Trump Vs. Ramos: Match Made in Hell


Fireworks erupted at Donald Trump’s Iowa campaign event Tuesday, as they so often do when Trump gets in front of reporters. This exchange was particularly contentious, pitting Trump against Univision’s top star, Jorge Ramos. Ramos – an advocacy journalist who has never bothered to hide his full-fledged support for looser U.S. immigration policies – stood up at the event to ask Trump about some of his comments on illegal immigration. Trump wasn’t having it.

“Go back to Univision,” said the controversial billionaire, standing by as security officers led Ramos out of the press room. Trump relented only moments later, allowing Ramos to come back in and ask his questions.

Questions? Well, that might be putting a spin on it. What Ramos actually did was stand up and rant against Trump, pausing only occasionally to let the presidential candidate speak. He accused Trump of developing an immigration plan “full of empty promises,” telling him that he would not be able to revoke birthright citizenship and wondering how he could possibly intend to “build a 1,900 mile wall.”

“Very easy,” Trump said in his inimitable Trump fashion. “I’m a builder.”

As a room full of reporters tried to get Trump’s attention, Ramos continued to hijack the event, confronting the Republican frontrunner over his use of terms that some find offensive. “No human being is illegal,” he said.

“Well, when they cross the border from a legal standpoint, they’re an illegal immigrant when they don’t have their papers,” Trump replied. He then turned the tables on Ramos, asking the star reporter if he was aware of the $500 million lawsuit he had filed against Univision. He did not come right out and say the lawsuit explained why the network’s figurehead was attacking him, but the insinuation was obvious.

A Dangerous Enemy

When it comes to starting feuds, Trump has an insatiable appetite. John McCain, Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell, and others have fallen afoul of his pointed attacks. At every turn, these word-wars seem to benefit his candidacy, pushing him further and further up the polls. But with Ramos, Trump may want to consider a different tactic. Univision has an outsized influence on American Hispanics, and Ramos has been the network’s main guy since 1986. When he talks, viewers listen.

Obviously, Trump and Ramos are never going to see eye to eye on the subject of illegal immigration. But Trump has to be careful if he wants to win more than 20% of the Hispanic vote. You can engage this issue without sending every last Latino voter over to Hillary. Just as the war on terror doesn’t need to mean a war on Islam, a war on illegal immigration doesn’t need to mean a war on Hispanics.

At the same time, there’s no cause to pander, and Ramos was clearly out of line. Trump handled the situation appropriately, especially within the context of his campaign. His supporters love this stuff. It’s exciting to have a presidential candidate with such low tolerance for BS. Hispanics don’t vote single-issue any more than women, blacks, or any other demographic. And there are plenty of Hispanic citizens who want our immigration laws to be enforced. By standing toe to toe with Ramos and other immigration activists, Trump can reach those Hispanics and prove that you can defend law and order without being racist.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    I love the fact, LOVE THE FACT that someone with balls is finally telling it like it is! YOU GO MR TRUMP !! WOOHOO!!

    1. Phyllis says one who follows your dialogues, FAITHFULLY, I do feel compelled to add a thought to your comment…I don’t know that it is his balls that is speaking or even proof that he has a pair, but, if he is lacking in that regard, he certainly has enough money to make an adjustment…and I do think the fact that he has money is what has made him different, and he is entertaining…He also is smart enough and wealthy enough to surround himself with people who can advise him on anything he wants to know but he isn’t the first person to do that…Henry Ford did it, when after he built up his company, people wanted to take it away from him because he didn’t have a formal education and if you read his responses to those people suing him, you see true brilliance that won him his case…

      1. supergun says

        How many MILLIONS make 1 BILLION. One-thousand ~ One million makes 1 BILLION. One HUNDRED THOUSAND ~ One million makes 10 BILLION. Yelp, plenty of money.

        1. Angry American says

          Hell if I had one tenth of the money Trump has people would have to make an appointment just to say hello to me lol

          1. supergun says

            DONALD TRUMP actually is too busy to run for President of the United States of America. It is costing him millions of dollars everyday in time and effort. But He feels the United States needs help to recover from the useless destruction of the democrats the last 7 years. He should not have to run for President, but the useless republican puppets are not doing their job they were voted in office for. He is being ATTACKED from all segments of society. It is almost like these morons on both sides don’t give a dam about AMERICA anymore. Yes, he has been on both sides of the politics of AMERICA. So HE should know what the hell is going on. That is who I want to be President of the United States of America.

          2. Angry American says

            I could not agree with you any more than I already do, so far he has my vote & I don’t really care what type of BS the left brings up about him & that is what I consider it to be BS jus like when dirty hairy reid told every one about his “secret Bank Accts” If they were secret how did he know about them just another lie coming from the left, that is one thing they are really good at, lying

          3. supergun says

            Our type of government for our Nation thrives on two or more political parties. Just one party would lead to even a more dangerous situation. But the democrats are a vicious corrupt group of humans. And the people that vote for these idiots don’t have a clue what they are doing. You write good comments. I enjoy chatting with you. Do you like Dr. Michael Savage?

      2. Marty says

        For me, the big thing about Trump is his money. Most politicians out there, all the demoncrats and RINOS are corrupt. The don’t care about the citizens, they only care about power. They need to bring in more and more corrupt money just to get reelected and keep the power. This would not be a problem with Trump. He doesn’t need the big corporate money. They can’t buy him. Corporations want to hire illegals, they just buy the politicians. Not with Trump.

    2. Angry American says

      He said like it is he doesn’t use a script & speaks from the heart, I believe him & he has my vote as long as he doesn’t get to much wrong with other things like foreign policy. As far as I am concerned so far so good Keep up the good work & keep the pressure on I like to see the other gop turn around from their positions, trying in vain to pander to us voters

  2. Bob666 says


    1. Russ says

      must be a photo of you in the monkey suit!

      1. TPM says

        I thought it was Moochelle, the school lunch Nazi

        1. Russ says

          lol, you’re right it does look like MOOOOOOOOshell

      2. Mary Warner says

        Closely resembles Obummer!

      3. Bob666 says
      4. Bob666 says

        No Russ, Perhaps that is your mother.

        1. Russ says

          nope, not my mom. It is defiantly you!

          1. Bob666 says

            Kind of interesting when you have no clue as to what I look like. What is it like bein g a troll?

          2. Russ says

            not sure dude. you tell me. after all you are the one with the “troll spray”. Besides you were also the one that pot the stupid photo of the baboon and Trump. Correct? I was really only making a funny until you tried to put my mom down. Gotta tell you dude that is what you would describe as a Trool

    2. George Block says

      This one is more true to life!

      1. Russ says


        1. Mike with the Silver Star says

          Her reply? “I won’t eat it ,but I’ll make your kids eat it!”

      2. Mary Warner says

        OMG, funny picture!

      3. Paula says

        I pray that we’ll see the end of pictures of either one of them!

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Klan rally? I think George is a republican, not a democrat.

          1. Bob666 says

            I believe if you took a poll of Klan members today, you would find very few democrats as members.

        2. George Block says

          If it itches scratch it

          1. George Block says

            When liberals have the ability to engage in a productive debate let me know. Right now you are just another arrogant shit.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      What’s with the Trump and Obama photo?

      1. Bob666 says

        Well Mac,
        I’m kind of disappointed in that comment from you as I’ve never seen you to be a racist.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          By that standard, isn’t Trump’s photo with an orangutan racist? Selective outrage.

          1. Bob666 says

            There was a law suite over Trump and the allegation of his mother being an Orangutan-were you aware of that?

          2. mac12sam12 says

            you’re the one showing the Trump/orangutan photo. They did the same thing to W, was that racist?

          3. Bob666 says

            They did the same thing to W, was that racist?

            Care to elaborate?

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Making Bush like an ape? You missed those photos?

          5. Bob666 says

            OK, Now I remember them, what has that to do with me?

          6. mac12sam12 says

            It must be nice to have Sundays off.

  3. MAHB001 says

    The media has gotten way too cocky. We are watching the end of political correctness being used as a tool against the American people..

    1. CCblogging says

      Politically correct people believe that you can pick up a turd by it’s clean end. That is the mentality of the politically correct fools.

      1. Dale Reynolds says


      2. Mary Warner says

        Hahaha. That’s funny!

      3. John Doe says

        That’s too funny ! I love it, unfortunately, it’s also very true! Thanks for the laugh of the morning!

      4. Angry American says

        They have brains? Where do they hide them? Where the sun doesn’t shine? That must be where they hide them because they worry about some lion being killed in
        Africa yet slaughter millions of unborn humans with out a tiny bit or caring

      5. Kent2012 says

        are there no “handles” ??

    2. George Cahonna says

      MAHB001….I agree…Time to put big News Media back in it’s place by demanding fair, & “unbiased” news. We can start by starve them by boycotting their sponsors.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Thank you for the support.

    3. James Maxwell says

      The so called media today is nothing but a paid hack for the Utopian Socialist Democratic
      party. They have lost their credibility with citizens a long time ago and that is why so many
      newsprint papers have failed and died. They only publish political crap slanted towards one
      side or racist comments to try and cause interracial conflict. They have long lost any credibility
      in reporting issues the concern Americans in a non biased manner. If they could actually
      report the facts without their personal addenda they might once again gain some respect
      in the communities they are in.

      1. Mary Warner says

        AND they misspell words, can’t construct a proper sentence and generally butcher the English language. These are college graduates, I’m assuming!

        1. James Maxwell says

          College Continued socialist democrap indoctrination center for the mentality
          disturbed and unable to think for themselves reeducation centers. If they show
          signs of intelligence they are immediately removed from any and all classes
          that might question their Libturd professors who write their own text books to
          try further brain wash any signs of independence from their mish mash brain
          cell, Mandatory pot smoking is required to stem any signs of intelligence

      2. Sunny N says

        I have bought our local paper on Sundays but only to use and repurpose as the tray lining for the lovely African grey parrot. And, I make sure Hill R E ‘s mug shot is face up…….

    4. supergun says

      Have you notice that CNN is trying to lean more toward the middle. They just can’t seem to do it, though.

      1. Mary Warner says

        CNN is completely biased toward Repubs and they gladly show it with their anti-Trump news reports that attempt to tell us what they want us to believe instead of the facts!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I wouldn’t interpret it quite that way.

          CNN is on the side of liberals. The controllers of the Republican party are also liberals. They are spies, they are democrats in conservative clothing. Boehner and McConnell are examples of liberals in key positions of the Republican party.

          So when CNN slants their news against Trump, it is to help the Republican Establishment, which is nothing more than liberals…..

      2. Angry American says

        I will never listen to CNN or any other main stream media I listen to Fox business & OANN (One America News Network) as I like my news to be in total & with out bias & the main stream is bias towards the left & leave out lots of political news that they don’t like unless it is detrimental towards the conservatives of which I am one but I am socially liberal as long as it involves two people of different sex in privacy of their bedrooms what they do is their business & as for queers as long as they keep it to them selves & out of sight I care less about it

      3. Marty says

        For them to lean that far, they would fall over.

      4. MAHB001 says

        I don’t watch CNN anymore.

        The propaganda made my blood boil.

    5. Angry American says

      I sure hope so being PC has been one of the things that are bringing free speech to a halt. I will never be politically correct, not quit like Trump who doesn’t have time for it, I just don’t want to I speak what I think when I think it more or less & those that don’t like what I say can not listen or go some where else for all I care

    6. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Trump knows all about the negative effects of political correctness…He marches to a different drummer…..Yes, he used his money and connections to help that marine jailed in Mexico. he didn’t brag or tell anyone about it, it leaked out. If he is elected POTUS he will get those hostages out of Iran…Ramos said “all humans are legal?” Why isn’t he telling that to the country of Mexico? They have the most debilitating immigration laws in the western hemisphere. Trump will get more than 20% of the LEGAL Hispanic vote here simply because he is a businessman who can turn this economy around and put Americans to work.

  4. Warpaint says

    I glad he bounced the wetback gutter snipe, now if we could bounce to other 20-30 million wetbacks we might have something going!

    1. Mary Warner says

      Love your moniker . . . and your message!

  5. Nancy says

    As an Hispanic I do not understand why people keep saying that Hispanics only vote Democrat. Who are these people listening to Ramos IN SPANISH? They are not legal, that is for sure. An Hispanic who is legal understands English and would prefer to listen to American broadcasts. They are Americans right? Univision is geared to the illegal alien population. So the inference here is that these so-called Hispanic voters are actually voting illegally as well. They are being registered as American voters by showing state issued driver’s licenses. I am sick and tired of people thinking all Hispanics just got off the Banana boat or just swam over the river. My family has been here for generations, and these awful people from Central America are giving Hispanics a really bad reputation. Ramos does not speak for me. Trump speaks for me!

    1. kotoc says

      I know what you mean, Nancy. There are a lot of stereotypes for different ethnic groups, races, religions, etc. I’m not Hispanic, but I’m very well aware that not all Hispanics speak only Spanish and crossed the Rio Grande illegally. My daughter’s boyfriend is Hispanic, my neighbors on ALL 4 sides of our house are Hispanic… we’re talking about decent, hard working, English speaking, legal American citizens here.

      1. supergun says

        As an American, I like the Hispanic People. I also like the Black People. We all are human, but we must have guidelines, boundaries, and borders in order to survive and have order. The obumer administration has done nothing but encourage breaking the laws of this country and racial strife. TRUMP will at least get things back to normal lawfully.

        1. kotoc says

          I agree with you 100%!!!

          1. supergun says

            Thanks. The American People are some of the greatest people in the World. We have our problems. We have our lunatic. We have our stupid people. But we are still good people who are tolerate of others. I think we do a pretty good job, compared to the other nations of the World. I visited Niagara Falls recently. I could not walk across the border to enjoy a meal in Canada. Had to have a fricking passport. Yet obumer breaks the laws by encouraging illegals to flood the gates.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            Most of the stupid people work for government. The rest no one would hire.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says

        Then they are Americans. No need for any qualifier. If they choose they can refer to themselves as Americans of Hispanic origin. But why bother? Everyone legally here IS American but you rarely hear the qualifier “of German origin” or “of English origin” or any other. So why the “Hispanic” tag?

        And why, when we call any government office or utility company and way too many corporations are we given a choice of English OR Spanish? Why not Arabic or French or Croatian or Thai? When will this pandering to illegals end? ALL others who come here learn English and thrive. Look at the “boat people” who escaped Vietnam. The biggest failure in America are blacks (most) but illegals are very close. America is/has created a permanent underclass by design. We can thank Democrats for this. They pretend to care. Don’t be fooled. Same goes for RINOs.

        1. kotoc says

          “So why the “Hispanic” tag?” Tell me, if a person has a heritage of living in Mexico, Cuba, etc. and their parents immigrated to America and became legal citizens, they are, in actuality, Hispanic. If a black person’s heritage is distantly from Africa, they are called African Americans. Face it… people are labeled because of skin color and country of origin. If it pleases you, I am Euro-American. (My great grandparents immigrated from Sweden.)

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Do you identify as a “Euro-American” or a “Swedish-American”? You are an American NOT a hyphenated American like most blacks refer to themselves. Same with those who legally came to America from Central America or South America or Asia or Africa. If you come here legally your language is the language of America – English – and you are an American. No need for a descriptive qualifier. Only those who don’t take pride in this country – most blacks who

          2. kotoc says

            I suppose you have never had to fill out a form identifying you as black, white, Hispanic, Asian or “other.” On your driver’s license (go ahead and take a peek at it… I’ll wait) how are you described? If a crime happens to you, and the police asks you to describe your assailant, do you simply say, “He is an American?” You don’t give any other description than that??

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            Of course I have. So, probably, has everybody – except illegals. That is the GOVERNMENT quantifying me (and you) for any number of reasons, none of them good. But when I describe myself as to where I’m from – I’m an American. They can probably see that I’m a Caucasian (or ‘white’) and if over the telephone that I speak English ( or Americanese) not Ghetto Black nor Spanish.

          4. kotoc says

            You’re right about one thing…. it’s the Government agencies (including schools) that ask for your skin color. (You also have to give a description of yourself on job applications, or haven’t you noticed?) What I’m saying is that EVERYONE, no matter what you think is wrong about it, is classified as a certain race of Americans. This enormous “melting pot” of immigrants is made up of MANY different cultures and races. What is so hard to understand about that?

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’m not sure I get your point. When I fill out any kind of government document they DO ask my ethnicity – but it’s pretty generic – “White”. They don’t ask if I’m part this and part that. Why they differentiate “Hispanic” I don’t know but they’re “White” too. Blacks include EVERYONE with ANY amount of “Black” in their genetic makeup.
            For example, Barack Obama is considered “Black” but he’s half “White”. But he THINKS like a Black and he ACTS like a Black and he doesn’t like “White”. In any case, Blacks usually congregate with their own. So do Whites. So do Jews [whatever group THEY’RE in] and so it goes.
            Then government comes along and says, “We can’t have that” so they force White neighborhoods to accept Blacks. Have you ever known a neighborhood that was “improved” by Blacks moving in? I haven’t. But there’s our government making us all homogenized. Aren’t they helpful? Still, after ALL of that Blacks prefer living with other Blacks and Whites with other Whites – or Asians – but NOT Blacks.

          6. kotoc says

            There you go again…. not recognizing that people ARE categorized. Can’t you see your hypocrisy here? Go back and re-read what you just wrote, and then go back to the beginning of the conversation and every comment we’ve made so far.

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            I DO recognize that fact. And what are you and I going to do about it? I live my life. I CAN differentiate between those I want to associate with and those I don’t. And I am NOT going to live MY life worrying about what you think or say. I don’t see that I’m a hypocrite – and will leave it to others to decide I am or not. I really don’t care.

      3. unique201 says

        What I do not like is when foreigners that do speak English
        pretend they do not know what you are saying, when they
        really do.

        1. kotoc says

          What I dislike even more is when you’re trying to communicate with them and they speak English with such a strong accent that I can’t understand them! Have you ever called for tech support with a computer problem? There are many businesses that “outsource” with jobs, and their representatives do speak English, but they prattle on so fast with such a strong accent that you have to ask them to repeat themselves so you can understand what they’re saying. I can mostly understand what people are saying IF I can read their lips when they’re talking, but over the phone it’s a lot harder.

          1. unique201 says

            Tell them you want to speak to an American and they
            will either transfer you or give you a number to call to
            speak with an American.

    2. Edward B. Levy says

      Well stated Nancy! I am in another group, that the media states that we bascially vote Democratic. NOT SO! I am a political INDEPENDENT(also known as an INFORMED VOTER)
      I NEVER vote in any kind of election a Party line.

      1. rubypbron says

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        1. Cold War Gunner says

          Hey, Troll !! Only on topic posts allowed..Go advertise on a street corner..

      2. John E Strom Jr. says

        Edward, Jews vote 85%-90% Democrat and higher. Few identify as Republicans and even fewer as conservatives. They’re only conservative about THEIR money, not mine.

        1. BeautifulAmerica says

          Quite true. So you are challenging Mr. Levy’s authenticity as “independent”?

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Calling one’s self as an independent is right up there with calling one’s self a moderate. In a word “gutless”. They’re liberals without the intestinal fortitude to take a stand for fear of offending “someone” so they try to finesse their response. I like people (Trump and Reagan come to mind) who don’t dance around issues. Call a spade a spade.

          2. BeautifulAmerica says


          3. Erin Dougherty says

            Bull-shit. I don’t trust that either party has my interests in mind at all, and I won’t take a side. It doesn’t mean I won’t vote for one of them either, but I’m just not drinking anyone’s Kool-Aid thank you.

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            I don’t trust most politicians either but someone IS going to win so I vote for the one I think (hope) will do these least damage.

            I think Donald Trump is least ‘obligated’ and IS willing to take on anyone he thinks is out of touch with reality – which includes a LOT of Republicans. THAT I like

        2. Chris Robinette says

          Not any more they don’t. What the Soetoro WH policies are doing to OUR Jewish Allies now, they do not follow the democraps any more.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Yes they do. They follow whomever will give them the most power and money. Israel is a sub-issue with most Jews. And America’s biggest pain in the ass. And if you think Israel is our ally I suggest we don’t need any enemies. Israel’s ONLY ally is Israel.

          2. Chuck Rosenthal says

            John E. Strom. Please explain the basis of your statement.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says

            WHICH statement, Rosenthal? I’ve made a few. That Israel is NOT our ally? That they stab us in the back every time they get the chance? Or that they own most everything? Or that they think they’re special and deserve special ‘treatment’? Please try to be explicit.

          4. ricktenny says

            Dude, you do realize this article was about illegal Mexican immigrants, remember way back there all those comments ago. You should always strive to stay on task, it’s far more productive that way.

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            ricktenny, Chuck Rosenthal directed a question/comment at me. I responded. So why not mind your own business? Or do I need your permission to respond! Not going to happen but thought I would ask anyway.

          6. lovezion says

            STUPID IDIOT, RICKTENNY WAS ONLY HELPING YOU TO AVOID YOUR MAKING THE RIDICULE HERE. It’s in your interesting to shut your filthy useless mouth!!!!!!!!!!!

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            Are you 12 years old? I could understand it if you were.
            Care to mosey over here and shut it for me, pussy?

          8. 11Mic22hael33 says

            That will never happen, John. “jews” only get other people to fight their battles. You know, like they use American troops to destroy all of their enemies in the middle east.

          9. John E Strom Jr. says

            Absolutely CORRECT. That’s why motor-mouth Netanyahu has, for a number of years, threatened an attack on Iran but doesn’t have the balls to do it. They try to get US to do their dirty work. They ARE very good and murdering Iranian scientists and engineers though, cowards that they are. We should pull the plug from Israel – NO financial support and NO military aid. None, zip, nada.

          10. ricktenny says

            Well since you did, a single comment is one thing. Taking a whole discussion off track with nonsense is another.
            Your right, you don’t need anyone’s permission to comment on here. However and I’m sure you have heard this when you were growing up, ” Sometime it’s better to be thought of as a fool then to open your mouth and confirm it for the world to hear”.

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            ricktenny, I don’t need you to give me lessons in etiquette. If someone asks a question or directs a comment to me I will answer it – if I see fit. Suggestion – don’t read my comments if you don’t like them. I could care less. As for looking the fool – work on your grammar – it sucks. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black? This is my last response to either of you fools.

          12. ricktenny says

            That was not an etiquette lesson. Go back and read the words.

          13. John E Strom Jr. says

            Deleted! We’re done

          14. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Dude, you do realize that the “jews” are behind the flooding of third world excrement into all White nations don’t you? This is just one way of destroying Western Civilization and White people and culture, which is their goal. They want to rule from the ashes.

          15. lovezion says


          16. Chuck Rosenthal says

            So Strom, you don’t know which statement and then somehow you magically select the right one and you reply in unsubstantiated generalities. You are a hater Strom. It’s too bad your mindset didn’t die with Nazi Germany.

          17. John E Strom Jr. says

            Rosenthal, piss off like a good chap.

          18. 11Mic22hael33 says

            chuck, it sounds like YOU have a lot of hatred in your heart. But then again, you crypto’s are mentally deranged from birth. It’s a genetic trait. You people are THE most hateful people on the planet. But then you go and call other people “haters”.

          19. billdeserthills says

            I’ll explain for John, you see John is a neo-nazi. He is a hater and has no use for jews. He even has to make up excuses for attacking Israel, by saying ‘They stab us in the back’. How about “They own everything” I think if ‘they’ really owned everything ‘they’ could find a way to live in a country where they aren’t constantly having nutz try to kill them. If You find a brain on the floor John, it is Yours, it just fell out.

          20. John E Strom Jr. says

            Ah, but they DO stab us in the back. They just don’t like it pointed out. A NeoNazi? What, not an anti-Semetic? Typical attack mentality of most Jews when criticized.

            Well they ARE treacherous. Just ask Jesus Christ. They murdered him. Or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who gave our secrets for the atomic and hydrogen bomb to the Russians. Then there is Jonathan Pollard, scum sucking spy for Israel that we’re giving to Israel. Another Jewish Judas.

          21. billdeserthills says

            If they did murder jesus you should thank them for making jesus a martyr. The reason You are a neo-nazi is cause You love that meth & the neo-nazi’s make the best stuff lil’ hitler

          22. John E Strom Jr. says

            Sorry, don’t use meth or any other drug you peddle. Down to name calling are you! What’s new – that is how you attempt to silence us goys. This goy doesn’t silence so easily Moshe.

          23. lovezion says

            If you don’t use drugs (which it’s probably one of your usual lies) you must have something suspicious in your food or drinks. hahahaha!

          24. Kenneth says

            John Strom! You are just about one of the many truly ignorant persons I have come across. I hear from lots of biblically ignorant non-Christians what Jesus was like and how Christians should act. 1. Jews DID NOT kill Jesus, every person that has ever lived KILLED JESUS CHRIST. Jesus died because of all the sins of ALL the people. YOU killed Jesus John. If you had been the only person in this entire world over all these long years that needed a Savior, Jesus died for YOU! So don’t cast your ridiculous accusations at anyone but yourself. When you point one finger at another person you point the other three right back at yourself.

          25. John E Strom Jr. says

            You pompous fool, Jesus died nearly 2000 years ago. You can point that finger right up your liberal backside.
            You are absolutely wrong about who murdered Jesus Christ. Caiaphus and Annas conspired to have Christ crucified and (finally) Pontius Pilate obliged them and their throng of Jews.

          26. lovezion says

            HEY….YOU’RE DEFENDING A JEW?????????????????????
            So you didn’t know Jesus was a Jew, eh?

          27. John E Strom Jr. says

            Gee, really? Jesus was Jewish but a man of peace. The Sanhedrin and Pharasees were murderous worms that plotted to murder Jesus but since the Jews don’t have a law to execute one of their own they needed a patsy. Voila – the ROMANS. So they got Judas [THAT worm] to betray Jesus so that he could be seized by the Romans. In the end, just as Caiaphas and Annas wished, the Romans agreed to crucify him. But it WAS the Jews who murdered him – they just had someone else do the deed – pathetic cowards that they were.

          28. muskat antonopolis says

            physical side and spiritual side to everything…..the Sanhedrin, etc, yes they did the
            actual maneuvering and manipulation to have Jesus crucified….yes, the Romans
            put Jesus on that cross and nailed him to it….THAT was the physical side to the
            crucifixion…the spiritual side was that God sent his son into the world for the
            purpose of dying on that cruel cross so that if we would look to Jesus, believe that
            He died for ourselves, our sin there on that cross, took my and your place and all
            that have ever lived, are living and will ever live, then our sins can be forgiven and
            we can have peace with the Father…That is the spiritual side……stop being lied
            to and believe the TRUTH……..

          29. 1Clara2 says

            Judas decided on his own to betray Jesus because he saw that Jesus was not going to set himself up as King and throw out the Romans. He was angry. He later repented, but it was too late. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, but he was afraid of what Rome would do to him if he let Jesus go. The Sanhedrin had their clack prepared to demand Jesus’s death…they did it because they wanted to hold on to their power. Everything that was done from Jesus’s arrest to his death was illegal!!!!

          30. gets2say says

            But it fulfilled the prophesy regarding salvation; if it had not been that particular ‘Judas’ it would have been someone else whose name now would represent the identify of a traitor.

          31. gladdrial says

            You definitely don’t know and understand scriptures.

          32. usmc354 says

            John, who were the Apostles and who were they teaching originally? The Apostles were REAL LIVE JEWS TEACHING REAL LIVE JEWS! Saul of Tarsus later known as Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles! JESUS, the Christ, also a JEW, died that through HIS blood we Gentiles might be adopted into the Jewish Bloodline. I was born a Gentile and since JESUS, a Jew,saw fit to adopt me and make me righteous before GOD, I am proud to proclaim I NOW am a JEW!

          33. John E Strom Jr. says

            Like ALL people there are good and bad. Sadly there are more “bad” Jews just as there were when Jesus Christ lived. Nothing has changed.

          34. 11Mic22hael33 says

            usmc354, you are WRONG. Jesus was a Galilean,(modern day Gaul) not a jew. He was a CITIZEN of Judea, which, by the way was founded and settled by the same people who founded Jutland in Europe. They were not jews either. They were Caucasian. Did you also know that the Welsh speak genuine ancient Hebrew? Did you know that jews speak Yiddish, which is NOT genuine Hebrew. Did you know that the Welsh RED DRAGON is an ancient symbol of the Tribe of DANN, of the tribes of Israel? Denmark was originally DANMARK. The Saxon people are descended from Issachar(tribe of Israel), Issac’s sons, sacson, SAXON. I could go on and on proving to you that jews are NOT Israel. The Caucasian people are. The people who founded the countries of Europe are the tribes of Israel. We have been lied to for many generations. And this revelation is going to straighten this world out. The “jews” of biblical times are what was referred to as PHARISEES. They have since stolen OUR identity(Israel).

          35. just me says


          36. usmc354 says

            You may find all you need in a correct version of the HOLY BIBLE, of which there are many available.

          37. 11Mic22hael33 says

            If you are reading the Scofield version, it is no wonder you are confused. It was written for that very purpose, to cause confusion as to WHO are the real chosen of God. Western Civilization is in chaos and near destruction right now because of that blasphemous interpretation.

          38. usmc354 says

            You truly are in need of Bible tutorial. I have never in 72 years heard the misinformation you espouse. You need to ask the HOLY SPIRIT for guidance and enlightenment!

          39. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The Holy Spirit will soon be waking you up too. In today’s sick, twisted world, truth is called “misinformation”. Good is called evil. Evil is called good. That is all about to change. Those days are ending. With all due respect, Sir, you will see the truth. I have no worries about that. May God bless you.

          40. usmc354 says

            You are the one blinded, but GOD does blind those HE choses to blind! As HE blinded the Jews to JESUS! That also may be found in any correct version of the Holy Bible.

          41. 11Mic22hael33 says

            We will see.

          42. usmc354 says

            Have you EVER studied the Bible for yourself and ask the HOLY SPIRIT for guidance? What you espouse is something that would come directly from the German National Religion of Nazism!

          43. 11Mic22hael33 says

            I’ve been studying all of my life. Thank God I was given the key to understanding when I read “The United States and Britain in Prophecy” by Herbert W. Armstrong when I was 11 years old. He was a Prophet in the modern day. The key is revealed that the White Caucasian Peoples of the world who founded the European countries and America, Canada, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand etc., ARE without a doubt, The Lost Sheep and Tribes of The House of Israel.

          44. usmc354 says

            I have but now read this post! Had I read it before, it would have made all the fruitless debate unnecessary! PLEASE! Everyone, avoid the “false teacher”!

          45. 11Mic22hael33 says

            usmc354, WHACKO!!! follower of jews, the synagogue of satan. He will lead you straight to the gates of hell. Do the research and find out for yourselves.

          46. 11Mic22hael33 says

            This isn’t about Armstrong, you nutjob. This is about the historical FACT that the TRIBES OF ISRAEL are the Caucasian people. Is there something wrong with you? I mean mentally?

          47. 11Mic22hael33 says

            If you are sincere, you are already on your way. The truth will make us FREE once again. This truth will break the chains we’ve been living under since 1913. There is no stopping it now.

          48. usmc354 says

            The Evil One comes in MANY forms, especially those that wish to “teach” new things that tickle the ear! That, too, may be found in the WORD of GOD! “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”! Now, we’re to take “new teachings” hidden for 2000+ years?

          49. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Those “new things that tickle the ear” are the things that YOU teach(usmc). Your version of Christianity came about relatively recently, in the 1800’s when Scofield changed everything. Our ancestors BEFORE that time UNDERSTOOD who our people are, they understood and it was common knowledge that the European Peoples are the Twelve Tribes of Israel. My “teachings” are as old as the Bible. I hope someday soon you wake up from the spell you are under. Stop watching that TV (Talmud Vision) and you will. Peace. I am signing out now.

          50. usmc354 says

            I have been studying The WORD since late ’40s! Now get lost…again…more!

          51. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Go take your medication, you buffoon.

          52. usmc354 says

            Please! This man is a follower of the late “false prophet” HW Armstrong who stated in his publication that he and his son would be the two witnesses put to death, left in the street for three days and rise again! Since HW Armstrong died many years ago the only prophecy he fulfills is the one of being a “false prophet”!

          53. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Herbert W. Armstrong was not a perfect man, but that does not discount the TRUTH that he revealed and has since been confirmed through historical research. Your accusation against him is false jew-propaganda. He was a good man. Never the less, truth is truth no matter who reveals it. Now, you have revealed YOURSELF, usmc354, to be mindless buffoon. Go ahead and follow your precious synagogue of satan “jews” straight to hell for all I care. Everything I have written here is VERIFIABLE FACT that a little bit of research will easily prove. The people can look it up for themselves. You being so dead set against the truth says a lot about you. You are a phony. I have set many good people on the path to knowledge just right here in this one forum and awakened thousands on many different forums and media. The Great Awakening is upon us RIGHT NOW! And there isn’t a damn thing you people can do about it. Eternal Death will be the reward for your rejection of truth. That truth is that the Caucasian People who founded the nations of Europe ARE THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL. Those who curse us, will BE cursed. I have been casting pearls before swine with you. I am done!

          54. usmc354 says

            Well, let’s begin! What “good man” would have a LONG TIME incestuous relationship with his daughter? What “good man” calling himself a Christian marries and divorces his longtime secretary? Does that leave to speculation a longtime relationship while late wife was still living? What “good man” espouses members are to tithe 30% of income in order to fill his coffers? What “good man” prophecies he is Elisha and shall be slain, left in street for three days and shall arise again? What “good man”….

          55. usmc354 says

            just me: I almost became snared into the teachings 11Mic22 espouses. Take my word, those is very treacherous waters to be treading. May GOD guide you.

          56. Sharon says

            His religion was Jewish….he taught in the temples and synagogues. Please give some sort of reference or book for your material and information?

          57. 11Mic22hael33 says

            How about Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 for starters? These people who call themselves jews to this day are imposters. They are NOT from the tribe of Judah! They are the Pharisees that Jesus despised. They practiced a completely different religion than Jesus, and still do. Read what the “jews” holiest book, the talmud says about Jesus. Gittin 57a, “Yeshu,(Jesus), is in hell, boiling in excrement”. Jesus was not related to this evil people.

          58. Erin Dougherty says

            Bull-shit. I will quote the Wiki’s for the sake of brevity:
            “The region’s Israelite name is from the Hebrew root galil, an ultimately unique word for district.”
            It has nothing to do with France or Gaul.
            “The earliest archaeological findings in Denmark date back to the Eem interglacial period from 130,000–110,000 BC.”
            Stop lying skinheads.

          59. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Hey dummy, the Galileans migrated northwest into the region that eventually became Gaul and later France. Go educate yourself and stop spreading YOUR BULL-SHIT! I can do this all day and all night. I’ve studied this for over twenty years. Bring it!

          60. Erin Dougherty says

            I shall. Mr. Crackpot, perhaps you’d like to explain when and why your “Galileans” left that part of the world? Your entire argument seems to be based on “Gaul” and “Galilee” sharing the same first two letters. Gaul actually takes its name from what the Celtic people living there called themselves (Ceali or a variation of that).

          61. 11Mic22hael33 says

            O.K, bitchy one, with blood pouring out of your, whatever, my entire argument is NOT based on just the Galileans, if you could READ and COMPREHEND my previous posts, you would not be so confused. It isn’t just that the Galileans migrated north and west because of persecution, but also the Jutes, the REAL tribe of Judah, migrated north and founded Jutland, who later migrated west and co founded England with the Angles and Saxons. This is why the Coat of Arms for England has the symbol of The Lion of Judah. The tribe of DANN, another Tribe of Israel migrated north and founded DANmark, modern day Denmark, they also co founded Wales with the Cymmerians, this is why the flag of Wales has the Red Dragon! The Red Dragon is an ancient symbol of the Tribe of DANN!!! The WELSH language is IDENTICAL to ancient Hebrew! Now how did that language end up being spoken in Wales? Huh? The Caucasian peoples in their many nationalities ARE the Tribes of Israel and the TRUE Hebrews are the modern day Celtic people. I could go on and on oh bitchy one. But I don’t have the time. I’ve wasted too much time already on you. If you are given the truth, and you reject the truth, there will be no saving you.

          62. Erin Dougherty says

            Fool, clearly you are the type of crackpot who starts with an answer and then looks to find so-called “facts” to substantiate what you wish to be true. It is true that all Celtic languages are Indo-European, but thisnonsense is a false cognate. There are LOTS of similarities in ALL languages. It’s in the same neighborhood of those who believe that since ancient peoples of the America’s and Egypt both built pyramids, they must have had a connection (even if it was from extra-terrestials). There is no proof, no evidence for this stuff. It lives on in the minds of white supremacists. There, I said it.

          63. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Go to hell with your father, your creator, satan. The only “crackpot” here is YOU. Edomite. You can’t stop the truth anymore, so get out of the way before you get steamrolled.

          64. usmc354 says

            No where have I EVER seen Satan referred to as a “creator”! Father of all lies, yes! Creator,NO!

          65. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Wrong again, Oh ignorant one. When satan (the serpent)seduced Eve, Cain was conceived. So he CREATED Cain and all offspring of Cain (jews) are DESCENDED from their father, their CREATOR, SATAN! Are you slow?

          66. usmc354 says

            The WORD tells me GOD created EVERYTHING and nothing was created HE did not create. Now, who is ignorant?

          67. Mel says

            Silly man. I read the same book you did 50 years ago, that one by Armstrong. After deep study and and dedication I came to the conclusion that Mr Armstrong was not inspired by GOD and therefore a false prophet. He did indeed write an alluring book, and he did indeed deceive a host of people. I even listened to his Church of God thingy for years, meanwhile things he said just didn’t add up, couldn’t put my finger on it and then one day the Holy Spirit filled me and the veil was lifted and I understood the fall of man and the Kingdom hidden from their eyes for the first time in my life.

          68. 11Mic22hael33 says

            You are nuts. This has nothing to do with Armstrong and everything to do with FACTS! Historical FACTS that are easily verified. You people go ahead and follow the “jews” straight to hell. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

          69. Mel says

            You say it has nothing to do with Armstrong,and yet your entire mind set and way of thinking is predicated on everything you ever learned from his writings., and you have the gull to call me “nuts”.

          70. 11Mic22hael33 says

            His research and findings are HISTORICAL FACT!!! Just because he was wrong about one thing does not discount the results of his RESEARCH. Which is easily verified! It wasn’t just Armstrong. Many others have researched and made the same findings and conclusions. So just continue to wallow around in ignorance where you feel safe and part of “the crowd”. You mindless sheep keep following that herd right over the cliff.

          71. Mel says

            “Strange. I would have thought that “highly
            unintelligent and shallow but funny”, that is your alluding to “mindless sheep following that herd right over the cliff”.

          72. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The only “skinhead” here is you when you remove your wig. The Galileans took their name with them when they settled in the area that became Gaul. Dummy. The people from 130,000 BC were replaced by many migrations of peoples over the centuries, you stupid skinhead. You’ve flipped your wig! Just like the Tribe of DAN and the Cymmerians replaced and mixed with the Brythonic people who lived in what became Wales. Just like the British and French and other Europeans came in and changed the racial make up of America!!!! What is your point? Go fix your wig, it is on too tight!

          73. usmc354 says

            Why did you delete where you called HWA a “good man”? Was there too much documented truths you could not handle??

          74. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Wikipedia???? Really???? No wonder you are so ignorant.

          75. Erin Dougherty says

            Oh? Please go on and kindly explain your remark…unless you are just a RW troll.

          76. usmc354 says

            JESUS, the Chris, was descended from the the House of David! Study your Bible!

          77. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The House of David IS the Tribe of Judah. But you are still confusing “jews” with the true Tribe of Judah. There IS no connection. The so called “jews” are a mixture of Canaanites and Edomites. They are the Pharisees. The KEY to understanding The Bible is knowing WHO the real Tribes of Israel are! Where they eventually migrated. Which Nations they founded. These revelations are finally being revealed in these final days of The Age.

          78. usmc354 says

            I have FOUR(4) versions of which none is the Scofield Bible! TYVM!

          79. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Good. Now you just have to know the key to understanding the book. The historical facts I have written here, understanding Who are the Tribes of the Lost Sheep of Israel. That is the key. The Bible states that the Tribes of Israel would be a BLESSING unto all the nations. Which people on this Earth have been an absolute blessing? The Caucasians. Our inventions and technology HAVE been a blessing to the whole world. Our generosity to other nations in trouble is unparalleled in history! The Bible also states that the Tribes of Israel would be a great multitude, a huge population that would number the sands of the sea. This again counts OUT the “jews” who are and always have been a tiny minority of people. And if anything, they have been a curse to all the nations. Do I like saying that? Not at all, but the time has come for all truth to be revealed. Whether it feels good or not. The age of political correctness and suppression of truth is over! Can “jews” be saved even with all of their history of sin and destruction? Of course they can! If only they will stop the insanity. Time is running out.

          80. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Those four versions you have ARE MOST DEFINITELY SCOFIELD!!! Your ignorance is proof.

          81. usmc354 says

            I thought I made it clear, I wish not to debate a follower of the false prophet, HW Armstrong! The best I can do is pray for you, as it is apparent GOD has chosen to blind you as HE did the Jews in JESUS’ time. HIS choice, not mine! All biblical, look it up!

          82. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Wow. You are confused. The so called “jewish” bloodline actually goes back to CAIN!!! You want to be adopted into THAT bloodline? Really?

          83. 11Mic22hael33 says

            usmc354, please look up and read, “The letter written by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar concerning the crucifixion of Jesus Christ”. It will change your life. Don’t just read the first version that comes up on google . Check out a few of the sites. Peace!

          84. 11Mic22hael33 says

            You are confused, the birthright, the inheritance was passed on to Jacob(renamed Israel) from Esau, who was renamed Edom(who these “jews” are descended from). Esau clearly didn’t WANT the birthright. It was then given to Jacob who deserved it. The Caucasian People ARE the twelve tribes of Israel(Jacob). The people who call themselves “jews” are descended from Edom, they are Edomites. NOT Israelites!!!! They have been jealous of us and hated us ever since. They have been scheming to destroy us and take back the birthright, but it will never happen. This is why the “jews” who now control ALL European and the U.S governments by proxy, are FLOODING our nations with third world people. To out populate us in our own nations thus destroying us and our power. They are purposely creating chaos to bring it all down. They plan to rule from the ashes. But it will not happen. Praise God it will not be allowed to come to fruition.

          85. usmc354 says

            If you read your Bible correctly, you will find Abraham was Jacob’s grandfather and the promise was made to Abram and Sari, who later were called Abraham and Sarah!

          86. 11Mic22hael33 says

            WOW! I don’t know what version of The Holy Bible you are reading, but you are WAY off!!! Why don’t you go and watch some sports on your Talmud Vision TV.

          87. Erin Dougherty says

            I’ve enjoyed the popcorn and the show, but between the Aryan Nation camp, the Old Testament quotes, and references to vampires, some of you folks are nuttier than a Snickers bar. Peace.

          88. 11Mic22hael33 says

            OK then bitchy one. Good riddance to ya.

          89. Kurt Hanssen says

            Just like the rest

          90. usmc354 says

            It is obvious you are in need of serious Bible tutoring aided by the power of The Holy Spirit for enlightenment. I shall prey to GOD that he soften your heart, take the scales from your eyes and give to you HIS love toward HIS chosen, the Jews.

          91. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The so-called “jews” are not descended from Israel, they are descended from Cain, who’s father was satan. They are Canaanites. They are imposters posing as Israelites. The Bible states that Israel would be a “Blessing unto the world”. Have the so called “jews” been a blessing? Or a CURSE. When second and third world nations are in trouble or need, WHO do they turn to for help? The WHITE nations of the world, that’s who. What people has been a “BLESSING” to the world with it’s inventions(electrical power, automobiles, hot and cold running water, sanitation, telephone, etc., etc.,). The Bible also states that the Children of Israel would have a great population, like the sands of the sea. Definitely NOT the so-called “jews” with their continuously low numbers throughout history and today. OPEN YOUR EYES, MAN.

          92. Kurt Hanssen says

            Thay allways want other to do there dirty works, and in many cases the Americans

          93. John E Strom Jr. says

            Are you THAT stupid. Get a life. Quit living on daddy’s money and get a job.

          94. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Jesus was a Galilean,(modern day Gaul) not a jew. He was a CITIZEN of Judea, which, by the way was founded and settled by the same people who founded Jutland in Europe. They were not jews either. They were Caucasian. Did you also know that the Welsh speak genuine ancient Hebrew? Did you know that jews speak Yiddish, which is NOT genuine Hebrew. Did you know that the Welsh RED DRAGON is an ancient symbol of the Tribe of DANN, of the tribes of Israel? Denmark was originally DANMARK. The Saxon people are descended from Issachar(tribe of Israel), Issac’s sons, sacson, SAXON. I could go on and on proving to you that jews are NOT Israel. The Caucasian people are. The people who founded the countries of Europe are the tribes of Israel. We have been lied to for many generations. And this revelation is going to straighten this world out.

          95. 11Mic22hael33 says

            I will also ad, that the Lion of Judah was included in England’s coat of arms because it was brought with the Jutes who co-founded England with the Angles and Saxons. Peace.

          96. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Being a citizen of Judea does not mean He was a “jew”. Any more than being a citizen of Wales, makes one Welsh by blood. Jesus was a Galilean, in modern day terms, a GAUL. Definitely NOT a Pharisee or what they became to be known as, a “jew”.

          97. Kurt Hanssen says

            Jesus was an arab of the reason the jews dident like him.

          98. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Pilate wanted to set Jesus free. He did not want him crucified. The jews threatened civil unrest if he did not crucify him and Pilate did not have enough troops available to put down any trouble on that scale. He thought he had no choice so he washed his hands of Christ’s innocent blood and put it on the hands of the jews, who gladly accepted. It was the JEWS who demanded Jesus crucifixion. Look up The Letter Written By Pontius Pilate To Tiberius Caesar Concerning The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ. It is housed in the British Museum and it shows just how remorseful Pilate was about it. It also shows how the jews have not changed one iota in 2,000 years.

          99. John E Strom Jr. says

            Amen. Most of Jesus Christ’s followers were Jews BUT they were outnumbered by other Jews who were corrupt. The corrupt Jews STILL outnumber the good – by a large majority.

          100. real talk 1 says

            Blacks are very heavy believer’s in Jesus Christ !!

          101. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Yeah, but the vast majority don’t even comprehend what they supposedly “believe” in. Have you ever heard them in their churches with their “interpretations” of Bible scriptures? Aside from all of the shouting, jumping around and other unGodly behavior, and their belief that Jesus was BLACK, I would say it is pretty much a joke!

          102. Durango 35 says

            I think you are ignorant. You are talking of religion, interpretation and expression of a religious belief in words and deeds. The black community has a different outlook on religion and acts accordingly. The way they do it is not important as long it come sfrom their heart. and is honest. Jesus died for them too and they express their thanks differentrly from the way you or I do.

          103. Kurt Hanssen says

            Thank you.

          104. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Ken, you are ignorant. You are so wrong I don’t know where to start. No, WE didn’t murder Christ, JOHN didn’t murder Christ, “JEWS” murdered Christ and THEY BRAG ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY!!! In the “jew’s” holiest book, their highest authority, The Talmud, THEY BRAG about Christs crucifixion and say the most blasphemous things Like, “Yeshu(Jesus), is in HELL, BOILING IN EXCREMENT,” Gittin 57a, the babylonian talmud. Sarah Silverman, the “jewish” comedienne, quoted at one of her stand up shows, “Yeah, we jews killed Christ, so what? I’d do it AGAIN, I’d f() cking do it again”!!! It’s on youtube, watch it with your own eyes! Don’t go to your grave an ignorant man Ken. You are siding with and defending the children of satan!!!

          105. Kurt Hanssen says

            The jews had JESUS CRUSEFIED, read your bible.

          106. mesaman says

            You are a regular “Strom-trooper”, aren’t you. Anecdotal reference is one of the least significant arguments one can make, only used when the argument is weak and needs defense in numbers, which is an oxymoron. Anecdotes are never numerous. I’m not Jewish and accept them individually and by their individual merits. If they choose to betray the nation of Israel then let Israel betray them. I say you are far more radical than anti-semitism, you are much closer to the hob-nailed, goose-stepping Nazis of WWII.

          107. John E Strom Jr. says

            mesaman, in spite of your denial I am guessing you ARE Jewish but gutless to admit it. Otherwise why the passion? And I can give you LOTS of specifics that are far from anecdotal. Pollard is a fact and HE spied on his own country for Israel. He should have been shot. He received a LIFE sentence and in the federal system LIFE is LIFE. I can provide LOTS more that aren’t “anecdotal” let me know.

            mesaman do you even know who the Semitic people are? Judging by your rant, I’m guessing you don’t. The Semitic people are the Jews AND t he Arabs.

            There are over 367 MILLION Arabs [some estimates as high as 422 MILLION and there are 15.5 MILLION Jews. As I like MOST Arabs and SOME Jews how does that make me anti-Semitic? It doesn’t but you had to get your stupid “old man” oar in the water. Not going to work as I have zero respect for you AND for most Jews. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          108. mesaman says

            Not Jewish, Christian. Not common man, scientist. Not passionate, disgusted with OCD personalities that have a self inflicted mission based on selective attention to facts and confused by anyone who disagrees, YOU. So inconsistent you are hilarious; “in spite of your denial I am guessing you ARE Jewish but gutless to admit it”, followed in the next paragraph; “do you even know the Semitic people are”. A sane, reasonable person would conclude if I was Jewish I would know who the Semitic people were. Get it? As for the stupid old man, (I can accept that because I am old and many others think I am stupid) I probably have dealt with more OCDs and delusional personality disorders in my lifetime than you have ever known. The problem is they are virtually immune to successful treatment, but with clozapine, zanax, and a few others, their problem behavior can be minimized. Don’t smoke so I will end by suggesting a place where you can shove your pipe and if you light it first you might get more attention than with your outrageous commentary.

          109. John E Strom Jr. says

            A “scientist” huh? Well THAT makes all the difference. I’m impressed. NOT.

            No, I asked the question because a LOT of Jews act as though ONLY the Jews are Semitic. The Arabs outnumber them by 25x. And a LOT of goyim (that’s me and maybe you) don’t know. So quit trying to impress about how politically correct YOU are. Who the Hell cares. And the Jews will never truly accept you no matter HOW PC you are.

            Given your idiocy future responses will go to the trash where they belong. Adios

          110. muskat antonopolis says

            man you are absolutely a blast…I would pay money to listen to you rant if you
            would open the mike up to questions….I would also pay to watch you bust a stitch
            when your blood pressure hits the ceiling…..have you even a clue as to how much
            really ill that you sound…I really feel bad for you…..and I mean it..i hope that you
            can get some serious help SOON…..

          111. 11Mic22hael33 says

            “have you even a clue as to how much really ill that you sound”???? Who needs serious help here??? wow.

          112. muskat antonopolis says

            no defense for poor verbage..I meant to delete the “much” “that” just forgot…..but
            ..that dosent change anything…you still are a hoot…really….you could go
            on the stage…..and rant and rave for $…..oh well, just like henny youngman,
            nobody listens to me anymore…hahaha

          113. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Yeah, mesaman is a scientist all right. He practices in Oral Diarrhea. What a clown. Freemasons are a very strange lot of ODD fellows. Child trafficking and pornography are just two of the many sick things they are behind. It’s no wonder they stand up for their masters, the jews. Jews have them wrapped around their twisted little fingers. Freemasons, under jewish control since 1789.

          114. John E Strom Jr. says

            Many of the Free Masons are Jewish but they keep that a secret. They morphed from the secretive Knights Templar when they were ran out of France and quietly moved to Scotland and took over the Scottish Free Masons organization. They’re also associated with the Illuminati. Three VERY secretive organizations with a LOT of ‘cross polination’ but in reality a many headed hydra.

          115. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The Freemasons were actually a benevolent society UNTIL Adam Weishaupt, the jew, took over in the late 1780’s and turned it into a Lucifer worshipping cult bent on destroying Western Christian Civilization.

          116. 11Mic22hael33 says

            The truth is “outrageous commentary”? Would you people please wake the f *%k UP?

          117. mesaman says

            Bloviate some more Mic-hic.

          118. 11Mic22hael33 says

            I’m sure, by the looks of you, you’ve done some BLOW-viating yourself there, mesaMAN. You look a lot like one of those freemason types.

          119. mesaman says

            Leave mind reading to someone with a brain, Mic, the hick. You write like one of those suffering castration anxiety. Due for a sexual transformation soon?

          120. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Just like I said, you are one of those sexually perverted freemasons. I knew it!!! Ha ha!!! You perverted lucifer worshipping pedophile.

          121. mesaman says

            You have described yourself much better than I would have. Face it, you are nothing but a wind up wanker.

          122. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            This article was written about a confrontation between Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos, then somehow it became an argument about Theology! How in hell did that happen?

          123. mesaman says

            You may wish to direct your ire towards John E (The strom trooper) Strom.

          124. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            In review, that makes sense, k you mesaman!

          125. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Sounds like mesaman needs some of those pharmaceutical drugs he pushes, or maybe he’s been taking too many?

          126. mesaman says

            Sounds?? You seem to present with behavior typical of pre-dementia. There could be prefrontal lesions and proteinase build-up in the substantia-negra which would explain his loss of contact with reality. Pity him, treat him like a little puppy, and then take him for a ride out in the country and dump him off. .Maybe he won’t find his way home.

          127. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Wow, you need committed to the nearest insane asylum, TODAY!!! Take too much acid back in the day? Freemasonic pedo?

          128. mesaman says

            I was afraid this would sail over your little pointy head. Twit, the written words don’t make sounds when you read them. I just poking at your lifelong bout with stupidity. Your hangup on pedophilia is likely to be a reaction formation (look it up, dunderhead) and suggests you are cathexed (look it up) on the anal psychosexual period. I should pity you but that’s too gauche.

          129. John E Strom Jr. says

            Mesaman, who cares what you think. Read a bit – a good start might be a book written by Victor Ostrovsky about the Mossad and their dirty tricks. The boos (actually two books) are “By way of Deception” (We shalt do war) and “The Other Side of Deception”. By the way, Mr. Ostrovsky is a Jew AND was in Mossad. Educate yourself – and let me know if you want more “anecdotal” evidence.

          130. mesaman says

            You must care or you wouldn’t be so damned obvious. Heil, herr Stromtrooper.

          131. John E Strom Jr. says

            Why continue showing your colossal ignorance and read the two books I mentioned. WRITTEN by a Jew and former Mossad. Or do you like showing your stupidity for all the world to see? Which?

          132. mesaman says

            Ya, comrade, ist gut? Nein, nicht lese diese buchen. So you’ll understand, I don’t read a lot of fiction and your suggestion would offer nothing but your aryan BS.

          133. John E Strom Jr. says

            Well then you’ll be happy to know that the two books by Victor Ostrovsky are NON- fiction. The first, “By Way of Deception” the freedom loving Israelis tried to stop from being printed – in both the USA and Canada. They failed so they went on the attack against Ostrovsky. It hasn’t worked. Those two books still exist. A scientist, huh? Good, these two books will begin your pro-Jewish re-education. The other, by Frederick Forsythe (I’m pretty certain he’s Jewish) was to point out that the murder of Gerald Bull, which Forsythe based his book on was actually committed by a Kidon (bayonet) team from Mossad. It’s in Ostrovsky’ second non-fiction book, “The Other Side of Deception”. As a “scientist” I thought you would appreciate that. Sounds to me like you’re a pseudo-scientist rather than a scientist. A “Global Warming” scientist by chance? They’re SO highly regarded.

          134. Durango 35 says

            correct: Ja Camerade, es ist gut? Nein er liest nicht diese Buecher

          135. 11Mic22hael33 says

            John why do you waste your time with this guy(mesaman)? He is a brainwashed fool. There is no changing weirdo’s like him.

          136. usmc354 says

            mesaman: it is important that you know those two, John and 11Mic22, have studied under the false prophet Herbert W. Armstrong. If you are familiar with HWA’s teachings then you know. If not, you may want to research him.If you check some of my posts on this page, it will give you some insight also. I lambasted one with so much truth he had to remove some of his posts. Look back and you’ll see where he deleted.

          137. lovezion says

            GO LIVE WITH THE GERMAN AND ARAB NAZIS WHERE YOU’LL BE HAPPY. Why staying here among peace loving people when you can have a ball sending innocents to the gas and cutting heads to use as football???

          138. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’m trying to guess. With a Nom de Guerre of “lovezion” you’re probably a Jew. Am I right?
            YOU are an embarrassment to Judaism and why it’s so easy to dislike them. Any criticism of a Jew and all Hell breaks loose. For your information my comments would NOT be allowed in Germany. The Jews in Germany have made virtually ANY criticism of Jews or the holocaust a crime.
            And I’ll guess you’ve never been to an Arab country given your palpable hatred of them. So you’re just another ignorant Jew. For your information Israel is WAY AHEAD in their genocidal war with the Palestinians. They’ve murdered tens of thousand of Palestinians. Israel created their own mess and now they’re left with the coming devastation. The Likud party thinks just like you do. Too stupid and arrogant for their/your own good.

          139. gets2say says

            So Israel has soldiers who strike back with deadly force. IF the surrounding (Arab) countries were not constantly trying to seize portions of their nation, or invading one border or another, Israeli soldiers would not be firing rounds. Israel has not set out to invade and conquer their neighbors. And each time this happens, the other ‘civilized’ nations of the world start out with an “Oh, poor Israel!” attitude until Israel succeeds in driving back the enemy & maybe even conquering them. Then their “loyal allies” tell them to stop and give up what they have seized. Israel is a loyal ally; their allies are the back-stabbing ones (like the US government, Great Britian, France, etc..)

          140. John E Strom Jr. says

            As a part of their “foreign diplomacy” Israel has regularly engaged in assassinations. They also state that they want peace and then deliberately undermine that peace. And it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Israel a “loyal” ally? Hog wash. Why did The American Jew, Jonathan Pollard spy for them? When caught why did Israel lie -for over a decade – saying he didn’t spy for them? All the while trying to get him out of prison. And gave him “honorary” citizenship. Now he’s going to be released by the Obama crime syndicate? Spare us your tree hugging support for that thankless nation.

          141. gets2say says

            “Spare us your tree hugging support” …Not sure how that applies to this discussion, but if it makes you feel better… You are so hung up on Jonathan Pollard. From Benedict Arnold, Aldrich Ames, to John Walker, Jr (plus more), there have always been American traitors, even another Jew among the ones identified. Why don’t you identify the real traitor in the Pollard saga, our “Traitor-in-Chief” and his appropriately identified “crime syndicate”?

          142. John E Strom Jr. says

            The REAL spy was Pollard. But why don’t you enlighten us as to who this mythical “real traitor”?
            Keep in mind there are barely 5.5 million Jews in America yet about half our modern day spies are Jews. That doesn’t seem strange to you? Jews have a history of betrayal that goes back at least as far as Judas Iscariot. That’s about 2000 years.

            How about Oppenheimer? Or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? (Take notes, mesaman, there will be a quiz). You named Aldrich Ames, Benedict Arnold and John Walker. I’m not so sure some of them weren’t Jews. They probably were.

          143. John E Strom Jr. says

            Germany is once again owned by the Jews – catch up.

          144. muskat antonopolis says

            john…..did you leave some of your name off of your user name…should it not
            be John E Stomtrooper Jr.? How about all of the modern day spies and double agents that American bred for our enemies? How about mass murderers and
            suicide bombers and all the freaks of nature that turned on their own people
            to murder and maime them,,,right here in these good ol United you
            need some truth but bad!

          145. John E Strom Jr. says

            We’ve had our share of ‘bad guys’ but only 3-4 bombers and most of them from elsewhere. Sadly we do have way to many serial killers and they do commit horrific crimes. We’ve had a few spies – as many from our Hebrews as all the rest combined from Oppenheimer to the Rosenbergs to Pollard.
            By the way, might want to work on your spelling – it’s atrocious.

          146. 11Mic22hael33 says

            bill, you have been brainwashed by the PC media to call people who expose the truth, “haters” and “racists”. You are a politically correct ethnomasochist. But those days of calling us “racists”(we’re not) and therefore putting an end to the debate are over. It does not work anymore. Political correctness is DEAD! Step into the 21st century would you? We are not the haters, YOU are.

          147. billdeserthills says

            I don’t waste my time hating people, I like to just move on

          148. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Yep, there you go, If you call the jews out on their many crimes and treacheries against the U.S., or call to attention the MANY CRIMES of israhell, you are a nazi and a hater. Don’t tell the truth to these swine, John. truth is like Holy Water to a vampire to these loons. They get all bent out of shape and foam at the mouth when they hear you speak the truth. I’ve got some news for you marxist weirdo’s, that “hate” card doesn’t work anymore. YOU anti-truther nuts are more hateful than any body and it is obvious to everyone with a functional brain. The Political Correctness spell is wearing off. Everybody is starting to see you people for what you really are now. Where will you hide when the SHTF?

          149. billdeserthills says

            They told me not to feed the squirrels, or was it the nutz?

          150. denniscerasoli says

            There is a much easier way Chuck,go to Utube and look up the 60 minute video of the Generals son and you will get a very detailed explanation.

          151. lovezion says

            Hey chuck he has no explanation except: this STROM person IS AN ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-JEW, ANTI-AMERICA!!!
            AMERICAN NEEDS ISRAEL A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THE OTHER WAY AROUND. As soon as I can repair my email I’ll bring the link.

          152. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Being anti-“israel” is actually being PRO-American! Being against the greatest enemy and threat this nation has ever known is being FOR America. YOU people are actually “ANTI AMERICAN”. Not Strom.

          153. Kurt Hanssen says

            I’ strongly disagree, they sunk the liberty, and blamed it on the Egyptians, they destroyed the twin tower, and building 7, and killed 3000 americans, and blamed it on Irak, they always want the Americans to fight ther wars in the middle east. The police had 125 Israelis in prison for the 9/11 attack, but with the help of Buch, and Bibi, they all got relised, and deported back to Israel, but the American people knows the truth. 5000 American solders died plus the 3000 from 9/11 and all those who died on the Liberty, and the Israelis said it was an honest mistake, and how much money, fighter jets,(in witch they used to sink the Liberty,) Tanks, rockets, and so mutch more wepons and ammo. is Israel a friend or enemy.?I’ll realy wonder

          154. unique201 says

            Don’t answer Strom he is an anti-Semite………….

          155. 11Mic22hael33 says

            “jews” are NOT Semites. They are imposters and the biggest liars to ever exist. They are NOT Israel, they are NOT Semitic. They are Edomites and Canaanites. So NO, Strom is NOT an “anti-semite”. That card doesn’t work anymore. Better get something new. In the words of Jesus Christ, “they say they are jews, but do lie, they are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”!!!

          156. unique201 says

            You and Strom are the same. Go screw yourself.
            Or better yet go screw Strom that should keep you busy.

          157. John E Strom Jr. says

            I don’t have anything against most Arabs and some Jews. Sorry to disappoint you. Actually I could care less. You’re just one more of the lying rabble.

          158. Upward Trend says

            Americas ally has been Israel and Israels ally has been America. We have always defended them. Since this country (United States of America) was founded Christian be aware that the Jewish people have always been innate allies. We defended/saved them in WWII and then assisted in the formation of their nation. Obama supports Islam and Muslims not Israel. Israel is a sovereign Nation. Liberals just don’t understand that. Conservatives in America are for the constitution and the Bill of Rights (or the first ten amendments to the constitution), the declaration of independence, the sovereignty of our states and r of government. We have the right to protect ourselves against tyranny.

            The liberal nation is the biggest pain in the ass for America! A politically correct moronic indecisive nation with no borders no laws and has no moral compass! Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the bunch are just stupid National Socialists and Marxists that simply don’t understand that free people of a Nation can be strong with a limited government. That individual sovereign States are stronger individually than a controlled Nation.

            We are over regulated, have an uncontrolled central bank (that shouldn’t be in operation – and print money like running water), overtaxed and squelched Small business. They love crony capitalism which smears the face of capitalism in a free market.

            There’s a reason why Hilary Clinton and the IRS amongst others are in so much trouble. They represent which will be when true national socialism begins and communism is built here in the United States.

          159. John E Strom Jr. says

            Suggest you read Victor Ostrovsky’s two books- “By Way of Deception” (We shalt do war) and “The Other Side of Deception”. Ostrovsky was in Israel’s Mossad. Israel tried to stop him from printing the first book but failed.
            Then read about the attack on the USS Liberty and how they and LBJ tried to cover the attack up. They murdered 31 sailors and injured 171. This is a tiny sampling – Israel is NOT or friend nor our ally! And without us they’re finished.

          160. Adora Sala says

            I like and respect Israel!

          161. John E Strom Jr. says

            Why? They have repeatedly betrayed America while at the same time telling the gullible that they are our staunchest ally. They lie.

          162. 11Mic22hael33 says

            “They are liars and murderers from the beginning”, Jesus Christ talking about the Pharisees, who call themselves “jews” but are not, “they are the synagogue of satan”.

          163. John E Strom Jr. says

            They control Israel through the Likud party, they’re not our ally or friend. Just the opposite.

          164. tom s says

            About time. Wondering how long some people will continue to support liberals who are only acting against those groups as well as they continue to erode Americans.

          165. ward says

            The dems have a major change from a freedom party to a commie, socialist party of libtard bought cronies in 6 years of bo’s deceitful ambition to be U.S. dictator ! The repub rinos in congress are as bad & why we cannot indict bo for treason… !

          166. Adora Sala says

            Show me the proof!

          167. Chris Robinette says

            I wish I could. The Iran deal passes and looks like it will, Israel will be destroyed by Iran’s nukes. Obama and the democrats will be responsible for providing aid and resources to make it happen. US the biggest financial supporter of terrorism in the world. You like how that sounds?

          168. Paul says

            It is hard for me to understand why such a large proportion of the Jewish faith continue to vote Democrat. I understand why they are liberal, but one would think that the defense of Israel would be more important to them that liberal ideology.
            I think you are wrong about a change in their voting habits. Hollywood has many, many influential Jews. Wall Street has many, many influential Jews. I still see much support for the Democrats in both arenas. They have been drinking the cool-aid for too long. Hell. they, like the MSM have been making the cool-aid and serving it to us.

          169. Chris Robinette says

            Then it is about time that they do change their alliance because should
            the Iran deal come to pass (god forbid) then Israel is as good as dead. The democraps and Obama supported it.

          170. carrsmi says

            It’s time to drop the “party” traditions – AMERICA IS IN GRAVE TROUBLE. We need COMPETENCY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, COURAGE TO STAND UP TO LIBERALS, MUSLIMS, CHINESE, RUSSISNS, IRAN, ETC I can think of only one man who can actually DO this – – Mr Donald Trump.

          171. Chris Robinette says

            And I agree with you fully. Political correctness has destroyed this country. and Trump calls it like he sees it. Cruz points our corruption in congress and senate as well as Rand Paul. One man alone cannot turn it around but need a team ready to step on once the new president is elected honestly. You named Trump I gave you 2 more, how about Allen West and Dr. Carson for his staff?

          172. 11Mic22hael33 says

            Carson would make a great Surgeon General. Cruz, Vice President, Rand Paul, Chief of Staff or Secretary of State or even a Supreme Court Justice. But, The Donald, He is going to be the best President since Reagan. Maybe even better!

          173. Concerned parent says

            What took them so long to figure out Obama’s Muslim agenda?

        3. billdeserthills says

          I’m a jew and I pick Trump

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            You and I agree. I am 100% in support of Donald Trump as well. I would guess, however, that you are not the norm. Unfortunately for all of us. 🙂

          2. billdeserthills says

            Yep, I grew up in a town that didn’t know jews were supposed to be treated differently, poor bastards. They didn’t even see what hit them

          3. muskat antonopolis says

            well sturmtruper in the words of your Hitler…”your fired”

          4. unique201 says

            Read the Strom posts below, he is an anti-Semite.

          5. billdeserthills says

            I know he is, the poor bastard. I really like Trump and I won’t let a pretend nazi keep me from picking Trump

          6. unique201 says

            Good for you. I am also for Trump.

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            My God, an anti Semite? Do you even know who the Semitic people are? The Jews AND the Arabs are the Semitic people. Arabs number over 367 million to as high as 422 million. The total Jewish population is barely 15.5 million people and I’ll wager they commit more crime than the Arabs. I have nothing against most Arabs and most Muslims. I can’t say that about most Jews. So apparently I’m not anti-Semitic. But YOU sure sound anti-Christian. Hypocrite.

          8. lovezion says

            No, I wouldn’t give this person strom the privilege of answering his venomous posts. We can tell each other what a buffoon he is (on a limited basis) but let’s not waste our precious time for some jerk not worth our spit!

        4. whoisshe? says

          Lets change that, who is a Jew that we could vote for and don’t say Schumer. Just think the Jews give jobs to , Blacks and Hispanics. Those 2 races are now unemployed and entitled, I say Bernie Sanders sells his votes to Clinton ?

          1. billdeserthills says

            I’m tired of sending politicians to fix Our Country, that is why I prefer Trump. Why should the pick for pres be religiously motivated?

        5. dude says

          yea! and that don’t make sence to me …cause the dem. president we have has turned his back on the jewish people and helping others to try and destroy them

        6. ward says

          Where you got those 85-90 % statisics must have been reversed .. ! Why would the Jewish vote dem that are their known enemy & bo being #1 with his muslim support and E.O.’s that destroy Jewish security ….. ! AS a matter of fact it is destructive to U.S. Freedom & Rights that any Patriotic U.S Citizen would vote for libtard dems .. ! Have you been aware of the dems resentment against all Jewish & U.S. Patriots Freedom with Constitutional Rights the dems are destroying …?

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            ward, Jews are mostly socialists and communists. Few are conservatives – other than their own money. They love BIG government and they love unions – as long as they control them – which they do. Many are master thieves like Bernie Madoff and some are very talented and probably decent people – but most aren’t decent. Here or in Israel, which is a rogue nation with lots of criminals

      3. Nancy says

        Well, Thank God for informed voters not matter the demographic.

        1. lindarmorsan says

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          1. greyfox says

            Get lost!

          2. hiway280z says

            don’t fall for that scam people

    3. supergun says

      Good Comment. Thanks for letting a lot of people know the other side of the coin. Many people and not just from mexico have illegally came to the United States by the illegal against the law of the land orders of obumer. For one reason and one reason along does obumer encourage this. To fill the coffers with democratic voters.

      1. Nancy says

        Thanks! It is about time people learn how many legal Hispanic voters feel like I do. We are conservatives and not Democrats. I have been a registered Republican since I was able to vote, but am seriously considering becoming independent.

    4. Paul Robinson says

      Hispanic is a very broad term. Truth is most Hispanics that have lived hear for generations probably tend to be conservative and vote that way. Newly arrived legal and illegal immigrants will vote the Democratic ticket regardless. Most of them are also conservative with traditional family values, unfortunately they are just easily fooled by Democratic pandering

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Sorry, but not true. The existing “Hispanic” community that are legally American citizens are giving a LOT of aid to these illegals. A lot of the legal Hispanics own businesses that launder drug money which is a HUGE business. Many Mexican restaurants, maintenance and yard maintenance companies for example. Go to a fast food restaurant and many/most of the employees are illegals.

    5. Gerry Costa says

      This has nothing to do with legal immigrants. My grandparents came here from the Madeira Islands legally, learned English the best they could, got jobs and most of all BECAME AMERICAN CITIZENS. All this BS is over ” ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ” and there seems to be a whole lot of people in this country who have a problem understanding ” ILLEGAL “. It is not just hispanics but they seem to be at the top of the list. This is about deporting people who are in this country illegally and thanks to obozo and his ruination of America they are bankrupting this country. They are protesting, threatening and give me this and give me that. This ramos is a sh!tbird who needs to go back to mexico and stay there. ” no human is illegal ” — if they enter this country illegally they are illegal here. No other country would even come close to our ease of immigration but there has to be a limit. And you should know that obozo is doing everything he can to get these people to vote, whether legally or illegally, for the demoRATS by giving them more and more free stuff paid for by U.S. citizens. Every man,woman and child who is illegal needs to be deported !!!

      1. Angry American says

        When they demonstrate & wipe their butts with our flag & or walk on it & then they want my support to let them stay here ha ha. When I saw this it made mea very angry & I changed my position on letting them stay here. Maybe if their leaders had more sense they wouldn’t allow this, after al they did stop a few of them from carrying their home country flags, like that is going to help when most of us saw the demos from the start

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          The Hispanic community needs to rise up and end this stupidity. THEY should be leading the effort to enforce our immigration laws so they need to share the responsibility of this mess. To end it is EASY. Just enforce e-Verify on EVERY employer and EVERY landlord and they will “self deport”.

          But Democrats will fight this tooth and nail. They make money off of the backs of illegals. And illegals commit a lot of crime so they make even more money. When crime increases people (foolishly) willingly give up their freedoms for safety. They lose their freedom AND their safety. These people flooding into our country are NOT immigrants. They are INVADERS.

          1. unique201 says

            John E. Strom Jr. – I would just like to add that when your say Democrats make
            money off of the backs of illegals, you need to add the Republicans do also. I am
            an Independent voter and vote for the person and not the party. I do not employ
            any person that is not an American or doesn’t have a green card.
            I think that Trump was right in what he did, and, Ramos needs to remember not
            to just stand up and start yelling questions. Ramos showed Trump disrespect at
            that news conference. The people that were watching that news conference got
            the feeling that Ramos was just like the illegals that come her and demand what
            they want. These illegals need to go home and demand that the leaders of their
            own countries change their countries and make them safe and free.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            I agree with you! Those Republicans who also undermine our laws are RINOs not real Republicans. The only care about THEIR care and feeding. Sadly there are way too many. Most of the hierarchy of the Republican Party – like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Susan Collins, Orrin Hatch describe themselves as moderates who are gutless liberals. They ALL need to be fired – they’re not much different than the Democrats.

          3. unique201 says

            Exactly. Have a great day.

          4. Bob666 says

            No, The FREE market will decide.

          5. beowulf32 says

            Thats not how they think, they think like black people do. They think well if we get enough numbers by invading America, then we will be the majority, then we can out vote and run the white people out of there own country. Trust me people thats what is in all the blacks and Mexicans minds. The black people have this saying about America and that is they love the “BROWNING OF AMERICA”. When we get out numbered in are own country, your going to see some bigger changes to America, then you want to see.

          6. PayTheMan says

            You are forgetting whose country this really is… Not a single white person was here before the “discovery” of america…. Yet the place had millions of inhabitants. Cultures evolve… And as we took over from the indigenous folks… So too does it appear that the tides are again turning. White people are just sore loosers…

          7. John E Strom Jr. says

            Their weren’t very many millions of “Indians” when the we arrived. And our arrival was over a few hundred years. It’s not as if we arrived one day and began shoving the “Indians” out. As populations grew they expanded. At one time there were hundreds of different “Indian” tribes, most with a different language and THEY fought with one another too. Most, if it got to crowded or acrimonious, simply moved on as there was plenty of land to move to. Most of the early “Mexicans” weren’t Mexican. There WAS no Mexico but like any other country Spanish Mexico wanted MORE land and claimed what is now our southern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, California and much more. In the end they lost. In the end the American settlers [formerly European] were too numerous and they won. That is also how most of the world was settled. Stronger tribes took over from weaker ones.

          8. PayTheMan says

            can’t disagree… and… if/when the latino folks continue to breed the way they do currently (as catholics and evangelicals… they tend to have bigger families), they too will change the demographic of this nation until the white folks are no longer the dominant demographic. i am not speaking from a personal vantage point… just running the numbers… That said, slowing down illegal immigration, while helpful, will not change that cultural evolutionary trajectory. It will slow it but not change it.

          9. muskat antonopolis says

            hhhhhey…strum shut up…you don’t know a thing about Native Americans..
            este hadke strum hola wagus loxie ojus……….bye dip stick…..

          10. billdeserthills says

            Not one of my family ever kicked an indian out of anywhere. Seems like it might be too late to feel guilty over indians getting the short end of the stick. Seems like some tribes are getting some decent revenge with their casino’s anyhow.

          11. PayTheMan says

            true that for me too… and touche for the “indians” getting some long last revenge… my comment is simply speaking to the possible inevitability of a demographic shift in this nation … good or bad… its happening and without a major shift in hispanic family size (e.g., a call from the vatican to have smaller familes or from protestant preachers)… the change (illegal immigration or no) will happen… its pure mathematics…

            about the casinos… i bet that revenge is sweet….

          12. billdeserthills says

            Still the president is picked by electoral vote, not the people. I have heard plenty of legal minorities who don’t like illegal immigration, lots of the jobs lost are theirs.

          13. festmatt5440 says

            Some of us learned in 2012 ‘ ; that free ‘ and honest elections , are a thing of the past ‘.

          14. billdeserthills says

            What are you saying, Hillary is the next prez?

          15. beowulf32 says

            No you just dont know your history, the ones that was here, before we discovered America migrated here to. And we will only take an unjustice so long and Americans will rise up and put a stop to whats going on even if it means war.

          16. PayTheMan says

            Okay, i will admit that groups followed groups but go back far enough and some groups,actually did dicover this continent. Their ancestors grew up here until we dicked them all over. We… Meaning europeans. You and i are both immigrants to this nation… It is important to remind ourselves of that from time to time.

          17. muskat antonopolis says

   the man….quit living in ancient times…I am a native born American…my
            people have been here for hundreds of years and have shed their blood, sacrificed
            their lives for this my land…..don’t start with the it isn’t our land IS my land..
            if the NA*s had had a better immigration policy then maybe things would have turned out diff…or if they had had some cannon that could have shot a mile or so
            things might have been diff also…but I know a LOT of native American Indians
            and they told me …hey man, you all been here about five hundred years now..
            its ok…you can stay…just keep paying the rent…..

          18. PayTheMan says

            Understood. Just so long as those who feel the way you do dont cry foul when we are taken over by the latino cultures through immigration illegal or,legal and higher bieth rates… What goes around comes around.

          19. muskat antonopolis says

            thanks for the reply….I continued to ponder the immigrant situation and you
            know, at the rate people are mixing…it really isn’t gonna matter in a couple
            decades…the racial stigmas that were so verboten in the just recent past
            are not as severe today…and I see mixed couples all the time anymore…the
            money side of it isn’t as critical as it is being made out to be either…like welfare
            ..the money stays in the economy and continues to circulate…I am concerned
            about the outflow of $ into Mexico but that which is spent here stays here and
            circulates….the idleness and dependence on the govt. for Everything part of
            welfare IS something I dislike about the system…..just like the Jews in Hitlers
            day the Latinos are being used to further political agendas…..we don’t need
            a wall….just let the Border Patrol do their job and inforce current laws…….

          20. PayTheMan says

            I am going to guess we come from different political perspectives but it is hard to disagree with anything you say here. i believe this is spun as an economic issue (and, to be sure, part of it is) but it is mainly a cultural evolution issue… a conservative mindset issue (as in, this is mine and i hard worked for it… go get your own… or simply a the law’s the law perspective). As you say, much of the money will remain domestic. What’s more, this is an opportunity (albeit with a LOT of noise in the mix) for us to capitalize on some of the brain and talent drain from other countries. Turning a potential negative into a positive is a characteristic of a great nation… and we can sure benefit (economically, innovatively etc.) from diversity. Then, as you say, racially, we’ll all be brownish in about 100 years or so. Race, although rooted in genetics, is a social construct…. as it is only through sexual selection (biological term that means non-random mating) that races persist. now that we are all in bed with everyone else… its all going towards “brownish”. good points you raise…

          21. billdeserthills says

            Really beowulf32, the scary black folks have had hundreds of years to become Our worst nightmare, buddy. I’d really spend my paranoid time worrying about the scary Muslims…

          22. Erin Dougherty says

            Whatever. White people have had their time, and have basically effed up this country.

          23. unique201 says

            It was only the rich white people.
            We are trying to vote them out in 2016.

          24. festmatt5440 says

            The blacks have the highest percentage of abortions ; they are not trying to out-populate us ; they want to kill all their babies.

            The Mus- limes ‘ , are going to do , long before the blacks ; .

          25. Bob666 says

            Read the Book “freakanomics”.

      2. Nancy says

        Shitbird Ramos! Love it! And he looks like a shitbird too, with his skinny chest and tiny body. We also have to remember that La Raza is behind a lot of this. On another topic something that Trump mentioned that no one is talking about, is that Trump wants to either freeze, not allow or take (can’t remember which) all remittance that the illegals send out of the country. For the Central Americans this is huge. (I realize that they are many other illegals from other countries here too, but the Central Americans represent the biggest offenders on this) since they send out billions of dollars to their countries (relatives, etc.) I wonder why the news media has not mentioned this. And, if all our dreams come true, maybe President Trump will deport at some point the biggest illegal alien of all, former Prez O.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          Jorge Ramos is a weasel. An Hispanic Judas who snuck across the border.

          1. unique201 says

            He also holds duel citizenship with Mexico and the US.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            GOOD, then when we boot his Hispanic ass out of the country we can ship it to Mexico. They deserve him. Better, send him home in a box. Ditto Jonathan Pollard the spy, home in a box.

          3. unique201 says

            NO, just send him home by plane. Don’t say the same
            for Jonathan Pollard. He has done his time. Let’s not
            be mean.

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            unique, his “home” was America. He was a Naval Analyst who gave Israel some of our greatest secrets, caused the death of many of our intelligence assets around the world and is all around scum. Israel LIED about him working for them for over a decade. Meanwhile every rabbi in America [ nearly] met with him in prison and even that disgrace Benjamin Netanyahu tried to strong arm Clinton into releasing him. Not until we got that leftist Afrikan would ANY president release this Judas. We should send him to Israel in a box. Actually several boxes. And our “good ally, Israel”? They gave his honorary citizenship – and America the finger. Well f_ck Israel too. They are a rogue nation of criminals and Pollard will still be useful to them. But Obama is always accommodating in whatever undermines our security.

          5. Gerry Costa says

            Time to revoke the latter.

          6. unique201 says


        2. unique201 says

          Nancy you are right about the remittances being sent out of the
          country and that money never returning to the US. All foreigners
          do that to help their families out of the country.

        3. Gerry Costa says

          I have heard Trump has made that suggestion which I am all in favor of. My wife used to manage a store which had a Wesrern Union machine in it and every week these, 99.9% sure they were illegals, came in and sent a lot of money to mexico. And we live in a small town — I can only imagine how often this happens throughout the country. As for the media —- they are sooooo biased they have lost all focus of right or wrong, fact or fiction — they just seem to print or talk about their side of all these subjects. I learned in a hurry how biased the media is when I came home from Vietnam. I could not believe the lies they were reporting about what was happening. Hopefully Trump will win and take Carson as his Vice Prez and actually accomplish what he has been saying.

        4. Sunny N says

          And to that I add…… let’s put hand cuff’s on Hill R E and ship her off with her cohorts that broke the law with the IRS targeting scandal…. She makes Pres. Nixon look like Dr. Benjamin Spock…. stick Nancy Pelosi in a nursing home and Trump as Pres…. get this country back… I am liking Ted Cruz with Trump – Cruz has a prestigious background in debating and can deal with these pig latin talking libs…Even if only 50/60% illegals go home. It’s a start….. they will know he means business!

    6. Patriot47 says

      No arguement. Media and Dems want the world to believe anti-illegal = anti-hispanic.

    7. MAHB001 says

      Nancy, awesome post.

      I believe that when the MEDIA, and politicians make statements like “all Hispanics vote Democrat,”
      they are doing it to set the public’s expectations. They are conditioning us to accept an outcome. So that none of us question their manufactured outcome.

      I believe the votes are now being counted by the inmates. Liberals own and control the media, the media calls the election close and sure enough the outcome is 52% to 48%. Liberals are in control of both political parties… Boehner and McConnell are prime examples of liberals in conservative clothing, and proof of my theory.

      We assume that the Republicans keep the Democrats honest and vise verse. But when the controllers of both parties are liberal, don’t you have the same people checking their own work. Liberals are socialists and a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism.

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      Joseph Stalin

      So we are living in a time in the United States where the MEDIA is decidedly liberal, and no longer keeps our politicians honest, and both parties are controlled by Socialist/Communist.

      I doubt seriously ANY illegal immigrants will vote, but the Politicians will be counting their votes as Democrat votes.. That is about 16 million votes they can inject into the system to get Hillary elected.

      1. Nancy says

        Thanks so much for the kind words! I am sad to say that unfortunately many of these illegals DO vote. Type the following into your Google browser-“how many illegal aliens voted in the last American election” and you will find a slew of articles about how they are able to vote and have voted in past elections by double digits numbers-and that non-citizen voters swung the 2008 election. They are able to get driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, have fake passports and birth certificates. It is easy for them and they have the Democrats showing them how. Don’t doubt it for a minute! One article said that elections these days are won on very slim margins. So if O packs in the illegals the odds of them voting rise exponentially therefore making it easier for them to swing the election. If Trump gets the nod I really worry about all the voter fraud on the Democrat side. I hope he has a game plan!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree with you, some of them do vote…

          What I am saying is that a vast majority of them probably don’t vote. But the Democrats are registering them, the Democrats will manufacture ballots for those that do not vote and vote for them…. The illegals don’t even have to get off their couch, and more than likely will not even know they are voting.

          The point I made above is that Liberal socialists control both parties. We are assuming the right is watching the left and making sure that the left is not cheating. What I am saying is the Left is watching the left and they are cheating.

          For instance, 100% of the Democrats could vote for Bernie Sanders, and Hillary will win. Hillary’s machine is counting the votes… In my mind, this is a done deal. The media has already predicted Hillary as the winner. They have prepared the voters for the outcome.

          Unless We the People have a game plan, EVERYBODY is going to be disenfranchised this next election cycle. Those in power will not take a chance on loosing that power. The election will be fixed.

    8. BeautifulAmerica says

      Kudos, Nancy, for speaking up. Now you and like-minded associates must, must go public. Make signs, demonstrate. Let Americans and Illegals know the truth, cuz they will never get it from political puppets like Ramos.

    9. Barrustio says

      As an Hispanic and a 5th generation American, I agree with everything you say. Non-eligible Hispanic voters are the ultimate goal of the Democrats. The end result will be that the Hispanic American citizens who have been voting for a long time will begin to switch to the Republicans in view of the fact that Democrats have done nothing but promote lawlessness and a life of dependency which is inconsistent with their work ethic. In Houston, “Go Tejano Day” no longer features any TRUE Tejano entertainment because the powers that be, prefer to cater to all the illegals who have overrun this “sanctuary city”…and now have a monopoly on entertainment. The biggest house of worship for Hispanics in Houston is the opulent “La Luz del Mundo” on Highway 59 Northside. This “church” caters to mostly the illegals in Houston and has now built another “church” outside of Seguin Texas which is receiving much scrutiny as a possible Jim Jones/David Koresch type cult, with a gated compound where CPS and Firefighters have been turned away by armed guards even though there was an obvious fire taking place. The “church” is owned by some of the most powerful and rich people out of Mexico…where they faced more scrutiny so moved to America where they can get away with whatever. Along with crime, the Central Americans you speak of bring, their occult and superstitious beliefs which do not coincide with a mostly Catholic Hispanic populace of America.

      1. Nancy says

        Under the Catholic veneer of Mexico the old ways of the ancient Mayan and Aztec still exist and many of the so-called Hispanics (implying people of Spanish descent or from Spain) are actually the native people amongst whom the occult and superstitious beliefs you speak of are very, very strong. Close by where I live there are at least two stores that sell nothing but statues, candles, spells, etc. Santeria beliefs are rampant. AND, I see them practicing this sort of “snake” dance where they all sort of form a Congo line and the head person is wearing the head of a big bird. One day I was sitting in the park while my grandsons played and all of sudden this Hispanic music (for lack of another word) started blaring at the picnic area and this man appeared wearing a giant eagle (or some such bird) head and a feathered costume. Okay, so this is their culture, but there is a time and a place to showcase your native cultural dances but not in a park with little kids who can become scared. I have also seen them doing this long, snaky line dancing with the birdman in the parking lot of Target of all places while people were going back and forth with their shopping carts. This church you are talking about sounds scary.

        1. Barrustio says

          There was also another (or perhaps the same church) who rented space at my brother and sister-in law’s campground in Mc Queeney Texas. She had to run them off when she realized they were performing some Santeria-like ritual involving dead chickens which they were putting of some flotation devices and sending them down the Guadalupe River. In the late 60’s upon returning from Vietnam a friend of mine informed me of some Satanist rituals that were taking place in a densely covered field just across from the Air Force “touch and go” field outside Seguin. I actually saw the huge metal Satanic looking statue in a gravel pit with gongs suspended by cables across a gorge. Some of the “congregants” were supposedly people connected highly politically and economically.

    10. Sharon says

      Thank You for being an informed voter. I don’t like how media and politicians think they know how we the American people think or vote. Mostly they think we are stupid. I know I am not one of the stupid people!

      1. Nancy says

        My mother’s family always read the newspaper from front to back every single day, so I think that this is something that families can pass on to their children. Today they watch tv or look at their smartphones. I make sure my grandkids listen to the news everyday and we talk about the Constitution and different forms of political thought.

    11. HadEnough says

      Hallelujah, Nancy, You Are A True Patriotic American. !!!!!

      1. Nancy says

        Thank you so much! My mother was a big influence, since she often told me she was willing to die for the USA-she was a young girl during WWII and part of the “Greatest Generation” and people of that generation thought that way. I am so glad she is among the departed because as a very strong Christian she would have been appalled by O and the state of the country.

    12. gubllod says

      Outstanding! By the way the word ‘Hispanic’ actually does not exist as such but was rather a term evidently coined by the Census Bureau back about 1990. [Bureaucrats are not known for their smarts.] Ramos is a left-wing shill and has been for decades. He’s a gadfly whose main purpose is disruption. Univision and Ramos would not survive 60 seconds down, say, in Mexico. No one would enter Mexico illegally and expect to be treated with taxpayer’s money. Jail would be the more likely prospect.

      Governor Moonbeam proposed driver’s licenses for illegal aliens “so that they can get to their work”. Of course, there was the push to use these same licenses as a legal document to vote. While the initial promise was made some years ago, it did not work, since the computer system at the DMV did not mesh with the computer systems of the various counties and the electronic complexity was too great for simple adjustments. Beyond that, as a precinct inspector for over 30 years, it was necessary that questionable voters bring in two or three months of utility bills with their address clearly printed thereon and even then some of those ballots had to be sent in as provisional.

      And, then, there was the woman who stood in line to vote [probably 2 hours that day] and came in with a big T-shirt advertising Clinton for President. That of itself was a felony with a jail time of 5 years and our precinct was inside the sheriff’s substation! I had to send the lady out and she was initially quite upset with me until I pointed out that I could have her held right there for the deputies. She left quietly and came back later properly attired. Yes, we have all kinds out there.

    13. James keeling says

      Now this is a man whoknows what’s what. We are not against Haspanic people. We are against amnisty for any race or National orgin who come here for free handouts at our exspense.Us legals,pay taxes

    14. leebo13 says

      Nancy, my wife’s family is from Mexico. As a matter of fact from Leon, as is Jeb’s wife. They came here legally, learned the language and the customs, got the green card, waited the permissible time to achieve citizenship. If was not easy for them but they wanted it so badly. Now to listen to jerks like Ramos, makes them want to scream.
      By the way, his wife works for Hillary

      1. Nancy says

        My family is from New Mexico and before that Spain. Tell your wife I want to scream right along with her. My husband is from France and we had to do the whole Green Card thing and wait years, despite his being married to an American citizen. But while your wife has the right sentiments I wonder about Jeb’s wife. I think she must be very pro-illegals for him to come out with a remark about “an act of love”. It sounds like something he learned from his wife.

    15. whoisshe? says

      Nancy I really enjoyed your comment you speak for me.

    16. ardis4 says

      Fact: Hispanics & third world illegals overwhelmingly vote 60%-70% Democrat Party Nanny State in elections nationwide. The reason the Obama Democrat Party is lawlessly flooding America with illegals.

    17. festmatt5440 says

      It is good to hear ; that you guys are paying attention , and know what is happening ‘.

    18. Bo Wetstone says

      if it’s brown, flush it down.

    19. Lizard says

      Nancy you are proof there are some very good Hispanic people and they make very good friends … Also if you are for Trump you are proving that you have nothing to hide and are proud to live in America ((( Trump 2016 allway )))

    20. mesaman says

      Trump “uno”, Ramos “nada”. And thank you Nancy for being constructive.

    21. lovezion says

      BRAVO NANCY! I too am an immigrant….the VERY VERY LEGAL TYPE since 1949, and a citizen since 1950s! :o) and I’m sure you and your family as many other immigrants, is absolutely legal.

      But I can tell you that if you watch Caso Cerrado as I do all the time (and some of their other Spanish programs), then you know that most of them are from anywhere of the Latin American countries, and by their own admission on the air, vote not only for Democrats but for very specific democrats too! They steal and/or buy Social Security Cards, and do a number of other very illegal things.

      As well as admitting on the air that they are illegals (although Dra. Ana Maria Polo insists on using only the “indocumentados” term saying it’s not a crime!) and they go and come back as if they owned the country…until they occasionally are caught and deported (under protest of Dra. Polo and her immigrant lawyer “experts” who, BTW give these illegals free advice)….ha, to just keep coming back and laughing at the immigrant laws, and all this and a whole lot more Dra. Polo approves! And yes, they are mostly Mexicans and Central Americans, and some from South America and Spain.

      But, I know very many legal Hispanics residents of many years, even more years than mine, who do not know ANY English nor make any effort to learn it therefore they get their info (if any at all) from people and news like Ramos, Dra. Polo, et al. And of course they vote only for those candidates recommended by these Hispanic sources. :o)

      1. Nancy says

        Actually I am not an immigrant…my family is from New Mexico and I don’t even speak Spanish although my mother and her family did, but I applaud you for your legal status and command of English.
        What you say about them buying Social Security cards, passports, etc. is how they are able to vote and keep working. As you point out, their blatant disregard for our laws and “in your face” attitude is appalling, and what makes the average American become very angry about the current situation in our country. We can only pray that Trump is elected and starts the process whereby they realize that the party is over for them.

        1. lovezion says

          Oh I’m sorry I misread your post. You sound like me with my parents’ language. My parents were Russian Jews and when they had to escape the pogroms and landed in Argentina (US closed the immigration when that ship arrived here) instead of learning Russian and Yiddish as well as the language of the country, just as you, I didn’t, and I have regretted it so enormously! :o) But I’m proud of my parents who learned Spanish well despite the very complicated situation there.
          As to Trump…while he’s barking at the Hispanics, the arab muzzie problem is just as bad if not worse, but he’s not complaining is he? That’s because he’s doing big business with the arabs and THIS is a very big NO NO… Sorry Trump!

          1. Nancy says

            It is true that Trump is partnering to build a golf course in Dubai, which is a HUGE tourist attraction. And from what I understand the workers are paid a pittance, but that is being handled by the Dubai side. Is that what you are referring to?
            On the languages, I used to regret not speaking Spanish, but now I am glad in a way I don’t since once the illegals find out you speak Spanish they won’t speak English with you which has lead to everything being bi-lingual these days in English and Spanish. English should be the official language of the US. We are not Canada after all, and I don’t understand why this law was not passed decades ago.

          2. Nancy says

            And, another thing I forgot to mention…in a way it is good that Trump has had business dealings with the Muslims since he knows how they negotiate. I am not sure to what you are referring, but it is better to have someone with experience like this than someone like Ben Carson who knows zip about international dealings. I don’t want a “Mr. Nice Guy with a good sense of humor”….I want a really tough man who has made many realistic decisions. I want his hide covered with battle scars (metaphorically speaking) because then I know he will fight for this country! Let Trump start with the illegals from Central America first because I am sure he will have the Muzzies in his sight (his kids are Jewish since his first wife was Jewish). The other day I read a Christian man was killed by three Muslim men from Somalia in the US! Do you hear that on the news? No, I haven’t.

    22. fred says

      Thanks Nancy for telling the truth, nobody else seems capable of doing that in the MSM, esp the Hispanic channels which have helped my family learn your language and understand the biased nature of their “news” coverage as well! Kudos to you!

    23. hankster6 says

      Ramos is so brain washed, it is impossible for him to accept ideas from another side! No matter anyone says to him, he comes right back to what he was trained to say and he is well trained, although, wrong!! As sincere as he is, he is still wrong, but he must do what he was brained washed to do!! The pro illegal group insist that illegals pay taxes. Well, that would make them very stupid, which that are not. They either take the money back home to their families or spend it here in America. Pay taxes, indeed!! Why should they pay, when they don’t need to!!

    24. John E Strom Jr. says

      Nancy, I think they’re talking about ILLEGALS. Illegals love the Democrats because the power of the Democrat party is to give away other people’s money. The Democrats know better how to spend YOUR money than you do. I support immigration, but LEGAL immigration. Mischief making liberals call them “immigrants” but they are not. The country one wants to immigrate to decides if THEY want that person. Never does the person have the final say in this.

      I also support Donald Trump. Good choice!

    25. dinkerduo says

      Well said!

    26. jak says

      I love Spanish people. I learned Spanish so I could teach some English to some of my neighbors. My grandparents came from Ireland/Wales, and they use to tell me their neighbors taught them the English language.

    27. Spark1845 says

      I am one half Hispanic and am tired of ALL THE ILLEGALS coming here from any country. I don’t care where it is. Come here LEGALLY or WE will not accept you. You are going to be hunted down and prosecuted. It will happen. Use you heads. Obama cares NOTHING about you or BLACKS.

  6. donl says

    Ramos argues with everyone. He gets on fox news and does the same thing. He always gets in an argument with Bill O’Rielly. Typical democrat.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Typical azz hole !!!!

    2. Mary Warner says

      He’s an idiot . . . that’s what idiots do!

    3. Angry American says

      Typical beaner that has no couth or class what so ever

  7. Chuck Rosenthal says

    Ramos has dual U.S./Mexican citizenship. He votes in both Mexican and U.S. elections. How in the hell does an individual who is CLEARLY A MEXICAN AGENT get to remain in the U.S. and retain his naturalized status as a U.S. citizen? He works, very obviously, against the best interests of his “adopted country”, colluding with the Mexican government to export undesirables to the U.S. and does so with impunity while some of Mexico’s exported slugs attack U.S. citizens and claim they are reoccupying land that belongs to Mexico. Mexico has neither the means nor the balls to directly attack the U.S. so they send a loud-mouthed “organizer” to do covertly what they cannot do overtly. In the meantime Congress continues to do the lobster quadrille (see Alice in Wonderland) and posture as leaders which they most certainly are not.

  8. donemyhomework says


  9. Theresa says

    Keep it up Donald. We are with you 100%. Make that wall huge. God bless you. and God bless America.

    1. Mary Warner says

      Right on, Theresa! We are with him 100% for sure. We’re tired of our treasonous politicians destroying our country.

  10. MILES E DRAKE says

    If he spoke German or Russian instead of Spanish, Ramos, who is through his daughter an employee and direct beneficiary of the Democrat party and the Clinton campaign, would be one of the commentators we remember today from the Berlin radio or Pravda. Put him in a leotard and he would be the woman on the telescreen in “1984”, who can see Winston doing his morning calesthenics and who yells at him not to bend his knees; this is the kind of media that the regime and the progressive left are constructing, and Ramos is precisely the kind of apparatchik who will run it.

    1. Paula says

      Agree. Back in the day… it was called Yellow Journalism. “Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.[1] Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.[1] By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.”[2]

      I don’t know IF it ever died but it sure has seen a major surge since 2008!

    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      mmmmmm, interesting mindset on this…..

  11. Gen11American says

    Trump doesn’t bother pandering to Jorge Ramos or the Hispanics because they’ll vote for Democrats no matter what! That’s where they’re bread is buttered! As for Jorge Ramos, I’m so sick of his pro-illegal propaganda, I can’t stand it! Every time he comes on Fox News or CNN, I turn off the TV! I’m also so sick of Congressman Gutierez, with all his pro-illegal B.S., I’m begging voters to end his political career!

    1. Angry American says

      Try OANN (One America News Network) for unbiased news, I like The Ledger Report with Graham Ledger he is great for correcting oweblowhole especially & is on every day except sundays at 5 to 6 pacific time

      1. Gen11American says

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll check them out.

        1. Angry American says

          I think you will be very happy with them, I sure am

  12. SouthernPatriot says

    Trump has accomplished in life what he set about to accomplish. He did not start with a billion dollars or ten billion. He built things to get there. Built large things, built huge things, took great risks, worked hard and succeeded. In the “Art of the Deal” he tells how he did this.

    The puzzle to the stupid media is that they thought Trump’s supporters were majorly TEA Party members. That once again shows how out of touch and without a clue the news media is. His support will grow across the demographics and erode the traditional Democrat support, if not the base.

    1. Mary Warner says

      It’s odd to me that people who have never been self-employed berate someone who built a massive fortune. They don’t have a clue! Sheeple.

      1. Paula says

        Love it when the rich liberal elitists tell their poor voter base that rich Republicans are evil! They did it to Romney.. they’ll do it to any one that doesn’t fall into their line of thinking. The clueless dems never question how -0- or any of them became wealthy. But of course, they deserve to be rich… just ask one of those Sheeple morons!

    2. Angry American says

      Here is hoping he makes it all the way, If anyone can make America great again it is Mr. Trump I just love what he has in store for us. Maybe we can do it just the way he has proposed. This is just the opposite of what obama has done to our once great country obama & the prior 3 presidents starting with clinton & continue to obama who has been impatient enough to ram their agenda down our throats whether we like it or not & I don’t like what they have been doing. We don’t need another bush or clinton in office

  13. kotoc says

    I’m so glad that the Donald stood up to Ramos and put him in his place.. I think he’s a STRONG candidate, and he has my vote.

    1. Angry American says

      Unlike that running yellow dog, Bernie sanders who ran from the stage when the 2 black women that were for “black lives matter” jumped onto the stage this turd ran for cover just like that running yellow dog that he is

  14. muskat antonopolis says

    well…we have been taken for a walk down the garden path before while the candidate whispered sweet
    nothings in our ear…only to be dumped when it came to keeping the promises made… is truly
    pathetic that the “herd” (now known as the “trumpettes), are sooooo reeeaaadddyyy to believe any-
    thing that the Trump says…..if he flatulates….they exclaim…right on Mr. Trump….God bless Trump..
    not only disgusting but pure stupidity….we as a People get exactly the Government that we deserve..
    this time however and with all that is taking place in the world…WE The PEOPLE need more than
    a braggart and unthinking billionaire as our President…we need a clear, level headed, leader who
    knows how to deal internationally and has the charisma to bring the People with him when he says
    …my fellow Americans……so far Mr. Trump has managed to alienate several people..right here at
    home…how do you think that his attitude of…I*m Donald trump get outta my way … gonna
    work in Britain, France, Germany…the ME…and the rest of the world…..well..if this blind rush to
    elect the UBD (Unthinking Braggart Duck) keeps on growing then we may just find out….then,
    my fellow citizen …IT WILL BE TOO LATE……

    1. kotoc says

      Well, then…. who would YOU vote for??

      1. Angry American says

        Trump all the way into the oval office he will do what he says & says what he means

      2. muskat antonopolis says

        I AM NOT SURE AS YET…opps sorry all caps didn’t mean that…..I am not sure yet..
        I am waiting to see what King T. does in the next few weeks…I think that he is getting ready to bail to Indep. land…if he does he is dead meat….I mean politically speaking
        he is worm food…like all indep.s …they simply cannot get anything done in Congress..
        AND…yes, i know kick them all out of Congress and get new blood…but, it aint gonna
        happen yet bro…..not yet….vote for him anyway…NOPE..not gonna waste my 1 vote
        every 4 years….but I am waiting for the dust to settle after he bails……thanks

    2. Mary Warner says

      This country has not been able to produce a “clear, level headed, leader” and, for that reason, we are behind Donald Trump and against any lifelong politicians who claim no responsibility for the mess this country is in and constantly blame somebody else. They’re all useless and we need change — the future of our country depends on it.

      1. Paula says

        Right on, Mary!

      2. Mike with the Silver Star says

        Yes, Mary, we need a leader, not another golfer wimp in the white house like we have now….Go Trump

    3. Ohio Land Man says

      sounds like your butt buddy Oblammy… lol Not Donald Trump who has done everything he set out to do .. without Govt Assistance..

      1. muskat antonopolis says

        OLH..get a life

        1. Ohio Land Man says

          I actually have a wonderful life.. sooo I hear you are a veteran.. really where and when..? and if soo.. how can you be so behind the Mooslem in our house.. ?

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            1.started out in the Army in 58
            2.then into the AF for 2 tours
            3. then some time in the Guard…..
            nothing to brag about as some do…I did my job and came home….
            both probably b4 u were hatched
            How do you read left to right or right to left?
            WHERE did you read that I support any if the Clintons or Obama or any of their
            entourage? Man people luv to make stuff that they can pick pick
            until they find a weak point…I am Concerned for all people who sound
            suicidal…like you sound when you said we will be coming for me…that
            would be suicide on your part……thanks for the reasoned and sensible
            2nd half of your post…..but LAY off with the name calling and the threats..
            I am too old too tired and just plain fed up with the BROWN SHIRT attitude
            that if we all do not think as you and your “we” then we have no right to exist
            …that is an echo from an ERA that I know about…lol

    4. Angry American says

      I think he know most of the leaders & has at the very least a good working relationship with them & will truly “make America great again” it’s a big job after so many years of feckless leaders that we have had with obama being the great divider, & his legacy already being made into the worst president in quite a few decades even more so than carter the peanut farmer , with the brains of a piss ant

      1. muskat antonopolis says

        old saying….a new broom sweeps clean….Mr. T. is a new kid on the block…a new
        breed of unprofessional politician…an unknown….a mystery….he can say whatever
        he pleases and there is no kindred reference to the workings of other politicians..
        in other words he has no political record……but believe me there is plenty of dirty
        laundry …just not as yet hung out for display…..I simply cannot buy the attitude
        that he brings to the table…..lets understand…the Pres. is a Servant of the People..
        not in this country A King….his attitude toward EVERYBODY he comes in contact
        with is me Trump you Jane……debaising one of the debate persons (remember
        the questions asked were for the benefit of the People), he dissed the commentor,
        he dissed the Mexican what if the reporter was in error…does the Pres.
        who represents the People of the USA need to react to intl news people or for that
        matter anyone the way he did?….on and on the list goes…how will Mr. T. do with
        congress? ouch…he IS an intelligent man and well versed in business..I think
        that he would be an asset to a future Pres.( if controlled)…say as Secty of Commerce?
        What do you think?

        1. Angry American says

          I think it is time for someone other than a lawyer to be president since most of them have been lawyers. In actuality the USA is a business & should be run by one, hence Trump is a great businessman He is refreshing in what he says he is speaking from the heart & he said as much. One thing for sure he isn’t reading from a piece of paper that was written by a speech writer or a teleprompter like the current POS we have as POTUS. I like what he is saying being blunt is not all that bad he says what he means & means what he says & he sure can walk the walk. Remember one of the best president of modern times told a heckler like ramos to shut up remember that?

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you for ur opinion…I would much prefer that a non-attorney..politician…
            or other public figure would be President…a man or woman who works two or
            three jobs to raise the children, pay their bills, helps some with others needs
            and is a respectful and loving person….THAT is what I would prefer….however,
            in this day and time it aint gonna happen….those who have the wealth and are
            on the INSIDE of the power circle will retain that office….(the attainment of the supreme office of the USA, the Presidency is as coveted a position as can be
            imagined to retain the position of an American first family such as the Roosevelts,
            Kennedys, Bush*s..the Clintons are now history…mama smashed it to pieces.
            Trumps legacy is not even close in that regard and is considered by the “old”
            money as “new rich” and have no solid position from which to advance except
            money of which the “old” money people make Trump seem as a piker)…What
            does reading from a piece of paper mean? I have heard this several times and find it to be of so little importance that it is worth the time to type it….so he
            speaks from the hip…table topics….off the cuff….soo? Kennedy did so with
            the ability to call a man a son-of-a-bitch and make the man laugh when he said it…Trump tells a woman that she is a menopausal freak and starts a scandal..
            tells a latino reporter who has the ear of millions of Latinos to “get out” and
            sends his goon squad on him….he backhands everybody as he sees fit…
            and that’s talking w/o a script..come on get real…..since I have spoken out
            against Trump I have been told on the internet by two Brown Shirts (read
            Nazis), that they, we, will be coming for you…..this is the attitude of the
            herd of SOME of the Trump followers….remember the speed of the boss is the speed of the group..if he is unkind, arrogant, insulting then the TRUMPETTES
            will be the same…that’s the way it started with hitler..only a few but then it grew
            into a serpentine monster that almost took down the world…….

          2. Angry American says

            I saw Trumps press interview & ramos was not thrown out by any brown shirt but rather escorted out by one of Trumps security detail (one man)n he wasn’t demeaning to him or anything like that he also allowed him to return & speak but only when it was his turn instead of trying to get in front of other reporters.
            There is supposed to be some kind of decorum at these events & ramos was totally wrong by shouting out over the other reporters which I guess is common in mexico but not here, here we raise our hands & wait to be called then when we are called we ask questions all he was doing was keeping order in something that could get out of hand fast & for that I salute Trump. If I had one tenth of his money people would have to make an appointment with me to say hello lol

    5. Mike with the Silver Star says

      And who helped the marine jailed in a Mexican prison? Obama? , no, it was the Donald. Was this hot air? Was this the response of an “unthinking billionaire?” Our current socialist in chief thinks we should lead from behind. What!? So we can take it in the behind?!!!!

      1. muskat antonopolis says

        they do not give out silver stars for cleaning the latrine….thanks bud….bet there is a purple heart in there too….now hold on…you are comparing two different things….one.
        you speak of Mr. T. who is said to have made the release of the Marine in prision
        in Mexico possible……I am certain that his business relations had something to do
        with that…..and good on him for what he did…..but as an American with those
        kind of connections my question is why NOW when he is in the race with others for
        Pres. nomination..and not months ago when this was first beginning? …show-man-ship
        and not TRUE concern for the Marine….and then you compare Trump with Obama..
        cant do that and come to any reasonable comparison…Trump has no record as Pres.
        and just about everybody dislikes Obama who has been in the public eye for years..
        no comparison possible…..I am waiting for Trump to bail ship for a go as an Independent..
        he will be history if he does….thanks Mike

  15. paul prehn says

    Regarding your comment “when it comes to starting feuds”, you really need to get your facts straight. Trump is usually attacked FIRST. That is hardly starting feuds.

  16. James Maxwell says

    Any person who crosses our borders illegally without permission is an INVADER , they are not
    immigrants. An immigrant is one who has paid their dues, stood in line and filed the necessary
    paper work to come here in a legal and lawful manner to become citizens. Invaders include any
    one who came here on a visa and overstayed it regardless of reason or crossed our border illegally
    committing a crime. They are the dregs of society for the most part and only come here to steal,
    rape, rob and murder out citizens. There are some who are trying to escape the criminal activities
    from where they come but regardless they enter the United States or any Nation on earth without
    proper paper work they are invader and the best they can expect is transportation back home.

  17. Kurt Hanssen says

    Ramos is a Mexican, he carry a Mexican passport, and vote in Mexico, but he also vote in the US. Closed borders, mass deportation means less weuers for Univision, less weuers,less comercials, less revenue, no money for Ramos, no Ramos. Reason for the conflikt

  18. florida3guy says

    Any of the brain dead racists who watch this crappy station are already supporters of Ramos so this is not going to hurt Trump at all. It’s about time that somebody stands up for actual American citizens and this stand will only strengthen Trump with any clear thinking, patriotic American.

  19. American says

    Side comment. A successful war on terror MUST include a war on Islam. Otherwise it’s like killing the baby cockroaches, but leaving the mother alive – they’ll just keep coming. If you really want to solve a problem, attack the source.

    1. Angry American says

      Not all muslims are bad people, just the radicals of course I don’t trust anyone that is required to pray 5 times each day. Never ever will either

      1. American says

        There are Muslims who are good people; people that can be trusted and really are like you and me. However, those are the Muslims that do not take their religion seriously. If they are at all devout, if they believe that the Qur’an is the word of God, then they will line up behind the jihadists when the time comes – they must, it’s required by the Qur’an. The devout Muslims truly believe that Islam must dominate the world, governed by Sharia Law; they are just biding their time, waiting for the movement to become stronger.

        1. Mac Boy says

          Put Bacon on Every Step of Every Mosque !!

  20. kbfallon says

    Instead of sending the latinoos over to Hillary as the article states–lets just send them back to where they came from. NOW!

    1. kotoc says

      Just the illegal ones…. even those with “anchor babies.”

  21. johnanaguski says

    Ramos is another clinton shill, his daughter works for killary.

  22. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Picture Ramos with Clinton’s hand stuffed up His ass making him talk and you have the same relationship between them as Jeff Dunham has with His dummies!

    1. Paula says

      Jeff Dunham’s dummies are likable! And yes, I see your point!

      1. Mary Warner says

        That’s the difference!

        1. Paula says

          Obama’s & Clinton’s dummies are not likable.

      2. George Block says

        Ever notice how much Walter looks like Biden?

        1. Paula says

          Yes! I’m sure Walter has more integrity than old senile joey.

    2. Angry American says

      Very, very good one I like your thoughts, seem like we speak with minds that are very alike

  23. Jim Skiman says

    Donald Trump had done and said what we have been begging and electing the eunuch RHINO’s in Congress to do and say. Trump is a man who stands up to PHONY journalists like ramos and the rest of the drive by media. I don’t like some of Trump’s positions on weapons and hopefully he will come around and see the need to support the 2nd Amendment as we the people deserve. The left and the GOP are trying and will continue to try to destroy him. Let us hope that they FAIL just as ovomit is a FAILURE!!!

    1. Angry American says

      Not only that but he knows how to “work politicians” HE HAS WORKED THEM FOR YEARS & will get things done rather than start to worry about getting reelected like they all do. here’s hope that he can work them to work for Americans instead of for their own benefit like getting reelected for another term

    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      What trump’s positions on the 2nd amendment? He supports the 2nd Amendment and he has a permit to carry. He was asked by the liberal media how many guns that he owns and he told them, ” It’s none of your business!”

  24. RuFus92 says

    I for one back “The Donald” on this take your liberal media and shone it. Catering to ILLEGALS is aroute to the destruction of this country and exactly what the Democrats and especially Obama want for this country. Rewarding law breaking and its financial cost to our society and nation is entirely wrong. So Mr. Ramos and all of you illegals I will let Donald speak for me as none of the other canidates seem to be interested in doing that with the exception of Cruz.

  25. don76550 says

    They should have hurt Ramos.

  26. junkmailbin says

    I am 100 percent for anyone who came here legally or whose ancestors came here legally.
    As to ILLEGAL ALIENS, they need to be removed when ever found and banned for life . it is not a misdemeanor to enter illegally actually. Once in, they are an ongoing criminal conspiracy to violate US LAWS AT EVERY TURN.
    Univision and the other spanish language chanels are for illegal aliens and push their agenda . They hire pendejos like ramos to whip up trouble. He is a mexican al sharpton

  27. elmcqueen3 says

    Ramos and Univision should be proud of Trump..They should be speaking up for Trump..Trumpe has hired more Mexican nationals than any other American business…those Latino’s who work for Trump like him…He more than likely will get their vote narrowing the percentages amongst latino votes…not with standing…Trump might get the 20% needed to carry him over as the Republican candidate for the presidency…Only time will tell.

  28. Mike with the Silver Star says

    If one is here legally and a citizen of the United States, We are all Americans. I am first generation and I expect our borders to be secure and our current immigration laws to be enforced. Build that wall, Mr. trump

  29. Charles Adams says

    My wife was born in Puerto Rico and she is a strong Republican My congressman is A.Grayson but i have to say the Puerto Ricans put him in. Univision is liberal we all know that. Trump stated that Puerto Ricans are not citizens that is how ignorant he is they have citizens since 1917. There is a big difference between latinos from the Puerto Rico and Cuba than those from Mexico and Central America. Trump has no idea about Latinos he just intimidates He a real estate hustler he is all I, me,mine and I am rich. WE dislike the word HIspanic the word was created the Federal Gov.

  30. jsccats says

    Why would anyone who went through the process to come to the US legally and become a citizen going through that process cheer illegal aliens no matter their background jumping around everyone to get legal status and even citizenship? In addition, every citizen and legal US resident is negatively affected by illegals in costs for so called “safety net” benefits and education, impact on job opportunities and wages, impact on safety concerns from crime and terrorist threats, and impact on healthcare costs and health threats like the recent measles outbreak. It seems it is the elites in the two political parties and some business and fringe ethnic special interest groups that are so “concerned” about “Hispanics” and the “Hispanic vote” primarily for their own interests.

  31. Kent2012 says

    one way to slow done the crashing of the border would be to put the “crashees” in border wall construction groups where they will work for 90 days before being repatriated to Mehico…if they come from further away then they will be required to work for an additional 90 days to help reimburse the Real American taxpayer for the expense of transporting them home…should they be found to be a repeat crashee then they will be required to work for 90 day for each incursion…

    1. Barbara says

      I have an ancestor who stowed away and was arrested (many years ago). He was about 15 or 16. According to family documents he was sold into slavery (translate indentured servant) until he was 21. During that time he learned a trade, was released from servitude I guess, became a citizen.

  32. BeautifulAmerica says

    Good article! Keep the subject of criminal lawbreakers within our government and invading our country before the minds of American citizen-voters.

  33. TAM44 says

    Mr. Trump 10, ramos 0. Now sit down and wait your turn you illegal loving piece of steaming obama.

  34. arnapuck says

    Hey, didja notice how ramos had to refer to his notes quite frequently? Who does that remind you of??

    1. kotoc says

      LOL!! Maybe it was because up against the Donald, he knew he had a powerful adversary and it would be hard from getting rattled, and confused by truth.

  35. arnapuck says

    Teleprompter anyone ??

  36. Colt 1911 says

    Ramos is nothing more than a Mexican Al Sharpton.

  37. EdStone says

    Nancy glad to have u on our side and I agree with u 100%.

  38. Ted says

    Nancy, thank you for posting your thoughts. This one size fits all mentality gets old.

  39. Sgt. York says

    Univision is trying to be the sole voice for illegals. They cannot vote(unless ovomit or Hitlerly sneak a illegal vote scam for them) which I’m sure they will. All voting places need to on their toes for this. Trump has the best ideas over bushless,hitlerly,and the other with the exception of Cruz. We as American citizens need to be on the look out as well.

  40. Mac Boy says

    Univision is a Commie/Mexi front…
    Should be shut down!

    1. Ken V says


  41. Jon's On says

    Trump shouldn’t have let that left wing lunatic back in the room. So no human being is illegal. Does that mean that murderers and rapists are not illegal and should be released from jail? This guy should read Mexico’s immigration laws. They are far stricter than the U.S. laws. Yes a person is illegal when they sneak into our country without a visa. So many of these illegals are also criminals in other ways such as murder, rape and robbery. The left has opened this country up to these people and the problem has only grown. It’s time to stop this before it’s too late.

  42. tom s says

    I for one am sick of hearing from morons like ramos who is doing nothing but promoting people from his home town to break the laws of America. Is he here illegally? Wondering what his inspiration is for his anti-American actions. Does perhaps he have a bunch of relatives or friends back home that he wants to bring to America any way he can??

  43. faturism says

    Why do I have to “push 1 for English ?”

  44. The Dutchman says

    I live in an area with a lot of really old family Americans of Mexican heritage that go back long before we were even a state and I don’t know a one of them that votes dumbocrap!

  45. The Dutchman says

    I have read comments by the Supreme Court, and by the Senators
    who actually wrote the Amendment. It was made clear that this Amendment applied
    ONLY to recently freed slaves. In fact, one of the legislators who wrote the
    Amendment said that it did not confer citizenship on children born of illegal
    parents. It also did not confer citizenship on Indians. In Elk v Eilkins 1884
    The Supreme Court held that birth in the US did not grant citizenship to
    Indians. That was not decided until 1924. In US v Wong Kim Ark 1898,
    The Supreme Court held that a child had birthright citizenship if the parents
    were here LEGALLY. It was never intended to confer citizenship on the children
    of wetbacks.

    1. Nicolas Antonoff says

      Excellent summation of the 14th Amendment. Trump does not need to waste time and money on amending what is not clearly stated – we cannot have the illegal herd set the terms for its legalization nor assimilation. The first mistake is to let migrant workers especially (H-2A visa holders) flood in with family baggage – that does not happen anywhere in the world, from Saudi Arabia to Singapore. Migrant workers come to do a specific job and go home at the end of the contract, maybe come back for another job .Family baggage stays home. Obviously we need to develop efficient systems for tracking the herd from entry point to exit (E-Verify and a tightened VISA will do for starters) What comes in must go out ion time and no residual droppings. Employers who violate the rules should be fined with extreme prejudice. The legalization of the in Country 11 million illegal herd must st art with the removal of family baggage, including anchor babies, in addition legalized illegals and repatriated family baggage should have a lifelong exclusion from obtaining US citizenship. Admission of “guest workers” must be based on the needs of the US economy for the particular skills, if any, they bring to the table, and never result in undercutting US employment. The Eisenhower era Bracero Program (actually begun at the start of WWII by FDR) is a good template.

  46. leebo13 says

    Fix the nation. It appears you and the rest of the scaredy cat Establishment thinks the illegals are wanted by Hispanic/Latinos here legally. They know who’s jobs illlegals take. I truly surprised Blacks haven’t figured this out. Of course the so called Black leaders want to see Blacks kept down so they can squeeze out more money in their blackmail schemes

  47. whoisshe? says

    I know people from Central America , that should not be here, he is entitled to everything votes where he wants to.

  48. LARRY PUCKETT says

    TO ALL,
    true patriot

    1. ardis4 says

      Nancy is not an illegal alien and does not vote the way illegal aliens overwhelmingly vote.

      1. LARRY PUCKETT says

        true patriot

  49. ardis4 says

    Latin American governments are democratically elected and their continent is rich in economic resources. Since Jeb Bush & other lawless open border Rinos insist illegals are better family people, more law abiding and create more jobs and business than U.S. citizens let illegals set the example and prove that reality in their home countries. The Bush open border cartels can’t have it both ways. On one hand, the D.C. Donor Political Class (demanding cheap labor for pennies on the dollar) is spewing that illegals are superior to U.S. citizens from A to Z, on the other hand they’re conceding that the Latin American culture is so corrupt, incompetent, backward and killing field that they can’t hack it in their countries of origin. L O L. So why would America permit that failed culture to illegally invade unfettered and en masse U.S. borders to overrun America and it’s electoral future? Needless to say, third world illegals overwhelmingly support Obama nanny state (bankruptcy) government. Obama can connect the dots, so why can’t the GOP? California, there goes America.

    1. Mac Boy says

      obama (your King) is too busy playing with himself to connect ANYTHING!

      1. ardis4 says

        Tactically, when it comes to Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America he connects the dots: i.e., Priority #1: Obamacare and EPA regulatory control of the federal government to institutionalize America socialist. Priority #2: Open borders with rewards & incentives to overrun the U.S. with illegals to ultimately transform America into a one party system. Overwhelmingly, third world illegals support centralized governments (nanny states) on the taxpayer’s dime, blood and electoral future.

  50. Benjamin Marcoux says

    Ramos was clearly out of place by butting in front of the other reporters,
    out of order by using loud outbursts to over ride Trumps’ message,
    out of order by imposing his questions over Trumps’.
    ,Trump handled the situation like a gentleman,especially whern he let Ramos come back into the room and get in line.
    Go get em’ TRUMP! We are 110 % for you to win and get this country back on track!

    1. ardis4 says

      Entitlement Latinos have a habit of disrespecting the rules and stepping in front of the line to take what is not lawfully their own.

  51. Mac Boy says

    Ramos is an anchor baby for the Mexie cartel ….. La Raza ………

  52. Nancy says

    I am not surprised to hear this. La Raza tweeted out the following in 2014:

    Reminder — #Illinois does NOT require #voterID to cast a ballot: … (h/t @18millionrising)”

    If you Google the following: “Hispanic voter fraud in US elections” you will find a lot of information on how La Raza, for instance, encourages voter fraud, and of course, O will do nothing about this.
    Will you be surprised to learn that 20 states in the USA do NOT require voter ID?

  53. hora says

    20%? it lie, I am Latino and know Dems like Republican have less of 50% Latino support, plus a rest won like any one won all illegals deported,Mexico out of USA also Dems out powers. Ramos are reporter, he no have any business argument with politician. We majority voter are to tired of Mexican and illegals.Mexico are no one for sued Texas, that are literal involve in we business. I am Latino and hate Univision watch, I not need see garbage, but Mexican need a paid a ultimate price like mexico, and be will happening, when start massive deported and cut off all remesas to Mexico.A cancer need destroy one time and for good.

  54. curious11 says

    Nancy is right. What? Latinos have a big D on their forehead that makes candidates think we all vote the Democratic ticket? Well we don’t! I’m 2d generation naturalized Mexican, and I have always voted for who I believe, not their party affiliation. As far as Ramos, he’s a self aggrandizing DIC… (delusional injustice collector). He totally lacks the professionalism and decorum one would expect from a network anchor. And I just might vote for Trump! My second chioice is Rubio! There ain’t no way I’d give that other big DIC a third term by voting Hillary or Biden!

  55. william couch says

    If I was Trump, I would’ve told ramos that I can’t respond to you because I’m suing YOU GUY’S!! VIA CON DIAS!!!!

  56. BlueSkyBaby says

    Trump has proposed to force Mexico to pay for a fence. One way this could be done is to surcharge any money sent back to Mexico by illegals in the USA. The most popular ways of sending money is wire transfer (Western Union), and postal money orders. When money is transferred to Mexico or other nations, the money has a surtax placed on it say 50%. The results are several fold, it is to expensive for illegals to send money to Mexico, the fence gets built, and since it is so expensive for these illegals to send money to Mexico, possibly they will self deport

  57. Nancy says

    If I even have the opportunity to meet Trump and ask him a question in a town hall setting for instance, it would be “how are you going to stop this election from being “fixed” with voter fraud, pre-programmed voting machines and other methods that ensure the votes go to Democrats?”

    1. curious11 says

      That’s the responsibility of the Secretary of State for every state. They’re supposed to be ever watchful of the election process to ensure it’s integrity. Then, that filters down to the County level. County clerks are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the vote in every precinct. But with so many “international” hackers having a stake in the turnout… it’s any one’s guess if all systems are vote fraud proof.

  58. daveveselenak says

    This is exactly what I have been espousing for some time now and I am encouraged to see that Special Operations has had an epiphany and has awaken to the truth and has the wisdom to try to communicate it to the sheeple!

    This message would be heard on the evening news if we had one rather than the state-run, fifth column propagandists that we have now! This is why the cancer is spreading and the patient is on life support! Unless AMERIKA starts to hear this from the so-called Right and Consevatives, especially those that are campaigning for the presidency, you can kiss your asses, freedom and country – what little is Left of it – goodbye or realize that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

    This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
    after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

    So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

    To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

    IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

    Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

    What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

    Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

    The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

    America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

    Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at:

  59. lovezion says

    Bottom line, I suggest everyone here to not waste their precious time on this ignoramus by the name of JOHN STROM BECAUSE….HE’S NOT WORTH YOUR SPIT!!! :O)

  60. whoisshe? says

    I stand with Trump, especially when I read that Ramos’ has family working for Clinton Campaign it made me sick, there are good Hispanics but that Ramos is evil.

  61. Ken V says

    Ramos esta Puto y ILLEGAL

  62. LARRY JOHNSON says

    The slug Ramos hides behind walls so illegals don’t rob & kill him-He keeps Alot of money at his home & on him

  63. David Gearhart says

    It is Obama’s plan to use these illegal immigrants to steal our elections. He has put out a new federal voter registration form which does not ask if they are a citizen and has made it illegal for other forms to be used. The liberal news uses lies and deceptions to make point. These people deserve better than to be used as political fodder by Obama. Obama had Holder arm the Mexican drug cartels and then turned over the border to them for their criminal activities. Drug trade, charging illegals for using the border, to include, stealing their money, rape, and slavery to include the sex trade.

  64. Paul says

    I think that Trump and the conservative Republicans can stand against ILLEGAL immigration and still win the presidency in 2016 as well as keep the House and Senate. Enough Latinos have written about their stand against illegal immigration to convince me that we have support in that demographic.
    We will have support among blacks this election, too. The BLM “movement” is BS and most blacks probably know it. In this election they can vote against Obama’s policies without having to vote against Obama. Many will.
    Trump has shined a light on the MSM. They have a lot less influence this election cycle. Like Ronald Reagan, he surfs on the MSM. He has as much disdain for them as most Americans, and most Americans love to see the MSM arrogance put in its place. If nothing else, Trump has put the light of truth on PC and how it has muzzled citizens from discussing LGBT, Muslim, illegal immigration issues, foreign policy failures, and lies about the strength of our economy.

  65. Dale Reynolds says

    Totally mis-leading headline just a lazy no-talent editor.

  66. teedoffatobama says

    I gave that idiot a new first name, now he’s known to me as Ignor Ramos

  67. junkmailbin says

    ramos is a pendejo, ramos es un asshole

  68. fred says

    It seems that Ramos is a major hypocrite, if he loves Mexico so much why did he become a citizen after being an illegal alien when he first came here? Why not go back to mexico and fix the “cinco familias” and Carlos Slim who are running that country like it’s their personal fiefdom? Will he fight for Americans to get free healthcare in Mexico? No?, then he really should STFU!

  69. Lizard says

    Old news lets move on

  70. William Benton says

    Ramos is the type asshole that thinks all you have to do is yell and people will buy what you are yelling about.

  71. Peter B. Duran says

    Nancy…. Right on… There are two classes of Hispanic… GOOD AND CLEAN AND PIECES OF SH illegal delinquents, Criminals, Free Loaders, whose statically are feeding the curve of the diminishing line honor and of a moral value in any civilized society. They try to mix among honorable Hispanic to gain reputation and whatever they can add from the Goods. The Cuban American are mostly Republican and in Miami, the majority are supporting Donald Trump and his agenda of deporting everyone of these illegal garbage of our Country., including any Activist that could be charged with and found guilty of being an agent to the interest of a foreign Country.

  72. kay says

    My family is of mixed decent. We have black, Hispanic, Jew, white, and about everything in-between. The Hispanic portion votes conservative and are out spoken about illegals needing to be deported. The black portion and white portion are divided conservative and liberal. We do not have a problem with race but with the legal status of a person. Illegal is illegal. A criminal. It is illegal to rob a bank, thus if you do you broke the law and are a criminal and go to jail. We have laws about entering our nation, when you break that law you are a criminal. If one law is ignored then why shouldn’t all laws? Why is it a law is only a law when it serves the political party in power? And why do citizen have to abide by laws that the president and congress do not have to abide by? If you take an oath to enforce our laws and constitution and then refuse to do so you need to be removed from office and that is a fact.

  73. John Q. Public says

    Wow , Deep Red Racism !!!

  74. Nancy says

    No, they don’t pay taxes and those they do pay are taken out of their pay and put into the Social Security accounts of the dead people they have stolen social security numbers from, just like Obama with his stolen Connecticut social security number. So many fake ids…and just to remind people, Trump said he would stop them from sending money back home! This is HUGE, since they send millions back home. Off-topic…I just found out Carly F. is Jewish, so what I don’t understand is why she is so pro-Muslim, calling their civilization the “greatest in the World”. Huh? Did she forgot about the Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, the founders of the Western Civilization we all now enjoy. And. I have seen a big influx of Muslims in my neighborhood so I guess Obama is giving ALL of them legal status. I guess these people are all “refugees” from a huge mess in Africa and the Middle East that Obama created.

  75. lovezion says

    ATTENTION ISRAEL DEFENDERS HERE: There are 2 or 3 nazi trolls here, taking your time and trying to make you appear ridiculous and ignorant although it is definitely these trolls who are the ignoramus and of course very well trained nazis. Please do not answer them as they are not worth our spit. I can assure you. lovezion

  76. carrsmi says

    This report is incorrect. Mr Ramos initiated the incident by rudely interrupting (Mr Trump’s session) with reporters. When Mr Ramos agreed to calm down and conduct himself properly, Mr Trump very graciously let him return and treated him with respect. Mr Ramos is an ACTIVIST who thinks his bullying behavior and lack of boundaries is appropriate. Mr Ramos also has inaccurate information he is presenting as true. I do NOT believe he represents intelligent and fair minded Hispanics in the USA.

  77. LieutenantCharlie says

    I know many Hispanic American Engineers, who came here to be legal Americans.
    And they worked, and went to College to become Engineers.
    These men are my Friends, and they are good Americans.
    They are also against the illegal Aliens, and Mr. Ramos.

  78. lieberalschism says

    I would like to suggest that anyone that thinks Ramos is a POS and stands with Trump go to Ramos Twitter page and tell him so.
    We have to drum our opinions into these type of people’s heads .
    Tell these scum bags how you feel.

  79. mitchell says

    We know what Ramos, wants, 1st leave the anchor babys alone,No wall, like trump said he would build.The bottom line is, let the illegals keep coming.11 millions now,an what 12 , 14 more?Every illegal, will cost this country till they are 80 yr old.

  80. commonesnes says

    Ramos needs to be taken to the woodshed. The worst part is that in the background groups like the US Chamber of Commerce are supporting him and Univision while trying to otherwise pander to Republicans.

  81. daledor says

    Trump referring to legal vs illegal entry is common sense. You either are legal or illegal – only logical. Ramos “open border” policy is chaos to America economically and terrorist/criminal wise and can call it unfair all he wants. Most Americans are not so programmed by the controlled media and Hollywood to close the eyes to what is happening. Trump plans to do what all other countries do intrinsically – not allow open borders and accountability. Many countries if you are caught in illegally may kill or at least jail you. THEY HAVE GOOD SENSE!

    1. FredSlice says

      There is no such thing as “illegal entry” in any federal statute.

  82. debra tao says

    My grandparents and husband came to US legally and worked hard to be tax paying American citizens, why shouldn’t everyone else??? If you have no legal papers saying you are a citizen…then you are an illegal citizen and should be sent back to your place of origin and apply legally. Period.

    1. TexasRider says

      @debratao:disqus……Thank you Debra for your candor. I have always felt the majority of folks who brought their families over here legally feel the same as you.

    2. TexasRider says

      @debratao:disqus…..I appreciate your candor Debra. I find that most kin folks of immigrants that came to this country legally feel the same as you.

  83. cjg says

    get rid of illegals, mexicans muslim and all. now families and all. who the hell cares if they gave
    illigimate birth to them. get rid of them. especially muslims

  84. Joe Carter says

    Ramos was out of order and would not wait for his turn. He is not a journalist. Take his visa, even though he claims to be an American. He’s one of Obama’s media pimps!

  85. 1776_DejaVu says

    What’s not to love. Trump is a man that tells it like it is and takes no prisoners when attacked. A breath of fresh air and just what this country needs, a President with a backbone!

  86. Spark1845 says

    Ramos is a GREASER and should be FRIED. Like, you know. CHICKEN. He is a PUNK.

  87. Sylvester Jones says

    What’s the bull about send the voters over to Hillary? She hasn’t been nominated and probably should be in jail, along with Obama, Holder,Sharpton etc.

    1. TexasRider says

      @sylvesterjones:disqus…..I told my wife almost a year ago Hilary wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee for president and the more time goes by the more it looks like she’ll be on the sidelines again.

  88. ward says

    Why would the law abiding Hispanics support illegals when they are competitive of jobs & a burden …?

  89. 570ben says

    Help me reach Donald Trump! He can fix this country without using his own money. Fill the bus fleets, and the trains with illegal immigrants, and ship them all to the already made Fema Camps. Haul them to work by bus to the Great Wall of America and have them work for their housing and food ( back at the camps ) until the wall is built. Then send their sorry asses home. President Trump should not have to use his own money, and unlike Obama, he would not have to use our money. Amen?

  90. lovezion says


  91. Bill Senior says

    Screw Ramos and every POS Hispanic like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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