Trump to Sign New Executive Order to Replace Blocked Travel Ban


Rather than continue to fight the courts on his original executive order barring immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries, President Donald Trump announced Thursday that his administration would simply replace the order with a new one next week.

“The new order is going to be very much tailored to what I consider to be a very bad decision,” Trump said at a press conference.

President Trump has made it clear that he disagrees with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which chose to uphold a block on his original travel ban. However, he has decided that it would be quicker and more efficient to go back to the drawing board, eliminate everything from the executive order that the courts objected to, and try again.

“Rather than continuing this litigation,” the Justice Department wrote in a brief, “the president intends in the near future to rescind the order and replace it with a new, substantially revised executive order to eliminate what the panel erroneously thought were constitutional concerns.

“In so doing,” the DOJ continued, “the president will clear the way for immediately protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation.”

It will be difficult for the Trump administration to fully satisfy the courts with a new missive, seeing as how their objections to the first one were not entirely based on the text of the order. He can’t go back in time and erase his campaign proposal for a complete ban on Muslim immigration, after all. The judges were using that proposal, in part, to determine the constitutionality of the executive action.

Interestingly, the best way forward may be to actually make the next executive order “worse” than the first one. Include more countries, including ones where actual terrorists have originated from. That shoots down one of the court’s main arguments – that no deadly attacks came out of the seven countries included in the original ban.

There’s also the dubious claim of standing that allowed Washington State to sue Trump in the first place. If Trump specifically excludes legal U.S. residents – green card holders and such – from the ban, and limits the moratorium only to first-time visitors to the country, it’s hard to see how any U.S. entity would be able to file suit against the administration.

Of course, we’re talking about this as though we’re still playing by the usual constitutional rules. We aren’t. The court rulings on the first executive order made that patently obvious. This is an ideological war, and it would be a mistake to pretend otherwise. No matter what Trump comes out with next – no matter how many lawyers pore over it with fine-toothed combs – we will see fresh lawsuits and new rulings against the president.

And while this game is playing out, the terrorists are pouring in.

    1. kate777 says

      Sorry, but I do not think ending the “ban” will the “Never Thinkers” go away, it will just encourage then to demonstrate about everything President Trump does. It really is not about Immigration/Refuges, it is all about disrupting the U. S. Government under President Trump. It is about the Progressives’ and Lefts’ of the Democrat Party ideology.

      1. John says

        I bet if Hillary got into office and tried the ban it would have no problem for she would say what difference does it make, they will be coming in later

      2. tbs says

        Which is a sad and sick paid Democratic Party ideology!
        God help us if anything happens! These protesters should be responsible as they are acting against our laws/Comstitution, by destroying property, and abusing other American people’s rights!

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
    1. Alan404 says

      That sir, might be the best of today’s questions, possibly the whole week’s.

      1. Frederick King says

        They need to start doing ice raids on these kind of demonstrations. Do other countries allow this behavior ?

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


    2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  1. mlmaston says

    Catch the terrorists in the act….terminate on sight.

  2. Alan404 says

    As I understand things, every country or nation state on the face of the earth quite properly exercises control over which persons and how many persons may enter into it’s interior. While this might cause problems for some persons, countries and or nation states, whichever you choose, have the right to exercise control over their borders. Interestingly, the foregoing applies to every country on earth, except in the misses of some, this country, the U.S.A. At the possible risk of sounding thick headed, I find myself terribly curious as to the why’s and wherefores of the above.

    1. peanut butter says

      Because we are possibly the only country that had in place a legal system of immigration to bring in those who TRULY were refugees, or bring in the people that had ideas that worked well for our country. The liberals turned that into a free for all for freeloaders, half of which want to subvert our Constitution and change our laws to sharia, which seems to work well with their liberal agenda. If they were living under sharia, they would have another thought about that. But then it would be too late without a total revolution.

    2. tbs says

      Other countries follow their laws! Unfortunately the past 15/20 years our Presidents talk a big talk, on following our Constitutional law on immigration, but never followed it as it is written!
      Now Trump is following the constitutional law and it is his (Presidential) right to stop anyone coming into the country if he thinks it is for the safety of our country!
      But these probably, paid off lefty judges, decided otherwise! They should be impeached for not doing their duties correctly!
      God bless Trump and God bless America!

  3. LCpl says

    This is pure B.S. Trump is within his power to legally and Constitutionally stop ILLEGAL ALIENS and TERRORISTS from pouring into this Country. Let’s put all of the Illegals and Terrorists that come into this Country because of these Judges in those dirty Judges back yard and see how long they survive ! The Courts that ruled against Trump are the one’s who are ILLEGAL just like Obama and the rest of the crooked, Traitorous Democrats !!!!!!!!

    1. Gloria D. says

      Exactly!!! know it’s those few choice Repubs(the wanna be Dems) that are stopping him. This IS BS!! Jeff Sessions should steer him right. GO TRUMP!!!! I’d do exactly what OBAMA did..he never listened to anyone. He always did it anyways. What goes around, comes around I always say.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Exactly !!!

        ALL of you idiots LOVE this Left-vs-Right sh1t they make rain on you !

          1. Gloria D. says


          2. John says

            Lets put all those liberals along with Obo, Hill, Bill, Loretta etc into Gutmo NOW

          3. Gloria D. says

            Good idea!

          4. David in MA says

            The face of a mad-man!

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          6. pmbalele says

            President Obama was the best president since JFK. I enjoyed every day of his presidency. Obama Family was also excellent example to Americans of all races. I know racists were having stomach cramps seeing Blacks living in the WH. Screw all Conservatives and TPs.

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Obama was a disgrace a jive talkin fool a Liar a fraud a hater of Real America…what are you smokin….Obama is a racist he hates cops, he hates the military annd he hates Christianity~~~ Screw all liberal pos…morons and ignorant low energy..We have a real President Trump!!!!!!!!!

          8. pmbalele says

            My whole family adores Obama. You are a racist and bigot. I see quite a few of your kind in my neighborhood. Repubs and TPs bring illegal drugs in my neighborhood and then send police to arrest our people for possession of illegal drugs.

          9. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            My whole family thinks Obama is a moron and a racist liberal fool… I see a lot of liberal thugs like you who are racist, low energy, ignorant and liberal. You seem to Hate anyone who disagree’s with your ignorant asses…

            We kicked Obama’s ass out!!!!!!!!!!

            The Liberal & Democrackhead party is a disgrace and you are a Moron.

            Obama is a disgrace and will go down in History as the worst President eva…we know your kind racist, low energy, ignorant and plain Liberal…ha ha ha

          10. pmbalele says

            Thanks. But I know Obama family was excellent example how a family should be. How many times did you divorce to marry an individual 20 years young? I have predicted the WH will be in chaos soon.

          11. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Denzel washington even said that Obama is a disgrace and a hater!

            Whatcha smokin sista? Obama is a example of hate, ignorance,division, anti Americanism…Obama does’t even salute our flag and salute our brave troops…Obama is a moron worst President evaaaaaa Obama is gone…

            Im so Glad this fool is gone!

          12. pmbalele says

            Did you write the same for Bush II? How many people did we lose on 911? Sick people can do harm at any time. Do you remember the young man who shot 6 Black people in their church; the Sandy Hook shooter; Colorado theater shooter?

          13. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          14. lily says

            How many times have you posted this picture and several others of

            Got anything else, besides pictures?

          15. brucefandrews says

            I feel sorry for your lack of intelligence and your falling into Satan’s camp. I hope you find your way back to Christ before it is too late.

          16. pmbalele says

            Those who believe in Christ are the ones racists, bigots and kill other. KKK are Christians I am told. In nearby county a christian killed 4 people some his doctors because the people he killed were from India.

          17. brucefandrews says

            Well you were lied to. Christianity is not a religion it is reality we are living it right now, What nearby country. Christians don’t murder people.

          18. lily says

            I hope that you mean “real” Christians rather than those who claim
            they are Christians but are unwilling to appreciate Jesus enough to
            listen what he had to say.

          19. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          20. lily says

            There was no need to post this picture. We already know what you are all about? Tell you
            what though. I why don’t you go to the Middle East and take care of ISIS all by yourself. Or bring
            friends if you want. If you look like the picture you posted they will run like hell.

          21. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We expose you liberal racist Democrackhead thugs as the enemy look at you pathetic, weak, ignorant, low energy & yes Liberal…lol

          22. lily says

            How true, how true. But you would be more convincing if you could write a proper sentence,
            and didn’t use 3rd grade playground language.

          23. lily says

            “And her pants suits are horrendous”

            Well, at least she is wearing clothes.

          24. lily says

            Is beholden to the banking elite”

            How many times did Trump screw the banking elite, but not paying back his loans?

          25. mac12sam12 says

            Four of his businesses went bankrupt out of 515. Sounds like a solid record!

          26. lily says

            Is Funded by Saudi Arabia” No, her foundation has had contributions from Saudi Arabia.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            She has donations from Saudi Arabia and other ME countries.

          28. lily says

            “has lied about her emails and has ties to ISIS”


          29. Tommie Gorman says

            Oh, so you really are racist. I see.

          30. Tommie Gorman says

            911 was Bill Clinton’s fault, Not George Bush’s. He knew it was going to happen and ignored it totally. He knew it would not happen on his watch so he really did not care.

          31. pmbalele says

            Now I know you’re really high on drugs. So you do not know 911 occurred during Bush II? Are you a Canadian or Cuban?

          32. Tommie Gorman says

            You did not read my post, it was told to Bill Clinton that it was going to happen. He ignored it. I am from the good old midwest. Why, are you Canadian or Cuban? Can you get any good cigars?
            And what drugs did you say you were on? Hallucinogenic I assume?

          33. mac12sam12 says

            Do you know how the caught Bin Laden? Through water boarding, they water boarded KSM and got Bin Laden’s courier. Obama opposed water boarding and it was that Bush program the killed UBL.

          34. lily says

            That’s a real bright statement, especially “he knew it would not happen
            on his watch so he really did not care.”

            Really, really bright.

          35. Tommie Gorman says

            I agree, it was really stupid of Bill Clinton, but I never said he was too smart. Him or Hillary. American intelligence said so. But hey not Bill’s problem, right?

          36. lily says

            This is America’s legacy. Were you around in the 1960’s? These
            pictures could have all come from that era. This is who we are, and
            it ain’t a pretty picture.

          37. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Obama a jive talkin fool Obama is the worst President eva a race baitin Liberal globalist racist!

          38. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          39. lily says

            Is that Ben Carson?

          40. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We took America back from you Liberal thugs bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          41. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            No its yo daddy!

          42. lily says

            OK, we’ll see what kind of forum this is. Every time you use a swear word directed towards
            someone, I’m going to flag you.

            That is how I will “deal with it.”

          43. lily says

            Was Obama the one who was kissing Putin’s butt?

            Just asking.

          44. socialsavvy says

            I thought I was going to see a picture of Trump! Looks like Obama is having fun with his friends in the crowd.

          45. lily says


            Why don’t you read this site and then tell us all you know about
            Denzel Washington

          46. lily says

            First goal is already accomplished.

          47. lily says

            I think that you missed something here. Or maybe I did. “If we don’t
            come up with something new we’re gonna have to start laying off.”

            Do you know what that is saying. FBI, still can’t find any charges
            against Hillary. The people under the banner may be losing their
            jobs, and maybe the FBI too.

            Now, what did you think it really said?

          48. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


          49. socialsavvy says

            Did not take much effort, did it?

          50. lily says

            Hmmm. Is this a picture taken when you were younger and prettier?

          51. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


          52. socialsavvy says


          53. socialsavvy says

            Bet she wears a wig now!

          54. CHARLES S says

            Oh boy, its my friend pmbalele again. I called again and the space for you is still available. The guys in the white coats have a nice white wrap around jacket (so that you won’t hurt yourself) in your size.
            That special insulated room at your local mental ward is being reserved for you. All your mental diseased friends are waiting for you and looking forward to a ‘re-union’. Please don’t disappoint them, dear soul. There is NO SHAME in being mentally sick.

          55. socialsavvy says

            Hi pmbalele: Have seen you around. Be careful, Mme. God bless real America! threatened me yesterday. She wants to report me to some organization or the Repbs. or TP’s and they are going to take me out. She wants me to get off this thread.
            Some people cannot accept the truth when they see it. Then some just don’t recognize the truth when they read it. I have a feeling I might know who this GBRA is……not sane, and most vindictive. She changes her tag frequently and bates me into discussions. Changes approaches from kind and good to threatening having me taken out. God be with both of us. God has protected me for the last 22 years on a daily basis. We just believe we have a right to our opinions, too.

          56. lily says

            My reaction to GBRA

          57. lily says

            Hang in there. And keep us informed.

          58. socialsavvy says

            Thanks. Will do what I can. You are doing a really good job. See you later.

          59. Tommie Gorman says

            Predictions are like A-holes, every one has one.

          60. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            The Obama presidency was a disgrace and a fraud! You liberal junkie….


          61. lily says

            “Obama is a disgrace and will go down in History as the worst President
            eva…we know your kind racist, low energy, ignorant and plain Liberal.”

            It is payback time. A certain group of conservatives (of which you are one – & my husband, also a conservative, isn’t) are the people who got Trump elected. And it will come back to haunt you. You have accused Obama – and his wife – of any number of things which you never bothered to prove, and now you have elected (YOU, not just your party – YOU) a man who has been married 3 times, wasn’t faithful to any of them. Has a wife who was probably an illegal alien and poses in the nude, hasn’t paid taxes for years, hasn’t shown us his college recor ds either, inherited all kinds of money from his daddy and blew it big time. gropes women on a daily basis and brags about it. DOES NOT KNOW when to keep his big mouth shut. DOES NOT KNOW how to make a friend in the world, unless he promises them money, oh – I forgot – or promises to make America
            great again. Hmmm.

          62. mac12sam12 says

            Big deal, married three times. Do you want a leader or a preacher? Melania is an an American citizen and English is her five language. The nude photos you’re talking about were for GQ magazine, hardly porn. You can find pornographic photos online of obama’s mother.

            Trump has paid hundreds of millions in state, property and federal taxes. Where do you get your bogus info? Don Lemon on CNN?

            He inherited $21 million from his father and turned it into an empire worth billions. Gropes women on a daily basis? LOL. Dumb dumb dumb.

            He’s already making America great again, after 8 years of obama and the liberal ideologue destruction.

          63. mac12sam12 says

            Losers adoring other losers. Republicans bring illegal drugs into your neighborhood? Did they show you their GOP membership cards?

          64. pmbalele says

            Yes, some are my neighbors. Their kids and wives are dying of illegal drugs. That is why you and repubs and TPs are making effort to curb the trend.

          65. lily says

            I’m actually looking for another picture that was posted on here, but
            since I found this one first, I will address this first.

            Obama is neither an anti-Semite nor did he betray Israel. For starters
            Israel betrayed the United Nations. They agreed to certain rules which
            they did not keep.

            But the bigger question is why did the United Nations “give” Palestine
            to the Israelites in the first place. I think we all know that if that vote
            were up today, it wouldn’t have happened. There were two or three
            obvious ones, but the most telling one comes from Truman: I have
            lots of Jewish people who vote for me. There are no Arabs who vote
            for me.

            It is one of those things that come back and bite you in the butt.
            Remember Teddy Roosevelt. He was a huge racist and he divided
            everyone into their various races. Being a white person wasn’t
            good enough, you had to be a Western Whitie, not a slavic one and
            so on and so forth. Well, he did think that the Japanese people
            were smarter than most others who weren’t white. So he used them
            to get back at Koreans (and maybe Russians too – can’t remember)
            but the Japanese didn’t think that he was as great as he thought
            he was – hence that “day that will go down in infamy.”

            As for Obama being in support of Palestinian terrorists, I don’t
            think he spent much time at all working with the Palestinians one
            way or another, except probably through the United Nations. But
            he sure wasn’t going to kiss Netanyahu’s butt, to which I would
            say “more power to him.” And call me an anti-semite if you will
            (and you will) but there are a whole lot of Jews in the United
            States, especially in Hollywood, who feel pretty much the same way.

          66. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          67. lily says

            Want to hear something funny? He wasn’t disarming Americans and he wasn’t arming terrorists.

            Got anything besides stupid pictures?

          68. socialsavvy says

            Netanyahu, having been a New York businessman, went to Israel to get into government. He is Jewish. He always sounds like he wants to get Israel into war, and if that is true Obama would not want to give him much credit. I can definitely understand that as Obama hates war. Any sane person would advocate diplomacy over war. Netanyahu is radical and could get Israel into a big mess with the Iranians and all the other Middle -east nations. (Arab etc).

            I finished college in 1965. I remember the pain of Vietnam. Supporting the military was not hard, but when the body bags began coming home it was confusing. The theory was to stop communism. It was later we saw the investment of Bell and Howell and all the other war machinery that made much money. When the strings are being pulled from DC to micro-manage the war, people finally caught on. I, personally, just hurt because of the loss of life and it’s effects.

            I worry about Trump with his attitude to use the nukes. He is something else.

          69. lily says

            You and I seem to have a lot in common. If I had started college
            right after high school, I would have graduated in 1965 also, but
            my parents thought that sending a girl to college was not a good way
            to spend money so I had to find my own way through.

            Vietnam was surely the headlines for a very long time. My college
            roommate had a finance who was killed during training exercises,
            I had a cousin and a classmate both of whom were seriously & forever wounded. What was nearly as bad was seeing the guys
            who came back wanting to be recognized for doing their duty and
            for their bravery and not that many wanted to discuss it. They just
            wanted the whole thing over. What a disaster.

            The reason why I have mostly voted for Democrats through the
            years is because of having lived through the Viet Nam era.
            I want a President who doesn’t see war as a reason to pound
            one’s chest and look tough. I want a President and legislature
            who want peace and want to get along with the rest of the world
            and set an example for the rest of the world that we all do
            better when we work to get along. Peace rather than hate.
            Don’t let fear rule the day.

          70. socialsavvy says

            I went to a state college in the northern part of the state for two semesters after high school. I disliked the college, I was pretty bored. I worked for number of years, living at home. I later decided what I actually wanted to do. I finished the remaining three years at a different state college which I loved. Worked at a couple of part time jobs, and studied my head off, and made the grades I wanted. Then I went to work for the State as a Social Worker. The first years I had worked between colleges was also a State Agency dealing with social work. I have a total of 27 yrs. service and have to say, even if the wages were not so high, as many though they were, the work was very pressured, I still enjoyed the accomplishments and the concept of helping people gain a better place in life, help them get their kids to a better education. I always felt blessed, because I was dedicated to doing good. I am not trying to say I am an unusually good person, but when you help underprivileged people get a lift, it makes one realize how fortunate and blessed we are. When I was a little girl, I knew a girl who seemed like she was of limited resources etc. I asked my mother if she was poor. Mom said the girls parents weren’t able to get work all the time. Then I asked if we were poor because I wanted to find out the difference. My mother said, “Oh Honey, there are so many people who have less than we do”. I am not too sure but a friend I grew up with tole me one time that we all were poor back then and did not know it. My parents were middle class America, struggling through the depressed 50’s that everyone raves about. When a war came along, the economy had an up start. One of my “House Mothers” in college told me (Vietnam era) the Democrats have wars and the Republicans have depressions. I think it work a bit different now. I see that the Republicans arrange things to make money on wars. I hate to say that about any thing. I definitely am a Democrat, unless we get one who is “insane”.

            Ms. GodBlessReal Americans sent me something with a note that I am a “Liberal Racist”! I explained the reason that doesn’t go together. Read it if you run across it.
            Good wishes, we do have some things in common. See you later!

          71. CHARLES S says

            Drugs will do you “Good”……..just look at pmbalele. He is the perfect example of someone who has taken his share of drugs.
            His brain has turned to ‘mush’. Please folks, pray for poor delusional pmbalele.

          72. mac12sam12 says

            I think you’re sniffing glue.

          73. J.B.Jacobs says

            If you are worried about your neighbors wives and kids doing drugs, you should be 100% for Trump who wants to build a border wall, hire more border patrol and ICE to help keep the drugs from coming to this country. If you are against Trump, you don’t really care about your neighbors wives or kids like you say you are. You are in favor of open borders and let all the drugs come into this country like Obama. You can’t have both. Which is it?

          74. pmbalele says

            You are hypocrite, bigot and racist. Do you know brings drugs in this Country? It is not Blacks or Mexicans. It the rich people living in suburbs. These have planes and jets and travel to S. America or Canada to buy drugs for consumption by kids in the rich neighbors. Blacks do not have jets to fly over the fence for drugs. So the wall is a just symbolic. It will never solve people getting high in this country.

          75. J.B.Jacobs says

            Thank you for the kind words. Do you realize every comment you make here only makes more people understand how delusional you are. If the drugs are not coming across the border, how come the Border Patrol just confiscated over 200 lbs of drugs at the border? This is not an isolated thing, it happens all the time.I know you hate to see them shut off, it will be harder and more expensive for you to purchase them. Have you ever thought about getting off of them? Think about it.

          76. pmbalele says

            I never used drugs in my life. In fact, my secretary laughs at me when I do not recognize job applicants high on drugs. I know if a job applicant is drunk because I can smell beer odor. But I do not know how people behave or look like when high on drugs. You’re the one on drugs.

          77. lily says

            Just how many times are you going to post this creepy picture? Haven’t you got anything else? The juvenality around here is
            positively creepy.

          78. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Im sure your Liberal racist ass would enjoy…..


          79. Tommie Gorman says

            Bad news, beer is not the only alcohol available. So if they don’t drink beer their not drunk? That thing between your shoulders is not supposed to be just a hat rack, it’s supposed to be used to think with too.

          80. lily says

            “Other countries have also gained footholds in the U.S. drug market.
            Israeli and Russian drug cartels along with other western European drug
            traffickers have been using illegal immigrants to traffic a drug known
            on the street as “ecstasy” in the United States. This drug is usually
            manufactured in underground labs in both eastern and western Europe,
            whence it is transported to the United States, usually in commercial
            airliners. Criminal gangs located in Southeast and Southwest Asia
            smuggle thousands of pounds of heroin into the United States every year.
            Using New York City and Philadelphia as their primary distribution
            points, these gangs move heroin up and down the eastern United States
            with the help of illegal immigrants.”


            What I didn’t like about this site is that not one cite was made to prove what they were saying. Now maybe it was written by the federal organization whose responsibility it is to keep track, but if it is,
            I didn’t see that notification either.

            Anyway, drugs have been a problem since at least the early
            1960’s when rock bands were ruling the world, and singers
            and other musicians were being killed off by drugs. I would
            suggest that curing the druggies maybe should be our priority
            rather than seeing everyone who crosses a border as a potential
            drug dealer.

          81. J.B.Jacobs says

            You are right about one thing. Drugs have been a problem for a long time. Ever wonder why something wasn’t done to try to stop it? The problem cannot be cured by trying to get people to stop using them. We could put them all in jail for using, but we don’t have that many jails. We could put them in rehab, but that would have about as much effect as the alcohol rehab’s. I’ve seen too many people come out of the rehab programs and the first thing they do is go get drunk. I think it would be better to put the drug runner in jail.

            Sure, you are not going to stop it completely, but you have to start somewhere or it will get worse all the time, just like it has. Right now anybody can walk across the border. Nobody knows why they came or who they are. If someone wants to come to this country, they can do it legally, my ancesters did and most of the people in this country got here the same way. I imagine yours did too

            What I don’t understand is, if you are an American citizen or a legal immigrant, and you break the law, you are put in jail. You then go to court and the judge or jury desides if you are guilty or not and what the consequences are, a fine or jail time or whatever is approporiate. If you are an illegal alien and commit a crime, you are put in jail and instead of notifing ICE to pick them up and deport them, they are turned loose to commit more crimes. That don’t make any sense to me. We’ll never solve this problem unless we recognize what the causing the problem, and figure out a way to stop it. We need that border wall. It’s just a start but I think it is a good place to start.

          82. lily says

            No, not anybody can just walk across the border. Can’t even do that
            any more going into Canada. And no, no, no to the damn border

            wall. Geez. You make it sound so wonderful. It isn’t going to cure
            anything. And it is going to make Mexicans mad(der). I was in

            Mexico within the last couple of months, as a tourist, around the
            Caribbean/Mayan areas. The people there are not happy and more
            than a few are mad. When we told them we would come back next
            year and help build big ladders to climb over the wall, they laughed

            and said – great. How long can you stay?

          83. J.B.Jacobs says

            I wasn’t talking about the Canadian border. You can walk across the Mexican border. There are places where they don’t even have a barbed wire fence. The number of people coming across illegally has increased over the past years, I have read where there are 11 million illegals in this country now. I don’t know where they come up with those figures, nobody knows who they are, where they are or why they came here, I’m sure the Border Patrol didn’t sit down there and count them as they came across. There may be twice that many.

            Why would the Mexicans care if we built a wall if they don’t want to break the law and come illegally? If I wanted to move to Mexico, I wouldn’t go down there illegally, if I did I would probably end up in jail or worse.. I would apply for Mexican citizenship and when I got it, I would move to Mexico. The same goes for any country.

            The safety of the American people should be our first priority, not whether the Mexicans are going to be mad if we build a wall. Nobody cares if they come here legally. People have forgotten what illegally means. It means if you do something that’s illegal, you have broken the law, period. We need the wall. If it will help keep out the illegals, including terrorists, and stop some of the drug trafficking in this country, then build it.

            Mexico might not want us to build the wall because all the thugs passing through their country to get to the United States would be staying in Mexico and they would have to deal with them. They would need a wall then on their southern border

          84. lily says

            “Ever wonder why something wasn’t done to try to stop it?”

            Why are you saying that nothing has been done to try to stop it? When was the last time you
            have flown on a plane? When was the last time you crossed the border heading either into or
            out of the US?

            from Wikipedia: “ICE operates detention centers throughout the United States that detain illegal aliens
            who are apprehended and placed into removal proceedings. About 31,000
            aliens are held in immigration detention on any given day,[27] in over 200 detention centers, jails, and prisons nationwide.[28]”

            Maybe they are not up to the task, or maybe you think there are more of them than there really
            are. It always makes the news when it happens, but actually I don’t hear about something
            like that all that often.

          85. pmbalele says

            Do not bring God in these conversations. You’re a hypocrite, racist and bigot. I know you won’t go to heaven. We will be laughing at you when you land in Hell.

          86. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            How Dare you Judge me and call me a racist and bigot…is this what Liberals do when someone disagree’s with them and this Jive talkin walkin Disgraceful worst American Divider President Obama in History? I think you are in Hell

            Liberals are atheist, ignorant, protesting, rioting, setting fires, hateful and mean spirited ! You are one Ignorant person! Ill pray for your Morbid Liberal racist soul!!


          87. lily says

            “How Dare you Judge me” …….

            “Liberals are atheist, ignorant, protesting, rioting, setting fires, hateful and mean spirited ! You are one Ignorant person!”

            Do you EVER put the cap back on the bottle?

          88. lily says

            The argument about open borders isn’t about drugs unless you are
            trying to convince someone of something. We have had open borders
            with Canada and Mexico for as long as I have been alive – and now
            we don’t. And I think that is not only horrible but also scary. We
            don’t gain respect & certainly not admiration because we have shut off
            our borders to long time friends – and then build a wall.

          89. Tommie Gorman says

            You are a fools fool! And I see you drank plenty of the Clinton Kool-Aid. I bet you cried when the witch lost big time too.

          90. CHARLES S says

            I see that YOU are doing drugs again, poor pmbalele.
            Once again, as a close friend of yours and the fact that you have been on meds for many many years–Get Some Mental Help; it’s my understanding that there is still vacancy available at your mental hospital. I just called and they are reserving a space for you. Good luck to you. The meds will also help.

          91. pmbalele says

            Drugs! I am one of those who do not know what drugs do to people. In other words, I have never tried drugs. I cannot stand needling my arm just to get high. What fun do you get hurting yourself with a needle before you enjoy drugs? People who do drugs are crazy. I used to drink beer until my kids came out. They were bothering me mornings whenever I had hang-over. I had to quit that too – now 30 years and I am not missing beer. So you’re talking to a gentleman if any are left. I hope there were gentlemen in this Country. But Erica Hill at HLN is wondering if there is still etiquette in this Country. I e-mail ask her to ask John Wayne if he had etiquette. Thank God the Obamas showed us how a First Family should look like. They were and are still beautiful family. We are already missing them. But Trump may emulate the Obama’s how First Family should behave.

          92. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Obama what a beautiful family man hahahahhahahahahahha
            Obama has no class or respect…TRUMP IS PRESIDENTIAL!


          93. lily says

            Who photoshopped this picture?

            And is groping women now seen as Presidential?
            Is posing in the nude First Lady-ish?

          94. Tommie Gorman says

            LMAO, How do you blame Repubs and TPs for bringing illegal drugs in my neighborhood? That should be an interesting read. And the more you spout racism the more you prove who is really racist here. You keep pulling the racist card. Is your real name Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

          95. lily says

            .Obama is a racist (gives us an example) he hates cops, (give us an
            example) he hates the military (give us an example) annd he hates Christianity (give us an example).

          96. socialsavvy says

            What are you implying with the “low energy bit”? You said to me about me. Explain, in fact I think you were using another tag when you did. You are a low level nurse?

          97. Ken says says

            PM – the whole World got a laugh about our _resident in the White House from 2009 to 2017 – Jimmy Carter got the biggest laugh though – Bobo did steal the title of Worst President in US History and Carter was more than happy to give it to him.

          98. Mike says

            Actually historians already rank President Obama as the 12th best President of all time. That number will fluctuate some over the coming years, but better check your information.

          99. Ken says says

            hahahahahahahaha – stop it hurts to laugh so hard. After all Bobo’s EO’s are torched and the unAffordable Care Act burns itself out the only thing left of his legacy is – Arrogant – Pinocchio Nose – anti American – first Muslim President – wonder what all his sealed records will uncover as the seals are lifted?

          100. Mike says

            historians so far rank him the 12th best. this may change some with time and certainly people can disagree, but individuals like yourself who believe he was not for America are just ridiculous.

          101. lily says

            And Trump is going to make Obama look so much better. There will
            be that moment when any number of people (many of them turncoats)
            where they will ask, now what the hell was I thinking?

          102. Lisa Montez says

            I prefer this ranking of the 10 best and 10 worst presidents, it’s much more accurate:

          103. pmbalele says

            Of course if you’re racist and or a bigot, you will not find anything good in a Black person. I am fighting state lawyers here who sued me for ranking highest in state job exam. The state judge asked them: “Are you the people who rated his exam materials? They are greed. Then they argued: “But your honor he cannot rank highest in this exam beating Whites. He is a Black male.” That angered the state judge to hear a government lawyers argue so. Now these are state lawyers arguing in court that I as a Black male should not have ranked highest. So you as a racist cannot believe President Obama gave life to the economy of this Country. In 2008 the country was bankrupt. I hope you were alive at that time. I will keep you posted on my case against state lawyers.

          104. Ken says says

            Hey pm – do you write comic books for a living – I doubt it – your mama wouldn’t let you out of the basement to embarrass the family.

          105. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Are you a racist thug get some white friends you Liberal racist ignorant a hole!
            Its you who is racist everytime u post your Ghett O ignorance its u a racist liberal Obama lover!!

          106. pmbalele says

            We Blacks are not racists. We simply wonder why you and GOPers treat us Blacks as if were dumb. Good luck with your racism. I do not know if God will let you in heaven. You may end up in Hell where you can roast meat.

          107. CHARLES S says

            I think I hear the ambulance coming for pmbalele. He tries so hard to act normal, but ales his mental problems have caused a great deal of heartache for some of his family members. Once they get him on the meds he should be somewhat ok..
            We can only hope.

          108. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are a Racist we know your kind You are ignorant, racist low energy and hateful!! You are an institutional Racist your worse then Obama, Al Sharpton..

            You are in Hell you have no soul look at you accusing others of Racism you the Racist….Yes pmbalele you are a racist liberal Racist !!!

          109. CHARLES S says

            Oh my goodness-it’s our mental giant, pmbalele. Folks, this person has some severe mental problems and it’s very hard for him to admit the truth. Give him your sympathy. As his closest neighbor, I know that he suffers from early dementia. His family members have tried to get him “re-committed” but he just won’t listen to reason. Pray that he gets some “mental help”—–Soon.

          110. pmbalele says

            Please read what I have just posted about state lawyers hired by Repub governor. One quit three weeks ago after being found he lied in federal court.

          111. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            The only Racist and a bigot is you look at you your an institutional Rcaist low energy fool….

            Obama is your Master of hate!


          112. socialsavvy says

            I see some call you PM. Okay. I have something to tell you. You may not think much of it, but I get a chuckle every now and then. Having been a social worker with 27 yrs. experience, I learned a lot. I have been retired for a long time, but all the same, what I learned was about people who had to struggle because they were different. You know, “black”. I thank God for the experiences I had. It is hard to tell others that black people are so much like everyone else they only want to get an equal education, get a decent job and be able to provide for their family and send their children to good schools and not have hate directed to them. My amusement was on one of these threads I have been called liberal, Muslim, communist socialist, and the one that I just had no way to mind about was that I was asked if I was black, then cursed out, just in case I am. I only explained that I am not black, but that didn’t matter to me. I have friends who are very successful black people. I worked with some of the most intelligent black people and cared for them as any white friend. I see people as being people. If everyone could do that at least one day a week it might help some of this bigotry. My own family would and likely have had great disregard for me because of my liking people regardless of race. I had told my husband, should I pass before him I want a certain young black friend and his father to be pallbearers. I respect them highly. However, my prejudiced sister passed recently and she would miss my showing her just how good black people can be.

            Trump definitely is racist and a bigot as I see him due to the things he has said. If he isn’t, then good for him. But he will never have the understanding an love for people who are called “different” as I do. Sometime being rich makes you poor in your heart felt experiences.

            Do you think that the Russian connection will be brought for Trump to face? He really worries me. This is a serious situation.

          113. pmbalele says

            Trump Russian problems will die soon. News people find fault with anybody they do not like. You remember how President Obama was treated by FoxNews and especially by Sean Hannity, Bill O and Charles Krauthammer. These were hypocrite and nit-picked President Obama to boost their TV ratings. Now they have Trump-I have no idea how they are going to treat him. I have asked Trump to ignore FoxNews, Repubs and TPs in Congress. I hope they won’t impeach Trump. They tried that with Clinton but lost. In other words, Trump should not trust Repubs and TPs in Congress. They are dangerous.

          114. socialsavvy says

            In order for Trump to be ousted, there would have to be at least two witnesses to testify against him and make the link to the Russians contacting his helpers etc. If he doesn’t, in the beginning admit guilt to wrong doing, he will not be impeached. That admission will never happen. Like it said, takes witnesses. You like Trump? I have high regard for Obama. I would admire him if all he did was to withstand the hate sent to him from Fox News and others. He really handled the hate well. I admire him for his efforts and accomplishments, especially his bringing the US out of the tank economically. It takes money to make money. Have a good evening.

          115. pmbalele says

            What -did you ask me – if I like Trump? I have no choice although I did not vote for him. He is now the President. The Obamas were living Angels and we already miss them. The problems with Trump are his ex-wives and now Melania. I have seen people who divorce their kids usually are not normal. they fight with step-mother or step-father. Look how Invaka and Trump’s old boys are behaving. Invaka Trump wants to be First Lady. She is bossing her father. I do not know if Melania will like that when she moves to the WH. There will be chaos there; and do not be surprised if gloves come off between Melania and old Trump’s kids.

          116. socialsavvy says

            I want Trump not to make any mistakes. He has his own set of problems with his emotional security. That is another story. You are right about the Invaka. I don’t think she is capable of running a nation that leads the world. But she likely gives advice when she can. I think they are all a bit screwy. Melania is a beautiful woman. She actually is costing the government for her protection and all that expense with the secret service for her up keep, so to speak. Normal people who weren’t racists could not help buy care for the Obama’s. My husband knows a man, I met him once or twice, whose son was at Harvard (or wherever Michelle O. attended law school) and knew Michelle. His son is a District Judge in Houston. He told his father that Michelle would be feared to go up against as a lawyer. He said she is a straight shooter and so very intelligent. That I believe. I wish she and the Pres. (O.) knew that there are a lot of people who really admire them. I haven’t been so sad to see a President go ever in my life. Thank God he made it and nothing terrible happened to him or his family. As my husband used to tell one of the guys (black) whom he worked with, when he helped him by working on his car, and the friend wanted to pay him, “oh no, Buddy, just remember there are a few good white people around.” In his case I think Buddy at times thought “very few”. Sorry for the run-on sentences, but I am long winded.

            Trump and his families and wives. I wonder if he would have run for Pres. had they not helped or encouraged it. I am glad to say my husband and I are looking forward to our 50th wedding anniversary in the fall. And I just subtracted 10 years from my age in January. My secret…I thank God for every day my husband and I are together. When things don’t go right or there is conflict, I may not have the answer of what to do, so I just pray to God to please “fix it”. I am glad God understands English-Ameriican. Take care and keep on keeping on.

          117. socialsavvy says

            The Russian Connection did not come from the media. There are those who investigate the investigators. Or better said by a Mr. Malcolm Nance who was in the military, a Naval Intelligence officer . He continued his work with the government and also was loaned out for other work. He has written a book regarding the Russian affect upon our election. I ordered it from Amazon. Very reasonable price. Review of conversations Nance wrote “Kelly would never have had a meeting with Putin without Trump’s approval.” He was speaking of John F Kelly Sec. of Homeland Security. The leaks are not coming from the media, but from those who investigate the investigators or spies. Nance has written other books that look like good serious reading. I like books more than internet conjecture. However, the net allow one to get into real news. I have no problem with the regular news channels. They just have to verify every think they report. I saw where Fox got caught staging that incident in Sweden which did not happen. I think I have watched Fox a total of 2 or 3 hrs. since it began. They are too obvious.

          118. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          119. lily says

            “You respect nobody but your racist Liberal kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

            let me show you a site that is put out by one of your kind: It is where
            I find that Denzel Washington thing:










            On and On ad nausem. This is YOU GUYS. The ones who are
            writing your horrible lie-filled, unproven, swear word-filled posts.

            I challenge you to find a liberal site that could possibly come close
            to the venom you spew and the swearing you choose to do, and
            the unproven crap that is yours on a daily basis.

          120. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          121. mac12sam12 says

            Worst ever, I have the numbers to prove it and race has nothing to do with it.

          122. Mike says

            Historians already rank President Obama as the 12th best President of all time. That number will fluctuate some over the coming years, but better check your information.

          123. mac12sam12 says

            What “historians” ranked him? Look at his record numbers, all of them bad. Record low workforce and record poverty. The first president whose GDP never reached 3% and his averaged under 1 1/2% which means no growth. Worst ever and glad we have a real president and not some ideologue who has divided the nation.

          124. Mike says

            here is an article just detailing the decision by these historians. If you believe Obama divided the nation then you must be really upset about President Trump who is clearly dividing this nation and trying to blame all of his shortcomings on the media.

          125. mac12sam12 says

            That’s opinion and my numbers don’t lie. The only ones who did well was the top 1%. It’s not Trump that’s dividing the nation, it’s the whining democrats doing that because they can’t believe the old lady lost. in 2018 the republicans will have a super majority in the senate. Democrats have no message and that’s why they will continue to lose elections.

          126. Mike says

            Actually the income gap did decrease between the upper 1% and the rest of the United States. that will change with Trump as his income tax plan is a huge tax cut for the upper 1 percent and very little for the rest of Americans. Trump has lied throughout both the campaign and now as President, but he expects to go unchallenged and his followers blindly go along with it. That is what divides a nation.
            As for President Obama in his first month on the job he passed a stimulus package and saved the auto industry which was near collapse and would have cost this nation 10s of thousands of jobs. He also expanded healthcare to millions of Americans which although many on the conservative side want to slam Obamacare part of that plan was also to ensure that those who needed the most such as those with pre-existing conditions could continue to get coverage. President Obama was able to lower the unemployment rate to 4.7% which considering it was over 10% when he started is amazing.
            You are correct the numbers do not lie. Obama did a good job. a 12th best job in our history well let’s be honest its a little early to be making that claim.

          127. mac12sam12 says

            It’s a tax break for the middle class, businesses and corporations that will benefit everybody. What has Trump lied about? He’s done everything he said he would do.

            The stimulus actually didn’t stimulate anyone, it went to pay off unions and rewards for donors. Using taxpayer money was a bad idea. Obama drove companies via high taxes and overregulation. Trump talked to three auto CEOs and they said that were building plants in the US instead of Mexico. If obama or hillary were president they’d be going to Mexico.

            The ACA is failing and another insurance company, Aetna bowed out. All that failed bill did was raise healthcare costs by 75%.

            If you count the people who have given up looking for work, the real unemployment number is 14.1%. Use the U6 method. Obama’s the most failed president in history.

          128. Mike says

            Trump has lied 70 percent of the time.
            The tax plan that Trump has proposed will give the overwhelming majority of the tax cuts to the richest 1 percent. the middle class will see virtually no change in their tax rate.
            As for the u6 rate it is currently at 9.4%. in January 2009 it was at 14.2% and the in the throws of the recession it did hit as high as 17.1%. over the last the U6 rate has gone down virtually every month to its current rate of 9.4% By even that measure President Obama was very successful in helping to turn around the economy.
            As for auto CEO’s Ford has already announced plans to move ahead with their plants in Mexico. Trump did save about 700 to 800 Carrier jobs, but of course President Obama saved the auto industry in his first 100 days saving tens of thousands of jobs.

          129. socialsavvy says

            Absolutely the accurate report of Obama’s saving the USofA. I would think that people could read the news paper and have gotten this information. Obama was credited for be a brain, This one in office now is all mouth. Sorry to criticize Trump but that is what the report I heard said.

          130. mac12sam12 says

            Trump has kept all his promises and that’s no lie. everyone benefits from lower middle class and corporate tax rates. The rich didn’t steal your money and maybe you should have jumped in the market like I did 20 years ago instead of whining about the rich. Whose fault is that?

            Ford in building in the US, not Mexico. Obama took borrowed taxpayer money and didn’t save squat. It was a union payoff and Trump isn’t using taxpayer money. Obama and his high corporate taxes and over regulation drove businesses out of the country.

          131. lily says

            ” He’s done everything he said he would do.”

            That is virtually impossible in one month’s time. Unless you count
            executive orders which, when Obama was giving them, was considered
            something like a dictatorship in action.

          132. mac12sam12 says

            The executive orders were just erasing Obama’s EOs. All the things that Trump has done was in a little over a month. Trump’s no politician who promises the moon and delivers nothing.

          133. socialsavvy says

            Excellent review of the truth. I have a friend who says, it is hopeless. but as for me, I keep hoping, and praying. Don’t you?

          134. pmbalele says

            I would never Trust Herman Cain. This the guy who radicalized Republicans and TP people to grope women. Cain was was busted for groping 6 White women. He is lucky Gloria did not dump him.

          135. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Never trust Obama groping 6 Black muslim women hes lucky Moochele didnt b slap him!


          136. lily says

            Sure he did. Why don’t you tell us all about it? Show us some
            pictures. Find the women. Tell his daughters.

          137. lily says

            And apparently Trump has spent much of his adult life groping women

          138. pmbalele says

            What-rump has spent much of his adult life groping women! Do you mean Trump now US President? He looks a gentleman to most people.

          139. mac12sam12 says

            The income gap widened because the majority of the jobs were service jobs or part time.

            So typical and so repetitious. It’s a tax cut for everyone. Trump hasn’t lied and is fulfilling all his promises. Obama lied about the ACA.

            He passed a stimulus that went to union payoffs and rewards for donors (see Solyndra) He used borrowed taxpayer money and he should have let them gone bankrupt and regrouped instead. No cost to taxpayers. On the other hand, Trump was told by three CEOs from the auto industry that they’re building plants in the US instead of Mexico because of his economic plan. The very companies that Obama over taxed and over regulated right out of the country.

            He expanded healthcare and drove up pieces by $5,000 while the ACA tanks because it has more free riders than paying customers.

            The unemployment rate count in those that have given up looking for work is 24.1%. Try using the U6 method.

          140. Mike says

            Actually Ford is moving ahead with plans to build their factory in Mexico and has stated any plans to keep jobs in the US were unrelated to Trump. If those companies went into bankruptcy it could have cost the tens of thousands of jobs and would have rippled throughout the economy.
            We can use the U6 rate. The U6 rate at the end of Obama’s term in office was 9.2. when he started it was at 14.2 and did climb that first year in the great recession to 17.1 so this number was cut virtually in half by Obama.
            Trump lied about 70percent of the time during the campaign and he and his surrogates have continued to lie about 60 percent or so of the time while in office.

          141. mac12sam12 says

            Now you’re just making stuff up and losing all credibility. Trump met with the CEOs of the big three and they”re building plants in the US. Because of Trump’s tax and deregulation plan, Intel is also building a $7 billion dollar plant in Arizona the will employ 100,000 not to mention Keystone that will employ 50,000+.

            Trump hasn’t lied about keeping his promises! Turn off CNN because you will never receive an honest assessment of Trump. Fox and WT are the best.

          142. lily says

            Did Trump win the number of votes?

          143. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          144. mac12sam12 says

            Trump won a landslide in the electoral college. Go to an electoral college map by county and you will see that the county’s red. The reason Clinton won the most votes was because of three high population cities, LA, NYC and Chicago. The electoral college insures that all the states and counties are represented not just three major cities.

          145. lily says

            I know what the electoral college is and why it exists. I also know what gerrymandering is
            and why it exists.

            Did Hillary win the vote or did Trump?

          146. mac12sam12 says

            We have the electoral college system, if we didn’t three major cities would control all the elections, LA, NYC and Chicago and no other counties or states would be represented. The founding fathers knew what they were doing.

            Gerrymandering or poor sportsmanship? Loser! Illegals in sanctuary cities are allowed to vote. Take that vote away and Trump would have had a popular vote landslide.

            Get use to it, President Donald J. Trump #45.

            Hope you watch his speech to congress tonight at 9:00. Can you imagine the old lady doing that? They’d have to roll her out on a two wheeler. President Trump called her “low energy.”

          147. lily says

            That’s opinion and my numbers don’t lie.

            Oh that’s a laugh. You think they don’t lie because you are no

          148. socialsavvy says

            I have been waiting to hear this from someone beside my husband or myself. I hear “us” say this every day.

          149. lily says

            Do you really think that Trump is not going to divide the nation. That
            has already happened, and the rest of the world doesn’t like him

          150. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            I would rank Obama 45 th.

          151. lily says

            ” I have the numbers to prove it”

            So, prove it.

          152. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says

            Are you INSANE or just stupid? Oops, my bad……….you are one of those BLIND LIBERALS. CHECK YOUR FACTS!!

          153. CHARLES S says

            Anyone can see that you are apparently “brain dead”. Enough said.
            Get some mental help. pmbalele.

          154. brucefandrews says

            You can fall right in beside your lover as the two of you go to the left side of parricide. Obama a “TYPE” for antichrist and you just a total fool!

          155. socialsavvy says

            Hi: I am not sure but I had a post, and it may have been to you regarding the cabinet member Trump fired etc and I called him John Kelly. I knew that did not sound right and it was rather late at night. (my reasons in part) I looked it up tonight and found it was Michael Flynn. If you run across that post see if you can answer something to me about it so I can change it. Haven’t found it yet. Like reading your posts. I wish I knew one thing. While Trump was campaigning and with all ravings and ramblings of hate for Mexicans and whoever else, he finally caught on that his ratings were falling. He began to change his tune and saying he is promoting bringing Americans together. His rhetoric of discord was also aimed at the Democrats, until he made his changes. It was in a few days that he was blaming Obama for the hate going on in America. That was one of Trumps lies. So now all his followers are blaming Obama for the hate in America. Of course he has been blaming the media. That is a really dangerous action. That is what Hitler die to get control of the people. Then the use of the military to take care of the deportations of Latino’s. I am most concerned. Doesn’t anyone see that?

          156. Tommie Gorman says

            It had nothing to do with the color of his skin, Obama was racist anyway. Are you so racist yourself? And as to an example, your 100% right, he was the prime example of what not to do.

          157. pmbalele says

            Sure, it has nothing to do with color of skin. I know every time you mix with your kind racism is big topic. You call us “these people.”

          158. Tommie Gorman says

            What exactly is my kind since your so busy throwing out the race card like that is supposed to mean something to me. And how would I say these people if I don’t know your race in the first place? So are you these people? And what race are these people anyway? Listen to yourself and maybe you will see just how racist you really are! Almost as bad as the liberals that claim to not be racist.

          159. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          160. Susan Lindauer says

            What a legacy!

          161. brucefandrews says

            Obama definitely has taken the “NUMBER 1” spot as the worse president ever.

          162. lily says

            “Obama definitely has taken the “NUMBER 1″ spot as the worse president ever.”

            Exactly. I mean, really. If people in other countries can’t hate him
            and aren’t even afraid of him, why bother.

          163. lily says

            Thanks Trump. You are going to make Obama look even better.

            We liberals thank you.

          164. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


          165. brucefandrews says

            Of course the Satan controlled, America and Christian hating liberals want call this success. Satan hates all things good and righteous. Liberals/democrats love and follow Satan.

          166. Tommie Gorman says

            So thats how you dress Princess Wei-Xia ?

          167. lily says

            Why don’t you tell us 10 things (OK, make it 5) that would make Satan
            hate Trump.

          168. brucefandrews says

            I only have to tell you one thing that makes Satan hate Trump. It’s the same thing that makes Satan hate all true Christians. THEY LOVE GOD (YHVH).

          169. lily says

            OK, maybe Satan doesn’t know that Trump has rarely stepped inside of a church.

            Got anything else.

          170. brucefandrews says

            Why? Berry is a queer. Everyone already knows he is a pervert, a son of Satan and a muslim. This picture is one of the reasons Berry doesn’t want to go back home to Kenya. That’s why he wants it removed. He knows his muslim buddies will cut his pea brained head off.

          171. lily says

            No, everyone does not know that. And if he is one, so what? Why should you
            care? I can imagine that his wife would care, maybe his kids. Can’t think of
            anyone else.

            You want to know what makes you morally corrupt? You say things about people
            because you feel like it. It has nothing to do with truth. You have never proven
            anything yet. And you and I both know that this picture is photoshopped and if
            you want to be even more convinced, type into your search engine “photos of
            Obama kissing a man” You will find at least three of them that are the exactly
            the same picture (note especially the two veins coming up from his neck), with
            three different men, one of which has the face turned the other way. And then
            there is the exact same picture of Obama who is then kissing his wife.

          172. socialsavvy says

            I knew that was an altered picture and not because I knew of the technique to determine that it was. It made no sens. People are cruel and have no decency to print such stuff intentionally to not just discredit another person but to destroy their image with persons who are judgmental of others life style. I do not believe that Obama is gay, or cross what ever. I, also, do not believe that Michelle is a man. What Michelle said about her having to try to explain to her children why the kids at school were saying their father was a Muslim and how hurtful it was for them. I wonder why Americans are intent upon using the most vile invented information to hurt one president and his family. A young woman used to ride to work with me who was mulatto. She considered herself to be Negro. She told me that being a Negro was the most difficult thing that she knew of. We talked some of the problems involved. I really felt sorry for her. She was my first experience with another race person, other than the black lady that ironed and kept me for my mom when she went to work. When I was small, I did not pay any attention. I really liked the woman who rode with me. She was a very nice and intelligent person. I wish I had learned more about her.

            I think regardless what Pres. Obama was of all the choices out there, he was a great person, a very, very good President, most intelligent. He was calm, cool and collected which the present President is not. I will say that reading a speech written for Trump was a successful thing for him to do. He impressed the right on that score as much as he does with his campaigning speeches. I do not wish him to do anything that would hurt America any more than he has already. But I like many, should I say a majority of Americans are just waiting and watching. He best be very careful of Putin. When speaking of befriending Putin and Russia, he revealed that he already knew him before becoming President. Like I said we are watching and waiting. Not wanting war. Not wanting a collapse of the economy, nor his pushing our international friends out of his way. I have a feeling almost all of us feel that we are REAL AMERICANS and ask for blessings.upon all of us.

          173. brucefandrews says

            If you are such close personal friends with the Trump family why are you asking anything of us. I knew a man that to my knowledge never was inside a church BUILDING, but was one of the best Christians I ever knew. Don’t judge to judge is GOD’s job. We do not worship a BUILDING. We worship GOD!

          174. socialsavvy says

            I got one of your notes calling me a liberal racist. Those words are in opposition to each other. I cannot be a liberal if I am racist. I cannot be be a racist if I am liberal. I would like for you to tell me whom I am a racist against? I honestly need that information so I can tell myself. I will say “Self, I am a racist, did you know that?” Then Self would say, “who are you racist against?”,,Then I would say, I will ask that one who calls herself GodBless Real Americans, and I will ask her who are real Americans to her? Then self and I will know who is American and who is racist, and who is liberal in your mind. Many Thanks.

          175. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Your a liberal racist that’s what you are and that’s what you will always be..
            Remember you and the Democrackhead racist party got Clobbered by Us
            Real America we defeated you, Crooked Hillary, Obama, The Liberal fake news Media and the globalist thugs! We took America back now sit down and let the Real men take over.,….

            You are a liberal and ignorant!

          176. socialsavvy says

            If the above describes liberals to you, it is good to know it. Therefore, I can honestly state that I am not a liberal. I retired with 27 years experience as a social worker. I definitely help people. So that part is now cleared with you, you need to explain the racist accusation. Just tell me what race am I racist about? I need to know so I can try to figure out what on earth would make you say that? Answer WHAT RACE DO I DISCRIMINATE AGAINST? Please it is of utmost importance to have that information.

        1. Gloria D. says


          1. Gloria D. says

            ..and YOU people are all lowlife scum of the earth. Yeah, were so controllable, right…who won??? Who lost the majority in the House and the Senate??? LOLOLOLOL!!! WE RULE!!!!

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          3. Ronnie says

            Picture show s a classic uneducated Democrat LOL…. where are the balls under your chin like your daddy Obama LOL.

          4. John says

            Or Michelle

          5. Ken says says

            They are out of the White House now so it is acceptable to call him Mike.

          6. Laddyboy says

            By your comment, you did not vote? Shame on you! It IS your responsibility to vote.

          7. Ken says says

            The Sheep??? Bad news Crocoswill – the Deplorable Sheep won and tossed the Liberal Elite Establishment and their Puppets OUT – DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW!!

          8. Mike says

            Yes drain it so Trump can fill it back up with his billionaire friends. oh wait he already did? great. keep passing those laws President Trump for yourself and your rich friends.

          9. Ken says says

            Poor Mikey – rant, rave, whine and cry – hearing it is like music to my ears and I’ve been waiting 28 years to hear it.

          10. Mike says

            I feel sorry for you ken. you elected a con man who is in this only for himself and his billionaire friends. four years is a long time to live with that mistake but once the economy tanks and the jobs do not return hopefully you will understand. again I feel bad for you. you obviously feel people and the economy have passed you by and you needed someone to blame. trump gave you that so you elected a conman.

          11. Tim says

            Hint it’s 8 years mike hehehe cause we gonna elect him 4 more years in 2020 there want be much of a left after were done “”!!! GOOD BY SNOWFLAKES !!

          12. Ken says says

            You keep me smiling Mikey – Jump in with the rest of the Swamp Swill and ride the swirling waters down the drain.

          13. Ken says says

            Mikey – you don’t feel anything other than a fear of drowning with the rest of the swill in the Swamp. You are rife with delusional denial and feelings of utter failure – those are real feeling because there is no doubt that you are a failure at most things if not everything.

          14. Tim says

            what you rather have him pick mike ? Broke welfare people who have never made a dollar and lives off the goverment ? Damn I think a man who’s made a million to a billion dollars would know alittle bit more about how to get this country back to work. Look for the last 8 years we tried it with the likes of the people you & your kind voted in and were did that get us ? 20 trillion in debt, weak military, more people living off gov. welfare than ever in history, lawless, no one respects any more. I could go on and on but I want. We tired of living in the united states of embarrassment with no morals & ready to bring back the united states of america the badest most feared nation there ever was. We want to feel proud again of our country once again. Get your head outta your ass mike., Or just go on to your cry room color some and play with some play-doe.. and take your meds

          15. socialsavvy says

            Right on Mike.

          16. Ken says says

            The Liberal Elite Establishment and their Puppets are the only losers in the last election – unless you want to count the clowns on the dole and the Criminal Illegal Immigrants.

          17. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          18. socialsavvy says

            You sure won and this is your picture of the orange orangutan president.

          19. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            President Trump has respectability, class, toughness unlike Obama the jive talkin Fraud and divider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We kicked his liberal ass out!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahahahah

   kicked hisd liberal ass oy hahhahahahah

          20. socialsavvy says

            YOU KICKED OBAMA’S liberal ass out? You are absolutely delusional, insane and stupid. So go ahead and dream. I never heard nor saw Obama speak and behave as Trump does. But that is right Trump said he likes uneducated people so he can feel comfortable with his own kind and fool them. (slight translation there). If you are a “real American” whatever you mean, I think there a bunch of us who would like to head for the new planets discovered. Did you hear about that? You are informed and know it all so I bet you did. You are a wicked witch from the piney woods. Take your broom and trade it in on a new white car so you can fool people

          21. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Obama was ignorant and a fraud he hid his lies….Obama appealed to the Rcait thugs , Liberal Democrackheads the haters of America, Muslim Brotherhood…

            We defeated you America elected a Real President!!!!!!!!!!!!! A true patriot who will help America, create jobs,m build our Military and strengthen our Borders….

            Now go trade your green car for a black Car Moron! pos!!


          22. socialsavvy says

            Green car….you are slipping, your viewing is weak today. White reflects the heat and isn’t as hard to keep looking good is a black. You know that!. I wonder, are you getting a Honda? A NEW ONE? Great. Wishing you the best.

            I do not hate America. I don’t even hate you. God said that to hate another human being, is the same as killing that person. I certainly say it would be easy at times, but it isn’t worth it. Hate takes too much energy and I need all I can get to take care of family etc.

          23. Michael Dennewitz says

            Heyyyy.. Croco shit is still diddling! HAHAHAHAHA

          24. L/Cpl says

            You are a DUMBASS they have found so much voter Fraud by illegal aliens, Felons, dead people and 10 time voters that if your STUPID ass would look at the figures Donald Trump won the popular vote

          25. Bounderbob says

            Who is they? I have only seen a few examples and some of them were us Republicans. You could list your sources to explain. Last time I looked Herr Trump lost the popular vote.

          26. L/Cpl says

            I got my info. from news sources like Liberty Alliance, Western Center for Journalism, Conservative Alerts, Tea Party, etc.. where do you get yours ? The last I heard they’ve found over 2 million voter fraud votes and if my math is correct that would put Trump in the lead. Naturally that is NOT the official tally because they weren’t discovered when it would’ve mattered. It doesn’t matter because with or without Trump WON !

          27. Bounderbob says

            I still haven’t seen any of these numbers published. If these numbers are correct I would expect the atty general to be holding a news conference any day now.
            I get my news from a variety of sources including the Wall street journal and Christian Science monitor. One problem with only reading extreme publications is that you only get one point of view.

          28. L/Cpl says

            That’s funny because it wasn’t just one source that I got that from it was several. I get so many Conservative news letters it’s almost like having a job keeping up with them. I’m retired and 72 years old and news letters seems to be all I do all day long. I’m starting fresh today so if I run across that again I will send you a link. Those articles it was very clear that there were over 2 million that were found. About a month or two ago I read where it was one hundred some odd thousand but I don’t doubt the 2 million count. I was victim of crooked voting in 2008 I went to my poll and was asked if I’d like to vote using an electronic machine at that time I never even heard of George Soros or that he was the manufacturer of those FIXED machines. I went ahead and thought I’d try out the machine I pressed the button for McCain/Palin and up pops Obama. I remember this plainly and I know they could hear me 3 blocks away I yelled “I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS SON OF A BITCH” and a woman came running over and said “IT’S JUST A GLITCH” and supposedly fix it and told me to vote again. So I voted again this time McCain/Palin popped up and I thought I was good to go WRONG ! 4 years later in 2012 two weeks before election I receive a letter in the postal mail telling me that “I DID NOT VOTE IN 2008 ! Not that this has anything to do with the letter I got but I should’ve been smarter then that because at the time I never thought all my second vote did was cancel my first vote and not count for anything anyway if I even got a second vote !

          29. Bounderbob says

            Looking forward to the links and eagerly awaiting the justice department to weigh in.

          30. L/Cpl says

            You are probably right about the voter fraud because I don’t have any of the two or three News Letters that had the article about the fraud of 2 million votes I even tried to search through two of my web sites to look but I can’t look through all of them that’s for sure and I even went to “Bing” to check it out but all I could find were news networks like CNN, CNBC and fake news reports they are known for. They said there were reports out about 3 THREE million fraudulent votes that are false. I did find one link that wrote something about 3 million voter frauds. I don’t know what it said but to tell you the truth it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other because the outcome was the same TRUMP WON plain and simple !

          31. Lisa Montez says

            Actually, it really doesn’t matter who won the popular vote. Those were not the rules and you can’t change the rules after a race has already been run. If Hillary and Donald were told that was the race, they would have run their campaigns differently.

          32. Bounderbob says

            You are correct, I was only responding to Looney Tunes. I just wanted him to answer my question.

          33. Gloria D. says

            I’m in total agreement with you.. look back on some of my posts. I was posting croco dile ..he’s a damn libTARD!!! I was giving it back to him cuz he said that we conservatives are so controllable.. I know you think like me cuz I upvoted you a few times already.. god bless

          34. socialsavvy says

            Gloria you are not only controllable, you’ve used. That is what is funny.

          35. L/Cpl says

            Oh Yes, I know that you are on the “Right” side 🙂 I also know that you did give me up’s before that’s why I had to write you and try to explain what had happened. That Croco Dile is an IDIOT another one is pure dumbass socialsavvy he is a total IDIOT. The “LEFT WINGERS” seem to want this Country to fall apart. They want open boarders which all that’ll do is bring in terrorist, they want to destroy religion, they want Federal policing (Communism), they want a One World Order (TOTAL WORLD WIDE U.N. DICTATORSHIP) how STUPID are these people. I believe that while we’re deporting illegals we should give all these dumbass Democrats a one way ticket to North Korea that will give them what they want so bad

          36. Gloria D. says

            You are so right L/Cpl..also so happy OBAMA is gone. These idiot braindead liberals don’t realize just how close we were to getting sold out to the UN.. NWO. Very scary. Talk about throwing our sacred freedoms out the window!! Why did our soldiers such as yourself even fight in our wars if we’re just gonna throw our freedoms out the window? Thank God for our military men. Thank God for men like you who served our Country proudly and with honor. My uncle was in the Navy but he’s gone now. He was a kick in the pants.. such a good man. I don’t know about now a days, but I know that the soldiers of yesteryear were truly tough men. Anyways, so happy that Americans woke up and came out for President Trump! I wish he’d get his Judge on the bench. Damn Dems always procrastinating. He should just go over their heads. Where’s Sessions? He’s terrific!! Hope he can help President Trump get it done and through faster. If OBAMA had the chance he’d have no problem being a dictator. I called him the wanna be dictator..LOL Thank God he’s gone. But the damn dirty Dems/libs and all their nasty little made up lying tricks are always popping up.. it sure doesn’t work on President Trump, he’s so strong. What man takes all these punches from every which angle and still is standing. It’s unbelievable! I’m worried..I hope he gets enough rest. We don’t want him to get sick. By the way.. Croco dile and especially that socialsaavy, both are extreme braindead morons! How do people get like that? Must be their upbringing. The morons, the Dems/libs on the left attract just plain lowlifes. Have you seen thise animals on TV?! These paid protests are organized by Soros and OBAMA ..Hillary as well, and you can bet, most of these scumbags if they weren’t getting paid to do it, most wouldn’t be there. Thank you again, for writing me. I sure appreciate it. I just didn’t want you to think I was that way. God help me , my full blooded Italian mother and father would give me a good slap on the head..LOL. They had America in their hearts and they said I’m American before their nationality even..when they came over 63 yrs. ago off a boat in the middle of winter on the Atlantic. The weather was harsh but they made it. They LOVED this Country ..It’s why they took their citizenship test a few years after that and passed with flying colors. They learned the language, very well, I might add, and they worked very hard to make a living and contribute to America..paid their taxes etc. so happy they did it right!!! Im proud of them. We must stand tough on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!! My parents said they had to come here LEGALLY so should everyone else. The wait really proves they have America in their hearts. If they don’t want to go through that process, the LEGAL process, then they’re here to leech on our welfare system and we cannot sustain anymore of that. No refugees, IILEGALS ..PERIOD. It’s gonna take all of us patriots to stand on the borders to show them we mean business!!!! I sure hope they have those borders closed by now. Those animals we have in here already are dangerous and can kill any one of us or our families. How dare those Demwits put us in danger!!! Why don’t they house them in their own homes. They wouldn’t make it through the night without getting raped or worse. Well, goodnight L/Cpl.. thanks again for making me feel better. You have a good night. Talk soon and God bless.

          37. L/Cpl says

            I served I the Marie Corps from 12-1961 to 4-1966 during the early years of Vietnam. Here’s a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about the Marines…….

            Eleanor Roosevelt Quote- (Democrat) one of the few good ones and a log time ago when there were a few good ones
            “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the
            filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of
            animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps.”
            That was a very funny quote but very accurate 🙂

            The military no matter what branch Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard have people who are willing to give up their LIFE to protect the people of this Country and their FREEDOM. It was Democrats “Liberals” that threw SHIT and PISS on our own troops when they came home from Vietnam and now those same pieces of garbage Democrats are running this Country. What they did was like biting the had that feeds you that was a shame ! The Democrat L.B.J. was the one they should’ve been throwing the shit on NOT the troops the troops were only doing what the Democrats wanted at the time Money and Politics !
            You said you were happy that Obama is gone I am just as happy as you I have NEVER in my entire life ever hated anyone as much as I do Obama except George Soros he’s the one funding everything the “LEFT” does.
            It’s funny that when Obama was I office he just about got everything he wanted but now that Trump is in the Dirty Democrats keep putting road blocks in Trumps way. It’s all going to be pay back though just wait everything Obama did Trump will undo and I believe that this Country will come together like it was before Obama got in office and screwed everything up.
            Illegal immigration was and is my strongest position that and so called refugees, that needs to be stopped right now ! Our crime rate has sky rocketed since Obama’s open door policy wet into effect. That and gun control just look at Chicago murder capital of the World because of their gun control a person is safer in Afghanistan or Iraq then they are in Chicago.
            I have to go I have a lot of thing’s to do but I know that we are o the same page and I am happy that I made you feel little better God Bless you also.

          38. L/Cpl says

            Gloria I am sorry I don’t know what happened the post calling you a dumbass wasn’t meant for you and the post that I wanted to send it to I couldn’t find after I sent this. I tried to delete it but too little too late. I am sorry !

          39. Gloria D. says

            No worries. I figured because you already posted me once before and I knew we were in sinc. We gotta stick together!! UNITED WE STAND!! God bless L/Cpl and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. Thank God for people like you.

          40. L/Cpl says

            That’s good because I don’t know how the hell that happened ! I had several tags going at the time but I still don’t know what made this happen because that post was supposed to be going to someone else.

          41. socialsavvy says

            Yes you won and look at the behavior you have. I wonder how many of those your elected would have you over for afternoon coffee. They won’t even know you if you lived next door. Now you can say you have been used. LOL

          42. Ronnie says

            Great picture, now I see why these morons lost, look at these idiots LOL….

          43. John says

            THAT does not look like the American Flag on the lapel of his jacket. He changed it right after the people noticed it and made a comment.

          44. Laddyboy says

            I see by your IDIOTS in the picture, who you are talking about. I agree that these IDIOTS ARE SO EASY TO CONTROL BY “F E E L I N G S nothing but F E E L I N G S”.

          45. Croco Dile says

            No, those in the picture are the dogs to control those reading the Internet.
            The sheep, you know ?!

          46. Ken says says

            Hey Croco – that is one of the best group photos that I have ever seen of the Liberal Elite Establishment’s Puppets – thanks for sharing – I’ve enlarged and have this rare photo stored in 3 different files.

          47. Croco Dile says

            Now you know who won, delusional idiot.
            And it’s not you brainwashed sheep !

          48. Ken says says

            well delusional Croc – the good news from the winners bridge is that the swirling Swamp waters around the drain will such you in with the rest of the Swamp Swill. Making America Great Again is more fun every day.

          49. Croco Dile says

            ….. said a typical delusional idiot who believes in fairy tales.

          50. Ken says says

            Keep your head down and pretend to be busy and maybe no one will notice your a dolt – but chances are you’ll hit the Drain with the Swill.

          51. mac12sam12 says

            Fetch Croc, fetch!!

        2. Gary Smith says


      2. Shirleyonookeb says

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        1. Justin Seine says

          Hello Shirley, When did you get out of the big house? I thought you had another 4 years to go. Good behavior? I doubt it. Jailbreak? – Likely!

      3. Bonnietconnolly says

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      4. lily says

        Obama listened to me. I’m not alone. Obama was great. Still is. Trump is an
        embarrassment. Always has been. Always will be.

        1. Gloria D. says

          You’re just another braindead libTARD.

          1. lily says

            “You’re just another braindead libTARD.”

            Got anything else? You know, something that might prove I’m brain dead? Or do you think that
            my statement that Trump is an embarrassment proves I’m brain dead?

          2. Gloria D. says

            ALL OF THE ABOVE..

          3. lily says

            Oh, stop. You’re breaking my heart.

          4. Gloria D. says

            What heart???

    2. socialsavvy says

      Thank you for your service; I see you are i uniform on your tag. Other than that, get educated. I am a Democrat and I am far from being crooked, stupid, or any of the other ridiculous things you address American Democrats to be. Your service was to protect the Constitution and the people of the USofA. Trump would re wright the laws if he could, just to prove a point. Dirty Judges huh? For God’s sake grow up. You are sounding like that whiny, sniveling Trump.

      1. tbs says

        And your spelling sir is not good!
        Maybe you need to get educated as Obama did everything by executive order and got by with it!
        Plus you need to apologize to LCpl for insulting him! After all he protected your butt while you do nothing but complain about Trump!
        The constitution/Bill of Rights is the law first and foremost.

        1. William Gordon says

          Get off the Marine’s back–at least he defend our country–what have you done for our country lately? I am for MR. Trump—- First Sergeant USAF (retired)

          1. LCpl says

            William I’m sorry I know you were trying to protect me and I do appreciate it but it wasn’t “tbs” that was on my back it was that knuckle head Democrat “socialsavvy” who doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. That’s alright everyone knows what kind of a fool “socialsavvy” is. My Bro. was in the Air Force and was a jet mechanic on the B-47’s at Whiteman A.F.B.. My last duty station in the Marine Corps was at M.C.A.S. (Marine Corps. Air Station) Beaufort, S.C. we had F-4 Phantom’s and the last of the gun fighters Corsair’s there 🙂

          2. Margaret says

            Thank you sir for your service. GOD AMERICA and TRUMP!!

        2. LCpl says

          Thanks “tbs” that knuckle head Democrat “socialsavvy” doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. That’s alright everyone knows what kind of a fool “socialsavvy” is. He wants Terrorists to come into this Country and destroy it while illegal aliens are sucking every penny out of the working class TAX PAYER and while Obama destroys our military so this Country would fall prey to Kim Jung Ung or anyone else. Either that or let the “One World Order” (U.N.) take complete control of everything who are nothing but Communists and Dictators that’s what Democrats want.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            OBAMA A JIVE TALKIN WALKIN LOW ENERGY RACIST THUG GHETT O The truth is Obama hates Real America!!!!!!!


          2. Gloria D. says


          3. socialsavvy says

            You need to go back to teaching the 4th or 5th grade. Maybe it was the 2nd. The reason, so you can be sure they learn to spell. Watch the threats, you witch.

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You Liberal moron learn english…and get a Real American education you Liberal Moron!!!

          5. Gloria D. says

            Great post!!! Thank you for your service! Completely in agreement. God bless.

          6. L/Cpl says

            Thank you…. God Bless you also !

          7. Gloria D. says

            Thank you:)

          8. John says

            He would probably put a sign on his back saying don’t shoot or imprison me for I am a democrat liberal.

          9. socialsavvy says

            Don’t you lie about me you jerk. You do NOT know me and that is that. I certainly do not want to have terrorists come to the US. We have enough of our on criminals to deal with. You are ignorant and cannot read. If my spelling is off, so be it. Typo or what ever. More money goes to corporate American than any other taxable individual in America. Off course, Trump has not paid taxes in a long time as it is said, and you and he thinks it is fine because he has so many loop holes that he can pay his lawyers to get him off the hook. That is real patriotism you sad-sack. I don’t think it will be the communists that have the new world order if you think about it. I think the leader will come from the mid-east or the far east. Hang on to that and lets see what happens.

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          11. socialsavvy says

            Who or what race am I prejudice against? Low Energy, what exactly are you referring to? Ah! you are a mid-level nurse of sorts. Liberal, no, I am a moderate who believes in living by the golden rule. You live by the seat of your pants. Let’s hope you get over it. And may God bless you with your wishes and hopes for others. (meaning me) not others than me.

          12. L/Cpl says

            Here it is you’re NOT winning your STUPID BATTLE so you have to come back with more Bull Shit. It’s funny you talk about Trump not paying his taxes well here’s something for you asshole Trump mostly paid his own way into the White House, he doesn’t want to be paid for being President, plus he doesn’t even want “Air Force One” he’s got his own plane I believe that he ended up getting “Air Force One” but not because he really wanted it. Now then TOP THAT shit head ! Stop with your Bull Shit because the more you keep it up the more STUPID you look !

          13. socialsavvy says

            Three vacations already. That is the expense of the weekends out of town. Find out the cost of that. You must be very close to the Pres, both because of your knowing what Trump feels and wants, and your implicit knowledge of his use of his own money. I should add, that your filthy mouth or language you curse a complete stranger with, because you are not in agreement, on various matters, is a bit like our infamous President. I hope you find happiness in your life, as you are displaying so much anger and that indicates an unhappy life. I wish you well and particularly with your worship of the Pres. Good bye and God bless you with peace and rest.

          14. L/Cpl says

            If you want to talk about vacation IDIOT at least Trumps so called vacation had a purpose if you want to call them a vacation. What about Obama the only place you could find that asshole was on a golf course. Donald Trump has not taken a One Hundred Million Dollar Vacation like Obama did when he went to Kenya and all the other multi-million dollar vacations he took. Obama took so many vacations it isn’t even funny. The rest of your dumbass Democrats having their PIZZA Parties. What a FOOL you are ! you are just like Obama every single thing you say is nothing but pure BULL SHIT and anyone who reads your IDIOTIC statements knows how STUPID you really are. You need a one way ticket to N. Korea so you can see first hand what you want being a Democrat !

        3. Gloria D. says


      2. Shelly Shannon says

        Exactly how did Trump re-write the Constitution. It is the liberal judges that re-write the Constirution. The Constitution is clear. These judges legislated from the bench. That was not their job. And mind you, the 9th circus gets overturned 75 percent of the time. And you don’t see that there is a problem with them?You liberals or whatever you consider yourself to be can say what you want, but at least our President is fulfilling every promise he made to his supporters. Thats a hell of alot more than what Obama ever did.

        1. Gloria D. says

          Great post!!! 100% correct!!!

        2. John says

          The media never put out when they were overturned for all the citizens of the USA to be informed about. WHO owns the media. Trump needs to start his own media and with twitter he has a good start.

        3. Mike says

          Yes its true that a large percentage of the 9th circuits cases were overturned but every court that feed into the Supreme Court sees a large percentage overturned. The Supreme Court does not generally take a case unless it believes the law was improperly applied and will then overturn the case. In addition, less than 1percent of all cases that are heard at the 9th circuit even go to the Supreme Court which means the overwhelming majority of their decisions are not overturned.

        4. kbmiller says


          1. Mike says

            and most appeals courts that have cases heard by the Supreme Court are overturned at least 65% of the time.

        5. kbmiller says

          Shelly, I think ex. pres. B.Hussein OHOMO did most of what his supporters wanted him to do, take America down and help the muslims infiltrate western democracies.

        6. socialsavvy says

          Trump wanted to change the law and to keep all Muslims out of the the US. Did he not want to deport all those who were here? Hey, that is discrimination against a person or people because of their religious ties. Whether he is right in his assessment of the Muslim religion or not, he was wrong in using their religion as a basis for deportation and/or keeping them out of the US. If he is right that they want to kill all of us etc., then I think he needs to wait and present his case using a different reason. I wish I could believe that all Muslim people were here to “get us” then I could get all bent out of shape like everyone else who believes that are. I have only met one Muslim in my entire life, and he was an educated person who was very nice. I will admit when 9-11 occurred, it was rumored right here in our small town that the Muslims running the service stations (all over the place), closed due to their celebrating of the downing of the towers. One said it was because they did not want any kind of problems from people who may hate them, as they were not in this. What to think? Telling the truth is the only way to live, and each must tell hisown truth.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Kick his liberal progressive low energy Racist ass out of the Great white House!!!!!

          2. lily says

            Ah, you again. At the risk of repeating myself, you sure sound like someone who has devoted
            your life to God.

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Ah a Liberal scumbag like Maxine Waters the liberal racist! Now go march, cry, riot or leave the country like we care Lol!

      3. LCpl says

        Hey you stupid DEMOCRAT here’s what you want Terrorists to come into this Country and destroy it while illegal aliens are sucking every penny out of the working class TAX PAYER and while Obama destroys our military so this Country would fall prey to Kim Jung Ung or anyone else. Either that or let the “One World Order” (U.N.) take complete control of everything who are nothing but Communists and Dictators that’s what Democrats want.

        1. socialsavvy says

          You poor disillusioned moron. Who told you, what I want? You are so afraid of reality that if you hear it you’d really have a fit. Illegal aliens are sucking every penny out of the working class. Let me inform you, it is the person or persons who do the hiring that determine not to hire American citizens, or the Americans decide they do no want to work for pennies. The aliens have no way to get a job if they are not hired……Now that isn’t so hard is it. Obama destroyed our military? Please say how, when and where. Obama is gone now so that part of history is no longer active. Get a look at Trump, and keep looking and listening. He sat in an open restaurant with the Japanese ambassador and everyone around him taking classified information on an old cell phone. He has been warned about his cell phone and how easily it can be tapped. He pays no attention. His allegiance to Russia is greater than his allegiance to America. As, he said when asked about Putin being a murderer. He immediately said that Americans murder also, and that we are not different than Putin. He was supposed to be talking about Putin, no he changed it and put the blame game on American citizens. He’s about as smart as you. That is called mean smart and clever with blaming other people for what he thinks he knows. Research Trump for a while and be objective and then do your comparative work.

          1. LCpl says

            I called you an IDIOT but you are way past being an IDIOT you are insane ! You trying to inform me is like me listening to a “JACKASS” oh! that’s right you are one! You believe the main stream media that lies every chance they get. Obama has defunded and weakened our military so bad that it is weaker then it was prior to World War One.
            Before Obama when Republicans held office it used to be that our Government would FINE companies, DEPORT illegals in it’s employment even to the point of shutting that company down. Guess what Obama walks in and so does the open door policy so naturally companies are going to hire them they work for NOTHING ! Trump will correct that bunch of B.S. that YOU’R Obama STARTED!
            Were you there did you witness Trump talking to the Japanese ambassador who by the way were talking about Jobs not military secrets UNLIKE Hillary Clinton selling secrets on her private email or causing our military troops to die ! This so called Russian allegiance you talk about is a boat load of CRAP like I said you believe the main stream media they NEVER found ANY evidence of that. Once again look at George Soros paying off Obama and Hillary not to mention Hillary collecting money from foreign governments like IRAN !!!! You talk about Putin being a murderer you better take a look at Hillary Clinton she has more bodies in her wake then Putin does !

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          5. Motorhead says

            Either shoot her or get her some mytol!

          6. Margaret says

            LMFAO That’s them!

          7. kbmiller says

            Croc o $hit, where’s your brain? Up your own or some libfags a$$?

          8. kbmiller says

            It’s coming out of your PIE HOLE you F’n jack A$$.

          9. Margaret says

            Planted by another Clinton/Obama era sleeper.

          10. Bounderbob says

            I was interested in your comments about illegal immigrants working. I worked during several Republican administrations (most of whom I voted for). My observation is that there was about as much enforcement then as there was during the past 8 years.

          11. L/Cpl says

            Maybe so, where do you live CA. if so move “JOKE” 🙂 I live in Central MO. and in my area there were a lot of illegal busts like for one was Tyson they were fined and all the illegals were deported. There were several others in this area also.

          12. Bounderbob says

            I’m not saying there were none, I’m just saying the level of enforcement was about the same. I did live in CA but not for awhile.

          13. John says

            The money Hillary received was a partial return of the money we gave them. It was like saying thank you for the gift Hillary

          14. socialsavvy says

            This is your insane idiot informing you with things that do not exist that are broadcast with the live recording of individuals making speeches of what is happening or videos of certain individuals doing what they are doing. Like the one of trump with the Japanese Ambassador sitting next to Trump at an out door restaurant in Florida, trump was on the phone taking a classified call on his old cell phone that cannot be protected as the newer ones. This was very rude to start with to disengage your dignified guest, but to risk being taped by using an old phone is his responsibility.
            Who is your source to say that Hillary Clinton sold secrets causing our military to die. That is a new one. Did You make it up or R.L. Now you are the insane one unless you have proof. It was the interview with Trump when the journalist (forgot which one) asked Trump about his relationship with Putin. Then He asked Trump if he didn’t know that Putin was a murderer and Trump replied by saying that Americans had murdered too, and what made him think we were so innocent. I viewed the interview. Now that definitely is what I saw and heard. That is when I said that Trump aligned himself with Putin rather than the American people. I did NOT speak of an alliance with Putin. Learn to read. Trump actually came out in defense of Putin with his statement. Trump could have said that he has heard rumors of Putin’s actions but would like to find out more about him before closing the door. That is the say to smooth things out when they are about to bite you. AGAIN I did not talk ob Putin being a murderer, I repeated what I saw in an interview. Is he? Wellll, ask journalist in Russia who answered for their telling the truth. .

          15. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


          16. socialsavvy says

            You have threatened me with “SHUTTING ME DOWN AND TO REPORT MY BEING A DEMOCRACKHEAD RACIST THUG ASS!!!” The big thing is for you to prove that I am a racist!. Thug…that is a stretch. Democrat as many others, yes. And when your someone finds me, a little old lady who has many years as a social worker and never having attended any political rally’s, nor being a racist. That racist is the really extreme one. What will this unknown entity do? Pull out their witchcraft and do voodoo? Should you report my being a racist, please tell me….what race do I discriminate against.? I honestly want to know.!!! Should I get my dark complexed

            nephew to guard me? He is dark and he is big, and he is a good person, like other black friends I have. Oh, I am not black, but I don’t deny my friendship with those who are. You mentioned deportation, upon what authority.

          17. socialsavvy says

            Why am I am not surprised.

          18. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          19. John says

            The government gives money to the aliens to start up a business and they hire all the illegals. If we got rid of the welfare system those people would have to work or else perish. How do you know what and who he was talking to unless you are tapping his cell phone. Disappear so we don’t have to hear anymore of your bs

          20. socialsavvy says

            There you go again, blaming someone who is not guilty of doing anything but telling the truth for committing a crime. I do not tap phones, but people who want information from cyber space can. I watch the real news from multiple broadcasts. At least two from Europe and one from the far east. The so called b.s. you are talking about comes from the minds of those who make up things that do not exist and repeat and repeat until they themselves believe it. I must bother you of you’d not want me to not print the truth.

          21. Margaret says

            You poor delusional person. Wow. How can you tell L/cpl about reality? OMG!

          22. kbmiller says

            You foolish uneducated Dip$hit. The Dumb A$$ oc RATS with their generous welfare benefits, taken from working tax payers, and pushed by LBJ,m is one of the main reasons we have so many illegals pouring in. The lazy, bloodsucking leaches who vote Dumb A$$ oc RAT, would actually have to get a job and support themselves and their families if they weren’t paid so handsomely for their votes. You are either too ignorant to know or too dishonest to admit the famous quote by LBJ, “If we give these niggers a little something (Welfare) , they’ll vote Dumb A$$ oc RAT for 150 years”. The illegals come here for the work the welfare recipients refuse get out of their hammocks to do. Now go away you lying deceitful Piece of $hit.

          23. Mike says

            Actually several blue states such as California, New York and Massachusetts their citizens actually pay more in tax dollars than they receive back from the federal government where as the takers in red states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, ALabama etc take more from the federal government than they pay in taxes. The Republicans are the true takers of the federal government.

          24. kbmiller says

            A closer look , more accurate will show that white people do get more benefits, it’s because they comprise ~70% of the population. Try to find the % of each minority group that receives benefits. That tells the truth. Also, it’s the large inner citiy, bloodsucking, non working breeders that get a lot of the benefits while it’s down-staters , big corporations and small businesses that pay the taxes. Stats can be “Bent” to anyone’s delight, it takes a brain to analyze them and see through the Dumb A$$ oc RATS BS. Similar to ex pres. B.H. OHOMO’s lies about the unemployment stats. See Workforce Participation Rate and total # of unemployed.

          25. Mike says

            It takes a brain to analyze basic numbers?
            no it doesn’t. You brought up the unemployment rate. The unemployment is at
            4.8% per the department of Labor which President Obama successfully decreased
            significantly during his time in office. The labor participation rate fell to
            62% but a lot of this is from individuals who exited the workforce due to age-
            baby boomers retiring. This is a phenomenon that is going to continue as the
            large baby boomer population is retiring in huge amounts every year.

            Based on your comment you obviously do not believe the Department of Labor and
            the unemployment rate that has been used for decades so what rate do you apply
            and what in your mind is the unemployment rate? What research shows it as well?

          26. kbmiller says

            ex pres. OHOMO increased # of people on food stamps, those in poverty and decreased homeownership especially for blacks, because of his IDIOTIC policies.Did you bother to go on Dept. of Labor site? It says 94 million out of work.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            Turn off Don Lemon and fake news CNN, it has dramatically lowered your IQ. You won’t get any positive news about Trump on MSM, they ignore how much he’s done in only one month.

        2. John says

          You have to realize that he is one of those that is living off of our tax money and not putting anything into it.

          1. L/Cpl says

            You are exactly right but he’s also an IDIOT 🙂 What is he going to do when the tax payer runs out of money ?

      4. Tim says

        Your the one who needs to get educated and your stupid comment you just made proves it. Not only are the judges wrong on this there are playing with our lives & I’m sure it will cost some no doubt. The 9th circuit courts in the last 5 years have had there ruling over turned a whooping 86%. Now that’s ridiculous and down right Dirty judges who is corrupt and does not uphold the constitution or the will of the people. And if you stand behind there ruling you are a cooked, stupid demo-rat that could not pour piss outta of a boot with the directions on the bottom. But you watch snowflake we are gonna take our country back from you stupid people rather it be the right way or a wrong way!! We will win and that’s a fact ! You people will lose 70% of you seat’s that you hold now in 2018 that’s up for grabs and that will finish off any intrusion by you dumb-Orats !! And if we have to get down on your corrupt, lying, back stabbing ways to beat the rest of you then we will.!!. Hold on snowflake were coming for our country & no piece of shit will stop us.

        1. Bounderbob says

          Tim, opinions are just that but facts should always be accurate. The ninth circuit court has only been overturned on those cases that go to the Supreme Court. That number is less than 1 percent.

          1. Tim says

            bounderbob I didn’t give an opinion I gave the facts. Let me break it down for you. These facts are based on the lastest data which is 2015.
            the u s supreme court over turns these courts and here arte there percent % numbers thats are facts .
            6th circuit 87%
            11th ””” 85%
            9th ”””” 79%
            3rd ””””’ 78%
            8th””””’ 67%
            5th ””””” 66%
            And the list goes on for other courts . But like the 7th circuit there all under 50%. Now you get your less than 1% by the over 4000 case case’s the 9th circuit ruled on. Thats not the right percent but it’s the one the left would like you to believe though. The supreme courts picks the case’s they wanna hear everyone knows that. Well they picked 11 case’s from the 9th circuit court to review in 2015 and outta that 11 they over turned 8 out of the 11. so that would right to say that 79% of the time there over ruled. That’s is a fact. why enclude the 1000’s of case’s they didn’t hear ? Just because the less than 1% looks & sounds better ? Get real they only ruled on 11 cases from the 9th so thats your number, so get your percent from the number of them they over turned, witch was 8. thats very poor and you know it. Any case the supreme picks from the 9th to hear it’s safe to say it will be over turn. FACT

          2. Bounderbob says

            I agree with you completely now that we are both saying the same thing. I only commented because without the background information others might have gotten the wrong idea. I do disagree with your assessment that the courts performance is poor considering that the ninth hears more cases than other courts. It would have been interesting to see how the Supreme Court would have ruled on the travel ban. Too bad the administration withdrew their appeal.

          3. Tim says

            Thank you sir, And I to would have loved to see how they would have ruled. I do feel like the 9th got it wrong.

          4. Tim says

            I made a few typo’s on the below comment below .. my bad Tim

        2. John says

          Right to bear arms

        3. Margaret says


        4. socialsavvy says

          I have no doubt you will help to take our Country BACK…..really, REALLY Far BACK . My education does not correspond with your opinion. Who are you to judge me anyway. I have a right to my opinion and so do you. I find it good to express ones opinion, but the insults are stupid on your part and that cannot be cured. Your Christian, educated, retired social worker, is not a piece of shit. Your statements are frightening and are considered a threat to anyone different in their opinion than you.

          1. Tim says

            If thats’s were we have to take the country (as you put it FAR BACK) to get it back on track, to get it were it should be Then reguardless of how far back that is that’s were we need to be ! When I say back on track I’m speaking of this. Build a wall to secure our borders, create jobs and end all goverment hand outs to people who are able to work & choose not to. No hand outs to anyone who is a illegal immigrant period. Hell that should be common sense Why reward someone breaking the law ? Enforce the law equal on everyone. Bring back the good morals this country once stood for, And build up our military so other countrys will once again repect us. I could go on & on But theres no need with you, like you said your education level can’t correspond with this way of thinking. AS bad as this country is screwed up you think it should keep going in the same direction as Odumer was taking it?. And you being a retired social worker who probably gave away millions of tax payers money to illegals. People with your views are ding-bat snowflakes who need to shut there mouth and let someone with common sense do the talking. you people have embarrassed this country enough with your weak 1st grade ass thinking, and if you feel threaten & frighten by this then good !! Now you know what we have been feeling the last 8 years watching odumer, reid,& nancy p. and the rest of the scum on the left. You have proven you don’t know your ass from a whole in the ground so Shut up !! People are feed up with stupid snowflakes ok !!

        5. socialsavvy says

          I think we are referring to different kinds of education. Regardless, what are you saying that you are going to take YOUR (our) country back from “us” “you stupid people” rather it be the right way or the wrong way! You said that we will loose 70% of your seats that you hold now in 2018 that is up for grabs and that will finish off any intrusion by you dumb-Orats! on, on, and so on. Then: “Hold on snowflake were (we are) coming for our country & no piece of shit will stop us.
          Please qualify the above threat you are making about taking back or over this country? Are you in some kind of organization that has plans to get rid of citizens who are not in agreement with you regarding political issues? Are you making plans to destroy others who are not like you or are in a different political party. That would include people in government? As I said, please qualify your statement.

          1. Tim says

            you don’t listen, so just watch, action will show you better than words so just watch. It want take long for you to see just how wrong you are.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            BUILD THAT WALL Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

            Deport illegals, Criminals and Liberal Racist thugs like socialsavvyyyy


      5. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Liberal racist thugs are alive in America deportation time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. John says

          They should have Obo and Hillary holding this sing up

      6. Gloria D. says

        ..and you sound like an ignorant fool.

      7. draftinging says

        My opinion of Democratic, Liberals, progressives, & communist(DLPC) are: you all are, repeat are murders, you murder babies, and you murder children with cancer, liars, cheats, you steal, you are corrupt, islam radicals, traitors, slum bags, whores, atheists, bottom feeders, snakes, deserters,buffoons, bull shiters,cheats,clowns,a joke, psychotic, deaf and dumb, socialpath,morons….this is just the start…the only good democratic,liberal,progressive & communist(DLPC) are dead DLPC>

      8. Margaret says

        Remember all the new laws Obama wrote without using congress approval. Protection of the constitution and the people of the USofA is right not the ones who are seeking asylum. They aren’t people of the USofA. WE are and WE have the right to choose to let them in or not and not have to worry if they are here to destroy us (their own words). Does this not bother you at all?? I don’t see whiny snively except from the left idiots and the media. I don’t believe those words are in his resume anywhere on his way to his success. He is not a stupid man by any means. I don’t see in him what I saw on the campaign trail. He has defineitely been humbled a LOT by this weight on his shoulders now. I have a respect for him now I never thought would have. I still don’t like him but I stand behind anything he says SO FAR! You need to show some respect. bet you couldn’t handle the stress of running this country. I think he is handling it pretty well considering what extra bs he has to deal with. His every word and “lie” if that is what you want to call them is for a reason to draw out the traiters that are fighting him. Have a great day and God bless

      9. kbmiller says

        It’s you Dumb A$$ oc RATS who are doing the whining ,you f’n MORON. Maybe you say you’re not crooked or stupid but you vote for those who are. What does that make you? The Libturd judges of the 9th circus are leftist, political aparachniks. If you can’t admit that, then you are stupid.

        1. socialsavvy says

          Now that takes effort to type all those odd words you use. I do not have to believe me. If you think I am stupid, then it is your judgment. I am not going to explain the situation with the Judge in the 9th circuit. What was done is going to the Supreme court and if that is when Trump refiles an appeal by changing his reason for keeping certain people out of the USA. OK , what reason is he going to use to keep people who have already been vetted and have jobs in the US or family members and children out of the US. He cannot use the religion of Muslim, as he is going against the constitution. He obviously did not know that law. Discrimination against people based upon their religion. What if Trump suddenly did not like Baptists and Catholics. Man we’d not know which way to fly. Are you sure I am stupid? Have a good life. Try not to waste your energy by hating. That is what is stupid and hating is counter productive..

          1. kbmiller says

            Re read your last post. It proves that you are stupid. 2nd sentence….”I do not have to believe me” HA HA HA You DUMB A$$. Are you also so stupid as to believe that Pres. Trump writes the orders/appeals himself? Do you think that the Dumb A$$ oc RAT’s tactics,delaying the appointment of an Attorney General, who would have overseen the writing of the original order, had anything to do with the minor mistake made by a more inexperienced lawyer?What is it that you feel is so reviling that any president would want to keep American citizens safe? It’s so obvious that the last president, an incompetent, unqualified, boneheaded jackass has allowed hundreds, perhaps thousands of embedded terrorists into the USA. These filthy animals chant “Death to America” daily. They hate our way of life and want us dead. Most people with a brain want their families safe. I don’t hate you, I just think you’re stupid.

          2. socialsavvy says

            Sorry, about the pronoun mistake. I rarely re-read my print. In that case, I do very good. I didn’t say he writes his orders, but he darn well makes them. Seems as if he needs smarter people to write his orders then. There are people other than the democrats who give approval to cabinet members. Remember there is a majority of Republican in both houses.I do not know what Trump is trying to protect us from. Some of the changes he claims were already on the books when he took office. #1. Extreme vetting. #2. Deportation of all criminal illegals. Two items of public concern to keep US safe. About those who chant death to America. Likely in the mid east. What they don’t like is our continued intervention and presence in their nation. When our intervention is a necessity, as it was in Desert Storm #1, that is one thing, but Desert Storm #2 was an attack on a sovereign nation with no actual reason. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when W. insisted that we invade to get those who had taken out the trade towers. AND “Saddam Hussein threatened my Daddy”. Now look at the mess. When you start a war, wherever your go, “you own it”. The people whom you are speaking of, who hate America, likely have their personal reasons. I have known a veteran from the Japanese campaign during WWII. He expressed his hate for the Japanese a number of times. It was more intense than those who were here in the states not fighting in the war. He later explained that when he became a Christian, which was a few years after we heard him speak of the hate he felt for the Japanese people, he absolutely lost his hate for them or anyone he had ever had a grievance with.

            I wish Trump would give up his campaigning and stop his putting people down. It shows one’s weakness when he has to have someone to put down to make himself look better. It really doesn’t. Yes, Trump goes into campaigning mode when he has these speaking events. Bullies are cowards. So when people insult people whom they oppose, they may feel better for a while, but what is accomplished. It really was not Obama who caused the racism in the U.S. it was those who were already racists and could not stand the thought of having a black man in our White House. The hate of blacks have been alive and well for many years. Not everyone can over come what they were reared with. And them there are some who just have to have someone to belittle. I wish you well. I know you don’t hate me, you do not know me. I do think your insults are a bit amusing. I am and you are Americans, I want what is best for America. Honestly, I hope that we do not have a big war over nothing. We don’t need it. That comes from a person who loves America and their sons and daughters, who I do not want to see sacrificed for any reason.

          3. kbmiller says

            That was a good post. No insulting. Unusual on here. I look for them and give to em. Bush II made mistakes. Remember the intel was from Great Britain too. The whole world believed it. Saddam Bragged he had em. Tough siuation hind sight is 20 – 20. Do you know which president out of the last, I think it was 10, used bombs or missiles to attack the most countries? Trump’s a New Yorker. Been there many times. Most seem to be territorial, pushy, loud and offensive. As he calls himself a counter puncher. He’s the Pres. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing I could do about Bath House Barry OHOMO who campaigned up until last October for Hell LIAR y but did fund raising for himself every year.And he LIED like a rug. Finally, racism has been practiced on this earth from the beginning of time. It’s worse in the Middle east and Africa(Where it’s called tribalism). OHOMO did and said some things that were outright lies and insults to a lot of white people, especially law enforcement. He stirred up racism. Black on white racism usually takes the form of terrible violence. I’ve seen it and also been an innocent victim. However, I give everyone a fair and equal chance at my office with no prejudice. I don’t want war either.

          4. socialsavvy says

            Sorry for your violence against you. I hate any kind of violence. It takes many forms. AND it happens even between whites. As a little girl, I got beat up by neighbor white kids, likely because I was little, and my parents were not from that town originally. Several against one who was the smallest was cruel. But everyone survived. It is when adults behave as is they are on the front lines of a battle to defend their nation, by beating and shooting others that is horrible and has no place in a democracy/republic.
            The French investigators (scientists) who went to check out Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, found some old rusty swords and a few pocket knives. A joke but they found nothing to report. I’d have to see what the English said. I know that Europeans (western) like Obama. They wondered about W. and what I hear is that they worry about Trump. Some of my husbands family who were prisoners of war sent to Germany are still living. They say they are hearing Trump as they heard from a leader a long time ago. They are NOT referring to DeGaull.

            Mr. Miller, Thank you. We both agree that we don’t want war. I really don’t, it is never the children of the very wealthy who got to war. (active war). Not normally. It is those who are in need of a career or employment. They are still very brave and highly respected for their volunteering. Even that difference of who goes and who does not isn’t the issue. In my heart unless to protect the home land or the homeland of allies, I’d say war is very evil. Gotta go!

          5. kbmiller says

            A few years ago, maybe 2010, I was sitting with a friend . owner of a restaurant and we were talking about the socialism Obama was directing. After some time, a woman who was sitting in the booth behind me interrupted our conversation. She was polite and her accent gave her away. She said she’d come to the USA, 5-10 years ago. Then what she said affirmed our thoughts. She said that she couldn’t believe what the citizens of our country were letting happen here. She went on saying that the people living under socialism were not happy and we’d be sorry if it happened here. She gave us numerous facts and stories, comparing what used to be and was changed there and here. I’ll not forget her story. Don’t let it happen HERE.

    3. Glen Alan Graham says

      First, thank you for your military service to our country, L/Cpl. Those judges are far from “dirty” but rather are skilled at defending the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights from unwarranted and unconstitutional intrusion by an executive branch that has long overstepped its constitutional limits. And democrats aren’t alone in opposing Trump’s overreaching. I, a former US Army officer, consider myself neither democrat nor GOP but a middle-of-the-road Independent, and I cherish our US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Which (again) the current occupant of the White House seems to blissfully ignore!

      1. Gloria D. says

        Trump is not overreaching rather than trying to undo the UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts OBAMA did to this Country for a long 8 very dragged out years. Trump has done more good in not even one month in office, than any president before him. When he promised all he promised on his campaign trail..I knew he meant it! It’s why I supported Trump from day one! Thank you for your service as well. I myself, are nether Repub or Dem. I like to call myself a Nationalist. I hate party names because I feel they cause division right out of the ballpark. In case you haven’t noticed, though, while I agree the GOP had their tail between their legs for 8 years, the Dems were only too happy to defend Obama’s every treasonous act against this fine Nation. The Dem party are no longer old world Dems, but in fact, are a communist party that have no morals, values or principles any longer. The Dem/Commie party oppose President Trumps decisions because they are twisted, soulless people with nothing but hatred for our Country. Now I feel you may have missed things somewhere or you’re getting you information by wrong news sources, but President Trump IS NOT overreaching as you put it..he is merely RIGHTING THE WRONGS of the EX chronic liar in imposter that should have NEVER been POTUS in the first place. That bad decision put us almost into a NWO. It almost sold our Country out! Thank God people woke up and the silent majority are now wide awake, as well. Many old world Democrats crossed the party line to vote for Trump. They cannot stand what their party has turned into. WE THE PEOPLE will never come that close to losing our Country again!!! God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP, truly our Godsend, and God bless America.

        1. Susan Short says

          I have heard, and read this thought, and I truly have to wonder if it may well be true, that God has brought Trump to this moment in time, in this position of leadership, in an attempt to give this stupid country of ours, with all of the evil people we have in it, including a lot of politicians, judges, media, etc., the chance to see how America will treat him, and whether he will be able to make the changes that MUST be made for the good of this country. I truly believe, and I can just hear the liberal atheists right now, that Biblical prophesy is being played out, right before our eyes, and most people are clueless to it. I’d like to be optimistic about the future for this country, but I’ve read the BOOK already, and I know what happens! This country is so full of evil people that Trump may not be able to do much about it, but let’s see what happens. It will be interesting, I’m sure, but this I know for certain. I don’t have to be the least bit worried about how it all ends, because my eternal future is secured, but there are a lot of politicians, judges, media, liberals, ACLU, etc. that are in big trouble, they just don’t know it yet!

          1. Mike says

            God wanted a serial liar, misogynistic, serial adulterer as our President; A man just ten years ago who bragged about being able to inappropriately grab women’s genitalia. This is exactly why so many people feel that the Christian right have lost the moral high ground. You helped elect a man who is in no way a Godly man but many still believe he was sent by God.

          2. Leo says

            Susan, I truly feel in my heart what you so eloquently said is true. With our country on the brink of destruction from within, and the hatred and divisiveness so prevalent, I was also praying for a Godsend, and He heard and answered our prayers and gave us Trump. God bless Trump and God bless America.

          3. Mike says

            God wanted a man who is not a believer as President? That is possible, but I am surprised that would be the case.

        2. John says

          All those politicians that stood behind Obo and voting with him should be removed, disbarred, and imprisoned for not doing the job there were voted (hired) to do.

        3. Mike says

          You state President Trump has done more good in a month? What exactly has he done? He has signed a few executive orders the majority of which benefit himself and his rich billionaire friends such as his elimination of the fiduciary rule from the Dodd Frank act which mandated your retirement investment worked had to act only in ways to benefit you, this was a big win for his friends on Wall Street. He also signed an executive order allowing the coal industry to be able to put pollutants into streams and lakes, another big win for big business but I am not sure how it benefits the average American. Other that that he has lied continuously and taken 3 vacations in his first month which is ironic since he absolutely railed against any vacation President Obama took.

          1. socialsavvy says

            Excellent review. Save them, people need to be informed at least once a month. These people will blame Obama for what ever, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been threatened ….I think it is based upon my being a Democrat. When my Sister died a couple of years ago, the minister made some kind of joke about Obama. It was derogatory, I am not in the habit of lying or I would have told him Obama was a personal friend. but I’d not wanted to lie. I viewed the birth certificate Obama presented and it really did look genuine. You can tell a lot by the seal. I just hope that these right wing extremists do not start knocking off people who are democrats. Check the threats toward me above. I could have those threatening checked out, if they can find me. Oh, well. I think it is all talk.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We Crushed you Liberal Morons and defeated Crooked evil Lying Hillary!
            We the PEOPLE & Real America crushed Obama, Liberalism, The racist thug Media, the liberal Democrackhead racist thug evil party!!!!!!!!!!

            We won you lost sit down socialsavvy fool!!!!


          3. socialsavvy says

            The hate you exhibit is where Trump got his idea that if he could get the hate vote of these people that would escalate and I’ll win. He even hired a couple of researchers to read and get points, then he regurgitated them back to the same people who started the hate campaigns and they licked it up like crazy. Then there were those who were weak and really wanted to be liked by the high and mighty rights and found the common ground is Trump. Somehow, cursing and hating is the new way of America to express themselves. If someone else, a moderate like me, had a different view from the haters they would just get cursed and called stupid. Many of the hater people, were like you, they claimed”God’s” name in their rhetoric. What if your judgment of me became your judgment from God of you. What race do I hate?

          4. socialsavvy says

            I agree, you need a new facial expression and either cut your hair or get a new wig. That may be a new wig. Also pray it doesn’t freeze before you get that look off your face. You are so Beautiful to me. LOL

        4. irene says

          Amen, to that. President Trump is OUR President, rightfully voted for & inaugurated. He IS a citizen of the U.S., which obama is NOT!! President Trump is wise enough to know that the previous leader was NOT OUR leader. He belongs to another country & is a soros lap dog. I thank GOD every day for President Trump. However, the “brainwashed” are still with us as you see them rioting. Poor souls, they are so ignorant! They need to be disciplined & punished. President Trump needs to send the National Guard to arrest & control them & if that doesn’t work, the Fire Dept. has some very forceful water hoses that would give them a much needed bath! LOL!!!

          1. Gloria D. says

            I like your way of thinking Irene.. with you all the way! You’re 100% correct!

      2. pineapple says

        “Those judges are far from “dirty” but rather are skilled at defending
        the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights from unwarranted and
        unconstitutional intrusion by an executive branch that has long
        overstepped its constitutional limits.”

        If this statement is true, why did 84% of the rulings of the ninth circuit get overturned by SCOTUS?

        1. Bounderbob says

          Oh no, not another 80 epicenter. I don’t know where you get this information. Less than 1percent of the circuit courts decisions ever go to the Supreme court!

          1. Bounderbob says

            Stupid autocorrect. Change epicenter to percenter in my last post.

      3. John says

        How many of our politicians in office today served this country by being in the military. This should be a requirement for them to hold office and I don’t mean in the national guard.

      4. Margaret says

        I believe you are speaking of the pres that preceded him. He didn’t need congress for anything because he had a pen and a phone. At least Pres Trump is going thru the legal channels and is being met with so much opposition it is embarrassing to those of us who still believe in the constitution and what it stands for. OUR right to question ANY illegals immigrants or refugees. Basic common sense says they are refugees from something, the ones who are seeking asylum from tyranny and oppression. But the only SAFE way to give it to them from our country or ANY country that opens up to those who NEED help and LOVE America and its people and adapt to OUR ways not force us to accept the ways that sent them to us in the first place. Come on people. What happened?? All I see is our spoiled ass young people that don’t have a clue most of them. The older ones in congress that are fighting these orders should be ashamed. I consider them traitors to America and what we USED to stand for! How do we look at our veterans that fought and died for our freedoms and refuse to stand behind an obvious man of God (wow I never thought I would say that about Donald Trump but you can’t disagree when you hear the Lord’s name come out in all his family’s mouth) that is TRYING to protect ALL of us!! Please wake up for my grand children’s sake! And their children. I don’t want them to have to live in fear of these animals. Please help make us all safe again. Propoganda be damned! Listen to HIM not people that are trying to undermine him and us. He said in the beginning, nothing is for sure until I say it is. I don’t blame him for putting out “LIES” to the press because there are obviously traiters and spies planted from the previous administration. He is in the process of drawing them all out. The ones who are actually working with him are rounding them up in herds if you can believe the media. Hmm Thank you for your service sir and I honor and respect you till my dying day but from one United States of American citizen who legally have the right to have my voice heard you are wrong not to stand behind your president no matter what especially everything out of his mouth is for our good not our destruction of life liberty and the persuit of happiness. Come on find something else to be a marter for. Not terrorists bent on our destruction. Death to America. Think about that when YOU go to sleep tonight. God bless you and all of US please!!

    4. Daze Inde says

      It is not BS. Have you not learned that SCOTUS currently is not your friend? Trump is doing the wise thing. Don’t trust SCOTUS to side with the Constitution. Why give them power that belongs to the executive branch? Those liberals would LOVE to get that case so they could screw the country for good.
      You are correct about dirty judges. We need to drain that swamp, set up a judicial review committee, investigate the judges handing down very bad decisions that depart from American law, and drain that swamp.

    5. mrpoohead says

      No; not Trump’s job – try again!

      1. Ronnie says

        Is this A the anti-Christ symbol?

        1. mrpoohead says

          70’s punk rock – “Anarchy”. Where’ve you been!

    6. pineapple says

      Since 9/11, 72 individuals from the seven mostly Muslim countries covered by President Trump’s “extreme vetting” executive order have been convicted of terrorism, bolstering the administration’s immigration ban.

      According to a report out Saturday, at least 17 claimed to be refugees from those nations, three came in as “students,” and 25 eventually became U.S. citizens.

      The Center for Immigration Studies calculated the numbers of convicted terrorists from the Trump Seven:

      — Somalia: 20

      — Yemen: 19

      — Iraq: 19

      — Syria: 7

      — Iran: 4

      — Libya: 2

      — Sudan: 1

      The Center’s director of policy studies, Jessica M. Vaughan,
      based her blockbuster report on a 2016 report from the Senate Judiciary
      Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration
      and the National Interest, then chaired by new Attorney General Jeff
      Sessions, that report found that 380 out of 580 people convicted in
      terror cases since 9/11 were foreign-born.

      She received further information on many in the report to
      conclude that 72 of those convicted of terrorism come from the seven
      nations target by Trump.

      From her report seen here:

      These immigrant terrorists lived in at least 16 different
      states, with the largest number from the terror-associated countries
      living in New York (10), Minnesota (8), California (8), and Michigan
      (6). Ironically, Minnesota was one of the states suing to block Trump’s
      order to pause entries from the terror-associated countries, claiming it
      harmed the state. At least two of the terrorists were living in
      Washington, which joined with Minnesota in the lawsuit to block the

      Thirty-three of the 72 individuals from the seven
      terror-associated countries were convicted of very serious
      terror-related crimes, and were sentenced to at least three years
      imprisonment. The crimes included use of a weapon of mass destruction,
      conspiracy to commit a terror act, material support of a terrorist or
      terror group, international money laundering conspiracy, possession of
      explosives or missiles, and unlawful possession of a machine gun.

      In dismissing the Trump executive order, San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit
      court of appeals said, “The government has pointed to no
      evidence…that any alien from any of the countries named in the order
      has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States.”

      Proponents of the president’s ban said that Vaughan’s findings
      should provide Justice with the evidence they need to win their case.

      She wrote:

      President Trump’s vetting order is clearly legal under the provisions of section 212(f) of the Immigration
      and Nationality Act, which says that the president can suspend the
      entry of any alien or group of aliens if he finds it to be detrimental
      to the national interest. He should not have to provide any more
      justification than was already presented in the order, but if judges
      demand more reasons, here are 72.

      1. ABO says

        Thanks, yet again, pineapple. Well done.

    7. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

      How come Obama could do what ever he wanted?? I agree but the Judges have there way of looking at things thanks to Obama and his OPEN door policy. These judges are saying that our President does not have to power to stop who comes here. Trump should do what Obama did and show the courts. He should make it that they MUST only be PASSING through and have a SPECIAL waiting area in the airport for there next plane. And make sure that there is PLENTY of security.

      1. L/Cpl says

        The way I look at it is that they walked across the desert to get here and if they are caught entering this country illegally we should just give them a bottle of water and a ham sandwich and send them walking back in the same direction they came !

        1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

          I do so agree even if others don’t. How about ALL of these ILLEGALS who have been here for 7-8 years and still DON’T have a paying job?? I think they should be sent back as well. I LOVE what you wrote to El Preofesor!! I stand with our REAL President and hated Muslim Obummer and his 8 years of trying to ruin our country.

          1. L/Cpl says

            That’s funny you should mention “EL Professor” I guess his so called Professor type knowledge didn’t get him very far I haven’t heard back from him 🙂 I have never in my life EVER hated anyone except maybe Hillary as bad as I do sh-t head Obama !

          2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            I must admit that Hilldabeast and Obummer are 2 of the biggest Piles of Shit and I pray that TRUMP drags them in to court gets BOTH of them JAIl time. I hear Hildabeast will be running for Prez in 2020 but if she gets jail time it should keep her OUT! ! I also think that orange is a GREAT color for both of them 🙂

          3. socialsavvy says

            I think that orange would go good with Trump’s hair. He may not have the chance to do anything to Obama and Hillary, due to the Russian connection! That has not gone away. You support someone who has that kind of dealing? I don’t care, don’t bother to answer.

      2. Mike says

        Obama could not do anything he wanted. Several of Obama’s executive orders have been overturned by the courts and others are still being challenged as they work their way through the court system. Obama was knocked back several times as our government is based on checks and balances.

      3. ipsd48 says

        Problem is, in any cases involving states (WA and MN) the ORIGINAL jurisdiction belongs to the Supreme Court…………… the stay by Robart and the 9th Appeals Court’s upholding of that ban were, in effect, unconstitutional, re; Art 3, Sec 3, para 3

    8. El Preofesor says

      Now L/Cpl. I will take into consideration that you are a member of our Military. I have great respect for our Militaries who put their lives on the line for the rest of us to enjoy our Freedom. Having stated my respect for the members of Our Military, I must now, respectfully, disagree with you. The President of The United States of America DOES NOT have the “Legal Constitutional Power” to execute “Executive Orders” right, left and center as he wishes without “CKECKS AND BALANCE” as MANDATED in the Dictum of Our Constitution. What The President NEEDS TO DO is to take his deep concern for our security to CONGRESS. Let there be A PROPOSE LAW PROJECT that will effectively fight terrorism and NOT OUR CITIZENS DUE TO THEIR RELIGION OR PLACE OF BIRTH. CONGRESS MAKES LAWS. THE PRESIDENT EXECUTES THEM. THANK YOU.

      1. L/Cpl says

        Well “El Professor” Obama sure did work over the Executive Order didn’t he but we’ll leave that be. I agree with you that it would be better to take immigration through Congress but Trump can do that later for a fast fix NOW is the Executive Order and everything in Trumps Order is and was LEGAL the 9th District Appeals Court is ILLEGAL ! I hope and I pray they do peal that Court apart into several smaller courts. The only thing is the “Checks and Balances” which by the way were ignored when Obama was in office ! There is a LEGAL WAY FOR ILLEGALS TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY AND IT IS NOT BY CROSSING OUR BORDER ILLEGALLY ! BIRTHRIGHT IS “LEFT WING” B.S. (they can then haul in their entire family), THE “POOR PEOPLE” BLEEDING HEART “LIBERALS” IS B.S. (THEY ARE ILLEGALS NOTHING ELSE), SEPERATING FAMILIES is MORE “LIBERAL” B.S. (They separated themselves when they crossed our border illegally). If you are a Professor like you say then what I have to say to you is it’s Professors like you that is turning this country into CRAP by filling our kids heads with “LEFT WING B.S.” ! “A COUNTRY WITHOUT BORDERS IS NO COUNTRY” ! THANK YOU !

      2. Rusty Britches says

        The President has the right to stop anyone from coming into this country but because of Obama and his goons We now have one lawless court after another and because they are all on the left they do exactly what they want.. Obama should have been kicked out of office before the end of his first term he was nothing but a rotten person who deserved nothing from this country..

        1. Bounderbob says

          Did you miss the fact that he was elected twice?

    9. lily says

      GROW UP.

      1. L/Cpl says

        Here we go again another DUMBASS Democrat who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground ! Tell me what’s your complaint so I can tear you down just like every other Dumbass Democrat that crossed my path ! All of you are total IDIOTS !

        1. lily says

          Can any Trump lover write anything without swearing?

          1. L/Cpl says

            Can any Democrat make any sense ? I’ll tell you what, we should give you what you want as a Democrat a one way ticket to N. Korea so you can see first hand what you want !

          2. lily says

            When you are going to write such stupid and irrelevant stuff, why don’t you pose for a picture
            without your uniform. You are embarrassing our military.

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Why don’t you suicide bomb your Liberal ignorant low energy ass and save America !!!!!!!!!

          4. L/Cpl says

            It’s like I said before you don’t have a point so instead you go after the person ! All of you Democrats do the same thing . Your ideology is insane I’ve made that point (with out “swear words”) in my post several times before ! My picture is posted why don’t you have one ? I know why because you’re afraid to show what kind of an IDIOT you are. If I were a Democrat I would be an embarrassment to the military but I’m NOT and I DO have a “Honorable” Discharge. Do you have anything that’s HONORABLE ? You are a disgusting piece of TRASH !

          5. lily says

            I’m sorry – I’m the disgusting piece of trash?!?

            The reason why I don’t have a picture is essentially because I don’t know how to insert a picture
            and I don’t think it is necessary anyway.

            What is my ideology? And why is it insane? I am a Christian, and I base my politics on my
            religion. Just today our preacher pointed out a passage in Galatians – Work for the Good of All.

            It doesn’t say “America” It doesn’t say “America First” It says for the good of all. Do you have
            a problem with that?

          6. L/Cpl says

            Yes you are ! You sure didn’t waste any time to getting down on my photo did you. You not knowing how to insert a picture proves my point you’re an IDIOT. You can NOT be a Christian and a Democrat the two just don’t work, Hillary Clinton claims to be a Catholic also ! I don’t have a problem with for the good of all but if you’re a Democrat you don’t. Let me ask you a couple of questions
            1. Do you want a “One World Order” ?
            2. Are you in favor of abortion ?
            3. Do you want Syrian & ISIS Refugee’s let in this Country ?
            4. Do you want ILLEGAL ALIENS & their murderers & ISIS let in this Country ?
            5.Do you want to deplete our military down to the point it’s weaker than pre-WW 1
            6. Do you want to fund our enemy ?
            7. Do you want to supply our enemy ?
            8. Do you want to destroy our economy ?
            If your answer is NO then why the hell are you a Democrat ?????

          7. lily says

            No, I’m not an idiot because I don’t know how to insert a photo. If I wanted to badly enough, I
            would have learned. It is a big “don’t need” for me.

            And yes, I can be a Christian and a democrat.

            I have never heard Hillary Clinton claim to be a Catholic.
            And just how many times has Trump attended church in the last 20 years. Perhaps never,
            except on inauguration day.

            I don’t believe in a “one World Order.” It is a conspiracy theory, and I don’t think that I have ever
            believe in any conspiracy theory.

            Syrian refugees and ISIS refugees are two different things. Which do you want me to answer?

            Illegal aliens and murderers are two different things. Which do you want me to answer?

            Do you want to fund our enemy? Who is our enemy and how are we funding them?

            Do you want to supply our enemy? Who is our enemy and how are we supplying them?

            Do you want to destroy our economy? No

            I am a Democrat because I am a Christian, and it is my wish and my goal to follow Christ.

          8. socialsavvy says

            Great post. I have a difficult time deciding why or how many of these contributors insist that if you are a Democrat you first are not a Christian. Next, you are liberal in the worst sense of the word, what follows is socialist, (so what), then you are a Communist Muslim. That last is a “Communist Muslim”, and totally contradictory. Of course, after that comes the scum filled descriptions that is supposed to be me. Know how Trump makes diversions to keep people from focusing on the real problems and issues we should hear him discuss. I think that many of the ones who do the dirty mouth stuff, are diverting themselves from discussing issues because they don’t really know what is going on. Blame others, like their leader Trump. All that is a seriously sad and bad behavior.

          9. lily says

            Do you call your post “making sense?”

            Why don’t you do yourself a favor and act like a gentleman.

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          11. L/Cpl says

            My point makes a hell of a lot more sense then anything you tried to put on this site. You don’t have a point so you think that by trying to say something negative about me will give you an advantage. Democrats like you are FOOLS you don’t have anything to put on the table so you go after the person. You people are IDIOTS !

          12. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Why don’t you do yourself a favor and act like a respectable female all that comes out of your liberal mouth is crooked bshit!!!!!!!


        2. lily says

          Call me what you want but when you swear at me, I flag you.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Flag you liberal ignorant ass you Liberal moron!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. L/Cpl says

            Why don’t you go back to your “LEFT WING WEBSITE” where you belong or go to your TV set and watch more CNN ! Go ahead and flag me IDIOT because what ever words that you think are swear words they say on YOUR TV NETWORK PROGRAMS. If you’d like I could give you some real swear words to listen to.

          3. lily says

            Isn’t it great to be so TOUGH and MASCULINE !!! mmm, mmm, mmm.

          4. L/Cpl says

            Yes it is ! you are nothing more than a TROLL !

          5. lily says

            Did I ever tell you before how big and strong and manly and sexy you are? mmm, mmm, mmm.

          6. L/Cpl says

            Why would I give a shit what you think You’re an IDIOT and I know that.

        3. lily says

          ah, a Marine to be proud of.

          1. L/Cpl says

            That’s right another Marine who risked his life to help save your Dumb ass ! If you had a point you might get some where but you don’t. You Democrats are all alike none of you have a point and the ones you try to make are so stupid you need to be put in a rubber room !

          2. lily says

            My son was a marine. He was willing to risk his life (by the way, on what occasion did you
            risk your life?). but when his term was up, he quit. Want to know why? Because he was
            appalled at the behavior of so many of the men there. He made a number of friends, but
            there were so many he truly didn’t like, including commanders, that he simply said – I can’t
            have respect for so many of them that I am not going back.

            Do you have a clue as to what he meant. I know that I have met several who DO know what
            he was talking about.

          3. L/Cpl says

            Are you really that STUPID ! I joined the Marine Corps during Vietnam and the minute I was sworn in my life was on the line for 4 years & 4 months ! I was in and was on board a blockade ship during the Cuban Missile Crisis, point made on the occasion. About your son and the BULL SHIT you are trying to pedal but that’s to be expected coming from a Democrat. If your son told you that then I’d like to know what kind of a discharge he got a DD (Dishonorable Discharge), a UD (Undesirable Discharge), or a section 8 ? Another thing from what you said I know for sure you may have met several people who knew what you and maybe your so called son was talking about because they are Democrats who were probably the ones who threw SHIT & PISS on our troops coming home from Vietnam ! So don’t come here telling me that shit !

          4. lily says

            Why do you call me stupid because I didn’t know that you were in Vietnam. That picture would
            suggest that you were not. It must be a very old one. And DO NOT tell me my son is full of
            bull shit. He finished out his term and refused to sign up again, even though he was offered
            $10,000 to do so. Ditto, his wife, who was also a marine.

            Christian G. Appy explains in his book Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam.
            In some instances, antiwar protesters reportedly spit on returning
            veterans and called them baby-killers. Although such incidents were
            rare, the stories were often repeated among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam.
            These stories added to the soldiers’ resentment of the antiwar movement.Rather
            than being greeted with anger and hostility, however, most Vietnam
            veterans received very little reaction when they returned home. They
            mainly noticed that people seemed uncomfortable around them and did not
            appear interested in hearing about their wartime experiences.

            Above from:

            Is this the throwing shit and piss you were talking about? It sounds like you are still angry
            30 years later for not coming home as a hero.

          5. L/Cpl says

            No I didn’t call you stupid because you didn’t know I wasn’t in Vietnam it’s because you are ! You’re a Democrat and stupid goes along with that. I was in the 3rd Marine Division stationed on Okinawa, Japan for 13 months which happened to be a staging area to go to Vietnam my unit never did go. My unit rotated back to the U.S. but the very next rotation one month later turned around and went to Vietnam. Besides why in hell do you need to know my history !
            I never said that I was in Vietnam I never claimed to be a combat Marine or a hero ! I do how ever know that like any other soldier combat or not I joined to serve my Country and save your freedoms for dumbasses like you. That picture by the way is my “Boot Camp” photo and there’s no possible way to tell if I was a combat troop or not.
            As far as your son is concerned you said he didn’t like people in the Marine Corps and yet he married one. I never met a Marine that I didn’t like and I never pass a Marine without saying Semper Fi. If your son is a Marine you should know what Semper Fi means. I also know about reenlistment and what they pay to “re-up” and they DON’T just shoot you a figure it depends on your rank and how long you re-up for. I know this because I was called down to re-up 3 times before I got out.
            Your little story is mighty funny because it seemed to me that every time I looked at the news back then when the news was fairly true almost every night I saw protesters waiting at the airport for troops to come flying in so they could do exactly what I said they did. Not only that but if you believe your little story how come the pain was felt by SO MANY soldiers not just a few and the conflict of those incidents lasted for DECADES and still does to this day ? When I got out in early 1966 the war was still a popular war and I didn’t go through that but two years later it got ugly and believe me I paid very close attention to what was going on so yes that is the shit and piss ! Did you see any of this were you around back then I was and anyone who was will tell you the same thing. So take your little story and put it where the sun don’t shine. You are even wrong about the time line it was way more than 30 years ago when I came home try 50 dummy !

          6. lily says

            “You’re a Democrat and stupid goes along with that”

            Sure. Let me see. Who do you think is smarter – Obama or Trump?

            And correct me if I am wrong but you told me how you are put your life on the line for
            our country. Except you didn’t. Maybe we were willing to (or couldn’t find a way to avoid
            the draft) but in reality you didn’t.

            I’ve read a fair amount about Vietnam because it was my era. As I said, I had a roommate in
            college whose fiance crashed a plane (a la McCain) and died. My husband to be got of it both
            for health reasons and a very low draft number. I had a cousin who died over there.

            And when they all came back I was working at a university in which several of the guys I
            worked with were returnees from Viet Nam. No, they were not happy that the population as
            a whole had wanted that stupid war to be over a long time earlier, or that we had never gotten
            into it in the first place. I am still in contact with only one of those people from that back then.
            I have no reason to believe that he never got over his anger/disappointment but I realize
            that many didn’t handle it as well. Suicides were numerous. Family life was often rotten.
            What can I say. War is a terrible thing and we should do EVERYTHING we can to avoid it,
            starting with make friends, not enemies.

          7. L/Cpl says

            Don’t tell me you think Obama is smarter than Trump if you do you are dumber then I gave you credit for !
            Like I said I DID put my life on the line the very minute I was sworn in there was a war going on when I enlisted. Anyone who served Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard puts their life on the line the minute they’re sworn in ! Look shit head why don’t you put on a uniform serve 4 years in the military during war time when you could be called at a moments notice for combat. Don’t you come telling me what I did or didn’t do asshole !
            Look I told you that I spent 13 months on Okinawa in preparation (that’s what staging area means) to go to Vietnam it just never happened and yes I am grateful it didn’t you talk as if Vietnam wasn’t in my era I was a hell of a lot closer to it then you ever were. You talk about your friends husband and your husband who never was your cousin was the only connection you have to Vietnam other than a book. I am sorry about your cousin blame L.B.J. for that.
            Anyway this whole conversation is boring me so you can have the floor and say what ever you like because I’m tired of your Bull Shit !

          8. lily says

            Sorry, I think that Obama is not only smarter than Trump, brain wise,
            but in figuring out life also.

            And I don’t like being called a shit head or an ass hole, so I flagged

          9. lily says

            You wrote an awfully long post, making a whole lot of assumptions
            that apparently you know very little about.

            First of all, whatever you may think of liberals, or the Vietnam War,
            or the military in general, or the people who welcomed or didn’t
            welcome you home, you are a very angry person. And an angry
            person is a dangerous person.

            Also, do you realize that I was giving a quote about the pain? And
            I have read it over and over. I didn’t make up it. I know almost
            no Vietnam veterans today. My friends were in college during that
            war. So if you thought the war was great, why are you so angry?

            Did you wife leave you? Do you have a brother who became the
            hero you wanted to be? Can’t find any friends because you
            bellyache on a constant basis?

            Just what is your problem?

          10. L/Cpl says

            My God you are STUPID ! First of all the only dangerous person in this conversation is you because of your ideology being a Democrat. You are a typical DEMOCRAT twisting my words around to suit you ! There is No way that I said or even implied that I thought Vietnam was a great war NO war is a great war !! I do know that you dumbass Democrats were taking it out on the wrong people “Our Troops” when you should’ve been taking it out On your DEMOCRAT President L.B.J. and HIS administration he’s the mass murderer !!! Don’t forget a DEMOCRAT (L.B.J.) started that WAR ! If I am angry which I’m not anymore at the time YES that is the reason you Democrats taking out YOUR ANGER on the wrong people !
            You leave my wife out of this she passed away ! I don’t have a brother I have a sister ! I have plenty of friends I know I have a hell of a lot more than you. Besides why do you keep wanting to know MY history ! I have No problems it’s you that have the problems. Have I asked you for any of YOUR stinking personal information ? I have nothing to hide my life has been very good but you bringing stuff like that makes me wonder about yours what are you hiding ?

          11. lily says

            I don’t like being called a dumb ass, so I am flagging you.

            “The role of the United States in the Vietnam War began after World War II and escalated into full commitment during what is termed the Vietnam War from 1955 to 1975.”

            I don’t know what Eisenhower had to do with the war, or for that matter
            Truman either. I remember it as a JFK thing, which ended with

          12. lily says

            ” I have plenty of friends I know I have a hell of a lot more than you.”

            Why do you keep telling me about me, when you haven’t a clue.
            The only thing I tell you about you is that you are an angry man.
            And anger always has repercussions. Do your kids like you?

            You don’t have to answer that. But if the answer is “no” then my
            guess is you don’t have kids. People with your kind of ongoing
            rage scream, hit people, and worse. I doubt that you are an

          13. lily says

            Flagged you again for calling me a dumbass. Can’t you think of
            anything different?

            You said you put your life on the line. To me, that says you were in
            a war. I suppose I put my life on the line every time I get into a car.

            And about my son. I said that there were people within the marine
            corps that he didn’t like, including his commander. I didn’t say he
            hated all marines. Why can’t you figure the simple things out. Or
            do you just need to spend your time writing because you have nothing
            else to do.

            Who said they just shot a figure of 10,000? It was months before
            the Iraq War started. They wanted already trained people to stay.
            but the couldn’t make them stay. So they offered both of them money.
            I’m quite sure he wasn’t the only one, and I’m quite sure that he wasn’t the only one who said no, no matter how semper fi they were.

          14. lily says

            Another flag for calling me a dumb ass.

        4. lily says

          Another flag for calling me a dumbass

    10. Gloria D. says

      100% correct!!

    11. mrpoohead says

      Maybe catching them first helpful? 11 million “illegals” down from a peak of 12 – leave folks, it’s a shit-hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. John Ellard says

      DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!

    13. lily says

      But, but, but – He used an executive order to do it. And we ALL know that is just
      the beginning of his dictatorship. (Remember?? I think that was everyone was
      calling Obama that just a few short weeks ago)

    14. lily says

      Tell us what you think of executive orders.

      1. L/Cpl says

        Fight fire with fire ! Obama’s got this country so screwed up I’m very happy to see Trump use the same method Obama did to correct his destruction

  4. N. Truth says

    Judges who rule outside their realm and do not abide by the US Constitution should be impeached and driven to the border.

    1. Robert Weiman says

      Tarred and feathered !!

    2. Daniel Spickard says

      They should be impeached, but then their law license should be revoked so they can not practice law any where in the United States. Also if impeached should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the US law with prison time if found guilty. If they would so resign, their law license would still be revoked!

    3. Bob says

      Any judge making a ruling that doesn’t abide by the constitution should loose their license to practice law anywhere in the United States…..because they took an oath to abide by the constitution…then they should do prison time… Calif. people should be reminded that the Constitution of the United States only applies to American Citizens NOT to every person on this planet……….AMERICANS….GOT IT….ONLY AMERICANS !!!!!!!!

    4. greenlantern1 says

      Did JUDGE JOHN J. SIRICA abide by the US Constitution?

    5. Craig Vandertie says

      Driven, not far enough, do to them what should be done with any and all muslims here, load them onto cargo planes caged up until you get over the Middle East and realease the cage from the cargo hold.

  5. Camille Gilliam says

    I’m glad he is going to go at it a different way. We have to get this problem stopped.

    1. Frederick King says

      I agree. Take some time and make a bullet-proof executive order that makes sense, and secures our borders from those that would harm and kill Americans. We do not need or want hordes of people that have no intention of becoming Americans, and leaving any supremacist, corrupt , violent, hateful, and anti-American culture behind. Any country that has large populations of terrorist or anti-western democracy groups, be it ultra right wing nazi-like, hard core maoists, any culture that glorifies death to any group, hard core religious groups that want to take over the world , any group that displays anti-Americanism should be banned, with exceptions being made only after extreme vetting. Lets not forget to exclude the dreaded, white right wing extremists that our last administration was so fearful of. No more UN selections on who comes here.
      Good luck President Trump. I am on your side on this one. I have not forgotten 9-11, or all the threats being made by islamic supremist groups..
      We should work on stopping birth-right citizenship next.

      1. Camille Gilliam says

        Very well written, Frederick! God Bless President Trump, VP Pence, Staff and families.

        1. Frederick King says

          Thank you, my dear.

        1. Camille Gilliam says

          I like the pictures!

  6. cpwill63 says

    This why the Judge should be sue if anyone of your family member died because of this decision. Also President Obama pass a laws for immigration but because Donald Trump is trying do something for send people without green cards back to their country and taking our jobs away from the American People the left wing is gone crazy I hope a lot of left wing lose their jobs. Listen this is the United States of America the land of the free and brave. Take the other country in the world they are worst off than we are.

  7. Letterman007 says

    The congress can dismantle the ninth district court with a swipe of the pen! I’m not sure why they aren’t doing it? It’s either stand up or get out for these politicians. If they think it can’t happen to them, look at the Clinton Crime Family and expresident Odummer! They could go next?!! Like President Trump said time to clean out the swamp!!

    1. cnourse57 says

      Congress seems too timid to take any action, as if Harry Reid or Obama were still in their old positions, ready, willing, and able to veto any Republican action. Obama seldom had to veto any Republican action. Harry Reid always sat on Republican bills and refused to schedule them to be referred to a Committee or to be scheduled for a vote. Well, they are both gone now. Harry Reid voluntarily retired from the Senate and Obama could not run for a third term as President. So Congress needs to get busy!

      1. Letterman007 says


  8. Daniel Spickard says

    I say let Those states that fight this, be responsible for their own people in the case of a terrorist attack on their own soil with out the help of the federal government. Then the federal government go after the state for their own stupidity!

  9. Daniel Spickard says

    I say we use Israel’s form of vetting immigrants coming into the country! After all Israel has one of the best vetting ways to date!

  10. Justin Seine says

    After what ISIS has promised to do with respect to infiltrating the refugee streams combined with the help and support of the Ninth District Court we may all be looking at this sooner rather than later:
    “Coming to a Town Near You”

  11. Eric Pearson says

    Oh yeah. There are terrorists all over the place. I can’t throw a rock without hitting one.

    1. peteyone says

      Can’t wait to read your obituary when you’re a victim!

  12. Jesustheonlyway says

    How is it that those who are carrying signs opposing President Trump’s ban look like the very people he’s working to keep out? Illegals and Muslims.

  13. peanut butter says

    All he has to do is write an order that says, Pursuant to 8 US Code subsection 1182 s/s A (iii) (II), or whichever else section that will show that he has a right to stop immigration from these countries. Then they cannot challenge it in court.

  14. Anne Latella says

    The U. S. Judges are using ridiculous decisions to put he U. S Citizens in more danger, whole protecting illegal immigrants who have no business being here. We need to have a quota system and immigration enforced once again to an orderly fashion where immigrants can assimilate into the country without causing utter chaos. This politically correct nonsense begun by Obama is sabotaging our country!

  15. greenlantern1 says

    Illegal aliens?
    Where was Trump, when Attorney-General Janet Reno was enforcing our immigration laws?
    Remember the Elian Gonzales case?
    Where was Trump?
    Ever read the autobiography, NEVER AGAIN, by Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
    He, not Eric Holder, gave the order to rescue illegals!
    Where was Trump?

  16. irish1919 says

    This is just more reason for congress eliminate these article III of the constitution . It’s within the power of congress to add or reduce Article III courts. The ninth circuit could be history as well as these left wing appellate justices. I would like to see them do it. They also have the power not to add to the Suoreme court if they choose not to. 9 justices on the Supreme Court does not have to be the number. We have had Suoreme courts with 5 and 7 justices in our history. Lets face it if we have courts in this country who are overturned 86% of the time why not save time and go directly to the Supreme Court .

    1. Bounderbob says

      Too bad you don’t know about the “80 percent” b.s. No court has had even 1percent overturned.

  17. Susan Lindauer says

    Good! President Trump must not back down from this fight! America has every right to control our borders and who enters our country. This is not a “border-less” world. The Appellate court has demonstrated why activist courts– responding to a social whim or temporary trend– actually harm the greater rights of the American people. Our laws & our rights must stand through time. It argues strenuously for Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation to the U.S Supreme Court.

      1. Susan Lindauer says

        As long as we keep the drug cartels & criminal immigrants out of MY COUNTRY, I am perfectly willing to pay for that Wall myself!!! Oh yes, it’s an important & necessary investment. Women in California can bloody well clean their own houses & mow their own yards! No more welfare. We want deportations ! Lots & Lots & Lots of deportations.

        1. Princess Wei-Xia says

          I agree with you. You can deport them all but I want my maid and gardener to stay.

  18. mark f says

    yeah. do it anyways, let the 9th district court kick it up to the supreme court and wait for their decision. national security should Trump(ha)the 9th’s decision.

    1. cnourse57 says

      Right at the moment, the Supreme Court is tied 4 liberals to 4 conservatives. Judge Gorsuch would be a 5th conservative who rules strictly by the Constitution. But the Senate will not get to vote on him until late March. If the Supreme Court vote ends in a tie, then the District Court’s ruling becomes the law of the land.

  19. Craig Vandertie says

    I have a better idea, order a hit on those 9th District court judges, get a grib on reality you overbearing pompous Libtard judges muslims cannot be trusted, the 1 thing you and muslims have in common is your complete ignorance.

  20. Daniel Mount says

    L/Cpl – You are right 100% but dose the President know this or why is no one letting him know that he has that right? I don’t understand why he just continues with his original executive order? Because that so called Judge from the 9th circuit has absolutely no right or power to do this. This is pissing me off.

    1. Bounderbob says

      There were three judges involved in the decision, not one. Herr Trump is changing his executive order to clean up the objections to his original order. By the way, the district courts do have the right to do what they did, the next step in the process would be to challenge their ruling in the SCOTUS.

      1. bttrap says

        the judges can’t over rule the the presidents ex, orders obambie got away with it

        1. Bounderbob says

          Well they do have the right to rule on matters such as this. Anyway, the petition to the Supreme court has been withdrawn and a new executive order has been issued.

          1. bttrap says

            the judges ruled on immigration not the protection of an attact on our soil that’s the trouble with the judges today they can’t see beyond their blindness of politicians, maybe some day we will have real judges without worring about getting votes to stay in court.. and why did they pick the states against trump all they want to do is get their name in the news. they won’t outsmart trump he”””s too good at handling situations. that”””””””””’s why he put in a new exc. order

          2. Bounderbob says

            ???? Not really sure what you are talking about but since we both agree that a new order is coming out we have reached the end of our discussions.

        2. Chi Sam says

          Of course they cannot “over rule” the order. “Over rule” is not even a real term. Add the common word ‘overrule’ to your vocabulary, stupid.

          (Would now be a bad time to note that you wrote the word ‘the’ twice in succession? My God, you are an incompetent man.)

  21. Thomjeff says

    They need to get fingerprints, dna, photo id and dental xrays of everyone coming in and, let the American people know where they will be placed. And when one or more of them kill some of our families or friends, these judges should be held accountable.

  22. deputydog70 says

    The quickest way to bring the 9th Circuit Court under control is for Congress to defund it.

    Putting it out of business would force all those liberal judges who refuse to follow the Constitution and previous case law settled by the Supreme Court to resign as there isn’t any reason to go to work when you don’t get paid.

  23. Kathleen Knapp says

    1) It is NOT just about this issue. Lefts goal is to #DumpTrump either force him to step down or impeach doesn’t matter. If you aren’t monitoring #TheResistence

    1. bttrap says

      and get rid of their guns

  24. Borninbrooklyn says

    No rules anymore.
    No wonder so much of the new generation do illegal actions because the consequences of those actions are not pursued.
    In this “New” America, anything goes especially if it goes against the “right”!

  25. Seb says

    Go Trump! You really need to charge Soros, Obama and Hillary. You said you would put Hillary behind bars during your campaign so please follow through !

    1. Bounderbob says

      Did you really think Herr Trump would prosecute Hillary? If so, I would like to sell you some oceanfront property in Arizona.

  26. Jerry Del Vecchio says

    Saudi Arabia is deporting Muslims due to terrorist fears…

    Saudi Arabia deports
    pakistanis due to terror fears

    1. anibanib says

      And Saudi Arabia murders 1000s of civilians with USA made and supplied cluster bombs…….which were supposed to be banned World wide……..but then the USA does just as she pleases, the big turd of an arrogant nation

      1. bttrap says

        so long range nucular war heads were banned and if you don’t like here get the hell out of our country

        1. anibanib says

          Why is it that you brainwashed Yanks Always assume that everybody who comments on a WWW site just has to be an American…..Wake up jerk, the USA is less than 5% of theworlds population………and I DID NOT mention NUCULAR weapons,I said cluster bombs that are still being made in the USA and sold to ME countries, incl Saudi, who are busy every day bombing civilians, and just to repeat, I do not live in the USA

        2. Chi Sam says

          Nucular is not a word, stupid.
          Warheads is.
          You ineptly omitted the strategic word ‘it’.
          You’re a stupid man, and you do poor work.

  27. Shelly Shannon says

    DISPICABLE! I never thought I would see the day that our Constitution would be trampled on and discraced the way it is right now. The media is a collage of reprobates and undignified know-nothings who cry like babies and throw tantrums. And as for the liberal elites in our government they have fallen off the cliff, fake tweets have become their reality, and they have gone insane. The liberal protesters are arsonists, free speech stiflers and lawless criminals. Obama is their “Jim Jones”, and Corrupt Hillary is still their idol. I pray every day for our President, and I believe he will be the solution to the incredible problems brought by the Obama administration. The truth will prevail.