Trump Plans Quick Withdrawal From Climate Pact


According to sources inside Donald Trump’s transition team, the president-elect is looking for avenues through which the U.S. can quickly withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement that went into effect on November 4, four days before the election.

Trump, who has expressed doubt as to the validity of man-made global warming, made a campaign pledge to get the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, and sources inside his team say he means to make good on that promise.

But if Trump withdraws in accordance with the rules of the pact, it would mean going through a four-year process. Trump is eyeing ways around that drawn out procedure.

“It was reckless for the Paris agreement to enter into force before the election,” the source told Reuters.

Trump has a handful of options as his disposal, including withdrawing from the 1992 Convention that acts as a grandfather to the Paris Agreement. This move would accelerate the withdrawal, cutting the timeline by 75%. By this time in 2017, the agreement – or at least America’s part of it – would be relegated to history. Trump could also withdraw through an executive order, which would end the U.S.’s role in the agreement immediately.

Climate zealots are warning that such a move would bring about the apocalypse, but anyone with a more reasonable take on global warming can see this for the hysteria that it is. Even the Paris Agreement’s biggest supporters have already admitted that the pact will have little impact on global carbon emissions. As far as the climate movement’s goals are concerned, the agreement is basically symbolic.

Unfortunately, though, it’s worse than that. If it were merely symbolic, there would be no reason for Trump to pull out. The problem is that the agreement has nothing to do with cutting carbon and everything to do with forcing the U.S. to pay for the development of the third world. It’s a costly pact that will do immeasurable damage to the American economy while leaving the world’s worst carbon offenders free to build coal plant after coal plant. It’s an international magic trick aimed at reducing U.S. influence and power.

President-elect Trump has made no secret of his mission to bring jobs back to the country; getting us free from Obama blunders like the Paris Agreement are important steps on the road to fulfilling that promise. Leftist regulations must fall if the free market is to thrive.

  1. gotabgood says

    200 hundred countries are full of sh!t and are stupid. 97% of scientist are bought and paid off by the governments of the world.
    REALLY??? That is easier to believe than we are truly destroying the world?
    If you say that is reserved for God…. God choose Moses to led his people out of captivity, God send His Son in the form of a baby to led the people to truth. God choose mankind to deliver His truth to the world, when He could have easily done it Himself with flaming words across the sky. God choose man to be caretakers of this world.. such a big job for mere humans, if we can care for it…….. then we can destroy it!!!!

    1. albaby2 says

      Definition of stupid is believing in gods, ghosts, virgin births and global warming. Show me where you got that 97% figure from. BTW, does reducing CO2 production mean stopping production of that Co2 used to increase pot yields? That ought to scare the hell out of some “scientists”.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        Definition of stupid is spewing your BS! Much of the stuff you list are peoples beliefs. Those are called faith dumbell!

    2. randy jackson says

      The article does not mention the statement: “200 hundred countries are full of sh!t and are stupid. 97% of scientist are bought and paid off by the governments of the world.” Where does that come from or is it—-as you say—$hit?

  2. gotabgood says
  3. gotabgood says

    Once again in Alaska in January, 2014, when the lower US was getting hit with the “Polar Vortex”… so cold, but where cold is expected to be…..

  4. gotabgood says

    Mankind is stupid, I will give you that… but do you really think that man is so stupid to build roads, buildings and parking lots where “high tide” will flood them out?
    This is happening all over the world.. East coast and West coast of USA, plus in China and Australia.
    We can disagree on welfare, abortion, minimum wage, but this is going to affect all of us, all over the world. You have to stop ignoring the signs. Don’t believe the scientist, FINE.. but stop ignoring the things like I am showing you… they are happening NOW!

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

      You from Newport gotabathug

  5. Deplorable Jake Spooz says

    Climate change is almost as big a hoax as Obama.

    1. gonzales27 says

      Close but I give a nod to Obama

      1. Gary Smith says


    1. Lucillehgoodwin says

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    2. albaby2 says

      And who determines what is the truth if “truth” cannot be supported by facts. Threorys are not facts.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          At least you got a response from a bot.

  6. Tiger says

    Just sign the frigging EO and get us to Hell out of this money grabbing scheme. Billions of tax payers dollars for a theory that thousands of scientists say is hooey. 1000 of them told the UN that. Just do it and everything else you said.

    1. logicrules says

      You are ignorant enough to believe that global warming is a hoax by the Chinese because a supreme liar told you so.
      You’d be hard pressed to find the truth in anything the conman has told you.

      1. albaby2 says

        GW is so well proven that the government funded scientists who support GW have decared it “settled science” and want to stifle findings of other scientists by suing them. Science is never settled but those with an agenda, financial interest, or both would have you believe they have the only thoughts possible and dissent will not be tolerated.

        1. Tiger says

          (EDENHOFER): First of all, developed countries have basically
          expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say
          clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate
          policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic
          about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international
          climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do
          with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation
          or the ozone hole.

          Thousands of emails discovered from scientists getting paid and given grants to say this.

          1. Lisabelle says

            Their goal, to remove land ownership for the slaves (us) plus
            other developed countries, they wish to create for their own utopian agenda, that is called a take-over.

          2. Tiger says

            Right on the money and it has been in the works for years and years. The EU was not only telling European countries how many refugees they would get but they were telling the UK that they needed to stop putting children in Religious schools because they were trampling on the rights of those children and making them Christians. They were dictating how much electricity people used and much more. So yes all of us were in for the One World Order.

            The UN already said we ate too much meat, they wanted it to stop. They wanted us to stop eating so much, Kerry signed the agreement to limit our air conditioning and our refrigeration. Oh yes land and water grabs all over big time.

          3. gonzales27 says

            But you didn’t see Kerry following his own advise

          4. Tiger says

            They are like all Elites since time began do as I say don’t do as I do cause you can’t, I said you can’t.

          5. hankthetank says

            That is why they have put ( Smart Meters ) on our Electric / Gas / & water, Lived in the Mojave Desert , they put a smart meter on my a/c unit , they can turn it off anytime they want ! they are setting up early for when they take over they can control everyone !! Here is something you don’t know ! China is building ( 10 ) complete cities a year,Everything is there for a modern city, Malls, streets & signals ,But NO one lives there !!! YOU DON’T Believe me !! Google, Ghost Cities & believe !!!

          6. Tiger says

            I believe you I have a friend who is a doctor in China and he told me long ago. Wonder what is up with that?

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Global warming has been in the works for centuries.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Brainwashed one, come on up here to Alaska, we will rub your nose in global warming.

            Better yet, we’ll fly you out over the Tundra and drop you off, laugh as you sink into the mud while the insects eat you.

          9. gonzales27 says

            When 50 countries quit sending Politicians in private jets for a two week Global warming seminar spewing CO2 into the atmosphere,then I will be a believer,oh part of the Liberal Mantra,do as I say not as I do.

          10. Tiger says

            That will happen when pigs fly, flies turn into pigs.

          11. AKLady2015 says

            Foolish one, come on up here to Alaska, we will rub your nose in global warming.

            Better yet, we’ll fly you out over the Tundra and drop you off, laugh as you sink into the mud while the insects eat you.

        2. hankthetank says

          You have everything right! they set up (ccx ) Chicago Climate Exchange !! they did this to get our tax money to put in their Bank , the one they set up just for this scam ! IT is called ( Shore Bank ) of Chicago !! it was started by Al Gore, Obama , Bushes , Clinton’s, & more assholes !! the last i heard it was about to go broke ,if they didn’t put in more money!!!

        3. AKLady2015 says

          Come on up here to Alaska, we will rub your nose in global warming.
          Better yet, we’ll fly you out over the Tundra and drop you off, laugh as you sink into the mud while the insects eat you.

      2. Pamela says

        And you are ignorant to believe that man has power over anything that God has planned. His Word will Not return void, so get over yourself, quit being ignorant and READ the Word of God to get educated.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Ignorance! Shame!!!!!!!

          1. KingDon says

            I would assume that your remarks are aimed at yourself.

      3. Tiger says

        Really well you retarded dunce I did my research and I speak the truth and unlike you who just cry out the Mantra of Climate Change and are fooled and do no research whatsoever. Yes thousands of emails were found that clearly showed it is a hoax. The head of the UN meeting on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico said it had nothing to do with Climate Change and was just a redistribution of wealth scheme.

        Your Ilk is done in this country so stop whining and start learning.

        1. gonzales27 says

          Never try and confuse a Liberal with facts,it’s like trying to teach a cat to sing,wastes your time and bores the cat.

          1. Tiger says

            I have always had cats, the are cautious, wise, alert and know when the enemy near. These people are slugs.

          2. Michael Brown says


          3. Tiger says

            Yep that is calling you what you are. You lost get over it or get out of America go to Canada but then they like Trump so go to an ISIS country.

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          5. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Liberal thugs go protest, cry leave the country …please

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
      4. grama18 says

        NO idget he is so right it is nothing but a money grubbing scheme ! Under ( Obama ) OUR climate –may — change –BUT — is it us or NATURE !

      5. Guess who says

        People with brains knew GW was a hoax looooong before Trump ever thought of running for prez….. Wise up, you lefty moron.

        1. Gary Smith says

          I agree

        2. pappy450 says

          Just block the loon…I did.

      6. Tiger says

        (EDENHOFER): First of all, developed countries have basically
        expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say
        clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate
        policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic
        about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international
        climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do
        with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation
        or the ozone hole.

        Again you are ignorant and we are not going to pay billions. No American president up until O let the UN run them by the nose. Go live in Europe.

      7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You are a total stranger to logic!

        1. Tiger says

          They are the problem and Trump the answer.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Hi Tiger. Doesn’t is seem sunnier with President elect Trump standing in the wings?

          2. Tiger says

            Indeed it does and I have put the article out there concerning Climate Gate there were thousands of documents and also email exposing this hoax. A quote from the article.
            The reason why even the Guardian’s George Monbiot has expressed
            total shock and dismay at the picture revealed by the documents is that
            their authors are not just any old bunch of academics. Their importance
            cannot be overestimated, What we are looking at here is the small group
            of scientists who have for years been more influential in driving the
            worldwide alarm over global warming than any others, not least through
            the role they play at the heart of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on
            Climate Change (IPCC).

          3. Michael Brown says

            he will be impeached

          4. Tiger says

            LMAO for what? Fat chance the Republicans and are in charge. If that piece of crap Obama not impeached what in God’s sweet name makes you think Trump will be?

          5. Michael Brown says

            you are just an idiot

          6. Tiger says

            You don’t know the difference from your ass and a hole in the ground.


            Twas the night before Christmas, and up in the tower,

            The Donald reflected on his newfound power.

            The conservative masses had come out in force,

            And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

            The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes,

            The media lied to them . . . What a surprise.

            They had been promised a Hillary win,

            But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin.

            And though from all corners celebrities flew,

            They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue.

            They talked about climate, racism, and such,

            And they made up good stories . . . But didn’t know much.

            The fake news and ignorance came at a cost,

            And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost.

            They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,

            But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad.

            Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed,

            Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod.

            The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,

            And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

            So out in the streets there arose such a clatter,

            It was Soros-paid protestors and Black Lives Matter.

            With cities to pillage and windows to smash,

            They knew not the issues, but needed the cash.

            Eight years of Obama had given them cause,

            To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus.

            But soon the protestors will feel the pain,

            When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train.

            And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear,

            Upset and offended by things that they’ll hear.

            The cocoa and crayons will help for a while,

            But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style.

            I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz,

            In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose.

            He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede,

            The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

            I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,

            He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud.

            He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs,

            Taking this country back from the Washington snobs.

            He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat,

            And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete.

            For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit,

            And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

            His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best,

            And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest.

            His love for this country was on full display,

            And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

            He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone,

            Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on.

            The fate of this country left nothing to chance,

            So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

            The men he had chosen were of the same mind,

            Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind.

            He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,

            With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet;

            “Now Mattis!, now Kelly!’ now Sessions!And Pruitt!

            On Perry! On Flynn, You’re the ones who can do it.

            Start lifting restrictions and building the wall,

            Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

            The roar of his audience rose from the stands,

            He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands.

            He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,

            They knew it would be a fantastic four years.

            Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet,

            A fellow that Liberals won’t soon forget.

            He sent one more tweet as the evening expired;


          7. Tiger says

            This from someone who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.


            Twas the night before Christmas, and up in the tower,

            The Donald reflected on his newfound power.

            The conservative masses had come out in force,

            And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

            The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes,

            The media lied to them . . . What a surprise.

            They had been promised a Hillary win,

            But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin.

            And though from all corners celebrities flew,

            They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue.

            They talked about climate, racism, and such,

            And they made up good stories . . . But didn’t know much.

            The fake news and ignorance came at a cost,

            And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost.

            They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,

            But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad.

            Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed,

            Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod.

            The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,

            And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

            So out in the streets there arose such a clatter,

            It was Soros-paid protestors and Black Lives Matter.

            With cities to pillage and windows to smash,

            They knew not the issues, but needed the cash.

            Eight years of Obama had given them cause,

            To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus.

            But soon the protestors will feel the pain,

            When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train.

            And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear,

            Upset and offended by things that they’ll hear.

            The cocoa and crayons will help for a while,

            But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style.

            I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz,

            In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose.

            He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede,

            The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

            I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,

            He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud.

            He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs,

            Taking this country back from the Washington snobs.

            He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat,

            And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete.

            For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit,

            And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

            His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best,

            And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest.

            His love for this country was on full display,

            And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

            He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone,

            Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on.

            The fate of this country left nothing to chance,

            So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

            The men he had chosen were of the same mind,

            Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind.

            He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,

            With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet;

            “Now Mattis!, now Kelly!’ now Sessions!And Pruitt!

            On Perry! On Flynn, You’re the ones who can do it.

            Start lifting restrictions and building the wall,

            Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

            The roar of his audience rose from the stands,

            He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands.

            He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,

            They knew it would be a fantastic four years.

            Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet,

            A fellow that Liberals won’t soon forget.

            He sent one more tweet as the evening expired;


          8. Michael Brown says

            You are really stupid,and truly an asshole.

          9. Tiger says

            Michael it is your own ass you are smelling, most liberals are experts on their assholes that is where they keep their heads.

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          11. Michael Brown says


          12. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Liberal pig !

          13. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          14. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are just a branwashed Liberal Democrackhead ,moron like yo daddy Obama!

          15. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          16. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            we will deport you!

      8. Gale says

        suck it you ignorant liberal

      9. Natalie says

        Who said anything about the Chinese? That part of your nonsense you made guys made up yourself to make us look stupid. Yet another way you failed, and proved yet again where the real stupidity lies. Try to keep up.

      10. pineapple says


        Brian Sussman is a conservative radio talk show host in ultraliberal San Francisco, and a former award winning television meteorologist and science reporter.

        Global warming is caused by variations in the amount of radiant energy emitted by the sun, and happens about every 1500 years. (See “Unstoppable global Warming Every 1500 Years” by Fred singer and Dennis Avery.)

        Al Gore is profiteering from the global warming hoax.

        While campaigning for President, Senator O’Bama said that under his plan for cap-and-trade, electricity rates would “necessarily sky rocket.”

        He also said that coal companies would become bankrupt.

        Congress refused to approve a cap-and-trade bill, so President O’Bama by-passed Congress directed the EPA to declare carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.”

        The EPA is forcing coal fired power plants to shut down.

        Electricity will be rationed and the cost to consumers will be in the billions.

        Houses will be required to have remotely controlled thermostats which will be controlled by power companies in order to ration energy consumption.

        If you read Climategate, you will learn the following:

        Al Gore is a charlatan who has made millions on the global warming scare, and is poised to enrich himself further by trading carbon credits on the Chicago Carbon Exchange, along with President Obama.

        Also, Gore leaves a carbon footprint the size of a medium sized town, with his multiple mansions, SUVs, and his private jet which spews carbon dioxide as he flits around the globe attending global warming conferences.
        His movie “An Inconvenient Truth ”contains convenient lies.

        For example, his graph showing a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels corresponding to a rise in atmospheric temperature conveniently leaves out the fact that atmospheric temperatures rose several hundred years BEFORE atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rose.

        This is because, as atmospheric temperatures rose, (due to increased radiant energy from the sun), ocean temperatures eventually rose, and the solubility of carbon dioxide in the oceans decreased, causing carbon dioxide to evolve from the oceans. Also, as atmospheric temperatures decreased,(due to decreased radiant energy from the sun), ocean temperatures eventually decreased, causing carbon dioxide to be reabsorbed by the oceans.
        The transfer of heat from the atmosphere to the oceans takes several hundred years due to the massive amount of water in the oceans.

        Al Gore said the science is “settled”, and that global warming is man-made.

        The 1992 Heidelberg Appeal was signed by 4,000 scientists, including seventy-two Nobel Prize winners—all skeptics of man-caused global warming. There is no consensus that global warming is man-made.

        Pseudo scientists who hype man-made global warming derive their incomes from government grants, thus they have an incentive to fan the flame of man-made global warming in order to continue to receive these government grants.

        Leading the charge in the fight against the climate liars is Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.

        Included in Senator Inhofe’s roster is one of the dozen people who walked on the moon: Dr. Harrison Schmidt (Apollo 17, 1992). Schmidt, a Ph. D. geologist, shocked many by resigning from the highbrow Planetary Society that was founded by Carl Sagan. The society’s stated mission is “to inspire the people of the earth to explore other worlds, understand our own, and seek life elsewhere.” Predictably, this organization dove headfirst into the global warming tank.

        Unable to subject himself to such folly, Schmidt, who in the 1970’s also served as a U.S. Senator, presented a resignation statement.

        “As a geologist, I have Earth observations. But, it is ridiculous to tie this objective to a “consensus” that humans are causing global warming when human experience, geologic data, and history, and current cooling can argue otherwise.”

        The senator’s all star list includes a winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, Dr. Ivar Giaever, who stated: “I am a skeptic….Global warming has become a new religion.”

        And the compilation of brain power reflects the thoughts of a former member of Greenpeace, Jarl R. Ahlbeck, a chemical engineer at Abo Akademi University in Finland and author of more than 200 scientific publications: “So far, real measurements give no ground for concern about a catastrophic future warming.”

        Government scientist Stanlry B. Goldberg of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Hurricane Research Division, said : “It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic (manmade) global warming.”

        Another prominent scientist to sign on to Inhofe’s report is Joanne Simpson, the first woman to receive a Ph. D. in meteorology. The preeminent Dr. Simpson, formerly of NASA, has authored more than 190 scientific studies. She, too, has had enough. :Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical….The main basis of the claim that man’s release of greenhouse gases is the cause of the warming is based almost entirely upon climate models. We all know the frailty of models concerning the air-surface system.”

        It’s astounding to note that, of the gases on our atmosphere, the amount of carbon dioxide is almost imperceptible. By percentage, the gases are ordered as follows:

        Nitrogen 78.1%
        Oxygen 20.9%
        Water vapor 0.40%
        Argon 0.90%
        Carbon dioxide 0.038%
        Neon 0.002%
        Helium 0.005%
        Methane 0.002%
        Krypton 0.001%
        Hydrogen 0.0005%
        Nitrous oxide 0.0003%
        Ozone 0.000004%
        Carbon monoxide trace

        Carbon dioxide only accounts for a scant 38 thousandths of a percent of our planet’s atmosphere. It is known as a variable gas because, like water vapor, is has historically fluctuated. And what percentage of the miniscule amount of CO2 is produced by the activities of man, including the utilization of fossil fuels? According to a thorough analysis by the Carbon dioxide Information Analysis Center, a research wing of the U.S. Department of Energy, it is only 3.207 percent.(Stated another way, man-made carbon dioxide constitutes only .00126 % of the earth’s atmosphere.) All of this hoopla over an atmospheric component so minute, it is difficult to comprehend.
        Allow me to repeat this critical fact;

        Carbon dioxide comprises 38/1000ths of the earth’s atmosphere, and of that amount, a mere 3 percent is
        generated by mankind.

        Furthermore, nitrous oxide is 310 times more capable of retaining the sun’s heat than carbon dioxide.
        However, nitrous oxide is not vilified by global warming alarmists as is carbon dioxide. The reason for this is that nitrous oxide can not be attributed to fossil fuels and is also more difficult to measure and tax like carbon dioxide.

        According to the U.S. Historical Climatology Network archives, the temperature has warmed only 0.5 degrees F since the mid-1980s.

        Tossing out corrupted USHCN data, there has actually been a net-cooling since 1930—during the same period in which atmospheric CO2 has noticeably increased.

        Since 2007, global temperatures are engaged in a significant downward spiral, with government data illustrating a bit more than a one degree F (0.65 degrees C) drop in temperature between 2007 and 2008 alone.

        A warming period occurred during the middle ages, during which ice melted in Greenland to such an extent that Norse settlers were able to establish farms in Greenland. This Medieval warming period was followed by a mini-ice age, during which rivers in Europe froze over. These events occurred before the advent of fossil fuels, and thus can not be blamed on the use of fossil fuels.

        Global warming alarmists published the infamous “hockey stick” graph which purportedly “proved” man-made global warming, beginning with the use of fossil fuels. This graph was manipulated to exclude the medieval warming period and the subsequent mini ice- age.

        Sussman was provided information from a friend “Dave” who wanted to remain anonymous.
        As I sifted through the details Dave provided, my convictions were confirmed; many of those fiercely peddling anthropogenic (manmade) global warming are consumed by the love of money and stand to profit greatly from the perpetuation of this fraud.
        I believe such motives are currently driving General Electric (GE). GE is a major manufacturer of SmartMeters, the leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, and one of the nation’s premier appliance manufacturers.
        They also have an influential hand in solar panel production and are the primary producer of those obnoxious, toxic, curlicue compact fluorescent bulbs. The global warming scam continues, and will continue, to be the best thing that’s happened to GE since its founder, Thomas Edison, invented the incandescent light bulb that revolutionized the entire world; an incredible irony, given his invention has since been vilified and, thanks to the federal 2007 Energy Independence Act, is set to be outlawed by 2020.

        Cries of climate change are bailing out GE’s otherwise
        Lackluster business enterprise and their lobbying efforts clearly demonstrate their dependence on this environmental hoax for survival. In the fourth quarter of 2008, as the company’s stock fell 30%, GE spent $4.26 million lobbying Congress to get their share of the then-forthcoming stimulus aid and global warming legislation anticipated to be signed into law under incoming President O’Bama—that equals $46,304 of daily lobbying , including weekends and holidays. All told, GE’s 2008 lobbying bill
        amounted to $18.66 million. And, NBC, GE’s television network, has devoted millions of dollars of free air-time to further the global warming deception.

        Without the boost they’re getting from the global warming scare, GE would likely go the way of Westinghouse—into the tomb of once-great American companies that crashed and burned because of poor management. But give GE politically- correct credit their CEO, Jeff Immelt, played his crony cards perfectly. He was a big supporter of O’Bama and, consequently, was awarded with a seat on the president’s White House Economic Recovery Advisory board.

        In chapter 5, I briefly introduced you to a man (Dave) with whom I was acquainted through a charity to which we both contributed.
        Germane to the premise of this book, Dave fully grasps what is about to happen to his country, my country, our country.
        “The coming energy shortage is about controlling our lives, and a host of complicit players, who believe such control is necessary and appropriate, are working with government to assure this.” , he told me over coffee in Cupertino, just a few blocks from Apple’s headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. “These players are big fish from the financial world and from here in the Valley: Goldman Sachs, Kleiner Perkins, Google, GE, Microsoft, IBM.”
        “What are their motives?” I asked.

        “It’s two-fold. For some, it’s a pure profit play. They’re privy to the analyses that don’t make it into the Wall Street Journal. The global economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, nearly every country on the planet is over leveraged, and these money guys are looking at perhaps the last big opportunity of their lifetime.”

        “Like a ‘green bubble’, instead of the Internet bubble of the ‘90s,” I interjected.

        “Exactly. Private entrepreneurs with little a slick Power Point presentation, a star-studded board of director, and an unproven idea for saving the environment will be funded by the venture guys. The valuations of the newly-funded companies will increase, eventually they’ll get purchased by a bigger company, and the venture guys will get paid back handsomely. A few years down the line, the bigger company will discover the business they bought is worthless, or they’ll just fold and go under—like 80 percent of the Internet companies did. It’s a bubble where jobs in Sand Hill Road [ where many of the Silicon Valley’s venture firms are located] will score.

        “But the government’s plans for things like the SmartGrid, keeping us from drilling for our own oil and natural gas, stopping nuclear energy, cap-and-trade—how can these money guys be so willing to let America go-to-hell?”

        I’ve heard you talk about Marx’s Laws of Matter on the radio—these people are elitists. They believe Marx had some good ideas.”

        “What about global warming, are they believers?”

        “They are just like Al Gore—they believe in money.”

        Our conversation concluded with Dave reaching into his satchel and retrieving a stack of documents tow inches thick.

        “I’ve heard your theories on the SmartGrid. They are spot on. The government will be able to control every electrified component of your house. “Now’, he said, handing me the stack, “here’s some paperwork on the money trail associated with the grid, plus who’s going to become rich from cap-and-trade. There’s a lot here about my ‘pal’ Al too. I’m not giving you anything that’s classified; it’s all pretty much open source. This’ll just save you a couple years worth of research,” he exclaimed with a hearty laugh.


        During the first week of January in 2008, a caller to my radio program alerted me to proposed revisions in the gargantuan, 230-page California Building Code. The changes, he said, were being stealthily concocted by the California Energy Commission, and mandated that remotely controlled home thermostats be installed in all new or remodeled homes or in existing homes in which the furnace or air conditioner was being replaced.
        Conducting an immediate investigation, I learned the caller was correct. The plan involved a new technology known as the Programmable Communication Thermostat, or PCT. Embedded within the PCT is an FM radio receiver, which would allow energy authorities to control home temperatures.

        Within Dave’s stack of stuff were documents revealing the significant stakes technology giants Google, Microsoft, and IBM have in developing components critical to the completion of the national SmartGrid. My own personal research indicated that personnel at these three companies were also financially in bed with Obama, and, in some cases, advisors to his campaign and presidency.

        According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Google employees and family members contributed more than $790,000 to Obama’s campaign, Microsoft’s people gave more than $806,000, and those working for IBM contributed more than $518,000. In contrast, Republican presidential nominee John McCain received about $20,000 from Google employees, $63,000 from Microsoft’s, and $52,000from IBM’s.

        Because of his business interests, Dave has spent considerable time on the Google campus. According to his description of the search engine’s corporate culture, their belief in anthropogenic (manmade) global warming is almost cult-like–and for obvious reasons. For starters, Al Gore is on their advisory board. Dan Reicher, Google’s Director of Climate Change (they actually have such a division) reportedly assisted with the Cleantech for Obama committee, which raised about $2 million in campaign contributions. Reicher was also a member of the Obama transition team and is thought to have been on the shortlist for the energy secretary position. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, who also vigorously campaigned for Obama, has attended White House economic summits and reportedly was considered for the administration’s technology czar.


        “The CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) is an institution created with the sole purpose of being ready for the day when carbon trading in the United States will be the law of the land, complete with federal rules and regulations, much like the way carbon trading is conducted in Europe on the European Exchange.” , Dave told me. “Betting on CCX to become the designated carbon trading depot is as easy as picking the sun to rise in the east tomorrow morning, especially since Obama and Gore have ties to the company.

        It’s true, Research reveals Obama and Gore ARE in on this. While living in Chicago, Obama served as a board member of the radical, nonprofit Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2001. Joyce is perhaps the foremost advocate of trying to suck the individual right to bear arms from the Second Amendment. According to Ed Barnes of Fox News, in 2000 and 2001 “the Joyce Foundation gave nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were instrumental in developing and launching the privately owned Chicago Climate Exchange.”

        When the foundation made its first grant to the Climate Exchange, Joyce’s president was Paula DiPerna. DiPerna left the organization in 2001 to become a founding executive vice president of CCX. In 2009, Barnes interviewed DiPerma and asked about Obama’s role in the 2000 and 2001 grants. She replied that, as a director, Obama “read the proposal and voted on the grant.”

        And some of America’s biggest moneymakers are lining up to get in on this new Chicago-based cash cow by skimming a cut right off the top.

        “Every time a carbon credit is sold or purchased, “Dave explained to me, “somebody will get a slice of the transaction—a fee. And, just like the way they trade in the commodities market, these smart investors will buy bulk-loads of credits on the cheap, and then position themselves to sell the credits to needy businesses for great profit. Carbon dioxide will be the new currency.”

        While perfectly legal because the law will allow it, as it always does when immorality is legislated, these greedy, conscienceless investors will rape and plunder our once-great nation with hearty political approval. And, of course, at the front of the line is Al Gore, in perfect position to cash in on his decades-worth of global warming hysteria. Dave agrees with reports that indicate the Chicago Climate Exchange is heavily influenced by Gore.

        The rush to build and implement the SmartGrid is timed to coincide with the coming planned mass energy shortage known as cap-and-trade. Cap-and-trade will eventually eliminate America’s energy suppliers, dismantle our manufacturing base, increase every citizen’s day-to-day living expenses, and be used as the honey pot for a host of welfare projects. It will enable the elitists to accomplish their goal to “de-develop” the United States.

        Every oil refinery, natural gas producer, electric utility company—any entity involved in the production of energy—will be limited by the EPA as to their allowable amount of CO2 emissions. That’s the “cap”, and the cap will decrease each year. Likewise, other major carbon emitting industries, such as steel, cement, glass, paper, lumber, mining, welding, airlines, trucking, and manufacturing, will also be hit wit a cap based on an annual estimate of the tons of carbon dioxide each business releases into the atmosphere. Businesses will be assigned carbon “permits” corresponding to the EPA-determined standards. One can only imagine the tremendous opportunity for graft, corruption, and favoritism carbon permits will allow and encourage.
        If it is determined that any company in these carbon-emitting industries has exceeded their annual carbon permit quota, they may purchase “emission credits” from the government-approved exchange to offset their CO2 emissions — that’s the “trade”.

        GULF POWER CO.

        Representatives of the Gulf Power Co. say that the EPA’s new global warming mercury emissions rules could result in the shuttering of three of its current coal-fired power plants and bring higher energy prices to consumers.
        According to Gulf Power official Jeff Rogers:
        “We won’t know what the impact will be until the new rules come out and we can actually evaluate them. But our feeling is that coal-fired plants would be at risk.”
        The new rules could cost Gulf Power up to $2.5 billion and other divisions of the company as much as $18 billion to comply. The 400,000 customers of Gulf Power would see their electricity rates go up.
        Gulf Power recently spent $500 million to build a scrubber plant in Pensacola that removes 80% of oxidized mercury. The new EPA standard could be 90%. The new scrubber plant wasn’t built to remove 90%
        If the EPA is so concerned about mercury emissions, why not ban mercury filled CFL bulbs? These bulbs will end up in landfills where the mercury will leach into rivers, underground aquifers, and eventually into the food chain.

        It appears that the EPA is more concerned about pushing cap and trade restrictions than protecting the environment.

        In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland six coal-fueled power plants are being shut down by first Energy because the retrofitting the power plants will have to undergo to satisfy the EPA’s draconian rules is just too expensive to justify.

        These shutdowns will cause the loss of over 500 jobs initially.

        Douglas Gotham, director of the State Utility Forecasting Group, for instance, says that rate hikes are on the way in Indiana, as well, and all because of Obama’s onerous new EPA regulations.

        This is exactly what Obama wants. In 2007, he sat down with the San Francisco Chronicle and said that he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry and that our rates would “necessarily skyrocket”?

        This does not bode well for hybrid cars which rely on electricity, especially since 45% of U.S. power plants use coal.

        Last September, EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution rule cost 500 jobs in Texas.

        In his testimony, EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus admitted last April that jobs are not part of their determinations.

        The EPA has declared carbon dioxide as a “pollutant”.
        If carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”, then each time we exhale, we are “polluting“ the environment. If the “pollutant”, carbon dioxide, is removed from the atmosphere, then photosynthesis will cease and plants will die. Without plants to produce oxygen, animals (including humans) will also die.

        Ironically, global warming will still continue every 1500 years due to cyclic variations in the radiation emitted from the sun. (See “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years” by Fred singer and Dennis Avery.)

        President O’Bama and global warming zealots are destroying the U.S. economy under the false guise of reducing global warming.

        The following are excerpts from “Alabama Currents” magazine. The author is Fred D. Clarke Jr., president of Alabama Municipal Electric Authority.

        “So here we go again. On Dec. 21, 2011, EPA released its final rule requiring maximum achievable control technology for mercury and other hazardous air pollutants from power plants. The rule, called the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (known in the electricity industry as the “utility MACT rule”) will impose additional significant costs to consumers.

        Here are some main points of concern:
        It is one of the most expensive rules that EPA ever proposed.
        I would take one of our nation’s most abundant energy resources—coal—off the table as a source of energy for new power plants.
        EPA is moving too fast, and its rush included numerous data and technological errors.
        EPA underestimates the costs of the rule. Significant emissions reductions are already being achieved uder current regulations.

        The utility MACT rule “is expected to be the most expensive rule the agency has ever imposed on our nation’s power sector.” the Energy Commerce Committee said on its website. EPA’s estimates “do not provide the total ‘sticker price’ of the rule, but only a share of those costs assigned to three select years: $9.4 billion in 2015, $8.6 billion in 2030, and $7.4 billion in 2030. EPA documentation states that annualized estimates assume utilities would take 30 to 40 years to pay off compliance costs.

        Customers and communities in the Southeast have been struggling with the economic recession and unacceptably high unemployment rates. This unprecedented, and ill-timed transformation of the nation’s electricity infrastructure will only impede the U.S. economic recovery, reduce our ability to create jobs and add to the economic burdens of our customers.”

      11. Deplorable Robert says

        LOGIC from a Liberal? LOL

      12. Greg Hernandez says

        You are ignorant to believe that global warming ( manmade ) is real. Siberia was once jungle , Antarctica was once open land , The Rocky mts. as the Arabian desert were once under water and the earth has been warmed and cooled many times in her history BEFORE man ever showed up.
        You must be too young to remember the same ” Scientists ” using the same language ( Almost word for word ) were decrying Global Cooling back in the 70’s and 80’s. That was a bunch of manure then too as it is manure now.
        The con men are fools like obama who think they can hoodwink thinking people by pretending they are smater than them. Yes , Daffy Duck Logic rules the democrat party and the liberal fools who march in lockstep behind the flags of divisiveness, stupidity , racism and anti- Americanism that the democrap party fly at every chance. The swamp will be drained and the arrogance and stupidity of the obama occupy the White house
        will be repudiated once and for all.

      13. hankthetank says

        ASS Hole, it is a hoax,all they want is our tax money to put in their pocket !!! I have lived 84 years, & NOTHING has changed! the weather just keeps on recycling on its own pace !!!

    2. gonzales27 says

      Couldn’t agree more

      1. Tiger says

        Sad how these Gits still believe. When thousands of emails and documents found to disprove them and their plans to soak us of money.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Is that anything lik your Florida education in foul language?

    3. AKLady2015 says

      Childish foul language.
      The pride of Florida’s school system 😉

  7. logicrules says

    Those that do not believe in science are doomed to fail.

    1. albaby2 says

      Hell hath no more fury than a vested interest masquerading as a public good. C’mon, I’m waiting to hear how Global Warmists only interest is to save the planet.

  8. logicrules says

    Some people are stupid enough to think all of that mountain snow, glaciers, and permafrost that are melting all over the world is just going too go away and not do any damage.
    Where do they think all of that melting ice is going to go?

    1. grama18 says

      Evaporate !

  9. Mark Brickey says

    Thank you, POTUS Trump! There are MANY scientists that don’t agree with these studies & results. We’ve seen (The UK Angola (SP?) College “studies”) that were cooked books and all sorts of stuff. Just as I tell my college-age kids – ANYTHING that’s being funded by a big Corp OR especially a government you MUST question the results! Money makes liers out of a lot of people.
    Another thing I remind people of – Was in college in the 70’s… Remember? Global ICE AGE by turn of the Century… Population explosion, we’re all going to STARVE… We MUST limit our birth rates (AND this has now messed with America where the immigrant BR is higher than the natural-born!)…
    “Science” that is not testable or repeatable isn’t science – it’s theory, politics, with a bit of facts…
    Finally, what do these scientists & pseudos do with the inconvenient fact that the ICE is not melting (proof that it’s thicker now than ever!) or that we’ve not had “warming” for 20 years!!!
    They throw tantrums & threats just as these fool “anti-Trumpers” are doing now.
    Sophomoric whiners


      Americans have controlled their population explosion EXCEPT WITH ILLEGALS AND MUSLIM REFUGEES. It is the 3rd world countries that keep POPPIN’ ‘EM OUT AT UNSUSTAINBLE RATES. Unsustainable is unfeedable.

      1. Garry T says

        While the illegals may contribute in some ways the muslim refugees are only here to take, intimidate the weak, and make ours, theirs!

        1. MARLENE HESSLER says

          Make no mistake. A lot of the illegals are here for the same purpose. Take the gang members for instance. The cartels.

      2. Mark Brickey says

        here again, IF gov’t would just get out of the way, I don’t care WHICH gov’t, and quit meddling, people will take care of themselves, their family groups, etc. Study aboriginal groups. They didn’t have Big Brother and got along with life’s issues as needed.

        1. MARLENE HESSLER says

          America is almost $20 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to adopt all of the world’s derelicts.

          1. Mark Brickey says

            What the hell has THAT got to do with ANYTHING I said?!? Try reading for comprehension & follow the argument

          2. MARLENE HESSLER says

            The problem is there are too many aboriginals that are choosing to jump our border. EACH of them contributes to ‘climate change’ and they cost us a lot of money besides. 11 million to 30 million is a lot of wear and tear on our roads, bridges, all infrastructure. That stuff didn’t just grow there. We paid dearly for it and will pay even more to rebuild it. And even the original aboriginals fought. As long as there re 2 people on the planet, there will be fights. It’s a fact of life. Yes, they did have big brother and big sister. Take a look at the history books. At least the ones before communist core. As long as there has been man, there has been Alpha and Beta. Those are the original big brother and big sister.

            If the border is insecure, you will have more derelicts and who do you think is supporting them?????

          3. Mark Brickey says

            Marlene, it’s not that I necessarily disagree with your statements, but they have NOTHING to do with anything that I’ve written! Do you even know what “aboriginal” means? Obviously, from your writing you have no clue. Do you know what is meant by “Big Brother”? Again, from your diatribe, you have no clue.
            Parse the argument before you respond, otherwise, it makes your opinion look sophomoric as response.

          4. MARLENE HESSLER says

            You are entitled to your opinion. Try thinking outside the box a little. Yes, I am well aware of the definition of an aboriginal. IMHO, that description applies to the age old aboriginal and a lot of certain groups that don’t relate well to accepted social more’s today. Yes, again on Big Brother. Having worked nearly 30 years with the DoD, I am well aware of Big Brother. Open your mind just a little and the cobwebs might dissipate.

          5. Mark Brickey says

            Sweetheart, MY mind is quite open! It’s you that I’m concerned about if you really think that anything that you’ve blathered about has anything to do with what I’ve written!

          6. MARLENE HESSLER says

            One thing you can bank on is that I am not your sweetheart.

          7. Mark Brickey says


          8. JYuma says

            This person sounds a lot like that Aklady that is on other sites.

          9. Mark Brickey says

            Ah, you’re right! Sisters?!? 🙂

    2. icthelite says

      When I hear cries of panic about global warming, AKA climate change, rising sea levels and all the other chicken little warnings given by those that have a vested interest in this scam, I try to get one of them to explain why it is the Antarctic ice is seen as expanding in photos taken from space. Why there is no known evidence of the sea rising in areas of the coast where I lived for decades.
      I also ask if they have looked into the proven fact that the earth is in the process of changing its axial position, as it’s done in past history, thus changing those areas that were or were not, exposed to the sun before. And what about the higher than usual solar flares from the Sun that many are showing as having an affect on weather patterns. Here’s other actions that may have a great contributing factor to changes, building structures, and forming landmasses in the oceans that cause prevailing wind and ocean currents to change. But, as long as there cash to be extracted from a cause that’s excited those that know there’s cash cow to milk the earths population will remain the villain.
      I do hope President Elect Trump does bring the tax payers money back home to rebuild the things that are deteriorating here faster than the global environment is.

  10. rowleya says

    Abort Hoxers now

  11. jim_wright says

    This “agreement” that Mr. Obsma rntered into is a TREATY and it was never RATIFIED by congress therefore it has no authority, PERIOD.

    1. grama18 says

      Thank-GOD ! IT is just a money grubbing scheme !

  12. freedomcreator says

    Climate has been changing since time began – just another money grabbing scam

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      You are more than correct! Fat Al Gore made a fortune selling carbon credits. Now what is that? A made up coupon to keep doing what ever?

      1. DogWithoutSlippers says

        Al-Gor made over $100 million on this scam…………

        1. gonzales27 says

          While living in his mansion and creating more CO2 than 8 average homes,another do as I say Lib comment

          1. anibanib says

            And I consume about 15000 kwhs of electricity each year, and bot ONE WATT from fossil fuels

          2. Garry T says

            Fabricating solar panels requires caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and the process uses water as well as electricity, the production of which emits greenhouse gases. It also creates waste. These problems could undercut solar’s ability to fight climate change and reduce environmental toxics…..

          3. anibanib says

            That is true, Everything that is made uses energy, Swedens energy comes from Hydro, Nuclear and CHP plants, and once up an running consume very Little fuel to produce more energy…hydro, rain water from the sky, uranium for the nuclear stations and household waste for the CHP plants…………AND………..all transport that is used to collect household waste here in Sweden use BIO diesel…compare that with the USAs coal fired Power stations…………………….

          4. Gary Smith says

            What a piece of shit

    2. anibanib says

      Ofcourse the planet has cycled between warm and Cold…….every 70000 yrs or so……..but now we have done the same in 250 yrs, or are you so stupid like so many more on this forum

  13. Cookie Vranish says

    Obama has been leaving many traps to destroy the USA! Does he get a medal from the UN for ruining our country. I hope Trump not only gets us out of this trap but gets us out of the UN also!

  14. dearhound says

    A breath of fresh air on a beautiful sunny day ……..

  15. icthelite says

    CLIP: “According to sources inside Donald Trump’s transition team” *** It’s statements like this that destroy the creditably of the article they are attached too. If this were a factually supported story links would be attached so it could be verified.

  16. Retired Chief Petty Officer says

    The U.S. has a written Constitution.Among other things it requires that treaties be ratified by the Senate. The paris Agreement never saw the halls of Congress. It exists only in the ink of Obama’s pen. President Trump on January 20 can void every single agreement with foreign countries that did not receive the advice and Consent of the Senate, because they are personal agreements, and not government agreements. Additionally such action will make it clear that henceforth Presidents need to comply with our rules, not whims or foreign pleadings.

    1. sanjanas says

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    2. Tiger says

      Exactly and the same thing goes for the Iran “Deal” and Cotton led the way to write that letter to Khomeini telling him this was no Treaty. That goes for everything else that O has given the UN. They never thought they would not be able to seal the “Deal” of taking America out and destroying our Republic. Many in Europe like Cameron learned as will Merkel that free people are not ready for their One World Order.

      All these children in schools throughout America protesting something they don’t even understand need to be debriefed and we better take our education back they are living proof of how far we got down the Alinsky road. Now we have our leading Democrats meeting with Soros, again showing that he indeed is leading them by the nose and now we see more of the Progressive/Socialist/Communist taking control in the Democrats elected.

      We came closer than I ever want and too close to sit back on Trump’s laurels. We have huge problems and Trump needs to let the FBI and CIA and all, after he cleans them out do their job. Soros started riots we have laws against that. He should be picked up and he is wanted in many countries for doing just this. Interfering in governments.

      We are not out of the Swamp yet.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Not out for sure. We haven’t een startes to clean out the scum off the surface ot the stinking swamp. Trump needs all the help we can give him.

        1. Conservative says

          Well Reid is gone and hopefully Pelosi, Feinstein and all those who have spent their entire adult lives living off the taxpayers. They are so full of their own egos, they are much to old and certainly way to disloyal to the U.S. and our Constitution. The Democrats do not even have to think for themselves. They spend their days lobbying and then taking five minutes to follow orders and vote the way their leaders instruct them. If one would ask them about any particular Bill, they look at you like you are the stupid one.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            “Living off the taxpayer”?
            Obviously, their constituents approved the service provided.
            You elect the government.
            If you do not care for our Republic, please move somewhere else.

          2. Will Carver says

            This sounds like the protesters; most haven’t a clue why they are out their when they have been questioned by the Media. The only ones that “do” are those paid to be “community organizers”, the leaders of the Minions.

          3. ClaudeLath says

            Do you even know who you are voting for these days AKLady2015, they are running on the Democratic ticket, but that does not make them a Democrat. The Democratic party has been hijacked, by liberal communist progressives, no where close to the party I once belonged to, I do not know how old you are, but my guess you be a product of our now Progressive School System and do not know what a real Democrat is, they finished that era with the assassination of John F. Kennedy! Will Carver this was supposed to be to AKLady 2015, but as you see it chose you!

          4. StormyKnight says

            And the majority of them haven’t even voted. They are what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots”.

          5. db says

            yes, they are paid to protest by the demon himself, Soros, whose name isn’t even soros! He is a fraud and a demonic force to try to destroy our nation, among others. He needs to be extradited to Russia! Let them deal with him!

          6. DD788Snipe says

            Your absolutely correct about Feinstein. I argue with her constantly. She cares nothing about what her constituents want or think and believe me her emails prove it. The ignorant voters of the People’s Socialist Republic of Kali-fornia just voted in her clone in Kamala Harris to replace Barbara Boxer which is about as smart as a box of rocks. The people in this state are the antithesis of political stupidity and what republican politicians that are lucky to be elected cower in fear of not being reelected if they rock the boat. This state is on the path to implode very soon.

          7. ChiefBoring says

            God bless the Electoral College! If we went to the popular vote for President the Republic would be doomed. I don’t know why Newt even ever considered such a thing. Thank goodness it would take an amendment to the Constitution to change it. Thirty Eight States are not going to give up their chance to have any effect on whom wins the Presidency.

          8. StormyKnight says

            Thus the brilliance of the founders. :^)

          9. ChiefBoring says

            Amen! If they took out the fraudulent votes Hillary probably would not have a majority anyway. And if individually was the way votes were to be counted. candidates would run a different campaign, and small states would never see them. The brilliance of the founders indeed!

          10. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            I was born in Lost Angeles, grew up in Bakersfield and am still here in Southern Commiefornia or is it Mexifornia. I know that you are 100% correct. The liberal’s and illegal aliens in this state have ruined our once beautiful state.
            I welcome Donald Trump as our real president and hope he can get something done to change the politics in California. I’m tired of it here but cannot afford to move.

            Congratulation Mr. Donald Trump!

          11. db says

            Let’s hope he starts deporting not only the gang criminals but the illegal criminals that are here without permission from our people to do so! WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, NOT WASHINGTON AND UNTIL WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK, WE WILL BE AT THE MERCY OF THOSE WHO WANT TO DICTATE. That does not include Donald Trump, I believe he has a good heart and has done what he has for the people. I pray that he will be greatly rewarded with God’s blessings for the sacrifices he has made to do what he has for us all, whether we are smart to recognize it or not.

          12. db says

            yes but that’s because they are zombies, they can’t move or think without someone telling them what or how to do so. They are pathetic. No wonder HRC was able to take over, she had them all hypnotized!

        2. Tiger says

          I walked my 2 miles today, do it everyday and touch base with all my neighbors. People would come through this hamlet we live in, see huge ranches and lots of trailers and little homes and dirt roads and call us hicks and rednecks. I call us Freedom Seekers, we love our land, our forest, our springs and we love our guns. Yes we cling to our guns and bibles round these parts in Florida. So to get back to my story, everyone I know voted Trump out here. The children held a mock election in their school and they told me everyone voted Trump. Their children were told by their parents what this election meant.

          We are the people that Hillary and O and Soros forgot. We are retired nurses, doctors, vets, CEO , mechanics, farmers, ranchers and we voted. We don’t intend my friend to allow Trump to go unsupported unless he doesn’t come through.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Born and raised in Florida.
            I know all about the red necks.
            I also know all about the marijuana farms you all nurture.
            Your drug industry is just about as profitable as Miami’s

          2. True Texan says

            Hey AKLady. You don’t know chit about us rednecks. You bet we have our guns and bibles and stand behind our beliefs that Trump will do the right thing. We do not have marajuana farms, must be some fantasy of yours, and we just keep to ourselves without starting trouble. You liberal brainwashed idiots have know idea what it is like to grow a garden, harvest a chicken or deer to survive, let alone what grows wild in the woods to feed yourselves and will starve when HEB and Krogers are out. I have no idea where you are from, but you will be one of the first to go.
            Enjoy life while you can, and until you truly understand the “redneck life” keep your liberal mouth shut.
            Best wishes and hope you can make it through.
            One tough redneck.

          3. AKLady2015 says

            I’ve lived in just about all 50 states, including Texas — courtesy of the U.S. Military.
            I’ve farmed. I’ve wrung many a chicken neck. I’ve hunted deer, moose and bear.
            You make assumptions, that makes you one of the most ignorant of the red necks.

          4. True Texan says

            Then why do you, if you know so much, claim that all we do is grow pot and make meth? That is not a good way to even try to compares yourself to a real redneck. Maybe you are talking about the young puns who are wannabe rednecks. I too for fifty year have wrung chickens neck, cleaned sow hunted and fished and still have a good company that does very well and we would like to consider ourselves fortunate as we can retire when we are ready, we have a small farm and grow our own food, for the most part. Next time you want to make a claim like that, put an age group or other proof you know what you are talking about.
            Have a great day

          5. AKLady2015 says

            I’ve never made any such claim.

          6. True Texan says

            Most ignorant huh. I guess that by not growing marijuana and sticking to the family values that were deeply instilled in me doesn’t mean anything. I would never get out where I hunt or fish and destroy my land. I know about the young punks and a few of the older redneck whose family tree grows straight up might do things like that, but not anyone I know. Most ignorant of you to say the least.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            “You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5

            The last perfect human was nailed to a cross.

          8. db says

            How sad you are!

          9. AKLady2015 says

            You are very sad.
            Self-imposed ignorance is as sad as it comes.

        3. AKLady2015 says

          The Germans said that about The Fuher.
          Trump’s ex-wives both say he kept a
          volume of Hitler’s speeches on the bediside table.

          1. db says

            MORE HOGWASH!

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Facts are what they are. No one said you have to like them

      2. Conservative says

        It’s only just begun!

        1. Tiger says

          I was surprised how deeply entrenched this Progressive movement was in the minds of our children. I suppose since I have intelligent children who have made it in this world and live accordingly, raised their children to understand and they go to good schools, I knew there was a Progressive/Communist movement infecting our schools for the past 30 to 40 years but never imagined this.

          It surely isn’t over and now that the Democrats who are real Democrats realize now with the meeting with Soros that they lost their party and they better get it back or they won’t ever see the presidency again. They died with O and H.

          If they assassinate Trump they then will have to assassinate Pence and after that Ryan until they actually go into the Congress and just kill everyone.

          1. JYuma says

            The Children of this country have been fed progressive bull for the last 40 years.
            To stop that we must move control of the schools back to the states. Carter created the Dept. of Ejikatshun, Trump will be able to end it.

          2. Tiger says


          3. AKLady2015 says

            Florida red-neck, no doubr about that.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Apparently, you are of the oppinion that all children in this country do not rate a decent education. Yes, we need to keep the poor illiterate and basically in slavery.

          5. Bill says

            Aklady2015, I don’t believe you are all there, what is your problem with your twisted thinking. Are you bipolar or on heavy pain pills?

          6. db says


          7. setemfree says

            I don’t know about Pence but I do know that Ryan is nothing but a sellout. As soon ashe got into office he told the Republicans this is the way you have to vote, however Obama wanted. Look back see what the slimmy snake did. He is nothing but scum, and should be put on the same page as Harry Reid.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Ryan is an idiot. However, the Milwaukee red-necks love him.
            He is not real bright, and neither are they.
            He flunked out of Marquette University.

          9. True Texan says

            Why don’t you stop getting on the rednecks when you have no idea what or how they can survive. You are just another freebe wanting liberal.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            Have you ever lived in Milwaukee?

            Having grown up in the Deep South, I thought I knew about bigptry and racism.

            Then the military sent us to Milwaukee. The Germans hate the Italians. The Polish hate the Greeks … etc etc, etc. They all agree on their hate for Hispainics. Asians, Hindus, …and of course Muslims.

          11. db says


          12. Tiger says

            I am in full agreement with you but he is back in.

          13. Beverly Eysenring says

            I don’t like Ryan but I think Trump is just keeping quite about him right now, I don’t think Ryan is going to go along with Trump but right now he has a lot of other things to do. But I really think after the first time that Ryan goes against Trump Trump will start trying to get rid of Ryan, Ryan I believe is a rino he has already said that he won’t change his mind about the refugees and he wants those 65,000 here that hillary Clinton wants here, I do believe that will be one of the first fights with ryan, but Ryan has to go an soon.

          14. db says

            SEE? He is not what he appears to be, he is a phony and fraud and has not got our best interest at heart. I believe he is a plant. He has the good people fooled, the rest are corrupt, just like Romney, and want the demise of our newly elected and want to take their place. That is what I truly believe Ryan is waiting for, to happen so he can step in and do what HRC wanted done in the first place, only wanted to do it herself so she could glory in the demise of our country as her accomplishment! We have to continue to pray every day for Trump and Pence and all the good people, that the bad people will be exposed for what and who they really are and REMOVED!

          15. db says


          16. AKLady2015 says

            Oh, yes, those wonderful red-neck Florida schools.
            Those which graduate the illiterates.
            Florida is ranked # 30 out of the 50 states.
            Five of the state’s top 10 schools are in Miami.

          17. True Texan says

            They don’t have the balls as Us, as AKLady puts it, all we do is grow marajuana and make meth to survive. We are the ones that can take care of ourselves without a grocery store and live well.
            My children have learned well from me and will be able to take care of themselves and my grandchildren when I am gone.

          18. Tiger says

            Well AKLady is wrong. Millions upon millions upon millions of Americans don’t do drugs or grow pot. They are the one’s who work and raise good children and care about their country and voted for Trump.

            Millions of us can take care of ourselves as can our children.

          19. DD788Snipe says

            AKLady is a troll. She only wants to argue. Beware. BTW I’m not answering to anything you say AK and anyone that does is wasting their time.

          20. Tiger says

            She is a mess. For sure she is a strange one.

          21. db says

            Simply an example of the rest of the jerk protesters.

          22. lisa hill says

            Lets just say buying and selling real estate is a far cry from running the damn country Mr Trump!

          23. JYuma says

            How? My I ask? Think REAl good before you answer.

          24. Tiger says

            Let us just say that being a part time professor, a never there Senator and a Community Organizer who never paid for anything, had everything given to him is a far cry from running the country and by the way he surely DAMNED us.

          25. JYuma says

            A Community Organizer its?

          26. db says

            Chalk it up to the source! She is judging others by HER OWN STANDARDS~

        2. AKLady2015 says

          First they came for the Muslims, and You did not speak out—
          Because You were not a Muslim

          Then they came for the Hispanics and You did not speak out—
          Because You were not a Hispanics..

          Then they came for the Poor and You did not speak out —
          Because You were not Poor.

          Then they came for the Disabled and You did not speak out –
          because You were not Disabled.

          Then they came for the Jews, and You did not speak out—
          Because You were not a Jew.

          Then they came for the Elderly, and You did not speak out –
          Because You were not Elderly.

          Then they came for You—and there was no one left to speak for You.
          ( a variation on Martin Niemoller’s famous poem).

      3. AKLady2015 says

        Congress approved the Iran Agreement.

        1. Beverly Eysenring says

          No congress did not vote on it an it is true you are a liberal troll you don’t know what you are talking about just running your mouth.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Then these articles, and others elacly like them, are lies?
            “Democrats Hand Victory to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal”
            “The Final Tally: How Congress Voted on Iran”

            “Iran Nuclear Deal Withstands Final Vote in Congress

        2. Ted Crawford says

          Obama considered it an extension of a 30 year old Treaty and therefore didn’t bother to bring it to Congress! A fact for which I’m very grateful. Because of Obama’s raging narcissism, we can, relatively easily eliminate what remains!

          1. AKLady2015 says

            “Democrats Hand Victory to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal”
            “The Final Tally: How Congress Voted on Iran”

            “Iran Nuclear Deal Withstands Final Vote in Congress

          2. Ted Crawford says

            Hide and watch Comrade!
            By the way you can get far more comprehensive, and geometrically more accurate, with the same far left slant, news from Pravda or Al Jazeera than the New York Times!!

          3. AKLady2015 says

            Congress did what it did.
            It is a matter of record.

      4. Obie Miller says

        Correctly and very well said, Tiger!

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you.

      5. db says

        yes, he needs to be extradited to whatever country he is wanted in, namely Russia for one.

    3. GuardianFlame says

      Thank you for your astute message…and serving America! By now most Americans know barack’s agenda was not to help America but to hinder her. Let’s pray that President Trump will fix our ailing Nation and make her strong again to resume her leadership of the World!

      1. freedomcreator says

        I’m convinced he will GuardianFlame, but keep praying for him. He’s going to need it as there are still so many opponents dedicated to making him look bad. He’s got some great people watching his back like Bannon who the haters hate for that reason. He’s got some quality people lined up unlike what we have been experiencing. Thank you God that vile
        evil Harry Reid is leaving but I’m sure his mouth won’t be.

        1. GuardianFlame says

          I will pray for Trump each day because he needs our support and God’s guidance.

          Too bad Nancy Pelosi doesn’t join Reid! We’d be rid of two morons and open up seats in Congress for someone with morals and a brain! One can hope!

          Unfortunately, Pelosi and those like her have poisoned our Calif govt. This is my birth state, but I take no pride in that and plan to move out of this cesspool by early 2018. Can’t wait to get out of this illegal infested state! Between the illegals and homosexuals in South Cali, there are no jobs, no decent medical and gay displays of affection everywhere you turn. I feel for parents with young children. How do you shield them from these outlandish displays?

          Sorry. I truly wish we were moving sooner but for tax reasons we can’t without paying a 10% penalty. California sucks. Thank God we have Trump!

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Funny fact — Califormia voters elected Pelosi, they kept electing her.
            Who are you truing to kid?
            California has always bwwn a cesspool.

          2. DD788Snipe says

            No AK. The idiots in her S.F. district voted her in.

          3. DD788Snipe says

            The politically ignorant socialist bunch in San Francisco would just voted in another Pelosi to replace her. I’m unfortunately in the same boat as you are. We are looking at Arizona. I’ve had all I can take of Commiefornia.

      2. AKLady2015 says

        Most people know that COngress makes the laws.
        Most people know that Congress spends the money.
        Trump wants to be Dictator, but that is not how our Government functions.
        If you want to aid this Nation, stop buying foreign goods.

        1. TexRancher says

          If that were true which it isn’t, Trump would then be the SECOND DICTATOR behind Kenya Boy!

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Racial slander.
            Why do you embarass America that way?

    4. Conservative says

      Sorry Barack, Trump now has the ‘pen & phone’.

      1. grama18 says

        I m not –SORRY — . WE did not –VOTE for the jerk either time .. Personally I do believe IT was a Illegal election , BOTH times. BUT it was stopped this time.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          You have neber voted for a President — not once in your lifetime.
          You will never vote for a Presdent.
          Suggest you learn how your government functions.
          Begin with the Electoral College.

          1. CJeanne says

            The Electoral College was included by our forefathers in our Constitution to prevent a few hugely populated areas, like New York and California, from making all the decisions and cramming them down the throats of the rest of this country! Don’t think you would get the country to change the Constitution for that!
            And if you think all this demonstration is going on today because Hillary won the popular vote…..think again! Final count gives the election to Trump in EVERY way….EC 313, Popular vote, # of states (31 to 19),# of total counties out of total US (—like more than 80%).
            You DID VOTE in this election because Trump out did the rigging by the globalists/communists!!!!

    5. Garry T says

      Thank You, Well Said!

    6. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

      Astute, concise statement of the reality of these unconstitutional pacts. Thank you, sir.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Maybe you should learn how your government actually functions.
        Your edication has been very limited in that area,

    7. freedomcreator says

      Thank you Chief I hope you are correct – Trump has no agenda except to make America great again – He knows he can do it and aren’t we lucky we don’t have to depend on any namby pamby Bush, Kasich, Romney to Fix our country – they could never do it!!

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Really? Hitler said he would make Germany great again.
        You just are not listening.

    8. AKLady2015 says

      The Paris Agreement is not a treaty.
      It is part of the United Nations, of which we are a member.
      How about uou educate upurself instead of embarassaung America with ignroance?

    9. AKLady2015 says

      The Paril Agreement is part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Tne United Statrs is a member of the United Nations. As of November 2016, 192 states and the European Union have signed the Agreement.

      Everything in the Paris Agreement is already part of laws previously enacted by Congress. Moreover, when Obama leaves office, the US. participation in the agreement ends — unless Trump signs. which he will not do, as he is far too ingorant to understans the importance of protecting the enviroment..

      1. anibanib says

        Had 30 minutes to spare,so I quickly read many comments, yours is about the only one that make sense……..the rest, well, what can I say, they sound like ignorant babbling druggies, none of them make any sense, and all this hate they spew out against anything that isnt White American,they hate European countries, even if most of them are from descendents who came over from Europé, they are constantly putting their feet into their mouths………….I often wonder how could the USA be the best their is…..according to “them”…… all surveys done across the World on just about Everything, there are only 2 that pit theUSA at nr one…………….military expenditure and incarcerated people…….every other survey,the odd time America is in the top 20,more often than not in the 40’s……way way down the lists

        1. Smart Southerner says

          Get educated. George Soros is funding the Democrat Party & many organizations to destroy America. He is an anti-American anarchist who wants a One World dictatorship.

          SOROS formula for killing America

          1. anibanib says

            Ithink it is you who should get educated and stop whining on and on about crap shit and puke..byebye

          2. AKLady2015 says

            And the Koch are funding the Republicans.
            At least Soros was never part of the Nazis or the John Birch Society,
            The Koch has a long history … from fuel refineries built fo the Nazi, to funding the John Birch, and finding KKK Chapters.

    10. kibitzer3 says

      Unfortunately, Obama was led to believe by the American people that he could get away with anything he wanted, because they allowed him to get away with hijacking the presidency itself, after all; and so, we haven’t been under the rule of law – the Constitution – for the last nearly 8 years, but under the rule of men, aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

      I am talking about the fact that he is not a ‘natural born’ citizen; which, as defined at the time that the constitutional Framers put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office, is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” – unquote. It’s from the definitive tome of the day of the Framers, E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’ – and that eligibility requirement for that office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

      The confusion has come in because the Republican Party failed to call Obama and the Democrat Party on the deceit of his candidacy because they wanted to slip their OWN ineligible candidates through that hole in the wall of the Constitution; which they have tried to do in this election past, with the candidacies of Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal – not a nbc among them. The proof that they all knew what they were doing: Both parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and ’08 alone, to get an amendment starting through Congress watering down this strict requirement (all their proposals having this intent as their common denominator) – and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this issue. So, what did they do? It’s obvious what they did: They colluded, in an attempt to do an end-around on the Constitution and The People, figuring that, between them, they controlled both the Mainstream Media and the judicial branch of government, and thus could get away with their chicanery. Forgetting about – or discounting – the Internet, and its alternative media sites. Like this one. Giving access by truthtellers like me to The People.

      And warning them to RIGHT THIS WRONG. Or we will continue to pay the price, of having failed to do our duty, as self-governing citizens of the American Republic, to stand watch over it. And thus, lose it. To tyrants like Obama; and the rest of the New World Order crowd, acting like termites in our midst, working away slowly slowly to establish their totalitarian empire over us.

      The People responded with the election (yet to be consummated); with many a slip between the cup and the lip) of Trump. There is still work to be done. And a watch to keep.

      Let’s see if you are up to the job that it has been given to you to carry out, Citizen.

    11. snowyriver says

      Oblamas pen and the ink are not worth anything.. Oblama was signed into the office of president against the rules of our Constitution.. The Constitution states clearly that should the president elect fail to meet the requirements of the Constitution, then the Vice President shall be president unless he fails also. The party of the president elect is supposed to verify that he meets the requirements before the sign in date.. The democrats in office the day Oblama was president elect screwed the American people and screwed them good

    12. Jean Langford M. says


    13. AKLady2015 says

      The Paris Agreement is/was not a treaty.
      Everything contained in it is/was already part of American law.

    14. DD788Snipe says

      Perfect call Chief.

    15. TexRancher says

      Thank you for an excellent response!

    16. yellowjacket2 says

      Spot on Chief.

    17. db says

      It should be voided, in fact, anything and everything he did in office for eight years should be VOID!He is a usurper and fraud, not eligible and I hope DT opens his sealed records once and for all so we can all see who and what he is and nullify his entire presidency. He needs to repay all the money he spent on trips and anything else he indulged in while in this usurpers position.

  17. setemfree says

    Like the article said.. Its a plan to send more U.S. dollars out of the U.S. it is purely symbolic. Obama has done everything he can to send dollars out of the U.S. or to big business. Nothing for the citizens of the U.S….. GET US OUT NOW.

    1. Garry T says



    Al Gore aka EEYORE GORE’s SCAM. And, it’s still being pushed by the enemy within soon to leave office. Tear it up along with all the rest of the Executive Orders of the last 8 years. They are all trash.

    And, how does any Mayor of a large city with massive deaths from crime, street gangs, drugs, human trafficking, etc., actually say something as stupid as “we will not allow our criminals (Illegals) to be deported”. This simply does not pass any common sense test, Jerks like this need to be voted out asap.

    1. kotoc says

      “EEYORE GORE”….. I love it!!! What an accurate assessment of character!

      1. MARLENE HESSLER says

        That’s been his name for years in my book. Remember when he said every box of cake mix is the same and demanded generic for our military. Ask any housewife if every brand of cake mix is the same. Personally, I think the guys that put their lives on the line for us deserve a little better than ‘generic’.

        1. kotoc says

          I wholeheartedly agree!! And it were within my ability, I would see to it that every American who has fought for America would get the red carpet treatment when returning home. Fanfares, salutes, hugs and bonuses, not to mention the benefits that every America-loving Veteran deserves!

  19. grama18 says

    Trump ! Yes I voted for — TRUMP — THAT damned –O’ xxxa == . NO we did not –VOTE == for the JERK He does not like AMERICA !

    1. kotoc says

      That may be the understatement of the year…. Obama HATES America, and everything it stands for. He is Muslim, never forget, and he hates Christianity too. HIS version of “freedom of religion” is “freedom for anyone but Christians.”

  20. SouthernPatriot says

    I am glad President-elect Trump is working to fulfill his promises. Few, if any presidents do this, or take 3 1/2 years to begin, just before they are seeking re-election. It is also refreshing that Trump will take $1 per year, take few vacations and if he takes one, it won’t be paying millions for a golfing vacation with Tiger Woods or Melania going on a shopping spree and bill us taxpayers.

    1. kotoc says

      Amen to that!!

    2. J.B.Jacobs says

      I never thought I’d see the day when any government official would not take the money they were untitled to plus what ever they could steal. As far as global warming goes, we have had global warming since the end of the ice-age or we’d still be living in the ice-age. I don’t think we had anything to do with it changing, maybe it was caused by the gas from the dinosaurs, who knows. How do they expect to change the weather when they can’t even predict it right now. One of these days we will start back into the ice-age again. When it does, we will not be able to stop it no more than we can stop the warming. To me, there are a lot more important things to worry about than global warming.

      1. Lela Madera says

        I’m so relieved my 2003 Chevy Suburban didn’t cause either Ice Age or the warming periods. Also, if the ice is melting, causing the oceans to rise, doesn’t AlGore have a mansion on the coast in California?

        1. J.B.Jacobs says

          They say rising oceans are caused by ice melting. I spent some time in Labrador, Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland while I was in the Air Force. The ice-bergs and flows are about 3/4 under water. An example of what happens, fill a glass with ice and water. When the ice melts, the water doesn’t rise and run over the top of the glass. When you freeze water into ice, the ice takes up more volume than the water, that why you have water pipes burst when the water freezes in them.
          Think about this. Years ago , this planet was covered mostly by dirt and grass. When it rained, most of the water soaked into the ground. Now look at the millions of miles of paved roads, streets and buildings that cover the ground. The water can’t soak up, so it runs into the storm drains, creeks and rivers and eventually ends up in the ocean instead of soaking up into the ground. I would think this would cause a rise in ocean levels. If we went back to dirt roads it might be enough to stop the ocean from rising and maybe save Al Gores mansion in California.

          1. Mister007 says

            And to think he was almost president, I wonder what damage he would have done.

          2. kotoc says

            I also read somewhere that our “human element” of the pollution that is supposedly causing global warming is significantly lower than the damage done to our ozone layer by volcanoes. I wonder how Al Gore would have delivered his “anti-pollution” message to the volcanoes?

          3. J.B.Jacobs says

            Good question.

          4. Garry T says

            I like it all, except for saving ANYTHING that belongs to gore!

  21. kotoc says

    If anyone is interested in getting ALL the facts on global warming… I mean, if it’s such an all-encompassing and compelling issue so as to get worked up over it… there is a ton of information on the internet at everyone’s disposal at any given time… 99% of the population doesn’t bother to do any research before reacting to the environmentalists and the EPA. They are scare-mongers, alarmists and “Chicken Little”s whose jobs are pretty much moot if they don’t strike a chord of controversy. Someone walking around carrying a sign that reads “THE END IS NEAR” has more credibility, IMO.

  22. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


  23. randy jackson says

    Go Donald. This is fantasy Gore science. The earth may be warming, it may not be warming. During Earth’s history it has cycled warming/cooling with no influence of man. The cycles probably have much to do with the Sun. With an open mind, one can find statistics and facts that support both suppositions. But when I see the “Inventor of the Internet” (now that’s where the BS belongs) and one is aware of Al Gore making millions selling Global Warming credits (nothing more than a contrived scheme) to swindle cash; a process that does not reduce an ounce of CO2 or pollution, but allows companies to continue to spew legally—–I call bull$h%#. Appreciate the passion of individuals on both side of this issue, but looking at Al Gore’s activities, I must hold my nose and vote against this BS scheme. Carry on Donald—-stop the crazy nonsense.

    1. anibanib says

      Ofcourse the planet has cycled between warm and Cold…….every 70000 yrs or so……..but now we have done the same in 250 yrs, you stupid twat

      1. hangem'high says

        And how does nuclear war equal out in that scenario Watson?

      2. J.B.Jacobs says

        When was the last ice-age? 250 yrs ago? That would be in 1760. I don’t think we have had an ice-age since the beginning of time, so it must have been long before that. I don’t remember any where in the bible where we had an ice-age, so it must have been before Adam & Eve. I don’t know how long ago that was. I think the Roman’s invented the calendar. That was 2016 years ago. Now who’s a stupid twat?

        1. anibanib says

          I never said we had an iceage 250 yrs ago, do you have Reading problems,what I said was we have does the same in 250 years as what HAD happened in the previous ice age cycles……or do you just pretend to be stupid or are you… are still the stupid twat for not understanding what I wrote

          1. J.B.Jacobs says

            Read your comment. You said we had cycled between warm and cold in 250 years. Maybe you can tell me what years that took place. If you can’t, then what you wrote is nothing but bull.

          2. anibanib says

            Read my comment again, what I said was the the Earth had done the same in 250 yrs that the had been done during the ice ages, that is, during the iceages the natural CO2 emissions ever ever rose above 250 PPM………barely no humans to upset the natural Changes………..but since the start of the industrial revolution in Great Britain, CO2 emissions broke the 250PPM figure and are now above 400PPM………is that clear now

          3. J.B.Jacobs says

            Oh I see. The earth has done the same in 250 years that normally takes 70,000 years. Gotcha.

          4. anibanib says

            You still dont get it do you……….Before mankind…….like YOU PEOPLE, the Earth did it every 70000 years, but now mankind has got his finger in the pie and things have changed…………even most of the glaciers have disappeared from the rockies over the past 30 or so years

          5. J.B.Jacobs says

            Oh, I get it now. We have global warming. I thought we have had global warming since the ice-age ended. How many more years before we start going back into the ice-age. If we have changed it from the cycle from70,000 years to 250, it should be anytime now.

          6. anibanib says

            It could be, but dont bet on it……….

  24. James Maxwell says

    Climate change as spewed for the Al Gore and the whores in politics is the biggest Ponzi same in
    history and when you go check the actual science it is proven time and time again and again. Do
    not be blindsided by the so called scientist that agreed and wrote corrupted papers to try and validate
    the science because of monies they gained in the process. The Science is as old as our planet and
    has been prove over and over through the centuries of our existence. The corrupted date used to
    gain and brainwash the mush brains in our society is a total lie and has been proven to be so over
    and over. The media has reufse to report the truth much as they have lied about politics and those
    running for office and their running form the truth about other candidates who are pure criminals.

    1. anibanib says


      1. James Maxwell says

        Typical comment by a mush brain that has no comprehension of the real world, science
        nor how to actually study for themselves. Just another waste of human flesh, No go
        to our “safe space” and whine some more.

        1. anibanib says

          NoNo…you are the mush brain on this forum, I suppose you agree that the climate has changed many times over the past 700000 yrs…….usually about 70000 yrs each time from Cold to warm……..and not once during the 700000 yrs had CO2 readings been above 250 ppm………..this is proven……… we have CO2 levels just broken the 400ppn levels………and there is Little dount that fossil fuels are responsible for the increase from 250ppm, about 250 yrs ago when the industrial revolution started in Great Britain……… is not rocket science to change, Sweden did about 60 yrs ago, when a decision was made to rid ourselves of fossil fuels for energy production, and we have……..all our energy now comes from nuclear, hydro and CHP plants, some wind but not much…… it is possible, dont just bury your head in a pile of coal shit

          1. James Maxwell says

            First take a course in Climatology, I did about 40 years ago in England. The
            ice core samples from the Polar Ice Caps have given us valuable data on the
            earth Atmosphere over the eons of time. Co2 levels have gone up and down
            over time. There are many variables that have drive this rise and drop also,
            such as the clones to the Sun the tilt of the Earth Axis, which wobble and shift
            from time to time. The study of the Ice cores from various places gives us a
            valuable incite into the earth atmosphere and content. Currently we are at the
            correct balance to maintain life as we know it on our planet. There was a time
            frame when it was not so and creature existed that could not exist today.
            This all indicates that our atmosphere had a much higher CO2 content than we
            currently have today even with the rise and fall. Sweden had alternative
            sources to provide them with power and heat from volcanic activity which is
            plentiful for their needs. Wind, Solar cannot come close to meeting the
            needs of America and we can have abundant resources of Coal, Oil and
            Gas for our needs. No argument we do need to used scrubbers to insure
            we do not pollute the land nor the people of our Nation. If you recall
            when Sadam was kicked out of Quait he set the oil fields on fire and it
            had minimal effect on our planet regardless of how much pollution was
            spewed into the atmosphere. With Nuclear you still have to dispose of
            the used fuel rods and the plant will pollute the land for millions of years
            as we have seen over in Russia at Chernobyl when it crashed and spewed
            forth millions of tons of material across the land scape. Humans cannot
            live there but creatures and vegetation has returned. One of our biggest
            problems on earth today is we are destroy the forest that cleans our atmosphere
            and replenish the O2 that we require to survive.

          2. anibanib says

            You are babbling………Sweden gets energy from volcanic activity?????………..getting mixed up with Iceland unless you are on drugs……..Sweden energy comes from Hydro 43%, Nuclear 33% and CHP plants 24%……..cant see any volcanic energy there, what say you

          3. hangem'high says

            I’m guessing the only way to get a constant climate, is put the sun out?

          4. anibanib says

            More stupid babble from drunken idiots

          5. hangem'high says

            Don’t be hoggish, pass the pint mate!

          6. anibanib says

            PINT…..dont use pints here

          7. hangem'high says

            A Quart will work, promise I‘ll save U some!

          8. anibanib says

            Sorry, the World uses the metric system, that is apart from the USA and Myanmar,the only 2 countries still on the imperial measuring systems

          9. hangem'high says

            Sorry, didn’t think U could handle a liter, do they still come in a jug or two?
            I think I found your carbon problem scratch two?

          10. anibanib says

            You have lost me..nite nite

          11. hangem'high says

            Don’t wet the bed!

          12. James Maxwell says

            you are not completely ignorant just unable to separate fact form fiction apparently. You are right about Sweden and they have a very good rate
            or return on the massive out put of cash it cost them to make such a change
            which was cheaper for them and importing coal

          13. anibanib says

            Explain yourself………….”” not completely ignorant just unable to separate fact form fiction apparently””

          14. gotabgood says

            We need to hear this… OFTEN

          15. gotabgood says

            I take my hat off to you for recognizing we CAN have an affect on our O2 supply by cutting trees down… NOW add to that problem by polluting what we have with coal burning power plants, the billions of cars, manufacturing and just plain inhale and exhale of 7 billion people a day.. add to that..


            How many trees are cut down each day?

            Quick Answer
            Throughout the world, about 900 million trees are cut down annually, as of 2014.
            That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. These
            trees are used to make everything from lumber and paper to deodorant and
            food additives.

            Feel like your suffocating yet?

          16. James Maxwell says

            I am quite familiar with the “Clear cutting” practices we had in the United States
            and the problem we had with farmers and their plowing practices in the past.
            Thank goodness people have, for the most part, woke up. In North Louisiana
            I had relative in the Sawmill business. To feed the need for building materials
            after WW II the clear cut the forest in North Louisiana. Later on they realized
            the damage that was being done and began to replant trees. Sadly they were
            all pines with a few hardwoods in the mix here and there. The Pines were chosen du to the quick growth the had. The hardwoods take longer to reach
            maturity. Today there are stands of pines that are being harvested as a cash
            crop on a more selective basis and replanting is done to insure the continuation.
            I am not sure how it goes in other states or what their logging industry is like.
            We see shows on TV that show them cutting down trees but not how selective
            they are in the removal of them nor the reforestation programs that might
            be in place. In and around our cities there are few if any trees, just miles
            and miles of concrete and a very poor air quality, the parks are just symbols
            to make people think the can get out and get some fresh air but the pollution
            is unreal in most cities.

          17. JYuma says

            All the clear cutting of trees that take place, those you see on TV shows , Those are replanted as most are on private land.
            Like you said in La. they replant. I do not know if they are doing that with Hard woods.
            Believe it or NOT, The Forests of the East Half of this country are fuller and thicker than they were when us Foreigners stepped of the Boats.

          18. gotabgood says

            Then you do know man is destroying our planet! If you can back away from the earth and sit on the moon, you would be hard pressed to find the state of Louisiana, but in that state you noticed the damage being done. Now think of our planet covered with Louisiana’s. I do think the rain forest has had more damage than Louisiana though.

            And the concrete, blacktop in the cities and highways stretched across our globe all retains heat. Ever put your hand up close to the exhaust of any internal combustion engine? It is HOT!. there are endless ways we create heat in this world and none of it was there before man.

          19. mac12sam12 says

            LOL!! No one cares about the scam. Deregulate put the handcuffs on the EPA.

      2. gotabgood says

        See.. this is the mentality the US has to deal with. He is a rightwinger and cannot be schooled.. he is a “know it all”

        It is happening all over the world… you do not need a scientist to tell you the climate is changing. Anyone over 50, or maybe even 40 can tell the difference from childhood to adult, in the amount of rain, snow, cold, to what we have now.

        1. anibanib says

          Like where have all the glaciers gone from the Rockies………..somewhere I read a while back, the Chinese stole them one darknight

          1. gotabgood says

            I have used that argument many times. 1910 when our Glacier National Park was officially named, we had 150 glaciers…. today we have 25 and shrinking. I think the last research I read was done in 2013… maybe we have less than 25..
            Whatever drug the rightwing is taking.. it is very powerful in brain washing.

          2. anibanib says

            That is true, and a huge problem is not too far into the future…..a few years……….Glaciers and snow supply Lake Mead and the Hoover dam, now at its lowest ever level, soon too low to supply Power, and then no water for LVegas and other customers……….but Life goes on as if nothing is happening, the golf Courses and huge green lawns and parks must be watered……….and now residents are getting recycled water in their kitchens………some say it taste horrible……..sewerage recycled should taste horrible………,,,,,,,,,

          3. randy jackson says

            Ani-whatever, just like all your other BS facts, you are wrong—–again. If you don’t live in the USA, then shut the F up about what we do here. I live in Las Vegas and like your other BS facts, your nonsense about Las Vegas is exactly that: Pure nonsense. Las Vegas is in the Southwest part of the USA not Alaska, their are no glaciers anywhere close to Vegas. You fool (or Twat-as you seem to enjoy calling others). “Then no water for Vegas”, if you had a shred of the intelligence you profess to possess, you would know that Las Vegas recycles 95% of the water consumed domestically. When the Lake’s level can no longer pass through the generators, the pool behind the damn will satisfy So. NV requirements for years. Better get your facts straight there bucko!Practically all the Casino’s and golf courses use reclaimed water for pools and golf courses. Residents are not getting recycled water in their kitchens, treated water (key word “treated”) is returned to Lake Mead. Tap water , like most places isn’t the best, but it’s distaste comes from natural mineralization and chlorine, which has been present for decades. An under sink osmosis water treatment system corrects all that. Once more you’ve shown your ignorance. A quick check of your critical DISQUS responses indicates a deep psychological disorder, better get that checked—–meanwhile STFU—-it will make you feel better.

          4. JYuma says

            Randy, Just for your Info. Las Wages, gets it’s water from Wells, always has. It does recycle it. I don’t know where So. Veges gets it’s water. Mead is in not danger of going dry, one reason that they built the Dam at the other end of that little ditch that you live so near to.

          5. randy jackson says

            10% comes from wells
            90% from the Colorado River/Lake Mead
            Both sources are processed after entering the water disposal system, then the “clean” water is returned to Lake Mead. You live in Yuma?

          6. JYuma says

            Huh, there was a show about LV last week, I guess the show (TV) could be wrong ,that said they got there water from wells , all of it. Really doesn’t matter.
            Grew up there, My Teen years.

          7. randy jackson says

            10-4 frustrating to see BS on tv, you must have been watching CNN or MSNBC–ha. Quick check: 88/12% Lake Mead vs wells. Look at “where does Las Vegas get it’s water”—-that may help.
            Take care my friend, like visiting the Yuma “Old Jail” very interesting history.

          8. anibanib says

            So whats it like to drink recycled sewerage waste, treated with umpteen Chemicals to hide the taste and smell, but its obvious that it affects the Brains of people who drink the stuff, why not just piss and shit, mix together, strain thru wet sock and there you same crap as the Nevada water supply is

          9. anibanib says

            There you go then, perhaps you dont have glaciers iny our area of the Rockies, but the snow pack is so small nowadays………….where does the water come from…………I only post info that is from Nevada Water board……..recycled sewerage, recycled grey water is what they call it….still the same which as you say is treated and stinks of chlorine————-youare the one whohides the true facts Believe that the USA is the best country there is……….like sewerageIT STINKS… you too STFU turd

          10. randy jackson says

            “iny our area”
            “youare the one whohides”
            “Nevada Water Board”—-no such organization genius.
            A single anibanib attempted paragraph to put someone down, loaded with errors. In this poor wretch’s haste to put together another idiotic response —– time and again—-proof of lunacy and mediocrity. Another perfect example of air-whatever’s low intelligence level. When facts and knowledge get in the way of a response, this retard always reverts to profanity. Nice—–you’re a jerk! Make that a stupid jerk!

          11. anibanib says

            Sooooooooooooooooooa Word wrong here or they, you do it all the time……..
            You are the one with low intel, so low its lower than Lake Mead

          12. randy jackson says

            Typical envious, jealous, drooling fool.
            Just like the Socialist jerks in the USA, when caught with egg on their face the playbook calls for:
            You Mr. smarta$$ are wasting my time.
            No more wisdom from this end.
            It falls on “know it all” deaf ears anyway.
            Be gone with you—–poof….

          13. anibanib says

            You have socialist Jerks in the USA, what do they look lke, every been to East Germany in then70s…………thats what they looked like, nowdays there is hardly a socialistic country left……..Cuba, N Korea…….and thats about it

          14. anibanib says

            quote………”” If you don’t live in the USA, then shut the F up about what we do here.””, this is a WWW site so anybody including me can comment… you STFU…….and a bit of advice stop drinking recycled sewerage crap its not good for you……………its OK I know you Yanks dont like people interfering with USAs internal policies, but its OK for the USA to interfer with internal policies of more than150 sovereign countries across the World………a bit off topic, just thought I would mention it again

          15. randy jackson says

            nice try moron—-you’re a fool!

          16. anibanib says

            Its the truth the truth you Yanks cant handle when someone show up the USA for what she is, a giant of a murderer of humans……….50 million murders since 1945…….now prove me wrong

          17. randy jackson says

            Nice try jerk.
            Want to prove something—–prove you’re right.
            It’s you claim not mine.
            Typical lazy a$$ puke, wanting everyone else to do your work.

          18. anibanib says

            I have done my work,the USA has murdered about 50million people across the World since 1945,started over 150 wars and conflicts, in over 180 countries…………murderers,murderers,murderers

          19. gotabgood says

            Quite a few years ago, I think it was the city of Newark, or Fremont, CA, their sewage plant captured the methane gas and used it to heat the building. And they recycled the water for drinking at their facility only. They said the water was good.. and they were still working on the smell of the methane, but natural gas has an odor too. I don’t know if they are still doing it or not. This was in the 70’s

          20. anibanib says

            Sweden have now Closed all of their landfills for household trash,since about 8 yrs ago, and are now capturing the methane gas from them, so what happens to household trash,it is transported to incineration facilities where it is incinerated at very high temps, tp produced super heated water and electricity, they are situated right across the country,all major cities and Towns have the, and every saw mill now have them, hot water is piped thru the communities to provide home and industry heating and hot tapwater………each home has a small heat exchanger installed…….about the size of a small micro oven, and the energy is cheap…………Sweden produces about 175 kgs of household waste per capita per year, and this provides about 26-28% of our total needs…..the USA produces about 700 kgs of household waste per capita per year, most of which is landfilled……….you really must try to be better

          21. gotabgood says

            They also do that in China, I think the town is Harbin.. very cold there.
            When people chant… USA… USA… USA.. it is ok to be proud of your country… but have something to be proud of!!
            We have fallen in every category and even slipping in military.
            Our biggest problem is politics. If I don’t like you, I will vote against your bill.. I don’t care if it is good for the people! Or can you make it worth my while to vote for you? Or the billionaires bought you and now they want to collect and they want anything GREEN to be slowed down or stopped… thing is, these billionaires have to live on this planet too….. and someday… that wade of money will only be good to plug up the holes in their body so they won’t drown so quick!

          22. gotabgood says

            You know if we don’t keep track of things, it will seem they just disappeared over night.
            Like I have not read any reports of “only” 100 glaciers left…. or we now have only 75… it went from 150 to 25.. just over night.

          23. anibanib says

            Dont you ever follow what is happening in your own country, the same is happening across the world
            US Glacier Park

            During the
            middle of the 20th century, examination of the maps and photographs
            from the previous century provided clear evidence that the 150
            glaciers known to have existed in the park a hundred years earlier
            had greatly retreated, and in many cases disappeared altogether.[50]
            Repeat photography of the glaciers, such as the pictures taken of
            Glacier between 1938 and 2009 as shown, help to provide visual
            confirmation of the extent of glacier retreat.

            the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850, the glaciers in the park
            retreated moderately until the 1910s. Between 1917 and 1941, the
            retreat rate accelerated and was as high as 330 feet (100 m) per
            year for some glaciers.[50]
            A slight cooling trend from the 1940s until 1979 helped to slow the
            rate of retreat and, in a few cases, even advanced the glaciers over
            ten meters. However, during the 1980s, the glaciers in the park began
            a steady period of loss of glacial ice, which continues as of 2010.
            In 1850, the glaciers in the region near Blackfoot
            and Jackson
            Glaciers covered 5,337 acres (21.6 km2),
            but by 1979, the same region of the park had glacier ice covering
            only 1,828 acres (7.4 km2).
            Between 1850 and 1979, 73% of the glacial ice had melted away

          24. gotabgood says

            Thanks for the information.

            What you say is true, I really didn’t know anything about global warming until “Inconvenient Truth”. I knew things were changing. When I was young, I had to mow our lawn. The grass was thick and green and Never needed watering. It should have been mowed every 4 or 5 days and would have been easier too.
            After being away from Michigan for almost 15 years, except on visits to parents. I moved back to Michigan. The first thing I noticed when mowing the yard was how thin it was compared to what it was when I was a kid. it even had brown spots in it and now had to be watered, this was in the 80’s The winters, we would always wonder if we would have snow on Christmas Day, where as before it was a certainty.
            I could see the difference… but I didn’t understand why…. I was ignorant.

          25. anibanib says

            A Little about Swedish Winters.Not all that many years back, in the late 1980 our Winters would usually start like Clockwork at the end of October, indeed I remember 1979 when we build out summerhouse, April the 6th the builder were coming to erect the timber that was to arrive that week, I was up there a few Days Before, and there was still 2ft of snow. Last Winter, like many Before apart from 12-13,we had snow on the ground for 6 daysbetween Xmas and theNew Year, on monday we got a sprinkle of snow and today it is +9C…..the climate is changing and at my lat of 58 degsN……it has already started

          26. gotabgood says

            It is changing all over, I think most noticeable in the colder regions, snows later with less amount and thaws earlier. People in our Rocky Mountain areas should be able to tell… how many days have the ski season been shortened and for how many years in a row?
            Evidence is all around and the ignorant people think this is just another passing worldly event. Even if that were true, generally when this worldly event happens a life cycle ends.
            Talking of Glacier National Park.. this picture says it all… but so very grasp the meaning.

          27. JYuma says


          28. gotabgood says

            Can you share the website address?

          29. anibanib says
  25. Gale says

    whatever the sleaze bag scum liberals want, do the opposite

  26. anibanib says

    I hope that the USA leaves the sensible World Community regarding climate change……….let the USA continue to do what they have Always done regardless of the effect on anything………..they truely believe that they are the best there is……….less than 5% of the World, yet they consume 25% of the Worlds fossil fuels………..other countries have rid themselves of fossil fuels for energy production………so what other countries are they…………come on you arrogant Bright sparks come with an answer

    1. gotabgood says

      I can agree with most of what you are saying.
      America once was great… no longer.. we let greed, unregulated capitalism control us.
      We are led around by the wealthy, only so they can acquire more wealth.
      But there are a few of us, mostly Democrats that want to put fossil fuel away, for good. We have compassion for the poorer nations and try to help out.. again mostly Democrats. Am I trying to say Democrats have it all together? Not by a long shot… but don’t knock out feeble efforts down when we are trying. We have a lot of resistance from the radical rightwings. we have some Democrats also digging their heels in… Now we have a new leader in town.. an unknown even by the ones who put him in office. And him wanting to give his children top secret clearance is very scary.
      You need to show us the way. Tells us about your way of life from crime to jobs, politics to education.. say it long, loud and often…
      Don’t kick us when we try,
      As for the other countries going toward renewables…. most all of Europe, I think Germany leads the way, Spain is gaining a lot of ground.
      Even China, if they make good their word, by 2020 they want to close the coal burners in Beijing. They are up on mass transportation using hi-speed trains.
      Australia took a step backwards with their new leader.
      So much depends on the leader of the country.. and that depends on the education of the people. Mainly the rightwing thinks universal healthcare is socialism and they connect that to Hitler and communism. Ignorant or stupid. They want to be controlled by the rich and do away with government. They want everything privatized, nothing government run. They fail to realize the rich have one thing in mind… how can I get richer.
      Global warming is impossible, because God is in control.. they fail to realize that if God made us His caretakers of this world, to keep it running… which means we also have the power to screw it up as we have. I think most people can agree we have made a mess of the oceans, and the land, but for some strange reason, they think the oxygen is unpollutable… ev en though they know about the Ozone layer and can see the smog… we can cut as many trees down without suffering any changes.
      Tell us often of your country of how life is enjoyed…

      1. anibanib says
        1. gotabgood says

          Thank you.. I will use this..
          I have posted your message to me about healthcare, taxes, wages from your country a couple of times.

  27. ONLYJB1 says

    What ever it takes, the US needs to shed the likes of this agreement, NATO, UN and NAFTA. If this takes an executive order to expedite matters, then Trump needs to make this his first EO.

  28. Natalie says

    Another of obamas zealous efforts to prove ‘America is unacceptional’ by forcing us to finance third world countries and allow millions of third worlders to cross our open borders, until we resemble the third world, tinpot dictatorship he seemed so desperate to rule over in his fondest daydreams of actually BEING Che Guevara.

  29. kassa1 says

    I will agree with trump as this is nothing but a scam for the UN to take over the world, and take more of our money away from us ,as the Marxist elites, who exempt theirselves, from these kinds of things, don’t pay any attention to the laws they invoke on you, a good example is this civil servant government who exempted their selves from healthcare that they shoved down the American people’s throat’s. The next thing we need to get out of is the UN which is nothing but an arm of the Marxist agreed to control the world.

  30. David in MA says

    Another Obama way for America to support in-American countries, usually Islamic or dictatorships.

    1. hangem'high says

      Soros loves nothing more than making money out of nothing!

  31. ZACAL says

    These agreements are no different than any private partnership. Which is basically what this climate agreement is. It’s only as solid as the partners get along. With the United States being the world leader, plus climate issues change being unproven speculation, I think we should walk away from it.

    1. hangem'high says

      The biggest Ponzi Scheme on steroids since the UN, NAFTA and OBummer care!

  32. junkmailbin says

    how to cut expenses and balance the budget.
    Get out of climate change, stop all forgien aid, cut all funds to the UN except the basic bill, put welfare people to work doing grounds keeping, remove all illegal aliens, close duplicate federals programs,

  33. peter says

    Lets get the heck out of the United Nations altogether. They are a useless bunch of crooks

  34. tCotUS says

    Oh oh…The Club of Rome/ Agenda21 members or Obozo is not going to like that….Watch your back, those members are pure evil…..

  35. GuardianFlame says

    Finally, a President with Smarts not just egotistical blunders!

    You go President Trump! Clean up “Barack the Bad’s” messes! Barack still sucks as a president and will be known as “Barack the Bad” throughout history. It is what it is!

  36. Pam says

    The earth has always gone through cycles . The small blip in the earths history occupied by man is like a flea influencing an elephants behavior. More scientist have admitted there is no proof that man is influencing the climate then the grant supported government experts saying it is. It’s a hysteria tool used to dupe the public into being herd animals. It so sad that people do not bother to consider all the information out there and make decisions based on that instead of listening to what the ruling class feeds them.

  37. real talk 1 says

    It’s about time America leave that damn UN to rest rest of the world and quit using the citizens of this nation to move forward on other nations agenda the UN is A Pimp for America good riddance !!!!!

  38. Mathew Molk says

    I want to see the new “Pen and phone” go to work before the echo of the presidential oath of office dies out. Cancil eery single one of the Royal Exalted Boma’s illegal executive orders.

  39. Lorraine E says

    The global warming scam is all about further controlling and taxing people world wide. Global warming is a hoax and global weather control is the truth. There are 15 governments world wide which create and control weather and they’ve been doing it for well over 50 years. Check the web site to learn how our weather is created and controlled.
    The u.n. is a front for the one world government which plans to use the global warming hoax to enslave people worldwide using the farce they created. barak Hussein obama was cultivated and appointed by the one world shadow masters and he has always been anxious to impose global warming regulations on the American people. He has used his federal indoctrination centers (used to be schools) to brain wash students into believing the lies and also his corporate media to repeat the lie frequently enough so that Mr. & Mrs. Average American who receive their “news?” from all of the major TV and radio stations will believe the farce.

  40. AL says

    All liberal communist demoKKKrat will get the global warming they fear. When they all die and go to HELL

  41. R. T. says

    Look at all obumba deals and executive orders if Congress did not pass them there out !

  42. Gary Von Neida says

    GOD bless Our new President for seeing thru the fraudulent “tax scheme” (on an International scale)that global warming/climate change——-the Earth has been cycling thru both warm and cold throughout history easily seen in the geological record—–the N.W.O. is all about control: Stalin controlled the farmers in the Ukraine and starved Them to death—–Junk Science has cost Our Country Trillions already—-the phony oil crisis (Jimmy Carter) gave Us Diamond lanes that cost more fuel as 20% of the lanes carry 8% of the traffic and the act of “getting on/getting off” causes the rest of the traffic to lose kinetic energy—thus more fuel is needed to “get back” to speed. Real simple science the “junk scientists” are (3 monkey syndrome) blind to.

  43. Conservative says

    This is just another way Obama has used to run up our National Debt while supporting every other country in the world with struggling taxpayers wages.
    Also, there are so many ‘lobbyists’ and ‘favor owed’ that made it necessary for Obama and his cohorts to increase their millions. This is as worthless, wasteful and his original ‘shovel-ready-jobs’ and his failed ‘Solar Panel’ project. It was never meant to succeed but the donors opened their factories, got their government money and shortly thereafter, the program failed, factories laid in waste and thousands of new hires lost their jobs.
    Democrats cannot be trusted, therefore, we must ‘drain the swamp’. They better shape up or their constituents will put them all out to pasture where they belong. At least it will be very ‘green’ pastures and those lifetime retirements should be some consolation. Good pay for doing nothing constructive.

  44. Cadfael says

    if Obama wants to honor his signature, by all means; as for the United States of America however we have a Senate that has to ratify International Treaties so that we don’t fall under some King Louie’s whims. Neither the Climate Deal, nor the Iran deal were constitutionally binding ratified and are therefore null and void! Glow Bull Warming is a communist hoax to destroy our energy industry and ruin our economy while Al Gore would be getting rich selling carbon print offset indulgences as he private jets from town to town. Time to end those shenanigans as well as the United Nations Terrorist and Puppet Theater that performs at our and Israel’s expense on our soil. Time to quit membership, stop paying for the farce, and demand they leave and vacate this piece of prime waterfront property in New York that could be sold to reduce the deficit!

  45. tax man says

    Looking forward to Trump getting the UN out of America and America out of the UN. We do not need this bunch of radical leftist stealing our hard earned tax dollars. Dump the UN and evict them from NYC! Shut our border and let’s use the energy we have until the “renewable” energy is inexpensive and plentiful. Make it cost effective and we will be happy to use it.

  46. Bob Stewart says

    Use executive action to withdraw from this fiasco and Obama’s attempt to force cap and trade.

  47. bdcorvette says

    I for one am looking forward to America no longer propping up countries that have no respect for us. I am also very hopeful that Trump will kick the UN out of NYC and America. Let them go someplace like Paris where they can live in fear of the Islamists that they so love. Then withdraw from the UN. They have become an organization of losers and Islamist bullies.

  48. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    The Climate Pact is like a”no fly zone”. Many workers will lose their jobs.

  49. Airborne869 says

    DNC Chair Favorite Keith Ellison Supports Bill To ‘Study Reparation Proposals’

    1. Affirmative Action
    2. Section 8 housing
    3. Welfare
    4. Food Stamps
    5. Preferences for government jobs
    6. free education and college
    7. free government assistance
    8. free hospitalization
    8. free Obama phones

  50. Airborne869 says


    What has THE OBAMA PAID all those countries to support the Global Climate Change initiative…?

  51. Mike_Travis says

    It is time to put an end once and for all to the lie known as climate change. That concept was fabricated by the global elitist NGO called The Club of Rome. In the mid 70’s they wrote a paper called The First Global Revolution. In that paper they admitted they were looking for a “cause” they could use to manipulate the masses, and they decided that anthropogenic global climate fit the bill. That paper, in their own words, proves the concept is a LIE fabricated to manipulate the masses. Here is the report:

    That paragraph is titled “The common enemy of humanity is Man”. That one paragraph sums up the entire “green” movement, proving it was fabricated in order to manipulate the masses which is precisely what they have been doing. It fits in with their agenda to depopulate the earth by 95% so “mother earth” can be sustainable. It doesn’t matter to those maniacs that they intend to murder 95% of the world’s people. All they care about is their sick agenda, so I say it is time to expose their lie and end the farce of anthropogenic global climate change forever.

  52. MIKE6080 says

    barry signed for it not congress or the American people , take away his jet.

  53. AKLady2015 says

    Trump hs zero scientific knowledge.
    He worships the God Profit with Greed.
    Nothing else matters to him.

    1. hangem'high says

      So we should listen to U because you’re the expert,
      leave it to the hypocrite?

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Let’s see Trump was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s sex slave island.
        That is thes aint who will make America great again — right.

  54. Seldena says

    There was so much speed-ed through without the Congress. Treaties are ratified by the Congress-not by executive order. I agree with Trump 100%. Climate Change is a hoax!!!

  55. william russell says

    Hey this is a great move by trump and just think of the billions in government grants to universities to write up papers with false facts to push the climate change theory. we may be able to balance the budget now.

  56. freedomcreator says

    Some of the libs on this forum are watching too much Clinton News Network

  57. snowyriver says

    This old planet has been warming since the time of the last ice age.. The seas have risen over 100 ft. since the time of Alexander the Great. The last two big volcanoes have each put more emissions into the air than all the cars since the time of Henry Ford.. Maybe we should outlaw volcanoes first, if we are going to help the planet stay cool. Oh wait Antarctica has more ice than ever in the last 100 years and the ice is increasing

    1. JYuma says

      Where has the ocean risen a 100′ feet in the last 500 years? The last Ice age (mini) ended about1850, the last weather heat rise was about 1979, it has been getting cooler the last few years.
      I wonder what all these Global warmists are drinking? I want some of that stuff.

      1. snowyriver says

        Remember history books talking about the two pillars at the port of Alexandria ?? Well they discovered them standing in the gulf 1/4 mile out to sea and under water.. There are those that poo poo this saying that area had a huge earthquake.. but the pillars are still standing.

        1. JYuma says

          I believe that the rest of the City is mostly in the supine position. blocks on top of blocks. The pillars may have been constructed using better concrete than most of he rest of the City.

      2. snowyriver says

        First the time of Alexander the Great was closer to 5,000 years ago.
        Second.. Remember the history books telling about the twin towers at the city of Alexandria, well they discovered them still standing 1/2 mile out to sea and under water

        1. JYuma says

          Actually closer to 3000.
          I thought that you were referring to the last 100 years.
          The sinking of Alexandria was about the same time that that little Island near Greece posed it’s Top.
          I do not believe that it was theSea rising so much as it was the Land sinking in the Earth Quake of the eruption.

          1. snowyriver says

            You really believe that the ground can sink 100 ft. and the two pillars still be standing??? Maybe one but not two.

          2. JYuma says

            Look to the rest of the City.
            Athens , Greece was demolished about the same time as Alex. They rebuilt it.
            That Little Building on top of the Hill that o’bozo visited this morning made it through the quake.
            It was not until many years later that it was torn asunder. By Man, not Nature.

      3. gotabgood says

        I took your story with the Polar Bears as a grain of salt.. not after reading this…. I know you spread BS with the best of them.
        , the last weather heat rise was about 1979, it has been getting cooler the last few years.
        You do know what the term “record” means, right?
        Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with 15 of the 16
        warmest years on record occurring since 2001. Last year was the first
        time the global average temperatures were 1 degree Celsius or more above
        the 1880-1899 average.

        1. JYuma says

          You just shot yourself in the FOOT.
          Using your numbers. I degree rise Celsius From 1880 to actually 1979. 1 Degree rise in that time is all? Now That is a H E A T W A V E.
          I believe that it has been 1. 4 degrees that it has risen.
          Now I ask Who, What , is making it rise.How is it Rising?

          1. gotabgood says

            There are two terms that escape your understanding.
            Global… (Not your back yard)

            Let NASA explain it to you.
            June 30, 2016
            Why a half-degree temperature rise is a big deal
            A half degree averaged out over the whole world can mean much more of an increase in some locations and at certain times.



            Heat wave: 1,000+ records fall in USA in a week

            Updated 6/27/2012 9:33 PM (well after 1979)


          2. gotabgood says

            Your last website..

            CO2 is not the tail that wags the dog.
            CO2 is a trace essential gas, but without it life on earth
            would be impossible. Carbon dioxide fertilizes algae, trees, and crops to provide food for humans and animals. We inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. Slightlyhigher atmospheric CO2 levels cannot possibly supplant the numerous complex and inter-connected forces that have always determined Earth’s climate.

            There are a few things wrong with that, that common sense should see. They use the word SLIGHTLY.. slightly I can agree.

            But since the turn of the 20th century the earth has been subject to things never experienced before.

            Manufactures emit CO2

            Power plants emit CO2

            Cars emit CO2

            7 billion people emit CO2

            Natural occurring events like lightening strikes, volcano eruptions emit CO2

            Maybe the earth could handle that.. but add to that, the ever broadening civilization, which means more Walmart parking lots, more Trump Towers, more mining calling for destroying grass, shrubs, and trees. Plus the cuttung of the rain forest.

            How many trees are cut down each day?
            Quick Answer
            Throughout the world, about 900 million trees are cut down annually, as of 2014.
            That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. These
            trees are used to make everything from lumber and paper to deodorant and
            food additives.

            Continue Reading..

            For every tree that is destroyed by cutting down or burning it releases the stored CO2. So not only does it stop collecting CO2, it releases what it had.

            For every blade of grass and shrub cut down to build a super highway we lose a CO2 gathering plant.

            However we don’t have to wait for high tech sequestration. We can
            increase carbon sequestration now by working with some experts. They’re
            called trees, and they have almost 350 million years’ experience in
            sequestering carbon. Trees, like other green plants, use photosynthesis
            to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugar, cellulose and other
            carbon-containing carbohydrates that they use for food and growth. Trees
            are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in their
            wood, and continue to add carbon as they grow. Although forests do
            release some CO2 from natural processes such as decay and respiration, a
            healthy forest typically stores carbon at a greater rate than it
            releases carbon.


          3. JYuma says

            Did Not Read The Links,did You?

          4. JYuma says

            Of the Two. Your??????
            Read the Links.

          5. JYuma says


          6. gotabgood says

            Have you been to this website? You read it?
            They are pushing for mass transportation…. but your leaders vote it down… Christie, Scott for two… But I am sure since YOUR congress is owned by oil companies many more vote against it.

          7. JYuma says

            Like to Walk do you?
            Try, IF you can Reading this.

            Go Ahead send some more of your Bull Shite.

          8. gotabgood says

            Your websites are in competition with Alex Jones..
            But as per your request… here is your dinner..


    2. J.B.Jacobs says

      I agree the ocean has seen a rise and will continue to rise, but slowly. Think about this. When this planet came into being, all the land was covered with dirt or grass. Most all of the rain water soaked into the ground. Now look at the millions of miles of paved roads, streets and buildings around the world. The water can’t soak up so it runs down the storm drains, creeks and rivers and ends up in the ocean, I think that is why the oceans are rising. The answer: go back to dirt roads and streets. Outlaw concrete and asphalt. Just kidding, although it makes about as much sense as some of the things we are doing now.

      1. snowyriver says

        A 1/16 of an inch a year or a 1/4 of an inch is small, but over time it adds up. One inch every generation is not noticeable to the eye.

  58. Eric Hartman says

    What a fool to withdraw.

  59. kbmiller says

    Another idiotic redistribution plan by the current FOOL in the White House.

  60. AKLady2015 says

    Of course Trump will not sign the pact. He is far too ignorant to understand its importance. He also wants to do away wirh the EPA. So, America get ready for more disasters such as the Pacific Trash Vortex; Gulf Oil spill; Anniston, Alabama; Massey Energy Company; Three Mile Island; Exxon-Valdz; W.R. Grace plant in Libby, Montana …

  61. Bob Stewart says

    Great! Bury CAP and TRADE once and for all. Let all these banana republics and third world dictatorships take money from these dictators and fix their own country. America needs to quit supplying every country with cash.

  62. Nancy Pinson says

    I believe we should always consider our environment when making any decision. We owe that to our children. We’ve already before Obama cleaned up so many of our water ways. BUT these environmentalist of late have taken it way too far and are looking out of spiders better than mankind.

  63. 777oneradio says

    Tune In for Inspirational Music, Truth and real News:

  64. Smart Southerner says

    Thank God for Donald Trump! A Leader who can cut through the Liberal NONSENSE & stop the money laundering scheme to make their Democrat friends richer! This will save Americans $22+ Billion annually (probably more in the future if Hildebeast had been elected).

    President Trump is just what we’ve needed for the past 8 years… COMMON SENSE!

    1. gotabgood says

      due mainly to legislation banning polar bear hunting,

      1. JYuma says

        No, they have never been in trouble. They move where the food is , it moved to Canadian country , so did they. Their back. We never did stop Hunting them. You could only shoot one a year to eat. Not Two.

  65. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    Withdraw! Let’s use our tax dollars right here at home as we should. Withdraw! Make Obama look like the fool he is.
    I know, it will never happen, as Obama is setting us up for martial law by the end of December. We will NEVER see the end of Obama.
    Welkommen to Amerika Comrade!

    Congratulations Mr. Donald Trump! I hope you make it to the White House and evict the family now there.

  66. AL says

    The reason liberals fear the warming is it will be HOT as HELL in the here after for those baby killing retards

  67. JB Wright says

    It is good to see someone who’s not getting all crazy about climate change, we need to utilize our natural resources as to become as energy independent as possible. That said, a concerted effort should be made to lessen our carbon output, it is no secret that carbon content in the atmosphere affects climate. Where to start? Perhaps municipalities could shut off about a third of their streetlights, how much would that save over a years time? Not sure but I bet it is a significant amount.

  68. Bill says

    Very easy, just withdrawal from the climate treaty, allow the university’s to host group therapy and crying sessions and get on with the next issue to make America great again.

  69. Mimi says

    The climate changes all the time. Why did the prehistoric animals die in the ice age? Because it was cold. Very, very cold. And guess what none of that was “man-made”. What is man-made is some environmental pollution from power plants, etc. – that is why we need clean coal. Also waste disposal – teach your kids to properly dispose of waste material – and recycle. The “climate change” idiots we have in this day and age are just trying to make money. Look at Al Gore for example. In the ice age there were no emission problems from power plants, gas powered automobiles – so you can’t blame those things on climate change. Just follow the money – to the solar industry who bilked the government out of millions in subsidies, and the electric car guys who get government money and there are more out there with their palms wide open. God is in charge of the climate.

    1. anibanib says

      God is not in charge, and never has been

      1. Mimi says

        God is in charge. People were created with “free will” – so they are free to make decisions as they deem fit. In the end, the proof will be in the pudding – will be interesting when we meet our maker – there will always be turmoil – wars, religious strife, election disputes, etc.
        Life is short when you look at the whole picture. I should tell myself to “Let Go and Let God” – however, I like to add my two cents worth sometimes….

        1. anibanib says

          “” there will always be turmoil – wars, religious strife, election disputes, etc.””…..and the USA Always seems to be in there somewhere

          1. Mimi says

            The whole world is in this mixing pot – and we need military strength to back up our pledge to attempt world peace – that’s almost impossible, I know, but somebody has to step up to the plate to fight the vicious instigaters before things get so out of hand.

          2. anibanib says

            And in your opinion, who are the Vicious instigaters……….the USA has military in well over 150 sovereign countries World wide………so are they all classed as Vicious or is it just that the US is being nosey

          3. anibanib says

            ^ The 2015 U.S. Base Structure Report gives 587 overseas sites,

          4. Norman says

            Cut the CRAP, AhabArab. You post the same stupid response no matter what the subject of the discussion.

            Your avatar should be a parrot because you only know how to REPEAT what you read on radical propaganda websites.

          5. anibanib says

            Whats the problem Little wussie………..cant you handle the truththat the USA is spreading Death and destruction across the World…… know it, everybody knows it but you guys are so brainwashed you cant see the end of your nose……propaganda websites over 200 of them all with the same facts and figures

          6. Norman says

            Repeating the same LIES and figures on over 200 different radical propaganda websites does NOT make the LIES true. But I would not expect someone of your immense STUPIDITY to discern LIES anyway.

          7. anibanib says

            But you still keep replying to me…….must be love darling

  70. anibanib says

    Trump,a piece of chicken shit

  71. Rock J. Dueck says

    Thank you in advance, Mr. Trump. The entire man made global warming scam is just another version of wealth distribution spearheaded, as with most useless initiatives, by that unelected, unaccountal, self appointed group of world class socialists called the United Nations. I’m hoping that he might bail out of that organization as well.

  72. irish1919 says

    The left wing globalists are good at putting up smokescreens and crying the sky is falling, when pushing any agenda down our throats. This accord is another example of the US giving up its national sovereignty to the UN. Donald Trumps first order of business should be executive order on everything Obama put into place by executive order. To give away our sovereignty without the input of our legislative body is a precursor to tyranny. Therefore eliminate these tyrannical dictates first, then get back to producing legislative solutions to the economical and foreign challenges we face. Obama dictated through presidential fiat and none of those executive dictates are constitutional. I think it behooves the alt left in the Democratic Party to listen to those democrats that voted for Trump. If they continue to support the radical left ideology then come 2018 they will lose more of their party in the senate especially . 24 Dems are up for reelection and if they work to subvert the legislative process than The repubs will have a super majority in the senate.

  73. YOLADANE says

    AMIGHTY GOD controls the weather on this planet. PERIOD. He created the planet, don’t you think he has the power to also control the climate ?? READ THE BIBLE.

  74. Lorraine E says

    The climate pack is just another u.n. method of controlling people world wide based upon the farce called global warming. What we actually have world wide is climate CONTROL. Check to learn how our weather is created and controlled.
    Hopefully President Donald Trump will end our participation in the u.n. (a front group for the new world order) and close their offices in New York too.

  75. maddog0311 says

    What this nigger did to our country is unspeakable and must be reversed immediately without further ado. If left up to me, I would arrange to buy 4 one-way tickets, (Paid to the half-way point) on any ship-lines, for the Obama family, to get their black asses outa here and 1/2 way back to Kenya, Africa, a.s.a.p. Additionally I’d demand “We the People” remove their passports and citizenship rights as well. Then ship all of these filthy black-ass niggers, 1/2 way back and drop them off somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I’d like to give them a small boat or Dingy to reduce that amount of swimming they’d had to do, but Obama has blown thru so much of our hard earned money there isn’t anything left to buy a boat with. Maybe they’ll run into a log or something that floats on their way back to Kenya, Africa. Don’t worry, “Confidence is high”, the Obama family will be able to swim the 4,500 miles to the coast of Africa, so don’t give that another thought! As a passing thought maybe we could add a seat from Al Sharpton and Jessy Jackson to go right on along with the Obama’s. That I’m sure would help clean up this country from mouthy niggers. Just saying.

  76. real talk 1 says

    We need to very badly get out of the Climate game and get out of the UN and let the rest of the world have that BS game we don’t need the old players anymore ,That include the Bush’s Obamas and all the rest of the old men that are trying to make America part of the Global Bull – sh–t we can keep our money at home if the elites want to make the world a better place take their billions of dollars and do it after all the average citizen don’t have it to give !!!!!!!!

  77. Jons_On says

    Another lie by the left to control the lives of the American people. The biggest liar in the climate change fantasy is Algore. His propaganda piece was believed by many Americans despite the fact that many scientists have said there is no real data that supports climate change. The left needs things like global warming or climate change to further extort Americans. Back in the 70s and 80s they were saying that the earth is cooling. When it was shown that that was not the case they then decided they needed another lie. Global warming was born. Unfortunately so many Americans buy whatever the news person on TV tells them. Seeing how the mainstream media is in the left’s back pocket the truth is a little harder to hear. Trump should pull out of this leftist pact on day one.

    1. Omer Woodruff says

      I won’t say yes or no . I have been to countries where you need an oxygen tank to get some air . I saw pollution clouds over Egypt and you dare not open a door or a window of your room in Giza it’s so polluted . And look up cancer hotels in China . It’s your call .

      1. JYuma says

        Did you go out away from the City’s? In most cases, pollution is a local thing.
        We have cleaned up this country a lot. There are places that still need help. The Hudson River is clean enough now, after 25 years of working to clean it. Whales are swimming up it again.
        China, India,and others, they too will see the light.

      2. Jons_On says

        Polluted air and water is not a hoax. Go to southern California. The air there looks like a brown pea soup. This is different from the global warming hoax. The thing that causes the temperature to go up or down is the sun. Man is just not powerful enough to cause gross changes in the weather. The sun on the other hand is.

        1. JYuma says

          One thing most people do not know AL and area are in a Bowl. before the Americans, before the Mexicans, before the Spanish. The Indians of the area did not live there. They used the area for Hunting ,for traveling through. There is no wind in it for most of the Year. I have read that they called it the land where smoke stands still. best thing to do with most of South California is to move all people out of it. Then make it a Wilderness Area.

  78. Norman says

    “Global warming” did NOT pan out when the Earth started to cool. However, changing “global warming” to “climate change” does NOT make it any more believable than calling terrorism “man-made disasters” makes terrorism any less drastic.

    “Global warming” is another crisis propagated by radical elitists as an excuse to expand government, raise taxes, suppress the economy, and diminish individual rights. (When I was a kid a globe was a model of the Earth; now the media uses the term “globe” to refer to the Earth itself. I have a globe in my home but it actually feels cooler since the light bulb inside burned out.)

    We should all try to conserve energy, however, “global warming” is just another excuse the elitists use to justify more PEOPLE CONTROL.

    1. gotabgood says

      According to all the charts I have seen the TREND IS UP… Yes there have been a few SPIKES downward… But if you notice the downward spikes after 1960, were still HIGHER than the HIGHS of 1920. We are warming up…. That is nice for the beach goers, terrible for the ones riding the snowy slopes of the Rockies…. And a disaster for the ice caps of our poles.

    2. JYuma says

      I sent him some Links that refute hiss Bull Shite. Either he is too HIGH on smoking Bull Shit or he has Piss for Brains.

      1. gotabgood says

        In comparison to what you send me and the websites I give you…

        You and your websites are still reading.. “See Spot run?”

        And trying to get you into a science book….

  79. Gary Von Neida says

    Thank GOD, sanity in government at last. Gary

  80. gotabgood says

    Just a few bits of information that should give you reason to think…. a little.
    Q: How many trees are cut down each day?
    Quick Answer
    Throughout the world, about 900 million trees are cut down annually, as of 2014.
    That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. These
    trees are used to make everything from lumber and paper to deodorant and
    food additives.

    Continue Reading..


    Trees: The Carbon Storage Experts

    One half the dry weight of wood is carbon.

    The heat is on. Global warming has speeded up, yet debates continue
    about the best way to slow the increase of carbon dioxide that is
    trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon needs to be pulled out
    of the atmosphere and put into long-term storage elsewhere. This process
    is called carbon sequestration, and high-technology ways to accomplish
    it are being explored worldwide.

    However we don’t have to wait for high tech sequestration. We can
    increase carbon sequestration now by working with some experts. They’re
    called trees, and they have almost 350 million years’ experience in
    sequestering carbon. Trees, like other green plants, use photosynthesis
    to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugar, cellulose and other
    carbon-containing carbohydrates that they use for food and growth. Trees
    are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in their
    wood, and continue to add carbon as they grow. Although forests do
    release some CO2 from natural processes such as decay and respiration, a
    healthy forest typically stores carbon at a greater rate than it
    releases carbon.

    1. JYuma says

      You wood make a good second grade teacher, with ALL your knowledge. Give you something beneficial to do. However you wood have to stay with the Facts. Something you do not do now.

      1. gotabgood says

        Talk is cheap… I gave you references.. you give me yours..

        1. JYuma says

          I did. You did as the other Ill-educated Global warmest do. You deleted them.

  81. gotabgood says
  82. JB Wright says

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Trump and Hitlery ran for the presidency over a $1 bet?

  83. JYuma says

    If Congress did not sign on to the “Paris Agreement “it is not worth the paper it is written on.
    Something about the Senate has the ONLY Right to approve Treaty’s.
    I believe it’s written in the CONSTITUTION, some little bitty place.

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