Trump Warns: Hillary Will Steal This Election


After the media lovefest that was the Democratic National Convention last week, Donald Trump promised that he was done playing nice. He vowed to “take the gloves off” from here on out, and on Monday, he proved that he meant what he said. For the first time since securing the Republican nomination, Trump said in Ohio that he was concerned that the general election was going to be just as problematic as the primaries.

“Bernie shouldn’t have made a deal but he lost,” Trump said, referring to the astounding irregularities in the DNC primaries that allowed Hillary Clinton to become the nominee. “It’s rigged. And I am afraid the election is going to be rigged.

“First of all, it’s rigged and I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, to be honest. I have to be honest because I think my side was rigged,” Trump warned.

Later, in an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump doubled down on his assertion. “I’m telling you, Nov. 8, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged,” Trump said. “And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

The liberal media is mocking Trump for these comments, claiming that he’s simply trying to make up excuses for losing in November. If he can blame it on a rigged system, he won’t have to endure the blow to his ego.

Well, what else can they say? They can’t take a serious look at his allegations, because that would require them to tell the truth about the Democratic primaries. It would require them to explain why Bernie Sanders won state after state while the delegates went to his opponent. It would force them to stop musing about a worldwide conspiracy involving Trump and Vladimir Putin and address the facts found in the DNC leaked emails. It might even force them to defend the stunning case-by-case collapse of voter ID laws in several states, coming one right after the other, as though coordinated by some higher power. No, no, they don’t want to get involved in any of that. They might accidentally reveal the truth of this election to their viewers.

No one paying attention can dismiss Trump’s concerns. This is the first major presidential candidate in our lifetimes to have bucked the Washington establishment. He is promising to roll back decades of foreign and domestic policy supported by the leaders of both parties. Do you really think these powerful factions are just going to stand aside and let something as puny as democracy ruin the good thing they’ve got going? Oh no. Not if they can help it.

All the pieces are in place for unprecedented fraud. A nominee willing to do anything, legal or illegal, to win the White House. A computerized voting system in many states that is open to hacking. Fallen voter ID laws that could easily allow illegal immigrants and other non-eligible people to vote. A media gleefully willing to cover it all up and sweep all controversies under the rug if it means electing President Hillary Clinton.

If Trump is going to win, he’s going to have to do it in a landslide. If it’s close…well, we’ve already seen that the Democrats are happy to put their thumb on the scale.

  1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Crooked lying rigged Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Nice comeback……..

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Crooked rigged Lying pathetic low energy evil Hillary is MIA

        Out of sight out of mind she is damaged Liberal goods!!!


  2. Rick Rogers says

    What his he afraid She will take a page out of Bush/Cheney and Rove play book? As for Trump.. HEY DONALD this Is how you get a Purple Heart. for those that don’t know woman in the picture is the Future Senator Tammy Duckworth.

    1. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


      1. Rick Rogers says

        And any of his brain scrambled supporters

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Who would Vote for a LIAR like Crooked evil Lying Hillary a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Since none of what you excuse her of has been proven to be nothing more then a Lie. I vote for her. Are you really that blind your going to blindly follow someone that has BEEN Prove to tell more lies then any Candidate in resent history.. Well except maybe for Ted Cruz. There are video after Video showing the words coming out of his mouth and then him denying them or said he meant something else. This Clown you have nominated is a proven Con Man, and a Thief.. Hell he brags about how he cheats people out of what they are owed. he brags about how he avoided Military Service, He dishonors Veterans. And he is 10 points behind and everytime he opens his mouth he drops another point. Yea thats who your going to support.

    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      She was worthless in her last job, too….an Illinois politician….

      1. Rick Rogers says

        hmmm so your calling someone that was award the Purple heart.. (Not handed one because he was running for office.) was presented the Air Medal and Army Commendation Medal Promoted to Major and then Lt Col. in Army national guard. Has a PhD. Lost both their legs and major injury to hear Arm while serving in Iraq. Was appointed Director of the Illinois Department of veterans Affairs. Someone that the Fraternal Order of Police Endorsed for Congress. Some one beat a Tea Party Darling Joe Walsh but 10 points in her election.. (I get the feeling that is what ticks you off the most) So Calling her as worthless is about the same as me saying you don’t have a silver Star. Its just as wrong and just as offensive.

    3. Mike with the Silver Star says

      I got mine in battle…she got hers in a helicopter accident……if you cut your finger with a letter opener in the service they give you a purple heart…..She’s no f—ng hero…she was in an accident…

      1. Mike with the Silver Star says

        Never once..not once did she criticize the VA for screwing up things for the vets….That would negate the dem agenda………….

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Sorry, gang. But in the combat millitary that is know as the “I can’t duck” award. – Jeez, I should have paid better attention to my Drill Sgt when I was in Basic Training.

        Hey Mike, Welcome Home Bro. — The gave me a BSM/V but I far prefer my separation papers.

      3. Rick Rogers says

        So I guess your saying that when an RPG fired by the enemy hits your helicopter that’s an Accident? Because it is well document that’s what Happen not only by the Army but by the members of her Flight Crew that were in the Helicopter. You know where the “Helicopter Accident” story came from. Was one of the Lies Joe Walsh told while he was running against her for office. So tell me are you going to get a medal for that Fish hook you have in your mouth because you bought that lie hook line and Sinker. Its sad when someone can prove whither something is a lie or not just by doing simple research but chooses to believe a lie.

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      This fool should Govern and stay out of Politics during the election!
      What a disgrace this man is!!!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        what a hypocrite you are.. So did you like that story on the news the other night that Trump is looking for a way to get out of the Race because he can read the writing on the wall and knows he is heading for the beating of his life. Isn’t it strange there are 5 men living that held the office of President and not a single one has endorsed Donald Trump.. If that does not tell you something then your beyond help. Now I understand how Hitler got his “brownshirts”

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          You serious look like a liberal atheist doofus pathetic looking face…did someone b Slap you yet? Keep watching Cnn liberal racist media spin believe all you want Trump is in and will Win!! I know it hurts you Liberal hatin thugs when President Trump is elected you will leave the country I can’t wait!

          You analogy of men living that held office shows your ignorance, Pathetic and low energy you truly are!!! You’re a Morbid person…I understand Hitlery will march to her cell block one day!!

          Hypocrite go support lying Crooked Evil Hillary! lol

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Ha ha.. You would be more scare if you actually had someone that would win. God he is going to throw the biggest tantrum ever seen when.. (not IF) but when he is rejected by the american People. And his supports can go with him. These are the kind of people your supporting.. You have a future as a circus Clown. But here.. This is Fox News from 14 hours ago.. read and enjoy.

      2. Rick Rogers says

        You know what i was going to let it go with one reply but i have a challenge for you GODBLESSREALAMERICA! I would like you to tell me what you think Real America is.. if your going to use that name then you must have a reason. Or was it just what you could spell?

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Rick Pathetic Rogers-

          You know when you ask a question such as this GODBLESSREALAMERICA! Real America is? It show’s me that you’re ignorant, low energy and pathetic.

          You will never understand it because you’re a Liberal atheist hater! You could not grasp the profound knowledge of what it truly means.

          Now for you’re ignorant liberal attack. ” Or was it just what you could spell” ?

          Show’s me how childish and weak you are. You can not debate logically because you are a Liberal brainwashed atheist moron.

          You are really a coward! Weak minded and liberal….

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Still waiting.. Or are you not able to put it into words you understand?

  3. gotabgood says

    Hillary won’t have to steal anything… Trump will give her the election.

    1. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Ah, so you admit you are a stupid anti-Trump Hillary supporter. A low-life dem troll….We thought so…

  4. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


    1. MikeS says

      The majority of you will take up nothing. You will bow down and submit to protect what is today and your jobs.

      1. markypolo says

        Sad, but TRUE my friend.

      2. DocOwenShow says

        Perhaps…but don’t put a lot of money on it. One slight spark from another Clinton administration could ignite a fire the likes of which have not been seen worldwide and could make the Republican’s freeing the slaves look like a cake walk. Just the right ill-timed executive order and BOOM! most of the country would be in WTF! land while the rest of us are saying “sorry, we tried to tell ya’.”

      3. Mathew Molk says

        No question in my military mind.

        Cowardice and self indulgence have become an art form in this country.

        What the hell, Look at the number of people that don’t bother to vote or even brag about never have voted.

        1. db says

          then they deserve what they get. Their lives are empty and vain by that evidence!

        2. MikeS says

          As the days pass, I am finding more and more complainers don’t vote. Some are friends and I have quickly lost respect for many of them. If you don’t vote, don’t complain. People give their lives for the right to vote and we as Americans need to stand up for that.

      4. richardwfaith says

        WHAT “jobs”?

        1. MikeS says

          The jobs we had and the jobs we would like to have.

          1. richardwfaith says

            Those are the very ones, all right!

      5. ward says

        That is why hilary & bo have proceeded to their abuse of power criminal success … !

      6. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


    2. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Everyone should see the new movie out “Hillary’s America”

    3. Wil Ferch says

      That’s the problem….no we won’t. We didn’t do it for Benghazi….. we didn’t do it for the email/FBI decision….we didn’t do it when Obama ran roughshod over the Constitution a number of times….when he altered Obamacare timelines all by himself in violation of law….etc, etc. The American people of today are not like our honorable forefathers of 1776…we are a stupid lazy bunch willing to be led around be the liberal press and criminal Democratic party. That’s the unfortunate truth. The military might of the US Govt is stacked against true patriots anyway…….

      1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

        Will, I have to admit that what you have stated is true, that the American public has been complacent in allowing criminal government to run roughshod over them. We complain, but do not take action to ensure that our congressmen (both houses) take the oath of office (to the Constitution) seriously instead of colluding with the socialist/Marxist left and destroying the sacred (yes sacred), Constitution of our Republic. What will be needed in the November elections is an ARMY of constitutional observers to ensure that the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD of past elections does not pervade this November election. Standing by and wringing our hands over the collusion of leftist voting precincts and the subversive press and feeling that nothing can be done will only continue the slide into third world mediocrity that a New World Order will control. Stop re-electing these “republicans in name only” and letting the leftists control the polling places and make sure that the election precincts have HONEST, aboveboard, Constitutionally true elections. The NWO scheme that is rife in politics and the press must be exposed for what it is – TYRANNY and TREASON against our occupied REPUBLIC. Do not stand by like whipped dogs, accepting a purported inevitability of this march against the autonomy of our country. This is the most important election our country has had after decades of dismantling the Constitution. We, the People of this United States, cannot allow the subversive forces to obliterate what our forefathers died for in creating the most free and enterprising country in the world.

        1. Wil Ferch says

          @ Joseph C Moore…Very eloquently stated, and entirely true. Part of this problem, however, is depending upon voting the wrong element OUT… the correct element IN….only to find your guy has become a RINO or changed his stripes AFTERWARDS. If you look at the depth and breadth of corruption and crony-ism in all levels of gov’t… it appears only a grass-roots revolution will get us to the prior point of living within the Constitutional laws. Who will do this?….although proper and even encouraged in our founding documents if tyranny should ever evolve and morph inside our country….what chances are there for this to succeed against the high-level tech and might of the US armed forces? It would require rank and file members of the armed forces to recognize that they are working for an illegal govt and instead join forces with the population. My guess this will never happen in the scale required for this to ever happen and succeed.

        2. Lori MB says

          Have y’all heard that George “SATAN’s Brother” Sorros, owns the company that makes the voting/ballot machines? I’d say that is a HUGE CONFLICT of INTEREST!!! How do you fight that??? Somehow they need to be held accountable. I am so tired of this double standard and her getting away with it 🙁

      2. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


    4. susmart3 says

      The saddest thing is, it is becoming more clear that Trump is much more interested in promoting his own brand than winning. Telling a crowd to “Get that crying baby out of here”? He’s clearly not stupid, he wants to lose.

      1. db says

        Seriously? You must be a libtard, someone who cannot tell the forest for the trees! Trump is the only voice the people have had for eight years now and you are complaining he’s not perfect!? Obviously, you don’t know what perfect is either!

        1. susmart3 says

          Calling people names? That’s how you want to win votes? O wait… you may be one of the ones who’s going to Take Your Country back if you don’t get enough votes. Very mature.

      2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Like Obama stupid is is Stupid be!

      3. richardwfaith says

        Who in his right mind would ever take a baby to a political convention anyway? Besides the obvious rudeness to all the attendees who have legitimate business being there, it’s an endangerment to the baby. There is a danger of being crushed by the crowd, a danger of hearing loss from exposure to all the loud crowd noise, and the danger of exposure to germs in the sneezing, coughing and even breathing of thousands of closely-packed people. If the parents don’t give an airborne whoopie about the others in attendance, for God’s sake couldn’t they at least care a little bit about the safety and well-being of their own baby?

    5. db says

      yes, we have the right to throw off unconstitutional governments!

    6. ward says

      IF there are any of us U.S. Patriots left to secure U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights … !

    7. headonstraight says

      Be sure to bring your water pistol and pea shooter if your keepers will permit you to.

  5. gotabgood says

    Got a few minutes to think? This Mother did..

    “This election cycle is a test,” [top Jeb Bush adviser Sally Bradshaw] said. “As much as I don’t want another four years of (President Barack) Obama’s policies, I can’t look my children in the eye and tell them I voted for Donald Trump. I can’t tell them to love their neighbor and treat others the way they wanted to be treated, and then vote for Donald Trump. I won’t do it.”

    1. Roy says

      So you would rather turn your children’s country over to Hillary Clinton, the single most corrupt candidate ever to run for the office? She’s even more corrupt than her husband was when he ran and, since she’s had so much more time to develop her level of corruption, she’s even more corrupt than Obama. Trump wasn’t my first choice, either, or even my second but he’s still light years ahead of putting that evil woman in charge of our nation. And those are the only two viable choices.

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        What in the world is it going to take for people to wake up to the fact Hillary is the most crooked and lying candidate we have ever had running for president. Most politicians will lie and promise the moon to get elected, but they don’t hold a candle to Hillary.

      2. gotabgood says

        More corrupt to ever run for office??
        I would say… and you should say, she is the most squeakiest, cleanest, candidate in the history of the USA! You, meaning, your party and your hired attorney’s have been investigating her for over 30 years… 30 years you have had her under YOUR microscope and have had investigations, after investigations, after investigations and could find no wrong doing. You yourself said that. 12 times your congress said no wrong doing. after a 2 year investigation over her emails, no intentional wrong doing. Under the Starr investigations, no wrong doing…. I would say you should trust your children and your grand children in the hands of one who truly cares….. Hillary Clinton!!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          More revisionist history….Are you a 14 year old girl or just a moron?

          And it was your RINO/Democrat elite establishment congress, Not mine.

          1. gotabgood says

            Don’t put any of YOUR RINO/Rightwing crap on me.
            Are you for or against Trump? I want to know now, before he completely destroys the Republican Party and then you call him names.

        2. Roy says

          Yeah you just go on living in that liberal fantasy world that you liberals keep locked up in your fevered brains. Never let truth get in the way of liberal talking points.

          1. gotabgood says

            Here are some Liberal fantasies… I wonder if you have enjoyed any of these benefits?

    2. Chris Robinette says

      Then think of the alternative with Hillary as a self serving, self centered, lying, manipulative, thieving, money grabbing, murdering bitch in charge.

      1. Mike with the Silver Star says

        If Hillary the liar wins, can you look your children in the eye in 4 years and explain to them that their part of the 35 trillion dollar national debt has gone up?…Or that they have less freedom because she packed the supreme court with leftist idealogues?……You’d better think twice about not voting for Trump

        1. gotabgood says

          Now for some truth..
          Going by your rule of thumb… you better think one more time and NOT vote for Trump.. this loose cannon will have the codes to the nuclear weapons…. NOT EVEN IN OFFICE YET AND HE IS ASKING THIS…. Trump asked 3 times in an hour security briefing why we can’t just use nuclear weapons

      2. gotabgood says

        Self serving, and how about Trump? Self centered, again how about Trump? Lying? That is Trumps middle name. Manipulative, Trump University comes to mind. Thieving, as in not paying your contractors? Money grabbing, declaring bankruptcy 3 or 4 times and walking away with all the money and murdering bitch you mean like Trump asking 3 times.. Trump asked 3 times in an hour security briefing why we can’t just use nuclear weapons

        1. Chris Robinette says

          How many times did Hillary lie about her e-mails and security plus the death in Benghazi?

          1. gotabgood says

            Take that up with Republican Comey.

          2. gotabgood says

            Excuse me, but I don’t think that is a picture of Gowdy…. isn’t that Comey??

          3. Chris Robinette says

            Because you are a blind asshole and a troll. Did you view what I sent you, Nah, you didn’t because it would have blown up your fantasy world. Bye troll and go date Killary.

    3. gmhunt4 says

      Vote for hillary and simply tell your kids you are really a liberal progressive, NOT a Conservative.

      1. gotabgood says

        But of course.
        The name Liberal is like saying worship who you want and when you want.
        The name conservative is like saying worship who and when I tell you to.
        Even using the term progressive is moving forward, not backwards
        Both good names

    4. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Jeb Bush is an establishment RINO, and so is this Bush advisor…..They are scared to death trump will upset their applecart….Down with the establishment and up with Trump 2016!

      1. Charlie Wayne Melton says

        Well said!

    5. Mathew Molk says

      Why would even a useful fool like you listen to anyone in the RINO/Democrat elite establishment and think it had ANY basis in fact.

      You fools want to turn your back on every single successful thing that this country did since WW I and redo every that did not work, especially things thay damage the country.

      But then, with you and your ilk embracing revisionist history how would we expect anything else?

      1. gotabgood says

        You really don’t know much about history.. Between WWI and WWII we developed sweat shops. I hope you don’t think that was a good thing and we should hang on to it? But they way you vote, it seems you do want to go back to the good O’Days.
        After WWII yes, things came alive with FDR, we got SS, Unemployment insurance, Labor laws, Unions and CLOSED the Sweat shops!!! And America grew strong and prosperous. until Nixon, he took a hunk out of our healthcare… Then Reagan deregulated corporations and banks, gave them a 42% tax cut that middle class had to eat. (beginning of class warfare) Then he gave an avenue to chip away at the unions. So what do you want? Before WWII? Or right after WWII and before Nixon? Clinton gave us an upbeat of the downward spiral that Reagan put us on, but lil’ bush put an immediate stop to that!
        So where is your time period that you think is great?

  6. Rick Rogers says

    Well it looks like Trumpy is going to have some new bedtime Reading to enjoy.

    1. Chris Robinette says

      Hillary is still lying to the American people including you but you don’t give a damn do you?

      New Information On Khizr Khan Sheds
      Light On His Opposition To Trump

      Featured at the Democratic National
      Convention as an ardent critic of Donald Trump, Khizr Khan — the father of a
      Muslim-American U.S. soldier killed in Iraq — has been hailed as a hero as he continues to speak out against the Republican presidential nominee.

      However, details about Khan’s background are emerging that might at least partially explain the
      motivation behind his dislike of Trump, the Washington Times reports.

      According to his website, Khan — an immigration lawyer — helps clients gain E-2 and EB-5 visas, which provide green cards to foreign investors along with their families. Yet
      this particular visa program is highly controversial and has been accused
      of allowing foreigners to buy residency.

      “The E-2 and EB-5 are two of the most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a
      relatively modest investment,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director for the Center of Immigration Studies.

      “The EB-5 is literally a ‘citizenship for sale’ program in which a visa for a whole family can be bought or as little $500,000. … It’s an amazing deal. Compared to other countries,
      America is the Walmart of investor visa programs,” she added.
      In exchange for their $500,000 investment, immigrants who opt for this program receive green cards for themselves, their spouses and all of their children under the age of 21.

      In addition to complaints about the pay-to-play nature of these visas, there have also
      been instances where immigrant investors are scammed out of their money.

      While there is no indication that Khan has been involved in any shady business dealings, some individuals might see Trump’s stance on immigration as a threat to such lawyers, who undoubtedly stand to profit from our current immigration system.
      Furthermore, Khan’s background in Islamic law has raised several questions
      pertaining to his ideological motivations. Writing in 1983 for the Houston
      Journal of International Law, Khan said that all judicial systems must be
      subordinate to Sharia law, otherwise known as Islamic law.

      “All other juridical works which have been written during more than thirteen centuries are very rich and indispensable, but they must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah and open to
      reconsideration by all Muslims,” wrote Khan in his work, “Juristic Classification Of Islamic Law.”

      In other words, all legal systems and juridical works should be open to reconsideration by Muslims and must be subordinate to the law of Islam, including the U.S. Constitution.

      To make matters worse, Khan credits Said Ramadan — the head of the Islamic Center in Geneva and a major figure within the Muslim Brotherhood — as a contributor to his writings.

      Considering this background, it is interesting that he would question Trump’s support for, or knowledge of, the Constitution.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Why would I actually give a damn about bold face lies being told by the Republican Party? Trump painted an entire religion as terrorist. He made the statement he wanted a DATABASE of them. Those are words coming out of Trumps mouth that you can find on just about any Google Search. I don’t know why the hell you people are so gullible that you would buy into a con man, Hitler worshipper, Tax Cheat, And just out and out Bully. But from last nights news sounds like he is looking for a way to drop out of the race. Boy won’t that be fun.

        1. Chris Robinette says

          You have your opinions and I have mine.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Chris your entitled to that opinion and believe me not going to hold it against you since you seem to be a reasonable person. But I would ask you to think about one thing. For 25 Years republicans (and Only Republicans) have been accusing Hillary of doing something wrong but they have yet to prove a single thing. Are the people doing the accusing just that incompetent or are you saying she is that good at covering things up? IF thats the case how can you justify supporting someone that has been proven to lie. that is about to stand trial for Fraud. That brags about cheating small businesses out of the money he agreed to pay them and then dared them to sue him. Someone that has been sued something like 3500 times. Someone who’s Businesses have their name mentioned over and over in the Panama Papers. All those things can be proven. There is a video online by an Architect that Designed the Club house for one of Trump’s Golf courses. He was offered something like 30 cents on the dollar for the work he preformed for Trump. And was told he he accepted it they would have other work for him. So this lie Trump tells about not paying for bad work is just that a lie. He looks for those he can bully and tries to take advantage of them. How does that support small business. He knows so little about foreign policy he did not even know Russia had troops in Ukraine. He thinks Belgium is a City! He has praised Putin, and Saddam Hussian. He has spoken out for the Spread of Nuclear weapons included Saudi Arabia having Nuclear Arms. Keep in mine that 15 of the 19 hijackers during 9/11 were Saudi nationals. Yes I will vote for Hillary because I truly believe the world would not survive Donald Trump as president.

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      I guess Crooked Lying Hillary has to get some new bed sheets!

  7. gotabgood says

    Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier’s Family

    1. Chris Robinette says

      New Information On Khizr Khan Sheds
      Light On His Opposition To Trump

      Featured at the Democratic National
      Convention as an ardent critic of Donald Trump, Khizr Khan — the father of a
      Muslim-American U.S. soldier killed in Iraq — has been hailed as a hero as he continues to speak
      out against the Republican presidential nominee.

      However, details about
      Khan’s background are emerging that might at least partially explain the
      motivation behind his dislike of Trump, the Washington Times reports.

      According to his website,
      Khan — an immigration lawyer — helps clients gain E-2 and EB-5 visas,
      which provide green cards to foreign investors along with their families. Yet
      this particular visa program is highly controversial and has been accused
      of allowing foreigners to buy residency.

      “The E-2 and EB-5 are two of the
      most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy
      foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a
      relatively modest investment,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director for the Center of Immigration

      “The EB-5 is literally a
      ‘citizenship for sale’ program in which a visa for a whole family can be bought
      for as little $500,000. … It’s an amazing deal. Compared to other countries,
      America is the Walmart of investor visa programs,” she added.

      In exchange for their $500,000
      investment, immigrants who opt for this program receive green cards for
      themselves, their spouses and all of their children under the age of 21.

      In addition to complaints
      about the pay-to-play nature of these visas, there have also
      been instances where immigrant investors are scammed out of their money.

      While there is no indication that
      Khan has been involved in any shady business dealings, some individuals might
      see Trump’s stance on immigration as a threat to such lawyers, who undoubtedly
      stand to profit from our current immigration system.

      Furthermore, Khan’s background in Islamic law has raised several questions
      pertaining to his ideological motivations. Writing in 1983 for the Houston
      Journal of International Law, Khan said that all judicial systems must be
      subordinate to Sharia law, otherwise known as Islamic law.

      “All other juridical works which
      have been written during more than thirteen centuries are very rich and
      indispensable, but they must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah and open to
      reconsideration by all Muslims,” wrote Khan in his work, “Juristic
      Classification Of Islamic Law.”

      In other words, all legal systems
      and juridical works should be open to reconsideration by Muslims and must be
      subordinate to the law of Islam, including the U.S. Constitution.

      To make matters worse, Khan credits
      Said Ramadan — the head of the Islamic Center in Geneva and a major figure
      within the Muslim Brotherhood — as a contributor to his writings.

      Considering this background, it is
      interesting that he would question Trump’s support for, or knowledge of,
      the Constitution.

      1. aschark says

        Chris, your post is right on the mark, but I think the Clinton Foundation is involved in the purchase of green cards. I’m not sure, but if Clinton is involved in ANYTHING, you’ll have to pay.
        Teddy Roosevelt said it good in 1907, regarding immigrants coming into the US:

        “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

        He summed it out just right, didn’t he?

        1. gotabgood says

          “but I think the Clinton Foundation is involved in the purchase of green cards. I’m not sure”
          It is one thing to go out and get information and even from the right wing media it is another thing to go out into the outhouse and do a headstand over the hole, lower your head into YOUR think tank and come up with the total crap you wrote.

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


        2. Mathew Molk says

          TR was my favorite Prez. If he could have foreseen people who hate our country being PREFERENTIAL treatment to those who are on the up and up I am quite sure he would have included that in his statement with great emphasis on it.

      2. gotabgood says

        I know you didn’t write that… too bad you didn’t give the web address.
        Right now I regard this on the same level as I regard Trump in bed with Putin… might be true.. after all he did call on him to hack into the DNC.

        1. Chris Robinette says

          LOL Russia and China plus the NSA already have ALL of Hillary’s emails. Where have you been? Trolling?

          1. gotabgood says

            That’s true, Trump ask his soul-mate to hack into her emails..

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Will you grow up? – Hardly “in bed” . Trump sold no Urainium to Russia, or even had any business dealings with them, I know someone who did, though.

          1. gotabgood says

            What you said… maybe true… but Trump has exchanged a lot of bodily fluids with Russia, China and now North Korea is wanting to ‘suck’ up to Trump and Putin.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        I have yet to talk to one single person, And hang out with a lot of fellow combat veterans, that do not think this Khan asshole is doing anything but using his son’s death to his own greedy and corrupt advantage. He maks all of us sick.

        What they are doing is using the same old Marxist tactic of telling the same lie again and again until people start to believe it. ,,,,

        And by the way, Who is kidding who. Is there anybody with enough brains to heat up their hair oil that would vote for that Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch no matter what Trump says?

    2. pappy450 says

      HERE is a reply posted on the internet from another hero.

      Copied From;Chris Mark

      US Marine and Navy Veteran.

      Dear Mr. Khan,

      I want to preface this letter by stating that I
      respect your son’s sacrifice for this great nation. By
      all accounts, he is a true hero that sacrificed himself
      in service to our country. For that I am thankful.

      As a veteran, I watched your comments at the
      Democratic National Convention with a mixture of
      sadness, and anger. The United States has a military
      comprised of volunteers. Every single member has made
      the conscious choice to join the military and serve.
      There is not a single service member who has been forced
      into service. It is
      important for all service members (and apparently,
      their families) to understand that service to this
      great nation does not imbue one with special
      privileges or rights. I found your comments troubling
      when you said: “Have you ever been to Arlington
      cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who
      died defending the United States of America. You will
      see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have
      sacrificed nothing and no one.”

      Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has sacrificed
      “…nothing and no one?”…has Ms. Clinton “..sacrificed”
      for this nation? How about Mr. Obama? Your comment
      stating that Mr. Trump “…has sacrifice no one” is
      alarming. Are you intimating that YOU sacrificed? Sir,
      your son willingly sacrificed himself. As a father I
      cannot imagine the pain you must feel but his
      sacrifice is his own. He was not forced to serve.

      I am troubled that you would allow a party that
      has little more than contempt for the US Service
      Member to parade you into the DNC to denounce Donald
      Trump. Did you watch when protesters at the DNC booed
      and heckled Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent
      Groberg? Did you notice your party interrupting the
      moment of silence for slain police officers? Your own
      hypocrisy in not denouncing these acts and instead
      using the DNC as a platform to make a political point
      is disgraceful. The simple fact is that whether one
      served or sacrificed does not give greater power to
      their statements. One vote is as valuable as another.
      That sir, is why our Country is great. Your
      condemnation of one person for a statement while
      standing idly as your party disparages veterans and
      police officers is the height of hypocrisy.

      To conflate the need to prevent potential
      terrorists from entering our country with the belief
      that ‘all Muslims’ should be banned is simply wrong
      and disingenuous. As a reminder, Mr. Trump said: ”
      “Until we are able to determine and understand this
      problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country
      cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people
      that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of
      reason or respect for human life,” The irony of your
      son’s own death at the hands of these very people in
      Iraq should not be ignored. I have little doubt that
      your son would have recognized the need to protect our
      country from these very people. In fact, he held is
      own troops back so that he could check on a suspicious
      car. Your son understood sacrifice and how to protect
      “his people”…’his soldiers’….’his fellow Americans’…

      As you continue to make the media circuit and bask
      in the glow of affection cast upon you by a party that
      has little regard for your son’s own sacrifice, and
      veterans in general, I would ask you to consider your
      comments and your position more closely.


      Chris Mark

      US Marine and Navy Veteran.

      1. gotabgood says

        Too bad I could not reply directly to the Vet… but he said,
        “Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has sacrificed
        “…nothing and no one?”…has Ms. Clinton “..sacrificed”
        for this nation? How about Mr. Obama? Your comment”

        Mrs. Clinton and Obama have not belittled the Muslim religion, they have not wanted to tag them and put them under surveillance, nor have they wanted to ban the whole religion from entering into the USA. and deport the ones here. So there is a huge difference between Trump and the sane world.
        I would say after 8 years of Trump’s birther movement and 8 years of restriction from the rightwing, that Obama has sacrificed. and the same for Hillary, she has been investigated many, many times with insults growing more bold each passing day.
        As one of your leaders has said…

        1. pappy450 says

          LIBTARDS such as yourself have been doing this for YEARS!! glad you took Goebbels advice and exposed yourselves for what you are ! Thanks for clearing it up for all of us! NOW your FAILURE IS COMPLETE! ( quote from star wars)

          1. gotabgood says

            “FAILURE IS COMPLETE!”
            That sounds like something an evil person might say… which means you’re wrong and you lose in the end.
            Now don’t you feel better for playing that stupid game?

    3. Mark Brickey says

      Well, dearest, just as with everything else you write, you don’t tell the whole story &/or lie:
      The SOLDIER was not smeared – his FATHER was called out & PROVEN to be a Progressive plant since he’s a Muslim Brotherhood Immigration Lawyer. He just took down his “very interesting”law practice website proving the point.
      And since when is it just fine for this character to be held in such esteem while Hillary lies about & pokes fun at Mrs. Smith?
      Khan was killed in battle 12 years ago, Pat Smith was killed because Clinton wouldn’t get out of bed just 4 years ago.
      Again, Dems/progressives twist historical facts to their own ideals….

      1. gotabgood says

        Since Hillary has been pronounced “innocent” 12 times by the GOP witch hunters and once by the FBI….. and still not satisfied… and want to blame someone…. we can start here!!!!!
        GOP Busted On Benghazi: Voted For MASSIVE Embassy Security Cuts Starting in 2011

        Ronan Farrow says inadequate security funding from Congress leads to tragedies like Benghazi

        GOP Rep: I ‘Absolutely’ Voted To Cut Funding For Embassy Security

        Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: ‘You Have To Prioritize Things’

        Benghazi attack followed deep cuts in State Department security budget

        Those are all headlines.. copy and paste if you want to read more!
        THOSE assholes is a very good place to start your blame game!
        You can’t keep cutting and expect nothing bad to happen!!!

      2. gotabgood says

        Reports: Trump asked GOP for Backup on Khans, No One Responded – See more at:

        Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier’s Family

        Donald Trump’s Confrontation With Muslim Soldier’s Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point

        Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier’s Family

        Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill to back him in Khan controversy

        Argue with these people, copy and paste… they are headlines

        1. Mark Brickey says

          and this proves… what? just as I said above. Kahn is a plant, was/is a farce, is definitely NOT pro-American, is a lawyer that specializes in Islamic immigration, is a Brotherhood member, and had a son that actually overcame that upbringing to honorably serve our military & save his men instead of shouting Allah Akbar & have all his troops rush forward.
          Everyone that you quote are “establishment” and we all know what that produces – protecting their asses instead of seeking & dealing with Truth.

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      Crooked Hillary belongs in JAIL with Wasserman!

  8. Mike with the Silver Star says

    Where’s Hillary? Why is she silent lately? She got to have her goons respond to Trump?…I can’t wait for the debate between them two……

    1. headonstraight says

      I can’t either. She will eat Trump’s lunch!

  9. MikeS says

    hillary is darn well trying to fix the election and if she gets away with it, it will be Trump’s fault for not putting it clearly enough in the eyes of the public and the fault of our elected officials for doing what they normally do…NOTHING.

    1. db says

      right, let’s just put everything on Trump! duh

      1. MikeS says

        Not Trump alone, but he needs to be our next President and he is part of “us”. We all need to be rocking the hell our of those politicians we voted for and spreading understanding for just how evil things have become and how involved Clinton and obama are.

    2. ward says

      She got away with all her crimes through criminal bureaus so how can she be stopped ?

  10. SouthernPatriot says

    When you consider that the dead rise to vote Democrat in federal elections, even Marie Laveau, the witch queen of New Orleans, rose up from her grave in which she was buried in 1881 to vote 25 times or more, and with the same occurring in Chicago and other cities…when you consider a black woman brazen enough to brag on TV that she voted numerous times in North Carolina election and with leftist judges throughout America annulling any voter ID, allowing illegal felon invaders, including Muslim rapeugees to vote, it will be a great challenge for Trump. Only with the help of truly patriotic Americans can Trump have even the possibility of upsetting the most corrupt candidate for POTUS in U.S. history.

    1. kassa1 says

      Yes isn’t this amazing that the FBI or the Republican Party or no one complain about Pennsylvania having over 20 cities that was 100% and in some cases 108% Obama meaning not one person voted for Romney, then you go to Ohio the same thing went on there and then let’s go to Florida where a county had 70,000 registered voters yet 150,000 voted for Obama. And not a peep on the communist controlled media. Obama is in there illegally and were allowing it because the agencies that work for the taxpayer, or supposed to or nothing but horrors of the New World order and do not believe in this country or they would be doing their job , and people are the Clintons and the Obamas one of the new lock the way long-ago for their destruction and treason!

      1. richardwfaith says

        You have just cited some of the most significant items of evidence in support of my assertion that the SO-CALLED part”ieS” are nothing but front groups for a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM that is OWNED AND OPERATED by a Globalist CABAL. I personally would like to see that CABAL being so cataclysmically crashed as to make the Big Bang appear as MOUSE FLATULENCE in comparison!

        1. ward says

          New World Order Dictatorship appears to be the goal of the socialist, commie democrats & 60% of the republican rinos that do not deserve U.S. Freedom ! These bastard politicians from a dictatorial hell have to be eliminated from any government infiltration to return the U.S.A. to a For & By Patriot Power Freedom !

          1. richardwfaith says

            Amen, brother! The NWO needs to go DOWN!

        2. headonstraight says

          I gotcha most significant items of evidence right heah!

          1. richardwfaith says

            SnopeS = Shills for soro$$$$$$. Follow the money.

      2. db says

        yep, everyone knows that there is fraud, but no one does anything about it, because the candidates like Obama, are frauds themselves! This is the biggest scam ever to be pulled on the American people, to let them think they count as a vote when in reality, nothing matters at all except the bought and paid for electorates!

        1. headonstraight says
          1. richardwfaith says

            snopeS = commie faux-truthometer

          2. headonstraight says

            Typical cavalier wingnut dismissal of a source that shows the flagrant error of his disordered political views.

      3. ward says

        Seven plus years of bo is proof of the wannabe created dictator ship but stupid people still support the criminals in politics that create illegal lies & fixing of vote counts …. !

      4. headonstraight says

        What is truly amazing is the continuing citation of bogus election information by ultra-right wingers like you. Here is the real story of those so-called “election frauds” you have gotten your panties in a wad over:

        1. kassa1 says

          Do your own investigation going to do your own investigation go to Penn and look up The last election results and see how many cities that voted totally Obama and do the same for Ohio and then go down to Florida and check the counties that volatile referral Obama and the amount of people who are registered and the amount of people who voted. I personally have people who work for me before we went to vote in Chicago that when they went to vote there but was already cast for Obama and I had another person that I know close to me who’s friends mother went to vote and old lady and she was told she just got off the bus and voted already and the woman had never rode a bus in her life.

          1. headonstraight says

            You obviously did not read the information I provided or you would not have again posted the erroneous drivel you posted the first time around concerning the Pennsylvania and Ohio election outcomes. Try again:

            Do you really believe that you can simply ignore facts that disprove your bogus accusations and those facts will somehow lose their meaning? Wake up, kassa1; the facts are there. I provided them. They contradict what you posted. You are entitled to your own opinion, neither you or anyone else are entitled to your own facts.

          2. kassa1 says

            People like you I believe a chip in her head as they marched to the beat of the drum just like when the time machine when the whistle blown everybody marched to the grave. You would’ve made of real fine not see who would follow Hitler, if you wouldn’t have a clue about real news cause you’re probably get it from CNN or ABC or CBS or NBC ,what it is stated two incidents where I knew ,factual happened, and I didn’t see you reply to that and for every person who knows, or sees of a given thing there is another 100 thnd like not personal. It is what it is and if you don’t like that stuff but it was buried by the news. What happened happened in the media covers it up and the Republican Party what your half in bed with the communist anyway hadn’t done anything about it so leave your head in the sand and you wake up one morning and your head locked off or your wife and right by your Muslim brothers think about that.

          3. headonstraight says

            You are not only obviously literacy challenged in a big way (“People like you I believe a chip in her head”; You would’ve made of real fine not see”; “your half in bed with the communist”), but delusional as well. Your naive anecdotal-based extrapolation of your alleged experience at the polls proves absolutely nothing. As to failure to respond, your ignoring of the factual information I provided shows how dense and obtuse you are.

          4. kassa1 says

            Have no factual information to reply to all you had down there was bullshit babbling bullshit at that. I give you several instances where I know for a fact that Obama’s election was fixed and you didn’t reply to those because you know what you’re brain-dead forward just like those who follow Ed Hitler, maybe you want to go back to Pakistan and play over there with that Marxist doctor. Obama is nothing but a communist/Muslim loser and a treasonous want to and if you don’t like that that’s tough.

          5. headonstraight says

            You have no factual information period! Those two little isolated personal anecdotal observations you claim to have made do NOT confirm that the election was fixed and you are a fool to assert otherwise. And I gave YOU all kinds of information *yes, from Snopes!) that refuted those claims of election fraud you posted. You simply believe what you believe because you want to believe it. Facts mean nothing to you, since you are a true believer in what you are spoon-fed by any lying, disordered right wing ideologue with a keyboard.

          6. kassa1 says

            It’s more than you got your lying skank! I suggestion to you is go drink some more Kool-Aid maybe one of Obama is Muslim will rape you.

          7. headonstraight says

            If I can find someone to translate that gibberish into English, I might get back to you.

    2. ward says

      The reality is that in the past 7+ years U.S. Citizens have lost the only representation in government that bo has infiltrated with his illegal E.O’s that our elected senate & house totally ignore & let the POTUS become a dictator over all the bureaus of power that are supposed to control & protect U.S. Laws, the Constitution & National Security ! bo has proven support of muslims & illegal foreigners over U.S. Citizens & Hilary will continue his abuse of power if elected ! The U.S. is doomed to be a 3rd world dictatorship if Hilary or any other socialist, commie is not voted out & all the libtard cronies eliminated from U.S. government … ! All bureaus must return to U.S. Citizens service that are controlled by government For & By U.S. Patriots … !

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        thank u

  11. headonstraight says

    Trump, the ultimate narcissist, can not bear the prospect that his candidacy will be rejected by the American electorate. His anxiety gives rise to his absurd contention that Hillary Clinton could not defeat him except by illicit means. This is Trump’s insurance that if (and more accurately WHEN) he loses, it will be only because the election was “rigged,” a word that appears increasingly in Trump’s public utterances.
    So flawless and so perfect a candidate as Trump is, in his own estimation, could not be defeated by legitimate means. The potential injury to his unbounded self-esteem is palliated by his implicit notion that only through cheating by the opposition could his quest for the Oval Office fail.

    1. ShouldbeGM says

      Spoken like a true liberal puke. You know, they’re gonna cut your head off too right?

      1. Stephen Norman says

        this guys name should be headupass. why do liberals band together more strongly when the obvious lying and cheating is apparent? Must be on the food chain – a gimme or someone working for a political group.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      ‘Spoken by another unemployable usefully fool. You will be the first to go,

      BTW In my travels yesterday I saw 25 Trump/Pence yard signs and Zero point no signs for the Cackling Witch. – Didn’t count the bumper stickers, but I did see Trump signage everywhere but again Zero Clinton and what;s his name bumper stickers.

      That sure does not seem to be indicative of Trump being unable to loose the election other then by it being rigged,,,,Oh yea, That’s on the East side of Cleveland in the state they say is one of the pivotal ones. (Hint, It aint Cleveland Tennessee)

      1. headonstraight says

        Your silly speculative take on my employment status is ludicrous. I am unemployed, but only after having voluntarily retired with a generous pension after over 50 consecutive years in the workforce. Equally ludicrous is your implication that the outcome of the November election can be accurately assessed on the basis of a localized survey of yard signs and bumper stickers. Nate Silver you ain’t!!

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016!

    3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      Like you’re jive talkin lies!!!

      1. headonstraight says

        Your (not “you’re”) blithering and irrelevant commentary is duly noted.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Thanks you liberal pos now go suicide bomb yo Ass make obama proud!

  12. NovelDog says

    She stole it from Bernie and if she can she will steal it from Trump. After all she has the crooked DNC and the Liberal News Media on her side. Who is going to stop her? She has gotten away with enough to sink a battle ship and yet she still is free. We are slaves….but now it has become more apparent that we are just that…..slaves of the DNC and the News Media who take orders from the Illuminati.

    1. db says


    2. ward says

      She stole the integrity of law through the FBI & DOJ – AG through bo’s abuse of power that proves all the damned libtard appointed or elected by fraud cronies of bo have to be voted out … !

  13. Milton W. Lowe says


    1. kassa1 says

      The new world order already has the ballot boxes fixed for Hillary, as no one is stupid enough to get on national TV and tell the American people that I’m going to raise the middle class taxes by $1 trillion, and I’m going to diss arm the American people, when they know , That Hillary is a murder a thief and is treasonous just as the illegal man that sits in our White House. The New World order will put her there but if we let her stay there, that will be on us and our children and our grandchildren. Get prepared because the election is rigged by the New World order, which is a collective of the world billionaires who seek to control the 99%. God bless America and may he smite the left.

      1. db says


      2. headonstraight says

        Do you enjoy that egregious state of misinformation and paranoia that you are wallowing in?

        1. richardwfaith says

          Said the one who is drowning in denial.

        2. kassa1 says

          Need to change your handle your head screwed on backwards and have a chip in the head. I tell you what pal I got some beachfront property on the sun I like the cellular if you’re that stupid. What are spew is only the truth and I have the right to spew that as I have laid my life on the line for this country fighting communist just like you back in the 60s.

          1. headonstraight says

            Have you ever considered communicating in normal English?

          2. kassa1 says

            I’m trying to do it in Muslim so you understand

    2. db says

      yes, and go to utube and watch “Clinton Cash” which will shock your socks off!

  14. Mark Brickey says

    With the whining GOP, she’s not needing to steal anything – the Republican “leadership” is going to HAND it to her!

    1. Kenneth Blum says

      Unfortunately you are so very correct. They’ve done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot since the primaries started. It’s as if they want to lose the election.

      1. Mark Brickey says

        Sadly, thank you

    2. Mathew Molk says

      How come every time Trump “Shoots his foot” his popularity rises?

  15. RsGoat says

    I’ve always been confused by voter ID laws? what is wrong with proving you are the person who is legally registered to vote? If each vote counts it should only count ONE time other wise some other vote will not count because of people voting tow or three times! Every thing we do in life requires picture ID, Why not voting? Each vote should count one time per living person!!!!!!!!
    Any one who wants less is out to rig an election and that is fact.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      I would take it further and require voters to scan their fingerprints. If you are going to invest the time and energy required to vote just to have your vote canceled out by an illegal vote, that is just unfair and illegal.

      We need to protect our nation from crime and it all starts at the polls.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Actually Jimmy Quick.. It starts in the Minds of the GOP flunkies that think there is nothing wrong with keep Americans from voting. I think the Proven number of In person Voter Fraud was something like .0000001 Percent. You have a better chance of getting hit by lighting. And the really said thing is most of this “fraud” has been committed by members of the Republican Party. Like the Republican poll worker that did not see a problem with finishing other peoples Ballot the did not vote in every Race. Or the one in Arkansas that voted in two States. And got caught when she tried to Run for office. Sorry Voter Id laws as they were written are discriminatory and there for illegal. And Jimmy Really with all the people on here that are “Afraid of the Government” you think those people are just going to walk up and Agree to be FingerPrinted for a “Government Database” have you not Read some of these wing nuts on here?

        1. db says

          This is a state problem and those they enlist to monitor the voting are corrupt!

        2. Wil Ferch says

          Rick….cite your sources that voter fraud is “I think”….”Something like” 0.0000001 percent. Do you honestly believe this? Are you old enough and were you involved enough to remember all sorts of voter irregularities like the Florida “hanging chads?”. And ask yourself this….WHY….WHY…..ONLY NOW….do we we see state-after-state…..LOOSENING voter ID laws…down to the point of NO PROOF at all ? One state has 7 means to prove who you are…and now say all you have to is sign an affidavit “Asserting” who you are. Are we ( as a nation) nuts to do this? And ask yourself…. Why now?, 2 months before elections. You don’t think there is a hidden hand pulling strings? Really? Look… get welfare benefits….to get a job….to get a credit card…to get on a plane….to rent a car… to get a doctor’s appointment….for all manner of things… need to prove who you are. Why not for the most important of these things….the right to vote in a true democracy? No one says one HAS to pay….many states make it free or as free as possible.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Wil I have been voting in ever election but one since 1976 both local State and Federal and the one I did not vote is was in 1980 when I was in basic training and Tech school training for the Air Force. And yes There is no case that can be made for Voter Fraud. as for all those things you have to prove who you are a social security card pretty much does it and its not a photo id. I got on a plane 3 times last year with out a photo id. because my wallet was stolen out of a locker the day before my flight. The state I live in will issue a photo id at the cost of 25 dollars. For some people 25 dollars is the difference between buying medicine and Eating, which is a whole other problem. But this is what it boils down to.. I want to suggest we start a campaign and past laws against Koala bear attack on people in the United States. We need to be protected from these wild untamed Koala bears that are lurking out there to sink their teeth into our legs and into our children. This is something we can do something about. Because you have as much chance of being attack by a Koala bear in this country as you do with real Voter ID fraud. Its just does not exist as a major problem unless you don’t like who the american People in the majority select for office. then You might think there is fraud. I tell you what was more scary to me and you can check this very easily. No republican as ever won a presidential election unless they have won Ohio. in 2012 the company run by Mitt Romney’s son bought controlling interest in the company that supplies most of the electronic Voting machines in Ohio.. Think about that.. the Candidates Son controlled the Voting machines in a state he HAD to win. It was only the fact that that information became public and was monitor very closely that we might have had a different outcome. Donald Trump is starting to say things about Rigged elections now because he can read the writing on the wall and so do the Leaders of the GOP. Trump has no Down Ticket Support. The people he should have as Allies in the House and Senate are distancing themselves like they were running the 100 Meter dash in the Olympics. The Veterans of Foreign Wars have condemned Trumps statements. One of the VFW members that help setup my dad’s military Funeral a couple of years a go was a complete Anti Obama foe. He was going to change the statement made he made when he handed my mother the Flag because he did not want to mention the President. (He was told if he could not do it the way he was suppose to then he need to have someone else do it.) This Guy just told me the other day there is no way in hell he would vote for Trump because of his statements in the last 10 days that dishonors the service and sacrifice of Military members and their Families.. That’s A pretty big group to offend since they are the ones that have made America great. Putting those words on a Red Baseball cap sure doesn’t do it. Oh and don’t forget It was a Republican Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions that when on camera and said that Veterans Care was an “entitlement “we could not afford. What he and other Republicans in congress don’t understand is that its not an Entitlement but an obligation. If your going to vote to put them in harms way then you sure as hell better find a way to care for them if they are Injured Being in harms way. And if that means you raise taxes to do it then so be it.

          2. Wil Ferch says

            @Rick….I appreciate the debate we’re having as civil humans..I’m not denigrating you with my prior questions. Look at what the Dems did to Bernie…..unshameful and possibly illegal gross tipping of the scales of justice. You wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for WikiLeaks. You’d be under the wrong assumption ( had this not been revealed), that Hillary legitimately won over Bernie. There were no Wikileaks for prior voter fraud…so you automatically think nothing nefarious happened? Now we know she didn’t…she stole the primary election. And look at the last election and the fraud committed. Do you believe the main-stream-media saying fraud was only a fraction of a percent? Of course they will say that…the same way they are trying to link Trump and Putin to collusion…INSTEAD of addrssing the REAL fact she stole the nomination from Bernie. And now look at all the states NOW all-of-a-sudden loosening voter registration regs. C’mon man…SOME sort of proof should be required….not just signing an affadavit proclaiming who you are. How naive can we all be? Taken all together….the system is ripe for the fraudulent taking. Don’t talk about $25 being a burden….I see too many street people with cell phones and EBT cards and Nike sneakers to say $25 is too much…and like I said, there are free or essentially free forms of legitimate ways to prove who you are. Society demands lots of exchanges where ID proof is required. Why shouldn’t one the most important things we do….require less? Lastly….how did you get on a plane 3x without proof who you are? I travel for business domestically and internationally…..and some form of proof is required. The fact you lost your wallet makes no difference to the authorities if you want to travel by air.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            I walked on the plane said what happen present my ticket and the New credit cards and bank cards I had issued for the ones that were taken out of my locker and no one said anything. As for Trump and Putin.. I believe that a lot more then I believe there was so super Secret plot to steal an election. I disregard anything from Wikileaks because the Founder has his own personal agenda. I also Disregard Sanders for the simple reason that he is NOT a member of the Democratic Party and Until he stood up and said he was he had no business trying to win the Democratic nomination. So do I have a problem with the democrats trying to make sure a Democrat won the election nope none at all.. After all They are called the Democratic Party not the party of any Tom Dick or Bernie that wants to use The Democrats Resources to get elected.

            And Lastly.. IF you issue an Id to every man woman and Child in this Country when they are born and it does not expire until Death of that person then maybe I won’t have a problem with Voter Id laws. but until then I am going to use the Ring wing Gun Nuts argument on the 2nd amendment. The constitution does not say there is a Voter ID requirement So the law is invalid.

          4. truth and facts says

            You are a left wing liberal troll nut.

            Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act…


            Oct 21, 2010 · Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act Should Be Used to FightElection Fraud. by Horace Cooper. …

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Nope.Just an American Citizen Military Vet that happens to know enough history to understand that in the 240 years of American history the Conservatives have been on the Wrong side of Every Major issue we have faced. One of the things I enjoy the most is listening to a Conservative complain about the economy and how bad it is. When I point out that the stock Market is setting record highs on a regular basis just about every single one tells me something like ” Has not done anything for me” Which then gives me the chance to Congratulate them in the fact they just proved Trickle down does not work.

          6. Wil Ferch says

            I think we will need to disagree. First…..someone at TSA should have been fired to let you on board. This is exactly the kind of “oops” that allows bad folks to do bad things on planes. Sometimes I need to have my hands “sniffed” by a machine that apparently checks if a gun was fired recently in my hand, otherwise i don’t get onboard, regardless of my credentials. I don’t understand your statement about Bernie vis-a-vis Clinton? Really? The Dems embarked on a path to oust Bernie even though he had a right to be represented from the votes he got….and this turn of events of tipping the scales of justice doesn’t disturb you? As in being totally illegal and undemocratic? such acts don’t phase you as long as some Dem gets put on top? And… DEFLECT the point, the Dems are floating this idea of a Putin / Trump collusion…and you buy into that? Is it not obvious that the ACT is a lot more damning and problematic than WHERE the info came from…and that is why this silly Trump/Putin thing came up? No one (except the Dems) have said this is the source. No one else….of course the liberal prss ate it up and repeats it….but this SOURCE is from the Dems ! Can’t you see this is a ruse to deflect? Also….Do you like the idea that maybe you would not have known what the DNC was up to, had not Wikileaks presented this? …Rick…..for Berrnie to LOSE is one thing….for him being ROBBED and that this doesn;t disturb you in some fundamental way as to fairness…leaves me wondering how you think and where your morals are. Sorry, my friend. .

          7. Rick Rogers says

            That’s fine.. If Bernie had committed to the democratic party then yeah would be questioning what happen but he didn’t. Its called the Democratic Party Nominee not the ” I want to use all your resources but not join your party Nominee”

          8. jimdaddy says

            No he lost his wallet 3 times,B.S.

          9. Michael says

            I’m a vet and I’ve been voting long before you sir. My very first time I went to vote the people in charge there, who watched me grown up from 5 years old and lived next door to me laughed and said that I carried on long enough to vote as I already voted! When I explained that my brother and I just got to the poll to vote, how could I have voted already? So, when they opened the book that every person who votes, in Louisiana, they found out that there was another person with my name! The only difference is that his middle initial was different than mine and they swore that he looked exactly like me! So there are situations where having proof of who you are is invaluable. You must have been under a rock when Sanders camp expressed anger over thousands of votes being dumped in the Democratic primaries from several states. I’m not going to tell you how easy it is to manipulate older voting machines! In Louisiana they have machines that let’s you press a key and when you’re ready to leave it counts your vote. It is so easy to make the vote you are making for Trump come up a Hillary vote as in the General election you don’t have to vote your party affiliation! But in some northern states it was reported by Democrats that they couldn’t vote for Trump in a cross over vote in the primaries. Now, if you think that your info of that infinitesimal number is correct, I suggest you come down here to Louisiana and see for yourself just how easy it is for corrupt officials being paid to so can manipulate an election out come! You sound like a person who has bought into all the shit that Hillary is spouting off about being so innocent! It is now evident that she lied to Congress while under oath! Which they are now wanting to investigate her for PERJURY! DO you know what that is sir? It means she LIED! Forget all the other bullshit, SHE LIED to Congress, to the FBI, and to the State Department which I hope to God she is finally brought to justice as I don’t want another lying SOB in office! I heard Bill Clinton LIE to the American people that having a BLOW JOB wasn’t sex! And he is supposed to be college educated! Give me a break! Obama is on a video in which he stated to a small group that he was born in Kenya and that the American people are stupid! You must be stupid to think that this country’s media is being manipulated by the administration! Veterans I know are pissed off as Hillary had a hand in the 4 dying in Benghazi! Are do you believe all the crap she spouted “what difference does it make now?” No sir, you need to reevaluate some of your rhetoric and realize this country is being manipulated by not just Republican’s, but the Democrats as well! They want power and more of it and the way to get it is lie and manipulate every aspect of the American people who thinks this government is doing right by us! And I’m a registered Democrat who hasn’t had his brain, brain-washed by television and all the lies coming from there and just about every source saying what Trump will do. And why is that? Because both of the parties are neck deep in subversive tactics to over throw us with any and all tactics at their disposal… You can call me anything you want, but IF you had a shred of intelligence you’d know what I just said makes sense FOR WHY this election will be the last close to free one we have before we are put in FEMA camps. And if you think those FEMA camps, 10 of them that houses 10,000 are for illegals, you’re dead wrong! And WHY the guillotines in them sir? Why would they have a need for them, if not for beheading WHOM? You need to get your head out your ass and start looking for other sources of information that isn’t biased for the Democrats and this administration and what he is doing…

          10. Rick Rogers says

            As as Vet I issue you the same statement that is issued to me by people that respect Veterans.. Thank you for your service. The rest out of respect for you as a Veteran I will not comment on except it sounds like something out of the FOX NEWS Playbook. and will leave it at that.

          11. truth and facts says

            Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act…
            Oct 21, 2010 · Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act Should Be Used to FightElection Fraud. by Horace Cooper. …wow

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Next thing you send me is probably be quoted from the Heritage Foundation. Get some Real sources.

          13. Lyndau123 says

            Riiiiight… sourc es like Snopes, HJff Post , NYT and WA POST all in BED with Killary and the Dems???? Bought and PAID for blue journalism? Get REAL!

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Never understood why you people hated Snopes so much but I guess if i had my bald faces Lies called out so many times i would not think much of them either.

          15. RsGoat says

            Are you nuts or don’t you pay attention? Not every person in this world is a goody two shows so add the numbers up on this! After several close elections boxes of ballots are pulled out only to give the Democratic candidate the win. During Mit Romney’s bid for President there were some districts towards the City where not one, not a single check mark was for him statistical near impossible. Pennsylvania a member of the Black Panthers walked back and forth in front of a Polling both with a club in his hand intimidating voters, nothing came of it! Read “Joe” below this comment and my answer to him. He will tell you about more voter fraud and I answered his incorrect notion on some Voter ID laws.

          16. gotabgood says

            ” No republican as ever won a presidential election unless they have won Ohio. in 2012 the company run by Mitt Romney’s son bought controlling interest in the company that supplies most of the electronic Voting machines in Ohio.. Think about that.. the Candidates Son controlled the Voting machines in a state he HAD to win.”
            NO WONDER Rove looked like he just swallowed a canary when they pronounced Obama the winner of Ohio…

        3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Heres you’re cereal enjoy idiot!

        4. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

          Rick Rogers —How did you get so smart, how long have you been in leadership?

        5. Jimmy Quick says

          You lie about everything and as a reward for your efforts, you just got blocked.

          So… Good-Bye-Government-Manure-Fly.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            yes not likely..

        6. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          1 million bikers for PRESIDENT TRUMP so Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            And exactly were on that shirt does it mention the name “Trump”

        7. Patriot2theCore says

          Rick they’re not aiming to keep Americans from voting, they’re aim is to keep non Americans from voting in American Elections. Just because somebody is in the United States does not automatically make that person an American and eligible to vote in our elections.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Only American are allowed to vote.. Not an issue there but you have in issue when you have a group of Americans that want to argue against What makes a person an American. And its very clear under the constitution that if you are born on american Soil you are an American.. Any Politician that uses the term “anchor babies” should be disqualified because they are insulting American Citizens. What ticks me off are the group of people that insist we follow the wording of the 2nd Amendment but want to just go ahead and ignore anything they don’t like. As for illegals voting sorry not buying it.and no insult is meant to you Patriot2thecore because there is just no Proof of it. Voter Id laws are as useful as people going to the doctor for chemotherapy when they don’t have Cancer. Its a fix for something that is not a problem.

          2. truth and facts says

            Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act…
            Oct 21, 2010 · Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act Should Be Used to FightElection Fraud. by Horace Cooper. …

          3. Rick Rogers says

            ok come on you have to work for the Daily Show and are just on here to egg them on. You think I am going to take Seriously anything from ALEX JONES.. or A conservative Right wing group as the TRUTH? All I needed to see was who you were quoting before I deleted it. How about some real sources that don’t have “Skin in the Game”?

          4. Lyndau123 says

            Why don’t you go back into your cave, TROLL? Your comments prove that you are 1. ) a moron and 2.) likely being paid to TROLL!

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Lyndau .. but I am here to say to call “bullSh*t ” on most of these Stupid ridiculous with Proof post you people seem to like so much… : the old saying that ‘it is always better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.
            “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Besides I need the material you people give me for my Conservatives Conserve Nothing (CCN) facebook group.,
            This group is always a good for some laughs.

          7. Gary D Flatt says

            Go back to the middle eastern country of your choice ASAP!

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Strange it seems that the mixture of religion and Government would be more in line with what republicans want.

          9. gotabgood says

            Loved your poster.. hope you don’t mind, I copied it to spread the news of the new heaven for the rightwingers.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Be my guest have been fighting the TeaBaggers on this site for far to long just buy myself. Thinking about getting the 8,000 or so members of my Facebook group to try and come on here and start to “comment” on some of the really stupid stuff the teabaggers post.

          11. gotabgood says

            I have been on other sites but got kicked off 2 or 3 times got tired of adding emails and names, so I come here to enlighten… hahaha
            I am hoping that some are reading and not really commenting, but checking things out and if nothing else…. stay home for this election. When the Republican National Security gives a warning about Trump being dangerous… some people have to be paying attention to this.. the lame brains that answer are lonely and and just need company… smile
            Let me add this..
            Fifty prominent Republican national security officials, including a former CIA director, on Monday called party nominee Donald Trump unqualified to lead the country and said he would be “the most reckless president in American history.”
            “Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be president. He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world. He appears to lack basic knowledge about and belief in the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary,” the statement said.
            The statement was organized by Philip Zelikow, who served as a top adviser to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

          12. RsGoat says

            Registering names from the grave yard and voting often was also how the New York Irish managed to pull themselves up when they were on the bottom wrong of society after one of their big migrations to our country. They also took an many jobs as were open in fire departments, police and other city services until all those trying to keep them down needed an Irish person to help them some how in their life!
            But you see they did stuff the ballot box the same way the National center article describes Chicago going it with Capone. These are not new tricks but if you check with Media matters you will find that a large percentage of our journalist 62-65% in some mediums and up to 90 % of the bureau chiefs in Washington D.C. polled as Democrats, not likely to want to report on a story that makes their party look bad.

          13. Rick Rogers says

            Yea sure what ever. since 2000 there have been about 190 million votes And in that time this terrible horrible Vote Fraud your talking about there have been 86 cases of voter fraud. or if you want to refer as a Percentage .00000045 of the total vote. So give over this dumb idea that there is voter fraud because it just does not exisit. Voter Id laws are for one purpose to make sure that the people that won’t vote Republican have a hard time Getting to the polls. There are just to many cases and two many times Republicans have been caught sending out fake information about polling places and early voting days. It happen here 3 times in the last Senate election in NC. That’s the sort of Fraud that changes elections and lets not forget.

            These were the ones that notice.. How many did not notice it was changing votes before it happen.

          14. Ken Czubinski says

            Rick, I’ve read several of your posted comments, in
            particular those with regards to Trump’s warning that Hillary could be stealing
            the election.

            You have made some astounding comparisons and references to
            historical situations. Let’s put them in focus. Nobody has a right to immigrate
            to any country. It is not as simple as “Hi I’m here, and you have to let me in and take care of me”.

            An individual wishing to immigrate to a country has to follow that country’s
            rules to identify him or herself as an individual seeking to immigrate. It is
            then the responsibility of the country that they are seeking to enter to accept
            them. No country is obliged to accept anyone. Countries have policies that define the number of individuals they are willing to accept per year. Those policies also include conditions that have to be met.

            They could include:

            Passing a medical physical to ensure that they are healthy and not bringing in any diseases or illnesses that could be spread to that country’s population

            Proof of identity – providing a birth certificate or some

            other legal document that would identify your age, parents, religion, or where you lived.

            Proof of your formal education and the skills that you bring to the country you wish to go to.

            Validation that you have no record as a criminal in your home country.

            Sponsorship letters from those in the country you wish to enter. They validate the credibility of your request to enter the country, and confirm that the sponsors will take an active part in your assimilation to the new country. Your sponsors agree they will help you with the language, customs,laws, and assist you were possible providing a job so you are gainfully
            employed and not a burden to the community. They will also take an active part in the
            steps necessary to assure that you are prepared to become a loyal law abiding
            citizen of the country you wish to enter, and until that time you will follow all the
            requirements of nonresidents to renew any temporary documentation received at
            the time of entry.

            Again these types of requirements are no guarantee even if fulfilled that any
            country must accept you, but if you are accepted you receive identification and
            documentation from that country. It must be produced upon demand to government
            and law enforcement officials. Upon successfully entering a country you begin a
            new life, and yes people know that you’re not a citizen.

            No two countries are alike with their immigration policies or requirements.
            Some are very restrictive with regards to the property you can own, where you
            can worship or even if you can, the type of work that you can do, the places
            that you can visit, what benefits are not available to you for education,
            health, or welfare, or they may restrict the amount of money you can

            have in their banks until you become a citizen.

            Perhaps you should check out the rules for aliens entering Mexico, or Iran, or
            Iraq, or China.

            You wrote of your concern that basing who can and who can’t immigrate to a
            country based on the individuals religion is the kind of discrimination that
            the United States should avoid. Historically the United States has evaluated
            individuals to assure their entry to this country does not put the citizens at

            The only religion in the world that openly professes the destruction of
            infidels is Islam. If you’re not Muslim you are an infidel. No other religions
            in the world teach that all non-believers of their religion who do not follow
            their religion must be destroyed. That alone puts the vast majority of

            the US population at risk, including you, and if you’re married your wife, and
            if you have children all of them.

            You have attempted to compare Nazi Germany and their efforts to identify and
            mark the Jews and non-Jews with concern that proposed identification of aliens
            entering the United States from countries with Muslim citizens or residents is
            the same.

            Did your mother drop you as a child? Nobody in the United States is suggesting that we identify individuals to eradicate them.

            Perhaps you need to take a course in 20th century world history to reestablish
            your understanding of the facts. Don’t insult those who have first-hand
            knowledge of what it must be like before and after the war. Those who are first
            generation US born of parents who left postwar Europe deserve your respect. As
            first generation US they are witnesses who speak with great pride and reverence
            of their parents determination to forge a new life here.

            An Immigration policy that is followed thoroughly without political
            intimidation is an appropriate filter to protect our country, and our citizens.
            It can and should be applied equally to all who wish to enter the United States
            regardless of the point of origin, regardless of status claimed. Now if you
            still feel the same, about being discriminated in some form or manner please
            demand the government erase and destroy any and all documents, records, and
            history on yourself. See how far you’ll get. Why should the government know
            more about the legal citizens within this country than they do about those who
            have entered as refugees or illegal aliens? Why should the legal citizens of
            the United States be subjected to scrutiny above and beyond that which is
            required for these refugees and aliens when they go about their daily business
            and activities?

            You said you were ashamed that the Democratic President Franklin Delano
            Roosevelt was responsible for the internment of Japanese-Americans after Pearl
            Harbor was attacked. From my perspective, I believe he made a very difficult
            decision not knowing the extent of Japan’s network of spies on US soil, or the possible strength of Japanese-Americans were sympathetic to Japan. Japanese-Americans were not singled out as
            German-Americans were also under scrutiny. There were networks of spies and sympathizers that
            were being watched by the FBI. In viewing is responsibilities as president to safeguard country from enemies foreign and domestic he took the steps deemed necessary at the time. They can be judged 50 years later is harsh and unfair but we weren’t there, decisions had to be made on how to utilize our law enforcement agencies in concert with civil defense to protect our industrial
            infrastructure along with those working day and night to produce what was needed to win the war.

            With regards to your knowledge and travels to Europe and Eurasia. I too have
            traveled to Germany and met individuals who explain postwar conditions. Germany
            had struck a deal with Turkey to accept a large number of people with the
            intent of them becoming German citizens and assimilating into the culture while
            they helped rebuild postwar Germany. It was explained to me that millions came
            and worked and were expected to learn the German language, the customs, be
            educated in their school systems, and assimilate into the country.

            While they did come to work, there was difficulty in accepting an understanding
            the educational system, the language, customs and laws. Many preferred to
            remain in small enclaves in neighborhoods of their own, following their
            religious customs and laws. Assimilation was a failure.

            I recently met a colleague born in Turkey who immigrated to
            the United States. He successfully learned English, US history, assimilated
            into our culture and successfully became a US citizen. He is appalled at the present lack of judgment by government and law enforcement. Both he and his wife took the necessary steps following the rules to enter the United States, ultimately becoming citizens. He explained it was not a short process.

            The necessary steps to check his background and establish his place in line to
            enter this country were not streamlined, or ignored. The entry of refugees with
            no forms of identification or validation of their history is something that he
            cannot accept. He raised these questions: “If you don’t know who they are how
            can you be sure they do not have criminal or terrorist intentions?” “Do you
            really want to invite and accept these people just because?”

            You may want to call this process discriminating but it really is taking the
            time to do the necessary due diligence for the protection of all.

            I for one favor an alternative to minimize the need for the acceptance of these refugees. The United States and those countries with those fleeing as refugees should engage in a dialogue that will establish settlements for these people that are secure and will have the necessary infrastructure

            they are accustomed to for education, health, etc, in their homeland. Much like a free-trade zone, the zones would permit the occupants their freedom of religion, speech, etc. without the fear of interference. For those who wish to enter the United States regardless they must wait in those zones, in line with other applicants until they’ve been cleared for entry into the United States.

            You posted that people normally only commit the crime of fraud when there is a profit to be made, and if more than two people know about it it’s not much of a conspiracy.

            Strictly by dictionary definition a fraud is:

            A person who is not what he or she pretends to be

            An act of deceiving or misrepresenting

            Intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another

            to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right

            One who is fraudulent has done something by being deceitful.

            Contrary the biggest rules of conspiracies you mention the number of people
            involved has nothing to do with deciding whether or not something is much of a
            conspiracy. Lincoln’s assassination was a conspiracy with many co-conspirators.

            Thought that crimes of fraud are normally committed with the intent for profit
            to be made doesn’t ring true. Perhaps your definition of profit is limited. It
            goes beyond financial profit, one can profit by gaining power or control, by
            changing the course of human events. There are plenty of examples well beyond
            the financial barons and their Ponzi schemes.

            From your postings it appears that you are a staunch believer that there was nothing fraudulent with regard to the use of private servers, possible destruction of evidence in the form of emails, or failing to secure communications by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. You may want to
            reevaluate your position based on the definitions provided. Check the dictionary.

            Ex- federal employees don’t buy your story, they know better. The rules have been in place long before Hillary Clinton became a federal employee.

            There are very strict rules associated to communications. All federal employees
            are instructed at the time of employment that all government documentation must
            remain on government computers servers and systems, no exceptions. All
            electronic transmission of emails and associated attachments must be via
            government computers, servers, equipment etc. There are strict retention policies, so
            deleting documentation, violating the policy is cause for dismissal and/or
            jail. I’ll leave it at that.

            With regards to your comments on gerrymandering, I’m not sure why you think the Republicans have been doing this for the past 10 years in order to hold the House and Senate? For the most part what I have witnessed is that most Republicans want to avoid voter fraud. With at least a half dozen ways to properly identify yourself for voter registration it should be very
            easy to register. But the media continues to report how difficult it is and that existing laws should be struck down to allow anyone to show up to vote and simply sign their name on a piece of paper saying there good person and I have a right to vote. It’s no secret that for years voter fraud has existed. One of its most popular places is Chicago. The rule there is vote early and often. I’m not sure you can really hold Republicans accountable for rigging elections.

            There is a strong possibility that the influx of illegal aliens that can neither be tracked or identified by law will be voting in the next election.

            Were the Republicans leading the charge to permit them to cross the border,
            board buses, and the transported to locations across the United States?

            It’s just a theory, but the illegal aliens may just be living in areas that would
            experience a change in population to facilitate reorganization of voting
            district boundaries. And who would they vote for?

          15. Rick Rogers says

            Your long response list a number of items and here is the thing We are doing all of them. But those so called “christians” that want this to be a Christian nation are forget the part about helping those less fortunate then they are.

            And in all that you have missed one major piece. Trump 1st statement was to ban all Muslims from entering the US Those were the words he used and no one can go back and erase them and make people forget them. Also one of the supposed items that would cause “Allah” to turn his face from a person on judgment day is if a person Mistreats a stranger (or Wayfarer) Believer or not The ones calling for Jihad are not true Muslims and If that was the case there would be a lot more of them picking up the easy to get assault Rifles then they are. Right now at this moment Donald Trump is the Best recruiter ISIS has. Imagine this. You are a muslim born in this country. Have always seen yourself as a American. You say the pledge of Allegiance. You Swear an oath when you choose to serve in the US Military. You stand and Sing the National Anthem before sporting events. And then every time some criminal commits a crime people look at you like you are the Devil. They move away from you when you sit down on a bus or Subway. You are told to go back where you came from just about every day. So Tell me how hard would it be for someone to all of a sudden start feeling alienated and then how short a step is it to radicalize them. Trump is Dangerous because his Rhetoric is going to alienate the people that should be on our side. You know what the greatest weapon we could use.. Would be the pictures of Happy families that came to this country and made a place for themselves. That showed there was a place that would welcome anyone that wanted to contribute to a country that does not judge based on religion or sect you are. Pictures of a place that fathers and Mothers did not have to worry about their kids being blown up by bombers or shot because they did not say three prayers a day. Or have the Parents Killed because someone one did not think they were “good Muslims”

            Those are the acts of Criminals and if we want to beat them we have to have more then just the Armed Forces on our side.

          16. jimdaddy says

            That law was to provide that freed slaves were indeed Americans, NOT anchor babies from foreign nationals. I lived in Mexico for 10 years and they have an entirely different view of illegals and sometimes legals as well!

          17. Rick Rogers says

            As I have said to way to many people You don’t get it both ways. You can’t insist that we have to follow the 2nd amendment word for word even thought its very questionable about how they meant it and then say .. Oh we can Forget about the 14th Amendment it did not MEAN Children that were born on US Soil were Citizens but the exact words are All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. So you want to throw out that lets talk about .

            A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

            Now were does it say that the government could not legislate what those Arms they were bearing were. You can’t own a machine gun in this country that has stood up in court a number of times.

          18. Wil Ferch says

            You can own a machine gun in many (not all) states…if you go through the proper process and pay the appropriate transfer taxes. Of course, like any other gun purchase, the buyer must be properly vetted through the Federal NICS program…to make sure you’re not a criminal. Again Rick…like other allegations you make here on this list, you are wrong and have not fully delved into the topic.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            Please Jimdaddy. Show me where it says the words Freed slaves. Because the Exact wording is “All Persons Born or Naturalized in the United States.. So your so called Anchor baby theory does not stand up to the law,

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

        8. Janyce Myers says

          How about the dems that voted 7 times in Ohio, or the dead people dems registered to vote, or how about Obama getting 140% of the vote in Ohio. Get your facts straight the Democratic Party has been stealing election buy hook and crook for years. They are a discusting party who has screwed the American people at every turn. And no I am not a republican, I am just joe citizen watching how gullible and stupid so many Americans really are.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Anymore myths you want to spread because all of those supposed Facts came up on fox news and have been disproven many times over.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Funny only stolen elections I have seen were in 2000 and 2004 and it was not democrats doing the stealing.

          3. truth and facts says

            You are a real left wing nut liberal lying troll.

            Voter Fraud Is a Proven Election Manipulation…


            › …

            › Is Voter Fraud a Real Problem?

            Voter Fraud Is a Proven Election Manipulation … this Nation’s history by respected … to change the… Sad…

            The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed


            As two New York Democrats recently caught in a vote fraud scandal told police, … The 2012election may…

        9. David Nichols says

          Yeah Rick Rogers…key word in your agenda driven comment is “PROVEN” and your side has the press covering your corrupt asses. Plenty of voter intimidation too–think Blank Panthers and 2012…remember??
          They have no interest in proving the corruption of the party of their choice…too bad, there were people in the past called “journalists”…
          Now only a subset of the DNC…

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Hey you any relation to Terry Nichols the guy that helped blow up the buildin in Oklahoma City? on wait that was Terry McNichols.. Sorry my bad.

          2. David Nichols says

            Hey, are you any relation to Roy Rogers..? Oh wait, your the north end of Trigger when he’s headed south…

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Nope Robert Rogers. The guy that wrote the book on Ranger Warfare. to bad he was on the wrong side of that war.

        10. glorybe2 says

          The crazy thing is that things run by government tend to run a lot better than when run by private companies. Fire, police, ambulance, military all run along pretty smoothly when run by government.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You won’t get an argument from me about that. Governments Function should be to undertake the things that are to large for private companies or individuals to undertake. anyone that suppose to know business (one of which is NOT Donald Trump) knows when you purchase things in Bulk you normally get a discount. So any would anyone think that Private companies (who’s main goal is to make a profit ) could do anything better then a government Agency who’s main goal is to service the public.

        11. janice kraczon says

          rick sounds like a media fed ilk…….WHO is keeping people from voting? How to these people open bank accounts or get drivers licenses or collect their welfare without an ID?

        12. ee says

          I saw democratic voters asking for the money the democratic representative did promise to them after their voted.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            And I saw trump get in front of camera’s and encourage a Foreign power to interfere in a US presidential Election. Difference is Mine is on video that everyone can see.

          2. jimdaddy says

            wow that sounds like Mexico. Which ever candidate could afford it pay voters at the polls. A totally corrupt system. I have seen it with my own eyes!!

        13. truth and facts says

          You are a liberal troll and lie like a rug.

          Democratic Party: Kings of Election And Voter Fraud …

          The true history of the Democratic party is exposed by Alex Jones and callers. … DemocraticParty: Kings of Election And Voter Fraud Throughout History

          1. Rick Rogers says

            alex jones? Alex Jones?? ALEX JONES?? ALEX FREAKING JONES???? oh god someone help me I am fall on the floor laughing so hard and banged my funny bone. Really Tell the truth your work for the Daily show and just are on here to troll the wingnuts Right??

        14. Libby says

          I have pages and pages of documented voter fraud from the 1980s to 2014 with dates, names and locations. Would be happy to forward them to you. Suggest you go see the movie Hillary’s America before you cast your vote.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            before you do let me suggest you read this. Direct from Wiki but you can confirm from any source you want.

            “In January 2014, D’Souza was indicted on charges of making illegal political contributions to a 2012 United States Senate campaign, a felony under U.S. law.[9][10] On May 20, 2014, D’Souza pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to one charge of using a “straw donor” to make an illegal political campaign donation. On September 23, D’Souza was sentenced to eight months in a halfway house near his home in San Diego, five years probation, and a $30,000 fine.[11][12]”

            So why do you think i am going to waste my time on a Convicted Felon has to say? You realize that is “straw Donor” scam is Election Fraud Right?

          2. Libby says

            Obama’s justice dept. convicted and sentenced D’Souza to that halfway house, five years probation and community service as payback for the filming and distribution of his previous movie, “Obama’s America.” His actions did not merit such a harsh sentence. He should have never been indicted. D’Souza gave more than allowed to the campaign of someone he knew running for office. That was his crime. Obama is known to use the power that he has to punish his perceived enemies. Obama and the Democrat party have become totally corrupted, perverted and vile. Heaven help us if Hillary becomes president. Hillary’s America exposes the history of the Democrats and Hillary’s beginnings in the political scene. Neither is very pretty.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            That’s the problem with Republicans if they get caught doing something. They always come back with “he should never been indicted. he knowing and Willing broke the law and should have had the book thrown at him. Dennis Hastert is a convicted Child Molester and yet there was a line of Republicans begging the Judge for Mercy for him. How about some JUstice for his Victims instead.

          4. Libby says

            There have been many more who have done much worse and never been prosecuted. How about Hillary getting away with letting Americans die in Benghazi because of her incompetence and carelessness? How about her illegally installing a server in her bathroom using it to send and receive classified information, putting our national security at high risk, and then lying to Congress, to the American people and to the FBI? She did this purposely to hide the emails she knew would be damning to her if they were ever exposed. And now she’s running for president. Those are just the latest crimes. And how about the Democrats’ beloved statesman, Bill Clinton, whose sexual escapades with many women and Monica Lewinsky forever put a stain in the office of the presidency? If Bill Clinton had any decency, he would have resigned and gotten out of politics. Now he goes around the world giving speeches and generating millions for his Clinton Foundation which is being investigated for wrongdoing and for accepting money from foreign countries while Hillary was secretary of state, no doubt for political and monetary favors. Both Clintons are corrupt to the core. Power and money are their gods. But the Democrats always circle the wagons around their own, no matter the accusations or misconduct. Their only goal is winning at any cost. The Republicans upon wrongdoing are forced to resign by their own party. This doesn’t happen with Democrats. I really don’t expect Obama’s justice dept. to convict either one of the Clintons nor their accomplices. The Obama adm. has to be the most corrupt in the history of this country. The man has lied and continues to lie to us Americans. The people who voted for him should have known who he was because he said what he was going to do if he got elected, his goal was to transform America, and he has done so, but not for the better. We are going downhill fast, and we may never recover. As for Dennis Hastert, the man is broken and is paying for his crimes. He is old and ill, and that’s the reason some were wishing for some compassion for the man. His victims got justice. Hillary and Bill’s victims will never get justice.

          5. Gary D Flatt says

            I believe “they” will get it eventually, but not nearly soon enough or fast enough. But just being them is punishment.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Really since when did the congressman out of Tenn. that is a doctor and that had affairs with Patients and Nurses and impregnated a couple and tried to get them to have abortions resign. Of did i for get to mention.. He is anti abortion as well? Don’t see.his resignation. I did see a number of GOP members asking a judge to have Mercy on a admitted Child Molester.. Yea I remember that one. As for Hillary I guess you don’t want to remember the congressional Hearing that happen a full year before Benghazi when she testified in front of congress that the Republicans purpose Budget cuts would put embassies and Missions at Risk.. You for get that one. .Let me remind you the Republicans voted for it anyway. By the way.. Still waiting on those Congressional hearing about the 241 marines Killed in Beirut because of poor security during the 1980’s.. You think those will come up soon?

        15. Gary D Flatt says

          ACORN sole fuction is by Marxist style fraud cheat the American people of their vote.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You mean the ACORN that when out of existence in 2010? that the ACORN you talking about.

          2. Gary D Flatt says

            ACORN by any other name is still acorn, just a smaller profile the SAME purpose.

          3. Gary D Flatt says

            “They” only changed their stationary, nothing more, fool.

        16. Gary D Flatt says

          Free watermelon at the ACORN meeting.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Congratulations You win the prize for the most racist Asshole comment of the day. In this group that is quite an Accomplishment . Here is your prize hoping someone gives it to you in the near future.

          2. Gary D Flatt says

            So saying watermelon makes me a racist? What about fried chicken or pork chops? You would probably eat off your own extremities. Wish harm on others far more powerful than you, you get back tenfold.

        17. Gary D Flatt says

          You are a Marxist pos, I’ll bet your a Mohhahmed. Mo for short.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Nope just someone that understands the difference between and Economic System and a form of government. Just someone that understands the Warning of Thomas Jefferson about Letting Corporations Buy our democracy. Someone that understands we are much better when we we are all working toward the same goal versus the goal the 1% want. .Which is more for them and less for everyone else. You had to have heard Trump say more then once he measures a man by the size of his bank account. To him thats how he “keeps Score” Funny I seem to remember a quote.. I think it goes “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” gee I wonder who said that??

        18. RsGoat says

          You must live in the fantasy world of ostrich! Why is that at several close elections like the Senate race in Wisconsin several years back, when ever the race is close boxes of uncounted ballots appear and they all seem to be stacked in favor of the democratic opponent. This has not happened one time but several times. The sad part is our journalist i the media skew 65% roughly in most news medias as democrats which puts them in a position of not really wanting to report these kind of things. Media matters has better numbers then that and more specific, like the DC area bureau chiefs and journalists skewing more towards 90% democratic. I wonder why they wold not report on voter fraud that goes their way? Why investigate when your side is winning?
          But more and more reports are making it to the surface about places and numbers that do’t match up with how many people are living in areas voting, meaning the dead also vote.
          The Democrats in Michigan have tried several times to pass voting laws that would have weakened the integrity of our vote making it possible for people to cast multiple votes with ease. registering same day while still leaving an absentee ballot at their last address. Opening on line registration which is open to hacking and every store chain, some banks and even our federal government has fallen prey to hackers. Why on earth should we endanger our election process in the same way to what could be a single small group of people to steel the election from the rest of us? All these actions came from one political party!
          If you want to stick your head back in the sand please do but now you have been told at least one time what the truth of the matter is even if you choose not to believe it.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You are in the fantasy world. Every Time you Republicans Lose an election you scream Fraud.. How about a more Simple Solution.. The majority of Americans Nationwide Reject you ideas and Policies.. That makes a hell of alot more sense then some Voter conspiracy BS. OF course it could be your just getting ready to explain it this way because of how much of an overwhelming rejection your about to get on Nov. 8th

          2. RsGoat says

            Now did I say it happened every time or are you behaving like an hysterical fool? Slow down just and take a breath. If every lose of an election were being contested as a fraud don’t you think someone now matter how biased would have picked up on the story before the public took to the street with bricks and ropes? That is just crazy! Obviously I am referring to a few elections which are more easily to go either unnoticed or pushed aside by national news groups!
            If you don’t want to see a thing it is easy to close your eyes to it.
            For centuries our civilization ignored the fact men abused wives or even the the fact child abuse existed until the 1970’s when some brave news groups decided enough of ignoring the issue and started running stories on those problems and made us face them as a society so those issues could be fixed! I was a teenager then and shocked by those stories. I asked my grand mother, “these things could not have just started happening now?”, “No, they didn’t but we didn’t talk about them when I was a girl!” was her response.
            While others were thinking the world was falling apart I had an understanding that the ugly part just came to light and it had always been there!
            Now we have voter fraud but no one is really investigating yet or proving it, That dose not mean it isn’t there. It only means we are living in ignorance for the moment. Do you want to continue as an ostrich or learn the truth?
            We must investigate to learn, or hide and let who ever control our fate.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            People normally only Commit the crime of Fraud when there is a profit to be made. They biggest Rule of Conspiracies is that if more then two people know about it its not much of a conspiracy. So why has no Disgruntled Person that took part in this Dastardly deeds not come forth? Its Simple because it does not happen. So which is more likely .. A group of politicians that realize their message is not one the Majority of the american People Want. Or that there is this highly organized secret group that is out to control elections. Because if there was.. You can sure has hell no matter what sort of Gerrymandering the Republicans have done in the last 10 years they would not hold The House or the Senate at this time. But Change for the Better is in the wind.

        19. RsGoat says

          Lets go to 2015 Magoffin , Ky were a local election was tossed out after a resident noticed one of their indigent with a new $50 bill. Further investigation found votes were actually being paid for! A similar situation existed in Turkey Creek, La. In Perth Amboy, NJ the worker of an old folks home filled in votes for residence who did not request the votes, one was only blind. A judge over turned that election for City Council. These few stories are courtesy of the Daily Signal which dose not have a staff of 60+percent democrats like most of our other news papers.
          Why would our other news organizations peruse a story that might make their own political Party look bad? It makes no sense and explains eve more why we don’t know if our voting system is dependable. They would rather do stories about how racist it is to ask a person to identify themselves before voting then look into voter fraud. If we had voter ID laws we would not have so much doubt about the fraud, would we? What is there to hide?
          I read some of your other comments and see that you have much to learn in this world. If government holds all the money we are left as beggars asking for handouts. It is only when the people are free to own their own property, gain (profit) from their labors and enjoy those rewards that a country can thrive. Both Russia and China tried owning everything until they almost collapsed from the weight. Socialist countries are not doing very well either supping too much and taxing too heavily on those who could produce. Examine the European economy more closely and you will notice it is falling in on itself while we supported 2 world wars and rebuilt a world with our economy. I know we suffered some set backs but we as a country get back up on our feet because of our economic system.
          By the way every time we really fired up our economy was after our taxes were properly adjusted so we were not over taxing the wealthy while over taxing them is part of what tossed us into the great depression.
          Study Keynesian economics to under stand how the great depression was made worse. Saul Alinsky (why he did), High Treason by Vladimir Sakharov, Umberto Tosi and that will open your eyes to a silent war of ideas you can’t even see now from the cold war era. Talk about enlightenment. I wonder what you will think after those? Perhaps you are blind or afraid, maybe both.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You might want to become a bit more Current.. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and even New German Reforms all have the countries Trending up not down. Germany just made College free not only for Germans but for any American that wanted to take Classes. That does not sound like they are doing so bad to me.

          2. RsGoat says

            Yes, let’s just copy failure or haven’t you followed the news? Of coarse you have not paid attention to the failing economies of Europe. Why? Because they spend too much on programs and tax too much on their people. Do you know what Germans call their government: “The Green Machine”! They can devise the strangest new taxes to inflict on people. Hans, a friend of mine keeps a series of barrels to collect the rain water from his roof for flushing toilets and washing clothes. He tells me if he has to pay tax on it he is going to use it! That is right. he pays a tax on the rain fall over his roof. They once taxed a house by the number of room and since closets looked like a room they stopped putting closets in their homes and instead made it a piece of furniture (shrunk)! I hope you at least have heard of what happened in Greece and the whole continent of Europe could not pull them out from their debt. Why do you think both Russia and China added capitalist economic engines to their economies? It is because it is a successful model while our politicians continue to copy failures. Sweden is a small country that relies on banking other nations money which gives it some advantage but they also have some real strict laws on immigration and unless yo are born of it’s citizens you’re not likely to find work or a place to live in that country. Why don’t you check on the immigration laws of those other two countries and see if they measure up. Chasing after failure can be fun but it still has only one end. Expand your news outlets if you don’t know what i’m talking about over the ocean and get to work learning because ignorance kills.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Lord you give them eyes but they do not see So lets set the record Straight.. the only “failed” economics are those that had Austerity programs forced on them by Conservatives. There is a very old saying about business. To make money you have to spend money. but guess you don’t know that one. We have had to sit back and watch a group of people in that country blame everything on the Government and that keep pushing the same old Disproved ideas that have caused current conditions. ITs funny they product that list every year and yet of the countries listed not one them with the exception of Australia would be considered a Capitalist Democracy. Most of them are Democratic Socialist. Places were health care is considered a human right. where Education is a goad for the Government not a profit Center to enslave students into long term debt.

            oh and one other think. If you have any money in stocks with companies thats main source of Business is the UK. Sell them. The UK leaving the European Union is going to destory 401K’s of anyone that has those sort of stocks. Don’t say someone did not warn you.

          4. RsGoat says

            I shall pray for you also, that you realize the “happiness sham” is not it is suppose to be! people can be happy in almost any setting but allowing an over sized government to continue to grow while it rapes it’s citizens in only a recipe for disaster.
            It seems to me the biggest reason educate the masses is to turn more of them into democratic voters an line them up with other mindless masses who stopped thinking for themselves.
            I know that was not nice but neither is it nice to sit quietly by and watch a media ignore events and pretend it is OK because you a agree with their politics.
            We witnessed a lot of this over the last 8 years as we were told the only reason people were interested in government gone wrong was partisan politics. And now you try to throw me this “happiness” bone? I’m sure if slave masters had treated their property better they could have kept it around longer. Or if The Germans…… Do you get the point?
            The happiness factor is just smoke to cover up a dirty picture like incense to make the room smell better when the septic line ruptures. There is no real meaning to it beyond being a sales technique to bring in suckers. I’m not willing to trade my freedoms for that kind of prize, it cost too much, just examine that High Treason book I mentioned before and your eyes will open wide.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            thanks but I pass on the book the only High Treason I have seen was committed by 47 US Senators trying to undermine the Foreign policy of the President who according to the Constitution is the one that Sets Foreign Policy.. All 47 should have been charged with a crime and now hearing that Tom Cotton reported he got money from a foreign government for the stand he took I don’t understand why he has not been charge with that crime yet.

            Here is the difference between the current president and me. I would have setup a sting for any member of congress what was suspected of taking Money for votes and would have had no second thoughts going after republicans and Democrats. I would have not let Bush and Cheney Sail off into the sunset. I would have had the FBI launch an investigation into their war crimes and if the investigation turn up anything would have made sure the Justice Dept acted on it. Because was Very Clear that there were political groups claiming Tax Free status but were spending beyond the legal limit for political campaigns I WOULD have had the IRS investigate EVERY filing for non Profit Groups. And would have made a announcement that it was going to happen. President Obama has been a lot more diplomatic then I would have been if I was in his shoes. But that’s why he sleeps in the White House and I live in Charlotte.

          6. RsGoat says

            Different country for High Treason. His story starts off as a child in the Soviet Union, Cold War era and he explains how his grandfather was put to death for being in the wrong army when political power changed but his father was only a courier for their embassies with no political ties so he escaped death while many others they knew during the next political turn over, Lenin to Stalin, did not fare as well. The story goes on to cover his schooling, rise to diplomatic attache and defection to America. In it he brings up a 1962 idea the Soviet government put into action to create an oil crises in our country which it did in the 1970’s.
            Reading this you could also get a better understanding of the Cold War and the Muslim Jihad in ways they don’t even understand.
            The book is out of print so it may take some effort to find but us worth the read. Just the way those kids were taught to snitch on each other and their parents in old communist Russia under Stalin is enough to make your blood run cold. he was paranoid. Might get you to restudy the era again.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Its funny you should mention that.


          8. RsGoat says

            That commercial about prison in the beginning, is suppose to shows a bad place so people don’t want to go there and if it went over board it is a matter for the courts. You are not going to meet nice people in those places and they are not going to cooperate with the authorities who run them which is going to lead to trouble. Volunteer to work in one if you feel you can help but I warn you those guys are experts at the con game so don’t play.
            When it comes to keeping our country safe we have people who don’t even step forward when they are witnessing a rape! Encouraging people to report unusual activity during a time when a fanatical sect of a religion, not the whole religion just a part of it, has decided to wage war on us seems reasonable given the number and kinds of attacks that have been perpetrated against our citizens.
            The kind of snitching that was being taught in schools of the Soviet Union was so children would tell on their parents, friends and neighbors if they spoke out against the government, had contraband material, like newspapers or listened to radical speeches and that is a far cry from what Trump was talking about. He was referring to things that might endanger the lives of people. We had programs like that just after 911 where buss and cab drivers were recruited to keep their eyes open for changes in the environments of their routes that could indicate possible trouble, then report to a national data base. People were scared and wanted to feel protected, the best way was for all of us to be on the look out for trouble because we have more eyes together, unfortunately that also scares people.
            If you read the book you would see the difference between what Trump is asking for and what happened in their schools. Some people will never open their minds to new thoughts though. I have been where you are now once but I learned.
            By the way. Thanks for that link because now I understand Trump’s water board comment better and can agree with him on it. Dad was a soldier and a few of the guys he knew had been under other interrogations in other wars and since he thought I might join during Vietnam, I didn’t, he was always preparing me with stories and they were not good ones. Water boarding was nice compared to the list of stuff he filled my mind with! I would not want to go though it either but it is what helped get the information that led us to Obama and probably stopped a couple attacks on our country if I guess right.
            There is a big lousy world out there filled with people I never want to meet and I’m glad we have people to protect us from them. It will take some one like Trump to let them do their Jobs because if the past is any indication Hillary won’t, can’t!

          9. Rick Rogers says

            I am sure that’s what Hitler told the German People before he created the gestapo

          10. RsGoat says

            Funny but all the big brother moves made I’ve noticed have happened under the watch of Obama. Taking all my medical records and placing them under his control, forcing me to purchase a health care plan that contains every little thing he wants me to pay for including hair pugs! I don’t want to pay for a plan that covers hair plugs or sex change operations I never plan on wasting money like that! People want to do stuff like that let them wast e their own money!
            Big Brother also tried to store all my phone calls when they had better methods of tracking terrorist that were less evasive. And then his health care bill punishes any employer for working me more then 40 hours a week or hiring more then 50 people by forcing them to provide over priced health care they jacked the price up on! Small companies can’t do that and bigger companies don’t stay in competition doing stupid stuff like that so I have to piece part time jobs together to make a living. now I’m suppose to be happy because they will fight to get me a better minimum wage.
            if my big brother would have left my jobs alone maybe I would not need his help don’t you think? As for Hitler, he gassed people and that is not happening in the places where criminals are being kept. half of their difficulties are created by them and they had to break the law to get there in the first place. It was not a race issue no matter what some tell you, they have to appear in court and be sentenced with a crime and be sentenced to time. After there the people they meet are a product of that environment and unfortunately that is a sad part of life and the only way to avoid it is not to break the law which is what we should be teaching our children if we are responsible adults. Are you?
            If you are then don’t cry about the prison, teach people how to stay out of them and encourage them to work at it!!! Any thing else is irresponsible and childish as is complaining about it or blaming others for the existence of those places. If you don’t like them work constructively with people to help them learn not to get into the kind of trouble that takes them into places like that.
            The world will always have bad people in it and when they cannot learn to behave in a civil manner on their own then the authorities must take actions people don’t like like jail time. The only solution is to teach people how to act in ways that will keep them from being returned to jail.

      2. db says

        It is actually the electorates in each state that vote for or against the candidate and they CAN BE BOUGHT! Regardless of the popular vote, they can vote against it if they choose. They should be eliminated altogether and the election returned to the original way of voting, one citizen, one vote! NO ILLEGALS ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE!

        1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

          db—I Agree with you–do away with electorates.
          Quick—I like the finger print idea too.

        2. Jimmy Quick says


        3. laulau says

          Gov. Brown of California is allowing illegals to vote, and California is filled with illegals from Mexico. I don’t know why that is ok to let a citizen of another country vote in American elections. We can’t go to a foreign country and vote in their elections. >>>>>????

          1. Bonney Bacon says

            Supposed to be only for local school board type elections. But, the ‘new’ drivers licenses he’s handing out to the illegals have, on the form, a box to register to vote. Of course it’s illegal for them to register and vote but since they already have broken our laws what’s one more? ARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!

          2. Virginia Ruby says

            We just have to Pray and Be Vigilant to what happens at the Polls. We have Gods Help 🙂
            This election is being monitored by The World . Our Friends across the ocean are even Praying for a Trump Victory. For America’s Victory 🙂

          3. Grame04 says

            We need to pray that God will put Trump in WH, bc God is still in control, no matter what Hillary and the Democrats try to pull!

          4. B-bhing Solis says


          5. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            thank you!

          6. Mary Brumley says

            But we must remember that God Himself gave humans free will!

          7. Grame04 says

            But God can change people’s hearts and reveal truths , and that is why we need to pray for this election and the voters.

          8. Mary Brumley says

            Oh, yes! I do pray and believe we are going into a better time! I know God gives free will, but He can and will intervene if it pleases him. He is the “I AM THAT I AM!”

          9. Phoebe Isley says

            Amen! I pray each and every day specifically for these elections and for Trump.

          10. B-bhing Solis says

            It’s Revolution if they cheated Trump in this Election …

          11. Mary Brumley says

            B-bhing Solis, I think you may be correct about this. Some of us have had it up to our necks concerning the corruption in our government!

          12. Moe says

            Problem is we do not go out and riot, we respect the law, the cops, the Flag, and private property. We use to trust politicians and no longer will after eight years of lies, destruction of evidence, and DOJ obstruction of Justice. If the election was fixed for Trump the opponents would turn into anarchist far worst than we have seen them be in the past year. You cannot have Justice or freedom if the executive answers to no one. If what Congress preaches everyone knows is untrue, yet they continue to do so. The illegals are going to vote, accept it, there was a reason why so many were brought in secretly or encouraged to come. They are pawns to their master.

          13. Mary Brumley says

            You are correct! But, I, for one, am not willing to just lie down knowing my grands and greats will not have much of a future! If the Hill gets in, and there is action around, I will be in the middle.

          14. Debbiekhartley1 says

            <<x:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx696a:….,.

          15. John Phillips says

            An AB 60 licence does not allow voting in any election. It can be used as an ID and to drive. It does show that the holder is not a citizen. It does create a list the ilegales cannot be called undocumented in CA, they are documented as not being US citizens.

          16. Bonney Bacon says

            Thanks, I thought they could vote in local elections–maybe it’s just up for discussion in some of the cities. Stupid move but it seems like most politicians are pretty stupid at times…

          17. B-bhing Solis says

            If you are not U S citizen you cannot Vote….. even you have an AB 60 Licence it’s not accepted …

          18. big KAhuna says

            That is Soo wrong to allow illegals to vote period – more evidence that our govt is corrupt and why hasn’t Congress/Senate prevented this from happening? And why haven’t they impeached that POS POTUS after Kenya finally released irrefutable documents showing he was borned in Kenya a year before his father moved to Hawaii??

          19. vagabonddenyg says

            The House and The Senate is lined with nothing but criminals and the ignorant people have voted them in year after year! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelois, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are the top criminals … it is the voters fault for voting them in. All you have to do is look at the history from the time they entered gov’t, their voting records, and their wealth at this point, and you can clearly see they are criminals! Tlhere is no difference in Harry Reid & Mitch McConnel, Pelosi, Ryan as they are in bed together the jackasses and the elephants in washington are the PUPPETS of George Soros and have been workign to destroy the country! WAKE UP FOLKS — THROWN THEIR SORRY ARSES OUT OF WASHINGTON! IF THE HOUSE & SENATE HAD BEEN DOING THEIR JOB WE WOULD NOT BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY — THEY HAVE EACH AND INDIVIDUALLY BEEN SELLING OUT THE COUNTRY TO ENRICH THEMSELVES … THEY ARE ALL LIKE CLINTON … PUPPETS OF GEORGE SOROS! KASIC THAT SORRY SOT TOOK $700 k FROM SOROS TO RUIN THE ELECTIONA ND HE IS STILL BEING PAID SO IS THAT TRAITOR RYAN! TED CRUZ has no citizenship and yet the idiots in tx voted for him and gave him significant jobs and that sob is still workign to destroy the country along with his partner-in-crime wife — oh, btw Ryan is married to partner-in-crime also and she touts that she is a jackass! WE WILL HAVE TO BRING DOWN THE GOV’T TO CLEAN IT OUT CRIMINALS!

          20. jimdaddy says

            I did my thing and voted against McCain today

          21. Gary D Flatt says

            Good start, his brain was removed in prison.

          22. Kurt Hanssen says


          23. Grame04 says

            Thank you, that’s a start! I like his opponent much better and maybe she can beat the Democrat running against McCain!

          24. jimdaddy says

            I agree and i did vote 4 her. To me McCain is now 80 yrs old. Just too old to see thing without fog.

          25. Gary D Flatt says

            He’s been in a fog since his brain was removed in Nam, the “Songbird.”

          26. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked evil Lying Hillary!

          27. Virginia Ruby says

            Totally Agree

          28. John Phillips says

            The way things work the house could start the action but there are enough dems in the senate to on convict. Even if the did convic would you like to have Biden? He will be out of office a year before all that could happen.

          29. Mary Brumley says

            Absolutely! WE THE PEOPLE haven’t minded our government. We let it happen. When I tell folk that, they don’t want to hear the truth. They want to play the blame game. But it is true.

          30. headonstraight says

            WoW! That bad ole George Soros must have established a new personal best by now.. He is for certain the monster under the bed of more nutjob right wingers than anyone else has ever been!

          31. Virginia Ruby says

            Obama has hired and allowed every Govt . Position in Our Country to be infiltrated and take over a lot of Key positions in the White House & Capitol Bldg.
            I think the good guys have been threatened if they try impeachment.. Which should have already taken place and Hillary’ s Arrest !

          32. big KAhuna says

            I understand that he has placed Czars as Spies in key positions and I still expect Congress and the Senate to convene privately vote to remove him and immediately place him under arrest in isolation and command the military and national guard to
            Stabilize our country from the speaker of the house. Who is acting Pres until election is over. We have no choice at this stage.
            We must take back this country from the corrupt ones. It will be ten times worse if we don’t.

          33. headonstraight says

            Having fun in that disordered fantasy world you live in?

          34. Gary D Flatt says

            Free watermelon at the ACORN meetings

          35. Mary Brumley says

            I suspect they will pass the time playing “who can spit the watermelon seed the greatest distance.”

          36. Mary Brumley says

            At least she has hope! I am struggling to even have hope.

          37. big KAhuna says

            Spoken like a true crack head
            Your head is more like up your ass than on straight! Go Trump!

          38. headonstraight says

            You have proved it once more: Insults are the stock-in-trade of the politically deranged!

          39. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says























          40. headonstraight says

            Why do disordered ignoramoses like you type their deranged diatribes in ALL CAPS?

            And what the hell is a “TERRIOST”?

          41. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Why do low energy Democrackhead hateful Liberals respond because they’re hateful, racist, low energy and ignorant!

            So go crawl in you liberal perverted hole……you are a piece of work did someone knock that common sense out of ya?

          42. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            crooked lying hillary

          43. Mary Brumley says

            Ryan? Do you trust him????

          44. desert fox says

            No! Too weak. And he ( along with the rest of the lily livered GOP insiders ) has done so much damage to Trump and the GOP gaining the White House……they all might just as well vote for killary. I hope none of them who have mouthed off and not supported Trump lose their re-election.

          45. big KAhuna says

            Hell no – at this stage I only Trust
            Trump – he’s the only one who stepped forward from the politically correct DC crowd. I know he don’t need the money and can’t be bought and has the courage of his convictions in spite of insurmountable odds. I pray he gets elected and cleans up the Cestpool in DC.
            Go Trump!

          46. big KAhuna says

            Understand and I don’t doubt it with all his appointment of Czars at the onset- yet our country is at risk and they must meet and develop a plan to remove this insane POTUS
            ASAP – I would rather go down fighting than to loose it all without a fight – way too much at stake. Go Trump!

          47. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked Lying Hillary!

          48. Gary D Flatt says

            I hope!

          49. Mary Brumley says

            You bet–go down fighting!

          50. big KAhuna says

            Taking back the White House is a must- closed door session a vote to impeach
            And immediate seizure of Czars/POTUS. Contingency plans
            Are available.

          51. Kurt Hanssen says

            This is the whole reason for letting 1000’s of prisoner out, and illegals inn. NObama just took in 8600 Syrians,? a mixed group from the middle east, not veted, but got papers to vote. ??

          52. headonstraight says

            “Papers to vote!!??” How blatantly absurd! Show us the evidence for that ludicrous statement or shut up! Sheeesh, you wingnuts get more insane with each passing hour.

          53. Mary Brumley says

            Maybe because the majority of them are bought, sold and/or corrupt! I do hope DT is elected and can/will rain on their parade. A bit of time must pass, but soon we will know the answer.

          54. Terry says

            Laulau Jerry Brown should be in prison for what he is doing here in California !!!

          55. Robert Early says

            No, friend. A different fate awaits him. Be.patient.

          56. Kurt Hanssen says

            He got a big bonus coming from your muslim hemorroide riding president.

          57. laulau says

            I think he is also giving drivers licenses to them too so they can vote. Are the lawmakers on his side? I suppose they are all Democrats. Who is in charge that can change his rules?

          58. laulau says

            THere is a group in another state that is gathering up one million illegals to give citizenship to so they can vote against Trump.

          59. John Phillips says

            Wrong, and AB 60 licence does not let anyone vote.

          60. laulau says

            But he DID say that he would let them vote. So, I don’t know how that works.

          61. B-bhing Solis says

            Trump should Assign one Republican to watch in the poling in California …

          62. Grame04 says

            And NY!

          63. Mary Brumley says

            But what about polling places that allow voting without any ID?

          64. laulau says

            They can go and vote all ove the state without ID. Brown made up his own rule. I don’t know if it is illegal.

          65. Mary Brumley says

            That is what I have read! But, there is so much misinformation published on the web, I don’t know what to really believe!
            I also saw a study showing how and why most of the fact-finding sites are left leaning.
            Perhaps since “legality” means so little to Obo, Brown thought he could make HIS own rules. Who knows?

          66. John Phillips says

            The key is registration. You need ID to register.

          67. Mary Brumley says

            Okay! I understand now.

          68. B-bhing Solis says

            If that the case Trump can let the tourist Vote in response to Jerry Brown in California …Brown is a corrupt and he should be voted out next election…

          69. Grame04 says

            What he does out there in CA affects the rest of the country, as well! He is the biggest crook in America, even worse than NYC Mayor, DeBlasio!

          70. desert fox says

            Do you know what the penalties are for entering Mexico illegally? We should adopt a tit for tat rule. And our stupid Anchor Baby law is ridiculous. No other country in the world has this law. Now we have women coming from the Mid and Far East six and seven months pregnant just to birth them in America. How stupid can our politicians be with all of the incentives and entitlements they give them when we have children poor and starving that are native born Americans. God help us!

          71. Kurt Hanssen says

            Trump is going to change all that dumbocrap shi–

          72. Mary Brumley says

            I am placing my hope on DT and God to start this nation on a better path.

          73. laulau says

            Voting Hillary will be so dangerous. She is nutty as a fruitcake, and she laughs off being shown of a video of her lying and still lies about that. I think she has brain damage. She should be nowhere near the atomic button.

          74. Rick Rogers says

            dear lord you giving all the reason no one with a brain wants Trump in the oval office.

          75. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Dear Lord OH MY a Liberal wacko live online oh my get on dat broom Moron!

          76. Gary D Flatt says

            I’am certain your confused, you mean ANYONE with a active brain cell is voting for Presdent Trump.

          77. Rick Rogers says

            No you would be confused because there is no reason for anyone that Thinks and listens that would cast a vote for that Hitler Loving Rug wear Ahole by the name of Trump.

          78. Laddyboy says

            desert fox: This “anchor-baby” fiasco is all ILLEGAL and ANTI-Constitutional. Foreign Nationals cannot have a birth of a child that is American. Their child that is birthed in America IS a member of the Foreign National parents’ foreign Country.

          79. desert fox says

            Not in America according to the demoncrats

          80. Laddyboy says

            I forgot.
            The DemocRATs N E V E R LIE??????!!!!!!!!!!
            FYI: I just restated what the Constitution said. I did not repeat the LIE from the DemocRATs.

          81. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          82. Rick Rogers says

            You would not mind giving me that section of the constitution that says that would you. Because I just searched a Text Version of the Constitution and can’t find the word Foreign Nationals or that a child is Foreign?? hey.. also can’t find the word GOD, Jesus, or Christian.. Or the Term Christian nation.. Imagine that ??

          83. Laddyboy says

            Use synonyms in your search. It is there. As for God, use Creator. As for Christian, use the Federalist Papers.

          84. Rick Rogers says

            Ok here you go.. Text search of Creator.. Zero Hits.. Text hit on Federalist Papers.. Zero hits.. The Federalist papers were the argument for the Constitution not the law of the land itself. so No its not there. here is the link to the text version of the document along with all the amendments feel free to search yourself. Oh one thing.. If your trying to include the Declaration of Independence.. DON”T it was for all intense and purposes a Declaration of War and is not a statement of Law. There are ideas stated that were supported by the bill of rights and it was one of them most important documents write by man EVER but its has nothing to do with the way this country is Governed or with the Government of this country so its not included in this conversation.

          85. Rick Rogers says

            Please Laddyboy.. Show me where in the constitution or The Amendments that it says that.

          86. Mary Brumley says

            I think at this point, God is the only One that can help us.

          87. desert fox says

            That is why our country is in my morning and evening prayers.

          88. Kurt Hanssen says

            God, and Trump, together they will bring down the devil warshippers in the WH. The cartel is all members of scull and bones, Zions, and Iluminati. this are all the bad people, Georg soros, Barry soetoro AKA NObama, The bushes, the Clintons, the coco brothers, and most of big banks, and big buisnesses. so you are right, we are going to need all the help we can get.

          89. janice kraczon says

            laula, we can’t even GO to their country. If we are illegal there we go to jail. Don’t stop on Go don’t collect 200 dollars….

          90. barbara says

            If Trump stays on message as he did today, he’ll clean up that mess.

          91. Mike says

            They are trying to steal the election cuz they are aware Obman has royally pissed() whites off in this country and whites are still the majority so they plan to pull out all the stops else there way of life comes to an end. BLMs will be sent packing, Ahab the Arabs are getting booted out of the country and Mehicanos will get their brown asses() pushed back over the border. Bye bye people of color, this country was founded by whites of various European descent. And btw how can BLMs demand reparations when we are not even responsible for the debts of our parents; guess they are doing the big reach cuz they know their welfare state about to crumble.

          92. Virginia Ruby says

            This isn’t about Race or Religion, it’s about Stopping Obama and Hillary who created all the Hatred. The Lawless will be dealt with firmly. First we have to get Trump in Office. We can’t do it with racial slurs. None of us like this set up, not even the majority of the Black or Brown Legal Citizens.
            ISIS is our worst enemy right now along with Obama !

          93. Mike says

            Too bad we can’t impeach Obama now because he will use the race card low class trick so many blacks use. And I agree about ISIS and Obama re: worst enemies, but take solace we are down to 5 1/2 mos left of the worst, most polarizing presidency in history, and racial slurs aside, the 42% mistaken white votes that went for Obama in 2012 will not happen again so once again I make my point the dems know their chances are limited, and forget the temporary down poll nos for Trump the dems are scared and will pull out all the stops to make this as Trump as forecast a fixed election. Their way of life ends if Trump can make it to the WH.

          94. Kurt Hanssen says

            This election they can not loos, the establishment, the WH cartel is super scared of Trump, to many are going to end up in orange jump suts

          95. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Hillary belongs!

          96. Laddyboy says

            laulau: IT IS ILLEGAL to allow ILLEGAL ALIEN FOREIGN NATIONAL CRIMINALS to vote in ANY Federal Election.

          97. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked lying Hillary!!!

          98. B-bhing Solis says

            Gov. Brown is corrupt that’s what it is he should be kick out as the Gov. Of California…

          99. Tertullian says

            Laulau, this shows the dishonesty and corruption prevalent. Just WHY would any honest group of people want illegals to vote? Not hard to figure this out.

          100. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          101. John Phillips says

            Wrong. There are 2 kinds of drivers licences in CA. One that is for citizen and the other for illegals. The Illegals licence (called and AB60 licence) is rotated 90 degrees so it is real easy to spot and does not qualify for voting. It is an ID and it does allow an illegal to drive. That is much better than having them just drive anyway without passing the drivers test like they have been doing for years.

          102. headonstraight says

            Good info, but it will not likely impress the wingnuts. They believe what they believe simply because they want to believe it. No fact-checking can convince them otherwise. Poor, ignorant, pitiful, pathetic duped sheeple!!

          103. mtman2 says

            Why? Because they’re Dumbocrats and rules are only for you and I ~!

        4. truth and facts says

          I like the way you put it. You are 100% correct. Thank you.

        5. Obie Miller says


        6. Kurt Hanssen says

          Don’t think the Dumbocrappers agrea with you, that way they loos big time.

          1. Grame04 says

            Who cares what Democrats want! America wins and that is what counts!

      3. Beeotchstewie says

        Shoot, I had to do that to scrap an old swingset for 15 bucks!

      4. Get the GOP out says

        I bet you sux polls alright.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          You should ask your school for your money back.

          1. Get the GOP out says

            Hey Jimmy……Youre momma always said the best part of you ran down her leg and the dog licked up it off the floor.

          2. Robert Early says

            WOW! It sounds like you have the IQ of a turd. I’m sorry. That insults the turd.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            That wasn’t nice.

            Try this turd… Blocked.

      5. Thomas Martin says

        They use this finger print scan in lots of places and if yours does not work you have to prove who you are, or you don’t get in period, and no one has the same finger print, they are yours and no one else’s. democrats has no respect for our laws what so ever, just look at obama and the clinton’s that are the most corrupt in our country.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Sadly true.

      6. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Jimmy I agree you know Crooked lying Hillary and Obama will steal it using illegals to Vote millions of times…

    2. ward says

      Nothing is wrong with the voter I.D. Laws but the far left liberals created the racist lies to fix the election for their criminal whims to win ! The libtard dems in every bureau of government have eliminated any integrity with the appointed by bo cronies that destroy the U.S. Internally & the FBI along with the DOJ-AG have recently proved their cronyism by non-indictment of Hilary’s crimes that would have indicted bo himself, especially Benghazi illegal arm supplies to muslims !

      1. RsGoat says

        That is exactly what I’m getting at and more people should be pushing that line along with “each vote should count one time” and we need to start a drum beat on that equal to the one the lib’s did with “each vote counts” until we have voter ID laws in place! The only way we change things is to become annoying like the left, so every time you see the chance put the comment in like I did above that” each vote counts one time” until the idea becomes a drum beat and annoys people! There is nothing wrong with it so let’s push the idea!

        1. Mister Vice says

          The left opposes voter ID laws because they claim it is a throwback to Jim Crow laws (which were laws written by Democrats, by the way) and are unfairly prejudiced against minorities. How can THAT be? Proving your identification shouldn’t be any inconvenience (like the Jim Crow laws that required the uneducated to pass literacy tests) when the need for valid ID is already universal. Unless, of course, you can’t prove your identification because you are not a legal resident or it might reveal you have already voted in another precinct. The Democrats can’t legally embrace voter fraud but they counter voter ID with great effort. Methinks they doth protest too much!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Mister vice.. Please keep in mind that those “Democrats” wrote those laws were also the ones that Switched to the republican Party in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the civil Rights movement was born. The Democratic party is better off with the likes of a strom Thurmond or Jesse helms.. Both who started out as Democrats.

          2. Wil Ferch says

            You need to see D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America”…to get a handle on the Dem vs GOP facts. The big switch never occurred. Please see the movie first and gather rebuttal facts before you respond….a suggestion,

          3. Rick Rogers says

            You talking about Dinesh D’Souza??? Why would I waste my time listening to a Convicted Felony (Who techincal no longer has the right to vote) Who plead Guilty to Illegal Political Contributions and spent eight months in a “halfway house ” Jail. That would be like going to Pablo Escobar and asking for advice on how to kick a coke habit. Sorry its just funny you want to argue for Voter ID laws because Fraud but don’t have a problem supporting someone who pleaded Guilty to Illegal Political Contributions which is a sort of Election fraud all its own.

          4. Wil Ferch says

            Yes Rick….go see the movie. Why? Because it is FACT based that is irrefutable showing the evils and spin of the Democratic party for the past 150 yrs, up to today. Here you go damning the character of the man making the movie…instead of offering COUNTER-FACTS which you cannot do ! Typical Dem approach “deny and deflect”. And here’s more on backdrop of the “felonious” D’Souza….he gave $20,000 to a friend running for office. A later check showed this to be over a legal limit. So…he was singled-out to be put in jail for this….no one else PRIOR who did this ever went to jail. Why was he jailed?….tada !…. he made a movie in 2013 called “Obama 2016”, which was not flattering to the Obama administration. Obama wanted retribution …to “make an example” out of him….and to silence him. He makes no bones about this and it’s clearly and openly presented in the movie. He was “set up”. Now compare this to Bill and Hillary’s felonious acts from the Arkansas days up to day….dare to compare? D’Souza is a boy-scout in comparison to the Mafia-like goings-on with the Clintons.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry but if I was going to have an interest in watch a movie by a convicted Felon it would be “Rosemary’s Baby” I have seen D’souza the ass clown on TV and would not spend one penny on anything that would benefit him.

          6. Wil Ferch says

            Convicted felon?….oh yeah, right. I thought it was explained to you. It was a retribution set up. Wow…what a felon !….he gave $20k ( not the $10k limit) to a friend for their political campaign. An act that never before was charged as a felony, but only applied to him, after he slammed Obama in his previous movie. Boy…I better lock up the kids to save them from him, eh? Maybe you should look a bit deeper into Hillary’s felonious and illegal acts since Whiteater days, up to and including selling favors to foreign gov’ts while she was Sec’y of State…or thru the backdoor via the Clinton Foundation. You know as well as I do that if she didn’t have the influence, the high-level name recognition, and dirt on everyone…she’d be a felon too. Your answer shows you don’t want to confront undeniable facts of the heinous actions of the Dems…and not seeing the movie won’t allow you factual rebuttal….only emotional feelings being stated as you now again are doing. A closed mind is a terrible thing. I’m out.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            He was charged with a Federal Crime. He knowing violated elections Laws and Plead guilty to it. .Since its a Felon that makes him a convicted Felon who is no longer entitled to Vote. So how about that outrage because of supposed people that are not suppose to vote but do ??

          8. Wil Ferch says

            He openly says he cannot vote because of his retribution “Felony” . That said, he will still try to get the word out. It’s even a scene in the movie. He makes no bones about it. Gimme a break!….he innocently gave money to a friend’s campaign. Turns out it was “over the limit” ( something like $20k vs the legal $10k limit). This was found out ONLY after his anti-Obama movie aired…and after Obama turned attention to him to “Shut him up”…and “make an example” of him. Do you HONESTLY think this sort of “crime” compares in any way with the heinous crimes, pay-for-influence and other clearly felonious criminal deeds done by Hillary Clinton…OVER AND OVER AGAIN… the past 30-40 years? And whether or not you like this….this has NOTHING to do wit the FACTUAL ACCURACY of the movie…and which is likewise supported by his book with the same title….showing all references and showing supporting data for ANY claims he makes. Try to damn his character all you want….there is simply no comparison to Hillary or the sordid Dem history…and your complaint is irrelevant to the facts he presents. In typical Dem fashion….let’s “deflect” the question and move onto character assassination….instead of directly addressing the issues and to fight the presented facts. And to your other point…yes…I AM outraged at all the people who vote illegally in the elections. Most done by Democrat party actions by by the all-too-convenient loosening of voter registration protocols by a number of states recently. Coincidence?…don’t think so.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            CONVICTED FELON.. Nothing you say changes it.. CONVICTED FELON.

          10. Wil Ferch says

            Wash….rinse…..repeat…wash…rinse ….repeat.

            Yep….DEFLECT and Re-direct….don’t even THINK about ADDRESSING THE FACTS presented in the movie. The same can be said of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden…. “why listen to these guys”?…they’re felons”. God…you are such a close-minded person. By the way…I see you posting here quite often…much more than I can ( having a job, etc)…are you a paid shill by the Dems or Clinton Foundation… c’mon ….come clean for once.

          11. Rick Rogers says

            His “fact” have as much truth in them as the old Soviet Union Crop Reports.

          12. Wil Ferch says

            Now we’re getting somewhere…..back to the issues. Ok then…..on what basis do you say that?. The movie facts presented have proven to be true. His book of the same title has footnote references for EVERY fact claimed…annotated like a scholarly work. You give a blanket condemnation. Which facts?…all?….can you even recite the points you are arguing against? Also…are you paid to post here?

          13. Rick Rogers says

            Not wasting my money on anything that will put money in his pocket. I saw his Obama movie with his Fake Theories so sorry he has very little credibility with his psuedo Psychiatry. SO if your argument is based on anything he said its Crap and not interested in what he says. So you can drop trying to convince me of anything he has to say. I am very opened minded when you present a non bias source.. That clown is about has Non Bias as Scalia was.

          14. Wil Ferch says

            I think I made my point…..I offered you numerous times and ways to offer valid factual counter-points showing us all why ( and where) D’souza’s claims are wrong. You again show here you cannot do that…and resort only to emotional comments….opinion comments…and inuendo. Point made.

          15. Rick Rogers says

            I made it very clear not wasting my time or my money on a conservative nutjob who is a Convicted Felon. Who broke the law and pleaded Guilty. That’s All I need to know about that waste of oxygen. I have no more interest in anything he has to say then I do in what Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter has to say. So just because I reject them as valid sources based on their History does not say anything except that I am not a sheep willing to believe in boogie man theories.

          16. Wil Ferch says

            Really?..what DO you believe in?…the “honesty” of the DNC screwing Bernie?….and by default….all the Dems supporting him?…or maybe you believe in the goodness of Hillary, who with her carelessness on govt security issues….caused the DEATH of US intelligence operatives who she openly allowed to be named in her careless correspondence?…..let’s not forget the Iranian scientist who got found out in Iran and was recently executed for the same reason……or that she sells favors to corporations and govt’s with her partner Bill while still acting as Sec’y of State? ..or maybe that she destroyed the honor and name of a 40 year-long White house travel chief….because the Clintons wanted their cousin to run the travel office. Of course, there is cronyism, but they could have simply pushed him out….BUT NO…..they have to financially destroy the man and also slam him with false wrongdoing allegations to impugn his honor.. Nice people. Or maybe you believe in the Dem party itself…you know…the ones who had the Ku Klux Klan be their paramilitary arm against minorities..or the people within the party who “openly” are the champions of minorities….but privately call the Hispanic group the “tacos” in private…..yeah that’s it….THESE are the kinds of people you believe in !…… why was I wasting my time here?

          17. Rick Rogers says

            1. I don’t give a tinkers damn about someone that wants to use the Resources of a political Party and won’t commit to being a member of it. So can not and will not shed a Tear for Bernie about how he might or might not have been treated. 2. All your repeating are fake republican BS that have tried to pin on her for 25 or so years. Sorry not buying it.
            3. THE KKK has been gone from the Democratic party for years suprised you did not notice. It happen about the same time that NIXON convinced the White Trash of the south that the lowest white man was better then any African American. Its also about the time that Strom Thurmond and Jessie Helms Left the Democratic party.. SO you have them now not the Democrats.
            4. The email story has been disproved and the REPUBLICAN FBI Director has backtracked on the statements he made about what was and was not marked Classified. During my 8 years in the Air Force I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I caught some officer that was trained to know better accidently sending some Teletype message (how we did it before Email) to a location that was not cleared for it or had the wrong classification marked on it or didn’t have a classification at all. (by the way. The answer to how many was At least one every single day) One day As NCOIC I had to stop 90 percent of the message from going out because of Botched Classification.

            5. A Republican that KNOWS something about The Secretary of States office has said that he had a server himself and that looking back on it he knows there was classified Information on it a number of times. (oh the Guys name was Colin Powell by the way. You remember Bush’s Sec State.

            6. Your right about one thing you are wasting your time if you putting any believe in that Convicted Felon. They should have thrown the book at him instead of a slap on the wrist he go.

            Finally you want me to see a movie I am not going to believe ( of course I could go view something that has more truth in it like Finding Dory or Batman vs Superman) or read a book that would be best serve in have the pages torn out for Toilet Paper. Please send me a check for the book and movie and I will consider wasting your money.

          18. Wil Ferch says

            Bring up Batman and superman…..good response…..very well vetted Holy smokes…..
            You are wrong and severely misguided on all points you made….there is no basis of truth in any of it….IF…. if…. you dig further and not simply repeat badly vetted and biased news. To keep this simple…let’s just look at the FBI decision point you raise. You know it’s a sham. The mere fact that sensitive material was put on unsecured server…the MOVEMENT from a secure server… in itself a FELONY….let alone “intent” which doesn’t even play. A Felony charge could have been presented on this point alone. But hey….I’m just blowing smoke with no basis. What about this….citing chapter and verse of US law? Can you counter with facts?—>

          19. Rick Rogers says

            I am not interested in Right wing mud slinging. The Felony your talking about is knowing with intent posting using an unsecured server for Classified information it its not marked its not a felony.. This I know for a fact. since I dealt with TOP Secret SCI information the whole time I was in the Air Force. The emails were that were sent to her were not marked and if she Replied she did nothing wrong. That what you don’t seem to get over. So we can go ahead and end this now because its boring. You would rather believe Rightwing-Nut theories instead of real world truth. Both Cony Rice and Colin Powell stated they both had a similar setup and that may very well be because the IT guys at State setup it up for them as well as for Hillary. So here we have 25 plus years of trying to “throw something on the wall and make it stick” so either the Republicans doing the looking are really really Dumb at their job or hillary is a genius.. Between the two I take the Genius because really Really DUMP is what Describes Trump,

          20. Wil Ferch says

            Rick…for God’s Sake…..this is not right wing mud slinging. Open your eyes. She was the Secretary of State….pact and parcel of her daily communications involve SOME FORM of sensitive information as part of her job. Whether labeled or not she should have some sense of propriety and understanding of what the hell she’s doing and how she’s communicating. Don’t distill this down to ” I didn’t know it wasn’t labeled”…this is a naive ans stupid position to take, not for a seasoned vet in an important position like she had. . Don’t give me this BS of whether or not the document was labeled various levels of sensitivity. 1.) She took this data..(what should have resided in a secure setting) …and placed it on her unsecure private server . DING….FELONY. 2.) On the the further legal points on whether or not she destroyed data….or 3.) failed to give back data after her term…DING…DING…..2 more felonies….PLUS…..she can’t run for public office based on one of these felonies. Call it right wing mudslinging if you will…..these are the LEGAL FACTS OF THE MATTER. It is indisputable. She should have been charged with felonies and she should not be allowed to legally run for president. By the vast scope of what she had done alone ( this was not an occasional occurrence) ….this is in no-way comparable to anyone else’s actions and it shows a callous disregard for the rule of law and for internal gov’t protocols and rules. It all follows her methods over the years. She simply did not care….these rules don’t apply to her…she feels she is above such nonsense. Well Rick….. this nonsense got people KILLED !!! Rick…open your eyes. Open your eyes too for the reason this was put on a private server in the first place…so that illegal favors and money laundering thru the Clinton Foundation can’t be traced. How do you get to $300 million net worth on a gov’t salary, even over the years she and Bill are in Gov’t office?. You know Rick….I had this discussion with someone else lately. The other person postulated that given the facts….the FACTS….( forget spin or bias…simply the facts as I’ve presented here)….most Dems would come to reason. I said no….the deeply entrenched Liberal Dems will never respond to reason. They will as much see Hillary kill and eat a live baby on TV in Time Square…and STILL vote for her…rather than admit they have no factual basis to stand on. I fear Rick… are indeed one these.

          21. Rick Rogers says

            She did nothing Wrong. Unlike the Senate committee that cut funding for State Dept Foreign Missions a year before Benghazi.. She did nothing that was not set by a Precedent by the people in the job before her. and she did nothing wrong because the law against that type of Server was not in effect until she had been out of her posting for about 18 months. So give it up. I am not drinking the Rightwing Lies and distortions koolaid. If a Republican tells me the sky is blue I am going to check outside 3 or four times because their lips were moving when they said it. But.. Tell you what let me help you Try saying this a few hundred times so you can get use to it.. Madam President..

          22. Wil Ferch says

            She did nothing wrong?….she did nothing wrong? The laws for safeguarding how to conduct sensitive and sometimes secret information was in place forever….even in the military as you should know. And the Bill Whittle Youtube film shows PRECISELY the LAWS that were broken,

            Rick….people DIED because of her carelessness.

            You are indeed one of the Hillary baby eaters who are blind…..good day to you Sir…I hope others who may read our exchanges are more reasonable than your severely entrenched views.

          23. Rick Rogers says

            go head you can do it.. Madam President.. You can get use to it your going to have 8 years to practice.

          24. Rick Rogers says

            Back during my time in the Air Force Twice I had to swear to defend the constitution against all enemies Foreign and Domestic. Just did not realize that Domestic was going to become another word for Republican.

          25. Wil Ferch says

            Rick….nice cartoon… this the unarguable data you have to counter the legal facts and other real data I provided?. Wow…very convincing .Incredible. Your views make you an enemy of the State and of the Constitution. Hey, here’s an idea….why not increase the number of Syrian refugees by 550% over what is being done now (Hilllary’s plan if she becomes Pres)…and HOPE that 1% are not the slipped-in radical Muslims that will blow you apart. I mean ….you know…..they wouldn’t come in without a rigorous vetting process….right?….right? I mean , they have papers and passports and such things….. everything that can be checked against a database or somesuch….right? Here’s the answer Rick….another factoid to throw back in my face. The FBI and hosts of other US security officials have gone on record to say there is NO WAY to properly vet these people. Against immigration?….no. Against illegal immigration?….yes. Against immigrants who are terrorists?….most definitely. But I’m sure you throw a counter punch on how ridiculous my position is….I’m sure. Let’s let then in FIRST and THEN worry about how we should do these things.

          26. Rick Rogers says

            Basing who and who can’t immigrate based on someone’s religion is the kind of Discrimination that we should not be going anywhere near. We allowed a bogus war to destroy a region and now are just going to sit back and watch that area BURN?? We followed a president in the form of George Bush that lied to get us into Iraq with no exit Strategies (Well Except Cheney’s one of Steal their oil). And then go all crazy when our actions give birth to yet another Radical Group. So We have ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban.. So lets go down the list. The Taliban were the Step Child of Ronald Reagan who make sure the Mujahideen had training and weapons. Of course forget the fact that every Country that has tried to help that country with Military aid in the past has had that training and weapons turn against them. They became the Taliban. The Taliban give safe harbor to Al Qaeda.. who Rose up form the fact that there were US Troops on Saudi soil during the first Iraq war. After the 2nd war you have those extremist take over portions of Iraq and Syria.

          27. Wil Ferch says

            it’s not “based on religion”….its based on being SPECIFICALLY Muslim. All other religions are tolerant of one another. They assimilate…they blend into society, .and they don’t commit 100% of the terrorist atrocities we suffered since 9/11. it’s a problem unique to this group. Look at all the surveys done in France and Europe….the vast majority of the so-called “moderate” Muslims support suicide bombings in the name of ISIS… many as 40+% of the 18-29 age Muslim group residing in France. It is anywhere from 20% to 70% elsewhere. Get real Rick….I’ve never seen as rabid a brainwashed Liberal as you… you ONLY repeat the playbook without sitting back and THINKING about the position you take?. And since you’re dredging up old history….here is something to chew on. Gadaffi of Lybya was supposedly a terrible terrorist…and was for a long time. Toward the end of his life, he moderated and went as far as helping US with other world-wide anti-terrorist actions. So….he was moderating his stance and wasn’t considered to be as bad a guy as before. Hillary’s actions….AGAINST the recommendations of military generals and chiefs-of-staff….ousted him and had him killed, and left a political vacuum… which radical elements including ISIS formed and emerged. It spilled over into the chaos in Egypt and further into the Middle East, esp Iran and Iraq. We didn’t have ISIS before Hillary as Sec’y of State. And let’s not get into her illegal arms trade to Syria via Turkey arming the Muslim Brotherhood….that was the whole backdrop of Benghazi….that would set off another round with you, I fear……..

          28. Rick Rogers says

            Yep that pretty much ends it. I lived in Turkey for a Year and Meet Real Muslims. I served with Real Muslims Not jerks carrying bomb vests and AK 47. That you would group an whole Religion (that is also shares Large portions of the Old testament) is as bigotry at its finest. Your falling directly into the trap the German People did in the 1930’s. Their Leaders demonized a religion. Made them wear symbols so people could know who they were. Rounded them up into Getto’s then finally shipped them off into camps till their Final Solution. It did not start that way. It started with The “Jews are ruining our Country” from Hitler and his Cronies.. And here Trump and his Supporters are following in Hitlers foot steps. Trump as threatened the First Amendment. He wants it chanced to make it easier to go after those that criticize him. Not ask you to take it on faith You can search You Tube for “trump and First amendement” and get the stump speech where he did it. He wants a Database of Muslims in this country. We that also is a violation of freedom of religion and they right to privacy. I am ashamed to admit the last time something like this was tired it was A democrat that did it and it was Japanese-American’s that suffer from it. So Lets just let you go your way and I go mine. I don’t have the time for anyone that wants to paint a few Million people with one brush stroke. Its bad enough that people like the Westboro Church, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, That Dope in Arizona all claim to be christian but if Jesus walked knocked on their Front door today they would call the cops because there was a “Scary Muslim looking guy” at their door.

          29. Wil Ferch says

            Rick…..too far….don’t you DARE preach to me about what went on Nazi Germany ! I am a first-generation American born here to German immigrant parents who lived through this sh&t….FIRST HAND….so simply don’t go there with your academic references . Aside…I also travel extensively and have been to Turkey. Overtly, people there and business contacts have been very polite to me…no question. But here’s something to chew on…why isn’t there MASSIVE public outcry AGAINST the string of Mulsim Terrorist attacks from the so-called “moderate” Muslim community worldwide? You hear crickets. Nothing.

            And here—>

            .. a PEW poll (or is this also considered an unvalid biased source by you?)….shows 40+% of young Muslims in France supporting ISIS actions. Too narrow of a data set for you Rick?

            …..then try this….

            or maybe even this…. ..especially timeline 27:45 to 28:46. Let me summarize this Youtube timeline,…. the chart shows overall Muslim support for suicide bombing ( % range differs due to age group) as follows, …of Muslims in France, 35-42% support suicide bombing,…. in Spain, 25-29%, in GB 24-35%, in Germany 13-22% and in USA 12-26%. Again,, poll sources are mentioned, so this is nt simply conjecture.

            Yeah….the religion of peace……

            See also here….

            What we are dealing with is a unique anomaly….no one is saying stop immigration altogether…no one is saying isolationism altogether….no one is saying ( as a BLANKET comment), restrict All immigrtation due to religion. This is an over reach of the position taken. but something needs to be done to the Muslim ideology in letting thee people in. What’s your suggested solution Rick…..simply let the undocumented refugees and others in? Hope then that not ONE of these comes to your Christian church ans slits your throat….

          30. Rick Rogers says

            Done your brainwashed and don’t even realize your supporting a person who You don’t even want to open your ears to the trash coming out of his mouth. Ever Dictator starts with a group of blinded supports. Who think he can do no wrong. the would be Dictator always thinks he is the smartest person in the room and no one would dare to dislike him. Honest I don’t understand how you can even look at a man that has people in his rallies Raising their hands Nazi style to pledge their support to him. I fully expect to start seeing them greet each other with a “Heil Trump”. As to what I write.. Its me exercising my freedom of speech so if you don’t like it there is a simple method to fix that.. DON”T READ IT. Unlike you I realize talking to you is a lost cause so all i an say is enjoy your life.

          31. Wil Ferch says

            Gotcha….you failed the test Rick.

            Gave you supported and vetted data to understand in the numerous exhanges I was forced to endure with you….and I only asked ( oh…about a dozen times), for you to offer valid, supported counterpoints, instead of your ownt bluster and rhetoric and inuendlo.


          32. Wil Ferch says

            Oh and Rick…..hypocrite maybe?…..saying ” Ever Dictator starts with a group of blinded supports. Who think he can do no wrong”

            Like you think Hillary can’t do wrong?….like lying about her lying?…..see here, the first few minutes —>

            Look in a mirror Rick…..

          33. Rick Rogers says

            you are under the impression I bothered to Read any of your “proof” or “Vetted data” that was from right wing organization then you failed. I did no bother a single one of your so called links or Sources because of you insistence that the CONVICTED FELON had something to say. So please believe me when I say this straight from my heart. I really don’t care what your so called proof is because I consider the sources you used. So the only one that failed here was you because there is an only saying in the computer Science Business. “Garbage in Garbage out” or GIGO.. Your sources are garbage. Now excuse me but I have to take my dog for a walk at least his Craps don’t smell as bad as the sources you referenced. As for Vetted information.. YOU republicans Vetted Sarah Palin for VP so forgive me if I have no confidence in anything you Vett.

          34. Wil Ferch says

            As before….”wash….rinse…repeat…..”…same-old-same-old response from you.

            You PROVE you have nothing of substance to offer …to counter the points I made ans show with facts and data…at least others here may open their eyes.

          35. Rick Rogers says

            As for your “proof”

          36. Rick Rogers says

            You really are a stupid fuck.. Do you actually think Transgender people have not been using the bathroom of their choice until just recently. And in all that time AND I LOOKED. Can’t seem to find one case of an attack by a transgender person. Why is it you people are so worked up about Bathroom sex.. Is it because its the only place you can get it up.. Oh sorry only place you can get it up even with the little blue pill.

          37. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Wow you are brave little liberal moron wow you called me a stupid fuck! Wow open that filthy mouth so I can take a dump….you liberal POS! Now go play with your self in Target you PERVERTED Liberal!! enjoy pos

          38. Rick Rogers says

            You know that blank Avatar really should have something in it.. Here I found your picture out on the Internet.

          39. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Here I found you 2 new Liberal wacko girlfriends

          40. Rick Rogers says

            Now back to running off a Few thousand of these for request I got on my facebook group.

          41. Rick Rogers says

            Not a Counter punch just perspective.

          42. RsGoat says

            Amen Brother Vice, Pardon me Mister Vice didn’t mean disrespect.

    3. Joe says

      RsGoat, The laws are already in the books, I. D. is required to Vote, in 2008, Barry Sotoroe (Satan), insisted people cheat- And cheat they did. Many irregularities were found, cities were showing more people living in cities then there really was. Just this past week, Democrats were caught in cemeteries gathering dead people to vote.
      What we know about Barry, was already in motion, all the criminals were happy, now the greatest scam on our country had begun.

      1. RsGoat says

        I believe we have some disconnect on this one Joe since the State’s who have passed Voter ID laws at the polling both for the last couple years had them tossed back in their face if I remember right because groups called those laws racists!
        Did I miss a news story? I know I have been a little out of the loop lately but I didn’t think it was that much! Some States like Michigan already required proof of identification before this goofy racists idea was attached to having a form of identification.
        I’ve watched the Democrat’s in Michigan legislator attempt to pass one law after another that would weaken the integrity or our electorate but none have succeed so far. One allowed multiple resident registrations another was for same day registration which would have allowed for people to come across the boarder and say they were moving into our State to vote in our elections only to return to their own homes and vote in their own State’s too! I hate to think what hackers cold do with on line registration in this day and age!!! Assure me all you want but every major chain has been hacked for customer names including our own Federal Government let’s protect our Vote!
        Each Vote only works if Each Vote is counted only one time!

    4. Rick Rogers says

      No RS GOAT.. Last count there about 25% of African Americans don’t have ID’s that meet the “voter ID Laws” requirement. But come on lets be honest how many Republicans do you have to hear say that the idea behind Voter ID law is to keep people that Won’t vote for them from voting. Just off the top of my head I remember one in Michigan, One in Wisconsin, One in North Carolina, A couple in George, and two in Texas that Were members of the Republican party and made statements to that effect.. IF a state Charges anything for an “State ID Card” that means its a tax. And having to pay a tax to Vote is against the Constitution. My state just had their Voter ID law thrown out. It limited early voting, Shut down poling places or limited them to areas that could not handle the flow of voters. One was in a Community Center 5 miles outside of the two that had 10 parking places. Once to poll workers parked their cars there was no place for the Voters to park except along a narrow two way country Road and the Local Sheriff had his people giving tickets to anyone that parked there. Here is the Truth.. republicans want low voter turn out because they are in the Minority as a party and a large Voter turn out normally dooms them at the polls.. That something you can prove just by going back and looking at past election turn outs. Not to hard to do.

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Must have id to Vote simple Rigged Hillary and deceitful Obama can not win only way they can win is reg the election…see below Moron!!!


        1. Rick Rogers says

          You have been disqualified from this conversation due to hmm let me think… . oh what the hell … due to Stupidity Your entitled to your opinions as moronic as they are but we don’t have to pay them any heed and can block them as simple as this. To bad you never excepted the Challege I was really looking forward to hear you definition of “Real America”

      2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


        1. Rick Rogers says

          I am really concerned about you health.. Maybe you should contact your doctor and have him look into some Cholinesterase inhibitors such as donepezil, galantamine, and rivastigmine. Maybe even Memantine. They could help you alot.

      3. headonstraight says

        Good info, but do not expect the wingnut sector to believe it. They believe what they believe only because they WANT to believe it!

        Do you live in North Carolina. Your description is consistent with the electoral travesty perpetrated in that state.

        1. pmbalele says

          Not with Clint and his chairs. You may remember last time Clint Eastwood used a male chair to represent President Obama. I believe Clint Eastwood is going to use a female chair to represent Hillary now. Like last time with Obama, it will not work. After all it’s too late for salvage Trump bid for the WH job. The right wing polls are against Trump. I have nothing against Trump-remember that. I know Trump has had good lesson now. He should wait another 8 years to get into the WH ring. Everybody, including people in his camp are abandoning him. He may as well go to Trump Tower to talk to his wives from foreign countries who are still illegals. What surprises me is that Trump could not find beautiful American women here – but went to solve women problems in other countries. That was abandoning women in this country. That should be unacceptable with American women. Do not vote for Trump – he abandoned you. Clint and Trump can talk to as many chairs as they want. Let us vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am.

          1. judy says

            A vote for killery is a death sentence for many Americans. There will be war here in the U.S. Muslims will take over everything and we will have a dictator and it won’t be killery because they get rid of the weak and a female is subject to the male of the species.

          2. pmbalele says

            What – female is subject to the male of the species? You must be old and a slave to your Republican husband. That is exactly what GOPers want you to be-both physically and mentally weak. They think, you as a woman are “dumb-bell.” My mother is old but she is no “dumb-bell.” Was Margret Thatcher subject to male of the species? She fought the Falkland Islands and won the war. Look at Hillary properly – she is no push-over. You remember last time McCain, Cruz, Trey and other Repubs were in a room to interrogate her on Benghazi and E-mails. She told them off. They came out of hearing room whining: “She too hawkish- we cannot stand her.” Now these morons are going to meet Hillary as President of USA and the World. They are scared to death. Please avoid such language with American women- they are now as smart, focused and leaders just like us males. Avoid Clint chairs and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            There there Judy don’t get yourself so worked up.. Isn’t it time for your meds?

          4. headonstraight says

            Eastwood and his rambling, boring, protracted dialogue with that chair demonstrated his lack of talent in political discourse. He was an embarrassment to the GOP and will not, I confidently predict, ever again be invited to address their convention.

          5. pmbalele says

            Well Trump has recruited Clint as his political adviser. That ends your story and concerns.

          6. headonstraight says

            It does nothing of the kind. I never said that Trump would not hire Eastwood for any purpose. The Trump campaign did not get Eastwood on the convention program this year and they will not succeed in getting him on the program in any future year. After this year, a defeated Trump will be no more than a historic political freak show.

      4. Patriot2theCore says

        There should be no reason why they can’t obtain some type of ID like a Drivers License for example.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          well how about the fact that some don’t Drive. Or have given up their drivers License. One of the first Drafts of the North Carolina law that was leaked said ONLY Drivers License and Passports were “Official ID’s” they left off Military ID cards and we have a ton of Military members living in North Carolina. You argument is about what they are “required to have” But according to the Constitution the only requirement is that they are American’s Citizens.

          1. Patriot2theCore says

            I just named a few possibilities as far as identification. I’m not for disenfranchising people just for fun, I am for American elections being just for American Citizens, and simply being in the country does not automatically make somebody a citizen. Don’t forget they have to be at least 18 also.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            One of the things the North Carolina Law Voter ID law stopped was Letting 17 year olds register to vote if they would be 18 by election day. So if a 17 year has his 18th Birthday 5 or 6 days before the election he can’t get on the voting rolls even though he is 18. There were community pushes to get High school Seniors registered to vote in their first election that the North Carolina law made invalid. But now The Federal Appeals court booted that law along with Texas Law so the only thing they can do is go for a stay at Supreme Court level.. Oh did I mention the Court is tied 4 to 4.. and that if the vote is a tie the Federal Appeals Court ruling Stands.

    5. Arizona Don says

      The question is do Americans take this serious enough? Maybe not!

      Of course you are correct. Everything we do requires identification so your point is well taken. If you would please consider this. If you wanted to inject fraud into voting the first and best way to do it simply is to eliminate the identification requirement. We actually all know that, yes even the communist progressives who call themselves democrats. However, depending on how serious you were you would not just use one way you would use several. Placing programmable computers in voting booths would be another way. A computer can be programmed to do anything Remember GIGO. But of course it would not stop there either. As stalin once said who votes makes no difference it is who counts those votes. Of course we all know that as well.

      Just as there are many ways to commit fraud there are many ways to prevent and/or stop fraud. However, there is not likely a fail safe way to do it. At least yet. Consequently, there is one way to make it not worth the risk. Increase the punishment to equal a major felony or 30 years in prison without parole and bring back hard labor. Like in the 1800’s. If the penalty price is high enough the crime will not be committed. If that does not do it raise it higher. Life in prison or the death penalty. A little over punishment you say? Not when it is the nation we are talking about. Make the punish the same as an attempt to overthrow the government or that of a traitor because that is exactly what is happening. Right now and many cannot see it. This November 8, make no mistake about it this Constitutional Republic is on the line. Elect hillary and she will complete the obama transformation. Make no mistake about that either! With as many as four new supreme court judges selected by hillary clinton (that is exactly what FDR wanted to do) we can be assured this November will be the last election as a free nation.

      In any case keep one thing in mind. If a war breaks out here in America like it has before. Millions will die not just a few hundred thousand like before. Millions! We had better consider this well.

    6. Beeotchstewie says

      They need ID to get their welfare checks cashed and to apply for EBT do they not? So it is NOT “rayciss” to ask them to prove their eligibility to vote. Then again, Obama still has not proven his eligibility to be POTUS, so there’s that.

    7. Wildeagleone says

      We had all the third world dip a finger in the indelible ink, why not here. I know there is an ink out there that will stay quite a long time

    8. Harley157 says

      We have to in Kansas. No big deal. Just show your proof you are who you are.

    9. Thomas Martin says

      Democrats oppose voters ID and say it disenfranchises the poor people who cannot afford to pay for a voter ID. But these same poor people have no problem at all going to claim all the free benefits, go figure. The only ones who are disenfranchised are the felons who cannot vote anyway but do for democrats, and the dead who also vote for the democrats, and lets not forget the law breaking illegals who vote for the democrats. Having to show proof of who you are makes the democrats mad as hell, they will slit their own mothers throat for a vote for the democratic party.

    10. Laddyboy says

      RsGoat: Are you talking about the woman who BRAGGED about voting 6 or more times? She managed to get herself arrested. ‘g.soros’ paid her bail. Nothing was ever said about her after this.
      Do not forget the communities that had 100% and 150% of the voters voting for ‘b.h.0-bama’. Statistically speaking; THIS CAN N E V E R HAPPEN.

      1. RsGoat says

        Where there is smoke there is fire! if we are noticing a few when we are not looking for it,, How many are involved if we actually investigated? And don’t forget our media is doing it’s best to tun a blind eye to this thing because if you listen to any conservative radio you would have heard of many more case than that, even the guy from Chicago doing bus trip to vote out of state! The Liberal media is resting in the lap of government and has been for 8 years, they need to get back to work real bad.
        Free our Press and put some one in office they hate Remove them from being the Lap Dogs of Government and return them to being the Watch Dogs of Government so we know what is going on again!! put them back to work.
        Vacation over!!!

    11. Tertullian says

      RsGoat, You are SO right. I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing there is rampant vote fraud.
      Identification MUST be required. Everywhere, otherwise we are in jeopardy of losing our Nation to a fraudulent third-world government. And yes, scanning of fingerprints would lessen fraud. Let’s work on presenting the idea to our Representatives. Now.

    12. B-bhing Solis says

      The Democrat are doing everything they could just to win people knows they are corrupt .. They can do that during Election they always talk about Trump never talk about Hillary how really bad she is the media is making all those stupid comment even its not true about Trump… I think they are all scared with Hillary all of them made a mistake they all get firing squad by Hillary … What’s wrong if they ask your ID ? They want to make sure that you don’t vote twice proof you are the citizen of this country not a tourist to come here and vote or ILLIGAL….

    13. Obie Miller says


  16. william couch says

    G. SOROS owns the ballot boxes in 3 of the key states.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Which 3 states? – Ohio is NOT one of them BTW. Ask Portman and Strickland.

      1. william couch says

        Ill, Mich, Ind. That’s just 3 there’s more. We don’t own our elections anymore. A German comp. counts the ballots electronically now. This is why Trump says that the election is rigged. And G. Soros owns the company.

    2. gotabgood says

      You got the bullshitting done… now how about the proof?

      1. william couch says

        His own statement!! I see that you have your breakfast ready

  17. joe katona says


  18. joe katona says


  19. chuckdawes says

    2214 people in NC over the age of 110 ask to have write in ballots. Sound a lot fishy.

  20. Marshall says

    Trump is not in it to win it. Before he announced he would be running he was a long time friend of the Clinton’s. I even heard that the night before his announcement that he spoke with Bill on the phone.Trump has also been a fan of professional wrestling and even participated in a couple of shows.His entire run has reminded me of a coreographed wrestling skit. He is just there to eliminate the competition and give Hillary a clear shot. Besides presidents aren’t elected, their selected. And Hillary was selected years ago. Sucks for us.

    1. Marshall says

      And,there is absolutely nothing that we the people can do about it,short of a revolution.And,fear of such a revolution is the real driving force behind gun control.

  21. Lucilla says

    Well a federal judge and the DOJ just forced Texas to change the voting laws. Now only a college ID is enought to vote. How does a college ID shows citizenship and resident of a state!

    This election will be rigged. And we American patriots will then riot!

  22. Patrick Thomas says

    The Republicans need to prepare every legal challenge should the Democrats try to pull something which we know they will.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


  23. Anthony Manzo says

    Anyone who cannot make the effort to get a voter ID does not have the right to vote. If they can find the time and means to go to the polls to vote than they can find the time to get an ID. No voter ID is a another way for the political power brokers to steal an election. Instead of fighting no ID, let these so called honorable American political Hacks pass a law making it mandatory for each state to see that all legal Americans have the help to get an ID. Don’t tell me about the cost. They can find millions to invite and care for illegals, and refugees. Give away food fifty miles away from their homes and see if they find away to get there.

  24. Jim Smith says

    The Democrat Party is run by many dishonest, lying politicians with vast support from much of MSM. Lie, lie, cheat, cheat it is about vast, vast amounts of money. Another lie from Obama, who is just another rich, rich liar who has never gained wealth via business, claims illegal voting doesn’t occur. We are talking about billions of dollars and the liars and cheats flood the ‘market.’ The GOP ain’t perfect either.

  25. shazzzz says

    Trump is freaking out because he knows he’s losing and is setting up something that could tear this country apart. Not that he cares he’ll just get on his plane and leave.

    1. coleche says

      Blocking another liberal shrill! Get lost (oh, you are lost), Goodbye!

    2. Lori MB says

      Obviously, you aren’t aware that the SNAKE George Sorros (whose given MILLIONS to Hitlery CASH Clinton) owns the company that makes the voting/ballot machines. Conflict of interest? Rigged? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!!! She wouldn’t get 10% in a fair fight. The DNC placed an ad to pay people in Philly to be seat fillers…pathetic. Go ahead for vote for Hitlery and you will have a front row seat of the demise of The United States of America. I dare you to watch the movie “Hillary’s America”, then tell me she is who you want to run our country. Do you have the guts?

  26. Marshall says

    I tell you, the only thing I hate worse than seeing Obama’s ugly mug on my computer everyday,is seeing Hillary’s ugly mug there.

  27. shazzzz says

    BULL, I live in New York…we know Trump he’s full if it….

  28. Wil Ferch says

    Seeing the latest posts…let’s add this….is it only COINCIDENCE that state-after-state….is liberalizing and loosening its voter registration laws? Hmm……all happening NOW, 2 months before the election?In one state ( Texas?)… if you can’t use any one of 7 common forms of ID, you can simply “Assert” on a form who you are. Yeah sure !!. C’mon folks….wake up and smell the roses. The “fix” is being done right under our noses….right now !!! Who is pulling the strings to have these laws all change in these many states right now? Where is the critical investigative journalism? If not revolt…there should be at least millions of common folk demanding that the main-stream-media look thoroughly in this travesty of justice…setting ourselves up for massive voter fraud and corruption. Do your part.

  29. Glenn Dupuis says

    People talk about standing up as thousands are wandering around like lemmings chasing a ridiculous Pokeman. It never cease to amaze me what people will do as they totally ignore what is taking place around them. The democrat party has employed the “Pied Piper,” tactic for years, and once they have complete control, all the lemmings, and even many rats will be swept away with no hope.

  30. ward says

    The democrats proved they rig, lie & cheat in all areas of government and the bo elections proved they have the criminal power of the nation to support their immoral whims & ways to create a dictatorship !

  31. daveveselenak says

    Communists never cede ABSOLUTE POWER PEACEFULLY, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! I’m not being hyperbolic, just truthful! We have become a third world totalitarian oligarchy and to deny this is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! Nearly half of the dead Republic is already useful idiots for supporting political suicide by supporting these Godless, Satan worshipping power hungry ghouls. Armr=============================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed as our 200 + year run of freedom is done! mInr, NSA!

  32. ToniStimmel says

    Unfortunately, having Republicans watching a polling place should not give Trump any comfort because the party is still controlled by RINO’s and the watchers are chosen by them.

  33. Bruce MBD says

    “Steal the election?” Is the sky blue? Libtards must cheat, lie, steal, bribe and corrupt because they can’t argue rationally. It’s their hallmark. They’re babies. If they do argue, they make up their own facts to reinforce their own feckless premises (East Anglia and their beloved Algoar). No one wants to hear their drivel. If a tard could tell the truth, it would fall upon deaf ears. No one wants what tards offer and debating one is like debating a pod of dolphins. Stop arguing with the tards. Just defeat them then show them the door. Poor babies have a brain sickness.
    Hillietard’s recent shrill screech claimed she was raising taxes on the middle class. How will that tard lie or weasel her way out of that?

  34. Jerry Cox says

    If you followed the hour by hour update of resutls in the 2012 election some 3 millions votes swung from Romeny to Obama in about an hour span at best. The election turned at that point to Obama who won in a narrow margin. Also if you remember there were some 5 precincts in Philadelphia that wound up with 0 votes for Romney. Not likely and historically never but it was not challenged by the press and what bothered me is that Romney did not question this area. Someone must have told. I would have called foul and had the election tested and checked for that potential and declared the election nullified. I too believe this election if it appears close will be rigged. They already had judges throw out voter ID laws in 3 states at least with a big one in Texas. Hillary had openly said that she would do everything to register illegals and thinks they should vote. Does anyone agree with her?

  35. db says

    we all know that the elections are rigged, that’s why Hillary lost, that’s why McCain lost, it’s all rigged. It has been from the time the NWO took over, which was 1913 when Woodrow Wilson sold our country out to them! He is the one that illegally signed the IRS into law, conspiring to bilk Americans out of their hard earned money! Even corrupt Reid said income taxes were illegal! We know that the NWO is making bank off of anyone and anything then can and using people like the Clintons, Bush’s and Romney’s and anyone that belongs to their occult bloodline to accomplish their intended goal, the entire world rule! They are insane and need to be stopped, so if the unconvicted criminal wins in November, it’s proof she is part of their scheme for world domination and world jihad so that only the ‘elites’ are left! Sickos, all!

  36. Jack says

    In all honesty anyone that believes what the Media put out both in print and on TV then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I have to sell to any dreamer that gives the Media any credibility. The Media has printed or reported on any outlet so many wrong statements. Just look at any of the jump to judgement stories they have reported on police brutality when a common criminal is shot for resisting arrest. Yet they have reported falsely on almost all occasions. There is even a street agitator taking sides in these incidents, you all know his name his initials are similar to a body odor.
    He is even trying to swing the election in favor of the most corrupt candidate in American history who goes by the name of Hillary Clinton. This person has been involved in so many scandals it’s sickening yet she has the audacity to think she is presidential material, she is more suited for a chain gang.
    Just look at this latest poll by the biased Media they have Clinton beating Trump by 10 points, that’s one of the biggest lies so far, they want you to believe that after Trump was leading by 2 points he is now losing by 10 points. The liberal stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NPR and they all broadcast the very same talking points that they want you to believe. By the way in case you didn’t know it NPR is a publicly funded station, so how can they get away with their biased reporting and not be held accountable to the general public who pays the bills, but doesn’t have a say in what kind of reporting they should be doing. As citizens we all should start to question NPR’s motives.
    There is one newspaper that has admitted they were wrong about Obama’s failed Hope and Change fiasco perpetrated on the public, and I will post what they say right after this post.
    It has come time for all loyal Patriotic Americans to demand fairness from the Media Hypocrites.

  37. Jack says

    After endorsing him for President in 2008, the Billings-based Gazette – Montana’s largest newspaper – has admitted that they were off the mark in supporting Barack Obama and have been proven wrong by the last six years of history.

    As part of a June 27th editorial, the paper said, “Sometimes, you have to admit you’re wrong. And, we were wrong.”

    An unusual move for a newspaper to make, the Gazette’s editors felt they had no choice but to apologize for endorsing a young candidate who has been at the center of several scandals (Benghazi, the IRS, Iraq) as well as a President who has done little to make progress on his most important campaign promises. The latter is actually great news for anyone who doesn’t want to see the country slide into a liberal swamp, but it’s understandable that the Gazette would not see things this way.

    Even the right’s most prominent columnists rarely wrap Obama’s failures in such a succinct bow. The paper cites the NSA spying controversy, the Bergdahl fiasco, the VA scandal, the lack of promised transparency, and the failures in Iraq as the reasons for withdrawing support.

    Obviously, this falls pretty comfortably in the “better late than never” category, but it’s still a blessing to see people in the media come to their senses about this guy. It might be unfortunate that this wake-up call couldn’t have happened two years ago, but I guess you have to take what you can get. In any case, the same journalists that have abandoned the Hope and Change Train will be jumping on the next socialist social climber that comes along.
    Finally a newspaper with some credibility.

  38. Bandit61 says

    If it is stolen, it is because he keeps changing his mind of how he’s going to make America great again. Recent comments have been very close to Hillary’s one world belief. Today I read he will be Obama in that the LGBT will have more rights than moral believers. A nation run by immorality will collapse.

  39. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    The Democrats are always dishonest, you’ve seen how the clip was played between Trey Gowdy and
    Comey when Hillary was ask about him saying she lied, And even with absolute proof she was lying,
    she still lied. She would swap her soul for 4 years of temporary power.

  40. laulau says

    Well, Obama got over 100% of the vote in several cities, so I guess Hillary can too! That’s hard to do by the average guy, but the Democrats know how to do it.

  41. Lindy German says

    Im believing TRUMP is correct, and this makes me very sad,also angry.The media,that worthless President, and that lying witch nurse Rachet, ,have done everything in their power to making TRUMP out to be a looser. And all the illegal bs they have created to put hilldabeast in the front.Iam very fearful for our future Please TRUMP take off the gloves,its time to fight harder now,,put that bitch in her place where she belongs, in stripes

  42. Chaz_Martel says

    If Clinton wins the election it will because she is disciplined and remains on message while Trump remains an unfocused, thin-skinned, self-indulgent, little boy.

    If Trump had the sense to stay on message he could win the election in November; but he has no sense and many of us are beginning to believe he never wanted to win, that he is either a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ or an intimidated little boy without the spine to do the job.

    1. Patriot2theCore says

      A Hilary Clinton Presidency would be terrible.

      1. Chaz_Martel says

        I agree, which is the reason that the Trump campaign heads should slap Trump silly until he finally clues into the necessity of staying on message.

        1. Patriot2theCore says

          Yes Trump needs to be going after Hilary and he needs to be going after the Democratic Wall with a Jackhammer, but unlike the Democrats though Trump has the bulk of the Mainstream media working against him. Too many people mistakenly believe Trump wants to deport every Hispanic in America which is not true and that’s just one issue.

  43. jimwilson81 says

    If Trump wins, I am sure that the Democrats will contest the election, just like they did in 2000.

  44. Kathy W says

    Last presidential election they threw away the overseas military ballots or didn’t send them out to begin with.

  45. imjmz says

    Corruption in its most evil state. Deny or steal the will of the people and you can re-write the whole of the constitution.

  46. Morton99 says

    Trump has already lost this election – not that he really ever was in the running in the first place. He had a cast iron base of about 14 million utterly dedicated followers – about 50 million short of the the 63 million needed to win the presidency – and he is making no gains into the infependents – without which he cannot win. His ignorant and insensitive vulgarity alone makes most decent Americans shrink in disgust

  47. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    We ALL know she and the DEM’S have bought this way back when she first put her name in the ring. She is a POS and the DEM’S are NO better and they NEVER figured TRUMP to be kicking her and her DEM buddies BUTT”S and getting the media showing everyone how crooked and how much lying she and they will do. WE the PEOPLE need to stand up to them and show TRUMP we ARE behind him and won’t let LYING HILLARY get to the White House and STOP the ILLEGAL non citizens and non AMERICANS get away with these ILLEGAL votes and will force them to be REMOVED and a recount done.

    OK everyone are YOU with TRUMP and me and willing to do whatever is necessary to STOP the DEM’S and HILLARY?

    If you are then tell me. I usually only get 3-4 replies and I know more than that read my post so please reply. Thank You and GOD BLESS.

  48. Albert L Biele says

    If Trumps agenda is focused solely on Hillary the liar–he wins in November!!!

  49. Beeotchstewie says

    It is rigged today just as it was in 2008 and 2012 for Osatan. George Soros bought ALL the electronic voting machines from Bill Gates, he has also contracted with the Osatan administraion to “count” our votes via his company SCYTL in Spain, with ZERO independent oversight. Sounds like the perfect setup for the massive voter fraud we saw in 2008 and in 2012 to me. Remember all the districts with over 100% for the lying Muslim and zero votes for Romney? How about people watching their votes get changed to all Democretins by the voting machines, hundreds of reports of that happening, called it a software glitch. OK then why not one reported instance of a glitch changing votes to the GOP candidates. Trump is right, we are SCREWED no matter what we do.

  50. Wildeagleone says

    Trump has got to allow the powers in the Repub party to worry about the rigging and get his fuking head in the game beating the crap out of Hitllery. I am of the belief at this point that he is giving this job to her but is afraid to admit it so will not stay on script blaming anything and everybody if he fails and fail he will if he doesn’t quit the bullshite

  51. Tiger says

    He is right. We have a POTUS who takes his candidate to an event, where he is going to speak on Air Force One. No president in 100 years has acted so openly thought he was the POTUS? That includes all of us not just libs right?

    So now we for the first time in our history, have a totally biased media. Openly again for their candidate. I listen to Trump’s speeches and I see how they lie and cut and slice. He needs to just not allow them at his rallies. They already hurting him.

    In all those areas where no voter ID needed they all were votes for O. Mathematically impossible. Happened in three places in Florida. Scott went and cleaned up our polling areas. He found 35,000 dead people voted, dogs and cats also. We heard this across this country. So say 30 to 40 thousand dead votes in each state how many votes is that?

    Then the plane carrying our troops absentee ballots falls out of the sky. Did those votes ever get taken? How about all the people saying they voted more than once? We had them bragging about it here in Florida. What ever happened with all those boxes taken out of ACORN during that last time round or whenever? We see we have three states that allow a small portion of their voters to select their delegates then those delegates meet with the candidates, remember Colorado and Cruz?

    Geeze me I am OK but my children going to be left a mess.

  52. jimdarnall says

    It amazes me yhat the left cries foul fir requiring voter id cards when practically all other areas including hwalthcare proof requires an id. Also keep in mind all people running for office must be a citizen and have proof. The obvious should be that viters in a ciry, state or in our country shoul have proof to vite as a citizen. There is no excuse not to have proof. Obviously the left, including Obama and Hillary don’t agree. That should tell any real American citizen the true character of these people. I certainly don’t want then as head of my country and neither should you.

  53. desert fox says

    I said it before in our recent election in June, my precinct was allowing people to change their party affiliation at the desk….which is against the rules. There were several Hispanics that were not registered

  54. Diana Sloan says

    There should be no problem showing identification papers unless you are an illegal alien and do not have a legal I.D.

  55. Edward J Baker says

    The punk idiot lying Donald is already lining up his excuses.

  56. glorybe2 says

    Nobody has to cheat or steal the election from Trump. He’s already lost it by running his idiotic mouth.

  57. janice kraczon says

    I totally believe Trump ESPECIALLY now since we have seen those emails derailing Sanders. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past Clinton and obama…….We have to watch like hawks come november….