Trump Pulls Out of Fox News Debate


Whether he actually becomes president or not, Donald Trump has provided politicians with a campaign that will be studied for decades to come. As media consumption becomes increasingly fractured and traditional TV ads lose the effectiveness they once had, candidates will find much to learn from Trump’s unerring ability to keep his name in the news. The question is whether anyone else will be able to follow the Trump playbook without orchestrating their own downfall.

Consider the latest. Trump, after yet another round of one-sided feuding with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, has announced that he will be skipping Thursday night’s GOP debate.

“Let’s see how much money Fox is going to make on the debate without me,” he said.

Obviously, few candidates now or in the future are likely to consider themselves such a ratings draw that they can pull a power play with the top-rated cable network on television. And it’s from that perspective that Trump may prove inimitable. He possesses the magic combination of pre-existing celebrity, a gambling spirit, and a message that you can’t quite hear anywhere else. He’s managed to survive controversies that would have crushed almost anyone else.

For their part, Fox News could have done a lot to nip this one in the bud a long time ago. Unfortunately, they chose instead to goad Trump in the press after he made some disparaging tweets about Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate the debate. “We learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” the channel said in a statement. “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Uh-huh. This kind of snark is beneath Fox, but even if it wasn’t, it doesn’t match what’s actually going on here. There’s no reason to believe that Trump is actually scared of Megyn Kelly. How is it possible that they don’t understand that he’s using them for publicity? Trump-Kelly, Round 4. Another 24, 48, 72 hours of free coverage. Whether Trump shows up for the debate Thursday night or not, he’s practically guaranteed that it will be all about him. And if he puts on a competing event, carried live by one of Fox’s competitors, then he’s set up a ratings battle that he will almost certainly win.

“With me,” Trump said, “they’re dealing with somebody that’s a little bit different.”

Indeed, we all are. That’s what’s made this election season so interesting to watch.

  1. tomw says

    Fox News is just another globalist mouth piece.

    1. Tiger says

      They lost me with this one. Clear to see what they were up to. Glad Trump gave it up their kazoo and I won’t watch because of her and haven’t watched her show since her last B session with Trump.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        ROFLMAO Now they have discovered the Dept of Justice, using a “slush fund” to help finance oslobba’s mooseslimes overseas! There is far more corruption inside OUR government than any of us believe! I keep saying, “GET RID OF EVERY APPOINTEE that the little faggot made!!!

    2. Gunflint Roseberg says

      tomw..I know what your saying. I heard an editor of a large Newspaper once state, it’s the Media who puts a man in Office. We as Americans must be alert to Media Socialist Propaganda.

    3. Bob Marcum says


  2. Lucilla says

    Very disapointed in Fox Five. Knowing it’s now personal between Trump & Kelly, Fox 5 should remove her from the debate. I will not be following Fox 5 anymore.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Why are you also afraid that Mr Trump would have to answer questions of a Female Journalist?

      1. Tiger says

        Trump is not afraid of anything. He has enough self esteem and common sense to not be taken for a Caged Fight and allow an insignificant and inappropriate nothing like Kelly ask him anything.

        This was for nothing but ratings and FOX lost again. Millions won’t watch because of her.

        1. RMCSRET says

          So once again a Trump supporter telling all of us the same thing. Donald Trump
          is afraid to get into a discussion or a meeting that might not be in his favor. I was
          under the impression that Mr Trump was willing to mix it up and get things done,
          but evidently I am seeing that I was TOTALLY WRONG. Mr Trump is just like
          most Politicians, when the going gets tough he runs the other way.

          1. Tiger says

            A smart man smells the foul air and leaves it to those who don’t mind the stench. He doesn’t need FOX and FOX pulled a fast one that backfired on them. Kelly a stone around their neck and millions are questioning their credibility today.

            Trump, if you have ever followed any of his town halls or speeches throughout this country, has thousands at his rally’s and he answers questions right off the cuff with many of them without a second thought. Puts people like Kelly down in a blink of an eye.

          2. RMCSRET says

            Well Tiger it seems that Trump is Ok with USING FOX (146 Appearances) but
            when the Heat is possible to be raise Mr Trump seems to want no part of it. Yes
            I have also seen Mr Trump at his Town Halls, Whoa and Behold to someone who
            asks a question that he doesn’t want to answer. You are either roughed up by the
            Crowd or the DONALD just shames you out of the meeting. Is this what you mean? Neither FOX nor Ms Kelly has lost much. If folks who watch this show
            and find issues with it are actually nothing much more than a view who just wants
            something different from there normal viewing pleasure like MSNBC or CNN.

          3. Tiger says

            Personally having lived around the world I learned long ago the news in America is warped just as badly as the news in other countries and more so now with O. I get my information from the sources and go to the International news, includes ME. I stay up on things. What people heard in America about the refugee crisis in Europe was nothing to show the real mess and that goes for the ME and the Deal.

            So none of the news sites you mention are ever on my TV and now I question FOX. Kelly and FOX are losers on this people see through this and thought more of FOX than a move like this.

            Trump doesn’t take any crap off anyone and why should he. Someone get up at his Town Halls and try to blast out nonsense he puts them in their place. If plants try to disrupt they are asked to leave. I agree with his methods time to put a boot to the head of many.

            I am tired of the mamby pamby politicians who are bullied by Lobbyists, donors and the Party. Kelly is nothing to him, his followers and just a fly buzzing around his head.

      2. Lucilla says

        This has nothing to do with “female journalist”. It has everything to do when Kelly picks on Trump with her feminists personal questions and not being professional by asking the questions that have to do with running this country.

        1. Tiger says

          Amen and she took the heat for it also. Plus it is plain to see FOX did this to punk Trump and he doesn’t play and doesn’t have to.

          Shame on FOX after two good debates with great Moderators they showed their backside and got it kicked. Nobody I know is going to watch.

    2. Tiger says

      I won’t watch the debate and I haven’t watched her show since she pulled the big B card out. She lost millions of fans. She took a well needed vacation after and FOX should have never put her into this again. They lost credibility with this, easy to see they went for the Caged Fight.

    3. Bob Marcum says

      FOX has her, right where they want her.

  3. Brenda says

    Once I heard who the moderators would be, I decided not to watch the debate. Why Fox would once again put Kelly in as moderator with her intense dislike of Trump is evidence that they wanted to play up the “feud” and not the issues.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Hey Brenda did you happen to look at the interview that Mr Trump and Ms Kelly did back in
      2011, where Mr Trump called Ms Kelly an excellent interviewer? I just wonder why or what has
      changed since then? Maybe it was a fact that Ms Kelly ask straight forward questions of Mr Trump
      and he didn’t like them or he didn’t know how to answer them. Seems funny coming from a Man
      who flat out states that we will get tired of WINNING in his deal making yet he can t even contend
      with a Female Journalist, seems kink of strange.

      1. Tiger says

        First off Kelly took it up the kazoo after her inappropriately put question to Trump during the last debate. It did not take Rocket Scientists to see what she did. She played the B card and she lost big time. She didn’t ask a hard question she poked the bear with a stick.

        FOX has had two really good debates where issues were discussed without any ludicrous acting out. The Moderators professional. Kelly once again takes FOX down and I won’t watch either. They did this on purpose for ratings and Trump was right not to give them those ratings.

        FOX lost credibility with millions on this one. Trump has 10 billion dollars and he didn’t make it by being a funny wily nilly little feller.

        1. RMCSRET says

          Gee I viewed that DEBATE and the question that Mr Trump had issues was
          and still is a FAIR question. He made the statements that Ms Kelly asked him
          about. If he could not support his own statements maybe he should not have made them. Much like every other politician open mouth and insert foot, then try
          and weasel out of it.

          1. Tiger says

            I also viewed that DEBATE and it appears the way I saw it millions of others saw it the same way. She did not ask the question appropriately and everyone knows it. The question could have been asked straight and not in a combative way.

            He supported his statements and did a good job of it. He doesn’t need to be part of a last minute Side Show with some bimbo.

          2. RMCSRET says

            So you are saying it was not the substance of the material but the way it was
            presented then right? If that is the case then we are in a HUGH AMOUNT OF
            TROUBLE if he is elected. If you cant take that kind of abuse during discussions
            then how does he expect to make a deal with someone calling him a BIGOT, a
            DEVEL, or a RACIST, or any other name in the book. If his skin is not thick enough to take the beating that a President has to take then he sure as hell
            should not be running for President period.

          3. Tiger says

            You know what I am saying anyone with a grain of salt for brains knows her approach to the question was unprofessional and provoking. She got what she asked for.

            I have followed Trumps Town Halls and other speeches he never does shy from anyone’s questions even those who are nasty. He does a great job of handling himself and I have no qualms about a man who made 10 billion dollars, isn’t run by any Political Group and speaks of the Real Issues facing this country. He didn’t make it up that ladder being shy or just dealing with Yes men/women.

            He doesn’t have to put up with a Bimbo for some pleasure of viewers.

          4. Old and Infirmed says

            Do you think any President would stand for being called names. You would be seeing a jail cell or you would be noted to be an unAmerican. Why do these candidates have to take on such an abuse. The person who calls her a Bimbo is right. I have other names that are not so kind for a person who acts like that.

          5. RMCSRET says

            Well my friend it seems that I do remember a few President being called names.
            Evidently you mind is failing. Do you happen to remember the term MONKEY,
            Clown, Drunk, etc. These were all used in rather public conversations about one
            President George W. Bush. There were also names called out for Presidents
            Carter, Clinton, Reagan, Ford, Nixon and others, so you might want to do some
            research on that kind of statement before you make it. Gee lets see why a
            Candidate should prove that they have the temperament to take this type of
            abuse, aren’t they running for the OFFICE claimed to be the MOST POWERFUL
            MAN in the FREE WORLD?

          6. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Oh my god you idiots get over it that was last year and now the cry baby won’t show up Trump’s and idiot for not being man enough to show up and answer all questions I feel sorry for a grown man that can’t do the debate if he can’t do these debates if he wins the nomination will be run out if he doesn’t like the hard questions I agree if he hadn’t said these things about women he wouldn’t have to answer stupid questions

          7. kbfallon says

            You can also see it as ..if someone screws with us he will not deal with them if it will not benefit us.

          8. RMCSRET says

            Oh the prime definition of a petulant child. This is what we really need with the
            world blowing up under our very feet, how simply wonderful for us.

          9. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Your correct

          10. Virginia Hornibrook says

            She did just fine if man asked him the question there wouldn’t have been a problem she out smarted him and he couldn’t answer it

          11. Tiger says

            She outsmarted herself into a 10 day vacation and loss of thousands of fans.

            This just hot off the presses by one sharp poster, FOX nothing but trash plotting trash.

            The first, Mark Watson, does not seem to have a dog in the fight against Trump.

            The second individual, Dulce Candy, is an immigrant from Mexico, a former U.S. military servicewoman, and a Latina. Trump’s commitment to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico could very well be a topic of her discussions with the candidates.

            The third individual, Nabela Noor, is a Muslim American who is an outspoken critic of anyone who, like Trump, questions the motivations of Muslims, Muslim immigrants, Islam, and jihad. Noor, who reportedly equated Trump with Adolf Hitler, will most likely address Muslim-related issues with the candidates. Quite possibly, Noor will question Trump’s plan to temporarily close U.S. immigration to Muslims. Noor states she uses her voice to combat what she perceives as negative stereotypes of Muslims, a phenomena she states is more prevalent.

            This scum were going to be able to ask questions. FOX has lost it’s credibility.

          12. Tiger says


            FOX took a hit then and will take one now millions of us see right through this Hatchet Attempt.

          13. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen he doesn’t like it when somebody ask him about things he says about women hannity could have asked him the same question and it would have been a different story

          14. 73Anne37 says

            This is NOT about KELLY &~~ it is about MURDOCK & his OPEN BORDERS edict too his Company FOX~! Murdock is just like SOROS & is one of the “Global Elite” of the NWO~!

          15. RMCSRET says

            Well 73Anne37 if you really think this is about Open borders I think you should
            look at Donald Trumps actual Immigration plans. One of his plans is to have
            the 11 Million illegals deported back to there home country where once they
            touch there home soil they would then IMMEDIATELY turn around and become
            AMERICAN CITIZENs automatically. It is call HOME TOUCHDOWN.

          16. 73Anne37 says

            American History is being made without You~! Too Bad~! So sad that you do not want American Sovereignty & the Constitution STRONG Once Again~!

          17. RMCSRET says

            Well 73Anne37 You believe what you want. I have heard the SIREN song that
            you are tapping your toes to and then I look at the $20Trillion dollar debt that
            the singers of this song have given us. TRUMP sings the same song and
            give us the same sing along lines. Enjoy them while you can because you will
            just be continuing the last eight years.

          18. 73Anne37 says

            It is the “UNIPARTY” in Congress & the Executive Branch that has brought about this 20 Trillion in Debt. All the PRESENT Congress People are to Blame & well as the President. The Other Candidates have NO SOLUTION to the Real Problems & have NO REAL BUSINESS Experience~! TRUMP is the Only one that CAN get us Out of Debt & Solve the other Problems~! Trump is the ONLY Achiever in the entire Group running on both sides of the AISLE~!

            Trump 2016 A NATIONALIST & Patriotic Citizen FOR the PEOPLE~! A LEADER~!

          19. RMCSRET says

            Well 73Anne37 I think you had better look at some of the things Trump has
            stated that he wants if he is elected. I see Trillions of Dollars in debt being
            added and I don’t see any way that he is going to pay for it other than his

          20. 73Anne37 says

            I KNOW all about TRUMP~! I lived & taught in New Jersey for 30 Years~! He is an OPEN Book & OWNS his Upside & Downside~! I have watched read about him for years~~~have read his books etc.

            Trump IS the ONLY Candidate that WILL stop the RAMPANT Globalism~! The ONLY “Nationalist’ Running~! All the Rest are ready to put America into a “North American Union~! Ted Cruz is already Pushing a “Convention of States” & his wife is writing Reports for the “CFR” about Building a North American Community~! Cruz & Rubio are NWO Globalist’s ~~ALL the Way~! So IS BUSH & HILLARY~! The Rest are Bought & Paid for NWO Shills~!

            Wake up ~~ & Join us in SAVING our Country~!

            TRUMP 2016

          21. RMCSRET says

            Well 73ANNE37 if what you say is true why is Donald Trump currently building a
            Hotel and Golf Course in Scotland? Why is he build and operating a Golf
            course in Dubai. I believe if you look at what the DONALD is doing is
            quite Globalist in nature.

          22. 73Anne37 says

            You have NO CLUE what a Globalist is or you would not have said what you just did~!

            Donald IS a Businessman & does Business everywhere & with who he pleases~!

            Globalist Agenda IS: To ABOLISH NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY & to Establish WORLD Government & GLOBAL Banking~~Plus Bring about a GLOBAL “One World Religion” based on “Dominionism” ~! “Dominionism” the REligion of Ted Cruz & his Dad etc.~~ and it is an ABERRATION of Christian Theology~!

            “Ted Cruz Needs a Constitutional Convention to Pass the NAU”
            {NAU=”North American Union”} A “NWO” Advocated Union like the EU~!


            “Donald Trump is a “NATIONALIST” that is for American Sovereignty & our Constitution~~”!

        2. kbfallon says

          I agree 100 % but–I think she graduated to the C word .

          1. Tiger says

            I really hate that word but she is about as close to it as I have seen in years.

        3. Virginia Hornibrook says

          There you go all he talks about how rich he is. This time he couldn’t buy fox good for them Kelly has nothing to do with him not showing up he couldn’t bully fox to take her off the debate this time the bully didn’t get his way good for fox if you don’t like Kelly your not going to watch your just as stupid as cry baby bully Trump it shows your not into the election your into call Kelly names

          1. Tiger says

            He doesn’t want to buy FOX and Kelly is the reason he is not showing up. She was unprofessional and out of pocket and millions agreed with me she lost fans and for them to throw her in there after two good debates and all they had to choose from it stinks and they got caught at their game.

            You know name calling when you can’t force someone to see things your way is a pretty good indicator of your intelligence.

          2. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Smarter then you’ll ever be

          3. Tiger says

            Really you know me? Bring it on.

        4. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Good for Trump he has billions go to his tower and run it he will noy ake America great again

      2. Yes It Is Political says

        Her candor and true liberal colors have shown since then. Trump is alright by me.

        1. Tiger says


        2. pineapple says

          Love him or hate him.
          Regardless of what you think, he has captured the frustrations of the middle class and the folks in flyover country.

          Excellent read. The author is the political correspondent for Bloomberg and
          wrote extensively about Obama even before he was elected and he did it with
          facts and more facts.

          “Who is Donald Trump?”
          The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?” The answer: A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment.
          Some Trump supporters are like the 60s white girls who dated black guys just to annoy their parents. But most Trump supporters have simply had it with the Demosocialists and the “Republicans in Name Only.” They know there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Hillary Rodham and Jeb Bush, and only a few cents worth between Rodham and the other GOP candidates.
          Ben Carson is not an “establishment” candidate, but the Clinton machine would pulverize Carson, and the somewhat rebellious Ted Cruz will (justifiably so) be tied up with natural born citizen lawsuits (as might Marco Rubio). The Trump supporters figure they may as well have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails at Wall Street and Georgetown while they watch the nation collapse.

          Besides, lightning might strike, Trump might get elected, and he might actually fix a few things.
          Stranger things have happened. (The nation elected a Marxist in 2008 and Bruce Jenner now wears designer dresses.)

          Millions of conservatives are justifiably furious. They gave the Republicans control of the House in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014 and have seen them govern no differently than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yet those same voters are supposed to trust the GOP in 2016? Why? Trump did not come from out of nowhere. His candidacy was created by the last six years of Republican failures.
          No reasonable person can believe that any of the establishment candidates will slash federal spending, rein in the Federal Reserve, cut burdensome business regulations, reform the tax code, or eliminate useless federal departments (the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, etc.). Even Ronald Reagan was unable to eliminate the Department of Education. (Of course, getting shot at tends to make a person less of a risk-taker.)
          No reasonable person can believe that any of the nation’s major problems will be solved by Rodham, Bush, and the other dishers of donkey fazoo now eagerly eating corn in Iowa and pancakes in New Hampshire.
          Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
          Anyone named Bush
          Anyone named Clinton
          Anyone who’s held political office
          Political correctness
          Illegal immigration
          Massive unemployment
          Phony “official” unemployment and inflation figures
          Welfare waste and fraud
          People faking disabilities to go on the dole
          VA waiting lists
          TSA airport groping
          Obama Care
          The Federal Reserve’s money-printing schemes
          Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
          Michelle Obama’s vacations
          Michelle Obama’s food police
          Barack Obama’s golf
          Barack Obama’s arrogant and condescending lectures
          Barack Obama’s criticism/hatred of America
          Valerie Jarrett
          “Holiday trees”
          Hollywood hypocrites
          Global warming nonsense
          Cop killers
          Gun confiscation threats
          Stagnant wages
          Chevy Volts
          Clock boy
          Pajama boy
          Mattress girl
          Boys in girls’ bathrooms
          Whiny, spoiled college students who can’t even place the Civil War in the correct century
          . . .and that’s just the short list.

          Trump supporters believe that no Democrat wants to address these issues, and that few Republicans have the courage to address these issues. They certainly know that none of the establishment candidates are better than barely listening to them, and Trump is their way of saying, “Screw you, Hillary Rodham Rove Bush!” The more the talking head political pundits insult the Trump supporters, the more supporters he gains.
          (The only pundits who seem to understand what is going on are Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell and Republican John LeBoutillier. All the others argue that the voters will eventually “come to their senses” and support an establishment

          But America does not need a tune-up at the same old garage. It needs a new engine installed by experts–and neither Rodham nor Bush are mechanics with the skills or experience to install it.
          Hillary Rodham is not a mechanic; she merely manages a garage her philandering husband abandoned. Jeb Bush is not a mechanic; he merely inherited a garage. Granted, Trump is also not a mechanic, but he knows where to find the best ones to work in his garage. He won’t hire his brother-in-law or someone to whom he owes a favor; he will hire someone who lives and breathes cars.

          “How dare they revolt!” the “elites” are bellowing. Well, the citizens are daring to revolt, and the RINOs had better get used to it. “But Trump will hand the election to Clinton!” That is what the Karl Rove-types want people to believe, just as the leftist media eagerly shoved “Maverick” McCain down GOP throats in 2008–knowing he would lose to Obama.
          But even if Trump loses and Rodham wins, she would not be dramatically different than Bush or most of his fellow candidates. They would be nothing more than caretakers, not working to restore America’s greatness but merely presiding over the collapse of a massively in-debt nation.
          A nation can perhaps survive open borders; a nation can perhaps survive a generous welfare system. But no nation can survive both–and there is little evidence that the establishment candidates of either party understand that. The United States cannot forever continue on the path it is on. At some point it will be destroyed by its debt.

          Yes, Trump speaks like a bull wanders through a china shop, but the truth is that the borders do need to be sealed; we cannot afford to feed, house, and clothe 200,000 Syrian immigrants for decades (even if we get inordinately lucky and none of them are ISIS infiltrators or Syed Farook wannabes); the world is at war with radical Islamists; all the world’s glaciers are not melting; and Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig.

          Is Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not. Neither was Ronald Reagan. But unless we close our borders and restrict immigration, all the other issues are irrelevant. One terrorist blowing up a bridge or a tunnel could kill thousands. One jihadist poisoning a city’s water supply could kill tens of thousands. One electromagnetic pulse attack from a single Iranian nuclear device could kill tens of millions. Faced with those possibilities, most Americans probably don’t care that Trump relied on eminent domain to grab up a final quarter acre of property for a hotel, or that he boils the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs running the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

          While Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s greatest fear is someone giving a Muslim a dirty look, most Americans are more worried about being gunned down at a shopping mall by a crazed lunatic who treats his prayer mat better than his three wives and who thinks 72 virgins are waiting for him in paradise.

          The establishment is frightened to death that Trump will win, but not because they believe he will harm the nation. They are afraid he will upset their taxpayer-subsidized apple carts. While Obama threatens to veto legislation that spends too little, they worry that Trump will veto legislation that spends too much.
          You can be certain that if an establishment candidate wins in November 2016,
          his or her cabinet positions will be filled with the same people we’ve seen before. The washed-up has-bens of the Clinton and Bush administrations will be back in charge. The hacks from Goldman Sachs will continue to call the shots. Whether it is Bush’s Karl Rove or Clinton’s John Podesta who makes the decisions in the White House will matter little. If the establishment wins, America loses

          1. Tiger says

            You go and love that Giant Middle Finger Salute. Amen.

          2. Old and Infirmed says

            I wish more people would read this. It is so true and only someone with a little sense will understand. Trump is our last hope. I am old and will probably be around for a long time, but I would like to see America have a future that does not include the Islamic Laws, Religion or ideas. I pray to God that Trump will get in and save us. And. his Kelly girl is not a journalist but someone’s protege who got the job on the casting couch. I don’t think she’s that pretty either.but she must have some hidden talent.

          3. Jayjay1963 says

            Anyone who thinks that Trump is the “answer” is on a fool’s mission.

          4. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen to that

          5. franklyfrank says

            I love a fools mission.
            At least we can hope while you suckers getting it up yours.

          6. pineapple says

            Anyone who voted for Obama was on a fool’s mission. Continue reading to see what he has done to our economy.

            19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed(See #16)

            Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/09/2015 Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,
            The systematic destruction of the American way of life is happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening. Once upon a time in America, if you were responsible and hardworking you could get a good paying job that could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only had a high school education. Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without government assistance. We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet. But over the past several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of this nation whatsoever. So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and dependence on the government is at an all-time high. Even as we stand at the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same mistakes. In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for decades of incredibly foolish decisions. Of course a tremendous amount of damage has already been done. The numbers that I am about to share with you are staggering. The following are 19 signs that American families are being economically destroyed…(Look at #19)
            #1 The poorest 40 percent of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and housing.
            #2 For those Americans that don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.
            #3 The price of school lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.
            #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.
            #5 The price of ground beef has doubled since 2009.
            #6 In 1986, child care expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.
            #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.
            #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less than $30,000 a year in wages.
            #9 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.
            #10 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.
            #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.
            #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.
            #13 According to the U.S. Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently behind on their student loan debt repayments.
            #14 According to one recent report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.
            #15 The rate of homeownership in the U.S. has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has been in 20 years.
            #16 For each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.
            #17 According to the Census Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.
            #18 If you have no debt at all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.
            #19 On top of everything else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state and local taxes

          7. Jayjay1963 says

            What gave you the idea that I voted for Obama? Personally, I think that Obama and Trump are two of a kind. Thin-skinned, narcissistic, with a superiority complex. They’re brothers from a different mother.
            If you liked Obama, you’ll love Trump.

          8. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Stop bashing women you can think Trump has all the answers if he wins you better hope so or were in for another 4 years of hell Trump doesn’t like women that’s s fact

          9. Ray says

            Long—But true Good job

          10. 2Shadow2 says

            Pineapple. Well said. Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy post with so much heart. I would like add that two things make Trump immediately popular with the people. One. Make America great again. Not change we can believe in (which has morphed into collectivism) Two. Close the borders. Especially to Muslims. The left seems to not want to see what a murder suicide pact they have signed up for with Islam. The Koran tell these fanatics to invade foreign lands but only to force submission to Islam. Really? Why not import 300,000 black mambas for change we can believe in?? As a side bar, I would like to pass along a
            great read from the grand dame of Conservatism describing how far the Republican Party has drifted and why the current GOP old guard politburo hates Conservatives and Donald Trump.

          11. e michael says

            You really put it the way it is, every one in America should read this !

          12. pineapple says

            An interesting analogy
            >>>> You’ve been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement. You want them gone immediately so you hire a guy. A pro. You don’t care if the guy smells, you need those raccoons gone pronto and he’s the guy to do it! You don’t care if the guy swears, you don’t care if he’s an alcoholic, you don’t care how many times he’s been married, you don’t care if he voted for Obama, you don’t care if he has plumber’s crack…you simply want those raccoons gone! You want your problem fixed! He’s the guy. He’s the best. Period.
            >>>> That’s why Trump. Yes he’s a bit of an ass, yes he’s an egomaniac, but you don’t care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, illegal’s are everywhere. You want it all fixed! You don’t care that Trump is crude, you don’t care that he insults people, you don’t care that he had been friendly with Hillary, you don’t care that he has changed positions, you don’t care that he’s been married 3 times, you don’t care that he fights with Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell, you don’t care that he doesn’t know the name of some Muslin terrorist,…this country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegal’s, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hamid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in; “AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED” and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. You’re sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegal’s. You just want this thing fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but doesn’t have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn’t have political correctness restraining him, all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he’s also not a politician, he’s not a cowardly politician. And he says he’ll fix it.
            >>>> You don’t care if the guy has bad hair.
            >>>> You just want those raccoons gone.
            >>>> Out of your house.
            >>>> Now.

          13. e michael says

            Your comments and feelings are exactly how I feel but the words don’t come out as yours do, your honest, direct, not political correct, tell it like it is wish we had people like you on the main stream media and now on Fox News !

          14. franklyfrank says

            Yes ! I giant finger it is !
            An Italian salute even better.

        3. Virginia Hornibrook says

          I’m glad you like a bully I’m a women and I don’t like cry baby bullies

          1. 73Anne37 says

            I am a woman too~! But unlike you VIitginia, I LOVE my Country~! There is Only ONE person that is available right now & has the Leadership to stave OFF the NWO~~Establishment & the Democrats~! That is one DONALD TRUMP~~! He WILL “Make America Great Again~! He is a LEADER & we have not seen one of them for EONS~!

          2. Virginia Hornibrook says

            He’s a leader in his own business I don’t think he’ll make America great again

          3. 73Anne37 says

            You Virginia, obviously have Never read Donald'[s Book’s~~watched his Rally’s~~ or read his website. I watched what Donald all his life, as i live in both North & South New jersey~! I am 78 years old and watched him progress in life and success. He Owns his downside 7 Upside & is a Terrific Leader~! He is the ONLY one that an save our nation. the Rest of the so-called Career politician’s and Doctor Are globalist’s~! How much Carson is Bought & Paid for will show in the next few days~!.

            Donald Trump ~~has Got this~~! He will save our Country~~ ~~Sovereignty~~Constitution For US~!

          4. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Good for you I just don’t have interest in making America great again he’s just doing it for his big ego

          5. 73Anne37 says

            TRUMP already has enough for 10 Ego’s~! This is For the Country~! You are too BLIND to see~! Sorry for you~! American History is been made without you~!

          6. Virginia Hornibrook says

            I love my country to but I don’t like killer Hillary Muslim Obama rapist Bill. Trump will not make American great again he’s a cry baby bully and killer Hillary will run all over his big ego vote Republican

          7. 73Anne37 says

            Then Virginia~~You did not see our NEXT STRONG Patriotic Leader tonight~! “CRY”~is~Not in Donald’s Vocabulary~! Trump has Nothing to Prove~~except to the OTHER People that want To Make America Great Again~! “WE the PEOPLE”~!

            Trump HAS everything already~! Ego not involved except to do his patriotic duty~!

        4. franklyfrank says

          Actually all of Fox has a leftward tilt now.

      3. Gary Smith says

        Maybe he is finally showing his true colors

        1. RMCSRET says

          I am just starting to see a whole lot of similarity between another Politician and
          Mr Trump. The country is feeling the pain from that politicians and his inability
          to lead.

          1. Robert Russell says

            MR Trump is not a politician thank god for that he is a billionaire 10 times. That is why GOP & Fox news can’t control him like other politicians they are bought and do as i want or no more money.

        2. rayhause says

          Gary, you are so right, if he isn’t the center of the discussion, he starts crying. Trump is just a loser.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            rayhouse; before downgrading; get a copy of the video ( DVD ), ” Dreams From
            My Real Father” , by Joel Gilbert, he researched the info, compiled it, wrote the book and directed the DVD. Then; he published it, at obama’s permitted scheduling, in 2012, after the election. He ( obama ) was arrogant enough, to be
            very truthful and straight forward about it / even bragged abut it ), but, only after
            his re-election. He admits, repeatedly, in the story of hs lfe, his absolute dreams ( on his father’s behalf ) to destroy America. It also, admits to iies, as a normal daily routine. and, also; explains the same, for the clintons.
            please, read it,( or view it ), before making further comments. It would actually, show that, you have intelligence.

          2. rayhause says

            Bob, it was about 10 days 2 weeks ago when Trump came out with the question to Cruz’s citizenship and then at an interview he made the statement that one, the question was asked by a reporter and 2nd, he never attacks any candidate without being attacked. I had been questioning my initial support but that took it over the top. Several of the candidates were attacked with just some BS. Finally, when Cruz made the statement that Trump has New York values and Trump came back with that sympathy response really pissed me off. There was not one American and many people of the world felt the effect and smelled the stench. We opened our pockets and contributed to many different agencies to lend support to all the families, speaking of families, there were one hell of a lot of people who had love ones in those towers. Trump was given high marks for his response, most were New Yorkers and as far values, they are as liberal as Hillary or Nancy. Trump on many occasions has supported the liberals and now he is a Republican, just a bunch of crap. Listen to one of Trumps spiels and you have heard them all and in the end it all comes back to how great he is. He has now turned into a leader of some cult and not running for President.

          3. Robert Russell says

            Trump president right “ray”.

          4. kbfallon says

            Oh yeah..he’s loser……what a foolish comment.

          5. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Remember he’s always been a Democrat and if he win hell probably put killer Hillary as his secretary of state and vote for Obama to be on the surprime court think about people he’s a bigger crook then killer Hillary and Obama

      4. Bob Marcum says

        He would not be contending with a straight forward, honest journalist. She hits below the belt, in a very systematic manner. This time, she and her boss have timed it, to put him
        into a corner, with highly calculated trick questions, implications and half-truths, which they would not allow him sufficient time to correct. This is their usual, last moment, before the
        election tactics, which are always effective, because it leaves the viewers in total confusion, and therefore questioning their previous commitments, to the candidate. It
        costs their target candidate, a large percentage of votes, by pulling the less committed ones, to their view. It’s dirty politics; but, politics, by nature are dirty. So, you see;
        they’re playing according to the normal procedures. This is why Mr. Trump, very wisely,
        chose not to step into the snare. I love that man, and, so will the entire country,
        after he’s a couple of years, in office, to set the world back upright, and starts to
        clean it up. Have faith people; don’t bend in the wind of the liberal lies. Stay-th-course.
        Don’t be swayed, by lies and half-truths.

        P.S,; and get a copy of “The Dreams of My Real father”. It’s obama’s auto-biography, and should become mandatory reading, in all high schools, nationwide, after the cleanup has begun.
        AND; I cannot imagine any red blooded American failing to make it to the polls, to
        vote, for Mr. Trump, after they’ve read the book or watched the DVD.

        1. RMCSRET says

          Well Bob how about telling us which Journalist out there do you consider HONEST and above Board? If Trump cannot deal with dishonest Journalist
          something is wrong. It also seems he has not trouble with FOX since he has been
          on various shows to the tune of 146 appearances. It seems it is TRUMP who is
          the user here and when confronted on a STATEMENT that HE MADE he
          crashes and burns. Doesn’t seem like a very good DEAL MAKER to me if he
          cant handle one lone Female Journalist. Next this Debate was not held in a last
          minute before an election. Unless you are talking about the IOWA election
          next week? If that is the case once again it shows how Frightened that Mr Trump
          is that me might make a stupid statement which will affect his stance in the
          Election. Seems again rather SHALLOW for some one who states he is great at
          this kind of DEAL MAKING.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            Well, RMCSRET; You sound like someone who speaks spontaneously, without bothering think clearly, before speaking. You like to create 1/2 truths, and leave it as the gospel. I think, ( actually, I’m fairly certain ), that, even you, if you were to read ( or, view on DVD ), “Dreams From My Real Father”. would be giving
            thanks, to the lord, for a man like Trump being available. The book I refer to, is obama’s own, personal auto-biogaphy. It was researched, at obama’s request,
            and compiled, written, and directed by a man named “Joel Gilbert”. It would,
            indeed improve your education drastically, if you would get a copy and view it.

          2. RMCSRET says

            Well Lets put it this way BOB, I don’t need to read an OBAMA Book to know what
            is going on with TRUMP. All I have to do is closely listen to the words coming
            directly from his OWN MOUTH.

          3. Bob Marcum says

            OK :::;;; That’s perfectly alright. You have the right to ignore anything, you wish to ignore. You have the constitutional right to remain ignorant, for as long as you like. Obviously; I won’t be wasting my time, on trying to help understand anything, in the future. I’ll not be wasting my time, on you. You aren’t worth it.

          4. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Untruths that’s what you get from him he only days what you stupid want to hear he doesn’t believe in anything he says he’ll ruin the country just like illegal Obama he was born in Kenya he’s a Muslim why do you think he doesn’t fight isis and wants to leave all these illegal immigrants from Syria they’re Muslims his people

          5. Virginia Hornibrook says

            He’s like killer Hillary they think they can buy the president spot and deserve to be in the white house

      5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Hillary claims to have always fought for social justice yet when questioned in 2008 regarding homosexual ‘marriage’ said she was against it. I never put much credence in anything spouted by politicians when campaigning. Obama was going to unite the country if you recall. How’s that working out?

      6. 2Shadow2 says

        RMCSRET. Kelly did not ask straight forward questions to Trump. They were malicious intent gotcha questions of a personal nature and he answered them straight up. None of the other candidates were asked such questions so forget the fair and balanced approach. If Kelly gave a fair interview to Trump back when, and he applauded her for it there is no reason to believe he will give her a fair pass for a nasty interview later, suggesting he is part of the phony GOP “war on women.” Trump has no need to further a vindictive agenda from Snow White. He senses a trap to spin him off platform and into a negative exchange. He believes as I do that one should never argue with and idiot, since they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. I assume you have never seen the Howard Stern Megan Kelly segment? Not flattering at all but it does show a certain liberal “zero accountability” trend.

        1. RMCSRET says

          Well it sure seemed to me that I heard a very direct and pointed question asked of
          Mr Trump in that Debate, yet it was Mr Trump who made the BIMBO issue and
          the issue of Blood coming out of place with Ms Kelly. I am not calling Mr Trump a
          man having a War on Women what I am saying is Mr Trump get quite flustered
          when someone asks a question that he doesn’t like to answer. Much like the
          questions raised during the one where he threw out the Hispanic and there
          are others. All I can say sir is that I will remind all of you when things don’t turn
          out the way you think they are going to. Trump much like Obama is leaving the
          breadcrumb trail and it is leading right towards disaster for the Country.

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            The comments you refer to came after the debate and Kelly is the fool who made the simile to the war on women. You casually omitted the gotcha factor and personal nature of the questions and the fact that no other candidate received such treatment. The Hispanic reporter was a disruptive left wing plant who was there only to trash the debate. If this is all you have to bash Trump you are taking a knife to a gun fight. I challenge you to find any current candidate who like Obama isn’t ballyhooing “Change you can believe in” and then sending the country into the third world. That’s what established political prostitutes do and have always done. As a non establishment politician Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is not real easy to spin into negative change or gestapo like intervention or whatever.

          2. RMCSRET says

            You are exactly right the comments did come after the debate but not from Ms
            Kelly they actually came from Mr. Trump. There is NO GOTCHA factor in politics.
            If you say something then be a man or a woman and stand by your comments.
            It was very evident that Mr Trump did not want to do this. So how about the
            other times where someone who was in the audience was actually beaten up and
            thrown out of the meetings? Oh I know they don’t count. First off I did not know
            that Obama was a Candidate for anything other than FRAUD IN CHEIF. So dont
            even compare anything with Obama. I look at Trumps own words, like on SIXTY
            MINUTES where he implicitly stated that he wanted to do away with OBAMACARE and Institute a GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.
            This is great right, nothing more than a SECOND VA Healthcare system. I also
            have heard Mr Trump say he is ready to work deals with Nancy Pelosi. Oh yea
            another OBAMACARE DEAL or a BAILOUT DEAL. This is Pelosi’s Deals.
            Mark my words if Trump is the candidate and elected I am going to be the first
            one out of the box and Say I TOLD YOU SO, because TRUMP is playing another
            OBAMA and folks like you are falling for it all over again.

          3. 2Shadow2 says

            RMCSRET. No need to get your knickers all in a knot. No gotcha factor in politics is bull. The press takes sides and increasingly spears the opposition and spares their favorites the tough questions. No one very asked candidate Obama if it was true he had a gay lover in Chicago, or candidate Bill Clinton if he ran drugs with returning Iran Contras C-130’s in Mena Arkansas, when he was Lt Governor. Enough with your foot stomping rude capital letters and outright hatred of Trump.

            Will you admit your were wrong if he wins and he does great things instead of the reverse? I didn’t think so. And so great political analyst, who is the right person for the job? Care to provide solutions instead of speculative negativity regarding Trump’s intentions. Read the Tea Leaves for your choice if you dare. LOL

          4. Virginia Hornibrook says

            All of you are blaming Kelly you have to remember fox okd all of the questions it should have been by Brett and there wouldn’t have this hate for Kelly he can’t stand to have women ask him any questions think about it he hates women and he’d just a lying bully Democrat vote Republican but not for bully trump

          5. 2Shadow2 says

            I was responding to a another Trump basher, but I saw the debate and I will grant that other questions from Wallace and Brett were skewed as well but not as personal. No one is picking on Snow White because she is a woman and it certainly does not rise to the level of hate on this blog you seem to think it does. Had the question been asked by either of the other two partisan moderators, I believe he would have reacted the same. I also believe Kelly wanted to be the one to jab Trump on the “war on women” guffaw and is now reveling in the huge notoriety it has given her. Trump’s feud with Rosy O’Donnell is certainly not indicative of his view of all women. As for the rest of your post it is going to be hard to seat Cruz or Rubio on the basis of birth. Had they hid their birth certificate like Obama it might be different. But the double standard in power now will have their heads before they get too close. Rubio is pro-amnesty in denial and the rest of the field is too weak to make any difference at all. I have seen this since Eisenhower’s presidency. The last really great President was Kennedy and he behaved more like a Republican than a Democrat for as long as he lived. I don’t particularly like Trump’s brashness or language, but I guarantee you that is the only way this country can survive. Fire everybody on the NWO side, drop the useless Federal agencies, end big government nanny state mentality and let the free market roll. I would rather trust a Washington outsider, who you say is a bully, than any business as usual political prostitute. Patton was the right guy at the right time and Trump behaves much like him, Not PC, but your choice appears to be a nice guy to hold your hand while the USA goes down the drain, or a winner to get this country back on top.

          6. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen you’ve got it right

        2. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Nobody on the stage said awful things about women that’s why he got asked the question. If a man had asked him the question it would have been a different story

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            Trump said “awful things” about Rosie O’Donnell after she started the issue. For Snow White to use that example as a classic “war on women” political play in her opening dialog is simply unprofessional and many reporters agree with that comment. Why not ask Bush if his open borders policy has anything to do with his Mexican wife. Or to Rubio for voting for amnesty because of his Cuban heritage. You don’t know Trump if you think he would have responded differently to man asking the question.

      7. Robert Russell says

        First Kelly is a lawyer she is not a Journalist she has a personal ax to grind with Trump. Did you watch the first debate???

      8. Ddenney1 says

        It is not the first time he has contradicted himself but then again his 68 year history of BS should not be considered because he says the right things today I mean it ONLY MATTERS what you WANT TO HEAR the HISTORY doesn’t matter!!

      9. kbfallon says

        he’s cordial and polite to all…until they attack–and then its all fair.

    2. Tiger says

      Agreed and I won’t watch it either can’t stand the sight of her. FOX lost credibility with me on this one.

      1. pineapple says


        1. Tiger says

          How stupid did they believe the voters to be that we wouldn’t smell this rotten plan a mile away. They gonna learn. Kelly is through. She has become a stone around their neck.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I don’t see it that way. We (conservatives) complain about the Liberal media giving liberal candidates a pass.

            Should Fox give Conservative candidates a pass just because they are Conservative?

            Two wrongs do not make a right.

          2. Tiger says

            We agree to disagree. Debating and Debates have rules, all Debate teams know this. Nobody gave anyone a pass last two Debates with FOX Moderators. They followed professional standards and acted appropriately. That is not the issue. The issue is a woman who already showed she was an incredible unprofessional B during that time with Trump. Her question was not professional and millions agree with me she paid heavy for it. Does not take a Rocket Scientist to have seen this. Many were shocked.

            Smart leaders choose their fights and I agree with Trump, the only reason Kelly put into this was to bring in the viewers and set-up a Cage Fight to poke the bear. He won’t play in their Circus Side Show and I won’t watch this debate due to Kelly.

            FOX knew better they purposely did this and they are going to pay for it in the credibility department.

          3. Ddenney1 says

            We disagree! Please give us ACCEPTABLE QUESTIONS that will NOT offend Trump!!! We must give him a pass or he goes home!!

          4. Tiger says

            LOLOL whatever.

          5. 2Shadow2 says

            Ask the questions but ask them to all the candidates. The interviews O’Reilly did with Obama per election were pathetic compared to what he threw at Sara Palin, so what people are unhappy about it the abject hypocrisy of the MSM.

          6. Jane says

            GO hOME crying and blaming the news media. boo hoo.

          7. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Oh my gosh are you guys women haters shrs very smart and deserve to be on the stage its to bad what she said to Trump is so true so why are you idiots sticking up for a cry baby bully

          8. Tiger says

            If she were smart she would have been a Moderator that followed the rules of Debates and professionalism instead the Smart Mouthed B decided to be snarky and she got her just deserts for it.

            There have been two other debates where the Moderators followed protocol and were professional they brought Kelly into this for ratings and hoping for a fight. They lost, she lost.

            Leaders choose their battles she is not worth his time and he doesn’t need FOX.

          9. 2Shadow2 says

            Indeed. I bet Trump does something really spectacular to make them all look irrelevant. George Patton would love Trump. They both have the mind set to have their eye on the doughnut and not the hole.

          10. Tiger says

            Amen in this age of side winding sissies who can’t take a blow to their PC Trump is a Patton.

            Wouldn’t put it past him. Appears he is holding an event for Wounded Warrior believe me that is more important than this debate, heard it all, studied the candidates and don’t need this.

          11. 2Shadow2 says

            I am waiting confirmation of that move. I hope it comes to pass. He came out of a debate or town meeting a few weeks ago to talk to a Vet in a wheel chair who was getting knee jerked by the VA and made a promise to help him. Which he did, I believe. There are many, many untold stories of Trump’s kindness to individuals he meets along his journey. But they are apparently not sensational enough for the media to focus on. They dwell in the spin of his brashness.

          12. Tiger says

            Good find on the people who were set up to slash Trump.

            Yes he is a good man and this time good men won’t finish last.

          13. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Well he did an event for vets but guess where the money goes it goes right to the Trump foundation

          14. Jimmy Quick says

            If she were a man she would have been fired by now, so put your race card or whatever it is back in your purse and try to learn from your betters.

          15. franklyfrank says

            My dear lady get a grip!
            The debate is not about showcasing star media commentators. It is about the candidates. These debates should be moderated common sense obscure mediators.

          16. 2Shadow2 says

            Seriously? Please review Megan Kelly’s time with Howard Stern. No one hates her they just don’t want to listen to her. She hates Trump just like you and for that reason should recuse herself to help plug the toilet flush that is Fox New’s fair and balanced baloney. Look what Fox had planned for Trump tomorrow. Megan Kelly leading a vindictive attack on Trump’s key standings. Sound fair to you. Please.


          17. Virginia Hornibrook says

            I don’t hate Trump I just don’t think he’d make a good president

          18. 2Shadow2 says

            Certainly your prerogative. All the candidates have issues. The choices come down to more of the same, or a non-politician outsider who vows to make America Great Again. Will he do that, will any of them?? Obama did not clarify his hope and change until he showed his collectivism and wealth redistribution cards.

          19. MAHB001 says

            Troll alert… This one simply wants conservatives to fight each other.

          20. MAHB001 says

            Fair enough, we agree to disagree.

            I feel that Kelly did Trump a favor. The question was legitimate because it exposed Trumps character, It exposed an inconsistency in Trump.

            If Kelly hadn’t asked the question the left definitely would have. It would have ended up in a Saturday night skit, which would have been even more damaging to Trump.

            Sure, Trump would have rather had the whole thing buried, but isn’t that what 0bama, Hillary and the left has been doing for years now.

            I see this as an example of Fox NOT practicing BIAS BY OMISSION, like the lefts media.

          21. Jimmy Quick says

            If she did Trump a favor, it was by accident. If she wanted to do him a real favor, she would agree in advance to “Not pull that crap again.” Maybe then Trump would agree to attend, but in truth I’d like to see someone put out her lights on live TV. Maybe then she would understand just how much of an offensive person she really is.

          22. MAHB001 says

            Pull that crap again? You mean she should be just like George Clintonopholous when he interviews Clinton? Controlled, like a puppet, asking only approved questions.

            What do we learn from those interviews? NOTHING.

            Sad, you make Trump sound like Hillary…. And I like Trump.

          23. Jimmy Quick says

            Fair enough. Who else has Kelly gone after with such a fervor? And her attacks weren’t just political, but also personal in nature. If it didn’t go on and on like it did, I might have believed it was scripted, but even now Kelly seems determined to get Trump. To me that’s the whole issue. If she is willing to keep her punches above the belt I think Trump would be happy to participate, but as it is she obviously wants to do all she can to damage him.

            Is that really what you want to see in a presidential debate. What’s next? Jerry Springer or just jump to totally crazy and rent the ring at Madison Square Gardens and advertise the “Fight of the Century?”

            I just think she needs to learn how to act in public before she is allowed to sit with the adults.

          24. MAHB001 says

            I have seen Kelly make many people squirm while she interviewed them.

            I too noticed that they seemed personal in nature, and have asked if they were. I know the question was scripted, but the interchange was not.

            As for punches, I do not feel the punch was below the belt, again I am surprised that Trump and his loyal do.

            What I have seen is a bunch of punches thrown by Trump, and I might add, Kelly has not been returning them. Other than pointing the punches out on her show…

            I think that she knows how to act and you don’t like it, so you insult.

          25. Jane says

            yeh, its fine when Trump insults everyone in sights but god forbid if he gets asked a question he does not like. its pretty darn funny to me. laughable really, he’d better learn fast its not the first time he’ll be asked unwanted questions that may be quite unfair.

          26. Robin says

            Interestingly, you capitalized the t in Trump, but not the g in God. Just saying.

          27. Jane says

            THANK you Robin for pointing this out, and how stupid I was being dumb. GOD IS GOD AND trump is trump. thanks.

          28. Robin says

            Glad it was an oversight! I’m not one to correct other’s spelling, but felt I should say something this time. : )

          29. Jimmy Quick says

            I didn’t insult. I’m sorry you are getting so emotional over this, but I gave my opinion. That’s all.

          30. MAHB001 says

            You had questions, I gave answers… No harm no foul.

            Here is an interview she did with bill Ayers… She does tough interviews with others. Ayers squirmed..


          31. MAHB001 says

            Here is twelve questions she will never get answered. All of them tough.


          32. MAHB001 says

            One last tough round of questioning….


            I think this was the last time we saw Harf in public. 8:30 is the point that Kelly tears the 0bama administration apart.

          33. HENRI says


          34. Jane says

            well its sad someone whose running for president cannot stand up to a news woman like Kelly. if he can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen cause he will have years of people asking him tough questions and disagreeing with him.

          35. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t think that is the issue. Kelly has proven that she is not trustworthy. I don’t think you would like her very much if you really knew her. Talking to Kelly is akin to “casting perils before swine.” Only crazy people do it.

          36. Jane says

            they have a list of people online that Kelley has hit hard in interviews. I did not read it but you can watch them on utube. it appears like Trump is one of a lot of folks.shes been hard with or offended.

          37. Jimmy Quick says

            I heard enough of her on Howard Stern.

          38. HENRI says


          39. Jane says

            speak for yourself, I learn a lot from watching debates. not interviews but debates. I watch ever one , dem and gops. and will watch both conventions. no wonder people have been rated as not knowing what issues are important, if you don’t listen you dont’ learn.

          40. MAHB001 says

            Excellent post. You are correct, there is a lot to be learned from all debates.

          41. MAHB001 says


            I have not watched any of the Democrats debates… It makes my blood boil to watch socialists in action. I commend you for your efforts.

            I just read that during the debate on Nov 14 that Hillary made the statement.

            ” Since we last debated in Las Vegas (Oct. 13), nearly 3,000 people have been killed by guns. Two hundred children have been killed. This is an emergency.”

            This statement is completely false and is NOT based in facts, yet the Moderators did not challenge it, nor did the media even fact check it for over a month. When the Associated Press check int the claims the AP said:”The claim appears to be unsupported on all counts.”

            So what I do not get is that the Trump supporters/Kelly haters on this post are advocating for the type of journalism/propaganda that is given to the left.

            That is not good for any of us.

          42. Jane says

            I do fact checking after every debate on both parties, can’t remember this, if her figures are wrong easy to check, but kids do get killed every single day by guns, I do know that’s for real. 3,000 a yr deaths. by guns. I am sure they all embellish stuff or speak without thinking, Clinton usually has her facts pretty straight, this seems off to me too. I like doing fact checks. some I spot some I miss., like this. thank you.

          43. MAHB001 says

            The reason you do not remember it is because the claim was not challenged. In fact the claim is 3,000 a month, 200 children a MONTH…. NOT a YEAR…

            the fact that the MEDIA allowed this statement to go unchallenged hurts everybody involved… The MEDIA has way too much influence in our lives and they no longer can be trusted.

          44. Jane says

            well, I CAN SAY maybe my memory must be n ot so hot, cause I sure did think they said 3000 a yr. hardly possible 3 thousand a mo. and no one still wants background checks. I thought they also said 88 people a day were killed by guns, but either way, we all know too many die that should not. and many can be prevented , not all but some.

          45. MAHB001 says

            In either case, Clinton was wrong.

            Here is the problem, you want to save lives, the politicians want a disarmed public.

            The politicians know that more laws are not going to solve the problem, but they also know that every baby step they take puts them closer to a disarmed public..

            0bama and Clinton will NEVER prove one life will be saved by their actions. But I can tell you that HISTORY shows what happens to citizens when they are disarmed… Dissidents to the regimes die by the millions…

          46. Jane says

            I DO not think people want a disarmed public, think this is a fear tactic. People can bare arms, its in our constitution and would take years to change that. common sense tells you if you don’t give crooks and terrorists guns lives will be saved, and whats wrong with background checks. , more than one life will be saved, , not all but many. no one will disarm this country, cause I can’t see anyone even saying that. to me its a non issue cause it will never be done. for goodness sake just make people responsible for the guns they buy, that’s what I would like to see, I am for the right to own guns. but take care of them and dont’ give them away or sell them to people you don’t know.

          47. MAHB001 says

            I do not think the people want to be disarmed either. BUT the politicians do. They KNOW that the laws they propose will do nothing to change gun violence, but the also know that those same laws are all baby steps towards disarming the public.

            The laws that 0bama and others propose HURT law abiding citizens, and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals….

            Why enact the laws if they only hurt law abiding citizens?

            Background checks are a double edged sword. While they would help if mental health records were used, those records have been sealed by liberal organizations like the ACLU so that the background checks that are performed do not include mental health records… Making them once again, something that hurts the average law abiding citizen and doing nothing to stem gun crimes.

            On the other hand, background check could easily be used as a national gun registry.. Currently, with what has happened with the IRS targeting citizens for their political beliefs and the DOJ doing nothing, I do not trust the agencies anymore.

            Guns are EVERYWHERE. Look at CA, we have background checks, we have waiting periods, we have gun efficiency tests, we can not purchase guns at swap meets, NONE of these draconian laws that have been in place for over 10 years did anything to stop San Bernardino from happening.

            Believe me, if laying down my guns and giving them to the government would make me safer, I would do it, if it would save a life, I would do it… But it will not, so I wont.

            The problem is, our society has guns, they are everywhere and the bad guys do not care about the laws. There are plenty of laws, the Government does not need more.

          48. Jane says

            not selling guns to people on the terror no fly list does not hurt ordinary law abiding citizens. stopping people from getting ak 47s so easily do not hurt ordinary citizens. and obamas gun law does effect mental health problems. being on the list and for getting more help. I think guns should be registered so they can trace them in murder situations. just like they track cars. why not both kill people, we can’t just hand our 10 yr old kids keys to your car. and let them go wild. Just think by tracking guns how many murders could be solved. if your a law abiding citizen who cares if the authority has records of your guns, they sure do it with cars.

          49. MAHB001 says

            How are the NO Fly lists created????

            Do you realize that there is NO citizen accountability on those no fly lists? There is no court, there is no facing your accuser. It is a Government agency with zero accountability controlling those lists.

            In other words, you are guilty and have no recourse to prove your innocence. No judge, no jury, no Dr…

            Now how would you feel if they decided to put your right to freedom of speech on the no fly list… If you are on that list, you no longer have the right to free speech, or a trial, or to face your accuser?

            That is very dangerous…. Can you see why?

          50. Jane says

            I don’t know how they are created but I do know I don’t want to fly with a terrorist and many have been caught that have been on this list by being monitored I have read it online when they arrest these people who are doing sneaking back in, after being recruited by ISIS. . They do remove people from this no fly list, my idea is better safe than sorry. Maybe they don’t catch them all but they try, and our airlines are more secure for being on the ball with monitoring. IF they find your not a terrorist and check you out pre flight sometimes you are left to travel. I have known 2 people they stopped and checked out and then was left to go on,even tho it is a inconvenience. who wants bombs coming on lines or for that matter, guns. People in GITMO have had no charges filed against them and no rights, no charges, or accusers . either. maybe we should just let them go.

          51. MAHB001 says

            Google no fly list mistakes…. You will find numerous horror stories of average citizens that were put on the NFL for unknown reasons…


            About 3 paragraphs down.

            “Each of them applied for relief under the Department of Homeland
            Security’s Traveler Redress Inquiry Program, but Judge Anna Brown of
            Oregon said the program is so lacking in providing fairness that it’s

            I realize that there is a fine line between our safety and personal liberty… I caution you to be very aware of the freedoms you advocate giving up and compare them to the “safety” you are expecting.

            Rand Paul gave some excellent speeches on this subject… Look on Youtube.

          52. Jane says

            I believe you are right, common sense would tell you lots of mistakes are found, but what can one do, put no one on the terror lists without absolute chargeable proof, we’d miss a lot of bad people that way. IF you could charge them they’d be in jail.

          53. MAHB001 says

            It is one thing to put someone on a terrorist list and watch them. It is a completely different thing to take away that persons Constitutional rights.

            What I am saying is that our Government should not use the No Fly List to take gun rights away from its citizens.

          54. Tiger says

            She is a modern mouthy woman just like the bunch on the View. She spouts off and she doesn’t expect to get attacked back. She learned now FOX is down the tubes, clear after two great debates with excellent and professional Moderators they go for the Fight. Then we find out they actually have a Muslim radical, a Hispanic woman who served and one other person who was to be allowed to ask questions to the debaters.

          55. Jimmy Quick says

            So, it’s an ambush. That figures. Trump was smart to stand clear of it. Thanks.

          56. Tiger says

            Just read on WMD all about it what evil people they truly are and appears Trump got wind of it and trumped them. They are through far as I am concerned. I won’t watch them.

            Welcome a poster on here was the first to alert me and others to it and today it is out there.

          57. Jimmy Quick says


          58. Tiger says

            I am now hearing two candidates want to join Trump tonight at his event. I hope they do and he welcomes them. I like Fiorina and she would be an incredible VP, unlike Palin the twit.

          59. Jimmy Quick says

            Maybe. I always liked her, but she does have a bad record with H/P to deal with. I’d like she hear her side of that story, provided she is legally permitted to share it.

          60. Tiger says

            My husband does not like her and he is sharp. He tells me about the things she did and not too happy with her but I heard her explanations and having been trained to be weed out the bad in hospitals from the ground up a “Turn Around Expert” I can see why she did what she did. I did it.

          61. Jane says

            what side, she fired many people and gave herself big raises, you’ve noticed shes not been hired since as a CEO and lost the CA elections.

          62. Jimmy Quick says

            Good point.

          63. Jane says

            He’ll have to stand clear of many things and people as president then, wonder how that will work out for him. I think you have to have courage and face people not hide from it, ambush or not.

          64. Jimmy Quick says

            They said his charity event went very well and certainly was not like he sat around watching the debate. This guy gets stuff done, no matter what and the rest of the candidates stood around trying to tear each other down.

            I’d say Trump made a very smart move and a lot of people benefitted from it.

            Go Trump.

          65. Jane says

            he had his people do Charity event, he showed up in his big airplane. , I heard on tv a couple of hjs billionaire friends donated a million dollars each. BIG DEAL BUT I am happy for the vets, I HOPE someone is making sure they get the money.

          66. Jimmy Quick says

            Why so down on the man? He did a good thing. He does that. I could use a friend like Trump and he will make a great president.

          67. Jane says

            I think he is a buffoon, I do, and a fear monger and hate spreader, I never did like him much. all he does is say how great he is and how everyone else is stupid, dumb or ugly, no thanks, I remember my mom always telling me if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything, I am breaking her rule now and its not pleasant, if he becomes president I WILL Support him as I do every president and give them a chance, because I have great faith in America and its voters. More faith in America than I have in Trump, indeed, I think AMERICA is quite great today. we are blessed. HE May be wealthy and rich, that does not make you kind or intelligent.

          68. Jimmy Quick says

            Maybe you are stupid, dumb and ugly… more of a personal problem I would say.

            I agree, you are not pleasant. So, anything else you want us all to know?

            Thanks for sharing.

          69. Jane says

            Anything for the vets is a good thing, believe me they deserve it all and much more. I hope they track the money and it goes for a good cause. Many vets saw this as a political ploy. I hope not.

          70. Jimmy Quick says

            Trump gave the vets $1,000,000.00 dollars out of his own pocket. I know it might be tough to believe but he also paid off the home mortgage for a young couple that stopped to help him when he was stranded on the side of the road.

            When are you people gonna stop bashing this brilliant person? Just because you won’t or can’t be as generous doesn’t mean that others are all the same.

          71. Jane says

            oh I believe this and he probably will get most of it back by having good tax people. and I believe he gives to charity and then deducts it all. why not. he is the smartest man alive to hear him tell the story.

          72. Jimmy Quick says

            Okay, I’ll gladly tell his story. He works 24/7 and people like you pale in comparison. He doesn’t waste his time and he is very well connected. He could be cruel and ruthless like Obama. Maybe then he would have 10 times the money, but he is smarter than that. What does it matter if you become the king of everything, but your kingdom is in ruins because you are too corrupt to care about your fellow man.

            Still don’t know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the future and you better start paying attention before you don’t have one.

          73. Jane says

            well , I think not, people like me, really I worked from the age of 15 and gave my parents who unlike Trump was given millions , born with money, and this makes you better HOW. THE future is what we americans make it not for the like of some greedy asshole millionaire who thinks he’s better than other people.

          74. Jimmy Quick says

            Jealous much?

          75. Jane says

            not of anyone, I enjoy life, and count my blessings everyday. I am smart enough to know what is important in life and what is not. I love this country, and grateful for the freedoms I ENJOY. I HAVE 6 Wonderful grandkids who bring joy to my life, would not trade one of their smiles for all of Donald trumps what ever things he thinks he has that makes him so much better. lots of luck in taking that to the grave with you. Love and Loving is whats really important, treat people with kindness and I am ashamed for Calling trump a name, he is a person too. so sorry, THAT takes me down to his level which is not ok with me..

          76. Jimmy Quick says

            Okay. Good enough. At least you can see him as human. That’s a start. You know, you don’t have to like someone to admit that they are an accomplished person and eventually you might start to realize that we all have our flaws.

            I think you might even agree, what we don’t want is a leader that lies all the time like Obama or one that cheats to win elections like Cruz. We want someone who is honest and who cares about our country and our children.

            Well, right now that person is Donald Trump and yes he is rough at the edges, but he doesn’t pull any punches and he is the kind of guy that won’t back down when you are counting on him.

            I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t like this guy. He will fight for you and for your family to have a future.

          77. Jane says

            the president is not a liar, you may not like what he says but he did not win the nobel peace prize for being a liar. Trump to me is politically ignorant about running a country, he can’t be specific, you can’t unite a country by calling people names. no he has no clue about how most live in the country. Was bragging this am how much millions he got from his friends for the veterans. Maybe it’d be nice for this country if they gave back to their employees who made them so weathy.

          78. Jimmy Quick says

            Oh, I get it. You are the one person in the USA who got to keep their doctor?

            Why didn’t you just say right up front you are a democrat supporter?

            I guess you don’t know there is a move in the works by the nobel committee to take Obama’s award back. Guess why? Because he is a liar.

            Now you are a liar and a cheat just like the false gods you bow before.

          79. Jane says

            yes, I KEPT my doctor, I am on medicare advantage, she was on their list. no one asked me my party affiliation, so I am not a liar. my 2 granddaughters now have insurance and thankfully they do, one had a baby in May.No ONE will take the presidents award back , he is still not a war monger. I may be many things, a liar NOT. I VOTED republican my entire life till Sarah Palin hit the scene in 2008, and then I Switched parties and when my niece 43 yrs old died in Las Vegas in 2010, I became a avid supporter of Obamacare, if we had it then, she would be alive today. so yes, I support medical care for Everyone and affordable medical care, which they need to fix. I support the issues that the dems stand for, equal pay, abortion rights, not running off to war at the beat of a hat. Civil rights and womens rights. yes I do. and proud of it. I Don’t believe in forced medical procedures for women, and do support birth control, unlike the gop as long as they get their viagara and vascectomies covered by ins. they are happy men.

          80. Jimmy Quick says

            Got it. So, your on welfare and your daughters are on welfare and your grand daughters are on welfare and when they finally jettison the sperm banks they are consorting with, their kids will be on welfare.

            Does anyone else see a pattern forming here or is it just me or something?

          81. Jane says

            no one in my family is on government aid, I am on soc sec ,and worked and paid into it my entire life, my daughters worked almost 20 yrs, is a manager and her 2 daughters ARE under her ins until they reach age 26 as is specified under obamacare. my gr daughters are going to college and working full time, and one is raising a baby. NO one gave us anything we did not work for. No one handed me a million dollars like trumps daddy did to him. and no I am not jealous, he can take his money and shove it for all I care. My granddaughters been raising her baby who is now 8 months old with no daycare aid. so don’t talk abt gov handouts, I TOO believe in working and taking care of your if anyone sees something different they are BLIND.

          82. Jimmy Quick says

            You just said you are in your last post. You’re to stupid to talk to. Go try to act like your a decent person somewhere else cause you already told me the truth. You are trash.

          83. Jane says

            I said I was on medicare advantage, which you pay for. trash, good thing your not here in Person, my son would beat the crap out of you, and this is a given, you and trump have a lot in common, like to call old folks trash. I am no better than you and your sure as heck no better than me, Love is in my family, and loyalty. I am blessed. and I love America. Bye Bye forever I hope.

          84. Jane says

            are you just plain stupid or what, I pay medicare premiums, my daughter pays for her ins thru her job and its not cheep. you call this welfare, and my granddaughters are on her ins as they are legally able to do. no one is on welfare in my family,, I am 74 and never on gov aid. My granddaughters have worked since they were 15, both are store managers. and pay their own way. and both have attended college, you are one dumb person.

          85. boucle says

            Also one of the guys writing questions for the debate has a daughter working for the Rubio campaign. No conflict of interest there??? It’s bad enough Saudi owns big chunk of Fox.

          86. Tiger says

            It is really sad when the one news station we thought we could depend on is as rotten as the rest.

            Prince Alaweed is the one who owns the chunk.

          87. Virginia Hornibrook says

            She’s not the loud mouth its you

          88. Tiger says

            Was not the question was the confrontational, unprofessional, accusatory tone that done the B in. Millions agreed with me and she suffered loses of fans. There is no need to have brought her in after two great debates. With I might add professional and appropriate Moderators.

            The people who were mentioned in her question deserved to get poked back by Trump. They are obnoxious and if they want to play with the Big Boys they can’t play the Girlie Card.

            I see it as a mistake by FOX for ratings that slapped them back in the kisser. Lost credibility with me.

          89. 2Shadow2 says

            I agree with most of your post. Maybe not the part about Rosie O’Donnell being girlie 🙂 But this feud with Kelly and Fox’s refusal to not have a more unbiased moderator might just be another cog in the wheel. Read this news break that just came in.

          90. Tiger says

            LOLOL yeh Rosie more colorful than “Girlie”. Thanks will read it.

          91. 2Shadow2 says

            Yea. From way back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was on SNL and used the expression “girlie guys” with his Austrian accent it just makes me laugh to think about it.

          92. Tiger says

            We have seen the results of a girlie man OY VEY save us

          93. 2Shadow2 says

            Now you are doing a very good Joan Rivers impression.

          94. Tiger says

            Loved that woman. Compliment there.

          95. 2Shadow2 says

            She was sharp and went through hell to make it in the male dominant comedy circle. But she did. A few weeks before she died she was in some interview and just casually dropped the bomb about Obama being homosexual. And the interviewer was shocked as she continued with her simple response that everyone in Chicago knows this and it’s just no big news there. Haa. What a gal.

          96. Tiger says

            There is much proof to what she said O is a filthy scumbag.

          97. 2Shadow2 says

            A real Manchurian Candidate who has been closeted away by his handlers to the point that no one really knows who he is actually. How high up does the corruption go to where he can go totally unvetted and still get “elected”??

          98. Tiger says

            Indeed you know the score as do millions of us. Deep spider net started ages ago.

          99. Jane says

            no president was vetted any more than Obama, they had news reporters going around the globe checking him out, checked the schools he went to in Indonesia and Hawaii and talked to his classmates. Bill o’Reilly sent people to Indonesia to check him out. and talked abt it on Fox news. Trump checked him too, but he did not release his findings. What other president had to show a birth certificate, when we all know to get a passport you show a birth certificate, all made up crap, he wrote 2 books about his life growing up. and believe me the news media checked it all out. 5 news stations went to where he was raised checking it out.

          100. 2Shadow2 says

            It is absurd to state Hussein was vetted more than more than any other president. You have sen the vetting papers of all other presidents? But it is to be expected that those who believe he is the messiah to the masses of nanny state hopefuls I would expect nothing less than unfounded comments. Joe Arpaio checked him out too and did release his findings. He refused to release his birth certificate until Trump forced him to and then every forensic expert found it to be fraud. His records are sealed to the public and every time you look there is a different narrative. Every president has supplied a birth certificate upon request except Obama. He lies incessantly about his past and a certificate of natural birth (which is a not a birth certificate) that he has from Hawaii can be had by anyone with an American parent will get you a passport especially in a socialist state like Hawaii where he had a relative working at the time. I don’t call him a Manchurian Candidate because of his phony documents but rather because no one really knows who he is. Just like the book.


          101. Jane says

            this is totally untrue, his birth record was proven true, Hawaii gave it out , which they don'[t usually do the long form, like CA , I had a time getting a long form one there too, one time. and many news organizatiosn checked him out, 5 to be exact, and trump never did say what his investigations found. his birth w as in the newspaper years ago, I expect that was fixed too, and he supplied a longer health record than a one page report. His birth certificate was authenticated by the US GOV. you do know he had a passport, do you know to get a passport you have to have a birth certificate, OH NO. that’s why I had to get the long form from CA, the passport office wont’ accept short forms birth certificates.

          102. 2Shadow2 says

            Jane. You seriously have to stop drinking the cool aid. News organizations are generally left wing so they will not challenge Hussein’s origin or documents. No that he has anything solid. The better part of the investigations into the joke he presented to Trump showed the long form to be a fraud. Here is just one of many articles on this. Now my children were born in Ecuador to an American citizen. They have an Ecuadorian birth certificate and a Certificate of Birth Abroad from the consulate which gave them a US passport. The same for Hussein. He has never presented a valid birth certificate, and I am sick of trying to show this to his drones.

          103. Jane says

            well there is one thing I know more about than you do, and its Obama, read his 3 books, and senate records in ILL AND IN THE senate, have over 200 speeches he has made since Harvard and have his interview at Harvard. his speeches will be published one day. also read about 3 bio books about him, I studied this man up and down before voting for him, it was his time to be president. and history will show it. HE DIDN’T PRESENT THE BIRTH certificate, Hawaii released it. so blame Hawaii and blame the passport office for issuing him a passport.without proof of birth that everyone else has to show. and by the way I saw all the fake birth certificates online, check snopes and factcheck on it.and truth or fiction. see what they say, about where Obama was born, I know what they say, cause I CHECKED those out too. Obamas mother was a us citizen and he grew up in America all but the 6 yrs in Indonesia. with his step dad, did not see KENYA till he was in his 20s. go figure.

          104. 2Shadow2 says

            “Whoop whoop whoop. Hmmaa, hmmaa, hmmaa. Moe have you seen Curly”?

          105. Jane says

            His family loves him, so knock it off, he doesn’t have hissie fits when people don’t like him. or asks tough questions. he faced Fox news channels with moderators who were not his fans, but then I guess he is better at not throwing fits than trump is.

          106. Robin says

            I agree that we need to hold everyone accountable, even when we are on their side. That helps keep us honest.

          107. Tiger says

            O and his family can go straight to Hades and I won’t knock anything off he is a Traitor who has destroyed America and done a darned good job on the world.

            O faced nothing never has and never will. Teleprompter king who is mentally ill.

          108. Jane says

            I can’t wait till Obama is out of office, will write and sell books and become richer than Trump, Michelle can go back to her 6 figure job. and they can once again be a family. then we can start losing 800, 000 jobs a mo again, and get into another 1O yr war.

          109. Tiger says

            You have made it clear you are clueless and part of the problem.

          110. Jane says

            NO I JUST WANT the president and his family to get out of the white house since so many hate him, I Like seeing people happier, he’s gray enough. so maybe this is clueless so be it, happy memories is better . I am tired of the hatred for others in this country, am shutting down to it, refuse to be afraid of my shadow and America. its a waste of living. negativity, you can have it. I am gonna w atch my gr children smile and live without all this crap. trump can spew his hate and negativitly till the sun dies down, I Won’t be listening to him do it. have at it. and live in misery, not for me, I am so dense I LOVE AMERICA AND thinks its the best country there is , right now.

          111. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Oh yes he does he hates women except the ones in his family ever other women are trash as far as he is concerned if he can’t handle Kelly how’s he going to handle killer Hillary because he’s always given money to the Clinton’s and there foundation

          112. Virginia Hornibrook says

            He sure is he’s a Muslim from Kenya where the sob was born he can take his family back with him or they all can go to Gitmo along with killer Hillary rapist Bill and Valerie jarred Holder and now Lynch

          113. Tiger says

            You are right on with this. Great thoughts and pray it happens just that way.

          114. pmbalele says

            Don Trump is right to refuse FoxNews debate. And I am pleased Trump did not back down on Bill O’rielly today. Reagan was the same. He refused stupid questions from news people. And especially Bill O’rielly who thinks his mouth is powerful to influence people to vote for anybody. Look, Bill O started the Benghazi and E-mail issues. Repubs in Congress were scared of Bill O and took to investigating those as scandals-spending $20 mi. Those were not scandals. Thank God Trump refused this non sense from FoxNews and Bill O’rielly. Trump is no buffoon. And that is how he is going to deal with domestic and foreign issues.

          115. Tiger says

            Fantastic post nothing I can add. Good job.

          116. pmbalele says

            Well, I would like Hillary to appoint Trump as VP or Secretary of Commerce. Trump can deal with China and Japan. Look, during Bush I and II this country bought 3000 copters from Russia to fight Iraq and Afgan wars. Those copters could have been manufactured in Oshkosh WI giving 1000 good paying jobs here. I am now told Bush people were importing engine used for NASA projects. That is a shame. We have bright people in this Country. Why develop our own. That is why I encourage you to vote for Hillary. I will accept Trump as VP or Secretary of Commerce.

          117. Tiger says

            Oh good grief now your insanity comes out.

          118. pmbalele says

            Well, then vote for a foreigner -Ted Cruz a Canadian-Cuban.

          119. 2Shadow2 says

            So the Clinton’s weren’t so bad, huh?
            Instead of fighting among themselves, why doesn’t the GOP candidate
            team expound on this? If you’re under 50 you really need to read this.
            If you’re over 50, you lived through it, so share it with those under
            50. Amazing to me how much I had forgotten! When Bill Clinton was
            president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care
            reform. Even after threats and intimidation, she couldn’t even get a
            vote in a democratic controlled congress. This fiasco cost the American
            taxpayers about $13 million in cost for studies, promotion, and other

            President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female
            attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood
            – both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration. Next
            she chose Janet Reno – husband Bill described her selection as “my worst
            mistake.” Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas
            David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas
            resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children.

            Husband Bill allowed Hillary
            to make recommendations for the head of the Civil Rights Commission.
            Lani Guanier was her selection. When a little probing led to the
            discovery of Ms. Guanier’s radical views, her name had to be withdrawn
            from consideration.

            Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make some
            more recommendations. She chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the
            Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William
            Kennedy for the Treasury Department. Her selections went well: Hubbel
            went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was
            forced to resign.

            younger voters will have no knowledge of “Travel gate.” Hillary wanted
            to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend Harry Thompson –
            and the White House Travel Office refused to comply. She managed to
            have them reported to the FBI and fired. This ruined their reputations,
            cost them their jobs, and caused a thirty-six

            Month investigation. Only one employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime, and that of the enormous

            Crime of mixing personal and White House funds. A jury acquitted him of any crime in less than two hours.

            Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a
            close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director
            of White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the
            improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and
            the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and
            the president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied
            knowledge of drug use in the White House. Following this debacle, the
            FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years
            of service to seven presidents.

            Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was

            Put in charge of the “bimbo eruption” and scandal defense. Some of her more notable decisions in the debacle was:

            She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit. After the Starr investigation they settled with Ms. Jones.

            She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the
            appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor. After $80 million
            dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica
            Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his
            affairs. Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his
            license to practice law for ‘lying under oath’ to a grand jury and then
            his subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.

            Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not

            Recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times while under oath.

            After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated
            $200,000 in White House furniture, China, and artwork that she had

            What a swell party – ready for another four or eight year of this type low-life mess?

            Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly incriminating emails
            while Hillary was Secretary of State and the “pay to play” schemes of
            the Clinton Foundation – we have no idea what shoe will fall next. But
            to her loyal fans- “what difference does it make?”

            Electing Hillary Clinton president would be like granting Satan absolution and giving him the keys to heaven!

            And just think, since leaving the White House, the Clinton’s, through 2014, have made $221,139,576.00 and BOTH are

            Drawing taxpayer funded U. S. Government pensions.

          120. pmbalele says

            Bill was right to seek counsel from his wife Hillary. I would not trust nobody more than my wife. My wife sleeps with me; she is first to know if I am okay; cooks for me whenever she has time. In other others she babies me. Clinton was right to involve his wife in what he believed the country should pursue. If you do not trust your wife, then divorce her because if she finds you trust other women more than her, you’re in big trouble. I hope you do not have your gun under your pillow before you go to bed. You’re dangerous to yourself for not trusting your wife..

          121. 2Shadow2 says

            The Clintons are a two person mafia. I appreciate your considerations for the pact of marriage. But these people are totally indifferent to your perspective. Example: Bill is a sexual predator who has raped several women. One of these women was murdered at a Starbucks in DC. B y coincidence?? His faithful wife, albeit partner in crime, has destroyed these accusers in so many ways it cannot fit on this page. There are over 60 people mysteriously dead around the Clintons and I can post a very clear essay on each of them. My point is that how you trust your wife is quite different from Bill and Hillary. They are more like Bonnie and Clyde than the average American couple.

          122. pmbalele says

            First of all I give all credits to Bill and Hillary for sticking together. People make mistakes – and I am no angel either. Hillary did not abandon Bill for unfortunate incidents if any. After all women attacked him for his good looks- some even raped him. For example that intern. She was flashing her underwear every time she passed Bill’s office. All other women attacked Bill. You also know the case with Bill Cosby. I believe those women attacked him – but now he is rich they want his money. After all men act the same when in power. Please join me to vote for Hillary. She is strong inside and outside..

          123. 2Shadow2 says

            The comment about Lewinsky raping Bill Clinton is really funny. Thanks for that. Almost as good as Clinton coming out after lying for weeks about his affair with Lewinsky and saying “oral sex is not sex”. Classic lie to cover a lie. I agree to think about voting for Hillary after she gets out of jail for the most recent series of crimes against the country.

          124. pmbalele says

            I have asked Hillary to bill the government $20 mil for the service her server gave to government. Her server was more secure than the government’s. The government server was frequently hacked by Russians, Chinese and North Korea.

          125. 2Shadow2 says

            I’ll just bet you have. Good luck with that

          126. pmbalele says

            Here is another one for you. Dr. Carson made a big but reversible mistake when he dissociated himself from President Obama. You remember at a party Carson renounced Obamacare in front of President Obama- a fellow Black male. Of course White Repubs and TPs loved a Black man hated Obamacare. Obamacare enables poor Whites and Black to have access to preventive medical services. Dr. Carson could be a millionaire for being a successful surgeon. But it seems he forgot he is Black and that Repubs and TPs hate smart Blacks and White women. Look how they treated Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Allen Keyes, Michele Buchman and Sarah Palin – like junk. And I have seen quite a few Blacks around my neighborhood who do not want to be seen with other Blacks. Now Carson will find out the hard way. His polls are down now. I wish him to go back to work as a surgeon not as a politician or he can join us Demo. We will make him US Surgeon General.

          127. 2Shadow2 says

            Oh, please. Where do you get this insanity? Spare me any further drivel. A side note. Carson is not corrupt enough to be a Progressive. As basketball great and up front racist, Charles Barkley said on TV a few years ago: “In the whole time the democrats have talked about helping the poor, the poor have stayed poor.” Beautiful.

          128. pmbalele says

            And I believe you know that I asked Cruz to withdraw as WH GOP candidate before Texans arrest him. I just don’t understand brains of Repubs and TPs. That is why Trump calls them names such as stupid. GOP morons know Ted is a foreigner ineligible for the WH job; still they kept him in GOP line-up. I believe these TPS and Repubs do not know Republican Texas attorneys have already filed lawsuit to remove Ted Cruz from the Senate and GOP WH line-up. He cheated on his Senate papers that he was from Delaware; when actually he should have said he comes from Canada or Cuba. I am surprised about these TPs and Repubs brains. They should ask Cruz to slither away to avoid arrest for faking American.

          129. Jane says

            hE is not qualified to be the WH Butler, whatever Hillary is she is not a dumb woman.

          130. Jane says

            if he can’t face Megan Kelley, I cannot wait to see him debate BERNIE OR Hillary. he will probably not do it either.

          131. pmbalele says

            Trump should have known Megan Kelly is a former thief. She has been divorced once and therefore cannot be trusted.

          132. Jane says

            oh, so since Trumps been divorced twice he cannot be trusted either, makes perfect sense to me, whats good for the goose is good for the gander. right.

          133. pmbalele says

            White male do not divorce-they just change wives. Example: Newt, Sanford, Swaggart etc.

          134. Jane says

            well they do divorce to remarry, so do women exchange husbands, my sisters been married 4 times. and divorced 4 times. males do divorce , trump did. and so did my sisters ex’s.

          135. Jane says

            she was a great comedian, get over it, was being funny. even if he were that would not make him a filthy scumbag. he is still the president after all. She had a way of using shock value as funny, the same as Bob Hope used to do, If miss his comedy.

          136. Tiger says

            Being president does not earn respect, being respectable does he is not my president. He is a filthy scumbag.

            I heard Bob Hope when I lived in Okinawa and he came there to entertain the troops, he said what he thought and he let loose with the words. I feel sure he would have found filthy scumbag to be too mild to describe O.

          137. Jane says

            respect the voters than as I will do with trump if he is elected, the voters speak and this man was elected twice by the voters. He is your president whether you like it or not, will go down in history as president of the United States. People Vote and I could care less who anyone votes for, but do vote.

          138. Tiger says

            Not my president and don’t have to respect anybody.

            Oh he is going down alright.

          139. Jane says

            Yep, obamas time is up , he will not go down anywhere, be around a long long time, I just hope not in politics. kiss it goodby and go out in the sunset. like all good cowboys do. and be happy and write me some books to read.

          140. Robin says

            Loved her, too. She was a gutsy lady.

          141. HENRI says


          142. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Its Obama care that did this to joan Rivers and a whole lot of people after Obama care my chemo went up 47% if chemo doesn’t kill us his so called health care will we can’t afford to pay

          143. 2Shadow2 says

            If that’s what you believe then you can own it.

          144. HENRI says

            THANK YOU

          145. Tiger says

            Wow so they were potting all along what a bunch of trash they are and that Kelly can go scrub floors somewhere and see how it feels to really work.


          146. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Boy tiger your very angry if you keep this up you’ll die very young its a shame because you seem to a great person

          147. Tiger says

            Of course I am angry and so are millions of us and that is why Trump speaks for us.

          148. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Glad you like a bully and cry baby to speak for you I prefer someone with some class and he has none at this point

          149. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Maybe you scrub floors with her because your worth trash

          150. MAHB001 says

            Understood, but you must admit, it WAS the question to a lot of people on this post.

            The question was fair, and appropriate, in my opinion.

          151. Tiger says

            Again there is an appropriate and professional way to ask a question and there is an inappropriate, hostile and unprofessional way to ask a question. She did the latter.

          152. MAHB001 says

            OK, we agree to disagree.

          153. Tiger says

            You are one of the finest posters on here and I have the greatest respect for you.

            Yes my dear we agree to disagree and isn’t it a good thing.

          154. MAHB001 says

            Mucho respect to you too! Your posts give me hope for the future.

          155. Tiger says

            That means a lot to me. ;p

          156. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Get over it according to you she asked the question wrong so be it

          157. Tiger says

            It is not me she has to worry about it is the millions like me.

          158. Jane says

            I didn’t see it as hostile. just as a agressive journalist or news person asks. I think Rachel Maddow is every bit as pushy and I love her for it. MEN do it all the time and no one says a word.

          159. Tiger says

            She knew what she was doing. She wasn’t aggressive she was confrontational. That is not the role of a Moderator and I believe that they have forgotten what their job is.

            She has shown her true colors since and they are not Red, White and Blue but Left of those colors.

          160. Jane says

            its not trumps place to tell her how to do her job, her boss should be the one to tell her.

          161. Tiger says

            And she didn’t do it.

          162. Jane says

            whether she was right or wrong, and I concede maybe wrong, Trump could’ve stood up to her instead of running away pitching hissy fits. w hats he gonna do when he really has to face the heat.

          163. Andy Palmer says

            Megyn’s obsession with Trump’s so-called treatment of women is so close-minded that she fails to recognize that Trump says the same kind of things about men all the time. That’s just who he is. You can like it or not, but Trump is not sexist and that was the whole point of her question.

          164. Tiger says

            Agreed these women think they can say what they want, spew their venom and not get shot down because they are a woman. She is a B pure and simple. Her question was presented unprofessionally, inappropriately and she knew it.

            Good for Trump that he knows the score.

          165. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Trump the bully needs to get over his big ego it was 6 months ago get over it you idiots if he can’t handle a harsh question from Kelly he’ll never make it as President

          166. Jane says

            well Trump sure says what he wants to say, but women can’t , really, if they want to spew venom and hate , they can do it the same as TRUMP CAN. Men can do it and are heroes, if women do it they are b’s, who raised you to believe this stuff.

          167. Tiger says

            Who raised you? That is the question. I was raised by POW and have held management positions for years also have spoken at events. I always speak my mind but I know professional from inappropriate. I have been a Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988, served in two wars, went to school on leadership, head of my Platoon, head of hospitals and don’t need some perverted little twit like you to question me on my parents so keep my parents out of it.

            I know catty and underhanded and how women cry for being equal to men but don’t have the mentality most of the time to be their equal maybe that is why we never had a female president, maybe why most great people in history men, maybe why it is our Founding Fathers and not our Founding Mothers who wrote the Constitution, maybe why it is the blood of men in every war and not women who win battles, maybe why not too many women Generals and Admirals. Maybe the studies done on the viciousness of women show they are not the best CEO’s, they are too emotional, ruled by hormones and as Kelly showed unable to keep the claws in and follow the rules.

            I suggest you are Kelly and all you cats out there who make life miserable in offices and businesses across the globe need declawing.

          168. Jane says

            well the world changes, we never had a black president before either, and who knows maybe in the future we will have a Hispanic or muslim president too. its just that I was taught women are just as good as men are and as capable. I am sure many strong men have had strong women right beside them. I worked for women and men bosses for 30 yrs never had problem with either one. well good for you, being raised by a POW, my BROTHER was a POW CAPTURED AT NORMANDIE, IN WW11, MY other brother at age 16 was in WW11 ALSO, I SAW results from the war, My dad called it flashbacks, now its ptsd. NOT all women have hormone troubles, I never did. to me women are just as capable as men are. and for sure work as hard at their jobs. Women fought for rights, to own land and their homes, died for womens right to vote and Roe vs Wade, and no doubt for civil rights too. being some people still think women are second class citizens, which I never will buy. and I am proud to say my granddaughters are very accomplished and smart and educated and did it themselves . I apparently am not as well bred as you being I WAS raised by 2 uneducated people from the hills of WV, but my mom was a saint in my eyes. worked her entire life and never complained about anyone or anything in life. Just loved people, animals and life.Women have left a mark in battle, remember Joan of Arc. I Never made life in any office miserable, got along well with everyone, and still keep in touch after 20 yrs of retirement. and I am proud to say I was married to a man near to 50 yrs who thought I was his equal. So I WAS really blessed. I don’t need claws to make a point women are equal and have their own place, as so many have done in history. a womans place is not bare foot and pregnant and having men tell them what or what not they are allowed to do. NO thanks. My strong belief is women should stick up for each other and be supportive. Its taken this to make a difference and it will take it to elect a woman president, which wILL happen one day if not now. later.

          169. Tiger says

            We don’t see things the same and women want to be equal wait til they are downrange and slicing and dicing and shooting and running and killing. Yeh right. Women are not as strong physically as men, they are different metabolically, mentally and that is fact. They are not equals they are another entirely different entity and they need to appreciate that difference instead of what they are doing.

            Women were not Samuri, nor did they invent Marital Arts, women are not conquerors and they were not Aristotle, Socrates etc. They did were not the great painters, inventors and scientists and astronomers or much of anything else. The few that stood out in history were not the norm.

            Women need to raise girls who don’t rub their backsides up and down polls, or work the streets as prostitutes, or strip and lap dance. They need to raise girls who wouldn’t think of going naked in movies while the men are fully dressed or to work at Hooter, Tilted Kilt, Playboy bunny club and Breastaurants around the world. Women want respect they got a long way to go baby.

            There won’t be a woman president for a long time and there should not be. I served in two wars, I went on mini deployments and Field operations and saw what women are, how they drink, how they lure men, how they cause trouble, how they come home pregnant sorry I don’t think much of women my friends are few and far inbetween but they are woman of honor, integrity and strength and feel just as I do.

          170. Jane says

            I hated Trumps statement that if women work as hard as men they should get equal pay, actually it made me livid, Women to me work twice as hard, they do. have 2 jobs one raising the family, which is unpaid work and one at the job. and I worked at a job for 30 yrs with men and women, both worked equally as hard on the job. to me his insinuation was women are not workers. I never missed work, worked the first 3 yrs with not one day absent. HE Just seems oblivious to me that this hurts single moms by low pay.I’ve never heard him imply men are lazy. especially wealthy men who pay everyone to do their biddings. that was my take on his statement.

          171. Andy Palmer says

            I assume that you would prefer that women should not get equal pay for doing the same job. Interesting take.

          172. Jane says

            women should get equal pay, so you assume wrong. but the way trump put it, if women works more than men they should be paid more too than men who do less work. BOTH need money to raise families on and pay bills.

          173. Andy Palmer says

            So you believe women should get paid more than men because women work harder than men. Interesting take. There’s no one running who has put women in higher positions and paid them more than Trump, but that’s not good enough for you.

          174. Jane says

            yeh, but then he implies men work harder, and by the way he pays his housekeepers who work in his home and are on work visas 10 bucks a hr. says he canT find other help.

          175. Andy Palmer says

            This country has been flooded with a horde of low skilled, uneducated illegal immigrants and that is destroying our economy and taking jobs from citizens. Trump wants to secure our borders and begin to deport illegals who violate laws. That’s a start. Trump wants to end these absurd trade deals that has killed our manufacturing base and destroyed jobs for Americans. That’s another start. Trump wants to repeal Dodd Frank that has caused hundreds of thousands of community banks to get gobbled up by mega banks. That’s another start. 94 million out of the work force, 50 million on food stamps, 50 million below the poverty level – there is no greater fraud than the Obama administration saying the unemployment rate is 5%. The actual number is somewhere above 20%. Liberal and democrat policy that has been implemented is destroying this country.

          176. Jane says

            well we shall see, I think the first thing trump would do is pass his great budget bill which 85 percent of the tax cuts goes to the wealthiest of the wealthy, giving himself a tax cut, he has no clue how most of the country really lives, scraping by, we’re on food stamps cause the wealthy don’t pay taxes and hides their money so they don’t have to, if they paid employees more maybe more would not have to resort to welfare and food stamps. Obama does not make the unemployment rates, its from the dept of labor who has been doing it for many many years. whe n he took office we were losing over 100, 000 jobs a mo. I HAVE NO doubt some cities have much higher unemployment just like they did when he took office in 2008, but either way you look at it, millions of jobs under Obama has been created, its much better now in PA, I notice the hiring signs. dems create jobs and the gop tears them down, That’s always been true. their idea of hiring is sending more young people off to war.

          177. Jane says

            I would like to see the days where anyone who worked could buy a house like back in the 60s, When I WAS 17 with no help, I worked , rented a apt. spent money and saved money, try doing this today. and I did it with no high school diploma.

          178. Andy Palmer says

            Hey Jane, we found something we can agree on. I too would love to see the days where anyone who wants to work can work.

          179. 73Anne37 says

            This is NOT about Kelly~! It is about Murdock and His OPEN BORDERS Agenda. If you READ other information you would know that Murdock is another Global Elite just like SOROS~!

          180. MAHB001 says

            I will admit that I do not like the way Fox has parsed the Candidates. I did not like the fact that they split them into two groups. Those actions were the first I saw that were comparable to the Lefts (Soros) MEDIA.

            But I do not think Murdock forced Kelly into asking that question… So I can not see why this is not about Kelly.

            I am going to add that the Left STREAM MEDIA must discredit Fox in any way that they can to gain back some of their credibility.

          181. 73Anne37 says

            MAHB~~~Murdock IS just like Soros~! He IS one of Global Elite & it is Murdock that has been running the Company while Roger has been away & ill. He will blame it all on Megan & Roger though when he looses Money~!

          182. Jane says

            YEH, IT ALWAYS goes back to blame the media, they have given Trump more free press for months than any other candidates. . he should be grateful.

          183. Jane says

            well Murdock sure was not nice to Obama about the birther issue, they milked it dry on Fox news. I didn’t see the president crying over FOX. ITS Not worth it, Trump needs to pick his battles.

          184. 73Anne37 says

            The Globalist’s are against Trump & TRUMP does have to pick his own battles~! I think he made an excellent choice this time~!

            TRUMP 2016 The only “Nationalist” running for President &~~ FOR the Constitution & American Sovereignty~!

          185. JERRY HOOPS says

            Trump should have answered the question. why blame Kelly shy was doing her job. If he didn’t want to answer he should just said i want answer that question

          186. MAHB001 says

            He kind of did answer the question… He will have to answer it again when the left stream media gets to ask him questions after he (presumably) gets the nomination.

          187. HENRI says


          188. Jane says

            Like no other moderators do this, they aLL DO it at times. just get some courage.

          189. HENRI says


          190. runnindeer says

            No . They don’t try to disrespect a candidate as she so obviously has done. The woman is a silly Liberal democrat from a Liberal Democrat family.
            Courage? Mr. Trump has more courage than all of those candidates on both sides combined. He has been through more crap during these months and tirelessly worked more than all of them combined. Now he is literally doing what he should be doing. Helping Americans. Fox Network refused to allow a portion of the proceeds from every debate to go to Wounded Warriors . Mr. Trump ask each time . His BRAND is what draws the mega – viewers and those mega – bucks that Fox has pocketed.

          191. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Kelly asked the question with the wrong tone but get over it already. Kelly did an awesome job tonight to bad you didn’t watch

          192. Robin says

            I think questioning Trump on his remarks he made about women would have been wiser made by one of the male moderators. Kelly made it personal.

          193. Tiger says

            Then she was shocked that Twitter was on fire attacking her for being a total B.

          194. MAHB001 says

            Kelly really is one of the best anchors out there right now. The kind of adoration that she must be getting is going to her head.

          195. Tiger says

            There was a time I thought so but no more she has gone over to the Dark Side.

            She is through today it is all over the news about the plants FOX had to ask Trump questions, Muslim, Hispanic etc. Vile they are through and through and millions are through with them.

          196. MAHB001 says

            Again, I do not think that Fox had anything to do with the choosing of those plants… I think it was YouTube’s choice… After all, Google is a co sponsor. Google is working very hard for the liberals…

            I would blame Google/Youtube over Fox. Just my thoughts.

          197. Tiger says

            I don’t live in a cabbage patch and this reply is illogical.

          198. Robin says

            She shouldn’t be allowed to be a mediator if she is unable to be unbiased toward all of the candidates.

          199. Tiger says

            Robin in a simple statement you nailed it. Good show.

          200. Robin says


          201. Tiger says

            I give credit where it is due.

          202. MAHB001 says

            Perhps your are correct.. That way the people would be hating a guy on Fox News and not Megyn Kelly..

            Kelly has a way of NOT letting people get away with small falsehoods. Like Trumps joke of “Only Rosie”, which I thought was hilarious. But, she corrected him, as she knew he called others the same…

            I think Kelly took offense when Trump attacked one of his victims, perhaps that victim was Kelly… Just guessing, I don’t know.

          203. Robin says

            Which is fine, if she is questioning him on her program, but this wasn’t the time or place for it.

          204. MAHB001 says

            Why should someone be able to get away with small falsehoods during a debate? Doesn’t make sense.

          205. Robin says

            I’m sorry. I wasn’t referring to any “small falsehoods”. Not sure what you mean.

          206. MAHB001 says

            My apologies, I went way over my limit of posts today… Perhaps permanent damage has been done… 🙂 The small falsehoods was my comment, which was in reference to Kelly’s habit of correcting people in real time.

            You said that it wasn’t the time or place for her to correct Trump on his “small falsehoods”

            I would have to say you are correct, it is not up to the moderators to “correct the record.” But, on the other hand, in these debates the Moderators in a sense represent the people and who else would be qualified to recognize and correct small falsehoods, than the person asking the question.

            I think I am beginning to see your point.

          207. Robin says

            Apology accepted, but once again, I didn’t say anything about small falsehoods, except in my reply to you in asking what you mean’t. 🙂

          208. MAHB001 says

            Just to be clear…

            When you said.. “Which is fine, if she is questioning him on her program, but this wasn’t the time or place for it.”

            I thought you were responding to my comment “Kelly has a way of NOT letting people get away with small falsehoods.”

            So it was I who made mention of small falsehoods…

            So I think your point is that Megyn Kelly as a moderator should not have corrected Trump when he joked “only Rosie.” As a Moderator, it was not her place…

            I a simply befuddled by the hatred of Fox by everyone over this. I simply can not see the crime. I is me, not you.

          209. Robin says

            No worries

          210. Jane says

            well the moderators are right to correct a record if they know its whats true, I remember Candy Crawley correcting Mitt Romney on a false statement that Obama said about Benghazi, its right to do this so the watchers get the truth.

          211. MAHB001 says

            I remember that too! The problem with Crawley was that she was wrong. She was working off of democrats talking points that were half truths….

            I would say that Romney lost that argument because
            1. Romney is a gentleman, and he respected her authority.
            2. Romney didn’t finish stating his case, he should have gone on and stated 0bama’s deception in very clear terms…
            3. Romney simply wasn’t ready to catch 0bama in a bald faced lie and he choked.

            If I had been on the stage with 20/20 hindsight, I would have turned around and directly asked Crowley for the specific reference that 0bama made in his speech that linked Benghazi to terrorism. She could not have produced it. Then I would have asked 0bama for the same…. I would have brought out a copy of the speech, even a projector. I would have analyzed the speech with 0bama there. Once 0bama made his point about the link.

            I would have said, that is a weak statement for a president to make. I could have done better than that…

            But that is 20/20 hindsight.

            Anyway, Kelly is NOT Crawley in that Kelly knows her stuff, and she is not beholden to either side. She asked a tough and fair question…

          212. Jane says

            well Candy Crawley knew her stuff too, she was right abt Obama calling Benghazi a terror attack , they played it on the news that very night over and over again. Romney was wrong. and Candy Crawley had gotten the news reporter of the year, about that time, she was very accomplished and respected, and fair, she would challenge anyone.

          213. MAHB001 says

            They played a excerpt of the speech, that “refereed” to terrorism in general.

            0bama did NOT directly call the attack in Benghazi an act of terror. Outrageous and shocking attack, and senseless violence is as close as he comes.

            0bama had clearly moved on to talking about the first 9/11 when he mentioned terrorism…

            Listen to the speech in its entirety… Don’t listen to the Crawley sound bite.


          214. boucle says

            One of the guys writing questions for the debate has a daughter working on the Rubio campaign. So there will be bias for the “ice cream man” tonight. Moderator gender won’t matter.

          215. Andy Palmer says

            You’re ignoring the snarky press release that Fox put out on Tuesday afternoon. It was that release rather than anything to do with Megyn Kelly that caused Trump to pull out of the debate.

          216. MAHB001 says

            Actually, all I am doing is responding to the posts… I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion, Trump and Fox are now guilty.

          217. MAHB001 says

            I would like to add that by missing the debate you are turning your back on the only source of balanced information.

            You will not find George Clintonopholous asking the liberal candidates any tough questions.

          218. Tiger says

            I don’t watch much American news I get my information from International news and other sources. FOX is out in my books for this move. I will continue to watch Greta. I won’t miss much, I have watched every debate, studied the candidates, kept up with their Town Halls etc. don’t like everything Trump says but on those issues of importance I do.

            Yeh those silly Democrat debates between the old worn out Socialist and the Progressives is pretty dull and dimwitted.

          219. Jane says

            well they don’t waste 2 hrs calling each other names. and talk about issues not who is evil or mean or stupid. I get a headache watching the gop debates yelling at each other. this is a fact,

          220. Tiger says

            I have watched ever GOP debate and found it excellent especially the last two. Debating is just that, getting at one another to pull the facts out. I prefer that to the very sloth like Democrat so-called debates.

          221. 2Shadow2 says

            What?? Only source of balanced information? Maybe once upon a time but not any more. The debate Thursday is a trap to hammer Trump with Snow White leading the charge. Character assassination is the highest form or flattery.

          222. Tiger says

            Wow oh Wow.

          223. MAHB001 says

            Just Trump??? Why not the rest of the gang? I do believe Mr. Google is a Liberal, and Mr. Fox is supposed to be Conservative, or at least fair and balanced, which makes Mr. Fox look Conservative anyway.

            These people were picked off of Mr. Googles web site, not Fox…. It does not surprise me that Mr. Google would pick liberals. I quit posting on Mr. YouTube because Mr. YouTube was censoring my posts and not letting me speak my mind, as a conservative.. (a completely different story).

            Mr. Google and Mr. Fox are extremely strange bedfellows and that alone gives me reason to question Fox. But, to say that Fox was planning a Trump trap is only speculation at this time.

            I wish Trump would go in there and draw them out. He should be able to answer any of their questions with ease.

          224. Tiger says

            Hey my friend take a look at what 2Shadow2 posted Trump out did the filthy bunch again. They are devious and nefarious.

          225. 2Shadow2 says

            Tiger. I have one more thing to post on this that just came in. In support of I can’t remember whose posting ; / regarding Murdochs open border politics and financial support. Global elitist exposed and we can go right over to UN Agenda 21 for the advanced lesson on depopulation agenda.

          226. Tiger says

            Wow you are boiling hot my friend love it. Keep posting.

          227. 2Shadow2 says

            Ok. I have just about wiped out the day with political postings, but I really do think people have to know what evil lurks beneath. Off topic a bit but still pertinent to Trump and particularly why the GOP has just gone dead to their base. This woman is a 91 year young Conservative bastion in the middle of Washington’s elites. She is still very sharp and does not mince words.

          228. Tiger says

            You are one sharp cookie and you keep posting and posting cause people like you are fighting the good fight with information that won’t hit the main news and now for sure not FOX.

          229. MAHB001 says

            This was one of the first impressive Trump endorsements. He is piling them up now.

          230. MAHB001 says

            See my comments to 2Shadow2. I don’t like the way people are chosen for these debates…

            Why can’t you ask a question? Why can’t I ask a question? I do not like the way the MEDIA filters our choices, and that goes for BOTH FOX and the Left Stream MEDIA.

            Having said that, I think all the candidates should be able to answer questions from the public… That would include a couple sticky questions from liberals, if you are a conservative, and vise versa.

          231. Tiger says

            Trump does just that and I have watched many of his Town Halls etc.

            But Media is biased and FOX is a filthy bunch.

          232. Jane says

            whenever I hear trump all I EVER hear him talk about is how great his polls are and he is, how others are stupid and dumb and no one likes them.

          233. Tiger says

            When I heard his original speech putting his hat into the ring, I heard him lay out clearly what he intended to do and how he intended to do it. I was impressed. When he speaks at Town Halls etc he is powerful and answers all questions off the bat but at debates you are right, all you hear is his mantra. Don’t know why that is.

            As far as people liking him Jane is head over everyone in the polls and millions upon millions like what he says and I am one. He didn’t have to do this. He has all the money he needs but he did this I believe, due to where we are headed if someone like him doesn’t get into the WH.

          234. Jane says

            yeh, hitler drew crowds too and no one listened to him either. W e should learn from history but apparently not.

          235. Tiger says

            But we didn’t you put O in office.

          236. Jane says

            Yep, I VOTED for him twice and would do it again, at least he doesnt’ walk around calling people, ugly fat and stupid. and then expect them to give him their votes.

          237. HENRI says


          238. Tiger says

            I was disgusted when watching TV to see what they were going to do with that great speech on Securing our country and fighting ISIS, that by the way obviously written for him and he read word for word off the teleprompter and how they would spin it.

            So I watched Bret Baier that perverted crap who I will never watch again. First he takes a snippet and insinuates Trump with Russia, then he goes into a spill about how O is talking to Russia concerning joining together on a problem, what they hey then he goes into this thing about the tremendous crowds Trump has, well do these idiots honestly believe those millions of people crowding to see him and wrapping around the block are not going to vote for him?. I am sick and tired of all of it and sadly God will have to put His hand into the mix for Trump to win.

          239. Jane says

            the town hall questions were good at the dems townhall the other night, issues came up.

          240. MAHB001 says

            Unfortunately, I didn’t watch.. Wasn’t expecting good questions. I’ll look it up online.

          241. HENRI says

            in the dem’s debates they were all pic’s from hillary to make it easy for her and hard for sanders so tell me that it is not a riged system and i do believe that the clinton machine has already gotten to kelly and gave her the list of question to ask hit lary vs trump i bet you

          242. MAHB001 says

            The MEDIA is definitely corrupt. And I am afraid that now includes Fox News.

            Fight the MEDIA at:

          243. Jane says

            no one got asked tougher questions than Obama was in 2008. over the church, Kenya, then bill ayers and many other things, he took it why can’t trump.

          244. MAHB001 says

            Who in the press asked those questions? And did 0bama answer them? What I recall was.
            Clintonopholous – You were born in Hawaii right?
            0bama – yep
            Clintonopholous – that is good enough for me… What kind of pizza?

            The person that got drug through the coals was Palin. No one got asked tougher questions.

            As I recall it was the online crowd that asked the tough questions.. But never got answers. 0bama has no more credibility, it is wise to assume everything he says is a lie.

          245. HENRI says

            i loved your post thank you ,very true

          246. HENRI says

            oh please give me a break ,really one falls from the tree every min

          247. Jane says

            they sure do and some bump their head when they fall. enter trump.

          248. Virginia Hornibrook says

            If you don’t watch the debate how do you expect to pick a President Kelly had nothing to do with Trump the bully cry baby because he didn’t get his way this is not his company and fox can run anyway they want to if you don’t watch because of Kelly your all idiots

          249. Andy Palmer says

            I’ve got paint drying that is more interesting than watching Jeb and Kasich tell us how qualified and conservative they are. As far as I’m concerned Monday night can’t get here soon enough so we can see what the people of Iowa think about these candidates.

          250. Tiger says


          251. Michael Dennewitz says

            I enjoy sitting under the carport, watching the grass grow more! heehee ?

          252. Kurt Hanssen says

            Very well said.

          253. Tiger says

            Than you

          254. Andy Palmer says

            It’s not about giving anyone a pass. It’s about having unbiased moderators who ask legitimate rather than “gotcha” questions. Fox has multiple on-air personalities that show no bias that could moderate.

          255. MAHB001 says

            BS, The question was legitimate, and if Kelly hadn’t asked it, the Liberal MEDIA definitely would have. Hell SNL has probably already done a skit. And if you think it is over, it ain’t. The liberal media hasn’t started on Conservatives yet.

            The problem with the left stream media is that they do not ask their chosen ones gotcha questions… They are cheerleaders, not r

            The problem we have here is that Trump supporters want the same type of kid glove coddling from Fox, that the MEDIA gives Hillary and 0bama…

            That is NOT reporting, that is propaganda..

          256. Dennis Correll says

            Haven’t you heard – 2 negatives make a positive, wait and see, Betting rhis works out Just Fine for Mr. Trump.

          257. nancy anderson says

            Listen, MAHB, if Fox never had another lib on their programs til Jesus comes, they still would have not caught up to the libs in time spent being “FAIR” & “BALANCED”!!!! We conservatives are not talking about giving anyone a pass, we are talking about doing a HACK job on our candidates!!!! If you can’t see the difference than you are not a true conservative!!! That is the line the libs use, BTW!!!

          258. MAHB001 says

            Granted, Fox fell from grace, but I still do not think Fox is the problem here…

            If you have a problem with corrupt news, join the fight.

          259. HENRI says

            you have fallen to the left bate

          260. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps.. trump is all we got now.

          261. HENRI says


          262. kbfallon says

            yeah–but she thinks its all about how much of a big shot she is and how full of herself she is….being a lawyer and months to prepare the snare to take Trump down a peg or two…you can hear it in her voice–I will not be watching fox for awhile after this fiasco.

          263. Tiger says

            After the melee with Trump she was brought down to size. Lost lots of fans. FOX looses and Kelly is a goner. I won’t watch it either cept for Greta.

          264. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Oh my gosh can you stupid people just get over it already if you don’t like Kelly that’s fine just knock this crap off tired of listening to you

          265. Tiger says

            Listen you don’t tell me what to post. You don’t like it shuffle off.

            I intend to continue to speak my mind. There ya have it.

          266. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Good for you

          267. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You don’t have a mind

          268. Tiger says

            Virginia are you a duel personality? You bite then you suck up to people. You have done this with me. I know there are unstable people on the net but you are a real oxymoron.

          269. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You are so stupid and I won’t reply to idiots if you like hiss his azz

          270. Robin says


          271. Michael Dennewitz says

            Was yo momma in much pain when she shit you out over the bathtub?? ???

          272. Merle Dickey says

            You need help potty mouth

          273. Virginia Hornibrook says

            What mind

          274. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You don’t have a mind you think your so smart your just an idiot who likes to tell other people what they should think I just don’t think Trump is our man vote Republican

          275. HENRI says


          276. judy says

            If you don’t think Trump is our man, why are you telling people to vote Republican?

          277. Michael Dennewitz says

            Give ’em hell woman!?

          278. Tiger says

            Amazing how people on the net will, threaten, try to intimidate and shut people down. I know of many who do stop posting, fearing face recognition and problems but I am through with all of this. I won’t be stopped. Never. CAIR tried that with me when I came home from this war in 2004, they lost the battle and I will win the war.

          279. Jane says

            YEP just turn off the darn TV.

          280. HENRI says


          281. HENRI says


          282. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Where the heck were u 7 months ago when this was written this is old news go back where u came your language prove your an idiot

          283. Rani says

            What the hell are you on here for?

          284. Kurt Hanssen says

            Think Greta left FOX.

          285. Tiger says

            Greta was one of the best along with Dobbs, Cavuto, Varney and others.

          286. Jane says

            well the great part is you don’t have to watch her on tv, easy to turn the tv off.

          287. Rani says

            i would never want her to be my lawyer. Her bias is so prejudiced, she’d have you land in jail when you were innocent. I won’t watch Fox now either until they fire Megyn Kelly.

          288. Rick says

            Amen! They lost me. I noticed Reily and Kelly have been moving a little too far left and it’s because management want to improve ratings by get liberals because they already have the right….Well at least they did! But they stepped on it with this debate and it’s a set up now they have a Spanish gal from politico I believe to do to Trump what Megyn was set to do! Stay away Donald.

          289. Tiger says

            They are scum and a poster on here today exposed this crap.

            Over gone.

          290. HENRI says

            YOU GOT THAT RIGHT ABOUT OReily and megga-buger kelly

          291. Jane says

            well this is true, I think fOX Is wrong, I also think Trump should show the courage and face the naysayers, he needs to get used to it. Only the beginning.

          292. Tiger says

            Leaders choose their battles. He made the right choice. Came out FOX also has three plants from Twitter and Google who were going to insult him or push his buttons, a radical Muslim, a Hispanic woman who served and one other twit.

            He didn’t make 10 billion dollars by being shy.

          293. runnindeer says

            Yesterday I listened to a couple of minutes of The Five. All of them except poor little Juan ( bless his heart 🙂 -said Southern style ) had pretty positive things to say about Mr. Trump. No doubt their mind set being Bait , and hoping for viewers to buy it. Except for Greg Gutfield. He was a raging horses ass . Trying to link Mr. Trump and his supporters to Mafia Hit people. I thought how great it really would be to just shove that unicorn up that arrogant know it alls – well you get the drift I’m sure.
            There have been a couple of the people at Fox that are not against Mr. Trump at all. Some are also plenty mad at Megyn Kelly for allowing Michael Moore on her show Tuesday. It isn’t a surprise to me that she would do that. She is a liberal democrat and so is her husband and his family.
            Rupert Murdoch is the one that ask Bloomburg to run against Trump.
            Mr. trump said that he won’t deal with anyone at Fox except Murdoch now.

          294. Tiger says

            Great and informative post thank you. Can’t say anything back you covered it. ;p

          295. boucle says

            The botch is hoping for her own show.

          296. Tiger says

            She is fried nobody wants her and so is FOX.

          297. HENRI says


          298. Tiger says

            LMAO dressed in Armani yet.

          299. Rani says

            Kelly should get her ass kicked right out of Fox, that is, if Fox isn’t in the tank for Hitlery too. One thing is for sure they are not Fair, not Balanced and Not Unafraid. Fox should prove to us that they are not for dictator Hitlery and her sexual predator husband Bill Clinton. If she is ever elected, this country will be doomed and we will lose our freedoms not to mention the fact that she will crush the middle class. Clinton and Kelly should go away forever.

          300. Tiger says

            FOX mentioned in the emails as a player

          301. Kurt Hanssen says

            And The FOX is sinking fast, no match for the Tiger.

          302. Tiger says

            ;p GRRRRRRR

          303. rex ames says

            What really got me about Kelly was when she asked Trump the question about women. It was just to start trouble, and was not addressing folks out of work because of NAFTA. I will never understand why Trump did not go after John Kasick for voting for the NAFTA treaty when in Congress giving corporations tax breaks for sending our work south.

          304. Tiger says

            You know Trump had so much in his game plan he just couldn’t address them all. Here is a great video and to the point and we need people like him standing up in America, we do but not on a huge level.


        2. timmyT says

          We won’t be watching either. Tired of the blonde bimbo. Hope she is a better attorney than she is a reporter. She is definitely JV team.

        3. Virginia Hornibrook says


      2. Virginia Hornibrook says

        To bad your as good looking and smart as Kelly don’t listen that tells me your just as stupid as Trump

        1. Tiger says

          Well thanks I am as good looking and smart as Kelly.

          LOLOL I think you made a typo and wanted to insult me but being as I am my own woman and know who I am what I have accomplished you won’t have any luck.

          1. Virginia Hornibrook says

            No typo I’m sure your a beautiful person I wasn’t talking about you talking a cry baby bully Trump he can’t handle a women asking him a question he thinks he’s better than all that cry baby needs to go back to new York office where he can push women around and get his way

          2. Tiger says

            Sweet thing to say Virginia, I am sure with her salary any woman could get gussied up the women on FOX have lost a professional edge with the dressing and heels but then news today is about personalities more than news seems.

            Trump says what I am liking to hear. He doesn’t owe anyone any allegiance and doesn’t need their money. He could easily leave this country and buy a private island but he loves it enough to stay and I like that he has opened up conversations that needed to be made.

            He is very good to women but when someone is smart mouthed in a man’s world they should be prepared to take it. Not fair to play the girlie card.

          3. Virginia Hornibrook says

            If he’s such a wonderful man how come he’s been divorced twice filled bankruptcy several times great man for what not president of the united States

          4. Tiger says

            Now Virgina if his X comes to his defense and speaks highly of him what more do you want?

            You need some education on how business works you will see where this bankruptcy thing is part of the song and dance.

            Yes he is a good and great man loved and adored by his children.

          5. 2Shadow2 says

            A good reply to the Troll.

          6. Tiger says

            ;p she is a mess for sure.

        2. Scosh73 says

          Hey Virginia, are you applying for a job as one of Roger Ailes stable mares. Be careful unless you are willing to give crotch shots, showing fat thighs and be a narcissistic Bi**h like Megyn(Rogers HEAD MARE), Roger will not even consider you. Have you ever wondered why Roger requires the mares in his stable to be slutty??

          1. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Guess your and idiot because your mother didn’t teach you any manners I’m a 78 year old women and no I don’t hate Trump I just don’t think he’s right for America. Get over yourself and stop being a women hater goodbye and good luck with your life

          2. franklyfrank says

            That’s a bit harsh dude.
            Virginia doesn’t like Trump. That is no reason to unload on her. Especially considering the ladies senior citizen status.

        3. franklyfrank says

          Tiger, being as stupid as Trump makes a billionaire 10 times over.
          Are you really worth that kind of money Dude ?
          If so congratulations.

        4. 2Shadow2 says

          Troll, troll, troll your bait. You entire limited repertoire is straight from the Troll playbook. Get as many people as riled up as you can and off topic. How’s that working for ya?? LOL.

          1. franklyfrank says

            Troll or a Trollop?

      3. franklyfrank says

        Fox has lost credibility with me during the 2008 election.
        Prior to that it was a daily regimen at our house to watch Fox.
        The final straw was O’Riley sucking up to obumer. I could have puked. Actually I have been nauseated since 2008.

        1. Tiger says

          Oh amen to that we stopped watching O’Riley when he had the audacity to call O a Patriot. Vomit bag for sure.

          LOLOL haven’t we all been sick since 2008.

      4. franklyfrank says

        Actually she is rather pleasant to look at.
        But don’t care for her preening an posturing.

        1. Tiger says

          The old saying beauty is as beauty does comes to mind.

      5. Virginia Hornibrook says

        Don’t watch it go and help killer Hillary wipe her server clean oh maybe you don’t want to go if rapist Bill will be there you better watch out you may get raped

      6. Kurt Hanssen says

        NObummer has tryed to get to FOX for years, he finaly broke thru, thretten them yo pull there licence. But Kelly has been far left, and a Killary suporter all along. Now Georg Soros controll all the news media.

        1. Tiger says

          Indeed he does and the first for execution should be Soros.

    3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Have to agree with you. Trump sure knows how to play the media for a lot of free advertising doesn’t he? I prefer Cruz the most, but Donald does get the establishment pretty flustered. If he is our candidate he will get my vote. ABBH! (anybody but Hillary)

      1. Bob Marcum says

        Either, Trump or Cruz will get my vote, in the general electin. But; Mr. Trump has it, for the primaries.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I cannot vote in our primary here in Florida as we have a closed primary as I am a registered Independent. As a Conservative I’ve got a hair crosswise with both the Washington establishment parties. Either is fine with me and I really will vote for anyone on the Republican ver either of the Commies the RATs are running. Matter of fact I will crawl over 2 miles of broken glass just for the opportunity.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            I though, independent meant you could vote either way. But; apparently, that’s not always the case, in all of the closed states. In 1972, Louisana was a c losed state. But; I solved the problem, by registering as independent, for the next election, after getting pissed off, for being locked out of the repub side, when I was registered as demo-rat. I’ve never registered as demo, since then. Also; I very seldom ever vote for a demo-rat, anyhow.
            Now; I’m in Tennessee ( since, 1995 ). Tn. is an open state. Trump is the only
            man for me, now. The dems, in any election, will neer get my vote, again, at any election, regardless of circumstances.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            10-4. I have bever voted for a RAT in any state or national election. All I can say for democRAT politicians is that you don’t have to concern yourself about their honesty. They admire those who can tell the best lies and steal the most money. Ever wonder why the professional liars (Lawyers) gravitate to the democRAT party? They can’t help themselves it’s their nature. Heck, sharks won’t even eat them out of professional courtesy.

          3. Bob Marcum says

            Allow me to promote some education, for a moment. It’s obama’s auto-biogaphy; but, don’t let that dis-sway you into thinking it isn’t worth reading. Believe me; it’s
            a genuine education. He wouldn’t allow it to be published, before the 2012,
            general election; because, he knew damned well it would cut him off from his
            2nd term. But; his arrogance forbid him to pass up a chance, to gloat at having
            decieved the Americans, so easily. henceforth, he put it all out there, for all
            to see and hear. He was very upfront, sincere. with his devotion to his cause.
            His father’s dream of destroying the U.S. became his passion. He bragged, about it. ” Get it watch it. ” Dreams From My Real Father “, researched, compiled,
            written, directed and narrated, by Joel Gilbert.
            It’s astonishingly educational ; assuming you have the stomach, for it.

    4. OldRockerguy says

      Personally, I totally lost respect for Megyn Kelly several years ago when she interviewed our Sheriff Joe Arpaio shortly after our state passed SB1070. She was incredibly rude to Sheriff Joe and was clearly on the side of the ILLEGALS. Of course, like Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe doesn’t take sh*t from anybody so he put her in her place. Megyn loves the RINOs. She is no friend of Arizona and America.

    5. MAHB001 says

      Are you saying that Trumps past words and treatments of Women is off limits?

      Do you think the Left would agree with that?

    6. Jayjay1963 says

      Megyn Kelly’s question was fair game. Trump, himself, in attacking Hillary, has made “women” a campaign subject. Problem is, that all Trump’s missteps are being swept under the rug.
      How anyone can support a megalomaniac who contradicts dozens of things he’s said and done, is beyond me.
      Read Matt Labash’s “history” of Trump in the Weekly Standard, and then tell me that you’ll still support him. The man, in addition to being boorish, narcissistic and crude, is at heart, evil.

    7. Virginia Hornibrook says

      Trumps a bully and if he doesn’t get his way he’s s big cry baby go home you don’t belong on the stage with all of the wonderful candidates go back to new York vote Republican but not for bully trump

    8. Jimmy Quick says

      There go the ratings…

    9. franklyfrank says

      Absolutely, they had it set up as a grudge match between Donald and Megan.

    10. DOC says

      Because she ask the tough questions and Trump not showing up is a punk move.

    11. armydadtexas says

      Oh BOO HOO! Do you really think who ever the president is, that they are going to have an easy time with our enemies? Poor Donald should stop whining and put on his big boy pants if he really intends to lead. Trumps followers sound more and more like Obama supporters every day. We have had 7+ years of being silenced. NO MORE!

    12. HadEnough says

      EXACTLY Brenda.

    13. Virginia Hornibrook says

      Guess you don’t want to know what the other candidates have to say stop being idiots and listen to the debate it’s the only way we learn what the have to say and what they’d do as President

    14. HENRI says


    15. Jane says

      I watch all the debates, and don’t care who the moderators are, if these candidates can’t stand up to the moderators, how can they face the critical issues of the day. What will they run and hide and fear tough questions., running is no answer.

    16. HENRI says


  4. Frank W Brown says

    fox news just screwed the pooch, the IDIOTS should have jerked megyn!

    1. Tiger says

      I am surprised they allowed her to be a moderator again after she got it good from the people on Twitter and everywhere and lost fans. FOX has many good reporters she did not have to come back. They have done wonderful without her. I suspect FOX wanted the viewers and knew this would draw them in. Bad move Trump doesn’t need FOX.

      1. Bob Marcum says

        Nor, does he need the debate. He’s just fine, as is. I just hope nobody goes off the dep end, and swallows the B.S., that’s being dished out, during this desperate, last minute effort, to make him look bad, at the eve of the election. Sure; they’re gonna brow-beat him and slander him, any way they can, right now. The debate, with kelly would have
        embarrassed him, at a time when he would not have enough time to create a come-back, at her, before the election. That’s their natural strategy. Last minute slanderous tactics have always been effective; because, the target doesn’t have time to defend himself, against false claims, implications, half-truths and lies. It’s dirty pool, but everybody does it.

        1. Tiger says

          100% right and they blew it with millions seeing right through this.

          Credibility going down the tubes fast.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Donald plays the media like a Stradivarius.

  5. Mike says

    Fox moved to the left on this one

    1. Yes It Is Political says

      FOX moved to the left when Rupert’s kids took over operations. No longer the FOXNews we knew. Now just another MSM tool.

  6. Tiger says

    There is no excuse for this from FOX. Kelly lost many fans after she pulled the B card. It was obvious her question inappropriately put to Trump. Reagan missed a debate didn’t hurt him. Trump doesn’t need to play into this Caged Fight for ratings and money in FOX pocket. Good for him.


  7. standforfreedom says

    Idiots at FOX! They have better looking reporters that could have made this last debate much more interesting! I will NOT be watching the “debate” or lack thereof!

  8. Bob Marcum says


    1. just me says


  9. gmhunt4 says

    I want miss his loud mouth ego, glad he want be there. His national healthcare is wore than Obamacare. He is a big government should control our lives, take our property and bailout big business. His own words.
    Wake up people. Cruz – 2016 – The “REAL” Constitutional Conservative

    1. Yes It Is Political says

      Learn to spell the words you wish to use and your message may actually be sensible.

  10. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Foxes spoiled Prima-Donna should of had her chain jerked a long time ago. I enjoy debates, tough questions, but not down right attacks. That should be saved for Criminals like Hitlery & Odumbo. So screw you fox.

  11. JIM DALLY says

    fox is said to be fair and balanced but that does not mean the ‘KELLY ” IS FAIR AND BALANCED.

  12. Ray says

    Trump knows how to generate publicity The Trump haters will spew their venom as usual. His supporters will back his decision and he will probably move up a few percentage points in the polls.
    Everybody wins except Fox News They are doing their best to try and spin it that Trump is afraid of Kelly what a joke! Trump is just trying to prove even the media won’t control him.
    I will be watching the Trump show Thursday instead of the boring debate between the other losers

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      AMEN, he really knows how to work the media.

  13. Solider for liberty says

    Smart guy.

  14. Solider for liberty says

    I’m not a Trump fan and have been a fox watcher but done with all media can’t stand o’rielly Megan is a closet liberal They all spew propaganda!! Their is not one news source that doesn’t have an agenda or can be trusted.

  15. Lorraine E says

    FOX is a part of the corporate media under NEWSCORP. The entire corporate media is controlled by the one world government shadow masters and their agenda is to destroy any and all conservatives who dare to stand against their socialist agenda. Now that Donald Trump has made the brilliant decision not to subject himself to any more attacks by the FOX puppets, I wonder if they will attack Ted Cruz. Hopefully Donald Trump will contact Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, and John B Wells and have one or all of them interview him on an alternative TV station at the same time that FOX is doing their “Punch and Judy” routine with the other candidates. Read Dan Smoot’s book about the corporate media “The Invisible Government.”

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Lorraine …,You have been doing some research, Good ! People here in America are becoming more & more savvy of how big Media works(bad for them, good for us). Look up NWO or Club of Rome.
      The Club or Rome (COR) is the chief “think tank” for the New World Order that was unknown in America until exposed by Dr. Coleman in 1969 for the very first time and published under the same title in 1970. Set up on the orders of the Committee of 300, its existence was denied until the silver anniversary celebrations of its founding held in Rome 25 years later. The COR plays a vital role in all U.S. Government planning, internal and external.

      1. Reality Check says

        Forget all your silly conspiracy theories, the REAL THING is at hand

        The TPP is working it’s way toward a vote.

        you see anyone on the right talking about that?

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Regan skipped the Iowa debate, & won anyway. And conspiracy ? What research have you done ? 0-0 ? Of course TPP is working for a vote, & why shouldn’t he tell fox to take a hike. I’m not pro anybody yet, I research B 4 deciding. . And why should the right give a rip ? Their hoping for a split vote.

          1. Reality Check says

            Your idea of “research” is reading bat shit crazy blogs and listening to Savage Nation.

            the TPP gives corporations CONTROL of our society.

            seems the right wing is ALL on board for that to happen.
            99% of them DID vote for IT.

          2. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Sure TPP is telling us what we want to hear, & certainly their are conspiracies out there. Ultimately, Its up to us to sift out BS from the truth which is done by research. Now you have shown everyone your” I am right you are wrong” intelligence now go away.

          3. Reality Check says

            Ya but,
            YOU are Brainwashed and I am trying to SAVE YOU like a good patriot.

            the are only ONE set of facts.

          4. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Now your talking like a Patriot!!

          5. Reality Check says

            “What research have you done ”

            well conservative, if you have done some research, you woudl be a Bernie supporter.
            He is the only one who is constitutional and he has an impeccable pedigree beside being pro gun.

            he has held the same “positions” for the past 30 years.

            AND voted no on:

            Repeal of Glass Steagul

            the Patriot act

            The First Iraq invasion

            The Second Iraq invasion



    2. Reality Check says

      ” The entire corporate media is controlled by the one world government shadow masters and their agenda is to destroy any and all conservatives who dare to stand against their socialist agenda.”

      the Corporate Media wants “socialism”.

      God your an idiot.
      Since you’re a Dim Bulb, I will explain.

      “Socialism” means EVERYTHING is Publicly OWNED.

      so tell me con, WHY would the corps be working to that end?

  16. rayhause says

    Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re as hot as her. Trump is a narcissistic ass and talks more like a cult leader that has blind followers and we know what happens when that occurs, you’ll drink poison.

  17. garrylynn says

    Two things that bother me. Kelly’s first question to Trump in the first debate – it was inappropriate and a gotcha question. Bad journalism and intended to make him look bad, but instead turned the tables on her.

    However, pulling out of tomorrows debate bothers me – if It’s not my way, I’ll hit the highway attitude. For a “deal maker”, that’s no way to negotiate (and I’ve negotiated a few), but you always have to be at the table to make your case and prove your point. A “no show” says you’re not willing to be at the table, make your case, and close the deal. American voters deserve to see how he handles hard ball questions. I for one, am tired of the softball questions thrown at Obama and Clinton.

  18. pmbalele says

    Trump is right. The position of President of USA is a tough and most important position. It sends people to wars -some die there while some come back injured. FoxNews is making debates money generating events. It is not funny. And I do not know why they put that woman -Megan back. Nobody wants to see her there.

  19. pianobill says

    TRUMP takes no crap off any one. We need a MAN like that for President. Ailes will regret not sticking with TRUMP. Kelly is probably threatening Ailes if he took her off the debate. UMM wonder what that could be????

  20. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Who do you think is acting like a 2 year old. If Trump can’t handle a woman and more specifically Kelly, why would any one want to vote for a baby. Cruz has handled attacks far worse in the Senate. Grow up Trump supporters and get Trump the 2 year old to grow up.

  21. hangem'high says

    I got to admitted I heard Trumps name mentioned a cotrillion times between four major new stations within an hour of switching from channel to channel this morning.
    And I imagine after the debate it will continue. Each candidate will have to mention his name at least four times, even though he won’t be there; he’s already won the debate!

  22. Keith says

    Yup. There was no need yo use a moderator with an agenda, I expect that over a NBC but not at Fox. I’ll also pass on this debate. I’m tired of listening to midgets like Jeb Bush anyway.

  23. ferebetv says

    Great – telling that Vatican and Jews controlled cesspool to f k off.

    1. Reality Check says

      FOX is a Vatican and Jew controlled news source?
      you people get crazier every day.

  24. Ray says

    It was a ploy by Fox having Kelly as a moderator drum up more watchers with everyone anticipating A Kelly VS Trump altercation during the debate. Obviously Trump was too smart to fall for it so then Fox got mean and tried to make fun of Trump saying he was afraid of Kelly. I believe Fox is in bed with the establishment GOP in an effort to bring down Trump. They don’t do it with any of the other Fox commentators figure they can get away with it using Kelly as she is a woman and if Trump goes after her they play the war on woman card!

  25. hangman57 says

    I refuse to watch the Fox debate , Since Megan Kelly id not dropped from the debate team !

  26. says

    Trump is a very rich man He is usually in control of his HIS business decisions. Fox News is not one of his businness and he cannot control their decisions,. He is acting like a spoiled child I DONT HAVE PITY ON HIM FOR HIS STUPID DECISIONS

  27. Reality Check says

    Who needs a WHINER for President?

    1. hangman57 says

      That’s right who needs Obama ,he is a whining B————!

  28. cdansreau says

    there is no doubt that kelly was trying to bolster her ratings by attacking trump in the first debate. I believe also that Fox was supporting RINOs in the GOP by attacking trump. Let me suggest that some of the other debaters should also withdraw. this would serve notice that a news agency SHOULD treat all debaters fairly and not follow an event driven ratings game. If Cruz were also a no show then his ratings might go up and future debates would be more functional.

  29. MAHB001 says

    I think we have forgotten what Reporters and the News is supposed to do. And that is Report the news and let the people decide.

    Our Country is suffering because the News is no longer the news, it has been turned into propaganda and the MEDIA is not being used to brainwash us.

    Ask yourself, if that question had been asked of a liberal politician, would you be cheering? If so, you are being hypocritical.

    Just saying.

    1. hangman57 says

      The problem is Megan Kelly never would have asked Hillary a question about all the Women Bill Clinton raped . And about Hillary aiding him by silencing the women .

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think you are wrong. Kelly will never be given the chance to ask that question.

  30. Loving America says

    They are using this Big Bitch with a Big Ego to tantalize Mr. Trump, and Women of America Please help Us to take down Fox News….Do Not Watch Fox until they apologize to Mr. Trump and do not buy anything with their sponsors! More than one way to skin a cat! That woman is an embarrassment to the
    rest of American Ladies!

  31. wonduh says

    Trump yes, Kelly NO. Sorry FOX, you messed up again.

  32. hangman57 says

    In the first debate ,I don’t think Megan Kelly would have asked Hillary the same question about her rapist Husband Bill Clinton . So what if Trump been married 3 times . At least he is not raping woman like Bill Clinton and having his wife Hillary silencing these women .

    1. MAHB001 says

      I think she would, and that is why Hillary will not go on Fox.

      Hillary NEVER enters an environment that she can not control.

  33. MAHB001 says

    I like Trump, I like Kelly.

    I didn’t particularly like the question.

    I don’t like Trumps reaction….

    1. hangman57 says

      The question she asked didn’t have anything to do with running this country .It was just a way to stab Trump in the back . She never would have attacked Hillary with a question about her Rapist Husband .

      1. MAHB001 says

        It had everything to do with Trumps credibility and morals.

        Credibility and morals do have something to do with running this country.

        1. milchap says

          And how so, given the present leadership of this country?

          1. MAHB001 says

            We used to hold our politicians to be higher standard….

            The Country was better off back then.

  34. milchap says

    Trump is petulant, petty and impertinent. How in the world would he ever succeed as president if he continues to act is so childish a manner? For the sake of the nation, he had better grow up in a hurry.

  35. Dan Menard says

    There is no doubt that Mr. Trump can out debate Kelly. So, what is the big deal then? The big deal is that if he is able to control who the panelist will be now, it will be his intent in the future to control the news media itself. Nice trick if he can pull it off. As for the debate itself, without Mr. Trump the gathering of the other candidates is useless. We have all heard their past comments and in his absence they will all certainly attack Mr. Trump, so what is new and to be learnt? Nothing!

  36. Dan says

    F Fox News. Until they can prove their “fair and balanced” shtick I’ll boycott them…..

  37. Robert Russell says

    I am thinking MR Trump will be at the debate , Kelly will not just have to wait and see. MR Trump president.

  38. onefour says

    After I heard the original question Kelly put to Trump I lost whatever respect I had of her. It was obvious from the get go she didn’t like Trump. She didn’t put the same type of personal question to the other person in that debate. Even before that debate the word was around that Trump was to be “taken out” and Kelly was the one chosen to do that and she continues to do it.

  39. Cotton says

    Mr Trump is very smart, as this is getting him more attention if than if he just agreed to go to the debate. He knows how to make a show, with him as the star. I guess being in The Apprentice taught him a lot about how to catch an audience.

  40. Ddenney1 says

    Megyn Kelly SCARES Trump or is it CRUZ 2016??? He has BULLIED other stations with NOT showing up and THEY WON with them!! It is MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY with the Trumper!! Who does that remind you of???? I know that for some reason most people here are in the bag for Trump but he has shrunk at every debate! He is doing EVERYTHING we have ridiculed 0 for but anger rules over facts this year!!! Cruz 2016 don’t be afraid to check Trump’s statements over SEVERAL YEARS then be honest!!

  41. Virginia Hornibrook says

    Kelly doesn’t hate Trump the bully needs to get his way and this time fox stood up the biggest bully ever he’s trying to take over everything he has to be reminded this isn’t his business abide by the rules or go home you dumb idiot you don’t belong in the race for president if you can’t handle little Kelly how do you think you can be President go back to your Trump towers where you can rule everybody go home Trump go Kelly go

  42. SlipperCity says

    Megyn Kelley’s questions from the last debate had NOTHING to do with governing, so I consider her not to be a serious news person….. She is merely fluff! What is needed is a serious news person who will ask and discuss relevant questions.

    1. Reality Check says

      his attitude toward women IS a problem. and one of Trumps big negatives.

      you think he can win by calling half the population bimbos?

      1. SlipperCity says

        He didn’t call half of the population bimbos, he referred to one person only. If I considered a remark to one woman a slight on all women and thought about it as much as women seem to do, I’d really be in trouble. Still say she is fluff, and what I am interested in is how a candidate will fare if elected to office.

        1. Reality Check says

          “He didn’t call half of the population bimbos”
          not is so many words, but…

          1 That giving your wife “negotiable assets” is a terrible mistake.
          2 That women are essentially aesthetically-pleasing objects.
          3 That sexual assault in the military is totally expected.
          4 That women on “The Apprentice” need to rely on sex appeal.
          5 That bad press doesn’t matter as long as you have a sexy girlfriend.
          6 That a woman MUST be hot in order to be a journalist.
          7 That pumping breast milk is “disgusting.”
          8 That all women hate prenups, because they are gold diggers.
          9 That women have a “great act” going on to trick men.
          10 That Hillary would be a bad president because of her husband’s actions.
          11 That Angelina Jolie has dated too many guys to be attractive.
          12 That Bette Midler’s “ugly face and body” are offensive.
          13 That Rosie O’Donnell is “crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb.”
          14 That the best line in any movie is this beautiful gem.
          15 That a journalist who offended him had an ugly face.
          16 That Cher is ‘lonely’ and ‘a loser’ because she doesn’t support him.
          17 That women fawn all over him because he is rich and powerful.
          18 That the ladies on “The Apprentice” are all super in to him.

          and each of those “lines” has a link to the original source.

          1. MSB says

            Over 21,000 comments and 5,000 votes, this must be your full time job. Don’t you have anything productive to do? Get a life.

  43. 7818TD says

    Not watching, going to see “13 Hrs”. The Bias is more than obvious.

  44. W. Coyote says

    in the first debate, Megyn Kelly was quoting Mr. Trump’s own words. It’s fascinating that he feels he is treated unfairly. He can’t defend his own words?

  45. Bachelor With Sense says

    Reporters are supposed to ask the following for a news “story”: “Who, What, Where, When, and How? “. After providing the answers to these questions, you should then be able to make an informed decision.

    Megan and ALL the “main stream” media do NOT ask those questions. They try to make the “news” instead of reporting it!

    STOP watching, and Maybe, (yeah, right) they will go back to being journalists?

  46. Al Hope says

    This really has nothing to do with Kelly. She is just an employee at Murdoch’s Open Borders News Channel.

  47. franklyfrank says

    Good for the Donald sticking it to Fox.
    Their per minute advertising price went from $ 750,000 per minute to $ 150,000 without the Donald. Fox executives were already drooling over the prospective revenue.
    Without Trump its a non event.

  48. MSB says

    Megan is an idiot , did she think that if she changed her hair that she would be less an idiot and bimbo. She should go back to studying the law and get the hell of the TV screen. I didn’t like her before she did the debates and I still think she is obnoxious and arrogant. She probably would do better as a dancer girl than a journalist. These people don’t know what journalism is and they should never be hired as one. She now has become the news and what good has she done for anyone but herself . Her first question to Trump was ridiculous we need to totally reform and reconstruct the news media immediately.

  49. markypolo says

    Rupert Murdoch is just another Left-Wing Liberal Piece of Sh!t!!! Ted Cruz would be wise to pull out too. I stopped watching FOX news years ago. I couldn’t stomach anymore Mindless journalism.

    1. Reality Check says

      “Rupert Murdoch is just another Left-Wing Liberal Piece of Sh!t”

      just how BAT SHIT CRAZY does an American need to be to utter those words?

      1. markypolo says

        You might understand if you pull your head from your ass. Moron.

  50. Effenexes says

    Donald Trump doesn’t need over hyped debate moderators telling him a question instead of just plain asking one. They are too wrapped up in themselves insisting they have something more important to say by prefacing the question in such a way that it is answered to their own biased ideas.

    1. Dennis Correll says

      You said just right !

  51. Walter Flatt says



    1. Dennis Correll says

      YA Mon 🙂

  52. Julie King says

    Mr Trump – put on your big boy pants!

    1. Dennis Correll says

      – We have a failing system and Real Strength will be needed, not weakness, watch what happens next.
      – The man is Very Smart.
      – Wisdom IS NOT We have a failing system and Real Strength will be needed, not weakness, watch what happens next.
      The man is Very Smart.
      Wisdom IS NOT to logic with a ‘B’, much, much wiser to walk away. logic with a ‘B’, much, much wiser to walk away.

      1. Reality Check says

        “We have a failing system and Real Strength will be needed, not weakness”

        SO why elect a guy afraid of a GIRL?

  53. potol says

    Perhaps it will give the other candidates a chance to discuss ISSUES, instead of who loves Trump! Let’s see what questions she will ask other candidates if they would be considered tough. I don’t care who she interviews she always surprises people with the question people want to know, She is not shy.
    If Trump becomes president he will be critisized much more than he is now. The question is can he take it without acting like a 6th grader. Trying to control the media is just one example and his slamming of anyone who doesn’t act the way he wants them to act was enough for me to drop him a few weeks ago from consideration, though he says what a lot of middle class want to hear. Then again many people thought Obama was a win from the get go, and now?

  54. Margaret Bungard says

    Megan Kelly did one debate. Give someone else a chance to ask questions. Would love to see Michael Savage be a moderator. I won’t be watching without Trump there.

    1. Dennis Correll says

      Good for you and all of us !

    2. Reality Check says

      Ah, a savage nation idiot.
      that explains a good deal.

  55. Tita Tita says

    trump for president! i will not watch Fox GOP losers debate!

  56. HENRI says


    1. Dennis Correll says

      10-4 my friend !

    2. Reality Check says

      how is trump going to get past the debates with Bernie if Megan scares him?

      Bernie is going to slice him up with FACTS that the Donald just can’t produce.

      1. HENRI says


  57. armydadtexas says

    One word comes to mind!!! ARROGANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hell no to the smug East Coast Liberal, Donald Trump! He likes to talk a good game>>>till the questions start becoming tough. We don’t need that for another 4 years. We just put up with it for the past 7+ years. I will not support Donald Trump, not now!

    1. Dennis Correll says

      Then who?
      We have a failing system and Real Strength will be needed, not weakness, watch what happens next. The man is Very Smart.
      Wisdom IS not to logic with a B, walk away.

      1. armydadtexas says

        I was willing to stomach the idea of Trump up till this. If he cannot handle the likes of Megan Kelly, how is Trump going to deal with a dick head like Putin or one of the nut jobs from Iran or other Islamo-fascist nation? Yes, Megan Kelly is going to ask tough questions. Perhaps it is time for Trump to get over his uppity self image and just answer the fkg questions and quit being a petulant jerk. I do not trust Trump any more then I did or do Obama or any other left wing PUKE! We’ve just put up with the past 7+ years with a thin skinned whiney baby. Enough is enough

        1. Dennis Correll says

          Sooooooo ? ? What do we do?

          1. Reality Check says

            vote for Bernie.
            he’s going to be pres, so get on board.

        2. Reality Check says

          So apparently you ARE capable of telling the truth.
          that is a good sign.

          I think it would be those “left wing Pukes” that have been telling you that Trump was a joke,so…

  58. Jimb says