Trump on Mueller Investigation: “Whole Thing is Ridiculous”


In an interview with Fox & Friends on Friday, President Trump took a dim view of the allegations against him that claim members of his campaign – if not the candidate himself – colluded with Russia to hack the DNC and cripple the Hillary Clinton campaign. Further, Trump said he was deeply concerned about the relationship between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey, insinuating that he could not expect fair treatment when he fired the former’s close friend and associate.

“Robert Mueller is an honorable man and hopefully he’ll come up with an honorable conclusion,” Trump said diplomatically. However, he followed up by noting that Mueller and Comey were “very, very good friends,” a fact that cast some doubt on the impartiality of the investigation. He also called into question the development of Mueller’s investigatory team, which has been filled with partisan Democrats with a history of donating to the Obamas and the Clintons.

“I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters, some of them worked for Hillary Clinton,” Trump said. “I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth.”

There have been conflicting media reports regarding the scope of Mueller’s investigation; some say he will limit his focus only to Russia’s activities in the 2016 election and any correspondence Trump associates might have had with Russian agents. Others, like the Washington Post, have reported that Mueller will personally investigate the president for obstruction of justice, likely relating to his firing of Comey in May. If obstruction IS part of the investigation, Mueller may look into the recent debacle about the “tapes” Trump suggested might be out there. On Thursday, the president announced on Twitter that he had no such tapes and in his interview with Fox & Friends, he explained why he made the original suggestion.

“When [Comey] found out that there may be tapes out there, I think his story may have changed,” Trump said. “I mean, you’ll have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually happened at the events. He did admit that what I said was right and, if you look further back before he heard about that, maybe he wasn’t admitting that.”

On the other hand, that sort of paints Trump into a box. He’s basically saying that his “tapes” Tweet kept Comey honest, which is as good as saying that Comey correctly relayed the conversations he had with the president. Which also means that Trump DID ask him to back off the Flynn investigation, a point the White House continues to officially deny. We don’t believe that such a request would rise to the level of obstruction in any case, but this could be problematic for an administration that doesn’t need any additional problems.

But when it comes to the investigation itself, Trump is certainly right when he says “the whole thing is ridiculous.” Hopefully, with their recent special election losses, Democrats are beginning to realize that their smear campaign against Trump is failing and that the American people want them to give the rightfully-elected president a chance to lead.

Whether he’ll fully get that chance or not remains to be seen.

  1. Tiger says

    Why was the POTUS led astray and convinced this was OK? Or was he? Appears he has many snakes in one basket, they are showing their fangs and leaking their poison to the Main Media, their family of fellow fangers.

    Just scoop them up, since they are so tied to one another maybe they can all share the same big room in the big house.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You are one hundred percent right

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you it is a conundrum and Trump doesn’t strike me as being stupid and making mistakes, so far he has outsmarted and out played every single cunning plan to stop him or to get him out of office.

        1. America1st says

          Trump is playing his hand. He has identified and questioned Mueller’s obvious conflict of interest but KNOWS he has done nothing wrong. The only possible avenue Mueller has is obstruction of justice so the question is what specific justice was obstructed? Comey admitted in his testimony that while he felt Trump’s pressure, Comey’s behavior did not change.

          Compare that to the FACT that Comey’s behavior did change under Obama/Lynch pressure to 1) call it a “matter” not an investigation and 2) Comey clearly outlined Hillary’s committed crimes and (changed his behavior) by saying “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” after incorrectly stating the law required INTENT to mishandle classified information. Government classified information can only be shared with those with 1) the appropriate security clearances, 2) a need to know, and 3) with the provision that the receiver has the ability to provide the appropriate storage of the classified information or return it to its original secure storage location.

          1. Tiger says

            It is going to be something to watch as everything they plot is undone and as they are consumed with hatred and overwhelmed with agonizing over what to do with Trump, he just keeps undoing every single last stitch of the fabric of Communism that Obama wove into our government.

            He will prevail they will dry up and blow away.

          2. America1st says

            Winning, winning, winning. Need to write a song about never getting tired of winning.

            Speaking of winning. Significant VA Affairs legislation signed into law today!!! So much for criticism about no significant Trump legislation. This bill has been in the making for years over multiple administrations. So proud of OUR President!! MAGA

          3. Tiger says


            Good song this. Yes he is on a role.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Sing it again Sam uhhh Tiger.

          5. Tiger says

            Sounds good to me.

          6. nocbsfan says

            You sing pretty good

          7. Tiger says

            Ahhh let me tell ya about my singing. Won many a beer for my troops singing the blues. LOLOL

          8. nocbsfan says

            I knew I was right, bless your heart.

          9. Tiger says

            I rode the bull at Gilley’s and won my platoon free beers all over the place. Wasn’t hard, I watched the bull and how the women got thrown off, kinda like riding a horse in a trot, you fight to stay up and you get bounced up and down, but relax and go with it and you will be fine.

          10. nocbsfan says

            The real key is to relax and sit up straight, I use to teach western saddle riding.
            Wanna go riding ?

          11. Tiger says

            I ride Western naturally love horses and haven’t had the chance to be around them in years, even though I live in Horse Country over here.

          12. nocbsfan says

            Great , then we wont have to go far to acquire horses. I never rode a horse on a beach, but sounds like fun

          13. Tiger says

            I rode horses anywhere I wanted as a young girl in Texas. I would go to ranchers and ask if they needed their horses kept in good condition for riding. Many of them didn’t have the time. They would say yes but you brush them down after etc. My favorite was a 16 hand cutting horse. What a good guy he was. The Stallion on the ranch a different story. I was able to ride for miles, then we would go to the river and there was a plank out there for diving off and I always rode bareback, saddles give you sores, big ones so I let him go into the water while I swam. What fun, what joy, what freedom and what a life.

          14. nocbsfan says

            A lot of your life has been pretty good, makes me happy to know . Riding horses is freedom, especially when you have a lot of room. Fitting yourself to the saddle will keep you from getting sores. For instance I was helping a friend gather cattle which is a several day chore, being in the saddle from dark to dark, once I didn’t fit my stirrups and it almost crippled me. I dismounted and had to hold on to the saddle horn because I couldn’t support my own weight, my ankles were almost paralyzed ,but it was my own fault because I was to lazy to properly fit myself. Other times I only had a sore seat You are so right ,what freedom, what fun, what a life had I been with you a lot of Joy. Your a good girl for staying off the stallion. Sorry I didn’t mean to take up so much time on me.

          15. Tiger says

            Oh loved the story. As to the Stallion I didn’t stay off and I barrel raced him to show off to the children watching, he brushed me off, I fell and he stepped on my left leg above my ankle. I had old boots that I didn’t bother to keep soft and they saved my leg. I was on crutches for 7 months. Lesson well learned. But I never took a switch to a horse and I hate people who do. I hate spurs also. Not all horses like to be ridden and they should be left alone. I have been thrown, stepped on and bitten by a naughty colt. I was brushing his mother, he wanted attention and got me by the shoulder, I did smack his nose.

          16. nocbsfan says

            The stallion thing is good as long as there is no mare around in season. And I don’t care who your are or how experienced one might be you cannot hold a stallion back once his mind is made up. I observed one go through a gate with a chain and lock, he went on in the corral just like it wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I did learn right then and there. Up until that time I would have rode him anywhere. Has nothing to do with being afraid, just use good common sense. If you were mine we would probably have a problem because I would do everything I could to keep you safe. With all the things you tell me that would not be easy. Switching horses doesn’t do any good anyway, just make them not like you. Every animal I ever had was a spoiled rotten pet. I had a Drake Duck which would flog my shins until I picked him him up an carried him around. When I picked him up then he was happy. Had fifteen head of cows who would follow me around until I fed them. They liked being petted. I assisted my sows giving birth, they didn’t need it I just like to help. Neither sow minded at all, they would have killed anyone else messing with their new born…… You didn’t switch the colt , that was a scolding , something that needed to be done.. I had one Arab Gelding who like to be ridden, about a gentle fellow as you would ever know. Gosh we would have made a good pair

          17. Tiger says

            You are right about Stallions, they are Hell bent when they are knowing a female around. Once that head goes down and those ears go down that is end of story, just hold onto the mane and lay low on his back cause you are going for the ride of your life.

            You are a very interesting fellow and good to the marrow of your bones, anyone who has that kind of affection and link with animals is the best of the best humankind has to offer. I never understood how people could not see what animals were saying. They are very expressive and they are all wonderful in their own way. I have a terrible time with eating meat. I tell you now I have gone vegan many times. I don’t know why we still slaughter in such a cruel way with all we know there has to be something bettr.

            Being an RN I know the necessity of protein and that unless one is very learned in herbs and plants you will hurt yourself and your body without the protein. Animals have a lifespan so they will die anyway. But it is so ugly the way they do die. I can’t bare it. In our town alone. Over 100 animals are killed a day, a day at the pound. Ever wonder why the pounds are built near landfills? Cause at the end of the day a huge hole is dug at the top of the fill and the animals killed for that day taken in a covered truck and dumped in there and buried. It is a huge sin on mankind and it won’t ever be addressed. With the way people treat one another how could we ever think they would do right by the animals.

            I am a firm believer there are different types of humans and some much more advanced in gentility and Godliness than the others. That has been a huge problem since the world began. We know there were people outside the Garden of Eden because the Bible says when Cain thrown out he went out and married a woman out there, who were those people? There are two creations in the Genesis. One where God made man and woman in their images but didn’t breath life into them, then the one where God created Adam and breathed life into him, gave him a Soul, made him part of the Great I Am while the others are the problem and always will be.

            Anyway that is my take.

          18. nocbsfan says

            Oh my thank you for such accolades, and coming from you makes it especially honorable. As to Eden I would really like to go over this with you someday when we are on real good speaking terms LOL Dog pound thing is a sore point, but it isn’t just the dog pound. I have known guys who worked for the dog pound, that go home get drunk and cry everyday. Being cruel to animals is something I will never get used to. You told me one day not long ago, that I had to be a good guy, and I replied by saying I didn’t kick puppies. Sweetheart I really don’t kick puppies. If you really want to talk about why things went bad at Eden I would love to go over this with but only if you want to

          19. Tiger says

            Pounds are not necessary if people only neutered their animals. There are feral cat programs all over where I live and we take care to fix everything in our neighborhood. People just too busy to do the right thing and not punished for not doing the right thing. I once told my mother all animals should be killed so that the few left are guarded and protected cause seems people want things that are not prevalent. Rich love to have things others don’t.

            I will be honest with you I don’t discuss the Bible not anymore. Not online very often and just find it best to stay off it. I won’t argue with people on Biblical anything. I know why I believe like I do and I don’t need to make others understand why.

            But thanks my friend.

          20. nocbsfan says

            As I said, I will explain it to you only if you want to, and if you do not want to then we want unless you ask. ..People and their animals, who get them when they are cute little puppies. One day they grow up and they are not cute any longer So there goes care and at will reproduction. I don’t want to see them all destroyed but you do have a valid point. Be happy sweetheart it will all be taken care of.

          21. Tiger says

            I try to find happiness in every day. Getting harder with too much truth facing me.

          22. nocbsfan says

            Happiness can be hard to find, it depends on the individual. Life sometimes is hard to face. You just have to let go of your troubles, its not easy but there is no other way, wished I could be there to help

          23. nocbsfan says

            There is no way you are going to make me believe that is you on the bull ?

          24. Tiger says

            LOLOL nope that is Larry the Cable Guy but he did a good job although they didn’t put the Bull on high speed.

          25. nocbsfan says

            Thanks, cause I thought no way, that can’t be her.

          26. Tiger says

            He did a good ride though.

          27. Tiger says

            They have some of the most remarkable dance halls and bars in Texas. They sure know how to have a good time.

          28. nocbsfan says

            Guess you were in a good part of Texas, were stars at night are big a bright. and all are happy. I can see your eyes smiling from here. You are so special

          29. Tiger says

            I was born in Texas, San Antonio. Brooks General hospital. When joining the Army Combat Reserve , this is where all our training is in the medical field. It was an odd feeling to be marching outside on those parade grounds, on my Birthday and seeing the hospital right there.

          30. nocbsfan says

            LOL I was there in 1953, don’t think we did much marching around the parade grounds, but is where I had my first encounter with the military. So when is your birthday ? Had to be kinda nice to look up and say I was born there, that was a good day.

          31. Tiger says

            April and I am a genuine obnoxious Aries through and through.

          32. nocbsfan says

            Sweetheart, you may be genuine, but obnoxious never in this world, or any other world anyone can dream up, Thank you for the small bit of info. Mine is Pisces a fish with a snorkel, about March

          33. Tiger says

            My one son a Pisces sweet people. My poor sons surrounded by fire signs, my daughter a Sagittarius, my X a Leo and me an Aries, they are both peaceful signs.

          34. nocbsfan says

            I took being a Pisces seriously I was a scuba diver for years.most fun I ever had. You have a pretty well rounded family. Hope they take after you

          35. Tiger says

            They do. They are characters. All individuals and all funny with good sense of humor. All talented and all doing well in life.

            In Okinawa we didn’t need to scuba dive, we snorkeled and got to the point we could go 30 plus feet down with no problems. We have a huge shell collection. It was gorgeous down there. Like a beautiful garden. The fish would come up to us and just surround us. The reef is a mystical place and when under the water with it everything is alive and wonderful. We would feed the eels. But the Australian brown snakes would come and you had to watch it. They bite and don’t let go. I remember going to the end of the reef when following the paths and it was black. Just black and I looked down and could see I was on top of a mountain of reef. A great White went by and I almost swallowed my snorkel, although he was in the deep darkness and I was on the top of the reef. I never swam so fast in my life.

            Huge he was huge. I can’t scuba, or go spelunking, I have to be close to land and be able to pop up and see land.

          36. nocbsfan says

            Free diving to 30 ft is pretty good. That part of the world seem to have pretty water, i have known several people (divers) that told of its beauty. Never been there myself Must have been terrifying you making like a lure with a great white. I suppose you don’t care for boats if you don’t like to get to far from land. Whats with spelunking, you are surrounded by land….I liked cave diving, guess you would call that spelunking underwater, Once my partner was navy seal diver, and was in a cave no one had ever been in before,I went down to the mouth of the spring and had to clear a bunch of small logs away from the opening so we could get in. It was just big enough to swim through, Kept waiting for my partner and he never showed up, went back to the surface and he said I murked up the water he couldn’t see where to go.We then went back down and this time stayed shoulder to shoulder ahead of the silt.Went into a little room and made a 90degree turn to the right and there was a cave straight like a hiway. We swam a long way just awed simple because no man had ever been there before (This was before star trek was invented) . Then realization kicks in how long have we been in here, so thinking we better head back, turned around and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, didn’t know where we were or how much air we had left. this is when your training becomes crucial . we immediately grabbed for each others hand so we wouldn’t become separated. You can breath off each others tanks if you have to. We held hands all the way back (I kidded him about holding hands down the cave for weeks) (Navy seals, big tough guys) Obviously we made it back ok We checked our tanks for air, I had 800pounds and he only had 300 pounds. Which was plenty but I teased him about being scared and breathing to heavy. There is a lot more to the story but to long to type on this forum. Honey sounds like you have a really nice family. Who knows maybe some day I will get to meet them.

          37. Tiger says

            OK this is exactly why I stay out of caves underwater or on land unless they are like the Pileta caves of Spain. These I went through also some huge caves in America, but can’t take little closed places. Nothing too beautiful could lure me there. I like air. Also not into climbing mountains covered with snow and ice and likely to get killed on. I love mountain climbing, primitive camping, the ocean, rivers and streams along with Springs but don’t fence me in. I have this survival instinct that kicks in quickly when dangerous stuff around. Like standing on the end of cliffs etc.

            I used to jump over barbed wire fences then got smart after hung up a few times and went under. Used to climb to the top of trees until fell out of a few and ended up on crutches for weeks on end. Used to look for caves along the edges of mountains til I fell down one and stopped by a bush that was filled with thorns the type Christ’s crown was made of, lost my shoes in the fall and a thorn right up my foot, bugger couldn’t be dug out, on crutches again for ages til healed over it.


          38. nocbsfan says

            Oh I see am going to have to take really good care of you or buy a truck load of crutches. Don’t guess I fit in that category I went in one dry cave (in Fla) which was called cork screw cave. A little tiny opening that an average size man could fit into. There was a small tree three or four feet from the opening of which you could tie a rope to securely.Cave opening corkscrewed down for about 25 feet, which emptied out in to a small room with a slit in the floor about 3 feet long and 18 inches wide this dropped to another floor 10 feet further down. now there is a huge room with several little caves in different directions. Only bad thing I thought About it was the ten foot climb to get back out. And of course you had to have your own light. Thinking about this stuff made me realize I did a lot more of it than I was aware of. All different tales. I want bore you with them right now. You do much stuff that I never heard of. I have been to Spain for a weekend pass which doesn’t give you much time to explore anything. I was in Europe for exactly 365 days, all you can do is glance at all you can. I still would rather hear about your escapades they are much more interesting

          39. Tiger says

            You really were an Indiana Jones without the fun of getting a treasure but the treasure is your memory. I don’t take as many chances now but still have that potential for getting into some fine fixes. They said I was an Adrenalin Junkie. Always have been and the war only made it worse. That is why we soldiers come home and get into trouble. You can bring the soldier home from the war but you can’t take the war out of the soldier.

          40. nocbsfan says

            I think I can take the war out of the soldier, I can and I somehow will

          41. Kol says

            “That is why we soldiers come home and get into trouble. You can bring the soldier home from the war but you can’t take the war out of the soldier. …” …

            Unfortunately, far too many of the human race still have that sort of rather ‘primitive’ mindset and in that regard humans still haven’t mentally evolved very far, eh!?! The real question is whether it ever will, if it’s intellectually even capable of growing beyond that kind of “thinking.”

          42. nocbsfan says

            Really nice videos, are you in any of the videos ?

          43. Tiger says

            Nope. I keep a low profile.

          44. nocbsfan says

            I know Baby I was just teasing, hope you know that.

          45. America1st says

            Trumpanator Rules. MAGA lol

          46. Mathew Molk says

            And sincwhen is it obstruction of justice to tell an employee what you want him to do. There could be a million reasons the in the INTEREST OF JUSTICE the President could have wanted Commie Comey to concentrate on other matters.

            Now, as a former Cleveland Policeman, if ever I saw an obstruction it was when every single element of the crime was right there on national TV and a Comey usurped the powers of the AG,,,,,That was it.

            It is not up to him to call the shot on weather to indict or not. Present the facts and the rest is the job of the AG. PERIOD! But then Loretta Lynch is a whole ‘nother bag of rotten fish.

            This is what we used to call a target ritch environment when it comes to felony arrests. Start with the royal exalted boma and work your way down to a corrupt OSHA inspector. – The trials could go on for decades.

          47. America1st says

            I agree with you. Trump said “He hoped Comey could let it go with the Flynn investigation.” Comey testified that he felt pressure by Trump but also Comey DID NOT change behavior and continued with the Flynn investigation. My point is there is no possibility of obstruction of justice here because Comey obviously did not change his behavior as Trump suggested even though Comey was “uncomfortable.”

            As you pointed out AG Lynch did influence (obstruct) Comey’s behavior because Comey complied with Lynch’s instruction to not only call it a “matter” instead of the FBI term investigation but Comey himself created the FALSE narrative that Hillary’s email activity failed to show “intent” to mishandle classified, Top Secret, and super secret materials by storing same in an unsecured manner and transmitted same to individuals without properly approved clearances. The actual law has NO mention of INTENT. At best Comey is an incompetent lawyer that does not understand and/or didn’t read the law or he willingly complied with AG Lynch’s instructions to obstruct justice and worse yet protect Obama’s complicity knowledge and guilt of equally obstructing justice by covering up the various Clinton crimes.

            Sadly, Obama is following the same path with his “presidential library foundation” that the Clinton Crime Family invented as a source of payment to play and peddle political influence to a higher level. Comey, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Jarrett, Obama plus Bill and Hillary all should be tried for their various crimes.

          48. Bob Morton says

            What charges can be brought against Comey in regards to knowing there was no investigation about Pres. Trump’s collusion? He let others spew the Russia, Russia, Russia and he knew it was not true. He also lied when he didn’t want the Gorsuch vote to go through, saying the Russia investigation of Pres. Trump was still ongoing (he knew that was a blatant lie). He told Grassley and Feinstein back in March that there was nothing re: Trump’s collusion with Russia. Grassley told Comey to publically say there was no investigation, but Comey refused saying that he may later have to retract. Half of the American public and the MSM believed there was collusion for almost a year! I think there should be some criminal charge against Comey besides possibly defamation of character. He knowingly let the public think the worst. Let’s see how much “collusion and obstruction” comes to light when they start investiagting Lynch, et al. I have also heard that any documentation that Susan Rice might have had has been turned over to the Obama library and that once documents are submitted to a Presidential library, they can’t be touched for 5 years???!!! WTF!! I think if there is a criminal investigation, nothing should be sacred (including Obama, Rice, et al.)! We want examples indicted and jailed now! This is Bob’s wife.

        2. hantmanba says

          He IS stupid,(but wily), and makes many mistakes.

          1. Pam Dunn says

            However only a totally ignorant moron such as yourself would spew such idiocy.

          2. Tiger says

            You wish. He is a billionaire what are you?
            He owns hotels and golf courses all over the world do you?
            He is doing everything he promised really pisses shit like you off.
            You are stupid but then I like that makes it easy to take you people down.

          3. chucky001 says

            We are honest. We were not born into wealth like he was. We did not steal billions or rip off folks. Just ask those who paid into Trump University. He has done NOTHING he promised. Affordable Health care for everyone? Nope. Drain the swamp? Just look at his cabinet. the Wall? Don’t hold your breath. Protect Medicare and Social Security? Look at the cuts the GOP has proposed. You are the one who is stupid for letting your xenophobia and fear of folks who are different than you corrupt your judgement.

          4. Tiger says

            So you are insinuating everyone with money is dishonest?

            Can you prove Trump stole billions? No you can’t, you can insinuate, you can pull up FAKE news but you forget nothing sticks to Trump and if this true he would be gone.

            Did you go to college? I did, have two degrees nobody said I would get a job when I graduated, no promises I used the information I learned, applied it and succeeded. There are those who did the same after going to Trump University.

            LOLOL yes look at his cabinet all wealthy and successful men doing the job for nothing and daily doing the right thing fro Americans. Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama is getting 400,000 a speech? That Chelsea Clinton who does nothing gets 75,000 a speech? That Bill Clinton made billions making speeches while Hillary Secretary of State along with her organization? Did you know the Democrats have the most millionaires in congress?

            Do you now how many people cheating and on Medicaid? SS is secured for those who paid into it for 30 to 40 years working their asses off daily so those before us could have it. As to the younger people coming up may not work that way for them, we are running out of money thanks to the billions of dollars spent on illegals and refugees.

            I have no fear of anyone except people who come to my country who want to kill us and we give them billions to do it.

            Stuff it.

          5. Retired says

            Where did this Idiot come from ???

          6. Tiger says

            The ass of stupidity the god of the Dumbasses.

          7. Retired says

            Seems like they are all crawling out of their caves lately.

          8. Bob Morton says

            Which one? We have read from a few. I think the idiots have lost their way. We have something intelligent to say and they do not. They need to whine on their own “which way did he go?” sites. This is Bob’s wife.

          9. Retired says

            Good to hear you are still around .

          10. Bob Morton says

            Good to hear from you too. I’m still here. I actually don’t see your comments very often but I’m not always on either. Sometimes I just read the new comments but don’t have enough time to respond. I broke my own rule today about not responding to the hateful liberals that wander onto a conservative site. I couldn’t help myself today though. I have had a few responses back from one in particular – the one with Russian relatives (can’t remember the name). Each response (about 3 or 4) pretty much said exactly the same thing, just rearranging the same words. I didn’t bother responding to the response though. It’s funny though that most of the libs here don’t have a lot to say about the conversations. They just keep repeating themselves with nothingness and name calling. Well, that’s enough for me for now. Have a good night. This is Bob’s wife.

          11. Francisco Machado says

            An understanding of finance which seems to be utterly beyond Democrats (and their lack of financial understanding is manifest when it comes to other people’s money) is that Trump buys failing and bankrupt corporations, either to rescue or to liquidate. Trump’s responsibility, which is satisfied, extends only so far as paying what he has bid for the corporation. That is distributed to satisfy the corporation’s obligations on a percentage basis according to law (well, except for the government bailout of GM), which is to say that no one gets paid as much as they are due. Trump has no obligation at all to make up the difference. If Trump bought an auto at auction and there was a dead body in the trunk, the Democrats would blame him for it.
            Regarding the several hundred thousand for the speeches: That’s essential. Just giving them money would be bribery and that isn’t legal, so something has to be delivered in return for the money – and a speech is apparently sufficient.

          12. Tiger says

            Fabulous post and I wish they would read it but they won’t. This is the idiocy and the idiocy of the ideology behind the Progressive/Communist party.

          13. nocbsfan says

            Okay, you hold them down and I will read it to them.

          14. Tiger says


          15. nocbsfan says

            Guess you have finished your walk, good to see you safe and sound back home. And a happy good morning

          16. Tiger says

            To you also.

          17. nocbsfan says

            While I am at it like to wish you a happy good afternoon 🙂 ♥ ☺

          18. Tiger says

            It is nice here rain and more rain, love rain, lightning and storms. Been through hurricanes, tornados and typhoons.

          19. nocbsfan says

            Wow , these are things girls usually don’t like. Me, like you I eat them up. especially around where you are located. The power that nature provides is really awesome. I am a structural engineer so all these things I had to study, and build things to withstand this power. The more I know you the more alike I discover we are. Sometimes it is a great life. 🙂

          20. Tiger says

            So you know about the Golden Ratio then right? Is it true that nothing beautiful is made without using it and that great artists used it along with the Egyptians to build their buildings? Can you explain it in layman’s terms to me?

          21. nocbsfan says

            Oh you are one cute little girl, The only thing that flabbergast me is the fact that you came up with it.I don’t know if I could explain the golden ratio without using illustrations, which I would not be able to do using a computer, at least not this one. Or you probably could if you were able to write code, which I am not When I graduated a single computer took up several acres of space. When slide rules were used instead of electronics. The Greeks and Egyptians used this whether they knew it or not, because it keeps things in symmetry and balance, where buildings maintain flowing lines which humans call beautiful. Insects made use of the golden ratio long before humans. I don’t know if I have told you anything or not. We are just going to have to be in the same room where I can use my hands and pencils and paper and all these modern things of convenience. What you are asking is used by Architects, I dealt more with things like Moments and shears, elasticity and compression. Architects make it pretty I just make it safe for humans to occupy or use it for what ever function it is designed for. I suppose to make things beautiful, it must remain symmetrical and in balance, I guess this makes it true. You are one precious little girl. If this isn’t sufficient don’t be hesitant tell me and I will attempt it once more.

          22. Tiger says

            I had a book on the Golden Ratio. I love science and math. Math came alive for me my second time in college. I had a marvelous teacher in Algebra and advanced Algebra and advanced Math and everything sort of came together. The world is math, everything is math, but I forgot much of what I learned and read. Today after asking you I went online and found some good explanations, they pretty much summed it up as you did, it is about symmetry and balance. I had a tatoo of the Golden Ratio put on my left foot above the ankle. I figured without the Great Creator, the Great mathematician I wouldn’t exist so it was something I wanted to remember.

          23. nocbsfan says

            Oh Tiger you are incredible, you exist and definitely remembered.. No one but you would think to do something like that.

          24. Tiger says

            Well I don’t know I am always thinking. Always reading, always studying and believe it or not the net is a marvelous teaching tool. I have learned so much about our immigration laws, our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, the courts and so much more.

          25. nocbsfan says

            Certainly can be,but you have to be able to discern what is and what isn’t, I have run into things that are pretty bizarre . But I trust your judgement cause I am finding out you are a very smart little girl. Lot of savvy a lot of logic, and I am so proud just to be able to talk with you.

          26. Tiger says

            Oh that goes both ways, I am thrilled at the posters like you who post to me, I gain insight and corrections when I need them. Trust me Bizarre doesn’t cover things I have seen in the skies and on this earth but I believe and I think Quantum Physics nails it. The energy within the energy and world within our world.

          27. Mathew Molk says

            No reason to,,,There is NO WAY they could ever understand it. – Like they don’t have a clue about bankruptcy, Lien Laws, Not getting paid when you fail to complete a contract as written, and just about any other thing envolved in construction, industry, or Real Estate. — And assuming they can comprehend anything they read is the biggest reason for them not to read ANYTHING! They can’t

          28. nocbsfan says

            Honey , you just overwhelmed chucky with knowledge now he’s not sure which end to stand on ?

          29. Tiger says

            They are at times insufferable to me.

          30. nocbsfan says

            You’re very tolerable, they are always insufferable to me.

          31. Tiger says


          32. nocbsfan says

            You laugh a lot, I like that

          33. Tiger says

            You say it all and only leaves me to laugh at your wit.

          34. nocbsfan says

            Gosh if I could , I would cause you to laugh the rest of your life (sigh)

          35. Tiger says

            What a sweet sentiment. Thank you.

          36. nocbsfan says

            Honey I am sorry about taking so long to answer your post, I almost missed the last couple of them. They were buried in a bunch of other post and I nearly missed them. Especially when you were being so sweet. Don’t want to miss those, course you are most of the time anyway Getting close to bedtime time here. So along withgodd morning , good afternoon, now good night little sweetheart with the cute little nose.

          37. Tiger says

            Goodnight my friend. Sweet dreams and may the morning find you chipper and happy.

          38. nocbsfan says

            The morning found me chipper because you where there

          39. Tiger says

            My how nice.

          40. nocbsfan says

            Sure was for me ! I am going to have to do something nice for you someday

          41. Mathew Molk says

            Tige, YOu are remarkably intelligent and well informed for someone that went to collage. – (Don’t let it out, but I too went to school. I don’t like to let that out, though. Too many people think I know what I am doing)

            We have a saying on jobsites for really stupid engineering – Collage Boy.

          42. Tiger says

            I had good parents, grounded in Reality, good schools that were not preaching Communism, good college first time around then in RN school had no use for political professors the field doesn’t use them.

            I have known third graders with more common sense than most people who go to college today.

            We have the same saying in the Military for those that graduate from the big military schools, stupid leaders.

            Thank you.

          43. Bob Morton says

            I didn’t go to college but I could have and I don’t blame the government for that. That was my decision to become a mother instead. I was among the middle working class mothers raising a child. I don’t have any regrets about my choices and I certainly wouldn’t have blamed the government for my lot in life – it was a very good life. I have my wonderful husband, my equally wonderfully son and my very wonderfully spoiled granddaughter (but in a good way). These liberals that want everything handed to them (and they’re still not grateful) have no right to complain. Their lifestyle was their own choice. I totally agree with phasing out Medicaid except for those that are unable to work. I have been approached in supermarket parking lots from druggies trying to sell their food stamp cards. Medicaid has been supporting drug addicts for years and enabled the perfectly able-bodied people to stay on welfare and not try to enrich their lives by contributing to society. Why should they go to work if the government is paying them not to. I can see subsidising those that need help until they get on their feet, like child care, transportation, etc., turning in receipts every month. For those that are still on welfare after that, drug testing is in order. If they fail a drug test, cut them off. The liberals have said all along that drug-testing welfare recipients was unconstitutional, says who? I have had to have pre-employment drug testing for most of my working life. Why would drug-testing welfare recipients be any different? I am recently retired because I did pay into SS for over 40 years. If the government wants to change the SS, don’t continue to take it out of their checks or call it something other than a SS deduction. I think Pres. Trump has respect for the Social Security recipients – they earned their money and it’s not an entitlement! I am also glad that the Supreme Court has granted the temporary reinstatement of the Travel Ban until it can be reviewed and permanently voted on this fall. That’s all of my opinion for now. Have a great day! This is Bob’s wife

          44. Tiger says

            Bob’s wife you are a wonderful example of everything a woman should be and I am so proud you are here and what a powerful post. Thank you so much.

          45. Retired says

            That is because Idiots like you are in Congress along with Lawyers and judges stopping everything he tries . Crawl back in you hole where you came from .

          46. Francisco Machado says

            There’s lots to be done – and, given the last eight years, undone. Consider the disaster we had with Obama and the added ten trillion above revenues that he spent without accomplishing anything at all of value (unless you value creating anarchy in North Africa and driving millions of refugees out) and leaving us with a disastrous health insurance imbroglio to resolve. The cuts in budget? Don’t you find it necessary (or at least fiscally sound) to pay your credit card bill now and then? To keep expenditures within your ability to pay them? Recognize, as none of the Democrats do, the meaning of “We can’t afford that!”

          47. Mathew Molk says

            What planet are you from? Not this one, that’s for sure.

          48. nocbsfan says

            Hantamanba, is just a student of CNN, You know, one of those well informed people, Next year they are going to let them have books ?

          49. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL but they have a comprehending problem are the books going to be audio?

          50. nocbsfan says

            Well if you and I teach them to read, then they will understand it the way we want them to 🙂

          51. Tiger says

            Then we would be no better than them, they must learn the truth about everything.

          52. nocbsfan says

            Yeah, lost my mind for a moment, thank you for putting me back on my straight and narrow, see that why I need you

          53. Tiger says

            Good deal kiddo.

          54. nocbsfan says

            LOLOL Thank you, I needed that.

          55. Tiger says


          56. nocbsfan says


          57. Mathew Molk says

            Who is going to teach them to read? They all went to schools controled by the teacher’s unions.

            In NE Ohio we have a joke
            Kent Read
            Kent Write
            Kent State.

            It has spread to all public schools. If we were to close them down the only thing we have to loose it the indoctrination of kids by NWO Marxists and the supermarkets for narcotics that they have become.

          58. nocbsfan says

            We decided to issue audio books, in Greek.

          59. Retired says

            You just made a stupid post .

          60. Mathew Molk says

            Is that how he amassed all the properties the the Trump Companies own?

            I get it. When you have your name on giant buildings in several cities all over the world it means you are stupid, and when the only thing you have your name on is a failed unworkable health Care system you are smart.

            I have to be more stupid then the President because I had it the other eat around.

          61. Bob Morton says

            You must have lost your way. The pro-pathetic liberal sites are elsewhere. Crawl back under the liberal website rock and join the others and whine and lie. This is the “Make America Great Again” – Pro Trump site. If this does not suit you – LEAVE! This is Bob’s wife.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          And he is so hated that candidates he supported are 5 and 0 in the run off elections.

          1. Tiger says

            Who Trump? He is doing great in the ratings and anyone he is behind who pushes his agenda wins.

          2. Tiger says

            Ahh OK got ya you are friend not fiend.

      2. chucky001 says

        And you are clueless.

        1. will says

          What’s wrong Chucky? A bit of heterophobe going on there? You lost! Get over it
          The prez is going nowhere but to serve out a second term, Have you not been paying attention to how many more elections the flaming hate filled leftist demos have lost since Trump took office? Wake up bud. The days of PC are numbered. And just think…word has it after Monday, our president will very well have the opportunity to name another Supreme Court justice? Now how’s that sit with your hate filled heart? Lmao!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Yo, Will,,,,The days of PC are OVER now!

            Great, aint it? And just waite till the mid-terms. The snowflakes and RINOs aint seen ‘nothin yet.

            MAGA, Love it or leave it

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Clueless about the candyland you NWO Marxists were trying to turn the country into. There is no way it could ever exist in the first place and we actually far prefer to working for a living to being a freeloader like you. We just cant comprehend a communist society run by a bunch of scumbag elitetists like the royal exalted boma or the cackling witch.

          We are also clueless about wanting to be a useful idiot like you. It’s not in the working American way of life.

          Like Jesus said, He that does not work, also shall he not eat. – That we understand. Too bad you do not.

          We won, (and are continuing to win every day) You lost. Get over it or get out!

        3. Bob Morton says

          That’s all you got?

    2. Rosech Levy says

      The Deputy Attorney did the hiring when Sessions recused himself and Sessions is very busy with many, many other cases. Did the Deputy hire Mueller for a purpose or just trusting he would do the job honestly. Nobody has heard anything but it is perplexing.

      1. Tiger says

        Appears that the Deputy AG needs to be run out on a rail along with Mueller, McCabe and others.

        1. chucky001 says

          Tiger you fugly old bag!! Aren’t you tired of being Putin’s cock holster along with all the other Trumpettes? Perhaps you should consider having cum gutters installed! Let Meuller do his job. If the Trumpster did nothing wrong, he has nothing to fear.

          1. gvette says

            I guess you miss sucking Barry dick.

          2. Retired says

            Every Village needs a Idiot and you must be the one from Hillary’s village that went missing in Africa .

          3. john says

            More Upchuck !

          4. nocbsfan says

            Upchucky seems your mouth is the same color as your eyes, wonder why that is ? After the greatest President of the United States we ever had is found not guilty, what do you fear. ?

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Why dot you go fuck yourself you little runt piece of shit. – Love to meet you some day.

          6. Kol says

            Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

          7. Bob Morton says

            Let’s not resort to their foul language. We have more intelligence than that. I know it’s hard to resist retaliating, but if we mostly ignore or smother them with intelligent conversations, they might go away. They want the attention. This is Bob’s wife.

          8. Bob Morton says

            Wow, such “intelligent” rhetoric! Did that hurt too much? I don’t normally reply to liberal haters but you need to go away. This is Bob’s wife.

          9. Kol says

            Oh, so “Bob’s wife” is nasty too, eh? LOL!

        2. nocbsfan says

          That is a great idea, you start the train engine and I will throw them on.

          1. Tiger says

            I will attach the electric fencing to the rails.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Don’t plug it in until I let go

          3. Tiger says

            LOLOL OK

          4. Mathew Molk says

            I’ll bring the generator…..I got a real nice 75KW 4160 Volt Diesel unit sitting at the back of the yard that should just about do the trick. –

            It seems that after Commie Comey confessing to illegally leaking classified information to a reporter right on national TV and them walking away unmolested that is the only way we eill ever see justice done.

          5. Tiger says

            LOLOL sounds like a deal.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Sessions busy with what? The only thing he has done so far is to tell the various district federal prosecutors to go for maximum sentences on low priority crimes and do the Sunday Morning talk show circuit. – The evidence on an air tight case against the cackling witch was sitting on his desk when when he walked through the door.

        All Sessions has done so far is ,,,,,NOTHING!

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Better yet drop them into a barrel of burning tar.

      But you and I both have asked many times. Where the hell are the indictments? So far to be Jeff the inert Sessions has been the biggest disappointment of President Trump’s administration.

      A Hillery Clinton indictment would bake this BS “Russia: side show completely disappear.

      1. Tiger says

        Agreed tar and feathering sounds good to me that way they will stick to the rial better.

    1. Worried Vet says

      I agree and if you don’t mind I will copy and share.

    2. greenlantern1 says

      Both President John Adams, and President John Quincy Adams, were TRINITARIANS!!

      1. America1st says

        Obama is a Muslim

        1. greenlantern1 says

          Carla Faye Tucker was a “Christian”.
          She was also a murderess!
          The murderer, of Ambassador Stevens, is still at large!!

          1. America1st says

            Herman Munster was green.
            It always rains after a dry spell.
            Obama is still a Muslim.
            Where is the beef?
            Car 54 where are you?

          2. greenlantern1 says

            Lawrence of Arabia was a Muslim.
            He was a great friend of Sir Winston Churchill!
            Churchill was a GREAT judge of CHARACTER!!

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


          4. greenlantern1 says

            Americans died?
            Remember Benghazi?
            Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattala?
            Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, he is in custody!
            The charges?
            The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
            Did he use the movie, the INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS, to agitate his mob?
            An Egyptian court has already tried, convicted and sentenced to death Pastor [?] Terry Jones for his role in that!
            Which party blocked his deportation?
            Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
            Where are they?
            Why didn’t he show them to Trey Gowdy?
            Why didn’t Gowdy ask for them?
            What did Putin know?
            When did he know it?
            What did he tell Trump?
            Was it “patriotic” for Oliver North to sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?
            Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!

          5. Kol says

            Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time


            Jan 17, 2017 – As Barack Obama’s presidency winds down, I find myself wondering more and more how the history books will explain that we replaced him …

            Lanny Davis: Farewell, President Obama: Your legacy as one of the …


            Lanny Davis: Farewell, President Obama: Your legacy as one of the best presidents is secure. By Lanny Davis – 01/18/17 05:00 PM EST 205. 3,987. AddThis …

            Survey: Historians rank Obama 12th best president – POLITICO


            Feb 17, 2017 – Historians have ranked Barack Obama the 12th best president of all time, … one would have thought that former President Obama’s favorable …

            Historians say Barack Obama 12th greatest U.S. president –


            Feb 17, 2017 – Nearly 100 U.S. historians and scholars have rated Barack Obama as one of the 12 greatest presidents in American history, a comprehensive …

          6. AmericaSupportsTrump! says



        2. Kol says

          You’re an anti-Muslim bigot & hater?!?

          1. greenlantern1 says

            Arming Ayatollah Khomeini was “patriotic”?

        3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          1. greenlantern1 says

            Was Nixon a crook?
            Was that smart?

      2. Pam Dunn says

        Green wienie is a liberal donkey turd TOO !!

        1. chucky001 says

          And you are FUGLY!!!!

          1. Mary says

            you are really childish “chuck 001”

          2. greenlantern1 says

            Our ONLY first lady, with blood on her hands, is Laura Bush!
            She ran a stop sign and killed Mike Douglas!!
            Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder!

          3. Mathew Molk says

            What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs in Vietnam back in 1951?

        2. greenlantern1 says

          I USED to be a Republican!!
          Nixon CHANGED that!

          1. Kol says

            Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time


            Jan 17, 2017 – As Barack Obama’s presidency winds down, I find myself wondering more and more how the history books will explain that we replaced him …

            Lanny Davis: Farewell, President Obama: Your legacy as one of the … …


            Lanny Davis: Farewell, President Obama: Your legacy as one of the best presidents is secure. By Lanny Davis – 01/18/17 05:00 PM EST 205. 3,987. AddThis …

            Survey: Historians rank Obama 12th best president – POLITICO


            Feb 17, 2017 – Historians have ranked Barack Obama the 12th best president of all time, … one would have thought that former President Obama’s favorable …

            Historians say Barack Obama 12th greatest U.S. president –


            Feb 17, 2017 – Nearly 100 U.S. historians and scholars have rated Barack Obama as one of the 12 greatest presidents in American history, a comprehensive …

          2. Kol says

            Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS


            Feb 4, 2016 – Since 2002, right-wing militants have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have.

            Homegrown Terrorism and Why the Threat of Right-Wing Extremism Is …


            Jun 4, 2017 – I consider domestic terrorism a more significant threat than the … encountered a tendency to see U.S. right-wing extremists as a monolith.

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
  2. Michael Dennewitz says

    Mr Pesident, I actually think it’s time you stopped “tweeting!” We love you, but you just keep feeding the fire! Throw some water on it, sit back and relax for God’s sake! ?

    1. joe says

      I dont agree , he is reading over 107 millions supported by eliminating the fake media

      1. LANE says

        Liberal Media has always been stronger then the Conservative Media. MOVEON.ORG was more powerful Left media in the 2008 Presidential Campaign then I believe most Conservative people realized. Inf Fact the Liberal media played a big part in 2008.2012. Trump and Social Media has finally reviewed the danger of the Left media and how they now how to twist news!

        1. America1st says

          Recently identified 5.7 million illegal votes cast in 2008 primarily through

    2. Rosech Levy says

      Heck no, Michael, this is how we get the REAL and TRUE news and for the first time in history a President makes himself known and available. I use this site a lot with suggestions and cautions: or And we love Spicier as well.

    3. Pam Dunn says

      The BEST WAY ti get the TRUTH out to the public because the liberal propaganda media spews nothing but lies and bullshyte.

  3. Valor says

    Obviously Trump has yet to figure out Washington, D.C. isn’t a swamp. It is a cesspool becoming more putrid by the moment.

    1. Worried Vet says

      The whole city has turned into a septic tank full of crap. Time to clean it up once and for all.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      There are a lot of snake doctors in the construction industries, but nothing like DC. As the President get’s into it more he will eat their faces. – I just wish he would make better choices for the AG and FIB(Not a typo.

  4. Daniel Graves says

    These Liberal Terrorists have no ability to reason. They just try to bully their views. I think many of their former supporters are tired of being slaves to the government and are changing the way they think.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      The thing is bullies have to have some ass. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of milquetoast PC sissies that can’t survive away from their safe zones or elitist enclaves.

      He had some good points but still, I was never was much of a fan of his but like King said.

      WE WILL OVERCOME. – It’s going to be a long war and we have a lot of work to do but in the end we will ,,,,,,,,,

      MAGA! Love it or get the hell out.

  5. Robalou01 says

    Its beyond ridiculous. Its assinine. And now Mueller has hired 14 lawyers. What kind of crap and total waste of taxpayers’ money is this utter nonsense? Washington, the democrats and Mueller are really out to lunch.

    1. cyberguy77 says

      Mueller is supposedly investigating collusion and obstruction by Trump, But isn’t hiring several lawyers who have worked for, and contributed BIG BUCKS ($50,000) to, the Clintons a sly form of COLLUSION against a truly unbiased investigation of Trump? Mueller’s decisions and actions actually OBSTRUCT the likelihood of an ethical investigation by saturating the investigating team with people who may harbor emotions regarding the loss of the election by Hilary to the target of their investigation. Mueller can’t be that naive, just “in your face” nervy, thinking we’re naive!

      1. Worried Vet says

        Very nice. I think liberals believe we’re stupid and deplorable. They know better than us how to run our lives. Well I’ve seen how they run Hud up close and if that’s their idea of fixing things they can have it. When I started looking for someone to vote for after hillary in 08 I found almost every city or state ran by democrats for years is in very bad shape. Their broke and getting to the point of taxing the people to death. They think taxing is a way to fix their spending habits and buying votes. They don’t understand all the votes they bought are broke people so there is no money left to tax. The math don’t work even if they tax the rich 100% it’s not enough. I can see these elites giving the government a 100% of their income. They can vote more raises then.

        1. Irenesreese says

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        2. Wayne Smyer says


          1. Wayne Smyer says

            putin to trump! here pussy pussy!

          2. markypolo says

            markypolo to wayne Smyer: Here PUSSY PUSSY. Faggot poop shoot licker.

          3. Kol says

            Anti-gay bigot?

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            Kol, At least we can reproduce – so shut it.

          5. Rodney Steward says

            Kol-Aid, running that mouth again I see and always negative!

          6. k9maiden says

            I have Gay relatives and friends who are both Gay and Lesbian, stop calling everyone anti Gay, after all, Markypolo didn’t fire the first shot, you loons on the left did. If you are going to attack first, then don’t expect your whiney, entitled, infantile asses to be babied. You want to fight the big boys, then don’t complain if they fight back!

          7. Bob Morton says

            I have had Gay co-workers and still have Gay friends. I have Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Middle Eastern friends and have had the same, as co-workers (I’m retired now). They are wonderful people and bleed the same red blood that I do. I have never thought of myself above anyone, ever! I never grew up with racism. Most of the anti-anything is spurred by the left. The problem is actually with the left – they are striving to create a rift. They are the ones full of hatred. Where did all of these a$$holes on this site come from? We had intelligent conversation for a while and then all of a sudden a bunch of crap from liberals. I know this might be redundant, but don’t they have their own sites where they can be full of BS, hatred, vulgarity and nothing to substantiate their rhetoric? We are more civilized here. BTW, MSNBC is hiring conservative anchors – is it because their (hopefully) past anchors were caught in lies? Even CNN is apologizing! How much more crap news do the liberals have to hear and then have to hear the rebuttals and apologies to know that what they think they know is a bunch of crap? I don’t normally respond directly to the haters but I have today a few times (very nicely in comparison). I don’t think they have too many (if any) intelligent conservations on their own sites and that’s why they visit here. Have a good day! This is Bob’s wife.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            We have a leader in the WH now. Obama was the bend over and grab his ankles pussy, like most liberals.

          9. k9maiden says

            BO was Gay, he was a Kenyan, born in Kenya, he was NOT a Natural born citizen, he hated the Republic of this country, and he was HELL bent on changing us into an Islamic Caliphate. You want that loons on the left, go to the damn desert, we don’t want Islam or Muslims taking over this country

          10. Rosie says

            AMEN to that!

          11. rdells says

            Wow! You mastered Horse Shit AND Bull Shit in one sentence! THAT is a unique skill.

          12. Bob Morton says

            Wow, a very limited mindset. Did that take a lot out of you to post that HS/BS? This is Bob’s wife.

          13. Bob Morton says


          14. mrpoohead says

            Actually we have a figure-head – they have zip power, thankfully. So, far he comes across as a buffoon. Funny as!

          15. john says

            Smyer Lyer testicles on fire !

          16. John E Strom Jr. says

            Smyer, showing your profound stupidity again? What did gay Obama do for you that you like him so much? Give you BJ’s?

          17. k9maiden says

            Golf, vacation, campaign, golf, vacation, campaign, and insult Christians and White America. Weren’t we proud to have this Arab/Muslim/Communist tyrant in office? SMH

          18. John E Strom Jr. says

            You forgot, his attempt to bankrupt the country, force the military to accept openly gays and lesbians, sabotaging our incoming president, ramming his ObamaCare down our throats with a LOT of lies and generally being an all around scumbag. Were we to take EVERY evil act of ALL of our presidents, THIS MUTT surpasses all of them.

          19. Kol says

            Trump just cemented his legacy as America’s worst-ever president …

   › Environment › Paris climate agreement

            Jun 1, 2017 – It now seems inevitable that the history books will view Trump as America’s worst-ever president. … Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris treaty is a mostly symbolic act. … His decision was reinforced by a letter from 22 Republican senators urging withdrawal from the Paris clim

          20. John E Strom Jr. says

            You have to run all the way to Great Britain for your opinion? The Guardian is a yellow scab newspaper from LONDON. And we’re BACK to the Paris Accords? Are you kidding?
            You want 28 UNELECTED, UNACCOUNTABLE bureaucrats from Belgium running OUR country and YOUR life? If you do then you are an imbecile. The Paris Accords is controlled by the UN. You think the UN having power over OUR constitution is healthy for America? Then you are one stupid fool. America has done MORE to clean up the environment than ANY country on Earth but that’s NEVER enough for you left wing zealots.
            Donald Trump will go down in history as one of our very BEST, right along side Abraham Lincoln. He’s KEEPING his word and that does a LONG way in politics.

          21. Kol says

            Most of the nonsense you say is really stupid!
            Laughable, but stupid.

          22. Bob Morton says

            Yeah for you, John E. Strom Jr.!!!! This is Bob’s wife.

          23. greenlantern1 says

            The Food For Belgium program was overseen by Herbert Hoover!
            The Hoover Foundation was run by a relative of his, Margaret Hoover!
            She also sat on a Belgian “education” panel!

          24. John E Strom Jr. says

            Can you read? Probably not since I’m guessing you’re from New York City. I was referring to the Paris Accords run by 28 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats sitting their bureaucratic asses in Belgium. Nowhere did either food or the Hoover Foundation invade my post. Learn to read – it’s FUNdamental.

          25. greenlantern1 says

            The Paris Accords were signed by ELECTED presidents!
            NOT by hanging chad!
            NOT by “butterfly” ballots!
            The pact was signed in Belgium!
            Remember reading about Herbert Hoover’s Food For Belgium program?

          26. John E Strom Jr. says

            They are appointed bureaucrats, NOT elected. They are accountable ONLY to those who appointed them. The Paris Accords is a bait and switch.

            In the process America loses its sovereignty. Screw the Paris Accords and the leftists who support it. I vote to keep America free. You can move to Europe do youcan feel right at home with your leftist buddies.

          27. John E Strom Jr. says

            The Paris Accords was NOT signed by OUR president. Thst’s what counts.

          28. greenlantern1 says

            Our president, President Barack Obama, signed the Paris Affords!
            PERFECTLY CLEAR??

          29. John E Strom Jr. says

            Ooops, stupid you, greenlantern1.

            The Paris Accords agreement, signed by FORMER [good riddance] president Hussein Obama was never RATIFIED. Can you say the world “RATIFIED” greenlantern1? So that “treaty” is not a valid treaty and President Trump has every right to terminate it.

            What do you find so appealing about 28 unelected, unaccountable European bureaucrats telling America what they must do? I want America to remain a sovereign nation and I want our people to have the freedoms our Founding Fathers fought and died for. Evidently YOU want a “global” community were we all live in harmony which has NEVER been and never will. I guess you want to be a slave? Go to Europe

          30. Kol says

            To the contrary, the Paris Accords were, indeed, signed by the President of the United States who was serving as President at that time. Stop blithering.

          31. John E Strom Jr. says

            Quit exhibiting your profound ignorance. ALL treaties MUST be ratified. Educate yourself you fool. The Paris Accords was NOT ratified by the senate because Obama [adios, Obama] KNEW the senate [majority Democrats] would NOT approve it. So stuff it Kol and quit trying to fool us.

          32. greenlantern1 says

            The NEW YORK TIMES is a FOREIGN newspaper?
            The NEW YORK POST is an AMERICAN newspaper?
            Doesn’t Trump have GLOBAL holdings?

          33. John E Strom Jr. says

            Who’s history books? The left wing from the University of East Anglia who doctored e-mails to get the right answers, brow beat those who disagreed with them? Who gives a running jump WHAT the Brits think. We will run OUR country as WE see fit – not the bureaucrats running the Paris Accord. Doesn’t that name sound so touchy feely? Paris Accord my rear end. Should rename it the Paris Hustle.

          34. NotJim says

            “bureaucrats running the Paris Accord”

            Speaking of Paris, just 770 km south of Paris is the ITER tokamak. This research project has been under way since 1954. Latest I saw, they think they might load some real fuel for an actual test (such a concept!) by 2025. Maybe. If the thing succeeds, CO2 greenhouse gas will become the punchline for jokes.

            But here are some headlines from Google Search that’ll cause indigestion:

            US advised to stick with troubled fusion reactor ITER : Nature News
            May 26, 2016 – The Department of Energy says the US should fund ITER until 2018, and then re-evaluate its progress.

            Note that the USA, naturally, is already substantially on the hook for this.

            Note also the size of the ITER footprint in the USA:

            US ITER

            The US ITER project engages more than 500 companies, laboratories and universities in 43 states plus the District of Columbia. As of June 2016, over $800M …

            ITER fusion project to take at least 6 years longer than planned – Science
            Nov 19, 2015 – The multibillion-dollar ITER fusion project will take another 6 years to build beyond the—now widely discredited—official schedule, a meeting of …

            So, of course, the USA is also responsible to quell the “scourge” of CO2 …

          35. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of Nixon’s “hard hat” riot in NYC?
            70 Americans, including 4 policemen, were hurt in that!
            20 were hospitalized!
            PROUD of that?

          36. John E Strom Jr. says

            As a matter of fact, no. But I’ll wager you’re going to tell us. Is this the “outraged homosexuals” causing a riot? That seems to be the only thing on your agenda. The world doesn’t live/die by what happens in New York City nor do we give a damned.

          37. greenlantern1 says

            Ever read about the Baltimore riots?
            Isn’t Baltimore in Maryland?
            Agnew’s Maryland?

          38. John E Strom Jr. says

            The recent riots by the forever angry blacks in Baltimore? What’s new?

          39. greenlantern1 says

            I am a Caucasian!
            I USED to be a REPUBLICAN!
            Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
            They were MURDERED by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
            Their gang leader was Clyven Bundy!
            Consider our worst gangsters.
            Al Capone!
            John Dillinger!
            Bonny and Clyde!
            I am VERY angry!!

          40. John E Strom Jr. says

            I don’t think Spiro Agnew actually owns Maryland

          41. greenlantern1 says

            Wasn’t Agnew a governor of Maryland?
            Clyven Bundy BOUGHT Malheuser?

          42. Kol says

            Worst.President.Ever: Trump Hypes Biased Poll That Still Shows Him …


            Apr 17, 2017 – From the day Donald Trump was inaugurated he has suffered through the lowest approval ratings of any president on record. And his repeated …

            Mass Appeal — Trump Is The Worst President Ever and Nobody Likes …


            May 1, 2017 – According to Gallup, Trump has consistently had the worst approval rating of any President since they first started doing the poll in 1953.

          43. greenlantern1 says

            President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, after he bolted from, the Republican party!
            He formed the UNION party!
            He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
            The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
            John Wilkes Booth was no lone assassin!
            Lewis Payne, Mary Surratt, David Herold and George Atzerodt were hanged!
            President Teddy Roosevelt was shot WHEN he bolted!
            He formed the BULL MOOSE party!
            To call them REPUBLICAN is character assassination!

          44. Rodney Steward says

            That’s the same thing Big Mike called her boyfriend, Opey!

          45. Walter H Richters says

            How old are you Wayneeeee? Old enough to remember who this country is as a nation? Doesn’t sound like it. By the way, there are over 22 million veterans. Over 75 percent are still patriots. That’s enough to save the nation if stupids like you keep trying the current Communist activities of attempting to “scare conservatives away from the podium at colleges and public speaking events. We have been patient and law abiding, but don’t take that as being scared of “rainbow/welfare abusing/communist bunnies”.

          46. Rodney Steward says

            Very good Walter!!

          47. rdells says

            U 2, dumdum

          48. k9maiden says

            Snowflakes, idiots protect the same people that would rape, torture, and murder them in a heartbeat, ESPECIALLY if they knew they were Gay, and these idiots are too stupid to realize that President Trump is protecting them. Like I told my Gay relative, who is also a professional, if BO got his way, Gays would be the first to be thrown off buildings and mowed down by the savages. What part of this is so hard for all of you to understand. He sure got it through his head, he had to agree with me, REMEMBER ORLANDO? Or is that somehow Trump’s fault? Remember BO’s words every single time his savage pals mowed down innocent Americans?
            “Don’t Jump to Conclusions!” Well President Trump will retaliate, and the savages know it, so either go see how long you last in a Middle Eastern Country or just be damn glad you live in the United States where you ARE allowed to be who you are!

          49. k9maiden says

            BTW, I have a neighbor who is an outspoken Lesbian from N.J. She was a strong Trump supporter because she is raising a son, and she KNOWS the danger of ISLAM and of the Whore of ISLAM should she have been able to steal the election. Not all Gays and Lesbians are stupid, but many are, because they honestly don’t have a clue about politics or what is really at store, if they did, they would NOT be Demoncraps.

          50. rdells says


          51. rdells says

            GFYS bigtime LOSER

          52. Bob Morton says

            It’s funny how Pres. Trump said during his rally in Iowa that it’s a good thing we weren’t demonstrators! Even if we were, it certainly wouldn’t be the violence that the liberals have demonstrated. This is Bob’s wife.

          53. Mathew Molk says

            Yea, like the Russian trained and Russian equipped Syrian pilot.

            Trump to Putin. Hey, UP YOURS!

          54. k9maiden says

            Oh dear, I do believe you are talking about Billy aren’t you? Again, brilliant reply from a Commie.

          55. Kol says

            Commie? Russia’s Communist Party today brags that it is Russia’s “republican” political faction nowadays! I know that because I have extended family in Russia and go there sometimes.

          56. Bob Morton says

            Can you get a one-way ticket next time and stay? If you have so many complaints about being here, then go where you’re wanted – no problem. This is Bob’s wife.

          57. Kol says

            Bob’s wife is a snot-nosed bitch.

          58. markypolo says

            Yeah, and Obama did a good job. You lazy ass idiot. Get off the drugs and get real JOB. Better still, start your own business, then you would discover what WORK is really like.

          59. Walter H Richters says


          60. Rodney Steward says

            Now that we have a real President, we may have some FULL time jobs to GET!

          61. Mathew Molk says

            The MSM is hiding it but there are real jobs popping up all over te

            place. At least in the “rustbelt” Buffalo to Detroit area. – Most of the work is in the private sector too.

          62. Rodney Steward says

            That’s great to hear, it’ll take time but what a difference it makes to have a person that actually loves this country instead of someone wanting to destroy it! If we could figure out what to do with the other destroyers, DEMS.!

          63. k9maiden says

            The DEMS need to change their name so the DEMS who don’t pay attention to politics and vote strictly their party KNOW that the new party is the DSA. Democratic Socialist of America. The Blue Dogs have been gone for years, and the DSA are out to destroy every aspect of this great country. They almost did until the vast “Silent Majority” of Americans came out to vote and saved our country from the brink of Communism. Blue Dogs would think twice about voting the D if they paid attention and KNEW that D is the Communist Party.

          64. Kol says

            I have family in Russia and I go there sometimes. One of my favorite laughs when I’m there is that Russia’s Communist Party today likes to boast that it is Russia’s “republican” political faction. They’re very conservative and very right wing!

          65. John E Strom Jr. says

            Family in Russia, huh? I’ll wager you are among the 24% of New York City dwellers who own everything. Am I right? Spending time back in Rodina with your old left wing communist comrades?

          66. rdells says

            You still spewing that mindless Bull Shit, k9?

          67. Rodney Steward says

            I TOTALLY agree K, in away I believe Obama and Hellary might have opened the eyes of this country and both were really not liked at all but hid by fake news! They had it planned out just exactly how to bring down this country or start a civil war! Now they have the super idiots in Waters, Pelosi and hate filled Warren that easy to see through, but thank God or Trump and like you said, we the people keeping up with what we DID NOT approve of under Obama!! We just may need 2 rounds of Trump!! 🙂

          68. rdells says

            You should burn that stupid board you’re skating around on Rodney!

          69. Bob Morton says

            Wasn’t a new planet just discovered? We need “volunteers” to check it out for sustainability and intelligent life. Oops! The spacecraft is one-way only. Oh well. This is Bob’s wife.

          70. Kol says

            That was Bob’s nasty bitch wife.

          71. Roger says

            DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater than ever before!

            President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
            Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the lying, fake news mainstream media couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her underhanded cheating and doing everything she could to rig the election including being fed the questions likely to be asked before the debates, couldn’t stop him and no one is going to stop him!
            President Trump did more in his first eight days than Obama did in eight years!

          72. Laddyboy says

            Agreed. The only thing that bothers me are the “cfr” and “trilateral” THUGS that are showing their heads.

          73. John E Strom Jr. says

            Beware the ones you CAN’T see like the and the ones you sort of trust – like Establishment Republicans – McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell et al There is a dangerous movement to have a coup d’ etat – bloodless or otherwise and suck us into the vortex of a New World Order where the UN controls us and America is no longer a free representational republic. We, with President Trump’s help, need to rid our cities, counties, states and federal government of the stranglehold they have on our lives. Do NOT vote to re-elect ANY of them – except for those very few genuine patriots.

          74. Wayne Smyer says
          75. Wayne Smyer says


          76. Wayne Smyer says


          77. Kol says

            What is your stupid comment supposed to mean!?!

          78. Wayne Smyer says


          79. Kol says

            Well, actually, both Russians and Americans are getting screwed ROYALLY by the Putin/Trump involvement and Trump’s ties with Russia. The citizenry of both countries already has been and is going to continue to be totally screwed by those two! Fasten your seatbelt.

          80. John E Strom Jr. says

            Liar. President Trump is reviled by the “Good Old Boy” networks of the Democrat Party AND the “Establishment” Republican Party. They BOTH like their corrupt systems, payoffs etc. And BOTH parties leadership IS corrupt from, on the Republican side, the Bush family to the speaker to the majority leader. About the only one I can think of who ISN’T tarnished, aside from President Trump is Trey Gowdy.

            You wave your accusations about Trump colluding with Putin and the Russians and offer ZERO proof. You’re just a motor mouth New York cretin who thinks he’s relevant. You aren’t dufus.

          81. Kol says


          82. John E Strom Jr. says

            Derp? Must be Yiddish, eh?

          83. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You have no credibility you lost 4 elections keep it up thanks to these morons below…..

          84. greenlantern1 says

            Trump “UNIVERSITY”?
            LIBERTY “COLLEGE”?

          85. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of Benghazi?
            What did Putin know?
            When did he know it?
            What did he tell Trump?
            Rush Limbaugh CLAIMED to have stand down cables!
            Where are they?
            Why didn’t he show them to Trey Gowdy?

          86. Kol says

            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again – Home | Facebook


            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again. 626 likes · 2 talking about this. In honor of President Donald Trump, let’s celebrate fear and…

            Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again – Top Documentary Films

   › Politics

            Rating: 5.9/10 – ‎251 votes

            What happens when an ego goes too far? That provocative question provides the prelude to the documentary Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again as …


          87. greenlantern1 says

            Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
            The charges?
            The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!

          88. rdells says

            Where did you get THAT incredible BS, Rodney? If you think der tRumpenfuehrer even cares about you, let alone will ever do something for you, your IQ is below 84. Fact. Oh, you did say “may have” so I take it all back!

          89. Robert says

            Do you even have an IQ?

          90. Kol says

            Well, hey, someone with an IQ like yours ought to have a low voice too!

          91. Mathew Molk says

            He isn’t THAT stupid. You have to be not only an idiot, but also nuts to start a business today.

          92. Nacoochee says

            fu”” U

          93. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          94. Mathew Molk says

            No where near as stupid as a commie snowflake like you.

          95. Wayne Smyer says


          96. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’m guessing YOU like boys, huh? How disgusting but whatever floats your boat Wayne. Just do yourself a favor – stay the Hell away from me. You’re pathetic and so is your lifestyle.

          97. Kol says

            You’re a bigot?

          98. John E Strom Jr. says

            YOU’RE one so why can’t I be one? Piss off you mutt.

          99. Kol says


          100. John E Strom Jr. says

            You have SUCH a cool vocabulary. You’re kind of outing yourself, hope you didn’t mind doing so. 🙂

          101. k9maiden says

            Absolutely right! I love my Gay relative and friends, not that I love their lifestyle, but I don’t discuss what they do, and they don’t shove it down my throat. Actually. I actually am friends with a Gay who disapproves of the Gay Pride Parades because he says it actually does the opposite of what it is suppose to accomplish. Especially when these men are wearing freaky, feminine costumes. But then, he is a physician, he hasn’t one piercing, is clean cut and is highly intelligent. Why is it necessary to be in your face. People dislike Evangelist being in their face, I am a Catholic, and I found it uncomfortable when someone was always trying to change my beliefs, because I believe in God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and I feel the same way about Gays, why is it they have to be in your face? I don’t personally like public displays of affection with heterosexual couples anymore than homosexual couples. I don’t mind hand holding, or hugging, but not flaunting your lifestyle straight or gay.

          102. John E Strom Jr. says

            Agreed. It’s that some LGBT feel the need to force us to accept them and if we don’t WE are the enemy. All that does is turn people off that otherwise might accept them.

          103. Kol says

            You smell like a bigot. Stink, stank, stunk.

          104. John E Strom Jr. says

            And YOU smell like a Rear Admiral. At least you know your tenses – I’ll give you that. All else is questionable

          105. Kol says

            Your first sentence sounds so stupid that I didn’t bother to read the rest.

          106. rdells says

            Good Nose, my friend!

          107. Robert says

            It sounds more like you are the BIGOT.

          108. Kol says

            How so? YOU are the one making bigoted statements, not me.

          109. Brenda Sinclair says


          110. Kol says

            When it Comes to Hateful Internet Speech, Christians Are the Worst …

            Jul 17, 2014 – The Internet is clearly a place for a lot of hateful people, including hateful Christians, to sound off. If they are anonymous, they can be the worst …

            Yes, Christians Spew the Most ‘Hateful Internet Speech’ — Charisma …


            Jul 23, 2014 – When it comes to hateful Internet speech, Christians are the worst. That’s the headline of an article by Washington Post columnist and OnFaith …

          111. Brenda Sinclair says

            sorry u feel that waymy father was a preacher all of his life, he taught from the bible, and if you know your bible, jesus told the truth, he called the pharrisees(now catholics) you viper snakes,God said it is an abomination for men to have sex with men who are you or me to doubt/deney Gods words and since God said it is an abomination i sure will never defend or even ok men having sex with men or animals or women having sex with women God destroyed two cities for homosexuals having sex with men, God burned those two cities to the ground and if God says it is an abomination i have same right to also say it, if you defend a sin you know is wrong you are no different than the one doing the sin, you help others to not sin by pointing out how wrong it is not by patting them and saying honey it is ok with me

          112. greenlantern1 says

            Both lesbians and homosexuals are barren.
            Why would they even want abortions?
            Are you OK with polygamy?
            How many abortions result from that?
            Any wrath when Trump promised restrooms to Jenner?
            Any more GAMES??

          113. 2Deep4_U says

            GOD ain’t said a Goddamn thing.
            Show me the book the God wrote you lying MF.
            All you have is a book that white man wrote about God, Now show me the book that God wrote about man ? You can’t because there’s no such thing.
            Stupid MF

          114. greenlantern1 says

            The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was written in 1776!
            The BOOK OF MORMON was written in 1830!
            Was Washington a Mormon??

          115. rdells says

            You phoney Christians are a hoot! You have no clue about the teachings of Christ. Or, is it just that you “know” forgiveness follows your wickedness?

          116. k9maiden says

            I agree with you, you weren’t the one that threw the first stone.

          117. Wayne Smyer says


          118. Wayne Smyer says


          119. Wayne Smyer says

            PUTIN’S PUSSY —-CAT?

          120. John E Strom Jr. says

            I guess you have trouble with your spelling or manure on your mind? Didn’t see combat but I did see four years active duty USMC. I guess my bad luck if seeing mangled bodies turns you on. How about you, Wayne? What have YOU done for your country? I’m guessing zip.

          121. Wayne Smyer says


          122. John E Strom Jr. says

            Where / when did “John” Wayne Smyer serve HIS country? I’m guessing NEVER. We DON’T have the tapes as sodomy is NOT a family value.

          123. Mary Brumley says

            I sincerely appreciate your service to our nation.
            But, however stupid We the Sane, Patriotic People may be doesn’t even come close to your stupidity!
            Also, posting a pic of the nature of your pic shows you are positively UnAmerican! I hate knowing we are most likely paying you a pension and your healthcare!

          124. Wayne Smyer says
          125. Mary Brumley says

            Stuff and nonsense!
            The crassness and tastelessness of this photo show the world that YOU are not a patriot. It is also unworthy of a person that “claims” to have served in our military.
            I wouldn’t know how many “patriots” served during wartime. If I had, I would not have wanted you to beside me. Or would it be “hiding” behind me?

          126. Wayne Smyer says


          127. Mary Brumley says

            Wayne S., I taught our nation’s children. I was a school teacher.

          128. John E Strom Jr. says

            Are you talking about our Lying Afrikan, gay SunKist brother Barack?

          129. Kol says

            Are you talking like a blithering idiot again?

          130. John E Strom Jr. says

            Truth hurts doesn’t it Kol. 😉 Our Lying SunKist Afrikan likes boys – there is hope for you. 😉

          131. Kol says

            From what I see, you still act like a blithering idiot… what for?

          132. John E Strom Jr. says

            And WHO gives a rat’s ass what you think Kol? I sure don’t. When you pull your sword remember – it cuts both ways.

          133. Kol says


          134. Brenda Sinclair says

            yep obama sure likes hot dogs the fbi term used for little boys look up obama ordered 65,000 worth of hotdogs from Chicago boys home, taxpayers money to throw a party in whitehouse basement for washington government elites rape little boys

          135. Retired says

            Never hope for a troll like Kol .

          136. rdells says

            LMAO! That is about as bald faced as a liar can get.

          137. Roger says

            Pic posted by moron extraordinaire!

          138. Robert says

            Did you receive a head injury or are you just a stupid democrat?

          139. Kol says

            Did YOU receive one or are you just a stupid republican?

          140. Wayne Smyer says
          141. Wayne Smyer says


          142. Wayne Smyer says
          143. Wayne Smyer says


          144. Kol says

            Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says controversial …


            Jan 31, 2016 – RIGHTMINDS: Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right As scientists discover how to ‘translate’ …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and …


            Dec 20, 2015 – Researchers have found a possible explanation for why certain people are prejudiced: they’re less intelligent. Children with lower general …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and Mail

   › Life › The Hot Button Blog

            Feb 3, 2012 – Children with lower general intelligence are more likely to become prejudiced as … explain is brought about by adopting right-wing ideologies.

          145. Wayne Smyer says


        3. Garys_opinion says

          You can’t tax anybody at 100% that would be slavery. They will either leave or quit working.

          1. Nacoochee says

            it’s 55% plus NOW!

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            They’re trying!

          3. Rodney Steward says

            Look who they control, they don’t work!!

          4. BeeCubed says

            The Dems already think of the general population of this country as slaves. Why would they care whether they take every penny of our money or not!

          5. Laddyboy says

            The DemocRAT-ick communist party has ALREADY stated that We Parents do not own OUR children. Therefore, the GOVERNMENT OWNS OUR CHILDREN?!
            In the REAL world, NO ONE OWNS the children. Children are only LOANED to We Parents for a short time. It IS OUR responsibility to prepare OUR children to leave home and live a GOOD, HONORABLE, TRUTHFUL, FAITHFUL, PEACEFUL LIFE, as we can, in this world while preparing for ETERNITY.

          6. Walter H Richters says

            Laddyboy, go back and look at recent history (within 100 years) at Hitler. The bastard did that very thing, took kids into a camp and “Hitlerized” them.

          7. Laddyboy says

            Walter Richters: If I am not mistaken Hitler or Stalin stated something like this: “Give me the children and I will rule the world”.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Liberals ARE trying. They LOVE spending other people’s money and are REALLY good at it. Our task is to give them as little of our money as is humanly possible. When it comes to taxes, the government comes first. Right after me!

          9. Mathew Molk says

            How dose none at all grab you? – Same with the Schools. They haven’t turned out a saleable product in over 30 years and give out HS diplomas that the graduates cant even read yet they still want pay raises. Cut them off all at the knees.

          10. John E Strom Jr. says

            Some schools do a pretty good job but most don’t. What the bad ones share in common is the NEA – National Education Association – a left wing group that has a stranglehold on America’s public schools. They should be declared a hostile agent and banned from our schools.

          11. Walter H Richters says


          12. John E Strom Jr. says

            The NEA must be destroyed and get rid of bad teachers.

          13. Ollie Octopus says

            Government public schools are doing such a poor job of education that only last week, Clark Howard, financial guru and national talk show host, said that today a young person would need two additional years of junior college to be equivalent to a high school diploma of 20 years ago.

          14. Ollie Octopus says

            How did our country get in this mess? The ground work started even before WWII. Dumb down the electorate, and we can get what we want. Then in 1979, thanks to Jimmy Carter, came the Federal Dept. of Un-education, Un-common Core, and Every Child Left Behind. Every child who attended a government school since 1980 has been subjected to brainwashing propaganda put out by the government. So, now we graduate kids that can’t read, do simple math, or have been taught little about U.S. history or our system of government. This has been by design and parents continue to send their precious children to government schools. Parents can only hope their kids will get home safe. Don’t take lunch money to school, and never wear high end sneakers. Because local politicians beg for federal money that always has strings tied to it, we will never have control over our local schools. Tell the feds where they can stick their federal money! Parents need to home school, or send their kids to a religious or private school. Sending your precious kids to a public government school is child abuse. I keep hearing: “Well, it might be like that in other schools but not in my child’s school.” Wake up, face the facts and get your kids out of those public education cesspools.

          15. Roger says

            You can have your employer direct deposit your withholding except social security into a savings account and you can collect the interest as little as it is instead of the government! If 100 million people don’t let the government have $50.00 of their money every week that means the government has five billion dollars less to use and collect interest on every week! Everyone has to pay income tax but not until the 15th of April!

          16. Emma says


          17. Mathew Molk says

            That’s not slavery, Slaves don’t get paid at all, but it is Communism where there is no private ownership and everybody works for the government and gets barely enough to pay eat.

          18. Laddyboy says

            Garys_opinion: You are now talking about TRUE communism where government FEELS that they own EVERYTHING – – – – even the People.

          19. Kol says

            I’m American, U.S.-born. I have extended family in Russia and have lived there at times for a few months at a time. One of the biggest laughs I have had whenever I go there is that Russia’s Communist Party nowadays loves to brag that it is Russia’s “republican” political faction today. And they’re very right wing, very conservative and narrow-minded.

          20. Laddyboy says

            Good to hear that. One question; What do you mean by “narrow-minded”?
            I did not know that Russia has a “representative” government.

          21. Bob Morton says

            He/She KOL keeps reiterating about family in Russia and it being “republican”. If he/she keeps bringing it up, maybe she misses it and should just go there where I’m sure that her “freedom of speech” will be more than welcome. Don’t keep repeating the same hum-drum speech. This is Bob’s wife.

          22. Kol says

            That was Bob’s snot-nosed bitchy wife again.

          23. Bill says

            Oh! This must be snot-nosed, bitchy Kol again.

          24. Laddyboy says

            I see that kol does not answer questions. Too me, this makes kol a TROLL. Therefore, No more responding to kol.

          25. rdells says


          26. Kol says

            Laddyboy —
            How come you’re so dopey that you use “too” when you should say “to”???? That’s really stupid! LOL!

          27. billdeserthills says

            How come You are sooo dopey that You run around trying to correct your Betters, unAmerican pos Kol??

          28. Retired says

            KOL is a troll .

          29. Laddyboy says

            Retired; From kol’s response to Bob’s wife, I understand kol is a DemocRAT-ick communist party member. These individuals FEEL they should respond with ignorant abusive name calling.

          30. Rodney Steward says

            Kol-Aid is a Liar and full of crap, I’ve caught him in several lies, and when you confront him with it he changes the subject!! You’re right, ignore him!

          31. richard king says

            When you try to reason with Kol, his response is “derp”. Strike that as unresponsive, and unworthy of further discussion.

          32. Kol says

            Au contraire, if you had even a little common sense you’d have looked up the definition of the word “Derp.” LOL! But instead you flaunt your deliberate ignorance. Good laugh… thanks!

          33. Rodney Steward says

            Well Kol-Aid, I see you’re being your usual Trouduc self today! 🙂

          34. Kol says

            And I see you’re acting like a total idiot ..or like a jackass… as usual.
            Почему вы так поступаете?

          35. Rodney Steward says

            OHHH Kol-Aid don’t be such a Connard my friend!!

          36. Kol says

            Почему вы выступаете как полный идиоt?

          37. Rodney Steward says

            OHHH, so you’re a Kafir like the rest of us!!

          38. Kol says

            Right wing extremist disgrcing America!

          39. Rodney Steward says

            I know what you mean, I don’t know what the derp BS is either!

          40. Kol says

            Look it up. If you don’t even have a dictionary you can find it online.

          41. Rodney Steward says

            Wasn’t in mine, I tried to look it up a while back, maybe you’re spelling it wrong yourself!

          42. Kol says

            Nope. You’re the one having the problem. LOL!! Maybe it’s your IQ?

          43. Rodney Steward says

            Could be, maybe it’s your spelling!! 🙂

          44. Kol says






            used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.

            “Lower tax rates and far lower job creation. Derp”


            noun: derp


            foolishness or stupidity.

            “the derp heard outside apparently was only the tip of the iceberg”

          45. Rodney Steward says

            So it’s made up bullshi$ on your part!! NICE!!

          46. Kol says

            Not at all. It’s from Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionary websites. Why are ou acting like an ass? Does it have some purpose as far as your “thinking”??

          47. Rodney Steward says

            That’s the dictionary I’ve got, and maybe I have been a little harsh, been a long day! 🙂

          48. Kol says

            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again – Home | Facebook


            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again. 626 likes · 4 talking about this. In honor of President Donald Trump, let’s celebrate fear and…

            Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again | Part 1 (Documentary …

            ▶ 40:19


            Jul 12, 2016 – Uploaded by Reich-Wing Watch

            Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again | Part 1 (Documentary). Reich-Wing Watch … Please try again …

          49. Kol says

            Never Trump Conservatives — Donald Trump Still Hasn’t Won Them …


            May 30, 2017 – There are several reasons some conservatives continue to attack … That is why, after vigorously opposing Trump’s candidacy during the …

            Donald Trump — Conservatives Should Stand against Him | National …


            Jan 21, 2016 – In a National Review symposium, prominent conservatives write against Donald Trump and his presidential campaign …

            The Conservative Uprising Against the GOP Health-Care Bill – The …


            Mar 6, 2017 – The Conservative Uprising Against the Republican Health-Care Bill … President Trump gave the bill a boost on Twitter, but the White House …

            List of Republicans who opposed the Donald Trump presidential …


            This is a list of notable Republicans and conservatives who announced their opposition to the election of Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party nominee …

          50. Kol says

            Interestingly enough, I even found a translation for “derp” in a new Oxford English-Russian dictionary and also in a new English-Russian-Turkish dictionary my young Russian kid just bought. But, never mind, no doubt I’m talking way above your intellectual level, eh?

          51. Rodney Steward says

            I guess it’s an UnAmerican thing, you’re the only person I’ve seen use it! I really don’t want to use it, it sounds stupid!

          52. Kol says

            It’s an English word coined in America within recent years, so not “UnAmerican”… … Why would a word “sound” stupid… it’s just a word. altho’ probably slang originally.

          53. Rodney Steward says

            OH yes, slang, why I couldn’t find it!

          54. Kol says

            As I told you it probably was slang at one time, however, it no longer is. So you weren’t all that bright if you could not find it as it IS now found in both printed dictionaries and online dictionaries. Spin, twist and distort some more if you enjoy it. LOL!

          55. Kol says






            used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.

            “Lower tax rates and far lower job creation. Derp”


            noun: derp


            foolishness or stupidity.

            “the derp heard outside apparently was only the tip of the iceberg”

          56. Kol says

            You would have to be REASONABLE (capable of “reasoning”) before you can reason with somebody else,. Fix your problem.

          57. Kol says

            CHALLENGE: Point one out.

          58. Kol says

            Donald Trump Reportedly Tried to Blackmail the ‘Morning Joe’ Co …


            Donald Trump Reportedly Tried to Blackmail the Morning Joe Co-Hosts With a National Enquirer Story. By. Jay Willis. 11 minutes ago. Facebook · Twitter · Email.

          59. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          60. Kol says

            ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts: Trump, National Enquirer Blackmailed Us Over …


            1 hour ago – ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts: Trump, National Enquirer Blackmailed Us Over Coverage … of blackmailing them with a potentially damaging story in the National … and it was, you know, Donald is — the President is friends with the guy …

            Morning Joe hosts say Trump tried to blackmail them with National …


            3 hours ago – Morning Joe hosts say Trump tried to blackmail them with National Enquirer hit-piece. Top White House aides promised the story would go ..

          61. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            More Fake news Moron!!!!!!!! America Laughs at you keep up it you are at 28% and dropping like a liberal ass O!

            M ORNING jOE AND IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Low class and low energy like you lol


          62. Bill says

            How about this: “No Muslim invasion of Europe.” May as well start with an easy one.

          63. Kol says

            What else can one call a snot-nosed, nasty bitch other than a snot-nosed, nasty bitch??? She started it, not me. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

          64. Kol says

            Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again | Part 1 (Documentary …

            ▶ 40:19


            Jul 12, 2016 – Uploaded by Reich-Wing Watch

            Donate: Check out my new anti-Trump ad!

            Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again | Part 2 (Documentary …

            ▶ 28:35


            Sep 10, 2016 – Uploaded by Reich-Wing Watch

            Like Reich-Wing Watch on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: https …

          65. greenlantern1 says

            Deport those that support the firing upon OLD GLORY at Fort Sumter!!
            Deport modern day CONFEDERATES!!

          66. Walter H Richters says

            By the by, the real America was founded by Christians for Christians. Not those who “hate God”.

          67. greenlantern1 says

            America was founded, by Christians, in 1776!
            The BOOK OF MORMON was written in 1830!
            Fake CHRISTIANS?
            Fake Americans?

          68. Walter H Richters says

            greenlantern1, I’m not going to judge anyone’s religion. I am not religious. I simply accepted Jesus Christ at His Word, and did not write my own book changing what Jesus Himself said and did. I’m sure you can find a Bible and read it yourself. I fully recommend that you do. What you recieve from that reading is between you and the Holy Spirit of God. He is an entity just like Jesus and His Daddy. Three entities. That is what the Bible says. I choose to take the Bible at face value. (by the way, God created the USA. You will discover that and many other facts if you take the time to read the Bible. (not the book of Mormon) Your choice.

          69. Kol says

            And one of our strongest founding principles was “separation of church and state.”

          70. wired says

            If you live here he’s yours too like it or not Kol now its L O L at you!

          71. Kol says


          72. Kol says

            Make America Hate Again – The New York Times


            Jul 22, 2016 – Long after we’ve forgotten Trump’s closing speech — that paean to self, that nightmare portrait of an America where the lights have gone out …

            Making America Hate Again: Trump’s War On Civil Society | HuffPost


            Oct 25, 2016 – Has it been only five paranoid, divisive, dishonest, self-pitying, conspiracy-filled, societally degrading days of Donald Trump since Wednesday …

            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again – Home | Facebook


            President Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again. 626 likes · 2 talking about this. In honor of President Donald Trump, let’s celebrate fear and…

            Make America Hate Again – AVC


            Jan 29, 2017 – Make America Hate Again. I’ve kept my mout


          73. Walter H Richters says

            Well, your right about one thing, that group of news media are HATEFUL LYING INFIDELS. Ok, now you can accept that you DON’T BELONG HERE. You will never “belong” to this group. You must have been rejected by your own group so you are looking for a place to “belong”, to “count for something”, a reason to “exist”. Well, the good news is……………even though we don’t “love you” Jesus does. You can find him at Sign in to “Study” and “audio/video” and pick any Pastor there. My favorite is Chuck Missler. Now, go get saved and then you will truly belong here. You will even learn to appreciate what a true non-political President is attempting to do for this Nation and change your mind. Good Luck. Hope you make the right decision.

          74. richard king says

            You have the wrong guy. Obama was the great divider. Race relations became much worse under his presidency, he was a true racist, and hired racists like Eric Holder, his first attorney general.

          75. Walter H Richters says

            KOL, you are a stupid individual. You need to go back to Russia. I was almost on your side until you posted this. You are actually an UGLY Troll. Your mind is very UGLY, and if you can post this about a great man who could be living a life of ease instead of working to get the Nation BACK ON TRACK TO BEING GREAT AGAIN, your mind is ruined. Hope for you is only to learn of Jesus Christ and follow Him.

          76. wired says

            Bull chit OMuslim separated this country worse than any other President in history . First by race , age , beliefs and church the dirty HOMO he is !

          77. Kol says

            Search Results

            18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women …


            Aug 19, 2015 – Donald Trump claims to “cherish” women, but his actions ― and words … Later, Trump called Kelly a “bimbo” and said that he “didn’t ….. Another Day, Another Tweet From Your President About How Much He Hates Women.

            Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

   › Lifestyle › Women › Politics

            7 hours ago – Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal. These are just some of the names that Donald Trump has called women. The President of the United …

          78. Lizzie2 says

            Are you kidding me! You who manipulates wording in such chidish ways? That’s the definition of hipocrital!

          79. Rodney Steward says

            Are you Kol-Aid’s woman!

          80. Kol says

            Correct spelling – hypocritical… …

          81. Rodney Steward says

            HA, HA, HA, I like that, that was good of you KOL!!!

          82. Kol says

            What can I say,… I just like to think that people who come into these public forums have something a little more than 5th grade “intellect” so they don’t waste other people’s time engaging in meaningless talk…

          83. Rodney Steward says

            🙂 🙂

          84. Kol says

            Keep that in mind when YOU post… …

          85. Kol says

            Trump is a threat to national security – The Washington Post


            Feb 14, 2017 – The Post reported that on Saturday at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, informed of a North …

            The Single Greatest Threat To Our National Security Is Donald Trump …


            May 11, 2017 – The Trump administration’s use of our national security apparatus for political gain poses the single greatest threat to the security of the United …

            Trump is making it harder to keep America safe (Opinion) –


            May 17, 2017 – By Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst … “We face one of the most serious terror threat environments since the 9/11 attacks as …

            Trump’s falsehoods pose a real threat to U.S. national security …


            Mar 22, 2017 – The false statements coming out of Trump’s White House pose real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.

          86. Rodney Steward says

            🙂 🙂

          87. Bill says

            It’s good if you can get through sixth grade, too. Keep trying.

          88. Kol says

            Search Results

            18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women …


            Aug 19, 2015 – Donald Trump claims to “cherish” women, but his actions ― and words … Later, Trump called Kelly a “bimbo” and said that he “didn’t ….. Another Day, Another Tweet From Your President About How Much He Hates Women.

            Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

   › Lifestyle › Women › Politics

            7 hours ago – Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal. These are just some of the names that Donald Trump has called women. The President of the United …

          89. Laddyboy says

            Liz: Nope! Not kidding. I am writing in English, if you do not know it.
            The Definition of “hipocrital” is shown to America by the DemocRAT-ick communist party members who are against the dully, lawfully elected President Trump, unlike the FRAUDULENTLY APPOINTED ‘b.h.00bama/soetoro/sobarkah/davis/WHOEVER his name is this week’.

          90. Kol says

            Hey, that’s cute… Donald Trump is “dully” and lawfully elected. Yes, he is rather dull!

            When it comes to you using stupid buzz words like “communist” here’s what I think… I’m U.S.-born American and I have extended family in Russia. I’ve lived there sometimes for long periods to be close to certain ones. And one good laugh we always have is that Russia’s Communist Party today likes to brag that nowadays it is Russia’s “republican” political faction. They’re very right wing extremist and conservative.

          91. Laddyboy says

            Glad to hear you are U.S. born. Why are you not supporting the LAWFULLY VOTED IN President. Why do you use negative words about an individual that has proven himself capable of success in the REAL world. I do not like “CUT ‘N’ Paste”. You NEVER answered my question. When you critique others and then never answer a reasonable question brought up in your critique, that leaves a VERY LARGE QUESTION about your sincerity.

          92. Kol says


          93. Kol says

            Capable of success, definitely, by destroying healthcare for many millons of people to make himself richer. Not much interested in ethics, is he? LOL! And I really do not care whether you like “CUT ‘N’ Paste” as you put it. That’s just your way of saying you don’t like what it said. Your problem, not mine. As far as looking at Donald Trump negatively, he’s a very negative, appalling, nasty person — very negative stench about him.

          94. Bill says

            Yeah, as long as the President is a good socialist, not taking away Obama’s medical scam and being sure to promote a divisive, freedom-destroying, leftist agenda, that’s what Kol can support. You would think Kol might read about Russia’s painful Soviet history and wake up.

          95. Bill says

            I have to appreciate Lizzie2’s assistance. Every time I look up “hipocrital”, I just don’t get a hit. It’s good to have a clear definition out there.

          96. rdells says

            Truth burns, eh?

          97. Kol says

            “Retired” is senile and a FAKE “Christian”… …

          98. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          99. Kol says

            You’re so stupid you write “your” when you ought to write “you’re”!!


          100. Walter H Richters says

            You have no idea what Christianity is KOL, you are just a confused BABY. Sad to see. Go home to your Mother Russia. They will be attacking God’s Israel before too long and we true Christians will simply “gone”. Check out the site I gave you unless you actually want to be “left behind”. You might want to watch that show too.

          101. Thomas Lewis says

            No one can survive without an income. If you tax 100% of a workers pay it is slavery. If your workers quit because of your 100% tax, they will still need money to survive and will have little choice but to go back to work or go on welfare. Welfare has all sorts of rules designed to keep people dependent on the system. Not much difference between the Working State and the Welfare State
            Everyone becomes a slave.

        4. John E Strom Jr. says

          They LOVE spending OPM (Other People’s Money) Trouble is, they’re now out of Other People’s Money. Liberals couldn’t organize a pissup in a brewery.

        5. jimmy midnight says

          I don’t BELIEVE much of anything, and know way better than to think that any Human who has learned to speak is stupid. However, I know 4 a fact that you’re VERY poorly informed.

          That CAN function just like a lack of intellectual capacity. Somehow getting at these grotesque accumulations of personal wealth really can fix all our problems. That’s how extreme economic inequality has become over the last three decades.

          1. Rodney Steward says

            Look no further than LBJ, and it’s still true, they OWN them my friend and they don’t even know it! Who’s uninformed!

        6. Ollie Octopus says

          Thanks to our education system, both public and college, we have an untold number of snowflakes who will vote for the Dems no mater what. They are no longer able to think for themselves and follow a herd mentality.

        7. chucky001 says

          As for conservatives being stupid and deplorable, it is not what we believe, it is what we KNOW. Mueller is well regarded by BOTH parties. As someone who claims to be a vet, who claims to have fought to defend our freedoms, wouldn’t you want any and all threats to those freedoms investigated, no matter what? By opposing this investigation of the Trumpster, you are playing into Putin’s hands. You might as well wear your trousers BACKWARDS, with a sign above the zipper that reads “reserved for Vladimir Putin”. Like Trumps does. Worried vet? More like CLUELESS vet. And NO, I DON’T thank you for your service, because you do not value what you were supposedly fighting for.

      2. Rosie says

        How right you are! It’s like putting foxes in charge of the hen house! Completely and totally beyond belief!

      3. papa doug says


      4. John E Strom Jr. says

        And AG Jeff Sessions sits, thumb in bum, brain in neutral.

      5. Mathew Molk says

        I’d say so, but then why is the goofy broad that did the very same thing as commie Comey being held incommunicado without bond and Comey walking around like he owns DC?

        What’s up with that AG Sessions?

      6. Rob D says

        Hang ’em all!

      7. greenlantern1 says

        Tell THAT to an AMERICAN judge!!

      8. richard king says

        Mueller is supposed to be some paragon of virtue. He hires only Clinton acolytes as co=counsel. Does he think we’re all stupid? What the hell is he doing, anyway? The whole Russian thing has been discredited.

    2. Worried Vet says

      I think it’s paying back favors. Also it’s a witch hunt using all those liberals who hate Trump. I’m afraid if they try to railroad POTUS or his staff with anything that looks fishy it will start a civil war. People are so fed up with this crazy double standard. Hillary can get away with treason and POTUS asks to help a friend and it’s obstructing justice. They have lost their freaking minds if they think the Trump voters will sit back and allow them to screw POTUS. I. Know I won’t.

      1. Maria says

        I second that, no way will we allow this to happen. I’m afraid to think what will happen to our country if he is taken out of the WH, we will be doomed.

        1. Thomas Peterson says


        2. chucky001 says

          There’s no way you can stop it. And I look forward to your doom. BUWAHAHAHAHA

          1. Retired says

            You will be the first to scream after you lose your life style to China , if you would pay attention China is doing nothing about the invasion of ISIS in the far east as well as North Korea and its crazy leader . Save yourself a bowl to stand on the street corner begging for a bowl of rice ration .

          2. Mathew Molk says

            If it does you will not be around to see how it ends. You have my personal guarantee on that, snowflake.

        3. Bob Morton says

          I third that.

      2. chucky001 says

        Potus is screwing himself without your help.

        1. john says

          Upchucky666 !

        2. gvette says

          Well upchucky, you notice your gay Muslim buddy Barry, is staying out of the country. This will all lead back to him, and he knows it.

          1. Rodney Steward says

            The WHOLE Obama Tribe will be in trouble, but they do have that race card in their pocket!!

          2. gvette says

            LOL..I’m not sure that will work well now!

          3. Rodney Steward says

            They probably chunked them thinking they pulled everything off!

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Let’s make this simple. GET LOST Commie.

          We won, You lost, Get over it or get out. The frogs said they will send all the malcontent liberals we can send them.

          And wait ’till 2018 – The President is so disliked we ae 5 for 5 in the run off elections with the NWO Marxists putting on a maximum effort in GA. – Face facts, snowflake. You useful idiots and your commissars and their leaders are done for.

      3. Rosie says

        Me neither. I’ll back up Trump’s presidency all day, every day.

      4. Retired says

        The Democrats are so desperate that they would check the toilet paper Trump used if it was not flushed .

      5. Mathew Molk says

        None of us will, but they are shooting blanks,,,,No mater what even if they came up with some half bakes impeachment, (Which is about as likely as somone standing on their head and spitting wooden nickles, all we need to make it go away is 34 senators. No reason to even discuss it any further.

        Let’s concentrate on this instead.
        MAGA Love it or get the hell out!

    3. chucky001 says

      Said the man who wears his trousers BACKWARDS, with a sign above the zipper that reads “Reserved for Vladimer Putin”

      1. Worried Vet says

        Another blind liberal troll to block. You can’t say anything but nasty stuff, never no facts just lame responses with out coming up with an original thought. I stopped wasting my time with trolls. Bye now.

        1. Rosie says

          Worried Vet, this Chuckwagon isn’t only blind, he’s dumb and deaf too! He’s going against doctor’s orders again by not taking his meds.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            And by not having his sex partners use a rubber.

          2. Kol says

            Too bad your “daddy” used one with a hole in it. LOL! Didn’t your mother know that?

          3. Rosie says

            LMAO! Yes, that too!!!

      2. Retired says

        Putin would straighten you out in 30 seconds , he love Demon Rats . Most are taken off of the street for special treatment that you would not survive .

          1. Wayne Smyer says

            PUTIN’S PUSSY????

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Trump is president, embrace the suck for the next 8 years. 🙂

          3. Mathew Molk says

            We have Mile Pence ready to take over for the next 8 after that.

            The NWO Marxist (AKA democrat) party will never again be a viable force in this century, if ever again at all. The royal exalted boma and cackling witch made that a certainty and Blow-see and Chuck the Schmuck and their ilk are making it irreversible for once and for all. – Done for good.

          4. Kol says

            Mike pence, the Religious Hypocrite!

          5. Rodney Steward says

            One thing they all have in common, they’re all GAY!!!! LOL

          6. Rodney Steward says

            BINGO, Nailed it again my friend!! LOL

          7. Kol says

            Advice From Pussy Riot: How to Defy Putin and Trump | Foreign Policy


            Mar 20, 2017 – Nadya Tolokonnikova, a lead artist of the punk group Pussy Riot, offers her thoughts on how women can fight leaders like Putin and Trump …

            Pussy Riot band leader on Trump and Putin’s similarities –


            Jun 5, 2017 – “Fight the power” — almost no one embodies this mantra of the American hip hop group Public Enemy better than Russian Pussy Riot band …

          8. Mathew Molk says

            You respond to your own bullshit and lies? – How does that work?

          9. Kol says

            A lot of people respond to your bullshit and lies, I’ve noticed.

        1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
        2. Wayne Smyer says


      3. Mathew Molk says

        Obama? – “When I am re-elected you can come to the bath house with me”

        1. Kol says

          You really DON’T understand how stupid you sound most of the time, do you?

    4. jackieray says

      it’s all about jobs 14 more democrats on the government tit with no end in sight

    5. Retired says

      They have been out to lunch for decades destroying the middle class , remember the rich do not want the middle near them and there are a lot of RICH Democrats more than people realizes .

      1. Terry says

        Democrats the party of elite rich Socialist . This is not the party of the working man any longer . Actually it really never was they just have so many open in your face socialist today there just letting the wolfs clothing drop to the floor . Almost had it wrapped up and then came President Trump to the rescue and they can’t figure out where they went wrong ? They didn’t count on so many Americans that want to keep America , America the land of the free . God help us reed America of Socialist ideology !

    6. elmcqueen3 says

      When Mueller appointed an Attorney who works for the Clinton Foundation “common sense” would dictate “something is just not right in Denmark”…Whoops…wrong country.

    7. James Langham says

      The same “crap” and “waste of taxpayers money” the repugs have, for the last 30+ yrs, endlessly investigated the Clintons without 1 indictment or more importantly 1 conviction. Now that’s really “assinine” and way “beyond ridiculous.”

      1. frodnum says

        Fact is Clinton lied to congress he was impeached then disbarred.
        I did not have sex with that women, Remember?
        Of course how would you know with your head so far up Hillarys backside.
        You must still be buttsore. Hahaha…………..

        1. James Langham says

          Oh yeah, I remember that. He shouldn’t have lied, even tho it was only over a “high crime” bj. The original charge in the Whitewater “witch hunt” produced no indictment/conviction, as with all the other Clinton investigations. Same thing will happen to the orange Emperor, except, not only will he be convicted of lying, there’s also obstruction, but more importantly, his financial crimes, which are extensive, reaching around the world from NYC to Russia, Cyprus and beyond.

          1. john says

            Lameham !

          2. Kol says

            As a “john” you need some toilet bowl cleaner and a good scrub brush. Stink, stank, stunk.

          3. James Langham says

            Says the “crapper”

          4. Mathew Molk says

            You better do a perform a quick reality check, kid. – You will find we are getting stronger every day. You better watch it or your head will end up on some deplorables pitchfork.

          5. James Langham says

            WOW! What a BIG little man.

          6. nocbsfan says

            Hey when you get thru writing your history book, can I burn a copy, uhh buy a copy.

          7. Rodney Steward says

            I’ll buy half of it, Sears is out of business around here, pine combs are tough!

          8. nocbsfan says

            Kinda what I had in mind

          9. Rodney Steward says

            Name ONE financial crime that you know was a FACT!

          10. Mathew Molk says

            And just where are you going to get the Senators to vote to convict him, expecially with only bogus and fabricated evidence. – This bullshit is already finished. Just a dog and pony side show.

            If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and we do not solve problems. We eliminate them.

            MAGA! Love it or get out.

      2. john says

        Remember how stupid you commiecrats were to elect a criminal that said ” I smoked it but didn’t inhale “..You commies are absolutely stupid.stupid stupid stupid……

        1. Kol says

          I’m American. I have extended family in Russia. I’ve been there several times for long periods to spend time with them. One thing I always like to laugh out loud abouot is that nowadays Russia’s Communist Party likes to boast that it is Russia’s “republican” political faction today! And they are very conservative and right wing!! :-)))

      3. gvette says

        It’s coming. KKKlinton isn’t out of the woods yet. You don’t get a lot of news on your knees, do you.

        1. Rodney Steward says

          LOLOLOL,…………… OOHHHH that was gooood!

          1. gvette says

            The left think they won that one. Not so much. postponed, yes. I’ll try and have faith in the current DOJ. You’ll notice Barry doesn’t seem to want to be back in the USA now.

          2. Rodney Steward says

            He might be learning, the art to building your own mud hut! 🙂

          3. gvette says

            A funny thought, yes, but closer to the truth is his connection to all the bullshit, that could land him in jail.

          4. Rodney Steward says

            Exactly, we both know that we’d go to jail for so much less, but politicians very seldom do, at times they do seem to be above the law, the Clinton’s for sure!

          5. gvette says

            The up side is, they are going to find this will hit Barry, and the KKKlintons. That’s why it’ll be a slow process. Those in Washington, want o crash Trump, but save the left. LOL..You know investigators don’t want to end up dead!

          6. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, I know what you mean, you can’t accomplishment much D-E-A-D !! 🙂 But yes it’ll destroy any hope of Obama having a legacy, soon it’ll be Obama WHO!

          7. gvette says

            I laugh Rodney, it’s getting close to that now. The press is still trying to keep gay Barry relevant. Most of us would just as soon see him fade away. Even some DemonRATS want him gone.

          8. Rodney Steward says

            I I agree most would fade away, he really did more harm to the the Dem. party than even most Dems can imagine and now they have the Retard sisters Waters, Pelosi and Warren that should cost another 1,000 seats, then top it off with Keith Ellison the muslim, it looks bad and they better hope old Soros lives forever he’s all they got!

          9. gvette says

            I love it Rodney. The retard sisters. Sums it all up.
            Soros son will take over.

          10. Rodney Steward says

            Yeah, he has 2 of the rug rats I’m sure he’s trained very well, I’m sure we won’t be lucky enough for a Drone to stray off course on a Christmas get together!

          11. Mathew Molk says

            What legacy? It’s all but gone already.

          12. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, I totally agree my friend, and pretty sure the same will be said about Pelosi!!

        2. James Langham says

          Apparently you do! Probably from FAKE NEWS, Breitbart and Drumpf’s propaganda network, FOX News.

          1. gvette says

            LOL…fake news is what you on the left live on.Like I said,t here’s a reason why gay Muslim Barry isn’t coming home, anytime soon.

          2. James Langham says

            LOL….You sound exactly like one of those Russian Trolls they planted through out Social Media in order to affect the election for the Orange King.

          3. gvette says

            You’re the only troll on this page. Even your DemonRAT politicians are getting quiet on that. LOL..It didn’t work. Your pal Barry won’t come back into the country, because this will lead to him, and killary. Remember, Killary got lots of money on the uranium one transfer of uranium to Russia! Get off your knees. Sucking DemonRT dicks, is fucking up your mind, what little one you have.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Social Media? Get real snowflake. Republicians don’t buy anything from you SJW pules.

            Face it little boy. It’s over for you and all your safe zone comrades. After 2018 we will hear no more about you.

            France will thke you, though. It’s an entire country of cowards with their hands out waiting for the free stuff. I’d hurry and get there, though. It will be like Greece before too much longer.

          5. James Langham says

            Well, dewdrops, what is SJW pules. That Russian you speaking? Maybe you and your ilk should move to Russia since Drumpf and all you Drumpfters worship Putin so much.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        It aint over ’till it’s over there, snowflake.

        The bitch was guilty as sin but Comie Comey succeeded in a white wash, right on national TV. The biggest miscarriage of justice I ever saw in my 70 years.

    8. Janeway says

      I remember another politician who hired many lawyers to cover up his birth certificate…

    9. pappy450 says

      THAI is what SCUMOCRATS DO…WASTE taxpayer dollars. AND what I understand is the “lawyers” he hired are all SCUMOCRATS and HITLERY “donors”.. CONFLICT OF INTEREST??? YOU BET. What ever happened to “FAIR” ALL should recuse themselves and DROP this CHARADE.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        How do we SP their pay checks? – Take them out of the Budget next September and see how fast they disappear. The budget comes up again in like 90 days, you know and this time no more MR. Nice guy.

    10. Susan Lindauer says

      Get this– Mueller’s apparently fixated on how Jared Kushner’s real estate company got a $285 MILLION loan from DeutscheBank ONE MONTH BEFORE Election Day. Consider that loan approval requires many months of preparation. During that entire time, the NYT, WaPo and ALL the others ABC, CNN, MSNBC shouted FAKE polls declaring Trump would lose the election! Hillary would win a landslide. So If DeutscheBanke was guided by expectations for the election outcome, a Trump win could never have been a factor. See how silly that is?? Most Americans would just as soon forget that acrimonious election campaign altogether.

    11. k9maiden says

      Most Americans want us to get down to the real business of cleaning up the mess the Communist/Muslim made of this country, but NO, it doesn’t matter how many times President Trump will be proven innocent, the loons will have to find one little thing to keep probing so they have hopes of getting him out of office. Yet, President Trump ignores these whiney little infantile enemies of America and continues to do a phenomenal job improving the economy, unemployment, keeping illegals out of this country, and keeping big business in America instead of going over seas. In 8 years, what did BO do? Golf, vacation, golf, campaign, golf, go on Letterman and have Hollywerido parties, golf, go on lavish vacations, and GOLF.

    12. greenlantern1 says

      Aren’t we supposed to be for LAW AND ORDER??

    13. Gen11American says

      They aren’t “out to lunch” at all, not unless they’re holding another luncheon meeting while they conjure up additional false charges they can stick our president with! Both Trump and Congress seem to be totally underrating the threat, or else Congress is just as complicit, and just as eager to bring about Trump’s downfall. Only way to stop that is to Tweet the Traitors and warn them they’ll be voted out of office in 2018 unless they bring the Mueller/Comey Conspiracy to an END!

    14. Jim says

      This old dude is past his prim.He is a Demc. has been, if he is so smart why does he need 14 jug heads.

    15. James King says

      The hearing on Benghazi took 2 years and cost over $7 million in tax payer dollars and produced nothing that the prior inquiries didn’t

      The intelligence sommunity is united in agreement that the Russians messed with our elections. Why don’t you want to know what the russians did??

      Why don’t you want to know why Flynn lied to congress and the FBI about his contacts with Russia??

    16. Gary Smith says

      waste of money we are already deep in debt

    17. Gary Smith says

      We are ready very deep in debt just spend more

    18. John E Strom Jr. says

      The whole lot of them, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are a part of an anti-American group seeking to topple this government. Mueller is a close friend of Comey and SHOULD, if he had a lick of integrity, step down. Don’t hold your breath. Rosenstein appointed Mueller and they’re close buddies as well. Andrew McCabe had a personal vendetta against Gen. Flynn which started much of this because Flynn was defending a woman who had accused McCabe and others of sexual harrassment. Where oh where is the NOW Gang of lesbians?

      President Trump and AG Sessions should clean out the stable. The horse manure is knee deep with a LOT of anti-America, New World Order types. Get rid of ALL of them.

  6. Avatar says

    I agree with prayers in school, as long as they are NOT all Christian!
    Other denomations should be included as well; this is the rype of
    education we need to instill in our children. No one should try to
    convince his/her religion is thee ONLY ONE.

    1. Rosech Levy says

      Well islam is not a religion, so no need to allow them prayer in our schools, Jews are not Christians but practice their faith usually in private or in their homes (I am from a Jewish background), so as far as most we can see are Christians. Buddhists also don’t pray in schools, nor the Japanese Shinto and like Jews are not Christians. Our Republic was found on Judeo/ Christian principles, but being Christians we have nothing against the others, except islam/muslims as is a nasty killing cult and mentally primitive from 1400 yrs. of inbreeding and schools here have found their average IQ is 80 and are not really teachable, so they are almost all on our welfare and hating us at the same time. Trump had mentioned a safe space for them in the ME where there is their culture and frankly that is the best idea and place for them.

      1. Avatar says

        Did you receive my response? I advocate having ‘prayers’ be a 2-3 min. quiet time where students go inside instead of outside with individual prayer from the HEART.
        What is ME?

        1. John D says

          Middle East, you moron.

          1. Avatar says

            Does that make you feel better?

          2. nocbsfan says

            Just because you are not text savvy doesn’t make you a moron, be a teacher not an assassinator

          3. bttrap says

            assassinator is more fun

          4. Kol says

            Yeah, we need one for tRump!

          5. bttrap says

            no it’s for you

          6. nocbsfan says

            Well it could be, depends on who you are assassinating. I just don’t see the need for killing someone. Remember that puts them out of their misery. Making them miserable is something they know about. Now you are having fun.

          7. bttrap says

            tell him sand land he will know then what you meant