Trump Explains His Democratic Past


To say Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the Republican primary field has been bumpy would be putting it mildly. His comments on Mexican immigrants cost him a small fortune in business associations. His sneering contempt for John McCain’s service record threatened to turn a nation of veterans vehemently against him. His feud with Fox’s Megyn Kelly drew criticism from all sides. And yet, time after time, he has overcome these stumbling blocks. In fact, he has managed in each case to turn these seeming blunders into fuel for his unstoppable rocket ride to the nomination. If nothing else, Americans are being treated to one of the most remarkable political stories in modern history.

Watching helplessly as their base goes to this rebellious outsider, Republican Party leaders have decided that Trump’s political past may be their key to regaining control of this election. Jeb Bush and RNC insiders have begun turning up the heat when it comes to Trump’s conservative bona fides. How can a man who has self-identified as a Democrat for most of his life, supporting socially liberal causes like abortion rights, now claim to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan?

Ironically, it is this very comparison to Reagan (a comparison, can we say, that Republican candidates across the board should stop making…guys, we’ll damn sure recognize Reagan 2.0 when he arrives; you won’t have to tell us) that Trump is using to defend himself. Reagan, he said on MSNBC Thursday, also started his career as a Democrat before changing his allegiances.

But Trump’s strongest defense is that, when you think about it, what difference does it make? “I wasn’t in politics,” he said. “It didn’t matter whether I was a Republican or whether I was a Democrat – it was something that absolutely had no bearing on me. But if you look at my general attitudes in life, I think I would have certainly the more conservative label put on me.”

And can anyone claim otherwise? If you’d never heard Trump say one political thing in your life, would you have branded him a Republican or a Democrat? Has he ever presented himself as anything other than a champion of capitalism, wealth, success, and personal destiny? If you want to take his earlier political stances into consideration, that’s fair. But to act as though he’s just “playing a role” to win the election is to make an illogical leap not born out of evidence or common sense. History is rife with great conservatives who were once liberals. It’s called getting older and wiser.

Besides, he’s running against a man who is scarcely more than a Democrat right now! If Bush is going to attack Trump for holding liberal opinions twenty years ago, someone ought to ask him when he’s going to let go of his. This train is on the move, RINOs. It’s not about Donald Trump’s past. It’s not even about Donald Trump at all, frankly. It’s about pulling this once-great party back from the brink of disaster. It’s baffling that RNC insiders don’t see that.

But then, when you think about it, it really isn’t.

  1. Terry Stromky says

    They can say whatever they want about Mr. Trump he has my vote. Republicans and Democrats had their chance they did nothing to fix our country. Time for Mr. Trump to make America great again.

    1. elsiekforet says

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    2. phyllisjmurphy says


    3. 3ronald1 says

      I think so too. I was a registered Democrat for most of my adult life, but the Party changed somewhere along the line, and no longer stands for truth and honor and the greatness of our country. I no longer vote Democratic, and at this point, if Trump is the nominee, he has my vote!
      I like what he says about bring this country back to greatness and I love the passion with which he says it!

  2. Scrubjay says

    Dear Fix This Nation;
    Trumps little speech was about Illegal immigrants. They are predominantly Mexican. Stop the lie that he was talking about Mexican immigrants. There’s a huge difference. Your omission if the word illegal, puts you on a par with MSNBC.
    Other than that, nice story.

    1. Croco Dile says

      But this site is about entertainment !
      Their agenda is excactly that of MSNBC.

      Don’t think it’s about educating readers !
      It’s all about the FALSE left-right paradigm.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Mr dumbass

      2. Rattlerjake says

        Today’s generations are obsessed with both “reality” and immoral/lewd” programming, and actually believe that they represent true life. Hollywierd and most recently Disney have been a major part of the indoctrination process of American youth, against morality and for anything and everything sinful/immoral. With the advent of smartphones, they can now reach them 24/7.

        1. DollyT says

          Smart Phones are Idiot Phones. They are grafted to their heads. People don’t know how to carry on normal conversations without a phone stuck to their heads.

          1. Croco Dile says

            People have a choice. Always !
            Phones are smart. The users are the idiots.
            Nothing new under the sun…..

          2. jerry says

            The phones are smart enough to tell the Government everything thing you say, and where you go.

          3. Croco Dile says

            Correct !

        2. Krazeehors says

          While we may not always agree, I always learn from your comments — when you are not insulting me.

          I want to tell you a story about MY personal experience with an illegal alien:

          In 1981, my ex husband rented a small house in San Antonio. It had been painted “ice cream sherbet” colors so we worked like crazy to paint it before we moved in.

          6 months into our lease, the owner SOLD the home and tried to void our lease, which was legal and binding. Had we tried to break the lease, mind you, we would have been sued and forced to pay the remaining money owed on the lease.

          He sold the home to an illegal Salvadoran immigrant who was in the process of trying to apply for political asylum.

          When we got home from duty one day, we discovered that my baby’s toys had all been gotten out and played with — they were filthy and had to be sterilized.

          The GOVERNMENT made the down payment on the house.

          The GOVERNMENT made 2/3 of the house payment.

          The “new owner” THEN began harassing us to “GET OUT OF HIS HOUSE!” In a word, we were being stalked.

          It got so bad (daily) that we had to tell him to stay OFF of our property or we would call the police.

          So, he began cruising past our house several times a day. We should have changed the locks, but at that time still trusted our landlord.

          On the day we moved out, the “new owner” parked his car around the corner to watch and see when the truck left.

          That evening, my friend and I went over to do a final cleanup, and this is what we found:

          The “new owner” had already moved in, had top-of-the line appliances, furniture, and clothing. Much more than we could afford on a military salary.

          The “new owner” had used OUR utilities to clean and left the water running in the bathroom.

          Six months later, they had TWO brand new luxury cars in the driveway, had the money to remodel the house and add on to it — not an inexpensive project even in the early 1980s. They added a $1500 fence around the property and had TWO Pit Bull Dogs.

          Their children have now graduated from college — paid for by OUR GOVERNMENT.

          And, they CONTINUED to live on welfare.

          America. What a country!!

          1. Rattlerjake says

            Interesting story but I question it’s authenticity. First of all, an owner can sell their house any time they choose and are not obligated to make the sale contingent on an active rental contract. When change of ownership happens the contract is null and void and the new owners have NO obligation to honor that contract either. That is part of a renter’s life! It is also a part of being military where you CAN legally get out of a lease due to change of station (PCS) or ETS.

            Secondly, I think you used a lot of embellishment in your claims, as how could you know any of the new owners private information, like who paid for the down payment, whether they were on food stamps, whether they were illegals, who paid for their children’s college, etc. At best it is supposition/conjecture on your part, especially considering the circumstance. Of course, having lived in San Antonio and El Paso in the 80’s, nothing surprises me when it comes to Texas.

            As far as insulting you in the past, I’m very sure that I did, as I won’t hesitate to call someone an idiot or fool who insists on regurgitating information that is not backed by facts or evidence; much like your example above. I spend a lot of time responding to fellow conservatives who insist on supporting candidates KNOWN to NOT meet the requirement of POTUS, insist on claiming to be constitutionalists, conservatives, etc. yet will accept exceptions to our constitutional rights. When I make a statement I insist that if anyone can prove me wrong do so, but do so with FACTS proven by documentation or other substantive evidence and I will gladly admit my error. NONE have done so, it’s either ad hominem attacks or just more bogus crap! One thing that I do not do is to make comments based solely on opinion, there is more than enough unsubstantiated drivel on these sites already.

            Don’t be offended, learn from the facts presented, if you can prove it faulty do so. People that are offended by the truth are called libturds.

          2. Krazeehors says

            The story is absolutely authentic, sir. I lived it, so I KNOW what I am talking about.

            As far as what I know about their public assistance, that information was available on public records and was recorded for MANY, MANY people in the 1980s. If you will recall, there were MANY Salvadoran refugees coming to America in the 80s — AND receiving political asylum AND public assistance. The state of Texas was told by Judge Lucious Bunton in the 1980s that WE were responsible for educating and providing medical care for the children of illegal immigrants. He was a federal judge, now deceased, and his ruling was binding.

            I LIVE in San Antonio. We could not get out of our lease because we were not making a change of station, just building a home.

            Our lease WAS legally binding, for the entire term of the lease, sir. It stated so in the contract. And YES, I DID read it.

            Also, I recently moved out of an apartment — applying for early release because I was being threatened. That, by the way, is a felony in Texas, and renters are supposed to be protected when something like that happens.

            I was NOT released from my lease, and I am STILL paying them back.

          3. Rattlerjake says

            Well, again your story doesn’t wash, either that or Texas is a foreign country. You are not responsible for a lease if the owner breaks it by selling the house; your lease is only valid as long as the house is available for you to live in. I have two rentals (one in Texas and One in NC) and have been a landlord for 40 years. Your lease is null and void if the property is sold, unless you and the new owner agree on keeping it; you owe nothing to the previous owner once he no longer owns the property, and you owe nothing to the new owner unless you enter a new agreement. If you were sued and lost then there were circumstances you are not divulging or you had one pisspoor lawyer!

            And again you claims are bullshit! Individual/personal financial records are NOT public record so you couldn’t possible know where a person gets their down payment, etc. Again you are assuming, because these people were Salvadorians that they were part of gov’t aid programs. You’re the same type that thinks every asian is a Korean refugee, or every German is a Nazi.- THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS.

          4. Krazeehors says

            No sir, I am not. Like I said, I lived it — you did NOT.

            I had a one year old baby.

            Perhaps YOU should have told MY landlord that my lease was null and void. You would have saved me 1400;.

            You know where a person gets their down payment when the previous owner tells you that — AND when it was all over the news at the time regarding the number of political asylum people that came here from El Salvador.

            And I have BEEN to Korea. I do NOT think that all Asians are Korean and have many Japanese and Chinese and Vietnamese friends. I also do not think that every German is a Nazi — my father was a tail gunner on a B-17 and shot down behind enemy lines in Yugoslavia, then rescued by Yugoslav Partisans after being severely injured in the crash in WWII. He was MIA for 52 days and fought with them as they got him and his co-pilot back to Zagreb and onto a plane back to his base in Italy. So please do not insult me. I also have a friend who survived the death camps and I continually research and write about WWII as I write my father’s and others heroic stories.

            You should not make assumptions about people you know nothing about.

          5. LastGasp says

            You really should consider the possibility that you might be mistaken. Lease agreements are not one size fits all. They are legal contracts agreed upon by both parties and they can entail many different options and possibilities. In Idaho, every lease is considered an individual contract, there is no standard lease agreement that is not subject to change by the parties involved before signing.

          6. Rattlerjake says

            You’re right on leases being individual contracts and are all different. BUT, unless it is in the lease it can be voided. In her instance she claims that she was forced to pay on that lease even though the property was sold and they were forced out. That is non-sense, if they are prevented from habitation in that house they have grounds for a law suit and should have filed. But if it was contained in the lease that they had to pay whether the house is sold or not, WHAT KIND OF F-CKING FOOL WOULD SIGN THAT KIND OF LEASE? The leases I maintain on my two properties change every few years, as I add or subtract requirements based on new local and state laws.

          7. Patriot says

            Yep, nice work if you can get it! I guess if your an American Citizen one doesn’t qualify for the red-carpet treatment. Enough to piss-off anyone!

      3. Peatro Giorgio says

        Actually this site is neither. !
        This site offers many of us the occasion. To express our views and opinions, or to be educated by others, As well the ability to educate others . Some come here to detract , miss direct,deceive and harass. As for myself I personal enjoy the back an forth banter. Yes I’ve also learned some truths from those with opposing view points. Though it has been the rare forth right individual whom expressed with sincerely, honesty and integrity those opposing views. I do thank them. As well those any others. Whom I have shared in dialogue with.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Individuals who, like you, are willing and able to learn are rare. Especially on those comment sections of various interent forums.
          The great majority wants to rant….. only.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            That is true. But even in their rantings ,if we keep an open mind we are able to learn , and Teach.

          2. Croco Dile says

            The majority has no open mind. NEVER.
            It would require to rethink and throw out most of what they imagine to know and imagine to understand.
            This will never happen.
            Free yourself from illusions 🙂
            Their life are all about illusions.
            The compulsory education and lifelong propaganda….. you know that.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Loved it you gave my a very deep laugh right from the gut . “Thanks ”
            But brother think back; way back to your youth. Okay:” yes ” then, we grew up faster much better prepared to face life’s realities. Still you must certainly remember those moments of absolute arrogance,prideful ,stupidity ,childish thoughts, deeds an action. We know we both had an acted upon. Yes they have been indoctrinated in to a false Utopian dream, or should I say nightmare. I do have hope that the vast majority shall one day soon awaken to see . Their truth was an out right lie.

          4. Croco Dile says

            Yes, we all were “stupid” before we started to see…. or we hope so.
            I recomend you to read this site :

          5. Krazeehors says

            Okay. You just gave me my “Chuckle for the Day.”

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            Great site :
            Thanks I’ve included my email mail address as a subscriber.
            Reading those articles confirmed,Much of what I believed,as well much of what i have learned ,whiling listening to many of the Constitutional Law professors at Hillsdale Universities 14 week online free Constitutional 101 course,Followed shortly by their offer of another 10 week free on line course; The Federalist papers, Which also very much confirmed, what I had been taught by a highly astute Civics teacher. He who often spoke and taught in the same manner.
            It is refreshing as well spirit lifting to know The Truth is there for the asking.
            One must posses and open mind,and heart to receive it.
            Setting aside Religion , Christ Jesus actually Taught in similar fashion,with the same truth. It does after all require the ears to hear and the heart to listen.
            Again thanks Brother.

          7. Croco Dile says

            You are welcome !

          8. LastGasp says

            Anarchy is not the answer.

          9. Croco Dile says

            I know, you don’t have answers, sonny !

          10. Krazeehors says

            While I may not agree with all of your comments, I LOVE your pasted cartoons!!

          11. LastGasp says

            You need to learn how to speak with people, sonny. Quit telling people what to do. Quit lumping everybody together. Quit acting like a know it all when you know very little. You need to shut up and listen for awhile before engaging in conversation. Grow up.

          12. Croco Dile says

            You seem to talk about yourself all day, sonny !

            Are you one of those ?

          13. Bob666 says

            Good one

          14. Krazeehors says

            And insult. And by the way, watch out for AKlady. She is a progressive bigot who insults ANYONE who wants this country to be a “y’all come” country, and WE will all support you.

            ANYONE who disagrees with her is a bigot and told that “WE don’t want you here!! Please move to another country.”

          15. Croco Dile says

            Right, YOU are one of those I was talking about !

            George Carlin knew you very well :


          16. Krazeehors says

            No, sir. He did NOT. I am a Conservative woman, a patriot, and a totally disabled veteran due to injuries received in the line of duty. I am also very well-educated in health education and nutrition.

            I love my country and will fight to the death to defend it, should it become necessary.

            Can you say the same???

            And, by the way, WHY is it necessary for you to insult others when you TRY to make your point???

          17. Croco Dile says

            Sorry, horse.
            On this site I’m always attacked and not used to have a decent conversation. It may change in your case ?!
            Sorry to hear of your handicap, horse.

            Stay positive !

          18. Patriot says

            Thanks for your service!

            As Dr. Savage has said, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

            “And, by the way, WHY is it necessary for you to insult others when you TRY to make your point???” It’s the tell-tale sign and MO of trolls!

          19. Patriot says

            definition of a liberal Troll. 🙂
            Identify when you see one and then tag them to aid other posters.

          20. Krazeehors says


          21. LastGasp says

            How’s life? Great to hear from you again, fighting the good fight!

          22. LastGasp says


          23. Patriot says

            Good one! LOL “In his mothers basement” ! No doubt 🙂

          24. LastGasp says

            Can’t you form your own thoughts? You must plagiarize every post to make a point, eh? Just try thinking for yourself and answer questions with your heart instead of trying to be the big teacher. Nobody likes pedantic jerks. Accept people for what they are , not what you think they should be and you will go farther in life than telling everybody that you know the truth and only you.

      4. Krazeehors says

        That’s a Myass Moment.

    2. Milton W. Lowe says

      That’s right Trump is talking about “criminals” who broke the law sneaking into the USA which makes them ILLEGAL …got it ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…JUST LIKE THE ONES WHO SNEAKED INTO USA TO DROP A BABY…DUH!

      1. Patriot says

        Liberals like to change the meaning of words and to bastardize our language.

        They’ve attempted to do it with Legal/Illegal Immigrant, Legal/Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies, Gays, etc. That crap needs to end. No more political correctness Crap!!!

        1. DollyT says

          RIGHT ON!

        2. edward martis says

          old uncle joe Stalin did the same thing; in that he was the absolute KING of ‘political correctness’ and slick willie and the dems. brought it all back…

          1. Patriot says

            They all read from the same play book.

        3. Krazeehors says

          You got that right!!

          1. Patriot says


        4. CalvinPitt says

          Dear Patriot, … I enjoyed reading many of these comments, but yours gets to the core of one of the critical issues, often overlooked.

          Some time ago I wrote and posted the following on Facebook, which is merely an elaboration of what you’ve said here. … The fact that you articulated this is the reason I wish to share the following . . .

          REDEFINING WORDS … A Road to Ruin –

          The BASTARDIZATION of LANGUAGE – Speaking in Unknown Tongues:

          One way to destroy… a culture is to redefine its language so that words no longer have historical meaning, hence, no one knows what you are saying.

          We call killing…abortion. —- We call abortion…a woman’s right. —- We call a baby…a fetus. —- We call an abomination…marriage. —- We call husband / wife…spouse / significant other. —- We call transgender…the new normal.

          We call a corrupt politician… public servant. —- We call a degenerate Court …Supreme. —- We call wealth…success. —- We call Rioting…black rights. —- We call Islam…peaceful. —- We call ISIS…non-Islamic. — We call same-sex marriage…righteous. —- We call a Republic… Democracy.

          We call propaganda…public education. —- We call Liberalism…progressive. — We call evil…good. —- We call good…bad. —- We call tyranny…enlightenment. —- We call Planned Destruction of Parenthood …a noble cause.

          We call the hoax of Global Warming…science. — We call debauchery… freedom to choose. — We call terrorism…workplace violence. — We call illegal aliens…undocumented workers. — We call deviancy…political correctness.

          We call anchor babies…American citizens. —- We call rape…non-consensual sex. —- We call boy…gender neutral. —- We call girl…gender neutral. —- We call an unwanted baby…a mass of non-living tissue …
          … … which means we can now call Kleenex a baby !!

          When evil can be called good, then anything goes. When tyranny can be called liberation, then nothing can stand. When oppression can be called public welfare, then nothing remains. When freedom can be called government control, then liberty has been slaughtered in the tomes of unlimited regulations.

          A culture is lost when one begins to speak in the unknown tongues of Babel.

          Calvin P.

          1. Patriot says

            Thanks Calvin. Interesting and on-the-mark!
            A road to ruin for sure.
            This is not happening by mistake. It’s been planned for nearly 100 yrs. FDR and WILSON got the ball rolling with their progressive BS. Actually, there’s nothing progressive about it, it’s regressive.

            Thanks again for the excellent post.

          2. CalvinPitt says

            Thanks Patriot. With this I totally agree … except I would want Teddy Roosevelt in that timeline.
            Because I read so little about so important a subject as the revision of our Language, how did you come to see this? … What is your background of interest ? …. How is an issue so critical so often overlooked?

          3. Patriot says

            People are in my opinion easily manipulated. Look how successful they’ve been at indoctrinating our youth in our schools of higher education. Every graduation class is more and more indoctrinated into this sick twisted way of thinking. We no longer place importance on the ability to think analytically. They are rewarded for thinking like lemmings. Our modern education system is meant to produce citizens who have been educated to be uniformly the same and who can be easily manipulated. Perception often becomes reality in the leftist world.

          4. atkoa says

            Great post. And we call all those that disagree. RACIST

          5. CalvinPitt says

            Thanks, Atkoa. Your humor is painfully funny. … I neglected to add RACI.CISM, as my son calls it, to this list. … If we object to Al Not-so-Sharpton, we’re a Raci.cist. ,,, If we call Ferguson Rioters THUGS, we’re a Reci.cist. … If we call the leaders of Baltimore STUPID, we’re a Raci.cist. … If we call Obama a Muslim sympathizer, we’re a Raci.cist. … But at least there are a few who know.

          6. LastGasp says

            Just disagreeing with them makes you a racist,,,

          7. CalvinPitt says

            RIGHT ! … Good picture.

          8. muskat antonopolis says

            Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun….we have overcome many
            adversaries (techno,med,etc.) but we as human beings are still the same….just
            people…..pol pot wrote haing ngor, was neatly groomed, a soft spoken man, smiled
            often, had tiny little girl hands but more …he was easy to trust..yet by the most
            horrible methods he caused the deaths of millions….who do you trust to lead
            this nation?….an imbicle such as Donald trump….let them eat cake….or hillary
            Clinton…..? where do you draw the line…what is the value of freedom…of life…
            do you understand the life of a Mexican fleeing their homeland for the sake of the
            health and liberty of their children….? what would you do in the same circumstance?
            the golden city of el dorado is before them…sickness, disease, hunger, political
            oppression is behind them… you understand what Trump is selling….He has
            no idea where these people come from, their past nor anything about them…and
            yet you take his WORD for their character in the majority…do you see how easily
            he brands people…the next time it could be people who work in supermarkets…
            or technicians of some kind …or housewifes…..or dentists….crazy isn’t it…but
            that is just how crazy the Duck is…everyone is subject NOW and if he is
            nominated and elected during his term in office also…..don’t be fooled…he is
            a dangerous person to the health, wealth and security of this Nation…

          9. CalvinPitt says

            I think what you’ve been smoking is stronger than you realized. … I would take Trump 100,000 to 1 over a classless, criminal, lying, corrupt, heartless hag who wouldn’t know how to draw an honest breath.
            … My first choice would be Ted Cruz, a Hispanic and a man of courage and character. … But I’ll take the solutions of Trump which will do what the majority of taxpayers in this country seem to want, myself included.
            … You, like other heavy smokers, leave one crucial concept out of your discussion — LAW. … You cannot have a society without chaos if you blatantly violate its laws. … The people for whom you speak are ILLEGAL. … Do you not know what this means? … Those who obeyed the laws and came here legally are being wronged by letting lawbreakers get the same benefits they get.
            … You speak of “dangerous” people. … You need to open your eyes, study the history of Billy & Hilly and their corruption, and ask who’s the most dangerous person in this Presidential race. … Madam Hillary would win that trophy hands down.
            … Then you misspeak about Solomon. … Please show me the history of any culture which has chopped up babies, both dead and alive, and sold their body parts for profit. ..;.The Planned Destruction of Parenthood is indeed something NEW UNDER THE SUN.
            … I respect your right to disagree, but a few facts would strengthen your argument. … Stay well, and ease up on that dope. … CHEERS.

          10. muskat antonopolis says

            mr. pitt thank you for you reply…your comment was not full of foul language
            or insults of too deep a vein…but none-the-less….your passion is refreshing
            and you intelligence obvious…but do not fall victim to unnecessary insults
            to my character…I do not take any illegal drug…(at this point some comentor
            will take this discussion off to another marijuana), in any fashion..
            but I have seen history repeat itself over and over…I do not propose breaking
            the law in any regard…my family has law enforcement history going far
            back and I will not…I simply asked if mr trump had even considered the plight
            of the “illegal” immigrant from Mexico? He obviously has no personal
            in depth experience with poverty…he speaks to lightly of it….I did not say that
            there should not be some process to immigration of Mexican people….
            trump is obviously a skilled negotiator… you not see and hear what he is
            doing….?…he is playing directly into the FEARS and resultant ANGER that
            many uninformed, follow-the-herd voters are feeling…Pres. O. has engendered
            much of this anger in the people but others in our govt. are equally responsible..
            but mr trump is on the crest of that popular wave and is riding it for all that it
            is worth…..there are other solutions to this problem that do NOT require a 4
            year commitment to an unknown entity…..this may sound far-fetched…
            but….Mexico has a wealth of natural resources….they are nationalized for
            the most part and mishandled…..there are two beautiful bodies of water
            full of resources on both sides of mexico…..there is and continues to be a
            vast labor pool most Willing to be used…..opportunities for development of everything from housing to electricity production….all are there …..we have
            to use our heads…Mexico isn’t stopping the outflux nor ever really trying…
            because it is less of a headache for them to get rid of a couple million
            “peons” and have them send back the yankee dollar to their families in
            Mexico….quid pro quo….Mexico could certainly use more Yankee ingenuity
            and the USA could certainly use the opportunity for jobs in Mexico by US
            industries and…we can use here the unskilled labor force that the people
            of America seem to have no taste for anymore….Plus…how about a locked
            in FRIENDLY nation to our South..locked in by trade and common blood ties?
            We must before China does and we DO NOT want China on our southern
            border…..think about it….and mr trump is insincere with his all of a sudden
            patriotisim…his biggest concern is how is selling on wall street…thnks for

          11. LastGasp says

            Why are you so afraid of Trump? Afraid of changing the status quo? A country without borders is not a country. Which other candidate even mentioned the border problem? Have you considered that Americans know that our border with Mexico is our most severe national security issue?
            Why should we worry about what Mexico thinks of us? They should be the ones to accommodate us, not the other way around.
            Ever tried to get into Mexico with no papers? You could get shot, certainly arrested. Why shouldn’t we reciprocate in kind?

          12. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you for taking the time to read my post and to give it consideration…I think
            that you misunderstand my concern for living under a Trump controlled
            presidency…I am concerned re what a person with his particular type of
            mania could do to an already sick nation like ours….ok…lets take your position
            and the principal point seems to evolve around the illegals border hopping,
            living off the tax payer, etc….Mr. Trump wants to “deport” them ALL? How
            could that ever be brought about through the courts..and we cannot disregard
            the courts then we would be “breaking the law” as has been touted by so
            many who speak about the illegals “breaking the law”..we would be doing the
            same….do you suggest that as you say” Mexico should accommodate us”..
            that the USA drive a wedge between Mexico and the USA that will only
            profit the coyotes and NOT stop the illegals..and…do nothing to further
            “better understandinds” between the two nations?…Do you recall a saying…
            when life hands you a make lemonade…not to make lite of your
            concerns but consider this….would it not be better to have a friendly govt.
            on our 6 or an adversarial one? Mexico is a wealthy state in natural resources..
            most successful business in Mexico are nationalized and poorly managed..
            there is a wealth of oil off the east coast of mexico, we are involved but there
            are plenty of other possibilities open for development of mutual business
            ventures….how about housing? road and infrastructure development?
            health concerns? AND there is a vast cheap labor pool much underdeveloped,
            that could answer some of the concerns re china mfgd. goods, bal. of trade,
            etc…..think about this….if the good jobs are at home WHY would Mexicans
            leave home to come HERE?…Mr. Trump is obviously a good business man
            and knows how to sell…which is what I believe he is doing to all who are
            dissatisfied with the status quo….nobody else is really doing anything so if
            Mr. Trump even mentions he has a plan..then everybody goes…yeaaaah
            he*s our man…..he is simply selling you what you want to hear…he cannot
            get anything done in the regard of the illegals unless he can persuade
            Congress to agree with him…and then there will be the court challenges by
            every Latin organization in existence….what will be the cost to the taxpayer
            to “DEPORT” them…and by the time that any legislation could be effected
            Trump would be out of office and the following pres. would probably undo
            whatever Trump had done…..Mr. Trump does understand business and under
            control could be an asset to a future Pres on his Cabinet…Secty. of
            Commerce/…what do you think?.

          13. Patriot says

            We should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws.

          14. Patriot says

            Here you go.

          15. muskat antonopolis says

            would you be so kind as to tell me where in my post you thought that I am in support of Hillary Clinton? Would you please show me where and I will straighten that out asap……I am NOT a Clinton supporter in the past, present or future….
            did you read my post or like so many who are being misled by unthinking loud
            mouths just take somebodys word for it? You have America at heart and that
            is Good…..but also use your head …learn from the past for it will repeat
            itself….always look to tomorrow and be prepared….you never know when YOU
            may be called on…….

          16. Patriot says

            Lighten up. It’s a joke or don’t you find it funny? 🙂

          17. muskat antonopolis says

            well….when I look in the mirror and behold my aged face..i do not feel sorry
            for myself but realize that time and gravity play terrible games with flesh and
            bones,,,Hillary Clinton a joke, her age a joke? no…I feel sad for her and her
            husband bill, I never have supported them nor approved of their agenda and
            now the chickens have come home to roost….that prize, that jack-in-the-box
            prize will play havoc with her mind as she tries to sleep…more than you know
            or realize….politics is such a deadly profession….it, the game, drains all your
            reserve…and leaves you vulnerable to every imaginable nightmare and night
            terror……the Clintons have failed….Hillary is the last attempt by both Bill
            and Hillary to establish a Clinton, like a Bush and Kennedy political empire
            in American…the daughter….has no hope for attaining any major political
            path…they may have influence, some influence in the near future, but they
            are finished……..regards

          18. LastGasp says

            Nice try for the emotional segment of low info voters. That’s all you posted, just emotional claptrap. Very typical lieberal Saul Alinsky tactic.
            Everybody has a sob story, should we be mama to the whole world? Will you take in those illegals? No, you want to bring them in and USE OUR MONEY to support them.
            If they can’t come in legally, they can’t come in. Why should they get special treatment because they’re criminals?
            You fool, there is no comparison between Hitlery and Trump. She is a tool of the Communists/globalists and Trump is a successful businessman who has proved that he can do what he sets his mind to. He is a Patriot and cares about America.
            Hitlery only cares about herself, period. What has she accomplished? What has she accomplished that isn’t illegal? How will she run for president from a jail cell?

          19. muskat antonopolis says

            your reply is appreciated..thank you for your opinion..would you please tell me
            where in my post that I showed support for either Hillary or bill Clinton? I will be
            most happy to correct that misunderstanding..for I am neither now, in the past
            nor in the future supporters of the Clintons…and as I have said in other posts..
            they, the Clintons, have failed and Chelsea (?), will not be effective in a bid
            for high office if ever she should so contemplate because of her mothers errors..
            Now, as to being a fool as you flippantly label me, sir, I am not a fool…a little
            stupid sometimes….ignorant of some things (meaning uneducated in certain
            things)…but I def. am not a fool…..and I will not label anyone a fool until I have
            understood their motives regarding and inspiring their words and/or actions…
            Before you join the HERD…demanding BREAD from Mr. Trump (capitalization
            of his name is for your sensitive nature toward the personage of quack-quack),
            only to hear him echo…let them eat cake, I do…..oh believe me, he will continue
            to eat cake while the rest of America…(remember The Christmas Story?)….
            too many dependent…bah….cut their remittance….bah humbug….STARVES..
            and all in the name of Good Business…..
            You fail to see the opportunities that the migrants provide America….do you
            remember the saying….when life hands you a lemon, you make lemonade..
            Mexico is a wealthy nation in natural resources…and there is plenty of oil
            off the eastern coast….most successful Mexican business is nationalized and poorly managed ….I realize that there are American businesses in mexico
            already but there is room for more and in every facet thereof from communications to home building..and the IS a vast INEXPENSIVE labor
            pool begging for employment/development (think competition and china)..
            why would they leave home if the jobs are there???…and would not it be better
            to secure both business and blood ties to mexico and have a TRUE partner
            on our southern border to protect our 6 rather than to let china get in and
            control mexico…they are SURE trying right now…… see…Mr. Trump
            is simply selling you what you want to hear….EVERYBODY is tired of un-
            controlled border hopping…everybody! However, I am not blind to the reasons
            why they seek help here in the USA….the city of El Dorado…
            OK, I do not believe we should be mama to every nation in the world…it is
            difficult to wean others from the American money teat when we keep
            shoveling it out by the boatload, (billions in sanction relief aid to IRAN…
            incredibly crazy in my opinion)…but weaning is a process…to do it all at
            once is folly and will invite further international undermining of Americas
            position (as little as it is currently) as a partner. I agree, that a controlled
            Mr. Trump would be an incredible asset to a future presidents cabinet…
            perhaps commerce…but an uncontrolled Mr. to me like asking
            for armegaedon……
            Well, there is part of what I think…thanks for reading….have a nice day..

        5. atkoa says

          I agree with you. I am so sick of the PC Police, they are a bunch of hypocrites. Trump 2016.

        6. Bob666 says

          I’ve seen you do a bit of word changing as well ptroll.

    3. John E Strom Jr. says

      And they are NOT “immigrants” they are INVADERS. You don’t choose the country to immigrate to – the country chooses you. These are nothing but sneak thieves

      1. Croco Dile says

        An invasion is a MILITARY action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity.

        1. Francisco Machado says

          Try a dictionary: “Any intrusion or encroachment; infringement.”

          1. Croco Dile says

            Go to Wikipedia and change it there !
            After you did I will quote it !

          2. noBS says

            Wikipedia also has a second page on the topic on which it says: Invasion or invader may also refer to any act of “going into”

            When deciding whether or not this is an invasion, consider that the Mexican government actually encourages the behavior, and issues literature that instructs the “violators” on how to take advantage of USA-furnished benefits once they arrive here. If that’s not a coordinated “invasion”, nothing is. It hurts our economy and punishes our taxpayers, and to an extent, threatens the lives of our citizens by straining our medical resources while bringing diseases across the border.

          3. Croco Dile says

            All you talk about was planned decades ago !
            But people think “it just happens”….. Most people are a joke !
            No wonder this country is in the current state !

          4. LastGasp says

            I’ll thank you to capitalize Constitution from now on, sonny. Everybody here is five steps ahead of you and your sudden understanding of reality, so mellow out.

          5. Croco Dile says

            I will do it for you !


          6. Richard says

            Our Constitution is a great work but the political bums in Washington are just sure that it needs to be fixed!

          7. Patriot says

            The dems, progressives have been out to destroy our constitution which has given us the greatest country in the world bar none. Obummer has the balls to state “Our constitution is woefully inadequate.” This is from an woefully inadequate man and third rate lecturer who is deeply mentally disturbed.

          8. Krazeehors says

            Absolutely. These kids and adults come here without vaccinations, without ANY respect for ANYONE, and with a sense of entitlement because they KNOW what will happen when they come here.

            Are you even AWARE of the FACT that when an Anchor Baby is born here, not only the MOTHER can get a green card automatically, but ALL OF THAT BABY’S RELATIVES (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.) can get an AUTOMATIC Green Card, work permits, AND WELFARE???

            THAT is what is WRONG with the Anchor Baby issue. I get that a baby born here SHOULD have DUAL CITIZENSHIP — that is how it is in OTHER countries. But to automatically confer US Citizenship on that child is WRONG.

            They should be sent back to their country of origin (as it used to be) and then have the chance to CHOOSE for themselves WHICH NATIONALITY they want to affiliate with.

          9. Patriot says

            There are over 400,000 anchor babies born here on a yearly basis. Soon that number will exceed real citizens births.

          10. blackhawk132 says

            The Constitution when passed had no knowledge of these illegal border jumping monsters . It didn’t mean illigal immigration .

          11. Patriot says

            You got that right!

          12. noBS says

            The USA is one of very few countries that still grant automatic birthright citizenship to babies born on our soil to a non-citizen. Nearly all such countries have recognized that it is a BAD idea, and no longer do it.

          13. gini62 says

            The 14th amendment as it was read on Hannity by Mark Levine says that a child born to a foreign citizen is not an American citizen. It got changed when a person who was born here, because his parents purposely came here just before his birth, came back as an adult and they wouldn’t let him in. He sued the US. The Supreme Court said the 14th amendment gave him citizenship. I guess they just read the first part and not the second part. It also says that Congress has the right to change this at any time as deemed necessary. They had it that an American Indian was not a citizen of the US because they owed too much allegiance to the tribe. In wasn’t until either the 70s or the 80s when they changed their minds and now an American Indian or Native American is now an American citizen when he or she is born. According to the 14th amendment they are a citizen of the nationality of their parents. This would not be a hard amendment to amend. It was written to be amended as needed. We need it now. Except we have idiots in Congress right now. We thought we sent smart people to Washington and they let us down hard core. Time to fire them all and get all new ones in there. Especially those who are voting party lines and not their conscious.

          14. Patriot says

            The sooner we amend the better!

          15. NotJim says

            “I{t} wasn’t until either the 70s or the 80s when they changed their minds …”

            No, that is incorrect.

            In 1919, approx. 9000 American Indian veterans of WWI were granted U.S. citizenship. In 1924, citizenship was extended to all Native Americans.

          16. David says

            Why can’t these ‘case hardened criminals’ take over their own country……..

          17. blackhawk132 says


          18. Patriot says

            Mexico is known to be a corrupt government. Mexicans should arm themselves and have a revolution! We should offer to arm them if necessary. They need to stop taking the easy way out, and infesting our country.

          19. gini62 says

            Which means Trump was right when he said the Government of Mexico sends them here. I think we ought to open our prisons and send them across the border, fair is fair. Only I know what they would do. They would either line them all up and shoot them or throw them in jail and toss out the keys. I think that might fall under the cruel and unusual punishment.

          20. fcutch says

            Agree with you noBS. I think that 45 million Mexicans in the country at this point IS an invasion. And as long as we have the fools in power we have now, it will continue

          21. Cold War Gunner says

            Hey, Kroc–grow up, junior..
            From day one I have said that this encroachment was a foreign invasion..Very few are actually spixican..They are from all of the Central American nations that are trying to get rid of their excess population, by giving out info that all they have to do is get across the U.S. border,surrender to the closest Border Patrol Officer, and they will be granted instant citizenship by Oweblowme, and fed, clothed, and housed at no expense to them..
            A lot of those invaders are illiterate natives with no skills, that WE THE PEOPLE will be forced to support for their entire lives, destroying our economy in the process..The rest are criminal gang-bangers, and middle eastern terrorists, who want to set up their murderous regime up here, controlling the drugs and all the neighborhoods where they set up their vermin infested “safehouses”..The final intent is to turn this country into exactly what they have south of the border..With them in control..
            Now, if you do not believe that this nation is not under attack, then you do not have 2 functioning brain cells..

            I FOR ONE INTEND TO DEFEND MY COUNTRY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, upto and including my death..

            MOLON LABE M.F.

          22. Croco Dile says

            I see you are willing to learn.
            Read on this site and will learn :

          23. Cold War Gunner says

            I “learned” along time before the best part of you ran down your momma’s leg..

          24. Croco Dile says

            Sorry that I have read too much into your comment 🙂

            Continue wearing your shirt :

          25. marlene says

            Hey, I checked out the sight. Thinking outside the box – interesting and effective, but barely understood by many people. And you’re right – when obama opens our borders and sends out invitations, the foreigners who come here are not “invaders” – they are foreigners who are here illegally and need to be deported – mexicans, south americans, muslims, terrorists, etc. The operative word here is “illegal” because it is illegal to violate the constitution and the method and means by which they came and remain are unconstitutional and also, they do not qualify to be here because they fail to meet the qualifications and conditions through which immigrants can become citizens or be immediately deported because the constitution says they must either meet the qualifications and conditions or be immediately deported. It feels like an invasion because we don’t want them here. They are also invaders in the strictest sense of how they put in their hands and take out what belongs to us.

          26. Croco Dile says

            I’m glad you liked the recomended site !
            There is a lot to think about…..

            Take care !

          27. marlene says

            Not as much to think about if you actually read the constitution and understand it. It’s already outside the box and too many people who violate it are trying to put it back in. God bless America and our founding fathers who were smarter than any politician and voter is today. Reading the constitution is similar to reading the bible, they cover every facet of a government for the people and are predictive. The constitution was written with the Word of God in mind and for a righteous people. The price for believing in both is indeed high, but the bill has been paid. It’s up to us to pay to maintain them for the next generation, in the face of evil forces working in evil people who tell us they are broken and need to be replaced. With what? I say, it they work, and they do, then don’t break them.

          28. Tony says

            The main goal is to overwhelm the welfare system in America. Remember what Van Jones said? Top down, bottom up, middle inside out? Cause the poor to rise up against the wealthy, cause the wealthy to come down against the poor, squeeze the middle class out. That is what it appears to be happening now. The liberal agenda is working like a charm.

          29. Bo Wetstone says

            that’s the plan as bo sees it too. Pelosi’s jive about the working class having a standard of living that is too high lends to it also.
            besides- the old smoke and mirrors game is so easy, even an 85 like Obama and his sluts can pull it off.

          30. Bo Wetstone says

            when they cross that border illegally they commit a felony. after the first felony subsequent felonies come easier and easier. especially when they know they wont be convicted- instead there is a good chance they will be given pocket money and let go after committing the more heinous crime.
            thanks for leading me to another good gripe site , Kid!

          31. marlene says


          32. marlene says


          33. Bo Wetstone says

            randy, I hate to be always “do for me” but will you again educate me?– this time please send a web address that describes the health care system of g.b. or Ireland. plzzz? thanks randy

          34. marlene says


          35. Bo Wetstone says

            david right, sorry health care in great Britain good?

          36. LastGasp says

            And you are going to teach us, sonny?

          37. Croco Dile says

            No, sonny !
            Everyone is responsible to teach himself, you included, sonny.

          38. LastGasp says

            Just read a little farther and learn something, sonny.

          39. kbfallon says

            Who could give two shits what some wiki shit says……liberal toiletry.

          40. John E Strom Jr. says

            Sorry, Croco Dile, but Francisco Machado IS correct. Your VERY narrow definition is wrong, but nice try. Many of these illegals ARE armed and have had shootouts with our BP. ALL are willing to break the law to get here. NONE come here with permission. To be an immigrant you MUST HAVE the approval of the, otherwise you’re an invader. These ARE invaders.

          41. Croco Dile says

            Then broaden the definition on Wikipedia and I will quote it.
            Simple !

          42. Patriot says

            Why are you using Wikipedia as an infallible source?

          43. Croco Dile says

            It’s definitely not infallible.
            Do you have a better source ?

          44. Patriot says

            Why don’t you just use the one your accustomed to plagiarizing?

            “I’m the author, sonny !”


        2. John E Strom Jr. says

          Croco Dile – so by your asinine definition ISL/ISIS is NOT an invasion? You’re a left wing lunatic. The ILLEGALS are INVADING our country. They are not peaceably applying to come here – they’re coming across the fence, under our border via tunnels and swimming whatever river is in front of them. When those invaders get here they’re lying to get a Social Security Number to work by stealing.

          1. Croco Dile says

            A lot is upside down in your head, Jr…..

          2. LastGasp says

            It’s plagiarism to quote (copy/paste) someone without acknowledging the original author.

          3. Croco Dile says

            I’m the author, sonny !

          4. LastGasp says

            Liar. Why is it a different font? Why doesn’t it resemble your method of spewing misinformation? How stupid are you to think we can’t tell the difference? It has been proved that you copy/pasted it. You going to deny that?

          5. Patriot says

            Correct. At the minimum it should have been placed within Quotes to indicate it’s not his original thought. I know, that is difficult to believe 🙂

          6. Patriot says

            Your correct LastGasp. It’s plagiarism.

            Here’s the source link he used.


          7. LastGasp says

            Thank you, Patriot. I could tell it wasn’t him(it), but wasn’t sure who it was stolen from. Good job!

          8. Patriot says

            Thanks. Fricken trolls have no character. He’s a phony a-hole.
            Give the trolls enough rope and they will hang themselves. Unfortunately,
            they have no shame or self respect.

          9. Bob666 says

            Well Ptroll, if anyone would know about trolls-you would be the expert……

            Still trolling fro your mom’s basement?

          10. Croco Dile says

            Great that you were able to find something useful to read, and hopefully learn, Patriot !

          11. Obie Miller says

            ….and with the driver’s license and the social security number they would be able to vote. That has been obama’s aim all along Thanks for stating that Mr.Strom Jr.

          12. John E Strom Jr. says

            THAT is the aim of this corruption we call government. Every day we lose a little bit more of our freedoms. Illegals are just one of a host of ways our lives are being undermined and destroyed by the left. ObamaCare is another. The Patriot Act is another. Taxing the Hell out of our homes is another. Destroying the stock market is yet another. I could go on and on but we are being marginalized by the left and the money changers who ARE the left. It’s not just one or two or three things wrong – its the whole damned country that’s being destroyed by the left. Imagine 47 MILLION on food stamps and the government is encouraging more to join. Those people’s jobs have been stolen by ILLEGAL INVADERS. What jobs are left our government has encouraged to be shipped off shore. What a country. Yet we keep electing the SAME morons year after year after year. Then we have the bureaucrats who are even worse.

          13. muskat antonopolis says

            well thank you mr pitt…you replied civily and with the passion of one who believes
            that your choice is the best of the rest and that is what is needed AGAIN in our
            country…as an old man now I have seen a lot regarding our electoral process,
            the passion that voters used to bring to the ballot box , the good and the bad sides
            of the process…..when I was a young person…my dad was a precint manager
            in eastern ky….men came in to one of the precints and stole the ballot box…
            in those days that was not only a federal offense but to the people of that area,
            it was a SHOOTING offense…my dad grabbed his revolver and headed out the door
            of the precint after the thieves….well, they got the ballot box back…there was no blood loss but some mighty bad feelings over the incident that could have led to
            blood loss….I have more but for the sake of time….don’t blame the messanger..
            read scripture……Solomon said it…not me…I rarely “misquote”….regards….

          14. muskat antonopolis says

            well…mr are going to wonder who the heck am I? muskat antonopolis…
            the post I sent as you can see was to mr. pitt…not you but…enjoy it (I hope)

          15. Patriot says

            It’s obummers way of changing this countries political an racial landscape and his way of destroying the republican party.

          16. Patriot says


          17. LastGasp says

            You got that right!

        3. Krazeehors says

          And you, sir, are WRONG.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Then you should demonstrate it.
            Must be easy for you to do.

        4. Dan59 says

          Wrong. An invasion can consist of any foreign body that enters your borders. For example a germ INVADES a human body and therefore you end up sick. The same can be said of illegals invading this country, the more of them that arrive, the sicker economically and criminally this nation becomes. Wake up and catcch a clue before it bites you in the butt.

          1. Tony says

            Remember the Trojan Horse?

        5. LastGasp says

          Wikipedia is not an accepted scholarly source. Don’t start calling people names because of definitions that might as well have come out of a comic book.

        6. Niki says

          And what are you trying to convey here ?

        7. dondehoff says

          Croco Dile, you cannot go around in the public arena using your own personal definitions, as to the English language. “Invasion” can involve many factors other than military. For instance, your approach “invades” the concept of logic, deductive reason and common sense. And, to use the word, “idiot”—sir, that forces me to use the word, “ignorance”, which only means you are short on “facts”. Let us be civil and stop the game of verbal “mental masturbation”.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Don’t worry, Don.
            He will survive my insult 🙂

        8. Korean_Vet says

          Croco Dile–I Guess you’ve Never Seen an “Invasion by a Million Grass-Hoppers
          Mosquitos, or Locusts–(They don’t carry guns–“They carry “Eating Jaws” that
          Completely Demolish Farms & Gardens-! (“They even Eat Each Other”-! )

          1. Croco Dile says

            I agree with you on this.
            But what it has to do with the mentioned situation of those illegal immigrants ?

        9. Richard says

          Whatever you want to call them they are uninvited guests that don’t know when it is time to go home!

          1. Croco Dile says

            Okay, I can agree with that.

        10. David says

          That’s Mr Idiot to you, jack off……

          1. Patriot says

            You should ask him why he’s cutting and pasting and then claiming he’s the author?

            Here’s the proof.


            And David, your correct. He is a jack off! 🙂

        11. blackhawk132 says

          And you sir are incorrect . What do you call a person who INVADES your home ? A new TENENT >>>

          1. Patriot says

            Good one blackhawk!!! LOL

      2. DollyT says


        1. Krazeehors says

          Absolutely. And the number of crimes committed on American citizens by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IS ON THE RISE!!!!

          Enough is enough!!

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Krazeehors, I agree but they’re NOT “immigrants” legal or otherwise. They are INVADERS. Quit using the language of the left. This is a part of the left’s plan – how can anyone be against “immigrants” so don’t use that to describe these people. A better description would be “THIEF” as that’s exactly what they are who come here illegally

          2. Krazeehors says

            You are right. I stand corrected.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            Krazeehors, Welcome aboard. Now all you and I have to do is “re-educate” the other 320 million people who are also being suckered into believing they’re “immigrants”. 🙂

          4. kbfallon says

            Lets make that–CRIMINAL they all knew they were breaking our laws when they illegally entered our country and said fu_k trying to come in the legal way – and start demanding rights and lawyers-and free room and board-and debit cards -and etc…..

          5. gini62 says

            You know Bill O’Reilly gave Trump a hard time tonight about his position to send them all back. Bill said, “You mean you are going to pull American children and their illegals parents out of their homes and send them back to mexico. Trump just said, “I have a heart, I don’t think that is the way it is going to go down. But the law is the law and they knew when they came here they were breaking the law. The law has to be for everyone equally.” He said he would do it as gently as possible and would try and get the good ones back in this country as quickly as possible. But they were going to have to go back where they came from first. There was another man on another program that said, “This is ridiculous. It would cost Billions to send them back. We can’t afford it.” But what about all of them being on welfare and food stamps and sending their kids to school? How much does that cost and let’s not even go into the medical costs. Once the Mexicans are gone, the American worker can start speaking mostly English again and Americans can get jobs again. It is the fact that the Mexican or Hispanic, if you prefer, have taken over whole industries. They have hired foreman who speak both English and Spanish, but now they only hire those who speak Spanish. Roofing jobs, lawn care, painters, plumbers, carpenters, house keepers, maids, cooks in restaurants, fast food, dairy workers, farm work, cheese factories, potato plants, beet dumps, factory workers, truck loaders, and the list goes on. You name an industry and you can bet your stars it is now mostly Hispanic. No kid out of high school has a prayer of getting a entry level job. Something must be done. I refuse to believe that there are no American’s who can take over these jobs or that Americans refuse to do these jobs. I have worked at a beet dump, I have worked on a potato picker, I have worked as a house keeper at a Holiday Inn. I once cleaned Evil Kenevils room when he jumped over the Snake River Canyon. By the way he got scared and hit the panic button. I overheard him talking. I also worked at a corn processing plant and as a radio DJ, a cook in a restaurant and in the college cafeteria. I got bored easy. There were many more jobs but you get my point. I even milked cows and delivered calves, rode tractor. Ok, enough is a enough. American’s want to work they just need an opportunity.

          6. blackhawk132 says

            I agree BUT Congress should finally pass English as the U.S. language in speach and signs and Christianity and Judism is our faith . No more catering to Muslims.It’s way past time to clean house.

          7. gini62 says

            I agree. It would make everything so much easier.

          8. marlene says

            Our constitution already mandates that immigrants applying for citizenship must learn to speak English. Despite precedence to the contrary, the constitution is still the law of the land.

          9. Rustygurl says

            Have a local flooring company fixing the floor the screwed up 2 months ago, the employer sends two of the same guys out, the ALL speak Spanish here in MY home; mind you, this is in a mountain community where the Hispanic population is 2%. Not only are the majority of these people illegal aliens, their anchor babies are NOT eligible for citizenship yet these politicians are granting it left & right. Yes, construction jobs in many areas require you to speak spanish so you can communicate with hispanic labor force, as with my job, they are NOT craftsmen and I could have done a much better job myself; I will never hire another company that has Spanish speaking employees, When they first came out there was one LEGAL American, one guy who spoke English but clearly not born here and one who only spoke spanish. Banks do the same thing, they cater to those who speak Spanish (for those of you who think there are so many non-hispanics invading our country, I guarantee these tellers are only able to speak one language other than English and sometimes it isn’t understandable.

          10. marlene says

            You’ve got it right Rustygurl.

          11. marlene says

            Whatever we spend to send them back will cost us less over time, or like Trump said, make mexico pay.

          12. Kim Ammons says

            Illegal “Alien” is the politically INCORRECT term

          13. John E Strom Jr. says

            Kim, not to pick a fight but we DO agree on “ILLEGAL”. They ARE “Aliens” and I agree with that as well. But they are also “INVADERS.” They had no permission to come here, the came by stealth, and they came not to make this a better nation but for what they could personally benefit from. The majority have NO intention of abiding by our laws or even learning the English language. So perhaps “Illegal Alien” is the non-PC term but a far more accurate term is “Illegal Invader” which is what the are. Peace!

          14. Patriot says

            Agreed. When you have racist organizations like “LaRasa” who’s goal it is to populate certain states with their offspring and by their numbers take back those states they believe to be theirs. How is it we allow these people to exist within our boarders when their objective is to subvert our laws, Constitution & borders?

          15. John E Strom Jr. says

            Because we keep electing career politicians and soon their chief responsibility is their next election and staying in power. Time to FIRE most of them. ALL Democrats and most Republicans starting with our “leadership” which is a joke. We’re being “handled” by RINOs.

          16. gini62 says

            Good job John

          17. marlene says

            The constitution calls them “foreigners” until they become naturalized. In this case, they crossed the border illegally, so we could call them illegal foreigners. “Immigrant” connotes the intention of becoming citizens if they meet the conditions and qualifications for citizenship. If they don’t, they must be deported immediately. i still like the term “invaders” though because it means war.

          18. Skyhawk says

            The term immigrant indicates that they have applied for immigration. It’s use for these illegals is entirely incorrect.

          19. marlene says

            You’re right. Change my words “intention of” to “application to”

          20. SouthernPatriot says

            When they cross the border illegally they violate numerous federal and state laws…Thus they are…ILLEGAL FELON INVADERS

          21. John E Strom Jr. says

            That works! Still, with all due respect, INVADERS is much more succinct. No need for any qualifiers – but descriptive qualifiers are welcome. 🙂

          22. Laddyboy says

            Kim Ammons:
            I still like the term:
            I know it is long. However, there is no question as to who is being talked about.

          23. John E Strom Jr. says

            With all due respect, “INVADERS” is MUCH shorter, more accurate and makes the point.

          24. Laddyboy says

            I can accept your term. I will say this though; most of the socialists,fascists,progressives,democRATs do not understand the nances of OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

          25. John E Strom Jr. says

            Perhaps Laddyboy but I think their lack of understanding only relates to things conservative in character. If it’s liberal in character they not only understand but vehemently defend their idiocy. There is an arrogance on the left that THEY and THEY ALONE are smart and the rest of us are rubes.

          26. fcutch says

            Illegal alien is the perfect term. It is the exact opposite of a legal foreign alien

          27. gini62 says

            Says who? We have to stop this kind of thinking. It stops discussion when we focus on what is politically correct. I call them illegal aliens too. They are alien to this country and they are illegally here. Thus the name. What should we call them oh sensitive one.

          28. survivor33 says

            It isn’t bad enough that we have all those illegals using up all the tax payers money but we also have terroristist training camps in the US…learning how to kill us all. THANK YOU OVOMIT…for making a dangerous life for our grandchildren and great grandchildren, if they get to live that long.

          29. HadEnough says

            That’s My Point Exactly, Krazeehors. It’s INSANE and UNACCEPTABLE The Way
            These Criminal Thugs Murder Our Very Own Citizens.!!!!!!!!!

          30. muskat antonopolis says

            ok..i would be very interested if you could provide some data on your
            point….I would really like to know…no challenge…no ill will…..just I would
            like to hear from you as to data…..and while you are at it please provide
            some comparable statistics re white on white similar crimes…black on
            black….Mexican on Mexican and then cross these to provide white on Mexican and Mexican on black, etc….my point in all of this? there will
            ALWAYS be criminals and the criminal mindset…those who prey on
            each other and the nationality means nothing….criminals look for the
            easiest avenue when they are considering their advantage…well, never-
            mind the data I asked for…probably your mind is set and no “wetback”
            needs to be on usa soil without a visa of some the way….
            who was it and why are national borders drawn….?

          31. Krazeehors says

            There is way too much information to list here. Look up “Illegal Immigrant Crime Statistics.”

            You will find a wealth of information.

          32. muskat antonopolis says

            ok..too much info? if you feel competent to challenge “illegal immigration….”
            but find that proving your point is too much trouble….then your points are suspect
            as to correctness and worth….I hope that you find the cause of liberty, justice
            and equality NOT too much trouble……no insult intended…just a sincere challenge
            to open your mind to all that is involved in this matter…there is/are solution(s)
            to this situation and ones that are beneficial to all concerned…..would you like to know?

          33. Krazeehors says

            Oh. So NOW, after I told you to look it up and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, you get insulting.

            Okay, here ya go:

            from (I went further b/c I knew you would pooh-pooh this web-site):
            Crime Statistics of Illegal Aliens
            FBI Statistics on Illegal Aliens
            Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens
            Illegal Alien Crime Statistics 2013
            Do Illegal Immigrants Commit More Crimes
            Illegal Immigrant Crime Statistics 2014
            Percentage of Crimes Committed by Illegals
            Crimes Committed by Illegals 2014

            Illegal Immigrant Gangs Commit Most U.S. Crime – Judicial …

            The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration

            Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration

            I suggest you read the last article. It is quite informative.
            And a personal story about illegal immigrant crime:
            Elkhart, Indiana — 2007(approximate)

            A woman, Angelica Alvarez, 27, later identified to be an illegal alien, MURDERED all 4 of her children to keep their fathers from gaining custody of them. There were two fathers. This woman brutally murdered all four of her children, two children by each father, because she was “suicidal and depressed” about the custody battle she was involved in. She didn’t want anyone else to have her children, but was so incompetent that she failed to succeed in her efforts to off herself.

            She pled guilty — now serving life without parole in an Indiana prison.

            Source: Elkhart Truth, 11/22/2006; Fox News 11/22/2006; South Bend Tribune


            Do your own homework.

          34. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you for your reply…I did not intend to insult you..and if you feel offended
            it is your own doing…..sorry….thank you for the data….I will review some of them.
            but may I also suggest that you consider Chicago/Newark/Philadelphia/WashDC/
            Miami/and a list too long to type out here…Crime Statistics of USA Citizens
            against other USA Citizens….this Nation is in a criminal spiral downhill fast and
            Illegals are only a portion of the problem and not the WHOLE problem as some
            would have us believe….the Court System….the Laws of our Nation…Attorneys..
            the various agencies who allow a revolving door policy to our prisions ,,,,these
            and many more ARE the problem…..I suggest that we as a nation solve these
            almost unsolvable problems and we will have made a good start on how do
            you eat an elephant?…one bite at a time…..thank you for your passion re the
            VOTE this time…we need more who feel as strongly as you do about getting
            out the vote….but ask yourself ..would you prefer to have a world renowned
            brain surgeon work on you or someone who if they screw up your central
            control could not care less…Mr. trump in my opinion knows nothing of politics
            but does know business and I think would be a great asset to a future Pres.s
            cabinet…Secty. of Commerce…?? what do you think?

          35. Krazeehors says

            I do like Dr. Carson, and he is another of the non-politicians I would vote for. I saw it yesterday that Rupert Murdoch wants Mike Bloomberg (another billionaire) to run. This race just gets more and more entertaining.

            I am not in favor of gun control, by the way.

            If our “elected” LOSERS would stop amending the Constitution by adding new conditions to it that do not have to be ratified we, as a country would be much better off.

            I will campaign for whomever I think will get the nomination. I think the GOP is doing whatever it can to crash Mr. Trump’s candidacy, and they would do the same to Dr. Carson were he the front-runner. Suffice it to say there is going to be one HELL of a floor fight at the convention next year.

            And by the way, I HAVE been worked on by a nationally-renowned spine surgeon — three times. Courtesy of a drunk driver and line-of-duty injuries received in the military.

          36. muskat antonopolis says

            OUCH….my sincere sympathies for you injury..i too am a vet….I never knew how
            much I appreciated this country until I was away from it for a few years….and
            welcome home to you friend…I also am opposed to gun control except for
            those whp are not able to make sound decisions (trying to be nice here), and
            those who have used a weapon in commission of a crime……ehhhh…Carson?
            Independents do not/cannot get anything done….why does New England always
            breed independents? Great politicians, good business skills and they love
            America but they keep shooting themselves in the foot by being Independent
            or “crying” when they get in a tight spot (Muskie)…or going overboard on the
            theatrics……..none of which leaves a very good opportunity for nomination…
            I believe that Mr Trump is selling those who are totally dissatisfied with the
            current situation, exactly what they want to hear….the final cost to “deport”
            the illegals would I believe almost be equal to the Iraqi war…we would have to
            run each case through the courts..we cannot disregard the courts or WE
            would be doing the same thing we accuse the illegals of doing “breaking
            the law”…then there would be appeals..attorneys to defend each case…and of
            course there would be appeals to every agency in our govt. by every Latin
            orhanization in existence…street demos….police and natl. guard…and there
            is also the intl. reputation of America not only in the EU but in African
            nations, etc…..I don’t think Mr Trump has REALLY considered the real
            cost and difficulty of “deportation”….he is an excellent business person
            as his achievements have shown…and I do think that he would if controlled
            (mouth wise), be an great help to a future pres….how about Secty. of
            Commerce…would his ego allow him to serve in such a capacity..if not
            then it is in my opinion he would never be a good pres….hope that you
            recover your health soon…..

          37. Krazeehors says

            Thank you. You know, just today, Iran is DEMANDING the release of 19 of their people held in US prisons.

            And Ovomit (sorry, he makes me want to puke) will probably release them with NO conditions — LIKE GETTING OUR PEOPLE BACK!

            One of the things I don’t like about Mr. Trump is that I believe he would tell China to pound sand concerning our debt — the same for India. And I believe that could start a war. I don’t know.

            And, Mr. O has ALREADY destroyed our reputation around the world. Unfortunate, but it is true.

            The GOP wants someone they can control — Boehner and McConnell come to mind. They don’t like Trump or Cruz b/c they cannot be told to shut up.

            I do NOT trust Bush OR Rubio. The H1-B Visa is a HORRIBLE idea for American workers.

            But, I also believe that Americans would GLADLY pay the price to get illegal aliens OUT of this country.

            At this point, I realty do not know.

          38. muskat antonopolis says

            it is sad that we have descended to the place where we are today because
            people vote with their emotions (sad but true), rather than their heads…and
            do we ever pay the price for being ignorant of the facts…too late for lamenting..
            now is the time to do something about our mistake….my your
            homework..think long…work smart..pray hard..this next president may be the
            last freely elected, I think that I can still use that term, president that we may have.
            a terrible lot of wrong can take place in four years..we unfortunately have had
            such an easy go of it for so long..and now that the chickens have come home
            to takes a toll and a lot of conviction not to allow our complacency, our
            stupor to happen again…….me..i am thinking re Kasich…..well, we will see..

          39. Krazeehors says

            Again, thank you. I pray you or anyone in your family EVER has an encounter with a drunk driver as I did. I was actually on the way home from a counseling session at the VA — the woman who hit me was a hard core alcoholic with a .362 BAC — and of course showed absolutely NO remorse for the damage she did to my body.
            Since 1999, I have had 15 corrective and orthopedic surgeries, and that is with doctors telling me I “was not injured” in the crash and will soon have a 16th.. Unfortunately, injuries from such a catastrophic wreck (she was driving an Olds Delta 88 “tank,” driving 60 mph — I was driving a Chevy Cavalier and was stopped, so you can imagine how bad it was) quite often do NOT show up until years later.. The ONLY thing that saved my life was my prayer to God, first responders, and the fact that my service animal was not with me that day. I praise God that I am walking with a cane, functioning relatively well, but in pain every single day.

            And, because I did not die in the crash, the county prosecutor declined to prosecute a first offense that did not involve a fatality — the State Trooper who witnessed the crash called me in as a fatality b/c it looked like nobody could have survived it. I am truly blessed.

            If you want to read a fabulous book, I highly recommend Dr. Don Piper’s “90 Minutes in Heaven,” his story of survival that will be released as a movie on October 15th. I know Don and have heard him speak and had him pray for me many times. His story is miraculous — after being hit head on, he actually died, went to Heaven — we know he died b/c he would have quickly bled out from his horrendous injuries. This truly is a miraculous story and if you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak you will be greatly blessed. I am praying that my own story of redemption and survival will be out after the first of the year.

          40. Skyhawk says

            Now that you have gone to all the trouble to provide the information the agitator will no doubt change the subject to some other nit picking one.

          41. Scrubjay says

            Some of us have jobs (no insult intended) and don’t have time to write a treatise in response to your multi-leveled question.

          42. Scrubjay says

            Regarding borders of Texas and California, the resident Mexicans and more recent pioneers, needed protection from a tyrannical Mexican government.
            Enter, the fledgling USA.
            The rest of the story is history.
            Not even Ken Burns could find a way to manipulate the facts of our southern border to fit the left’s fantasy.

        2. muskat antonopolis says

          I know that this post is late and you probably think that I am a troll….
          but unless you have ever hired a Mexican to work for you, your comment
          is baseless…their culture is different than ours..but not due to any lack
          of intelligence..for all that I have encountered whether educated or not
          are very intelligent….AND very hard working…do you consider that the
          reason so many seek our borders is because OUR people have grown
          tired of doing the jobs that they used to be glad to get? and now those
          jobs are open to them…?at wages the Mexicans consider incredibly
          good…that they do in their homeland for almost no money and that
          YOU would never consent to do even if paid twice the wages…..well..
          ..I hope that your heart grows softer toward them and your mind smarter..for there IS a solution to this …and it will take open mindedness
          to reach it…..regards

          1. DollyT says

            I do not disagree with you regarding your statements above. They were abused under the old Bracero Program. It needs to be renewed to insure workers are not abused and paid a fair wage. However, I am against breaking our laws to enter this country. You cannot do this in their countries.

          2. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you for your reply..and I apologize for harsh sounding words..perhaps I am
            just growing tired from listening to the lynch mobs get rilled up and ready and really wrong words….so …..sorry….I would like to know more about the Bracero
            Program so I will try to look it up and explore it…to the mind of the peon, they are
            not breaking the law…they are mostly mestizo and do not greatly understand the
            laws of this land much less their own and are mostly governed STILL by
            ancient natural laws and their tribal/cultural councils and elders….many know
            what they are doing BUT many simply are looking to provide for their families..
            and run away from the NO HOPE life that they have in their country…there is
            no need for this to continue however….and economics is the reason….when
            life hands you a lemon you make lemonade….we as Mr Trump says “deport”
            all of the illegals…the cost to do so would be staggering when you consider that according to our laws each case must be heard by a judge, and an attornet for each is required, and legal aid, and housing and transportation and medical
            attention while they are here, etc. etc.then there are the numerous appeals,
            again lawyers, etc, etc,,,,,and a challenge from every Latin immigration and
            charity group, the Catholic Church, we have address all of this or we are
            doing as so many say “breaking the law” and what we are accusing the illegals
            of…by the time any of this gets through congress/filibusters/etc. Mr Trump
            would be out of office and the next pres. would undo what Mr, Trump did…
            no, it is way past time for mass deportations…it is now time to use our heads
            and make lemonade out of this gargantuan lemon…mexico has a vast amount
            of natural resources…many of which we could use…namely oil….there are
            vast pockets of oil on the east coast of mexico…we have been involved there
            already but there are still many opportunities…..also, mexico needs just about every type of technology we have and their infrastructure is pitiful….you know
            this…..there are opportunities for open business between mexico/usa with
            a new understanding between the two nations..i heard the wailing before
            about how the cheap Mexican labor takes away jobs from americans??
            would we rather that the Chinese get the upper hand with mexico and be
            on our 6…? or, would it be better to tap the vast and underdeveloped labor
            resource in mexico (and if the good jobs are there, why would the Mexicans want to come here)? make more of our goods there and develop a better
            relationship with mexico through business and blood ties….leave the illegals
            here alone until they begin to hear of the jobs at home and they will go home
            on their own accord…and, national security would be best to have a friendly/business tied/blood tied (through intermarriage and descent)
            than to have china (and they are there now) on our 6….what do you think
            about this,,,,Mr. Trump is an excellent business his record shows
            …and a controlled (you cannot just say what you want when you want to)
            Mr. Trump would make an excellent resource for a future pres. say as Secty.
            of Commerce….?

      3. TAM44 says

        The trouble with those law makers in DC is they for the life of them cannot distinguish the words legal and illegal. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant as when they break our laws coming into this country it’s illegal. Legal immigrants has taking the right steps and have paper work to come into this country. Anyone entering our country who breaks our laws should be deported as they are not what we need more of, we have plenty in DC. When those with Visas come here and they run out and stay here they should be deported as well. Honest people don’t break our laws and are welcome.

        1. Krazeehors says


        2. survivor33 says

          They also don’t demand things, instead of asking for them. They demonstrate with the Mexican flag waving and burn and “Tread” on our flag AND what’s worse, the Government gives in to their every demand.

          1. TAM44 says

            Traitors is what we none PC people calls them.

          2. survivor33 says

            Traitors is too nice a word for them….They are Criminals because they are breaking the law. Imagine if millions of US Citizens run over the border to Mexico and demanded food stamps, free housing, free cell phones, and welfare AND drivers licenses…..

          3. TAM44 says

            We would find ourselves in deep do do. or worst exterminated.

          4. marlene says

            LOL – I like the idea – and we’ll bring our American flags with us too.

          5. Opinari says

            Mexîco would not allow this to happen. They have much more stringent laws than US…US won’t even enforce our Federal law for fear of not attaining another “voter.”

          6. 1Clara2 says

            …you’d be out of luck, in the street, or in jail…probably all of the above. Mexico doesn’t have any of those things for people who enter their country illegally. Then, after they have deported you and warned you to stay out forever, if they found you in their country again, they would put you in jail for a very long time. End of story.

          7. omegaman says

            TAM44 – Only in better English than yours.

        3. Korean_Vet says

          The Polite Words for them–“They are ‘Transients–not U.S. Natives, with no
          U.S. Citizenships’ for their ‘Heirs to Inherit’-! Any ‘unborn babies’ they transport
          with them–are also ‘Transients’–since they belong to their non-citizen parents-!
          Yes, they break U.S. Border-Laws when they ‘Avoid U.S. Border Check-In Points’,
          because they may also be bringing ”forbidden Drugs or other illegal contraband’
          in with them–“Including Smuggled Human-Beings for (white-slavery?) or other
          forbidden purposes-! They (all of them) should be quickly escorted back to the
          Border–to be sure they safely cross again & do not return-! The Federal Govt.
          should not be in the Business of “Kidnapping Kids”–so they can claim they’re
          are ‘Native U.S. Citizens-when they Never took a “Naturalized Citizen’s Test or
          ‘Met any of the Requirements for Citizenship–including ‘Asking the USA to
          become Citizens’-! “Adoptions as sons & daughters by the U.S. Govt. is a “Two
          Party Agreement”-! One Party has to commit to “Asking” & the other Party (U.S.
          Federal Govt. has to “Accept” them–if no disqualifying facts are present-! We
          don’t “Accept Qualifications” for ‘Past Criminals, Drug Addicts, Contagious
          Disease Carriers, Sex-Offenders” & etc. If Grandmother would “Reject them at
          Her Door”–Then the USA should “Reject them” Also-!

          1. blackhawk132 says

            Also after they are shooded across the border ; Inject them with a tracker in their arm so that IF they EVER come back they spend 10 years in jail on hard labor.With the tracker our border patrol can easily track the illegal ones and can just walk around and listen for the beeps. With trackers ; We dont even need a border fence.

          2. marlene says

            And we sure can use the hard labor, with hem working for us instead of us working for them.

          3. 1Clara2 says

            Except, for the most part, our prison system doesn’t require ‘hard labor’ anymore. Maybe clean up the freeways and roadside areas, but not much else.

          4. omegaman says

            What the hell does “shooded” mean?

          5. 1Clara2 says

            It means to ‘make go away’.

          6. carla AMERICAN says


        4. David says

          I guess they are afraid they will have to learn how clean their own toilets………..

        5. usathoughts says

          What do you expect? They are for the most part all Lawyer Politicians.

          1. marlene says

            That’s why they call law a practice. They never get it perfect.

          2. usathoughts says

            Way back when a consultation cost $165 dollars. If you desired an Opinion that cost $18,000.00 dollars. Just means they will stand behind their consultation.

          3. John_Eidsmoe says

            Please don’t paint all lawyers with a bad brush. It’s only 99% of them that give the other 1% of us a bad reputation.

          4. usathoughts says

            One Percent? Thats being generous.

            When in international business took three law firms to handle my entry into the European Market. Even then it was just to weave through the Graft & Corruption.

            The same with a factory the company built in China proper. Wanted to bring some equipment back to the States. Come to find out I paid for it but did not own it!

            Filed a law suite against a Taiwan firm. The IRS & FBI were involved. Even with their help got nowhere. These lawyers were completely out of their depth. In Century City, Las Angles, IBM had two building complete with International lawyers. They told me I would NOT have the support of the Courts, nor the State Department, not any Agency of the Government. Al my lawyers managed to accomplished was to take 1/2 Million dollars from my firm.

            My experience with lawyers only serves to make me feel like a fool. And, rightfully so.

          5. Dick Ellis says


          6. carla AMERICAN says

            Got to love it!

        6. gini62 says

          Yeah but there is another problem. How about large companies like Amazon who want to hire legal immigrants than the law allows. Who want the law changed. Who did they get? Rand Paul. Those immigrants are called HB-1s I think. Rand just put a bill into the Senate that would increase the number of legal immigrants. We don’t need more immigrants in this country, we need less. Rand is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He needs to drop out of the race. It shows he is in the back pocket of big business if he is going to do their bidding.

          1. TAM44 says

            No illegal should ever have a job inside America as they have proven without a doubt they have no respect for our laws or us citizens, guess their emulating barack hussein obama who has no respect for our laws or America or it’s citizens.

          2. Skyhawk says

            Being an illegal himself, Barry supports all other illegals.

          3. gini62 says

            He’s not illegal. He just isn’t Natural born citizen, which is a requirement for being President.

          4. omegaman says

            A fact he can’t prove without using falsified documents, dumbass.

          5. gini62 says

            Is that how you make your point, by calling people names? How sad for you. We are simply supposed to be sharing information and ideas. Learning from each other.

          6. 1Clara2 says

            The basic point is that there is a good chance BHO is illegal because he has never produced a true, original, authenticated birth certificate. His grandmother stated that she was at his birth in Kenya. Hope you learned something.

          7. gini62 says

            I didn’t say illegal, I said legal immigrants. Those who have permission to be here and work here.

          8. carla AMERICAN says

            That’s the truth.None of the countries America has helped have any respect! Where are they when we need them? How many fair elections has Americans resided over? Provided them with food,clothing,medical,military protection,billions yearly. Have any of you heard a Thank You? Well in all fairness there the president took credit and never bothered to tell us. Disrespectful all around.

          9. Opinari says

            Gini62 said “legal” immigrants…who will take jobs at lesser pay than Americans. Still, we don’t need to increase number of “legal” immigrants, we just need to hone the system to process those who are applying so they don’t have to wait years. At least they don’t sneak over our borders whenever they can.

          10. carla AMERICAN says

            Close their businesses down! You don’t have to purchase their products. They rely on American’s.

          11. gini62 says

            You mean you have never ordered off of Amazon? Everyone has used Amazon at some point. It is called the free market. We have lost so many of our rights, let’s not make a fuss and lose that one as well. We just don’t help them do it. Or should I say Rand should not help them do it.

          12. omegaman says

            Everyone?–I don’t think so! There are people that don’t even use computers. Moron.

          13. Bob Pante says

            And Disney

          14. gini62 says

            Yes I heard about Disney, but they didn’t order in legal immigrants from other countries, they took advantage of the newly legalized illegals. The Dream act recipients. I for one will never go to Disneyland or World again. Not hard for me. The first time i went was when it first opened and I was 8. I lived 20 mins from Disneyland my whole life. Frankly I am bored with it. Everyone should boycott Disney. If they want American dollars then they hire Americans, period. Walt would not be happy.

        7. jaybird says

          Congress is controlled by the Corporations, all the Tec companies are giving Obummer money to import more. Disney in FL. laid off 250 employees and hired Dreamers’ andt the employees that were laid off had to train them for their job. Congress has been bribed for years. The new Conservatives have tried to vote the way their Constituents want them to and Boehner said the they will vote with the “family”. What is he running a mafia? He has punished those that didn’t by having them pulled off prime committees. If anyone on this site has not called their Congressman to support Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) motion .H. Res #385 please do this, it is a chance to get him out NOW! We need to band together to put “people pressure” on our Representatives – spread the word they will be back in session soon.

          1. gini62 says

            Boehner has to go. He is a traitor to this country. He started out so good and I have watched him fall apart and become just another Democrat who claims to be a GOP. They need to vote him out but they are all afraid of him. If he wins and is not deposed then he retaliates. The last time he did it though his facebook page blew up and he changed his mind. So see public opinion, if loud enough does change things. Sometimes not for the better as in “Black Lives Matter.” Now police officers are being killed right and left. Just execution style killings. Soon men will stop wanting to be police officers. Try running a law loving society without someone to enforce it. All we would have left is chaos and more chaos. They risk their lives every day and we treat them like filth? Makes no sense.

          2. jaybird says

            I agree with you, don’t forget to call, I think if a lot of people call they will see that it might work this time. We need people power. If you are on facebook, tweeter or any thing else, please post it and spread the word. I am not on any of those. We need this motion of Congressman Meadows to win. Thanks for your input.

          3. Karyn Lynn Hatfield says

            8/24/15 Adrian Vance/ Two Minute Conservative / ” Congress should have to wear uniforms, you know, like nascar drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors…” If our dc elite did the jobs they are so well paid for, illegals wouldn’t make it across to have babies or anything else. We the people need to impose our own term limits before they are embedded like the blood sucking ticks they all eventually become.

          4. jaybird says

            I like the part of the uniforms with corporate sponsors names but the uniform would not have enough room for all of them! Our DC elite are paid well by these corp’s that want the illegals as cheap labor, Disney in FL. laid 250 workers off and hired immigrants to replace them. The Tec Co’s are giving big money to Obummer and our Congressman/Senators to bring them in. Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA) in my state upset the elections when he beat Eric Cantor( I think he was the Minority Whip) who worked closely with Boehner which is a 1st ever. Brat is supported by the Tea Party and they pulled it off. Congressman Brat is in favor of Term Limits and some of the new Conservatives are also that were elected in Nov. The Rino’s are imbedded and have been there for 20+ yrs.and it has been hard to get them out in the past. People are just waking up and voting them out.

            A good start would be to get Boehner out. Please call your Congressman to support H. Resolution #385 to remove Boehner. Everyone needs to do this so each Representative knows that he has the backing of his/her Constituents and that he might get voted out at the next re-election if he doesn’t.

            The Republicans are upset that Trump has so many people that like what he says and they are trying to do something about it. In my- state VA and SC, the Republican committee is going to make him commit to not running 3rd party and if he doesn’t, he will not be on VA’s or SC’s ballot. The Rino’s do not realize how mad the people are.

      4. HadEnough says

        I Agree, John Strom, They Are INVADERS !!!!!

      5. HadEnough says

        I AGREE John Strom.

      6. Ron says

        Supported by the sneak thief potus.

      7. Lutetia says


        1. LastGasp says

          They aren’t immigrants if they aren’t here legally. They are criminals the second they walk over that line without the proper documentation. There is no rational way to argue this. They are illegal aliens, invaders, criminals, felons,,,,etc.

      8. paendragon says

        Criminal TRESPASSERS.
        Giving them “amnesty” is to pardon the felons while they are still committing their crimes!

      9. Barbara Ervin says

        I agree 100%. They are HOME invaders and should be treated as such.

      10. maxx says

        Excellent point; “You don’t choose the country to immigrate to – the country chooses you”. At least that is how it was before Oblowhard came to America. The only way to get the truth out of him is tied to a polygraph machine. But considering he is a pathological liar he could easily beat the machine. Maybe sodium pentothal would get the truth out of him. Sure would like to try it anyway.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          I submit, perhaps a BETTER, surrender Barack Hussein Obama to ISL/ISIS. Let’s see him talk his way out of that one without a teleprompter. NO, ISL/ISIS we DON’T pay ransom for hostages. And you can keep Air Force 1. 🙂

      11. shafawn says

        I agree. Immigrants learn our language and contribute to paying taxes and the benefit of society. These illegals take our jobs and vote for the same tyrant corrupt socialists that ruined the country they came from.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          Amen. Nor do they care if they lie, cheat, steal and cost us money. The average illegal costs over $10,000 per person per year. The total number of illegals is more like 30 million illegal invaders rather than the bull chit number 10-12 million the government prattles on about. The federal government has been THE primary supporter of illegals – BOTH sides of the aisle and in our courts. With the Democrats it’s about votes and sustaining a leftist ideology in perpetuity. With the idiot Republicans they’re worried about not being liked by the Hispanics and because of all of those jobs illegals compete for. Never mind that those owners of those businesses do NOT vote Republican. The GOP is too stupid to make that connection.

          1. shafawn says

            I don’t believe the democrats merely aim at sustaining a leftist ideology. I believe they have set their sites on a one party politic of totalitarianism > ultimately one world government. The elite leaders of the GOP are in on it. There are very few in government left to fight this tidal wave of global corruption.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            I agree with you. That is why we’re seeing every murder or other incident with a weapon being reported. They would like nothing better than for us to volunteer to give up our guns. A bit trickier when they have to [try] to disarm about 200+ million of us. Over 280 million guns in the US and you can bet those who want to take yours are NOT giving up theirs. But we seem ready to give up our freedom of speech so maybe they thought they could get lucky. Only a fool would trust government.

          3. shafawn says

            The pride of man will be humbled. Come Lord Jesus!

    4. Obie Miller says

      Well said, and thanks for stating that!

    5. Danny says

      Thank you for making that very significant distinction. Any professional journalist knows the difference and that intentional faupa renders this article a fraud.

    6. donl says

      Yes Miss Prissy!

    7. John E Strom Jr. says

      Scrubjay, Good comments but one correction. They are NOT “immigrants” they are invaders. Don’t use the language of the left to describe them. Only a country gets to decide if you can be an immigrant – and there is a process. These illegals have ignored that process and invaded our country. Then they steal someone’s identity for a Social Social Security Number and every other freebie available.

      1. Scrubjay says


    8. Skyhawk says

      Also your credibility, by falsely reporting the facts, puts you down somewhere near Barry. Illegal is illegal.

    9. LieutenantCharlie says

      But the single truth is that Trump was 100% correct. And every community in America can validate what Donald Trump said.

    10. carla AMERICAN says

      Well what the hell do you call them? They’re mostly criminals. They’re cowards to run from their country. They’re disrespectful. They’re drug lords,gangs,rapist ,murders,rapists,child pedophiles,in a country free of charge. WELL? Speak up I can’t hear you with all the different crimes being committed by Mexicans!

    11. OSAMA OBAMA says


    12. SouthernPatriot says

      Illegal Felon Invaders.

  3. MAHB001 says

    The harder the Republican establishment tries to push Trump off his perch, the more support I will give him in his quest to stay there.

    1. phyllisjmurphy says

      Aren’t those little Republican and Democratic dweebs funny? Little life time squirming maggot politicians going down and Trump will enforce dumping both party labels as they have been dead for years..Perhaps this will finally end Democrat/Republican façade and a Primary election will not be needed and candidates can be selected by talent, not damn party and one General election and no more lobbyists buying votes and helping to destroy America…Laws, i.e. Illegal Immigration will finally start being enforced and the gaggle of corrupted goons will be banished forever once term limits established and hopefully, never, never again will there ever be a fraud perpetrated against dumb voters when shoving a candidate, constructed by Weatherman Terrorist Bill Ayers and his rich Daddy in Chicago, a Muslim thug, Barack Hussein Obama Soetero(his muslim name)! There is much speculation that Obama was ever in law school and of course we know the freak never had a real career in his early life, i.e. political processes, i.e. business, elected positions, nothing except fund raiser for Bill Ayers thug terrorist Marxist idiots ACORN where Obama was given a job fund raising! ACORN was quickly shut down for total corruption! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!

      1. Francisco Machado says

        ACORN shut down? ACORN just changed it’s name.

        1. Patriot says

          Still the same maggots!
          I also don’t recall any of them going to prison.
          I suspect they are still draining the public largest.

    2. j0e cave says

      right you are he has my vote, the establishment republicans say Trump will destroy the gop I say i’t about damn time these sobs are no better than the demacrats

  4. Dudley DoRight. says

    Trump 2016, 0bama for prison.

    1. George Cahonna says

      I like the treason part…Only one thing…You have to be an American to be a traitor…What the hell is this illegal doing in Office?

      1. Dudley DoRight. says


        First President to be photographed smoking a joint.


        First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.


        First President to have a social security number from a state he has never

        lived in.


        First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United



        First President to violate the War Powers Act.


        First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil

        drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.


        First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third



        First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs

        when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.


        First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.


        First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through

        executive fiat.


        First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.


        First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.


        First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.


        First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.


        First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.


        First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being



        First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and

        refuse to enforce it.


        First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.


        First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is

        allowed to locate a factory.


        First President to file lawsuits against our American states that he swore an

        oath to protect and defend (AZ, WI, OH, IN).


        First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly

        issued many years ago.


        First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).


        First President to fire an inspector general for catching one of his friends in

        a corruption case.


        First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his



        First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.


        First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in



        First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.


        First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.


        First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and

        concurrent “insult our friends” tours.


        First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights

        and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the



        First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife. First President whose wife hates America.


        First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.


        First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week

        at taxpayer expense.


        First President to repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the

        Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.


        First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50

        states (Mexico vs Arizona), violating his sworn oath of office.


        First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for

        their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and

        knew the consequences.”


        Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

        1. Liz says

          And the Liberals are trying to say Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio aren’t eligible to be President because both parents weren’t born in the USA…….Plus both sides trashing Trump, talk about running scared.

          1. Dudley DoRight. says
          2. jmortensen says

            OH Boy that is so True !

          3. Dudley DoRight. says

            Similiarities between Adolf Hitler & Barack Hussein Obama

            Both Hitler and Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums to excite and inflame the people’s passions. Frequently women would faint or break into tears.

            Both Hitler and Obama wrote ghost-written autobiographies prior to the start of theri run for political office. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), and Obama wrote Dreams Of My Father. Both men then wrote a second book talking about their goals

            for German and America. Hitler wrote A New World Order, and Obama wrote The Audacity of Hope.

            Both Hitler and Obama originally had last names that were changed later in life. Hitler used to be Schickelbruber, and Obama’s last name was Soetoro.

            Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identies. Hiter had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama

            a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm. His ploy of “hiding in plain sight” worked very well.

            Both Hitler and Obama’s supporters followed them blindly, and without question

            Both Hitler and Obama used political power and coercion to conceal and hide their birth certificates from coming to public view. Hitler made his disappear, and Obama is unwilling and unable to produce his long-form birth certificate.

            Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a driving force to create an “army” of youth dedicated to their Ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth, and Obama his

            Obama Youth Brigade.

            Both Hitler and Obama were known for their tremendous oratorical skills

            Both Hitler and Obama received Messianic comparisons, and both men had songs of adoration written about them and for them.

            Like Hitler, Obama rules in direct disregard to the will and wishes of the people.

            Like Hitler, Obama has an obvious distaste for the Jews, and sides with the Muslims every chance he gets.

            Both Hitler and Obama were able to mezmerize the people even when it was obvious that what they were saying was not true.

            Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his Brown Shirts from his beer hall days, and Obama had people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi.

            Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control.

          4. Patriot says

            Damn, Your on a roll!

          5. 3ronald1 says

            Well, I, too, have always believed BO wasn’t eligible to hold the office of President and that he was NOT born in Hawaii. I’ve read he was RAISED as a muslim in Indonesia and registered in school there as a muslim. He is a smooth talker who never had a real job or was in charge of anything…a community organizer. His school records are sealed. If you have nothing to hide, why hide school records?
            I have also read, which applies to this despicable leader, that if ONE of your parent is an American, then you are as well. So that opens the door to Cruz and Rubio – and “the Beast, BO” himself. I never thought he would physically survive his first term…he did…and has screwed our country and our forefathers.
            Can’t wait for 2016! May God help us to survive!

        2. George Cahonna says

          Are you saying, not only this president isn’t qualified, but he’s evil, rotten, lowlife, thug, racist, fartknocker, bootlickin, and a douchebag ?? All I have to say to you is!!!!…..OK

          1. Dudley DoRight. says
          2. jmortensen says

            I like this presidential seal fits

          3. Dudley DoRight. says

            Similiarities between Adolf Hitler & Barack Hussein Obama

            Both Hitler and Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums to excite and inflame the people’s passions. Frequently women would faint or break into tears.

            Both Hitler and Obama wrote ghost-written autobiographies prior to the start of theri run for political office. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), and Obama wrote Dreams Of My Father. Both men then wrote a second book talking about their goals

            for German and America. Hitler wrote A New World Order, and Obama wrote The Audacity of Hope.

            Both Hitler and Obama originally had last names that were changed later in life. Hitler used to be Schickelbruber, and Obama’s last name was Soetoro.

            Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identies. Hiter had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama

            a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm. His ploy of “hiding in plain sight” worked very well.

            Both Hitler and Obama’s supporters followed them blindly, and without question

            Both Hitler and Obama used political power and coercion to conceal and hide their birth certificates from coming to public view. Hitler made his disappear, and Obama is unwilling and unable to produce his long-form birth certificate.

            Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a driving force to create an “army” of youth dedicated to their Ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth, and Obama his

            Obama Youth Brigade.

            Both Hitler and Obama were known for their tremendous oratorical skills

            Both Hitler and Obama received Messianic comparisons, and both men had songs of adoration written about them and for them.

            Like Hitler, Obama rules in direct disregard to the will and wishes of the people.

            Like Hitler, Obama has an obvious distaste for the Jews, and sides with the Muslims every chance he gets.

            Both Hitler and Obama were able to mezmerize the people even when it was obvious that what they were saying was not true.

            Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his Brown Shirts from his beer hall days, and Obama had people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi.

            Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control.

          4. Rattlerjake says

            Actually it would be better if the animal was a road-killed ‘possum.

          5. LastGasp says


          6. quantumscott says

            Hey if you have something to say, just go ahead and say it. Don’t keep holding it in!!

          7. George Cahonna says

            Dog-gone-it…I knew I left one out !

        3. Patriot says


          1. Dudley DoRight. says

            Similiarities between Adolf Hitler & Barack Hussein Obama

            Both Hitler and Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums to excite and inflame the people’s passions. Frequently women would faint or break into tears.

            Both Hitler and Obama wrote ghost-written autobiographies prior to the start of theri run for political office. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), and Obama wrote Dreams Of My Father. Both men then wrote a second book talking about their goals

            for German and America. Hitler wrote A New World Order, and Obama wrote The Audacity of Hope.

            Both Hitler and Obama originally had last names that were changed later in life. Hitler used to be Schickelbruber, and Obama’s last name was Soetoro.

            Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identies. Hiter had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama

            a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm. His ploy of “hiding in plain sight” worked very well.

            Both Hitler and Obama’s supporters followed them blindly, and without question

            Both Hitler and Obama used political power and coercion to conceal and hide their birth certificates from coming to public view. Hitler made his disappear, and Obama is unwilling and unable to produce his long-form birth certificate.

            Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a driving force to create an “army” of youth dedicated to their Ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth, and Obama his

            Obama Youth Brigade.

            Both Hitler and Obama were known for their tremendous oratorical skills.

            Both Hitler and Obama received Messianic comparisons, and both men had songs of adoration written about them and for them.

            Like Hitler, Obama rules in direct disregard to the will and wishes of the people.

            Like Hitler, Obama has an obvious distaste for the Jews, and sides with the Muslims every chance he gets.

            Both Hitler and Obama were able to mezmerize the people even when it was obvious that what they were saying was not true.

            Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his Brown Shirts from his beer hall days, and Obama had people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi.

            Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control.

          2. Patriot says

            Summing up:

          3. Dudley DoRight. says

            I’m still working on comparing 0bama with Pol Pot, stay tuned.

          4. Patriot says

            That should be interesting. Hopefully, OB doesn’t get the opportunity to murder as many people. 🙂

        4. Krazeehors says

          I was living in Southern Illinois when he ran for and was subsequently elected to the Illinois State Senate. One of the FIRST things he did was to finish destroying the coal mining industry in Southern Illinois.

          Oh, yeah — I have a question:

          Where is (the late) Henry B. Gonzales when you need him. He filed more than 80 impeachment resolutions against Reagan.

        5. Rattlerjake says

          You’re wrong on all counts, HE IS NOT A PRESIDENT! And to call him one gives him credibility. When a person is illegally in any job or office, they are an impostor/imposter, criminal, fraud, and/or usurper. But the list of things he has done is correct.

          Just had to make that distinction.

          1. Dudley DoRight. says
  5. Henry Poussard says

    The RINOS’ still don’t get it and it’s simple””””'”WE THE PEOPLE”……

  6. SaneZidane says

    Whatever your political persuasion, one must admit that Trump is fighting for the people. Bush is fighting for the RINO’s. Trump is only showing Republicans how to be Republicans.

    1. maxx says

      You are correct about that. I kept getting emails & mailings from the GOP saying I was a registered Republican and of course begging for money. I responded to the emails many times saying I was never a registered anything. I finally went to my states Republican Party headquarters and asked to see the document with my signature. They could not because there was no such record. That is when I basically went into a rant and made it perfectly clear how I felt about both major parties. I told them I would fight against every Republican candidate until they returned to the party of conservative government, which of course will never happen. Trump was a democrat just as Reagan was before he saw the light. Now that makes Trump a liar? I think not. Then they claim he has no political experience. So What? The guy they put into the White House had no real experience in anything but being a community agitator. He may have had a law degree but he never performed a single lawyer related activity. The Republican Party needs to be ended and patriotic conservatives need to create a whole new organization that supports one and only one thing…….. the Constitution of the United States. Much political house cleaning needs to be done to fix Washington, D.C. once and for all.

      1. SaneZidane says

        Excellently said. I am registered as an independent voter, but that doesn’t stop both parties from soliciting me time and time again. i agreed with a blog that suggested we consider an AMERICAN party. One which all Americans can relate to as it completely requires governing according to the Constitution. Thus, even as opposites, true (key word) Demos & Repubs could meld together and govern like they were elected to do.

      2. Krazeehors says

        Yes he did. He was his mother’s insurance lawyer — you know, the one who died with NO health insurance, when she actually had Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    2. Patriot says

      jeb! strikes me as being twisted on many levels.
      Supports Common Core
      Want’s to do away with our borders because they do it out of love, so illegals violate our sovereignty, and break our laws. He thinks like a child.

      They do not speak English in his house because his wife has difficulty with English yet I understand she’s lived in this country for nearly 40 yrs. Might I suggest a course in immersion English? 🙂

      People like Jeb! don’t think or act or believe like normal folk. Sorry, but he’s one sick twisted SOB!
      Jeb! calls himself a Christian. So am I but I don’t try pushing my Christianity into public policy which is obviously what Jeb! is doing. He’s obviously in support of our Marxist socialist pope. Perhaps Jeb! should pack up his family and move south of the border. He is more in line with their way of thinking.

  7. marlene says

    There isn’t another candidate who would even address his/her past during a campaign. Gotta love Trump. Even if he doesn’t meet all of our expectations after we put him in the White House, he’ll still meet more than the other candidates who will meet none of our expectations. We elected a republican congress and look at the failures we ended up with. In fact, I couldn’t even sponsor most of them during their hollow campaigns and instead, celebrated the idea that it’s more important to get rid of as many democrats as possible than to even care much about which republicans wins. There are major, top priority issues and there are major secondary issues, most of which would be resolved just by resolving our priorities, such as illegal immigration, obamacare and harmful regulations on small businesses. Remember not to expect Trump to do everything for everybody during his first term. If he’s successful, we’ll need to keep him.

    1. phyllisjmurphy says

      Devils from both sides will be after him but he is ever so much smarter than any of those life time political perp politicians from both parties assailing him with hot air! I pray Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorino and Scott Walker will rise with Trump and a strong alliance formed to try and save America! Time is getting late as between 70 years of illegal criminal Mexicans and now for years, the marauding muslim maniacs infiltrating and on the march to Shariah Glory and want Americans and Jews eliminated!

      1. marlene says

        I so disagree with the comedy team of carson, fiorino and walker. They will oppose President Trump every step of the way and undermine everything he tries to accomplish. While Trump’s priorities are alignment with ours, these three each have their own agenda and want to be leaders. We don’t want no stinkin’ leaders – we want a servant of the people who represents our interests. Do some homework on these three stooges to learn where they really stand, despite their false campaign rhetoric, and especially their positions on the issues. For example, carson wants forced vaccinations. Walker said he would call on all moderate musllms to condemn the radical ones. There are no moderate muslims and we need to stop importing them. Fiorina, I thought everyone knew about her crimes by now. Look her up and weep that she’s even running.

        1. grama18 says

          Jerk you are a liar. YOU are doing the dem’s dirty work.

          1. marlene says

            Some people grow up, others just grow old. You’ve been jerked, believe the lies and couldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped you in the face. Go back to sleep.

        2. Liz says

          When I was a child everyone had to have vaccinations and produce a record showing the dates given to attend school, that is how we eradicated polio, small pox and tb. When my children were in school the measles and, mumps vaccinations began, now we have so many illegals entering our Country that these diseases have reared their ugly heads again. So you may not like some of these things but some may be necessary. As for moderate Muslims condemning radicals, this may be said to see if they are with or against radicals. People do know about her record already, I would like to see a Trump get the Presidency, We true Conservatives would love to see our Country turned around, this President has almost destroyed it.

          1. marlene says

            You are so wrong with your bleeding heart rhetoric and misinformation about vaccines and muslims. Do your homework and don’t rely on your emotions or on the past. Vaccines today are not the same ones. They are toxic. As to the muslims, you have been duped. There are no moderate muslims and the muslims will NEVER condemn each other – they’re all on the same page. The rinos in congress called themselves “true conservatives” but turned out to think like progressive democrats. THINK, girl!

          2. Liz says

            You need to do homework, I am a great-grandmother and I have their shot records. Some vaccines may not be the same content but the diseases were gone, now we have a polio like disease, small pox in some towns, my oldest son is 53 yrs old and and was the last of my children to get vaccinated for small pox, the rest did not get them because the disease was no longer in the United States. I am not a bleeding heart but I do know the issues. Some still believe there are Muslims that are not on the same page so let them stand and be counted. Some are Rinos and there is no doubt but sometimes it is harder to see them until elected, a lot of people are learning the hard way so don’t sound so judgmental at least they didn’t vote for O’Bama.

          3. marlene says

            I know you’re old from your last comment. That’s why I said” vaccines today are not the same ones.” As to the rest of your repetitive comment, I’m a fast learner and, apparently, have done even YOUR homework.

          4. Krazeehors says

            Actually, research has proved that there is NO relationship to autism and vaccines.

            The REAL toxicity comes in because kids are being given 10 to 20 vaccines at a time, thus creating a MAJOR toxicity in the child.

            My grandfather was given 19 vaccines at ONE time during WWI, then forced with all of his platoon mates to go on a 20 mile forced march.

            It left him with a severe heart defect, but he still managed to work a farm and drive a truck to raise and support his family. He died from a massive heart attack at the VA hospital in Omaha, Nebraska — just a few hours after we saw him waving to us from his hospital room for the last time. He was 64 years old.

          5. marlene says

            That research was funded by the vaccine manufacturers. Read the papers published by the independent researchers, the documented statements from the whistleblowers who worked with the vaccines, and the articles from other countries who have banned these vaccines. WWI??? You’re not listening. I said today’s vaccines are NOT like the old ones. Even the CDC admitted to their ineffectiveness and lab testing found high levels of toxic mercury and dead animal flesh in their sample, among many other toxins.that do, in fact, cause neurological diseases, especially in children. Further, these vaccines need to be repeated. Vaccines are extremely profitable and if you can’t see the connection, then stop bothering me.

          6. Krazeehors says

            It isn’t necessary to be rude.

            I was merely stating that even back then, giving ANYONE 10 to 20 vaccines at ONE TIME was extremely dangerous. If you can’t understand that, then I don’

            t know what to tell you.

            My eldest granddaughter had 16 vaccinations ONE WEEK before she started school — and NOT because she was unvaccinated before that.

            It was toxic to the human body to give that many vaccines at one time to an adult.

            Can you IMAGINE what it does to a 5 year old child?

            And the research was also conducted by the National Institutes of Health AND the CDC in double blind research.

          7. marlene says

            Sorry for being rude, so PLEASE don’t bother me.

          8. Krazeehors says

            And they ALL (including you) need to be re-vaccinated against Whooping Cough and Diptheria.

          9. Liz says

            I have already been checking with my physician. I went to Europe to meet the ship my husband was on at the time a few years ago and even though they said I didn’t need them they told me it was optional. I got not only re-vaccinated for those things but got them for other things as well, I didn’t want to chance bringing anything to my children or grandchildren. Who knew I might have to actually have them without going anywhere.

          10. paul prehn says

            Great post, Marlene!

          11. marlene says

            Thank you, paul prehn.

          12. Krazeehors says

            There IS no vaccination for TB. There is only a TB titer test. It still has to be treated in a hospital isolation ward and remains one of the most communicable diseases in the world.

            At one point, we had eradicated measles from the country and the world. With all of these unvaccinated illegals coming in, it is making a resurgence.

            I am immune from measles, after having Rubeola (hard measles) as a child and Rubella at the age of 19, courtesy of my little brother.

            I learned several years ago that I am NOT immune from mumps, but cannot have a vaccination for it because it is extremely dangerous for adults.

            Thanks to the number of unvaccinated people coming into the country, they are now revaccinating everyone against Whooping Cough and Diptheria, due to a rapid resurgence of the disease.

          13. Liz says

            True about the TB test, I stand corrected, but my sister was always positive so I had that done also although I have always been negative, I always grouped it in with the others . I’m not sure about mumps but was told if you get them in both sides at the same time, you are immune but if you get them one side at a time that you are not. I had them in both sides at once, not sure that is true. I also had Rubeola and another kind of measles a child. When I went to Europe to meet the ship my husband was on at the time I had boosters of the ones I could have and then some others the military gets just in case. They were all optional at the time but I didn’t want to risk bringing anything home to my family, I guess I was a little paranoid. I never dreamed I might need them here.

          14. Krazeehors says

            Glad to hear you were revaccinated for those diseases. I’m still checking into getting an MMR shot. I only had mumps on one side.

      2. paul prehn says

        Be careful of identifying with Fiorina. She is a RINO who agrees with a lot of Obama’s policies. She also had a very poor performance as head of HP……the employees really disliked her, as well.

    2. Robert Robinson says

      I would prefer Scott Walker. That being said however, if Trump gets into office, you know heads are going to roll!!!

      1. marlene says

        I used to consider Walker but have since reconsidered. He just gave $400 million taxpayer’s dollars to the NBA and a construction firm to build a new stadium. He’s obviously not concerned with poverty in America, or the economy. I predict that as president, he would encourage congress to fund projects in wisconsin, but not in the states he didn’t carry – just like obama did. He’s also waffled on his positions on illegal immigration and muslim infiltration. These 3 issues are top priority and so far, only Trump seems to give a sincere care about them despite the campaign rhetoric of a few other candidates. Just so you know.

        1. Krazeehors says

          I also would NOT support Rubio OR Bush —

          Rubio wants to TRIPLE the number of H1-B visas, which allow employers to fire well-qualified American workers in favor of foreign workers at 20 to 45% lower wages.

          1. marlene says

            Oh, I agree with you completely and i’m glad you’re armed with this information before you vote. Good work, Crazy Horse (good band). Here’s more. Bush is also pushing full scale national surveillance, including in hospitals, and we’re not talking about video cameras; we’re talking feeders to the databases. He also funnelled OUR pension money to Lebanon. His brother used our pension money for overt and unconstitutional purposes too. Bush wants amnesty for all illegals, and we know the quality of that rotten lot. He also wants Americans to work longer hours, when Americans already work longer hours than any european country. Rubio insists that nothing’s going to change in the repressive, communist cuban dictatorship. He’s a cuban and his eligibility is in question, even though constitutional scholars have said he is ineligible. He supports the radical gay agenda. He also voted for obamatrade – without reading it!

          2. Krazeehors says

            Yes, I know.

            I would NOT vote for ANY of the Republicans now running — traditional Republicans — except maybe Ted Cruz. To vote for a Democrat would be even worse, and to vote for Bernie Sanders would be a disaster.

            I will only vote for Donald Trump. There is going to be one hell of a floor fight at the convention to keep him off the ticket.

            My screen name was picked out by my son. It is because I am crazy about horses.

          3. marlene says

            Horses – a great love. One of the band members of Crazy Horse grew up with horses, but I don’t know which one gave them their name. Know that cruz’s wife is a communist member of the Trilateral Commission. Check it out. Anyway. enjoy your horses.

          4. Krazeehors says

            Crazy Horse band — what kind of music do they play???

          5. marlene says

            Rock – 60’s I believe. It’s been so long… I’ll check further to see what I come up with and let you know, unless you already did and found nothing.

          6. Patriot says
          7. Patriot says

            Sanders? A dirty old curmudgeon who doesn’t have the courage to come out from behind the curtain as a Commie!

          8. marlene says

            I wouldn’t vote for sanders if he paid me – he needs to disappear never to be seen again. There’s no such thing as socialist-lite. But I don’t hate Greece and wouldn’t want them to be infected by him either. I support Trump. BTW, when I wrote that “I feel about both the way you feel about sanders,” I meant cruz AND sanders. I should have said I didn’t like either one of them. Sorry it was confusing.

          9. Patriot says

            No problem marlene.:)

          10. Patriot says

            Likely they would be required to train their replacements and then give current employees the ax!

          11. Krazeehors says

            Right. Disney has already done it to 250 employees, requiring them to train their replacements (no doubt to keep a severance package), who were then hired at far less in wages.

            Mark Zuckerberg is also guilty of the very same thing.

            The average wage reduction is between 20 and 45%.

  8. Dempsey Coleman says

    I think this is the POINT!!!!! It is the RINO’s raising all the Democrat Rhetoric!!!!!
    It is the KARL ROVES and the JEB BUSHES raising the Rhetoric. The Others are mostly just sitting back in order to see if those TWO are the Down Fall of the Donald. I guess you just have to Admire Mike Huckabee his Idea is to Just Ignore Donald Trtump and Hope he will Make Like Harry Houdini and Disappear.

    1. Rich says

      It is a fight for power and the citizens need a voice to. The New World Order should not be allowed to win or we will all be slaves. Live Free or Die

  9. Patriot47 says

    The more the political establishment (lifetime politicians) oppose Trump, the more freedom minded Americans SHOULD support him. He’s kicking down their house of cards.

    1. Patriot says


  10. adrianvance says

    A smart businessman never lets politics interfere with business. He plays both sides of the street.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for bullets.

    1. maxx says

      You are right about that. Check the donation records of any CEO of a big successful business and you will see donations to both major parties. That is called “business insurance”.

      1. Patriot says

        It’s also called business survival. Being in business means you have to learn to play the game. No, it’s not right and shouldn’t happen but unfortunately, it’s reality.

  11. Ddenney1 says


  12. Gerry Costa says

    A person can change his political views — hell — I have. I will never vote for a demoRAT for any office after seeing them cowardly crawling behind a fake and a fraud president. I will be hard pressed to vote for a republican seeing the way that most of them have turned their backs on the AMERICAN CITIZENS. My big question about Trump is his relationship with the clintons. Why would he consult with them before deciding to run for president ?????

    1. marlene says

      Why not and so what? Supporting a candidate based on whom he consulted with should is weightless against the much greater weight of the other candidates who COLLABORATED with the clintons, and other criminals like them, before running.

    2. Patriot says

      I thought about that and it needs to be answered for sure. It’s possible that bubba contacted him upon learning that Trump was intending to run and called trump in an attempt to talk him out of it to protect Killery’s chances.

  13. Frank Church says

    Ronald Reagan was a Movie actor too, So WHAT….Go with Titanium Trump 2016…

    1. Rich says

      Reagan was also a Dem at one time and president of a union The Screen Actors Guild

  14. Russ says

    Donald Trump, The Teflon Man! Mr. Trumps comments about John “RINO” McCain were so right on. Everything I read about Veterans (of which I am one) they all support Trump, Evangelical Christians support Trump. How can not love a guy who has the balls to speak his mind without any care what people think. Man that is refreshing. Go Donald!!! “Make America Great Again”.

    1. marlene says

      Trump, yet. But the teflon man was a criminal who I believe, die before he got caught – more like obama. For Trump, how about, “The Iron Man” or “Our Servant in The White House” or “The Terminator” or …

      1. Russ says

        ok Marlene, I can go with that. Actually,Teflon Man was a term I saw that some one used once and I thought it kind of fit. I mean nothing sticks to this guy. Gotta love Trump!

        1. Patriot says

          Wsn’t that term originally used to identify Bobba, Slick Willie! 🙂

          1. jerry says

            It was Ronald Reagan

          2. Patriot says

            Thanks! 🙂

        2. marlene says

          Haha – ok Russ. I was just having fun with monikers since you were thinking of one. Anyway, teflon man was the name of some mafia from either new york or new jersey who went to jail as many times as he went to the bathroom, yet was never indicated. He kept getting away with his crimes. Hey – if this is what you meant about trump, then you faked me out. If so, good job ol’ chap. But, gotta love Trump anyway.

    2. jmortensen says

      Why do you have to be either party we should all be Americans and wanting the best for our Nation ..
      In GOD We TRUST and abide by our Constitution ..

      1. Patriot says

        You need to ask some of the trolls that plague this site from time to time. 🙂

  15. wonduh says

    Along with Grandma’, I certainly agree with the truths that Trump is not afraid of talking about! It is past time for the people to take back the Rep party from the RINOs and monied cronies. The Dems under this POTUS have led this nation to the brink of disaster and, with a majority in both Houses, Republicans have done nothing to rectify the problems (other than talk, talk, then do nothing). 52,280 plus died in a war in a country that, 25 years later, we were told we should have never been involved in. Now the potus sends money to those who express the desire to kill us all? time to kick out the muslims, illegal immigrants and their kids, build the military to a force no one dares to attack, and send the PCs to school to learn a little about integrity. Grandma’ is pissed and it is past time for the Rep Party to recognize what many, many patriots see. 16 running for the nomination? What a farce! My vote is for Donald Trump!

  16. Jim Skiman says

    What the Rhinos and liberal leftist idiots are trying to erase from HISTORY is that Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest President’s of modern history, was a democrat and the President of the Screen Actors Gild. Unfortunately for our youth the low life left and Rhinos like Bush have been completely successful at changing history with their “common core” GARBAGE. Common core, ovomit and the rest Ayers and Alinsky included HATE THE USA!!! They would like nothing more but to totally erase American Exceptionalism, our inherent goodness and respect for the human condition and replace it with a Utopian, Orwellian tyrannical government. The EMPTY SUIT ovomit has nearly accomplished this!!!
    I will await the viscous, nasty and malicious comments from the KOOL AID drinking socialist/communist lefty A.H. who try to dominate the conversation but have the intellect of an amoeba.

    1. Liz says

      Now they are changing definitions in the dictionary, what’s next, changing the name of our great Nation because it may hurt someone’s feelings?

      1. Patriot says

        We all need to do our part to destroy Political Correctness. We need to stand and say “We aren’t going to take it anymore. We need to start calling a spade a spade regardless of whose feelings may be hurt. Enough is enough already!

    2. Rich says

      Originally Common Core might have been a good thing when it was just measuring student learning. It has morphed into some kind of left wing socialist New World Order BS.

      1. Patriot says

        Education belongs in the hands and control of the States. It also gives parents more control. As long as the feds are involved, the more “Heather has two mommy’s will be forced upon us!

  17. Trisha55 says

    Trump understands what we the people have been saying but politicians have refused to hear. As for John McCain, Trump got it right. McCain is a traitor and the proof has been available for years but ignored. Megyn Kelly is not as popular as she thinks. Jeb Bush trying to imitate Trump is going to hurt Bush. If Cruz wants to compete, he needs to separate himself from the Republican establishment by calling for McConnell to retire. Scott Walker also needs to start talking down Boehner and McConnell. As long as they don’t talk against them, we have to believe they are for them.

    1. Rich says

      They have refused to hear out of greed. You have just about covered the rest. No establishment lackeys. The Republicans have a pretty good bunch of candidates but they have to get on the new bandwagon and let the people have a say for a change. I’ve got news. Trump is getting support from both parties. There is Democrat wrath out there also. Look at Alabama. He drew an extra 25000 people.

      1. Trisha55 says

        You are correct that Trump is drawing from both parties. Another 600 jobs are leaving with the Nabisco Oreo plant because of taxes on sugar. More people unemployed. Don’t be fooled by Carson who wants limits on your Second Amendment rights or Fiorina who has praised muslims and their “contributions” to the world.

    2. maxx says

      Bush and Walker are GOP Republicans. That is all conservatives need to know about them. If a GOP supported republican is the candidate I will find something else to do on election day. If how the Republican controlled Senate and House have voted since January 2015 is any indication, what difference does it make who is elected? This may well be the last presidential election if the Republicans act as they have for the past 20 years. They are responsible for blatantly ignoring we the people and joining the socialists.

  18. James Maxwell says

    The fact that Trump was a Democrat at one time doesn’t bother me at all, Many of us grew up in homes that leaned one way or the other. It could be extremely dicey at times if you had different views or
    opinions about politics, religion or foot ball teams. Like most Southern Boys in the 50’s I started out as
    a Southern Democrat or Dixiecrat as they called us back then. My views after I joined the USAF changed.
    I evolved to the TEA Party of today with strong conservative and Christian beliefs. My opinion and not
    for everyone I know. But Trump has evolved and made rational choices based upon what he feels is
    best for him and his business. I personally think he has evolved and came out of the dark into the light
    and is going in the right direction for our Nation.

  19. Rich says

    The Silent Majority the news used to laugh at is waking up and both partys will feel our wrath

  20. victor hamel says

    The small difference in the Establishment Politician’s, Democrat/Republican, are so close to being the same, that both can be considered…Enemies of America. I will not back any Establishment Candidate.

  21. Milton W. Lowe says

    I think I’d vote for Trump if he suddenly said he is a Democrat or an Independent or a Smuck because he’s just about the best show in town & I am tired of the Republicans whining about it. Trump is about the only one that’s saying what he will do & he’s not using any BS rhetoric doing it, no Political Correctness just plain old fashioned English & he’s doing a hell of a job doing what he’s doing…GO TRUMP GO!

  22. Peatro Giorgio says

    The author of this article is correct. For it isn’t at all baffling. To those who once knew a Republican party that stood firmly on the Fiscal an social conservative Constitutional platform. That party is extinct. For nearly 75% of so called republicans in both the house and senate are in fact rino lying , cheating, betraying, treasonous dogs.
    THOUGH DONALD TRUMP may have exhibited liberal leanings in his past. Like many of us who once we’re rather naive an foolish . Many of us Grow up ,we reached an developed mature mind set. We become clearer in thought. We think much more for the future ,an to what extent our action shall or shall not leave a better world for those generations to come. We leave behind child like false Ideals. Reality having smacked us hard in the face. That’s not true for those who are progressive ,or socialistic. They have stayed deep in their adolescent, singular thinking mind set. Never attaining wisdom. Donald May not look or sound like Ronald Reagan. But he certainly personifies , the Reagan Ideas.

    1. Patriot says

      Well stated Peatro!

      Most liberals today are children on the 60’s who never grew-up or matured.

      Take care an keep the faith.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        And my God Grant us our hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

        1. Patriot says


  23. John E Strom Jr. says

    I ‘m a vet, support Donald Trump and despise that mealy mouthed phony war hero John McCain. He is a fraud.

    1. Patriot says

      You mean Mr. Songbird? 🙂

  24. Michelle Castañeda says

    It’s so funny how they say Donald Trump used to be this or used to be that. How many times have we not all changed our minds about something? Has one ages this tends to happen. I don’t think the way I did 10 or 20 years ago. So way can’t anyone else see this.

  25. Elizabeth Taylor says

    In my humble opinion…Trump has awakened the sleeping majority like no Republican or Democrat has been able to do in the recent past. He sees the issues that we see, not the political rhetoric and propaganda the two parties spew. There has been no candidate in recent years who actually appealed to the silent majority. Since frustration and apathy had set in with the silent majority, most didn’t vote. It was the minorities who were voting and both parties are fighting over their votes. Trump recognized the silent majority and now it is a whole new ballgame. Now, the silent majority will vote. Jeb Bush is still trying to garner the minority votes and he will lose. Ted Cruz is standing firm for the silent majority. Dr. Ben Carson is standing firm for the silent majority. Carlie Fiorino is watering her comments down trying to appeal to both the silent majority and the minorities…This should wake up the politicians…

  26. Loving America says

    Mr. Trump has the foritude to be truthful and honest about Our Nations problems and how to solve them…NOW…if the RNC or anyone else does not allow him to be nominated having the lead all the way to the day of nominating than Americans We should not have an Election or Nomination Period. It would
    not be right for Us We the Government to allow this to happen! Someone should be standing by to help with this problem if it happens! Whoever has the popularity all the way to that nominating day should win..We the people have the Rights to let them know who we want on those Ballots!

  27. Lee Berry says

    Elect him and lets get down to fixing what ails the nation.

  28. DollyT says

    The word is “ILLEGAL” !

  29. carlton goodson says

    It makes no deff what you were its what you are now!

  30. Pamela Dyer says

    I’m about to read the article, but before I do, I just need to say, “So what? I was a southern Democrat for 67 years of my life, like my parents and my ancestors before me. But when I began disagreeing with more Democratic crap than I agreed with, it was my time to get out. Everyone is allowed to do that. Even Donald Trump. Get over it.”

    1. edward martis says

      I was raised a dem. like you——–did you notice right after JFK was killed how the dems started going libtard and ‘baby; look at them now’ ….flip that dem. label over and you will find socialist/ communist underneath——the American Communist Party (Berkeley) says they hold Obama/hilly/ Bernie/ Pelosi etc. etc etc.. in; and I quote, ‘high regard’ and ‘great respect’——-IF that does not answer all the question’s about the above dems.—-NOTHING WILL !!!!

      1. Patriot says

        Our parent’s democrat party was long ago taken over by Commies, Marxist, American haters, socialist, homosexuals, etc.

        1. noBS says

          I recently turned 70, so I’ve “seen a few changes”. The Democrat party of today is about where the Socialist party was in the late 50s and early 60s. And the Republicans are now somewhat left of where the Democrats were back then. JFK would be a moderate Republican today. California has always leaned Left, but Hollywood was “extreme Right” in the 50s — anyone suspected of having Communist ties was a pariah. Even Lucille Ball nearly lost her TV show just because she was “suspected” of having opinions that “might have” been seen as supporting Communism. But look it it today — there are very few “Hollywood elites” who admit to being conservative, in fear of being blacklisted and put out of work.
          My feeling is that the whole problem is “career politicians”. The men and women we elect to represent us in DC are infinitely more concerned about getting reelected than they are about serving their constituents. Special interests and campaign funding are all-important to them. The Democrats realized this in the 60s, when LBJ started his “Great Society” vote-buying program (funded with OUR Social Security trust find dollars). Remember his statement, “I’ll have them N….s voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. He wasn’t a nice guy, but he was a shrewd politician, and his policies gave the Democrats a “leg up” in getting the minority vote. The Republicans resisted for a while, but then jumped aboard — which is what led to all the RINOs of today. Rather than trying to appeal to their own solid conservative base, they tried to appease the “gimme” crowd that the Dems already controlled — unsuccessfully, of course. By abandoning its conservative base, the Repubs have lost them to the hard right wing — the Tea Party — and today there is discord within the party itself. Unfortunately, there are enough career politician RINOs entrenched in positions of power in the party, that conservatives face a difficult uphill battle.

        2. edward martis says

          you do not have to tell me—I live 25 mi. south of SFO and have personally seen what the commie libs have done to SFO and vicinity………total destruction of anything you can think of…and anything you hold dear to your heart……………SFO is a communist indoctrination center from K thru 12 and all through the college years………and now you know how CA slipped into the ‘twilight zone’ starting in ’68…..

      2. Joyce Clemons says

        Edward well said. I was raised republican but my mom, who was very conservative, and not always in favor of JFK’s policies, admired his courage, read his books and praised his intellect and courage. He was anti-Communist and very brave. After “they” took him out, the Democratic party left their patriots behind. I understand Trump’s dilemma. NYC is a bastion of the old Democrat party. Trump idolized his parents, and they were probably Democrats. Donald probably saw little difference because his main dealings with politicians were to wheel and deal with them over permits and tax abatements, or to find them on the doorstep asking him to donate time and money to civic projects. Or elections. he didn’t care much who as long as they were good to him. He is not an ideologue. Just a man who learned by age 21 that deal making and leverage was necessary, although distasteful, and that the law permits some things that the average Joe finds disgusting. He found the solace for his conscience in the utility of what he built to people of all stripes: Jobs, luxury, prestige for a city, meeting a demand. Now at age 69, like many other “democrats” with road miles, he’s finding reason to be horrified at what happened to the brand. I can’t hold his past against him, only what he naively might say now, due to not thinking it through, ethically.
        I watched my husband and father-in-law go through great disillusionment because Democrat party affiliation was like a pocket watch handed from father to son. My husband snapped out of it at age 42 when he realized that Democrats hated the Bill of Rights except to the extent they could use it to bellow out BS. Then he went through hell with Dad over it. But oddly, one day, Dad said, “These people are disgusting, what happened to the Democratic party? It’s gone.” But he didn’t become a Republican, he just tuned out. Hubby fought back against the socialist onslaught until that last election day in 2006 before he died at Christmas. Cancer, a wheelchair, terrible pain…nothing would stop him from fighting back against the commie’s that wanted him to be a useful idiot.

        1. edward martis says

          JC—and within those years—-’65 to present—-see what these commies have done to our country——Some where in the very near future the USA is just going to say ‘ENOUGH !!!’——I joined the American Communist Party–Berkeley; (for 4 months) just to see what they were all about; from the inside….It was a journey through a sewer filled with very large sewer rats—–and these slime OWN California —SFO/ UC college system/ grammar schools/ middle schools/ state legislature etc—–the public schools are gay life style /commie indoctrination camps; from K to 12 and then on to PhD level—-the ‘heros’ being taught to these kids are ho-chi-minh/ chairman mao / Che/ fidel castro/ Daniel Ortega/ Pol-Pot and so forth———–as a UC Santa Cruz professor said many times to his students “Communism is the wave of the future; get used to it !!”——-If a kid dis-agreed with his professor; he will get “D” marks/ grades and hounded out of college………CA is the proverbial capital of communism in the USA—–SFO is NOT someplace you really want to come to—-SFO is 5 mi. by 6 mi. in size; and is literally packed to the brim with 8000 crazy homeless—wall to wall HIV/ AIDS infected ‘gays’—hundreds of thousands of ‘sanctuary city’ murdering/ thieving illegals—-open drug dealing—and the SFPD cops are not allowed to do anything about it— I wish I could call you sometime and fully explain to you how bad SFO really is——–it would take me an hour plus to type all the things I know about the ‘ REAL ‘ San Francisco……..I did the CA army national guard thing on the golden gate bridge; with the CHP/ US Park Police/ GGB Authority Police…… right after 9/11 and a lot of the time I was almost scared to death sometimes………but that’s another story; as people say————-IF you do go to SFO; let me call you and I will explain things to you; about the very real dangers here—-Predomintaly #1 is bring a can or 2 of ‘pepper spray’—-you may very well need it on very, highly aggressive, IN YOUR FACE ‘homeless’ folks …….if you do the cable car thing from Pier 39 to the ‘end”terminus/ turn-around area at the bottom of Powell St at Market St—-get off of it a block or 2–up Powell St—–REASON: At the bottom of the ride (on Market St) you will be inundated with ‘homeless’/ pick-pockets/ purse-snatchers etc——some times up to 100+——-tourists are fair game to these shitbags; and KNOW it—–The city of SFO is the REAL “Alice in Wonderland” story and absolutely FU—NG insane—–For as small as SFO is; it is a very dangerous place—–I have nailed 7 ea ‘homeless’ crazies so far with pepper spray; and nailed 2 more just yesterday…

  31. TPS12 says

    Maybe this will help the current gop and rnc understand. All the rinos already in office need to go not be elected to a higher office.

  32. Don Cusack says

    The RNC and their candidates don’t get it. we are not concerned with Bush, Megan Kelly, Charles Krathymer or any of the other talking heads. We are concerned with and fed up with all politicians of both nomenclature who are out to further their pensions and screw the minions at home. there are no statesmen left. F.U. grove and company we will take Trump over any of your smoke filled room candidates

  33. hangem'high says

    The old Demarcates were more conservative up to the time of Carter when they became more socialist or progressive. The old Dems jump the party platform, or those that felt uncomfortable about deceiving the Americans only to turn into Rhino Republicans themselves.

    So now you have two parties, socialist Democrat and the conservative Democrat. It actually leaves Republicans without a party unless they adapt the independent party which by all means usually attracts the communist or socialist progressive, anti- American clientele, but since they have the Old Democratic party it could be an independent party grab for a true conservative party /Tea Party, but they might be better off just naming their party the American party.
    This I do know whether Donald is a Democrat or Republican he’s an American with enough American values to make a great president, and the USA great again! Trump in 2016!

  34. Don Cusack says

    One more thing Douglas Brinkley on CNN after Trumps Alabama speech , said after Trump Challenged China, Japan and Mexico “He sounded a lot like a natavist”. Brinkley is of the Critical Theorist of The Frankfort Germany School of Socialist thought.

    see “The Devils Pleasure Palace” by Michael Walsh

  35. Ted says

    If you want a refresher coarse, read what would happen to you if you cross the Mexican boarder illegally.

    1. Patriot says

      We would do well to adopt Mexico’s immigration laws!

  36. Mi Li says

    I’m a vet and couldn’t care less what he said about the rino. It’s true. I feel bad he was a pow but he sucks as a politiian.

  37. PIERRE77L says

    Illegal immigrants constitutes all of the crimes that comes with it, be it drugs, murder, kidnapping, illegal weapons, burglaries, home invasions, sexual predators rolled into ONE BIG BURRITO ! There is a saying, ” If you married one bean, you married the whole burrito ! “

  38. PIERRE77L says

    Down with Anchor babies. Deport all of them. They don’t qualify for the 14th amendment.

    1. Patriot says

      Let’s not act to quickly.
      I suggest that if we check them out and they are in fact children of African Slaves, I’d say that according to the 14th Amendment, they stay. They are Americans. The rest can hit the road! 🙂

      1. PIERRE77L says

        I think you misunderstood what I meant . It was meant for people who jump the border and abused it. Mexicans, Filipino, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghanistan. But for Black slaves and those who come legally from Europe because they need to fill the gap to strengthen America during it’s infancy during the old days. Howard Jacob was the author of that law. If i’m not mistaken.

  39. Dexter L. Wilson says

    I will support someone who knew what his position was and who never changed. A strong Christian like Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. These have at least studied the issues or adhered to their Christian Beliefs. Jed Bush is a Globalist. Rand Paul is good but not wise. The Rest except for Carly do not know and cannot answer why they believe what they believe so when push comes to shove they will fold like a newspaper. Trump is loud and has maybe two issues but what about same sex marriage, or abortion. He will fold like a newspaper. Know one has asked him about these issues. They think they have him on the other issues but I don’t want a dictator who looks more like Mussolini than a thinking president.

  40. grammy23 says

    I don’t feel guilty admitting that I too was once a Democrat. I first registered in 1980 and followed my parents lead. We all learned later that indeed the Dems did not represent our values (large Catholic Family, Veterans, hard-working, self-sufficient). I will never vote Democrat nor will I vote for any Repub whose stance puts foreigners/illegals over American citizens.

  41. Niki says

    Fix This Nation;
    Get your facts straight ! This is nothing more than a get Trump story ! Shame on you !!!!

  42. rayr65 says

    I’m starting to wonder why I’m still a subscriber to your blog. You’re becoming more like MSNBC and MSM in general that I’m ready to dump you. Two words for you dopes, ILLEGAL, LEGAL, I suggest you look them up and learn the difference.

  43. oinklesam says

    Unless you are or have a criminal, usury, manipulative mindset it is not possible to be a democrat AND a Capitalist. Look at Soros. He has used the very system that provided him the “ability” to reach a stage of personal wealth and power, but he now wants to destroy EVERYBODY else’s ability to do the same. AND he wants to take your guns ( the ability to protect yourself ) away so he is insured he gets to keep HIS. The Democrat ideology IS Communist, Fascist, Marxist, Socialist, Psychotic, Sociopathic insanity. For the good of all YOU have to give up your God Granted Freedoms and compromise, conform on every level. They Don’t, but you do. ANYBODY that supports Soros in any of his business ventures IS contributing to the very THING that insures their demise. We should probably be more intelligent than that. We look out over the past 50 – 75 years and what we know is certain, We have had nothing but Democrats and Republicans as (NON) representing Representatives and bottom line is we are worse off today than we were 75 years ago, corrupt courts, corrupt police, corrupt banking and lending, criminal Wall Street, Taxes, Taxes, TAXES and MORE TAXES, state run education to complete the Dumbing down Numbing Up, Tuning Out and Turning Off what should be a THINKING population. We have been sucker punched.

  44. EdStone says

    Trump will b the Republicans nomination for President and the he will take the next election also and will b President

  45. survivor33 says

    A whole lot of people have changed their political backings. I was a Rep until I discovered that there are more RHINOs in the party than honest to goodness Rep’s. However, I am now an Independent because the Rep’s don’t have the guts to stand up to Ovomit and do the things we elected them to do. Only about 4 Rep’s are worth their pay…which is more than any of them deserve…work 3 days a week, use Gov planes to fly them back & forth from DC to home, month long vacations when the average tax payer gets about a long week end o 7 days at most, all the freebies they get, i.e. hair cuts, living qtrs., transportation, vacations, yearly raises that they vote for themselves, etc. At least, we can believe Trump will do what he says without any fear of “Political Politeness:…

  46. farm kid says

    if trump can rid us of politic correctness, a huge national debt, high taxes, remove our health care from the federal govt., seal the the southern border, bring our jobs back from over seas, give us a strong army. last rid us from the elite in politics. do this, trump could be anything he wanted to be 30 years ago. no more clintons or bushes.

  47. Michael Walters says

    We all know that immigration is not the problem, no one has a problem with immigration. The problem lies with illegal immigration, keyword, “Illegal”. All the libaturds are going nuts over Trump’s idea of deportation, without even an iota of the details, that are still forthcoming. If I had to guess about possible management policies, I’d first say that any undocumented aliens who have been living here and contributing in a positive way, over several years, would be given the opportunity to apply for citizenship. These people are those who would have been allowed to immigrate here lawfully anyway. It’s those bad seeds that need to go home to wherever they came from. With open borders you get the good and the bad. that’s why it’s such a stupid thing to do. Logically, it follows, that if Obama and the Dems had any kind of intelligence at all, they would have supported the existing immigration laws and prevented a good many of the bad seeds from getting into the country. Let’s face it, some is better than none, when it comes to keeping the trash out of the country. So now we have millions of illegals, good and bad, mostly bad, draining our tax dollars to the tune of 50 billion per year. They’re driving up healthcare costs, welfare costs, the cost of law enforcement and prison cost, gaining a foothold thru the use of “anchor babies”, and enjoying the benefits afforded to legal citizens of our great nation. All of this because the liberals let their emotions control their thinking, rather than, common sense and good judgement. As a consequence, the nation has a huge problem that needs to be rectified, that will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and several years, to correct. Donald Trump, as only he can, has stepped up and spoke the truth about the situation and taking the hits, so we can take our country back from the progressive, liberal, socialist, bleeding heart Dems, that put us here in the first place. Trump is the only candidate that can’t be leveraged by big money PACs, that isn’t burdened by political correctness, that has the tenacity and persistence, and a deep love of this nation, to get the job done. I say this because no man would take the abuse and disrespect that Trump has endured, and not truly believe in the cause he has undertaken. I have no doubt that he’s doing all of this for “We the People”, and not for any self-serving, ego trip, nonsense that his critics throw out there.

  48. parlayer says

    This veteran (US Army 63-66), is for TRUMP!!, McCain may have been a POW but a hero he was not. Look at “McCain’s” flip flopping on Immigration just prior to the last election. I Thank McCain for his service in the Military, but not in Government!!

    1. lieberalschism says

      I don’t know, I think thanking McCain is like thanking Kerry.
      Their military service was just stepping stones to liberal political careers.

      1. parlayer says

        I’m surprised they didn’t get it from “Friendly Fire” i/e in the back of the head with a .223

        1. lieberalschism says

          Maybe they walked him into an ambush just to get rid of him.

  49. parlayer says

    I love emigrants, but I hate immigrants. LOL

  50. survivor33 says

    Who cares what Trumps previous political stance was, he can be anything as long as he does what he says and IS NOT A MUSLIM with ties the the Brotherhood.

  51. Jon's On says

    This is spot on. I am so tired of the republican establishment. They are way left of where the republican base is. They are the ones that need to go. McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Graham, Rove and ole Jeb should be ran out of the republican party. I am sick of these guys giving obama everything he wants. Trump talks a good talk. If he goes 3rd party it’s over. The dems will win cause many republicans will vote for Trump. It will be 92 all over again when many voted for Perot. Between Perot and Bush they got 56.4% of the vote. But with Perot getting 18.9% it gave it to Clinton who only had 43%. Let’s not let that happen again. Maybe there should be a law where a presidential canidate must have greater than 50% of the vote to win. That way slipping a ringer like Perot in wouldn’t work.

  52. atkoa says

    First we are told the “illegals” are hardworking mom and pop taking jobs Americans won’t do, then we are told they are fleeing for their life, then we are told they are undocumented, and our opposition is “racist”, then we are told they are using social services, Sec.8,food stamps, hospitals, etc. they are “Terrorist Invaders”. murders, rapist, robbers.

  53. Mynickelsworth says

    The Republican Leadership are not interested in the Country and what needs to be done to save it. Everything they do is nothing but power grabs, they want power to make themselves millions at the country’s expense. They don’t care about any thing else. Look at their record. They picked McCain, a RINO if there ever was one. A “moderate” as they named him..that means closer to a Democrat/Socialist that to a Conservative. Then they Chose Romney! Another ‘Moderate” Democrat/Socialist. Both were people that the party leaders could control and would do what they wanted, NOT what the Country NEEDS.
    The listings of the present GOP Contenders as rated by Freedom Outpost, there are only 4 Conservatives: Cruz, Walker, Jindal and Huckabee. Ten of the remaining 15 were rated Socialist as were ALL the Dem. contenders. That leaves Paul (a Libritarian), Santorum (and also-ran), Trump (no rating, Just “Facts straight”), Christie ( a wasted vote) and Carson (good man but has some bad ideas).
    That means there are only 4, maybe 6 possible votes for a true conservative voter.

  54. lieberalschism says

    As long as trump sticks it out and doesn’t bail and leave a democratic president in his wake I will take him but Cruz may be more dependable in the long run.

  55. SouthernPatriot says

    Dear Fix This Nation:

    Trump was never in risk of turning veterans against him. What he said about McCain was true. McCain has been in charge and influential during the time he could have done something about the VA. How many veterans died while waiting for medical care at the VA Hospital in Phoenix? Wasn’t it Phoenix which broke the VA scandal? McCain was too busy “crossing the aisle” and making patty cake with the Democrats to pay attention to what the veterans needed and did nothing for them. Another one of your huge mistakes along with what Srubjay posted.

    Semper Fi from myself and other vet colleagues,

  56. jjmcl431 says

    when i was youth and dumb many years ago i tended to be liberal in some of my beliefs. as i got older i realized how dumb i was and now at 72 tears of age have become a hard core conservative. you are never to old to learn.

  57. classicshar says

    Even NOT being in politics, if you live or work in metropolitan areas, controlled by Democrats, you’d best be ready, willing and able to ‘work with ‘ them and gain their favor and support to get anything done. The only people who don’t ‘get’ this are those who ‘grew up’ NOT in those kind of cities. I grew up in Indiana, and am by nature, a conservative. But when I moved to Chicago, with a budding career and visions, we entertained and dealt with Democrat leaders…they were the only ones ‘around’, doing anything. (Ironically, though, it is those same democrats and lessons that showed me how abusive their policies are to the real poor and underprivileged. They keep them oppressed for the votes, period!) So having left Chicago, I am now blessed with conservative values, augmented by real-world insight to the plights of the oppressed, and able to stand up as a Republican to try to assist them. Not unlike Donald, and I am PROUD of it….and him. Listen to the man…he can do it.

  58. GrumpyOleMan says

    Bravo! It is beyond my comprehension why the GOP, party of RINO’s fail to understand that it’s their Democrat Lite policies and actions, espousing conservative principles, then ignoring everything they said while campaigning, that has caused the Trump mania currently going on. WE ARE TIRED OF BUSINESS AS USUAL!
    America was founded by geniuses but is being run by idiots!

  59. Frank W Brown says

    The RINO establishment is, as Trump says, STUPID! Putting forth ridiculous Crony Candidates that only know how to LOSE, or if they were to win, they CAVE at the first resistance. Give it up RNC, Go with a WINNER for a change! Trump 2016!!!!

  60. Chad Ashley says

    The Republican party just needs to come to terms with the fact Mr Trump will trump all Politicians. We are tired of politicians so the establishment will be in for a big surprise. It is Time America Becomes Great Again.

  61. jamesowens says

    not all of them can give blow jobs to trump to get citizenship like all of his foreign wives

  62. Erin Dougherty says

    See, this is part of the problem: “Has he ever presented himself as anything other than a champion of capitalism, wealth, success, and personal destiny?” Conservatives seem to think that being progressive is mutually exclusive of these things. Quite the contrary.

  63. muskat antonopolis says

    the anger that is being expressed at our Pres, by multitudes is not only scary but impressive….I can understand the frustration of it all.. but, i want to direct your attention to our self-serving house of reps.
    under the leadership of mr. bohner…..and the granddaddy congressmen who have been around forever
    and seem to just keep hanging on and hanging on…..TIME FOR A CHANGE…..when the diaper is
    full of sheet then it is time for a refreshing change…..who has the balls to do so…..I hear a lot of
    anger, foul language, insulting remarks, some truthful critiques, more bs than truths and some crazy
    wierdos out there who don’t care who they are mad at ..they are just mad and somewhat dangerous,,,,
    but WHO is able to lead?….who has the charisma?…who has the intelligence….and the strength to
    stay on track and not become worse and grow into all those things that we hate…look at So.
    America….coups left and right…thousands upon thousands killed and still missing from the 1960*s..
    power corrupts and total power corrupts totally… isn’t easy and the temptations are many……
    WHO is able……watch out for the communist…the socialist….the islamist….the dictator…..
    and all those who gain power and turn it into corruption…….a bullet from any of these is still a bullet..
    ah well, it is good to be old…..those younger than me can lie awake at night when the demons
    walk and trouble your mind……the pictures of the past come rolling in….you must make the choice
    life or death…whom will you serve?…the choice is not always so easy to make…….

  64. 1josephg1 says

    Go D.T.

  65. adrianvance says

    When you are in business you deal with whomever is in power. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for bullets.

  66. Paul Brown says

    These candidates are all morons and they are showing their colors by being assholes who are fighting now among themselves. They should be fighting to get control of this country for the American people and they fight each other. The only thing these people think about is themselves and their pockets and the hell with the country or the people who they should be representing here, not each other. The GOP should step in and say we should be happy that one of them is getting such a strong following and get behind him to push and make sure he doesn’t lose the WH again to the crooked gang of theiving DEMONcraps.

  67. Sam says

    Hey Republican leaders……Do you really think you can keep acting like idiots in Congress and nothing bad will happen? Why do you think Trump resonates with voters? It’s because he’s a breath of fresh air and does not pander. You GOP leaders are ignorant of what is happening in this country. We’re tired of the lies and money grubbing. You cave to the Dems constantly because you can’t see how to win. Tell the truth, don’t pump up Government to suit yourselves, stop looking at your tax base as a ticket to advance your agenda, and most of all, stop padding your wallet while in office (how many in congress come in with moderate wealth and leave as millionaires?). Is that what you’re here for? If you say yes, get out of D.C. cause we’re going to take you out.

  68. Richard Testaccio says

    The repubes will have a war on their hands if they think they are going to screw Trump.

  69. blackhawk132 says

    DONALD ; You dont need to explain your past demo-rat stance. Just state that it was before your brain excaped the brainwashing of that party of destruction. Fight fire with a bigger fire and trust in God. You are going to win with enormous votes and send the demo-rats to a firery HELL.

  70. ADR says

    While his speeches sound good to those with itching ears, we must not fall victim to the same rhetoric Obama spewed during his campaign. We hear many things Trump says and which he can’t deliver. But we must first examine the ‘true’ person both past and present. Outwardly he sounds like one of us, but inwardly he is the same Democrat whose actions and thoughts do not match what he claims to be today. We must remember that “Satan will and does discise himself as an angel of light”.

  71. Christian1897 says

    I would love to see a Cruz/Trump Republican ticket for President and Vice President but would vote for a Trump/Cruz ticket as second choice.

  72. JUSTJOE_P says

    Good point. Lets hear what the other RINOs have to say about their political past.

  73. paendragon says

    Re: “How can a man who has self-identified as a Democrat for most of his life, supporting socially liberal causes like abortion rights, now claim to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan?” EXCEPT HE DIDN’T.

    Here’s Trump’s ACTUAL VOTING HISTORY and his stance on the major issues, all laid out for you!

  74. hangman57 says

    Reagan was a Democrat before he become a Republican . But he become one great Republican Conservative , I know he is thinking about all the same issues Conservatives are thinking about . So where is the rest of the Republican Party .

  75. muskat antonopolis says

    trump in my opinion is and only is a businessman..his principal concern is how he is selling on wall street..
    his concern for the everyday people of American is -o-……he has been wealthy for many, many years…
    where has his altruisim been all this time….sure he makes contributions to this and that but that is on the
    advice of his tax accountant..not his heart…..why has he not gone into appalachia where poverty and
    misery abound and helped those people…why has he not done anything to alleviate the misery and suffering of the Native American peoples….FAS and filthy drinking water…education and welfare…where
    has this man been in racially troubled times..he is not a youngster..but approaching old age..he has had
    time to do sooooo much but has he?….so what makes anyone think that being in the position of Pres.
    will make any difference in his behavior toward his fellow man….has he said how he is going to turn America back to it*s former self? How does Trump get along with the Unions….? How do the Unions
    see him…..? What is his take on medicare/welfare/social security/Medicaid/..? How does he view
    the educational system in our nation…private schools….college tuitions….? Do any of the supporters
    of trump KNOW…and why hasn’t trump made this clear? ALL I HEAR IS ABOUT is immigrants…!
    Buying votes is as old as our political system but only leads to the perpetuation of incompetence..
    that MUST stop….I do so long for TRUTH and OPENESS in our government…..what an incredible
    challenge….but I do not see that it will ever be in our time,,,God help America

  76. klamb says

    Up until Jimmy Carter went into office I was a democrat and I came from a democrat family. However I am now a proud conservative Republican. Just because Trump once claimed to be a democrat does not mean he cannot see the light.

  77. stephanie wilson says

    the only thing that bugs me is the fact that some conservatives demonize a man who is/was a lot more conservative than trump, than turn around and start worshipping him as if he was a conservative reagan the entire time!

    hypocrisy folks, yep. that is it. i’m sad that our side has their hypocrites too. despite his few mistakes, w was a great president. yes, i said it. a great president!! i am sure reagan would defend him. i miss both men, they had more humility than mr. arrogant narcissist. but i will take trump over benghazi killary any day of the week!

  78. Rich says

    RNC wants him out so that they can continue as they have been. Betraying American Voters and rolling over and playing dead so they can collect huge financial benefits from the New World Order. They are no better than Democrat Commies and maybe worse. Time to clean house. LIVE FREE OR DIE

  79. Carol Notermann says

    I think this Caricature of a man who calls himself Donald Trump, has been trying his entire life to find himself. He still hasn’t done that. Look at him, his hair makes another’s very bad hair day look good He has absolutely no class. He seems to attack anything that upsets him. He uses vulgar language and makes funny faces, like a child in search of attention he even rants and throws a temper tantrum – then makes a joke to see if anyone will laugh.. This pouty child/man would be the kiss of death to our beautiful, FREE country. He needs help. He’s slowly finding out that his billions cannot buy him respect thus now he thinks buying the Presidency will get him respect. He’s wrong… He spouts his ‘beliefs’ as if he’s the first to notice that the current President is disabling the Constitution. He thinks he thought of fixing the immigration problem all by himself. His solution to all problems is to throw money at them! Build a wall, and on and on.

    The last thing this country needs to elect after our bowing down to muslim leaders and apologizing to nations of the world current President…. is a man who by his very nature sees himself as a god and would insult all our allies and infuriate our enemies…. with his brash self love…. and speak out the first thoughts of anger and think later… then say the world heard him wrong… Come on people… This man is a joke. Look at him… He’s a joke. If “The Donald” is getting older and wiser???? God Help Us!!!

  80. Camp Taji says

    Trump was a Dem, so was I and a lot of others. Today, JFK would be a Libertarian. The old party of the people is now the party of the People’s Republic of . … . This sentence ” His sneering contempt for John McCain’s service record threatened to turn a nation of veterans vehemently against him.” Not true most vets honor Senator McCain military service, but his actions on the past decade in the senate hardly make him a friend of the troops. Who wrote this MSLSD? The invasion by invitation must come to a halt, legal and illegal. Immigration quotas need to be limited to English speaking, loyal, educated, with a skill set -NO- more chain immigration (sorry grandpa cannot come) and adjusted to the real unemployment rate. So until the 90 million out to the workforce have a job no one else can enter. The major point conveniently missed is why not make Mexico a better place to live? Build the fence and fund El Revolution’

    1. organic girl says

      Knee-jerk history views help nobody. Check McCain’s history. You can also find military records online that outline his abysmal naval academy record and flight school records. Google this stuff yourself and you’ll be surprised what you find. I’m talking about official reports.

  81. marlene says

    Hey you dumb, corrupt party leaders – we don’t care about Trump’s past because we care more about our future. You just lost more control over the election, you idiots. We lose if Trump loses and we lose if you win. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which side we’re on.

  82. ADR says

    Trump tries to, at his detriment, explain his past and present but he can’t defend the indefensible. In the end, Trump is a Clinton/Carter Democrat that would govern much to the left. He has made it clear that his intentions are to protect Planned Parenthood and spend more than Obama. By his nature, he is in lock step with the Wall Street crowd and hedge fund underground. All of this is a deadly combination, leading America further into a police state and bankruptcy. He also believes in big government as the solution to everything, and his dirty dealings will further infringe on our Rights.

  83. Charles Adams says

    Trump did not complete the subject. Churchill when you are young you have little sense when you get older you become more wise you come conservative. The same with Reagan when he grew. With Trump one minute he is a liberal chatting with Hillary and Ms Dowd next minute he is a conservative because he is an I, me, mine and I am rich. I can do anything to have POWER

  84. jerry young says

    what difference does it make that Trump was once a democrat? so was I until they supported obama, when I first saw him I knew not because of the color of his skin but because of the lack of respect for and his determination to change America to something that I as a veteran fought against that I could not back him or the democratic party so I switched, whats past is past the future will be with honest men like Trump not liars like obama

  85. Skyhawk says

    Many, many years ago I considered myself a Democrat. The name of the delivered newspaper was the xxxx Democrat. However while serving many years in the Armed Forcs and seeing the quality of Democrat Politicians I had to change to Republican. Now I favor the Tea Party Conservatism.

  86. Kraky Old Hag says

    Most people I know didn’t think of themselves as either Democrat or Republican until the past few years. Most didn’t vote in a primary. They didn’t and don’t know that after polls closed the dems held caucus where the self appointed leaders voted themselves as delegates. Most never attended one.

    I grew up in the era of Sam Rayburn and his protege’ Lyndon Johnson. Rayburn was a frequent visitor to the home of Lady Bird’s father. He brought home the bacon in the form of an ammunitions plant to Karnack Texas where their home was.

    The point is people really thought they were independent..But they went to polls and pulled lever for democrat most of the time.

    1. lieberalschism says

      You’re correct, that is the case for my affiliation.
      After BHO was elected I realized that I was a conservative libertarian with desires for personal sovereignty and have been my entire life. I will be 60 next year and just realized recently what my political alignment is. Before BHO I never really thought about it other than questioning govt methods.

  87. Danny Bowlin says

    If Bush is not crazy he could see the coast of illegals in this country. He wants to cut government start there. Why does not Bush ask middle class workers what they think about the bad trade deals. They have shipped out so many jobs that people that come out of college can not find jobs. Working people see good jobs going out of the country and they keep having to take less pay in the jobs they can find. If Bush can not see that these two things need to be fixed why is he and the others running. But we know the big money people want low wage workers. So what is bush running on. Tax cuts and very little else. The people know what is wrong with the country and we want it fixed. That is why Trump is running away to win the GOP and the low wage people know their time is up.

  88. Barrustio says

    All the establishment GOP needs to do to get the message which will now encompass the entire GOP, is two words…Eric Cantor.

  89. Edward Mayer says

    He was for abortion but now against the murder of the helpless babies? Really?

  90. Lou Ellen Brown says

    Hey, we all, well, not everyone, but most thinking folks grow up and see the difference between Republican and Democrat persuasions. I was once a Democrat, voting for Lyndon Johnson because he was a Texan and I am a forever Texan, but I was like 21 then, which was voting age and with a real ID card. So, times changed for me when I found out what “liberal” and “conservative” really meant and I was older and wiser. Trump may not be the man for President, but show me the one who can get us out of the mess we are in. I would bet good money he would clean house of Muslim czars before the last ballots were counted. I am ready for an American Government again, but no sissies are on my list. Oh, and Carly has vast respect for the Muslim history, or so she gushed about in a speech a few weeks ago. Silly me, I did not like her viewpoint, but I will bet the speech has vanished.

  91. CrustyOldGeezer says

    I’m gonna go with Trump didn’t change partys.

    The ‘democrat party of today is a long way to the left of Stalin.

    If the powers that be in DC could get gun control passed and the people disarmed, the slaughter of political opponents would begin and both Pol Pot and Mao would be put to shame.

    ‘Democrat” policies have actively DESTROYED the economic engine of America to, at best, a second class nation on a rapid downward spiral.

    Trump was shoved to the Right by a political movement intent on destroying people of his ‘ilk’ by ‘career politicians’ whose sole intent is unquestioned control over ALL PEOPLE and the power to kill those who disagree.

    “History repeats itself” and this repetition is less than a hundred years since the last episode.

  92. Observer says

    Nothing surprising at all about what the misguided republican party hierarchy is doing to Trump. That said, it is so refreshing to finally watch and listen to man’s man who has a lifetime of getting what he wants, get the best of those mealy mouthed two faced spineless traitors leading the republican party right down that same road (paved with so-called good intentions) to hell that the democrat party took decades again. Right now Donald Trump wants “To Make America Great Again” … I for one will give him my vote of confidence because the hierarchy has proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted. I will NEVER again vote for a RINO — not ever again (and if that means that a communist wins an election or two, the blame is to be put squarely at the stinky feet of the republican party establishment lying cheatin despicable RINOs).

  93. Lorraine E says

    We do change our minds and opinions as we become older and wiser. For example John McCain was a POW and war hero 50 years ago. Today John McCain is a RINO and supports every liberal agenda of the democratic party. He was a hero 50 years ago and we thank him for his service but he has changed and no longer supports conservative values.
    There is change for the worse as we have seen with the current administration and most people want change for the better which Donald Trump is promising. Donald Trump isn’t a politician and that has to be one of his best attributes. Politicians are known for promising the people that they are going to work for them after they are elected and correct all that is wrong with our government. After they are elected most of them do nothing for us but work to make themselves richer. Donald Trump isn’t receiving money for his campaign from businesses which he will owe favors to after he is elected. The Donald is using his own money to campaign. Donald Trump may change after he is elected but for now he is the best hope our country has of changing our lives for the Better and reversing as much damage done by the current appointee to the presidency as possible.

  94. Dale Reynolds says

    I am 73 and for 20 years of my voting age rights I was a registered Democrat, for the next 12 years I was a Registered Democrat voting independently for the person not the Party. I am Now a registered Republican because I have always been God, Constitution, Family and most of all because the Democrat Party has Morphed into the American Communist/Fascist Party of deadbeats, gimmes, anti White Racist Bastards ! So it is easy to see Trump Changing Party’s !

  95. Mom says

    I agree with Trump. I would like to see the 14th Amendment clarified for the American people (Ann Coulter is doing her best, and our Congress is clueless). Yes, build a wall (and I don’t care if you build a moat with alligators, just joking) I just want the flow into the United States turned off. I want the anchor babies policy stopped. As for sending back illegals, and that is what they are, I believe it could be done. I don’t believe they are all in the “shadows”, and I believe that legal immigrants would welcome the chance to rid their neighborhoods of gang members, murderers, drug dealers and rapists whether they are non-Hispanic or Hispanic. No one wants to raise their families in danger…that is why they came here in the first place. So, sending back illegals can be done…if prioritizing the process. First, send back the worst and end sanctuary cities…legals could help by informing on the bad guys in their neighborhood. Then look at the others. I think if a person came over illegally, but truly wanted to assimilate, had learned English, raised their children so they were good students with no police records, showed their allegiance and love for our country…let them pay a fine and work toward being legal citizens. If they have been here for years, refused to learn English, depend on government assistance without earning anything by working, riot with La Raza, burn our flag and throw bottles at our police…send them back to where they came from. It will take awhile, but it sometimes takes awhile to accomplish somethng worthwhile.

    1. organic girl says

      Put a bounty on illegals and informers would come out of the woodwork.

      The GOP has no idea how angry Americans are over the crap they (GOP RINOS) have forced us to bear.

      1. Mom says

        You are absolutely right; there is nothing like a little cash incentive to grease the works. And that would probably cost a lot less than how our government would think of getting t done.

  96. SouthernPatriot says

    Charlton Heston had the same reformation. My father was a Democrat activist, and leader for most of his life. After all if you weren’t a Democrat, you could not vote, if you weren’t a Democrat you could not affect changes for citizen’s personal freedoms (back then). Just like Reagan, Heston, Zell Miller, and my father, they all said, “I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.”

    It has now reached such a point, that I would rather now vote for an amoeba than a Democrat. The Clintons, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others locally and nationally have led me to that conclusion.

  97. Jon's On says

    Jeb Bush is one to talk. This guy is the most liberal of all the republicans in the race right now. Donald Trump has struck a chord in the republican party and the leader RINOs don’t like it. Good for them as they are as much of the problem as the democrats. I’m still not a Trump fan but to call an illegal immigrant by what they truly are and not undocumented workers is refreshing. I’m not against a Trump Cruz or Cruz Trump ticket.

    1. organic girl says

      Jebbie’s more liberal than many democrats. He publicly supports most of Obama’s agenda, and he really can’t even speak off the cuff about anything of substance. If the RNC succeeds in putting Jeb on the ballot, Conservatives will be sunk if Trump doesn’t run on his own. I believe that Trump will win, even if he ends up with a third-party run.

  98. maxx says

    I don’t dislike Donald Trump. Never had any reason to even think about him until now. His past has been mainly as a real estate mogul and entertainment businessman. For those things he has been quite successful. Has two kids that grew up to be very successful and might I add decent young adults with good heads on their shoulders. Looking at all the other Republican candidates, the ones I personally don’t like are all GOP/RNC supported Rino’s, the worst kind of republicans there are. They lie, cheat and steal with the best of the democrats. Not the kind of people I would trust with my vote. So right now Trump is more aligned to my philosophy than any other candidate. I also like Cruz and Fiorina the only others who stand above the crown. I thought Walker was going to be more dynamic and forceful but he is not showing any of the characteristics he exhibited in Wisconsin. Too afraid to step on any toes. He seems to have forgotten the old cliché that “good guys finish last”. He has melted into the GOP Republican mediocrity. Conservatives are livid with the Republican establishment with good reason. They have betrayed us twice in a row now and that is twice too many times. I don’t want another president from the liberal side of the tracks which is where the GOP and MSM is pointing us.

  99. Tallcoach says

    Their official title is Illegal Aliens (Illegal Non-Citizens). All other descriptions like Undocumented Workers or Undocumented Immigrants are bogus.

  100. deerflyguy says

    It really isn’t fair to condemn Trump to his liberal democrat past. That he has seen the error of his ways and has turned to republican/conservative thought is to his credit. That he is playing the system like a Stradivarius shows me his intelligence. The actor, Charlton Heston was once convinced that guns were evil and, having such belief, was as anti gun as anybody ever was, until his later years resulted in a change of thought and wisdom that came with age. He realized that guns were not the problem and ultimately became President of the National Rifle Association – perhaps the best president that organization ever had? Trump is not without his negatives, but who is? What he has going for him is his anti establishment stance, which is not much different than most average Americans walking the street today. He isn’t a politician, and as a commoner (although a rich one) brings fresh thought to the position. He isn’t one of the old school political hacks that infest our political system. That’s why, if he chooses to finish the race, he will become President of the United States!

  101. Jeffrey Hill says

    As Al Davis (exowner of the Oakland raiders) used to say, “Just win baby!”

  102. carla AMERICAN says

    I really don’t care about his democratic past. What he as a business man DEMANDING RECEIPTS for America is what I’m interested in. The wealthy businessmen need to back him. The other countries need to start paying for America’s services instead of expecting them with money. America is the baby of all countries yet has to support them while they put us down. I believe Trump will put America back into the competitive world instead of giving them all our manufacturing and make those that took jobs out of America sell them back to us at pennies on the dollar. America needs Trump not third world African Muslim gay Obama.

  103. GLR says

    Turning on Trump because he switched parties is ridiculous. My family switched to republicans during Clintons election because of them and their policies. Now we have changed to tea party, because of the republicans and their lack of doing what they were voted in to do. When the reason you change is because of the fact that the reason you joined in the first place is no longer their policies, so you find somewhere you can agree with their policies. Your affiliation in any party holds for as long as you believe in it, as long as it holds true to your belief you stay, when it changes to something you no longer believe you are no longer abliged to support them. It is not written in blood.

  104. Richard Graziano says

    There is no doubt that Donald Trump is highly intelligent, self confident, successful and ambitious. As a politician he would be dynamite. The place for him in politics would be in the Senate rather than the Oval Office. Why is that? It is for several reasons. Firstly he would have more power and fewer constraints in the Senate. The real change needs to come from Congress. Without congressional power the president can do nothing. Right now Obama enjoys the power of Congress behind his objectives; Boehner and McConnell are totally behind him as are other Republicans and virtually all democrats.

  105. Bob Faulds says

    Maybe what we should do s trade Mexico, Washington DC, Washington State, Oregon, & California, for what they call Mexico. I think that would be a great trade. They would be getting not one damn thing that is worth anything & we would be getting a good place to vacation.

  106. OSAMA OBAMA says

    The liberal Democratic Party and traitorous Republicans are realizing that the pendulum is swinging back. Our hope and change is Constitution backed. We are through with P.C., offended 4% dictating to the 96%, and see the immigration laws our forefathers obeyed good enough and don’t need amending.

  107. AKLady says

    Whatever makes money for Trump.
    Liberal and conservative are simply labels — meaningless labels.

  108. daledor says

    Better to have a rebellious outsider that stand up for America than a bunch of RINO fools following the New World Order along with almost all of the Demoncratic Party.

  109. daledor says

    This left or right scenario placed as extremes makes society look digital, one state or the other. I beg your pardon, American’s are almost all analog with different evaluations on almost any subject. The media and politicians try to label and herd people.

    Traditional Dems and Repubs were like flip sides of a coin in many issues – closely attached. When socialism took over the Dem party, as it is trying to take control over the Repubs, THIS IS WHERE OUR REAL PROBLEMS COME FROM. This is where rule of law only matters if it backs your viewpoint, and usually has to be twisted and recreated to match their agenda anyhow.

    If the Constitution and law supports their freedom of speech (and other things) then it is flashed in your face else it is ignored or attacked. If a non-socialist evokes freedom of speech (and other things) then they try to silence their opponent.

    Fairness to a socialist is when they get their way. Unfairness, injustice is when they don’t get their way. Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled as ‘uncaring’, ‘hatemonger’, ‘right wing extremist’, etc

    I have no problem with traditional Dems or Repubs and call them Americans. Socialist are often based on the EXTREME LEFT and they posture others as EXTREME RIGHT – hateful and dispicable. Socialists do this using the Hegellian Dialectic to move people from where they are towards where the socialist mindset is.

    Socialist mindset is agenda not logic, freedom, reason — if it does not work then just do it another way until it does. It will never work in helping anyone but the socialist. They draw their power and wealth from those who earned it. They want to control others for their greed while posturing to ‘help’ others. They are like their father – Satan.

  110. turn2 says

    The conjuring of Reagan’s name is interesting, because like Trump he as liberal Democrat who supported Richard Nixon’s opponent in the 1950 California Senatorial race, but who, by the end of the decade, was quickly settling into his new image as conservative Republican. He was well known for saying: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me”.

    However, Reagan’s transformation had it’s questionable moments, such as in 1967, when as Governor of California he signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act into law, a decision he later said he regretted.

  111. Oldchopper says

    So what’s the point here with this dribble of an article? You can always pick out the liberals in the news. What any good newsman or woman should be saying is Trump’s saying the things America feels but do not have the same platform as politicians, movie people and those with money. Then if they’re truly honest they would admit he’s spot on, they should stop changing the meanings of his words, at that point we could care less which party these people writing these stories vote for. At least we wouldn’t have to read through their bias on those they don’t like. We as readers pretty well know (but not always) who these people like just based on the organization they write for. On occasion they open their mouths (Meygn Kelly) and the bias shows. Didn’t see that one coming. Listen to this interview with Howard Stern and draw your own conclusion on the name she would be called by tha average married man.

    1. TexasRider says

      @Oldchopper……Some people just can’t accept change.

  112. Alleged Comment says

    WELL, we don’t know Mr. Trump because YOU NEVER WERE a politician before! You should have PROVED yourself at some other political level FIRST!

    How ’bout you tried being Governor of California FIRST???

    1. TexasRider says

      @alleged_comment:disqus…….I don’t think we have time, as a country, for Trump to run for Governor of California.

  113. Martin Church says

    The attack on Donald Trump as being a democrat is completely without merit and any thinking person should know that. The democratic party of today is nothing like it was back in the 60s. The Socialist have moved in and taken over this party. True, Ronald Reagan was a democrat up until about 1966, when he was president of the Actor’s Guild he saw, as many of us did, the socialist/communists moved in and took control of the party. When ask why he left the democratic party he stated, “I did not leave the democratic party, It left me.” This is true for many of us that were formerly registered as democrats. So all the attacks on Donald Trump is just a diversion to confuse the voters, by those career professional politicians, that are followers and are certainly NOT leaders that I would not vote for. Anyone that thinks they must attack anyone on a persons actions that took place almost 50 years ago, has nothing to offer as a leader in the 21st Century. Mr Trump obviously “Switched” to the Republican Party for the same reasons, as President Regan did, the Democratic Party left him, like it did for millions of Americans, including myself. Mr Trump is a true Patriotic American and has come forth as a true American leader that others have failed to either recognize or are afraid to stated the real problems facing the United States, today. Mr Trump, has made an accurate assessment of the problems America is facing while other candidates want to attack Mr Trump because of the “Political Correctness” syndrome so prevalent among all the professional career politicians. If a candidate feels that he/she must attack a fellow candidate to make themselves look professional, they are NOT “Leadership” material, they are followers and poor followers, at best. So, let us, the American voters look at what a real leader, like Mr. Donald Trump has to offers and elect him as our next President of the United States. Don’t fall for these people that always feel they must attack and belittle a real leader, like Donald Trump! May God Bless America again, with a real leader!

  114. rightsright says

    I was a Democrat for a while, however, thank God I saw the light again and realized that the Democrats are really Communists. I never supported the leftist beliefs but I was mad a G. Bush because I thought and still think he was not looking out for us. I now know what a White House Occupier that is not looking out for us looks like! Trump speaks in a simple language and say what we want to say and do say but do not have an audience. I’m loving it! Too damn bad Mexico is mad. What if we cleared out our prisons of the murders and rapists and sent them to Mexico and refused to take them back, would they welcome them with outstretched arms? NO,NO,NO!