as a concealed carry permit holder, and his opposition to universal background checks. He reverses course on his earlier support for assault weapons bans and condemns the media for making these guns out to be scarier than they are. He also proposes that concealed carry permits should be valid in all 50 states like drivers’ licenses.

Because this is a political campaign, Trump’s opponents will probably call him out on his flip-flopping. And to be fair, voters deserve to know that Trump has changed his position and it’s entirely fair to be skeptical. However, when it comes to gun control, his slide to the right is understandable and quite common. Once you immerse yourself in this issue and listen to intelligent proponents of the Second Amendment, you realize how distorted mainstream coverage of gun violence really is. It’s an awakening, and it actually can be an epiphany on the liberal media in general.

If Trump is wise, he can use this conversion to his advantage. He should tackle it up front. Talk about how his views have changed and why. Seeing as how it’s Trump, we’re probably not going to get a lot of specifics, but even a general overview would work. Because a lot of his supporters will probably see themselves in his story.

Really, this can extend to Trump’s liberal history beyond gun control. There’s a reason liberals become conservatives later in life, and it doesn’t just happen when business moguls want to run for president. You live, you learn, you stop dreaming about the way things ought to be, and you start dealing with the way things are. Whether you like Trump or not, we should be able to appreciate a man who finally sees through the veil.

  1. MAHB001 says

    It is good to see Trump flip on his earlier position. That shows a sign of intelligence, AND it shows that Trump when he is shown the facts, can and will make logical decisions.

    1. Diane Burke says

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      1. Donald Evans says

        This has nothing to do with the subject. You’re also full of crap.

        1. patricia lockwood says

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        2. Fed Up in Missouri says

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          1. Mark Lahti says

            Exactly right on. I flag them all also. I also report them to fb.

      2. Greg Taylor says

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        1. glenn398 says

          Grey just a woman trying to start a small business, ha ha.

      3. VolunteerVet says

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      4. talltreetrader says

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    2. supergun says

      No flipping. Just changing mind. We can still do that in America.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Agreed, that was a great comment made by disqus_18l6P7jZju

    3. erleebird says

      Agree! If Trump is what we need to bring back our country, I say, let’s back him – although I’m for Ted Cruz, I’d vote for Trump/Cruz. Trump could be prez for one term and there will be an honest and truthful Cruz to take over. (Read his book)

      1. Seldena says

        That is the ticket I am hoping for also! I agree TRUMP is very strong for America and Cruz KNOWS our Constitution!!!

        1. LastGasp says

          If Cruz knew our Constitution he wouldn’t run for president.

          1. Seldena says

            WHY? A President takes an oath to UPHOLD and to DEFEND the Constitution. Ted is a Constitutionalists Lawyer.He knows it very well and how can you not be President and not know the Constitution?

      2. Mike with the Silver Star says

        Yes, If Trump gets nominated I hope he picks Cruz for a running mate…very solid ticket

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Not bad. Anyone but Bush. That would be a serious disappointment.

      3. MAHB001 says

        I like all four…. Fiorina, Carson, Cruz, and Trump…

        And would not have a problem with anybody until we get down to the real career politicians like Bush and Graham… Bush for his ties to the family, Graham because he has been in the sewer too long…

    4. Nancye says

      Shows nothing but pandering! Come on, GOP, quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

      1. 1776_DejaVu says

        O changed his mind on everything he ran on….get a clue Obot

      2. MAHB001 says

        People can change their minds when enlightened by the facts.

        Trumps ACTIONS will be the litmus test… Unfortunately, we will have to rely on our common sense feelings until we actually see Trump in action…

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Sorry my friend but this is one issue I have to disagree with you about. Trump was a card carrying democrat for over 20 years and now all of a sudden he has an epiphany? I’m not buying it. Also he is a salesman and salesman will tell you anything he has to to get you to buy whatever it is he is selling. In this case his transformed world view and political leanings. OK, sure, he is a fresh face in politics that alone does not make him the best choice for the job with so much at stake right now. He keeps talking about looking into this issue or that issue and then making an informed decision. All that tells me is that he doesn’t have a firm grasp of many of the issues we are faced with today. He says he will put together a team of the best minds on all the issues. That that would be a solution I am comfortable with is to big a stretch. No, I don’t trust him and I don’t think he could handle all the big issues of the day.

          1. LastGasp says

            He has explained his position on many issues much more clearly than any other candidate. Why are you so afraid of him?

          2. MAHB001 says


            You are wise not to trust a politician or even someone that is attempting to be a politician.

            Of course you are right that we must be informed about our choices and your hesitation to make a choice is something WE must not ignore.

    5. Seldena says

      That is what I see to in Trump. When he says “We are looking into that”–they really are. How do I know? I wrote Corey, Trump’s campaign mgr., and I did ask where Mr. Trump stood on the Keystone Pipeline being built. I received a reply that they had been researching ALL about that issue and will announce in a couple of days their decision. They did exactly that! Trump and his team are really studying all the issues and are being thoughtful and then Trump comes out with his decision. I like that very much. BTW–HE IS ALL for building the pipeline!!

      1. Mike with the Silver Star says

        He’s all for building a real wall to keep scum out of OUR country, too

      2. MAHB001 says

        That is exactly what good businessmen do…

        As long as Trump stays true to the American People and what is best for them. I like Trump.

  2. disqus_18l6P7jZju says

    Lets not even call it a flip…. the guy simply changed his mind which many of us have done as we gained more knowledge on a subject.

    1. supergun says

      You right. We all change our mind everyday. It is called learning. When you stop,,,,your drop. No pun intended.

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        Very Funny my Friend but also very true.

        1. supergun says


          1. Mark Tercsak says


      2. Jimmy Quick says

        I would never consider changing my mind about a thing like gun control. When I point my gun, I intend to hit where I aim. Under the law, an assault weapon can be something as innocuous as your mouth. I understand that public persons must dumb down everything they say for consumption by the masses, but all Trump did was solidify his earlier statements. To me, he should go even further against the gun grabbing left (Christy, Obama, Pelosi), if it wouldn’t risk the irrational fears of foolish children pretending they are adults.

        1. supergun says

          You are right Jimmy. But once you pull the trigger, your life changes forever. I always look for the best way out without my gun. Only if my life is threatened, then I am with you. I would hope TRUMP will repeal the automatic, short barrel, and silencer regulations once he is elected. Then dismantle the ATF.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t know what state you are in but in my state, West Virginia, we can buy silencers, short barrel riffles and fully automatic firearms. The waiting period could run up to a couple of years since the FBI does a full investigation including talking with your co-workers and neighbors before granting the permit. I’ve been told that a shortcut is to obtain an FFL license which allows you to own any legally purchased firearm you wish with out reporting.

            As a precaution, I would make two copies of my ownership papers and give one copy to my attorney. You never know what these federal Nazis might try to pull on you these days.

          2. supergun says

            I live in Georgia. The gun rights are pretty strong here. We can also have automatics, silencers, and short barrels if we want to pay the unlawful stamp tax, by the way, that is why this Country kicked the british’s ass back to Europe 200 years ago, because of illegal chit like the stamp tax. Which gives the feds. the right to bust into your home anytime without a warrant. Enough said on that crap. Many ways to protect your guns from the gun nazis. I love the State of W. Virginia. They are a thorn in Washington’s side, plus Virginia. Sold a nice Remington 22 mag. rifle to a fine American up there a few years ago.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            Keep up the struggle brother.

          4. supergun says

            U2 American.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            I can feel your compassion for the criminal mind as I was once afflicted with the same backward thinking. If you are a women, you might have something to bargain with for a couple more hours of life, but rest assured, once they are done with you, your just a witness that needs to be exterminated.

            Like a game of chess, once a crime event begins, you need to get the upper hand quickly and your strategy should include you and your family walking out alive. The only way that is gonna happen is if ALL the bad people are down.

            Other than that, it’s a crap shoot at best.

          6. supergun says

            I have many toys to play with and I am not a woman. My name speaks for itself and I am like your name, “Quick”. My mind is a chess game, it is always calculating my circumstances so that I do walk out with my wife alive and well. Hopefully the other party can also, but that is up to them. Thank you for your compassion. You are a genuine American.

    2. erleebird says

      I live in CT ten miles from Sandy Hook. For quite a while, the subject of guns was very frightening to me and I was against them. Upon researching and evaluating, my stance is for the past two years, for the second amendment. If we don’t have guns to protect ourselves, we will not be protected by our government.

      1. Laddyboy says

        erleebird: The “supreme court” has made a ruling that “The police and the military are NOT responsible for an individual’s defence or protection. It is the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL for the protection and the defence of themselves” (paraphrased).

      2. Mike with the Silver Star says

        Thank you for your common sense…The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun…and I don’t mean waiting for the police to arrive too late to count the bodies…

        1. brucethompson22 says

          I would like to know how many lives are saved by a home owner or armed civilian, they never tell us that, it goes against there “Guns are Bad” we have to take them but, we’ll keep our armed guards paid for by the tax payers.Remember “When seconds count, the police are only five minutes away”.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            According to a study performed by Florida State University, each year in the USA approximately 2.5 Million life or death crimes are ended by citizens with their own fire arm. Unfortunately, about .05% of these citizens succumb to their injuries.

            If you can legally carry, you should be professionally trained and ready to protect your family. If you pull your gun, shot to kill.

            Our nation is becoming more violent than I can ever remember and criminals are not gonna wait for you to be ready before they shot.

          2. catman says

            I well remember when I first went through the academy way back when, we were told “shoot to wound so the perpetrator can be taken before the bar of justice”. Nowadays shoot to kill or that perp , if he/she lives will take you to court and sue you for everything you have and probably win. You only want one story told and that is yours. There is no “bar of justice anymore. It is now the “bar of injustice” for the ordinary man or woman. I live in the desert of Arizona. IF I ever have to take the life of of scum bag, I can guarantee you it won’t be found for many moons, if then. Can I live with the knowledge that I took a human life?? If taking that life means saving my own or those that I love or even a total stranger, YOU CAN BET THE FARM I CAN LIVE WITH IT !!!

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I think its also important to note that a lot of criminals are wearing BPA’s today. You need to hit the head in order to put them down or they just get back up when your not looking.

          4. donemyhomework says

            Boy do I agree with that.

          5. QUASAR says


          6. Coonass says

            You darn skippy, and sleep like a just fed baby.

          7. Dennis Dumas says

            Your absolutely right! And with the Syrian, Isis, refuges being brought her by the 100’s of thousands, it’s all the more reason to have a gun. Frankly, if someone invades my home, uninvited, with intentions to do harm or Rob, I’ll be happy to blow their brains out on my living room floor! When I know they are dead, I’ll then call the cops! End of story!!!

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Be careful not to kill them any more than required or you could be charged with “Overkill”. LOL

          9. Warpaint says

            Winchester 1300 hollow point bear slugs filled with mercury , would that be considered overkill?

          10. Jimmy Quick says

            Man, if you can legally buy it over the counter somewhere…

          11. Warpaint says

            Just picked it up, it is a stainless mariner 18″ with collapsible stock and it is mint, trained my wife on its use as I want her to survive if she needs to use it. First two are #8 shot the other three are hollow point bear slugs filled with mercury if that can not “convince” someone I don’t know what will.

          12. Jimmy Quick says


          13. QUASAR says

            very good choice.

          14. wildeagleone says

            I don’t know how many lives are saved by by homeowners but I do know that if we all had our weapons were taken away we would be at the mercy of the government and that is certainly no guarantee that we wouldn’t be enslaved and suddenly die if we didn’t agree with their agenda.

          15. Valor says

            You have hit on the specific reason for the 2nd Amendment.

          16. katrinaharris says

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          17. QUASAR says

            Exactly why the second amendment is such a priceless treasure to this country.

          18. wildeagleone says

            I certainly agree along with the 1st

          19. QUASAR says

            oh yeah ‘ the first as well.

          20. Halftrack2 says

            Unless you live where I live….The Police are 45 min to 1 hour away… But not to worry I can handle it with Mr. Glock…

          21. John Phillips says

            This is from the WP so it may be slanted:

            “In 2012, there were 8,855 criminal gun homicides in the FBI’s homicide database, but only 258 gun killings by private citizens that were deemed justifiable, which the FBI defines as “the killing of a felon, during the commission of a felony, by a private citizen.”

            That would indicate we do not have enough loaded ready to shoot guns in the hands of good guys when bad things are happening.

            There is no point in passing a law to control the lawless.

            Trump’s position was not very far left of his current statement.
            A background check is reasonable.

            A true assault rifle can shoot more than one round per trigger pull.

            I do not know of anyone who thinks we need full auto in our rifles.

            A lot of the time “assault rifle” is misused to include semiautomatic, one trigger pull per shot, which it is not.

          22. Jimmy Quick says

            If the police and armed forces have it then I should be able to have it. My views may seem radical today, but tomorrow you may wish you had listened.

          23. LadyGreenEyes says


          24. brucethompson22 says

            A lot of people think that AR-15 that the AR stands for “assault rifle”and the left wants to keep it that way. The AR stand for ArmaLite Rifle”, it was the original M-16. When it first came out it was called the AR-15. If it doesn’t go full Rock& Roll it’s not an as the left calls them “assault rifle”

          25. Henrietta says

            The left insist all rifles are assault rifles and double down when you point out their mistake. ”
            “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan

          26. 45 cal says

            “only 258……deemed justifiable”
            Most of the other deaths were due to criminal drug gang violence!

          27. LadyGreenEyes says

            So-called “assault rifles”, those that can shoot in fully automatic mode, served some store owners well during the L.A. riots. I don’t see any justification for banning them. If a “flash mob” hit your neighborhood, and you had a crowd of potentially hundreds threatening your home, what sort of firing capability would you want?

            Other than that, agree with your post.

          28. El says

            Hey, speak for yourself. I’m 84 and in my shape I need all the firepower I can get. Don’t forget hi capacity magazines either. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I don’t want to live as a free man.

          29. Frankdidit says

            Five minutes away? Where in hell do you live? I was a State Trooper for 25 years and I assure you five minutes are and were out of the question. Arm yourselves people. The bad people are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          30. catman says

            I totally agree with you Frankdidit. I spent 30 years as a LEO in various agencies including the Federal Prison System. I know what is locked up, and those that are still roaming the streets far outnumber the ones that are behind the bars.
            My American Express and my firearm, NEVER leave home without them !!!!

          31. Frankdidit says

            Thank you for your reply. I just hope there are more people out there who are going to wake up and smell the gun powder.

          32. LadyGreenEyes says

            That’s at best. Usually, it takes longer. Heck, some places, you get put on hold dialing 911! 25 years – nice service there.

          33. Frankdidit says

            Thank you for your reply. Proud to have served!

          34. catman says

            We will never know the true number of lives saved by civilians who have guns either in their homes or those of us that carry. Many of the instances that happen are never reported. However, the NRA monthly publication “American Rifleman” has a page titled “The Armed Citizen”. In that column, they have short stories about people who have used a firearm to protect themselves or their family or others from both two legged and four legged predators. Each is also accompanied by the reference, ie: police report or newspaper article for those who are skeptical of the origins of the particular article. That page is one of the first I turn to each month when my new issue arrives.

          35. Timk says

            I Too Get The “American Rifleman”. Good Read.

          36. brucethompson22 says

            catman; I hear you but, according the left, progressives and, Dems. that never happens, and we all know they never lie except obama, clinton,holder,bloomberg,jackson,90% of hollywood,and on the list goes.

          37. LadyGreenEyes says

            A lot more than the major media outlets will tell you! I know someone from school who posts, every Friday, what he called the “gun story of the week”, and sometimes, more than one. These are cases where a citizen with a gun stopped a bad guy. Considering how often we hear about bad guys beating people up horribly, and even killing them in home invasions, you can bet these cases are often lives saved, simply by having a gun. Stats showing a specific number can be tricky, because no one will say for certain what most criminals stopped by this actually intended to do, unless they were caught, and known for a certain sort of crime.

          38. QUASAR says

            Far more than they want you to know about ‘ if the real stats ever got out of how many lives are saved a year by a gun being present the anti’s would not have a leg to stand on.

          39. Laidbackrebel says

            The NRA, has a monthly magazine called “First Freedom”. It always carries a page or two of stories about positive uses of guns. BECOME A MEMBER, AND REQUEST THE MAGAZINE.

        2. QUASAR says


      3. MAHB001 says

        We also need those guns to protect us from that Government….

        History has shown that Civilizations that had an citizenry unable to protect itself have been conquered and ruled by those that are more powerful.

        An unarmed Citizen will eventually be a slave to the Government.

        1. Halftrack2 says

          A armed man is a citizen…A unarmed man is a subject…

          1. MAHB001 says

            Or slave… depending on the regime.

        2. brucethompson22 says

          Look what happened in Germany, Russia,Italy, Cuba and, so on.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The innocents and helpless that objected were slaughtered…

            That is what is so important about the Second Amendment, that is what makes the United States different than those Countries.

            The public still has their guns.

          2. catman says

            In more modern times, we can just look across the pond to merry old England, Australia and other countries that have banned guns from it’s “subjects”.
            Please don’t bring up Japan as a country that has strict gun control and has very little crime. Japan and it’s people have a culture that we should emulate. The people of Japan have respect for one another and the family honor. That is something we should have but don’t and never will. Besides, if you commit a crime in that country that takes another’s life, you are toast. The same with China and Korea. The Oriental people show respect for their laws. Do we?? Not on your life…

          3. MAHB001 says

            We used to have respect for the Family and God….

            Both have been under attack for at least 80 years now, by liberal progressives socialists….

        3. LadyGreenEyes says

          Hence the reason the Second Amendment was crafted!

      4. brucethompson22 says

        Erleebird; A lot of people today don’t know that Japan had plans to invade the U.S. but were told by one of their high command navy officer who I think may have been educated here told them and I quote “We can not invade the U.S., we would be facing a gun behind every blade of grass”. There’s a saying that goes ” When seconds count the police are only five minutes away”. When was the last time any of those gun control nuts ever said how many lives were saved by a legal gun owner, never. I bet more lives are saved that way than they want you to know. I heard it’s close to or over one million, I’d have to look it up. It’s not about legal gun ownership, it’s about control. Look at every socialist and communist country,the first thing to go was their guns, just look Germany, Russia, Cuba, China, the list goes on.Look what happened in Australia, their crime rate jumped about 40% and they had to pass laws on crimes they never had before, the one big one was Home Invasion.The news never tells you of the people saved by a gun in home invasions

      5. kbfallon says

        aghh…the second amendment gun rights are to protect us FROM the government……if the need be.

      6. Proud US vet/American says

        Your sane and prudent look at the real issue is refreshing to see. If more anti-gun establishment would stop, relax, and really study the gun issue, they would see that gun ownership is 50% about individual safety and family security, and 50% about politics.
        Thanks again for using rational thinking and reasoning.
        MOLON LABE

      7. GuardianFlame says

        You are 100% correct. I, too, was afraid of guns until I learned how to use one and the safety tips involved. Did you know? Most people aren’t aware that most of those violent shootings were in “gun free” zones where all the targets were sitting ducks for any crazy person. If just one person had a gun to defend those innocent people, that shooter may have taken off…but as you and I know, that wasn’t the case.

        Did you know that many schools are changing their attitudes about Principals and teachers having access to a weapon should an imbalanced kid show up on campus with a loaded gun. No one likes that scenario, but eventually, if enough schools had that kind of protection, perhaps kids wouldn’t ever try to gun down other kids.

        Finally, something for our parents of “young kids” today: Monitor what video games your child is playing because when a young mind sees killing and death 24/7 on a screen and he/she is the one controlling that scenario, the veil between reality and imaginary becomes severed. Yes, I know scores of young adult “Players” say this doesn’t happen, but all you have to do is look at what played out in those mass shootings and realize that something was very very wrong. Young minds are susceptible to suggestions and when a young child is left on his/her own to make decisions about life and death on a computer or TV screen, without the input from an adult bringing a moral compass to those actions, a child can get mixed signals about what is a “rightful” action and what is not accepted. To stop guns in kid’s hands, parents must be present to decipher what is wrong about killing so the child can choose better options. Families must become families again, parents must be parents and our children will grow up with a stronger moral compass about right and wrong…less violence in their lives and in our communities. What actions you take today in the lives or our children will determine what kind of adult they become…

        As for Trump — good for you. He “carries”, so why shouldn’t any other “Responsible” American? He also isn’t stupid about the amount of guns already in the hands of Americans (like the fraud in the W.H. who probably has never touched a gun in his life). Why would he anger all those gun owners when he, himself, carries as well? Remember too, Trump isn’t a politician wise in the arts of deception and manipulation. He tells it like it is, not to appease but to inform. No politician is that honest, except maybe Marco Rubio…running mate for Trump???? Perhaps.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Trump was a card carrying member of the democrat party for over 20 years. Now all of sudden he has an epiphany? He is taking a 180 degree turn around. Doesn’t that sound just a little bit fishy to all you Trumpsters? The man is a salesman. That is what he does and has done all his life. A salesman tells you exactly what you need to hear for him to sell you whatever it is that he is selling. Wake up people he has no qualifications at all for the job. Just like Obama didn’t have a single qualification for the job. Why would we put another egotistical demanding dictator in the WH again? Gov Walker just gave up his campaign for the WH. He did so because he could not get his message out. The field is to overcrowded and then dominated (thanks to the media) with Trump stuff. He said in his backing out speech that more of the candidates with little or no chance at gaining any ground do likewise. It would make it easier to get someone out there to take over the Trump mania and then we would have a real candidate that could be in charge of the movement to replace the democrat/socialist/liberal fanatic in there now. And then also defeat any body the dems could get to run without getting arrested for crimes against our government.

          1. LastGasp says

            ‘Card carrying member of the democrat party for over 20 years.’ Where did you pick up that little jewel of misinformation?
            You’re not going to change anyone’s mind with those worn out establishment talking points. Comparing Trump to Obysmal is freaking ridiculous. Sorry that your boy, Walker is out of the running, but he was establishment GOP anyway.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            That little jewel is out there all over the place. Maybe if you read or listened to or watched something besides your liberal msm you might catch those little jewels. I am not trying to change anybodies minds about anything. Just expressing my opinion on things as I see them. If you compare Obama and Trump in terms of their dispositions, their idealogy, their methods, their actions, and more. You will find many comparisons that ring the same. They are going to do what they want to do in spite of anything so onerous as the constitution. They have a determination to do what they want to do regardless of the obstructions in their way. They both have no qualifications for the job and yet think they will do the best job anyone has ever done in that position. They both exhibit far to much ego to let something like the people get in their way. The O wanted to fundimentaly transform America and Trump is saying he wants to do the same thing but using different terms. The fact that I don’t trust Trump is my opinion and I state those opinions quite clearly. The fact that you don’t agree with them is your opinion and you are entitled to that opinion. But just as you always do on every site where I’ve seen your posts. You have that I am smarter than you typical liberal troll attitude. Well take that attitude and go argue with someone else who might care about what you have to say because I surely do not.

        2. catman says

          You have hit the nail on the head with that post. Thank You!!

        3. erleebird says

          Ted Cruz is my choice!

          1. Gayla says

            Absolutey……….100% Ted Cruz for 2016

      8. daveveselenak says

        Sandy Hook was a fairy tale told to sleepy AMERIKA in order to get our guns! This communist regime controls the media; another example is the little Muslim wanna-be terrorist bringing in a look alike bomb that he said he had built (clock) but it was a hoax as it was just a clock with some additional wires attached to it! The sheeple are being played as a fine fiddle! Another incident of this is the Devil’s Advocate, his gargantuan Orangutan welfare he/she and his arranged family greeting the “Dope” Francis NWO implant ( just like Obaa-baa-ma was implanted) to try to pass him off as being a Christian – what a joke and what a tragedy as most of the sheeple will believe this Hollow-wood-like scripted propaganda! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

        1. GuardianFlame says

          Yes, but you are missing the point. Americans do NOT want another political figure in office. They are done with those guys. Americans want a new day of nonpolitical thinking.
          Please do not compare Trump to obama the fraud incapable of leading a flock of ducks. Bho was a liar from the beginning and Liberals bought what he said without any research or in depth study of bho. They were fools to elect an unknown with no work experience, no personal documents for his supposed education (lies), birth place (lies), being a Christian (whopping lie), not being muslim (another whopping lie), etc. When a man covers up his real self to be someone else and continues the lies to further his agenda of damage and deceit of our Nation, people wake up and want him gone!

          Trump possesses none of bho’s traits – especially DISHONESTY. Trump puts the facts on the table and doesn’t disguise them to his benefit. It is refreshing to hear him state truths…plain and simple…not dissected and revised to make him look good.
          The trouble is we have a Nation’s crisis because of the poor inappropriate direction and policies of bho. We DON’T need another politician to cover up the facts with political jargon. We need “new blood” new thinking, new ideas and a determination to make our country great again. It won’t be another politician to do that but someone with straight forward leadership and a keen sense of business not to forget the ability to converse with governments of other nations — all of which Trump possesses. Yes he could use a lesson in tact and is probably realizing that abt himself at this point. But Trump isn’t afraid to discuss the real issues that need fixing in America and how he would do that.

          Americans are done with bho’s destructive and deceptive promises. Unless someone isn’t afraid to address those “unspeakable” issues and provide answers that would rebuild our Nation back to its strength and power, fixing America won’t happen, just more political juggling of issues.

          The only one strong enough in his convictions of saving our Nation, no matter what, is Trump. You may not like his methods or abrupt demeanor, but Trump gets things done and America needs a no nonsense leader to rescue her from the bho quicksand administration!

          1. catman says

            BRAVO!!! A STANDING OVATION PLEASE !!! But you are being too kind to the donkey’s tail end that now occupies the Rainbow House….

          2. GuardianFlame says

            I used so many expletives describing that demon seed since 2007 that I have run out…but I’ll work on it. He’s already on God’s loser sinners list, so bho’s time is getting short…a blessing for the whole sad world.

        2. catman says

          Try telling the parents of those children in Sandy Hook it was just a “fairy tale”.
          Go back to your cave or wherever you popped up from troll.
          As for REVOLUTION, are you going to fire the first shot ?? No, you would rather sit behind your keyboard and spew this crap. Maybe there are some sheeple out there, but this sheep dog isn’t one of them………GUARANTEED !!!

          1. daveveselenak says

            The real killer or killers weren’t that skinny little wimp on drugs who surely couldn’t have carried all those weapons and done all of that shooting in such such a short period of time; ALSO A NEWS HELICOPTER HAD FOOTAGE OF PEOPLE RUNNING FROM THE SCENE ! – that is the fairy tale that you and others like you bought into believing!

        3. erleebird says

          Your first comment about Sandy Hook is WRONG! I know people who lost a child at Sandy Hook; to them, it was NO fairy tale. I do agree with you about the “clock bomb” situation and the fact that prez panders to HIS PEOPLE. I am a born Catholic who does not believe everything preached and no longer follows Catholicism; however, POPE Francis deserves the respect Obama does NOT deserve, even though I disagree with him on some issues! .

          1. daveveselenak says

            I don’t dispute that children were killed but it didn’t happen the way that it was portrayed; that supposedly drugged-up weakling could never have done that amount of shooting in that amount of time – come on, get real! The medevac was not allowed in there and there were people seen fleeing the scene! This Satanic regime was involved as they are with most of these current shootings that they are using for gun control excuses! I am a Catholic too and until I hear this False Prophet come out against the killing of Christians and for the defunding and stoppage of abortions and put aside his climate change BS then I will not change my opinion of him as being a fraud! He is a Marxist/Jesuit implant just as our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” is! The End of the Age times are here and are being revealed by what is occurring on the world stage.

          2. erleebird says

            I do not understand what you mean, “it didn’t happen the way that it was portrayed.” Were you there? And how do you presume it DID happen?

          3. daveveselenak says

            You will if you go to this site and discern for yourself as to who is telling the truth!

  …/sandy-hook-lies-crash-down-ex-state-trooper- expose

          4. Gayla says

            Obama only insulted the Pope, by bringing in the LGBT people and the Abortion advocates, another slam against Christanity.

      9. dude says

        you are exactly right

        1. erleebird says

          Thank you!

      10. QUASAR says

        Good for you’ another person who sees a gun not as evil but as a tool that like anything else can be USED for evil.

    3. Jimmee41 says

      Flip Flopping is testing the political winds to see what is expedient for your position. If you have had a world-view change as the result of studying the issues around you and you are following the logic of that world-view then that is not a flip-flop but simply a change of mind, which any intelligent person is capable for which he/she should not be criticized. When one sees the “light” of an issue they should be applauded for a mind change!!!

    4. Dawn Sines says

      I agree completely because i have changed over the years. I’ve changed in how i view things (in politics), as well as other areas… I am definitely not the same now (46), as when i was 20 lets say.

    5. David Kledzik says

      Very true, very true.

    6. QUASAR says

      Yup’ call it simply waking up and seeing reality

    7. Mary Green says

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  3. CCblogging says

    The last paragraph of this article sums up many of us. Most people who are liberals when they are young grow up and mature. Liberalism is a sick mental issue and it preys on weak minds.

    1. supergun says

      Liberals take advantage of children. Called school. Parents responsibility to teach children RIGHT from wrong.

      1. CCblogging says

        Liberals don’t educate, liberals indoctrinate .

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          …and then suffocate. Libs are the dirty uncle your parents warned you not to be alone with.

    2. Seldena says

      CCblogging! Love you comments which are so true!

      1. CCblogging says

        Thanks Seldena

    3. fred says

      Weak, uneducated minds, that are bombarded with false propaganda by evil criminals and a corrupt Media who want to seize power through lying and deceit! Those criminals if exposed early by a competent, non-corrupted Media would be out of the running for such a high office very early in any election cycle!

      1. CCblogging says

        You are correct

    4. MAHB001 says

      Except for the liberals that take advantage of the useful idiots.

      Those are EVIL….

    5. brucethompson22 says

      I heard an old new saying that “A conservative is a liberal that was mugged”

      1. CCblogging says

        Yep, there’s no teacher like experience

  4. Ddenney1 says

    What has he not flipped on?

    1. supergun says

      He has learned a lot about being American. Something a lot of liberals should consider.

    2. sydneyforfreedom says

      But don’t fall for Carly. She was CEO of La Raza (the race) and is for open borders and amnesty for all illegals (no matter what she SAYS) and now is saying that Islam has contributed more to the world than any other religion! Rubio is for open borders and amnesty. Cruz wants work permits for illegals not deportation. Huckabee the same. Carson has flip flopped on the issue. Jeb is a RINO, Santorum is for the American worker, closed borders and deportation……

      1. Sharon says

        Carly also said she would be fine with a Muslim president!!!

        1. erleebird says

          I wouldn’t be “fine” with a Muslim president!. This is the United States of America. Muslims do not want to assimilate and are not tolerant of others. Why do they come here if they like their customs better and make it very clear how they want to force their “customs” on others?

          1. ZO666 says

            The horrors Islam has displayed by following the Koran’s direction to eradicate ALL infidels should tell you something….

          2. Gayla says

            We are stuck with one.

        2. George says

          She should be fine ‘ , with what we have now ‘ .

        3. Lance Lucius says

          And thinks the Ottoman empire was the best thing ever. What a putz.

        4. Jarhead says

          Good to know she is in the FeminineNAZI Party.

  5. crazyfreddie says

    Need. More. Time. For. Scretunity

    1. Bob Marcum says

      Hey crazyfreddie; I think, the only thing crazy about you, is your spelling. Yes; we need more time. BUT; we don’t have it. I tried to send a lengthy comment, in the share-an-opinion section, of the interesting button, above. But; that doesn’t seem to go out. I’ll try and repeat the basics,
      of those comments, here. I don’t seem to have a problem, with posting, when it’s a simple reply.
      I wish we could get the population, to recognize the fact, that it’s pretty-much, too late, alr3eady.
      We don’t really have time to install a new president. The people ( and, especially, the congress ),
      hasn’t accepted the FACT, that, obama is highly efficient ( not incompetent). He’s simply, representing America’s enemies ( not America). That was his intention, when he signed-up, to
      campaign, in 2007, for the 2008 election. He had the financial support of the middle east ( including islam ), and the corrupt, political machinery, of the left, in this country, in order to get into the oval office, in the first place.
      The FACT is; if he’s not impeached, damned quick, ( and, it may already be too late ), then, we
      won’t have the freedoms, our constitution provides, because, we won’t have a constitution, long enogh to seat another president. The terrorist, ( military aged men ), comng from the middle east, with obama’s invitation and transportation assistance, will be killing off millions of our family members, and friends, long before we have a chance to start defending ourselves, from their onslaught. If our vformer, military leaders are not organized, underground, to spring into action, when needed, then; we are nt going to see any of the presidential candidates in office,
      ever, because, the islamist’s will be in charge ( with sharia law ). .
      Our families and friends, and their families, will be slaughtered, in their beds, on the lawns,
      at shoppimg centers, on the highways, r wherever they are when we’re hit. Our efforts, with our handguns, etc., will be too late to do anything tangible.
      I have pity, for the unfortunate, illiterate, young people, in this country, who will never know, what the freedoms and satisfactions, of raising their own families, in a free world. Ther misfortine was in having us ( the so-called adults ), not in a proper frame of mind, to teach them the dangers, of the left. Soon; now, they will know the only religion allowed ( islamism ).
      Many of them will have the good fortune of dying in battle, with honor, while TRYING to fight against the onslaught. nI’s th factsof-life, that are hard to learn, soon enough.
      Sorry, folks. But; death is part of life.

      1. crazyfreddie says


  6. patricia lockwood says

    We , as Americans should be allowed with no problem to have a gun in the house to protect ourselves and family, against intruders, that don’t belong there. They need a little longer time for back ground check, as quite a few with mental problems on meds have access .

    1. Greg Taylor says

      You know they are denying seniors guns because they have turned over their bill paying to a third party and the obama administration sees that as a mental problem? Is that fair? Be careful of unintended consequences.

      1. Brenda says

        Vets are also being subject to this gross injustice.

        1. Jean Langford M. says

          You guys…I swear…I have controlled my PTSD for 59 years and have been on Med’s that whole time as an Air Traffic Controller and eventually a Facility Chief, and taught Air Traffic Control for 10 years…Get a grip people! 99% of the Vets with PTSD you hear NOTHING about….We are no more a threat to Society than you are…Mental problems…That is pure crap concerning Vets…Vets tend to be homeless and kill themselves because they cannot cope with their experiences in Combat and they represent less than 1% of the population of this country….Mental problems? I invite you to look at “ALL” the Assassinations or attempts made in this country….ALL but two or three (SOCIALISTS) were made by ONE GROUP…GUESS WHO????….Registered DEMOCRATS….NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has ever tried to assassinate a elected official…No man..don’t take my word for it…LOOK IT UP!

        2. Jarhead says

          Think that is BAD?…….think about the VA Death By Delay Policy, and disabled vets waiting months for health care….while illegals, freeloaders, disease carriers, felons and Mu-slime terrorists all receive FREE faster health care….when & where needed.

    2. erleebird says

      Agree! But more concerned about those who ARE NOT on meds and should be!

      1. LastGasp says

        Who makes that decision?

  7. John B Taxpayer says

    Trump is a CCP holder and has stated that many many times….

    1. George says

      And , lifetime N R A ‘ member ‘.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        And a card carrying member of the democrat party for over 20 years.

        1. LastGasp says

          Prove it.

  8. Dudley DoRight. says


    1. Lance Lucius says

      You forgot president Odicklicker, it fits in with the rest of these sick liberals shown.

  9. B. Zerker says

    This is reassuring. He’s got my vote if indeed he gets the nomination. Look at the alternative(s), the fascist Hildabeast, the commie Sanders, or the libtard shit-for-brains Biden…

  10. richard schlinder says

    You see, this article is about flipping but to my mind it is about the issue and what the person has flipped too and is it genuine. We can tell only if we hear their voice and watch them as they speak on the issue.This is why people ask the questions at “town halls”.

  11. Nancye says

    Bullcorn, Trump will say anything he thinks falls in line with GOP positions at this time, but it does not mean he would govern that way.

    1. Gabriel A. King says

      If you examine his record, Trump has moved consistently toward the right for over 6 years now on most issues. Not only did he have the guts to speak up on illegal immigration…. like no one else did…. he stands Libertarian on critical issues like the failed war on drugs. And seeks to ACTUALLY kill ISIS, and reinvigorate a friendly stance with Russia.

      In essence Trump is the RINO’s and Democrats worst nightmare. Because they can’t silence him… they can’t ignore him….. and the smear campaigns are not working.

      1. Nancye says

        Less than 2 years ago, he supported abortion at “7 months, 8 months, 9 months or whatever”. He will say anything that is politically expedient, and some of you are so dense you believe him.

    2. George says

      Bullcrap ‘ ; vote fore another Communist ‘ ,then .

  12. Gabriel A. King says

    Good Trump ! However, I would support a weapons ban- for MUSLIMS. Executive order ?

    1. 1776_DejaVu says

      Feinstein has a ccp license

  13. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    TRUMP 2016! OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW!! It is past time to change the government!

  14. Dwight Class says

    There is all ready standard for disqualification of both corporate charter and Government offices under Oath.
    36 U.S.C.

    United States Code, 2008 Edition


    Subtitle II – Patriotic and National Organizations

    Part B – Organizations


    Sec. 70503 – Membership

    From the U.S. Government Printing Office,

    §70503. Membership

    (a) Members.—The members of the corporation are—

    (1) the members of the National Council of
    the Federal Bar Association, a nonprofit corporation incorporated in
    the District of Columbia, during their term of membership on that
    Council; and

    (2) other individuals the corporation provides for in the bylaws or otherwise.

    (b) Voting.—Each member has one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members.

    (c) Grounds for Disqualification.—An individual may not be a member, director, or officer of the corporation if the individual—

    (1) is a member of, or advocates the
    principles of, an organization believing in, or working for, the
    overthrow of the United States Government by force or violence; or

    (2) refuses to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    (Pub. L. 105–225, Aug. 12, 1998, 112 Stat. 1352.)

  15. Patriot47 says

    The ability to change your mind is necessary. Opponents call it a flip. Don’t fall for the rhetoric.

    1. Gabriel A. King says

      This isn’t a “flip” by a long stretch. A true “flip”, would be if Diane Feinstein joined the NRA. lol

      1. ZO666 says

        She carries, Typical Liberal hypocrisy.

  16. Gerry Costa says

    Damn — he just might be human and changed his stance on this subject. I wonder how far the libtard jerks will run with this — bunch of morons.

  17. hangem'high says

    Trump works with contracts everyday, like swearing the oath of office is a contract with the American people. He’ll keep it, unlike Obummer who broke it the first day in office!

  18. whoisshe? says

    I agree.

  19. Mark Tercsak says

    As Someone once said an “ARMED~SOCIETY”, is a Polite Society !

    1. LastGasp says

      Robert A. Heinlein

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        Thank You; for the information , have a nice day !

  20. Seldena says

    Trump has the freedom to research and gain more knowledge about an issue, just as we all do! I am glad he is all for the second amendment and is strong about it. Trump, of course, will want certain measures to be taken to avoid mentally ill and criminals to get a gun. This is 100% right action to do. I love the NRA and I support Trump all the way!!

  21. Mark Tercsak says

    I urge my fellow citizen’s in the coming day’s to read the Declaration Of Independence , to Read The Articles Of Confederation, To Read The United States Constitution and to Read the Bill Of Rights To the United States Constitution, To Read The Federalist Papers, but to read also the Anti-Federalist Papers. Than compare these documents to those who are running not just for President But also for Governor or the U.S. Senate or U.S. House Of Representatives, and State and Local Offices, find the most Constitutional candidates and elect them !

  22. Jimmy King says

    HAHAHAHA He’s a democrat, always has been. He believes in gun control AND higher taxes on the wealthy, always has. He just has to say keep out mexicans and you morons are frothing at the mough chanting TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

    1. 1776_DejaVu says

      you’re on the wrong site….

      1. Jimmy King says

        Yes, I forgot. Reality is lost on these clown

  23. Gary Smith says

    Trump has some good ideas. But is shot on solutions

  24. Lance Lucius says

    During this race, he is learning, gaining knowledge, correcting previous illogical notions, and is growing into a leader worthy of the Presidency. Unlike a certain muslim usurper that pulled the wool over 51% of voters who would rather not think, or in fact were not just brain dead, but is some cases Really dead. Hence the ability to garner 158% of the voters in some precincts.
    Go Trump.

  25. fred says

    Any candidate who doesn’t support the REAL Constitution of this country, which includes ALL of the Amendments should be disqualified. Lets go back and see what the treasonous criminal fake potus said when he was campaigning in ’07-’08?…that’s right! he lied, what a surprise! Now hillary wants be potus yet she doesn’t want to follow the Second Amendment and apparently many others! Why in any universe would anyone support and evil criminal deceiver like her?

  26. Jean Langford M. says

    Short answer/statement…TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT…CRUZ as Vice PRESIDENT. The Hill Elitist are scared silly of this team…They will do away with all this madness…Put us back on track…..

  27. Big Ray says

    President Obama The Muslim – YOU DECIDE : This is why you didn’t go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:

    It was you who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”

    It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”

    It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques . It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the Muslims.”

    It was you  who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”

    It was you  who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.

    It was you  who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity  and professing Marxism.

    It was you  who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us  have to pay.

    It was you  who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of  The Declaration Of Independence.

    It was you  who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.

    It was you  who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.

    It was you  who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.

     It was you  who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an  Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.

     It was you  who ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of                

    Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have

    NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.

     It was you  who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.

    It was you  who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

     It was you  who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.

    It was you  who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.

    It was you  who was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and  went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.

     It was you  who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.

    It was you  who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.

     It is you  who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women

    throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.

     It was you  who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical  global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and  the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.

    It was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.      

    It was you  who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.

     It was you  who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.

     It was you  who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.

     It was you  who  funded mandatory Arabic language  and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.

     It is you  who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.

     It is you  who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for  NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.

     It was you  who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood  to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but,  remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.

     It was you  who appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The above provides the basis for virtually everything Obama does, YOU DECIDE

  28. ZO666 says

    As we get older we generally get smarter…Even billionaires.

  29. jill says

    Nothing remains the same. Times change especially these last 7 years. As things change you change your thinking. Remember there was a time in our nation when guns were no issue. However we didn’t have all the security issues, race bating, illegal criminals being set free to roam the streets, or a dictator in office hell bent on creating a war in the US. Let me ask you, have you changed your mind about owning a gun? What you gonna do if they come to take your gun, your food, your kids to rape and put into sex trade, money, possessions or whatever, possibly you, for standing up for your rights. Criminals will always have guns. Law abiding citizens without guns are sitting ducks. That’s the plan.

  30. ZO666 says

    All Dem Senators voted to allow the UN to forcefully confiscate our guns under a Ubama signed agreement. Ubama loves to make the Ayatollah happy….

  31. GuardianFlame says

    I agree completely with this turn around for Trump. As a former liberal (wow, did I come to my senses when obama took his throne!!) I realized how “far out there” the Liberal policies are. It’s like all Libs act like frightened little children about everything and are truly afraid of their shadows. Their policies are to protect “them”, each individual, and not the masses. When they come up with some environmental issue, they are reverting back to being children again, in their protected, safe dream worlds, not realizing how their actions have compounded other people’s lives, aka obama. In other words, Liberals legislate from their places of horror and expect us to follow their suit…not happening. They are pessimists with a optimist candy coating.

    Trump is an incredibly savvy business man and knows his way around any business deal. He has dealt with money makers and governments all over the world…he is NOT afraid of his shadow! He may be abrasive at times because of his genuine honesty, but he puts it all on the table and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. He doesn’t need anyone else’s $$ so he can make his own educated decisions. The one thing he does need is a V.P. that is completely knowledgeable about our U.S. Constitutional Laws and one that has a high moral attitude and isn’t afraid to fight for our country…Marco Rubio has proven to fit this bill. I believe these two could become good friends while bringing our country back to a strong successful Nation!

    Glad to know Donald Trump is backing our 2nd Amendment! He is in our Court and keeps on winning my vote!!

    1. Mike with the Silver Star says

      very intelligent comment….Wouldn’t hurt to write Trump and suggest Cruz as his running mate. I wrote to trump suggesting he run for President and I got a reply.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Excellent idea. I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion!

      2. LastGasp says

        Cruz is ineligible. Not a natural born citizen.

    2. LastGasp says

      Rubio is a RINO, Gang of Eight, remember?

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Crap, forgot that. His comments at the Debate were substantial but we need to remember his past actions.

        Maybe Cruz would be a good VP? I would say Carley but one of those positions should be a U.S. Constitutionsl Law expert. Two outsiders not previously in government wouldn’t be smart for the American people.

        You know who is strong and knowledgeable abt our Bill of Rights and our Constitution is Dr. Rand Paul. He has openly attacked bho’s illegal legislation and gone toe to toe with him and won numerous times. Rand may be small in stature but he makes up for that with expert knowledge and determination to keep our nation safe from an overstepping president.

        Their team would make for an interesting poster for the two of them, kind of a Mutt & Jeff scenario. If they could table their rivalry long enough to discuss the issues sanely, they might find they work together better than they realized!

        1. LastGasp says

          I like that idea! What a great team! And Constitutionally legal.

  32. champion2211 says

    This covers the second amendment and rightfully so. I have the CHP and do carry consealed. I do go along with Mr. Trump as to we are by law able to carry a gun without a jail term to boot. As Obama would want is just to take that away from us all. It makes us easier to control and over take. With no opposition it is real easy to push people around. We as Americans more than likely you will find guns in almost every one of them. Some people don’t like guns around kids so I am guessing that they will be the first to fall. Why wouldn’t you have guns in the house to protect your families??? Almost all gun owners would rather die protecting their families rather than just going to Obama’s concentration camps. It will look like those that were here when Japan started the war. They were not pretty but that was the way we all felt at the time. I think we will fight again but this time will be for freedom from persecution.

  33. SNuss says

    I wonder if anyone has tried to explain to Trump that so-called “assault weapons” are no different, functionally, than any other semi-automatic firearms?

    1. Scrubjay says


      At least that’s the Progressive/Liberal position, since other than looks, they are just guns, like any other.

      1. SNuss says

        Especially those “scary’ barrel shrouds, vertical fore-grips, bayonet MOUNTS, pistol grips, and grenade launcher MOUNTS.

  34. champion2211 says

    There is a few issues that Trump could come clean about. Imminent domain is one of them.

  35. Mike with the Silver Star says

    Reagan did it, so can Trump…Trump is not stupid

  36. Holland180 says

    Regarding Trump as someones VP, very doubtful he would ever play second fiddle. It will be all or nothing.

  37. rog363 says

    The main reason police carry guns is to protect themselves, not we the citizen.

  38. brawny1946 says

    Americans don’t need the NRA to help us. I own guns and I quit the NRA a long time ago. You should too !!

  39. hora says

    What must repeal are a Law grant right Cops carry a weapon, Cops no need carry any weapon, only a seal and baton. Sound crazy? real are not, but Law must be equal, Cop are not any different with any citizen, but grant license to kill are a big wrong. Many can said well Cops be will die? sure are call war casuality, and what a citizen who are murder by Cops? Citizen life are value too.But who care when any Cop are ejecute and die?

  40. Proud US vet/American says

    With more information that is gained on a subject, many people would change their mind on any issue. I am NOT overly thrilled with some of Trump’s decisions, but, I do see the thought put into the changes being made on some of them. Concealed Carry permits should be valid in all 50 States, and, a longer wait time for background checks is NOT an inconvenience, but is a prudent and safety conscience approach to gun owner and public safety. If you have nothing to hide from a background check, what difference does a couple of additional days make?

    1. LastGasp says

      A longer wait time is not necessary, though. If your record is clear it shows up in five minutes. Nothing will change in three days or a week.

  41. cal3301 says

    For those who have not seen this, the 2nd Amendment was given to us not for hunting and defense, it was given to remind our government that this is a country of the people…….

    Alexander Hamilton: “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed,” adding later, “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government.” By the way, Hamilton is referring to what institution when he says “the representatives of the people”?

    James Madison: “(The Constitution preserves) the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

    Thomas Jefferson: “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    George Mason, author of the Virginia Bill of Rights, which inspired our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, said, “To disarm the people — that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

    The Democrats and like-minded people might dismiss these thoughts by saying the founders were racist anyway. Here’s a more recent quote from a card-carrying liberal, the late Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey: “Certainly, one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms. … The right of the citizen to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.” .

    How about a couple of quotations that anti gun people might like….. “Armas para que?” (translated: “Guns, for what?”) by Fidel Castro. There’s a more famous one: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” That was Adolf Hitler.

  42. Halftrack2 says

    Without the Second Amendment ….None of the others matter….

  43. Richard says

    Whether you agree with me or not, the Constitution clearly states ” No infringement what so ever”. The only ones who shouldn’t be able to own firearms are the mentally disturbed,and those with VIOLENT criminals, ie,murders,armed robbery,assault or rape.
    If a man or woman was to embezzle a certain amount,in my state it’s 1500 dollars, that makes them a felon and they lose their right to protect themselves. It’s not a violent crime,yet the government steals their right to defend themselves. That’s BS.

  44. Jcarroll Barnhill says


  45. Bruce Mosher says

    I have no problem with them having all the back ground checks they want it is the registration for confiscation that they don’t bother to mention or want to talk about that I am against. Start calling it registration because that is really what is all about !! They know it . We know it. They think we are to stupid to understand it.

    1. tetse says

      Bruce, the president and more tha one half of all our politicians could not pass a local backround check. Look at the amount of crimes committed by the politicians and then look at this perpetrated by the public. You might find the ratios disconcerting.

  46. Oma says

    Why should be give up our right to bare arms? Obama can’t wait to do it so we won’t be able to kill any of his Muslims that come to collect ours. He is the biggest threat to our democracy. He is a Muslim but hates to see another black man be liked so he will do anything to kill that idea. He knows he has damaged everything he has touched and doesn’t want to see a Black Gentleman in place of the nigger he is.

  47. Scott Carver says

    What I can’t understand is why some Presidential Candidate doesn’t take the stand that, “the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution reads, in part, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. And since the Constitution is a document limiting the powers of the FEDERAL Government, any and all gun laws, rules, and regulations are, in fact, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This does not prevent the States, however, from issuing their own gun control, but the Federal Government is actually forbidden by the Constitution of being involved. As such, said Presidential Candidate should state that he/she, within the first 30 days in office, will repeal and strike from the Federal Register, all FEDERAL Gun Control Laws, Rules, and/or Regulations.
    Or, can someone tell me where I’m misinterpreting the actual words of the Constitution? . . . . . . anybody?

  48. Rev. Walking Turtle says

    Fact: This viddy tells it all with loving accuracy that American public-school Civics and American Government courses would do well to follow. (But they won’t, at least not yet.) Share cheerfully, widely and well! (Um, those who harbor a blanket hatred of all Jewry should be advised: THIS VIDEO is NOT the “Jew Film” one might be feeling the natural self-defensive need to wipe from the planet; embedded pun cheerfully intended.)

    BEST advice from HISTORY for one and all! Public Safety begins at home imvho. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  49. Sgt. York says

    No Guns No Freedom

  50. william barr says

    our govt are bullies and depend on stupid people and are greedy for power so don’t give up your guns

  51. robert says

    remember a gun is as good or as bad as the person with the gun.i,v never seen a gun laying there by itself rob or kill anyone.and if you think the police our here to protect you and me think again,and google the name joe lozito and see what happened to a guy riding on the ny city subway by himself.when this guy comes up to joe and says to him your gonna die,and pulls out a butcher knife now joe,s in the fight of his life he gets stabbed in the skull back and hand,with 2 nyc police officers watching all this not 25 ft away from joe in the next subway car.then joe takes this thug down and disarms him,and only then did the 2 cops come out and say to joe,we will take it from here.anyway joe goes to court and sues the ny city police dept.and do you know what the police dept lawyer says to joe,and i quote that the police had no special duty to protect him or any individual on the train that day,then what the hell do we pay or need them for.and i have cops in the family too.go ahead google the name joe lozito and see for yourselfs.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  52. LadyGreenEyes says

    Hey, he can wise up, same as anyone else!

  53. David Kledzik says

    The 2nd Amendment reads as such,,- ” A Well Regulated Militia, Being Neccessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed”. It isnt about duck hunting people, or even, to stop an intruder, even though that is a side benefit. It is about the peoples right to overthrow a tyrannical government, period. And for any and all that say that the militia is the standing army, your wrong, because they didn’t have a standing army back then. It was every able bodied adult male that could use a firearm to defend the colonies from tyranny. And as militias go any group of people can form a free militia.

  54. hora says

    That are another point of revenge, doing legal; any one carry weapon and no need license, but all who are register Dem liberals, denied a right carry any weapon, that be will set to happy liberals.

  55. Gearmoe says

    The changing or updating one’s mind is a signal the person is thinking. Those who do not change are stagnant.

    To change one’s position is not a weakness, but a strength, and a display of wisdom.

  56. brawny1946 says

    The Police Force is a Total joke in Overton County ,Tennessee and Livingston, TN A BIG Waste of Tax Dollars.

  57. Rock J. Dueck says

    Only a person who possesses a mind can change it. Only a fool, AKA a liberal, would stubbornly cling to an idea that has no connection to reality.

  58. Henrietta says

    The police don’t carry guns to protect “you”, they carry them to protect themselves; which is why you should carry your own gun.

  59. Charles Adams says

    I think Bergdahl should be tried. He volunteered and above all he took the oath when joined the military.When he took the oath he was sound and saine. He went through basic training which similates combat (I’ve have been there. I’m a Korean Vet ’51) I know now the military let it be known how you feel. So it is no excuse it what he did.
    I know I changed the subect but at the top you asked the subject. The gun subject is over and over. The Constution

  60. KKiekow says

    I can understand where a psychotic person or sociopathic person should be investigated further regarding a gun purchase. But by whom? Who really gets to decide what guidelines should be used. Knowing the government as most of us do, they could broaden the medical terminology of certain disorders and place most all Americans under their labeling. With that in mind, one has to really delve deeper into who can be classified as “not deserving self protection”. Felons cannot own a gun. How about “felons” who have never “physically” harmed anyone and never used a gun against anyone? They were charged with embezzlement, etc. and yet, after they have served their time behind bars, they are not able to purchase a gun or have a gun in their home for self defense. I realize some recommendations on gun control are truly considered for our protection while others use it for control.. What a mess. Anyone should be allowed to revisit their decision on this subject because there is so much to learn… Bottom line, gun control in just that: CONTROL. Look at how it is worked for other countries… It really worked for Germany when the Nazi’s were in control, didn’t it? People were rounded up and slaughtered because they just didn’t fit Hitler’s idea of the Aryan Race he wanted to build. Isis extremists are slaughtering defenseless people for religious differences. The men that built this country lost their homes, children, and their money to defend our flag and our colonies against ideas and principles that were not the new American way. We now have a government that wants to take all of that away. America the land of sheeples…

  61. dude says

    trump makes smart decisions thats why we are backing 100% for 2016 wh bid

  62. 2mrixl1 says

    The media doesn’t want to mention his position on the 2A nor his opposition to TPP. Better to focus on the Obama Moslem issue which they think will hurt him.

  63. harry says

    Just a change of mind does not make any one bad we are all able to do this as we understand more of a delicate subject..But in a lot of times you can not wait for some one else to come and help you.

  64. Gary Von Neida says

    Donald, I hope that You take this as friendly, I think (what the hell should You care what I think) that the Doctor would be the perfect “running mate” for Your trip to the White House——IF (and this is a VERY big if) You do not turn tail and run like Ross Perot, You might just save the free World——-that is ( I assure U) what IS at stake,—-I have Marines at Your disposal for security. Gary.

  65. gumby on the rooftop says

    buy ghost guns anyway- Obama will cancel the 2016 elections

  66. says

    “The Government is the Servant of [we] the people
    [we] the people is the Master of the Government”

    “the people must ALWAYS be well armed,
    less the Servant becomes the Master”
    _the founders of our free country

  67. says

    many black African Americans [many not all]
    are very anti 2nd Amendment
    this is due to their being duped, deceived, brainwashed
    * lied to by the evil Tyrants in our government
    who due to the Democratic Party being bought & sold
    by Billionare Felon & Ovomit Financier George Soros
    most of the Democrats arwe viciously pro Tyrant
    & therefore anti 2nd Amendment;
    and most of the Demoncrats are also black
    & unfortunately yeh
    innocent black Americans would NOT be so pro Tyrant
    * anti 2nd Amendment if they were allowed to know the truth*
    especially concerning the vicious lies & anti 2nd Amendment
    political propaganda told by the evil gov Tyrants throughout
    history ecpecially like those such as the worlds best lyers
    Ovomit Clintons Shumers N.Carolina congressman Elyja
    [corrupt] Commings & all of those corrupt evil gov Tyrants
    in America’s most corrupt city/state in America,
    Anti-2nd Amendment Chicago
    [at least when Al Capone was alive there were “honest” gangsters,
    now there is just Ovomit’s colleages like Ovomit’s homo bath house
    boi friend [Ridiculous] Rhahm Emanuel
    if innocent blacks knew such truths such as the late great Martin Luther King
    was totally Pro Life & totally pro gun/pro 2nd Amendment pro self defense
    & against Tyranny
    [his niece is one of our country’s top Pro Lifers on the Priests For Life]

    [MLK owned an Arsenal]
    [one of the first so called “gun control” Legislative Schemes
    was purported against innocebt law abiding Negros
    to enforse Slavery & then to keep our innocent Black bros & sisters
    in servitude

  68. says

    not that what is our critically essential “Beacon of Liberty”
    our precious & most important 2nd Amendment on which all of our Liberties, Rights & Freedoms depend not to mention the very continued existence of our great Nation as a free society-which facts many otherwise good intentioned Americans who are duped deceived exploited & brainwashed so viciously & so profoundly by the evil Tyranys in our gov & what used tp be America’s Media & Journalists.
    they wouldn’t be so easily deceived into going along with the evil Tyrants in our gov
    & their dangerously unscrupulous & deceptive fradulent “citizen Control” laws
    which are so fradulently manipulated & bogusly implemented under the anti-2nd AmendmentLegislative Schemes of so called “gun Control,
    they are so deceived dupped & brainwashed into thinking that what is our sole critical & predominant
    mechanizum & only protector & defense against Tyranny & loosing our liberties Rights & Freedoms
    the 2nd Amendment]
    the evil gov. Tyrants have many of them believing that it is “about shooting ducks”

  69. OldPatriot32 says

    I hope Obozo & Killary lay awake nights thinking about the 80 Million armed Americans with 350 Million guns, and what could happen if these people reach the final fed-up point! Lock and load.

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