Trump Economy Breaks Two Records the Left Won’t Want to Talk About


If you’ll think back to the 2016 election, you’ll remember that the lefty media had many common refrains about the ascendant Donald Trump. One was that he was issuing false promises about his ability to resurrect the U.S. manufacturing sector. Another was that he was steering the Republican Party into the realm of the obsolete by turning off Hispanic conservatives.

The dominance of these two themes may be why Trump’s liberal critics will not want to talk much about two huge economy stories that broke last week.

The first: Hispanic unemployment just hit its lower rate in the history of the United States.

That’s right, the guy who was supposedly burying the GOP with his refusal to accept that illegal immigration was a problem the U.S. was simply stuck with has turned things around dramatically for Hispanic workers in this country. According to new Labor Department statistics, the Hispanic unemployment rate fell to 4.7% last month, down a notch from its 4.8% rate in October. That brings the rate to its lowest point since the department began breaking unemployment data down by race and ethnicity in 1973. The lowest rate, AT LEAST, in 44 years. And Hispanics have, at least partially, Donald J. Trump to thank for it.

“This administration and @realDonaldTrump are working hard to create opportunities for all Americans,” said Ivanka Trump in a tweet highlighting the astounding figure. “…and we are just getting started!”

The second: Unemployment in the manufacturing sector is down to its lowest point since at least January of 2000.

Despite all of the naysayers who said there would be no resurgence of the old American manufacturing industry, Trump has proven that liberal economists won’t have the final say about that. The unemployment rate for the manufacturing industry ticked up in the last year of Obama’s pathetic reign, but now it is falling like never before. Positive employment in the sector has grown 1.5% in 2017. This, combined with a stock market surge that is unprecedented in the 21st century, and we’re looking at an economy that could be headed for record heights across the board.

Oh, but this is a failed presidency, remember?

We don’t blame leftists for doing their best to ignore these figures, because they are at diametric odds with the narrative they’re spinning about the Trump presidency. As far as they’re concerned, this is a Russian traitor who is on his way to becoming the first U.S. dictator. He’s going to round up all Hispanics and put them in detention camps and he’s going to laugh in the face of the hardworking, salt-of-the-earth manufacturing workers who pinned their hoped on him last November.

In the face of that narrative, news like this just doesn’t play very well. Better to talk about phantom, fake stories like how much Diet Coke the president is drinking or how he’s supporting a “pedophile” in Alabama. You start talking hard facts, and suddenly the idea that Trump is making America great again…well, it sounds less like a campaign slogan and more like the plain, unvarnished truth.

  1. nick evans says

    If your interpretation of the data you give is correct – great news. What bothers me about Trump is his relentless assault on our environment. If you think ‘fracking’ does not threaten our good water sources in the U.S. please read the following.
    HYDRAULIC FRACTURING Now it’s oilmen who say fracking could harm groundwater
    Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter Energywire: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

    1. Retired says

      You can blame Fracking on OPEC and the Market boys ,just like the keystone pipe line . Money talks just like in politics .

      1. nick evans says

        If our water and air and land is being polluted it does not matter who is to blame – we have to do all we can to stop the devastation. Write your congressmen, let everyone knows that it is OUR WATER, OUR AIR, and OUR LAND that is being degraded.

        1. Retired says

          Remember our elected in WDC are in bed with the Lobbyist and Market boys, so do you really think they will listen to us unless we give lots of money to their Campaigns ????

          1. nick evans says

            All of the people who do not have money must stand up and say NO to fossil fuels. If we don’t then there will be years of unnecessary pollution courtesy of the moneyed.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Kid, dear kid,,,,,,I will be more then happy to come out to your hippie crash pad and pull your electric meter and take down the service lateral and cut and cap your gas line or remove your oil tank as applicable….While we are at it why don’t we cut and cap your city water line and you can grab a shovel and dig a well. I’ll tow your vehicle away too and send you the money so you can pick up a recumbent bike.

            You NWO Marxists are all alike. Just like goofy Gore. You want US to shut off all modern power while you use all you want.

            BTW, How you gonna’ eat if the farmers shut down their tractors and combines?

          3. nick evans says

            I’ll admit I’m hooked on electricity – but you are avoiding the point. Mankind has existed at least 10,000 years without electricity – but during all that time it always had good water. Humans have come to take water for granted but we have not realized that we are about to RUN OUT OF IT. Fracking threatens to reduce the amount of good water available even more. There are OTHER MEANS of producing electricity besides fossil fuels, by the way. They will work as well as fossil fuels and provide jobs just as fossil fuels have in the last century.

          4. Francisco Machado says

            The paradox is that people who oppose the use of fossil fuels are also opposed to the only viable alternatives, nuclear and hydroelectric. The RFS is still being supported, although research has long shown that it is less energy efficient and more polluting than gasoline. Natural gas has significantly reduced power plant emissions but they’re oppose to that, too.

          5. nick evans says

            News to me that nuclear and hydro are the “only viable alternatives”. I suppose you mean that YOU do not consider solar and wind viable. About hydro, in general I agree with Marc Reisner (author of “Cadillac Desert”) – the dams on the Colorado River are drying up, for instance. Nuclear is great (zero emissions) but it produces ‘plutonium’ which requires a priesthood to babysit it for millennia until it cools off enough to be safe. Nuclear and Fracking are similar in that Plutonium and ‘toxic produced water’ cannot be stored safely. By the way, solar and wind are CHEAPER than any of the other methods. Fracking emissions may have been reduced but FLARING (deliberate release of methane into the atmosphere) is still being widely practiced which cancels out the reduction benefits. Any of the energy producing methods that cause pollution need to be phased out. The government is subsidizing fossil fuels, via tax loopholes and the like. (Sorry, I googled and wikied “RFS” but could not find a fit. i.e. I don’t know what it is.) With government subsidies the solar and wind industries could expand rapidly. We have to stop polluting our water, air, and land.

          6. Francisco Machado says

            For someone so concerned about what we’re burning, I’m rather surprised you’re unfamiliar with the Renewable Fuel Standard – tilling soil, planting, fertilizing (corn is a very nutrient depleting crop) harvesting, converting the corn to alcohol and mixing the alcohol with motor fuels. Less efficient and more polluting than unadulterated gasoline. And hell on plastic fuel lines and gaskets. In terms of viable sources of power, consider the amount of electrical energy the United States uses. I’m astounded the land conservationists that object to several acres for a well haven’t totally blown a gasket over solar farms and the “Save the Bats” crowd isn’t dynamiting wind turbines yet. We don’t need renewable energy at this time. We have a reported six hundred years of petroleum reserves. Even though I don’t think that kind of prediction has any more value than the AGW climate predictions, let’s say two hundred. Two hundred years ago you got places in wooden ships driven by wind or wooden wheeled horse drawn conveyances. Or you walked. Candles for light or oil lamps. Whale oil. Wood burning fireplaces. The computer was an abacus. Do you think there won’t be advances in technology in two hundred years? By then, wires may be a thing of the past. Your house may have it’s own fusion generator. Efforts put into research are more rewarding than implementing on a large scale the impractical, even environmentally harmful current renewable energy technology when we already have a practical working system. Technology will incrementally displace it and for reason of competitive economics. When new technology delivers more for less the old will be displaced. If the current wind and solar were economically competitive, electric billsl would be going down. Remember Obamacare? It was going to lower the cost of medical care? It would save families $2500? It was so great they had to intimidate people into buying it and Congress wanted no part of it for themselves. And it turned out to be a big, sucking money hole that lost the government for the Democrats who had implemented it. Replacing something that doesn’t work as you’d like with something that’s even worse isn’t progress. Wait for a technology that can successfully compete with what exists without continued subsidies.

          7. nick evans says

            We are running out of water. Fracking utilizes a lot of water, makes it
            toxic, leaves it toxic, stores it underground where it can migrate to good
            water sources. Fossil fuel technologies also contaminate the air. Oil spills
            contaminate the land. Your grandchildren will not enjoy any of the ‘advancements’ you mention if they do not have good water to drink. We must stop using technologies that degrade our planet. The solar and wind industries are advancing and expanding even without significant
            government subsidy. With substantial subsidy they can very quickly obviate the need for any of the dirty technologies. Solar and wind technologies ARE CHEAPER than fossil fuels. The switch to clean energy will not slow down technological advances. The energy from solar and wind work as well as the energy from fossil fuels. We must phase out fossil fuel technologies
            so that humans can live in a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. If it is a choice between good water and electricity then we have to choose water – but we don’t have to choose – we simply have to STOP OVER-USING WATER AND STOP POLLUTING WATER.

          8. Francisco Machado says

            Threats of a coming Armageddon have been with us for millennia. Usually promoted by people like Al Gore who profit by them. Crisis is necessary to justify the size and cost of government. Ours employs 22,235,000 people, up over 200,000 in 2016. The people who promote AGW don’t believe in it themselves – 1600 private jets at the Davos assembly. 400 helicopters to transport them from the airport. DiCaprio flying an eyebrow artist from Sydney to LA to do his eyebrows. Multiple mansions, huge yachts. And you believe these charlatans? “Solar and wind technologies ARE CHEAPER…” Vermont subsidizes solar power at three to four times the cost of buying power on the open market. Emissions? In 2010 the Vermont Senate voted against Vermont Yankee, Vermont’s largest-ever zero-emitting power plant. Now, some of the same senators who opposed zero-carbon Vermont Yankee are pushing to legalize energy-intensive marijuana cultivation. Growing five pounds of pot indoors requires the same amount of electricity needed to power 24 Vermont homes for a year. You may not, but I remember the looming apocalypse of the seventies – the coming ice age. Which we survived. And the air is much cleaner now than it was then.

          9. Francisco Machado says
          10. nick evans says

            From Wikipedia: Depletion of aquifers
            Due to the expanding human population, competition for water is growing such that many of the world’s major aquifers are becoming depleted. This is due both for direct human consumption as well as agricultural irrigation by groundwater. Millions of pumps of all sizes are currently extracting groundwater throughout the world. Irrigation in dry areas such as northern China, Nepal and India is supplied by groundwater, and is being extracted at an unsustainable rate. Cities that have experienced aquifer drops between 10 and 50 meters include Mexico City, Bangkok, Beijing, Madras and
            (Footnote [21] is:
            The World Bank Groundwater in
            urban development : assessing management needs and formulating policy strategies
            This paper aims to raise the awareness among policymakers of hydrogeological processes in urban areas, to highlight key urban groundwater issues, to provide a framework for the systematic consideration of the groundwater dimension in urban management, and to suggest options for more sustainable management of groundwater resources in urban areas.) (end of Wikipedia excerpt)
            If you think the World Bank and their science sources is Marx or whatever propaganda then there is no way to convince you. If we are depleting (in the world and in the U.S.) our natural water resources at a rate greater than nature can restore the water – then we are “RUNNING OUT OF WATER” – then your position is not appropriate. If we have plenty of water which is not threatened by overuse and pollution – then I am “Whatever expletive you want to use to describe me.”

            Re: Malthus – What happened?
            1. He was right but a method was found to produce and/or distribute food more efficiently, so that, we did not run out of food.
            2. He was wrong and we are still using the same method of food production and distribution as in the (18th, 19th century) which is still working fine.

            (The farmers in Nebraska who are fighting to prevent the construction of the XL pipeline – are doing so to protect the Ogalalla aquifer which is being depleted (the farmers know (believe) that it is being depleted). Intrusion of an oil spill would contaminate the water. They are trying to conserve the aquifer which is running low from human overuse of the aquifer. Oil contamination in this aquifer would simply render the remaining water in the aquifer useless. Are these farmers simply Malthusian hysterics?)

          11. chucky001 says

            And to what party do most of those elected belong? I’ll give you a hint- they control all 3 branches.

      2. chucky001 says

        Right, it does talk. The legislators in those red states that allow it need the money for their campaigns. So they can continue to bullshit the gullible dotards who put them in power.

        1. Retired says

          Still swallowing the Obama juice , you have it so bad that you can NOT get off of your knees anymore . were you under Clintons desk like Monica ????

          1. Marieoo says

            All these must have. Heavens help us if we still had Obamas and the Clintons.

        2. NovelDog says

          The Fake News Media is Lucifer’s Mouth Piece, and their pawns are the lame brained peons who think they are both intelligent and free. But, they are neither one. They are merely Dumb-o-crats who will eventually become like their leaders….SCUM-O-CRATS! They hear, but do not comprehend. They see, but are blinded to the truth. They are puppets, and Lucifer…. is their Puppet Master!

        3. mac12sam12 says
    2. Marieoo says

      You must be listening to the wrong people. Wake up and realize Trumpis the best president EVER. We are all glad to be rid of the Obamas.

      1. nick evans says

        Did you read the article on Fracking and groundwater. Forget global warming – our WATER is under threat.

        1. Retired says

          Both are a threat to the world , but without NON contaminated water the world will slowly die off . Broken Gasoline pipelines have proven that with contaminating ground water . MBTE gas also proved that .

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Stop reading, leave your safe zone and get out in the real world.

          And FYI “Groundwater” is not potable in the first place in one hell of a lot of situations. – I spent 30 years fighting bacterial iron in the water that came from my well. – “Book learrnin; is a very poor substitute for real world street smarts.

          1. nick evans says

            some water sources are naturally contaminated. No humans or animals however would have existed for as long as we know they have without adequately pure water. every frack well leaves truckloads of good water mixed with toxic chemicals underground (called ‘produced water’) – underground where toxic water has never been before for thousands of years. this toxic water will not just sit down there and behave itself (as the frackers must have thought it would). The toxic water will migrate and in many cases will migrate into good water. Most aquifers in the U.S. are being diminished by humans at a rate greater than the rate nature can restore. To add to the ‘shortage’ of good water the possible pollution of more good water by ‘produced water’ storage underground – if it is not a crime, it certainly is not advisable. In addition the fracking process uses high pressure which if not very carefully managed will cause the ‘produced water’ UP from deep underground into the good water reservoirs. Water is more important than oil. We can live without electricity (we could learn how to), but we cannot live without good water.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Yes, kid. Fracking never has, Does not Now, and never will threaten good water in the US. Your clowns are just that. Snowflakes that work in the oil and gas industry. Give me one real world verifiable incident where fracking harmed a domestic water supply,,,,,,Not just some collage boy running his mouth in a safe zone but somewhere I can go and taste well water with oil in it from a fracking site. (Gooooood luck finding it chickie, because there aint none)

      1. nick evans says

        I think, if you met them, that you would not call the oil men (in the article) ‘snowflakes’, or college boys running their mouths. Many people living in the vicinity of ‘fracking wells’ have reported bad taste and discoloration of their water after the fracking began. If the chemicals are in the water they would be detrimental to humans and animals drinking the water, even if the taste were not noticeable.

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    The real fact is that tRump is supporting a pedophile in Alabama, and if that were not bad enough this Alabama Redneck wants to take us back to the “good old days” when we had slavery.

    1. Retired says

      Would you like to back that up with evidence , I think everyone would like to see it . Media talk is no evidence nor is here say . Has the man been to court or paid any of the Woman off ???

      1. chucky001 says

        Maybe not Moore (yet), but Trump has, according to a Newsweek article. And while you are dismissing the claims against Moore, would you also be so fair-minded to dismiss those against Conyers and Franken? Probably not, because you enjoy being reamed by the GOP.

        1. Retired says

          Claims are not evidence , the media like you produce a lot of claims but no evidence .Better go in a corner and ply with yourself like a good pervert you are .

        2. Marieoo says

          You are mistaken. You must believe all the fake news, etc put out by democrats.

        3. dennis w says


    2. Marieoo says

      You must have your head in the sand.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Or some “brown” hole !! 😁😂🤣

      2. dennis w says


    3. AE says

      Lets face it the old Democrat play book about trotting out accusers is just that, OLD, and no one is listening anymore. The real truth is as usual do as I say not as I do, just by shining a little light on the Dems the truth is found that its they who are being accused, they are the sexist, homophones, racists, kkk, skin heads, fascists, all the things they claim to hate is just who they really are. America has seen through your lies because you never know when to stop, there is no honesty in the left at all. The left never points to its accomplishments, they are never proud of America or of people or of anything, the left is all about hate.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You really do have a serious case of projecting.

  3. Wolfhunter says

    The real fact is that tRump is supporting a pedophile in Alabama, and if that were not bad enough this Alabama Redneck wants to take us back to the “good old days” when we had slavery.

    1. Butch Miller says


      1. chucky001 says

        Then you should also take the accusations against Franken and Conyers with the same grain of salt. But being a trumptard, you won’t. We Dems have called for Franken and Conyers, our own guys, to step down. It shows we, unlike the GOP, are willing to confront these issues. Where are the calls from the GOP for Moore to step down? Clarance Thomas? Tweety Pie??? Nothing but silence. McConnell and Ryan once called for him to step down, but when they realised they need his vote to pass their tax scam, they clammed up. Shameful.

        1. Retired says

          Chucky is out puking his usual BS like a good troll.

        2. Carol says

          Actions speak louder than words and can not be debunked….review the picture!

    2. niknar says

      Wow! This statement is word for word identical to the one made earlier by “Bill O’Neal”.

      1. ABO says

        Yes indeed it is and it amazes me that anyone with half a brain would think along the same lines as the idiot O’Neil.

    3. Carol says

      The democrats took us back to “SLAVERY” by putting more people on welfare so they could then control them and by giving them free healthcare and free phones. The democrats BUY people! ACORN……signing up dead people, multiple same names and paying people to vote…… we all remember them?

    4. Mathew Molk says

      Every single broad that has accused Moore has been found to be a snoptball liar.

      In a few hours you are going to see just how well it worked for them too. “Hillery by a landslide” again.

      1. Robert Dostoevsky says

        Whoops, missed.

  4. citruscnb says

    People are ready to believe anything as to Moore etc without substantiated evidence. It’s becoming pedophile phobia for some reason. And as to President Trump? Not surprising to me that he’s doing a better job ; because he’s a perfectionist who excels at business and the art of the deal. Something Obama was sadly lacking in. And we all know how the Liberals excel at wasting taxpayer money. And as to the leftist news slingers? God forbid if they gave Trump any credit for anything. Yeah ,,,sure,,, prove to me what Obama really did to pay off the outrageous National debt? LOL.

    1. chucky001 says

      Stupid post. He does NOT know the art of the deal. Case in point – moving the embassy to Jerusalem without getting Netanyahu to agree to curtail the settlements. He gave something away and got nothing in return- save for more motivation for ISIS to attack. As for Moore, if you are so inclined to dismiss the accusations against him, then you must also dismiss those against Franken and Conyers. Will you? I am not holding my breath. You are, after all, a Trumptard who enjoys taking it up the arse from the 1% ers.

      1. Dennis Key says

        They need to start proving the accusations in a court of law, Republicans and Democrats but these women won’t because they’re probably bought and paid for. Franken and Conyers (sounds like a comedy team) were fools to resign he’ll any of them are they’d have to prove it . Due Process!

      2. Agostino says

        All Israeli government is located in Jerusalem. It makes sense to have the US embassy located where the government is. Try listening to Nikki Haley’s explanation. It may help you understand the thinking.

        1. ABO says

          You are absolutely correct, Agostino and your suggestion on listening to Ambassador Haley’s explanation is right on the money but it is directed at a demented, brainless idiot who is here only to offer up insults and baseless accusations but has never provided anything even remotely intelligent or reasonable as part of the discussion. He is not interested in the truth or facts as they do not promote his sick, twisted agenda. Arguing with chucky is akin to attempting to carry on an intelligent conversation with an earthworm.

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Why did everyone in the administration recommend against it? And why are we the only nation doing it?

      3. canislupus says

        As for Conyers, who knows? But Franken has provided us with photographic evidence, hasn’t he? So he’s not only a sexual abuser, he’s a very dumb sexual abuser. The good news is that in this day and age smart women and smart young men can record this sort of stuff surreptitiously. Times are getting tough for these creeps.

      4. John Williams says

        There is a difference between franken and Moore, I know it is a difficult task for you useful idiots, but let me help you out. you identified the issue with Moore, your words not mine “As for Moore, if you are so inclined to dismiss the accusations against him” key word “accusations” try and remember that. Franken was not only dumb enough to do what he did he was dumb enough to have it recorded in a picture, that is a lot more than “accusations,” a huge difference, his claim to fame, ignorance and proof on display for all to see.

      5. mac12sam12 says

        ISIS is being decimated to the point that they claimed the Vegas attack was ISIS inspired. This is what happens when you let the generals do their jobs instead of a gay community organizer running the military.

        The top 1% pay 40% of all taxes so that you don’t have to, Mr. Section 8.

      6. PatriotGal says

        chucky, really? Tell me, how many BILLIONS have you made? ZIlch, Nada, None. As for Jerusalem, guess you aren’t aware that in 1995 Slick Willie Clinton signed the law passed by the 104th Congress including Pelosi, moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the Capital of Israel effective May 31, 1999. No president has ever OBEYED that law, each signed exemptions. OUR PRESIDENT has said, the law is the law and we are to obey it. He will sign an exemption now, until we can locate property and build. As soon as we have secured the property, built the facility, our embassy shall move.Yet, you left wingers who hate obeying laws have your panties in a wad over NOTHING. OUR PRESIDENT did nothing more than OBEY THE LAW!
        As for Conyers, who knows? Is there proof?
        As for Franken, there is proof and his admission.
        How about Slick Willie Clinton who raped women, forced a female staffer to have sex with him the Oval Office and even “used” a cigar. Monica kept her Slick Willie Clinton DNA-stained blue dress for PROOF!! Vast difference from she said tripe to she said…there was PROOF! What did you morons do? You let him stay in office and then tried to force his lying, thieving wife down our throats for POTUS twice. So, please, chucky, don’t even try to take the moral high ground. You Demonazis gave that up when you loved Slick Willie Clinton. In our beloved America, law states, “Presumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty”; not, guilty until proven innocent. You Dems lost on both counts. You LYNCHED Conyers, a Black man with no proof, and yet, you are allowing Franken to stay until he chooses a date to leave, and you idolized Slick WIllie Clinton! So stuff it where the sun don’t shine, Chucky!

      7. G.Mann says

        Yet Another sleazy, liberal dimwit sitting on the internet displaying his disgusting liberal, low life, amoral brain droppings.
        Blocked & Banned

      8. Carol says

        No are the one with the stupid post. Did Trump make a deal with the price of military planes? The Jews have wanted this for many many years, to have the embassy moved to Jerusalem and trump stands with our friends from Israel. What did BO do for Israel? Did BO ever support Israel? AND since when can’t we do something without getting something in return? That is stupid in itself! Franken finally did the right thing because actions speak louder than words….check out the picture! The damming Swamp is being Drained and it will do wonders for America. Let’s switch this around…….tell us all what the democrats have for a message, an agenda OR simply do for the American people?

      9. John D says

        OK, Your history you freaking idiot.

      10. Vote for Truth says

        You might not realize that Israel won all that land in the war in 1947, so Israel can have settlements because it IS there land. What country ever gives back the land that they got in a war??? That’s right, nobody and Israel should not either.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          By your logic we should own Germany and do what we want there.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      The Moore BS has blown up in the NWO Marxists faces just like everything the friggin dunderhead stunt commies have tried for the past 2+ years.

      MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

  5. niknar says

    The economy is still preponderantly responding to measures taken during Obama’s administration & the momentum derived from that. The first year of a new administration belongs to the previous administration as far as the economy goes. Obama struggled during his first year due to the huge economic mess left by his predecessor. Not until sometime during his second year, could you accurately attribute the economy to Obama, & it was from there on that the economy recovered. Same goes for Trump, who is enjoying the results from Obama’s wise economic stewardship. Look at our economy a year hence, whether it’s still going up or not, then you can give Trump full credit.

    1. CurlyDave says

      “Obama’s wise economic stewardship” — my hairy purple donkey.

      Obama piled regulation on top of regulation and tied anyone who actually tried to make anything into knots. He tried to kill the coal industry, and sent jobs from the US all around the world — everywhere except where Americans live.

      I still vividly remember election night, when there was a temporary drop in stock futures and some idiot on TV predicted they would never return. Buy the time the market opened the next day, they went straight up and have not stopped for a year. Trump has just about erased everything Obama did, and thank God for that.

      There is a lot of pent-up growth in the US economy and Trump is letting it come to the fore.

    2. ABO says

      That line of pure, unadulterated BS has been debunked and rightly so, by so many knowledgeable sources, even some left leaning sources, that I’m amazed that you actually try to pass it off as fact on this site. Even those with little understanding of economics saw through Obama’s ridiculous excuses as to why the economy was so bad under his direction. “Obama’s wise economic stewardship”??? That little con is tremendously convoluted and as far from truth as is possible to achieve.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Trump inherited the worst economy and also record poverty and you give Hussein O credit for what Trump has done? Obama’s the worst economic president in history. Would you like the numbers?

  6. Onepiece says

    Still swallowing the Obama juice , you have it so bad that you can NOT get off of your knees anymore . were you under Clintons desk like Monica ????

  7. Ron Dapo says

    Get out of your mommy’s basement and read a book Wolfhunter. If you don’t have anything factual to say. Don’t bother peddling your immaturity for all to see.

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Obammunists want a state of chronic economic weakness and malaise, in part to facilitate the takeover of the United States by a world government dominated by a nuclear-armed caliphate and in part because it will increase dependence on the state, which they plan to run in perpetuity. Like Orwell’s Inner Party in “1984”, the last thing they want is prosperity because that allows people to think of freedom. The party of Resistance, Russia and Rape is currently sending up one smokescreen of lies after another, but the regular people who were this country before the Trojan Horse arrived in 2008 are seeing through their schemes and canards. Because the marxist muslim from Mombasa, the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke, Nazi kapo Soros and stock swindler Steyer have organized a revolution that is in the process of starting, we may have to fight and win a civil war to stop them.

    1. dennis w says

      KEEP THEM SAFE……….

  9. Carol says

    Democrats get over yourself. How about a score card with Pros and Cons? Let’s see……..Pros for Democrats…….oh my, can’t think of any…….Cons for democrats……….Corruption, [pay to play, uranium, lawlessness by BO and Holder, not enforcing the laws of the nation, having illegals vote along with dead people and multiple votes , sanctuary cities, Weiner, Uma, Lynch, Rice, Bill, HC, getting rid of businesses and industry off of American soil, an open border, Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein’, Clapper, Lerner and Sebelius, taking away all religions but muslim, safe spaces, more than 2 genders, punishment for living your religion if you own a business, highest unemployment rates, highest number of people on welfare, highest debt, no school choice, giving huge amount of money to another country in the middle of the night, in cash, MO and telling kids what to eat so parents have no say,over spending, AIG being funded out of bankruptcy but giving out bonuses, Sharpton causing looting and burning of cities, BLM violations against law enforcement, Jackson doing the same, no help for blacks or their communities, all the killings in Chicago a city run by BO’s right hand democrat man, saving Bergdolf, leaving Americans in other countries prisons, no respect for America from any other country, etc., etc, etc. Now the Pros for republicans, respect from other countries, rules and regulations against businesses being removed, look at the republican run states that have reversed their surplus, have no debt, lowered taxes, brought new and overtaxed businesses to their state, people leaving overtaxed states like Illinois, Trump bringing costs down on military planes, getting out of the Paris Accord (since when does money “FIX” all?) new trade deals, enforcing American laws, helping our vets and being able to fire people, raising military pay, bringing religion back to America, getting rid of PC, backing our law enforcement, etc., etc., etc. ANYONE with “common sense” now knows exactly how to vote…… the conservative, vote for the republican, VOTE MOORE (2 accusers already have been found to be LIARS)

    1. bendecido says

      Carol, you are right on! I could not have said it or posted it better than you have. I am sure there are somewhere more positive things about our President Trump. All of these Obamaturds who voted for him, are delusional and still cannot comprehend the good things that Trump is doing and has done.

      1. Ben Totuous says

        You can’t even list any positive things tRump has done. Nothing really. The best thing he can do is resign. And stop this constitutional crisis.

        1. Jim Samaras says

          You are a delusional idealist Ben. Illegal immigration has been cut in half, our VA is getting back on track and soon the educational system will return to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic with MEASURABLE results. I could go on and on but it would be on deaf ears on you libtards part.

          1. Retired says

            Jim >>>>>>You can not get trough to a ten foot concreate wall !!!

          2. Jim Samaras says

            Oh, is Ben a renown dickhead on this site? My first time here

          3. Retired says

            Trump hater is more like it and probably wears the Pussy hat .

          4. WhiteFalcon says

            I just blocked that stupid POS some time ago. There is no point in putting up with him.

          5. John D says

            Me too. Life is too short to tolerate fools and morons.

          6. AKLady says

            More nursery school name calling.
            Wow! The level of intelligence and maturity on this site is amazing!

          7. kv2109 says

            Because you are here

          8. AKLady says

            Diagnostic Criteria for Immature Personality Disorder.

            Emotional escalations
            Poor impulse control
            Need to be the center of attention
            Budding narcissism
            Immature defenses
            Failure to admit and learn from mistakes.

            Source: DSM V: Immature Personality Disorder

          9. Nauyuno says

            You have just accurately described a “LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT” Well done!!

          10. AKLady says

            You have just published that you meet at least four, if not more of those points …
            Thank you.

          11. Retired says

            Wait till you run into AKLady , that one is something else that there are no safe way to describe .

          12. WhiteFalcon says

            I think she is blocked also. She is a total moron as I remember.

          13. AKLady says

            Another immature sewer mouth.

          14. Don Lindsey says

            Very much so!

          15. rfrichey says

            Ben the tortoise got his name because of his brain speed or lack thereof.

          16. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Are you illiterate or just ignorant and rude?
            Name calling id very immature.

          17. AKLady says

            Illegal immigration was cut 60% under Obama.
            During Trump’s first 11 months, it is down 14%
            Trump lies a lot.
            Trump suffers from narcisstic personality disorder.

          18. Carol says

            Why do you comment lies? BO had the border open and the border patrol and Ice agents babysitting the swarms of illegals. You heard backwards and you really need to see a doctor. What has Trump LIED about? Go ahead start your list. And now to say you are a doctor and know what is going on with Trump is truly disgusting. You are living in a bubble that allows you to hear only lies over and over again and therefore you are BRAINWASHED…… must be colluding with HC herself and you are her puppet.Enter the real world and listen and learn, you will receive a whole new education on how to comprehend and hear what is being said. What does “progressive” mean? What does “resist” mean? What does “obstructionist” mean? What does “liberal” mean? IF you KNOW then put it all together and get the real answer to what the democrats REALLY, REALLY are !

          19. Don Lindsey says

            She is a witch doctor…Block her!

          20. AKLady says

            Please do. Your name calling is immature and boring.

          21. Phil Esposito says

            Hey frosty, you’re back with still nothing to ad to the conversation except calling out people for calling names while you call them names. Don’t you see how hypocritical that is? What am I saying, you’re a liberal, of course you can’t see it. That is the mental illness that plagues you liberals.

          22. AKLady says

            Name calling is a behavior, a very childish behavior.

          23. Phil Esposito says

            You just made my point by calling “name calling” childish. You just can’t see it. That is the mental illness that haunts you liberals.

          24. AKLady says

            Behavior is factual.
            Name calling is known to be immature behavior.
            It is also abusive bahvor.

          25. Phil Esposito says

            You’ll never get it. This is the illness that you have. Behavior is not factual, it’s an interpretation. To me abortion is bad behavior. To you, probably not so much.

          26. AKLady says

            Ten Signs Psychiatrists Note When They Diagnose Emotional Childishness

            1. Emotional escalations
            2. Blaming
            3. Lies
            4. Name-calling
            5. Poor impulse control
            6. Need to be the center of attention
            7. Bullying
            8. Budding narcissism
            9. Immature defenses
            10. Failure to admit and learn from mistakes.

            Source: DSM V: Immature Personality Disorder

          27. Phil Esposito says

            You’re brain dead, frigid witch. Have you convinced your wife (or significant other) of your lies?

          28. AKLady says

            Your post evidences that you meet part of the criteria.

          29. Retired says

            Do Muslims have witch doctors ????

          30. Don Lindsey says

            This one is…She is in a different class of idiots!

          31. Retired says

            Good one , but you left out Muslim Idiot .

          32. A Wunder says

            All of your facts and truth mean nothing to AK Lady. She is a demonic leftist. You can’t reach her. She is totally gone from reality. Don’t bother, she will not hear you. Everything she accuses President Trump of is actually true of obonehead. Look what she writes. She perfectly describes leftists and obonehead while putting the accusations on conservatives and Trump. Total backward non-thinking. You are wasting your time responding to her. I blocked her a while ago. She doesn’t hear or consider what you say. She will just parrot back leftist speak.

          33. AKLady says

            Under Trump, arrests are up by 33%, but deportations are down by 1.2%.
            He hasn’t even managed to beat former President Barack Obama’s record. Under the Obama administration, ICE agents arrested 29,238 undocumented immigrants in the first few months of 2014.

            Under Trump, we have “expedited” removal. That means anyone can be deported without them going before a judge. If you are in thw Southwestern, United States, I suggest you carry a least three official proofs you are a citizen. Even then, if you are of Hispanic ethnicity, don’t be so sure you are safe.

            Trump’s actions have already resulted in a number of American citizens being “deported” — 256 documented cases just this year. An unknown, and increasing, number of American children. People are being targeted by thw color of their skin and their ethnic background.

          34. Retired says

            That personality disorder fits you better than TRUMP .In the last month of Obama there were Thousands of Illegals in Mexico at each border crossing into the USA and then there were all the Children bused through Mexico to the US border all arranged by the UN and US sponsor groups that paid to bring them to the USA .

          35. Don Lindsey says

            Block Ben and AK they are both trolls and come on these sites to cause trouble…They are not worth the effort!

          36. AKLady says

            More right-wing ignorance. Schools are governed locally. The President has no input to them, or authority over them. He has increases hate quite measurably.

          37. kv2109 says

            Dept. of Education tells the governments brainwashing institutions what to teach

          38. AKLady says

            Apparently, you missed the outcry over “Common Core”.

          39. AKLady says

            It was cut more than that under Obama.
            The VA Is funded through Congress.
            Trump has nothing, whatsoever, to do with its budget and operation.
            Education is governed locally. Trump has no input, whatsoever.

            You could go on, and on making a fool of yourself before the world.

          40. ARTPSYCH says

            Ben is delusional he forgot about obamas constitutional mangling of the Constituion. He stole out of the Treaury to pay health care insurnce companies to subsidize the poor..that is not lawful it has to be passsed by congress- he didnt care he did it. BILLIONS of $$$ went out the door. 1/6th of the economy was subverted to the govt under the healthcare act. 1/6th! thats trillions!!$$$ over 7 years

          41. mrpoohead says

            Amusing, how? Zip power!

        2. bendecido says

          Ben, with all due respect, I see you haven’t kept up with the news even before Trump was inaugurated as president. To begin with, even before he was inaugurated, he got the airplane company to reduce the price of Air Force One airplanes. The stock market has skyrocketed, He got the wall on the south border started to keep illegals out, he will not allow immigrants from 7 countries to enter America, unless they vetted. If you want more, just read Carol’s post above, as I know about all of those. But to be honest, I don’t have to post what I know about Trump, as most everyone knows about them, except you. I respect Mr. Trump, even you, and I will back him every chance I get. He is doing a great job and he does not have to resign to the Democrats wishes. Peace be with you.

          1. cubuff62 says

            He also knocked down the price on the F-35.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            No he didn’t, he has no control over the price.

          3. cubuff62 says

            Not true. He told Lockheed [I believe it was their aircraft] that if the price wasn’t lowered he was going to order Boeing’s modified F-18 as an alternative.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Firstly, the president does not order anthing, the Air Force makes the decision. Secondly, while he said he liked the F-18, he never threatened Lockheed.

          5. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The President doesn’t order aircraft, the Pentagon does. Cost overruns are part of all military developments but costs decrease once production begins.
            Each branch of the military has specific requirements for combat aircraft and the F-18 would not satisfy everyone.

          6. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Not true, the Pentagon makes the procurement decision, not the president. Cost overruns are typical of military aircraft development but as the procurement process matures the costs to down.

          7. cubuff62 says

            And just who is the commander in chief?

          8. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The President. But so what? He can not arbitrarily tell the Pentagon what or what not to procure.

          9. cubuff62 says

            He didn’t have to. The message was arm twisting to the F-35 contractor. This happens all the time. Your argument is utterly fallacious.

          10. WhiteFalcon says

            Yeah, peach be with him and he can also shut up.

          11. John D says

            Moron. You’re blocked.

          12. WhiteFalcon says

            I don’t know what you are upset about. I was talking to Bendecido who was talking to Ben totuous who is a lib. that I blocked a while back. I was not referring to Trump or you.

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            What wall?

        3. Phil Esposito says

          I guess as an idiot you didn’t read the post ahead of you listing all the positive things Pres. Trump has done. But, as an idiot, your brain will not process facts as long as you’re stuck in your liberal world of “I hate Trump”. I’ll bet you don’t even know why you hate him other then the liberal media told you to.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Phil,,,,,I don’t need to read anything to know it’s true. All I hjave to do is look put the window of my truck as I drive around Cleveland and see. live and in person, all the industrial buildings that are coming back to life as well as the massive number of new factories that are coming out of the ground. I see help wanted signs all over the place and they are more every week. – We are in a crisis all right. We have more jobs for skilled and qualified people then we have people to fill them. THE RUST BELT IS COMING BACK TO LIFE, BABY!

            MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train

          2. Retired says

            I don’t consider ware housing and Amazon as Industrial and today no one builds without tax incentives or free tax money . You make it sound like Cleveland is the Utopia of industrial USA , which is highly doubt full . Lots of places in the US was like Cleveland and are slowly growing but not at the way you describe it as Industrial growth .

          3. John D says

            Retired, Industrial is common use verbiage for non residential buildings

          4. Retired says

            A play on words , ware houses do not product a product and their pay is lowest . Industry makes things and without that we are in big trouble . In order for the US to be humming again we need the Steel – Aluminum and Copper industry back . When the last lead mine shut down car batteries jumped almost $30.00 right after that .

          5. Carol says

            And your real point is? You must only be looking for all the freebies and handouts that Trump is cutting due to fraud and BO and the democrats cutting working hours because of their “wonderful, fabulous” healthcare with the lies of saving $1200. per year, keep your doctor that your ass democrats voted to pass something they had no idea what it was……so this is how you believe your taxpaying servants should pass laws and bills. Thank God you are not in public service and this is exactly why we must Drain the Swamp from these idiots that think doing the same thing over and over will change the results that are all harming and have harmed America for many many years!

          6. Retired says

            You are talking to the Wrong person and not even the subject . People losing jobs and benefits goes back to Clinton . I would be one to help clean the Swamp on both sides .

          7. jane says

            yes George Bush and his army are and were just as egregious as Clinton and Obama. I voted for Bush and did not see the light until I listened to Laura Ingraham…god Bless her and President Trump

          8. Robert Dostoevsky says

            ACA was passed after a year of back and forth with many Republican ammendments.

          9. Carol says

            Then why did no one know what was in it? Pelosi called for a YES vote not knowing anything about it? So just what “AMENDMENTS” did anyone know about?

          10. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Because Congress knew what was in it! The infamous Pelosi quote has nothing to do with congress. She has been misquoted so many times that most people think she was talking to congress, she was actually making a speech to the National association of counties.
            Try googling the actual speech.

          11. Phil Esposito says

            I like your thinking, Mathew.

          12. jane says

            I am loving your post Phil….he was probably indoctrinated from birth
            via the public school unions.

          13. Phil Esposito says

            Thank you, Jane.

        4. mac12sam12 says

          Try reading the article before commenting, it just makes you look stupid. There’s a way out for you!

        5. lia watson says

          BOO HOO!!! YOU and you ilk want the world to burn so you can blame Trump. Well guess what!!! I refer you back to “Carol’s” post before your loonie reply. If you don’t like the way this country is being run, please feel free to move to Cuba, Russia, Syria or any other third world country. YOU WON’T BE MISSED!!!

          1. bendecido says

            I am sure he would like Venezuela.

        6. safari1024 says

          The best thing you can do is stop while your behind, and stop your delusional anti reality crisis.

        7. G.Mann says

          Another sleazy, liberal dimwit sitting on the internet displaying his disgusting liberal, low life, amoral brain droppings.
          Blocked & Banned

        8. gonzales27 says

          Put the crack pipe down and return to reality

        9. Carol says

          Hey Ben don’t you know how to read? Trump is THEE BEST PRESIDENT in less than a year of being in office…….try learning facts, like unemployment is down, taxpayer money being saved, vets receiving better care and now people can and will be fired rather than lying and fudging numbers, saving on welfare, deporting criminal illegals, arresting MS13, enforcing laws of our nation, closing the borders, etc……..IF YOU have any money in the stock market sure hope you removed every penny because I know you wouldn’t want to make money off Trump with the highest stock market ever and still on the rise and more rises than weeks in a year and Trump hasn’t even been president for a year……so stuff that TRUTH!

        10. Retired says

          If people would list his accomplishments while being restricted by Federal Judges and Congress because Hillary lost ,you would not accept them .

        11. Joan says

          Ben, you are in denial. You need your eyes examined for extreme leftists disease. Your ears need cleaning to hear the truth. Study and show thy self approved. Trump is doing more, and has done more good in his short time in office than 8 years of the racist who occupied the office prior to him. May God bless President Trump and keep him safe. 🙏🏻🇺🇸

        12. cubuff62 says

          So says the laughable idiot!

        13. rodstew says

          …obummer is going by Ben Totuous nowadays,huh. both alias are morons.

        14. randolph.poole says

          Gee, Ben…why don’t you do us all a favor and spend your time watching a “real” news network like CNN or surfing a “real” Internet site like Right now, I’m looking at the averages for the DOW and the S&P 500 (highest in history); employment in the manufacturing sector (highest since 2000); annual GDP growth (higher than at anytime during Obama’s tenure), etc. But heck, that isn’t Trump’s doing, is it? I know because Obama crawled out of the woodwork just the other day to take credit for that…and it was validated by a “real” news network like CNN or a “real” Internet site like LOL!!!

          1. AKLady says

            Trump did none of the things you have credited him with.
            Use you head for thinking. A President cannot do any of those.

          2. randolph.poole says

            Hey, AKLady, you are quite the articulate liberal, aren’t you? What is with the, “Use you head…”????? Obviously, YOU have no knowledge of economics or business? Do you even know what the Dow Jones Index and/or S&P 500 is or how it functions? Being a liberal, probably not! SO, slightly modifying your last comment, “Use your head for thinking!”
            Work with me on this, now. The stock price of a listed company is based on earnings, as in how much profit will that company make selling its products or services. Investors bid up or bid down the price of a company’s stock based on their perception of the future profitability of that company. Are you still with me?
            Unlike his predecessor, your hero, Obummer, who was one of the most anti-business, anti-growth presidents in history, when President Trump entered office he started instituting his pro-business, pro-growth agenda. For example, the President immediately started repealing onerous and unproductive regulations that drive up costs for business. Further, he started implementing his agenda, such as a tax reduction plan, to include, GEE WHIZ, a corporate tax reduction. Why is this important? Because profits for US companies will increase…how about that? Consequently, the MARKET has reacted to this fact by bidding up stock share prices knowing that President Trump’s policies will make business more profitable. As a result, companies are hiring more employees because they know their business will require additional staff to produce more goods or services. This increases the GDP. SO, YES, President Trump IS directly responsible for the items I listed above!
            I’m sure that when your hero, Obummer, was in office, you were front and center praising him for turning the economy around, correct? Obviously, since you have no idea how the economy works. Now that President Trump is in office, your argument is that he hasn’t done anything to improve the economy. You liberals are such hypocritical, transparent P’sOS!
            Perception is everything. Trump entered the WH with a pro-business, pro-growth agenda, unlike, your hero Obummer, who was clearly anti-business and anti-growth. That is why during the eight years of his tenure our economy had the lowest post-recession GDP growth of any previous president and among the lowest real wage growth rates. Oh, but excuse me, one thing Obama was good at…initiating lawsuits against corporations, settling with them, and then strong arming them into funding BS left-wing social organizations (Research it…in your own words, “Use you head…”).
            The things that I cited above…did they not occur under Trump’s administration? has dVery true. However, he has implement pro-business policies

          3. AKLady says

            Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich
            Government of corporations, by corporations, for corporations.


            Suggest you look up Love Canal.

            Then take a good look at Three Mile Island; the Exxon Valdez; Libby, Montana; Deep Water Horizon, Amoco Csdiz, Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone …Minamata Disease

        15. AKLady says

          His statements and policy proposals blatantly violate the inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution, federal and international law, and the basic norms of a free and decent society.

          1. randolph.poole says

            Oh, so now, besides being an economist you are a constitutional scholar? LOL!!!

          2. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Our post says s much about you.

          3. Don Lindsey says

            She got her diploma @ the local mental institution!

        16. kv2109 says

          The economy, stupid

      2. Carol says

        Trump has done 62 things for the benefit of America and just 3 minutes ago he signed the defence act so he is up to 63 and we will keep counting……..Trump is fearless and moving faster than lightening…….he knows what America needs.

        1. AKLady says

          He has also violated the Constitution over 36 times.
          He has violated the Emoluments Clause since the day he took office.

          1. Carol says

            Tell us what he did against The Constitution! Trump has NEVER encouraged racism………what a very stupid thing to say……..BO split the country and always sided with the blacks and muslims……religious bigotry??????? REALLY??????……..Trump is a Christian and all our other presidents always said God Bless America EXCEPT BO! BO also did not always even respect our military by saluting!

          2. AKLady says

            Never encourages racism? Ha, ha, ha, … Start your educarion here:

            Case Name: United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024
            Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. )
            State/Territory New York
            Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

            Donald Trump: Three decades, 4,095 lawsuits https

            Oh, and foolish one, civilians do not salute, not even those who are President, Commander in Chief. Apparently, you are too young to have known any “civilian” previous President. Also, military out of uniform do not salute.

            The very basis for our country’s existence is religious freedom. Muslims plaued VERY important part in our Nation’s history — don’t ever forget that. The first to die in the American Revolution was a Muslim, he was also an escaped slave: Crispus Attucks. America’s first, and longest ally is a Muslim country: Morocco, 225 years.

            Here is a sampling of Muslims who contributes grwatly to the Nation you now enjoy: Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster…

          3. Carol says

            You never answered the questions. But of course not because you spout off whatever but can, without back up! Do not preach muslim names to me and YES our president does salute our military when entering and exiting his plane………so now what do you have to say?

          4. AKLady says

            Civilians do not salute — ever.
            Military in civilian clothes do not salute.
            Presidential salutes did not become commonplace until Reagan — the a war-movie warriorr — became President.

          5. Carol says

            Still did NOT answer the previous questions……..suddenly you do NOT know ALL the answers…….LOL…..LOL! And so the president DOES salute the military…… you are WRONG and have a real problem admitting the truth……and that is a realsign of a DEMOCRAT…….no answer……just SPIN! AKLady YOU LOSE! (in more than just this post)…….NOW WE ALL SEE THE HUGE “L” ON YOUR FOREHEAD!!!!!!!!

          6. AKLady says

            Start your education with Trump’s “Muslim ban.”
            Move to the Emoluments Clause.
            Educate yourself from there …
            The salute was Reagan politics …

          7. Carol says

            So now we know you are against Trump………you are a muslim… believe in sharia law (DUMB ASS), YOU BELIEVE IN DEATH TO AMERICA, you are not welcome on my soil……you believe in terrorism……you believe that you can be raped,mutilated, stoned, etc. because you are female……….you have clearly identified yourself to all of us……and now we can all reject all you have to say…….OUR COURT upheld the travel ban for our protection……….as an American I am educated about muslim beliefs and it sickens me that such loser females allow this to happen and believe that is the way it should be… disgust all of America and we pride ourselves on our freedoms…….as a female muslim you are nothing more than a caged person at the abuse an use of all muslim males………get the hell away from us and SHUT THE HELL UP………God Bless America!

          8. AKLady says

            The Court upheld the travel ban when it was rewritten without the “religious” involvement. You see, banning by religion was unconstitutional.
            Out of one side of your mouth, you speak of “freedoms”. Out of the other side of your mouth, you demand and approve of freedom of religion.

          9. Retired says

            Trump is right ,he should ban your Muslim Butt . time to ship out before ice gets you , but then you probably don’t live in the US with all your lies over the years .

          10. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted or encouraged others to post harassing comments or hate speech targeting me, other individuals, or groups

          11. drdos1943 says

            … Same Muslim ban as Obama wanted…. and the alleged violation of the Emoluments Clause has already been thrown out of court at its first hearing last October.

          12. AKLady says

            Obama banned individuals from specific countries, based on terror activity.
            At no time, did Obama violate the U.S. Constitution by relating the ban to Islam.

          13. AKLady says

            One case, one court, one decision. I have not seen where the House has entered the equation. The State pf Maryland and the AG of thw Disteict of Columbia did not have jurisdiction to bring the suit

            His actions and ignorance are more than a little frightening:

            1. Obstruction of justice
            2. Inciting white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, race baiting and racism
            3. Associating the majesty of the presidency with causes rooted in white supremacy, bigotry, racism, anti-semitism, white nationalism and neo-Nazism
            4. Perfidy
            5. Encouraging Law enforcement officials to violate the constitutional rights of suspects in their care, custody and control
            6. Violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause
            7. Violation of the Domestic Emoluments Clause
            8. Undermining the Federal Judiciary
            9. Undermining the Freedom of the Press
            10. Call for Muslim ban
            11. Call to close mosques.
            12. His desire to seek to kill and torture not only terrorists, but their family members
            13. His call “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.” violates the 1st, 8th and 14th Amendments.
            14. His claim that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel unfit to preside over lawsuits against Trump University solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

            Trump has launched attacks on the press, on mosques, and on other institutions explicitly protected by the Bill of Rights. Then there is Trump’s private meeting with Republican members of Congress, when he expressed his admiration for Article 12 of the Constitution, apparently unaware that there are only seven Articles.

            The presidential oath of office demands that the president “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Trump is incompetent. He has repeatedly proven he cannot fill the requirements of his Oath of Office.


          14. drdos1943 says

            BS, Ma’m , BS. Same old, same old. Perhaps too much of Rachel Maddow. You lost … and did you ever lose big time. Live with it.

          15. ARTPSYCH says

            Rachel Madcow is definitely a hormonal imbalanced leftist beast.

          16. drdos1943 says

            Actually, she is a smart, but unethical, woman keeping her job by playing to the uninformed.

          17. AKLady says

            No, she keeps her job by telling the truth and keeping those informed who are not yet brainwashed with hate. Who taught you to hate? Your parents? Your church? One of your teachers? The KKK? The American Na-z-I Party?

          18. drdos1943 says

            LOL. I do not hate at all. However, whenever I see someone who appears to be a Muslim, I loosen the retention on my side arm just in case. That is not hate. That is just being prepared. Islamophobic??? I sure am and with good reason.

          19. AKLady says

            You are simply a juvenile name-caller.

          20. AKLady says

            You do not care much for fact and truth, do you?
            Will you be happy when you are stopped on the street and faced with the demand: Papers please. Actually, the demand will not be so polite.

          21. drdos1943 says

            lol .. You do not know me. If that ever were to occur, which it will not, I’d be the one asking for the identification papers.

          22. AKLady says

            I suspect you are a member of the American N-a-z-I Party.
            You obviously have little or no respect for the U.S. Constitution.

          23. drdos1943 says

            LOL My respect for our constitution is immeasurable. My respect for you is another story … and it seems I have a lot of company.

          24. ARTPSYCH says

            The poor thing has been so brainwashed- I think the brain activity is nill! Let’s coffee up for the next surgery doctor.

          25. AKLady says

            The question is why do people hate?
            Is tribalism wired into thw human brain?
            Life began in Africa.
            We all share the genes of a first female.

          26. mrpoohead says

            At least he has a brain, your excuse?

          27. AKLady says

            Your lack of respect for the Constitution is posted all over this site for the world to witness.

          28. drdos1943 says


          29. ARTPSYCH says

            She needs too be put out of her misery

          30. drdos1943 says

            Nah! Either do not respond to her or just laugh at her with an LOL and nothing more.

          31. AKLady says

            Sewer language is a sign of illiteracy.
            It also indicates a lack of respect for others.
            You need a better legal education.
            Subsequent removal of an official upon conviction, is separate from the act of impeachment itself.
            Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are the only two presidents to have been successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, and both were later acquitted by the Senate

          32. drdos1943 says

            Oh, I forgot. Thankfully, the President is launching attacks on the press and especially on mosques. It is the President’s duty to protect the citizens of the U.S.

            Also, please give one example of President Trump’s violating even one precept of the Constitution.

          33. AKLady says

            Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right.
            Trump is history repeating itself. Suggest you look at 1930s-a940s Germany.

          34. drdos1943 says

            President Trump is attacking and censuring the Press for its blatant “Fake News” and bias. He is in no way trying to place any kind of restrictions on the Press. We have freedom of the press; but we also have free speech of which President Trump has a Constitutional right to take advantage. The Press now has an even lower credibility rating than Trump.

          35. AKLady says

            Trump has the lowest credibility rating of all Presidents.
            His rating is even lower than Nixon’s . The sheer frequency, spontaneity and seeming irrelevance of Trump’s lies have no precedent.

            When Trump has a particular untruth he wants to propagate—no t just an undifferentiated barrage—he simply states it, over and over. That, foolish one is the Joseph Goebbels’ policy/theory. It worked rather well in the 1930s-40s.
            We already have the concentration camps.
            When will the death chamber be built?
            Where will the incinerators be built?
            How will you and people like you explain the odor and ash?

          36. drdos1943 says

            Ma’m, you need help.

          37. AKLady says

            “President Trump’s Approval Ratings Have Reached Another Record Low”

            “Donald Trump approval rating now worst of any president in history, poll finds”

          38. ARTPSYCH says

            She can’t(tell the truth) she’s so far left she’s falling off the cliff!!

          39. mrpoohead says

            Funny coming from someone yet to provide a fact!

          40. Retired says

            That is typical of all TROLLS , AK Has a script just like when you get a foreign answering service . Ask a question and they start reading something.

          41. AKLady says

            Maybe, you should take a better look down history lane.
            As I stated, it did not become a “fad” until the movie star did it. Flag protocol says individuals in civilian clothes are not supposed to salute. There are also multiple religious faiths which do not permit it.

          42. Upward Trend says

            That’s true. No salute, however right hand over heart not left, unless your injured.

          43. kv2109 says

            Jefferson want all muslims banned from America and so did Jimi Carter…but you forgot the 1993 and 9/11 muslim boomers…

          44. AKLady says

            I suggest you cite historical documents supporting your claim.

            Carter banned Iranians during the Iran hostage crisis, he never referenced any religious affiliation.

            [He] sais “neither Pagan nor Mahamedan [Muslim] nor Jew ought to be excluded from the civil rights of the Commonwealth because of his religion.”
 — Thomas Jefferson, quoting John Locke, 1776

          45. Maureen Hannon says

            Muslims, like any other religion, are welcome in America. Obama pretended that he was a Christian in ’08 when he was running, but after getting elected , trashed the Christian and the Jewish at every opportunity. The only faith that he spoke
            favorably about was his Muslim faith.

          46. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          47. ARTPSYCH says

            you’re absolutely correct. i heard his rapturous mainstream white talk to the middle class..he was convincing!

          48. jane says

            BO and his buddy George Soros are working behind the scenes to take our country down. They would like us to become more like the hell hole throughout Europe. Brussels would be their dream act

          49. 4USA2 says

            And, who can forget BO campaigning, standing on stage during the debates, and cupping his hands over his crouch RATHER THAN putting his right hand over his heart during the pledge. Oh, and then there was another time, BO and Moochelle, put their LEFT HANDS over their right chest areas, during the pledge. Like that wasn’t obvious! The usurpers got away with treason against our country for 8 years and now they collect a big fat retirement salary on the backs of the taxpayers.

          50. gvette says

   1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies …

          51. Retired says

            You are describing yourself as being a violation to the USA .You are a Muslim racist and a bigot on religion .

          52. kv2109 says

            LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES are all the democrats have…

          53. AKLady says

            “Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong,”
            Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

          54. Maureen Hannon says

            AKLady, Obama encouraged racism, and he did a great job of turning Americans against each other. When BHO was Commander In Cheif of the armed forces, service, armed forces members were forbidden to pray”In Jesus name”, even military chaplans. He was hostile to religions, except Islam.

          55. AKLady says

            Military chaplains have always been required to be nondenominational.
            We are not a Christian nation. America was founded upon religious freedom.
            It is of upmost importance for our military to reflect that.
            The Presidential “Oath of Office” requires that the Constitution be upheld.
            Obama was a Constitutional scholar.
            The Constitution requires that “Jesus” be left out of military chaplains duty to the troops. After all, our troops come in many religious flavors, not just Christian. Islam is simply one of many other flavors, such as Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism …
            Your post says that you are extremely hostile to religions — other than yours.

          56. Maureen Hannon says

            AKLady, Obama not only orbid military chaplains from praying in Jesus name, but ALL militarypersonnelle in uniform.

          57. David Jaycox says

            Must be talking about Obama

          58. AKLady says

            Obama is not longer President.
            I suggest you catch up, you seem very behind the times.

          59. AKLady says

            I suggest you learn a bit more history, because you Apparently claiming that you know more than a lawyer who was a professor of Constitutional Law.

            It is called separation of church and state. You may pray privately any way you want, but not publically while on government property.

          60. AKLady says

            “Personal insults are the last refuge of the intellectual coward.” ~Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

          61. ARTPSYCH says

            She’s a nutbag of a lady! AK is so confused it’s hard to believe she once worked in the medical field! as per her story/

          62. mrpoohead says

            …….or that you completed kindergarten.

          63. Maureen Hannon says

            The Obama’s encouraged racism. They got our country to the place where it was more divided than at any time since the Civil War. They encouraged black people to be “victims” and did all he could to divide our country. Something Obama did, with Hillary’s help, is get Trump elected. Most o us that voted Trump weren’t voting or Trump as much as against Hillary.

          64. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          65. viking nation says

            You have been lied to.

          66. AKLady says

            No darling, you are wallowing is self-imposed ignorance.
            The facts are out there. You simply ignore or deny them.

          67. Upward Trend says

            Obama made unconstitutional orders and regs for 3 years, so says the supreme court this year.
            Trumps businesses were already existent, however late last year pulled much of his foreign business back. Nothing related to emolulents though. That comes from CNN and these weired democrats trying to hang on for political life. No collusion either. GPS Fushion is connected to Hilary and the democrat party. Several FBI agents are under high scrutiny and may be indicted soon. The hatred by the left is deep.
            Several people deep inside these agencies have passed on false information to damage Trump. Trump has only helped this country.

          68. ARTPSYCH says

            ask AK to number in detail all those orders- obama did. he did a lot of unconstituional things and Trump is still cleaning up a mess. FBI mess, NOKO mess, Russia MESS, Fiscal Mess..etc etc etc.

          69. mrpoohead says

            List one.

          70. ARTPSYCH says

            Obama mentioned in office the main muslim countries on notice for terrorism.. yet the left forgets about that ON PURPOSE.

          71. AKLady says

            In your opinion.
            Facts are entirely different.
            Trump has not pulled any business.
            What he recently did was make a FAKE handover to his sons.
            He did business in Cuba during the embargo.
            There is no law he would not break for profit.
            No false information needed, the truth is more than enough
            Why anyone would put a liar and a man that disrespectful of women is a question America needs to answer. He bought his way into the Presidency.

        2. boone1 says

          The low life democrats will try to kill Trump if they can just watch.

          1. Matlonc says

            Just what i said boone but its not only Dems he needs to worry about. The Rinos are just as bad if not worse.

      3. AKLady says

        Sewer language.
        Nursery school name calling …

        1. Dale P Patterson says

          AKLiberalwhore, back to troll Americans some more.
          Gonna tell us that we should have voted for Hillary, in a commie county is where you should be.
          Don’t tell us not to vote for Mr. Moore, go tell your masters you failed you DNC wh0re.

          1. AKLady says

            Maybe, you should develop some manners and maturity.
            Sewer language indicates illiteracy.
            Name calling is immature.
            You made an impression, just not the one you desire,

          2. Dale P Patterson says

            Little old troll from AK, is that all you have to say? You tell me I made the wrong impression, but I didn’t in our last session. I trolled you and got a smile and shut your suck for a while. You rag about President T, but your not good enough to suck his P. You call us immature for calling you wrong, we’re tired of your crappie song. We aren’t without manners or book learnin’, just patients as we wait for you to start burnin’. You think Obie and Mike were pretty damn good but hell they won’t DARE be seen in the hood. They did nuthin’ for black folks that’s plain to see, and you got nuttin’ for proof if you disagree. He served the banks we can tell by the debt, payin’ off his mistake is something we’ll never get. He served the international defense industry while being a spineless advocate of apology. He stole away 1/6th of GNP,

          3. AKLady says

            Ritual insults, name-calling, unfriendly suggestions… can’t you think of anything better? If you are an adult, then I must say: my condolences. While unlikely, I do hope you someday manage to attain the love and acceptance needed from your peers and family to not berate strangers with textual assaults.

          4. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Nursery school name calling …

          5. Don Lindsey says

            She gets her news while working the street corners!

        2. Retired says

          You are the biggest sewer RAT on here , so you should be used to it .

        3. Missyspal says

          AKLady, i look at it this way, no name calling just the facts, if all of your brains were TNT you would not have enough to blow your nose……..

          1. AKLady says

            Another one making a big impression …
            So immature.

          2. Don Lindsey says

            She blowed her brains out the last time she farted!

    2. jimmy midnight says

      Let’s see now, Dems DON’T want to criminalize birth control, or bring slavery back. Those two things should suffice for any HUMAN.

      1. Carol says

        Ok on the birth control……BUT……..the slavery is questionable………They fought to keep slavery during the Civil War……….the REPUBLICANS FREED THEM! So jimmy midnight please rethink that one…….LOL!

        1. jimmy midnight says

          The national parties re-thought it first. Now the descendants of those who fought 4 slavery R the R rank-and-file, and those of former slave-owners and Confederate officers, the R candidate types.

          1. Mathew Molk says


            What the hell are you talking about? – All the black guys I personally know are back at work in their professions and trades.

            BTW, It’s “for” – not “4”

            I know you snowflakes rewrite history but let’s leave the written language alone.

          2. John D says

            I’m tired of your ignorance. BLOCKED.

      2. John D says

        Let me fix that for you… Dems don’t want to criminalize the murder of unborn babies. God will have something to say about that, but since you probably don’t believe in God, you will ignore that until you have to face him.

        So who do you think wants slavery back, moron?

        1. jimmy midnight says

          I acknowledge and revere a minimum of 15,000 deities 2 your exclusive oppressive 1. They’re not unanimous, but a strong majority actually favor reproductive choice.


        2. jimmy midnight says

          I acknowledge and revere a minimum of 15,000 deities 2 your exclusive oppressive 1. They’re not unanimous on choice, but a strong majority of them favor it.

          Jesus had not a mumblin’ word 2 say about “the proceedure,” which was well-known in New Testament times, and Jesus knew most everything there was 2 know back then.

          Be he did have something 2 say about, “Cast the first stone,” in a woman-in-trouble context.

    3. gonzales27 says

      Well I think you have civered it very well good post and my sentiments exactly.

    4. AKLady says

      Red States — highest level of school dropouts.
      Red States — largest amount of federal handouts.
      Red States — highest number of welfare recipients .
      Red States — nine out of the ten poorest in the nation.
      Red States — 58% view college education as a waste of money.
      Red States — lowest average family income.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        “AKLady” only known person to have a perfectly rounded IQ score of ZERO!

        1. AKLady says

          You are the one who seems to lack sufficient intelligence to comprehend facts. Moreover, you embarrassing yourself by failing to check facts before entering immature insults.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I prefer to use VERIFIABLE ‘facts’ than rely on the drivel coming from the left.

            Statistics tell two stories.

            The TRUTH!

            And what liberals need you to believe.

            But you hang in their buttercup, I promise not to keep telling people that you are a PRE-pubescent 16 year old little boy living in mommies cellar without her knowledge or permission.

          2. AKLady says

            If you are an adult, then I must say: my condolences. While unlikely, I do hope you someday manage to attain the love and acceptance needed from your peers and family to not berate strangers with textual assaults.

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            IS IT TRUE???

            You actually believe nobody has ever faced someone of your greatly

            superior intelligence and the world will crumble and fall before your

            mighty advance?

          4. AKLady says

            Thank you.

    5. AKLady says

      Your post speaks of bigotry and ignorance. The statements are mostly false.

      The AIG financial crisis was a result of the Bush Administration. The company has offices around the world. It serves 87% of the Fortune Global 500 and 83% of the Forbes 2000. Allowing AIG to fail, would likely hace precipitated an economic recession of huge proportions.

      The military plane cost was reduction is yet, another Trump fairy tale. It is a process called supply and demand. The greater number of planes ordered, the lower the cost becomes. The aircraft is still being tested. Full production will not take place until 2019 — after Trump is out of office.

      The Uranium One sale was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) CIFUS is an inter-agency committee authorized to review transactions that could result in control of a U.S. business by a foreign person CIFUD includes the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury (the chairman of the committee), Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security as well as the the heads of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The deal also had to be approved by the independent Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as Utah’s nuclear regulator.

      1. Carol says

        The true facts of why AIG was bailed out was because that is the company that holds the congresses pensions and as fcar as you naming department that approved the sale…..they are all under a democratic administration… what is your point there? Why was it sold at all? Why was HC involved so very heavily and did it go to her friend? Could it be because all the democrats are corrupt and fear the Clinton killing machine and her back lashing of anyone in her way? Why was Bill suddenly paid huge amounts of money for a speech? Why was the foundation suddenly getting massive amounts of donations? I know, because according to you the Clinton’s and BO are the most honest, moral people alive, right? Why have ALL the donations suddenly DRIED UP? Shake your head, hear the rattles, run do not walk to the nearest ER and get it fixed!

        1. AKLady says

          Please take an American Government class, You are terribly confused.
          The U.S. Government does not invest ts retirement funds with AIG.
          Uranium One is a CANADIAN CORPORATION. There is/was no connection between it and the Clintons — none. whatsoever.

          Bill Clinton drew large speaking fees before Uranium One.

          He continues to do so as we speak. He gives dozens of speeches a year and each brings in between $250,000 and $500,000 per engagement.

          What donation, to whom have “dried up”?
          What in the world are you talking about?
          The Clinton Foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the U.S.
          It operates under State od New York law.
          It is independently audited on a yearly basis — under those laws.
          Twisting other people’s words is no different than lying.
          Your insults are extremely immature.

    6. 4USA2 says


      1. Carol says

        I am sure I left out many more things, but Trump is awesome. I enjoyed reading your comment and I totally agree that the republicans must be much more outspoken and throw back as much as possible to the democrats for their asses being members for so long and ignoring accomplishing anything positive for the USA. And now they have the nerve to ask that the tax vote be put off until Jones is seated. They are for sure crazy! I also do not mind that Trump twits…….WTG Trump. If he is in your area having a rally go see him if you canm you will not be disappointed. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year,

    7. Moe says

      Millions feel the same way, I lost my faith in the FBI leadership whom are sneaky and believe the people whom pay their salaries are stupid while they on purpose broke the law to help Obama and till this day pretty much say to the American people go F yourself we enforce only laws that help our political heroes. They totally screwed us to cover up for Hillary. Holder and Lynch being in a jail cell with their sneaky buddy Barrack. The left does not want to hear or see the truth, they just want the bullshit their fed by CNN and MSNBC, along with once famous now toilet paper outlets like the New York Times. When Congress cannot control the FBI it is time to start firing their asses, no one is above the law that includes their leadership.

    8. ARTPSYCH says

      The NYSE hit another 141-145 gain today–gee is that another record..that makes 89 record breaking in one year..gee the leftists must be doing the Trump Disorder syndrome dance as always ..must be pissed about their IRA’s and 401k’s..My IRA has done the best gymnastics % raises than in 12 years! I must have gained 11-14% per quarter on average and about 1000-1500.00 per month!

  10. NovelDog says

    All boozed up again….huh Bill?

  11. NovelDog says

    Some folks live and learn….some just live. That would be a Dumb-o-crat who has not yet drank from the swill trough full of lies and corruption.They are still ignorant of the truth. Fact: The Democratic Platform details just how sorry, and corrupt, the Party has become. Repent and let God forgive you, and then hold your head up high once again. You don’t have to be a SCUM-O-CRAT!

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    Poor lil dumbasscrats. So many of them need their diapers changed and nursed. 😉😉😂🤣😃

    1. bendecido says

      Michael, in what way are politicians and diapers alike? They are dirty and need to be replaced soon and often. lol.

  13. Ben Totuous says

    Oh bullshit. If we had done things the Republican way in 2009, we would not have a domestic auto industry today. Then how many manufacturing jobs would there be?
    Obama saved the American auto industry jobs, in a bitter fight with the right.

    TRump is building an economy based on “pollute all you want to, corporate America.” Plus tax welfare for the rich and corporate fat cats at the expense of working people. Trickle down has never worked. The claim is it pays for itself. This entire deficit is from unfunded tax cuts which did not pay for themselves.

    1. mac12sam12 says

      It was the democrats and their high taxes and the unions that turned Detroit into a ghost town. Obama saved the auto industry? Where? Mexico and Europe? A record number of businesses left the country because of Hussein O. Go to Canada.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Don’t forget the irresponsible management of the auto companies too. The Unions had nothing to do with the abysmal designs and material choices of the 70s. Give credit where credit is due and not resort to fake news like the NWO Marxists.

        (BTW,,,,The last 30 years before I retired I owned the company and emploied union skilled tradesmen so don’t put me in the same barrel with those that say the unions never do any wrong) .

  14. Garys_opinion says

    But, but, but, Obama was responsible for this, I heard him say so!

  15. Terry says

    Ain’t it the truth !

  16. Eric Pearson says

    This is not a Trump economy. This economy was initiated by President Obama when he started repairing the W economy.
    The hard facts about how Trump spends his day and who he is, and who he supports for elected office are relevant, or should be relevant to every citizen of our country.
    This presidency is clearly a disaster and the vast majority of us will ultimately suffer the consequences.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      What the hell kind of drugs are the commissars giving you useful idiots now days?

    2. barbara says

      BS &*(()(&^%$

  17. The Redhawk says

    No MSM and the talking a holes of CNN and BSnbc will go CRICKETS about Trump’s successes….BUT BarakO crappo in Europe will LIE and say that IT IS HIS ECONOMY NOW! Something that NEVER happened in 8 Years………….Thta bucket of Human waste still LIES like a real CHUMP

  18. Moe says

    When 90% of the media and newspapers are constantly 24/7 reporting hate Trump news endless bullshit stories even tales of what he eats for a quick lunch you know we are no longer a free nation. The left are in charge we just do not realize it yet. Now as O’Reilly predicted they left will find hundreds of women to swear in a bible Trump sexually assaulted them. Thus is the America Obama left us, the same guy that could lie, break laws openly, and openly obstruct justice is to be worshiped after leaving the nation treasury near bankrupt. Truth does not matter, the left creates their own truth and controls us through media.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      And with the way 90% of the “accusers” were found to be liars no one, not even CNN will believe them. Stop reading and watching TV and listening to the radio and get out here in the real world and you will see the NWO Marxist party (aka democtrats) is collapsing and are in full panic mode and every stupid stunt they pull blows up in their faces,,,,Especially this “Sexual Assault” bullshit. Holding a door open for a lady or asking her for a date or even telling her she looks stunning this morning are NOT sexual assaults. Furthermore, almost all men and well over half the women in this country are glad the men accused are not queer.

      The NWO Marxists will never be a viable force in the rest of this century and beyond. FACT!

    2. Moe says

      The wealthy Globalist or New World Order supporters like Obama, see themselves as elitist leaders, when a Global UN foreign leader is given control of the USA to redistribute the wealth. Being the leaders that made this possible, they get to keep their wealth while the pee on folks share what little they have with the world’s poor. On purpose we were divided by race, income, gender, ethnic background, faith, and sexual preference or identity. This with a one pay national health care program sets the conspiracy into place. Our national wealth and military weakened, the world thrown into turmoil. Then the icing on the cake is half the population is delusional and in denial as to how bad Obama hurt this nation. He never effected the wealthy in fact he helped them by stimulus spending to keep the economy alive during a false prosperity. We are not racist Nazis or supremist, since people of color whom worked to achieve some personal wealth are amongst our numbers as conservatives. Only the liberals deny us a fair and equal system of justice by obstruction and control of courts by Obama appointed goon judges.

  19. Mathew Molk says

    I started saying this 6 months ago……Around the Great Lakes there is a MASSIVE shortage of experienced skilled tradesmen and the machineed parts industry is also having a very hard time finding qualified people to operate the machines,,,,and they are buying additional machine tools too.

  20. lerose55 says

    This reflects how many people feel today. Passing this on.

    I am now in my late 70’s!
    Recently I received a questionnaire & request for money
    from the Republican Party & strongly agree w/ every question,
    as I have since Obama was elected.

    Unfortunately the one question that was missing is:
    What have the Republicans done for the American people?

    We gave U a majority in the House & Senate & U never listened to us.
    Now U want our money, my money, more money.
    U should B more concerned about our votes, not our money.

    U R the Establishment which means all U want is to save your jobs & line your pockets.
    Well guess what? It’s not going to happen. So far, TRUMP hasn’t asked for a dime..

    U might think we R fools b/c U feel Trump is on a self-destruct course,
    but look beyond Washington & listen to the Masses.
    Nobody has achieved what he has, especially in the state of NY .

    Here’s Y I want Trump:

    Yes, he’s a bit of an ass;
    Yes, he’s & egomaniac; but I don’t care.

    The Country is a Mess b/c Politicians suck.

    The Republican Party is 2-faced & gutless & Illegals R everywhere.

    I want it all fixed! I don’t care that Trump is crude. I don’t care that he insults people.
    I don’t care that he has changed positions.
    I don’t care that he’s been married 3 times.
    I don’t care that he fights w/ Megan Kelly & Rosie O’Donnell.
    I don’t care that he doesn’t know the name of some Muslim Terrorist.

    Our country has become weak, & bankrupt. Our Enemies R making fun of us.
    We R being Invaded by Illegals.

    We R becoming a Nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo & Hassid is a Special Group w/ Special Rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the Country we were born & raised in,

    And Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what, We The People want & need.

    I’m sick of Politicians,
    Sick of the Democratic Party,
    Sick of the Republican Party,
    Sick of illegals.
    I just want this thing fixed.

    Trump may not B a Saint, but he doesn’t have Lobbyist Money Controlling him;
    he doesn’t have Political Correctness Restraining him; all U know is that he has been very Successful; a good Negotiator; he has built a lot of things & he’s also NOT a Politician.

    He says he’ll fix it. I believe him b/c he is too much of & Egotist to B proven wrong or looked at & called a liar.

    I don’t care if the guy has bad hair.

    U R welcome to pass this on, or not.

    Thought for the Day:
    “No Country can sustain, in idleness, more than a small % of its numbers.
    The great majority must labor at something productive!”

    P.S. No Borders, No Language, No Culture = No Country.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      You are right all the way,,,,,And I like Trump’s attitude. – His mentality towards the “others” reminds me of an Ironworker on a jobsite. –

      MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train!

      (BTW- We need to get the message of having to be productive to Jeff the Inert Sessions and that other worthless slug in the FIB(not a typo)

      1. Retired says

        The DOJ needs a good house cleaning and won’t happen as there are to many Skeletons in the Closets in Congress and former leaders .Nixon was on the right track and that shows how far back before him corruption was going on . McCarthy was right in the early 50s instead of calling them Communist he probably should have said TRAITORS . MAGA , something the Democrats are fighting .

    2. bendecido says

      My feelings exactly. I also receive questionnaires from the Republican party and one would think that the questions asked would move them to fix what’s wrong in America. But no, they ask for our money like you say. I do not send them any money, as I know that President Trump will not see any of it, and Trump will not ask for it as you say. BTW, I am also in the upper 70’s. I pray that you are feeling alright and in good health.

      1. Michael Vorhis says

        I receive those questionaires too. But you know what? It’s the first time I ever did. Whereas every other president-elect in my long lifetime has stood up and said, “YAY, you elected ME, so I get to implement MY vision! Hooray for ME!” what I saw within 2 weeks of the last election was instead this: An emailed questionaire that said, “Okay, you trusted me and I won’t let you down. We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started. Give me a to-do list. What should I tackle first?”

        It was the most amazing, most welcome thing I’ve ever seen in politics.

        Now, I was not a fan of the GOP; they’d been unresponsive for decades. But this guy who was not really a Republican but more of a…well, a CEO…he was different. A to-do list! Let’s get to work! I loved it.

        It has taken the GOP a full year to begin to learn their lesson–that this is a populist movement and that unless they learn from it their voters will be hijacked from them again and again. But a number of them are now, FINALLY, starting to get with the program. Not all, but I do see a bit of a trend. With luck they’ll start pulling together and realize the gift they were given.

        Of course if they’re faking, we’ll know it….

    3. barbara says

      well said agree 100% of everything that was said AMEN

  21. Mr. M says

    Now he needs to go after obama and the clintons for Treasonous acts on the American People!

  22. Danny says

    How about this for a thought, Trump has cut illegals infiltration considerably which gives the legal immigrants their jobs back?

  23. AKLady says

    Garbage piled upon garbage. Americans are not willing to foot the expense for U.S. Manufactures goods. The profit margin determines where the products will be made. As long as people in Asia and India work for pennies, that is where the factories will stay, America worships a God named Profit with greed.

    1. Michael Vorhis says

      AKLady, if you care so much about the working class, then why don’t you respect their decisions? They decided their path was going NOWHERE and they chose a roll-up-his-sleeves-and-WORK guy to wade in and try to fix things. And guess what? Today we hit the LOWEST unemployment levels of the Hispanic community in our nation’s history. And we also just ow hit the LOWEST unemployment in the manufacturing sector in 18 years (maybe more than 18).

      A little real understanding of what makes business work kinda helps I guess, don’t it.

      Those people who work in American factories made a choice. Can’t you respect it? Do you respect them? I do. They carry this country on their shoulders. The caramel-macchiatto-sipping leftists certainly carry nothing but their fancy gym membership cards and their BMW keys. Why on earth are you throwing in with that lot? They don’t even have the life experience to know a work-horse when they see one.

      1. AKLady says

        Many workers in foreign manufacturing plant are paid pennies per day.
        American manufactured goods are expensive. In many cases of lesser quality.
        Welcome to America’s “Rust Belt”.
        The decline began in earnest when U.S. automakers ignored what customers actually wanted.

        1. Michael Vorhis says

          I agree with that, in general. If you’ve ever lived abroad you will know that it can be said anywhere about any country’s industries. The attempt now is to encourage a business climate that’s good for everyone in it. That is an admirable goal, and if we achieve even some of it then we’ll all benefit. Again, I have never had good pay, good opportunities to advance, or even respect when I was working for struggling companies. I have ALWAYS had all those things when I was working for a company that was doing well. It’s an unmistakeable connection. Everyone I know has had the same experience.

          1. AKLady says

            The point was how America lost its manufacturing to Asia and India.

  24. John D says

    Liberals are all ignorant fools

    As Reagan said “The problem with liberals is every thing they know is wrong.

  25. AKLady says

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
    Trump is ensuring that the Republic, as we know it, will cease to exist.

    1. Michael Vorhis says

      Trump did not create the anger that got him elected, you know. It had been there for YEARS. The country was already divided; leftists just didn’t care about that because it was “those other people” who were paying the price.

      But those people waited…and worked within the system to bring someone to the Oval who would spend a term on their priorities for a change. The anger was there, building for decades. Trump gave it a constructive outlet before it exploded. That, in fact, is the best and only way that such anger can be dealt with: To let it be heard, let it be respected.

      So the system known as Democracy worked! No bloody revolution–just a change of leadership and a feeling that finally somebody is listening.

      So our “house” was already divided; you probably didn’t see it or didn’t care that that half had no voice. Well, not caring is a big mistake, because those we dismiss will serve us for lunch the lesson we deserve.

      We will survive Trump. In fact we’ll learn from this cycle that everyone needs to be respected–not just those who arrogantly claimed they had “won the cultural war.” Dismissing good people, again, gets you a meal of humble pie.

      Conservatives are the only liberals left now–yes, you read that right. They’re the only ones who believe in individual liberties. Leftists, by contrast, only seek conflict–they want to dictate that everybody else must tow the line, must follow like ducks some odd and unproven and ill conceived set of “rules” they dream up. It’s just a power addiction–power over other people. Leftists are really just busybodies.

      We will survive the Trump presidency, and we’ll learn something–about business acumen in public service, and about strength, and about duty, and about respecting the entirety of society.

      Unless we learn that last lesson, it cannot help but happen again. So go on, keep on blaming Trump, keep on saying you were cheated, keep on making up whatever you think will tear down his Presidency. The more you fail to learn the lesson, the longer your lesson will last.

      I’m fine with it lasting…not forever, but quite awhile. I like that he’s getting things done that nobody (not Obama, not Bush, not Clinton) even had the guts to attempt. Call him naive or call him brave, he’s wading in and trying to fix horribly broken things.

      1. AKLady says

        We the people elected Hilary.
        The Electoral College installed Trump.
        Trump the lawbreaker.
        Trump the racist.
        Oh, and by the way, America is a representative republic. not a democracy.
        A representative republic is not a democracy. A democracy is rule of the majority.
        We may vote for people, however, we have almost no say as to who we get to vote for. The political elite make those choices, and spend millions of your money making you believe you have a voice …
        America worships the God Profit with Greed. Trump is a high priest in that religion.

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Only morons voted for tRump. And Putin altered enough votes to put him Mueller has the goods. This travesty will be undone soon.

        1. Michael Vorhis says

          You haven”t learned your lesson, pretentious “bentotuous.” Your many posts reveal that you lack the capacity to ever do so (also that you lack the capacity to parse truth from what you’re fed, and most importantly the capacity to communicate sans expletive…which is as revealing of partisanship and cowardice as everything else). So I can understand how you’re an expert in moronic mentalities. And since that’s the case I’ll waste no more than this one moment on you.

        2. Michael Vorhis says

          I pity you, fragile benny, doomed as you are by cruel fate to spend your entire life between your own ears.

        3. ARTPSYCH says

          Mueller is so overwhelmed and over rated.he and others gave Hillary a pass.she broke the law of this land and she paid partially by losing

          1. mrpoohead says

            Apparently not, acted stupidly maybe but not enough to prosecute. Awww!

        4. Michael Vorhis says

          Folks, benny is one of those Russian trolls aimed at nothing loftier than trying to make people mad at each other. Loser. Don’t be fooled and don’t bother with him, or her, or it.

          1. ARTPSYCH says

            MORONS only voted for trump- hmmm well now-I thought hillary was pretty moronic for all her cover ups and smiling as if “I dindnuffin wrong”

  26. Michael Vorhis says

    I remember the night of the election…I remember the laments as the futures market tanked…”Ohhhh, no no no no no…look at this…trillions of dollars of value lost, never ever to be regained….”

    That was a quote from people who have no idea how an economy works–from people who have no clue that money has to be yanked off of the “protect your nest-egg from a Clinton presidency” boat before it can be loaded onto the “take a ride to a brilliant new future” boat.

    I think I heard a few days ago that Barack Obama was claiming that our current economic boom is actually his doing–his policies…which didn’t take hold in the slightest until the instant it was clear he was being replaced by someone who was not his clone.

  27. jackel says

    The liberal dems will never give President Trump credit for anything so view them as the lairs they are. Fact. B. Obama is trying to claim success for the uplift in improved employment and boom in the environmental industries despite over the last 8 years expanding the nation’s welfare dependency and crippling the energy industries (except solar and wind; not yet viable energy sustaining sources). No truth, no facts, no sense, no consciences—the Democratic Liberal Left.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Nice fact free diatribe, shitstain. No go fuck a rabid porcupine.

  28. Suzu M says

    Good article.

  29. xeriscapelady says

    God bless Pres. Trump as he saves America and much of it from itself. So many are so dumb, hateful, etc. They should LEAVE America and go to a socialist or communist nation of their choice. My ancestors were Puritans and Colonists and started this great nation that I do not want to see go under and be a 3rd world nation for muslims to take over. GOD bless TRUMP, as GOD did put him in, like GOD put in Cyrus for the New Babylon which America has been for quite some time now. SADLY. We must takew back America NOW or America is over. If MItch and them have their way they will take their gains and throw us to the wolves. You need to pray for TRUMP.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      God didn’t fucking put tRump in. What fucking mind-bending drugs are you on? TRump is the antichrist.

  30. Alleged-Comment says

    THE poll came out showing all the news about Trump is 93% negative. So Americans, we are fighting two fronts in this country.

    They lying Demoncrap communist and the lying leftist media. They have overtaken your government, your newspapers, your schools, your entertainment and in many ways we have been propagandized like Russia.

    Read the silly 45 goals of communism and you’ll see everyone of their goals fits to a tee on what is happening to America, or more like what we allowed to the leftist Demons or DemonCRAPS!

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Trump is an asshole, a racist, a liar and a criminal. The fact that any news about him is positive shows a plot to hide the horrible truth.

      1. Alleged-Comment says

        What about the sodomy of the Negro sodomite? What about all the Demoncraps groping (and in some cases) RAPING women??

        What about Bill Clinton raping at least one women we know of? Dan Inouye (Demoncrap) raped a women in Hawaii. His hairdresser.

        I’m sure they meant no harm, but Trump saying to a friend in (a private setting) to grab them by the hussy is a bravado show-off joke surely is a TERRIBLE, MONSTROUS man not worthy of your fine morals.

  31. Steven David Cessna says

    dem and rep both sk.

  32. Michael Dennewitz says

    Ahhhh, and a dumbasscrat leads in Alabama. Check the grave markers people! 😆😀😁😂🤣😃😄

  33. Nelson says

    Ben the tortoise got his name because of his brain speed or lack thereof.

  34. Wayne Thorson says

    When Obama inherited the presidency from George W. Bush the unemployment was around 11%. The stock market was under 7000. When Obama handed it over to Trump the unemployment was around 5%. He cut it in half. The stock market was around 20,000 almost tripled. That means if Trump cuts the employment in half it should drop to 2 1/2% and the stock market should triple to 60,000. Then Trump can brag about what he has done. I predict a huge stock market crash is right around the corner shortly after Trump gets his tax reduction through. And the unemployment figure will go up. Don’t forget you heard it from me first. I am still bragging. I did not vote for Trump.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says

      And your numbers are based on FALSE NUMBERS from obamas government.

      IF you had half the brains of the jackass you rode to work on this morning you would have known that.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        These are numbers that anyone that follows politics know to be accurate. You can look them up yourself on your computer.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says

          I see that you are easily led astray by shiny objects and pretty words.

          IF you are truly unaware of how those ‘statistics’ were arrived at I would highly recommend and advanced study group on how to get over being stewpud.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Hey STUPID, Your stewpud brains are showing.

          2. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Now ain’t that sweet?

            I brought out the spoiled little child hidden deep inside with so few posts that required him to use his brain.

            Here’s a little going away present for you to ponder.

            IS IT TRUE???

            You actually believe nobody has ever faced someone of your greatly

            superior intelligence and the world will crumble and fall before your

            mighty advance?

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            Yup, you are right again.

        2. Ben Totuous says

          The only thing that foolish Old Geezer knows how to look up is tRump’s asshole.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Right on, Wayne. Nobody with living brain cells voted for tRump.

    3. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Yes, someone who really understands reality.

  35. Jerry Hughes says

    You will ever get the liberal dem bloodsuckers to go with one of the things that will further supercharge the US economy.
    The tax cuts.
    Why, you say?
    The liberal leeches have to have high taxes, to fund the handouts that they use to buy votes, they have to have the taxes.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Anytime you are ready to prove your theory, let’s see the evidence. Fucking asshole.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        WHY should any other person be required to educate you in the well known, and obvious Facts of Life?
        Perhaps your issue is genetic.

  36. Ben Totuous says

    Is there honesty anybody on here unaware that Donald tRump is a piece of shit?

  37. donl says

    Of course the Left won’t talk about it, they can only spend other peoples money.

  38. Karma says

    No they dont have time to talk about such nonsense they are too busy complaining about the christmas decorations at the white house not being as nice and beautiful as obamas idiotic knoww, important stuff..stuff that really matters…should show where their brains(sic) are…

  39. Deplorable Lanie says

    They just can’t have President Trump succeed. It goes against their whole narrative. Because if he is successful then they were wrong.

  40. jim jones says

    Big focus on Hispanic unemployment, what are we talking about here Americans of wet backs? How many new cases of lung cancer were diagnosed? Great countries protect their workers and their citizens, profits for the greedy come second.

  41. jaylen anderson says

    All of the people who do not have money must stand up and say NO to fossil fuels. If we don’t then there will be years of unnecessary pollution courtesy of the moneyed.

  42. Medic RN says

    Idea for Democrats: Next time run a candidate instead of a criminal.

  43. Matlonc says

    They swamp cannot afford donald trump to succeed, if he does (and he is and will) the jig will be up. They are all interested in personal and party success ONLY. The only way to stop him will be assassination so pray trump stays safe. These people will stop at nothing to protect each other.

  44. ARTPSYCH says

    Hmmm..Diet Coke could make me a billionaire!! Wow what a great story for CNN! Gee..CNN got the the whole idea wrong about Coke!

  45. ARTPSYCH says

    Remeber the book “What Happened”?
    Crooked Hillary lost because of these factors:
    1. She believed her name was enough to win :narcisstic psychology
    2.CNN and most of the media endorsed her(insiderness)
    3.No message: me me me! (again) narcisstic psychology
    4.Most american women and men didn’t believe her at all.
    5.Men feeling jilted for 8 years
    6.blacks,hispanics gave Trump more votes than projected
    7.Broken promises on jobs from Obama
    8.Economy stagnant after 7 years
    9.DNC: corruption
    12.Family values
    13.1.3% growth for 7 years
    14.Pulled out of Iraq prematurely-created ISIS
    15.Cronyism in the FBI,CIA,NSA ,State Dept. , DOJ,N.Korea kicked down the road,Iran-$$$

    Well more issues than I can recall…What Happened! Hillary Happened not to tell the truth all her life nor would she if in office..thats what happened. We out here- got smart and moved history into the right direction.

    We didn’t want a snob elitist woman who lied to Congress for 4-8 years or the American people. Even Bill called her on it about her lame book- “Don’t put this out”!
    She also as (noted in a documentary) she snubbed Bill Clinton about campaign strategy by insiders in the DNC. Schultz propped up Hillary and betrayed democracy within the ranks-Bernie was tossed under the DNC bus wheels..he barely complained! He should have! Many Democrats were pissed at Hillary and Debbie “blabbermouth” Schultz for this! Unresolved issues plagued Hillary and she WAS under CRIMINAL investigation during Obamas tenure!
    That right there woke up a lot of disaffected democrat voters and voted for Trump. White Democrat men feeling the loss of their jobs in 8 years- THATS ME!
    Last of all for me-her grating voice! my god- I could not handle that womans voice grating on the media for 4 damn years..anything would be better-including a bullet in my head!
    I left the Democrat Racist Plantation who politicize Race-Gender and the Economy into nonsensical diatribe of lies!

    Trump: 6 trillion in stocks alone in value
    over 2 million new jobs
    over 150 billion and plus in trade for U.S.
    NOKO-is behaving more and being dealt with.
    Embassy to Jeruslaem- creating in the minds of arabs- “this is reality” Grow up!

    Final comment: D.J.Trump as brash and egotistical he is- is really no different from Obamas brashness and egoism- only packaged as a bookish-type-but was weak on many issues and blew off the working class- Trump embraced the working class because he knew what drove them. Conservative now and saw the ugliness of my ugly Democrat Party.
    Obama destroyed his party by being their president- he has created a dilemma of people wanting this smooth type elitist who actually went too far left in Progressivism making many liberals quake in their shoes who are by context- more Moderate! Liberalism-leads to Progressivism- to Statism then Fascism- the final end of their ideology.

    Trump will be Prez. for 7 more years unless he’s drummed out by an illicit democratic machine of intolerance and hate! I want nothing to do with their inbred system again . I moved off the Plantation run by synchophants like pelosi-schumer and clinton baggage types. they are dead inside..besides they don’t drink diet coke!

    1. Topher Smith says

      You arrived at these cojclusions based on a book you have not read how exactly? Your bona fides?

      1. ARTPSYCH says

        I read the book Shattered- the insiders of the DNC who gave a good autopsy of Hillary’s crap campaign- have you read it? NO! I read it from the library and was totally convinced and pleasantly vindicated when I told 3 people back in Sept. 2016 Trump would win. The book “shattered” reveals all the reasons why.

        1. Topher Smith says

          I doubt even that. Pic of personal copy of book please. Your bona fides?

          1. ARTPSYCH says

            Go to the library or amazon- they can it to your door by tomorrow.

          2. Topher Smith says

            What? Learn to read.

          3. ARTPSYCH says

            yeah READING.what a concept! this tells me you go by sound bites rather than digging for real journalism. Thanks for the heads up! You and KOL and that other guy..must do the same thing:.

          4. Topher Smith says

            More odd drivel.

          5. Topher Smith says

            Share real journalism. Oh, and pics of your personal copies of those books Kelsey.

          6. Topher Smith says

            I read constantly, dropout. Your current reading list?

          7. ARTPSYCH says

            Shattered: exposed how Hillary threw tantrums and yelled and actually threw things in a fit and would walk out of a meeting at a DNC room and leave everyone STUNNED by her majesty’s uncouthness and anger plays. She had Bill go in and do his schtick as well and then would say leaving-“You heard the lady”!! with glaring eyes!

            imagining that recycled windbag in the oval room would surely create more scandal than Trump. glad she err ughh her majesty lost!

          8. Topher Smith says


          9. ARTPSYCH says

            “Windbag” is not a remarkable understatement of her brash egotistical uncaring personality she hides from the cameras.
            I had to stop several times and wonder just how hateful and ungrateful this woman is and her unapologetic references that “She SHOULD be president!

          10. ARTPSYCH says

            I read her book several months ago- the book S*hattered* not her lame book which is just a rehash of CNN news What Happened!

          11. Topher Smith says

            You read neither.

          12. ARTPSYCH says

            amazon can barely sell W.H.!

          13. ARTPSYCH says

            I have to take time to listen to a few radio commentaries to put the last week in I don’t turn on network t.v. which Acosta and Lemonhead thinks I should watch!

          14. Topher Smith says

            What does that have to do with my post?

        2. Topher Smith says

          You read it before it was published in April 2017 huh? Fascinating.

      2. ARTPSYCH says

        Nice try!

        1. Topher Smith says


      3. ARTPSYCH says

        bonafides! Wow what a nice placating word ..bonafides..your joking I the book SHATTERED- you shopuld try reading rather than protesing a real insider observation of how Hitlery operated…she would be our first true complete facist since Delano Roosevelt.

        1. Topher Smith says

          I know the book. Why deflect? Put up or shut up Kelsey.

          1. ARTPSYCH says

            NYSE 142 points today! Gee thats another 476.00-600.00 dollar gain for my IRA! In one day!

          2. Topher Smith says

            What? You are retarded.

  46. rebel says

    well said agree 100% of everything that was said AMEN

  47. viking nation says

    If Trump was racist wouldn’t he under pay illegals or blacks or any other race other then white? Trump pays all “People” the same pay be it Man or Woman or any race they might come from. Democratic leaders & the News has lied & took Trump’s words out of context & has made so many think he is a racist & as you see above he hires all races & pays them all all the same, Not a sign of a racist now is it.

    1. ARTPSYCH says

      Progressive LiberTurds cannot STAND anything that makes conservatives look good, especially Trump. He embodies all they hate – freedom, less government, lower taxes, Second Amendment, etc. The Leftist Fascists want total government control, complete media control (which they pretty much have), taxation that is slavery, and complete repression of spiritual beliefs. They hold Islam dear, IMHO, because they want the existing infrastructure destroyed so it can be built on the Fascist Progressive model, and assume either the Muslims will let them run things or they will run the Muslims out of the country once they’ve served their purpose. Extreme control freaks with the sensitivity of a huge pile of sh*t that’s frozen solid.

      1. mrpoohead says

        Fascism is, was and remains right-wing ideology – only apologists try to change that.

  48. Justin Henderson says

    So now we know you are against Trump………you are a muslim… believe in sharia law (DUMB ASS), YOU BELIEVE IN DEATH TO AMERICA, you are not welcome on my soil……you believe in terrorism……you believe that you can be raped,mutilated, stoned, etc. because you are female……….you have clearly identified yourself to all of us

  49. mrpoohead says

    Yes nearly two trillion more in debt the first year of office. Imports continue to outstrip exports by 8% per annum. Deportations down and still no wall, repeal, ban or mass deportations. Funny as!
    White man as useless as the nigga!

  50. thomas marchal says

    …….or that you completed kindergarten.

  51. clarkey says

    Obama is not longer President.I suggest you catch up, you seem very behind the times.

  52. Timon van Buskirk says

    The poor thing has been so brainwashed- I think the brain activity is nill! Let’s coffee up for the next surgery doctor.

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