Trump Slams Cruz, Revives Third-Party Threats


For several months, Donald Trump played a game of chicken with the Republican National Committee, refusing to rule out the possibility of a third-party run at the White House. This led to a memorable moment in the first Fox News debate, where Trump was the only candidate on stage who would not swear allegiance to the eventual Republican nominee. In December, however, RNC Chair Reince Preibus secured a pledge from the surprise frontrunner that ostensibly put the threats to bed.

Now all of that may be out the window.

“I signed a pledge,” Trump said in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina on Monday. “But the pledge is not being honored by them. They are in default of their pledge.”

The problem, as Trump sees it, is the RNC’s refusal to sanction Senator Ted Cruz for tactics he used to win the Iowa caucuses last month. In a scathing news release, Trump issued a long “response to the lies of Senator Cruz.”

“Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual,” Trump wrote. “He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them.”

Among the lies Cruz is accused of spreading:

– Trump would pick a liberal Supreme Court Justice
– Trump is pro-choice
– Trump favors Obamacare
– Trump would deteriorate the Second Amendment
– Ben Carson was dropping out of the race

“If Ted is going to continue to lie with such desperation, I have no choice but to fight back,” Trump wrote. “One of the ways I can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President […] Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t they are in default of their pledge to me.”

Even at the time it was signed, anyone with half a brain knew that the pledge wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Trump, who now commands somewhere between 30% and 40% of support from Republican voters in national polls, would single-handedly eliminate the party’s chances of winning the White House if he launched an independent run. That’s an enormous advantage to give up, especially when the bulk of his campaign is centered on the failures of the party.

The question is whether the RNC really is treating Trump “unfairly,” as he’s claimed. And the answer is: perhaps. The last two Republican debates have been colored by crowds transparently pro-establishment; as it turns out, Trump was right when he said the audiences were padded with party people and donors.

The bigger question: If Trump were to run third-party, could he become the first candidate in history to win the general election without the support of a major platform? As an independent, he could be more than just a spoiler; he could actually take down the whole thing. And if that seems implausible…well, who would have ever thought he would have gotten as far as he has? In this wild year, nothing is certain.

  1. Jeff Noncent says

    He is definitely out of control, now talking about lawsuit, is he out of his mind?

    1. trishae61 says

      Thank you Jeff, I am glad I am not the only one that thinks so!

      1. Jeff Noncent says

        After Trump said he might file a lawsuit against Ted Cruz, I lost all the respect for him

  2. Mys77 says

    Trump is an idiot, he is downright creepy and revolting. Nothing to stop Cruz from using the same tactic and run as an independent. There is no way that all the other candidates dropping out will side with nasty Trump, they will go to Cruz. Trump does not appeal to anyone but equally nasty, angry, complainers! The constipated look on Trump unfortunately is permanent!

  3. VirgoVince says

    Yep, it’s become open season on Donald Trump.
    The left and the right are determined to attack his policies, harm his businesses and, if possible, even keep him out of the debates.
    But they can’t silence him. And they sure can’t intimidate him.
    The harder they try, the more the PUBLIC WILL realize that he’s the ONE TELLING THE TRUTH.

    1. Tiger says

      You can fool some of the people some of the time but millions of us who were on his side are not anymore. Don’t tell me how much you love my country then, with the most important election in our history tell me you might split the vote. Knowing full well that is a win for the Socialist party.

      By the way don’t talk just like a Rabid Liberal blaming Bush for 9/11 and forgetting the Iranian Revolution in 79 and Clinton’s mistakes for not taking out bin Laden.

      Sorry he is not my man anymore. I am thankful for the taboos he has made people speak of but I no longer want him as President.

    2. UberUnderdog says

      Not about Ted Cruz, he’s not. Trump is lying his butt off about Cruz.

    3. helensatmary says

      I do not know about him telling the truth but I will say he has a really big, big, big, big MOUTH!
      He should pay a bit more attention to what comes out of it.

  4. jscarano7 says

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  5. Barbara Harris says

    I believe everything Mr. Trump has said thus far and will probably believe everything he says from now until the end…he is a truthsayer. I compliment him on his truthfulness and appreciate all he has told us. We now know he is an honest man and is to be trusted. I’m sure there have been plenty of folks looking into his background and so far nothing has surfaced which proves my point. How wonderful to be able to trust a president again!!!!

    1. Jayjay1963 says

      I doubt if you’ll find “truth” and “Mr. Trump” in the same county. Are you THAT naive??

      1. Tiger says

        I might be mistaken but her post can be taken two ways, sarcasm or she feels this.

        Can’t decide which it is.

    2. UberUnderdog says

      Barbara, Trump has a few good points, and I have never minded the “attitude”. But he is lying his face off about Ted Cruz. Completely and absolutely lying about Cruz. Cruz isn’t perfect, but he is not guilty of any of the stuff Trump or Rubio said about him, nor of the accusation that he is a liar. Ted Cruz is one of the most honest, decent men around.

      1. Tedski says

        Bull Shjt

        1. UberUnderdog says

          Sorry Tedski, Cruz IS a good guy. The cr@p that has been slung at him came from somebody else.

      2. laulau says

        You haven’t been paying attention. Every day, Cruz says in reports that Trump will destroy the second amendment. Lie!. Trump is a member of the NRA, and carries, so Cruz is trying to put fear in people. He says Trump likes Obamacare..Lie…Trump will get rid of Obamacare. Every time Cruz opens his mouth, he lies about Trump. Pathetic man who wants to be a leader. Cruz says that Trump bulldozed an old womans home for a parking lot. Lie..The house is still there. Trump offered her lots of money, but she didn’t want to sell. Cruz is a liar.

    3. John E Strom Jr. says

      Good for you, Barbara. THAT is why they hate him. They can’t control him and he doesn’t need them.

    4. helensatmary says

      He would not recognize the truth if you spelled it out for him. He is an atheist trying to make people believe he is a Christian and a democrat trying to make people think he has become a Republican. He is a fool, a braggadocio, and a big mouth but that is all he is!!!

  6. DOC says

    Keep up the You Rep. are beating up so bad it is hard to see who to vote for. good work.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      You twerp democrats have so many Marxists running, how can you possibly choose?

      1. DOC says

        And what are you? You have so many names for other people.

  7. Richard Hennessy says

    Trump should just admit he’s a Democrat. He’s doing everything he can to put a Democrat in the White House.

    1. Sharon Green says

      How stupid are you ? If that was the case he would just run as a democrat ! Hillary is wounded and she is ahead because she doen;t have any one running against her.Berny is a dreamer. America is not going his way, trust me.!

      1. jug says

        Trump would/could have ran on the demo party!
        He has been a progressive demo for the past 40 years!
        And the old leopard cant change his spots!
        So we now have 3 demos running, two on the demo ticket and one on the republican ticket!

        And Trump likely would have run on the demo, BUT, he didnt want to be the one, who took his good friends wife down, from her own party yet! He spent over two hours on the phone with Bill Clinton, the night before he switched from demo to repub.

        I am with Dakota Meyer, the medal of honor winner, supporting Ted Cruz, the only truely honest candidate out there!

        (Trump sure learned that old demo tatict well, you know, accuse your opponent of doing the EXACT THING), that you are actually doing youself!)
        And the sad thing is, it looks like the FOOLS are falling for it AGAIN!

  8. Eddie says

    Donald Trump is a phony, who is only good at hurling obscenities, throwing Trumper Tantrums like a 5-year old when he doesn’t get his way, and trying to seize the property of elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” to get a parking place for his limos. This is a conservative? TED CRUZ is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President. Trump is a bully who will attack anyone and everyone who stands in his way.

    1. Sharon Green says

      Sorry but Cruz is a liar and a flip flopper and will do anything to win !!!!! He is also very weak on immigration. Personally, I want America like it was when I grew up in this country.!!

      1. Swampfox1965 says

        Your “want” will not be fulfilled with Trump as president.

      2. UberUnderdog says

        Cruz has grown up in Texas since he was 3. Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh both attest to Ted Cruz’s honesty of character, as does every one who knows him. He has been exonerated in every one of the false accusations that has been hurled at him. He is also the strongest on immigration of any candidate we’ve seen in decades, and he is on every cr@p list of every crooked establishment Republican and every Democr@p in Washington, which speaks volumes to me about his willingness to fight for what’s right. Trump is way off in space on attacking Cruz. When he attacks Cruz, he attacks genuine Constitutional conservatives, and we don’t need more of that.

        1. laulau says

          Your conservative is a liar and is trying to lie his way to the top. That’s why none of his fellow senators like him. He cant even get his daughter to hug him. Something wrong with that family. He should be called out every time he lies.

          1. UberUnderdog says

            Prove it, laulau. Prove that Cruz lied—-about anything, but especially about what Trump is accusing him of. “None” of Cruz’s fellow senators like him (some do) because he exposed most of them for being walking human swirlies. And they deserved it. Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have proven over and over with hard evidence that the cr@p that Cruz has been accused of lying about was actually one of Cruz’s opponents lying about HIM, or lying about the particular issue Cruz was calling THEM out on.

            I was just fine with Trump and all his sass and attitude—I am willing to allow the man room to grow—he certainly needs it—to grow out of all his lifelong liberal positions, AND to just grow up. I didn’t care about that as much, and I will still vote for him if he gets the nomination, because even if he gets only 30% of the presidency RIGHT, that is about 80% more than Hitlery or CommieBernie or Foot-In-Mouth Biden or Pocohontas Warren would EVER get right.

            But Trump has no business cr@pping on a proven Constitutional conservative warrior and an honest decent guy like Cruz. He may look like Grampa Munster without the makeup but who cares? There’s nothing wrong with him OR his family. And if Cruz calls out Trump on a substantive issue, Trump should simply respond that that isn’t his position anymore—not accuse Cruz of lying—which is an absolutely false accusation.

          2. laulau says

            Trump has said over and over that he is a member of the NRA and carries a gun, and Cruz keeps saying that Trump will take your guns away…LIE…. Cruz says that Trump likes Obamacare, and Trump has said that he will get rid of Obamacare….LIE… Cruz is saying that Trump likes partial birth abortion. Trump says he is against abortion, but would support Planned Parenthood medical division….LIE. Cruz repeats these lies daily by phone or interview. He is a liar, and a cheat, when he stole Carsons votes. If he were a man, he would give Carson some of his delegates..but no…

          3. helensatmary says

            Why??? Because the LYING Trump said so…..The liar and real democrat on the stage is Donald J Trump!!!

        2. helensatmary says

          WELL SAID!!!!!

        3. keepyourpower says

          Why did he vote to give the people’s power to Obama, when it comes to treaties, then?

    2. laulau says

      Listening to the liar Cruz again? The lady that owned the house that Trump wanted got her way, and the house is still there. I have seen pictures of it. Cruz lies every time he opens his mouth. The woman was offered three times the value of her property. Trump didn’t want to just take it without paying, like Cruz the liar is saying..

      1. helensatmary says

        Trump is will to take away a old womans HOME. That is what it is to her….to Trump it is money to fill his pockets. He does not care whose life of home he destroys as long as it puts another dollar in his hands. He is a scumbag of all scumbags. Private emminant domain is actually defrauding the public. The only need fro emminant doman is for road and bridges which are for the greater good, or should I say NEED, of the public.

        1. laulau says

          Trump offered her more than the home was worth but she didn’t want to sell, so the house is still there.. Bush used private imminent domain for a baseball field and got it.

    3. keepyourpower says

      Not the only Conservative, Eddie. But unethical..yes that is Cruz and Rubio.

  9. Joanne says

    Trump does not belong in the republican party, just the way he trashes all the candidates especially when he went after a president saying they knew there were no WMD, how does Trump know that?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Trump is not a team player.
      He cannot work well with outhers.
      He fall in the category of the DSM-5 disroder titled Antisocial Personality DIsorder

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Ah, the left wing bible thumper from Alaska. Has anyone heard of a left wing bible thumper? Does such an unfortunate creature exist? We have our very own in AKLADY. Who ain’t no lady.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says

        No real leader IS a team player, you fool. Being president is making tough calls all alone and that is NOT a team sport.

    2. Tiger says

      Israel bombed Iraq nuke site near Baghdad after Hussein bombed Israel. Hussein killed 150,000 Kurd with Chemicals. The Israeli told us that the Germans helped Iraqi move WMD to Syria. Now we see Assad used Chemicals on his people and now the Brits downrange hit with Chemicals. Where did they get them? In 2008 550 tons of yellow cake shipped from Iraq to Canada. In 2015 articles came out on the medical problems our troops having from dismantling weapons with chemical residue on them.

      When I served in this war I saw pictures, taken by our soldiers of the Palaces occupied by Hussein sons and how they were loaded with underground missile silos that were covered with dust that made our soldiers sick so we made the Iraqi remove them.

      I am sick and tired of Bush not standing up for himself and allowing all these loud mouthed Liberals to bash him over the years and continue this myth. Trump has lost my vote. He is either a stupid man who knows nothing about the declassified documents that clearly lay the blame of 9/11 on the shoulders of Carter and the Iranian Revolution he supported, then Clinton who allowed bin laden to live when bin had made a video warning that something big coming to America.

      Trump is a Liberal 100%. Loves imminent domain and wants healthcare for all.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Sorry, but Trump is NOT a politician nor is he a liberal. He’s a businessman and real estate developer.

        The Bush Crime Family is very similar to the Clinton Crime a Family. Both have amassed huge personal fortunes and have much to be held accountable for. Gulf One and Gulf Two were for Israel. WE made Saddam Hussein into a major military force – to get back at Iran seizing our embassy and the hostages. The old, “The enemy of my enemy is my brother” stupidity. So UsrEl complained, as they are always doing, and WE concocted this bull about WMD. Iraq got suckered into invading Kuwait – at one time Iraq’s 29th province, by a setup. Our ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie was asked what we would do if they, Iraq, took back their land. Supposedly she replied it was none of our concern. So Saddam Hussein took back their 29th province giving US the excuse to destroy their military. But all the time, skulking in the background was Israel. Do not be fooled by what you read in the media. Guess who OWNS the media.

        1. Tiger says

          And what has Trump acquired his wealth doing? Buying off politicians.

          Trump is not fit to kiss the feet of either Bush Sr. or Jr.

          BS BS and more BS.

          My God you people are so insane that I am through posting with you.

          You Israel haters won’t go anywhere but into the Hell you deserve.

          1. UberUnderdog says

            Amen to that, Tiger!

          2. Tiger says

            I hate the fact that he is not what I thought him to be. I wanted so desperately to believe but he is a liar.

          3. ringostarr1 says

            Will the real Donald Trump please stand up…. oh, here the Donald is, and friends and neighbors it’s not a pretty sight.

          4. Tiger says

            Raises questions.

          5. stan lee says

            That “Code Pink” endorsement was given about the same time Trump stated “Planned Parenthood” does good work. I’ve been a Republican since voting for Eisenhower. Organizations like Code Pink do not endorse Republicans, they hate Republicans. They’re a gang of Commies.

          6. Tiger says

            I know what they are. I am still studying Trump. I did find out he is not a One World or Global world backer. That he is not part of the Bilderberg Group like so many millionaires. He has been a bit of a rogue not playing the game.

            Troubling an endorsement by Code Pink and troubling he said PP does good works. Tells me so much he doesn’t know.

            I know this much the Muslim situation must be stopped and the Security of this country must be secured.

          7. stan lee says

            I too, have been analyzing what’s known of Trump. His threat to intimidate Ted Cruz by lawsuit causes me a question which I’ll preface:
            Trump has a reputation with involvement of law suits. He has been immersed in legal actions from divorces, pre-nuptuals,TV contracts, etc.,
            Now comes the talk at every opportunity,in any venue available, that he intends to sue Ted Cruz. His reasoning, at least superficially, is his (Trump’s) belief in constitutional law, therefore qualifications in running for President. His reasoning: Cruz cannot qualify, based upon citizenship issues of parents.
            That could be enough to a majority of people to credit Trump with pure patriotism. (Trump’s mother was born in Scotland)
            My question is the following: Why wasn’t he the same caring patriot concerning the still mysterious circumstances by which the Democrat Party swept Hillary Clinton aside, to replace her presidential run with Barack Obama? What about Barack Obama’s past (which is still closely guarded) qualifying him for the presidency of the United States? Trump was the same “patriot” then, he had access to a battery of lawyers, he has identified law professors at celebrated universities who are his friends and confidantes.
            Has Obama and his circumstances passed the presidential qualification test, but not Ted Cruz’s qualifications?
            I suggest that Trump is nothing like the patriot he states he is, for him it’s about emerging the victor, no matter what the contest. Now the issue is winning an election for which I believe is a title he seeks for his own gratification, and Cruz threatens that possibility.
            Trump cannot win a debate with Cruz, one on one. Not about The Constitution, nor government, and that is the area of interest for the presidency. Trump says he’s a “deal maker,” but being composed while dealing with China, Russia, powers of their magnitudes, are not “deals”, nor do they require such a “deal maker.” Here is where statesmanship is required, naked intimidation didn’t work for Kruschev, didn’t work with China or N.Korea. it won’t work for Trump.
            Still, that question exists; why did not a lawsuit powerhouse like Trump, not sue Obama and the Democrat Party for the real truth about Obama’s citizenship qualifications, parental and his own? Obviously, that issue wasn’t important to Trump, but the most prevalent threat to Trump’s hold of the polls is Cruz and that is driving Trump mad.

          8. Tiger says

            Excellent post and I also was so disappointed when he was on the Birther thing, promised so many revelations then backed off.

            I think something is afoot and amiss.

          9. stan lee says

            It feels like campaign time, 2007. It was scary then to realize there were so many “true believers” who were willing to gamble that Obama was the answer. All questions of his secret past were put aside, the public, fatigued from thinking, closed its eyes and voted, or didn’t vote at all.
            Now, a similar escape from reality is taking place. I dread seeing another “eyes wide-closed election!” Obama bombed the public with his kind of indoctrination, the public devoured it. Now, Trump has shaped a style to lionize himself, and it’s 2007 all over again. The old-time “snake-oil salesman” is back, and he aims to run our government in a “one-man show!” Obama considers our Constitution a triviality, and I really do believe Mr. Trump wouldn’t allow that Constitution to be a barrier to his will either.

          10. Tiger says

            Well spoken and gives me food for thought.

            I don’t know anymore. I really don’t. Something inside me says chuck it all and just live for today and that might work if not that I have children and they have children.

            I have a family history, one on my mothers’ side of dying, loss of fortune, time in Gulags and POW camps for fighting kings, queens and thus so I am haunted by my ancestors and they say fight. Fight to the death.

            This Republic, our country born from the ashes and sins of European monarchs, brought forth onto a new land and fought for, blood laden calls me.

            Even though a woman, not with the physical strength of a man, I can’t stop and let this happen.

          11. stan lee says

            You’ll never give up, I can feel it! “Even though a woman?” Women are the motivating force of love and caring, that sends men to feats of courage!.
            In a Field Hospital, probably at this moment, an American soldat is opening his eyes, clearing his thoughts enough to say “Mom.” And, her image will breathe the life into him to recover. Your ancestors had the “Right Stuff” and so do you.

          12. Tiger says

            When I went to this war, my daughter expecting her first child said: “Mother they need you more than me go.”

            I was 58 and so where so many over 50 as we loved these men, we treated them like our sons and thank you so much, thank you so very much for understanding.

            Thank you.

          13. stan lee says

            Kindly satisfy my curiosity; what airline were you using when your photo you display was taken? It seems to me that you brighten the entire seating area! Such a “Tiger!” ! believe we are kindred souls. Da?

          14. keepyourpower says

            Tiger, you and I have not seen eye to eye, in the past..but I would like to thank you for your service, and your love of Israel. So glad you see the light, about Trump.

          15. Tiger says

            Thank you so much. He concerns me sadly so.

          16. ringostarr1 says

            Tiger, here is how Herr Trumpet lost a big chunk of his Papa’s fortune, after inflation is figured in or is it taken out?


            A little Redneck Biker Rock tells the whole Trump story.

          17. Tiger says

            LOLOLOLOL thanks.

          18. 67N20 Army says

            ALL of the Bush`s (Schiff) are “TRAITORS to America” !!!

          19. Tiger says

            You would have a very difficult time proving that.

            I think you should put that hate where it would do the most good, towards the biggest Benedict Arnold in the history of our country, Barack Hussein Obama.

          20. 67N20 Army says

            “I”,,, Don`t have to “PROVE anything !!! If people would just simply “Research”,, The information is open for “FOIA” !! GW`s grandfathers were “Traitors & Evil sexual ritual deviants !! do some research !!
            I have no HATE for “anyone” so you can put that where the sun doesn`t shine!! And Barry Soetoro Is not a “Benedict Arnold”,, Benedict was at the very least,,,, “An American Citizen” !! Barry is an “Indonesian Citizen” !! Selected & placed in the position he`s in to do exactly what he`s doing !!! “Destroying America”!!

          21. Tiger says

            OK and guess you don’t know about Benedict Arnold enough said.

            I will agree O knows what he is doing and he is on the final run.

          22. Tiger says

            Now you can put your head back where the sun doesn’t shine that seems to be where you keep it and come up with this stuff, crap.

          23. John E Strom Jr. says

            No, Tiger, Donald Trump is a builder and developer. He is also a successful businessman. Had you a bit of experience (and less venom) you would know that takes a lot of courage since you have to deal with politicians and bureaucrats.

            We’re glad you’re through posting for us. Didn’t know you were but thanks. Don’t let the door hit you on the rear end as you depart. Adios

          24. Tiger says

            John you show the same intolerance of those who don’t run with your pack that the Rabid Liberals do.

            It is no loss to me that you and others are overly vicious to me, not my first rodeo disagreeing with people. I will not be bullied into doing anything.

            I am well educated, my grandfather was a Consul and I have been around politicians all my life. My grandfather was big in politics and entertained people from all over the world. I was so lucky to spend Summers with him and to meet so many people.

            I am well aware of Trumps triumphs and who he is. I will make my decisions without any help from the likes of you.

            I believe the door has already hit you in the head long ago. Us? Posting to us? LOLOLOL we in Grade School again? I never did run with a pack.

          25. John E Strom Jr. says

            I was taught by those very same intolerant liberals. You either fight them or get run over by them. The filth on the left is out to destroy America with their leftist multiculturism which is a load of manure. Just letting them know this isn’t their country quite yet – even though Justice Scalia’s death was probably murder. And top of the list would be THE major beneficiary, our Muslim president. But this hit was VERY sophisticated so Hillary relied on her old pal, Sidney Blumenthal to get the job done. With 91 unexplained deaths under her belt (do a Google search which includes names, ages and their contact with the Clintons)

            You can vote for whomever you like. That is your right – but what relevance that your grand father was a consul?

            You’re absolutely right. I have NO tolerance for liberals. I view most as gutless, back stabbing skunks and NOT areal Americans. I view ALL of the illegals as opportunistic invaders. We are a nation of immigrants. But LEGAL immigrants NOT a illegal. What kind of a citizen make that came here illegally and lives a lie? We have over 30 MILLION invaders here. At a cost of about $15,000 per illegal, how much I’d that? Try $450 BILLION. EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

            America needs patriots not ILLEGALS AND NOT pussies .

          26. Robert Morzenti says

            I believe you just put him in his place…and I believe I read in one of your comments that you were in Iraq and want to thank you for your service…Semper-Fi

          27. Tiger says

            Thank you my fellow soldier and for being one of our countries best. My stepfather a Marine, once a Marine always a Marine. ;p

            Served in Shield/Storm and this war. Served in Landstuhl, Germany from 2003 to 2004 I am an only child, they wouldn’t send me downrange.

          28. Tiger says


            Here is what we did in 2003, we also set-up DWMMC I was part of that also. Worked ICU, RR 6 months, then DWMMC 6 months and the last 3 months responsible for the Daily Pentagon Report to General Granger Euro Command.

          29. Robert Morzenti says

            It’s always good to hear from other veterans on here and I do appreciate their service…Thank you for yours…

          30. Tiger says

            Ahhhhh so very welcome and you also.

            It isn’t easy these days is it Robert?

            Just a melee.

          31. Robert Morzenti says

            That’s for sure….but everything should get better when that thing in the white house is gone…and if trump gets in it’ll remain the same because he’s a big baby and a know it all…hopefully it isn’t to late to save America because a lot of damage has been done…and if the republicans don’t get some guts America will never be the same…you take care and hope to hear from you again…

          32. Robert Morzenti says

            I believe your the one that’s glad she’s done posting because she sure knows what she’s talking about and puts you in your place…and she’s a veteran besides and deserves more respect then you give her…you should be thanking her for her service instead of trying to insult her…Semper-Fi to you Tiger..

          33. John E Strom Jr. says

            Well, dickhead I’M A VETERAN AS WELL. Four years USMC active duty.

          34. Robert Morzenti says

            Why don’t you grow up and act like a Marine if you are one like you claim…In the Corps we were taught manners and to respect fellow service members…you must have been asleep during that class…in the Corps we they taught us honor and you sir have none…your either just a wannabe Marine or a dishonorably discharged one which ever I don’t care…what I do care is your disgracing the honorable Marines that served and are serving now…GROW UP little man…

          35. John E Strom Jr. says

            Well, dipstick, you just advised us you served in the Corps. So what. Don’t play tough guy and try to bully those you disagree with. See, there you go again, “Grow up little man”? You are not much of a man. For what it’s worth, E-4 in less than three years, recommended for re-enlistment, Honorable Discharge. Was offered both NAVCAD and MARCAD. Since I doubt you know what THOSE acronyms stand for, let me help. Naval Aviation Cadet and Marine Aviation Cadet. How about you? A grunt?

          36. Robert Morzenti says

            There you go bragging again…I’m not a tough guy, just a Marine that respects people and other military veterans…you, you don’t even respect Marines by thinking your better then other Marines with a different MOS ( if you know what that means) then you claim you had and brag about who or what you could have been…I guess that’s why you don’t respect women that have served either….So don’t call yourself a Marine when your not even a man but a child thinking your better then everyone else…as I said, grow up already!

          37. John E Strom Jr. says

            You could have fooled me with your thinly veiled threat. Telling me you’re going to pay me a visit?
            Not impressive for a Marine of any rank or time in grade – except a boot.

            I respect the Marine Corps but some Marines I do NOT respect – like former Connecticut AG and current US Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former Marine, who made the comment when running for the US senate, “When I was in Vietnam…..” The prick NEVER was in Vietnam. Indeed, this brave Marine Lieutenant was in New York City or Washington DC doing hand-to-hand combat at Toys For Tots. I have zero respect for THAT sleazy politician. One of my heroes? General Chesty Puller who I had the honor to meet. Another, but US Army, George S Patton.

            Do I know what MOS means? Duh. Isn’t that Military Occupation Specialty?

          38. Robert Morzenti says

            Not only are you a racist and a phony you can’t read…I didn’t say I was going to pay you a visit I said I’d like to discuss this with you in person…that doesn’t sound threatening to me but it might to someone who hasn’t yet grown up…there you go again running down former Marines and bragging about who you know and met…Chesty Puller, a legend would have a problem with the way you disrespect Marines seeing he was a Grunt and you making yourself sound better than a grunt because you were in the air wing…You should also learn that every veteran should be respected for their service no matter if they were in country or not…they all did their duty and not everyone has the honor of serving in combat or in country as they say…every veteran does their job no matter what job they hold because there all important and give support too the mission…Grow up and act like a Marine if you really were one and start respecting all veterans and not just yourself…I believe you may be bright enough to know what I’m talking about…if you do there may be some hope for you yet and if not it doesn’t pay to try and make you understand…I don’t like wasting time on someone that doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong when they know they are it doesn’t pay to keep trying…Semper-Fi if you really are a former Marine and welcome home if you really are a Vietnam Veteran….65-67…if not either, fuck off…

          39. John E Strom Jr. says

            Fuck off asshole. Being polite to a Neanderthal like you is a waste of time.

          40. Robert Morzenti says

            Just as I thought you are a loser and a wannabe and can’t except the truth because the truth really hurts doesn’t it….Hahaha….

          41. Bob666 says

            Little Johnny is a middle aged girly man living in his mother’s basement.

          42. Bonnie Cruickshank says

            My whole family served in the Marines sir, and you sure don’t act like a Marine to me either. Only difference is mine served for over 20 years each, from Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Desert Storm. We have been in them all, receiving numerous metals for bravery. We have dedicated our lives to serving this country and none of us are planning on having Trump finish off what Obama has started, which is completely destroying this country with silly, temper tantrums. I am proud of my family of Marines. I don’t understand how you could have served and still be so inconsiderate of other people. You attitude shows me you learned nothing by serving only 4 years. Semper Fi.

          43. Bob666 says
          44. Bob666 says
          45. keepyourpower says

            Remember the “useful idiots” of Obama? The same with Trump’s group. Another set of “useful idiots” swooning, at every word of Trump’s. Both men…narcissists…and know how to manipulate the people. They are so blinded by their hate, and anger..that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

          46. Tiger says

            Appears “Anger” is the underlying current in most everything today. Sad and I have to take time out to smell the roses and the fresh air daily.

            Personally, my friend I believe the only thing between us and a total upheaval of this entire world is “Divine Intervention.” I pray daily for it. Remember when the British attempted to burn Washington down and winds, rain and many tornado rained down on them and ran them off? That is what we need. We need a good major wind to blow out all the bad in Washington.

          47. keepyourpower says

            Yep. We are praying, believe me. Too bad there are so many narcissists and atheists in this nation. And Christians who refuse to vote.

          48. Tiger says

            They will pay a sad price for not doing so.

        2. John Beam says

          Trump is the worst form of crony capitalists imaginable. He is PART of the problem in this country, because he’s in the very camp as the ESTABLISHMENT. He DEALS with the Devil.

        3. keepyourpower says

          John, are you aware that Trump has been in business with the 2 largest Crime families in NYC? Are you aware that he is a friend of Epstein, who flew little girls on his jets, to have sex with them? Are you aware that the buddies, Bill Clinton, and Trump, flew on that same jet, many times? Are you aware that Trump said that he and Epstein have been friends, for over 13 years..back in 2002..and that he called him a terrific guy? Did you know that Trump said that he loves beautiful women, and that Epstein did too..but he liked them young..very young? So, that should tell you that Trump was aware, of what was going on, on that jet..and could it not be possible, that Trump also used those girls? Hey..he was on the jet..many was Bill Clinton! Just saying!

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Get your facts straight. It was BILL CLINTON who flew to convicted pedophile Epstein’s island to have sex with under aged girls. Your post could earn you a HUGE lawsuit for libel and / or slander.

            And it was ambulance chasing shyster Alan Dershowitz and one of the British Royals on that flight, NOT Donald Trump. Keep spreading THAT around and soon you will hear a knock on your door. That will be a process server serving notice that YOU are being sued. You need to do some research – damned fast – and drop that line. In fact, you would be wise to do a mea culpa on this thread. It’s your ass but your online ID is easy to track.

          2. keepyourpower says

            Trump did too. YOU need to check YOUR facts.

          3. keepyourpower says

            Trump may not have flown with Clinton..but he was very good friends with Epstein giving him glowing remarks.

            [Whether Trump invokes the scandal in an attempt to spur questions about Clinton’s association with Epstein, may depend on his own history, with the wealthy investor. In a New York Magazine article in 2002, Trump boasted of his friendship with Epstein: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy.”

            “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life,” he told the magazine.]
            Just him knowing what this guy did, with very young girls, and not speaking out about it…should tell you he has no morals.

            And WHO wants a First Lady who posed nude on
            Trump’s jet for GQ?

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            In 2002 Jeffery Epstein had NOT been charged yet. That was in 2005 and he was released in 2010. As a multi-billionaire isn’t it reasonable he, Trump, would know most other super wealthy people in the New York area?

            Do you know the idiosyncrasies of all of YOUR friends and associates? Most of us don’t. So to accuse Trump of paling around with Epstein is absurd. I doubt Trump pals around with anyone – he’s a pretty busy guy.

          5. keepyourpower says

            He did pal around with the Clintons. know what this guy was doing…by his own statement…it is immoral not to turn him in to the Police.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            Trump knew the Clintons socially. That’s it. When you’re a builder, developer, businessman you deal with all sorts. Doesn’t mean you agree with them or like them. I don’t see Donald Trump palling around with anybody. He’s a pretty private person and not one to go bar hopping. With anyone. I do feel (a tiny bit) for Bill Clinton. He IS a party animal but he’s Phuked. He can’t go out chasing tail and drinking with his buddies anymore. Lucky for HIM Hillary doesn’t care so long as it doesn’t harm her run at the White House. And she DOES have Huma to please her these days. So Bill is reduced to the Lolita Express or the US Secret Service aka the Pimps to the President. What’s a cockhound like Bill to do? Hehehehehe.

            And most unkind cut of all, that damned Judge that I appointed, made me submit to having MY PECKER photographed to prove I lied through my teeth about telling that young trailer trash tail to just suck it. AND I get charged with PERJURY AND have my PECKER immortalized? But judge, Hillary BIT it when I told HER to suck on it too. I ain’t NEVER going to ask HER again. That HURT, dammit, and now my PECKER has a leftward deviation from the norm. Life’s cruel.

          7. keepyourpower says

            It says in the article Trump did fly with Epstein. I gave you the link to the article. I also suggest you read the article on Trump with the words Hide your Women, in the title on conservativehq. Very enlighting and can be proven..because video and audio on line is there for eternity.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Then vote for Hillary. Nobody cares.

            Apparently YOU are trying to tarnish his reputation for whatever reason. Be very careful.

            I saw several names on the flight manifest. They (the flight manifests) are matters of public record. I certainly did not see all of them but I didn’t send Trump’s name on any. As I said before, I saw Bill Clinton’s name, Alan Dershowitz’s name and Prince Andrews name (and a few others) on the flight manifest. Not Trump. And none of the girls has implicated Trump as having forced them to have sex.

            Frankly, I don’t care. We need the government out of our business – including sex. They’re into EVERYTHING. Every one of us has broken some damned law each day ang the government decides who they want to crush next.

        4. Robb55 says

          Trump is a privileged, spoiled crybaby, megalomaniac. I think it’s a riot that you accuse AKLADY of being a liberal while posing as…what, a conservative? Trump was and probably still is a liberal.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Oh? What do you REALLY know about him? Other than what’s printed in the New York rags? And you believe that crap? They write it to sell papers to people without a life. He’s NEVER held public office and he doesn’t go around giving political doe aches. So I’m amazed how You think You know him. You’re just jealous of him and you know it.

            As for “AKLADY”, she’s the one constantly hitting us with biblical quotes and she’s clearly a leftist. I guess this liberal “babe” hasn’t heard or doesn’t remember, “He who is without sin, let Him cast the first stone.”

          2. Robert Morzenti says

            Where do you get your information if not from the news…it would be nice to see your source…

        5. stan lee says

          Why guess? How about you telling us? ‘Sounds like you have the info.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Need I repeat? Donald Trump is NOT a politician and he has never held public office. Those are facts easily verified. He is also NOT funding his campaign using taxpayer money. While I gave no proof of this I’ll guarantee if he WAS taking taxpayer money and lied about it, that fact would be in every newspaper in the world.

            If you are a builder or developer your project is controlled by bureaucrats who can make your life easy or VERY hard. It pays to be pleasant and get along with everybody. You’re going to hold THAT against him?

            If you can find any real facts that contradict whatbI’ve posted let me know. Again, facts not blather.

          2. stan lee says

            No, you need not repeat. I wouldn’t bother examining for a contradiction, it doesn’t matter at all.

        6. Robert Morzenti says

          You know it’s getting sickening reading your comments about how great trump is…get your head out of the sand and wake up to what’s going on around you…trump is a bully and a baby and can’t take the heat which he’s proved himself…get over it already because I don’t see many comment agreeing with you…

      2. Karen says

        agree..Tiger..apparently Trump did not have time to read the New York Times even tho he is from New York that stated that WMD’s were found in Iraq..and everyone knows that a lot of them were moved to Syria and or hidden..good lord..even the UN stated that they had pictures of the WMD’s..and then we gave Iraq close to a year to hide and or move them..

        1. Tiger says

          I am thinking since Trump went down this road and then now threatening to go third party, knowing it would split the vote and a win for the bad guys, is he a plant all along. To make sure O’s agenda complete.

          Stranger things have happened and I know so many like me refuse to split the vote, are begging people not to do that and will vote for the Republican regardless.

          1. Robb55 says

            He would more than likely lose if he goes third party due to the Sore Loser Laws in 47 states. All he would do is hand the election to Hillary Clinton.

          2. ringostarr1 says

            That is Donald Trump’s intentions all along, to make the World safe for Trump by helping to elect Mrs. 400,000 dollars for a 1/4 hour Speech Hillary.

          3. Tiger says

            That is the way I see it.

        2. stan lee says

          There’s plenty Trump doesn’t know. He’s “winging” his political effort, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done it with bluster, threats, and lies.
          He has said he’s been friends with the Clintons, we’ve seen the wedding photos. This guy is in tight with the Clintons, very tight.

      3. stan lee says

        Tiger: One correction for the record: Saddam had Russian coaching and material assistance (not German) before we moved on Baghdad. Only a few days before we arrived in Baghdad, it was a Russian truck convoy that evacuated Russian scientific personnel, all Russian chemical expertise, and its embassy personnel, to Syria. Those trucks convoys moving north to the Bekaa Valley were spotted by Israeli F-15’s flying recon. missions. It was reported to us.
        Darn right, Saddam had WMD’s and we know he used them on his own citizens, Kurds and Shiites, and Iran when he fought them.

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you for the correction I also know the German’s built Hussein underground palaces and the reason France and Germany and others bucked this war was due to juicy contracts for oil.


          1. stan lee says

            That’s only because I’m keeping an eye on you! :):) You mention France and Germany, both of whom seem to do nothing right anymore. France elected a Socialist, Germaniya::Angela Merkel was born and raised in German People’s Democratic Republic, an elaborate name for East Germany which was very Communist (talk about Gulags and the Stazi, right?) However, between France and Germany and their selfish interests for energy, they are still Vladimir Putin’s customers!
            Mr. Putin can smile about them and oil as he feeds himself his borsch., pass the smetana please. :):)

          2. Tiger says

            Well I consider it an honor that someone like you keeps and eye on me.

            Wiley I am so stay alert.

          3. stan lee says

            I can’t say that of myself, but it’s a deal! :):)

    3. John E Strom Jr. says

      Joanne, we have a bunch of girly men in the republican Party. The war against Iraqbwas NOT about WMDs. It was FOR Israel. So wad the second Gulf War. We, America, are their loyal lapdogs. I don’t like seeing Americans dying for Jews. Let THEM die if they want tokens war on their neighbors. But too many of our politicians want that AIPAC money. And sell America out to get it.

    4. laulau says

      Bush knew there were no WMD’s because had he known there were some, he would have gone directly to them and gotten them or destroyed them. Therefore, he didn’t know that. A General that worked closely with Bush told reporters that Bush wanted to go after Saddam from day one because Saddam had put a price on Bush Seniors head previously. I saw it on TV. Bush knew.

      1. keepyourpower says

        Then what were in those trucks..the camouflaged trucks, that I watched cross the desert, to Syria, for weeks…saw it on TV. Even then, I asked…Why is the UN taking so long, to check out this story, about WMD’s? Why are they letting them leave Iraq? The UN waited 6 weeks to do what they were supposed to do.

        Then..the Syrian army was using WMD’s against the Rebels, and their own people. Pictures were posted on line, of the words stamped on the canisters. Guess where they came from?….ta da….Syria!

    5. Patti1947 says

      I agree. Trump has gone way over the line so many times but calling Bush a liar and directly blaming him for 9/11 really did it for me. Has anyone considered Trump is a plant by the democratic party to make us loose the election? Remember Trump has only being a republican for a short while and was a democrat his whole life. THINK……

      1. ringostarr1 says

        I have been posting about that all year.

    6. John E Strom Jr. says

      Joanne, the term WMD morphed many times. It started off as nukes, which they never had. To keep the story line WMDs be came/included chemical weapons. NEITHER OF THOSE was ever used against us. They probably used them against the Kurds. But it didn’t matter – those were story lines.

      We destroyed Iraq’s military and, later, Saddam Hussein for ISRAEL. Not for the oil, not because GWB wanted to finish what GHWB started. Israel feared Iraq (the Israelis are fearsome fighters – fighting unarmed women and children) so we destroyed Saddam by suckering him into taking BACK Kuwaitmwhichn use to be Iraq’s 29th province. Do a bit of research on America’s ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie. She was used to set Saddam Hussein up. GWB was and is a scoundrel (I use to support him and twice voted for him). The two gulf wars (yep, supported them and Vietnam as well) were America at its worst. Look at who runs our country – even with Obama – it’s the money changers of BIG banking and Wall Street and organizations like AIPAC a who bribe our lawmakers.

  10. rayhause says

    Why in the hell don’t you show us your guts and file that suit against Cruz, further you keep threatening the party that you are getting your feelings hurt and you just might break your pledge. Listen Trump, fulfill your threat and break that pledge. I’m getting sick and tired of all your BS, move on and when you do take some of your crossover Democrats with you, they certainly are not principled TP Conservatives.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Rubio is the worst type of liar.
      He falsely claimed that his parents were refugees from Castro.
      He did that to gain an edge in a Florida election.

      1. rayhause says

        AKLady–I’m convinced you have no knowledge to Trump’s past or if you do know are in complete denial. If you are a TP Conservative you have to know that Trump doesn’t fit not one of the principles that we built the last few elections on. Everything that is coming out from Trump is his willingness to sue Cruz for lying or he intends on abandoning his loyalty to our party. This would be my wishes from Trump, stop you threats and lets see that action. When you form your 3rd Party, please take everyone of those crossover Democrats with you and let them find out the hard way they have been scammed.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Ignore libTURDS like AKClady. If Jesus Christ himself was running as a Republican, AKC would spew lies about our Savior too!

  11. rayhause says

    As much as I disagree with Rubio and those of you who doesn’t agree with Cruz, well I honestly feel it is time that those two get together and the rest of the candidates drop out and endorse them, we can then send that Democrat back to where he should be.

  12. AKLady2015 says

    The so-called conservative right has absolutely nothing to offer.

    1. UberUnderdog says

      Apparently neither do you.

  13. Swampfox1965 says

    “Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual,” Trump wrote.

    A world class case of a pot calling a kettle black.

    I can’t recall a candidate for president that has been more unstable, more radical and more disingenuous than Donald Trump. He has kissed up to and praised virtually every radical left wing political leader in recent history (Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons, for example), and now he wants us to believe he’s conservative?

    Gimme a break.

    And speaking of breaks, it now looks as if he will break his promise to support the eventual Republican presidential nominee. The man simply cannot be trusted.

    1. Heatherfmills3 says

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    2. Jayjay1963 says

      Well said, Fox. Let’s hope that more people wake up to Trump before he causes another Clinton presidency.
      I’m at a loss to understand how anybody believes this shyster. If they did just a bit of research they would not like what they found. He’s been a progressive Liberal all his life. He’s supported Democrat pols lavishly, saying that he was “just doing business”(aka bribery). And he’s been a lot less successful than he would have us believe.(Four bankruptcies-three failed magazines-a failed vodka-a failed cologne-Trump University being sued for fraud-abuser of eminent domain, etc.)
      I suspect that his liabilities are a lot higher than he would have us believe.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Another idiot who can’t read. Trump agreed IF fairly treated. I don’t think stacking the last debate for Jeb Bush conformed to the RNC treating Trump fairly. SCREW the two- faced weasels at the RNC.

        1. VanceJ says

          If you had a brain you would play with it.

          1. pmbalele says

            We are told Ted Cruz lied on his Senate application. Cruz wrote he was born and was from Delaware. That is a lie. But Texas people are so primitive; they did not want to vet him. They would have found he was born in Canada to a Spanish father.

          2. VanceJ says

            So flaming what ? he was born from an American Mother. he is 100% USA.
            quit with your Trump BS.!!!!

          3. kbfallon says

            This guys real name is: Doush W. Bag

          4. VanceJ says

            ok, whats yours buffoon ?

          5. ringostarr1 says

            And kbfallon’s brains all ran down his mother’s leg.

          6. pmbalele says

            Cruz should be in prison for lying he was from Delaware. He is from Toronto Canada.

          7. VanceJ says

            no idiot, he’s from his mother.

          8. pmbalele says

            This Country needs a president born on USA soil. Cruz was not. If you piss him off, he will go to Canada where he truly a citizen by birth. Lawyers have already file suit to block Cruz from campaigning further. And you are problem too. But also we are told he lied on Senate application that he was born and was from Delaware. This guy should report to prison. Cruz is taking advantage of you because you’re a Repub or TPs. People in these parties are usually dumb.

          9. VanceJ says

            BS !!! you are completely around the bend. all rumors and innuendo from wackos.
            do just a little research on your own. Not this wacko garbage.!!!!

          10. ringostarr1 says

            More proof that Donald Trump is a Democrat Party Plant. He is suit happy. SLAPP is a political strategy used by the Left Wing. SLAPP stands for Suit at Law Against Political Participation.

          11. Cristina Ortt says

            Yes, we need a president born in the USA, the two Cubans are not citizens get your Constitution dusted and read it, if you have one.

          12. kbfallon says

            Have you forgotten you have Alzheimers again?

          13. VanceJ says

            you wish.

          14. John E Strom Jr. says

            So you don’t deny what Trump said. Good. Now piss off like a good chap, VanceJ.

        2. Jayjay1963 says

          The debate was NOT stacked! And for the information of those who think that Trump is the “answer”, he LOSES in every poll to Clinton.
          You might have noticed that the general election polls are the only ones that Trump ignores. His ego can’t accept that he’s not universally loved.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Read the second to last paragraph. The author seems to disagree. Plus, all you need do is see WHO got the lion’s share. It was the ESTABLISHMENT. If you’re going to sling your BS make sure your post can’t be so easily proved a lie. Again, read the SECOND TO LAST PARAGRAPH. If you’re able.

            Virtually EVERY Apollo is done by a liberal organization. In fact name one that isn’t. And who PAID FOR THAT POLL? Somebody did and there is usually an agenda. The left “guides” us to the loser THEY want us to pick. Remember when John “war hero” McCain was THE only Republican who could beat Obama? So we, stupidly, voted for that horse’s ass and he got slaughtered. Make no mistake, the RNC and the media WANT zTonbeto be king makers. Gives them leverage. The people are TIRED of dipshit loser candidates and TIRED zoo being led by our noses. WE DECIDE who we will vote for and Trump is the clear favorite. And Hillary’s campaign is on life support. Likely she will be replaced by Joe Biden and likely Zbloomberg, thinking HE has it in the bag with HIS $ Billions so it will likely be at least a three way and very possibly four way race. I think (and hope) Trump wins. Or goodbye America.

          2. Jayjay1963 says

            Sheer volume, unfortunately, does not translate into facts.
            Trump is the ONLY Republican who loses to Hillary in most recent polls. I admire how steadfast you Trump supporters are. But is it stubbornness or blindness?
            I don’t know where you read that “McCain was the only Republican who could beat Obama”. I don’t recall that ever being said. It was going to be a hard one to win no matter who the candidate was, and the Wall St. collapse would have doomed anyone. Who do YOU think might have won in ’08??
            Nice of you to speak for “we, the people” though. Unfortunately for you Trumpsters, most of us are able to see who he was rather than who he says he is.(See latest Cruz ad on Trump’s “pro-choice” interview with Russert, circa 1998)

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            So you actually BELIEVE those polls. Wow, are YOU naive. I suppose you believe everything you read in the newspapers or on the Internet too. There is a major effort by the DNC and the RNC to marginalized Trump. IF they succeed then they will take down Ted Cruz. Then MarcomRubio until,they get who THEY want – Jeb Bush. I’ve seen this same tactic used by the a Democrats and their media lackeys fir years. And they ALWAYS show the candidate we want in last place while THEIR choice for the Republican nominee always is “the only Republican” that can beat their Democrat. And dumb ass Republicans FALL FOR IT.

          4. Dfm says

            Interesting. If that’s true, then I suppose that they told Marco he could be the VP for Jeb. After all, Marco told us that they told him “It wasn’t his turn.” Their games are tiring. #TimeForTrump2016

          5. Dfm says

            Jeb could never beat Hill-Doggy. If it’s Jeb and Bernie, Jeb would win. I don’t want someone in the WH that is pliable (easily influenced). #Time4Trump 🙂

          6. ringostarr1 says

            A good example of how far Hillary and Bill will go to get back into public housing is available for the reading in Dfm’s post shown above. Senator Marco Rubio reliably defeats Hillary in poll after poll. Senator Rubio out polls Hillary by more than any other GOP candidate in the 2016 race. Dfm, you either have your last 2 initials reversed or else you are an employee of the Clinton for President Campaign Committee.

          7. ringostarr1 says

            It takes a dimwit to disbelieve a poll that makes his side look powerful while at the same time multiple polls show that his Emperor (Donald Trump in this case) is naked as a J bird. JESJ reminds me of the Wizard in “The Wizard of Oz.”

          8. stan lee says

            Since polls seem to be the key barometer to designate a future winner, the negative polling is barely mentioned, but it does exist. Donald Trump also maintains the highest percentages in the “negative poll.” His negatives exceed that of Hillary Clinton’s, even with her making of her own rules and regulations as Secretary of State and the Benghazi ordeal, and possible convictions for same.

          9. ringostarr1 says

            It is good that the Supreme Court disallowed IQ test for voters. Otherwise voters like John E. Storm Jr. would be SOL when he registered to vote.

          10. keepyourpower says

            The only candidate that can beat Hillary is Carson, according to past polls. NO one else came near. It is the skin color, and his faith, that will win over the Blacks. There are, at present, many Black radio advertisements, for Carson, and the person reading the advertisement is Black. Male and female. Carson is not stupid, by any means. And the Faithful like to vote, for the faithful. Whites love him too. The 85 year old white female, from Iowa, is on one of the commercials..telling the people how Cruz’s man, stood up, and told everyone at the Altoona precinct, that Carson was quitting. Candy Carson came in and saved the day.

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            I just did a Google search regarding the allocation of tickets for the debate. This is the first paragraph verbatim….

            “Greenville, South Carolina – The chairman of the local Republican party here confirmed to local television that 2016 front runner, billionaire Donald Trump’s concerns and those of his closest competitor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) with the Republican National Committee (RNC) allocation of debate audience tickets are well placed.”

            Another snippet….

            Sen. Lindsey Graham and Governor Nikki Haley were personally given scores of tickets. Both despise Donald Trump.

            There is a Hell of a lot more but suffice to say the RNC are liars, cheats AND backstabbers. If Trump launches a third party run I and tens of millions will support him. No one supports the RNC.

        3. Swampfox1965 says

          In your response to my post above, John, you opined that “It pays to be pleasant to EVERYBODY even those you may not like.” That bitter, ad hominem response seems to have been removed from the thread — probably because you didn’t heed your own advice.

          I would suggest to you that Trump’s failure to adhere to that maxim is one of the reasons he is now trailing Cruz nationally– at least in the latest Wall Street Journal / NBC poll.

          Politics is all about disagreement, John, but it is not necessary to be disagreeable in the process. “Be pleasant,” as you say. You might
          want to try it sometime.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’m not running for public office and have no reason to humor fools like you. You are a nothing to me and will remain so. That said, when turdblossoms such as you post lies and distortions I WILL comment as I see fit. One of the benefits of NOT running for public office. I think you have an agenda just as I think your symbiotic twin, Jayjay does.

            I think you are Hillarybsupporters and nothing I’ve seen either of you post has changed my mind. AND Zhou ONLY single out Trump by name while alluding to the others. How can Insay it – I don’t trust you or your motives and will challenge you if I Think you’re unfair.

          2. Swampfox1965 says

            I rest my case.

            Have a nice day, John.

          3. ringostarr1 says

            Politics is a blood sport. If Trump can’t take the licking and keep on ticking then it is better that we discover that personality flaw now, instead of when the Donald has his clumsy thumb on the Atomic Bomb Button.

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            The “Atomic Bomb Button” ringostarr1? It’s called the “nuclear” button. But we guessed what you meant.

            Not to worry about Donald a Trump. He even sent the leftist pope packing when THAT leftist opined America should build bridges NOT walls. Note the 20′ high walls around Vatican City and not ONE refugee or illegal resides there, but the pope is lecturing us? We have over 30 MILLION ringostarr1 and you’re helping pay for them. Cost? $15,000’per illegal per year. Taking American jobs.

            Wait until trump squares off against “The Bitch”. It will be fun watching THAT criminal try to dodge and weave. She’ll probably have a myocardial infarction and drop like a rock.

          5. ringostarr1 says

            The American voter got a good view of Donald Trump’s personality during the South Carolina debate. They didn’t like the picture that Trump portrayed, that of an incoherent blabbering loudmouth trying to shout louder than everyone else on the stage. I can well imagine that the Donald would start a Nuclear war with Putin because the Donald’s caviar was stale. Trump doesn’t deserve Secret Service protection, but he richly needs protecting from himself.

        4. Robert Morzenti says

          Trump is a two faced pussy that can’t take the heat…he sounds and acts like a little baby and should stay out of politics…he’d crumble under pressure just like the republicans do all the time…only problem is he’d not only cry about everything being unfair he’d pout when other countries got on his case or said something bad about him and take his marbles and go home…the big deal maker…what a joke…

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Pizz off like a good chap, Morzenti. What are you, Italian Mafia? Get stuffed

          2. Robert Morzenti says

            Now who’s the bully… if you want to discuss this in person I would really be happy to do that…maybe that way I could help you see the light…

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            Color me worried, jerkoff. You’re Just another Guinny thug. So, again, Morzenti, pizzoff.

          4. Robert Morzenti says

            You do all this writing on this site and your nothing but a racist…one day your going to eat the words you just wrote…some day some one just might look you up and explain to you what it means to run your mouth off…you can run but you can’t hide…it’s been fun knowing you…

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            Is that a threat goomba? As I said, Marine or no Marine, you’re a thug.

          6. Robert Morzenti says

            Not a threat…just telling you what life is about seeing as you don’t have much of one…A thug I am not, but a racist and name calling bully you are…grow up already little man and get a life…

          7. ringostarr1 says

            Well i guess seeing stars is the same as seeing the light. I’ll take two ring side tickets please..

          8. ringostarr1 says

            Why don’t you be a good chap JESJ and you and Trump go Tea Bag each other.

          9. ringostarr1 says

            But he will screw up his courage enough to sue Russia. The only trouble is who is going to serve Russia with the legal papers? You can bet your last Trump Casino Chip that the Donald won’t do it.

        5. keepyourpower says

          What a narcissist considers it always goes his way. No other way.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Well the author AGREED with Trump. So do millions of voters. M The debate WAS stacked and he WAS treated unfairly.

            And he’s going to win South Carolina and Nevade and Super Tuesday and the White House.

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        If you like the way things are going now then stay with the status quo. I’m willing to bet the USA won’t last another 10 years.

        But if you are willing to look into a future that might seem a little scary to you right now and see that we need a cowboy with his six shooters drawn and ready to take out the bad guys, then there might be chance to survive what is coming.

        Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the only two candidates that are not lap dogs for the establishment and Obama has ruined the chances for any black person to be elected for the foreseeable future.

        So, keep running your mouth and keep running down your only hope and you will get exactly what you asked for. R.I.P.

        1. UberUnderdog says

          No big disagreement with you Jimmy, but Cruz is no lapdog for anybody. Why in holy heck does anyone think he is hated by the establishment so bad? It’s not because he’s not a gentleman, it’s not because he’s a liar, it’s not because he goes along to get along or is beholden to some group of big moneybag donors or politicians. Cruz is hated because he has exposed the lying phoney establishment bums in Congress, starting with the slimebag liberal Democr@ps and moving on to the slimebag liberal GOPee-ers.

        2. keepyourpower says

          People with half a brain would not let Carson down, just because he has dark skin! People with half a brain realize what an amazing man, Carson is!

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            You are right – but he’s NOT a fighter and that kills it for him in the end. The candidate with fire in his belly is going to win. Remember that quip, “Nice guys finish last.” He SHOULD be a major appointee in any Republican Administration but I Don’t see Dr. Carson in a gun fight. This will be a gun fight.

          2. keepyourpower says

            Just because he does not boast of his successes, shouts, puts down women, disabled, and others…does not mean he does not have fire in his belly. Can you see his belly? He said he will not take a post in any administration. He will go back to retirement, if not elected.
            In two polls, one by Reuters and one in SC, Carson is third in Reuters, and tied for third with Rubio, in the SC poll. He is coming back, because people are fed up with the lies, and bickering, going on in the race. And Trump started it all.

            Trump made a fool of himself, in the last debate. Did you notice how many times he was booed? How many times he interrupted others?
            Go to rockyd dot com, and listen to the podcast, with Carson. It was done very recently. You might change your mind. Go to “current show”.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            Trump was booed because the RNC scum packed the house with Jeb Bush supporters. There were roughly 1500 tickets given out for the debate. Each candidate got 100 leaving roughly 900 for the SC RNC. It was a stacked deck. I have respect for Dr. Carson and admire him but he has little chance. He is NOT a fighter. Those not ready, willing and able to get into the mud will not win. Only (now) Kasich and Carson are sitting back. For what?

          4. keepyourpower says

            Carson is not sitting back. It is not his demeanor to act like Trump. Watch some videos of him, and he will explain to you why he speaks so softly. But just because he speaks so softly does not mean he is not a fighter. HE just does his fighting in a calm way. Much better for when he has to use the Red phone. Much better when dealing with foreign country delegates. Better to be calm than shouting or bullying.

        3. John E Strom Jr. says

          Amen – and Semper fi

      3. daveveselenak says

        Swamp fox, you need to go to the swamp and Jayjay, smoke another jay! Hit the road trolls! Trump is the only candidate that is truly a patriot; AND jimmy quick, AMERIKA won’t last another year if this Muslim-Marxist jihadist is permitted to finish his REIGN as “Dick-taker-N-Thieve”! I don’t foresee elections being held as the dollar will crash this year and whether sheeple realize it or not WW III has been started as the NWO is unsuccessfully trying to drag Russia into it but they will have none of it. They will align with China to kick the NWO’s ass as well as NATO which is the army of the NWO!

      4. John E Strom Jr. says

        A shyster is a Jewish attorney numb nuts. Donald a Trump isn’t Jewish and he doesn’t practice law. He has never held public office and is NOT a political animal.

        Do you even know what Eminent Domain is? It is the GOVERNMENT taking of private property, usually for a public use such as a highway, power plant or other need. It may also be a taking to convert to a higher and better use. There is ALWAYS “Just Compensation” in the taking. Each side picks an appraiser. If they can’t agree then a third appraiser is called in to determine Fair Market Value. Trump did what any citizen is allowed to do. Even you. So Trump abused no one. It’s ALL about value and that is the only issue.

      5. Jimmy Quick says

        Cruz is just sickening with all the underhanded stuff he has pulled and the way he acts all saintly. If that’s the kind of person you like, then that tells a lot about your character.

        Trump is a person like me. He has struggled against the same establishment that has been robbing us all blind for my entire lifetime. He not only fights against them, but he wins and trust me, that is something to be admired.

        Also, Trump uses his own money, not donor class government troll money, but money that he worked for himself, and money earned is money far better spent than money stolen like the Clintons.

        If we had a real government instead of an aristocracy, that Clinton hag and all her retched gang would be in prison for the rest of their lives or hanging from the end of a rope.

        Frankly, this whole mess makes me sick to my stomach and Trump is the only bright spot I can see who actually is not only willing to talk about the issues, but is also willing to do something about it.

      6. John E Strom Jr. says

        I just watched Sean Hannity interview Donald Trump. Trump answered EVERY question and did it very well. I’m even more impressed than before.

        I also watched a video of a woman who told about how Donald a Trump saved her parents farm. 30 years ago their farm was being foreclosed on by the bank. Trying to save their farm her father committed suicide hoping the insurance would save them. Since he committed suicice the insurer denied the claim and the money changers at the bank moved in to take their farm. Donald a Trump, who did not know the family, stepped in, purchased their farm out of bankruptcy and GAVE in to the family. Do any of you gave a similar story by any other of the candidates? I’d never heard that story before but it shows the generosity of a man many of you hate. We need a million Donald Trumps – and SHAME on those of you who tell lies about Trump. You should be ashamed – but I doubt you are.

        For any who get the chance, watch it. It’s very in depth with no question ducked by Trump. He’s an impressive guy with integrity to burn. OUTSTANDING INTERVIEW, SEAN HANNITY.

      7. John E Strom Jr. says

        For your enlightenment, Jayjay1963, a shyster is a Jewish lawyer. Trump is neither a Jew nor a lawyer.

    3. Tiger says

      This is where he lost me completely. His Rabid Liberal rant on Bush and blaming him for 9/11 lost me also along with millions of Vets. Rubio told the truth the declassified documents show Carter/Clinton responsible for 9/11.

      Trump doesn’t love this country. He wants national healthcare and he is for imminent domain.

      1. helensatmary says


        1. Tiger says

          You know what I meant.

      2. Patti1947 says

        I was for Trump in the beginning, but watching and listening to him for the past few months, I have changed my mind. I am worried he is only saying what we want to hear and has changed almost every belief he had in the past to insure us that is a conservative. HE CAN’T HILLARY….. PERIOD……I also am worried that Trump is a plant for the democratic party to get him the nomination knowing he has alienated so many minorities that he can’t win. Trump also has a very bad attitude when things don’t go his way. Sounds like Obama to me.I don’t want the democrats to win by any means, but we better get this right this time or the country is ruined forever.Obama has taken it to the edge already. I will support Trump if he is the nominee, but I am hoping it is Cruz or Rubio. Trump worries me alot.

        1. keepyourpower says

          You have seen the light on narcissism. Cruz and Rubio are not Presidential material. They should stay in the Senate, with the rest of the quizzlings!
          Dr. Ben Carson is the most intelligent man running. If people would just take the time to check out his site, they would also see he has wonderful plans for the USA. Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal have said that Carson’s tax plan is the best.
          The Vets would LOVE his plan, for them! Who cares the color of his skin! His life story should be enough, to win all of you over! So, he cannot debate the way the others do. I know why. He is a gentleman, and will not get into the mud, with them. I would rather have an intelligent, gentleman, statesman, than a pathological liar, or any politicians…any day!

          “Better to hear the quiet words, of a wise man, than the shouts, of a foolish King.” Eccl 9:17

        2. Tiger says

          We all wanted a hero and fairy tales don’t come true. White Knights on horses are wishful thinking.

    4. OldRockerguy says

      After two years of Barack Obama American voters became fearful of him. This became quite evident during the 2010 elections. Those elections were a huge defeat for the Democrats. American voters put an overwhelming majority of Republicans into the House of Representatives and made John Boehner Speaker of the House. During their campaigns virtually all of those Republicans presented themselves to be tough conservatives and promised the voters that they would fight Obama. That never happened. Republican leadership caved in to Obama’s wishes at every opportunity that came their way. In 2012 the voters gave Republicans a majority in the Senate as well. Have we seen any difference between Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, or Paul Ryan? I haven’t. Have we seen any difference between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell? I haven’t. So who are the liars here? When have the RNC RINOs stood up against Obama? I am ashamed to say that shortly after 911 it came out that FBI agents here in the Phoenix area had reported to Washington, DC that muslims were taking flying lessons right here in my hometown at the Scottsdale Airpark. These turned out to be the very muslims that piloted the planes that crashed into the twin towers, the pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. Why was no action taken on that reported activity? Donald Trump is the only candidate to ever question Obama’s birth certificate and his constitutional eligibility to hold the office of President. Donald Trump is the only candidate that would dare to appear on stage with our Sheriff Joe Arpaio – not once but several times. The Republican Establishment IS THE PROBLEM. THEY ARE THE LIARS.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        God bless Donald Trump. He is THE ONLY man willing to take the fight for our liberties to Obama and to those liars at the RNC. TRUMP is the only man in the field.

        1. John Beam says

          God blesses those who seek Him and His ways. Trump is pro-abortion, and doesn’t give a damn about God. He only cares about HIMSELF, and he says things that he knows will get a knee-jerk reaction. Trump will be God’s judgement upon this country, because Trump is an amoral narcissist, just like the current (p)resident of the White House.

          1. keepyourpower says


          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            John Beam, yet another liberal supporter of Hillary’s alluding to the bible. Talk about something you know, fool.

            Are YOU seeking Him and His ways? No, you’re a bitter malcontent for Clinton. What’s that biblical passage, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Is THAT you, Beam? I think not.

          3. John Beam says

            Wow…you must assume a lot. I have no love for the Clinton harpy anymore than you do. I’m simply stating what can be clearly seen and heard from Mr. Trump, a man who actually alluded that he’d date Ivanka, if she weren’t his own daughter–a man who said that he could shoot someone, and not worry that he’d lose any voters (and, after he stated this, his support actually INCREASED).

            There is absolutely nothing God-centered about Trump. He is a self-centered man-child. The only difference between him and Obama is that Obama is on the state-side of the crony-capitalist/fascist structure, and Trump is on the corporate side of it. If Trump is elected president, he will become a god over the entire rotten organization.

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            Of COURSE he said that. Ivanka is stunningly beautiful and as smart as they come. And IT WAS A JOKE. Some people have the sense of humor like glass – brittle. Lighten up. You’re trying to insinuate something far different. That he could shoot somebody at high noon was ANOTHER joke you dimwit. He was trying to say, to those who need it spelled out, that he can seemingly do no wrong. The media goes ballistic and Trump’s ratings go UP. Want to know why? We are sick to death of the phlocking PC police who can SAY anything but tell US what is allowed and what isn’t. This is OUR way of telling them to shove it. Guess where!

            And now YOU are going to tell US whether Trump is “God-centered”. That’s None of your business. THAT is between Donald Trump and God.

          5. John Beam says

            God blesses those who ARE “God-centered.” Trump is “ME-centered.” That is the way it goes. He talks about having a “special place” for his Bible. What does that even mean? He says that he goes to church on Christmases and Easter, and who doesn’t? Obama even does that.

            He doesn’t talk about America’s corrupt culture that is eating us empty from the inside. All he talks about is greatness and winning, but he’s devoid of any moral guidance or tried-and-true standards. Yesterday he bragged that he could keep 68% of his voters, even if he murdered somebody, and his mindless minions cheered. Is there ANYTHING that Trump could do or say that could sway you from giving your soul to this man?

            He loves Planned Parenthood. What does THAT tell you? You can keep poo-pooing me and call me names, but you can’t defend this man’s present and past stances on matters that are destroying this country. Trump is going to make Obama look like a amateur in that regard.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            You are misquoting Trump’s stand on Planned Parenthood and abortion. He SUPPORTS their work on cervical and other cancers. He DOES NOT support their abortion policy. He’s made that abundantly clear. And clearly you have the sense of humor of glass – brittle – not to go his comments about shooting someone WERE A JOKE you dimwit. Grow a sense of humor. You sound like a liberal eager to be offended.

          7. John Beam says

            Planned Parenthood was formed in order to depopulate America of Black people. It’s sole purpose is to abort children, and for Trump to fall on the excuse that “it does good things too” sounds a bit like Hitler apologists who say “he saved Germany’s economy–he built the Autobahn–he saved Germany from Bolsheviks…so Hitler did some GOOD things too.”

            So, what we have with you is someone who doesn’t care if we have a bit of evil thrown-in with his presidential nominee. He said that “Planned Parenthood does wonderful things,” and that is utterly ridiculous. He’s also said that both Clintons are “wonderful people.” How true is that? They’re both lawless criminals who should be behind bars, but he loves them both.

            What Trump said is obviously true: he could murder someone, and he’d keep most of you minions in his camp no matter what.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Oh, piss off, turdblossom. You’re s Ond Note Samba. TRUMP 2016

          9. John Beam says

            Yeah, and you’d know who God is blessing. If you’re the same sort of “evangelical” as Trump is, then you’ll be as ashamed as he will be when you see Jesus face-to-face. Hopefully, a judge will charge Trump with fraud in his “university” case, and that will end him once-and-for-all.

        2. keepyourpower says

          He is NOT the ONLY man willing to take the fight, for our liberties, to Obama, and the liars in the RNC, the Senate, or the House. Carson will do this! Trump is the only narcissist, in the field. If you want another, or worse than Obama…then vote for Trump, the deceiver! He has you all bamboozled! It is part of his MO, as a business tycoon. And you are ALL falling for his tricks. It is sad to see. You are doing the SAME thing, that the Obama voters did, in 2008 and onward! The EXACT same thing! Falling for lies, deceptions, false hope! False change. YOU will be the downfall of the USA, if Trump is elected.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            You offer LOTS of accusations and zero proof. The fact is ALL zoo these candidates have big egos. It comes with the territory. Trump is NOT a politician, most are. He is a builder-developer and a businessman. He is taking NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS. All of the rest are.

            Trump has NEVER held public office yet so many of you talk as though you know him. Personally. You don’t. You see the occasional blurb in the papers and that’s it. Keep in mind the media LOVES to create stories. They ARE the muckrakers and are rarely held accountable for their lies. I think most of it is resentment and jealousy that he’s successful and has a great family. And you don’t have one. Trump IS a patriot. None of you who spread your lies are a patriot.

          2. keepyourpower says

            If you check the FCC filings..Trump takes money from Donors, and uses the money for his campaign. He also took out a loan, to pay for his campaign. What Billionaire takes out a loan, for his campaign? And ..the money is not is the bank’s money. IMHO,He is lying to you…all the time…yet you are blinded by hate, and fear, of what happened the last 7 years. You are NOT researching all the candidates. You cannot be. If you had..and you have a brain…you would not vote for that narcissistic blowhard!

            He appears to have a great family. But having been in a marriage, with a narcissist, and had a family…it is all theater. The family is scared to death to do anything, that will make him look badly. Families of narcissists walk on egg shells. Every one that met my ex, and the family, thought very highly of him, and us. They had no idea! All narcissists do, and say, the same thing. I was so surprised to find this out! They are like cookie cutter people!

            You need to read up on narcissism. Jealous of Trump? Not in a million years! Just informed, and not acting like the useful idiots of Obama, like you are! Every narcissist I have met has said Not only does he think he God, but that he wants to be Dictator of the World…such as Obama.

            From a survivor of narcissism.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’ve given money to Trump and will continue. My point, which YOU ignore, is that he is taking NO
            PUBLIC money. In other words You are not paying for his campaign. I’m paying for Carson’s. And Hillary’s campaign. Note the difference?

          4. keepyourpower says

            I don’t get your drift. If you are giving to Trump’s are giving to Trump. If you give to Carson’s campaign..then you are giving to Carson.

            Trump is taking money from donors and using it for his campaign. He claims he is paying for everything himself. Not true.

            You ARE part of the public, aren’t you?

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            There is a difference who you or I choose to voluntarily give give our money to and money Taken (confiscated) by government and given to those same politicians. Or don’t you see the difference? If you don’t I would say you’re a liberal. I would NEVER give a dime to Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or even Bernie – but the government takes our money (confiscates it) and gives it to her.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            A lot of information about Epstein and his Lolita Express and several of his “guests” including Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. The ONLY references to Trump are him saying he knew Jeffery Epstein for 15 years and that he was a great guy. Jeffrey Epstein Probably is other than his penchant for under aged girls which “society” frowns on. But only that one reference by Trump.

            If one of YOUR friends was a wife beater or drug user but you didn’t know it you would probably defend that friend. There is NO evidence Trump flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express or engaged in illicit sex with under aged girls.

            A little side note, until the end of WWII young girls 13-14 regularly married. Especially in the south. Some even younger. Many of the early Rock & Roll stars, including Jerry Lee Lewis (who married his 13 year old cousin) and Elvis Presley enjoyed the favors of young star-struck girls that age. His manager got Elvis Presley’s reputation sanitizes but it was common knowledge at the time. Then the world got a case of respectability and suddenly you will get more time in prison for bedding a very willing teen than for murder. Except we close our eyes to pedophile Catholic priests and homosexuals. What hypocrites we’ve become.

      2. helensatmary says

        I can hardly believe you said they are the same pilots that flew into the Trade Center and the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania??????????Don’t you know you do not fly into these building and SURVIVE???? The sillies article I have ever read!!!!!

        1. OldRockerguy says

          How silly of me. Muslims NEVER use suicide bombers. The World Trade center buildings blew up all by themselves as did the Pentagon and plane crash in Pennsylvania was just a normal plane crash. 911 was just my imagination. Thank you for correcting me.

        2. OldRockerguy says

          I have tried to post a link but unfortunately Discus won’t let me so I would strongly suggest that you do a search of “Context of ‘October 1996: Phoenix FBI Agent Has First Suspicions of Local Flight Students’ “

    5. John E Strom Jr. says

      Idiot, he said he would keep his promise if the RNC treated him fairly. They haven’t. They stacked the last debate with Jeb Bush supporters. SCREW THE RNC. You really haven’t been keeping up with the news of you are in the disinformation/ misinformation business. Get it right.

      1. VanceJ says

        BS, and by the way what is fair, bowing down and kissing his feet ? He can kiss my A**.

        1. Gary Smith says


          1. keepyourpower says

            His way, or the highway. A symptom of narcissism. Who wants ANOTHER lying narcissist, in the White House? Isn’t that why Trump supporters are so hot for Trump? Aren’t they angry, with what has happened to this nation, under Obama? Well, the same, or worse will happen under Trump! He is a deceiver!

          2. Swampfox1965 says

            Amen, Gary & J — Trump’s childish tantrums will lead to his snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

        2. John E Strom Jr. says

          If you have the intellectual prowess (there is doubt on that) go to the second to last paragraph of this article where they pretty much agree Trump got shafted by the RNC. too bad you LibTurds are so transparent. Piss off like a good chap.

          1. VanceJ says

            Lol, Jr. Trump is a crybaby period, not fit to be President. you don’t need intellectual prowess to figure that out. just a brain, which apparently you don’t have.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            So, gutless liberal that you are, you didn’t read the second to last paragraph in the above article where they admit Trump was shafted? Then pizz off. You’re just another stooge for the Clinton whore.

          3. VanceJ says

            LoL, as usual you make idiot assumptions and don’t have a clue about ANYTHING. for your info I’M for Cruz, you know, the one who acts like a man, instead of like a child.

          4. Swampfox1965 says

            Ya gotta consider the source, J. Poor John was obviously abused as a child and is trying to get back at the world for being born into it. I’ve know a very few people like John — angry at everyone and everything in the world — people who even hate themselves. Best thing to do is just ignore them. I fear John is an apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree from whence he came, so I guess you can’t really blame him..

      2. Swampfox1965 says


    6. 7papa7 says

      I totally agree with what you have said. He is also the only person I can think of who is a bigger cry baby than obama. I think it was President Hoover who said if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. He is a liberal democrat who weaseled his way onto the republican side so that you have end up having your choice of which of the 3 democrats will you support. Let him go 3d party, good bye and good riddance. He will probably draw more votes from the democrats than the republicans because he is so incredibly liberal. You want to talk about lies. Trump said early on that he had his attorneys thoroughly vet Cruz and he said that they confirmed that he is totally eligible to run for president. Now because he has become a threat he is saying he is not. He also said that he would repeal obamacare on his first day in office. No he won’t because he doesn’t have the authority UNLESS congress passes a bill and puts it on the presidents desk that will repeal obamacare. The list goes on and on of his falsehoods but he is a huge crying hypocrite. He is worse than a spoiled rotten 2 year old.

    7. John E Strom Jr. says

      ONLY IF HE WAS TREATED FAIRLY. Read the second to last paragraph where the writer thinks Trump has a point. As for you, swampy, who cares, You are irrelevant. Were you more intelligent you would knoepw being a builder-developer requires (REQUIRES) you to work with government to get building permits, variances etc. It pays to be pleasant to EVERYBODY even those you may not like. Trump is a heck of a developer and highly respected. Now, who the heck are you? NOBODY but full of sound and fury, signifying….nothing.

      1. Swampfox1965 says


    8. Ronald Nelson says

      The only one’s braking there agreement is the RNC/GOP… they fear Trump and will do just about anything to defeat him. They all know that they may well be looking at the world thru bars if Trump is in office. I certainly know that the GOP/RNC is untrustworthy, liars and dissimulators… I seen how they brake promises… I haven’t seen that personally with TRUMP. I will go with what I know to be facts… not what I think or hear from the propagandist in the GOP… they are proven liars.

      1. Swampfox1965 says

        I must agree with you totally re: the RNC, Ron: you can’t trust ’em! And that’s why their first choice for President, Jeb Bush, is at the bottom of the heap, along with all the other establishment candidates from the party.

        And, fortunately for our country, the same thing is happening in the Democratic Party. Thing is, their only alternative — Sanders, who can’t win in November — will do just as much harm to our country as did Obama.

        But I can’t trust Trump, either. Besides him flip-flopping on his third party run threat, I’ve watched him for too long not to know that he was a card-carrying rabid liberal until it appeared to him that he could get into the White House on the Republican ticket. He has fallen all over himself praising the likes of the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi. Which ever way the wind blows is the way the Donald goes.

        Re: the GOP retirement poll — change Republican to Democrat and you’d get the same result. And with the exception of Ted Cruz, I’d have to vote that way.

        By the way — good post. Thanks!

    9. ringostarr1 says

      Trump only want’s to help elect his sux buddies Hill and Billary Clinton. The game is the same one that Ross Peron played back in 1992 and 1996 when he was running, no I am not running, yes I may run, OK I’m now in the race to stay, oops……. and so on. It worked so well then that Hillary Clinton and her Co-President Bill Clinton were both elected with only 40% of the vote, or in other words Bill & Hillary each got 20% of the vote total.

    10. Robert Wilson says


    11. keepyourpower says

      It is called projecting oneself, onto another, when his back is against the wall.
      A symptom of narcissism.

  14. stephanie wilson says

    don’t let the door hit you on the way out you d-mn phoney!! sick of your lies trump!!

    1. John E Strom Jr. says

      Another dumb ass.

  15. Ddenney1 says

    Donnie is unhinged!! It is his way or the highway, everything Cruz has said about Trump has been said BY TRUMP!!!! IF you check for yourself you can find every statement Trump has said!! Her even changes positions DURING his rambling “speeches”!! Still waiting for Trump to speak in complete sentences not just shooting his mouth off!!! People voting for him in the primary will be SHOCKED when CHANGES AGAIN!!!!!! BE WARNED you will be very very sorry if he gets in!!!! NO BILLIONAIRE cares about anything but themselves!! Cruz conservative from birth Trump conservative when convenient!! Listen to his talking points! They ARE the talking points from the FAR LEFT!!!! Please do NOT let yourself be an UNINFORMED VOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tedski says

      You must be a Hillary fan.

  16. Tiger says

    Don’t pee on my shoe and tell me it is raining Trump. Don’t tell me how much you love this country and then threaten to give the Socialist Party the country you say you love. Mr. Trump knows it will split the vote.

    I thank Trump for opening up all the Pandora Boxes holding all the taboos that have kept this country in chains for years. However; Trump has lost my support when he did as all Rabid Liberals have done and blamed Bush for 9/11. Proving to me he never bothered to read the declassified documents laying out the road to 9/11 from the Iranian Revolution in 79 with Carter at the Helm and then the times Clinton was warned about bin Laden and did not take him out. He also seemed to not know that Clinton, one day prior to 9/11 told a group of Australian business men that he could have taken out bin Laden. The video was released by the Australians and easy to see.

    Then he insulted every single military man/woman who served in these wars by insinuating we were all a bunch of lemmings who followed Bush and went over the cliff without knowing or understanding our Mission. He seems to forget or not know that WMD include Chemical/Biological and Nuclear. He doesn’t know that Israel destroyed the nuke site near Baghdad when Hussein bombed them. He also seems to be ignorant of the 150,000 Kurd that Hussein killed with Chemicals. There seems to be no knowledge in him of the 550 tons of yellow cake shipped from Iraq to Canada in 2008 or that in 2015 there were articles on the medical problems our soldiers now having from removing weapons with chemical residue on them.

    He seems to have forgotten Iraq stable when O came into office. Biden even said it or that O drug his feet 6mths on the Surge and that he sent half the men our generals asked for and they won anyway. He forgets that it was O using the Bush downsizing time to withdraw from Iraq failing to say it depended on Iraq being able to protect itself, or that Iraq asked for weapons and O didn’t give them, or that the president of Iraq told him ISIS in the wings. He also forgot O is the one who took Gaddafi out and that we had Benghazi after and that now Libya the biggest dealer in false passports and sending refugees, 75% are men, over to Europe etc.

    He seems to not know a whole lot of things and he surely has forgotten O’s policies in the ME have caused the melee not Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. Maybe I should send him some video showing all of the above I mentioned. If he comes within 50 miles of me, my fellow soldiers and I intend to go to his rally. I fully intend to call him a Liar to his face and that is most likely all I will get out of my mouth before his Brown Shirts escort me out along with my fellow soldiers.

    I once was stupid enough to believe a filthy rich man, who has played politicians for years, has changed his views to suit his needs and most likely has a huge stake in a One World vision. Thank goodness he is showing himself now and not when he might be sitting in the WH.

  17. says

    TRUMP is a back stabber he signs a paper not to change party status now he may revoke it TRUMP can not be trusted wake up AMERICA

    1. laulau says

      He said that the RNC would have to be fair to him, then they stacked the debate with donors of the other candidates against Trump, so his paper is worthless if they want to break it.

      1. says

        YES Trump uses the RNC FOR A EXCUSE if Trump doesnt get his way then he starts he STARS HIS BULLSHIT AND HIS voters believe everything he says YOU ALL ARE BEING BRAINWASH BY THIS CANDIDATE THAT SAME WAY OBAMA DID

        1. laulau says

          He has said dozens of times that all he wants is for the RNC to be fair to him….no special privileges…just fairness. Is that so hard for you to understand?

          1. says


  18. armydadtexas says

    TRUMP is a pussy! My feelings are hurt, so I am going to gather up my balls and go play with someone else. What a loser. And he wants to be the US President. What a joke. What an embarrassment. What a complete, pussy

  19. Robert Morzenti says

    Just goes to show you how immature Trumps is…he’s such a baby….I guess he’ll take his marbles and go home….

    1. laulau says

      You obviously don’t believe in someone fighting for their rights. Trump is a fighter and won’t let anyone lie about him and get away with it. If you want someone who will go with the tide, vote for Carson

      1. Robert Morzenti says

        Trump is a bully and can’t take the heat when someone stands up to him…he’s like a little kid and starts his threatening and name calling…Cruz has been a fighter and has been fighting for me and America for a long time now while trump has been bribing politicians to get his way and he’s admitted that…now how can you trust him if you know he’s done that and tell me he’s fighting for my rights…

  20. says


  21. 83ragtop50 says

    Trump is a disaster looking for a place to happen. Well, I sure hope it is not as POTUS. He will say anything to get attention and appears to change positions with the political winds. He should go back (or did he ever leave?) his liberal Democrat cronies and run on their ticket. He might be an improvement for that bunch.

  22. UberUnderdog says

    Ted Cruz’s honesty and good character is attested to by everyone who knows him, including Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Additionally, Trump is the one who is a big fat liar, and Levin and others of impeccable trustworthiness and accuracy have run every one of these stories to ground about Cruz and Trump’s and Rubio’s claims. In every single instance, Cruz has been exonerated.

    It ticks me off to no end—as it should every conservative—when genuine, proven Constitutional conservatives—fighters like Cruz—are attacked by other so-called conservatives and called a bunch of false names loaded with false accusations. Cruz has as many arrows in his back from establishment Republican traitors and knuckleheads as he does in his front from doing the right kind of battle with liberal haters of America. If Trump and others want to join the ranks of the stupid—let them. But they better not ask for my dadgum vote.

  23. Tiger says

    Maybe Mr. Trump needs to read this article. Have plenty more along with video of every single Democrat saying Iraq had WMD. That includes video of Bill Clinton.

  24. Tiger says

    Posted the article about the 550 tons of yellow cake shipped to Canada in 2008. Sigh……..I am so sick of what the American people don’t know.

    7/5/2008 6:57:12 PM ET

    The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program — a
    huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium — reached a Canadian port
    Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week
    airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

    The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellowcake” — the seed material
    for higher-grade nuclear enrichment — was a significant step toward
    closing the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to
    U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach
    insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.

    What’s now left is the final and complicated push to clean up the
    remaining radioactive debris at the former Tuwaitha nuclear complex
    about 12 miles south of Baghdad — using teams that include Iraqi experts
    recently trained in the Chernobyl fallout zone in Ukraine.

    “Everyone is very happy to have this safely out of Iraq,” said a
    senior U.S. official who outlined the nearly three-month operation to
    The Associated Press. The official spoke on condition of anonymity
    because of the sensitivity of the subject.

    While yellowcake alone is not considered potent enough for a
    so-called “dirty bomb” — a conventional explosive that disperses
    radioactive material — it could stir widespread panic if incorporated in
    a blast. Yellowcake also can be enriched for use in reactors and, at
    higher levels, nuclear weapons using sophisticated equipment.

    The Iraqi government sold the yellowcake to a Canadian uranium
    producer, Cameco Corp., in a transaction the official described as worth
    “tens of millions of dollars.” A Cameco spokesman, Lyle Krahn, declined
    to discuss the price, but said the yellowcake will be processed at
    facilities in Ontario for use in energy-producing reactors.

    “We are pleased … that we have taken (the yellowcake) from a
    volatile region into a stable area to produce clean electricity,” he

    1. UberUnderdog says

      You are right on target, Tiger. WMD’s were always any or all of 3 categories: Chemical, Biological, or “Nuke-yu-ler”. We already knew Saddam used Biological on his people—THAT RIGHT THERE IS PROOF IRAQ HAD WMD’s. Our troops found caches of all kinds of older artillery rounds with chemical residue in them—drained perhaps for different future uses? And every intel source in the world knew he was after materials for nuclear. It was also believed at the time that he had obtained large quantities of fissionable material, but may have been stashing the stuff here or there as the U.N. played pattycake/yellowcake with him for months. I think some of his chemical and biological WMD’s may have been sneaked into Syria pre-invasion. Anyway, Iraq had the 5th or 6th largest military in the world at the time—-what’s so hard to believe that a ruthless thug like Saddam wouldn’t have some of that stuff—either ready-to-go or “in progress.”

      Bush never lied. One can disagree with him on too much domestic spending of increasing the size of the federal bureaucracy—those are legitimate policy disagreements, and they do have bearing on the Constitutional health of the country. But he never lied about WMD’s or the need to take them out.

      Let’s see if you think the same way here. My biggest disagreement with the Iraq War was not that we went in, but that we didn’t prosecute that war much harder. Example—we should have ringed-in Fallujah, then dropped leaflets warning everyone to get out of town via checkpoints, then sent in massive air power and flatten the place before sending in Marine armor. Our ground losses would have been much much smaller.

      1. Tiger says

        With you 100% and my son has friends, Marines who were beside themselves when Fallujah went down, they were there and they bare the injuries for life. I called my son when this happened and I was so upset that I could barely talk, he said Mother you are saying and feeling what Thomas and others are over here saying and feeling right now.

        Just think if O had left Libya alone, Iraq still stable, Afghanistan still secured from Taliban, Iran still in chains would we have this invasion worldwide and then think who is responsible for it, the big Traitor O, the big Zero.

        1. UberUnderdog says

          Tiger, you are absolutely on task and on target. Proud of ya. U.S. Army 1987-1996.

          1. Tiger says

            Ahhh ;p back at ya.

    2. Cotton says

      Snopes says this is not true:
      Did you get this from some chain email? You really cannot trust chain emails, you know.

      1. Tiger says

        No I did not get it from a chain blog it was news all over including CNN.

        By the way Snopes and one other site run by Liberals and are now not trusted.
        You rely cannot trust Liberal sites you know.

        1. Cotton says

          “Not trusted”, yeah sure.. Anyways if you don’t like snopes you can read another source here.
          Honestly you shouldn’t use the excuse that it is “liberal” though just because it goes out of its way to tell you it is false and WHY it is false.

          1. Tiger says

            Matter of fact many articles done on Snopes and Factcheck Liberal rags.

            Honestly I been through this with so many of you libtards and I don’t bother anymore.

          2. Cotton says

            I can’t bother with someone who resorts to name calling and flat out denial of facts. Goodbye and good day.

          3. Tiger says

            Really then you best to check out what I said. The facts are out there. Goodbye.

          4. Cotton says

            You say that, then you post an article that says my sources are reliable. You are only proving me right. Unbelievable!

          5. Tiger says

            Anyone can get anything off the net they want to back their points of view. I lived in Europe for close to 4 years and the Orient for close to 6 and I learned long ago, experiencing in countries news worthy events, then seeing them portrayed on American news and other sources I knew they did not tell the truth or the rest of the story. I learned to go to the International news. As I do to this day. The net has opened the doors for anyone to go to any news source in any country and read their headlines. That is what I do.

          6. Cotton says

            In that very article you posted:
            “(snopes) As far as being liberal, other fact-checkers, such as; David Emery, who researches urban legends for the information website; and have researched and none has found any instance where the Mikkelsons have stated a political preference or affiliation.”
            “If there is proof that refutes this, or shows that the Mikkelsons are “flaming liberals,” no one has come up with it.”
            “Although could do a better job of linking to sources within its stories, it does list its sources, so it is easy to confirm accuracy.”

            And for TruthorFiction:
            “ was founded in 1999 by the late Rich Buhler, a CHRISTIAN radio broadcaster, speaker, author and producer who researched and wrote about urban legends for more than 30 years, according to various media reports. Its staff researches the rumors; original sources are usually listed or linked, so it is a good site to corroborate facts.”

            Why did you post an article that disproves yourself???

  25. JMICHAEL270 says

    Trump is an arrogant AZZ that will attack anyone that he feels is a threat, I will stand with Cruz.

  26. John E Strom Jr. says

    Go for it Donald. If the RNC is going to stab you in the back – but bide your time, get as much out of the debates and primaries. If they don’t back off after Super Tuesday THAT is when to pounce. I wouldn’t trust those rats any further than I can throw them. And the death of Justice Scalia sure seems convenient for Obama to add another idiot to the court. Beware of Obama and beware of Hillary.

  27. MAHB001 says

    Trump needs to take a deep breath and start acting presidential.

    1. helensatmary says

      You can’t teach and old dog new tricks!!!

  28. EH says

    OK. . . Have you ever watched Trump talking and left the sound off? Watched his facial expressions and body movements? It is interesting.

    I found his facial expressions and movements very childish. Pouting and eye-rolling is common. Only seldom does he actually stand still and appear to listen when someone is talking. All told, it is a very clear view of how this man would appear to the world and their leaders.

    Would he be capable of representing the people and consider the issues that the people face and are concerned about? Or, would he simply forward his own, personal wants and beliefs? We already have someone in the White House and people sitting in the Senate and Congress who do just that. Would we want to replace one over-burdened ego with another one, regardless of what party he professed he stood with, if any?

  29. Beth Edwards says

    As I read these comments I have come to a conclusion: We don’t really know what the truth is anymore or if it even exists. There is so much disinformation out there trying to influence our vote one way or the other. I miss the days of an honest non biased media! Honestly I don’t like any of the candidates. For me it’s going to come down to who I dislike the least. Is there even a such thing as an honest politician?

    1. UberUnderdog says

      Yes—-Ted Cruz is an honest American who happens to be fighting in the arena of politicians. Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, and a few others are also in that same class. They are statesmen more than politician. Long ago I heard the saying, “Statesmen STAND for something, while politicians RUN for something—and if they’re smart, they’d run for the border.” (That was when fleeing the country was still in vogue for politicians and lesser crooks.)

  30. VanceJ says

    Enough already with your threats Trump, just do it, pussy.

  31. Tired... says

    Regardless of your viewpoint, ask yourself one question: If Trump goes third party, who will become the next president of the United States?

  32. junkmailbin says

    the rnc needs to quit playing favorites and get down to business. That business is getting winners on the ballot not their current controllable puppet.
    I am not seeing that cruz , bush, or rubio are going to crush hilary.
    The rnc needs to back out and let the people decide.

  33. papa doug says

    Political parties have not been important for some time now except where the parties themselves and the news media are concerned. The Democratic party is mostly liberal, save for a few conservatives, and the Republican party is about 30% to 40% liberal and the rest conservative which is why many Republican voters feel betrayed after the last elections because many of the candidates they voted for were liberal. Because of these overlaps in ideology both parties have become largely moribund and are riding on past history which is wearing thin.

    For those who accuse Trump of breaking his promise I say what promise? The RNC has broken it’s covenant with Trump so the “pledge” is null and void by the RNC’s hand. Trump IMO is is now a free agent. As someone else wrote here, The Republican Establishment is the problem, they are the ones lying to us. Trump isn’t my first choice but I don’t believe my choice will survive the primaries so trump will emerge as the final candidate. The only question is what party will he be in if any and what by-the-way does it matter?

    1. UberUnderdog says

      I agree, Papa Doug. I don’t like Trump’s false accusations about Cruz. But I also don’t like the establishment GOP stacking the audience, moving the goalposts, etc., just like they’ve been firing arrows into Ted Cruz’s back in the Senate and Louis Gohmert’s back in the House, and all their other lies and betrayals and contempt for their conservative base for years. They have brought this country’s pants down around its ankles, ready for Obama and the liberals to push us over and finish us off. I absolutely blame the establishment Republicans for the current chaos on our side of the struggle.

  34. Gary Smith says

    Trump is a crybaby

  35. Cotton says

    It is funny how quickly this site turned from “Trump 2016” to.. Whatever this is.

  36. Nina Ferguson says

    I have said since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy that it would be a disaster, and I was right. He doesn’t care who gets elected except himself. He entered the race as a spoiler and has garnered more support than anyone could have imagined. If he decides to make an independent run, he will do exactly what I was afraid of to begin with, he will get Hillary elected. If he does that, we are going to be going to hell in a handbasket.

  37. helensatmary says

    All Trump is excellent at is tearing other people down in order to build himself up. This is the first time he is not King of the Ball!! In business he wins or walks away. Here, if threatened he becomes the worlds biggest bully and threatens and makes the most onerous threats to people…This man is a loser and too many people are being fooled by him. He is nothing more than a big Bully!! We need a stong leader not a strong BULLY!!

  38. pmbalele says

    I better trust Trump than Ted Cruz. Cruz wants USA be part of Canada. So you morons will be under the Queen of England. The people of this Country ran away from England to escape religion and government of British people. Many of people came from Ireland. and Here you’re you want to vote for Cruz to make USA part of Canada with the Queen on the currency. No. Let Cruz go to Canada and run as prime minister. He should leave us here alone. We are happy without the Queen. After all British people have speech handicap – called Cockney. That is why we do not understand them.

  39. snowyriver says

    They are all afraid of Trump… He is beholden to no one.. If he is elected he will clean house in a manner that makes The Apprentice look like fun game. All and I repeat all oath breakers will be gone. If you read the Constitution from start to finish as wanted by our founding fathers, Cruz is not eligible to be president. In article 1 the Constitution tells you to read the Law of Nations to know the full power of Congress. In article 2 the Constitution states clearly that you must be a “natural born citizen” to hold the office of president. If yoiu read the Law of Nations as asked in article 1 you know the meaning of “natural born citizen” … born on the land with both parentS as citizenS of the United States when you were born. Cruz fails.

  40. Pearl Nardini says

    Trump is a dangerous individual. His outbursts, his name calling, his cussing, etc…I don’t think this is normal behavior. Shouldn’t someone recommend he seek help before it is too late?

  41. John Beam says

    Trump said that he is for “partial-birth” abortion just a couple of years ago, and I cannot imagine that his opinion has changed much since. Trump is an amoral person who only talks about economics and the border, but he doesn’t care a wit about matters that are a cancer destroying us from within. I

    I’ve never trusted this man, and I’m afraid that my thoughts and feelings will be vindicated if Trump is elected president. Our country will SUFFER under a Trump rule.

  42. pennysca says

    I’m so sick and tired of Trumps tantrums . Let him get out of Republican party he’s a rino anyway. Pray people wake up soon. He’s like a kid taking home the ball because he didn’t get his way. THIS IS NO PRESIDENT

  43. Bird says

    Do we REALLY want EITHER the Democratic OR Republican establishment dictating WHO becomes our next president!? They don’t care WHAT the people want…. WHO the people want, or HOW they go about getting their own way to meet their OWN agenda!! Trump is right…. Cruz does NOT qualify to become president and the establishment already knows that. They have already knocked out Carson, diminished Rubio’s chances considerably, constantly attack Trump to get rid of him, know that Cruz is not really eligible….. gee, guess who’s left…. yup, Jeb Bush, the man they wanted all along!!!! People, don’t be stupid, if they don’t want Trump… that means he’s the ONLY man we can really trust with the future of America!

  44. Wildeagleone says

    I think it is time for the entire Republican Party to send Trump a letter telling him to go to the court of appeals and declare everyone is against him. He is a billionaire and shouldn’t have to undergo all this scrutiny from his competitors. Poor Donald can’t get any respect for his bullying and he wants to know why and demands he be allowed to get away with whatever it is he wants to do/say and not be challenged.——————– What a clown. Someone tell him Barnum and Bailey is hiring for the position he is definitely qualified as one but definitely not the President of the United States of America

  45. John Richardson says

    At least he is a successful multi billionaire not a has been like POTUS and those that hide behind his poor leadership and excuses

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Always accusaitons. never any facts.

      1. John Richardson says

        Well we can be convinced by the do nothings or by those that say what they mean and mean what they say. Not excuses for everything and no spine so they bend to everything.

  46. MoparToYa says

    Narcissists use projection as part of their abuse. Projection is blaming and accusing others for the same things they themselves do. Trump is a narcissist.
    If there is a moral way to get him out of the race, I would like to know it.

  47. Danny Cranfill says

    These cruz supporters seem to be as slimy as cruz himself. I think it is so funny the liar is going down. For me it would be a tough call but cruz MAY be just a hair of a less liar than hillary

  48. Bill Senior says

    Listen up all you Idiots spewing BS about Trump …. We DO NOT need any more Politicians running the Government for a While … that needs to be the “Break in The Action ” for America, PERIOD!
    We need a “None” Politician and that’s a “Trump or Carson” cause tha’s all we have at present and … I don’t give a shit what you say or think about either one, GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wake the “F” up and stop the “Pussy Footing”Around” spewing Shit about a TOTAL WINNER FOR A BUSINESS MAN and someone who …. will make America Great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO AWAY …. all you none believers in a Great Business Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. keepyourpower says

      Carson..the GOOD man, should be President. Not a politician…but a statesman.


      We need someone, with great integrity, to lead our nation.

      We need someone, with a great history, of solving complex problems. We need someone focused, on substantive, common-sense solutions.

      We need someone, who lacks political baggage, who can focus first, and foremost, on representing the people.

      We need someone who has led over 15,000 operations, uniting people of accomplishment, from all over the world, to help provide better lives for patients.

      We need someone, who time, and time again, has had to answer that 2am phone call.

      We NEED Dr. Ben Carson to be our President!

      Written by Candy Carson.

      “Better to hear the quiet words of a wise man, than the shouts of a foolish King.” Eccl 9:17

      1. Bill Senior says

        Well, I’ll take a “Successful Business Man – Billionaire” … to run the “Biggest Business” on Earth in a Donald Trump with some “Balls and Tenacity” before a Dr. of Neurosurgeon, duh … even tho a great man – The Dr. and would make a Great Surgeon General for the USA!
        Screw “ALL” the ………………..Politicians running, on both sides, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. keepyourpower says

          Bill, please scroll down this page, and see what I have found about Trump. Actually research the guy, and see what he is…it is not good!

        2. AKLady2015 says

          Your mother must be so proud.
          Childish foul language only impresses other children.

          1. Bill Senior says

            OH, get off the “Childish” BS yourself, you really must be an Old Bag!
            And my mother has passed away long ago and your way over due yourself, FO!…

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Infantile foul language.
      Try acting like the adult you are pretending to be.

  49. keepyourpower says

    If Trump does not get his way…the little boy will pack up his toys and go home. That is the way of narcissists!

  50. keepyourpower says

    On video…we all saw it…Scott Pelley asked Trump about healthcare. Scott Pelley said,”You mean single payer?” You want Single Payer? Trump repeated, “Yes.” Scott Pelley..”How will you pay for it?” Trump said, “The Government will pay for it!”. Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money!” This, and his stances on Planned Parenthood, Late term abortion, Common Core, should tell the Trump supporters, that they are voting for a Socialist. But no…they are so blinded with hate and fear..they won’t see the TRUTH!! Trump has stated he would like his sister, on the Supreme Court. His sister is as far left, as you can get. She is for late term abortion…including turning the baby around in the womb, pulling the baby out, so just it’s head is in the birth canal, and severing the baby’s spinal cord. To me..that is Murder. To Trump and his sister…..that is JUST abortion!
    The man is a narcissist. Narcissists are some of the most dangerous people there are! They will do anything, including lying, and breaking all the 10 Commandments to get what they want. They are guided by the devil, himself! The devil must be dancing right now! You all must believe Obama is mentally ill, right? Well, Donald has the same mental what does that make him? I pray all of the Trump supporters will WAKE UP and see this man for what he is, before it is too late!

  51. Robb55 says

    Stop being a crybaby

  52. Obie Miller says

    Trump is about to do exactly as I expected—he is going to run on a third party ticket, and split the republican vote—in hopes that the democrats will win! This should prove to everyone that he cares more about himself than he does for America!

  53. Wayne Roach says

    Go Trump the non- politician got my vote and and millions more!!!!!!

  54. 2ndA says

    Trump is a Liar.

  55. AKLady2015 says

    Trump cares about two things, and only two things: Money and Power.

  56. stan lee says

    Trump’s been holding that “pledge” up his sleeve and ready to! If he doesn’t have everything he wants, he’ll go third-party and Hillary will be President. Thank you, Mr. Donald (Weasel) Trump!
    He’s been playing a bunch of “true-believers” that he’s excited with his “tall talk.”,He’s played them for suckers!
    The man is a “dyed in the wool” Democrat. He’s never been anything else. He talks like a Democrat, he yells like a Democrat. He balked at signing any pledge at first when everyone else signed,, then made a big production out of signing one later.. Now, he warns that his pledge is not being kept by the Party, he’s done the same crap with contracts and marriages. The man has no core..

  57. Trust No One says

    Dear Donny: Stop whining like a little Bitch!

  58. James Maxwell says

    I like a lot of things about Trump but his “threat” to go third party is against what I feel is best for the
    nation. To that end while I have supported him until now he is close to losing my support and others.
    Trump is a good person and I know that politics are a “DIRTY” business, This election cycle will be
    much worse than some of the past one because the Democrat Socialist see a chance to continue
    what their “hero” the mau mau Kenyan has started and the is the rise of socialism in our nation to
    where they think they see a chance to destroy our nation and reduce us to third world nation status.
    They are only interested in dominating and dictating to us rather than being leaders of the Free World
    in the United States of America.

  59. armydadtexas says

    Trump is the typical, far, left wing, radical, extremist LIBERAL and cry baby THUG. Mean old Ted Cruz hurt Donald’s feelings. So now, Donald is going to gather up his balls and go and play some where else. Trump is the typical school yard bully, who has been confronted by someone who won’t fold because of Donald’s little temper tantrums. Poor, poor Donald.
    Trump is nothing, but a democ-RAT Trojan Horse. Go ahead Trump, show your true colors you fraud.

  60. rayhause says

    Finally, Cruz came back yesterday and called Trumps ranting threat. Trump has been going around getting headlines about suing Cruz for lying, Cruz finally said “SUE ME” and he will be laughed out of the court. Cruz was right that Trump will be forced into an under oath questioning and he might just do his own questioning. Trump is a flimflam snake oil selling liberal.

  61. Conservative says

    Trump keeps up the line ‘Nobody in the Senate likes Cruz”. I think that is a positive. The Senate under McConnell or Reid have done a thing to make any normal thinking American like or believe anything they say.

  62. Ronald Nelson says

    The GOP Establishment is indistinguishable from the DNC and its socialist agenda… they are merely the opposite side of the same coin… Big Government and Dictatorial rule. They may well be wanting to loose rather than see Trump take office… they may fear PRISION if Trump gets in and appoints dedicated US Attorneys and an Attorney General willing to go after the heart of the Political Cabal ruling America. The Political elite are very much afraid that Trump will jail them all… as they should be.

  63. ringostarr1 says

    Talk about Left Wing Media Bias, This whole piece sounds like it was written by one of Trump’s Madison Avenue Lawyer Lackeys. Trump is not a successful Big Apple business man, instead Donald Trump is more like the little rich kid who can’t play nice with the other kids in public school. Think about the little boy who’s always saying “My daddy can beat up your daddy.” I will say this, Donald Trump is lucky that his rich old daddy died and left him all that dough, because Trump is a pretty ugly guy and without his daddy’s dough the Donald would have had real trouble finding a woman to help the Donald spread his rich old daddy’s dough around.

  64. Robert Wilson says


  65. Gerald A. Reason says

    Looking at Trump’s history, and his past support for Clinton, I would not put it past him to be a plant, with the intention of splitting the Republican conservative vote and therefore giving the election, and the nation’s very existence, over to a socialist, pathological liar, who’s only goal is to make the US a Soviet style Socialist state…… She, like Obama has no respect for the Constitution, except for those parts which she, like Obama, can use to further their agenda. With her in the White House, our rights will be thwarted by the appointing of extreme liberals to the Federal courts.

    To those who support Trump’s position, beware, IF his reason for running was not truly to win the election but to split the party, then he will make a move to run outside the Republican party, if he does not become their candidate. If he were to run as a third party candidate, a vote for him would actually be a vote for the Democratic candidate. Both of them are nothing but Socialists after the example of the Soviet philosophy we once called Communism. (Another word for Socialism, which was coined so people would think Socialism was no wheres near as bad as the type of government the Soviet Union had).

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